10 years ago
Dating The Boss


Want a hand with that corporate ladder?

Working hard your entire life is an idea most people get used to by their 21st birthday…but who said this common wisdom applies to everyone? Who said you have to spend ages getting noticed?

Let’s be honest, it’s all about who you know. Almost every industry demands good networking skills to get ahead, and networking is all about knowing the right people.

If you’re the upwardly mobile type, then why not date a CEO? Executive dating can come in many forms…you can date your boss, or you can give dating your boss a whole new flare by becoming his personal assistant. Becoming a Sugar Daddy assistant might provide you with valuable insider knowledge about the career field your interested in. One things for sure, it’s the most luxurious way to clime the corporate ladder.

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  1. MALE_Sugar_Baby says:

    Well, girlie, I am 47 and I am a sugar baby (male). You never know how old a sugar baby can be. 🙂

  2. girlie says:

    I love the age of 50+ for a man. I think my limit is 65.

    He called you? first call?

  3. Beach_Girl* says:

    i think it’s what you are comfortable with… it depends of the person, right now i have one guy i message and he’s 52 he’s really nice
    he actually called me yay

  4. Beach_Girl* says:

    girlie you should get on msn it would be so much easier lol

  5. girlie says:

    I was thinking that!! Like lowlights?

    Here is a question for everyone:

    How old is too old for a SD? And, how young is too young for a SB?

  6. Beach_Girl* says:

    it looks good but like i said not the right shade of blond for your complexion
    as i say in the mail
    even now you look awesome, but you should add a little maybe tone on tone of dark brown chocolate you know

  7. girlie says:

    Sent! It was a funny time. Upkeep of weekly bleachings and while a SD took care of the cost, it was insane the amt of time and damage to my hair. Never again.

  8. girlie says:

    OK, one sec. Let me save it off Facebook and then I’ll send it.

  9. girlie says:

    Night, raine. I will try again. I can access the site, but the blog gave me trouble. It’s a BB curve.

    Night, again!!

  10. Beach_Girl* says:

    send it!

  11. girlie says:

    As I said…..gorgoeus!! Go for brunette.

    I should show you a pic from when I went bleach blonde. Not so pretty 🙂

  12. raine says:

    Thanks to this thing I’m almost always (almost, pfft! Who am I kidding?) on the webs at my job *lol*. There’s a big ole firewall on the public computers there, and internet use is straight up PROHIBITED at our workstations (I’m at a call center).

    Ok, off the air for real this time; nite, folks. Zzz…

  13. Beach_Girl* says:

    btw girlie i’m dark in the second one and lighter in the first

  14. Beach_Girl* says:

    girlie you got mail!

  15. raine says:


    Girlie: The site in general, sure; it adapts pretty well. “Microbrowser?” Whoa, that’s a new one. You have a bb too, or maybe another smartphone?

  16. raine says:

    Again, awww shux. Thanks, ladies: just the boost I needed.

    With that said, I must bid you all good night: I got work in the morning (regular and sugar).
    Til the morrow, sugar fans…[insert old-school tv test pattern here. Zzz.]

  17. girlie says:

    Raine: wait, you can access this from a BB? I thought I tried once and it said it was not possible on a microbrowser. Must try again. I am always looking to waste time at work!!

    BG…..I want to see the brunette pics. I love when blondes go totally brunette, I always think they look super sexy.

  18. ChocolateSnowBunny says:

    Gonna catch a movie sugars. Quick check in. Have a good night ladies.

    Raine: You’re deserve to blush every now and again. Hella cool chica!!!

  19. Beach_Girl* says:

    CSB i’m sorry like i told you this time i’m so busy
    how you been? are you on msn? what happened with bank?
    yeah we all love ya raine!

  20. ChocolateSnowBunny says:

    Beach_Girl: K, sent me a text tomorrow.

  21. raine says:

    Awww shux, csb, you’re making me blush. Just being myself. 😀

  22. Beach_Girl* says:

    Hey CSB, when i called the Bank i had to wait too long then they close at 4 WTF??? i’ll try tomorrow k

  23. ChocolateSnowBunny says:

    Gosh everyone loves Raine. I wish I lived in Chi-town just to hang with her. Be rolling over laughing all day.

    Hey sugars.

  24. raine says:

    Hi, Jamisen. Yes, that too. More pressure than is necessary.

  25. nawtibynatur says:

    Raine girl, you are now my new most favorite person ever. We should chat and go out sometime. Must warn you though… I could tell you things about me that would have your jaw on the ground sweetheart…

  26. raine says:

    Nawti, you’re holding me hostage on the “shock and awe” train today, aren’t ya? *lol* wouldn’t have guessed 41, either. (I figured oh, 10-15 years younger?)

    I’m on a bberry, so searching by numbers is a luxury of sorts for me.

  27. Beach_Girl* says:

    NitemareSD~ you got mail lol…

  28. Jamisen/305521 says:

    Hi everyone!

    As everyone earlier already shot down the idea of dating a CEO, I really don’t have to repeat what they said. The legal matters, co-workers, etc. are all legitimate matters, but I saw it from a different angle too.

    I put a lot of effort and pride into my work, and the fact that I’m hired as ‘eye candy’ would make me feel like all of the work that I do would be held to either an extremely higher standard or extremely lower standard when compared to expectations for everyone else simply because of the arrangement. Degraded seems too harsh, but also the only appropriate word for how I would feel if my work were not appreciated.

    Besides, if you spend all day together a work, what is there to talk about when you two are alone?

  29. Beach_Girl* says:

    No tan, just being me! i’m always like that!
    the pic where i’m drinking is on the cruise i took in oct! and we were drinking all day you should see the pic from the next day lol
    still drinking lol but i had a blast!

  30. NitemareSD says:

    BG you have a bit of color (tan) in the cig picture, right? You blend so nicely with the brown hair. You look like someone having a good time while not embarassing her date.

  31. nawtibynatur says:

    Ok fellow babies, what am I doing wrong in trying to search numbers? When I log out, go to the lower left hand corner there is no place to type in an actual number. What am I doing wrong?

  32. lisa says:

    I see myself bald with a green head

  33. lisa says:

    I have always felt young and never began to feel old till I started working in retail and my coworkers made me feel old. I’ve only been on my own for about 3 years so i’m just beginning to enjoy my independence and privacy.

  34. Beach_Girl* says:

    nitemare~ you are too funny, all calmed down now?
    really as a brunette??/ i did add darker streaks to my hair , i need new pics!

  35. nawtibynatur says:

    I am so glad there are others of us sb’s that are not in their 20’s. Just turning 41 myself, I feel like I am going through a mid-life crisis. But it sure is fun!! LOL

  36. NitemareSD says:

    Ok, I vote for BG as a brunette. Y’all should see. 🙂

  37. lisa says:

    Hi everyone
    I talked to may daughter and she gave me her list of stuff to get her at the store tomorrow. I will meet her after work for the ride home. We are going out to eat on friday since we are both off work.
    Still nothing from the potentials, guess I scared them off, lol

    It sure is a hot night in Houston. I had to turn on the ac. Nights falling now and those well dressed guys are out in the parking lot in their undershirts and baggy pants.

  38. NitemareSD says:

    BG, Sorry, I had to get a fresh glass of water. I may have to show you in person how much I like those pictures. I am going to break out the port. Look for email soon.

  39. Beach_Girl* says:

    nitemaresd~ did you not like the photos? 🙁
    i wanna know!

  40. Beach_Girl* says:

    raine~ it’s great you got your pic up when your approved i wanna see

  41. Beach_Girl* says:

    cool it’s usually on msn, every time i open my computer and even if i close it it pops back up lol sometimes it scared me lol i don’t know it’s on and i get a message lol

  42. girlie says:

    I’ll add you there 🙂 It’s a different mail address!

  43. girlie says:

    Too bad we didn’t live closer. We could have lunch and pics!! You should do something like that. You are gorgeous and, like the name suggests, have a fun beach vibe.

    I love that style…..I’ve always wanted to do pin-up style pics.

  44. Beach_Girl* says:

    oups meant 3rd

  45. Beach_Girl* says:

    no girlie, you look very burlesque in the second pic , i love burlesque pics
    i need me some of those

  46. girlie says:

    Thanks, BG. The pics fit my personality, I guess. I just wonder if they are kinda boring.

  47. Beach_Girl* says:

    girlie i like your profile
    i think you say what you want

  48. Beach_Girl* says:

    girlie you are really cute, and sexy you have no worries

  49. raine says:

    Yah, from across the street (sdfm) no less*. I finally got my first pic up here. Nothing spectacular (yet), just the here’s-what-i-look-like introductory shot.

    *stop me if you heard this one: I just joined last night, and I don’t even have a pic up yet!

  50. girlie says:

    Victoria, best wishes to you!!

    Don’t discount the over 50’s 🙂 I am quite sure that men are best around that age.

  51. Victoria ♠302242 ♠ says:

    By the by, I noticed some picture talk? It’d be nice if some of you would critique mine. I’d be eternally greatful! Chances are, after my next photoshoot, I’ll be posting new ones since I’ve had these pretty much since joining SA…but feedback is *always* appreciated! Thanks bunches! Au revoir!

  52. girlie says:

    BG….216076 is the number. Little, no. Brunette, yes.

    Nitemare….what exactly does that mean? Backhanded compliment?

    BG, if I looked like you, I’d get into a mini SO fast!

    I’m SO not taking that run, am i?

  53. Victoria ♠302242 ♠ says:

    Evening, sugars! An update before I nap and return to my projects and maybe some schoolwork I’ve been ignoring. I met today with a guy from the sister site (SMillionaire). He’s much older than anyone I’ve ever dated, perhaps in his fifties (I don’t quite remember, for right now my brain is confused with uber sleepiness+medium vanilla latte). He was nice, a gentleman, and held pretty good conversation. Wants to meet again, and I’m fine with that. Not gorgeous, but has a pretty cool personality. Not a sugar daddy, but could still be fun. So, we’ll probably meet again and see how it progresses. I hope you’re all doing well out there in sugarland! I’m still searching for a SD (much more preferred than actually dating someone). Good luck to all of you lovlies! I’ll be back more regularly once I get my life straightened out (and/or finish most of my projects with Sims2).

    Take care, dears!

  54. Beach_Girl* says:

    Oh Nitemare~ i don’t have slits , only minis!

