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What Are Your Sugar Needs?


Sugar Daddy Wants, Sugar Baby Needs

Both Sugar Daddies and Sugar Babies come into the Sugar Bowl with certain wants and needs.

“Seekingarrangement is such an interesting forum because, by it’s nature, it obliges us to declare who we are, and what we want. Truth is a great leveler.” -Adrian

A good start to getting what you want, is knowing what you want. Sometimes we do things, such as searching for sugar online, because of a feeling, but if we don’t examine those feelings, we might not be able to satisfy our true needs.

What is on your Sugar Daddy or Sugar Baby wish list?

How well do you know what you want from a Sugar Daddy or Sugar Baby?

Have you been able to give a Sugar what he or she wanted lately?

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763 Responses to “What Are Your Sugar Needs?”

  1. Boord says:

    This is an excellent article! I hope to check back for more

  2. Porcaro says:

    Nice post. There’s a similar topic thats related to this in Yahoo answers or Google groups, I think. I’ll find the link and post it back here.

  3. Spanier says:

    I agree with you 99% but wonder if you have really looked at the whole picture. DOn’t mean to be critical just food for thought.

  4. Rosensteel says:

    Thanks for this article, seems like you have found a solution 🙂 Needless to say that I will subscribe to your RSS feeds now. Keep it up and thanks for sharing.


  5. Schleppenbach says:

    Thanks for this article, seems like you have found a solution 🙂 Needless to say that I will subscribe to your RSS feeds now. Keep it up and thanks for sharing.


  6. allie says:

    Hi All,

    I have been a member of this site for a while and really haven’t had any success. I was about to loose all hope until I watched a video on youtube. it’s on seekingarrangements profile page. Well her sd pays her mort 6 months in advance, plus a six fig monthly allowance! Yet I mostly get responses from guys looking for flings or that don’t seem to understand the concept of sd/sb. I would like my rent paid a few months at a time a monthly spending allowance. I have 3 pictures on my profile. I am positive and detailed but not too narrow. I list my likes..dislikes. I really want to go on more dates. I have been stood up at least 6 times. The men who’s profiles I like the most are all interested in fairer women and I am mixed so I’m wondering if this a world where ethnic girls have a chance. Comments and suggestions would be deeply appreciated. Thanks 🙂

  7. Platinummangell says:

    Hi All-
    I just read through all entries and between all of your comments and the many different perspectives, I was both entertained and I managed to find useful information.

    It is comforting to know that a host of you SBs have had or still have the same questions that I have as a newbie. It was also most interesting hearing a little of the SD perspective.

    Hope everyone has a great Valentine’s Day and I look forward to joining in future conversations.


  8. Massachusetts Yankee says:

    sometime, a sugar won’t open the mailbox because that sugar may not or can not open mail.

    that sugar may not be a paying member – yet.

    just a thought.

  9. sweetredhead....269443 says:

    But it tastes so nasty lol. Actually the orange help to get it in to your system 🙂

  10. OCSugarBaby says:

    Sweetred-What a funky color that would be! I drink it straight to maximize the effect. So I thought… 🙂

  11. sweetredhead....269443 says:

    Put it in orange juice OC lol

  12. OCSugarBaby says:

    Seriously how do you girls drink that GoJi juice??? I force it down and I am sure the face I make is bizzare. I am still waiting for it to work!

  13. OCSugarBaby says:

    Stephan-They would argue less! LOL

  14. stephan says:


    Thank you ~keeping it real as always 🙂 don’t know what the fam. would do without you! 😀

  15. Beach says:

    Sorry, I was on the wrong blog and got the AM and PM confused, lol

  16. sweetredhead....269443 says:

    Beach I was not at work when I posted, got out early To take my son to the doc. Check your text messages lmao.

  17. sweetredhead....269443 says:

    OCSugarBaby I apologized for something? HUH?

  18. OCSugarBaby says:

    Stephan-No not main topic. Sorry, all your topics are WONDERFUL!

    I am trying in my own light-hearted way to welcome LOU properly. I let the thorn of our conversations get the better of me. It was pointed out that I may have been out of line and should welcome all opinions. ~Jury is still out on that one…

    Stephan your efforts are beyond wonderful~ 🙂

  19. stephan says:


    are you talking about the post? Did it seem pushy?

  20. OCSugarBaby says:

    This is a BLOG where we can go to express our fears, dreams and opinons. Some days I like to call it the “good, bad and the ugly”.

    This topic is giving me indigestion.

    I think that when I read that someone states the opinion of all or many of the others on here it sticks in my side like a thorn. But maybe it is like my daily dose of Goji juice. Looks awful, tastes bitter but I know in the end it will be good for me. 🙂

    Letting it go…….

  21. BlondieNYC*233868 says:

    Lou- Kitty was stabbed repeatedly while her neighbors looked on and did nothing.

    You on the other hand, walk into a room and insult people immediately. It boggles my mind that you think after insulting practically everyone on this blog, you’d be greeted with acclaim.

    For every action there is an equal and an opposite reaction.

  22. OCSugarBaby says:

    Kitty Genovese- “Callousness of Americans, and the possible over-exagerations of the non-response.”

  23. OCSugarBaby says:

    Lou-Your feelings were hurt?
    Sam-No one attacked.
    SweetRed-Why appoligize for something that did not happen.

  24. Beach says:

    Hi SweetRed, you are picking up the same work habits that I have, lol.

  25. sweetredhead....269443 says:

    [email protected] Kitty you go girl

  26. ~*kittylainy*~ says:

    “I had an acquaintance that stocked an island he owned with models, mostly from New York and South Beach. He did deals like that. So it happens…”
    You have some pretty impressive friends. I think you should introduce 🙂

  27. lisa says:

    Good morning everyone. I’m getting ready to go to work. I didn’t sleep well so i’m tired. I will never get use to getting up early, i’m just not a morning person. I will be glad when 4 oclock comes. Just heard on the news that there was a shooting at an apartment complex behind the store where I work. I think that area which is a mile from me is worse than were I am. several drive by shootings in the last few months.
    Have a great day everyone, be back about 4;30

  28. Brown Sugar 292409 says:

    Good Morning Pretty Ladies

  29. Jenniferbbwsb says:

    Good Morning SweetRed…. Have a great day at work!!

  30. sweetredhead....269443 says:

    Good morning everyone 🙂 Another beautiful sunny day (well it will be, sun is not up here yet)

    Lou, I think things got a little out of hand. It’s a new day 🙂 Everyone here has had their little tiff’s, we are like a family and it is bound to happen. Give it a chance. The people here can be forgiving and understanding.

    I little tip of the day. If your going to be confrontational then your going to get confrontation back. Just human nature. You can state your opinions without being confrontational, it’s all in the wording 🙂

    I am off to get ready for another day at work 🙂 Have a wonderful day everyone. Play nice 🙂

  31. Lou says:

    RE: Sam and continued contributions….

    Why? So I could be Kitty Genovese’d again?

  32. HenriLouis says:

    Hi and good morning to you all,
    It is half past six over here and my day has already started.
    Just had a look at the blog and enjoyed it. When I was asleep everyone has been very active. Yes this blog is fun with so many quality people.
    Lisa, what a story ! Very moving and I am impressed.
    You have such a strong character to overcome everything.
    And I admire loyalty in your character, you never stay away from work.
    Great girl you are, a survivor.
    Come here and let me kiss you for that.

  33. Sam 267369 says:

    I like to hear Lou’s opinions. Although they may inflame, they definitely round out the spectrum of SD thoughts, like having a debate that includes both progressives and conservatives… all this gives insight into the diverse SD mind. We don’t all have to agree.

    It would be good, however, to keep the language respectful and avoid the ad hominem attacks.

    My two cents. It isn’t my blog…

  34. Sam 267369 says:

    CasualEncountersBlog wrote:

    >I guess basically I’m after me without a penis. Who do I see about that.

    I’m not sure, but if anybody told you to f*ck yourself, you’d be all set! 🙂

    That was a joke. Please do not take offense. I actually found your post amusing. I once dated a girl who was a lot like me. It was one of the best and worst experiences I ever had. The arguments… wow! The sex… wow! After we broke up (friends said either we’d break up or the school would explode) he ended up having a great relationship with a friend of mine who was a polar opposite of me.

  35. Sam 267369 says:

    Hgirl wrote:

    >OK some guy wants to pay me $20,000 a month to live with him
    >during my year off. No human being could afford that so why
    >would he say something like that?

    Actually some people can, but based on just a profile it is a bit creepy. I had an acquaintance that stocked an island he owned with models, mostly from New York and South Beach. He did deals like that. So it happens…

  36. VillaCypris says:

    Good night H ~~~ study hard! 🙂

  37. Hgirl291128 says:

    I too must retire- goodnight to you gail and cypress (and anyone else reading 🙂

  38. VillaCypris says:

    Thanks, you, too! Have good dreams…. x

  39. Gail says:

    Lisa is definately a character:)

    I am now getting sleepy…so now I am leaving…this time for real..

    Have a nice evening everyone:)

  40. VillaCypris says:

    Oh, that’s right…. ahahahaha…. and then she said she would shoot fire out of them, that must be what I remembered…

  41. Gail says:

    When everyone was adding their pics…they were saying they were too small. And I shared with everyone that I just mangified them to 200 or 400%….so when Lisa magnified hers that is what she saw…LOL

  42. VillaCypris says:

    No, I do not presently have an SD.

    Yes, refresh my memory…. I sort of remember, but not really.

  43. Gail says:

    The hollowed eyes…

  44. Gail says:

    Do you remember what that was about? If not I can tell you….

  45. Gail says:

    Cypress…refresh my memory…do you presently have a SD? or are you still searching like me?

  46. VillaCypris says:

    Lisa cracks me up… remember the hollowed out eyes? I had a dream about those last night, shooting fire to warm up the water in the tea cups, for her pigeon and dolls dressed in clothes… I should NOT read the blog right before bed…. my mind is too impressionable…

  47. Gail says:

    LOL…..no response…LOL….

  48. VillaCypris says:

    ehehehe… scrolling up reminds me…. we even have a dog and a pigeon as a potential SD….

  49. Gail says:

    Yes…I agree:)

  50. VillaCypris says:

    That’s good, as long as everyone remembers to be respectful of each others’ viewpoints… which is usually the case on here…

  51. Gail says:

    Yes…and quite a few SDs now coming out:) and sharing their views.

  52. VillaCypris says:

    Me, too! I thought maybe you’re a model or TV personality BT… 🙂 congrats on the beanpot!

  53. VillaCypris says:

    Yes, Gail…. quite interesting… makes one wonder how many persons read the blogs but never contribute….

  54. Gail says:

    oops…forgot to add smart too:)

  55. Gail says:

    I was thinking Boston Terrier as pretty as she is must be a TV anchor:)

  56. Gail says:

    lol…Gordon has a sense of humor…I am so slow.

    Villa…Interesting personalities on the blog today…wouldn’t you agree?

  57. bostonTerrier says:

    i got the comment Gordon 🙂 it was funny

    i was actually watching the #1 college ice hockey team in the nation [bu terriers!!!] win the beanpot 🙂

  58. Hgirl291128 says:

    I got it but when I first read it I was confused for a second lol

  59. VillaCypris says:

    Hi Gail and Hgirl… I did not get that comment either… I was wondering why BT would be on TV… ha!

  60. Gail says:

    did you get that Hgirl….it took me a minute…it was late laughter:)

  61. Hgirl291128 says:

    I am here

  62. Gail says:

    lmao @ Gordon….just re-read your meesage about dog BT…and put it together that you were watching the dog show…took me a while…had to chuckle and had to send this comment to you…as tired as I am:)

  63. VillaCypris says:

    Good night Gordon… enjoy PB x

  64. Gordon says:

    Goodnight all

  65. VillaCypris says:

    Hgirl….. are you still here?

  66. Hgirl291128 says:

    Night lisa!

  67. Gail says:

    Good nite…everyone….I am still tired…I am going to rest again…Had a very busy day!!!

  68. lisa says:

    I must have hit it too much, lol

    Good night everyone

  69. lisa says:

    I don’t have cable, no CNBC

    I’m going to log off, talking to a friend on the phone, good night everyone

  70. Gail says:

    Are you hitting the button too much Lisa?

  71. Gail says:

    You will find yours…it’s just a matter of time:)

  72. Gordon says:

    Everybody switch your TVs over to CNBC, the herding group with corgis is coming on

  73. Hgirl291128 says:

    Awww thanks Gail! Now I just need a SD who thinks so and knows how to treat me right! 😉

  74. Gail says:

    What just happened with Red? I hope you feel better tommorrow…it will be a new day:)

  75. Gail says:

    Hgirl-Love the third picture….you are beautiful…

    Hello Jai-Enjoy your chineese food…

  76. Hgirl291128 says:

    Hi Gail- I’m doing well, thank you!

  77. SuthrnExec says:

    Good evening all.

  78. lisa says:

    🙂 my posts keep saying “duplicant comment” odd

  79. OCSugarBaby says:

    Sweetred! Now you know better than that. Not the case. Have a wonderful second day at work tomorrow! 🙂

  80. Jai *277171 says:

    It’s going to snow in AZ guys…what are the odds? 🙁 Lol I had to get that off my chest. Moving on…Evening everyone! 😀 I’m off to get some Chinese food (had a wicked craving since yesterday), but I’ll be back. Hopefully everyone wont be gone. Oh yeah, very interesting reading. 😛 The blog was going, going, going today.

  81. OCSugarBaby says:

    Hgirl-Some feedback on your profile…
    In the description enter that you are looking for a true gentleman. Someone who is cultured, compassionate and knows how to be a benefactor. Maybe state that you understand how to be discreet.
    I love the third picture that you added! You are stunning! 🙂

  82. Gail says:

    Hgirl…how are you? I have been gone all day…working:) and now I am just trying to relax:)

  83. Gail says:

    You lucky gal….Lisa:) Maybe you will get a Valentine soon:)

    Good Evening OCSugar….how are you doing this fine evening?

  84. sweetredhead....269443 says:

    Oi, I was making a joke. I am off to bed. seems my posting once again are being picked apart.

  85. Hgirl291128 says:

    The family I babysit for has a corgi named Potter. He always gets so excited that he head butts people lol!

  86. lisa says:

    I don’t have a beak, lol I think he wants me to be his valentine, if he buys me flowers and candy, I will say yes, lol

  87. OCSugarBaby says:

    SweetRed-Brynn is a girl. lol

  88. Gail says:

    Hey Lisa…peck back at him…and see how he likes it…lol…

  89. Gail says:

    lol….okay…makes no sense how you responded…it’ll be a secret between you and him. Enjoy….

  90. Gordon says:

    Boston Terrier is on TV right now, no wonder she is not posting tonight 😉

  91. sweetredhead....269443 says:

    You will have to ask him 🙂 I will let him be the one to reveal himself.

  92. Gail says:

    who is he…lol…I don’t know who he is…the last time you shared you had choices….

  93. Gordon says:

    Brynn and I are watching the Westminster Dog Show. I will have to stay up because corgis don’t come on until almost 11:00

  94. lisa says:

    lol my pigeon (who is male) likes to sit on the back of my chair and stare into my eyes and pick at my neck, he’s trying to hit on me, lol

    Good evening Gail

  95. sweetredhead....269443 says:

    Gail you have to see brynn he is so CUTE!!
    My Sd likes me just the way I am weird and all. Just ask him 🙂

  96. sweetredhead....269443 says:

    Oh and you can come too Gordon 🙂 hehe you know I luv you 🙂

  97. Gail says:

    A dog as a SD? Weird….LOL

  98. sweetredhead....269443 says:

    I want brynn for my SD 🙂 I will pet him, and feed him, and love him 🙂

  99. Gordon says:

    Blondie, I am going to a cocktail party at B & T, I think I may be moving up out of the D-list.

    It’s a social cocktail party and not a fund raiser.

  100. Gordon says:

    Sweetred has seen a photo of Gordon
    Sweetred has seen a photo of Brynn
    Sweetred loves Brynn

  101. sweetredhead....269443 says:

    You just keep that cute little puppy safe from those sharks!

  102. Gordon says:

    Continental shelf and the Gulfstream closer to the shore here then anywhere make for great sailfishing. Right now schools of bait fish are migrating along the beach bringing the sharks in shore.

    Still frustrating.

  103. BlondieNYC*233868 says:

    Gordon it’s because the area you live in has a continental drop, not a continental shelf like most shorelines. With a continental drop the underwater land doesn’t gradually get deeper. It goes immediately from 2-3 feet to six. Sharks that are searching for food aren’t encumbered and will come close to shore.
    If it’s any consolation to you, some shark attacks are really hungry barracudas.

  104. Gordon says:

    I am getting really frustrated with the beach. The shark packs are inshore every day this month and are in knee deep water.

    I have been taking Brynn to the barn so she can run free.

  105. sweetredhead....269443 says:

    Good evening Gordon 🙂 I think it’s safe to open your eyes. But never be too sure with this group lol

  106. Gordon says:

    Good evening group.

    It looks as though everyone has just showered or bathed, can I open my eyes yet?

  107. sweetredhead....269443 says:

    Brown Sugar…great feel free to email me anytime 🙂

  108. sweetredhead....269443 says:

    Gail…. I don’t think fairy dust is going to do any good, need something much stronger I fear lol

  109. lisa says:

    Hi back from my bath
    had a really nice day off, there was a potential for it to be a rainy day which would have kept me homebound but not a drop of rain all day.

  110. JustMe says:

    🙂 Hi Lisa! What’s up?

  111. lisa says:

    going to take a bath, be back soon

  112. lisa says:

    Good evening JustMe

  113. JustMe says:

    Hi all…. finally home from work and just finished reading all the new posts for the day! Very enjoyable reading, even if I don’t agree with all that was said. LOL (I’ll keep my opinions to myself for now!) I’m sure everyone has a reason for believing as they do!

  114. Brown Sugar 292409 says:

    gotta go shower be back

  115. Brown Sugar 292409 says:

    In conclusion hes history he wont stop messaging me he wants some brown sugar lol

  116. Brown Sugar 292409 says:

    LMAO lisa yes you right i should of said that to him, he wanted to give me 250 twice a week so i said well when we meet dont expect anything he said well dont expect any money aaaah what a fool im not thirsty for your dollars bills and i sure dont need to suck a 1inch penis for it either

  117. lisa says:

    Brown Sugar, was thata 250 each time or for two meetings? lol
    tell him to put it in a vacuum cleaner hose, lol If he wants a blow job, ask him over and sit him in front of a fan on high speed, lol

  118. Brown Sugar 292409 says:

    hey sweet red i got the email that day by the way thnx

  119. sweetredhead....269443 says:

    Good evening Brown Sugar

  120. Brown Sugar 292409 says:

    by the way good evening EVERYONE 🙂

  121. Brown Sugar 292409 says:

    well i got a guy asks me if i wanted 250 twice a week foe sex or a blow job

  122. sweetredhead....269443 says:

    My in box is is pretty decent. no crazy people lol. Only got one 1 time that said only “How kinky are you” DELETE.

  123. lisa says:

    sorry but my inbox has been an empty box lately. lol

  124. Hgirl291128 says:


  125. Hgirl291128 says:

    Yes I know. Most of the offers I receive seem too good to be true, sigh. And good stories from your inboxes?

  126. lisa says:

    maybe you will sleep better tonight Sweetredhead. First days are always tiring because of the change in routine.

    Hgirl, the ones that offer that kind of money are usually not legit . He is probably one of those sds that offer 20k a month or 240K a year and make 100k themselves. I find it amusing and you know some of them are married and you wonder how they can give away that kind of money.
    And I prefer my independence and wouldn’t want to give up my place (as bad as it is) to live with a man without benefit of marriage because he could toss you out at any time, even in the middle of the night. A guy who offers that kind of money is impulsive, if he even has that much and could go the other way too.

  127. lisa says:

    I work in a grocery store, and it’s actually the best job i’ve had as far as it’s stressless. I worked at a clothing store and it was horrible, working nights till 11 pm and then I worked at a office depot doing printing but the work was stressful, pay sucked, and the management had their favorite employees. My supervisor would go days without talking to me. Now I get more pay, a nice boss, nice coworkers, and no nights. That’s important since I don’t have a car and had to ride the bus, dont’ want to be out at the busstop at night. the store is next to that sonic drive in where a boy got shot 2 weeks ago by a drive by, they are common in that area so I am glad to work days. Actually I did go to a technical school for a year back after highschool, made good grades but found no job when I came to this city, ended up making minimum wage doing telemarketing, which I sucked at and ended up working in stores. I ended up defaulted on a student loan to and had to have someone help my pay it but it left a nasty mark on my credit. I couldn’t work, go to school and take care of my business ( I do have make time to visit my daughter too since she lives with my mom and i’m not welcome there, I see her abotu 15 minutes a week when I meet her at the bustop to take her stuff. Not having a car in this city means you aren’t going many places, buses run sporatic on weekends, the one that passes my place stops at around 7 pm on sunday.
    Hair wise, my hair gets messed up at work, sweating just the work makes me a wreck, even my good eyeshadow that will last for hours when I wear it to go out, is gone within a couple hours of work. One problem I have is when I let my hair dry naturally, it looks good, but since I have to blow dry it on work days as I don’t have 3 hours for it to dry, it looks frizzy and horrible. if I put something on it, it goes flat and looks greasy. I hate blowdrying

  128. sweetredhead....269443 says:

    Hgirl I would talk to him and “feel him out” Just because someone offers a large amount does not always mean they are not legit. Go with your gut though 🙂 Not sure I would want to live with anyone. But that’s just me 🙂

  129. SuthrnExec says:

    Lisa, that fact that you are so reliable and conscientious makes you INVALUABLE! I would love working with people that were as reliable and trustworthy as you. Do not underestimate you value to your employer – or to anyone else for that matter. You have a charming wit about you that is endearing – don’t ever lose that. People love that about you. I trust that soon circumstances will change soon such that you can live in a safer, secure place and that your SD will appear. I think we are all cheering for you.

    Sweetred, congrats on a great first day! Tomorrow will be even better since you will likely be more relaxed.

  130. Gail says:

    LOL…Tell him you do reference checks:)

  131. sweetredhead....269443 says:

    I am a bit tired. Didn’t get much sleep last night. Nerves about my first day. But it went very well. I think I am going to enjoy working there.

  132. Hgirl291128 says:

    OK some guy wants to pay me $20,000 a month to live with him during my year off. No human being could afford that so why would he say something like that? Maybe he is trying to sell me into prostitution. He seems like such a nice guy though- too bad! What should I say to him? He says that he is looking for “a girlfriend without the complications of a relationship” and that he has done this before. Weird.

