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Sugar Klatch


Critiquing ourselves is not always easy, or very effective. But honestly, there are some special sugar secrets to getting the most out of your profile, for whatever arrangement you seek.

For SD’s, the Diamond Club is the easiest way to sit back and let the responses roll in, yet any SD can expect a steady flow of responses as long as their logging in at least once a day – especially considering the 10/1 SB/SD ratio on the site.

For SB’s, the ‘competition’ is quite vast, but every sugar is unique in so many ways. Everyone brings something a little different to the table.

Many on the blog are also chatting with each other on the site – how does/would having a sugar pen-pal help you with your journey on SA?

Have you found comfort in knowing that a fellow Sugar Daddy or Sugar Baby is going through some of the same struggles (i.e., job, home, dating, etc.) as you? If so, which ones, and why?

What parts of your personality come out most on the blog? Do you have a different persona with SeekingArrangement bloggers than with potentials met through the main site?


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  1. Casting Director says:

    Hi All…

    Came across this blog while doing research for a new show we’re casting in Los Angeles. We’re looking for women who are upfront about wanting to be hooked up with a wealthy bachelor! If you’re honest about your pursuit of love AND money, please contact us at [email protected]. Our casting notice is below.


    We’re casting a new dating show around a very wealthy bachelor who is looking for his soul mate. If you are an attractive, intelligent, outgoing female who likes the finer things in life, we want to hear from you to be a part of our new TV show for a popular cable network!

    Contact us at [email protected] and tell us a bit about yourself and why you want to be on the show. You must include contact info and a photo in order to be considered.

  2. sheri says:

    hi I posted a msg on here I now cant find it to get feedback grrrr… anyways advice plz..

    When a SD doesnt send or will send when asked a photo should I be worried? Im finding myself uncomfortable with this before meeting..

    An when I asked could I have email with Hotel an plane ticket details I was told I was demanding I said please lol (Hint off here)

    Like Blaque Magic would love some SB buddy lol Im feeling lil in deep waters at times an confused

    Well advice allways welcome.. thankyou

  3. BLAQUE MAGIC*333666* says:

    If any bodycares my profile # is 333666

  4. BLAQUE MAGIC says:

    Hi ALL
    I’m new to the whole sb thing and think this blog is liek an instruction manual. lol I would like to have a pen pal or just someone to email about this site and just ask questions. I think i may start blogging on here as well you guys are hilarious You talk about everything.

  5. johnq says:


    I’ve been on the site for a couple of weeks but have been lurking on the blog for longer than that. I’ve had 3 dates with potential SBs, and have entered into an arrangement with one of them.

    Lying about your age and/or weight is not a good thing. Someone who is 30 pounds overweight is not “athletic.” Posting pictures of yourself from 10-20 years in the past is wrong. You may end up with an initial date, but you’ll attract people who wouldn’t otherwise be interested in you, and even if you’re a good person, potential SDs will feel they’ve been deceived.

    I’m 51. I’m interested in women from 35 to 45. For example, I find
    SuzieQ to be extremely hot, and would be happy to date her if she were in my area.

    What I don’t find hot is women who pretend to be something they’re not. Even if they would otherwise be interesting to me, the deception means that I probably won’t be interested in them.

    Being a sexy 45 is good. Those who respond will be the ones actually interested in you. Pretending to be 30 when you’re 40 at best, won’t get you anywhere at all.

    Rant over (result of a date that wouldn’t have occurred if there had been the slightest bit of honesty involved on the part of the potential SB).


  6. Gail says:

    LOL @ Red….who said to bring them home? Not me…

  7. Sweetredhead*269443* says:

    Yes I can cook lol But That won’t happen as I will not bring an SD to my home. That is my personal space. Besides it’s where my children are. My SB life and my children will always be separate.

  8. Gail says:

    LOL @ Jai….I feel that Percy’s sister need a proper funeral…no need to have odd things in the freezer…and undies in the freezer…are you serious? I have never done that…. I kinda share what Lisa does…strip naked, after a hot day outside.

    I am all about sugar…just took a break to focus on work. I am still happy as ever, and just trying to enjoy every sugar experience possible. I am planning to go to Hawaii in June or July…so trying to pinch every penny. Looking forward to the beach, sand, water : )

  9. Jai says:

    Lisa-Undies in the freezer..It’s the poor woman’s cooling mechanism lol Just move Percy’s sister over a bit 😉

    Gail-Hey! It is indeed sweet. I share your enthusiasm for Lisa’s new found sugar :) She so deserves it. How’ve you been? Still in the sugar game?

  10. Gail says:

    If you get tired, I know that you will just pick you up a cup of extra strong coffee to re-energize. This one is a dinner date, enjoy!!! and he is bringing you home too….yaaay!!!! just gotta love the sugar Lisa : ) Plus I read your post that you got to shop…your favorite pastimel. lol. Everything sounds great!!! Oh I am so happy for you again!!!

  11. lisa says:

    Good morning Gail. I just returned from washing and i’m sitting here topless trying to cool off. It’s hot outside, it’s hot in my apartment. I gotta keep my curtains closed cause is someone was to see me sitting here at my computer topless, they’d think I was some sort of internet pervert. lol

    I talked to my sd last night and we are meeting again tomorrow evening. I just hope I don’t get too exhausted from work as I have to work till 2 and the date is about 5 and I’m still going to meet him, haven’t let him bring me home yet. He will bring me home tomorrow evening though.

    Taking a break now before walking down to the grocery store. I am off today but told him i’m working, because, you know, you don’t want to be too available.

  12. Gail says:

    Morning Sugars and especially Lisa: )

    I am back : ) I have been working alot in real life…and just took a break from the blogs…It was getting addicting, and making me late in the morning to work. LOL…

    Lisa, now I know what you have been doing all the time you were off the blog…cultivating your SD relationships. Your dry spell is now officially over and you have a SD!!!! Oh so happy for you…I will do the happy dance for you for a week. I agree with Nitemare…time to have a funeral for Percy’s sister!!!!

    New the new SD on the blog….Welcome Olderman…I am a active passionate older SB : ) lol….happy to meet and greet you !!!

    Red…don’t forget to tell them that you can cook : ) I know cooking a great meal for my SD always works for me…

    Jai!!! I remember you….you found you a daddy!!! Yaaaay!!!! How sweet it is : )

    DC…I haven’t had a chance to chat with you…you are certainly having your share of SD…don’t give up…just take time to enjoy and learn from your experiences… : )

    Everyone else have the best day ever!!! I am in lurk mode : )

  13. DC says:

    Hi sugars!

    Just back from a friends house. We watched one of my favorite films called The Nines. Don’t worry..no one has ever heard of it. Rent it if you can. It’s unlike anything yo’ve seen before

    Hey Jai! I’m in Seattle, WA. I love it here because it never gets too hot. Spring and summer here are gorgeus! We have been barely making it into the 70s so it’s been perfect

    I agree SR- That’s what a mutually beneficial relationship is all about. Making them feel special. I enjoy doing that for all my friends.

    I am communicating with an out of town SD. Not really sure what to do as I can’t imagine how it would work unless they come to me. I won’t really have the luxury to travel any more now that I have this contract position.

    Lisa- I was keeping my heat on throughout the winter because I had a pet until recently. Kept it at about 75 and got a 2 month electric bill for $400 and almost had heart failure. Seems the baseboard heat is electric and an electricity hog. I pleaded with them since I was on UI and they took off $300 of it. whew! Learned my lesson. Never keep the heat on now and freeze.

    Alicia- yes the hairstylist was not bad at all. I can;t stand Jill’s Brad though. The way he drooled over Kelly’s boyfriend was sickening. Do you think Kelly’s boyfriend is really gay? I don;t get their relationship at all. Seems phoney. I haven’t read Bethany’s book yet. I think her recipes are wheat free which is perfect for me since I have Celiac. I will have to check it out

  14. sassyredhead*269443* says:

    All I hear is how a Sb wants to be spoiled. Well ladies it goes both ways. I have said it before they are not your personal ATM’s Sometimes it better to give than receive :) I think if your happy with your SD and he treats you well, then you MUST treat him well also. Spoil him, do special things for him. Isn’t this relationship “mutually beneficial”? And that doesn’t just mean you “give him some” lol Sorry to be blunt but ya know that’s me lol

    Plan something special for your SD’s and show THEM how much they mean to you :)

  15. sassyredhead*269443* says:

    wow, I read that and thought, I missed a few word there lol. Time for me to get to bed!!

  16. sassyredhead*269443* says:

    You mean them visiting me? Because I don’t go to them.

    If an Sd comes all the way to visit you. You need to treat him like a king :) Play the perfect hostess in your town. Because you don’t what some like him to get away :) This works the other way around also :)

  17. Olderman says:

    Sweetredhead, would you mind giving a class on proper procedure for visiting sds. lol

  18. Jai says:

    Lisa-Lol I had a coke too :) black cherry. I’m at my sd’s now and fortunately he can afford ac. God bless the good sds 😛 Hope you’ve cooled off a little Lisa.

  19. lisa says:

    New topic above

  20. lisa says:

    Hi Jai actually I don’t run my ac like most people, I keep it at 80 which runs about 100 dollars a month which I can’t really afford. Opening my windows isn’t practical and more hot air just comes in. But 105 is too hot. It’s almost 100 degrees in here now and it’s night already. I am going through alot of cokes right now, lol

  21. Jai says:

    Well, I’m going to go help my OLDER sister with her homework lol I’m so tired for some reason. If I was a drinker, I think I’d have a rum and coke with lime right now…water it is 😉

    Hope everyone is enjoying their evenings.

  22. Jai says:

    Hi everyone!

    Natasha-RUN! And I don’t want to pry, but what do you mean by bad news? I know you’ve agreed to see him already, but make sure you’re better for knowing him when you finally walk away, not worse. :)

    Lisa-OMG my sister and I live in Southern AZ and she can’t afford to use her AC so we played the WII with the windows open lol got a great work out in and sweated some things out 😛

    DC-What’s up girl?! How’s your Saturday going? Hope all is well. Actually, what state are you in if you don’t mind me asking. Your Saturday may be over. Sorry if you mentioned it before, I may have missed it. :)

    Sweetred-Glad the party went well save the nosey neighbor :) Hope you get some rest tonight.

  23. lisa says:

    Sweetredhead your neighbor should move to my apartments. There is noise all the time, even at 3 am there are cars going through the parking lot with the gangsta rap music blarrin. And it aint the kids, it’s the adults that are noisy, lol

    I think we’re getting old as I am still exhausted from yesterday, have a headache, tired, sleepy. Looking forward to talking to him tonight but again wanting to just craw up somewhere and sleep. I’m off tomorrow and taking it easy. I told him I was working because I want to keep it at once a week meeting and we are going out monday evening. Going to put on my new makeup tomorrow and walk down to the laundrette and then walk down to the grocery store and get some necesseties.

    Heard from the other potential too but he’s in another city so we will see when we can meet. This week is going to be busy as I get off work at 2 and have stuff to do everyday. Only got 2 days off when I usually have 3 but at the same time i’m not getting any more hours, just less hours per day which sucks.

  24. sweetredhead*269443* says:

    Good evening everyone. WOW you would never realize how 12, 11 yr olds can wear you out. they were here from 3 and the last two left at 7:30 I am beat!!! one of my neighbors who lives in back of us, In back and to the side, pops his head over my fence and tell me to keep the kids quiet, Hello its 3 o’clock in the afternoon you want quiet move to a retirement community. Sheeeh they are kids. Told him it was my son birthday party and if he thinks he can keep them quiet, go for it. What an ass. They were playing in the pool. It’s not like I have these parties all the time, give me a break.

    Some people!

  25. Alicia*299952 says:

    DC – yes the model was yummy – however the gay hairstylist that set him and Bethany up was even hotter LOL. I have plenty of my gays I could set up with him haha. I am the same, when I bake its almost always vegan like she does. I really want her book – I read a little of it and it seems so positive.

  26. lisa says:

    DC I live upstairs for safety reasons so my apartment get’s hot. I don’t have screens so if I open my window, it’s like opening the door. THe people I live around lack manners and their kids run wild.

    Well I have only had one sd that lasted about a month. He was from town and stayed over a few times. I prefer they don’t though. The next two I met just took me shopping but didint’ proceed furthur so I guess they didn’t like me. One was local and the one that came from out of town had a hotel room. This one lives 30 miles from me so I don’t think he will be staying in a hotel and I hope he doesn’t stay at my place as I don’t like overnight guest. I would presume if he came to my place, he would go home before it got too late as I get up early in the morning to go to work and he has to be at work too. I work every weekend, so weekend stays will not work. We have agreed to seeing each other 3-4 times a month.

    IF a sd travels to meet you, NEVER invite him to your place as you do not know him, he must get a hotel room. If you makes an excuse, then he’s up to no good or not as wealthy as he pretends to be.

  27. DC says:

    Hi Lisa-

    I don’t know how you stand that heat. It would make me REALLY cranky. That’s why I live in the PNW. I once lived in a 4th floor walk up, top floor, and when it would get into the 90s in Portland (rarely thank God) it was unbearable, felt like 120

    Being new to this Lisa, what is the usual procedure as far as meeting SDs. Do they usually spend time at your place or is a hotel more appropriate? Just curious

  28. lisa says:

    Good afternoon DC

    I’m sitting here trying to keep cool. lol

  29. DC says:

    Hi Natasha-

    Bad news?? Uh-oh

    Well all I can say is that you are with a married man who is lying to his wife. I would not expect him to be up front with you all the time

    But I think pulling back and refusing to see him until his life quiets down a bit is a good idea

  30. lisa says:

    Good afternoon i’m melting here. Air condtioner is broken and it’s 105 in my apartment. I left in on when I went to work and it was 85, so it’s not cooling. Stupid leasing office is closed till monday. They wont fix anything with i’m home and I have to work all week so it sucks. Would open my windows but I have no screens and their neighbor’s kids have no manners so if I opened my windows which are on the porch, they’d be climbing in my apartment or peeking in. I’m stripped down to my underwear now an soak with sweat. I hate Texas, May and it’s already scorching hot.

    Sd is going to call tonight. I won’t tell him about it because I don’t really want him coming to my apartment just yet.

    Natasha I would dump him, he sounds like a jerk.

  31. Natasha says:

    I will give you all an update on my sd….our situation has turned into a soap opera. well he went back with his wife for good so hes been all about lies. He has not asked for us to see eachother again for 1 week. I think it is because his wife is suspicious that there is some1 else in the picture. and yesterday I went to the gyno and I might be getting bad news next week. He is very calm and instead of being alarmed the ass requests to see me because his wife left yesterday on a trip and isnt coming back till tuesday. I asked him y he wants to keep seeingme. it just doesnt make sense that sone1 that just got back with his wife isnt honeymooing at least for a month. because i know everything is good as candy when u are back together. well he doesnt respond when question like those pop up. he just begs that he still wants to see me. so I agreed as long as he gives me what i want and brings no wife dramas to my life. we will see eachother monday because i have refused to see him this weekend. I told him I have a life other then sugardating. His ass is happy. I know wife will still be suspicious. and me well….we will find out later…so what do u girls think???

  32. Natasha says:

    Hello Girls!!!!!!!!!!

  33. DC says:

    Cool Lisa! I have favorited many men and not heard from any of them yet

  34. lisa says:

    Good afternoon everyone, just got home from work. Heard from my sd. We are going to get together monday evening. He also wants to give me the other half of my allowance.
    I want to add, if I didnt’ say this before but I had added him as a favorite and then he contacted me. So add anyone of interest to you to your favorites as some times it works.

  35. sweetredhead says:

    DC I don’t use regular Doctors most of the time. This is a holistic product. He is not dx with anything but ADHD. I do not know what it is he has. The guy moved his arm and said this is the problem lol and gave me some holistic pills.

  36. DC says:

    Morning Sweetred-

    I would love to try and help but can you give me more info? Were these pharmaceutical pills? Because my background is holistic so the pills would not be something I would know without researching, but I’d be happy to try and research that for you. I tend to not trust doctors diagnoses and always recommend a second and third opinion as well as consulting a naturopath. Where do you live again? There may be a naturopathic school that is not too pricey. Because of my background I look at drugs from a very negative viewpoint. I of course know they can be lifesavers when someone is suffering from an acute life threatening illness but for chronic conditions I try and find alternatives. And with someone so young, the preference would be to not get him started on a drug that early.

    You probably have seen what Jenny McCarthy has accomplished with her son and autism using a holistic approach.

    I have heard of this condition but can’t recall the name for it but my heart goes out to you. Can you tell me the name of the disease? And does he have any other symptoms?

    I may be able to approach it from that standpoint as well and see if anything natural could help him. Supplements and diet as well.

    If you want you can e-mail me off this site too.

  37. sweetredhead*269443* says:

    DC maybe you can help me with this. I got this natural stuff for my son once. He has a problem with his system. He does not have the link in the brain that tells you when you full. Even when he was a baby he would cry wanting to eat more and end up throwing up. he gained weight because he sneaks food. I restrict his intake letting him only have one plate, and he has lost but I feel bad when he complains he is hungry. I know he is fine but still it tugs at my heart that I refuse him.

    I was given these pills for him once and it was great. But I have forgotten what it was. He was on it for a month and he was great. But we moved and the guy who gave them to me left the office I was working in. Now I can’t seem to find anyone who knows what I am talking about. So if you can help I would greatly appreciate it.

  38. DC says:

    sweetred- I am also allergic to colognes. Actually when you are sensitive to colognes or perfumes its not an allergy. It has more to do with the liver not being able to detox chemicals which is what perfumes are. I can only wear oils like vanilla or coconut which I like better anyway. Good luck with the party and no, there is barely any courtesy left in the world today. people just don’t give a f**k any more. It saddens me

    Alicia- I wonder if Bethany gets anywhere with the new guy, the model. He was yummy! The show ends soon and I’m missing them already. Bethany and I embrace the same philosophy about food and health. I am studying to be a nutritionist so I respect her for what she promotes. And I watched the new show preview of the Jersey gals and wanted to puke. when that one woman said her husband was so delicious or something like that I got ill. They should just bring back Atlanta or OC.

    Girlie- congrats! I’m glad a few of us here are having good sugar experiences.

  39. Jai says:

    I meant Sweetred lol sorry

  40. Sweetredhead*269443* says:

    I am allergic to a lot of colones and perfumes. Working with the public is hard at times. Woman and some men tend to wear way to much and I get all stuffed up and if its bad enough I start coughing because it kicks up the asthma. I have allergy induced asthma. Not fun at all. The woman will say oh you have a cold? No!! I am allergic to you!! hehe. But of course I can’t say that so I just say it’s allergies.

  41. Sweetredhead*269443* says:

    Lisa Thant is great!! I am so happy for you. You really deserve to get spoiled.

    Wish I could find someone to spoil me, keep running into the wannabes and the fakes. Oh well maybe one day. I like to spoil him too :) so who ever he is or will be will get as much as he gives.

    I Have a job interview on Monday with a clinic here in town, they were impressed with my resume. I went on on interview yesterday and was hired but its a temp job for 6 days starting on the 15th. could turn into a possible part time job. But I really need to be working full time. All the resumes I have sent out I am finally get call backs for :)

    My son’s pool party is tomorrow, yikes 12 kids making a watery mess in my house. Oh well he will have fun. bought a volley ball net for the pool and all kinds of balloons to throw in the pool. Does anyone know how to RSVP any more? 1 childs parent called to say he was coming. His party last year 20 kids showed up and only got 4 calls that RSVPed. I always call the parents to let them know my son is going. Again common Curticey is a lost art. Right now I am making party favor bags. And it’s midnight ughhh

  42. girlie says:

    I second Light Blue. Beautiful!

    Thanks VC and BG. Today is my lucky sugar day for sure and I am very thankful and smiling.

  43. BG says:

    Good night Sugars… too tired to stay up!
    talk soon and i’m happy for you Girlie woooo

  44. Alicia*299952 says:

    Jai – it starts after the NYC reunion I think May 12th. I’m excited – Jersey’s going to be all mob related “construction” haha yeah. – OMG DC I wrote this before I read what you said about it being a mini Soprano’s and I was actually going to say that myself LOL

    DC – Bethany is awesome, I would LOVE to meet her! Kelly – OMG my dad thinks shes a man…..I tend to agree haha. That guy Max – she actually beat him up! And I love how when Bethany was talking with her and telling her what she had said she was like “I never said that” …. I seriously think Kelly is either psychotic or on drugs.

    Lisa – Oh I am so happy for you!! Its such a great story……it proves that they are out there!

    Sweetnothings – I do that too, with mens cologne……the one I love to wear right now is the Bond 009…..another one is Derek Jeter (which irks me cuz I don’t like the guy lol) Have you tried D&G Light Blue for women?! Its awesome and has more of a cologne smell

  45. BG says:

    girlie i’m so happy for you :)
    i think you might have found your SD…..

  46. VillaCypris *276489* says:

    hi girlie!!!
    great news ! :)

  47. VillaCypris *276489* says:

    hey BG ! :)

  48. girlie says:

    It went wonderful. He was full of surprises all around, everytime I turned around he had a new surprise….all very thoughtful and things we had discussed. Plus he has a pretty rare personality trait that I have a weakness for. SO….it appears things are good.

    Today has been filled with surprises, all good. I love today :)

  49. BG says:

    girlie :( you don’t wanna tell

  50. BG says:

    How did the date go? it was with a pot right?

  51. BG says:

    oh yeah that was me lol

  52. BG says:

    lol sorry girlie i totally forgot i sent you something…. wow talk about a Blond Moment !

  53. girlie says:

    haha :) an IM….now I’m wondering if it was you or CSB, can’t find my Blackberry in my bottomless purse. It was “hope you are having fun on your date” or something to that effect.

  54. BG 306486 says:

    Oh what did i send??? can’t remember

  55. girlie says:

    Hi BG! Got your email last night. You are sweet for thinking of me :)

  56. girlie says:

    Lisa! Wonderful news. Congrats on your new sugar :)

    Sweetnothings, I’m a mens cologne kinda girl at times too. I have lots of ladies ones as well but go through stages and enjoy mens scent. Aqua Di Gio, yum!

  57. BG says:

    Anybody here?

  58. lisa says:

    Have a good night everyone. I will update later and don’t give up, it CAN happen :)

  59. VillaCypris *276489* says:

    Very exciting. I’m sure your experience has given lots of others hope, not to give up!

  60. lisa says:


    He’s going to call me around 9.

  61. VillaCypris *276489* says:

    Lisa ! WoW!!!

    Congrats on your fabulous date today!!! I’m SO happy for you :)

  62. lisa says:

    I get creeped out when I smell Eternity of a man as that was what my first boyfriend wore and he’s been dead forever so it creeps me out to smell it. And there is one that I can’t remember the name but my exhusband wore it and I hate it, lol.

    I got Juicy Culture today. Actually one of my favorite perfumes is Britney spears (the blue bottle) as it reminds me of when I first moved out on my own (almost 4 years ago) it was a lonely and scary time and if I smell that perfume it takes me back, very weird how scents do that

  63. sweetnothings says:

    That’s a nice idea about the perfumes, Lisa. Whenever I visit my parents I steal one of my dad’s colognes and use it as perfume. Obviously I pick the less manly scents :) He has a million expensive ones, to my mom’s chagrin, and I love the smell of men’s cologne. Women’s perfume is often too overpowering.

  64. lisa says:

    My sd jokes alot too. Makes me a little uncomfortable sometimes because I came from a very conservative background so I don’t even use profanity at all, lol. I had a great time shopping. I can’t really put money in the bank because I have collection agencies calling me for the past 2 years for unpaid credit cards and I don’t want anyone to get into my bank account and take it so I keep my account empty at all times, pay bills as soon as the paycheck goes in. Paid my rent yesterday and now I have 9 dollars in the bank, next week paycheck goes in, goes out for phone bill and electric. My friends are cheap and my best friend thinks spending 13 dollars on a purse (she gets it on clearance) is a big splurge. I think I will treat her to lunch when I get time as she never eats out either.

    I bought things I had been wanting for awhile, perfume, cosmetics, dress, skirt, lingerie, truffles, more hosiery, etc. I like to buy a perfume everytime I meet someone new as I can go back and smell it and it reminds me of that person. When I smell my marc jacobs daisy perfume, I remember the fine outings with my ex, when I smell my gucci perfume, it reminds me of the sd that took me shopping last september and also hurricane ike for some reason.

  65. sweetnothings says:

    Yay Lisa, that’s so great! I haven’t gone shopping in so long. The money I got from my date is just sitting in the bank. I’d love to use a little and splurge like you did.

    It’s true though, once you have some money in your pocket doesn’t mean your cautiousness about spending disappears. I went out to dinner with friends last night and still found myself discussing down to the last dollar how to split the check, which is how it always has been with my friends here. We’re all pretty broke haha. It probably has to do with the spending habits of those around you though. I’m not going to suddenly go on huge shopping sprees when few people I know are.

    I’m excited too, my SD1 from the date asked me out again for next week (he said he couldn’t WAIT to see me again! how nice), and I’m meeting someone new for drinks on Monday. SD2 is only ten years older than I am and his emails make me laugh out loud they’re so funny. He’s very witty. We’ll see if he matches wit with charm.

  66. lisa says:

    Good evening Nitemare. I can’t get rid of embryetta, lol she’s Percy’s unborn sister. lol

  67. NitemareSD says:

    Ok, Lisa, you did great. Now get that thing out of your freezer before someone finds out.

  68. O(ne) P(oint) O(f) V(iew) says:

    Congrats Lisa. He has set a good standard for us sd’s. That 2 good sd stories this week. I was beginning to think that maybe all you ladies were thinking we sd’s were full-o-sh*t.

    Enjoy your indulgences. You deserve them.

  69. Jai says:

    Thank you so much Lisa! :) Happy napping

  70. lisa says:

    Sure Jai. Wouldn’t mind at all. :) I think i’m going to crawl under the covers and take a little nap as i’m exhausted, lol
    Be back later

  71. DC says:

    That’s cool. I hope I am as fortunate. Have a feeling that won’t happen with coffee guy LOL

    What is wrong with your arms? Oh never mind I re-read your message . LOL. Well if you are going to have numbness in your arms…better to have it from heavy shopping bags filled with goodies then from typing at a computer all day 😉

  72. lisa says:

    thanks I’m having a great day and am getting a headache now. Mailman was just at my door with a tote of free products I had won off of an online forum. It’s go full size olay bodywash, pantene shampoo, giftcard, etc. I have been waiting on it all week, today is my lucky day, lol

  73. Jai says:

    Lisa-Let’s hope it doesn’t lol More shopping, comfort, relaxation, and sugary sweet things for you. :)

  74. lisa says:

    DC it seems to be normal for my first dates, the few that I have had. Out of the 5 dates I have had in the past year, 2 involved shopping and this is the first one in which I was given cash. ok when is the circulation going to come back into my lower arms?

