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Sugar Dating: Honesty



Mutual Benefit: What’s YOURS?

The goal of any arrangement is achieving mutual benefit for all involved. These days, there is less and less time to waste, and sugars – even the more romantically inclined- often value frankness.


“Not too long ago I went on a drinks date with a potential SD. We were chatting and I was telling him that I had been looking for a roommate. He immediately asked if he could move in! I looked him straight in the eye and said, “I don’t socialize with roommates.” LMAO!”

Here’s a toast to all sugars who’ve dared to be upfront, without being rude or simply vanishing w/out explanation. Everyone appreciates some consideration, even in the form of “thanks, but no thanks”.

Has a potential sugar ever turned you off by crossing a line? If so, what ‘line’ did they cross?

Do you respond to every message you receive?

In general, which type of initial message do you prefer: copy/pasted (1 paragraph or more), or a ‘1 liner’?

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539 Responses to “Sugar Dating: Honesty”

  1. sugarsuagrhoneyhoney says:

    how do you first approach them about money when you start talking usually?

  2. Perras says:

    This is an excellent article! I hope to check back for more

  3. Metelus says:

    So my husband has found a new hobby. I think its pretty cute, hes now into rock tumbling. He bought all these ugly rocks, and turned them into something fabulous. Well my question is, when is someone too old to be playing with these things? I mean wouldn’t you think it sounds kinda wierd that my husband plays with rock tumblers? Anywho, he got the idea from one of his buddies at work. I get a chance to do girls not out with my girlfriends now more often so I guess im not really complaining cause I missed hanging with my friends ever since we had the baby in all.

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  5. Spigelmyer says:

    I agree with you 99% but wonder if you have really looked at the whole picture. DOn’t mean to be critical just food for thought.

  6. Lindler says:

    Thanks for this article, seems like you have found a solution 🙂 Needless to say that I will subscribe to your RSS feeds now. Keep it up and thanks for sharing.


  7. Rese says:

    Hello everyone ,
    I been looking for a SD for some time now (off and on for a year) with no luck , is there something im doing wrong or am i not looking hard enough ?

  8. dallaskevin says:

    hi everyone, i’m a guy sugar baby looking for my sugar daddy in dallas. i’ve been reading this blog for a while, and i just have to comment on this one!

    Has a potential sugar ever turned you off by crossing a line? If so, what ‘line’ did they cross?

    not really, but they ask for too much too soon.

    Do you respond to every message you receive?

    i try

    In general, which type of initial message do you prefer: copy/pasted (1 paragraph or more), or a ‘1 liner’?

    both can be good in their own ways

  9. sweetredhead....269443..... says:

    Sorry to hear about that Massachusetts Yankee. That is not a true SB and you should be happy you found out right away.

  10. Massachusetts Yankee says:

    one sugar crossed the line when she demanded, not asked, that i deposit $300 to $500 immediately in her account because her rent was in the arrear. when i hesitated she called me a BS and phony.

    well, she wasn’t happy with me. life goes on.

  11. Summer says:

    Has a potential sugar ever turned you off by crossing a line? If so, what ‘line’ did they cross?

    I’ve been SD dating for more than 3 years now, and am very selective in who I share my time and affection with, so yes, I’ve had a lot of first dates that never turned into 2nd dates, usually because the guy crossed a boundary line that was indiscreet or showed him to be less than a gentleman.

    Specifically, the “lines” crossed were:
    * asking me what my “hourly rates” were!!!!
    * telling me he wanted a live-in companion on the first date!
    * shows signs of being emotionally, mentally or financially unstable
    * being unaware that an arrangement involves a financial element
    * didn’t read my profile and asks me what kind of monthly allowance I’m looking for (duh, I don’t like discussing money on a first date – that’s why I post a general range in my profile!)
    * or, *did* read my profile, knows what my expected allowance range is, then tries to negotiate an amount lower than that amount.
    * gets into sexually explicit questions, asking what acts I will “perform” or telling me his really weird fantasies he expects me to fulfill for him!
    * asking me to “audition” sexually before he will provide an allowance
    * balks when the subject of financial assistance comes up, starts whining about how he doesn’t want to be an ATM machine, complains of past SB’s who treated him like a “john.” (But of course, he expects *you* to act like a hooker for free…a bit out of touch with reality, no?)
    * comes to a first date expecting me to go home with him afterwards, then acts all sulky and disappointed when I choose not to.
    * guys who want to be email/chat pen-pals who have no intention of ever meeting you in person. Guys looking for free pics/cybersex/phone sex.
    * guys who ask invasive personal questions about my personal life, family, job, past relationships, etc…on a first date. (I’m thinking “stalker!” – and run away as fast as I can!)

    Do you respond to every message you receive?

    No, not all. Only those who seem to be from real human beings, not spam bots or known fakes/flakes.

    In general, which type of initial message do you prefer: copy/pasted (1 paragraph or more), or a ‘1 liner’?

    Depends…sometimes a one-liner can be priceless if it’s a good one!:)

    If a guy can make me laugh, that always piques my interest in him. But a girl can always tell if he’s just cutting-and-pasting the same joke to 100 girls. So long as an email is personalized and reveals that he actually did read my profile, then that guy *always* gets a response from me!

  12. sweetredhead......269443 says:

    Good morning Luis. Sounds like you are going to have a wonderful day. I will spend the day behind my desk. Take a walk outside at lunch time and back to work. (is it friday yet?) I am missing my freedom. And the blog!!

    Suthrn, work is great, people are very nice. Very busy, always full of people. It’s very fast paced. I am enjoying it though. Trying to get back into a routine here at home. Feels like I never have enough time in the day to get everything done now. The life of a working mom 🙂 thanks for asking 🙂

  13. HenriLouis says:

    Hi and good morning to all my sleepy friends,
    Got up at six and had my Andalucian breakfast.
    I bake my own bread (in a machine) and now the house starts to smell really yummie ! Did some adminstration, tax forms and so on.
    Again this will be a special day.
    A friend of mine invited me to sit on a highseat in the forest looking for roedeer at the end of the afternoon.
    Last night it snowed lightly and the place will look like a Christmas Card.
    Just you alone in the forest enveloped by mother nature.
    Birds sing and a hare passes by, sometimes a fox moving quickly.
    I had a pigeon one that flew to me and sat down on a branch next to me.
    Don’t move and it will be there all the time.
    I love the moment the sun goes down and it gets dark slowly untill you can hardly discern anything.
    Yes, I am looking forward to enjoy my day.
    Afterwards we will light the fireplace in the shooting lodge, have a light meal and lots of friendship with a glass of wine.
    Hope your day will also be memorable,

  14. MishBocaRatonGrl*252314 says:

    What has everyone been up to?

  15. MishBocaRatonGrl says:


  16. VillaCypris says:

    The less people know about your personal life, the better….

  17. Gail says:

    Don’t think so hard…Action!!!! Like start planning what you are going to pack…lol….

    By the way…I just sent you a e-mail:)

  18. Hgirl291128 says:

    Hahaha you guys have never met my roommates- they are so nosy! And one I’ve known since 5th grade so she knows EVERYONE I know. Hmmm I’ll have to think about this. Maybe if I could arrange a job interview out there. That would be perfect.

    I don’t doubt that I would be in very good hands!

  19. SuthrnExec says:

    You could just tell them you’re going to see some old friends – or as Gail and VC said – tell them nothing all.

  20. Gail says:

    I have to tell you this HGurl…when I think of Rhode Island…I think of chickens…LOL…I don’t know why…

  21. VillaCypris says:

    ha, see – me and gail… great minds think alike!

  22. VillaCypris says:

    Hgirl – why do you have to tell them anything? Just go… be mysterious… let them wonder …

  23. Gail says:

    Don’t tell them anything:) Or just say you are visiting a very good friend that you met in your travels…and she happens to live in Nevada:) And you will be in safe hands…I will watch out for you:)

  24. Gail says:

    Yeah…but the Gods also said Wait!!!! Macy’s is having a President’s Sale with 50%off…and also use this $75.00 gift card for being a loyal customer, a better day to go would be Friday:) LOL

  25. Hgirl291128 says:

    Gail- I am seriously considering Vegas (after a very generous offer). What could I tell my friends (non of them know that I am on this site!)???

  26. VillaCypris says:

    My name is Villa…. I am NOT an addict….

    why, thanks! Aquarians are known for their eccentric minds…. I certainly am a shining example 🙂 yea, Beach said he used to be a travel writer… that’s funny, because a few days ago on my facebook status I put Villa “should be a travel writer”…. some day perhaps…

  27. SuthrnExec says:

    The gods of work were angry that you quit early and wouldn’t let you go!

  28. Gail says:

    Hola fellow addicts:)

    Still working Suthrn…I quit working early today…tried to go shopping..but couldn’t see where I was going. It was storming here.

    Hey Villa…you definately are creative. Both you and Beach would make a great team. Once starts the other can finish:)

    I thought Yamin, who has been missing in action was here…she must have popped in and popped back out…

  29. VillaCypris says:

    Hi Gail!

  30. VillaCypris says:

    Oh I’m sure there are lots of people around…. scroll up and read my little tale of the hidden ones from this afternoon. I was bored, decided to exercise some creativity.

  31. SuthrnExec says:

    Greetings Gail

  32. Gail says:

    YASMIN!!! when were you released? Just kidding everyone:)

  33. SuthrnExec says:

    I’m doing fine. Just working a few things here while checking to see if anyone was around.

  34. VillaCypris says:

    I’m here Suthrn. I am not an addict. 🙂

    Just finished dinner, after 90 minutes of interval training on my bike, followed by a 240 degree sauna…

    How are you this evening.

  35. SuthrnExec says:

    How’s the job going?

  36. sweetredhead......269443 says:

    Bedtime for me. Is it Friday yet???? Forgot how long the week is when you work lmao.

    Have a great night 🙂

  37. sweetredhead......269443 says:

    The first sign of an addict…denial lol

  38. SuthrnExec says:

    I suppose if no one is online then by definition, we don’t have addicts!

  39. SuthrnExec says:

    How are all the addicts tonight??

  40. Yasmine says:

    Hey guys

  41. Gail says:

    Lisa…it will be a better tommorrow:)

  42. Gail says:

    Blog Intervention Reality:

    OC says-I am OCSugar and I am addicted to the SABlog….
    All other Addicted SABloggers-Welcome OC Blog Addict #2022

    Were we not here with HGurl ealier today? LOL….

    HGurl and Jennifer-LOL nothing…we had a storm run thru this city..could not see anything because of the rain…it was no drizzle:)

    I have reschedule my shopping to Friday. Have plans to have breakfast first and going to hit Macy’s…they are having their Presidents Day sale!!!! Looking for a new black cute cocktail dress…oooh la la!!! and shoes:)

  43. Hgirl291128 says:

    night lisa, hope you feel better after your bath!

  44. lisa says:

    Just stopped by to say “hi” I am in a really bad mood right now. I worked hard all day and then my mom came by for to reactivate her prepaid cell phone which she could have kept active for 20 dollars every 90 days, so I have spent every minute that i’ve been home trying to find her phone number which she can’t remember, had to go through 2000 emails in her inbox to find a message from her carrier, finaly found it tried to activate her phone, can’t put money on her phone because it won’t except her pass word and when I ask to have it emailed, it’s the same one I have been using. I told her I will drop it with my daughter tomorrow and she can do it herself, and she’s like mad at me, retired people sit around all day and expect working people to spend the whole evening doing their s***. I am seriously thinking of breaking all bonds with my parents and daughter, family can be a nusiance. I’m going to take a hot bath and try to get some of my stuff done now. Be back tomorrow. Good night

  45. Hgirl291128 says:


  46. Beach says:

    You mean if I had a big head 😉

  47. Hgirl291128 says:

    But it would be hard to combine the two unless your cranium is larger than average…

  48. Beach says:

    A cheese hat and Mickey ears seems strangely appropriate.

  49. sweetredhead......269443 says:

    Good night OC enjoy your evening 🙂

  50. OCSugarBaby says:

    OC smiles @ Lisa…

  51. lisa says:

    Good night OC

  52. sweetredhead......269443 says:

    Personally I think Beach will look cuter in the mickey ears lmao

  53. OCSugarBaby says:

    Good Night Everyone! I am forcing a blog intervention upon myself for the evening. Have a wonderful evening all! 🙂

  54. lisa says:

    but forget the cheese hat

  55. sweetredhead......269443 says:

    VillaCypris sounds like fun 🙂

  56. lisa says:

    An A for Jenniferbbwsb, she remembered my anti ice thing,lol, I’m just not an ice girl. lol I’ll take a couple aspirin as usual. It will get better after i’ve relaxed some.

  57. Hgirl291128 says:

    Ooooh Gail what’d you buy?

  58. Jenniferbbwsb says:

    Lisa, put some ice on your back it will help.
    I forgot you don’t have ice at your apartment.

  59. BlondieNYC*233868 says:

    I’ll see you all later!

    Remember party in NYC in March


  60. Hgirl291128 says:

    Howdy again

  61. lisa says:

    shopping? I’m jealous, I’m still waiting on my tax refund.

  62. Jenniferbbwsb says:

    Gail, how was the shopping?

  63. lisa says:

    Good evening everyone. Home from work, been trying to get online for about an hour, internet was running slow. Had a power outage in the store today for about an hour but there was enough emergeny light to work.
    How is everyone tonight? I’m exhausted and have a backache

  64. Gail says:

    SV is temporarily…uh…uh….Yasmin…is uh..uh…oh…we dunno why…maybe Stephan knows….Open ses-a-me!!! Grant them access please:)

  65. VillaCypris says:

    You and Beach will have to come to the Vikings / Packers game this fall… especially if we get Favre… it will be a wild time! We can all wear some of the signed jerseys my dad has of Vikings players…. perhaps beach could pull off Randy Moss (x-viking) and a cheese hat. That would be hilarious.

  66. sweetredhead......269443 says:

    Going to have to get Beach a cheese hat AND mickey ears lol

  67. Atalanta says:

    Oh, Beach! I just managed to find them! haha soo many comments to search through. There needs to be a better way. A forum or something…

    But thanks! I do like those ideas! I’ll let you know how it goes…

    And where is SV these days? I haven’t seen her on the blog in what seems like a while…

  68. VillaCypris says:

    Even if he is a transplant…. honorary midwesterner…

  69. VillaCypris says:

    Thanks 🙂

    Good choice… midwestern people are *cool* .

  70. sweetredhead......269443 says:

    It was a very nice story VillaCypris 🙂

  71. sweetredhead......269443 says:

    I guess the secret is out lol.

  72. VillaCypris says:

    Sweetred!!!!!!!!! Are you laughing at my little story????? *pout*

    Yesssss… I’m peering over your shoulder in the candlelight… I knew you were writing about me!

    I just got to my parents house, where I have my racing bike set up on the trainer… I’m eating some carbs and procrastinating before I sit my bubblebutt down on that and start breathing hard…. erm let’s be clear, I will be sitting on my bike seat.


  73. sweetredhead......269443 says:

    haha Oc you crack me up. Took me awhile to read the blog lol

  74. OCSugarBaby says:

    Beach, Beach Pssssst She’s here!!!!! LMAO

  75. sweetredhead......269443 says:

    VillaCypris, I see you over there!! LMAO.

    Good evening everyone!

