9 years ago
Gold Digger vs. Sugar Baby

9 years ago
Gold Digger vs. Sugar Baby

In your opinion, what’s the difference between a ‘gold digger’ and a ‘Sugar Baby’?

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  1. Marsh says:

    I agree with you 99% but wonder if you have really looked at the whole picture. DOn’t mean to be critical just food for thought.

  2. Garst says:

    Thanks for this article, seems like you have found a solution :) Needless to say that I will subscribe to your RSS feeds now. Keep it up and thanks for sharing.


  3. Nico says:

    Haha…no pots…just screaming babies. Still holding out hope for my mtg on the 5th. Will miss u guys….

  4. Gail says:

    Nico…are you bundled up? Its colder in Colorado I think:) Do you see any potential SD on the plane? There may be one sitting in front of you, or behind you:) Have a safe trip and most of all have fun!!!

  5. lisa says:

    Good evening Nico, yes the nasty weather is finally here. Luckily I’m home nice and dry, managed to miss it during my time out today.

    Hopefully you will soon be 1st in line for departure.

  6. Nico says:

    Lisa….sitting in a plane one hour delayed (so far) and 52nd in line for departure because of the lovely houston weather *sigh* I feel your pain now *hugs* (actually at the houston airport messaging from my phone).

  7. lisa says:

    Good evening. It’s pouring here now.
    Want to send a warning to everyone about something I just read about a virus that is supposed to be released on April 1st. I think it’s called confiker or somethink. Everyone needs to check their windows updates to make sure your computer is secure.

  8. Mia says:

    Hello everyone :)

    I am soooooooo tired. I’ve had a very stressful day. I’m teaching a class at my university in the fall, and met with my co-teacher today. I was too tired to counter her ridiculous accusations (she is a member of the university, but goes to a different, completely differently oriented and structured school). But let’s just say at our meeting next week, we.need.to.talk.

    On a brighter note,

    I have a call with a pot in a few minutes to get to know each other. I’m skeptical, but he was ridiculously consistent, so I’m giving him the chance.

    I agreed to *maybe* do dinner, but if I don’t like the call, he isn’t bullying me into anything.

  9. Elizabeth says:

    maybe one day I’ll get one and name her Jasmine after you…

  10. Jasmine says:

    Thanks elizabeth..oh I do miss her. *sigh* :(

  11. Elizabeth says:

    oh man…I am so sorry hon…if I had a decent place of my own and not this crappy motel, I woulda taken her for ya and spoiled her silly…and you coulda come to see hr any time you wanted

  12. Jasmine says:

    I tried my best to find her a good home but nobody wanted to take her cus she was a pit,I had no choice but to give her up to anti-cruelty.

  13. Elizabeth says:

    dunno…been in side all day…had the day off so I was a domestic diva all things considered, got on here off and on and talked on SecondLife…but I don’t remember hearing any rain hon…

    Givin Jasmine a gentle hug…I know ya miss your baby girl…and I hope you were fortunate enough to find her another good loving home…

  14. lisa says:

    Any rain over there Elizabeth? A little this morning, just gloomy now.

    I think I will stick to my pigeon and turtle. The only thing the turtle will attack is cherry pie and french fries, lol

  15. lisa says:

    well the ones that these people have are usually aggressive, just like the owners. I remember a few years ago some neighbors had one and didn’t know it was a pit bull. It was outside scared in the storm and followed me back into the apartment. I had to push him outside because we had cats and although he was gentle, it’s scary to think he could have attacked me.

  16. Jasmine says:

    Oooo I love pit bulls! But sadly I had to give her up cus where I moved to they didn’t accept her.I had her since 1999 she just only a baby! Aww I’m going to crying here!!! :(

  17. Elizabeth says:

    Lisa…it’s not the dog or the breed…it’s 90+% of the time the owners that have raised them with creulty…I love pits…and know several people that have them and the worst they might do is lick ya ta death with kisses

  18. lisa says:

    I just noticed that 3 of the people that live here got pit bull puppies. These people even want violent dogs. I would rather have a little fuzzy dog. But my pets have no fur, just feathers and a shell.

  19. lisa says:

    Good evening everyone. Home from work and then picking up my daughter. Tired now. Not much rain so far here. No package either :(

  20. Jasmine says:

    Good evening sugar familia! I’m stuck in boredom classes again! Ahhh!!!!!!

  21. Elizabeth says:

    very nicely said Crys…I hope you find an amazing gentleman who is worthy of you

  22. gurlnextdoor*274735* says:

    Hey Crystal and welcome to the blog. I hope you find a good SD on this site too like a few women have been lucky enough to find.

  23. Gail says:

    Lookylou-Have a wonderful time on your date!!! Yaay!!!!

    Nico-Enjoy your time off in Colorado. Tubing…is is warm already there? Oh…tubing in the snow:) lol….Hurry back…need you back on the blog!!!

    Crystal-Wishing you a wonderful SD…it takes time but you will find him:)

  24. crystal says:

    Well….honestly the gold digger wants one thing MONEY..she will stop at nothing to get it and don’t care who she hurts in the process sad huh??? A sb will give u the respect and attention u deserve and may even eventually fall in love….depending on what type of arrangement is agreed upon by the two parties.. I really enjoy this site and even though this is the first time I have ever been on this type of site I really had 2 put my 2 sense lol hardworking independent loving mom!!!!! Hopeful 2 find me an honest sd who will respect and pamper as much as I do him!

  25. Gail says:

    Raine for you only:) HUGS TO MY SUGAR SISTER!!!! BIG HUGS!!!

  26. gurlnextdoor*274735* says:

    Bye Joules, I’m off as well. Going to go pick up some free pitas with my roommate…gotta love free food, lol. :)

  27. Joules*300035* says:

    hey GND….hope all is well. i’m outtie for now; got lots of work to do as usual. you can msg me off of here if you want

  28. gurlnextdoor*274735* says:

    Loreali Macarthur :) Yeah I’ll add you when I sign back in. Hey Joules!

  29. Joules*300035* says:

    good morning everyone!

    i’m definately feeling a little better after some sleep. got some good and some bad news in the mail today though. gotta love how they always put that card in the mailbox…’sorry we missed you’ when you know they didn’t even try to knock on the door lol

  30. Elizabeth says:

    signed into it as we speak…lol wht’s your name? I’ll send a friend request

  31. gurlnextdoor*274735* says:

    Elizabeth you play second life, lol…glad to see I’m not the only one who loves that wonderful little way to get away from the real world. :)

  32. gurlnextdoor*274735* says:

    Thanks Elizabeth for the welcome…let me go back and catch up on everything I missed.

  33. Elizabeth says:

    wb GND and things are ok here for the most part…

  34. gurlnextdoor*274735* says:

    Hello everyone, back on the blog for awhile. How is everyone today?

  35. Elizabeth says:

    hope all of you are having an amazing day thusfar…

  36. ~Nico~213385~ says:

    Lookylou ~ I wear that too….one of my favs but I have many 😉 There are the Perfumania stores where you can get that and at a significant discount :)

    NC ~ hhmmmm….corners?

  37. raine says:

    Hi, lookylou. Oooh, date! Enjoy yourself, and good luck getting the perfume (sooner than later, of course).

  38. raine says:

    I’ll be okay, I suppose. Today’s a new day, after all.

    Anybody left in here?…:|

  39. lookylou says:

    Going out on a date with my SD this afternoon! Going to have lunch at one of my favorite restaurants, then go see Duplicity. I’m also going to casually walk him past the perfume store and see what his reaction is. I would love it if he bought me some Burberry Brit! That stuff is the bomb.

    Of course, I don’t know how long men can withstand the awesome smell of the inside of a perfume shop…

  40. raine*306712* says:

    ^Boy, I’ll be glad when I finally move out!

    Gail (I understand you may be lurking right about now), I always strive for the nice here, but I nearly lost it yesterday. Needless to say, I watch myself even more closely now!

  41. raine*306712* says:

    Hi again, sugar fans.

    Narrowly missed the SalArmy truck! Immediately called the driver back; since he was only a few blocks away, he mercifully turned around to get my parcels. Ahhh, now I can laze in peace for the rest of today (off). Shoot, I’ve been up since about five thirty [cen].

    How goes everybody’s day?

  42. SuthrnExec says:

    Keep thinkin’ that way NC! Honestly, if she ever comes to her senses, I may be cooked!

    Good afternoon to “the other SE”! How are things?

  43. NC Gentleman says:

    I think the closing should go smoothly now. The bank that messed up the mortgage was refusing to refund my deposit, but my lawyer called them and they suddenly had a change of heart…. that was a royal pain the ass and wasted a whole bunch of time.

    Yeah Nico — I was thinking about going after OC but then I realized there was no way I could compete with SE!! He is da man!!! hmmmmm what corners Nico!!! 😉

    Good to see you SweetEuro — hope all is well in your sugar world!

  44. SuthrnExec says:

    OMG – I think I’ll just give up! Maybe I will get our programmers to write some software that will interpret SuthernExec-speak!

  45. SweetEuropean*264271 says:

    You certainly cna’t type today SE!! LOL

  46. SuthrnExec says:

    damn – I cna’t type today — *may closing go without a hitch*

  47. SuthrnExec says:

    I hear you man. That great news though – hope it does work for you. Good luck on the house – my closing go without a hitch.

  48. ~Nico~213385~ says:

    LOL ~ actually, fortunately this story is not a So. Florida thing, although the radio station this morning had a blast telling it 😉

    Goooood Morning Family ~ good to see your smiling faces. I am flying out today to Colorado and going tubing with my son and my best friend and her son….we’re going to have a blast. I will be gone until Tuesday and will likely not be around (online) during that time.

    NC ~ I have such a good feeling about you! You will find the perfect girl (perfect for you ~ SE not encouraging him to go after OC *winks). In the meantime ~ enjoy yourself ~ you could always travel to remote areas of the country where you SB friends live and we could keep you company *teehee*

  49. NC Gentleman says:

    Thanks for the advice — I know you found the only perfect one out there lol

    I actually have one that may work… and I am not one for settling — would rather do without!

  50. SuthrnExec says:

    *lower your standards*

  51. SuthrnExec says:

    Well, NC, give up on finding the perfect one – I have found the only one out there. Sorry – you’ll just have to loser your standards a bit!

    Morning Nico – I didn’t see that story either. Must be a south Florida thing.

  52. NC Gentleman says:

    Hiya Nico and SE — didn’t see that one Nico, but sounds hilarious.

    Doing well SE — closing on the house in two weeks. Kind of cold here… still in search of that elusive perfect SB lol

  53. Nico says:

    Careful Gail about shakin *grin* Did you hear about the teacher that was drunk, rubbing her hald naked booty on the students and then ran off and passed out at the community center ?????

    Goooooooood morning family!!!

  54. SuthrnExec says:

    LOL Oh Gail, you’re funny! I tell ya, OC and I both have been working like crazy of late. She has gotten moved so she’s very excited about that – but exhausted form that and work.

    NC, how are things out your way?

  55. Gail says:

    Darn it…your taken :(…..Morning Suthurn!!!!

  56. SuthrnExec says:

    Good morning Gail and NC!

  57. Gail says:

    LOL…I am going to shake it today…lol….perhaps I can shake a SD out of a tree…or behind a bush…or better yets somone that has been reading the blog:) It’s gonna be a great day!!! Later!!!

  58. NC Gentleman says:

    Heya Gail — goofing off I am! glad to see ur bushy tail lol!