  55. Beach_Girl* says:

    nitemareSD~ i should mail you them see which ones you like lol
    then i could maybe get a few SD mails here lol

  56. Beach_Girl* says:

    Hey raine~ i’m good working way too hard Easter here is like christmas i swear!
    and i have homework and a job interview and maybe another job interview i have to call them back tomorrow! like is great!
    Lucky you you get mail!

  57. NitemareSD says:

    Don’t really want to show us what you look like drunk, do you?

    Did I hear legs? let’s see those in #2, and #3 also. One mini, one slit.

  58. raine says:

    Man, talk about aging fast. I don’t know how I would’ve handled that. “gee, thanks, hon. You know you’re a decade early, right?”

    [hey, another email! Those dudes don’t mess around!]

    Hi, BG. How’d your day go?

  59. Beach_Girl* says:

    everyone likes the first one, Its leather lol…
    lol girlie i don’t remember you # but you a little brunette right?

  60. NitemareSD says:

    Well, Girlie. your pics tell the whole story. We know exactly what to expect when we meet you.

  61. Beach_Girl* says:

    NitemareSD~I don’t know which ones to put up! and the second one is i’m totally drunk lol
    i have to get some new pics , i have great legs, ask NC ! a pic in a mini or something, i’ll have to preview them with you before i post them!

  62. girlie says:

    You’re beautiful, BG! I love #1 also. You look fun as hell!!

    Do me, do me!! Uh, the pics, that is.

  63. NitemareSD says:

    I determine if your picks are bad. 😮

    Beach…your first pic makes me want more, your second is fair (the droopy eyes detract), your third could be replaced by something different.

  64. raine says:

    Hmm…outside of the usual blurring of same and possibly the lack of effort on the subject’s part (junky room, the person’s hair and/or clothing all over the place)?

  65. Beach_Girl*306486 says:

    there you go

  66. girlie says:

    Hey BG. I wanna see your pics!! Not that I’m the target audience or anything…lol.

  67. girlie says:

    Raine, good for you. I am trying to handle it well but I’m faltering a little. Back when I was turning 30, THAT was rough. I was in Indianapolis with a lovely gentleman I met here on SA. I joked to the waitress that I was turning 40 and she said “Oh, 40 isn’t bad”. NO mention of “you don’t look 40!”.
    That was a treat 🙂 My poor date. He got the brunt of it and I have a lovely pic of us and a card that says “Happy 40th!”

    So, i guess 32 won’t be so bad 🙂

  68. Beach_Girl* says:

    Nightmare SD ~ are my pics ok??? i often wonder too!
    hey all

  69. girlie says:

    Aprons can be sexy 🙂

    Miss 8675309 is cute. Just lacking in the common sense dept.

    What exactly determines a bad pic? I often wonder.

  70. lisa says:

    I’m going to go now. Daughter is on the phone. Be back later

  71. lisa says:

    Or advertising medical services or suppliers. lol

    I was watching a documentary a few years ago (when I had cable) about a rock video dancer. In the video she was in tight skimpy clothing and was probably about my age as this was back in the mid 80’s. I saw the show about women in music videos, where are they now and she was alot larger and had kids and was into cooking. SHe was wearing an apron and preparing a meal. It kinda dimmed by immage of her when I seen the video after that. lol

  72. raine says:

    Oh. Gee, I’d like to think she’d found at least one SD by now. *shrug*

    Lisa, if they’re not dead (or just short of; see Abe Vigoda), they’re hawking unnessary stuff on hsn/qvc/infomercials. Ahh, the halfway decent ole days, lol.

  73. lisa says:

    Kinda like the color the guy will turn holding his breath to get some lovin from her, lol

  74. NitemareSD says:

    “She” looks powder blue.

  75. lisa says:

    I can’t believe “three’s company” aired 30 years ago! And all the celebreties that were popular when I was a kid are either dead or at death’s door.

  76. lisa says:

    equal opportunity for pics, lol I should send the bad ones to the pic collectors, lol

  77. raine says:

    Girlie: I guess I am: for some strange reason I look forward to saying “back when I was your age…” or “man, I haven’t seen this show in 25 years!”*

    *Speaking of which, I wonder if DC follies will be on dvd…

    Say, Nitemare, I don’t suppose she’s premium?

  78. NitemareSD says:

    No, Lisa, you have good pics, but you change them from time to time, and sometimes you use a bad one.

  79. lisa says:

    sorry Nitemare I haven’t had time to take new cell phone pics, my pics always suck, lol

  80. NitemareSD says:

    girlie – Lisa is very attractive – but she put up a new pic #2 that I don’t like.

  81. lisa says:

    girlie just log off the site and go to the home page, look at the bottom left side where you can do a quick search, Where it says I am seeking , select sugarbaby female
    it’s right there

  82. NitemareSD says:


  83. lisa says:

    I remember her too from when I first joined last year. Wow an internet sb/sd relationship. Strictly platonic or shall I say PLATONIC as it is written. What is she going to do, play computer checkers or something?? lol

  84. girlie says:

    That’s a good thing, Lisa. It’s new all over again.
    And from the little pic on the side, you’re a beauty!

  85. raine says:

    As you all know, when I actually joined, I was a nervous wreck. Now, after browsing numerous profiles on both sides, I don’t feel that much anymore. I can laugh a little easier now.

  86. girlie says:

    Oooooh, I want to see her!! What’s her #?

  87. lisa says:

    You ladies are so young, i’m jealous as I’m 43. 🙁 I just got into having my own life at 39 so i’m kinda like a teenager starting out.

  88. NitemareSD says:

    Got her…

    Yes I’ve seen her before. She’s been here forever…

    “Also, as a sidenote – I do most of my work through the internet, so please do not get offended when I ask that we speak through emails”

    The third pic is a very old one, I think it was once her primary. I guess she just does some sort of internet sex paid by something like paypal or whatever it is that they do.

  89. girlie says:

    I wish I was 20-ish, raine. In my dreams!!! 32 this year. Creeping up 🙂 Are you handling it better than me?

    Lisa….sorry to hear that 🙁 One day she will break free as you have. I think girls should be able to explore and discover their sexuality (clearly…haha) but I think it should come after 16 at least, and after date 3 😉

  90. lisa says:

    I heard on the news there were about 6 different shootings in my city this morning. 4 deaths

  91. lisa says:

    Nitemare they prefer the shotgun (well handgun) salute

  92. raine says:

    Oh snap, girlie, we’re the same age*! I don’t know why I thought you were 20(ish) now. *my daughter’s three; I’ll be collecting ss (or racking up aarp discounts, whichever is later)before she has any children! 😀

  93. NitemareSD says:

    lisa Says:

    that exists as much as a group of guys tipping their hats to a lady walking down my street, lol


    Frankly, I am surprised that doesn’t happen constantly, just not exactly in that way. 😮

  94. lisa says:

    If you log off and just do a quick search at the bottom lefthand side, it says I’m looking for a and you select sugarbaby female

  95. lisa says:

    that exists as much as a group of guys tipping their hats to a lady walking down my street, lol

  96. NitemareSD says:

    No, I’ve seen the one that goes on for 12 paragraphs and then at the bottom mentions no sex.

    WHat was it Helen Hunt said to Jack Nicholson?

  97. lisa says:

    She turns 18 tomorrow. Never dated either. She is with my mom and she has turned her into the same controlled robut I was for many years. She even preaches against sex on her myspace profile.

  98. girlie says:

    Come one, NM!! It SO exists. About as likely as spotting a White tiger strolling through a shopping mall in Iowa, but it’s possible.

  99. lisa says:

    I’m looking for a platonic friend only as I stand here in my bikini
    Have you seen this profile in the random search Nitemare?

  100. NitemareSD says:

    Yes, actual profile…

    I like Wolford much better.

  101. girlie says:

    You are quite lucky having a daughter thinking boys are icky. I’d keep encouraging that as looooong as possible. How old is she, Lisa?

  102. NitemareSD says:

    “Please be humorous, caring, understanding, easy-going, fun-loving, adventurous, and HONEST!!!!!”

    Someone that doesn’t exist. 😉

  103. girlie says:

    No testosterone filled men? That’s the best kind of man. Is this in her profile NM?

    OMG, 8th grade??? Imagine that. I was 20 and felt like a baby, despite living on my own for almost 3 years prior. Looking back, I WAS a baby.

  104. lisa says:

    I dont’ ever want to be a grandmother. Don’t think I will be for a long time as my daughter thinks boys are icky.

    What is the lady in Florida looking for? A girlyman?

  105. lisa says:

    girlie, these women are like 32 and grandmothers because they started having kids at 15 or 16 and their daughters start having kids at 15 or 16, etc. When I was in junior high, there was a girl who had a baby, in junior high! 8th grade.

  106. NitemareSD says:

    The DRESS!

    A certain sales rep in Fla mentions she’s

    “NOT LOOKING FOR conceited, testosterone-filled, selfish, rude, possessive, controlling, over-eager men.”

  107. girlie says:

    Don’t they last forever?! Amazing stuff. I”ll have to check out the zig zag ones, they sound pretty, Lisa.

  108. NitemareSD says:

    Well, Lisa, you should be a great grandmother by now. If only your family didn’t ban sex.

  109. girlie says:

    Lisa….lol. I like you! Get both!!

    30 something grandmothers. Dear god, please don’t let that be me. *looking around nervously* I’m 31 and have an 11 year old.

    The dress is about 3 inches above the knee, NMSD. Not too short for this girl. I favour slightly demure. Seriously.
    Now the shoes…..the higher the better!

  110. lisa says:

    There is a Wolford boutique at the Galleria. I went in there 5 years ago and bought 7 items and spent over 300 dollars. I still have them too as I wear them rarely and the quality is so good. I was wearing the 60’s fishnet hosiery and was at home depot, got a rose bush limb stuck on them and they didn’t even tear. I have a pair of the ones with the black and tan blocks, another pair of zig zag ones, and some others. I never wear them anymore cause they cause too much attention and everyone here thinks they are tatoos and i’d never have a tatoo.

  111. lisa says:

    These pregnant ladies were never sexy. They are obese to begin with , mostly from central america. Women of the latino culture start having children at a very young age and they age quickly and have lotsa stretch marks and floppy stomaches from multiple pregnancies. I see girls one the bus that look younger than my daughter and they have a toddler and are pregnant again. 30 something grandmothers are the norm around here.

    Well I would get the dress because I have enough shoes that I can’t walk in anyway. Why not get both?

  112. NitemareSD says:

    How high above the knee is the dress?

