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Sugar Dating: How it Works, How it Started



sugar is love

On a rare and much savored lunch meet with a sugar-pair from Seeking Arrangement, it became clearer than ever that for many SD dating devotees, there is a clear science to getting excellent results.

The Sugar Daddy Renaissance

Much was learned from the pair who were like two peas in a pod. We’ll call them “Bob” and “Sarah” – both of whom have been a part of the Yahoo group that started it all.

Before there were SD dating sites, sugar was pretty hard to find online, but the purest of it was found through a Yahoo group created by  Leidra Lawson – author of “Sugar Daddy 101” and founding mother of Sugar Daddy matchmaking.

Bob, who is a true Father to modern  Sugar Daddyhood, is known by his band of SD brothers from the Yahoo group as ‘sensei’ ~ and for good reason.

He has got his SD lifestyle down to a science. Throughout his journey, he’s learned a lot about what approach works best. A profile pic with a former SB gets lots of responses, and so does one of him standing in front of his house and car. Canadian SB’s have a seasonal interest in Southern arrangements, and college sugar babies influx in late July and early August…

Have you noticed any patterns with online sugar? More here, less there?

Have you learned any tricks? Care to share?

Do you consider yourself a recessionista or recessionisto? How have you changed post-recession, and how has it changed your sugarlife?

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  1. Lizzie says:

    I am amazed that I’ve received several e-mails so far—and one from a guy 10 years younger!!

    This morning I sent a message to an older man who lives on the west coast; he replied to say he is going to try to stop in Chicago tomeet me next month when he travels to NYC!

    I kinda like this…

    And speaking of ovaries ;). I had a hysterectomy about 5 years ago, but kept the old ovaries and am not yet menopausal, thank goodness!

  2. ann vremont says:


    Nasty or not, you still bought it 😉

    Yes, I do have ovaries, but that story has had some readers accusing me of being a guy. Cougar story up soon. Like FOX News, I want to be fair and balanced.

  3. Carmen says:

    Welcome to all the new sugar babies and sugar daddies! Good to see alot of new faces here. Haven’t checked in for a while, so got some new friends to make.:)

    For the ladies who are new to this, the best advice I can give is to just be yourself when contacting a pot SD. Make your first email upbeat, brief, and ask a question or two about him. Mention something in his profile or his pic that got your attention. Guys like compliments, too….;)

    Avoid the guys who only want to talk about their needs (sex) and not about yours (financial). You’ll find tons of them in the SD world. Just ignore them and they’ll go away.

    Also be wary of picture collectors and guys who want your phone number right away. Most of them are just looking for a cheap (free) thrill or phone sex and have no intention of spoiling you.

    As for that first date, make yourself gorgeous and have fun, that’s what it’s all about! Just remember to be safe anytime you meet someone new: here are a few basic steps that are a MUST before going on your first sugar date:

    1) know his full name, employer, contact info and double check it on google or do a background search.
    2) have someone to make a safe call to before and after the date, to check in and make sure you’re ok
    3) Make the first date in YOUR home city and at a location where YOU feel most comfortable. A restaurant you frequent is always a good idea.
    4) Don’t go home with a pot SD on the first date. Most real SD’s would never expect sex on first meeting. Guys that do are not sugar daddies – they are johns looking for an escort.

    Expect to go on a lot of first dates. The chemistry isn’t always there, so you have to keep trying and not get discouraged. But if you get to the 2nd date, that’s always a good sign that the guy is serious and ready to talk about an arrangement.

    I wish you luck in your search – may you all find the SD’s of your dreams!

  4. Lizzie says:


    I’m an older gal (48). I just spoke to my first potential SD. Interestingly, I spoke to this guy when I was on another site, but I don’t think he remembers—-it was not an SD site and I won’t remind him ;)!

    We plan to get together next week. I’m a little nervous, but this is beneficial for me. I am single and I am sick and tired of men who think they can have me for nothing (not even a decent relationship).

    I also am dating a multimillionaire who is very involved with his 3 kids and ex-wife. He is very tight-fisted and the sex sucks big time (he is 20 years older than I am).

    Anyway, I just needed to get this out and tell someone.


  5. Tricia says:


    Im a newbie here also and I have enjoyed reading alot of the articles and blogs here. I alos had a few questions on how to get started. What is the best way to contact a possible SD and how do you word your first email to them? I guess I want to know how to break the ice so to speak and start talking. Any help would be greatly appreciated. Thanks

  6. cc says:

    Hi I am a newbie and would really appreciate some clarity about how this works… what is deal with $ bracket? like if u need $5000 a month, what is the process? from the blog it seems like blind dates and u may or may not connect as like any date. What does the sd thing really mean? are sb tested so to speak and then sd may or may not follow through? I am confused as to why I would go out with someone on trial basis when there is a totally different inference on the site. Do u have dinners and hang out until sb needs are met? is it dining, shopping and perks or is it as it states on site? Sorry for all ??? but I am not getting the process after reading blogs and messages and site. any help i would so appreciate!

  7. UkrainianGirls says:

    I think that it is a very interesting and amusing article. Practically all its main points are true.

  8. Beach_Girl* says:

    nite Victoria

  9. Victoria ♠302242 ♠ says:

    Gonna go now, lovelies… I’ve got a busy week ahead of me. G’night, dears!

  10. Beach_Girl* says:

    hi girlie, how was the SD date?
    yeah we so had this convo yesterday lol

  11. girlie says:

    Jamisen, I was SURE it was raw dough but BG mentioned Mock chicken. Either way……gross!

  12. Victoria ♠302242 ♠ says:

    Maybe it’s an actual photo from the lunch meet that was mentioned…?

  13. raine says:

    Thank you, Victoria; needed that. Yeah, that better be tofu loaf *side eye* I’m still trying to figure out the photo’s connection to the topic (a blueprint or flow chart I can understand…).

  14. raine says:

    I thought it was sourdough bread at first, but now I’m not so sure. I’m trying not to look/think that hard…

  15. Victoria ♠302242 ♠ says:

    The protestor in me says tofu loaf.

    Well, raine, I’m sending you a virtual hug. *HUG*

  16. raine says:

    Nite, lisa.

    My stress and frustration are really coming out now (not this, but the outside stuff). I know my SDs aren’t gonna make it go away (not by a long shot), but it helps to know taking a load off is possible. *shrug*

  17. Jamisen/305521 says:

    BTW, does anyone know what the package in the blog photo is? The one sitting on the cutting board?

  18. Victoria ♠302242 ♠ says:

    Have a good night, Lisa! Love talkin’ to ya!

  19. Jamisen/305521 says:

    Lisa- As I was reading your story, I was like, “Dang.. I’m sure Lisa is soooo proud that her daughter is turning 18 soon.” Seriously, you’re amazing.

    Victoria- I think I’ve just been talking to pot SDs too much!

    Raine- Yea, I actually beginning to think that being in school and working is not conducive to sugar dating because one very promising pot SD and I are having such a hard time making plans to meet because we’re both so busy!

  20. lisa says:

    I try to be positive but I just want some fun and excitement in my life and a sugardaddy.

    I’m on the phone right now with my mom and then i’m going to call my friend after 9. Have a good night everyone. I’m going to sleep late tomorrow.

  21. Victoria ♠302242 ♠ says:

    On my 18th bday, I went out to eat with a friend of a friend, and met my ex fiance that same night… It’s hard when family doesn’t support you, and I can’t promise things’ll get better (even the best clairavoyents can’t promise what they see will happen, and I’m just a novice card-reader), but I can say if you believe a good life is out there for you, chances are much higher that it will be.

  22. Victoria ♠302242 ♠ says:

    Wow, I’m gonna be 20 next month…You aren’t THAT young, deary.

    Lisa, maybe it is POF that was a bad site…now that I think of it, I think she and I met a guy from there and a friend of his. They were nice for a while, but in the end (after the friend’s brother and I flirted a bit), they got upset (cause apparently I “belonged” to the friend) and admitted that they were just trying to get laid. So, yea, POF =bad.

  23. raine says:

    Oh geez, Jamisen, that would be short of hilarious if it wasn’t so dang immature. Seriously, dude? *cue eyeroll* I mean, many of us are students and/or working, so where’s the problem? I too figure the allowance and shiny stuff are bonuses; I DO work for a living, ya know. I just want to have fun outside the box, so to speak.

  24. lisa says:

    well I did it all right raine. I was married almost 4 years when my daughter was born but I was still the single mother in the county hospital. I went to the hospital that was down the street (I lived in this same neighborhood then too) and was asked to leave when they found out I had no insurance. I ended up on the other side of town where my parents couldn’t visit me because it was too hard to get there and that hospital charged for parking. No support, nothing and my mom would not let me get assistance so I struggled with a 300 a month job. Took my daughter off formula before she was 6 months old and didn’t get any of here shots till she started school and then my mom took her to the doctor and got them all within a month. She turns 18 this week, hard to believe

  25. Victoria ♠302242 ♠ says:

    Explain to him what you meant…then back away slowly…

  26. lisa says:

    Jamisen, yes I finally got my package, after 3 calls to the post office the mailperson finally left it at my door. I think my mailman is gone though and this new one is going to stay because I don’t get tv guide or star magazine anymore and my subs still have 6 months to go. Only part of my apt number is on the mailing label but my regular mailman knows me so he always knew where it went. He was also good about delivering my packages.

  27. raine says:

    I forfeited my independence and eventually got myself knocked up. Oh well, I can try again in 20 years…

    [dang, did I actually type that? Somebody hear a door slam? Oh, must have been some SD lurking who could’ve been almost perfect for me! *shrug*]

  28. Jamisen/305521 says:

    Victoria- I’m 20.

    Lisa- Yes, I grew up pretty much playing alone.. so maybe that’s where we get it from.. Also, any luck on the package situation at home? Did you have to resort to mailboxbaby?

    Raine- Or the messages I receive back from some men are hinting to get me to say that I’m doing this for the money because of the economy, but let’s admit it– on the issue of money, I’m a broke college student. Economy good or bad, I still need money. No, this search is more about finding good company, the idea of a little spending cash or spoiling is just a prize on the side.

  29. lisa says:

    these were my experience with the fish

  30. lisa says:

    Another guy contacted me and boy he was obsessed with avoiding gold diggers, although it didn’t look like he had anything, lol
    He wrote me and since HOuston is a huge place, and many suburbs are also considered part of the city, I asked him where he lived. This is a normal question usually answered by saying “clear lake” “Cypress” Southwest houston, etc, etc Well he sent me a very nasty email back saying What if I said I live in a tree? Why does everyone woman want to know about what type of house I have? Darn golddiggers everywhere
    I wasn’t asking him about his house , just what area but he got all offensive and thought I wanted to know if he had a house. geesh

  31. lisa says:

    I tried and got a lot of guys that didnt’ speak English, I think looking for greencards. Talked to one guy who said he was a lawyer and also working ona thesis for a class he was taking to get another degree. Odd though that he was always at home.He would say he was going out to run or something but the minute I wrote him he answered right away. Never seemed to be at work, always sitting by the pool he said. He just disappeared after talking a month and no mention of meeting. I think he was probably a guy living with his parents. The forum is interesting though. I used to go on there and talk about sugardaddies and yikes did I get mud thrown at me. Those people don’t like sugarbabies over there, lol

  32. Victoria ♠302242 ♠ says:

    Beint independent and on your own is such an accomplishment, so many take it for granted. You’ve done well considering how you went straight into marriage from your family. So many women I know are unable to get back on their feet because they never learned how to truly live alone (without family, husbands, boyfriends, etc.). You’ve done well, Lisa!

  33. Victoria ♠302242 ♠ says:

    POF? It’s not that bad of a site, actually…my friend was on it. Or maybe it was one of her failure sites…Not sure anymore. In the process of typing, I forgot. … …
    ANYwho… guys can be jerks. They want someone until they have her, then they don’t want her anymore. Not all men are that way, but so many are, it can be disheartening. I suggest, after a string of lousy dates, taking a long hiatus to “reflect” or something.

  34. lisa says:

    I didn’t come into independence till almost 4 years ago. I went from home to marriage and then back because I was having a baby when my husband left me. I never believed I could survive on my own. Then I met someone from another site that my family didnt’ approve of me doing, he is married and so it was either stop dating or get out so I got out. Had to leave my family, pocessions, daughter, and all but I can’t believe how far I have come, even though I’m at the bottom I’m actually living on my own and my own life. Came close to being out on the streets back when I was out of work but the guy I was seeing (although not a sugardaddy) did come through for me and gave me rent money so I was able to get back on my feet again.

  35. raine says:

    From what I’ve gathered, single motherhood and whimsy are mutually exclusive; hence, planning almost to the nanosecond is the only option.

