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Samantha Ronson Is Lindsay Lohan’s Sugar Momma!!



“According to reports, Lindsay Lohan and Samantha Ronson’s fights are all about the money the actress isn’t making while spending the DJ’s money on numerous shopping sprees. Lindsay’s income mostly comes from her “appearances” in special events but her public fights with Sam are damaging her image.

“Lindsay is spending like crazy!” a friend of the actress tells us. “She’s living on credit right now. She has no cash. The problem is, the money being spent is mostly Sam’s because Lindsay doesn’t really have any of her own at the moment; she’s really taken on the ‘man’ role in their romance. Sam really thinks Lindsay needs to learn how to become a recessionista and manage her money better.”

Lindsay recently bought herself an expensive Rolex watch and a Maserati with Sam’s money. Although her spending has no limits, the actress, who doesn’t have a movie role since 2007, admitted she is scared of being unemployed in an interview to Nylon Magazine: “It’s scary when you realize, ‘Oh my God, I’m not working. And I have a house to pay for now.’ ” – BumpShack.com

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  1. Janine says:

    I just singed up on this site over the weekend and i got like 6 e mails from men. how far is to far to meet them some of them are in other states! I need help in talking what i want.. the men tell me what they want but what about me how do i go about it. And where do i meet for the first time.. some of them want me to drive like a hr to see them! what do i do? should i give them my number. and should i gave my number out alot? help i need a s daddy!

  2. Tae says:

    Thanks kissmyseoul. I’ve been on the website for about 10 days too. Have you met a possible SD yet?

  3. KissmySeoul says:

    I have only been on this site for about 10 days and that has happened to me A TON! but i am very, very cautious about that after i gave one my e-mail and he went on a but of an e-mail rampage!!! So be careful 😉

  4. OCSugarBaby says:

    Welcome! Take a peek at some of the older blog topic, you will find a wealth of information with feedback from SD’s on picture posting. :)

  5. Sugar-n-Spice says:

    Hey there, I am brand new to this site and I just wanted to meet some friendly faces. Does anyone have any tips for detecting the scammers? What kind of main photo catches a real SD’s eye?

  6. Uberlicious says:

    i just thought of something, it could all b a publicity stunt. happens all the time ya know…

  7. Tae says:

    Hi everyone. I got an email from a possible SD but after the 2nd email, he wants my number and he also wants to meet up. I’m a little hesistant, does things like this usually happen so fast?

  8. Kat says:

    Hello everyone! I’m new to the blog!
    While I can’t stand Lindsey Lohan, I have to say that I find it incredibly hot to have their relationship in the mainstream media. If it helps the queer image or not – that’s a different question.

    Anyway, I just wanted to say hello, been browsing the neighborhood, and it looks like a friendlier place than I thought.

    Although it looks like the number of young dykes looking for a lesbian sugar mommy aren’t many… but, hopefully, there’s a hot queer cougar around that’ll hit me up… :) I’m 24 yr old tomboi dyke grad student, ivy-league educated. Find me.

  9. OCSugarBaby says:

    Chemistry! It is the Sugar Elixir!!!! 😉

  10. Be mine says:

    OC~ I think your right….. I feel that not everyone is made for everyone… While you might have great conversation through emails and phone when you meet in person there just might be something missing…. And just like a job interview that you know you got because you felt there was a connection… then bam… You find out that you didn’t get it…. Your ego is a bit shattered but before you know it the perfect job comes around… I think everything happens for a reason…

  11. lovey says:

    yeah it sucks, not that I am crying about it, but its a bummer for sure

  12. OCSugarBaby says:

    Good Morning Sugar’s! Happy Friday to all!

    Lovey, I feel that just like dating in the real relm, if they have not set the second date into motion by the end of the first one. Meaning date time and place or firm up the details within 24 hours. They are not into it. It is NOT your fault. It happens to the best of us. Your looks and how you present yourself has nothing to do with their behavior! Sucks, tho huh….. :)

  13. NitemareSD says:

    I drive an acura and spend my money on the ones I care about, though I am considering a new pair of pants in the near future.

    Lisa, send the Easter msgs. It costs nothing and will be so appreciated as a gesture by anyone of good nature.

