9 years ago

9 years ago

As a new and uncertain reality unfolds before us, our society’s views on many issues are evolving.

Where do you see yourself in 1 year? What will you be doing? Will you still be on SA?

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  1. katrina says:

    Hello, Everyone!
    I just signed up for this website and am really curious how it works? You girls all seem so supportive of each other and I think that is so encouraging; I am a little shy and pretty nervous.

  2. jsmn.flavored.308878 says:

    OmG! I am so excited!
    A potential SD emailed me and wants to meet – he’s in his late 40’s but I think he’s much older – either way, I can’t wait. He wants one special girl and I want one special guy. I love receiving messages from older guys – I’m usually blushing and smiling after reading their messages.

    Why is it that ONLY guys 50ish+ years old are the only guys who want a SB and not a FWB…

  3. Panther SD says:

    Good morning all. How is everyone today?

  4. RedMaru says:

    Hello K Baby and welcome love your dream about the animal shelter! Do you have any pets? I like em too!

    Afternoon everyone me again!
    I hope x 3 in a years time to have my two novels published and be able to devote a majority of my time to my candle business and volunteering (which I love) already having found that guy I have that special chemistry with and plenty of mutual spoiling.

  5. K Baby says:


    This blog is pretty cool, I just signed up to the SA site tonight. Hopefully in a year’s time I will either be content on my own or content with a financially secure sexy man that I totally deserve that loves animals and lets me build our very own animal shelter ;-P

    I just hope that in a years time I will have found a guy I have amazing chemistry with that knows how to treat a woman like a princess and spoils me rotten so I can spoil him rotten too. I want quality in my life and I don’t plan to settle for less.

  6. Beach_Girl*306486 says:

    Beckee~ there is a new topic, maybe as your question there!!! they will help you
    I think you both need to feel comfortable to meet, dinner, drinks , coffee as long as your safe
    but like i said go to the other subject, next blog, they will help you
    and welcome

  7. SuzieQ*297329* says:

    Good morning everyone, there’s a new blog topic, faster loading!

  8. DC says:

    Good points Andrew-

    SDs and SBs are here for a reason. For the SBs it’s either a financial need or want or a desire to experience the lifestyle and all its accoutrements. Or maybe it’s a combo of all 3.

    For a SD, it’s the reasons you mentioned- a desire to help while he gets a need fulfilled..whether that is a need for sex, to feel appreciated, or have arm candy to feed his ego…whatever..

    None of the above reasons are loftier or make more sense then another. Each of us is different.

    But as you mentioned, I could not be with any SD if I did not actually like them as a person. I don’t care how much money someone has if they are an asshole and treat people unkindly. I would also hope they would be with me for more than an attraction or for the sex but because they actually like who I am.

  9. Queensie says:

    I haven’t had any luck with my SD search thus far. A lot of pots, but not one amounted to any real arrangement/commitment. Maybe i’m crazy/weird/ugly, but just don’t know it.

  10. Stormcat says:

    Good afternoon everyone.
    Been hanging in the shadows. I actually have the opposite feelong. I want to be able to honestly feel that my SB cares more about me than the money. Financial desperation actually inhibits that belief. How can I know that she cares and is not just a good actor when she has such a strong motive to act falsely?

  11. Queensie says:

    Thanks everyone… I never saw it as a desire to be the “knight” it was more the “you don’t deserve to be helped” psyche I felt. It boils down to the fact I don’t NEED a SD to survive. I WANT one to give me pleasures that traditional relationships cannot.

  12. Andrew50 says:


    Most men have some level of desire to be a provider/protector.

    For some men, this desire is weak and only rises to the level of wanting to feel that their contribution to the relationship is valued and appreciated.

    For others, this desire is much more intense, and they might fantasize about being the knight who rescues the damsel in distress (a story that has been popular for thousands of years).

    My guess is that if a man says that you don’t need him, then his desire for that feeling (at whatever intensity he experiences it) is unfulfilled.

    I don’t think it’s impossible to find a SD if you have your own money, but I do think that it’s helpful to understand the emotional needs of your SD and how (or whether) you mesh with those needs. Also, there are other ways to make an man feel valued, appreciated, or needed than to accept money from him. So, it might be helpful to think of what it is that you appreciate and value about him and what are the ways that you could express that to him. If he’s only a potential SD, then maybe you don’t really value anything about him, yet, so this is more difficult.

  13. O(ne) P(oint) O(f) V(iew) says:

    Hello Queensie:

    from a sd perspective, I would want someone who doesn’t NEED it but wants it. I think to me it makes someone seem less desperate and less likely to violate the trust I would place in them.

    Women who I have been in contact tend to want to start something last week and there is always that pressure. These relationships should feel enjoyable, not some obligation to either party (sd – obligated to provide for her, sb – obligated to sleep with some sweaty, fat, f…, you know?)

    BG, believe or not I have never been to Disney World. They fingerprint you before you enter the park? Seems rather draconian.

  14. Queensie says:


  15. Queensie says:

    DC: I was shocked to hear that response from him during our first meet. I think a better way to have put it would’ve been, “What do you need assistance with? and why?” versus being so blatant and honestly, a little assanine.

  16. DC says:


    Interesting he chose that argument. Not everyone needs the bling they are given here right? Who doesn’t need financial assistance of some sort? What are the boundaries for how someone wants to live their life? If someone has a job that pays all their rent and bills every month but not enough to save money…is that a need? What if they can afford to pay their bills but want to pay off debt? or they want to travel but don’t have money leftover to do that?

    Some women are here because they have never been treated well in their lives and they want to see what it feels like to be spoiled a little by a man. A different type of need…emotional vs. financial

  17. Beach_Girl*306486 says:

    OPOV~ a little scary that people can actually do that!

  18. Beach_Girl*306486 says:

    OPOV~ The only places i have been printed is at one of my jobs, Postal service, and at Disney World! lmao
    Jai~ if i had an SD i would totally go visit… Thanks for the invite, you ever want to come to Montreal let me know , you are welcome here!

  19. NC Gent says:

    Ok I am up at the lake house now.

    NitemareSD — not quite sure how you interpreted my comment that way, but I can assure you that I am not one to send the …. I will be in your town in two weeks email…. somewhat offensive that you would even ask that.

  20. Jai says:

    OPOV-Again, very scary and informative. I would never even consider that a possibility.

  21. Jai says:

    Beach-:) Well the offer stands. You and your SD can fly down one of these days and we’ll go hiking. And I’m not sure what you need for a background check, but if I found myself needing for an SD, I’d cut my losses and move on lol

  22. O(ne) P(oint) O(f) V(iew) says:

    BG – I know it sounds cliched, but I could pull your prints off a wine glass and do a b-check that way. There are many resources at your disposal if a) you have the money and b) have the connections.

  23. Queensie says:

    One question came to my mind the other night for SDs:
    Do you prefer a SB that desperate needs your help or one that doesn’t NEED your help but would make her life more pleasant?

    The Reason I ask is, I was told by a pot sd awhile ago, and again the other night that “You make enough, you don’t really need assistance.”

    So I can’t make my own money and be a SB?

  24. Beach_Girl*306486 says:

    Jai~ it all comes down to communicating! I think that is the most important thing!
    As for background checks on SBs, i guess if they are con artists then maybe it would come up. Or they might be using a different name? or something . Dont you need SSN to do a background? And i wouldn’t give that!

  25. Beach_Girl*306486 says:

    Jai~ i need heat for sure! lmao
    if i could go see you I totally would!

  26. Jai says:

    DC-I wondered about that myself. I think if I was an SD, I’d like to know about my SBs finances. That way I could maximize our time together. IE Help the SB become debt free and/or finish school. But if the SB has no concept of money and blows what she gets, how helpful could an SD be? I firmly believe that each party should walk away enriched, not only financially, but mentally as well. You should be better off having known each other, not just have a few purses and new dresses. Start a business, clear debts, finish school, be better. To each his own though :) some people don’t need all that and just want a break.

  27. Beach_Girl*306486 says:

    OPOV~ I do ask SDs who they are and if I can verify them. The 2 that i have been talking too, one didn’t mind , the other rather wait until we know each other better! I don’t think a background check is necessary for SDs, If they are somewhat real there will be something on the web. I think!
    As for the diamonds, I did contact one a while back, but he never even read the mail i sent him. The only reason I did, was that we had some things in common. I don’t know what the screening process is to become diamond, but as the site states they need to prove that they make the amount they do , i think

    I did run a Google search on me yesterday, the only thing that comes up , is my work for the city where I live. Well ok it’s in french but still… my email comes up from a post on this blog!

  28. Jai says:

    OPOV-I know the question was not directed at me, but I’m going to take a stab at it. If I felt like I needed to pay for a background check on a potential, that is my confirmation that we need not proceed. :)

  29. Jai says:

    Beach-Come to AZ for a visit. it’s muy calor here:)

    DC-You’ve got mail 😉 I guess you’ll get it when you’re back from the gym.

  30. O(ne) P(oint) O(f) V(iew) says:

    DC and BG, how about the flip side:

    would you pull a background check on your potential to determine if he was full of crap or has some documented deviant behavior? While obviously when I brought this up, it applied to my situation being a sd on this site, but the same type of problems can trouble a lady too (although not the exact circumstances).

    Also, has anyone contacted one of the diamonds believing that they have been vetted properly and are not bs the site?

  31. DC says:

    I was just kinda wondering if SDs take into account your pot SBs finances, as in how they have handled them. i.e. if you knew they had racked up tons and tons of debt or say had a conviction in their past….(no not me LOL) but would that make you run in the opposite direction? There is one SB on this site who obviously ran a very successful business at one time which went under and she was very explicit to list all her debt in great detail. I can’t imagine that anyone would not be scared off by that. I wonder how it worked out for her.

  32. O(ne) P(oint) O(f) V(iew) says:

    Yes, new blog topic:

    Have you ever run a background check on your potential date? Have you ever been extorted?

    New Topic!

  33. O(ne) P(oint) O(f) V(iew) says:

    dc – I was thinking of doing something like that before I started anything with someone, but as of yet, no. If I do become involved with someone again, my internal radar is pretty good and if I suspect something, then yes, I would not hesitate.

  34. DC says:

    Off to the gym Jai. Will respond when I get back. I hope they start a new topic soon. It’s taking 5 minutes to load each time

  35. Beach_Girl*306486 says:

    Background checks? did anyone do that?

  36. Beach_Girl*306486 says:

    Jai~ it’s still cold here :( , I need a trip in a warm and sunny place :)

  37. DC says:

    oops meant screen your pot SBs based on more than looks…or even personality. Other then a few meetings to get to know someone have any of you SDs done more than that? Like a background check?

  38. Jai says:

    Hey Beach :) I feel your pain..except it’s the heat that woke me up.

    Dc-I will email you lol our convo turned strange to say the least 😛

  39. NitemareSD says:

    Do we have to wait for a conviction before posting the blackmailer’s profile #? 😮

  40. DC says:

    Morning Jai! How did it go? 😉

    Interesting…well the subject of blackmail has been around as long as this kind of arrangement has been in effect. Of course the article is gonna focus on scare tactics and anything inflammatory to get people to read it. Makes it more titillating. Anytime money is concerned you are going to attract a certain percentage of people who will go to any lengths.

    When this starts becoming unsafe for me that is when I will start to worry. But I guess from a SD perspective, if you are married or in a relationship, this is kind of a wake up call that you really need to screen your potential SDs based on more than their looks.

  41. NitemareSD says:

    One blogger, christopherfountain, is doing the story…

    “Greenwich: More crooks than perverts, but we do have both – what a town!”

  42. Beach_Girl*306486 says:

    Hi Jai~ went to bed late too and at 6 am the street crew, city workers, were working demolishing the street here! oh, Happy, Happy, Joy, Joy! of a day for me! I hate all the Banging!

  43. O(ne) P(oint) O(f) V(iew) says:

    The Ohio chick was a one-time collections agent. I find that kinda funny. Thing is, I did talk to this chick prior but when she told me she was married and her husband approved it weirded me out that it seemed like her husband was pimping her out. Little did I know how true that was.

    BTW, she is still on this site and recently logged on.

    Hmm…(scratching his head)

  44. Beach_Girl*306486 says:

    OPOV~ Is that what the article talks about? Insane , I agree with girlie, you have to be cold , heartless and soul less to do that , and not have an ounce of consciousness …

  45. Jai says:

    Morning all!

    Wow, there are so many SDs on right now. I guess this is the golden time to be on :)

    I’ll go catch up on the reading material then come back lol I don’t want to be out of the loop.

    Hey Beach, I went to bed at 4am and got up at 730am..today will be fun 😛

  46. girlie says:

    That sounds like my old workplace assistant. He was 21, gay and got A LOT during our time together. Is that the full comment, OPOV?

    Gold digging may be lucrative but you have to be pretty cold and soul-less to do it. No thanks, not for any amount of money. Not even enough to buy 10,000 pairs of shoes :)

  47. O(ne) P(oint) O(f) V(iew) says:

    In a WSJ article about this, there’s a comment section on the bottom. And there was this WONDERFUL comment by a supposed one time sa member:

    “OMFG, I used to go on that website up until recently. I’m a gay guy and I got THOUSANDS of dollars (I’m guessing, $15,000 + first/business class tickets) from guys….in the span of four months. I wasn’t even trying, since I’m only 21 and still in school.

    A lot of them were married. I should have blackmailed their ass and threatened to out them. Sounds crude, but gold-digging is such a lucrative field.”

  48. NitemareSD says:

    I like the connpost article focusing on the science of the addiction. TimeUnion article is a fun read though.

  49. girlie says:

    Interesting read. Its baffling to me that it happened more than once….

  50. DC says:

    Good morning everyone-

    Thanks Beachgirl and Girlie for the well wishes.

    OPOV- I consider myself pretty internet savvy but could not find the article. I googled and saw a short article about Microtrends which I think was from the original Times article. Can you give us the gist of it?

  51. O(ne) P(oint) O(f) V(iew) says:

    Ty this then…go to NYPost web page and look under news section

    (didn’t want to mention the Post earlier for fear that someone may accuse me of being some type of tool)

  52. NitemareSD says:

    “In more than 10 years of treating patients for serious sex and Internet addictions, Dr. David Greenfield said he has never seen a case like that of Greenwich investor Stephen G. Dent, who became a repeated victim of extortion after interacting with women he met online. “

  53. girlie says:

    Ah, got it. Somehow my browser kept redirecting me to Google Canada.

  54. girlie-216076 says:

    Or, if someone can send me a link via email here? Pretty please?

  55. girlie says:

    I’m trying to find it, OPOV but I am sure it’s not the right one. Does it begin with the words: Microtrends in the title? I keep getting re-routed to Google Canada news.

  56. SuthrnExec says:

    Nitemare, watch out – you’ll get your Southern Passport revoked by making comments like that!

  57. NitemareSD says:

    Oh a good blackmail story. Today is starting off great!

    What a dope. Boys, don’t feed the monster! Keep your wallets in your pockets; don’t whip them out before you know someone. You are just asking for trouble.

