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Tyra Banks Show: Sugar Daddies



Sugar Barbies?

Sugar Daddies seek many different ‘types’ of Sugar Babies, but the stereotype of a Sugar Baby isn’t necessarily what it used to be. This Friday, the Tyra Banks Show will be introducing online sugar dating to a wide audience, but will the show portray the depth and range of these relationships, or will the coverage be completely shallow and cast Sugar Daddies and Babies in a negative light?

Do sugar ‘barbies‘ fit the average Sugar Daddy’s bill?

How do you ensure that a potential sugar doesn’t mistake your intentions (i.e., what you want in an arrangement)?

Would you be ‘proud to admit’ you’re on the prowl for a Sugar Daddy or Sugar Baby? Why or why not?

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  1. lacy44 says:

    is 59 to old to be a sugar baby?

  2. Kron says:

    This is an excellent article! I hope to check back for more

  3. Paar says:

    Nice post. There’s a similar topic thats related to this in Yahoo answers or Google groups, I think. I’ll find the link and post it back here.

  4. Fulvio says:

    So my husband has found a new hobby. I think its pretty cute, hes now into rock tumbling. He bought all these ugly rocks, and turned them into something fabulous. Well my question is, when is someone too old to be playing with these things? I mean wouldn’t you think it sounds kinda wierd that my husband plays with rock tumblers? Anywho, he got the idea from one of his buddies at work. I get a chance to do girls not out with my girlfriends now more often so I guess im not really complaining cause I missed hanging with my friends ever since we had the baby in all.

  5. IcedAngel says:

    Hey I’m back. I’ve only been on here once because a lot of things came up recently that I had to get straight so now I am back. I’m still looking for a SD to help me with College. Any advice?

  6. Nika says:


    About how long into the initiations do you usually get a response, after you know they have read the messages?

  7. Joules*300035* says:

    Well, so far, out of 3 pot SDs, I think I’m now down to the most recent one; the one that sounds like a TRUE SD but that sounds to be more interested in a LTR. Oh well! Guess I need to start initiating some more conversations! hahaha

  8. Joules*300035* says:

    awwww Henri! That’s WONDERFUL news!

    See, it always helps to talk to one another in here and get input! I’m so glad that I could help you a little bit with your dilema!

    and yes I’ve been a bridesmaid before; once when my sister got married hahaha I think I was more scared of the entire wedding ordeal than SHE was!!! hahaha

  9. HenriLouis*294522 says:

    I did as you said.
    You are a sorceror !
    Just got a reply that she could not send me an address right now.
    She will be working in Spain and leaves next week.
    Ay mi amor, mi corason, mi sol en mi vida !
    She also says that she wants to stick with me.
    Amazing news. I intend visit her next month, just crossed my mind.
    Her job might be so good, that I will ask her to reverse roles, she will be my Sugar Momma then.
    Looking good Henri, looking good !
    Didn’t I say this before ?
    Hi Berkshire, would you be my best man at the wedding then ?!
    Joules, ever been a bridesmaid ?
    Anyone volunteers to chauffeur the blue Cadlliac ElDorado cabriolet then ?
    Life is so full of surprises !

  10. Nika says:

    Henri and Berkshire,

    I have a question for you both. if you could take a look at my profile, and maybe give me a few clues as to what I might be able to do to get it to be more pleasing. That would be greatly appreciated!

    my number is 302039

  11. HenriLouis*294522 says:

    Sorry Berkshire,
    Something went wrong.
    I wanted to say:
    “four twenners lining up for serious dating and red carpet all the way to the alter”
    How deafening those wedding bells !
    According to the famous Kinsey report on the sexual behaviour of mankind, a young man of 20 is at his peak and a woman over 40 is at her peak. Great combination those two.
    I seem to go against the this trend being way over 40 and those girls in their 20s.
    Life is like a comic strip to me.
    I keep on laughing.

  12. BerkshireSD says:

    HenriLouis*294522 Says:

    But a girl must be really lonely and at a loss, to turn to me in earnest.


  13. HenriLouis*294522 says:

    Hello Berks,
    You will get them from me for free.
    I do not think that a great age difference would work out well on a daily basis.
    But a girl must be really lonely and at a loss, to turn to me in earnest.
    Three weeks on this site and four twenners lining up for serious dating and red .
    Unbelievable to be so popular now, wish I was in my teens or so.

  14. BerkshireSD says:

    Henri – screen and forward the marriage proposals to me for a small fee?

  15. Nika says:


    Well that is something I can guarantee I wouldn’t start any first message off to anyone about. and that is including marriage anywhere in the message

  16. HenriLouis*294522 says:

    What a nice series of suggestions !
    It really gives me an insight in how to proceed further.
    Yes, it could be a Euro scammer.
    There are thousands of them out there in cyberspace.
    Joules, I will follow your advice and write as you suggested.
    Will keep you posted.
    Patience is a great virtue and I have lots of patience.
    Tomorrow I will bother you with another example.
    By the way this site is called seeking arrangement, why do girls
    write to me and at once put the word marriage in their message.
    I am attractive in an SB/SD arrangement; yes sure, there is that generation gap that makes it intriguing.
    But for marriage ?
    Life is like a comic strip to me.
    I find the idea very entertaining.

  17. Nika says:


    That’s pretty much what I’m doing~chuckling~

    So here’s to hoping!!

  18. Joules*300035* says:

    thanks much SE on your input!

    Nika, just keep ur head up and be patient! lol I try (as per advice received off here as always) to pick something out of their profile that is interesting or somethin & comment on it. mainly tho, i try to comment on how *I* would compliment their lives based on what they’re looking for in a SB and what I am looking for in an SD

  19. Joules*300035* says:

    Henri, I would politely reply back to her with something like…

    “I understand if you are nervous, but your email to me was kind of vague and I was wondering if maybe I came on too strongly or if maybe you felt we were rushing this meeting or what?!”

    I would also thank her for being honest and not canceling at the very last minute, tell her you’re still interested and willing to work through this delay in order to show her that you are genuine.

    so, to me it sounds as if she’s had a bad past experience and just wasn’t as ready as she thought she was…or maybe something came up that she’d rather not talk about!

  20. SuthrnExec says:

    Joules, I wouldn’t worry about the glasses issue – unless you never plan to get your contacts replaced. But even still, it would not be an issue for me. Good luck!

    That’s my 2 cents. Sorry guys – gotta run – but I wanted to pop in for a quick escape and update…

  21. Nika says:


    Well, I’ve been taking your advice messaged several that I put on my favorite list although not all of them. Will do a few each day and hopefully something turns up.

    I’ve been trying to keep the messages unique and interesting, hopefully peeking the pot SD’s interest enough to message me back.

  22. Nika says:


    I kinda agree with Nitemare here. It sounds like she’s one of the scammers that so many are warned about.

  23. Joules*300035* says:

    meanie Nika…laughin at me!!! hahahaha it’s all good though, i knew this was a possibility which is why I still have several other pots I’m talkin to !

    Henri, I’ve gotta read that again, didn’t make any sense the first time but then again, i have a cd skipping in my ear lol

  24. NitemareSD says:

    Yeah, Hank…stop being a sucker…all these E. Euro chics are the same. Oh, how did I know she’s from E euro?

  25. gurlnextdoor*274735* says:

    Hmm maybe she’s been taken advantage of before by a potential SD and she’s having second thoughts. Just try to reassure her that you are a real SD and then I’m sure she’ll hand it over. Or ask for her number or better yet, give her your number and talk on the phone some. That might help also.

  26. Good Honest Men says:

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  27. HenriLouis*294522 says:

    Hello everyone,
    I am an aspiring SD (just been a member for three weeks now) and have come across all the problems and puzzles that you girls write about in great exasperation. But for an SD it is far worse than for an SB.
    Woman thy name is fickelness !
    For a man a woman will always remain a mystery, they say.
    Now here is the problem I would like you to give me advice on.
    I believe in that roleplay, the girl seduces the boy, so I do not write to any those 200.000 female members, girls write to me.
    She, the perfect SB writes to me.
    To quote Milton : buxom, blithe and debonair (elegant and gracious) and she is a true linguist and a lawyer in her late twenties, travelled far and wide. Has all the clothes etc, – Louboutins Victoria Secrets, Gucci bags, Luis Vuitin make-up case, Chanel Cinq – that a girl could wish for. Does not care for cars, does no like flashy things, is not easily impressed, does not drink or smoke, no TV addict.
    A keen observer, writes great letters precise wording. Likes the arts.
    At the same time she is easily bored, she writes and is not romantic.
    She does not drink or smoke, no tatooes, no STD.
    Has all the curves in the right places. Possesses an English sense of humour, play on words etc. Likes the beach and breakfast in bed.
    In short the perfect SB !
    First letter she told me I had been chose over many other men.
    What a flatterer !
    The only drawback is that she hails from a dangerous place.
    Exchanged some three or four mails and asked for an address.
    Me, a natural spoiler would like to send her some flowers or so.
    Looking good Henri, looking good !!!!!
    Had a look at a special ride for that trip in August all the way through Europe, found a blue Cadillad ElDorado cabriolet in almost mint condition.
    Was as pleased as punch and sweated energetically in that gym !
    Get a short e-mail now:
    “can’t give it yet, I’m sorry “.
    What am I to make of this ?
    Any advice for this poor sucker ?!!!!

  28. NC Gentleman says:

    Hi Nico — my daughter and I are both “rock hounds” (she comes by it naturally I guess) So a few times a year we head into the mountains of NC looking for gems/minerals. NC has a lot of old mine areas that are open to the public for a fee. We are looking for emeralds tomorrow. So just a daddy-daughter event for the day.

    I am heading skiing next week for a few days wooohoooo!

  29. Nika says:



    That much I kinda figured!!Same on if we were on simply an old fashioned sex site. If they are wanting sexy pictures before meeting usually means they aren’t looking for a SD relationship. and if they are. they are looking more on the private aspects than anything else~chuckling~

  30. Joules*300035* says:

    yap, you guys got this one right (OF COURSE!). MY first pot SD, that asked for sexy shots so early; just got quite the interesting email / question from him lol!!! I won’t be sharing any of that though with you all hahaha

    but ya, take note Nika! hahahaha sexy picture requests early (before even meeting)…yes that means his mind is elsewhere than an SD arrangement full of fun, traveling, friendship, etc. hahaha

  31. Nico says:

    HA ha NC….you are sooo not “Nerdy” *winks*

    Gem hunting huh? Are they hard to catch? What’s the occasion? Inquisitive and bored are work.

    Good to see you back *hugs*

  32. Nika says:


    Yeah what Joules said Henri~blows you a kiss~

  33. Joules*300035* says:

    Thanks NC

    Normally I wear contacts but lost my last pair and don’t have a current prescription; which is why I got these glasses online. You don’t need to have a CURRENT prescription, just the information (plus they were $8 plus $5 shipping!). So, yes, I would be wearing these glasses full-time until I get the more important ‘bills’ in my life caught up enough to where I could go get a new contacts exam and new contacts.

  34. Joules*300035* says:

    Hey henri, you mentioned wanting some advice from SBs. What’s up with that? Did you mean you were going to ask about it in here or would you like to ask in a private message via your profile?

  35. NC Gentleman says:

    Hey Joules — I like glasses sometimes on a woman, but probably not all the time. I am somewhat nerdy myself though and think women in glasses are sexy! Do you wear contacts most of the time? If so, then the pictures without glasses are fine and no need to divulge in my opinion. If you wear glasses all the time, then I would think you might want to mention it, but I don’t have strong feelings on it.

    Hi Group! Was in Atlanta for a few days! Hope everyone is doing well. I am going gem hunting tomorrow. Take care! Lots of new faces — welcome all!

  36. Nika says:

    Wow Joules sounds like you hit the proverbial Jackpot. I’m going through as you suggested and sending out a few messages to some on my favorites list. Who knows maybe I will catch someone’s eye soon. But good luck with your pot SD!!

  37. Joules*300035* says:

    hey guys (again, everyone here falls into that category for me; male and female alike lol)….Any day now I’m going to be getting my brand new Cutsie Nerdie glasses in the mail.

    None of my pictures have me in glasses and I don’t mention anything about it.

    So, should I make sure to mention this before I meet a pot SD? I don’t want anyone to feel surprised (granted I’ll look extra super-hot in them though) because I failed to mention I wear glasses….or is it no biggie?

    Male opinions are really appreciated on this one (but everyone’s welcome of course, duh!!)

  38. Joules*300035* says:

    alrighty…as for ME today….!!!….

    My first pot SD, if u guys recall, asked for ‘sexy shots’ of me which I politely declined but offered up a nice shot of my booty. He also wanted pictures of me with a ‘BIG SMILE’. All I had with that in it was modeling shots which I don’t feel comfortable sharing solely because I’ve since chopped off 18 inches of hair. I explained this all to him and he still wanted to see the pictures. I also said something like…’so what are your thoughts now on us meeting?’ The pictures I sent gave us more to talk about via email and he simply replied asking me how soon I was availble to come out there (which is not this weekend but next weekend)!

    My most recent pot SD from last night, he’s interested in more of a serious LTR, with SD/SB benefits. Hell, I’ll give it a try, why not?! hahaha In his initial email to me (I only added him to my favorites, didn’t get around to initiating contact though), he filled my head FULL of compliments and explained to me how he could help me get my business going and help with college, ect. This pot also has a HUGE background in the music industry and made it clear he could get me a lot of clients!

    I was polite about it though and reminded him he was almost 200 miles away and here’s his response: “You’re too special for me not to give this a try.” !!!!!!! The rest of the email layed out what HE wanted from our first date (which he obviously wants soon hahaha); Sushi, business talk, friendship, etc.

    He also enclosed his email address AND telephone number!

    SO, compared to my first pot SD…..holy crap!!! this guy is DEFINATELY a true SD (in the financial sense) and not willing (or wanting to) cut any corners in order to impress me!

    Oh ya, and in his initial email to me, he gave me his full name & a couple websites where his work is (to “validate” his ID / creditials, etc) which I haven’t researched this all yet but will be doing so here in a bit. I guess I can google his name & a few other things and he’s supposed to pop up everywhere from the amount of work he’s done!

  39. HenriLouis*294522 says:

    Hello Nika,
    Thanks, my evening goes well, I am blogging again !
    You mention a fountain of useless knowledge.
    I recognise myself in you when I was you age. Read a lot, listened attentively, stored it in my memory. Seems all trivia.
    But NO !!!! One day, you will get that breakthrough just as I had.
    Life is an Education Permanente.
    It is like that puzzle, one day all the pieces will fall into place.
    From that day on you start to be creative and everything that you have stored in your memory, will come to the surface again and with it you will create new insight and ideas.
    Please, do me a favour and go on enlarging that fountain.
    Useless knowledge, well the word fountain triggers something from deep down.
    It is Homer the famous poet/author from Greec antiquity:
    “let me quench my thirst at the fountain of thy knowledge ”
    In a few decades you will be a role-model and others will come to you for advice.
    Yes, you and your fountain of useless knowledge.
    Come, here and let me kiss you for that.

  40. Nika says:

    ~laughing and winks to GND~

    Someone once asked me two questions that floored me. They were what were my likes and dislikes and my fantasy. They are pretty simple questions but I’ve never really been asked that before.

    I admit my answers were over all pretty corny but they were the truth. But I would want to know what my pot SD’s likes and dislikes are, what a fantasy that he might have that I could make come true if possible.

    But yeah while I can’t spoil the same way as a SD, I can spoil in my own little ways.

  41. Nika says:

    ~sniffles all hurt and stuff cause I was forgotten about then laughs~

    Actually I crashed about 4:30 this morning, Woke up at 7:20 to wake up the household(I’m the house mother you might say here) And then slept for about another two and a half hours. So I’ve been up and down. But yeah I’m a bit of an insomniac. Yeah usually the couches that seem so comfy turn out to be hard as rocks after a while. Recliners are much more comfy than couches are usually. Why don’t you look into getting one of those mattress pads to help out with softening up the bed a little bit? It might help and would probably make your sleeping habits a little bit better and you wouldn’t wake up all stiff and achy anymore.

  42. gurlnextdoor*274735* says:

    Yes Nika, that is EXACTLY what I mean! :) That’s the kind of stuff I like to do for my SD, so if any of you potential SDs are lurking out there and reading this, remember with me or Nika you can get all this and more. 😉 Maybe that will get someone’s attention, lol.

  43. Nika says:


    Another note of true useless knowledge.

    Every citizen of Kentucky is required by law to take a bath at least once a year.

    On the new hundred dollar bill the time on the clock tower of Independence Hall is 4:10.

    Lucy and Linus (who where brother and sister) had another little brother named Rerun.

  44. gurlnextdoor*274735* says:

    I guess I never viewed it as sexist because it was like women do their part and men do theirs. My dad worked like crazy and still does, while my mom worked some but did alot of household work. But I understand the idea of women being independent of men and I strongly believe women shouldn’t have to depend on a man for everything. But I still think a man should spoil a woman he’s with while she spoils him in return.

  45. Joules*300035* says:

    i knew i was forgetting a reply somewhere…..

    Nika…you’re STILL up??! hahaha I thought I was an insomniac! As for me sleeping on the couch. I have a bed, recliner or Sofa to choose from. The bed is so firm it’s hard to sleep on and usually gives me back pain so I usually opt to sleep in the recliner. I finally got the sofa cleared off yesterday (from just moving out here) and I actually LOVE sleeping on a good commfy sofa so I tried it last night (this morning actually lol). I laid down and let out a sigh of relief cuz it felt so much commfier than my recliner…..but nooooooo woke up with as much back pain as if I had slept on that danged bed!!!

    Back to the recliner tonight!

  46. Nika says:



    Although I would text him and find out how his day was going and then set it up so that when he came to see me, I would have the dinner ready for him when he got there, make sure the lighting was soft and the music would more than likely be either a soft classical or maybe some jazz or blues playing. Have either a glass of wine or a beer waiting for him, feed him, then give him a slow massage to help him relax the rest of the way, before putting on the movie or simply if where I was at had a fireplace even if in the middle of the summer, have a fire going and just curl up on the couch and simply hold him as he talked about the difficulties he’s had from the day.

    I would say run a hot bath but that is something usually done for women rather than men~grins~ But you never know maybe leave the dinner to keep warm, and after the wine/beer maybe a hot steamy shower to help work away the tension.

  47. Joules*300035* says:

    TRUE useless knowledge: There ARE more fake plastic Pink Flamingos in people’s front yards than there are in existance!

  48. Joules*300035* says:

    GND, I was raised in a home where my mother was always given expensive jewelry, HUUUUUGE holidays (money-wise) and we (the ‘children’….2 siblings 3 cousins) always enjoyed life. we were upper-middle class I suppose. So I wasn’t raised with the view of I ‘need to know how to cook before I move out..’ but more so encouraged to be independent & self-sufficient. but at the same time, I was shown by all the money ‘being distributed’ through out the household that yes….’Me, Mr. Man showers Ms. Female with lots of money!’ hahahaha (sorry, was sposed to be a caveman impression).

    Anywho, I DID grow up in a more traditional home of male spoils female but as I said, I just felt it was so sexist of everyone else (females) to just EXPECT to be treated well w/o carrying her own weight at times; it’s just always so empowering and special when you do so (at least until like me, you let it become expected).

  49. gurlnextdoor*274735* says:

    Yes that’s very true Nika. I am a complete people pleaser when it comes to those I care about. I will go above and beyond what is expected or asked of me to make someone happy. That’s just how I am naturally though as a person. For instance, if my SD were tired from work and I could sense it, I’d do something like give him a massage, cook him dinner, pop in his favourite movie, anything to make him happy. :)

  50. Nika says:


    I would have to get someone to take the other picture which is a pain cause of the only one that I know would do that is being a bit of a pain in me arse at the moment. But

    And dangit thought I got all of that admit its out of my profile. But it is true I am a fountain of useless knowledge~chuckling~ Most of the stuff I have read about, or seen about whether in real life or on TV is kinda useless. Although I guess I could say I know quite a bit obscure information. Because a lot of what I know honestly can’t be used in regular everyday life. I totally suck at Trivia Pursuit because while I don’t know the information on the regular ones. I can probably kick but on the movies and music ones they have~LOL~

    Yeah I don’t tend to beat about the proverbial bush, I have the firm belief that if there is something I want I am going to just lay it out there on the table. I would rather be honest and upfront, and go into the situation with my eyes open, then be coy and shy and get burned in the end.


    For me if I was asked out on the date/dinner/meal/whatever I have always been the on to expect the one that asked me out to be the one to pay for it. That’s just how I was raised, alot like having the door opened, the chair pulled out and the like. But I completely agree with the wanting to be spoiled, but I would spoil whomever my SD would be in return. I have this need to make those I’m with smile, no matter how rough things are. To try and find that silver lining no matter how hard it might be to see. And do something silly, or try and be serious, or shoot just be there when I’m needed if it is simply to hold and be held, or to give an ear to listen to the problems that might be going on with those I’m with.

    There are so many little ways that we can spoil the SD’s as much as they spoil us in return by simply being who we are.

  51. Joules*300035* says:

    Sam – almost sounds like me hahaha only I’m STILL persuing my modeling career though PLUS venturing out into having my own PR company

  52. gurlnextdoor*274735* says:

    I guess I’m just a little different. I was brought up in a traditional household (ex. I was not allowed to cut grass and I was told I must know how to cook before I move out my house, lol). So I have always had the view that I’m not supposed to pay for a meal if I go out on a date, especially if the guy asks me out. It’s not that I’m spoiled or anything, just my views on things because of how I was raised.

  53. Nika says:

    Hello Henri!!Sorry to hear your days have been so hectic! But just think the week is almost over with so only one more day left (That is unless you’re further ahead than I’m guessing~LOL~)

    Hope your evening goes well

  54. gurlnextdoor*274735* says:

    Nika just read your profile and I have a few comments. For starters, you’re very upfront and honest about what it is you expect to get out of the arrangement which I think is great. I’d say to take out the “admit it” comment though and saying you’re a fountain of useless knowledge. No knowledge is useless if it can be applied to anything that will help in life. :) Also I’d say to add a cute, semi-sexy picture of yourself. Maybe of something you’d wear out on the town or to a nice restaurant. That way potential SDs get a good idea of what you look like everyday and what you look like when you’re ready to go out for a night out on the town. Other than that everything looks good.

  55. Joules*300035* says:

    Berkshire….that one sounds like me! I AM tired of paying for the opposite sex (with traditional relationships). I got to the point early in life where I felt it was sexist of women to EXPECT to have their meal paid for, etc on a date or whatever. I would usually politely decline an offer of a date until I could at least pay my own way. Then after that, I saw how empowering it was and how appreciative my men were that I could (and wanted to) pay for my own end of things. I always spoiled my guys (again, traditional dating). Then it got to the point where it was expected which screwed it all up so I’m over it now. *I* want the chance now to be spoiled!!! But I know that even in an SD/SB relationship no matter how spoiled I get, I will always have that inner part of me that wishes to spoil my SD in return at time!