  113. girlie says:

    Yes, well, they do cute and kitschy well. Its throwaway fun for the moment. Wolford, now THEY make lovely stockings. I’m trying to convert the world, one person at a time.

  114. girlie says:

    I’m glad to hear about pregnant ladies still trying to be sexy. I say ‘Never let it die’!! Even while feeling like a giant cow. lol

    Here’s a burning question: I need a quick fix ……Do I need the shoes or the dress more?

  115. NitemareSD says:

    I really dislike what I see in VS. What’s hanging I mean – not walking.

  116. lisa says:

    Add women with baby strollers, pregnant women, and crying babies. That’s what it’s like on busy shopping days.

  117. NitemareSD says:

    Hmmm… I will say I have given the “nasty” phone number to countless women and never gotten any trouble. They don’t even stalk if things don’t work.

    I expected I’d be changing numbers often.

  118. lisa says:

    Sounds like a great idea Nitemare

    Intl calling? uh oh I can’t even operate the phone in London. Had to have the hotel clerk call and make our return coach reservations. I can call intl long distance in the US but I can’t operate the phone in Europe. I kept forgeting to hang up or whatever and kept losing my money. There’s so way where you press some button and your money comes back but if you hang up it keeps it. I cant remember as it’s been 6 years.

  119. girlie says:

    Yuck, kids in VS? I don’t mind well behaved kids, but there is something wrong about picking stockings while a 3 year old with sticky fingers is staring you down.

    I’m in agreeance with NMSD. They should be MapQuesting their fingers off to get to you!

  120. NitemareSD says:

    Well, they can find their way to the Galleria on their own, or you don’t want to meet them. 😉 I once dumped a “very eager” pot SB because she couldn’t figure out how to dial an intl phone number. 😮

    Now pick a store/spot that is easy to find, but not a place you like to go yourself. Meet him there and if he looks ok you can walk over to one of your favorite places.

  121. lisa says:

    Nitemare I never give out my number to online offers anymore. This was about 4 years ago when I didn’t have a computer and got the internet at the hotel during my daughter’s birthday. I was filling in forms to get free razors and stuff and since I didn’t know how to create an email address, I just used my name at virginmobile.com and got spammed with emails coming to my phone. beep beep beep beep beep nonstop. Changed the number over 3 years ago and have had no problem.

  122. lisa says:

    I only shop at sephora when I have a sd date. I was there twice in September, got some nice Nars makeup. Victoria secret has become so family like at my mall that it;s just not sexy. I was in line with my daughter after Christmas and there were kids running around everywhere, entire families (even islamic families with the women covered head to toe) sitting around the windows. Fredricks of Hollywood sells sexier things. There is one of them in our mall too

  123. NitemareSD says:

    Well, this way, if it ever happens again, you lose only a few $$ max. I think you can have the cell co turn off txt msg for your number too if that starts to happen, so you could use your remaining balance

  124. lisa says:

    The galleria is the perfect meeting place. It has casual and fine dining, the best shops, meeting rooms for business travelers and there are office buildings that connect. There is also a very nice hotel connected to it for the out of town sd. lol
    I’m not good at giving directions though as I don’t drive so telling them which freeway to take is impossible. lol

  125. girlie says:

    Oh I caught that. I just saw the word toiletries and went right to Sephora in my brain. Girlie stuff is girlie stuff. Even soap and shampoo makes me giddy. Keep pushing Sephora and VS…..imagine the discount 🙂 and the hot lingerie!!

  126. girlie says:

    “respond accordingly”. I can’t wait to hear what that means. Some people are just challenged in the manners/ basic humanity dept. Unfortunate.

  127. lisa says:

    I don’t work at Sephora girlie, I work in a supermarket (grocery store) and in the toiletries area meaning baby products, shampoo, soap, medicines, etc. I applied at sephora and victoria secret but they never called me.

  128. lisa says:

    I had to change my number one time due to a bunch of spam texts that I got from going online and giving out my number to much to those offers that I didn’t know where fake. I ended up getting hundreds of texts a day and at the time the incoming texts were free but then they started charging for incoming texts and I had to change the number to get rid of them. It worked though.

    I have actually given my home number to that one guy who called me but haven’t heard back from him because of the distance issue. Planning on talking to another one soon if I hear back from him.

  129. raine says:

    Nothing yet, girlie; I’ll find out who this jive tofurkey is tomorrow, and respond accordingly.

    The thing that annoys me: I wrote the roughest draft of profile one can possibly think of, and no pic (I have one here now). Plus, I didn’t expect a response of any kind that quickly.

  130. girlie says:

    Nightmare…….I’m pouting at the implication 😀 I’m a kitten compared to those overworked cranky nurses!

    Ah, Target. How we get robbed as Canadians with no Target. Sounds like you’ve found a good place, Lisa. I’d love to work in Sephora all day, beauty products everywhere!

  131. NitemareSD says:

    You could meet any SD who could find his way to the Galleria and he would never know your name, where you live, anything, until you got to know him.

  132. NitemareSD says:

    Lisa, now you can be free to give out your number and rope those SDs in. Nothing works like being trusting and giving out the number early!

    What I do is have a pre-pay solely for “SA” use. It gets tucked away when I’m not active, and it can get thrown away if ever someone started harassing me.

    It costs a lot more than my regular cell, but it offers complete security and anonimity. And you are on a pre-pay anyway, so…

  133. Chris R says:

    I have had a few experiences with bosses. One was with a female boss who always had to remind people who’s in charge. I didn’t mind that so much. We had a couple of flings and I got a promotion. I would have slept with her regardless.

    The others were with men. They tried and I had to tell them I don’t swing that way. One of the jobs I had to quit. The other guy still gave me a promotion and we became friends. We still from time to time.

  134. lisa says:

    and freeze your butt off while waiting for healthcare and sex. lol

  135. lisa says:

    Well in the US if you have government insurance, you wait all day. And even in private insurance, my dad waits and waits, sees the doctor a few minutes and is gone.

    Yes I work in retail girlie. I have for 11 years. Started out almost 8 years at Target (pure hell to work at), worked over years at an Office depot (stress factory and managment had their little “clique” and now I’ve been working at a supermarket for 6 months. Not a checker though, working in the toiletries. Hard physical work but no stress and the management is really nice and friendly. I feel aprreciated.

  136. NitemareSD says:

    Canada sounds rough. Wait for health care, wait for sex.

  137. lisa says:

    Thanks again Nitemare. I was going to have to top it up tomorrow when I get paid but now I can buy some groceries instead. And I will think of you when I have my latte friday. Still waiting to hear back from those potentials, kinda iffy right now. Hoping to meet someone soon.

    Kitty I used to go to Mexico to the dentist. My stepdad’s family was friends with a dentist over there. It was much cheaper and since he knew us, he would give me all the numbing medicine I wanted. lol

  138. girlie says:

    Raine: what happened with the jerky email? 🙁

  139. Nico says:

    Congratulations NC !!


  140. girlie says:

    Kitty is dead right. Our healthcare is pretty good…..if you don’t mind the 2 hour wait! 🙂

    Hi Lisa! Did I see in another thread that you worked retail too? I’d been meaning to ask.

  141. ~*kitty*~ says:

    very sweet of your nitemare 🙂 whats ur email addy btw?
    I want to send u a quick e-mail 🙂

    Lisa: HAHA that’s kindda funny. because a lot of Americans go to Mexico to get plastic surgery! lol

  142. NitemareSD says:

    You are welcome, Lisa. I hope it takes your mind off some of the difficulty with communicating with SDs, and frees up a little cash for a decent coffee or some such at the Galleria.

    Maybe not a bad place to meet people on your days off?

  143. lisa says:

    The mexicans come to Texas to use our healthcare.

  144. ~*kitty*~ says:

    I lot of Americans come to Canada to use our health care. Think that was an episode of the Simpsons lol

  145. ~*kitty*~ says:

    YAY!! congrats NC.. have a great weekend! 🙂

  146. NC Gent says:

    OK — bye all — closing on the lake house tomorrow, and then moving in on Friday (oh joy!). I hope everyone has a great Easter weekend!

    and kitty — they do look oh so perky 😉

  147. lisa says:

    I’m moving to Canada, I remember Toronto as a very nice city but wait it’s cold there…… maybe i’ll stay here, lol

  148. ~*kitty*~ says:

    maybe we pay a lot more in taxes…

  149. ~*kitty*~ says:

    That’s ridiculously expensive. When my friend was giving birth, she staied at the hospital for 2 weeks (she can stay as long as she wanted) and she paid $100 for the 2 weeks because she wanted to upgrade to a private room.

  150. lisa says:

    Thank you Nitemare 🙂 for topping up my phone.

  151. lisa says:

    4 thousand dollars for two days, no complications, no labor medications (since I didnt’ have medicaid they wouldn’t give me any medicine for pain), and being that they have about 5 nurseries full of babies, they put the healthy one in with their mothers after 12 hours. This is not good as I needed my rest and had to be up constantly taking care of her and still got charged for the nursery. There were four other girls in the room but none had their babies in the room because One baby had hepititus, one had syphillus and one was a preemie, they were all teenage mothers , one was 14 years old and had syphillis. I was 25 and the oldest in the room

  152. ~*kitty*~ says:


  153. ~*kitty*~ says:

    lisa: just curious, how much is the hospital bill?

  154. lisa says:

    They said I was a teenage girl faking labor! I was actually 25 and married almost 4 years. My husband made to much money for me to qualify for any assistance but since he left me and left the country that did very little to help me as they count any separtion of less than 6 months “temporary” well that “temporary” is going on 18 years. I still ended up with a huge hospital bill which my mom ended up paying and never let me forget it. lol There is proof though that you don’t have to have prenatal care to have a healthy baby as I never saw a doctor till I went to the hospital and everything was fine, 100% perfect

  155. ~*kitty*~ says:

    just to tempt u a bit more… *whispers* I’ve got perky boobs
    LOL.. jk…. jk

  156. ~*kitty*~ says:

    LISA: early happy Bday to your daughter! I can’t believe American hospitals would kick people out because they have no insurance!!! It’s 100% covered by OHIP (government) here. Actually every emergency room visit, medical surgery, births are all covered. Even if you don’t have OHIP, our of province etc. they will never kick you out if you need medical attention! I am really starting to like being a Canadian.