    Hi, Jamisen. You’ve brought up a good point: this was seemingly the absolute worst time to join because much of our competition is essentially begging (I should know, I browsed through several of their profiles).

  36. Victoria ♠302242 ♠ says:

    Ha, if someone serenaded me, I’d fall over laughing! I like sweet/romantic gestures, but that’s going too far.

    I’m not sure I could stand being an only child (tho, I’ve been told I have “only child syndrom”). I have 3 sisters and a brother… I spent pretty much my entire childhood alone in my bedroom, but my sibs were there when I wanted them. My mother’s been there too, of course, even with all of her *issues*… We may have been *technically* homeless once or twice, but never had to sleep on the streets or anything. But, I’ve learned to be very independent through it all.

  37. lisa says:

    I am so tired of being persued by a man whom i’m not really interested in, they won’t leave you alone, you give them a chance and actually get to like them and then they start to drift away and are always too busy and it seems to bother them when you want to see them, like they’re doing you a favor when they’re the one that made the first move. My last boyfriend wouldn’t leave me alone, I gave him a chance, he was crazy over me, 6 weeks later he was always busy and was trying to push me to do online dating. Imagine that when you’re dating a guy you like and he’s wanting you to meet someone else. He didn’t sugest this site though, some other loser site (you know the fish one) where there’s nothing but cheap guys

  38. Victoria ♠302242 ♠ says:

    Oh, Lisa…men in eyeshadow = *drool*… Sweaters in heat = nono…lol

    Hey there, Jamisen! How young are you again?

  39. raine says:

    Don’t even get me started on that love/romance jazz! Pffft. Ick. Just saying the word ‘relationship’ leaves some odd aftertaste in my mouth! It’s like, “don’t serenade me, bro!” [not as bitter/jaded as I once was, but still.]

  40. lisa says:

    Growing up an only child with a mom that worked all night and slept all day I had to stay inside until she got up in the afternoon. I learned to enjoy my own company. I need to get out and see my family and have some fun but I also like knowing that I can shut my door and no one is going to walk in on me when I’m dancing to a song while watching you tube, lol

  41. lisa says:

    Victoria I used to plan my life so far in advance that I had my outifts layed out for a month in advance and when the day came to wear a certain outfit, I wore it even if it was a heavy sweater and it was 80 out. lol

    Hi Jamisen

  42. Jamisen/305521 says:

    Lisa- what you said is so true. I’m super young, but I’ve already grown to love being alone and my privacy. Much like you, I’m seeking a SD to shake things up a bit, but maintain my independence. But you are not an “empty vacant soul” just because of that!

  43. lisa says:

    I’m hot for Billiejoe Armstrong of greenday. Love a man in eyeliner

  44. Jamisen/305521 says:

    Hi everyone, I’m sorry I’ve been so sporadic but I’ve skimmed this blog and see that much has changed and much as remained the same. Joules- Don’t know if you’ve officially signed off your sugar life, but good luck with everything!

    As for the topic (I know I’m a little late):

    Have you noticed any patterns with online sugar? More here, less there?
    Well, showcasing my extreme young age, I’ve never found sugar other than online (and even then I’m still setting up my first meet). I do have a close friend who experienced a sugar relationship and they met in line at a smoothie place. Too bad I’m not comfortable enough to tell her that I’m searching for a SD so I can stop leading this ‘double-life’. :(

    Have you learned any tricks? Care to share?
    In my search for a SD, I have learned a few tricks. I’ve had better returns with SDs that approach me, and one-liners are not worth the time or effort. Logging in during the mornings and weekends are best because that’s when a lot of SDs are logged on. Asking a pot SD if he’s had sugar experience usually reveals a lot too.

    Do you consider yourself a recessionista or recessionisto? How have you changed post-recession, and how has it changed your sugarlife?
    I joined post-recession, although I had been considering this pre-recession (or at last the officially declared recession) so I imagine I plucked up the courage to join SA.com at an unfortunate time with the influx of needy SBs. But I write genuine messages, and I hope that my intentions shine through to the pot SDs who receive them.

    Sugar fam- it seems like everything has been going well since my hiatus.. any news to share that I may have missed?

  45. Victoria ♠302242 ♠ says:

    Lol…so much planning, raine, leaves no room for whimsy! And a life without whimsy can prove to be a dull life, indeed.

  46. Victoria ♠302242 ♠ says:

    Lol…love the imagery, raine!

    Lisa, I’m almost there with you… I’m not a huge fan of the love scene either… I’ve been comfortable being a loner since childhood, and when I did fall in love it was just a lot of pain afterwards. (I don’t, by any means, regret it, but there’s a big chunk of my life/me I won’t get back.) But, I can’t say I’ve given up on love, though it may have given up on me. I’m far too much of a romantic, as well as head over heels for Johnny Depp
    ;-)… Plus, I don’t think anything’s written in stone, so I can’t possibly say I’ll always feel this way towards love… (though, I personally wrote in stone that I will always love Johnny Depp).

  47. raine says:

    BG, I understand. One can only capture so much of a wtf moment on a keyboard.

    I too am aiming for that, Victoria, except I gotta plan stuff WEEKS (if not months) in advance — and even then, I’d better have about five backup plans! Damn it all to Harold’s. 😐

  48. Beach_Girl* says:

    raine it’s hard to type all of what happened lol
    i’m better at talking then typing, lol

  49. raine says:

    Ohhh. Just checking. I figured those guys had stars in their eyes and/or their prince charming tights fresh out of the cleaners. The ones whose florists are on speed dial or something…

  50. lisa says:

    I gave up on love along time ago. I’m now an empty vacant soul. I have grown to love living alone and my privacy. Just looking for someone to get out with and have fun and that will make my life more fun and boost my finances. Sugardaddies don’t last forever but neither do boyfriends or husbands. lol

  51. Victoria ♠302242 ♠ says:

    I’m mostly keeping my options open…I don’t think the whole “love” thing’s in my cards anytime soon. I mean, I’m open to it happening, but I don’t really expect/want it to.

  52. Victoria ♠302242 ♠ says:

    Thanks for the advice, everyone!
    I googled just his name. He did come up alot, so it seems, from the little he has told me, it’s the truth. Sites with his picture and job and other information came up, so that’s something at least.

  53. lisa says:

    Ok looks like cold weather in the morning. Gotta wear what I was going to wear friday when I go with my daughter to the mall tomorrow and wear what was going to wear to the mall friday tomorrow. Need to be wearing the sweater tomorrow, lol it’s going to be about 50 when I leave to go downtown. I had a spagetti strap top layed out, burrrrrrrrrrrrrr

  54. raine says:

    Victoria, are you really looking for love, or mostly keeping your options open? Otherwise, I can’t call it, other than he actually might be skittish about the web…

  55. NC Gent says:

    Yeah I am a Cubs fan, but I don’t really watch that much baseball anymore. I remember growing up we would watch the games on WGN so that was a lot of fun. I grew up in Michigan. I am a big Packers fan, and love pro tennis, but that is about it for pro sports for me.

  56. raine says:

    Hmmm. I don’t know what to make of it, BG; different names, physiques…he could’ve given you ladies a clue, though, like normal people: “I’m wearing such and such” or “I’m at the bar, next to the guy in the red shirt on the right.” don’t blame you for having been leery. Barring that, I’m still kinda confused, even after reading it twice!

  57. Victoria ♠302242 ♠ says:

    5′ 1″ and 105 is very slim, Lisa! I’m like 110 and 4’11” and still look about as small as a smurf…really, that’s my nickname from some… as well as: Midget, Munchkin (a favorite), and “World’s Largest Woman…Incognito”.

    Hey there, BG (and everyone else, of course)! All is well? I’m feeling much better these days. I, personally, think I’m still not used to Chicago’s weather… after spending 10 years in Mississippi, (and even this past Christmas) it’s going to take me a bit to be okay with such schizo weather.

    NC, a fan of the Cubs, are we?

  58. lisa says:

    I have had a few situations on regular dating site where I cancelled at the last minute because It just didnt’ feel right. I mean if I was awake all night worrying about it, I best not go. Anyway I know I made the right decision because most of these guys wrote me really nasty messages which means they have quick tempers.

  59. lisa says:

    Wow Victoria, no one in my city would walk a few blocks let alone a mile. I say if it doesn’t feel right, trust your instinct. Ask him more questions, if you decide to go have a friend nearby or near the phone. If you do meet him and it doesn’t feel right, take a different route home in case he follows you.

  60. NC Gent says:

    First, google his name and see if he comes up. If I were you, I would need more information. I come up a few 100 times when I am googled, and I provide my full name, company name, cell phone, work phone, etc. Basically whatever it takes to make the SB comfortable. If he doesn’t come up on google, I would ask him for more info. Even after that, meet in a very public place and good luck if you aren’t scared now/

  61. lisa says:

    Houston people are lazy. Everyone lives so far from everything, especially the upper class and they won’t walk anywhere. The highly hispanic population contributes too because they really like to cook big meals. Childhood obesity is a big problem here too.

  62. Beach_Girl* says:

    raine ~ you don’t think i’m wrong about him??? CSB thought he might be a stalker that wanted you know

  63. lisa says:

    The astros suck! I have been to two games since i’ve been here and darn it they won both times. The tickets are ridiculous and the food lousy.The games are usually on weekends and nights so that makes it impossible. And then there’s that Roger Clements guy, he went to the same high school my daughter does. I rang him up at my register a couple years back at the office store I worked at. I didn’t even know who he was. GO CUBS! I lived on North Sheridan road near Shefield were the cubs park is.

  64. Victoria ♠302242 ♠ says:

    Quick update: I’ve been chatting with a guy from the sister site (SM) and we’re meeting Wednesday. We were supposed to meet yesterday, then today, but I’ve had to reschedule both times. Anyway, the guy doesn’t really give me much to work with as far as trying to figure out his personality. I understand that some people just aren’t very fond of technological communication, but so far all I’ve really gotten out of him is his job, name, and when and where to meet. Because this does seem a tad shady to me (tho, as I said, some just aren’t fond of the ole intarwubz and texting), I’m making sure a friend knows where I am and will probably have someone call me after an hour. Also, the meeting place is only like a mile from where I’m staying, I mean it’s walking distance. I was just wondering what you guys’ opinions were?

  65. NC Gent says:

    I saw something recently that Texas has the highest percentage of obese people in the States. I would say that 5/1 105 is slim for a woman :)

  66. raine says:

    Yes I am, NC *snicker*; I’m closer to the sox if one wants to get technical. [To be fair, I don’t follow baseball. Or most sports, for that matter.] Thanks for the winning vibe, lisa; they’ll need it, lol.

  67. lisa says:

    I put myself as slim but i’m actually 5’1″ and 105 so that would be average. I would love to weigh 87 again (I did before I had my daughter).
    The men in Texas shouldn’t complain about a woman’s weight as more than half of the men in Texas on the site are overweight, most of Texas is.

  68. NC Gent says:

    I see Chicago is a legal word here now wooohoooo!

  69. raine says:

    Thanks for reminding me, NC: I gotta change that part myself (I mean, ‘full’ not a big deal, but ‘overweight’ according to WHOM?! Yeesh.).

  70. lisa says:

    See NC Gent I can say it chicago chicago chicago

  71. lisa says:

    I used to live down the street from the cubs field in chicago

    Tonight the cubs are in Houston and they are going to beat the tar out of the astros. lol

  72. lisa says:

    He lives out of town and is married so I don’t think he can meet evenings. This is another reason I wish I could find someone in Houston, that I could see at varying times. But Houston has no SDs, lol just like Houston has not hotdog stands, no real newstands, no real fruit markets, no real shopping downtow, no lake or river, nothing. Sorry i’m just into a Houston bashing mood, lol

  73. NC Gent says:

    Raine — u r in the town the cubs play in right? I have an office in Downer’s Grove — maybe we can have coffee next time I am there. :)

  74. raine says:

    ^ahem…don’t PUT much past people, I mean. So unreal, I ended up typing too fast…

    Hi, Victoria! Sounds like a super idea! Feeling better, I hope?

  75. NC Gent says:

    Hi Maya — I read your profile. It is fine, but you might want to change from full/overweight to a few extra pounds … you didn’t look that big to me…. just an opinion — and howdy neighbor!

  76. raine says:

    BG: Oh, duuuuuude, that coulda been him! I don’t much (if anything) past people these days…

  77. Beach_Girl* says:

    Hey Victoria!

