9 years ago
~ Bought ~

9 years ago
~ Bought ~

 Bought: A Novel By Anna David ~ a new fiction about sugar.

Here in sugarland there’s no shortage of fun, change and ‘WTF!?’ moments… the stuff good stories are made of.

“I will give you all an update on my sd….our situation has turned into a soap opera…”Natasha

What has your experience been like in the sugarbowl? Has it been like a novel? Soap opera? ‘The Fabulous Sugar Life of _____”? 

In what chapter of your life did you join SeekingArrangement? After a divorce? A move?

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  1. Harrison says:

    I started doing this last year after realizing that, at 45, I was never going to have the kind of sexual experiences I wanted with the woman to whom I was married. We had kids, the economy was busting our a$$es and making home ownership difficult, and stress just kind of took its toll. She no longer had any desire whatsoever. While I cheated in my first marriage, this time I don’t consider it cheating. Seeing other women for sex is a way for me to nurture a part of myself that would otherwise go neglected. I still love my wife, and I treasure our family. But if I’m being honest with myself — I figure I have about 10 years left of sexual adventures in me. I want to take full advantage of that time and not abandon it because society says it’s not OK. If there’s a young woman eager to play with me, I’m there even if I have to pay for it. In addition to providing for my family, I’m driven to succeed so that I have the resources to indulge this side of myself.

  2. Stiletto.. formerly Cyanide says:

    Testing once more of avatar change.

  3. Stiletto.. formerly Cyanide says:

    Testing for avatar change…

  4. jessica says:

    eh, I should just learn to read properly, sweetred, sorry you couldn’t go!

  5. jessica says:

    Hey, limo girl wwho was going on a date in Miami, how did it work out?
    I’m really curiou though I don’t know you, haha

  6. DC says:

    Evening everyone!

    Lisa I feel so sorry for you without a/c. I get cranky when it goes about 75 degrees. I’d be screaming bloody murder!

    As for why people seem excited and then drop off the face of the earth…well..it’s part of dating on the internet whether it’s here or at Match. Most people are communicating with a few people and have other options. The decent thing to do would be to just be honest with someone and say we are not a match but most people find it too hard to hurt someone’s feelings like that. So they figure if they just dont respond the person will get the message.

    Unfortunately after years of doing this I have developed a tough skin and don;t take it personally. Everyone has their type. Not everyone is gonna like me and that’s fine.

  7. lisa says:

    Good night sweetredhead, yes my baby boy will be one of those who lives with his mom and pretends to be a sugarbird, lol

    Good night everyone. I’m going to get ready to go to bed. Will sleep till 8 in the morning and then head out to shop.

  8. Stormcat says:

    Oh Lisa don’t do that! He might interpret it as a threat.

  9. sweetredhead*269443 * says:

    Poor bird, you will never think a female bird will be good enough for him, your such a mother lol

  10. Stormcat says:

    GN Jai and everyone
    I’m off too
    Got a big project that I can’t put off any longer so I’m going to hit it hard tomorrow.
    Thanks for the advice and the entertainment

  11. sweetredhead*269443 * says:

    night Jai, sweet sugar dreams. I am off soon to. 6am comes way to fast.

  12. lisa says:

    He needs a mate but I can’t get him a girl pigeon. The ones that come for food are just plain weird, they stare at me really strange. I thought maybe a stuffed bird for him if I can find one.

  13. sweetredhead*269443 * says:

    I hate conflict. I avoid it, but I am not a afraid to tell people what I think. But I will try not to be confrontational.

  14. Stormcat says:

    Maybe you could start a new SA site for birds and get Percy an SBB (Suger Baby Bird)

  15. Beach_Girl*306486 says:

    Stormcat~ i think it’s rude and shouldn’t be done,, when i got some mails i didn’t like i wrote back saying no thank you

  16. sweetredhead*269443 * says:

    That and just plain rudeness. People need to be straight forward with each other. I have found it works best.

  17. lisa says:

    Percy is very jealous. When my lover comes over, he makes a lot of noise (percy that is, lol) I dont’ think he likes outsiders.

  18. Stormcat says:

    Ok. I guessed right. I think it’s just a conflict avoidance behavior.

  19. sweetredhead*269443 * says:

    Oh lisa you bird really loves you awwwwwww.

  20. Jai says:

    HAHAHAHA!! Lisa, tell your SD he’s got competition lol

  21. SuthrnExec says:

    I think it happens with both SDs and SBs. Obviously something of greater interest – whether another SB or SD or something outside of SA – has caught their attention. Don’t take it personally – if you do you’ll get discouraged. Patience is THE key here.

  22. Stormcat says:

    Birds bond by a chemical brain pattern! Dont take it lightly. For them, once your the one, its for life!

  23. sweetredhead*269443 * says:

    Thought that was an SD move lol. Maybe you scared them off? They didn’t like what you had to say? Or they didn’t think it was going to be a good match? You would think they would let you know that, but they don’t, most Sd’s either.

  24. Beach_Girl*306486 says:

    Stormcat~ why do SDs communicate and then disappear? Same thing on both sides

  25. lisa says:

    Stormcat are you a sd or a sb? I have found many sds communicate and then vanish.

  26. lisa says:

    He really does try to hit on me. I know that male dogs are like that if you dont’ have them spayed but birds? Weird. He is in a nesting mood, sitting with his little water cup under his breast. He tore up a napkin and took it in pieces in his beak to his box. I guess I just need to sit on the nest now, lol

  27. Stormcat says:

    Wow! Now I know even les than I thought I did. Bummer!
    Dumb ? #2
    Why do the SBs start communicating in such a positive way then suddenly completely dissapear?

  28. sweetredhead*269443 * says:

    Well I don’t think my pet pidgin is trying to come on to me. lmao j/k lisa you know I love you gf :)

  29. Beach_Girl*306486 says:

    Stormcat~ i think the amount would be the cash you gave, gifts and stuff are over that i would think, but since i don’t have an SD or really nothing really,,,, i’m not really able to tell you more than that

  30. lisa says:

    Stormcat the amount shown on the budget usually is how much a sd can afford monthly including allowance, dinners, travel, gifts, etc. It should never include his traveling expenses though as that is not for the sb. For the sb, the amount expected is what the sb wants in allowance, gifts, etc,

  31. sweetredhead*269443 * says:

    everyone uses that different. I have heard some Sd’s say it’s their total budget. Allowance and gifts, dinners, expenses, ect.

    But if you ask an SB she will say it represents the budget for allowance lol.

    So you really need to ask the person you are talking to how they interpret it.

  32. SuthrnExec says:

    That’s a SB questions so I will refrain – except to offer my opinion — I would expect it probably represents the cash amount desired. I personally think that most SDs will, once the relationship is established, usually exceed your expectations with cash and with gifts.

  33. Stormcat says:

    How do you know? If you’re insane you’re no longer qualified to make the determination.

  34. lisa says:

    ok Percy is walking aroud in his box carry a potato chip in his beak trying to get me to take it. lol

  35. sweetredhead*269443 * says:

    I may be a little strange but I am not insane…yet lol

  36. Stormcat says:

    OK Dumb? #1
    Is the amount expected range, the total amount budgeted or the cash amount needed?

  37. Beach_Girl*306486 says:

    Stormcat~ ask all the questions you want… we can’t bite thru the computer lol

  38. sweetredhead*269443 * says:

    Just jump in stormcat, if you wait on the rest of us, you will be waiting a long time lmao

  39. lisa says:

    Stormcat, stay on the blog long enough and you will be on the road to insanity like the rest of us, lol :)

  40. Jai says:

    So true SuthrnExec. :) Indulge us Stormcat

  41. SuthrnExec says:

    Stormcat, go ahead – that maybe just the ticket to get everyone’s mind off the things they can’t cahnge or don’t want to think about right now.

  42. sweetredhead*269443 * says:

    Stormcat ask away. I am not upset about anything lmao. He is just a guy who is trying to get me to go see him, no biggy lol

  43. Stormcat says:

    Singular Tool?

  44. lisa says:

    Lisa’s apartment contains no ice, eggs, bread, milk, butter, etc
    Lisa’s bathroom closet shelves are full of expensive cosmetics though.

  45. Jai says:

    Ew I meant tools with a ‘s’. It looks bad otherwise lol

  46. sweetredhead*269443 * says:

    Wise words of wisdom or sarcastic remarks? lmao

  47. Stormcat says:

    I’ve really been hoping to get to know everyone better so that I can ask a couple a more perplexing ignorant questions. But, I don’t think I can even start down that road with lisa sffering so much as she is and sweetred all upset about what to do with this new SD of hers.
    Guess I have to keep quite for another day or so.

  48. Jai says:

    I’m good Beach. Watching the Office 😛

    Lisa don’t you worry. I’m packing my tool now. Should be there in the morning. 😛

  49. lisa says:

    I feel Nitemare’s vibe, I know Gail is out there too, come out from hiding you two! Give us some wise words of wisdom Nitemare

  50. sweetredhead*269443 * says:

    You and your excuses lmao. You make me laugh :)

  51. lisa says:

    and if you remember, I dont have ice, lol can’t get a block of it either because it would melt by the time I got it home on the bus. lol

  52. lisa says:

    My fan is old and falling apart from me falling over the cord, fans are always in the way it seems. lol

  53. sweetredhead*269443 * says:

    He is always peeking, saying nothing just watching us. It’s really creepy lmao

  54. Beach_Girl*306486 says:

    how are you Jai?
    sweetred~ is NMSD lurking? how do you know?

  55. lisa says:

    I have my windows bolted shut and have never opened them as they open up on the porch so anyone could climb in so now window acs for me. I dont’ think my outlets could handle an window ac either as I have alot of faulty outlets that I can’t use anymore because they spark.

  56. sweetredhead*269443 * says:

    That’s a good idea, you can’t get window air conditioner? Or one of those plug in ones. Maybe your Sd can buy you one :)

  57. lisa says:

    But I really need some new Yves st laurent eyeshadow and blush as I haven’t had any new makeup since friday, lol Also need some new sexy undies and some more godivas, and of course more hosiery, etc lol i’m down to my last 40 pairs of shoes and I really need a couple more pairs

  58. sweetredhead*269443 * says:

    Lmao Lisa too funny. Are you hungry or something?

  59. Jai says:

    Hey Beach! :)

  60. lisa says:

    sweetredhead, tell him you are not pizza, you are fillet mignon and he has to come to you as delivery is not available. lol

    Ok Jai you come fix my ac and I’ll treat you to lunch. lol

    Just sent my sd an email, hope to hear from him. I checked the site and he still has his profile suspended and hasn’t been on the site for 6 days so thats good. Mine is suspended too for now

  61. sweetredhead*269443 * says:

    hey hey beach_girl how are you :)

  62. Beach_Girl*306486 says:

    Hello Sugar people!

  63. sweetredhead*269443 * says:

    Sry Hi stormcat :) How are you this fine evening?

  64. sweetredhead*269443 * says:

    Thats what I say lol. If he really wants to meet me, then he can come to me :)

  65. Jai says:

    That’s too bad sweetred. Seems if he was serious and had limos and planes at his disposal, he’d come to you.

  66. Jai says:

    Hi Stormcat :)

    Lisa, I’ll be there tomorrow to fix that ac lol

  67. sweetredhead*269443 * says:

    Told the Sd if he is ever in Tampa to look me up I am not far from there lol, keeps insisting on limo’s and flight to bring me to where he is ughhh.

  68. lisa says:

    Where or where is NitemareSD? Are you lurking Nitemare? Hello Gail I see you lurking

  69. lisa says:

    well I had alot of extra money thanks to my sd and was going to get a whole lotta stuff but now I wont’ have the time. I was supposed to get off at 12 on saturday and I could have had the ac fixed then but now I gotta work till 4 so when I get home the workers will have gone home and won’t come to fix it. I could stay home all day tomorrow and wait for them to come but they never fix anything the same day and I do need to enjoy my day off as it’s been a tiring week at work. I will report it again when I get home tomorrow around 4 but I know they will be at my door saturday when I’m at work. Then they’ll make the excuse that I wasn’t home. Well I can’t just stay home, they need to just get up on the roof and put the freon in the ac.

  70. Stormcat says:

    Hi everyone

  71. Jai says:

    Aw that’s too bad Lisa. You too Sweetred :( . My mother is in Japan, so I just sent a card and will call her Saturday.

  72. sweetredhead*269443 * says:

    I had to cancel with my mother also. I usually take everyone out for breakfast. But I can’t afford it this year.

  73. lisa says:

    It seems alot of sds think we can just jump on a plane and travel, and many don’t mention compensating us for lost wages. I would love to travel but that is not my priority for seekng a sd. And I get so tired of guys asking me if I have a fun weekend planned (after I have talked to them forever and they know I work every weekend). I never have a fund weekend, it’s all work for me. It’s going to get worse because one coworker is going to another store to work for 6 weeks and then my boss will be off for 4-6 months for back surgery so it will just be 3 of us instead of 4 and we are already shorthanded and working our butts off. I found out today that I have to work 9- 5 on mothers day which means I will not see my family or my daughter and they have already made big plans for sunday and think they are coming over when I get home around 2 (the normal time I get off) but this week I am having to work till 5 , get home at 6 and they would have to be on the bus by 7 to get home before the bus stops running. I have to break it to them saturday that mother’s day is cancelled. :(

  74. sweetredhead*269443 * says:

    I told him to buy himself a ticket and fly here lol. I live right near the best vacation spots in Florida, people come from all over the world to vacation here. Not like I am asking him to go to some far away place lol.

    Back to watching the practice, check back in a few.

  75. Jai says:

    It’s good your children are the priority sweetred. That’s how it should be. If he’s a good guy and really interested, he’ll understand :)

  76. sweetredhead*269443 * says:

    Now The Pot Sd wants to buy me a ticket to Ft lauderdale. I would love it, but I can’t :( Just started my new job and I have children. I just can’t go flying off whenever I want to. I have people to watch my children for a day or evening but not a weekend get away to fly off somewhere. Besides I would not do that, my children come first.

    Told him I am a working woman and a mother and the person I am with has to understand that.

    Like I have so many Sd’s lol To turn this very nice man down, but We all have our limitations and arrangements we seek. What we are able to do and can’t do. If our lifestyles don’t fit that it’s not the right arrangement :(

  77. lisa says:

    Percy’s too messy as he always spills his water. He’s into nesting now even though he’s a boy , he’s sitting on his water cup and carrying paper around and putting it around his water cup. lol

    I just heard on the news that a woman was robbed at gunpoint at the walmart 6 blocks down the street from me. There were police cars at my apartment when I got home this afternoon, now it makes sense as the suspects probably live at my apartment. My parents where thinking of going to that walmart to get my dad’s medicine since the one near them turned into a mexican grocerystore, now I have to warn them not to go near it. They say there are at least 2 robberies in the parking lot every week. I never go there.

  78. lisa says:

    It’s easier to keep warm than to get cool. I have lots of cute sweaters and coats for the cold weather. I hate getting dressed up in the hot weather and getting soaked with sweat at the busstop, that feeling of the sweat running down your butt crack and face isn’t pleasant. I just have to sit around almost naked in my apartment to keep cool. I think I’ll get me a cute white short terrycloth spa robe when I go shopping tomorrow as I have nothing to just through on if a friend stops by.

  79. SuzieQ*297329* says:

    Hey gals, I’m heading out for a bike ride to grab hold of some of the sunshine that just appeared. My nails will dry en route lol!

    Have a great evening!

  80. lisa says:

    I think we both wood Jai, we could probably fix it faster even if we were blindfolded. We don’t have actual electricians, they just hire people who live here that want earn rent points so they can save money.

    Poor percy has his wings hanging down and his mouth open, he’s hot.

    where or where is my sugardaddy tonight? I hope he didnt’ drop dead from the heat while working in his garden.

  81. SuzieQ*297329* says:

    Jai – don’t ruin your manicure fixing lisa’s a/c. Where’s a man when you need one? Any sugar daddies in the house?

  82. SuzieQ*297329* says:

    Hi Jai!

    Lucky us here on the west coast of Canada a day in need of a/c is rare indeed. It’s more the soggy, grey winters that drives us to drink. Tea in my case…and lots of it!

  83. Jai says:

    I’m buzzing around Suzie, this manicure’s just taking forever :)

  84. Jai says:

    Hi SuzieQ! :) I thought I was done, but I have to touch up my thumb.

    Lisa-I’m going to come to Texas and fix it myself lol it sounds like it’ll get done faster.

  85. SuzieQ*297329* says:

    Hmmm….quiet around here tonight…anyone home? (hi lisa)

  86. lisa says:

    Hi Jai

    Done my manicure (too bad it will only last one day cause when I work on saturday, my nails will be chipped and ripped before I get off work) facial, bath,etc. I’m still soaked with sweat. Tomorrow when I get back from shopping in the late afternoon I need to see if the management will fix my ac. I know they won’t because they never do same day service. Instead they will be knocking on my door on saturday morning when i’m at work all day which means no ac fixed as they will not come if i’m not home and I can’t just stay home from work or sit around all day on my day off.
    I go through this every summer because they don’t maintain the ac, never put freon in or anything without you request it.

  87. lisa says:

    Hi sweetredhead, just got in from spending 15 minutes with my daughter when she got off work. Wow the heat is horrible here.
    Haven’t heard from my sd yet, guess he’s busy today. Doing so girly grooming tonight for my big shopping day tomorrow.

  88. sweetredhead*269443 * says:

    Good evening everyone. Home at last :) well for an hour already. How is everyone this evening?

  89. lisa says:

    Good afternoon everyone. Home from work. Sucked on a sprite all day at work and had a light snack of drinkable yogurt and string cheese. This heat is really making me tired. The store is cold and then I walk out into the hot and it just makes my energy sink. Getting ready to meet my daughter and parents to spend my 15 minutes with my daughter.

    Haven’t heard from my sd yet today. So glad i’m off tomorrow.

  90. Jai says:

    Lol DC, I just want to get finished. I still plan to pursue science and medical school. I’m just itching to get this Bachelors under my belt. And I’m interested in Social Science as well. That’s what my Associates is in.

    I’m not motivated either. I did get some stuff done, but I still have essays to do. And these waves of nausea are a hinderance all their own 😛 Happy gift hunting.

  91. DC says:

    I love the sciences Jai? Why the switch?

    I’m doing good. Have to leave for downtown in a few to pick up a birthday present for a friend. Not feeling very motivated today….

  92. OCSugarBaby says:

    Just checking in to say “Hello”
    Oh so much to comment on today!

    Mina- You can’t just hit and run. Update us girl! We miss you!

    Gail: Aren’t you just so proud of Lisa Penelope!

    Ok, web cams and drama SD’s. My words of wisdom… What the hell are you doing with either of them. Web cams are like sending the guy more pics! If after you meet; then you want to have a web cam im’ing session, that makes perfect sense. But before, that is feeding the pic frenzy. Plus you never know where they will end up (pictures of yourself).

    Natasha, you may have learned a valuable lesson. Sex is Sex great or not, use a condom. :) Only YOU can stop the madness and drama. Run not walk. If you choose to stay, you are adding to the drama. Now I know you dont want to do that! :)

  93. Jai says:

    Sweetred-Even though it’s not practical, I agree with sweetnothings, it sounds very nice :)

  94. Jai says:

    Yep, it’s in Eugune :) And thanks for the congrats. I’m currently a biochemistry major, but I’m changing to Sociology. How are you this west morning?

  95. Sweetnothings says:

    :) Sweetredhead, perhaps that’s not practical, but *sigh* how glamorous!

  96. DC says:

    Hey Jai!

    Congrats, wonderful news. I lived in Oregon for 1.5 years. The U is in Eugne, eh? What will you be studying?

  97. sweetredhead*269443 * says:

    I got a message from an SD who wants me to meet him in Miami for dinner tomorrow. Will send me a limo. It’s a 5 hour drive from here! I work and have kids I just can’t drop everything and just jump in a limo! Sometimes I wonder what these men think we do all day.

  98. sweetredhead*269443 * says:

    Afternoon everyone. Home for lunch. What a day. The girl who is leaving, is leaving TOMORROW! Now I have to sit in the hot seat and just take over. I think I can do it, but only been there 21/2 days. I learn fast but sheeh lol

  99. Jai says:

    Morning all :) I had one too many glasses of chenin blanc last night..bleh 😛 I did get accepted into the University of Oregon! Which I’m excited about since I wanted it lol it almost makes my hangover seem less intense..wait..nope.

  100. DC says:

    Hi Lisa- try some fresh ginger in your tea or peppermint tea always works for me, chamomile as well. Feel better. Morning everyone.

  101. lisa says:

    Good morning everyone. Getting ready to go to work. Feeling really sick to my stomach from the chicken I ate yesterday. No breakfast for me this morning. Glad it’s finally thursday and I will be off tomorrow as it’s been a tiring week and I am not getting enough sleep. This heat doesn’t help either

    Have a good day everyone.

  102. Angela300373 says:

    Wow, I love that SA is helping you to have confidence! I almost cried…. I understand …been there done that…I used to be shy…until I discovered my inner exhibitionist…Lol
    But seriously, your problem lies with having a limited idea of how MANY people find you attractive. Once you get on the internet you realize you are attractive to more than a handful of people . I rejoice in your journey!

    As far as hosting goes…That is an individual issue that I’m sure everyone has their own view on. Hopefully , it will work itself out with the right girl.
    Me personally, I am unable to host and just lost a potential because of it. I feel it is a safety issue for me. (I do not want “the wife” to find out and go all Fatal Attraction on me)

    I feel it is the SD’s responsibility to take care of that issue.
    I understand you not wanting to get caught…..no one wants that, but remember , It is an inconvenience for you but a safety issue for her.
    You comment about expensive and cold raises warning flags-
    too expensive should not be in a Sugar Daddies vocabulary…lol
    and cold…well nice hotels are very nice and inviting.

    Anything you put on the internet is there forever and ANYONE can see! (I know from experience) I only post things that I don’t care if anyone sees.

  103. Sweetnothings says:

    The one on Monday was interesting. We went for drinks and ended up talking until the bar closed haha. He’s soooo smart and well-informed, which is a thrill. I can hardly keep up with him, but I took in a ton of music and current event info just from that one date. I love being around those kinds of people, as intimidating as it is sometimes. He did call and ask if I wanted to see him again tonight, but I’m way too busy with finals. I’ll have to wait and see what I think though. This may be an overshare, but he’s younger and my potential problem with him, and men in their teens, twenties, and even early thirties that I have encountered is…the intensity of their sexual energy scares me sometimes. You can basically see it on their faces. I don’t have a problem with intimacy, but sometimes the vibe is overwhelming.

    I had a date last night as well, with the SD who took me to dinner last week who I liked. Once again, it was great! I’ve never been to a restaurant as nice as the one he took me to. It’s funny because in terms of where we are in our lives we have little in common, but the conversation comes so naturally. He’s someone very special. I’m his first serious interaction on the website, but he grasps the concept and particularly what I’m looking for, in terms of a friend and a mentor, extremely well. He’s the one who just got me this amazing internship opportunity for the summer after I had casually mentioned what a hard time I was having difficulty finding something last week at dinner. He remembered, did some research, and gave me several options at dinner saying he could get any of them for me. *swoon*

    All good things on my end, I have to say.

  104. Beach_Girl*306486 says:

    Sweetnothings~ hey didn’t you have a date? how did it go?
    as for the checkbook , i just never thought about it that way!

  105. O(ne) P(oint) O(f) V(iew) says:

    If he doesn’t own a business in which he could use it’s accounting to hide that figur, more than likely he has income that is not solely wage. Odds are he has some investment accounts one or two which may not be known to the wife, and he uses that for this expenditure. Could also be that he is the one who controls the checkbook in the household and not the wife. (Yeah, right. Couldn’t help it. Just kidding.)

    More than likely, most of the men who you meet on this site and are genuine either a.) are not beholden to someone else b.) have their own business and as such can hide it.

