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Shopping for a Sugar


It’s hard to go wrong with shopping in a SD/SB arrangement. Some Sugar Daddies set their Sugar Babies up with a pre-1st date ‘mini-shopping spree’; this might help them show a potential Sugar Baby the type of arrangement she can look forward to with him in the future, while also asserting his ‘realness’ as a Sugar Daddy. But success is never guaranteed…

“I once had a potential SD send me money for a mini shopping spree before we met. It was great since it helped me to see if he was serious or not. Too bad the chemistry wasn’t there when we met. :(-GurlNextDoor*274735*

With the right chemistry, shopping with your sugar can be a blast!

“Good evening Babies! (Suthrn and OCSugarBaby) I am having the most amazing weekend with my sugar! He came to my home town, which is so fun. We have relaxed finally and had an amazing Saturday. The restaurants in OC are having a tasting menu of some of the finest restaurants in Orange County. Yum we had a wonderful day which was 80 degrees today. I had Suthrn in dressing rooms shopping with me! However he was the one in the dressing room! I made him my center of my shopping day! I had a ton of outfits that I picked out for him and had him trying on clothes! He loved the personal shopper service. I had a blast. Our evening ended in a 5 star hotel with us in the lounge watching a wonderful band playing current hits. I just drew us a bubble bath and need to sign off! Sugar does exist! Kisses to you all! Suthurn and OC. :)– OCSugarBaby/SuthrnExec

No matter if you’re shopping SeekingArrangement.com for a great Sugar Daddy or Sugar Baby, or have found a sugar to go shopping with, you’ve got a lot of options to try on.

Have you ever gone shopping with a Sugar Daddy or Sugar Baby?

What are the best ways for a Sugar Daddy to spoil a Sugar Baby?

How can Sugar Babies help Sugar Daddies spoil themselves?

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775 Responses to “Shopping for a Sugar”

  1. Googe says:

    Nice post. There’s a similar topic thats related to this in Yahoo answers or Google groups, I think. I’ll find the link and post it back here.

  2. Puentes says:

    So my husband has found a new hobby. I think its pretty cute, hes now into rock tumbling. He bought all these ugly rocks, and turned them into something fabulous. Well my question is, when is someone too old to be playing with these things? I mean wouldn’t you think it sounds kinda wierd that my husband plays with rock tumblers? Anywho, he got the idea from one of his buddies at work. I get a chance to do girls not out with my girlfriends now more often so I guess im not really complaining cause I missed hanging with my friends ever since we had the baby in all.

  3. Luedeman says:

    I agree with you 99% but wonder if you have really looked at the whole picture. DOn’t mean to be critical just food for thought.

  4. Толик says:

    Что то RSS не вижу. Ну и для комментариев добавьте ленту. ) А так отличный ресурс. В мемориз. Однозначно.

  5. nevadacallie says:

    Hello All. Sugar shopping. (1) Walk straight to the counter at desired store and ask for a $500 dollar GIFT CERTIFICATE! Let your sugar D Pay for it and leave. (2) Criuse you both by your Grocery Store – I go to Whole Foods- and ask for a GIFT CERTIFICATE. he pays on it. Now you have food for the month.

    Gift Certs’ eliminate the shopping Loathed by men. Come back to the store when he leaves! I also get a gift certificate at restaurants we eat at, or selectively, before we leave I ask the waiter to bring it and my SD puts whatever he wants on te card, then its mine. I talk about my Mom alot while we chat, so he dosen’t feel uncomfortable about who I’ll be bringing back there to eat, fyi.

  6. Kirstie x says:

    Jees, read about halfway down this and decided that it was time for me to post lol x Loads of things I wanted to comment on but I’m pretty certain that I’ll forget most of them x

    I’m new btw :-)x

    Should a SB have to ask for something?x
    To be honest, I don’t think I’ve ever asked for anything in my life however as an only child until the age of 16 I always got what I wanted… It wasn’t a matter of demanding, or even just requesting – subtle hints at what I liked usually worked well x Its alot less awkward, especially if like me you don’t like asking :-)x

    Lisa…. Hunii I feel for you, and I have to say that people putting you down is probably not going to help in the slightest x I’ve suffered from depression before and it really isn’t nice – feels like you are a total failure and even the slightest thing will set you off so hun just remember that nobody is out to get you, they just all want to see you happy with yourself and your life :-)x We all have bad days, it’s just a matter of climbing out of bed, holding your head up high and as you said FAKE IT :-)x

    Confidence isn’t something everyone has, but if you aren’t one of the fortunate ones then you may as well just pretend :-)x In time you will realise just how wonderful you are!!x

    I’m away now, think I’ve got alot of reading to catch up on :-)xx

  7. Young&Fabulous!!! says:

    Good evening sugar fam!!!!! How’s everyone’s night going? Ugh!!! My profile is still pending….What’s taking so long?!? Remind me to never update it…*l0l*

  8. Victoria prof. no. 302242 says:

    Thanks, Suthrn, but that is another problem…because two of my pot SDs initiated conversation about meeting before disappearing…it’s one reason I’m so dumbfounded about the vanishing…

  9. raine says:

    ^Keep them intrigued, if you will.

    I wonder what the reaction will be when my photos finally go up…better get my wrap dress & them cha-cha heels *lol*

  10. Katherine*305371 says:

    unfortunately not guaranteed, but I wouldn’t doubt that it’s a bit effective!

  11. raine says:

    Thanks, Suthrn. I wrote my profile strictly off the top of my head, nervous the whole time in fact. I also considered the profile a screener of sorts, making readers think twice [or thrice] about approaching me with the funny business* (hence the brevity).

    *not guaranteed, I know.

  12. Beach_Girl*306486 says:

    Thank SuthrnExec~

  13. SuthrnExec says:

    Beach_Girl, we’ll do what we can for you!

    Henri, have a great night!

  14. Beach_Girl*306486 says:

    Knight-on-a-white-horse Henri~
    I think there are lots of great people in the world , we just need to find them! lol seriously!
    Hope you have a great day

  15. HenriLouis*294522 says:

    Hi five to all fans of Fast & Fabulous,
    Thanks for all the support for her.
    This is how it should be in our sugar family.
    OC and BeachGirl you are a continuous source of wisdom.
    Indeed it had better be left to private e-mailing.
    Anyway it was a boost to start the day for Y&F.
    Hope I woke up everyone, especially all the DarkVader lurkers.
    Yes there are still a lot of nice men around in here.
    Some even chivalrous.

  16. SuthrnExec says:

    LISA PENELOPE!! Get out here!!!

  17. Beach_Girl*306486 says:

    Have a good day Y&F

  18. Beach_Girl*306486 says:

    Y&F~ lol i’m sure they like to make us wait!!!
    they are too busy reading the blogs :)

  19. Young&Fabulous!!! says:

    Well, sugar fam I am off to start my day…Going to be very tired…I stayed up all night thanks to insomina Ugh!!! I’m a little bit tired now :( Talk to ya’ll sometime 2night….Have a good day everybody!!!!!

  20. OCSugarBaby says:

    Lisa: What is your middle name? Cuz’ when my mom is trying to show me that she is serious about what she just said… She uses my middle name! I may have to give you one until you reveal your real one!
    Lisa “Penelope” you better get back to blog’ing this very minute! LMAO

  21. Young&Fabulous!!! says:

    I think they make us wait so they can laugh at us…*l0l* Just playing 😉 But it does take a long time for it to get approved…I’m patient but not that patient *l0l*

  22. Beach_Girl*306486 says:

    Y&F~ i know, why do they take so long!!!
    I hate waiting , i’m not that patient!!! lol

  23. Beach_Girl*306486 says:

    Y&F~ yes i will… maybe!

  24. Young&Fabulous!!! says:

    My profile has taken forever in a day to get approved ;( Wish it would hurry up!!

  25. Young&Fabulous!!! says:

    See where it goes….you never know 😉

  26. OCSugarBaby says:

    Mina! I am so happy to hear your good news. I hope you still make time for Mina. Your advice is always so stellar. I have missed you on the blog. :)

  27. Beach_Girl*306486 says:

    Y&F ~ i know about the “I’m don’t do drug” i don’t want to change it!!LOL takes too long to be approved.
    thank you for your input… :)
    actually got a mail from it this morning, and he was upfront right away. Maybe good , maybe not!

  28. Young&Fabulous!!! says:

    Oh well now i’m caught up *l0l* No longer lost tehehe 😉

  29. Young&Fabulous!!! says:

    Beach Girl : Your profile looks good to me other than the occassional lower case I & the part where you say “I’m don’t do drug” *l0l* Other than that it looks good. Your a beautiful woman!

  30. Beach_Girl*306486 says:

    Henri~ i think you should both negotiate in private !!! just a thought!

  31. Young&Fabulous!!! says:

    Negotiations? I believe I am lost now *l0l*

  32. OCSugarBaby says:

    Henri: Some things are better left for email :)

  33. HenriLouis*294522 says:

    Hi Fast&Fabulous,
    There IS a real SD in your mailbox knocking at your door.
    Unfortunately you are unable to answer the door to welcome him.
    Now isn’t this a shame ?!
    I do not want to embarrass you, but why not conclude all the negotiations here on the blog out in the open ?
    You will have thousands of SBs hissing and whispering in your ear with great advice. Some anti and some pro ! Most anti, green with envy.
    Even all those who remain in the dark lurking will reveal themselves and come forward.
    To be honest all the 350.000 members here are dying to know how it really
    would be, trapping that SD or SB.
    You know me, I am a gentleman and your honour will be respected.
    You are so sassy.
    Here is your challenge.

  34. Beach_Girl*306486 says:

    I finally changed my profile, would love input if you Sugars have time!
    thanks :)

  35. Beach_Girl*306486 says:

    Hi Sugar Girls!!!
    how are you all today!!

  36. SuthrnExec says:

    Raine, I think you did a great job. I enjoy text a lot and don’t mind the longer profiles – although I know your average pot SDs don’t read the profile apparently. So you could write more about yourself from my perspective, but that’s just me. I think you have done well to describe yourself and what you’re looking for in concise language – just don’t be any more brief.

  37. SuthrnExec says:

    Things are going well. I really enjoy the early morning – the sunrise, the birds waking and seeing the flowers slowly come to life over the next few days. Trees are budding here and some early flowers are already in full bloom with other to follow. I grew up in a very rural area of the states and enjoyed all the natural wonders that surrounded me – it was a great influence on my formal studies.
    Workout is going well – weight-wise, I’m about where I need to be although it is requiring that suits and dress shirts be altered or new ones tailored. OC’s advice is a huge help there!
    Work is going well – although increasingly interesting due to some behind-the-scenes activity that will be fun to watch play-out. Political astuteness is key here.
    My Sugar life is wonderful – I am truly very fortunate and could not ask for anyone more perfectly suited for me. Finding someone who can tolerate me is quite a coup!
    You are absolutely correct – it is a wonderful world and I am grateful that I have fairly recently been able to fully enjoy its magnificence.

    Have a good day my friend,


  38. raine says:

    ^digging for profile #…[so that’s where my other sock was-lol] oh, right: 306712. Gentlemen, may I trouble you for some feedback?

  39. HenriLouis*294522 says:

    Hi Suthren,
    Lots of things to embark on as usual.
    Great that you get up at 5 in the morning and then do some work-out at home. I get up at six and really am happy to get up early every day.
    Even though it might be still dark, all kinds of birds are making themselves heard. And then of course you can get so many things done in the early morning. Am still going to the gym when possible.
    Losing fat but gaining muscle tissue.
    But I am neglecting my guitar off late, but I will time fro it again in future.
    Every day and every week passes so quickly.
    On the SB field there is not much movement.
    I am not really busy on it, someday she will show up.
    I believe it will be a lucky strike.
    It is really looking like spring in the garden now, some flowers opening up. I am giong away once a week out into the field preventing crop damage by geese.
    I am just busy creating my shooting diary for the coming season.
    Looks like we are in for an attractive year with many adventures.
    I live in the bulb field area and the fields are already getting a bit green.
    In the month of April and May millions of flowers will be in full bloom again.
    I always look upon it as one of the great marvels of the world.
    And things are also going your way ?
    For me it is still a wonderful world.
    Your friend,

  40. raine says:

    Mornin’/afternoon, sugar fans…

  41. SuthrnExec says:

    Good morning (afternoon) Henri! How are things in the Nederlands?

  42. Young&Fabulous!!! says:

    *l0l* We’ll see as soon as it gets approved. Very unlikely though

  43. HenriLouis*294522 says:

    Hurry, there might be a real SD in you box !

  44. Young&Fabulous!!! says:

    I can’t read my inbox right now. My profile is still pending cause I changed it up a bit so it wouldn’t sound so bratty *l0l* I’ll check it as soon as it’s approved. I’m gonna just take it slow. If it takes 6 months when I find the right SD I will know. You gotta go thru duds to get to the big bang….or at least thats how it is with fireworks *l0l*

  45. HenriLouis*294522 says:

    Hi Cat and Hi Fast&Fabulous,
    There is some mail in your inbox, that you need to attend to.

  46. SuthrnExec says:

    Y&F, don’t get discouraged – you will find a SD that is attracted to you for who you are – it’s just a matter of time. Hang out on the blog and just try to be patient. It often takes a few months for some but believe me, it’s worth the wait. The right SD will come along and you’ll be glad you hung in there.

  47. Young&Fabulous!!! says:

    Well, I guess it’s kind of eh on my part cause i’m naturally a shy person. So if I don’t know you I feel more comfortable emailing or text messaging. I feel as though if i got on the phone I wouldn’t know what to say & just sound like a blabbering mess. But then when I do get more familiar with you talking on the phone is a breeze. Anyways that pot is out the window now so gotta keep things moving. I just wish I could find a SD that makes my heart beat fast & I look forward to hearing from him. Someone who is willing to accept the fact that I am shy & actually put forth an effort making me feel comfortable. I don’t know. I feel like it’s my fault & this will never happen for me.

  48. SuthrnExec says:

    Victoria (and all SBs), several SB profiles I have seen say something to the affect of “not into endless emails” and I think part, if not all, of the reason is for exactly what you’re talking about – emailing with a SD that seems promising and then all the sudden they vanish. Have any of you tried this – email with a pot SD enough to know that you’d like to speak via phone or meet and then SUBTLY suggest moving it to the next level – especially if they open the door to meeting you – say something like, “it would be great to talk/meet with you…” This will do one of two things – it will either make them move it forward or they will disappear because you have called their bluff.

    I don’t know what to do about getting more legit SDs on here, but maybe that will reduce the amount of time you spend with the duds.

  49. SuthrnExec says:

    Good morning everyone!

    Young&Fab, I haven’t seen your profile so I don’t know what pics he has seen. I totally understand your position on this, but also understand that us guys are very visual creatures. I’m not trying to persuade you to send more pics, just understand where he’s coming from. It’s a good thing that he isn’t asking for erotic-type pics. I would just say go with your gut on this. Has he indicated if there would be a meeting anytime soon? Have you spoken via the phone yet? You might send one pic and and suggest a phone call/meeting – again, totally up to you though. Trust your gut. Personally, I’ve never asked for more pics and wouldn’t unless the profile pics are so poor you can’t really tell anything about the person.

  50. Young&Fabulous!!! says:

    Ok so the pot that I was talking about earlier….well, he sent me a txt this morning saying good morning….& a couple of txts later…..can you send more pics….so i wrote back & said…i can but im not into someone just looking to collect more pictures….not sure if thats what your about but doesnt there need to be an intial connection? and he wrote back & said….i dont want nudes or 20 pictures just one or two……what do yall think? once again im still a little bit iffy…any advice would be very helpful!!!!

  51. Victoria prof. no. 302242 says:

    Thanks, Mina! And thanks for trying, Joules! Maybe it’ll come up later. :-)

  52. Cat says:

    Joules: Maybe it’s just the system acting up?

  53. Joules*300035* says:

    hmmmm, maybe i’m not allowed to talk about my NON-sd relationships and leading double-lives??!! but i definately recall doing so before??

  54. Joules*300035* says:

    well, whatever i said earlier didn’t sit well with ‘someone upstairs’ lol

    i tried replying to victoria but it got moderated. maybe it’ll show up in moderated version later lol

    a big hello to whoever’s still awake…unfortunately i’m about to go to sleep!

    busy busy weekend!

  55. Joules*300035* says:

    am i still being moderated? lol

  56. Mina says:

    Victoria –
    It can take any amount of time to find a great SD, there’s no standard rule. One of my SDs and I talked (and talked… and talked) for several months before meeting, due to our busy schedules. Infact, it was been one year since we first spoke.

    You will encounter many flakes or men that look better on paper than in person, but don’t get discouraged. And don’t try to force anything (chemistry, meetings/schedules) let things happen naturally.

    Sweet demeanor, intelligence, well-kept appearance including but not limited to expensive lingerie & heels, and the ability to make him forget all his stress and worries, even if temporarily… Those things make for a GREAT SB. “Good” isn’t good enough 😉

  57. Mina says:

    Raine – The hard way? Not at all the case… Everything comes easy to me :)

  58. Cat says:

    Hey, anyone like that new song from Slumdog Millionnaire? Jai Ho?

  59. Young&Fabulous!!! says:

    Joules- Well girl give it some time I guess….also keep in touch with those pots you never know 😉 ….everything will settle itself, but if you don’t feel any kind of spark or whatever don’t waste your time. Time in this world is so precious. YOU deserve the best so don’t ever even think of settling for less!!!! The time your spending on a pot that ya’ll don’t have a spark you could be spending with a pot who takes your breath away…hey you neve know….if it feels right go for it!!!!!

  60. Joules*300035* says:

    i have this ‘thing’ in my life…..based on past experiences, i’ve learned not to judge a guy by his looks and wether or not i’m initially attracted to him. i’ve managed to get several wonderful relationships out of several different guys that i weren’t initially attracted to but just grew really close to them over time and eventually ended up in a good relationship together.

    so i’m kinda hoping that that’s what’s going on here with my pot (ya, notice i’m STILL calling him my POT?! lol)

    thanks for the encouragement though guys. i really want to persue this and see where it goes. i never would have thought that the first meeting would have been so awkward!

    Y&F, unfortunately, at this moment i AM kinda feelin that ‘blah who cares’ BUT he and i have so much in common and our emails were always so lengthy and interesting. i just really DO wanna keep trying with this pot and see where things go.

    Besides, I have a couple of other pot SDs that i’ve been talking to this entire time anyways lol

  61. Victoria prof. no. 302242 says:

    I love reading all of your posts! You’re all more help than you may know. :-)

    So, I have some questions…
    How long does it usually take to find a good SD? I mean, I’ve had some “promising” potentials, but they’ve all seemed to disappear into thin air.
    Why DO pot SDs disappear so suddenly? When things seem to be going well, they just stop corresponding without explanation. It’s weird, to say the least. I’ve heard of this happening to more SBs, too.
    Is there anything on my profile that’s off-putting? Or is there some vital information missing? I’ve gotten views, but not many good emails, just men that seem like picture collectors (asking me to email pictures, without any of their own or any actual conversation).
    What makes a good SB? Can anyone offer any pointers?

    Thanks again for the previous posts, and thanks in advance for any advice!


  62. Young&Fabulous!!! says:

    Well Joules if your attracted to him then chemistry can be built…but…initially how long would that take? *l0l*…if you like him enough to take time to build it I say go for it. If it’s just like blah who cares…go find you another one *l0l*…There’s too many fish in the sea to settle for less. =) Hope all works out for you joules!!!

  63. gurlnextdoor*274735* says:

    lol well yeah give it a second go if you think it’s worth pursuing. The first meeting can be kinda awkward even after long phone calls and lots of emails and IMs.

  64. Joules*300035* says:

    well, i just sent him a quick nice email thanking him for the lovely evening. he wont get the email til he gets back home but at least it’s there waiting to be read lol

  65. Joules*300035* says:

    i WANT to try to get to know him more; just going to wait til tomorrow once he gets back home and we email again….wait and see what his thoughts are. the first time i talked to him on the phone i KNEW our meeting would end up this way (lack of chemistry). it’s definately buildable but i just want to see where he wants to take things from here *shrug*

  66. gurlnextdoor*274735* says:

    Yeah Joules was the chemistry just not there?

  67. Cat says:

    Joules: Well if he’s a sweet guy, try getting to know him some more…you never know!

  68. Cat says:

    Oh Christ…I’m repeating myself now..sorry..it’s late here in Canada lol

  69. Cat says:

    Raine: Haha… this is Canada, ppl don’t sue like in the states…and I’m not from this city, so I almost don’t know anyone…But I will always be cautious when in public with an SD or potentiel SD…no matter if it’s local or not, just because I know ppl everywhere…just a rule of thumb. And who’s Tim Russet?

    I’m Canadian too!! 😀

  70. Young&Fabulous!!! says:

    Joules – He sounds very sweet! Is the chemistry just not there? Or is the arrangement not what you were looking for? Gah! I can’t wait to meet a SD!!! A real one *l0l*

  71. Joules*300035* says:

    i’m home. i’ll give up the juicy details tomorrow. been home for a while tho….pot SD spent over $300 on me for new clothes, pack of batteries for my camera and gave me $20 for gas to get back home in the rental. oh ya, and he spent like $75 on dinner; we had Sushi :)

    i had an ok time. we were pressed for time though with me looking for clothes as it was sun. eve and everything closes super-early out here.

    overall, i don’t feel too good about this arrangement but we will see what he has to say tomorrow when he gets home; he’s a sweet man tho

  72. Young&Fabulous!!! says:

    Well, cause i’m shy…I’m normally like that til I get to know someone better. I’m like that with everybody & i’m a little pessimistic cause I don’t know anything about him but he wanted to talk on the phone 1st. He already has my phone number but i’m just a littl iffy cause maybe he’s a fake ya know?

  73. Beach_Girl*306486 says:

    nite all Sugars, too tired to stay up

  74. Beach_Girl*306486 says:

    oups…. i just changed my profile lol, i don’t think you can view it yet!
    my bad

  75. Beach_Girl*306486 says:

    Jasmine could you look at my profile tell me what you think Please:)

  76. Beach_Girl*306486 says:

    Y&F why are you nervous to talk to this SD?

  77. Beach_Girl*306486 says:

    i’m good and not lol
    i just changed my profile and i’m kinda nervous i should of waited til i ask you Sugars opinions ahhhhhhhhhhh

  78. Beach_Girl*306486 says:

    i just changed my profile sorry it took so long to write back.:)
    maybe you should call him *67 first though
    i do need an SD soon too
    it’s will happen soon i’m sure i just got here friday and ive met nut jobs and one nice cutie but the cute one didn’t reply sucks
    and good things happen to everyone, you just have to be positive

  79. Jasmine says:

    Good late night suga familia! How’s is everybody 2day?

  80. Young&Fabulous!!! says:

    Well I did & he was like and I quote “i’m not much on texing if u want to get to know me call” So maybe it wasn’t meant to be. I want a pot sd to want me to feel confortable ya know? I just wish I could find a sd….& soon! *l0l* I feel like it’ll never happen to me. Good things rarely happen for me so maybe this is just one of those things. If it doesn’t ever workout i’ll still be happy I tried something new out!

  81. Beach_Girl*306486 says:

    Y&F~ you should be able to text him til you feel comfortable talking to him , u should totally tell him

  82. Beach_Girl*306486 says:

    No your not Y&F we all look at older men that way now!
    and look at your friends too! just saw the profile of a guy friend of mine i almost died!! he will know lol fuck it i know about him too!!! too bad he’s far i would totally do him lol
    i’m nuts sorry kinda tired

  83. Young&Fabulous!!! says:

    Good evening sugar family!!!!!! How is everyone 2night? Well, I sent a text message to that one SD who had the asssistant/playmate on his profile. I’m not much of a talker on the phone until I get to know you. & he said he wasn’t much of a texter even though he told me to call or text him. Not sure if I should call him cause I end up running out of things to talk about & then just sound like a blabbering fool. & if he’s really into me like he says he is then he should text me until I feel comfortable talking to him on the phone? Right?
    HenriLouis- I sent you a message to your inbox.

    I’ve noticed that when i’m at work now I look at older men as though they could be someone’s SD *l0l* I have a whole new view on older men. I’m silly!!!

  84. Beach_Girl*306486 says:

    Thank you Katherine, i’m gonna look at all your profiles now lol, gonna get some info!!!
    thank you so much for your help!
    ill let you know tomorrow on here what i decide to write
    thank again Sugars!!

  85. Katherine*305371 says:

    hehehe CSB I love how you described me 😛

    Beach: I agree about the money being “open to negotiation.” I’ve read from a couple of the premium SD members that they tend to look for the profiles that have that option checked. And, for me at least, the guys tend to ask straight out how much I’m looking for and whatnot. But it’s up to you. If you won’t settle for less than, say, 5K a month, then just put that up there. You certainly won’t be alone!

    and as for your profile… I’m a bit tired at the moment, so I’ll comment on it a bit tomorrow when I get a chance. :) But I will agree with SuzieQ with putting yourself on a pedestal a bit. Your pictures show that you’re awesome to be around, and that an SD would be lucky to have you. So, tell it & sell it 😀

    alright, g’night lovely ladies <3

  86. Beach_Girl*306486 says:

    good night CSB

  87. ChocolateSnowBunny says:

    Goodnight everyone.

  88. Beach_Girl*306486 says:

    CSB~ you are right SDs are all in the US
    i will say open for the money
    actually writing my new profile out on paper first this time lol

  89. SuzieQ*297329* says:

    Must be a sign…my reload is starting to get really slow…time to shut down and get to bed. Sweet dreams everyone!

  90. Beach_Girl*306486 says:

    SuzieQ~ thanks a bunch i’m trying to figure out what to write here! gonna ask all your opinions b4 i post though
    yeah it’s late too for me almost midnight
    i’m gonna say , for the money, open! so we can see what they want to offer
    have a good night
    talk to you tomorrow , :)

  91. ChocolateSnowBunny says:

    Beach: We were all from Canada until Katherine came along. She’s our friendly neighbour to the South.

    Suzie: We know how to stay warm but it’s not where all the action is. All the SDs are in the USA!!!

  92. SuzieQ*297329* says:

    Beach – as far as the money question I know there are different opinions about that and hopefully some of the others will chime in tomorrow.

    My point was less about how much you were asking, than that you hadn’t really given any indication why you might want/need that amount.

    For example, if you’re willing to make yourself available for travel or visits any time at a moment’s notice, I would think it would be quite appropriate for a sd to give a larger allowance, as obviously you wouldn’t be able to hold down a regular job under these circumstances. Just an example.

    To look for a profile, you just click on any sb profile then in the address bar of your browser delete their profile number and replace it with the one you want to view.

    I was just about to sign off as it’s getting late for me (I’m a super early riser) and realized it must be way late where you two are!

  93. Beach_Girl*306486 says:

    Ha Ha yes we here in Canada keep warm or go to the warm and sunny places! are you all from Canada?
    Katherine ~ and me too from Canada!

  94. Katherine*305371 says:

    oh. I get it now haha
    didn’t know that was a nickname for you :)
    Suzie: in response to your comment: TOUCHE.

  95. Katherine*305371 says:

    okay silly question, what’s a Canuck?

  96. SuzieQ*297329* says:

    Hey, you’re right! But then again, Canada is where all the action is right? After all, we know how to stay warm up here!

  97. ChocolateSnowBunny says:

    Hahaha…all the Canucks are on the blog. lol

  98. Beach_Girl*306486 says:

    Thank you SuzieQ, i’m kinda thinking about what to write right now actually.
    Is it too much though to ask , the money, or should i just say to open to discuss? i’m gonna try and think more about this hummmm
    thank you so much girls :)

  99. SuzieQ*297329* says:

    BG, I don’t have premium on this site, but the other site I joined isn’t really free…well it is, until you want to read your mail, then you have to pay $20 a month. So if you do join another site just be sure to read the membership conditions so you’ll know…though most will give you a free trial. On SA I just have standard and I think it’s fine. I can get on the blog with that, which is one of the best parts!

  100. Beach_Girl*306486 says:

    CSB~ i’m gonna try and get on that right now, i should see if i have one here on the computer…. if not i’m sure gonna get one this week and change the profile.
    i don’t know that i want to know who viewed me or faved me, not worth it !
    thank you :) i’m glad you gave me feedback , how do you look for a profile?

  101. SuzieQ*297329* says:

    Beach Girl, I agree with CSB – your photos are fab, full of spark and confidence. I’d suggest that you let that come through in your writing. Rather than putting the emphasis on your being new here and not sure how it works, etc. put your best foot forward and introduce yourself with confidence girl! I think confidence is very sexy to men…fellows, am I right?

    If I were a sd, I’d want to know a bit more about you, your interests, and what you have to offer. I’m sure the gentlemen will have some more perspective on this though. Personally, when I read a sd profile that has very little info, I pass it by. My feeling is, if you don’t give me anything to go on, how will I know if it’s worth pursuing?

    I suspect it may also be helpful, given the amount of allowance you’re asking for, to elaborate a little on why you need that amount and/or why you’re worth it. In other words, I think I’d be inclined to “sell” myself a little more, if you know what I mean. A soft sell of course, but if you’re worth that much, tell ’em why!

    And yes, I think emphasizing your previous experience with an arrangement is a very strong selling point. I certainly find that to be so when I’m browsing the sd profiles.. Good point CSB!

    Just make your words match your pictures, they are just gorgeous!

  102. ChocolateSnowBunny says:

    I don’t have premium and I’m okay with that right now. I think it was Nika that said she found it worth the money because she was able to see who faved her. Everyone else said that premium was not worth it. You will get more views but not more messages. If you want to see who viewed your profile and faved you, then go for it. Otherwise, standard should be fine.

    Oh and a full length would actually help…so I say yes to the skirt photo. Make it your top photo.

  103. Beach_Girl*306486 says:

    CSB~ Thank you , i didn’t know if i should put a pic of me in a skirt!
    i should do that before i leave tonight, how long does it take for your profile to be accepted again?
    i don’t look my age thank god!
    i should get premium right? would be better for me?

  104. ChocolateSnowBunny says:

    Beach: Your pics are FAB!! I think my only feedback would be to write a bit more about your myself. In the “what I’m seeking” I think one of your strong points is that you’ve had an SD before so you understand what is expected in this type of arrangement. Emphasize that, it will make your profile more attractive to married SDs that require discretion etc. Otherwise, very good profile.