  14. lovey says:

    no he made plans for a second date with me and said he was excited we would set up my bank account for allowance, blah blah blah, i liked him he was funny and nice and I thought I had found the SD I had been looking for , then i asked the time we would be meeting and nothing…………

  15. lovey says:

    I know being patient comes in right about now, but that can only be held up for so long and the real sugar daddies are missing out on this real sugar baby.

  16. raine says:

    What happened with this last one? Was he at least halfway polite in his sudden departure and/or change of heart?

  17. raine says:

    Granted, the scammers on both sides are making it hard for all, but that’s where the extra helpings of vigilance and patience come in.

  18. lovey says:

    yes I thought this guy was the one but I think these guys are just looking for a date for the day, I am playing it cool, not acting desperate , I def know how to carry myself and behave like a lady, I am not a “professional” although some guys might be looking for that and thats fine but I am a real woman who is a student and i have done some modeling in the past so I know I am not ugly, and I guess I am not finding the right guy, I have no idea whats happening……

  19. raine says:

    Lovey [hi.], did you strike out again?

  20. raine says:

    That’s okay, I’m always early…just not by 3.5 hours!lol.

  21. lovey says:

    scammers hurt my feelings, I am not a fake I just want a real sugar daddy, but I guess real sugar daddys are working and they arent on this site any way

  22. Be mine says:

    morning Raine….. Sorry to hear you got to work too early… :( I guess it’s better then being late though right?

  23. raine says:

    Well, I got the “upgrade membership and upload your photo(s) while you’re at it” friendly reminder emails from across the street *cue eyeroll*. Of course, I’m like, okay guys, I get it; stand by for the money order. *chuckle*

  24. raine says:

    Mornin’/afternoon, sugar fans.

    …[got to work too early. Dang.]

  25. lisa says:

    my ex drove a new mercedes and made over 100k a year as a geologist. I was struggling to buy groceries when I met him. He said he wanted to take care of me. But his idea of taking care of me was giving me advice to quit my printshop job and work as a waitress a some place like chilis and as far as my transportation problems (having to ride the lousy bus and not being safe to be out in my neighborhood after dark) he suggested I buy a bicycle. I can see myself riding a bicycle on the broken and non existent sidewalks and riding along the freeway, really safe. He never once suggested getting me a simple little car or even picking me up after work so I would get home safe. He then simply sent me a “sorry I am unable to date anymore” message after a 5 month relationship. This guy was 57 and still didnt’ know what he wanted. lol

    Gotta be going now to catch the bus to meet my family. Have a good day.

  26. Be mine says:

    UGH!!! I totally had a regular boyfriend who did the same thing….. Always made promises he never kept… He drives a porche and spends good money on himself but never once did what he said he was going to do… Thankfully I woke up and smelled that coffee burning in the pot! I finally was able to let him go for good….

    My new SD actually has done more for me in less then two days knowing him then this guy did in 6 months!! Man am I glad I finally figured him out…

  27. lisa says:

    I never trust a guy who wants to delay an allowance or has some excuse as I can’t tell you how many times people have told me they were going to do something and then never did. Not necessarily in the sd dating world but in life. My ex boss was always going to take me to lunch for getting 100% on the xerox mystery shop certification, and well she never did, my ex boyfriend was going to help me get out of the paycheck advance situtation I was in at that time but never did, etc etc. Anytime someone says they are going to do something “later” I never count on it.

  28. Be mine says:

    Your right Lisa…. It makes it just that much harder for a true SD too…. Because we are scammed we put our guard up and make the next one go an extra step to prove himself….

    Sorry guys!

  29. lisa says:

    Slowly sit up, and put both feet on the floor, it’s not hard, just stand up now, start walking to the shower
    I slept in today too as I have to work the next 6 days which means getting up at 6 am. Can’t sleep late again till next friday

  30. Be mine says:

    Girlie :) thank you…. I don’t know what they will do… By the time I found out he was a fraud here his profile was deleted. Of course he told me it was because he found his SB (me) and didn’t need it anymore…. Could be that someone else reported him here…..

    Fakers SUCK!

  31. lisa says:

    Scammers like this are the reason we sbs need to have a sd prove that is he legit. The scammers sour the sugar

  32. girlie says:

    Hi Lisa,

    Absolutely! Its a nice gesture and hopefully something will come of it!

    Ok….must detach myself from my bed.