  106. Beach_Girl*306486 says:

    O(ne) P(oint) O(f) V(iew)~ Ok coz i totally felt like a was having a huge Blond moment!!! lol
    how would the gentleman put 5k on a prepaid credit card without the wife knowing?

  107. O(ne) P(oint) O(f) V(iew) says:

    er, that’s lady, not ady.

    (I think there’s something wrong with this keyboard. :) )

  108. Beach_Girl*306486 says:

    O(ne) P(oint) O(f) V(iew)~ if you didn’t want to pay taxes on the money then what would you do?

  109. Beach_Girl*306486 says:

    O(ne) P(oint) O(f) V(iew)~ but i think that is the best way

  110. Beach_Girl*306486 says:

    O(ne) P(oint) O(f) V(iew)~ right i didn’t think of that
    i was thinking prepaid credit card , but then how do you get the money without the wife knowing!!!

  111. O(ne) P(oint) O(f) V(iew) says:

    If you are a business owner, the best way is to put the lady on payroll or hire her as an independent contractor, in which case she becomes responsible for the taxes. Paying directly out of pocket can cause red flags.

    Say you have a sd that makes 500k a yr. He also has a sb that he supports for 5k a month. Right there, that is 100k off the top of his yearly wage, so wifey will notice these things.

    (Wait a minute – how do you get 100k? Isn’t 5k/mnth *12 = only 60k? Yes, and no. If he is paying you out of his pocket, that is after tax income, so 100k in earned wages equates to about 60k after taxes. Get it?)

    The best way to hide it is thu corporate finances, either in wages or miscellaneous expenditures.

  112. ChocolateSnowBunny says:

    I have a question for the SDs or the SBs that know…

    What are some suggestions for hiding money for a monthly allowance? I’m sure for multi-millionaires, the wife won’t notice a few thousands. But what if you’re not so rich?

  113. Jai says:

    Night Lisa. :)

  114. Beach_Girl*306486 says:

    I’m the official Internet Blond i think

  115. lisa says:

    I presume he does expect that but I’m not really ready. I have been with my married lover for 4 years and had a boyfriend and one sugardaddy since then. It takes awhile for me to get comfortable with a new lover. The first few months I was with my married lover, I would sometimes lay there and think whether I wanted to see him again or not, but a strong bond was formed. He’s older than I thought he was too so that kinda makes feel weird about it. Men in their 50’s are great and he had told me he was 53, but he is probably more like 63 or 64, so well, it’s just kinda weird.

    Percy puts on his imaginary jammies. Still need to get him that flight suit, lol

    Good night everyone. My ac is working now that it’s night (it works at night,just not in the daytime).

  116. Beach_Girl*306486 says:

    OPOV ~ i didn’t know that!
    hummm well i usually use my cam to talk to friends in LA , I really had no idea!

  117. O(ne) P(oint) O(f) V(iew) says:

    BG, you can record all your activity that you do on your computer, and that includes viewing a cam show/conversation

  118. Jai says:

    Lol Gail. I think he’s mad at me for real this time. Soooo, I’m letting him sit alone on the veranda as he requested.

  119. sweetredhead says:

    Time for me to go to bed also. Don’t want to fall asleep at my new job. Almost did today ughh. had several cups of coffee at lunch time and was all wired when I went back to work lol

  120. Jai says:

    Lisa-Super personal question:Are you planning on sleeping with your new SD at some point? Or hoping to bypass? :) I hope that’s not offensive. Please forgive me and disregard the question if it is.

  121. sweetredhead says:

    Percy wears jammies? lmao Lisa you are too much!!

  122. O(ne) P(oint) O(f) V(iew) says:

    Lisa, get that a/c fixed first before one or both of you collapse fro heat exhaustion. 😀

  123. lisa says:

    Natasha, my prayers are with you. Let it be something treatable that isn’t life or health threatening, a scare but nothing lasting.

    I’m going to hit the sack soon too. Have a good night everyone. Thank God my phone died and I escaped from my friend, lol

    Good night everyone, time for Percy to put his jammies on

  124. Gail says:

    You have a sugar…time to wake him up…and pull him off that veranda..that way you will have sugar stories to share with us…lol…

  125. lisa says:

    I will probably be home around 9 pm or so as it’s an hour drive back from where he lives. I will buy a once piece, not into swimsuits, especially with strangers, lol.

    My lover is very dominant sometimes and sometimes it scares me, not in a bad way, I just can’t get the circulation back in my leg or arm when he has been laying across it, lol I don’t know if I can feel that kinda spark with anyone else though. We are going on 4 years and only see each other 3 times a month but it’s the best i’ve had. Didn’t see him last week because he was sick, this week i’m outa order, so next week I need to find time for a couple hours in my king size bed with him, lol

  126. Jai says:

    Natasha-Night. You’ll be fine. And that prayer request is done and done 😉 Good luck on the date tomorrow.

  127. sweetredhead says:

    sweet dreams Natasha . Hope it goes super well for you. Rest his what you need. Things are better when you get some sleep

  128. Natasha says:

    you are all so nice …thank you so much!!!! i need rest i have to go to sleep. I havnt been sleeping after all this craziness…i have a regular type of date 2morrow with an awsome guy…he really likes me. i hope it goes good. I canceled on him today and i dont want to cancel on him 2morrow…i will keep you updated and please pray for me. I really appreciate all your help

  129. Jai says:

    Lol my bad sweetred 😛 Just make sure you check in with us afterwards Lisa.

  130. sweetredhead says:

    [email protected] good gawd don’t give Lisa night mares now lmao

  131. Gail says:

    A house, pool and hottub…are you wearing your teeney yellow bikini…Percy is going to get jealous…lol….at least you know a little more of him…what time will you be home…I expect you to check in…lol….

  132. lisa says:

    Well I’m still talking to the second potential one , not sure when he will be able to get into town but at least I’m getting to know him and it’s good to have a potential on file. Working on the first one but again I dont’ want to hang out with him that much, once a week works for me as I have been so busy and tired this week and the hot weather is not making it better.

  133. sweetredhead says:

    I agree Gail. We are all here for her :) That’s what this sugar family is for :)

  134. Gail says:

    Please don’t get the idea, that I am for Natasha staying with him. My comment was to console her and allow her to think about the entire situation without the emotional and physical attachment. Her health and well being is definately priority.

    Evening princess Jai : ) (smile)

  135. lisa says:

    yes but I should have stuck to the dollar menu, lol
    I am going out again next week on my first day off. He is going to pick me up in the afternoon and we are going to his house. He has a hottub and pool. I’m nervous as it is in another town about 30 miles away.

    still on the phone with my friend. She thinks sugardating is bad and dangerous yet she goes to dumpy bars and gets drunk and sits on poor guys’ laps. That’s not safe either, lol

  136. sweetredhead says:

    Natasha sweety you will be ok, I know you will. just be strong. We all make mistake and we learn from them. Don’t get yourself all worked up until you KNOW what it is.

  137. Jai says:

    never* lol my bad

  138. Jai says:

    Natasha-One more thing, I’m 23 too :) I know how that It’s-the-end-of-the -world-never-going-to-find-another-like-him sex can be, but ever compromise yourself or your health for anyone. It can be explosive with any one if you know yourself 😉 I think many women forget that. PLUS you have a child. You have to factor him into every decision you make. Men are going to be there, good sex will be there. You only get one of you so take care of yourself. Ok…I’m putting my soap box back in the garage lol

  139. Gail says:

    lol….at least you have moved up from the $1.00 menu Lisa : )

    When are you going on your next Sugar date? I am anxiously waiting for your next update. When you work all the time, sugar is low :) I did go cross the street(wink,wink) last nite for awhile….(smile) looked around and captured the views…

  140. Natasha says:

    im super worried…ive never gone through something scary..i think this is worse than when i ended up pregnant at 16

  141. Sweetnothings says:

    To be part of the chorus of women supporting you, I say get rid of him Natasha. No good man would have put you in this position.

  142. Jai says:

    Natasha-Love, hon, sweetie: Only trust papers. Go together with your partner to get tested OR ask to see their test results. And if he’s already got something and is spreading it, why wouldn’t he sleep with you without protection if you allow it? Your health and body are more important than anything a man (or anyone for that matter) tells you. You have to protect you because no one else will do it for you. I pray it is nothing serious. In the meantime, 86 your relationship with that man. He seems to be a harbinger of DOOM…and infection. Like I said before, “RUN!” :) Keep your head up though. I really hope you’re ok.

  143. Natasha says:

    my son is 5

  144. lisa says:

    Gail I’m feeling sick. I think those mcdonalds chicken strips made me sick. lol

    Percy isn’t interested in tv, he is more into trying to get lucky with me, lol
    He likes my yellow shoes, lol

    Heard from my sd. He’s busy working with his flowers and pool.
    I found a glass and black desk that I like but haven’t told him about it yet.
    On the phone now with my friend that won’t hang up till my phone battery dies, lol

  145. Sweetnothings says:

    That was in response to OPOV’s comment, btw.

    Natasha, I really feel for you, and I hope everything turns out all right with the ob/gyn.

  146. Beach_Girl*306486 says:

    O(ne) P(oint) O(f) V(iew) ~ can web cam stuff be posted somewhere else? sorry i’m kind of an internet dummy

  147. Sweetnothings says:

    Obviously! You put compromising pics on the internet, and you’ve sold your soul.

  148. DC says:


    2 things.

    I suspect he’s not worried about it because he already had whatever it is you have. Just a sneaking suspicion of mine.

    I have been in quite a few relationships with men where the sex was over the top and yes, it gets addicting. But trust me, there will be others and you’ll have even better sex. I can attest to this as one boyfriend of mine and I were so compatible I thought I would never have better sex….WRONG. I have had better sex many times. So just remember that.

    Maybe do a clean break. If you stay with this loser then you are limiting your opportunities to be with someone who will treat you much, much better. And didn’t you say he has not been generous with you at all.

  149. sweetredhead says:

    Good point OPOV. He is right, you need to be very careful with that. some guys do that a lot.

  150. O(ne) P(oint) O(f) V(iew) says:

    sweetnothings – be careful about doing anything over the web ala web cam or sending pics. You just might yourself posted on some other web page, you know?

  151. Gail says:

    That way you can continue showering Percy with sugar, and leave his favorite channel on in the living room…amimal planet…(smile)

  152. sweetredhead says:

    Normally I would agree with you Gail, in a differ ant situation. From what she says this guy is using her and others.

    I feel bad for you Natasha I really do and I sympathize. We all get into situations we don’t know how to get out of. We all make discussions we wish we didn’t. It’s time to look at your situation and decide what you want to do now. No use thinking about what has already been done.

  153. Gail says:

    lol…Lisa is lurking now : ) hmmmm…watcha been doing Lisa? Have you found the computer desk and chair yet? How about the 40 inch flat screen for your living room?….(smile)

  154. lisa says:

    Good evening Gail, I’m in lurk mode

  155. Gail says:

    I just want to give you the biggest hug ever. I can feel already how sad and confused you are. It’s a hard situation, because you have a emotional attachment to him. You have been thinking with your heart and thats why it hurts so much.

    I agree with you…take the time to find out what it is that you really have. When you know the facts you can put together an action plan and make sound decisions. Right now is not the time to confront him. You may just want to chill out with a pencil and paper and write down your thoughts, both good and bad on paper. Rest and in the morning thing may be much clearer : ) Then it will be time to make rational decision with your brilliant mind!!!

    Just know you are not alone…your sugar family is here!

  156. sweetredhead says:

    Natasha how old are you?

  157. Natasha says:

    I want to end it but i don’t want to until the results. I def have to stop seeing him. I figured that one out. Im so mad at myself. and im getting freaked out because he isnt freaked out. i dont think thats normal. i hardly know much about sex ed..my mom never spoke to me about it. my first boyfriend got me pregnant and because of it i ended up with him for 6 years. after that i met my boyfriend. hes as unexperienced as me when it comes to sex and i met sd and im so hooked on his sex…hes so experienced ive never experienced something like him…its incredible. he has me going crazy but i hav to stop…i dont know why im not thinking straight

  158. Sweetnothings says:

    DC, I was sort of wondering how that would work as well, and I think he’s still figuring it out himself. He wants to stay in contact regularly over IM and webcam…the thing I’m not sure of is if he’s expecting me to….um…get naked in front of the webcam or something, in which case that is where our interactions end. I am SO not going to do that. But otherwise, chatting regularly with someone on the computer would be nice. He said it would probably be in anticipation of meeting up at some point either here in NY or in London where he lives, but that won’t be for a while. I don’t know, I’m just sort of entertaining different kinds of ideas before I settle on something.

  159. DC says:

    Natasha- you made a mistake, that is done. We all make mistakes. No man, or amount of money is worth putting yourself at risk for. And of course I don’t mean just herpes or genital warts or syph or gon. BUt HIV. You can google herpes and see if it sounds like what you have. If it is, and I hope it isn’t for your sake, you will need to warn your partners from now on. It’s only fair to them and make sure to use condoms from now on

    Not that any man here would, but if someone offered me 10,000 bucks to have unprotected sex I would not take it.

    Sounds like he is having sex with quite a few women including you. He sounds like trouble with a capital T

  160. sweetredhead says:

    I am sorry Natasha to be so blunt, but this guy sounds like an a** If I were you I would get rid of him. IMO and it’s one but I really think your asking for more trouble. Didn’t you say he lied to you? I have listened to the things you have said and I really think this guy has something to hide.

  161. Beach_Girl*306486 says:

    Natasha~you said: “I made the biggest mistake of my life..i trusted my sd and slept with him without protection”… First why? you knew he had a wife and a Girlfriend?? Second you had unprotected sex again??? Hello…. you may have something, or he may,,, what are you thinking girl?
    wow, and your Dr. isn’t sure what you have????
    girlie is right no amount is worth that!

  162. girlie says:

    Natasha, your SD had unprotected sex with you but you allowed it. Take care of your health first. No SD, not amt of whatever he is giving you is worth that.

  163. DC says:

    Natasha- just because he says he is clean doesn’t mean he is. I love when people say that. You can have herpes and be without symptoms your whole life. And the only definitive test for it anyway is a blood test.

  164. Natasha says:

    Jai- I made the biggest mistake of my life..i trusted my sd and slept with him without protection…now im stuck because gyno says i have an infection and she doesnt know what it is. she told me we have to wait for the results. I told sd what was going on and he is calm. he told me hes clean and have nothing to worry about. but at the same time asked me if i missed him like it was a joke and asked to hang out with me because his wife was out of town. i saw him after that and he seems calm. and still had unprotected sex with me again. i think if he was clean he would freak out and prob not requested to see me until all this time is sorted out. what are your opinions???

  165. girlie says:

    “this was back in the 70’s when not everyone was a molestor like they are now”.

    Lisa…..I laughed SO loud reading that, Lisa.

    SRH….I think the front office person is SO important. I have two really miserable ladies where I go to the doctor and it makes it so uncomfortable. Positive attitude is SO under-rated in an office that is often fully of grumpiness.

  166. Jai says:

    DC-Yes! lol no..they are all pretty high school. I think I just tolerate ATL and CA better 😛

  167. sweetredhead says:

    For me too. It can make going to work a pleasure or a choir. I found out something I feel bad about, but its not my fault. The girl who is doing my job right now while I train I am replacing. It’s not her chose to leave she loves it there, The Doctor that owns the practice does not like her attitude and says she is not professional.

    He was watching me today and went back to the manage and said I like her. She is just what we wanted. He is looking for neat , clean, modern and a positive attitude. He said I had it all. I am the first person any patients see when they come into the office and he wants that person to reflect a good atmosphere.

  168. Alicia*299952 says:

    My mom is from a really small town and my grandmother used to get me beechnut gum =)

  169. DC says:

    Sweetnothings- what is an on-line arrangement?

    Glad you like your job sweetred. The most important aspect of a job for me is liking the people I work with…so important

  170. lisa says:

    I dont chew gum now but I remember my uncle taking me to the dime store when I was like 4 years old and buying me clove, blackjack, adams green apple, and beechnut gums. It brings back memories. and of course I must pick up some pink and green gum cigars. Maybe some parphene lips, lol

  171. sweetredhead says:

    Whenever I go to cracker barrel I like to get moon pies. Reminds me when I was a kid.

  172. sweetredhead says:

    And turn your mouth black lol. I like hot balls. And pumpkin seeds. I was never a gum chewer.

  173. lisa says:

    I will pick up some clove gum. It was a favorite of mine when I was a child. They have it for 30 dollars for a case of 20 packs of 5. thats like 30 cents per piece. Maybe a case of blackjack gum too (it tastes lilke licorace)

  174. lisa says:

    I got a louis vuitton for myself and got my daughter (who was 12 at the time) a 200 dooney and bourke purse. When I carry my louis vuitton I feel like i’m attached to it, like it is the person and I am the accessory, it’s weird as I’m aware of it constantly when i’m out and can’t focus on anything, lol

  175. sweetredhead says:

    I can’t see paying $700 for a purse lol.

  176. lisa says:

    That’s the premier shopping mall here with all the big stores. I go there occasionally and it seems to bring me luck. I never have any money to spend so I usually have a starbucks and a light meal. I went back in august and came home to find a message from a potential sd and we ended up meeting on friday for shopping. Then a year ago I went and came home that evening and met my last boyfriend who took me birthday shopping. I went last month and now I have met a new sd. It seems to bring me luck but this friday I’m not going for luck, i’m going just to do some shopping and feel good. Going to buy some more makeup at neiman marcus and Saks. I could buy the same makeup at sephora or macy’s but I wanna go to the high end stores. There is also a MAC cosmetic store and a Dylans’ candy bar (which sells all kinds of candies including retro candies that are hard to find). And of course I do need more clothes. I’ve only got 100 skirts and I need to get rid of some that don’t fit and get some more.lol I prefer to buy moderated priced stuff so I can change often rather than on high priced thing. I paid 700 for a luis vuitton bag a few years ago but got tired of it and it just hangs in my closet.

  177. sweetredhead says:

    What is galleria day?

  178. lisa says:

    yes and I need to make the most of this opportunity as it is a good one. I haven’t met many sds but have had considerably good outcome from the ones I’ve met. At 43 I have managed to find 2 sds and have 2 shopping dates with 2 others that didnt’ want to persue a relationship. It sure beats those cheap coffee dates I used to have on those regular sites.

    I have to try to get over to the rental office friday afternoon to see if they will fix my ac. I will be picking my duaghter up after work tomorrow and will home too late to call them and then friday of course is Galleria day!

  179. sweetredhead says:

    Let him Know how you feel. Don’t hide it. He may be perfectly understanding. You never know :)

  180. lisa says:

    Yes but he is going to want more than that and it takes me some time to get to know a person before I can really connect with them. I was with my lover a couple months before I became completely comfortable with him and really started enjoying my self. I don’t want my sd to think I’m cold or shy, I just need to get used to getting out again and spending time with someone new. He hasn’t put any pressure on me and agrees about us getting to know each other. At times I felt like I was hanging out with a friend as I could be myself and voice my opinions and see him nod in agreement. With my lover who is a liberal and has gotten into some odd religion called shamizm or something, I always hide my lifesize standup of president Bush which I keep in my dining room, I left it out when my sd came over. lol

  181. sweetredhead says:

    He sounds good for you lisa. Looks, age they are nothing compared to someone you can connect with.

  182. lisa says:

    He’s a nice guy but seems so much older than me and I feel like i’m going out with my dad, duh I guess that’s what a sugardaddy is though, right, lol

    We are bother right wing republicans and it was nice to be able to express my opinions as I have to keep them under wraps because all my friends are liberals.

  183. sweetredhead says:

    Sweetnothings Glad I could help :)

    I know the feeling I HATE to lie. No one can find out about this life. I don’t think anyone would believe it anyway lmao. My friends know I have guy friends. I always have, so that’s not something new. So me saying my guy friend married or not they assume it’s just another one of my friends.

  184. sweetredhead says:

    LMAO I like jeans and boots AND motorcycles. I also like the business man and the geek lmao. It all depends on his personality. I have many ways I like to dress, so what someone chooses to wear isn’t the deciding factor to me. It’s if he can make me laugh :)

  185. Sweetnothings says:

    Yaaaay for everyone’s good fortunes lately. Sweetredhead, I have a real feeling that something is coming up for you like….now. Most get what they are due. You seem like an absolutely wonderful mother and you are sooo helpful on this blog. (I’m going ahead with your story about the teacher recommending my internship. Just told my friends…They’re green with envy)

    Lisa, I’m so happy for you. This man sounds great, other than those couple of small details he (should have) didn’t share with you about his age and smoking habits. No man is perfect though, and especially on this website I feel like more than a quarter of the men are lying about something on their profile.

    OPOV, I wish you luck meeting with your pot in Florida!!

    So, a guy from the UK contacted me today and asked if I was interested in setting up an online arrangement. Hmmm? I chatted with him online and he sort of explained what he had in mind, and it’s interesting to me and I could see it working just because I’m around my computer so much for school anyway. We’ll see… He’s forming an offer and is going to get back to me. I won’t feel qualms about turning him down though if it doesn’t seem like the right arrangement though, because I don’t want to get in over my head on this site. I have a few good guys on the burners right now and I don’t want to end up juggling too many balls and dropping them all….And my friends are already suspicious of some of my behavior. I don’t want to blow it. It all seems like such fun and games, but if anyone found out that I was doing this…everything would change for me. I admitted to my friends at one point that I had been lying to them about something small and I still feel them questioning whether I’m lying to them about other things. It’s such a bad feeling.

  186. lisa says:

    I feel the same way. I don’t know how many I chatted with that just disappeared or how many just don’t get the sd/sb concept. I had 3 real potentials in the past couple weeks (ones that I actually emailed alot and chatted on the phone with) the first was an older man who was looking for relationship and not looking to financially assist anyone. He was looking for someone to take dance lessons with and go fishing. I still email him occasionally to say hi as I feel bad that he hasn’t found what he’s looking for. the second one is still in chat mode as he is married and lives a couple hundred miles away. We chat everyday so it’s a matter of him being able to get into town. the third is the one I have met and have went out with. He has paid my allowance for this month and spoiled me with dinners and flowers and gifts. He’ s a nice guy. Not sure how it will go as I am still a little nervous and overwhelmed. We are going to get together next week. We keep in touch daily though. I just wish he was younger and the one thing that bothers me is that even though he is a businessman and wears a tie to work, when he’s casual, he’s the boots and jeans type, where as I really don’t like cowboy boots and jeans but unfortunately that’s very common with Texas men. At least he doesn’t ride a motorcycle like 99 percent of men on dating sites seem to do, lol

  187. sweetredhead says:

    Sounding like you now lisa lol. It’s just I am not going to get excited. Been to many fakes and wannabe’s, men who lie. Now I am getting a bit jaded yikes!

  188. sweetredhead says:

    Well I did get an email from an Sd today. We will see what happens.

  189. lisa says:

    only bad thing is I will probably have to work all day mothers day because we are shorthanded. My parents have plans to come over to my apartment and order pizza and watch a movie. I have the funds to get some nice snacks but since I won’t be home from work till after 5 and they have to leave before 7 to catch the last bus, we won’t have any time.
    One of my coworkers is going to anther store, another has to work in the floral department on mother’s day, and that just leaves my boss and I.

  190. lisa says:

    sounds like luck is raining down us, I found a sd, sweetredhead has a new job and a sugardaddy is probably around the corner

  191. lisa says:

    I have memories of when I was 7 and my friend lended me a bathing suit and her mom took us swimming in the pool where we lived. My mom was asleep because she worked nights. She woke up and saw me coming in wearing a swimsuit (I was 7 at the time) and went and got a switch off the tree and beat my butt and I was grounded for a month because “it just doesn’t look right to be going around like that around men” this was back in the 70’s when not everyone was a molestor like they are now. I am too pale and I burn easily and haven’t been in a bathing suit ever. I will pick up a cheap one when I go shopping as it’s not something I’m into, too self concious. lol

  192. sweetredhead says:

    Lisa lmao, go bye a bathing suit and go for a swim. Girl let loose for once :)

    BTW Good evening everyone :) Had another great day at work, I am really loving it. They keep telling me how happy they are with me. Guess they had had trouble finding the right person lol.

