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Sugar Spoiling: When & Where?


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Giving Right?

Most Sugar Daddies and Sugar Dabies decide how, when and where to give sugar after they’ve had an initial meeting, but some prefer to negotiate the mutual spoiling beforehand.

Many here will find it easy to negotiate an arrangement with some, and more difficult with others. Insert chemistry here…


“…[a sugar daddy is] a mentor who can share insight into the business world of his specialty while at the same time understanding that you can shed light and insight into the specialties of your world. I can’t write much about this without mentioning the chemistry that must exist. Without the chemistry, there cannot be the attentive ear to “hear” those things that will help him treat you as the special person you are. It’s surprising you with the little things – wowing you with other things that maybe aren’t so little. A SD has a gap, or a vacuum if you will, that needs to be filled. With the right chemistry between the right two people, the needs of both are met and the relationship works.”

Have you ever wondered how to best give and receive benefit in your arrangement?

Is there supposed to be a ‘surprise’ aspect to the mutual spoiling in a SD/SB arrangement?

What should a SD or SB do to help make it fun to spoil them?

How important is chemistry for you when it comes to choosing a Sugar Daddy or Sugar Baby?

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411 Responses to “Sugar Spoiling: When & Where?”

  1. OCSugarBaby says:

    Nite Gail! I guess I will hit it too. 🙂

  2. gail says:

    WHOA!!!!! I KNOW THAT WAS REAL:) Yes…I am sleepy…too much Sushi,
    Orange Crush Martini…and a not-so SugarDaddy:)

    Nitey nite:)

  3. OCSugarBaby says:

    Hey! I thought you wanted to go to sleep. I am wide awake!!!! No one to play with.

  4. OCSugarBaby says:

    I was like…. NOW and he said… I am gonna kiss you soft and slowly from your head to your…. lol

  5. gail says:

    CHICKEN OC….CHICKEN!!!! BOCK..BOCk!!! Catch you later…Sweet Suthrn Dreams OCSugar!!!!

  6. OCSugarBaby says:

    You are too funny. ok, maybe we need to keep the hot sex topic for another night. Get some rest. hahaha We can catch up later 🙂

  7. gail says:

    ok…OC your turn…LOL

  8. gail says:


  9. gail says:

    OC-He was very nice…fun…and wanted to spend more time with me…including taking me dancing. I do have to get up early tommorrow…I just don’t think I can have two boyfriends…LOL…or can I?

  10. OCSugarBaby says:

    Gail- Just you and me? We need to break out the hot sex talk! lol

  11. gail says:

    Good nite Red and Jenn:) Sweet SD dreams!!!

  12. gail says:

    OC….you have to stay ahead of the game:) Good attitude…you are very fortunate to be working…Suthrn was there for me during my tough times when I was going thru it. YOU two are so lucky to have found each other:)

  13. OCSugarBaby says:

    Night Sweet and Jenn!

  14. sweetredhead says:

    Good night Jenn, I am off to bed also.

  15. Jenniferbbwsb says:

    It will be, if I get to bed and get some sleep.

    Good night and sweet dreams!

  16. OCSugarBaby says:

    Gail-Sushi? Too bad he is looking for a girlfriend. Was he fun?

  17. OCSugarBaby says:

    Jenn-The puppy is great, she would love to go the beach tomorrow if this darn rain ever stops!
    Awww riding his bike! Sounds like a wonderful way to spend a Saturday.

  18. Jenniferbbwsb says:

    OC.. how is the puppy? Been to the beach? The little one and I are going to the washing machine for the car tomorrow LOL and then he is going to show me how he can ride his bike.

  19. OCSugarBaby says:

    Gail- The job market is tough. I am so worried about everyone who is looking. I need to keep my head in the game and focus on increasing revenue. Suthrn is a great sounding board. He gives amazing advice! I have not been on the blog due to the increased work load and decreased head count. I think I am going to go into work tomorrow to finish or try to catch up a bit. But the rest of weekend is going to be relaxing!

  20. Jenniferbbwsb says:

    Thanks everyone!!! I am so excited!!

  21. gail says:

    OCSugar…How are you…you are to compassionate…I read your earlier post:) You sure were lucky to not have been cut:)

  22. OCSugarBaby says:

    Jenn-Congrats on the mail! That is great news.

  23. OCSugarBaby says:

    Gail and Jenn! Kisses to you both. It takes forever to read the entries.

  24. gail says:

    Just came home from my SD date…I ate well:) Sushi and drinks..but he’s not a SD…looking for a traditional girlfriend. He is local here. My first local guy.

  25. sweetredhead says:

    Good luck Jennifer hope it works out, sending you good wishes. You deserve it 🙂

    Gail awwww that is so SWEET!.

    I have been talking to someone for a few weeks now. He is so sweet and we have a lot in common. Looking forward to meeting him. Although it won’t be for awhile yet, He does not live near me.

    But I am pretty sure it will be a great connection 🙂

  26. Jenniferbbwsb says:

    Thanks Gail!! How are you? I am doing some reading and trying to catch up!!

  27. gail says:

    Crossing my fingers and toes Jennifer:)

  28. gail says:

    No expectations…but its an amazing feeling to have 10 boquets of flowers delivered to your job for two days every two hours…LOL…that was the day of Valentines and the day after:)

  29. Jenniferbbwsb says:

    Good Night Lisa. Try not to get hurt at work tomorrow! LOL Be safe.

  30. Jenniferbbwsb says:

    Good Evening everyone!!!! I got mail!!!! I got mail!!!!

    A very nice man from your area Kitty… We will see, waiting for an email back!
    keep your fingers crossed!!

  31. lisa says:

    I’m going to go to bed and watch some tv, gotta get up at 6 am. Have a good night everyone

  32. lisa says:

    I have never received anything for valentines day, except for my husband announcing he was leaving me. but I think valentines day can be lighthearted too, like the kids giving valentines at school. It can be a casual thing where you just give flowers or candy to someone you like.

  33. lisa says:

    ok that clears that up. I had a vision of him walking his frail elderly wife to her bed, lol I presumed if that was the case, he’d have to be about 80 himself, lol

  34. sweetredhead says:

    I have a question? Do you really expect something from your Sd on valentines day? I mean Valentines Day is for LOVE. This is not a love relationship.

  35. lisa says:

    yes no weekends, but Ihaven’t had a weekend off in over 10 years except when I was out of work back in august-september. wasted those precious weekends because I couldn’t find a serious sd to meet, lots of talkers and players back then.
    I like having weekdays off because the bus runs halfway decent, weekends, bus service is horrible. The buses in my area normally run every 25-30 minutes but on sat and sun they run every hour so I try not to go too far from home, it would take me all day if I had to change buses.
    It’s hard to shop too because if the person in front of you in the checklane causes a delay I can end up missing my bus and have to wait another hour.
    i would think that there would be some sds that had some free time during the weeknights or weekdays or if they are from out of town, they would be coming into town during the week.

  36. sweetredhead says:

    Lmao I was kidding. Think he is waiting for her to go to bed. I was talking to him earlier today.

  37. sweetredhead says:

    It’s going to be harder for me once I start my job, But I do have weekends off. I go in early and get out early. Anywhere from 4 to 6. One good thing about working for Doctors they don’t work weekends. Well the offices not open on weekends anyway.

  38. lisa says:

    is the wife elderly? haven’t heard of a man putting his wife to bed. lol

  39. lisa says:

    I can’t have both sat and sun off. I think about it though, what would it have been like to meet a potential sd on valentines’s day? but I won’t be doing it. Actually I hate valentines’ day. this will be the 18 year anniversary since my exhusband came in anounced I had to move back with my mom because he was leaving the country for several months and we had been married long enough already.

  40. sweetredhead says:

    I meant your future Sd 🙂

    I am waiting for an Sd to put his wife to bed so he can talk to me lol

  41. lisa says:

    i can’t meet him because I don’t have one and I had an email as I mentioned earlier from one that will be in town valentine weekend, that could be nice but i have to work both days all day. sat when i get off i’ve already told me family we are going out for my mom’s bday and I can’t really change the date since my daughter can only meet on weekends and sunday i get off at 5, get home around 6 and the place i like to meet closes at 7 and the bus stops running at 7:30 so I can’t do sunday evening meetings. I need 2 weeks notice to be able to request a sat or sunday off, i can have both days at once.

  42. sweetredhead says:

    Better take care of yourself. Can’t be all bumped up when you meet you SD 🙂

  43. lisa says:

    the other incident was last week when I was installing the digital box, hit my chin on the dresser corner, gee I had forgotten about that one, the cut already healed

  44. lisa says:

    yes I did and on thursday I was stocking some stuff at the store and moved back to let an elderly lady push her cart by and I ended up falling backwards into a crate I had on the floor. I just get dizzy sometimes. I have never been a morning person and havn’t worked the day shift in over 20 years and even though I have been at this job for almost 5 months, i am still tired and not fully functional when I get to work. On days like today when I was able to sleep till 9, I felt great and could get stuff done, and I guess I was moving too fast.

  45. sweetredhead says:

    Didn’t you hit your head on a draw or something last week too?

  46. lisa says:

    yes well I get hurt all the time. I’m a type A person who walks and moves fast. I fell into a crate at work and now i’ve cracked my head open, just pushed my brain back in, lol
    The police where here earlier, were going through someone’s suv and had one person handcuffed, I think it’s some of the drug dealers that live in the next building.

  47. sweetredhead says:

    Lisa again? your house is dangerous to you, maybe it’s safer outside lol

  48. lisa says:

    Good evening. It’s going to be 60 tonight and mid 70’s tomorrow.
    I busted my head on the bathroom a few hours ago, I was picking somethign up off the floor and when I got up, bump. I have a huge bump on my head and a headache. me bathroom is tiny and has two doors doing inward, not much room

  49. sweetredhead says:

    LMAO Hope you are having fun 🙂

  50. kittylainy says:

    Hey guys I am here in niagara falls with my hot date 🙂 bettie!!! She rox so hot 🙂

  51. SuthrnExec says:

    Ogre, as the ol’ ball player said (Dizzy Dean), “It ain’t braggin’ if you can do it.” I am envious – would love to be there. But it will be 68 here tomorrow and that beckons me to the golf course!

  52. sweetredhead says:

    Welcome Ogre. The blog moves fast at times lol. miss a few days and it takes you hours to catch up.