  76. OCSugarBaby says:

    I count my blessings every day!
    1) He enjoys being with me regardless of my being from Wisconsin
    2) I live a million miles away (ok maybe not a million)
    3) I horrible golfer (but willing to learn)….


  77. VillaCypris says:

    Have a good rest of the afternoon all ~~~~

    time for 90 minutes of interval training on my bicycle….

    ciao ciao!!!

  78. BlondieNYC*233868 says:

    Oh, well what do you want from me, I’m blonde!

  79. ~*kittylainy*~ says:

    err… wrong club

  80. BlondieNYC*233868 says:

    Moi??? Hmm, okay, anyone who want to come to the party gets Mickey Mouse Ears!

  81. ~*kittylainy*~ says:

    Blondie: ur more than welcomoe to pass on club membership invites btw 🙂 *wink*

  82. BlondieNYC*233868 says:


  83. BlondieNYC*233868 says:

    Calling all Metropolitan NY SBs/SDs -want to have a mixer in March- send me an email, let’s plan a party!

  84. ~*kittylainy*~ says:

    I lvoe my randomly cascaded emoticons 🙂

  85. ~*kittylainy*~ says:

    bLONDIE: I’m in.. i can think of an excuse to do a “business” trip to NY 🙂

    OC: WOwey WOW~ my jealousy for you is never ending!!

    Beach: yes.. haven’t u heard? it’s where igloos and maple syrup come from 🙂 … actually I’m in Toronto.. it’s more southern then some US cities.

    CasualEncountersBlog: you are now known as CEB… I think that’s quite a talent! share your profile # and maybe I’ll teach you to use chop sticks on your hands 😉

    Hgirl: …. I wish it was warm here… But i can’t complain it’s unseasonably warm here right now 🙂

    Atalanta: isn’t SV in Atlanta too? you two should go pole dancing together!

  86. BlondieNYC*233868 says:

    YAY Gal! Now if we can round up some other people, it’ll be fancrazytastic!

    Although, I think you and I could cause a lot of trouble!

  87. Gail says:

    Whats your profile number…I want to see you balance those chopsticks!!!

    Blondie…I am interested:)

  88. Beach says:

    Atlanata, I posted some ideas for Valentines on the blog earlier, don’t know if you saw them. I don’t think I mentioned pole dancing though.

  89. CasualEncounter says:

    I bring a saucy attitude and a respectable middle class income to the table. I also brush my teeth at least twice a week and can balance a pair of chopsticks on my nose. What do YOU have.

  90. Beach says:

    What, there is a whole country NORTH of here?

  91. Hgirl291128 says:

    Hi everyone and thanks for accepting me despite (or because of) my love for shopping.

    Not to brag (and you in FL will laugh at me) but it’s 60 DEGREES in Providence! I was practically ready to lie outside in a bikini!

  92. Atalanta says:

    Well if any of you SBs come to Atlanta, there’s this pole dancing class I want to go to….lol!

  93. VillaCypris says:

    Count your blessings, OC 😉

  94. OCSugarBaby says:

    Kitty- I would love to join in the Vegas fun. But I already have some Sweet Sweet Sugar plans that weekend. What happens in Vegas, stays in Vegas!!!!

  95. ~*kittylainy*~ says:

    Beach: Come to Canada, capital of Ice fishing!

  96. Beach says:

    Everyone in unison – Hi HGirl.

  97. OCSugarBaby says:

    Hgirl- I am what I am…. Welcome to the CLUB! 🙂
    No twelve step meetings for me! Shop til you drop is my motto.

  98. Beach says:

    The schools were closed here due to cold this winter. It was -20 one morning, -40/50 wind chill. I looked until I found the long underwear they wear on Mt. Everest and I was still freezing this winter.

  99. Beach says:

    True, but the bigt thing this week is an ice fishing expo. The only thing I can think of that is scarier than ice fishing is watching other people ice fish.

  100. Hgirl291128 says:

    I know. I hate to be one of those girls who loves shopping because it’s such a cliche. But I AM one of those girls. I should just embrace it.

    Hello, my name is Hgirl and I love shopping.

    As long as I balance out every hour of shopping with an hour of volunteer work at the hospital then I think I’m OK 🙂

  101. OCSugarBaby says:

    Beach-My Mom and Dad give me a weather report weekly. Nothing like waking up as a kid and seeing 12-14 inches of fresh fallen snow and running outside in your jammies and winter boots “Celebrating a Snow Day” Whoohoo

  102. BlondieNYC*233868 says:

    Okey Dokey Smokey- anyone want to have a meet up in March – email me!

  103. ~*kittylainy*~ says:

    OC: come… 🙂 u can drive over!! it’s like 3 hrs away right??

  104. Gail says:

    Blondie…NYC would be an incredible place to go:) Love shopping there:)

  105. ~*kittylainy*~ says:

    Blondie: that’s a sugarclass idea *wink*

  106. Beach says:

    I can see missing it in theory OC. Will be happy to express mail about 2 feet of snow, lol. Thanks, btw!

  107. OCSugarBaby says:

    Kitty-Shopping???? You said the magic word! lol

  108. BlondieNYC*233868 says:

    Hgirl, I feel your pain!

    Kitty- I think it would be fun to do that at least once a month. SD’s would always be welcome. It doesn’t have to be a big bash; just a comfy place with stellar drinks 🙂

  109. Gail says:

    Sense of reason…yes:) that is unless I have more than 2 shots of bacardi:)

    Move your resources around HGurl…you can even photocopy the book pages…lol…

  110. OCSugarBaby says:

    oops better take my number back down! LOL

  111. Hgirl291128 says:

    Who is paying for the rest of it? Or is that a part of the secret club? Too bad because I’m not even sure I can afford a flight. I just had to pay $250 for ONE textbook!!!!

  112. ~*kittylainy*~ says:

    Gail’s the “SENSE of REASON” during our trip

  113. OCSugarBaby says:

    Henri-Thank you for the email! I will follow up shortly.

    Villa-Yes I am from Wisconsin! I moved to the lovely warm sunny state of California about a year ago. Can you still hear my accent? Abooout!

    Beach-Winters do get long. I miss it, if you can believe that! Beach and Sweetred (happy dance).

    Hgirl-How was your party last night? Ahhhh I miss being in college. 🙂

  114. Gail says:

    I already looked up a ticket for you…its only $275.00 today round trip…

  115. ~*kittylainy*~ says:

    Blondie: great idea… with like SBs from surrounding cities

  116. ~*kittylainy*~ says:

    all u need is flight

  117. Hgirl291128 says:

    Ahhh you guys are making me jealous! I wish I had a SD to come with- how fun would that be to do Vegas for the 1st time with a SD and a bunch of awesome SBs?!?

    Come have a crazy weekend in Boston or Providence instead! (OK I couldn’t even keep a straight face while typing that hahaha).

  118. ~*kittylainy*~ says:

    Hgirl: hmm…. most of us don/t/ but we made it work somehow…
    Here are the perks: Hotel: 2bedroom suite paid for… vip bottle service at one the world’s most exclusive clubs… and shopping and other exciting activites

  119. VillaCypris says:

    That’s a great idea, Blondie! And thanks for the dates…. I’m with Hgirl… if only we had more “disposable” income…

  120. ~*kittylainy*~ says:

    HGirl try and come!!!!! feb 27-march 1st the more the merrier… if u come u can join the secret club 😉 shhh

  121. BlondieNYC*233868 says:

    Call me a silly wench, but I always thought that it might be cool if, oh say, once a month there’d be an SB/SD mixer in every city. Get everyone away from the computers and meet in real life!

    Or just have an SB get together where we talk about shoes and braid each other’s hair….of course cocktails would be involved 🙂

  122. Hgirl291128 says:

    I’ve never been and am dying to go but sadly, don’t have the disposable income at present. I’m sure it will be a blast!!!

  123. Gail says:

    February 27th-March 1…Friday, Saturday…leaving Sunday:) Yes…

  124. VillaCypris says:

    Are you going Gail? Wat are the dates again?

  125. Gail says:

    HGurl…Vegas!!!!Vegas!!!!Vegas!!! It’s gonna be a blast!!!

  126. Hgirl291128 says:

    I would love to go to Vegas! Sigh…

    I also love the “blog power couples.” You guys are too cute!

  127. Beach says:

    We must have an Effegy Wisconson, because people said they would burn him there 😉

  128. VillaCypris says:

    And Favre was their God…. if he signs with the Vikings this fall…. whoa….. hahahaha

  129. Beach says:

    Yes, that would be the people in my office. The Packers are almost a religion here.

  130. VillaCypris says:

    Ya Beach, that’s one of the most glaring rivalries…. packer fans come to the metrodome with styrofoam hats of cheese sticks on their heads… hahaha

  131. HenriLouis says:

    Hi OC SugarBaby,
    You got mail in your inbox.
    Hurry, you never know……

  132. Beach says:

    Hehe, I have been trying that ever since I left a few years ago.

  133. Beach says:

    I understand, we have Vikings fans in the office, lol.

  134. Gail says:

    Here’s a solution Beach….Just move to Florida:) There’s a redhead I know that is dying to see you…

  135. Beach says:

    I’ll trade until June……

  136. VillaCypris says:

    Are you from WI, OC?

    I don’t have anything against WI…. it’s just the ol’ rivalry between WI and MN… 😉

  137. Beach says:

    I do like the people, just hate shoveling 19 inches of snow and the fact that spring doesnt begin until May.
    Thanks Gail 🙂

  138. Gail says:

    Finally Beach….you found her:) Wish the both of you eternal happiness…(smile)

  139. OCSugarBaby says:

    Beach- Some very fine people come from your cheese’y state! I miss it deary! 🙂 Phhhht transplants…

  140. Beach says:

    It isn’t bad, nice people, just too X&*#$ cold.

  141. VillaCypris says:

    Ooo sorry… :p … i’ve never been to Milwaukee… so I shouldn’t editorialise.

    Yaaaaaaa I knew it! Thus the little dickensian tale i wrote about eyes straining in the darkness. I have quite an imagination.

  142. ~*kittylainy*~ says:

    O ic: can you make it????


  143. Beach says:

    I am actually from Florida as well.

  144. Beach says:

    I was uprooted and dragged kicking and screaming to Milwaukee.

  145. VillaCypris says:

    Ha, Kitty. I just mentioned you and Sam in connection with the trip you’re arranging to Vegas.

  146. Beach says:

    You are never alone here, hahah.

  147. ~*kittylainy*~ says:

    we were hiding :p

  148. Beach says:

    still whistling and looking around innocently 😉

  149. VillaCypris says:

    Ahhhhhhhhhhhh! See!!!!!!!!!!!!!! My ESP was right on… I knew I recognised the presence of Kitty, Gail, OC, Blondie in the darkness…. hee hee 🙂

    Beach, you’re in WI? That’s okay, I still like you…. 😉 we’re neighbors!!

  150. ~*kittylainy*~ says:

    hmmm….. another power couple emerging?… awwww……..

  151. OCSugarBaby says:

    Beach-Nice smirk! 🙂 Wonderful!

  152. Beach says:

    I don’t know anything about an SD in Wisconsin and an adoreable redhead in Florida.

  153. Beach says:

    looking around innocently.

  154. Gail says:

    I would like to hear of a SD & SB connection…any new ones from the BLOG? (smile)

  155. OCSugarBaby says:

    Hi Blondie! Yes, I love reading the travel stories, it sure beats my normal read of boring technical marketing pieces! More Please!!!!

  156. Beach says:

    Villa has a real talent for prose.

  157. OCSugarBaby says:

    Gail-Jinx! 🙂

  158. BlondieNYC*233868 says:

    Oh what a wonderful direction that the blog veered to; please continue telling travel stories. It’s so much more preferable than going over the contents of a kit bag 🙂

    Villa- I won’t hurt you! I just can’t tell you. Bwaahhaahahaa!

  159. Gail says:

    There you are….you must have posted when I did:)

  160. Beach says:

    Sorry, my pen ran out of ink and the candle went out. I had to take the carriage out to Thee Office Depot. But back.

  161. OCSugarBaby says:

    Gail- I am here. Actually at my desk eating my lunch. 🙂

  162. Gail says:

    lol…someone is going to Disneyland:) Wowee!!!!

    Villa..look what you did….sent him to work…and he didn’t even get to hear about your vision:) and it sounds wonderful by the way Villa:)

    Is OCSugar anywhere?

  163. OCSugarBaby says:

    HenriLouis-I would also like to read your story! Pretty Please?

    Mish- I missed you sweetie! Being focused is hard but I am proud of you for working hard at it. The blog can be a fun distraction from your everyday work. It is addictive to say the least…

    Beach- You have an SB? How wonderful!

  164. ~*kittylainy*~ says:

    aww!! I missed MISH!!!
    ….as I was scrolling down.. Is aw my name….
    talking about me behind my back??

  165. VillaCypris says:

    Nooooooooooooo Beach! Dammit! You left too soon…. alright. I shall blow out my candle as well … and see who emerges from the cyber-darkness! 🙂

  166. VillaCypris says:

    So Beach…

    I have this vision of me and you, sitting on a dimly lit stage, Dickensian style, half-burned candles in sterling silver holders, slowly dripping wax onto our respective wooden desks, in a theatre so quiet one could hear angels dancing on the head of a pin.

    We exchange notes, keenly aware of the invisible movement of air, and the curious eyes which are straining, in the near darkness of the candlelight, to see what it is we have written. Reminiscent of the first movement of Berlioz’s Symphonie Fantastique, “the ball”, masks are lowered, identities revealed, gaiety ensues… but then startlingly, the shocking idee fixe, breaks thru the waning candlelight, and the straining eyes realise it is not all gaiety and drivel about trips to Egypt and Sicilia, FLA and Hawaii… rather, it is them of which we now write! The invisible broken loved one, trying vainly to hide in the darkness….

  167. Beach says:

    OK, back to work, will catch up with everyone later.

  168. Beach says:

    hehe, I should probably return the Disney tickets then 😉

  169. VillaCypris says:

    Fantastic. I knew you would catch the not-so-obscure reference… sometimes I like to be opaque. Well, if I were you and SB, I’d plan something for the two of you in a more romantic venue than Vegas. Like… a Nile cruise!

  170. Beach says:

    rofl, I understand. No, both I and my SB work and it just didn’t work out.

  171. VillaCypris says:

    Oops sent too soon… will you be going out there?

  172. VillaCypris says:

    Most likely I will not be going, as I am not at the top of Maslow’s pyramid…

  173. Beach says:

    No doubt. Are you going to make it out there?

  174. VillaCypris says:

    I like this idea!!!! It would address and obviate many of the common questions and concerns….. you know what else would be fun… to plan parties in various locales, along the lines of what Sam and Kitty are arranging in Vegas at the end of the month…

  175. Beach says:

    We could tie it into the SD starter kit. For just $999 you get a professionally-written profile, secure mailbox, disposable cell phone, foreign bank account or five wire transfers, three complementary background checks and three Neiman Marcus Gift Cards…, hehe

  176. VillaCypris says:

    Well-functioning brains are good… there probably is… hmmmm….

  177. Beach says:

    LOL, always thinking. I am sure there is a market for it.

    Yes, I am sensitive to some perfumes, so it is always best to check. I can have issues with cigars, but have been known to suffer through.

