9 years ago
Sugar Dating: In-Between Arrangements

9 years ago
Sugar Dating: In-Between Arrangements

Keeping it ‘Sexy’

Regardless of personal circumstances, most successful sugar dates require a certain amount of preparation. Some sugars require more discretion than others, and making sure the date will be comfortable isn’t always easy.

While some arrangements are decidedly one-time affairs, the 1st meeting is usually where the chemistry either happens, or not.

However, if a second date is in the works, it’s helpful to keep the intrigue alive during the interim. Some on the blog feel that too much phone contact in-between dates kills the Freshness of the sugar.

How do and/or would you prepare for a date with a Sugar Daddy or Sugar Baby?

How old is ‘too old’ for a Sugar Daddy? How young is ‘too young’ for a Sugar Baby? – girlie

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  1. esther pratt says:

    Hello my name is esther and im looking for a suga daddy website where u don have too pay to chat with them im looking for a gd suga daddy. i like bein spoiled. can someone help me out.

  2. sandra742 says:

    Hi! I was surfing and found your blog post… nice! I love your blog. :) Cheers! Sandra. R.

  3. Evie says:

    Hey guys, my name’s Evie, I’m 19yo and new to this whole SD/SB arrangement. I need some advice on how to go about it. What are some definate do’s and don’ts in this ‘industry’? Just curious, any good advice would be much appreciated! thanks :)

  4. Vice says:

    Good info, its just what I was searching for. ha


  5. Myre says:

    Good info, its just what I was searching for.


  6. Mcguffey says:

    Good info, its just what I was searching for.


  7. Pretty1 says:

    I have a SD but latley he is getting to be too much….He says that he loves me!! and wants us to go further in our relationship. the problem is that i dont feel that way for him…at all! i like being spoiled, thats all…so im in the market for a new one. can anyone help me figure out where to find one….thanks!

  8. Xanie says:

    You are as young or as old as you feel,I only see my years as the number of years i have been here, not how old I am, with time comes wisdom and for me a zest for life..The heart of a woman and the zest of a child if you like..as for the man..Once a man, twice a child…So does age really matter?!!

  9. Taé says:

    Hi everyone. Congrats to bemine. I’m 19 and I’ve never had a sugar daddy before(but I really need one now :) ). What are some tips and advice for the first meeting/date?

  10. materialgirl says:

    @chocolatesnow bunnie:

    hmmm…i see you are the lady with the info regarding that another site…ooh and congrats @ bemine, its great to see success for someone around here. Just joined this site and wondering if theres any reccomendations regarding upgrading and the best ways to increase success. I guess next there should be a sugerabay pal site! this site is heaven….never realised there were so many ladies like myself! lovin it.

  11. materialgirl says:

    @be mine….what is this other site?? this site seems to really take its time…im a standard member but am considering whether itd be worth upgrading to premium or paying for another site…is there any way we sugerbabys can make contact like email adds and so on..is it allowed even?lol

  12. girlie says:

    Must add…..Zegna suit, Gucci is cut for the gay boys :)
    But pink on a man….hot!
    Why are men often opposed?

    Kicks….I love that reference! My daughter corrected me on it too!

  13. SuthrnExec says:

    oh… when did that come about? where was I? musta missed that memo!

  14. OCSugarBaby says:

    Suthrn: Yes, slang for sneakers. lol

  15. SuthrnExec says:


  16. lisa says:

    Black suit, jade shirt, salmon necktie

  17. lisa says:

    ok then a Louis Vuitton suit and Gucci laptop bag

  18. OCSugarBaby says:

    NitemareSD: Sneakers? lol Kicks, baby Kicks! :)

  19. NitemareSD says:

    Keep dreaming, you’ll get to the real nitemare soon enough.

  20. lisa says:

    A steel grey suit, pink dress shirt and lavender tie!