  53. Ogre says:

    Wow, I’ve just learned I can’t leave the blog for one minute. I missed so much. Thanks for the warm welcomes. And Nico, anytime 😉 It was nice and warm here today. I actually wore a t-shirt (not uncommon here) while I was out. Didn’t require a coat, jacket, sweater or anything. If it sounds like I’m bragging, I am 🙂

  54. lisa says:

    I could use a sd too but everytime I get a message, there is a fly in the ointment. There is no way I can meet this guy next sat or sun, it’s impossible. Can’t cancell dinner with mom on saturday evening and sunday I get off too late and the place I feel safest meeting closes at 7.
    If this guy would have contacted me a week ago, before last saturday, I could have requested and possibly got the day off but now I can’t. we are shorthanded as it is valentine weekend because one of my coworkers will be working the flowertent so I will have double work on sat and sun.

  55. sweetredhead says:

    nawtione, Ok next time I go to a restaurant I will try them. I am an adventurous girl 🙂

  56. sweetredhead says:

    I could use an SD right about now lol.

  57. lisa says:

    Hi everyone, laptop rested so i’m back. I just got an email from a sd that I talked to awhile back, another one of those who doesn’t keep in touch until he is going to be in town. He is coming to town next weekend and wants to meet me, but of course you know where I will be, WORKING both days. I have to work saturday (valentines day) until 5 pm and then i’m taking my family out for mom’s birthday. her birthday isnt’ for a week but we can only get together as a family when I get off work on saturday as my daughter will be leaving for New york and will be gone on my mom’s actual birthday. I will be working sunday as well 9-5 and won’t be home with the bad bus service till after 6 and that’s too late to shower, dress and meet anyone, especially since I have to meet them at a coffee shop at the mall which closes at 7 on sunday. so it can’t be done. I can not meet him anywhere else because the bus stops running at 7:30 on sunday evening. Just bad timing and the suckiness of never having a saturday off.
    I could use a glass of buttermilk now, lol

  58. nawtione says:

    red – Try the tentacles, just close your eyes first. They are really much more tender than the round ones. Try it, you’ll like it!

  59. Nico says:

    You too Red and everybody else *hugs*

  60. sweetredhead says:

    Have a great weekend 🙂

  61. Nico says:

    Family ~ I am outa here for the weekend and back on Monday!! Now that I don’t have yard work on my list of “To Do’s” for the weekend I should get a lot accomplished. WARM thoughts to you all and have a great weekend!!!

  62. sweetredhead says:

    My boys prefer their fathers cooking, which they keep reminding me of constantly.

  63. gail says:

    oh…I see…my exhusband was a wonderful cook:) Never had to make a meal when I was married:)

  64. sweetredhead says:

    Gail, I am separated. Sorry used to calling him my husband.

  65. *Atalanta says:

    I agree with you on the fried pickles topic. Unusual, but I like them. lol

  66. gail says:

    Husband? What…..I don’t understand…so are you a married SB?

  67. SuthrnExec says:

    Actually, fried pickles are not bad – along with fried green tomatoes!

  68. sweetredhead says:

    hehe My husband is a chef used to fine foods.

  69. sweetredhead says:

    Anyone in NY who is planning on coming to Florida please bring me some bagels 🙂

  70. gail says:

    Seriously Red…you love to eat and cook…ever since you got on this blog…it started with tuna fish…then most recently some kind of seafood pasta, then your gumbo…that really had me hungry.

  71. sweetredhead says:

    btw you can’t post anything with o. m. g. in it lmao

  72. sweetredhead says:

    Oh and bagels from NY . I miss them. Can’t get real Pizza, bagels and cheesecake like in NY.

  73. sweetredhead says:

    I love cheese cake 🙂

  74. sweetredhead says:

    I don’t like raw fish. Or anything that has a gamy or fishy taste. And I don’t like peach flavor in any drinks.

  75. Nico says:

    LOL, SE….you’re okay with fried pickles and chunky buttermilk?

  76. SuthrnExec says:

    Unfortunately, there’s hasn’t been a food product that is afraid of me nor I it!

  77. BettieGirlDD*273192 says:

    I’m afraid of mayo. Always have been. I could get over it but it’s bad for you and also I think I’m an adult- I’m entitled to a phobia. One quirk. Thats all I want..

  78. lisa says:

    ice cubes, not ice cubs, lol
    I’m going to turn off my laptop so it can cool down, I will be so glad when I get a desktop again and can use it for longer hours.
    Be back in an hour or so

  79. sweetredhead says:

    Lisa you are unique lol. I mean that in a good way 🙂

  80. lisa says:

    Buttermilk is delicious, the thicker the better, with the chunks in it.
    Cheesecake, yuck now that makes me sick, I was curious to try cheesecake but when I found out there was cheese in it, Duh, I thought it was gross, too sweet, blah
    Also lilke onion rings till I found out there were real onions in them, slimy , gross

    I never drink regular milk, actuallly in the time i’ve lived in my apartment 3+ years, there has never been regular milk, eggs, a loaf of bread, or none of the other staples in it. No ice either, I dont’ like ice cubs.

  81. sweetredhead says:

    sounds yummy doesn’t it lmao

  82. gail says:

    anyway…if what I wrote doesn’t make sense, its because my original is not posting….(smile)

  83. SweetEuropean*264271 says:

    Eugh, I don’t think I could handle that….I can’t stand the taste of milk as it is!! I’ll only ever drink milkshakes rather than milk on it’s own, and I won’t eat cereal because of the milk…. I don’t know why but I just can’t stand the stuff!!!

  84. gail says:

    yes I spelled the windy city…and asked where the girls are SV and Ymine..

  85. Nico says:

    Red ~ you make it sound soooo good 😉

  86. gail says:

    ok…what is it now? Me:)

  87. sweetredhead says:

    Buttermilk is a fermented dairy product produced from cows’ milk with a characteristically sour taste.

  88. sweetredhead says:

    Me too. It interesting to watch them cooking.

  89. SweetEuropean*264271 says:

    LOL… Lisa, what’s buttermilk?!

  90. Nico says:

    LMAO at Red and Lisa ~ you’re killing me here. The BEST is Cheesecake Factory *drool* but yes, Carrabas is great and I love to sit at the bar at the kitchen and watch 🙂

  91. sweetredhead says:

    ughhhhhhhh someone slap her. I am to busy holding my tummy!

  92. lisa says:

    I am going to send you a big glass of buttermilk and a pickle

    I will throw in one of mcdonalds greasy gross cheeseburgers too

  93. sweetredhead says:

    Oh gawd lisa I am getting a tummy ach.

  94. sweetredhead says:

    Carrabas Italian restaurant is the best place I have found around here for Italian.

  95. lisa says:

    I love buttermilk with lots of thick churd in it , add a dill pickle, yum, I think I will get that at when i’m at work tomorrow

  96. sweetredhead says:

    lisa ewwwwwwww I was hungry but forget that now!

  97. sweetredhead says:

    Nico LMAO Isn’t it fun to torture the kids hehe.

  98. sweetredhead says:

    Thanks kitty you just took the joy out of it 🙁 Good thing I only eat them once a year lmao

  99. Nico says:

    Helloooooo Kitty ~ you were missed ~ of course!!!

    LOL @ SweetRed ~ I took my daughter to Carrabas Italian restaurant and we ordered Calamari. She loves it but didn’t know what it was so, when she saw the one with the tentacles she freaked out….of course, what kind of mother would I be if I didn’t ‘run with it’. LOL…..she doesn’t eating Calamari around me now…LOL

  100. lisa says:

    the only onions I could eat are the greet ones which I dip in ranch dressing, best for when I’m not with anyone, lol

    Hey kitty, looks like we got the nice weather today, they’re cold in Florida

  101. lisa says:

    But then again I was sucking on pickles and drinking butter milk when I was a baby, still a great combo today: a dill pickle and a pint of buttermilk with thick churd in it.

  102. ~*kittylainy*~ says:

    redhead: that bloomin’ onion is one of the worst food you can eat!!! the calorie and fat is equivalent to 2 big mac meals!!!

  103. ~*kittylainy*~ says:

    No one missed me today? lol…
    It’s a gorgeous day here in Toronto.. 🙂 perhaps Spring is coming???!! *cross fingers*

  104. lisa says:

    I had never heard of fried pickles before either till a coworker shared some with me a few years back but I think they are popular in Texas. They are delicous though, the breaded outside and the dill inside. Yum
    I prefer take out too as i’m not much for eating alone in a restaraunt.

  105. sweetredhead says:

    Oh wait I lied I eat the blooming onion at outback too yummy!!

  106. sweetredhead says:

    The only fried thing I eat is calamari, I love them. But only the round ones, can’t get myself to eat the ones with the tentacles.

  107. Nico says:

    LOL ~ fried pickles? Seriously? Not heard of them. I’ve gone in to Hooters before….it’s no big deal for a chick to go in there. I don’t like to eat alone so I typically get take out regardless of where I go.

  108. sweetredhead says:

    ewww fried pickles that does not sound appetizing. I am sure they have take out Lisa.

  109. lisa says:

    I have no yard, just an old cracked concrete upstairs porch. Have a few plants on it but not the 100 or so that I had before I moved here.

  110. sweetredhead says:

    Where a low cut sundress and ask them again lmao

  111. lisa says:

    I guess I will stay in Houton then, lol
    I was thinking about trying some fried pickles from Hooters when I get my tax check. I have had them before but not there. Does anyone have any idea how much you get and what it costs? There is a Hooters 3 miles from me. I wouldn’t look funny going in there, would I? I want to get takeout but it is a family place right? I’m planning on going out to a non fastfood restaraunt a few times when I get my check.

  112. Nico says:

    oh gawd…would hate to think somebody views me as an elderly lady and is paying to do my yard….LOL

  113. Nico says:

    NO DOUBT!!! I just wish I knew who it was….it’s gonna drive me crazy thinking about it too! They’re obviously being stealth but it is now my mission. LOL but yes, it was and is VERY kind!

  114. sweetredhead says:

    My son’s clean up an elderly lady’s yard for her all the time. (without being asked) BUT do they do that for me…..I have to pay them sheeh.

  115. gail says:

    Awwww…Nico…How nice of someone to have that done for you!!!! Now that’s real SUGAR:)

  116. sweetredhead says:

    Besides I have son’s let them do it hehe

  117. sweetredhead says:

    I keep getting these guys knocking on my door asking if i want them to cut back my palm tree’s. Ummm No unless you want to do it out of the goodness of your heart lol

  118. SuthrnExec says:

    Nico, when they finish, send them up my way!

