10 years ago
Find Your Sugar Harmony



Seeking Fulfillment

Some sugars are sweet right from the start, while others may have a sour coating with deep, sincere sweetness beneath. Everyone dips into the sugar bowl with unique perspectives and motivations.

There is something to be said for pursuing a dream or fantasy in Sugarland. Some may be seeking a sugar who reminds them of someone in their past who brought them immense joy.

Some may be seeking to fill a void in their life, while also fulfilling a need for someone else.

How would you like your sugar to appreciate you? As a friend? A hero?

Does sugar help bring out different sides of your personality?

Are you more relaxed on a sugar date than on a conventional date?

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258 Responses to “Find Your Sugar Harmony”

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  7. Nico says:

    Aaawwww Southern and OC ~ I am soooo very happy for you both!! 😀

    I didn’t read through everything…too much to catch up on so I’ll just say good-morning and start this day out fresh :)

  8. BerkshireSD says:

    Meghan –

    I don’t like picture #1. I prefer #3, but I am a leg man.

    Your essays are honest and direct now, without extraneous information. They do lack personal info, which is ok but not ideal. Also, I did not proof read carefully, but there are at least some capitalisation errors.

    Your body types does appear to be average at this time. You will find many women would go for athletic, but I think that is a mistake on their part.

    I would prefer to see you in the $3-5K category.

  9. sweetredhead...*269443* says:

    Good Moring everyone!

    SuthrnExec & OCSugarbaby Glad you are having such a wonderful time.

    It’s fun to shop for the man in your life. Your shopping trip sounds like so much fun.

    HenriLouis, I agree you you!! I also love walking on the beach (especially at night) The sound of the waves hitting the beach. The serene pleasure of being there is something that is hard to describe. I live very close to several beaches and I love it. My ultimate wish is to live directly on the water. I would love to sit out on my dock early in the morning and late at night and just listen to the ocean. Anyone have a spare mill to buy me my dream house? hehe Oh well back to playing the Lotto :)

  10. SuthrnExec & OCSugarbaby says:

    Henri, Suthrn here – I know what you mean about the beach. I don’t live near the beach but I am there often and it does the same for me.

    OC and I have had a marvelous time this weekend. Perhaps you got a chuckle about her rescuing my casual wardrobe with a little shopping this weekend. It was something that I am totally not accustomed to, but it was a blast! I think she’s a pretty incredible lady – my hope is that everyone finds sugar this sweet!

  11. HenriLouis*294522 says:

    Good morning on this sunshiny day !
    At least over here it seems like spring is here.
    Every morning I read up on all the stories and am always amazed at the quality and honesty of the exchange of ideas and experiences.
    Suthrn and OC I am so excited for you two. When you are happy you wish to share with the whole world and this is clear from your message.
    As to the comments on food and health and excercise, I really love being busy in the kitchen. I like to try out many different things but eat Mediteranian style, no saturated fats etc. olive oil is what I value.
    My place of healing is the beach that I live close by. If for one reason or other things are not going my way, I just start walking and within an hour
    the seawind has blown away all the imaginary “troubles”.
    Once I even started walking deep into the night. Moon over the waves and just the sound of seagulls, nobody there but me. Like in a movie !
    I believe that over the past 25 years I have not skipped one day at work because of health reasons. I am glad that in the course of time I have found something that works for me.
    It also helps to be an optimist and not live in the past.

  12. OCSugarbaby says:

    Suthrn asked me what shoe I was looking for and I said the black and brown one. He said babe get both! So I did! I love being sugar’d! Wow, he gets me! :)

  13. SuthrnExec says:

    Good evening Babies! (Suthrn and OCSugarBaby) I am having the most amazing weekend with my sugar! He came to my home town, which is so fun. We have relaxed finally and had an amazing Saturday. The restaurants in OC are having a tasting menu of some of the finest restaurants in Orange County. Yum we had a wonderful day which was 80 degrees today. I had Suthrn in dressing rooms shopping with me! However he was the one in the dressing room! I made him my center of my shopping day! I had a ton of outfits that I picked out for him and had him trying on clothes! He loved the personal shopper service. I had blast. Our evening ended in a 5 star hotel with us in the lounge watching a wonderful band playing current hits. I just drew us a bubble bath and need to sign off! Sugar does exist! Kisses to you all! Suthurn and OC. :)

  14. He'sAHotSB says:

    oooh everybody’s going to sleep now…lol


  15. He'sAHotSB :) says:

    hmmm…4:15pm here in sydney…

    just…funny… “Name (required)”

    because that’s not me everybody!!!

  16. lisa says:

    Have a good night sweetredhead.

  17. lisa says:

    I think it’s the culture here. I grew up were everyone respected other’s homes and space but it so common for 10 people to live in the same apartment or house and have no privacy, I would hate that. When we lived in the the Rio Grande valley, the neighbors kids would just walk in our house. We always had our door open as we lived in the country but they thought nothing of coming over when we had company. I would never go into to someone’s fridge but they think nothing of it. I had a weird experience when I was around 12. We had went to a funeral of my stepdad’s uncle. I was sitting in the funeral home with a box of candy that my aunt had given me. When some other kids saw me (I didn’t even know these kids) they surrounded me and started going wild grabbing the chocolates from the box, and I think I got one piece of my own candy.

  18. Sweetredhead...*269443 * says:

    I need to say good night. I have a very busy day tomorrow. I have enjoyed talking to you Lisa. Have a Wonderful night.

  19. Sweetredhead...*269443 * says:

    You know what the parents are like from the way the kids respect others. I taught mine from a very young age to say thank you and please, and to respect people. Every time I gave them something I would say thank you, they could not even talk yet. But it taught them. I am always complimented by other parents about my kids manners and How they respect people. It’s nice to hear it, that you did something right.

  20. lisa says:

    I like barbecuing but can’t do it at my apartments. If you want to grill here, you gotta take your grill out to the middle of the parking lot away from the building and well standing out in the middle of the parking lot barbecuing with a bunch of lowlifes is not my idea of fun. The people down here are different. When we first moved down to South Texas we were shocked when the neighbor’s kids just opened our fridge and got something out without asking. no manners.

  21. lisa says:

    I love cheese. Especially the sharp ones. It’s gotten so expensive here though, over 2 dollars for a small block. Our store puts vegatables and fruits that they have left over after filling the displays in one dollar bags. they have potatos, bananas, tomatoes, mangos, etc in bag for a dollar, pretty good deal but I never get any because they do it in the morning and by the time I get off work, its’ all gone. Anything we purchase has to be consumed or leave the store immediately so since I don’t have a car to put it in, I can’t buy anything till I get off work and there’s nothing left then. I can’t go on my days off because it’s in the opposite direction of where I normally go which means extra bus fare which would cancell out the savings. so i’m screwed.

  22. Sweetredhead...*269443 * says:

    I like to cook out on the grill a lot.

  23. Sweetredhead...*269443 * says:

    Oh yes and can’t forget the Margaretta’s lol

  24. Sweetredhead...*269443 * says:

    I ordered a choc cake with Choc frosting from Public’s That’s what my son wanted. I also have crackers and cheese platters. And a veggie platter :)

  25. lisa says:

    I sometimes eat chips and dip for dinner, lol I like hamburgers and hotdotgs but since I live alone, It ends up going bad before I can eat all of them as it’s not like I want to eat 8 hotdogs in a couple days. lol

  26. lisa says:

    I never eat vegatables, well except for potato flakes. too expensive and too heavy to carry.

  27. Sweetredhead...*269443 * says:

    Like tomorrow. I have chips and dip, Home made salsa (which is good for you) Juices and soda and tea. Hamburger and Hot dogs, Potato salad. All for the party.

  28. Sweetredhead...*269443 * says:

    I don’t buy organic food, I also can’t afford that. I do buy some though. Just alot of veggies and try and stay away from processed foods and fast food. Although we do eat some.

  29. lisa says:

    I have been to the doctor once in the past 34 years. That was actually the hospital when my daughter was born. No prenatal care, worked in a room full of pot smokers, etc, and daughter was born healthy with no complications.

  30. Sweetredhead...*269443 * says:

    I take natural vitamins and supplements when I need them.

  31. lisa says:

    I don’t eat right, but I do get exercise. I live on fast food and tv dinners when I have money, other times I skip meals. Fresg food is too expensive and it’s just cheapet to get a dollar burger at mcds than to buy something to cook.
    Can’t buy in bulk either since I ride the bus and have to walk alot.

  32. Sweetredhead...*269443 * says:

    I do do yearly medical check ups, But that’s about it.

  33. Sweetredhead...*269443 * says:

    I believe in natural medicine and alternative medicine to be healthy. Sometimes I think some of the Chemicals we put in our bodies is what is hurting us. If you eat right, exercise and yes preventative medicine you will be doing well.

  34. lisa says:

    mine wasn’t. He would go around saying he hated America. And wondered why I celebrated Thanksgiving when that was an American holiday. I reminded him that this was “America”. Anyway that was a mistake I made when I was young. Been divorced 16 years now. Have no idea where he is.