  21. lisa says:

    Hi Nico well actually I’m only able to spend 15 minutes with her today, when I meet her on the ride home from work. She is 18 today. We are going to spend the afternoon together tomorrow since I am off work and she gets off early. The family is going to Galveston next weekend for a late celebration but although I requested the days off a month ago (and I haven’t had a weekend off in the 6 months I have worked there) they can’t give it to me because of various circumstances like a coworker going out of town that week. I got my schedule for next week and have to work on Easter. What sucks is that I am only getting 24 hours a week but I was working 3 days at 8 hours each so at least I had the free time to do other stuff. Now i’m working 5 days abround 5 hours each which comes out to 20 dollars in extra bus fare a month but i’m not making any more money cause it’s the same number of hours.

    I see Nitemare in a Gucci suit carrying a Louis Vuitton laptop bag

  22. ~Nico~213385~ says:

    Yeah Lisa…..sounds like you’ll have the time with her on/around her birthday afterall 😀 When is the actual date?

    OC ~ Yes, we are going to give it a go :) I have since hidden my profile but indicated I would still be blogging (you guys are family). We talk regularly and can chat forever without it getting tiring and I am NOT a phone talker!!

    Nitemare…perhaps you could meet Lisa at her mall (in her safety zone) and she could assist you in updating your closet into something that’s uhm, well, not pink 😉

  23. lisa says:

    Good afternoon Nitemare
    I would let you shop in my closet but I doubt pink is your color.lol
    Just got home and have already posted on the above blog I wasn’t sure were everyone was. Getting ready to go meet my daughter for our 15 minutes when she gets off work. We will spend the afternoon together tomorrow while she shops and then go for dinner.

  24. NitemareSD says:

    Lisa should be home pretty soon. How was your day?

    I prefer to spend my budget on my loved ones, I really haven’t bought much of anything in the clothes dept in years. Yeah not kidding. I am down to a few pairs of jeans and khakis that fit. A few shorts and decent summer shirts.

    I really need new sneakers.

  25. OCSugarBaby says:

    Nico! I was so happy to hear that your date went well. I have been M.I.A on the blog. So busy with work, I leave my laptop at work so I can chill out when I get home. It has been hard having blog withdrawl.

    NitemareSD: You get my vote for secret SD of the year. Now, how the heck to you email her a birdcage?

  26. ~Nico~213385~ says:

    Funny OC ~ I adopted that theory this past weekend. My SD needed a little wardrobe updating. It’s funny because I cannot shop for myself ~ actually do NOT like shopping but, for my SD I love it. We had appetizers and drinks in Tommy Bahamas after a long (and hot) walk on the beach. We cruised through the men’s side of the retail part of the restaurant and I eyed some new / updated shorts for him. He didn’t get any but when the situation were right I know he would be open to allowing me to help him update his look 😀

  27. OCSugarBaby ~ says:

    NitemareSD: I offer you my shopping services! I love clothes shopping for SD’s. Nothing like a well dressed man.

  28. Be mine says:

    :) Thank you girlie Atlanta & beach girl… I am pretty excited… Hopefully it is meant to be and will turn into a great relationship!

  29. girlie says:

    Mine never is. I thought u did that intentionally.
    Or is this a trick question? Haha.

  30. NitemareSD says:

    Do you BB users ever find that the last paragraph of your post isn’t separated by a linefeed – like in my last post?

  31. girlie says:

    Raine….indeed it is. Thanks for helping me kill time at work!!

  32. girlie says:

    NightmareSD….who needs clothes for dating :)

  33. raine says:

    I agree with everyone here re: preparing for the sugar date.

    Girlie, I was thinking around 70 myself — eh, I’ll cross that bridge when I get there, I suppose. On the bb, it’s like rediscovering fire isn’t it? *lol*

  34. NitemareSD says:

    How old is ‘too old’ for a sugar daddy? How young is ‘too young’ for a sugar baby? – girlie


    Aren’t these Q’s the opposite of what is being answered?

    Too old for me is around my age – maybe a little less.
    I need some new clothes, so I can’t date at this time.

  35. girlie says:

    Kitty, just read your post. You make a good point….
    I’m not over the top in my clothing choices, I prefer a tad demure, however I pay closer attention when on these kinds of dates because I tend to attend restaurants and places that a date may run into someone he does business with. It’s important that I could be explained easily. The other party still may have dates but it’s much easier to say your date is really a co-worker when she is wearing a pencil skirt as opposed to a tube top :)

  36. girlie says:

    You sound so happy! That’s wonderful :)

    Look at that, it does work on BB, in fact when I logged in it appeared that I had before since my info was already filled in. Weird.