  75. OCSugarBaby says:

    DC: There is not really a NORM for first dates, but Lisa’s pot is on the right track! He moves to the head of the SD class for his class! :)

  76. lisa says:

    but I have these darn shopping bag lines on my arms now, lol

    Yes I saved some to put on my electric bill and to get my mom’s mother’s day gift too. Now back to my truffles, lol.

  77. DC says:

    Wow Lisa! That’s wonderful news. What a generous SD! Is that normal for a first date?

    Glad you had fun shopping. Sounds like maybe it was worth waiting for. I’m happy for ya.

  78. SuthrnExec says:

    Lisa, that is great! I am truly so happy for you!

  79. OCSugarBaby says:

    Lisa Penelope! Take a deep breath… Isn’t the sugar sweet! Congrats sweetie. I am proud of you for working thru the highs and lows of sugar dating. You can do anything you set your mind to! ~OC

  80. Jai says:

    DC-Your luck will change :) When it’s right, nothing will stop it

    lisa-Congrats! I knew it was going work out and you deserve it. Hope you saved some money for bills too 😛

  81. lisa says:

    Hi everyone :) :) well my meeting went great!

    We met for a lunch and he handed me an envelope with 200 dollars before we went into the restaurant. He is good looking and all but looked a little older than 53, he confessed that he was 61. That’s ok though. We had lunch and I must fill in that he had told me a couple days ago that he had met another person and was going to see how it went with her for a couple weeks but still wanted to meet me since we had set up a date and he wasn’t sure whether things would work with the lady he met. Well he said today that he would like to go on with me as he was meeting other sbs but felt it might work between us. He also asked where an ATM was so he could give me 300 more dollars (see sugardaddies are ATMS, lol) so I ended up with 500 cash. We had a nice talk and he told me too much about his recent operation but oh well, lol. When we were leaving the restaraunt a guy from work was coming in and saw me and kept looking at my date. lol I am going to have fun at work tomorrow telling him about that. Anyway we are going to get together monday evening for dinner. When he left to go to his meeting and to work (he works a variaring schedule for a major company in my area) he handed me 20 more dollars for a cab. I took the bus because it’s daytime and saved the 20. I am exhausted now from shopping. I have had a mental list of the things I want to buy for several months and today I was able to get alot of that stuff. Went to Sephora, Victorias secret, fredricks of hollywood, got some new perfume and Im sitting here with a box of Godiva truffles right now.

    I’m excited but nervous at the same time. :) So it can happen, I had a dry spell for 8 months and days like today remind why I don’t give up.

  82. DC says:

    Thanks Jai. What usually happens in my life is that I will be overbooked with dates and then one by one they go MIA or someone cancels. I have had weekends where I have 3 dates and then by the time the weekend rolls around I have none LOL. But maybe my luck will change. We shall see.

  83. Jai says:

    DC-Thanks, I’ll set a reminder for it :)

    Also, congrats on the potential SDs! Now you’ll definitely have to share your story. And that fear of flying will disappear when you meet the right guy and start enjoying yourself :)

  84. DC says:

    Hi Jai- Tuesday nights at 10 PM

    E-mailing 3 pot SDs. 2 are local and one out of town. Much prefer in town since I have a slight fear of flying. Not a good fear to have for this type of arrangement is it?

    Figures I don’t have any work for 4 months and have tons of time and now that I may meet some SDs I get a contract job LOL

    But I am thrilled, no I am THRILLED to even have this contract position for 6 months. Now I have to brush up on my software skills. I’m a it rusty

  85. NitemareSD says:

    I could afford the email, but I’m afraid I’d have to go poof daddy after that and then my street cred would be in the gutter.

    But I bet you are worth it.

  86. VillaCypris *276489* says:

    Hey Jai and DC!~

    Alright, Nitemare… I’m off to make my own money now, in my classy little vintage german roadster with the italian wood steering wheel… all i need is a pearl necklace to complete the look! 8)

    Have a great afternoon everyone! x

  87. KJ says:

    Good morning all.

    Hi Jai i would love to see it. Is it up and available now?

  88. VillaCypris *276489* says:

    Nitemare – ya, you’re so smart. First i want emails, THEN i want class and money. An insurmountable request, apparently. :-p

  89. Jai says:

    DC-Hey, I’m good. The weather is nice here in AZ. A bit warm, but that’s AZ for you. What day does the RH of NY come on?

  90. NitemareSD says:

    VillaCypris *276489* Says:

    April 30th, 2009 at 10:35 pm
    You’re welcome, DC, and thanks! But no… for some reason people must find me too intimidating or something.


    And now you want class and money.

  91. DC says:

    Hi sugars!

    They say they made improvements to the site. I don;t see it yet do you? Still slow to load as ever.

    Alicia- I LOVE Bethany! she’s my fave. Then the countess. Kelly…don;t get me started. I think Jersey is gonna bug me because it sounds like it’s gonna turn into a mini Sopranos.

    How is everyone today?

    Hey Lisa..is today your date? If so good luck and let us know.

    Meeting a friend for coffee. Supposed to be in the 70s today and for Seattle that is a rarity. ttyl

  92. DC says:

    FC- sounds like you have already made up your mind so why bother asking us? Or are those merely rehtorical questions? Or are you trying to make us feel bad about ourselves because that aint gonna work either. But nice try LOL

  93. Jai says:

    Alicia- I sure did lol that’s when I thought I would like. Has it started?

  94. Alicia*299952 says:

    DC – I love all the Real Housewives show. I have to say that Bethany from NY is my fav out of all the shows

    Jai – Jersey looks great doesn’t it?! Did you watch the 1/2hr preview on it?!

    Lisa – I hope your date goes well!!

    FC – go troll somwhere else – rude

  95. Sweetredhead*269443* says:

    April 30th, 2009 at 10:35 pm

    olderman says… The few times I have traveled to meet, I don.t feel like I’m getting the time or attention I want.

    You sound like a spoiled brat lol. I don’t see why someone would have you come to visit them and not give you time and attention. I would think you would get more, especially if I were the so called host. Your coming to visit me, I would feel it my obligation to show the the best time. Places to see and go already set up. Or is that just me?

  96. lisa says:


    Have a good night everyone. I’m going to go watch tv and get a good night’s sleep so I can be up and ready for my sugardate tomorrow.
    Good night everyone

  97. Jai says:

    I’m glad there are some other people on the blog tonight. Lol my sd is enjoying some alone time and so am I…sort of 😛

  98. Jai says:

    DC-Lol at hating the Jersey girls 😛 I’m easily pleased as evidenced by my love of the OC and Atlanta seasons. I’ll try to force myself to watch NYC though 😉

  99. DC says:

    OmiGod Jai..the Real Housewives of NYC are the best, much better than OC and Atlanta. It’s on for maybe 2 more weeks. Try and catch it. I watched the preview of the Jersey gals and already hate them

  100. VillaCypris *276489* says:


    I already emailed Stephan to ask. This one takes WAY TOO LONG to load.

  101. Jai says:

    Lisa-Lol wow I was not expecting that story. Best of luck for tomorrow! :)

  102. VillaCypris *276489* says:

    Olderman – your preference is clear then… you prefer the SB to travel to you… then as I stated previously, that is a reasonable approach, to re-imburse expenses and airline tickets, etc. BUT ONLY if there is a modicum of trust on both sides. One year ago, I paid $680 out of my own pocket, for an airline ticket to NYC. I’d been talking to this person for a few weeks, and trusted that he would reimburse me, which he did.

    But if that trust is lacking, it would be difficult for an SB to expend that kind of money on a plane ticket, in hopes that she will be imbursed.
    So as lond as

  103. VillaCypris *276489* says:

    Olderman – your preference is clear then… you

  104. Olderman says:

    I have met some older women on the site as well, Of course everyone promises to show up. The 30% rule seems to apply regardless of age. I may have to take a break, the last 3 misrepresented themselves, and 2 no shows. I’m starting to get depressed!

  105. Olderman says:

    Villacypris! as to who should travel, I prefer the potential sb travel to me, that way she can feel like its a little vacation, The few times I have traveled to meet, I don.t feel like I’m getting the time or attention I want.

  106. VillaCypris *276489* says:

    You’re welcome, DC, and thanks! But no… for some reason people must find me too intimidating or something.

    Olderman – perhaps you, too, should continue changing your search parameters… there are women out there who would NOT stand you up, or fail to make use of an airline ticket once it has been purchased.

  107. lisa says:

    lol actually the only thing I have in my freezer is a little bag with a pigeon embryo. lol It is the sibling of Percy but after the incident with him where I came home from work to find percy and his smashed sibling knocked out of their nest by the kids downstairs, I decided to not let the mother bird bring any more baby birds in the world for me take care of so I took her eggs out of the nest and put golf balls for her to sit on. I opened the egg and put the embryo in a little plastic packet (the ones they put the extra button in when you buy a sweater) and put him in the freezer. He is lucky to have not been born into a cruel word for pigeons. Silly I know but I couldn’t handle raising another baby bird, too much work.

    ok that’s my scary story for the evening, lol

    Nervous about tomorrow’ date. Will be back late afternoon with full report, hopefully good. :)

  108. Olderman says:

    OPOV, yes I did mention I have been stood up in the past, Most of the time the ticket is not used, They usually call or text me a few days in advance with some excuse, It happens about 30% of the time, In fact, I was just stood up today, of course most are very young, I always give them plenty of oppornunity to cancel before I purchase the ticket. I guess it comes back to that old saying no risk, no gain. But its still disappointing, not to mention the money thrown away.

  109. Jai says:

    DC-I’ve been told I’m an old soul so many times, I’ve started to believe it lol My nickname is Granny and Me-Ma amongst my cousins and sisters. And I love the RH of Orange County and Atlanta and I think I’m going to love Jersey lol. I haven’t gotten into NY.

    Lisa-Hope it’s cooled off a bit for you. I live in AZ and have been broke here lol as a result I know what it’s like to go without ac in 113 degree weather. Undies in the freezer for later never hurt anyone 😛

  110. DC says:

    Hey Villa! Thanks so much for the compliment. You’re quite a hottie. You must get inundated with e-mail

    Hi sweetred- I am addicted to The Real Housewives of NYC. anyone else here watch it? 34 and a doctah? My mom would be thrilled!

  111. lisa says:

    my sd meeting tomorrow is 53. The pending one that has to reschedule is 37.

  112. Sweetredhead*269443* says:

    Time for the only shows I watch. grays anatomy and the practice. bbl :)

  113. VillaCypris *276489* says:

    UGH. Lisa. That sounds miserable. I’m glad I live in the tundra.

  114. Sweetredhead*269443* says:

    My first Sd was 34 :) and a Doctor. And he was very handsome. He liked woman with my body type. And my age did not mater to him at all. Age is a number.

  115. lisa says:

    Help! I’m melting here. My darn aircondtioning is not working. It does this every time the weather is hot. I left it on this morning and the temp was 80 and I came home and it had been running all day nonstop and it’s 95 in here right now. Darn thing is 36 years old though. Gotta call them whenever I get the chance and that I have time to wait around all day (they won’t come in to do repairs if the tenant isnt’ home) for them to come and tinker with it. Send me a cold front please as I just took a bath and I have sweat running down my face now.

    Good evening sweetredhead

  116. VillaCypris *276489* says:

    Hi Sweetred! how are things in FLA? I agree…. I don’t like to begin any sort of ‘relationship’ under false pretenses. Why.

  117. Sweetredhead*269443* says:

    Good evening everyone :)

    As to the question do you shave a few years off your age to be more marketable. Answer: A woman never tells her age :) I am 40 but everyone who has ever met me or seen my profile thinks I look much younger. Which is fine with me, but I am not going to lower my age anyway. You start to lie and where does it end? I rather just be hones up front.

  118. VillaCypris *276489* says:

    Lisa – good luck! I’m so happy for you! Just be yourself – you are intelligent, pretty, have a great sense of humour – and you will make a wonderful “first impression”.

    Hi DC – I looked at your profile – you’re a beautiful woman! I like your analogy…. women get better with age, like a fine wine. Cheers to that from moi and my glass of bordeaux!! x

  119. DC says:

    Good luck Lisa! My fingers are crossed for you…

  120. lisa says:

    I haven’t had the regular flu in over 3 years.

    I have the lunch date with one sd but the dinner sd date cancelled as he couldn’t get into town so hopefully we can meet eventually. Got my work schedule for next week and I’m not getting many hours but I will be off on all workdays at 1 so that’s plenty of time to get home, shower and do some sugar dating in the late afternoon/evening if the opportunity comes alone. I’m off sunday to and invited family over but they are going on a church trip and can’t make it so I have sunday free too. I’m nervous but exited as I haven’t been out since last september. Gotta do my best to make a good impression.

  121. DC says:

    You sound pretty darn wise for your age already Jai 😉 You must be an old soul and your SD a young one….

  122. Jai says:

    DC-I’m actually pretty certain it’s just the regular flu, but because of the publicity of the swine the flu the dr has to take extra precautions etc etc :) Thank you for your sentiments. Oddly enough, even now I’m realizing that natural ability (in this case, minor intelligence lol) is only so great if not tempered/refined with life experience and wisdom. As such, I’m learning a great deal from my SD by simply being around him. And I’m so glad you will participate :) I would like input from various stages of the sugar journey. So even if you are still searching, your views and experiences would be an awesome contribution.

    Lisa-Congrats! I hope it goes well. You so deserve a break and a great sd…or two 😉

  123. lisa says:

    Yes they are taking calls on one of the news channels answering questions about swine flu. There are flyers posted in the stores everywhere about washing your hands and covering your cough.

    My sd lunch date for tomorrow just confirmed with me. :)

  124. DC says:

    Jai, I hope your sister is okay. A few friends of mine were sick a week ago and just had the regular flu so hopefully it’s not swine flu. I think the press is overdoing it, whipping everyone into a frenzy. It’s been slow news-wise, it’s what they do

    Wow, a 40 year age difference! I’ll be honest, at 51 I have never dated a man older than me…yet. I know at age 23 I felt pretty old for my age and worldly but in retrospect I was smart but had no real life experience.

    Jai I will be happy to contribute to the 101 project as soon as I meet some SDs

  125. lisa says:

    They have a swine flu phone bank on tv right now.

  126. lisa says:

    I wonder if they make pretty face masks? I wouldn’t mind wearing one if I could find some to match my outfits. I know in some of the Asian countries the women were colorful masks to protect themselves from polution when they’re out.

  127. lisa says:

    Everyone’s going nuts in Houston. The store I work at is completely out of hand sanitizer and everyone was looking for alcohol swabs and face masks which we dont’ carry. All the customers were friendly and spoke to me today, I guess they know they’re going to die.

  128. DC says:

    Mmmmmmmm……donuts. I have Celiac disease and can’t have them :(

  129. DC says:

    Hey Suzie-

    Thanks! don’t get discouraged. There are definitely many men out there age 40-60 that like women their own age or in their late 40s, early 50s. Matter of fact my pot SD is about the same age as me but looks 35!!! If a man takes good care of themselves then I have no problem being with a man up to age 70.

    And I have been contacted by quite a few now who are in their 60s who, because of what they are offering, could definitely interest a 25-35 year old but they said they weren’t interested in women that young.

    That’s why, when I first put up a profile I was pleasantly surprised at the number of responses I am getting. Of course, it’s probably still a fraction of what a 25 year old gets, but I’m satisfied.

    I know I could lie about my age. I dated a guy last week who said I could pass for 35. I laughed of course because I knew he just wanted to get laid. ………but I think I could pass for 45. But I agree, if you lie about that to get what you want, chances are you will tell other little white lies.

    Women get better with age. We both know that 😉

  130. lisa says:

    Hi everyone. Ok i’m too exhausted to catch on the posts right now. Another work day with so much to do that I didnt’ get a break so I have to eat something now, been running on the one donut I had for breakfast, lol

  131. SuzieQ*297329* says:

    Congrats DC! And hi to everyone this fabulous afternoon. I’m goofing off at work but hey, I’m the boss and I’m entitled once in a while!

    On the age question, I remember posting about this before. I’m 45 and have briefly considered getting younger, but like the other sb’s it’s an integrity issue. But it does sound so trite to say I look much younger (everyone seems to say that!) even though it really is true based on what other people tell me all the time.

    I was talking to one pot sd a while back and all was going well, when it became apparent that he was a good bit older than his profile said. When I asked him about it he said it was an honest mistake, that he must have hit the wrong key when entering it, and that he would change it in his profile. But on this site you choose your year of birth from a drop down menu, so I have a hard time believing he was that many years off! Plus he’s still showing the same age, so I’m glad I stuck to my guns. I basically told him if you’re lying about your age, what else will you lie about and how do I know I can trust you about anything else you say? I know that might sound extreme, but integrity is very, very important to me and not something I will compromise on. I am not desperate and won’t compromise my values.

    As for age preference, I would date 40’s – 60’s, though no one younger than 55 has shown any interest at all so far. I definitely get the impression from that being over 25 severely limits the options as it seems even the guys in their 60’s and even 70’s want 20-30 year olds.

    It’s a bit frustrating to feel so old, but I am buoyed by the wonderful sugar stories that I hear on the blog, so keep ’em coming!

  132. DC says:

    Just heard back from my pot SD, the one I really want to met. I e-mailed him a “reminder” that I’m still interested and he is as well. So thanks everyone for suggesting I just “get over it” and e-mail him

  133. DC says:


    I have a friend here who is 28 and she dates men in their 40s and prefers men in their 40s. Same for an SD, she prefers older men

  134. NitemareSD says:

    Kj Says:

    What is today’s topic?

    The same as it was 5 days ago; everything.

  135. Kj says:

    What is today’s topic?

  136. O(ne) P(oint) O(f) V(iew) says:

    O(ne) P(oint) O(f) V(iew) Says:
    April 30th, 2009 at 4:08 pm

    Actually I should have said a few of the younger ladies who post here, rather than only one. My bad.

    translation: a “few” ladies get it, not simply one.


  137. KITTY says:

    agree csb

  138. ChocolateSnowBunny says:

    Hello KJ.

    Justbob: Yes. I’ll only speak for myself but I prefer an SD in the 40-50 age bracket. But all SBs have different tastes just like we all come in different flavours. Some are concerned with stares in public therefore she may prefer an SD in his thirties.

  139. KITTY says:

    Justbob: and like wine, men get better with age

  140. KITTY says:

    OPOV: so you are insinuating that I don’t understand the concept.

    Justbob: Yes! Women are far less visual creatures compared to men

    KJ: afternoon

  141. Kj says:

    Good afternoon all. How is everyone today? Finally got some free time to check the boards.

  142. justbob says:

    Ok question for the girls. if your 23 – 29 do you really want a 46 year old(me) SD

  143. O(ne) P(oint) O(f) V(iew) says:

    Actually I should have said a few of the ladies who post here, rather than only one. My bad.

    sweetnothings, I hope you don’t put yourself in that category I derided. From what little you have posted so far, you’re cool. And I can understand why you would want to add a few years to your age as opposed to shaving a few years off – because there are guys who are concerned by an age gap and the misconceptions that usually follow.

  144. KITTY says:

    I am younger then what most people think. Most people think I am 29.. 30 especially in work settings because of my position and when I am formal and all professional. but just 23 :)

  145. ChocolateSnowBunny says:

    I don’t lie about my age either but I think some men I’ve met think I do. I’ve hit the quarter century mark but I look much younger. It bugs me now as most people I meet think I’m 18-21. In about five to ten years from now, I guess I’ll thank my mom for the good genes.

  146. Sweetnothings-321312 says:


  147. KITTY says:

    OPOV: I just think you haven’t spoken to the right 20-something year olds. I really don’t think age has anything to do with the understanding of arrangements. Many 40, 50 year old men are just as, if not more clueless regarding the subject. Hence all the SD that thinks this is an escort service.

  148. O(ne) P(oint) O(f) V(iew) says:


    When I said “old enough to be their father” it was a tongue in cheek remark. But even women in their mid-30’s have remarked in their profiles “no one over 40”. So when you start seeing that in such profiles, it begins to contaminate the entire pool of “seeking sugars” below, up to and including a certain age limit. And contrary to what you may have thought, my focus is not on narrowly defined babies. In fact, I have found that most, not all, of the women who have contacted me or whose profile I have read below a certain age (cough, 22) really do not have a firm grasp of these arrangements. That is not an absolute, but a general observation. I am sure there is a regular poster here who would tend to disagree with that, but she’s probably one of the exceptions.

  149. DC says:

    Hi NC

    I am old SB 320283

    Good luck with SB numero uno

    Bob- not sure about that..I guess if there is no picture I would want to know some details about what you looked like. What business you are in, what you like to do for fun and what you are looking for specifically from a SB without going into too much detail

    Okay, it’s actually sunny here in WA state so I am gonna take advantage of that. Back later. Enjoy the day everyone!!

  150. NC Gent says:

    Hello all — had a lunch date — went fair not sure if there is enough chemistry… convo got pressed at times, but she was funny when she loosened up…. had a long talk with my first SB last night, and we are meeting next week in Baltimore to decide if we are getting back again…

    DC — I prefer women in their late 20s to late 30s, and I am 47. There aren’t nearly as many women in that age range, as say less than 25, on this site. What is your profile # if you don’t mind sharing?

  151. justbob says:

    Ok question. What is it that you think most girls want to know in the first email

  152. Sweetnothings-321312 says:

    When I joined the website I wondered if I should add a couple years to my age, but thought against it for the same reasons people have said. I’m not a very good liar, and I honestly think for most people their number of years is not the same as their “age”. You can act old without actually being old (those people are the worst!), or you can be youthful when you’re old.

  153. DC says:


    So exactly what age range are you looking for in a SB? It must be fairly young then because 44 years old would appeal to a wide range of women, especially someone in my age range (3-5 years older than you). Plus I don’t think, especially here, that a 30-35 year old would think 44 is too old. So I am assuming you want a really young SD, like in their early 20s.
    If I may be so bold..could I ask why besides the aesthetic reasons? I know some of these women here are very intelligent, but don’t you like to able to talk with someone of your own vintage who experienced the same things in life at the same time? understands cultural references that only someone of the same age range would? Of course cultural references in the whole scheme of things are not that important to have in common, but you know what I mean.

    I’m not trying to be snide or anything, I just really want to understand. Is it that being around youth makes you feel younger?

    I get approached by men in their 20s and 30s all the time, maybe more than men in their 40s and I really want nothing to do with them. They are nice to look at and all, but we don’t have much in common. And sex with men in their 40s and up is much much better than sex with a 30 year old

  154. girlie says:

    Best wishes, Raine. Perhaps we’ll see you again. In the meantime, thanks again for your Chicago tip on the MOCA.

    I never lie about age, or anything for the matter. The truth always comes out and I’d rather not find myself in such an embarrassing situation.
    That said, I’ve had no less than 7 men tell me that their profile age is a lie and they ranged from 2-9 years older. Its odd for me because, well, I like men who are quite a bit older but I’m also a little ticked at the lie.
    In one particular case, I sent a Bday cake to his office with ‘Happy 50th’ on it, only to be told 2 weeks later he was really 52….lol.
    I can’t for the life of me understand why one lies about age.

  155. O(ne) P(oint) O(f) V(iew) says:

    I’m not talking about a 45 yr pretending to be in her 20’s (or as one baby put it a few weeks ago, a 30 yr gap if what he said was not what he was) but if you feel you are on the cusp of appearing “too old” for your audience, would you shave a few years off? I’ll admit that in the past when I first joined a site in search of an arrangement, I would put myself as 39-40 rather than 44-45 because I felt that maybe too many women would view me as old enough to be their father (sort of) if I listed my real age. Now I use my real age (46) and figure I will just let the dice fall where they may.

    There are quite a few ladies who have multiple profiles posted, some in the same city, which is somewhat similar but the facts just don’t add up. When I say somewhat similar, there is no doubt that the person in the pictures is the same in both profiles. There is one lady who Ive dubbed the Benjamin Button of sugar babies whose age since January has slid from 45 to currently 38, and to help sell that fact is using pictures of Ali Larter. (I know it is the same profile because I have a head that tends to pretty much remember what I read). I get a crack out of that. I almost wish she’d email so I could point that out to her. 😀

  156. VillaCypris *276489* says:

    I agree with Beach Girl and DC – always put my real age. Someone who is fixated on a certain “number” to the exclusion of all other factors would not be someone who I’d be interested in anyways.

    People aren’t dumb… once you start communicating and sharing things about your life, schooling, experiences, etc, it becomes obvious if you say you’re 25 but really 45.

    I find it amusing that most of the men I’ve had contact with have completely misrepresented their age. Not that I care all that much, but when they realise I’ve figured it out, they’re pretty embarrassed for having lied in the first place.

  157. DC says:

    No, O(ne) P(oint) O(f) V(iew), that is not exactly a sexy e-mail LOL

    I put my real age (51).

    I suppose I could knock off a few years but I know that most of us have ads in a few places and if they see I’m 51 in one place and 45 in another, and 48 somewhere else, well that doesn’t give me a lot of credibility.

    I suppose if I said I was 45 I would get twice as many responses but I’d rather be honest so that I don;t have to explain myself later

  158. Beach_Girl*306486 says:

    O(ne) P(oint) O(f) V(iew)~ I have my real age, I don’t believe in lying…. It’s just the way I am…. I should write that I feel 25… and usually I am told that…

  159. O(ne) P(oint) O(f) V(iew) says:

    quick question for everyone:

    Do you put your accurate age in your profile or do you shave a few off to “make yourself more marketable”?

    Do you adjust that number when you are not getting the responses you thought?

  160. O(ne) P(oint) O(f) V(iew) says:

    DC Says:
    April 30th, 2009 at 1:12 pm

    “If you don’t believe me then a good test is to send a man a sexy, flirty e-mail. Send one to the guys who have not responded for a few days and see how fast they respond. Sorry guys, but the majority of you are THAT predictable LOL”

    nOt if ur TXT waS sumtHIn liK ThIs

  161. ChocolateSnowBunny says:

    Thanks Suthrn & OPOV.

    Great. I will be closing my account on SA. Though my profile has been hidden for weeks, I find myself logging on from time to time hoping to see someone new and exciting. Not the case. Some on us SBs have decided to do things the old fashioned way. I’ll still post on the blog and keep you guys updated on our adventures lol.

  162. DC says:

    Oh and Raine and others, I think you make a good point. When the flakes and rudeness start to get to you it’s best to put this aside for a while and take a break and come back with a renewed attitude about it. I have learned from years of on-line dating to not take rejection personally….well of course it’s personal but you don’t have to TAKE it personally. 2 different things. Think about if the shoe were on the other foot and you were being pursued and got 10 e-mails a day from pot SDs. You wouldn’t be attracted to them all for one reason or another and I doubt you would write each one back specifically. I try to but have slacked on occasion.