  133. Hgirl291128 says:

    Glad to hear that work was good sweetredhead! And Lisa, your job sounds so tiring! Where do you work? Have you considered going back to school at all? Also, about looking nice, just do your hair before work (who cares about your nails) and change when you get home!

  134. lisa says:

    good evening Sweetredhead, glad you had a good day. Now sit down, relax and join the blog, lol Are you tired?

  135. sweetredhead....269443 says:

    Good evening everyone 🙂 WOW took me an hour to read all the posts.

    HenriLouis Thank you so much for your good thoughts, IT WORKED!! I had a wonderful day and meet the nicest people. It was a great first day 🙂
    Thank you Hgirl for your thoughts 🙂

    NC I guess I should rethink my adding at the end of my email to an SD my messenger Id. (I am certainly not an escort) But I just feel it is easier to talk, then using emails. Does that really look bad? Would like other opinion on that please.

  136. lisa says:

    ooops I think I scared everyone away, sorry 🙂

  137. lisa says:

    and this will make me extreemly annoying I know but I have never called in sick (even the day I got knocked down by a flying road block at the bus stop I took my bruised backside to work,lol) and have actually only missed 3 days of work in the past 11 years and those were times that my dad had to go into the hospital on emergency. I just can’t stick my coworkers with me not coming in, I’m not much but I am reliable and always on time, that’s my best asset. I just need a sd that wants to go out on weeknights or at least for the first meeting because once I meet one, he can pick me up at my apartment after I have cleaned up from the day. 🙂

  138. lisa says:

    edit sorry I can’t read Atalanta 🙂

  139. lisa says:

    Atlanta, I have found some guys very hard to get rid of on dates and without transportation after dark, I’m at his mercy to bring me home. I also have to get up at 6 am on sat and sun.

  140. lisa says:

    Hi everyone

    Well my work is alot of the lifting and stuff so I get dirty and tired, with wednesdays and saturdays being the worst because our merchandise comes in. Lifting totes of shampoo and medicines can make one exhausted and I always have a backache when I leave those days. I do have to work every weekend but this next weekend is on of our busiest because of v-day and as a result one of our department’s employees has to work the flower department, leaving us shorthanded and me doing alot more work. This guy is the type that never writes, heck he hasn’t even read the email I sent him this past week about not being able to meet next week, he is one of those that email, disappear, etc so I don’t know.
    Anyway saturday I get off work at 4 and then I take my mom out for her birthday (it’s the only time I can get everyone together), we have to take a bus to the restaraunt and get home as early as possible. So by the time I get home it might be 7 pm and too late too fix myself up to meet anyone (my mom’s bday thing is very casual and she cares nothing about what we look like) so I will just change into leggings and a tunic at work but my hair and nails will still be a mess. On sunday I work till 5 pm , get home around 6 pm, and the mall coffee shop, which is my choice for meetings, closes at 7 pm, bus service to my home stops at around the same time, so sunday it will be too late to meet.

    ok, the woods story, well I was brought up by my doomsday family, actuallly believed the world would end before I finished school. When it didnt’ I continued to make wrong decisions based on believing that time was short and not enough time to have to deal with consequences. i didn’t get out of the mode till 4 years ago I’m ashamed to say. Anyway If you would have told me 20 years ago that I would have a daughter about to turn 18, I would have laughed at you because I never thought the world would last long enough for me to even grow up. Odd story I’m sure . When I started dating 4 years ago my mom was constantly making comments that she wished i’d be abducted and killed because I was a W**** for having a relationship. I love my mom dearly but we are two completely different people and sometimes I feel she destroyed my opportunities and the joy of being young.
    Now back to eating my baguet. lol

  141. Atalanta says:

    I say that you should definitely try to fit him into your day/night! I know that I’m going to have a time crunch for my Saturday date because I have a hair appt in the morning and he only has the afternoon to spare, but I’m definitely trying my hardest to make things fall into place.

    And, would you absolutely have to be home by 11 if you both are having a good time with each other? I’m not saying sleep with the guy or anything, but I think you should give him a shot. Who knows if you’ll even be hanging out until 11?

    I’d also let him know of your predicament. Say that in order to spend the day with him, you’d have to call in sick, and that is not ideal in your situation or something.

    You just have to make yourself a bit more available, girl! If you can’t go on dates with sugar daddies, getting a sugar daddy will be nearly impossible!

  142. CasualEncountersBlog says:

    I want someone who likes all the stuff I like and hates all the stuff I hate. I want someone who wants the exact same amount of sex as I do, who has the same income expectations, the same tastes in shampoo and condiments, and bazoombas for Africa.

    I guess basically I’m after me without a penis. Who do I see about that.

  143. Hgirl291128 says:

    Sorry- I meant to say “wouldn’t”

  144. Hgirl291128 says:

    Merci beaucoup Henri. That doesn’t mean that I would love to find someone who knows how to treat me right. It’s just that I don’t ever want to be desperate and needy. Being appreciative of generosity is a whole different ball game from being dependent on it.

  145. HenriLouis says:

    Hi Hgirl,
    Yes, I agree.
    Study as hard as you can and go totally for your medical career !
    Then you do not need anybody, but you can generate your own income.
    I am of the opinion that every girl should do so.
    It is your “escape money” you can always walk out the door and be yourself ! To be independent is the right thing at this day and age.
    I wish you God speed !

  146. OCSugarBaby says:

    Hgirl-I have already peeked at your profile. Let me take a look and get back to you tonight. I got so worked up earlier on the blog I need to finish up some work projects! You are beautiful! Your Valentine will come.

    Fans, naw just fun friendly people that are not comfortable joining in on the blog conversations. After today, I can see why they may hang back!
    Ok, back to work for me! 🙂

  147. OCSugarBaby says:

    Lisa- Don’t leave me hanging, tell the “woods” story! 🙂

  148. Nico says:

    Lisa ~ you’re not too old….I believe we’re about the same age. Your Prince will come *more good vibes* 😀

  149. Hgirl291128 says:

    Hahaha OC! Your fans are numerous I guess. I’ll confess that I too would love your feedback on my profile if you ever get a chance!

  150. lisa says:

    I keep hoping but I got off to a weird start in life (had a very religous mom so instead of going to college, I spent my youth preparing to live in the woods, long story)
    Anyway I gotta get off the blog for awhile as I have other things I have to do unfortunately, lol
    Be back later

  151. OCSugarBaby says:

    Hgirl- I actually had two Sd’s thank me for the polite “No Thank You” and ask me for feedback on their profile and initial email! I thought the first one was a fluke, then I got the second one and though… What????
    The second one actually confessed that he read the blogs and he saw that I gave feedback to the SB’s and wanted to get in on it. Not sure if I was flattered or freaked out. 🙂

  152. Hgirl291128 says:

    Well I am sending you good vibes then. I always said that you can’t count on a man to support you. That is part of the reason I am putting so much of my heart and soul into my medical career. I want a family someday and don’t want to depend on anyone to support me. I love the idea that a man would spoil me or buy me gifts now and again but I always want to be able to stand on my own two feet even if I have to live in a kitchen and eat Ramen noodles (my current situation :). So keep it up, girl- you sound like a hard worker and I know that you will make something happen for yourself.

  153. lisa says:

    Hgirl when I first joined , months ago, I met a guy right away and although he didn’t really have the funds to be a sd, we had a one month relationship and he did give me a good allowance and we went out a few times. He moved though and didn’t really have the freedom to travel to meet me.
    The I had one guy stand me up twice
    3rd guy took me shopping and was very nice but he bailed on me afterwards
    4th guy took me shopping and had plans for us to have an outing in the evening but then he called and said he had been in a car accident,then disappeared.
    the shopping trips were their ideas, and it was very nice to be treated so I know they were serious but neither was into me.
    since then it’s been sparse and the ones that do write always have some issue, or are playing.
    I had a potential that wants to meet this weekend but I work every weekend all day and so it’s not possible to get home from work at 5 or 6 and shower and clean up and meet a guy before dark. anyway if a guy wants to meet on the weekend, I doubt he’s coming into town to sit aroudn all day waiting to meet me at 7 pm, only to have me have to go home and be in bed by 11 to get to work the next day.
    I keep hoping but so far, nothing I guess i’m too old. I get too much attention in real life even from young guys but on this site, I can’t even meet anyone 65.

  154. Hgirl291128 says:

    Lisa, have you had any luck with the SD thing before? Any potential SDs now? Any place where you have to lock yourself in by 6pm is no place to live if you can help it!

  155. lisa says:

    Hi everyone, back from lunch.
    First of all what I was saying about being raped in my neighborhood might not sound good, yes there are better ways to say it, maybe “a woman walking down my street at night might get a little too much attention from a man with more than a toy shooting thing) but it has happened on my street. A couple months back a young woman was walking home from her job at Wendy’s which is right across from my apartments, and she lived in the apartments behind it, not even a half block walk as the complexes are large in this area, and she was raped on her way home, and it was maybe midnight. SweetEuropean is a very attractive sexy woman and would attract the wrong attention here from these nasty thugs and gang members who come from countries in Central America.
    I am ok here, I’m careful and I don’t go anywhere after dark, so by 6 pm I locked up inside, I don’t even open my door.
    It would be nice to find a sd that could help me save a little money and get a better if even smaller place in a little better area, there is actually a nice place on the other side of the freeway which is only 100 dollars more a month and it’s residents are mostly sweet senior citizen ladies that would be great neighbors. I used to deliver newspapers with my parents at these apartments and walked around them at 4 am every day, completely safe.

  156. BlondieNYC*233868 says:

    Hgirl- excellent. I have gotten two “thanks, but no thanks” emails and they were really lovely. In fact I sent a compliment to the sender 🙂

  157. Hgirl291128 says:


    I wanted to let you know that I am in the process of going through my mail and answering every single SD that I neglected! It will take some time but I am determined. You are so right about not being able to expect courtesy if you cannot give it.

  158. BlondieNYC*233868 says:

    SweetEuro- I didn’t watch the Grammys; award shows bore me to tears. I can’t believe that Leona didn’t win anything, she has a wonderful voice…so sad.

  159. SweetEuropean*264271 says:

    Hey Blondie, i’m good how are you?! I haven’t been watching the grammys, not sure if they’re broadcast in France 😐 I did read that she had won though, I love Adele! I am however very sad to hear that Leona Lewis won nothing!!! 🙁

  160. BlondieNYC*233868 says:

    Hey SweetEuro! How are you? How’s the weather? Did you see Adele won a grammy?

  161. SweetEuropean*264271 says:

    LOL OC! You make me laugh! 🙂 😉

  162. BlondieNYC*233868 says:

    OC- well she’s new and we all get nervous when we’re new 🙂

    BTW- we’re having glorious sunshine here! Loving it and the dog wants to go outside and play!

  163. OCSugarBaby says:

    oops meant PANTIES, don’t wear them can’t spell them! 🙂

  164. OCSugarBaby says:

    Lou, no pantie here! 🙂

  165. BlondieNYC*233868 says:

    OC- it is funny isn’t it. Can you say “inadequacy”? I knew you could 🙂

    Considering you and I are usually the ones here doling out sane and sober advice….

  166. Lou says:

    Not looking for a pissing contest. Just giving you one (and probably quite a few) SD’s perspective. Don’t like it, then move on. Ignore it. It’s that simple. It’s the adult thing to do. No need to get your panties in a bunch over anonymous web forum postings.

  167. OCSugarBaby says:

    Cartier just needed to be heard over all the prattle… 🙂

  168. BlondieNYC*233868 says:

    Cartier, welcome to the blog. If you noticed, we don’t write in caps here; it’s the equivalent of yelling on the net. If you could unlock your caps key, we’d appreciate it.

    Please feel free to join in the dialogue 🙂

  169. OCSugarBaby says:

    LMAO @ Blondie. Yet it is YOU he spars with and I am the one who started it! 🙂

  170. BlondieNYC*233868 says:

    I didn’t call you a name, good lord, you’re touchy.

    You however are dying to get into a pissing contest.

    Okay, you’re a big strong manly man. You know everything. We bow down to your superior wisdom. Feel better?

  171. Lou says:

    BlondieNYC*233868 Says:
    February 9th, 2009 at 4:38 pm

    Lou- Pauvre petit bebe

    Wow. Name calling. Nice.

  172. Hgirl291128 says:

    Holy caps lock!

  173. cartier says:


  174. OCSugarBaby says:

    I can only speak for myself when it comes to responding to SD questions. But, I can not condone lies. Sorry to be blunt. When I am confronted with them it pisses me off. I may be know to only give sugar advice that “blows sunshine up your …”, such as that may be. I am nothing but blunt and honest with my advice. We deal with far too many lies in this arena and when we can stop and take a different approach, it will only bring good things back to us! There you go more positive sunshine from OC. 🙂

  175. HenriLouis says:

    Hi Kittylainy,
    Yes, I know Canada is marvellous for its natural beauty.
    For a person from Europe interested in flyfishing there is a kind of top ten list of places. First and foremost it is Scotland. I had my first seven pounder there and then I got hooked on fly fishing so I went back many times. Second on the list is bonefish in the Bahamas and I went for a week to Andros. Incredibly beautiful small islands totally deserted. Stacks of large nautilus shells for the taking as a souvenir, and I did.
    And then there is Quebec to go to or Vancouver Island.
    Needless to say I am a fan of Cecile Dionne and the Last of the Mohicans is one of my favourite films. Great music as well.
    To be honest, the film I like best is Highlander because of its scenes of Eileandonun Castle, the most scenic castle in Scotland. I just love it.
    One of my most cherished photos, my classic car and that castle in the background and as it should be, it was a bit misty and some drizzle.
    Yes, Canada is on the priority list, definitely.
    My problem is that I have so many long lists of interesting things !
    This year the agenda is already filled with activities.
    Next year perhaps.
    Thanks for reminding me,

  176. BlondieNYC*233868 says:

    SuthrnExec- no, it’s either Lou’s way or no way at all.

  177. BlondieNYC*233868 says:

    Lou- Pauvre petit bebe

    Hgril- perfect!

  178. SuthrnExec says:

    So telling someone to lie is being blunt and telling someone that there is a higher road is fluff ball? Seems the latter is the more difficult road.

  179. Hgirl291128 says:

    I appreciate all the responses. I ended up telling him that he lives a little too close to home for my comfort.

    Oh well, there are more SD fish in my sea but I sure would love to have someone on Valentine’s Day 🙂

  180. Lou says:

    No, just being blunt. it would seem that y’all would prefer fluff balls than truth around here. Like I said, whatever floats your boat.

  181. BlondieNYC*233868 says:

    Hgirl, that’s really your best bet- no harm, no foul. Or you could simply say that you don’t feel the two of you would suit. Simplicity is best.

  182. BlondieNYC*233868 says:

    L O U – issues?

  183. Hgirl291128 says:

    Thanks for all of the advice. I think that I might go for a middle of the road approach and simply tell him that I don’t think that the arrangement will work at this time. No need to lie or to reveal anything more than I want to.

    And yes, I do go to Brown. We have our fair share of royalty here but I think that the prince of MC was a bit before my time. Quel dommage! Oh well, I expect my prince to find me before Valentine’s Day so all you SDs take note 🙂

    And I too hope sweetreadhead is having a fabulous day at work!

  184. Nico says:

    WOW ~ I think it’s a full moon. I have no comments on the many posts out there….that’s the beauty of opinions…we all have them and we can take away from the ‘posts’ what works for us.

    Sam ~ I do luv the story though 🙂 That’s great and a smile amidst the high stress of the posts today. I would’ve walked from that room with my head held high 😀 Afterall, THEY’RE the ones that thought it was a good idea to put the rose petals down….they probably rethought that the following year 😉

  185. BlondieNYC*233868 says:

    Henri, when I’ve gone backpacking and hiking one of the things I loved about that was plucking wild blackberries off the bushes and eating them. The blackberries combined with the scenery made a lovely breakfast 🙂

  186. HenriLouis says:

    Hi Sweetredhead,
    How was your first day in the new job ?!
    Just hope the office has a nice atmosphere and that you new collegues welcomed you.
    Being the fairy mother of all the blogs, you deserve it !
    I tried to send you my positive thoughts today by telepathy.

  187. ~*kittylainy*~ says:

    Heni: you must visit Canada… it’s a very interesting country as it is so close to US and so heavily influenced by the Americans but still retain our own identity. And the natural beauty in many parts is quite breathe taking esp in Britsh Columbia in the West and Alberta in Central.

  188. HenriLouis says:

    Hi to you all,
    Been away for a few hours and find the blog in the fast lane, moving and swerving in all kinds of directions. Great to see all these opinions.
    Kittylane, thanks for mentioning a good hotel in Toronto. I have not been to Canada yet, but it is on my list for a flyfishing adventure for salmon. The brochure recommended, go to Quebec the lifestyle is the same as in France meaning superb food and so on. Just what the doctor ordered !
    Nico indeed that kind of service in any hotel is fun. It makes the stay so memorable.
    Hgirl I was serious in asking for opinions on hotels to stay, not to make anyone jealous, just to encourage you to choose the best one.
    Lou, it helps indeed when in France, you speak the language. You see the
    French gave culture to the world (they say) and of course the world should speak French. No reason to be able to speak another language for them.
    English is so ……….. well is that a language ?
    As you know the painter Vincent van Gogh, an icon, stayed and worked in France. For some time he was hospitalized in a French mental institution. I visited the place to pay my respect. What a let down, I thought it would be a kind of museum or a shrine to honor him. The French do not see him as important in a cultural sense. After all he is foreign. There was nothing at all to celebrate his stay ! Busloads full of Japanese could not understand.
    NCgentleman, thanks for you comments how to spot a pro. It makes me more aware.
    BlondieNYC, yes blackberrie jam my favourite and for a reason. I live along the coast and in September armed with a plastic bucket, I walk into the dunes and pick them. Homemade jam, there is no better taste !
    Sam, what a marvelous story of the rose petals. I know that it makes a special bath when you strew some of them on the water. Any SB would look lovely floating between them. Take a picture to remember. It must have made you proud to think that the hotel staff looked at you with admiration, the stud ! Anyway I just loved to read it and laughed loudly.
    Speaking of hotels, ask your SD to take you to the Parador (5**) in Santiago de Compostella in Spain. I stayed there some time. The staff in the restaurant is so attentive. For dinner I had some most deicious fish and my lady companion had small bits of veal in a delicate sauce for a main course. So I offered her some of my fish on a fork and she gave me some of that veal. Great fun feeding each other. Nice to play silly games. That is what the staff thought as well and to our great amazement, another small plate filled with bits of meat was placed at her side, so she could continue the game. Perhaps they expected us to have an SD/SB arrangement and they were assisting to make it a success. In Spain even more than in France AMOR is of utmost importance and every one rejoices when he notices it. Spain is so inspiring.
    Allow me to share with you the most romantic line from any language that I know. It is from a flamenco cante (song) and reads
    Me duellen las pastanas por yo verte.
    My eyeslashes hurt from looking at you. Impossibe of course, you eyelashes can never hurt. But so romantic …………………
    Remember it and use it some time. It hightens the moment.
    I wish you all long eyelashes,

  189. OCSugarBaby says:

    Lou, step back and think about what you are telling Hgirl! Lie, sorry not good advice. Scum? No, just someone who feels the need to give bad advice.

  190. chocolatevenus 143783 says:

    Hi everyone,

    Hi SE, How is my fellow European? Sounds like you have better weather than I have up here in the UK, so fed up with the cool weather and snow.

    How did Sweetredhead’s first day go! I was so excited for her…she might meet some handsome man to fall in love with..just in time for Valentines!!!

    Also a big hello to Gordon, Orge, Henri, Lou, SExec, Sam and all the other SD joining in the blog, your words are invaluable (even if we might not agree with them) ..LOL

    CV x

  191. OCSugarBaby says:

    Hgirl-Just let the SD that you are communicating with (who lives too close for comfort). That you need to be upfront and say that the location in which he resides is just that, “too close for comfort”. You can add that you know a fair amount of people from that area and feel that you would not be a good match.

  192. BlkButtafly~264118~ says:

    Awww thanks guys! I missed you all as well! I’ve been just so busy with work and then moving into my new place (and I used the money my SD gave me as part of the money I needed for my deposit 🙂 and I thanked him so much for it!)

  193. Lou says:



    Tell him a story. Such as “I had a very bad experience in Trenton (sub your town here) once with someone that left with with nightmares. I know that it is not you, but being with someone from that town will just bring back those nightmares I have been trying to put to rest for some time. It is nothing personal and hope you understand.”

    Sometimes little white lies are what you need to do.

    (Of course, the above “advice” probably puts me in the scum category of players and such – after all, only a player would come up with a story like that. Well, I’m not, but think what you want.)

  194. ~*kittylainy*~ says:

    Villa: I personally would apprciate a response. Even justimple, “no, thank you.” At the me, I ignore a lot of e-mails because I don’t believe they even deserve a qwirky remark!

  195. VillaCypris says:

    Well, he does have a girlfriend named Charlotte, I believe…. actually, it just occurred to me, he went to Brown, that’s where you go, right Hgirl?

    You can have him Kitty…. 🙂

  196. VillaCypris says:

    Well sweet … go westward, to Cannes… that is the HQ of the russian mafia on the riviera… :p

  197. VillaCypris says:

    Hi Lou

    I agree… I don’t contact that many persons on here, and when I do, I take the time to send a well-thought out message, relative to what he says in his profile… and more often than not, receive nothing in return. I’d prefer a “no thanks” not interested…. or just looking locally…. etc.

    Secondly, kudos for having the attitude that women are not “commodities”… I wrote a long research paper on the subject of human (sex) trafficking, and when people are reduced to commodities, terrible things ensue.

  198. ~*kittylainy*~ says:

    is he?

  199. ~*kittylainy*~ says:

    VILLA/ SWEET: LET”S GO TO MC!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! u ladies will have to fight me for him!!!!!!!!!!!! ROWR!

  200. Hgirl291128 says:


    I was just corresponding with a potential SD and found out that he lives in my very small hometown (where my parents live and where I grew up)- yipes! Any idea of how I can tell him that I’m not interested without revealing where my parents live?

  201. Lou says:

    re: Lisa’s comments about privacy and use of credit cards and paper trails:

    get a Visa Gift card. They are all over the place and you usually find them sponsored by one of the larger malls or banks. Pay with cash, register with fake name, and WALLA, nothing comes back to you.

    Again, this stuff is not that difficult.