  35. lisa says:

    At our divorce, he was ordered to pay 180 a month in child support (he made very little money and went from job to job) but it wasn’t worth the worry of having him take her and never return. He left before she was born and at the divorce, demanding to see her, just to be mean. I could not risk him taking her out of the country, because , well in those Muslim countries, women have no rights. It was not worth risking her safey for so little money. She has surved though, proof you don’ t need medical or dental care to be healthy. My mom is 69 and hasn’t been to a doctor since she was 34.

  36. Sweetredhead...*269443 * says:

    I am very lucky he is a wonderful father. And friend :)

  37. Sweetredhead...*269443 * says:

    That’s just wrong. A man should take care of their child. Not because they have to but because they WANT to. I have never had a problem with the Kids father, never had to take him to court or anything. If I had to go to court I am sure I would not get as much as I do.

  38. lisa says:

    I never got child support from my husband because he threatened to take my daughter to the middle east and i’d never see her again. I had to sign an agreement with him to never ask for anything. I had no choice as there is no law to keep an ex husband from taking his child on a vacation. Never received a cent from him. My parents helped me, and I put her on regular milk at 3 months old. She has never been to adoctor or a dentist but amazingly has perfect straight teeth

  39. Sweetredhead...*269443 * says:

    You feed 2 growing boys lol. It’s like feeding 2 adult males. Their cloths, baseball, ect.

  40. lisa says:

    and I only worked 22 hours a week, which was really a struggle and my days and hours varied every week.

  41. Sweetredhead...*269443 * says:

    I also get $1,700 a month from the boys father. So that pays my bills.

  42. lisa says:

    I worked at my last job for over 2 years and never got a raise although I got more responsiblities. I did 10 times as much as I do now and only made 7.50 an hour and had to pay someone 3 dollars a night for a ride home.

  43. Sweetredhead...*269443 * says:

    I only make $13 an hour and every year we get a raise. But the benefits are very good.

  44. lisa says:

    the union only guarantees me 16 hours a week but I’ve managed to get at least 24 a week, and 32 the last few weeks.

  45. Sweetredhead...*269443 * says:

    I am guaranteed 40 hours. I work right now 45 hours. So an hour a day doesn’t really make that big of a difference in how tired I am.

  46. lisa says:

    and I pay 40 dollars a month in union fees

  47. lisa says:

    no overtime where I work and I work 30-32 hours a week. It is good in a way because when I worked at a department store I worked over hours and it really wore me out. I would sometimes work 3 pm till 3 am during Christmas time and with a half hour break around 7 pm, I was really tired and didn’t enjoy the extra money because when the holiday was over, I would get my hours cut to 14 hours a week, had to save all my extra money to survive on that. I only make 9 dollars an hour.

  48. Sweetredhead...*269443 * says:

    i am always nice to employees anywhere I go. I know working in costomer service I will do things for people if they are nice. If they are not, I won’t do any more than I have to for them.

  49. Sweetredhead...*269443 * says:

    We are authorized for over time right now. which is nice when I get my paychecks. Getting paid $20 an hour makes a big difference

  50. lisa says:

    my favorite was when customers would come in to ship UPS and they would just dump their stuff on the counter. I would explain to them that they needed to bring it ready to ship. Well I did pack and seal a package for one customer and she was not at all pleased when I charged her a large fee for the packing materials and labor. I charged her for an entire package of packing peanuts ( I handed her the bag of what was left) and charged her 5 dollars for packing. Her 10 dollar package ended up costing her about 25 dollars. lol Customers expected to use our supplies and time for free. If I didn’t like the customer’s face, I would charge them double for labor on projects too because we had to decide on our own what to charge for labor. If it was a nice customer, I sometimes didnt charge them for labor

  51. lisa says:

    we get half hour lunches but they are considered breaks so they are paid. That is good because at my last job I worked 8 hours plus one hour for lunch. Now I work 8 hours which includes half hour break.
    It seems like every job I have ever had would not let me takes the breaks according to Texas law. They got around it by being shortstaffed. I used to work 9 hours on saturday and should have had an 30 minute lunch and two 15 minute breaks according to the company policy but I was lucky to get the 30 minute lunch. I had no one to cover my department and you can be sure that I could stand there for hours and the minute I stepped away, someone came in needing help. It was bad that the managers were not trained in my job. I dont’ know how many times I had my lunch interupted to come downstairs to unjam a copy machine or to send a fax, management should have been able to do a few functions of my job.

  52. Sweetredhead...*269443 * says:

    Right now we are short staffed, so we only get 1/2 hour lunches and no breaks. Until we are fully staffed again. I can go to the bathroom or go get soda or water from the machines up stairs, I just have to tell someone where I am. They are spurts of patients so you do have time to do those things during the day.

  53. lisa says:

    I used to watch graphic operations on cable when I had it. There used to be a medical show on saturday nights about 12 years ago and they performed surgery. I could sit there and eat while watching it.

  54. lisa says:

    I hate dealing with customers, lol so i’m glad i’m back in the sidelines where I can work without having to constantly stop. I worked at the copy centre of a office supply store for over 2 years. I had to ring customers, answer phones, fax, repair copy machines, run huge copy and binding jobs, design business cards, make stampers, ship UPS,etc and it was just too much as I was only one person. Now I only do 2 things and never work alone. We all work the same hours as the department doesn’t need constant supervision. I can go to the bathroom when I need to, and take lunch when I want, although some days I’m so busy that I skip it, but we can eat while we work. At the office store I had to stand behind a counter all day and couldnt even have water. Many times I worked 9 hours straight without a break too. I couldn’t leave the department alone and noen of the other employees that worked at night knew how to work in the copy shop

  55. Sweetredhead...*269443 * says:

    The Doctor happen to look up at me when I was watching and he starting laughing at the faces I was making.

  56. Sweetredhead...*269443 * says:

    I was able to watch a caterac surgery last week. Freaked me out a bit. I have watched many surgeries but surgery on the eye freaks me out.

  57. Sweetredhead...*269443 * says:

    My job can be stressful if you let it, I don’t. I actually enjoy the high pace and volume of patients we see. I prefer to work at a fast pace. And I can multi task with the best of them. That’s way I am good at what I do. The practice I work for see’s around 500 patients a day. Also has a surgery ward on site.

  58. lisa says:

    I dont’ get any benefits, no sick days, no personal days, no paid vacation, and regular pay on holidays. But I work with nice people and have no stress and we are unionized so it’s not easy to get fired. Texas is a no reason fire state so it’s good to have protection as employers can fire you here with no reason. Its also handy to work at a grocery store in case I need to pick something up after work.

  59. Sweetredhead...*269443 * says:

    Love, No it’s not weird. A lot of woman on here are married SB’s and their husbands are fine with it. A lot of men have the mind set of “love is love and sex is different” Most of us here know how to separate the two. Some husbands actually find it exciting to think of their wives with other men.

  60. Sweetredhead...*269443 * says:

    I get a weeks paid vacation after 3 months and after a year I get 2 weeks paid vacation. Plus sick days and personal days. We get gift cards for our birthdays, health insurance. Christmas bonuses. Once a month they buy us all lunch to celebrate everyone’s birthdays together. Free eye exams or anything else we need. and half off glasses or contacts. So not a bad job at all :)

  61. love says:

    so I have an interesting back story, I told my husband about me being on the site and he is ok with it(not totally excited, but accepting) because I am using to money to pay our bills and get a boob job. is that weird? what do you think about that.

  62. lisa says:

    I used to work weekends and nights, till midnight but now I work only days, but still weekends. I am so glad I dont work nights and don’t have to beg for a ride home everynight. The store is in a really bad area so i’m glad i’m not there at night, it’s worse than were I live. I get home around 4:30 now and on weekends around 5 pm because I wait almost an hour for the bus. I hate getting up early though.

  63. lisa says:

    I can’t get vacation time till september and it;s only a week unpaid.

    I am worried now because I need to request two weekends off in april , one for a trip with my family to Galveston as a late birthday celebration of my daughter’s birthday (she’s paying for hotel and car rental) and the other weekend , well actually a saturday for a family picnic at my daugther’s job. Problem is my coworker one alot of points at work and is going to redeem them for a one week vacation, I sure hope she doesn’t choose the weekend I need to be off, but you know how murphy’s law goes.

  64. Sweetredhead...*269443 * says:

    I used to work weekends. I hated it. I now work 8 to 5 only and have my weekends for myself. My last job I worked only during the week but worked till 7 at night. It was just to late. I like being off at 5 and being home by 5:30 every evening.

  65. lisa says:

    I guess they are having a blast. We are home alone on the blog, lol

    Bad BB, I am trying to be fair with him but am being cautious too. He is guilty of the issue that bothers me though and that’s when a sd lists my city as were he lives and it makes me think I have met someone that is local and it will be easy to meet but then it turns out that they live about 100 miles away and come into town occasionally. He is looking for someone to see on weekends which many guys are , because afterall the weekend is supposed to be for fun , but I work weekends and that;s why someone who actually lives in my city is easier to meet.

  66. Sweetredhead...*269443 * says:

    I wish I was able to go :( But starting a new job I could not ask for time off yet.

