10 years ago
Hello Sugar Family

10 years ago
Hello Sugar Family

Dear Sugars,

I just got word that a personal story I wrote about my journey with Sugar has appeared on US NEWS, click here to read Sugar Daddy Dating: A Very Personal Stimulus…

Please visit the link and add Your comment HERE

Let’s just say its reception so far has been pretty sour… It would be real sweet to see some of the Family post some comments there :)



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39 Responses to “Hello Sugar Family”

  1. Бaкинcкийпapeнь says:

    Действительно интересно. Хотелось бы еще почитать чего-нибудь по этой же теме.

  2. Melissa Beech says:

    STEPHAN! Congrats on publishing! And welcome to the world of haters!!! I swear 2 hours into my story being published on The Daily Beast I was regretting it. The comments people say are absolutely terrible. I really felt judged which was my reason for writing part 2 of my story but now… 3 months later I feel like that wasn’t even neccessary. Those who critique you are responding from a place where they are so utterly jealous they have not a single nice thing to say. I’m proud of you for taking the risk and putting yourself out there! It’s not an easy choice to voluntarily open the doors for people to judge you! Best of luck with the writing and keep it up! I’ve been pondering starting my own blog about the day to day of Sugar…

  3. rouge says:

    hi luis!!

  4. SweetEuropean*264271 says:

    HenriLouis, beautifully written as always! Happy valentines day everybody!

  5. HenriLouis says:

    Good morning to all of the family here,
    And a very special good morning to all you SB’s, whether I know you personally from joining in the blog or the hundreds of others content to remain an avid reader of the blog.
    Today is Valentine’s Day.
    It has grown into a very important day in the life of any girl.
    This is the day someone steps forward and tells you how special you are
    and how important you are in the life of the other, your soulmate.
    All of you girls I would take in my arms and look into your eyes and offer you a tender loving kiss. Don’t laugh, in cyberspace anything is possible.
    Hope I will be the first in the race to tell you
    You are too far away, so I cannot bring a little present with my romantic wishes. But I have found a way to to leave an indelible impression on you of this day, it is about my weblog kiss.
    Here is my Valentine’s present for all of you in the form of a poem.


    Henri kissed me when we met that Valentines’Day,
    Jumping from the blog we sat in.
    Time you thief ! who love to get
    Sweets into your SB wishlist, put that in.
    Say I’m weary, say I’m sad;
    Say that health and SD wealth have missed me;
    Say I’m growing old, but add-
    Henri kissed me !

    Hope I made you day special,

  6. Sam 267369 says:

    Going well so far. Too much travel has constrained my ability to close out the decision process, as well as SB who don’t seem to put a lot of effort into establishing concrete goals, but hopefully within the next few weeks I’ll be down to one.

    Good night, all.

  7. SuthrnExec says:

    Good night Natty.

  8. Natty*296451 says:

    Thanks for the advice :) Well, time to put the brandy away…I mean turn my laptop off and get some sleep. Hope to speak again SuthrnExec and “Sam”


    x Natty

  9. SuthrnExec says:

    A healthy dose of skepticism is not a bad thing in this venue. Take your time – I’m sure you will find a good situation for yourself.

  10. Natty*296451 says:

    Hi Sam, I don’t normally introduce myself with quotes around my name, but perhaps I should start. LOL

    Suthrn Exec……….hmmm, well I just joined a couple days back so still new to the experience, but have sent out a few messages, gotten a few responses, just weighing in on the options. I think being British I tend to be skeptical before rushing into a situation. But I’m hoping the right guy comes along and we work something out that’s fun and mutual.

    How about you Sam? How is your experience going?

  11. SuthrnExec says:

    Greetings Sam and Natty.

    Natty, I am having a very good experience with this. I was on the site for about 3 or 4 months before meeting my Sugar. How about you?

  12. Sam 267369 says:

    SE may be getting himself a drink at this point. Or has given up.

    Hi “Natty”…

  13. Natty*296451 says:

    Hi Mr. SuthrnExec!!!!!
    Am up well, far too early by my standards but was awoken by some sort of loud owl outside my window. How are you finding this whole seeking arrangement experience?

  14. Sam 267369 says:


  15. SuthrnExec says:

    Good evening folks – anybody out there?