  202. SweetEuropean*264271 says:

    Villa, I would love to be devoured by Russians!! 😉 And they really have taken ver MC, they’re everywhere!

  203. VillaCypris says:

    Prince Albert is still available Kitty… 🙂

  204. Lou says:

    Wow! I was going to respond to blondie’s comments a little while aqo but work got in the way. I come back and original topic gets buried. But anyways…

    blondie -My use of the above phrase is a facetious statement to emphasize the lack of sincerity/effort in the emails I get. And I am sure it is not just me but others. I am willing to bet that you have your own fair share of “Huh?” emails in your inbox as well. You know, just because EVERYONE does it doesn’t mean that I have to tolerate it. If I make the effort to write something relevant to the person’s profile as a way of introduction, I expect the same in return. Seriously, it’s not that hard!!!!

    As to what I perceive to a woman’s career choice, no blondie, your assumption is wrong (you know what they say about assuming). I live in NYC, YOUR BIG city. There are so many resources at our disposal to ferret out those ladies who might advertise their services someplace else. Recently I was given a phone number for contact: quick CL search and BOOM! there’s my girl. (Not very smart to use the same number if you ask me, but hey, whatever floats your boat) If someone says lets meet but I need 1200 each time, it is easy to find this person (agency) that charges 1200/hour. Like I said, some of us have some smarts and will perform our due diligence before hand. Also, it is easy to take a picture provided and scan the various escort sites and see if there is a hit. Not fool proof, as either a.) lady does not advertise on site or b.) your picture is co-opted and used as their own. (people don’t use other people’s pictures/info/writings/art/etc on the web and represent it as their own, do they?) I hope that helps answer your question Henri. (added note to blondie’s followup of her own post – professional pictures don’t mean sh*t about whether or not it’s a pro or not. That’s being VERY assumptive that just because a lady goes to the effort of posting a professionally done pic automatically puts her out there as a pro. And some people think I was being narrow minded.)

    As to importing: that’s strictly olive oil and the like. “Importing a woman” as you put it reduces someone to merely a commodity used in commerce, transport, etc. I don’t view women as commodities to be freely traded and would hope that you don’t either. Now, as to having your SB from being out of town, like I said, I live in YOUR big city and as large as it may seem, I keep running into people all over the place when I least expect it. Sometimes I find them, most of the time, they me. If such frequency of contact exists with associates and friends of friends, I feel much more comfortable knowing that the person I am involved with has her own life somewhere else and the chance of my running into any of her friends is nil. This is not to say I (me personally) would not date in the NYC dating pool. I am just giving it a perspective that you apparently don’t see. That’s all.

  205. VillaCypris says:

    oops… situation, I was stating that she needs to get the hell out of where she lives. Nothing to do with this blog. Thanks.

  206. ~*kittylainy*~ says:

    Villa: I saw what you wrote and what Lisa wrote… I think it’s simple misunderstanding…
    … a… I must experience it.. Maybe I’ll plana trip to go this summer 🙂

  207. VillaCypris says:

    NC and Boston Terrier – may I have some acknowledgement that you both mis-read my statement please? I am concerned for Lisa’s safety, and after reading all her posts about her living situatin,

  208. ~*kittylainy*~ says:

    sweeteuro: me too.. the gorgeous.. oo so gorgeous shoreline… the gorgeous men and cars… mmm let’s move there together! 🙂 when I was there I told my mom I was going to find the prince and make him my husband! Little did I know, they only had a princess at the time 🙁 Spoiled my dream.

  209. VillaCypris says:

    Sass is almost across from that huge building on the sea… Grimaldi Forum… there’s a club in there called Karement , and also Zebra Cafe… it’ on the same road as Jimmy’z…

    yes Kitty, huge night life, people party every night… especially in the summer when Sea Lounge is open on the beach…

    the russians have taken over MC…. look out sweet, they will devour you!

  210. SweetEuropean*264271 says:

    Kitty, i’m determined to make MC my place of residence too! I fell in love with the place almost immediatly! lol

  211. SweetEuropean*264271 says:

    I haven’t been to Sass yet, I wanted to go the first time I went out in MC but I couldn’t find it (I know Monaco is tiny but i’m useless with directions haha) so I went straight to Jimmyz lol, there are alot of crazy russian men in there, one started biting me! haha

  212. ~*kittylainy*~ says:

    missed ya blkbuttafly~

    Hey all the new-comers!
    Hope everyone’s enjoying the blog…

    I miss Monte Carlo.. I visited vriefly during a Mediterranean cruise! I was fairly young when I went there, but I was determined that place to be my permanent residence 🙂 Is there a large night life in the city?

  213. NC Gentleman says:

    Well – I think both statements — the r-word and hell out of here are cross the line but just my opinion… certainly better ways to say your neighborhood is unsafe don’t you think?

  214. VillaCypris says:

    ahhh…. wait wait wait… i said Lisa needs to get the hell out of THERE… meaning where she lives…. scroll up please and re-read… i did not say get the hell out of “Here”….

  215. VillaCypris says:

    I like Sass better… it’s smaller and more intimate…. and can be wilder… people dancing on tables, bono doing karaoke, it’s fun…

  216. bostonTerrier says:

    in lisa’s defense – she was talking about the safety of her neighborhood. she wasn’t saying “oh _____ is going to get raped”

    saying she needs to get the hell out of here is crossing the line.

  217. VillaCypris says:

    Sorry to hear… write back and say it’s his loss that you will be holding NOTHING against him 🙂

  218. SweetEuropean*264271 says:

    Aaah I love Jimmyz, haven’t been there for a while though lol

  219. NC Gentleman says:

    Yeah Lisa I must agree with VC – I usually don’t say many negative things on here, but saying someone would get raped crossed the line in my opinion.

  220. SweetEuropean*264271 says:

    BlkButtafly, i’m sorry to hear about that, but like Hgirl said there are plenty of potentials out there so keep looking! 🙂

  221. NC Gentleman says:

    So sorry Buttafly – that happens some times. Good to see you back though 🙂

  222. VillaCypris says:

    THere is a law in MC which prohibits men from being shirt-less…. ya, Sweet, many times I walked home from Jimmy’z or Sass Cafe at 3am and never thought anything of it… one of the safest places on earth…

    jeez, Lisa…. you need to get the hell out of there….

  223. BlkButtafly~264118~ says:

    Oops I meant received not recurved

  224. lisa says:

    I’m headed out now, be back later

  225. Hgirl291128 says:

    Awwww I’m sorry! It’s OK there are so many potential SDs out there!

  226. BlkButtafly~264118~ says:

    Hi everyone! Well for right now the only thing on my wishlist is a true SD. I just recurved an email from the guy who I thought was going to be around for awhile 🙁 he said that he found what he’s looking for in his hometown and that he hopes I don’t hold it against him

  227. lisa says:

    SweetEuropean, if you went out in my neighborhood at night, you’d get raped

  228. lisa says:

    I wish I lived in Europe. Houston is one ugly city.

  229. SweetEuropean*264271 says:

    True, that’s what I like about MC, it’s so safe! If I was to go out in Nice at night alone I would likely get harrased but in MC nothing happens 🙂

  230. Hgirl291128 says:

    Haha yes. My uncle and my brother went jogging from Cap D’Ail to MC and they got yelled at because they had no shirts on!

    I’ve always wanted to go back and visit MC for a longer period of time,

  231. VillaCypris says:

    H- I know exactly where that is! used to walk by it all the time. That was one of my favorite walks 🙂 yea, sweeteuro…. allez!!! tout d suite! c’est magnifique!

  232. VillaCypris says:

    That’s because they wash the streets every day….. along the border of MC and Beausoleil…. on one side, pristine streets, and on the other, sidewalks covered in dog shit. You know immediately you’re in France.

    and there are cameras everywhere so no one can put up grafitti…. some kids did, in the long tunnel leading from place devote to the train station, the police saw them on camera and thru the microphone system, demanded they clean it immediately…. can’t do anything in MC , someone is always watching…

  233. Hgirl291128 says:

    Yes I did! I stayed at Villa “The Rock” that big yellow one that is right on the edge of the cape so we were right on that path. Heaven. I would give anything to be there right now!

    And sweeteuro- get your little but down there asap. Nice is, well, nice but Cap D’Ail is amazing.

  234. lisa says:

    I’m not really an ice cream person without it’s novelty, like an ice cream sandwich, I went to Cold stone creamery one time at the mall but found the ice cream overpriced and there was too much of it, not that great.
    I’m the same way with pizza, I don’t like any pizza except new york pizza’s margarita pizza. Anything else is just gross to me.

  235. SweetEuropean*264271 says:

    Aaah I love MC!!!! I still can’t get over how clean it is, seriously!!!

  236. BlondieNYC*233868 says:

    Lisa- this ice cream was creamy, sweet, surprising with just the right amount of tarteness. I remember having lunch there with my mom and the look of delight that lit up her face when she took a bite. Oh I miss her, I miss her laugh.

  237. VillaCypris says:

    Hgirl! I love Cap d’Ail… did you walk on that stone path that leads from the cap d’ail beach all the way around to cafe malva? it’s SO beautiful….

  238. SweetEuropean*264271 says:

    Yeah I am! I’m in Nice 😀 I haven’t actually visited Cap D’Ail yet lol i’ve been meaning to!

  239. VillaCypris says:

    Blondie… oh yes… la Chaîne des Rôtisseurs … especially at Cafe L’Europe on county road…. the owners are members… and Club Collette is still going strong, Everglades, B&T, Chez Jean-Pierre….

    SweetE… that would be fun! I lived in Monte Carlo for one year, which was amazing, exciting, fantastic, etc. Went to Nice a few times, but not often. I’m in the USA, but have friends still in MC and Cannes, so hope to make a trip back over this year! x

  240. Hgirl291128 says:

    Sweeteuro are you on the Côte d’Azur? If so, I am so jealous! I stayed in Cap D’Ail last year and loved it!

  241. SweetEuropean*264271 says:

    Hi VillaCypris, it’s nice, it’s been really warm here today which was amazing! It rained like crazy last week so it was nice to finally go the beach again! Come back… we can go party! 🙂 Where are you?

  242. lisa says:

    I always find cinnamon too bitter for me

  243. BlondieNYC*233868 says:

    Villa- that’s too funny! I loved their lunch menu. I sort of miss PB, sort of don’t 🙂

    Gawd I have stories….lol!

    Is the Chaine still big, you know the dining group? Sorry guys, using slang. Oh I want to ask you a zillion q’s.

  244. VillaCypris says:

    Hi SweetEuro… how is the Riviera???? I miss it so much 🙁

  245. lisa says:

    Hgirl Ilm not a college student but I do eat quite a few ramen noodles. But today I have a giftcard I got from doing a survery online (a big hobby of mine) and i’m going to Panerabread for a sandwich, potato soup, and a mocha. I still have my starbucks card too so I’ll probably warm up after the frozen mocha with a green tea latte. Looks gloomy here, but still no rain..

  246. VillaCypris says:

    Blondie…. you will never believe… I worked at TA-BOO!!!!!! July 1999-July 2000…. absolutely LOVED it…. met so many incredible people… and yes, they still have the cinnamon ice cream :p

  247. SweetEuropean*264271 says:

    Mmm frozen mocha

  248. Hgirl291128 says:

    I, for one, am quite sick of my college student diet of Ramen noodles. Let’s all go out to a virtual lunch.

  249. BlondieNYC*233868 says:

    Hgirl, it was truly amazing!

  250. lisa says:

    I’m craving a bowl of potato soup and a frozen mocha.

  251. Hgirl291128 says:

    Cinnamon ice cream…mmmmmm

  252. BlondieNYC*233868 says:

    Bradley’s – the creme brulee, breakfast at a sidewalk table, carpaccio….oh god, I’ve gained weight thinking about the food. Wait, I think I’m mis-remembering the restaurant. C’est la vie, c’est la guerre.

    BUT I will always remember Taboo’s cinnamon ice cream.

  253. VillaCypris says:

    In response to caliguy, I’m curious as to how a shorter arrangement affords more privacy, in your opinion? Although, if you are lucky to find someone “normal” who respects and understands your situation, the duration of the relationship wouldn’t matter.

  254. VillaCypris says:

    yes…. alex’s daughter is marrying nick, son of the people who own bradley’s, cucina, nick & johnny’s… good kid 🙂 and cucina is fantastic!

  255. BlondieNYC*233868 says:

    Sam – it’s technically called the “Social Register” I was using a colloquialism.
    H- oh the Fanjuls…memories…lol!

  256. Sam 267369 says:

    Blondie, do you mean the Social Register? There are a bunch of “Blue book”s, but you may be referring to the book that lists hereditary social clubs.

  257. Hgirl291128 says:

    It is our natural (and biologically sound) tendency to judge people and sort them. It’s simply a way for our brains to deal with the massive amounts of information that comes our way. We need to make snap decisions (i.e. is this a predator?) in order to survive.

    Part of being human, however, is being able (and willing) to challenge these snap judgments.

  258. VillaCypris says:

    Thanks Blondie…. reminds me of the “black book” in Palm Beach society…. or more pertinent these days… whether or not one is on the Fanjuls christmas card list…

  259. caliguy says:

    I agree with Lisa. married guys can get the premium membership using money orders or multicards (i used this), so there is no problem regarding privacy. and if we cannot hide this $50 from our spouses, no way we can hide the 1-3K etc.. per month. I personally stocked up on cash that I can use for allowance and other spending for a short term arrangement of a 2-3 months. As a married SD I prefer the short term arrangement just from a privacy point of view.

  260. Sam 267369 says:

    Lisa, I don’t mind if you’re opinionated. 😉

    There is a natural tension between using opinions to filter out the chaff in the site versus making a mistake because of a misplaced assumption: such as multiple cities meaning professional, non-premium membership meaning cheap, and so on. I have to make a bunch of snap and probably limiting criterion to filter the incoming messages, otherwise it would be too difficult. On my profile I mention I don’t want cosmetic enhancement or tattoos, but I know there are lots of great SBs out there that have them…

  261. BlondieNYC*233868 says:

    Sam- love the rose petal story! and hmmm, makes you think about social circles doesn’t it. I guess then I should only be looking for SDs on the other side of the country!

  262. BlondieNYC*233868 says:

    Hgirl- for the “parking meter” men, they state quite upfront in their first email to me that’s what they want. I tell them no. It’s very simple.

    If you don’t want to do something, tell them no. If they push, end the conversation, im session or block emails. You have the power to walk away and not be trapped like a fly in honey.

    Villa- The Blue Book is an actual blue bound book that lists names, addresses and phone numbers of people who are in New York Society. The worst thing that can happen to someone who is listed is to be dropped from it.

  263. Sam 267369 says:

    NC, agree about professional photos. At a relatively early stage I ask for photos from a camera phone or something casual. What can be done with professional camera setups and Photoshop is pretty amazing.

  264. Sam 267369 says:

    RE: overlapping social circles, the world is small. I had contact with an SB who turned out to have fake photographs. When the real ones showed up, surprise, she was in an extended social circle in NY.

  265. lisa says:

    ok hi hitler, hi hitler I shall stop voicing my opinions and move to Iran,
    Lighten up, geeez

  266. Sam 267369 says:

    RE: hotels, years ago I had rose petals strewn on a path from the door to the bedroom and on the sheets of the bed one special night. The evening was very long and vigorous and not without incriminating evidence left behind, like raiding all three bathrooms for all the available linens and… I hadn’t known that rose petals leave marks when rubbed vigorously on, well, pretty much anything, and we left such marks on all kinds of interesting surfaces inside and outside the multi-room suite.

    For the remainder of that weekend we were the recipients of stares, behind the hand giggles, and lots of hushed conversation behind our backs. I still recall our walking out the room one day, past the chambermaids’ annex, and then hearing “that’s them!” from behind me.

  267. NC Gentleman says:

    Hi Blondie — I agree on multiple cities as a hint but I have met some women on here that were actually models and had pictures from their photo shoots and were just flaunting… so it can be a clue but not a dead give away. Also, I have met a couple of women that had professional photos posted that turned out to be fakes… as a rule, I tend to ignore profiles with professional photos… I am also not too keen on lingerie photos, etc in a profile. IMHO

  268. lisa says:

    Villacypris, lol now if I could find a way to heat my apartment with my eyes of fire, lol that would save some serious electric. lol

  269. SuthrnExec says:

    Blondi, those are the obvious clues – I was addressing some of the not-so-obvious ones that I have encountered. You’re right though, add them to the list!

    Lisa, please let the standard/premium issue rest. You have voiced your opinion on this at least twice and everyone can read it. New input is fine. It’s a decision that someone makes – final. That’s all it says – someone made a decision. And it’s about control of information. What I give to SB is in my control until I give it. When I register somewhere, the info is out there and out of control.

    Let’s move on, shall we?

  270. Hgirl291128 says:

    Blondie- I always wondered about those women who have only model-shots as their pictures. It does make one suspicious.

    Also, I liked your parking meter metaphor- that is what I am mainly afraid of. How do you avoid that sort of situation? Obviously you should talk to someone about what you expect and not agree to meet someone for the 1st time in a hotel room etc etc but still.

  271. lisa says:

    If you are getting so many emails from sbs that you can’t at least return a message of “no thanks’ then you should hide your profile so you get no more emails to you find time to kindly acknowledge those who wrote.

  272. VillaCypris says:

    Hi Blondie…. to reveal my naivete… what is the “blue book”???

  273. VillaCypris says:

    Hi Lisa….

    I have to tell you, after reading your posts about horror movies, etc, last night I had dream of you, with hollowed out eyes, sitting at the table with pigeons and dolls dressed in clothes… fire shooting out of your eyes to heat the water in the cups for tea…. aaack!!

  274. BlondieNYC*233868 says:

    Ahem, as an SB who does check out the “competition”…lol…I’m really surprised that the men didn’t pick up on the most basic cue of all on how to spot a pro! And they say that men are more visual than women!!

    Look at the photo, guys, look at the photo. If the woman has what looks like a professional studio photo of her in a provocative pose, barely dressed…if at all and her profile states multiple cities….hello, check out those clues!

  275. lisa says:

    Good morning everyone. I slept late and headed straight to the laundrette because of the gloomy skies. Got home, no rain yet. I’m going down to the mall in a little while for lunch. Hope the rain holds off.

    About the issue of not becoming a premium member because of the privacy issue. Well first of all you have the option of paying by money order or if using a credit card, there is an alternative description of the services, as your statement doesn’t have to say “seeking arrangement”.
    Another question is if privacy is such an issue (and I presume you mean the part were you make a payment, because basically a premium or standard membershp reveals the same in your profile) then how are you going to hide all the money you spend and give to a sugarbaby from your wife? And what about the single guys who really don’t have to be discreet.

    I mean you take a certain amount of chance as a married man persuing this type of relationship. You can do the standard membership, avoid paying and giving out information and then end up with some pyscho sb who blackmails you or get’s you in a picture or camera. It’s all risk and I don’t buy the avoiding premium because of privacy issues. The best way to avoid being caught is to be faithful to the wife and not look for a young woman to get on with.
    This is my 2 cents for the day, lol
    so how is everyone today? It’s warm but very windy here today

  276. BlondieNYC*233868 says:

    Hello all!

    Bon jour Henri! Comment ca va? I loved your description of breakfast, especially the blackberry jam, yum!

    Lou- thank you very much for your thoughtful, interesting and insightful response to various SB’s, including mine, queries regarding how the male mind and SA works et al.

    I do, however take exception to a few things that you wrote. I truly doubt that many SB’s on this site have a daily quota of emails they feel that they must fill. This makes us sound like parking police!

    I’m sure that you understand it can be difficult to write a thoughtful interesting email to a total stranger. You seem to have a knee-jerk reaction that if someone wrote to you and said,” I looked at your profile and you sound very interesting, please take a look at mine…” in other words a short email that they’re AUTOMATICALLY a pro. Rather it could be that the person either is nervous about writing to a stranger or feels that something short is much more preferable to write than let’s say “Ode to a Grecian Urn.”

    If someone doesn’t interest me, I do take the time to write a polite email back stating that.

    As for importing SB’s to other cities, in some respects I think that’s very silly. Lou, I don’t know where you live, but I am a resident of a huge city. It’s been my experience that various sectors ONLY socialize with their own kind. It’s extremely rare that there is an overlap.

    I do think that if you’re a member of the “blue book,” you have other outlets to this site. For the most part, it’s been my experience with local SD’s that they’re either looking for a parking meter – this is my jokey way of stating that they only want to come to your apartment for an hour – or only relish endless emails.

    I, like other SB’s know how “to do the pretty” as they say; how to comport ourselves in public/social situations. And we all know the value of discreetness.

  277. VillaCypris says:

    Hmmm…. interesting…. i saw a post from last summer, of someone on here warning people to stay away from certain members because they are part of a high end escort service operating in the area of 62nd and madison. perhaps they’ve been shut down by now…

  278. SuthrnExec says:

    Mine plus those that NC listed are a pretty good list of “dead give-aways”.

  279. SuthrnExec says:

    Can’t speak for Lou, but from my experience, usually a ‘pro’s’ emails are a little over-complimentary without being specific, the email seems very much like a form letter and many times they say something like “I will be in your area in 2 weeks” or something along those lines.

  280. NC Gentleman says:

    Good question on spotting a pro on here….

    she doesn’t look at your profile…. she wants to meet right away… she doesn’t care if she sees your picture…. she asks right away how much money you can give her… she doesn’t care to learn a thing about you personally… she gives you her phone number in her first email… she wants to immediately talk on IM so you don’t waste her time… these are the ones that came to mind right away.

  281. VillaCypris says:

    Ugh…. clever…. I remember having physics class at 8am three times per week… it was during the fall when I was running cross-country, so to double train i would get up at 6am to do the stairclimber for 90 minutes. About 8h30, my head would start to droop, the writing would trail off across the page…. needless to say, wasn’t a good time of day to be learning that subject!

    Good question, how does one spot a “pro”?

  282. Hgirl291128 says:

    Thanks for asking Villa. Biochem was…well, quite excruciating. It is a large lecture and there is very little to be gained by attending class because the professor mumbles and reads from the textbook. However, they have devised an ingenious way to get us to come: we have these “pop quizzes” which we have to respond to using an “iclicker” which virtually records our answer and gives us points. Ugh.

    And Lou- ten points for honesty! Also, just curious, how do you spot a pro?

  283. VillaCypris says:

    Yes, truly honorable. One of his lasting tenets at my school is the “speaking tradition”, which encourages one when passing another to look him (or her) straight in the eye and say hello. The other is the honor system, which requires every paper, every test, to be signed by a pledge that it was our own work, and we have neither given nor received any aid.