  178. Sam 267369 says:

    SE, I personally have health issues with smoke and most perfume, so it’s always safer to skip it. So I can’t join the boys for cigars either.

  179. VillaCypris says:

    That’s right! We can be travel consultants for SD/SB trips! You can cover FLA/Caribbean/Hawaii and I shall cover the mediterranean basin and north africa… perfect!

  180. VillaCypris says:

    I think writing offers me the same creative outlet as playing the piano… but instead of notes and keys, it’s words and observations and imagination, which allows the passion to flow freely.

  181. Beach says:

    lol, we are just pointing out the exotic trips and opportunties available to SBs/SDs, hehe.

  182. VillaCypris says:

    Thanks, that’s very kind of you.

    One other place I would recommend, if you haven’t visited yet, is Sicilia.

    The history, the invasions, the beauty, the tragedy…

    My sister and I had an opportunity to visit and explore the island for ten days in 2003. We encountered a ghost in Palermo, soaring and humbling energies in the catedrale de Cefalu, exquisitely beautiful vistas in Taormina, paralysing sorrow in the ruins of Agrigento.

    Seems as though we have scared everyone away with our travel talk, Beach ….

  183. Beach says:

    You do have a talent for description, I hope you can continue to pursue writing.

  184. VillaCypris says:

    Definitely go, Beach. I wasn’t able to get to Luxor, or the Valley of the Kings, or Alexandria… I was there only one week. I’m sure a journey down the Nile from Cairo to Luxor would be an amazing experience.

  185. VillaCypris says:

    I’d encourage it… I felt very safe in Egypt…. I flew to Hurghada from Milano, the only non-italian on the plane, back in 2004… and then took the overnight bus to Cairo, which was rather terrifying, as I got the last seat on the bus which was in the very last row, in the corner by the window, and could see just how close we came to careening off the side of the road many times.

    Oddly enough, one of my favorite movies/books is The English Patient, and not until I was in the hotel in Cairo, on the Nile, did I realise it was Shepeard’s Hotel, the one featured in the movie!

    Cairo is an amazing city… so much life, so many people, abject poverty and extreme wealth… there really is a “road to Giza” on which one travels to the pyramids. The city has sprawled out to such a degree that one turns a corner and there, right in front of you, is the Great Pyramid itself. Like an apparition appearing out of the desert, but yet it’s yards from civilisation. Takes some of the allure away, but it still is the great pyramid, after all.

    I love North Africa. So much to see..

  186. Beach says:

    Would love to go to Egypt, that is on the short list of places I want to visit next.

  187. VillaCypris says:

    Of course… signed!

    That would be cool if I get around to writing it someday… I’ve certainly met some characters …

  188. VillaCypris says:

    Nice! I’ve never been to the Caribbean… my most entertaining stories came from Monte Carlo, Vienna, and Cairo.

    I won’t ask Blondie… don’t want you to kill me! hee hee

  189. Beach says:

    Let me know when it is out and I will order and advance copy (signed I hope!)

  190. Beach says:

    Most of my articles were around Florida, though I can go anywhere warm with beaches. Love Hawaii and Caribbean.

  191. BlondieNYC*233868 says:

    Villa – thanks, I think I have all my tools for it lined up, and I’m ready to go…lol

  192. BlondieNYC*233868 says:

    Email pet peeves- poor grammar is definitely on the list. An allergy to vowels is another one. If I get (and have gotten) emails that state “how r u” and that’s it…it makes me wonder; and not in a good way lol!

  193. VillaCypris says:

    Hi Blondie! Good luck on your assignment! x

  194. VillaCypris says:

    Wow, lucky you! That’s my favorite kind of writing… when I was travelling more often I would send stories home to the US of my adventures, my friends are waiting for the book! 🙂

    Where are some of your favorite places?

  195. BlondieNYC*233868 says:

    Hello All!

    HenriLouis- blackberry jam is here!

    Welcome Bob and Mr. Smith. We do love to hear from the boys!

    I grew up very close to the water. It was not uncommon to go to someone’s house, jump off their dock and swim in canals. Most everyone had a boat, so it was pretty easy to be out on the ocean for the day. We could even bike to the beach and have someone’s parents pick us up at the end of the day via boat and go home.

    I’m not going to be writing much; I’m going on an assignment.

    Sorry, if I tell you, I’ll have to kill you.

  196. Beach says:

    I was a travel writer for several years. Now I am doing more copywriting, corporate communications and PR.

  197. VillaCypris says:

    Well, sometimes brilliant minds move too fast to be concerned with proper spelling and grammar…. what do you write? Books? Articles? …?

  198. Beach says:

    I get along despite my lack of spelling and proofing skills. I get comments from the proofreader like, “That really isn’t a word, but if it were a word it would probably be spelled like….”.

  199. Beach says:

    That would be incentive enough for me Villa

  200. VillaCypris says:


    I know Beach…. writing is a talent of mine (so I’ve been advised)… and the spelling … I got 100% on all my spelling tests from kindergarten – 8th grade… Catholic school… I think I was afraid of the nuns and their rulers on my tiny little hands if I were to have mispelled a word!

    Mish – me, too…

  201. SweetEuropean*264271 says:

    Bonsoir 🙂

  202. GoddessLike says:

    Poor grammar, is the number one reason I don’t respond or write to certain SD’s…

  203. Beach says:

    lol, I was just kidding, writers can be a bit overprotective of their work. I think it is wonderful that you are helping. 🙂

  204. GoddessLike says:

    In other subjects I’m an honors student.

  205. VillaCypris says:

    Jeeeeeeeeez beach…. !!!!! Thank god I do not fancy myself an “editor”… just trying to be helpful, since he asked…. :p

  206. Beach says:

    Editors can be extremely helpful, though one of my deepest fantasies involved wacking mine in the head with a carriage return every time she changed my lead or inserted the word “happily” somewhere.

  207. VillaCypris says:

    Ok. Give me 5-10 minutes and I’ll send it to you.

  208. bob 156755 says:

    sounds great thanks

  209. VillaCypris says:

    Bob – where is Beaumont? I don’t know Houston area, but maybe change your location to Houston? If that’s where you hope to find someone?

    Also, I see many mispelled words and grammatical errors… i can fix them and send it to you via message, if you want, and are not insulted. I can’t help it, I always notice such things….

  210. Hgirl291128 says:

    Bob, my only comment is that you spelled garter wrong. Maybe not worth it to fix since you’ll be pending approval again if you change it.

  211. VillaCypris says:

    I see… sorry 🙁 don’t worry, I’m sure you excel in other subjects!

  212. GoddessLike says:

    I go to, FAU and PBCC and it was my Teacher @ PBCC for SLS1501.. I’m in prep math because I suck @ math 🙁 so I had to take SLS this semester.

  213. VillaCypris says:

    Wow, that was fast!

    Hola Stephan 🙂

  214. stephan says:

    Bobs profile is approved

  215. VillaCypris says:

    Bob- since you just changed it, the profile is “pending approval” and cannot be viewed. i’ll look again in 12-24 hours…

  216. bob says:

    Ok sounds great Profile number 156755 thanks

  217. VillaCypris says:

    Do you go to FAU? Which class was that? That’s an odd accusation….

  218. GoddessLike says:

    I need a nap, I’m here @ work. Class at 3:30…wow, my teach is nutty. She accused me of watching porn in her class, so now I have to sit in the front row…LOL

  219. VillaCypris says:

    HA! Mish. Sounds like my time in PB… too much fun. Minneapolis is quite a nice city, I wouldn’t term it “dull”… rather I’ve outgrown it… it’s difficult to come back here after having lived abroad and experienced what I did.

    Yes, Hgirl… MC here we come!!

  220. VillaCypris says:

    You’re welcome, Bob. Same to you.

    If you’re comfortable doing so, put your profile number next to your name, and you will receive lots of constructive advice ….

  221. GoddessLike says:

    Oh, nice.

    I’ve never been to Minneapolis, sounds. Dull…

    I just got back from vacationing in Key West florida, mmmm. Loved it.
    Stayed right in the Crown Plaza on Duval, walking distance from everything. I had to have been drinking 3days straight, woke up with Bloody Marys & Mimosa’s…

  222. Hgirl291128 says:

    Oui, un peu. And I think we have all decided that a little rendez-vous in Monte would be divine.

  223. bob says:

    thank you very much for thaking the time to anserw my question. I have updated my profile and will see where that gets me. hope you have a wounderful day.

  224. VillaCypris says:

    Mish – after PB i moved to Monte Carlo for one year (school) and then came back to Minneapolis, where I was born/raised… considering moving however, as I’m painfully bored …

  225. VillaCypris says:

    oui, cherie, toi. j ne connais pas wellington… parle francais aussi eh? 🙂

  226. GoddessLike says:

    Where do you live now?

  227. Hgirl291128 says:

    Moi? I was in Wellington.

  228. VillaCypris says:

    Awww sorry I didn’t know you then! Were you on the island? Or out west in Wellington?

  229. Hgirl291128 says:

    I was also in Palm Beach in January (I think I might have said this already) which is where I broke my wrist. Hahaha it was still a great place, however.

  230. VillaCypris says:

    Yea! I lived in Palm Beach for a couple of years, so it was a joy to return and see old friends and frequent former haunts… I never spent much time in Boca, but yes, from what I’ve seen it’s beautiful!

  231. Beach says:

    Hi Bob, I would be as detailed as possible as well. It cuts down the the number of responses, but the quality will be higher. On the other hand, I was limiting my search to a local SB and found one across the country, so you can never tell, lol.

  232. GoddessLike says:

    Awww, boca is really a beautiful city huh?
    And, no… I don’t seem to frequent this site as of lately. School, and work is exhausting. Just been a bit focused. Did you enjoy South Florida?

  233. VillaCypris says:

    Bob – with respect to any criteria you have, not just location, state it clearly in your profile. Most people are understanding of another’s preferences, and would rather know them up-front so as to not waste your time or theirs if the criteria do not match up. Or experiment for a week or two… say only girls in the 77019 and 77024 zipcodes… then expand the search to greater-Houston…

  234. Hgirl291128 says:

    ‘hello and good morning to you bettie (jealous of your hot date with kitty), mish, villa, sweeteuro, beach, bob, suthrn and anyone else i forgot!

  235. VillaCypris says:

    Hi Mish! I don’t believe you’ve been on the blog since I started contributing… nice to “meet” you finally! I was down in Palm Beach for two weeks in january, and went one day with my friend to Boca to pick up her son at St Andrew’s. I thought of you, mishbocaraton 🙂

  236. GoddessLike says:

    Hello all, it’s Mish…

  237. VillaCypris says:

    Hello Bob

    Be as detailed as necessary in order to get the results you want… if you’re looking for someone only in houston, state that clearly in your profile. Something like, “I appreciate all the nation-wide interest, but I am only interested in someone who lives in the Houston-area”.

    Drinks or dinner? Either, in my opinion. Perhaps it depends on how much time you want to spend with the girl? If you’re not sure about the connection, a drink would be less time and an easier venue from which to extricate yourself than a dinner.

  238. bob says:

    how in the heck does one go about this. how detailed do you need to be in your profile. I have had some girls email but they live all over the country. looking for someone in the houston area. do i need to put that in the profile. once you comunicate with the person what is the best thing for the girl; dinner, drinks?

  239. Beach says:

    SweetEuropean, about whether SDs care if SBs smoke, there is one consideration. If the SD does not smoke and is married, it may present a problem. Smoke smell, even second-hand from clothing, enviroment, can be picked-up and lead to some interesting questions if it starts appearing regularly. Actually perfumes can cause the same issue.

  240. Beach says:

    Atlanta, in Atlanta in February is always iffy on weather. If it is nice, Stone Mountain is always a good bet and there are inside things to do if it turns colder. Depending upon what he likes, there is usually a good exhibit at the High Museum if he is into culture. I personally love zoos and that is a good afternoon activity with some inside displays if the weather is iffy (Aquarium is another option0>

  241. VillaCypris says:

    salut henri, j n’ai pas recu les bisou du sable…. 🙁

  242. HenriLouis says:

    You have got mail in you inbox.
    Enjoy !

  243. VillaCypris says:

    Good morning / afternoon everyone~~~~

    Kitty, just remember it’s not the “container” which matters, but rather the kind heart and good soul that resides within… I’m sure there are some “super models” who are miserable human beings.

    Hgirl, after reading last night’s entries, it seems that you find yourself in quite a conundrum! hmmmmmmmmmmmm….

  244. BettieGirlDD*273192 says:

    wow spell much? sorry!

  245. Sam 267369 says:

    No, Kitty, NOT not good enough for them, but you have too much brain and not enough height. A good trade-off in my estimation…

  246. BettieGirlDD*273192 says:

    Sign me up for that island. I had a date friday with one very sexy and fun misskyttylainy herself.

  247. ~*kittylainy*279647*~ says:

    Henri: you are definitely fortunate to have been able to enjoy watersports since young.

    Nico: glad to hear your house is coming along nicely!

    Hgirl: I might take you up on that… we can fill the island with not supermodel but still gorgeous and has great personalty women… and firemen 🙂

  248. Hgirl291128 says:

    Oh and Kitty, you can come live on my private island!

  249. HenriLouis says:

    Hi Suthrn,
    It is exacly like you say.
    Calmness and rejuvenating.
    Not many people are as lucky as we are to enjoy nature this way.
    That is a pity, since man is part of nature itself.

  250. Hgirl291128 says:

    Good morning everyone and welcome to the blog Mr. Smith!

    Henri, you always make me smile in the morning. Maybe Blondie could pass your writing on to me when she is done 🙂

  251. SuthrnExec says:

    Henri, I am envious of your early introduction to the the sea and sailing. I only began to sail after living near the Great Lakes in the US just a few years ago – and even then I wasn’t able to sail as much as I would have liked. There is a wonderful calmness amidst the awesome power of the wind and the deep. I found it really very relaxing and at the same rejuvenating.

  252. SuthrnExec says:

    Jem, Kitty is right, I’m afraid there are a lot of SDs that run through SA. I would also suspect that some of the SDs you hear from have been sending similar emails to multiple SBs and whoever responds first wins. Those SDs are probably not really interested in any kind of sustained arrangement, so you’re probably better off that they move along. They obviously aren’t interested in discovering the things that take a little time to understand about someone with that sort of “hit-and-run” behavior.

  253. HenriLouis says:

    Hi Kitty,
    No, I am not a sailor, but I love all kinds of watersports.
    As a child I grew up just a few steps from the beach.
    When a teenager, I became member of a scouting group.
    We were not boyscouts but seascouts.
    Clad not in a green kind of uniform but in a blue one with a sailors hat.
    I learned to sail all kinds of boats and speedboats etc and waterski.
    Also there was a large rowing boat which must be manned by 8 rowers.
    Four on one side and four on the other side with tremendous oars that you had to be held with both hands.
    One boatsman stood at the helm in the back.
    It had originally been a rescue boat from a passenger liner.
    On the one hand there is the sea , and close by there are some lakes.
    First we had to learn how to row in the same tempo with the same force heaving the heavy oar, calloing “heave ho”, remember we were just teenagers.
    Then one day there was a bit of westerly wind blowing to the land pushing up waves not too high. The ultimate test, rowing out into the sea.
    Turning the boat and rowing back. The last stretch was most exciting.
    On the order “up oars”, you took the oar out of the water and held it straight up in front of you. The boatsman steered and we rode the wave all the way to the shore coming to a standstill in the sand.
    Impressionable things learned as a child will always steer your course in life. No I am not a sailor just a waterrat.