  58. NitemareSD says:

    So I tried to go to some NASCAR museum north of charlotte and it was kinda small and lame by NYC standards. Got a few good pics of AJ Foyt’s and Richard Petty’s cars, etal. :)

  59. Beach_Girl*306486 says:

    SE~ you crack me up! lmao. I didn’t know it was mandatory in NC! Guess i’m not allowed in the state :(
    i’ve been good.. woke up way to early or i just went to bed way too late! lol The city is fixing the street i live on urgh! i hate noise

  60. O(ne) P(oint) O(f) V(iew) says:

    Sorry – maybe a little confusing

    google SA’s internet address in the google news section

  61. O(ne) P(oint) O(f) V(iew) says:

    Morning everyone

    There is something I really want to share here but can’t, however, if you google this site address in google’s new section, there is a REALLY (and I mean REALLY) interesting a relevant story about sugar dating.

    And I think I know who this OHIO sugar baby is/was too. Look it up. It’s a nice read.

  62. NitemareSD says:

    Oh my NC! you don’t send the ladies emails telling them you are going to be in their area in two weeks and would they like to meet up, do you? 😮


    NC Gent Says:

    May 11th, 2009 at 9:19 am

    Michael — I saw your question on travel partner. That is what I seek also, and I had some luck. It makes it that much harder to find an SB though, and it seems if you can meet the woman in her hometown first, that increases your odds a lot. Good luck in your search!

  63. SuthrnExec says:

    Morning BG – I’m well, thanks, and you?

    BG, you don’t understand – in NC if you don’t watch every NASCAR race you get kicked out of the state!

  64. Beach_Girl*306486 says:

    Hi Sugars!
    SE~ how you been?
    NC~ A TV at the lake house? really? God i have a TV here but it’s only collecting dust! lol
    DC~ good luck on the date
    girlie~ have fun at work

  65. NC Gent says:

    Hi there Southern — doing well. Heading up to the lake house in a bit — meeting with the satellite tv installer — guess can’t live without tv even at the lake house! Hope everyone has a great day. You need to come to the lake house soon SE :)

    Met with my first SB last Tuesday — we had a long long talk and are going to stay friends and not sugars, but see each other about once every 3 months to break the monotony (well and we really do enjoy each other’s company)…. trying not to distract her from finding a life partner though :)

  66. SuthrnExec says:

    NC – how goes it? Good morning Girlie and Lisa.

  67. girlie says:

    Good morning Lisa and NC Gent.

    DC, I’m off to work in hours, so I wanted to wish you a wonderful first sugar date now. I hope you have a fantastic time!!

  68. NC Gent says:

    Hello all — was a busy week in Baltimore – this week it is Atlanta!

    Michael — I saw your question on travel partner. That is what I seek also, and I had some luck. It makes it that much harder to find an SB though, and it seems if you can meet the woman in her hometown first, that increases your odds a lot. Good luck in your search!

  69. lisa says:

    Good morning everyone. Gettting ready to go to work. Looking forward to 4 when I get off. Have a good day everyone

  70. DC says:

    Good night BG and thanks!

  71. Jai*277171* says:

    Hey DC, email me :) I’m leaving the blog for now. Well until tomorrow actually.

    Night sugars

  72. Jai*277171* says:

    Me too Beach! :) Night night

  73. Jai*277171* says:

    Now you do too! 😛

  74. Beach_Girl*306486 says:

    Good night Sugars, I’m off to bed!
    talk soon
    DC~ good luck tomorrow night!
    Jai~ glad I made you laugh

  75. DC says:

    Jai- you’ve got mail

  76. Jai*277171* says:

    Lol again Beach 😛

    Ok DC..Email me NOW lol j/k

  77. Beach_Girl*306486 says:

    Jai~ lol it’s true! you don’t need anyone’s approval ! If you are happy, that is all that counts!
    If they aren’t happy , or wanna think what ever, Let them. They can think anything they want, not your problem. Fuck em! lmao

  78. DC says:

    I’ll send ya an e-mail Jai. It’s kind of a unique gift and God forbid he reads this blog, he would know it was me

  79. Jai*277171* says:

    Oh lol when you said: “Fuck em! lmao”

    Lol Nitemare!

  80. NitemareSD says:

    Yeah, don’t waste the envelop.

  81. Beach_Girl*306486 says:

    Andrew~ do no listen to Nitemare about the photos lmao!

  82. Beach_Girl*306486 says:

    Jai*277171* Says:
    May 11th, 2009 at 12:19 am

    LOL love your thinking Beach!! :)

    Which of my comments did you like my thinking?

  83. NitemareSD says:

    Andy, you could do what most guys do. Next time you run into her, hand her an envelop with pictures of your frontal nudity. 😮

    It isn’t that hard to find someone decent. There is something wrong with what you are doing and you need to find out what it is and fix it.

  84. Beach_Girl*306486 says:

    Oups i should have said it would be awkward if he said no
    and yes for you too Andrew, if she said no, Awkward

  85. Jai*277171* says:

    I’m not sure I know what you mean Beach lol Like in reference to what? :)

  86. Beach_Girl*306486 says:

    Jai~ what do you like exactly?

  87. Jai*277171* says:

    LOL love your thinking Beach!! :)

    Hmm DC…He told you what the gift is already? Can you tell me? lol I’m so nosey

  88. Beach_Girl*306486 says:

    Andy~ If she sugar dates you can always ask?
    I know 4 guys on here, they are friends, i would never , EVER, ask them lol
    I would be totally 1- shy, 2- awkward, 3- they should ask me, i think, 4- Very Shy!!! Never knew they did this!
    And it would be awkward if she said no!

  89. Jai*277171* says:

    Andy-I think if you two are adults, it wouldn’t make things awkward. She’s on the site too and therefore understands what it’s about. It may be in your best interest to reach out to someone within your circle of friends. She may be more understanding and it may be more comfortable for you :)

  90. DC says:

    Andrew- as an ex New Yorker my life is an open book. However, only 2 people in my life know I am doing this and they are my best friends. I don’t think I could have kept it from them and I don’t like to lie. However, they will never know the identity of any of the people I get involved with. I feel I owe that to any pot SD.

    The pot SD didn’t really ask me if it was okay, I think he was trying to run it by me to see if it was something I would appreciate as it’s not a traditional gift. I found it very touching because he gave it some thought based on what he knew about me.

  91. Beach_Girl*306486 says:

    Jai~ are you comfortable? that is the only thing you should be asking yourself. not what your friends think…. Fuck em! lmao

  92. Jai*277171* says:

    And Beach, I hope you find something even better! 😀

  93. Andrew50 says:

    Jai: Yes, you may call me Andy. I’ve never had a SB relationship of any duration. The closest I came was an initial meeting where we agreed to start, but then she vanished.

    I’ve stumbled across the profile of one woman I know. I like her, am attracted to her, and she’s always seemed friendly. But, I’m thinking that if I contact her and tell her I’m interested, it would be too awkward if she says no. We know many of the same people, and I run into her about once/month.

  94. Jai*277171* says:

    If I had children or anything like that, there’s no way we’d spend so much time together Beach. As it is now, this seems to work. I do think we should mix it up a bit. A friend of mine commented that we seem married. *shudder shudder* lol that’s no good 😛

  95. Jai*277171* says:

    Night OPOV.

  96. Beach_Girl*306486 says:

    Nite OPOV~

  97. Beach_Girl*306486 says:

    i’m not sure Jai~
    i never had that type of relationship so,,,if your comfortable and like being with him, no way ! You are the one in charge , maybe if i find someone that i like and we click the same as the 2 of you, maybe i’ll do the same!

  98. O(ne) P(oint) O(f) V(iew) says:

    ladies, I have to make my exit here. I have to get ready for work in about 3 hours.

    Hope everyone has a good day tomorrow.


  99. Jai*277171* says:

    Lol Beach. Is that weird?

  100. Beach_Girl*306486 says:

    Wow Jai

  101. Jai*277171* says:

    Beach, I wouldn’t say living lol but spending more nights at his home than where my bed is..he actually bought me a bed so I should say my 1st bed 😛

  102. Beach_Girl*306486 says:

    Oh i didn’t know that you were living with him Jai!

  103. Jai*277171* says:

    Girlie-Lol I made french toast, eggs, ham, and home fries this am and he said he didn’t want any. Then while I was eating he came a sat next to me lol I offered him some and he refused but opened his mouth :) He ate the rest of my breakfast.

    Beach-Lol I am. :) We spend a WHOLE bunch of time together. We probably shouldn’t spend so much.

    OPOV-As much as we’re together, you could definitely say that.

  104. O(ne) P(oint) O(f) V(iew) says:


    reading your posts, I thought you were living with this guy.

    That’s how close I thought you 2 are.

  105. Beach_Girl*306486 says:

    Jai~ leave some for the rest of us that don’t have any! lmao
    you should do what you are comfortable with… you seem to spend a lot of time with your current SD

  106. Jai*277171* says:

    Ok sugar fam. I’m emailing with another SD. He seems great! But..I’m so comfortable with my current guy. We’re like a well oiled machine lol. I feel weird even emailing with another guy. Should I meet with this pot or focus on what I have? Sometimes multiple choice can be more difficult that no choice 😛

  107. girlie says:

    Jai, can I just say that I think your SD lucked out. You are always cooking!!

  108. Jai*277171* says:

    Good idea girlie! :) Except he literally just mentioned the strawberry shortcake I made yesterday lol

  109. O(ne) P(oint) O(f) V(iew) says:

    Thx. I’ve been known to come up with a good idea every now and then

    Reading up the thread a bit, sweetnothings, re: your sd canceling his profile:

    Unless he explicitly said exclusivity is not what he wants, he may look for you to reciprocate with your own profile taken down

  110. Beach_Girl*306486 says:

    Andrew50~ I know 4 people that are friends on this site, when i joined I had no clue that they were here! Now , they know i’m here, but we have never spoken of it!

  111. goodgirl*313749 says:

    hi andrew :) nice that you’ve joined us!
    i feel this way often now. i have a friend that i’m sure is an sd… we’re not really close enough for me to come out and ask him, but…

  112. Jai*277171* says:

    Great idea OPOV. Lol goodgirl..or should I say robin hood-ette..You’re doing a good thing :)

    Andrew50-I don’t suspect anyone I know, but my family knows what I’m doing..fo the most part 😛 Have you had a fairly long term SB yet Andy? Can I call you Andy? :)

  113. girlie says:

    You should go for ice cream, Jai! FUN! (I should get out more…..)

  114. goodgirl*313749 says:

    found the perfect one!!! FINCA- gives money to families in need… call me robin hood-ette……taking from rich to give to the poor!! LOVE IT!!!! opov- you’re brilliant!
    :) too fun! …now I feel like a brat!

  115. Andrew50 says:

    DC: I gave a gift to every potential SB I’ve met, and it didn’t appear to bother any of them. I would never ask ahead of time if it’s OK to give a gift.

    I know at least one hundred unmarried people, both men and women, mostly age late 20’s – early 60’s, who appear to never date and never be in a relationship. I regularly encounter them in social situations and at parties, such as New Years Eve and Valentine’s Day, which are traditional date nights, and they always arrive and leave alone. Many of them, I’ve known for years, and we have at least semi-personal conversations.

    They don’t seem asexual because they laugh at my salacious stories, and there doesn’t appear to be anything that would make them undateable. I previously thought they just gave up after years of rejection or bad relationships. But, now, I wonder if they’re all sugar dating or in NSA relationships, and if so, why the heck didn’t they include me?

    Do you suspect anyone? Does anyone suspect you?

  116. Beach_Girl*306486 says:

    Lol i just Googled me!! and i’m there lol

  117. DC says:

    Goodgirl- That’s perfect. Great suggestion OPOV

  118. Jai*277171* says:

    Lol true goodgirl.

    I feel like going out. It’s finally cool enough to leave the house and I’ve been in all weekend. I wonder if I can talk my SD into joining me.

  119. Beach_Girl*306486 says:

    goodgirl ~ at least it’s done!

  120. goodgirl*313749 says:

    i should do a battered/abused womens chairity… i’ll include in the reciept envelope a ‘thanks for the idea’ note 😉

  121. goodgirl*313749 says:

    jai- at least no one is getting your complaint mail! oops

  122. goodgirl*313749 says:

    dc- yes it was wierd, at first… you get used to it pretty fast :)
    opov- LOVE this idea!!! how fun!
    beach- yep…random men i guess! lol… some poor guy at stephan (at)seeking arrangement… or poor stephan (at) infostreamgroup!

  123. Jai*277171* says:

    Hey everyone :)

    Goodgirl, sounds like you’re doing what I did yesterday lol emailing random people :)

  124. O(ne) P(oint) O(f) V(iew) says:

    And donate to some really offensive (at least to him maybe) charity or such. Twist the knife a little.

  125. girlie says:

    Hi AJ!

    DC, just go with it, even if it’s hard. I once had a fight with a SD in a Barnes and Noble cafe about taking money when he tried to slip it into my purse. I didn’t want it and the awkwardness than ensued with the back and forth argument was worse than if I had just taken it…..haha. Once you do it once or twice it’s ok.

    OPOV….LOVE that suggestion. Donate it to a womans charity too, goodgirl.

  126. Beach_Girl*306486 says:

    OPOV~ that is so awesome!!! I didn’t think of that,,, lmao

  127. girlie says:

    DC I like your outfit choice. I love a cute skirt, pretty top and cardigan with hot shoes/ boots. Allll about the footwear :)

  128. Beach_Girl*306486 says:

    goodgirl you mailing random men??? lmao

  129. O(ne) P(oint) O(f) V(iew) says:


    goodgirl, can I give you “another point of view” as to what you should with this guy?

    Take the money he gave you, make donation in his name and then forward the receipt to him. Don’t give him the money back and piss him off a little. Let’s see how far he gets crying about someone who donated his money for him.


    At least that’s what I’d do.

  130. DC says:

    Hey AJ! Howz it going?

    So SD #2 who I have been e-mailing every day and is very sweet, said today he would like to bring me a gift, a practical one, but a very sweet thoughtful gift nonetheless. I gotta tell ya, as someone who is used to going dutch on dates or leaving the tip or treating, this feels so foreign to me. I have a really hard time accepting gifts. Even from friends on my birthday. This is gonna be somewhat weird and hard for me at first. Was this hard for you guys as well?

  131. Beach_Girl*306486 says:

    Hey aj~

  132. lisa says:

    I’m going to climb in bed and watch some tv. Have a good night everyone.

  133. goodgirl*313749 says:

    oops. i guess i’ll try that email too! lol!! now i’m the one sending out random emails! lol

  134. aj says:

    Wow! Goodgirl ~ really? that’s crazy.
    Hi everyone! There seems to be some blog action tonight!

  135. Beach_Girl*306486 says:

    goodgirl~ you should, no one should be threatened ! Ever!

  136. VillaCypris *276489* says:

    I have this email for Stephan…

    [email protected]

  137. lisa says:

    sweetredhead, i just read back on today’s blog posting and you really need to stay away from the weirdos on CL. Stick to the weirdos on the sd sites, lol

  138. goodgirl*313749 says:

    thanks everyone :) doing it now… i agree girlie. hey! i did find 3 heads up pennies today on the laundry room floor! lol

  139. Beach_Girl*306486 says:

    i agree with you girlie!

  140. Beach_Girl*306486 says:

    stephan is that the right mail ???/ you around lurking?

  141. girlie says:

    That’s insane, Goodgirl. Threatening over $200. He really shouldn’t have sent it if he couldn’t afford to lose it. I say this is a sign of luck that you found out this way as opposed to in person.