    Awww… I miss it there.

    Speaking of college….. hello Hgirl… how was biochem??? 🙂

  284. SuthrnExec says:

    Yes, General Lee was a true gentleman. Fascinating man.

  285. Hgirl291128 says:

    Indeed, we certainly could use a few more gentlemen in New England (Southern or otherwise) 🙂

  286. Lou says:

    I had something similar happen while in a Paris hotel a while back – the acknowledgment of sorts, the stare, the smile (grin maybe?), but I think it was more because I was one of them Boorish Americans I keep hearing about. 🙂 It actually helps if you speak the native language, you know?

  287. VillaCypris says:

    Welcome Suthern 🙂 the legacy of General Lee was instilled in me for four years… a consummate southern gentleman…

  288. VillaCypris says:

    You’re welcome NC 🙂 I miss y’all down south…

    Kitty, your example of the pedophile, certainly, that is gross misrepresentation elevated to the level of felonious behaviour… one can exhibit introversion and extroversion and still be true to their character, either in cyberspace or real life. Two sides of the same coin, if you will.

  289. Hgirl291128 says:

    Good morning everyone!

    Henri- sounds like you know service when you see it. Are you trying to make all the SBs jealous on Valentine’s week? 🙂

  290. SuthrnExec says:

    Thank you Villa – glad you have an appreciation for it.

  291. NC Gentleman says:

    Thank you Villa — you are a sweetheart 🙂

  292. ~*kittylainy*~ says:

    Villa: I think acting a certain way is much different than decieving. IE) 50 year old child pedofile posing as a 13 year old boy Versus. An introvert being an extrovert in cyberspace.

  293. VillaCypris says:

    Suthern and NC Gentleman…. you are two fine examples of the proverbial “southern gentleman”… I encountered a few during university in Virginia as well as when I lived in Charlotte for three years. Bravo 🙂 thanks for all your excellent insight!

  294. Nico says:

    NC ~ congrats on the inspection 🙂 We’ll need to find a place to display before and afters 😀

  295. VillaCypris says:

    Hi Suthrn. Excellent point… I think the way we behave in any venue is based upon our core ethic… so if one thrives on dishonesty and misrepresentation in real life, why not in cyberspace where it’s so much easier…

  296. VillaCypris says:

    Hi Kitty… I agree, and that’s wonderful, to be able to act without constraints…. IF you are being honest…. I’ve come across persons who have fabricated every detail of their lives, both personal and professional, and it’s with that level of deceit I have a problem.

  297. SuthrnExec says:

    Indeed Villa – that’s a human behavior phenomenon that has been the subject of much study – how the human acts and reacts under various levels of anonymity and stress. It’s fascinating and is supported by the behavior of most people when online. Not everyone uses the anonymity to create a fantasy about themselves, but it is a temptation that all people face and we resist or do not resist based on our core ethic.

    HenriLouis, interesting place that Emperial Hotel.

  298. Nico says:

    WOW ~ Henri, cannot say that I’ve ever experienced that type of ‘service’ before ~ either from a hotel or from a SD *blush*. One could only hope 😉

  299. ~*kittylainy*~ says:

    Henri: The Royal York in Toronto offered impecable service too. Again, with the constant towel service 🙂

    VillaCypris: I agree.. at the smae time, the internet does provide a sense of security for individuals to act how they REALLY want to act, without constricts of social acceptance

  300. VillaCypris says:

    I have noticed, in “cyberspace”, the anonymity afforded by the internet causes some persons to dispatch with basic manners and courtesy, at the more harmless end, and to create a complete alternate personality and life on the more sociopathic end. There is something thrilling about not having to “see” someone or interact in person, which seems to give some people license to behave in ways they never would in “real life”.

  301. VillaCypris says:

    Good morning, all ~~~ from the tundra…. although it’s near 40 degrees now… spring is fast approaching !!

  302. Gail says:

    Good Morning Everyone…Happy Monday!!! New perspectives, New SBs & SDs:) Were gonna have a great day!

    (Smile) Red is the Fairymother. Time to sprinkle your Sweet dust on everyone!!!

    How were your dreams everyone from last nite? Passionate? This is the first day of our V-day week…I hope everyone spreads the love and gives it back in return:)

  303. HenriLouis says:

    To everyone in sugarland,
    I was wondering about all the cravings that SBs have expressed.
    Wining and dining and staying in good hotels. But which hotel is really suited to a “seeking arrangement”. Well let me tell you that so far I have come across only one.
    So all you SBs out there, pay attention.
    The hotel is the Emperial Hotel in Annecy in France. If you want to look up on the map of Europe, it is roughly under Geneva.
    The hotel used to be a famous casino before WWII.
    It is situated along Lake Annecy and your view of the lake and the Alps is really breathtaking. But let to come to the point.
    When I stayed there a few years ago on a holiday trip in my classic car,
    I was struck by the attentiveness of the staff. Kind and efficient. The room was large with a king seize bed and the bathroom was spotlessly clean.Towels and sheets were changed every day.
    First day at five oçlock there was a discrete knock at the door.
    When I opened it there was this charming lady asking me if I needed some
    fresh clean towels. But no, I had not taken a shower in the afternoon.
    In the evening around eleven, another knock at the door, same charming lady, same question: do you need some fresh towels.
    Then it dawned upon me, of course the function of the king seize bed.
    I gave her my pleasant smile and said “yes please, at least seven”. You should have seen that face turning from surprise into admiration.
    She gave me seven and I closed the door. Just my sense of humour of course. It would haver been a shame to disappoint the lady, so next morning after my bath, I arranged the towels so as if it looked they had all been used.
    Unfortunately, after having stepped into the room with seven towels over my arms my companion pleaded a headache.
    We went down for breakfast next day and immediately the cleaning lady rushed into the room. The incident made me famous among the staff, they all looked with admiration in their eyes at me as soon as they saw me, the girl at the reception desk constantly gave me the eye. It read “my hero”.
    You see this is France, the country of l’amour !
    Now this is definitely a hotel for the SD/SB arrangement.
    No other hotel is so understanding and offers such great service.
    The restaurant is also excellent, but of course we are in France !
    Well now, I will certainly return one day, if I could find a compatible SB.
    I will make it her favourite hotel for sure.
    Any of you had such positive experience with hotels ?
    I wish you all seven towels,

  304. NC Gentleman says:

    oh yeah… and sometimes I don’t read an email – will just delete, but that is typically only the case when I preview the profile and the woman has an amount listed of more than $10,000 per month — just my opinion, but I think an amount more than that is ridiculous 🙂

  305. ~*kittylainy*~ says:

    Nico: I understand what you mean. It can be so frustrating to not recieve a respond after sending a well thought-out e-mail to a SD interest. But I think Henri is saying that he won’t respond to e-mail with no personality. As we prob. won’t respond to e-mails that say, “Hey”.

    Jai: congrats on getting keys to your new place… you must be glad to be out of hotel and into a place of your own!! Hope you get settled in soon 🙂

  306. SuthrnExec says:

    I had a nice weekend – got to play a little golf and then took my dog out running a bit. Unfortunately I had to work on a couple projects that I have going on so I wasn’t able to get outside as much as I wanted.

    Good news about the inspection – glad it went well.

    Nico, sounds like things are coming together nicely for you on the house – those things are not accidents – they are happening for a reason. 🙂

  307. ~*kittylainy*~ says:

    NC: Glad to hear the house is in good shape 🙂 no tumbling roof or sinking foundations are always good

    Nico: Nice morning here in T Dot too 🙂

    Jen: I am so proud of your new healthy lifestyle.. walks are great energy refreshers!

    I don’t know how long it is going to take me to read through 400 posts..
    my insight will come soon…

  308. NC Gentleman says:

    Hiya Nico and SouthernExec — was an awesome weekend for weather — did the inspection on the lake house sunday –a few minor things nothing major — have to get the termite inspection done now. I hope you all had a great weekend 🙂

  309. NC Gentleman says:

    Doing well Jenn — I saw your post that you dropped a few more pounds! Way to keep up the great work!

  310. Nico says:

    Mornin’ Jennifer, Southern Exec and NC 🙂 Finally a warm morning 😀

  311. Jenniferbbwsb says:

    Good Morning to sugarland!!! I have missed you all. Been very busy at work.
    Just got back from my walk. I need to pick up the distance, may do that tomorrow.

    Lou, Thank you for your comments. Very truthful and incite to the SD mind.

    NC, how are you? it has been a long time.

    Got to go, need to start my ME! day.

    To all that are new to the blog, Welcome!

  312. SuthrnExec says:

    Good Monday morning everyone (afternoon to our European friends) and welcome to those who are just now making their presence known!

  313. NC Gentleman says:

    Good morning all – welcome to the blog Lou, Ogre, HenriLouis, Hgirl — anyone else I missed.. hope you all had a great weekend!

  314. Nico says:

    virtual *high-five* Lou! 🙂

  315. Lou says:

    re: Henri’s thoughts.

    EXACTLY!!! It’s only $40/month!! If you are going to go thru the effort of signing up to this board with the pretense of providing financial assistance, let the SB’s know you are serious. If you are not willing to show some good faith effort on your part, well then…

    (see ladies, it is not just SB’s I take issue with.)

  316. Nico says:

    HenriLouis, Jai and Ogre!! Good morning….

    Henri ~ I would agree ~ responding to all e-mails regardless of interest is a matter of common courtesy and I would do the same; however, I can see Lou’s point. If it’s blatently obvious the pot SB didn’t ‘read’ the profile it becomes VERY frustrating….so, again, to each his own at this point.

    Its frustring sometimes to not receive a response back but it’s easy to sit on the fence and see both perspectives.

  317. HenriLouis says:

    Hi Sweetredhead,
    It is always a delight to read your diplomatic comments.
    Also this time so well chosen !
    You really are the fairy mother of these blogs.
    Unique to be the friend of a fairy.

  318. Jai *277171 says:

    Hi sugar family! I’m off to work. I have to drive and hour or so to get there, but I get the keys to my place today, so hopefully that wont be an issue much longer! 🙂 Good luck again sweetred! Hope everyone has wonderfully sugary Mondays 😉

  319. Ogre says:

    Just wanted to say good morning 🙂 Very interesting take Lou. I love that this board is so open and is a compilation of many thoughts and opinions. Hope everyone has a very happy Monday.

  320. HenriLouis says:

    Hello Lou,
    I admired the way you expressed yourself on the subject, very clear.
    Ladies do not pay for membership and there is a simple reason for it. Most don’t have the money. Seeking arrangement is about an SD helping out his SB financially. Of course I pay for membership after all the 40/month is a mere pittance. In doing so I help her out, or rather all, of them.
    It is my opinion that everyone should respond to a message. It is a question of good manners. I would always reply, even to tell the lady we are not compatible. But what I do not understand is, that when you have sent the SB a positive answer, there is deadly silence in cyberspace. Also she has to treat the other one with respect. If you do not treat the other with respect you are really disrespecting yourself !
    Good manners and all that.
    Bizarre to read your sentence about ” a 10msgs quota a day “.
    Never thought of that. Don’t they have better hobbies ?
    I can understand that an SD wants to keep it discrete, so he goes for someone outside his own circles. Men keep things to themselves.
    It would be wise if all the SBs follow the same line. By telling all your girlfriends you may set the jungle tomtom in motion and before you know
    the whole town despises you. You see, your ennemy never sleeps.
    I have seen it happen.
    After all the great buzz word here must be discretion in seeking an arrangement !
    You would be surprised to hear the number of times I bumped into someone I know in different places in the world. Even once in the middle of the jungle on the Indonesian island of Sulawesi. Incredible !
    Have a great day !

  321. Nico says:

    Lou ~ while your comment was posted at the bottom of a thread, rest assured it’s content is not lost. This forum is a way for us all to talk about, well, anything to include the topic of the thread or mentor others through their concerns based on our own personal experiences.

    Your thoughts were very useful and somebody will most definitely benefit from your input….there are a lot of new SB’s on here and that may help them understand ~ based on the points you raised.

    Hope you stick around the board….your ability to be candid will be welcomed here as there are a number of “WHY” questions posed to potential SD’s 🙂

  322. Nico says:

    WOWOWOWOW!! I am gone for 2 days and the whole word passes you by! Lotsa new faces too….WELCOME everybody…too many posts to read through but, WELCOME 🙂

    I had a great weekend! Accomplished much on the house. My bosses (Developers) came in and saw my house and offered to pick up the tab for the painting of the interior!! Quite honestly the BEST bosses I’ve ever had and would’ve said that before their offer too! I am blessed! Truly! I did put a four inch framing nail about 3/4’s of the way into the ball of my foot though but my foot didn’t fall off so I’m good 😉

    Hope you all had an amazing weekend and HAPPY MONDAY 😀

  323. sweetredhead....269443 says:

    Lou welcome 🙂 Thank you for your incite and comments. You make your points very well.

    We all have our opinions, likes and dislikes. Its what it is, an opinion, personal preference ect.

    When asking for advice here. SD’s and SB’s alike give their opinions. you take all into consideration and you make your own judgments and choices.

    We are here to support each other. There is a great group of men and woman here. I think we all bring a little bit of something to this blog.

  324. Lou says:

    really got to spell check before I hit send. My bad.

  325. Lou says:

    Hello all.

    There were some really good comments and suggestions earlier in this thread that I wanted to chime in on, but was afraid the thread would deviate from topic, like just about every thread here does. And not to disappoint, this one did too.

    But to some points made: upgrade vs not. On this board, SB and SD are treated differently. A SB has communication access to write and read their emails at will just as long as you have a picture in your profile, even if it is really a “top chef” celebrity and you think we are too stupid to know any better. Yes, you can’t search as meticulously as you would prefer (admin should really consider changing this as unless SD recently signs on, most SB’s don’t drill down that far on the list to find anyone – the money is really made on the SD side so that can always remain status quo) but you can initiate and respond to a message if you want. SD’s only have a limit of 10 free msg’s, so once you have sent your 10 “Hey let’s meet here’s my email info” msg’s, you’re SOL on the communication aspect. If you are a serious SD or SM, pay the 40/month to have unfettered access. It’s only $40/month! Potential SB’s, think twice about responding or initiating to non-upgrades as they can’t respond back (re-read prior sentences). It’s amazing that when my account gets downgraded, my profile becomes “new” again and I move to the front of the pack. And in the eyes of the SB pool, I am fresh meat! But guess what? I can’t read or respond until I upgrade again. (just food for thought on member/non-member contact)

    Point 2: Why don’t SD’s respond to or even read my email? First, read above. Half your answers may be found there. Also, upon receipt of an email, most people will check the profile first before reading the email, first to see who said hi and also to see it it is the right person. If I don’t respond, more than likely a:) you wrote me before and I had no interest then, yet you still write because you don’t remember who you wrote to – sometimes, believe or not, some of us SD’s have a little smarts and we tend to remember a profile or two, Sometimes I am specific in who I do not want to attract (could be anything from location, to age/maturity to race to color of hair, etc) and if you still wrote, it tells me that you didn’t actually read my profile but you were simply fulfilling your 10-emails-a-day quota that you set for yourself. Plus, the ubiquitous “Hi” or Hey” or “Check me out” email msg is annoying and imo rather, not classless, but something akin to below what this site should represent. But maybe that’s just me. 3.) You are a working girl (escort, pro, etc – use your own phrase here) who thinks we are too stupid to do our due dilligence. What are the odds that a man (SD) who has achieved some level of succes in life would not think with his big head instead of the other one?

    Third point someone made: Why fly a girl/woman in from other psrts of the country instead of looking in their own backytard? I think that is the reason why. For some men, having/meeting someone who may travel in the same social circle as he may travel presents a danger that he does not want to risk having, especially if he is married. It has been my experience that women/SB’s talk to their friends about their SD. To some, it is a badge of honor to brag about him, whether his wealth and generosity or his sexual prowess that goes beyond just making your knees weak for a day or more. Men don’t generally share. We keep it to ourselves. The thought of more than just his baby knowing about their relationship also runnning around in the same circles he might travel in makes some men uncomfortable. Of course all this is a generalization, but it gives you a little insight to the SD (male) mindset.

    So that’s what I wanted to say. Wish I could have said it 200 posts ago, but I entered this thread too late and, like I said, it got sidetracked like all threads here do, and usually be they same 10 or so people. Also, sorry I didn’t throw around any fluffballs like others do here, but, com’on, you’re all bitching about bad SD’s (BAD SugarDaddy, BAD, BAD!!) and all you get back is something akin to “I love how your ears get so red when you get mad like that!” Sorry. Not me. I’ll tell you what I really think. There shouldn’t only one one bitter/blunt person in these blogs.

    Take it for what it’s worth. Peace.

  326. sweetredhead....269443 says:

    Good Morning everyone.

    HenriLouis How very sweet 🙂 What a nice gesture to wake up to.

    I start the first day of my new job today. Got very little sleep, thinking to much 🙁

    Hope everyone has a wonderful day. I will see you when I get home from work 🙂

  327. Sam 267369 says:

    Ogre, Lisa and Red, early on I also debated whether I should go premium. The main issue was the potential loss of privacy to the site. So I am understanding of some genuine SDs who might worry about this and at least experiment with not going premium. It isn’t just an issue of being cheap.

    Of course lots of SD who don’t go premium are, in fact, probably being cheap, so you are both right.

  328. HenriLouis says:

    Good morning to you all.
    Hope you had a wonderful week-end just like I had.
    I live in Europe so when I am up and about, you are still sleeping.
    After one week being a member, I enjoy the blog very much.
    I get up at six o’clock in the morning have some breakfast and then log in.
    In cyberspace anything is possible, and members of a family should be considerate to each other. Lucky me is also a member of your family.
    I look upon myself as a kind man and I like to make a nice gesture.
    Breakfast in bed is to me a wonderful thing to start the day with.
    Now girls let me go silently to the kitchen in order not to wake you up.
    I will make you some breakfast and bring it up to your bedroom.
    Tea and toast scrambled eggs and jam, black berry is my favourite.
    Next to your plate on the tray, there is a rose.
    I will wake you up with a kiss and give you my nicest smile when I see you opening your eyes. You see, love begets from these little things.
    The reason why I wish to spoil you is simple.
    This Monday is the start of Valentine’s Week.
    It is a week where all of you SBs dream to be spoiled
    Hope I made your day special !

  329. Hgirl291128 says:

    Goodnight everyone- I should get some sleep before my least favorite class (biochemistry- ugh).

  330. JustMe says:

    Night everyone else.. I’m off to sleep too! Have a good night!

  331. JustMe says:

    Night Sweetred… good luck tomorrow! and hope you get some sleep tonight!

    Night Lisa, enjoy your day off!

  332. sweetredhead....269443 says:

    Thank you Lisa 🙂 enjoy your day off 🙂

  333. lisa says:

    Good night everyone. I’m going to watch some tv. I will sleep late tomorrow since i’m off and then go to wash and to eat at the mall.

    Have a good day at work tomorrow Sweetredhead.

  334. lisa says:

    I love shots, haven’t had one since my last tetnus shot when my daughter was born.

    Good night BlondieNYC

  335. sweetredhead....269443 says:

    me too off to my new job tomorrow and can’t sleep to excited but have to try. Good night all

  336. JustMe says:

    Night Blondie.. sweet dreams to you too!

  337. sweetredhead....269443 says:

    I feel very luck especially after hearing some of the stories. I am talking to another Sd who is Wonderful, funny, sweet. And plan on meeting in April. Met him right here on the blog 🙂

  338. BlondieNYC*233868 says:

    I’m off to sleep; long day tomorrow and a doctor’s appointment…eeek! I hate needles and hope I don’t get poked.

  339. lisa says:

    you can check out anytime you want gail, but you can never leave, now sit back down or i’m going to cover you in cherry pie filling and send my turtle after you, lol

    Have a good night gail.

  340. JustMe says:

    Night Gail… sweet dreams!

  341. gail says:

    OK…I am going to do other things now…I have blogged enough for the afternoon and evening…It was great interacting with all of you:) I wish you all mad, sexy,passionate SD or SB dreams!

    Lisa I hope you get down from that ostrich safe and sound…plus wash that turtles feet…

    Good nite All:)

  342. BlondieNYC*233868 says:

    Sweetredhead that ‘s so sweet; you’re a lucky chick!

  343. sweetredhead....269443 says:

    I had the opposite happen. My First Sd sent me his picture (it was hard to see) but I met him anyway. He turned out to be very hot 🙂 and the kindest man you ever want to meet. We are still friends 🙂 Wish his schedule was better and we lived closer.

  344. BlondieNYC*233868 says:

    Good night Gordon, SuthrnExec!

    Don’t laugh guys, but I also took fencing as a wee one. Well wee’er than I am now!

  345. gail says:

    lol…good nite Gordon:) okay we’ll just go riding by ourselves now…we return the horses safely back to the barn…

  346. JustMe says:

    Night Gordon… sweet dreams to you, also!

  347. Gordon says:

    Gail, You should see me in riding britches and boots 😉

    Yes I have enough horses for every one but most of the ones that can be ridden by bloggers are retired and in Aiken.

    I have hit a wall and will say goodnight all.

  348. lisa says:

    my turtle has been eating nonstop tonight. He ate his cherry pie and is now eating his lettuce. I bought him one of those little fried pies, he lovers cherry. I will have to wash him off as he has cherry all over his feet.

  349. BlondieNYC*233868 says:

    I ride, my mom rode, my dad rode, my dog doesn’t ride.

  350. SuthrnExec says:

    Thanks Gail 🙂

  351. lisa says:

    Good night SuthrnExec

    I don’t want a horse to ride, just like on the carosoul at the mall, I want to ride an ostrich. I was riding the ostrich at astroworld (back when we had an amuzement park here) one time with my daughter. I was wearing a dress and of course when the carosoul stopped, the ostrich was way up in the air, I couldn’t climb down without showing a little something so i had to stay on again till the thing stopped with the ostrich down.

  352. gail says:

    Good nite Suthrn:) Sweet OCSugar dreams to you!

  353. JustMe says:

    Night SuthrnExec…. sweet dreams!

  354. SuthrnExec says:

    Good night all – 4:50 comes early in the morning!

  355. lisa says:

    i’ve never had fake photo issues, just the one who didn’t post a body shot or a morgue photo at least.
    when I was trying to do serious dating, it was mostly certain things they left out, like being divorced 3 times, having lotsa kids, unemployed, living in a tacky 4 room rental house when they claimed to make 100K, etc

  356. gail says:


    ah…you made it here…fashionably dressed and all:) Greetings!!!!