  56. HenriLouis*294522 says:

    Hi good evening everyone,
    At least it is seven in the evening over here.
    Had a hectic day today and yesterday.
    Read up the blog and deplore I was home deep into the night yesterday, or I would have responded by OC’ call.
    I look at al the comments in a different light and see humour kindness and generosity. It was touching to see how you tried to get Lisa to join in the group for NYC in May.
    I have been thinking of a way to contribute. May come back with a humorous suggestion.
    Hi D-Dub pleased to meet you.
    I liked your statement about the “sense of entitlement”.
    You were not using her at all.
    In that situation you were both “in the flow”.
    That she regretted it later and sent you that silly remark is so childish.
    I wondred if you SB’s could give some advice, please.
    In another message I will, explain it to you.

  57. Nika says:


    Yeah mine was finally re-approved again Woohoo!! My number is 302039. I’ll check out yours if you check out mine?~grins~

  58. Nika says:

    Thank you GND. Exactly, if I’m invited to the date, and if it is a sugar date, the baby shouldn’t have to expect to pick up the tab. It might seem old fashioned but those are simply my beliefs.

    Afternoon Joules!!!~grins~ Sorry you didn’t get your eight hours and eeeewww at sleeping on the couch. That’s gotta suck!!

    Best thing for that though is a hot shower or a hot soak in a tub with Epsom salts.

  59. Sam 267369 says:

    > Do sugar ‘barbies‘ fit the average sugar daddies bill?

    Not sure what is a Sugar Barbie, but if that means a sugar baby who has a model quality body, then why not? Statistically I have found that many professional quality models do have some character traits that I do not enjoy, but there are also exceptions. And like any other traits, sometimes one strong trait can make up for another weak trait.

    For example one of my current potential SB is an ex- film actress and print model but then subsequently started and ran a business on her own (not in the fashion, modeling or media industries).

    > How do you ensure that a potential sugar doesn’t mistake your
    > intentions (i.e., what you want in an arrangement)?

    By stating them up front. My profile is pretty specific. I have even been criticized and flamed for being so specific! But that’s ok, I need to have filters like that.

    > Would you be ‘proud to admit’ you’re on the prowl for a sugar
    > daddy or sugar baby? Why or why not?

    Firstly, I’m not “on the prowl.” The phrase itself has the wrong connotation. I am looking, though. It takes a lot of time and development, since, per my profile, there needs to be something like a personal or business plan involved as well as the ordinary development of chemistry and compatibility two people need to become both romantic partners and project partners for the next few years.

    Secondly, admit to whom? I don’t broadcast the emotional content of any relationship. But the business content, sure I do. But in certain cases I will communicate what I am doing. Before my joining this site I used personal networking to find SB so definitely communications was happening. When my mentor visited I brought a potential SB to interact with him and his SB for an evening. If and when I have an SB she will most likely interact socially with some of my circle of business acquaintances with SBs.

  60. gurlnextdoor*274735* says:

    Yay, my profile is approved once more…comments, critiques, etc. are welcome.

  61. Joules*300035* says:

    goooood morning sugar world! just rolled outta bed; I ALMOST got a good 8 hours of sleep if it weren’t for the fact that I, A) didn’t sleep 8 hours and B) sleep wasn’t good hahaha (fell asleep on the hard couch and woke up with lots of back pain!)

    ohhhh well! Time for emails and catching up reading here!

  62. Sam 267369 says:

    D-Dubs, I agree with some here that you were NOT using her.

    Of course, circumstantial evidence would not look favorable (imagine you were a congressman caught in this circumstance and what the media would call it…) but These Things Happen.

    And We Learn From Them…

    It’s too bad she reacted that way because it did sound like the date went well otherwise… and I do agree with others here that she might have been playing you.

    Be careful out there.

  63. gurlnextdoor says:

    BerkSD I agree, pigs are everywhere unfortunately. But as a potential SB or SD you have to weed out the good from the bad. I agree with Nika though, if a guy asks me out on a date I don’t expect to pay for my meal. Especially not when it comes to sugar dating.

  64. gurlnextdoor says:

    Yeah good idea Nika, no beach here but I think I’ll enjoy the beautiful scenery and maybe go people watching lol. That can be pretty fun especially here.

  65. BerkshireSD says:

    Again, you are describing a very common dating situation – the check is split and the girl gets home on her own. The twist apparently in this “site” is that there is some possibility of some sort of SD-ness down the road.

    If you don’t realize there are a lot of “pigs” in traditional (esp. modern) dating, you have to catch up. I know many men from top schools and even sometimes upper social backgrounds which you and I would both call pigs. Pigs are everywhere.

    And do you know how many SB profiles on SA mention that they are tired of always being the one that works and pays for everything (yes- they paid the BF’s meals, rent, etc.) and are finally looking for a man who can provide for himself and hopefully more…

  66. Sam 267369 says:

    Sex on the first date, no sex on the first date, I don’t subscribe to rules like that over situations or people. Sometimes it’s appropriate, sometimes it’s not. There has been no correlation to the timing of sexual activity and relationship quality in my experience, although I will say that sex on the first date is is very unusual for me, and more often than not, I am not the initiator. I am not a one night stand kind of person, so that’s not a reason to have sex for ME, but others prefer that approach and I see nothing wrong with it as long as they are safe and not out of control.

    To me it’s like saying I won’t talk about finances on the first date, or I won’t give out my address on the first date, or I won’t talk about my ex-girlfriends… it really depends on how it goes.

    I do have situational rules, for example: I don’t do anything with potential long term consequences if I am not in control of my decision making faculties, i.e. drunk or too tired. I don’t have sex without chemistry. Etc.

    It can be quite different for women for reasons of safety, etc., so that I understand.

  67. Nika says:

    Good afternoon GND,

    know what you mean by the lazy day. the weather is beautiful down here today might head to the beach for a little bit although it is still a bit chilly to get into the water. But doesn’t mean you can’t hit the beach.

  68. gurlnextdoor says:

    *Yawn* Morning everyone, just woke up. Today is going to be a lazy day aside from having to go to the bank today.

    Anyway, D-Dubs I don’t think you were using her. As long as everything was mutually consented upon then no one got used. Also that sounds like a great first date, alot of SDs I’ve ran into are no where near that generous even if they have the money to be so.

  69. Nika says:

    To me it sounds more like she was using you than you using her D-Dubs. Especially with how she ended what sounds like a lovely evening.

    And you are correct BerkshireSD. I don’t know that Ps get their money beforehand. So I just might be using the term in correctly. But to me it does seem wrong that the guy in question unless he knew for sure he was going to get some sort of sexual favor’s wouldn’t even pay for the pot sb’s meal. Even with modern day dating, if I go out on a date, I honestly don’t expect to pay for my meal if I’m the one that is invited out.

    That would honestly make me feel cheap if I went out with a pot SD and he would tell me that while the chemistry is there, and that yes he would like to go further along in the relationship. The only way he would honestly consider it is if we had sex on the first date. And if we didn’t I would have to pay for my own meal, and find a way home on my own.

  70. D-Dubs says:

    one final follow-up.

    I’m not sure how I “used” anyone.

    I showed this person a great time. We went out to a classy lounge for drinks, then to the nicest restaurant in the city, where I recall the bill coming to about $250 (its not the money, just making the point I didn’t take her to Chilli’s). Everything was first class, and we spent the entire evening laughing and joking and carrying on.

    If she didn’t want to come back to my room, she didn’t have to. It was a mutual decision.
    If she didn’t want to have sex with me, she didn’t have to. It was a mutual decision, and I never forced the action once.

    How is that “using” someone?
    Sometimes the sense of entitlement goes to far on here.

  71. Nika says:

    Hence why I’m surprised he hasn’t kicked me off of his site yet. Cause well I called him a egotist and a pig. Also told him that it isn’t anymore fair for him to not even cover the dinner, or anything else unless the pot sb puts out anymore than it is for the pot sb to hold back any possible favors until she gets her allowance.

    Someone sent me a site I’ll have to find the link onto it that has several things that a baby should watch out for as far as fake SD’s and also how to keep herself safe.

  72. Atalanta says:

    Ugh men like that are disgusting…

    They have “so much money,” but can’t mange to pay for a dinner unless they get something in return?

    I guess he doesn’t want to pay for an escort or a prostitute, so he’ll just take advantage of some naive girl who may not know any better, or a desperate woman who might need the money and is afraid that if she doesn’t “put out,” that a sugar daddy will never come into her life?
    So sick, so sick…

  73. Nika says:


    Considering the fact that Tyra tends to go to extremes at times, is evident between both her Tyra show and her America’s Next Top Model. And her being a model herself. I can understand how she would go with the bigger girl. Although you are correct she should have gone through and helped the bigger girl whom was on a dangerous path into a more healthier style of living.

    Shoot. I drive my friends crazy a bit. I had a baby just under 4 months ago. This time last year I was in 18-20’s for jeans and I was in 16’s less than a week after I had my daughter, and am currently fitting into some 12’s and alot of 14’s now four months later and not even sure how I’m doing it!~lol~ But I do know that I’ve changed my eating habits quite a bit and have become much more active than I was. And alot less fast food in my diet which I bet helped. I never was much on sweets, and if I do splurge on a sweet it’s usually like once a month.~grins~

  74. ~*kittylaney*~ says:

    Nightmare: Hey!! Haven;t seen you around in awhile :) Welcome back.. what r u taking revenge on? *scared and hides*

    Berk: I didn’t recieve an e-mail from you, I’m sorry. Can you resend?

  75. Nika says:


    The way he is it isn’t get fully involved, it is to get laid, he has the firm belief that until he gets laid the baby doesn’t get paid. Period.

    Shoot he even stated that he wont even pay for a dinner for the baby unless he’s going to get some sort of action. I told him that he needed to go find an escort or another type of young lady, because it wasn’t fair and to me the way he wished to have it set up it would appear that the girl was doing the “P” word. Because he wouldn’t even discuss the possibility of anything at all until he had been with the baby sexually.

  76. Atalanta says:


    Definitely wasn’t trying to say skinnier is better. But instead of pushing a healthy lifestyle, Tyra sided with the “bigger” girl who clearly was on a dangerous path regarding her health.

    What Tyra should have done was just to promote a healthier alternative. Skinny girls who don’t eat healthy and don’t work out are just as worse off as anyone else who do the same. Frustrating when Tyra just CAN’T seem to get those points across. It would make her so much more credible in my eyes.

    and hello Joules! So nice to see new people on the board. As hard as it gets to keep up with you all! I feel like Octomom…*shivers*

  77. BerkshireSD says:

    A guy who is looking for a girl who is willing to get fully involved with him before he starts supporting or giving gifts is looking for a WHAT?

  78. Nika/WildCat/302039 says:


    What do you mean you wouldn’t want to cross me either??

    I’m sweet and innocent don’t believe me just ask me!!~grins and winks~

  79. SuthrnExec says:

    Nika, I agree with you – and I would not want to cross you either!

  80. Nika/WildCat/302039 says:

    On another site that I was actually sent over here from, the owner actually posts up that he wont even consider giving the baby anything at all including Cab fare I bet unless he gets some “action” on that first date/first meeting.

    I guess that’s one of the reasons I went looking for another site to start checking out because to many of the guys that actually are real people from there happened to agree with him about how until they got to taste the “goods” of the baby that they weren’t going to even consider giving her an allowance.

    I’m surprised I haven’t been booted from that site yet because I called the owner a pig and that by doing that he isn’t looking for a real baby but something else entirely.

  81. Nika/WildCat/302039 says:

    Good morning everyone!

    I hope everyone has a wonderful day!

  82. Jenniferbbwsb says:

    Thanks everyone!!! Keep your fingers crossed!!

  83. aj says:

    hahaha! i just got reprimanded to “slow down…you are posting comments too quickly!”

    too funny…anyway i meant good luck.

  84. aj says:

    Indeed Jen that is way cool…good luch.

  85. Nico says:

    Are these “new” SD’s on the blog? I think my head has been in the clouds…hello to EVERYBODY!!

    Jen ~ was wondering how that was going for you! That’s sooo awesome!! :)

  86. SuthrnExec says:

    Jennifer, that’s pretty darn cool! Good luck! I admire you for doing that – don’t know that I would be able to.

    Morning Nico, AJ, Nitemare…

  87. BerkshireSD says:

    Kitty I sent you an email yesterday afternoon. Did it get there?

  88. Jenniferbbwsb says:

    Lisa, I know that you are at work. I just want to day hello back to you.
    I have been trying to keep up the the blogs, just not making comments.
    I am going to try to go the NYC, you better be there!! I know that you love your parents, as I do mine, but it is time to tell them to mind their own business. Yes, this will be very hard to do, but you need a life, just like I do!!

    I have news, I am going on an interview in Miami for The Biggest Loser. It will be on Saturday, I will give everyone updates when I get back!!!

  89. NitemareSD says:

    Lisa said Beetlejuice…

    …I’m back babies and lookin’ for revenge; although it is not clear I need revenge.

    Re Dub: here is a life lesson for you all… put a little pressure on someone and find out who they really are. She put on that act that worked the other guys, but Dubs tweeked her just a bit and the real she showed up.

  90. aj says:

    Kitty! I concur – no sex on the first date.
    Dubs – I’m sure she wasn’t angry w/ you…just angry with herself. I would not take it personal, althought that is tough to do especially because it sounds like you kind of liked her.

  91. aj says:

    G. morning everyone…

    For some reason a scene from “Burn After Reading” just popped into my head…

    Step aerobics “I’m Back, you f#@$ers!”…Lmao whenever I think of that scene.

    Another day in the life :)

  92. ~*kittylaney*~ says:

    *.. opps I mean nyc not vegas

  93. ~*kittylaney*~ says:

    That was a LONG catchup!
    The only comment I have is regarding D-Dub’s story. That is why I don’t have sex on the first date. I will leave either feeling used or he will leave feeling he just hired.

    D-dubs: re: vegas, do not feel as if u have to sponsor NYC, please feel free to just join the party for the hell of it :)

  94. ~*kittylaney*~ says:

    Lisa: reason is mod… :) They’ve all gone to a better place 😉

  95. Nico says:

    Morning Lisa and SE :) and the other ‘board lurkers’ 😉

  96. SuthrnExec says:

    Good morning everyone – Lisa, have a great day at work.

    D-Dubs, I don’t know that you did anything wrong except maybe talk a little more before hand about what all the possibilities might be should you two really hit it off, etc. Talk through all the different scenarios in other words. Every meeting is a learning experience, is it not?

  97. lisa says:

    Good morning everyone. Getting ready to leave for work. Daughter is texting me nonstop, lol

    D-dubs I believe the reason the girl got mad is because she feels used. She took care of you, showed you she as sincere, and you treated it like a regular date. You gave her cab fare, sure, but it was her return trip from meeting you, not really a benefit for her. And sex on the first date is a no no. You just had to say no.

    And were are all of the MIA bloggers. I have noticed that Gordon, he’s a hotsb, SweetEuropean, BlondieNYC, NitemareSD, and others have not been here lately. I might have missed the reason, anyone know?
    I know that Sweetredhead and Jennifer are busy with work and kids, but where did everyone else go?

  98. Nika/WildCat/302039 says:


    The way it is with non-premium members is this. You can still email them, yes they can read, and reply. No they can’t tell if you added them as a favorite. And yes you can exchange contact information. Or at least I know that is how it is on the SB side. The SD side I’m not so sure if they have the free memberships or not.

    The way for the non-premium members is to have full access except for one or two things is to have your profile and your photo approved.

  99. Joules*300035* says:

    aight i give up….brain’s dying on me again hehehe have a good night guys. hopefully i’ll sleep a good 8 hrs or so! ya right, dang phone will be ringing and waking me up in a couple hours probably hehehe

    g’nite (and g’morning to those getting to roll outta bed soon!)

  100. Joules*300035* says:

    I’m thinking about doing a FaceBook site tomorrow just for my SD ventures! I would do a MySpace since I’m totally unfamiliar with FaceBook but I already have 2 MySpace accounts, one which already uses my main email address that I am using for my SD contacts.

    and hey, i gotta question for everyone (whenever they WAKE UP!!!) lol….

    what is the deal again with a non-premium member? Can I email them, can they read it, can they reply, can they tell if I added them as a favorite, can we exchange contact information?

    the only thing i recall reading before signing up was something about an approved profile with at least one approved photo….but it made it sound like you had full access to the site as long as you had one approved photo (in addition with your profile, of course!).

  101. Joules*300035* says:

    STILL lol from a breakfast full of cereal, peaches and donuts

    i’m starving! thinkin about making some of my infamous eggs mmmmm

    Nika…also, just because you added them as a favorite don’t necessarily mean squat! once your profile/pics are re-approved….in MY opinion….make sure you contact one every now and then! BE BOLD!

  102. Nika/WildCat/302039 says:


    Well I’ve gone through and done several for my favorites. Just waiting for my profile to be re-approved, and also my photo still hasn’t gotten approved. It is still in the pending stage.~grumbles~

    Hopefully both my profile and my photo will be approved soon from the revamp that I did on the profile. So all I can do is the hurry up and wait situation for the approval of my profile.

    And Atalanta,

    I agree that some of her shows might be biased. Although just the thought of combining donuts, cereal and canned peaches is enough to make my stomach twist into knots. I guess we’ll just have to see about how she puts the spin on the SD/SB life.

    She doesn’t always try and help those on her show. But I havent seen the episode you are speaking of as far as the exchange in weights. I’m not a skinny woman and more than likely never will be. I am short with a larger bone structure. For me the prescribed weight would honestly be unhealthy for me unless I’m with someone who enjoys having a woman whom is all bone and no meat. But I know that is how some like it. I am working on my weight to get it into what I would consider a healthier aspect but even being the weight that I currently am, the only issues I have are from a fall at work. Just because a woman or a man isn’t at what many consider their “ideal” weight doesn’t mean that they aren’t healthy. Although that one woman’s breakfast does serious make me ill thinking about it.

  103. Joules*300035* says:

    MMmmmMMMM browsing all of the pot SDs is becoming addictive! hahaha

    oh and Nika, the thing with all my pot SDs, I GUARANTEE YOU, I will meet ONE out of FIVE, if I’m even that lucky! So the number of pots isn’t that big of a deal to me; just gives me better odds!

  104. Joules*300035* says:

    hi Atalanta!

  105. Atalanta says:

    And Nika…

    I think there’s a reason people make a joke out of Tyra’s talk show on “The Soup” or “Best Week Ever” etc…

    Her shows are biased. No question about it. Watched one about trading weights. Was furious about how they portrayed the healthier, skinnier woman as compared to the one who wasn’t content with her breakfast if it wasn’t two donuts, a bowl of cereal, and canned peaches…eck.

    And I know the skinnier girl. Perfectly healthy. Was once overweight and lost it. I am still livid about how Tyra tries to “help” people on her show.

  106. Joules*300035* says:

    cuz i know what to say in my essays? i dunno?! i spent quite a long time using just Wordpad writing my essays and got alotta good input from everyone on here. and I’m active! I add these men to my favorites during my initial search, then slowly go back, one a day lol, and shoot them a cute email :)

    my newest pot SD…i didn’t even message him actually, just added him to my favorites!

  107. Atalanta says:

    Hey Bad BB! Sent you a reply comment, hopefully you find it somewhere in the jumble of comments…

    D-Dubs, so nice to see another SD on the blog…And ditch the girl. It’s great to have those amazing times, but she let her true colors show when she complained about money. You clearly exchanged numbers, so she had every opportunity to call you back and try and actually start something wonderful. In my opinion, she blew it.

    Hopefully the search on here will be a much better experience? I know there are a lot of flakes, but there’s also a lot of good :-)

  108. Joules*300035* says:

    check this out! here’s what my most recent pot SD said to me …. “…..You’re a good writer, very articulate and direct, and love how bold you are in saying what you want to achieve…..”

    damn i’m good! hahaha

  109. Nika/WildCat/302039 says:

    Ok Joules how on EARTH are you doing this??~LOL~

  110. Joules*300035* says:

    jeeeez everyone went to sleep! i said i was only going to be on the phone for a couple-four hours lol and dangit BB i know you’re gone now but INITIATE CONTACT!!!

    i just gotta 3rd pot SD!!! 2 of which I initiated contact with! *biiiig grin*

  111. gurlnextdoor says:

    Ok cool BB, yeah some feedback would be nice. thanks and this time I’m going to close my laptop and slip off to sleep…

  112. Bad BB says:

    Gurl remind me 2mr and ill tell you what I think (if you want)

    But now BED!!! I seem to have blogerhea 2nite lol!

    Bye 4 real this time!

  113. D-Dubs says:

    and to you too gurl.

  114. D-Dubs says:

    g’night BB

  115. gurlnextdoor says:

    Night BB, sweet sugary dreams….I think I’m going to call it a night also

  116. Bad BB says:

    I understand Dubs but I haven’t even check out ur profile so were even! 😉 Ciao xxx

  117. gurlnextdoor says:

    I just edited my profile so it’s going through the long, dreaded “approval” process again. Hopefully some SDs will come out of hiding and start mailing me more. :)

  118. Bad BB says:

    Damn! It’s late and I have to be up @ 6!! Gotta bail on u guys but I’m sure Gurl and Dubs will keep each other company (looks like we lost Nika along the way…)

    Have a good one sugars! Poof… I’m out (thx Gurl but I won’t cave just yet…)


  119. D-Dubs says:

    well, the 3 of us are already talking on here.
    I just thought since you could see my profile, you could shoot me a note on it, so I could also see you…without you having to post your number on the blog.

    its not quite the same as initiating anything…is it?

  120. gurlnextdoor says:

    Hmm BB, I’m not too big on the whole initiating thing but in my experiences on this site that’s the best thing to do sometimes. Although all the guys I’ve met from on here (a total of 2) were the ones who initiated contact with me. So, I guess it’s best to initiate contact with someone especially if you’re really interested in them. :)

  121. D-Dubs says:

    there are only 318 women on the site from Montreal between 18 and 29.

    should be pretty simple finding you…lol.

  122. Bad BB says:

    I’m sexxxay!

  123. D-Dubs says:

    all I know if you’re from Montreal and between the ages of 18 and 29.

    any other clues?

  124. Bad BB says:

    Dubs: Je parles parfaitement francais aussi! I can teach you if you like!

  125. Bad BB says:

    Dubs: Initiating is my biggest taboo! but now that you know where I’m from, you’ve narrowed it down to like…. 5000 babies? Maybe less lol!!