  157. NC Gent says:

    deal kitty! 🙂

  158. lisa says:

    to be clear there are two hospitals in my area, the one my daughter works at is 4 blocks down and the one she has been working a little bit in is about a mile away. I know I kept saying other and other lol Well actually there are 3 hospitals in my area but the 3rd one isn’t involved in this situation

  159. ~*kitty*~ says:

    NC, I’ve told you before, I would visit you, even if you don’t Sugar me up. That’s how special you are, but when it comes to putting out… ya gotta try a tad harder.

  160. lisa says:

    I’m doing fine just remembering 18 years ago today, my daughter was about to be born. Funny thing is 18 years ago today I got kicked out of the hospital down the street when they found out I didn’t have insurance so I had to go 15 miles to the county hospital. My daughter who turns 18 in the early morning works at the other hospital down the street but has been working a couple afternoons at the other hospital (the one I got kicked out of) but they told her that since tomorrow is her birthday she doesn’t have to come over there and can do the files for the doctor at the other hospital. I told her that 18 years ago she got kicked out before she was born and now they dont’ want her there on her birthday, lol
    She has to take 2 buses to the other hospital which means she loses half an hour of work so it’s better when she works at the regular hospital.

  161. NC Gent says:

    too funny Kitty 🙂 mmmmm boobies!

  162. ~*kitty*~ says:

    how are u doing LISA?

  163. lisa says:

    Hi everyone
    Ok I’ve strained my eyes trying to read all the posts.
    Did someone say beheadings? lol

  164. ~*kitty*~ says:

    Raine: ooOOO that one!! lol… You have to admit, it was pretty damn funny! 🙂 ya.. still locked out… so I live vicariously through you guys…

  165. ~*kitty*~ says:

    aww NC.. *cradles NC to boobies and strokes his hair*
    you ARE special… you are like a Sugar Brother to me~ Get a penthouse suite and we’ll see how excited u get me! LOL

  166. raine*306712* says:

    The “sugar babies: why?” one. I was asking the same thing. Still locked out, huh?

  167. NC Gent says:

    ummmmm well if you put it that way…. nothing makes me special so I will get a suite with separate rooms 🙁

  168. ~*kitty*~ says:

    NC: I didn’t put out for SAM.. I would’ve… but I didn’t. So what makes YOU so special?

  169. NC Gent says:

    Ok — we have 3 signed up — I usually stay near Downer’s Grove — might have to go downtown ChiTown to find something as nice as you had in Vegas Kitty…. but man will you have to put out if I get something that nice lol

  170. ~*kitty*~ says:

    Raine: What post? Was I harsh? please remind me. BAHS! my SA account is on Hiatus.

  171. raine*306712* says:

    My bad, kitty.(doi.)^there’s the number(wow, haven’t done that in ages); try to be gentle, kay? I remember your sw post from way back…

    I dunno, nawti: I see your name, I guess anywhere else but. *shrug* guess you can say our names travel well.

  172. nawtibynatur says:

    LOL raine. I love your optimism.

  173. raine says:

    NC: squeeeeeee! Sign me up! Just imagine, nawti: the local gentlemen we didn’t know existed will sense NC in the room, and they’ll be like moths to a flame. 😀

  174. ~*kitty*~ says:

    Btw NC: I don’t go anywhere that is below the SAM standard. 😉

  175. nawtibynatur says:

    Surprised raine? Why is that?

    Sounds like a party plan NC Gent!

  176. ~*kitty*~ says:

    Raine: Pic, silly goose!

  177. ~*kitty*~ says:

    NC: Definitely 🙂 Especially to redeem those Lingerie and F-Me shoes lol! O! And you can redeem your 3-some tokens too

  178. raine says:

    Uh, kitty: you mean that email, my pic, or both? (The former’s already there.)

    Nawti, you’re in the chi, too!? (not a bad thing, just surprised)

  179. NC Gent says:

    Hi Nawti — yes I come to Chicago about 4-6 times a year. Let’s do dinner next time I am in Chicago! Looks like we can get a group of Chicago SBs together no problem… maybe even get kitty to fly over 🙂

  180. raine says:

    Well, at least I’m not shown putting on pantyhose or some such malarkey…

    Stay tuned for the full body shots (I won’t take as long getting those up, I promise)…

  181. ~*kitty*~ says:

    rAINE: i WANNA SEE!! Post it on SW

  182. nawtibynatur says:

    Oh do come up to the Chicago area NC Gent. Always nice to visit with a gentleman.

  183. raine says:

    Ok, kitty; I see that smilie in my head. I don’t even wanna know (at least not til later)…

    [Oh man, I’m so nervous about that pic — no makeup or even a string of pearls! If I actually bit my nails, I’d probably be doing so right about now…]

  184. ~*kitty*~ says:

    ooo nothing much just taking out the trash *evil grin*

  185. raine says:

    Hahaha–uh.oh. What just happened over there, kitty? 😐

  186. ~*kitty*~ says:

    btw: there will be a beheading at sugarworld momentarily

  187. ~*kitty*~ says:

    Raine: AHA I just read that! lol… Really makes you wonder eh?

  188. raine says:

    Lol @kitty! I put up a note about my first email over there. I’ve officially diversified! 😀

  189. NitemareSD says:

    Tree sacrifices and beheadings, and Lisa will be home momentarily. I can’t wait.

  190. ~*kitty*~ says:

    raine: what is at the sw town square? A beheading?

  191. ~*kitty*~ says:

    Please be advised there will be no results until the cheque is cleared. In the mean time there is still a preview that is awaiting you. 😉

  192. raine says:

    Hi again, all.

    Well, my work officially begins: my first pic is up. Got my first jerk email via sdfm*.

    *sorry to have kept you waiting, Nico; that was it. Since I’m not as annoyed, I put it up in the sw town square.

  193. NC Gent says:

    As always Kitty, the cheque is in the mail!

  194. ~*kitty*~ says:

    NC: I suggest you hire the best marketer in Canada to solve your issue. Just send that cheque to Kittylainy’s bank account and there will be a stream of angry letters/phone calls sent to the party responsible.

  195. NC Gent says:

    Yeah Nitemare — starting Monday, for the sake of SB mentoring, I am sacrificing several trees!

    and girlie — you were never in a hole — we were just teasing you 🙂

  196. ~*kitty*~ says:

    when I was writing my point early, I felt it meant more, but re-reading it, yes it was kind of pointless. lol

  197. NitemareSD says:

    Really hurting as in off you go shopping without an SD! 😮

  198. NitemareSD says:

    Oh, NC, aren’t you having a bunch of trees chopped down to print the WSJ on so she can get up to speed?

  199. Beach_Girl* says:

    girlie~ what about MTL?

  200. girlie says:

    BG, hello! I’m curious about Montreal too!

    Nightmare: Really hurting?? As in sheer #’s of SD’s or quality of ladies? Joint mission…..haha. Indeed.

    Must get my butt out of here. I’ve been trying to get shopping since 1pm. Easily distracted, I am. See you later……….

  201. NC Gent says:

    yes that would be Ms. Electric Green SE!

  202. Beach_Girl* says:

    NitemareSD~ ah thanks 🙁

  203. NitemareSD says:

    Live in a shack in the Laurentians.

  204. Beach_Girl* says:

    And yes we are hurting 🙁
    all the guys in MTL say i;m too close, guys in TO and NY say i’m too Far!!!
    what am i supposed to do?

  205. girlie says:

    It is good to see what everyone else has, isn’t it? I am indeed surprised when I read some, it’s as if some people don’t leave their house and have never spoken to real people, especially ones with breasts 🙂
    Good for a laugh at times, I suppose.

  206. Beach_Girl* says:

    NitemareSD~ are there alot of SBs in montreal?
    in TO they have lots i know , but here???

    Hello all Sugars!

  207. NitemareSD says:

    Yeah, NYC has a full line, and Chicago’s got plenty.

    Many in TO and MON are looking nice and they seem to be really hurting up there. SD’s should do a joint recon mission over the NYS line.

  208. SuthrnExec says:

    Just giving NC a hard time – I don’t even have the courage to post my profile number up there!

  209. NC Gent says:

    and girlie — after viewing several SD profiles for the first time this week, I can understand how uncreepy might be refreshing. I was sincerely shocked when I reviewed what some of these guys put in their profiles!

  210. girlie says:

    Oh, I’ve dug a hole. Someone pull me from this. My impractical shoes don’t allow for climbing out on my own.

  211. SuthrnExec says:

    uh hmmm – that would be Ms Electric Green??

  212. NC Gent says:

    uncreepy is unfortunately my best attribute lol

  213. NC Gent says:

    I was likely joking Nitemare SD, but I do prefer out-of-state SBs. I think I said something about the grass being greener on the other side of the state-line. When I do searching, I see lots of potential SBs in Chicago and NYC area 🙂 Having said all that, my current potential SB is in Charlotte 🙂

  214. girlie says:

    lol. I certainly could have used some better wording. I’m a lovely shade of red.

  215. SuthrnExec says:

    NC is uncreepy… that’s good to know!

  216. lookylou says:

    That was to Nitemare SD, btw.

  217. lookylou says:

    “I thought sleeping with guys that don’t make them want to puke is important to SBs. (Helps differentiate them from hookers for example.)”

    That’s true, and this guy doesn’t make me want to puke, but I feel I must point out that, just as sugar dating is different from prostitution, it’s also quite different from regular “vanilla” dating. I’m not a hooker, but I’m also not looking for a mere boyfriend. He came to this site looking for a sugar baby, I came to this site looking for a sugar daddy.

    “And if you people are mature adults looking for fulfilling relationships in your arrangements, sex is not the final prize, nor is $$. So sleeping with him without him giving you money is not you giving the final prize without him doing so.”

    I’d like to believe this, and we do have a good friendship/non-sexual relationship going so far, but I don’t know if it’s realistic to divorce completely the concepts of sex and money from sugar dating. Once again, he came here looking for something (as was discussed earlier on the blog, it’s very rare to find a celibate sugar relationship), and so did I.

  218. girlie says:

    Nightmare…..sure I could. If you can stand me smiling sweetly as I refuse.

    NCGent…..I see! I liked your profile. I thought it was straightforward and uncreepy (a feat in itself!).

  219. SuthrnExec says:

    NC, I know a good marketing firm you can use… just send $2,000 in cash to SuthrnExec’s Marketing and Profiling Services

  220. NitemareSD says:

    NC you said you thought there were few SBs in NC. I see NC SBs all the time. I joke that every woman in Charlotte is an SB. I even had one from Charlotte. What up????