    Gordon…why riding britches and boots…do you have that many horses for all of us to ride? I just poured you another…take a sip

  357. lisa says:

    I haven’t heard the word “britches” in years. My mom used to say “no daughter of mine is going to wear those evil britches” lol

  358. BlondieNYC*233868 says:

    Lisa you crack me up.

    Gordon I am the only one of my friends who had three, yes three internet dates in a row where ALL the guys had fake photos.
    Date #1 – photoshopped himself thin and gave himself hair
    Date #2 – sent me a pic of him in a tee with long curly hair, shows up, older than my dad.
    Date#3 – same thing!
    My friends think it’s hilarious. When I was internet dating, they’d all call me up the next day to hear about the adventures.

  359. lisa says:

    But then again in my family “slut” and “pervert” are terms of endearment.

  360. lisa says:

    I could wear the stockings that say “slut” all over them. lol I never wear them but I got my mom a pair at the same time and she wears them often in the winter. Kind of embarrassing walking around the mall with my conservative 69 year old mom wearing hosiery that says slut. lol

  361. Gordon says:

    Gail, all sbs should post a photo wearing riding britches and boots.

    Gordon empty martini glass in hand ;-(

  362. bostonTerrier says:

    Hgirl –

    I’ve had a SD relationship in the past and I have one now. I think I also had “fractions” of them between my first and second SD but they never actually worked out for more than 2 months … hence the reason I discount them.

  363. lisa says:

    wow BlondidNYC, send that one my way! My vision of a sugardaddy is some guy moving in my apartment and sitting arouond all day not helping with the rent. wow , send him my way, please, lol

    I would have to wear a helmet to keep my horns from showing

  364. Gordon says:

    Some years ago I was on a blind date. I had a description of her, she had a description of me. We stood ten feet apart in a lobby for fifteen minutes before I ask if she was waiting for me.

  365. gail says:

    Suthrn…the mystery pics…now do you remember?

    Lisa…lol…yes the hollowed eyes with the crazy printed stockings…

    Hgirl..the riding cap and boots…LOL


    suthern-Gray hair…LOL

    Gordon-martini in hand


  366. BlondieNYC*233868 says:

    Hgirl- don’t forget sunscreen!

    Can someone make me a very dirty Ketel 1 martini please?

    AND I am super jealous of all the SB’s who get a gazillion emails….waah


  367. Hgirl291128 says:

    I’m pale with blue eyes/brown hair. Maybe I should wear a riding helmet to help out!

  368. BlondieNYC*233868 says:

    Gordon and the crew good evening all!

    Hgirl, once you’re back in the saddle, it’ll come back to you. If you had a decent seat, you never really lose it.

    Flowerpush, I feel for you, I’m sending you a huge virtual hug, smooshing you. Not all SD’s, are that wacky.

    Not too long ago I went on a drinks date with a potential SD. We were chatting and I was telling him that I had been looking for a roommate. He immediately asked if he could move in! I looked him straight in the eye and said, “I don’t socialize with roommates.”


  369. lisa says:

    I would be the one with the hollowed out eyes gail

  370. Hgirl291128 says:

    LOL I love it. Let’s arrange it- it would be hysterical!

  371. SuthrnExec says:

    Gail, I have no idea of what you are referring…

  372. gail says:

    LOL @ Hgirl…could you imagine all of us going to a party…wondering if we would be able to recognize each other based on our profile pictures…Now if we spoke I am sure the blog personality would come out one way or another.

  373. gail says:

    LOL…..mystery yes…like the other nite Suthrn? LOL…

  374. Hgirl291128 says:

    20 years ago?!?! If I did that I would have to put up my baby pictures! Hahaha

  375. Gordon says:

    OK, the second and last martini has hit. I can impart no more wisdom tonight but I may try to finish the story of three nuns and a penguin walking into a bar.

  376. JustMe says:

    I met one man who posted a pic when he was much younger! I met another man who used someone elses picture just so I would meet him. I didn’t even reconize him when he came over to talk to me, as he looked NOTHING like the pic of the man he sent me. There were others but you get the idea!

  377. lisa says:

    police mug shot? lol

  378. SuthrnExec says:

    Funny incident – I was trying to be discrete with my profile pics but upon meeting one particular potSB I said something about the picture and she said it looked just like me. Not that I was trying to be deceptive, I was hoping that there would be some mystery, but I aparently didn’t succeed. Since then, I have gone with a much more discrete pic. So I guess my pic was a little TOO accurate?!?!

  379. lisa says:

    gail, maybe they just haven’t changed their clothes much, lol meanwhile as time went by, the hair fell out, muscle became flab, walker was added, lol

  380. lisa says:

    favorites it’s sort of like clipping coupons and filing them away never to be redeemed.

  381. gail says:

    Just me-It has happened twice to me. Both times they told me that it was their picture from 20 years ago…that’s when they looked their best:) and they felt they hadn’t changed much since then. I just nodded and smiled:) I didn’t want to change their perception of themselves.

  382. lisa says:

    I met a sd on here who’s face looked like his photo but since he didn’t post a body shot I was very unpleasantly surprised to be approached by a man who must have been 300 lbs. He said “average” in his profile. The sad thing is that he rejected me, cancelled our evening plans by saying he was in a car accident on the way home from our first meeting.

    most pictures have been accurate except that one.

  383. Gordon says:

    Hgirl, Excellent answer, make sure all potential sds here it.

  384. Brown Sugar 292409 says:

    thnx Gordon

  385. Gordon says:

    Brown Sugar, some people use the favorites as a filing cabinet and not as a message board. They are not trying to say anything to you but are bookmarking for a second look.

  386. Hgirl291128 says:


    Very good question. First of all I am told that I make everyone feel as if they are at the center of my life. Perhaps this very same quality will enable me to be a caring and competent physician.

    Second of all I am planning to take at least a year off (if not several) before medical school. I have been working and studying hard for my whole life and I would like to take a break to travel, relax and pursue some volunteer work. During this time I would love to spend time in the company of an appreciative gentleman who could teach me things and I him.

    Does that answer your question?

  387. Brown Sugar 292409 says:

    on that note any IDEAS

  388. JustMe says:

    Gail, many times!! it’s sad, really! And they expect us to overlook that, but I’m sure if the oppisite happened, they’d walk out on us!! LOL

  389. Brown Sugar 292409 says:

    i really think losing weight will help alot more like 15 pounds these guys love the SSSSSSLLLIIIIMMM girls so im going on a go hard diet healthy or unhealthy i need to get this meat off

  390. Gordon says:

    OK, Cornell grads do not misspell school, but if I write a check every year they are forgiving.

  391. Brown Sugar 292409 says:

    Yea lisa i believe most are premium i cant take this anymore and they add me as favorites but never like send me emails

  392. gail says:

    Have any of you ever met a SD and they donot resemble their pictures on their profile?

  393. Brown Sugar 292409 says:

    lol yea hes ssssssoooo call inlove with me

  394. Gordon says:

    Hgirl, while on our walk I mulled over a question for you and will play dutch uncle for a moment.

    You are a serious student at an elite school and pre-med. You are involved with community service and I assume you are involved with other scholl activities.

    I am a Cornell grad (go Big Red) who double lettered and was fully active. I know how much time and dedication this takes.

    My question is, how much time, how much Hgirl can you give a sd

    Most potential sds have spent a lifetime working around the schedules of career, family and community. At this chapter in their lives they want the schedule to work around them. Even the best sd is going to ask how much time and attention you can give them.

    I am not asking you to to cut back on school, community, activities, but be prepared for the conversation.

    Any sd always gets the best end of the arrangement because it gets a remarkable woman. Make sure he always feels that he is at the center of your life.

  395. Hgirl291128 says:

    A flat screen TV? I’m jealous (and TV-less)!

  396. lisa says:

    Had the same thing to happen to me many times Brown Sugar. Were they premium members? I have had them read by premium members but not answered and these guys are still on the site month after month.

  397. Brown Sugar 292409 says:

    i sent a few SD emails and not one has been open YET!! and they have been on recently and these emails been on for dayS

  398. lisa says:

    i’m back, I was just reading about a Polish hostage getting beheaded in Pakistan, happened in Attock which is were my ex is from. Reallys disturbing stuff.

    flowerpush, don’t let any doctors hear you, they will leave the medical profession and become sugarbabies as it pays more and no malpractice insurance to pay. lol

    If it sounds too good to be true, it most likely is.

  399. Brown Sugar 292409 says:

    lol yes Hgirl im talking to this guy (well my used-to be proffesor-) and hes telling me he cant pay for my hait because im getting a flat screen tv for valentine day LIKE dude are u serious aaaahhh and he wants sex hes like everytime i leave him hard he feels like im up to no good cause im not taking care of hes sexual needs ( sorry about the language ladies)

  400. Hgirl291128 says:

    Hahaha I hear you Brown Sugar- especially with Valentine’s Day coming up. Well, patience is a virtue!

  401. Brown Sugar 292409 says:

    i need an SD where are uuuu honey lol

  402. flowerpush says:

    Lol Beach & Lisa!
    Come to think of it he was offering $7,000 – $10,000 a month, though I didn’t want that much. I mean really $10,000 a month for a year is more than some doctor’s salaries. Six figures for going out with a SD a couple times a month seems too good to be true and it most likely is.

  403. Beach says:

    Good point, there are some math issues there.

  404. Hgirl291128 says:

    Can I ask if you ladies have had SD/SB relationships? How long have they lasted? What did they entail exactly? I’m sure you get that question 8 billion times a day but I am very curious.

  405. sweetredhead....269443 says:

    I only give respect if I get respect. Don’t care if your my boss or not. I worked my way to where I am now and I run your office I deserve it. Ok thats may be the redhead in me lol

  406. lisa says:

    flowerpush, tax detective, lol
    I would like to see some of these sds write financial planning manuals so that I can learn how they can afford 10-20k a month when they only make 75K, that’s some great investing, lol

  407. sweetredhead....269443 says:

    thank you Ogre.

  408. lisa says:

    My first day at this job was kinda funny as I already knew what to do, as I did the same thing for over 7 years before, different terms but same job. I still confuse my coworkers when I refer to something with a different word than they are familiar with. One of them just stairs at me and says “what?”
    I don’t stress out over it anymore as I did at previous jobs, and I don’t do “everything”. I just no or I’d rather not do this or that as I learned from my last job that being on time, working hard, and giving 150% doesn’t matter, now I give 100% but nothing more. I get much more respect from my boss than I did at my last job.

  409. Beach says:

    Flower, just call in an anonomous tip to the IRS. I find that very effective. Be sure to tell them the income he is quoting on SA.

  410. Ogre says:

    Congrats sweetred 🙂

  411. Hgirl291128 says:

    Yes, I always feel like I’m running around like a chicken with my head cut off on my 1st day of a job. I’m sure you’ll be great though Sweetredhead!

  412. Jai *277171 says:

    Good luck sweetred! We both have big days tomorrow. I move into my new place 🙂 Go us!

  413. flowerpush says:

    SoExec, I’m sorry I must of passed your comment up. Thanks so much for your concern. Some are like that I just wish he would’ve been honest with me and told me HE was like that.

  414. Gordon says:

    Brynn is ready for her walk, I will catch up in a few.

  415. lisa says:

    First days are always scary for me. Had only 3 of them in the past 11 years, fortunately.

    Hgirl I will send you some of my years to add to your age, lol how about 15 or 20?

  416. sweetredhead....269443 says:

    Thank you. excited and nervous at the same time.

  417. Hgirl291128 says:

    Good luck tomorrow!

  418. sweetredhead....269443 says:

    Aww ty for remembering Lisa 🙂

  419. Hgirl291128 says:

    Hahah Gordon- it’s too bad that I am not in my 40s because I think we’d be a great match!

  420. Hgirl291128 says:

    Agreed bostonterrier. Just because I’m 21 doesn’t mean that I spend my time in clubs or wasting time. I have very clear goals and I consider myself a very principled person who is always striving to learn. I would challenge those who doubt my maturity to attempt to go to school full time, maintain a 3.98 GPA, volunteer at a children’s hospital, work two jobs and apply to medical school. My life isn’t easy just because I’m younger.

  421. lisa says:

    The 80’s were a great time. MTV still played music, Aids was still a relatively unknown disease, there was less crime, the big hair bands were great, lol
    Oh remember tomorrow is Sweetredhead’s first day at her new job 🙂

  422. Gordon says:

    Hgirl, I dream of a woman with you humor, intellect, education, general zest for life, body and the ability to muck out stalls 😉

  423. JustMe says:

    Good for you Hgirl…. I don’t blame you!

  424. sweetredhead....269443 says:

    Age is just a number its the maturity. i have known 20 yr olds that are more mature than 40 yr olds 🙂

  425. Gordon says:

    “The times they are a changing” a song from the sixties. The more things change they more they stay the same. Always enjoy where you are in life and always keep an open mind about other generations.

  426. Hgirl291128 says:

    I told him that he should look into getting a prostitute as I am looking for someone who can appreciate my humor, intellect, education and general zest for life and not just my body! 🙂

  427. bostonTerrier says:

    being 20 … i am clearly outnumbered here but i think being 40 isn’t a whole heck of a lot different from being 20.

    older people are quick to point out how the younger generations just aren’t mature, need life experience, don’t know who they are, etc. blah blah blah but i think for the large majority of 20-somethings this isn’t true. sure i don’t have kids or x number of relationships to look back on but my intelligence and experiences in my life up to this point are nothing short of remarkable and something many people would probably envy.

    times are changing and growing up today is nothing like growing up in the 80’s.

  428. JustMe says:

    lol… Hgirl… It’s up to you what age you choose to date, but I’m not surprised by his age!

  429. Hgirl291128 says:

    He’s 38. (Should I look for someone over 50? I agree that they are more refined but I’m only 21!)

  430. Beach says:

    ROFL, I never would and should never assume 🙂

  431. lisa says:

    Hgirl he sounds like a great one, hurry get to the hotel right now. That’s definately a sd. Ask him to wire you a large amount of money first and watch him disappear. 🙂

  432. sweetredhead....269443 says:

    beach my dear man a gentleman does not ask lmao

  433. JustMe says:

    Hgirl, may I ask how old this man is?

  434. Hgirl291128 says:

    A man keeps emailing me and asking to meet me. We talked back and forth and now he wants to meet….at a hotel in downtown Boston!!! I told him that was incredibly unsafe for me and he responded….”and fun!”

    Seriously? Wow some people are so weird.

  435. Beach says:

    Your over 40?

  436. lisa says:

    I’m 43 and the rejection of potential sds on this site make me feel like i’m 80.

  437. JustMe says:

    Thank you, Gordon… I agree. 😉

  438. sweetredhead....269443 says:

    I think life begins at 40 🙂 and i look young enough to appreciate it.

  439. Gordon says:

    JustMe has good taste in men.

  440. lisa says:

    my last 3 relationships (one was only friends) have been men over 50, no change, one dumped me without notice, other was too busy with his young children and prison ministry, one I am still having an affair with but he’s married.

  441. Gordon says:

    I just mixed my first martini of the night and will have it with all of you.
    It’s a good evening.

  442. sweetredhead....269443 says:

    Now there is a voice of wisdom lol. Ok so I am a little prejudged sence I am over 40 lmao.

  443. JustMe says:

    Lisa, I’ve found that men over 50 seem to have more respect for themselves and the ladies they are with… that is why I don’t go out with men younger than that! They’ve learned how to treat a lady as a lady!!

  444. lisa says:

    Well i’m a 43 year old woman who has only had her own place for 3 years. married at 22, divorced at 25, lived with parents and my new baby for 14 years, finally moved out to find my own life, daughter didn’t like it, family has never been the same and I have struggled nonstop.

  445. Beach says:

    Women have attractive points at every age. At 20 it is enthusiasm, ain ther fourties it is a confidence and awareness of who they are. Play to your strenghts. I find many women in their 40s very attractive.

  446. Hgirl291128 says:

    Don’t tell me that lisa hahaha (a girl can dream, right?)

  447. Hgirl291128 says:

    Yes, my mother is 47 and she is the most graceful beautiful woman I know (despite not being black boston terrier lol). AND she’s a prominent surgeon with 3 great kids (if I do say so myself) and a loving husband. I guess Your 40s are great too! I think that life is great in general and each year brings new challenges and new rewards.

  448. lisa says:

    Hgirl they haven’t changed, the older ones are just as cheap, lol

  449. Hgirl291128 says:

    Doomed? No way lisa. No such thing as too late! And being 20 isn’t always great. Think of what guys were like in their early 20s. They won’t even buy you a coke at Chillis and expect you to fall all over yourself to try to get in bed with them.

  450. bostonTerrier says:

    lol! it’s sad it would take two of us to make one good sb

  451. JustMe says:

    I love being my age! I am happy, experienced, and know who I am! Can’t say that when I was younger!! Life is only getting better and better as I age! (gracefully, I might add! LOL 😉 )

  452. bostonTerrier says:

    and i am with Hgirl, under 40 definitely isn’t bad.

    at the same time i look at my mother – she’s 42 – and every day i am amazed by her beauty. i can only hope to age as gracefully (the saying is after all, “black don’t crack”). 🙂

  453. Hgirl291128 says:

    Hahaha me + boston terrier = gordon’s idea of a good SB?

  454. lisa says:

    I hate being over 40, I would sell my soul to be 20 again and be able to take advantage of opportunities. I am doomed

  455. bostonTerrier says:

    lol, that is funny 🙂

  456. JustMe says:

    LOL Gordon… smart move!!!!! 🙂

  457. lisa says:

    I like horse racing but not horses. I used to watch the races every sat night I think it was back when I was a little girl living near Alrlington park Illinois. Love the races, hate the horses. Horses remind me of country life which I loathe, I’m a city girl all the way, no boots, hats or horses for me.

  458. Gordon says:

    BostonTerrier, yes she is 40+, I considered getting two twenty yos but thought better of it.

  459. JustMe says:

    Hgirl… just wait… When you hit 40 you will see what I mean!! Life gets sooo much better! 😀

  460. lisa says:

    But gail, he’s still available, same profile, same photos. Don’t you want to watch him eat? And then there’s the guy that took me to Chili’s for cokes. We sat in a booth on a busy friday night drinking coke and eating chips and salsa, no burger, no food, and we stayed over an hour, I felt bad for the waitress. Great guys

  461. Hgirl291128 says:

    Hahaha OK, OK no more talking about horses!

    And I agree that over 40 is a great age but under 40 isn’t so bad…. 🙂

  462. Gordon says:

    Georgy is a retired Dressage horse, my body got a little banged up over the years and I prefer a soft ride.

  463. bostonTerrier says:

    is your sb 40 gordon?

  464. JustMe says:

    I agree Gordon, Over forty is just the begining! All gets better after that!!!! 😉

  465. gail says:


    LOL…you sure do get the winners:( Hardly my idea of a SD:)

  466. Gordon says:

    JustMe, my boat is a forty year old Bermuda 40, boats and women start getting beautiful and interesting at forty.

  467. lisa says:

    I think i’m going to grab a snack and a coke, you have lost me with the horses, I hate them. I had a horse as a child and I sold it to get money to buy records. Horses, yuck, hate them, sorry

  468. gail says:

    Hgirl…I like the spa idea:) and Gordon, SouthBeach….yeah!!!!! Oh Gordon…Hgirl and you have common interest…horses:)

  469. Hgirl291128 says:

    You have horses?!?! I am so jealous! I need a SD like you- corgis, horses and boats 🙂

    I have never had my own horse but have always wanted one. I’m a little skittish now after that mare bucked me. I’d love to lease a really gentle horse to get me back in the swing of things.

  470. Gordon says:

    If I take sb out to South Beach Saturday night, I will be confined to a hammock all day Sunday.

    My rowdy days have rowdied on down.

  471. JustMe says:

    I also love the boat shows… I used to have a beautiful 42 ft boat, so love to see all the new gagets and gizmos they have out now!! You never know Gordon, she may also be interested!

  472. Gordon says:

    Hgirl, I live over on the Island and keep some horses in Wellington including my beloved Georgy Girl

  473. Hgirl291128 says:

    Agreed. I actually think a boat show would be fun!

  474. gail says:

    If I were your SB I would be at your side the entire weekend, enjoying you and your interest. That is unless you want to go at it alone. No doubt in my mind you would be treating me well…LOL

  475. Gordon says:

    Thank you for the advice, I do believe that she may be able to find something to do on South Beach while I am playing with new depth finders.

  476. Hgirl291128 says:

    Oh and yes, I broke my wrist riding in Wellington actually! I have been a few times (it’s such a great place to ride!) but I’d love to go more often.

  477. JustMe says:

    Gordon, My opinion is… as long as you make sure Saturday is all about her, then the rest of the weekend could be all about other YOU…. this should be her “gift” to you!! If she is a good SB, she will want to please you too!

  478. SuthrnExec says:

    Gody, I’m gonna sit back and watch this… 🙂

  479. Hgirl291128 says:


    Why don’t you tell her that you have a very romantic Saturday planned and that you would like to spend Sunday at the boat show. Ask her if she would like to come or perhaps you could send her to a spa for some pre or post Valentine’s Day pampering?

    You are making me jealous that I have no one to spend Valentine’s Day with! 🙂

  480. sweetredhead....269443 says:

    Gordon I think if you make Vday special for her, that’s a very good SD. As for doing the other things you like (guy stuff) if she is a good SB she will just enjoy being with you.

  481. gail says:

    Count me in Suthrn….barcardi over…coke back please…make it a double:)

  482. lisa says:

    here’s on for you ladies:
    I had a date with a guy from a regular dating site a few years back. We met at the mall food court (my choice as it’s a safe casual place for me and it was a regular coffee meeting) and I arrived at the mall, called him and he said he was headed towards the foodcourt. Well when I got there he was sitting waiting for me, and then excused himself to go order some food (for him) he returned 10 minutes later with his food and began eating in front of me. After a few minutes he asked me “don’t you have something to do?” I got up and walked away feeling like an idiot having wasted my precious saturday (I get one or two off a year) getting ready to meet a guy so I could watch him eat. He is still on the site 3 years later with the same pictures and profile.

  483. Gordon says:

    Hgirl, I read that you missed coming to Palm Beach because of an accident. Do you ride at Wellington? Do you come down often?

  484. Gordon says:

    Ladies, give some advice to me.