  33. girlie says:

    Be mine….wow! That’s awful. I’m glad you caught him there before he does something similar. Will the other site immediately ban him?
    You look pretty in your avatar!

    Ah, Victoria, I see…..RENT! Very cool!

  34. lisa says:

    Good morning girlie, good morning Be mine

    Just came back from getting some coffee and getting ready to leave in an hour to meet family at the mall and watch my daughter shop.
    Thinking of sending a “nudge” email to each of my potentials that disappeared. Just a simple “Happy Easter” would be ok right?

  35. girlie says:

    Good morning. Sleeping until 11 makes me so happy!! I’m glad I only get to do in once in a while because I see how lazy it makes me.

    Angela….you have lots of time! Perhaps he needs to rearrange things in accts to make it happen, but surely it will be there by the 15th.

    Victoria….what show did you see? I must be out of the loop on current music..I’ve never heard these names and I’m so curious!

  36. Be mine says:

    LOL….. UM I guess you don’t do anything…. The avatar just pops in!!

  37. Be mine says:

    Good morning everyone!!!

    No comment on Lindsey…. Not worth my time… :)

    So I came across a fake SD from this site who totally put one over on me a few months back. He really did me in and I stepped away from the site for awhile… On the other site that I just became a member of I came across the SAME guy… The profile is word for word the same… He is claiming to be from Vegas and is a Sports Agent… He is NOT a sports agent… He just got out of Federal Prison for FRAUD! On this other site you can IM members that are online so I IM’d him… Of course he is totally acting like he does not know me… I reported him to the site….

    It just makes me so mad that there are people out here that are such total frauds… It has to be an illness don’t you think?

    HELP! I went to the Gravatar site and got my avatar…. But how do I add it to my little box here on the blog???

  38. Beach_Girl* says:

    Angela~ good luck on monday Girl!
    Victoria~ thanks, i’m rooting for me too! hope i don’t start up again!

  39. Victoria ♠302242 ♠ says:

    Greetings, my beloved sugars!
    LOVED the show tonight! Stayed outside of the theater until midnight waiting for Adam Pascal and Anthony Rapp to come out, but they seemed to have teleported somewhere…I’m going back tomorrow to do more waiting and try to win 25 dollar tickets (front two rows). Wish me luck!

    My two cents:

    “If he gave me the right allowance, I would tie him to the bed and paddle and spank him, put some real color in his cheeks, lol
    I might even through him out the window if that turned him on, lol” << couldn’t have said it any better!

    I’ve missed you bunches, Joules! I’m probably gonna send you random emails or something at some point…lol…

    Welcome, Jules!

    BG, good luck with quitting! I’m sure you can do it! My mom’s been smoking since she was 10, so I know it’s REALLY hard, but I’m rooting for you! 😀

    How are the rest of you darling SBs and SDs?

  40. Angela300373 says:

    He is definitely taking things slow and helping me to feel comfortable so I am really excited. His heart is in the right place! I figured Monday too but glad to hear a consensus….lol

  41. Beach_Girl* says:

    nawtibynatur~ yeah i know i’m fine right now, i’m totally away and not sleepy at all ! i’ll be good , i didn’t smoke much but,,,,
    Angela~ it is a long weekend also, tomorrow is a day off and well here in Canada ,tomorrow and monday the banks are closed!
    I think you should ask monday

  42. nawtibynatur says:

    A total gentleman? Wow Angela, to have you in his place without him trying anything, I am seriously shocked. As for the money, he still has several days. You just gave him the info 2 days ago, and you don’t know what he might have had to do at work. I would say wait until at least Monday. Have you set up another date?

  43. Angela300373 says:

    Hey all! I need advice.
    I met (2nd date) with my new SD on Monday night.We had a great time! We went to dinner, a poetry reading and then a jazz club. At the end of the night we went to his place where he was a perfect gentleman. We haven’t even kissed yet!
    We made an arrangement. He agreed to transfer funds to my account monthly.
    I gave him the info needed on Tuesday night. He is aware that I want it before the 15th. I haven’t received it yet. I do not want to pester him as I fully believe he will do this but I do have a deadline to meet (April 15th -you all know what that deadline is)

    How long should I wait before I ask him about it?