    Plus I think most of us are internet savvy enough to know that if someone does not respond with a day or two they are probably not interested no matter who they are or how busy their lives are.

    If you don’t believe me then a good test is to send a man a sexy, flirty e-mail. Send one to the guys who have not responded for a few days and see how fast they respond. Sorry guys, but the majority of you are THAT predictable LOL

  163. DC says:

    Hi Raine-

    God question!

    I’m not really seeking a husband. I am not a big fan of the institution of marriage to begin with, that said I wouldn’t completely rule it out.

    Right now this does not conflict with my dating off this site to find something more conventional. I am dating a few people but not sleeping with them. I like them all but more as male friends so I don’t see my relationships with them going anywhere. I did meet a really nice guy about 10 days ago (see earlier post where I vented) who really liked me and I thought maybe something could develop. But he turned out to be a flake. So I am right back to ground zero.

    The guys I am casually dating, believe it or not know I am seeking an SD. At least on the surface they seem cool about it and their attitude is “go for it”.

    Had something developed between me and the guy I liked of this site I probably would have kept up my search here at least until this guy and I talked about exclusivity, at which time I would have discontinued my search or discontinued my relationship with an SD.

    I view any relationships I have here as I would if I were seeing a single or married man off this site. I assume that anyone I date here or there is also dating other people until we have the talk. Until then, who I date or where I met them is none of their business. I am however, a very honest person and if hey asked very specific questions I would not lie about how I met someone.

    Hope that answers your question :)

  164. O(ne) P(oint) O(f) V(iew) says:

    CSB –

    suthrn is right. You can post w/o membership. Stephan explicitly said so.

    Instead of logging in and clicking the “blog” tab, just bookmark the main blog page (or remember the addy if you don’t want any bookmarks lying around) and away you go.

  165. raine says:

    Hi all.

    DC, I have a question for you — well, two, actually: based on what you just wrote, how do you now rate your odds of finding a SD who would meet your needs, given the SDs that may be lurking right now? Your online dating experience notwithstanding, does seeking a life partner (husband, right?) conflict with this search?

    NitemareSD, nice diatribe you gave earlier. Which reminds me: I’m going to give this whole sugar thing a rest, especially this blog. I need to do more research on the subject. Good luck, folks…

  166. SuthrnExec says:

    CSB – yes, I believe you can continue to post here.

  167. VillaCypris *276489* says:

    Hi CSB!

    I don’t know …. you could ask Stephan, he would be able to tell you!

  168. DC says:

    Hey guys-

    Okay, I realize you are all right. The only reason I did not e-mail him is that I have been internet dating for a LONG time and like I said earlier, we make time for what is important to us. However, what do I have to lose, if he wasn’t going to write my nudging him would not change anything either.

    Nightmare-I am new at this so I don’t particularly care what they are offering. One thing I have learned from this blog is that each arrangement is unique and it doesn’t matter what that says.

    I personally look for intelligence and a kind heart and someone who puts some thought into their e-mails. And I am really attracted to them if they express some actual interest in what makes me tick. Then go from there. I have not met an actual SD yet, maybe next week. But a guy could say 3-5 or even 5-10 and if they sound cold or like someone who would not treat me with respect I don’t care how much they are offering

    I guess for some SBs the dollar amount is the most important issue because they need a certain amount to get by. I had been out of work for 4 months and have quite a bit of debt as a result. I was hoping for about 2 to help me out and was hoping to receive that from one SD not 2 or 3. I don’t need to complicate my life that much as I date off this site as well and am looking for a life partner. So if someone is only offering less than 1 it would make it difficult. However, if they were someone I would want to spend time with if there was no “arrangement” I would definitely consider them.

    Also my age makes it a bit more difficult for me. I don’t have as much to choose from here where youth obviously commands a premium. However, there are some men out there that appreciate age and wisdom…not that you young un’s aren’t full of wisdom…I am impressed by how smart some of you are and at your life experience already.

  169. VillaCypris *276489* says:

    “Never allow someone to be your priority while allowing yourself to be their option.”

    ~Mark Twain

  170. ChocolateSnowBunny says:

    Good morning Suthrn, Villa, Nitemare.

    Nitemare: The SD’s profile holds as much weight as his budget when I decide to send a message. The men in the 1-3 bracket may have experience and mentoring qualities that I find invaluable. Each SD brings something different to the table and I’m open-minded enough to explore what’s put before me. However, I don’t message men in the less than 1k category because, as one SD heading on SA says, they’re looking a “budget babe.”

    Can I still post on this blog if I close my SA account?

  171. VillaCypris *276489* says:

    Nitemare – the “class” to “sugar” ratio?

    I would never compromise or trade more of one, for less of the other. A person, whether male or female, is capable of possessing both. I’m not in a hurry, nor desperate, to “find” someone…. when I meet him, I will know.

  172. VillaCypris *276489* says:

    Thanks SE! I’m catching up to you, with the good posts :)

    Morning nitemare 😉 I always knew deep down you are a “classy” man.

    To email, not to email… to be patient, not to be patient…. to fixate on one, to communicate with many…

    the psychological energy required to indulge in the “mind games” ( and i’m not saying this with the typical negative connotation attached) or trying to determine what another person MIGHT be thinking, based on his or her actions / reactions, or lack thereof… is enormous.

    Take this complicated mess and make it simple – do what you want.

    If you want to email someone, DO IT. Don’t wonder or try to figure out if he or she is interested or not.

    One could waste an entire lifetime trying to discern what is in another person’s mind.

  173. NitemareSD says:

    Do you ladies put any significant thought into the profile and the $$ bracket. Do you look at 3-5 guys normally, but check out the 1-3’s and see if they have an outstanding profile, and then explore further?

    How do you evaluate this? What do you think about this when dealing with guys with different $ offers?

  174. SuthrnExec says:

    Morning Villa! You and Nightmare both had some good posts above.

  175. NitemareSD says:

    I knew someone would get up first thing and start whining like a (sugar) baby again. What you sent 3 emails and haven’t gotten laid! Oh my! She didn’t respond? Imagine that. Go find some other people to write to who mostly won’t respond.

    How about that class for sugar deal VC? What is the class-dollar exchange rate? Because that’s one area I don’t have a good handle on. How much should the non-monetary quality of the guy offset the financial wishes of the SB? Would someone trade being with an extraordinary man for 2 for a generic run of the mill guy for 3?

  176. VillaCypris *276489* says:

    Hi everyone :)

    Wow.. nitemare… that is quite the post! Thanks for sharing all your wisdom!

    justbob – agreed – “flakiness” transcends gender boundaries. sorry to hear you’re on the receiving end….

  177. justbob says:

    Going to vent here for a second while picking lent out of my belly-button. I tried this a couple of months ago and meet one girl that turned out not to look or be what she said on her profile. She was a nice person though, just not for me. have emailed a couple of girls near me but no luck so far. What suprises me is some of the girls I have emailed either do not read the email or do not respond(and they are loged on everyday). I guess what I am saying is there seems to be as many SB flakes as SD flakes.

  178. SuthrnExec says:

    DC, I get what you’re saying, but perhaps he would raise the importance up a notch if he got the email “nudge” from you. It won’t take more than 5 min to send him an email and who knows what will happen. Give it a shot.

  179. DC says:

    Good morning everyone!

    Angela- the watch sounds cool. I wish I could wear that style but my wrist is like 5 inches around and it would fall off as well. But a great look if you can pull it off.

    Nightmare- really great post, thank you. I learned a lot from that. I’m the one waiting 3 days for my SD, now 4, to write back. You are right, maybe I should give him a little nudge. I’ll see. But I’m a firm believer in we make time for what is important to us so my gut says move on, that he has. I am e-mailing 2 other SDs. I only got here like 10 days ago so I know I should be patient.

    For me it’s about finding the “right” SD, not just any SD. And SD#1 just seemed so right for me, otherwise I would not care~ oh well. And I did get some work starting next week so things are not quite so desperate.

  180. justbob says:

    good morning everyone

  181. NC Gent says:

    Heya SweetEuro — good to see you! How are things with the new potential? I hope you get to spend some time in NYC :)

    Heya Nico!

  182. SuthrnExec says:

    Mornin’ NC, Nico and SweetEuro – Had a great trip last weekend – I am continually reminded of how fortunate I am.

  183. Angela300373 says:

    He said something similar to girlie-216076……rather. He knows women who wear this watch. It is very cool…it runs off of light (real and artificial) so it never needs batteries. He says it chimes every hour so I’m pretty sure he actually bought it himself and thought I would like it…. so like they say ……..It’s the thought that counts….(that sounds bad….ummm he put thought into this gift and I really appreciate that….plus it was super awesome of him to bring a present on the first meet!…I feel bad now for even finding fault with it to begin with….how ungrateful is that?….ouch)

  184. SweetEuropean says:

    Good afternoon everyone!

  185. ~Nico~213385~ says:

    Morning ladies and gentlemen…SE, how’s the sugar levels? *winks*

  186. NC Gent says:

    Heya SE — good to see you back again. I hope you had a great trip last weekend :)

  187. SuthrnExec says:

    Good morning everyone – it’s been a few days since I’ve been around but I have tried to keep up. Lisa, good to see you again, dear!

  188. lisa says:

    girlie, a man’s watch would fall off my arm, lol I always have to have my watches cut down to the smallest size to fit my arm. I always end up bring home alot of removed links. lol

  189. lisa says:

    Good morning everyone

    A man’s watch Angela? That’s odd and sounds like one of those gifts people give because they got it give to them or something. I have friends sometimes give me stuff that I know they got free with a cosmetics purchase or something but it’s ok because they are my friends and the things are usually nice. But to have a boyfriend or date give you something that inpersonal (sounds like someone gave it to him or he picked it up somewhere cheap) is odd. The thought does count and giving a woman a man’s watch means he really wasn’t thinking or that he knows nothing about watches, lol

    Have a good day everyone. Headed to work now.

  190. girlie-216076 says:

    Oh Nightmare. Your tone (or, rather, the tone I perceive you to have) is charming. 😀

    Angela, the look of a chuncky mens watch on a womens wrist is really nice with the right outfit! Why not contact him and let him know you had a lovely time and look forward to seeing him again, hopefully soon. Perhaps he is just waiting for you!

  191. Angela300373 says:

    I would gladly contribute to the Sugar 101. I actually had this thought myself but don’t have the time to devote to it. I might be adding it (as a topic) to my faker blog someday. For now, I don’t have much experience but I feel I have come along way since Feb 28th. (when I joined)

    I still haven’t heard from my Sunday night date. (the one who brought a present!) I know he’s busy though so trying not to dwell on “why isn’t he callling me?”
    I asked another daddy (from the sugar couple I am seeing) and he had no clue why “Sunday date guy” gave me a mans watch and/or left the tag on it. I have decided to not look this gift horse in the mouth and just be grateful. I will be asking him if it is OK to return it to get a woman’s watch though. (Otherwise, I would have to give it to a guy and I don’t think it would be appropriate to do that.)

  192. NitemareSD says:

    VC I have tons of class. Can we make an arrangement? What are you talking about, these “real” people don’t want an arrangement? What are they doing here? I know there is the occassional dopey girl who wonders onto this place with a profile not knowing this is for whatever you wanna call it and they think its a dating site. They are surprised by whatever they hear. Then they inevitably add to their profile a disclaimer about oh my if I knew what this was I wouldn’t have come and I just can’t believe what people ask of me, hehehehe. And some of those just want to sucker guys into a couple of email exchanges and then give them a male bashing about how sick they are, etc. Its a whole pathology to itself.

    The tents will be going up soon. Lots of college girls can’t find jobs this summer and will be flooding the grounds. A few sugar women would help keep order and discipline amongst the throngs. (yes I did not say thongs)

    Cutbacks prevent the contemplated beverage service, but there is a part time stream with cool flowing water, and plenty of deer available in the woods. For those on diets, chipmunks are abundant. Stay away from the raccoons, if you can find any. I once saw a porcupine, which is good eats, but hard to get to.

    Why can’t you all go on coffee dates and expect the guy to slip you $100 or $200 if he wants to let you know he intends to make that second date? Even you $1500/mo girls deserve $100 if he’s serious and wants to “mark” his territory. BTW the $1500/mo girl is in the right ballpark with her needs and expectations; don’t worry.

    Anyway, whatever his style, you shouldn’t be walking away from that first date without something to remember him by if he’s going to see you again. Look, I’m the last guy to pull out my wallet, but come on, I’ve met you, I’ve seen you in 3D, if I’m going to see you again here is a little something.

    Now suppose its just one of those just friends or mentor things, or let’s travel together … no allowance stuff I mean. OK that’s different. Come away with some serious concrete discussion on the purpose of the arrangement anyway.

    Now when its one of those fly to me – you pay the ticket up front and get reimbursed things – when we meet at baggage claim I’m already sweating to get the cash in your hands. Can’t wait to get into the car in the parking lot and hand the cash over so you can relax and know I’m not taking you.

    — “I do read the blogs for info. I would like to also be aware of anything I should possibly be “weary” of, thank you sugars!” —

    Babe, you can’t read the blog and get through ten posts without something said on that. In this topic it must have been discussed 10 times already; in the prior, 18 times. Don’t be shiftless and expect to find an SD.

    The cab excuse? You mean the lost cell phone? I’ve gone on thousands of dates without losing my cell phone. Go out with me. I also drive to most of those dates without ever getting a flat tire; the ones I walk to I’ve never been mugged on the way; and I pay cash so I don’t have to tell you the check is in the mail.

    Back in the days when I was young enough to date women they didn’t return phone calls if they weren’t interested. No explanation, nothing. All kinds of women; big, small, educated, professional, sexy, homely, blonde, red, even the “I can’t wait to hear from you, I absolutely want to get together” ones. The vast majority of people do this. Stop being surprised and learn as fast as possible not to care. Then spend your time and energy going out on 3-4 times as many first dates as you do now – with the stiff emailers, the ones that don’t quite seem to match up, the coffee daters, the quick drink daters, the dinner daters, the meet you in the park and toss a ball around daters … you don’t know what you are going to find behind that profile and the imperfect IM skills.

    If you can get someone to show up within a block and a half of the meeting’s location less than 16 minutes after the appointed time, meet the person.

    Don’t sit at home for 3 weeks emailing one guy exclusively who later turns out be one of those just want to play big shot via email boys.

    The guy hasn’t written in 3 days? So what! Write to HIM. Say you want to keep in touch for when the time is right. Say something interesting he could respond back to. Have a bunch of contacts that you write to every few days or couple of weeks until the time is right.

    It takes a minute to email from a blackberry … you assume he uses his blackberry for this. Maybe he uses that secret internet device hidden in between the chair cushions he can only get to every other day for 13 minutes after 1am. He gets distracted; he wrote to 157 other woman and can’t keep them straight. He’s got 12 emails in his inbox and frankly can’t remember who any of them are until he reads each profile. He doesn’t know what to write back to you because your profile consists of “I wanna Sugah Daaadie” and your reply email was a grunt. But your tits showed well in the pic so he sent you a wink.

    Speaking of tits, you are all wrong.


  193. Beach_Girl*306486 says:

    VC~ i’m off to bed girl!
    have sweet dreams
    Bonne nuit!

  194. VillaCypris *276489* says:

    J vais dormir. Bonnes reves! A bientot…. ciao! x

  195. VillaCypris *276489* says:

    Ya. No worries….

  196. Beach_Girl*306486 says:

    VC~ i did add the photo of my legs on my profile now… it’s small though
    but better than what i had b4… i only had head shots

    SBMaple ~ don’t worry we all get no answers from SDs … it’s not because your not pretty or anything,,,, it’s kind of a reality check sometimes!
    people tell me oh you look amazing, then i send out mail, and nothing, i get some mails saying, your too tall, too far, too fat ( really???lol) not smart enuf … or just plain sexually explicit! so don’t worry we all get that

  197. VillaCypris *276489* says:

    Sure – BG – there are some “real” and “genuine” persons on this site…. I’ve met a few.. and they, ironically, or coincidentally, are not interested in an “arrangement”.

    To each his/her own…

  198. VillaCypris *276489* says:


    post three good photos of yourself… and that is that. Do not oblige requests for more photos. You have every right to protect your identity, just as they do. If three are not enough, then… pffffffffft… just move on.

    A “genuine” SD, as you will find on this blog, some of the regular posters, never ask for additional photos, and NEVER compromising ones. You’re not for ‘sale’, always remember that.

  199. Beach_Girl*306486 says:

    VC~ i totally agree… Class is so much more than money! It does seem the money money they have the less class they have…. but it’s not everyone i’m sure some are real and nice guys!!! right?

    SBMaple ~ how long have you been talking with them? maybe you should ask what they want out of their arrangements, or tell them what you want …

  200. VillaCypris *276489* says:

    Hi SBMaple

    Some people are just inherently RUDE, and the internet only exacerbates those tendencies. There is anonymity, as most SDs create fake names, fake emails, fake details of their lives… so what is their incentive for being truthful, courteous or “nice”. There is none, for they can just disappear and you’ll never “know” who they are.

    If I were you… I would post three good photos of you

  201. VillaCypris *276489* says:

    Ha! And – ironically – or coincidentally – the higher the income, and the higher the net worth – the LESS likely they are to respond. Does not speak well of them AT ALL.

    So, you’re right. Better off without. “Class” transcends materiel possessions or worth, and some just do NOT have it.

  202. SBMaple says:

    That is so strange, I e-mailed my pictures to 20 sugar daddies, and usually only like 3 responds. I am attractive woman, so I don’t understand why all those SD do not respond me at all. They can at least send me note like “Thanks for pictures”.

    But my main question is, I e-mailed with two pot SD, we had nice e-mail conversations , they liked my pictures, but they never offered me to meet with them. Do I need to offer them to meet with me? Or what?

  203. Beach_Girl*306486 says:

    VC~ I totally get that, why are all these SDs so rude???? really it takes a minute to send a “no thank you” note!
    and if i can’t get that, do i really want to be with him?

  204. VillaCypris *276489* says:

    Bg ~ yah! That must be it! *sticking out tongue*

    I haven’t been looking that intensively… to be honest. The few people I write, don’t have the courtesy to respond, so…. c’est la vie eh.

  205. Beach_Girl*306486 says:

    VC~ your too hot girl!

  206. Kat says:

    Hey all!

    SweetNothings – great about your date!! glad to hear it went well! :)

  207. VillaCypris *276489* says:

    hi SK – welcome – it’s “wary” of …. sure, lots of things… to be wary of… men who ask for naked pix immediately… persons who demand sex immeditately… i’m sure readin thru the blogs you will find all the answers. it’s mostly just common sense.

    hi BG! :)

    search continues…. i must be too intimidating 😉

  208. SK"323853* says:

    Ok well It’s gonna let me post this time…..
    I am new to the whole SB/SD arrangment… SO PLEASE don’t let me put anyone off with my inquisitive nature. I would like some advice, I’m very much looking for an arrangment with a professional and discreet gentleman who would like to be supportive of my needs, as well as I of his. I would like to have someone “Drop some knowledge” reguarding thier own personal experiences, I’be been on for less than a month and I am very excited about joining and being a part of the Sugar Family. I have corresponded with a couple of SD’s, but still no arrangment. I do read the blogs for info. I would like to also be aware of anything I should possibly be “weary” of, thank you sugars!

  209. Beach_Girl*306486 says:

    VC~ how you been girl? How is the search?

  210. SK"323853* says:


  211. VillaCypris *276489* says:

    OPOV – sorry you got stood up… again… maybe you should change your search parameters? You know the old cliche… insanity is doing the same thing over and over and expecting different results….

    I think the cab “excuse” is bullshit, by the way…

  212. O(ne) P(oint) O(f) V(iew) says:

    Olderman, didn’t you mention in one of the other topics that your were stiffed when you previously paid for airfare?

    girlie, what you and the other ladies need is a mule to help you with your communication issues.

  213. Sweetnothings-321312 says:

    Olderman, I think that’s a perfectly good offer. What else could you offer them even?

  214. VillaCypris *276489* says:

    Hi Olderman – welcome to the blog!

    There’s an ongoing debate as to whether the SBs or SDs should be the one to travel for the first meeting. In the case you mentioned, I believe that is a reasonable approach, if you’ve spent time getting to know one another and feel comfortable and have established some level of trust.

  215. girlie-216076 says:

    Olderman, that is very reasonable. Not everyone is as thoughtful.

    YAY sweetnothings. That is wonderful. It is good to hear that your first sugar date was successful and comfy.

  216. Olderman says:

    I’m new to the blog ,but looking for some feedback, Most of the sbs I email live in another state, I always offer cash, plus expenses and airfare for the first visit. Do you think that’s a reasonable approach?

  217. Sweetnothings-321312 says:

    Thanks for asking, OPV.

    I see now. When this goes right, it can go so right.

  218. Sweetnothings-321312 says:


    It was sooooo good!!!!!!!

    Great restaurant downtown (saw Kelly Ripa there!). He’s sweet and we have a lot in common. Gave me an incredibly generous gift at the end. I’m still kind of in shock…This is my first taste of “sugar”, I guess.

  219. Beach_Girl*306486 says:

    Pfff girlie you are funny!!! lol
    nope nothing for me….
    O(ne) P(oint) O(f) V(iew)~ Yeah i hope it did for her sake!

  220. O(ne) P(oint) O(f) V(iew) says:

    I believe sweetnothings had a dinner date tonite. I hope it ended better than mine from last night.

  221. girlie-216076 says:

    Hey Beachgirl!

    Who had a dinner date? You did, BG?

  222. Beach_Girl*306486 says:

    O(ne) P(oint) O(f) V(iew)~ who had a dinner date?

  223. O(ne) P(oint) O(f) V(iew) says:

    How’d the dinner date go?

  224. Beach_Girl*306486 says:

    So Steph your from TO as well???? how many Canadian SBs are there out there lol….
    hey Girlie!

  225. girlie-216076 says:

    I don’t know why I got a very youthful vibe. That’s a good thing.

    Stephen, can you work your magic on this and allow us to communicate?

  226. lisa says:

    I live alone and have my own bathroom, couldn’t deal with sharing by bathrooom or my closet, lol

    Have a good night everyone. I’m going to watch some tv and relax. Gotta be up early for work tomorrow. Good night everyone

  227. Sweetnothings-321312 says:

    PAHA lisa you are funny! I guess those guys are more my age group but if any come near me I’ll immediately send them in your direction. Yech. Oh but you’re right, they are not SD’s. That’s why they are wearing their girlfriends’ pants (Talking from experience…my roommate’s boyfriend has officially moved in with us at this point and he’s punk and emo and wears my roomate’s pants..and now there’s 7 OF US in this apartment with 1 bathroom..)

  228. Steph says:

    sure Girlie..that would be great. I’m 34 btw

  229. lisa says:

    personally I find the emo type of man, young, pale, eyeliner (I love a man in eyeliner), short black hair, wearing tight short girls pants, tie, aahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh! But I’m too old for those and they aren’t sugardaddies.

  230. lisa says:

    Good evening OC :)

    I can even afford an occasional coffee, lol Coffee is what I do with my parents, it’s best when you’re with friends and relaxing Dinner opens up more opportunities for conversation. Also coffee alone goes right through me and I have go to the ladies room, lol

  231. girlie-216076 says:

    Nah….I doubt it. I’m 31. I have met some interesting ones….we should chat. Perhaps stephan can hook us up via email if you are ok with that?

  232. lisa says:

    if you are having coffee, it is good to schedule it around the lunch or dinner hour so that it invites the date to roll over into more. I have had two lunch coffees turn into lunch dates.

  233. Steph says:

    Girlie: we like the same type of men! oh oh.. competition??!! :) you got any cast offs for me? I’ve just started my search — maybe I could start with your rejects! haha. Seriously, met anyone interesting in that category?

  234. Sugarbabytoday says:

    hey every one!

  235. girlie-216076 says:

    Absolutely, OC. If coffee is suggested, I often say “Dinner or drinks would be lovely too” It never fails.

    Steph, we like the same type of men :)

  236. lisa says:

    I just blocked him, it was a few years back. I think he was just loony.

    ok I just got my rent bill, water went down this month by 2 dollars. Have to list everyone that the guard in the guardhouse will allow in to visit me. Odd we have NO GUARDHOUSE! and the way the apartment complex is laid out (covers an entire block) there’s no way to make a main entrance since the parking lots are all separate.

  237. OCSugarBaby says:

    Coffee Dates are not what I would prefer for a sugar date. Is that the best he can do to put his best foot forward? Maybe you should only wear one shoe! lol (humor attempt). It is not about the cost of the meal, it is using your imagination to make this special. Most of us can buy our own cup of coffee or meal for that matter. Unless of course he flies you to Costa Rica for that cup of coffee. lol Suggest an alternate location or suggest dinner/lunch. Make the date what YOU want it to be; it should be a mutual decision on where and when. YOU should have a voice in the decision… speak up! ~OC

  238. Steph says:

    Both my successful SDs down south started with lovely dinners. I’m attracted to educated, professional men in their 50’s anyways, and they seem to do the dinner thing just fine…and there’s always something to talk about – the menu!

  239. O(ne) P(oint) O(f) V(iew) says:

    Lisa, that 55 y.o. guy, I wouldn’t have just locked him, I would have reported him. Let them do a Dateline on him.

  240. Steph says:

    I think the initial meeting with a pot SD is about determining whether there is a basic level of chemistry for the SD/SB relationship to function..and therefore it shouldn’t really matter what the venue is as long as each is comfortable and there is a discreet escape route for either side if it appears there is no chemistry. Having said that…if two people can’t have a nice dinner then there is no hope!

  241. lisa says:

    coffee is fine for regular dates or as a start to a date but for a sugar date, the man should offer more. He probably takes clients to lunch or dinner so why not a sugarbaby? But then again I have starbucks dates where I could hardly wait for the guy to leave so I could get a coffee since he was too cheap to offer.

  242. girlie-216076 says:

    Hi BG and Steph! I don’t think coffee is wrong exactly, but DC makes an awesome point. It’s hard to be full out sexy at 2pm coffee. I teeter around in stilettos a lot, but even that makes me feel kinda silly.

  243. Beach_Girl*306486 says:

    Hey Sugars!
    Coffee or diner? I Think both are fine,, I don’t see having coffee as being wrong.

  244. lisa says:

    Yes this was from a regular dating site a few years back.

    ok one date cancelled (the dinner one) but the other is still on for lunch on friday. Friday night I will most likely be on the blog, lol with the rest that don’t have sugardates but I am excited about the one on friday lunch.

  245. DC says:

    David and OPOV-

    Sorry OPOV. she may be telling the truth but it certainly doesn’t attest to her having her sh*t together does it. Doesn’t exactly show a lot of concern or aforethought . Wait she left her cell in a cab and forgot which restaurant…I am trying to make sense of this. At what point did she leave her cell in a cab…..it’s not adding up at all.