  119. sweetredhead says:

    Aww that’s great! Would drive me crazy too to know who paid to have it done. It was a VERY nice thing to do.

  120. SweetEuropean*264271 says:

    Awww Nico, bless them that’s a such nice gesture!

  121. Nico says:

    Wow ~ I shoulda proofread that. “When I asked the landscapers who was paying THEM…”

  122. Nico says:

    You mean the will prevail?? Yay!!

    I had the oddest thing happen today. I went to my house and found some landscapers clearing out debris, overgrown trees etc. (bank let the property go). It was nice of the landscapers to do this but I didn’t ask them to. When I asked them who was paying me they said they couldn’t tell me.

    Aaargh….now I wanna know 🙂 Silly but had thought, if I had a SD I bet that would’ve been something he would’ve done so I could spend the weekend with him instead of doing yardwork.

    Well ~ whoever did it was incredibly sweet. Just thought I would share my story…

  123. sweetredhead says:

    I have 3 beaches within 5 miles of my house. Redington, maderia and Indian rocks. sometimes I go to Fort de soto, but usually in the summer.

  124. sweetredhead says:

    Nico, we should be warming up this weekend. I can’t wait 🙂 Think I might just take a walk on the beach 🙂

  125. Nico says:

    Lisa ~ Houston is much warmer than Florida is today….you may rethink being blown our direction.

  126. Mina says:

    Goodness, it takes a while to catch up on reading here!

  127. lisa says:

    let’s give C h i c a g o a chance, lol
    I think I will go outside and let the wind blow me to Florida, I might stop by sweetredhed, i’m feeling shut up here but I don’t have any reason to go anywhere today. bored

  128. sweetredhead says:

    [email protected] give the man a chance.

  129. lisa says:

    Today Houston is the windy city

  130. sweetredhead says:

    Thank you 🙂

  131. lisa says:

    hey the windy city is still being moderated

  132. lisa says:

    chicago 🙂

  133. stephan says:


    Sent 😀

  134. sweetredhead says:

    stephan while We have you here 🙂 can you please send Brown sugar my email address. Please and Thank you

  135. stephan says:


    there were a couple of users who used to go by “chicago”, and one as “chica”… they were spammers, and also made abusive remarks to members of the sugar family…

    but that was a while ago,

    so it’s time to give the windy city a second chance 😀

  136. OCSugarBaby says:

    Stephan-Why is that town a four letter word on the blog?

  137. OCSugarBaby says:


  138. lisa says:

    I once lost a marc jacobs skirt by a dollar, arhh!

  139. lisa says:

    I used to be addicted to ebay,that was till my credit cards ran out, lol
    got some good deals on there though, including a 1960’s vintage mod dress

  140. SweetEuropean*264271 says:

    Good luck Atlanta! 😉

  141. sweetredhead says:

    Sounds like you like sweet drinks. A plain martini is dry not sweet, but you can add sweet things to them.

  142. SweetEuropean*264271 says:

    I’ve never tryed a martini, what are they like? I adore Cosmopolitans and Mojito’s! 🙂

  143. Atlanta says:

    So I finally found a pair of riding boots…on ebay of all places! Hopefully I win the bid! Wish me luck! lol They’re this gorgeous vintage brazilian pair.

    Anyways. I need to take care of my shopping addiction while I’m in class. iPod Touch + University wifi + boring class = a bad combination for a shopaholic.

    lol. I need to do better 🙂

  144. SweetEuropean*264271 says:

    LOL I got moderated too Lisa but it got through somehow…. I was just trying it out of curiosity! 😛

  145. lisa says:

    how did you do that sweeteuropean? I got moderated for typing C h i c a g o

  146. nawtione says:

    Gordon – I know it is not traditional, but I had a guava martini from a restaurant chain we have up north here called Houlihan’s. It was the yummiest thing I have had in a long time!

  147. lisa says:

    you’re so daring sweeteuropean

  148. SweetEuropean*264271 says:


  149. lisa says:

    I would be more comfortable if I could wear jeans and a casual top, at least something that fits as this shirt is a man’s size and since I wear a junior small it hangs down to my knees and I have to tuck the stupid thing in and that makes my behind look lumpy and huge. I always take my clothes with me on the days I get off early so I can change before I go home.

  150. sweetredhead says:

    When I worked in a elderly home I had to wear black pants and a polo shirt. It was so ugly. That was man cloths lol

  151. lisa says:

    i’m the opposite as i like to plan what i’m going to wear, even if my style is wacky. I hate putting on the same clothes every day for work, I feel like I don’t exist those days as i dont’ feel girly when I’m wearing black pants and a man’s shirt several sizes too big.

  152. sweetredhead says:

    Jj blocked by member is only when they log in. I have that on mine set. And I am real 🙂

  153. sweetredhead says:

    I have really cute scrubs, I hate the plain ones. But for this job they have to be plain and only in Royal blue and Hunter green. And worn on certain days.

    I like wearing scrubs to work, it easy to get dressed. Don’t have to worry what I am going to wear 🙂

  154. lisa says:

    my fave fake profile is the one where the man makes 100K a year and is married and most likely has kids but has a budget of 10-20K a month. I mean he couldn’t cover than if he was single, let alone trying to hide spending that kind of money if he is married. Also many that list a high allowance emphasize in their profiles that they are not looking for a woman who after money. That’s kind of like the guy who poses next to his expensive sportscar and says he doens’t want a woman is dates him for his car, lol

  155. lisa says:

    sweetredhead I hate uniforms. I have plenty of clothes and shoes but since I have to wear a certain color of pants and top, it can be annoying. I have to wear black shoes and I have a few pairs of black shoes but they have bows or metal trim on them so I can’t wear them, and am stuck wearing my worn out plain ones till my taxes come and they are so uncomfortable now. And anytime you change jobs, you gotta go out and buy new stuff. I had just bought some new clothes for one job, and ended up losing that job a month later and had to buy new stuff in a different color and of course the stuff I bought for the job I lost was so ugly it’s not like I could wear it on my days off. My daughter has to wear black scrubs and they collect lint

  156. BettieGirlDD*273192 says:

    To answer Jj’s question: I suspect a profile is fake if it’s very vague and unrealistic. IMHO, If reading it doesnt give you a mental picture of this person, there is no person. Like if they only say they like shopping and fine dining… really? youre going to ask a man what hes interested in and thats all he can think of? That’s a piece of hooked bait if you ask me. Also there are some obv signs.. he makes $150/k yr and is offering $5k/mo..

    Its possible some profiles are made by sincere and just boring.. use your instinct to see if the person writing you is looking for something (a SB, maybe??!!) or just stroking you for pics and the sexychat.

  157. sweetredhead says:

    Brown Sugar mail NC back and ask him for it, he has it 🙂

  158. sweetredhead says:

    I have to go out in the cold today and buy scrubs. I have a lot but of course none of them is the color I need for my new job.

  159. Brown Sugar 292409 says:

    i dint get ur email sweetredhead

  160. sweetredhead says:

    Gail can you send Brown sugar my email also please and Thank you 🙂

  161. sweetredhead says:

    good morning every one 🙂 freezing here too. It was 30 last night. Today is only going to be in the 60’s.

  162. lisa says:

    Good morning OC

  163. lisa says:

    everything works fine, just the main part fried 6 months ago (got the blue screen of death) but it seems most of the cpu come with keyboards. I don’t want to use the old one. I’m going to get a repair plan though as I’m afraid of something happening. My less than 3 year old computer was fine, and then when I came home from work (this was during the light hurricane we got back in August) I turned it on and got the blue screen and the memory was being dumped. Now it will not load windows, just the bios screen or the compaq screen. I hate this laptop, It heats up too fast.

  164. OCSugarBaby says:

    NC-You have mail!

    Gail-I was looking for you last night. Rainy here too. But I am just an IM away from someone who brightens my day!

    Suthrn-Yes, those magical Arizonia nights. hehehe

    Sam-I tried the JW Blue, could not believe it was $35 dollars a shot, but oh so very smooth and wonderful. Worth every cent.

    Brown Sugar- Girl listed to Gail. She and I love to buddy up with those who would like to go offline and gain insight to SD/SB fears or concerns. We are just an email away!

    Moring Lisa, Nico,Stella, Bette, Jj and my Sweet Sweet Euro 🙂

  165. SuthrnExec says:

    If your old keyboard works, you don’t need to buy a new one with your new cpu – unless there is a connection issue.

  166. lisa says:

    question, computer cpu units include the keyboard and mouse, right? The last time I bought a computer , I bought a bundle so everything was included. I am looking at pics of computers and some show the keyboard and some don’t so i’m wondering if I buy a cpu (no monitor) if if will have th keyboard included. everything on my old computer is fine but the cpu (the main part of the computer, darn) but I want to make sure I don’t get the lower price computer only to find the keyboard not included. I’m just buying a basic computer for getting online, listening to youtube, no gaming or anything like that.

  167. lisa says:

    gail I am out of cream so i’m drinking it black, way too strong for me, lol
    don’t worry we will get some more cold weather. This has been the coldest winter I have seen in a long while. Of course people are out walking down my street in shorts

  168. Brown Sugar 292409 says:

    gail i added u thnx hun

  169. gail says:

    Stop teasing us Lisa with your weather…you must have had your coffee this morning:)

  170. gail says:

    [email protected]…I should do that too:)

  171. lisa says:

    it’s going to be 74 today

  172. lisa says:

    there is a chilly wind though, have to wear a sweater if you go out. At least i’m not having to run my heat.

  173. Nico says:

    I am warming my hands on your e-mail as we speak Lisa.

  174. Brown Sugar 292409 says:

    65 DEGREES?????????? LISA OOOOHHHH i so envy you

  175. lisa says:

    Brown Sugar, anyone man or woman that buys someone a gift and asks for it back is just plain tacky and cheap, keep it

  176. lisa says:

    Good morning everyone. I’m off today so I slept late. A nice sunny day here and 65 degrees. An empty inbox for me today 🙁
    I’m just going to stay home today and relax, don’t feel like going out

  177. Brown Sugar 292409 says:

    YES gail i sent you an email to verify

  178. Jj says:

    I don’t think so brown sugar. And even if he did, you don’t have to give it back because it was a gift!