  105. Beach_Girl*306486 says:

    SuzieQ~ i should get premium???? is that better?
    could you take a look at my profile, maybe mine sucks :)
    oh and i’m french so i do get some words wrong sorry!

  106. SuzieQ*297329* says:

    Swooning? That’s what you do when Richard Gere surprises you with a diamond necklace on your first date! Silly! *gentle elbow nudge and sly grin to Beach Girl*

    There are other sites for sure, though none that I know of that are totally free for sb’s like this one. Probably if you google sugar daddie you will find others. So far I’ve found it worthwhile to pony up my 20 bucks.

  107. Beach_Girl*306486 says:

    306486 is my #
    i would love feedback

  108. ChocolateSnowBunny says:

    Beach: Have you had anyone on the blog review your profile as yet? If you post your profile number then you can get feedback from the SDs and SBs here.

  109. Beach_Girl says:

    CSB~ that is great , i hope they at least help out !
    i’m finding it hard or maybe my profile isn’t good , i don’t know?
    or my pics suck, i do need help?

  110. ChocolateSnowBunny says:

    Beach: Yeah I do have two pots but they’re only that until they’re real SDs. So far, they’re alright but I’m still looking. Not ready to close the door on my search just yet.

  111. Beach_Girl says:

    CSB~i posted pics from my last trip, wow you have a lot on your plate!
    SuzieQ~ what is swooning?? and i’m 36. Good for you a pot SD in April that’s cool. Are there other sites for this kind of arrangement? if so i wanna know, PLEASE :)

  112. SuzieQ*297329* says:

    BG – let’s just say I’ve been swooning for over 25 years…but not more than 30 lol!!!

    CSB – I’ll be sure to let you know how it goes…we are just working out the details of our first meeting now, to take place mid April.

    And not to worry, I’m sure there is a perfect sd (or two, or three!) for each one of us. I actually found my pot sd on another site, so even if you don’t have any luck here, just keep smiling, and keep looking!

  113. raine says:

    Actually, BG, I haven’t officially begun: I got a lot of civilian stuff to attend to (e.g., help out my freshly laid-off mother AND move out in 3 mos). You’d think as a single mother I’d have mad skills in the multitasking dept, right!?

    I do browse the SD lineup at every opportunity (a few even checked me out); there were even a few I wanted to email, but due to the lack of pics* in my profile that’s not an option. 😐

    *yesterday, i was stressing big time about what to wear in them, how to pose, etc. Atalanta eased my mind a bit.
    Well, I must go on to bed now; have work in the morn. Night, sugar fans, til the morrow…

  114. Beach_Girl says:

    CBS don’t you have 2 pot??? i don’t even have one :(
    but i did just start here yesterday :)
    i hope to have an SD by may or june

  115. ChocolateSnowBunny says:

    Suzie: Lucky you…you go girl!!! I’ll still keep looking for mine :(

  116. Beach_Girl says:

    CBS~ yes it would be amazing to do that
    i hope i do meet someone here!

  117. Beach_Girl says:

    Well lets see how old you are SuzieQ coz i’m kinda up there lol
    and hey if he was on here…. i could totally share lol

  118. SuzieQ*297329* says:

    CSB – I agree! Hopefully if all goes well, I will be doing just that in a few more weeks!

  119. SuzieQ*297329* says:

    Hey, hands off Beach Girl…I’ve been in love with Richard Gere since I was 18…and that’s a looong time ago! lol!

  120. ChocolateSnowBunny says:

    Mmmmm…Richard Gere…swoon-worthy

  121. ChocolateSnowBunny says:

    Funny enough beach_girl…I’d prefer an SD that I travel out of town to visit. I dread bumping into someone I know and the awkwardness that would probably ensue. Ah well…I’ll see how these ones work out. Plus, getting off a plane and jumping into the arms of an adoring man is magical (in my mind at least lol).

  122. Beach_Girl says:

    What i wanna know is : Where is my Richard Gear????

  123. Beach_Girl says:

    CSB~ i wish i had local SDs here!!! but nope!
    they all live far away, this makes things harder
    i would like either/or, as long as i get one that i like in the end!

  124. raine says:

    I kept thinking “SINGLE ONLY” [includes divorced & widowed]myself, but I’m not so sure either. Eh, we’ll figure it out soon enough; we gotta help each other, yanno…

  125. ChocolateSnowBunny says:

    I’ll chime in on my thoughts about married and single SDs. Personally, I think if you want a fairly uncomplicated arrangement, married is the way to go. However, both my pot SDs are single and so far I haven’t had them breathing down my neck. Plus, both my pot SDs are local and I don’t have to sneak around which I prefer. Like most said, I won’t have a married SD unless he didn’t live in my city.

  126. Beach_Girl says:

    Raine~ i’m good, how about you?
    any luck today?
    I wasn’t here and only a kinky message, told him to do it to himself he’d have more fun lol!

  127. raine says:

    Oh, Cat, almost forgot: in short, TOO CLOSE TO CALL [RIP Tim Russert]. *ahem* moving on 😉

    Beach_Girl, how goes it this evening?

  128. Beach_Girl says:

    Raine~ yeah i do think married is better. Single is weird to me. But what do i know right

  129. raine says:

    Cat: Wait, you’re still talking about the local pot, right? (If not, my bad; chalk it up to my inner cynic.)

    I must admit that sweetredhead’s right on GP [general principle-the marrieds are most likely to give you adequate space], but locals? Eh…I just get this pesky vision of your having to peep over your shoulder, every so often dodging rolling pins (the wooden ones, mind you, not the froufrou aluminums)& wifely lawsuits! Again, probably just the inner cynic…lol

  130. Beach_Girl says:

    Hi all Sugars!
    how you all tonight?

  131. Cat says:

    Suzie: I agree, Henri is quite the gent!

    Raine: Oh Raine…

  132. raine says:

    How’s everyone else holding up?

  133. raine says:

    Say, Jamisen, what is this facebook you speak of? *snort* I kid, I kid! I have that & myspace on my phone, but I don’t use them. Once said I wouldn’t bother unless I was famous; but then I couldn’t be here!

  134. raine says:

    Hi, folks. Thanks for the support. *In case you missed it, I was asking Lurker how her search was going, but then I added a side comment that got me pulled over (ahem, moderated). Still a tad skittish; I got enough on my plate in the real world w/o…I’d better stop here.

    Cat: NOPE.

    Dang, Mina! Three (the hard way, I presume)?! I’d be more than happy to turn the BB off IF I didn’t have a 3 yo daughter to keep tabs on; the best SD can hope for is my placing same on vibrate.

  135. gurlnextdoor*274735* says:

    Hey everyone, I’ve decided I’m going to start a facebook page that is completely separate from my more personal facebook page. Yay, gonna get to that after watching this show.

  136. SuzieQ*297329* says:

    Cat – yes in my experience, gentlemen always pay for meals….however not all men are gentlemen. And I doubt whether any man could approach Henri’s charming level of gentlemanliness 😉

  137. Cat says:

    Suzie: Men always pay for meals…and for him, it’s a business expense anyway…

    Henri: I will reply to your e-mail as soon as I catch up to the blog…and I promise you will be in my faves 😛

    And oh shit…as if we need more fakes and flakes…I’ve been on her a week and have already had 1!

    SweetRedHead: Thank you for seeing my point of view! Lol. I’m still debating on asking for an allowance, even if it’s not the amount I requested in my profile.

    Raine: Ya…”broke mistress” sums it up…but if he gave me an allowance, would it make it any better?

    NightmareSD: LMAO

    SweetEuropean: Oh how I wish I could be in Monaco and Cannes…it’s very cold here and the nearest paradise is Banff.

  138. Mina says:

    Good news – I now have a third SD :)

    Have you ever gone shopping with a sugar daddy or sugar baby?
    Of course. I think it’s incredibly sexy for a man to pick out lingerie for his lover, but on the other hand there’s an element of surprise when shopping on her own.

    What are the best ways for a sugar daddy to spoil a sugar baby?
    Thoughtful gifts, perhaps something she mentioned she likes but didn’t flat out say “I want ____.” Of course, giving her what she wants is great too.

    How can sugar babies help sugar daddies spoil themselves?
    Turning off the Blackberry, even if only for a few hours, helps tremendously. Giving him a massage while wearing lingerie doesn’t hurt either.

  139. Jamisen/305521 says:

    Hi everyone… I hope everything is going well in sugarland. But it won’t be complete until we see Lisa’s return, unfortunately:(

    OCSugarBaby– I hope you’re around on the blog somewhere.. I just watched the shuttle launch and I immediately thought of you :)

  140. maverisk says:

    Just checking to see if this comment will show up. If it does I’ll let you guys know my latest sugar news!

  141. SweetEuropean*264271 says:

    * By hot person I mean a Hot man who I can drool at!

  142. SweetEuropean*264271 says:

    Katherine – I agree! As long as I meet at least one hot person a week i’m happy! :)

    Raine – Why are you embarassed?

  143. HenriLouis*294522 says:

    Hi raine,
    Nothing to be embarrased about.
    We all stumble and fall, have a good laugh and carry on.
    This blog is just like the real world.

  144. HenriLouis*294522 says:

    Hi Nightmare SD,
    What a great reaction !
    I keep on laughing loudly, although I believe that the ladies here do not want to know about clocking orgasm and will not be amused.
    On the other hand, you come across as a Kamasutra expert.
    May it result in an overflowing mailbox. All those who are lurking will now
    feverishly look for your profile. So better put that ID number with your name for great results.

  145. Katherine*305371 says:

    awww raine! :(

  146. raine says:

    HenriLouis: huh?!
    NitemareSD: same. Plus, I don’t want to know…

    Lurker, has your gone well thus far?

    SweetEuropean: *envious swoon*

    Will return shortly, folks; must work through getting over my embarrassment…

  147. raine says:

    oh, botheration!! I haven’t been official for a week, AND I’VE ALREADY GOOFED IN HERE! I don’t even wanna know what I’ve been cited for…eons beyond embarrassed :(

    Alrighty then, let me try this again…

  148. NitemareSD says:

    I already slept with that one. She told me she had never reached orgasm in under 3hr. I got her there in just under 2:45, so I stiffed her on the cash.

  149. NitemareSD says:

    I already slept with that one. She told me she had never reached orgasm in under 3hr. I got her there is just under 2:45, so I stiffed her on the cash.

  150. HenriLouis*294522 says:

    Some surprising news on fakes and flakes.
    A short while ago I got this muddled e-mail from a young lady with an urgent wish to marry me and multiply and fill the earth. Selling cars in Dallas it says on her profile, but quickly moving via the UK to Dubai. Then an urgent plea for financial support 1800 $ , hotel bills you know. All of a sudden she is off to Africa to convert them to Christianity. Just now urgent call send me 500 $ through Western Union to Ibadan in Nigeria.
    Obviously the Nigerian mob has targeted this site. Nice blond avatar though great boobs, but laying it on a bit thick. I wonder where they steal these photos from.
    Life is like a comic strip to me.

  151. Katherine*305371 says:

    wow there are so many people on here that I don’t know!
    Hi :)

    SweetEuropean: sounds like you had one hell of an awesome weekend. And nothing better than meeting hotties, eh? 😉

    Lurker: I’m a bit of a newbie but I also enjoyed reading through Lisa’s posts from way back. Too bad she got so down, hope she’s on an upswing. Wonder if Henry has a point about Stephan getting in touch with her..

  152. Lurker says:

    Hi, raine !
    I’m a SB.
    I read the blog since December and I love Lisa, I miss her, her stories about the daughter, pigeon, neighbors …

  153. raine says:

    [Huh. Wonder where my last comment went.] lisa, come back-we newbies can’t get enough sage advice!

    @lurker, not a bad idea; in fact, extend it to those who’ve tried & tried but just left the building, as it were. Say, are you SB or SD?

  154. BerkshireSD says:

    Anyone know where we can pick up some decent pantyhose?

  155. SweetEuropean*264271 says:

    I never went to the pole dancing lesson, I had a hangover and felt far too bad that day LOL

    My date was good! I met two very handsome men this weekend which was fun :) One I met in Monaco on thursday night and then the other was my date in Cannes on friday night, my second date introduced me to a man while we were out and when I was talking to my friend the next day about my weekend and it turns out the man is a premiership footballer and plays for a well known British team, I had no idea! She’s really into football so she recognised the name right away LOL, I wish i’d have known
    beforehand! He was cute too…. :)

    How was your weekend?!

  156. Gail says:

    Doing great Sweet E, just missing my friend:) So how have you been? Have missed you in our world…How was your pole dancing lessons with the fellas? And your date as well?

  157. Lurker says:

    I suggest that it should be a blog topic about Lisa.


  158. HenriLouis*294522 says:

    Hi Sharon,
    Nice to read that you have raised your children well.
    I am sure that they will get a nice job after graduation.
    So they will have that car eventually.
    No doubt they themselves will give you a car as an appreciation what you have done for them.
    Hope that you will be a teacher soon.
    You will be good at the job.

  159. SweetEuropean*264271 says:

    I miss lisa, I hope she comes back soon….

    Ohh Lisaaaaa! *looks around* Come out, come out wherever you are!

    How is everybody today?!

  160. SweetEuropean*264271 says:

    Gail – I agree with Henri, the song was a lovely idea!

  161. raine says:

    Thanks again, Katherine; I stand corrected. The rules/regulations are a hoot sometimes; I’m almost getting them mixed up*!

    *Speaking of which, is mentioning my birthplace still verboten?

    Hi, Sharon; I co-sign w/ atalanta (hi squared). welcome & keep up the great work!

  162. Gail says:

    You may be on the wrong website. Unless you choose to pursure a SD/SB relationship. Your story melts our hearts, especially the request for cars. Joules got a rental car yesterday, so thats a good example of results. And she is in Tennessee too I think:) Good luck!!!

  163. HenriLouis*294522 says:

    You are an exceptional girl with such a big heart !
    What a lovely idea to put it in a poem.
    Lisa you are missed by many here !
    Could not we get Stephan to contact Lisa ?

  164. BerkshireSD says:

    I’m at the outlet mall right now with BerkSB. Everything is 50-60% off.

    Give me their sizes and look in the mail.

  165. Atalanta says:

    Oh, Sharon, your story touches my heart. It’s always warming to hear a mother trying to provide what she can for her children.

    If I wasn’t a poor college student, I’d definitely try to help! As you can see, most of us that are SBs hardly have spare income :-/ lol That’s why we’re here! haha. SDs take care of that! Find yourself one, girl! Good luck!

  166. ChocolateSnowBunny says:

    Oh that comment goes through

  167. ChocolateSnowBunny says:


  168. raine says:

    Later Joules! Rock on! Wooooo!! (uh, pretend I have a mullet *lol*)

    Okay, anyone left in here?

  169. Katherine*305371 says:

    Joules I’m so psyched for you!! I hope it goes really well and I’m excited to see the pictures :)

    and raine: i really don’t think you need a premium profile. you can send messages and everything with just a regular profile.

    mm. that’s all. just wanted to make a quick check-in with you all :)

  170. NitemareSD says:


    Everytime you make a comment I think about you stopping looking for an SD.

  171. Joules*300035* says:

    bye everyone! my pot is now in town!!!

  172. raine says:

    I essentially can’t do jack until I upload some pics! (oh, waah…) apparently a few SDs HAVE checked out my profile, but my upgrading to premium ain’t gonna happen anytime soon (if at all). Based on that, csb, I’d say I’m in the “orientation” phase right about now. *lol*

  173. Joules*300035* says:

    hopefully in the next few days i’ll be able to add a bunch of pics from my evening tonight to my Facebook page. that’ll be cool as hell!

  174. Joules*300035* says:

    so how’s everyone doin?

    i’m all finished gettin ready; just waitin on my pot to get in the area and call me as i still have an hour drive ahead of me lol

  175. Beach_Girl says:

    Oh, b4 i leave any of you Sugars wanna add me to your MySpace let me know it’s from SA site!!! talk to you all later!

  176. Beach_Girl says:

    Joules~ that great if you have time, if not do it later send it to mysace so i can get it!
    i’m off girls, have fun today!
    talk to you all later :)

  177. raine says:

    Hi ChocolateSnowBunny! Sorry you’ve been under the weather; I’m swatting at some sniffles myself. *passing you some tea, extra tissue* funny you should mention this is a f/t job of sorts, because that perfectly describes the nagging feeling I got lurking in this blog for the past couple of months & eventually joining thursday. Thanks for confirming that, and feel better, kay?

  178. Joules*300035* says:

    hi Raine and CSB!!!

    BG, i have NO clue what my facebook addy is….i’ll find it for you if i have time after doin my make-up

  179. Beach_Girl says:

    Joules~just added you to myspace!
    you are too cute!
    CSB~ get some rest Girl :)

  180. Beach_Girl says:

    hey raine,,,
    That hot SD is coming for all of us!!! :) soon i hope ha ha

  181. Joules*300035* says:

    aight BG, sent you an add request on myspace

    all that i have left now is make-up then i’m ready to go!!!!!

  182. ChocolateSnowBunny says:

    Thanks Beach_girl. I’m getting there. Gonna be laying on the couch all day today lol. I have no energy to do much else.

    Raine: how’s your search going?

  183. raine says:

    Afternoon, sugar fans.

    ‘Kay, all caught up in on the comments, please stand by for my 2.7 cents:

    Cat, first off, my condolences to you for the blank mission re: McDreamy lite. Second, HenriLouis brings up great points; I personally CANNOT advocate your taking on a local married SD! there’s no excuse in settling for the ‘broke mistress’ role and defeating the purpose of this search!

    Although I’m fresh off the truck and my profile doesn’t have pics yet… Katherine, my response to guys asking for the nekkid ones would be along the lines of: “HOW DOES ‘HELL TO THE NAW’ work for you, sir?”

    Good to see everything worked out even better for you, Joules! I’d like to be you when I grow up :)

    Beach_Girl, I understand you have vast experience in this racket, er, realm. Villa hit yet another nail on the head (I just KNOW she’s built some furniture, lol): it’s always when you aren’t really looking that that special something/someone shows up!

    Keep up the good work, folks…HesAHotSB(& everyone, of course), keep trying! *That hot SD is around here somewhere… 😉

  184. Beach_Girl says:

    Thanks ChocolateSnowBunny
    i just want someone nice, and handsome…. And most of all honest and generous!
    sorry to hear your sick, it sux

  185. ChocolateSnowBunny says:

    Oh and have a blast today Joules.

  186. Beach_Girl says:

    what is your facebook i think i had one b4
    Lyane Starr is my facebook i just checked

  187. ChocolateSnowBunny says:

    Hey sugarworld.

    I’ve been sick all weekend which really sucked as the weather has been gorgeous for the past few days. I was supposed to meet my pot SD yesterday but I had to reschedule for during the week.

    Beach_girl: Don’t worry. You’ll find an SD. Like most have said on this blog. Finding a good SD with chemistry that works for you is like a full time job. You have to stick at it. Some won’t respond…ah well…their loss. Just keep looking and sending messages. Good luck and we’ll always be here for advice.

  188. Joules*300035* says:

    BG, my bad….DEF is definately and LTR is long term relationship. i’ll add u to myspace in a few if i have the time; still gotta do my make-up and hair.

    my SD/SB page is on facebook tho as my personal life (aka my MySpace pages) is just that; quite personal lol

  189. Beach_Girl says:

    Joules, what is DEF and LTR????
    i hope it works out for you! where do you post your pics???
    i have a myspace page, http://www.myspace.com/blondy_lyane
    if your on there!

  190. Joules*300035* says:

    alright, i still gotta straighten my hair, do my make-up and see if i have time to snap a couple quick shots b4 i leave

  191. Joules*300035* says:

    BG, thanks. my pot i’m meeting today is DEF. looking for more like a LTR but i’m not turnin him down just cuz of that. the purpose of this arrangement is a mutually beneficial arrangement lol

    as long as i’m spoiled, i don’t care *grin*

  192. Beach_Girl says:

    Good luck Joules
    i hope it goes great today!! I wish i had a pot SD :(
    guys here all want a Girlfriend???? i did talk to one but… he didn’t mail back.
    There is one that i think is hot and he didn’t mail back either
    Its hard you Girls are hot and i’m cute!

  193. Gail says:

    This song is for my dearly missed sugar friend Lisa:) Miss you much!!!

    Sometimes in our lives we all have pain
    We all have sorrow
    But if we are wise
    We know that there’s always tomorrow

    Lean on me, when you’re not strong
    And I’ll be your friend
    I’ll help you carry on
    For it won’t be long
    ‘Til I’m gonna need
    Somebody to lean on

    Please swallow your pride
    If I have things you need to borrow
    For no one can fill those of your needs
    That you don’t let show

    Lean on me, when you’re not strong
    And I’ll be your friend
    I’ll help you carry on
    For it won’t be long
    ‘Til I’m gonna need
    Somebody to lean on

    If there is a load you have to bear
    That you can’t carry
    I’m right up the road
    I’ll share your load
    If you just call me

    So just call on me brother, when you need a hand
    We all need somebody to lean on
    I just might have a problem that you’d understand
    We all need somebody to lean on

    Lean on me when you’re not strong
    And I’ll be your friend
    I’ll help you carry on
    For it won’t be long
    Till I’m gonna need
    Somebody to lean on

    Lean on me…

  194. Joules*300035* says:

    jeeez the blog is awfully quiet today!

    just talked to my pot on the phone; he’s running an hour behind.

    i’m getting really nervous but definately more so excited than anything else. it’s raining out here (and where my pot is driving at at the moment). so it’s definately not the best day to go out walking and shopping but it’s SUPPOSED to clear up soon so i’ll keep my fingers crossed.

    i think i’m going to start keeping a ‘wish list’ of everything i want and need lol every day i think of something else i really need or want. i guess i’ll start working on that list after i meet my pot today cuz then, he’ll officially be my Sugar Daddy!


    then after today, i gotta start persuing this other pot SD that’s in the same city as my other. i had to put him on hold, so to speak, due to my busy weekend of business and pleasure lol

    i’m bring with me today my digital camera. i’m going to get a couple shots of the car and upload them to my Facebook account (which i made JUST for my SD/SB life).

    i just hope everything goes as i have imagined it will today!

  195. Beach_Girl says:

    Hello all!!!

  196. Sweetredhead *269443* says:

    I find them more appealing for the simple reason of NSA. They have their separate lives and I have mine.

  197. He'sAHotSB says:


    don’t know why…but I find married guys more attractive…than the guys that are single…LOL

    hmmm…a psychological thing…lol

    or is it a psycho thing…lol :(

  198. Sweetredhead *269443* says:

    Not sure if it fits best, but it is just another consideration. Everyone has their preferences. It’s a learning experience for us all. That is why we are here. To give feedback, Opinions and advice. We all learn from each other :)

  199. He'sAHotSB says:


    I thought he meant…a SB being wwwith a married man is a red flag…


    time to say bye bye for me!

    tubbie toast for you guys right? lol

  200. HenriLouis*294522 says:

    Thanks Sweet Redhead.
    Every time you are here on the blog I learn more.
    I guess it is correct that in an SD/SB relation a married man fits best.
    Drama free as Joules says.

  201. Sweetredhead *269443* says:

    Where is suthrn and OC when I need them lol

  202. Sweetredhead *269443* says:

    LMAo I sound like an advocate for married SD’s

  203. Sweetredhead *269443* says:

    HenriLouis, Married men tend not to give an “allowance” Because the ability to hide that amount of money. BUT they do pay bills, Gifts, travel ect.. It all depends. But not giving an allowance does no rule them out either. Married men can be very generous.

  204. HenriLouis*294522 says:

    Hi Cat,
    You have mail in your e-mail box.
    Hope you like it.
    As reward you may add me to your Favorites box.

  205. HenriLouis*294522 says:

    Hi Cat,
    Yes, you should go and see him Thursday.
    Otherwise you will always wonder, how it would be.
    SweetRedhead and Joules you are right. I expressed myself in a clumsy way.
    I meant to say: married man and giving NO allowance. This is a red flag.
    In literature she is described as “the other woman” she is the tragic heroine, a side dish really.
    I love my cat, don’t want to see anybody mistreating her.
    Ladies did I make amends this way ?

  206. Joules*300035* says:

    alrighty, i’ll try to pop back in here before i leave. if not, i’ll fill you all in with all the details sometime in the next day or so

  207. Joules*300035* says:

    in my opinion, finding an SD that’s married is the best! no worries about attachments and all that drama……NSA!!!

    just my opinion though

    I’m slowly getting ready to meet my pot SD today!!! Less than 5 hours away!!!

  208. Sweetredhead *269443* says:

    Good morning everyone!

    HenriLouis.. Guestion, why is being a married man a “red flag” Many SD’s are married. I don’t think this is a red flag.

  209. He'sAHotSB says:


    has any of you had the thought of giving up…

    looking for a SD…



  210. SuzieQ*297329* says:

    Well, who knows if it will work, but I’d say you have nothing to lose. Assuming he pays for lunch of course!

  211. Cat says:

    Suzie: I am trying my best to stay objective…I think I will meet him for lunch as planned on Tuesday and after he has met me, he’ll see what he’s about to lose and I’ll get what I want lol. Think that will work?

  212. SuzieQ*297329* says:

    Yes, if he were single maybe it would be a different story if you were looking for a LTR. But if he’s married I do think you have to try to stay objective. But hey, maybe if he *really* wants it that badly he will see the wisdom in becoming a real sd.

  213. Cat says:

    Suzie: I think I just realised how stupid my idea was…the reason why it seemed ok before is because he’s a businessman and meets with all kinds of people on a daily basis, so to be seen in public with a woman who isn’t his wife, doesn’t seem to be a big deal to him. But like HenriLouis said, if it all blows up in my face, I won’t even have had an allowance…its really unfortunate, because I REALLY like this guy as a person…everything else just seems like a bonus, but really, it is what it is and I deserve an allowance.

  214. SuzieQ*297329* says:

    Good morning sugar world! Sorry I’ve been elsewhere for a couple of days…this blog is too addictive for my own good and I wasn’t getting much work done. :)

    Cat – There are lots of single as well as married men here I believe. Or so they say 😉

    I am talking to a pot sd now and he is married, but he lives 3 provinces away and is wanting to meet during travels, not in either of our home towns. I think it would make me equally uncomfortable meeting in my city, as it’s not a big place and I’m pretty well known locally…might have some explaining to do!

    I agree with Henri’s always wise words…I know I wouldn’t ever risk that with someone who lived in the same city as me, whether it was a sd relationship or not. I like adrenaline, but not THAT much lol!

  215. Cat says:

    HenriLouis: Thank you. You’re right! Should I only accept to be the SB of a single SD? I mean, aren’t most men here married anyway? I will send you my ID#

  216. HenriLouis*294522 says:

    Hi Cat,
    May I join the conversation with Raine.
    So you met somebody nice.
    He is married. Red flag !
    He will take you out for dinners and so on.
    He is not an SD, because he cannot give you an allowance.
    He is a local man, meaning he lives in your town.
    Accoding to statistics you will be found out soon.
    His marriage would be in ruin. She would sue his hide off.
    He stands to lose everything.
    When that happens, he will blame you.
    And you have not received even one dime from him.
    This is not a mutual beneficial relationship.
    It is not a win/win situation as an SA should be.
    Before meeting him, insist on an allowance.
    Otherwise you will be left penniless and hurt, because you are vulnerable.
    I know it sounds unpleasent. For your sake I wish it would be different.
    Come here and let me kiss you for that.

  217. HenriLouis*294522 says:

    Hi Cat,
    I wish to read your profile, so I need your ID number.
    You can reach me as follows
    click on search
    then click on search by location.
    scroll to Netherlands
    then scroll State downand click others.
    You will find my profile there, it is the photo of the beachbum.
    Then send me a message with you ID number.

  218. Cat says:

    raine:I have not been able to find any info about the previous potentiel SD that I had a bad feeling about…And even with OnTheWater’s ressources\connections, we haven’t found anything. He also hasn’t read or replied to my e-mails in a few days now…I seriously think he’s a fraud. I will still wait and see if he even replies though…he has some serious explaining to do if he is a real SD, but I don’t even think I would want to meet him anymore, just because he doesn’t seem to understand what an arrangement is.

    In other news, I have been talking to this other guy from a non-SD site and we have had amazing chemistry. When I asked him what type of relationship he wanted, because he’s married, he pretty much described a typical SD\SB relationship!!! lol. But no allowance :( I really like him, but I don’t know if I should still push for an allowance…just cause. I’m meeting him Tuesday!!!

    My question is: If a local man often takes you away for lavish resort weekends and shopping\spa time\sight-seeing, on top of treating you to monthly spa services, regular shopping\dining out and you like him like a serious bf, could you accept to not get any allowance?

  219. gurlnextdoor*274735* says:

    Yep Kat, that’s the spirit. You’ll find a SD sooner or later…an actual good one. It took me 2 months to meet my SD whose in Florida mostly due to the fact that I kept turning him down for his arrogance. But in the meantime I ran into some fakes, which I’m sure everyone on the blog can tell you they’ve had their fair share of, and it made it even better to meet a really good one finally.

  220. Joules*300035* says:

    Kat, the only pot SD i have is the one i am meeting tomorrow. my studio guy was just that; a guy that has a music recording studio. it’s just that i was talking about him on this blog the other day and telling all about how he’s offered me an office in his studio, shopping trips, etc and someone said ‘hey, maybe he’s and SD in disguise!’ lol

    it’s actually a pretty huge (business) loss for me that my studio guy flaked on me friday BUT as i said, i just don’t want to do business with flakes lol

    ok, g’nite all

  221. Katherine*305371 says:

    ah. guess I got a little confused there. So that makes more sense as to why Friday worked out so well even tho the potSD fell through. and I agree. 2 strikes is plenty enough to say “nope, no thanks, ima keep lookin now” lol
    good for you.
    hope tomorrow goes well!

    and I’m beginning to get a feel for who’s real or not. But, I’m also not the best at it cos I thought that other dude that asked for the pics was real until the no response after I didn’t send them.. That’s alright. Just means one is crossed of the list and another is to be found hehe

  222. Joules*300035* says:

    GND, sorry to hear you’re still sick; get well soon!

    alright, i’m exhausted and need my beauty sleep (lol) for tomorrow’s meeting with my pot SD! I also intend on going to go see my lil charmer again tomorrow after i leave my pot SD

    so have a g’nite everyone. i will give everyone more stories to read soon!