  44. nawtibynatur says:

    BG, why don’t you keep a journal of sorts, and every day you go without smoking, record how much money you saved. At the end of the month, whatever that amount is, use it to get yourself something fun. You know, things like a fun magazine, bath salts, etc… Maybe seeing how much money you are ‘making’ will help provide some extra incentive. You can do it!

  45. Beach_Girl* says:

    Thanks girlie~ i am trying , thank god i’m so busy with work that i don’t really think about it much
    NitemareSD~ i’m trying!

  46. girlie says:

    Wonder if the full NYT article will be posted here on Sunday?

  47. lisa says:

    I want to try that site but will have to wait till after june because I’m going to struggle just to get through my daughter’s graduation, mother’s day, etc. And they have changed my work schedule to were I am working 5 half days instead of 3 or 4 full days so thats an extra 20 dollars for bus that could have gone to join the site.

  48. raine says:

    Lisa: From what I’d read in my email alerts, they’d have done me a favor if they moved on. that doesn’t bother me much; what DOES is that it’s hell to navigate and looks terrible on my bb. Oh well…I can always start the process over again and pay for the membership if I so choose — by then I’ll have purchased a netbook and taken some more pics* (*i don’t even have one put up; these guys are writing me sight unseen). Odd, that…

  49. NitemareSD says:

    You are so SEXY when you are not smoking.

  50. lisa says:

    what good does it do to join and get emails if you can’t read them raine? That’s kinda like me contacting a standard member sd, time wasting. If you don’t upgrade soon , those who wrote you will have already found someone else. I tried that site to see what type of guys were on it but you had to set up a profile just to peek unlike this site. Also since I entered my email thinking I would get to review a little at least, but then it wanted me to create my profile right then, which is pointless since I can’t afford it any time soon, and now they are emailing me several times a day to get me to join. I don’t like being bugged.

  51. raine says:

    [hmm. Another email from across the street. Still can’t read any of ’em, though.]

    Oh, I can’t wait to see that nyt article…

  52. Jules says:

    yea so no, I kinda figured that girlie, definately seems like a scam. not gonna waste my time on that

  53. girlie says:

    I’d run in the other direction.

    Fake pic
    offers cash to “hang out”
    is a flake.

    It won’t get better.

  54. Jules says:

    so when i saw that he had a fake pic, i up & shagged asz after we chit chatted a bit, and then he calls a few days later and offers me a lotta cash to hang out again, but then wouldnt answer the phone acting real flaky like..

  55. girlie says:

    Seriously, anyone could have been around! Although the kind of person who robs people is likely pretty desperate and crazy.

  56. lisa says:

    thanks girlie it actually happened after midnight and I’m never there at midnight. Scary though as it happened right at the entry doors.

  57. girlie says:

    Sorry, Lisa. It would be soooo much better if they would just say they had pursued another avenue, no?

    Stay safe at work :( I just read about the customer being robbed!

  58. lisa says:

    edit failing to mention having THREE divorces

  59. lisa says:

    I have yet to meet anyone that does not look like their pic but I have had my fair share of other bombshells when I did regular dating like : failing to mention being unemployed and having 3 kids under 10, failing to mention having divorces, lighting up a cigarette when they are supposed to be a non smoker, not mentioning having 7 kids that he can’t see without supervision under a court order. This guy even called me back months ago to call me a flake for not wanting to meet him. No pic problems with anyone, just those who failed to leave out certain facts

  60. lisa says:

    I’m going to start posting signs around town to see if anyone has seen my two missing potential sds that were writing me like crazy and then disappeared although they have been on the site today. It’s very discouraging as it sounded like I was actually going to meet someone, we even discussed it and then nothing :(

  61. girlie says:

    Welcome Jules.

    I don’t know what I would say if I showed up and it was a different person thatn the pics. A few years ago I went on a “normal” date and he was at least 30 years older than the pics he sent. (The bigger issue was that he dressed up in costumes during the date….looooong story). What did you say to the girl, NC Gent?

    BG, hang in there. I am a reformed smoker too and after a couple of drinks, I am dying……You can do it!!

  62. lisa says:

    Hi everyone
    Just got back from meeting my daughter. She hit the jackpot at work. Lotsa giftcards so it looks like she’s gonna torture me when she shops tomorrow. She was just going to get an itouch with the money I gave her, now she has all those giftcards to use. She has such a good part time job, I’m jealous.