  59. Gail says:

    Morning NC….I am bright-eyed and bushy tailed today…must be getting close to Easter. I see you are too:)

  60. NC Gentleman says:

    Good morning all! I hope everyone is doing well!

  61. Joules*300035* says:

    aight, i’m out of here as well. hopefully ‘tomorrow’ (aka when i wake up in a couple hrs lol) will bring some clarity and peace to my mind.

    good night everyone; have a great day!

  62. Joules*300035* says:

    lisa, i’ve been there hun….i’ve been in worse places than you are now. i just know that you’ll have some good luck sooner than later though; you deserve it

  63. raine*306712* says:

    *ahem, kicked IN. Yeah, I’d better stick to water for the rest of today.

    Awww lisa…I understand; we all get that type of day sometimes. Include a SD with a fistful of gift cards in the ransom, ‘kay?

    Be right back, folks…

  64. lisa says:

    the streets in Houston don’t run straight, they wind around so if you try to walk straight somewhere, you end up going extra blocks as you turn this way and that and I have checked the buses again and nothing comes within 7 blocks of the post office and that’s after I take 2 buses so I guess my package (which is about 100 dollars worth of stuff I bought) is not going to come. I went online to reschedule for friday but I know that won’t happen either as I have already called the post office 3 times and got empty promises. they are goign to deliver it today. How nice being that I will be gone all day and have to go someplace after work and wont’ be home to after 630, same for tomorrow. Everyone says I complain to much but I wonder how many of them have to go everywhere on the bus or walking, drag heavy laundry several blocks to wash, can’t get their mail, etc. It just sucks, there isn’t anything positive. Now out into the rain for me to go to work, the store is really cold so being all wet will be alot of fun.

  65. Joules*300035* says:

    oh and i forgot to mention, one of my glands in my throat has decided to swell up (this usually happens once every 12-18 months) so it hurts to breathe, speak, eat, drink, whatever.

    thankfully i have antibiotics…i just know it’s only going to keep getting worse for the next day or so; i just hope i don’t end up with a 104 temp over it again…hopefully taking these meds this early will make it go away quickly as i have too much work to do to be bedridden lol

  66. Joules*300035* says:

    every time i think i’m satisfied with the bio section, i get a negative or neutral response so i re-do it lol

  67. Joules*300035* says:

    ya raine, goin to sleep in a minute or so. been working my butt off trying to get this Press Kit to the point of perfection for my client

  68. Joules*300035* says:

    lisa, sounds like you and i have the same mindset for once today lol
    i’m just glad that i get to lay down and sleep for a while and i just have to keep my fingers crossed that my head will be cleared up enough when i awake to continue my work

  69. raine*306712* says:

    Hi, Joules. Not too shabby, coffee kicked fairly quickly and — wait a second…you’re going to sleep?!

  70. lisa says:

    I dont’ see this day has a lot to look forward to, i’m actually very depressed and wish I didn’t have to go out. I was even thinking seriously about spend the 2 hours tryign to walk to that stupid post office (not looking forward to that because the post office is surrounded by abandoned wharehouses in a bad area and with all the woman getting abducted here, it wouldn’t be too safe) however now the forcast is for rain on friday too (the only day I could go) and of course beautiful weather on saturday when the post office is closed and I have to work all day. This week seems to get worse every day.

  71. raine*306712* says:

    Better get going myself; gotta box up some clothes so the sal army can take them off my hands in peace (keeping my fingers crossed for the truck to show up b/f noon). Be back in a bit…

  72. Joules*300035* says:

    alrighty then…just figured i’d drop back in for a minute before i went to sleep.

    hey raine, how’s it goin today?

  73. raine*306712* says:

    You do the same, lisa; seize the day and hold same for ransom as needed *lol*.

  74. raine*306712* says:

    Mornin’, OPOV; thanks for the tip. (*I kinda sensed the computer was involved somehow. Insert ‘doi’ here.*lol*)

  75. lisa says:

    Good morning everyone. Looks like a nasty day here. I have to leave for work soon and worry about the mess I will have trying to get home at 4. I had planned to come by home and check to see if the package was here before going on to meet my daughter but I will be lucky to get from my job to where my daughter is and back without getting soaked. So I gotta drag my clothes and shoes with me to change as I just have to get out of my ugly work clothes before I go anywhere. I have to unload the truck today so i’m gonna be filthy. The men I work with are too lazy to lend a hand.
    Have a good day everyone.

  76. Elizabeth says:

    mornin OPOV…I trust you had a peaceful rest

  77. OPOV says:

    Good Morning all

    To get a picture off your blackberry, email it to yourself and then open the email on your computer, save the attachment.

  78. Elizabeth says:

    I haven’t been to bed yet…LOL been playing on second life

  79. raine says:

    Dang. And this is the earliest I’ve come in here, too. [Funny how I can force myself outta bed this early on my day off.]

  80. Elizabeth says:

    naw…we all fell asleep…LOL

  81. raine*306712* says:

    [ding]Uh…anybody home? Testing, testing… 😐

  82. raine*306712* says:

    Jasmine, if you’re still here, I feel your pain. I asked about that before, but no one made it to answering. Goodness knows I would’ve revamped my profile already (ha!).

  83. raine*306712* says:

    You name it, it’s probably on that list, which will get longer over time. *lol*

  84. raine*306712* says:

    Mornin’, sugar fans. [Dang, I’m early!]

    Angela, I too work in a call center (this time for an online university) and have a diverse wish list from same.

  85. Elizabeth says:

    you could always send it to me…lol… think of what you and I are since we’re female and not gentlemen…a color without color, where real emotions come from at that place with the big Y in teh center of it…now let us see if you can decipher that…eep

  86. Angela says:

    I probably cant “plug” it on here. It is well known for selling books and is synonymous with jungle.

  87. Elizabeth says:

    Angela…can I ask where the site is? i’m a curious creature

  88. Joules*300035* says:

    ya…but i also noticed when the page first loaded…there was info on the side to add items from other sites off the net

    anyways, i have too much work to do so i’m going to get to it!

    have a lovely night hun

  89. Angela says:

    Yah! It kinda like window shopping but hopefully someday I’ll have an SD that will make good use of it…LOL
    There’s more on there than I thought would be available on that site….since it is known for other things….

  90. Joules*300035* says:

    wow, your wishlist is really good hun

  91. Joules*300035* says:

    see, i KNEW i shouldn’t have to log in to see it! lol

    it works great now hun, thanks

  92. Angela says:

    I don’t “need it” yet either…LOL
    Wish List for wishful thinking…..better to be prepared.

    How do you want to share your list?
    By E-mail
    By adding a button to my web page
    By adding a widget showing my recently added items to my web page

  93. Angela says:

    People who purchase items from a Wish List can opt to send them to any address they want, but the default delivery address is the one that the creator of the Wish List provides when the list is created. Gift givers can see only the name, city, and state associated with this address. The street address remains hidden.

    Oooops I had it set to private..(so only I could view it????? that makes no sense )
    Maybe now it will work.
    Thanks for telling me!

  94. Joules*300035* says:


    i really wanna do that wishlist but i don’t have anywhere to post it other than my SD/SB facebook account. plus its not like i have any pots to give the link to anyways lol

  95. Angela says:

    cool…i deleted the other thing that was interfering.
    I get the same thing…..but since I have an account , I sign in.
    I’m guessing that if someone wanted to buy me something off the list they would have to have an account.

  96. Elizabeth says:

    Joules…sounds like it wants you to create an account

  97. Joules*300035* says:

    well, it KINDA worked…wants me to sign-in

  98. Joules*300035* says:

    Angela, it worked that time…just had to trick it i guess lol

  99. Joules*300035* says:

    why is it always ME that gets picked on in here? lol too bad i really don’t care though *grin*

  100. Jasmine says:

    Hey guys I have a question,I know this is way off topic,but how can you get a picture off a blackberry,this is my only way of internet.

  101. Joules*300035* says:

    lol not for me it didn’t

  102. Angela says:

    Really? the wish list link didn’t work? I works for me.

  103. Elizabeth says:

    Ben…perhaps sometime in the not so distant future, they’ll have a chat for those of us who love to talk…after all…conversation is by far the most important part of any relationship be if sd/sb or something more perm…

  104. Elizabeth says:

    that’s a wise practice Angela…helps reduce the stress to a certain degree

  105. Joules*300035* says:

    lol…check this out Angela….

    i clicked the link on your page…”The link you are trying to visit has been disabled.

    You have reached a link that is no longer in service. That means the link was very naughty, and, much like head lice, had to be eliminated before it spread.

  106. Angela300373 says:

    One of the first things we say (right after who we are and who we work for) is “We are NOT selling anything!” If they haven’t already hung up then we proceed…..LOL

  107. Elizabeth says:

    oh…ok…I re-read…guess the goofy side of my blonde is comin out…LOL

  108. Angela300373 says:

    I get enough nice people to make the not so nice ones easy to laugh at.
    Plus, there are ways to either be sure they never get called back or get called in another 5 minutes (evil grin)
    It is very much like a waiter/waitress….your wage is dependent on the kindness of strangers.
    Like wise;you shouldn’t mess with us or be rude…we can call you again and again…It is our job!

  109. Elizabeth says:

    ummm…Joules…may I ask who that was directed at?…if it was me and I offended you somehow then I sincerely apologise…trying to figure out what I missed…

  110. Joules*300035* says:

    Angela, nope…been to busy to remember lol

    will check it out now though since i’m not working right now :)

  111. Elizabeth says:

    thank you Angela…just simple ole 40 yr old me…an equestrian and lover of animals of all types…I used to want to attend vetrinary school but for now with a lack of proper transportation it’s rather difficult to attend and to specialize in my field of choice…I want to specialize in Equine medacine if possible…but I know for now I have to be patient…

  112. Angela300373 says:

    Joules :
    Did you ever go get you a “wish list” on that site ?
    On my myspace page I have a button linking to my wish list.

  113. Elizabeth says:

    I’ve done that Angela and yes, I know it can be frustrating…some can be rather rude and some will flat out hang up on you…once in awhiule you do get a nice person who is also very pleasant to talk to…I know with me…the thing I dislike most are the telemarketers who are tryin to force a sell…I’m one determined woman and I won’t be forced into a sell for something I don’t want…hope you haven’t had too many rude people…

  114. Angela300373 says:

    cool avatar elizabeth

  115. Elizabeth says:

    sweetedst dreams Ben and catch you on the flip

  116. Angela300373 says:

    I work at a call center. I call people in the evening (yes sometimes during their dinner…sorry) and ask them to participate in market research studies. (surveys)

  117. Angela300373 says:

    It does turn into that somewhat. That is why I suggested a chat. Keep the blog for strictly topic and keep a chat room for pop in questions , advice, chat. Does anyone know the status of that?

  118. Angela300373 says:

    yes Ben : do you know what that is?

    LOL don’t hate me…

  119. Angela300373 says:

    As far as the topic goes …..
    I have to concur with everyone.
    Gold diggers have no concern for anyone but themselves.
    Sugar Babies want to give back just as much as they receive!