    It’s really not for me about how much the date costs, but that I wonder if they are not that interested or see much potential so they want a quick meet and greet.

    I prefer a drink because it loosens both people up a little and we are all nervous enough about first meetings. Also, I like to dress a little sexy first time and would feel funny walking into Peets in a skirt and stilettos. I’m usually a little too nevous to eat so I rather save dinner for the next time. Besides, if you meet for a drink and like each other you can always extend it to dinner.

    Since I do so much dating on conventional sites where we meet for coffee, you would think first meetings with a pot SD would be amped up a little

  246. Steph says:

    Hello Everyone! How’s everyone’s sugar action tonight? :)

  247. girlie-216076 says:

    Yes, and you can see manners better too.
    I prefer dinner but latte and a cupcake and I’d be thrilled. Cupcakes sway everything :)

    I’d have heart failure if a man offered to help my daughter along in dating…..I don’t even like them meeting in most cases. You did the right thing in blocking him, Lisa.

  248. O(ne) P(oint) O(f) V(iew) says:

    No, it was an excuse. I am sure she will find what she is looking for eventually.

    Coffee dates were how I originally offered to meet someone because it is rather innocuous and non-threatening, enabling each of us a chance to check each other out. But as someone put it to me, “I am really not impressed that you bought me a $5 latte and a cruller.” And she was right. Part of this game we all play is trying to prove to the other that we are not full-o-sh”t. So now I prefer to meet and (gr)eat in a nice restaurant. Formal enough to be on your best behavior but relaxed enough to to show how fun you can be. Also, I think eating relaxes your facade more than sipping a coffee.

  249. DavidinDC says:


    I agree with Sweetred, I wouldn’t be put off by the suggestion of a coffee date. I think it may reflect him trying to be low key and non-threatening at first. It wasn’t me who suggested it (at least I don’t think so), but, from a guy’s perspective, I think it would be wrong of you to conclude from it that he is being cheap, etc.


  250. lisa says:

    Sorry about that O(ne) P(oint) O(f) V(iew)

    It could be true or an excuse. She couldn’t use a pay phone to call you? And I find it odd without she has alot of dates lined up that she would forget the restaraunt. Most of us sbs write that stuff down so that in case something happens to us, our friends will know something. Well my sd date #2 has read my email and been on that site for half an hour but hasn’t wrote back, hope he’s not flaking on me too

  251. O(ne) P(oint) O(f) V(iew) says:

    Well I “heard” from my Tuesday night no-show. Sent me an email about how she left her cell in a cab and forgot which restaurant we were supposed to meet. Couldn’t call me to ask or tell me she wasn’t coming. Said she was sorry.

  252. lisa says:

    I once talked to a man on another regular dating site that wanted to take my daughter out for her first date to show her how a man is supposed to treat a woman. This was just plain creepy a 55 year old stranger wanting to take a 15 year old out. I blocked him

  253. lisa says:

    Hi everyone back from eating with my daughter.
    Well one sd date is cancelled. the second one (dinner) is not going to be able to make it into town friday so there goes one. :( I dont know when we will be able to reschedule either. Funny I get off early this saturday (1 pm) and have no dates set up, I probably won’t see a free saturday afternoon for a long time.

    As far as I know the first date is still on. I hope this doesn’t turn into another big disappointment. I have kinda suspending my viewing and exposure on the site to focus on these two potentials that I have been in contact with so that I can see how it goes with them before gathering any more potentials.

  254. DC says:

    Just heard from another pot SD. Sounds good. Maybe he will help me forget about the other I lost.

  255. DC says:

    Hgirl- he was trying to pimp you out? Ridiculous. and insulting. Was this recently? I hope you don’t settle for that. You can do much better I’m sure

  256. Jai says:

    Is the weather any better in your city Kj?

  257. Kj says:

    Hgirl – Ignore him. There are some bad apples out there but don’t let them taint your view on the rest of us.

  258. Jai says:

    Hgirl-Ugh. Sorry you had to go through that. Why would he ask to date his son anyway? Seems weird. At least you found out before you met him. And wasted too much time. Don’t get discouraged though :) It gets better.

  259. Jai says:

    DC: I can totally understand that. And why not? He may turn out to be fun. At the very least, you’ll get out of the house for a bit :) I hope he’s more than a geriatric frat boy though.

  260. Hgirl says:

    Just a random thought- I had my first encounter with someone who was really rude. I was hesitant to meet him because he lived right near my parents. He also wanted me to date his son (without his son knowing that he set it up). I told him I’d have to think about it.He got really mad and called me a fake because I didn’t want to meet him. He also called me a liar because I listed Boston as my city but I go to school in RI (I did that because I graduate in a month and am going back to Boston). He threatened to “report” me. Hahahaha for what?

    Frusturating though.

  261. DC says:

    I guess you are right about the coffee date. When I date off this site I like to make the first date a coffee date or a drink. Never dinner. I guess I was reading too much into this when I read about other babies getting taken out for a nice dinner along with a gift. I thought coffee…well that’s not going to impress me and while I have to impress him just as much if not more, it requires a lot more effort on my part and probably expense.

    I remember about 10 yars ago a friend set me up with a very low key guy she knew who had millions and his own company. He showed up on his bicycle and let me pay for my own coffee. No class whatsoever or just clueless. Not sure.

    Jai, it’s not just the coffee but his e-mails are very dry and not fun at all and very short. I don’t get any warm fuzzies from him whatsoever. Matter of fact he kind of seems like an older spoiled frat boy. However, these days I like to sieze every opportunity because you just never know. It’s only an hour of my time

    But since I will be working 8-5 for the next 6 months it will have to be in the evening or on the weekend.

  262. sweetredhead*269443* says:

    Meeting for coffee is not always a bad thing. You have an escape and it doesn’t have to last long if it’s not working.

  263. lisa says:

    I did coffee dates when I was doing regular dating sites. At that time I was screening for more important things that are important to know before you get into a serious relationship with someone and afterall you are looking for someone to spend your life with. A sugardaddy date is different and should be based on fun and chemistry, not on whether you both agree on number of children or religion. Dinner can be short and coffee dates can be long. Believe me I have sat through more than my fair share of coffee dates with someone I just didn’t click with. At least at dinner you can discuss the food or something. Sugardaddy meeting should be quick and to the point as it is only a temporary thing, most likely not lasting forever. It’s like getting a part time job, you just go out and find one quickly so you can start having that extra income whereas a career you study and learn about because you plan to be at that job most of your life.

    I gotta go now, time to leave and meet my daughter. Be back after 6

  264. Jai says:

    Also, touching on the coffee date, I set up a coffee date for the first meeting when I was helping my sd look for another woman (long story). They ended up meeting there and deciding to go for drinks and dinner. So, it’s more of a chance to see the person and decide if you’d actually want to sit through more than coffee with them :)

  265. Jai says:

    Aw DC, that sucks. You guys are barely getting to know each other he’s lacking. Maybe a meeting would be a waste of time if you already are seeing things aren’t clicking. Or are you giving him a chance at redemption? :)

  266. girlie-216076 says:

    DC: “i eat 27 year olds for breakfast” I love it.

    I’m not big on coffee either. I prefer evening drinks or dinner (which can be cut short if need be).

  267. girlie-216076 says:

    I try not to go MIA either. I won’t say I never have but the times I have it has really been warranted.

    sweetnothings, you get used to hiding things. Can you tell your family you got a part time job at a clothing store or restaurant that has cash tips?

  268. DC says:

    Lisa…you are funny.

    I eat 27 year olds for breakfast. Seriously…I have no use for them and being someone who can barely drink a glass of wine without getting drunk, I doubt we’d have anything in common.

    Yeah, not sure what the coffee thing is all about. I get the impression this guy hasn’t done this before. I think the least they can spring for is a drink. If he wants coffee I will probably pass, I am not at all attracted to his picture anyway and personality wise…well he’s lacking there as well.

  269. firefighter486014031 says:

    Hey ya’ll, Hope your days are going nice.!!! Just curious, have any of you gotten an email saying that the blogmaster from Seeeking Arrangement would like to talk to you. About like a survey, with a name and number to get back to???

    just curious??

    p.s. Hi to all my sugar mommies !!

  270. NC Gent says:

    Hi DC — if I having a meeting/date with a potential SB or having been chatting with someone, and it isn’t going to go any further, I let them know, typically by email. It is the proper thing to do and only takes a few minutes. Going MIA is cowardly in my opinion. Night all – hitting the gym!

  271. lisa says:

    DC I thought you were going out with the 27 year old guy? Oh that’s right, I have him today, lol

    Hoping my two dates go well friday, I’m always a little weary till it actually happens. I haven’t been on a sugar date since september. I have a lunch date that will be short because he has to go to a meeting and a pending dinner meeting with another that will probably be in my town friday.
    I can’t help but remember the 3 dates in 5 days that I had a few years ago on another dating site. 1 showed up and ate in front of me and asked me if I had somethign to do and so I got up and left, next day I got stood up by guy 2 who decided to come an hour early and leave about the time we were to meet. He didn’t bother to let me know he decided to be an hour early. Actually the place didn’t open till about the time I got there.

    3rd guy was nice to talk to but didnt’ even buy me coffee even though he insisted on sitting at starbucks. He said maybe next time we met, he would get us a hamburger. Well he disappeared, never got that hamburger, lol

    the two dates I have are lunch and dinner. I don’t think I want to settle for a coffee date with a potential sd, this is not e-BLAH blah, the guy needs to show what he’s made of, spring for a meal

  272. lisa says:

    I gotta go back in an hour (of course I will be leaving about that time to meet my daughter. There will be someone in the office that speaks English then. There should always be someone in the office that speaks English.

  273. DC says:

    Hey sweetred- that’s great. I’m routing for you.

    I’m meeting my first SD next week for coffee. Is that a bad sign? coffee? Actually I just got a 6 month temp assignment so won’t be able to meet for coffee unless it’s on a weekend. First assignment in 4 months…woo hoo!! One hour commute ……sigh…..

    I can’t tell from the pics if I’ll be attracted to him but I figure what the hell. He lives fairly close to me and it will, at the very least, be good practice for me.

    My other pot SD hasn’t written in 3 days. I have a feeling the same may happen to me sweetnothings. I am probably being blown off by this guy. I know he has many interests and runs a company but I agree, it takes 2 minutes to fire off an e-mail and just say hi.

    But no one does that these days.

    Don’t take it personally. I’m sure we are all guilty of doing the same when we are in contact with guys we are not interested in. I try and write back and I try and be as kind and polite as possible but I have probably just let the exchange die a quiet death on it’s own on a few occasions.

    I have noticed that calling men on their behavior gets you absolutely nowhere. Nothing makes them more uncomfortable and I think they know they will get read the riot act so given the choice, they just say nothing or go MIA. Can you blame them. Am I right sugardaddies?

  274. justbob says:

    Off to get the kids for the Wed dad day. see y’all in the morning

  275. lisa says:

    Hi everyone back from work. Gotta go over to the apartment office now, I put if off from yesterday but since I gotta go to the bank after work tomorrow to get my rent check, I need to know how much my rent is for May. I hope to be too busy on friday meeting potential sds so I need to get the rent out of the way tomorrow. Wish me luck as I head over to the office where no one speaks English.

    Be back in a bit.

  276. justbob says:

    And If you really want to get crazy; if the guy owns his owns his own company then go down to your county court house and set up a dba as a consultant and it will be a direct bussniess expense for him.

  277. justbob says:

    Just my two cents on the what to do with the money thing. For this I will assume that you do not live at home. 1. Gifts = rich boyfriend(now lets assume for a minute that he gives you a car(what the heck think big) He is going to have to put the car in your name. I dont care if he is married are not. For the liabilty factor of it he is not going to have someone that is not his wife or son,daughter etc. driving around and get in a wreck and get his butt sued off)). 2. Money – he can gift you up to $11,000.00 thousand a year without you paying taxes on it(I mean he cuts you a check). Cash – Lets say you get someone that wants to pay you $5,000.00 dollars a month and things are great and it goes on for years. You are now self emplyoyed(dog whispper, interior designer does not matter. You hold back the tax amount and pay it the end of the year. It is ok to pay taxes. Now why pay taxes on it. Well I am glad you asked. You now have money that can be saved or invested for your future be it education house whatever. Sorry for the misspelled words. just my advice

  278. sweetredhead*269443* says:

    Not getting my hopes up. Been let down to many times. Why do people fake who they really are? How long can they actually hide their true self? Wasted time and effort I think.

  279. O(ne) P(oint) O(f) V(iew) says:

    Hello everyone

    SweetNothing, I understand your frustration with the lack of consideration from another party by not corresponding, but pls don’t let it get your goat. While we all hope we are dealing with adults, you have to remember that the internet allows us to have a personality distinct from that which we would display in our everyday life, and as such, we can be jack asses without the fear on any repercussions. And besides, if he wants to play these games, just ignore it (and him) and continue as it were. It is his loss. (I have seen your profile)

    As to how to hide the allowance, in one of the other threads (NYTimes maybe?) on of our sbabies who joins us every now and then, had a procedure she uses and endorses – prepay credit cards. Your daddy would just upload/transfer money to your card whenever and is almost instantaneous. No worries about having to explain bank balances – you only have to worry about people becoming suspicious of your spending habits. Unless your use of support would go more toward savings.

    Also, you mentioned you would prefer a lump sum – that makes sense because it commits someone to follow thru on their promise, if only for a month at a time. I think that is not the best plan initially as it takes abit to see if you two would mesh. From our perspective, until we know you, there is that worry that once the amt is given, there is that possibility you can change your mind and good luck getting the money returned. From your perspective, yeah it would be great to have the money in hand, but what if you realize, eh, I don’t think so. I had a date with someone once who told me one man she met gave her a check for 3.5k, which she took. She realized it wasn’t working, but felt she still had to spend a few nights with him because she figured he was still owed about 2.5k from his check. Not the best way to beak down a relationship like this.

  280. Kj says:

    Sweetnothings – I was not offended at all. I agree with you, sometime we SDs need a good proding once in a while. I get caught up in work , family and more work and forget to be curtious once in a while. I get so focused on a project and I tend to forget to email back on my blackberry. Yes some of us have Neanderthal moments… just remind us what we are missing. :)

  281. Sweetnothings-321312 says:

    That made me feel better, thanks NC Gent. HE is the moron. Wow, that felt good! :)

  282. NC Gent says:

    Hiya SweetRed and Sweetnothings — unfortunately, many ppl let you know they are no longer interested by ignoring emails, text, etc. It used to make me feel like a moron but now I just remember they are the morons :) This site will test your inner strength lol

  283. Sweetnothings-321312 says:

    Oh yay sweetred! Sounds like you deserve a good one.

  284. Sweetnothings-321312 says:

    Sorry, KJ, I didn’t mean that to sound snappy. I am just perturbed right now. I just had an SD IM me who I haven’t heard from for weeks after we were emailing and then he suddenly disappeared. I told him I was annoyed, and that I’m sure his life is insanely busy and it’s hard because he’s married, but it takes 5 seconds to shoot me an email saying that he’s busy or even not interested anymore, which was the case. He responded with “well, it’s always easy to tell someone else what they should have done.”

    OK I get that, but am I not in the right here? I deserved an email from him telling me the deal! Instead, I emailed him a couple times with nothing in return and then felt like an idiot! It literally takes less than a minute to write an email on your friggin blackberry!

  285. sweetredhead*269443* says:

    Falls on the floor in shock……I think I may be talking to a REAL Sd lol

  286. Sweetnothings-321312 says:

    I don’t live at home, my family lives across the country and I rarely go home, but I can see how that would be a problem otherwise.

  287. Kj says:

    Hi Sweetnothings –

    If i may jump in for a second I found situations like yours very challenging as well. But you seem to have a good start with your own bank account. Trying to hold a relationship with someone who may be in school and living at home (not saying that is you) was a very difficult situation and eventually led to a break up. Although I enjoyed her company, it was very cumbersome trying to coordinate time with somone in her siutation (since I was from out of town).

    Of course all situations are different, so that does not mean it would be a problem for you. :)

  288. Sweetnothings-321312 says:


    I’m a college student as well, and while I haven’t found an SD yet, (I’m going on a date tonight though!) I am already seeing how it is going to be difficult hiding this from my parents. I opened a separate bank account the other day, which is where I’m going to keep this extra unexplainable cash. And, I have a babysitting gig, but the people only want a few hours a week, so I think I’m going to tell my parents that I’ve just been babysitting a ton (this will work over the summer). They don’t understand that it’s not that I’m not trying to find a job, it’s really that I CAN’T find one. I HAVE NO SKILLS, other than being a good student at a good college, but at the moment that won’t even get you a minimum wage job…

    In terms of whether it’s a monthly check or cash, or divided by times you meet…That is totally up to you. I think if he pays you per meeting that’s considered more pay-as-you-go verses an allowance. But it’s different if the number’s set. I would probably prefer a monthly lump sum because it’s easier to deal with in terms of putting it in the bank and such, but figure out if you or he feels strongly one way or the other and go from there.

  289. Jai says:

    Kj-Noted :)

    justbob-i’m sorry lol :)

  290. Kj says:

    Jai- lol… yeah it’s….unique. If you like lakes and changing weather this is the place to be. If you want to stay warm year around…..be afraid.

  291. justbob says:

    Darn it I miss all the fun

  292. Jai says:

    Lol justbob. We had finally gotten past that :)

    KJ-I was going to transfer to a University in Minnesota until I researched the weather. I think I’ll tough it out in AZ for a bit longer :)


  293. justbob says:

    What happened to the boobie and butt conversation

  294. justbob says:

    good afternoon everyone. Nico I agree with you. I can only do one are the other. Diffrent strokes for diffrent folks.

  295. Kj says:

    Hi Jai. It’s gloomy here in Minneapolis. Hopefully the Sun will be back out later this week.

  296. ~Nico~213385~ says:

    Good afternoon/evening Sweet European :)

  297. SweetEuropean says:

    Hello everybody! :)

  298. DC says:

    Nico- sounds like a good plan.

    Raine- I can do this without emotion as well. I am a realist and if I got into a situation with a married SD I would never expect anything to change as far as him leaving his wife for me. I develop feelings for anyone I get close to if I like them and can’t be intimate with someone I don’t like but I can put the reigns on my emotions to a certain extent. There;s a difference between loving someone and falling in love with someone of course

  299. Jai says:

    Hey KJ, I’m good here in AZ :) . How are you?

  300. Kj says:

    Hello everyone. Enjoying a quick lunch break here. How is everyone today?

  301. raine says:

    Ohhh; I stand corrected, Jai.

    Girlie, you can say I earned this strength the hard way. Nowadays — and I mentioned this a while back — there’s no room in my life for the emotions, and a SD would do well not to utter those three words to me (“dude, I don’t do romance; you know better.”)

    Nico: I’m sure you’ll do the right thing; either way, take your time.

    Now if you all will excuse me, I gotta finish cleaning up and do some hair (yeesh).

  302. Jai says:

    Nico-You’ll make the right decision. Don’t forget to enjoy the ride while you’re deciding 😉

  303. ~Nico~213385~ says:

    Girlie and DC. Well, once intimacy enters into the picture I am with only one so, for now we are only ‘dating’. I am seeing my SD this coming Monday/Tuesday.

    My SD is not married and never wants more than a few times a month to spend together.

    I agree, while no ‘tough’ situation is ideal, I am happy to have the choices that I do. I’ve forced my destiny in the past and am petrified to make the wrong choice(s) again. I have a 3 week time frame set to get to know them both a bit better and will be in a better position then to make a choice. :)

    JWU ~ finances are something only you and your pot SD are involved in…and the amount of the assistance. In any good business transaction, start hi, he’ll start low and you’ll meet in the middle. My best to you :)

  304. Jai says:

    Raine: No, more of an open forum with a compilation of information gathered from actual sds and sbs accessible to those who are currently involved or considering becoming involved in the lifestyle/an arrangement. (Sorry, that is a serious run-on :p )

    Raine: Lol I figured I would answer both questions while I’m at it :) It’s not impossible, but sometimes lines and wires can get a little crossed. Especially if a great deal of time is being spent with a person and there is a strong connection. But no, I don’t think you’re the only one 😉

  305. girlie-216076 says:

    Raine, I most certainly can’t pull this off sans emotions. I am VERY good about boundaries, respecting a SD’s situation, and knowing when to step away but I generally have some tears on my end…..lol. I’m a bit of a crybaby at times :)

    I admire your ability to be strong!

  306. raine says:

    Hi all.

    Jai: will this project take on book form with a more personal slant (ie, some essays or surveys), differing greatly, I’m sure, from the other book?

    Am I the only one who can pull this off sans emotion? This isn’t hard to do, actually.

  307. girlie-216076 says:

    Nico….it’s a tough situation to be in. *hugs* On the upside, if there ever was a dilemna, this is a good one :) I can see you feel strongly about only being with one, but is there any way you can give it just a bit longer to see if things continue nicely with the gentlemen you can see yourself dating?

    When it rains, it pours!

  308. JWUblondie 304412 says:

    Hey Everyone ,

    I’m having my “talk” tonight over drinks with my pot sugar daddie , we have already had a few dates and even a night away(he gave me a little cash for “fun spending money” , we both really did click but we havnt talked about money yet….. What is an average of a month allowence ? I’m 21 and local to him , about an hour away. He wants me to spend about two weekends a month with him (when his wife travels for work) and some week nights just meeting up for drinks.

    My expenses are around 1,500 a month total , but i am looking for a job once school is over with next week , which is not a easy this summer as past summers thats for sure ! so untill i get a job i’d need 1,500 a month , should i try asking for 2K ? Do you Sugar Babies usally get checks or cash ? Also are allowences given all at once or in payments like if i see him 4 times a month 1/4 of it each time? (hes married and its his first time doing this so not sure how i should ask him to go about it , its also my first time as well)

    Any Tips and Advice would be great ! Also any college students who have SD’s , how do you explain expensive gifts and or not having to work but paying all your bils ?

  309. sweetredhead*269443* says:

    Sugar 101 idea? did I miss that post? I tend not to read back.

  310. DC says:

    Hi CSB- still morning here.

    Nico, if it were me I would see them both a few more times. You could go on another date with a pot SD and maybe not feel the same, or get to know the non SD a little better and not feel the same way about them as well. So I wouldn’t rush to make any major decisions.

    Is the pot SD married?

  311. Jai says:

    Sounds like you had a great weekend Nico. Just keep in mind, it’s nicer to have choices rather than not have them. Lol even when they aren’t the choices you necessarily want to choose between. Gosh did I use enough variations of the word ‘choice’. Hope you understood what I was trying to say :)

  312. ChocolateSnowBunny says:

    Good afternoon sugars.

    Nico: Happy to hear that you had a great weekend with your non-SD. You do have quite the dilemma but you’re smart enough to figure it out. Good luck with both men :).

    Sugarsugar: Welcome…Did it take the mention of a potential SB meet for all the Canadians to come out of the woodwork? I hope to the SDs follow suit lol.

    NC Gent: Good luck on your lunch date tomorrow.

  313. ~Nico~213385~ says:

    DC ~ only one is a SD ~ the other gentleman is Traditional dating but very financially secure….just to clarify 😉 but thank you 😀

  314. ~Nico~213385~ says:

    OMG ~ NC ~ you are SUPER SWEEEET! Thank you!! *HUGS* 😀

  315. DC says:

    hi Nico-

    How cool! That’s great and how nice to have to choose between 2 SDs although I’m sure it’s not easy. you go girl!

  316. ~Nico~213385~ says:

    Hello NC ~ I love how methodically you approach things…..kind of goes to what Kitty mentioned about the ‘relationship’ sans emotion.

    Odd, here I am juggling the thought of falling for some guy or being with another guy whom I have an ‘arrangement’ with……concepts are sooo diverse.

  317. NC Gent says:

    Hi Nico — glad to hear you had a great time. There are certainly worse dilemmas to have, but I know it must be weighing on your mind. You are super sweet – I knew some great guy would find you eventually :)

  318. sweetredhead*269443* says:

    Wow Nico sounds like you had a lot of fun. Seems it always happens that way. The minute you give up is when you find what your looking for. Problem with me is I never give up. (sigh) Maybe I should give it a try lol

  319. DC says:

    Mornin’ sweetred!

    Good point Kitty. Would be nice to meet somewhere in the middle.

    Because of the nature and fragility of trying to establish an SD relationship, I really have to put my emotions and impulses on hold. Requires a great deal of constraint actually. Good practice I think

  320. ~Nico~213385~ says:

    Kitty….my weekend was FULL of sugar but not from the SD. Hmm…to nutshell it. The other gentleman I met not a SD but could easily be (who I am falling for) is the one I spent my Monday and Tuesday with (my weekend). I went to Homestead yesterday and race a professional race kart for the first time EVER….had sooooo much fun. It was a great 2 day date ~ honestly, never had better.

    My dilemma, it took soooo long to find a SD and I had given up on traditional dating since I have been here 2 years and had yet to find ANYBODY worthy of dating and along comes this gentleman that has truly thrown me for a loop.

    I had become fixated on having a SD to help me achieve the next level in my life ~ the details of which we’re both more than comfortable with and now, major major major twists and turns.

    Just gonna lay low for a month (which he even suggested doing) and going from there. I cannot be with them both…for me, it’s one or the other. If I am in a committed relationship then that’s my focus.

    Anyhow, took the fun out of it all ~ HAD THE BEST WEEKEND EVER!!!

  321. NC Gent says:

    Yeah Kitty — there is certainly less room for emotion in a true SB/SD relationship, and logic has to prevail. I have to admit that we did develop feelings for each other over time — I think that is hard to avoid after having someone being a part of your life that long. I guess you have to keep in mind that any sugar relationship is very likely going to end at some time – you don’t go into many adult relationships assuming that :)

  322. sweetredhead*269443* says:

    Good Morning WOW afternoon already. Time fly’s when you having fun. Just applyed for every job I could find that I qualify for. Had a meeting at my child school and cleaned my house whewww Time for a nap lol

    How is everyone this find day?

  323. kittylaney says:

    It’s interesting how SB/SD relationships are conducted so, “Logically” whereas traditional relationships are often driven more by emotions and impulse.

  324. DC says:

    Ah yes, I remember reading about her NC. I hope that it works out with her.

  325. NC Gent says:

    Short version… I was with my first SB about 2 years plus, then we stopped seeing each other when she graduated from college when she was 28. We hadn’t seen each other for about 1.5 years but we still talked. We had dinner recently, and talked about getting back together. She wants to start a family but is having trouble finding a guy that she likes that wants children (she likes guys about 10 to 15 years older). I don’t want to distract her from that.

  326. DC says:

    Interesting NC. I guess if things don’t add up, especially here, it’s cause for concern. Too much incentive for people to lie. We need to trust our instincts. why is Baltimore a bad idea if I may ask?