  126. D-Dubs says:

    I LOVE Montreal.
    I actually got to know a girl from this site a couple summers ago who lived in Quebec City. That was interesting driving up there. All those French people hated me ’cause I couldn’t speak a bit of their language.

    gurlnextdoor…near the ocean is awesome too.

    Come on y’all…log-on and shoot me a note so I know who you are!

  127. Bad BB says:

    Gurl: I’ve had a quiet few days and it’s bothering me… to initiate or not to initiate? (Question open to all)

  128. Bad BB says:

    Dubs: We all know you did the right thing, even IF she wasn’t a certified “P” she was quite HOE-EY!

  129. gurlnextdoor says:

    Hmm, both work for me…or better yet falling back asleep in bed to the sounds of the waves crashing on the shore, then waking up and doing it all over again. Now that is a “good” morning.

  130. Bad BB says:

    Dubs: Cuuuute! I’m a Mtl Babby! Let me know when your in town! We can sprinkle Sugar all over town lol!!

  131. D-Dubs says:

    oh, an Nika…
    if this particular woman brought-up money on the way to my room, I would have told her “thanks, but, no thanks”…to me, that would be too much like the “P” word.
    I wasn’t 100 percent sure that sex was where our night was headed at that point anyway…but, I had a pretty good idea based on how well we were getting along and how much fun we were having.

    and, gurl…shoot me a message so I can check out your profile.
    its only fair, right?

  132. D-Dubs says:

    hey gurl…
    how about saying “good morning” like that…then, having breakfast in bed delivered by room service?

    that’s even better.

    and BB, my work keeps me in the U.S., but, I do like to visit Canada in the spring and summer. I’m not too far from either Toronto or Montreal.

  133. gurlnextdoor says:

    Haha BB tis funny…oh D-Dubs just checked out your profile. You do look good for your age and I like the list of questions you use. Good way to pique a woman’s interest 😉

  134. Bad BB says:

    Nika: LMFAO!!!!!

  135. Bad BB says:

    Wow!!! 4give my typos guys! It’s late and I had more tha a few glasses of wine 😉

  136. Nika/WildCat/302039 says:

    I honestly consider that she was pretty much the “P” word that would more than like if I mentioned it again get my butt virtually whooped by Bad BB. Although yeah this chick really does seem to be a HOE. (Not you BB)

    But yeah if I thought it was leading into the direction of more intimate situations then I would have brought the circumstances of money up beforehand. But that is just me.

  137. Bad BB says:

    Gurl: She could have said: “Ohh baby you gave to me sooo good! Speeking of giving”… HAHHAAA!!!

  138. gurlnextdoor says:

    No D-Dubs there isn’t, it’s a very nice way to say “good morning”…especially when it’s followed by having someone cook you breakfast :)

  139. Bad BB says:

    So D-Dubs leaving the trashyness behind, have do you ever travel outside American Borders? I didn’t check out you profile, not that I’m not interested, but my logins are not blocked and I don’t want to be a “every day login girl” (yess Im a little strange lol!)

  140. D-Dubs says:

    and, there’s nothing quite like next morning sex….

  141. D-Dubs says:

    and, let’s not throw this girl under the bus.
    she was really nice, and fun. it was just how it ended that left the bad taste. I was actually a little surprised because I thought she enjoyed the night as much as I did. I was willing to see her again.

    maybe she did…maybe she didn’t…now, its hard to tell for sure.

  142. gurlnextdoor says:

    Hmm yeah that would be awkward, but I’m sure she could’ve found some playful flirtatious way to bring it up.

  143. gurlnextdoor says:

    Haha BB I like that…it’s “like a tv show that sais o be continuied at the end! We don’t know what happened till the following week!”

  144. D-Dubs says:

    Its all good BB.
    I don’t take anything said around here too seriously…or try to read into stuff.

    However, I can’t imagine having a really fun night with someone…hitting it off…having some good first night sex…then, lying in bed afterward talking about money right away…would seem too comfortable…or appropriate for that matter. That would just be too weird…but, maybe that’s just me.

  145. Bad BB says:

    Gurl: Nope! The next day is like a tv show that sais o be continuied at the end! We don’t know what happened till the following week! lol

    Nika: Gravity is one thing and bad genes is another! hihi

  146. gurlnextdoor says:

    Yes BB that could have been her thinking too, but that was still the wrong way to handle the situation. If she really wanted more money she could have discussed it with him before she left.

  147. gurlnextdoor says:

    hmm well D-Dubs if you invited her to stay the night I don’t see why she was all that mad. She kinda sounds like a hooker if you ask me…good thing you let her go.

  148. Bad BB says:

    My comment before was just about how men seem to think OMG she gave it up on the first date without realizing that they just gave it up to! If you thought you had a good thing going you should have felt comfortable enough to talk about the “arrangement” before she left. I understand what your saying entirely and on an “ordinary” date this would have never been an issue. I assume because she saw you as a Pot she expected more. I’m not saying she was right because quite frankly her behavior was far from appropriate but I’m just trying to see things from her side as well…

  149. Nika/WildCat/302039 says:

    ~just blinks~

    Oooohhh hell ok someone told an 18yo they needed a noise job?Geez…I know I could probably use a lift with the girls, but you breast feed three babies and tell me if they dont go slightly towards the floor after a while~snickering~

  150. gurlnextdoor says:

    BB I don’t usually do sex on a first date, but I make exceptions if things are going wonderfully well…by the way does sex the next morning count as sex on a first date? lol

  151. D-Dubs says:

    and, I can see where you guys are coming from.
    I guess I could have given her more money over what the cab fare was.
    It didn’t occur to me, and also it was about all I had cash in my wallet at the time.
    I honestly thought I was doing the gentlemanly thing at the time.

    she was invited to stay the night too. it wasn’t like I asked her to leave.
    I was thoroughly enjoying our time together. I was just surprised by how it ended with a couple of interesting texts.

  152. Nika/WildCat/302039 says:


    I agree with Bad BB on that…although it sounds like the gentleman gurl mentioned was pretty nice as well…

    But yeah maybe a gift of some sorts but I don’t know if cash would be the first thing I would expect if things hit it off.

  153. Bad BB says:

    D-Dubs: Ur still up? Hello I’m Bad BB (as you can see) the BB stands for many things…. lol

  154. Bad BB says:

    Ohhh Poor D-Dubs! Someone should have fyi-ed him that giving out your profile on the blog is just asking for trouble LOL!! Who was it that told the 18 yr old she needed a nose job? !! LMAO! that was PRICELESS!

  155. D-Dubs says:

    hey guys…
    I wouldn’t call the situation a “horror story” really.
    I had a great time. I was just disappointed with how it turned out, and was looking for some feedback from SB’s.

    I did think I made it clear that we were going out to get acquainted. It was my feeling we hit it off, and things progressed naturally to what finally happened. If this woman had previously put a price tag on intimacy and/or sex…I would have told her I wasn’t interested.

    It wasn’t my intention to come off all “innocent” either. Often, I am far from innocent. I admit this.

    I’m not sure what other side there would be to this story. I will promise you that I never once offerred anything in exchange for sex and/or intimacy because I would never do that.

    That said, I’m fine with offerring financial assistance to someone I would currently be in a relationship/arrangement with…
    I tried to explain this earlier in the blog. Its obviously a touchy subject.

  156. Bad BB says:

    Let’s be honest Gurl… If the night had played out as such… I’m sure you would not have sent a nasty text (unless you had wayyy to many margaritas lol) but you probably wouldn’t have called him back in a hurry (I know I wouldn’t) BUT sex on the first day is a no no in my book! Unless things are going ground shakingly exceptional AND in that case I’ll spend the night and expect breakfast in bed in the morning! tihi

  157. gurlnextdoor says:

    True, true BB…but in my opinion if I wanted more money for “cab fare” I would’ve spoken up. I’m not one to ask for money or anything from people because it just makes me feels weird. But, when I needed money for my cab back to my dorm I asked my potential SD for some. Just $50, the exact amount it cost and I didn’t expect anymore. He had shown me a good time and had spoiled me on my trip, so I was happy. Although the $100 bill with two $50s folded inside of it was nice. :)

  158. Bad BB says:

    I dont know whats up with my pots… they all took the week off… @ the same f*** time! :(

  159. Bad BB says:

    Gurly- I agree! we only have 1 side of the story and although she handled the situation like a cheap hooker maybe thats how she felt at the end of the night…

  160. Bad BB says:

    Nika!! Yeah! Looks like I missed a fun filled nite on the blog!

    Nite Villa xoxo

  161. gurlnextdoor says:

    Hey everyone, still up…just read D-Dubs horror first date story. Sounds kinda trashy to me for a girl to send you an angry text message because you didn’t give her more money for cab fare. If it got her back to where she needed to be then she should be happy. Some guys aren’t even that thoughtful. Although next time I think you might want to give a woman a little extra cha-ching if she’s very intimate with you on the first night.

  162. Bad BB says:

    Well I guessed I missed the boat! But I won’t miss the trip (NYC) and as for Mr. Dub Welcome (back)!! And I’m in your age rage lol! :) Your experience was quite distasteful to say the least but I’m not gonna lie, SBs will expect a little something even on the first date (a little gift would be nice but not necessarily ca$h). In the future try to casually discus expectation to avoid such issues… And don’t act all innocent either buddy! You gave it up on the first date too! lol You sound nice and although I haven’t checked out your profile I’m sure you can do much better than that particular SB. With that said maybe she was genuinely feeling you but expected to leave the hotel with more than cab fare to go home and just handled the situation poorly…

  163. VillaCypris *276489* says:

    I am going to bed now…. been a long day…. good night all ~~~~

  164. Nika/WildCat/302039 says:

    I’m still up BB~LOL~bit of a night owl

  165. Bad BB says:

    Any body… :(

  166. Bad BB says:

    Hmmm Is every one gone to bed?

    Just got home and I see there is a new SD in town!

  167. D-Dubs says:

    good advice villa…
    and, yes it was meant as self-depreciating type of humor.

    I’m not pretentious in the least.

    g’night joules.

  168. Nika/WildCat/302039 says:

    Night Joules

  169. VillaCypris *276489* says:

    Good night, Joules.

  170. Joules*300035* says:

    ok you all, i’m going to go jibber on the phone for a couple-four hours lol BBL

  171. VillaCypris *276489* says:

    you’re welcome. just trying to help.

  172. VillaCypris *276489* says:

    Also… “at least marginally attractive”…

    Objectively, I think most would say you ARE attractive… self-deprecation is okay, given the right time and place, but in a forum such as this, don’t “sell yourself short”.

    My opinion. x

  173. D-Dubs says:

    something else to fix…

  174. VillaCypris *276489* says:

    D-Dubs wrote – Do you like to be taken out on the town all night in a limosuine?


  175. Nika/WildCat/302039 says:


    My roommate so TOTALLY got me hooked on the Beauty series!!!

  176. Joules*300035* says:

    dangit…tryin to think of something cute to say in response to the ‘you’re sweet’ compliment but my brain’s fried! hahaha

    so i’ll just say thanks, Dubs! (*nudge nudge* check out my profile!) LOL!!

  177. D-Dubs says:

    nahhh…I’m just an average dude. honest.

    thanks for the kind words, though.

  178. Nika/WildCat/302039 says:

    Well Joules is right D-Dubs you are a bit of a hotty.

  179. Joules*300035* says:

    Nika, the first night when i did my profile i edited like 10 friggin times just so i could avoid doing it in the future. oh ya, i looooove Anne Rice!

  180. Gail says:

    lol….I have Kitty e-mail you the details…she is in charge of SD sponsorship…lol…

  181. D-Dubs says:

    and, thanks for the kind words Joules. you’re sweet.

  182. Joules*300035* says:

    I personaly think that those pics of Dubs just compliment what he stated he’s looking for in his profile which is a young and care-free woman that absolutely loves who she is.


    Dubs, if you WANT women over 29 to contact you more often, then I would add word it something like….the women i’ve met that were between 18-29 have been the wildest and most fun (?) so far! So I’m also looking to meet older women that have even MORE spunk (?) to them! hehehehe

    you get the idea

  183. Nika/WildCat/302039 says:

    Well Joules took you up on your advice and back in the waiting approval section again~LOL~

  184. D-Dubs says:

    I agree Villa. That’s the point I was trying to make. I need to fix that.

  185. D-Dubs says:

    I wish I had more pictures…
    I was thinking of blacking out faces, but, when I personally see that, I just wonder what I’m missing or what’s being hidden.
    The only other ones I have on my laptop right now also have other people in them…hmmmmm…

    and, ummmm, Gail…
    I don’t see your profile number next to your name.

    and, what is this sponsorship you speak of??

  186. VillaCypris *276489* says:

    “Age” is just a state of mind… I wouldn’t limit someone based solely on their physical age…. too many other variables to consider. x

  187. Nika/WildCat/302039 says:


    If I could get help with a ticket there you are darn skippy I would SO be coming out there

  188. Joules*300035* says:

    seriously Dubs, I can always get out and travel!

    I like your profile personaly as is!

  189. D-Dubs says:

    why flames?

    I’m not sure that the age range I list there is exactly what I’m looking for anymore. Those over 29 may think I’m being narrow-minded or only looking for “Barbie Dolls”…

    While I do enjoy dating women in their 20’s, I think I’m a little more open minded now than I was when I last wrote my profile.

  190. Nika/WildCat/302039 says:

    Thanks Joules!!!

    And I want to be picked on!!~grins~ at least I can get this all fixed before my picture is approved and therefore get it approved again hopefully about the same time!

  191. Gail says:

    Dubs is reallly tall and cute….lol….

    New York is May 15-18….I think….we need sponsorship….can you help?

  192. Gail says:

    lol…yes dubs…take the pics down with the girls…you look like a gigolo…lol…jk….

  193. Nika/WildCat/302039 says:


    I am in Jacksonville, FL D-Dubs. Who knows…and why flame?~grins~

  194. Joules*300035* says:

    and hey Nika, I finally read your profile. I think it sounds pretty good minus there was once you used to instead of too (I think lol) and it wouldn’t hurt to leave out ‘I will admit’ ‘I will fully admit’ and ‘This much I can promis you’…..eh, don’t admit or promise, just write it and then show it! The only reason I’m picking on you about that is because I used to always do that myself, but with other phrases. It’s just useless / unnecessary words / typing in my opinion!

    so good job doin your summaries!

  195. D-Dubs says:

    I was actually in Vegas from February 20th to 22nd.
    I did meet an absoultely amazing girl there that I hope to see again shortly.

    And, the NYC party isn’t too far from my home. The question is…will I be home at the time of the party?

    (and, there are some things I need to fix on my profile, some of my priorities have changed over the past six months, so please don’t flame me just yet!)

  196. D-Dubs says:


    (just realized its a little dated, now I’ve got to fix it!)

  197. Gail says:

    Ddubs….we are waiting…number please….lol….

  198. VillaCypris *276489* says:

    Yes, Nika… HIDE!!!!!!…. I was in Palm beach for two weeks in january.. . it was REALLY difficult to come back to MN after that… but, spring is on the way!!! :)

  199. Gail says:

    D-dubs you missed the Sugar party in Vegas….I will come to San Diego!!! cuz I am in Sacto:) or you can come to our NY party!!!

  200. Nika/WildCat/302039 says:


    Gail I can’t even message him yet except via here. My photo still hasn’t been approved dang it!~grins~

  201. Joules*300035* says:

    hmmmm, JUUUUUST my personal opinion Dubs but maybe you should be more specific instead of saying ‘have some fun’ lol personally, if a pot SD said that to me, i would assume he was interested in being intimate from the get-go and hense, i might assume a larger ‘gift’ than 60 bucks lol

    uhhhg, hope that didn’t come out wrong lol which it prolly did tho! juuuust me tho!

    oooh, i might assume a larger gift, not just cuz i felt intamacy was being insinuated, but because i felt that the pot SD had already made his mind up that he liked me so much that he wouldn’t mind ‘havin some fun’ with me….likes me alot before we meet = more $$$$

    hope that explained it a little better

    just be glad you only gave her 60 bucks! (minus all the other expenses of course). she don’t sound worth it to begin with 😉


  202. D-Dubs says:

    thanks Gail!

    I’ve just started getting active on the site again with this new position I started a few months ago.

    Its awesome seeing the country. Its just a lot more fun doing it with some enjoyable company.

    Over the next month, I’ll be in Texas, Kansas, Missouri, San Diego, Ca., and all around Florida.

  203. Nika/WildCat/302039 says:

    ~grins and hides from everyone cause it was BEAUTIFUL in Florida today~

  204. Gail says:

    Ok Ddubs give up the number….the new girls want it…don’t keep them waiting….lol….if you remember put it next to your name….lol….

  205. Gail says:

    Hey everyone….I am still up:)….D-Dubs….earlier SE said “communicate, communicate, communicate”. That includes any and all terms, beginning meeting, end meeting…e-mail, voicemail, yahoo, etc…. Nice to see you back on the blog!!!! We have missed you!

  206. D-Dubs says:

    thanks for the responses and kind words everyone.

    I’m actually a veteran at this. My account number is in the 5 digits, lol, that should tell you something.
    However, things still happen that amaze me.

    Those that have been blogging for a while probably remember another story or two from me in the past.

    Thanks again.

  207. D-Dubs says:

    oh, I should also mention that I felt I made it clear that it was a first meeting to get acquainted and have some fun.

    this is how I always put it to a potential SB.

    I NEVER have expectations on a first meeting other than to be a gentleman and show someone a great time. I’m all about making my date feel comfortable and keep her laughing and smiling the entire evening.

    that said, there have been a few times where the first date has ended up in sex and/or intimacy. this was the first time that someone left disappointed following it.

  208. Nika/WildCat/302039 says:


    and Like Joules said I’m more than available to meet up with you for traveling part. But yeah usually for that type of situation I also would put the situation to the forefront about any expectations about if things happened and we hit it off about a certain amount of money by the end of the weekend.

    On top of whatever else it was that we had done.

  209. VillaCypris *276489* says:

    Yes, D-Dubs, it makes sense. No one likes to feel ‘used’, male or female.

  210. VillaCypris *276489* says:

    You, too, OC!!! Happy walking!!! miss ya :) xox

  211. bostonTerrier says:

    i’m doing great OC, aside from *freezing* in boston

  212. OCSugarBaby says:

    Villa-Long day here, gonna log off and walk my dog. I am glad I caught up with you! We seem to miss each other. Have a good night everyone :)

  213. D-Dubs says:

    hey Joules –
    I don’t think what you’re asking for is unreasonable.
    In my opinion, a first meeting should be more casual, and if anything were to happen…then…it was only because both sides WANTED it to happen…

    if someone were intimate/sexual with me ONLY for financial gain…then, that’s a huge turn-off.
    I don’t pay for intimacy/sex…but, at the same time…like most SD’s on here…I’m probably more generous with someone that I am actually intimate with…or having sex with.
    I have been generous in arrangements in the past, but, it always started with something mutual between us before actual cash changed hands.

    does this make sense to anyone but me?

  214. VillaCypris *276489* says:

    sorry to hear D-dubs. hopefully she didn’t sleep with you only because she expected a cash payment in return…

  215. Nika/WildCat/302039 says:


    wow that’s a heck of a story. Now I’m honestly not sure what to say to that but I can understand why it left you a bad taste in your mouth.

    One of the things I can say is that maybe during your evening together you should have brought up the subject to find out what exactly she was expecting from the first evening. And to me it seemed as if that would have been a subject that was important to her.

    Personally and this might sound bad, I would have brought up the subject of money before we had gone to the room. Sounds bad but it is true. Seems that she was a little more into the “P” word than into the SB situation though. At least to me anyways if she got upset because you didn’t give her more than cab fare, yet you did the rest for her. Especially for a first meeting.

  216. VillaCypris *276489* says:

    Yes, OC :) it was 40 here today!!!! woooooo! like summer!

    I know. Poor little dog was shivering in a snow bank, a lady saw him and took him home. Had no idea who to call, as he wasn’t wearing a collar, and so my brother made fliers, and as we started to hang them up, his wife saw another said which said, “found small black dog this morning, 1145am”. she knew right away it was henry and called to collect him.

    she’s due with their first child in 3 weeks, i was sure she was going to go into pre-mature labor , given the stress.

    all is well, thank goodness.

  217. Joules*300035* says:

    hi Dubs! I’ll take you up on your ‘offer’ of being that ‘one’ woman hahaha I have all the time in the world I want to travel. hahahaha anywho

    as to your story, thas messed up of her! I will hopefully be meeting my first pot SD in the next few weeks and we have already talked about the entire financial ‘expectations’, wants, hopes etc. Not trying to be critical, but maybe you should try to talk to your pot SB BEFORE the first meeting about what her wants, hopes, etc may be for the first meet in regards to the financial part.

    I told my pot. that since he’d be footing the bill for travel (8 hrs away), hotel for the weekend, i told him my only HOPE was that we go do some dining, shopping and possibly a fun event together. I also was very clear with him however (because he asked!) that IF we did hit it off, etc…that a couple hundred buck (in general) for the weekend would be a great start in addition to everything else.

    sorry that you had a bad experience. honestly just sounds like you two needed a little more communications before meeting!

  218. OCSugarBaby says:

    Berk-I agree with you. Hey that may be the first time ever! :)

  219. D-Dubs says:

    thanks for the response Berk –
    after the text exchange, I haven’t tried to contact her.
    still, I have a conscience about things, and wanted to be sure it wasn’t me that did anything wrong.
    I’ve moved on.

  220. OCSugarBaby says:

    Villa, are you staying warm? I know the feeling about a pup being like a child. Sounds silly, but I feel that way about my chocolate lab. I am so glad they found him.

  221. BerkshireSD says:


    She’s trouble and she’ll be more trouble in the future.

    Forget her.

  222. VillaCypris *276489* says:

    I just got home. Was out to dinner with my brother and his wife. their pug went missing today, so i walked around for 4 hours trying to find it. we finally did. it was so sad! they were both crying, do devastated that it was gone. *whew* thank god we found it. he’s like their son.

  223. OCSugarBaby says:


  224. VillaCypris *276489* says:


  225. D-Dubs says:

    one more thing I want to throw out there for the SB’s opinions.

    I travel frequently for my job…all over the country.
    I live in the Northeast but have been to Seattle and Miami each twice and pretty much most places in between over the last six months.

    I enjoy meeting women from this site as part of my travels.
    I would love to eventually meet someone I really click with, and then have this person be available, willing, and happy to meet me in some of the cities I need to visit for work. Of course, I would take care of travel and show that special someone a first class time on the road. To me, this would be better than having to continually meet someone new, and not quite know what to expect. I would also be willing to compensate someone for time spent with me, particularly if they were skipping work to do it. I understand what site this is, and what is eventually expected.