  221. NC Gent says:

    and girlie I was the guy from NC who viewed you! Posting your profile number gets lots of views — from opposite and same sex

    NC Gent Profile# 308400 I am considering hiring a PR firm next to increase traffic to my profile or maybe buy a few google ad words lol

  222. NitemareSD says:

    I don’t know if you could see me because my profile has been hidden since I haven’t been actively looking.

    But could you stand 3+ dates of me begging you for sex?

  223. girlie says:

    Oh and NightmareSD……well now you got me all curios. I wonder if I saw you in my “who viewed me”….love to place a face on the Nightmare name.

  224. NitemareSD says:

    ~*kitty*~ Says:

    let me add to my post above that I will not sleep with a guy unless I WOULDN’T feel used if he didn’t give me money and the arrangement didnt transcend.


    That’s a truly mainstream SB comment. (And I am so glad that is what you meant in the first comment, because only sleeping if you WOULD feel used would require alot of work to straighten you out. 🙂 )

  225. girlie says:

    I think my question was way misinterpreted, kitty. I was looking for NightmareSD’s opinion on the subject, not looking to validate what I prefer.

    I have only ever engaged in relationships without the factor of money coming up until well after date 3. I won’t even engage in the conversation and I refuse to discuss it when asked. I need to know we can sit through several dinners/ events/ weekends without there being awkwardness and I need to feel chemisty. I’ve never waivered on this and never will. It’s generally unimportant to me because my mortgage, bills and voracious shoe habit are generally taken care of by my job and this allows me to see someone based on connection. Everything else is icing on the cupcake 🙂

    I’ve said in a previous post that my needs are more emotional based than financial, hands down, and I prefer it that way.

    I FULLY agree with you, kitty, and wanted to clarify as I am quite stubborn on my thoughts, despite getting some seriously obnoxious emails because I won’t budge.

  226. SuthrnExec says:

    Hey Stephan, now’d be a good time for a new topic…

  227. ~*kitty*~ says:

    let me add to my post above that I will not sleep with a guy unless I WOULDN’T feel used if he didn’t give me money and the arrangement didnt transcend.

  228. ~*kitty*~ says:

    girlie: it’s not an equation where you have to input in time, money and figure out when intimacy should happen. When it is so calculated, it makes it much more of a transaction than emotions. Intimacy should happen when the two have gained enough trust regarding the individuals, financial and relationship.
    A general rule I use is, in the introductory stage of a relationship, “if I sleep with him and he doesn’t give me any money, will I feel used?”
    Because when it comes down to it, it really isn’t just about the money. And a lot of SBs put way too much emphasis about the $, allowance aspect and forget about the relationship part. I get intimate with someone because I want to, not because he slipped me $500.

  229. NitemareSD says:

    I think the time depends on what each person wants at that particular moment in their life and in relation to the person they are considering doing it with.

    I thought sleeping with guys that don’t make them want to puke is important to SBs. (Helps differentiate them from hookers for example.)

    Sleep with the guy if you want to or don’t. End the relationship if its not what you expect. The two are not singular decisions.

    And if you people are mature adults looking for fulfilling relationships in your arrangements, sex is not the final prize, nor is $$. So sleeping with him without him giving you money is not you giving the final prize without him doing so.

    Girlie you are rather cute, I wanted to mention, having checked you out earlier.

  230. girlie says:

    I must have worded it wrong. I am totally a 3 dates PLUS girl. I was just curious to his opinion on the subject.

    I don’t generally waiver in my own thoughts on the issue and I’d abandon a SD who pushed otherwise.

  231. SuthrnExec says:

    Girlie, Nitemare or any SD should not be answering that for you – it’s your decision on what is right for you.

  232. girlie says:

    NightmareSD, do tell what you think is an appropriate amount of time to “get to the point”? Or is it that you need a natural progression of intimacy? I’m curious, because I don’t think that’s an unusual amout of time to not have hopped into bed yet. Throwing all the allowance bit aside, would you say 3 dates is too long?

  233. SuthrnExec says:

    I vote OC being the Union boss for the SBs… 😉

  234. SuthrnExec says:

    Good afternoon Kitty (whispering… my voice is about gone from talking so much…)

  235. ~*kitty*~ says:

    Loves the Sb Union and SD Association Idea lol

  236. ~*kitty*~ says:

    Good afternoon everyone 🙂

  237. OCSugarBaby says:

    NitemareSD: Allowance is a very serious subject for SB’s. It needs to be a number that is reasonable and consistantly sent! 🙂

  238. Nico says:

    Raine….still standing by….

  239. NitemareSD says:

    $200 in gas money? Are you guys eating Mexican?

    The ladies are much better at negotiating than the experienced business types. “i’m no good at negotiating” is just a technique, and it alone blows away all the seminars you boys have attended on the subject.

    I tell you what I’d be doing at this point; dropping that “SB” for another that’s showing more interest. Maybe this SD is more patient than I am.

    The question is why aren’t you sleeping with him yet? Three dates! Pecks on the cheek 😛 The answer is you are waiting to get your price. Set whatever price you like. I hope this blog doesn’t turn into the SB Union where the girls start setting the price and terms. We’ll need an SD Association to negotiate a global contract.

  240. SweetEuropean says:

    Hahahahahaha Nitemare!!!!

  241. raine says:

    I see the SD perspective a lot more clearly now: thanks, NC and SE.

    Nico, stand by for pm…

  242. girlie says:

    Accidently slept with someone…lol. I use the line that I “accidently bought more shoes today” fairly often. When I start using it as above, I am in trouble.

  243. NitemareSD says:

    It was dull. No one had accidentally slept with anyone lately. Then I go out to get a little gift for Lisa, and the topic changes to ‘is it okay to sleep with him for only $200?’

    I feel better now.

  244. Nico says:

    Nice approach NC

  245. NC Gent says:

    Hi SE, Girlie — I agree with SE about negotiating, and I have to remind myself that the SB/SD negotiation has emotions involved whereas most business deals don’t or shouldn’t. One of the fundamentals of negotiations is to never make the first offer (or show your cards) as SE states…. about a year ago, I lost a potential SB because I kept waiting for her to bring it up…. now if it doesn’t come up, I bring it up by saying … if I wanted to see you this much time, what type of range budget range would you consider acceptable? It sounds less cold and calculating that way. I think an SB could use this same tactic, by saying how often did you want to see me and how much contact in between and what budget range where you thinking? Just my two-cents and consider the source and what you paid for it.

  246. Nico says:

    What I will ask is what they are looking for and not necessarily in the context of showing their cards but, because there are varying idea of what the site is about, I will have them clarify. If they are looking for a girlfriend, a fling or a sugar babe. There are then ways to get to the answer, through discussion without asking them straight out…if you’re just trying to get an idea.

  247. girlie says:

    SE- Have you thought of teaching classes via the web? 🙂

  248. SuthrnExec says:

    Another thing to remember with SDs, most are accomplished business men and negotiation is a part of their work-life and to some SDs, “showing all his cards” first is a no-no — that puts him in a position of less strength than if he held out until the SB brings up the question.

    Understanding that will help you understand his mindset a little better. I personally think when the chemistry is right, it diffuses that sort of situation and both will work to a most enjoyable solution.

  249. girlie says:

    SuthrnExec, you took the words from my mouth…..err…fingers?

    lookyloo, it’s clearly not okay for YOU to do so or you wouldn’t have asked. Perhaps he is testing you, perhaps he just wants to see if you’ll be lay your cards on the table first, so to speak, perhaps he really will give you what you need in the end. I think you should trust your instincts and in this case it appears you shouldn’t do anything until the conversation is had.

  250. lookylou says:

    Thanks to everyone for their advice.

    Suthrn, you’re completely right that communication is key, and I will go ahead and have that convo with him before Thursday. I once read that there are two kinds of pain in life: the pain of discipline, and the pain of regret. I need to suck it up and experience the pain of discipline now in having this conversation so that I won’t experience the pain of regret later on.

    Raine – don’t you worry, I haven’t taken any lipgloss off for this guy yet! We’ve held hands and had one peck on the lips so far.

    naw – the stuff you’re talking about is all very familiar to me. It’s so hard to have this conversation without feeling like a golddigger. I think it’s partially that women are trained not to ask for the things they want, and to put others’ need first at all times. I think another aspect of it is that many SDs are attracted to SBs because of their innocence, and knowing this, we become reluctant to ask about money lest we dispel that illusion.

  251. SuthrnExec says:

    nawtibynatur, (apologize in advance for the length of this) I hear what you’re saying and I totally understand. Most guys, when hit with that question early in the process (before even knowing if there is chemistry between the two of you, much less before you meet in-person) are a bit put-off by the question. I don’t say that is right or how it should be, but that’s how a lot of guys see it. Legitimate guys want to know if there is the level of chemistry they are looking for before talking about the “business” aspect. So to hit them with the “what kind of arrangement” question too soon unfortunately is sometimes a negative.

    On the flip-side, the SB needs to understand what it’s like from the SB perspective who is getting hit by pic collectors and guys that want to do a “hit-and-run,” shall we say.

    SDs need to be able to answer in a way that satisfies the SBs desire to understand what he has in mind and also to make him feel like he is not being taken by a gold-digger. PLEASE understand that we are talking about perception here – not necessarily reality – but as they say, perception IS reality. I believe there is a way to do this and satisfy both. This is another reason why chemistry is so important – with chemistry comes trust and more of a willingness to discuss the tough issues – which unfortunately, need to be talked about early-on before everybody is totally comfortable with each other.

    I think if a SD will give the SB a general idea of what he has in mind (“I envision offering a SB x amount per month in the form of [cash, gifts, etc.] plus cover her expenses with all related travel, etc….). I think something like that would allow you to move on to determining what kind of chemistry there is and allow you to build the trust needed to be successful.

    Does this sound like a reasonable approach?

  252. raine says:

    Nawtibynatur, can’t argue with or blame you; from what I’ve gathered thus far, this is an inexact science at best. As for the SD who’d passed you over, he did you a huge favor: if you didn’t ask questions/establish boundaries to ensure a smooth ride (so to speak), you’d lose a bunch more sleep and self-respect. And yes, there are apparently men (and a few women) around here with stars in their eyes, thus blinded to the sugar dating concept as a whole. Quiet as kept, I’m past weary of this scratched CD of a subject myself.