  67. Sweetredhead...*269443 * says:

    Gail is in Vegas with some of the other girls. I am sure they are having too much fun to take the time for email lol. I haven’t heard anything except they all got to Vegas safely.

  68. Bad BB says:

    Lisa – I didn’t want to say anything but Bob just gave me a bad vibe… I don’t know why but he just seems sketchy to me…

  69. lisa says:

    I neeed to email Gail, I haven’t been in touch with her lately, I need to write her. This week just seems to have gone so fast.

  70. Sweetredhead...*269443 * says:

    Stephen if you are lurking around lol, can you give lisa my email pleaseee and thank you :)

  71. Bad BB says:

    Hi everyone!! And Welcome Megan!

    I looked at your profile and would also like to offer some constructive criticism… Your profile is… well… a bit borrring! You have some info in there that you would be better off exchanging in person. Like the fact that you will be in school for the next 6 years. Putting that out there to me sounds like your looking for 6 years of support! (crawl before you walk girl!) You should realize that the SBs out number the SDs and SMs on this site so you want to make an impression and stand out from the rest.. maybe a little joke, or something INTERESTING about yourself. And if you are also reaching out to SMs maybe mention something you think would attract the mama’s to (men and woman are very different!) In the description of what your looking for you mention this not being a “serious relationship”! Well how do you expect to be taken seriously with a comment like that?? Your only 18! You should sound fun and full of life! You should make an effort to seem mature for you age and capable of bringing something to the table. Your profile made you sound desperate and like you would do anything for cash… I’m sure you are a very sweet girl with beautiful qualities to offer but your profile is just not reflecting that and maybe this is why you haven’t gotten the response you were hoping for… Don’t revamp REDO!!!

    I hope this helps..

  72. lisa says:

    I am so careful with my desktop. I took really good care of the other one, never left it on, turned it off whenever I went to bed or out somewhere, kept it clean, etc and it just got that blue screen of death thing last August a week before I got the blue screen of death at my job,lol.

    I don’t know if you read but I stopped at my old job yesterday to print some stuff out. I barely recognized anyone. I talked to the new print guy and he’s ready to quit and I asked about my boss, and well, she’s went to a different department. And all the self serve copiers were out of order, just like always. Some things never change. lol I am so glad I dont work there anymore. Everything in the shopping strip has went out of business so I wouldn’t be surprised if they close to as their stop isnt’ doing well and the competion just opened a nice big new store across the freeway.

  73. Sweetredhead...*269443 * says:

    Lisa ask Gail for my yahoo. You can message me when you like.

  74. lisa says:

    I have been in the same situation with single men who were looking for dating relationships. That’s why I don’t blink on married men because my experience is that the single ones are just as busy with their jobs, children, etc. I found myself sitting home alone when I was dating my last boyfriend because he was working late, taking his daughter to the airport, meeting clients, out of town,etc. Any many times when he contacted me, I wasn’t in the mood to talk, lol

  75. Sweetredhead...*269443 * says:

    I have cable internet. The computer in my bedroom is always on. It is an older model. The one in my florida room is a newer one, but I hardly use it. The kids use it mostly. My daughter has a laptop she took to college with her. She was using the other one I have.

  76. lisa says:

    edit, when he’s on vacation during the holidays in the US. When he goes to Europe, I dont’ hear from him.

  77. lisa says:

    I see my guy a few times a month. We email every day. Just talking about what we do , our kids (he has a daughter a little older than my daughter), our problems,etc. The only time we’ve been out of touch is during the hurricanes, holidays when he’s abroad. etc. He even manages to text me on holidays.

  78. Sweetredhead...*269443 * says:

    like now when I am bored and would love to chat with him lol. He is not available. I did talk to him earlier today :)

  79. lisa says:

    I have that broken desktop and my new desktop which I love and a laptop that is resting now after 6 months of heavy use, mostly on this blog, lol

    My new computer isn’t expensive but it runs fast and it’s nice to be able to get online immediately instead of turning the computer on, taking a shower, coming back and i’m still not online. I have dsl but my laptop was so slow.

  80. Sweetredhead...*269443 * says:

    Very true. Beach is married and calls or texts me all the time. From work home ect. He finds the time, which is very nice. But i do understand when he is busy or is unable to.

  81. Sweetredhead...*269443 * says:

    I can agree with that, most everyone has a computer in their home. I have 2 desk tops myself. I also want to get a lap top.

  82. lisa says:

    I can understand the married ones having to be discreet and not being able to talk or log on at home, but the single ones should be able to get online. Heck my guy that I see emails me everyday either from home or from his Iphone so it can be done if the interest is there. But from experience of living by myself for the last few years, I have complete privacy and can do anything I want in my home, email, visit the blog, etc. A single man should be able to do the same.

  83. lisa says:

    He doesn’t make nearly that much and isn’t married. I just find it odd as every businessman I have seen can check his email. I dated a very busy man who traveled all the time and he kept in touch with me on his laptop when he was the airport, at the hotel, etc. I once talked to a man on another site that couldnt access the internet at home. This was odd since he was single (this was a regular dating site, not a sd site) and could only get online at work. Said he was an executive or something but didnt’ have a computer in his home, very odd. Anyway I heard from this guy several times over a year (one of those guys that email you from time to time, disappear, reappear) and in the time he never got around to getting a computer in his home, very odd. That’s like not having a toilet in the house,lol

  84. Sweetredhead...*269443 * says:

    Not to mention the Married SD’s who have a wife and family to also work around. Talk about needing stress relief.

  85. Sweetredhead...*269443 * says:

    My daughter turned 19 in February. She lives in another state going to college. I miss her. But we talk often and she is coming to visit this summer.

    Maybe this Sd will talk to you and likes you, you never know :) not everyone can just sign on and chat. You never know who he has around him during the day. If you think about it. Men who are wealthy and are Sd’s work many hours and are here for us to help them relieve their stress. If they had a lot of time to meet woman they sure would not be here. Regular relationships take time and effort. We as SB’s know that they are not available to “chat” and have a “normal” relationship. Their time is limited. most do not have a 9 to 5 job. They are so called “on call’ with their businesses. As SB’s we have to understand this, Know that they can not drop everything. Not all Sd’s are like that but a lot are. If you think about it to make over a million a year, what do you think they have to do?

  86. lisa says:

    I know. I have been working decent lately and have actually been able to buy groceries, lol. Had to pay that ridiculous water bill though. I am getting charged the same as a family of 8 for water. :( I guess i’ll just have to start wasting water, after all i’m paying for it, no reason to conserve.
    I did have a potential sd contact me on the blog (well actually he just wants to get some advice as I know i’m not his type). We are going to talk on the phone when he gets back to wherever he lives (profile says Houston but actually he lives kinda far from here). It’s just a friendly chat and possible meeting. But I do find it odd he can’t access his email over the next few days as every business man i’ve known has to keep himself accesible and usually travels with a laptop or blackberry.
    I know I pick at details too much but i’ve became more cautious and observant since I started online meeting.
    My daughter’s birthday is in april, she will be 18. I will give her a little money and take her to eat if I get a chance to see her for a few minutes after work. She is off on weekends and I work on weekends so it’s difficult to spend time together as we can’t get out past dark.

  87. Sweetredhead...*269443 * says:

    I am also working out so i am too tired to blog. But I miss all of you. I see there are a lot of new people. Hello everyone!

  88. Sweetredhead...*269443 * says:

    Hi Lisa. Yes very busy. My parents came over Wednesday night for dinner for a family party for my son. Tomorrow is the big birthday party. Been shopping all day for it. I spent a fortune.

    My new job is going really well, I enjoy it. Love the paycheck too :) Nice to be able to buy things again. I hate budgets.

  89. lisa says:

    Darn I was outbid by 1 dollar on ebay for a Marc Jacobs skirt. This is the second time i’ve been outbid by a dollar. I guess i’ll never have a designer skirt :(

  90. lisa says:

    Good evening.
    Just got an email from Bob. He said he understood about talking first before meeting. Planning on talking to him probably wednesday as he won’t be able to check his email till then. That makes me wonder because every businessman I know has a laptop or blacberi or a Iphone.

    How was your week Sweetredhead? Guess you’ve been busy and tired, missing in action from the blog, lol

  91. JustMe *193017* says:

    I haven’t seen the pic with the glasses yet, but definitely leave it on here. Guys do like the “look”! 😉

  92. Meghan says:

    its quite alright, im a positive person and if i would of reacted poorly, it would look bad on my part and being rude isn’t classy so I rather stay classy. I’m used to people misspelling my name, dont worry about it. About the brutality I rather people be honest, especially when its in my favor. I have updated my page. however it takes a while before you can see it, but i look forward for more comments. ps on the last picture, i only put it because i have very few body pictures, its not my most flattering picture. so for now, it will have to do.
    Also one last thing, my first picture, i have glasses on, i dont actually wear glasses do you think its a bad idea that i posted the picture? because i like the picture it shows my prim but naughty side.

  93. JustMe *193017* says:

    Oopsss.. I misspelled your name, Meghan! 😉 Sorry!

  94. JustMe *193017* says:

    Meagan, I’m glad you took only the positive comments to heart. Don’t change who you are! We are all different and there is someone out there who will enjoy your company just as you are!