    Which leads me to my story…
    In one city I visited, I met a really nice woman in her early 30’s. She was relatively attractive physically, but nothing over the top (no, I won’t give her a number on a 1 to 10 scale, way too tacky!). Her personality was wonderful, however. We had a great time, and had each other laughing the entire evening of drinking at a lounge, then fine dining later at a really beautiful restaurant with a fantastic view.

    After dinner, she joined me in my hotel room (4* place downtown in this city), to “allegedly” watch a movie and relax together. Well, we got along so well, it didn’t take long for the clothes to fly off, and well…you can imagine the rest. There was honestly not one uncomfortable moment in the evening for either of us.

    Eventually, she had to return home…and, while she took public transportation into the city to meet me, I gave her about $60 for cab fare back home, which was close to the total amount of cash I had in my wallet. This was in no way meant to be a “payment” for anything that happened, and nothing of the sort was ever discussed. I don’t ever believe in paying for sex and/or intimacy. This was a first meeting to see how we got along, and obviously we got along great. I just thought offerring cab fare was a gentlemanly thing to do.

    Well, on the way home she sent me a somewhat angry text saying she was disppointed I didn’t send her home with more money and that “other men” she had met from here were much more generous. (which made me wonder how many she slept with on a first date, and then also wonder how special I really was to her).

    I was taken back by this because I felt the only reason we ended up in bed together was because we had chemistry and actually liked each other. Was I supposed to run down to the ATM and withdraw a few hundred dollars to give her just because things ended up this way?
    Unfortunately, we haven’t spoken since, and something that seemed to start with such potential left a bad taste in my mouth.

    Thoughts anyone?

  226. Nika/WildCat/302039 says:


    Woohoo Speed typing between Boston-T, me and OCS!!~grins~

    And thanks OCS wasn’t sure if it was visible or not. Honestly wanting some opinion on how it reads and any suggestions that might be made to make it better.

  227. OCSugarBaby says:

    laughing at Boston T- we are too fast with our typing! How are you tonight?

  228. OCSugarBaby says:

    D-Dubs: You can click on any SB profile and then at the url back space out the profile number showing and enter the one you want to view.

    Joules: You can only view SB profiles by clicking on similar profiles then do the same as I stated above. Nika’s profile is visable. :)

  229. bostonTerrier says:

    you just change the # at the end of the address when you’re browsing a profile.

    you can only replace sbs with sbs and sds with sds

  230. D-Dubs says:

    does anyone know how to search a profile by number?

    one of the lurking male SD’s.

  231. Nika/WildCat/302039 says:


    Well that stinks…the profile itself has been approved I thought that would mean it was available? I’m still waiting on the photo to be approved though. Might that be it?

  232. Joules*300035* says:

    it’s still showing ‘profile not available’

  233. Joules*300035* says:

    Nicco….I hear you on that one with moving away from ‘constant judgment and scrutiny’ of family eyes. I think my move was like 2500 miles though lol

  234. Nika/WildCat/302039 says:

    For anyone that is still up and about??Can someone check out my profile and give me some suggestions on how to make it better, if it is ok as it is now or ???

  235. Nico says:

    Lisa….sounds like you have your hands full with your family and they have a lot of influence on what you do now. I know we don’t know a fraction of all that you’ve been through…..

    I moved over 1200 miles to be away from my family. I love them to death don’t get me wrong but I wanted to live a life separate from their watchful eyes and constant judgment and scrutiny.

    I love my life…answer to nobody but myself and allow myself to make decisions based on what I feel is rigth and based on my morals.

    ~giving you some of my strength~

    While I understand it will be hard to break away and certainly hard to explain away a lot, if you can make it happen…and it sounds like you do….I suggest doing it. It could be a liberating feeling :)

  236. Nika/WildCat/302039 says:

    Night Lisa and dream sweet!

  237. lisa says:

    I think I’m going to go watch tv now. Very tired from today and have to get up at 6 am tomorrow. Have a great night everyone

  238. lisa says:

    I also could not find any free lawyers when I was considering bankruptcy, plenty of free advice but no actual free legal service.
    Anyway it’s not an issue with me anymore as I am sure I more than paid for everything with that high interest, making a 200 dollar payment with 180 going to interest. Anyway I could ask for a bailout from the government, lol.

    uh oh there’s a fire at the apts across the street. Just saw 2 firetrucks and the arson squad go in. Must be in the back as I don’t see any flames. I live across from the firestation so it’s noisy.

  239. lisa says:

    I sent all of them 5 bucks a month for several months but they still threatened me. It’s been 2 years and I am not afraid of them, after all I have nothing for them to take. I have had several threaten me with lawsuits and I have a nice form letter I printed out that I send them, and they drop it and sell my account to another company, and it happens again,etc. I’m not worried about it, just dont want to hear my mom preach at me. Funny thing is the one I owe the most money to has never even contacted me. My change in lifestyle a few years ago got me into soem deep debt which I paid as long as I could, but then it was rent or cc bills, I chose rent. lol

  240. Nika/WildCat/302039 says:

    Well you know a way to kinda get around the bill collectors right?

    Tx has a law that Ar has. Actually several states do.

    Tell the collectors that you can only send them like five bucks. And when they refuse you tell them you want it in writing. Take these to a lawyer, you can get a probono I bet. And by all legal rights and means if they refuse ANY form of a payment agreement they null and void your debt with them.

  241. lisa says:

    The first 4 months after I moved into my own place, my family had nothing to do with me, didnt’ even know where I lived. ALthough I’m happy we made up, sometimes I miss those months where I had complete privacy and had no one checking on me or expecting a phone call.

  242. Nika/WildCat/302039 says:



    I might have alot of blonde moments but there are times that I can think around any excuse known to mankind just give me a bit~lol~

  243. lisa says:

    Have a good night Gail

    Nika I’d rather not take him with me. He’s a pest sometimes, lol
    I have barebones phone service so there is no way to forward the calls to my cell and I really don’t want my cell ringing 100 times a day with bill collectors leaving me voice mail, lol
    My mom already answered some of my bill collectors when she was at my place waiting for my computer to be delivered. She actually told them she was me so now they think they have made contact with me and are calling more than ever. It has been 2 years so in 5 my credit should be clear but if she would happen to send a payment to them (since her evil daughter won’t) it will start the process over again , 7 years.

  244. Gail says:

    Lisa…wont have time to explain…she is being kidnapped…her parents willl understand that…its a neighborhood thing….then her captors will release her two days later….lol…..she will be a new woman with blue eyes….

    please everyone…we are joking…don’t take this seriously…lol…

  245. gurlnextdoor says:

    Good idea Nika and now Lisa you have no excuses…you can go to NYC!!!

  246. Nika/WildCat/302039 says:

    Take care Gail!!! And don’t let those clothes intimidate you!~laughing~

  247. Nika/WildCat/302039 says:

    Thanks Stephen~grins~ Sorry to be a bother just looking around and want to message a few on here but cause the profile and pictures weren’t approved been having to wait.

    ~blows you a kiss~


  248. Nika/WildCat/302039 says:

    Actually you can take the bird as you’re not going out of the country are you? have him in a carrying cage but I don’t think he needs shots but it’s easy enough to find out. Most birds are kinda rude. But if he’s all you’ve known. Yeah he’s gonna be possessive but hey at least you know you wont have to worry about a bird sitter. And if you have a house phone and a cellphone simply set it up where your house number forwards your calls to your cell. You’re moms wont ever know

  249. Gail says:

    I have to now put away clothes…they are all sitting and looking at me:) It was great chatting with everyone. Have a nice evening…and sexy, delirious SD/SB dreams to everyone!!!!

  250. stephan says:

    Nika: Being a paid member doesn’t = quicker approvals, but the developers are hard at work so that no one will have to wait for profiles to be approved.

    Your profile is now approved 😀

  251. gurlnextdoor says:

    Lisa it sounds to me like you should make something up with your parents that would put them at ease…tell them you went on a mission or something, I dunno. I’m running out of ideas lol

  252. Gail says:

    Yes…make it to NY Aj….and EVERYBODY IS INVITED….it will be loads of fun!!!!

    Aj…have you been on now for two weeks? and now how many dates?..lol… exciting life you are living…..

  253. lisa says:

    Not sure I could board a plane with a pigeon? Probably need shots and all. He is also a very rude bird, like a possesive boyfriend, lol

  254. aj says:

    Lisa, jeez girl….you need a vacation! I hope you can figure it out to go…vacation can do wonders :)

  255. Nika/WildCat/302039 says:

    Take the bird with you then?~LOL~

  256. aj says:

    Gail – Sipper cup it is! and btw, a “friend” of mine (sweet like sugar) brought that for me because he knew of my temperment that day .. lol! rumor has it i may be in for some 1990 vintage krug in the next few days…*sigh* life just doesn’t get any better than that :)

    perhaps i will get to NY! i have a few things to sort out in the meantime!

  257. lisa says:

    eek I dont’ like surprises.

  258. lisa says:

    I lived with my parents after my divorce until a few years ago so they know pretty much everything about me. They know I don’t have any old friends that would take me on a trip, they would think I was really being kidnapped and call the police.
    Yes my mom is fanatical. I love her but we are different. Actually she threw me out of the house a few years back when I started seeing someone after not dating for over 10 years. My daughter is a mini version of my mom.
    Anyway I will figure something out.

  259. Gail says:

    Dont worry about it Lisa….I am not gonna tell you…come to New York and you will find out….lol….

    Hey…handsome SE….did you see our topic of discussion…about our book? Which title did you like best…or better yet which caught your eye?….lol…

  260. Nika/WildCat/302039 says:

    Ok I got a silly question??

    Just how long does it usually take for the profiles and pictures to be approved on here if you aren’t buying a membership?

  261. Gail says:

    Lisa….I am not scared of your family:) I would love the opportunity to meet them. And I am not afraid of your neighborhood either. I will just be spreading SUGAR crystals all around to protect us…….lol…

  262. Nika/WildCat/302039 says:

    Well a few thoughts for you Lisa. If you don’t see your folks that much. There is a forwarding system that you can set up for your phone. Tell your folks that you’re not feeling well, or something of the like, or like I think Gail Suggested state she’s an old friend and she’s come to kidnap you for a day or two.

    And Yeah nothing against you or anything but your mom sounds like she’s a few sandwiches short of a proverbial picnic basket.


    Welcome back handsome

  263. lisa says:

    stripping on a pole and bottle service? What’s that

  264. lisa says:

    fire is shooting out of them Gail, lol

  265. Nika/WildCat/302039 says:

    gurlnextdoor, Bad BB:

    The number thing is actually a good idea. Also for me I tell them that there are pictures on my profile. If they want more than I get something in return. Not money but something, more photos of them with their my name on it to prove it’s really them in their pictures, or something of the like.

  266. Gail says:

    This is your sipper cup AJ…not your son’s….lol….I am finally rested from Las Vegas….stripping on the pole and bottle service everywhere takes a lot of energy from ya:) Just go to the NY Sugar party and you will find out….LOL….

  267. lisa says:

    my family would scare you Gail, really

    Nika my neighbors don’t speak to me, actually most of them dont’ speak English. Alot of gang members live here to so I try not to socialize too much. Most of these people have lots of kids so if they got in my apartment the kids would come too and steal everything they could.

    Not sure about pet sitters. Not sure they would come to my apartments. We can’t even get newspaper delivery here because of the crime level. I once go a free sub to the chronicle but when they got my address they said sorry home delivery is not available there.
    The thing is if I go, my parents will wonder where I am and will be at my door wondering why I hired a pet sitter. It’s confusing I know but it’s complicated when you have a religious fanatic mother. She thinks Rihhana deserves to be killed because she was with a man she isnt married too, so that’s my mom’s attitude.

  268. OnTheWater says:

    Good Evening Sugars!
    I’m thinking NY sounds like a phenominal (and close) idea!! Keep us all updated :)

  269. SuthrnExec says:

    Just got in from my exhausting commute from the office… I don’t know how I do it day-in and day-out!

  270. Gail says:

    We have that covered Nika her pet sitting expense…in fact all of her expenses……all we need is to have Lisa say yes….lol…I feel like I am pulling teeth…one tooth at a time…LOL….lisa I am starting to see your hollow eyes….

  271. aj says:

    Gail – you seem extra jazzed up this evening…which of course I love! Always good for a smile! lmao at “sipper cup” I usually call it “sippy cup” but since you have re-named it so shall I!!!

  272. gurlnextdoor says:

    Good evening SuthrnExec, yay we have the presence of a male!!!

  273. gurlnextdoor says:

    Hmm just got an email from a guy who’s offering me 2k a week…he claims he just moved up here from Florida and wants to talk. Not so sure about him, but I’ll email him back…give him the benefit of the doubt.

  274. SuthrnExec says:

    Good evening everyone – my, my, my, aren’t we busy tonight!

  275. lisa says:

    gotta watch for those picture collectors.

  276. Nika/WildCat/302039 says:


    Why not look and see if maybe you can find one of those animal sitters? Or maybe ask a neighbor to keep an eye on your bird while you’re gone?

  277. Gail says:

    do I need to come meet the family? cuz I will:) I will come visit the day before and telll them that I am taking you on vacation with me for 1 day only….

  278. gurlnextdoor says:

    Bad BB that’s a great idea…pics for a phone number. I should use that because I’ve had the same thing happen to me. A guy gets your pics and then mysteriously disappears.

  279. lisa says:

    I’d love too. I’m just thinking of how my daughter and parents will be digging through all my stuff and hearing all the collection calls I get. Don’t want to turn off phone because if they knew I was going, they expect me to call them.
    They have forgiven me for so many terrible things I have done so I don’t need to lose them again, especially my daughter.

  280. Gail says:

    lol….OC……too funny…!!!!

    and speaking of the little blonde devil with the sipper cup….there she is!!! I am doing great…I HAD clean house today and wash clothes….(smile)

    BB…I never give pictures…they just have to be surprised…the one on my profile is enough…

    Lisa-get out of the cage:) Hi, Ho, Hi,Ho its off to New York you go…

  281. lisa says:

    Good one OC

  282. aj says:

    Gail!!! Lol :) You are too sweet! I’m here…just been busy w/ work… ugghh! Too much blogging and sugar dating and before you know it I’m a week behind on my bookwork! How are you?

  283. Bad BB says:

    Joules: I hate the pic request sometimes! I have actually implemented a no pics without a phone number rule! You give me something I give you something! If you give me your number your probably serious! I had a few SD turn Houdini after getting my pics so I had to change my approch…

  284. OCSugarBaby says:


    Just trying to see if we can catch the attention of the guys lurking to come out and blog! :)

  285. Gail says:

    or Sugar Tails….lol….Sugar Nuts…lol

  286. Nika/WildCat/302039 says:

    Bad BB:
    I didn’t mean for it to sound that way. Like I said I was trying to figure out the easiest means to explain to my roommate,(whom by the way apparently had no problem trying to join an escort service but had the nerve to say what she did to me about becoming a SB), one of the more subtle differences usually. And also even if a SB does have multiple Daddies there is still a difference as it isn’t like having a wham bam thank you ma’am is it? The girl’s aren’t in a hit it then quit it situation they do see the SD’s more than once then forget about them?


    Greetings Gail thanks for the note about my ideas, opinions and thoughts being welcome. I know the relationships are anything I want it to be, and that what is right for me might not be right for another. It fits the needs of those within the arrangement. Whatever those needs might be.

    Yeah this isn’t always the best means to convey how you feel in the words. that is unless you put alot of little notes like ~grins~~frowns~~groans~~growls~ and so on and so forth which is kinda like a pain in the arse.

    I had actually tried this one other time several years ago. Made it where I’m alot more cautious now. Met a guy from this site actually who turned out to be some seriously bad juju. Supposedly the police reported him to the site because he was actually getting girls to come to him to turn them to the big “P” word. He was removed from the site.

    Yeah wondering how long it will take before my profile and photo are approved. I don’t know who might be on the blog, although wondering how many might be in the Jacksonville area. Cause might be fun to get a group of the ladies together one night and just hit the clubs, or go out to dinner or whatever and talk over experiences and the like.


    I know how I am. I don’t know if I would be one of the ones that could have multiple SD’s although who knows? But yeah the comfort levels are learned as you go along.

  287. lisa says:

    I would trust my mom to take care of him as she loves him and he knows her but if she knew what I was doing, she wouldn’t help. She’s very religious and against anyone having fun. I have to think of something to explain my disappearance or they will be worried about me. Unfortunately my two best friends never travel so I can’t say I went with them and besides they work at the store I used to work at so my parents see them all the time. And my parents know I don’t have money to travel and if I did they would be mad because I didn’t share it with my daughter. So I’m going to have to figure something out. I trust them to take care of the bird but I know they won’t with this situation. They might just leave my door unlocked to punish me for going, I don’t trust them sometimes. They laughed when I told them I got robbed at gunpoint, they said I deserved it. My mom has alot of vigance in her.

  288. Gail says:

    Bad….It will be a blast…we had so much fun:) I am already packed….lol…my airline ticket is $247.00….lol….

  289. OCSugarBaby says:

    Sugar Tales…

  290. Bad BB says:

    Gail: Great idea!! We can call it Bitter Sweet…. or Sugar Coated lol!

  291. Joules*300035* says:

    well, i sent him a couple of other pictures….a couple of my modeling pictures but they were from back before I had 18 inches of hair chopped off (and ya, i sent him my booty pic too! which is TOTALLY fine with me, just nothing more than that hehehe). Anyways, I also asked him what he was thinking in terms of when we were going to meet. We seem to be getting off track of making plans since he brought up the ‘i want more pictures’ thing lol

  292. Bad BB says:

    Lisa: Ask you parents to watch you little birdy for you! Don’t miss out on the trip! Tell him you’ll bring him back a pigeon or a dove lol! I am also considering going to NYC! It will be fun for sure and without you girls the blog will be quite borrring!!

  293. Gail says:

    Gurl-I think we all have stories to tell…imagine a book of our adventures….quite the bestseller I think:)

  294. lisa says:

    they’re lurking tonight

  295. Gail says:

    I can’t seem to find her. I was wondering where AJ is…AJ..AJ….come back to the light:)

  296. lisa says:

    he is really posessive. He sits by the mouse and tries to keep me from using it, then he came over and picked at the keys. He could be my sd if he wasn’t a bird and he could fly me anywhere, lol

  297. gurlnextdoor says:

    Lol, Lisa he will be the first bird SD, hmm that could make for an interesting story….

  298. OCSugarBaby says:

    Nico-Diplomat…Smiplomat… Some days you just want to say WTF! :)

  299. Gail says:

    hmmmm….I dont know…let me check…

  300. lisa says:

    I hope so Gail, so much to deal with first. Heck this bird might have me tied up, he has taken up sitting next to my computer, now he is on my mouse, and picking my keyboard. Hope he’s not looking for a sb pigeon,lol

  301. OCSugarBaby says:

    Where is Villa? :)

  302. Gail says:

    he said go to New York….I will be fine:)….LOL…

  303. lisa says:

    don’t ask me what that last symbol is, my bird put his feet on my keyboard

  304. Gail says:

    I hear you are headed to NY Lisa….Hip…Hip….Hooray!!!! LOL whether you like it or not….:)

  305. lisa says:

    It’s hot in Texas too, gonna be 80 tomorrow. I was sweating when I was out walking today and that darn sun kept getting in my eyes. lol

    ok I will try this again, my bird just picked me and everything in my message disappeared, lol.
    It is hot in Texas, gonna be 80 tommorow. I was sweating walking today and the darn sun kept getting in my eyes.


  306. gurlnextdoor says:

    Thanks everyone, Nico everything is good here tonight in cold NC. Still missing Florida, all you SBs in Florida are so lucky.

  307. lisa says:

    Good evening Gail

    Yes Nika, thoughts disappear often from my mind, lol

    glad things are going well for you gurlnextdoor

  308. Gail says:

    While I gave deep thought about my response to Nika dear…you all beat me to posting…I see the blog is not dead tonite:)

  309. Nico says:

    wow….narrowly averted the knife throwing *wink* how is my family tonight?? Hey OC ~ I love the way you diffuse so many different situations….so diplomatic 😉

  310. Nika/WildCat/302039 says:


    Good luck with that and will keep you in my prayers that everything works out!

  311. Bad BB says:

    GurlNext: Nice! Maybe you should change your name to Lois Lane hehe

  312. gurlnextdoor says:

    Yes I agree with Bad BB, different people have different needs/wants and comfort levels. Someone may feel comfortable with having more than one SD and that doesn’t make them a prostitute. It’s just their preference, and if all parties are happy then I see no problem with it.

  313. Gail says:

    Greetings Nika-Your thoughts,opinions and input are always welcome on the blog. A SD/SB relationship is anything you desire it to be. What is ideal for one is not necessarily good for another. That’s the beauty of this type of arrangement.

    At times we are unable to convey emotion in our responses, and it is easy to misunderstand one’s care and concern for a fellow SB. Just know we surround you, and support on you journey through Sugarland:)

    I am having the time of my life since I joined. And I know I am not a prostitute….LOL…Let me know if you have any questions. By the way there are a couple of SBs from Florida on the blog:)

  314. Bad BB says:

    Btw even if a SB decides to have more than one SD that doesn’t make her anymore a prostitute than a SB that only has one… Just for the record

  315. Nika/WildCat/302039 says:


    Don’t you just HATE it when you got through go to talk and poof the thought just disappears?

  316. gurlnextdoor says:

    Hey everyone, things with my potential SD that I’ll call “Superman” are going very well. We’ve been talking over the course of the few days and he seems to be a really good guy. Still as good as he was when I went down to visit him. Hopefully he’s the one. :)

  317. Nika/WildCat/302039 says:


    Hehehehe…I tend to stir up stuff I don’t mean to~LOL~ Reason why I was nicknamed Wild Cat in college, as well as Hellcat~LOL~

    And thanks Joules!! Glad to be here

  318. Bad BB says:

    LOL! Joules: Maybe he’s a blogger! hihihi Be carefull what you type next! lol

  319. Joules*300035* says:

    well shoot! speak of the devil and he emails me! hahaha

  320. Bad BB says:

    Joules: My trick is do both e-mail and send a little heads up on his SA in case it gets lost in cyberspace! works everytime! lol

  321. Joules*300035* says:

    hmmmm, i’m almost tempted to go back to emailing my pot SD through this site instead of regular email; can’t see if he’s read my message or not!!!

  322. Joules*300035* says:

    well wasn’t that interesting?! lol

    hey nika…welcome to our happy Sugar Land!

  323. lisa says:

    hey watch out with those blonde moments, lol oops I just had a blank thought, blonde moment, lol

  324. Nika/WildCat/302039 says:


    I know…There are times I type/speak before I think. Not always the best thing but at least most can guarantee that I’m not lying or holding anything back.