  78. Beach_Girl* says:

    Lisa~ you should tell him evenings is better and that you could do one morning… maybe that will work for him

  79. Victoria ♠302242 ♠ says:

    Howdy sugars! Far far too much to go back and read right now… Far too exhausted at this point. Meanwhile, anyone here? Raine, we should hang sometime! We could take your kid and my nephew to the beach or something! :-)

  80. lisa says:

    I thought I had found someone. We exchanged a few emails, I asked him if he had read my profile about my expectations and he said there was no problem. He asked if I wanted to chat on the phone. I wrote back and said yes but I didn’t send my number as I don’t like surprise phone calls. He asked for another pic, I didn’t send one. Haven’t heard back from him. Also since I no longer work evenings I would like to see my sd then but this guy lives out of town and wanted to meet mornings only. It’s not like he can take me to dinner or out somewhere in the morning. I usually only have a couple mornings free and I usually have stuff to do, I could handle one morning a week but not more than one, evenings is when I am sitting home with free time.

  81. Beach_Girl* says:

    Yep it sucks
    lol i think they have fun at home when they are alone looking at the pics lol

  82. Beach_Girl* says:

    these guys on here sometimes ,… they don’t know quality when they see it!
    don’t worry lisa we will find someone some day right!

  83. raine says:

    I don’t quite grasp this picture swapping thing: if I have three clear, decent pics on my profile and he has NONE (or crazier still, a fake — found a SD whose profile admitted as such) on his, do I need to receive three, or will just one be enough? Boy, this part of the process is also needlessly complicated.

  84. Beach_Girl* says:

    Hey lisa Smile it’s a shitty but great day right!!! lol
    we are all here and we all love everyone!

  85. Beach_Girl* says:

    raine you got mail girl!

  86. Beach_Girl* says:

    raine i got you now i’m gonna send you somthing

  87. raine says:

    BG, mail call.

  88. lisa says:

    Hi everyone

    I still haven’t heard anything from my potentials. One asked me to send him another photo, I told him “I’ve already got 3 on my profile and you’ve only sent me one” and well he hasn’t wrote back.

  89. raine says:

    We all do, but apparently there’s a lot of sifting to do. I’d add some more faves, but I’m better off overhauling the profile first; then the grunt work can start. Speaking of which, be mine, how’s your search coming along?

  90. Beach_Girl* says:

    “we in “something right that’s u Raine

  91. Beach_Girl* says:

    be mine not a prob, i didn’t know either when i got on here someone helped me too,,,,
    raine, i’m so done with all the fu***n bull shit
    yeah i think everything is getting to me you know
    oh let me send you an email oh my god

  92. raine says:

    What’s wrong, BG: sugar search wore you out, or the job? Both?

    He’ll show up before you know it…since you’re dolled up, perhaps a solo trip to dinner and/or a movie?

  93. be mine says:

    Thanks BG! :)

  94. Beach_Girl* says:

    wish i had an SD right now

  95. Beach_Girl* says:

    raine~ i am so tired of everything , i swear,,,, ahhh well what can i do!
    i wish i had an SD and i wish

  96. raine says:

    Pffft. Blah as usual. I really just need to get out more…I believe this feeling is known as ‘cabin fever.’ Again, blah. 😐

  97. Beach_Girl* says:

    Hey SE~

  98. Beach_Girl* says:

    raine , was ok i guess worked lots
    saw CSB yesterday that was cool, she couldn’t get together tonight though, so i’m all dolled up and no where to go!?!?! :)
    how was yours?

  99. SuthrnExec says:

    Hey BG –

  100. raine says:

    Perhaps the ole “I’m not like the other guys” spiel?

    Hi, BG! How was your weekend?

  101. LOL_A says:

    Hi Raine,

    The diatribe has been added to my profile…. You are right, livid, big time. Well you know, I am the sweetest girl but sometimes ARRRGGGGHHH lol
    Now I am just curious to see what reactions I am going to have… Well…


  102. Beach_Girl* says:

    Hi SE

  103. SuthrnExec says:

    be mine, is the profile you replaced with Maya’s a SB profile? You need to have a similar profile up on your screen I think in order for it to work.

  104. Beach_Girl* says:

    Hello sugars! i’m back!
    be mine~ you have to use your own profile, to copy the number so you can see an SB

  105. be mine says:

    hmmmm. I must be doing something wrong… I copied Maya’s profile # and pasted it on my address bar after removing someone elses… It says profile not available.. This has happened a few other times when I tried to view a womans profile…

    hahahaha… have I confused everyone? :)

  106. lisa says:

    Yes it’s great and fun to ride. I spent my first 10 years in Chicago and Arlington heights and was always riding on a train. But Houston has no train , well they have a tiny amtrak station outside of downtown. We have one rail line that opened in 2004. It runs from downtown to the astrodome area. It would be great if they expanded it to come out to the neighborhoods but everytime the transit company tries to expand, the residents of whatever are they are trying to expand to sign a petition to stop them. There is actually a small city on part of the street I live on (it’s a very long street) and the bus runs down the street but has to detour to a much busier street where there is already another busline because the residents of that neighborhood don’t want buses running on their street. Houston is very anti transit and anti pedestrian.

  107. raine says:

    Uh, LOL_A, was that diatribe added to your profile, or was the original paragraph(s) replaced by same? [That’s some capital-L livid right there…]

  108. raine says:

    Lisa: Whaaa–? One rail line?! Man, that’s cold (no pun intended). Oh, wait, almost forgot: at least one more would put a dent in their transportation caste system, right? Pffft.

    LOL_A, based on your palpable yet justified frustration, I don’t believe it’d hurt us to diversify as well. All I have to do here is actually put some pics up and tidy up the ole profile.

    Hi, maya: haven’t forgotten about you. Don’t know where the vets went, but they’ll help you out, I’m sure.

  109. lisa says:

    Be back later, I think i’ll take a hot bath.

  110. lisa says:

    Hi Maya

    Nice profile but you do need a couple more pics as the one you have posted shows your nice smile but is a little blurry. You will need the extra photos so that when one of these picture collectors contact you, you can say , I have already have 3 posted. The reason is that with only one pic, you are going to get requests for more pics which some legit sd might do but you will also end up wasting time sending them to fakes so it’s best to post 3 and to not send any new ones to anyone.

  111. lisa says:

    Hi raine

    Windy day here. Supposed to be in the 30’s tomorrow morning. I’m off so I will sleep late. I will go downtown tomorow and ride our one railline. I love the train but it only goes a few miles straight. It would be great if it ran all over houston but homeowners in Houston are weird and don’t want public tranporation to be accessible. Anyway since I have no sd meetings tomorrow, that’s what i’m stuck doing.

  112. Maya says:

    Hello everyone!
    Please ladies share the wisdom. Before finding this web site I had been dating older, wealthy men since my late teens and profiting greatly from it. I am now 29 and relocated to NC from NY four yrs ago and have been unable to find the same class of men. Which leads me to how I found this website. Here’s my problem I’ve had a few hits on my profile but I haven’t made a connection with a SD as of yet. I would love for some one to take a look at my profile and give me some feed back Profile Number 294281

  113. raine says:

    Hi, all. Yay to all who’d had a wonderful time this past weekend, and uh…

    LOL_A* & kitty: oh snap! **deluxe bearhug for each of you** I too am sowwy.
    *GEEZ and WOW. Shouldn’t have to come to that. SE is right on: extra helpings of patience ARE in order now. [Wait’ll they get a load of me.]

  114. LOL_A says:

    Wow Lisa that is scary. I think all these websites are nice but some men just aren’t. But then again on all dating sites… That is sad.

  115. lisa says:

    Goodnight CSB

  116. lisa says:

    I don’t know if screening works though. I had the scariest date with a guy I met on a site that does background checks. It was a few years back and the guy turned out to be drunk on our date (I wondered why he kept need a moment away) and we ended up on the other side of town so it wasn’t like I could just get out of the car and take a bus. He liked to never took me home. This same site sends out random “winks” and had me sending “winks” to this guy after I had this bad experience, even though I didn’t.

  117. ChocolateSnowBunny says:

    Sounds good Lisa. Send me an email.

    Ciao sugars.

    Have a good night.

  118. ChocolateSnowBunny says:

    Thanks Nico. Going really well but I’ll still come home with some things to ponder. He’s very generous so that’s always good ;). Glad to read that your date went just as we all expected. You’re wise enough to choose the good SDs. Best of luck with him going forward :)

  119. lisa says:

    I have been thinking about joining that site. Actually was going to join when I found SA.
    Gotta get an idea for a new profile though

  120. LOL_A says:

    Exactly, the fake ones are really making us feel suspicious. We have to be!!! I am sorry to say that but soon we will have to call this website “SeekingArousal.com”
    Isn’t there a place where people are scanned first?
    I mean it is like now there are only dorks, claiming to have money and abusing people.

  121. ChocolateSnowBunny says:

    Lisa: I’m sure your potential SDs will respond. Keep smiling. Btw, I’ve added a profile on SD4me last week and I’ve gotten quite a good response. I’ve noticed alot of men from Houston and some looking for older women. If you’d like to try something new, I’d be happy to pay for your membership. A fresh approach is sometimes all that’s need for more favourable results. I have to run but if you’d like to take me up on my offer, send me an email.


  122. ~Nico~213385~ says:

    Hello CSB…been wondering about your weekend :) Lovely to hear its gone so well and now that you’ve baited the hook, I cannot wait to hear ‘what happened’ with BG.

  123. lisa says:


    I know what you mean. What ticks me off is when I potential asked for additional pics (in addition to the 3 I already have posted) and they offer none or 1 really blurry one. Many legit sds are suspicious with a sb asks for proof first but it’s the fake sds that cause that, when you have more than one fake, you gotta look out for yourself.

  124. LOL_A says:

    I have just added something to my profile, I quote;

    “I am the girl on the pictures, I will gladly send you a “non model” one, but that’s it.
    A lot of you guys are here to play twisted games, are making a mockery of this great website and of the legit sugardaddies.
    I am sorry for you, but go somewhere else to have self-gratification!!!”

    I am so mad!!!

  125. lisa says:

    Hi ChocolateSnowBunny, Glad you had a great weekend.

  126. ChocolateSnowBunny says:

    Hey sugars,

    A quick check in from my SD weekend. It had been fabulous so far. He’s an absolute gentleman. I’ll give you guys the full scoop once I return home tomorrow. Had dinner with beach_girl last night. The funniest thing happened to us but I think we’ll wait until we’re positive before we divulge. It’s so weird and creepy, I’m itching to tell you guys.

    How’s everyone?

  127. lisa says:

    Sorry about that LOL_A
    I feel kinda depressed myself as the two potentials that were emailing me have disappeared.

  128. LOL_A says:

    Hey all,

    I am depressed and pissed off… A fake sg, againnnnnn but this one that is a first!!! Sent him pic of me without makeup and now I am not who I say I am. Perfect, just perfect…. 2 years on this website, and the first time I hear that.
    Aren’t they weirder and weirder every day???

  129. lisa says:

    Good afternoon everyone. Just got home. It’s chilly and windy today.
    No messages from either potential sd. The one that sounded like his was interested had ask me attach an additional pic in my email. I told him I the I already had 3 on my profile and he had only sent me one, so I didn’t owe him any more photos. lol He’s vanished so I’m back to no potentials.

  130. ~*kitty*~ says:

    what can I say,
    Pimp NC, Pimp lol

  131. ~Nico~213385~ says:

    LOL ~ well, the fun thing is……who really knows who is telling the truth? Muahahaha 😉

  132. NC Gent says:

    yeah yeah — dont let Nico mislead you — I am her heart throb in Palm Beach and she is my lil fluffy in Charlotte lol

  133. SuthrnExec says:

    Kitty – Nico – my apologies for the confusion – just giving NC and Nico a hard time – too much fun on on a Monday morning!

  134. ~Nico~213385~ says:

    Hahaha….Kitty, I may not be the sharpest tack in the box but uh *winks*

  135. ~*kitty*~ says:

    it’s snowing here… *frowns* maybe it’s bad weather day for all of North America.

    Btw, I love hiow this blog is like the weather channel! lol

  136. ~Nico~213385~ says:

    I sowwy Atalanta….we had a lovely weekend but now the wind is going insane!!

  137. ~*kitty*~ says:

    Girlie: none that is of any interest, which 45 min away are u from Toronto? N,E,W,S?

    Nico: I thought it was like a conspiracy of conspiracies. And then I started to wonder if you were the young lady who needs to broaden her horizons. COuldn’t be, you’re way more mature than that!

  138. Atalanta says:

    I hate Georgia weather.

    It is beautiful all weekend, then on Monday, when I must go outside, it’s windy and chilly. I need it to be warm again.

  139. girlie says:

    That’s great! Is there many site members in London, Kitty?

  140. ~Nico~213385~ says:

    LOLOLOL…..okay, it looks like that but it’s not. Remember, NC has an interest in a young gal who has agreed to broaden her horizons…..it’s just play.