  95. JustMe *193017* says:

    LOL I agree with you Sweetred.. don’t think I want to know what everyone would say!! HA HAA!!

  96. Sweetredhead...*269443 * says:

    You guys are brutal lol. I am not even going to ask you to look at my profile. I don’t think I want to even know. LMAO

  97. Sweetredhead says:

    Good evening everyone. Getting ready for a big party tomorrow. My son’s 14th birthday party. Having a BBQ. Making home made salsa. Margaretta for the adults hehe. Need something to cope with 10, 14 yr olds in my house lol. Most of my son friends parents are friends of mine and like to hang out so I decided to make it one big party…why not? lol

  98. Meghan says:

    thanks i appreciate it, and the reason i put average is because it is average, but work in progress, eventually it will be athletic. i love my nose thank you very much, even the plastic surgeon i went to go see for my consultation on my breasts said it is nice. i asked for comments on my profile itself not on my looks. i will remove the remark about my breasts. and i put those pictures up because b) shows my body. and my profile shows my stare, which is my favorite part of me, as people mentioned it makes my personality look hard, well i am a determined and ambitious person so it guess it does reflect it to a degree. im can be also very relax and nice (im a gemini so i have my relax side and my determined side as well. thank you for the many responses. i shall re do it and once its approved ill show the changes. have a good night everyone! :)

  99. lisa says:

    Good afternoon everyone. Home and tired from work.

    Don’t be so harsh on Meghan, I like her profile, and she does not need a nose job Name(required). That was rude

    Your profile may seem a little demanding but one gets nowhere being wishywashy, so I would tone it down a little but tell them what you want, don’t settle.

    It’s a beautiful but very wiiiiiiiiiiiiiinnnnnnnnnndyyyyyyyyyy day in Houston

  100. Mina says:

    Tough crowd, lol.

  101. BerkshireSD says:

    Meghan – I’d like to see the new pictures before i say much more, but…

    In your price range make sure your essays are perfectly edited.

    Consider dropping the discussion of breast implants or at least just say it is something you are considering in the future. I think it is much too soon to bring up the idea of an SD paying for something so specific so far down the road.

    Also, make sure you give reasons both visually and in writing why you are worth the money you are expecting.

  102. Name (required) says:

    Meghan, you need a nose job.

  103. Mina says:

    Meghan – Your first pic is not at all flattering, it makes you look at least fifteen years older than you really are. Also, you mentioned you work out 5x a week but listed your body type as average; wouldn’t athletic be more appropriate? And you misspelled allowance. Hope that helped a bit.

  104. BerkshireSD says:

    Eliz – I think I’d be better off with a separate ID for that.

    Your pictures present you as elegant and your essays sound very honest.

    Feel free to experiment and explore what works for you while you learn more about what this SA thing is. Don’t do anything you will regret during that time…save all the truly regretable episodes for when you really know what you are doing.

    I didn’t have much more clue than you about all this when I started, and look, already I’ve learned how to type comments into the blog.

  105. Elizabeth 290114 says:

    BerkshireSD- would you mind giving out your profile #? I always read your comments and would love to put a face/profile to them!

    Meghan- I agree. A few new pictures would make a big difference!

  106. BerkshireSD says:

    Quick first impression: Your picture makes your face and therefore your personality look hard. Get a better picture showing your true personality.

    The second picture does nothing for you. I’d rather have the girl at the sink. Lose that one, and replace it with a good complimentary full body picture.

    For the $$ you are asking you are going to have to look and sound very good to get someone’s attention. So start with those pics…

    …more to come…

  107. Meghan says:

    296942, it is a little demanding but i did get an email from a sd that he loved that part, i mean i definately will be fair, it really depends on their financial situation and their budget. i dont know how to write that im a really nice girl, caring and give great massages and im open to everything. i want to spoil the sd, with whatever he needs as long as its reciprocal.
    thanks alot

  108. BerkshireSD says:

    Give us your profile number.

    I was thinking today about creating a BerkshirSD profile for the purpose of private communication with SBs on the blog separate from my actual profile.

    However, if I do that I would have limited communication ability without paying, right?

    If I did an SB profile, would SBs be able to msg me and vice versa? What about viewing SB profiles?

  109. Meghan says:

    hello everyone! i recently just lost my job, and im having a hard time finding a new one, also studying full time too doesnt help my quest. i am a good looking girl and i am intelligent. im not stuck up, im quite nice and open to try new things all the time. ive recieved 256 views and only about emails from 7 people. can someone look at my profile and give me pointers? it would be greatly appreciated. have a great weekend everyone.

  110. BerkshireSD says:

    In the Christian parts of the world, I think 10% of gross is standard.

  111. BerkshireSD says:

    BB – what clues about his assistance are in his profile and the coversations you have had?

    What have you revealed so far on your side?

  112. HenriLouis*294522 says:

    Hi BB,
    I love the way you handled the first meeting. Very possitive.
    For your SD it was a first time.
    He enjoyed himself with you and I guess he just wanted to express that he did not need to look for anybody else. Veni Vidi Vici for you !
    You won him over with your charmes.
    You realize your strong and your weak points.
    Try to handle the question of financial assistance with some diplomacy.
    Although the sky is the limit, try to be within reason.
    Then for both of you it will be a win/win situation.
    After all this is what your are looking for.
    A rehab for SA ? Not a bad idea, aroma therapy and shuhatsu massage etc. . Why not ! For every month that you attend you will receive 10 K.
    Stephan, great idea for a next subject of the blog !
    Good Luck !

  113. SuthrnExec says:

    What is god’s going rate?

  114. BerkshireSD says:

    I am an SD. I pay you per hour for the privilege of assisting and advising.

  115. Bad BB says:

    Thanks for the response guys! I think we will be telephone lovers for a little while cuz we have some considerable distance to consider so I want to handle this before we meet…

    Suthrn: Yes! He does seem to like a Bad BB hihi! But I have a bad way of sometimes saying things too bluntly or too direct… Some men like it and some men can’t deal…

    Berk: Nicely put! Perhaps I can hire you as an intermediate to supervise this transaction? How much do you charge per hour??? LOL!!!

    Adding to that my Pot jar is growing so fast I’m getting high off the fumes! LOL!! One thing for sure is that we are a brave bunch of SBs & SDs! This site it definitely not for the faint of heart!!! Is there such a thing as SA rehab? lmao

  116. SuthrnExec says:

    Bad BB, the next time you talk – ideally when you’re together – I would just open it up for discussion and talk about what each of you are looking for. As Sweet said, ask questions to get him to reveal if he’s looking for a GF or not.

    The fact that he said he intends to stop looking means that the chemistry between you was good (maybe great!) and he thinks you guys have a chance. Sounds like he is decisive – which is a good thing.

    Good luck! I need to get some more coffee… :-)

  117. Suthrn & OCSugarBaby :) says:

    Good Morning Everyone! We are enjoying a beautiful 70 degree morning, coffee in hand.

  118. BerkshireSD says:

    How about:

    ‘The reason I joined SA was because while I was looking for a relationship with someone I enjoy being with, I also realized I need some financial support from that person.

    This is what I need…and this is why…

    I feel you are someone I can develop a relationship with, and I would like to ask how you feel about my financial needs and what help you can offer.’


    You could say ‘I ain’t spendin’ my time for nothin’ ‘

  119. Bad BB says:

    Hmmm good idea but when I asked him what he was looking for on the site he said he didn’t really know but now that he has “met” me he was going to stop looking… what should I make of this? Maybe he’s looking for a girlfriend?

  120. Sweetredhead says:

    Ask him what he is looking for. Has he had an SB before? This should open up your conversation.

  121. Bad BB says:

    Good Morning Sugars!!

    Good for you Henri!!!! Your so determined! I have yet to set foot in a gym! lol

    Lisa- Enjoy your day and try not to work to hard! :)

    HesAHottie – LOL!! Listen hes a black man that loves to ski! I think thats “different” enough as it is thank you very much.

    Aj- How was you date?!!

    Claire: First impression are everything! ear something sexy-cute. Sexy cause you look hot in it but Cute cuz you didn’t even try!!

    I have some running around to do today but the weather is just teasing me to stay in bed! I also wanted some advice this morning… I had a great convo with a pot yesterday but we both stayed clear of the arrangement radar… (well when he asked me what I was looking for on the site I bluntly said A Sugar Daddy lol!!) But the next time we speak I would like to bring it up and make sure we are on the same page… How do I do this without making things super weird?

  122. Sweetredhead says:

    Good morning. Uggh I wanted to sleep in. So used to getting up at 5am I was up at 7 :( But I guess it was sleeping in lmao

  123. lisa says:

    Good morning everyone. Getting ready to go to work. I hate saturday mornings, i’d love to sleep in.
    Have a good day. I wish it was 4 o’clock already

  124. HenriLouis*294522 says:

    Breaking news !
    Just got back from the gym.
    I have been sweating there for one and a half week now, minus three days
    Just like the first day I stood on this incredible computerized machine that measures everything and prints it.
    In just a few days being dedicated the result is as follows
    I lost one kilo of body fat
    I gained 1,6 kilo in muscle tissue.
    Hope to lose 1 kilo plus of fat in the next two weeks.
    Muscles do not gain so much any more.
    I expect to have shed 2 kilos of fat and gained 2 kilos of muscle by then.
    After that I will focus on power training. My aim is lifting 200 kilo.
    I will cary anyone easily over the threshold of the boudoir by then.
    The ligher ones I just throw acros the shoulder and run inside.
    My Saturday had a great start then !
    Hope your week-end will be as optimistic and enjoyable as mine.