  179. gail says:

    Still here…waiting for your e-mail:) Depends on the kind of SD he is. A gift is a gift, unless it comes with strings attached.

  180. Brown Sugar 292409 says:

    if a SD buy you something HIGHLY expensive and things dont go well with you and him you think he would asks for it back

  181. Brown Sugar 292409 says:

    LMAO thanx NC gail i got it ill send you an email now

  182. Brown Sugar 292409 says:

    gail dont leave till i get it

  183. NC Gentleman says:

    OK — I am phone and Brown Sugar has mail — and Gail – I made a suggested housewarming gift idea to BS 🙂

  184. gail says:

    Brown Sugar…I do…and will give it to you on e-mail. NC can you send it to Brown Sugars profile? I will owe you a great Lakehouse housewarming gift:) thank you…

  185. Brown Sugar 292409 says:

    thanks GAIL, you don’t have any instant messenger?

  186. Jj says:

    Thanks for the info and welcome kitty and lisa! I got a few emails so hopefully I’ll find a “real” and nice SD soon. I just have 1 question..I noticed some SD’s profiles say “blocked by member”. Is this a good sign they’re fake? lol

  187. gail says:

    NC…darling…sweetie….can you send Brown Sugar my e-mail? Please?

    Brown Sugar…Its good to have someone you can talk to. It really helps:)

  188. Brown Sugar 292409 says:

    OOHH SORRY everyone dont know why my comments got posted MORE THEN ONCE …sorry

  189. Brown Sugar 292409 says:


  190. SweetEuropean*264271 says:

    LOL of course! I need to find a slip n slide somewhere, i’m dying to try it!!

  191. Brown Sugar 292409 says:


  192. Brown Sugar 292409 says:


  193. NC Gentleman says:

    Good idea sweeteuro — can you and kitty put the slip-n-slide together?? 😉

  194. SweetEuropean*264271 says:

    NC – You should contact more SDs to help you with the lakehouse, the sooner it’s finished the sooner we can have an SB/SD party!!! 🙂 😉

  195. BettieGirlDD*273192 says:

    stella and brown sugar… be patient, be cautious, and be yourself. My advice.

  196. gail says:

    From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
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    For the MTV reality series, see Bromance (TV series).
    A bromance or “man-crush” is a close but non-sexual relationship between two SDaddy men on SeekingArrangement.com.

    Budding Bromances on the blog today:)

    Morning Suthrn and NC:) (smile)

  197. stella says:

    hi everyone, hope you are all having a wonderful day.
    it’s looking glum for me again today…. why can’t i just be swept off my feet by some amazing man the way it seems to happen to others on here! hehe

  198. Nico says:

    Morning NC ~ ‘invisible today’ *jk*

  199. NC Gentleman says:

    HI Nico — great news on the progress on your house. Hopefully in about 3 months I will be in your shoes 🙂

  200. NC Gentleman says:

    Morning Gail, SouthernExec, and SweetEuro, kitty, bettie, Brown Sugar!

    and for clarification SE in the above email is SouthernExec but I am guessing the bromance gave that away 🙂

  201. Nico says:

    OOOOhhhhh can we say GLOBAL WARMING *sigh* Is Ogre the only one that’s warm today???

  202. gail says:

    Morning Brown Sugar:)

    Nico is so right about saftey. Let us know if you have any questions. We are here to support you:) and so that you make it through the process safely.

  203. NC Gentleman says:

    Hi OCSB — I sent you an email asking for SE’s email address so I can get some beer guggling assistant on the lakehouse bathroom — thanks in advance if he approves! I hope southerngent 2 doesnt get jealous of this budding bromance!

  204. SuthrnExec says:

    Morning Gail!

  205. SweetEuropean*264271 says:

    Hello everyone, the weather’s terrible here today, it keeps raining on and off…. unfortunatly I keep chosing the wrong time to leave the house!

    Ogre – Welcome to the blog 🙂

  206. SuthrnExec says:

    Brown Sugar, don’t let him pressure you into doing anything you don’t want to do. SDs do that sometimes – make you feel like you must “act now” and you’re tempted to be compulsive – just be aware of that and don’t fall into it. There’s nothing wrong with taking your time. Good luck!

  207. Brown Sugar 292409 says:


  208. Brown Sugar 292409 says:

    You right NICO. THANX ALOT, im new to this so im just trying to get with the flow. Thats why im in here to see what the hell is going on lol , well i just gave him my phone number and hey i just got a text

  209. gail says:

    Good Morning All,
    Yes it is Friday:) The happiest day of the week, next to Saturday. It is cold here in CA today. Rain and cold. But that’s not going to get me down today. Have things to do, people to see this morning. Gonna put on my raincoat, hat scarf and brave the weather:) LOL….I know I am gonna look like a wet kitten…meow:) Have a GREAT day everyone!

    And welcome everyone that I have said hello to. Welcome to our family!

  210. SuthrnExec says:

    Nico is right – absolutely do NOT get into his car. Stay in control at all times. Make him meet on your terms – otherwise he’s not interested in the same thing you are. Be safe!

  211. Nico says:

    LOL Brown Sugar….I feel like I’m whining in comparrison. I live in South West Florida but I got rid of my ‘winter wardrobe’ when I moved here. I’ve been layered, tank tops, thermals and sweatshirts and I’m still cold 🙁 It’s been 32 degrees here lately, 39 this morning 🙁 Doesn’t sound bad when you compare the two…LOL

  212. Nico says:

    Brown Sugar…..DON’T get in his car….you guys can meet somewhere the first time. Until you know this person SD or BF, never relinquish the control over your own safety.

    I teach self defense classes and this is one of the things I always preach about. Get the person’s name and number and make certain your closest girlfriend always knows where you are meeting and they have this individual’s information. I do the same thing if I travel to meet a SD. I will stay in a hotel and I will make certain my GF has all the SD’s contact info.

  213. Brown Sugar 292409 says:

    do any of you ladies have messengers ex.. aim,yahoo?

  214. Brown Sugar 292409 says:


  215. Brown Sugar 292409 says:

    NICO where are you located, cause believe me i feel your pain also im in NEW YORK we had a storm this week like we been having every week and not the wind chills are uuhh FREEZING!!!

  216. Nico says:

    Thank you for the warm Hello Brown Sugar 🙂

    YEAH!! FRIDAY!!!

  217. SuthrnExec says:

    It’s the usual Friday stuff here with a little work-drama mixed in for good measure.

  218. BettieGirlDD*273192 says:

    Welcome, Ogre.

    Snuggies crack me up.. in that commercial the man and woman wearing them look like space villians. That said, I’d still love one…

  219. Nico says:

    Yesterday was destructing…tore a big hole in my wall….today they’re filling it with beautiful french doors 😀 Excited.

    I should be constructive here at work but it’s too hard to get motivated while it’s so cold 🙁 The heat smells worse than the benefit received so I suffer (and not silently either). 😉 What’s on your agenda today?

    Ogre…..care to share the warmth?? 😉

  220. Brown Sugar 292409 says:


  221. Brown Sugar 292409 says:

    SuthrnExec YOU RIGHT.However, the thing is he just email me like hey lets meet. and that was it so i emailed him back and said well before i take you up on that offer i would like to know a little about you, so he emailed me a brief summary. lol anyways now where should i make my first meet with him ( no matter what im sure it will be in manhattan). Im afraid to just get in his car.

  222. SuthrnExec says:

    G’morning Nico – are we constructing or destructing today? 🙂

  223. SuthrnExec says:

    Brown Sugar, go with your gut and instincts – they are usually pretty reliable.

    Welcome Ogre! I really enjoy your lovely state – something about the desert at night that is magical.

  224. Brown Sugar 292409 says:

    WELCOME to the family Ogre 🙂

  225. Nico says:

    Good morning Brown Sugar, SouthernExec and welcome Ogre 🙂

  226. The Ogre*294213 says:

    Good morning all. I am new to the SA site and blog. I’m an SD hailing from lovely, sunny, Tucson, Arizona. I didn’t realize I couldn’t check mail messages as an SD unless I upgrade to premium membership. Needless to say, I’m hoping to meet someone, preferably in Arizona, so if you’re interested, let me know. I am abusing the use of the comma. I’ll stop here. 🙂

  227. Brown Sugar 292409 says:

    preety good suthrnExec. Got contacted by an SD this morning but i dont know hes kinda creepy and im new to this …..

  228. Brown Sugar 292409 says:

    SWEETREDHEAD today is your first day at work?

  229. SuthrnExec says:

    doing well – how are you ladies?

  230. Brown Sugar 292409 says:

    Morning, any one here

  231. Nico says:

    Good Morning Sugar Family! It’s cold here in SWFL again….I’m really over this and SweetRed….wish I could bring a snuggie to work 😉 For now I’ll take turns typing and sitting on my fingers to warm them back up.

    How is everybody on this fine morning????

  232. SuthrnExec says:

    I’m sure you ladies can charm some nice SDs to join you.

  233. BettieGirlDD*273192 says:

    Aw, really? No SDs? If anyone wants to crawl out of the woodwork and introduce themselves, now’s the time!

  234. SuthrnExec says:

    Sam, I have, but since my pallet is not all that refined, JW Blue does it for me. I’m afraid I just don’t appreciate the King’s blend enough to warrant it.

  235. Sam 267369 says:

    SuthrnExec, have you tried JW King Georges V? It is very good. I got hooked on it two years ago.

    Is it true there will be no SD in Vegas… really? 🙁

  236. Coco 273241 says:

    Hello All, Gordon I love your martini recipe from above. Do you mix anything with the Stoli Doli are just have the pineapple martini?

  237. Gordon says:

    I have some Stoli Dolli infusing in the fridge, it will be ready this weekend.

  238. OCSugarBaby says:

    Gail did you turn in already? Sure, I log on and everyone goes to bed.

  239. OCSugarBaby says:

    Gordon, Had the most sinful martini’s this weekend. Mmmm the bartender made me a Ginger Blossom which was delighful. Also tried one with blueberries, sage and agave syrup. Amazing combinations. 🙂

  240. Gordon says:

    Good night sweeti

  241. sweetredhead says:

    I am going to try and go to bed. Have to get used to going to bed at a decent hour again now that I am starting work. Night ALL

  242. Gordon says:

    Hello OC,

    Scroll up for my martini recipes

  243. OCSugarBaby says:

    Hello everyone! I miss all of you. I had a long day. My company announced 500 layoff’s this week. I am safe but feel the pain of the others that will be out of a job! My girlfriends from the office all went out for drinks tonight. I had a few martini’s and feel no pain! lol I needed it!