  120. Beach_Girl*306486 says:

    Good night Sugars!!!
    Ben~ i know i found 4 guys i know on here, 3 very close friends lol i know they saw me too lmao we didn’t talk about it lol
    ok good night Sugars world

  121. Angela300373 says:

    Here’s one for when I’m feelin’ SEXY!
    I have to agree on lisa about the slim pickin’s here in TX but I’m not throwing in the towel yet! Gotta LOVE Tx weather!
    It was so gorgeous today I wanted to sing (and did! in my car of course)

  122. Elizabeth says:

    thank you for the link…I appreciate it…

  123. Joules*300035* says:

    lol ok

  124. Joules*300035* says:

    nite bg

  125. Beach_Girl*306486 says:

    I got mail

  126. Joules*300035* says:

    see if you got my email hun

  127. Beach_Girl*306486 says:

    yeah i want the link too send it to my email i’m off to bed for real now , i have to get my lashes done tomorrow morning, and i have to be awake to drive lol

  128. Angela says:


  129. Joules*300035* says:


    that’s the website Elizabeth

  130. Beach_Girl*306486 says:

    lol sorry Eliz i thought you mean on the profiles lol

  131. Beach_Girl*306486 says:

    Eliz~ free accounts are blue , premium orange
    some guys don’t put their pics on, fear of being recognized. some have pics

  132. Angela says:

    I would hope to become “attached” to my SD.
    Not in it the clingy, you complete me, or stalking kind of way, but more of a “I care about what happens to you” kind of way.

  133. Joules*300035* says:

    naaa, we just have an avatar account lol

    there’s a website where you upload your pic and it shows up. i’ll get you the link for it in a min, Elizabeth

  134. Elizabeth says:

    now I have a silly off topic question…why do some responses show their pic and others not? is this the difference between premium accounts and free accounts?

  135. Joules*300035* says:

    ya, btw, my ‘this is not a date’ date….we are officially attached now lol

  136. Beach_Girl*306486 says:

    Ben~ if i loved him….. that is a great question, yeah i did, it was hard without him. Now i’m over it , it’s been a while. I knew what are relationship was so, i didn’t think he would ever leave his wife for me. he loved her. i guess it has to be known what the relationship is about , i guess you’ll see
    It’s like i lost my best friend more than love the traditional way

  137. Joules*300035* says:

    Jasmine, goin good…just takin a break from work, talkin on tha phone, chatting in here lol

    BG, weekend was friggin awesome! Sunday into monday was the best part tho lol….i’d have to tell you about it in private though lol

  138. Elizabeth says:

    I guess this would depend on the SD/SB pair…I know it has to be difficult being the other woman/man but some, they are mature enough to understand and accept things as they are…yes you grow to care deeply for the person but you are also willing to step away if so required for the sake of the person and their marriage if they are attached…

  139. Angela says:

    is in the same town?
    I am near Austin.
    BBQ capital of TEXAS (insert TX stereotype here)
    The chat room has been suggested (patting her own back here)
    but I don’t know what’s the status of that.

  140. Jasmine says:

    Hey joules how’s ur late evening going?

  141. Beach_Girl*306486 says:

    How was the weekend Joules?

  142. Beach_Girl*306486 says:

    Ben~ i don’t know what he told her, he might of said it was a one time thing i have no clue we don’t speak anymore! Hey i didn’t find my last SD online, this is all new to me , so i’m learning too! that’s why the blog is here so we can all help one another!
    It’s hard to hash out the details of what you expect, i know i’m not going to get what i had before… but it’s gonna be fun hope :)

  143. Joules*300035* says:

    hey BG, hey Jasmine!

  144. Joules*300035* says:

    HEEEEY! Angela!!!

    Ben, my SD and I are both in the music industry so our time available to chat/email and such is pretty limited; plus we both have lives outside of one another and familes lol

  145. Beach_Girl*306486 says:

    Eliz~ you are soo right

  146. Beach_Girl*306486 says:

    jasmine i don’t have an SD at all
    i did over 2 years ago, now just pot SDs, and even at that it’s going slowly!

  147. Jasmine says:

    It sounds every girl got an sd already,mine turned sd into b/f

  148. Elizabeth says:

    being a romantic is a very good thing Ben…some of the most romantic things I’ve done was take moonlit walks…I’ve had wildflowers picked for me for no reason and sometimes just knowing they are thining of you can make a horrid day seem much brighter and beautiful inspite of the days events…

  149. Beach_Girl*306486 says:

    Hi Angela~

  150. Beach_Girl*306486 says:

    Ben~ you seem to be a romantic, but you should let her know that she can mail you and plan things , you need to tell her what you want too, it’s not only about her!

  151. Angela says:

    Hello to all the night owls!
    I had a pot SD cancel our Sat. meet but I believe his excuse and we rescheduled for this next Saturday. I am really excited about this one as he is interesting, good looking and has done this before. The nice restaurant I picked is one of his favorites.
    I ‘ll let you know how this develops!

  152. Beach_Girl*306486 says:

    Joules~ glad to hear your SD mailed you YAY

  153. Beach_Girl*306486 says:

    Ben~ i have had an SD for 15 years we split a little over 2 years ago, he was married
    I did plan things, i usually didn’t call i emailed him, or text him to call back Lee, not my name! I usually knew when we could get together too, what nights were good or weekends, so it wasn’t that hard. I couldn’t call him at work his wife was his secretary for the first part of our arrangement , when she left i did call, but never left messages if he was busy

  154. Joules*300035* says:

    Ben, my SD and I email one another whenever but until just now, it had been well over a week since i’d heard from him. i know he’s busy busy busy tho

  155. Joules*300035* says:

    woohoo! my night owl gurls are here! lol

  156. Beach_Girl*306486 says:

    Elizabeth~ you know if you mail guy that are Blue they can’t mail you back only the Orange ones can

  157. Elizabeth says:

    I had asked about how long it takes to approve a profile and mine has already been approved…as for searching for a SD…I’m going to take my time…there’s too many dangers out there to just rush in and I want to protect not only myself but whomever is my SD…plus I have a full time job and would like to maintain it as I love working with the public

  158. Beach_Girl*306486 says:

    Ben~ i think if she is interested she should make contact too, its kinda normal. i mail my pot SDs all the time they answer when they can!
    You guys are busy, not just sitting around waiting for an email or whatever, it should be split i think

  159. Beach_Girl*306486 says:

    Hey just back for a minute, Elizabeth your in TX, is austin close to you there is this guy if you get me your email i’ll send you his profile #

  160. Jasmine says:

    Hi sorry I took long I was trying to put my son to bed,it took awhile but I got him to go to sleep whew!

  161. Joules*300035* says:

    hi elizabeth

  162. Elizabeth says:

    and yes hon…I’m new here and taking the time to meet new folks…I figure when the time is right…I’ll find a SD that is real and genuine…

  163. Elizabeth says:

    hi Ben…nice to meet you dearheart and no…Lisa hasn’t got it yet and is rather upset about it which I can understand

  164. Joules*300035* says:

    I’m up Ben; just multi-tasking

  165. Joules*300035* says:

    woohoo! just gotta email from my SD!!!

  166. Elizabeth says:

    ok…who all is still here?

  167. Beach_Girl*306486 says:

    Good night
    talk to you all soon!

  168. Elizabeth says:

    I know silly woman…hope you have a wonderful night and rest peaceful

  169. Beach_Girl*306486 says:

    Hi Elizabeth, i’m off to bed
    it was for gnd!!

  170. Elizabeth says:

    FL is a long ways from TX…lol hi BG

  171. Beach_Girl*306486 says:

    good night sugars

  172. Beach_Girl*306486 says:

    what??? you ok
    let me know when you have time email me

  173. gurlnextdoor*274735* says:

    yeah I did, going through an emergency right now

  174. Beach_Girl*306486 says:

    gnd did yo mail him??? i wanna know
    Hi jasmine

  175. Jasmine says:

    I’m back all I made is microwave some pizza snacks

  176. Beach_Girl*306486 says:

    mail him , hot and rich!

  177. gurlnextdoor*274735* says:

    Oh BG I checked him out and he IS sexy, thanks. :)

  178. Beach_Girl*306486 says:

    you have mail Gnd

  179. gurlnextdoor*274735* says:

    ahh I see, didn’t know that

  180. Beach_Girl*306486 says:

    do you have an email, we are not allowed to post profile # as i was told by others

  181. gurlnextdoor says:

    Oooo BG, can SBs mail other SBs????

  182. Beach_Girl*306486 says:

    gnd ~ still here i need your mail there is a cute guy in FL

  183. gurlnextdoor says:

    Hey BG and Jasmine. :)

  184. Jasmine says:

    Its okey so far now I’m hungry,let me check in the fridge for something.

  185. Beach_Girl*306486 says:

    Hello Sugars

  186. Elizabeth says:

    hi Jasmine…hope you’re having a great evening so far…

  187. Jasmine says:

    Hey good evening everyone! Aww u guys are talking about good food here! I’m getting hungry here! *drool* :)

  188. Elizabeth says:

    sounds like in many ways we have the same kind of roots in the kitchen…least we know we’re able to cook for a SD if we have one…and yes…that does sound tasty…been ages since I was really able to settle down and really cook…although I do have to be careful…most don’t like how I preffer my own personal steak prepared…they tend to say it has abit too much moo in it…LOL but that’s ok…we all have different likes and dislikes and this is what makes us each unique and special…

  189. gurlnextdoor says:

    Hmm no I didn’t, I’ll do that now…nah I know how to cook (grew up in a traditional Southern home so I was forced to learn how to cook, lol). My favourite dish to make though is fresh pasta (yes I make it from scratch), with creamy butter sauce, broccoli, shrimp, and topped with freshly grated Parmesan cheese.

  190. raine*306712* says:

    Hi gnd.

    *drooling just resumed. Dang.* who wouldn’t love those?

  191. Elizabeth says:

    sounds like you want some cookin lessons…did you read the menu I gave earlier?

  192. gurlnextdoor says:

    Mmmm Elizabeth I should come to your house for dinner, lol and thanks for the welcome.

  193. Elizabeth says:

    hiyas Gurl and welcome

  194. Elizabeth says:

    Raine…I’ve been cookin for a long time…and my specialty is homemade garlic mashed taters…so creamy they melt in your mouth…yummmmmm

  195. gurlnextdoor says:

    Hey everyone, I’m here tonight!

  196. raine*306712* says:

    Mmmm…cornish game hens. *cue homer style drool*

  197. raine*306712* says:

    Night, lisa; sweet, sugar(y) dreams.

    Anyone left in here?

  198. lisa says:

    I’m going to go watch tv now. gotta go to bed early and get up early for work tomorrow. Have a good night everyone.

  199. Elizabeth says:

    woohoo…my profile is finally approved….

  200. lisa says:

    I worked at Target for 8 years, closing and working till midnight or so. Had to quit when I moved to my apartment because even though it’s a few blocks away, it was too late to be out walking at night. I like the job I have now but there is so much lifting that I always have a backache when I get off work and I don’t feel like doing anything but coming home.

  201. OPOV says:

    I just tweaked my profile and it was approved in less than half hour, so it really depends on the time of day.

  202. Elizabeth says:

    imagine though if you will…having expensive tastes on a goodwill budget…and I’d be happy just getting out of this motel and into a decent apartment close enough to work to get there with ease on my bike and save up for a scooter or something and yet far enough I don’t breath Walmart 24/7,,,as for cookware…I love to cook but need a decent place to cook as well as proper ingredients…if I had what I needed to make you a meal, I’d make cornish game hens stuffed a delicate herb dressing, on a bed of long grain and wild rice, freshly steamed veggies, homemade dinner rolls and a delicate white wine…for dessert cheesecake with fresh raspberries on teh side and drizzled with a lovely raspberry syrup……you;d have a happy tummy and leftovers to take home…hehe

  203. lisa says:

    I don’t really care to much for cookware, I like clothes better

  204. raine*306712* says:

    Yes, Gail, I vaguely remember that one. I need to clam up and just study…

  205. raine*306712* says:

    Even better, lisa, they’ll cook you one — with their own cookware (and buy you a matching set to boot)! 😀

  206. lisa says:

    yes I am overdue but in a sd drought I can’t even get the stuff I bought myself

  207. raine*306712* says:

    I concur, Elizabeth, and I know those guys would be a colossal waste of my time. It’s just…man.
    Eh, no rush on this since I’m just starting out, but I have yet to stumble onto one whose profile reads along the lines of “must have a moderate supply of ‘junk in the trunk.'”