  141. ~*kitty*~ says:

    Back up the train here… NC and Nico~ what? what?…

    My family and friends are in Toronto, I am in London right now for work :)

  142. Be mine says:

    Girlie…. Thats too funny! Sometimes I almost slip myself… Hopefully if I ever do I can catch myself pretty quick like you did….

  143. girlie says:

    And can I add that rainy weather is not suitable for dressing cute for a date? I want sunny! I’m quite jealous of those of you who get to live in warm climates.

  144. girlie says:

    Nico: Sounds absolutely lovely. I love when things don’t have to be rushed and just evolve. Wishing you tons of luck :)

    Kitty: yes, I am in Toronto, sort of. Within 45 min, anyways. You too?

    Bemine: I go on non SA dates about as much as I go on sugar dates…..but because my type tends to be the same as many men found here, it kind of all blends together. On one occasion I even asked how long he’d been on SA before I remembered we met through friends. I glossed it over pretty quick but that was a little close :)

  145. ~Nico~213385~ says:

    Haha….SE….I am a happy girl today :)

  146. SuthrnExec says:

    All right you two – cut it out!

  147. NC Gent says:

    Likes playful 😉

  148. ~Nico~213385~ says:

    Sorry….a tad playful today 😉

  149. ~Nico~213385~ says:

    LOL NC ~ so is he *winks*

  150. NC Gent says:

    Hey Nico — glad to hear your dates went so well! I was thinking about you last night. I hope you seal the deal soon 😉

  151. Be mine says:

    LOL… Well I already have to children and not having anymore! I so agree with you Kitty…. Relationships are way too stressful… I love the idea of having a SD I think it would make things less dramatic too…

    I went on two different dates this weekend both men were nice but the more I think about it the more I dont want that traditional relationship. I don’t want to have to answer to someone about where I have been or what I am doing. I want the freedom to be me… I’m hoping that having a SD who is out of town will allow this… LOL, I guess you could say I want my cake and I want to eat it too.

  152. ~Nico~213385~ says:

    I agree with Kitty on the ‘traditional’ dating world. For me, the arrangement is much more ideal and not because I think of myself as being worthy of more but more because it fits my life and lifestyle better, i.e., meeting only a few times per month, no heavy emotional involvement, in the same place regarding long-term expectations.

    Since moving to FL almost 1.5 years ago I’ve dated 2 guys, both of whom were VERY interested in marriage. They are both now engaged and on to their 3.2 children and the white picket fence. Not for me thank you!

  153. ~*kitty*~ says:

    Thanks ladies.

    Nico: I am so glad to hear that you are happy about this arrangement without wondering if it is “too good to be true.” It seems like a realistic arrangement. And that is so important.

    BeMine: I am trying to make the best out of it. Normally, I would love a day out of the office, but it’s snowing here and I just abhor driving in the snow! As for regular dates, I have lost interest half a year ago when I realized that relationships often often drags you down. I have been approached many times for dinner, drinks etc etc. (especially because of my highly socialble occupation) I have gone on several, but I’d rather keep it casual, relationships are way too much stress and drama. *shudders*

  154. Be mine says:

    Wow Nico!!! Sounds like the two of you had a great time!! I agree with Kitty in that he seems to be genuine.. What more could a girl ask for?
    Im so happy to hear there are more then just a couple of real SD’s out there still… Maybe there is hope left for a few more of us?? : )

    Southern…. I think your reply was well said!

    Kitty…. : ( How totally unthoughtful… I’m sorry you and the others had to drive all that way for nothing….

    I have a question for all of the single SB’s…. How often do you go on non SD dates? I find dating is so hard and it is even harder to find someone you can fully connect with… Do you think there is just a shortage of good men period? I know there is a shortage of good SD’s but it seems to me that even just finding a man for a typical relationship is painful…. Not to mention that most do not have the money to support us the way we deserve…

  155. ~Nico~213385~ says:

    THANK YOU Kitty for your perspective. I was really hoping for some other’s insight into the date too. I wanna pinch myself….is it possible that it could actually happen to me?

    Sorry for your stress today Kitty. If nothing else, it is a day away from the office?

  156. ~*kitty*~ says:

    Nico: he sounds very genuine :) I think he passed all the tests for a true SD. there’s chemistry, good conversation, gentleman approach, honest, got you a gift, did little shopping, nice dinners, taking things slow and yet making future plans!
    Sounds like such a keeper!!

    YAY!!!! GOOD LUCK!

  157. ~*kitty*~ says:

    Suthrn: What you described on your blog topic response is very similar to my experience here on SA. Esp. regarding the patterns of online sugar.
    wrt cancelled meeting: what makes me so mad is because he made it such a huge deal, that I drove 2 hrs to get there. Daniel from Windsor drove 4, some others 3 or 1.5 hrs to meet with him. It’s not like we just went to another floor of an office or to another building to meet him, we all drove from different cities. I am now sitting at a cafe, contemplating lunch and dreading the 2 hr drive back :(

  158. ~Nico~213385~ says:

    We spent a lot of time getting to know each other in person on Saturday (he got a box of Godiva Chocolates) and he brought me a beautiful (HUGE) planted easter lily.

    Sunday was a more relaxing and less nerve-racking date. We walked about 3 miles on the beach (beautiful day) and we both discussed our expectations.

    He treated me to very very fine dinners, I picked the restaurants and understandably he was very pleased with my choices. He bought me a chair massage and we did some window shopping…..later he mentioned how much he really enjoyed one of the dresses and I should return and try it on. If I liked it I should call him from the shop so he could make arrangements to buy it for me so I could wear it on my trip to see him.

  159. ~Nico~213385~ says:

    Well, as he put it, we’re 60-70% of the way there. He would like me to visit his home and he would like to see how I live too….although I think the latter would not be a huge consideration. Although this may sound crass, I believe he would like to ‘seal the deal’ so to speak, to know whether we’re fully compatible on all levels, although I must admit, the chemistry in person was pretty hawt. *blush*

  160. SuthrnExec says:

    Congrats Nico! That is really great – very happy for you!

  161. ~*kitty*~ says:

    NicO: glad to hear your date went well! :) moving forward with arrangement yet?

  162. SuthrnExec says:

    Sorry for the novel – but for those who know my blogging history, I can be verbose as times…

    Kitty, that sort of thing is at the height of inconsiderate! I hate it when people do those kinds of things.

  163. ~*kitty*~ says:

    Hey Girlie! Welcome to the blog, did I read from earlier, that you are from Toronto as well?

  164. ~Nico~213385~ says:

    Well, I would normally be upset because it’s Monday but, I had an amazing weekend with my potential! We are on the same page and had an amazing time. It was very innocent….but very good. We spent Saturday eve together over dinner and drinks and then met again on Sunday for brunch and a nice long afternoon.

  165. SuthrnExec says:

    Just wanted to address the questions and add my 2 cents – which is probably double what they are worth…

    >Have you noticed any patterns with online sugar? More here, less there?
    My comments are based on what I observed when my profile was not hidden as it is now. I noticed a couple of things: 1) there were more messages during weekdays – my assumption being that people were away from their computers more on weekends; 2) I noticed that having a monthly membership moved my profile “to the top” each time I renewed, making it appear to me a new profile, which generated more responses. When I renewed quarterly, the number of messages gradually tapered off until I renewed the next quarter.

    There has been a significant change I think over the last several months with an influx of more subscribers of SA – and this seems to have produced more “fakers” which takes up more time of the legit SBs and SDs, so this is an inconvenience and frustration. As a result, PATIENCE is needed now more than ever. Trying as it may be, patience does bear fruit – so hang in there!

    >Have you learned any tricks? Care to share?
    I wouldn’t call them “tricks” but apparently, based on feedback from SBs on the blog, the things I consider critical to the success of this are missed by many SDs. The obvious things are important when crafting a profile – clear picture(s), a well thought-out profile revealing enough of your personality that others can determine enough about you to gauge interest are a couple of no-brainers. The critical pieces are the honesty and respect that is demonstrated in the communication process as well as making the other person’s comfort-level the highest priority. It must be honest communication with the components necessary to build trust.

    I beg to differ with the gentleman used as the example in the blog topic – his approach is a little too business-like to my liking. It seems terribly impersonal. The approach that seems to me that works best is to be flexible within the boundaries of honesty, quality communication and consideration. If these are observed and there is chemistry between the SD/SB, it will be apparent. If these are observed and there is no chemistry, you know that you have approached it as you should and you should move on… But then again, what the hell do I know — I’m not the “Sensei!”

    >Do you consider yourself a recessionista or recessionisto? How have you changed post-recession, and how has it changed your sugarlife?
    I think I am both depending on the situation. I am absolutely more cautious and keeping my eyes/ears tuned to the current economic situation – that goes without saying. It really hasn’t changed my sugarlife so much since it only began in December after the economy was well on its way into the tank.

  166. girlie says:

    Hi SuthrnExec! Thank you :)

  167. ~*kitty*~ says:

    thanx Nico~ *hugs while sobbing*

  168. ~Nico~213385~ says:

    Ahhhh….*hugs* Kitty…sowwy :(

  169. Be mine says:

    NC ~ I think that was a great way to handle things… And you never know maybe in a month things will change! Either way I don’t think you lose out.. If anything you ended up being a mentor and a good one at that…

    I hope everyone had a great weekend.. It is pouring rain today but we had a warm sunny weekend… Back to work this morning and man it really is a Monday…

  170. ~*kitty*~ says:

    I HATE MONDAYS!!! I hate my boss. I just got to Toronto and meeting is cancelled!!! He neglected to tell anyone!
    ooo GRR GRR GRR!!!

  171. SuthrnExec says:

    Welcome Girlie – glad you’re joining in – good morning BG and Nico.

  172. ~Nico~213385~ says:

    Why hello Girlie….nice to meet you too :)

    NC ~ I applaud the direction you’ve taken with your ‘green’ girl (no pun intended) and am floored at your employees response to having lost the argument re: phone usage…..”Oh, my bad.” Ahhhhh the English language has lost its flair.

  173. Beach_Girl* says:

    Hey Sugars!!! just a little Hello from raining Montreal brrrr….
    I’m so busy today, then i’m meeting CSB for diner again tonight yay
    she is so cute!!!
    talk to you all later
    have a good day
    girlie~ good luck on your SD date! tell me about it later

  174. girlie says:

    Good afternoon, Nico. I’m girlie. Waving atcha. I’ve been reading for a little and decided I should join!

  175. girlie says:

    Likewise, NCGent. Wow…lol. Well, you’ve provided her some balance at least. And hey, you never know when you might find yourself as a contestant onJeopardy and “Celebrity Trials” is a topic! It could happen :)

  176. ~Nico~213385~ says:

    Good morning my sugar family….or good afternoon 😉

  177. NC Gent says:

    Hi Girlie — nice to meet you — I got a full course of the TI trial last week :)

  178. girlie says:

    NC gent, I think that is such a lovely plan. Even if it doesn’t work out with the two of you, she’ll have gained something and I’d guess she’ll remember you set her on that path.

    I had to laugh at the TI trial part :)

  179. NC Gent says:

    Yeah Kitty — I remembered that — I also took some of your advice regarding reading material. So you were definitely a part of the plan :)

  180. SuthrnExec says:

    That sounds like a good strategy for moving forward – nice job NC!

  181. ~*kitty*~ says:

    Oo btw I am very proud of you for being honest and sincere to help the situation

  182. ~*kitty*~ says:

    YAY NC.
    Remember what I told you regarding my SD situation and how I felt? so please keep that in mind so u don’t hurt her feelings :)

  183. raine says:

    That’s good to hear. Better (a bit) late than never, right?

    (I, for one, have seen neither of those.)

  184. NC Gent says:

    OK here is an update on my green energy SB…. I just had a conversation with her telling her I didn’t think it would last more than a few months because we lacked things in common, things to talk about, etc. She was very mature about it but bummed. She confided that she was attracted to business-type guys in their 30s, but that the relationships always seemed to end after a few months. I told her part of the problem was likely that she could tell me everything about TIs trial, but had never heard of green energy. At some point, there needs to be substance to a relationship, especially with older guys. She agreed but countered that she had been interested in me because I could provide mentoring, etc. So we talked some more, and came up with a plan. I am getting her a one month trial subscription to Wall Street Journal and she said she would read the human interest stories on the front page. We are going to go forward on a one-month trial basis without any money or sex and see if we really can have a meaningful friendship. It was actually the conversation we should have had last week. I guess it is a good way to move forward without the potential of hurting anyone’s feelings…. ok now I am thinking Legally Blonde instead of Holly Madison from Girls Next Door lol

  185. raine says:

    I’m sorry about that, kitty; I don’t suppose you were half-expected to jump on the hood and go, “STOP! IN THE NAME OF NO MONEY DOWN!!”