  244. Gordon says:

    I had set my profile on hide because I’m off the market, now letters are coming in so I checked and it’s now visible. I set it back on hide but there is one nice letter from a beautiful model in Switzerland.

    Tempting Tempting

  245. lisa says:

    It’s 57 here

  246. sweetredhead says:

    40’s Gordon? I wish, its in the 30’s over here 🙁 pass that snuggie this way burrrrrrrrrr

  247. SuthrnExec says:

    i’m turning in folks – you guys have a nice night.

  248. lisa says:

    a little windy but nice out , I took my coat off when I got out of work, wore a sweater. the weater is supposed to get warmer over the next days. I have had to wear my coat more this winter than the past 3 winters combined.

  249. gail says:

    It rained here today..the weather was so different from Vegas.

  250. SuthrnExec says:

    Oh, hell no, Gordon! I’m not a native – not a fan of the Vols.

  251. lisa says:

    It was a beautiful sunny day here. 🙂

  252. gail says:

    Suthrn-YOU need a Snuggi too:)

  253. Gordon says:

    Go Big Orange

  254. Gordon says:

    SouthernExec, where are you?

  255. SuthrnExec says:

    Gordon, it’s colder than a well-digger’s butt here – i’m about tired of this!

  256. lisa says:

    I doubt it because I can’t even get that store to answer the phone if I call them, probably have a shortage of employees. The will deliver large items for a fee but I didn’t see it offered on computers, just washers and large tvs. I have no issue ordereing it online but as I said if they use us postal service instead of ups, then I have to get it home from the post office which puts me in the situation I would pay shipping fees to avoid. arghh not having a car and having friends without cars sucks. I would be willing to pay someone to help me bring it home but I don’t know anyone.
    anyway that’s something I have to deal with the 3rd week of february

  257. Gordon says:

    The palm trees are wearing snuggies burrr.

    The beaches are still closed, packs of sharks were seen today at Phipps Beach and in the Leopard Lounge.

  258. gail says:

    Bundle up in your Suggi Gordon…we can’t help you from here…..oh…okay…just felt sorry for you…stretching my arms from Calif to keep you warm:)

  259. Gordon says:

    My icon is mixing a cocktail. On my computer everyone’s icon is small.

  260. gail says:

    Lisa, That was really nice of the fella:) Maybe you will get lucky and someone will help you again. I hope so:)

  261. Gordon says:

    I wanted to whine to the group that the temp in down in the forties tonight but the Northerners would not be sympathetic.

  262. gail says:

    Gordon…I can’t see your picture…its too small…what are you doing there on your pic?

  263. lisa says:

    Good evening Gordon

    Gail I remember when I was a child and when you purchased an item from a store, you could have the store deliver it for a fee, but now it’s either carry it from the store yourself or buy online. I am going to have to search around to see if any of them use ups shipping. I as lucky when I bought my last computer as one of the workers actually put the computer in his truck and drove me and the computer home. I offered him 25 dollars but he declined.

  264. SuthrnExec says:

    Howdy Gordy.

  265. Gordon says:

    Good evening group

  266. gail says:

    I will find out for you when my daughter wakes up…she is fluent in Spanish:)

  267. lisa says:

    Yeah I’m taking my mom out for her birthday and going to a movie (I haven’t been to a movie since my ex broke up with me last year0
    Now i’m trying to find out how to get a computer. I live 7 blocks from the store but since I don’t have a car and have no friends with cars, I thought I need to order it even though there is a big shipping cost. I presumed ups would deliver it but the store uses the parcel post which is the regular mail and I know the mailman will not deliver a package with a computer in it which means I will have to go to the post office to pick it up, which I can’t do as it is even furthur than the store and the whole point is I need the computer delivered. I am checking into taxi service but I know the cab company wont help. I want to go buy the computer, and get a cab home but from my experience with taxi drivers here, they just sit and do nothing. When I moved over here, by taxi, the driver jusst sat while I drug all my luggage out of the cab and had to drag them up the stairs,one by one. and this was after I gave him a 5 dollar tip on a 7 dollar trip.

  268. SuthrnExec says:

    Wow – I don’t hang out with those crowds! Mine just has something like ejecutivo meridional on it… Have no idea what that means… 😉

  269. gail says:

    LOL….with cash of course Lisa:) YOU get to be your own Sugarmommy to yourself when your taxes come in:) Speaking of pillows I need some. Are you gonna go have a good meal and buy you some simple pleasures too:)
    Like Starbucks for a couple more days?

    Good Evening Suthrn… Johnny Walker Blue…I have heard that individuals who purchased this whiskey during the holiday…which is rare and expensive whiskey could have their bottles personalized for the holidays. Their names could be engraved on the bottles in different languages.

  270. SuthrnExec says:

    ‘evening folks. Chillin’ out with a nice glass of Johnny Walker Blue… How’s everybody this evenin’?

  271. lisa says:

    I don’t know gail, sometimes we get really weird on here, lol
    I’m sitting here planning how I’m going to buy two new pillows in a couple weeks, that’s pretty pathetic, that is my big plans

  272. gail says:

    Jennifer…cheerup buttercup:) It will get better. When’s the last time you pampered yourself…Need a manicure, pedicure, a great massage? Life in general is very stressful. Some people drink and do drugs…I just try to surround myself with positive people..and that includes us your own SUGAR FAMILY:)

    “But you know you left sick people and logged on to the blog where the rest of us sick people are , lol”
    [email protected]….The comment above is not uplifting…and I am not sick:)

    Kitty is our Asian Cinderella…her story will be amazing:)

  273. lisa says:

    Jenniferbbwsb sorry you had a bad day. sick people can get on one’s nerves after awhile. Coworkers can too, I had that at my last job and just had to walk out one day.
    But you know you left sick people and logged on to the blog where the rest of us sick people are , lol

    Relax, get some rest, I know exactly how you feel, and just like in retail, you in the medical field have to work holidays, weekends, nights, etc and it can suck sometimes.

  274. Jenniferbbwsb says:

    Good Evening to everyone, Got home about an hour ago, and now time to got to bed and get ready for tomorrow. Someone please help me, I need to get out of the medical field!!! LOL I am tired of sick people!!! Or mostly the people that I work with. Had a bad day!!

    Gail.. Hello back to you.

    I miss you all when I am not on. Just not a very good day. Things will get better or else!!!

    Hugs and Kisses

  275. Nico says:

    Hey…I can do this from my phone…lol. Kitty…thank u for the luck. Actually there are a few on deck but until I meet somebody they are all in the running *grin* as for the house….I feel as though I have ripped out everything. Cut a big hole in the master and adding french doors to my garden…just not enough money in the budget to remodel the kitchen……yet. Exhausted so headed out…

    Welcome to the blog Jj!!!

  276. gurlnextdoor*274735* says:

    Hmm Kitty are you by any chance creating your very own Cinderella story???

  277. lisa says:

    can’t order them online because i’m already going to have problems getting my computer delivered since I am only home a couple times a week when ups comes. I can’t take off from work either, you never know when those guys are coming. And I don’t want him leaving it on my porch. That is the one thing I miss about when I worked nights, I had my days free to be there for ups or dhl or fedex and the mailman

  278. lisa says:

    I need one of those and then I can stand at my computer with it on, lol, maybe wear it to work, it’s cold in the store, lol

    I have a nice big body pillow though.
    I’m trying to figure out how to get two king size pillows home on the bus. I am going to replace my flat ones when I get my tax refund. I bought those at a store near me so it was easy but the store moved and I have to get some reasonable, but don’t want to be standing at the bus stop holding 2 big pillows , or ending up on an non pillow-friendly bus. I once bought a comforter and the bus driver would not let me on the bus, and the bus was empty. Had to wait for the next bus, are drivers are not all friendly.

  279. sweetredhead says:

    snuggie…Yes the one with the arms. And No I do not have one lol. Gordon being Mr funny man again 🙂

  280. lisa says:

    Hey kitty! lol

    actually this guy contacted me when I first joined ,and well he disappeared back then.

  281. ~*kittylainy*~ says:

    JJ: btw.. like we’ve said many times, this is a great place to ask questions and get support! 🙂 Good luck on your search! Remember, luck comes from good fortune and being well prepared 😉

  282. ~*kittylainy*~ says:

    Lisa: y don’t you simply type, “hey you…” back to him.. there’s nothing to lose and maybe something can become of it.

    Hey Jj,
    WElcome to the blog.. are you the J from the video?? There is no time frame to finding a real SD. It can be a week if ur lucky, 6-7 months if you are not. hmm.. Sugar Daddy stories.. there’s onein the process of being written~ perhaps it’ll be a Cinderella story. We shall see…

  283. Jj says:

    Wow, this blog is great. I’m new to this and learning as much as I can. How long does it take to find a “real” sugar daddy? Does anyone here have any sugar daddy stories to share? 🙂

  284. lisa says:

    I just got a email from a sd! Here is what he said: “Hey”
    wow that’s a well planned, thought out introduction.


  285. lisa says:

    wow Yasmine, that sounds like the perfect sd, lol I bet he makes 50k a year, lol
    Just got back from starbucks and meeting my daughter. Just relaxing now. Off tomorrow. Got my work schedule for next week and I have 40 hours so that will help me alot with my march bills as I have no idea how much the water bill will be at my apartments.
    I think i’m going to stay in till I go to work saturday morning, well I am broke, except for a few dollars left on the starbucks card..

  286. gurlnextdoor*274735* says:

    Lol, if that’s George Clooney then Yasmine tell me his name this instant lol…oh and Stephan I didn’t know that.

  287. ~*kittylainy*~ says:

    That sounds like George Clooney!

  288. stephan says:

    Every time a member goes from being premium to standard, or standard to premium, their account status is RENEWED and their profile placement is adjusted accordingly in the Newest Members listing.

  289. Yasmine says:

    The same guy also asked me if I had more pictures. I said NO. I then asked him if he had any pictures. He said that because he was such a “high profile figure” he could not send me any. At this point I am just dying laughing. He then asks me if I have a digital camera. I said NO. He then tells me that he is a boobs, ass, and legs man. ROFL! At that point I just blocked him LMAO.