  16. Sam 267369 says:

    BostonTerrier, RE: the point on the earlier blog entry on scholarships, yes, it is important to do research. But I am offering some advice you may not get elsewhere: the financial aid staff and academic departments themselves do not have visibility into their budgets beyond a year until they give multi-year commitments. Even the endowments were very surprised. So my advice is to act quickly and competitively…

    I am on the board of one of those schools, so I am not taking this from the media alone. Nothing may happen, but as wise as it is to do research, it is also wise to be prudent with something as important as your educational future.

    If you want more info you can message me.

  17. Sam 267369 says:

    The family issue is quite complex. Perhaps it’s more appropriate to say that we look for our social and emotional support in different ways from “traditional” nuclear families. Keeping in mind, of course, that the American view of nuclear family is actually a very new construct.

    As it evolves, as CasualEncounters and OC say, we have to find our own paths to sufficient support.

  18. stephan says:


    Thank you, and great comment on the article!


    Thank you! Thanks to the support here, it’s always easier to stick to my guns :)

  19. Jenniferbbwsb says:

    I echo what Hgirl said.. I am very happy that I am part of the SA family.

    Now, where is at SD that I am looking for? LOL

  20. Jenniferbbwsb says:

    Stephen, very nice article. Some of the reviewers are just full of Cr**P.

    I agree with OC. Stick to your guns and we will all be standing with you.

  21. lisa says:

    Go od evening

    Nice article stephen

    Just got back from a full day of activities. Got my tax return this morning. Went to the movies to see “confessions of shopaholic” about a woman who shops uncontrollably and has credit card debt and collection calls. I see myself as similiar to Rebecca Bloomwood minus her intelligence.
    Went to east afterwards and on to do some shopping. Home and tired now.

  22. Gail says:

    Awww…Sugar…Sugar…OC…hugs to my sister friends forever:)

  23. SuthrnExec says:

    I have thought about chiming in on the “family” discussion and give my perspective, but I think I will just suffice it to say, “Ditto, OC!” That is briefer and maybe nobody had time to nod-off on that one! :-)

  24. OCSugarBaby says:

    @ Hgirl- Sister friend indeed!!!! :)

  25. Hgirl291128 says:

    So glad to be part of this family!

  26. OCSugarBaby says:

    Our little Sugar Family is one that takes us as we are much like our traditional family. When we can not turn to our traditonal family for support concerning our individual sugar events. It is here in the sugar bowl we find the strongest of members to turn to for our comfort. :)

  27. Hgirl291128 says:

    I think that “traditional family” is not falling away, rather it is being replaced (as it should) by an ever growing definition of what family means. I don’t believe in the “demise of the family,” to me that is a concept touted by the media and politicians in order to arouse fear in consumers, voters etc. I am merely saying that nothing can replace family- not a SB, not a SD, nothing. But I only speak for myself!

    Henri- you are too sweet to me. I am lucky to have a friend like you!

  28. CasualEncountersBlog says:

    The dream is dead. Make your own family and live by your own rules, for tomorrow we burn and it won’t matter.

  29. Atalanta says:


    You don’t think the traditional family is falling away? Yes, family is one of the most important things in a being’s life, but I don’t think the structure idealized for so long is here to stay.

    That’s how I interpreted it, anyway

  30. HenriLouis says:

    Hi Stephan,
    Yes this is a very philosophical statement that you make;
    Can it be up to us to redefine “family” for ourselves.
    Yes sure, it is up to us.
    We can interpret the question on a personal level.
    Speaking for me, myself and I, you will find it in my message to Hgirl.
    If we interpret it in a wider, I arrive in the end at the magic of the word “family” itself. Yes there is magic in words !
    The definition of “family” in the COD is:
    members of a household, parents, children, servants etc;
    set of parents and children, or of relations, living together or not.
    Allow me to use this definition as a magical vail covering all over the readers of this blog.
    Then we have redefined the word in the sense that we all feel to be members of a family here, it expresses a feeling of kinship that we all share.

  31. Natty*296451 says:


    After reading your argument and then the rebuttal that proceeded, I must agree that their is no justification that families are fading but rather literal meaning behind words are well to certain extent are losing blatancy due to groups of people unifying behind words. Sugar Family, Church Family, we’re “Like Family.” Loose interpretations but none the less nothing to with families in the literal sense fading into obscurity. Sorry if I sound pompous or academic about the subject but just offering my opinion. I also like your healthy approach to this situation. Still learning about how the process works, and you seem to have the same idea about it as I do, granted the fundamentals are still in place for me a little more than they are for you but that’s what’s great about even the term Sugar Daddy, another word that is losing literal meaning which is a positive thing. Makes it less crass I suppose…..