    Next weekend is the big sd/sb test. Every February I go to the Miami Boat show, it is a huge deal. This year it is Feb 12th-16th. There are beautiful Italian yachts to climb aboard, there are many cocktail receptions and flashy events.
    There are also rows and rows and rows of the newest generators, hydraulic pumps, and out drives, real guy stuff.

    SB flies down Thursday night for the weekend. Saturday Feb 14th is the High Holy Day. I understand that I can’t spend time on Saturday looking at new anchor chains.

    The question is how much does Valentines drip over onto Friday and Sunday and how much time can I spend doing guy stuff either alone or with sb at my side?

  485. JustMe says:

    Yes, very tacky Flower… and certainly NO gentleman!!

  486. Ogre says:

    I’m in Suthrn

  487. lisa says:

    flowerpush, your date sound like the kind of guy who likes to meet and have dinner but has found a way to do it without paying, it works for him so there is no need for him to do anything different, just plain cheap, lol

    Just finished talking to my mom, my stepdad has a hole in his retina and has to have eye surgery scheduled soon. they are still busy trying to run all over town on the bus getting his drivers license, social security, etc, all the stuff that was in his lost wallet.

  488. flowerpush says:

    I can’t believe he would do that JustMe. Talking about sexual desires at dinner, especially the first dinner is just tacky and leaving you with the bill? What kind of SD is that? lol. Finding a gentleman is hard whether he is a self proclaimed SD or not. Just because a man has money doesn’t mean he’s a gentleman lol.

    I am grateful for that Hgirl! Look at the positive side, that’s what I always try to do.

  489. JustMe says:

    Been a long day here, SuthrnExec… count me in!! 😉

  490. sweetredhead....269443 says:

    I could use a drink right now myself

  491. SuthrnExec says:

    I think it’s about time to have a drink – and I don’t mean a glass of sweet tea – anybody care to join?

  492. Hgirl291128 says:

    Gordon- you have a corgi? They are so adorable!

  493. Hgirl291128 says:

    flowerpush- at least you saw his true colors at the first meeting, not the 15th! I’m sorry you had such a negative experience.

  494. JustMe says:

    Flower, that sounds like the guy I had dinner with… he talked about being a gentleman and how he always treats his ladies good.. then I meet him for dinner and I have to sit through him telling me all the different sexual desires he wants to do in his life… then has the nerve to stick me with the bill… and wondered why I didn’t want a second date with him!! LOL

  495. flowerpush says:

    Aw, that’s nice you and your SB had a nice time Gordon.

  496. Gordon says:

    Brynn, my corgi is tired,
    I am tired.
    My sb boarded a plane a few hours ago fresh as a daisy.

  497. flowerpush says:

    Aw thanks Gail, I am pretty sure I am still in for Vegas though I do have some loose ends to fix.

    Thanks Lisa, I agree it is a fine line. I’m not trying to offend anyone with what I said either. I know some of the men on this site run any business they have legitimately but they are married and have SBs. I’m not judging that. It’s more like if we talked about marriage on the phone and then we meet and I see you’re wearing a wedding ring. You should just be honest with me in the first place so I can make the decision if I am comfortable with that or not. It really hurt me because there were no signs of that, he kept up his facade but I guess he couldn’t keep it up anymore in person or he thought it didn’t matter because he thought he had me since we met. I’m not sure but I was totally thrown off guard.

  498. JustMe says:

    Awesome Gordon… so glad you both had a chance to see each other and had a nice time! 🙂

  499. Gordon says:

    She’s tired after having a busy weekend.

  500. sweetredhead....269443 says:

    How is that cutie brynn…Give him a big hug from me 🙂

  501. sweetredhead....269443 says:

    Gordon, glad you had a good time with your Sb 🙂

  502. Ogre says:

    Thank you flowerpush 🙂

  503. sweetredhead....269443 says:

    Good evening Gordon 🙂

  504. lisa says:

    Flowerpush, so sorry you had that experience, honesty carries on in all areas of life and if someone is dishonest in business, it is a fine line till they cross over into dishonesty in their personal life, they will find an excuse for being that way just as they do in their work.

    In real life im a pushover who get’s walked over by everyone and I have had many experiences and learned alot and I have found no respect for a man who finds ways to avoid paying to get things and it is not limited to one area. Anyway I will not voice my opinion on it as no one wants to hear the truth. I have wanted to come in and give advice to sbs on the site when I knew their potential sd was not going to work or they were being used or strung alone with endless cancellations, but I remained quiet and watched the results. I’ve been there and I know how bad men work

  505. flowerpush says:

    Aw, thanks Sweetred. Some people texted me today asking where I was. I don’t know what I would do without my family. -big hugs to everyone-

    I message premium and non paying members though I notice that non paying members don’t give you a reply more often than premium members. I heard that non paying members can’t reply now so that would explain it rofl.

    Welcome Ogre & Sacha!

  506. Gordon says:

    I’m great, my new sb was down for a short weekend and the weather was great for us.

  507. sweetredhead....269443 says:

    I know lisa is a kind hearted person. And I love Lisa, she knows that. I only speak from my heart. I look forward to the day Lisa get her special SD. I will be one of the first to do a happy dance on the table 🙂

  508. gail says:

    Flowerpush…was thinking about you today. I am sorry you had that experience. But I am happier that you are ready to move on:) This experience…shows your values:) and caring for people. I am sure you have learned from this and determined what you don’t want. So are you still in for Vegas?????

  509. JustMe says:

    Hi Gordon how are you tonight?

  510. Jai *277171 says:

    Hi everyone!

    Sorry to hear about that flowerpush. It sucks you had to meet him, but at least you know now before things got serious. It looks like you’ve bounced back though 🙂

  511. Gordon says:

    Good evening group

  512. SuthrnExec says:

    Flowerpush, sorry to hear about your experience. Unfortunately there are folks that seem to live by one ethic for work and another for personal life, etc. Good for you for moving on. I’m sure a more qualified SD will be coming your way soon!

  513. gail says:

    Red…Lisa gets wound up and sarcastic. Most of us know that:) But she truly is a kind hearted warm soul. Her intentions here are based on her experiences…and one day we will be doing a happy dance for her:)
    Love ya Lisa:) Good, bad, or ugly the blog would not be the same without her…same goes to you Red.

  514. sweetredhead....269443 says:

    flowerpush I am so sorry to hear that, How horrible. You know you always have your sugar family here to cheer you up 🙂 We were worried about you.

  515. flowerpush says:

    Hi everyone!

    -I haven’t been around because I was discouraged about my first pot SD meeting that was on Thursday. The guy was so nice and empathized honesty and integrity as things that were important to him and important in a relationship on-line and on the phone. So it was of great surprise to me that when we actually met for lunch he was a disrespectful jerk that was literally covered in dog hair.

    -He disrespected the waitress so badly that I had to call her over and apologize for his behavior. YES I did it in front of him. He looked sheepish and apologized while making some excuse about not getting much sleep.

    -He also went into more detail about how he made his fortune. On-line he told me he owned multiple car lots and different things. What he didn’t tell me was that he makes the majority of his money scamming people with bad credit and things like that out of THOUSANDS of dollars. He also said, “Do I feel bad about it? No, because I’m living comfortably.” I was so disgusted I wanted to cry. I asked him about what he said about honesty and integrity and he said, “Honey that only applies to relationships, not business.” How does that work? If you’re an honest person then you try to be one in every aspect of your life right? Even if you aren’t you at LEAST try. You don’t make the conscious decision to scam hardworking struggling people out of thousands of dollars so you can buy an Audi right? There is no way I could trust that guy.
    I am feeling better now though. Ready to move on and find my perfect SD!

  516. Ogre says:

    Thanks Gail. I’m hoping to do the same for you, Lisa and every other sugar family member still searching 🙂

  517. sweetredhead....269443 says:

    Lisa my suggestion is if your in a bad mood. You really should not be on the blog. We all have our days. But your not putting yourself in a very good light.
    Being rude to someone is never justified in any mood.

  518. SexySacha-272436 says:

    Thanks chocolatevenus,
    Yes i do agree with you, there’s definately a difference in attitude between the UK sd’s and the US sd’s. The majority of the UK sd’s just don’t seem to understand, for example i had this guy who kept writing to me telling me how interested he was, after a few emails i decided to speak to him on the phone, u know just trying to move things forward. You wouldn’t believe this guy stayed on the phoned with me for nearly an hour complaining about other sb’s he met on the site, saying they were too demanding etc etc…well i asked him what he meant by that and what sort of arrangement he was looking for, he said he was looking for someone to go to the movies and dinners with and also someone that would spend weekends with him and if that person was Very lucky only would they get an allowance…lol…i laughed so hard, i don’t even know why i stayed on the phone for soo long, i think i was bored that day, it was a sunday..lol

    But yeah, that said, am sure there are a few good ones, has anyone here met any good sd yet? chocolatevenus do u come to london sometimes?

    Sweeteuropean, I grew up in Paris and i still go there all the time to see my mum who lives there, i came to london to study for my degree and liked it so i decided to stay.

  519. gail says:

    Here’s another twist…I have never paid for membership…LOL..and I am perfectly happy…just haven’t found my SD yet…so to each his own, and whatever works:) (smile)

    Ogre, please keep us updated…we would all love to do the happy dance for you:)

  520. lisa says:

    put your head down sweetredhead, I see a ball flying your way, duck , lol
    lisa’s in a b**** mood tonight. she could have gotten some lovin but madea an excuse for him not to come over, I just dont look or feel sexy tonight. Plus I have a big bag of trash that needs to go out but it was too late to take it to the trash by the time I got home, and a load of laundry waiting to be washed tomorrow. I don’t want him to see all of this

  521. Ogre says:

    Thanks sweetred 😉

  522. sweetredhead....269443 says:

    Lisa, ENOUGH pleaseeeeee You know I love you Gf but enough is enough. you are being rude to Ogre. I personally don’t like seeing it and I am sure other don’t either.

  523. sweetredhead....269443 says:

    No problem Ogre, I understand trying to explain your point under fire lol.

  524. lisa says:

    what is this personal choice, lol it sounds like you are breaking up with your lover or joining the preisthood, it’s just a sd membership. I bet you still drive that 1977 amc pacer, don’t you? 🙂 sorry not being rude, just feel in a sarcastic post work day mood. It takes trying something new to get more out of life. What if they guy who discovered electricity had have been happy sitting with his candle instead of trying new things, we’d still be in the dark and running our computers off of kerosene, lol

  525. Ogre says:

    I’m sorry sweetred. I’m done 😛

  526. sweetredhead....269443 says:

    Yes please agree to disagree. I feel like I am at a tennis match or debate lol.

    I am getting a bit dizzy!

  527. lisa says:

    SuthrnExec, I upgraded out of curiosity and to be able to see who viewed me and who added me as favorites. If I could afford it, I would keep my profile on premium but i’m just a poor working woman, not a wealthy sd 🙂

  528. Ogre says:

    Lisa, please understand that it is not fear that stops me, but a personal choice I’ve made 🙂 . And this is not so much about adventure for me as it is mutual enjoyment. I’ve found that if something is working for me one way, there is almost never a reason to change said thing unless I choose to. We can agree to disagree though 😉 Thanks for taking the time to express your opinion. I appreciate everyone being so open and informative.

  529. lisa says:

    sorry if i’m being a b****, I’m always that way when I spend eternity trying to get the bus, but responding to every message you receive shouldn’t be something you think about, it’s just courtesy, not something you should have to have brought to your attention, it’s just all part of being a true gentleman. A true person of character treats everyone with kindness or at least tact. You can tell alot of about a person by the way they treat the cleaning lady or the waiter.
    I respond to all messages, even the offensive ones in which I use the opportunity to make a smart response back, lol

  530. JustMe says:

    Ogre, I have to put my 2 cents in also… I won’t even open up profiles of non-members! .. If a potential SD is not interested in spending a little amount of money to be on this site, how much will they be willing to spend when taking me out. I’ve actually been out to dinner with a potential SD who convienently left his wallet home. When the bill came he handed it to me and asked me to handle it! I took the bill from him, left him at the table and paid for our dinner as I left the restaurant.. The next day, he wanted to know what happened? And then asked if we could meet again!! LOL (OH, no second date, incase you were wondering!)

  531. SuthrnExec says:

    Ogre, no need to further justify. Totally understand.

    Lisa, one might ask you why you feel so compelled to upgrade? Why are you afraid to NOT upgrade? 🙂

    We each have our strategy and preferred way of going about this. Ogre’s differs from most of us but that’s fine. If he’s comfortable with it, that’s really all that matters. I am impressed with the gentleman who sticks by his decision and is not easily dissuaded – you don’t have to agree with him to appreciate that.

  532. sweetredhead....269443 says:

    lisa, Orge sounds like a very nice guy. Its really is his choice and he does make a lot of very good points.

  533. lisa says:

    why are you afraid of upgrading for just 30 days? You don’t sound very adventurous to me, afraid to risk a few dollars of your fortune? Heck I invested half of my monthly food budget (half of 40 dollars!) to upgrade, made sacrifices and got many more views to my profile but nothing serious but I’m glad I did it.

  534. Ogre says:

    There’s nothing wrong with upgrading Lisa 🙂 I’ve just chosen not to. I’m more interested in a woman who will not judge me by an upgrade. I, in return, do not judge by upgrades, solely on looks etc. The woman who writes me in spite of her past experiences and judges me upon my own merits, is the one who I will give to, lavish, and help any way I can. And I’ve made a decision to answer each woman who emails me. It was brought to my attention by some of the wonderful women on this board that that is the polite thing to do and I agree. See? I’m not ALL bad 😉

  535. Hgirl291128 says:

    Awesome! I go to Brown (but I’m from Boston!)

  536. bostonTerrier says:

    Hgirl –

    i go to bu

  537. lisa says:

    personally I have never had a non premium member read my email , let alone send me an email

  538. lisa says:

    sorry Ogre but I have found that men who cut corners usually cut corners in everything else, just from personal experience. I just see the next step, let’s see if I can see her and spend time with her without having to give her an allowance, as long as I can date her and she doesn’t want me to buy her any gifts, etc , etc. What is so wrong with upgrading? I even did is as a sb member even though I can read and send email through standard, I wanted to use the other features available to me. I actually used a large portion of my grocery money, and went without just to try premium and I might do it again in the future, so I don’t see why you wouldn’t. That’s your choice though

  539. Ogre says:

    If we get along without me upgrading and are able to communicate without me upgrading, why is it so bad? 🙂 Lisa, give me chance. You may be missing out on a serious SD, like myself, who is choosing not upgrade for personal reasons.

  540. Ogre says:

    I may have to upgrade after all 🙂 but with the responses I’ve received so far, it’s hard for me to justify upgrading at this point. I do have five potentials who I’ve corresponded with without the membership and right now, that is sufficient for me. Though I am feeling I may be missing out on some wonderful women…

  541. chocolatevenus 143783 says:

    Hi ladies, just popped in for 30mins, I should be in bed already.

    I just wanted to say hello to everyone, especially Sasha in London. I am in Leeds !! But used to live in London, so miss it, would love to move back down, but the job and family keeps me north for the moment.

    Be patient, only go for the right SD for you. You will find the attitude between UK and US SD are different, but good ones are out there!

    Good luck with you hunt


  542. lisa says:

    I personally would never email a non premium sd again, as I find most of them don’t upgrade. they sign up because they want to look at profiles, more than half of the guys that have me on their favorites list are free members. I also have an issue with a wealthy and generous man not being williing to spend a little money, at least for one month to take it seriously. I would feel that that same man who wouldn’t spent a little money to upgrade and that looks for ways to communicate without paying, especially if he wants to take time to make sure he wants to proceed would be the same type that would want to meet a lady several times and get some action before discussing a financial arrangement. Sorry that’s just how I see it.

  543. sweetredhead....269443 says:

    Ogre, I also do not typically look at profiles of men who are not premium members. To me it seems they are not to interested. I am an SB and have a premium membership.

  544. lisa says:

    Good evening everyone. Would you believe I got off work at 4 and just now got home? My bus never showed up, the one I waited almost an hour for so I had to wait for the next one. Total waiting time 1 hour 45 minutes for a 15 minute bus ride. I’m exhausted. I also get an email from the guy I am having an affair with (I won’t call it what it is cause some of the ladies on the site think it sounds trashy , I don’t know why it’s different than what they do) and he wanted to stop by later tonight but I am a wreck, dirty, hair;s a mess, tired, nails ripped and chipped and I just feel like relaxing and I feel very unattractive when I get home from work and well I didin’t want him to see me like this, so I emailed him and made up an excuse that friends were coming over. I feel horrible because we hardly see each other and it’s less and less lately since I started working days but I just look like crap. Spent the day lifting and dragging heavy stuff around.
    Anyway hopefully I will see him friday. He can’t come by tomorrow cause he has a repairman coming by to fix a saturday evening disaster.
    I’m goint to take a bath and get cleaned up, be back soon

  545. Ogre says:

    On its way Gail 🙂

  546. gail says:

    Awww…nice of you Ogre:) Okay waiting for my message…LOL…:)

  547. Hgirl291128 says:


    What school? And I agree- I love the city!


  548. Ogre says:

    I deserve that Suthrn 🙂

  549. SuthrnExec says:

    A thousand lashes with a wet noodle for you, Sir!!

  550. bostonTerrier says:

    Hgirl –

    i’m not from Boston but I am here for school and have grown to love this city … on the days it isn’t snowing 🙂

  551. Ogre says:

    I’m going to revisit the profiles of the women who’ve written me, even those I have no interest in, and send them a gentlemanly email expressing my thanks along with my lack of interest. 🙂 I honestly hadn’t thought to do that and shame on me for that. Thanks again for all the advice ladies and gent.

  552. Hgirl291128 says:

    Yes I see your logic bostonterrier (by the way, where in boston are you from? Did you grow up there too?). However, if Ogre doesn’t even see any SBs on the site that he wants to hear from then it’s fine if he’s deterring girls from contacting him. I agree that perhaps you should be expanding your search, however. Travel is always fun and adds an element of excitement to the mix!

  553. Ogre says:

    It’s really good to get the opinions of actual SBs 🙂 . Though I am sticking with my decision not upgrade. I’ve received emails of interest and sent a few responses. I’ve learned quickly that it is not necessary to upgrade to communicate. I’m hoping that the opinion of the potential SBs vary and interest isn’t based solely upon my decision to upgrade my account. It reflects nothing about my financial position, seriousness, or lack thereof 😉 It’s just a personal decision.

  554. gail says:

    Thanks for taking the time to clarify. It’s sounds like you may be limiting your opportunity. But I understand it’s your choice. I can’t but feel for the SB who takes the risk to send you message. Getting a thanks but no thanks is more of a gentlemanly response than none at all. With that it would be a waste of my time to send a message.

  555. bostonTerrier says:

    if i did email sds (i don’t … having them contact me works wonderfully and hasn’t failed) i would only contact & look at the premium members. it says something when you are a premium sd as opposed to a non-premium sd. girls on this site are looking for a potentially wealthy sd and seeing one who isn’t paying for their membership, however much it is to be a premium member, doesn’t speak very highly of them or their seriousness.

    that is just my opinion though.

  556. SuthrnExec says:

    Ogre, thanks for the clarification – I sort of figured that was the method to your madness – not a bad approach. I wonder, though, if a SB might be reluctant to send an email to a SD who they know won’t be able to read it?? Maybe the SBs on here and weigh-in.

  557. Ogre says:

    Hello all,

    I saw that I received some responses to my response to Gail’s question..hmmm, my apologies if that sentence is confusing 😛 . I wanted to take a second to clarify. I’m interested and looking but have seen nothing (specifically in AZ profiles) that has piqued my interest enough for me to upgrade. I surely don’t want to waste a SBs time, but I also don’t want to waste mine. If I receive an email from someone with a profile that I am interested in, I will hastily upgrade to answer her 🙂 but until then, I’ll keep looking around. Hope that is clearer and less offensive ladies.

  558. gail says:

    LOL…yeah…plus we don’t want to relive the chicken and tape incident….LOL…memories…..

  559. SuthrnExec says:

    Bummer – prob best to keep it among the SBs anyway…

  560. gail says:

    Suthrn-Here’s the newest info on the broadcast:

    Sex Talk Radio:
    Ms. Gail, and Ms OC talk about sex and all it entails. From fantasies to techniques, tune in to hear what is on our minds.

    Date / Time: 02/08/2008 6:41 PM

    Change of Show
    Hey everyone,
    Miss Gail and Miss OC has been pretty sick lately so the show has been canceled for this week. Be sure to tune in for the next one, on April 26th!

    LOL…..Sorry OC you are not here to represent yourself…but the show must go on:) LOL

  561. SuthrnExec says:

    Gail, do you and OC have a syndicated late night hot sex topic talk show that might be on a radio station near me? I’d love to listen in – might learn something!

  562. Hgirl291128 says:

    Haha I love how FL = retirement. I was just down in West Palm (I broke my wrist after getting bucked off a horse lol) and the average age was like 56. It’s so different than being in a college town.

    And thanks Gail- I have another picture but it’s pending approval. That is me btw but not my horse (I don’t have one…some day though!)

    I’m loving the blog family already!

  563. gail says:

    Awww HGirl…that was sweet of you to say:) I am in Cali too in the North closer to the mountains…OCSugar is in the South close to the beach. But we have both had rain lately:)

    You are so pretty HGirl!!!And that must be you on your horse:) You will not have any problems finding a SD…just take it slow, and be patient!

  564. sweetredhead....269443 says:

    Welcome Hgirl. I am in sunny Florida now but I am from New England also 🙂

    Northern transplant . hit 40 and Off i go to the retirement state lmao.

    You will get some great advice here as you can see from southrn. his book comes out in June lol.

  565. Hgirl291128 says:

    Thanks gail! I’m so glad to hear that you are reaping the rewards from your risk- I don’t know you but I have a feeling that you are certainly deserving!

  566. Hgirl291128 says:

    Haha, yes- crackups for sure. Consider me a fan. I have been looking at everyone’s profile who listed their #s. I just listed mine if anyone is curious.

    By the way, I’m quite jealous of everyone who is soaking in the sunshine right now! Maybe I should try to find a SD who wants to escape New England with me 🙂

  567. gail says:

    Yes…join OCSugar and I for a late night hot sex topic talk…alot of oooohs and aaaahs…LOL… I won’t bite…but I don’t know about OCSugar…

    Suthrn? Does OC bite…(hee,hee) (watch he won’t tell)

    You are so right about risk…I took a risk last year and the reward has been great for me:)

    And last of all Hgirl….Welcome to the Sugar Family!!!!