    I, like everyone, prepare for a date with a SD the same was as any date. I love getting dolled up and feeling beautiful and so I’m always anxious and excited as I do.

    Too old…..well, my limit is 65. Its actually on the younger end I don’t feel comfy with. Over 45 works best for me….can’t play Daddy with the young ones :)

  37. Alicia*299952 says:

    How do and/or would you prepare for a date with a sugar daddy or sugar baby? I would make sure to take care of my appearance, much like I would any regular date. Probably more dressed up considering the SD would be taking me to a nice place

    How old is ‘too old’ for a sugar daddy? How young is ‘too young’ for a sugar baby? I think thats a personal preference – I think the too young part is more crucial because they should be legal age.

    Hi everyone! I’ve been gone – went to Kentucky (where I was born) to watch horse racing…..can’t wait for the Derby!!

  38. ~*KITTY*~ says:

    Last day of work before long weekend :) and it’s a gorgeous day too :) My mind is in weekend mode already.

    How do and/or would you prepare for a date with a sugar daddy or sugar baby?
    When I go on a date with a Sugar Daddy, I wear what I would wear to any normal date. Sexy, sophisticated but classy. I tone down the sexiness a tad compare to normal dates actually, simply because I don’t want the pot to focus more on me as a package.

    How old is ‘too old’ for a sugar daddy? How young is ‘too young’ for a sugar baby?
    I think too Old is definitely a personal preference issue. For me personally, I think 55 is my max. A SB should not be over the age of 18, anything younger than that is just tresspassing the pedophile whelm.

  39. OPOV says:

    How old is too old for a daddy or how young is too young for a baby?
    I can’t speak for the former, but for the latter, based on my personal experiences, I would not look for anyone younger than 23, and would find the ideal companion between 25-35 yrs. I feel that someone in that age group present a maturity level I would be most comfortable with: a young attitude to remind me that these things should be fun but old enough to understand the complexities that also accompany these relationships.

    How do I prepare for a date with a sugar baby?
    Just like normal dating in that I try to leave a positive impression from the first time we greet until we depart. This is just like regular dating in that you always want your date to want to see you again. The only difference is that the attraction from the other person does no solely rely on the looks but more on the financial importance of what I can bring to the table. So I also have to bring my A-game if I intend to engage my companion longer than a date as there is great competition out there.

  40. Be mine says:

    :) I guess I am still coming down off of my sugar high… I didn’t answer the other blogg questions….

    How do I prepare for a sugar date? I agree with Lisa & Atlanta I go all out for any date…. I like to let a man know I want to look good for him (and me!)

    How young is too young for a sugar baby? 18 and over!!! The one thing my new SD told me was that he met a few younger SB’s and they were just not for him…. They were into the party scene and there was no conversation whatsoever! I have been told by quite a few potentials that they have gone from the younger SB’s to the shall I say refined worldly SB’s… 😉 I have actually been approached by men as young as 28 (I’m 43) Personally it would take a very mature younger man to catch my eye… My new SD is actually only 38!

  41. Atalanta says:

    Congrats on your new SD, Be mine!

    How do and/or would you prepare for a date with a sugar daddy or sugar baby?
    I’m going to go with Lisa’s answer…The same as I would for any man I’m going on a date with.

    How old is ‘too old’ for a sugar daddy? How young is ‘too young’ for a sugar baby? – girlie

    No one is too old! If he wants a companion at 80, go for it! But anything under 18 is too young. I cannot condone that! ACTUALLY, a sugar baby should be out of high school, in college or the equivalent.

  42. Beach_Girl* says:

    Be mine~ congrats!!!

  43. Beach_Girl* says:

    csb hey girl!!! you still coming this weekend?
    i got the number texting then to you

  44. ChocolateSnowBunny says:

    Hehehehe, I guess everyone is having good luck on there. Kitty, Lisa, Beach_girl, what are you guys waiting for? There’s lots of sugar to go around.