  142. Beach_Girl*306486 says:

    VC~ i tell ya we are a lot alike….. and we like a lot of the same things lol

  143. DC says:

    Thanks everyone for the well wishes.

    Goodgirl- I can’t believe that. Guy has no class!

    Girlie- I’m gonna wear a sort of tight black skirt, a shiny green sleeveless top and a black cardigan and stilettos or boots, not sure yet. Just meeting for a drink. We haven’t gotten to know too much about each other via e-mail so it will be interesting to see if we hit it off in person. I can’t quite get a sense of what he might be like in person. Guess I’ll know by this time tomorrow.

  144. Beach_Girl*306486 says:

    go to stephan (at) seekingarrangement.com

  145. goodgirl*313749 says:

    umm. how? i don’t know stephan. do i?

  146. VillaCypris *276489* says:

    Lol @ BG… great minds think alike eh?

  147. VillaCypris *276489* says:

    Wow. Just email Stephan and report him.

  148. Beach_Girl*306486 says:

    goodgirl~ you should report him to Stephan

  149. goodgirl*313749 says:

    how do i do that?

  150. goodgirl*313749 says:

    um, yea… really creepy! actually said something about reporting me as a scammer, he’s copied my profile, blah blah. over $200? really?!? …some sd he’s gonna be for some poor girl…probably can’t afford to be my sd anyway if he’s going to get this upset over $200. i can’t wait to get the money transfered back so i don’t have to hear from this one again. what a goof… i’d send it tomorrow, but after i got it, i spent some at the grocery store. whoops!

  151. Beach_Girl*306486 says:

    goodgirl~ yeah what lisa said! you should do that

  152. lisa says:

    goodgirl, if he is from this site, you need to report him for threatening you. now back to my phonecall

  153. Beach_Girl*306486 says:

    goodgirl~ are you serious??? he asked for the money back…. what an Asshat

  154. Jai*277171* says:

    Um didn’t mean that last part as an actual question lol

  155. Jai*277171* says:

    goodgirl-Ugh goodgirl, I’m glad you didn’t have to find out about him in person. What a creep?

  156. goodgirl*313749 says:

    beach- of course she can borrow mine 😉 i won’t be needing them for a few weeks!

  157. goodgirl*313749 says:

    #3 just called…again. he wants me to transfer the $200 ‘gift’ back. (demanded actually, and threatened me.) of course i’m going to… but, now i know what he REALLY wanted when he came to meet me. sooooooooo glad i didn’t do that. whew!

  158. Beach_Girl*306486 says:

    goodgirl~ why? would you lend her yours lol, j/k with ya!

  159. goodgirl*313749 says:

    hehehe…leg warmers… does he want those worn WITH the metalic spandex? lmao :)

  160. Beach_Girl*306486 says:

    girlie~ your dream man, ahhhh so happy for you, didn’t know you were in the glam era! lol

  161. lisa says:

    I have legwarmers, love the 80’s. On the phone with my friend right now, try to be back later, you know how she keeps me on the phone for hours.

  162. girlie says:

    Hopefully it’s a pale yellow blazer and he also over gels his hair. And if I’m lucky he might also roll up his t-shirt sleeves.

    I’ve found my SD but I’d be ALLLLL over this if I hadn’t :)

  163. Jai*277171* says:

    girlie-Thanks! lol I need attention 😛 j/k We are having some left overs, with the addition of scallops in a butter, white wine sauce :) Inspired by none other than the wonderful, sweetredhead

  164. Beach_Girl*306486 says:

    girlie~ at least you got out of eating it!

  165. girlie says:

    I shared that tidbit with my girlfriend who said “He needs the 20 minute Workout girls from the 80’s”.

  166. VillaCypris *276489* says:

    Leg warmers??? Maybe he also drives a Delorean, and is living in the ’80s… tell him you like men who wear pastel blazers, a la Don Johnson… lol

  167. Beach_Girl*306486 says:

    girlie~ or he’s into glam rock lol

  168. girlie says:

    Hey Jai!!! Of course you can. I sent it and then thought “oh crap, I missed Jai”. Whatcha cooking tonight?

    Hi BG and ChocolateSnowBunny if you are still here! BG, Breakfast did not get eaten. I thanked them but suggested they eat it since I wasn’t ready to eat yet. LOL….it was soggy waffles.

    DC….that’s great! Details: whatch gonna wear?

  169. Beach_Girl*306486 says:

    Sweetred, yes it is nice to see men join us here!
    girlie~ he’s from the 70’s lol

  170. Jai*277171* says:

    Girlie, number two may need a sheep lol

  171. Jai*277171* says:

    DC-You’ll be fine :) Let some of goodgirl’s optimism refill your glass to half full. I’m excited for you!

  172. girlie says:

    Oh my. I’ve found my SD but I just saw the list of who clicked on my profile.

    One: “loves SEXERCISE”.
    Two (and my personal fav) ” I am turned on by clothing that is soft (fur), sexy boots, leg warmers, animal print , and a SEXY attitude. I love metallic spandex.”

    Leg warmers??

  173. sweetredhead*269443* says:

    Welcome Andrew and Michael glad you came and introduced yourselves :) Now talk lol. We don’t bite I swear. Well nightmare might you really have to watch out for him. And I think Lisa may nibble a bit.

  174. lisa says:

    Lol @ DC Here’s hoping both dates go great.

    time to make some fresh ground coffee

  175. VillaCypris *276489* says:

    Hi DC!!
    That’s exciting!!! i hope it goes well!!!

  176. DC says:

    Hi sugarbabes-

    Welcome Michael and Andrew. How refreshing to hear you are looking for someone your own age. I am 50 and in Seattle. I may be too far for you Andrew and too old for you MIchael LOL

    Lisa, that is funny about your SD. I think it’s called TMI!

    I have my first SD date tomorrow night. I think I’m gonna be a wreck tomorrow. Another one towards the end of the week.

  177. Jai*277171* says:

    Goodgirl-Love your optimism! Better to know now :)

  178. Beach_Girl*306486 says:

    VC is right Lisa ….

  179. VillaCypris *276489* says:

    Hi girlie!

  180. lisa says:

    Yes he is a nice guy and I guess he wants to make it look nice for me to see. He has been divorced several years and hasn’t did this kind of thing before but so far he is making straight A’s except on his insectiside thesis, lol

    I think I can engage in the bug killing details for the assistance that I received and the wonderful shopping I was able to do this past last two fridays. I’m also getting a full 40 hours this week at work so that’s like an extra 100 dollars on my paycheck after taxes.

  181. VillaCypris *276489* says:

    He IS being considerate Lisa…. aside from the fact that you find his gardening emails boring, he sounds like a good man. A lot wouldn’t give a shit about your broken A/C. You are right to hang on to him…

  182. goodgirl*313749 says:

    hi jai :) #3 is out… he started to get demanding and manipulative before the 1st date…. oh well! can’t please everyone. but i’m bound and determined to keep me happy 😉

  183. Beach_Girl*306486 says:

    Hey Girlie!
    how was breakfast?

  184. Jai*277171* says:

    Hey girlie..I can’t get a personal shout out? lol :)

  185. girlie says:

    Hi ladies..Villa, SRH and Lisa,

    Lisa, it’s boring, indeed. But remember the alternative. He may be boring but he has been dependable thus far. Perhaps he just needs to have a conversation led by you!

  186. VillaCypris *276489* says:

    ahahaha… thanks Jai… i do have a rather wide vocabulary of pertinent words…

    what is the subject of your papers, sweetnothings ? harvard’s kennedy school publishes a good Foreign Policy journal…

  187. Jai*277171* says:

    Many views except Xtreme gardening Lisa 😛

  188. Jai*277171* says:

    Aw that sucks sweetnothings :( . I had a thesis to do last week for my sociology portfolio and I still haven’t finished. I have 5 more I need to knock out prior to the fall semester. I feel your pain lol

  189. lisa says:

    well when we last got together last week he said he wanted to pick me up this week and we would go to his house and sit in his hottub. I bought a swimsuit friday for that outing. I sent him an email last night letting him know i’m available tuesday afternoon and he wrote back saying tuesday would be great but that I need to get my ac fixed first before I worry about making time for him. I guess he’s just being considerate. I just want to hang onto this arrangement because he seems to understand the concept and he is a gentleman. We share many views too.

  190. Jai*277171* says:

    Lol Villa. ‘glaringly obvious’ Love the choice of vocab :)

  191. sweetnothings says:

    Hi Jai,

    Lazy Sundays are so nice. I’m writing two final papers for my American Foreign Policy class :( Not so nice.

  192. Jai*277171* says:

    Hey goodgirl!!! We need sweetred and suzieq on here lol

  193. Natasha says:

    Lisa, has he talked about any sort of meeting after tuesday

  194. VillaCypris *276489* says:

    BG – it was colder than usual here today as well.. :(

    natasha… ummmm… no… he’s probably offering to buy you clothes for one glaringly obvious reason…

  195. Jai*277171* says:

    Maybe you two can do a really nice dinner Tuesday evening. You ac should be fixed by then right? And honestly, where some men in their 60s lack in the drama dept, they make up in the boredom dept. I can totally relate lol 😉

  196. Natasha says:

    Lisa, has he talked about any sort of meeting tuesday

  197. lisa says:

    Hot and humid in Houston today, yuck

    goodgirl I live in urban decay and I wear Urban Decay cosmetics, lol
    I’ve added some Yves Saint Laurent cosmetics to my collection too. Covergirl and maybelline are about to be evicted, well I still wear them for work because I have no need to look good for work

  198. Beach_Girl*306486 says:

    VC~ it was cold and cloudy all day!!!

  199. goodgirl*313749 says:

    good evening :)
    waaayyyy too much funny stuff happening tonight to comment on everything! lisa, you crack me up with your hosiery and urban decay! lol

  200. Beach_Girl*306486 says:

    I did a lot of cleaning …… blah! :)

  201. lisa says:

    I’m the same way Jai, my sugardaddy has paid me for may so I guess he’s still interested but seems to be preoccupied with his garden. But I am making myself available to him tuesday. He wants me to stay home so that my ac can be fixed as my comfort comes first he says, but I still feel the need to go out somewhere with him.

  202. Natasha says:

    I did meet someone interesting 2 this weekend he spotted me out 3 weeks ago in a casino and i kinda did 2..i found him at the club this weekend and he invited me to a party.. hes throwing at a club on the 22nd. hes the manager of the casino at the hardrock and he told me i will be his date at his party and offered to buy me clothes if i wanted just for the party…would u consider that sort of sugar dating girls???

  203. VillaCypris *276489* says:

    Thanks Beach – ya, nothing’s more important than family :)

    How are things in Montreal? Warming up at all?

  204. Jai*277171* says:

    Hey sweetnothings!

  205. Beach_Girl*306486 says:

    VC~ that’s awesome that you all got together!

  206. lisa says:

    the sugarbabies are in the house tonight! Come out Nitemare, we need some wise words of wisdom.

  207. Jai*277171* says:

    Thanks for the advice Lisa and Villa 😉

    Now I just need to figure out if I’m completely satisfied lol

  208. Beach_Girl*306486 says:

    I’m good Jai , how you been?

  209. VillaCypris *276489* says:

    hi Beach Girl!

    Had a good day, Jai…. my 6 week old niece was baptised today, so I was with my family 12-1830, my sister is home from Italy, so my mom had a really happy day, all four of her children were with her :) was fun. Thanks for asking ! How was your day!?

  210. sweetnothings says:

    Yay Natasha, that is so great. He sounds much better than the last one. As one door closes, another one opens.

    Good evening to everyone else out there!

  211. Natasha says:

    yes Iwill be careful…u can trust me on this one

  212. Jai*277171* says:

    Hey Beach! The blog is rockin tonight lol We’re all gathering one by one :)

  213. Natasha says:

    Happy Mothers Day to all moms!!!

  214. Jai*277171* says:

    Lucky lingerie Lisa 😛

    How are you Villa? How was your day?

    Good for you Natasha! I second Lisa :)

  215. Beach_Girl*306486 says:

    Welcome Andrew, and Michael!
    Hi VC, Jai, Lisa, SN, and all lurking sugars!

  216. VillaCypris *276489* says:

    Good to know, Lisa. Sorry about your experience there!

    Jai – I agree with Lisa… keep your options open, unless you are completely satisfied, on every level, with the SD you have right now.

    Natasha… yes, do be careful… people can promise anything they want, words are just words…

  217. lisa says:

    That’s great Natasha, just please be careful and protect yourself, we all care about you on here

  218. lisa says:

    Jai, I would keep all options open as that is the key in any business, including being a sugarbaby. I have hid my profile on the site i’m on because he has hidden his but if I don’t see progress from him in the next few weeks, I will continue my persuit for the next experience, including the potential from out of town that I’ve been chatting with for 3 weeks.

    Working as an associate at Target sucks. They hire under 18’s that go home at 10 pm and the rest of us had to work till 1 or 2 am to organize the store. So glad I don’t have to deal with that anymore.

  219. Natasha says:

    hello sugar Fam!!!! met a new SD this weekend. A weird meeting. it wasnt just us. it was me and my friends and him and his friends at the hardrock. we all didn’t stop talking..we all had fun. he told me he will take me to eat at his favorite restaurant. he also noticed i love diamonds. he told me he will buy me diamonds. he calls me and texts me everyday after he met me. so i think it went good. he wants to hang out tonight but i partied so hard this weekend that i dont have the energy to go out.

  220. VillaCypris *276489* says:

    Hi Jai! :)

  221. lisa says:

    Good evening Jai sitting here in my new fredricks on hollywood lingerie

  222. Jai says:

    Congrats sweetnothings! I second Villa :)

  223. Jai says:

    Got an email from an SD who lives in Vegas, but is planning to move to my neck of the woods. I wonder if I should be indulging these extras or just be content in the situation I am in? Any thoughts sugar fam? :)

  224. VillaCypris *276489* says:

    Congrats, sweetnothings…. I hope so! If that’s what you want….

    Hmm… Lisa… nitemare is probably busy with his multiple SBs right now… :) … I hadn’t heard that about Target… I know a lot of MBAs etc go to work there and think it’s a rather coveted position… perhaps it’s a different environment working on the retail side of things…

  225. sweetnothings says:

    Andrew, depending on where you live, there are some fabulous women on this blog who fit the rest of your criteria. I’d stick around.

  226. Jai says:

    Michael-Welcome :) I think there are some SBs from Seattle that frequent the blog so you’re in good company.

    Andrew-Hi! Welcome to the blog. Sorry things haven’t been going to so well on the sugar scale, but it gets better 😀

    What up Villa, sweetred, and my nearly melted compadre, Lisa? :) How goes it?

  227. sweetnothings says:

    Wow, I just realized that my SD (the one I’ve seen twice and is 34) deleted his profile on SA. I’m flattered, I guess he’s committed to me.

  228. lisa says:

    I worked for Target for 8 years, great store for shopping, nightmare to work at. opps I think I subconsiously contacted Nitemare, are you out there lurking?

  229. VillaCypris *276489* says:

    Ahhh yes… Target… they are headquartered here, in Minneapolis!

    Greetings Andrew – I think perhaps YOU are rare, in that you desire someone in the 36-50 age bracket. Perhaps most women in that category assume men want someone much younger, and do not contact you for that reason.