  223. Joules*300035* says:

    kat, the only person that backed out on me was my studio guy on friday. i’m still going to go see my pot SD tomorrow.

    as for wiring money, i can’t explain how many is transfered via wires and technology lol your guess is as good as mine! *wink*

    my pot and i had been talking for like over a week; several emails a day. THAT’S how i knew it was safe. other than that, i know he’s real (he gave me many ways to verify that he is who he said he is). other than that, i don’t really know what else to say in regards to your safety question

  224. gurlnextdoor*274735* says:

    Yeah Katherine any guy that asks for pics straight up is usually a fake or a picture collector. Lots of them on here unfortunately, but you’ll find the right SD eventually.

  225. gurlnextdoor*274735* says:

    Aww Joules sad your studio guy was a no-show but hey at least you got some good out of it. :) I’m still sick at home and spring break is about to end. Talked to Superman before bed, he told me to go to sleep, get some rest, and get better. He’s such a sweetie. My other potential SD didn’t call me today because he was tired and really sick. But he did send me a text message apologizing and an email earlier in the day, so I’m not too mad.

  226. Katherine*305371 says:

    bummer bout the red flag. he was offering so much and was quite my physical taste lol

  227. Katherine*305371 says:

    wait and WHY did the pot SD back out of ..sunday??

  228. Katherine*305371 says:

    hahaha wow. that’s all i have to say for you, joules. i’m so glad it all ended up working out. can you explain how the wiring works and how you know it’s safe?

  229. Joules*300035* says:

    see, told you guys that Friday 13th was my lucky day! lol

  230. Joules*300035* says:

    Kat, i don’t do nudes; period. i’ve read on these blogs that a pot requesting nudes (or similar, provocative pics) before even meeting is a big red flag

    i always just politely decline by saying that he could ask me again in the future after we actually meet. that usually runs them off quickly lol

  231. Katherine*305371 says:

    night beach! :)

  232. Joules*300035* says:

    So, Friday I was supposed to meet a client of mine; a DJ. My studio guy was supposed to pay all expenses but I still haven’t heard from him. As I said, two strikes is too much. I don’t do business with flakes.

    So, I ended up spending several hours trying to get ready Friday. Realized my wardrobe is HORRIBLE; plus it’s hard to figure out how to dress when you’re going to a club for business purposes! lol

    I got ahold of another client of mine that I wasn’t supposed to meet with until Saturday and invited him to go along with me and he accepted my invite.

    I got to the bar he was at and he was there with like 15+ of his friends. I got to meet them all and was introduced as his Booking Agent. Everyone had so many questions for me and I asked my share of questions too; about my client. I love getting others’ perspectives on my clients!

    It was open-mic at the bar and I hung around long enough to get to hear my client freestyle on the mic and then we left shortly there after.

    I had to drive like 30 min to pick him up and then 1 1/2 hrs to get to where my DJ client was at!

    I ended up being an hour late to meet with my DJ client. I got to go behind the bar and watch him spin, talk to him about what he wants me to do for him as far as promotions, bookings, etc. I also had the opportunity to ‘interview’ the bar’s owner and several other friends of my DJ client. I shot a game of pool with my other client while my DJ packed up for the night and then we all three sat down and shot the shit for a while. Both my clients hit it off pretty well talking to one another and we all exchanged contact info.

    Everything went much better than I could have imagined! See, if I would have waited until Sat. to meet with my other client, I would not have been able to meet all of his closest friends! So, by my studio guy flaking out on me, it all turned out for the better!

    After I finally took my one client back home we stayed at his place for a while longer talking business. I FINALLY got home around 8am this morning! Then today, I woke up around 3pm and went to go see my lil charmer (aka my b/f). I had a good time with him today. Normally he’s pretty boring but we both had some extra spunk about ourselves tonight so it was pretty fun and we had a lot of laughs!

    Remember everyone, all of this happened because my pot SD (that i’m meeting tomorrow) wired me the money for a rental car!

  233. Beach_Girl says:

    Joules good luck tomorrow with your meeting!!!
    let me know how it went, i’m off to bed it’s late
    night to all :)

  234. Katherine*305371 says:

    so, yeah. one of the guys asked me to send nude pics.. really?? and then why I responded that I didn’t feel comfortable sending them to him since I wanted verification that he was in for a genuine SD/SB relationship… well.. he hasn’t responded. lovely, eh?

    does anyone ever ask you for them? when they ask for your pics do you send them? *shrug* just curious.

  235. Katherine*305371 says:

    teehee I cant wait. and i love the new pic :)

  236. Joules*300035* says:

    I’m gettin ready to post an update on my weekend so far; especially since Kat was wondering about me lol (i feel special now!) lol

  237. Katherine*305371 says:

    JOULES!!! so .. just the client?? you’re meeting studio SD tomorrow or the other?

  238. VillaCypris *276489* says:


  239. Beach_Girl says:

    G-night VC

  240. Beach_Girl says:

    Good for you Joules!!! you go Sugar Girl!

  241. VillaCypris *276489* says:

    Beach_Girl- i’m in minneapolis. time for bed. good luck to you!! sweet dreams/ x

  242. Joules*300035* says:

    Just wanted to drop in and say hello! My weekend’s been very busy; filled with meeting with clients.

    Get to finally meet my pot SD tomorrow!!!!! T-Minus 15 hours!!!

  243. Beach_Girl says:

    I can see that … we all know that we don’t need anyone, but it’s nice to have someone! a perk!
    where are you at in the States?
    I’m in Montreal Canada

  244. VillaCypris *276489* says:

    Ha! Thanks. I’m just perceptive, that’s all. x

  245. VillaCypris *276489* says:

    when you don’t’ “need ” someone , that is when he will appear . til then, take care of yourself and your own needs…

  246. Beach_Girl says:

    Exactly VC you should be a inspirational speaker lol! or a shrink

  247. VillaCypris *276489* says:

    Be happy within and on yourself first and foremost… a “man” is just an extra…. don’t rely on someone else for your happiness, no matter what age…

  248. Beach_Girl says:

    You are so right VC , age is only a state of mine, anyways i feel like 20!!!

  249. Beach_Girl says:

    VC~ i know everything happens for a reason etc…. but i’d like for things to go faster lol…. i don’t usually care what others think … but my friend Chris is on here that is too funny girls!!!
    Katherine~ i’m 36. i thought , when i first met my SD that is was going to be a real relationship… then found out he was married and that he only wanted to help me and me help him!!! I did, but his wife found out, now i’m all alone! i like the fact that i spent a few weekends here and there… now by myself i can’t do that :(
    i think this is the last SD :)

  250. VillaCypris *276489* says:

    age is a state of mind.. biologically, it doesnt matter.

  251. Katherine*305371 says:

    woah. beach girl how old are you? 15 years!
    hey you two, how old are you willing to look for your SD? I’m just curious cos I’ve been thinking about it recently

  252. VillaCypris *276489* says:

    Beach_Girl – don’t worry a bout it… free your mind and your soul.. “hotness” is relative…. it doesn’t matter, really. Someone willl be attractd to you for you… until then, fuck it. Not to be pessimistic, but the universe does what it does, without out your input. Make the best of it, dont care what others think, and move on. Create your own reality. x

  253. Beach_Girl says:

    Thanks VC , i know you girls on here are way hotter than i am and a lot younger!!!
    I had an SD for over 15 years so to start over?!?!?! really hard!

  254. Beach_Girl says:

    Lol Thank Raine, i’m all new too got approved the night before last!
    i got one guy that’s been mailing but he’s not cute at all…. we all need that chemistry… i’m so green to all this online stuff too… the only thing i had before was MySpace ‘coz of friends in LA
    and a guy a really know, a friend is on here, i’m totally freaked out! what if he sees me????? its too funny

  255. VillaCypris *276489* says:

    oui, c’est la vie…

    that’s life.

    if no reply, move on.. and don’t waste energy trying to discern why he did not answer your message… you can only be the best person you can be… and someone will be attracted to that… until then.. pppfffffffftttttttt.. forgettit/ x

  256. raine says:

    Hi Beach_Girl! *waves* unsure about everyone else here, but I’m standard & brand spankin’ new to boot. [Was just approved last night, actually.]
    VillaCypris is right on: if he replies, great; if not, oh well (roughly translated: NEXT!)

  257. Beach_Girl says:

    Thank you!! it is difficult to introduce ones self here!
    are you all premium members??
    is that better?

  258. VillaCypris *276489* says:

    Beach_Girl – no, i’m not “french”… i’m american.. i’ve studied french for decades though… lived in Tunisia and Monaco… it’s difficult… to intro duce oneself via the internet… just be yourself… if he’s the one for you, he’ll respond… if not, just move on…. nothing else you can do, eh

  259. Beach_Girl says:

    Oh my god!!! i just saw a friends of mines profile,!!! a real friend lol
    oh no…. he might know OMG!!! this is too funny
    god he took my pic for this site lol!!!

  260. Beach_Girl says:

    Thanks Villa!
    i just don’t know what to write to them, how to introduce myself, i’m just really new here!
    your french right?
    any good ways to introduce ones self?

  261. VillaCypris *276489* says:

    Beach_Girl – you cannot “make” someone reply to you.. if he doesn’t , his loss… just move on.. and do not fixate on the lack of response. x

  262. VillaCypris *276489* says:


    what is mr michigan’s profile number? just curious! vc

  263. Beach_Girl says:

    Hi Sugars!!! have a Question, how do you girls get guys to reply to you???
    i never know what to write in my first mail, what do you sugars do?

  264. Katherine*305371 says:

    yuck. I hate that sort of awkwardness :(

    I’m wondering how Joules is!! She had a POTENTIAL meeting with her port SD. it was looking like he was gonna bail, but I’m curious if he ended up being a show.

    no news on my front, yet, unfortunately. But that’s also due to the fact that I like to get a bit of an idea about someone versus swapping one or two messages and then meet them in person. Hm.

  265. raine says:

    GoutDeMiel: first off, hi. Second, I’m sorry for his loss (lol). Well, I suppose you can do everything right and still strike out*. Huh.

    *More proof you’re one step closer to your dream SD (or two, if you prefer). 😉

  266. GoutDeMiel says:

    (AKA Mel)

    I met with a pot SD for the first time yesterday (and first one). Wasn’t as nervous as I thought. But the chemistry was not there. Felt like he wasn’t interested in getting to know me, just wanted the intimacy. He gave me money for meeting up with him though. It will not go further. It was pretty dead. I was asking most (if not all) of the questions. *sigh*

  267. raine says:

    Now THAT’S what I’m talking about! Chemistry all day! *sigh* any day now…

  268. raine says:

    Yes, of course. I’ll keep the nerves under wraps @ least until the pots start rolling in 😉

    Cat, did you have any luck ensuring that pot was on the up & up?

  269. gurlnextdoor*274735* says:

    Yeah raine it is really annoying. I’m pretty sure the other SD will work out, I really enjoy talking to him and we seem to have alot in common.

  270. Cat says:

    Atlanta: Doesn’t work :(

  271. Atalanta says:

    And you’re welcome, Raine!

    Don’t stress too much about it! Definitely not worth all of that! haha

  272. Atalanta says:

    Cat, to look at SD’s profiles, browse other SD profiles and just replace HenriLouis’ profile number.

    For females, you can just preview your profile and replace the ID number, but it’s not the same to look at our wonderful male SDs :-)

    Gurlnextdoor, I definitely want things to go well with your two potentials! Very lucky girl haha :-)

  273. raine says:

    Thank you, atalanta-man, I gotta lighten up.

    GND-yah, I know about grumbling about the ex (been on both sides, in fact). I was browsing SDs earlier, and wouldn’t ya know one of them was doing the same thing IN HIS PROFILE! Yeesh. Still keeping my fingers crossed for you :)

  274. gurlnextdoor*274735* says:

    Hey all, I have updates about my two latest potential SDs. One is nice…a bit overeager but nice. He’s supposed to be calling me again this evening to make plans for dinner sometime next week. The other is laid back and hilarious, but I fear he may not be completely over his last SB. He kept referring to her in our conversation last night, so much that he came up with a nickname for her. Oh well, hopefully one of the two will work out.

  275. Atalanta says:


    I suggest wearing something that is in tune with your personality, as well as shows your body. You don’t need to wear lingerie/bathing suits, etc. if you don’t want to, but I think showing a picture where you are in a dress would be nice.

    I think it’s important to get two good head shots, then a full body shot. That way, the SD knows what you look like and has an idea of your style.

    Personally, I don’t like overdoing it. So putting on a lot of makeup isn’t my thing. I probably won’t end up doing it each time I see my SD, so it’s a take me as I am type of thing.

    Other than that…it’s really up to you! Oh! And if you have great legs, make the dress short and wear some nice heels :-)

  276. raine says:

    *swooning in progress* lol. have yet to ski, but when I snare that SD, that just may occur in a year’s time, if not sooner. I passed through Vail once, and wow.

    Speaking of snares *snicker*, anyone got some suggestions on what to wear for my 1st pic? Don’t have any recent ones lying around, so I figured I’d put up some fresh ones.

  277. HenriLouis*294522 says:

    Hi Villa,
    Yes, I wondered how you were.
    Happy to read that everything is going your way.
    “Ca plane pour moi”, nice French song.
    I make time to go to the gym, if possible.
    It loads me with power and energy.
    Hi Raine, do’n’t break your expensive skis for me.
    And if you do, I’ll come with that rescue helicoper.
    Take you in my arms to be pulled up, just as in a James Bond movie.
    You are supposed to swoon then.
    Later you may show your thanks for moi in your hospital bed.
    In cyberspace anything is possible.
    This is the stuff SA dreams are made of.
    Wow baby !

  278. HenriLouis*294522 says:

    Hello Cat,
    I just read your request for a bit of help on your profile.
    Welcome to my heart.
    Of course I will be glad to do so.
    I do not know how to reach you, so please send me a mail into my in-box here.
    I was away all day to a seminar.
    This evening I have another meeting elsewhere.
    Tomorrow is Sunday and after having some work-out in the gym in the morning, I will study your profile.
    Then we can have a conversation on it between the two of us.
    Very important isssue is, how you would like to come across.
    I suppose that you write to SDs.
    Also the text of your letter of introduction is very important.
    But I need to go into this here.
    You hold a managerial position and know all about the impact.
    A purrrrrrrrrrrrrrr just for you,

  279. VillaCypris *276489* says:

    Take care, all. I’m heading out into the sunshine 8)

  280. raine says:

    Top o’ the mornin/afternoon to ya, sugar fans!

    Katherine: the thx was for confirming the redundancy(ies) in my profile. Again, I nervously whipped it up on the BB – freestyling in a sense.

    HenriLouis: An avalanche of charm & wisdom, you. I’d break my skis on purpose! :)

    I’m gonna poke around the site now, see who’s on tap. Be right back…

  281. VillaCypris *276489* says:

    Salut Henri

    I’ve had you in mind on my long walks the past week… :) and today, magnifique … 50+ degrees, sunny, nice breeze…. hope your gym training is going well!

  282. HenriLouis*294522 says:

    Hi Gail,
    Today I was away to a seminar on the pilgrim’s way through Northen Spain. Became so inspired and I am deremined to leave in May.
    I am happy that you like my post in the morning.
    There is a reason for it.
    When I walked El Camino de Santiago I came to a refugio (pilgrims’ hostel). Usually pilgrim’s get up at five, have breakfast and start walking in the cool of the morning.
    In this refugio we were forbidden to do so.
    We would be waken up at six by the host of the refugio.
    Then at six o’clock in the morning a miracle took place.
    We were woken up by the beautiful sound of Ave Maria.
    Everyone stayed in bed listening to the music.
    When the last tones had died away, we stayed and were quiet.
    Then we got out of bed with peace in our hearts.
    It was a miraculous way to start the day.
    If my morning post on the blog would create the such feeling of harmony for someone, it would be great.

  283. VillaCypris *276489* says:

    Hmmm… not that I recall…. what’s his profile number and I will look at it.

    That’s what we all hope for, and deserve… someone who will treat us “well” and with respect, on all levels. Not just on this site, but in life.

  284. Katherine*305371 says:

    thanks Villa. We’ll see. I just hope I’ll be able to get one that’s a real SD who’ll treat me really well.
    I’ve been talking to a really nice guy from Michigan, he’s 36.. He’s never been an SD before and is new to the site but.. maybe you’ve come across his profile? The reason I mention it is because from your description of what you’re looking for, he seems to be someone you might mesh with. It’s a thought :p

  285. VillaCypris *276489* says:

    Ahh… hello Nitemare… looks like our “ESP” for blog posting is on track this morning… x

  286. VillaCypris *276489* says:

    Hi Katherine,

    Thanks for your kind words. I appreciate the positive feedback! No one has commented on my profile before. And to answer your question, no, I do not have an SD. Perhaps, at 5’2″, men find me too intimidating 😉

    You are a very attractive young lady. There seem to be a plethora of men in the northeast… I’m sure you will find someone quickly!

  287. NitemareSD says:

    Never send money to anyone you just met using Western Union, even if they are in the US, UK or Canada. There are reports of Sugar Babies asking for travel expenses and dissappearing once they receive the money. No matter how much he or she may blame you for not trusting them, NEVER SEND MONEY to a stranger.

    So sayeth the SA Home Page

  288. Katherine*305371 says:

    Villa: I just saw your profile for the first time cos I’m one of the newbies, and I just HAVE to tell ya: your first paragraph in the Description section?? Wow. I think that would have an SD hooked in an instant!! Kudos.
    Ok and the rest rocks too. :p Do you have an SD now? Or a potential?

    Henri: LOVED your post. Thanks for the words of advice. I’ll fix it :) And spot on with Young&Beautiful’s profile.

    Hope all are well. It’s the WEEKEND!! 😀

  289. VillaCypris *276489* says:

    ehhh… sorry i missed you yet again! sleep well! hope all is fine in OZ :)

  290. VillaCypris *276489* says:

    hotSB!!!!!!!!! hey!!!! how are you??????????? xox

  291. He'sAHotSB says:

    time to sleep again…

    I guess there’s no SD for me lol

    :( hehehe

  292. Angela300373 says:

    Wow, when I first came to the blog (a whole week and some ago) It didn’t take that long to read a days worth of comments… Nice to see so many Sugars !

    Henri: REEEEEEEELLLeeeeeeeelleeeeee YYYaaaaa!
    Loved your poem! I actually received a poem from a pot the other day (gonna call him tonight) and was gonna ask everyone if that was sweet or lil creepy. But you reminded me that some SD’s (like you) are sweeter than Sugar and I shouldn’t be so leery…..thanks! You (and your posts)are something to look forward to everyday!

    raine Says:
    March 13th, 2009 at 12:54 pm


    …dang, had a question and have now forgotten it. Oh yeah:

    How long have you all had to wait for profile approval? ^I’m sorry I didn’t have an uploaded pic (or 2) handy to expedite the process, but come on!!! I’m trying to move out and–er, lemme take Angela’s advice & sthu *plasters on smile and pageant waves* heh, heh> hello out there, pot SDs!

    Ummmmm, I’m not sure what that means?
    I’m not qualified to give advice so i generally don’t but if I did it would NEVER be sthu.

    As far as your profile goes: I could only find 1 thing .

    My hobbies and interests include fashion doll collecting, reading nearly everything I can get my hands on about anything under the sun, and crossword puzzles (which may or may not be in the NYT).

    Are you interested in fashion dolls or is it fashion and doll collecting. (not sure if this is a typo or there is such a thing as fashion dolls.)
    This sentence kinda runs on (lil too detailed)
    It took me a minute to realize NYT was New York Times but maybe a pot SD would understand that acronym more quickly.

    As far as pics go I picked 3 I hated the least (just kidding)
    Pick the pictures you think are the most flattering
    A large part of what is pleasing to the eye deals with curves, angles and lighting. I am not educated on this but I know what pleases my eye.

    I don’t know if this poem is written by him or not but it is still sweet!

    An Entrapment

    My love, I have tried with all my being
    to grasp a form comparable to thine own,
    but nothing seems worthy;

    I know now why Shakespeare could not
    compare his love to a summer’s day.
    It would be a crime to denounce the beauty
    of such a creature as thee,
    to simply cast away the precision
    God had placed in forging you.

    Each facet of your being
    whether it physical or spiritual
    is an ensnarement
    from which there is no release.
    But I do not wish release.
    I wish to stay entrapped forever.
    With you for all eternity.
    Our hearts, always as one.


  293. SuthrnExec says:

    My week was extremely busy with some interesting challenges. Thanks for asking.

    Enjoy working on the house and congrats on the move!

  294. sweetredhead says:

    have a good day everyone. I am off to work on the house.

  295. sweetredhead says:

    Good morning SuthrnExec. My week was great. very busy at work (which I like) Glad it’s the weekend, but have more work to do :)

    How was your week?

  296. SuthrnExec says:

    Good morning folks – to all the newbies and the old-timers as well! How are you today? How was your week?

  297. sweetredhead says:

    I just finished reading the blog. OC I can understand the clouds :(

    Lisa if your reading this please please don’t like one persons comments make you leave. You know we love you and understand you. Please come back to your sugar family. we love and miss you. The blog would not be the same without you.

    Nika we all have our own personalities. Some things we like about people and some we don’t. But pointing out someones (how do I say this) flaws (not exactly the word I want but all I can think of with a few sips of coffee) is not kind nor is it wanted. As you see we are all protective of our sugar family.

    Please be kind to EVERYONE. Differences of opinion, life styles and personality is what makes us all a family :)

    That’s all I have to say now on with the happy blogging.

  298. sweetredhead says:

    Morning everyone. it’s a beautiful day here in Florida. I am starting out my day with my coffee then off to finishing my house so I can start moving in next weekend. I am really excited. I HAVE A POOL. lol ok so it’s not that exciting but I love to have a pool in my back yard. It’s has a high fence and I don’t need to wear a bathing suit if I don’t want too hehe.

  299. Gail says:

    Good morning All,

    Coffee in the morning brews in new life? I am wishing everyone a productive and nice day:) Especially you Henri….just loving reading your special touch in the morning:)

    I see we have new SBs…. some of you just reinvented yourself. Looks like your exhibiting traits of some of the past, pulling all nighters and such. Even the dialogue resembles a ghost. Its understandable I suppose, getting tired of being the same ole SB/SD is a drag. Thats’s using your imagination and personality!!!

    Ok…I am going to work this morning…play nice in our SugarWorld today:)

  300. Cat says:

    HE’sAHotSB: What! It’s about time someone told him! And it’s true…my profile is boring…I actually changed it but I doubt it’s the best it could be.

  301. He'sAHotSB says:


  302. Cat says:

    HenriLouis: You must be, by far, one of the most charming men on this site. You have a way with words! Every time I read anything you write, it makes me smile, because it is rare that men ever sound so…elegant :) Maybe you could help me improve my profile? I don’t think it’s charming enough…only 10% of the men who viewed my profile actually contacted me :(

  303. HenriLouis*294522 says:

    Hi Alicia,
    So you will be coming to London some day.
    England is great for fly fishing.
    I might take you for day to Michaels casting clinc in the South.
    A top instructor on fly fishing.
    You know I find inspiration in so many things.
    This one is a surprise for you.
    Although I am not your SD, I will bring you a present on our first meeting.
    What else can it be but a black lab called Tiffany ?
    This will melt your heart like warm chocolate.
    Hope I made your day,

  304. HenriLouis*294522 says:

    Good morning everyone in sugarland,
    Amazing we are nearing the 500 posts on the blog again.
    It is like the sea. Sugars from so many different places in the world contribute and their posts are like a wave washing on the shore, retracting and then a new wave washes ashore. Some people are up and about while others are asleep. This way we have a continous wave of new blogs.
    Again, it is a hard and fast rule in sugarland that for the first meeting the SD comes to vist the SB. Never deviate from that.
    Ever realized how many girls just vaporized and are never found back ?
    Please be on guard, cyberspace is the most dangerous place to be.
    Then for the amount of sugar, discuss it openly. I do.
    When asked the question: SB tell me what you want.
    Don’t be shy, just say what is on your mind.
    It is just the same question: what would you like for your Xmas ?
    After having arrangend the meeting, you may sing the variant of
    Santa is coming into town, which sounds like “My SD is coming into town”.
    How to receive the sugar amount ?
    Well, keep it simply sugar sweet. I propose to bring with me a nice black lab card and in it you will find sugar.
    My favourite restaurant is Sama Sebo in Amsterdam.
    It has this marvellous framed wisdom on the wall
    Joules, you are lucky, the Ford Focus is voted the best car in its class worldwide. So take a few pictures, behind the wheel and so on.
    Katherine, what a nice text in your profile now. Please have a look at the last line, there is a kind of clash between the personal pronoun I and the run on line with the personal pronoun we.
    YoungFab, I enjoy your name and sat down to enjoy your profile.
    You should follow the rules of Direct Marketing also in the pictures. The second one is a turn-of. A man has his arms round you.
    Then your decolete’ has this ample bosom on show, really bodacious !
    Cosmetic surgery is not necessary there. Strike out the sentence on nip/tuck. An SD appreciates a full natural girl, not a plastic barbie.
    The lines describing yourself are modern “yo da bitch snakes cool”
    The second part is addressed to your SD.
    This part is a nono. There is no susnhine on the page. You come across
    as a domina whipping that poor man to pieces because your life sucks.
    Other girls have given you their perspective from the point of view of an SB.
    I studied your text from the point of view of an SD.
    Darling don’t scare me away. Draw me into you, embrace me, promise me heaven on earth, whisper sweet words into my ear, turn me on, don’t throw me into that black pitch hell hole.
    Believe me there is magic in words. Try to be that sorceror with words.
    Words are psychological triggers.
    Now you sound like Grendel’s mother from the Old English poem Beowulf.
    May I send you a more pleasant text to your e-mail box.
    You see I would like you to be a success here in the sugar family.
    For me it is a special Saturday. Today I am going to a meeting on the pilgrim’s route El Camino de Santiago in Northern Spain.
    I will walk it again in the coming months of May and June.
    Hugs to all of you.

  305. Sugar*N*Spice says:

    Young- Yea he sounds good, where in florida do you go? I go to miami a lot bc I went to college there but now i’m 22 and done :( so I go back as much as I can. I’m actually going next week. I am gonna get into bed now too. I am having dinner with a pot SD 2mrw night :) Hopefully it will go well! you’re right, this blog is very addictive!

  306. Young&Fabulous!!! says:

    Sugar-N-Spice : Yea I have recently dyed it dark brown which is my natural color. That’s why it says dark brown I need to put a new pic up there…..something else 4 me 2 do 2morrow…*l0l* I just don’t want it to come off as bitchy ya know? But i’m not gonna settle 4 less when I deserve the best!!!! *l0l* I’ve gotten a message froma guy who lived in TN & in my city =) (on another site) who actually liked my bluntness & the whole nsa & basically my whole profile he’s 32 athletic blah blah…I emailed him & hopefully He’ll send some pics….So I can see if I am attracted to him or not……I’m hoping I will be…..He said if things work out then part of our arrangement could include using his flyer miles to fly down to florida often =) anywho….gotta go 2 sleep I got a job interview 2mor =) EXCiTiNG!!!! *l0l* Good nite all & thanks 4 the advice….I’ll be back on 2mor….(I’m addicted lol)

  307. Sugar*N*Spice says:

    Cat- Maybe say to him that you don’t EXPECT anything but you really appreciate (and then insert what you might want here-flowers or whatever it is you have in mind) whatever he does and gives to you. Then he wont feel like he has to do it, but if he wants to impress you, I would bet he brings something.

  308. Sugar*N*Spice says:

    Young- ok first of all WOW you look IDENTICAL to one of my best friends and your profile sounds like something i would write as mine. Very strange.

    I don’t really think it sounds too bad, it’s just that i’ve found that men that want to be SD’s want submissive girls, or at least have that fantasy. Maybe the sentence that might really be the most blunt is the not wanting to be dressed up like their doll and you wont be at their beck and call. But I think if that’s how you feel, you shouldn’t change it too much or you might not weed out the guys that want that from you. Personally I like your profile but that might just be because it’s very similar to my own views.

    Maybe if you continue to get messages like that, just soften those things a little but keep the main idea. And you should change the hair color to light brown or blonde cuz your hair looks much lighter than mine and I said dark brown lol.

  309. Cat says:

    I think the best ways to find info about someone are asking a lot about what they do, what they are into, if they have been doing these things a long time…if someone has been in one spot\career a long time, chances are you will find something about them on google. They will be on a company website or an association website…I’ve found so much random stuff with very little info. I googled this guy who had an odd first name along with his city and the first link to pop up was his business and he had photos and the names of him and his staff on there. If he’s a Dr. then search medical directories or even RateMDs…if he’s a real Doc, he might be in there. If you can’t find anything, just tell him you need to verify his identity, for your safety, before you meet. If he wants to meet so badly, he’ll do what it takes. Good luck!

  310. Young&Fabulous!!! says:

    Katherine : I have not yet googled his name or anything but i’m gonna try now *l0l* I don’t think I know his full name though….But if he’s legit my crazy butt will find something =) I’ve had a couple Sds tell me my profile seems like I love myself too much & that it’s kind of negative. Will you guys look at it & let me know what you think? *300345*

  311. Cat says:

    Hey All! Just a general question…

    Met this guy on another site for “affairs” and he sounds like he’s willing to become a SD to me. Chemistry is off the charts. Identity has been verified. Meeting him for lunch Tuesday. He asked me what I expected…should I tell him I expect a gift because that is what is typical of a first SB\SD meeting? Or because I like him so much and he’s never been a SD, I shouldn’t?

  312. Sugar*N*Spice says:

    No I didn’t think it was too harsh. I’m glad you said it that way because if it sounds like a crazy thing to say, it’s probably a crazier thing to DO! I’d rather someone be kinda blunt than me be chopped up in someone’s freezer lol.

    I still can’t understand why I keep getting emails and the first thing that is said is “I liked your profile, want to meet and gauge our chemistry?” How about Hi my name is… Do people really think that a girl is going to meet them just because they said they want to? It sounds a little strange.

  313. Katherine*305371 says:

    yikes. My apologies about that. When I get tired things tend to come out more brash even though I’m just trying to make the point clear. But I’m glad you understand it.

    bummer about the *67 not working for a text lol. wonder how often he checks his mail from here. that’s an easy safe right there.