  290. Yasmine says:

    And this is NOT even the best part. I received an email from a pot SD ( on another site) and I just have to share this with you. ROFL. There are some real LUNATICS out there. Here it goes..

    I would like to know more about you. I am looking for that special someone in which to enter a special arrangement with. I have been in two arrangements such as this before but not of this site. One was in NY. the other was in CA. Both received new cars. One a home in the Hampton’s, the other a condominium in Malibu. Both received monthly allowances. One was 10,000 the other 15,000. I have no problem taking care of someone financially as long as I am kept happy as well.

    A little about me… I was born and raised in Beverly Hills California, which is where I still live. I am single with no children. I do not smoke, drink, or do drugs. I am 5’9 195 lbs brown hair & eyes medium built. I am a very high profile figure whose life is sometimes under a media microscope so I require someone who is discreet. I believe that my business should be just that, my business. Not the media’s and not the publics.

    I am looking for someone who is sweet, caring, and warm, someone who can make me laugh, someone and who will respect my privacy because the media does not. Someone who is drama free, and able to keep my stress level to a minimum. A good friend, great sex, and amazing head.

    The person I choose I would see them when I am in town, and if they can travel, I would have them flown to where ever I am. Once I see consistency, I would like them to accompany me to certain events such as The Oscars, The Golden Globe, The SAG Awards, The BET, The Grammy’s, etc… For each event, I would have a custom-made dress by the designer of choice.

    One for each events because you cannot wear the same dress twice. After there is consistency she would be able to travel with me as she wishes and I travel all over the world. Another benefit to the arrangement is I either advance a career that the person is trying to achieve or set them up in a business of their own so that should the arrangement end she can continue the lifestyle that I provided for her.

  291. gurlnextdoor*274735* says:

    Yes Kitty that’s the one…the commercial with the family sitting on bleachers looking like a bunch of misplaced monks, lol.

  292. ~*kittylainy*~ says:

    Redhead: Is snuggie that couch blanket with sleeves on them????

  293. sweetredhead says:

    Protect that little guy from the sharks!!

  294. Gordon says:

    Brynn is ready for her last daylight walk today, I think we can risk the beach.

  295. sweetredhead says:

    Actually been studying up on eye surgery, for my new job. Can’t go in there knowing nothing. I have worked for Chiropractors not eye surgeons.

  296. sweetredhead says:

    Gordon stop peaking in my windows!!!

  297. Gordon says:

    Sweetred, I told you this morning how cold it is. You have been wrapped in your snuggi all day watching Cary Grant movies.

  298. sweetredhead says:

    Gordon…You didn’t warn me on HOW cold it was outside. I wore a sheer short sleeve top with a tank under it and froze. Good thing i leave a sweater in the car lol.

  299. gurlnextdoor*274735* says:

    Aww Gordon, that is so sweet….your SB is a very lucky woman.

  300. sweetredhead says:

    The only time I swagger is if my panties ride up 🙁 LMAO

  301. sweetredhead says:

    Gordon you are such a romantic……

  302. Gordon says:

    A properly shaken martini has a thin layer of ice on the surface, the little bit of water from the ice releases the herbs in the gin. It is so cold that you need a kiss to prevent frost bit lips.

    A stirred martini is pure in taste and color and great is a Baccarat cocktail glass.

    For the best martini, look around the party for a beautiful fiftyish woman whose hair is turning gray. Take her out to the terrace and mix the martini with a few drops of rossa vermouth added to the dry vermouth. Hold the glass up where you can see the drink, the ladies hair and the full moon.

    If all are the same color, you have a perfect martini, a perfect woman and a full moon on a terrace for a perfect evening.

  303. gurlnextdoor*274735* says:

    Yes I agree Gordon has swagger and I’m sure you do too SuthrnExec 🙂 Thanks Kitty, the date should go well since it was supposed to have happened back in December, lol. (We started talking when I went home to visit but never got to set up a time to meet.) Anyway, I’ll be sure to tell you all how it goes of course.

  304. sweetredhead says:

    I think I will join you girls, making my own chai tea here at home 🙂

    Just got back from the meeting. Son has a science test tomorrow and leaves his science book at school ughhh. SURPRISE little man I have it hehe. If you hear screams for help from my house it’s because I tied the child to a chair and making him study. (mean Mommy)

  305. lisa says:

    I’m out the door in 10 minutes, kitty, I’ll see you there, lol

    green tea latte for me

  306. ~*kittylainy*~ says:

    Gordan: that’s a swagger alright.. but make sure u order your martini shaken.. not stirred…

    Lisa: I’m just about to going to starbucks too 🙂

  307. SuthrnExec says:

    I’m confident in most of what I do – but as for swagger? Dunno – have to find out from people who know me 🙂

  308. ~*kittylainy*~ says:

    Can’t wait to see your video gurl! 🙂 and good luck on your date this weekend 🙂

    Nico: good luck with this new Pot… and your home improvement works.. are you redoing the whole house?

    redhead/beach: very true that open communication is so important, it makes these “games” unnecessary.

  309. lisa says:

    Good afternoon everyone, got home from work, tired and getting ready to go to the mall for a latte and to meet my daughter. So glad i’m off tomorrow. gotta log onto my profile sometime today, I haven’t bothered with it the last couple day.s
    Gotta go now, be back after 6

  310. Gordon says:

    I have spent years on the decks of rolling boats and the backs of cantering horses. I crushed my right leg in an accident and had it bolted and screwed back together causing a slight but permanent limp. I am confident and a tiny bit cocky.

    Add all that together and watch me walk across a dance floor with martini in hand while the orchestra plays Voodoo Moon.

    That is swagger 😉

  311. gurlnextdoor*274735* says:

    Good luck Nico…I too am meeting another potential SD this weekend, he seems genuine, hasn’t mentioned sex yet and says he’s not into “endless emails”, so we’re meeting sometime this weekend for coffee. 🙂

  312. gurlnextdoor*274735* says:

    Thank you SuthrnExec for the definition to the word of the day…and thank you cartier for the word of the day, lol….now I have that Swagga Like Us song in my head…”you can pay for school but you can’t buy class”. lol

  313. Nico says:

    Family I am outa here for the day….on to tackle more home improvements projects; however, on the SD fron there seems to be some positive movement. Nice gentleman, not a picture collector nor does he seem fixated on sex…mentioned a few ‘dislikes’ and moved on. Seems genuine and well, I’ll keep you posted 😉

  314. SuthrnExec says:

    1) How one presents him or her self to the world. Swagger is shown from how the person handles a situation. It can also be shown in the person’s walk.
    2) A person’s style – they way they walk, talk, dress.

  315. Nico says:

    Swagger….WORD OF THE DAY 🙂

  316. gurlnextdoor*274735* says:

    Swagger…ah how I adore thee word. 🙂 Yes any man can have money, but not all men can have “swag”.

  317. cartier says:

    chemistry and loyalty is definitely important, women can get money of any man, but i need a guy im not repulsed by, and he must have “swagger”. yet gentle, kind and definitely a sweety!!!

  318. gurlnextdoor*274735* says:

    Yeah I agree with Nico. The way I’ve always viewed an arrangement is that it’s basically a conventional relationship minus all the stress and drama, AND everyone is guaranteed to be happy.

  319. Atalanta says:

    Gurlnextdoor, I’m excited to see your sugarmony!!!

  320. Beach says:

    True Sweetred, Nico said it eariler that in many ways this parallels a dating relationship. There really is nothing wrong with meeting a potential SD or SB, having a nice dinner and deciding that this is not exactly what one party or the other is looking for and parting friends.

  321. Beach says:

    We should chip in and get Sweetred a laptop and aircard so she can blog from her new job 😉

  322. Beach says:

    Thanks Nico. I was a “not applying myself\underachiver” in grade school too, so we can learn something.

  323. sweetredhead says:

    This blog is addicting I really must get moving lmao. Can’t tell the teacher I am late because I am on a sugar daddy blog lmao

  324. sweetredhead says:

    Thank you Beach for the compliments 🙂
    I agree with you, It is a risk that is taken on both sides. Especially if you are a married SD. There MUST be trust.
    I agree that you must see if there is chemistry on both sides until that happens a SD or Sb should not expect anything more than to meet. Get to know each other with no expectations. I think if you have been talking to a person you can tell how lid git they are. Open Honest communication is the key.

  325. Nico says:

    Very well said Beach….

  326. gurlnextdoor*274735* says:

    yay, I got it to work, lol.

  327. Beach says:

    Thanks Sweetred, besides outside physical attractiveness which you appear to possess, you also have an inner spirit that is very attractive. And I think the most attractive women are those that don’t realize or focus just on physical aspect of themselves.

    I agree with Gordon. If you are looking for a longer term SD/SB relationship, there is no need to be intimate before you have established both a rapport and an indication of any financial arrangements – and that often will not happen on the first meeting. This is a person who you will be spending a good bit of time with and and relying on and you need to develop some level of trust. If you are feeling pressured about sex upfront, that will likely translate into other pressures and expectations as things progress, even if the SD turns out to be legit.

    I believe it is up to the SD to make a good faith gesture to put the SB at ease and show he is sincere first. It doesn’t guarantee that it will work out, but it does weed out many of the hit and run artists that seem to be on the site. I would beware of nebulous promises and vauge assurances of what will be coming. Like any regular relationship, there is a risk of being taken on both sides, however that risk should be shared by both parties (not just the SB).

  328. SuthrnExec says:

    Sweetred, that is almost every mother-of-a-son’s wish – can’t tell you how many times I heard the “you’re not applying yourself…” speech.

  329. gurlnextdoor*274735* says:

    hmm, good idea sweetredhead

  330. sweetredhead says:

    I am off to a teachers conference for my youngest. Teachers describe him as…..A Great kid, funny, sweet, very well mannered, a Pleasure to have as a student. BUT he does not apply himself. If I can just get him to work as hard in school as he does in sports I will have it made. To busy being the “lady’s man” at 11ys old lmao.