  327. NC Gent says:

    Hi Nico — hope you are doing well. My first SB is supposed to call this afternoon – she wants to get together in Baltimore next week, but I am not certain that is a good idea — we are going to talk about it.

    DC — well a few of them I found out early when things just didn’t add up, but with one of them, I found out when I was going to visit her town on business, and she was making the strangest excuses on why she couldn’t see me — I had actually been on three out-of-town dates with her — still can’t figure out how she pulled everything off.

  328. kittylaney says:

    heya Nico: did u have a sugar long weekend? if so, please do tell! :)

  329. DC says:

    Hi Girlie-

    I think you may be right about him acting in the moment. I should have known when he wouldn’t pick an actual date that something was up.

    I don’t think he’s married though because in the past he’s mentioned having the kids on certain weekends, not every weekend. I think he’s just a flake.

    Sigh……. black is white and white is black…seems we live in an alternative universe. Who knows how to act or what to think any more, eh?

    NC- really? That sucks. How did you find out eventually?

  330. ~Nico~213385~ says:

    Gooood morning my sugar family….. *HUGS*

    DC ~ honestly, that could happen to anybody in ANY type of relationship, pot SD or otherwise. Expect it a little more in this dating scene though…you will learn to trust your instincts and will be wary while still giving the benefit of the doubt.

    I’ve been gone since Saturday…Lisa ~ good to see you back (and healthy).

    NC ~ how are things going with your original SB?

    SE ~ how are you sugar levels? I hope they’ve leveled out some *winks*

    *hugs* Kitty, beachgirl and girlie :)

  331. kittylaney says:

    DC: from what you wrote regarding this pot.. bf(?) it doesn’t seem like you have done anything wrong. I think some people (bf,gf, sd, sb alike) just lack the common courtesy to say, “I am sorry I can’t make it tomorrow” or simply, “I’m busy, talk to you tomorrow” They just don’t care that they have left the other person hanging, waiting, wondering and how torturous it is. Maybe they just don’t think it’s a big deal at all. I don’t know. But it’s definitely not your problem. I personally, would be blunt and e-mail him, or call him and express my frustration.

  332. girlie-216076 says:

    I think a lot of times it’s just that men (and women too) act too much in the moment. Perhaps they are feeling what they say, but reconsider after the fact. They’ve dug a hole and don’t know how to get out of it.

    I suspect he was married. Is there any possibility of that?

  333. NC Gent says:

    oops should have read more carefully — sorry :) I see that now. Yeah – happens to a lot of us — are you sure he is divorced? If I count correctly, I have met 4 women that were allegedly divorced only to later discover they were married — sucks getting lied to :(

  334. DC says:

    Hi NC-

    I guess I wasn’t clear, he was not a pot SD. I know how fleeting pot relationships are here so I would not have been surprised. I met him at another site, he is divorced which I am pretty sure is the truth. And the guy did not appear to be a player.

    So it had nothing to do with resources or inability to follow through. But I thought I’d ask because I’m sure it happens to lots of us here and off this site.

    I am searching for a SD relationship and a more traditional one as well, but thanks for the feedback 😉

  335. NC Gent says:

    Hi DC — I strongly suspect you did nothing wrong. Some form of that has happened to all of us who have tried to make an arrangement — on both the SD and SB side of the equation. If it were my guess, he was probably less than honest to you about some things and doesn’t know how to cover up. Also, it could be that he just wanted to hang out with an attractive date and never really had the intention and/or resources to follow through. Were you able to verify his employment and/or status ahead of time? That may have been the only thing you were able to do better, but that is still iffy at best.

    Bottom line — this is super common and I hope you feel better :)

  336. DC says:

    Good morning everyone!
    It’s cold and gray today in Washington state. Surprise surprise!

    Can I suggest a topic for today?

    How about flakes since NC recently experienced one. I have a flake story. Not an SD story but a flake no less.

    Trying to meet people off this site as well. Had a date with a really nice guy 10 days ago. During and after the date he must have commented 10 times how attractive he thought I was to the point that it made me uncomfortable. When I got home he sent me an e-mail and said he thought we clicked, that again he thought I was incredibly attractive and he couldn’t wait to see me. Said he had to go out of town to see his kids this weekend but wanted to see me this week. I said I thought we clicked too and would love to see him, that I had a friend coming into town on Thursday so it would need to be Monday-wednesday. He would not commit to a date but said look forward to seeing you next week. This man and I tried to get together 3 times prior and each time he either went MIA and then returned as if nothing happened, or was called out of town. The third time I contacted him and said I wanted to give it one more try..hence the meeting. Long story short…not a peep out of him. I should have seen the prior behavior and ran for the hills…so my bad.

    Why do men do this? Fortunately this is a first for me. I’ve never had someone seem head over heels on a first date and then act like a flake. But I have so many single girlfriends who say this has happened to them many times. Maybe if I hear that this is common I’ll feel better. Normally I wouldn’t care but he really seemed like a good guy. Any glaring mistakes NC on my part? I would love to hear a guys perspective. I do not think I came off as needy or overly anxious. I played it very cool IMO


  337. NC Gent says:

    Good morning all! awesome day here! I have a lunch date tomorrow unless she stands me up — seems to be a lot of that going around lol

  338. girlie-216076 says:

    Morning. I just got up. So nice to sleep until 10.

  339. kittylaney says:

    Good morning everyone :)

  340. Beach_Girl*306486 says:

    O(ne) P(oint) O(f) V(iew)~Necrophilia!!! lol ick!

    Alicia~ how’s my girl!
    Morning Sugars… Guess you are all still sleeping!

  341. lisa says:

    Good morning everyone. Getting ready to leave for work soon. I hate getting up early, I have been doing it for 7 months now and will never get used to it, i’m just not a morning person.
    Have a good day everyone. I’ll be back around 3.

  342. sugarsugar says:

    hey girls… I am from toronto as well.. seems there are a bunch of us. I wonder how many of the same men we have met. I have met a few and have talked to lots, been around for a few months but just started reading the blog tonight. was a bit bored. hope to talk to you all soon.

  343. Alicia*299952 says:

    I think thats a great idea Jai!

  344. ChocolateSnowBunny says:

    No sleep for me now but I must pry myself from this blog if I’m to be productive tonight. Night sugars.

  345. girlie-216076 says:

    Kinda. I can’t get tired.

  346. girlie-216076 says:

    CSB, I can’t wait to hear the update on this. Wonderful news.

    Off to bed for me. I have been highly unproductive tonight, reading, stimulating the economy (lol) and catching up on email.

    Night everyone.

  347. Steph says:

    CSB: good for you! nice to have options. Best of luck on your dinner tommorrow.

    I’ve started my e-mail campaign tonight!

    Girlie: you still out there?

  348. Alicia*299952 says:

    Lisa – sweet about your two dates friday – good luck!

    Steph what part of Florida did you live in? I’ve lived in both fl and toronto (I moved a lot growing up)

    Hi Beachie – my montreal girl =)

  349. ChocolateSnowBunny says:

    LOL not much details…First date…we’ve actually been communicating for awhile now. He’s very upfront about what he wants and seems like a nice guy. Meeting for dinner…will keep you guys updated.

    One a side note…started chatting with another gentleman today. He is the total package and very good looking I might add. When it rains, it pours I guess.

  350. Steph says:

    yes!! details please!! fun to share — out with it CSB and Girlie!!

  351. Steph says:

    Tommorrow night? that’s exciting – first date, or what?

    a meet should be fun.. where is the SB meet being planned?

    Why do you have an all-nighter?

  352. girlie-216076 says:

    I have one on Thursday! CSB….details!!!
    And yes, Steph, keep it in mind. Would be fun!

  353. ChocolateSnowBunny says:

    I actually have one tomorrow night Steph. I hope I don’t look like a ghost or fall asleep in his presence. I staring another all nighter dead on :(

    Btw, we’re planning a SB meetup in a few weeks, you’re more than welcome to come. Can never have too many sugar sisters :)

  354. Steph says:

    thanks for the advice ladies…. start in concentric circles and keep your options open… sounds like a good search strategy to me! So.. any of you have any exciting sugar dates planned this week?

  355. Sweetnothings-321312 says:

    I’ve watched too many Law and Order SVU episodes to find necrophilia funny :/

  356. girlie-216076 says:

    It was just the right amt of poor taste for me :)

  357. O(ne) P(oint) O(f) V(iew) says:

    Girlie, I’m glad someone else appreciated it. It gets kinda tired being the only one laughing at your own jokes. :)

  358. ChocolateSnowBunny says:

    Jai: Nothing wrong with that. I’ve met pot SDs without talking on the phone with them. But, in hindsight, I hadn’t exchanged emails the SD I stood up for a week which was somewhat weird. Maybe nothing would have transpired between us or I missed out on my perfect SD lol. Just an afterthought.

  359. girlie-216076 says:

    Hang in there, DC! I definitely think it could just be that they are travelling or tied up.

    Necrophilia? I just choked on my tea as I read that. LOL.

  360. Kat says:

    Hello all!

    Stephan, it would be great if you could exchange mine and SweetNothing’s email addresses.

    Are you the manager of the site?

  361. DC says:

    Hi SBs-

    OPOV- so sorry to hear about your date. I am constantly amazed at how there is a lack of common decency amongst people these days. It’s unacceptable. Some people act as if the people they meet on line are not real and therefore have no real feelings. It’s atrocious.

    I have had many guys tell me this has happened to them as well. I have gone on so many blind dates where I wanted to run when I saw the guy before he saw me. But I never did. I always followed through with a date no matter what and never regretted it. If someone was not my type I think every human being has some redeeming qualities and is worth getting to know, even just as a friend. Not saying this is what happened to you OPOV but it takes a minute to e-mail someone or text or make a phone call if something happens last minute. did she have your cell number?

    I will be patient with my pot SD because that’s all I can be. He was traveling all last week and hasn’t even checked in a the site recently. I guess if it was meant to be it will be. But good to know that some have met their SDs even after no hearing from them in a week.

  362. raine says:

    Well Steph, I’ve been starting with the locals and working my way out to surrounding states. [No dates yet, but still.]

  363. girlie-216076 says:

    That was a genuine accident. And perhaps one that saved you from some weirdness.

  364. Jai says:

    My sd and I met at a park for our first meeting. We hadn’t exchanged phone numbers yet either. I know it sounds strange, but it was great. We walked and talked for a couple of hours. It really gave us a chance to get to know each other. Two days later we went for a day trip out of town. The rest is sugary history :)

  365. O(ne) P(oint) O(f) V(iew) says:

    steph – what do you exactly mean by search strategies? As in “if not A then B, if not B then C?

  366. O(ne) P(oint) O(f) V(iew) says:

    girlie – reminds me of a girl I once dated who had a breast job and needed help for the first few days. She could barely move without severe pain. But still wanted to have sex. Closest I ever came to necrophilia. 😀

  367. girlie-216076 says:

    I don’t really have a search strategy. I like to poke around in lots of areas and then start narrowing it down, hopefully to one………..starting closest to home or close cities in the US.

  368. ChocolateSnowBunny says:

    I stood a pot SD before because I got the dates mixed up. I felt horrible and even posted about it here on the blog. The date was apparently on Wednesday and I thought it was on Thursday. I apologized profusely to him in an email right away but he said no second chances. However, looking back on it now, things were quite strange. I didn’t have his phone number and we had not communicated by email for a week before the planned meet. So maybe, he wouldn’t have even showed. That’s not to excuse my actions but it was an honest mistake on my part.

  369. Beach_Girl*306486 says:

    Well i’m mid size as well, and I hate, Totally hate being late!
    so it has nothing to do with Size… I might be wrong,

  370. girlie-216076 says:

    I’m always late too. I think this is a foundation for a good argument :)

  371. Steph says:

    no other views on “search strategy”? maybe I’m over-complicating it. It just takes alot of time to “work” multiple pot SDs — hoping for a magic wand I suppose. :)

  372. Sweetnothings-321312 says:

    HAHA Breast size and nonappearance…now that’s a stretch. I’m glad I’ve never run into that problem. Although I’m always a little late…and I have mid-sized breasts. Hmm….

  373. girlie-216076 says:

    OPOV, when they are down it’s a good time to swoop in :)

    No excuse. I can’t believe the poor manners. Look at it this way: they’d be a nightmare to deal even if they did show? (this is a pretty weak argument, I know)

  374. Beach_Girl*306486 says:

    well the photo is still small but hey at least they aren’t all together!

  375. girlie-216076 says:

    Great, BG. I tried again today after work. No luck and I’m usually good with that site. Glad it worked, yay stephan!

  376. O(ne) P(oint) O(f) V(iew) says:

    girlie-216076 Says:
    April 28th, 2009 at 10:44 pm

    “OPOV…..is there a common thread amongst these girls? Too large breasts, perhaps? Kidding :)”

    Like maybe they threw their backs out amd couldn’t get to the phone?

    “I’ve fallen and I can’t get up!”

  377. girlie-216076 says:

    I agree. The only good excuse for standing someone up is becoming seriously injured on the way over (or worse). OPOV…..is there a common thread amongst these girls? Too large breasts, perhaps? Kidding :)

    But C’mon! Do you confirm on the day of, just in case?

  378. O(ne) P(oint) O(f) V(iew) says:

    Thx for the support, but like I mentioned in one of the other threads, I will just make the best of it. Ouest has good food and a nice bar scene. For the past few years, ever since I had a kid and started to get really serious in building something professionally, I have been eating alone half the week by myself as it makes no sense to run home only to run back to the office for the evening. Which is where I am now.

  379. Beach_Girl*306486 says:

    girlie~ my profile photos are fixed, stephan fixed it for me, the photo is still small but at least the are all one on top of the other

  380. Beach_Girl*306486 says:

    I think standing someone up is unacceptable!
    It’s rude, not right and just plain unacceptable , sorry i don’t understand why someone would do something like that, you can call, email , or even text that you are not going to be there!

  381. Steph says:

    Yes…that makes sense. In my first search, I met one pot who was so nice, but took his time to “seek an arrangement”… we went on 2-3 dates over several weeks. I was thinking about diversifying my search, but I liked him and it takes so much time and energy to work a few pots at the same time. Finally, we hooked up. Searching Strategies would be an interesting blog topic!:)

  382. Sweetnothings-321312 says:

    OPV, I’m so sorry to hear that you got stood up! I understand concern about the CL killer, but how could anyone be worried about being murdered in a nice French restaraunt on the UWS? I can’t get over how incredibly rude standing someone up is. If I were that woman I would be feeling like a pretty miserable person right now. Standing someone up is one of those things that you do to avoid…something…an awkward situation, first time jitters..etc. but you spend the rest of the night feeling WRETCHED about what you’ve done.

  383. Beach_Girl*306486 says:

    O(ne) P(oint) O(f) V(iew)~ I wonder why people SB or SD don’t cancel … I just don’t get it! sorry about that, if i go to NYC i’ll go to dinner with ya and not cancel I promise!

  384. Beach_Girl*306486 says:

    Hello Sugars , how is everyone?

  385. ChocolateSnowBunny says:

    Steph: It’s best to get to know a few pot SDs at the same time. Focusing on one is fairly risky because at any time he can become a “poof daddy.” Take your time with your search and I’m sure you’ll find a great SD.

    OPOV: Sorry to hear about your lack of a sugar date tonight. Interesting thought…craiglist killer.

  386. O(ne) P(oint) O(f) V(iew) says:

    Does it take some people a while to respond? Sure. Sometimes we get busy, but if we are logging on everyday, it just could mean that there may have been no interest on our part. It happens to both babies and daddies as well. But that is not an absolute. Sometimes it just takes a few days to take the time to respond when you get a little busy.

  387. Steph says:

    Hi Girlie…. I just rejoined. Like I said. I went through 2 SD search “cycles” down south. Met someone nice that lasted a few months.. then another. I always struggle with the search process. Once you locate a few pot SDs, does one concentrate on one to see where it goes.. or play the options with a few at the same time. What do you girls think about “search strategy”?

  388. Sugarbabytoday says:

    oh well ladies I am going to go get ready for bed a call a new pot sd. best of luck to you both talk to ever one soon. good night

  389. O(ne) P(oint) O(f) V(iew) says:

    Hello girls (and guys, but does not seem there are any others here yet)

    just got caught up on the thread – I’m sure sweetred is a little disappointed she couldn’t bait me with the “assets” talk, but alas I was preoccupied.

    sweetnothings, re: men and monuments – you are right, you got a head filled with all sorts of trivia. You should have no problem keeping your date entertained tomorrow. Good luck with your dinner date.

    Tonite I had a date for dinner with a potential sb. At Ouest on the UWS. And…

    you guessed it. Stood up. All you had to do was make a phone call.

    I’ve been getting a lot of that lately. 3rd time in the past week. I wonder if it is the result of that CL killer thing. But still..

  390. girlie-216076 says:

    Wow, Steph. I would gladly trade places with you and go there…..lol.
    I am not new to the search as I have successfully used this site on a few occasions. I’m just new this time around.

    There are some lovely people in Toronto, that is for sure! Wishing you luck. Did you just join?

  391. Steph says:

    it was a great opportunity for me. Toronto is lovely.. very cosmopolitian. I went through 2 SD search “cycles” down south..now, back to the drawing board! :)

  392. Sugarbabytoday says:

    that was a HUGE move steph from here in florida up to canada

  393. Sugarbabytoday says:

    that is great news sweetnothings

  394. Steph says:

    Hi Girlie… I’m new to the area.. moved here from Florida to take a new job. Nice to hear you have met some nice SD’s. I’d prefer not to travel. Do you have any pot SDs in sight…or are you new to the search too?

  395. girlie-216076 says:

    Hi Steph, have you always been in Canada?
    I have met a few lovely people in the area, and don’t forget how close NY and Chicago are!

  396. Steph says:

    Hello Toronto Sugars! I’m new to the area, but not to the site. How are you finding the SD “market” here? :)

  397. Sweetnothings-321312 says:

    Well, to put my 2 cents in, I messaged a guy 5 days ago, and just got a very warm response from him today. He’s super interested, he was just away in London for the past week. So I would say just wait it out, some guys take a while…

  398. Sugarbabytoday says:

    night lisa…. have a great day at work tomorrow

  399. lisa says:

    I’m going to go watch tv. Gotta get up at 6 am to work tomorrow. I get off at 2 though

    Good night everyone

  400. Sugarbabytoday says:

    choc haha not like that he is an awesome guy and they compliment each other.. dirty mind.. night red

  401. ChocolateSnowBunny says:

    Edele: Thought you meant on the site. Well like you said, he’s probably busy. I’m sure he’ll respond as soon as he can. :) Hope everything works out with him.

    Goodnight sweetredhead.

  402. DC says:

    Good night sweetred

  403. DC says:

    I agree Lisa..I think we make time for what is important to us. My pot SD and I e-mail off the site now. He hasn’t even logged in here in about 3 days. He was traveling last week and probably got back Monday. I last wrote on Sunday. I know I am getting way ahead of myself. But I know better than to nag him. If he writes..great…if not…well it’s not like I’m turning down other offers…except from 27 year olds who write to everyone LOL

    I know the fastest way to get a man to respond and I think all of you know, right?

  404. lisa says:

    Good night sweetredhead

  405. sweetredhead*269443* says:

    I have to be up early tomorrow, so I will say goodnight. Sweet sugar dreams to all.

  406. Edele *319263* says:

    CSB: Oh, my pot SD and I have already emailed back and forth a lot this past week, we’re using private email addys. So, I’m not worried about someone I just emailed on the site.

    I’m sure my pot is just busy. I just hate waiting.

  407. sweetredhead*269443* says:

    Lisa he was not logged into the site either :) I agree if he can log into the site then he can drop you a quick note to say hi, how was your day. But if he is logging into the site daily and does not contact you, he is mostly likely looking for another SB.

  408. ChocolateSnowBunny says:

    Sugarbabytoday: You like your twin’s man?? HUH???

  409. lisa says:

    I think however, if they have time to log on every day several times and read your email, they could take a moment to acknowledge it. If they are really busy they won’t have time to be on the site. Being too busy is one of the many ways men say they aren’t interested anymore.
    I heard someone say one time that if you told a man that his favorite actress, swimsuit model, sports hero,etc was in town , he would find time to meet that person not matter how busy he was so if he is interested in a woman, he should be able to do the same. This applies more to girlfriends or wives but it is something I heard a long while back

  410. Sugarbabytoday says:

    I agree.. If after the initial contact i don’t hear from them within 48 hours I delete them of course depending on their marital status and taking the weekend into consideration may play a very minor role in it but if it is friday and on Monday evening I don’t hear from them i take it they were never serious to begin with.. Woo hoo on a brighter side of things, i was on the phone with my twin reading her some of our blogs and of course she laughed then admitted that if her relationship fails she is going to join me on this site… that would be cool although I like her man haha

  411. Kj says:

    Greetings all. Hope you are all having a wonderful evening.

  412. ChocolateSnowBunny says:

    Ok thanks Girlie.

    DC, Edele: I’ll suggest you do your best not to check your sent outbox to see if your pot SD has read your message. We all do it in the beginning until we realize that many messages will be read and not replied to. Save yourself the heartache and keep looking. If he’s interested, you’ll be sure to get a reply.

  413. sweetredhead*269443* says:

    Idk About that my first SD (we are friends now) He wrote me the first time and I didn’t hear from him again for a week. Then he would write or talk to me daily then not for days sometimes a week. It all depended on his family and his business. I don’t think they intend to ignore or be rude they are just very busy and as Sb’s we need to be patient and understand.

  414. lisa says:

    if they don’t get back with you within a day or two, it’s usually a waste of your time to keep waiting, especially if the guy that contacted you has been online but not wrote back.

  415. girlie-216076 says:

    I don’t think so CSB. :(

  416. Edele *319263* says:

    I’m actually wondering the same thing about the how long to get back to you thing, DC…

    I’m waiting right now to hear back…. I hate waiting.

  417. Sugarbabytoday says:

    oh I got it raine haha I saw it on my cell while on break at work and didn’t get all the way to the end.. yes I did thank you

  418. Sweetnothings-321312 says:

    Everything in the world is a phallic symbol. At least according to my Women and Film teacher. “The men built pyramids to resemble penises in an attempt to please their women!”

  419. Sugarbabytoday says:

    raine, what are you talking about babe?

  420. ChocolateSnowBunny says:

    Can a sugar babe message another SB from her SA profile?

  421. lisa says:

    ha ha I just got an email over yonder and the guy uses the words in this sites home page ” Affluent, successful, no time for games, looking for some to spoil, etc. He is a non paying member so delete

  422. DC says:

    sweetread….I am not into material things at all either. Goodwill is my friend for clothes. However let me loose in a Williams Sonoma and I could do a lot of damage. I love to cook. Oh and I should fess up to having a slight shoe fetish, but what girl doesn’t

  423. lisa says:

    I love a man in a tie, it is the phallus symbol you know, lol

    a man in a tie and nothing else oh well maybe a man in a tie in a jaquar or mercedes, lol

  424. girlie-216076 says:

    Mens ties are so handy :)

  425. raine says:

    Hi again. Say, Sugarbabytoday, did you get some email?

    You all know how I feel: look all you want, gentlemen, but you know damn well not to touch…and don’t ask if you can do same, either!

  426. sweetredhead*269443* says:

    I am into the all natural make ups. No bright colors, I wear earth tones, corals and peaches. I would look pretty silly in red or pink lol.

    I don’t need gucci or louis vuitton. IDK something I never was into. I like high end things but he names they just don’t excite me. I make a horrible sugar baby don’t I lol. I don’t even like shopping that much. I go when I need to buy things.

  427. DC says:

    I agree sweetnothings…what 2 consenting people do in privacy is between them. But go with your instincts and intuition. If it feels like it could get out of hand don’t put yourself in harms way. I have been with men into S&M but there is no way I would do that with anyone until I had been with them for a while and gotten to know and trust them. Even then you never know. Just not worth it to take a risk and put yourself in harms way. And any SD should respect that and should understand why a woman would feel vulnerable. No man and no amount of money is worth your health or your life.

    Welcome to the Explorer club sweetred LOL. He hasn’t even read my response yet. I deleted it and hope he never does get it since I stupidly put my e-mail address in the response.

    Curious, I know these SDs are incredibly busy but if you don’t hear back within a few days is it safe to assume they are no longer interested or is it usual for it to take that long or longer before you hear back from them? I mean with someone you have already exchanged a few e-mails with who used to write within a day or two at the most. Don’t you hate waiting to hear from someone? I wish I just knew ahead of time if they would respond or not so I could stop thinking about them.

  428. lisa says:

    if that sounded confusing, the headboard was when we used to go the hotel, when I got my apartment, I put mirrors up instead of a headboard. that’s kinda a bad idea too. lol

  429. lisa says:

    my lover used to freak me out when he tied me to the headboard with his necktie. I made sure my headboard (mirrors) is attached to the wall and he can’t tie me to it. lol scarry thing is that my mom made a comment about him tying me to the headboard and even know what color his tie was. This was back when she hired the detective to follow me.. the reason I moved away

  430. lisa says:

    big boobs, butts with lotsa junk in the trunk

    for us Gucci, Louis vuitton, $$$$, :)

  431. girlie-216076 says:

    Hey CSB, and thank you, btw 😉

    Another TO sugar!! great!

  432. sweetredhead*269443* says:

    Ok not to get into what I will do or not do in the bedroom, BUT I feel you need to be active and keep the excitement, not just do the same old thing. That get’s really boring. And no comments about redheads and fire lmao

  433. lisa says:

    Hey I met my lover of 4 years on adult friend finder. lol by accident I was googling the soap opera “passions” and accidently left the “s” off and found the passion sight and put up a chat profile for fun, no pic, and got hudreds of messages, one was filtered because it was outa my age group. I answered him, met him, and he’s great but he’s not a sugar daddy, sadly. Any guy who is looking for just sex could go to the sister sight “seeking fantasy”

  434. sweetredhead*269443* says:

    Lets mention boobs and butts again in see if O(ne) P(oint) O(f) V(iew) shows lmao

  435. ChocolateSnowBunny says:

    Good evening sugars. How’s everyone tonight?

    Steph: I’m in Toronto along with a few other SBs on the blog. Welcome.

    Damn…I missed the boobs and butt convo. I’m blessed in both departments but that hasn’t had the SDs knocking at my door lol.

  436. Sugarbabytoday says:

    wow what ever floats peoples boats me i am not here for sex if I was there are plenty of adult friend finder websites I could go to. I like most of us in here just need to make ends meet and struggle daily to do so.

  437. lisa says:

    girlie I’m sure he’ll be in your area in 2 weeks, lol or some other exotic location.

  438. lisa says:

    I would never consider meeting anyone with no boundaries as you never know when they are going to get carried away and not respect the other person’s.

  439. girlie-216076 says:

    You have the best Nars Blush, OC! That’s the one I found first.

    Ah, Explorer sure gets around, hmm? wonder if anyone has met him?