    Hip Hip Horay!!??~LOL~

    Bad BB:

    Thanks for the welcome. And don’t worry sometimes I suffer from the same situation. or have the atypical blonde moments.

    Thanks for the welcome

  325. Bad BB says:

    Nika: Don’t worry about it I sometimes suffer from selective reading… Welcome to Sugar Land!



  326. lisa says:

    Now let’s all join hands and have a sugarbaby cheer. :)

  327. OCSugarBaby says:

    Nika: Wag’g my finger is far nicer than what other will say if you post comments like that. :(

  328. Bad BB says:

    Lisa: Tell Bob if he messes this up he’ll have a Sugar Mob on his head LMAO!!

  329. Nika/WildCat/302039 says:

    Bad BB:

    I never said you were a HOE. I simply stated that my roommate considered me becoming a SB, essentially stating that I was becoming a hoe, or a prostitute.

  330. lisa says:

    Thanks Bad BB. Still no call. I guess he won’t get my message with the phone number till tomorrow as I left it in the response message to the message he sent me this morning. His computer access seems to be limited.

  331. Nika/WildCat/302039 says:

    OCSugarBaby Says:
    March 4th, 2009 at 8:55 pm

    Nika: It is clear, but take heed, many SB’s have a few SD’s. Nothing is typical, it is treading a deep and murky ocean when you blog about prostitution vs SB relationships. I hate the “P” word in any forum. But what you explained to your room-mate is a very good general response. She may never fully understand. It needs to be about you and what you want and feel comfortable with. No one has to agree with you but your SD.
    Sorry, just felt the need to let you know that you may not have a full view of some SB scenarios that are out there. Welcome to the Sugar Bowl!


    Thank you for this one. I was starting to misunderstand. I can understand that some do have a few SD’s. And can just imagine how deep and murky the ocean can be. It was the easiest and most logical aspect that I could explain to her the more subtle differences.

    I know what my needs are at the current point and time, and what I am comfortable with as well as about both myself and whomever the Daddy is that I might find. Thanks for the welcome, although I do still feel like I just had my mom wag her finger at me and tell me no no a little bit~BOL~

  332. Bad BB says:

    AJ: I’m glad to hear things are looking bright for you sweety!

    As for me things are slow this week… It sux having no mail :( I’m comtemplating initiating interest but deep down I perish the thought… lol

    Call me old fashion but I DRED making the first move!

    Lisa: Good luck with Bob!

  333. OCSugarBaby says:

    No ladies, no deeper meaning to what Nika said. She was just explaining her situation and what she believed to be the understanding of SD/SB relationships. Be fair, we want to be open to letting others know the TRUE meaning of what Sugar dating is all about. Be nice…

  334. lisa says:

    Good evening Bad BB

  335. Bad BB says:

    Oh where are my manners tonight?


  336. Bad BB says:

    Nika: I ain’t no HOE!!!! It’s bad enough we have to deal with this misconception on Tyra but not on the blog!

  337. Nika/WildCat/302039 says:


    Thank you for stating it as you did with the correction of how my beliefs where or at the least the means of how I tried to get my roommate to understand the difference.

    I am somewhat new to this life, and know I still have much to learn but no one ever stops learning.

    I do know that when it comes to the correcting of others that sounding a bit…condescending isn’t the way to get a point across. As I said beforehand, my views might be a bit different on the subject. I was lead in this direction by someone that understood difficulties that I was having and told me that this might be a good means to work through the difficult times and give me the time I needed to find my own footing.

    I am semi well educated, while my success isn’t in the form of a position in a company, yet in being the mother of four beautiful babies, one of which was a true miracle, I have my successes however small. I do not wish to be dependent upon anyone for anything but for now times are hard, and I seek help as I can until then.

    I am strong willed, strong minded, and stubborn as a mule, but at the same time I enjoy making another laugh, smile, and simply be able to relax in my presence knowing they will have no worries. If there is the chance of a mutual beneficial situation from me giving whatever simple pleasures, in exchange for the means to make sure I do have a place to stay at the very least, and those monetary benefits allowing it where I can have my own independence in the long run?

  338. lisa says:

    it can be defined many ways to many people. My mom for example, whom is very conservative and anti sex believes that if a woman who has children gets assitance from the government for food or housing, she is a prostitute because she had sex, had a baby, and is getting money because she had a baby. So anyone can twist it to mean different things.
    I’m going to make some coffee now, this is a heavy discussion, lol

  339. OCSugarBaby says:

    My version:
    1) Sugar Dating
    2) Dating

  340. OCSugarBaby says:

    Nika: It is clear, but take heed, many SB’s have a few SD’s. Nothing is typical, it is treading a deep and murky ocean when you blog about prostitution vs SB relationships. I hate the “P” word in any forum. But what you explained to your room-mate is a very good general response. She may never fully understand. It needs to be about you and what you want and feel comfortable with. No one has to agree with you but your SD.
    Sorry, just felt the need to let you know that you may not have a full view of some SB scenarios that are out there. Welcome to the Sugar Bowl!

  341. SuthrnExec says:

    Nika, I think you’re not capturing the independence that most SBs have – most are well educated, successful in their own right and are not solely dependent on a SD for most things.

  342. Nika/WildCat/302039 says:


    I might have a slightly narrow view of the SB life you are correct and I know that many do have jobs, educational backgrounds, and lives outside of their relationships.

    But isn’t one of the reasons for the allowance is to make it where the babies are available and don’t have to work around their jobs at least when it comes to the relationship with the Daddy? Or am I wrong in this belief?


    Yes there is a middle ground between a SB and a Prostitute. But in my case, my roommate simply jumped directly to a SB being a Prostitute, and nothing more than that.

  343. lisa says:

    and many prostitutes have screwed up lives. There are alot of crackwh*res in Houston. They will sleep with anyone to get their fix.

  344. Nika/WildCat/302039 says:


    It was a way I had been trying to explain to my roommate when she stated that me finding or looking for a SD was prostituting. I guess I didn’t put the wording right.

    Let me try it like this.

    A SB/Mistress in comparison to a prostitute, is the one that does have a roof over her head, has her bills taken care of, beautiful clothing, jewelry and is something beautiful to look at. YET does more than simply spending time on her back for the money to take care of herself and her bills. Plus she is with only One man, when compared to a prostitute, who never knows if she will have the money to take care of her bills, herself, or have the money to keep a roof over her head. Plus the prostitute isn’t with just a solitary man, but with several and every night/day of the week.

    Hopefully that makes more sense?

  345. Joules*300035* says:

    while you guys are on this prostitute subject….don’t forget there’s a middle-ground on all this…..

    1 – SD/SB relationships

    2 – ESCORTS

    3 – Prostitutes

    just a thought

  346. OCSugarBaby says:

    Nika: We have jobs, educational backgrounds, and lives outside of our sugar relationship. I think you may have a very narrow view of what makes up a typical SB. It is a mutually benificial relationship.

  347. Joules*300035* says:

    just curious….are any of you reigistered on other sites in addition to this one? i’m just sitting here bored and am thinking about seeing if i can find another one to register with; why not, ya know?

  348. OCSugarBaby says:

    Nika says: The SB/Mistress is the one that has a house over her head, her bills paid, beautiful clothing, jewelry, and she herself is something beautiful to look at and spends more time than just flat on her back with ONE man.

    OC Says: Whaat????

  349. Nika/WildCat/302039 says:

    Exactly Lisa. That was why I did what I did and pointed out to her. There is a major difference. Babies aren’t sleeping with everyone that comes along, it would be one person with a mutually beneficial situation, plus when you look at it the SD’s aren’t just looking for someone to have sex with, as many point out in their profiles, they can find that easily enough.

    A SB is there for also companionship, for someone to be there when they want to go out, when they want to do whatever. But it isn’t always and only about the sex.

  350. lisa says:

    So much said about women wanting a sugardaddy being a prostitute. Not the same at all, and why don’t more people look down on women who sleep with one man after the other for free? I have known women that go from one man to another, they didnt’ get paid for it, so it’s worse. It’s not the money that makes a prostitute bad, it’s the fact that she will sleep with anyone and there are plenty of women who do the same for nothing.
    How many prostitutes only have one john and how many prostitutes have a regular relationship with that john? I would think very few.

  351. Nika/WildCat/302039 says:

    I’m not sure when my profile is going to be approved but when it is can some of you guys take a look and tell me what you think?

  352. Nika/WildCat says:

    1)Sugar daddies seek many different ‘types’ of sugar babies, but the stereotype of a sugar baby isn’t necessarily what it used to be. This Friday, the Tyra Banks Show will be introducing online sugar dating to a wide audience, but will the show portray the depth and range of these relationships, or will the coverage be completely shallow and cast sugar daddies and babies in a negative light?

    Well in the first situation as far as Tyra Banks. Most of her shows don’t show the object in a negative light, she actually has one of the few shows that I’ve seen that do honest research on the subject matter that they are putting onto the show.

    Many of the Daddies from what I can tell don’t want the atypical “Barbie” baby. While some do. There are no simple standards anymore for what a woman looks like and that is what makes each baby so unique.

    2)Do sugar ‘barbies‘ fit the average sugar daddies bill?

    That’s something I have to say. There are no “average” Daddies. Just like there are no “average” babies out there. Each and everyone of them and us are unique and special. And that is what we are all looking for. Is that uniqueness. If a daddy wanted a sugar “barbie” he could probably find one at the local escort service.

    3)How do you ensure that a potential sugar doesn’t mistake your intentions (i.e., what you want in an arrangement)?

    You start the situation out via your profile, via email contacts, and via your phone conversations. And on that first date you go over exactly what it is you are both looking for from the possible relationship. Simple as that. Be honest from the beginning and if anything happens to change the situation in the future, talk to each other about it and decide then what to do.

    4)Would you be ‘proud to admit’ you’re on the prowl for a sugar daddy or sugar baby? Why or why not?

    I had an argument with my roommate over this the other day because I had told her that I had possibly found a SD. (I didn’t, he decided to flake after bringing up buying the tickets to bring me out to see him. But still) And she asked me why I didn’t go out and get a real job, instead of prostituting myself out.

    That made me think long and hard and I started to do some research and sat her down the next day and gave her comparisons. And told her that while sex might be involved(more than likely WILL be involved) there is a large difference between a SB and a prostitute. A SB usually only has one “sponsor” while a prostitute is available for the twenty or thirty bucks a go.

    But the way I gave the examples of is that a SB is like a Mistress back in the horse and buggy days. Her Sponsor aka SD helps take care of her bills and other needs, takes her out, makes sure she has pretty things and is pretty herself with clothing, jewelry, pedicures, manicures, getting her hair done and such.

    While with a prostitute, like I said before she’s available to anyone and everyone that has the cash. Once she’s done with one john she’s back out on the streets going for the next one.

    So if you compare the two side by side. The SB/Mistress is the one that has a house over her head, her bills paid, beautiful clothing, jewelry, and she herself is something beautiful to look at and spends more time than just flat on her back with ONE man. While a Prostitute is the one that goes to the closest alleyway, a by the hour motel, or the front or back seat of a car. And can’t guarantee if she’s going to survive the night or end up in jail.

  353. lisa says:

    Good evening everyone. Just got back from seeing my daughter. She is hobbling around on her sore foot. I looked at it , dont see anything, I guess it’s internal.
    Waiting to see if I hear from Bob. He hasn’t read my last message with my phone number but then I forgot I don’t think he has internet access after early afternoon. Anyway I’ll just have to see what happens.

  354. SuthrnExec says:

    It seems like over the last couple of weeks the activity has picked up for everyone – I take that as a very good sign. Perseverance pays!

  355. aj says:

    OC – I love that you are rigid xxx. Sometimes we have to be :)

    Lisa – good luck with bob! I will keep my fingers crossed for you!

    Joules – Do what you are comfortable with. I can tell you that I did that just last week and then the guy POOF! dissapeared! I never heard from him again, felt slightly violated that he has these pics of me and learned a valuable lesson.

    Hi Sugars! I have a few pot. sd’s right now! Yay!

  356. OCSugarBaby says:

    Me rigid? Yup, you can say that, but I like to think of it as I am a sugar who has my act together. I know what makes me happy and will not settle for less than True Bliss! Lord knows I paid my dues with bone heads in the past!

  357. ~*kittylaney*~ says:

    Lisa: YAY! I hope Bob is the one for u

  358. Nico says:

    LOL @ SE…good think you followed up with the gag reflex comment *winks*

    I am happy for you both and I’m certain my sugar’s out there too…it didn’t happen overnight for you two either so, who knows.

    XO to you both!

  359. SuthrnExec says:

    I just wanted to chime in regarding OC’s comments last evening related to our weekend. I think she enjoys making me blush! And you all are very gracious with your comments, but I have to tell you that it is extremely easy to treat OC well – she makes it that way. She is very gracious towards me – seemingly always thinking about me and my well-being. She is very “real” and we talk about anything and everything. She lets me vent about stuff that I can’t or don’t with other people. And she is a wonderful sounding board. We have a blast together because even though we both can be pretty anal about things (ok, I admit, I am much more that way), we both also are very good at going with the flow of things and taking things as they happen. I don’t think I’m much different from your average “Joe” – it’s just easy being with someone who let’s you relax and be yourself – and I appreciate that!

    My point in writing all this is not to test your gag-reflex, but to say that once you find a SD/SB that appreciates “you” for who you are, you will be treated with all the respect that you would ever deserve. It may take a while to find him/her, but once you do, there ain’t nuthin’ like it! :-)

  360. SuthrnExec says:

    That’s great news (about Bob) Lisa!

  361. lisa says:

    Hi everyone. I don’t think i’ll try to catch up as it will give me a headache, lol
    Just got back from the store. Wow almost 4 hours to walk and meet my parents, go to the store, and walk back. My poor dad walks so slow. It’s sad I remember when we couldn’t keep up with him. He loves to walk though. Got my daughter some new speakers for her computer so she can watch and hear her shows again. Just pigging out now. Out soon to meet my daughter when she gets off. Got her some rub on pain medicine for her foot, hope it helps.
    I heard from Bob, gave him my number, hope to talk to him later tonight.

  362. Atalanta says:

    Oh Bad BB, Atlanta’s great, I promise!

    If he takes you somewhere bad, then he is not trying hard enough!

    The people are nice, but as with any city, there are some others who bring the city down. For the most part, it’s very enjoyable. There’s a good food selection. I’m a vegetarian in the South, so that’s very important to me, but I can’t complain so far. The night life is very fun to. I’ve managed into some 21+ clubs with a fake, and again, I can’t complain. My SD says that there aren’t many “real” night clubs in Atlanta, and he’ll take me to some one day, so maybe I’m just young and naive for the time being. haha

    As far as living here, I don’t want to stay here for the rest of my life, but that may just be from living here almost all of my life. It’s a fun place though. There’s usually something happening, something to do…
    The weather is really nice compared to other states, though. Downside…It can get fickle, but right now it has just snowed, but in Athens, there is still snow on the ground, but it feels so nice outside. It is supposed to warm up soon, so I’m keeping my fingers crossed.

    And SD says that the shopping’s not that great, but I’m sure you can find somewhere to have a shopping spree. lol. Saks, anyone? lol

  363. OCSugarBaby says:

    Joules-He is not going down a positive pot path if he is wanting Sexual pictures before you meet. Ugh…

  364. SuthrnExec says:

    Joules, if you’re not comfortable doing, stick to your guns, don’t do it. I have never asked for any pics beyond what’s on a profile. There’s not a problem if someone wants to exchange “sexy shots” as long as both are comfortable with it. It’s just not my thing. But if you’re not comfortable with it, don’t do it. It’s that simple.

  365. Joules*300035* says:

    lol….figures….my pot SD that’s def. wanting to meet, he just asked for another picture…. ‘a sexy shot’ hehehe i told him the most i was comfortable showing him was a booty shot! *grin*

    how do you guys feel about sending ‘sexy shots’ of yourself; regardless wether or not you’ve met yet (cuz i personally don’t agree with it until we’ve met and have an ongoing arrangement).

    poor guy….gotta stick my grounds though!

  366. Bad BB says:

    Thx! I’m sure your right! Ill take his call next time!

  367. SuthrnExec says:

    BadBB, not sure what to think about the long distance issue – there could be a lot in his particular situation that I don’t know. Maybe it was something he had been intending to do and this was enough to push him to do it – and likely he didn’t think about if something should be done in the interim. He’s just thinking of solving the “long-term calling you” problem – not the “call you as soon as possible” problem. Guys think in terms of problems to solve a lot of the time so maybe that was his thinking. Until you talk more or meet and get to know him, don’t read too much into everything.

  368. aj says:

    Wow! The blog is happening today! lmao!!!

  369. Bad BB says:

    Suthern: That was such a turnoff! I wasn’t sure if I was just being too snobbish but it was gross and disrespectful to a certain degree… And what do you think about the pot that had to activate a long distance plan to call Canada? I know it seems nice that he would do that just to call me but… he could have just bought a phone card… or called me direct until he got the plan… 5 days with no contact and that’s a lame excuse… being busy is one thing but being cheap…

  370. SuthrnExec says:

    Greetings everyone – welcome all new-comers. I really haven’t had a chance to blog lately –

    BadBB – I HATE it when people talk to me on the phone when they make it obvious they’re in the bathroom – absolutely not good!

    Kitty, relax, he’ll call. Some guys choose not to communicate via company devices because of privacy issues so it may take extra effort for him to get to where he can call.

  371. OCSugarBaby says:

    Yo Berk-ster- I am goinging to ask the burning question that has been lurking in my mind for the past few days. Are you still with BerkSB? Your blog input has been sans BerkSB lately. Hope all is well.

  372. OCSugarBaby says:

    Suthrn- You asked me somewhere up^, “What kind of jeans does an 83 year old wear”… Well, they would not be LUCKY jeans! hahah
    That is a joke, when Surhrn and I went shopping this past weeknd, I helped him pick out a pair of LUCKY Brand jeans.

  373. ~*kittylaney*~ says:

    berk if u are serious about NYC, e-mail me

  374. Nico says:

    LOL @ Kitty…love it!!

  375. ~*kittylaney*~ says:

    ooOO bowl LOL….

  376. ~*kittylaney*~ says:

    Joules: I used to say to pot that $1 k a month is for my basic upkeep but $3k a month will make me immaculate
    it works well :)

  377. Nico says:

    Kitty ~ Her Pot called her from the toilet and then owned up to it when she called him out because she heard the toilet flush 😉

  378. Joules*300035* says:

    jeeeez i got up way too early today! normally right now is when i would just be rollin outta bed hehehe but nooooo been up six friggin hours already!

    and patience sucks! i’m sure we’ve all gone through that one wether it be waiting on an email response, phone call or for the actual date to finally get here hahaha

    as for my main pot SD he asked me when so it really paid off for me to be meticulous about my responses to him in regards to what i wanted financially and the transportation issue! I’m stoked! Just PATIENTLY (not!) waiting on his next response so we can start planning all of this!

    happy happy joy joy!!!

    oh ya, and my pot SD….the final email I sent him in response to the financial end, he responded with….I’m definately on the same page as your thinking…or somethin like that! *grin* i just told him i didn’t want to ‘set a price’ on our first weekend (but told him my HOPES, dining, shopping, fun event) but that a couple hundred bucks would be a great start! i also threw in there that i had a feeling that he would find my company / companionship well worth MORE than the ‘around’ $1,000 per month that I was requesting! *grin*

  379. ~*kittylaney*~ says:

    What do u mean bb, and no I don;’t think u were harsh

  380. Bad BB says:

    Kitty: Perhaps I was being a bit harsh… @ least he didn’t call from on the bowl like mine! lol

  381. ~*kittylaney*~ says:

    ok gotta be patient…
    *sigh* so hard

  382. ~*kittylaney*~ says:

    true true

  383. Nico says:

    Kitty ~ have to agree with Berk and Atlanta on this one…sorry. My previous SD isn’t much into phone calls…specially just to chat. When I would call him I would always go to voice mail so I quit calling. As soon as I did he began calling me.

    He is going to follow through with ‘his’ intentions whether they be to meet you Saturday or the unthinkable so, we’ll remain positive that he’s a man of his word. I say, if you have set a date, time and location, there’s no reason to ‘confirm’ because everything is already set.

  384. Bad BB says:

    Atlanta! A good woman is hard to reach lol! How are you? I had a question … I have a pot recently moved to Atl. I wanted to know what kind of place it is? I have never been there and my pot is hitting he wants to fly me down… What are the people like? How about the weather? Food? Just tell me how much you like living there versus another state… plz

  385. Bad BB says:

    Good Afternoon Sugar Babes and Daddies!

    Kitty: I have very strict rules for dating men. And NEVER call first is one of them! The men on this site drive me so nuts that I have actually developed a new set of rules just for them! Stop calling him. Busy or not busy if he can ‘t make time to call when will he make time to spoil? Besides you sound like “You got it Goin’ ON!! ” :) And we all know time is money so if he ain’t spendin’ dont be wastin’!!!

  386. BerkshireSD says:

    You’ve got a date on Sat. Stop worrying until then.

  387. ~*kittylaney*~ says:

    berk: I am waiting for him to deliver

  388. ~*kittylaney*~ says:

    there’s a conspiracy here i think lol
    i need to read the book/ what the movie….
    it just confuses me that he set a date with me but doean’t call me

  389. ~*kittylaney*~ says:


  390. Gail says:

    lol….naw…we will chat…PM me with your yahoo account:)

  391. ~*kittylaney*~ says:

    i am confused.. gail?? do u know something i dont know

  392. Gail says:

    lol…we do!!! lol…..simple things do matter.

    and Berkshire…you woulld care too if she was Berkshire’s SB.

  393. ~*kittylaney*~ says:

    how do u know Gail?

  394. BerkshireSD says:

    Who gives a [email protected] if he calls as long as he shows and “delivers”

    What happend to NSA?

  395. Gail says:

    And I do know that he is into you…so head up Kitty…fight the urge….the phone will ring…lol…just not when you want it to:)

  396. BerkshireSD says:

    Ok ladies and girls. I have set up an addr to contact me. It is not a “real” one. Just for the purpose of this blog.

    Please don’t spam or drive me crazy…however crazed fans welcome.

    And I don’t want to hear from CEO bob until after he shows up at Lisa’s in a car with a bird cage gift.

    berk12 be at live dat calm

    Peace, goodwill and love to us all.

  397. Atalanta says:


    Have you read the book, “He’s Just Not That Into You?”
    If he’s not making the effort to at least email you, then maybe you shouldn’t pine after him.
    Granted, Most SDs are busy men, so I’d definitely give it some time, or at least let him know that when he doesn’t initiate communication, that you feel a bit slighted and unsure of his intentions.
    That way, he’ll know what’s on your mind, and the ball is in his court to change that.