    Be mine: I signed up last week but I was too occupied with my SD that I met on the weekend to even bother. Now I’m just getting down off my high, so I’ll pay and see if I can meet another. :)

  45. raine says:

    Mornin’, sugar fans. Congrats are in order, be mine *throwing sugared confetti*! I myself have two emails on lockdown there, but oh well. Would you believe I didn’t even hang up a picture yet?! 😀

  46. Be mine says:

    : ) Thanks girls!!!

    CSB I broke down and paid for the membership…. It was too hard to resist!!! And it paid for itself with my first meeting so it was well worth it….

    I guess the one thing that I am worried about with this new guy is that I am his first SB… We worked out the arrangement to fufill both of our wants and needs but Im worried that he will feel guilty about his wife… I didnt ask if he has had a typical affair before though… Maybe I should?? I don’t know… He did text me this morning and thanked me for a nice time… So I guess we shall see!!! I’m not going to worry too much about all that right now…

  47. ChocolateSnowBunny says:

    Good morning sugars.

    Be Mine: I’m sooooo happy to hear about your good news. Glad I could help. I love when the sugar is being spread around. Now Nico and Be mine, you owe me my 15 percent manager fee. My advice is not free you know. LOL. Kidding.

    You’re right that site is fabulous. I have tons of emails in my inbox that I haven’t read yet because I haven’t paid the membership. Maybe I should upgrade with all the stories of great results.

  48. ~Nico~213385~ says:

    Awwww Be Mine! I am soooo very happy for you. There’s a lot of us that have been around a while that are happy with our SD’s…congratulations to you *HUGS*

  49. Be mine says:

    Good morning everyone!!!

    How old is too old for a sugar daddy?? hmmm, thats a tough one…. We all age so differently that I would not be able to put a limit on someone…

    CHOCOLATESNOWBUNNY!!!! Thanks to you I have this great news to share…. A few days back you mentioned a certain other place to look for arrangements… I had to go check it out…. I was surprised to find so many men from my area there….

    Welllllll! After only one day and countless emails from potentials I met a real potential SD!!!! We emailed and talked then met last night for drinks…. We talked about business (we are in the same type of business) we had alot in common and I was very much at ease with him…. At the end of the evening I now have a new SD!!!! He gave me a financial gift too… We are meeting again next week for lunch…. I thought that having someone local would cut down the extra fun things like dining out, shopping etc because of his *ahem* commitments… But he told me that he does long weekends out of state and would love for me to come with him… I am VERY happy with our arrangement… ; )

    LISA!!! Please go check that site out…. There were quite a few guys from Texas and alot of them even have photos….

    Im a happy official SB this morning…. : )

  50. ~Nico~213385~ says:

    Good morning Sugar Family:

    How do and/or would you prepare for a date with a sugar daddy or sugar baby? Well, my most recent date was planned almost a month in advance. He traveled across state and in a nice hotel in my city. I chose the restaurants and the events (weekend date) over the course of the 2 days ~ with flexibility of course. I put a lot of effort into looking my best; however, heat and humidity took its toll *sigh* I bought him a nice box of Godiva Truffles and picked him up at his hotel (it was my city so I showed him around.)

    How old is ‘too old’ for a sugar daddy? How young is ‘too young’ for a sugar baby? Age is difficult (for me). I have always preferred the company of an older, more mature gentleman and haven’t even dated my own age, let alone younger. I don’t put a cap on the age; however, they must still be young at heart and in good shape. I’ve met men in their 40’s that looked MUCH older than men in their 50’s and vise versa ~ I don’t discriminate.

  51. lisa says:

    Good morning everyone

    I don’t think there is any age limit for a sugardaddy but personally I prefer someone no older than 60. A sugarbaby should be at least 18.

    I get ready in the usual way to meet a sugardaddy, the same as if I was going out to meet any gentleman.

    No word from either potential so I guess i’m back to 0 :( I actually thought I might me someone again but I guess not.

    Have a good day everyone. I gotta work till 2 and then pick some stuff up for my daughter and meet her for 15 to say happy birthday