  208. Gail says:

    Someone needs to take you Shopping Lisa!!!! LOL…hang clothes on you and buy you pots and lids….lol…while they are at it…a great meal…and not fast food either. You are long overdue!!!

  209. lisa says:

    Gail that’s not true I have a couple pots that have no lids

  210. lisa says:

    I think I might get better response if I took a few years off my age but then again

  211. Gail says:

    Raine- Did you ever hear about there being a lid for every pot? It was on one of the past post topics….I am not perfect, and have had good experiences on here. Don’t give up hope cuz when you least expect it…there he is the perfect pot for your lid…or the opposite way around…lol…

  212. lisa says:

    I just wanna look like a clothes hanger, waaaaaaaaaaah

  213. raine*306712* says:

    ^[Wow, where’d all that come from?]*ahem* right on, OPOV! I’ll have an armful of pics to thin out soon enough before I edit my profile…I just don’t know whether to keep it as is, or what else to write. *sigh*

  214. lisa says:

    You and I need sugardaddies to get us out of this, lol

    I lived at Days inn for 3 weeks back when I moved out from my family. I paid 345 a week (not discount for weekly either) but since it was after hurricane Katrina and the place was full of Katrina refugees, i was upgraded to a king suite at the price of a standard queen room. 4 blocks from work in a very strict mini city of Houston with low crime. My room was next to the breakfast room so I could walk out and into get my breakfast (always brought extra donuts and stuff back). I kept putting the stuff away everyday so the maid would bring more and then I had a good stash of stuff for my new apartment. lol

  215. Elizabeth says:

    Raine…don’t fret over it hon…different men like different things and that means some like the super tiny while other prefer the cornfed type and for the woman to have a lil extra meat on her bones…besides…if they can’t accept you as is, are they really worth your time?

  216. Elizabeth says:

    living in a motel is far different than in a hotel…no maid service, no hot chocolate as I never aquired the taste for coffee, just a room and a tiny kitchenette with free wifi…don’t even have a small dresser so I live out of suitcases and have since this past June 7th. It may not be fancy or even nioce but it is somewhat decent and a roof over my head. I’m paying 225/wk and it’s tough…it’s almost my whole Walmart paycheck…but I have somehow managed and part of that has included living on Ramen Noodles…ICK…not healthy but it is food

  217. raine*306712* says:

    When I first joined, there’s that choice between ‘a few extra pounds’ and ‘full-overweight’. The latter made my face hurt, but I couldn’t lie (never qualified as a playboy centerfold, never will; genes are a hoot like that)! I mean, overweight according to whom/whose standards? The competition notwithstanding, I was very concerned about my odds mulling over that…

  218. lisa says:

    Gail gotta change that to ms postwoman, lol I would say that she stole my clothes but I don’t think size 4 would fit her, lol

    I wear different sizes depending on the brand. I wear a junior size 5/6 and a 2-4 in misses. I just got a marc jacobs skirt on ebay (came with no problems so maybe I should stick to ebay) and it’s a size 4, just perfect wereas I havea size7 hollister skirt that I can’t wear cause my butt hangs out, lol

  219. Elizabeth says:

    when I first relocated back to TX, I was a size 16 and I’m not a 8/10 and while I may never be super skinny unless someone gets me lipo, I know I can still wear stilettos and because I have really long hair, there’s alot I can do with it…it’s down to teh middle of my butt…not as long as I want but still very very soft and silky

  220. OPOV says:

    Yes Lisa, my rant was meant for EVERYONE who don’t think when they put there rofile together. BTW, I think the profile looks better with the pictures rearranged. Starting with a “brighter” picture should help.

    Elizabeth: profile approvals can be anywhere from a half hour to a day and a half. I must admit tho that the my orange (premium) profile got approved considerably faster than when I was setting it up while still blue. Could be coincidence, the approval gnome/fairy could have been out sick for a day or so.

  221. Gail says:

    Ok….now you know..and you probably heard me cracking up about you being a man!!!!! Lisa….I think there’s a song called…Please Mr. Postman

    Oh…this is the revised version by Me:)

    Oh yes, wait a minute Mister Postman
    Wait Mister Postman

    Please Mister Postman, look and see
    (Oh yeah)
    If there’s a skirt in your bag for me
    (Please, Please Mister Postman)
    Why’s it takin’ such a long time
    (Oh yeah)
    For me to hear from that store of mine

    There must be some word today
    From my skirt so far away
    Pleas Mister Postman, look and see
    If there’s a package or a letter for me

    I’ve been standin’ here waitin’ Mister Postman
    So patiently
    For just a card, or just a letter
    Sayin’ its being delivered to me

    (Mister Postman)
    Mister Postman, look and see
    (Oh yeah)
    If there’s a letter in your bag for me
    (Please, Please Mister Postman)
    Why’s it takin’ such a long time
    (Oh yeah)
    For me to hear from that store of mine

    So many days you passed me by
    See the tears standin’ in my eyes
    You didn’t stop to make me feel better
    By leavin’ me a card or a letter

    (Mister Postman)
    Mister Postman, look and see
    (Oh yeah)
    If there’s a letter in your bag for me
    (Please, Please Mister Postman)
    Why’s it takin’ such a long time

    (Why don’t you check it and see one more time for me, you gotta)
    Wait a minute
    Wait a minute
    Wait a minute
    Wait a minute
    (Mister Postman)
    Mister Postman, look and see

  222. raine*306712* says:

    ^Not being naïve, really, just hadn’t made it to the ‘nonsmoking-but-pics-say-otherwise’ section of the profiles yet.*lol*

  223. lisa says:

    I am slim but would like to be super skinny but due to the number of fast food restaruants in view from my porch, it’s hopeless.

  224. lisa says:

    Well I have learned that “average” in Texas means overweight

  225. Elizabeth says:

    LOL Lisa…I almost choked on my laughter with that one…I’d hate to think some poor innocent SD got that one…especially if there had already been deep tender kisses beforehand…and as for the ex…back then, I was abit larger and he said I was too short, too fat and too buxom…well…then he should have never married me. I am smaller now and ironically look younger while he however has not aged as gracefully…I guess karma came and took a big bite out of his backside…and while I’m not as slender and I’d like…all things come in time and I am working on that one day, one step at a time…the hard part is one of my weaknesses is chocolate…the other is fresh, ripe, plump juicy strawberries…yummmmmmmm…

  226. lisa says:

    I need a good sd and my regular mailman back.

  227. raine*306712* says:

    Holy unlucky strike, batman! OPOV, are you serious? I thought the ‘thin’ ones who were actually a wee chunky (to say the least) in their photos were bad. Yeesh — I’m a smoker myself, but I won’t be in a pic underlining the fact!

  228. lisa says:

    Gail lurking (fire shooting out of Lisa’s eyes towards Gail)

    It usually takes a few hours to get approved depending on the time of day. I have updated during the day to see mine approved in a few hours and updated at night or weekends to find it to be almost 24 hours.

  229. Gail says:

    Awww…yes it is me lurking:) I love listening to all of you and what you are going through. You all have had tough times…and so have I:) I guess that’s why my heart feels for all of you, I have been there too.

    Okay…that’s it…this year I am wishing you all wonderful positive experiences in your SB life…it will be better.

    Romance, Honesty, and Blessings….what a wonderful SB novel that would make Elizabeth!!!

  230. Elizabeth says:

    speaking of profiles…how long does it normally take to get them approved?

  231. lisa says:

    OPOV great point! There is a profile of one man in Texas that says he’s a nonsmoker and nondrinker yet he has one picture of himself with a beer and one of him sitting with friends and smoking. Kinda like if I met a sd and we got to the point of intimacy and I got undressed and well, I said “hey I have to tell you something, I’m really a guy” lol

  232. OPOV says:

    Can I just make an observational rant here concerning people’s profiles?

    If you list yourself as “non-smoker” don’t include a picture with a butt twirling around in your fingers. Really!

    Off-topic, I know, but maybe a few who lurk this may apply.

  233. lisa says:

    Elizabeth I know what you mean. My ex actually left me 2 months before our daughter was born. She does not know him. Not someone I would want to see either. Very little respect for a man like him. Exes can be messy.

  234. lisa says:

    I prefer to be open and honest. Nothing I hate more than when I meet someone and then find out the ugly stuff. I have had more than my share of dates (from regular sites) in the past where 5 minutes into the date, the guy pulled out a cigarette or mentioned that he was still married, or used profanity. I don’t keep many secrets so any sd that considers me knows where i’m coming from the start. I would probably get more response if I said I had a graduate degree, made up stories of my exiciting life, etc but since I don’t possess those things, I would not say that I do as the truth always comes out.

  235. Elizabeth says:

    no…I can barely tolerate my ex-husband…he’s what I classify as a male…not a man…a man would never cause harm to a woman…the good thing is I don’t judge men based on males…I let each be their own judge based on how they treat not only themselves but their ladyfriends. I am simply glad to be able to hug my baby girl and see her graduate college, This is something I was never able to do myself so I’m both very proud of her and honored to have raised a daughter who has the goals and determination that she does. And who knows, eventually her mother might follow her footsteps and begin working on a novel although mine would be pure romance…what can I say? I’m a romantic at heart

  236. raine*306712* says:

    ^Elizabeth, there’s the answer. I’m almost back to normal. Yes, what lisa asked; and/or can a relative put you up while you’re there?

  237. raine*306712* says:

    Just a pang of guilt reminding me how blessed I really am. I was in an off place earlier, and I’m just crawling out. I’d best not get into details here as some SDs lurk here occasionally, casing out SBs’ comments & such to see where their heads are — or so I’ve been told. Barring that, I remain cognizant of what I write in here.

  238. lisa says:

    I can’t travel anywhere. I was going to go hang out at the Galleria this week but instead have spent my last 3 days off waiting for the mailman. Now friday which I had plans, I will sit waiting again.

    Can’t you stay with your daughter?

  239. Elizabeth says:

    I can’t really afford the trip to NC to see my daughter graduate but I intend to go even if I have to stay in a shelter or heaven forbid…worse

  240. lisa says:

    Thank you. Well I was 25 when mine was born. It’s kinda cool as 25 years ago I was graduating and my mom was going to her 25 year reunion. Now she has a 50 year reunion, and I have a 25 year reunion (neither of us can afford to go) and my daughter is graduating. lol

  241. Elizabeth says:

    mine is almost 22…I started way too young…please wish her a very happy birthday for me

  242. lisa says:

    She is almost 18.

  243. Elizabeth says:

    how old is your daughter turning?

  244. Elizabeth says:

    I know in May, I have to go to NC for my daughter’s graduation…she’s graduating from Western U there ion the mountains of NC

  245. lisa says:

    I’m not familiar with anything but I-10 katy freeway and beltway 8 which I live blocks from both. I am going to Galveston for the first time in years with my family next month. They are renting a car for my daughter’s birthday.