  568. SuthrnExec says:

    That probably describes us best – genuine crack-ups! They are all great ladies – don’t be afraid to reach out to any of them.

    Totally understand about the comfort and trust issue. Bottom-line is to make sure you’re comfortable with everything. We’ve all been where you are (new) at one time or another and we all have gone about this at our own pace. There is no prescribed way to do this other than it fits within your comfort zone. You will find some people will press you to do things more quickly than you really want and put the “hard sell” on you. Just don’t allow anyone to push you into something with which you are not comfortable.

    We’re all here to help and support each other.

  569. Hgirl says:

    Wow- thanks for that thoughtful response. I agree with everything that you said. I think that I’m really nervous about being stalked as I had a friend who had that happen. It’s so hard to know “who you can trust” simply from a few emails, phone conversations etc. But then again, it’s hard to know that in life and great risks do bring great rewards.

    I tried to convey what I wanted in my profile but fear I did an inadequate job.

    Thanks again for your response! I also want to say again how much I enjoyed reading your witty banter- gail, sweetredhead, SweetEuropean, lisa, OCSugarBaby etc you all crack me up!

  570. SuthrnExec says:

    Welcome Hgirl, glad you found the blog a place where you feel comfortable. Everyone here IS very nice and genuine – you can feel comfortable asking most anything that’s on your mind. Whatever you’re wanting to know has probably been asked before, and that’s fine. There are answers to lots of questions in many of the previous topics but since we often stray from the blog topic, it’s tough to track them down sometimes.

    Most of us are not comfortable sharing this with our friends/family, so that’s what makes the blog a really nice place to go.

    The first and most important rule is to be safe. Don’t give out any more info on here than you would give to a total stranger. Until you get to know someone and have reason to believe you can trust them, be careful. All the things you asked could be ok or could be a bad idea – it depends on the context of when and to whom you are giving your name, to whom are you giving your phone number (can you trust them, etc.). Same with the gift. If you can be more specific, that might help.

    Generally, you want to be as discrete as possible until you know you can trust the person. Giving your fist name is ok in the first email, but I would caution you about giving you full name to someone until you are pretty sure you can trust the person.

    I suggest that you decide what it is you want from this type relationship – help with tuition? is it simply a NSA type relationship? do you want to be pampered by a person who has been successful and that you enjoy being with? Do you enjoy being with those similar in age to you or older? Once you understand what it is you’re looking for, go after it and don’t take anything less.

    Good luck and don’t be afraid to fire away with those questions. There are some great ladies on here that will be more than happy to give you some tips with their perspective.

  571. Hgirl says:

    Hi I am new to this and have so many questions- I read this whole thread and you all seem so genuine and nice. I am 21 and never thought about being a SB. Truth is, my friends and family wouldn’t understand. I go to an ivy league school, am on track to go to medical school and never ever had a problem with boys. It’s just that I think that the idea is intriguing but I don’t know how to do this safely. Is it safe to give someone your real name? Your phone number? What about letting someone send you a gift?

    p.s. lol at suthrnexec- nice orgo reference

  572. gail says:

    awww yes Suthrn…your right on:) ….me too! LOL

  573. SuthrnExec says:

    I think to properly continue the metaphor, the blog would be our hydroxyl group, i.e., that which bonds us together.

    OK, leaving this train of thought as I have exhausted about all I remember from organic chem!

  574. gail says:

    [email protected]….DISACCHARIDES we are!!!!! Banded together on our little blog:)

  575. SuthrnExec says:

    I’m going outside now – just wanted to drop in and say Hello to everyone. I’ll check in later.

  576. SweetEuropean*264271 says:

    Aww 🙂 lol It’s been raining here too but I think it’s going to be nice tomorrow 🙂 I’need to get out! lol

  577. SuthrnExec says:

    Good afternoon to all you disaccharides! How is everyone today? It is finally reasonable here with 70 degrees and partly sunny skies.

  578. OCSugarBaby says:

    SweetEuro- Things are great in California! Warm but a little rainy, yet I still spent a few hours at the beach with my chocolate lab this morning. After two days of rain, we were getting tired of being indoors. 😉

  579. SweetEuropean*264271 says:

    OC – Spoiled sugar LOL you lucky girl!!! I’m great thanks, and the new place is beautiful 😀 I’m all settled in now and i’m just waiting for summer to come so I can put the balcony to good use! How are you?

  580. OCSugarBaby says:

    SweetEuropean! How are you? How is the new place? Are you all settled in now? 🙂

  581. SweetEuropean*264271 says:

    Sacha- I live in France but i’m English, I used to live in Cheshire 🙂

  582. OCSugarBaby says:

    No that would be a SE spokes woman…

  583. sweetredhead....269443 says:

    I have convinced other SD’s to come to this site from others LMAO. Trying to help you girls out 🙂

  584. sweetredhead....269443 says:

    I sound like an SA spokes woman now LMAO eeeeekkkkkk

  585. OCSugarBaby says:

    Sweetlover- Great Picture, very prettty! As I stated above. Add more meat to your post and possibly another picture. Tell us how your friends view you. What makes you unique. I don’t believe in making your profile too long, but it needs to be real. Read other SB profiles, it will give you insight into what the SD’s will be reading about the other girls. Keep it positive!

    Gail-Everyday is Valentines day! I am one spoiled Sugar. Just makes me even sweeter. 🙂

  586. sweetredhead....269443 says:

    We have a common bond here in sugar land. We all help each other out. When I joined this site I never thought I would have the great experience I have had. I was on other sites and it is nothing like what it is here.

  587. SexySacha-272436 says:

    Thanks Gail and sweetredhead for the welcoming, you guys are really nice…wish everyone i met in real life was like that 😉
    Hello sweeteuropean yes am in england, i live in london. Which part of europe are you in?

  588. sweetredhead says:

    OCSugarBaby can you please give sweetlover some advice on her profile. I think you can help her better than I can.

  589. gail says:

    OC you are so proper…lol…

    So what special treats do you have up your sleeve for Vday:)

  590. OCSugarBaby says:

    oops meant YOUR MINI-ME…

  591. sweetredhead says:

    sweetlover…Much better but you sill need to capitalize your i’s and correct your spacing. Proof read it before you hit send.

  592. sweetredhead says:

    you have to sign up for it to show on the blog, ask Kitty how to put it on here, I forget lol

  593. sweetlover says:

    my pic have been approved but it’s not on here why

  594. sweetlover says:


  595. sweetredhead says:

    I can see your picture, from you looking at my profile (very nice pic) but i can’t look at the profile yet

  596. sweetredhead says:

    still not available to search, give me your profile number again please

  597. sweet lover says:

    Sweetredhead, tell me what you think about my profile lol

  598. sweetredhead says:

    Gail you make it sound so WONDERFUL. My daughter was Born the night before Valentines. Her father every years sends her flowers. And some to me as he says I am the mother of his child.

    Valentines has many meaning to many people. It can be just a friendship, A I appreciate you, or just to say your special to me.

  599. gail says:

    Valentine’s Day is almost here….I love that day…I love showing my loved ones how special they are to me. In addition I love the color Red. It is so vibrant, strong, powerful…and better yet PASSIONATE!!! MY valentine(s) are gonna be surprised!!! LOL….

  600. SweetEuropean*264271 says:

    Hello everyone 🙂

    Welcome to the blog Sacha! Are you in England?

    Sweetred – I miss Yasmin and SV too! 🙁

  601. gail says:

    I dunno Red…missing in action:)

    So how are your SugarDaddies doing so far? Have you been able to talk to your doctor and the daddy from Alaska?

    I am in Sugardaddy hold:) Just been too busy doing other things. Vegas is my priority right now:) (smile)

  602. sweetredhead says:

    Good morning everyone.

    Welcome Sasha.

    I had to get my own coffee, Where is yasmin and SV I miss them here 🙁

  603. gail says:

    Welcome Sasha,

    We are glad you are here and part of our family:)
    Hey Lisa…you are a celebrity!!!(Smile) Wowee….

  604. SexySacha-272436 says:

    Hello guys, am Sacha, i’ve been on this site for nearly a month now, i’ve so far meet 1 really nice SD but he’s not based in London which is a bit difficult, as all the nice ones who seems to like me are never in my area. I love the blogs…HEllo LISA, sweeteuropean, surthen exec. not sure if i wrote the last one right 😉 just to show u guys i’ve been reading the blogs and your wonderful comments, lisa i love all ur comments, you’re like a little celebrity on the blogs world 😉

    Well, my perfect arrangement would be to meet a sincere, honest and generous sd with whom to have a really nice and fun relationship/arrangement with. we have to be able to take away or at least try to take away each others stress.

    It seems like there’re a lot of sugadaddies wannabe’s on here though. my friend is on here too after i convinced her to join as she was also looking for a SD, and believe it or not she’s meet a few sd’s who have pretended not to know what an arrangement is or who got upset when she brought it up. That also happened to me once, which i thought was very funny since he said he had a PHD, u would think someone like that would know the meaning of an arrangement…luckily for me it was only via the phone though, didn’t have to meet with him. Well am happy i’ve started contributing now and hope to find my sd soon wherever he may be 😉

    good day everyone.xxx

  605. gail says:

    Morning Everyone Again,

    SV and Ymine where are you….I am having coffee right now…gonna pour both of you a cup.

  606. lisa says:

    Good morning everyone. I’m getting ready to leave for work. today is that day that I waste a lot of time, sitting at work in the breakroom (we don’t have a tv in there so it sucks) almost an hour early, and then sitting at the bus stop for almost an hour to come home. If I could get off 5 minutes earlier, I would get the bus and be home, but the time clock won’t let me.
    Have a great day everyone, be back around 5

  607. Atalanta says:

    What is on Your Sugar Daddy or Sugar Baby wish list?
    What’s on my wish list?…Hmm…Being taken care of is always nice. Some help with college expenses…shopping trips (but only if they will have fun too. Otherwise, that’s what online shopping is for, lol), traveling, wonderful times together, and someone who will actually be attentive.

    How well do you know what you want from a Sugar Daddy or Sugar Baby?
    I guess I’m somewhat sure, but one only pursues desires to make them happy, so as long as I’m happy, I’m good.

    Have you been able to give a Sugar what he or she wanted lately?
    I think so. I wish we could see each other more, but business and school make things troublesome. But he’s totally worth it.

  608. ~*kittylainy*~ says:

    Evening sugars..

    Elizabeth, Honeybunnie, Ogre Melissa , Sweet Lovey & Lovey: Welcome to the blog. I hope you can get the answers you are looking for here and good luck in your search for a Sugar that fits you 🙂 It’s a fun scavenger hunt, enjoy the journey~ It’ll make the found treasure just THAT much sweeter 🙂

    I haven’t had a chance to read the entire day’s posts yet… Just getting ready to head out to a lounge for some live Piano Retro style music 🙂 Hope Everyone have a gorgeous evening/weekend.

  609. lisa says:

    oh good , the fishy smell is gone, lol
    I’m getting sleepy already. I gotta get up at 6 am tomorrow and work8-4. I hate weekends, I have to leave early on the bus and wait almost an hour when I get off. I hate wasted time. I’m off on monday so I can sleep late.

  610. Honeybunni 292869 says:

    First on my wishlist is someone who can make me smile. This is followed by mutual respect. Chemistry is so important because isn’t life so much more enjoyable when you simply just click? I have found that the ability to pick up on those little cues that define us all makes each one of us able to simply relax and enjoy the other. I love to hear the sigh of contentment after I have given someone a back rub or that feeling you get when your eyes meet over a shared joke. It is moments like these that make life grand. 🙂

  611. sweetredhead says:

    Welcome lovey 🙂 Thank you for the tip. It worked!

  612. BlondieNYC*233868 says:

    Gail, you can borrow the green dress any time you want!

    baking soda and water create a fantastic paste that cleans up grease!

  613. lisa says:

    I’m going to take a bath now, be back in a while

  614. lovey says:

    thanks for the welcome

  615. lovey says:

    yeah I’ve had some”interesting”interactions.

  616. OCSugarBaby says:

    Welcome Lovey! SD/SB’s come in all shapes forms colors backgrounds etc. Hehehehehe
    Just delete the ones that are so far left of center that you cant see the whites of their eyes. Lol

  617. lisa says:

    I don’t want anything to do with a s&m sd, I think some guys on here think this is a fantasy site rather than a sd site.

  618. lovey says:

    so whats with all the strange s&m guys on this site?

  619. lisa says:

    uh oh another injured sb, lol

  620. OCSugarBaby says:

    I am getting a serious case of Blog whiplash! LOL

  621. lovey says:

    you should boil some cinnamon on your stove top in water and that will get rid of it.

  622. lisa says:

    I asked a coworker about that today, the peanut butter that is, why do we have peanut butter on the shelves but all the peanut butter products have been pulled, he didn’t have an answer, lol

    remedy for fishy smell, uh, lets see, oh I know! eat fish at long john silvers, lol I have a problem with my aparatment stinking like menudo (cow intestine or stomach soup that Mexicans cook) my downstairs cook that stuff and the smell rises to my apartment and smells horrible.

  623. Sweetredhead....269443 says:

    any one have a good remedy for fish smell in the house. Made flounder for dinner and my house stinks ewwwwwwww

  624. Sweetredhead....269443 says:

    [email protected] it not in the jar peanut butter , you will live 🙂 I had a PB&J sandwich for lunch.

  625. lisa says:

    thanks Sweetredhead 🙂 put them on my grave, i’m eating peanut butter

  626. Sweetredhead....269443 says:

    Lisa, Blondie and beach all are injured. Sending flowers for all of you to feel better soon 🙂

  627. lisa says:

    right now I’m drinking a coke (yes I actually treated my self to name brand soda, lol) and eating peanut butter out of the jar, not sure if I will wake up in the morning with the peanut butter though, lol

  628. gail says:

    lol….you poor injured SBs:( Drink 3 shots of bacardi and you will wake up in the morning….it won’t hurt anymore.

  629. lisa says:

    gail, i’m afraid the sore foot would be included

  630. gail says:

    Hey Blondie,
    Can we put my head on your very sexy body. I wanna wear your green dress tonite…LOL….

  631. lisa says:

    A guy that I used to ride home with at my former job had a roomate that was a stripper. it was odd though as she was quite large, not just in the chest, big waist, legs, etc and she was a total bubble head. She picked us up from work one night (she had borrowed his car to go christmas shopping back in 2007) and her voice and laughing made me want to strangle her, nice sweet girl (well she was in her 30’s) but much too wild for serious relationship material. I mean how many men want to date a woman who takes her top off at the pool in front of other guys, etc.

  632. BlondieNYC*233868 says:

    Weebles wobble but they don’t fall down!

  633. lisa says:

    sweetredhead, it’s like the man in his 50’s that choses to marry a 20 year old woman and then wonders why 20 years later, when he is falling apart (as so many men seem to do at that age, his much younger wife leaves him for someone else. that superattractive woman he married doesn’t want to be stuck with an old sick man when she’s in her prime, lol

  634. Sweetredhead....269443 says:

    My Brother always dated strippers and wondered why his relationships never worked. Hello your dating a stripper!!

  635. lisa says:

    oh no now we’re walking with canes, we have been waiting for that sugardaddy forever, lol . An injured foot is the worst. My dad has alot of problems with his feet, sometimes he walks great, sometimes he can’t move. Mom makes him take his walker everywhere so he doesn’t fall again.

    Sounds like you were hit head (eye) to toe, lol

  636. Sweetredhead....269443 says:

    Woman look more for inner beauty, personality, humor , a gentleman. While men on the other had first look at outer beauty and they wonder why it doesn’t work lol.

  637. BlondieNYC*233868 says:

    Gail- what do you mean?? I doubt it, you’ve got a very good head on very sexy shoulders 🙂

  638. BlondieNYC*233868 says:

    Oh Lisa, I’m so sorry- use a cold compress on it.

    Me, I’ve injured my foot and have a temporary cane; makes walking the dog a pain. I’ve hurt my eye, had the flu, etc., etc., Worked really hard on a project, and once it finished I fell apart. LOL!

  639. lisa says:

    Honesty is number 1

  640. gail says:

    lol…I may be looking at this in a different way….

  641. BlondieNYC*233868 says:

    Oh and for my wishlist…..hmmmm….
    An SD who makes me laugh, I adore men with a good sense of humor; it’s very sexy.
    Intelligent, considerate, physical and mental connection. Respectful and respecting, and most importantly, honest.

  642. lisa says:

    Oh know sounds like BlondieNYC has joined the injury club, are you ok?

    I just looked and the purple bump on my forehead looks like it’s getting bigger

  643. BlondieNYC*233868 says:

    Hey all! I’ve missed everyone, I haven’t been around due to a physical mishap.

    Mark- if you like the person and she/he likes you, then calmly discuss everything out in the open. If you start off with honesty in the beginning, you’re golden!

    OC- as usual, you’re a very wise baby.

    Ogre- if you are serious about looking for sugar in your life, the only way you can meet people here is to upgrade!

    I’ve got a question for the group..why does it seem that the NYC SDs import i.e. fly in potential SBs, when those of us here in NYC are not only available, we’re adorable! 🙂

  644. lisa says:

    gail I have been the one hit. I mentioned that I cracked my head on the bathroom door last night and have a bump on my forhead. well today at work I was moving aside so a customer could pass (another one that had no reason to be going down my aisle as he was an old man in the ladies products aisle, lol) and I had set some stuff down that I was stocking , raised up and hit the top of my head on the trolly, ouch, double headache there. my boss gave me one of her prescription pain killers and it worked, lol

  645. lisa says:

    I agree OC it’s kind of like having a garage sale and telling a customer, you can look at that but I don’t think I am ready to sell it today, just looking to see what type of interest I get in it. lol

  646. gail says:

    Lisa…LOL…just hit next:)

  647. OCSugarBaby says:

    I have to agree with Lisa on hiding your profile if you are not serious about emailing and finding an SB or SD. I believe that even if your profile is hidded and you email a potential they will be able to view your profile information. If YOU are just looking, go ahead and look, but don’t force us to look and not want to touch! lol

  648. lisa says:

    Kohls and tjmax are in my city but not really too close to were I am. Ross and Marshalls (they own tj max) is only 7 blocks away and I love going there, but haven’t been in over a year. I find alot of nice stuff that I see at the mall but at a better price. 14 dollar panties for 3 dollars, 24 dollar bras for 6 dollars, etc

  649. lisa says:

    true but I am ready to meet someone and I do acknowledge emails. Having his profile on view to get response with no intent to upgrade to read his messages wastes the time of those who would like a response to their email. I just see men who never become paid members as picture collectors that only sign up so they can view profiles. At least make a note in the add that “I am not looking to meet or make contact with anyone at the time, just checking out the sb profiles, please wait till I become a paid member to write as I can’t read your messages at this time,thanks

  650. Sweetredhead....269443 says:

    Ogre you are the only one who can decide what and what you are not ready for. Trust your own instincts.

  651. Sweetredhead....269443 says:

    I like kohls for reasonably priced cloths. or TJ max.

  652. gail says:

    Why should Ogre hide his profile? That would be his decision not yours.
    Everyone has their own choice and reason for being here. You have yours right? and we respect you:)

  653. lisa says:

    no she was really nice and sweet just carried her doll around and worked in the catfood factory, sat in the graveyard while her boss dug up bodies, lol
    Just finished cleaning my apartment, very tired now. Looking forward to my tax refund so I can go out to eat a few times, buy some clothes at ross (they sell stuff from the mall at good prices) I once got a pair of boots that were 79 dollars at the mall for 19.99 at ross. Going to try those hooters fried pickles too. need to get some stuff for my daughter’s trip to Newyork the week after next, travel size stuff.

  654. Sweetredhead....269443 says:

    On my wish list was a Sd with a great sence of humor. I think I got more than I bargained for lmao. I am having so much fun…..

  655. Sweetredhead....269443 says:

    hey now, Not all redheads are sadistic bitches lmao.

  656. lisa says:

    Sweetredhead, one of the main characters in the corpse grinders was a woman with red hair, she was the one that fed the doll, lol
    now for some coffee, I stole a couple packets of cream at work today, no one there very makes or drinks coffee, it’s just laying around.

  657. lisa says:

    Ogre I think you should wait till you are ready to upgrade before you post your pfofile or if you want to have a profile, you need to hide it so that those sugarbabies who are serious about meeting someone don’t waste their time sending you emails. I see guys who have standard memberships on this site month after month and never answer emails that I have sent, and I think “he’s just wants to look at profiles and is either not serious about this site or is too cheap to join” sorry to be blunt but that’s how I see it

  658. Ogre says:

    Gail, concerning the reasoning behind not checking/responding to messages. I can only speak for myself, but my reasoning is that I would have to upgrade my membership in order to view the messages. At this point, I’m not ready to do that. Maybe a little further down the line, but not now. It’s not that I’m not interested in the emails or that I’m trying to be rude, I just haven’t upgraded and, therefore, cannot view them. 🙂 Hope that helps a little.

  659. bostonTerrier says:

    What is on Your Sugar Daddy or Sugar Baby wish list?
    … that is between me and my sugar daddy 🙂

    How well do you know what you want from a Sugar Daddy or Sugar Baby?
    i know perfectly well. i had to give it lots of thought after i had potential sds asking me what i wanted. if i *only* wanted money, i’d get a job.

    Have you been able to give a Sugar what he or she wanted lately?
    yes, yes i have.

  660. Sweetredhead....269443 says:

    It will be 24 hours before It is available to read. I will check for you again tomorrow 🙂 you also may want to get other opinions from here. OC has some great advice scroll up on what to write in your profile.

  661. sweet lover says:

    will you please read my profile again lol

  662. Melissa says:

    I love reading blog comments!!!! has to be a fave. of mine heh heh ;o)

  663. lisa says:

    that’s me but I have pigeons at the table dressed up in party dresses drinking tea, lol
    Gotta watch the movie now

  664. lisa says:

    I will be back later, getting into the movie now, lol

  665. Sweetredhead....269443 says:

    Now I have this image of you sitting at a table feeding Dolls soup hehe

  666. lisa says:

    im watching it now. I forgot about the weird woman with the doll she sets at the table and feeds soup
    they grind people into catfood and the cats kill their owners

  667. Sweetredhead....269443 says:

    I am just going to sit here and shake my head LMAO I hate Horror movies. I had to watch Dracula in a literature class and had night mares for a week!

  668. lisa says:

    we watched bucket of blood, pyscho, race with the devil, mark of the devil, pieces, jack the ripper, all those good horror movies. of course there is some good horror santa clause movies too silent night, bloody night

  669. Sweetredhead....269443 says:

    My family watched, Santa clause is coming to town, miracle on 34th st ect. lmao.