  440. Sweetnothings-321312 says:

    Says you, Lisa. I think everyone has a right to do whatever they like to do in the bedroom, as long as the person they’re doing it with is into it as well. What do they say? I am free to swing my arm until it hits you in the face…or something like that haha. Do what you want sexually as long as you don’t hurt anyone. Well, even that isn’t sufficient, because some people really want to be hurt in the bedroom. I know a Dom who has told me about what she does. I would NEVER be comfortable doing that to men, but then again…she’s in Europe for 2 weeks, all expenses paid by a client who also pays $800 an hour for her to humiliate him. Sorry, random sidenote. I’m desperately avoiding writing a Spanish paper.

  441. lisa says:

    maybe he’s looking for a sugarharem??

  442. sweetredhead*269443* says:

    DC I got the same exact email lmao

  443. lisa says:

    I always avoid an sd that mentions having no boundaries in his profile. Everyone has to have some boundaries, we’re not all animals. What some people think is sexual is just sick and harmful

  444. DC says:

    Good for you sugarbabytoday. No amount of money is worth doing something that makes you feel uncomfortable or that you will regret later. And sometimes if you acquiesce they will push you to go even farther. You are not his sex toy.

  445. Sugarbabytoday says:

    yeah it has been a while since I have been able to fulfill any fantasy or actually had a great sex partner. Almost two years when my ex husband and I split. Every one since just hasn’t compared

  446. lisa says:

    if he didn’t help you financially, you are losing nothing by dumping him.

  447. Sugarbabytoday says:

    I will have to take a look at it… i can’t wear many makeups because of the skin reaction might be something worth trying… I think I may just say hosta la vista baby to SD. Oh well not losing much any ways 😉

  448. lisa says:

    I don’t have anything else I want to explore as my married lover has fullfilled all my fantasies but I do know it is an important part of the sd/sb arrangement but I don’t need a sd for sex, I need one for financial assistance. lol

  449. lisa says:

    I would dump him Sugarbabytoday if he doesn’t come up with the financial assistance. NARS is a high end cosmetic brand sold at Sephora, Macys. etc Nice bright colors

  450. Sugarbabytoday says:

    I am glad to say those people never messaged me.. Although you all will be very proud of me. I stood up to my SD today! He wants me to experiment in the bedroom and we have had this conversation before. I told him I would think about it but this sb/sd relationship wasn’t for me to be sexually exploitative but to help me make ends meet (since he has yet to compensate me from our last visit)

  451. Sugarbabytoday says:

    ok i am so out of the loop I don’t know what nars is lol. Hey Lisa it is great to see you back again today!

  452. DC says:

    Hey Jai-

    I think with any pot SDs I meet I will try and stay out of their personal life. Most men are problem solvers and just like to vent. they want someone to listen not offer them solutions. I think most people just want to vent, don;t you? Most of us already have the solutions to our problems and can’t act on them for some reason. So by pointing out the obvious it can piss some people off. I bet he’ll be fine after a smoke

    Boob and butts OPOV. Happy now?

    Well if no one minds and I get a suspect e-mail from someone I’d like to run t by everyone here. I had a feeling Explorer was a bit sketchy. We need to look out for one another

  453. lisa says:


    I cannot write or print so the keyboard is my best friend. I think very fast and my writing is so fast that it is not legible.

    Yes I have the nars blush in “orgasm” lol

  454. O(ne) P(oint) O(f) V(iew) says:

    Did someone mention “boobs”?

    And “butts”?

  455. OCSugarBaby says:

    My Nars blush is called “Orgasm”…. LOL

  456. Jai says:

    He’s been complaining about his son lately and how he’s not taking care of his responsibilities. On the other side of that, he doesn’t hold him to anything. So today when his son came home with friends after he had specifically told him not to, he was a little peeved. Side note: He tells me I dote on everyone. So I told him that he dotes on his son. But here’s the i’m-a-big-mouth-boundary-demolishing-know-it-all part. As he was walking out of the room, I said, “Raise a man, not a boy.” He went and got a cigar and went outside. He hasn’t come back in and he usually will touch my shoulder or say something before he goes outside, but he just left.

  457. lisa says:

    “you’re” gee someone get me a grammer pill

  458. lisa says:

    who you gonna call? fakesugardaddy busters! hey explorer your “busted”

  459. lisa says:

    gee sounds like he’s going to be in everyone’s location in two weeks, lol

  460. lisa says:

    “those are the exact words” sorry guess that bad grammer is rubbing off on me, lol

  461. lisa says:

    That is the exact words word by word exotic locations , lol

  462. DC says:

    Hi Jai-

    How did you overstep your boundaries?

    Here is what Explorer said Lisa:


    Please read my profile to see if this might interest you.
    I will be in you area in about 2 weeks and would like to meet you.
    Longer term I am looking to see a SB once or twice a month. I prefer to meet at exotic locations so my preference would be to fly you out once a month. I have no picture on my profile as I have to be a bit discreet but if you’re interested I gladly email you some pictures of myself so..

    First step, Let me know your e-mail, I’ll send you my pics to get your approval. No Games.

  463. lisa says:

    I had one guy contact me that was a doctor (it checked out too) and sounded very serious, he was supposed to be moving from Colorado to Houston in September. He wanted to meet when he got settled (about a month). Well I guess hurricane Ike blew him the wrong direction because I got an email from him a few weeks later when he was supposed to be in Houston and he was in Boston and never mentioned moving to Houston, he then disappeared.

  464. Jai says:

    Afternoon everyone. How’s everyone doing?

    I think me and my sd just had our first disagreement. I overstepped my boundaries, so now I’m trying to figure how to make up and apologize…hope you guys are having better days

  465. lisa says:

    I think he was from Canada, it was a long time ago so i’m not sure but he wanted to come meet me when he would be in town, month or two later he said. He disappeared and then emailed me again later not seeming to remember that he had contacted me before

  466. DC says:

    Yes Girlie. From Ontario.


    If a few of us here got e-mails he must have sent out a mass mailing.

    Okay, back to boobs and butts sweetred LOL. All this talk of fake SDs is making me depressed

  467. girlie-216076 says:

    I think I got one too. He is from Canada, yes? I responded that we wouldn’t be a good match based on his profile. I will have to go check my sent items and see what happened.

    I’m with you on the Nars stuff, Lisa. Such great staying power. And it’s always charming to ask the snooty gay reps for “Deep Throat” blush.

  468. DC says:

    Do these guys just e-mail every woman at the site? Explorer said something about preffering to pay as he goes, not wanting to do a monthly allowance just yet and said if I gave him my e-mail address he would send me pics. I wonder if these kinds of e-mails are just people collecting e-mail addresses. I stupidly sent it to him. I am wondering if we should notify someone at SA about these people.

  469. lisa says:

    Explore, that sounds familiar, I think he contacted me too. lol
    What I like is those who contacted me every time I changed my profile and their message would be the same thing word for word each time.

  470. Sweetnothings-321312 says:

    Yes, Explorer messaged me. I remember the name though, not what he said.

  471. lisa says:

    He never opened any of my emails.

  472. DC says:

    Curious, did everyone at this site also hear from a guy named Explorer? He e-mailed me and two of my friends here so he seems like a spammer. And this was 2-3 days ago and he hasn’t opened any of our e-mails since then. Weird.

  473. DC says:

    Lisa- yeah that’s him, how funny. I wonder if he’s even real. He hasn’t opened my e-mail yet. He’s probably a 14 year old still living at home with mommy.

    As for spelling, I think I can make this generalization and say most men do not spell as well as women for some reason. Some are worse than others. I have a few male friends who are wonderful spellers and it’s so refreshing. But Lisa, someone who wrote me a note like that “I thinked we would meat” would go right in the pail. Sorry, but that is over the top. Either English is not their first language or they are effing with you or they never made it past the 6th grade. Now there probably are a lot of very rich, very young uneducated people at this site but I have no use for them

  474. lisa says:

    I can’t take seriously or respect a man to take care of me if he can’t even spell. Dumb men or dumb sounding men are a turnoff. If I want a dumb man, I can go out in the parking lot right now and find plenty. “how mush, how mush, I give 20 dars for ses, hey perty wetta(wetta is equal to the “n” word for white woman)

  475. Sweetnothings-321312 says:

    Yeah Lisa, I agree. I hate to be a snob about it, but I just don’t think I could have an arrangement with someone who can’t write well. Even if he’s just being lazy, that shows he doesn’t find me important enough to make him focus and write a coherent message.

  476. lisa says:

    DC that’s him! Danny He contacted me everytime I renewed my profile and then he never wrote back. He’s without a shirt and hanging with a guypal, right?

    I use some cheap cosmetics for work. I have found that Nars and Mac eyeshadows have staying power. If the colors aren’t right though, it doesn’t matter what brand you buy.

  477. lisa says:

    I find it interesting that so many men that claim to be execs have terrible grammer in their profiles. And even the ones that English isn’t their first language have no excuse. I haven’t came across too many professional documents that had mispellings or language like this “I thinked we would meat”

  478. BG says:

    DC~ No i’m wishing i was in LA lol, I’m in montreal actually …. i think it’s the cold that is getting the prices so high! is i could get a wax job for 70$ i’d be a happy SB!
    Sweetred~ i’m so sorry :(
    hope you find something soon, talk soon!

  479. sweetredhead*269443* says:

    The will come back if we change the subject back to boobs and butts lmao

  480. DC says:

    Here’s what I wrote to Danny, the 27 year old who just wrote to me.

    “Hey Danny- I’m 51 years old. Do you really think I’m gonna fall for this. Give me a break….jeez LOL”

    Shiseido makes a powdery foundation that I have used for about 15 years and that is my only splurge at about 30 bucks and it lasts about 2 months. I have not found anything that covers as well and as smoothyly that does not look like powder

  481. DC says:

    Lisa I’m sure you look great!

    I have used everything from the most expensive cosmetics to the cheapest ones. I no longer want to make these cosmetic companies rich at my expense. It’s all bull. You pay for the marketing and the packaging. Walgreens carries a very inexpensive line that is pretty darn good. It’s called Wet n’wild. I pay 99 cents for fantastic lipsticks that go on really smooth and have no taste or smell. I have found that if your skin looks like crap it doesn’t matter how expensive the make-up is. So for me the best make-up is to eat as healthy as I can and drink lots of water

    Hey…where did all the guys go? Don’t they want to talk about make-up LOL

  482. Sweetnothings-321312 says:

    DC, I think that same guy contacted me the other day as well.

    What really, gets me is when 50-year-old men contact me and say something like “hey i like ur profile, r u interested in tlking?

    My response:
    “Sorry, I’m actually pursuing other options at the moment. Additionally, it happens to be a huge pet peeve of mine when people use incorrect grammar and punctuation in messages.”

    I know I know, I need to check the attitude. But COME ON people! Start your sentence with a capital! I know he didn’t get to be a Sugar Daddy starting contract with “hey so dis company is gonna pay us $$”

  483. lisa says:

    I spent 32 dollars each on several Nars eyeshadows, lol well I used my sds credit card

  484. lisa says:

    They are building a new CVS a block from me. I have never been in one. I have alot of expensive cosmetics that I got with my sugar daddy shopping sprees back in september. I have lots of Nars eyeshadows, the orgasm blusher, and some nice Elizabeth Arden foundation that is perfect. I had got some Stilla and Dior foundations but they just didn’t look right on me. I also have some nice perfumes from my shopping trips. For work I use cheap makeup because if I’m wearing an ugly uniform, what is the purpose of looking good, lol I don’t waste my expensive stuff for lifting heavy totes

  485. sweetredhead*269443* says:

    oops can’t see spending $50 on a lipstick

  486. sweetredhead*269443* says:

    I spend a fortune at walmart of CVS for toiletries and cosmetics. I can’t imagine what it would cost at a department store. Besides I see spending $50 for a lip stick.

  487. lisa says:

    I haven’t had a haircut in 3 years. Gee I could never afford 30 dollars for a haircut. My hair grows really slow though so it’s just past my neck.

  488. Kj says:

    Aww i miss all the great topics. Darn job making me work. Be back after i beat traffic.

  489. lisa says:

    I think that guy contacted me several times DC, lol

    I used my potential sds home phone number to google him, have his full name, looked at his house on google maps, every thing checks out.

    Wishing friday was here so I could get this over with, I haven’t had a sugar meeting since early september. Maybe the month of May is going to bring me luck

  490. sweetredhead*269443* says:

    You would think will all the money Donald trump has he could find a good hairdresser lmao. I pay $70 for a hair cut. Right now it is way to long :( but I won’t go anywhere else even though I could pay $30. Did that once and they messed up my hair really bad, still growing it out.

  491. DC says:

    Oh jeez, I just got this from a 27 year old who says he is looking for a young hottie. So why did he contact me…a 51 year old woman. G-d, give me strength

    Here’s what he wrote:
    “send me your yahoo screen name I am ready for you to start this week sexy :) wow”

    Who wants to bet the conversation turns to sex right after “how r u” LOL

  492. sweetredhead*269443* says:

    When I called the job they said they were hiring it was just posted today. I get there and they say they hired everyone they needed, but fill out an application anyway ughhhhh. It’s bad here you post a job and I was told 200 people apply.

  493. DC says:

    Hi KJ- well we exhausted the boob topic I think. Now we are discussing what us sugar babies do to prep for a date with a SD.

    Hey BG, you must either be in LA or NYC if you pay double. I don’t mind doing all that and paying out of pocket if the SD really appreciates it. Yes OC, I think they do appreciate it. Since so many are married, I would imagine their wives don’t bother any more and it makes the SDs feel like they are being taken for granted. To be fair it’s usually a two way street. But if I were married to a SD I sure as heck would not let myself go and would want to look my best at all times.

    can’t wait for the day though when I can relax about this….a little. I’d never just let myself go to pot no matter what. I have a lot of respect for the human body

    Justbob- you crack me up! I hate getting older as well. you get to a point where it doesn’t matter how well you maintain hour body, it starts to do what it wants anyway. Nothing worse then men balding on top who do the Donald comb-over or try to grow the sides longer. Matter of fact, usually best to just shave you head and be a sexy bald man

  494. Kj says:

    Hi all. Just poking my head in as the work day winds down. What is the current topic?

  495. OCSugarBaby says:

    NC Gent: Good thing SB’s don’t think with their bootie. lol Brains, my sweet SD friend, brains are the ticket! A FINE bootie is a bonus.

    DC: Men love the way we maintain our beauty, they just don’t understand all the $$$ and time it takes to do that. The sheer fact that SB’s do all that wonderful prep puts us in a class by ourselves! SB’s = sexy package (all shapes and sizes).

  496. BG says:

    DC~ if your paying $50 for hair, $30 for mani/pedi, and a wax for $70 …. that is cheap girl! Here double that…. count yourself lucky!
    Sweetred~ how did the job go?
    justbob~ lol I know, I tell my gentlemen clients that the hair should be shorter on the side lol so your stylist is doing a good job! As long as they don’t ask for a comb over lol Don’t ever do that!!!! :)

  497. DC says:

    That’s funny JustBob…

    Good luck Lisa!

    Let’s see for us gals it’s usually haircut ($50), mani/pedi ($30), wax ($70), shower, moisturize, brush teeth, do hair, pick out outfit ($$????), change, and then change again, let girlfriends know where you will be etc. And men just shower, dress, brush their teeth and comb hair, the same thing they do everyday before they leave the house.

    What’s wrong with this picture LOL

  498. justbob says:

    off to go play golden-tee will see y’all in the morning

  499. kitty says:

    That is definitelt TMI haha

  500. justbob says:

    suthrnexwc my barber informed me last week that next time I come in she is going to start cutting my hair shorter on the sides so it looks thicker on top(I have no darn hair on top). That and I think she spends more time trimming inside my ears and nose then cutting my hair now

  501. SuthrnExec says:

    Justbob – some of us don’t have to worry too much about the hair – but fiding clean clothes THAT GO TOGETHER

  502. kitty says:

    redhead: wouldn’t it be easier if SD would just buy us an outfit for us to wear for the date? saves us a lot of headache!

  503. sweetredhead*269443* says:

    Good one justbob, and welcome to the blog :) I wish that is all us girls do to get ready for a date. It’s an all day thing. One of my SB friends before her date she emailed me pictures of outfits she might wear. We decided what she would ware the night before. Then it hair and make up them changing 10 times before we find just the right outfit. Re do the hair lol. We are a little over compulsive. The we look in the mirror and still are not happy, but frustrated with ourselves for trying so hard.

  504. DC says:

    NC- I think if one is internet savvy and you have someone’s name you can find out an awful lots about them over the web. But if all you have is their first name then those clues are good.

    I have found things out about potential SDs by googling their e-mail address and phone number if I have that.

    Like the young guy who gave me his cell number. When he texted me and the conversation started to go in an uncomfortable direction I googled his number and it led me to a post for what appeared to be a web site for male escorts offering their services. Very weird. That was enough for me. End of texting. I e-mailed him and called him on it. No response of course.

    Frankly, for this site I would just assume the majority ARE married until they prove otherwise. I guess that makes me a little cyncial doesn’t it.

  505. lisa says:

    ok I just heard from sd #2 and he might be in town friday evening and wants to meet for dinner. So at this time I have two potential dates from friday, one for lunch, one for dinner. I plan to meet both at the same restaraunt because it’s the only decent one that is actually in the mall. I’m nervous.

  506. sweetredhead*269443* says:

    I would think she either gave up or found an SD. But you never know.

  507. justbob says:

    DC that may be true but we do have to find clean clothes brush our teeth and comb what little hair we have left

  508. DC says:

    Yes girlie. We all want what we can’t have. Used to be you either looked like a Playboy bunny or a fashion model to get their attention. Now they want a combo of both thanks to Victoria’s Secret models LOL. They want tall and skinny with big boobs.

    Us gals are never happy with what we have for the most part. If we have curly hair, we want straight, if we have small boobs we want big and vice versa. I don’t think men self critique themselves nearly as bad as we do. The men I date over 40 all have bear bellies and you certainly don’t hear them agonizing over having to lose 5 lbs before they go on a date do you

  509. justbob says:

    If sb has not been active in a month is it safe to assume that they are no longer looking

  510. raine says:

    OC: Yeah, I thought personality/intelligence counted for something, but I’m not so sure anymore. I figured those attributes would get me far here *shrug*

  511. raine says:

    Boobs debate, huh? *chuckle* yes, I have them; they and my rear STAY covered up. [Wait a second: am I becoming NitemareSD’s polar opposite here?]

  512. Jai says:

    Lol NC Gent. I feel the same way about a man. :)

  513. Steph says:

    Hi there.. such interesting debate :) Any body out there from Canada (Toronto/area)?

  514. NC Gent says:

    I personally find an intelligent woman to be very sexy, especially if she has a really cute bootie lol

  515. NC Gent says:

    OK — let’s change the topic from boobs…. as much as I hate to do that… I think I saw Vanessa say she got a surprise that her “single” SD revealed that he was married…. how about some clues for telling your sugar someone is married or not — I have gotten a few surprises on that one…

    here are some…

    Won’t take or make calls in the evenings of weekends.

    Profile doesn’t have a face picture shot (I think this is more for SBs).

    Has to hang up the phone because their child came home.

    Is very reluctant to share personal information, even after corresponding or knowing a long time — such as last name or mailing address.

    Anyone else have some others they have learned?? or can think of?

  516. justbob says:

    thanks for not beating me up

  517. OCSugarBaby says:

    Hello NC Gent! You are too funny. Hey, no one likes a good personality any more? LMAO

  518. OCSugarBaby says:

    Just Bob: Welcome and no problem with lurking. :)

    Jeez, boobs get more convo’s started then the allowance topic? Lol

    Hi Kitty: Thanks for the SW email today, not sure what happened! Stop throwing your Crack-Berry, it is your friend! By the way, Percy is Miss Lisa Penelope’s bird.


  519. NC Gent says:

    lol OCSB — just got back from a meeting :) I am a bootie man, but on breasts it is perkiness over size — I bet you are gonna love those new perky ones, but I think I know someone who might enjoy them even better….

  520. Jai says:

    I’ve always been told by men that all they need is a ‘handful’. Of the top shelf or the rear. But I guess it comes down to individual preference.

  521. justbob says:

    been lurking but will chime in on the boob issue. I am a butt man. dont kill me for that

  522. Jai says:

    Hi everyone! Hope you’re all having a wonderful day.

    Very interesting topics being discussed this morning. I just wanted to chime in on a few things :) First, hope your interview went well sweetred. I’m in the same boat looking for work and I fully understand how hard it can be, especially now.

    On the boob issue: I’ve been blessed and cursed with more than adequate ‘lunch meat’ (Idk why my friend calls them that lol) and I think it is definitely an advantage. I was a 34 C by the time I was 11 and by 16 I was D..by 18 I was a 36 DD. I wouldn’t trade them for the world 😉

    As for older sds: My guy is 63. At times I do feel like we’re an old married couple instead of sd/sb buddies, but he’s great. A lot of the things I think would be an issue with a younger man are eliminated with him.

  523. firefighter486014031 says:

    im in Buffalo NY…. its dark and gloomy… but at least its not snowing !!!

  524. girlie says:

    Welcome back, Kitty!

    Ah, the breast debate. How I’d kill for little ones. After my first child I had mine….um, enhanced…much for the same reason as OC mentioned. Now, 11 years later I would kill for them to go away! I get questions from most SD’s I meet as to why I always have them tucked away and rarely wear anything remotely low cut. I can’t believe how much men are drawn to breasts, I find it baffling. I always see ladies with smaller ones and want those! I guess it’s human nature…..the grass is always greener :)
    Its never occurred to be to put forth a lack of effort because of breasts, nor have I ever heard this anywhere….wow.

    Best of luck Sweetrehead! Keep us updated.

  525. Kelsee says:

    Hi Lisa- Where are you? Sounds like Washington state. Very gray and gloomy here as well.

  526. raine says:

    ^Or maybe give up the search, period: what made me think there was some sort of payoff in leaving something to the imagination?! Almost had the marketing thing down, too. Oh, well…second job it is *resumes lurking*

  527. kitty says:

    I actually came across a profile with the title, “no sex please” lol

  528. Kelsee says:

    Good luck Sweetredhead! It’s a tough market out there. I’ve been looking for almost 5 months and nuthin.

    Was talking to a pot for about a week and haven’t heard back in a few days. I have a feeling I lost him. Very sad. He seemed so great. Oh well…..next!

  529. lisa says:

    Yuck the gloomy skies and rain are coming back.

  530. raine says:

    Good luck, sweetredhead; that job’s as good as yours!

    I’m nowhere near nun status, but oh dear…I’d better give up any hopes for a successful sugar search without tentative plans for putting out, huh? 😐

  531. O(ne) P(oint) O(f) V(iew) says:

    g/l sweetred. Open a button or two if you think it will get the necessary attention.

  532. kitty says:

    Kelsee: True. and there are men that just goes gaga over a nice pair of legs, or butt. Not many that go straight for the brain though, unfortunately.

    Hello OCPercy. Is that your pigeon?

  533. OCSugarBaby says:

    Kelsee- I plan on messing with mine! Not for the attention, but for fit form and function! Mine are fabulous just the way they are. However I would like them to be back to their original fab-u-locity. I am my worst critic. Not gonna do it because a man would want me to, but because it makes me feel better. I am already a C just gonna go fuller and perkier! It would make me happy! :)

  534. lisa says:

    Good luck Sweetredhead, hope you find a job soon

  535. kitty says:

    Guess not… sex sells; nuns don’t.

  536. lisa says:

    Good morning kitty, OC Percy says hi.

    wow I can see the helicopters down the street hovering over the beltway and freeway. On tv they’re out in boats looking for stranded motorist. I’m glad I’m home today.

  537. OCSugarBaby says:

    Good Luck SweetRed! Luck has very little to do with it. You are amazing, repeat after me I can and will get this job! :)

  538. OCSugarBaby says:

    Oh ohhhh someone said Boobies… NC Gent where are you????

  539. Kelsee says:

    Hi OPOV:

    I hope it didn’t seem like I was making generalizations. I think I mentioned that I had gotten feedback from more then a few men who had been with women who looked like Playboy bunnies. They all said the women would just lie there and act disinterested. So not a generalization, just relaying the feedback I got.

    Us woman will never understand the big breast attraction. Some say it harkens back to men being breast fed. I know there is a certain visual stimulation from seeing a large breast. Sometimes they are attractive. I am an A cup and very happy with what I have. I guess I appeal to the kind of man who is not looking for a big breasted blonde on their arm. I am very thin so that goes along with the small breasts. I would look funny if I had huge breasts. Many of my women friends who are large breasted wish they could trade with me. Sometimes I get a little perturbed at all the attention they get. I was walking the other day with a friend who I think is like a EE cup. This one guy walking towards us had his mouth hanging open. I guess it’s visceral, they can’t help it.

    Amazing that boobs, which are just fat tissue, can command so much attention and a price. Of course these days, anyone can have them. But why someone would want to mess with their health in order to get attention like that is beyond me.

  540. kitty says:

    good luck redhead :)

  541. raine says:

    That reminds me, kitty: does this mean modesty doesn’t pay (the idea of sex is kinda icky to me right now; I don’t care if SDs in lurk mode are reading this!)?!

  542. sweetredhead*269443* says:

    Off to a job interview. Maybe I will be interviewed by a man and all I have to do is wear a low cut blouse? Let’s test O(ne) P(oint) O(f) V(iew) theory lmao.

  543. OCSugarBaby says:

    Good Morning! Wow, read yesterdays posts. Fun conversation about allowance. I am all for standing on your “allowance soap box” and knowing and stating what you want! If it is not a good fit for a perticular SD, then they move on. Discounts are not us…
    Happy SB’s = Even happier SD’s… ~OC

    ** Nice to see someone put their big girl panties on again! They are so sexy! *Hugs to both you and Master Percy :)

  544. kitty says:

    Lisa: glad to see u back on the blog *buggy hugs* lol

  545. kitty says:

    Back from my lunch meeting. I miss my bberry so.. :(
    Should’ve thought before acting.

    Can I ask for more $ because I can tie a cherry with my tongue? Or that I can do the splits at a second’s notice. Maybe I should put on my sb resume that I have had pole dancing courses too.

  546. lisa says:

    Hi raine, your name is big talk in my city today, well ‘rain” is lol

    Hey sweetredhead, I just finished reading the posts from late last night about you checking for bedbugs, lol I googled them and they look gross. Checked my bed too and nothing but my beautiful plush matress.

  547. O(ne) P(oint) O(f) V(iew) says:

    so sweetred, your youth just proved my point

  548. raine says:

    Hi all. Welcome back, lisa! *bearhug*

    I wish I had something to add to this conversation, but the only part I can come up with is that I’ll be removing that disclaimer at the start of my profile. That, and I’d better hurry up and whip up some more pics! Barring that, I’m over this “will they like me” jazz. *insert shrug and ‘meh’ here*

  549. sweetredhead*269443* says:

    Now you tell me!!! So all my experience in the art of making love is wasted :( All I had to do is expose my breast??? lmao MEN!!