  246. Elizabeth says:

    Hitchcock is kinda midway between Houston and Galveston…think 2004 and hwy 6

  247. lisa says:

    you can go to yahoo and search westview forest apartments crime, then click on KHOU link (I think 2 links down)

  248. lisa says:

    I never get out of Houston. I’ve heard of Hitchcock, not sure where Texas city is. I live in northwest Houston in the Springbranch area. If you have been to Houston, you know there are alot of “mini-cities” within the city where bus service detours around. My parents found out that today when they tried to go to the store. The busstop had been removed and they ended up having to walk several blocks (my dad is elderly and uses a walker) along the road to get back to where they were going). My road is well lit, but then again there was plenty of light and witnesses as I got robbed at gunpoint a few years ago. Light doesn’t deter Ms-13 gang members

  249. Elizabeth says:

    and you’re right…it was Raine…how’d I cause a loss for words hon?

  250. Elizabeth says:

    I hear ya there…the only saving grace for me and I too went without, is the fact everyone knows me and they get concerned if they don’t hear from me within a given amount of time. Hitchcock is after all a small town on the outskirts of TexasCity, Lamarque and SantaFe and we don’t have public transport here…the downside is the road I have to go down to get home doesn’t have the greatest lighting so I don’t stop for anyone…

  251. lisa says:

    Elizabeth, what city are you in?

  252. lisa says:

    I think that was raine that was wordless, lol i’m bursting with words, lol

  253. lisa says:

    Gail I saw that movie previewed last year on one of my last movie dates with my boyfriend. We used to go to this drafthouse theatre that served food while you watched the movie. It was casual and great fun to have a burger, fried pickles, daquiri instead of popcorn. I wanted to see it when it came out, but we never went to a movie again after that. Never got to see it.

  254. Elizabeth says:

    oops…how’d I have you at a loss for words Lisa? thinking to self…put fingers on keyboard and gingerly type out ones thoughts…and there’s always a dictionary for those words that escape you…sorry sweetie…my bad…just a little good natured teasing…forgive me?

  255. lisa says:

    I got just gotten hired a couple days before Ike hit and so my employment was delayed because of power failure. I had been out of work 6 weeks. No damage to my dumpy apartment although the apts across the street lost roofs. I got nothing from fema and had no food because those pods they set up where too far to go and with the buses not running, it was impossible. Good for you being able to ride a bike. I live in a really bad area and you would get robbed and raped if you tried that at night here. The was a woman raped that was walking from wendy’s (right across the street from me) a few months ago as she was just walking to her apartment. I live on near that dreaded I-10 mess and there are no bike lanes. You take your life into your hands here as the motorists have masters degrees in rudeness

  256. Gail says:

    Darn it NC…I am free to travel…but I am outside of you age range too:) I know you will find sugar in our world… you always do…sometimes spoonfuls, lumps, cubes and cup fulls at a time…lol…

    Lisa…have you ever seen the movie, “Mad Money?” It’s pretty funny:)
    Do you have a DVD? Let me know and I will download it for you.

  257. raine*306712* says:

    I’m sorry, lisa; a complaint is indeed in order. Hope your regular carrier returns soon…

    Dangit, Elizabeth…I can’t even come up with words right now.

  258. Elizabeth says:

    sorry you had that run of bad luck Lisa…I do commend you however for beign honest enough that you did take the money to CS in the event someone did come back looking for it. I know with me, I had one event where I was assisting with a carryout just before my lunch break and had about $40 stolen from me. They got the woman on camera but they never did anything about it. And I do understand your stance of next time, I’m keepin it. As a frontend cashier where I work, I literally live check to check and there are times I need all the help I can get. I bicycle 4 miles to work and most days 4 miles home. And like you, I had to deal with Hurricane Ike and FEMA qualified me for a lovely $0.00 in assistance. I guess FEMA thought that unlless I lost everything, I wasn’t worth helping. Oh well…life does go on…

  259. lisa says:

    Honor and integrity are nice but they don’t pay the bills , lol I have found money several times in the last year and always took it to customer service or ran out to get the customer. I have found that in all instances (maybe just coincidence) that I have had some really bad luch immediately after, including losing my job (a week after I ran out to give the man the 20 he dropped on the floor), losing something out of my grocery bag, or some other bad luck. Needlesstosay, next time I find money i”m keeping it.

  260. Nico says:

    but oh so rewarding when the right one comes along 😀

  261. NC Gent says:

    Yeah Raine – I guess anyone who has looked for an sb/sd for a while has some good stories – that is what makes it fun!

  262. Elizabeth says:

    atleast with me, I only claim to be what I am…if I have no honor or integrity then I have nothing…

  263. Nico says:

    LOL NC ~ I will be sure to remain in contact for when I become married *wink*

    Sorry ~ had to tease 😉 I really am surprised by it all!!

  264. lisa says:

    I lived in a motel for 3 weeks, it was nice, sure wish I could have afforded to stay there. Daily maid service, free coffee and breakfast, cable, good area, etc etc. lol

  265. raine*306712* says:

    Dang, NC, you really catch them huh?

  266. lisa says:

    Welcome to the stress factory raine I just tried to arrange redelivery of my package for friday. They gave me a confirmation number and I tried to checkit out and it says the confirmation number doesn’t match my address. I will never order anything ever again that ships through the post office, only UPS and fedex from now on as they show up when they say and the UPs guy knows me. I am going to send a complaint on the mail carrier though for not bothering to knock on my door, geesh , lazy.

    Back to work for me tomorrow, not looking forward to it as I am in a lousy mood, had no fun on my days off.

  267. Elizabeth says:

    Don’t sweat the small stuff…life is never meant to be easy…it’s always a challenge and with that challenge, we have growth and become the amazing ladies and gentlemen we are…and like many, I know what it’s like to struggle as I live in a motel and somehow manage to keep a roof over my head…I don’t always know where my next meal is going to come from but I never give up no matter how hard things may be…I’ve even over time learned to see the beauty in simple things like a delicate and very tiny purple wild flower. It’s amazing the things you see when you really stop to look and pay attention…

  268. raine*306712* says:

    My stress shows up in fits and starts, and today was one of those times. Maybe I’d better hide my profile for a spell…

  269. NC Gent says:

    Awwww Elizabeth that was preferred age range not rigid. I am sure in no time I will be all about you!

    Np Nico I understand busy although I love to goof off! Mexico sounds nice! Lol I only want to travel with an Sb about 8 times a year no wonder I have probs and am a magnet for married women who claim to be single :)

  270. Nyland says:

    Thanks all for all the awesome responses! I should have come here earlier. I think That I need to let her be her but I am going to pay better attention to the cues that people mentioned that indicate her deeper interest.

    Take care

  271. raine*306712* says:

    Eh, not too shabby, Elizabeth. I don’t know what the heck came over me earlier (scroll up a smidge in case you missed it).

  272. Elizabeth says:

    evening raine…hope you’re having a great day so far…

  273. raine*306712* says:

    Hi, all.

  274. Nico says:

    Hello NC ~ It’s been a crazy day, which is why I didn’t write back right away. I can certainly understand you situation and desire to have a travel companion. You also appreciate a more ‘mature’ SB so that makes you unique :)

    I’ve been contacted by an individual that wants me to go to Mexico every other week. He will pay for all travel expenses and expenses while in Mexico but no allowance etc. Now, while this obviously doesn’t work for me personally, it does work for the example. Where is there a girl that has a life (in school, has a job (regardless of the type) or even goals) that can fit this criteria. A bit unrealistic yet a somewhat common thread as evidenced by many of the profiles I’ve reviewed (definitely not the majority).

  275. Elizabeth says:

    lol NC…guess that leaves me out as I just turned 40 even though I still look alot younger than my age. I had a young pup hit on me at work on Valentine’s Day. Sure he was cute and all but I prefer someone abit more mature…

  276. Isabella says:

    I believe that a golddigger is someone who has the potential to trick the other party into giving them material goods without holding up their end of the agreement. They are solely interested in items of monetary value and will do anything to get hold of it; essentially willing to “play dirty”.
    Whereas a sugar baby is looking for a mutual agreement and not only concerned with their own satisfaction but also the satisfaction of the other party. They are willing to accept pampering in return for company but it is not necessarily their primary interest. :)

  277. NC Gentleman says:

    Hi Lisa — not many women in college are self-employed that I know of, but I prefer (not required) women that are in their late 20s to late 30s – some of those are self-employed. The woman I am chatting with now is 31 and is self-employed as an interior decorator/designer.

  278. Elizabeth says:

    hi Gurl…nice to meet you and thank you for the welcome dearheart…I bet you have one amazing pet there…I’ve worked with abused animals on a personal level and it does take alot of love, kindness and patience to earn their trust, love and respect.

    Hi Lisa…good luck with the baby pigeon…love cats but not those who kill for the pleasure of it…Who knows, one day maybe I can get that horse I want…but I’m in no rush…I figure things come when they are meant as they are meant…and I hope you feel better soon…gentle hugs to you Lisa…

  279. lisa says:

    And I know that if I would have been born a bird, i’d be a lowly pigeon , the bird everyone seems to hate. Personally I would rather live around pigeons than my neighbors. lol

    I’m going to go lay down. I’m so tired and bored. I hate that I can’t do anything about my package for the next two days. I sure hope that if they find it they don’t try to redliver it tomorrow as I won’t be here and they’re probably end up sending it back. I don’t know why everything has to be so complicated. I could reshedule delivery online but that’s what I did in the first place and they never even checked the information.

    I’m going to go lay down now, I don’t feel well

  280. gurlnextdoor says:

    Aww Lisa I’m the same way, when it comes to people I can stop caring if need be. But with animals it’s entirely different. Probably how I ended up with my adorable Australian Shepard, whom I got from the Animal Shelter. She was afraid of me at first because her previous owners had abused her, but now she’s spoiled rotten lol. Hopefully you’ll get your mail soon though.

    Hey Elizabeth and Henri. :)

  281. Elizabeth says:

    I’m new here so I really can’t say who is genuine or not. I lknow with me, I’ve never been a gold digger and I do try to be as real and genuine as they come. I guess for me, I’d think of a gold digger as someone be they male or female who is all about the money and has not a single iota of genuine caring for the person or persons involved. Now I’m not saying you have to go out and fall inlove with the person but I do feel one should be real, genuine and completely upfront with the person or persons they become involved with. Good luck ladies and gentlemen and hope we each find the SD or SB that brings a real smile to the face and that flutter of anticipation of seeing them either for the first time or on return visits as their SD/SB relationship grows and blossoms….

  282. lisa says:

    I wish you did gurlnextdoor as I hate being under post office house arrest. I’m losing hope as everyday I dont’ get my package, called post office 3 times, say they are looking and will redeliver tomorrow (I won’t be home tomorrow or thursday) so that sucks. I have wanted these items since september and when I found them on sale it was like the greatest thing because when you still want something after 6 months, you know it’s not just a passing whim. I will be off friday and will probably spend the whole day waiting again so i’m never going to get to the galleria.

    On top of that I have another baby pigeon to worry about. A young pigeon showed up at my door yesteday (he’s big but still can’t fly or eat right but won’t let me catch him). His mother is hanging around trying to get him to eat. The neighbor’s cat that killed the parents of the pigeon I have inside, is hanging around trying to catch the baby pigeon so now I gotta worry about that. I can turn my heart off to people but my heart melts for animals.