  670. lisa says:

    I was raised on these movies. Mark of the devil used to be a family favorite we would watch every christmas. The first time I watched it, the nail ripping part made me sick, the next time I was able to watch the whole movie while eating a hoagie sandwich

  671. Sweetredhead....269443 says:

    Sounds like fun for the whole family….WHAT??? corpses being grinded a family movie? ok once again I wonder about you my friend LMAO

  672. lisa says:

    I think I can play it on my laptop it has a dvd drawer

  673. lisa says:

    I haven’t watched corpse grinders since 1986, it is a 1971 horror movie, great family fun.

  674. lisa says:

    I think I will drink buttermilk while watching the corpse grinders.

  675. Sweetredhead....269443 says:

    ewwwwwwwww LISA!! I just ate………

  676. lisa says:

    Yaaa, my dvd “the corpse grinders” just arrived in the mail.
    Oh sweetredhead, I have a pint of buttermilk here, want some? lol

  677. Sweetredhead....269443 says:

    If you get a chance read through the other blogs and you will find a lot of your questions answered. You will find great information on safety, Patients, and Knowing what you want.

  678. Sweetredhead....269443 says:

    Your very welcome 🙂

    Welcome to the blog. You will find great advice and friendship here. There are both wonderful SD and SB blogger’s. Ask anything you like and someone will be happy to try and answer your question.

  679. sweet lover says:

    yes and its pending approval

  680. sweet lover says:

    thanks Sweetredhead, i own a beauty salon and im trying to find my way back to school.

  681. Sweetredhead....269443 says:

    Did you have a photo on your profile? That helps a lot to. Make sure it current and believable.

  682. Sweetredhead....269443 says:

    Ok I am going to be a little brutal here. just remember it is done with sugar love 🙂

    First of all I would fix your capitalization, spacing and spelling errors. (Hush Sam!!)

    Tell a little more about yourself, your likes and dislikes. You have really generalized your profile. You need to make yourself stand out from the rest.

    Are you a student, Do you work ect…

    Hope this helps 🙂

  683. lisa says:

    that isn’t an option, I’m not interested in getting robbed. Buses are very unreliable in the evening too, after 6 they are hourly.

  684. gail says:

    Seems like your window of opportunity gets smaller….Time to step outside of the box:) I like it….LOL….

  685. lisa says:

    good afternoon Sweetredhead I’m not sure as it seems I will never meet anyone, there is always an issued whenever I get a serious email, mostly my work schedule, everyone wants to get together on weekends. I could probably get one weekend off a month if I asked 3 weeks in advance but never at short notice. I prefer someone to see during the week. And I so want to go out after dark, I hate being shut up inside after 6.

  686. sweet lover says:

    sweetredhead 290887 please read my profile and tell me what you think

  687. Sweetredhead....269443 says:

    Good afternoon lisa 🙂

  688. Sweetredhead....269443 says:

    sweet lover I am sure you are doing things fine. It takes time to find the right person.

    If you would like post your profile number here and we will take a look at it and give you a little sugar advice if needed 🙂

  689. lisa says:

    good afternoon everyone. Just got in from work. A very busy day, well saturday always is. warm and windy here, too tired to go anywhere so i’ll just stay in and get some housework done. Have to work all day tomorrow.

  690. Sweetredhead....269443 says:

    I agree with gail. It is always nice to get different opinions. Not to mention a personal response to our questions. There is never a set answer for anything. Depends alot on the situation your in and the person you are.

  691. sweet lover says:

    I’m new on this site and no luck yet, is there something I’m not doing right

  692. Mina says:

    I meant an FAQ on the blog.

  693. gail says:

    I recently had a SB ask me why a SD would not open their mail in their mailbox…….I don’t know.. The way I look at it , every message is an opportunity to meet someone wonderful.

    And like OC says…if it doesn’t work back that baby up and try a new twist.

    So please SDaddies….tell us why you donot open your mail in your INBOX?

    Mina, yes it can be repetitous at times to answer the questions, but at least everyone new gets their questions answered with different points of view from all of us. I know it made me feel better to have someone personalize it versus having a response of “That question has already been asked. Please go to FAQ Section 2.1.2 on the webpage.”

  694. Mina says:

    I really think this blog needs a FAQ section because we’re seeing the same questions over and over again…

  695. NC Gentleman says:

    Hi Elizabeth — I agree with OC if you have a bad feeling about the person, don’t do it. However, I met someone (looks around blog) in a foreign country and we travelled together for a week. We both had a good time and we still talk, but I suspected from talking on the phone with her we would get along… just trust your instinct but be safe!

  696. chocolatevenus 143783 says:

    OC speaking the truth as always! I must admit, i rarely change my profile, must remember to do so! Thank you girl! x

  697. Sweetredhead....269443 says:

    OC is right. I found a Pot SD right here on the blog. If I had read his profile I probably would have passed him by and not written to him, Because of his Location. So It can happen if you open your mind and horizons 🙂 What do you have to lose?

  698. OCSugarBaby says:

    Mamma Sugar has spoken…. lol

  699. OCSugarBaby says:

    Patience is one thing compliancy is another. Kick it up a notch. Change your profile weekly! Add a favorite quote or give an update on something! Search outside of your comfort area. Click on someone that catches your eye but may not be your perfect match. Read his/her profile not just look at the picture or turn away because they are not in your desired search area or location.
    I want and expect to hear at least ONE person from this blog that has done this crazy out of the box tactic and has found some promising leads! If you shake it up a little good things will happen. Trust me!

  700. Elizabeth 290114 says:

    OC- Thanks for the advice I’m going to give it a try!

  701. chocolatevenus 143783 says:

    That is fine Elizabeth, we all need confirmation!

  702. OCSugarBaby says:

    Elizabeth-Just viewed your profile. You are Lovely! I would suggest one thing if I may. Sit down and write a bit more of what makes “you”… “you”. It needs more meat to it. Also in your description talk about being open to being descreet. Huge plus putting that in. Do you have a picture with your hair down? Can you add one that has a more casual flair? You are stunning, I am sure you will have them knocking down your email “In Box”.

  703. chocolatevenus 143783 says:

    Hi OC you know just keeping quiet in the corner! LOL

  704. sweetredhead says:

    [email protected] OC I love you, Tell it like it is!!

    Great advice as always.

  705. Elizabeth 290114 says:

    Thanks for everyones posts! I knew I wouldn’t go but wanted to see what everyone thought and if anyone else would have considered it. I’ll just keep looking…

  706. OCSugarBaby says:

    CocoVee-I missed you girl! 🙂

  707. chocolatevenus 143783 says:

    Orge! I think that is the first lesson we all learn! Patience! But it will be worth it when you find that perfect SB

  708. OCSugarBaby says:

    Ogre-Broaden your SB search. You are missing soooo much outside your very own door!

  709. Ogre says:

    Thank you sweetred and Jennifer. I guess I will have to be patient…darn 😉

  710. OCSugarBaby says:

    Sam-that goes for you too… 🙂

  711. OCSugarBaby says:

    Elizabeth, I am gonna be a bit out of character and say something that needs to be said on this blog. It pertains to so many posts! “If you have a gut feeling of uncertainty or unrest with a situation, MOVE the heck ON. You have already wasted your valuable time and energy on something that does not deserve it. YOU are far too wonderful to spend time in a less than perfect situation.
    If one path does not work, back that baby up and try a new twist. Keep an open mind and it will happen.

  712. Spanish Vixen says:

    Good afternoon everyone!

    What is on Your Sugar Daddy or Sugar Baby wish list?

    An easy-going, down to earth man that can understand my sense of humor. Someone that won’t treat me like a child, but more someone that will give me the opportunity to further grow. Someone that I can just kick back with, have a few drinks, and have conversations about…not a whole lot. I’m easy to please…or at least I like to think so.

    How well do you know what you want from a Sugar Daddy or Sugar Baby?

    I have a pretty wide range of what I’m interested in, so I’m not all that picky in what I want. But I do want a man that doesn’t need me to constantly remind him what a wonderful person he is. I’m affectionate and I will compliment him, but I don’t like someone who feels that I don’t like them if I’m not constantly saying so!! lol.

    Apart from that….I guess maybe I’m still finding what I want. But I have a pretty good idea in my head of the perfect person. And there is no ONE perfect person, there are so many different levels.

    Have you been able to give a Sugar what he or she wanted lately?

    I’ve tried my hardest, and I like to think I’ve done a decent job with what I’ve had available to do 🙂

  713. sweetredhead says:

    I really should proof read my post………more coffee for me it seems.

  714. chocolatevenus 143783 says:

    Elizabeth, I agree with the ladies,with your first meeting, I dont think it should be abroad or far from home! It is too easy to get carry away with what a potential SD says to you. I know I nearly got caught myself. Unfortunately for one good SD there are about 5 dodgy ones. But if you trust him, make sure you have have enough money to get home if things go wrong, keep things like your passport close buy for a quick escape…think of the worst case situation. If you have friend in London, get there details so you could meet them if things go wrong.

    A good SD will understand if you say no!

    Most of all remember how valuable you are, dont be reckless!

    Take care


  715. sweetredhead says:

    I have met some wonder SD’s and SB’s on this site. No SD as of yet, But that’s ok I have made good friends 🙂
    It does take awhile to find the right person for you, on this site or anywhere. compatibility is a key.

    Elizabeth….If you can not get together and it seems that hard, maybe he is just the right person for you. keep looking. you will find that person. There really is no rush, just make sure he is the right one for you.

    I also work full time. My Sd must understand my Job is important to me. As would that his is important to him.

  716. gurlnextdoor*274735* says:

    What is on Your Sugar Daddy or Sugar Baby wish list?
    Mutual trust, lots of chemistry, high quality fun, travel with my sugar daddy, and a monthy allowance.

    How well do you know what you want from a Sugar Daddy or Sugar Baby?
    I have a very good idea of what I want from a SD because the more I’ve ran into fakes, the better I’ve become at honing my list for what I want in my SD.

    Have you been able to give a Sugar what he or she wanted lately?
    I’d like to think I have.

  717. stella says:

    Elizabeth – just be careful traveling with a stranger… there are a lot of scams out there.

  718. chocolatevenus 143783 says:

    Hi ya my fellow SB & SD,

    I hope everyone is as well as they can be. My SD wish list

    A handsome tall SD, who is intelligent, cultured, sociable, gets great pleasure out of having me as his SB and showing me the best of his lifestyle. He knows exactly his responsibility as a SD and goes out of his why to prove it to me. Most important, we make each other feel good about ourselves!

    CV x

  719. sweetredhead says:

    Very nice wish list Orge 🙂 Switch that around and you have my wish list. I think most of us want someone who fun to be around, a positive attitude. And just lives life, the best we can make it.

    Have good friends, family and a good out look on life and you can be a very happy person 🙂

  720. Jenniferbbwsb says:

    I would like to welcome all the new Sd’s and Sb’s to the blog. We have great fun!

    Elizabeth.. Do not meet him for the first time on a trip. Think of your safety first. If he truly wants to met you he will make the time. As he will want his work to come first, so should your school. Both parties need to be able to bend. But remember your safety comes first!

    Orge, you sound like you are going to make a wonderful SD. Keep looking, it may take awhile to find that right person. That is what everyone is telling me!

    Kitty… did you go to the gym? I went for my walk and will go again this afternoon.

  721. Ogre says:

    Hello sugar family. How is everyone doing this fine Saturday? I’m doing well, though no luck finding an SB yet. I’d like to meet someone in Arizona, but it seems that may be asking too much.

    What is on Your Sugar Daddy or Sugar Baby wish list?

    A beautiful woman who carries herself with style, grace, and confidence. Someone intelligent, charismatic, and with the ability to laugh at life. A woman who needs assistance, but is hard working and determined enough to take everything I give her and be better off when our arrangement is over.

    How well do you know what you want from a Sugar Daddy or Sugar Baby?

    I know very well

    Have you been able to give a Sugar what he or she wanted lately?

    Still looking for someone to test my giving abilities with 🙂

  722. Elizabeth 290114 says:


    Have a question for all of you. I have been talking to someone for a while and he seems very nice and we get along but can never seem to make plans to meet. We live in different areas and it seems like he is always busy. He has tried before to make very last minute plans but I can’t just drop school and work without any notice. I feel like I am going to have to really go out of my way to see him when I would like it to be the other way around. He has to go to London next week on business and invited me to come with. I really think its a horrible and extremely stupid idea to meet someone for the first time in a different country and then HAVE to be with him if we don’t hit it off. He is getting frustrated that we still haven’t met but it doesn’t seem like he has enough time to have a relationship like this anyway. I don’t want a one time thing and I don’t want to have to cancel things in my life to see him. Any suggestions? Just continue looking?

    I haven’t received any messages in a while…. any suggestions?? Thanks 🙂

  723. NC Gentleman says:

    Hi Mark – regarding the negotiation, it is difficult to bring up, and with one of my SBs we never even talked about it — I just gave her gifts, money, etc… a few times when she got in a pinch she asked for some help, and I always obliged, but we trusted and truly liked each other…

    A good way to bring it up is to state how often you are looking to meet, how much time you want between meetings, etc and then give a range… or if you are a married SD like me — say I can come up with this much cash each month, I can provide this much in gifts, and you can have all expense travel, etc…. it can be awkward, and trust me, if she is really a nice person looking for a “relationship” with chemistry, it is going to be just as awkward and uncomfortable for her as it is for you.

    Sam — I have never been stood up, but I did buy a woman a plane ticket once and three days later she called me to wire her a significant amount of money — I told her that wasn’t my style and we never went on the trip together. Sorry but it happens to us all 🙂

  724. Jai *277171 says:

    I wouldn’t necessarily call him an SD lol but he is very generous. We’ve known each other for over a year and have never so much as touched. I’ve been a bit ‘frustrated’ the past week or so 🙂 He invited me over last night since I am back in town from work. We started off watching Shawshank Redemption, then he was massaging my shoulders, then I totally surprised myself (And him) by asking if he could continue in his bed. Long story short, he did some things to me I had NEVER experienced before. Sort of like body worship? Every inch..I wont give much more detail, but know I am no longer frustrated 😉

  725. ~*kittylainy*~ says:

    ooOOo I wanna hear about this interesting encounter

  726. SweetEuropean*264271 says:

    Hello Jai, glad you had a great night! 🙂 Was it with a SD?

  727. Jai *277171 says:

    Morning all! I am happy this am. Feeling all poetic and Basho-e. 😛 Anybody know who Basho is or love him too? Lol anyway, I had an interestingly wild encounter last night and didn’t make it home until after 12am. I was awake for almost 24 hours straight, without alcohol or drugs I might add 🙂 . Hope everyone is having wonderfully fulfilling mornings!

  728. ~*kittylainy*~ says:

    Brown sugar: NP 🙂 now go to the gym

  729. Brown Sugar 292409 says:

    thnx kitty

  730. gail says:

    Yes…what are you referring to???

  731. ~*kittylainy*~ says:

    SAM: what are you referring to?

  732. ~*kittylainy*~ says:

    Brownsugar: to view a sugar baby’s account by profile #: open a random sugar babies profile and in the webaddress, delete the lat 5-6 #s and put in the desired profile #
    TO view a sugardaddy’s account do the same, but open up a random sugar daddy profile
    The nutritionist I asked said they were the same thing.. but acai berry was what helped Oprah lose weight.. she drank that and green tea.

    JEN: U can’t make me!! NO!! NO!! I won’t!… I prefer bedroom exercises… I’m so bad…

    Gail: no worry… if u don’t come to vegas.. I’ll kill u lol..

  733. Sam says:

    Lisa how did you get the bump?

  734. Sam says:

    I had a number of women accept my offer and airline ticket and than not show up, any suggestions?

  735. Brown Sugar 292409 says:

    corporal punishment hes asking for .oh no lol

  736. Jenniferbbwsb says:

    Good Morning to everyone!!!

    Gail, why are you up so early? Going out to volunteer? I am so proud of you for doing all of the volunteer work.

    Kitty… get to the gym!!

    I will be going for my walk soon. down another 1/2 lbs!!! got to get my A** in gear! I will be on and off today. My little one and I are having a day together!

  737. Brown Sugar 292409 says:

    hey i still cant figure out where to add someones account number to view there profile

  738. gail says:

    You can tell your are awake…we are all awake…if you weren’t awake you would be writing jibberish….LOL…

    If it kills me I am going on the trip to Vegas….aaah….now I need clothes…

  739. Brown Sugar 292409 says:


  740. ~*kittylainy*~ says:

    ooo Gail.. u and ur connections!!!
    I wish it activates orgasms too… or maybe it does… hmmmm……
    I do feel more awake in the morning tho…

  741. gail says:

    Oh bye the way…I got an e-mail today from a friend in Maryland. He works for the airlines…gonna request the buddy pass…LOL…now why didn’t I think about him before…

  742. gail says:

    Activates Orgasms…HMMMM….LOL….oops sorry read it too fast. And Kitty I am glad your date with Bettie went well:) Yes you had me in mystery mode:)

  743. ~*kittylainy*~ says:

    I am not going to the gym because I have Redhead’s miracle Goji juice…
    it activates my organisms…. <–brainwashed by redhead

  744. gail says:

    Get up Brown Sugar…go to the gym and shake your boo-ka-lackas:)
    Morning to you!!!!

    Morning Jennifer, Lisa, Red, Mark, JJ, Stella,Lisa, & Jai:) Its coffee time !!!!

  745. gail says:

    Put your offer on the table…with a little wiggle room:) and then the SB puts hers out too…then see what happens…LOL

    Seriously…Kitty says it best…HONEST AND OPEN:)

  746. Brown Sugar 292409 says:

    stella are you still here

  747. Brown Sugar 292409 says:

    im sooo lazy i HAVE to get up for the gym

  748. ~*kittylainy*~ says:

    Mark: Hmmm…. The best way to negotiate is to be honest and open!

  749. gail says:

    My wish list is simple:

    1) A years worth of FUN
    2) A little bit of Bling
    3) That I am still able to help others less fortunate
    4) My loved ones are safe and happy
    5) A trip to Hawaii:)

  750. Brown Sugar 292409 says:

    Good Morning Everyone , my WISH LIST would be a monthly allowance for my hair and nails including extra for shopping.laser tummy tuck, and ofcourse emotional support and all the other things money cant buy, however,they small enough to make the world go around.

  751. lisa says:

    good morning everyone. I’m getting ready to go to work. I hate saturdays, and I have a horrible headache and a huge bump on my forehead.
    My list would include;
    an occasional evening out (I haven’t been out past dark in a year)
    an decent allowance so I could do things like get my hair done, buy clothes,etc
    emotional support and caring, not that “oh I hope you don’t get wet going to work crap” do something about it instead, call me a cab, etc
    maybe a short trip occasionally as I haven’t had a vacation in 6 years but then again I don’t got much time off from work
    I would love to have any car, it would make my life 100% better and I would be able to possibly move somewhere else, right now I gotta be on the bus line and all the apartments near work are bad

    I gotta go now, be back around 3. Have a great day

  752. Jenniferbbwsb says:

    This is my wish list: Respect, encouragement, chemistry, romance, lasik eye surgery, help in making good investment choices, to teach me something about myself, to be able to save up enough money to send my son to private school. Kindergarden costs $7,000.00 for the year, without books and uniforms.

    I don’t want or need much. Just to have fun with someone who really wants to be with me.

  753. sweetredhead says:

    Hi Mark, Welcome. I don’t believe there is only one way to negotiate an arrangement. You have to know what you are willing to do and what areas you are willing to negotiate. All arrangements are different, just as each Sd or Sb is. You have to find where you are comfortable.

  754. mark says:

    How does one best negotiate an arrangement?

  755. Jai *277171 says:

    What is on Your Sugar Daddy or Sugar Baby wish list?

    A connection both mental and physical, humor, lightheartedness, intimacy without complications, intelligence, wisdom, and a willingness to teach.

    How well do you know what you want from a Sugar Daddy or Sugar Baby?

    I’m learning more and more each day. In learning more about myself and what I’m willing to give, I’ve become more clear in what I expect to receive.

    Have you been able to give a Sugar what he or she wanted lately?

    I hope I have. 🙂 I’m doing my best to be understanding, accommodating, and compassionate without being blind.

  756. ~*kittylainy*~ says:

    In other sugar news…
    I had a sugar date with BETTIE today!! We had a great time with drinks, chats and laughs…
    She is gorgeous, funny, intelligent and ooo so friendly… Any SD would be lucky to have a SB like her.

  757. ~*kittylainy*~ says:

    What is on Your Sugar Daddy or Sugar Baby wish list?
    ~Mentoring: to teach me the secrets of success
    ~Trust: Knowing that there are no games and everything is as striaght forward as can be
    ~Bling: I must mention my love for bling…
    ~Care: When I am in distress, he should try to help
    ~Connection: how can we not forget that… without it, there’s be no arrangmeent at all
    ~Respect: We should mutually respect each other as individuals
    ~Excitment: It should always be exciting and fun when meeting.

    How well do you know what you want from a Sugar Daddy or Sugar Baby?
    ~I think I know really well. And I will not settle for anything less than what I deserve.

    Have you been able to give a Sugar what he or she wanted lately?
    ~I don’t really have a solid sugar right now… but I think I can provide all the basics that a sugar want: discretion, respect, trust, intelligence and kindness.

  758. stella says:

    hi everyone.
    im not sure yet what i want… i am stil feeling things out. i spoke to a pot SD and I have a really good feeling!!! 😀 I hope this is the one for me

  759. Brown Sugar 292409 says:


  760. Jj says:

    My current wish list is to find a nice,sincere,romantic and fun SD to fulfill my financial and emotional needs while I fulfill theirs.

    I don’t have a SD yet, I just joined the site. But I’m feeling confident that my match is here and we’ll be meeting soon! 🙂

  761. SuthrnExec says:

    My wish list is currently retired – is that what you do when your wishes are all realized and they are no longer wishes? The list is chemistry, beauty, intelligence, chemistry, patience, confidence, romance, chemistry, adventure, wit, someone I admire, and someone who can understand what I need without a word being spoken. But as I said, these are no longer wishes for me right now. 🙂

    How well do I know what I want? I know very well, but the incredible thing is, I have gotten so much MORE than what I thought I wanted. It is truly an amazing experience.

    I don’t know if I have given my Sugar what she wants lately – but I think so. That does not cause me to become complacent though. I will continue to seek to understand everything about her so I can do and be even more.