  125. claire says:

    Good morning Henrilouis,

    Thanks you for your advice xx

  126. HenriLouis*294522 says:

    Good morning,
    IO was a real treat ro read up on the blog.
    Claire just wear something you feel comfortable in and elegant.
    Good make-up is also a real asset.
    Just go shopping and chose something nice, something you have always wanted to have.
    Mostly I read about shoes here, but why not choose something for summer ?
    On the other hand, buy something that you can wear next time you meet.
    Thank him with a sweet kiss and say I am so glad you like it too.
    He will melt like warm chocolate in your hands.
    Just had a short message from one of the Vegas pack, a super place !
    Got to go to the gym now.

  127. claire says:

    Im a bit nervous im not used to having people spending money on me:)

  128. He'sAHotSB says:


    smile! :)


  129. claire says:

    im new to this i only joined this week!

  130. claire says:

    hi im going to meet my sugar daddy today. He said he wants to take me shopping Im not sure what to expect im stay there tonight any advice please, what should i wear? x

  131. He'sAHotSB says:


    Carlos: I know you’re awake-
    Gabrielle: I know you’re a jerk-
    C: dinner with tanaka ran long…I’m sorry
    G: you know carlos? I didn’t marry you so I could have dinner by myself 6 times a week- you know how bored I was today? I came this! close to actually cleaning the house!
    C: don’t be that way, I got you a gift.
    C: it’s a good gift~
    G: …is that white gold?
    C: yea put it on…and make love to me…
    G: not in the mood…but…we could stay up and talk?
    C: hahahahaha when a man buys a woman expensive jewelry? there are many things he may want in return, for future reference? conversation ain’t one of ’em-


    $mile Gabrielle!!! :) lol

  132. aj says:

    Hi sugars! I’m here, not in vegas! But too tired to post right now…will post tomorrow. *sigh*

  133. He'sAHotSB says:

    Bad BB,

    you have homework lol

    ask him if he’s bi

    LOL bye 😛

  134. VillaCypris *276489* says:

    G’ night Lisa. Sweet dreams. x

  135. VillaCypris *276489* says:

    Yes BadBB. Good news. Hope it continues to go well.

    A/C in february.. i can’t imagine 8)

    Suthrn… where’d you go??????

  136. lisa says:

    Have a good night everyone. Going to watch tv in bed, gotta get up early tomorrow.

  137. lisa says:

    It gets over 100 here in the summer, really brutal. I like it in the 70’s. I had to run my airconditioner today, hello high electric bills.

    Glad your date went well Bad BB.

  138. VillaCypris *276489* says:

    What do you mean, you don’t see me… because I’m missing the avatar?! ahahahaha nice…… :)

    Yea, 80 is too hot for me right now. I’d be thrilled with 50. Would be like summer~!

  139. Bad BB says:

    Hello beautiful ppl! Am on my way out but first wanted to share… I just got off the phone with the SD with the confusing profile and who was affraid of my price tag and he’s super sweet! Sugar sweet! lol We just spoke casually but he was charming and funny and it wasn’t awkward at all! I’m happy I gave him a chance… No official “arrangements” were discussed but we spoke for almost an hour! Not bad, not bad at all! :-)

    Off to drink till I 4get my name! lol


  140. lisa says:

    It was about 80 here today but windy. I made the mistake of wearing a willowy spring dress, kept flying up. It’s going to get cold here tonight, 50’s in the morning and possibly 30’s sunday morning. I have to go out in the early morning to go to work, it’s cold.

  141. BerkshireSD says:

    You must be in Vegas, ’cause I don’t see you here. You sure?

  142. VillaCypris *276489* says:

    Ciao Lisa.

    Thanks for sending the warmth… it was 10 today I believe. *sigh*

  143. lisa says:

    Good evening VillaCypris

  144. VillaCypris *276489* says:

    Carine ~ it seems to be human nature to want as much as possible while giving as little as possible in return… I wish you much luck :)

  145. VillaCypris *276489* says:

    Greetings, all ~~~~

    I am not in Vegas…

  146. SuthrnExec says:

    Good evening everyone –

    Maverisk, I personally would expect the SD to have set up a second meeting with you that’s how I would have done if I were interested in pursuing. This is not a normal dating situation – I would communicate with him – not necessarily ask to meet again, but open up the lines of communication – establish rapport, work the chemistry. I will tell you that if you both do not feel there is chemistry, it probably isn’t the right situation for you.

    Carine, there are no SA “sanctioned” events that I am aware of. Occaionally, a group of SBs will get together, but there usually isn’t a meet and greet type gathering.

    The blog is a great place to meet SDs and to get some insight into the whole SD/SB thing from SBs and SDs. I met an incredible sugar on the blog – and if it weren’t for the blog, we would have never met. Be patient – if could take weeks or a few months. Believe me, it will be worth the wait!

  147. lisa says:

    You have to weed through them Carine.

  148. BerkshireSD says:

    Hi Carine, your problem is you are getting hit up by cheap non-SDs. I don’t think a lunch is going to solve that.

    How about looking at the real cause of the problem and snare those real SDs?

  149. carine says:

    Hi everyone,
    I’m new SB at this and have a question for all of you..I have been on seekingarrangement site for a while but only seem to land ones who think to receive and get nothing in return..Is there a get together lunch /evening where SD/SB etc..can meet and mingle?..

  150. maverisk says:

    Mina – Thanks for asking. Yes, this would be my first arrangement. I joined the site in January and got a number of emails, but most of the guys weren’t serious (ie, SDs in New York who would email me saying they wanted to get to know me, and then they’d ask “So, you living in another state…how’s that going to work?” – very frustrating and amateur.)

    The guy I met was actually a guy that I messaged first – he seemed like a pretty sane guy, plus he’s young (39), blond hair, blue eyes, athletic build, and experienced as an SD. AND he was local to me, which for me is a big deal. I hate driving haha.

    I messaged him saying we should meet for coffee (sometimes the best way to avoid endless-emails syndrome is to just skip that part completely) and he responded back “Yes! When are you available?” We agreed on a time/place, showed up, talked, and we texted a little right afterward.

    So my question to the sugar community is – now that I’m over the hurdle of the first date, when/how should I go about scheduling the second date? I don’t want to wait too long (he’s been meeting with other pots, but they way he described it it sounds like most of them haven’t been working out) but I didn’t want to text him too soon after the first date so that I could give him some space. Also – what’s a good second date with an SD? Any and all suggestions are appreciated.

  151. lisa says:

    I think everyone went to Vegas for the weekend, and the others are missing in action

  152. He'sAHotSB says:


    13.5 hours left hehehehehe

    that’s what I mean!!! a someone who’s seeing someone is logging in SA.COM frequently…lol

    ah well…

  153. lisa says:

    ok someone is further off than I am. A woman just walked by in the parking lot wearing a santa hat.

  154. lisa says:

    I still have 13 1/2 hours till I have to leave for work, lol. I’ll probably stop by bed later on for awhile.

    He’s seeing someone, but he’s still on the site??
    Maybe he wants a face x-ray

  155. He'sAHotSB says:


    I’m living in a saturday! hehehe

    run lisa run!!! don’t be late! hehehe


  156. He'sAHotSB says:

    I received two replies yesterday…LOL BUTTT

    “sorry I’m seeing someone good luck”

    “possibly do you have a better face pic?”
    I replied saying that I have two face pics on my profile and asked if he wanted different angles or……
    then he read my reply and no reply… :(


  157. lisa says:

    10:20 am ! Yikes i’m late for work! oops, forgot, it’s still friday here, lol

  158. He'sAHotSB says:

    Woke up and

    LOL somebody used the “Name (required)” name LOL

    a somebody who’s been reading this blog…but not commenting…

    hmmm…anyway…*waves at everybody, and Name (required)* lol

    10:20am here in sydney! :)

  159. BerkshireSD says:

    A handful.

  160. SuthrnExec says:

    How many of those have you reviewed?

  161. BerkshireSD says:

    Wow. Seeing SBs with profile #s over 300,000 now!

  162. SuthrnExec says:

    Lisa, way to go! When I work with folks involved in a job search, I always advise them to go to any interview they are invited to – even if they think the job is not what they are looking for, because, among other things, you never know what other opportunities will be made apparent to them as a result of meeting. Same with meeting with Bob – you never know what will come out of this meeting. Good for you!

  163. OCSugarBaby says:

    Lisa-That is a solid plan, I am proud of you. :) It is always nice to have sugar friends.