    That doesn’t surprise me one iota, NC. I’m not the perfect employee, but I try to make it easy on my superiors.

  186. NC Gent says:

    yeah the things that I see as an employer — I could talk for hours about it and there is something new almost every week, that is why I tell people I am a professional baby sitter.

  187. raine says:

    “Oh, waaah! I can’t get that cushy gov’t gig — all because I was jonesin’ for that awesome cheeseburger burrito!” pffft.

    Yeah…bummed, I’m sure because in hindsight, the chili cheese fries would’ve been a lot cheaper had he taken his own dang car! Again, pffft.

  188. ~*kitty*~ says:

    The shittiest thing was because he was an employee from my office, i was partly responsible. *sighs*

  189. raine says:

    Unreal. 😐

  190. ~*kitty*~ says:

    *blah sorry … because he doesn’t own a car, there was no personal insurance to cover him.

  191. ~*kitty*~ says:

    Raine: tell me about it… foolish.. foolish

    NC: HAHA at least he had to bake a claim agianst his personal insurance. This kid doesn’t even own a car, so our company insurance won’t even cover him. My boss had to charge him for theft for the vehicle, as well as totalling it. This guy was about to leave to get a job with the government, so he needed a clean record. Now he can’t because he is charged with Grand Theft Auto, or else he’ll have to pay off the $20,000 K car.

  192. NC Gent says:

    Kitty — I had an employee do something similar — he took a company truck to go get lunch and while making an illegal left hand turn, hit another car. When I asked him about it, he said he didn’t like racking up miles on his personal vehicle. So I called our company insurance agent, and said it was unrelated work use, so they made the claim against him and his insurance company had to pay it… his rates went up instead of ours and he had to pay the deductible. He was kind of bummed lol

  193. raine says:

    Kitty: huh?! I’m sure the boss is thrilled…a nice car a hardworking citizen could’ve put in his/her garage, destroyed for a burrito. 😐

    *Wow…and to think, there are people who at least pretend to have sense are looking for work! *Whew*

  194. NC Gent says:

    OK — I guess other people feel my pain! It just wasn’t something I wanted to deal with first thing Monday morning! yeah — it is yellow electricity Monday! too funny!

  195. ~*kitty*~ says:

    *opps! To clarify… he Totalled it. By losing control while hanging a right (I know wtf right?) and hit a light post. 2008 G6 convertible. Poof. Written off.

  196. raine says:

    Mornin’, sugar fans. Cold/wet with a little snow here…

    NC: duuuude. It’s yellow electricity alert monday, huh? [gee, the “no extraneous/non-work-related texting” is implied in said manual…don’t argue semantics with me, bro!*lol*]

  197. ~*kitty*~ says:

    OO NC… That’s nothing, compared to an employee that decided to take one of the “For sale” cars out for lunch. And totalled and then said there was no policy against taking company vehicles out for personal use. (they are allowed if they are going to see a client, pick up a client etc.) And is refusing any responsibility. That employee definitely needed a good choke.

  198. SuthrnExec says:

    Come on man! Don’t hold your employees down – you need to become enlightened and allow folks to conduct personal business while at work! It’s the 21st century man! LMAO!!

  199. NC Gent says:

    Yeah — I have an hourly employee who is arguing with me about our cell phone policy (only work related usage during normal working hours). Seems he thinks it is too stringent that he can’t text all day while at work. He had the nerve to tell me that our Employee Manuals says phone calls and says nothing about texting. I was floored. I had to point out that it says “cell phone usage” and doesn’t say anything about what type of use… to which he replied “oh my bad but that still isn’t fair”

  200. SuthrnExec says:

    NC, well at least you won’t be adding to the unemployment numbers! LOL Don’t you just love it!

  201. NC Gent says:

    Good morning all! It is cool and very wet here!

    I need to kill an employee to start the week off, and then it should be downhill from there…. oh the joys of being a business owner!

    Hope everyone has a great week!

  202. SuthrnExec says:

    Good morning! It’s chilly here too, Lisa. What’s the deal with this?? Have a great day at work – I’m already here plugging away…

  203. lisa says:

    Good morning everyone. Burrrrr cold morning in Texas, the cold front as came through. Getting ready to leave for work. No messages from either sd potential but both have been online.

  204. TropicalBelle says:

    For all those asking I’d suggest “the beige blob of stuff on the cutting board” is fois gras, or foie gras :)

  205. girlie says:


  206. Beach_Girl*is changing to BG says:

    good luck on the date
    talk to you soon and don’t have nightmares

  207. girlie says:

    WOW! The things you learn on a late night blog :) Now, with the knowledge of mock chicken swirling in my mind, I must sleep.
    Have a SD date tomorrow!

  208. Beach_Girl*is changing to BG says:

    yeah a friend of mine is huge on that stuff , i hate the smell and it’s looks the same blahhhhhhh

  209. girlie says:

    Mock chicken? *gag* There is such a thing?

  210. Beach_Girl* says:

    girlie~ it looks like mock chicken and it turns my stomach

  211. Beach_Girl* says:

    lol that is ok girlie i guess i remembered that… lol

  212. girlie says:

    BG, I must be blind….lol. I see it now!

  213. Beach_Girl* says:

    Katherine ~ yay summer , but it’s so cold tonight you have no idea brrrr…
    i need to get my ass to the beach thats what i need
    have a good night too

  214. Beach_Girl* says:

    girlie, SuzieQ ~ it says on the beginning of the blog “On a rare and much savored lunch meet” so that’s why i said raw meat!
    I may be wrong

  215. Katherine says:

    mm. I’m heading out too. And thanks you two :)

    Suzie–good luck for when you two do coordinate the plans & meet up! Best of luck, sure seems promising from the way you sound!

    Beach:enjoy the upcoming WARM weather–it’s your time!!! 😀 hehe I love the beach & am SO psyched summer is comin

  216. girlie says:

    SuzieQ, it appears to be raw dough that’s been removed from a plastic wrap. That’s my vote, anyways.
    Or wait! Perhaps a Buffalo mozzerella?

  217. Beach_Girl* says:

    nite suzieQ

  218. Beach_Girl* says:

    Katherine~ first i never get mail lol second a break will do me good not leaving just not here for now lol

    SuzieQ~ yeah it is good to take a break, and i can’t wait for you to have your fist meet YAY

  219. SuzieQ*297329* says:

    Off to bed for me now…my tummy is full, my bed is all warmed up, and I’m up at 5:00 tomorrow for swim club. Have a great night everyone, and an even better tomorrow!

  220. SuzieQ*297329* says:

    Well good for you…sometimes a little break helps bring some perspective to it all.

    I haven’t been very active on the site either, but only because I’m super busy with my business and have been talking to a pot who seems to be the real thing…you know the one 😉 He has been very busy as well though, so we are still trying to coordinate the details of our first meeting.

  221. Katherine says:

    BeachGirl-I didn’t know that! Haven’t been keeping up well enough on the blogs. I peep in here and there but that’s about it.
    I’m not as proactive as I was when I first joined, but I’m also not turning my head away from any emails (unless I get a bad feeling from the profile…)
    I saw that joules is coolin it for a bit too.

    And SuzieQ: no clue.. what BeachGirl said might be right. either way, it doesn’t look too appetizing!! (whole heartedly agree with you :p)

  222. Beach_Girl* says:

    SuzieQ~ not really looking right now, just a little jaded
    i need a break, so that’s what i’m taking!

  223. Beach_Girl* says:

    lol i think so, that’s what it looks like to me lol

  224. SuzieQ*297329* says:

    BG – have you given up your search? Or just busy with other things?

  225. SuzieQ*297329* says:

    That’s meat? No wonder I’m vegetarian lol!

  226. Beach_Girl* says:

    Kat, i’m good , not really looking for an SD
    SuzieQ~ i think it’s uncut lunch meat

  227. SuzieQ*297329* says:

    Speaking of food…does anyone know what that beige blob of stuff is on the cutting board up there at the top of the blog? Looks icky to me!

  228. SuzieQ*297329* says:

    Just got in from a wonderful party…a bunch of people in my triathlon club got together for a potluck. LOTS of food! Sometimes I think the only reason we race is to eat lol!

  229. SuzieQ*297329* says:

    hi girls!

  230. Katherine says:

    I’ve been alright. Still jobless :( But I’m doing the best I can. Worse comes to worst I have a job lined up for June 1st which is at least something.
    But aside from that things are well.
    Still looking for my SD :)

    how are you?

  231. Beach_Girl* says:

    Kat~ how you been?

  232. Beach_Girl* says:

    Hey Nico, how the weather in FL?
    it’s cold here brrrr….

  233. Katherine says:

    hm. LOL_A.. I might go for it in the beginning of the relationship, but let them know that it’d be a HUGE help for something more–financial assistance, specifically. And gifts? I mean, really! I would hope for them too, occasionally, after they see I’m good company, you know? Dazzle them & win’m’over and then they’ll be willing to give financial assistance and gifts? *shrug* Good question, I’m curious too!!

  234. Beach_Girl*306486 says:

    Yeah was cool

  235. Katherine says:

    Aw, Beach_Girl that’s awesome!! :)

  236. Beach_Girl*306486 says:

    Hello sugars!!!! just came back from dinner with CSB had a blast!

  237. girlie says:

    That truly would depend for me, LOL_A, and what my needs were in that time period. Depending on the travel locations, I might actually got for it as a way to see the some great places, if he was someone I really enjoyed. Of course, I’d find a way to work shoes into the deal….haha. All kidding aside, if we’re talking a week in Cuba with nothing to do but lie around and eat and tan, NO. If it were some great cities in Europe/ Asia…..maybe, since we’d likely be out seeing amazing things. I’ve worked it out in my mind, not sure if it made sense.

    It’s a tough situation because if you have a job, travelling excessively can be tough.

  238. LOL_A says:


    I have a question related to the patterns.
    How many of sugar babies here are willing to have an intimate relationship with a sugar daddy whose arrangement consist only in taking you to nice restaurants and vacation? No financial assistance, no shopping, no gifts I mean…
    I have noticed that a lot of sugar daddies are willing just to give a minimum to a sb, but take the maximum.

  239. Nico says:

    Hello sugar family :)

  240. lisa says:

    I’m going to call it a night. Feeling kinda tired now so I think I will go watch tv. I didn’t get much sleep last night so i’ll have to make up for it tonight.

    Good night everyone

  241. raine says:

    That doesn’t bother me much (married and/or job-related, I understand) — the interested party/ies can always ship them off to me when appropriate. There may even be a few who — much like myself — just plain hadn’t gotten around to putting any up.

  242. NC Gent says:

    yeah most SDs don’t have pics I am assuming. and yes your town has tons of SBs Raine — wish my state had half as many as your town!

  243. raine says:

    Actually, NC, per policy I can’t send or receive emails of any sort, but I have run into plenty of SDs profiles sans pics. I have more than enough faves to work with when I finally start.

  244. raine says:

    Hmm…plenty of sugars on both sides in my neck of the woods. Have you tried I.l by chance, angela?

  245. nawtibynatur says:

    Hi raine. I am not super new, I just haven’t been on the blog in a while, and don’t talk as much as others. I do enjoy reading it when I can however. I think it is a wonderful way to share thoughts and experiences. Although unfortunately everyone is different, so even the things I have learned on this blog don’t always apply to everyone. It still helps though!

  246. NC Gent says:

    do u get any emails without pics up Raine?

  247. raine says:

    When I finally get my pics up, they’ll be flooding the gates! [of course, I’ll screen and weed out with relish — and maybe some horseradish (ha!)]

    Hi, nawtibynatur; I presume you’re new as well?

  248. lisa says:

    I’m going to take a hot bath now. Be back later

  249. nawtibynatur says:

    The opera sounds so wonderful Angela. I certainly hope you get to go soon!

  250. NC Gent says:

    TY Angela — there aren’t many SBs in NC — so it is somewhat ironic that I have to travel.

  251. Angela300373 says:

    NC GENT -LOL no need to move here…Just be willing to travel here…
    you don’t have to worry about competition…your in a different class.

  252. lisa says:

    Texas is big but not big on SDs, lol

  253. NC Gent says:

    OK lisa compare away — I may need to move to Texas where there is less competition!

    Hi Raine — had a pretty good day — did quite a few odd jobs around the house and had a little time for bass fishing but didn’t catch any — water is still too cold!

  254. Angela300373 says:

    I had one awesome date from here. ….but he is gone 10 months of the year.
    Another great date from here last sunday …seeing again tomorrow..he my favorite so far!!!1

  255. lisa says:

    I am waiting till tomorrow to hear from my two potentails. They are both married so they send emails at odd times.

  256. Angela300373 says:

    Nah I still have 2 pots that haven’t “turned perv or fake”
    I had a date today but it got canceled and possibly any future arrangement ….don’t know yet.. Neither of us is at fault it is just one of those things …..