  398. Gail says:

    STOP CALLING HIM!!!! Men fall into predictable patterns fairly easily and if you have established a relationship where you call him instead of waiting for him to call you he has no reason to change. It may take awhile but he will call:)

  399. ~*kittylaney*~ says:

    that’s what i am thinking he’s not interested
    we have set a date this saturday though….

  400. lisa says:

    Kitty, I would say that that pot sd is not interested or is just not motivated enough to make it work. I have found that when I do most of the calling, the guy just isn’t interested.

  401. lisa says:

    Well I dont’ have anyone who can keep him for me. Don’t know any of my neighbors and besides they all have herds of kids and you know how careless kids are with animals. I also have to be careful because i’m not supposed to have any pets without a deposit. He has to stay in my apartment as he doesn’t have a cage, just a box so he’s not really portable. He is also kinda mean and possesive of me, as I said he thinks I’m his woman, lol

    Really gotta be leaving now. Be back this afternoon

  402. ~*kittylaney*~ says:

    Quick Sugar question: if a Pot SD doesn’t call/e-mail you.. he only replies when you send /call first… bad sign? how do I make him call me more?

  403. ~*kittylaney*~ says:

    so can it go to comeone’s house or does the bird have to stay in ur house? so someone trusted must go in to feed?

  404. lisa says:

    Gotta be leaving for the store now. Be back this afternoon for a break and then on to meet my daughter when she gets off work. She is having problems with her foot since she came back from her trip. It’s swollen and hurts alot. She won’t take advil or anything.

    Gotta go now

  405. lisa says:

    Not sure. My bird just has to be fed and given water. He’s in a box so he’s cover needs to stay on. He likes to fly around a little and without the door open as I don’t want to lose him. He also loves popcorn, lol

  406. ~*kittylaney*~ says:

    u can’t pass it up
    spending money and lost wages $.. a ride and a bird sitter…

    (what does a birdsitter’s job entail???)

  407. lisa says:

    I;ll see if I can get it off. I have to be off the next saturday for my daughter’s graduation. That gives me some time though.

  408. ~*kittylaney*~ says:

    Good luck Joules!!!
    I don’t want to break the blog
    but my gmail is my screen name at gmail so contact me

  409. Joules*300035* says:

    ya, I’m def. interested in the trip to NY as well….only way i’ll be able to go though is if everything goes well in a couple weeks when I meet my pot SD (aka I’ll have money for a ticket IF it works out with him)

  410. ~*kittylaney*~ says:

    good luck hun

  411. ~*kittylaney*~ says:

    May 16-18 :) saturday till monday :)

  412. Nico says:

    Well, they pulled strings to make it happen. I may still be hopping the fence though….sparkled up the resume’ a bit….fingers crossed but Plan “B” still pays the bills!! YEAH!!

  413. lisa says:

    when is this trip to New York? I’m having to take off a couple weekends in APril for my daughter’s Galveston trip and a company picnic, I gotta put my time in for that this week.

  414. ~*kittylaney*~ says:

    Yay! i’m glad you’re not in a pickle anymore! I hope Plan “b” is everything you deserve at least…

  415. lisa says:

    stop it girls, I’m getting cavities, lol

    Just got back from doing laundry. Getting ready to walk to the store and meet my parents who are walking from the other direction. Dad uses a walker so i’ll give them a fair start before I leave. Need to pick up some stuff for my daughter’s trip to Austin tomorrow.
    Right now I am fighting off my bird, he is jealous of the computer mouse, trying to pick me to keep me away from it. It’s scary as I think he thinks i’m his girlfriend. creepy

  416. Nico says:

    Hey Kitty….my bosses came back with a Plan “B” for me and while I still wish I didn’t HAVE to work for a living, I’m fortunate for Plan “B” so, yes, my day is slow and boring too but I feel very fortunate that I’ve been saved…for the short term anyway *grin*

  417. Nico says:

    LOL @ Berk….boys are easily entertain *winks*

  418. ~*kittylaney*~ says:

    … my day at work is going by.. so….. slow…
    it’s not even lunch time yet….

  419. MishBocaRatonGrl*252314 says:

    Berk, I’d be more then happy to try to work you into the trip some how… message me.

  420. BerkshireSD says:

    Wow this place is happening. Hot baths. Showers. I am going to shave at some point today.

    Oh, and hey! I wanna go to FL!

  421. ~*kittylaney*~ says:

    I just need to be able to take a couple weeks off work
    which… btw… I might be able to .. if I find enough investors for me and SV’s business venture.. then I’ll have my own business :)

  422. Joules*300035* says:

    no crap….i have NOTHING here holding me back (except money for a ticket somewhere and hopefully i’ll get that in a couple weeks lol)….i’m really hopin to be able to get out soon and enjoy living more than ever! hahaha

  423. Joules*300035* says:

    that’s cool! i’d just rather have the opportunity to sit down during a conversation with my SD and tell him about my business ventures rather than him reading about it on my business MySpace page! lol Other than that, if an SD don’t like it…poooey to him lol it’s MY business journey :)

  424. Nico says:

    I’m in MISH!!! 😉

  425. MishBocaRatonGrl*252314 says:

    I’m planning a Florida Trip to my place girlies! who’s down lol

  426. MishBocaRatonGrl*252314 says:

    Joules- I do the same thing, I work in the music industry, focusing on Hip Hop. You’d be surprised what an SD finds impressive. I’m in college for Commercial Music as well as just interning for radio/web .

  427. ~*kittylaney*~ says:

    NicO @ Nico… LOL.. we are… sugar drug… hee heee~~~~
    and apparantly a Sugar Mommy & Sugar Daddy! LOL

  428. Nico says:

    LOL ~ so glad you two (Kitty and Bettie) aren’t drug dealers *winks* I would be convinced…okay, just once…LOL

    Lisa ~ it’s far enough in advance that you can make it happen…..yes, it will require some sacrifices etc but NOTHING in life is free…you have to be willing to work for it and WHO KNOWS what could come of the trip.

    This is your gift horse honey….you have a pet sitter, a car (older beat up pickup) to get you, an allowance AND a plane ticket. What more do you need???

  429. Joules*300035* says:

    Young&Fabulous….sorry about that….i HAD to have my shower !!!! then it just kinda dawned on me that I might have just come off kinda rude; sorry if so….just had that shower on my mind since I woke up!

  430. ~*kittylaney*~ says:

    *sprinkles sugary dust on Lisa*

  431. BettieGirlDD*273192 says:

    Come on lisa… you need some sugar to rub off on you!

  432. Joules*300035* says:

    Just east of Knoxville (so I think Nashville is less than 4 hours from me). I gotta go shower right quick and go annoy the doggie. be back soon guys

  433. Young&Fabulous!!! says:

    What part? I live in nashville =)

  434. ~*kittylaney*~ says:

    How about not a limo, but a normal car to pick you up! I think you really deserve a vacation and you have to take the opportunity. U don’t have to worry about this trip screwing you over, it’d be with a bunch of fun loving SBs and SDs like Gail and myself! How can they not believe you win a sweestakes, it’s not an accomplishment, just luck… they can’t believe you ONLY have bad luck!

  435. Joules*300035* says:

    Yes I do…..since a couple of weeks ago

  436. Young&Fabulous!!! says:

    Joules you live in TN?

  437. Joules*300035* says:

    Lisa, ya…that’s the way Cricket works. My Cricket phone was out of Kansas City and I simply adding some roaming minutes to it so I could use it here in TN. Then I was out one weekend and started losing service totaly (which isn’t supposed to happen with roaming turned on) then when I regained service, I wasn’t even roaming anymore!!! hahahaha! Somehow my Cricket service got tricked into believing I WAS NOT roaming! Oh well, all that’s over with now though because it finally got shut off. Just have to get another one after my weekend with my pot SD! hahaha

  438. Joules*300035* says:

    uhhhhg….trying to pick out a couple of recent pics of myself to send to my pot SD….i hate all these cellphone pics i’ve taken of myself lol just don’t look that great gggrrrrr

  439. lisa says:

    Good morning everyone. Just got up. It felt good to sleep late as I have been so tired the last couple days. A nice sunny day here.

    Kitty, I wouldn’t want a limo driving up here, too much attention. When I travel I need to slip out or my apartment will be a target for burglary. And my parents would never believe I won a sweepstakes. lol

    As far as that cricket phone service, they have that here but I don’t think you can use you phone outside of the Houston metro area. There is a worse one though, Virgin mobile, which I have. 25 cents a minute, but since I don’t use it much, it is ok for text messaging. I have a land line for regular calls and since I have dsl phone internet, I have to have a land phone.

    Well I’m off to the laundrette, store, etc today. Very busy day but I will be coming back home between errands.
    Have a great day everyone.

  440. ~*kittylaney*~ says:

    Nico: haha you just proved that the SA method of trying to get guys to join worked!!!

  441. ~*kittylaney*~ says:

    Joules: I have learned to isolate my real life and sugar life I have a facebook account for my real life and one with sugar life :)….

  442. ~*kittylaney*~ says:

    Berk: that’s very sweet of you

    LISA: As NYC trip planner, I will pay for your bird sitting (hell, take it with you to NYC if u’d like) I will get a limo to pick u up from your house to the airport and back… offer you $500 spending money while in NYC and lost wages for not working that weekend. I will mail you letter to pretend you had won a sweepstakes for an trip to NYC so you can present to your family. What do you say?

    OC: I really hope I will find a SD like suthrnExec. Maybe…? Please? I’ve been so good!

  443. Joules*300035* says:

    So here’s a thought (kinda sorta) that I haven’t heard anyone really bring up in here yet…..MySpace.

    My pot SD that I will be meeting soon just asked for more pictures; or possibly a MySpace site. I have two MySpace pages, one personal one business. There is absolutely NO WAY I would send him a link to either of them at least until I got to know him a little better. I mean, it would be nice to send him a link to my business site but I mean, I work with local hiphop artists (and other genres) and since I don’t know my pot SD that well just yet, it almost sounds like a turn-off to me….I mean, if I were him and read over my business MySpace for the first time w/o knowing me very well.

    As I’ve stated before, I’ve always been very good at juggling a double-life and I personaly don’t think that doing PR for local hiphop artists just sounds that appealing to a pot SD that’s in his early/mid 40’s !

    Sooooo, it looks like I’m going to have to download some pictures off MySpace afterall and then upload them into email! GGrrrrr dial-up sucks! hahaha

  444. Joules*300035* says:

    goooood morning all! (not that anyone’s risen and shining yet it seems other than myself and Nico!)

    that was me that was asking about premium accounts.

    anywho great news sugar world! my first pot SD just asked me when i wanted to meet for my little weekend excursion!!!!!!

  445. Nico says:

    Good morning Sugar Fam :)

    OC ~ you’re too sweet. I love hear how highly you speak of SE…not that any of us doubted how sweet he was….it’s just so nice to hear it :) I really am happy for you (both) and in some ways a little jealous (in a healthy way of course) *grin*. The big stuff ‘helps’ but the little things can mean so much!

    Lisa ~ somebody mentioned earlier about a pet sitter……I ALWAYS factor that in to my plans. I have a little dog and he’s my best friend with four legs. He has a designated ‘sitter’ and so I know how much she charges whenever I leave him with her. When I am invited anywhere, whether I’m driving for an overnight or flying out for a weekend, I always always discuss the pet sitter fees with them!! I have never once had anybody say no. They will typically give me the cash to cover the cost along with the gas money, round it up and throw in another 100 if I had to take a cab etc. Pet sitters don’t require you to pay until you return so there’s no concern of money out of your pocket 😉

    Somebody asked a question earlier about e-mailing somebody without a premium account. I’ve done it but for usually only a couple of reasons ~ 1. I was bored and/or there was something in their profile that intrigued me (sometimes they let the profile lapse for a brief period) or 2. because they’ve placed me on their favorites list. Had a guy do that once and when I wrote him he immediately upgraded his membership to premium.

  446. Joules*300035* says:

    Well, where I’m at there’s just simply nothing around for 20 min., nothing to do, no where to go. TN ranks (last I heard) like 47 out of 50 states in education which sucks for me as I enjoy being educated (just had to get it elsewhere). I dunno, the people where I’m at are just backwoods so to speak. Technology scares them, they don’t understand the world and see no reason to ever leave the city they were born in. It’s just a lot of bad vibey people here that have no class / education / understanding of the world (almost the ‘the world is flat!’ syndrome! hahaha). Granted, I’ve decided to stay put here for a long time now though….gotta lot of dreams and goals to fullfill! Mainly I’ve stayed out of TN so much because I don’t really have that attachment here that most do with family / friends as I don’t really have any that are close. Buuuut all that will change in time, especially since I’ve got such big dreams for my company! hahaha

    well i’m gettin off here myself; goin to try to go back to sleep! have fun mina!

  447. Mina says:

    gurlnextdoor – One thing (of many) I don’t like about Tyra is that she thinks every girl who isn’t on the path to a typical “American dream” life (college, marrying, 2.5 kids, stay at home mom, white picket fence, etc) is instead on a path to self destruction. And she, for whatever reason, feels it’s her duty to “save” these girls who are doing absolutely nothing wrong, other than living their lives by their own rules and choices.
    She’s not some sort of savior or superwoman, she just needs to get over herself because I don’t want to see her ego grow even more.

  448. Mina says:

    I’ve been at different times throughout the year, but it’s a bit pointless as I don’t ski. My parents have just finished building in PC so I prefer it over Aspen as I have the comfort of being able to lounge about in my parents’ house, lol.
    Why do you hate it? Sorry for being so inquisitive. I’ve lived in the same city all my life, traveled extensively, but can’t imagine moving away. It’s my own personal bubble. 😉
    I’m off to Dallas and Atlanta for a few days each.

  449. gurlnextdoor says:

    Argh just checked out the clip from Friday on the Tyra show and of course she’s putting sugar dating in a bad light, making all sugar babies look like air headed gold diggers….well that’s popular television for ya

  450. Joules*300035* says:

    o m g ! Aspen, during off season is the most boring, deserted town I’ve ever been too! hahaha

    I call Denver my home but I wasn’t born there. I grew up right where I’m at right now (well, close enough) but I’ve always hated it here; started moving around when I was like 14 but considering how much I’ve moved around, I stayed in the Denver area the longest (which is why I call it my home)

    packing huh? where to?

  451. Mina says:

    I’m not entirely sure if emails can be sent/received while a profile is pending but the whole process doesn’t take more than a few hours until approval.
    Lol “with new members joining SA everyday…” I sound like an SA-PSA, ha. But I do like your approach!
    I can’t imagine what that must have been like. Are you originally from Denver then? I’ve only been to Aspen… And I don’t even ski.

  452. Mina says:

    Might as well keep the conversation going while I pack, lol…
    If I’m not mistaken, non-premium SDs cannot read or respond to emails unless they have a picture posted. I could be wrong about this however!

  453. Joules*300035* says:

    cool, thanks for the suggestion. I just did another initial email so maybe I’ll wait until tomorrow night to change it so my profile doesn’t become inactive / pending approval just to change one picture….oorrrrr is that just when you edit your information??!

    I think I’ve decided to only do one initial email to a pot SD a day. i dunno why, i guess so I don’t run out so quickly of possibilities !!

    I miss Denver. living out in KC was ok but that was several years ago however i just spent about 5 months there tying up loose ends (burried my husband)

  454. Joules*300035* says:

    oh, and what’s everyone’s (ya, the whole both of us here right now lol!) thoughts on responding / initiating first contact with a non-premium member?

  455. Mina says:

    I absolutely love KC! Though I can’t remember what mobile service people out there use, lol.
    The second picture is fine since it is a close-up but I would recommend posting a large size of the first photo because it is dark/harder to see. Saves you a step so you don’t have to email it… Efficient. :)

  456. Joules*300035* says:

    well, minus just moving here to TN, before I was in Denver and in KC,MO. EVERYONE I know out there has Cricket and everyone loves it. It blows my mind out here how few people even know Cricket exists hehehe

    hey mina, what’s your thoughts on this:

    somehow i uploaded 4kb thumbnails for my pictures, just now realized this. Should I go ahead and fix that or do the pictures look ok as is? I think they look fine, just blurred a little bit. Plus it’s not like I can’t email the larger sized ones if asked to do so.

  457. Mina says:

    Ha, you’re the only person I’ve come across that has good things to say about Cricket. Then again, you’re the third person I know of that had/did have the service…
    I think a lot of men are trying to figure this site out for themselves, so rest assured you’re not the only one. 😉

  458. Joules*300035* says:

    hey now, leave Cricket alone! hahaha i looooove my cricket phone (well, i DID until it was disconnected yesterday).

    so guys, i was bored earlier, made first contact with a pot SD and already got an email back BUUUUUT this one probably will NOT go much further than another email or two.

    ohhhh well, i have 2 interested pots left hehehe

  459. Mina says:

    HenriLouis – Would love to lend some (hopefully) helpful advice or even read any questions/concerns/thoughts you have as an SD meeting a potential SB, since I am so used to reading about the other way around. Nice change of pace. Please keep us posted on the progress and good luck!

  460. HenriLouis*294522 says:

    Good morning everyone on this beautiful day,
    Mindboggling is the word that fits the stories.
    It is seven in the morning now and an hour ago I started to read.
    Two blogs going on side by side !
    Wonderful stories and such incredible advice.
    Girls I take my hat off and bow deeply to you.
    Most of you tell that they are still in their twenties, but what wisdom !
    By the way, wasn’t there a song “you may leave your hat on “?
    Must remember to bring it along on my first outing with an SB.
    By the way, things are looking bright for me.
    There is a nice girl really interested in me, it seems.
    I might ask you for some advice myself some day.
    It is always girls that talk about the subject how to prepare best for him.
    Now wouldn’t it be a hoot to do it the other way around ?
    Off to the gym now,

  461. Mina says:

    Don’t all mobile services have long distance plans? Unless you’re using one of those awful, cheap services like cricket…

  462. Bad BB says:

    Tell me about it Mina!! Total disappointment! And now my other pot that I hadn’t heard from in a few days, just called me and left a message on my voice mail saying he just got a long distance plan on his phone to call me so it wouldn’t cost him an arm and a leg! Maybe I’m just pissy cuz of my “Royal Flush” but hasn’t he ever heard of a phone card? Cheesh!

  463. Mina says:

    Bad BB – My, what a charmer that one!

  464. Gail says:

    lol….I can tell you SE…but I too am interested on what OCSugar has to say….

  465. SuthrnExec says:

    OC, what sort of jeans would an 83 yr old SD wear?? :-)

  466. VillaCypris *276489* says:

    good night lisa! sweet dreams. x

  467. lisa says:

    Have a good night everyone. I’m going to go get in bed and watch some tv and sleep late tomorrow.

  468. lisa says:

    83 years old, lol just sit him in his chair in front of the tv with his laptowel and go shopping, lol

  469. lisa says:

    I ended up with this bird (actualy a pigeon) when they nested in my flower pot. Came home from work and found the neighbors kids had knocked the 2 chicks out of the nest, stomping on one of them. I found this one huddled next to his dead sibbling and the mother very upset. Brought him in, fed him, taught him to eat and he is doing fine. Too domesticated to survive outside and his mom doesnt’ really recognize him anymore. He still has a little problem with a wing so I don’t think he’d survive outside with the cats around.
    He’s very possesive of me, it’s weird. When I have company and I let him out in the uncarpeted dining room, he stays around my feet. I give him baths and keep him clean but still have him in a box, havent got money for a cage right now.

  470. OCSugarBaby says:

    I just watched the Tyra video clip from Friday’s show and one of the girls states that she had and SD that was 83 years old! Yuck…

  471. Angela says:

    Lisa, you can always get a bird sitter on Craig’s list. Heck make that a stipulation in your allowance…LOL pet care expense…it’s part of travel right? LOTI

  472. SuzieQ says:

    Lol lisa!

  473. VillaCypris *276489* says:

    awwwwwww…. i’m really happy for you and suthrn OC!!!!!!!! that’s great!!!and gives the rest of us hope :)

  474. Angela says:

    I talk to my mom that way…… that is. I would never do that on with a pot SD.
    Reminds me of a quote.

  475. lisa says:

    And Angela’s sd’s toilet runneth over, lol

    That’s sweet of you OC

  476. OCSugarBaby says:

    Berk-My my my, you are indeed sweet. :)

    Lisa- I will work your shifts at the store and bird sit for you! :)

    Ladies-I read your pot stories and shake my head in disbelief. I thank god each day for Suthrn. What a lucky girl I am!
    I am still smiling from a wonderful romantic weekend with my sugar. He not only came to my home town for our weekend. He did some wonderful sweet errands for me while I was at work on Friday. He had my oil changed on my car and ran my car to the dealer for new wiper blades. lol
    What a sweetheart he is. My sugar cup run’eth over! :)

  477. Angela says:

    OK….DOUBLE EWWW …He shouldn’t have claimed it.

  478. lisa says:

    I know what you mean. Having money doesn’t guarantee class or manners. My ex boyfriend was a petroleum geologist that made tons of money and was highly educated but had a simple upbringing. One time we went to a restraurant and he wondered into the kitchen looking for our food . They told him to go back to his table. I was very embarrased.

  479. Angela says:

    OR he wasn’t in the toilet at all but near by …open door ….really loud toilet.

    I mean, sometimes ya gotta ….I will admit I have…BUT…..I would just walk out of BR and flush it later ….after the conversation
    Therefore, my reasoning is. “hypothetically, if he did….relieve himself while talking to you ..he probably wouldn’t have wanted you to hear it so he would’ve not flushed and come back.
    I think you shouldn’t jump to conclusions….no matter how harebrained my hypothesis is…it is still within the realm of possible.

  480. Bad BB says:

    Lisa: I wish but no! He was trying to be slick about it but when I heard the flush he laughed it off and apologized! He asked if I could call him tomorrow around the same time and I said NO!!!! God! What is up with some of these mens! They think because they have money they don’t even need to try to make an effort to be polite and have some manners!

  481. lisa says:

    Bad BB maybe he as cleaing the toilet and it was time to flush the toilet cleaner down, lol phone in one hand, toilet paper in other, lol

  482. Angela says:


  483. Bad BB says:

    That is sooo nasty to me! Beyond Faux Pas! I DON’T wanna talk to him again!

  484. Bad BB says:

    Just got off the phone with a pot or should I say a NOT! We were making small talk and then I heard the toilet flush! I was appalled! He was getting rid of lunch while talking to me for the first time! How disgusting!

  485. SuzieQ says:

    Yeah I know….I’m a starbuck’s snob! If my pot sd is out there, take note!