  283. HenriLouis*294522 says:

    Hi all sugars,
    The river runs deep here.
    I enjoyed reading up all the posts.
    Much wisdom in here and kind advice.
    Loved the expression golddiger versus sexdiggger.
    On the subject of the blog I will find out more tomorrow.
    I will sign off for a few days.
    Will let you know about my adventure (discreetly) Friday evening.
    The novel Guilty Pleasures will get many new chapters.
    Down and out in Sugarland is one of them.
    It seems that in whichever country you come, student SBs have a hard time. Usually they lose their job first in times of crisis.
    An SD is then an answer to many prayers, also in my case.
    It sounds a bit like “international rescue” (pun intended).
    I wish everyone a sugarful week !

  284. gurlnextdoor says:

    You’re right Lisa, I don’t think he really realizes the sd/sb concept clearly but I’m working on it. And if I lived in Houston I’d come rescue you from your boredom. :)

  285. lisa says:

    As long as he understands the concept of a sd/sb relationship, long term is fine, just make sure he isn’t just looking for one of those relationships where you live together, split the rent, trim his toenails, etc, etc. lol

    I’ve given up on the sd think, heck I can’t even get my mailed delivered. It’s a bad omen. The things I ordered where the items I was hoping a sd would get me but never did so I finally got them when they were on superclearance and now it looks like I will never get them. The package they had for me at the post office was just a little sample box that came today that fit in my mailbox. They cannot find the package with the tracking number I have on my mail slip.:( It should be a big box with a sweater dress and a plaid skirt) Now I gotta go back to work the next couple days and not be able to check up on since the PO will be closed when I get off work.

    I’m just sooooo tired of life. I need some excitement, a nice night out, some shopping, etc. actually I just need a ride to the post office

  286. lisa says:

    But then again how many young college student women are self employed, running their own businesses?

  287. gurlnextdoor says:

    Hey everyone been talking to one of these “SDs” for about two hours straight on yahoo. He says he’s looking for a LTR, but I’m slowly showing him what a SD is. He’s offered to take me shopping when he comes back down here in a few weeks, and he’s nice and actually trying to learn more about me, so I’ll give him a chance.

  288. NC Gentleman says:

    Hi Nico — I prefer a travel companion because I don’t want to see someone locally. It severely narrows down the potential SBs. I have found it is usually a self-employed SB that can meet the schedule requirements.

  289. lisa says:

    I only have a menial job but I can’t just take off anytime I want and any time missed would affect my finances very negatively. I would think one would have to be independently wealthy or have their own business and be able to hire people to do everything in order to have all the free time to travel, and then again that type of woman wouldn’t need a sd. Many sbs work and go to college,have exams, projects, etc that would be difficult to work with if a sd expected them to be traveling all the time. I would love to travel all the time, but if I did, I would need full support.

  290. ~Nico~213385~ says:

    Lisa ~ I must agree with you on the availability factor. While I’ll admit my schedule is insane and far from ideal, I’ve found many SD’s that would prefer a travel companion but then expect her to have a life of her own. I would imagine it is a very unique SB that can manage to marry these two concepts.

  291. NC Gentleman says:

    Heya SG2! Hope you are doing well! Good to see you again!

  292. SouthernGent2 says:

    YSL – there are all types of SD’s out there. And I have found through profiles, messages, etc that there are SB’s out there that will not allow sex to be part of the arrangement. Sort of narrows down their prospects I would say, but I imagine they still find someone that is compatible and agreeable to their wishes.

    Nyland – Its just awkward and new sometimes. Put yourself in her shoes. Maybe a 21 year old is not used to a 45 year old for example. Some girls just are naturals and can handle any situation. But for others, its just difficult to for her to totally let loose in the situation. She sounds like she likes and respects you since she cuddled with you there after the sex.

  293. Joules*300035* says:

    good afternoon everyone! I ended up staying awake until like 11am today working on a press kit for one of my clients, slept 5 hours then started back at it again!

    Then I remembered…CRAP!!! I gotta get off my tail and go job hunting today!!! I’m stoked! Wish me luck everyone as my availability is crappy due to not having my own vehicle.

    Anywho, hope everyone is doing well today. I still haven’t heard back from my SD, sent him several emails yesterday (just mainly asking his input on my work). Hopefully I will hear from him tonight. If not, I guess that means I will no longer have an SD lol

  294. Monica (aka LadyChromeRider) says:

    You all have been very helpful with this discussion. I’m obviously new here and I can honestly say I’m not a gold digger….in fact, I manage to support myself very nicely…and if I’m on the wrong website, please, someon, let me know.

    I’ve been on bikerornot (I’m a biker chic – I admit it) for months. Most of the people seem to be very fake and not really interested in getting to know a person. Others wanted to immediately know what kind of bike I have…how much I time off I get…and if I wanted to get laid. In fact, none of them took the time to learn my name.

    I’ve been on Craigslist and I think every lunatic in Denver must be on that website. I’ve met a few who spend an hour complimenting me and then start hinting about needing a co-signer for a motorcycle….3 have left me with the tab for the evening.

    I guess I don’t consider myself a ‘sugar baby’ either…..

  295. lisa says:

    What’s ironic though is that we sbs have jobs and lives but there are many sds on here that expect us to be able to take off and travel for weeks at a time several times a year. It would be difficult to keep most jobs or to find one that would let you be away so much. I wonder how those sds would expect a sb to survive and pay her bills without a steady job due to traveling all the time? I read alot of profiles that want someone who can be on a plane when they call, but how many of those of us that have jobs can do that?

  296. lookylou says:

    About the blog topic: I agree with what most people here have said. A gold-digger is a cold-hearted person who believes that other people are simply a means to an end. Toxic users with an overdeveloped sense of entitlement.

    A sugarbaby is both smart and savvy – often simply a younger person who would like both companionship AND support. SBs in general work and earn their own income – they do not laze about all day, taking bubble baths and doing their nails, expecting other people to take care of them. They have dreams and goals and aspirations that do not involve money. They are hard workers and go-getters who understand the value of a dollar. They are generally friendly and warm-hearted and love/value the company of others.

  297. ~Nico~213385~ says:

    Hello Ben ~ we’ve not met, I’m Nico and hello. I do like what you’ve stated and you’re correct, some of us are more able to verbalize their likes/dislikes, appreciation and affections.

    As for ‘setting up a meeting’. I typically find that his calendar is the one that requires the finesse so I’ll provide options and allow him to narrow it down. Once the place is set, I’ll make suggestions (if we’re in my town) and ask for input then I’ll make the reservations etc.

    My belief is that this type of relationship is an escape for us both…it’s being able to have our cake and eat it too without the fear of getting fat so, I think both sides should contribute equally. Not all share in this vision….just my perspective.

  298. lisa says:

    Hi Jamisen well the management here is not exactly friendly to non hispanic tenants. The problem is mainly with the post office though. They said they would redeliver tomorrow, but guess what? I will be at work all day tomorrow and thursday. The post office and apt office will be closed when I get home. If it doesn’t get delivered to the office over the next two days, I won’t be able to get it till next week since I have no phone access at work, no courtesy phone for employees. My prepaid cell phone is down to a little over a dollar which is about 5 minutes of service before I have to reload and I can’t do that right now. The next day I will have free time is friday but you can’t get same day delivery, so I will have to wait till next week to call for redelivery since I dont’ get my work schedule till saturday.
    It sucks and I just want to send the stupid stuff back. I am soooooo tired of being cooped up in this apartment. I have had the last 3 days off and went nowhere. I was going out today but by the time the mail came and disappointed me, the rain had started.

    These kinds of things always happen to me and if I knew I was going to have this much trouble getting something delivered, I would have just taken the 2+ hour journey to the post office and back but I can’t do that now as the post office closes at 5 and it’s pouring

  299. Jamisen/305521 says:

    Hello everyone! I think we nailed the gold digger v. sugar baby issue on its head, even the part about how males and females can be gold diggers (just to please the gender studies scholar in me).

    Nyland- As everyone has said every individual is different about sex. It is a very intimate act and so we all respond differently. As NCGent suggested, take closer notice on her actions, especially the ones without your prompts. I also think that many SBs may act in such ways as an attempt to keep things simple and maintain some sort of distance in the relationship. In this type of relationship, both sides may take precautions to not get too emotionally attached.

    Ben- It’s nice to finally meet you! I was reading old blogs and remember you being quite a regular.

    Lisa- I think maybe you should try the red, white, and blue outfit- mailboxbaby as you called it last night. It might be worthwhile to speak to your building’s management about finding a more effective solution to packages.

  300. raine*306712* says:

    [*reread my comments* Oh boy, more like my inner Denis Leary – yeesh.]
    I’m giving myself a time out. Be back in a few hours or so…

  301. gurlnextdoor says:

    I agree NC Gent, that’s pretty much true. Try before you buy, that’s how most people feel. Hell, that’s how I feel, lol.

  302. NC Gentleman says:

    I cast a vote for virtually impossible for finding an SD who doesn’t believe in pre-marital sex. It is hard enough to find one without that additional caveat. Maybe the millionaire dating sites would work better for you, but I don’t know of too many people who don’t want a test ride before they get married.

  303. raine*306712* says:

    Lots of hard work, indeed: raising five children w/ no spouse and working three jobs’ worth, I’d say. [dang inner cynic strikes again]

  304. raine*306712* says:

    ^I’m sorry, but I’m speaking for reality’s sake and based on the profiles I’ve read thus far, not to mention many SBs’ received emails I’d read about. Best of luck with that just the same…

  305. gurlnextdoor says:

    Hmm raine perhaps I should put emphasis on the word LOTS, because yes it is virtually impossible I think.

  306. raine*306712* says:

    Hi again, sugar fans.
    YSL [a nod to the recently-departed fashion legend, I presume?], as much as I’d like to agree w/ gnd, my gut is telling me such an endeavor is essentially impossible. I’ll stop short of suggesting that you hang it up now. 😐

  307. gurlnextdoor says:

    Hey everyone, just my luck. Every guy I meet wants a LTR, argh!

    YSL to answer your question there is a SD for everyone I believe. Although finding a SD who doesn’t believe in pre-marital sex will be hard to find. But I’m sure it can be found with lots of hard work. :)

  308. Ben says:

    Nyland – again, welcome to the blog. BTW – I think we answered the gold digger question. I agree with posts on that. As for how to tell a SB is into it or not, I think this is a great question and really hits at the larger question about communication between men and women.

    As for initiating things, it seems that I nearly always have to set up meeting times which sometimes is tough. I wish the SB did this once in a while. One of my pals on the site here said though that SBs expect their SDs to be in charge and lead things – i.e. setting up the next meeting etc. What do folks think about this?

    I tend to agree with this. I think the SBs I’ve had have been into it, but to the point that someone made – personalities differ a great deal, and therefore expressions of feelings/emotions will too. I think many men and women can be guarded for quite some time early on about their feelings as sort of self preservation mechanism. It also depends on the SB/SD situation. I also think other people also just may not be accustomed to being expressive. I’ve told my SB before among other things that she’s wonderful and beautiful, kind and smart – but I hardly get this in return. To this end I mentioned recently that guys, even secure older guys (I’m near your age Nyland : ) still need feedback on things. It would be great to hear, “Oh, you are such a great lover, and so much fun to be with,” but not all women can easily say this even if they feel it.

    I’d say one big hint about her being into it is the random acts of kindness angle. If she’s making special efforts to suprise you with clothes, small gifts or other things – in other words, if she’s putting some thought into it outside of when you are meeting she probably is into it. My SBs have almost all done this – buying lingerie or bringing small things for me they know I’ll enjoy.

