10 years ago
Episode 88: Sugar Daddy, Baby & Mommy Dating


Click here to listen to: Episode 88: Sugar Daddy, Baby & Mommy Dating

Please listen to the END for clarification on the statements about Marriage :)

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19 Responses to “Episode 88: Sugar Daddy, Baby & Mommy Dating”

  1. Yasmin says:


    Click here to listen to: Episode 88: Sugar Daddy Baby & Mommy DatingPlease listen to the END for […]…

  2. чeлoвeк2мaн says:

    Очуметь просто! Уже все, блин, уже в курсе, кроме меня :)

  3. matchmaker says:

    I like the video.

  4. dating site says:

    Drop by to say hi to everyone.

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  7. roulette fan says:

    hey excellent post, really enjoyed it. I’ve added your blog to my netvibes account – will be keeping up with your posts!

  8. lookylou says:

    I’m really surprised more people haven’t commented on this! It’s funny, interesting, and relevant.

  9. bonniebelleblue says:

    Hi Stephan,

    This is my second time around on this site and I would really like your opinion on my profile since you obviously know what you’re talking about. My profile number is 301186. I asked this question on the latest thread but since you see a lot of profiles, maybe you can offer some helpful tips.

    Thanks! :)

  10. Chris R says:

    Wow! I never even considered a site like this. I love it.

    Now if only I had enough money to become a sugar daddy. I would absolutely be one.

    You are the MAN!

  11. HenriLouis*294522 says:

    Hi Stephan,
    Yes, there is magic in words.
    I started out as an international claims settler for an English insurance company in Amsterdam. There was is highly informative periodical The Post. One page was always dedicated to to the specific language and technical terms in the industry. It always started with the sentence: this week’s word is ……..
    This way you added something new to your mastery of the language, because you were supposed to use the word in all its meanings in the coming days.
    This triggered me to study a.o. linguistics at evening university. To my great delight you now have some more insight into your positive qualities, yes that sonorous voice. You might even change your Profile and continue to live under a new identity SonorousStephan.
    By the way the lady in the interview was not a topper with that nasal voice.
    She was in such a hurry, I guess she needed to run off to the loo.
    Could not you do an interview with SweetEuro ? Your two voices would go together nicely.
    Why not interview her on the Vegas trip ?
    Everyone would be spell-bound.

  12. Gail says:

    Stephan: Lets just say that living the life of the rich and famous is one that I could get accustomed too. First class service and VIP everywhere. Access to Blush,XS,Treasures,Minus 5…bottle service at all the places…private roped off area booths. Limo service at our beckon call with Champagne to and from everytime. The rooms were magnificent.
    Chocolates,roses,gifts…all our events..pole dancing with an instructor, gun shooting…shopping..the casino…lights…WHEWWW!!!! I am so tired…I didn’t go to work today:)

  13. stephan says:

    HenriLouis: Thank you! I would love to have some sugar chats with fellow bloggers and post those as well. I admire your wisdom (and your vocabulary, I had no idea what ‘sonorous’ meant until now :)) and richness of character. Yep there are over 150,000 active users, and as BerkshireSD pointed out, we’ve tipped the 300,000 registered members mark!

    Gail: I’m sure you guys had a hoot! YEAH!!!

  14. Gail says:

    We are back!!!! Oh what a nite:)…..lol….all I can say is WOWEE!!! YOU SHOULD HAVE BEEN THERE:) Next Sugar trip coming up…..

  15. HenriLouis*294522 says:

    What a great idea to create this interview and put it on the blog.
    It encourages many who now stand silently looking on, dubbing wether or not to join. It will give them that little push to jump into the sugar bowl.
    Your sonorous voice really carries the whole scene !
    Amazing to hear that there are over 150.000 users !
    You have created a splendid product in a niche market.
    I really admire that !

  16. stephan says:

    Thanks Atlanta & Mina! 😀

    BerkshireSD: LOL this post is for ears only 😀 but I’ll admit the post was a bit mysterious before we added “Click here to listen”

  17. Mina says:

    Stephan, you are so very eloquent!

  18. BerkshireSD says:

    Lost in the blogosphere, could someome explain to SDs over 40 where the content is?

  19. Atalanta says:

    Stephan, I love it!

    Seriously, that got me through my last 30 minutes at work. You’re so articulate and, obviously, intelligent.

    I definitely appreciate your portrayal of SA. You are a great Marketing Director :-)

    Love it!