  63. Jules says:

    Yea tell me about it NC Gent, who woulda ever thought screening Sd’s would b such a pain in da asz! I met 4 SD’s so far on here.. Its like u never know what yr gonna get yrself into

  64. Joules*300035* says:

    for sure raine! (rolls eyes) i’m just peeved cuz one second my SD was helping me out with a bio I was doing for one of my Press Kits, said he was dealing with some deadlines at work and would email me again in a few hours; then just NEVER heard from him again.

    actually, i AM kinda bored….guess I’ll shoot my SD another email just for grins and giggles! lol

  65. raine says:

    Later, BG! Oh, right: mail call.

    Ah, yes, Denver…cool place. Funny how a civilian bf is a bigger help than an alleged SD, huh?

  66. Beach_Girl* says:

    ok my client is almost here
    talk to you all later

  67. Joules*300035* says:

    BG, ya, cigs are quite the stinky things! I can NOT stand the smell it leaves on your hands right after you smoke! GGggggrrrOOOOsss!

    uhhhg, i just can’t wait til tomorrow night; goin back to be with my guy and get to go job hunting in the CITY hahaha (well, at least what these people around here call a city!….I miss Denver dangit!)

  68. Beach_Girl* says:

    Joules~ Girl i hope i keep at it this time, but my fingernails are already getting too short lol
    i know i can do it! i’ve done it before! anyways i hate the smell and i don’t even smoke in the house so!

  69. Beach_Girl* says:

    As for the topic~ it’s stupid, who cares about celebs and all the drama! usually it’s all hyped by the media anyways! The media are the ones making the thing a huge thing.

  70. Joules*300035* says:

    BG, good luck with not smoking hun! If you make it again, STAY quit! lol

  71. Beach_Girl* says:

    raine ~ last time i quit was the same thing! i quit for a few years then started again , then quit , restarted, quit last year a few months, i can’t drink when i don’t smoke! but this time i’m good i think?!?!?!?!

  72. Joules*300035* says:

    lol raine, definitely!

    oh ya, forgot to mention to you all; as for my company I’m kinda ticked cuz I haven’t ever heard back from my SD (decided to not even bother calling him lol). I really needed those business cards and that cellphone that he promised but oh well, life goes on I guess!

    I’ve cut myself down to only TWO specific clients to work with now (one in TN and one in MO). I’m almost finished with the work on my end; almost time to start printing my work and booking shows!!!!! My (non-SD) b/f is going to college for graphic design so I have him to help me out with some of the design issues I’ve been running into today.

    My client out here in TN is almost finished with his Debut Album. Once he’s finished everyone that he’s been working with and myself are throwing a huge celebratory party! Then again when I get the first of his Press Kits finished we’re all celebrating again!

    My client in MO is still practicing, practicing, practicing! I’m just waiting on him to be ready for me to start booking shows for him. The first show for him that I get booked, I’m going to go out to MO for the show (OF COURSE!) and plan on taking my guy with me as well as my TN client and all of his guys that come to the celebrations in TN!

    It’s going to be a blast when I get that MO show booked! There’s probably going to be about 15 of us going to that show! I’m anticipating on it being another 2-3 months out though so it’s plenty of time for me to save up the money to travel out there and get everyone else out there with me!

  73. Beach_Girl* says:

    i meant to say i have a client soon :)

  74. raine says:

    This topic would drive you to smoke, BG. [I kid, I kid!] look, stay focused and you’ll be breathing straight in no time! [you went cold turkey, didn’t you?]

  75. Beach_Girl* says:

    NC~ what??? I have to work in a little bit!!! i don’t have time to “play” right now lol and anyways i know a onesome sucks but at least i have fun!
    i have a client! :)

  76. NC Gent says:

    Go for a strenuous walk BG! You can make it — the first days are the hardest! hmmmm if that doesn’t work…. maybe u can beach_girlbate – I know I know a onesome sucks!

  77. Beach_Girl* says:

    hey Sugars, I am craving a CIGARETTE right now! 17 hours and 3 minutes smoke free!!!!! ahhhhhhhh help me

  78. raine says:

    Nothing like the forbidden blog-shaped fruit, huh Joules?

    Yes, NC. *snicker* we must be brave, Jules.