  253. nawtibynatur says:

    What happens when you try to bring up what kind of arrangement the SD would like, but they continue to not answer? Are they using this site as a dating site then? I have also had an SD tell me the reason he picked another sb from this site over me is because she didn’t continue to ask about the arrangement and how it would transpire. He thought I was just in it ‘for the money’. Yet, if we say no play unless you pay, aren’t we saying just that? I am not disagreeing with raine or SouthernExec, just saying that somethimes it is just such a difficult discussion. I wish there was a small questionnaire that a new SD had to answer to make sure they understood a basic understanding of this kind of arrangement and what this site was about. Or, have some sort of protocal in place to help both sides. I just wish we didn’t have to come back to this discussion so often, but we always seem to, because many SD’s just don’t seem to understand what it means to be a SD. Perhaps a way for new SD’s to refer to a page with suggested ways to set up an arrangement? Or what is considered acceptable? How do we bridge this gap in understanding? Thoughts?

  254. raine says:

    [I tried to withhold comment, I really did!]

    First off, lookylou, what SuthrnExec said [you know I’m just short of heated when I type handlers in their entirety!]. It’s high time for that difficult conversation — don’t take off as much as your EARRINGS or even LIPGLOSS for him until all cards are on the table! I can’t bear to hear anymore fellow SBs (regardless of tenure) crying about getting the short end of the stick, ESPECIALLY IF SAME WAS AVOIDABLE!

  255. SuthrnExec says:

    Lookylou, let me give you my perspective – you may want input from some SBs as well, but I would have a conversation with him prior to meeting Thursday to make sure you both are on the same page. He may think that slipping you the 2 bills plus the shopping is sufficient, especially since you have apparently moved forward with out bringing up the bank-to-bank transfer(at least that’s my assumption).

    Look at your question – “Is it ok to sleep with him for the 200 dollars he’s already given me, plus a few hundred in shopping.” If another SB said that to you, what would come to your mind? There are no set rules in these relationships – you decide what is appropriate based on what you want. He obviously enjoys being with you – have the conversation – if it goes well, it will improve your relationship and probably enhance the chemistry between you. If it doesn’t go well – then he is exposing his true colors to you. Then you need to say “so long”.

    Open, honest communication is a MUST. Have that discussion before Thursday. Otherwise you are essentially saying you’re ok with things as they are and it will be more difficult to move him to the aforementioned planned arrangement.

  256. nawtibynatur says:

    lisa~you mentioned knowing which members are paying members. How do you know? How do you have them prove they are legit?

    To address the discussion about weight that is ongoing, height/weight numbers are a very loose guideline, and intended only for those who do not exercise. Anyone who exercises regularly and has more muscle mass is better off going by body fat percentage. According to height/weight charts Michael Jordan would be considered obese! So stop worrying about numbers ladies, and just be happy with who you are. You are all amazing!

  257. lookylou says:

    Hi all – I have a question to pose to the sugar bowl.

    I’ve met a lovely SD on SA who I like and trust, but who has yet to spring for my allowance (we had agreed that a bank-to-bank transfer would be the best for both of us – none of the awkwardness involved in handing a big envelope of money over, just a clean deposit each month). We’ve had three dates so far, he’s paid for everything, and after our last date he handed me 200 in “gas money.”

    We talked a bit about meeting Thursday. It looks like dining, shopping, and a first chance at intimacy on Thursday afternoon. There’s a Victoria’s Secret near where we’ll be seeing each other – that seems like a place where I could easily spend a few minutes and a few hundred dollars. Plus I could find something to put on a little later that day that would probably up my confidence a few points.

    However, I haven’t seen the money come into my account yet. Is it OK to sleep with him for the 200 dollars he’s already given me, plus a few hundred in shopping (equal to about 500 dollars, or approximately 1/4 of my monthly allowance) and hope that he comes through with the money afterward? Or should I hold out on intimacy until I see the full allowance in my account?

    I have a feeling (corroborated by several sugar babies who comment on my blog) that it would be wise not to “take care of him” until he “takes care of me”, so to speak, but I wonder what’s the best way to begin this conversation?

  258. SuthrnExec says:

    Nobody’s here – or at least wishing to be seen or heard.

  259. raine says:

    Mornin’ SE and anyone else who’s left. *YAWN*

  260. SuthrnExec says:

    GOOOOODD MOOOORRRNNNIIINGGG SUGAR LAND!!! {yelled in the vein of Robin Williams in Good Morning, Vietnam} How is everyone this morning??

  261. lisa says:

    Good morning everyone
    Getting ready to leave for work. Will be glad when it’s time to come home. lol
    Still no word from that potential sd.

    Mia I wear a size 5 in juniors. I never wear misses clothes even though I’m 43, I just don’t like it and when I look arouond and see 70 year olds in the same department, well I know I don’t want to be there, lol
    I can’t wear a 0 because my behind is too big. Everything else is small but the behind. Wish I could lose it.

    Have a great day everyone. Be back after 3

  262. girlie says:

    Thanks, Victoria.

    Night! I am headed there myself. Wine and ice cream shall continue in bed!

  263. Mia says:

    Lisa – I’m 5’1 and weigh 108 and wear a 0 in juniors! I can barely find anything to fit appropriately if it’s above a 1/2 in juniors and definitely not in misses.

    How can you think 105 is too much???

    Hmmm, maybe our body compositions are different.

  264. Victoria ♠302242 ♠ says:

    Okay…really leaving now. Bye, lovlies!

  265. Victoria ♠302242 ♠ says:

    Hey there, BG! Girlie, I checked out your profile, you’re adorable! You kind of look like my last French teacher…I had the biggest crush on her! Heck even my friend Jimmy (who’s gay) had a nonsexual crush on her. So, my point is, you’re very pretty! lol 🙂

  266. girlie says:

    Hi Victoria. Absolutely a girl is allowed her fantasies. It’s your right!!

    I just saw that movie a couple of weeks ago. I rented it on a whim after I read a reference to it in a fashion mag. A lot of it was a too much for me, but I must admit there were several parts that I felt flushed for….haha.

  267. Beach_Girl* says:

    lol have fun Vic!

  268. Beach_Girl* says:

    hate that my profile is pending for a little bitty change!

  269. Victoria ♠302242 ♠ says:

    Hello, sugars! I stopped in to see the blog, but, alas, I cannot stay. I’m busy (being a nerd) working on a few projects with the Sims2 game. 🙂 It’s my addiction.

  270. Beach_Girl* says:

    Hey Vic

  271. girlie says:

    Thanks, BG. I bet it will be up by morning!!

  272. Victoria ♠302242 ♠ says:

    Considering the legal issues that may pop up, I don’t think it’s that *wise* of a decision… BUT, it has been a *fantasy* of mine for quite some time now…Ever since I saw the BDSM themed movie, Secretary… It’s been something I really wanted. I know it’s not wise, but a girl’s allowed her fantasies, yes?

  273. Beach_Girl* says:

    did you get the gravatar thing girlie!

  274. girlie says:

    Night Lisa!!

  275. Beach_Girl* says:

    nite lisa

  276. Beach_Girl* says:

    lisa oh my god that would be 145 ahhhhhhhh lol
    ive started training so i’ll get into shape! soon i’ll be 125 yay

  277. lisa says:

    I’m going to go watch tv and go to bed now. Gotta get up in the morning and work 8-3. Truck day which means heavy lifting so i’ll come home with a backache.

    have a good night everyone

  278. Beach_Girl* says:

    you are too cute girlie!
    my profile is pending 🙁 i changed the heading to No Games!

  279. lisa says:

    for women it’s 100 lbs for the first 5″ and 5 lbs for each additional inch, this is the guideline for women in their 20’s I think so you would be about 6 lbs under your ideal weight. I am 5′ 1″ and weigh 105 which is ideal but I think it’s too much.

  280. girlie says:

    You are slim, I am curvy. I just under 5’6″ and I am 135lbs . 216076 is my profile #.

    I’d love to be 5’9″!!

  281. lisa says:

    sad thing is I think he really had the money. Nice Lexus suv, and he spent a lot on me and bought several expensive items for himself too

  282. lisa says:

    Well I tried to be friendly and the date was ok, he took me shopping for something to wear to an evening even we were to attend. He dropped me off at my apartment and said he would be by to pick me up in a couple hours and then he bailed on me. I can’t believe that big slob didnt think I was good enough for him. lol The evening sounded very pleasant but of course he cancelled on me. He is still on the site with the same old picture from the face up. Kinda decietful I think. and he was only about 5′ 8″

  283. Beach_Girl* says:

    wow that is way too big! i say average coz i gained 15 pounds! i’m 139 now
    but i am 5’9″
    wow i guess i’m slim lol

  284. girlie says:

    300 lbs is a big man! How did you handle it? I don’t know what I would have done, likely being as taken aback as you.

  285. lisa says:

    Texas has a very high obesity rate. I met one sd a few months back that said “average” and when we met he was huge, at least 300 lbs. And yes a few weeks ago I went over the Houston sds that were actually paying members and it was about 35 and most of them I had either contacted or they were just not right for me.

  286. Beach_Girl* says:

    girlie~ i’m looking right now to ship my butt all the way to the sun! 🙂

  287. girlie says:

    🙂 I love a little belly on a man but 50lbs is excessive. Those aren’t good odds, Lisa! 🙁 35 is extremely small.

    BG, brrrrr. I thought spring was upon us!

  288. Beach_Girl* says:

    i’m sure it will all work out!

  289. lisa says:

    I’m working on one right now. In the emailing stage. Probably hear from him tomorrow. No meeting set up yet though and he is from out of town so we can’t just meet.

  290. Beach_Girl* says:

    someday Girl

  291. lisa says:

    “average” in Texas means about 50 lbs overweight. I just looked at a profile and find it interesting that a guy who makes less than 50k is worth almost a million. He must really know how to invest.

  292. lisa says:

    yes and when I check out new members I will see one new free profile after the other and sometimes it looks like its probably the same guy making up different profiles. When I go back days later I see that alot of those new profiles haven’t signed on since the day they joined. Also so many overweight sds in Texas.

  293. Beach_Girl* says:

    Lisa~ that sucks!

  294. lisa says:

    And only about 35 paying members in a city as large as Houston 3+ million people is not very good odds.

  295. lisa says:

    Most of the Texas sds are either free members, way too young and most likely just young guys playing on the site, or live somewhere else besides Houston. Those in other cities are not willing to travel.

  296. Beach_Girl* says:

    there are a lot of SDs in Texas

  297. Beach_Girl* says:

    girlie ~ they could take my butt somewhere warm. and it’s f***n snowing right now!

  298. girlie says:

    Got it, thank you. They want a complex password and I’ve tried 6 different ones and none are working. I’ll get it sooner or later.