  164. lisa says:

    Good afternoon everyone. Just got back from running errands. Went to the printshop I used to work in. Nice to see no familiar faces, lol. Everyone has about quit and the supervisor that gave me some much trouble has changed departments too. I was talking to the new guy in the print shop and he is about to quit too. Anyway I got my stuff done.
    Bob did contact me and was having problems logging onto the site. I still wish he would have chatted with me a little on the blog, as that is separate from the site and separate log in. I would be interested in meeting him although he just wants to meet as friends and for some advice which is fine but I want to talk to him a little first, as I have learned not to do things on impulse. Unfortunately he does not live in Houston, but travels here from time to time. I will send him a friendly email and see if we can chat a little and maybe meet sometime soon.

  165. OCSugarBaby says:

    Laughing @ Suthrn…Thank goodness I enjoy Blog’ing or we may have never met! :)

  166. SuthrnExec says:

    Nico, not only that, she hates to write too – and it’s a good thing we think a lot alike!

  167. SuthrnExec says:

    “A man’s got to know his limitations,” Spoken by a man among men – Harry Callahan (1973)

  168. OCSugarBaby says:

    Nico-I hate talking on the phone, Suthrn is always teasing me about that fact. Yet in person I will talk your ear off.

  169. OCSugarBaby says:

    Suthrn-Oh Berk loves us! We keep him busy while BerkSB is working. :)

  170. SuthrnExec says:

    Berk, waive the flag – OC and Nico may be too much, even for god!

  171. OCSugarBaby says:

    oops meant Berk does not want US to get closer to GOD!

  172. OCSugarBaby says:

    Hahahah Berk does not want to get closer to GOD! By the way it wasn’t me who asked for his profile number! LMAO

  173. Nico says:

    Ditto OC ~ I don’t consider it desperation. Oddly the guy I never spoke with in person showed up to our date and those that stood me up I had actually spoken with, texted and e-mailed. It is all a gamble. There is no guaranteed science to what does and doesn’t work. It’s more what feels good and right and ultimately it’s up to that one individual’s comfort level.

    No offense Berk but we don’t know his situation….your method is one way and is not being discounted but not all individuals approach their dates the same way.

  174. OCSugarBaby says:

    Berk-No one is disagreeing with you on the fact that a suitable amount of items can be completed and a comfort level gained. This “guy” is a fellow blog’er and deserves respect. Well, at least mine. :)

  175. OCSugarBaby says:

    Berk-It is a crap shoot you can email, ichat, phone chat, meet and all is wonderful or you can do all the items listed and *Zonk*… NO chemistry.
    I know that I have become far more trusting as the months roll along between my sugar and I.

  176. BerkshireSD says:

    No thanks, but if desperation becomes the excuse to lower your guard, trouble looms near.

    This guy lives in Houston and Lisa can meet him next week after he gets his act together. In the meantime he can send the picture, talk to her on the phone, and make a respectable date planned in advance with the courtesy of confirming appropriately.

  177. Name (required) says:

    BerkshireSD, can you share your ID number with us?

  178. BerkshireSD says:

    Perhaps my view is clouded by the fact that I have never had much trouble finding pot SBs to meet.

  179. OCSugarBaby says:

    Nico-I agree with you on the “sticking your toe” in the water. We are so quick to run for the hills if all the “I’s” are not dotted or all the “T’s” are not crossed. But in the end if you are not willing to take that first leap of faith…someone else will. It is all about what feels comfortable for each of us. I think Lisa is a dip your big toe in the water kinda girl!

  180. OCSugarBaby says:

    Nico-I have too! Just seemed fine and he was very nice and totally normal. I never thought I was missing a step. However I do think hearing someones voice just adds to the chemistry building concept. But not a deal breaker in my mind.

  181. Nico says:

    I’ve met a gentleman in person without having spoken with him first over the phone. Sometimes you must have faith ~ albeit blind. While I agree, I would much prefer to have an opportunity to chat with somebody in person first, I wouldn’t say that it’s a deal breaker.

    Lisa ~ this just means you get to pick and chose where and when and if :) OC and I are on the same page on this one. You never know the temperature of the water if you don’t at least stick your toe in.

    There are no guarantees in life and certainly no guarantees of chemistry; however it’s worth a shot ~ who knows, he could be your guys or a friend if nothing else.

    I’ve been stood up plenty of times but it’s a like a good sales person, if you give up at the first ‘no’ then you’ll never make a decent living. I say, “Go For It”…..

  182. BerkshireSD says:

    I have never, and under no circumstances will I ever, meet a woman from this site without first speaking to them on the phone.

  183. HenriLouis*294522 says:

    Yes, the atmosphere is lively and gentle !
    To all those sugars reading the comments on the blog breathlessly.
    Please join us this evening and post your comments.
    It is Friday evening, time to let your hair hang down and show yourself.
    Surely you have much to contribute !
    We are among friends here.
    Friends are the salt of the earth !
    U2 !

  184. OCSugarBaby says:

    Bob-I remember you posting your profile number a month ago and the resident sugar’s helped you fine tune your profile. I remember reading it and smiled that you lived in the Houston area. :)
    Sugar is in the air and on the blog today…

  185. OCSugarBaby says:

    Lisa-I am sure Bob will understand the need to at least chat on the phone first. However he is extending the dinner invite with a very friendly notation.

  186. OCSugarBaby says:

    Lisa-Bob is new to this and has blog’d before. I would cut him some slack. I have a feeling that he is just new to this blog and SA venue. Remember how it was when we were new? I think you would be a great person understand or granting forgiveness on a few SD fopah’s.
    Berk’s vibe is off kilter today. :)

  187. BerkshireSD says:


    Could elaborate –

    “I’m taking the “walk the talk” approach and just focusing on allowing my emails to show them why they might like to get to know me better, rather than using the first contact in the “usual” way, ie saying I’d love to get to know you better.”

  188. BerkshireSD says:

    Lisa, I have a bad vibe about this Bob. I would NOT meet him without first having an extended conversation on the phone.

  189. OCSugarBaby says:

    NC-You have a great weekend too! I love how Suthurn spoils me. I am one very happy Sugar! :)

  190. NC Gentleman says:

    Definitely not all the SB/SDs are in Vegas. I hope you have a wonderful time OC – you and your SD deserve it!

    Have a great weekend everyone!

  191. OCSugarBaby says:

    Hey Not all the SB’s are in VEGAS! :) I’m gonna have a wonderful weekend with my SD.

  192. talksalot says:

    Hello all, I’ve been lurking for a while, really enjoying your sweet company! Time to jump in to the sugar bowl. I was going to go by Ms. P but after writing this first post, decided I should change that!

    lisa, I had a similar experience this week…emailed to say he’d be in my city and would like to meet me. I emailed back asking to chat a bit first. He hasn’t opened my email and no further contact. Just playing I suppose?

    Bad BB – on initiating contact – I’ve been taking it fairly lightly so far, but maybe that’s just me. I’ll pick out something that piques my interest and make a fun comment on it. I’m taking the “walk the talk” approach and just focusing on allowing my emails to show them why they might like to get to know me better, rather than using the first contact in the “usual” way, ie saying I’d love to get to know you better.

    Sometimes I know we won’t be a good match but I just say hello anyway. Like this one guy who was much too far away and made it clear he wanted something local, but he’d made a really witty commentary on US politics and the current state of the world. It made me laugh, so I emailed to tell him so and gave him the “best political commentary award.” He emailed me back to say thanks, which I thought was very nice. And who knows, this guy might know someone else who’s a good match for me, or might remember me when one of his buddies is ready to jump into the sugar bowl down the road. My feeling is that it never hurts to make friends…the fine art of networking has great potential to expand our options!

    I’m off to do the grocery shopping and lunch with a girlfriend….have a great day everyone!

  193. HenriLouis*294522 says:

    Please skip this, it is not in soundbites, it is too long for your span of attention or may result in shortcircuit of the brain.
    Anyway I was really struck by the sentence in the introduction:
    “seeking a sugar also reminds them of the past”
    Yes even before I came on this site, I had an SD/SB relationship for a short time. I realize that now reading the introduction.
    When walking for two months through Northern Spain you meet the same people in different places again. So I met this Texan girlie on top of a beautiful mountain in the rain. She turned round and gazed into my eyes. Lightning struck ! To cut a romantic story short in the last few days we met again and walked together and in the end I invited her to stay with me in the Parador (7***) Hotel in Santiago, originally a castle.
    We do not live in a meaningles world and she had come for my growth body and soul. She brought me spirituality and bliss.
    I will tell you about bliss. Now how to phrase it in rodeo terms ? I rode that bucking broncko sadleless and tamed her by exhaustion, then I said:
    up till now it is just a warming up. There should be more laughter in the boudoir. We were looked after and catered by the staff very hospitably. Took her out shopping and wining an dining, but it was worth every peseta of it. Funny to discover after some days, that she herself was really well-to-do ! How do you spoil a millionaire ? Very simple, with rodeo riding !
    We knew it would end as each had to return. This year I will go back, but not in search of a ghost just curious to walk up that mountain again.
    As to the questions, yes of course I appreciate my SB as a friend. Friendship is the rock to build a steady arrangement on. I also bring loving kindness in this friendship.
    “and let your best be for your friend
    “if he must know the ebb of your tide, let him know its flood also.
    Does sugar help bring out different sides of your personality. I was born in the Far East and it is customary there to give presents to friends that you visit. Besides I was born under the sign Taurus and they are natural givers. So no, sugar does not bring out a different side of my personality. I have learnt to keep my generosity in check. In the past I often lavished it on the wrong person and I leant from it, see the burns on my bum.
    Are you more relaxed on a sugar date as compared to a conventional date ? I do not go in for conventional dates, mine are always unconventional and surprising.
    Besides, conventional date means she is a boring date ! I pass.
    As to the notion relaxed, I am always relaxed in any situation Snoop Dog took that from me. So within ten minutes I have her lauging and chattering away. A most enjoyable evening it will be for her, this first meeting.
    She will really feel spoiled and know herself to be appreciated, a rare thing for any girl nowadays.