  486. SuzieQ says:

    I’m a grandenonfathalfsweetextrahotnofoamchailatte girl myself

  487. Angela says:

    Just like all men there’s good and bad. My cowboy (ex hubby) was one of the good ones. Hardworking, honest , faithful, and a nice big rooster.

  488. lisa says:

    I love coffee and my soda. I’m poor so I’ll drink any soda, prefer coke.

    Cowboys are a total turnoff. Actually I never realized who hicky Texas men are till I started trying to meet guys online. I’m originally from the midwest, not a native Texas.

  489. Angela says:

    lisa Says:
    March 3rd, 2009 at 10:28 pm

    show me a man in a cowboy hat, boots, beltbuckle, and blue jeans , and I’d decline as I’d rather stay home and clean the toilet than go out with a cowboy, lol
    You ever see those guy with the big huge belt buckles?
    That’s a grave marker for a Dead…….. ummmmmm Roooster.

    and Lisa, you’re not the only one who doesn’t like wine. I have tried to appreciate fine wines but most are too bitter (i like sweet things…lol) or to dry (makes my mouth feel like i licked alum.)
    btw that was a joke…not all of em have dead roosters. I was married to one… but now I’m of the same mind as you Lisa.
    I also don’t drink coffee like most ppl I drink Pepsi…same thing , don’t talk to me till I’ve had my Pepsi, and don’t you DARE take my last one…LOL

  490. bostonTerrier says:

    bonnie –

    i never make the first contact because i just figure if a guy wants to meet me after seeing my profile (or after seeing i viewed his), he’ll send me a message. i figure if he is sending me the message then he has to be really interested and it has never failed me yet.

    that is just me.

  491. lisa says:

    I tried answering your question Angela but I can’t get it to go through no matter how I word it.

  492. lisa says:

    It’s a mystery why the C h i city is banned but I remember S t e p h a n the moderator for the blog saying their was a spammer with a similar name. my last comment just got moderated

  493. VillaCypris *276489* says:

    Hey Gail!! Looks like you had fun in vegas 😉

    Lisa ~ you should take BerkSD up on his offer!! Try to go to NYC, you would LOVE IT!!!!!

    Angela ~ the only words I know of are C H I C A G O and O M G.

  494. lisa says:

    I’d love to get away but how would I explain it to my family? My bird would be left alone and I have no one I trust to stop and check him other than my family and they wouldn’t help me if I was doing something they didn’t approve of, like having a good time, lol

  495. Angela says:

    I don’t get it. Why do those words get edited/banned? They aren’t even similar to a curse.
    Also, where can i find out what all i can and can’t say?

  496. lisa says:

    77024, yes that’s a few blocks from me. The hospital and mall are over there. Nice area. Interstate 10 separates us and the side I live on is know as “little mexico”.

  497. Gail says:

    Awww Lisa…Bershire was so kind to offer you a ticket for New York!!! You have time to make it happen. Even if you are a newbie at work…it doesn’t hurt to ask. And you can come for 1 or 2 days…here’s your opportunity to get out of Texas.

    Thats was truly SUGAR of you Bershire:) You amaze me:)

  498. bonniebelleblue says:

    Good Evening All,

    I haven’t received any profile feedback from any of ya’ll yet. :( But I have another question, while reading the blog, I’ve noticed that some ladies are very against making the first contact with someone that they are interested in. Why is that?

  499. VillaCypris *276489* says:

    A bunch of my college mates were from memorial village 77024. is that what you’re talking about, on the “good side” of the freeway?

  500. VillaCypris *276489* says:

    LoL @ Lisa…

  501. lisa says:

    show me a man in a cowboy hat, boots, beltbuckle, and blue jeans , and I’d decline as I’d rather stay home and clean the toilet than go out with a cowboy, lol

  502. gurlnextdoor says:

    here*…meet here lol

  503. lisa says:

    Never been to Waco. Just the Rio grande valley (Brownsville where I spent most of my childhood) and Houston where I have lived for 22 years. I don’t like the hick factor of Texas. All they talk about on the news now is the Rodeo that is in town.

  504. gurlnextdoor says:

    Hmm I sort of live near a major city, but all the SDs I meet her seem to want a SB that lives in another city. :( Not that I mind because I like traveling and if I can find someone who doesn’t mind flying me out to see them, then I’d be happy.

  505. SuzieQ says:

    Just curious…why not c hicago?

  506. lisa says:

    Just remember to keep your money on your body, not your purse and be prepared for the gulking eyes of illegals from central america. And be prepared for the heat and humidity. lol

  507. VillaCypris *276489* says:

    Hi Angela ~~~

    Hmmm … Waco…. I went there for a wedding in 1996… was odd…

  508. lisa says:

    uh oh I spelled c h i c a g o in the wrong way , got moderated. Tried separating the o from the rest, didnt’ work

  509. bostonTerrier says:

    my boyfriend/”close friend” will be in houston this summer working for schlumberger … i’m going to try to visit him so i can experience the houston thing.

    i lived in waco a while ago as a child but i remember hating it & texas :( maybe it was because i was like 10 or something.

  510. Angela says:

    HenriLouis*294522 Says:
    This blog will really turn into a Tower of Bable language contest.

    VillaCypris *276489* Says:
    March 3rd, 2009 at 10:06 pm
    Good evening all! So many new bloggers ~~ woo!! ~~ welcome~! :)

    REEEEEeeeeeeeLeeeeeeeee yeeeeeeeee yaaaaaa.

  511. lisa says:

    There are actually alot of nice areas of Houston. I live blocks from one of the best areas called Memorial. It’s on the good side of the freeway, i’m on the bad side. But it is mostly houses, not many apartments there. One I tried to move into that was mostly old ladies, nice area, safe, but I didn’t make enough money to qualify and they only had one apartment for rent anyway as people don’t move out that much as it’s a nice place.

  512. bostonTerrier says:

    lol, i spelled it normally and then realized your “c h i c a g o” lisa :)

  513. VillaCypris *276489* says:

    LoL… yes… C H I C A G O … and also have to separate O M G .. right?

  514. lisa says:

    Let us inform all new blog members that there is one city that we can’t mention without moving the letters a little, lol

  515. VillaCypris *276489* says:

    Lisa ~ hope it works out….. I wish I had tons of money and I would move you out of Houston to somewhere safe, and happy and FUN! :)

  516. lisa says:

    good play on the forbidden city bostonTerrier, you remembered the banned word, lol

  517. VillaCypris *276489* says:

    BT – yea, there is NO ONE around Minneapolis… ch icago is only one hour away by plane though… hmmmmm

  518. bostonTerrier says:

    yep … patience is also a must.

    i also think living near a *major* city like … new york, or boston, or los angeles, or c hicago, etc. helps a lot but i guess that isn’t really controllable

  519. lisa says:

    edit “even those in other TEXAS cities, not Houston cities, lol

  520. lisa says:

    Good evening Cypris It’s not a problem if he can come into town during the week. The biggest problem I’ve encountered with out of town sd potentials is they aren’t willing to travel to Houston, even those in other Houston cities. Bob wants to meet me, actually he wanted to meet last week. I will possibly talk to him tomorrow evening. Only thing is he wants to meet for dinner which means nighttime, and I really prefer first meetings during the day, but according to his profile he is looking for someone to see on weekends. I work all weekend and look horible and are exhausted when I get off work. Unloading a truck and lifting heavy crates hurts the back. I’m terrified of getting out somewhere and not being able to get home safely.

  521. VillaCypris *276489* says:


  522. VillaCypris *276489* says:

    I agree BT and gurl… and something great pix and profile aren’t enough… must add patience… *sigh*

  523. gurlnextdoor says:

    Yeah boston I agree, that’s all you can really do unless you get lucky like me and meet a great guy somewhere in your local area.

  524. VillaCypris *276489* says:

    Good evening all! So many new bloggers ~~ woo!! ~~ welcome~! :)

    Salud, aj – I just got home and am having a nice bordeaux.

    Lisa, that was me who suggested that Bob changed his city to “houston”… I had no idea where the town was he lives, so sorry if it’s inordinately far away … :(

  525. bostonTerrier says:

    my advice to you icedangel –

    have a good profile & pictures and then hope for the best

  526. gurlnextdoor says:

    Welcome IcedAngel to the blog, you can get alot of insight and advice here.

  527. IcedAngel says:

    Hey I’m new to the blog and I’m looking for an SD. I wanted to know the best way to find one and keep the relationship of SB/SD clear.

  528. gurlnextdoor says:

    Lol SuzieQ I’d love to go to NYC too, hmm maybe I’ll be able to :)

  529. Nico says:

    Hello BerkSD…sorry to take so long to respond….in response to question earlier, the club was in the Denver Metro.

  530. lisa says:


    I’m going to take a hot bath. Be back in awhile

  531. SuzieQ says:

    Anyway, I’m about as far away from NYC as it’s possible to be, while still remaining on the continent. Maybe next time, Vegas would have been more do-able. I’m enjoying living vicariously through you all though. :)

  532. SuzieQ says:

    Gee, sorry to hear that lisa 😉 Pick me BerkSD, pick me! LOL!!!

  533. SuzieQ says:

    Hi everyone, just got home from work. Too bad I didn’t get in a few minutes earlier…had I known there was a ticket to NY on the line I might have hurried home a little faster lol!

  534. lisa says:

    I’d love to go to NYC but i’d lose my job. I’m the newbie and don’t get vacation time till sept. I get 3 days off a week, but never together.

  535. aj says:

    Lol! BerkSD – sometimes I get a little riled up! Always an issue with texting and messaging…I didn’t mean it that serious :)

  536. BerkshireSD says:

    Lisa – when the girls go to NYC, how about I buy your plane ticket?

  537. BerkshireSD says:

    Somehow the Q itself is unsettling.

  538. aj says:

    BerkSD – Lavish!!! Why would a SB want to settle? Would a SD like to “settle”?

  539. lisa says:

    I would I would

  540. BerkshireSD says:

    I don’t know about lavish, but would anyone like to settle for pretty darn nice?

  541. Joules*300035* says:

    woah…thanks for the insight on that one Lisa…..but ya, that’s my new pot SD….that was his wording in the email he sent me “classic SD/SB relationship” hehehe

  542. lisa says:

    NSA means no strings attached, or in other words, no obligations by either

    A classice Sb/Sd relationship I would think would be one where the sb is completely provided for by the sd. It would be her job to look good and be there for him. In return he provides her a lavish lifestyle and takes care of all her needs. I don’t think too many sds on this site are looking for that, unfortunatly.

  543. BerkshireSD says:

    I have no clue what a classic SB/SD relationship is or what NSA means.

    I just keep going best I can.

  544. Joules*300035* says:

    jeeez, that was BY FAR the easiest message to reply to! almost like an instant ‘click’ inside of his message to me!

    eh, i’m gettin my hopes up way too soon! oh well, it’s fun and nice!

  545. Joules*300035* says:

    How would YOU all interpret this :

    “classic SD/SB relationship”

    I know we already went over this topic in another blog. this would fall under the NSA type of ‘relationship’ right?

  546. lisa says:

    Thanks BerkshireSD but I still can’t find a sd. Had 4 meetings in the past, months ago, one stuck for a month, till he moved away, the other 3 seemed nice, talked about meeting again, then disappeared.

  547. BerkshireSD says:

    Well, Lisa, I don’t know who that is in the pictures on your profile, but she sure is attractive and sexy.

  548. Bad BB says:

    Bonsoir les Amis!!!

    Just got home an bummed to see that my mailbox is empty for the first time since I joined SA :( but at least I have some questions to respond to! :)

    Tyra, has surely had SDs in her past so I’m not buying anything she’ll be selling on her show!

    Ahhh! To bummed to answer questions right now…

    Joules- I’m so happy for you darling! And good luck with the new pot!

    Kitty- Glad you had so much fun! If you bring the next trip to Mtl I’ll be there like a cherry on a chocolate sunday!! lol

  549. lisa says:

    My dad had me drinking buttermilk and sucking on pickles when I was a few months old. lol I grew up drinking alot of soda and I can’ t go a day without it. I get mean if I don’t have it. I have even gone out in the pouring rain and got drenched to get some cokes. But I don’t have a problem, as long as I have my soda, I won’t hurt anyone, lol

  550. aj says:

    Lisa – Yes I think you are! JK! I grew up drinking wine w/ dinner and such so that is probably why I like it. But I don’t drink mixed drinks or beer…just don’t like the taste. Go figure!

  551. lisa says:

    Am I the only person who doesn’t like the taste of wine? My ex boyfriend was into all kinds of wine, knew what to drink with what,etc. I have tried several types but they all just taste like alcohol to me. I would rather have a mixed drink or better yet just a coke. I guess maybe because I came from a non drinking family and wasn’t exposed to it that I never developed a taste for it.

  552. aj says:

    OC – fantastic! I LOVE wine & champagne :) (only the good stuff of course – lol)

  553. Joules*300035* says:

    Holy crap guys! before i read the recent posts in here….i snagged me another pot SD! he was on my favorite list and i was going to email him last night but never did. i dunno if any of you all recall me previously stating how in one of my replies to my first pot SD my email response ended up several paragraphs long…..well, my new pot SD sent me an INITIAL email that was several paragraphs long hehehe and i SWEAR he sounds exactly like what i wrote about that i was looking for in my profile!!! and at least this pot is like 4 hours away from me versus 8!! ok, gotta work on a response and reading these posts on here!

    having this blog thingy is the greatest thing! (sorry if i typo-d…in a hurry and happy! lol)

  554. OCSugarBaby says:

    Aj-How is that wine?

  555. aj says:

    OC – LOL Lost Wages…too funy :)

  556. OCSugarBaby says:

    Gail-You need to fill me in offline! Welcome back to the real world…

    My grandmother use to call Las Vegas…Lost Wages…. Very heavy European accent. Cracked me up so I use to bring up the city all the time just to hear her say it! :)

  557. aj says:

    Good Evening sugars! I finally have a moment to myself! Yay! Going to have a glass of wine and catch up on my blogging…lol!

  558. lisa says:


    Was it the purple and green leggings Gail? lol

    I have tons of them but can’t wear alot of them because of the weirdos on the street. I tried wearing them when I was dating my last boyfriend but he didn’t like them, said I looked like a little girl. He preferred I wear boring pants rather than skirts and dresses.

  559. Gail says:

    oh by the way Lisa….I thought I saw you in the Las Vegas airport…you had you hair in blonde pigtails…but also had the funky leggings on:) I know it wasn’t you….but it reminded me of you:) Wheeww!!!! Bob sure has alot to look forward too:)

    OC-Yes I made it through the wild fun weekend…now back to real life…having a tough time….:(

  560. lisa says:


  561. OCSugarBaby says:

    Lisa :) I am sure any SD would be thrilled to have you model them!

  562. lisa says:

    well i’ve got 3 drawers full of thigh highs, tights, over the knee socks, etc. I dont’ exactly look sexy in them though. I wear them for fun. lol

  563. OCSugarBaby says:

    Boston T-Good thing there was one SD looking for someone older than 20! :)

  564. OCSugarBaby says:

    Hmmm, now if we just new someone who had a drawer full of thigh high stockings…. :)

  565. lisa says:

    Oc I am going to give him my number tomorrow and hopefully talk to him in the evening. It just bugs me when you think they are local and they end up living a distance away. The big issue with out of town sds with me are that they want to meet on weekends and I work weekends, it’s more difficult to get them to come to see me during the week and during the daytime for a first meeting.
    I can’t help but be a little suspicious, even if I shouldn’t, of why a guy who is a CEO can’t access his email for 4 days while he is in Austin. Wouldn’t he have his laptop with him? I am the point where I analyze everything now and my concerns are usually accurate. Well that is except for the man I met on a serious dating site a couple years back that said he wanted to spoil me and help me with my life. His solution was for me to buy a bicycle to ride to and from work (keep in mind I live upstairs so dragging a bicycle up the crumbling concrete stairs late at night wouldn’t be fun, let alone trying to ride a bicycle on the street with the traffice being that there are no bike lanes and the sidewalks are gone. . And he thought the idea job was to work at a restraunt like chilis 7 nights a week.
    Anyway bob gets back in town tonight, he says but can’t check his email till tomorrow.

  566. OCSugarBaby says:

    Gail! You survived the weekend. :)

    Lisa, I have meant to tell you that when Bob first blog’d, one of the fellow blog’ers suggested to him after reviewing his profile that he change his city to the “Houston”, which was larger and more of a draw then his smaller nearby city. Just so you dont think he was trying to lie about where he was from. He took the advice and changed it. He had a very sweet profile, I think I remember he liked thigh high stockings or maybe it was just garder belts. It was cute. I am fuzzy on what it said.

  567. Gail says:

    lol….you don’t need to see the show…stay on the blog…there are great SDs to learn from:) Welcome Christipher!!!

  568. lisa says:

    Good afternoon everyone. Just got home from work. A tiring day. Got a good performance review from my boss.

  569. Christopher says:

    I wish, wish, wish I can see that show. I am fascinated about the concept of being a sugar daddy. It just makes sense.

    When and if my current GF and I break up, I am there.

  570. Joules*300035* says:

    And just a little background on myself since I don’t think I’ve talked to many of you before until right now, I am very goal-orientated and business-driven. I’m working on getting this new company off the ground and basically starting over in life. I got some great initial feedback on my profile and edited to reflect such. I’m very excited about this pot SD. That was the 6th email we just exchanged lol So far it’s been PURELY ‘business’ talk (travel and financial). my pot. lives about 8 hrs west of me and it sounds like our first meeting (and all others following) will be for the entire weekend.

    I’m going to wait on his response to the email I just sent and then I think (anyone have any input on this please??!) I’m going to start asking him some questions as he’s been the only one asking anything so far.

    I’m not really sure what to ask him though other than…’so, what do you think about all of my responses?’ lol I’m kinda wanting to start veering the conversation into something a little less business and more on the side of getting to know him. I’m keeping my fingers crossed for not this weekend but next weekend!

  571. bonniebelleblue says:

    Hey to all the bloggers again

    I hate to be the newbie pest but I would LOVE for some of you to take a look at my profile and tell me what you think. Its profile # 301186.

    It seems as though some of the sugar babies on this site are pretty successful in finding a relationship that works for them so does my profile have what it takes? What does it need more or less of? I’m not sensitive, so by all means, have at it and please be honest.

  572. ~*kittylaney*~ says:

    GOOD LUCK :)

  573. Joules*300035* says:

    I was initially thinking $500-ish, then went to 3-500 and am now just thinking about saying ‘a couple hundred would be a wonderful start!’ lol

    ok, so my mind was on the same track as everyone else’s that replied to my question…that’s cool!


  574. BerkshireSD says:

    Nico – you make so much sense. What city was the strip club in?

  575. ~*kittylaney*~ says:

    LOL… I personally think about $500 is acceptable for a weekend of fun :)
    I suggested $3000 a month and seeing my pot twice a month, IE, $1500 per visit (wow sounds so… price tagged… alas, it always does in the beginning) so let’s say you initiallyed planned to see your pot 4 times a month for $1000 a month, it will even out to about $250 each time. And that should be how much he gives you. Make sense?

  576. Nico says:

    Joules ~ one SD I had in the past gave me funds on a discretionary basis. I told him my ‘financial’ situation and explained to him I came up with my $ number based on my desire to decrease my overall debt. So, I must keep up an average of $X/mo (insert your # there) just to stay ahead of the game. You can tell him about your phone etc but careful not to make it sound like you’re too whiney or needy (not being offensive by this comment). I worked in a strip club for years (bartender) and the girls would whine to me about their rent and car pymts and utilities etc and then wonder why the guys didn’t give them money. Well, chances are it’s because they have no desire to sit and listen to you whine when they can get that at home….change the topic to being sincerely interested in ‘him’ and you’ll get much further. Same/similar concept here ~ my2 cents.

    I also like to keep things open. You may only get what you ask for ~ literally. So, for example, I do need an average of X/month but love to receive little gifts too (as in ALSO)….this way, should he choose to give you more it’s of his own choice and I would imagine it would feel even ‘better’ for him to share.

  577. ~*kittylaney*~ says:

    divide by 30
    X 3 for 3 days…
    99.99. If you are being literal, he should give u 100 bucks

  578. bostonTerrier says:

    joules –

    just be honest in your message … if you’re meeting for the first time i wouldn’t even expect anything but if its like an overnight weekend thing & for the first time you should kindly ask if the financial part of the arrangement starts from day one.

  579. Joules*300035* says:

    eeek, that whole “putting a price on” just doesn’t read very well! My pot SD and I are being very articulate about this….the wording of that just almost made it sound more like a prostitution deal or somethin, my bad!

  580. Joules*300035* says:

    ok guys….(and i use the term ‘guys’ for everyone)…i’m having an issue with my reply to my Pot’s question in regards to putting a price on our first weekend. my profile states around $1,000 monthly and i’ve gotten to the point of reminding him there’s just so many variables to consider HOWEVER (personally) i also don’t want to walk away empty handed. i mean, an entire weekend?! so far i’ve told him that i would hope for a fun-filled weekend with dining, shopping and possible some type of event (plus include transportation costs and hotel)….but now i’m to the part in the reply of….well, as far as a financial gift….??????? my cell was shut off yesterday, i owe the IRS so its not like i’m goin to see money from that refund, i need a friggin car…bla bla bla (not sayin all that to him tho, just explaining it to you guys).

    i dunno, i need input please! i was thinking of telling him a couple hundred would be a good place to start (depending however on frequency of these weekend visits & where i’d be staying). uuuuhhhhhhg! lol

  581. bostonTerrier says:

    Do sugar ‘barbies‘ fit the average sugar daddies bill?
    barbies – as in the doll – are in their 20’s, tall, attractive, and in great shape so based upon that i am going to say yes. i haven’t encountered a sugar daddy personally who was aiming for someone older than my generation. and if i weren’t tall (long legs in heels seem to do something), in shape, and attractive i doubt most men would’ve contacted me despite my intelligence & personality.
    sure there are the few sugar daddies looking for older sugar babies but i am positive that is the minority.

    How do you ensure that a potential sugar doesn’t mistake your intentions (i.e., what you want in an arrangement)?
    i’m honest and to the point. i don’t want to waste my time and i’d hate for a potential sd to waste my time if i knew something wasn’t going to work out.

    Would you be ‘proud to admit’ you’re on the prowl for a sugar daddy or sugar baby? Why or why not?
    i don’t even admit when i’m “on the prowl” for a boyfriend to anyone. my private life is just that – private.

  582. Joules*300035* says:

    thanks kitty! i guess it WAS the abbreviated ‘ohmygod’ i also had abbreviated ‘what the heck’ and changed it just in case!

  583. Joules*300035* says:

    *giggles all cute-like* hehehe I’m gonna answer the topic’s questions for the first time! (lol i’m in a great mood, don’t mind me!)