    There are wonderful people on this site… it takes a lot of time and effort to find them, however.

  230. lisa says:

    Andrew it sounds like you are experiencing what most of us sugarbabies experience. I’m 43 so i’m an older sd and find most of the guys are looking for someone 18 or they are looking for marriage and family or a girlfriend. Many don’t understand the sugardaddy/sugarbaby relationship. I have came across many men’s profiles of guys that I came across a few years back on the regular dating sites. I can’t count how many have wrote me and then vanished only to write me months later like they don’t even remember who I am.

  231. lisa says:

    the galleria is the premier shopping mall in Houston. The second best is Memorial city that is 4 blocks from me. It doesn’t have the high scale stores but is has all the popular mainstream stores along with macy’s dillards, and everyone’s favorite Target

  232. Andrew50 says:

    I’ve been on a few sites for several months and have discovered that finding an SB is more difficult than finding a non-sugar relationship. A year from now, I will have either found an SB or will have long since given up.

    I get lots of email, but most has the character of spam or scams and comes from women far away who are under age 25 (I’m 50).

    I’m most interested in the 36-50 age group, but these women are much rarer (at least where I live) and overwhelmingly ignore me. I’ve only corresponded with one, and I quickly got the impression that she was looking for a boyfriend/husband. If I were interested in that, I could find it within my circle of friends/acquaintances and wouldn’t need to be here.

    So, I mostly chat with and meet the age 25-35 women. Unfortunately, either I have difficulty feeling connected to them, they are slow to respond, they make plans and then cancel/no show, or they act interested and then vanish with no explanation.

  233. VillaCypris *276489* says:

    Two shopping sprees in 10 days is not bad!!! I was just looking at the Galleria website… very cool! I didn’t realise they have Bvlgari, Cartier, Christofle… hmmmmmmmm…. I’d like to go shopping there!!!

  234. lisa says:

    or maybe a paragraph about selecting the right hosiery to wear with one of my new summer dresses? lol
    It’s just weird. All he talks about now is his yard. I want to see him again. He suggested I stay home tuesday so I can get my ac fixed because me comfort is more important than making time for him. That is sweet but I do want to do my part as he has paid my allowance for may and june is arouond the corner and I need some spending money, I need a shopping spree, lol Only been on two shoppin sprees since may 1st

  235. VillaCypris *276489* says:

    ahahahaha… yea you should!

    teach them something new…. :)

  236. lisa says:

    that was only half of it. I better not put what the potential one wrote or you will be out tearing apart and rebuilding your car, lol I should send them emails about what i’ve recently added to my cosmetics collection, lol
    I could tell them how much I like the urban decay eyelid primer.

  237. VillaCypris *276489* says:

    Hi Lisa

    I’m inspired to start a garden, after reading your SD’s email :)

  238. VillaCypris *276489* says:

    Nitemare…. good lord. First you want a discount for having class, and now for being bigamous?


    why don’t you put all your potential SBs to work on your estate this summer, manning the tents for all the girls who you’ll be inviting to stay there?

    then you can dispatch with allowances all together, in return for free room and board….

  239. lisa says:

    Hi Villa thanks

  240. VillaCypris *276489* says:

    Hi sweetred and lisa – happy mother’s day to both of you!! x

  241. lisa says:

    I think he likes to do it himself. lol I agree on the gardener though.

  242. sweetredhead*269443* says:

    He needs a sugar mama to hire him a gardener lol

  243. lisa says:

    I think they’re all out killing weeds and fixing cars, lol

  244. lisa says:

    I like gardening but for me that is buying bedding plants and putting them in pots on the porch , not working in the hot sun, killing weeds. lol

  245. sweetredhead*269443* says:

    Where is everyone tonight :(

  246. sweetredhead*269443* says:

    Google info lisa. google is your friend. But you may get more talk of gardening and car repair. I would just say I know nothing about that and hopefully it will end that conversation lol

  247. lisa says:

    sweetheadhed, if someone was actually at my door it would be that friend of mine that wants to talk about her loser boyfriend for hours on end and want’s me to google numbers she found on his cellphone

  248. lisa says:

    What kinda email should I write back to him to come across as very interested in what he is telling me about. I kinda got lost on the insectiside, too much Roundup inhaled

  249. lisa says:

    edit , I don’t need my “sac” fixed cause I dont’ have one, lol I need my ac fixed

  250. lisa says:

    He is a nice guy but gosh I shouldn’t have brought up the gardening thing, yikes, lol I will email him in awhile and see if he would rather get together on friday if he wants me stay home and wait to have my sac fixed, not that staying home will make it happen.

    Oh but the potential sd talked all about cleaning his motor and the interior of his car.

    I guess when you take all the perverted thoughts and manners out of a man, this is what you end up with , lol

  251. sweetredhead*269443* says:

    lisa you poor thing. Sounds like your Sd is not the most interesting man lol
    Tell someone is at your door and you have to run lmao

  252. lisa says:

    this is half of the email

  253. lisa says:

    Here is half of the email my sd sent me today
    Chuckle, yesterday I got some more work done. The pool is in good shape – and I’m starting to make progress on the flower beds. The yard – well, the crabgrass is starting to show signs of ‘yellow’ – so, this afternoon, I’ll mow and edge the yard.

    I’m not making as much progress on the flower beds as I wanted to – That 3 1/2 months of recovering from the surgeries definitely took it’s toll. From working on the pool – Thursday my quadriceps were killing me… Then, Friday I was starting on the flower beds – and now my hamstrings are so sore… well, it isn’t pretty! I’ll get some more done today – in fact, after I finish my coffee and open the windows to air the house out… Back into the yard… I want to get another 20 or 30 feet of flower beds cleaned out.

    Chuckle, my flower beds are between 3 and 15 feet wide (depth from the pool deck to the fence)… and so, letting them go for a few years – well, it’s not pretty. I get about a 45 gallon sack of brush/clippings in 4 or 5 feet of flower bed… Sometimes more when the beds are ‘deeper’. It’ll probably take another month or two before I’ll have the yard ‘totally’ where I want it… for now. Then again – when anything green comes up through the mulch… Roundup will give it a hint!… So, two or 3 months of that (to allow all the seeds in the bed to ‘sprout’ so

  254. sweetredhead*269443* says:

    What joke. Mr Italian stud lmao. Hello contact a redhead and expect her to be submissive? What planet did he come from?

  255. sweetredhead*269443* says:

    Michael Welcome to the blog. I am sure someone can answer your question. I do not travel myself. I work full time and I am a mom. SO I only do minimal travel.

  256. Michael says:

    Hi all — just stopping in to introduce myself. I’m a 38yo SD from Seattle. So far SA is an interesting site…seems to be at least a few more genuine folks on here than elsewhere (here’s hoping :-))

    One of my main interests in finding an SB is as a potential travel companion now and then — I’m curious to know if any of you (SD or SB) have experiences with traveling together that you’d be willing to share.

    Thanks, and have a great rest of the weekend!

  257. lisa says:

    Hi everyone

    Back from a tiring day at work. My feet are killing me now.

    Ok my sd and my potential sd are boring me to tears, what’s going on?? My sd talks only about killing weeds and fireants while he gets his yard into shape, explaining in detail what insecticides he’s using Also thinks I should stay home tuesday and get my ac fixed instead of us getting together because my comfort comes first

    potential sd sent me a detailed description about how he is rebuilding and repairing his old car.

    Great response to that explorer guy, lol I guess we are all his email sbs.

    Good evening nitemare

  258. sweetnothings says:

    Sweetredhead, you have to wonder when ‘I want a dinner companion’ became code for ‘I want kinky sex’.

  259. SuzieQ*297329* says:

    What did you tell him sweetred? (need any ideas? 😉 )

  260. SuzieQ*297329* says:

    Back from the garden…another bed weeded and under control.

    Sweetred – is his name Explorer by any chance? lol!

  261. sweetredhead*269443* says:

    Good gawd now he is asking how many holes do I offer. Ok time to mess with this guy lmao

  262. Jai says:

    Lol that’s a start then. You should tell him that! 😛 Is he offering an allowance or does he just want the company?

  263. sweetredhead*269443* says:

    I am busty and playful, but submissive? Only if I want to be lol

  264. Jai says:

    BAHAHAHA!! Lol it sounds great if you are a busty, subservient, playful baby bird.

  265. sweetredhead*269443* says:

    HIM: im looking for a playful, busty chick
    possibly sub

    ME: to do what with lol

    this is not going well

  266. Jai says:

    You wrote out of boredom lol Is he at least interesting?

  267. sweetredhead*269443* says:

    I emailed him over a month ago and he is just getting back to me sheeh. I don’t even remember his ad or why I wrote lol

  268. Jai says:

    Cool sweetred! Good luck :) Hopefully he’s not weird

  269. sweetredhead*269443* says:

    He is not from this site. I answered his CL ad looking for a girl to have dinners with when he comes to florida. I have no idea why I answered it. I was looking for a job at the time and got tired and looked through the personals lmao

  270. Jai says:

    No romantico? Lol what is he then?

  271. aj says:

    Alright…I gotta run.
    Good luck with your Italian sweetred!

  272. aj says:

    Or maybe he is just multitasking :)

  273. sweetredhead*269443* says:

    Not romantico yet, he is slow typing lmao. Probably has to translate it lmao

  274. Jai says:

    Oooh do tell sweetred. What’s your italian like? Romantico?

  275. aj says:

    Sweetred, there’s your racy email then :)

  276. sweetredhead*269443* says:

    LMAO I am talking to a guy from Italy. Got to love those Italians!

  277. aj says:

    Lol, I keep mine too.
    But only for a while.

  278. sweetredhead*269443* says:

    me lol, I would forget my name if I didn’t make notes lmao

  279. Jai says:

    Who keeps sent messages? lol

  280. Jai says:

    Lol sweetred!

  281. sweetredhead*269443* says:

    Go to your sent mail copy and paste then send a new email silly lmao

  282. sweetredhead*269443* says:

    oops lucky lmao and no emails. Ok going back to typing school.

  283. Jai says:

    Ok, now I’ll try to remember what I wrote yesterday and email you again lol

  284. sweetredhead*269443* says:

    Darn it and I thought I was going to get luck :( Now I am disapointed not racy email’s from Jai

  285. Jai says:

    I didn’t think I had, but I must have lol

    Of course not AJ, sweetred is a lady 😛

  286. sweetredhead*269443* says:

    I got it Jai :)

  287. aj says:

    That’s good Jai…at least we know you’re not emailing Sweetred racy emails 😉

  288. sweetredhead*269443* says:

    lol I hope they liked my email! You forgot the numbers didn’t you? lmao

  289. Jai says:

    Check your email sweetred

  290. Jai says:

    Lol Suzie. Enjoy!

  291. Jai says:

    Lol AJ. I’m not mortified. Some other sweetredhead got an email and that’s ok :)

  292. sweetredhead*269443* says:

    When my ex was in the military. My daughter was injured and one of the Doctors was a real azz. I marched my self down to the commander of the hospital’s office demanding to see him, they told me he was out, I walked right past them to his office.(Soldiers chasing me) He was out lol. But told them I would be back!

    The next day my ex was called into his office wanting to know who the redheaded spitfire was lmao.

  293. SuzieQ*297329* says:

    Yay, the sun’s back out…I’m going to play in my garden. Happy day!

    If Explorer calls tell him to meet me out behind the apple tree 😉

  294. aj says:

    Hahaha! I totally did that once, only it wasn’t a stranger…I sent the WRONG person the email…I was rushing….
    It was kind of mortifying actually.

  295. SuzieQ*297329* says:

    Thanks for the compliment AJ :) Normally I am a sweet, mild-mannered lady. But when there is injustice to be fought or fake sugar daddies to be exposed, look out!

    I once won a two year, $10,000 battle with the government over a student loan issue…and won. My dad calls me a pit bull with lipstick 😛

  296. Jai says:

    Omg, I sent a stranger a long email? lol Omg

    Hi AJ! :)

    Lol SuzieQ, He may LIKE that.

  297. sweetredhead*269443* says:

    Hi AJ! SuzieQ that would be so funny, I should lmao

  298. Jai says:

    Check your email OPOV

  299. SuzieQ*297329* says:

    How about all the sb’s email him…we’ll scare him off for sure! Kinda like a “take back the night” march. lol!

  300. aj says:

    Suzie ~ LMAO! You are a firecracker :)
    Hi Jai and Sweetred.

  301. sweetredhead*269443* says:

    sure you used the 5253?

  302. sweetredhead*269443* says:

    I didn’t get an email from you Saturday Jai?

  303. Jai says:

    I emailed you yesterday sweetred lol

  304. sweetredhead*269443* says:

    wait that would be sugarmama lol. A creepy one anyway!

  305. O(ne) P(oint) O(f) V(iew) says:

    sweetred, you should write him too and see if he wants some hot, sweaty action. (I was just there, so I know how hot and sweaty it gets. :) )

  306. sweetredhead*269443* says:

    If your offering sex for money does that make you an SD? LMAO

  307. sweetredhead*269443* says:

    SuzieQ LMAO can’t say that I have but sounds like fun (evil grin)

  308. Jai says:

    Will do OPOV

  309. sweetredhead*269443* says:

    I want an email :( I am bored lmao. After having all the kids here then my parents earlier today, It’s to quiet here lol

  310. SuzieQ*297329* says:

    Hi Sweetred….but I’ll bet you didn’t offer him money for sex so I’m sure I’ll be the lucky girl to snap him up…back of the line! lol!

  311. sweetredhead*269443* says:

    good evening everyone.

    SuzieQ that is too funny. I got an email from him awhile back also lol

  312. O(ne) P(oint) O(f) V(iew) says:

    Odds are he does. If his premium profile expires, he has to re-up, so he can either resuse what is already there or create a whole new one even if he is using the exact same type. If you blocked him, he could contact you again with a whole new profile.

    Jai, check your email.

  313. SuzieQ*297329* says:

    CSB – it was my keyboard that was all over the place. Mind is tightly focused on the task at hand lol!

    OPOV – he has more than one profile?

  314. O(ne) P(oint) O(f) V(iew) says:

    Suzie, when you are done playing with him, let him know that many sb’s are aware of his bs thru back channeling. In fact, there is someone who warns all new sb’s of him and gives us his profile number(s) so that we are aware.

  315. ChocolateSnowBunny says:

    LOL…For a sec there I thought you made a new nickname for me. I see you’re having fun with Explorer. All that excitement must have your mind all over the place hehe.

  316. SuzieQ*297329* says:

    Oops, don’t know what happened there lol! Let me try again…

    Hi CSB. It was looking good earlier and I put shorts on in anticipation, but now it’s overcast and I’m back in jeans….etc

    Better? :)

  317. Jai says:

    Lol OPOV. I’ll go with the Navajo. You can read Navajo right? 😛

  318. SuzieQ*297329* says:

    HI CSto jeans. Oh well….at least it’s not snowing!

  319. ChocolateSnowBunny says:

    Hey Suzie. How’s the weather out west? Beautiful day here.

  320. ChocolateSnowBunny says:

    Hello sugar fam. Happy Mother’s Day to all the wonderful mothers.

    Where do you see yourself in 1 year? So many options. Can’t pinpoint until the summer is over.