  314. Sugar*N*Spice says:

    Katherine- that’s really good advice, my question was more like what would I do in the situation, I hadn’t actually agreed or seriously considered doing it but that makes sense! I will def be asking any pot SD that wants to meet after i’m comfortable with it to come closer to me at least at first. Where is Joules and everyone else when I finally decide to blog!?

    also I don’t think that *67 will work on a text message

    Young- I would at least google his full name, I don’t really know much about this all yet but I read further back in this blog that someone knew a site to find info about pot SD’s, maybe scroll up and see if you find it? But traveling for that long sounds a little intense. Maybe keep looking while you get more info on him. Once I started reading more profiles I started to get an idea of who sounded legit and who sounded totally out there. But I am still realllyyy new to this. I’m sure 2mrw you will have some good responses when more people read this.

  315. Katherine*305371 says:

    SugarNSpice. I think I’ve read that it’s HIGHLY advised that the SD come to your hometown area on the first visit. Vicinity I mean. He HAS enough money, so if he’s a true, gentlemanly SD, then he’ll be up for it. And it’s especially good to do it this way because it shows that he’s putting your safety first & that he’s considerate. I mean, really. Can ya HONESTLY expect a girl to travel to Goodness knows where to meet someone she doesn’t even know? yikes.

    but as for the money for the gifts beforehand, I have a feeling Joules will know how to answer that. That’s a question I’ve had as well, but it never came to mind to mention.

    raine: what is the thanks for?? lol I’m confused.

    young&fabulous: well. first and foremost, *67. I don’t know if it works with texting. I don’t text… Maybe I’ll get an SD to pay for that.. cos it’d be advantageous, eh! I saw the profile and wondered as well. Have you googled his ID name, the number?

  316. Young&Fabulous!!! says:

    well his profile said it would require traveling from daytona, ohio to cali for up to 14 days at a time. I’m still a little weary though. What should I ask or whatever to verify it is real?

  317. raine says:

    albeit*/although=not too distant cousins (once removed @ most, lol). Thanks, putting that on bulletin board.
    *one of my all time fave little big words-hard to drop rocket science without it :)

    I was nervous as heck (complete w/ sweaty underarms & skipping heartbeat) trying to write it up @ the time! Well, there’s one hump I’ve gotten over. now for this photo business…

    Well, sugar fans, I’m gonna get some zzzs now. Thank you all, goodnite & good luck…

  318. Sugar*N*Spice says:

    I would find out more details and what kind of hours it requires, what type of work it would be, where you would be doing it etc. If it still sounds questionable and you aren’t comfortable with what’s being asked of you then maybe keep looking. If it sounds like something that you might be interested in doing, maybe give it a shot once you have verified in some way that it is real (maybe get some money up front or whatever might ease your concerns). Or maybe you could just be his SB and let him find someone else for his employees lol. Just an idea!

  319. Young&Fabulous!!! says:

    Ok well….theres this SB/Assistant job & it says the allowance would be 20k or more…I have the guys number & will be texting him tomorrow but i kinda think it’s 2 good 2 be true. I mean it’s a job & his profile says he’s a event promoter so i’m not really sure. I know this was prolly in another posting but what are some ways to point out a fake SD. & please if you have any suggestions on to whether or not to get in contact with him or ANYTHING please let me know. I need all the advice I can get!!!!!!!!! The jobs for being his assistant & he said some escort service is needed. Oh & he’d be my SD *l0l*

  320. raine says:

    Katherine: Huh? Whaaa-?! Gadzooks, I JUST logged off! Thx for the heads up!

    *phew* I really need to lighten up, man. My head’s been all over the place for the past 15 hrs. >Moms got laid off today, but I was the one who was sore*!

    *she couldn’t be happier, actually; she’d planned to retire NEXT year & move south, but there ya go. Meanwhile, I planned to move out in a few months anyway…huh.

  321. Sugar*N*Spice says:

    But then what if before we meet he wanted to give me a little bit of money to spend to get my hair and nails done? And also I read earlier some good advice here, that he should give you the money to book the flight that way he can’t cancel it, but also not to front so much money before the first visit in case he doesn’t show up or reimburse you. So that has me even more confused! How would he give me the money for the flight before we have ever met!? Ugh i’m too new to this lol, I don’t want to make a big mistake and learn the hard way.

  322. Katherine*305371 says:

    my two cents on your profile, since you asked.
    You seem to be intelligent, and well-rounded with your knowledge (coming from your wide variety of interest in books). That.. well..is awesome. And that’s an understatement.

    These two sentences: “I am also a huge cartoon buff, although anime eludes me somewhat (assistance in this matter is more than welcome). I do get out to shows and museums, albeit less often than I’d like.” … you have a ,although in one and then an ,albeit in the next. Little bit redundant, as you mentioned. Maybe mention that You do enjoy going out to shows and museums when you have the opportunity?

    That’s actually the only thing I would edit. Otherwise.. damn. If I were an SD I’m pretty sure I’d be sending you a message. To me there is nothing better than being able to be both intimate & intellectual with someone.

    You hit the nail on the head. Nice profile

  323. Katherine*305371 says:

    As for the money. I was wondering that too. Especially if the SD is offering a hefty allowance… cos that would mean it might be better to open a 2nd account.. that way they can have the bank acct # but couldn’t get any money out of it unless they know certain facts about you, as the owner. (correct me if I’m wrong, please :)) But that means it’s open to Uncle Sam. And that just sucks. Royally.

    So. I think most of us will agree that you cash is the prettier and more sensible way to go.

    I still haven’t decided. If there’s a loophole around tax dollars being taken out of the SD account.. then.. well.. I’d enjoy that!! lol

  324. Katherine*305371 says:

    raine you were approved!!! yay!!!! 😀

  325. raine*306712 says:

    Oh, botheration! Make that “redundant.” in short, was I too vague?pedestrian? A tad TOO honest? Dang, man…

    ^My what-should-I-wear-for-the-SA- photoshoot inquiry stemmed from the dozen or so bikini shots I saw amidst(amongst?) the competition. [yeah, I know: the hell I go & do that for?!]

  326. raine*306712 says:

    Thanks for the reminder, Sugar*N*Spice; that was yet another question that wouldn’t exit my brain fast enough! After having read the T&C/disclaimers/warnings nanoseconds b/f I joined, shux man, I got stuck! I was thinking straight cash myself, but uhhh…help?

    *sigh* huh: the place doesn’t feel right w/o lisa-geez. In related news, anyone seen/heard from joicey k, by chance? Her deluxe rant is STILL rattling in my head!

  327. raine*306712 says:

    Middle of the evenin’ to ya, sugar fans(the ones who are still awake, anyway :)).

    If/when possible can someone please give a critique of my profile? I have a nagging feeling I was mad redunant in the process…

    Also, does anyone have a suggestion on what I need to wear in that all-important 1st pic? I read about the standard full body-headshot-candid formula in an older blog and/or FAQ. Just want to cover the bases after the profile’s approved.

  328. Sugar*N*Spice says:

    Hey everyone, I just wanted to know what is the best way for a pot SD to give you money if he wanted to. Should he be giving cash, check or some other way? I’m super new to this, so I was looking for a little guidance!

  329. Beach_Girl says:

    Well good night Sugars, it’s midnight for me and i have to work in the morning
    hope to read your messages tomorrow

  330. Beach_Girl says:

    Thank you Katherine, it’s hard to know what to do here! i’m glad i looked at this blog! i kinda need a little help!

  331. Katherine*305371 says:

    oh, and as for the emails. someone has said to sort of treat it like a business transaction, cos that’s pretty much what it is. Don’t be afraid to search around to find an SD that is going to be the fit for you. It’s just like a business client search: if you wanted to hire someone, you’re most likely not going to hire the very first person that responds to the add (unless they’re EXTREMELY qualified). you’d shop around, do your research, see how they’d fit in the co. Same with an SD/SB relationship, I guess.
    It’s a thought. But thinking like that made me less afraid of being up front about what the guys are looking for.

  332. Katherine*305371 says:

    BEACH!!! I get that too!!! Immediate discard for me. haha. I just tend to respond and say.. “Since you were so up front with me, I’d just like to tell you I’m not interested in that sort of arrangement” lol That’s why I ended up editing my profile and putting in that I’d like to be in a true SD/SB relationship.

    what are the numbers for your profile? I’m interested in seeing.
    Either way I think writing open to discuss might be a better idea, and then you can set the bar in a message to them. But it’s up to you. you’re experienced, you know what you want and some true SD is gonna give that to you.

  333. Beach_Girl says:

    Thank you SuthrnExec , i’m so new to all this lingo and online thing.
    I had an SD for years and it was great, wish his wife didn’t find out :(
    I get a lot of dominatrix, lets have kinky sex bitch ,,, i really don’t like that at all!
    I did tell the SD that i wasn’t about to be a secretary, i don’t know if he was happy about it, i don’t care
    is it ok that i wrote on my profile that i wanted 5000-10 000$ a month?
    or should i just change it to open to discuss?
    i don’t know what to write either , even when mailing them? i do need lots of help

  334. SuthrnExec says:

    Good evening everyone! Just wanted to pop-in and say hello and welcome all the new Sugars.

    Sassypersonalasssitant, don’t ever expend that kind of money to meet a SD. No real SD would ask you to do that – and if they are real and they ask you to do something like that, they are terribly inexperienced and need to be educated. A real SD will look out for your best interests and if he doesn’t, you have to.

    Beach_Girl, yes, there are a number of success stories from this site – and even some successes from the blog! I don’t know about other sites, but from what i have heard from others, SA is the best site. And SA is the only one with a blog that offers this kind of support and feedback for your efforts.

    Welcome aboard and enjoy the ride!

  335. Beach_Girl says:

    Hi Kat, how can we see your profile, i’m all new here so….
    you should tell me if mine is good too!
    let me know

  336. Katherine*305371 says:

    and joules, i’m so sorry to hear about studio guy… such a bummer.. i don’t understand why he’s already been payin so much if he’s only gonna flake.sheesh.

  337. Katherine*305371 says:

    :) GND that is wonderful! how did it go?

    alright. So I’ve edited my profile countless times and I would finally like to ask for anyone’s input on what could be changed or improved or whatnot. I’d really appreciate it!

  338. Beach_Girl says:

    Congrats on the SD phone call!!!
    i wish i was at that point!

  339. gurlnextdoor*274735* says:

    Hey everyone…on the phone with a potential SD. :)

  340. Beach_Girl says:

    May i ask, has anyone here had an SD from this site?
    Are there other sites like this that i should know about?

  341. Beach_Girl says:

    That is so cool, i’m a hairstylist

  342. Joules*300035* says:

    I do PR for local hiphop artists, song-writing, thinkin about doin a collab as well pretty soon

  343. Beach_Girl says:

    Thanks J
    what is it that you do?
    I did think it was nice for him to request what i wanted but the whole working for him part no thanks! i’m not moving to Ohio!
    but i would visit for sure :)

  344. Beach_Girl says:

    Hi Joules
    how many studio guys do you have? i can’t even get one to answer me with a descent reply!
    I’m good but wish i was in the sun
    how are you?

  345. Joules*300035* says:

    BG, no to the working as a secretary (unless there’s a huge pay IN ADDITION to your allowance/agreement and you WANT to), i usually give my guys about a week to reply after they’ve read my msg then don’t think about it anymore.

    these real SDs on here are usually busy working, give them time to read/answer, be patient!

    i think, personally, that its GOOD when a pot SD asks your ‘requests’ in the very begining so that all of that is understood clearly and out on the table in the begining and then you can move on getting to know one another if all the terms are agreed upon

    i gotta finish gettin ready. i’m usually on here 24/7 lol my business is just going nuts this weekend!

  346. Joules*300035* says:

    hi beachgirl

    hey everyone else!

    well, i can’t get ahold of my studio guy so i guess he’s bailin out on me…. two strikes is too much for me! tonight was sposed to be his way to make-up to me him over-sleeping on me a few days ago.

    however, i just said screw it and called my client that i’m supposed to meet tomorrow and invited him out (he also knows my studio guy). so, at least i’ll still have someone goin with me lol

    how’s everyone doin tonight??

    i love friday 13th!!

  347. Beach_Girl says:

    Thank you OnTheWater
    I’m so new to all this online stuff
    I do have a few Qs if anyone has the time for me tonight.
    A SD asked me to mail him with my requests, do they always do that?
    He also asked if i was willing to work for him???? i really don’t want to work as a secretary..
    Also i sent a few mails out, some read them but didn’t answer, do they not like the mail? how long should it be before they answer?
    i’m too green lol…

  348. Jasmine says:

    Good evening everybody!!

  349. sassypersonalasssitant1978 says:


    Thank you, so much! I will not go anywhere without anything up front…and I never thought of flights being canceled midway through the trip!!!! This figures, I’m looking for a gentleman, and I find a con man.

    Oh Well!!!! My quest continues on, I will find him!!!

    Thank you, again…sincerely,


  350. OnTheWater*291388* says:

    BG- NSA stands for no strings attached.

    Sassy- Please please don’t EVER pay for anything up front. I have heard far too many horror stories of girls flying somewhere only to find no one waiting. If he does pay, make sure he gets you the money FIRST. If he books the ticket he can cancel it midway through the trip, leaving you stranded.

    Cat check your e-mail, I have news.

  351. Beach_Girl says:

    Hi, i’m new to the site, was does NSA mean?

  352. sassypersonalasssitant1978 says:

    Hello Sugar Family!

    Okay, I’m a new-be here! I was wondering what to do if a pot SD asks that you pay to fly across country, and that he will reimburse you, for travel and time expenses when you get there…what should you do?

    I have learned so much from this blog, thanks Sugar Family…any suggestions at all are always appreciated!

    Thank you!

  353. Jamisen/305521 says:

    We just won! We’re champions for our league!!! Second year in a row!! We’re going to the NCAA tournament again! Last year was our first time going to March Madness, so going again is going to boost our school morale..

  354. gurlnextdoor*274735* says:

    Oooo Jamisen what school is your school? I root for the great Tar Heels, Go Tar Heels! Go! lol

  355. Jamisen/305521 says:

    Sorry guys if I seem a little spacey today, my school’s basketball team is playing a rival right now and I’m following on TV since the arena was at capacity.. :(

  356. Jamisen/305521 says:

    Thank you OCSugarBaby and OnTheWater! Your advice is right.. I think I just needed to hear it from others. *Breathe*

  357. gurlnextdoor*274735* says:

    Hey all caught up on the blog…Yes Jamisen I agree with OCSugar do like John Legend said to do “take it slow, oh ohhh”, lol. See how things work out between this new guy you met and your potential SD before you decide to cut either one off.

  358. OnTheWater*291388* says:

    Jamisen – gotcha. Yeah, I’d keep my options open as OC said.

    Cat – I look forward to it. I’ll see what I can do tonight, if I can’t find him I can try a few more things at my office Monday :)

  359. Cat says:

    OnTheWater: Thanks, I will send you the info that I have, it can’t hurt and if he is who he says he is, then I’ll know I can trust him fully. Expect an e-mail from an address starting by sweet :)

  360. OCSugarBaby says:

    Jamisen-Why not keep all of your options open? Wait until you feel you want to be exclusive with this non-SD. Just Breathe- Swoosh…. Let things happen naturally. It will all fall into place.

  361. Jamisen/305521 says:

    Thanks OnTheWater for the advice.. I wasn’t sure if I made it clear.. the man I met is not a pot in any way. He’s a guy I met while I was getting lunch at work..

  362. Joules*300035* says:

    i looooove Friday the 13th!!! Always my lucky day!

    can’t get ahold of my studio guy though but i’m not goin to start worrying about that until another hour or two. let’s just hope he pulls through on this for me so i’ll have an all expense-paid trip tonight lol

  363. OnTheWater*291388* says:

    Jamisen- always look out for #1, who knows the pot could turn out to have some really weird habit that’s a deal breaker for you. I’d say continue until you’re sure.

  364. Jamisen/305521 says:

    Oh and hi GND! I’m so happy everything is going well for you!

  365. Jamisen/305521 says:

    Hi sugar fam! Sorry I kinda disappeared last night.. So I need some advice from y’all

    Yesterday I met a man and we ended up speaking on the phone all night. We have a date for Sunday. The dilemma: Should I continue this SD search? What if something blossoms between us? I would have to keep the SD/SB thing away from him (that is, if I ever find a SD)..

    And if something were to happen, I wouldn’t want to be kicked out of the sugar family just because I’ve never found my first SD… 😮

  366. gurlnextdoor*274735* says:

    Hi everyone, hope everyone’s day went well. Just finished cooking some homemade pasta (made my fettuccine from scratch :) ), now to catch up with the blog.

    In good news I have two potential SDs to talk to tonight. One I have to call and the other is going to call me. Hopefully the other one doesn’t decide to call me while I’m on the phone with the other, lol.

  367. OCSugarBaby says:

    Two4u: Ladies! I have been meaning to follow up with the TWO of you. Welcome to the blog! I know that you posted a question yesterday. However when I read the comments back it was all about your profile and choice to share the sugar experience with your BFF. You go GIRLS! I think that the sugar experience is not a cookie cutter shape. If you find that this is what you want, go for it. I am sure you will find the right SD. It will take a lot of communication and patience. Henri found a pot SB’s (twins), so forget the nay sayers and have fun. Keep blogging! ~OC

  368. OnTheWater*291388* says:

    Thanks so much OC!

  369. OCSugarBaby says:

    Oh, and the pic is perfect! Hard to make out the face,yet very attractive photo! ~OC

  370. Joules*300035* says:

    just picked up my rental car for the weekend! it’s a ford focus, i think it’s ugly and NOT what i wanted but in general, it’s a nice car i guess

  371. OCSugarBaby says:

    OnTheWater: I really like that you ASKed for us to review your profile. I am afraid that others are leery of posting their numbers because it will bring unwanted feedback. I will always use the rule of thumb that if some comes out and asks for feedback it will be given *with sugar of course.
    You are a very mature 23 year old. Love that. Your statements are to the point and well thought out. I like that you added the discreet comment. Very important and goes both ways! I would like to see you maybe add more about what those “finer things in life are” not going over board and detailing it all out, but maybe expand it a bit. ~Great Job! ~OC

  372. Alicia*299952 says:

    No I haven’t been yet, but I would like to go. My sister moved to London this past May so theres a reason to go.

    No I don’t believe she killed herself

    OK – have a good nights rest!!

  373. HenriLouis*294522 says:

    Hi Alicia,
    So you have been to Ireland to do some digs.
    Did you fish there ?
    It is famous for salmon.
    When will you go there again ?
    As to Marylin, I was referring to her death.
    There were too many strange facts to believe she took her own life.
    She was a great comedienne in her films.
    It is getting late here and I will sign off.
    Read you tomorrow,

  374. Alicia*299952 says:

    Raine – Well its my major, I have yet to do something with it as the thought of teaching makes me want to put my fist through a wall. I’d actually like to go back get my masters and doctorate in Religion and do archaeological digs in Jerusalem and Ireland.

    Henri – do you mean like I believe Lee Harvey did it – not a chance. Yes Marilyn was gorgeous and very interesting – I love reading her bio. Fishing is so much fun, my parents have a lake in their backyard and I used to fish all the time in high school. Have yet to try fly fishing, but would love to!!

  375. HenriLouis*294522 says:

    Hi Gail,
    Yes, we are waiting to hear from Lisa.
    Hope she returns soon.

  376. OCSugarBaby says:

    Laughing at Gail! Great minds think alike…

  377. OCSugarBaby says:

    Gail: The windy city is Lisa’s favorite thing to write…oh hum so missing her. Maybe if I say Beetle juice beetle juice beetle juice… she will appear. :)

  378. Gail says:

    And now I am expecting Lisa to chime in….:(

  379. Katherine says:


  380. HenriLouis*294522 says:

    Hi Alicia,
    What a coincidence that Marylin if one of your favourite subjects as an historian. Yes, I believe that she was the most fascinating woman during the 19th century.
    I had expected you to jump on the assessination theory, so I guess you adhere the theory.
    I read your Profile at once and see that you like fishing, fly fishing ?
    Any fishing in your neighbourhood ?
    You intend to visit Ireland in the future.
    Give me a ring and we’ll go fishing together.
    I’ll bring the fishing lunch.

  381. raine*306712 says:

    Thank you, Nico, and I bid you likewise; hope to get better acquainted with you on monday :)

    Say, Alicia, are you a historian by trade? (why doesn’t that sound right to me? Ahem, roughly translated: ‘Is this your career/line of work’)

    I’m trying, really. 😐

  382. HenriLouis*294522 says:

    Hi Stephan,
    Thanks that you give me this information.
    I will have a look on You Tube.
    And the book also seems to become a cracker.
    Hope that it will get into Oprah’s List.

  383. HenriLouis*294522 says:

    Hi Caroline,
    You made me blush.
    You quoted my whole post.
    Yes I totally agree with you.
    “When love beckons follow him ……………………
    Every time that I see these words or write them down, it moves me.
    I do not know of any more wonderful description of what love is.
    These words are full of ancient wisdom from the Persian empire even before Alexander the Great conquered it.
    Throughout the ages it has not lost any of the brilliance of expression.
    I am honored that you are also moved by it.
    In this aspect we are soulmates.
    What fascinates me about the SA arrangement is the aspect of togetherness and loving kindness.
    Love is a deep felt emotion and it brings to me beautiful thoughts.
    My beautiful thoughts should be packed in beautiful words.
    I know that the way that I express myself is not appreciated by all bloggers, but this does not deter me.
    It is a nice change from the way others express themselves.
    And I am sure that it catches the attention of many a reader lurcking in the darkness of cyberspace.
    Thus we all contribute our personality to the sugar family.

  384. stephan says:


    Here is the man who invented and owns SA, Brandon Wade (http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=XaGhTrawiUI) he is also the author of the soon to be released SA book

  385. Nico says:

    OC ~ Yeah on the move and my condolences too 😉 I absolutely abhor moving *sigh* but the fresh start is always fun!! So, is it something with a view perhaps?? I won’t be around this weekend so I’ll wish you all a great weekend!!!

  386. Alicia*299952 says:

    Ah we are talking about some of my fav subjects – Marilyn and the Kennedy’s (I happen to have a couple notebooks on the JFK assassination full of info I’ve gathered AND I’ve read every book on JFK including the ones he wrote…….I do the same with Elvis…….I’m a historian so when I latch onto a subject I suck everything out of it)

  387. raine*306712 says:

    *snicker* sorry, folks. Hi again.

    I’d better hurry up & put up a pic or two*: that “no photo” icon makes me feel like I’d uploaded a bathroom door!lol. anywho, tell me what you guys think…

    [*I just wanna get my approval first before making the changes.]

  388. Alicia*299952 says:

    Ok I just got through all the posts – Afternoon all!

  389. Katherine says:

    MARILYN MONROE WAS AN SB??? awesome!

  390. HenriLouis*294522 says:

    Hi O.C.
    What a great laugh !
    Sug ! Wow what a great name Sugar for a labrador.
    He should be on one of the blog topics.
    Suddenly it dawned on me “Diamonds are a girl’s best friends”
    Marylin Monroe was the true shining example SB even before the SA site.
    First she had for her SD President Kenndy and later his brother Robbert.
    Sad that she was assasinated on the command of Herbert Hoover.

  391. ChocolateSass 265055 says:

    Thanks, Katherine.

    I made a few changes and appreciate any input. Oh, and that was suppose to be month not weeks so good catch on that one.

    Thanks, OC, I thought it was rather clever and cute. Lol.

  392. Katherine says:

    OC, thank you for that post. I appreciate that and I will hold out for a real gentleman :)
    aw i love the idea of naming your lab Sugar. Is it’s cos it’ll be from the SD? 😉

  393. OCSugarBaby says:

    Henri-My next labrador will be named “Sugar”… “Sug” for short. :)

  394. HenriLouis*294522 says:

    Good evening everyone in sugarland,
    Let there be peace in the valley and in the hearts of all sugars of good will.
    So many posts on the blog and it took me quite some time to read up till the very end.
    OC I read your comment on the jewelry box.
    You thought of Harry Winston.
    I would insist on Tiffany’s the jewellers. By the way a great Audry Hepburn film Breakfast at Tiffany’s .
    Thanks OC for bringing me some inspiration. I just thought how nice it would be if we had a black lab (my SB and me). We would call it Tiffany and it can be shortened to Tiffy. The three of us would go into the countryside, me shooting and she would the gundog handler for Tiffy.
    But this idyclic country scene will have to wait some more time. Just received the message that the arrangement is not still on yet. Patience is a virtue and I have lots of patience. So I just put that great Blues singer from the part Bessie Smith on my grammophone (his Masters Voice) and chose “someday the sun will shine on me “.
    Anyway, thanks for this inspirational thought about Tiffy.
    And I see that you are in Aerospace, isn’t this the brother of Aerosmith ?
    As a headbanger I love to have them on my Iphone. Aerosmyth, great rock band.

    Any other haedbangers on the blog ?

  395. OCSugarBaby says:

    raine-chillax. Stephan will I am sure check into your profile. He is not the one to approve or disapprove. But I am sure they are busy and will have it up and running soon. Remember each time you change your profile it will take time again to be approved. Maybe get some feedback then make your second round of changes along with pic changes. :)

  396. OCSugarBaby says:

    Katherine-This guy is not a true gentleman if he is not putting your comfort first. The SD’s that blog can chime in here, but they have put the comfort of their SB first. Luck is not necessary, you WILL find it.

  397. Katherine*305371 says:

    aw. I wouldnt think it would take a few days :( 24 hrs is sad to be the max i thought.

  398. raine says:

    Sorry for the delay, OC, & thx for your reply. Please stand by for the panic:

    A FEW DAYS??! Oh man, if I don’t hurry up and get my titanium-plated corset and red pumps outta layaway I gotta work two more jobs!!? Will my BB be adequate for my pics?! The clock’s tickin’, man!!

    *aaaaand SCENE!*

    I guess I’ll check out the SDs & try to relax, whip up a new version of my profile…

  399. raine says:

    *le nervous sigh* This is why I waited until yesterday to join: my nerves, man, my nerves!

    I’d ask you all to critique my profile, but as my previous post implies, no # yet. >Man, are stephan et al dissecting my profile or something?!

    I’m kinda scratching my head about the allowance thing also. I calculated everything I needed the best I could(factoring in my availability & the assumption that I’ve already moved into my place), thus coming up with the actual range shown in my profile. I may need two SDs (three, max) myself…

  400. Katherine*305371 says:

    OC where are you moving??

    also. question for anyone. How often are the guys willing to let you get into a comfort zone before they want sexual favors? I told one of the “SD’s” that I would like someone who’s willing to do just that and he gave me this response:

    “You may get lucky, but I would be surprised if you found someone that was willing to provide you with support when he has to wait for you to get into a ‘comfort zone'”

    hm. thoughts?

  401. OCSugarBaby says:

    raine-It takes a few days. You can still mark favorites and sent the note to them when you are approved. :)

  402. raine says:


    …dang, had a question and have now forgotten it. Oh yeah:

    How long have you all had to wait for profile approval? ^I’m sorry I didn’t have an uploaded pic (or 2) handy to expedite the process, but come on!!! I’m trying to move out and–er, lemme take Angela’s advice & sthu *plasters on smile and pageant waves* heh, heh> hello out there, pot SDs!

  403. OCSugarBaby says:

    Nico: I am ready for the weekend too! Packing my apartment up and moving next saturday! Yipee :)

  404. Nico says:

    Ha ha Laurie…..she’s way kewl and got the story book guy too!!

    Hey OC :) Happy FRIDAY!! I am ready to mentally decompress. Haven’t checked the weather for the weekend but am hoping to work on my tan too. Have to work a bit but can be done in my backyard, in a bathing suit and on the laptop!!

    <~~~Celebrating the little things in life today :)

  405. OCSugarBaby says:

    ChocolateSass! I love that name. Nothing like a little sass in a girl :)

  406. Gail says:

    Morning OC,Katherine,ChocoSass….and everyone else lurking,

    LOL….OC you are a natural right?…how could you not be…living by the beach in Southern Calif….

    OC reminds me of Laurie on the Housewives of Orange County:)

    I have to get off the blog…trying….trying…ok….GONE….
    will check back later….LOL…

  407. OCSugarBaby says:

    I pop my profile in my name from time to time, it is not that I am looking for another SD. Suthrn is 100% perfect and all I would ever want. But since I chat and give out my opinions, it is nice to see the face of the person on the other side of the words. Thanks for the kind words. Tan? I live in California baby, it is sunny all the time!
    Care to share your profile number? For a second I thought you were Nika Hell Cat changing her name. :)

  408. Katherine says:

    p.s. OC you’re beautiful. are you naturally that tan or do you go tanning?

  409. Katherine says:

    Katherine/Kat. joules tends to call me kat so i switched it to that for a bit.
    Too bad there’s already a Kitty around. That’s what I actually go by but didn’t wanna confuse anyone :(

  410. OCSugarBaby says:

    Katherine? New name?

  411. Katherine says:

    Hi ChocolateSass :)
    I’m no expert, so take or leave what I have to say, but I’d like to give you another pair of eyes. Hm. sorry it’s a bit long, though!

    first off:”I’m taking good (ok, better) care of my body”–Why don’t you just say you’re taking really good care of your body. Or that you take pride in being healthy.. or fit.. or what have you.

    as for: “And, it’s, uh, been awhile sooo…’nuff said that. LMAO.” .. while that’s going to attract guys to say, “dude.. I could change that..” I’m thinking it could possibly attract someone who’s more interested in sexual attractions rather than someone who’s a real SD. It’s a thought

    “Have some fun and laughter.” reword. I’ll leave that to you :)

    “meeting within no more than one week and a real time meeting within one month” .. another awkward one. maybe: cam meeting within less than one week after the first message and a.. the rest.

    “are consider extras for me.” [ed] to consider

    and p.s. YIKES!!! you’re willing to have 1k for an allowance for meeting possibly 2 times a week? that sounds like he’d be looking for more than what you were sayin you want..

    love the 2nd to last paragraph.

    there. that’s all i got. whatcha think?

  412. OCSugarBaby says:

    Lisa-How was your visit with your daughter yesterday, mind you it was short, did she share her pictures of NYC with you?