  257. lisa says:

    Hi raine, I lost my last post

    The Texas sd was probably a fake, lol

  258. raine says:

    Hi NCGent. How goes it this eve?

  259. raine says:

    Hi again. Having one of those ‘duhhh’ days: can’t seem to focus for long.

    I did have a tx one on my list (may have deleted him, though). Sifted through every last one, huh, ladies? 😐

  260. lisa says:

    Hi NC Gent Angela and I are comparing notes via email

  261. NC Gent says:

    Hi Angela and Lisa — kind of slow in here tonight!

  262. lisa says:

    There are plenty of offensive drivers in Houston, I have almost gotten hit several times crossing in the crosswalk with the pedestrian light, drivers don’t look before they turn here

  263. Angela300373 says:

    Nahhhh…but LOL..
    I bet you would be like me…a healthy dose of paranoia makes me a good driver …I have had 2 accidents both the other drivers error. I am ultra cautious now and practice “defensive driving” so I am not an “OFFENSIVE driver…

  264. lisa says:

    Alot of people are alive today because I don’t drive, lol

  265. Angela300373 says:

    Same story pretty much (cept my moms not religious)
    I was only able to get liscensed because my dad came to see the grand baby and took me to get it. I had to parallel park a Ford F150 extended cab. Needles to say I failed that part….LOL (that truck was HUGE)

  266. lisa says:

    yes and i’m 43. They had drivers ed in my highschool but the first year I wasn’t 15 by sept so I had to wait till next year, then they took it out that year. Never been able to afford a car, so I never have driven. My mom doesn’t either.

  267. Angela300373 says:

    IMHO you should get a drivers license ASAP. A good SD will help you with that. I didn’t get mine until after I was married with a baby. It sucks to not be able to drive yourself anywhere. I sympathize with your plight.

  268. lisa says:

    that’s funny we both have kitty in our emails lol

  269. lisa says:

    calvin at the y place.

  270. lisa says:

    When my ex took me I could order whatever I wanted. If I liked more than one entry, he said order both, lol

  271. Angela300373 says:

    BTW Lisa: I would love to “trade notes” with you on certain SDs in TX. Since we can’t do that here. I would love to email you.
    vvickedkitty at hot male you know the rest
    ^those 2 v’s are not a typo

  272. lisa says:

    I never had that. My ex always ordered wine for me. I hate wine.

    I am open to meeting guys from other areas as long as they can come to me. I had a guy contact me from another state but when he found out I can’t drive 150 miles to meet him, well he said that was a problem. He is still in contact but has yet to figure something out. I don’t know how to drive so it’s not like he can rent me a car either. My ex boyfriend was going to pay for me to go to driving school but bailed on me. I can’t believe that in a city as large as Houston or a state as big as Texas, there are so few paying legit sds. I swear I have seen profiles on there of guys that look like they live in my neighborhood and probably can’t rub two nickles together, lol

  273. Angela300373 says:

    Even as frugal as I am I would say it is worth it!!!!!!

  274. Angela300373 says:

    My favorite is the 5 dollar milkshake…….OhhMyFrickinGoodness it is DIVINE!

  275. Angela300373 says:

    I agree it is slim pickin’s in TX that is why I am looking everywhere. I am not putting all my eggs in one basket. I have had 1 good date and 2 pots that so far seem promising from here. 1 bad and 2 good dates from another site .
    So far my ration is 3 good 1 bad.
    If “2 out of 3 aint bad -meatloaf” then 3 out of 4 is better…LOL

  276. lisa says:

    I love Alamo drafthouse. My ex boyfriend used to take me there all the time. Love the fried pickles and burgers.

  277. Angela300373 says:

    My next date (tomorrow) is a very nice guy I met for dinner last Sunday and we talked for 3 hours. We are going to dinner and a poetry reading(common interest).
    He is my favorite one by far ! I think he is “The SD4ME” He has a lot of interesting interests and I find him very interesting(LOL). (For an Aquarius like me that is a home run)

    He has season tickets to the opera and we have already discussed seeing The Rocky Horror Picture Show (theater and Alamo draft house)! Austin is so ecclectic and full of fun things to do ….I am so excited!

  278. lisa says:

    Have you had much luck, you’re in Texas too , right?
    I find guys in Dallas and Austin won’t come to Houston. Men in Houston are either too young or want some particular type

  279. Angela300373 says:

    My sugar date today got canceled. I don’t think this one is going to proceed. It is not my place to say why but it is not something either of us has control over so No harm no foul.

  280. Angela300373 says:

    Lisa: I would be the same. I want to have nice things (duh) but the frugal side of me will always be there. My mind will always say ” Are you kidding ? 350 for a pair of shoes? No way….your car didn’t even cost 300……LOL”
    So I would buy more expensive items (as a special treat) if it wasn’t coming out of allowance.
    Actually, I hope I will never have to make that choice as I suspect that when I find the right one…..that will not be an issue.

  281. lisa says:

    I guess i’m one that if a guy takes me shopping, I will buy the expensive stuff that I would never buy myself, perfume, makeup, etc whereas if I got an allowance instead, I would make it stretch because I would have time to go myself and really shop for deals and get some practical stuff too. It’s like that sd that took me shopping a few months ago. Back when I was out of work, I got about 500 worth of stuff but no offer of cash so I went home to an empty fridge and actually had to go the food pantry the next day. Things are nice but sometimes cash is what’s needed.

  282. lisa says:

    Well I’ve got those two potentials, the one that the distance is an issue, I heard from him yesterday, just a friendly email, no plans, and this latest on that brought up sex. I brought up allowance and shopping and he said he has no problem with it, so it’s still a potential. No exactly my dream sd maybe as I don’t think he looking to take me out places but if he can make up for that with extra allowance so I can go do those things myself, well, I will give him consideration. He wasn’t crude in anyway just told me what he wanted. I told him what I wanted too. He sent me an email this morning wanting to call me. I told him I would chat with him on the phone, sometime in the week.

  283. raine says:

    Yes, lisa, many men are a bit crass. It’s been a long time since my last regular date, too. Kinda feeling my way in here as a result.
    I just went through my faves and ended up deleting ten of them. A couple of blues, a few too young, some veiled references to sex…oh well, I consider it lightening my workload.

  284. lisa says:

    Hi everyone, whoever is still on. lol

    As a woman I would say what brought me to this form of dating is the lack of chivary by the majority of today’s men. I guess we can blame women’s lib for that and as anyone who knows me, I am anti-women’s lib. I have no desire to be like a man. I miss the perks that women of previous generations had. If I am going to split dinner expenses with someone it will be a friend or family member, not a boyfriend who asked me out.
    I had once experience on another site a few years back where a man asked me out and chose a fairly costly restaraunt (costly for me being that I was starting a new job and broke). I ordered something the the restaraunt is known for,afterwards he ordered just soup. I felt funny and he acted funny when I he was paying. I never seen or heard from him again. Gee why would anyone go to a nice place and order bland soup. Anyway he invited me so being out of the dating world for long, I didn’t know the rules had changed.

  285. raine says:

    Hi all (or whoever’s left).

    Mutual honesty, respect, empathy, a few commonalities that brought the two parties together in the first place (ie, chemistry), outside interests…that’s off the top of my head, anyway…[good to see you’re back to your cynical self, NitemareSD.]

  286. NitemareSD says:

    No one ever came up with anything that is part of a relationship besides sex and money

  287. NC Gent says:

    Evening all — hope everyone is doing well and had a great weekend!

  288. lisa says:

    Ok got the house cleaned,
    Is everyone out having fun??? I’m alone here.

  289. lisa says:

    Good afternoon everyone. Wow it’s good to be home this early on a sunday. Already got my jammies on, lol
    Had an ok day at work.

    No rain here, just sunshine that stupid wind again.

  290. Beach_Girl*306486 says:

    good luck in the rain!

  291. NitemareSD says:

    I’m in the white mazda heading north toward the rain.

    Welcome home from work Lisa. How was your day?

  292. Beach_Girl*306486 says:

    not here, sorta raining!!! :(
    where are you at that it’s sunny?

  293. NitemareSD says:

    Hello BG! The weather is gorgeous.

  294. Beach_Girl*306486 says:

    Hello Sugars!!!

  295. NitemareSD says:

    I hope she doesn’t go over her notes on the boyfriend’s movements while driving until she gets insurance.

  296. lisa says:

    Good morning everyone. I’m half asleep trying to get ready for work. I had just gotten to bed last night when my friend called and said she got a car and wanted to show it to me. I told her I had to get up early this morning but she came anyway and didnt leave till 1 am. She is a good friend but since she doesn’t have to get up early to go to work (she works afternoons) she doesn’t realize so of us need our sleep.
    I’m tried to be happy for her about he getting the car and not having to take the bus but the car is old and has 130k miles on it. She spent all of her savings on it and is down to 300 in the bank. She didn’t get the title signed over so legally it’s still the person she bought it from’s car and the title is in that person’s name. Plus she’s driving around without insurance and already has a dwi. I think she’s headed for trouble. If the car breaks down she will be stuck with it.

    Have a good day everyone. Be back after 1.

  297. Beach_Girl*306486 says:

    girlie~ i think the site picks the topics

  298. girlie says:

    I’m curious and maybe you know……who picks blog topics? There’s some great ones!
    And are we the only ones around on a Saturday night?

  299. Beach_Girl*306486 says:

    girlie~ yeah we have been on here talking too so , and msn too

  300. girlie says:

    Nite Lisa.

    That’s fun, BG….you can never have too many friends and I bet you can swap some interesting stories in the process!!

  301. VillaCypris *276489* says:

    sweet dreams lisa. x

  302. Beach_Girl*306486 says:

    Nite Lisa!

  303. lisa says:

    I’m going to watch some tv and to to bed soon. Gotta get up at 6 am and work 8-1 tomorrow.

    Have a good night everyone.

  304. Beach_Girl*306486 says:

    girlie~ oh and i’m taking a break, i’m just a little jaded right now, but i’m still blogging lol love the SBs and SDs here

  305. Beach_Girl*306486 says:

    girlie ~ yeah she’s a girl from her CSB, i’m an SB too … lol it’s funny, she’s in town from TO actually so we gonna meet,, and TOexec is coming in tomorrow so a non-SD date lol

  306. girlie says:

    BG, keep at it. Your time will come!!

    When you say SB date, you mean a friend from the site, like another girl?

  307. girlie says:

    Hi ladies! Thanks for the welcome.

    Lisa, yes….even in August there are some chilly mornings. I must refrain from stamping my feet when I say “it’s NOT fair!!”

    Well, define lucky :) I do think so but my needs are somewhat emotional based too.
    The first time I chatted with a gentleman in the US, he suggested we meet and within a week I flew to the US and more or less was instantly smitten. W travelled when we could and I mostly went to him in state he worked out of….weekends or overnight one evening. Exhausting with all the flying (often with me heading right to work from the airport) but quite worth it.
    The others are connections I had made initially prior to meeting my US man and re-connected with when I rejoined. I continue to see one in more of a relationship capacity, though there are benefits.
    In and amongst those two I saw someone for a few months but an issue arose. He was a great guy and I see his profile here….hopefully a really great girl snags him!
    And lastly……I have met a very interesting friend here that, while not an SD, is quite important in my life.

    Guess that’s 4, though none are really of the traditional SD sense, but all certainly have helped me in more ways than one, financially included.

    That said….there’s been some interesting other ones along the way but I keep my head down and move on.

  308. Beach_Girl*306486 says:

    girlie~ i’m from Montreal, and have no SDs or Pot…. :(
    and i’m not looking for now too many games for me for now, taking a break , only been on this site 3 weeks lol
    but i have an SB date tomorrow , although i’m not sure she didn’t text back , and an Non-SD date lol

  309. VillaCypris *276489* says:

    it is. i’ll have to see it again, now that i know more about the subject matter. x

  310. Beach_Girl*306486 says:

    VC~ i know i can;t wait , i looked at the site and the trailer looks amazing

  311. VillaCypris *276489* says:

    good/ definitely worth seeing!!

  312. Beach_Girl*306486 says:

    VC~ i know they said the library might have it! they have shitty movies at the video store too! so i;ll go on monday

  313. VillaCypris *276489* says:

    oh! interesting. it should be available…

  314. lisa says:

    I’m Lisa, I live in Houston, Tx, have been on the site awhile, met 4 potentials (none in the past months though) and got spoiled by 3 of them. Now nothing but gameplayers and perverts.