    What will you be doing? Travelling or working my dream job/business.

    Will you still be on SA? Maybe, maybe not. What’s with all these “in the future” questions? I live in the moment lol!! Sheeesh.

  321. SuzieQ*297329* says:

    Actually, I won’t ask him I’ll just tell him lol!

  322. SuzieQ*297329* says:

    OPOV – LOL! Thanks for the great suggestion. If he is dense enough to keep up the conversation I will definitely use it :)

  323. O(ne) P(oint) O(f) V(iew) says:

    Suzie, ask him if he is open to having more than one partner in the bed – another man. Why should men be the only one’s to enjoy the visual? See if he is open to playing with another man.

  324. O(ne) P(oint) O(f) V(iew) says:

    How about alternate words in your posting. I.E. Every 3rd word in a post would be put together get your question. or go to google translate and translate your question into french or spanish.

    Mr better yet, use the US miltary WW2 method of using the Navajo language – the Nazis couldn’t break it!

  325. sweetnothings says:

    Oh I love it. It’s so rewarding to catch someone in their own game. Muahaha

  326. SuzieQ*297329* says:

    I just hope I don’t get reported and kicked off the site! 😛

  327. Jai says:

    Suzie you are hilarious!!! lol

  328. Jai says:

    Lol OPOV. True true. Maybe I can develop a code that somehow you’ll understand and ask the question using that? I mean, if anything is possible 😛

  329. SuzieQ*297329* says:

    Hey, you don’t really think he thinks I am serious, do you? If he does, I am in trouble LOL!

  330. SuzieQ*297329* says:

    OK, I have outdone myself now. How’s this?

    No foreplay sounds great. I hate foreplay. I just want sex. And lots of it.

    Ok, how much of an allowance would you like for allowing me to use you as a sex toy, and how often are you available? If it’s any less than once a day I’m afraid I’m not interested. And I expect to pay well for quality. Very well. So don’t underprice yourself.

    Of course you understand that I would need to keep you chained up in my spare room so that you would be available at my whim. Is this acceptable to you? I would let you out daily to spend your allowance as you wished.

    If this interests you, please send ME your email so that I can add it to my collection. Besides if I cut my account I don’t want to be left without no way to contact you.

  331. O(ne) P(oint) O(f) V(iew) says:

    It probably got transported back to an even earlier thread. Who knows? Hell, Star Trek went back in time. Wolverine went back in time. US is returning to the 60’s. Anything is possible.

  332. Jai says:

    OPOV-I posted the question on the McFly blog, but it disappeared. I posted another message lol not sure if it’s still there though. What shall I do? :) I may have to take this question to the death lol

  333. sweetnothings says:

    Keep going if you want, but please stick it to him in the end, and let him know he’s gross. I just knew he was going to respond to that. What a scummy person.

  334. Jai says:

    LOL Suzie!

  335. SuzieQ*297329* says:

    Glad I could lighten up your day sweetnothings..what do you think, should I do it? Or just drop it? I have to admit I am having fun…didn’t realize I could be such a brat lol!

  336. sweetnothings says:

    and once again…HAHAHAHAH

  337. SuzieQ*297329* says:

    I think I’m going to tell him that I forgot to mention that I would be giving him a hefty allowance for allowing me to use him as a sex toy

  338. SuzieQ*297329* says:

    Here’s his reply:

    If it’s about sex, perfect, we can skip the foreplay 😉 send me an e-mail , cuz I’ll cut this account soon, I won’t have no way to contact you.

    Swooning over the grammar! He’s the one for me! lol!

  339. Jai says:

    Lol go for it Suzie

  340. Jai says:

    Afternoon all :)

    Sweetnothings-I’d be happy to do your nails lol I did mine this morning :)

    girlie-He is starting to like them :) I think it just seems “less than manly” to get pedis and manis. It can be relaxing though.

    OPOV-Getting in my DeLorean now. 😉

  341. SuzieQ*297329* says:

    Should I open it?

  342. SuzieQ*297329* says:

    Uh oh, look out. Incoming email from Explorer

  343. aj says:

    goodgirl~ what, no backbends;) J/K :) I feel you on this one. Being a good parent takes priority over demanding SD’s!

  344. goodgirl*313749 says:

    i can’t bend over backwards anymore… i don’t think…lmao!…nope, just tried…but i am still pretty bendy!lmfao!

  345. sweetredhead*269443* says:

    lol you go girl :) I am off for a bit. Have things that I need to get done. Talk with you later :)

  346. goodgirl*313749 says:

    you’re right- after i typed that, i relized how i feel… i’ll call him later. i’ve still got 1 and 2 to handle anyway lol! at least they’re easy! once or twice a month with one for only a few hours and… actually i’m not sure how often 2 wants to get together, but he is amazing, so whenever :) …yep. 3’s out… too many to keep track of anyhoo.. wow! i already feel better!

  347. sweetredhead*269443* says:

    I am sorry but your money does not make you my boss. I want easy and fun. Not demand me to do thing. Ask me and I will be HAPPY to bend over backwards for you, but TELL me and I will run.

  348. sweetredhead*269443* says:

    goodgirl if it is a hassle now it will only get worse. He sounds very demanding. The pot I was talking to was the same way, I met him several times and each time his demands and bullying got worse. Kicked his butt to the curb. I don’t want the drama. SD’s talk about drama. I get it from THEM! I even state in my profile no drama please lol.

  349. goodgirl*313749 says:

    ok- to get away from the poop subject (since i’ve had enough for the day lol)
    pot #3 just called. he’s thinking because i didn’t just jump and say that it was fab that he wants to come early that i’m not into him. i told him not to schedule until mon since i didn’t know if i could get a sitter, but thought it would be wonderful to meet him. then he said he didn’t think this would work. ugh! we haven’t even met yet and i’m getting frustrated! i always do what i say, and can’t commit to something until i know it’s possible!!! my daughter is 4, i can’t just leave her at home alone!
    starting to wonder if this one will even be worth the hassle it has already become…

  350. sweetredhead*269443* says:

    I am going to. And the next time he say I am unfair or mean lol I will show it to him lmao

  351. goodgirl*313749 says:

    you’re welcome nitemare :)
    sweetred- it’s lovely…you should frame it 😉

  352. sweetredhead*269443* says:

    I got the sweetest card from my 11yrs old for mothers day. He drew a very flatting picture of me and wrote me a poem.

    My mom is like a sweet summer breeze.
    My moms hands are like a soft cousin of love and compassion.
    My moms heart holds sweet love and care for her family and me.
    My mom ROCKS!

    Is that the best thing you ever read!! I think it is :)

  353. NitemareSD says:

    I have to admit it is fortunate the discussion has turned toward the subject of poop.

  354. sweetredhead*269443* says:

    goodgirl ewwwww. At least the boys did not poop on themselves lmao.

    I made a big brunch. I made omelets with peppers and onions, mushrooms and cheese. made some potatoes and bacon and home made bisects. Everyone enjoyed now I want to take a nap lol. But I can’t think I will try to get to bed early tonight (yea rite)

  355. goodgirl*313749 says:

    doing well sweetred. good morning and happy day to you!
    i thought about you this morning with all those boys and would’ve traded in a heartbeat. i woke up this morning at 7am to two 6mo old puppies together in a cage covered in sh**… i’ve had 2 showers today and haven’t gotten to wash my own hair yet! lol… on the plus side, with the crappy morning i’ve had, the day’s just GOT to get better!

  356. sweetredhead*269443* says:

    NitemareSD once again I am just going to shake my head and walk away…..no comment. My mother always told me If I have nothing nice to say, to say nothing. So I will take that advice now :)

    Brunch was wonderful, but I ate to much ohhh my tummy!!

    How is everyone’s day?

  357. goodgirl*313749 says:

    good morning opov :)

  358. goodgirl*313749 says:

    just figured out what the *numbers mean… can anyone explain how to use?

  359. O(ne) P(oint) O(f) V(iew) says:

    Afternoon and Happy Mother’s Day to all

    Jai, I’m around, kinda.

    Why don’t you ask your question in the McFly thread so it doesn’t get lost?

  360. OCSugarBaby says:

    Thanks Beach Girl! :)

    I love you Nitemare, but your past blog posts show you going out on several SB meet and greets in a single night. I think one night it was like three. Are they just one hit wonders, do you let them know that there was not chemistry on your part? I kinda cringed a bit when I read the posts. It was like Sugar speed dating. And I know you speak of finding a monogamous sugar relationship. I am happy that you have found two that you want to continue with. But why hold them to standards that you yourself will not keep? Your odds must have paid off, what was that like 10 sugar dates a week for three weeks? Were they just drinks or did you at least buy them dinner! lol

  361. goodgirl says:

    btw nitemare- if you and i are both blogging, who’s in lurk land?!? 😉

  362. Beach_Girl*306486 says:

    Happy Mothers day Goodgirl…
    I’m off for a bit, talk to you all later!

  363. goodgirl says:

    nitemare- have your cake and eat as much as you can handle LMAO!!

  364. goodgirl says:

    hi OC :)
    …i agree with her too!

  365. goodgirl says:

    hi everybody!!
    happy mothers day! called my mom this morning and she wished me a happy ‘MILF’ day!! she’s funny :) …thought i’d share that with you…
    suzieQ- love the repsonse! you are funny!
    girlie- my response would’ve prob been more like yours! lol
    nitemare- here’s my 2 cents: i know you’re not asking for exclusivity to you, but you should ask if they are… depending on how much you like them and want them to succeed, and grow and feel good and blah blah.. thats how you should determine your contribution. if she’s got 5 other sd’s and wearing gucci and such, i think reducing your contribution is just fine :)
    i myself am pretty new to this, so i am meeting with several pots to find the right ‘fit’ for me. (also a single mom trying to get back on my feet, so this is helping a ton.. btw my jeans are from walmart 😉 )

  366. NitemareSD says:

    I have no idea what she said except I get to have as many as I want, which is just awesome. :)

    They can do whatever they want on their off days…boyfriend, SD, strip, etal. Meanwhile the money I save on their allowances I’ll put toward a third.

  367. Beach_Girl*306486 says:

    OCSugarBaby~ very well put!

  368. OCSugarBaby says:

    Happy Mother’s Day to all the sugars with little ones!

    NitemareSD: I must have missed the exclusivity discussion. Discount? Are you kidding me? Two SB’s; that is wonderful, there are far too many SB’s with out SD’s. If you can afford two you should not have to discount! NSA=sugar dating. Monogamous is a word, which is kinda strange for Sugar dating. I think that if you find that perfect SB/SD relationship in all respects. You will feel satisfied with the whole thing and not feel like you need to seek another sugar. If the allowance is off the hook and you have chemistry with this person, finding another just does not seem as important. Are you asking for them not to have a boyfriend? Sounds like you are looking for the real world dating exclusivity talk and it may be difficult to have in the sugar world. Plus, one can tell you that they are exclusive, but do really know for sure?

  369. Beach_Girl*306486 says:

    Nitemare~ do you want them to be exclusive to you? or you don’t mind?

  370. NitemareSD says:

    Ok now I need some help here.

    Yesterday we had a big discussion about exclusivity. The concensus seemed to be the SB commands a premium for exclusivity.

    Now there is a chance I am going to get involved with two SBs at the same time. Thus I am not asking them for exclusivity and should I therefore expect to reduce their allowances? By how much?

    Our $ discussions have been monogomous to this point.

    If I asked each of them for exclusivity to me, I suppose I should offer an increase in return for my bigamy, right? How much.

    But I wouldn’t need that second part though because I’ll work it so I always have one of them meanwhile the other can act on other arrangements.

    What should I do beyond spelling it all out to both?

  371. aj says:

    That’s what I meant…It probably is.

  372. Beach_Girl*306486 says:

    girlie~ yes i know… but it sucks! :)
    aj~ no, it’s not my internet, maybe his!

  373. aj says:

    I meant BG…jeez…sorry !

  374. aj says:

    BC ~ that happened to me twice in the last two days…only it was my internet that was having issues…Don’t worry!

  375. girlie says:

    Onto the next, sweetie. If he returns in the meantime, all the better.

  376. Beach_Girl*306486 says:

    Hope so, we kinda hit it off… so i’m confused by it all!

  377. girlie says:

    :( I’m sure he will send an email off soon. Probably just internet issues.
    I’m great, thank you!

  378. Beach_Girl*306486 says:

    girlie~ i was,,,, but then his IM closed and i haven’t heard from him… not sure what it’s all about, hopefully he messages back! If not …. nothing i can do!
    how are you doing?

  379. girlie says:

    Enjoy your day SuzieQ.

    Jai…..you’re trying to turn your SD onto pedicures? That’s awesome. I find men just don’t want to admit they love it but really…..how could he not??

    BG….what’s this? You are chatting with someone new??

  380. SuzieQ*297329* says:

    OK, I’m off to get some things accomplished today! Who said day of rest? LOL! Have a good one everyone!

  381. NitemareSD says:

    Well I found last night exquisite and she didn’t seem too upset about it.

  382. SuzieQ*297329* says:

    I made breakfast for myself…at least that way I know I’ll eat it!

    My kids are not so great with mother’s day as they didn’t really have anyone around to guide them in proper etiquette when they were growing up.

    But last year my older son (he is so sweet) came up to me a few days after mothers day (he doesn’t like participating in specials days on the actual day, so as not to appear to be buying into the commercial aspect!) and said he noticed I was frustrated because my computer was running slow so he bought me some extra ram and would I like him to install it. I hugged him and cried, I was so happy that he was so thoughtful.

  383. sweetnothings says:

    Good morning Jai, wanna do my nails? My feet are dyed orange at the moment from the heels I was wearing last night.

  384. Beach_Girl*306486 says:

    SuzieQ~ ok, I should be on and off all day, made breakfast for my mom this morning! I’m so tired today went to bed at 3am…. :S

  385. Beach_Girl*306486 says:

    Jai~ i hope so too! I’ll let you know, have a great day!

  386. SuzieQ*297329* says:

    Hey Jai, welcome to the explorer club. Do let us know how you respond!

    GOod morning Beach…will be sending you mail later today 😉

  387. Jai says:

    That’s weird Beach. Guess his inet went down and hasn’t been back up. If it was going well, I hope you hear from him soon :)

  388. Jai says:

    I’m off to watch a Sunday movie and touch up my own mani. :) I’ll check back in later.

    Happy Mom’s Day again to all the Moms and Moms to be who missed my previous post 😛 Hope you enjoy the one day of “rest” you get a year..well, it’s only one day, but within that, there are 24 hours. That makes it better right? 😀

  389. Beach_Girl*306486 says:

    Jai~ well i’m not sure,,,, we were talking then his IM just closed on me! and nothing since,,, so i have no clue!
    Glad Mr.SD liked the massage, i’m sure he enjoyed the pedi as well, it’s so fun!

  390. Jai says:

    Morning sugar fam! :) I just received my initiation email from Explorer. I feel so close to all of you now LOL

    OPOV-Sorry I missed you. I was exhausted and went to bed right after the movie was over. Shout me out when you are back on and I’ll ask :)

    Beach-I think he is coming around to the pedicures. His toes looked awesome lol and I know he enjoys the long massage at the end. Congrats on the mail! How’s that going so far? :)

  391. Beach_Girl*306486 says:

    Happy Mothers day Sugars!
    SuzieQ~ LMAO that is too funny, you have to keep me posted on that one! So funny that you did that!
    Girlie~ hope the breakfast will be somewhat good, if not , drink lots of coffee! lol

  392. sweetnothings says:

    As soon as you let us know that the woman who is using you for a hot meal…again…is actually infatuated with you.