  413. OCSugarBaby says:

    Morning Gail and Nico :) TGIF

  414. Joules*300035* says:

    Kat, i agree but i want it all! if someone’s promisin me the ‘world’ (aka a free office space, a mentor, a new PR company)….then i want it! i want it all! lol still ya, i’ll settle for whatever as he’s a really cool kat!

    i know i have my pot SD ‘in the bag’ as for sunday. he called me this morning just as i was about to doze off and we talked for a couple of minutes; he’s sweet

  415. ChocolateSass 265055 says:

    Hi, all…

    I pretty much keep forgetting about this site until a gentleman responds to my profile. Lol. But I’m glad to read a few success stories on here. Congrats!

    Just updated my profile and was wondering if y’all would take a looksee once it has been approved. Another pair of eyes or two never hurt, right?

    I’ll probably be leaving the middle picture but moving it to the top and putting a front view and rear view pic underneath. Let ’em see the goods, so to speak. Lol.

  416. Nico says:


  417. Katherine says:

    Still though. Would enjoy, for your sake, if things turn out half as good as you’ve been hoping.

  418. Katherine says:

    Hm. Well at least he is honest, ya know?

  419. Joules*300035* says:

    i jus talked to my studio guy on the phone. i guess i threw him for a loop last night when i asked him his thoughts/feelings on letting me do an interview on him and write an article and have it published lol

    in the end, he just told me to calm down and take it one thing at a time. assumingly we will still be going out tonight but all he said was to just give him a call in a little bit and let him know wassup

  420. Joules*300035* says:

    i just don’t get it as to why it was so easy for me to get that avatar working the first time and now; can’t change the pic for it. everything shows up that it’s been changed except when you click to ‘check avatar’ on that site….still showing up the old pic, even though i deleted it!

    other than that, i just woke up, i have a headaches, i’m starving hungry and my neck’s killin me!

    wow, whadda crappy way ta wake up for such an amazing weekend. i know it’s all only because of lack of sleep but it still sucks! lol

    so how’s everyone doing?

  421. Gail says:

    Good Morning Nico:) I am looking for Lisa too. Hugs to both you and her this beautiful morning.

    Good Morning all Sugars:) Joules…I am chuckling:)You are still full of your Sugar high! I wish you the best on Sunday with your potential SD.

    Its Friday, I need to put together a Plan A, Plan B and Plan C…what is everyone doing for the weekend?

  422. Nico says:

    Good morning shoog fam :) No Lisa yet….I look forward to her first “Hello” post of the morning. Well, she’s staying home today (if I remember correctly) so maybe she’ll peak in and see just how much she’s missed.

    HELLO to everybody else *HUGS*

  423. Joules*300035* says:

    well, i’m poopy tired lol i even drank a big glass of sweet tea with no luck in staying awake. i accomplished a couple of things, but nothing related to my weekend ventures in the real sugar world!

    guess i’ll set my alarm so at least i’ll have enough time to wake up and get ready to go pick my rental car up!

    i’m just hope my studio guy doesn’t flake on me; have a feeling he will though

  424. Joules*300035* says:

    stupid gravatar! i even went in and deleted the old pic…still isn’t showing up on their site that my pic was changed lol

  425. Joules*300035* says:

    hmmm, wonder if my avatar’s updated yet?

  426. Joules*300035* says:

    aight, let’s see if it changed!!??

  427. Joules*300035* says:

    going to change my avatar then i’m off here

  428. Joules*300035* says:

    nope….not still here lol

    just popping in and out

    i have a new photo pending! just took it a few min ago; it’s me with my cutsie nerdie glasses! i’ll let everyone know when it’s approved so i can get some input :)

  429. ChocolateSnowBunny says:

    Wow….Joules, you’re still up on this blog.

  430. Angela300373 says:

    good try….lol
    I made some changes Joules thanks for your input.
    Seeing if this works:

  431. Joules*300035* says:

    woohoo! just got two new pics of myself with my new glasses! will eventually update my avatar with one of them; more concerned wit uploadin them to myspace and facebook first tho!!! damn i’m cute with these glasses! hahaha

  432. Joules*300035* says:

    yap, so much for staying off of here for a while!! lol

    had to peek in and see what’s up

  433. Angela300373 says:

    Night all yall!
    Stephan: Can we use html in profiles? Couldn’t find a yes or no in TOS.

  434. ChocolateSnowBunny says:

    Goodnight Cat.

  435. Cat says:

    Goodnight all!

  436. Cat says:

    I know…I should stop talking so much…And yes, I know that I’m not the only one benefitting from the relationship, but I know that if I feel taken care of, my mind will be off my finances and more focused on him and our time together :)

  437. Angela300373 says:

    Shhhhhhh! He could be lurking….lol
    Again, don’t undersell yourself.
    Remember: this is mutually beneficial, you are not the only one benefitting here.
    A good sd/sb arrangement is about spoiling ……not just surviving.

    (another lyric fits) Your standard of living has been somehow been stuck on survive .
    I know that mine has and that’s why I am here…to change that!

  438. Joules*300035* says:

    Angela, better than 8kb/sec! the highest i’ve seen it actually was 21kb/sec lol

    ok ok ok, i’m logging off now!

  439. ChocolateSnowBunny says:

    Ok Cat: Only you can know what you really want and need. Let him know him that.

  440. Joules*300035* says:

    Angela…lol that’s sooooo true!

    i gotta start workin hard on this new pot SD next week!!! He made the initial email to me, i emailed him back then nothing for a week. i sent him a reminder email and he IMMEDIATELY responded back apologizing.

    i replied, he replied, then *I* disappeared on him for like 4 days lol so i emailed him again last night; explaining to him how busy *I’VE* been and will be until early next week.

    hopefully after that things will rock and roll with him. He said in one message “If I haven’t said so, what you seek out of the arrangement works for me.”


    gotta try not to lose this one lol

  441. Angela300373 says:

    With a 5mb connection you will get dl speed of @ 320 kb/sec

  442. Cat says:

    Angela: Wow…I’ll take 10%!! From my potentiel SD, that would be 100 000$ a year. Do you know the dirty, dirty things I would do to that man if he gave me that much? lol jk. I mean uh…I would finish my degree, start my own business and have my dream car?

  443. Joules*300035* says:

    alright, i’ve decided i AM staying up but logging off and getting off here. i have too much to do; sorry! have a great one everybody! hopefully i’ll get to swing back in here in a couple hours. In less than 12 hours I will have my rental car!!!!

  444. Angela300373 says:

    When ones needs are met….one wants
    When ones wants are met ….one wants more….
    It’s survival instinct, don’t fight it…
    Proud of Ya Joules!
    You are embracing your human nature. (me too!)
    For now my wants are few but I have a sneaking suspicion once I get a good taste…. I’ll want MORE!

  445. Joules*300035* says:

    no DSL availble here! only ONE place offers cable, ONE place offers satellite and ONE place offers some other wierd crap that uses local cell towers lol

    i will have that 5mb cable connection (up and download) in like 8 more days tho!

  446. Cat says:

    Kat: Thanks :)

    ChocolateSnowBunny: I will make sure we agree on things before I get on that plane, I promise! I didn’t quite know how to bring up allowance, but after he asked me how much travelling I could take, I had something to work with! I heard someone say on another blog that the first one to initiate allowance talk wins, so I hope she’s right…2000$ a month, though not much, would certainly change my world.

  447. Joules*300035* says:

    Angela, i fully intend on having SEVERAL SDs as i honestly do NOT feel that only one could provide all for me. besides all of the things listed in my profile that i want, need; goals & desires.

    i love travel (and it will be a MUST with my biz very soon), i have friends and family everywhere in the U.S., i need a place of my own and ALL the expenses that come with that, new car, eye exam, contacts, bla bla bla. my list goes on! however, it’s also made clear, i feel, that i’m going to be quite self-supportive but only in a distant future (like a couple years)

    so until then, i really don’t think any one single pot is going to spoil me enough for everything i want/need! it’d be nice, but let’s keep it real here!

  448. He'sAHotSB says:

    lol now this comment is working…


  449. He'sAHotSB says:


  450. Angela300373 says:

    2k a month is not unreasonable. I like how Joules handled it “It would be a nice start….lol”
    I thought I heard someone once say 10 percent (of their income) but I have no idea where I heard it or if that is true…..
    Anyone ?…..especially SD’s what do you think of a 10 percent (rule of thumb)

  451. Cat says:

    Oh! About verifying his identity, he told me why he had hesitated giving me too much info and it’s obvious he will give it to me. I think he is not used to the SD\SB thing. So I will be patient, but I’m also new to it and I don’t want to be taken advantage of. I love flying lol but he doesn’t have to know that 😛 I hope he accepts and all this works out. He seems like he’s very down-to-earth :)

  452. ChocolateSnowBunny says:

    Cat: Make sure you have something that feels really concrete but you have make sure that it works for you.

    Joules: keep chatting…Would be as fast but once you have DSL.

  453. Angela300373 says:

    What are the guy’s visual for milky thighs?
    It is intended to describe the texture/color in a sensual way.

    As far as allowance: I wonder bout that too. I don’t want to undervalue myself but also not take away my pot SD’s chance to exceed my desire.

    I am willing to have multiple SD’s if I have to but would prefer one that could meet and/or exceed all of my wants.

  454. Joules*300035* says:

    Cat, whatever it is you didn’t tell him (couldn’t understand that part of your post) you can always just send him another email. if you need to correct the amount, just do so. if he’s serious and makes that much and is real than it will be no problem to him

  455. Katherine/Kat :) says:

    I dont think 2k is unreasonable in the least for how much he’d like to see you. And I’d take the traveling as an added benefit 😉 If he’s a real SD he’s totally gonna pamper you while you’re wherever you’ve gone

    g’job. in my opinion

  456. Joules*300035* says:

    ok, either i go now or i pull an all-nighter (which will in turn lead to being up for about 3 days+ considering all of the biz meetings i have this weekend!)

    i just have sooooo much to do dangit! yet i sit here chatting lol

  457. Cat says:

    He makes over a million, wants to see me a couple of time a month, maybe more. He asked how much travelling I could take…so maybe more. I told him I had to work a lot to support myself for the time being and that if he wanted to see me more often, I could work less, but needed an allowance adjustment in return. I told him that I didnt know what would be appropriate but that around 2000$ would cover everything, which is true because I live in a city where everything is expensive and the government is after me for student loan payments…but I didnt tell him that, I didnt see you post in time…think he’ll think it’s unreasonable? I don’t want to have to have 2 SDs to live comfortably!

  458. Joules*300035* says:

    Cat, what i was getting at was that I feel that by stating your wants, desires, dreams, goals etc in your profile….you leave your ‘window’ open in regards to your allowance. like with me, i stated 1k would be a good start, but i made it clear i have a biz i’m getting off the ground, school to attend and all that other jazz so at the same time i’m insinuating that my ‘allowance’ will be much more in the long run once i get to know my SD and have an arrangement in effect

  459. ChocolateSnowBunny says:

    Cat: I honestly think you have to decide that for yourself. A real SD will bring it up and help you be most comfortable about that discussion. Tell him what you need to take care of bills, rent, shopping etc…What feels most comfortable?

  460. Angela300373 says:

    Dang I had no idea my punctuation was that bad…TY TY TY
    It’s a peave of mine too (not that you could tell…lol)
    I was reading what was in my head and sorely need fresh eyes. I’ll copy and paste all the feed back I get then change it tomorrow. That way, I can change all that needs it ONCE (I don’t like the waiting for approval)

    LOL Its actually a stolen lyric
    I will mesmerize
    with milky thighs
    and languid eyes….
    Ohhhh prophesize
    your moans and sighs.
    Just look at me
    bet your possibly’s I will not leave.
    Jewel Kilcher

  461. Joules*300035* says:

    wb Kat, i knew you wouldn’t leave me for long! lol

    Angela, glad i could help you

    Jasmine, how’s it going?

  462. Joules*300035* says:

    lol Jasmine….no, it’s MY way dangit! Ola! *grin*

    Cat, how i did mine was i sat down and figured out what i NEEDED immediate help with (a reliable vehicle, highspeed internet, bla bla bla) and got my allowance from there BUT i made sure to put, “$1,000 per month would be a GREAT start!”

    I kinda feel it’s important to kind of give your pot SDs an idea of what you would be using your allowance for. i also mention in my profile that i want help getting my business off the ground and will need (very soon) future help going back to college the 2nd time around

  463. Katherine/Kat :) says:

    so much for sleeping. couldn’t :( ah well.
    how much does this SD wanna meet up? do you know what his terms are?

  464. Cat says:

    I agree, milky thighs=not good. Now tell me how much allowance to request!!

  465. Angela300373 says:

    Thanks Joules…its amazing how we just read what is in our head and don’t see obvious typos and grammar errors. I do need to clean it up a bit.

  466. Joules*300035* says:

    Angela, here’s the last of my thoughts for ya….

    “My goal is life is to ” should be…my goal IN life (not is life)

    you may want to just re-check your punctuation in general (sorry, i’m the evil meticulous profile checker-outer in here lol)

    “Flying somewhere just for the Halibut” this is just too cute! it took me a minute to get it, but i love it!

    “I enjoy simple pleasures in life camping, ” needs punctuation….I enjoy the simple pleasures in life such as: camping, etc…OR….I enjoy the simple pleasures in life like camping, etc…

    “milky thighs” ????? uhhhh, sorry, just gave me a really bad image of cottage cheesey thighs (grooossss!!!)

  467. Jasmine says:

    Hola joules!!

  468. Angela300373 says:

    Thanks…The pics I picked to be sensual but playful (I know bout the raised shoulder and angled head implying “don’t you like/want me?”) and the 3rd Is my favorite “normal-as in not trying to be sexy” pic from attending A Renaissance Fair. I was getting my hair braided which is a very soothing and relaxing experience so I was very relaxed and happy and didn’t even know it was being taken. I am not normally photogenic —-meaning it doesn’t come natural to me.
    I might change the bad boy thing….that might be drawing the wrong type. I want a gentleman not a bad boy (been there done that…lol don’t have the stolen camcorder to prove it)
    I put that to be catchy…The title of the profile is DO NOT CLICK HERE! (didn’t know if you knew that since you are directly accessing my page)

  469. Joules*300035* says:

    Jasmine, Ola!

    Angela…more ideas on your profile….

    “I recognize, appreciate like to reciprocate !” huh? very fragmented sentence!

    “Where you looking at that woman? ” Where should be Were

    “I can appreciate beauty with you
    Any sentence that starts with “You never…..”

    try this…..before the word I, instead of making this an incomplete sentence put a semi-colon in there and do this….as I can appreciate the beauty with you! (now do this)…..”Last of all, (or Finally) you will never hear me say any sentence that starts with…….

    hope you get the ideas on that….goin to continue reading now…

  470. Jasmine says:

    How is everybody right now?

  471. Cat says:

    Hey girls! My potentiel SD asked me what would be a sensible allowance? I have no idea! Help! He indicated that his income was above a million…what should I expect?

  472. Joules*300035* says:

    i think your profile is too jumbled together first off; add an extra ‘enter’ between those paragraphs as it’s hard to read and makin my eyes cross 😉 hahahaha i like it so far though!

  473. Jasmine says:

    Hello everybody?

  474. Joules*300035* says:

    Angela, I’m 5’6 and 140, consider myself average but everyone tells me i’m too skinny! i’d love to lose 10 pounds or just stay the same and get my muscle mass back.

    my pot i’m meeting sunday works out; i intend on hinting for a gym membership! i’ve already told him how jealous i am and would love to get to go to the gym every day lol

    checkin out ur profile now

  475. Joules*300035* says:

    i’ll check out your profile in a min angela, just bare with me, gotta respond to a new pot SD’s email! hahaha

  476. Angela300373 says:

    Ooops I meant to compliment Caroline 250376. Plus great photos!
    If I was a SD I would want to meet you!
    Since your local I’ll give ya heads up on any wierdos or creeps (if I encounter any) Haven’t so far!!!! Ya Knock on Wood!

  477. Katherine/Kat :) says:

    OH! Angela!!I remember your profile now!! I peeked at it early and wanted to tell you that I love the pictures. So sensual. The men are gonna love it 😉
    But really, I know this isn’t what you were asking for, but you’re gorgeous! I actually like your third pic the best cos it shows off your powerful bone structure (weird compliment, but spoken truth). Wonder what the opinions of others are.
    –>I like how your personality shines through on the profile. For me I get a bit of the vibe that you want a bad boy. cool thing. but I’m sure you dont need to be told to be careful & check who they are b4 you meet. :)
    –>WOAH. LOVE how you put your goals. Some true SD is totally going to love that. And go with it. I think I might add something to that effect to my profile.
    –>my second..or first favorite part.. it’s sorta a tie..is the “description” part. keep it. love it. love it. love it.

    Man I can’t believe I’m still up. Out for real. Night ladies :)

  478. Joules*300035* says:


    kat, yes i have good taste lol kinda aggravated with my b/f though as a couple weeks ago i went all out, gotta fake tan, wore my mini-dress, just looked abosolutely GEORGOUS! i was telling him about it the entire time though. i get there and not a single compliment & he’s unshaven and scrubby-lookin lol

    he’s like, well you sounded so confident that you looked good, didn’t realize i had to compliment you….I was like hells ya you do! then i picked on him for not shaving and he offered to go shave but it wasn’t worth the wait lol *rolls eyes*

    i told him i wanted to take him out this weekend if i had the time and he flipped out saying i was NOT ALLOWED to take HIM out, that was his job. i was like, you’re broke dude and if i come over and have money i’m sure as hell not sittin around doing nothing! lol

  479. Angela300373 says:

    Right now…where I am at. I am Happy and people tell me I look good. It’s all about loving who you are and having confidence. Hell…do Daily Affirmations (yes its cheesy but it works)
    Look in the mirror and say:
    I’m good enough,
    I’m smart enough,
    and Gosh Darnit, People Like Me!” (Stuart Smalley)
    I love my body as it is and it shows!!!!!!

  480. Angela300373 says:

    Big Beautiful Woman
    I am 5’6 150 so that makes me “thick”or “cornfed”. It’s not quite Big but not skinny either.
    But I have been up to 180 (technically overweight) but I still got plenty of male attention.
    If I lose any weight I look anorexic (I know ……. did when I was 130)

  481. Katherine/Kat :) says:

    thank you, if you were referring to me. quick question, though: what’s a BBW?

  482. Angela300373 says:

    Whew….finally caught up.
    Wow, when I first came to the blog (a whole week and some ago) It didn’t take that long to read a days worth of comments… Nice to see so many Sugars !
    REEEEEEEELLLeeeeeeeelleeeeee YYYaaaaa!
    Loved your poem! I actually received a poem from a pot today and was gonna ask everyone if that was sweet or lil creepy. But you reminded me that some SD’s (like you) are sweeter than Sugar and I shouldn’t be so leery…..thanks! You (and your posts)are something to look forward to everyday!

    Joules: Happy to hear all your great news!!! Isn’t it fabulous when things just “fall into place”! Heeee Once you get high speed, you will NEVER go back! I feel your pain! I Love my cable modem!
    I got that you meant other but it was so funny anyway!!! thanks for the laugh!

    Lisa: I miss you and love you. I know how it can be sometimes when it seems there is nothing to be positive about and people telling you to cheer up doesn’t really help you to cheer up. Just know that things will get better although it might not seem like it. Being in Tx today I can sympathize (the weather was downright spiteful in its nastiness) and it is a clinical fact that humans feel better in general when the weather is nice. (Hence the high suicide rate in Seattle)

    Catherine: Welcome to the blog and I must say WOW! I peeped your profile and I was impressed. Very specific and detailed. Good Job!

    And to all the (not quite BBW ) and BBW’s. I have been both and am currently of the not quite type ….and I don’t think there is a disadvantage at all ….as I have learned from experience that it takes all kinds and diffrent strokes for different folks and beauty is in the eye of the beholder and all those other cliche’s…But it’s true. Every one has something that makes them wonderful (not just body parts but those too…lol)

    BTW; I never did get any feedback on my profile.
    Would love some. Don’t worry I’m thick skinned, and I am ASKING for it so. ……..

    Here is the poem I received today:

    An Entrapment

    My love, I have tried with all my being
    to grasp a form comparable to thine own,
    but nothing seems worthy;

    I know now why Shakespeare could not
    compare his love to a summer’s day.
    It would be a crime to denounce the beauty
    of such a creature as thee,
    to simply cast away the precision
    God had placed in forging you.

    Each facet of your being
    whether it physical or spiritual
    is an ensnarement
    from which there is no release.
    But I do not wish release.
    I wish to stay entrapped forever.
    With you for all eternity.
    Our hearts, always as one.

  483. Kat says:

    aw. what an absolute sweetie and true SD your potential sounds like!
    and it’s nice to hear such affection for the b/f even though he may be broke. good bike tho, eh?, you must have good taste! 😉

  484. Joules*300035* says:

    as for my pot getting me 2k a month, it will end up being far more than that and all i was asking for was 1k

    ask ur question if ur still here

    a min ago i said ‘no clue what he said’ i was refering to the gibberish language posted lol i’m goin 2 google it lol

  485. Joules*300035* says:

    Kat, you mentioned that maybe my pot SD will help me out on that end of my acting / modelling; he’s already said he would lol he said “no more missed opportunities just because of transportation issues!” hahahaha

    no clue what he said

    as for my real b/f, he’s a broke a** joke and lives an hour away. but he swept me off my feet. he and i met as friends a long time ago, then i had to leave TN to go take care of private issues and he waited for me the entire 6 months i was gone! when i got back he surprised me! “So what do you think about us ‘dating’?” i was floored and tried my damnedest to talk him out of it w/no luck lol

    he’s a sweetie pie though and has a sweet bike! he actually lives where my pot and I will be at Sunday for our first meeting lol (which is like an hour away from me)

  486. Kat says:

    nope, okay i’ll catch you another time :)

  487. Kat says:

    wait wait REALLY quick question?

  488. Joules*300035* says:

    on ya = oh ya

    nitey nite lady!

  489. Kat says:

    PT! cool :) and I wish I could understand what Vokydymn wrote :(
    you’re multi-skilled. any clue? hehehe

  490. Kat says:

    you have a boyfriend? too bad he can’t supply you the money ya need. :( you’re not the only one in that situation, of course.
    so you’d be meeting your pot for couple times a month and he’s offering 2k?

    this guy that wants to spend time seems pretty cool. he’s fit, he likes rock climbing like me, has said he’ll pamper me and such with shopping sprees and whatnot.. and take care of my loans. but that ones shaky. i think i have another pot SD that I wont see as much that would take care of that? we’ll see. either way i haven’t met either of them yet and sometimes meeting them can spell a totally diff story

  491. Joules*300035* says:

    VoKyDymn, Ola!

    Kat, on ya, and I’m certified in Emergency Medicine and going back to college soon for Physical Therapy

    lol i love my multi-talanted life!

  492. Kat says:

    atta-GIRL!!!! house cleaning pays good money, doesn’t it? 😀
    and wow. you certainly are a jack of all trades. I’m striving for that.. but I’m certainly not there yet.
    aw. maybe a better opportunity to act will come knocking on your door once an SD finds out about that interest of yours 😉 Hey a girl can dream, right? hehe.

    Alright. I’m gonna hit the sack for 1 3/4 hours =( I really shouldn’t have stayed up tonight considering I’m bringing my pops to the airport in 2 hours.. But a LITTLE shut eye should do me good. Been so good chatting & GOOD LUCK SUNDAY!!! (tho i’ll talk to you before then!)

  493. Joules*300035* says:

    i fully intend on having SEVERAL SDs

    plus i have a reg. b/f and another one that’s dying to ask me out (i know this as he’s told me) but he knows that he and i began our friendship as just that and nothing more

    (i don’t want this to come out wrong…)if your pot wants to spend so much time with you then i’d be makin sure you’re being ‘reimbursed’ for such. what i mean is that a lot of pots want a g/f and want to spend A LOT of time with her and still only give her a measley 1000 monthly allowance

    SHYT! i don’t think so! i will get that in allowance from my pot (the one i’m meeting on sunday) PLUS probably a ton more and he and i will probably only see one another once or twice a month.

  494. Joules*300035* says:

    ya, i’m a ‘jack of all trades’ so to speak

    many years ago, i was a mgr at a restaurant and i started their ‘curbside’ pick-up program, trained all the employees and single-handedly promoted it and advertised it locally to all of the businesses

    i’m also a model, a computer tutor (i also tutor on other things such as cellphones & digital cameras), used to be a part-owner of a carpet cleaning company, professional house-cleaner (which includes move-out cleans, construction cleans & business cleaning), i’ve starred in a documentary and was offered a spot acting in an Independent Film back when I was living in KC (but had to turn it down as I knew I was moving to TN within a few weeks)….filming on that movie actually starts in TWO weeks…i’m sad i didn’t get to act in it dangit!

  495. Kat says:

    so you don’t mind the idea of having 2 simultaneous SD’s? I’ve been toying with that idea. But one of my pot SDs wants to spend time together weekly so I’m not sure. I guess I’d have to find a 2nd who would be willing to spend less time together? Who knows.

  496. Kat says:

    hahahahaha THAT makes more sense

  497. Joules*300035* says:

    lol…i REALLY DID put ‘mother’ lol
    i meant, OTHER

  498. Kat says:

    whichever :) I’m just up cos it’s fun hehe. I really don’t have anything I need to do.

  499. Kat says:

    well it sounds like that could be promising because there are so many hip hop artists that wanna be promoted and booked. sounds like you’ll do a bit of everything! i take it you know a bit of marketing, as well?

  500. Joules*300035* says:

    well, i just realized i’m done with everything for tonight! woohooo!!!

    are you all going to stay on here and chat with me for a bit or going to sleep soon?

  501. Katherine says:

    wow. How did you meet them? Guess I haven’t been following well enough!
    But I don’t know the language. “mother SD”? does that mean the one that looks like he’ll be giving you the most benefits, so to speak?
    p.s. Kat sounds awesome. hope he is the SD in disguise 😉

  502. Joules*300035* says:

    Kat, mainly PR for hiphop artists. i will eventually branch out to other genres of music but hiphop is my life (lived it and breathed it for years and years). i also write lyrics, goin to try to do a couple of collabs and eventually sell my lyrics *grin*

    right now, i’m just helping to promote hiphop artists, do their bookings, do interviews/articles about them, promote them, get them lots of business!

  503. Joules*300035* says:

    CSB lol….definately! it won’t take me forever to respond either! i’m the fastest typist i know! it’s just slow ass 24k dial-up thas slowin me down! i can only have one tab at a time loading something lol

    Kat, yes all of mine are only POTS! I don’t know how much you’ve followed but I met a Kat out here locally thas way high up in the hiphop scene and met him today. he’s been offering me A LOT of things (shopping sprees, office space for free, he’s supposedly paying everything for my biz venture tomorrow). a few people on here insist he’s an SD in disguise. so now i’ve just been callin him my pot studio sd. my mother pot sd is just awesome! i will meet him for the first time sunday!

    so, by saturday i will know how serious my studio guy is and i will either be throwing a bitch cuz he stood me up or i will be calling him my Studio SD.

    by monday, i will be calling my (regular) pot sd my SD if all goes well sunday!

    neither of which i met on SA though!

  504. ChocolateSnowBunny says:

    Yeah I’m here Katherine. I’m in bed really late when I don’t have early obligations such as school and work the next day. So maybe this blog will keep me company for a bit.

  505. Katherine says:

    Snow Bunny you’re awake!!! I was wondering about you just a bit ago!
    Joules: can I ask what your new business involves? oh I hope it all turns out as well as it’s looking like it will!!

  506. Joules*300035* says:

    i’m tellin ya, my head’s spinnin!!!! if it weren’t for my pot SD then this biz of mine wouldn’t be taking off like it is right now! Once my pot told me i was getting a rental for the entire weekend then i posted a bulletin on myspace on my biz site sayin i was goin2 start meeting clients this weekend and wanted to start gettin everything rolling. the messages just haven’t stopped since!

    normally i’d stay logged into my personal myspace page and chat with friends but i just realized a bit ago i hadn’t even logged in there for 3 days! so i had to post a bulletin on my personal site saying how busy i was and it would be easier to msg me on my biz site lol

  507. ChocolateSnowBunny says:

    Woohoo Joules. Then we can have super quick insomniac conversations.

  508. Katherine says:

    that’s just AWESOME. and he’s only a pot.?

  509. Joules*300035* says:

    O M G !!! just think! here in like 8 more days i will have high-speed! no more wasting so much time waiting on crap to load! multi-tasking will be A BREEEEZE!!!

    it killed me movin out here and not having high-speed! my pot SD is the greatest!!

  510. Joules*300035* says:

    Kat, as for the allowance, i actually listed on my profile what i needed help with, did the figures in my head and thats how i came up with my allowance

    24u, glad you two have seperate profiles now! i know, the security of your best friend sounds wonderful but sometimes you have to look at it from the outside in!

    Kat, thats cool that you sent that email. Stephen reads all of our blogging (or at least it seems to me that he does lol) and takes in everything we suggest on here

    SO….does anyone wanna pick my brain? i’m kinda caught up on emails now lol

  511. two4u *304260* says:

    Thanks for the advice!
    We each have individual profiles and and a joined one – we are new babies and so we really enjoy the safety we provide each other – we like sharing men nsa

  512. Katherine says:

    <3 likewise 😀

  513. Joules*300035* says:

    hey everyone, stay put for a min….lemme catch up on posts lol then i’ll reply but i’m still here and will be for a while. i’m the blogs insomniac! glad to meet you! lolol

  514. Cat says:

    Angela, I agree. That’s a good idea!

  515. Katherine says:

    man, she’s really luckin’ out! hehe atta girll

  516. Joules*300035* says:

    Jeez! I’ve been sitting here, with all my multi-tasking; and in between updating my pot SD as to all the biz contacts i’ve been making and meeting with. i finally finished and it dawned on me that I hadn’t even checked my regular email yet.

    Guess what?! THREE emails from my pot in there! lol more to read/reply to now!!!

  517. Katherine says:

    also. I get the question of how much of an allowance I would like, and since I’m new I’m not entirely sure what to tell them. How do/did you decide?

  518. ChocolateSnowBunny says:

    Actually Katherine, I read that too and I was curious. Hoping maybe experienced SBs or SDs can help us with this one?