  254. Nico says:

    LOL ~ I must remain positive…..or I might just climb into the hole with the plumbing *wink*

    I am not one to give up easily ~ I like a challenge; however, sometimes challenges come with a price tag and that’s typically my biggest issue. So, picked up some contract para work. It cuts down on my free time but it will help pay for the remodeling.

    *fingers crossed*

    Must run out ~ gone most of the day. Ciao mi familia!

  255. SuthrnExec says:

    LOL I commend you on your positive outlook – I doubt I would classify a plumbing problem in the slab as a snafu! I’d probably be looking for some plumber’s hide – unless, of course, it was like that when you acquired the house. Sounds like it is moving along – good for you!

  256. Nico says:

    Well….since you asked…LOL Everything is on the mark…my electrician is behind schedule but everything is good. Had a minor SNAFU with the plumbing and since it’s run under the concrete foundation, my only recourse is to run a replacement line up and over….so, some minor issues but I refuse to be derailed.

    The door is in and looks fabulous, the landscaping is cleaned up, the wall is down in the kitchen and the drywall is done….it’s looking good….and *smelling better too* LOL….thank you for asking.

    I will be very happy to be done and finally moved in 😀

  257. SuthrnExec says:

    Nico, how’s the home-makeover coming along?

  258. Nico says:

    Morning SE and Kitty!! THANK YOU 🙂

  259. ~*kittylainy*279647*~ says:

    19 Asian: like all men in the world, I think they all have different taste in pots. I would think being Asian would be an advantage in a m-m relationship

  260. ~*kittylainy*279647*~ says:

    Morning Nico *waves*
    -to search by profile, open up a random SD profile and at the top URL, erase the last #s and insert in your desired profile #
    for SBs, do the same, but open up a random SB profile

  261. SuthrnExec says:

    Good morning everyone – welcome aboard Mr. Smith.

    Nico, to pull up a profile by number, first bring up a SDs profile from your favorites or a random one and then notice at the end of the URL the profile number is tagged on to the end. Replace that number with the profile number of the profile you wish to view, click refresh and sh-zam – there it is.

  262. ~*kittylainy*279647*~ says:

    Good Day everyone!
    I hope everyone is having a fantastic day so far. I’ve missed a lot yesterday evening. I’ve been very cynical towards my new Pots. lately, and I think it is a major turn off. Normally I let me guard down a lot more and am a lot more naive towards the situation. Fearing this road is heading towards a jaded little girl, I think I am going to relax, take a deep breath and continue my search.
    19 Asian: When I was young, I always recall the Blonde bardie, a burnette and an African. Never really an asian. They might have come up with little “specials” where Barbie was of the Orient descent but not as a full-line.

    Henri: Interesting story. I haven’t read the top partof the blog yet, but are you a sailor?

    Lou: I’ve always been facinated with sea travel. Never got to really enjoy the lifestyle. The closest were luxury cruises. Sailing just seems like such a relaxing, and romantic excursion.

    Mr. Smith: Welcome to the blog! This blog isn’t simply about scoping out possible pots. (though it does happen often! There are many success stories) but sharing of ideas, questions, concerns and support. Feel free to chime in on any topic you denote as interesting. You mentioned that SBs get a lot of messages. True as it may be, we do weed through a lot of men that are looking for per-hr-ladies and pure rubbish. Which sadly has gotten a lot of us, Jaded. But you do not understand how refreshing it is to read a truly genuine e-mail. So if you see something that sparks your interest, you should really take a few minutes and write a sincere e-mail.

    Jem: There seems to be a lot of dissappearing acts here on SA. Sad, really. Some SDs on the blog mentioned that they are busy, or they check their msgs on bberry and want to wait to reply. But I know, sometimes a week is just ridiculous and you lose faith. Don’t be discouraged though. if they don’t reply, that;s their lost, there are plenty more goldfish in the pond 🙂

    SAM: Think that was your nice way of saying, I am just not good enough for those acquaintances of yours. I am also starting to think there is an underground club for SDs.

  263. Nico says:

    Good morning Sugar Family and a WARM Welcome Mr. Smith.

    Hello Henri ~ I too appreciate your posts….I sometimes get lost in the flow as I believe somebody mentioned earlier, your writing is almost poetic.

    Good morning Red ~ how’s the job?????

    Good morning Lou and Lisa 🙂

    Can anybody tell me how to research a profile by the number(s)?

  264. Nineteen Asian says:

    lol i mean…I’m an asian guy SB…looking for a SD…sadly looking in the US profiles because theres only 20 profiles in australia hehehe

    so i was curious about…what type of guys in the US tend to like hehehe

  265. HenriLouis says:

    Yes there are also Asian girls here on the site.
    Just press the search button.
    Then choose a country such as Phillipines and others.
    Here you will find a tremendous amount of living dolls to communicate with.

  266. Nineteen Asian says:

    Do guys in the US tend to like more…of the muscle-tanned-porn-star-model guys?
    I’ve seen some SB profiles! wow…they’re all MINIMUM like 7ft hehehe

    Since i’m a 173cm slim asian guy…lol…5ft 8

    I can see that…guys like girls that are smaller (in height) than them…
    right? hmmm…

    Don’t the guys like smaller guys? hehehe I find it interesting seeing a 7ft tall SD with a 8ft tall SB…hehehe

    What do you think?

  267. Nineteen Asian says:


    feels like the SDs only like Ken-doll-like guys hehehe

    do some of you girls feel the same?…SDs only liking the Barbie-doll-like girls?

    hmmm…I haven’t seen an Asian-ken-doll…hehehe or did they make Asian-barbie-dolls?

    I guess it’s friday 13th for me this week! rather than the Valentines Saturday 14th lol 😛

  268. HenriLouis says:

    Wow man, far out !
    I know exactly what you mean.
    For years one of my hobbies was windsurfing at sea.
    We have a club here with a clubhouse at the beach.
    Of course there is a large rubber rescue boat in case anyone got into trouble at sea, broken mast etc. I was in one of the teams to man the boat and to steer it through the surf. One day a high breaker tossed the boat up into the air.
    The storm got hold of the bottom of the boat and it flipped on its back.
    Fortunately not one crew member was hit by the outboard engine.
    We then perfected the technique to slice through the waves just as a surfer would do, you go with the wave and at some point get across.
    Marvellous to stand up front, see the boat rise into the air and look into the deep through between the waves. First time I shriecked the lungs out of my torso with joy. But the sea soon punished me for that. The boat goes up and then is dashed into the next wave with tremendous force. After all the boat runs at great speed to get to the swimmer.
    You have to brace yourself to survive the smash into that wall of water.
    Also to clamp your mouth firmly tight, or else you would lose some teeth in the crash.
    I live near the sea and the beach is my place of healing.
    Yes, I am fortunate indeed.
    Lou, very pleased to discover this aspect of your personality.

  269. lisa says:

    Good morning everyone. Storm passed through waking me up around 1 am , had trouble getting back to sleep, worried power might go off and I would oversleep.
    Getting ready to go to work. Have a great day everyone

  270. Lou says:


    I could captain a 100′ boat in one of the worst inlets/harbors on the East coast (USA, that is) before I could drive a car. Whenever I get anywhere near the ocean and the salt air…

  271. HenriLouis says:

    Hi Mr Smith,
    You will be a great addition to all the sparring partners on the blog.
    Wonderful philosophical line about “the mystery of someone new “.
    Never thought of that.
    I liked the expression that you are “not trolling” do I meet a fellow angler here ? Double welcome then !

  272. HenriLouis says:

    Hi my blackberry jam girl,
    There is a message in your mailbox.
    Start of something exiting ?

  273. Mr Smith says:

    No I was just joking. I am happily content as to my status. I am not trolling for anyone here in the blog. Just joining in the discussion. Besides, if someone gets a feel for the type of person I am based on my musings, where then would be the mystery of meeting someone new as you would already “know”me? Nor am I one of those rabid A-type personalities who is always trying to prove something or overcompensate. (no pictures of planes, cars, boats in my profile!) I just want to occasionally join the discussion and get or give some advice when needed or wanted.

  274. sweetredhead......269443 says:

    Mr smith. Maybe you should put your profile number here and see what comes of it. As you see some of us have our profile number at the end of our names.

    Many of us have been contacted by people who read the blog 🙂

    As Luis said, I am still asleep lol (awake but mind not functioning yet)

    I am off to work. Have a wonderful day, see all of you when I return 🙂

  275. Mr Smith says:

    Yeah, you’d think that my box would be loaded with msgs. 😀

  276. HenriLouis says:

    Welcome Mr Smith,
    These words are usually spoken by Sweetredhead, the fairy mother of the blog. But she is still asleep now, so that is why I welcome you.
    We always wondered how many members read the postings in the blog, but for one reason or other never join in.
    We all appreciate that you have taken the step to join in the conversation.
    It really creates a circle of sympathy.
    How fortunate you are to read that once within a short time you were considered to be compatible and immediateley could gratify each others needs. Amazing how quickly you were allowed to enter the “danger zone” around the SB. Must be your karma.
    As to being active on the site in your search fo an SB, we share the oulook. We wait for a reaction from an SB who finds us attractive.
    Hope your mailbox will be overflowing now that you have stepped into the limelight of the blog.
    Enjoy your day,

  277. sweetredhead......269443 says:

    Good Morning Mr smith, welcome to the Blog 🙂

  278. sweetredhead......269443 says:

    Good morning Bondie and HenriLouis. Drinking my coffee and getting ready to start my day. Hope you both are doing well 🙂

  279. Mr Smith says:


    I’ve been a long time reader of these blogs (a voyeur you could say) and most of the opinions expressed throughout these topics have been enlightening, to say the least, to the mindset of this dating world. I hope you will allow me to share as well.

    On topic: has anyone ever crossed the line?

    Yes. I met someone once and within a few minutes it was decided that I was compatible and that we should go get a room or back to her place (I don’t remember) and hope I brought my gift with me.

    Do I respond to every msg?

    Not always. Only if I believe that the person who initiated contact was sincere in their approach will I respond indicating my interest. It is only fair to the other person, unless of course it is….

    Which do I prefer: copy/paste notes or one liners?

    Unless either is smart/funny/interesting enough to get a rise out of me I don’t respond. Sorry if you think that is selfish, but that is how I think.

    One of the advantages of being a female member of this site is the never ending deluge of mash notes that most ladies here receive. A generalization I know, but it seems that men (sd’s) are more eager to initiate contact than the ladies (sb’s) and my approach is that you probably have enough notes to weed thru already. I usually don’t initiate contact for this reason and let someone come upon my profile and find an interest, and if they decide to contact me, they usually read what I had to say respond accordingly.

  280. BlondieNYC*233868 says:

    HenriLouis – your blackberry jam girl would be honored to read them, please do send them to me.

    merci, merci mille fois!

  281. HenriLouis says:

    Hi again on this nice morning.
    May I call you from now on my blackberry jam girl ?
    Yes, I enjoy writing very much but I never published anything except “discourse material” about linguistics.
    I do have quite a nice series of short stories on the Camino de Santiago that I walked in 2006, 600 miles in 2 months on foot.
    It is called Reflections.
    Then on the last week of my walk I met HER the one I was waiting for to bring me spirituality. Then having completed the Camino, each went his/her own way.
    To be honest I wrote a beautiful series of short stories on that experience as well. It is called ALEGRIAS DEL AMOR, the Joy of Love.
    Even myself, I am moved when I read them again.
    My heart is in there, you know.
    You are welcome to read them if you wish.
    In fact I would be honoured.
    Just say yes and I will drop a message in your mailbox.
    Yes blackberryjam on your T-shirt, I simply adore you.

  282. BlondieNYC*233868 says:

    HenriLouis, that sounds lovely! Have a wonderful day filled with joy and laughter.

  283. HenriLouis says:

    Hi good morning Blondie,
    Another early riser.
    I wish you a nice day with lots of sunshine.
    Over here it is a clear day and temperature is rising to almost 10 degrees.
    Have a great day !

  284. BlondieNYC*233868 says:

    HenriLouis- I love your stories, your sense of romance and the general felicity that is you. Have you thought about writing them down for the world to enjoy?

    And please pass the blackberry jam 🙂

  285. HenriLouis says:

    Hello Jem,
    I can understand that it is quite upsetting for you.
    Your high hopes are dashed in.
    Is it the quality of your reply, perhaps the tone or the words used.
    You are the best critic of your own work.
    What do you think yourself ?
    If your want to talk about it further you, can always reach me in my mailbox
    No need to discuss the contents of your letters here.
    Just a thought.
    Are you also an early riser like I am or is it insomania because of disappointments ?
    I offer you the sunshine of my smile,

  286. BlondieNYC*233868 says:

    Sam, I’ve flown on private corporate jets and was never asked for my name or my birthdate.

  287. Jem says:

    I really get upset when I hear from a Sugar Daddy and they are anxious to meet me. I reply and never hear from them again. What gives?

  288. HenriLouis says:

    Good morning everyone,
    I had a great time reading all the postings. It struck me how kind you all are coming to the rescue with all sorts of information for the safety of the sugarbabe offered a ride in a private jet.
    Memories ? Ah so many, but let me entertain you with one that looks like a dream for an SB/SD arrangement.
    This was the days before I had ever heard of the website and its blog.
    In the autumn of the year 2006 I had this wonderful exchange by sms and letters with a young lady nearing thirty. I always referred to her as my Italian Girl. By the way a great novel by Iris Murdoch. She had done her studies of architecture in Florence.
    After a few weeks I invited her for dinner and decided to make it a memorable evening for her. One you look back to with a soft smile on your face when you are in that old people’s home named SB/SD.
    I hired a white limo and selected a bouquet of 50 roses.
    We drove to her home (in a kind of squatters building). I gave her a ring on my mobile phone. She came down and was completely bowled over by the roses and the white limo. Of course I had the driver take pictures of the two of us. I asked the driver to take it slow and just drive around for an hour or so. Opened the chilled bottle of champagne and raised the glass to a wonderful evening. Yes, a very romantic memory.
    Then we went to the Okura Hotel (5**)in Amsterdam. I had made reservations. It has a Japanese restaurant with superbe food.
    The rooms are a letdown and the wine list shamefully short.
    The gerand led the way to our table in this large space.
    You should have seen those faces. My Italian girl with that bunch of roses in her arms looking a radiant star and me dressed to the occasion behind her. All the women green with envy and all the men looking up at me with admiration. What does he have, that I don’t ?
    Very simple, an imaginative mind.
    Anyway it was wonderful evening with two petite Japanes waitresses in their kimonos shuffling around, bringing dishes and dishes and dishes and…… I always have the chef’s surprise menu, it is supposed the best there is in any restaurant.
    The eveing passed so quickly with this eleven course dinner and a bottle of Piper Heidsieck champagne, Brut of course echoing my nature.
    I used to go in for Dom Perignon, the preference of my look-a-like 007,
    but in the course of years your palate changes.
    I drove her back home and got a kiss on the cheek as my reward.
    She must have had the most pleasant dreams of her life that night.
    I asked her to select one rose and dry it between tissue paper.
    Later when I took her out for a flamenco concert she gave it to me.
    I had it conserved in clear plastic so you have a presse papier on your desk. Some tangible object for her to remember the eveing and also to have me with her all her life.
    Anyway it came to nothing ( as I knew beforehand) but I enjoyed my self hugely spoiling her no end.
    Now I look upon that memorable evening as a kind of “warming up” for my pot SB to take her out.
    Thanks for sharing my outing with the Itailan girl.