  194. bob says:

    lisa I have not been able to excess the site for some reason until this morning. Not being rude. would still like to know if you would like to go to dinner as friends tonight.

  195. lisa says:

    Well he actually contacted me on this blog and said to check my inbox. I wrote him back and nothing. Hasn’t been on the site or read my email and we were supposed to meet tonight but with nothing confirmed, it’s not gonna happen.
    Have a good lunch. I have to got out in the afternoon to the bank and to the print shop to print out my computer rebate thing. Boring outings, but maybe I will pick up some lunch while i’m out.

  196. Bad BB says:

    !!! I don’t like the sound of that one bit!! I once had a SD stalk me ad I met him in person! It got really out of hand and I ended up having to move! Just be carefull cause you never know and female intuition is a fierce tool! If thisngs get too creepy don’t hesitate to report abusive behavior!

    I’m going to head out now and get some lunch… keep my mind off the site lol!

    Be back later xoxo

  197. lisa says:

    He asked for my profile number and then he sent me an email wednesday and said he’d be in town friday and wanted to take me to dinner. I wrote him back, hoping to have some converstation on the site or through this blog but he has been missing in action, not on the site either. Odd as I would think you would contact someone beforehand and at least offer a picture. I’m not going to just take off to meet a stranger at the last minute. He doesn’t have my phone number to contact me either. I sometimes wonder if the 3 guys that have been playing with me this week might be the same person? One guy wrote and disappeared, the one on the blog wrote,and then the pervert one wrote me yesterday. He contacted me last month wanted explicit pictures and when he refused, he sent me an email telling me I was on the wrong site.

  198. Bad BB says:

    I swear there’s a little Houdini in every SD or so it seems! But you made the right move and his reaction to your e-mails just proves the kind of guy he really is… On the other hand maybe he was 1n town on business and got caught up in work and had not time to meet… That still doesn’t excuse the non-response though…

  199. lisa says:

    Hello, it’s nice to see someone on the blog, those of us who can’t afford to go to Vegas, lol

    I have been in a confusing situation for the past couple days. Someone from the blog sent me an email and asked if i’d like to have dinner tonight as he will be in my city today. His profile was not up at the time (pending) and since I knew nothing about him, I sent him a nice email back. His profile is now up but I have noticed he hasn’t read my email from 2 days ago. Odd to ask someone out and then disappear. He hasn’t sent me a picture or contacted me back and is not on the blog except for the other day. So much for another fake (on the blog this time). Anyway it was rude for him to email me and then disappear. I dont’ meet anyone until I get a chance to chat with them a little and know a little about them. I’m not much for the last minute contact stuff.
    So i’m in till this afternoon and then I’ll run a couple errands.

  200. BerkshireSD says:

    Looks like SA just broke 84,000 active female SBs… 2-300 or so net seem to come every day.

    How many active SDs are there?

  201. Bad BB says:

    I know!!!!! Everyone’s in Vegas!!! Except us that is…

  202. Bad BB says:

    Good Morning Sugars!

    The weather over here is the usual umm… COLD! and my mood is a reflection of this… I noticed my profile is not being viewed very often either… I asked about the initiating contact thing because in my every day life I don’t approach men they approach me… Sometimes I feel my messages are so lame! “I would love to get to know you better!” umm… ok lol! If a guy told me that in a bar I wouldn’t give him the time of day! But what else should I say?? “Hey! Your hot! Spoil me plz!!!” HAHAHA!!!

    Lisa: I know exactly what you mean as I witnessed my father abuse my mother for many years… In some places this behavior is acceptable and coming from a small island back then it was almost considered the norm…

  203. lisa says:

    Where is everyone? The blog is kinda lonely lately

  204. lisa says:

    Good morning everyone. Slept late today, enjoying another day off. Another beautiful day here but a cold front’s coming tomorrow.

    Elizabeth, let me offer some advice as a woman who was married to a Pakistani. It’s best to not get involved as it is a completely differently culture. Things that we do normally in the US can get you killed in their culture. Is he in the US? I’m wondering because he might be looking for a greencard (I say this from experience). If he is Islamic, be careful too. You wouldn’t believe the stuff I got in trouble for with my ex that were really nothing. You don’t have to be married to someone to be in an abusive situation, so be careful.

  205. He'sAHotSB says:


  206. He'sAHotSB says:



  207. ? says:

    yup! Nico :)

    he’s busy working…and…yea… :(

    I wonder when I can talk to him like we did before…I think I was lucky to catch him when he wasn’t busy…I guess…

    I wonder how the…flying-from-overseas-to-the-US works…hmmm…

  208. Nico says:

    Hello HotSB ~ Sweet Euro is in Vegas as are many of the girls from our Sugar Fam.

    As for how long before you meet. It’s all up to you and your SD. Mostly meeting is worked in around their schedule since it’s hectic and/or your school schedule etc. You’ll know when the feeling is right and from there it’s just frustration getting to the first meeting. Capture their attention enough in the first meeting and there won’t be such long delays in future meetings :)

    Is there somebody you’re chatting with now?

  209. ? says:

    I am 50, 5’8″, 155#, well built workout 7 days a week, and I am looking for that special son to pamper and for him to pamper me. He must be in shapoe and NOT a gold digger. Daily sex is a must and you must keep and open mind as I will. We will discuss options .
    Annual Income: US$50,001 – $75,000
    Net Worth: US$750,001 – $1 million

    to pamper + not a gold digger + daily sex = we will discuss options???

    what options? I don’t see any options!!! 😛

  210. He'sAHotSB says:

    how long do you exchange emails/chat to a SD before you meet?

    I’d really love to know how it works out!!! SweetEuropean where are you! lol


  211. aj says:

    Supposed to have another date tonight but I have not heard from him…Hmmm…
    What to think What to think???

    Oh well, I’m here anyway so I might as well enjoy the city

  212. aj says:

    BAd BB – not becoming emotionally attached can be tough…especially if you are together for a while and the relationship evolves into a meaningful friendship. “Few people have the imagination for reality” and the reality is all good things must come to an end! So ENJOY and stay in the moment.

  213. aj says:

    Good Morning Sugars!

    Left my date feeling a little bit confused last night…Hmmm..
    He wants to do lunch today so I will go. In the least he was very well educated and respectful.

    Not sure what he wants from me so I’m just going to ask him today at lunch.

    VEGAS BABY :) Have an awesome time !!!

  214. He'sAHotSB says:


    the most I’ve had is 3 replies

    not 3 SDs

    :( hehehe

  215. Mina says:

    I don’t see any problem with initiating contact, I don’t know why some women on the blog are so against it. Sometimes it’s good to take initiative, break out of your shell, and do something you normally wouldn’t, like (virtually) approaching a man. I was initially emailed by one of my SDs while the other and I had sent our initials at the exact same time (if that’s not a sign, I don’t know what is!)

  216. Mina says:

    Bad BB – Unfortunately my inability to feel/express emotions is also why I don’t do well in traditional relationships! Yes, there are a lot of strange/mentally unsound people around, even on the site, but a positive aspect about the site is first “meeting” them online and getting a feel for them before actually meeting in person. Just be careful and trust your own judgement!

  217. Bad BB says:

    Anyways gang! Tomorrow’s another day! I’m pooped… 1 last question for Mina… How big are u on initiating contact?

  218. Bad BB says:

    Very admirable! I hope I will manage to be so strong on my ventures… Honestly I have had only 1 SD before. I met him in person (I am new to this site) and he ended up stalking me … As of now I have some calls to make to 2 pots this w-e, 1 pot too busy working like a slave to spoil me and one SD that I haven’t put in the pot jar yet but he’s my favorite so far… I’m doing’ pretty good (I think) but it helps to hear that someone has found success this way

  219. He'sAHotSB says:

    Bad BB…

    you compare the SD to a guy like david beckham

    then you won’t have emotions for the SD


    that’s my way lol

  220. Mina says:

    Bad BB – I am a very emotionally devoid young woman, lol. I do however know and fully understand my boundaries – they are married and will continue to be, so I do not get too involved. I do consider them great friends and fantastic lovers but that is where I draw the line.

  221. Bad BB says:

    And how do you keep from becoming emotionally involved… Hate to ask so may questions but I,m curious :)

  222. Mina says:

    HenriLouis – I am aiming for the trifecta of SDs. Just kidding :) It can be a bit difficult at times to manage my time, with my Uni schedule, volunteering, social events, and travel but I always clear my schedule and my mind for my SDs whenever we get together. Plus I take day-long trip to the spa a day or two before we meet, so that certainly helps clear my mind too!