    I have no idea why woman would want big breasts. Let me tell you its a curse. When I was young I had to special order bras they did not make them in 32DD. I could not find a bathing suit to fit properly. Blouses have a gaping problem. And men talk to you chest and not to you. Boys in HS used to call me dolly and not Holly. same figure ughhh.

  550. lisa says:

    I’m not sure, gotta work on the 1k first :) It would depend on the sd, if he was alot of fun like my exboyfriend I would want to see him more but if he is kinda boring, 3-4 times a month would have to sufficient. We have agreed to start at that and see where things go, that is if he likes me, that’s a hurdle I have to pass first. He’s in his 50’s, the ideal age I like and single and lives and works about 35 miles from me. We will see. He liked my choice of restaraunts though so that’s a good start. It will be a short lunch meeting because he has to get back to the office for a meeting in the afternoon. I prefer early first meetings though and you need that natural cut off in case it’s not a good meeting.

  551. O(ne) P(oint) O(f) V(iew) says:

    to go along with the theme kelsee started about “gorgeous woman not that good sexually” the same logic applies to women with larger breasts because, mind you both comments are generalizations, gorgeous and large breasts are akin to honey and we men are flies. Some ladies who are blessed, either in looks or, ahem, breasts, don’t have to try as hard to please their lover because we should be half way there already based on their attributes.

    After all, there is a reason why there is such a lucrative cosmetic improvement market in this country!

  552. sweetredhead*269443* says:

    I am 40 and thanks to good genes I don’t look it. I do have a few white hairs but they are well hidden. Kind of looks like highlights with my red hair.

    ughhh the old man that lives across the street from me is sitting in his front yard in a SPEEDO!! The man has to be 75yrs old and let me tell you NOT in good shape. So much for having lunch, I lost my appetite.

  553. lisa says:

    well there are alot of men on all types of sites that say they don’t like full figured or heavy set women, and well I’m slim but it hasn’t helped me yet either.

  554. NitemareSD says:

    That is a decent answer. It doesn’t matter what I think an arrangement is. There is no reason to whine about it either.

    Lisa it sounds like you may be headed for the pot SB exit door soon. We know what you would do for 1K; what would you do for 2 and 3?

  555. sweetredhead*269443* says:

    Good morning O(ne) P(oint) O(f) V(iew) Ok did I understand you right? I am large chested and that helps me how? lmao. Hasn’t helped me yet.

  556. lisa says:

    I have no grey hairs, lol but of course I am natural blonde

  557. O(ne) P(oint) O(f) V(iew) says:

    facts and figures:

    5k a month is not 60k a yr, 10k a month is not 120k a yr, from the sd perspective

  558. lisa says:

    Yikes I gotta go this afternoon over to my apartment office to talk about the lease thing. The put a note on last month’s rent bill that the lease was ready for everyone to sign. I hate going in there because they just stare at me an I have to write everything down so they can go find someone who reads English. When I go in to pay my rent, they act like i’m in the way and I have lived here almost 4 years and have never been given a receipt either. I will go this afternoon, i’m scared

  559. sweetredhead*269443* says:

    let me ask you the same question NitemareSD . What is your idea of an arrangement? Everyone has their idea of what they want in an arrangement. Who is to say that it is right or wrong. You just have to find that person that agrees with you :)

  560. O(ne) P(oint) O(f) V(iew) says:

    Good Morn everyone

    Kelsee, what you said about not having to work as hard at it if you are gorgeous, exactly. Same thing goes for women with larger breasts. :)

    I think that it would be better to have one’s expectations in the profile as it cuts down on the crap, at least from a sb perspective. For instance, if you need 3k a month, put a 3-5k range in the profile and don’t leave yourself open to lower negotiations. A man will probably try to negotiate downward…this is what we do. And you need to put a floor in otherwise you will just be spinning your wheels or in a uncomfortable position.

    morn sweetred…I got a 5 y.o. and I am nearly grey already! And I am only 46. When I had a goatee, it was white like Burl Ives (that’s for us “older” sugars here. for you youngun’s. the story telling snowman from Rudolph Christmas special) People would comment that it was nice to see a grandfather out with his grandchildren followed by my deadpan “I’m his FATHER”

  561. lisa says:

    I know I know an arrangement of flowers??
    arrangements for a burial?

    I will go into my store floral department tomorrow and tell them i’m seeking an arrangement of hundred dollar bills

  562. sweetredhead*269443* says:

    Inner beauty is much more desirable, But men are visual creatures. Beauty is nothing but a shell. You have to be with the person on the inside eventually. Woman who think they can get by in life only on their looks will soon realize you do age and beauty will not last forever. Believe me the years fly by.

  563. NitemareSD says:

    Anyone wake up this morning knowing what they think an arrangement is?

  564. NitemareSD says:

    For a while.

  565. NitemareSD says:

    Looks pay better than skills.

  566. Kelsee says:

    Well what if you have the skills but not the looks. I think there are many out there with the looks and not the skills but because they are drop dead gorgeous, the sky is the limit as far as what they can request. I have had more than one man tell me that gorgeous women are not that great sexually. Something I find very interesting. I guess they do not feel as much of a need to please, that a man is paying for the luxury of basking in her beauty.

  567. lisa says:

    I see an issue with the much older sds that want a serious relationship with a much younger woman. These men have grown or almost grown children and they don’t want anymore but they expect to hook up with a young woman and don’t expect her to ever want children.

    It’s drying out over here finally. Still flooded in alot of places though.

    I would do ok on 1000 a month providing meetings are 3-4 times a month as I do have a life too but i’d love to have 2-3K as I could have some savings with that. But 1000 would make it possible for me to be cool and comfortable in the summer, have food in the fridge, some luxuries, maybe even cable tv, health insurance, etc.

  568. NitemareSD says:

    I think it is a very small tip of the SB population that can command those higher levels. The population spreads out wide quickly at lower levels.

    Just like CEOs making 400x the workers.

    If you are going to ask for more money – be prepared with the skills and willingness to provide value to justify it.

  569. NC Gent says:

    Hi Kelsee — I agree — they can definitely ask for it. From my perspective, there are a lot of very attractive women for less than $5k a month, and even less than $3k a month – so I guess, like always, it is supply and demand — someone might get more than $5k a month, but I don’t see it worth it to me — may sound cold but it is the business part of the deal.

  570. Kelsee says:

    Hi NC

    I am sure there are SBs who expect more. I mean if I think I can ask for 1-3 K and I am maybe a 5 or 6 on the looks scale then someone who is a 10 and 21 years old can certainly ask for at least twice that, no?

    Let’s face it, men are visual and some just want arm candy.

    Looks certainly up one’s value in a society that seems to value beauty above all else, unfortunately

  571. NC Gent says:

    Have a great day everyone — I have a business lunch and then a meeting — booked the rest of the day :)

  572. sweetredhead*269443* says:

    Oh I am good, dealt with the child drama over the phone. Tell me why teachers with child physiology degrees can’t do that?

    Ok to the question of worth. If I talk to someone who is honest and I enjoy their personality and can make me laugh, that is worth more to me than any dollar amount. So open amount negotiable. Would I like to have 2,000 a month of course 3,000 is my ideal. I am not looking for any unreasonable. At least I don’t think I am :)

  573. sweetredhead*269443* says:

    I am convinced when Our children are teens is the reason we get gray hair! It has nothing to do with our age. bbl have to deal with teen drama. Oh they are too much like their father.

  574. NC Gent says:

    Sure Sweetnothings — you are more than welcome to tag along – -great to have you with the blog :)

    and Kelsee — yeah I wonder if any SBs really expect more than $5k a month — maybe they just put a number that high to weed out potential fakes? or it is a high-ball offer and they expect lower… I don’t even search that high, and when I get an email from someone over $5k per month, I hit delete.

  575. Kelsee says:

    Good morning everyone and thanks for the feedback about putting in a dollar amount vs not putting one in. I think I will leave it blank.

    I am wondering how some of the SBs here figure out their worth. I mean, no one needs 20 K a month unless they have a really bad drug habit. What makes some babe who is 21 and cute think she is worth that? I guess it’s like figuring out what you are worth job-wise. We all ask for the top of the salary range hoping we will get it, not that we are really worth it.

  576. Sweetnothings-321312 says:

    Good morning everyone! I wanted to say hello before I ran off again to write a 2-page paper that will outline a solution to the Israeli/Palestinian conflict for my American Foreign Policy class….Due in 50 minutes. Gah.

    I’ve never been to Niagara Falls…Can I tag along? :)

  577. lisa says:

    Good morning everyone. A wet day in Houston. It’s flooded and it was like a hurricane early this morning. Hail and lotsa lightning as I was laying in bed I was afraid it might strike me. So glad I’m off today and didnt’ have to get out in it. School is closed, my daughter’s job is closed, the buses aren’t running, flooding at the mall, etc. Good day to stay in I guess.

    Heard from sd #2 but didnt’ mention when he can meet but he did give me his real name so maybe we are getting somewhere now. Flooded where he is too.

  578. NC Gent says:

    I definitely can’t hold out that long — maybe I can bring my SB with me??? being optimistic :)

  579. Kitty says:

    You’d be just in time to celebrate my b-day wth lots of Sugar :) I doubt I can hold out that long… but the question is, can YOU?

  580. NC Gent says:

    yeah yeah Kitty — what about that threesome you keep teasing me about!!! lol I think I am going to Niagara Falls end of October — can you hold out that long???

  581. Kitty says:

    Well that’s a very noble reason NC…
    now fly to Toronto and take me shopping.

  582. NC Gent says:

    I am pretty much an open book, Kitty. It ended for two reasons… she graduated from college and got a real job so she wasn’t able to travel as much. Secondly, and probably more important, she wants to have a family. She is almost 30 now and wants to have children. She is having a hard time finding daddy-material guys, especially since she is attracted to successful men that are about 10 to 15 years older — those guys really aren’t looking to start a family. That is also the main reason I don’t think we should get back together; I don’t want to distract her from finding a husband and/or father for her kids.

  583. Sweetnothings-321312 says:


    I would love for you to send me and Kat each other’s email info!! Thank you so much!

  584. Kitty says:

    And yes.. I am resumming.. makes me sad and with my huge post the other day about being independent. After looking at my finances and budgeting… I think SD would make me smile a bit more

  585. Kitty says:

    redhead: goo dluck on your interview today…. it’s $9 an hr… but it’s at least 9 an hr…. I find that as I get more and more credentials and my experience/wag increase.. it is harder to find new jobs… there are plenty of minimum wage jobs around. not many with company cars to use at liesure.

  586. Kitty says:

    NC: I am sure you will find your perfect lil sb soon… Can I question why you and your first sb ended?

  587. sweetredhead*269443* says:

    Good gawd! a grass hopper got into the house and just jumped in my lap. I almost had a heart attack! Jumping around like a crazy woman. I HATE bugs!!

  588. sweetredhead*269443* says:

    IMO Having to stay on topic kills the blog. You can only say so much about topic. I think we learn more from each other just chatting. And giving each other support.

  589. sweetredhead*269443* says:

    I am going for a job at an assisted living facility this afternoon. $9.00 an hour sheeh Florida sucks let me tell you all.

    NC You will find her :) From what I seen about you, you deserve the best :)

    We all do :)

  590. Kitty says:

    I am kidding lol… i was nazi-ed to stay on topic before

  591. NC Gent says:

    Hi Sweetredhead — I have a few potential options out there but nothing finalized yet. I actually had dinner with my first SB last week when I was in Boston. I had not seen her for 1.5 years. We talked about getting back together, but I don’t think that is a good idea for a number of reasons. I am still cautiously optimistic :)

  592. Kj says:

    Sweetred – there are plenty of real people out there. Trick is finding a good match. I’m having fun searching for mine. Last one didn’t work out, but I know she is out there somewhere.

  593. sweetredhead*269443* says:

    NC you still haven’t found your perfect sugar? I am actually wondering if their are actual real people out there. Well Except you guys.

    Sorry a little dis heartened today. Job hunting is getting to me. Worried about bills if I keep going with out a job.

    I am going out and knocking on doors to find a job today. I will work in McDonald’s if i have too ughhh.

  594. NC Gent says:

    I actually love the instant email feature of my Blackberry — saves me a ton of time on the road… it has dramatically cut down the time I spend at night answering emails in my hotel room…. gives me more time for pursuing sugar :)

  595. sweetredhead*269443* says:

    NC..Staying on topic? what’s that? I am queen of off topic posts lmao

  596. Kj says:

    St. Jude – Our sales division orders them like crazy. Only bad side is i can never put mine down. It calls to me in the night…must check…email…

  597. NC Gent says:

    Welcome back Kitty! I will try to stay on topic!

  598. sweetredhead*269443* says:

    I have a cheap kyocra cell phone, haven’t had any problems lmao. Guess it’s not alwasy you get what you pay for.

    Glad your back on SA kitty. Resuming your SD search?

  599. Kitty says:

    Bberry Thunder coming out in May?

  600. Kitty says:

    What’s your company Kj? I heard there’s a newer one coming up that has both keyboard and touchsceen

  601. Kj says:

    Hahaha our company put a hold on the BlackBerry storms. We were ordering them like crazy.

  602. Kitty says:

    NC: thanks.. but unless yours has a sim-card insert, I can’t use it.

    I can be so agressive sometimes
    back to sugar-relatd topic…
    I rejoined SA…………

  603. Kitty says:

    it’s the love-hate relationship with NC said… I was checking my e-mails then it just started vibrating out of control (bberry seizure?) so I took the battery out, it stopped and then when I restarted it, all my emails were gone.

  604. NC Gent says:

    Sorry Kitty — I have been thinking about upgrading to a Storm…. maybe I will have a used one soon :) It is definitely a love-hate relationship with my Blackberry!

  605. sweetredhead*269443* says:

    Morning Kitty and NC. Why did you throw your blackberry at the wall?

  606. Kitty says:


  607. Kj says:

    Good morning everyone!

  608. Kitty says:

    Good morning redhead and NC…
    I just threw my blackberry at a wall. Now I am bberry-less :(

  609. NC Gent says:

    Ok hiya sweetredhead — figured when there were no posts for about 6 hours that it was broken — maybe I fixed it?? lol

  610. sweetredhead*269443* says:

    Good morning (yawns) Not broken, just late night blogger still sleeping lmao.

    Stephen lol band-aids in fashion colors to match your outfits lmao

  611. NC Gent says:

    Good morning all – is the blog broken?

  612. stephan says:

    Lmao! there are a few vaccines for blog addiction but total Prevention seems to be the only ‘cure’ lol good nite sugarpie. I dunno maybe you could make nose band-aids the new IT fashion trend?

  613. sweetredhead*269443* says:

    Lmao and do you have a cure for blog addiction? Other then therapy? Ok really going to bed now before my nose hits the keyboard. A band aid on my nose will not attractive :(

  614. stephan says:

    ah and sugar snaps back to you sweetredhead :) . and for all those contracting type 2 diabetes with all the sugar going around, there’s some insulin in my sugarblog emergency kit

  615. sweetredhead*269443* says:

    Thank you Stephen :) Your the best MAUH! sweet sugar kisses to you.

  616. stephan says:

    sweetredhead: all set :) isn’t it fun to be locked on the blog into the wee hours of the night and morning…

    goood nite (not trying to keep you up even longer)

  617. sweetredhead*269443* says:

    NitemareSD looks like someone needs a nap lol Teasing aside. I can understand your frustration. We all get frustrated. What is right what is wrong. Should we do this or that. Everyone has an opinion and everyone makes valid points.

    Gawd I need to stop looking at this blog tonight I am not making sence to myself anymore. I will resume my points in the morning when I can think of what I am trying to say.

  618. sweetredhead*269443* says:

    P.S Stephen if you get a chance can you approve my profile :) pretty please with sweet sugar on top.

  619. NitemareSD says:

    I think it is completely blind when you don’t put an amt in. An SD must have some idea what he can spend, an SB needs to have some idea of her needs or market value.

    I put my numbers below what I can provide. I don’t need SBs that want much more. I don’t need a cranky SB who’s getting 7 and not the 9 she’d like. I want an SB who is happy getting 3 because she only asked and was promised 2.

    I am so grateful when an SB has an indication in her profile so I know whether to bother. There are too few of those. I have my indication.

    You know how many times people ignore the info anyway? But it is nice to fall back on and it filters out the careless flakes who aren’t taking this seriously. You think I want someone in my life who is so flighty she wouldn’t even read my profile thoroughly?

    I just trashed an email from one asking me what I want when its all in detail there; and instead of answering the same question asked by me where she has an empty profile.

    Don’t answer my question and instead ask for info that’s right in front of you? Its a terrific filter.

    I don’t even know what I am saying at this point.

  620. sweetredhead*269443* says:

    Night Stephen :) sweet dream.

  621. stephan says:

    sweetredhead: lol I like the inside bed bugs joke.

    Good nite all who are turning in for the day. Sweeet dreams.

  622. sweetredhead*269443* says:

    I think we all get shot down. This site is for sure not an ego booster lol. I was contacting SD and then stopped. It’s funny I never look at the amount they put in. I look at what they write in their profiles. Money is not the first thing I am interested in. But I am also not here for a date at McDonald’s lol. I think Sd and Sb alike are getting jaded by the fakes and frauds out there. We are passing up really great people because of it. What ever happen to honesty and integratey. Politeness and manners? I think we forget that a lot in this age of computers and not having that one on one connection. You can be anyone or anything you want to be on here. But when it comes down to it you have to meet that person face to face. Why lie about who you are and what you are about. Just some food for thought.

    Ok I am really off to bed now, had my shower and checked the bed for bed bugs, I’m good :)

  623. BG says:

    Nite everyone else!
    talk soon!

  624. BG says:

    Nite OPOV!

  625. O(ne) P(oint) O(f) V(iew) says:

    OK, got to get ready for more work: europe opens in an hour.

    Have a good night everyone (if anyone’s still here that is)


  626. BG says:

    O(ne) P(oint) O(f) V(iew)~ i never looked at it that way, the way of life in NYC is a lot more than here in MTL for sure…
    But like i said i’m too far, bla bla bla
    So ok Hi O(ne) P(oint) O(f) V(iew) I’m from Montreal!! :)

  627. NitemareSD says:

    I want it all for free. I want it now and I want it often.
    After that I want more.

    Then I want the rest of it.

  628. O(ne) P(oint) O(f) V(iew) says:

    In NY, it seems that ladies “expect” more support than if in Toledo or Kansas. So just because I have a dollar figure now doesn’t really bring someone around to introduce themselves. Even tho the number is in the middle, it seems, having talked to a few people, that they assume all NYC sd’s are hedge fund guys and have money coming out the wahzoo (e-trade commercial anyone?) and kinda expect it.

  629. BG says:

    Yes it did Thank you Stephan

  630. BG says:

    wooo hooo i got my photos approved thanks stephan for making it so fast!
    they are fine now i think

  631. stephan says:

    good night sweetredhead, sleep tight!

    Sweetnothings/Kat: shall I send both of you one another’s email addy’s (the one’s you enter with comments on the blog)? just let me know

    BG: OK I resubmitted your pics and approved them I think it worked!

  632. BG says:

    O(ne) P(oint) O(f) V(iew)~ wow , i get shot down a tone!
    I’m too old, too far, too close, too tall, or too fat??? so your not the only one!
    As for the dollar amount, well do you get more mail when you add an amount? if you do maybe you should leave it …
    At least you’re in the US where you have more choices, here in MTL i’m too close and there aren’t that many!

  633. O(ne) P(oint) O(f) V(iew) says:

    Followup – as I mentioned before, I don’t really contact people I would prefer to let them contact me. This way I can be sure there is some interest (sometimes I get week – tried to contact someone yesterday and got shot down saying I am not her type – too bad I am to old to get upset by rejection) but I have noticed that when I switch my numbers from “open” to an actual dollar range, then I would get more views, and consequently more interest, in my profile.

    Like I said, a lose/lose situation.

  634. BG says:

    O(ne) P(oint) O(f) V(iew)~ it’s nice to see an SDs point of view on this , i was going to change my profile to add an amount, i’m just so tired of being told i’m more Girlfriend material than an SB! guess i’ll leave it as is! Thank you!

  635. BG says:

    stephan ~ I actually change my photos around maybe that will help, if not, you will need to find a way to make it ok!

  636. sweetredhead*269443* says:

    Good point O(ne) P(oint) O(f) V(iew). I also put a certain amount to weed out the fakes. Was getting really tired of the ones who wanted a girlfriend. It’s always good to get an SD point of view. I have changed mine back to open amount. Thank you :)

  637. O(ne) P(oint) O(f) V(iew) says:

    Kelsee, most people leave it open because they want the other party to take the lead. If a sb says she only needs so much, then that’s what the sd will offer and think he is getting by on the cheap. If a sd puts a number that is a little high, then a sb that contacts him will expect those numbers even if her initial need/desire was much less. In many ways it is a lose/lose situation and most people don’t like to negotiate for something like this because they don’t want to change this into some type of transaction.

    If you choose to put a dollar (pound, euro, peso, yuan, lira) figure in your profile, from an sd perspective, be a little realistic about what you ask for. If you luck out and get a good sd that treats you well, he will take care of you and not just with money.

    If you want to put 20k+ a month, good luck.

    anecdote: once I was contacted by a pot whose monthly was 10-20k. Says don’t let the number scare me, she just puts it there to “weed out” the insincere pot’s. Well, if that is not what she really needed, then she lost the attention of many a pot sd who having seen her money needs glossed over her profile and went to the next.

  638. sweetredhead*269443* says:

    Ok Sugars I am off to take a shower and go to bed. Hopefully I will not have night mares about bed bugs eating me. Thanks for that image BG. lmao

    Good night all, sleep tight and don’t let the bed bugs bite. My Nana used to say that to me when I was a little girl. :)

  639. Sweetnothings-321312 says:

    haha Thanks for the kind words, Kat. I look forward to seeing you on the blog, and PERHAPS we can find some way to get in touch off the blog. *muttering at mods*

  640. sweetredhead*269443* says:

    Hi kelsee welcome to the blog. That depends on what you are looking for. If you want a month allowance then put the amount you are looking for. If you want other things, like spoiling trips ect. you can put open amount. Hope that answers your question :)

  641. BG says:

    Kelsee~ i left it open…

  642. Kat says:

    Thanks sweetnothings and sweetredhead! Helps A LOT.

    SweetNothings – dude. awesome profile, lady. I’m from Cali too. AND I miss nature. AND i was a government major in undergrad, haha! small world. Let’s be sure to keep chatting!

    I’m thinking of updating my profile a bit, put more info in there about my interests. You inspired me! :)

    All right, i’ll be back tomorrow! I’m off to bed-
    Night SBs!

  643. Kelsee says:

    Hi everyone!

    New to the blog. Great reading. I was curious, do most of you SBs put the amount you are seeking or do you leave the amount open-negotiable. Thanks

  644. sweetredhead*269443* says:

    Thanks Stephen :) Glad to be back. I missed the blog.

  645. BG says:

    I so want to go to NYC,,, hopefully soon! last time i was there, i was like 13 or something

  646. sweetredhead*269443* says:

    I lived on long island not in the city. I Went there usually once a week. I was not there daily. That makes a difference.

  647. BG says:

    stephan~ i have tried and so have others to resize it but it doesn’t work
    it looks really bad now! can’t you change it? or fix it?

  648. sweetredhead*269443* says:

    Kat view your profile. in the address bar at the end you will se numbers. take that out and replace with the profile number of the person you want to see.

  649. Sweetnothings-321312 says:

    Kat, go to profile and then click on Preview My Profile, and where you see the last few digits, delete them and plug in mine. You can do that with any SB’s profile. Just substitute the last numbers for whoever’s your trying to look at

  650. Sweetnothings-321312 says:

    I guess that’s it. I’m a student and have Forever 21 clothes. Too bad I’m also single :(

  651. sweetredhead*269443* says:

    Oh and I lived in my aunt and uncles big house rent free :)

  652. sweetredhead*269443* says:

    I was single had a great job and designer cloths. I could afford it :)

  653. Kat says:

    Hey SweetNothings, How did you find my profile to look at it? I’d like to see yours too – but I can’t figure out the site….

  654. stephan says:

    BG: Sometimes the photo’s load funny. You might try re-sizing it and then loading it again, but if that doesn’t work it might be a waist of having your profile await approval… trust me this is one of the things that will be fixed with the re-design.

    sweetredhead: I had to give Lisa a shout-out but trust me any of the fam. being gone for too long just makes me a bit uneasy, oh how the months have gone by! Good to see You too 😛 😀

  655. Sweetnothings-321312 says:

    sweetredhead, you NEVER took the subway?? I would be into negative $ at this point if that were my policy. The only time my parents will comp a ride is if I am in a dangerous situation, and I have to justify it. I take the subway at all hours of the night armed with pink pepperspray

  656. sweetredhead*269443* says:

    I was friends with a gang member in NYC, Of course at that time I didn’t know it. I worked with him. He was very nice and polite and a gentleman. Well I thought he was lol.

  657. Sweetnothings-321312 says:

    Wow, I just give up. Everything I’m saying is getting pulled from here by god-like forces. Kat, great profile. I would love to find a way for us to chat but am stumped

  658. BG says:

    O(ne) P(oint) O(f) V(iew) ~ i’m a hair stylist if i sneezed in my hands i’d loose clients lol and i usually wash my hands often! lol

  659. sweetredhead*269443* says:

    When I lived in NY I never took the subway. I always took a taxi in the city. A cute young redhead alone on a subway? I think not! I took the train into the city though.

  660. BG says:

    O(ne) P(oint) O(f) V(iew) ~ they said there were bed bugs on the subway and they get on you while your getting to your destination,,,
    As for gangs well i’m from Canada… if we have gangs i’m not really scared of them, but LA yeah i’m scared of them especially MS13 they scare me bad…
    i’m tired and i’m confused tonight i think lol

  661. O(ne) P(oint) O(f) V(iew) says:

    sneezing – ladies you are correct.

  662. sweetredhead*269443* says:

    oh sure stephan come out to say hi to lisa. I feel so neglected :(

  663. O(ne) P(oint) O(f) V(iew) says:

    BG Says:
    April 28th, 2009 at 12:28 am

    O(ne) P(oint) O(f) V(iew)~ careful on the subway in NYC they say that there are “bed bugs” yuckies,….

    I don’t sleep on the subway.

    Ok, maybe I do when I have had a few to drink. But if I did there are other more pressing concerns then bed bugs, unless of course you meant the bed bugs that carry knives and sport gang colours, that is.

  664. sweetredhead*269443* says:

    Never. You use your inner elbow.