  519. Katherine says:

    hahaha this may make me sound like a creep but Joules, you’re a night owl, eh? :p I love being up during the night

  520. ChocolateSnowBunny says:

    Good Joules. I have company. I love your determination and ambition btw. I’m sure that’s why you’ve been lucky in your SD search.

  521. Katherine says:

    hey if you’re all still there, I’m Katherine, a newbie :)
    I’ve been enjoying reading through all these posts and I do have a question from when I was reading one of the other blogs:

    It sounds like creating a second bank account is the safest way to accommodate for a monthly transaction. With all going well, I would hope the sum of this account would be rather pretty. But that means much of it goes to Uncle Sam. Right? And then that means claiming it?? Sticky! How do you work it?

    thanks :) I know, it’s so out of the blue!

  522. Cat says:

    Joules: Haha…Well next time, I’ll be sure to highlight your success too lol. I told him that I really wanted to meet him but before I could do that, I had to verify that he was who he said he was for my own safety. He then replied asking what information I needed…like he didn’t know…so I mentioned that he would probably be listed in the Hospital’s website’s directory of staff. Still waiting for a reply…He sounds like an amateur or a fake. He only created his account this March, so maybe he is just getting into this…I don’t know anymore!! I envy you :(

  523. Joules*300035* says:


  524. ChocolateSnowBunny says:


  525. ChocolateSnowBunny says:

    Goodnight GND. Is anyone in bed now?

  526. gurlnextdoor*274735* says:

    I’m off to sleep now everyone. Just sent Superman a text saying my laptop has officially broke and I guess I’ll see what he does about it. Night everyone.

  527. gurlnextdoor*274735* says:

    Yes Joules I know, but from the looks of it my laptop will be completely broken by this summer lol. As long as it makes it to the beginning of May I’m good. :)

    Cat you just need to tell him you’re worried he might not be who he is and you’d just like some confirmation on his identity. If he’s a real SD he’ll tell you where to find more info on him so to put you at ease. One of my SD’s (since I guess he’s no longer a potential one anymore, lol) is a workaholic so being around him verified his identity in addition to the information he had previously given me. But good luck in your search.

  528. Joules*300035* says:

    DOH! you goofed GND!!!! All I gotta do is mention something once to my pot and it’s mine lol

    Cat….i have a couple of great SDs!!! you forgot to mention me dangit!
    lol j/k mine are only pots (at least until after friday and then the other i will meet sunday)

    and don’t give up trying to ‘verify’ his identity. i forgot what your initial post stated, but have you simply told him that you want to make sure he’s not fake (with better wording than that, of course!)?

    in my very first email from my pot that i will be meeting sunday he gave me his full name and all kinds of links to verify himself! (i’m starting to think i’m beyond super-lucky to have found this guy!)

    have you asked your pot SD if he’s previously been in an SD/SB arrangement and if so, have you asked any details about it?

  529. ChocolateSnowBunny says:

    ***by having

  530. ChocolateSnowBunny says:

    Haven’t seen the profile but I have to agree with Joules and GND about that two4u. An arrangement for one person is less complicated than for two, especially for a married SD. It’s easier to get to know and grow a relationship with one person which is what most REAL SDs want. Your limiting your profile but have one account.

  531. gurlnextdoor*274735* says:

    Hello Caroline, don’t think I’ve seen you on here before. So welcome to the wonderful SA blog.

    Just checked out your profile and I love how upbeat the introduction sounds. But where it says your “selective in your choice of mates” I’d change mates to men. The word “mate” connotes a steady, exclusive, and long term relationship. But that’s just me.

  532. Cat says:

    Hey All,

    I really appreciate the help (websites) you have given me in order to find some info on my potentiel SD, but I have not found anything…at all! I’m really disappointed and quite worried about this guy not being a surgeon but maybe some phony. I was really excited about having found a SD so quickly, but I guess not…

    I just want all the women out there to read this and realise how important it is to verify who these people are that we are so quick to jump on planes for…sometimes if it sounds too good to be true, it is!

    But I’m happy to see that at least some people are finding great SDs and SBs (Suthrn & OCSugar)! :)

  533. gurlnextdoor*274735* says:

    I’m good Joules, my laptop’s hinge just broke *tear* I texted Superman about it and was a bit over dramatic (I told him it broke, lol). He texted me back asking me what happened, so I texted him back saying the hinge had just broken and that I think I can fix it. Now I’m starting to think that was a dumb decision since he probably would’ve bought me a new one. :(

  534. Caroline*250376* says:

    “When love beckons to you follow him
    “Though his ways are hard and steep.
    “And when his wings enfold you yield to him,
    “Though the sword hidden among his pinions may wound you.
    “And when he spreaks to you, believe in him,
    “Though his voice may shatter your dreams
    “as the north wind lays waste the garden.
    You know what an “arrangement” is from experience.
    But how many times was there love in your life ?
    Yet it is so essential that millions of books focus on love.
    We want to love.
    But look at the average day, do you make time for love ?
    No is it work and meals and shopping and blogging etc.
    You are doubly blessed it seems now that you have love in your arrangement. Enjoy every second of it.
    Breeeeaathhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh it in.
    Do not be scared of this thing called love.
    To sever the arrangement would mean that you are scared of love.
    Love has not come in your life for this.
    No, love has come into your life, to glorify YOU !
    Yes it is going to be a glorious day !


    Henri, that was absolutely BEAUTIFUL! What a poetic and true description of all that love, in or outside an arrangement, should be.

    Thank you for posting those words. Brought tears to my eyes…in a good way!:)

    Your sugar babe is obviously one lucky lady!

  535. gurlnextdoor*274735* says:

    Yes I agree with Joules. It would be a lot easier to find one SD for each of you. Also although the idea of having two women is appealing to most men, a man might have reservations about having two SBs. Such as having to pay double the allowance, dealing with the possibility of one getting jealous of the other, and the like. That’s just some things to think about.

  536. Joules*300035* says:

    so wassup with you GND? i’ve been so busy lately i don’t keep up with the blog anymore; just jump on here and start posting and eventually go back and read lol

  537. Joules*300035* says:

    two4u, i am curious (just as GND is) why you’re not doing 2 seperate accounts. I would just think it would be easier to get an SD with just one woman (versus two). I know, two’s more fun (as a concept) but in my opinion, with a true SD/SB arrangement, it’s all about it being mutually beneficial.

    what happens if one of you gets jealous of the attention the other is getting, does the SD have to spend equaly on you both?
    are you both always going to be with the SD on your dates?
    how do you expect an SD to spoil both of you at the same time yet enjoy each of you as individuals?

    some of your grammar is bad and you’ve used incomplete sentences.

    oh, and i love the pics!

    now, as far as your specific question, good luck weeding out the creeps as they are everywhere. i think the best thing that you can do is to read through these blogs first. there is a lot of info on ways to ‘verify’ that your pot SD is for real or not. I also think that it may be helpful to put in a specific allowance versus neg.

  538. gurlnextdoor*274735* says:

    By the way two4u there are alot of men (I don’t consider them to be SDs), who misunderstand what this site is for. They think it’s full of escorts which it isn’t. So just be patient, you’ll find a good (and real) SD sooner or later. Patience and optimism, that’s all you need. :)

  539. Joules*300035* says:

    sorry, multi-tasking is no bueano for me right now

    two4u, i’ll talk more as soon as i can….just talkin wit my pot client right now. i read your profile though at least lol

  540. gurlnextdoor*274735* says:

    Aww SuthrenExec I love you and OCSugar….you’re like a real life sugar fairytale. :) (Sorry I’m a bit of a romantic, lol)

  541. SuthrnExec says:

    Now for the questions…

    >Have you ever gone shopping with a sugar daddy or sugar baby?
    Yes – on more than one occasion. Just before we were together last, my sugar announced she was taking me shopping for some jeans. I wasn’t really sure why because I have two perfectly good pair of Levis. Not to be deterred, we went and she directed me into her jean-store of choice. I must admit, it was really neat the way she had the store workers pulling pants and shirts and bringing them to me. I have never been with someone who has done that for me before. I am usually at the mercy of the suit fitters who know nothing about me. It was fun! If you’ve been blogging for very long, you might know that my sugar has proclaimed she is a solo-shopper – but we did shop for her as well and that was even more fun! Besides being able to buy her things, it’s great fun to simply see what appeals to her – and what she doesn’t like! What an opportunity to learn more about her – I love that.

    >What are the best ways for a sugar daddy to spoil a sugar baby?
    To me, the best ways to spoil her is to figure out what the little things are that mean a lot to her. I try to pick up on those by listening and observing. I definitely try to pamper her all I can. She is never demanding nor does she really talk about the things she wants, but when I strike a chord, she let’s me know.

    >How can sugar babies help sugar daddies spoil themselves?
    Anything she does to help me relax is wonderful. We are both fairly easy-going and flexible, so we don’t stress over things when we are together. When I need some attention, she knows just what to do or say. And if there are some things I need (like find some better jeans or…) she makes sure that I am taken care of.

  542. gurlnextdoor*274735* says:

    Hey two4u, I see you two are best friends? Umm may I ask why you two didn’t create separate accounts? Just wondering. :)

  543. Joules*300035* says:

    two4u are you twins? lol

    just make sure your profile is specific. i’m goin to go check it out right quick since you have the number posted….gimme a few min tho

  544. Joules*300035* says:

    i’m enjoyin a nice convo wit another pot. client of mine *grin* goin ta have a face-to-face wit him Sat., album should be finished in a couple wks

  545. two4u *304260* says:

    Can you believe this?
    Ok we are new to the sugar bowl but you would not believe this pot sd though we were escorts!!!
    Wanted to psy sn sllowance of 1000 per visit a few times a year! Ahhhh! What should we do as new sugars to find an sd and weed out the creeps?

  546. ChocolateSnowBunny says:

    I’m feeling so good tonight, I don’t know what it is. I loving the sugar in the air. Excited about my meeting this weekend.

  547. gurlnextdoor*274735* says:

    I think so too CSB. Speaking of which I just talked to Superman tonight, I think I’m going to ask him how he feels about me. Guess I’ll have to see how that conversation goes, lol.

  548. Joules*300035* says:

    CSB, my bad! glad you’re still here then!

    GND, Hola! glad all went so very well with your phone call!

  549. ChocolateSnowBunny says:

    GND: That’s really good news. I think he’ll help you figure out your feelings for “Superman.” Whether you’ll falling in love with him? This will be a good way to know what your heart is saying.

  550. gurlnextdoor*274735* says:

    Hey everyone I called my potential SD tonight and the phone call went very well I must say. I didn’t get to talk long since I had to call my friend back, but it still went well. He said he’s going to call me back tommorow night and said that my phone call “brightened his day”. :) He seems to be looking forward to meeting me, and I’m now ready to meet him more than ever. He was very nice and listened to everything I said, asking questions and commenting on how mature I sounded. I’m so happy now! :)

  551. ChocolateSnowBunny says:

    LOL Joules…No I didn’t mean I was off to bed. Way too early for that. I was saying good evening to the sugar world. Fridays and Mondays are my days off so I always have a long weekend.

  552. Joules*300035* says:

    lol CSB…as i said last night, NOOOOOOO WAY JOSE’!!

    i’m too greedy on that !!! all mine! *grin*

    and g’nite CSB

  553. Joules*300035* says:

    Jamisen, you don’t have well-known clients and not end up well-known yourself!!! lol

    i just sent my studio guy an email and asked how he felt/what he thought of the idea of me writing a story/article about him and trying to get it published.

    as i said, he was just so interview-like lol i barely even got to ask him 2 or 3 questions, just sat, listening, nodding my head, threw in a comment or two and that’s all.

    wierdest part is how on my way home i was listening to his new cd and all through out his lyrics, i heard the same ‘stories’ as he had just told me face-to-face; if that makes sense??

    example, in case it didn’t make sense….he told me does not like to dance at clubs….one of his tracks is about how he don’t dance at clubs and what he does instead. anywho, it was awesome!

  554. ChocolateSnowBunny says:

    Oh btw…Good night everyone. Been a long day and shaping up to be an even longer night.

  555. ChocolateSnowBunny says:

    Ok Joules. I’m totally jealous now. Send some of those famous artists my way. LOL. Good luck and have fun this weekend. I’m rooting for you.

  556. Jamisen/305521 says:

    Joules, I didn’t know studio guy was well known.. I thought it was his clients that were well known. And yes, I think keeping sexual relations out of business relations is a good idea. Ohhh I’m so excited for you!

  557. VillaCypris *276489* says:

    Nitemare!!!!!! I’m just back from dinner… catching up… I guess I am here to validate your “intuition”… 😉 c’est moi, posting…

  558. Joules*300035* says:

    Jamisen, he’s a famous hiphop artist, of course he’s been dippin into the sugar bowl! hahahaha!

    if all goes as planned with him tomorrow with my client meeting (where he’s acting mainly as my ‘bodyguard’ lol)….then i will start to refer to him as my studio SD !!!

    he’s already made it clear how much he loves goin shopping and buying things for his true friends, he’s offered me a room at his new studio for my new office, offered me to take over his (‘very successful’) promotions company based outta NYC….hmmmm, very genorous, successfull, and has plenty of money….sounds like an SD to me!!!!

    hmmm but i have no intentions on being uhhh *COUGH*sexually*COUGH* involved with him the way i would be with a normal SD arrangement lol

  559. NitemareSD says:

    I feel a post from VillaCypris coming.

  560. Jamisen/305521 says:

    Mel- You don’t have to go into detail, just state it simply, shortly, and sweetly. That’s what I did and I haven’t gotten a nasty message back yet despite the clingy-ness

  561. Joules*300035* says:

    and honestly I’m shocked at how many people agreed with how Nika was so bluntly upfront with Nika (no offense girl but i even told you in private that was a little harsh).

    all i wanted to do was try to be as nice as possible to Lisa and point out that obviously she was having problems seeing any light at the end of her tunnel and that it was ok and understable….i was also reaching out to her. i lost someone very dear to me recently because they couldn’t see a light at the end of their tunnel anymore and lisa’s intense frustrations with her life and pursuit for a SD just really reminded me of the person I lost to suicide. I just figured that maybe, before i jumped to conclusions, that i could at least offer to get to know her on a more personal level in private.

    i don’t think it’s anyone’s place to jump to conclusions about another member w/o actually knowing them for a while. granted Lisa’s posts were quite often negative but there has to be something behind all that negativity and i just wanted to try and get her to see how negative she was being outloud and that I, as a fellow SB, didn’t want to be extremely critical towards her, but wanted to just chat with her and get to know her and understand her on a more personal level.

    i wasn’t going for the ‘be so brutally honest that she leaves the blog’ kind of post. If I would have known that Nika was writing all of that at the exact same time as I then I would not have said anything (cuz it does seem to be mean to Lisa, even if it is honesty and even if i was only trying to be nice and help… those two posts combined WERE just too much in my opinion).

  562. Mel says:

    ‘m going to tell him the exact same thing.

    The arrangement was absolutely perfect for me BUT I’m not too physically attracted to him and him coming off as a clinger just ruined it for me.

    He sounded a bit desperate, as horrible as it sounds.

  563. Jamisen/305521 says:


    I’ve just started on this site, but I’ve had a few come off as that after I initially replied to their messages. It was like just because I replied once we were gonna meet! And they didn’t seem open to share anything about themselves or talk about anything else but meet. Those men are only looking for sex, it’s safe to bet. When I got that feeling, I replied with one last message saying that I didn’t think it would work out for the both of us and good luck with your search.

  564. Jamisen/305521 says:

    Joules, he’s no longer a SD in disguise.. if he was interview-like, I’d say he’s probably dipped his fingers into the sugar bowl before!

  565. Mel says:

    Question for the women:

    A pot SD is coming off a bit clingy and it’s turning me off a bit. Have any of you ever experienced this?

    Ever had a pot SD want to meed really badly?

  566. Joules*300035* says:


    Hola my sweet sweet sugary world!

    I just made it home from my first face-to-face meeting with my studio guy (or as we were calling him last night, my SD in disguise!)

    It was more like an interview than anything and it was amazing. I was there just over 2 hours.

    I figured that since it felt more like an interview that I’m going to treat it as such and write an article! He loves how I’m a ‘go-getter’ so I’ll just keep proving it to him!

    my studio guy will be escorting me to my first actual meeting with a potential client; over an hour’s drive each way. He will be paying for all costs and will just be there to be in the background; just to show his support for me and to make his presence known. We all know (or at least can grasp and understand) that the hiphop community can be a tough place for a scrawny little white girl. so, technically he’s my acting body guard for the night.

    anyways, just thought i’d let you all know that i finally got to get out to his studio (my future office!) and meet up with him and talk on a more personal level.

    everything went AWESOME! He may talk a lot but it’s very informative conversations.

    Hopefully he maintains his business-like dimeanor (spelling??) tomorrow and holds up his end of the bargain!

    haven’t had the chance to talk to my pot SD today but he did email me in the morning and i briefly replied. we are still on for sunday and i got the car rented before i left for the studio earlier!

  567. Gail says:

    Yes I second that hosseAlofore!!! Lisa come back to the Sugar light:)

  568. Gail says:

    Darn it….I lost all of my post…it was good too:)

    Nika-Your words were definately harsh. If you don’t like what someone has to say you are not forced to read it. Skip over their post. That’s what I have done with some of yours.

    I don’t agree with you telling her to go away or to go somewhere else. Lisa is part of our Sugar Family and will always be. You have no idea what a gem she is. It’s your loss:(

    I suggest before you say anything to anyone that you ask yourself 3 things: 1) Is it true? 2)Is it kind? 3)Is it really necessary? and perhaps we will then have a kinder view of your actions.

    We are a forgiving family….let’s hope tommorrow will be a lighter day.

  569. Jamisen/305521 says:

    OCSugarBaby- Aerospace? That’s awesome. Sometimes I wish I had done math instead. If you can’t tell, my interests vary greatly.

  570. OCSugarBaby says:

    hosseAlofore: I know! I second that… Lisa come back!!!! :)

  571. OCSugarBaby says:

    Jamisen-I have always known that I would end up in Aerospace, that was my focus from day one of college. I have never looked back. :)

  572. OCSugarBaby says:

    Jamisen-Thought maybe it was Poli Sci given your location! :)

  573. Jamisen/305521 says:

    OCSugarBaby: my major is criminal justice, why? it’s not that exciting..

  574. Jamisen/305521 says:

    Gail, let’s just say that I don’t need to be in Vegas… haha

  575. OCSugarBaby says:

    Jamisen-What is your major?

  576. BerkshireSD says:

    Yes, I take BerkSB shopping all the time. Walmart, Marshalls, Target and Trader Joes are favorite stops. We’ve even been to Home Depot.

    There was even that Saturday night when the “economy” was being stimulated.

    How can an SD spoil an SB – Drive her kids to school early in the morning.

    How can an SB spoil an SD – get ready for his return from school duty. 😉

  577. Jamisen/305521 says:

    I’m sorry Nika, I meant Joules. Joules said that last night. It was late and I was out of it and assumed it was you.

  578. OCSugarBaby says:

    Nika-She NEVER asked for your advice.

  579. Nika/WildCat/302039 says:


    When did I say to keep the relationship NSA? Things happen as they happen. You can’t always control what happens within life.

  580. Nika/WildCat/302039 says:

    To everyone on the blog,

    First off to the ones that were jumping on my case, if my words appeared harshly, I am sorry. I have seen and have tried myself to be nice to Lisa, try and get her more upbeat, even on the night when she was coming up with one reason after another to not go to the NYC trip. Yet even I was giving her ideas and suggestions for her to go through and accept the offers that were be given to her about getting to new york, reasons to give her mother, father, and even daughter for the weekend. Even reminding her that she can take her bird for her trip to see the ever mysterious Bob that we heard so much about.

    Even with Bob, she wouldn’t txt him from her cellphone because I guess she didn’t want him to have that number. There were so many things, for every positive thing we gave her, she shot it down with a negative. Yes it appears that she has had a rough life, but others have had bad lives as well. I can take the insults being slung at me even though they do hurt, but I’m not going to run away.

    I told Lisa to find another site if she can’t find it here via her messages. I also told her that she needs to stop being so negative all the time. Everyone has their rough times, but when someone is constantly negative it can’t be good.

    Do I know Lisa as well as anyone else here? Probably not, but I know what I’ve seen and what others have as well. I could have been a bit nicer and I know that now. But at the same time many others have been nice including me before and it has given no change.

    I want for lisa the same thing as I want for myself and every other sb/sd from this site and that is happiness. If she can’t find that happiness here then maybe she can find it at another site. Or maybe look for it somewhere else, whether online or offline. She has an online family that she knows she can go to.

    Will I disappear from the blogs? No I’m sorry but I wont be chased away. I never told her to go away from her or storm off like she did. But I can’t take away the words and I wont take them away.

    On to the rest. Thank you Atalanta for your words. I hope that they are taken to heart.

    Cat I hope that you find the information on your potential to make you feel more comfortable with him again.

    OnTheWater: What all is the information that can be found by that site? Can you find it on others that aren’t md’s? I have one pot from here and another from another site. That I am honestly curious about.

    To everyone else I hope that you all have a wonderful night, that the babies find the Daddies of their dreams, and the Daddies find the babies of their dreams.

  581. OCSugarBaby says:

    We are the west coasters! Everyone else blogs during the early morning.

  582. Gail says:

    SSSHHH…Jamisen we won’t tell…we will pretend we are in Vegas…LOL

  583. Gail says:

    LOL…yeah…..you are right, cant say anything else…sssshhhh….no one else knows. And its only on special occasions….LOL.

    You know I haven’t been on the blog with you for awhile. It’s nice to communicate again. Life has been keeping me busy and happy:)

  584. Jamisen/305521 says:

    Not a handful, but secretly wild? Maybe… after all if I say yes, then it will no longer be secret 😉

  585. OCSugarBaby says:

    Wait, that is NO secret!

  586. OCSugarBaby says:

    No gail that would be YOU! :)

  587. OCSugarBaby says:

    Gail: I tell myself never to put them in my pants pocket either, but time and time again it hits the floor narrowly missing the you know what! Plunk, one of these days it will have perfect aim.

  588. Gail says:

    Jamisen-Are you a handful and secretly wild? LOL

  589. Gail says:

    LOL…Nitemare….you handsome devil you!!! Thanks for being so Nitemarish tonite!!!

    The phone is still working…camera is broken..and all pics from Vegas lost forever in my camera. I did add insurance on to my plan right afterward…still have a $50.00 deductible. OC…I learned a valuable lesson never put my phne in my pants pocket again, especially if I am shopping at Macys. Oh…I know my SD friend will hold on to it and keep it safe:)

  590. OCSugarBaby says:

    Jamisen-Suthrn is a gem. It IS wonderful. Hard to believe that we met on the blog and we live several states away! Chemistry, as you stated in your profile is the ticket. Won’t last without it. :)

  591. Jamisen/305521 says:

    Wow, thanks Gail! Almost being the younger version of you is a big compliment!

  592. Gail says:

    I want it too Suthrn and OC….I want the connectivity, the attraction, the chemistry, the lust(LOL)

    AJ-Leave the C-store….time to check in:) You can’t leave your sugar sisters hanging….LOL

  593. NitemareSD says:

    I remember the good old days on the blog with Lisa. I could say anything I wanted to her and she knew just how to take it.

    Even during my long absense – as painfully as Lisa missed me – she would call out in hope, never giving up.

    She always soldiers on. Lisa is an unstoppable force – which is her most endearing quality – even more than her hotness.

    I bet we’ll be seeing plenty of Lisa; she never gives up at anything.

    Now, whatever happend to the hookers that didn’t realize they were hookers? That was worth blogging for.

  594. OCSugarBaby says:

    Gail! How is your phone working? I cracked up reading your post. I have almost lost mine in the bathroom several times. Why oh why do I put it in my pants pocket…

  595. Gail says:

    You are too cute…kinda younger version of me:) LOL….I had to do a double take at one of the pictures…I thought it was me in my 20’s….Welcome to Sugarland!!!!

  596. Jamisen/305521 says:

    Thank you so much! I was expecting the worst and now I’m in disbelief for the lack of improvement needed in your opinion.

    And I’m definitely hoping that I find something as wonderful as you and SuthrnExec have.

  597. OCSugarBaby says:

    Jamisen-I would never be harsh. No worries.

    You are adorable! I loved the wording, you sound fun and caring.
    Second to last paragraph: change friend to friendly and romantic…

    I am sure you are going to find that perfect chemistry, you have the right attitude and confidence. :)

  598. Jamisen/305521 says:

    OC- I would appreciate it. But go easy on me, I’m nervous *gulp*

  599. OCSugarBaby says:

    Jamisen-I would love to give you advice on your profile. But I will not give unless you give the ok.

  600. Jamisen/305521 says:

    Gurlnextdoor– I forgot to wish you luck on your phone call tonight!!!!

  601. OCSugarBaby says:

    AJ- Check in. You have been MIA. I am dying to hear an update on your apartment. Did he come thru with the offer?

  602. raine says:

    Yes, atalanta, what you said. (I’ll get into the blog’s rhythm sooner than later.)
    Cat, you still in here? any luck tracking the dr.? I’d like to think he’s legit…keeping my fingers crossed…

  603. Jamisen/305521 says:

    GND- I know Nika said that it should stay strictly NSA and not to complicate things… but I still think you should go with the flow. As HenriLouis put it, to halt the relationship is admitting that you’re afraid of love. If he reciprocates feelings beyond the typical SD/SB arrangement, then go for it. Nothing says you can’t turn an arrangement into a relationship.

    Sugarcoated- I know you signed off but I wanted to let you know that you are GORGEOUS! My only suggestion is that you do shorten your profile some as Gail and SuthrnExec said to. It’s not really about length, it’s more your language. It’s very sophisticated, but a lot of men don’t have the attention span to devote to the beauty of your words (although they should). Your writing style is you and it definitely shows your personality but it may just be too much going on when it gets to be that long.

    Lisa- I hope you are still reading this blog and considering replying soon. You are invaluable to the blog/sugar family. Everyone had good points, and the intention was not to chase you away, but to point it out to you so that you truly listen when everyone replies to your problems with words of consolation because we care.

  604. OCSugarBaby says:

    *Woosh… Storm cloud and thunder pass over head.. Clear sunny skies again. Yippee

  605. OCSugarBaby says:

    Atlanta-As others stated earlier, you and Nika do not understand the history of things and past blog’ing longevity of things. Nika is not ever going to be considered my sugar sister. Period end of story. Nada, Nope, Naha. No one deserves a blow like that EVER.

  606. Atalanta says:

    Gurlnextdoor, my vote is to go for it! I think he will treat you very well! Is he younger or in your “usual” age range for these arrangements?

    Anyways. after reading all these comments and seeing that there is strife and tension among the bloggers, I will try and use my diplomatic voice to help soothe this.

    Now, my opinion on things: Lisa can be negative. No one can argue this. She handled things the best she knew how, but whenever faced with something, she resorted to being negative about it. This type of stuff is daily. And that’s just not healthy. Like Joules was saying, “Be grateful!”
    I feel that we, as a sugar family, should have been there more for Lisa and told her this sooner that she needed to create more sunshine in her life.
    Things are bleak for many right now, but we all need to try and find happiness.

    I feel that Nika conveyed my thoughts exactly on this situation. I wanted Lisa to be more positive.
    Yes, come to us with your problems! We will try and help you! But how can we help when these problems are mentioned daily? Our advice and kind words seems to go nowhere but to another day of more problems.

    Yes, Nika probably dealt a blow, but sometimes that’s what a person needs. Hopefully Lisa realizes that her life is not as bad as it could be.

    And to those that are keen on insulting Nika, all I have to say is this: In a nutshell, Nika only told Lisa that she needs to be happy. Wherever she could find happiness, she should try and find it. If it’s not here on SA, try somewhere else. If you have to take a chance, take it. Joules directed Lisa to look at the things she already has, that some people don’t. Just be grateful.
    I don’t think this advice is bad. No one else (including me) seemed to be doing this.

    Lisa, if you are reading this, I think that you are invaluable to this blog. We are always here to help. We are always here to listen. All we want to do is help you. I hate seeing you so down day after day. You need some happiness, and if we have contributed to that before, let us try again. If you try your SD search on another site, don’t leave this blog. Tell us about your journey there. I just don’t want to see you go, especially not on a note like this.

  607. Cat says:

    OntheWater: I would really appreaciate that…I mean, he sounds like a great guy, he’s always kind but not in a creepy way and he was very eager to meet me…and I would be gone already if it wasn’t for this…now I’m very worried. How could I get ahold of you off blog to give you info on him?

  608. Alicia*299952 says:

    Dang I left to make myself dinner and eat and I come back and theres a ton of posts lol. Henri – I think cooking for someone is a fantastic way to spoil them…..I’m from the south (though I have lived all over) so baking is one of my fav ways to relax.

  609. Cat says:

    Wow…let’s catch up to the blog here!

    He’sAHotSB : I know, that’s what I usually do…I googled him, I searched like there was no tomorrow and found NOTHING…which is scary because I’m very good at finding what I usually need to find :( Bad sign?

    Suthrn: I will try that website, thanks! He has practiced in the US and now is in Canada, so maybe he would still be registered on that site…hopefully, but really, should I have to dig this hard? Shouldn’t he provide clear info? He does seem legit but I don’t want to fly there and have him cut me up into tiny pieces!

    HenriLouis: LOL…He was upfront from the beggining and offered to fly me there, all expenses paid and more, but said that he would discuss his profession in detail when we met…along with a list of cities he has lived in (why?) since I’m not finding any info on him and he has been around, I’m just puzzled!

    Help! :(

  610. gurlnextdoor*274735* says:

    Atalanta I agree. I know SD/SB relationships are about the SB feeling special and being spoiled and the like, but sometimes I think the SDs are left out. Sometimes it’s assumed that if you’re happy, they are. Although this can be true, I think it’s important for a SB to make sure her (or his) SD is happy also. And sometimes the SD’s happiness is forgotten or lost somewhere along the way.