    I was in Toronto back in 1988. Nice city. Cold mornings in August though.
    Stayed over by Bloor and Spidina streets

  315. Beach_Girl*306486 says:

    girlie~ welcome!!! you got an SD everytime you used the site??? that is lucky, i got all the smut emails lol

  316. Beach_Girl*306486 says:

    you know i’ve texted CSB 4 times already…. no news?!?!? shoot dont know we are on for lunch , hummmm sucks!!!

  317. girlie says:

    Lisa, I’ll start (however brief). I’m girlie :) I live in and around Toronto. I’ve used this site on 3 occasions and have been pretty darned lucky each time.

    TOExec: maybe mention it to her and see if she’s already reading the blog. You never know!

  318. Beach_Girl*306486 says:

    VC no the what the bleep do we know

  319. VillaCypris *276489* says:

    which movie, gomorra? it just came out in theatres.. so wont be out on DVD for awhile i ‘m guessing…

  320. Beach_Girl*306486 says:

    VC~ they didn’t have the movie at the store :(
    so i have to go to the library sometime to see if they have it there!

  321. Beach_Girl*306486 says:

    TO~ call me , plenty to do here, let have fun
    good night, see you tomorrow!

  322. TOExec says:

    BG- Shame that it;s raining

  323. TOExec says:

    OK ladies, have a good evening, early morning tomorrow, see you BG! don’t worry about the rain I’m sure there’s a lot to do there!

  324. lisa says:

    Calling all sbs from the site, enter the blog and introduce yourselves NOW! lol

  325. Beach_Girl*306486 says:

    TO~ Shame???

  326. VillaCypris *276489* says:

    To – if you’re trying to get to know a potential “SB” “more” you should be able to do it without the help of this blog… she should be willing to open up to you on a personal level..

  327. TOExec says:


    VC- no I wasn’t going to be “forcing” I just find that this is great knowing you all through this blog

  328. Beach_Girl*306486 says:

    VC~ so true…

  329. VillaCypris *276489* says:

    you can’t force anything, including posting on this blog…

  330. Beach_Girl*306486 says:

    To~ cool , hey CSB is out here too , but i don’t know when she’s leaving we can all hang!! What do you want to do? what do you want to see? oh yeah and it’s raining

  331. lisa says:

    The blog is great :)

  332. TOExec says:

    how o you get your potential SB to join this blog and so both not only the SD but the SBs as well to screen their potential SB or SD

  333. TOExec says:

    Question to all ladies… this blog is so much better than those profiles, you get to know the person more..

  334. Beach_Girl*306486 says:

    girlie ~ we talked on the phone, they’re in LA, but we didn’t mention anything!!! lol i wouldn’t bring it up , they should lol

  335. VillaCypris *276489* says:

    welcome TO! i’ve only been in a gallardo… but the murcielago looks fantastic!!

  336. TOExec says:

    Yes, got it on my email….

  337. Beach_Girl*306486 says:

    To~ yeah nice car too

  338. girlie says:

    Beachgirl….wow! That’s so funny! At least you have something to chat about and compare notes!

  339. Beach_Girl*306486 says:

    TO ~ did you get my cell#

  340. lisa says:

    calling all bloggers, report to the SA blog now, lol

  341. TOExec says:

    Thank you!

  342. VillaCypris *276489* says:

    si, lisa… you’re good at “channelling”… :)

  343. VillaCypris *276489* says:

    TO – i didn’t get a chance to tell you last night.. but… NICE CAR!!!!! love it!! :)

  344. lisa says:

    Everyone is entering the room now, lol

  345. TOExec says:

    I will be in Montreal by Tomorrow night…

  346. VillaCypris *276489* says:

    nothing stays secret for long….

  347. lisa says:

    I have a sucky work schedule this week. Last week I worked 3 days and got 24 hours this week I have 29 hours but am working 5 days so that sucks. I’m getting off early all week though.

  348. TOExec says:

    BG-see you on Monday

  349. Beach_Girl*306486 says:

    Hi sugars!!!
    girlie~ yeah i’ve seen 4 of my FRIENDS~!!!! scary to know that they know lol
    ahhh well now i know their secret too!

  350. lisa says:

    thanks I’m still waiting for a sd to take me for a nice lunch or dinner. There’s a new place at the mall that has good food. I dont’ like the atmosphere much (sportsbar) but the food is good and since it’s in the mall there are plenty of ladies there on their lunch break so it’s not all guys.

  351. VillaCypris *276489* says:

    awwwwwwwww. lol. it was great! i ate a good dinner for you :)

  352. lisa says:

    Hi Villa how was dinner? I ate a pint of sherbert for dinner, lol

  353. VillaCypris *276489* says:

    hi lisa! you still there? im back from dinner. x

  354. lisa says:

    I haven’t seen anyone on here that I know sb or sd. I don’t know any rich men and my girlfriends are too judgemental to be on here. They settle for a guy who buys them a dollar burger, lol

    I have however seen profiles of men who were on regular dating sites when I used to be on one. Some men join every site and have no concept of what this site is about

  355. girlie says:

    Hi everyone…..I have posted once or twice but I read from time to time….

    Here’s a funny question: Has anyone ever seen anyone they know on here? I’m quite certain I’ve seen my friends dad, which means that now he’s seen me :) Yikes!

  356. lisa says:

    I told about my newest sd potential response. He sent me an email talking about how he enjoyed oral sex. I sent him a nice message back talking about how I love money. They mention sex, you mention allowance, lol I haven’t heard anything from him lol Some of these are too quick to bring up sex and when you mention the spoiling part, they run. lol

    Anyone else out there lurking??

  357. lisa says:

    Hi Suzie, no hot date for me. Tried to call my friend and she is out so it’s just me

  358. SuzieQ*297329* says:

    Hmmm…guess I’m on my own. I don’t suppose there’s a sweet sd out there who’d like to take me to a show tonight? Or a sb? I might have to resort to watching TV with my dog soon lol!

  359. SuzieQ*297329* says:

    Oops, Hi Lisa. Guess we might have to go to a movie together or something. Everyone else went out without us!

  360. SuzieQ*297329* says:

    Hello out there in sugarland….has everyone but me got a hot date tonight?

  361. lisa says:

    make sure you fasten your seatbelt. lol

  362. NitemareSD says:

    I am on the road. I’m in a mazda. There is a 16yr old girl with a learners permit at the wheel. I am in the front passenger seat.

  363. lisa says:

    darn that last one didn’t work. I guess the smilies from other sites don’t work on here

  364. lisa says:


  365. lisa says:

    Were did eveyone go? :(

  366. lisa says:

    Good afternoon. Hi Nitemare, no I waited 45 minutes for the bus just got home a few minutes ago.

    Wishing you luck in keeping your job Kitty.

    Sitting down to a pint of sherbert now and reread that great email I got this morning. He’s got the wrong site he needs to go to seekingoralsex.com

  367. Beach_Girl*306486 says:

    NitemareSD~ what do you mean by the book was nasty?

  368. NitemareSD says:

    Ho hum. I hope Lisa catches the bus early this afternoon like last Sat.

  369. NitemareSD says:

    Just read a nasty little short story by Ann Vremont called The Arrangement (Sugar Daddies)

    I found it in the Kindle store looking for the books you guys mentioned.

    Its nasty. I assume Ann is a woman.Its nasty.

  370. HenriLouis*294522 says:

    During my workout in the gym all kinds of thoughts go through my head.
    I seem to be multi-tasking all the time. First this new blog subject did not give me any inspiration, but in the sauna that I take afterwards, it was like a colourful flower presented itself.
    Did I notice any patterns: more here, less there ?
    Yes certainly all the members blogging are indeed “more here”. Here I got acquainted with some wonderful SBs that I put on my favourites list.
    I wish I could have been their boy next door and share genuine friendship. I told most of them, and altough it seems funny, I was not laughed at.
    So if I look at “here” there is only warmth and positive feelings.
    It adds to the joy in my life. Also SDs I regard among my friends.
    As to the notion “less there”, I find less warmth and positive feelings.
    I am a natural giver and I only seem to have been accosted by natural takers. Most have nothing to give or any idea what that means “to give”.
    I always respond “why write to me ? ” What is it that you find interesting in my profile ? In ninety percent of cases it draws a blank.
    Just once I had a perfect answer from someone who had studied my profile and was genuinely interested in me as a person.
    So that is the pattern that I discover.
    Learned any tricks ? The word “tricks” is to me negative.
    I do not need tricks to snare an SB. If I come across one, I am open to a mutual beneficial arrangement. If I do not come across one, it is their loss. You see, I do not pretend. I am who I am, a kind man.
    Consider myself a recessionisto ? No not at all, not mentally and not spiritually. I am always a possibility thinker !
    Yes, the recession changed my sugar life in a positive way .
    Tell you something funny. Remember the oysters ?
    Once upon a time, there was a nice SB on the blog and I really felt sympathy for her. Then she disappeared some weeks ago.
    I always wondered how she was, so once in a while I sent a short message “how are you ? ” No echo, no sound, no reaction in cyberspace.
    Yesterday I suddenly got contact via my emailbox here on SA.
    Recession has hit her harshly, might be out on the streets.
    Why did I make some extra money on the oysters ? For a purpose ?
    I have the whole week-end to contemplate, if I should step forward and bail her out with it. After all this money was “just laying on the pavement”
    in the rain and snow and the wind and dogs might have p**d on it.
    Not sure what is right.
    Any advice ?
    My posting sounds like the Jeffrey Archey novel “A twist in the tail”.

  371. raine says:

    Hmpf. Tried to explain this site (and the blog) to the co-parent*, but he didn’t get it AT ALL: he dismissed blogs in general as mere opinion polls, and suggested I go downtown to meet a matchmaker in person if I wanted a date! *cue eyeroll*

    *I would’ve done a better job, but didn’t have the patience. Might try again another day, but I doubt it.

  372. Beach_Girl*306486 says:

    TOexec did you get my mail????

  373. Beach_Girl*306486 says:

    NitemareSD~ you are so right about the roads,
    i’m seeing CSB tomorrow and TOexec too lol it’s gonna be a fun week!

  374. NitemareSD says:

    I am waiting to get on the road. Also want to be here for Lisa when she gets home.

  375. raine says:

    How goes your day, NitemareSD, odd climate notwithstanding?

  376. Natasha says:

    or better said saw this week again

  377. Natasha says:

    still debating if i should see the guy i met last week

  378. raine says:

    Eh. Just marking faves right now, still taking notes. You?

  379. NitemareSD says:

    The two season climate…winter and road repair

  380. Natasha says:

    i am back…how is your search going raine?

  381. raine says:

    Glad I could help. :)

    Yah, bills wait for no one, not even sugar.lol

  382. Beach_Girl*306486 says:

    ok bye have to get to work , or else i can’t pay the bills lol
    talk to you later all!

  383. Beach_Girl*306486 says:

    TOexec~ yeah totally, sent you my cell # on your email
    thanks raine

  384. raine says:

    No, I’m stateside — chi.cago, to be exact.

  385. TOExec says:

    Raine, you in Montreal as well?

  386. TOExec says:

    Great! I will send her an email as well

  387. raine says:

    Hi, TOExec. BG just left, but I can relay the message.

  388. TOExec says:

    Beach Girl – montreal till Wednesday let me know if we are getting together… email me. Thank you!

  389. TOExec says:

    Beach Girl, are we still meeting next week, I am about to leave for your city tomorrow morning

  390. raine says:

    Yeah, Natasha, still here. a little groggy, even after coffee.

  391. TOExec says:

    Hello everyone

  392. raine says:

    ‘Kay. Later, BG! Enjoy the rest your day!

    I gotta go myself: my brother & his girlfriend will be over later. I shall return…

  393. Natasha says:

    raine are you there?

  394. Natasha says:

    hello girls!!!!

  395. Beach_Girl*306486 says:

    raine~ i hope so lol
    well i have to get to work! talk to you sugars later
    ciao have a good day!

  396. raine says:

    Nope…still stewing I never got to do so BEFORE nine/eleven. Oh well…I might get to before my daughter starts pu.berty… 😐

  397. Beach_Girl*306486 says:

    raine you never traveled by plane?

  398. Beach_Girl*306486 says:

    no on the south shore close to the bridge , but the construction season has started so.,…F***n traffic

  399. raine says:

    Part-time, single parent…oh yeah, never stepped foot on a plane. 😐

  400. ~*Kitty*~ says:

    I am guessing you are not right in Montreal?

  401. Beach_Girl*306486 says:

    2 hrs here is getting downtown lol

  402. ~*Kitty*~ says:

    Scratch that, I seem to be willing to drive 2 hrs to meet pots. but 2 hrs are my MAX!!!

  403. ~*Kitty*~ says:

    It’s difficult for me to travel as I work monday-friday and on occassion Saturdays (such as today). I also travel a lot for work. So the only time I have to travel leisurely are weekends. Therefore, I can’t travel with them. Well if I get fired, I’ll have all the time in the world to travel. Ha Ha… *sarcastic laughter* If I have a regular SD, and he suggests we travel somewhere I would make arrangements so I could. But not for a pot.