  331. sweetredhead says:

    gurlnextdoor you may need to shorten it. If you look at the other ones you will see they are not very long at all. Talk fast lol

  332. BettieGirlDD*273192 says:

    Thanks ladies.. maybe I’ll find PR or tech. writing work and wont need a SD!
    who am I kidding I’d still want one…

  333. gurlnextdoor*274735* says:

    hey everyone, trying to upload a video for the sugarmony but it keeps saying the file size is too big. 🙁

  334. sweetredhead says:

    Bettie that’s a great way to express yourself. Wish I was more like that. I have been told how sexy I am and pretty, But I am “just me” Down to earth lil ole me. Like it or not 🙂

  335. Nico says:

    Bettie ~ I love the way you express yourself 😉

  336. BettieGirlDD*273192 says:

    To answer today’s question I think the best approach is to be genuine and show true to make the other feel special. When I find that true SD someday he’ll be able to tell that my sexpotish nature isn’t an act, that he brings it out in me by warming my cynical center up to a passionate lava-like consistancy.

  337. sweetredhead says:

    How could I have missed Sam!! Your awesome too. If I missed anyone else I apologize. My brain in not awake yet 🙁

  338. Gordon says:

    Ladies, lunch is over and I will check in later


  339. gurlnextdoor*274735* says:

    Yep Stella probably all fakes I’m sure, still it bothers me. And Gordon that sounds like the perfect way to handle all of this…maybe SA should quote you and put that up on the homepage under the title “Sugar dating done right” lol.

  340. sweetredhead says:

    I have not been out yet. But I have seen it before. Its funny, before I moved here 3 yrs ago I was one of them here on vacation in shorts in the middle of winter! You can spot the vacationers a mile away lmao

  341. sweetredhead says:

    Opps can’t leave out NC and beach 🙂 All the SD’s here are wonderful people and I have learned alot from each one of you. Thank you!

  342. Gordon says:

    Seetred, did you see the snow birds today running around in shorts like it was warm?

  343. sweetredhead says:

    Gordon says: I am much more handsome to a sb while I hold her shopping bags. Gordon you crack me up!!!

    I don’t know if its that an SB is not good at the business discussion , I know for myself its uncomfortable. I actually prefer not to talk about that in person it is just so much easier for me to do it over the phone or on the computer. I would much rather spend the time together getting to know each other and seeing if their is chemistry.
    I have always been that way. I would rather give then receive. I hate asking for anything.

    Gordon I like your style, if we could clone you and suther all us SB’s would be happy little gals 🙂

  344. SweetEuropean*264271 says:

    Wow, Gordon i’m impressed! You handle things very elegantly. Your SB is one lucky lady! 🙂

  345. stella says:

    gurlnextdoor – YES. gosh it’s so bad… i just read a profile saying that SB should give her SB a good time the first time they meet. then wait patiently for the sb to papper her when he is ready and thinks she deserves it…. and she shall never ask etc etc

    these seem to be the only guys that message me. i think they are all fake and i really dont want to fall into any more traps.

    gordon – u sound perfect !!!

  346. Gordon says:

    We exchange a few emails then phone calls to see if there is common ground. I give her an option for the first meet. If she is in another city I offer to visit her, fly her to me (South Florida) or meet in a neutral city, all at my expense of course.

    I try to make the meet in an up-scale restaurant. If she is indeed the person in the photos and we are having a pleasant conversation I slip an envelope to her with a gift inside. The gift has no strings or expectations. We take a walk to talk in private and see if there is any chemistry.

    Second date is a shopping date to make her feel pampered. I am much more handsome to a sb while I hold her shopping bags. If I feel that we are heading toward a match, I ask her to have a business meeting in private, a conference room room in a hotel is fine but not a hotel room. I make a first offer then ask her to make a counter offer, most sbs are not good at the business discussion.

    If we make an agreement I give the first month allowance. I ask her to take a short trip with me, If she is not ready intimacy I take her on several dates and try to be a romantic partner, this is where I am not as good.

    The good news is that it has worked this year and I have a new companion far better then I deserve.

  347. gurlnextdoor*274735* says:

    I agree with sweetredhead…and I’m sorry everyone but I must talk about this one thing that has been bothering me quite a bit. Ok, due to recent circumstances I will have to move back home unfortunately, so with my relocation comes the search for a new SD in a new location. So today while browsing the wonderful SD profiles in my area, I began to notice a slight trend. SD after SD had put into their profile heading “looking for a playmate” or something along those lines. Now I know SD/SB relationships are supposed to be fun, but am I the only one here who finds that phrase somewhat insulting? I mean SBs are confident, sexy, intelligent women…and to me that does not equal the word “playmate”.

  348. sweetredhead says:

    Its freezing!! here in Florida, I have my heat on. Of course I am not one for the cold. So 50 is COLD!! for me.

  349. sweetredhead says:

    Stella a true SD will not put sex first. A true SD in my eyes is a gentleman. Is it implied in this type of relationship, yes. BUT you have to have chemistry and more. If all someone wants is the sex aspect then they can go to an escort service, this is not that!

  350. stella says:

    yeah, everything. hehe.
    i get pretty distressed with this whole thing at times. a lot of guys here just don’t get it.
    do you have a standard procedure of things when you find a pot sb?

  351. Gordon says:

    Nico, I was at the barn all morning and yes it is chilly, the horse were feeling frisky.

    Stella, good morning, did you need to ask a gray haired sd anything? 😉

  352. Nico says:

    GOOOOOD MORNING Gordon…a bit chilly in FL today don’t you think?

    I am headed out to the Home Improvement Store (the one shopping I KNOW how to do) and I’ll be back later 🙂


  353. Nico says:

    First and foremost Stella, you must set your own parameters. What are YOU comfortable with. Where do YOU draw the line. Never ever ever do anything that you’re not completely comfortable with. For lack of a better way to share, and my experience(s) may be different, I think of a SD as a ‘dating’ relationship in some ways. You’re still searching for chemistry and you still have the first ‘date’ to test the chemistry. You have to feel good about that person to want to see them again and allow things to progress to an intimate level.

    Watch the threads for a while and see some of the other questions and response as they will likely answer some of your own.

  354. stella says:

    a lot of men on here expect sex straight away too…. how do you girls deal with that? Whats the best way to handle things so that you don’t get used and he doesn’t expect the wrong things or feel you’re using him etc?

    I’m pretty inexperienced in the sex area. And I don’t want to land in a situation where im left feeling regret etc etc.

    Is there a standard order of things? i know the best thing is probably to let things go naturally but i don’t know… I’ve had a few bad esperiences already.

  355. Gordon says:

    Good morning group

  356. Nico says:

    Stella ~ It’s always been hard for me too. I have worked since I was 14 and everything I have I’ve worked hard to achieve BUT, I have to be aware of the fact that I’ve not achieved it without help from others….and not just through an SD (new concept for me).

    A SD provides you with ‘help’ / mentoring etc. He will help guide you through his knowledge and experience and possiby even show you how to make your money work for you. He does things out of the kindness of his SD Heart to make you comfortable and happy. If he were ‘loaning’ you money that would be different, in this case, he’s helping free up your time so you can spend it with him OR giving you the tools so you can have your own financial freedom at some point in your life.

    So, as you see, it’s all about your perspective. When you go into something feeling as though you DESERVE it and/or stand with your palm extended, it has the opposite effect….so, middle ground is best. Humbly accept their gifts and show them through your actions how they’ve made you feel 🙂

  357. stella says:

    yeah… i always liked older guys too.. not a lot older really, but have crushed on guys in their mid 30’s etc(i’m 18) also thought one of my professors was hot haha – he has white hair :s

    also,i always just feel really guilty when someone spends money on me and want to pay them back right away 🙁 anyone else feel this? and when/how do you get over it?

  358. Nico says:

    Stella ~ I personally have always enjoyed the company of an older man…and I am 39 *sigh*. I have hang ups with dating guys younger than myself…but that is my preference. I have actually dated 13 yrs older than myself (well, more than dated, it was my X hubby but never a SD).

    Share away 🙂

  359. gurlnextdoor*274735* says:

    Hmm good questions Stella. Well for me I’ve always been naturally attracted to men that are older than me, so it didn’t just magically happen when I joined the site. Secondly, I had had a brief experience with online dating before (the things one does when they get bored…), so it’s not like this was all new for me.

  360. sweetredhead says:

    stella be as open as you would like (well within reason) I don’t have a set age myself. I am 40 and was with a SD who was 34 (time on his side, but still friends) I think age is just a number.

    If you are attracted to older men then that is your preference, go for it. Most important is find who you are looking for and never settle for what you don’t want 🙂

  361. sweetredhead says:

    It’s official I am drug free LMAO. (like I didn’t already know that) I start my new job on Monday. I am very excited, Back in the work force. (less time on the blog 🙁 )
    Now I have a great job, I need my great sugar daddy. Are you out there? lol

  362. stella says:

    Hey, thanks for the responses everyone. And thanks for the encouraging notes. Just have two more question for the girls: do you find that you are/already were attracted to older men? Did you come online to first become a SB or had some kind of experience before you came here?

    I don’t know how open I can be on this blog about some of the stuff that is worrying me… but I don’t want to get in trouble or get kicked off the blog.

  363. SuthrnExec says:

    NC, we can handle the bathroom – not a prob.

  364. sweetredhead says:

    J. Great job on the video. If a sugar daddy doesn’t snap you up after that, he is crazy 🙂

  365. sweetredhead says:

    Betty, awesome video. You did a great job. I liked the little camera slip, too funny. I give you girls credit for doing a video, I am not the brave 🙁

  366. ~*kittylainy*~ says:

    HAHA Bettie: that’d be quite the date.. Salvage yard and Fredricks… can we say polar opposites…
    Trying to lure an ethics prof into being a SD seems like quite a challenge. But if anyone can pull it off, it’d be u.. good luck 🙂

  367. Nico says:

    WooHoo NC ~ seeing a painting party coming on 🙂

  368. BettieGirlDD*273192 says:

    I read This Old House, Old Home Interiors and Family Handyman… Tell ya what, if you’re ever in Buffalo we can go to the new salvage yard and Fredericks!

  369. NC Gent says:

    Thanks SouthernExec — I might take you up on that. I want to add a bathroom downstairs and I am not sure I want to tackle that by myself. I will provide the beer, food and shelter – you bring the sugarbabies?? 😉

    I love shopping for old fixtures for homes — hardware, sporting goods, and lingerie is the only shopping I like, Bettie!

  370. BettieGirlDD*273192 says:

    Thanks everyone.. “the batphone” aka the Nokia Dark Knight has an awesome camera, so I can’t take all the credit.

    Suthrn will you be doing this work shirtless? NC even though its built in the 80’s (like me) I hope you give it charm with all kind of old fixtures.. going to the salvage yard for hardware and stuff is SO fun.