  193. lisa says:

    Got an email from my sd. He’s working on his yard and pool. I’m not much of a pool person, especially with a man I dont know well, and I don’t own a bathing suit.

  194. lisa says:

    Good afternoon. Just got back from work and running an errand. In response to this morning’s topic, I would never want to go to someone’s friend’s apartment. I would find that weird and the idea of renting out my apartment for a few hours so that someone could roll around in my bed or bang on the kitchen counter would kinda bother me. As a sb, I would worry that maybe the sd had a camera or something hidden to take what we are doing , and I would think a sd who needed to be discreet would think the same. At a hotel, it’s neutral and much more fun than someone’s messy apartment.

    Now to get to my chicken strips. I have went all day on one donut.

  195. Atalanta says:

    OO! I am VERY excited to hear about Lisa’s SD updates!

    Congratulations, girl!

  196. DC says:

    OKay Jai, didn’t you say you liked RH- Atlanta and the OC version? You mean to tell me they were any less high school LOL

  197. Jai says:

    Alicia-I still don’t like it. Blah lol like high school

  198. Alicia*299952 says:

    Jai – Ok so now that you’ve watched the NYC cast – what do you think?!

    Sweetredhead – I used to live in St Pete … then I moved to Orlando (bad times) and now am back in Ohio hoping to move back to my hometown Louisville, Ky

    Girlie and all other Toronto girls – I used to live there! (haha I moved around a lot growing up, can y’all tell?!)

    DC – I haven’t actually told any of my friends about it, one of my friends knows I was thinking about joining, but she’s way too self involved (probably why I told HER lol) to question if I have or not. I agree Villa – knowledge is power and I’ve learned that you don’t hand people ammunition

  199. girlie says:

    DC, I was split with one, saw the other and then found out they knew eachother. Then reconciled with the other. I casually dated both, they did not work in the same place or same firm. I’m permanantly split up now with one and remain friends with one….but oddly received a message they have a guys vacation planned. The whole thing got too close for comfort for this girl :(

    They have only ever be in a professional setting together….until now. Yikes.

  200. O(ne) P(oint) O(f) V(iew) says:

    girlie-216076 Says:
    May 6th, 2009 at 12:59 pm

    “OPOV…..don’t you ever look around your office and wonder who else is doing it? Maybe those same friends who might judge and make assumptions?”

    If they do, that’s their business. Just like what I do is mine.

    People in general are too nosey.

  201. Sweetnothings says:

    Sweetredhead, that’s a great idea as well!

  202. sweetredhead says:

    I am home for lunch

  203. queensie says:

    excuse me, “work”

  204. queensie says:

    No wok today redhead?

  205. sweetredhead says:

    Sweetnothings can you tell them one of your professors recommended you?

  206. DC says:

    Cool, Jai. Yes I’m in Seattle, the most beautiful city in the US IMO. I’m okay, trying to get motivated to study or do some Microsoft office tutorials to beef up my skills

    Girlie- you were seeing them both….wow! And they had no idea? Did they ever find out? I wonder if men talk about these kinds of things amongst each other or if they are private about it

    heard from the SD I like, he’s been sick. So maybe there’s still hope

  207. girlie-216076 says:

    Sweetnothings, I hope your internship is at a major mag…..that would be exciting.

    I recently revealed it to a girlfriend and she immediately logged on and checked it out. I generally would keep it a secret, unless I am asked point blank and then I won’t lie.

    OPOV…..don’t you ever look around your office and wonder who else is doing it? Maybe those same friends who might judge and make assumptions?

    I have run into a situation in the past with two gentleman (seeing both, same profession) who knew each other fairly well having once done a giant deal together that was of significance in their careers. Talk about uncomfortable all around……but neither would have guessed the other one was a member!

  208. Jai says:

    I’m doing well :) How about you?

  209. DC says:

    25 miles!! Wow you are a stud! Have fun! Mornin’ Jai! How are you?

  210. Jai says:

    Have fun Villa :)

  211. VillaCypris *276489* says:

    Have a good morning/afternoon/evening everyone!

    I’m off to a meeting and hopefully a 25 mile rollerblading excursion if the rain holds off… x

  212. DC says:

    Yes, VC, good points. The funny thing is that my friend who has the biggest problem with it said if she wasn’t recently married and in a bind financially she might be doing the same thing…but as a newlywed, I think it personally is an affront to her because she thinks her new husband would never ever go there and that women like me are part of the problem.

    Of course I think it’s more complicated than that and each relationship is different.

  213. VillaCypris *276489* says:


    Another thing…. some people don’t really WANT to “know”…. they just want to get you to TELL them…. so the more you stonewall, the more they try and pry it out of you… so it’s a game, really… not a genuine interest in what you have to share, fundamentally.

  214. VillaCypris *276489* says:

    DC – i used to be very open with people… until i realised that one, it’s none of their business; two, most people will judge, if given the opportunity; three, they seem to lose respect the more they know….

    and finally, i realised i’m not OBLIGATED to tell ANYONE ANYTHING!
    ahhhhhhhh…what a relief!

  215. VillaCypris *276489* says:

    Jai – i go to have my “chi” re-balanced, mostly, and to keep all the organs functioning properly…. whatever she thinks i need, she treat. sometimes, the liver, if i’ve been drinking too much wine, the circulation, etc. nothing major. it doesn’t hurt, but as DC mentioned, when they “twist” the needle THAT sometimes hurts for a second… it’s worth it tho! :)

  216. Sweetnothings says:

    Nitemare, welcome to New York, where even unpaid internships come at a price. At college auctions or auctions to raise money for charity, companies can auction off opportunities to intern. All of the major magazines and newspapers do it, as do many other companies. I’ve obviously never considered them before because they’re…pretty pricey.

  217. DC says:

    I think you are right VC, I should probably keep more to myself. I am an ex NYer and tend to volunteer too much info

    Glad you like acupuncture. I don’t practice anymore and am now studying nutrition

  218. Jai says:

    DC-That sucks. Why would a friend say that? I think it’s up to the individual and Villa is right, the less most people know, the better. Oh yeah lol I told my SD you were an acupuncturist, he knows I’m interested in it, and he said we can fly to Seattle lol. You’re in Seattle right? Any way, he meant we could fly to where you are 😛

    Villa-What kind of problems have been alleviated with acupuncture? Is it painful at all?

  219. O(ne) P(oint) O(f) V(iew) says:

    morn’ villa

    Do I tell my friends about sugar dating? No. I would be uncomfortable if someone knew, not so much that I would be ratted out, but that my friends really wouldn’t understand and view it as paying for sex and all the negative connotations that would go along with it. I don’t need to explain myself if it is not necessary.

    On the sugar front, I mentioned last week that I was heading to Fla to kick the tires on some properties to see what the deal is (and yes, I am aware of everyone’s warnings about the bad areas in Miami). I am also meeting someone who contacted me from Fla as a pot. Normally I wouldn’t look that far as distance can be somewhat of an issue if you don’t plan for it. But I figure, since I have not been having the best of luck lately in NYC, I figure, why not? The worst that can happen is I spend the weekend in the Fla sun as opposed to the NY rain. And get a little deep sea fishing in as well.

  220. VillaCypris *276489* says:

    hi nitemare :)

  221. NitemareSD says:

    What in the world is buying an internship at auction?

  222. VillaCypris *276489* says:

    morning DC –

    that sux. sorry :( i’ve found that the less people know about you, the better. knowledge is “power” and it just gives them something to use against you , especially if they are judgmental.

    hey, i saw that you’re an acupuncturist! i love that. i’ve been going to a chinese female doctor since nov 2007. it’s very helpful. i’ve been doing enormous amounts of research on my own, into the patent formulas, meridians, etc. fascinating stuff. :)

  223. DC says:

    Good morning everyone-

    Curious how many of you are honest with your friends about being a member of this site. I have 2 friends that care about me and have been giving me a bad time, especially about being with a married man. They are either engaged or married so they view it as a personal insult that I would consider being with a married man. I know they care about me and I guess I just have to keep it to myself from now on. I do not view this arrangement like they do. I understand the need. One friend suggested I join an escort service. That kind of hurt

  224. VillaCypris *276489* says:

    Morning OPOV

    I like your answer. Good points!

  225. Sweetnothings says:

    OPOV, my parents fully understand that I am an adult and have been exposed to all kinds of people here in NY, but because they have always given me so much freedom, I have never felt the need to hide anything from them. They would secretly wonder why I hadn’t mentioned this person before, but they probably wouldn’t ever say anything to me. I don’t really want to say it’s a boyfriend though, just because they probably will continue to ask me periodically how things are going with the guy, which will lead to more lying. With girl friends they’ll be less interested.

  226. VillaCypris *276489* says:

    Sweetnothings… it’s evident, in the manners which they have taught you and their concern for properly thanking persons who have gone out of their way (or not) to help you out. Mine are the same :) You can compliment them, without saying that it came from a random girl in Minnesota… :)

  227. O(ne) P(oint) O(f) V(iew) says:

    hello everyone


    Do you hide from your parents whether or not you would be dating anyone (like really dating)? Do they expect you to date only withing a certain age group applicable to your own age? Do they meet all your boyfriends? If your answers are no, then the simplest explanation is that your boyfriend who works in x-field (or whatever) helped you secure this internship through his professional connections. This would be the truth without it actually being 100% factual.

    As a college girl living away from home, in the biggest city in the country, there has to be an expectation of you being exposed to people/events that you would not normally be exposed or that your parents would not understand. I know you don’t want to deceive your parents, but you don’t have to detail everything either – you are an adult now yourself.

  228. Sweetnothings says:

    I do, VillaCypris. I’d pass the compliment along to them if I could. :)

  229. girlie-216076 says:

    Sweetnothings, this one sounds like a keeper 😉 This site can really be wonderful!

  230. queensie says:

    Sweetnothing: Tell your parents not to worry, you’ve already personally thanked him for the opportunity and gave him a sweet present. :)

  231. Jai says:

    Tucson, VillaCyprus. I’ve heard of Miraval. I actually think it’s in Tucson if I’m not mistaken lol

  232. VillaCypris *276489* says:

    Sounds like you have wonderful parents, sweetnothings.

  233. VillaCypris *276489* says:

    Where in AZ, Jai? I’ve never been there either… I’d love to go to Miraval… they’re supposed to have fantastic health and wellness programmes, spas, hiking, etc.

  234. Sweetnothings says:

    Thank you girlie. I really almost cried when he sent me the email with several options saying he was “confident” he could “secure any of the internships”. I have been searching for months with no prospects.

    Girlie, you may be right. My parents will be so thrilled they may be less interested in the rest. They just usually want to know details to make sure I’m properly thanking the people who help me.

  235. Jai says:

    Villa, queensie-It’s true! :) The birds are out singing, it’s gorgeous.

  236. girlie-216076 says:

    Sweetnothings! That is awesome. What a wonderful opportunity.

    I also would not lie, but a different version of the truth. Perhaps they will be thrilled at the opportunity they won’t ask much!

  237. Sweetnothings says:

    I’m a sophomore in college, so I would probably have to say that one of my friend’s parents had connections to get me the internship. Especially because I’ve been telling my parents how none of my friends are able to find internships or jobs either right now. Then they’re going to ask me who this friend is, how her parents have the connection, can they pay for me to send the parent flowers…etc. I guess I can do that though.

  238. queensie says:

    I find it for the most part, when it is beautiful in 1 city, it’s beautiful everywhere else

  239. VillaCypris *276489* says:

    Hi Jai!
    It’s a beautiful morning in Minneapolis! :) All is well!

  240. Jai says:

    Oh yeah, it’s beautiful here in Arizona this morning too, but it’s supposed to get up into the 90s by this afternoon. :)

  241. VillaCypris *276489* says:

    I agree with queensie…. always better NOT to lie… especially to your parents… use the “friend” context, say you met him thru a mutual friend and he is so impressed with your intelligence, work ethic, that he wants to help you further your prospects by helping you obtain an internship this summer. I’m sure your parents will be totally thrilled for you!

  242. Jai says:

    Good morning sugar family! :) Well, it’s still morning in AZ. How is everyone?

    Sweetnothings-Please don’t lie. Tell them what they need to know without lying :)

  243. queensie says:

    Sweetnothing- Don’t lie but twist the story slightly. You can say that a friend of yours works for a company and might be able to get you an internship.

  244. Sweetnothings says:

    Good morning everyone!

    I have a question for y’all.

    The man who is fast becoming my SD told me last night at dinner that he could secure an amazing internship opportunity for me this summer. My parents know I’ve been trying to find an internship for summer in NY and have really had no luck…Anyway, the internship my SD’s offering me he…or his company…would be buying through an auction because it’s an opportunity at a big-name organization. Here’s the question: How do I explain this opportunity to my parents? They wouldn’t necessarily have to know it was purchased through an auction, but they would incredulous as to how I stumbled upon this, why I haven’t mentioned it before if I was applying, and how I was able to be chosen…Any ideas?

    Should I say that I applied for it, and have to lie about going in for an interview and explain why I didn’t tell them that I had found it (I tell my parents most things while they’re happening) or should I try to make up another story….? Ugh, I hate lying.

  245. queensie says:

    Girlie: Oakville is a nice area… i lived in the streetsville area for a year or so. I am right at the core, Bloor and Jarvis :)

  246. VillaCypris *276489* says:

    Hi queensie~

    No, I’ve never been to Toronto…. or anywhere in Canada! I’d like to go to Toronto, Montreal, and BANFF. I love the mountains :)

  247. girlie-216076 says:

    Queensie, I am actually west of GTA in the vicinity of Oakville. I love that’s it’s far enough out of the city for my kids, but within 40 minutes for the fun stuff.

    Are you right downtown?

  248. queensie says:

    Girlie: What part of Toronto are you from?
    Villa: Toronto is gorgeous, so diverse and soooo big

  249. girlie-216076 says:

    Morning, Villa!
    It is a lovely city, Villa! Have you been?

  250. VillaCypris *276489* says:

    hey girlie!

    some of my classmates from grad school are from Toronto… sounds like a fabulous city!!

  251. girlie-216076 says:

    Morning everyone!

    Queensie, you are in Toronto as well? There are so many Toronto girls….that’s great! I have yet to go outside but I am anxious to now.

  252. VillaCypris *276489* says:

    Greetings everyone!

    Kj – I’m in Minneapolis, too! It IS gorgeous this morning… finally… after our long, brutal winter! :)

  253. Kj says:

    Good morning all. Another sunny day here in Minneapolis!

  254. girlie-216076 says:

    FA, I can’t think of a place I would feel more uncomfortable than a strangers apartment. Hotels are beautiful, comfortable, there is no worry of making a mess, she can have a giant bubble bath (perhaps for two), eat and drink wine in bed……getting that comfy in someones home will be a stretch,

  255. Queensie says:

    Hotel rooms are only cold if you let it be. If you get the best room in the hotel, book it for 2 nights, let her stay in it the first night to relax, room service, spa etc. etc and you visit her the second night to enjoy the amenities together

  256. Queensie says:

    F.A. How cliche would it be to be caught at a hotel. My SD and I used to go to his office at night… sometimes during the day, office hours too 😛

  257. F.A. says:

    Lisa, thanks for your reply. The main problem with the hotel is the risk, not the expense. And it’s not just me that wants to meet privately — my SB does too.

  258. SuthrnExec says:

    Hello all! Hope you’re well today.

  259. lisa says:

    Good morning everyone. Having coffee and getting ready to go to work.
    Have a good day at work sweetredhead.

    F. A. I don’t wish to sound rude but do have an opinion on your situation.
    First of all an arrangement is more than just meeting some for a few hours a week for alone time. And I would suggest taking you sb to dinner and do some spoiling before pushing the alone time. As far as where to go if you need privacy, If the sb doesn’t have her own place, I would suggest a nice hotel and don’t worry about it being expensive because money should be no problem if you are a true sd. If you don’t want to spend money on a hotel, then just have dinner and put off intimacy until you can afford the hotel. But remember, sugardating is not a 2-4 sex meet.

  260. sweetredhead says:

    Good Morning sugars :)

  261. sweetredhead says:

    DC I am near the largo, St pete area

  262. F.A. says:

    My experience? For me, it’s like a candy store. I am shy. I want to meet and talk to women. I have wanted to do that for years, but there is no way I could walk into a bar and strike up a conversation with a woman I liked the looks of. Here, I can do that. I joined after the NYT article, and I have been finally been able to meet and talk to women! Not only that, but the conversations have been *really* fascinating. Thank you SA!

    My chapter? In brief, “empty nester, newly financially independent, beginning retirement, stale marriage”. Now that I’m retired and my kids are gone I have the time to do this. For a long time “my marriage bed has gone cold”. My wife and I are no longer sexually attractive to each other. So I guess I’m using this as a dating site, and so far it’s working for me. My initial search found about 20 potential SBs, I have exchanged emails with about four of them, and met one of them for coffee. Now we want to meet again, this time in a private place where our flirtations might just lead to making love. Isn’t that nice?

    Now here is my question for you experienced SD and SBs. Where do we meet? A hotel would be risky for me — I’m still married — and also expensive and a bit cold. I think what I need is the use of somebody’s apartment during the day when they are at work. Does anybody do this? How would I find someone who would confidentially rent me their apartment for, say, 2-4 hours during their work day once a week? Any other ideas?

  263. Atalanta says:

    Gosh, it’s been forever since I’ve been on here. Or it feels like forever! But I miss my sugar family!
    I’ll answer the questions, then try and read through the comments…

    What has your experience been like in the sugarbowl? Has it been like a novel? Soap opera? ‘The Fabulous Sugar Life of _____”?
    –I’m not quite sure where it fits in. Yes, it feels fabulous. SD and I are both have a knack for words, so maybe a bit of a “novel-esque”? Right now, though…I’m feeling a soap opera coming on. *le sigh*

    In what chapter of your life did you join SeekingArrangement? After a divorce? A move?
    –Well I’m in college, I feel more independent, but independence doesn’t really come cheap…haha. And this was also after a bad breakup. I wanted little to do with guys my age. I needed someone who could actively appreciate me. I’m glad I found SA because anywhere you turn, there is help whether from the blog or the people you meet or your SD/SB.

  264. Jai says:

    Natasha-So what was the bad news? Are you ok? And honestly, it’s up to you if you want to stay with your SD. If you two get along, you enjoy each other, and you both are keeping up your end of the deal, then go for it. If not, what’s the point? :)

    Alicia-Lol watching the RH of NYC Marathon before the finally 😛

    Mina-A bunch Mina :) Welcome back

    Sweetred-Lol the manicotti was YUMMY 😉 Super tender and delish. Thanks for the tips.

  265. Mina says:


    What did I miss these past few months?

  266. Alicia*299952 says:

    Lisa its 54 right now where I am – I will totally trade you lol. Sometimes I miss Orlando weather.
    How are all my sugas tonight?!

  267. Natasha says:

    hey girls i see they put a bit of my introduction from another blog to this blog…lol…my suggardating life is still awkward with my suggardaddy…we keep meeting eventhough hes back with his wife…hes dating apart from seeing me and having his wife. we are connecting more. he seeks for my advice when it comes to his career. now hes interested in my love life and wants to advice. he is more affectionate. hes telling me his problems with his wife and dates. I dont know if i am suppose to just listen to all his stuff but really i dont think i need to know about his personal problems when it comes to his wife and dates. he told me his date wanted sex and he refused. really weird…and he says our sex life will be better throughout time because there will be more emotions. I dont know what he means by that. im not sure if to stop everything or let things go with the flow…. what do u girls think??

  268. sweetredhead*269443* says:

    Time for me to go to bed. Have a good night everyone. Sweet sugar dreams.

  269. sweetredhead*269443* says:

    I was drinking one night in NY and I decided it would be fun to go into a Latino bar and dance. Me little redheaded white girl lol. I was drinking of course. everyone looking at me when I walked in lmao. I started to dance and they were WOW she can dance. I do have a little Spanish in me my great great grandfather was from Spain. The reason my eyes or sooo dark. (or I am just full of sh** lol

  270. Jai says:

    girlie-hope it tastes good enough to be worthy of jealousy lol. I would love some champagne right now.

    Sweetred-I like to dance when I have a drink lol I don’t know why either. I just have to move. :)

  271. sweetredhead*269443* says:

    I can dress in jeans and go camping and fishing. Or I can Dress up and go to a ball. I am comfortable in both situations.

  272. sweetredhead*269443* says:

    Meredith brooks. just my other side :) Must be why I usually get along with most people. I am very diversified lol

  273. Beach_Girl*306486 says:

    Meridith brooks

  274. sweetredhead*269443* says:

    Should be fine, it won’t stick lol

  275. girlie-216076 says:

    Oh jai, so jealous of the manicotti. I love a 3 cheese manicotti with fresh tomatoes. Oh my….would go lovely with my champagne.

    Who sang that, SRH? You are quite sassy tonight!

  276. sweetredhead*269443* says:

    Nope there isn’t. I drink when I go out just not much of a drinker. Now my younger days, I was a big drinker. I become the biggest flirt when I drink. My Gf’s loved it. I was always hanging out with the guys, playing pool or darts. They would just tag along and go with my lead lmao

  277. lisa says:

    my friend didn’t answer, got her voiceman
    im a tease, i’m a goddess on my knees………………

  278. sweetredhead*269443* says:

    My sista from another mother :) Think I am going to change my name to feistyredhead tonight lmao. See what happens when your over tired :(

  279. Beach_Girl*306486 says:

    I like that song too Sweetred

  280. sweetredhead*269443* says:

    Lisa i don’t recall. That’s my story and I am sticking to it lol

  281. sweetredhead*269443* says:

    Or my favorite. I’m a bitch, I’m a lover
    I’m a child, I’m a mother
    I’m a sinner, I’m a saint
    I do not feel ashamed
    I’m your hell, I’m your dream
    I’m nothing in between
    You know you wouldn’t want it any other way

  282. lisa says:

    I remember that commercial sweetredhead and it’s all because she wore the right perfume, lol

  283. lisa says:

    you’ve lost me with the cooking, lol I had a big tub of guacamole and chips for dinner, but after all it is cinco de mayo, lol

    I’m going to call my friend now, so i’ll be on the phone till the battery dies, lol

    Have a great night everyone. My sd is working tonight. He works a flexible schedule.

  284. sweetredhead*269443* says:

    No alligators in salt water , I am to afraid to swim in lakes here or ponds. I don’t like the ocean to swim in so I stick to my pool :) Walk on the beach and go boating.

  285. lisa says:

    I spent my early years in the midwest but since age 10, I’ve been a Texan , yeeehaw and I hate it.

  286. lisa says:

    sweetredhead I probably heard from the same guy. He sent me a message way back when I first joined and attached expectations 1-whatever of what he expected. I emailed him back and said i’d have to decline number 3 and 6, lol

  287. Stormcat says:

    Just watch out for the allagators

  288. Stormcat says:

    Cool, you cn swim with the Manatee

  289. sweetredhead*269443* says:

    I’m a northern girl. grew up with lakes and ponds. grew up in CT moved to Long Island when I was 18. Now I am old and live in Florida lol

  290. Stormcat says:

    Its really fun.
    Especially when the baby ducks come swimming right up to you.
    They’re so cute. Just bobbing on top of the water.
    And they aren’t afraid to get pretty close as long as you stay down and don’t try to catch them.

  291. SuzieQ*297329* says:

    Ooops, forgot my manners…good evening everyone!

  292. SuzieQ*297329* says:

    No, but the geese often join us for our tri club’s early morning lake swims…nothing like inhaling a lungful of goose down during heavy training LOL!