  393. girlie says:

    Ah, yes. SOunds like a typical Mothers Day breakfast. If they had cooked bacon I would have been thrilled: Bacon fixes all mistakes. Ha :)

  394. SuzieQ*297329* says:

    LMAO Girlie! Now why didn’t I think of that? I should have run the rough draft by the blog first and cooked up a real doozy of a reply.

  395. SuzieQ*297329* says:

    Good morning Girle, happy mom’s day! I remember my dad telling us stories of how we would cook him breakfast for father’s day (he was a single dad so no mom to help in the kitchen!). Apparently the eggs got fried fist and were left to turn cold and rubbery while we made toast. Then while that went cold we fried up the bacon. And finally, coffee and juice. He said he drank the juice and the hot coffee, flushed the rest down the toilet when we’d left the room, and went out for breakfast later! LOL!

  396. girlie says:

    Better yet: you pay him an allowance to have as much as he wants. Only when he feels objectified have you had enough.

  397. SuzieQ*297329* says:

    I should have told him I didn’t need an allowance either, the sex was all I was after.

  398. girlie says:

    Good morning everyone. Happy Mothers Day to the moms! I am trying to get myself out of bed to go eat the breakfast my little ones have made. I suspect it might be inedible :)

    SuzieQ, you have to keep us posted on this…..I hope he responds…and I am pretty sure I have seen his profile elsewhere but I can’t put my finger on it.
    When he emailed me I responded along the lines of: “the girl you are looking for: I’m not here. You’d find me a giant pain in the ass based on your criteria” :)

  399. SuzieQ*297329* says:

    Hot sex once or twice a day is not clear enough? LOL!

  400. NitemareSD says:

    So when are we getting the big write up on all the things that were clearly and unambiguously offered to the SD in the arrangement so he doesn’t have to obsess about when he’s getting laid to the exclusion of all else fun and enjoyable?

  401. NitemareSD says:

    Hi. My trip two weeks from now was just cancelled at the last minute. That leaves me with a few open dates where I have no one scheduled to have sex with.

    I therefore accept you offer.

  402. sweetnothings says:

    Good morning SuzieQ, I honestly wouldn’t be surprised if he answered you haha

  403. SuzieQ*297329* says:

    Good morning Sweet! Well hopefully it will end there. But I’ll let you know if I get a response!

  404. sweetnothings says:


    Nice one.

  405. SuzieQ*297329* says:

    Ha, I knew it was you Nitemare! You’re busted!

  406. NitemareSD says:

    What is your phone number?

  407. SuzieQ*297329* says:

    Good morning everyone, and Happy Mothers’ Day to all the moms out in Sugarland.

    I am a BAD girl! Regarding the conversation last night about Explorer…oh I must be in devilish mood today. Here is his email and the reply I sent him:


    Please read my profile to see if this might interest you.
    I will be in you area in about 2 weeks and would like to meet you.
    Longer term I am looking to see a SB once or twice a month. I prefer to meet at exotic locations so my preference would be to fly you out once a month.

    I have no picture on my profile as I have to be a bit discreet but if you’re interested I gladly email you some pictures of myself so..

    First step, Let me know your e-mail, I’ll send you my pics to get your approval. No Games.

    All the best.


    Unfortunately I won’t be around in two weeks as I’ll actually be in your area then.

    My longer term plans are to see a SD once or twice a day for hot sex only. I don’t really care where we meet since it’s only about the sex, so I’m afraid exotic locations would be wasted on me. Besides, once or twice a month just won’t do it for me as I am insatiable.

    Sounds like there’s really no point in you sending me photos since we’re just not on the same page. But good luck with your email collection!


    Bad, bad, bad me!

  408. sweetredhead*269443* says:

    Good morning everyone. Happy mothers day to all the mothers.

    Hope everyone has a wonderful day.

  409. lisa says:

    Good morning everyone and yes I have been contacted twice in the past by the guy that will be here in two weeks and wants to meet in exotic locations. lol probably mcdonalds and burgerking, lol

    Gotta be getting ready for work. Today sucks for me, work all day and miss out on spending time with mom and daughter, first time this has happened. And my sd has been MIA since friday morning.

    Have a good mother’s day mothers. Be back after 6.

  410. aj says:

    good morning everyone!
    i was just reading throught the posts and i also got the same message from mr. “no games” …

    LOL…too funny :)

  411. sweetredhead*269443* says:

    night OPOV sweet dreams

  412. Beach_Girl*306486 says:

    nite OPOV

  413. O(ne) P(oint) O(f) V(iew) says:

    Ok. Was waiting for Jai but it looks like she retired, and so shall I. Good Night.

  414. Beach_Girl*306486 says:

    Sweetred~ one guy has Brad Pitt as his photo

  415. O(ne) P(oint) O(f) V(iew) says:

    yeah. wish I could give you the numbers, but that will probably cause this ip addy to get blocked too.

  416. sweetredhead*269443* says:

    Why would people do that? You do have to meet sometime. I wonder if men do that too? The internet is a crazy place, you can be anyone or anything you want to be :(

  417. Beach_Girl*306486 says:

    Sweetred~ tell her to F-off! lmao
    OPOV ~ on SA?

  418. O(ne) P(oint) O(f) V(iew) says:

    no. same pics, same site, different profiles

  419. sweetredhead*269443* says:

    some crazy chic lmao

  420. sweetredhead*269443* says:

    opov some people are on different sites too. could that be the pictures you see? I know I am on another site and use the same pictures. I just hardly go to the other sites lmao.

  421. Beach_Girl*306486 says:

    i wonder who that is?

  422. sweetredhead*269443* says:

    loud lol. their parents came to pick them up about 10pm and stayed for while talking lol.

    And here I am still up cause SOMEONE (ahem) is keeping me up lol

  423. Beach_Girl*306486 says:

    hi Sweetred how was the babysitting gig?

  424. sweetredhead*269443* says:

    Hi sugars, you people are a bunch of night owls lmao

  425. O(ne) P(oint) O(f) V(iew) says:

    Yes Jai

  426. Beach_Girl*306486 says:

    Jai~ did he enjoy it? the pedi?

  427. Beach_Girl*306486 says:

    wooo Jai, i got mail!!!! Talking to a pot!

  428. Jai says:

    There are actually still sugars on? Lol

    The pedi came out wonderful! 😛 You ready for that question yet OPOV?

  429. Beach_Girl*306486 says:

    OPOV~sorry , i’m just really curious!

  430. Beach_Girl*306486 says:

    Not fair , just wanted to see!

  431. Beach_Girl*306486 says:

    Fine OPOV , i know i’m too far, too tall, too fat, and not cute enough

  432. O(ne) P(oint) O(f) V(iew) says:

    I tend to keep that private. :)

  433. Beach_Girl*306486 says:

    So where can we see this photo of you??? OPOv

  434. Beach_Girl*306486 says:

    OPOV~ Am I too far, too tall, and not cute enough ???? :(

  435. O(ne) P(oint) O(f) V(iew) says:

    And I even have a house by the lake too!

  436. Beach_Girl*306486 says:

    OPOV ~ really Clooney, when is are date?

  437. SuzieQ*297329* says:

    Wow, I was just bitten by the sleepy bug. Off to bed for me. Night night all!

  438. DC says:

    Suzie- I would let that one go. I am sorry now I sent him my e-mail address. Does nothing for my ego if they send the same exact e-mail to 50 women.

    OPOV- funny you mention that- not sure what is up with that but at another site I noticed a guy using a picture of my friend from the torso down and then blurred out the face. I called him on it and he took his profile down the next day. Consider yourself lucky that you spotted it before you met them

  439. O(ne) P(oint) O(f) V(iew) says:

    What do you mean? That picture in my profile with the guy who looks like Clooney is REALLY me!


  440. SuzieQ*297329* says:

    OPOV – that’s weird too. I don’t see why anyone would think they’d get away with that, unless they don’t have any intention of meeting you. Maybe they think you’ll lose your brains over their beauty and will just wire them whatever they ask for!

  441. Beach_Girl*306486 says:

    OPOV~ are you serious? No , I would never use someone else photo,,,
    Knowing me. as i don’t lie for a reason I ALWAYS GET CAUGHT, i would get caught!
    And why would someone do that? I know one guy has the photo of Brad Pitt, lmao , like we wouldn’t notice that!!!

  442. SuzieQ*297329* says:

    Yes it does make me wonder what his game is…he’s a paying member, so does he just get his kicks sending emails and then collecting responses? Weird

  443. Beach_Girl*306486 says:

    SuzieQ~ woooooo i hope it work out~

  444. O(ne) P(oint) O(f) V(iew) says:

    Speaking of fakes…

    Hey lady sugars, I got a question for you: you ever get “confronted” by a sd who “accuses” you of stealing other pics? Or ever felt the urge to use someone’s picture from the other side of the country/world?

    I know it’s hard for you to check the baby side of things to check out the competition, but I am seeing more and more profiles with the same picture as someone else. Are people really that stupid that they don’t think we would notice?

  445. Beach_Girl*306486 says:

    SuzieQ~ never mind just reread the blog i missed a few posts lol

  446. SuzieQ*297329* says:

    LOL! Beach – the guy I’m talking to

  447. Beach_Girl*306486 says:

    What? the # i just sent you? or the guy you are talking too?

  448. Beach_Girl*306486 says:

    DC~ i don’t know, but it seems a lot play games!
    I got one guy who said again tonight i was too far, but beautiful, it’s was nice!

  449. DC says:

    Hey suzie- what a difference a day makes eh? Glad to hear it’s raining men~

  450. SuzieQ*297329* says:

    Thanks Beach. He is smart, funny, and good looking too. And if he’s reading this I am blushing!

  451. DC says:

    I e-mailed him as well about a week ago and gave him my e-mail address to send his picture and he never wrote back. Not sure what his game is

  452. Beach_Girl*306486 says:

    I hope it works out for you SuzieQ~

  453. Beach_Girl*306486 says:

    SuzieQ~ sent you a mail with his profile #
    if it’s the same guy,,,

  454. SuzieQ*297329* says:

    Ok, thanks girls. I will send him a polite decline through the site and keep my email private.

    All of a sudden it’s pouring down sugar on me! So when I got yet another email I said Oh No, not another one?! How am I going to keep up?! So I’m not too disappointed to let this one go.

    Why do they all seem to appear at once? :)

    There is one that I really really like a lot, we are trying to arrange a meeting soon, I hope it goes as well as I think it will!

  455. Beach_Girl*306486 says:

    DC~ he told me i was what he was looking for …. and i mailed him, got nothing back

  456. Beach_Girl*306486 says:

    it’s up to you if you want to mail him back, i would try and it and see if he does the same thing to you lol

  457. DC says:

    p.s. he sure gets around LOL

  458. DC says:

    Hi SuzieQ-

    I posted about that guy. His name is Explorer and he has e-mailed 2 of my friends here as well.Same e-mail. He said to a friend “Hey babe, send me your e-mail address”. He sounds like a sleeze to me. He tells everyone he will be in their area in 2 weeks

  459. Beach_Girl*306486 says:

    SuzieQ~ no, he just mailed once and the i mailed back and nothing~

  460. SuzieQ*297329* says:

    I’m a bit leery of someone who seems to be in a hurry to get my email addy

  461. Beach_Girl*306486 says:

    goodgirl~ how about something a little stronger, my ego needs a boost lol
    and i look freakin hot after a few stiff drinks lol

  462. SuzieQ*297329* says:

    BG – did you talk at all? Just wondering if I should respond or ignore?

  463. Beach_Girl*306486 says:

    yeah totally fake, never mailed back,,,, nothing
    just one mail and the poof

  464. goodgirl says:

    ah ha…well, have a little wine then 😉 i am!

  465. Beach_Girl*306486 says:

    SuzieQ~ i think he just mailed girls , not sure if he said he would be in the area though, i know he mailed me saying i was his type of girl!!! i should have known better lol

  466. SuzieQ*297329* says:

    Hi Goodgirl!

    BG, yes that’s the guy. He’s a fake?

  467. SuzieQ*297329* says:

    I can’t remember whether several sb’s got the same message or whether I’m mistaken.

    I just got an email, no pic, from a sd saying he will be in my area (doesn’t specify where that is) in about 2 weeks and wants to meet. His budget is 3-5 and he says he would fly me out to an exotic location once a month. Asks for my email to send a photo. Signs off, “no games.” Hmmm, I just have a funny feeling about it.

  468. Beach_Girl*306486 says:

    SuzieQ~ yes thanks for the hug! and yes i remember the guy from TO explorer his name was
    i got the same mail
    goodgirl nails all done

  469. goodgirl says:

    hi suzieq :)

  470. SuzieQ*297329* says:

    Hey does anyone remember a few blog topics ago about a sd who was emailing that he would be in your area in 2 weeks and wanted to meet?

  471. goodgirl says:

    beach girl- give yourself a pedi and breath… it’s gonna be ok :)

  472. goodgirl says:

    i’m glad your dinner went well jai :) and that your sd has pretty toenails lol!

  473. SuzieQ*297329* says:

    Hi girls!

    Glad your dinner turned out good Jai.

    Beach Girl, you need a sugar hug!

  474. Beach_Girl*306486 says:

    I hope so Jai

  475. goodgirl says:

    hello again :) got a text from pot 3… the out of state one… he told me earlier to go to western union for a “suprise”…got $200!!! yeah!!!! but then texts to see if he can come meet me 2 weeks early. i told him that would be wonderful, but not to book it until i find out if i can get a sitter for that day. then he texted that this may not work out. WTF?!? i am a single mom of a 4yr old… can’t leave her alone… the only 2 people in the world that i can send her to for an evening date are my mom (who’s out of town until mon) and her dependably undependable father who starts a new job on mon and doesn’t know which shift he has yet…
    oh well… more fish in this sea besides thye hot and cold ones!

  476. Jai says:

    Just keep at it BG. Everyone has a preference and it’s better they tell you upfront rather than leading you on. :) It’ll get better though.

  477. Beach_Girl*306486 says:

    well i did for a long a while and got nothing, just started again,
    it hurts my ego! maybe its too inflated or something

  478. Jai says:

    Aw, don’t give up Beach :) It’s raining SDs. You’ll get one soon. It’ll be right when you stop looking lol that’s how it always happens.

  479. Beach_Girl*306486 says:

    or not pretty enough… what the fuck…. i thought i was kinda very cute

  480. Beach_Girl*306486 says:

    just mailed a few SDs again, i’m too far , too tall, blah blah balh

  481. Jai says:

    I’m good Beach :)

    Why blah?

  482. Jai says:

    Well, I’m off to give my SD a pedicure. Don’t laugh 😛 It took me two weeks to get him to agree to the first one. This is his second..

    Night all. I’m sure no one will be on when I finish lol


  483. Beach_Girl*306486 says:

    I’m kinda blah Jai , how are you?

  484. Jai says:

    Hi Beach :) How are you?

  485. Beach_Girl*306486 says:

    Hi Jai

  486. Jai says:

    Evening all :) Dinner came out excellent.