  665. BG says:

    Stephan ~ why is my third pic so little and besides pic #2?

    i sneeze in my arm elbow place lol

  666. O(ne) P(oint) O(f) V(iew) says:

    ok – swine flu question: how many of you cover your mouth with your hands when you sneeze?

  667. stephan says:

    good to see you Lisa, good night :)

  668. lisa says:

    bed bugs are making a comeback. I remember laughing when I was putting out the bedbug fogger at work but I see it is selling really well. I think they banned some chemical in matresses or something that prevented them or something, i’m not sure.

    I live in a Mexican neighborhood and there are people that come every week at set up a stand in the parking lot selling stuff from Mexico, I hope they dont’ bring any virus with them. My neighbors are not very clean people, their children run around all dirty with runny noses, I need a face mask.

    Have a good night every one, I’m going to hit the sack

  669. Kat says:

    Hey SweetNothings!
    I’m 24, and you? My profile number is 318444.
    how do send each other messages through the site — I can’t seem to find the way to find other SBs profiles….

  670. Sugarbabytoday says:

    I hear you OPOV Boca is only about an hour away if that… best of luck to you

    good night Lisa… talk to you soon take care!!!

  671. sweetredhead*269443* says:

    O(ne) P(oint) O(f) V(iew) A flu that has killed many people already. Sorry but being in the medical field and knowing how military and government can “hide” the actual truth to not cause a panic. I am a bit concerned. To me it’s better safe than sorry. I would think having a child you would be concerned. I know if they starting having cases here I will be taking my child out of school and home school him for that time.

  672. BG says:

    O(ne) P(oint) O(f) V(iew)~ careful on the subway in NYC they say that there are “bed bugs” yuckies,….

  673. BG says:

    O(ne) P(oint) O(f) V(iew)~ I think i remember that but,,, i’m not sure!
    I just can’t believe someone would do that … you just don’t do that!
    when are you going to Miami?

  674. O(ne) P(oint) O(f) V(iew) says:

    sbt – looking for something in or near the Brickell/financial district area. With some of the prices they are asking down there right now could be a better deal for my 5 y.o.’s college fund then putting the money in a 539 college savings plan.

    I am not worried about the swine flu thing because it is, after all, the flu. I was more concerned about a TB outbreak a few years ago in NYC, but that still didn’t stop me from riding the subway.

    BG, I mentioned in one of the other threads about buying a ticket and no show, no call. So if I am going to spend money on a ticket, I will give it to the person I know will use it…me.

  675. lisa says:

    Have a good night Sugarbabytoday

  676. Sugarbabytoday says:

    let me go check it i am sorry I must have not gotten it or you did it since I last checked it.. I need to check it more often I have been so freakin busy lately… can’t seem to keep caught up. Well I am glad to see you are safe though. I was worried. I need to get some sleep though i have to be at work at 8 talk to every one later have a great rest of the night…

  677. lisa says:

    Sugarbabytoday I did send you an email the other day when you posted your email, I told you about the site. I will email it to you again now ok

  678. sweetnothings-321312 says:

    Hi Kat! I would love a penpal! How old are you? Just interested..

  679. VillaCypris *276489* says:

    awwwwwww… nitemare….. :)

  680. Alicia*299952 says:

    Many on the blog are also chatting with eachother on the site – how does/would having a sugar penpal help you with your journey on SA?

    I love talking to fellow sugars – would love to chat with more offline its a great support system!!!

    Have you found comfort in knowing that a fellow Sugar Daddy or Sugar Baby is going through some of the same struggles (i.e., job, home, dating, etc.) as you? If so, which ones, and why?

    It does help to talk with someone who has or is going through the same struggles i am

    What parts of your personality come out most on the blog? Do you have a different persona with SeekingArrangement bloggers than with potentials met through the main site?

    I’m pretty much the same on the blog as I am when I email a pot SD

  681. lisa says:

    My pigeon is in love with me, my yellow shoes, and anything in a bag on the counter. He’s sitting on the back of my chair now, pecking at my spagetti strap. I never knew male birds were such perverts, lol

  682. lisa says:

    summer is already in Houston, have to run the ac.

  683. Sugarbabytoday says:

    eww pigeon doing the dirty with hotdog buns thats a first lol. I read that I just got up to speed from earlier conversations. That is awesome for you.

  684. sweetredhead*269443* says:

    O(ne) P(oint) O(f) V(iew) didn’t think you did :) I was teasing.

    I understand the not wanting to ummm piss your money away. Once bitten twice shy. I understand that well.

    Sure you want to go to Miami now? Lot of Mexicans there. I would be careful with this swine flu.

  685. Kat says:

    Hi Everyone!

    Hi SweetNothings- I’m a new SB student in NYC as well! Would love to have a SB penpal!

    It’s difficult to keep up with the blog – lots of activity, but thats great! Looking forward to getting to know this new community. I had posted before – are there any queer SB looking for SDs or SMs? I keep asking, cause i’d love to chat/advice from anyone who is trying the gay scene here.

    hope everyone is enjoying the spring! (if it’s spring where you are!)

  686. BG says:

    O(ne) P(oint) O(f) V(iew) ~ wow your imagination…. lol
    Miami is nice this time of year…. what do you mean buying a ticket for someone and they don’t show up??? why did she do that?

  687. Sugarbabytoday says:

    OPOV make sure you talk to people Miami has a lot of bad areas if you don’t’ find anything there head north an hour or so Boca Raton and Palm Beach are great areas! We had a weekend apt between the 2 cities (Delray Beach) there for a year and if I could afford it I would have kept it after the split

  688. lisa says:

    I will now throw out my package of hotdog buns. My pigeon just had sex with them. Yuck

  689. lisa says:

    Hi Sugarbabytoday well I had 3 potentials 1 old man wants to marry me, I have one lunch date on friday , and the 3rd is pending when he can get into town for lunch

    Good evening Nitemare

    An arrangement can be a bouquet of flowers, funeral plans, or a mutually beneficial relationship

  690. O(ne) P(oint) O(f) V(iew) says:

    Sorry. Working.

    someone said something about a sb/sd mixer and I flashed on some (any) 70’s era movie where everyone discovered how “liberated” they now were accompanied by some cheesy 70’s era music. 😀

    sweetred, I am heading down Miami way to meet someone for some business and while I am there I want to check out the Miami scene to get a feel for the areas. There are a lot of great deals in Miami condos right now, just got to find the right areas and buildings. can’t really do that from a distance

    and while I am there, I might make it to Tampa to meet someone who contacted me on the board. After one of my rants about buying tickets for someone and they not showing, I would rather spend the money on a ticket for me rather than p*ssing it away.

    and, sweetred, I don’t wilt that easily

  691. Sugarbabytoday says:

    poor nightmare you are catching he!! tonight… did you ever get your questions answered about the mortgages?

  692. Sugarbabytoday says:

    lol Congrats lisa I need to find the site you are on. I think my sd is a flake and I am about over it…. He has no clue what an arrangement is I don’t think. I traveled to see him and the only compensation I got from it was lunch money since he had to ditch me to take care of things left me hanging for several hours before telling me he wouldn’t get back to me that night but would make it up to me by coming to my neck of the woods while we still talk I have yet to see him again

  693. sweetredhead*269443* says:

    An arrangement is what you want it to be, everyone is different. You just find someone who has the same ideas as you do.

    Now stop being difficult nitemareSD

  694. BG says:

    because most don’t get it i think,,,

  695. BG says:

    NitemareSD~ the real question is what men think an arrangement is?

  696. NitemareSD says:

    Why do you girls keep asking the same question over and over? What do you girls think an arrangement is?

  697. lisa says:

    Hi everyone
    Still feeling bad, I guess i’m too sensitive but I gave that guy every chance to be a sd, but I guess I need to be more tough like the way the sds are to me, they don’t care about my feelings, I just feel bad, that poor old man is going to die alone someday.
    I have to focus on my date for friday though. And the other one that is pending when he can get into town. Haven’t heard from him today but he hasn’t been on the site so it’s forgivable.

    I’m off again tomorrow with not a thing to do all day.

  698. BratGirl says:

    yeah lol

  699. sweetredhead*269443* says:

    hello bitchygirl and bratgirl wow lots of cranky woman tonight lmao j/k

  700. BratGirl says:


  701. BitchyGirl says:


  702. sweetredhead*269443* says:

    Because some are poof daddies some are pimp daddies lmao

  703. Alicia*299952 says:

    Well why is it that some of these SDs don’t want an arrangement???
    Doesn’t the site say it all, Seeking Arrangements? – LOL BG thats the million dollar question

  704. sweetredhead*269443* says:

    Hard being the only Sd on here tonight poor guy

  705. sweetredhead*269443* says:

    I think we scared O(ne) P(oint) O(f) V(iew) away lol

  706. sweetredhead*269443* says:

    3 hours that’s not to bad :)

  707. Sugarbabytoday says:

    or I can offer you one on my side of town as well. I was in the title industry for 4 years lol we know the rest of that story

  708. Sugarbabytoday says:

    Even maderia beach isn’t but 3 hours from me not terrible…
    I am a road trip girl, I love to take trips lol

  709. sweetredhead*269443* says:

    O(ne) P(oint) O(f) V(iew) if your anywhere near my area I know the best real estate agent :) are you looking to buy?

  710. Sugarbabytoday says:

    Red I thought for some reason you were in Daytona…

  711. sweetredhead*269443* says:

    Treasure Island is not far either.

  712. O(ne) P(oint) O(f) V(iew) says:

    hello sweetnothings – yes I know

  713. sweetredhead*269443* says:

    That’s not close lol. I am in the maderia, redington and indian rocks beach area

  714. Sugarbabytoday says:

    I am just south of cocoa beach

  715. Sugarbabytoday says:

    don’t feel bad sweetnothings I have 4 pools in my condo complex one of which I can see from my sliding glass door and I haven’t been in it in almost a year. I live 5 minutes from the beach and I haven’t seen the beach since the last tropical storm came through which was almost a year ago and before that was when we got slammed by all of those storms lol I take fl for granted

  716. sweetredhead*269443* says:

    Sugarbabytoday where are you?

  717. sweetredhead*269443* says:

    O(ne) P(oint) O(f) V(iew) bring Bg with you and we will have some fun :) now get your mind out of the gutter!!

  718. sweetnothings-321312 says:

    I’m already halfway there. All you needed to say was pool. Now that I live in NYC and not California, I sometimes stare forlornly at my bathing suit as it sits in my underwear drawer all year.

  719. Sugarbabytoday says:

    me to Red your a little north of me but still not terrible I don’t believe

  720. sweetredhead*269443* says:

    O(ne) P(oint) O(f) V(iew) what part?

  721. girlie-216076 says:

    Jai, I am a huge fan of cufflinks if he wears them but that’s kind of generic.
    A couple of gifts that I have given that went over well:

    -Annie Leibowitz Music photography book to a music lover
    -crazy enameled pen to a someone who signs lots of deals :)
    -tea chest with selected loose teas, hand filled into bags for a tea lover

    The one that got the most raves: personal cupcakes, iced with naughty sayings. I don’t know that it even matters if he has a sweet tooth, it’s just so fabulous to open. The best part was that I ordered them so I had to specify, over the phone to the little old lady, what naughty sayings I wanted.
    Even in our breakup emails, he referenced those damn cupcakes.

  722. sweetredhead*269443* says:

    I also live 5 minutes from of the best beaches in Florida :)

  723. O(ne) P(oint) O(f) V(iew) says:

    I’m heading down there next week for a little recon. (real estate that is)

  724. sweetredhead*269443* says:

    Well I do have a pool :) BBQ at my house!!

  725. sweetredhead*269443* says:

    Aww thats sweet of you to say. I would not take pointers from me lol. I just have SD friends lol

  726. BG says:

    oups read wrong ok so i can’t read or write lol

  727. sweetnothings-321312 says:

    Thanks sweetredhead, I’d love to join in an sd/sb blog mixer. I’d be sure and get some pointers from all of you.

  728. Sugarbabytoday says:

    Hey Red how are you? I thought we were having the Sb/Sd party at your place?

  729. sweetredhead*269443* says:

    Suthern is in LA with OC this week.

  730. BG says:

    You can take me all over!!! lol

  731. Sugarbabytoday says:

    woo hoo I see you are back Lisa I was worried about you!

  732. VillaCypris *276489* says:

    Good evening all….

    I live in “fly over land”…

    OPOV … I don’t know! Nitemare has disappeared! perhaps engrossed in his back yard, in preparations for the SB tents he is planning on setting up.

    WELCOME BACK LISA!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    missed you!!!!!! :) xoxox

  733. sweetredhead*269443* says:

    You can come too sweetnothings :) we will have a Sd, sb get together :)

  734. BG says:

    OPOV you in LA??? lucky man next time take me with you!

  735. sweetnothings-321312 says:

    Hi OPV, I live in NYC as well.

  736. sweetredhead*269443* says:

    What’s the deal with you all being in NYC anyway? I think you guys need to take a Florida vacation and bring BG with you lol

  737. sweetredhead*269443* says:

    That’s me always a friend and never an Sb lmao.

  738. O(ne) P(oint) O(f) V(iew) says:

    What happened to all the other SD’s from the blogs? They all got lucky or what? I know one’s in Ca this week, but where’ everybody go? It kinda felt good ahving a few other NYC sd’s here with me, but I go and “take a break” from the site for a week and the blog has its own version of poof daddies!

  739. sweetnothings-321312 says:

    Hello everyone….Haha I don’t have much to say. Just hi.

  740. Jai says:

    Oh cool :)

    Does any one have suggestions on a what to buy a person who can buy whatever they want? :) I’ve buying him pie because he likes it, but it just doesn’t seem like enough. He’s been so good to me and I just want to show appreciation.

  741. sweetredhead*269443* says:

    We are friends :)

  742. Jai says:

    :) I thought you had found an sd not too long ago sweetred? What happened?

  743. BG says:

    girlie~ you got mail!

  744. BG says:

    lol no it’s smaller girl!

  745. girlie-216076 says:

    OK! I’ll see what I can do.

  746. sweetredhead*269443* says:

    I tried lol can’t figure out how to make it smaller without distorting it. I did make it waider, so now her pic is even bigger lmao oops!

  747. BG says:

    girlie~ i’ll send it to your mail

  748. BG says:

    girlie~i would love that , i have no clue how to do it

  749. girlie-216076 says:

    Hi everyone!

    SuthrnStrut….I’ve never really had a SD be too demanding other than the occasional slight annoyance when our schedules don’t match up but I think that is normal in any dating, sugar or otherwise. I try and be honest about my dating/ personal life so they know what they are getting into and whether we would be a good match.
    Are you having an issue?

    BG, I LOVE the new pic. If you haven’t resized it yet, I can do it for you.

  750. sweetredhead*269443* says:

    Still looking, wondering if I will ever find lol. So I will just enjoy the blog for now.

  751. Jai says:

    Been good, blessed, can’t complain :) Are you still actively looking for an sd or just enjoying the blog these days?

  752. sweetredhead*269443* says:

    Hi Jai, yes I remember you :) how have you been? I had been MIA for awhile also just recently started back.

  753. Jai says:

    Aw lisa. It’s better that you were honest with him. It would’ve hurt worse had you two continued.

  754. lisa says:

    I’m so sad as I’ve broken an old man’s heart :(

  755. O(ne) P(oint) O(f) V(iew) says:

    sweetredhead*269443* Says:
    April 27th, 2009 at 10:04 pm

    “Ok who killed the blog!!”

    We’re all back-channeling.

  756. Jai says:

    How’ve you been sweetred? I don’t know if you remember me. I’ve been MIA for a while.

  757. Jai says:

    Hey suthrnstrut, I just saw your question. My sd did exhibit some jealousy and possessiveness when I told him about a friend..and oddly enough, he did the same thing with my realtor. SDs though they are, they are still human and men. I think it’s normal. But if he’s not holding up his end at the same time, you have to decide if his demands are worth dealing with.

  758. BG says:

    sweetred~ killed the blog?

  759. sweetredhead*269443* says:

    Ok who killed the blog!!

  760. BG says:

    Hey Sweetred

  761. sweetredhead*269443* says:

    BG hey girl :)

    Lisa you are too funny.

  762. lisa says:

    I feel horrible. That sd #1 just sent me along poem. I feel I have really depressed him. I just wanted to give him a chance and after talking to him for 2 hours found he wasn’t looking for the same things and I sent him a nice note and suggested he try to find someone his own age if he is looking for a wife. He is going on now about how I was meant for him and such. I guess from now on I will stop being open minded and hit the delete button whenever a potential doesn’t meet my requirements. You can’t be nice without hurting someone.

  763. BG says:

    Thank O(ne) P(oint) O(f) V(iew)

  764. O(ne) P(oint) O(f) V(iew) says:

    BG, welcome to the board. 😉

  765. lisa says:

    I have came across profiles where the sd wanted a sb to be exlusive and to not even have a boyfriend yet they were married and were not willing provide an adequate allowance. And those that offer 500 a month and expect to come to your place every week when they are in town for a couple days and stay at your place, thus saving them the expense of a hotel.

  766. BG says:

    Hey Sugars!

  767. sweetredhead*269443* says:

    Depends are what you are talking about southernstrut. Everyone has their own personalities. There is demanding as in a strong personality and demanding in just a rude way.

  768. SouthernStrut says:

    providing the. heh heh heh.

  769. SouthernStrut says:

    Do any ladies have issues arise from SD’s being too demanding- without rovding te proper motivation?

  770. sweetredhead*269443* says:

    Don’t feel bad, I am 40yrs old and my dad still treats me like his little girl lol. It never ends lol

  771. gurlnextdoor says:

    Haha yes I understand. That’s what my mom told me before she dropped me off at college. “You’ll always be my baby” blah blah blah. Then my dad said I was a grown woman, lol. That is until I tell him I want to date someone more than 3 years older than me, then I become his child again. I find it to be funny, but I understand.

  772. lisa says:

    oops sorry sweetredhead it was just a suggestion, yikes

  773. sweetredhead*269443* says:

    gurlnextdoor , age is a number. It’s who you are and where you have been in your life and where you are at now.

    Us moms I don’t think ever think of our children as being grown ups. We just remember those sweet little children that we kissed their boo boo’s and helped turn into the people they are. We always want to protect them no matter how old they are :)

  774. gurlnextdoor says:

    Lol, sweetred that sounds like something my mom would say if she found out what I was doing. I don’t, no I KNOW she couldn’t handle it. But, they make me do everything on my own ever since I moved away for college (I’m putting myself through school without any help from them), so I figure if I’m mature and old enough to do that, then I can do this. :)

  775. lisa says:

    ok I just got a selfish sounding email from sd #1 He said I am a quality woman and he doesn’t have many years left and he wants to enjoy them with someone before he starts to fade. Yikes I guess he’s looking for someone to take care of him when he gets sick and down. That takes a special woman that loves someone to do that, I doubt too many young 20 year old sb wannabes want’ to be stuck with a sick man in 5-10 years. He needs to find a woman his age that he can relate to instead of trying to get a 20 year old. He doesn’t want to die alone but he doesn’t think about the much younger woman he would be leaving behind.

  776. sweetredhead*269443* says:

    Bite your tongue!! This is MY CHILD!! I have a bit of a moral issue about doing this, I have old fashion values. I would not want my child doing it unless she was older and more self aware. She is not at a maturity level yet to be able to handle herself in this type of relationship.

    I have done thing the normal way and have done what was expected of me all my life. Now I am at a point that I just want to have fun. Enjoy life. And do something a little outside the box.

    That does not mean I judge you younger girls, far from it. We all make chooses in our lives, the good the bad and the ugly. Everyone has a right to live their lives as they see fit. As long as it is not hurting anyone else.

  777. lisa says:

    thanks sweetredhead. It’s not from this site though. I needed new exposure

  778. lisa says:

    She could get a sugardaddy

  779. sweetredhead*269443* says:

    Lisa That is great news. Told you that you would find a Sd just for you :) I hope it works out for you. I will refrain from saying “I told you so” until it is definite lol

  780. sweetredhead*269443* says:

    My daughter is 19 and in college in CT. She knows I just lost my job and SHE is worried about how she is going to get along. Good Gawd child get yourself a job. My fault I have spoiled her and she is nothing like me. I worked from a very young age and supported myself. I depended on my parents for nothing, even put myself through school. Moved to NY when I was 17 and had my own apt and job while I went to school at night. Wanted to make it easier on my children, but I think we make a mistake by doing that.

    My boys are very different than her. I make then earn the things they want. And I think they are better people for it.

  781. gurlnextdoor says:

    Aww Lisa, that’s great news. It’s good to know what each other expects out of the arrangement so there won’t be any unpleasant surprises. And good luck with sd #2 also. Glad number one is now a goner, lol. Hate to say that, but it’s true. :)

  782. lisa says:


    Well we got the swine flu threat here. I gotta get a face mask when I get a chance. My whole neighborhood is full of people who travel back and forth to Mexico regularly, legal and illegal so gotta stay away from all there coughing kids.

    Well sd #1 is history.

    sd # hasn’t been online today, but he’s married and he probably hasn’t had a chance to write.

    sd#3 is moving up (he is the one that has it all layed out, I just worry that he won’t like me) he is attractive, in his 50’s and seems to know what spoiling is. He asked my what I was looking for and I said getting together once a week for dinner, outing, etc and that I would like at least 1000. He said it was no problem and also mentioned spas and flower as extras. We are meeting friday for an early lunch. He is going to travel over from work to meet me for an hour and then he has a meeting at work. I picked a restaraunt at the mall and he said I made a good choice (they have a great food and it’s moderatly priced and definatly not food court junk). So things are looking up maybe. I still want to meet sd #2 because he would be someone i’d only see a couple times a month when he is in town for business.

  783. gurlnextdoor says:

    Whew! Just caught up.

    Welcome to the blog Raquel :) And Lisa, I’m 19 and there is no way that I would marry a man who was 60+. If I’m going to marry someone at the max he’ll be 13 years older than me and in great shape. Unless it’s George Clooney, then I’ll have to make an exception lol. Anyway, sweetred good luck with the job hunting, I know how hard that is. I’m supposed to be looking for a job this summer so I can help my parents out. My mom just lost her job so I’m gonna finally try and help out financially. Oh and OPOV, I didn’t see that on the news yet, so I guess I should look it up.

  784. sweetredhead*269443* says:

    Why not fly here? I live in one of the best areas for resorts and vacations destinations. People come from all over the world to vacation here. I live in paradise. Unless you are in the working class that is lol.

  785. sweetredhead*269443* says:

    I have had Sd’s email me asking me to jump on a plane and travel with them whenever they want me too. In their profile they say they want to find a woman who is intelligent. Who has their own life and they are not their sole source of income.Well most intelligent woman work and where do you think they get their income from? I just can’t drop everything and travel the world. I have a job (or had) and I have commitments and responsibilities also.

  786. sweetredhead*269443* says:

    I agree. Media has a big influence over a lot of things. But this is real life, we are real people. This is not some fantasy world.

  787. O(ne) P(oint) O(f) V(iew) says:

    sweetredhead*269443* Says:
    April 27th, 2009 at 7:00 pm

    “An SD is not a ATM machine.”

    Thanx for being one of the few it seems so far who get that. Some of the requests I have seen are rather over the top. Like I said once before, I think many people have a rather outdated, media fueled impression of sugardaddies.

  788. sweetredhead*269443* says:

    Beach_girl when you get a chance email your pictures and I will see what I can do for you.

  789. sweetredhead*269443* says:

    Beach_girl he wasn’t referring to you about the photo shop. Was the plain flying low over NYC today and scaring the crap out of everyone.

    I should be doing stuff right now too, but here I am sitting at my computer looking on every job website I can find looking for a job. I hate Florida! I should have stayed up north!

  790. Beach_Girl*306486 says:

    sweetredhead~ i’ll be on a little later doing some stuff right now ,,, talk soon sweets!

  791. Beach_Girl*306486 says:

    OPOV~ don’t know how to fix the photo, yeah i heard of photo shop,i’m just not good at this stuff!!!

  792. sweetredhead*269443* says:

    Idiots! didn’t they even think about the consequences of their actions? Nope military. They do and think after.

  793. O(ne) P(oint) O(f) V(iew) says:

    Defense department (i.e. military intelligence – you know, oxymoron?) decided to take one of the Air Force Ones and buzz it low against lower Manhattan/NY harbor backdrop so they could take pictures. Frackin’ pictures!!

    Didn’t anyone ever hear of Photshop?

  794. sweetredhead*269443* says:

    I found it. Wow that must have been scary. I lived in Ct at the time of the 911 attacks and my son was in the hospital in Hartford. I was so scared it was not going to end, I left work and drove straight to the hospital. I was getting my son out of the city!

  795. sweetredhead*269443* says:

    I don’t see anything except about the swine flu.

  796. O(ne) P(oint) O(f) V(iew) says:

    Check out cnn. Don’t want to print the link.

    Yeah, lisa, there are a lot of those on the site looking for more (or less depending on the consideration) than the site’s premise. I have noticed it more from an SD perspective on another site, too.

  797. sweetredhead*269443* says:

    feel free to message me on site and I will be happy to give you my messenger id. or email. Can never have enough Sd and Sb friends :)

  798. sweetredhead*269443* says:

    oh no!! O(ne) P(oint) O(f) V(iew) you have a threat there in NYC today? What happened?

  799. sweetredhead*269443* says:

    Hi Lisa. Oh sure I will just up and move to TX lmao.

    I don’t think men on this site actually get the concept of being a SD and to be fair neither do some woman. It’s not all about the money and their are so many different arrangements. But one thing it’s not is a play for pay site. There has to be chemistry a friendship, mutual respect. An SD is not a ATM machine.

  800. O(ne) P(oint) O(f) V(iew) says:

    BG, if you want the way it is placed changed, redo the height/width proportions of your photos – make them wider and they will be stacked one on top of the other.

  801. O(ne) P(oint) O(f) V(iew) says:

    In NYC today, the weather was beautiful. It was the perfect day to go running from our office under threat of another attack!

  802. lisa says:

    a storm is coming up, gotta unplug my computer

  803. Raquel--- says:

    guys you from the states or canada?

  804. lisa says:

    I have never seen so many men on these sd sites that are looking for committment and marriage. ?? Or is it that they want to avoid the sd/sb responsibilities? Next time I pay my rent, I will look deeply into the landlord’s eyes and that will pay my rent. lol So many sds seem to think that is the same as spoiling. lol

    Sweetredhead, come work at the grocery store I work at. They fired 5 cashiers for stealing last week. We are severly short staffed.

  805. sweetredhead*269443* says:

    I don’t remember, did it so long ago. I want to change it but don’t remember how lol.

  806. sweetredhead*269443* says:

    Beach_girl get your butt on messenger lmao Sorry I missed you last night, was so tired I fell asleep.

  807. Raquel--- says:

    thanx redhead! how do u get ur pic there like that? :S