  293. lisa says:

    I’m just starting out sweetredhead. the first sd I had gave me 500 for one month and we met 3 times so I’m progressing now. Working my way up there. lol I don’t want to be obligated to more than one day a week as I do have a life outside of sugardating, and that life would be the blog , lol

  294. sweetredhead*269443* says:

    Should have asked for 2k and perks lol. Lisa LIsa have I not taught you anything lmao J/k

  295. lisa says:

    3k I asked for 1K plus perks for one meeting a week. He has given me 1100 and spent about 200 hundred on dinner, coffeemaker, grinder, gourmet coffee, beautiful flowers (in a vase from a florist, not those little bunches they sell at the supermarket), and is going to buy me a computer desk and chair. I

  296. sweetredhead*269443* says:

    A little to much info Stormcat. You would be surprised what some of us have read yiks!!

  297. Beach_Girl*306486 says:

    Lisa~ you are a lucky girl! Glad things worked out for you

  298. Stormcat says:

    Well I’m a pretty stormy cat anyway so I’d not be bothered by not meeting someone who’d be afraid of that. I just don’t like that I said it that way. It seems rude.

  299. sweetredhead*269443* says:

    How much did he put?

  300. lisa says:

    well my sd was complaining about all the women who emailed him because of the amount he put as his budget and he has hid his profile but then the first thing he does when he meets me (both times) is hand me an envelope with my allowance. All paid in advance as of second meeting. Plus flowers, coffee maker, etc, etc and is now asking to look online for a computer desk so he is definately not cheap thank God.

  301. Beach_Girl*306486 says:

    sfsuga~ it is hard, at least you get SDs where you are! Here I don’t , I’m in Canada….I think the word, Canada, Scares them off lol

  302. DC says:

    Went to the San Francisco College of Acupuncture which went out of business right before I was set to graduate. So then I did a tutorial with a Chinese doctor for 3 years and was then able to sit for the boards. I am only licensed in California so I don’t practice any more except on my friends or if I go back to Cali. Too complicated and takes to long to get licensed in Washington state. You need a masters degree now

    Yes, definitely too much info LOL. Might scare some women off

  303. sfsuga says:

    I knew I would have to lower my expectations due to the recession, but dear lord these SD’s are cheap. I am going to have to settle for half of what I was getting last year. This sucks!

  304. lisa says:

    fresh ground coffee anyone? Between the coffee in the kitchen and the flowers in the bedroom, my apartment smells great. But i’m sure the heat makes the scent stronger

  305. sweetredhead*269443* says:

    Hey hey Beach_girl bout time you got here GF

  306. Beach_Girl*306486 says:

    hello Sugars!

  307. sweetredhead*269443* says:

    Yes you did. Popped right out on the page, or is that just me lol

  308. sweetredhead*269443* says:

    TMI = to much info

  309. Stormcat says:

    Did I actually say well endowed?
    Thats over the top. I’m going to have to tone that down a bit.

  310. sweetredhead*269443* says:

    Very Nice stromcat. I like the second picture :) and ummm well endowed? lmao have your ever heard of TMI :)

  311. Jai says:

    DC-That seems weird :) A masochistic acupuncture instructor.

  312. Stormcat says:


  313. sweetredhead*269443* says:

    Oh no. I do not mix work with pleasure. Beside I had an doctor Sd and his work schedule was horrible! I think we got to see each other every 3 months if we were lucky.

  314. Stormcat says:

    I get accupuncture once a week. It’s really worth it, afterward I feel so mellow and relaxed that I have to wait a while till I drive home.
    The spots of the ears are the most painful for me, but I guess its different for everyone.

    DC Where did you train?

  315. girlie-216076 says:

    Good evening everyone :)

    Sweetredhead…..I think you should consider finding a nice doctor SD at work!

    Stormcat…..zowie is right. I used acupuncture for several things but one treatment in particular required needles in my head. It created such a rush of emotion in me that I laughed and cried at once. DC, I wish I lived in your area. I need new acupuncturist…..only I need an ailment first!!

  316. sweetredhead*269443* says:

    Stormcat is a bad influence he will make the sassyredhead come out to play lol. I will tarnish my sweetredhead image.

  317. sweetredhead*269443* says:

    I want to see your pictures. Whats your profile number Stormcat.

  318. DC says:

    Yeah, the needles are really thin and bendable. they don’t hurt going in but if we twist them around it can make you jump off the table. I had a sadistic technique teacher in school. He would make us do a through and through technique. There is a point near the wrist on the inside and outside of the arm and he would make us needle both points at the same time and go all the way through. I could never do it

    Storm- good to have both pictures up, good for you

  319. sweetredhead*269443* says:

    A lot smaller lol. I was joking they are like a strand of hair. I joke that’s me. Stormcat is not used to my sence of humor yet

  320. sweetredhead*269443* says:

    They won’t pick on me I am too sweet lol. I don’t have to lie about my age people already think I do. When I tell them I am 40 they look at me and says NO WAY!! I like it now, but when I was 18 people thought I was 12 :(

  321. Stormcat says:

    I mean hats. hats hats hats hats hats

  322. Stormcat says:

    Hey DC
    I worried about that cause I like to wear hate and it’s hard to find a picture of me without one. Anyway, I finally found one and posted it just to dispel the doubt.

  323. Jai says:

    Sweetred-lol no, I meant that like ‘Jeez, 16 gage?’

  324. DC says:

    I have a good friend who lies about her age. she is the same age as my sister, 5 years older and she has been lying about her age for as long as I can remember. She trims 5 years off her age. I know initially the man she married still thought she was my age. Not sure if she ever fessed up to him. Seems pointless to me.

    I love the guys who post pictures of themselves from a mile away. Or the ones who wear caps or hats so you can’t see their bald head. I rather see their bald heads than the silly caps

  325. Stormcat says:

    sweetredhead: 3 posts in a row
    you got to pick on yourself.
    no one else is.

  326. sweetredhead*269443* says:

    Age is a number :) It’s who you are on the inside. How you feel and who you are. I must be old to say that hehe.
    Darn now I am picking on myself.

  327. sweetredhead*269443* says:

    Stormcat lmao you must still be pretty young to say that :)

  328. Stormcat says:

    Anyway it’s all relevant. Compared to the age of the earth were all pretty young. Besides, as far as I know, no one actually gets to choose their birthdate.

  329. lisa says:

    24 years I mean, 1985? I thing that would be 24 years

  330. lisa says:

    yes I started at the top but lost him. I was walking home from the school bus stop when I was 15 and met a rich handsome guy, started dating him when I turned 19 and mom couldn’t tell me what to do, he got killed in his ferrari. He was a cheapskate though, didn’t spoil me. 23 years ago in june

  331. Stormcat says:

    Well, I’ve never lied about my age. But I thought that if I did I’d say I was 10 years older than I actually am. That way no one would ever doubt me and they’d say Wow! you really look great for your age!

  332. lisa says:

    My first boyfriend lied about his age. He was 27 and I was 19 and he said he was 23. I found out he was lying 7 months later when I read his obituary. lol

  333. lisa says:

    I know because when I met him I thought he looked kinda old for 53 since my lover is 57 and my exboyfriend was 56.

  334. sweetredhead*269443* says:

    That’s a ten yr difference! How do people think they can hide 10 yrs? Well some can, but still that’s pushing it.

  335. lisa says:

    Well my sd did lie about two things in his profile, little things but still. He lied about his age (I thought women were the only ones to do that,lol) he said he was 53 but at our first meeting said he was really almost 62 , but last night we were at the mall and I mentioned that the mall was built in 1962 and the said that was the year he graduated from highschool, so that would either make him 15 when he graduated or it would make him more like 65 or 66. He looks kinda old. Also he smokes which he failed to mention. I can tolerate smoking but have to admit I don’t enjoy going out side often for a smoke break. I probably wouldn’t have added him as a favorite if I knew his real age or that he smoked, but then again things are going well and I have exceeded my wildest expectations in just a few days. Yes I am galleria bound on friday.

  336. DC says:

    Hey Jai- I’m an acupuncturist. If you are ever in Seattle I’ll give you a treatment

  337. sweetredhead*269443* says:

    I might need anew angle, honesty is not working too well for me lol

  338. lisa says:

    well I’m looking for a letter writing arrangement. lol

  339. sweetredhead*269443* says:

    People still write letters?

  340. lisa says:

    seeking a text arrangement. lol how about exchanging letters by snailmail, seeking a postal arrangement

  341. sweetredhead*269443* says:

    Phone sex operators would be cheaper lmao

  342. NitemareSD says:

    Tell my thumbs there will be nothing physical in a text arrangement.

  343. sweetredhead*269443* says:

    NitemareSD you advertising? LMAO

  344. lisa says:

    Good evening Nitemare . Let’s just be text buddies. I expect 10-20k a month, lol
    There will be nothing physical just friends only, but I will post these bikini pics anyway, lol

  345. lisa says:

    of course the mangement spends alot of money on graffiti removal, almost weekly. The owner is trying hard to fix the place but when you have hundreds of people that don’t want a decent place to live and rules, it’s hard to get anything done.

  346. NitemareSD says:

    Clarity is always nice…

    I Expect US$1,000 – $3,000 monthly

    Description: I am looking for someone who just needs some phone conversation sometimes. Maybe you get a bit lonely during the day while you’re at work and you just need to take a break to call someone for a calming chat. Perhaps you need someone to vent to when you get angry or frustrated. Either way, I could be that person. Honestly, I just need about $25000. I have a little bit of credit card debt, I and my oldest son need some dental work done and I’d like to take my kids to Disney World in the fall.

    … But the blog is free.

  347. Jai says:

    Oh yeah, that’s true sweetred. Maybe your SD can upgrade you and pay your rent up for 3-6 months Lisa?

  348. lisa says:

    No he thought I had done a good job decorating my apartment. I am actually stressing that I like the area I live in (I do because it’s near everything, it’s just the street I live on that’s the problem) because I don’t want to get myself in a situation where he might ask me to move in with him as I’m not looking to give up my freedom, I love living alone and would never want to get in over my head with an apartment I couldn’t afford when the relationship ends.
    Everything in my apartment is old, stove, refridge (remember defrosting, well mine has to be), no dishwasher, just space where it used to be, tiles coming up in kitchen (I have a throw rug over them) and blinds that need to be replaced, carpet not cleaned in almost 3 years, and on and on. But I just can’t sit home day after day to get anything fixed and the will not come in if you aren’t home. I keep everything clean and decent though and I have nice furniture and accessories.

  349. Jai says:

    I’ve never had it either, but I’d like to try it. :) I hope it’s as good as people say.

    Lisa-I hope it gets fixed soon because it’s going to get hotter and more uncomfortable. Poor Percy will roast. :(

  350. sweetredhead*269443* says:

    They won’t even replace your stove? damn slum lords! Did your Sd say anything about where you live?

  351. lisa says:

    my work hours are cut but they have me working 5 short days instead of 3 or 4 full days so I don’t have that spare day off to stay home anymore.

  352. sweetredhead*269443* says:

    I haven’t had acupuncture done personally but we had a acupuncturist in our office. People swear by it.

  353. lisa says:

    I would never report it because all would happen would be that the city would close down the apartment and i’d be out on the street. When the city closes down apartments, they give you 48 hours to get out and then they lock everything up. I dont’ have anywhere to go and certainly could not find a new place in that short time. Moving last time was a nightmare for me. I prefer to stay put and anyway I have lived in 6 apartment complexes and the ac never works right because all these apartments are very old. My stove is 36 (the manufacture date is 1973) and only the top works, not the oven. I watch the news all the time when people report their apartments and then the city shuts them down. I will just have to live with it I guess because no time in the near future can I stay home all day from 8 am till 5 pm. I have to work and have things to do.

  354. Jai says:

    Omg Sweetred, I was just talking to my SD about that earlier today! I wanted us to go together lol he said ‘NO’ lol he doesn’t want a stranger rubbing on his feet 😛 It was cute. But a girls day would be nice. I want to get some acupuncture done too .

  355. sweetredhead*269443* says:

    Sounds like they need to be reported. 36 yr old air conditioner that never works?

  356. sweetredhead*269443* says:

    I have just decided I need a spa day. Haircut, pedicure, manicure, massage, facial. First Sd who offers me that get’s me lol.

  357. lisa says:

    on top of that Percy is very upset and was going around his box with his wings hanging down and mouth open. He needs his ac , he’s not an outside pigeon, lol

  358. lisa says:

    my stupid airconditioner is 36 years old and is on top of the roof in the hot sun so it doesn’t work from late morning till late evneing. It will start cooling about midnight but then again tomorrow it will stop.

  359. lisa says:

    please do Jai I had the air conditioner off all day and when I got home it was 90 in here, I turned it on and went with my parents, came back 2 hours late it;s over 100, not working. But by the time I get home from work, its too late to get if fixed and they’ll just ask me when I’m off and will be home all day and well that’s not any time soon. I can be home at 4 pm but they won’t come that late so it sucks. Of coure most of the people I live around are on welfare and dont work so they are home all day and the managment doesn’t seem to understand I can’t just stay home from work all day.

  360. sweetredhead*269443* says:

    Hey Lisa. WOW nice Sd. He is a keeper :) It’s 87 here today and I think I would die without my air. I was freezing all day though the doctors like the office cold. Good thing I have scrub jackets. Will have to remember to bring one to work tomorrow.

  361. sweetredhead*269443* says:

    Our reads “your now leaving Florida, lucky you” lol

  362. lisa says:

    Good afternooon everyone. Back from work and spending time with my parents. I’m exhausted now. It’s really hot here today, 92, please send me some of your cold weather, please as my airconditoner is still not working and I haven’t got any time to stay home all day for the managmetn to fix it. I will have to stay home one day all day if I’m going to get it fixed as they give no set time which sucks, so it’s 100 in here now.

    Got an email from my sd. He’s had a busy day too and is busy getting his pool ready for summer. He told me to look online and pick out a computer desk and chair I would like and he will order it and bring it over and assemble it for me. I;m too tired to do that tonight though.

    Glad you had a good day at work sweetredhead.

  363. Jai says:

    Lol sweetred, Az has a huge welcome sign!

  364. sweetredhead*269443* says:

    Probably coming from Florida lol. We have a big exit sign at the border lmao

  365. Jai says:

    Sweetred-No one’s leaving Arizona, they’re coming in lol But I’m hopeful. God is faithful :)

  366. sweetredhead*269443* says:

    I had to turn down 3 jobs yesterday lol. It will happen for you, I know it will :) They seem to come all at once. I think so many people have foreclosed on their homes and moved from here because of the economy that jobs have opened up.

  367. Jai says:

    Sweetred-Congrats! I’m dancing in the sparkly job dust you sent my way hoping something will come through soon :)

    DC-I was a paying member before, but I found it to be unnecessary at this point. I got more emails after I wasn’t a paying member lol

  368. sweetredhead*269443* says:

    I was a paying member a few months but not this month. I will again once I start getting paid. Miss calculated my bills and I am $500 short ughhhh. Well not really my fault they combined my electric from my other house and this one and had to pay it all.

  369. sweetredhead*269443* says:

    Good evening everyone. Ahhh so good to be back in the working class. Met all the Doctors today and they are great. Everyone is really nice and welcoming. Had a great day :) They love my attitude lol. That’s me, miss happy :)

    Welcome to the blog stormcat. She wanted to meet at an adult club? Red flag there escort!! Us real SB’s would never at a first meet want to go near a place like that.

  370. DC says:

    By the way, are most of you paying members? I am. I decided to pay so I could see who viewed me and hotlisted me. If anyone hotlists me I write to them. Also as for the e-mails that go unread, you can check to see if they viewed your profile and were not interested or if they haven’t viewed you then it may be because they haven’t even logged on since you sent it.

  371. Beach_Girl*306486 says:

    SuzieQ~ I hear ya , i think it’s where we live that is hurting us more than anything! I do the same , send out mails and never hear back! Most go unread.
    Stormcat~ open an SB profile, delete their number and add SuzieQ’s number

  372. Stormcat says:

    sweetnothings, how did you find SuzieQ’s profile? I’ve wanted to find a specific profile before but can’t find a search procedure to accomidate.

  373. SuzieQ*297329* says:

    Thanks for the vote of confidence sweetnothings…you can come to my pity party anytime you like! But I don’t hold them very often, so you’ll have to strike while the iron’s hot.

    Stormcat – thanks for the tip. Recently I’ve only been doing a search for most recent members who show a login that same day, and only emailing them. I think my faves list is waaaay out of date by now…have to clean it up soon. Hopefully this new strategy will yield some results soon. Or at least some polite “thanks but no thanks” responses.

    Jai – keep those expectations high…I suspect it will make life much easier for all us who follow in your footsteps!

    Back to work for me now, got a big to do list I need to whittle down. Have a great afternoon/evening all!

  374. Jai says:

    Afternoon sugar fam! :)

    Girlie-Aw thanks. It is relatively comfortable :) . We haven’t been together that long. About five months. He totally exceeded my expectations and I’m glad we met. I’ve been so spoiled I don’t know what I’m going to do once our arrangement ends lol if I decide to look for another SD my expectations may be too high now.

    Ok guys lol I’m sitting at my SDs computer and a number I don’t recognize comes up on my phone. I answer and it is an SD I talked to a few months ago. We stopped talking before because he’s married and I wasn’t comfortable with that..also he’s really forward and a bit creepy. Long story long, he called to invite me on a trip. He travels for his job and over the few months we were communicating, he invited me to Jamaica, Bahamas, Vegas etc. I know this is bad, but I would have totally gone if he wasn’t going with me. That is terrible to say, but it’s true. :)

  375. Stormcat says:

    SuzieQ, I noticed that most messages go unopened. My conclusion, from looking at the profiles of some of those who don’t read their messages, is that they are no longer participaring on the site. Thats because the last logon dates are often very old. Make sure when you do your search that the profiles are returned in order of most recent log-on. I think that’s what I’m specifying.

  376. sweetnothings-321312 says:

    Oh, well then yes disregard my speech! haha that’s great that you’re taking initiative, and I’m so sorry you’re not hearing back more frequently. I’ve looked at your profile, and I really think it’s probably your location more than anything else, because you’re attractive and have a lot going for you.

    Hehe ‘pit party’? Never heard that one. Debbie Downer perhaps…. :) Juuust kidding.

  377. Stormcat says:

    In view of sweetnothings comment, I would like to say that I concur. I was trying for brevity here and didn’t mean to imply that a mass mailing is the method. My suggested message was “essentially says” I too always try to add something personal that lets the other person know that I at least read their listing. The real point I was making is that, regardless of your strategy, you have to be proactive in getting your profile viewed.

  378. SuzieQ*297329* says:

    Stormcat & Sweetnothings – yes I heartily agree. I didn’t mean to give the impression that I was sitting back waiting to be asked out. I am definitely being proactive and sending out 3 or 4 personalized emails a day.

    I was just a wee bit jealous of DC who seems to have men taking the initiative to contact her!

    And I recognize that I’m in a bit of down mood because only about half my emails even get opened, and most of the rest don’t generate replies. The only one who has replied acted really, really interested but then disappeared into thin air. So I guess I’m just having a bit of a pity party over here.

    Not to worry, I’ll perk up soon :)

  379. sweetnothings-321312 says:


    I generally agree with Stormcat. Three of the four people I am talking with currently, I emailed myself. Although, I disagree about the simple “I like your profile check mine out” messages. I have to say, those messages go straight in the trash when I receive them. I respond to the people who take the time to write something personal that they noticed on my profile, who use proper punctuation and grammar, and at least try to give the appearance that they aren’t sending out a mass message to hundreds of girls. Therefore, I follow the same format for the messages I send out to men. I format it correctly and always add something personal about why I was attracted to their profile, or why I think we’ll get along. It’s the power of suggestion, I guess, because I’ve gotten some very interested responses back. They don’t always come back immediately, nor do some write back at all, but the numbers have been good enough that I can’t help but think it’s a good tactic. But then again, I see no problem in going up to a man at a bar and striking up a conversation, where other people find that inappropriate. Screw gender roles, I met my last boyfriend that way! haha

  380. Stormcat says:

    I have a method for you. I posted clear tastful pictures and a thoghtful profile. But, I figured that just because I have a posted profile doesn’t mean it will be seen. So I got proactive. I did a search, then I sent a simple message to those whose profiles i like that essentially says “I like your profile check mine out”. If I get a response, I continue as is individually appropriate.
    It seems to be pretty effective. Most of the initial messages are never read. But of the ones that are read about 60% are writing back. I think thats pretty good.

  381. SBinNYC says:

    BerkshireSD – If there are sample SDs, I’m in.

  382. SuzieQ*297329* says:

    Good afternoon everyone, I’m goofing off at work again…benefits of being the boss lol!

    So DC, glad to hear you are receiving lots of inquiries from pot sd’s. I’ve had a grand total of 1 contact me in the 10 weeks or so I’ve been on here…wonder if I’m doing something wrong, or if I’m just not showing up in searches being from a small island on the west coast of Canada. Or maybe their eyes glaze over when they see how long my profile is?

    Maybe I should keep it short and sweet like some I read: “looking for sugar daddy, email me if you want to know more.” LOL!

  383. SBinNYC says:

    Stormcat – If your concern is her possible business objectives/affiliation and not so much the setting; propose a club other than the one she chooses.

  384. BerkshireSD says:

    Just want my share of the free samples being given out.

  385. Stormcat says:

    SBinNYC, no she didn’t say and I didn’t ask. But now I wonder. . . So why do you ask?

  386. DC says:

    That’s sweet of you Berkshire…wrong coast for me

  387. SBinNYC says:

    Is that a pick-up strategy?

  388. BerkshireSD says:

    I’m available in NYC tonight if anyone needs a free dinner. 😉

  389. DC says:

    SBinNYC- I can’t wait to hear what that is all about

  390. Queensie says:

    O(ne) P(oint) O(f) V(iew): I will try thank you

  391. O(ne) P(oint) O(f) V(iew) says:

    Queensie, remind him what the nature of this site is and what it is not. Impart on him that the primary reason you are on this site as opposed to other matchmaking sites is for the not so subtle implications of these relationships. If you decide to bring it up, don’t be confrontational, but be assertive as to what you need from him.

  392. SBinNYC says:

    Stormcat – Did she mention which club specifically? (I’ll explain why).

  393. Queensie says:

    O(ne) P(oint) O(f) V(iew): good tactic

  394. Queensie says:

    Don’t believe he is seeing anyone else. But as someone mentioned above, it is hard to trust someone that is cheating on his wife. He said he’s been in several sb/sd relationships before and was very generous to them. Maybe he’s a “fake”

  395. O(ne) P(oint) O(f) V(iew) says:

    stormcat, here’s a thought: counter that you would prefer to meet in a less than blunt environment. If she’s sincere, no problem. If she’s (he’s) still pushing the adult club, then I think you got your answer.

  396. Stormcat says:

    Still doesn’t excuse the miserly behavior but did you talk about whether he is seeing other potential SBs and/or trying to make a final selection.
    Giving him the benifit of the doubt perhaps he is nieve about when his committment begins and thinks it starts when he makes a final choise.

  397. Queensie says:

    Stormcat: To meet at an adult club’s VIP room for a first meeting is as bad as meeting beside an ATM as a first date.

  398. Stormcat says:

    Nitemare? (wow, that name ought to really take you places)
    I thought so.

  399. Queensie says:

    Good afternoon everyone.
    I am new to this blog and the site. I have gone on several dates with a SD. We haven’t done anything intimate, mostly, we have dinners and drinks. We briefly talked about allowance and budget and we match. Sadly, nothing has materialized. I enjoy seeing him but wish he would pay up. What should I do?

  400. Stormcat says:

    First e-mail
    I wasn’t really bothered so much by the suggested setting as by the nagging thought that this listing was just a disguised promo for the club. I show up, they usher me to a room, send in any girl that happens to be handy and stick me with an outrageous bill.

  401. O(ne) P(oint) O(f) V(iew) says:

    Who is this girl?

    j/k. :)

  402. girlie says:

    *That should have read ‘not called upon’. Damn Blackberry.

    Stormcat, I wouldn’t call that rigid. If you aren’t comfortable there, extending yourself and going to make her happy would not be fair to either of you and would not be the right way to begin an arrangement.