    Do sugar ‘barbies‘ fit the average sugar daddies bill?

    personally i think no cuz to me, ‘sugar barbies’ make me think of an airhead ditzy annoying dumb blonde that’s very expensive (maybe even kind of more of a gold digger concept). granted i haven’t met my first SD yet, but from everything i’ve read on here and kept up with, SDs DO want more than just another expense every month. they want intelligence AND beauty (remember though, beauty is in the eye of the beholder!). i dunno, sugar barbie just sounds…like, Ohmygod! he like, gave me a buncha like money and stuff!Ohmygod! hahahaha) aaannnnooooyyyyyiiiinnnng

    How do you ensure that a potential sugar doesn’t mistake your intentions (i.e., what you want in an arrangement)?

    i noticed one thing missing so far from everyone’s answers so far….BEING BLUNT (kinda does fall into communication but hey, we can’t be ‘beating around the bush’ here!) and hey Carmen…i looooved your chocolate frosting comment hehehe that was cute! :)
    Anyways, I am just personally quite impressed with myself from yesterday (of course with the help of you guys too) but my pot SD asked me somethin like how i envision things working out for our first weekend in regards to transportation and the like, needless to say my response turned out like 3 paragraphs (hahaha!) buuuut he thanked me for being so forethocoming (or whatever). I took my time to think through my answer to him (instead of hastily responding as I did in our first couple of emails) and I was very up front AND I told him he was welcome to suggest a change in my ‘ideas’ if he had a better idea.

    Would you be ‘proud to admit’ you’re on the prowl for a sugar daddy or sugar baby? Why or why not?

    What the heck??!!! Makin me feel like i should be on all fours, snarling my lips, growling and looking for a lil critter to pounce on and gobble up!!! hahahaha

    HELL NO I’M NOT ON THE PROWL!! jeeeeez

    As for the question itself, no way no how would I tell anyone about this. I mean, yes my family knows I do all kinds of things in my life that are way out in left field BUT my family, for the most part, are sadly uneducated and BEYOND closed-minded….I would probably lose at least a couple family members if I openly talked about this (which is exactly why I only post on here and do my email replies early in the day or way late at night).

    *exhales biiiig breath* ahhhhh much better! hahaha ok, time to think about the reply to my next email question from my pot SD (why did I write so much if my pot SDs aren’t even going to read my profile??! grrrr)

    actually, there’s a question for you all kinda sorta….IS it impolite to mention in a reply something like….well, as i stated in my profile….. hehehe it’s super tempting! but kinda sounds to smart-assy (if that’s even a word!)

  584. gurlnextdoor says:

    Lol, oooo I love Florida and I can Disney haha

  585. ~*kittylaney*~ says:

    Nico: yes, it will be a lot of fun.. I have never been to FL! :) I think I am going to quit my job and just do sugar event planning full-time :)

  586. Nico says:

    Disney will be sweet too!!! Red will be there and so will Mish….and who else? There’s a lot of us in FL :)

  587. gurlnextdoor says:

    Joules it’s probably being moderated…and Kitty I’ll see if I can get a good fake ID, or maybe I can get my new “friend” to help me get into some clubs. He managed to get me into 2 clubs that were 21+ when we were in Miami and he has a place in NYC. So I guess we’ll see

  588. ~*kittylaney*~ says:

    oo!! Joules: the abbreviated form of Ohmygod is not going to show up

  589. ~*kittylaney*~ says:

    Joules: there are certain words you can’t say here… Try editing your text abit and it might show up :)

    Nico: I really hope you can make it… I understand your situation, so if now, the tour will go to Florida Disney World during the Winter season as well. (I am in party mode) Good luck with your pots!!! *crosses fingers for you*

    *joules: see? honesty and being upfront is key. :) Good luck with your pot as well.

    As for me, I have met a very sweet sincere pot *wink*, we met on default terms, so we this sat, we are going for a real date :) Wish me luck :)

  590. Joules*300035* says:

    fine….i copied my original post and will check back in a bit to see if it posted. can anyone explain to me why it wasn’t posted? but this is posted? ggrrr

  591. Joules*300035* says:

    ut oh, my reply didn’t show up again….sorry if it got posted twice??!! none of my replies are showing up; maybe i got logged out?!

  592. bostonTerrier says:

    “This Friday, the Tyra Banks Show will be introducing online sugar dating to a wide audience, but will the show portray the depth and range of these relationships, or will the coverage be completely shallow and cast sugar daddies and babies in a negative light?”

    that has to be the dumbest question in the world to anyone who watches the tyra show. it’ll be shown in a negative light, tyra will make sure of this.

  593. Nico says:

    **planning NYC Kitty!!! OOOhhh and Blondie could join us and show us the ‘hawt spots’!!! I’ve already put my pot on notice of the NYC trip since we missed the Vegas trip. Things are changing somewhat on my end because of my current work situation but I refuse to be completely out of the loop as a result 😉

    I had another pot sitting in my favs and he in mine and I didn’t even notice *sigh* Boy my head is in the clouds. He sent me his pics right away and travels to my end of the world often….he and I exchanged numbers and are going to chat later today….seems a good fit :)

    Remaining hopeful 😉

  594. Joules*300035* says:

    Just wanted to let you guys know that my pot sd is STILL emailing me! hahaha he’s being very appreciative of me being so upfront / honest! Anyways, my big email task for today is he wants to know my monthly allowance and expectations for the entire weekend (it’d be easier if he’d read my profile! lol)

    Awesome! I’m so glad I simply asked him to be more specific on his original question of ‘my expectations’ hahaha

    Anywho, things are looking ‘promising’….i’ll update you guys more in a bit, just rollin outta bed and getting going today (late late night last night as always lol)

  595. ~*kittylaney*~ says:

    Gurl: It would be a lot more convenient if you are 21+ or at least have a GOOD fake ID. A big part of the trip are alcohol and clubs :) Maybe I should do Montreal next time.. closer to me and 18 drinking age.

  596. gurlnextdoor says:

    Hmm that would be nice kitty, is this one gonna be 18 and up? Still not 21, so no drinking for moi…well no legal drinking lol

  597. Atalanta (not Atlanta, lol) says:

    Aww, kitty! I am jealous! It sounded like you all had an amazing time!

  598. ~*kittylaney*~ says:

    gurl: I was just reading your weekend update! I’m so glad you had a great time in Miami with superman (HAWT)!! Although I do wish you came to Vegas with us. YOu must meet us in NYC for the next Sugar Party then :)

  599. ~*kittylaney*~ says:

    Do sugar ‘barbies‘ fit the average sugar daddies bill?
    ~Do you mean Barbie, IE Gorgeous Airhead, stiff limbs yet capable of mastering many professions. (vet, Pilot, waitress, Teacher) LOL… so basically a good looking girl with smarts too? Yes, I think so. Not to say it is always one more important than the other. But like I’ve said many many many times… There’s a pot to every lid, a lid to every pot. So each SD want different things, and there’s one out there for bbw, one for skinny, one for athletic, one for nerdy… just depends

    How do you ensure that a potential sugar doesn’t mistake your intentions (i.e., what you want in an arrangement)?
    ~Communication, honest communication

    Would you be ‘proud to admit’ you’re on the prowl for a sugar daddy or sugar baby? Why or why not?
    LoL.. form this weekend, I’ve been really open about my intensions, and most men took it as female empowerment. But back in ordinary life, I wouldn’t announce it to the world, it would just strike too many controversial conversations about ethics and then I’ll have to get into the whole explanation, as long as I know.. that’s enough.

  600. gurlnextdoor says:

    Kitty sounds like it was a pretty awesome weekend…I wish I could’ve went. :( Then again I had a great weekend in Miami with a potential SD that I will call Superman (he kinda looks like Clark Kent), so I’m not complaining. :) How was everyone else’s weekend?

  601. ~*kittylaney*~ says:

    Good afternoon everyone…
    Welcome to the blog any newbies… I’m Kitty a Canadian SB since November<3 *waves*

    Back to my ordinary life today… Boo to that.

    The Premier Sugar Trip @ Las Vegas went fabulously.
    We definitely had the spoiling of a lifetime. (by the second day we groaned when an Escalade came to pick us up, and not a stretch Limo filled with Champagne) We had the best rooms the Encore Wynn has to offer, Limo service to and from everywhere we went. VIP table and bottle service at bars/clubs and the finest cuisine. Courtesy of SincereSD, we also had a great Saturday Brunch at the Wynn :) We went gun shooting, which got us all pumped with adrenaline and power. Went to Social House for dinner at TI while watching the hotel show. Also had one of the best stripper in Vegas teach us some Pole moves at the Palms… it was HOT! We went to Blush and XS club on saturday and friday night respectively. AND.. we met SAM!!!!! :) The man of mystery is no longer a mystery to us. We treasured the pleasure of meeting him and had a fantastic time, too bad we couldn’t spend more time with him. and yes, he is gnerous and hot… not to mention a fabulous ass.
    All around, amazing weekend.
    We will be hitting up New York City for the 2nd Sugar Party :) More details to come :) so stay tuned…


  602. Atalanta (not Atlanta, lol) says:

    Let’s be real here…Tyra will make this as controversial as possible. Sugar relationships will look no better than they did on other news networks. Tyra feeds off that shiz…And will make it a point to make the show about her in some way, lol.

    Do sugar ‘barbies‘ fit the average sugar daddies bill?
    If by “Barbie” we mean just the doll complete with the empty head, then no. I don’t think sugar daddies are looking for a pretty airhead to just spend money on. I think they could think of other things to spend their money on.
    Someone who is pretty and intelligent, like the “Barbie” we all pretended existed when we played with our dolls…Now, I think that’s a good combination. Anyone else pretend Barbie was business-savvy? haha

    How do you ensure that a potential sugar doesn’t mistake your intentions (i.e., what you want in an arrangement)?
    I think communication is pretty much the no-brainer here. But don’t just talk. Be honest about what you want.

    Would you be ‘proud to admit’ you’re on the prowl for a sugar daddy or sugar baby? Why or why not?
    Lol…That just sounds like a terrible way to put things. But no, I would not go flaunting that I’m searching for a man with money. It comes across as me searching solely for the wallet. Plus, I think sugars on both sides appreciate discretion. Too many negative connotations and stereotypes…

    But like I said…Don’t expect Tyra to make those stereotypes go away…She’ll probably feed them. lol

  603. gurlnextdoor says:

    Yep SuthrnExec it sucks..and to make things worse I missed all the snow because when I got here it had all melted

  604. SuthrnExec says:

    Gurl, I hear you – went from So Cal and 80 degrees to cold-ass TN complete with snow on the ground!

  605. HenriLouis*294522 says:

    Hello Angela,
    It take it, that is a yes.
    You just made my day !
    Happy Henri

  606. gurlnextdoor says:

    Morning everyone…just checking in. I went from sunny Florida to cold North Carolina in one day. :( I miss the sunshine…

  607. Nico says:

    Aj ~ Well then, please let Johann Wolfgang von Goethe know that I’m borrowing his saying *wink*

    Gail ~ GOOOOOD Morning 😉

    Morning SE and Henri and Angela too 😉 Sorry…brain is in a different place today *grin*

  608. aj says:

    Nico – I cannot take credit for the quote…it was Johann Wolfgang von Goethe who said it :)

    Gail – Love that “yes with a smile no with a frown”.

    Have a great day everyone! I need to actually work today :(

  609. Angela says:

    HenriLouis: You could try *smiles sweetly*

  610. Gail says:

    Good Morning Everyone,

    I had my coffee this morning. HL…does Stephan have a Lear Jet? wow…

    SE-Love your answers….I agree too…COMMUNICATION IT IS!!!

    Nico-How are you doing today? Just was thinking about you!!!

    Morning Sunshine Lisa!!!!

    Do sugar ‘barbies‘ fit the average sugar daddies bill? No…we are real people..different in many ways:)

    How do you ensure that a potential sugar doesn’t mistake your intentions (i.e., what you want in an arrangement)? Communication. Yes with a smile or No with a frown.

    Would you be ‘proud to admit’ you’re on the prowl for a sugar daddy or sugar baby? Why or why not? In my real life I do not share my Sugar world. This spoiling is something just for me to smile about:)

  611. HenriLouis*294522 says:

    Hi Angela,
    Really great fun that you reacted to the Tower of Bable.
    It is of course a pun on the Tower of Babel = scene of confusion.
    To babble = to talk excesively and that would be the case if hundreds of SBs joined in the blog, hoping for a place in Stephan’s Lear Jet to fly us to Vegas.
    Angela, could I entice you then to sit next to me ?

  612. SuthrnExec says:

    Good morning Sugars! How is everyone today?

    These 3 questions are fairly easy to answer – #1 – No; #2 – Communicate, communicate and then communicate some more; #3. No – if you don’t get that, let me know and I’ll explain.

  613. Nico says:

    OOOooh AH ~ love it….the imagination for reality. Gonna steal that line 😉

  614. Nico says:

    GOOOOD Morning Sugar Family and hello Gurl…..long time no see! :)

    Do sugar ‘barbies‘ fit the average sugar daddies bill?

    The ‘average’ SD NO; however, there are plenty out there that still continue to hope. I think when it all boils down to it, it’s the chemistry and the lack of drama that keeps a SD (or any man for that matter) intrigued and entertained.

    How do you ensure that a potential sugar doesn’t mistake your intentions (i.e., what you want in an arrangement)?

    As with anything in my life, I am VERY CLEAR when I communicate. I’ve learned when communicating with men (no offense guys), they don’t need all the fluff and adjectives…give it to them straight and in black and white and you’re much more apt to get what you’ve asked for. At the same time, I leave a little door open for them so they’re still able to interject their personality. (i.e. ~ I may ask for a cash allowance but I indicate that I love little discretionary niceties).

    Would you be ‘proud to admit’ you’re on the prowl for a sugar daddy or sugar baby? Why or why not?

    I second Gurl on the use of the word ‘prowl’. I don’t ‘prowl’ for anything; however, would I share and/or admit that I’m on this site or any other? It depends on the crowd. My best girlfriend, my best guyfriend and my brother and sister all know…there’s not much that I do that surprises them. I wouldn’t walk into a conservative dinner with suits and admit that….

    goes a previous topic (I believe) where most people are quick to judge what they do not understand. I’ve worked in a variety of fields from construction to strip club, high end corporate law firms and slinging drinks at a pool hall. We learn (some through trial and error) what conversations/discussions are accepted given our surroundings and the conservative nature of our associates.

  615. lisa says:

    Good morning everyone. Another cold morning. Getting ready to leave for work.

    I think the barbie doll image might suit some sds but not all.

    I try to say what I am looking for, even repeat it if it seems the potential doesn’t get it or is talking to much about a steady dating relationship. I have lost most potentials this way as it seems the ones I get contacted by are looking for a dinner date or someone to hang out with rather than to spoil

    I am not ashamed to say i’m looking for a sd but I really don’t mention it to anyone. My parents would disown me (they are very anti sex) and think that because i’m divorced I should never even date again. I mention it to a close friend but she doesn’t get it.

  616. aj says:

    Good Morning Sugars! Hmmm… I like todays questions…
    Do sugar ‘barbies‘ fit the average sugar daddies bill?
    I think every SD is seeking something different. Maybe some are seeking a “barbie” type, it’s no different than regular dating…everyone has their personal preference. I don’t consider myself to be a “barbie” however I did used to carry the nickname “party barbie” (oh god, funny how I just remembered that!)

    How do you ensure that a potential sugar doesn’t mistake your intentions (i.e., what you want in an arrangement)?

    I think the intentions should be discussed openly by both parties. That is part of the responsibility of being a sugar.

    Would you be ‘proud to admit’ you’re on the prowl for a sugar daddy or sugar baby? Why or why not?

    I don’t discuss this aspect of my life with most of my friends or any of my family. I have a few girlfriends who are also sugars or at least understand it so I am able to discuss things with them if I need to. Otherwise I prefer to keep this part of my life separate. In my opinion very few people have the imagination for reality!

  617. Carmen262922 says:

    Do sugar ‘barbies‘ fit the average sugar daddies bill?

    I don’t really think the ladies can answer this one. But I’ll be watching this space eagerly to read what the gents have to say! Only they know what they are looking for in an SB…

    How do you ensure that a potential sugar doesn’t mistake your intentions (i.e., what you want in an arrangement)?

    Hm…well, if our first dinner date is going well and I find him attractive, he usually understands my intentions perfectly when I take a dab of chocolate frosting onto my finger and insert it provocatively into my mouth…;)

    Would you be ‘proud to admit’ you’re on the prowl for a sugar daddy or sugar baby? Why or why not?

    No. Whether I’m dating a wealthy man as an SD or in a more traditional sense, I never flaunt his wealth to my family and friends. That’s just tacky.

  618. Angela says:

    I am not a Barbie, in fact I’m the anti-Barbie. But I think that’s what makes me so real and fun. I think pot SD’s are looking for that a real person with dreams, goals, and a great attitude. (among other things…lol) I’m just being me and I know the right one will come along.

    Did you hear about the new Barbie they are coming out with?
    Divorced Barbie …………………….. she comes with Ken’s car, Ken’s house, Kens boat……..

    The way I am trying to be sure I don’t get misunderstood is trying to be specific as possible in my profile and talking on the phone before meeting and let them know what I would want “IF there is chemistry” You never know how the meet will turn out but if things go well then you have already at least opened the lines of communication and he has some idea what your looking for. As stated in my earlier (prev blog) post, I was at first stumped by the question “What are looking for in this. I knew (in my head) what I wanted but when the question was asked I at a loss for words. Having your wants and needs written down will help with that, and being prepared for that question.
    I don’t like the word expectations. Expectations are invitations to resentment. My view is I have NO EXPECTATIONS- I have wants and needs. I don’t “expect” my SD to take care of those, I HOPE he will. I hope he will want to (and the right one will want to ..right?)
    I understand how expecting something from someone takes the joy of giving out of it. I am great at massage and love doing it for my honey, but the minute he “expects” massages then I don’t enjoy giving it as much.
    Not to say, I won’t give…but the joy of it is stolen.

    Stolen joy=resentment

    The proud to admit?>
    There are 2 aspects to this:
    My want for a SD?
    My going after what I want?

    My wanting an SD has no feelings of pride or shame with it. It is a want.

    I’m glad to no longer be “barking up the wrong tree” If a man wants pizza but goes to the barber shop, Is he proud when he finally goes to the pizzeria to get what he wants? He would be embarrassed that he ever thought he could find pizza at a barber shop.

    I am proud to admit that I know what I want and am going for it! I am being proactive!
    PS. That all made sense in my head but know that it’s written out………….

  619. Angela says:

    LOL with HenriLouis. Tower of Babel….
    REEEEEeeeeeeeLeeeeeeeee yeeeeeeeee yaaaaaa.
    Translation = great idea!

  620. Mina says:

    Do sugar ‘barbies‘ fit the average sugar daddies bill?
    I’ve been called “a barbie with a brain” on several occasions but I’m not every man’s ideal SB, whether it’s because of my age, location, hair color, etc.

    How do you ensure that a potential sugar doesn’t mistake your intentions (i.e., what you want in an arrangement)?
    I think that once the chemistry is obvious, each party should discuss their “expectations” and what they hope to gain from this arrangement (whether physical, emotional, experiences, etc)

    Would you be ‘proud to admit’ you’re on the prowl for a sugar daddy or sugar baby? Why or why not?
    I do not advertise myself as an SB although my personal shopper at Saks has caught onto me, lol. I keep this part of my life very private and seperate from my usual social circle, family life, and school life (aside from my tuition being taken care of by one of my SDs)

  621. HenriLouis*294522 says:

    Good morning sugarfamily,
    It is a great day, especially for Stephan.
    Impressive news that Tara Banks is stealing your ideas and will start a show imitating this website seeking arrengement !
    You certainly should feel flattered and proud.
    After all imitation is the best compliment.
    There are now over 300.000 members here.
    Expect an explosion of membership after those shows.
    One million or over will be a milestone.
    I suggest you treat all of us blogging SDs to a Vegas trip and allow us to choose as, a companion, from all those lovely girls that contribute on the blog !
    Great idea isn’t it ?!
    Now all those avid SB readers remaining silent, will suddenly start blogging in the hope to become eligible.
    This blog will really turn into a Tower of Bable language contest.
    Great start of the day with this promotional suggestion.
    Have to run off now to the gym.
    Will react to the questions later.

  622. bonniebelleblue says:

    Hey Guys,

    Speaking of making ones self clear, I was wondering if I could get some profile feedback. I took a break from the sugar bowl for a little while because I was feeling a bit discouraged but now I feel revitalized and have a new sense of patience. So if some guys and gals could take a look at my page and give me some constructive criticism, I would really appreciate it. My number is 301186.

    To answer one of the questions, I haven’t told anyone that I am actively looking for a sugar daddy. There are really negative connotations about these kind of relationships and I just don’t want to deal with the potential backlash. Also, I have parents who would support me in any way, so if word ever got back to them about my pursuit of sugar, I know they would be really upset.

    The thing is, while my parents would support me, what I really want it to be spoiled rotten! :)

  623. gurlnextdoor says:

    Do sugar ‘barbies‘ fit the average sugar daddies bill?
    I don’t think they necessarily do. Most sugar daddies want someone who is obviously attractive, but I don’t think they have to be model material.

    How do you ensure that a potential sugar doesn’t mistake your intentions (i.e., what you want in an arrangement)?
    Lots of talking beforehand, that way neither one of us ends up wasting our time.

    Would you be ‘proud to admit’ you’re on the prowl for a sugar daddy or sugar baby? Why or why not?
    I don’t like that word prowl, sounds gold diggerish. Now I wouldn’t necessarily be “proud” to admit I’m looking for a sugar daddy, in the sense that I boast to everyone that that’s what I’m doing. That’s because I don’t boast about anything I do and/or have. Just doesn’t seem right to me. But, I also wouldn’t be ashamed to tell someone I’m looking for a SD. If I were ashamed or every did become ashamed of myself for doing so, I would stop doing this.

  624. gurlnextdoor says:

    Hey everyone haven’t been on here in awhile. I just had the weekend from heaven…no not hell, HEAVEN! A potential SD who does not seem to understand the true meaning of a SD/SB relationship flew me down to Miami for the weekend. We stayed in his condo which was right on the beach and had a great view of the city, partied it up in South Beach one night, and relaxed on the beach. It was a great weekend and I felt like a princess the whole time I was there. :) He was such a gentleman to be so young, opening doors for me, giving me his jacket when I was cold at night, etc. Only one problem from a sugary standpoint, he wants a girlfriend and not a sugar baby. I wasn’t really looking for a boyfriend at the moment, but for him that can all change. :)