  223. He'sAHotSB says:



    :) I wish!!! hehehehehe

  224. Mina says:

    Bad BB – Yes, I did. However, they both run in the same social circle as my parents and I’m quite sure they are well acquianted with each other, but have chosen to keep quiet on the connection, lol. The third man, the potential, I met in person.

  225. He'sAHotSB says:

    Yes HenriLouis,




  226. He'sAHotSB says:

    Bad BB!!! :) hehehe

  227. HenriLouis*294522 says:

    Good morning,
    A very interesting new subject, Harmony.
    I just loved to read how succesful an SB can be.
    There are long term arrangements.
    There are multiple SD arrangements.
    It even seems to be possible to have three SDs before your troica !
    Must be intricate to juggle a diary to accomodate them.
    It reminds me of the sentence on the opening page of the website
    “why this works”.
    Girls do paint the town in Vegas.
    That is what a holiday is for.

  228. He'sAHotSB says:


    I’m asian, and a pakistani accent is worse than an asian accent hehehehehe 😛

    I hear the pakistani accent everyday
    here in sydney hehehehehe

  229. Bad BB says:

    Mina: I like your style! Koodos! Did u find them on SA?

    Kitty: Nice!!! Try to bring back some sunshine lol!!

  230. Mina says:

    Sweeteuro made it all the way from France, wow! Good for her. Have fun, ladies!

  231. ~*kittylainy*~ says:

    Sugary Vegas trip has begun!! Sweeteuro and Gail has arrived in Vegas and rest of us will be there in the next 12 hrs… :)

  232. Mina says:

    Bad BB – I was very upfront with each of them, before we even began our arrangement, that I was not looking for total exclusivity. That’s not to say I run around town like a floozy (lol) as I only have adult fun with those two men. However, I do know that neither of them are with any other women outside of their marriages. The two men have been my SDs for nearly a year each and I discussed with them the possibility of being with a third man, and neither had objections.

    Janey – Why not find an SD to travel with? Though I do understand planning/working for the trip/traveling on your own to gain a sense of accomplishment if that’s what you’re going for.

  233. Janey says:

    Minna– No, I have had a few SD’s sometimes two at a time. I don’t have any at the moment, but I haven’t really been trying.

    I am planning on traveling (with my own money) so it wouldn’t be smart to start a new arrangement.

  234. Bad BB says:

    Mina: 2 SDs! sweet! The SDs I encounter all want to be “exclusive”… How do you manage?

  235. Mina says:

    Bad BB – If you scroll up you will see I suggested she tell him that she’s no longer interested, rather than just ignoring him.

    Janey – It’s hard to weed out the flakes, but I have been very fortunate to find two very generous SDs (one nearly triples the allowance I had initially wanted) Hopefully I will have a third to add to the mix. 😉 The man you previously mentioned – has he been your only SD?

  236. Bad BB says:

    Hello HesAHottie!!!

  237. Bad BB says:

    I know Mina hihihi but I also know how it feels to be ignored … lets TRY to be diplomatic shall we… He wants to spoil woman to!!!!!

  238. Janey says:

    My goal is to have two SD’s at all times. That way if one falls through I have another :-)

  239. Bad BB says:

    Bree cheer up girl! The same thing happened to me and I felt like crap!!! then 2 days later my SD wrote me back to say sorry he had been super busy with work. You have to understand these men have lives to and you better hope he’s out making that money!! More to sped on you LOL!! Keep your options open and don’t put your eggs in one sugar basket darling! If he doesn’t reply all he’s doing is bringing you closer to your real SD!! :)

  240. Mina says:

    Bad BB – Have you ever heard a Pakistani accent? Lol…

    Janey – Glad you have some “closure” as cheesy as that sounds. I have two SDs and have a third potential. :)

  241. He'sAHotSB says:

    . .

  242. Janey says:

    I just did Mina. He gave me three reasons which had more to do with his own insecurities than faults on my account.

    Anyway, how is your search going? Have you found a sugar daddy yet?

  243. Bad BB says:

    Elizabeth no offence but I think your being a bit harsh with this SD. You said it yourself that you had liked him at first, and although the accent was a turn off I do think he deserves better than just being ignored. A few of us SBs have had that happen to us and let me tell you it SUX!!! Personally If he is nice and physically attractive I would try to see past the accent and let him be your SD. I mean that is what were looking for here right? He might turn out to be a great guy and spoil you to no end! Either way if he’s not your type just let him down nicely and don’t leave him hanging like that cuz you wouldn’t want someone treating YOU that way because you have an accent or because your from a different country. Think about it…

  244. Bree Van De Kamp says:


  245. Mina says:

    Janey – No problem. People can be fickle, especially with these types of relationships/arrangements, but don’t get discouraged. However, if you’re feeling bold, why not ask him what happened?

  246. Janey says:

    Mina, That makes a lot of sense. I felt a strong connection with him too and he is by far the best guy I’ve met on this site: young, handsome, kind, and generous.

    I thought I had hit the jackpot, but then he stopped calling so I figured he had moved on. He probably has.

  247. Mina says:

    maverisk – Glad to hear the good news! Please keep up posted as things progress. Will this be your first (possible) arrangement?

  248. Mina says:

    Janey – He may no longer be your SD but he still had some sort of a connection with you and perhaps still considers you a friend.

  249. Mina says:

    Bree Van De Kamp – Perhaps he hasn’t responded because he either has nothing to say or doesn’t have the time/energy at the time to write a thoughtful and well-written note. Don’t get yourself worked up over someone you’ve never even met, lol.

    Elizabeth – Manners. Just tell him you’re not interested rather than leading him on or simply disappearing.

  250. Janey says:

    ok, so there is this SD whom I had a short lived arrangement with and then he bailed on me with no explanation. However every now and again he emails me to see how I’m doing. If he’s just not that into me then why would he write to me?

  251. maverisk says:

    Aj – I went on my first ever sugar date today as well! The stars are aligning.

    We met at a local coffee shop and talked for about an hour. He said most of them have ended badly either because the girl was lying to him ( ie, on the second or third date she’d pull out something like “Oh, by the way, I strip….” or “I’m married.) or because they were too far away from each other. He said he didn’t like having long distance arrangements because of all the stress of planning. So it works out well that we live about 20 minutes from each other. He’s also had trouble with SBs getting greedy and taking advantage of him.

    At the end we hugged and he said he’d like to see me again. I’m pretty excited – he’s a really cool guy and I’m attracted to him.

  252. Elizabeth 290114 says:

    I have a question for the Sugar Family…
    I was talking to a pot. SD online that seemed really great but he called me yesterday and I couldn’t understand a word he said!! He didn’t mention that he had any accent or that he was from Pakistan. I don’t know what to say to him and feel bad that I am no longer interested but I can’t even have a conversation with him! I haven’t answered his messages since. Should I say anything?
    Guess I’ll continue looking for a SD… something always seems to happen!

  253. Bree Van De Kamp says:

    :( !

    SD replied to my email yesterday
    but not today

    he logged in SA.COM!!! today
    but not …MAIL.COM???

    im lost

  254. He'sAHotSB says:

    >>>How would you like your sugar to appreciate you? As a friend? A hero?


    >>>Does sugar help bring out different sides of your personality?


    >>>Are you more relaxed on a sugar date than on a conventional date?



  255. lisa says:

    Have a great time on your date aj

  256. aj says:

    Hmmm.. I will get to the questions a bit later…

    Going on my FIRST sugar date in 30 minutes.. and yeah I’m kind of nervous…but excited too!

  257. BerkshireSD says:

    Similar to what I said the other day, I prefer to be thought of as god, however I am willing to settle a little lower.

    I would definitely say SA has changed my approach to relationships and the way I view them. Before SA, I never really thought much about this sort of thing, although looking back I see how I was not so far away from here in many respects.

    I clearly came here to fill a void, in my case a temporary fix during a life transition. However over time I came to view the opportunities here in a much broader way.

    So much is made of the sex-money issue, but I found ways to offer and ask for many more elements in an arrangement. When you do that, the thoughts of sex for money, questions of prostitution, etc. melt away and you are left with a mutually beneficial relationship.

  258. Mina says:

    How would you like your sugar to appreciate you? As a friend? A hero?
    My SDs appreciate me as a friend, listener, lover, and object of their lust. Aside from the strong physical aspect we are able to just enjoy one another’s company whether talking, watching a film and enjoying wine, or just reading the daily paper. I feel they truly appreciate my presence and aura, and I theirs.

    Does sugar help bring out different sides of your personality?
    To an extent. I do keep this part of my life very separate from others, so while I’m not a femme fatale around my usual circle of friends, I certainly am around my SDs. I’ve also adopted the motto of “don’t sweat the small stuff” as life is too short (and fun!) to have any real complaints.

    Are you more relaxed on a sugar date than on a conventional date?
    Before the first date, whether a sugar date or conventional, I’m always a bit nervous to meet someone for the first time. It doesn’t take very long for me to relax (if the date is going well) though before any date, whether it’s number two or twelve, I’m always anxious and giddy.