    It seems like a bizarre ‘getting to know you’ place. Not really functional for conversation and one on one time, fun as it may be.

  403. Beach_Girl says:

    Stormcat~ First Welcome! Nice to see SDs here…
    Well I think you have to feel comfortable with the person and be honest. Had you talked to her previously? or was this a first mail?
    I think communication is important, if this was a set of emails, and she then wanted to meet that’s good…
    but i’m also new here so… but communication and honesty is what i think is important.

  404. girlie says:

    So wrong that I’m on a conference call and I’m at SA. I better hope I’m hot called up and start discussing SD/ SB age gaps :)

    Jai, I always think your situation sounds so comfy and happy. Nothing wrong with that age gap if you are happy.Have you been together long?

  405. Stormcat says:

    Im new to this site and to blogging in general. I just was trying to find out how to act appropriately in particular situation. I received a message from a appearantly beautiful SB in response to my initial contact expressing interest. She suggested that she would like to meet for a full dinner in a private room of an adults only club.
    I declined.
    Was I too rigid in my thinking?

  406. DC says:

    I hope so Jai. I’d like to at least MEET one of them!!

    Yes, tonight is the night, thanks for reminding me. Me and Alicia will be glued to the set. They start running the older shows back to back prior to 10 PM so you can catch some of the re-runs

  407. Beach_Girl says:

    Sweetredhead~ isn’t that the truth lol…
    glad it’s going well,,, talk to you tonight!

  408. Sweetredhead says:

    My day is going well, I like the office and the doctors and the people who work there :) Home for lunch and going back to the office soon. Just checking in :)

  409. Sweetredhead says:

    You know why woman can’t measure? because you men keep telling us 6 inches is 8 inches lol

  410. Beach_Girl says:

    Sweetredhead~ aren’t you supposed to be working?
    how is the new job going?

  411. Sweetredhead says:

    O(ne) P(oint) O(f) V(iew) That last thing a woman wants is a man who THINKS he knows what he is doing lmao. Nothing worse than a man who brags he is good and then your with him and he SUCKS! So my rule of thumb is if they brag they suck lol

  412. Jai says:

    It’s going well so far :) I’m getting ready to head out as well. I’ve got my fingers crossed for the SD you like and my toes for the latter 😛 You’re going to next to be bitten by the sugar bug.

  413. DC says:

    Congrats Edele! Let us know how it turns out.

    I’m doing good Jai. Heard from the pot SD last night and he wants to meet next week. Waiting for confirmation and hope he doesn’t turn into another poof daddy. I think his situation and mine would be a perfect match. I won’t get my hopes up though till I see the whites of his eyes as they say. How’s your day so far? I have to go out now in this miserable rain 😉

    Heard from another out of town SD this morning, wants to discuss it further. I’d rather not do the long distance thing unless they want to come to me in which case I’d be happy to show them around town

  414. Jai says:

    Congrats Edele! It truly is raining SDs :)

  415. Edele says:

    Good news – I’ve been emailing back and forth with a pot SD for a few weeks now. We talked on the phone last night for the first time. And we’re going to meet in a couple weeks (after my finals). I’m super excited and he seems really great.

  416. DC says:

    Hi Jai!

    Well like we discussed you are an old soul and your SB is a young soul at heart. I think you guys are the exception that you work so well. I doubt it’s the norm

  417. SBinNYC says:

    BerkshireSD – How do you figure?

  418. BerkshireSD says:

    “Lol what about a man in his 60s with a young woman in her early 20s? Extreme?”

    I think starting in about 13yrs that should be the norm.

  419. SBinNYC says:

    A proper hello to everyone this morning!

  420. Jai says:

    Oh yes, I know lol I was just poking fun a DC 😉

  421. Jai says:

    Lol what about a man in his 60s with a young woman in her early 20s? Extreme? :)

  422. SBinNYC says:

    Certainly not a complaint.. just curiosity. Although I am genuine in my search and interactions, I maintain a casual attitude.

    My communication has been predominantly with men 40+ so I can’t speak for the younger prospects. And yes, some do exhibit symptoms of Lolitavitis.

  423. Jai says:

    Good morning from Arizona! :)

    How is everyone this fine (soon to be 95 degree) morning?

    DC, OPOV, Gail, Berkshire, SBinNYC, and Susie-How goes it? :)

  424. DC says:

    Hi Suzie Q-

    I am in Seattle. I don’t think it’s that big a pool of available SDs as say compared to NYC or LA. Maybe it’s third? I don’t know. But I get contacted by quite a few out of towners as well.

    Believe me I was sure I would be ignored at my age. As a matter of fact I have a friend in her early 30s who joined a few days ago and is very attractive and has only had one SD contact her and he was a nut job. Offered her 10K a month to be his arm candy and wanted to train her.

    I have been extremely fortunate. I am getting contacted by men between the ages of 45 and 55 mostly…… and they have been exceptional guys. Haven’t met any yet (maybe next week) and a few have been poof daddys but that’s the way it goes. I guess something in my profile resonates with them and a few have tried to be with much younger women and it didn’t work out for one reason or another

    I agree OPOV, a man in his 40s or 50s who wants to be with an 18 year old is a little extreme.

  425. O(ne) P(oint) O(f) V(iew) says:

    SBinNYC –

    I am in NYC and I don’t think I would agree with that sentiment. But then again, I can only bring one point of view whereas you may have already experienced many. From my perspective, I would much rather prefer to be with someone in the late 20’s early 30’s age group as I believe it is only until that age group does one begin to understand themselves and the nature of these type of relationships. (just my opinion, mind you – there are always exceptions to every statement. Nothing is an absolute.) Plus, take into consideration the old caveat “subtract 5 yrs from a man’s age, add 5 yrs to a woman’s age to arrive at their true maturity level” then this age group is perfect for me. I don’t believe that I am the only one who feel this way. But maybe what you have encountered so far is the common complaint found here about not real/sincere sd’s who think that they can get over on someone less experienced.

    Also, I really don’t believe that successful men 40-45+ are looking for an 18 y.o. unless he has some kind of lolita fixation, which would end as soon as she hit 19.

    Or is your complaint that men in their 20’s and 30’s are ignoring ladies in the 28+ age bracket, you’re not talking about the older men?

  426. BerkshireSD says:

    Well I like women that are mature responsible and reliable for one thing.

  427. SBinNYC says:

    Just wanted to see if there were similar observations and perhaps SDs such as yourself can chime in.

  428. BerkshireSD says:

    Tell us what you are looking for.

  429. SBinNYC says:

    Earlier in this thread there was mention of how plentiful NYC is with pot SDs. Although that may be true, only the 18-24 group will be privy to that luxury. From what I’ve witnessed, 28+ seems a less desirable option for SDs. Thoughts?

  430. SuzieQ*297329* says:

    DC – you’re on the west coast too, right? It is miserable here on the island too…yesterday it was like a winter rainstorm! Hey, where are you finding all those pot sd’s? Care to share? lol!

  431. DC says:

    Good morning everyone!

    I wish I had a job but glad to not have one today as it’s miserable out there. Cold and windy and heavy rain. Good day to stay inside with a good book.

    Suzie- I as in the same boat and we are close in age. I arrived at this site out of necessity but since then have come to terms with the fact that it really is about 2 people connecting on many levels and filling a need. Plus I really do like all the pot SDs I am communicating with. I could see a friendship maybe developing with some

    I got lucky, I snagged one of these phone/focus group type interviews for this morning. 45 minutes and I get paid $100…woo hoo! Almost a full days salary after taxes

  432. SuzieQ*297329* says:

    Gail, yes I am glad I made a new choice. Awareness of the possibilities is a wonderful thing! Sometimes it just takes a bit of practice and persistence to make the break from the “old” and step into the “new.” I’m sure I’m almost there :)

  433. SuzieQ*297329* says:

    Wow, just reading back over the last couple of days.

    Congrats Lisa! Hearing happy stories always puts me in good mood. I will live vicariously through you today and it will help me stay in a positive frame of mind!

    Sweetred, congrats on your new job…wonderful news for you!

    OPOV and Sweetred, maybe we can start a SA support group for sugar daters with kids with autism? (now there’s a niche!) My son (23) has Asperger’s Syndrome. He is one special young man, that’s for sure. Now that he’s grown up, I really, really, really like him! He is actually getting ready to move out on his own. A big step, but he is going to the same city as his younger brother and his grandfather, and it’s only 2 hours away. I am a bit nervous but I know he will have support if he heeds it. It is an intense life though, raising these wonderfully unique people.

  434. Gail says:

    Good Morning All : )

    I see your after OC glow Suthurn…was wondering when you would get back.

    I think Suthrun is one of those chivalrous and wonderful gentlemen Girlie : )

    Suzie- I too went thru that time in my life. It is a choice…when you work hard in companies today, it seems all they want is more of your time and energy. I looked up and was not happy. I am glad you made a change : )

    Lisa-I missed you this morning…by the way you are not dreaming : ) Last nite was real….lol…

  435. SuzieQ*297329* says:

    Good morning all. Been busy at work lately, thought I’d pop in to say hello before I head in for the day.

    What has your experience been like in the sugarbowl? Has it been like a novel? Soap opera? ‘The Fabulous Sugar Life of _____”?

    I’d say more like a mystery novel. Is he really who he says he is? Where do all those unread emails actually end up? Despite what they say they want, are men actually intimidated by fit, intelligent, good looking women? (yes, I’m feeling just a wee bit discouraged today :p )

    In what chapter of your life did you join SeekingArrangement? After a divorce? A move?

    I joined SA after reflecting on my 30 or so years of relationship experience and realizing I needed to raise my standards! I had a pattern of working way too hard and stretching myself thin trying to provide for everyone, including the men I was with. I was 45 and financial security was nowhere in sight, despite all my hard work. I just woke up one day and realized I could make a different choice. It’s time for me to be in a more balanced relationship where I receive as well as give.

  436. O(ne) P(oint) O(f) V(iew) says:

    Morning Suthrn

  437. girlie says:

    Good morning, Suthrn. I think there are still quite a few chivalrous and lovely gentleman still around! I think we just need reminders of it now and then!

  438. SuthrnExec says:

    Lisa, sounds like you had a great evening – good for you! You see – there still are a few of us chivalrous men around – probably not all of us are right-wingers, but chivalrous nonetheless! Glad to hear it went well.

    Good morning OPOV and girlie!

  439. girlie-216076 says:

    I don’t know that most women measure. Every man has his own style and thing that he does that makes us smitten. Comparing and measuring is generally a useless activity where people and feelings are concerned. It’s so unfair to everyone……

    Where is NM to tell me ‘life’s not fair’? :)

  440. O(ne) P(oint) O(f) V(iew) says:

    That’s because most men don’t want to be “measured” against your previous lovers.

  441. girlie-216076 says:

    That’s a wonderful reason not to sleep, Lisa! I didn’t sleep because I think the highlights I got are WAY too blonde. BeachGirl, you will laugh….

    Oh yes, OPOV. I can think of few things worse than a man who needs to be taught…you know :) On the flipside, you hear of so many men who prefer an inexperienced woman.

  442. lisa says:

    Good morning everyone. Getting ready for work, didn’t sleep well last night with all the excitement. Meeting my parents after work to go for coffee. See everyone this evening.

    Have a good day.

  443. O(ne) P(oint) O(f) V(iew) says:

    I thought the last thing a woman wanted was a man who didn’t know what he was doing?

  444. girlie-216076 says:

    BG…..you will get a virgin for the US? haha :) I know it was a typing error but I giggled.
    Sometimes the carriers will give you a bundle of US minutes too, BG. Worth looking into if you meet someone in the US.

  445. lisa says:

    Going to bed now. Good night everyone

  446. lisa says:

    I have had virgin mobile for 5 years, it covers all my area and even works in the border towns of Mexico. I have had 4 different phones and currently have the new red Arc one now

  447. Beach_Girl says:

    OPOV~ i’m in Montreal, and i can’t forward my cell number ..well i think it may be a blond thing, since I don’t know how.. I didn’t know i could use my phone in the US though, i couldn’t before…
    Thank you , If and when i go to the US i will get a virgin for there i think it would be better….

  448. DC says:

    SR- good luck tomorrow. make sure you don’t eat any poppy seeds tonight. Remember that Seinfeld episode!

    Lisa-seriously? a pigeon? cool. I love all birds and had my baby parrot for 19 years until 2 months ago. I used to take care of pigeons at the wildlife center many years ago. They are a trip

    Good night all. It’s only 8:30 here so I’m up for a while

  449. O(ne) P(oint) O(f) V(iew) says:

    BG, I just check Virgin Canada’s webpage and they said youcan roam freely in USA using your Canada service. But it will cost you 1.50 a minute. :)

    If you come to the US, it may be better to get a us phone (Toronto isn’t that far from US) and just forward your Canadian calls to US number when here. This way you won’t be out of the loop.

  450. Beach_Girl says:

    sweetredhead~ girl let me know if they need a medical transcriptionist lol

  451. sweetredhead says:

    Good night all. Going to try and get some sleep. I hate starting new jobs I get myself all worked up lol.

  452. sweetredhead says:

    oh I didn’t realize I did that lol. I use sassyredhead on my spades site. And I have an email with that. Been playing spades lately and must have type that in again. OOPS!

    Beach_Girl I will be working in a medical office with several Doctors. They do background checks and drugs tests because you are working with peoples private information.

  453. lisa says:

    Good night Gail, everyone I’ve got to get to bed soon too, if I can sleep that is, lol

  454. Gail says:

    Sweetred…either yesterday or today…sometime your name was sassyredhead….lol…you don’t recall? Have a wonderful first day at work….

    I am off to bed too….Lisa : ) I will send you a private message….

    Nite Sugars!!!

  455. Beach_Girl says:

    Sweetred~ wow they are asking you to take a drug test? wtf? lol
    and a background check… i’m confused where will you be working?

  456. lisa says:

    what if she logs on to the site at work and sees you, lol
    maybe she sugardates

  457. lisa says:

    I had to do a urine drug test for 2 jobs but the current job I just swabbed my cheek. Good luck on the job sweetredhead, a new chapter begins. May is starting out great. background check, i’ve never even had a late library book, lol

  458. sweetredhead says:

    Lets hope she doesn’t ask me if I am on a sugar dating site lmao. Don’t ask don’t tell.

  459. sweetredhead says:

    I was sassy? when? who. where? lol

    I should be in bed but had to see how lisa’s date went. Glad to hear it went so well. Now I will say it WE TOLD YOU SO! lmao ok that was the sassy me.

    Lisa I am so so happy for you.

    Off to bed for me. My first day at the new job. Have to go for a drug test in the am before I go in. She asked me if I had a problem with that. Nope don’t do drugs never have. And she is doing a back ground check also. No problem there either. I am boring lol.

  460. Beach_Girl says:

    Hey Sugars!
    OPOV~ i totally agree with you about safety, had my ID stolen before, so i’m really careful about my numbers and such. I did Google my email , and the only place it talks about my email, is a link to this Blog lol
    As for Cell phones well i have Virgin and it’s great for Canada, but if i want to go to the US …. it doesn’t work there… so I need to find another alternative

    Lisa~ glad the date went well, see you worried for nothing! I’m Happy for you.

    Sweetred~ congrats on the Job Girl! good for you !

  461. lisa says:

    DC Percy is my pigeon roomate. He was born in my plant pot and he and his sibling knocked down by a neighbor’s kid and his sibling stomped to death. I have had him almost a year and he is super spoiled. Very dominate and thinks i’m his girlfriend, likes to make out with my shoes, lol

  462. girlie-216076 says:

    I think I need to email Nars and suggest a color called ‘Sugarbaby’, Lisa.

  463. lisa says:

    He is leaving it up to me so we will get together next week on one of my days off. We agreed to once a week for starters. That’s sufficient for me as I don’t want a serious relationship. Lisa is Galleria bound on friday.

  464. DC says:

    Okay, I got here late in the scheme of things. Who, pray tell, is Percy?

  465. Gail says:

    If you buy Percy that flight suit…you are indeed a sugarmomma…lol…
    So when is your next day?

  466. Gail says:

    CSB and Lisa…I wanna go there too…: ( please……

  467. lisa says:

    Yes Gail I might not have to wear my nars orgasm blush tomorrow, lol
    I might be able to buy percy that flightsuit for his birthday.

  468. Gail says:

    Oooh….I love the sound of it Princess Lisa Penelope….I am so HAPPY for you Lisa…..Happy Dance…Happy Dance!!!! Dinner, flowers,coffee,grinder,computer desk,chair, republican, Fox news,contact lenses,allowance…YOU DESERVE A WONDERFUL SD…and…ITS ABOUT TIME…: ) I know your cheeks are hurting from smiling so much!!!!

  469. lisa says:

    I have to have the apt do that. It works late at night and morning but when the afternoon heat comes, it stops working. My sd told me it had something to do with some magnetic things. I will have to call the office again.

    CSB, I’m glad I crossed the road to the other place, lol

  470. DC says:

    Yay Lisa! See……all that worry for nothing! Glad you had a good time and seems you have found a good one.

  471. ChocolateSnowBunny says:

    Lisa: Happy Happy Joy Joy!!!! Great news. Aren’t you happy you took my advice and opted for a change of scenery? Sounds like he’s a keeper. Congratulations. Maybe we will get you a new AC next.

    OPOV: Thanks for the heads up. I’m very private regardless and always block my number before calling. I have only given my personal email address out right away to the potential that turned out to be my SD. My instinct hasn’t failed me yet but I always taken precautions.

  472. lisa says:

    I am percy’s sugarmama

    1100 dollars since friday, 2 nice meals, coffee, coffee maker, flowers, etc and someone who shares my political views. It was nice to be able to express my extreme views, lol

  473. lisa says:

    Lisa is just a princess tonight, lol

    Percy was a little jealous though as he was cooing when my sd was here, lol

  474. Gail says:

    OPOV sorry if my question offended you. It was not intended to be that way. No need to get puffy about it….: )

    Thanks Sweetred…now you are back from being sassy…lol…anyway…I always forget what that code is…Its *67…I even used google like OPOV to find this info : )

    DC-I was looking at someones e-mail address on google…and in order to see what websites they are on you have to pay for it? Everything has a price these days.

    Jai-I was not conceived when he was there: )…so my breast were not little…they were invisible..lol

    Do you think Percy is pecking the heck out of her SD? LMAO….

  475. Jai says:

    Even better Lisa! :)

  476. girlie-216076 says:

    Lisa…..fantastic news. Sounds lovely all around.

  477. lisa says:

    actually stargazer lillies, my favorite flower

  478. Jai says:

    Cool Lisa :)

    Everything’s coming up roses…and coffee…and computer desks 😛

  479. lisa says:

    Yes I have had my computer in my kitchen since I bought it. I want to put it in the bedroom.

  480. girlie-216076 says:

    I really should be more careful. Thanks for the warning, OPOV.

    Only once did I have an overzealous caller (and I put an end to that fast in my own special way) but I should be, and will be, more careful.

    Sweetredhead….CONGRATS! Such wonderful Monday news.

  481. O(ne) P(oint) O(f) V(iew) says:

    sweetred – yes you can block your number from showing up (*67) but if someone calls you and their number is blocked, do you pick up or ignore it and go to vmail? And if they are calling your home, what if you have anonymous call block activated? Caller can’t get thru.

    What I am attempting to put forward here is that in the online dating game where everyone is anonymous, it is better to stay that way until youcan fell some level of trust with another person. Gmale, yahoo, msn etc are all good sources for a throw-away email account. So is Virgin, Boost, ATT Go Phone, etc for throw away number service. The couple of bucks upfront cost is worth it for safety and (especially for sd’s) peace of mind.

  482. VillaCypris *276489* says:

    Wow Lisa!!!!!!!! He sounds great! And you two have so much in common!! :)

  483. lisa says:

    It was great Jai, I guess i’ll put my 99cent store coffee away for a while, lol. My apartment smells so good between the fresh ground coffee and the beautiful flowers in the living room.

  484. lisa says:

    Lisa is headed to the Galleria friday. :) Also going to get another 6 months supply of contact lenses.

  485. DC says:

    Hey Jai-

    I’m okay. Thanks for asking. I get over things pretty fast. My motto is if it sounds too good to be true it probably is. This job was great pay and I thought I was dreaming so I wasn’t really that surprised.

    Heard from pot SD today who wants to explore it further. He originally said no. So we’ll see. Considering one who is out of town.

    Maybe I lost the job for a reason. Now I have more time to devote to a pot SD

    The way I look at things these days is that the only thing that really matters is to have your health and that your loved ones are healthy. All the rest I can deal with and let roll off my back.

    Lisa, Lisa…..hurry back! The suspense is killing us

    OPOV- thanks for the warning. You are right, I think most of us are too trusting

  486. lisa says:

    Hi everyone

    My sugardate went really well, no pressure at all
    Met him at the mall and we decided to eat at the same place we ate the other day, the traffic was kinda bad. Had a nice dinner and conversation. Turns out we are both right wing republicans and Fox news channel fans. We also share the same views on social issues. The minute we met, he handed me an envelope with 600 dollars (the rest of my allowance for may). We walked around the mall and stopped at starbucks for coffee. He takes his with cream and sugar, just like me. We then left to go to my apartment. He had a beautiful arrangement of my favorite flowers waiting for me in his truck along with a new coffee maker, coffee grinder and gourmet coffee. We sat in my apartment and talked and made some coffee. He just left at 9 so I could get ready for my day tomorrow. He is going to take me shopping for a computer desk and chair next week.
    It was a good date and he is such a gentleman, holds doors open and all.

  487. Sweetredhead says:

    I think it is *72 or 73 you can have your number appear private. My phone has a setting for it. With email addresses you can make one on yahoo mine has my last name as nonyabussiness but you need to put that in your account info or your last name will show up when you email someone.

  488. VillaCypris *276489* says:

    Yea Gail… that was me that fell in the mud. Ironically, the welt on my butt is in the shape of an upside down cross… hmmmmmm… ahahaha. NO further comments.
    Haven’t been to HI since 1989…. it’s a beautiful place!
    Maybe Lisa’s having a grand ol’ time drinking coffee and talking to her SD…. if we don’t hear from her tonight…. we’ll know 😉

    OPOV, I check out aerial views of things all the time…. out of curiosity… like my parents’ house, landmarks in Monaco and the riviera, italy, anything i want to see. The technology is mind-blowing, what we can do these days…

  489. ChocolateSnowBunny says:

    Btw, I think the video was the most positive that I’ve seen on sugar arrangements. However, she was cut off when she attempted to really defend those that choose to be part of this lifestyle. Kudos to Anna David although I’m not intrigued enough to read her book.

  490. Jai says:

    Gail-He was there from 47-49, came back to the states, and then went back again 52-54. :) Maybe he saw you on his way out. I’ll ask he remembers a cute asian baby with little breasts lol

  491. O(ne) P(oint) O(f) V(iew) says:

    Gail Says:
    May 4th, 2009 at 9:19 pm

    “OPOV….arial view…so tell me why would you even go to that length and look for her house in that way? I realize that you may be trying to warn her that it can be done. Was it curiosity? I just don’t understand and view it strange. ”

    I did it to prove a point. And I shared this info with her. Your info, my info. It’s all there on the web for anyone to access (“I Googled his number”. “I Googled his email”.) You can call it strange all you want. If it freaks you out a bit as well, good. Consider it a wake up call. There are some strange people out there. So take it for what it is.

    Or don’t.

  492. Gail says:

    My mom tells me that she took us to the beach almost everyday. lol…It was late 50’s for me….tell him I was the cute asian baby with little breast….lol. Also one of my good friends was Guamanian…her family sure loved to barbeque and roast the pigs : )

    You are always running, biking,,doing something active. Were you the SB that fell in the mud awhile back ? I can’t remember….you cut your butt cheeks? hmmmm…now you have a boo boo on your butt (smile)
    I have been working really hard…trying to save my pennies from heaven to go to Hawaii this summer…I am going if it kills me…: ) Me and another SB are planning to go June or even July..wanna join us? Imagine ziplining through the jungle..sand, beach, sun….mai tai’s…

    DC-If they sound strange, act strange…I move on. It takes awhile before I give someone my phone number. It seems I talk to SD forever via e-mail before meeting….ok…I have made exceptions…lol…my money slave SD was two days, and my Las Vegas SD friend 3 days(he was local).