  289. Sam 267369 says:

    Kitty, RE: the friend of mine that has the island, he only took nationally published magazine or international runway models. Not the top tier, but the second tier. He is the one that pointed out that with top model salaries in the decline (compared to the supermodel days of the 80’s) due to South American and Eastern European competition, he can even get the bottom of the top tier girls now. He had a very interesting statistical attitude toward it all — there are a LOT of models in South Beach, so his offer was certain to net a dozen girls, so he could afford to be very picky. He was keen on primarily physical attributes.

    I actually have several acquaintances like this in other countries, also. I find it personally repellent, but it works for them. I could tell some stories, but not on this forum.

  290. Sam 267369 says:

    This is one of those cases where I can speak with authority over the paranoid scenarios on the blog.

    The FAA is coming to your rescue. Firstly, for the past few years they require a full flight plan filed and you can’t change it easily — and when you do, it is logged and flagged. Secondly, they require all passengers to be registered and checked against the “no fly” list — in fact, if he does not ask you for your name and birthday you should be suspicious. Thirdly, FBOs (where private jets land, take off and refuel) now have camera records of arrivals, departures, and lobby entrance and exits. All are essentially post 9-11 anti-terrorist measures.

    The more realistic paranoia is that you could be coerced on the plane. Think of it as being similar to going to somebody’s hotel room. It is, in fact, safer than a hotel room since there will be a police retrievable record of your presence and a much more detailed paper and video trail for the plane (i.e. a second by second tracking of its position in the US). It is FAR more dangerous to travel in somebody’s car.

    Despite this, having the money to obtain a return ticket is a good idea, or having one in hand in case things don’t turn out. I offered a few times for a potential SB to bring a friend; two of them took me up on it.

  291. OCSugarBaby says:

    Nite Babe 🙂

  292. JustMe says:

    Night Gordon, pleasant dreams to you as well.. I’m headed to sleep myself…Night all.

  293. Gordon says:

    I will take a walk and then turn in. Good night all.

  294. SuthrnExec says:

    G’Night OC 😉

  295. JustMe says:

    Night OC… pleasant dreams!

  296. OCSugarBaby says:

    Nite everyone! Sweet Dreams…

  297. SuthrnExec says:

    Sounds good to me – so far i’ve skipped dinner – prob will do without tonight – it certainly won’t hurt me!

  298. Gordon says:

    Suthern, it’s just a simple Alfredo with left over Riesling. I did put my jacket back on because it is a little cool out.

  299. JustMe says:

    Night Lisa and Hgirl… pleasant dreams!

  300. Hgirl291128 says:

    I am also off. A few of my friends are having a birthday party tonight and it’s open bar. Although I’m not planning to drink I’m sure I’ll be in the minority. Should be interesting!

  301. lisa says:

    It’s sad that they pretend to help homeless people and they keep the money. I should have been suspicious because they had religious tshirts on but were chain smoking and cussing.

    well i’m going to go watch tv and go to bed soon. Gotta get up at 6 am. If the tornado doesn’t blow me somewhere else.

    Good night everyone.

  302. SuthrnExec says:

    can i see the menu please, Gordy?

  303. Hgirl291128 says:

    Yay Gordon! I would love to have a Valentine’s dinner with you and the rest of the Sugar family right now.

  304. Gordon says:

    Dinner has arrived and I brought it outside with left over wine and my laptop.
    I will have a valentine dinner with you my friends.

  305. Hgirl291128 says:

    That’s one of the saddest things I’ve heard in awhile.

  306. lisa says:

    Hgirl I will be working all day on Valentines weekend, alone because one of my coworkers will be working the flower tent so after my boss leaves at noon, i’m alone to stock the truck. Family stopping by when I get off and we are going to kfc for my mom’s earlly birthday. I guess that’s ok

    Interesting news tonight, a story about a scam charity that collects money to supposedly help the homeless. I saw these people when I was at a busstop a couple weeks ago and they were trying to get money from me. so glad I didn’t give them anything (I had no cash) because they are on tv right now.

  307. Hgirl291128 says:

    Wow Lisa. Why don’t you make yourself a memorable Valentine’s Day? Treat yourself to a food that you love, run a bath, rent a movie or read a great book. You’re worth it!

  308. lisa says:

    That’s a nice memory Gail
    My most memorable valentine memory was in 1991 when my husband came in and told me he was leaving me on Mar 3rd. I cried all day and actually got physically sick, fever and all, I was also over 7 months pregnant.

    But I just heard the news and a strong thunderstorm with tornados that have already hit oklahoma are headed out way. We will all be dead in Houston tomorrow. lol well as long as it clears up before I leave for work, sure hope my power doesn’t go out or my alarm won’t go off.

  309. OCSugarBaby says:

    Hgirl-This is my first Valentine’s Day in this venue. I don’t have bad past experiences to draw upon. They were just average. I too spent three years with someone prior to coming to SA.
    I have been so happy since joining! I am appreciated and spoiled beyond my dreams. It takes effort from both of us. Communication, respect and understanding have been the foundation. It builds from there.
    I loved your story about the love sonata! What a wonderful memory to have. Remember that Valentine’s Day is just one day out of 365…

  310. Gail says:

    2 years ago…sitting at my desk at work…the florist delivery man comes in…boquet of flowers for me…2 hours later…a second boquet..florist delivery again…a 3rd boquet…2 hours again…4th boquet:)

    Next day florist deliver again…boquet of flowers for me…2 hours later…a second boquet..florist delivery again…a 3rd boquet…2 hours again…4th boquet delivered by him:)

    He flew in from Texas..didn’t tell me…took me shopping all day for clothes:) dinner and loving:) He left the next day…..

    Awwww….that was then…lol….this is now:)

  311. lisa says:

    Last feb was bad for me. My then boyfriend didnt’ even take me out for valentine;s day because he had to babysit his grandkids so his daughter and her husband could go out. He didn’t even tell me about this so I sat anxiously waiting for him to call, and then he emailed me around 10 pm that he had been babysitting. I am sure his daughter would have understood and could have found a babysitter.
    And I just remembered it’s my 1 year anniversary since I got knocked down at the bustop by a flying construction horse that was hit by a car. Odd yesterday when I was walking to the laundrette, there were several of those wooden construction horses in the road blocking some tar work.
    I had a very nice huge purple bruise all over my back and backside. lol

  312. Hgirl291128 says:


    Sorry so many SBs have left you feeling that way. Take heart, however, there are many many nice girls out there!

  313. Hgirl291128 says:

    I don’t know why but your talking about your ex reminds me that this is the 1st Valentine’s Day I’ve been single for 3 years. My ex and I used to go to this unbelievable restaurant in Providence called New Rivers. Last year he snuck his violin in before we got there and when we eating champagne and caviar he went to the bathroom he came out and started playing a love sonata.

    That memory doesn’t make me sad, though because I am so sure that breaking up was the right decision. Rather, it makes me smile to remember it. Any good memories of your own ladies (or gents)?

  314. miket says:

    Gordon, now that is a good and appropriate post ! Pretty much the way I feel after the meetings I have with each pot. sb lol 😉 sorry gurlz, but just speaking the truth. I have not read many pots, don;t have that much time, but so far most girls want what they want “now” and only when they want it. Someone needs to teach them how to C O M M U N I C A T E, and in this case a “text” or “email” that says hi/bye or what’s up? just doesn;t cut it. Also a lot of “this is beneath me, but here I am”, in both cases get real please. Fantasy land is around the corner, down the hill and…..whoops off the cliff…. guuud luck to you all, me “the fishing has been poor, perhaps I should have “been here yesterday?” 😉


  315. lisa says:

    edit, part 2 NOT me, lol
    visions getting blurry

  316. OCSugarBaby says:

    Just Me has a great idea going. I think if this pot SD is worth his weight in, well gold. He will not make this an all or nothing offer. Offer an alternative to the first meeting. He may not be able to come to you. However he can most likely provide you with a commercial ticket to CA. A good solid SD/SB relationship takes work. But when it does work and the chemistry is present, it is amazing! I do like his style!

  317. lisa says:

    edit, It (the pizza) used to be really cheap here, no ME, lol

  318. lisa says:

    I haven’t eatin a pizza like that since I dated my last boyfriend last year. He took me to nice restaraunts and casual places and I got to eat alot of nice food. Went to this great pizza place and the margarita pizza was great, haven’t had it since because it’s in his area of town,not on the busline. I don’t eat mushrooms or olives, yuck
    I really don’t like pizza that much, I used to eat it every week and got tired of it. I used to be reallly cheap here, every tuesday you could get 2 for 10 dollars. I had to always get two because my mom and daughter don’t eat pork, and I don’t like plain cheese pizza, so we had to get 2 pizzas, one for my dad and me, one for my mom and daughter

  319. Hgirl291128 says:

    Justme you are right. I’m just not sure if he is even serious. We shall see.

  320. Gail says:

    Sausage,pepperoni,mushrooms and olives:) Good more for me Lisa:)

    Lisa you can eath that much? LOL….

  321. JustMe says:

    Hgirl, I’m not saying, don’t go… Just have him provide a ticket on a commercial flight. I’m sure he will have no problem with this request, when you explain your concern. If not, then I would say to pass up this meeting. Again, just a thought.

  322. Gordon says:

    Sorry Gail, I ordered Linguine Alfredo. It’s a bit late for cowboy pizza.
    Now when it arrives should I put the jacket and tie back on to eat alone?

  323. Hgirl291128 says:

    Hahaha lisa you and horses. You crack me up. But I agree Gordon, pizza sounds divine!

  324. lisa says:

    What is a cowboy pizza? I don’t like the sound of it, I loathe anything cowboyish

  325. lisa says:

    No, the only pizza I like is margarita, with lots of roma tamatos. I’ll take a huge slice about the size of a half pizza please.

  326. Gail says:

    Order a Cowboy Pizza Gordon…I will help you eat it:)

  327. Hgirl291128 says:

    Amen ladies. I don’t think this sounds like the right fit for me. Too bad, wouldn’t it be great to get my Valentine’s wish? Ok fine, I’d settle for a pair of Louboutins LOL Just kidding!

  328. Gail says:

    JustMe…thank you for sharing your info…we certainly don’t want HGurl go off to nowhere:( We need her safe and sound:)

  329. lisa says:

    that’s a great point JustMe as the guy could land the plane in the middle of the desert or take you to some strange private aiport where you wouldn’t be able to go anywhere. I wouldn’t want to be up in an airplane alone with strangers.

  330. JustMe says:

    Hi everyone, I was just reading a few of the posts above and wanted to say one thing regarding your flight Hgirl.

    As fun as it sounds going on a private jet, please remember one thing. If you have never met this man, and you board a private jet, the flight plan is up to the pilot or owner of the jet. You could be thinking you are headed to Sunny California, but could end up anywhere in the world.

    On the other hand, if you take a commercial flight, (until you are sure of who he is and can trust him) you can be fairly sure you will be arriving in California.

    Just a thought I had… something for you and other SB’s to ponder!

  331. Gordon says:

    I went to a cocktail party at the Bath and Tennis club, no one can get in there but I escorted a lady who can go anywhere.

    Then I took some of the party to my club PBYC for drinks, anyone can get in there. I took the lady home and got a kiss on the cheek.

    Now I am home and it occurs to me that I have had hors D,ouevres but no dinner. Now I am staring at the freezer and the telephone and trying to decide between Lean Cuisine or order pizza, such a glamorous life.

  332. Sam 267369 says:

    Hgirl, I am sympathetic to your SD, assuming he is real.

    For many SD in that wealth class it is not practical for them to visit you first, unless you happen to be in an area that they would visit anyhow. Sweetredhead’s advice is generally good (have them fly to you first) but at that wealth class it is often impractical.

    Flying on a private jet means you will almost certainly have to give up your identity (FAA no fly list checking), so you in turn should feel free to ask him for his identity, or at least enough information to verify who he is. You can offer to sign an NDA, although the liability asymmetry is still a factor.

    But he should understand your need for security. Unless he’s like that friend of mine I mentioned in a previous thread. In which case I would be very careful.

    Keep in mind that for some people $5k is nothing. Jet fuel and related costs for a transcontinental flight (for a private jet that can do it nonstop) is going to be around $40k anyhow.

  333. lisa says:

    those frogs got very annoying singing all night, lol My mom said they were happy because of the rain.

  334. Hgirl291128 says:

    That sounds beautiful lisa!

  335. lisa says:


    When I was growing up, I lived down in the Rio Grande Valley on the Mexico border. We lived out in the country and the land across from our neighborhood was undeveloped open field. Our house was close to the road and not far from the other side of the street. Every time we had a heavy rain, the field across the street would flood and the frogs would come out and make loud noises all night. There must have been hundreds of them singing or whatever they do. My bedroom window faced the front of the house so really go to hear them.

  336. Gail says:

    Just google….Valentine ideas in Atlanta:) I did and there a some suggestions:)

    Hello Gordon…are your getting excited about the Boat Show?

    I love the rain…I perfer not to sleep alone when it is raining:)

  337. Atalanta says:

    So…SD has made Valentine’s Day plans, and I have 36 hours to make any suggestions…
    I’m drawing a blank on nice things to do (in the afternoon) in Atlanta…any one have any ideas?
    We were going to picnic…but it might rain. So far the weather is beautiful though…

  338. Gordon says:

    Good evening group

  339. Hgirl291128 says:

    I love the rain at night! It helps me sleep better.

  340. lisa says:

    I enjoy the rain when i’m home but I hate getting caught in it. lol
    The road is busy in front of my apartments and you can hear the cars going by through the water. Water accumulates on the streets within a few minutes, Houston’s bad for flooding.

  341. Gail says:

    Good thing you didn’t get too wet Lisa…I don’t want you to melt…LOL
    or catch a cold and die:)

  342. lisa says:

    when I was leaving work today, the meat cutter said I was going to get caught in the rain and it looked that way but it just drizzled a little and I made it across the street in time to catch the bus, and it didnt’ start raining till after dark tonight.

  343. Gail says:

    Lisa…it is rainy here too:) I am in for the evening:)

  344. lisa says:

    Great idea Gail
    He should also be aware that she has a friend in the area keeping in touch. Going somewhere alone makes one vulnerable.
    Rainy night in Houston

  345. Hgirl291128 says:

    Hahaha I figured as much. He would be pretty surprised if I offered a 2 for 1 deal LOL

  346. Gail says:

    oops…sorry…I didn’t mean bring a friend for a 2 for 1…lol…I meant bring a friend so that you are comfortable and it is your first time in Calif:)

  347. Gail says:

    HGurl…If you are anywhere near me… I will drive to you if you need me:)

    NC…can you send to me HGurls address:)

    I am in Northern Calif:) or perhaps he will let you bring a girlfriend with you for comfort:)

  348. lisa says:

    Good night Sweetredhead

  349. Hgirl291128 says:

    Night sweetredhead!