    I can’t blame the Can SD’s. I’d be all over a girl somewhere warm if I were one 🙂

  299. lisa says:

    Texas sds suck too, lol Most of them are in other cities and can’t travel.

  300. Beach_Girl* says:

    lisa ~ i know, it totally suck for moi!

  301. Beach_Girl* says:


  302. lisa says:

    I think all the sds in Canada want to meet someone in the US. I remember getting alot of messages from Canadian sds when I first joined.

  303. Beach_Girl* says:

    yeah, but none here i’m too close they all say
    doesn’t matter really

  304. girlie says:

    I can’t get that to work. All the better I guess, I shouldn’t be flashing my mug in here 🙂

    There has got to be some in your area, BG. Are you able to travel?

  305. lisa says:

    I’ve got one potential at the time, waiting to hear back from him, but hey at least we have maintained contact for about a week. wow

  306. lisa says:

    arghhhhhhhh! I just tried to call my best friend and she kinda got rid of me. She’s too busy driving around in her new (well actually old) car following her so called boyfriend (the one that is younger than her and moved out on her almost a year ago and has a new baby and lives with his new girlfriend). I don’t know why she wastes her time with that loser and she shouldn’t be out driving around this neighborhood at night. I guess she will do it till she gets caught without insurance. She already has too many marks on her driving record.

  307. Beach_Girl* says:

    I wish i had just one pot SD !!! is that too much to ask for???? just one good guy that’s all i want, so if there are some good and real SDs reading this ! hit me up!

  308. Beach_Girl* says:

    There are some lucky Girls here!
    girlie you have to go to a site called avatar something i can check

  309. SuthrnExec says:

    I’m doing well. Good evening Girlie – glad your meeting went well – it all sounds promising!

  310. lisa says:

    girlie I really don’t remember how, OC gave me instructions but i’m not too computer saavy.

  311. Beach_Girl* says:

    lol girlie i’m sure even if he does he’ll be happy that you had a good time
    i hope it all works out for you

  312. girlie says:

    Lisa, how in the world do I get my pic there in the little box? *blushing* I SO don ‘t know.

  313. girlie says:

    Hi SE 🙂

    We had dinner last night, BG. It was nice, I quite enjoyed him. Stupid me left my car lights on and what’s funny is that I don’t know how since my car beeps when you leave the lights on after shutting it. Anyhow, cold and snowy, we came out to find my battery dad. He was fantastic and quickly called a tow truck who had cables and everything worked out well. I was so happy he handled it because, despite being a 3 week old car, I have NO idea where the manual is to call the roadside assistance. Thank god for Daddies….lol.

    In summary, it went well. Thanks for asking. Next step, I don’t know. But he emailed me this morn and asked if we could get together next week.

    And…..lets hope he doesn’t read the blog since this sort of gives it all away 🙂

  314. lisa says:

    Hi everyone

  315. Beach_Girl* says:

    girlie how was the lunch date?

  316. Beach_Girl* says:

    I’m good SE , how are you?

  317. Beach_Girl* says:

    hi SE & girlie

  318. SuthrnExec says:

    Good evening BG, Lisa – how are you guys this evening?

  319. Beach_Girl* says:

    Hello Sugars!!!

  320. lisa says:

    we haven’t set a meeting yet, just a few emails.

  321. girlie says:

    Raine……silly me, I misread that. Get those irons out 🙂

  322. girlie says:

    Had to run out and get cat food but was thinking about this.

    I am in agreeance with Mia. I’d express my opinion but keep it very light….he needs to find his own way so it’s not forced. You can guide him to what you personally expect but he’s got to put his own spin on it.

    I always find meeting for lunch/ dinner is the best start, which it looks like you are on your way to! Dazzling him in person is the best thing you can do. If there is a connection, I find it helps lots of other things fall into place.

    Wishing you luck! That fact that he travels to your area is a great start.

  323. lisa says:

    Yes I told him the importance of a the sd making the first move to show he is legit. I told him this has always been the situation with the sds I have met. Also talked about how we can meet for lunch or dinner someplace casual and get to know each other and discuss what type of arrangment would work for both of us. We will see.

  324. raine says:

    Sounds about right, lisa. Keeping fingers/legs crossed. 🙂

  325. raine says:

    Oh, I was good with the self-censorship here until a couple days ago (last night alone was a bit trying *sigh*)…

  326. lisa says:

    I just sent him a nice imformative email talking about what I would expect on a first meeting based on my experience. I also talked about the importance of showing he is legit. I made the message personable and friendly as if I was giving him general advice for meeting anyone. I also emphasized that this wasnt’ a dating site just in case he was just looking for a girlfriend.

  327. raine says:

    Mia: huh?? Men are actually saying this? Just plain odd, the self-deprecation…

  328. Mia says:

    Mmmm. I try not to post anything here I would not mind an SD reading. The blog is pretty accessible, and I look at it as though it is likely a possible (or perhaps eventually current) SD could easily find it. Not to mention, it’s easy to do a search for a search for a user’s nickname, or profile number in case they do not use or changed his or her name.

  329. Mia says:

    Lisa, I would help you out if I new.

    I generally just go for an organic natural response with my messages, or else it all becomes too complicated. If a possible SD has asked what I am looking for or what SD behavior entails, I just answer honestly, and express that it’s all just my perspective.

    I don’t try to shape him or anything, because I feel as though it might backfire, especially if I have attempted to shape him into an SD that might go against his natural disposition or force him to fit into a mold that just isn’t right for him. My outlook is that it would at some point become uncomfortable, or simply not last once he became comfortable with (or figured out) that he could be an SD on his own terms.

  330. lisa says:

    I don’t want to direct him to the blog, I wanna keep him to myself if he is legit and I don’t want him reading my posts, lol

  331. Mia says:

    I’ve gotten some of those “you’re too beautiful (or too young)… so I’m certain you’re not trustworthy… what is it you want with ME????” responses… frustrating.

    I’ve even gotten some of those if I return a message to its sender… this incredulous “I can’t believe you expressed interest!” type thing, and then second guessing and distrust because I must be a trickster, and then poof, or “nevermind,” or “have an enchanted life.”

    But oh well, I am enjoying the fruits of my successes regardless.

    Blog topic: It just is not wise. Dating a CEO sure, just not mine. I don’t think there is much more than that to be said.

  332. raine says:

    Oh, dear, girlie, I’m not going anywhere*; by “move around” I meant diversify — put a few more sugared irons in the fire, as it were.

    *trust me, I’ve come pretty close; what’s stopped me is that pesky finish-what-i-start thing. 🙂

    Sounds halfway legit, eager to learn: hmm. Perhaps you could direct him to the blog archives, lisa? Barring that, I got nothin’.

  333. lisa says:

    He contacted me last week and seems legit and is quite a bit older than these younger sds. He lives in a city 200 miles away but travels to my city a few times a month. He is married too. He said he didn’t have a set amount and I asked him if he had looked at my profile expectations and I spoke of desiring an allowance and some shopping and he said that was fine. He sent me an email today saying he had never done the sugardaddy thing before and wanted to know how to go about it. Iwant to say the right things to make him feel comfortable but at the same time I want to shape him to what I expect and desire as he has to have some clues about what to do first.

  334. girlie says:

    Ooops, sorry Lisa, I meant to respond and hit send. Shaky from being so hungry!

    Lisa, does he know anything about being a SD? Like, are we talking ground zero?

  335. girlie says:

    Kitty……I like the way you think. Playing “office” is much more fun when there is no legal/ social ramifications.
    Something about all the paperwork and big desks just works.

    Raine, don’t go……I have no idea what you are talking about because I am pretty new to posting but I like your posts.

  336. lisa says:

    Yes it’s funny as last time I bought him bird seed, he wouldn’t touch the black sunflower seeds so my mom bought him the kind without it. Today when she went to buy some more, they were out of the big bags and she had to get the kind with a lot of black seeds in it. I put the seed in his box and he just went wild over the black seeds, eating them immediatly. I guess his taste in seeds has changed.
    I am waiting to hear from the sd that wrote back asking for advice on how to be a sd. Would should I tell him in order to shape him into the sd I desire?

  337. raine says:

    Hi, lisa. Good to hear your bird (percy, is it?) is back to his old self. 🙂

  338. lisa says:

    Hi everyone

    Just finished visiting with my parents and birdy’s happy and full now.
    Hi raine

  339. HenriLouis*294522 says:

    Hi Raine,
    I am looking forward to your profile.
    Don’t be unnerved, the journey through the SA world is adventurous.
    Knowing you from your posts, you will do well.
    Going to sign off now.
    Over here it is past midnight.

  340. raine says:

    Hi, all.

    Henri: I haven’t sent or received emails due to the lack of pics on my profile. What unnerves me is the palpable frustration on both sides, and I can only hope I don’t add to same when my photos finally do go up and the rocky journey begins. One can say I’m immune for the time being (heh).

  341. HenriLouis*294522 says:

    Hi Raine and Beach,
    I am sorry that you seem to bump into game-playing so much.
    Some time ago there was a post here that you need to refresh your profile with the result that you appear as a new member. Then you get a lot of reactions. It seems that members have a look at the section of newbies.
    I just renewed and at once found some letters in my box, fortunately with personal tone. One was living in her partner’s home. That will always come out, just like dating the boss. This is setting the stage for a crime passionel, so not for me.
    The other is an astounding gorgeous SB. Incredible to write to me. My late uncle Carol after a few drinks had this song from his student days
    “gorgeous girls never sleep alone”. The idea made me feel uncomfortable to be with such a beautiful creature.
    So you see girls, there could be many reasons why there is no click.
    Anyway I keep on answering all of them wishing them a nice life.

  342. ~*kitty*~ says:

    CSB: glad you had such a wonderful weekend!! Now spread the sugar-dust around!!!!

  343. lisa says:

    Good afternoon everyone
    Back from going downtown, didn’t stay but an hour, not much to do there. Waiting on my mom now to bring me a bag of birdseed for my poor hungry bird that will not eat anything but birdseed. Did receive a message from one of the potentials and wrote him back. He is cluess on the sd thing and told me and asked me to give him some ideas on how to be a sugardaddy. Does anyone have any idea what I should say to spin him into a sd for me?

  344. ChocolateSnowBunny says:

    Raine, Nico: I’ll pm you both.

  345. ~Nico~213385~ says:

    CSB ~ can you PM me on the other site? I posted a question about my weekend and, after what you’ve said, I would love to get your input.