    Is anyone around lol

  487. Beach_Girl*306486 says:

    OPOV~ what distracted you from your date? When i’m on a date i try and keep the person interesting in me and nothing else!

  488. O(ne) P(oint) O(f) V(iew) says:

    What I mean is that the date itself was so-so. The lady was very attractive, but I was kinda distracted.

  489. O(ne) P(oint) O(f) V(iew) says:

    Fla was hot and the date not as much.

  490. Beach_Girl*306486 says:

    Hey goodgirl!

  491. goodgirl says:

    hi beachgirl and opov :)
    i just got back…did i miss all the fun?

  492. Beach_Girl*306486 says:

    Hey OPOV ~ how was your trip?
    and the date?

  493. O(ne) P(oint) O(f) V(iew) says:

    I’m still around. Just in lurker mode.

    Hey Nitemare, I think I may have been contacted by that same tall lady a while ago. She asked me am I intimidated by tall women. I said no, that it was usually the tall women who look down on me. Funny, I never heard from her again.

  494. Beach_Girl*306486 says:

    Hello Sugars!
    anyone left?

  495. DC says:

    How awful Lisa, you are really between a rock and a hard place. I will keep my fingers crossed for you.

    SR- I can get used to almost anything but heat. I love to be outdoors too much.

    Okay, dinner time. Have a great night everyone!

  496. lisa says:

    I’m going to turn in now. Have a good night everyone.

  497. lisa says:

    I have to go to bed soon so I can get up early to work tomorrow. First mother’s day I will not see my mom or daughter. It really sucks to spend the day dragging freight around instead of relaxing with my family. Also sucks that the ones that are not mothers got tomorrow off.

  498. lisa says:

    The humidity is horrible and I have to wait at busstops and half of them are just signs on the side of the street (no shelter) in the hot sun. I have passed out a couple times from heat exhaustion.

  499. lisa says:

    Hi DC well if I reported them, the city might shut them down. If that happened, they put a note on your door giving you 48 hours to move and I have no where to move and couldn’t get an apartment, pay deposit, moving expenses in 48 hours. A few months ago a bunch of people reported their apartment complex and the city shut it down and they found themselves with no place to go and all there belongings locked up in the apartments that they couldn’t get till the legal proceedings went through. It always backfires. I had a horrible time moving here, dragging all my stuff in a taxi, several times back and forth so I don’t want to go through that again. Had to leave almost everything I owned behind and my parents sold it all.

  500. sweetredhead*269443* says:

    Check in later, it’s finally quiet here, kids gone and mine gone to bed. I am going to take advantage of the quiet ahhhhhhhhhhhhhh.

  501. sweetredhead*269443* says:

    DC I thought that too. the first year I was here I thought I was going to die from the heat. You get used to it. Now I can’t handle it when it gets to 70 I am cold lol.

  502. DC says:

    Just popping in to say hi, waiting for a friend to come over.

    Anyone want to contribute to a fund to buy Lisa a new air conditioner, you poor thing! Remember, squeaky wheels gets things done. Can’t she threaten them legally? They are supposed to provide appliances in working condition etc etc.

    Hey AJ! You are back! Like I said I was reading about your adventures last night. Glad to hear things are working out for you.

    Jai, I wish we could clone your SD.

    Angela, that’s a good one.

    OPOV- want to buy my mom’s condo? I think they paid 50K for it 20 years ago and it’s now worth…drumroll please…..about 35K! I don;t know how anyone can live in Florida (sorry Sweetred). I would not be able to stand the humidity and heat. I’d last 1 day.

  503. lisa says:

    I’m going to watch my favorite british shows on the public tv channel. Have a good night everyone. I might check in later.

    Good night everyone. Happy mother’s day to all the mothers out there

  504. lisa says:

    I love lizzards. Found a tiny baby one in my bed one morning. It was dead so I guess I layed on it or something

  505. sweetredhead*269443* says:

    I am going to go for awhile also. The boys are done in the pool and back in the house playing video games. So I am going to go hide out in my bedroom lol.

  506. sweetredhead*269443* says:

    I HATE lizards!! I have to keep all the windows up in my car in the summer because they will get in my car. I had one in there once NEVER again. I FREAKED lmao.

  507. Jai says:

    Awesome AJ :)

    Ok sugar fam, I’m off to cook and listen to my SD regale me with stories about the movie, Mutiny on the Bounty. Sometimes I feel like I’m drowning in his wealth of knowledge lol Like I don’t know anything :) But I’m certainly learning.

    I’ll check back later, but you’ll all probably be gone 😛 If so, night night.

  508. lisa says:

    the simple pleasures of Yves Saint Laurent cosmetics, godiva chocolates, Juicy coulture perfume, gormet coffee, etc etc etc

  509. aj says:

    Jai ~ no worries there…. I know about the simple pleasures in life as well :)

  510. lisa says:

    frogs, who’s afraid of frogs? I used to have them on my patio when I lived with my family. Used to have my patio door open sometimes and I guess one hopped in cause I got up one night to go to the bathroom and stepped on something cold that moved under my foot. It was a frog in my bathroom. I have lizards in my apartment, albino ones. If i turn my kitchen light on for something in the middle of the night, I see them running by, thought it was a mouse, but it’s lizzards

  511. Jai says:

    I know sweetred lol I was be funny..trying and failing apparently lol

    AJ-Nothing wrong with raising your standards a bit. Long as it’s not purely material based :)

    Lisa’s already gone. She’s lost and loving sugar land.

  512. aj says:

    I know Lisa!
    I’ll take Krug over coffee, thank you :)

  513. sweetredhead*269443* says:

    Lisa I can always call my old SD he is a Doctor (obgyn) We are still friends :) I am sure he hass a white coat for me lol.

    Besides I work for Doctors lol

  514. sweetredhead*269443* says:

    They got the frog out of the pool and then put it back in to chase it again. BOYS!!!

  515. lisa says:

    normal dates, yuck! coffee dates? no thank you

  516. aj says:

    I’m not sure!!!!! Actually I’m kind of concerned about that…
    For real!

  517. sweetredhead*269443* says:

    I told you that Jai lol.

  518. lisa says:

    Sweetredhead needs the men in white coats to take her away, lol sugardaddy doctors that is, lol

    I need to see my lover this week but my apartments too hot for any fun

  519. Jai says:

    Lol will you be able to date normally again after all the sugar AJ?

  520. Jai says:

    They’re coming sweetred. And earlier today, someone told me they all live in FL so you’re in the right place 😛

  521. aj says:

    Ha! No…no date for me! I need to save myself for my pots the next few weeks :)

    Plus, after some of my wonderful sugar dates, normal dates seem kind of …uh…

  522. Jai says:

    Lol sweetred! Priceless.

  523. sweetredhead*269443* says:

    I don’t need calgon to take me away I need and Sd lol

  524. Jai says:

    😀 The life and simple joys of a ‘kept’ woman lol

    AJ-I was wondering what happened to you. I thought maybe you went on that date after all.

    Sweetred-Only when it’s tasty lol

  525. sweetredhead*269443* says:

    ughhh now my floors are wet! why can’t they be normal boys and pee in the pool??? lmao. O MY a frog jumped in the pool they are going crazy out there it’s too funny!!!

  526. sweetredhead*269443* says:

    [email protected] that’s to cute that you are excited about cooking. I am sure your Sd appreciates you cooking for him :)

  527. aj says:

    Jai ~ you are cracking me up w/ your cooking notes! lol

  528. sweetredhead*269443* says:

    When my daughter lives at home she always had her friends here. But girls are a lot more quiet lol

  529. sweetredhead*269443* says:

    When everyone is asleep lol. It’s not that bad lol. The boys are old enough to take care of themselves most of the time. They are off doing their own things. It’s just on the weekends they are all here all the time. But I don’t mind to much, I know where they are. I am just tired tonight. Getting used to working again. They always have friends over here. I am the the “kewl Mom” lol

  530. Jai says:

    Well, one of us will call or you can call us. A ride? I don’t know about that one.

  531. Jai says:

    9 more minutes and I can peel potatoes, clean some crab, and season some steak! Whoo! I love cooking lol I really shouldn’t be this excited

  532. lisa says:

    I only have one person I can tell and she is the one that thinks i’m terrible for doing this. She prefers to pick up losers at cheap bars. She’s the one with the boyfriend that has a baby by another woman, if you remember me telling about it.
    She works in the evenings so she wouldn’t be able to pick me up if I needed either. She works in retail too so she can’t have her cell phone on her during work hours. I always talk to her after 9 pm.

  533. sweetredhead*269443* says:

    I always have a friend call me and check on me, you should lisa. I know you can’t tell your friends about this. I don’t either I have one of the girls here on the blog call me :) You can too.

  534. Jai says:

    Poor sweetred lol AND you’re cooking a big meal tomorrow. When do you rest?

  535. Jai says:

    You should let a friend know you’re going on a day trip. Someone you can trust and take your cell phone. I’m sure one of us would be happy to give you a few check in calls to make sure you’re ok and so it’s not obvious you’re making phone calls etc. :) It’s good you’re cautious. You should be.

  536. sweetredhead*269443* says:

    then turn it on. ughh I can’t think with all the noise around here

  537. sweetredhead*269443* says:

    Well you said you have to be home for them to fix it right? well shut it off till they come. then turn it off, they won’t know.

  538. lisa says:

    I have to keep it running so that if they come in to fix it they can see it isn’t working. If I shut it off (like i’ve done in the past) they will tell me to turn it on and let it run 24 hours and they will be back to check it, and then they never return.

  539. lisa says:

    I just feel kinda uncomfortable being so far from home with someone who is still kinda a stranger. He lives about 35 miles from me and there is no bus service and since it’s a small town outside of HOuton, I dont’ think there is even taxi service so I will be trapped in case he turns out to be weird or if I feel uncomfortable I won’t be able to leave on my own.

  540. sweetredhead*269443* says:

    If it’s not working anyway shut it off. Why pay for the bill

  541. lisa says:

    I have lived in 6 different apartment complexes since I’ve lived in Houston and they are all the same, if you don’t make good money, you live with the lowlifes. If the landlord tries to make things better, the tenants destroy it. I just stay inside all time, and I need my ac to be working. It runs 24 hours so my bill will be really high even though it isn’t cooling. that sucks.

  542. sweetredhead*269443* says:

    Lisa Nothing wrong with a bathing suit. I bet you look lovely in it :)

  543. Jai says:

    So close sweetred, keep holding on lol be strong 😛

  544. Jai says:

    Aw Lisa, you’ll be fine. An air conditioned house and cool pool will be a nice break for you. :) Enjoy it and work the unikini girl! :)

  545. sweetredhead*269443* says:

    Just made the boys ice cream cones and myself coffee. Ok I am done for the night lol. Yeah I wish!

  546. lisa says:

    Jai I hope he does but being that a sd is always a temporary thing I would never want to get into anything that I couldn’t afford to maintain like paying higher rent. I prefer to buy stuff that I can’t lose when the relationship ends. Anyway he has been MIA today. I just sent him an email to let him know I’m off on tuesday. He wants to pick me up and go to his house and the pool. I am nervous as I have never been in a swimsuit. Mom said swimming was the devils work. I put one on when I was about 6 to go swimming with a friend and when she caught me , she got a switch from the tree and beat me raw. I bought one of those unikini things yesterday. A one piece suit that goes in in the middle but hids the stomach. I dread being seen in it.

  547. Jai says:

    Lisa, I hate to say this, but it sounds as though your apt complex really sucks. It sounds absolutely terrible.

  548. Jai says:

    Super happy for you sweetred! That sounds great :)

  549. lisa says:

    I don’t have cable. The garbage is only picked up once a week here. We have 4 dumpsters for 350 apartments so most of the time I have to sit my trash on the side of the parking lot cause the dumpsters are overflowing.

  550. sweetredhead*269443* says:

    My water bill probably runs high because I have the pool and have to fill it because I swear the boys dump half of it out every time they use it lol

  551. Jai says:

    Wow Lisa, I hope your SD helps to lighten that load for you a bit.

    And goodgirl 😉 I’m glad you’re already getting help

  552. sweetredhead*269443* says:

    I also get full paid medical and a 401k they pay 3%. But that’s really not normal here in Florida I was lucky to get this job

  553. lisa says:

    well I live by myself, no washer, no dish washer, I don’t use or wash dishes, 2 showers a day, no overnite guest, etc I have asked people that have houses and families and their water bill is about 45 so mine shouldn’t be 40 but the bill for the apartment complex is 15k a month. Plumbing is new to many of the tenants here and they don’t know how to use it properly, turn off faucets, etc.

  554. lisa says:

    I make 200 a week after tax, ss, union dues, etc. I don’t have insurance, can’t afford that. I usually only work 30-32 hours but am working 39 this coming week.

  555. goodgirl says:

    i’m in kansas city suburbs. too high for me bc i don’t make enough money. would probably be evicted if it wasn’t for my super sweet sd’s!!! i started a new job a month ago and still haven’t gotten a paycheck. it’s actually about the normal amout for rent around here.

  556. sweetredhead*269443* says:

    I wish my water was $40 a month. mine runs $75 and my electric is $250. Then garbage is $80 every 3 months. Cable is $151. My cell phones cost me $100 a month. Then there is school lunches which runs me with the 2 boys $20 a week. You don’t want to know what my food bill is lmao.

  557. Jai says:

    Lisa-You only take home 400 every two weeks? Do you have insurance etc?

  558. goodgirl says:

    if the legal stuff doesn’t work, you can always try out the coconuts!!

  559. sweetredhead*269443* says:

    800 a month?

  560. lisa says:

    I pay 480 for 1 bedroom but have to pay 40 dollars for water per month because they charge everyone the same. The family of 8 downstairs pays 40, single me pays 40, not fair.

    It’s just weird to steal a coconut. The meat guy told me that people come in and take a big tray of the 90 dollar shrimp into the men’s room and empty it into their bag and leave the empty tray.

  561. Jai says:

    Where do you live goodgirl? That doesn’t seem high at all lol I was paying 680 for a 2br/1b, fire place, washer and dryer etc in AZ. My cousin pays 1100 a month for a 1br/1b apartment in CA.

  562. sweetredhead*269443* says:

    I have a garage too and a large fenced in yard for my dog. It’s in a really good neighborhood with the best schools in the area. I have to because of the boys, I don’t want them in the bad area or in those schools.

  563. lisa says:

    edit, after taxes, fees, etc that is

  564. lisa says:

    It makes no sense when you think that the biggest expense is rent so why would anyone need 3 times as much? FUnny thing is that a two bedroom rents for about 1300 so you would only have to make 3900 but you could have a family of 4 in it. Why can a family of 4 live on 3900 but a single person needs 3000? Makes no sense. I lied to get into this place, but of course here they didn’t even check and I had a call for approval a couple hours after I filled out the aplication. I am supposed to make 1500 a month to live here. I make about 800 before taxes. lol

  565. sweetredhead*269443* says:

    oops 3 bedroom not 2

  566. Jai says:

    Lol maybe they wanted a pina colata Lisa

  567. goodgirl says:

    my rent is too high. 725 ugh… but it’s a 3 brm 1.5ba with garage and fireplace and stuff… been here 2.5 yrs. maybe i can keep it up

  568. Jai says:

    Yeesh. Hmm. Well then, I would go at them from a legal stand point. If things are as bad as you say, they can’t be up to code. Petition the office for working and/or newer appliances. Brush up on your landlord/tenant laws. If they refuse to accommodate you, take the necessary steps to remain in your current residence, but comfortably.