  350. sweetredhead......269443 says:

    I am off to bed 5:30 comes early. Have a great evening everyone 🙂

  351. Hgirl291128 says:

    I will do all of the above. Again, I’m not even sure I want to have a West Coast SD! Haha.

    You guys are the best!

  352. sweetredhead......269443 says:

    Hgirl291128 …..Have you asked him to fly to you for the first meeting? A Sd should not have a problem doing so to keep you in your comfort level. I would talk to him about it. A gentleman would understand your concerns.

    If you have an email from him (in your regular mail) it should have his full name there. If not ask him. Then google him 🙂

    First and foremost always be safe. Go with your gut. If you have fears then don’t do it.

  353. Jenniferbbwsb says:

    Hgirl, tell him that and if he doesn’t understand, then he is not a true SD.

  354. Hgirl291128 says:

    I will have to have more information obviously and in truth I am not sure I have it in me to do something like that. I love your idea of calling other SBs though! If any SB is in the RI area and needs a place to go in an emergency please ask me! You are so right that we need to stick together.

  355. lisa says:

    I agree Jenniferbbwsb, if she decides to go, she needs to keep in touch with Gail and Oc. Personally I would never do it , but then again I’m older and not very free spririted and feal safest meeting on my own turf.

  356. Jenniferbbwsb says:

    Hgirl, Thank you so much for the compliment. It is at times very hard to hear that I am beautiful, but I am getting used to it!

    As in your decision on going to CA. What does your gut tell you? Has he given you his name so you can look him up?

    If you decide to go, there are several SB’s in CA. OC is in southern CA and Gail is in northern CA. You can ask them to be your emergency contact if needed.
    We, SB’s need to stick together for safety.

  357. Sam 267369 says:

    > Has a potential sugar ever turned you off by crossing a line?
    > If so, what ‘line’ did they cross?

    Only rudeness.

    > Do you respond to every message you receive?

    Yes, although sometimes it takes a day or two.

    > In general, which type of initial message do you prefer:
    > copy/pasted (1 paragraph or more), or a ‘1 liner’?

    I prefer a thoughtful message from somebody who actually read my profile. But between the two choices, the copy/pasted message.

  358. Nineteen Asian says:

    Sorry for being so curious!!! hehehe

    What should I be expecting…from overseas replies/messages?

    What are the main “warning!!!” signs? mmm…

  359. Nineteen Asian says:

    wooow hehehe This blog makes me smile hehehe i love this blog!!!

    Replies hehehe: Im in Sydney! (bushfire-free) hehehe (no bushfires in Sydney YET! hehehe)

    and…mmm…It’s better for me to email other people I guess… 🙁
    I don’t think guys in the US would be searching through profiles in Australia! hehehe aaah well…Homework for me everyday I guess!!!

  360. cartier says:

    Well i love guys who are honest and upfront! I need a guy who open for a fun first night and then honestly let me know his likes or dislikes!

    I’ve learned one very important thing, what a guy say online or even on the phone may not always be how things will end up in person, most guys try to play strong and tuff, but really they are tired of being in control and meeting the same old girls!!!!

  361. Hgirl291128 says:

    I don’t even know if I’d do it anyway but thanks for the advice. Nice to know you’re all pulling for me!

  362. lisa says:

    It’s difficult Hgirl as it might be a wonderful opportunity be I would check him out as SweetEuropean said. It’s a crazy word out there and women are often preyed upon. Just gotta be prepared and have an emergency fund if you get stranded or if you meet him and he’s hideous (nothing like his picture) or makes you uncomfortable. You can’t really judge a man online, sometimes they are different in real life, some nice, some jerks.

  363. Hgirl291128 says:

    I’ll just have to keep you guys posted. And by the way, I agree with sweetredhead- it is about the quality and not the quantity. You are beautiful Jennifer (I confess that I stumbled across your profile even before I found the blog) and are clearly very considerate (as evidenced by answering all of your emails). I’m sure your SD is waiting in the wings. Maybe a Valentine’s Day surprise is on it’s way for you (and for all the rest of us 🙂

  364. SweetEuropean*264271 says:

    Wow, Hgirl he sounds like the a dream SD! Have you done your research and made sure he is who he claims to be? If everything he says adds up and he hasn’t given you any reason to doubt him, then I don’t see any reason for you not to go, it sounds like an amazing opportunity 🙂

  365. lisa says:

    I’m old enough to drive, way old enough, lol but I have never driven so I know what it’s like to not want to be dependent on a stranger to get around. I would insist that he come to meet you first, in your comfort zone where you have friends to check on you. If you chose to go you gotta make sure you have money in case you find yourself having to turn around and come back home if he turns out to be a jerk or there is no hotel room reserved for you.
    I would never fly off to meet a stranger, but then i’m not much into taking risks, sometimes you have to to get anywhere.
    Maybe some of the others on the blog can offer better advice, I don’t know where they are tonight

  366. Hgirl291128 says:

    I know I just don’t know how to make sure he is serious beyond asking him to send me confirmed hotel reservations. I don’t think that he was going to fly with me anyhow, though lisa because he’s in cali already. What gives me the most pause is the fact that I’m not old enough to rent a car thus I would be dependent on him for transportation or taxis I guess.

  367. lisa says:

    uh, that’s a tough one as it could be a wonderful opportunity and a dream sd but it could be some jerk wasting you time. You would need to get some proof that he is serious before you go off to california, he should show you some of the money first and have a hotel room booked for you and you should have the confirmation on it. I think I would leave the private jet for the next date, you don’t want to be up in the air somewhere in case he isn’t a gentleman, best to take regular plane the first time if you chose to go.

  368. Hgirl291128 says:

    Guys I heard back from that guy who offered me $20,000/mo. He offered to fly me out to Cali this weekend in his jet and give me $5,000 spending money to show that he was serious. What should I do?

  369. lisa says:

    Good evening everyone
    Home from work and tired, got home before the rain started
    Inbox still empty, I don’t log on much anymore as I am becoming bored with not having any outcome from my profile.

  370. sweetredhead....269443 says:

    Evening Jennifer. It’s the quality not the quantity 🙂

  371. Jenniferbbwsb says:

    Hello to everyone. Not much going on here. Had two walks today and trying to keep busy. have to go to work in the morning.

    I have always answered any email that I have received. Even though I haven’t received many.

  372. sweetredhead....269443 says:

    Dosn’t matter to me if they smoke or not. There are many more quality’s that I am looking for and would not rule out a smoker.

  373. Pleasureman says:

    i have heard it before, kissing a smoker is like licking an ashtray. Probably would prefer the smoking sb though. I am a smoker so no complaints about bad smells and such.

  374. SweetEuropean*264271 says:

    How do SDs feel about SBs that smoke?

  375. BettieGirlDD says:

    Hey everyone… Just getting on a computer for the first time since Saturday afternoon… I haven’t forgotten my sugar family.. will be in touch soon.

  376. Pleasureman says:

    I am sure smoking is bad but still stopping is easier said then done. I do think alot of people use it as sort of self medication to relieve stress. If it was not smoking it would be something else.

    I read last week a quote from Gwyneth paltrow, she stopped smoking a few years ago. She missed smoking so much and would go back to smoking when she was 70 or something.

  377. sweetredhead....269443 says:

    I buy some beautiful hand made jewelry at the mall. I like things that are different.

  378. BlondieNYC*233868 says:

    @ Sweetredhead- you’re probably right!
    @Hgirl – I like understated jewelry 🙂

  379. sweetredhead....269443 says:

    I know a few Doctors that smoke.

  380. sweetredhead....269443 says:

    Sometimes I wonder if the non smoking thing is right? Or are people just saying they don’t smoke, then tell you later…oops lol

  381. Pleasureman says:

    You would be surprised how many doctors smoke 😉

  382. Hgirl291128 says:

    No. My profile # is listed next to my name. And I would never smoke- my father is a lung doctor!

  383. Pleasureman says:

    On a profile on this website, i am not good in remembering clothes but i thought it was a brownish/beige colour dress it looked pretty good though. But then again i thought that woman was a smoker too. Not many smokers on this website. That is why i kind of remembered that profile. could be someone else. My memory is never good 🙂

  384. Hgirl291128 says:

    I am not a huge fan of flowers- probably because I tend to kill most plants so even the cut ones run far far away from me. I prefer jewelry (nothing too expensive but still elegant).

  385. sweetredhead....269443 says:

    Always seem to get red ones or pink ones for VD

  386. sweetredhead....269443 says:

    I like white and yellow roses 🙂

  387. Hgirl291128 says:

    A photo where?

  388. Pleasureman says:

    Hi there Hgirl, is it possible i have seen you on a photo with a brownish/beige dress ?

  389. BlondieNYC*233868 says:

    Did you know that FTD has a rose of the month plan????


    My fav roses are:

    Empress Eugenie
    Sterling Silver

    No, I know no one’s asking, but I thought I’d just throw it out there 🙂

  390. Hgirl291128 says:

    Oh haha. I am in Providence so it’s way father away- more like a 4 hr ride. So you’ll be in the city this weekend? Valentine’s day? I was thinking of taking the train in myself.

  391. sophiebaby says:

    It’s the main campus in New Brunswick 🙂 Sorry for the confusion!

  392. Hgirl291128 says:


  393. sophiebaby says:

    Hgirl: I go to Rutgers-NB. See if he’s willing to do the same for you!

  394. Hgirl291128 says:

    sophiebaby- what school do you go to? I have the same problem!

  395. sophiebaby says:

    Thanks! I’m away in college right now and we planned on meeting in the city several times, but they’d never pull through only because I’m always tied down with schoolwork or it would just take too long to take the train up.. But he was such a sweetheart about it. He arranged a car service to pick me up from my dorm!

  396. HenriLouis says:

    Hi everyone in my family,
    It is past eleven o ‘clock in the evening here.
    This little boy is getting very sleepy and I will sign off now.
    Tomorrow at six, I will get up again.
    Keep up the chatter and chit-chat sothat tomorrow morning I will be bowled over by all the new developments.
    And hey Casualencounter, can I send you some positive vibes in my dreams ? I am sure they will bring a happy smile to your face.
    See you all tomorrow.

  397. sweetredhead....269443 says:

    good Luck sophiebaby 🙂

  398. sophiebaby says:

    I try to respond to every message I get. Most often, the reason that I don’t is when a SD sounds as if he’s negotiating an exchange of sexual favors. I’m not into that. SD and SB relationships are still relationships and should be treated as such.

    Lucky for me, I found a SD here that makes me feel warm and special. Our first date is this Saturday. It’ll be the first time we’re meeting. I’m anxious, nervous…

    Wish me luck 🙂 !

  399. sweetredhead....269443 says:

    CasualEncountersBlog That sounds too sad 🙁 Is it really that bad out there? I have not had really bad experiences.

  400. Nico says:

    Ditto Hgirl!!

  401. Hgirl291128 says:

    Probably because it is no longer Monday!

  402. HenriLouis says:

    Hello Hgirl,
    I also like your postings.
    Like mine loaded with humour.
    Yes, soccer players seem to be overloaded with testerone.
    They would love you to take care of them.
    We all seem to be in a cheery mood this evening.

  403. HenriLouis says:

    Hi Sweeteuro,
    Here we are again with a nice brainwave. When I was a teenager my favourite author was Mika Waltari, the Finish writer. Through the years I kept his historical novels to read them again and again. The one I have here in my hand is THE WANDERER. The title says it all. I am such a person having done many different things in my life taking me around the globe.
    Now I invite you to join me in a new business adventure.
    I sent a reply to the “Great American Dream website” stating I was interested. But we are based in Europe so the text should also be in French and German and Dutch. Then the organization could roll it out all over Europe. I can deliver the text in these languages and even in Russian and Ukraine and Polish.
    If you are interested, let us sit down and discuss details.
    As simple as that.
    I bet they will take the bait.
    How good is your French actually ?
    Then you can do the translation in French.
    I do the other languages.
    A friend of mine is a great expert at website matters and the absolute top in the new secience of Internet Marketing.
    I am serious here. If handled well it would generate sugar castles.
    Then you could travel to the South of Germany and buy up Schloss Schonbrug it looks indeed like a castle moulded out of white sugar.
    Send me a message to my mailbox and you will be a partner in business.
    You live in Monte Carlo, so all cashflow would go undercurrent.
    Dear Euro, the only problem left to solve is: which colour would you chose for your Bentley Coupe’ ??????
    I’ll have mine in dark green please.
    Do I see happy Euro signs blinking in your eyes ?

  404. Hgirl291128 says:

    SweetEuro- if you get your own soccer team you must introduce me to the players (I think that boys who play soccer/football are tres mignons!) 😉

  405. Hgirl291128 says:

    Henri- your posts are always written like a poem with a different thought on each line- it always amused me!

    As to the original question: yes. I try to be polite as well as open minded but sometimes after talking to someone they don’t respect the fact that I want to take things slowly, or they ask to meet in a hotel etc.

    I haven’t encountered that many form letters but even if I do- I just reply with “thanks for your message. I would love to hear more about you” or I ignore it. If they can’t bother personalizing further communications then they probably won’t take the time to do other nice things!

  406. SweetEuropean*264271 says:

    Merci beacoup pour vos conseils 🙂

    I will take your advice, and if I am ever fortunate enough to own my own soccer team I will make sure to name them after you! My way of saying merci!

  407. bostonTerrier says:

    Has a potential sugar ever turned you off by crossing a line? If so, what ‘line’ did they cross?
    so many have … they were always in sexual/adult ways

    Do you respond to every message you receive?
    i do. my current SD started off with a simple message of just “hello” … i never discredit a message because of its length

    In general, which type of initial message do you prefer: copy/pasted (1 paragraph or more), or a ‘1 liner’?
    i don’t have a preference so long as the message is polite

  408. HenriLouis says:

    Hi Sweeteuro,
    Yes, thanks but I notice that happy smile always in your photo.
    And when I heard your voice on the video, I almost burst out singing
    “maybe it’s because I’m a Londoner”.
    You have all the makings of an actress.
    Did you make any progress on the subject of enchanting a Russian ?
    He might buy you a whole soccer team.
    Let me teach you the first Russian word that an SB would need.
    It is TSELAVAT with a short e sound in the first syllable.
    Of course it is the verb TO KISS.
    Russian is stupidly rudimentary in its grammar.
    You leave out personal pronouns: I you he she it we you they
    So instead of saying “I kiss” you simply say “kiss”
    I kiss is then “tseloejoe” and the “oe” sound is like in Ukraine.
    The word “you ” is tie, which sounds like tea.
    Word order is non existant, so you may put the word tie at random before or after the verb. Hence “tie tseloejoe” or “tseloejoe tie”.
    Russians behave like neanderthalers and so is the language.
    It boils down to “me Tarzan, you Jane, we ……..!
    In English the line would be: I am Tarzan, are you Jane ?
    Now you are all set up to go.
    Happy hunting,

  409. HenriLouis says:

    Ah ma petite amie,
    Ca plane pour moi, ah oui chaque jour de ma vie.
    About the little tale, or rather the great (wet) American dream ?!
    No kidding, it is true !
    It makes me feel naughty, could I spill some of that blackberry jam on your T-shirt , please ?
    Do I hear happy giggles now ?!
    Je t’embrasse,

    P.S. using English I pose the impervious gentleman.
    Mais quand je change de language, je suis insaturable.