    The question still remains though – how much of the time do SBs maybe act like they are enjoying things to please their SDs? I get the impression that the SBs I’ve been with have been sincere – as actions speak louder than words.

    On the other topic of scammers – I think we all have run across one of these on either side – either a sexdigger for the women or gold digger or scammer for the men. I had one woman demand $1,000 a day after our first dinner date and she promised really nothing in return – just said if I “really cared and was serious” I’d help her out. I didn’t and I’m glad.

    Anyway – Ny – let us know how it goes. Hope this helps.

  309. YSL Lover says:

    This is going to be a very inapporiate question to ask but I think I am a little confused about something. Is it possible to have a SD if you don’t believe in pre-martial sex? Maybe I’m being a little naive about how the SD/SB relationship works.

  310. Atalanta says:

    NYLand, you sound incredibly sweet!

    I think you just have to remember that some people just do sex differently. The first time isn’t always perfect, and if she was cuddly with you afterward, I think that it’s a good sign.

    I definitely agree with NCGent’s advice, though. You should really try to decipher her body language. If I’m really into someone, I want to hold their hand, I initiate contact once I know that he likes me. It’s clear that you like her and you’ve spoiled her.

    She just might be a quiet girl. How to get her to open up? If you like the scene, I would take her to a dance club. I always feel like I can just let loose, be seductive, etc. on a dance floor.

  311. Mia says:

    Nyland –

    While I respect everyone’s responses, I think it isn’t always the wisest thing, as Nico hinted, to expect your SB to fit in a certain box or behave in specific ways in order to convey attraction or affection. She may, as you suspected, just behave differently than the women you are accustomed to pursuing.

    If she cuddled (and cuddles) with you, and is enthusiastic about seeing you, I would think that shows her connection/attraction.

    If you continue to feel the need for someone who is more passionate on the surface, though, I think you should go for that to make sure you don’y continue to feel skeptical or as if it is not fulfilling.

  312. Nikkibaby says:

    I think a Sugar Baby is a woman who is use to being spoiled but knows how to take care of herself. I think sugarbabies are my kind and compassionate towards there SD needs.
    Now Golddiggers on the other hand are devious and have no conscience when it comes to there SD feelings. “Money-hungry”

  313. Jasmine*308878 says:

    If you guys cuddled and talked and she was sweet then I’m sure it wasn’t a bad experience for her. That’s just her nature.

    I wasn’t a very sex driven person until I met and fell in love with my boyfriend.

  314. nyland says:

    Thanks Jasmine, and Cat

    Actually after sex, she was very sweet and cudly, we layed there in each others arms and talked and touched etc. It was very sweet. Just really different from previous. I guess I am used to vocal women, so this was different! Being the first time I thought it would last longer! ha ha kind of ironic the guy wanting it to last longer! But I thought she was rushing it a little…

    Do you think that is just her personality and how could I get her to open up more?
    She said she had a good time and I made her feel really good, and she thinks I am very kind to her and loves being spoiled. I ask her if she wants to see me again next week and she responds “of course!”

    SO I dont really know if there is an answer I just needed some thoughts and to talk things out a little.

    Thanks again. :)

  315. ~Nico~213385~ says:

    Hello Nyland and welcome to our blog family.

    I second NC on these comments but please also take into consideration personalities differ as do ways individuals communicate their attraction. While it obviously matters greatly how she feels about you, the bigger picture here is how she makes you feel.

    She could be shy, nervous, intimidated, a new and not yet confident SB….either way, you’ll only know by going on a fact finding mission.

    Best to you!!

  316. nyland says:

    Well she certainly doesn’t do as much of that as the las SBs did but maybe she is just getting to know me. I really would like this to work as it is such a drain to find somebody new and compatible who you can trust.

  317. Jasmine*308878 says:

    If I ever had sex with a guy and acted shy, quiet and passive afterward it’s usually because I regretted it and wish I could have taken it back. Your SB, more than likely, wasn’t really into it. Maybe she felt obligated to sleep with you and felt like she owed you something in return for all that you’ve been doing for her.

  318. Cat says:

    Nyland: If it was the first time you had sex with her, don’t expect it to be perfect. Give it a few more times…try to find out what she likes so that it can be great for the both of you. If it doesn’t get better, maybe you need to find yourself someone more compatible.

  319. lisa says:

    I just talked to the post office again, package is still at post office. And I have to work all day tomorrow and thursday and have activities to go to afterwork which means I won’t get my package even if they try to deliver it. Checked the apt office, no package and they will not hold packages there because of liability (mainly because of the fact that someone burned the old office to the ground a few months back). What a bad week this is, 4 days off and just sitting around waiting for the postman to let me down. :(

  320. NC Gentleman says:

    Hi Nyland – here are some things I look for — does she initiate contact with you (kind of like the previous SB)? How fast does she respond to your emails, texts, etc? Does he ever do random acts of kindness for you? Does she touch you on the shoulder or arm ever when she talks to you? Does she sit across from your or next to you? Those are pretty some pretty big indicators, and I always judge people on their actions not their words… Good luck!

  321. lisa says:

    I’ve given up. Again no package and the stupid mail person doesn’t have it on the truck.

  322. nyland says:

    HI, I am looking for advice from some of the experienced (or at least opinionated) people here! I really love reading all the excellent responses to all the questions.

    I am wondering how to tell if my SB really feels a connection and attraction to me or is just in it for the money. I am 41 and she is 23. We have been meeting for about 2 months and I have taken her to dinner several times, taken her shopping, bought her purses, given her her monthly “allowance” and stayed in a nice hotel together last week where we had sex for the first time. I have had relationships with other younger women before one a SB and the other not and both of them were gaga over me, constantly emailing, sending sweet messages, etc etc. They were both very uninhibited in bed too. My current SB is a sweetheart, very kind and gentle and very beautiful and sexy. She is kind of passive and quiet especially when we had sex, maybe she was just feeling that way cause we dont know each other very well, I dont know. I guess I am used to the lightning bolt feeling that I had with the other girls. I really like being with her but I am not sure she feels the strong feelings toward me.

    How do I tell if she feels a strong connection. I guess I have hinted at it and have kind of asked and she seems to answer positively but I am not sure by her actions that she is really attracted to me or thinks about me alot other than to fulfill her “obligations”

    Thanks for any advice you have. I can answer other questions if you need.


  323. ~Nico~213385~ says:

    Hmmm…the dead cat visual is still etched in my mind too 😉

  324. raine*306712* says:

    Hi, OPOV; gee, that essentially sums it up.
    That cat still pinging starbucks locations in your neck of the woods? *lol*

  325. ~Nico~213385~ says:

    LISA ~ Rain and ALL I would go outside and get face to face with you so there’s no more wasted effort on your part!!!

  326. Jasmine says:

    I met him on another site and I’m 22,he is 39. So 17 yrs older than me. :) hey to me age aint nothing than a number.all it matters that u love each other.

  327. OPOV says:

    Good Day all.

    Difference between a sugar baby and a gold digger (IMO):

    a sugar baby nurtures

    a gold digger takes

  328. Jasmine*308878 says:

    Where’d you meet that guy? How much older is he than you?

  329. lisa says:

    If he turns into a boyfriend and still treats you great, that’s wonderful, even better but if he wants to start out as a bf from the beginning and avoid spoiling, that sucks

  330. Jasmine says:

    Ask me jasmine cus I had an sd turned into a boyfriend and we both love each other already.he treats me like a queen.

  331. lisa says:

    There are many guys on this site that seem to want to move away from the financial part, avoid it.

    Oh look that b**** mailcarrier is here early. Let’s see if I get my package today. It’s raining now so she might not want to get wet.

  332. Jasmine*308878 says:

    Does anyone have boyfriends/girlfriends?

  333. ~Nico~213385~ says:

    ~ Exhausted and ready for the vacation that lay ahead of me 😉 Thank you Raine…..good morning/afternoon/evening to my fellow sugars :)

  334. Jasmine*308878 says:

    I find it odd that these guys are here looking for a girlfriend or wife…not because we can’t be the girlfriend or wife but most of need/want financial assistance from a sugar daddy. I’m not sure what the transition from sd/sb to boyfriend/girlfriend would be like.

  335. Jasmine says:

    but what’s louder? I think they both cancel each other out.lol lisa! True!

  336. raine*306712* says:

    Jasmines: Ha! I knew you two lived within spitting distance of each other! 😀

    Hi Nico. How goes your day thus far?

  337. lisa says:

    I live across from a fire station, try listening to fire truck sirens all day and night, lol It’s good to have an ambulance nearby and the hospital 3 blocks down, in case I get a really old sd, lol

  338. ~Nico~213385~ says:

    Gold digger ~ somebody who is dishonest about their intentions.

    Sugar baby ~ somebody who is honest and communicates their intentions.

  339. raine*306712* says:

    It’s either they want a gf(or crazier still, a wife) or an escort. I’m aiming for that rainbow that is the grey area, fellas. *lol* eh, it’ll work out.

  340. Jasmine says:

    What?! Okey that is kooky… Lol! :) where I am,I’m right under the darn landing route so we hear those suckers every 5-10 mintues it stinks.

  341. Jasmine*308878 says:

    I’m about 20-30 minutes from midway…

  342. Jasmine*308878 says:

    As the job hunter…I always call them back and remind them that I exist and am available all hours, all days of the week. They never call you back.

    The “Johns and Tricks” (that sounds old lol) on this site disguise themselves as sugar daddy’s…for what reason, I don’t know. That’s been most of the guys I’ve met.

  343. raine*306712* says:

    Oh snap, Jasmine the sequel — and also from the chi to boot?! Hi! 😀

    It’ll be two weeks for me thursday, and it’s also hard for me to fill out applications when I can’t get as much as some body wash.lol

  344. lisa says:

    The best way to turn you against your favorite store is to work there. I used to love one particular department store and thought working there would be fun. Well it was horrible and too much work and stress. I couldn’t even go in there on my days off to shop because the management would be trying to get me to clock in because someone had just called in. I don’t shop at the grocery store I work at now because it’s too expensive but at least I don’t hate it, it’s physical work that hurts my back but no stress

  345. Jasmine says:

    Same here. It would be really weird if we both lived in the same area.I’m by midway

  346. Jasmine*308878 says:

    Jasmine is a VERY common name in Chicago.
    Throughout my elementary/high school career I’ve never been in a class where there wasn’t one or two other girls names Jasmine.

  347. lisa says:

    It’s looking like rain in Houston too. Feel lucky that at least those guys who contact you are offering money as the messages I get from guys wanting to meet don’t have any mention of money, they just want to have coffee and ……

    I know about job hunting. I was doing it back in August and hated going in a asking for an application, many acted like you were bothering them. And I never got any calls back. The call I got was for the first grocery store I applied for and that was in the comfort of my home on my computer, online application

  348. raine*306712* says:

    Boy, wait’ll I get my netbook; I wish they would. ~lol~

  349. Jasmine says:

    Jasmine ur from chicago too? Hey 2 jasmine’s from chicago! That’s kooky :)

  350. Jasmine*308878 says:

    I think I’m gonna go job hunting this morning too. I’m kinda dreading it. I feel awkward going into a store, not buying anything and just filling out an application. And it’s supposed to rain today but Chicago weather can be very unpredictable.