  79. Joules*300035* says:

    my bad, what i was getting at was that ya, i still plan on popping up in here on occassion but i simply can’t take that risk of logging on when he and i are together lol

  80. NC Gent says:

    hmmmm what other things does Jules need for her journey….

    fake pics, fake income level, illiterate “SD”, lie on marital status, disappearing act after 15 emails, no show on scheduled meet… after those things ALL happen to Jules she should be in the club lol

  81. Joules*300035* says:

    Kat, Jamisen & Vic….HEY! lol I haven’t totally signed off of the blog. I really miss talkin to everyone in here but as I said before, all the SBs that I’ve gotten close with know how to keep in contact with me outside of here so I’m not missing out on too awfully much.

    Other than that my (non-SD) b/f keeps me sooooo happy; it’s just amazing! We usually end up spending half of the week together at his place so we’ve decided that since there are ZERO jobs where I am that I’m going to go job hunting where he is and get a part-time job for when I’m out there visiting him. He is a dream-come-true! Everything with him and I is just such a fairy-tale!!!

    Our saying is “Lucky You, Lucky Me, Lucky US!”

  82. raine says:

    [Just read another horror story…geez, when will it end?!]

  83. raine says:

    Hi Joules; I was just about to email you! How’s everything holding up?

  84. raine says:

    [Oh man, NC’s got a million of ’em!]

    Jules, your journey isn’t complete without the fake pic dept!*lol*

  85. Joules*300035* says:

    Wow, lost my id there for a minute!

  86. SuthrnExec says:

    Jules, my problem is that I look too much like my picture!

  87. Joules says:

    Just figured I’d peek in and make an appearance and see how everyone was doing lately. I miss you guys on here!

  88. Jules says:

    to me that was a red flag

  89. NC Gent says:

    I’ve met a couple of potential SBs who sent fake pics! For one woman, she wasn’t even the same race, but she was very pretty so I just didn’t get that :(

  90. Jules says:

    has anybody here ever met a pot SD and he posted a phony fake pic, and then when the 2 of you met his photo didnt match? that happened to me one time, i was like wtf?

  91. NC Gent says:

    ok — hmmmm married so he doesn’t want sex??? I am married and I am on here because my wife doesn’t want sex lol I definitely still want sex!!!

  92. raine says:

    Yes, Jules, what NC said; your true SD’s in here somewhere. [Get out the polygraph machine and jackhammer; you have a lot of screening to do!]

  93. Jules says:

    NC he is married so he dosnt want sex..And from what I seen on his photo he looks exactly like Jude Law…Im seriously considering giving him a good spanking LOL

  94. OCSugarBaby says:

    Jules: You just need to go with your gut and hit the delete button when you feel the need. :)

  95. NC Gent says:

    Jules — you make that sound like a bad thing??!!! lol just messing with you….

    A true SD wouldn’t bring up sex in the introductory phase. There are lots of great SDs and SBs, but you have to screen and judge carefully. If you have patience, you will find someone.

  96. raine says:

    Ahh yes…the wtf section. Of course, there’ll be more to come! *giggle*

    it’ll be be a month for me monday; I’ll go ahead and initiate contacts tomorrow.

  97. Jules says:

    LOL!! yupp Lisa thats too funny

  98. lisa says:

    If he gave me the right allowance, I would tie him to the bed and paddle and spank him, put some real color in his cheeks, lol
    I might even through him out the window if that turned him on, lol

    Gotta go now to meet my daughter

    Be back later

  99. SuthrnExec says:

    Congrats NC – I am sorry but I will NOT help you move. I don’t know you well enough…

  100. Jules says:

    he even wanted to be tied to the bed

  101. Jules says:

    Raine, I am brand new to this site. And I had this Sd tell me he wanted to be spanked, paddled , & teased

  102. Jules says:

    Thanx SuthrnExec, awesome that makes the 2 of us :)

  103. NC Gent says:

    Heya SE — closed on the house today wooohoooo!!! Now I have to move in tomorrow ughhhhh got 4 of my guys to help with that…

  104. NC Gent says:

    someone must have mentioned “perky boobies” because for some unknown reason I felt compelled to visit the blog lol

    Good to see you and your perky “personality” OC!

  105. raine says:

    I’m sorry, just found my manners again: welcome, Jules. How goes your search thus far?