  611. Gail says:

    Have you ever gone shopping with a sugar daddy or sugar baby? Absoulutey, shopping is an incredible high:) But from now on I will not take my cell phone with me. I had too many accidents with it. I get too excited and rush around ..looking at everything…lol…

    What are the best ways for a sugar daddy to spoil a sugar baby? A wonderful 5-star vacation:) And letting her know that she is special and worth every minute of his time and money:)

    How can sugar babies help sugar daddies spoil themselves? By sharing with them how much they deserve everything they have worked for , and to take time to enjoy what they like. Especiallly if it is me

  612. Atalanta says:

    Still on mobile but a bored passenger in a car:

    Have you ever gone shopping with a sugar daddy or sugar baby?
    No, not yet, but I can tell we’ll both thoroughly enjoy it when this shopping trip does happen.

    What are the best ways for a sugar daddy to spoil a sugar baby?
    Just to listen and surprise her with little things. Shopping trips, great food, etc. are nice. But when it’s something not even on your mind, it’s the sweetest thing in the world.

    How can sugar babies help sugar daddies spoil themselves?
    On top of helping them relax, I think it’s important to show interest in the things he does. When he’s shows a genuine interest in the things I do, I want to do the same for him.

    Now, I will read more comments and the like.

  613. raine says:

    Say, kitty, I gotta secret for you: I missed that show! Good thing, too, because I just KNEW Tyra would screw it up somehow!

    I’ve considered this type of relationship for @ least five years & couldn’t have picked up a better avenue to pursue it.

    Henri, I know you’re having tea w/ the sandman now, but uh…*whispering* I prefer moissanite 😉

  614. MaleSB says:

    Sorry Raine, you can have your words back now 😛

    Kitty & CSB: Hello! Whereabouts CSB?

    I have a question that’s a bit complicated regarding all this. For me, the mutual benefits of the site are a bit more complicated. I’m not really looking for a sugar daddy, but simply someone with similar interests who is able to put up with me putting my school & career in front of a relationship, well, not in front of, but not making major sacrifices. So for me, the NSA is just honesty, respect, no drama, just basically giving each other personal space. In this scenario, where would one draw the line as far as patience with someone you’ve been talking to for a while, where there’s a connection, but they never reply to your emails, don’t call when they say, and only call rarely at unexpected times.

    I know this particular person is very busy, and my instincts (as well as he himself) tell me he is genuinely interested. So, for how long do you give a person the benefit of the doubt, whether it’s a potential boyfriend or SD?

  615. SuthrnExec says:

    SugarCoated, you need to use whatever you feel most comfortable in the “expected amount” field. I would defer to the SBs to give you feedback on the typical response they have gotten from SDs when they have what you have.

  616. gurlnextdoor*274735* says:

    Haha yes Atalanta it is Superman *sighs* :) I’m thinking you may be right, so we’ll see how things go.

  617. OCSugarBaby says:

    Henri- I love the movie! I believe the jewls are from Harry Winston. Tre chic! :)

  618. Atalanta says:

    Gurlnextdoor, in regards to your question about liking an SD too much to call them an SD…
    I definitely am in that position, but thankfully, so is my SD. I even told him I don’t even feel right saying “sugar daddy,” so we’ve resorted to “lovers” because that’s how we feel about each other.
    If this is Superman we’re speaking of, I think it’s worth it to take things a bit further than “NSA”…

    I’m going to answer the other questions later. I’m on my mobile right now :-)

  619. gurlnextdoor*274735* says:

    Hey OCSugar…yeah I do mean well of course. I’m not into making people feel bad, just the opposite. :) But time to get off this subject of negativity. On to Sugarcoated’s profile while I dance to Katy Perry’s song Hot N Cold. Have to listen to some upbeat music to make me happy on such a depressing looking day.

    Ok SugarCoated your profile is nice, and you’re gorgeous. Take out that opening paragraph and move some of the last two paragraphs under “Describe yourself” (or whatever it is) to under “the type of arrangement you’re seeking”. That’s my only advice.

  620. ~*kitty*~ says:

    On to lighter notes!!

    Think my prediction of Tyra’s show was right

  621. ~*kitty*~ says:


  622. raine says:

    Hello to the fellow newbies! ^Say, I may be a tad ahead of myself here, but has anyone by chance found some SDs from the chi?

    Nika, if you’re still in the house, thank you! Off to find/reread HenriLouis’ “DM manifesto.”

  623. ZenSugar says:

    Nope. Often the profile is not read. That’s okay it gives you something to talk about. lol

  624. SuthrnExec says:

    Later Henri!

    SugarCoated, I did not find a problem with your profile length – however, a common complaint I hear from SBs about SDs is that they don’t read the profiles. So in as much as you think a shorter profile might increase the readership any at all, you might think about shortening it. Honestly, if a SD wanted to learn about you, he would read it all. My 2 cents.

    A full length photo probably would work to your advantage – it certainly won’t hurt. But then again, I would be fine with the two you posted – so I might not be a good sounding board!

    I did like the way you verbalized what you were looking for – it stated the obvious, but you also indicated that your flexible and I think that’s important.

    Good luck!

  625. HenriLouis*294522 says:

    Before I sign of I had rather comment on the subject of the blog.
    Alicia, I just loved what you wrote about cooking and immediately I looked up your profile. Could not agree more on cooking as a means to help spoil sugar daddies to spoil themselves.
    So far I have not gone shopping with a sugar baby, but hope to do so shortly. Hgirl once promised me to come along on a shopping spree as I need a new outfit having slimmed down. She would act as my fashion consultant. Alas she is much too busy with her studies and so on.
    Best ways to spoil a sugar baby ? Look at the picture on the blog.
    I hear Marylin Monroe sing “diamonds are a girl’s best friends”
    And did you notice the jewelry box ? It has Tiffany’s on it.
    Now I am going to sign off.
    See you tomorrow,

  626. raine says:

    Hi again, sugar fans! Sitting on pins & needles waiting for approval/profile # [I’m not this nervous @ the doctor’s office or finding a job!]…

    NickSB & Alicia, you took a whole bunch of words outa my mouth! I wrote an abridged version along these lines in my profile*! :)

    *I’ll get some pics in there sooner than later (do I need a titanium-plated corset and/or red pumps by chance? LoL)

  627. ZenSugar says:

    Hello Sugarcoated

    Welcome. At first glance, I would probably want to see a full length photo.
    Your profile is quite wordy and I would suggest that you lesson the paragraphs to the essentials. Think haiku. The rest you may reveal later. You come off as very witty. You are BEAUTIFUL and I love what you say about the arrangement you are seeking. However, the more buisness-like pot SDs may be unsure of how to proceed with you. My humble opinion.


  628. ~*kitty*~ says:

    *Waves* at Nick!
    Heya! I’m from Toronto/London too! :) Welcome to the blog…

    Have you ever gone shopping with a sugar daddy or sugar baby?

    ~Yes! I had loads of fun trying on clothes and trying on things he picked out for me. Ended up only getting a pair of shoes. I didn’t have to ask, I tried it on, looked perfect and he just handed his card to the sales lady. :) I am not the kind to ask for things (considered rude?) I like knowing upfront that I can get anything I want without having to ask or be asked. Surprises are nice too :)

    QUESTION: In Sugar World, is it rude to ask?

    What are the best ways for a sugar daddy to spoil a sugar baby?

    ~With being thoughtful. I like getting gifts that SDs really thought I would enjoy or need vs giftcards or just cash to go shopping (though that’d be nice once in awhile)

    How can sugar babies help sugar daddies spoil themselves?

    ~By being a thoughtful/caring companion. A massage after a long day’s work. Respect SD’s space when he needs it. Use the money given for a shoppinh spree to get a little something for SD as well.

  629. OCSugarBaby says:

    Gurlnextdoor-I know you mean well, but I would not jump on that band wagon. It’s wheels fall off!

    SugarCoated-You can only look at SB profile numbers if you are in your profile or under the similar catagory. You just enter it under the url profile number and back space out yours and enter the one you want to see. Welcome! :)

  630. gurlnextdoor*274735* says:

    SugarCoated put up your profile number and we can give you suggestions…if you would like us to that is. :)

  631. ChocolateSnowBunny says:

    Hey NickSB. We’re neighbours. It is freezing indeed.

  632. Alicia*299952 says:

    I haven’t found my SD yet, but I’ll take a stab at the questions

    What are the best ways for a sugar daddy to spoil a sugar baby?
    For me, advice on how to further my career – help in that sort of way is worth more to me than anything. Of course I’m female so shopping also is nice lol – so is going to the spa…….purrrrr lol

    How can sugar babies help sugar daddies spoil themselves?
    Listen – sometimes just having someone to air your feelings to can mean the world. Pamper him – I’m big on cooking, I take great joy in it – I prefer it to going out to dinner. I also love to sing so he can relax while I run my hands through his hair and sing him something =). I’m also very big into having people spend as much on themselves as they do on me!

  633. gurlnextdoor*274735* says:

    Welcome NickSB to the blog. About this whole Lisa thing, I think it’s sweet that you all are trying to make her come back to the blog, but I see Nika’s point. I still love Lisa for who she is, but sometimes people need some tough love and I’m sure Nika didn’t mean to be so harsh in what she said. But she was just stating her opinion, which she is entitled to. Now I have to call a potential SD, forgot to do so last night. So, I’ll try to remember to do it tonight as soon as the clock strikes 9 (gotta do it when my phone is free, hehe). :)

  634. NickSB says:

    St. Catharines (near Toronto) but I’ll be in Vancouver for the summer most likely, and Toronto in the fall for sure. It’s freezing in Ontario today, it’s been so windy!

  635. OCSugarBaby says:

    NickSB-This blog is a great way to help find your way. What city are you in?

  636. SuthrnExec says:

    Wildcat, I would venture to say that your pride in your bluntness is not attractive at all. Do you think there is only one way to be truthful and honest? Such “combat boot honesty” is not the best nor the only way to share the truth with someone. Ironically, the very reason you claim to have to tell someone the truth so bluntly is shattered by the WAY you share the truth – it’s not because you care, apparently it’s because you don’t want to trouble yourself to make the effort to do it in a kind way that isn’t so hurtful.

    Yes, we are a sugar family, but again, many times in life and on the blog, we treat our families worse than total strangers. That ought not to be.

  637. OCSugarBaby says:

    Gail! Wow, my head instantly cleared and the sun is out once again. Thanks for the asprin. :)

  638. NickSB says:

    Thanks OC. I’ve been insanely bored today and thought the blog would be good for some distraction lol.

  639. Gail says:

    Awww OC….I sorry…I have aspirin and lots of good H2O. I just came back from working my tail off:)

    Wildcat…What the hell? This is about true life..this is about SBs that are all different, they are good, bad, and ugly. If you knew Lisa and took the time to show a little compassion, you may understand one day. But raining on the on the blog does not put you in a good light either. My perception of you is direct and harsh, but honestly some of the crap you says pisses people off. We are just polite enough to accept you and what who you share.

    Others that have been here longer know that this is a blog where everyone, and their thoughts, opinions and feelings are respected. I hope you take time to think before you attack others.

    Lisa-I agree with OC don’t stop blogging because of one person, who just doesn’t know you:) Hugs!!!!

  640. OCSugarBaby says:

    Welcome NickSB!

  641. OCSugarBaby says:

    OntheWater-What a cool job! That website you gave is very good. I am sure many other SB’s could use it in their search or validation process. Cool!

  642. ChocolateSnowBunny says:

    Yay OC.

  643. NickSB says:

    Hi everyone! I’ve been reading the blogs for a while now and thought I’d finally stop being a voyeur and post a message! I’ve learned a lot about different people’s perceptions on SB/SD issues and dating in general on here, very useful advice!

    Nika – I always appreciate honesty over silent judgment…or silent anything :) I don’t think you were out of line. I do think you might have oversimplified a little bit, just in maybe thinking it’s easy to just change behaviour so easily/suddenly.

    Lisa – I come from a good enough family and it doesn’t matter what you do or do not have. My oldest sister makes you look like a preacher of positive energy and “secret” like philosophies lol. She suffers from bipolar depression & anxiety among other things and I think you exhibit some of the same symptoms (not bipolar, but depression & anxiety). I hope you don’t think I’m being too forward or inappropriate. I too understand the feeling of hopelessness and faking it, and I know it’s not really something you can control no matter how hard you try.

    Hmm..I guess I should answer the questions for my first post.

    Have you ever gone shopping with a sugar daddy or sugar baby?
    No. I rarely shop anyways though lol.

    What are the best ways for a sugar daddy to spoil a sugar baby?
    Make them feel special in a way that is personally meaningful. Take note of something they need, or are passionate about and be creative…

    How can sugar babies help sugar daddies spoil themselves?
    Same as above I think. Using the time you have, that your SD may not, to help make small improvements in their quality of life. Getting them to sleep in a bit more, take care of themselves, even something seemingly menial like helping organize a bookshelf that has been in the back of their mind for months.

  644. OCSugarBaby says:

    Nothing will EVER take Lisa’s sugar family away. NOTHING :)

  645. ChocolateSnowBunny says:

    I’m going to try approach the situation from another angle. It’s true Lisa is negative. But we’re all a family here. I haven’t seen her try to bring anyone down and I’ve read alot of the archives. She’s always been respectful of everyone’s opinions. She’s always congratulated all of us SDs and SBs when we’re been lucky finding sugar.

    Now she may or may not find an SD on here given her situation and schedule. But I’m sure this blog has been her escape and a positive part of her life. I understand we don’t want to always hear someone constantly complaining but so be it. We have all been or seen someone stuck in a rut that they may not see a way out of. Honestly, I would hate to think that we just took away what Lisa held as her pseudo family because we couldn’t ignore her comments.

    I’m definitely not knocking anyone because I saw the negativity myself. But I’m sure a barrage of criticism is too much for someone in her fragile state. Come back Lisa.

  646. gurlnextdoor*274735* says:

    Yeah Cat you should be able to find him online. I know for the hospital at my university you can search for doctors there specifically by name on the hospital’s website.

  647. OCSugarBaby says:

    Gail! Help… A massive rain cloud with lightning boltz and thunder is passing thru OC head and she is not so SUNNY feeling right now. :(

  648. OCSugarBaby says:

    Beetle Juice!!!!

  649. OnTheWater says:

    Cat- He must have his name on a paper somewhere, you can look on http://www.pubmed.gov. If for some reason you can’t find him and you’re comfortable let me know – I conduct research for a group of surgeons and have several ways of checking to see if this guy is who he says he is. Good luck!!

  650. OCSugarBaby says:

    LISA! I love love love you JUST the way you are. Don’t think that one person speaks for ALL of us. I look forward to my daily blogs with you.

  651. Nika/WildCat/302039 says:


    everyone has someone out there, no matter what, but it is all about your attitude. One other baby on here told me that you need to show confidence and that confidence shows through. Yet so does the attitude.

    I know what you mean about being a ample figured woman, but we can find someone, there are several others that are full figured/ample figured women on the site and they have found a pot and actual sugar daddy themselves. We will find our special SD.

    Take care and enjoy your day!

  652. raine says:

    Thanks for the welcome, Joules!

    I gotta co-sign w/nika here, lisa, albeit with some oj–i’ve read your posts, even in the archives (+, – and all in between), and even I consider you an asset, and so will your SD (he’s around here somewhere, trust me). Believe me, I try hard to see the good in folks but occasionally forget about my-damn-self. That’s what you’re for-heck, I may need a kick in the pants before the end of the week.

    Perhaps this quote will help (it popped up w/o warning in my head this morning):

    *G*d supplies all my needs–on the same token, supplementation is in order[hence my joining this site].*

    As I write this, I too wonder if I can pull this off, given my ample figure (“full” w/o the “overweight” part would’ve sufficed, imho). But ya know what? I’m mad intelligent, I’m sexay (yah that’s on purpose), and gottdangit, people like me! Joules, you stay getting blackjack & thus are a part of my inspiration/motivation. Speaking of which, lemme sweep up some of this sugar for luck :)

    Gonna pick up my daughter now; be back in a bit…

  653. Elizabeth 290114 says:

    Henri Louis,
    Thank you. It wasn’t just me- he had a great time too! We told me how much he liked being together and how great this was etc. We both wanted to continue seeing each other but I thought it was so weird how he said he would offer it to other women but that I didn’t need any help. Oh well..

    Update: He emailed me back and said he was very busy at work but he would think about it and we would figure it out before he visits next.

  654. Nika/WildCat/302039 says:


    I know how I posted it sounded harsh. But I couldn’t hold back any longer and it needed to be said without the sugar coating. This is a sugar family, and we are supposed to be here for each other. But even sisters are blunt when they see each other doing something they shouldn’t. Venting is one thing, but it was feeling as if she was always raining on someone’s parade. There is a time and a place for everything. And it shouldn’t be a constant thing.

    If lisa comes back hopefully it will be with a more positive attitude. I know to walk away when the negative gets to much. Step back, take a deep breath and start some place new. Plus remember that the babies are here to make the SD’s feel good as much as they can make us feel good. But no one sugar daddy or not wants someone that is negative and fake in their lives.

  655. HenriLouis*294522 says:

    Hi Elisabeth,
    What an incredible tale of cruelty.
    You both had a great time together, was your impression.
    I believe his real character came to the surface when he told you that you do not need any support.
    Calous behaviour is my reaction. You do not do this to a sweet lady like you. Where has chivalry gone to ?

  656. gurlnextdoor*274735* says:

    Hey everyone…thanks Henri, I really enjoyed what you wrote about finding love. Not sure if that’s it yet, but I do like him quite a bit. Too much to just have a NSA arrangement. Welcome to the blog Raine, and I’m sorry Joules but I gotta agree with Nika on the negativity. I understand that this is a place to vent, but as I always say. There is always some positive or good to get out of every negative event you experience.

  657. HenriLouis*294522 says:

    Hi Lisa,
    please come back and join happy sugarland again.
    I believe you need us very much in your life.
    During the month that I have been a member here, I have read with much interest all the things that you bring forward about your life.
    There is not anyone here on the blog that needed a touch of sympathy like you do.
    To me you are very welcome to stay.
    I even liked you so much that I teased you about paying for you pole instruction when going to NYC. You only do this among friends.
    And wasn’t there another SD that would see to your plane ticket and an Sb that would babysit your birdie ?
    Come on girl, stay.

  658. Elizabeth 290114 says:

    Thanks for everyones advice. I sent him an email and well see what he says.

  659. Nika/WildCat/302039 says:


    I hope you don’t hold my little outburst against me~chuckling~It was something I had to get off my chest hopefully she opens her eyes.


    You just honestly need to site down with him and talk to him tell him what your expectations are with this arrangement.

    Welcome NightmareSD!

  660. Joules*300035* says:

    Hola Elizabeth!

  661. Elizabeth 290114 says:

    Nightmare SD:
    I was amazing too! We both had a great time!

  662. Joules*300035* says:

    Raine, Hola!!!!

    Welcome to our super-happy sugarland!!! (well, normally it is and i’m sure you’ve noticed such since you’ve been lurking for NINE WEEKS!!!)

    Glad you finally decided to join us by actually blogging!

  663. Joules*300035* says:

    Lisa, your opinions (the good ones) are valued! Especially like the other day you mentioned that Stephen should do a blog topic where we get to tell all about ourselves; I thought this was a brilliant idea! Plus, you’ve given me quite a bit of advice in which I’ve used and currently use. I just think it’d be nice to get to know you on a more personal level as sometimes we just don’t show our real selves through a blog; sometimes the internet can become our only outlet and I understand sweetie but if you’re so good at FAKING being positive and happy then you are NOT a happy or positive person.

    I understand what you’re saying though; you’re saying that in the real world, your negativity does not surface…..

    “Fake it ‘Til You Make It”
    -S.T. II
    –R.I.P. FINALLY!

    This person I quoted; HE was THE BEST at faking positivity and joy but it DID show in his COUNTLESS attempts of suicide until he was finally successful; 4 months and 3 days ago.

  664. raine says:

    *shyly waves*
    Hi, folks–brand spankin’ new sb here(so new, in fact, I just activated my acct a half hour ago!). A little nervous, still trying not to break a dang sweat.

    the advice from you all has been very useful, even in the archives (been lurking in the blogs for the past, oh idk, NINE wks.)

    When I finally log in, I’ll reveal the profile # and perhaps you can give me some pointers.

    To answer the first ?, no man– much less a SD–has EVER taken me shopping!!

  665. Nika/WildCat/302039 says:


    My profile did used to say I’m brutally honest. it builds up of holding my tongue. I can’t apologize for it and wont. I would personally rather someone be honest and tell me what they really feel than coddle me.

  666. Joules*300035* says:

    jeeez nika! i think you ran her off; PLAY NICE!

  667. lisa says:

    Ok lisa will log off now. If you met me in person you would think I was the most positive person around as I’m great at fakin it.

    I will not voice my opinion on here anymore.

  668. Nika/WildCat/302039 says:


    you are a lovely lady but I have GOT to say something. I have Never seen anyone so negative before. You put down any possible positives even before you start. There are others on this blog and on this site that are having hard times as well. Whether from job woes, either from having jobs they don’t like, don’t get enough hours, or don’t have one PERIOD. There are others that do have problems with their family and friends, don’t live in the best neighborhoods, don’t have anything else to do but be stuck inside.

    Others that are having the same difficulties of the SD’s on here reading but not responding to their emails. But instead of simply stop looking altogether, they keep trying. You close yourself off ALOT by making it where a pot has to come to YOU. They are the SD’s not us. We have to be able to work around their schedules as much as they work around what ever schedules that we have as well.

    If your constant negative attitude comes through on the blogs what do you think happens with your emails out? And think about how many of those potential SD’s are lurking on these blogs and instead of seeing a positive attitude see you constantly negative about anything and everything? Our photos and profiles make the major first impression, our attitudes come through in the pictures, profiles, emails and blog posts.

    You have plenty here who try and help you out yet you turn the help down constantly. You have ladies that try and bring a bit of happiness or a means to look at the brighter side of things and you bring them down. Just how do you think this looks to the potentials that watch this board?

    Someone gave me some advice last night and I thought long and hard about it and they are right. If something isnt’ working out for you, step away and try something new. If SA isn’t working out for you. There are HUNDREDS of other SD sites out there. Check them out, and maybe you will have better luck but you NEED to get rid of the constant negative attitude that you put forward before anything else.

    If this upsets you, I’m sorry but it IS the truth. and Someone has GOT to say it.

    As SB’s we are here to bring some light and JOY into the lives of our SD’s, not to settle additional problems at their feet for them to solve.

  669. NitemareSD says:

    Elizabeth 290114 Says:

    March 12th, 2009 at 2:04 pm
    Hello Everyone,
    I have met a pot SD a few times now and he was amazing!

    Well, I hope you were amazing! too…this is supposed to be mutually beneficial, isn’t it??? 😮

  670. Joules*300035* says:

    Lisa, count your blessing and stop being so negative! At least your parents are alive

    at least you see your daughter for 20 min. it’s a hell of a lot more than a lot of people get.

    be greatful you even have a job in this economy.

    be greatful for this blog

    i actually have a composition book where when i’m having a crappy day, I write out an ENTIRE PAGE worth of things i’m greatful for. Once you start writing, you just look all around you and write down even the most simple things!

    be greatful you’re not homeless
    your bills are paid
    you have food
    you have water
    you are alive
    you have a computer
    you have internet

    jeeeez, i could write an entire page out from you all the way from here! stop being so pessimistic about everything sweetie! life throws us all curve balls; its just a matter of how we deal with them!


    not picking, just trying to help you smile! even if it’s only a little one, sweetie!

  671. Joules*300035* says:

    nika, ya that’s my plan. he already said he’s taking the day off work monday. i’m going to talk him into getting me (my very first ever!) spa treatment!

    you guys better believe i will be bringing my digicam with me! i’m sooooo excited!

    ok, gotta reply to his email right quick so he can book the room lol

    You guys think this place sounds ok? google it…. it’s called The Westgate Resort and Spa in Gatlinburg, TN

  672. lisa says:

    And I rarely see my daughter. Today I will spend 20 minutes with her

  673. lisa says:

    My health isn’t that great. And getting soaked waiting for the bus, not to mention trying to cross the road by the mall in the pouring down rain with my parents,won’t be fun. I have to work sat-wednesday of next week and saturday, with thur and fri off so actually today and tomorrow are my last days off till late next week and it’s going to be rainy both days so I can’t do anything but be stuck inside, no grocery shopping, no laundry, nothing.

    I can’t think of anything amuzing to do sitting in this apartment. And I really need groceries, I have nothing and can’t get to the store till I work on saturday.

  674. Nico says:

    Lisa ~ here’s something positive….you have your health and your daughter has her health 😉 There!

    A day spent under a dark cloud is a wasted day because you’ve not had one happy moment in it. Would you rather be right or happy?

    *from one sug sister to another.

  675. Joules*300035* says:

    Elizabeth, get rid of him!

    how absolutely abusurd and rude of him to assume you do NOT need the allowance!

  676. lisa says:

    Elizabeth, if this so called sd does not want to give the allowance he listed in his ad, he is not a sd. It is obvious he has expectations for you, hotel room, etc but offers nothing in return. Sorry to day I think you’re being used. Your financial situation should have nothing to do with it. Gee it seems sds don’t want a sb that has financial needs because they don’t want to rescue you but at the same time if they date a sb that is financially secure, they don’t want to give anything because she doesn’t need it.
    This guy does not sound like a sd. And you should never be intimate with a man who avoids the allowance question. I guess some women think, “oh if I make him feel good, he will appreciate me and spoil me” that’s kinda like a naive girl thinking “if I have sex with my boyfriend,he will love me” This guy is not a true sd.

  677. Joules*300035* says:

    Wild Bear Falls is a mountain-themed family water park showcasing the artistic creations of local artist, W. R. Fannin. A unique feature of the Westgate’s Wild Bear Falls Indoor Water Park is the state-of-the-art retractable roof. With Mother Nature out of the equation, guests can enjoy comfortable conditions year round. Other features include a 15, 000 square foot mezzanine with a restaurant, retail shop and electronic game room; Cades Cove Lazy River, a 900-foot lazy river; Clingman’s Dome, a 360-foot body slide; and Laurel Falls, a 300-foot tube slide. For families with young children, the park features Little Pigeon River, a zero entry pool and toddler play area, and Wild Bear Falls, the tree house play feature that dumps gallons of water periodically on the guests below.

  678. Nika/WildCat/302039 says:

    Hey you could do the spa on Monday couldn’t you???He’s not just coming in for Sunday and leaving again is he?

  679. Joules*300035* says:

    that’s it, i’m telling him to pick the spa place

    you should see the pics!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    O M G !!!!!!!!

    the water park has a retractable roof! lol

  680. Joules*300035* says:

    O M G !!!!!!!!! ……

    just googled the resort and spa…

    “Westgate’s Wild Bear Falls is the latest expansion to Westgate Smoky Mountain Resort Hotel and opened to families on March 2nd. At more than 60,000 square feet, this is the largest indoor water park resort in the South and the fifth largest in the country. 300,000 gallons of water will flow through the park daily.”

    that’s only the begining of the ammenities! hot tubs, heated pools, barbequ area, 24 hr deli, exercise room, spa (dangit! not open on sundays though :( ….the list goes on!

  681. lisa says:

    Hi everyone. A nasty rainy day here and I have to get out in this mess soon, yuck. It’s not the rain, it’s the rude drivers who splash people at the busstop. My parents who are elderly have to get out in this mess today too.

    Well I got another response from one of my messages. And the retired guy who loves to travel CAN’T travel to my city.

    Hope everyone else’s day is going better than mine. Joules when I see something positive happen, I will not be negative but with the nasty weather (I have to get out onfoot in this mess) and the endless excuses from sds (they are the one’s being negative, lol) and my much smaller check which it will take weeks to get corrected, I can’t say anything much positive. :(

  682. Nika/WildCat/302039 says:


    Hey you never know you might get a special treat if you get the one with the resort and spa name in it.~LOL~ Especially with how well you are at leaving hints!!

  683. Nico says:

    Good afternoon Elizabeth and welcome….seems as though you have a ‘situation’ on your hands. I obviously do not know all the details and can only offer my ‘thoughts’ on the subject.

    I personally believe that expectations should always be discussed well in advance…like during the first couple of discussions/meetings etc. Everybody has their own way to bring it into the conversation and I agree, it’s awkward.

    As for your situation, I would state very clearly WHAT your expectations are and if his is to not offer you assistance etc then I would say buhbye….

    NO REGRETS ~ only learning experiences!

  684. Nika/WildCat/302039 says:

    I’m sorry but that doesn’t mean anything. You are a sugar baby, part of the SB agreement IS the Allowance. Or the shopping, dinners, I would bring up the subject of how you aren’t your family, and that you were both on SA or whatever site for a reason. It isn’t fair for him to use you as a fling where all you do is in the bedroom and nothing more.

    As most of the ladies and even guys on here have said before. That first date the allowance thing should have been brought up if not before. It isn’t fair on you to be giving what you are and wasting your time when you believed that he was the right one for your SD and yet he is providing nothing. Something doesn’t sound right, something actually sounds kind of fishy.

    So I would suggest that you both sit down and you tell him exactly what your needs are. Even prior to, I would honestly start looking for another potential SD in case this one doesn’t wish to give you any form of allowance or financial support.

    A sb/sd relationship is supposed to be a MUTUALLY beneficial relationship, sounds like right now the only one getting anything is him.

    Just my two cents.

  685. Joules*300035* says:

    so, my pot SD has just given me a list of 3 diff. hotels that he has in mind (as the area we are going to is 3 ‘cities’); Sevierville, Gatlinburg & Pigeon Forge. Granted, I won’t be staying there, but how do I pick one out for him? IF I were to be staying there as well, of course I would pick the one that has ‘resort & spa’ in the name! hahaha

  686. Nico says:

    Hello my little shoog family. May be a bit late but I will take a stab the topic ~ although I must admit, it will mimic GND’s for the most part. :)

    Have you ever gone shopping with a sugar daddy or sugar baby?

    No but I have had a SD sent me $500 and tell me to buy something nice for our ‘first date’. I did my shopping (alone) but had a lot of help from the sales clerks…..alas, I do not know how to shop.

    What are the best ways for a sugar daddy to spoil a sugar baby?

    I mirror GND’s response here. It is typically discussed in advance what the ‘expectations’ are in the ‘relationship’, so the discretionary niceties are the bonus to me. Spa appointments, unexpected shopping etc. NOT vacations etc (for me) because I do not have the freedom in my schedule and well, it’s just not feasible.