  371. SuthrnExec says:

    NC Gent, if you need any help, I built homes in a previous life – might trade a little work to be able to decompress, hang out and drink a few brewskeez!

  372. SuthrnExec says:

    Wow Bettie, I’m impressed that you did that yourself with a cell phone. That’s great!

  373. SweetEuropean*264271 says:

    Bettie – I loved the video, you did a great job!!! 😀
    Wow J’s hot! lol

  374. gurlnextdoor*274735* says:

    Lol, Bettie good idea…but I don’t think it will work, then again stranger things have happened.

  375. BettieGirlDD*273192 says:

    Ok a story.. So last summer I did an extra project at my university and a couple times bumped into this reaaaaaly sexy professor and talked to him a couple times. I was smitten! Last night I remembered him and thought oh what the heck I contact him somehow online and see if he flirts with me… so I find him on f-book and add him with a little note “hi i think you gave me a copy of your book this summer.” He adds me back and I’m thinking oh hes gonna see how adorable I am and make a move, eventually.

    Then I realize I’m trying to lure an ethics professor into being a SD. Duh!

  376. NC Gent says:

    Awesome video Bettie – your ingenuity and creativity never ceases to amaze me!

    Hey Nico — I am really looking forward to working on the house. I wish I could move the closing up. I am doing the inspection myself this week – I guess I can put my engineering degree to some us.

    I hope you all have a great day!

  377. gurlnextdoor says:

    Ok just checked out the Vlogs….

    Bettie, great idea (having the camera just not show your eyes) I might do that and make a lil testimony myself now.

    And J, dammit why do you have to be gay?!?! You are so hot, if a SD doesn’t snatch you up soon, then he’s not pretty bright in my opinion.

    Ok now for the questions…
    Have you ever wondered how to best give and receive benefit in your arrangement?
    Not really. For me the best way to receive in my arrangement is monetarily through a monthly allowance (I’m trying to pay for college, lol). And the best way to give is the same way I would give in any other traditional relationship minus all the drama that usually comes associated with such….oh and a little something extra.

    Is there supposed to be a ’surprise’ aspect to the mutual spoiling in a SD/SB arrangement?
    I don’t think there necessarily has to be, but it’s always nice if there is.

    What should a SD or SB do to help make it fun to spoil them?
    They should leave the drama at home (ex. negative emotions like jealousy) and always remember that their time together is special and precious and treat it as such.

    How important is chemistry for you when it comes to choosing a Sugar Daddy or Sugar Baby?
    Chemistry is very important.

  378. gurlnextdoor says:

    Good morning everyone *yawn*. It’s 9am here and a bit early for me to be up on a Thursday morning, lol. Welcome Stella to the blog, like SuthernExec said this is the perfect place to get advice from for sugar dating. Everyone is really warm and I can guarantee you that someone here has experienced what your going through, or something really close to it. Bettie and J, haven’t gotten to the Vlogs yet, but making my way to them, lol. Why does SA have to put up 3 blogs in one day???

  379. BettieGirlDD*273192 says:

    I cant not take credit for a good joke! Alas, no new messages this morning…

  380. ~*kittylainy*~ says:

    have a nice day at work gail!!
    let me know tomorrow if ur not having luck with tix 🙂

  381. gail says:

    Kitty…you are nutty this mornig…ok…off to work:) HI HO…HI HO…its off to work I go…6:00am…..

  382. ~*kittylainy*~ says:

    J does look hot.. where is he from? rowr

  383. ~*kittylainy*~ says:

    BLAH!! I can’t wait to see it!! it seems like a cinematic wonder with a cellphone cam!!!!

  384. gail says:

    Bettie….what!!! It was you….lol…what imagination and skill:)

  385. Nico says:

    A Magician should never real his/her secrets 😉 Great ‘angle’ though 🙂

  386. BettieGirlDD*273192 says:

    Thanks everyone.. truth is I took that myself with my phone.. the wandering eye was a little joke I “wrote in.”

  387. gail says:

    OH….there it is…way up there….lol….see I worked too hard today. But I do have imagination…(smile)

    OCSugar…Good morning Sunshine!!!

    Jennifer-Hello Pretty!!! Hope your day is going great

    Dreamer and Ms. V-Where are you? Time to check in!!!

  388. SuthrnExec says:

    Yes indeed Gail – it’s a GREAT day!

  389. gail says:

    Suthrn I left you a message…but poof…its gone:) Ya know it was all in fun:)…cuz it’s suppose to be a GOOD day…that’s what Kitty says.

  390. Nico says:

    BTW ~ Bettie….I LOVE THE VLOG!! I love the camera’man’s’ angle! *wink* Nice play but could still see the wink at the end 🙂

  391. SuthrnExec says:

    No, I’m afraid I am out of pics. Just have to use your imagination!

  392. Nico says:

    NC ~ day late and a dollar short ~ seems to be my MO. CONGRATS on the house. Sounds lovely!! And careful of the invites, might just have to take you up on that! 🙂

    I’ve not spent much time here in the eves because I’m doing my own ‘updating’. Drywall dust, bleach, carpeting padding *ick* I’ve inhaled it all but, there is an end in site and I am almost a week ahead of schedule already.

    Keep us posted on the progress and CONGRATS AGAIN!!

  393. SuthrnExec says:

    J and Bettie, very nice job on the Vlog, both of you. Well done.

  394. ~*kittylainy*~ says:

    Gail: definitely!!! YAY GOOD DAY!! good luck figuring out ur tix issue!!

  395. gail says:

    Morning Suthrn:) Any new pics today? Just love your greys:)

  396. SuthrnExec says:

    Welcome Stella – you’ve come to a good place where you can vent or bounce ideas off of the SF (sugar family). Chances are pretty good someone here has experienced something very similar to what you’re experiencing, so just lay it out there. Hardly anyone that has been successful finding their SD/SB hasn’t had the same frustration or discouragement that you might be feeling, but hang in there, be careful and be patient – you will find yours (or they will find you). Good luck!

  397. gail says:

    Back in Cali today:) Up getting ready for work. It’s gonna be an easier day for me today. Thanks for the info on the ticket…I will have more time to work on it today:) Its gonna be a GREAT day!!!!

  398. ~*kittylainy*~ says:

    GAIL! Good morniing my dear dear…. where r u located?

  399. ~*kittylainy*~ says:

    Have you ever wondered how to best give and receive benefit in your arrangement?
    ~give and recieve from your heart, truly appreciate when recieving and give with your heart. <3

    Is there supposed to be a ’surprise’ aspect to the mutual spoiling in a SD/SB arrangement?
    ~I love GOOD surprises. and I think it is a good way to keep the arrangement exciting and fun. I love a surprise little bling~ and SD would love a surprise lil school girl outfit 🙂

    What should a SD or SB do to help make it fun to spoil them?
    With surprises…. please see above. Or with a little game.. I think a treasure hunt would be fun

    How important is chemistry for you when it comes to choosing a Sugar Daddy or Sugar Baby?
    Extremely important… I think I have said this in every serious advise post I put up… if I don’t have chemistry with someone, I cannot be genuine to them.

  400. gail says:

    Great advice Kitty!!! Having FUN is key:) We are all here for you Stella!
    Wonderful vlog Bettie…I am smiling at the camera man:)

  401. ~*kittylainy*~ says:

    YAY!! Bettie!!! I can’t see the video at work~ but I am going to when I get home!! Can’t wait!!! 🙂 I’m proud of u for doing it sexy pants!!

    Stella: Welcome to the blog blog! I see that you read the blog regularly so you hear us SBs whine and complain about your SD search.. but make sure you take note that there are a lot of success stories. I think it is very important to keep in high spirits and keep a positive attitude. I don’t think a SD wants a SB that just complains about her life… We should be taking their stress away and be their playful escape. There are a lot of SB/SD love stories here on the blog itself. A lot of SB/SDs put their profile # on their name to increase exposure. Don’t linger on those time-wasters but don’t be overly cynical. The important thing is to have fun 🙂

  402. Nico says:

    Good morning Stella and welcome 🙂

    You’ll get a lot of fine fine fine advice from this board. Everybody on here is not only very welcoming but very insightful too. As for finding ‘the one’, it is like finding the needle in the haystack but, don’t give up! You’ll find the friends on here will help you deal with each situation you encounter and before you know it, you’ve met an amazing man (as some on here have ~ or an amazing woman in some instances).

    Keep your head up, your Sugar will come.

  403. Nico says:

    Good morning Sugar Family! Southern Exec….VERY WELL SAID!! I completely agree!!!

    I don’t have much to share this morning, it’s sooooo cold here it’s hard to type. I’ll check back when my fingers thaw out. It’s 32 degrees in SouthWest Florida!! *sigh*

  404. lisa says:

    good morning everyone. Looks like the blog has been slow since I logged off last night. Getting ready to go to work. Hope you didn’t freeze last night sweetredhead, lol
    I haven’t been logging on the my profile, it seems hopeless at this point. back to the empty box.
    Have a great day everyone. I will check in about 3.

  405. stella says:

    Hey everyone,
    New to all this… really liking the blog. Been looking and looking for a SD. I’m starting to think it will never work for me. =(
    I only want to be with someone that I really do have chemistry with and I only want to see _one_ person.
    I get a bit bothered by the fact that it seems like the SDs just send messages to every girl and probably see a whole lot of girls…
    My profile doesn’t say much and I’ve never done this before but from reading here I have a fair idea of what I want and don’t want.. but it seems they all just want the same one thing – easy sex…. someone help me……!

  406. SB SanFranDiddle says:


    J – You are one Hot & articulate Stud!!!

    Bettie – You are one Sizzling Seductress!!!

  407. Atalanta says:

    J is hot! Has he been on this blog?
    Someone better nab him up! I can’t imagine letting that go to waste, lol!

    And Bettie, yours was very cute!!! haha Nice camera angles.

  408. bostonTerrier says:


    Is there supposed to be a ’surprise’ aspect to the mutual spoiling in a SD/SB arrangement?
    there *could* be a surprise aspect. i don’t think it is necessary … just a matter of who prefers what

    What should a SD do to help make it fun to spoil them?
    there is no exact thing … as long as he was really enjoying the arrangement, spoiling him in return would be lots of fun

    How important is chemistry for you when it comes to choosing a Sugar Daddy or Sugar Baby?
    i wouldn’t have a sugar daddy unless chemistry was involved

  409. lisa says:

    nice video Bettie 🙂