  410. SweetEuropean*264271 says:

    I would love to join the sugar snowball! How generous of you. 🙂
    I enjoy reading your posts, they make me smile!

  411. BlondieNYC*233868 says:

    Bonjour Henri Louis! Bonjour! ca va?

    I love your little tale, tres drole

  412. HenriLouis says:

    Hi family,
    I had a busy day over here. Visting a friend and he insisted downing some champagne at noon together with some slices of smoked Red Deer haunch.
    I just logged in and find tons of comments on a new subject.
    Of course after a few initial serious comments on the topic of the blog everything swerves and meanders in totally unexpected directions.
    I am surprised how many of you have had experience with lots of wacky messages.
    Actually I don’t. The reason is very simple, I do not spend time searching hundreds of SB profiles. If a pot SB likes what I tell in my profile, she will
    contact me. Well of course so far hardly any takers, but I am in no hurry.
    To parafrase Miles Davis ” some day my Princes will come “.
    Now let me revert to the subject on hand.
    Has an SB ever crossed a line ? I could not imagine any line at all.
    But then I looked at my inbox of messages.
    I have a wicked sense of humour and would like to share with you what I find today in my inbox.
    There is a message from a pot SB. I click on it and expect to read a letter introducing herself to me. NO, NO !
    There is a story that I can make great money ($ 93.000 a month is mentioned) It is a kind of chain whereby I recruit 3 people and these three recruit three and then the sugar snowball will grow into extraordinary proportions. I just sit on my bum and see the money flow into my bankaccount on the Bahamas.
    The subject of it all is an adult site loaded with thousands of explicit “interesting” films and videos and ……. A totally legitimate business.
    As I am a kind man I offer you all the ladies here a great future, I allow you to become my resellers !!!!
    With you earning $ 93.000 a month you do not need any SD. You move up and become a SMomma and offer sugar to young and pristine Sugarboys, that you may ravage atb will.
    As it says in my profile I am a generous man !
    But seriously, I consider this is an example of overstepping a line.
    I have not sent a reply yet, but will invent one that is appropriate.
    On the subject of answering letters, of course I send a reply.
    Someone writes ( perhaps with hope in her heart) and deserves a reply.
    It takes courage for a girl to step up to a stranger and initiate the courting ritual of “seeking arrangement”. Sending no reply at all is killing !
    It is degrading the other one.
    What type of message I prefer is simple.
    The writer should make it clear that she had read my profile.
    Out of a handful of messages there was only one in my mailbox.
    I sent a reply and then there was a deafening silence in cyberspace.
    What strikes me is that many of them do not know what to say at all
    or do not have anyting to say at all.
    But that is fine with me, I find spending time to read the blog much more interesting and rewarding.
    Any of you wants to earn $ 93.000 a month ?
    Life is like a comic strip and I laugh all day long.
    Now girls I expect a tsunamy of thankful kisses,

  413. ~*kittylainy*~ says:

    If a woman walks down the street, approached by a gentleman and instead of asking how much, he asks,”would you like me to pay your rent or your student loans?” And they sleep together. Is she a Sugar baby?

  414. Atalanta says:

    UGH, They’re fixing the front door at work, and now there is this pesky fly buzzing around the section of the building I work at…in my office! I’m now fly hunting, magazine in hand…

    Anyways. Hope everyone else is having better days.
    Now on to the blog topic:

    Has a potential sugar ever turned you off by crossing a line? If so, what ‘line’ did they cross?
    Yes. Some guy seemed nice enough in his email, so I replied. Then he sends these vulgar pictures…um no. I’m not about that.

    Do you respond to every message you receive?
    I do, because I feel like I’d like to be treated the same way. As with kitty, I’ve received the duplicate email later on, so I block the member after that.

    In general, which type of initial message do you prefer: copy/pasted (1 paragraph or more), or a ‘1 liner’?
    I prefer a message that seems like the SD has actually looked at my profile and taken the time to write an intelligible email.

    These things just seem like common sense to me.

  415. NC Gentleman says:

    Yes it is good manners, but I am saying money still gets exchanged and my point is that if they want to target SB/SD relationships as prostitution it puts the entire dating realm into prostitution, on a technicality.

  416. VillaCypris says:

    HA~ OC~ unless the point was to get home safely WITHOUT him…

  417. VillaCypris says:

    Interesting info, NC. My curiosity has been satisfied.

  418. OCSugarBaby says:

    Good Manners would be going in the cab with her to make sure she gets home safely.

  419. BlondieNYC*233868 says:

    Hmm, I always thought cab money was just good manners.

  420. NC Gentleman says:

    I have to chime in on the pro thingy…. I have a good friend that is a vice cop in a big city and he said the internet was one of the best things that happened to them because it moved a significant volume of prostitution off the streets. He said that they now only occasionally target bad areas on the streets, and they don’t really care that much about the internet stuff unless someone complains… once in a while they do a craigslist thing but he said in general it just wasn’t worth it — bottom line, I think you are pretty safe on here, even if you are a pro — there is a pretty wicked gray line between this site and things that happen during the normal course of dating… for example, if a woman takes cab money after a date where sex was involved — is that prostitution then?

  421. BlondieNYC*233868 says:

    Please, the uniforms are so not fashion forward!

  422. VillaCypris says:

    Yes…. life is much easier if you avoid getting entangled in the criminal justice system…

  423. BlondieNYC*233868 says:

    Big brother is always watching…lol!

    So if anyone on here is a professional, be careful!

  424. Beach says:

    Probably right there Blondie. I understand most local police are understaffed in that area and there are many more overt sites (like Craigslist) where they are obvious. But I guess it is likely that in some areas, it is reviewed.

  425. VillaCypris says:

    Really? I didn’t know that… I’m not surprised, considering people have been kidnapped, murdered, etc as a consequence of answering “ads” on craigslist…

  426. BlondieNYC*233868 says:

    Beach – if the pro is based in NYC (using that for an example) I’m sure that the local authorities are involved. It’s a well known fact that the police regularly scroll through Craigslist looking for pros, each in their own jurisdiction.

    This isn’t the UK.

  427. Beach says:

    I think it is more of a quality control issue. Legit SDs and SBs don’t want to spend most of their time on the site dealing with that type of solicitation.

  428. BlondieNYC*233868 says:

    Well, this is a perfect venue for people who do this for a living. And if you read past comments from SD’s, pros are definitely on this site.

    So to extrapolate that thesis- if there are pros, there will be police.

  429. Beach says:

    That is unlikey as most of those cases are handled by local jurisdictions and this is more national in scope, though an overt reference could attract attention. But there are still many reasons why that “arrangement” is a bad idea on both sided.

  430. VillaCypris says:

    You said, “i’m worth at least ten times that amount”?


    as sam said in the other blog… you said, “go f**k yourself!”

  431. VillaCypris says:

    And if you notice, a lot of these websites with the sugardaddy/sugarbaby premise have explicit warnings along the lines of “this is not a site for prostitution…. anyone caught soliciting will be immediately removed and reported to the proper authorities”….

    hmmm…… must be required for liability purposes.

  432. BlondieNYC*233868 says:

    That was my initial thought. Seriously. If someone is that bold in their first email, they could very well be doing that.

    There’s a guy on SA who asked me to “visit” him once a week and he’d pay me $500 a “visit” Guess what I said?

  433. VillaCypris says:

    Has anyone else thought about this?

  434. VillaCypris says:

    Blondie ~~~~ with regards to the parking meter metaphor…. you’ve mentioned it before, so I’ve been thinking about it… I wonder if it’s ever occurred to any of the people on here that perhaps there are members who are really working undercover for vice squads, or law enforcement… looking for john’s and prostitutes both… another reason to steer clear of the whole “by the hour” type arrangements… one never knows!

  435. BlondieNYC*233868 says:

    Hey all! Wow, one of my comments was made into a blog topic, cool 🙂

    Has a potential sugar ever turned you off by crossing a line? If so, what ‘line’ did they cross?

    See blog topic comment- also initial emails where they state that they only want to come over for sex. They’re not looking for an SB, they’re looking for a pro. As stated numerous times in the blog, I am not a parking meter. What also turns me off is requests for more photos when they won’t send you a single one of theirs. Being asked what I can get them for free- the guy who wanted to move into my extra bedroom asked that of me.

    Telling me how much you paid for your haircut, your shoes, etc., I am not your accountant. It’s a turnoff, are you that insecure that you need to tell people the cost of everything?

    Any initial email where they want to know how kinky you are.

    Do you respond to every message you receive?
    Yes, even the gross ones. The gross ones get a phone number to escort agencies that I’ve googled. Do I tell them it’s an escort agency and not my number? Nope.

    In general, which type of initial message do you prefer: copy/pasted (1 paragraph or more), or a ‘1 liner’?

    I really don’t want to read an epic email as my first email. A line to say hello is fine. Form emails are not. And guys, we DO know when we get a form email, don’t kid yourself.

  436. Hgirl291128 says:

    Haha yes, too bad Jennifer, I’m we could have used a nurse’s input

  437. VillaCypris says:

    Hi Jennifer! You missed our indulgence into neuroscience!

  438. Jenniferbbwsb says:

    Thank goodness you all stopped talking about Maslow… flash backs to nursing school!!!

  439. VillaCypris says:

    Not solely…. but I’ve had couples contact me… which I politely decline, because I am extremely selfish and do not share *pout*


  440. Beach says:

    Or even approached.

  441. Beach says:

    Has any SB ever been approaced by a SM?

  442. Beach says:

    LOL, well that is facinating Villa and HGirl. I am truly amazed at the depth of knowledge and understanding you have achieved and would love to hear more 😉

  443. Hgirl291128 says:

    But only if you look interested enough.

  444. Hgirl291128 says:

    Hahaha well thank you. I would like to think so.

  445. VillaCypris says:

    Keep in contact, Beach… once Hgirl and I become masters of the universe, we will be your sugar-mommas!

  446. VillaCypris says:

    Hgirl…. my friend John once told me… “Your mind is almost as dangerous as your body”… I believe you would fall into that same category 😉

  447. VillaCypris says:

    I was trying to do my best valley-girl impression… 🙂

  448. Beach says:

    Listening and looking interested is an important skill to develop in case economic fortunes every cause me to have to switch sides of the site and look for an SM. I wondered are there many SMs on the site? I have never heard talk of any.

  449. Hgirl291128 says:

    Villa what do you do for a living? Still in science?

  450. VillaCypris says:

    I bet beach understands…. you seem like a smart man! 🙂

  451. VillaCypris says:

    Yea, that’s not a pleasant visual…

    that’s right… back to non-intellectually-threatening topics…

    like, omigod! i totally LOVE my little pony! and sperm entering the brain, gag me with a spoon… ugh… what is drosophilia


  452. Hgirl291128 says:

    Hahaha and you look fabulous while doing it Beach!

  453. Beach says:

    lol, I was just practicing my smiling and nodding.

  454. Hgirl291128 says:

    We might be scaring everyone off with our neurotalk- back to ponies and rainbows and sunshine?

  455. Hgirl291128 says:

    I know! In drosophila, though, the sex peptide which induces post-mating behavior does as well (well, their bbb equivalent). That peptide is carried by sperm so it’s kind of like sperm is getting into their brain….gross.

  456. VillaCypris says:

    It makes sense, because you always hear people talking about the smell of gingerbread reminds them of grandma’s cooking… or a certain cologne of a certain man, etc etc. Smell goes right to the hippocampus and amygdala to form memories… the mind is so fascinating!

  457. VillaCypris says:

    Cool… I’ve done a lot of research on the use of medicinal quality essential oils and their ability to penetrate the blood-brain barrier. It’s interesting that smell is the only one of the five senses which bypasses the circuitry of the conscious mind.

  458. Hgirl291128 says:

    Hahaha yes we do. It’s great. We’re quite the accomplished sugar family!

  459. ~*kittylainy*~ says:

    We have some really educated sugar babies and Sugar daddies here

  460. Hgirl291128 says:

    olfaction etc.

  461. VillaCypris says:

    Hi Hgirl~ you’re making me miss college… i loved neuroscience ;-p what’s the topic of the seminar?

  462. Hgirl291128 says:

    Home for lunch before a 3 1/2 hour neuroscience seminar- uggghhh

    lol @ Beach!

  463. ~*kittylainy*~ says:


  464. Beach says:

    ROFL, both will take you for a ride.

  465. OCSugarBaby says:

    Beach- Ponies or Phonies!!!!???? LOL

  466. VillaCypris says:

    Why, thanks Kitty… *batting eyelashes*…. as I like to jest… don’t let the blonde hair fool ya! 😉

  467. Beach says:

    For many, that is the case. OK Villa good point. Anyone want to talk about ponies?

  468. ~*kittylainy*~ says:

    Villa: ur the macro economics queen!
    but.. yes… something more uplifting

  469. ~*kittylainy*~ says:

    OC: good attitude.. must be the Californian sun…

    Beach: well perhaps prostitution is not a matter of ethics but simply the need for survival!!

  470. VillaCypris says:

    Perhaps we should discuss something more uplifting 🙂

  471. VillaCypris says:

    Kitty ~~ you made a great point, in that the “recession” or credit crisis has far-reaching implications that one never thinks about… i have friends who live in Dubai, and even the emirate is being hit by the world-wide recession… construction projects are being halted, expats fired… but one of the most tragic consequences is going to involve the thousands of ‘workers’ from pakistan, india, the phillippines, who are virtually slave laborers, and without whom none of the wonders of the world in dubai could’ve been built. They send home BILLIONS of dollars in wages per year to their families in their home countries… so imagine billions less going to some of the poorest people on earth… and the ramifications of millions of desperate people out there….

  472. Beach says:

    I think people do keep some core values as long as possible. Most people don’t just become generous or stingy because they do or don’t have money. More money just allows you to be who you are on a bigger scale. The person who has 300 Million and gives a wing to a hospital would also be the same person who gave $20 to the United Way if they were in an hourly job.

  473. OCSugarBaby says:

    Hi Kitty-Whats not to be cheery about! I have so much to be greatful for. 🙂

  474. ~*kittylainy*~ says:

    OC: hey you are so cheery today! 😀

    Villa:….lol it’s so funny how you both quoted maslow… With that said, I don’t think I can reduce to that level. Especially with all the social assistance available (in Canada) But I can’t say for certain.. I have never been anywhere near that.

  475. Beach says:

    Very true Kitty.

  476. VillaCypris says:

    Morning OC! That is too funny…. I got that one as well….

  477. ~*kittylainy*~ says:

    Beach: we live in a society where most of us used to be in the self actualization segment. It is sad to see that many have reduced so many degrees. Ecoonomic recession affects a society so much more than benethe the eye.

    Jessie: Welcome to the blog… Feel the other person out and what is your style… work with that. This topic’s been a mystery to many newcomers.. check previous blogs, there were lots of great ideas there!

  478. VillaCypris says:

    oops… I see beach beat me to it…. great minds think alike!

  479. OCSugarBaby says:

    I dug this one out of the archives! Thought it was worth a giggle…

    “Looking for my personal assistant to spend a couple of hours during the evening or day a week in my home office with me. Must have great dicktation skills and be very passionate in making their boss happy.”