    Villa…how many pots of coffee can two people drink in one nite : ) lol….

    Maybe we should channel her here…”Lisa..Lisa…we need to know…how good if the coffee and the grinder?…. ” lol……

  493. sfsuga says:

    Yeah, I googled a pot sd’s email and found he had another profile on a site for hard core S&M. Scary! I didn’t know about the cell phone thing, what an invasion of privacy!

    I get an uneasy feeling when I guy asks for my email address or number right away. Some people are paranoid about being monitored big brother style by the site and they won’t reveal what they are willing to provide as far as expectations go which is really annoying because you wind up wasting all this time with someone to find out he’s not a generous person.

  494. Jai says:

    Hey DC, how you doing? How’s your evening going? I hope you’re feeling better :)

  495. DC says:

    Gail- I was wondering the same. I think that would freak me out as well if someone mentioned that.

    Speaking of googling, I think I mentioned the charmer who wanted me to call him and then texted me and immediately started to get sexual and when I googled his number I found an ad of his for his “services”. So I highly recommend googling someone’s cell phone number. I have also googled someone’s e-mail address which can lead you to bulletin boards where they have posted messages. Good way to find out if they are into pedophile or sex with barnyard animals

  496. Jai says:

    Hey Gail :) He said they are Chamorro. I guess that is the name used for the language and the people. We went through some of his childhood pictures and he showed me pictures of the island. It’s gorgeous..or it was then I’m not sure about now. It can’t have changed too much :) . He said there was nothing that would harm you there when he was a child. ie insects, snakes, etc And they could walk through the forrest and eat fruit off the trees. His recollection of the island paints a beautiful picture. What year were you there? If it wasn’t in the 50s lol you didn’t bump him

  497. VillaCypris *276489* says:

    It’s only 8:28pm in Houston… maybe they’re sipping some coffee right now!

  498. VillaCypris *276489* says:

    Hi Gail!

    Yea, it’s been a while…. how’ve you been?

    I’m suffering after my 90 mile bikeride yesterday… sitting on half my chair… ahahaha. damn shorts sliced my butt cheek! :(

    Ahh well… was a good way to spend a beautiful sunday afternoon….

  499. Gail says:

    Hello Jai,

    Ask your SD if a person is Guamanian if they are born in Guam…lol…cuz I was born there…don’t remember it much…but heard that it is not a very big island…lol….we may have bumped into each other….

  500. Gail says:

    It’s after 9:00pm…waiting for Lisa to send her coffee grinder SD home, so we can hear the details of her sugar date….I hope she spills the beans…since she will be amped up with caffiene from that $15.00 a pound brand : ) lol….

    OPOV….arial view…so tell me why would you even go to that length and look for her house in that way? I realize that you may be trying to warn her that it can be done. Was it curiosity? I just don’t understand and view it strange.

    Miss Villa!!! Greetings…its been awhile since we have been on at the same time : )

    Congrats on your job Red!!! Hey..what made you change back to SassyRed? You must have been feeling it….walking in the clouds….lol

  501. Jai says:

    That is scary OPOV. Thanks for posting it despite the question vanishing. I think it’s easy to forget how many unsavory characters there are out there. Especially when dealing with the sweeties on the blog 😉

    That was a great reminder for everyone. Thanks again :)

  502. VillaCypris *276489* says:

    Hi OPOV

    Hmmm. Interesting info. I have one of those carriers you mentioned.

    I rarely give out my phone number. As I’ve said before, I think i’ve been very fortunate to have communicated with “normal” decent people, of whom I’ve never been suspicious.

    Better safe, than sorry, I suppose.

  503. O(ne) P(oint) O(f) V(iew) says:

    “Well, when I started this msg, there was a blog by someone named new, but it disappeared. ”

    errr…that would be “someone new”


  504. O(ne) P(oint) O(f) V(iew) says:

    Well, when I started this msg, there was a blog by someone named new, but it disappeared. Like Magic!

    Anyway, one of the questions that was there was about giving out your number. And below is something I think most people should take into account if they give out there numbers to strangers on this site or any other:

    Giving out your number

    I am going to go out on a limb here and say that you are giving your pot sd your cell phone since you don’t really want them to know too much about you especially where you live. Well one young lady I spoke with recently, when she called my landline, her name on her cellphone account showed up. With this information, along with some info I gleamed from our conversation, I was able to find her address on the web, and using Google, I was able to aerial view her home, checking out the layout. I now know how to sneak in to her place and get out without being easily detected.

    Scary. Huh?

    Now, I don’t know if all carriers do this, but I know ATT and T-Mobile do. You have to ask them to remove your name from the caller id otherwise it WILL show up if you call a landline or a number that has been forwarded to a landline.

    When I last spoke with my lady friend, I gave her the details I was able to gather. After a brief period of being freaked out and once she realized I am 1000 miles away, she was able to understand that I was only warning her. Hopefully she is getting that information changed. And soon.

    Just a friendly warning. Use a throw away phone like Virgin Mobile. You don’t have to give real info when activating it so nothing can trace back to you and put you in to potential danger. Better finding out this way then, well, you know.

    Have fun, but be safe.

  505. ChocolateSnowBunny says:

    Good evening sugars.

    What has your experience been like in the sugarbowl? Has it been like a novel? Soap opera? ‘The Fabulous Sugar Life of _____”?

    I’d have to say none of the above. I’ve met a few nice men but unfortunately due to lack of chemistry or their lack of understanding of an arrangement, we didn’t go much further. I did have an SD that was the perfect gentleman, generous and we had great mental connection but over time it didn’t work out. We remain friends but I realized that I need more than just intellectual and a mentor. So the Fabulous Life of ChocolateSnowBunny continues without the sugar lol.

    In what chapter of your life did you join SeekingArrangement? After a divorce? A move?

    I was looking for a more laid back type of relationship. I’m at the point in my life when all my friends are either getting married or having kids. As well, the marriage talk always comes up in my traditional relationships which is not where my life is headed right now. I have goals that I’d like to achieve so I thought this kind of relationship would work perfectly.

  506. DC says:

    Thanks guys, you are the best!

    Just heard from a pot SD I liked but turned me down before. May be some hope there! Yay! Does your ob start tomorrow SR?What state are you in?

  507. sweetredhead*269443* says:

    Sending magic job fairy just your way :)

  508. Jai says:

    Sweetred-Definitely send some job dust my now lol you’re on fire. :) Double congrats.

    DC-Keep your head up :) All it means is that something much better is coming your way. Job wise and SD wise.

  509. DC says:

    Thanks Lisa and Sweetred. Sorry to sound so down but I’ve been looking for work for about 2 years now and can’t get perm work. Just a temp job here and there and this would have been good pay for 6 months so I’m really bummed. I’m like you sweetred, doesn’t take much to make me happy either and a job would have done that even though it was only temp

  510. O(ne) P(oint) O(f) V(iew) says:

    sweetred, I know what you meant. :)

  511. sweetredhead*269443* says:

    O(ne) P(oint) O(f) V(iew) That is so Wonderful that you are able to be with him. There is a special bond between a father and a son.

  512. sweetredhead*269443* says:

    BTW O(ne) P(oint) O(f) V(iew) just to clarify. I am not looking to you as a SD. Just a friend who can be there for you :)

  513. O(ne) P(oint) O(f) V(iew) says:

    swetred – the best part about my staying home with him in his early yrs is that I have been able to develop a relationship with my son that I NEVER had with my own father. Different eras, I know, but I love it that whenever he needs something, wants to express something, be a clown, have a boo-boo kissed, or whatever, he runs to me first, much to the chagrin of his mother.

  514. lisa says:

    I don’t drink wine. I’m headed out now but now my apartment is 100 degrees. My ac was working when I got home it was 80 and it’s running nonstop, now it’s 100 and very hot in here. Gotta go now. Will let everyone know how things go later.

  515. sweetredhead*269443* says:

    I am off to the store. Walking on my little cloud :) Doesn’t take much to make me happy, I know. But it’s the little things in life that make me smile :)

  516. sweetredhead*269443* says:

    Lisa calm down and relax. It will be fine. your going to say “what was I so worried about” Your getting yourself all worked up. Have a glass of wine before you go and breath :)

  517. sweetredhead*269443* says:

    Sorry to hear that DC. I now how hard it is to unemployed and the worries. Something will come your way. It always does :) It did for me. Not the SD thing but I got a job. So I am happy :) one step at a time.

  518. sweetredhead*269443* says:

    O(ne) P(oint) O(f) V(iew) I also have a son with disabilities. It has it’s joys along with it’s stresses. Each accomplishment is something wonderful. My nephew has autism, he is my special little guy. His mother complains that she has no time for herself because she can not have people watch him. So I take him whenever I can. he gives the best hugs :) I know him well and I know his triggers and what calms him when he gets upset. He runs to me when he sees me, which his mother says is not his normal thing. She is so surprised he does that. But I love him :) and he know it.

    I know it’s not easy and sometimes it can be extremely difficult to cope with. And it helps to have a support group in place.

    I would be more than happy to talk to you off blog. It helps to know you are not alone in this. I know it helps me. Just an offer :)

  519. lisa says:

    Sorry to hear that DC. Hope things get better for you soon.

    I’m getting ready to leave now. Really nervous as this is our first actual date. Also I tried to call my mom to tell her I was going out with a friend that way she and my daughter won’t be ringing my phone off the wall when he is here. They are always saying silling things on my answering machine, even joking about my personal life and I certainly don’t want my sd hearing them. Now they are going to be worried about me not answering my phone as they know I don’t normally go out at night so I will have to reach them before I leave or they could mess up my evening. I always turn off my ansering machine when my lover comes over and they know something is up if I do that so I can’t do that tonight.

    Gotta go now. I’m on pins and needles. Just wish I could have reached my family and made an excuse so they won’t be calling me.

  520. DC says:

    Hey Lisa-

    Have a great time tonight and just be yourself, which is pretty fabulous

    I’m a little down right now. I was supposed to start a contract position weds. that paid pretty well for 6 months and it was cancelled. So still unemployed.

    And with all the poof daddys I’m not a happy camper right now.

  521. O(ne) P(oint) O(f) V(iew) says:

    What has your experience been like in the sugarbowl? Has it been like a novel? Soap opera? ‘The Fabulous Sugar Life of _____”?

    So far, my experiences have been more akin to a soap opera than anything else. Too much drama, and I don’t mean the good oscar worthy kind. More like the cheesy, bad actors kind. From the flakes to the stories to the evedr changing characters.

    In what chapter of your life did you join SeekingArrangement? After a divorce? A move?

    I joined SA after a period of stress in my home life. Not to make excuses, mid you, but my son was born with autism and it has been a struggle to overcome this and have my son achieve his potential, disease be damned. During this time I became the primary caregiver as I was able to work from home. In the process I became socially isolated and started to regret the position in the family I was “assigned”. My wife and I have grown apart but are together for our son (yes, I know, cliche). I came upon an ad for this site and was intrigued so I joined. It was a way to find someone to be with that hopefully would not interfere with the responsibilities of my everyday life. I have found success once before more than 1 1/2 yrs ago, but that ran its course and now I am back hoping to met someone new. Until I find her, these are the days of my sugar-life.


  522. lisa says:

    Congrats sweetredhead! Hope all goes well with your new job.
    I’m getting ready to leave in an hour to meet my sd. I’m meeting him at the mall and then we will go to the restaraunt. I’m really nervous though as I just met him friday after chatting with him for only 5 days. We are going to dinner and then back to my apartment so he can show me how to grind coffee beans and make fresh coffee. He is bring me some expensive coffee (I looked it up and it’s like 15 dollars a pound. I always buy the 2 dollar store brand. lol Am excited but will be glad when it’s all over and i’m home alone again as it is very stressful and I don’t want to mess up.

  523. SweetEuropean says:

    What has your experience been like in the sugarbowl? Has it been like a novel? Soap opera? ‘The Fabulous Sugar Life of _____”?

    My experience has definatly been “The fabulous sugar life of ____” !! Since joining SA I have met the most amazing people (SD’s and SB’s!! ) and I have been able to do the most fabulous things, that I could never have done otherwise. I have experienced things that will stay with me forever and i’ve had ALOT of fun! I have to admit I didn’t expect any of it when I signed up but in a way that just makes it so much better!!

    In what chapter of your life did you join SeekingArrangement? After a divorce? A move?

    I joined after a move. I changd alot after the move and became more aware of what I want out of life and who I am. SA fits perfectly into my life right now and I can’t imagine myself being on here prior to the move.

    I hope everyone’s well today! :)

  524. sweetredhead*269443* says:

    That’s great Lisa. Have a WONDERFUL time! Just be you :) He likes you already.

  525. sweetredhead*269443* says:

    Wow been getting calls all day now sence I got the job. 3 in the last hour. One for an office manager position. They all want to meet with me within the next day. The one I got said she called my last employers and it was refreshing to get such praises from them. I wonder if the ones that want to meet me call them also? I have 5 letters of recommendation also. And my resume is 2 employers and long tern employment.

  526. lisa says:

    Good afternoone everyone. Good vibes sent to you sweetredhead for the job. Just got home and have showered and washed the drudge of the day off so i’m a new person now. Gotta leave hear in 2 hours. Have story ready for family when I call them. My friend who got a car a few weeks back and the one that comes over all the time (for real) is picking me up when she gets off work at 4 and we’re going to hang out at her apartment. Perfect cover. lol

    Nervous still though. I picked a casual mexican restaraunt near me that I have been to many times. The food is great, atmosphere casual and it’s 4 blocks from home

  527. Jai says:

    Sweetred-Congrats! Send some sparkly job dust my way 😉

    DC-Better they poof now than later. You’ll find a good one. Better yet, he’ll find you :)

    Alicia-What’s up? :)

    Hope you guys are having wonderful days! I’m helping my SD file and photo catalogue some things right now :) such great fun.

  528. Alicia*299952 says:

    Thats awesome about the job sweetredhed

  529. DC says:

    OCsugarbaby- you crack me up. I need to get some of those panties as well! Sometimes like today, I need to get my groove back. I now have 3 poof daddies out of 4.

  530. gurlnextdoor says:

    Yay! Someone who finally says that this is NOT a website for escorts. :) I like the positive twist she put on everything too. Lots of women on the site are just trying to better themselves and the men are here to help (ex. going to school or starting their own business). Ok time for the questions:

    What has your experience been like in the sugarbowl? Has it been like a novel? Soap opera? ‘The Fabulous Sugar Life of _____”?
    My experience has been like a novel I think. I’ve been flown to different places, shown a good time at both, and been treated like a princess. I’ve gotten to experience a lot of things I couldn’t do on my own with my current financial situation and I’ve gotten to know some really interesting people.

    As for drama, well I don’t do drama. Had enough of that with my ex boyfriend and as OCSugar said, “drama happens when you let it in.” I have a drama free relationship with both my boyfriend and my SD, and I’m looking to keep it that way.

    In what chapter of your life did you join SeekingArrangement? After a divorce? A move?
    I decided to join SeekingArrangement when I realised I really needed help to pay for college and that my parents were serious when they said they weren’t going to give me any help in that department. If it weren’t for that, then I never would have ended up here. I wasn’t looking for an extravagant lifestyle, although I certainly don’t turn down nice, extravagant gifts. But, I just wanted (and still do want) to have a way to pay to get myself through university. That’s all.

  531. sweetredhead*269443* says:

    It’s all the positive thoughts :) Confidence and believing in one’s self. Bring whats inside to the outside and let people know who you are. And not care what people are going to think of you. Just be yourself :)

    Ok that’s my little inspiration for the day. Carry on :)

  532. OCSugarBaby says:

    Hi NC- “Big Girl” panties… these can not be BOUGHT. But if they could; they would be in same general area, next to the “Big Boy” ones! :) LOL

    Big girl panties: They are imaginary sexy panties that you mentally wear for confidence. Miss Lisa Penelope wears them to match her lovely hosiery collection!

  533. O(ne) P(oint) O(f) V(iew) says:

    Seems like everyone is getting good news of late. Let’s hope this continues for a spell.

  534. SouthernGent2 says:

    Sara sounds like a real sweetheart going on that first sd date.

  535. O(ne) P(oint) O(f) V(iew) says:

    sweetred, congrats on the news.

  536. sweetredhead*269443* says:

    Udate on my interview. I GOT THE JOB!! She said she has been looking for someone like me for a month. I will be working in a medical clinic. I am very excited :) Thanks for all the good vibes and wishes.

  537. NC Gent says:

    Hey OC — just where does one buy big girl panties???

  538. OCSugarBaby says:

    **** Lisa Penelope****
    Snap the band on your big girl panties to remind yourself you are amazing and a wonderful SB. I am sure he will be a gentleman. With his bum ankle you can surely out run him! Ok, now that I made you laugh, go have fun! :) ~OC (your sugar sister)

  539. sweetnothings says:

    Thanks NC Gent! Have…fun…at your conference! :)

  540. NC Gent says:

    Heya sweetnothings — good luck on your meet and great tonight!

  541. NC Gent says:

    Hi Sara – I think it is best if you can lay out some kind of range of your expenses. That way you are justifying what you need. I think he will feel more comfortable with that. It is a relationship and he doesn’t want to feel like your goal is to get as much money as possible out of him… I’ve seen it a few times said here — he doesn’t want to feel like an ATM and you don’t want to feel like an escort. Make sure you put some money in for pampering too — you need this — it is part of the deal, although he may think that dinners, etc covers the pampering. I hope it goes well for you. I think there are many that are getting a few thousand a month, in that $1k to $3k per month range. I actually had a meeting with one SB that swore she was getting $10k a month, but it came with so many strings (she felt like a slave) that it wasn’t worth it. Hope that helps and it definitely isn’t easy part of it — it is dating with money attached, and I remember how hard dating alone was!

  542. sweetnothings says:

    I personally wear the same kinds of outfits I would wear on any normal date. Form-fitting, flattering but not revealing. A shorter black dress with boots, a high-waisted skirt with a more casual top…My first dates have gone well so far. Just be yourself and try try try not to be nervous, because it only detracts from the chemistry and you want your natural personality to shine through. One SD gave me money on the first date and we haven’t talked about allowance yet…and the other one who I haven’t seen yet gave me an offer of 2K a month for seeing him just a few times a year, but I think that’s on the generous side because we aren’t in close contact.

  543. Sara says:

    NC Gent, thanks. The private members club is actually more of a private members hotel, so I don’t think there’s a dress code! I definitely don’t want to feel out of place though, so I’m thinking heels for definite!

    The budget idea is good actually. We have been speaking online for a while and he’s said that if the date goes well we’ll talk about an allowance so I know that he’s thinking of that. I’ve already said I’m a student so I think he knows I am in need financially! What do you think is the usual ‘range’ realistically when it comes to allowances then? This is my first SD! I’m quite lucky as we get on well and can be quite straight forward, but he is a successful businessman and so I don’t want to take a wrong step and start stating random amounts Thanks for the help so far though it’s helping for sure!

    Hey DC, yeah definitely class and sexiness needs to hit a balance. Is that what you have worn before? I think it’s important to note as well that at 6pm now it’s still day time, and the date is only going to be an hour long so I don’t need to be going for the clubbing look! Skirt is a good plan.

    How have peoples first dates gone for them before with their first SDs?
    S x

  544. DC says:

    Hi Sara-

    This is what I would wear

    I have an a-symetrical above the knee black skirt and a satin camisole type top with a black sweater over it and a pair of stiletto heels and black leather jacket over that

    I think you want to look sexy and classy.

  545. NC Gent says:

    Hi Sara — congrats on popping your blog cherry, although not sure congratulations is in order for something like that…

    if it is a private club, there might be a dress code — can you check the club out online? Might not want to wear jeans because that could be embarrassing if you can’t get in. Because it is drinks and a chat, you don’t have to get too dressed up in my opinion, but enough that you don’t feel out of place… my fave is jeans, cute top, and heels, but that may not be in order for this….

    regarding the big question…. he should bring it up if he has done this before, but if he doesn’t, you might want to bring it up near the end by saying something like so you are interested, and I am interested, have you considered a budget range? If you give him a range, it doesn’t press him too much… you might want to say, for me to meet my bills, I was thinking x amount, but you are running the risk of selling yourself short at that point. If he is a businessman, he will likely not be used to making the first offer — that just is a no-no in negotiation but one person has to give, that is why you can say “a range” to start. Best wishes!

  546. Sara says:

    Hey everyone,

    Well, I am popping by blog cherry so to speak and posting for the first time!

    DC–> Talking about new SDs, I am the same but it is ME that is new to the SD/SB scene! I’m about to go on my first date with a sugar daddy who has had a SB before, and I was wondering if anyone had any tips on what is best to wear? It is at 6pm, just for a drink and a chat (as I have finals going on at the moment, and he’s a busy man) and we’re meeting at a private members club. Could any of you girls who have had SDs before and have had the first date experience give me any advice?

    Also, adding onto DC’s point about the allowance. There has already been talk about me having one if this date goes well, but I was wondering, how do you all approach the BIG question of amount without a) Selling yourself short and b) Asking for too much!?

    Panic stations ahoy!

    Thanks guys x

  547. DC says:

    Thanks NC and girlie. That is good advice and kind of where I was heading.

  548. girlie says:

    Hi DC. I approach this with a specific amount it mind, however, a SD’s income does factor in.
    I personally don’t base it on the amount of times I could see someone. The number I head quite often is no less than twice/ month but I’m of the thought that I like him and I’m totally open to more and am happy to do so. But there are many that like to have a specified amt of time and determining that up front creates good boundaries.

    I don’t discuss a specific arrangement on the first meeting, though I make sure I know they are open to one beforehand. I want the first meeting to be light, casual and fun. That said, if a SD is insistent, then I will discuss on the first meeting. It’s just not my preference.

    I’m not sure basing it on looks is a fair measurement, since that is so open to interpretation. Come up with a number you need and work from there, adjusting to the outside factor of time/ income level and distance.

  549. NC Gent says:

    oops DC — $2k a month doesn’t sound unreasonable to me if he wants to see you once a week.

  550. NC Gent says:

    Hi DC — I don’t think there is a set formula for determining how much is the right amount. Nonetheless, in my opinion, it is based upon how often you will see each other, how much contact in between, etc. I also like it when the SB says I would like this much because my monthly expenses are this… I don’t think it should be based upon “how hot/young” etc you are – if he is entering an arrangement, he must be attracted to you at some level, so I wouldn’t sweat that. In a perfect world, he should be helping you because he wants to and not because he has to. Best wishes!

    Hope everyone has a great day — I am out for most of this week but maybe will check in when I get bored at my conference!

  551. DC says:

    Good luck sweetred! Knock em dead!

  552. DC says:

    Good morning ladies and Nightmare and Southern-

    Sweetnothings (SN) congrats. That is fantastic.

    Sweetred- To bad. He doesn’t know what he’ll be missing out on then with you. Just say what I say…NEXT!!! LOL

    Southern Exec- I would be curious to read it to see if she does go into the complex layers in the book and peels the onion so to speak. I was thinking a lot last night about everyone’s perceptions of an arrangement and other then the “real” differences I guess it is how you choose to see it. Someone who is against a man having an affair outside his marriage will always see this as negative no matter how you try and explain it

    SN (sweetnothings)- I am curious to hear how your relationships with the SDs who are new at this goes. I am communicating with a few who are brand spanking new and I just have no idea how to approach this. Is the first coffee date just a “see if we hit it off meeting” or do you discuss the arrangement?