    As far as my sugar journey lol *j/k I’ve only been on this site a week*
    I get messages almost everyday and most of the guys who have sent me messages are looking for a prostitute to see on a regular basis for sex in exchange for money – that makes me, beyond, angry because I’m pretty specific about what I want. I would never have sex with a complete stranger, who I probably won’t even like, just to have a phone bill paid or buy something I want.

    The two guys who seemed okay in the beginning…
    One was such an asshole and asked very personal questions.
    The other was perfect. We wanted the exact same thing. I sent him a pic. He said he was still interested but only has little time at night for things like this and didn’t always have time to respond…that was 4 days ago!

    After reading the book -He’s Just Not That Into You- I’ve learned and realized that NO guy is ever too busy for something/someone he wants.

  351. raine*306712* says:

    Wow, lisa: they failed to read the fine print, apparently, or for that matter the arrow pointing to the sister site! Maybe I need to squeeze in my profile that I’m not looking for a bf or spouse…

  352. lisa says:

    I just checked some of the new members in my state and they are sour. Found two right up front that are not looking to give money for time, and if a woman is into money, don’t contact them. One is looking for a friend. They need to try e-blahblah or plenty of crap, lol

    Oh thanks for reminding me, I need to get the money transfered to Nigeria because someone did and left me millions, lol

  353. SuthrnExec says:

    NC, I have encountered a large number of those types in the past as well. I refer to them as the SA equivalent of a Nigerian scam email!

  354. lisa says:

    men and woman can both be pigs, agreed lol

  355. NC Gentleman says:

    ok we agree lol hugs!

  356. lisa says:

    I agree NC Gentleman but again I can’t tell you how many messages I have received (well back when I was getting messages) where the man started talking about passion and intimacy and what he liked in the bedroom, etc

  357. NC Gentleman says:

    I agree Lisa, but I have had enough experience here that if you tell someone your financial woes 3 minutes into a chat and that you need $500 asap, they most likely aren’t that interested. I may be wrong, but I think the fact that she left like 20 seconds later without saying anything confirms that.

  358. lisa says:

    gotta watch out for those sexdiggers, lol

  359. lisa says:

    She was probably a gold digger NC Gentleman but then again she might have really had the need and after hearing the same fake promises again, she might have gotten tired of it. I know you’re not one of them, but there are alot of men on this site that are playing games.

  360. ChocolateSnowBunny says:

    Lisa: I like that you specified that a gold digger can also be a man. So often, women are vilified for their behaviour although men can be just as cruel and cunning. Anyway, the ladies before explain the difference perfectly.

    Good morning sugars.

  361. NC Gentleman says:

    p.s. love the term sexdigger Lisa :)

  362. lisa says:

    I sent him a nice email telling him that if he ever travels to my city, to let me know ahead of time. Odd he lives in the next state and can’t travel here. He’s retired too, very odd

  363. NC Gentleman says:

    Lisa — it may have been cold but I am quite certain she was only interested in the money and nothing else. If she was interested in me, why did she leave so quickly?

  364. Mia says:

    Mmmmmm, sexdigger. That’s a good way to put it, Lisa. That’s what I meant when I said “the other way around.”

  365. raine*306712* says:

    *if I wanted to. Dang.

  366. lisa says:

    For those of the younger generation “vd” was the old term for “std”

  367. lisa says:

    That’s kinda cold NC Gentleman, maybe she was for real. Think of it as if you met a woman you were crazy over and you were about to get intimate and then she said, “sorry i’ve got vd” lol
    The sexdigger is the male equal of the female golddigger although it doesn’t seem to be mentioned much that there are probably more men out trying to get into a woman’s panties than women trying to get into the wallets. There are scammers on both ends. Believe me my ex husband was one of them.

  368. Jasmine says:

    Good morning lisa! :) u should ask him why he can’t swing over to you,its not going to hurt him,never hurts to try! :)

  369. Mia says:

    NC Gentleman – ugh. I’ve had similar scenarios as well, but the other way around.

  370. lisa says:

    Good morning everyone. Slept late this morning. Warm outside but looking like rain.

    Gail I am wearing my black leather leggings and a checked tunic, lazy attire.

    A golddigger is a woman (or man) whom goes after a wealthy person with intent of getting everything they can out of them. I would think most golddiggers goal is marriage so that they could have more legal leverage and get alimony and all that stuff. It might be a woman having a baby by a wealthy celebrity or such in order to get thousands in childsupport.

    A sugar baby is someone whom looks for someone to spoil and treat them. A lighthearted and honest relationship, I provide what you need, you provide what I need, etc. but with the understanding that it is or most likely is a temporary situation.

    Well I got one response to the 20+ messages I sent out. HOWEVER, again it’s someone unwilling to come to my city. He says he travels to Dallas and such but never my city. Has mentioned several cities he will be traveling to soon if I would like to meet him in one of them, at my expense it’s obvious. I will sent a courteous response and ask why he can’t swerve over a couple hundred miles to meet.

  371. Jasmine says:

    Oh that stinks nc gent. :(

  372. NC Gentleman says:

    and yes I am mean! Hi Jasmine, raine, and SE!

  373. NC Gentleman says:

    Hello all — interesting topic…. I encountered a gold digger (maybe scammer is more like it) yesterday. We had emailed back and forth about 10 times, exchanged pics, and then she wanted to chat via msgr. So we started chatted and she gives me a sob story that her purse and cell phone were stolen, and that she needed $500 ASAP. I was like sure– send me your bank account info and I will wire it to you right now — she got all excited until about 10 seconds later the light clicked on (but I am pretty sure no one was still home) that I was not serious. She got pissed and blocked me ** shrugs **

  374. Jasmine says:

    Good morning raine! I was starting to think I was the only one here. :)

  375. raine says:

    Hello, sugar fans. I see everyone else covered the topic; I have nothing more to add except that I couldn’t be a gold digger I wanted to (*shaking fist* dang my humanity!^lol)

  376. Jasmine says:

    The sentence I meant to say “we get spoiled!” darn typo

  377. Jasmine says:

    Good morning everyone

    Gold digger-she’s only going after your money and doesn’t show no type of compassion or feelings whatsoever.

    Sugar baby-we offer our friendship,our compassion,we listen to the other person and in return,we get to spoil! :)

  378. Beach_Girl*306486 says:

    Morning all, off to work i go

    Gold Digger- A girl who sets out to get something from a guy, a car, jewelry, etc.. without emotion or affection

    Sugar baby~ A girl, women , that get emotional involved part time with a man. She listens a lot! A man that can help her financially. Help her with a career etc…
    How are you all today?

  379. Gail says:

    Thank you SE…If I don’t do my part, no one else will:) Plus I love seeing the smiling faces. Its a great feeling for me to help others. My SD has also got to love my gift of giving back to people and community.

    Have a wonderful day SE:) and send a Hello to busy bee OC for me!

    Lisa…are you sleeping in? What did you decide to wear for your mailbox day?

    Oh by the way…I would like to mention SBabies come in all sizes, colors and ages. They are not all young or have the perfect bodies. I know…

    Southern E….I have to go now…can you help me get up from this chair?(smile)

  380. Lauren Renee says:

    Good Morning Everyone!!!!!

    I think a gold digger is someone who is only after super rich men. They go after men that they are not even attracted to and sometimes they are even disgusted by the men. They typically don’t want to work and their life plan is to score a rich husband.

    A sugar baby, in my opinion, is a young lady who wants to be spoiled by an older gentlemen. Unlike a gold digger, a sugar baby lets her SD know what type of relationship she is looking for upfront.

  381. SuthrnExec says:

    Morning Gail – good for you for your volunteer work – that is extremely commendable of you. You have no idea the extent to which you are touching and impacting lives! :-)

  382. Gail says:

    Morning Sugars-I am up eary…it’s off to volunteer I go:) Time to help the people who are in need.

    Your mind and vision must have been really busy. No Joules…it’s been like that for awhile now.

    Gold digger OR Sugarbaby…looks like all of you above have it covered.

    Sorry everyone…I tried to stary at the bonfire all nite…I had to drive Jamisen safe and sound…and then tucked myself in. I know my limit:)
    Had a great time getting to know everyone that showed up.

  383. SuthrnExec says:

    You may have clear everything – temp files, history, cookies, etc.

    On Topic: I think the gold digger will manifest themselves in other ways initially – after all most have learned to be crafty – but if a pot SB acts very interested and engaged immediately (actually too quickly to be real) – many times they disappear before every following through with meeting because they have determined that there is something about the $$ that is not to their liking. I think they are the type that are most likely to be no-shows or stand you up.

  384. Joules*300035* says:

    SE, i tried that and it didn’t work lol

  385. SuthrnExec says:

    Joules, you have to clear your browser cache whenever you change Avatars to see it right away.

  386. Joules*300035* says:

    oh wow, i just realized that my Avatar FINALLY changed to my new picture! LOL!!! The last day I posted (Friday I guess) it was still showing my old picture; even though I had changed the picture and deleted the old one like a week ago!

  387. Joules*300035* says:

    In your opinion, what’s the difference between a ‘gold digger’ and a ’sugar baby’?

    Gold Digger : scandalous chick! does whatever to get what she wants. includes (but definately not limited to) leading the SD on, lying, being deceptive, acting interested when she’s really not

    Sugar Baby : a kind, compassionate woman. fully understands the concept of a ‘MUTUALLY beneficial arrangement’

    ok, going to go back to the last blog and throw my two cents in on the blog topic

  388. Joules*300035* says:

    good morning everyone! just finished working a very long night on a client’s bio and figured i’d drop in here since it’s been several days since i’ve logged on. looks like i missed an entire blog over the weekend!

    so how’s everyone doing?

    i haven’t been talking to my SD much since we met. i’ve been getting frusterated though because he’s promised me several things and i dropped a ‘hint/reminder’ and nothing came of it. so the email i sent him today just straight-up said…’so what’s up with my business cards and cellphone?’ lol

    my weekend was wonderful; lots going on in my non-sd life! lots of WONDERFUL things! plus, tonight i finally get to go out and go job hunting!!!

  389. SuthrnExec says:

    Well, I think you four have nailed the difference! No need for me to comment. Nice job!

  390. blueberry says:

    I think a Gold digger wants someone to support every inch of her lifestyle, and doesn’t want to work.
    These girls who only go after footballers, for example. They just never want to work in their life.
    A sugar baby, has her own life, but wants a sugar daddy as an extra special treat, and she appreciates those treats and doesn’t expect them.

  391. gurlnextdoor says:

    A gold digger solely goes after any man with some bank, uses him till she’s had her fill and moves on. There is no consideration for what makes him happy, how he feels, etc. It’s just all about how and where to get the most money.

    A sugar baby on the other hand usually dates a gentleman older than her. He takes care of her financially and she in return provides him friendship, companionship, and perhaps even a lover. They help to fill voids each one may have in his and her life. They truly want to help each other out and do this in their respective ways.

  392. Jasmine*308878 says:

    I think that a gold digger is a female who’s always on the prowl for rich/wealthy men and is only interested in dating rich men for the sole purpose of money – no feelings, emotions or even friendship involved.

    A sugar baby is typically a younger woman who dates an older man for financial assistance, being taken care of, spoiled, pampered, etc…The guy is physically attracted to his sugar baby…there’s usually chemistry (depending on the parties involved), friendship, a confidant in each other.

  393. TeeTeeBaby says:

    This is my first post been a member here for a few months no SD yet. I think a sugar baby is honest and up front and a gold digger is a sneaky liar who fakes and pretends to be interested in men for material things. I think the SD and SB relationship is more open and honest than that of a golddigger.