  32. HenriLouis says:

    I know that I have touched a raw nerve by my comments.
    Yes, I wrote it from a perspective of feminism in the form of “discourse”.
    Women’s Lib, it started in the 1960s and then became a wave sweeping away many concepts. Liberating women from the position of the underdog.
    We are now in the fourth wave of it.
    So if you draw that line further and further into the future you end up in a society where the generally accepted concept ” unity of the family” has been exchanged by other “values”.
    In my country “family” is almost a relic. At every busstation you are confronted with large billboard posters.
    There is the face of a woman in her thirties with a relieved smile.
    The slogan underneath reads “Thinking of a divorce ? Get some good advice and ring this number …….” It is sponsored by the Government.
    This is a modern nation in a self proclaimed “liberal society”.
    Please read it again.

    To be honest I am indeed a man with those traditional family values, that I wish I had been brought up with.
    Some ten years ago I went to Andalucia to learn Spanish and to practise the flamenco guitar.
    I stayed with an elderly lady. I always call Magda my Andalucian mother.
    One afternoon I came back “home” and found her around the table in the kitchen with all the women living in her street.
    I was asked to sit down and they explained it to me.
    The “girls in the neighbourhood” had come together that afternoon and decided that I should come and live in Vejer de la Frontera.
    As I am all by myself, they had decided that all of them would be
    “Mi Familia”. Everybody needs familia !
    Then I would never be alone and pining away. They would look after me.
    When I write this down, it still moves me after all those years.
    Yes indeed, family is important to me.
    Whenever I use the word family in relation to myself, it is there in Vejer de la Frontera. All of them are simple people and most of them have not even had a formal education. But they have warmth, they care about me.
    Home is where the heart is and my heart is with them.
    Let me take you there and introduce you to my family.
    They will love you no end.
    Now back to your statement “I think that family is the most important thing in the world”
    I comes straight from the heart.
    The words that you write down are full of flaming indignation.
    With my inner eye I see you ready to pounce on me in anger.
    Yes, it is great to see how you defend your outlook on life and family and honour. This last word is so essential, we share it.
    You know I love you for what you are.
    The man you would take for your husband, is in my opinion the luckiest man in the world. He will be an exceptional person.
    Now this is straight from my heart.
    Dear heart, how like you this ?

  33. SweetEuropean*264271 says:

    Stephan, a very honest and well written article. I loved it :)

  34. Hgirl291128 says:


    As much as I adore you, I disagree that the family is fading as a pillar of society. I think that family is the most important thing in the world. The SD/SB relationship is a separate matter. One day I hope to have my own family. In the meantime, I see nothing wrong with spending time with a successful, intelligent, compassionate man who knows how to spoil me and treat me right. For me, spoiling is not necessarily a financial term (which is usually the implication on SA). Rather, I want someone to spoil me with attention, witty conversation and the like.

  35. stephan says:

    Thank you Natty & SuthrnExec (I could only dream of being as articulate as you Suthrn):D

    HenriLouis – What an insightful comment you left there! I agree that “The concept of “The family as the pillar of society” has faded away”, can it be up to us to redefine ‘family’ for ourselves?

  36. SuthrnExec says:

    Nice job Stephan! Very well written, articulating the concept very nicely. As OC said, don’t worry about the haters – we’ve got your back!

    SE – from the middle of nowhere – signing off!

  37. Natty*296451 says:

    HI there!! I read your article and I think to give a fair critique of it: there are some points where one is able to make the opposition, but through it you can read that you are a decent, good hearted person who is trying to better themselves and has found a way that works for YOU (and will hopefully work for ME) but maybe a tiny bit too much justification which makes you sound not as confident in why and what you are doing…….but that happens with everything in life, not just articles. Well done and there are some good people on here and you brought a humanization to a taboo subject which is sympathy for the devil for some and enlightening and motivating to most!!!


  38. stephan says:

    Thank you OC! I am going to do just that, because at the end of the day, it all comes down to that – family, and this sugar family here is where MY heart is! :)

  39. OCSugarBaby says:

    Stephan-Well said. I am proud of you for speaking the truth. Sad but true, haters will come out of the woodwork. Just stand in the center of your sugar family and we will protect you. Because that is what our family is all about! :)