    And I still have no idea how to say what I am looking for. Should it be based strictly on someone’s needs? Or is there an accepted amount that is unstated. i.e. if I see you once a week is $2,000 acceptable to ask for? If I based it on what I need…well I have a bit of debt I would like to clear up but I need a certain amount to help pay bills. So my question is how do we know what is proper to ask for. Is it based on what we bring to the table “looks” wise plus personality? Or what “we” feel we are bringing to the table? or is it a combination of what we bring plus how generous the person can be?

    I know…so many questions for so early in the morning on the west coast but I really would love some feedback from SDs as well.


  553. sweetredhead*269443* says:

    Just called that medical clinic that contacted me friday. I have an interview today at 12:30. Asked when they would need someone to start and they said Tomorrow!! Wish me luck. And its only 7 minutes from my house!

  554. girlie says:

    Good Morning.
    Enjoy your date, Lisa. Have fun in the moment, don’t worry about the next event. Give him all your undevoted attention :)

    What the hell is that about, NM? I’d like to know your response?

  555. sweetredhead*269443* says:

    Good morning sugars. Wow you guys are on late lol. Just finished reading through the blog and catching up.

    Lisa Good luck on your sugar date. You will have a wonderful time. Can’t wait to hear all about it.

    3 and 4 sugar dates wow you go girl. I would be happy to have just one. I got an email from one SD. He said he loves my profile, but he wants a model perfect body (I am a man) lmao I am honest about my body type. And my age and anything else someone wants to know about me. If they don’t like it then they are not the one for me.

  556. SuthrnExec says:

    Good morning folks! How is everyone? Maybe I am a little dense, but I didn’t hear the author (Ms David) put the title of her book in context. But on the surface, I certainly would not categorize a SB as “bought” – far from it. She does give a more positive spin to the SB/SD relationship, but in these little sound-bite interviews they can’t even come close to the various layers and complexity of the relationships.

  557. Gail says:

    Good morning Lisa and Nitemare….

    Promises, promises….my sd will always have my undivided attention : )
    A headache Lisa….yeah thats it., thats what he will get..LOL

    Have a good day at work Lisa, better yet…have a great sugar date : )

  558. lisa says:

    Good morning

    Undevoted attention? wonder what she would give you if you are the wrong person, lol

    Getting ready to go to work soon. Gotta come home and rush to get ready for my sugardate at 5.

    Have a good day everyone

  559. NitemareSD says:

    Taking NSA to the next level…

    A certain lady in Canada promises:

    “You will get my undevoted attention as long as your are the right person.”

  560. Alicia*299952 says:

    Jai – we should exchange emails for sure!

  561. Beach_Girl says:

    Gail~ I have sort of diversified somewhat. But no SDs here, the ones here all said i was too close?!?! but , it’s all good, it does take time, and i’m in Canada so, it’s harder apparently …
    I’m not so worried about it… well somewhat lol
    have a good night , i’m sure, you too, will find your SD

  562. Gail says:

    LOL….I had one…until a woman called me asking who I was? I don’t do drama….besides I have many SD and SB friends :) plus work is killing me right now.

    Beach_Gurl…you will find the perfect SD for you…I have talked to many SB here that have started out. It takes time to find him…or him find you…lol…Have you diversified yet? I don’t know if you remember Jennifer? She finally had 3 potential, and has now narrowed it down to one really great SD.

    Just continue to meet SD’s and enjoy the experiences. It will get better : )
    Ok…really hitting the hay now….lol

  563. Jai says:

    Alicia-Lol I know. People have no shame with their looks or comments. And it’s funny you mention getting hit on by a girl while with your SD. Lol the same thing happened to me!

  564. Alicia*299952 says:

    Jai – its funnie how you mention the way people look at you. I was at the mall with a pot SD today and we were in forever 21 and this girl was talking to me and he was like “she’s hitting on you” and I was like “nuh uh” and then she was in the line behind us and ummmm he was right lol. But ya people looked at us weird even though its not a big deal – I do look younger than my age though. I’ve been out with my father before and people will give him dirty looks – which makes me want to go “Seriously, I look just like him come on how – ewww”.

  565. Beach_Girl says:

    Gail~ i thought you already had an SD?

    I wish there were some here where i am.. :( it’s ok , i’ll find him some day!

  566. Gail says:

    I dont want you to get blocked either…:) That’s not fun…I have been there many moons ago. I agree…we all are here to support everyone in their sugar world experiences.

    I agree with you 100%. I definately do not put all my eggs in one basket. Diversify, Diversify..Diversify : ) Unitl a sugar agreement is made, it nice to have many SD friends.

    It’s great to hear all the sugar stories…three and four potentials at a time…Wowee….My SB friends told me its been raining SD lately…not in my state. But thats okay for now…I have have work to finish up : )
    Sweet SugarDaddy Dreams All!!!

    OC..Suthurn….come to the light….lol….

  567. Jai says:

    Oh :) Night OPOV

  568. Beach_Girl says:

    good night OPOV… talk soon!!!

  569. Jai says:

    OPOV-There’s always a need for testosterone. Stick around :)

  570. O(ne) P(oint) O(f) V(iew) says:

    got to work.

    Have a good nite

  571. Jai says:

    Whew! I missed so much while preparing dinner. Good evening sugar fam! Hope someone is still up. It’s only 9pm in Az.

    SF-Don’t ever be embarrassed. :) It takes all the fun out of it. I’m proud my sd and if he doesn’t say it he totally shows he proud to have me on his arm as well. You should kindly informed those women that they shouldn’t judge a book by it’s cover. Lol and even encouraged them to give it try. Older men are simply delicious in my opinion, but without the drama. Of course, there are exceptions to every rule 😉

    Ok, back up to finish reading the rest of the blog I missed.

  572. Beach_Girl says:

    girlie~ that is awesome…wow that is a really nice gift! good for you!

  573. girlie says:

    Testosterone gang? I like it. There is always room for that. We need an influx of that magic stuff here.

  574. girlie says:

    BG….not a SD gift. Well, not really. I have been chatting with a lovely gentleman from here since August. In many ways, he had helped me work through some personal issues and provided guidance to me. I quite enjoy our chats…..but we’ve never met and there are no plans to for now. It was a gift from him. Odd, I know.

    OPOV….hello, hello :) Nuthin is wrong. I just like OPOV better!

  575. Beach_Girl says:

    OPOV~ you’re not gonna stay with us ladies???? :(

  576. O(ne) P(oint) O(f) V(iew) says:

    just passing thru.

    Reading thru the column tonite there doesn’t seem much need for a the “testosterone gang” here.

  577. Beach_Girl says:

    OPOV~ my Irish friend! how are you tonight!

  578. O(ne) P(oint) O(f) V(iew) says:

    uh…what’s wrong with long names.


  579. Beach_Girl says:

    girlie~ was it an SD gift??? woo hoo for you!
    SN totally agree with the shortening of the name lol…

  580. DC says:

    Hey Lisa- that sounds like a nice arrangement.
    Don’t worry about anything until you actually have something to worry about. Sleep well kiddo, it will all work out just fine

    Lisa- good one. Or why do women date and stay with jerks. I could have written that when I was younger. I don’t do that anymore. It’s all about self esteem isn’t it.

    The book just espouses some sanity. Like I always thought that if I acted like my man’s geisha I would win him over. She made it clear that men like the chase and they like it when you keep them guessing and they like you to have your own life. If you are always there for them, doing for them, cancelling plans to be with them they don’t respect you as much. I had it all ass backwards

  581. girlie says:

    BG….it was a gift indeed :) :)

    Sweetnothings (I need to shorten your name to SN)….I have often overextended myself when on this site in the past. I emailed and chatted with several people and when I found what I was looking for I stopped all contact with the rest. Funnily enough, it worked in my favor when things ended with the SD I ended up with. I popped back on and got several notes from gentleman I had chatted with before….and have pursued those avenues. It worked out well since the same faces often don’t find SB’s right away. Diversify, girl!

    That said, I think last weeks date sounds lovely.

  582. Beach_Girl says:

    Gail~ i can’t really say what i wish here on the blog, as i don’t want to get blocked again!!! this is all i have to say.
    we are all here to get advice, suggestions and help… We want each other to succeed, to find the perfect SD, for all.

  583. Beach_Girl says:

    sweetnothings~ That is awesome for you!!! congrats!
    I knew had negotiated the first date , i was here when you talked about it, but didn’t know how it went… Glad to see it went well and that you had a great time!
    3 other dates , that is cool, you are young and very beautiful… it’s not hard!
    and you live in NYC , lots of men there…
    Whether he drinks or not really shouldn’t make a difference. I know plenty of men that don’t drink and they are so fun! really are!
    I’m sure you are going to have a great time on your dates!
    let me know how it goes… which i had stories :( lol

  584. Gail says:

    Yes I do….I say that Beach_Gurl. Then you have to ask….What is your level of comfort? How do you convey your level of comfort? When you share your thoughts do you really want an answer?…or are you soliciting ideas, and then making a decision that is right for you?

    For myself…I love to hear what others would say or do. I ultimately make the decision that is right for me. Because it is my life, my experience, my sugarworld : )

    LOL…I just realized I have taken my experiences in managing people here into the sugarworld… I have to stop now…business and pleasure not good…lol….I am done : )

  585. sweetnothings says:

    CORRECTION: “he didn’t give me the *gift

    haha my bad. Typing too fast I guess.

  586. sweetnothings says:

    Hey Beach Girl,

    My date went fabulously! He’s witty and brought me the nicest gifts. A Tiffany necklace, a DVD of a live concert of a band we both like, and….a very large sum of money. I was shocked, I think he may new to this and wants to impress me. He’s really great though, and I’m proud of myself because he originally said he thought I was too young for him. I convinced him to go on one date. He didn’t give me the date until the end because he said ” I was only going to give it to you if I liked you”. He emailed later and said that he had very low expectations going in but thinks we clicked. We’re going out again on Tuesday. I think I may be overextending myself, but I’ve recently been talking to a slew of guys who interest me, so I figure before I commit to any one person I should test the waters. I’m meeting another man tomorrow for drinks, who is only 10 years older than me, which is nice, and he cracks me up with his emails. Then I’m meeting another man for coffee on Saturday. He is incredibly cordial and proper, but he doesn’t drink. I know this shouldn’t be a concern at all, but guys I’ve met who don’t drink are often a little too….stuffy for me. haha That may be a crass generalization, but that is just based on my experience. I want someone who can kick back and have a big glass of wine and tell inappropriate stories when they’re slightly intoxicated :) I love those dates. He’s young and has private clubs and houses all over the world though, and I would be able to travel this summer, so that might be a nice option.So we’ll see about the third guy. There’s a fourth guy who I find very attractive who is married, and we’re setting up a dinner date for sometime this week. He’s new to the site and doesn’t really know what he wants. We’ll see. I’ll obviously have to narrow it down, but I really love going on dates (most of my friends seem to hate it, who knows why) so I think I’ll enjoy having a varied experience and then choosing whichever man is looking for what I want….When I figure out exactly what I want. haha

  587. Beach_Girl says:

    girlie~ why did you get a Mac? if it’s not something you would have gotten? was it a gift?

  588. girlie says:

    Hi BG, thanks for asking. I like my MAC. I didn’t know what to expect and while I wouldn’t have picked it myself, I am enjoying it so far.

    Self-fulfilling prophesy is right, sweetnothings. Mr. SD will see that quickly. Don’t go there, you have a guy who seems really nice, Lisa. Don’t blow it over counter space :)

  589. lisa says:

    Yes he has given me 500 the day we met and is giving me 500 tomorrow. We agreed to 1000 a month plus dinners and flowers, gifts, etc and to meet 3-4 times a month, more down the line if we want to and of course I would get more then

    Gotta get to bed now as I gotta get up at 6 am. Goodnight

  590. Beach_Girl says:

    sweetnothings~ I totally agree with you!
    how was your sugar date? i think you had one this week right?

  591. SFsuga says:

    Has he given you an allowance yet Lisa?

  592. sweetnothings says:

    I agree with what is being said. Lisa, you have to work on being less negative. I live in campus housing with 6 other people in a crap hole of an apartment. I’ve had guys come over before and I make no excuses nor do I feel bad for my situation. It is what it is, and if they can’t accept it then they’re not for me. And I forget who said it, but if you dress sexily and create some mood lighting he’s not going to be looking at your kitchen, he’ll be looking at you!! And maybe if he sees your apartment he can start thinking about things to buy you to spruce it up. Just be honest and up front and NOT SO NEGATIVE! You’re a beautiful, young talented woman who has so much to give, which is obviously why he’s picked you over the hundreds of other girls on the site. Don’t worry so much about losing him, because your qualms and uneasiness are what will come across to him and then you may actually lose him! Think of it as a self-fulfilling prophesy. If you’re worried about losing him, then you will. If you go with the flow and have fun and assume things will go well, then they probably will. There are no guarantees, but releasing negativity into the arrangement will undoubtedly hinder things rather than help.

  593. lisa says:

    Thanks Gail, I’m just nervous. I’m going to bed now . Have a good night everyone.

  594. Beach_Girl says:

    Gail~ You always say to be comfortable…. right?
    if she isn’t then she should tell him….

  595. Gail says:

    Just popped in for a moment….work scheduling was tedious…needed a break.

    I am sure that Lisa will make the right decision for her. We all don’t know the details and dynamics of both her and SD : )…Each of you are thinking in her best interest…I am sure she appreciates you both bouncing off your ideas and thoughts.

    Sometimes, I also worry too much about what to do on my sugar dates…I listen to what people have to say, and in the end everything works out….then I say to myself…gee…I sure was a worry-wart…lol…

    You will be fine Lisa : ) Dinner, Coffee, and a definately warm Monday nite : )

  596. lisa says:

    we need one “why women marry jerks” lol

  597. lisa says:

    He is really sweet and aims to please wanting me to lay out my expectations, how often we should visit and all so I don’t want to come across as not reciprocating.

  598. Beach_Girl*306486 says:

    DC~ what is the book “Why Men Marry Bitches” ? is it good?
    Lisa~ be positive!

  599. lisa says:

    He hasn’t been a sd before but has came across some scammers on the site. He had met several sbs before meeting me and decided after meeting me that he wanted to give it a try with me. He gave me half my allowance the day we met and is bringing me the other half tomorrow (his idea). I am looking forward to seeing him tomorrow but will be stressed out enough coming home from work and getting ready to meet him, as I have to shower and redo everything as I am a mess after work. I’m not used to having company other than my family. My kitchen is not really set up for cooking or anything since I dont cook I have no cookware and my small amount of counter space is my workstation and has my computer on it. He wants to grind coffee and everything but I have no place to do it other than atop the stove which is where I set my coffeemaker when I make coffee.

  600. Beach_Girl*306486 says:

    Hi girlie how you been? you having fun with the new Mac laptop?

  601. DC says:

    Lisa- stop sweetie! Listen to yourself! Half the time we are our own worst enemies. First of all remember, he picked you over another sugar baby, right? so he already thinks you’re someone special worth spoiling. Men LOVE confidence. They don’t care what you wear as long as it’s not too slutty. They are not as critical of our bodies as we are. I have cellulite and gravity has taken over in some places and nuthing I can do about it. But I refuse to be embarrassed of my body. Even Kim Kardashian admits to having cellulite (You go KIm!!!) Men are just happy to see us naked. He couldn’t give a sh*t about your kitchen or apartment, well maybe if they were considering marriage they look at stuff like that, but he isn’t. Maybe warn him about the AC and then he won’t want to come up. But don’t apologize for anything and don’t over think this. Whenever I tend to overthink something I am usually way off base.

    The other problem is that you are putting all your hopes on this one guy who may or may not become a long term sugar daddy. If he doesn’t work out there will be others.

    It’s funny because I no longer have any qualms about being 100% honest with people. If it’s that time of the month I would tell him. Better that he knows he isn’t going to get laid then for him to get his hopes up. Obviously if he wants to come back to your place his intention is to get some, so if you don’t want that to happen I would come up with some excuse and if it were me I would just be honest. Its a part of life and nothing you can do about it. I think once you clear that up with him you will be able to relax. So I would tell him it’s that time of the month and say but you are welcome to come up for coffee and maybe buy a nice cake and have a nice chat and some cake and then send him on his way.

    I sense that you are really concerned that he will want sex too soon and you should not give in if you don’t feel comfortable. If you both can’t come up with conversation for a few hours then maybe you are not a good match. Otherwise it becomes just about the sex and I doubt you want that, do you?

    Just calm down, tap into your inner diva, show up confident and happy and it will be fine.

    SF SUga- I haven’t read Bought yet, let us know if you do.

    Jai- Sherry Argov is the author of Why Men Marry Bitches. You can get it at the library. Fun read and she makes so many good points about the mistakes us women make with men


  602. BG says:

    you are assuming he’s going to think you are not legit, you are making a big deal for such a small thing…. just cut and paste what girlie said … he’ll understand.

  603. girlie says:

    I thought he was a new SD? Scammed before how?

    Sure you need to hold up your end of the arrangement but you do not have to do anything your aren’t comfy with. You are assuming you will put a doubt in his mind.

  604. BG says:

    Exactly what Girlie said!!!

  605. girlie says:

    You can always change your mind, you are entitled to do so. Simply say:

    “I know we planned to come to my place but until my AC is fixed it is quite hot. I would much rather go out and enjoy each others company where it’s not suffocatingly hot. Would you mind terrible if we put that off for now and did that next time?”

    Cut and paste it into an email!

  606. BG says:

    well, you should be honest. You are making excuses.

  607. lisa says:

    I know but I do have to hold up my end of the arrangement. He has been very generous with me. He has been scammed before so he is very careful now and feels that I am legit and trusts me so I don’t want to put any doubt in his mind or he will think I’m not legit. I want to make only good impressions on him.

  608. BG says:

    You can always tell him you changed your mind! Come on really you think you can’t tell him, listen i don’t feel comfortable having you over, i know i said it was fine but…. lets go to a coffee house or something? If you didn’t want him at your place in the first place you should of said so…
    I’m sure the guy will understand…

  609. lisa says:

    BG I can’t really do that now as I already agreed to it. He hasn’t said anything but that’s what guys usually have in mind when they come to your place. He is big into coffee and grinding his own beans and stuff. He is bringing over some really expensive stuff that is like 15 dollars a pound (I looking it up online) and a new coffee maker and grinder for me. It could be a pleasant evening but then again he will probably be over at my place for a couple hours.

  610. BG says:

    Lisa~ why not just tell him you’d rather go for coffee somewhere because you feel uncomfortable with him in your apartment on the first date
    Stop putting yourself down!

  611. lisa says:

    you are probably right girlie, I should just cancel with him and not see him anymore as my concerns are considered negativity.

  612. lisa says:

    girlie I’m not being negative as I’m just nervous about tomorrow evening. What if he expects intimacy? I can’t for the rest of the week, it’s just nature, I can’t change that. I don’t want to disappoint him but it just makes me uncomfortable . I would have preferred just going out on our second date and next week when we see each other again, then…

  613. lisa says:

    and I don’t have any candles, no stereo (I listen to my ipod when I want music) and no champagne. I thought we were just going to dinner so I didn’t anticipate an evening at my place. When I get off work I have to come straight home on the bus and shower and dress so there’s no time to do any shopping.

  614. lisa says:

    SFsuga I need to downplay that as I don’t believe in getting a man’s hopes up when I can’t deliver. I’m outa commision for the next few days. I just met him friday for an hour and wasn’t planning on getting cozy on the second date. It makes it akward.

  615. girlie says:

    Night Gail. Sleep well!

    SFSuga, oh my. I don’t know what I would say if someone approached me with that. I think I would graciously say that I appreciate the concern but none is needed……but in my head, I’d have a less polite answer :)

    Lisa, please stop being so negative. I don’t know why I’m even bothering but it’s frustrating to watch you put yourself down and make a zillion excuses about why nothing is good enough and nothing works in your favor.

    If nothing is ever good enough for you/ about you in your own mind, how can you expect a SD to find something himself?

  616. SFsuga says:

    Lisa– Light some candles, put on some soft music, have some chilled champagne and dress sexy because he won’t be looking at your apartment, he’ll be looking at you.

  617. lisa says:

    And Gail he doesn’t know my airconditioning is broke or that I only have a little tv.

    Have a good night Gail

  618. lisa says:

    Gail I don’t have time to do much as I told him i’m off tomorrow but spending the day at a friends. I didn’t want him to know I was off today because he would have wanted to spend the day together and I think an entire day is a little much for a first date. I have to work till 2 and wont’ get home till about 3 and have to leave to meet him at 4:30. Have only an hour and half to shower, dress, makeup and do my nails. I can’t do them now because they are going to be ripped up from work, I always have to come home and cut my nails when I get home because they get torn with my work. I’m nervous about having someone in my apartment as my kitchen is ugly and I never use it so my drawers are full of papers and stuff and I dont’ have any dishes or anything, actually just one of each for me. I already brought the tv in the living room and almost dropped it. There is absolutely nothing to do in my apartment (thus the reason i’m on the blog all the time,lol) so the tv is all I can think to put on. I don’t have a stereo or anything.

  619. SFsuga says:

    Has anyone read this book, “bought”? I’m thinking of buying it on amazon.

  620. Gail says:

    I have to leave the blog now…I have been on it all afternoon and evening…I unfortunately have to prepare my schedule for tommorrow morning. Have a wonderful evening sugars!!!

  621. SFsuga says:

    I mostly get looks of concern when I go out with older SD’s. Some are looks of pity.

    I had a girl confront me in the bathroom at a restaurant once and say, “My friends and I are really concerned about you. You’re date looks like your dad!” I was so embarrassed! I just told her that he has money.

    I don’t do any PDA anymore, learned that lesson from my first SD, but it’s obvious what’s going on.

  622. Gail says:

    No, no, no!!!…don’t drag the tv in the living room :) Maybe he will be kind and bring you a new flatscreen and a huge fan to cool the both of you off in the living room: ) Don’t forget to pickup a carton of your favorite ice cream before you come home…lol…

  623. lisa says:

    I just wished we could stay out somewhere but he’s got it all planned to come over after our dinner date. I don’t mind sitting and having coffee with him but that’s all it will be. It’s that time of the month too.

  624. lisa says:

    also should I drag my tv into the living room so we can watch tv? It is in the bedroom all hooked up with everything so i’m gonna have to move my dresser to unplug it as I dont’ want him in my bedroom. Plus my aircondtioner is working so it’s going to be a hundred degrees in here.

  625. lisa says:

    there isn’t really any place to walk around here. The parks are all on the other side of town. My ex boyfriend would not drive at that time of day either the trafic is a nightmare and it can take an hour just to go 10 miles.

  626. lisa says:


    Ok I just talked to him and we are going to meet for dinner. I picked a restaraunt. Only thing is he is going to come up to my apartment afterwards. He is bringing me a coffee maker and some gourmet coffee.
    It’s kinda akward to me but he doesn’t want to be driving in all the traffic at the time of day that we will be meeting and there’s really not much to do except dinner over in this area.

  627. girlie says:

    Forgot to add……Lisa, don’t worry so much. It will take the fun right out of it for both of you. Kill 3-4 hours by a nice long dinner, drinks in another place (or desert) and perhaps a walk or live music.
    There are a 1000 websites with restaurants reviewed by city. Choose one that has a good rating and go from there. Sometimes a restaurant hostess can suggest a nice place to go to next. Whatever you do, a movie isn’t the greatest for these ‘getting to know you’ times when you are building a comfort level.

  628. girlie says:

    Jai, I’m in agreeance about the age difference adding excitement to it all. If I see too many stares going on (and it’s getting rare now that I’m 31) when am with someone who is quite a bit older, I make sure to climb into his lap and call him Daddy. I giggle at the outcome everytime.

    Thanks for your MAC advice last night too. Another blogger gave some advice and I didn’t get a chance to say Thank You also!

  629. Jai says:

    DC-Who’s the author? Have a good workout :)

    Lisa-Is it because of your blond hair and blue eyes?

  630. lisa says:

    Have a good evening DC. I’m going to log off for awhile as my sd is going to call soon. Have a good evening. I might check back later before bed.