    As well as, should you need to discuss your concern I can be a good sounding board.


  346. raine says:

    Yes, OPOV, guilty as charged re: the outdated SD image. That may explain the game-playing on both sides I’m constantly (and frankly sick of at this point*)
    hearing about.

    CSB, that’s so great to hear! Need my email to fill in the blanks (wink)?

    *a couple of people came in here earlier sounding a tad condescending and/or contradictory. As I said before, seems a tad hostile for some strange reason, what with some sugars treating this like a life-or-death situation.

  347. ChocolateSnowBunny says:

    Here’s the update on my weekend sugars. We met on Friday. He prepared a picnic lunch for me and we drove to the countryside and did some wine tasting. Nice dinner at a restaurant overlooking a lake. Next day, drove to visit a few historical sites. Had the best chocolate croissant ever. Next two days the weather was crappy so we didn’t do much. Walk along the river, watched two movies, went to an art exhibit. He cooked fabulous dinners for me both of those nights. He wants companionship, is okay with me having another SD and gave me the first month’s allowance. He’s a wonderful, caring SD and a great mentor so far. I had a good time. He did drop a bomb on me though which I don’t feel comfortable discussing here because of the lack of privacy. Let’s just say that I have something to think about.

  348. ~*kitty*~ says:

    After having a lunch meeting with a … mmmm *drool*… new client that owns a Mercedes Dealership, I must revisit this blog. The thought of an office naughty-play is just O So exciting! But who saids I need to work at the office in order to make that come true 😉

  349. Beach_Girl* says:

    OPOV~ i agree with what your saying here, It is nice when you can have someone you can talk too about work, doesn’t have to be in the same field but ,,,, It is hard to find someone on here that won’t play games , which is why i think we get the blahs

  350. Beach_Girl* says:

    raine~ i totally understand the blahs!

  351. OPOV says:

    I have read many a profile on this site in which a lady is looking for a position as a personal assistant or such. I don’t know whether or not it is, from their perspective, a justification for having this relationship with the Daddy/Mommy without the inevitable ‘sleeping with them for money’ moral dilemma or having an actual paycheck to “hide” whatever excess money comes their way. It’s just a bad idea from both angles because a:) what I mentioned above concerning the legal aspect, and b:) what henri touched on when the office romance becomes known and you (the person of less power) finds yourself persona-non-grata with your fellow workers and find yourself somewhat of a pariah. Who would want these headaches?

    It is best to find a partner outside your immediate professional circle. In fact, I ideally would love to find someone who is in my field but not in my office so that when we talk we understand the problems or what the accomplishments mean to the other.

    Dating a CEO is fine, so long as it is not your CEO.

    One final thought: most of the guys here, the real ones, are not really CEO material, that is the perceived CEO that maybe this topic alludes to. Most are just owners of their businesses which are a far cry from the IBM’s or the Goldman’s of the world. You are more likely to find us in tie-less button downs than you will in our Brooks Brothers suits standing in line at the Starbucks getting 1/2 dozen different drinks for their team. The typical image of a Sugar Daddy is based on an outdated or MTV generated stereotype as is reflected in this thread’s topic.

  352. raine says:

    I’m with you, Aanga, but I can’t help but ask: is there anything else to this scene that I (or apparently ALL but about 25 of our competitors) may have missed? Granted, if I was so hard up for funds, I’d just get two more jobs. There was an alleged SD who made a similar comment on a past topic then threw his two cents here. Maybe it’s getting a bit crowded here and I need to move around a bit? I don’t know, I’m fighting the blahs here.

  353. Beach_Girl* says:

    Hello Sugars!
    i agree with you all, wouldn’t date my boss, wouldn’t feel right to me.

  354. Aanga says:

    I think that dating a CEO is one of the ultimate goals for a lot of Sugar Babies. I hate it when I see a Sugar Baby that is solely in this for the purpose of MONEY. Yes, pampering and financial assistance are always very, very nice and appreciated…however there is so much more to this lifestyle than a lot of sb’s think. We’re not men’s toys. We have a life of our own that include personal aspirations. I, for one, plan on owning my own business. And my SD offers me a great deal of mentoring that will hopefully assist me in reaching that level of success some day in the future.

  355. lisa says:


    I’m going to go downtown now. Be back later

  356. ~Nico~213385~ says:

    I know and nor do I but I thought I would add a little playful humor into the ‘boring’ topic as you put it 😉

  357. HenriLouis*294522 says:

    Hi Suthern,
    As always I am doing great.
    The workout is still done as much as possible. The kilos are slowly getting off as the muscles tissue still grows. But I feel fine with that.
    Also in matters of SA there is still progress to my great surprise. An old flame SB contacted me again and we are starting exchanging info anew.
    She expressed a wish to travel as my SB with me through Europe in August.
    Then again there was this other lovely girl, really a sweet little innocent thing, who just contacted me for serious everlasting love relationship.
    She is new here so I had to explain gently that a no/strings/attached relationship is what this site is about.
    I really have to alter something in my Profile, I seem to sound too much of a nice cudly teddybear. Life is full of surprises.
    By the way I have made up my mind. Going to walk May and June again through Spain some 700 miles. So I need to get in good shape.
    Now and then I will blog to tell about adventures.
    Wish you all a marvelous day,

  358. lisa says:

    I don’t go that way, lol

  359. ~Nico~213385~ says:

    Lisa ~ you’re eliminating soooo many possibilities by excluding the women from the dating pool 😉 *giggle snort*

  360. raine says:

    ^ahem, make that “workplace.”

    MN_Guy: the “put up or shut up” credo* is sacrilege, but the office tryst isn’t totally out of the question?

    *both sides are being taken advantage of to some degree, and I know there’s no guarantee I won’t get my own share of BS as well. I’m as much of a stickler about self-respect and integrity as you are (if not more so).

  361. raine says:

    I don’t know why, but the very idea makes me tired. I mean, are the basics (networking, earning one’s keep/respect in the wprkplace) asking too much?

  362. MN_Guy says:

    While the old motto of “Don’t dip your pen in the company ink” is a valid one, I wouldn’t so blatantly rule out a potential office tryst. There is a difference between dating someone you work with (even if you’re in a position of power) and sexual harassment. Make sure your bases are covered, and that everyone knows this is a consentual affair (well, not everyone, but you those involved). I don’t think it needs to be said that an SD should NOT abuse his power to coerce someone into an affair. That’s where the danger lies.

  363. ~Nico~213385~ says:

    Good morning my family 🙂

    I have had a gentleman once offer me a position in his company as his assistant. Offered to double my salary and funny, he actually thought that when I was clocked out for that I didn’t officially work for him and therefore we could do *ahem* during my lunch hour *sigh*

    It may be a fantasy to have the eye candy assistant but the minute you begin to taste the sugar you’ve just created a recipe for disaster.

    No thanks!

  364. SuthrnExec says:

    Kitty and Raine – that’s exactly what I was thinking. I think it is the same type person that would present themselves as a god-digger on this site that would go after their CEO.

  365. ~*KITTY*~ says:

    LOL @ Suthrn…

    Raine: The movie “Golddigger” (I think that’s the name with Jennifer Love-Hewiett) comes to mind.

  366. raine says:

    Morning, all. You’ve all made great points. My question is, who still does this? I think it’s sad and lazy to put it mildly…

  367. SuthrnExec says:

    Yeah, sorta – I get in before anyone else (6:30ish) so I start the coffee, come to my office, go through email, get my coffee and then check out the blog – usually about an hour after I have been here. After about 8, it gets pretty busy so I usually have to leave the blog sometime after 8ish…

  368. ~*KITTY*~ says:

    Morning Suhrn! Do you do what I do? Go into the office, start the day a tad, and come straight to the blog?

  369. SuthrnExec says:

    Great points Kitty!

  370. ~*KITTY*~ says:

    It is one thing to date a CEO that could offer advice and possibly contact information. It’s another to date the CEO of the company you work for. Like OPOV said, the possible legal issues surrounding the relationships just screams “TROUBLE”!! Just as most people would advise you not to date within your company, don’t sugar in it either.
    Coworkers are funny people and they have an interesting way of making up their minds about those they work with. Now imagine you were to come home from a long day at work and suddenly your dog wouldn’t come running to the door to greet you or even bark in your general direction. What if the refrigerator wouldn’t open, the shower only sprayed cold water and the alarm clock refused to wake you up? You wouldn’t feel too comfortable in your own home, would you? Most people spend half to most of their waking hours at work – it’s a home away from home. Work is hard enough to drag yourself out of bed for each day let alone having to deal with former friends or acquaintances turning up their nose at you. Okay, fine, if this happens, these people weren’t worthy of your friendship anyway. But the point is that one way or another, any relationship you have with your boss will affect your work. Are you willing to sacrifice that for what could end up being a total disaster?

  371. SuthrnExec says:

    Indeed Henri – good advice. How are you sir? How is the workout progressing? Are the kilos still falling off?

  372. HenriLouis*294522 says:

    To climb the corporate ladder !
    It sounds like the “hollywood matrass” by which many starlets try to advance themselves in their career.
    Girlie and Opov, you are so right.
    In any organisation there will be people who are attracted to each other and the photocopy machine seems to be the right place to have a song and a dance. But in the end it will result in misery.
    I have worked in organisations small and large and once collided against such a situation. It turned out that a lady at the department had an affair with the boss. I did not know, so any remark that I made was briefed upwards. You can understand that the atmosphere at work got tense.
    This person was spying on employees and at last she had to go.
    A really umpleasant thing to do, having an affair with the boss when you work in the same organisation.
    It is advisable to find and SD outside the firm you are working for.
    Always keep your record clean.

  373. SuthrnExec says:

    Good morning OPOV – I concur with your wise words.

  374. OPOV says:

    From a male perspective, you are creating possible serious legal entanglements if you “dip into the secretarial pool” to find a sb. In today’s legal environment, you are potentially opening up a can of worms if, as someone in a position of authority within your company, you begin an affair with a lady than can (most likely will) go sour or simply end sometime in the future. You open yourself up to sexual harassment claims that can be very costly not just in money but in your reputation and family. I would NEVER date within my company or hire a sb as an assistant; I need to keep my private life separate from my professional one.

  375. girlie says:

    I’m pretty liberal but here is where I draw the line. I’d never stake my mortage/ bills/ finances on a situation where sex and emotions are involved. Its just WAY too much of gamble.

    That said, I have had help with recommendations and references from men I was seeing but I’ve never worked directly for or with them and never will.