  404. Beach_Girl*306486 says:

    raine what is your situation, i say that i work part time so it’s obvious that i can’t travel all that much,,, not gonna quit my job to make a man happy,,, hummm maybe for the right amount lol

  405. Beach_Girl*306486 says:

    NitemareSD~ how are you this morning?

  406. raine says:

    Speaking of traveling, do I state “I’m unable to travel right now (I REFUSE to do so for a stranger, anyway)” or some such, or just uh, have him figure it out? I’ve seen too many say one has to travel occasionally…

  407. NitemareSD says:

    I don’t see those books in the Kindle store?

  408. Beach_Girl*306486 says:

    The TO guy Mr. Discreet again lol

  409. Beach_Girl*306486 says:

    yeah gonna meet him maybe next week… hope it works really convenient for me it’s a day time thing and that’s cool with me, no weekends!!!!

  410. Beach_Girl*306486 says:

    Girl the guys travel , ive gotten in contact with TO guys, one who was in Europe and said when he got back monday, he would call

  411. ~*Kitty*~ says:

    thanx babe :) I wouldn’t do that LOL.. that’s like against the law of feminism! lol
    ^quote from mean girls

  412. Beach_Girl*306486 says:

    you got mail lol
    he don’t take Mr discreet his mine lol

  413. ~*Kitty*~ says:

    woohoo~~ thanx BG… I can’t say I’ve got in contact with much Mtl SDs. It seems too far and inconvenient for me.

  414. Beach_Girl*306486 says:

    sending you the profiles on your mail

  415. ~*Kitty*~ says:

    maybe he’ll rejoin

  416. ~*Kitty*~ says:

    haha… is it a French thing?

  417. Beach_Girl*306486 says:

    oh no he’s blue now :(

  418. Beach_Girl*306486 says:

    lol lots of short guys lol

  419. Beach_Girl*306486 says:

    one who is 39 , he doesn’t want anyone from here, too close, ahh i could get you his profile# if you want

  420. ~*Kitty*~ says:

    LOL I’m only 5’4″ so 5’6″+ would be good lol

  421. Beach_Girl*306486 says:

    some how tall you want him lol

  422. ~*Kitty*~ says:

    are there amny SDs in Montreal?

  423. Beach_Girl*306486 says:

    YAY party in MTL wooo

  424. ~*Kitty*~ says:

    I’M SOLD :)

  425. Beach_Girl*306486 says:

    Montreal has the best partying scene for sure!!! the bars are open later and we have lots of after bars too! :)

  426. ~*Kitty*~ says:

    I really don’t know which city has the better party scene, Toronto or Montreal. But Montreal definitely has more “culture.”

  427. Beach_Girl*306486 says:

    oh no i just got canceled to get my lashes redone,,,, she’s sick :(
    shoot that sucks

  428. Beach_Girl*306486 says:

    lol , not much… i might go if i do i’ll let you know
    sorry i’m foggy this morning

  429. ~*Kitty*~ says:


  430. Beach_Girl*306486 says:

    raine for the book i’d check out amazon used books , i got one book for 1.99$ lol

  431. Beach_Girl*306486 says:

    T dot??

  432. raine says:

    thanks, kitty.

    [Almost got sa book as well…As Angela said earlier, a lot of us (especially women) are our own worst critics.]

  433. ~*Kitty*~ says:

    *It kind of looks LIKE the….

  434. ~*Kitty*~ says:

    Btw: what is that off-white substance on the cutting board? It kind of looks the substance in a can of Cream of Mushroom Soup. Gross.

  435. ~*Kitty*~ says:

    Raine: you don’t need a handbook to tell you how to be a good SB, You are! Those wanna SDs need it!

  436. raine says:

    Sugar daddy 101, as mentioned in the topic summary. Known about it for a few years.

  437. ~*Kitty*~ says:

    Do u come over to the T Dot often?

  438. ~*Kitty*~ says:

    Thanx BG

  439. Beach_Girl*306486 says:

    What book???

  440. raine says:

    One thing I’m sure of: wish I’d gotten that book. It hurts to think about how much it costs now…

  441. Beach_Girl*306486 says:

    where are you at???

  442. ~*Kitty*~ says:

    Chances are slim but I’ll let u know :)

  443. Beach_Girl*306486 says:

    you got mail!

  444. Beach_Girl*306486 says:

    well if your out this way i’ll send you my cell# on your email
    i work good friday and part of saturday but the sunday and monday off!!!

  445. ~*Kitty*~ says:

    I’ve met some pretty amazing SBs too lol… not nearly as many good SDs. lol…
    I am not sure I was going to come Easter weekend, but plans changed again. I think I will be heading to Toronto again

  446. raine says:

    *YAWN* mornin’, sugar fans.

    I’m too new to notice any change, except there’s more competition (both sides) and more confusion.^I’ve learned plenty from this blog, no tricks as of yet.^me, a recessionista? Uh, no.^i haven’t changed post-recession, nor has my sugar life because I don’t have one yet.

  447. Beach_Girl*306486 says:

    oh wow that sucks… i’m sure your gonna keep your job! i’m send all the good energy your way monday!

  448. ~*Kitty*~ says:

    The emailed I got was, “Sales meeting Monday. I would prepare a damn good report if you want to keep your job.”

  449. Beach_Girl*306486 says:

    I can’t seem to get an SD date lol, but every SB that is coming to town i’m seeing lol that is too funny!!

  450. Beach_Girl*306486 says:

    I’m metting more SBs than i am SDs lol

  451. Beach_Girl*306486 says:

    It’s gloomy today, when are you coming back lol

  452. ~*Kitty*~ says:

    How’s Montreal btw? I haven’t been in so long~~

  453. Beach_Girl*306486 says:

    I’m sure he will, all big companies are changing their plans… i think you meeting might be to see if your on the same page you know! Bosses do that sometimes, i know when i was a boss i did it all the time, to see if they new what was what!

  454. ~*Kitty*~ says:

    hopefully he takes my stats seriously and trusts me on the new marketing plans I’ve derived.

  455. Beach_Girl*306486 says:

    Well he does know there is a recession , so he might want to change the marketing plan or something

  456. ~*Kitty*~ says:

    Boss is fumming about the decline in sales as the sales and marketing coordinator, ya, that’s my ass.

  457. Beach_Girl*306486 says:

    Kitty why would you loose your job? i hope u get to keep it!

  458. ~*Kitty*~ says:

    *not “be”, should be “me”

  459. ~*Kitty*~ says:

    Nitemare: If u wishing me good luck on losing my job will revert to be not losing my job, please do.

  460. Uberlicious says:

    Victoria ~ I noticed that too. i’ve only chatted with a handful of pot SD, no meetings yet. I’ve been here a few weeks. I’m starting to think they really are just picture collectors or ego-boost needers. i ask then, y r they on this site?

  461. Beach_Girl*306486 says:

    morning Sugars!

  462. NitemareSD says:

    I consider myself a depressionistae.

  463. NitemareSD says:

    Good luck being out of a job by monday eve???

  464. ~*Kitty*~ says:

    Good morning everyone.
    Saturday morning, at the office… preping for a whole day sales meeting in Toronto on Monday. *shudders* I am in deep trouble. Could be out of a job by Monday evening. Wish me luck guys.

  465. lisa says:

    Good morning everyone. Getting ready to leave for work. I hate saturdays.
    Well sd potential (I guess he would be #4) responded back. Nothing about spa treatments or dinner or outings, just said that he has no set allowance and is looking for someone to see mornings and who likes to give oral sex. Doesn’t sound like he’s looking for a sb to me. I don’t see any glamour in what he’s offering.

    Gotta go now, be back after 5 Have a good day everyone.

  466. LOL_A says:

    Good morning everybody,

    Well, many sg use the website as an ego booster lol

    I have a little trick; Now I bluntely ask about the money. Legit sd, find this normal…

    More fakes now….

  467. Victoria ♠302242♠ says:

    Angela, I very much embrace any “flaws” (as some others may perceive them)… :-) It’s a great feeling to love yourself fully! And congrats on the keeper!

    Joules, will you be leaving the blogs too??? :-(

  468. Victoria ♠302242 ♠ says:

    I think I forgot how to do html…

  469. Victoria says:

    Allo, sugars! Miss me? I’m feeling much much better…considering I’ve eaten twice in two days. Have I missed much in my absence?

    To the blog!
    Have you noticed any patterns with online sugar? More here, less there?
    Well, I’ve noticed that alot of “pots” are just picture collectors or fakes…

    Have you learned any tricks? Care to share?
    Not yet, but I’ve learned alot of beneficial information from the other SBs and some SDs on the blog.

    Do you consider yourself a recessionista or recessionisto? How have you changed post-recession, and how has it changed your sugarlife?
    I don’t think so…I don’t think anything’s changed…

  470. HenriLouis*294522 says:

    Good morning all on this sugarful Saturday morning,
    The word “post recession” inspires me.
    Remember that I was going to order that basket of oysters for the week-end sothat it would be an economic boost for Maine ?
    Well wat do you know !
    I invested in shares short term.
    Stock exchanges immediately soared higher and ended in a big plus at the end of the trading week.
    Anyway I did o.k. and it gave me more that a yeald of containers full of oysters, so to speak.
    Life is like a comic strip to me. I keep on laughing how one man alone can be influential to the economy.
    As to the other questions, I will ponder on it and might tell after returning from the gym.
    Have a great week-end all of you !

  471. Angela says:


    There is a pretty girl
    on the
    Face of the magazine
    all I can see
    are my dirty
    turning the page

    Jewel Kilcher (from; a night without armor)

  472. Angela says:

    And now ……for something completely different.

    I found a keeper! This Sunday will be our 2nd meet and we are going shopping, then I get my hair and makeup done at the hotel spa, then dinner.

  473. Angela says:

    Hello all!

    Have you noticed any patterns with online sugar? More here, less there?
    I get more messages on weekend. During the week I will get messages from pots who I am getting to know. Fresh pots come in waves. But so far I have had a steady….trickling stream. 5 to 1 is pretty close to my toss/keep ratio.

    Have you learned any tricks? Care to share?

    Have clear photos, be clear about what you want;Not just in your mind but communicate it. DO NOT undervalue yourself! No matter what you might be self conscience about (we all have something) learn to (not just accept) but EMBRACE it. I have learned from experience that men are not as “picky” about women as women are about themselves. — Meaning women are far more critical of their own perceived “flaws” than men are.

    Do you consider yourself a recessionista or recessionisto? How have you changed post-recession, and how has it changed your sugarlife?

    I don’t know what that is but I don’t think I am…….am I?….Lol

  474. jamesgreave says:

    I say i’m a good learner of things. I regularly visit these blogs and u know i used to take them to my heart. The real experiences of the people are the lessons to the people. Anyways, thank for the post.

  475. Beach_Girl*306486 says:

    Uberlicious~ that is so true!
    all the best of luck to you

  476. Uberlicious says:

    Have you learned any tricks? Care to share? ~ I’m right there with u beach girl. i read these blogs daily and have learned a lot from other SB’s experiences. I think it is a vital thing to read these blogs and realy take them to heart. :)

  477. Joules*300035* says:

    Ya, so I’ve decided to temp. quit the sugar thing. i mean, i still plan on responding to any emails I get from pots but I’m not going to persue it further than that as far as initiating contact, etc.

    Ya see, this guy that I’m dating now…he just means so much to me. granted he can’t provide me with what an SD can, but he CAN provide me with all the love and compassion that i can handle (and then some!).

    I have far too much going on in life to try and toggle a double-life anymore. I have more than 6 modeling gigs set up this week and two clients’ press kits to work on so I really don’t forsee myself making time for a SD anymore.

    Plus, my SD still hasn’t emailed me back so I’m kinda ticked off about that *rolls eyes* I knew I should have just let him buy me that getto prepaid cellphone when we went out instead of waiting for him to get back home so he could buy me the one online that was a better deal for the money! lol

  478. Beach_Girl*306486 says:

    Have you learned any tricks? Care to share?
    I have learned about other people experiences from the blog, and to be safe lots of fakes and stuff out there
    sorry forgot that one

  479. Beach_Girl*306486 says:

    Have you noticed any patterns with online sugar? More here, less there?
    yes lots of SDs in the US, a lot less in Canada

    Have you learned any tricks? Care to share? Ah nope not really, just going with my gut instincts , usually works for me
    Do you consider yourself a recessionista or recessionisto? no i don’t

    How have you changed post-recession, and how has it changed your sugarlife? not changed at all , the recession here is a lots less than in the US

    that’s all i got!!!