  631. lisa says:

    People seem to think i’m Swedish. My background is German and Dutch.

  632. DC says:

    Well doesn’t look like we will be competing for the same men LOL since I’m 51. Hey has anyone read Why Men Marry B*tches? Brilliant book. Wish I had read it at your age.

    Okay off to the gym.

  633. Jai says:

    Lol she would’ve be better off complimenting you on what beautiful daughters you had and hoping you would explain. Or just ignoring it lol people are funny. I look nothing like my mother either. I was with my mom once and this man said, ‘That is not your baby.’ :) My mother is very light skinned and mistaken for a latina a lot. I’ve only been mistaken for a Panamanian one time lol or a white woman if someone hears my voice before seeing me..

  634. lisa says:

    it was funny one time I had taken my daughter hand her friend who is black to an event downtown. There was a lady on the bus sitting across from us and I guess she thought both girls were mine because she kept looking at me,looking at them and trying to figure it out, lol. My daughter doesn’t look anything like me except for being slim, but then again her dad was a skinny guy.

  635. lisa says:

    My daughter is half pakistani and she tans easily and never burns. I get looks when I’m with her because i’m blonde and blue eyed and she’s black haired with dark eyes and an olive complexion. And my step dad’s Mexican so it confuses everyone, lol

  636. Jai says:

    He’s white and guamanianHe looks like a white man with a latino mans hands lol he tans really well. I’m sure that gets us a few looks as well. :)

  637. lisa says:

    now i’m getting confused, lol I mean they are looking for white sbs not “sds” reminder to self, replace brain cells

  638. Jai says:

    Lisa-Just wait until you two start going out on the town. An older man with a hot younger woman draws attention. You wont have a chance (at least not for long) to forget the age thing lol but it’s not negative. It simply adds to intrigue and excitement of it all. :)

  639. lisa says:

    Jai is your sd black or white? It seems the black sds on the site are looking for white sds. I have received alot of response from them when I was on this site, but they turned out to be like the rest, fakes or players so I never met one. There was a guy who contacted me that came into town a few times a month and wanted to meet. He was cute and not too old but he just disappeared.

  640. Jai says:

    Lisa-That’s so true lol they do expect something even when they give nothing. Nothing wrong with having a secret world. You can escape within the madness of life :)

  641. Jai says:

    Ahhh too* fast, not to…jeez Guess I’m having a brunette moment..

  642. Jai says:

    Lol I was typing to fast. I meant ‘he’s a really lucky guy’ lol my bad

  643. lisa says:

    well my mom still thinks i’m looking for a husband. She even talkes about my married lover that way. Says if his wife dies, I could marry him. I couldnt’ marry him because we have different views on so many things but he is a hot passionate person if you know what I mean. They would die if they knew I was getting money as they say that when a man gives you money, he expects something. HOWEVER I have found that men expect stuff if they give you nothing, lol.
    It’s my secret world, lol

  644. Jai says:

    Lisa-Oh no, please don’t feel bad. You should see the way people look at us when we’re out together. It’s either a ‘he’s really luck or she’s really desperate’ look or ‘WTF?!’ Lol and there’s no in between. Actually, we were out for lunch once and I got up to go use the restroom. I kissed him before I walked away and these older women across from us were like ‘Ohhhhh that’s so cute’. And with the jokes? I’ve stopped pretending. lol When I get a blank stare as he’s cracking himself up, he’ll stop and ask something like, ‘Come on. You know who Amos and Andy is don’t you?’ I do now lol but I didn’t before 😛

  645. lisa says:

    Now I dont’ feel so bad, lol My oldest lover is 57 so this is actually the oldest guy I have been out with. He has a good sense of humour and is always joking and I sometimes have to fake a laugh because I dont’ get some of his jokes or it is that I have the sense of humor of an empty prada bag? lol I’m just having so many blonde moments

  646. Jai says:

    Lisa-Lol I’m glad I don’t have to hide anything from my family. He’s actually met my sister and a male friend of mine. The biggest thing I’ve gotten is a car and I just can’t seem to fit it in my closet 😛

  647. Jai says:

    Lisa-My SD is 63 and I’m 23. 40 year difference.

    Gail-Ohh it’s so true. He’s relaxed relaxed relaxed…sometimes it manifests as boring boring boring, but lol he’s great overall so I can deal with it.

  648. lisa says:

    I just have to remember not to know him over, lol. I have one potential on the side. I had one of those potentials turn into a shopping trip back in August. I would like to buy something big but I could never hide that from my family so I will stick to buying stuff that I can hide in my lugage in the closet so they don’t start asking were I got money for expensive cosmetics and hosiery. lol

  649. Gail says:

    Lisa and I are getting caught up…with all the men that has rained in Texas…
    Awww Jai…how sweet it is, watching a movie together….and retiring on the verada…I would love to retire on the verada with my fella : ) The older SDs I have met are so much calmer and settled : ) That’s what I like…

  650. lisa says:

    Jai I lost track on the blog, how old is your sd and what is your age?
    I’m in my 40’s and my sd is 61.

  651. lisa says:

    DC he leaves about 30 miles away. There are alot of smaller cities that are considered part of my city but are really suburbs. He works for a major employer in. He is going to be bringing me home after our date so that next time he can just pick me up at my place too. Our arrangement involves seeing each other 3-4 times a month to start.

  652. Jai says:

    Evening everyone :)

    Thanks for the email addys Lisa and DC. My SD and I just finished watching a movie. Now he’s ‘retired to the veranda’ as he puts it and I’m taking the opportunity to catch up on the blog. What’s everyone up to?

    SBT-Sorry to see your weekend has been stressful. Keep your head up and try to stay positive. God is faithful.

  653. DC says:

    Gail- remember they are pot SDs. And the one I like the best just seems too busy or is not really into me as far as I can tell. He always says lets get together next week but never asks me for an actual date so I think he’s full of it.

    I am trying to be hopeful but really can’t see any of them panning out for one reason or another. It’s complicated for me and I can’t really go into it here. Lisa, I forget..does he live in the same city as you? I would just be honest and say you don;t want to rush into anything and after 2 hours say you have to leave. Then it you still like him you can spend more time with him next time.

  654. lisa says:

    Gail he hasn’t done this kind of thing before, he’s a sdvirgin. He’s been married twice and has grown daughters. He’s new to this but so far he’s doing very well. He says he hid his profile because all the women were writing him because of the allowance amount he listed but then the first thing he does when we meet is hand me an envelope and 5 minutes into the conversation asks if there is an atm at the mall so he can give me more. Then he writes me last night and says he wants to give the rest of the monthly allowance we agreed on. I’m overwhelmed but nervous at the same time, I dont’ want to let him down.

  655. Gail says:

    I can’t think of anyone other than you that is so deserving. Yes, suggest seafood…and while you are eating, I will know that you are loving it…and so will I since seafood is my favorite too : )

    I haven’t been able to open my SB account…lol…by accident I added it to my restrict list, and cant figure the way to take it off. I was trying to guard my lappie agains bugs and trojans…lol….oh well…

    Ask him if he has any SD friends for me…I need 3 or 4 too : )

  656. lisa says:

    It has been raining alot here lately, last week it flooded and I think some men must have came down with it.

  657. lisa says:

    Gail I bought some new clothes but being that I have over 100 miniskirts and probably 100 sweaters, and countless pairs of shoes that I can’t stand up in, I need to get them out of there. I’m going to suggest seafood.
    Obsessed? The soloist? sound likes a phsycho sugarbaby, lol.

    I will send some luck your way Gail. I had 3 potentials last week, one I am still chatting with but dont’ now when we’ll meet or if we will meet, one wanted a serious relationship with no financial assistance and this one that emailed me a week ago today, fast progress on this one. I had a big grin on my face friday as I went from store to store spoiling myself, lol I had a box of Godivas for dinner friday night. lol

  658. Gail says:

    Lisa….silly…italian food has onions,peppers,garlic…and lots of sauces : ) You can google what there is to do in your city for suggestions on a Monday nite….Hopefully you will have such a great time…the hours will just fly by. I don’t think a movie would be bad…Obsessed and The Soloist is playing.

    Clean out your closet Lisa Penelope…you’ll be able to buy more clothes soon : )

    Where art thou OC and Suthurn? Come up to breathe please….lol….

    DC…three potential SD? wow…another one of my SB friends told me it was raining men : ) Darn it I wish it would storm my way….

  659. lisa says:

    Also I forgot to mention that when he was leaving on friday, I went to hug him and I almost knocked him in the trash can, lol. He has a weak ankle so I gotta make sure I don’t knock him over, lol He did lie about his age in his profile but told me early in our meeting that he was really 61. He felt he could n’t get a woman interested in him they knew he was that old. See men worry about their age too, lol

  660. lisa says:

    I don’t drink that much and never till I get to know and trust someone. See I met him for an hour friday at the mall at a nice little restarant they have there but this will be the first time I will be out with him and at night so I don’t want to make myself vulnerable. I don’t know of any place with a view, never been out much at night and I live 10 miles from the skyline to I never see it. I wouldn’t mind spending alot of time at dinner talking. He has not pushed for anything but you never know how a man is going to act when you’re alone and although it is part of the relationship of course, I feel you need to get to know someone a little first and be prepared.

  661. DC says:

    Hey Lisa:

    5 lbs is nothing in 3 years. I have put on 5 lbs in 2 months! That’s what happens when you get to be my age.

    Maybe go for a drink somewhere for an hour, maybe somewhere with a view? And then go somewhere else for dinner? That could easily kill about 3 hours.

  662. lisa says:

    I will try to sweetredhead but i’m just used to the guy choosing the place to have dinner. I spend most of my time on the blog so I really don’t know what there is to do around my city. lol I would prefer a casual dinner of seafood or chilis or something. I’m not really that into fancy restraraunts as I am a picky eater so if it has onions,peppers, any kind of sauce in it, I dont’ touch it, lol He suggested an italian place so maybe I will take him up on it. How do I kill about 3-4 hours though? I don’t want to get intimate too quick so I want to avoid spending time at my place if you know what I mean. Maybe a movie or would that be too cliche? It would probably keep me out too late too as I want to get to know him better before I stay out too late.

  663. Sweetredhead*269443* says:

    Lisa. Let loose and have some fun. The things you have to do can wait. enjoy yourself and stop thinking so much lol. You deserve it gf

  664. lisa says:

    Hi DC sounds like you got a good deal. I have so much stuff in my closet that I never wear because I bought it on impulse or it is just too small since I have gained about 5 lbs in the last 3 years. I wish I could give it away to someone but since I don’t have a car, I can’t pack it all up and take it to the goodwill clothing drop that is a few miles down the street. I don’t want to sit it outside my apartments either or it will be strung all over the ground as it’s nice stuff, worn maybe once or twice. I hate tossing it in the trash but I have to get rid of it. My mom used to take stuff to the mission but since she no longer has a car either, she can’t take anything for me. It’s mostly miniskirts that barely clear the behind (one reason I can’t wear them, lol) and some sweaters. I have ran outa hangers for all the new clothes I have bought this year. I’ve got shoes that I can only walk in if I have a shopping cart to hold me up, lol

  665. lisa says:

    I will also remember to wear a surgical mask, rubber gloves, etc. lol

    There was a man in the grocery store today pushing a shopping cart and he was wearing rubber gloves, it just looked weird. We were laughing at work yesterday about a person wearing a surgical mask, rubber gloves, put on a condom, and walk out and get shot by a drive by, must remember bullet proof vest too, lol

  666. lisa says:

    Send over some of cake you’re making me hungry and i’ve already eaten a whole tub of guacamole and chips.

    I usually end up bringing home have my food anyway as I can never eat right on a date,lol

    I have a purplish and bluish print miniskirt and a blue top and black sheer open sweater (the skirt has black in it too) and i’ll weigh black flats because I am meeting him at the mall again as it’s easier for me to give directions to where I live when he is taking me home that to try to do it for him to pick me up, lol. You know I don’t know if he would understand, ok turn left at the drug dealer, and right towards the hoochie, and left again towards the thug, lol

    I will end the date before 9 that way just in case he turns out not to be a gentleman, I can get myself home before too late as you never now for sure till you get to know someone. Caution is number one. Once I get to know him, then I can stay out as long as I want. He seems very accomadating and asked me about when I needed to be home and all.

  667. Gail says:

    Make sure you wash off and reapply your Urban Decay tommorrow…lol….

  668. Gail says:

    Awwww Sugarbabytoy…..
    Dry up those tears sweetie….Happy Birthday to You…Happy Birthday to you…Happy Birthday Sugarbabytoy…Happy Birthday to You!!! I always feel better when I eat a large serving of cake and ice cream…slice up some strawberries and banana and puts some chocolate syrup on it too…lol yummy…you deserve it : ) Remember it’s stil your birthday all week long…do something special for yourself…get your nails done, eat something that is your favorite…buy yourself a small luxury…bubbles in the tub…glass of cheapo wine…lol….Celebrate Life!!!

    Okay Lisa….I say that you order seafood for you, and an extra entree to take home…lol…that way you are double spoiled….
    Is he for real…lol…he wants to know when you are bored? Tell him the truth, that way you can have the time of your life!!! What are you going to wear?

  669. lisa says:

    I’m really lovin this new eyeshadow I bought. It’s Urban decay and I got the primer too. I put this shadow on at 9:30 this morning (fishnet is the color name, kinda pink) and it still looks just applied.

  670. lisa says:

    I’m sorry to hear about that sugarbabytoday. Take your time feeling better, we’re all here for you. You should have told me about your laundry, I just did mine this morning, you could have emailed your’s over and i’d done it for you.

    Yes Gail i’m just not used to being out alot lately and am a little overwhelmed. I spent alot of evenings out with my ex boyfriend but that’s been over a year ago. He wants to know how I like my coffee, etc and wants me to choose the place to eat. I get so nervous on early dates that my mind goes blank. He is going to call me later this evening so i’ve got time to think about it. I like seafood , so maybe that. I’m not sure if he likes seafood though, but he is one of those guys that says that my happiness is most important and it’s important to him that i’m enjoying myself and if I am bored at any time, to just tell him. I don’t really know how to work with that as I always maintain my manners even if i’m bored, lol I get off work at 2 tomorrow so when I get home i’ve only got a couple hours to shower, dress, makeup and get ready for my date. I will tell my family that my friend is coming to pick me up and we are going to hang out at her place. That will seem normal to them and they won’t suspect. Because if my mom even hears that I have a date, she is planning the wedding, lol

  671. sugarbabytoday says:

    oh well I think my face has cleaned up enough from the tears I am going to get laundry done I will try to get back on tonight… talk to every one then.. take care hope you all are having a great weekend!

  672. sugarbabytoday says:

    Wow gail that is an awesome story I need one of those lol….

  673. sugarbabytoday says:

    Hey Lisa, just stopping by real quick has a nightmare of a birthday weekend between deaths and cancer and all it seems to be a very morbid weekend. Trying to pick myself up to go get laundry done. I am so glad you have met a good SD just be stright up with him and let him know you would like to be home at 9 your not used to the nice guys and that seems to be who he really is! I know I would have a hard time being open and letting him know when I would like to be home or where to eat if I was in your position ’cause I am not used to that conserderate of a person but when you get used to it you will be a happy SB!

  674. Gail says:


    Isn’t this what you wished and dreamed for? Annoyingly considerate…lol…is there such a thing? You sound like you will turn into a pumpkin @ 9:00…don’t come home early because of us….lol….we will wait…

    Hello everyone…I posted this morning on the other topic : ) I was in lurk mode over there…and then realized the action was happening over here.

    Now to answer the topic questions….

    What has your experience been like in the sugarbowl? Has it been like a novel? Soap opera? ‘The Fabulous Sugar Life of _Gail__”? Its been a wonderful novel : )

    Here’s an example:
    Chapter 3 – Money Slave? One of my first experiences was with my money slave. His happiness was to make sure that all my bills were paid. What would make him happy was to see that my life was calm, and stressless. I never met him, nor did I believe it when I spoke to him on the phone. After talking to him, I found him to be a nice fella, I took a chance and gave him the account numbers and phone numbers to pay them. Later when I got home from work, I called the automated system…”No payment is due at this time, your balance is zero: )” is what the recordings said over and over.

    In what chapter of your life did you join SeekingArrangement? After a divorce? A move?

    Chapter 1 – After a breakup from a traditional relationship, I saw the ad for the website and started reading about it. The first month I was scared…lol…and met my first SD who told me that I didn’t belong here. He took the time to explain it, and we became the best of friends. He confided in me about all of his SB dates. My first gift from my SD friend was from him. He called me on my birthday before he went on a sugar date with his newest SB. He told me where he was taking her for dinner and all the details. Oh by the way…Happy Birthday…I didn’t forget…go to Best Buy and pickup your present, I just paid for it while I was talking to you. Yes….he bought me my laptop : ) I met him only one time for a short lunch, while he was in town. He is to this day my best SD friend.

  675. lisa says:

    Jai i’m at bynumsock at the Y place

  676. lisa says:


    I’m back from the store and exhausted. I can’t believe how hot it is out.
    Got some guacamole (the real kind this time) and some toiletries along with some good detergent instead of the store brand I always buy. Had an email from my sd. He was talking about how much he enjoys talking to me and was asking me what my expectations were for things. He said this is the first time he has done this type of thing. Wants to know where I want to eat tomorrow. It makes me nervous because I don’t like making the decisions for where to eat. I have places I like to eat but what if he doesn’t like it. He keeps saying that it is very important to tell him if I’m not having a good time or when I need to be home. He wants to know what time I want to be home tomorrow after our date and to let him know if he is overstayed his welcome. He is annoyingly considerate and i’m not used to this, lol. I would like to see him for dinner tomorrow night and would like to be home by 9 because I have some things to do before bed and of course (i didn’t tell him this) I have to update what going on to all my sugarfriends. lol

  677. Jai says:

    Lisa-I know you’re grocery shopping right now, but do you think we can exchange emails when you get back? :) You too DC.

  678. lisa says:

    To furthur comment on the topic, I think of someone as “sold” more when they settle for less than what they want. A woman who marries a man who mistreats and disrepects her while she waits on him hand and foot has settled and has somewhat sold out. Staying with someone who makes them unhappy because they feel they can’t do better is more of a sellout.

    Gotta be getting ready now to walk down to the store. It’s lonely going down there without my family. I invited them over for lunch be they have a church event to attend so they can’t make it.

    Be back later. Have a good afternoon

  679. Jai says:

    Back at you Lisa :)

    DC-Lovely. My parents currently live overseas but will be moving to Tacoma in August. I received an email from a man in Florida and that was my question to him. I’m not sure he read my entire profile if at all. If you like each other though, you two will find a way :)

  680. DC says:

    Morning Lisa..morning everyone:

    I posted last night but I guess we have migrated over to this new topic so I’ll re-post it. As for the video, I thought that was cool. She tried to stay non judgmental…I liked that. And she focused on how this is not just about a need but a want. We want to be with these guys. Or at last that is the point of this whole thing. To find someone you are compatible with not just someone who is going to spoil you.

    From last night:

    DC Says:
    May 3rd, 2009 at 2:50 am

    Hi sugars!

    Just back from a friends house. We watched one of my favorite films called The Nines. Don’t worry..no one has ever heard of it. Rent it if you can. It’s unlike anything yo’ve seen before

    Hey Jai! I’m in Seattle, WA. I love it here because it never gets too hot. Spring and summer here are gorgeus! We have been barely making it into the 70s so it’s been perfect

    I am communicating with an out of town SD. Not really sure what to do as I can’t imagine how it would work unless they come to me. I won’t really have the luxury to travel any more now that I have this contract position.

    Lisa- I was keeping my heat on throughout the winter because I had a pet until recently. Kept it at about 75 and got a 2 month electric bill for $400 and almost had heart failure. Seems the baseboard heat is electric and an electricity hog. I pleaded with them since I was on UI and they took off $300 of it. whew! Learned my lesson. Never keep the heat on now and freeze.

    Alicia- yes the hairstylist was not bad at all. I can’t stand Jill’s friend Brad though. The way he drooled over Kelly’s boyfriend was sickening. Do you think Kelly’s boyfriend is really gay? I don’t get their relationship at all. Seems phoney. I haven’t read Bethany’s book yet. I think her recipes are wheat free which is perfect for me since I have Celiac. I will have to check it out, I put it on hold at the library.

  681. lisa says:

    Good morning everyone. Gloomy day here. Slept nice and late. Getting ready to go wash. Hope everyone has a great day

  682. girlie says:

    Thanks, Jai. There once was a time when I was great at whipping into submission but this thing isn’t breaking 😉 But there is no right click…..it’s a laptop, one button on the mouse. I’m still reading tutorials but chatting with CSB and that’s more fun….lol.

    Your SD was being thoughtful with the wine, indeed. Smart SD!

  683. Jai says:

    Girlie-Highlight and right click. Copy should be the last option at the bottom. And it’s nice to yours have been also. Everyone’s journey is different but most end ever so sweetly. Lisa is a great testament to that and so are ours! :)

    I’m going to go soak my brain lol I have absolutely no background in business ethics or business and I just wrote a paper for my sister zzzzZZZ. My sd was nice enough to bring me a glass of white wine. I’m going to try to enjoy it and relax. And girlie, let me know if that MAC still wont comply and I’ll come whip it into submission lol

  684. girlie says:

    Jai, thank you!….I’m about 3 shades of red. I can highlight but when I click the highlight disappears. I might have to switch back to the laptop or desktop until I can master this beast.

    It’s nice to see your experiences have been good this far, i think that’s important for the new sugar daters to see.

  685. Jai says:

    Lisa-Congrats, hope the date Monday is as good as or better than the last one! Sweet dreams

  686. Jai says:

    What has your experience been like in the sugarbowl? Has it been like a novel? Soap opera? ‘The Fabulous Life of _____”?

    It’s been great so far. A boring novel maybe 😛 I had a few bumps, but nothing reality tv worthy, so overall, it’s been good.

    In what chapter of your life did you join SeekingArrangement? After a divorce? A move?

    I’d say chapter 1. I was looking for something different and new beginning lol maybe do-over is a more appropriate term. SeekingArrangement provided me the forum and opportunity to explore that in a comfortable, perceivably safe environment. Not to mention an awesome blog to inundate awesome people with questions and stories :)

  687. lisa says:

    Have a good night everyone
    I;m gonna go watch tv and sleep late tomorrow

  688. girlie says:

    Interesting clip.

    I want to copy and paste the questions but I have no idea how….lol. Typing on a brand spankin’ new MAC and I have never used one. My evening will be spent reading tutorials!

    My experience in the sugar bowl has been terrific all around! I joined nearly 2 years ago for the first time. Since then, I’ve had amazing experiences….I’ve met lovely people I’d never have crossed paths with otherwise, seen a few cool places, learned a ton about relationships and what I want and need and the sugar was the icing on the cake. It’s never been a soap opera, sometimes been a novel (rather a blog)….

    What stage I joined in? I’d just come out of a 4 year relationship, bought my first house and was thrilled to be on my own again. My job funds my life and bills, sugar dating was just to add some extra fun into my life, meet people and enjoy a different kind of relationship that had worked for me in the past.

  689. lisa says:

    Hi everyone Just got off the phone with my sd. We’re going out on monday evening. Hi OC Percy says hi :)

  690. OCSugarBaby says:

    Bought? Hell no! I have options. I CHOOSE to sugar date. The drama free mutually beneficial excitement draws me here. Drama happens when you let it in. I found my drama free dating world in SA.
    I have met some of the best people ever! Not to mention an amazing sugar family that is just a blog entry away with support and positive reinforcement.
    I think she gave sugar dating a positive spin, but still so many layers she did not mention. With all the attention brought to the site, I may now be a bit more guarded as to what I say. I feel the need to keep discretion and zero drama my highest priority. Without it sugar dating will not work. ~OC

  691. lisa says:

    This was interesting. At least it should a little bit of positivity instead of just putting down the lifestyle all together.