    How can sugar babies help sugar daddies spoil themselves?

    Again I return to GND’s response. I’ve found allowing them the opportunity to do things that are not work/life related and think about things that are not life/work/marriage related. Pampering in my own special way. I once went shopping with an old BF and helped him with his ‘wardrobe’….cannot shop for myself but I know what I like on a man. OC ~ I like that you were able to do this with SE and SE that you were so open to this too!!

  687. Elizabeth 290114 says:

    Hello Everyone,
    I have met a pot SD a few times now and he was amazing! We met at a wonderful hotel and had a great time together. We always met up pretty late due to both of our schedules and never had dinner together or did anything outside the hotel room. I got the impression that was the way he wanted it to be and I was fine with that. We had a great connection and fabulous conversations. I know he is very wealthy and his profile has a very high allowance amount in it. We never had any kind of allowance talk and I thought once we had met a few times and decided we liked being together that would come. The other day I brought it up (which I really was uncomfortable with and didn’t want to be the one to do that) and he said would normally give allowance but that I didn’t need it. He made it very clear that he has enough money to give a high allowance and it’s not because he doesn’t have the money just doesn’t think I need anything. I know that I come from a wealthy family and in no way do I need anything from him to survive or pay my tuition or anything like that. However, my family having money does not mean that I have money. I am a poor student in New York who would really appreciate being able to have extra spending money to go out to dinner or shopping or help pay the taxi fare I spend to go see him. I don’t really know how to respond. I really like being with him and would like to continue seeing him but isn’t this part of the whole SD/SB relationship?

  688. Joules*300035* says:

    jeez lisa! such negativity! hahaha hope your day lightens up at least to where you can smile!!!

  689. Joules*300035* says:

    Goooood morning to my sweet sweet sugar world!!! (ya, even though it’s almost 2pm here I’m just waking up from a restful night’s sleep!).

    Here in just a couple more hours I will be renting my car online for my business-(and of course, pleasure)filled weekend!

  690. lisa says:

    Good morning everyone. Spent half the night getting my internet fixed. My modem box reset. What a pain. Slept late this morning and woke up to an ugly, gloomy, cold day. What happened to the 80 degree temps? Still no response to the other 6 messages. I am going to think of this site as seekingrudeness.com. lol

    And my paycheck is messed up. The store manager asked me to go ahead and clock in early last saturday. Well the time clock wouldn’t let me and I had to do a manual sheet and give it to her. I couldn’t clock out either so my check was short 8 and half hours. That sucks cause they still owe me for 2 hours way back when I started in September and never paid me.
    Gotta go now.
    A friend is coming over soon and then I’ll meet my parents this afternoon at the mall. Not a good day for anything. Simply ugly.

  691. Nika/WildCat/302039 says:

    Good morning almost afternoon everyone!!

    Today going through profiles I found one that definitely caught my attention and decided that I am going to use the title to this particular SD’s profile as my motto from now on.

    illegitimi non carborundum. It is a pseudo latin term that has been used by businessmen, Generals, and various politicians for many years and I happen to agree with it. I just might turn that saying into my screen saver. The “definition” of the phrase is “Don’t let the b**stards grind you down”. And as all SB’s know the SD’s that don’t reply or just up and disappear, things such as these do tend to grind us down, just like looking at a empty inbox, and seeing that many of our messages have been read or more than likely simply been deleted for one reason or another without being read.

    So ladies and gentlemen when things get rough and you start to get down…Just remember, Illegitimi non carborundum! And don’t let the b**tards grind you down! We all have that perfect SD waiting to find us out there.

  692. Jamisen/305521 says:

    HotSB- I know what you mean, they either want you to be 5 min away from them (in which case, they’ll pressure you to meet up right away) or else if they’re farther away they’re sort of sketchy.

    But keep looking! Maybe perhaps try searching using location?

  693. He'sAHotSB says:



    I’ve waited and I’m waiting…lol
    I’ve seen the same 100 SDs log in every single day for 1 month now!!! hmmm…

    all the SDs seem to be only looking for a SB who are within 5 minutes walking distance…goddd…lol


  694. SuzieQ*297329* says:

    And now, I am off to work for the day. Just wanted to pop in and say hi. Have a fabulous day everyone!

  695. SuzieQ*297329* says:

    Welcome Mia!

    I am doing fabulously well thank you! My pot sd is proving himself to be a man of his word, sending me potential flight itineraries for my approval. Gosh it sure feels nice to have someone totally looking after all these little details!

  696. Mia *299989 says:

    Good morning SQ!

  697. ChocolateSnowBunny says:

    Thanks SE. Hey Suzie. How are you doing this morning?

  698. Mia *299989 says:

    SE, good analogy. I suppose I will continue to collect my nuggets.

  699. SuzieQ*297329* says:

    Good morning sugarland!

  700. SuthrnExec says:

    CSB, they must have turned that feature off if you can see their last login and they are not in your favorites.

    It is true that if you place someone in your favorites you can see their last login. Don’t know if that is intentional or a bug, but it’s true nonetheless.

  701. ChocolateSnowBunny says:

    Quick question…if an SD’s last login was blocked but now I can see it, what does that mean? I remember someone said if you place an SD on your faves, you can see his last login. I didn’t. Could it be the reverse?

  702. SuthrnExec says:

    Mia, I wouldn’t characterize it as unnecessary reading and research – you never know when those nuggets of information will be useful. They’re sort of like rocks in a dam – looking at them collectively, no single one of them seems very important, but remove one, and the water will being trickling through. So all this info is useful – maybe just not right now or not all at once.

    CSB, good for you! Indeed, don’t ever give up!

  703. Jamisen/305521 says:

    Mia- say no more, I’m the exact same way.. I think I’ve skimmed about a year’s worth of posts in the fast few days.

  704. Mia *299989 says:

    SE – Trust, I’ve gone wayyyyyyyyy back reading old topics.

    I’m one of those people who finds something new and likes to do a lot of (mostly uneccessary) extra reading and research.

    The great thing is that I’ve become a general wealth of information on a number of topics, so I’m always asked random questions, and can usually provide an appropriate answer.

  705. ChocolateSnowBunny says:

    Suthrnexec: Thanks for the advice but make no mistake I am absolutely proactive. I guess I meant to say I won’t give up.

    Welcome Mia. Good to have you here.

  706. SuthrnExec says:

    Greetings Mia – welcome! As we tell everyone new to the blog or to the concept of SD/SB, feel free to ask most anything. There is a lot to be gained by reviewing the previous blog topics, although we do get off topic and discuss random issues that may or may not be particularly helpful. In other words, we’re pretty normal people just chatting about what’s going on in our lives at the moment.

  707. Mia *299989 says:

    Have you ever gone shopping with a sugar daddy or sugar baby?

    Not shopping, but I’ve been spoiled by a sugar daddy or two. 😀 I’m still looking for an SD I’m actually going to call my SD, so I’ll put shopping on my wish list.

    What are the best ways for a sugar daddy to spoil a sugar baby?

    Like GND said, I think offering what she asks for, within reason (and without the asking needing to be frequent), and dropping in a few surprises along the way, especially when they are necessities.

    How can sugar babies help sugar daddies spoil themselves?

    Help them relax, like everyone has said. I find that this is most appreciated, and a great deal of what’s sought it. The best way to go about it depends on the SD.

    And hi everyone, I’m new to the blog and SA. Been reading for about a week.

  708. Jamisen/305521 says:

    Good morning everyone!

    I was late to work this morning :(

    but I have started talking to a pot SD that is taking it nice and slow. Instead of the other replies that are pressuring for a meetup without knowing anything about one another, I have hope that this one will work out. His e-mails are simple; he’s been telling me about himself and asking me questions about myself. And he’s not laying the pressure on me, and making me feel uncomfortable! :) *fingers crossed*

  709. SuthrnExec says:

    CSB, as Abe Lincoln said, “Things may come to those who wait… but only the things left by those who hustle.”

    I know where you’re coming from – but as you know, SBs have to be proactive, especially in light of the oft discussed fact that many SDs don’t return emails. Still be patient – but be doggedly persistent in your patience!

  710. ChocolateSnowBunny says:

    Good morning sugarland.

    Have you ever gone shopping with a sugar daddy or sugar baby?

    No…not yet but all good things come to those that wait.

    What are the best ways for a sugar daddy to spoil a sugar baby?

    Ooooh so many. Shopping, spa days, weekend getaways, surprise gifts….

    How can sugar babies help sugar daddies spoil themselves?

    All the SBs have said it beautifully already. Help him unwind ladies. Pay attention to his likes and dislikes. That will go far in spoiling your SD.

  711. SuthrnExec says:

    Henri, that sounds about like my routine – I usually rise just before 5am and workout for about an hour – I have an area in my house that is an exercise room so I don’t have to go to the gym – I much prefer that. I enjoy the early morning too – gets me going and I love it!

    I think my weight has about stabilized as well which is nice, but I will have to have several of my suits altered as a result!

    Good morning Gail – have a great day!

  712. Gail says:

    Good Morning Sugars:)
    It off into the beautiful world I go. I will try not to work too hard. Have the best day ever!

  713. HenriLouis*294522 says:

    Hi Suthern,
    I make room in my program to go to the gym regularly and have a good work-out. The kilos stay more or less the same, since I keep on losing a bit of winterlard around the middle, but gain in the amount of muscle tissue much larger.
    But I enjoy it in the early morning and it really wakes me up to life.
    It also gives great energy and I benefit from it in my work.
    It offers stamina and that is good.
    I two weeks time I take a week-end break with my SB and I am very much looking forward to a first time together.

  714. SuthrnExec says:

    Greetings Henri! Yes, good to see you as well. I certainly hope you can duplicate what OC and I have – it is truly wonderful.

    How are the workouts going? Are the kilos falling off still?

  715. HenriLouis*294522 says:

    Hi Suthern,
    How are you doing ?
    Nice to meet you again in cyberspace.
    I am in the process of copying the happiness that we read about between you and OC.
    It is a great boost for everyone on the blog.
    Yes, it is possible, just persevere.

  716. HenriLouis*294522 says:

    Hi Cat,
    Welcome to sugar wonderland.
    I like you name. It reminds me of the songs from the musical Cats.
    By the way the musical was inspired by poems of T.S. Elliot on cats.
    So there is also an aura of poetry about you.
    What would you like to verify ? His financial status ?
    Yiou tell me he is a surgeaon. If you know his real name you could find information on the website of the hospital he works for.
    It is also possible that he has a private clinic as in the TV series
    Nip ‘n Tuck.
    See him in a meeting and trust your instict about him.
    Is there any chemistry between the two of you.
    Female intuition is deadlier that any laser guided missile.
    The last SD that you had, what information did you find about him ?
    In what way was it useful ?
    A purrrrrrrrrrr from

  717. SuthrnExec says:

    Good morning boyz and gurlz!

    Cat, there are several online tools that you can use to check out the hospital where he works (www.ucomparehealthcare.com) – and it may be that he has been published so you might Google his name and turn up some journal articles he has written. You can also search for surgeons based on specialty – if he is Board Certified, you should be able to find him. Some surgeons do have an office where they see patients (like an orthopedic surgeon, etc.).

    Continue dialoging with him – if he is legit, it will become apparent.

  718. He'sAHotSB says:


    lol 😛

    I’ve read here that…a lot of SBs…Google the SD’s name…and…POP!

    lol :)

  719. Cat says:

    Hey all, as a newbie, I need to ask you more experienced people how I could verify the identity of a potentiel SD…I asked him for a bit more information so I could verify him and he asked what I needed to know…I honestly don’t know! He’s a surgeon at a hospital, so he wouldn’t have a business website…which is how I verified my last potentiel SD. Help!

  720. He'sAHotSB says:

    Have you ever gone shopping with a sugar daddy or sugar baby?

    What are the best ways for a sugar daddy to spoil a sugar baby?

    How can sugar babies help sugar daddies spoil themselves?
    question the SD “You made me happy, how can I make you happy?” lol

    :( I have no time to think about shopping…I want my replies for my emails…LOL

  721. He'sAHotSB says:

    SuzieQ*297329* Says:
    I feel so happy! (dances about sprinkling sugar dust everywhere!)

    *He’sAHotSB picks up the sugar dust from the floor and walks out the door* lol

  722. Joules*300035* says:

    AH-HA!!! had to do shift+refresh! it was there the whole time and just didn’t see it!

    hey henri!

  723. Joules*300035* says:

    did it this time??

  724. Joules*300035* says:

    please say the avatar thingy worked ??!!

  725. HenriLouis*294522 says:

    Good morning everyone in happy sugarland,
    It is going to be another great day in my life, I am sure.
    GND, put your anxities side. How can you like your SD too much ?
    You have accepted him for your SD, so there is chemistry.
    You must really like someone to allow him inside your safety circle which means that you snuggling close against each other.
    In that case the world is harmony and at peace.
    It is natural that you starts to develop your emotions and feelings for him.
    “When love beckons to you follow him
    “Though his ways are hard and steep.
    “And when his wings enfold you yield to him,
    “Though the sword hidden among his pinions may wound you.
    “And when he spreaks to you, believe in him,
    “Though his voice may shatter your dreams
    “as the north wind lays waste the garden.
    You know what an “arrangement” is from experience.
    But how many times was there love in your life ?
    Yet it is so essential that millions of books focus on love.
    We want to love.
    But look at the average day, do you make time for love ?
    No is it work and meals and shopping and blogging etc.
    You are doubly blessed it seems now that you have love in your arrangement. Enjoy every second of it.
    Breeeeaathhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh it in.
    Do not be scared of this thing called love.
    To sever the arrangement would mean that you are scared of love.
    Love has not come in your life for this.
    No, love has come into your life, to glorify YOU !
    Yes it is going to be a glorious day !

  726. Joules*300035* says:

    FINALLY finished catching up on the blog! lol think i’ll reply to the new topic then crash out since everyone else has crashed out on me already! Hopefully I will get this avatar to work for me first though!

    Have you ever gone shopping with a sugar daddy or sugar baby?

    nope, not yet. however, my pot SD wired me $300 to rent a car for the weekend that we meet (yes, this sunday is when we meet finally!) and the deposit that i get back will go to high-speed internet for my business!

    What are the best ways for a sugar daddy to spoil a sugar baby?

    ASK the SB what she wants to do or where she wants to go. find a way to send something special and unexpected. if the SD hears the SB is having an issue that you can help resolve (which is usually going to include money), YOU (as the SD) figure out how to help w/o even mentioning it. YOU figure out all the details and once you’ve figured it out, bring it up to the SB…like, ‘hey, i remember last week you briefly mentioned something about a leaky faucet so i called around for you and found a really good plumber and talked to him already and the service is pre-paid, all you have to do is call to set up the appointment and be there’ see now, that would be awesome! just a little cute example though!

    How can sugar babies help sugar daddies spoil themselves?

    MASSAGES! even if you don’t think you can, then buy a book on it and LEARN! Be more pro-active with your dates. don’t just wing-it or assume he will have the time to plan events out. do some of your own research (after all, aren’t these arrangements supposed to be MUTUALLY beneficial?!), make a few calls, do some leg work; show that you DO understand how busy he is. These busy men really DO need to be spoiled. they are used to taking charge at work and being commanding all day every day. for once, just be like hey, ‘i figured that since you’ve been so busy that i’d try and make a couple of plans for things for us to do’. give him a couple options (2-3; don’t overwhelm him!)…like 2-3 places to go eat (make sure it’s something HE likes to eat or heck, try a new type of food that he likes that you’ve never tried….just make sure they offer something on the menu you KNOW you will like in case you just don’t like the food you originally ordered! lol). Also, it’s the little things! open a stupid door for him ladies! TELL HIM how happy/greatful, etc you are, do something you normally wouldn’t do (and make sure you tell him this as he may come to expect it if he likes it!), wear something you normally wouldn’t, don’t bog him down with dumb questions (do i look fat in this?! c’mon, we all can tell if we look fat in something!)….ok, long enough of an answer!

  727. Joules*300035* says:

    LOLOL!!! I will NEVER complain about any part of my past. i’ve had the time of my life and (even as i told my pot SD over the phone earlier) i just feel blessed to have been able to experience so much in life

  728. Joules*300035* says:

    nope, goin to sleep….so nevermind…was just seeing who was awake

    nite jamisen

  729. Jamisen/305521 says:

    Joules- you’re not alone. I at one point was homeless and living in a shelter, but probably for a different reason as yours because I can recount that as the best year of my life.

  730. Joules*300035* says:

    u still here jamisen?

  731. Jamisen/305521 says:

    GND, the bigger rappers are great, but I prefer more ‘underground’ artists. Check out MURS and Atmosphere. And if the VA pot happens, make sure you visit me in DC.. it’s not that far away! :)

    Joules, thanks! Yeah, this is like the 4th day for me? My head’s wrapping around the concepts more and I felt like I wasn’t giving back as much as I was receiving from the blog. I really hope it works out for you and your pot SD. You two obviously have more in common than the general SD/SB expectations.

    Nika, you’re going to find the perfect SD for you that values who you are in all aspects. I looked at your profile and I don’t see why you feel down about it. Besides, no one can be 120lbs and not look emaciated. If you were 120 or under (not gonna lie, I am) you would have to be super duper short to not look like you were dying. And men don’t like the super short thing either, it’s not model like.

    Alright, I love late night chats on here, but I’ve recently been having trouble sleeping and I need to work on falling asleep.

  732. Joules*300035* says:

    g’nite GND

  733. Joules*300035* says:

    gnd, oh, i forgot to mention….my studio guy, his office building has 3 spare rooms and he’s already offered one to me; no charge of course! he was like, wouldn’t it be nice to just call this a real job…come into the office, do your thang (chatting with pot clients on myspace in other words lol) from 9-5 and go home? lol

    my secret? i have many and it shows in my profile! i am VERY determined. i’m a ‘go-getter’, i don’t give up when i encounter speed-bumps, i get along with EVERYONE, i love ALL music, i NEED good conversations, i enjoy learning new things (if i don’t learn at least ONE new thing every day i am sad!), i’m healthy, i’m discreet…i could go on hun!

    most of all, i’ve had a F*)#ED UP LIFE! What no one knows (until now lol) is that there was a point in time where i was homeless, a point where i did alot of stupid and illegal things. but i have finally prevailed and decided to grow up and i just have this ‘seek and destroy’ mentality lol i’m just so damned determined to get what i want and get it NOW (but this attitude does NOT included using others).

  734. gurlnextdoor*274735* says:

    Well everyone I’m off to bed, gonna try to get rid of this cold by Friday and see if I can convince one of my potential SDs to fly me down to Florida for the weekend so I can have a real Spring Break. Night everyone. :)

  735. Joules*300035* says:

    Jamisen, good topic reply!

    i think i replied to my first blog topic after i was chatting on the blog for like 4 days lol

  736. gurlnextdoor*274735* says:

    Oooo Jay-Z, my favourite American rapper. :) You have to tell us how Friday goes! I have a feeling you may be able to turn studio guy into another SD, haha. If so, I want to know your secret.

  737. gurlnextdoor*274735* says:

    Hmm Nika you’ll find someone eventually. Right now I have 3 real potentials. I’m having my second date with one of the three sometime next week, but I don’t think it’s gonna work. He seems to be more into the sexual aspects of everything and he’s a bit short for my liking. So on to the other two, one in Florida and one in VA. In other words, not in the state in which I reside, lol. But I don’t mind traveling. It’s a great feeling to get off a plane and walk into the arms of a man you know adores you and will treat you like a princess.

  738. Joules*300035* says:

    gnd, exactly! that’s why we clicked so, well, instantly! lol as we have a lot in common!

    as for my sd in disguise (aka studio guy lol) he has more experience in the hiphop world than my pot SD does. hell, my studio guy is gettin ready to do a collab with Jay-Z!!!

    interresting part is this: just as i began to get really hesitant with my pot SD (too good to be real), i am feeling the same with studio guy!

    my pot wired me the money as promised today so no more concerns there!

    my studio guy will be treating me on friday, so we will see how serious he is with this business relationship lol

  739. Jamisen/305521 says:

    Even though I haven’t even found my SD yet, I want to get in the game and start answering the blog posts!

    What are the best ways for a sugar daddy to spoil a sugar baby?
    Shopping is the convenient answer here, but there are other ways too. Helping out when the SB needs help- sorta like Joules and her pot SD right now.. or with career advice/networking, or simply adoring her and making it known to her that she’s something special

    How can sugar babies help sugar daddies spoil themselves?
    I think maturity and smarts can go a long way. Most of these SDs are educated men and had success in the workplace- they’re not stupid and they don’t expect you to be either. Taking an interest in the SDs interests and perhaps doing the activity together is great too. Not everything has to be about shopping or bedroom sensuality to be considered spoiling.

  740. Nika/WildCat/302039 says:

    GND I’ve been doing the in and out of state thing..~grumbles and chuckles wryly~

    God I sound like someone else everyone knows

  741. gurlnextdoor*274735* says:

    Oooo cool. Yeah hip-hop is big right now, but my favourite new rapper out is Asher Roth. I listened to some of his mixtape online and it’s pretty good. Especially his song The Lounge, love that track.

    Sounds like you have an awesome SD too. I’m sure he’ll be great at helping you out in your business endeavors since he already has experience in that area.

  742. gurlnextdoor*274735* says:

    Haha Joules that’s ok. I think I’ll be ok with one SD for now…I like to keep things simple. Although I am thinking of getting one for when I’m away at college and one for my breaks when I come home. It seems like it could be doable.

  743. Joules*300035* says:

    GND, I am the proud owner of JK Promotions (nothing i’m thinking about, i’m doing it already!).

    I promote/book/sign,etc local artists (mainly focused on hiphop right now though)

    my passion in life has ALWAYS been music; just now doing something with it though!

    my pot SD interviews musicians (mainly country though as he is in Nashville, TN). he has shown me all kinds of his articles and how he’s worked with diff. genres of music. He even showed me his article from a few years ago where he interviewed Young Buck when he was first getting noticed! I told him I was so jealous of that! lol

  744. gurlnextdoor*274735* says:

    Aww Nika there is a SD for everyone. Like I said before, I found that I have to go out of state to find a SD since all the ones here don’t want someone local. Who would’ve thunk it?

  745. Joules*300035* says:

    GND nooooooo way, Jose’!!!! I’ve made it abundantly clear on this blog that my goal is to have ‘several’ SDs!!!!

    mine all mine!

    sorry, i know i’m greedy lol

  746. gurlnextdoor*274735* says:

    Haha Joules, you are a smart woman. I wish I could model but I’m too short, lol. What kind of business are you looking to start anyway if you don’t mind me asking. This inquisitive mind would like to know. :)

  747. Nika/WildCat/302039 says:

    yeah I’m up trying to get out of a bit of a funk and worked on my profile again.

    Being what is considered a BBW is definitely a disadvantage as most of the SD’s around here seem to be looking for the slim/skinnier sb’s instead of ones like me. I’m working on the weight thing but…I will never be 120 lbs soaking wet. if I am then I’ll be 120lbs of solid breasts soaking wet and bones.

  748. Jamisen/305521 says:

    Aww thanks GND! You’re pretty sweet yourself!

    Nika- eventually the blog gets derailed from the topic, but someone’s gotta get it started. I believe that if you insert personal contact info, they will block the message. A pot SD asked for my e-mail, and I wasn’t sure if that was allowed, so I told him that and asked for his e-mail in return. I think that’s a safe rule of thumb. And if he’s hesitant about giving you his info, then that’s a red flag..

  749. Joules*300035* says:

    oooh, since we’re all goin off topic….

    i sent my producer back in KC an email today asking how much it would take to bribe him into mailing me my 200+ pictures from all of my modeling sessions lol

    i know it’s something i can talk my pot into doin for me; already planted the seed too *grin*

  750. gurlnextdoor*274735* says:

    Hey Nika, didn’t know you were up. Yeah I think you can send your contact info to other members as long as they are a paying member. I think I did that once before when I gave a potential my email address. And Joules now I’m really jealous. How about you send your friend down here to NC. I’ll take him as a SD. :)

  751. gurlnextdoor*274735* says:

    Aww Jamisen I just checked out your profile.You will definitely have a SD in no time…you’re a hottie! :) And a smart, sweet, sincere one at that.

  752. Nika/WildCat/302039 says:


    I’m going off topic myself…I’m wondering as a SB am I allowed to send my contact information as a standard to other members???

  753. Joules*300035* says:

    Jamisen, at least you’re trying to make contact! i’ve personally had very good luck with making the first move (regardless of SD or non-SD situation)

    as for the SD undercover comment (lol) it feels that way. we will see how things go. he is, afterall, talking about pretty much giving me his promotions company that he started many yrs ago when he was living in NYC. as far as MY promotions go, he told me tonight that by monday he will have me 2 clients and hopefully that should be bringing me in about 2k per week! lol

  754. gurlnextdoor*274735* says:

    Thanks Jamisen…On to your off topic topic (lol) that does always suck. Knowing you emailed someone, they read your email, but didn’t reply. Happens to me alot, but then again if they didn’t reply then that means they aren’t the SD for you. :)

  755. Joules*300035* says:

    GND, unfortunate for me my attachments know no boundaries. I would also think that this would go for mostly anyone if the SD/SB just really got along that well then the ‘feelings’ are bound to happen; regardless of age, marriage, etc.

    personally, if i were in a NSA and got attached (say, to a married guy with a family). i would be straight-up with him and end the arrangement.

    if an SD has made it BLUNTLY CLEAR that he only wants NSA, I would tell him that i was getting feelings for him and considering ending the arrangement.

    neither the SD/SB wants to get hurt in these arrangements or be lied to, to any extent. so i would feel it would only be FAIR that you either get over it and fantasize at home; alone. or tell him and see what his thoughts are. in the end, it would probably be best to end the arrangement.

    just my thoughts though!

  756. Jamisen/305521 says:

    Joules- Qow. Just wow. Hooking a quasi-SD without even trying!

    GND- Try not to think about it in the mean time, focus on having a good time with him if you guys are meeting up or talking on the phone.. which I’m sure you have no problem doing if you think you are becoming attached.

    Off topic but I’m starting to see what everyone else says on the blog about SDs not replying to many SBs. I have a bunch of contacts from SDs, but I definitely notice that when I am the one contacting them, they read the message and don’t reply. Sucks that I had to discover the outbox read mail feature. :(

  757. gurlnextdoor*274735* says:

    Hmm Joules are you sure your friend isn’t an undercover SD??? I could use a friend like that, lol.

  758. Joules*300035* says:

    Jamisen….hell if i know!!?

    when we talked the other night, we were talking about how on the go we both are and just like to go to another city/state just to check out the music scene. he made a comment at one point about shopping and i told him that i usually don’t like to receive gifts; i like to be a big girl and buy my own shit (which is honestly only my way of saying i’m not a ‘give me this give me that; i want i want i want!’ type of person….as i usually get plenty bought for me in the long run. gotta love reverse psychology!)

    he told me, well, we can’t hang out then because i love showering my friends with things lol i told him i could deal with it eventually lol

    so i asked him to pay my cover to get into the club, then he asked about gas, and i was like well ya, that wouldn’t be a bad idea. but before i could even get that out, he was talking about just making it into an entire day/adventure lol

  759. gurlnextdoor*274735* says:

    Thanks Jamisen…yes I am attracted to all my potential SDs that I meet or start talking to. It plays a big part in the level of chemistry I have with them. But, I pick certain SDs within a certain age range because I know I won’t get attached to them. There are various reasons, such them being married, having children, or me knowing it won’t work out long term with them due to the age difference. They all help me to not get attached, hence NSA. But this guy seemed to have flown under the radar some how. But like you said I’ll figure it out.

  760. Joules*300035* says:

    wooo! i’m half-way finished reading previous blog

  761. Jamisen/305521 says:

    Joules, so how did the conversation go with the studio guy go from “it’s a $5 cover” to “I’ll take you shopping too” ?

  762. Jamisen/305521 says:


    Try emergen-c. They’re really inexpensive at the drugstore and not bad tasting at all.

    The rational choice theory works with your choice in SDs, but I’m having a hard time believing that you can reciprocate to your SD if you aren’t attracted to him.

    Did you get a chance to read about my potential SD adventure from tonight on the last post? It goes to show that hotness isn’t everything. But you should be happy you found both- looks and personality. I’m sure you’ll figure out what to do.

  763. gurlnextdoor*274735* says:

    Grrr Joules I’m jealous.

    Yeah I get attached to hot, sexy, irresistible men in a certain age range. Hence why I usually try to find older SDs outside this age range. But things didn’t go as planned and now I’m finding that I’m building this strong attachment to this guy. Argh!!! Need another orange…damn cold.

  764. Jamisen/305521 says:

    Joules- Hilarious, and loving it! Oh you should go back to the last post and read my story from tonight.. I think you would appreciate it.

    GND- funny you mention this, because I was just thinking that before I checked this blog. Too bad I’m still too new at this to give you advice :( But I’m sure once this post heats up you’ll get tons of advice!

  765. Joules*300035* says:

    GND, i’m sure that will happen to me one day as i tend to attach easily

    Jamisen, i ended up going to see my so-called boyfriend lol watched a movie and left. had a lot of phone calls to make tonight (including my pot SD that wired me the money)

    my studio guy that i was supposed to see today fell asleep on me. he had been up like 2 days working on new tracks. i called him and, of course, he immediately apologized. he then said ‘how can i make it up to you? anything you want, tell me right here, right now!’

    so i told him to go with me friday to meet my potential DJ client. he and i had already talked about it a little bit so i guess he already assumed he was going with me (i just didn’t realize it at that point). So then I simply asked him to pay my way into the club; $5

    lol soooo, it’s an hour each way to get to where this guy will be DJ’ing at. my studio guy will be ‘treating’ me friday night. he will pay for gas, drinks, shopping, whatever i want. he said if we didn’t feel like driving back home that late that he would even put a couple hotel rooms on his business card!

    keep in mind, he is a business friend of mine…nothing more, nothing less. and he’s acting like my new SD!!!! hahahaa LOOOOOVE IT!!

  766. gurlnextdoor*274735* says:

    Hey everyone, I need someone or some people’s opinions on something. Have you ever found a potential SD or SB that you like too much to be just a SB or SD?

  767. Jamisen/305521 says:

    Hey Joules, good to see you tonight.. I knew I could count on you to be up late!

    What did you end up doing tonight?