  106. SuthrnExec says:

    Welcome Jules – but I must tell you I am seldom serious… :-)

  107. OCSugarBaby says:

    Thanks Mia, I typed it too fast! I havent had my pic up in months! :)

  108. Jules says:

    Ok thanks, pleasure to meet all of you and all of the future serious SD’s out there LOL

  109. OCSugarBaby says:

    NC: Did someone say “Perky Boobies” LMAO

  110. OCSugarBaby says:

    Jules: Sutra is still in CM, however I am not a club girl. lol I go on occasion but I am what you would call an over 30 SB! 😉

  111. Mia says:

    Jules – the site to go to is en.gravAtar.com, not en.gravitar.com…

    Just wanted to make the distinction, and welcome. :)

  112. NC Gent says:

    So I guess I fit into the lame SD category! Welcome to the blog Jules!

  113. raine says:

    In retrospect, I admit the “who’d want [Lindsay] as a SB” part WAS beyond uncalled for (hella harsh even by my standards), but uh…yeah; don’t know, don’t care. *shrug* I’LL move on from here.

  114. Jules says:

    Oc I used to live in Costa Mesa.. Is club sutra still poppin’?

  115. Jules says:

    thanx! 😉

  116. OCSugarBaby says:

    Welcome Jules!

  117. Jules says:

    yes im kinda new to blog posting, but I always read some pretty cool stuff on here

  118. Jules says:

    darn i cant spell today

  119. Jules says:

    ocsugarbaby, how do I post a my pic like Lisa, Victoria, and Atlanta?

  120. OCSugarBaby says:

    Jules are you new? If so you can go to website en.gravitar.com for pic posting.

  121. Jules says:

    How can I put a pick up like Lisa, Victoria, and Atlanta?

  122. OCSugarBaby says:

    Jules: Why are you hating? Very bold statement. Post a question or issue and others would love to listen or advise. :)

  123. lisa says:

    Many like the childhood game of Hide and go seek. I think some think they are staring in the “invisible man” the way they just seem to disappear. I had 2 good prospects in the past week, both have vanished. I’m thinking of posting “missing Sds, has anyone seen them” signs everywhere

  124. OCSugarBaby says:

    Loaned, gave, “V” you got it right, why judge when you don’t know. Bru-tal. Maybe Miss “L” just needs a sugar family. :)

  125. Jules says:

    Why are all the suger daddies on this site lame?!

  126. lisa says:

    I paid RENT last week, lol
    That play is running for a long time hasn’t it? I think it was in my city a few years ago. I never get to the shows though.

  127. Jules says:

    First of all Sam did not buy Lindsay that Maserati! A porn producer by the name of dennis De Santis loaned it to her

  128. Victoria ♠302242 ♠ says:

    Bonjour, sugar family!

    A) Love Lindsay, always have, always will. (my rants are usually for those that think it’s OK to judge a person they have not and probably will never meet)

    B) Real update later, going to see RENT tonight! So excited!

    Sweetest kisses,
    Victoria A. Wilder

  129. lisa says:

    Good afternoon everyone. Well to answer the question, I really have no interest in Lindsey Lohan or any of the spoiled celebrities that “suffer” so much. I would like to see them live the kind of abusive lives they do and then have deal with it the way the poor do, no fancy rehab places, etc.

    Had an ok day at work and made really good time running errands. Walked for work to the other grocery store (the one I can afford,lol) and got my daughter her stuff and picked up some food. Taking a 2 hour break now before heading down to meet her after work.

    Found out something scary though. A customer was robbed at gunpoint coming out of the store I work at last night. Right outside the door.

  130. OCSugarBaby says:

    We all make mistakes. I think Lindsay has the right to pursue “sugar” just like the rest of us. :)

  131. raine says:

    Pfft. I’m sorry, but I have absolute zero sympathy for Lindsay at this point! Talk about the penultimate spokesmodel for irresponsibility… Seriously, this story notwithstanding, who’d want her for a SB? She’s over, let’s move on.

  132. Atalanta says:

    If Lindsay hadn’t damaged her image so bad, she could probably hit up SA for some sugar! haha

    Really though, I feel for her. She just got caught up in the scene and is now suffering some of the bad consequences. It’s sad, but she is an adult and should know how to behave.