  480. VillaCypris says:

    Kitty ~~~ look up Maslow’s hierarchy of needs…. the first level of the pyramid is “physiological”… basically survival… one cannot progress up the pyramid if one’s survival is in jeopardy… ethics, which could be under “respect for others and respect for oneself” is found on the 4th level…. when people are desperate, they will do whatever it takes to survive, usually without consideration for the ethical component…

  481. Beach says:

    I agree with NC and Kitty, would not want an SB that had been marked down.

  482. OCSugarBaby says:

    Morning Sugars! Now you ladies know why I am the happiest SB around! He is dreamy! 🙂

  483. ~*kittylainy*~ says:

    NC: kind of like “ON Sale” because there’s left over inventory. eek

  484. jessieNYC says:

    Hi everyone:)

    Im new to this blog and sugar dating in general. Im really in a pickle about discussing money/allowance with sugar daddys as well as the question of when….

    What is the best way to bring up money?
    SHould I be explicit about the amount I would like in myprofile?
    Should I go into great detail about what I feel I can offer in return?
    How do you suggest bringing it up in the profile so as not to scare
    men away?
    If I shouldnt mention it in the profile should I mention it in the
    initial email, or the initial phone conversation, or wait until the
    first meeting or second etc?

  485. Beach says:

    Yes it was Sweetred 🙂

  486. Beach says:

    Kitty, I think as people move down on Maslow’s Hierarchy of Needs, they consider options that were not necessary before. A starving person might steal food to survive when they would never consider stealing under any other circumstance.

  487. ~*kittylainy*~ says:

    Wonder how many invoiced SA on their corp. cards

  488. NC Gentleman says:

    Hi Villa — good question — I actually got an email this weekend from a potential SB that I had spoken too last March. We seemed to have chemistry but she wanted $2500 a month to see me once a month, which is more cash than I can come up with on a monthly basis, plus it seemed high to me. She sent an email informing me she had lost her job and she now would consider something less. I liked her but I declined because I felt awkward knowing that she was doing it because she had to and not because she wanted to do so.

  489. sweetredhead....269443 says:

    I took Beach 4 days to respond to me after his first email lol. But It was worth waiting for 🙂

    So yes don’t always assume thty are being rude or not interested. you may just be surprised.

    ok off to my sons Doc’s appt, just stopped in to say hi on my way from work.

  490. VillaCypris says:

    True… especially now, after the David Investments scandal… I think that madam turned over 9800 clients whom she invoiced for her escort services on their corporate cards…. lots of I-bankers et al in NYC… Obama called their bonuses “shameful”…. i’m surprised he hasn’t weighed in on this yet…

  491. ~*kittylainy*~ says:

    Villa, Beach: sociologically speaking… as economy takes a dive, so does society’s ethics?

  492. Beach says:

    Morning Nico

  493. Beach says:

    It seems like I have seen a bit of an upturn in younger single moms here who appear to be struggling financially, but I have not been on long enough to get a longer term view.

  494. Nico says:

    Good morning NC, Beach, Villa and welcome Alexis. I agree…review the posts and don’t be in a hurry. Take your time and feel free to posts your questions here…you’ll get very honest feedback 🙂

  495. Beach says:

    The problem with that is that as the economy turns down, I am guessing the number of customers and their ability to pay an escort does too. So I think some of that might be happening, but it probably is not a financially rewarding as it might have been months ago.

  496. VillaCypris says:

    Hi Beach ~~~

    Speaking of “hourly rates”… with the continued economic ‘descent into the maelstrom’… I’m curious as to whether the SDs have noticed an increase in the number of women offering themselves “by the hour”…. I wonder if more women, not just on here, but in real life, too, will turn to prostitution, not because they want to, but because they feel it is their only option for survival….

  497. ~*kittylainy*~ says:

    ok.. well I think I can give up after 1 week of no response~ *rolls eyes*

  498. NC Gentleman says:

    Kitty you have text, and sometimes I don’t respond right away to an email because I read it on my Blackberry and it can be a pain to write a thoughtful response from a blackberry keyboard!

  499. ~*kittylainy*~ says:

    beach: good to know because sometimes I get discouraged when I don’t recieve a responce after a pot. has read the e=mail

  500. VillaCypris says:

    Hi Alexis…. I agree with NC…. there are some valuable tips addressing your questions in the blogs from January and February 2009…. plus it’s rather entertaining reading… 😉

  501. Beach says:

    I think that everyone who takes the time to put themselves out there and send an e-mail with some thought put into it deserves a respose. The two exceptions that I have are e-mails of less than 5 words and no real substance and anyone offering an hourly rate 🙂

    One thing to remember when not hearing right back is that often an SD may be checking e-mail from a Blackberry or Mobile and not want to (or be able to) respond right away. Also, if it is someone I might be interested in, I want to give a bit of thought into the response. So, It can be a couple of days before I get the time or ability to get back. SBs should not get discouraged right away if the SD has read and e0mail and and not immediately responded.

  502. ~*kittylainy*~ says:

    Villa: no.. no doormat.. I would remember that one if I got it…

    Hey Alexis: welcome to the blog. Start by looking inside within. What are YOU looking to get out of this. What would you tolerate, what would you not. And what differentiate yourself from other SBs. Write these in your profile 🙂 and have fun. Don’t get discouraged bvy crazy people. And don’t care about what everyone saids, you are your own person. You need to find an arrangement that works for YOU.
    Good luck 🙂

    NC: Hey! u’ve got text!

  503. VillaCypris says:

    Hi NC! 🙂

  504. NC Gentleman says:

    Welcome to the blog — my first recommendation would be to read the blogs here from the last two months or so… you will learn a lot from other’s mistakes, including mine!

    Good morning all!

  505. Alexis Malone says:

    Hi sugar family..im new to this..all of it. Im 19 years old..and i know this is not on topic..but could a few of you just give me tips..how to start right?

  506. VillaCypris says:

    Hey Kitty… have you gotten messages from someone asking to be your “doormat”? No sex, just to walk all over him, literally. It’s the same message each time…

  507. ~*kittylainy*~ says:

    we’ve all wished

  508. VillaCypris says:


  509. VillaCypris says:

    Or more likely, chains you up in there and you are never seen again…. after enduring rendition-like torture… SCARY!!!!!!!!

    Thanks Suthern… as someone said… if only cloning were possible… 🙂

  510. Nico says:

    SE ~ thank you….the virtual pat on the back goes a long way….that and sheer determination 😉

    LOL @ Kitty

  511. ~*kittylainy*~ says:

    Villa: he’d be one of those SDs that would want to show you his furnace room and then chains you up in there to be his sex toy.fun. ugh

  512. SuthrnExec says:

    Welcome to all the new folks! We generally don’t bite, although occasionally there is a little barkin’ that goes on.

    I really have to hand it to you SBs with all the crap that gets shoveled at you by certain SDs. The guys generally don’t have to wade through so much BS and game-playing. I applaud your perseverance and “stick-to-it-iveness”. If it weren’t for that noble characteristic, those of us who have been successful in our search might not have been so. Hats off to ya!

  513. VillaCypris says:

    Nice, Kitty…. the old stand-by… using the *dog* to attract women… he’s sociopathic… and fittingly calls himself “randy”…. ahahahahaha… no shit!

  514. ~*kittylainy*~ says:

    VILLA: I HAD THAT GUY send me a message too!!!!! He has several different profiles (with the same image with the pup) in like 8 different cities!

  515. ~*kittylainy*~ says:

    Hey Nico and lovey,

    I think us SBs all have the same issues withe SD contacts. I was chattiing with a nice Pot. and he wanted to meet this weekend, which I was excited about! I thought we were going for dinner. But then he said, ok let’s meet at 9pm, at a hotel (close to him, 200km from me)… *ROLLS EYES*

  516. VillaCypris says:

    Welcome Nineteen Asian…. I hope you weren’t affected by the fires in Victoria!!!

  517. VillaCypris says:

    Good morning everyone~~~~

    I think the most offensive email I have received on here had the following *subject line* …. “Ride you hard and spoil you rotten”. I deleted that without opening it. I tried to envision someone coming up to me in person and saying, “hey baby… i’m gonna ride you hard and spoil you rotten”… and I think I would just laugh and walk away.

    Usually I respond to every message, unless it is so glaringly generic that it doesn’t merit a response. Along those lines, on the few occasions I email someone, I take the time to write a well-thought-out email, pertinent to the information in his profile. I expect the same.


  518. Nico says:

    Good morning Family!! Thank gawd it’s no longer Monday *sigh*

    Welcome 19 and GOOD LUCK!!

    As for the topic….

    Has a potential sugar ever turned you off by crossing a line? If so, what ‘line’ did they cross? ~ Conversation was going great (online) and then he asked my sexual preference. I was short in my response and just said (when the time’s appropriate) then he went into more depth about his preference for group sex and bi-women…..PASS!

    Do you respond to every message you receive? ~ Yes (unless as Kitty says, I received the same EXACT e-mail a week later. I’ll typically say something like thank you for your flattery but unfortunately I must decline.

    In general, which type of initial message do you prefer: copy/pasted (1 paragraph or more), or a ‘1 liner’? They’re both highly impersonable and the fact that I’ve received duplicates of both, the preference would be a short but personalized e-mail…something like, I love South FL and travel there often…check out my profile and hit me back….doesn’t have to be too detailed but at least you took notice of where I lived!

  519. lovey says:

    I have had guys ask very dirty questions, and demand things, even on email! hahaha pretty funny. geez you’d think they would offer you dinner first! haha

  520. ~*kittylainy*~ says:

    hey suthrnexec, It’s a glommy day here too! It seems like if it’s gloomy in one city, it’s gloomy everywhere! (meteorlogist would say differently)

  521. SuthrnExec says:

    > Has a potential sugar ever turned you off by crossing a line? If so, what ‘line’ did they cross?
    I can’t really say that any Sugar has ever crossed the line with me. I have had a couple that that never even made it up TO the line, but none have crossed 🙂 – except for the “professionals” out there that have contacted me. That is crossing the line as far as I am concerned because that isn’t what this is about (for me).

    >Do you respond to every message you receive?
    Yes, I respond to every message (my mom did her best to raise a gentleman), although because I currently have my profile hidden, I seldom get a message unless someone has contacted me before or knows my profile number. I think it’s just a courteous thing to do, even for those who shoot the one-liner that says “Contact me if interested.”

    >In general, which type of initial message do you prefer: copy/pasted (1 paragraph or more), or a ‘1 liner’?
    I would prefer a message that indicates that someone has read my profile. It may be a one-liner or a short paragraph, it doesn’t matter – as long as it’s not a copy/paste job – this indicates very little effort on their part and instead of thoughtfully responding to someone, they are more interested in playing the “shotgun” percentages – i.e., mass email a generic message to the masses – someone’s bound to respond.

  522. SuthrnExec says:

    Good morning all! It’s a muggy, stormy day here.

  523. ~*kittylainy*~ says:

    19asian: dun be discouragted.. ur perfect sd has to be out there somewhere… do u send e-mails or do u wait to recieve?

  524. Nineteen Asian says:

    oooh thank you Kittylainy!!! hehehe

    Sigh… 🙁 hehehe

  525. ~*kittylainy*~ says:

    *sex not sec btw

  526. ~*kittylainy*~ says:

    H girl: morning have a good day in school

  527. ~*kittylainy*~ says:

    Nineteen Asian: Hey! I am a 23 y-o Asian lady from Canada 🙂 My heritage has been well recieved. I think you have just as much chance as any other SB. Granted, your target category is probably smaller, but your competition is also less. As for looking for oversees SD. There are a lot of SDs that travel to other countries for business. So there is no sense in not trying. “No strings” mean no drama, no attachments, no jealousy so if separation occurs, there should be no animosity. Or.. basically, sec without relationship.

  528. Hgirl291128 says:

    Morning! Off to class.

  529. Nineteen Asian says:

    oooh!!! that’s good to hear!!! ohhh…I can’t close my mouth! hehehe
    I would love to hear your story! hehehe
    I guess you’re living in the US now hehehe

  530. SweetEuropean*264271 says:

    Nineteen Asian welcome to the blog, I do think you have a chance of finding an SD in the US, I did! I’m in France and there’s only about 20 SDs here too lol

  531. Nineteen Asian says:

    Sorry! but…i just don’t know what “no strings” means… :S

    Thank you!

  532. Nineteen Asian says:

    Hi! I’m new here…

    I’m an asian guy in Australia, looking for a SD! but…there’s only 20 profiles (Australia)…and 1000 profiles in the US!!! hehehe

    Do I have a chance of finding a SD overseas?… 🙁

    and how do I know if the guy loves asians or not? I’ve read one profile in the US…”Looking for an asian guy” and one profile “Looking for whites, not asian or black” and one profile “I don’t look at the nationality”
    mmm…99% of the profiles don’t really say…if they like a certain nationality…

    Do you respond to every message you receive?
    *I would respond to every! message I receive hehehe I’ve never received a message before…hehehe

    In general, which type of initial message do you prefer: copy/pasted (1 paragraph or more), or a ‘1 liner’?
    *I prefer paragraphs hehehe

  533. SweetEuropean*264271 says:

    Has a potential sugar ever turned you off by crossing a line? If so, what ‘line’ did they cross?
    I wouldn’t say a potential Sugar has ever crossed the line but I do get turned off if they ask for intimate pictures or details too soon, I think that kind of thing could wait until we know each other and have established an arrangement.

    Do you respond to every message you receive?
    I’m ashamed to say I haven’t responded to every message I have received, some messages I find almost impossible to reply to due to their nature (innapropriate questions, messages that don’t make any sense etc…) but I am going to try and reply to everybody now just to be polite.

    In general, which type of initial message do you prefer: copy/pasted (1 paragraph or more), or a ‘1 liner’?
    It depends on the content of the message, 1 liners can be just as effective as long messages provided you say the right thing!

  534. ~*kittylainy*~ says:

    Has a potential sugar ever turned you off by crossing a line? If so, what ‘line’ did they cross?
    ~The “Client” line. I had a pot that asked for me to speak with his secretary to schedule a meet-and-greet. Two things wrong, I am not going to talk to your secretary. Secondly, This is not a business deal. I know many SDs views it as a business deal (which I don’t personally agree with) but treating it like one just makes it that much worst and it made me feel like a pro! No thank you.

    Do you respond to every message you receive?
    ~Yes. But if after I respond, I recieve the exact same e-mail again a week later.. I ignore the second one.

    In general, which type of initial message do you prefer: copy/pasted (1 paragraph or more), or a ‘1 liner’?
    ~ Oo that’s a toughy. I think I prefer a non-insulting 1 liner than a copy-paster. Copy-pasters gives me the impression that the SD sends it to every profile he sees and doesn’t even spend the time to think of 1 thing “personal” to say to me. … maybe the 1 liner is a copy/pasted too…
    *rolls eyes*

  535. lisa says:

    I can’t say any sd has crossed the line , as of yet, as I havent’ met anyone in months

    As far as responding to messages, I always respond back to legit messages, it only takes a moment and it’s common courtesy. One liners now get the delete button, as the sender has no interest in talking and has probably sent out so many of those one liners, he has lost track.

    I hate copy and paste such as “check out my profile and tell me what you think” or “Hey” “What’s your IM” “wanna chat” or “when can we meet”
    When I get a message of this type, delete, it’s a waste of time to respond back. I used to do this but they never wrote back.