  569. sweetredhead*269443* says:

    it’s after 8 here

  570. goodgirl says:

    lmao..coconut bra! ha! you’d need a grass skirt too!..do the hula!

  571. sweetredhead*269443* says:

    I guess my rent is where it should be then . I make over 3x’s the amount of my rent. But I pay $1,000 for a 2 bed 2 bath house with a pool. But I am lucky a friend owns it so I got a lower rent.

  572. goodgirl says:

    wow lisa! i’d never be able to move to houston..

  573. lisa says:

    odd thing at work today. Found a coconut shell. Someone stole the coconut insides and threw the split shell behind the diaper display. I should have made a coconut bra. lol How and why would anyone steal the inside of a coconut?

  574. goodgirl says:

    nope not 10 yet… but it’s 5 o’clock somewhere!! 😉

  575. lisa says:

    I can’t move. Most of the apartments in this area are the same. There are 3 nice ones but they are too expensive. I have to be near work because of the bus. There is a beautiful new apartment building 7 blocks from me but the rent starts at 1000 a month for one bedroom and in HOuston you have to make 3 times the rent in monthly income which means I’d have to make at least 3k which I don’t come close too. Plus I have really bad credit, 7 credit cards in collection for the past 2 years, I’m never getting out of this place, without I get evicted or run out of rent money.

  576. Jai says:

    I’m waiting for 6pm to roll around so I can start dinner. I nearly ate a whole can of pineapples. I’m so hungry lol

  577. sweetredhead*269443* says:

    oops loud

  578. sweetredhead*269443* says:

    Is it 10pm yet??? I really have to learn to say no to my friends lmao. While they are have a nice quiet dinner I am sitting here listening to boys being really load. Can they not just talk to each other and play NOOOO they have to yell!!

  579. Jai says:

    I suggest a new apartment Lisa. Affordable and livable.

  580. lisa says:

    I took a shower, cooled for a few minutes but hot again. I need my apartment to be comfortable so I can live and function normally

  581. lisa says:

    My freezer doesn’t get very cold either, nothing ever freezes. fridge is about 30 years old too. Remember harvest gold appliances?
    I can’t get anything done sitting in front of this stupid fan all the time.

  582. sweetredhead*269443* says:

    Take a cold shower and sit in front of the fan still wet!

  583. goodgirl says:

    open the freezer and get out the spray bottle :) *mist, mist*

  584. lisa says:

    I have a little fan (that’s all I could carry on the bus, you can’t bring large boxes on the buses) but I live upstairs, my windows open on the porch which means I have them nailed shut for safety, facing the hot west. I would love to see it a normal 80 in here. My ac never cools below that. The fan is blowing on me in the kitchen, more like blowing everything all over the place, but now i’m using my oven to cook dinner so its’ hotter now.

  585. goodgirl says:

    lisa- don’t you have a fan? my house got to 77 and i thought we were gonna sweat to death… you need a fan.

  586. Jai says:

    Lol goodgirl. They make things even sweeter. :)

  587. goodgirl says:

    Hello again everybody :)
    Jai- i’m with sweetred and lisa… small allowance, dinners, extra cash for help… gifts??? don’t know anything about gifts. ha! but, i’d love to get some!

  588. Jai says:

    36 years Lisa?

  589. lisa says:

    Percy is not looking too good :( he’s just sitting in the corner breathing with his mouth open. He didn’t want to come out to fly either. He spent the whole day in 100 degrees. This heat is just horrible, I don’t remember it being this hot this early before, but then again my ac was working then. It never works right though, never cools below 80 degrees even when it’s working,it needs to be replaced after 36 years

  590. sweetredhead*269443* says:

    I have gotten a few responses thanking me and one who asked if I would have dinner with him when he is in Tampa. So hopefully they will start to join in on the blog.

  591. Jai says:

    What’s Percy doing Lisa?

    And you’re right sweetred :) That’s cool you took it upon yourself to reach out to some SDs

  592. aj says:

    Jai – I like the allowance…that way I can plan accordingly. BUT also like sweetred, I like surprises!

  593. Jai says:

    Cool :) I was thinking about everything my SD has done for me. He has put cash in my hands, but the things he’s DONE for me far outweigh that lol

    I was wondering because I know some SBs prefer the SD to be as minimally involved as possible and with an upfront allowance, it is easier to achieve that.

  594. sweetredhead*269443* says:

    Jai, always room for a few more :) It’s great having all the prospective and differences of opinions. We need more Sd’d on here. That is why I emailed a bunch and told them to come to the blog.

  595. lisa says:

    I like a moderate allowance, gifts, flowers, dinners, etc. I want it all.

    Starting to sweat already. This is ridicoulous.

  596. sweetredhead*269443* says:

    Now lisa smells like sugar candy lmao

  597. sweetredhead*269443* says:

    I think a smaller allowance and gifts. I like surprises :)

  598. Jai says:

    It may have aj. It happens sometimes.

    I wonder the same thing sweetred. It was hard for me to jump in before I did. it seemed like such a close knit group and everything was moving so fast lol

  599. aj says:

    I thought about that too…
    Have to be oh so careful about what we post!

  600. lisa says:

    Hi Nitemare, the shower’s free now. Feel free to use some of my candy scented bodywash, lol

    I just ordered more contact lenses. Sucks that they no longer ship to the store so that means I will have problems being home to get them from UPS. We are shorthanded at work so i’m getting more hours but it means I am getting home too late in the day to get anything done like ac fixed or ups delivered. And this heat is exausting.

  601. Jai says:

    Hey sweetred, what would you prefer? An SD who gave you an allowance and expected you to take care of everything out of it or an SD who gave you a smaller allowance, but paid for other things and gave gifts (some in the form of additional cash)?

    Actually, I’d like to hear from all the SBs :)

  602. sweetredhead*269443* says:

    I wonder how many people read the blog and just never post?

  603. aj says:

    Did my post just disappear?

  604. Jai says:

    Lol true Nitemare.

  605. NitemareSD says:

    Unless she is a blog reader.

  606. sweetredhead*269443* says:

    That’s why I like married SD’s they go home to their wives lmao

  607. Jai says:

    If it gets you laid Nitemare, I support it lol

  608. NitemareSD says:

    OPOV- speaking of the tall chic. She asked if the height thing bothered or intimidated me. I said no, not much intimidates me. Its like buying a new car, some of the controls are now over there, but after you drive it two days its all your car again.

    She loved it. I think that one comment may get me laid down the road.

  609. Jai says:

    Now Sugarland is on, It Happens 😛

    AJ-You turned down a date and now you’re bored? lol What are the odds. That sucks though. Can you un-cancel lol

  610. aj says:

    Ha! I know…I am! But I know this one wants to be my “boyfriend”….Ugh…Don’t need that right now!

  611. sweetredhead*269443* says:

    Thought your were bored lol

  612. aj says:

    Yeah! Lol! Actually got asked on a non sugar date tonight ~ but I don’t feel like going! Lol that is so terrible of me… he IS an attorney :)

  613. Jai says:

    Ok, going to cut and sugar coat strawberries for the shortcake topping. Be back :)

  614. Jai says:

    Me too sweetred. Had some little big town going two songs ago 😉

  615. Jai says:

    Cool AJ! See? We’re already on the same page. It’s almost like you’re here lol

  616. sweetredhead*269443* says:

    I am a country music fan, but I listen to a lot of different music.

  617. aj says:

    Jai – I’m listening to a mix as well, which includes Adele. Currently playing: Feist. I LOVE music…all kinds.

  618. sweetredhead*269443* says:

    NitemareSD just go join her!! Or if you want a shower alone just flush the toilet, that should get her out.

  619. Jai says:

    Aw AJ. We’ll tele-dine 😛 Set up your webcam!

    What kind of music do you guys listen to? I’m listening to a mix, but Adele is on right now and her voice is heavenly :)

  620. NitemareSD says:

    Is Lisa out of the shower yet? Cause I have to take one soon.

  621. aj says:

    Ha! Too funny…I wish I could :) Kinda bored tonight…

  622. Jai says:

    Lol for sure aj

  623. sweetredhead*269443* says:

    A lot of extra wine!! These boys are wild ones!! they are all in the pool now. my poor neighbors!!

  624. Jai says:

    Oh lol here I am being all concerned! lol and I thought you had vanilla. NM, leave the ice cream. You guys can come though 😛

  625. aj says:

    If there will be kids, we will need extra wine :)

  626. sweetredhead*269443* says:

    Yes I know those points, I don’t really have a headache was joking lol

  627. sweetredhead*269443* says:

    Not sure cookies and cream ice cream with go with strawberry short cake, maybe vanilla lol

  628. Jai says:

    Aw, do you know your pressure points? Sometimes applying pressure to specific points can alleviate the intenseness of a headache or rid you of it al together.

  629. sweetredhead*269443* says:

    Heck no I am not bringing the kids. I will dump them off with another friend lmao.

  630. Jai says:

    It’ll go well with the strawberry shortcake for dessert 😛 and make up for rowdy boys being here lol

  631. sweetredhead*269443* says:

    I am staying over hear my head hurts :(

  632. Jai says:

    Lol sweetred…you bring that ice cream if you’re bringing the kids!

  633. Jai says:

    I’m sorry sweetred. I can totally do without the butt kicking lol

    Oh no AJ, just bring yourself :) We’d never ask that of a guest. Plus, my SD has a ridiculous amount of wine.

  634. sweetredhead*269443* says:

    I just bought ice cream I will bring that :) The kids want to make sundays.

  635. sweetredhead*269443* says:

    Let’s all go to Az for dinner :)

  636. aj says:

    And I would bring some wine of course :)

  637. sweetredhead*269443* says:

    If I get monitored I am gonna kick your butt lmao. Thought of that after I wrote it lmao

  638. aj says:

    Jai ~ thanks :)
    That’s sweet of you…now if I only had that private jet…

  639. sweetredhead*269443* says:

    Sure Jai just add 5253 to my name not the profile number and it’s on yahoo

  640. Jai says:

    AJ-You’re welcome to join us for dinner if you can be in AZ by 8pm 😛

  641. Jai says:

    Hey sweetred would you be interested in trading email addys? Lol I can bug you for recipes off the blog

  642. sweetredhead*269443* says:

    lisa’s naked gawd I am covering my eyes. Put some clothes on gf!!

  643. Jai says:

    I don’t know what I should do lol I’m here and there

  644. aj says:

    I’m staying here.

  645. sweetredhead*269443* says:

    ok I am bouncing back and forth still. My head is going to spin around soon

  646. NitemareSD says:

    Which topic is Lisa naked on?

  647. aj says:

    OMG you guys are making me hungary!

  648. Jai says:

    I’m going to add some white wine to it for sure though. That’s the only thing I’m gonna do different. :) I’m making broiled king crab, shrimp scampi, potatoes, sweet corn, and sweetred’s scallops :) My SD will be grilling steak. Hope everything comes out well.

    OPOV-You’re on the old blog now? lol What’s happening?

  649. Jai says:

    Thanks sweetred! I wanted to do a cream sauce :)

    Hey Lisa!

    Oooh I love summer approaching. I’m eating a strawberry the size of a plum…mmmm

  650. aj says:

    O(ne) … Huh..thanks for sharing.

    Everyone else ~ yeah, I figured it out. I’m here now. :)

  651. sweetredhead*269443* says:

    This topic is shorter and loading time will be faster.

  652. O(ne) P(oint) O(f) V(iew) says:

    jai, go ahead. But let’s make a stand. Lets move everything over to the old is new topic. My neck hurts.

  653. sweetredhead*269443* says:

    Oops forgot the shredded Parmesan cheese in it and melt it

  654. Jai says:

    Now there’s no one anywhere lol

  655. lisa says:

    I’m here

  656. sweetredhead*269443* says:

    Oh yes I do, Scallops are my fav. you can make a cream sauce. saute in butter, garlic and Italian seasoning. Then drain and add heavy cream and simmer. But over pasta. Or you can just use the butter sauce with no cream.

  657. Jai says:

    I’m here sweetred lol

  658. sweetredhead*269443* says:

    Get your butts on one blog sheeh, I am getting dizzy!!!

  659. Jai says:

    OPOV, may I ask you a question? Lol besides the one I just asked 😛

  660. Jai says:

    Lol sweetred. I’m all alone listening to some Robin Thicke :) My SD ran out to get some steaks for dinner later. Hey, you’re a good cook 😉 Any recipe ideas for scallops?

  661. sweetredhead*269443* says:

    I am sitting at my kitchen table surrounded by 4 boys talking about wrestling ughhhhhhhh. I hope they finish eating soon and go in the pool!

  662. O(ne) P(oint) O(f) V(iew) says:

    Hi Jai,

    it’s not up to me, it’s up to the children (sorry, admins)

  663. Jai says:

    How are you today OPOV? And I hope that’s not the case a year from now lol

  664. O(ne) P(oint) O(f) V(iew) says:

    I’m here. But I think I know what is going on with the blog…

    As to topic, I predict that a year from now, my handle and my IP address with still be blocked from accessing this blog for posting due to some bs, childish reason.

    Ah, the joys of a proxy server!

  665. Jai says:

    Lol NitemareSD. I am ALL for that.

  666. Jai says:

    Which blog is where the fun is at? I looked at that one this morning and it looked old…hello o o o? Lol Anyone here ere ere ere? 😛

  667. NitemareSD says:

    I want my own NitemareSD topic and then all you all are gonna have to come to my topic if you wanna get youz some.

  668. sweetredhead*269443* says:

    O(ne) P(oint) O(f) V(iew) is on the wrong blog now lmao

  669. sweetredhead*269443* says:

    Holy crap I got lost lmao. What is Sa doing trying to make us crazy???

  670. lisa says:

    Hi everyone, I will post on the new subject

  671. goodgirl says:

    is anyone still here or did we move to “last years” post? :)

  672. goodgirl says:

    NitemareSD Says:

    May 9th, 2009 at 2:55 pm
    Yes another fake spending $18 bucks per martini for her and $125 on a late light dinner.

    I was just being silly… hmmmm kegged cosmos— sounds like a winning idea!! 😉

  673. NitemareSD says:

    KC? $18 cosmos must come in kegs!

  674. goodgirl says:

    DC- i know thats right! same here…
    nitemare- sorry… apperently i think people are talking about me :) …it will be our second meeting also.

  675. goodgirl says:

    i’m in kansas city… and 2 wants to see me wed also… :) i haven’t even begun to use my assets lmao! but thanks!!

  676. DC says:

    I really shouldn’t talk. My ex boyfriend was drop dead gorgeous and I put up with him for 4 years! LOL

  677. NitemareSD says:

    No my SB date

  678. sweetredhead*269443* says:

    NitemareSD I am just going to shake my head and walk away lmao. Your too much!

    Ok off to the store to get burgers and snacks for the kids. and brunch for tomorrow.

  679. NitemareSD says:

    Where is goodgirl located?

  680. goodgirl says:

    are you refering to ME nitemare???

  681. goodgirl says:

    thank you DC… :) google IS my friend lol! i did that right after i asked… maybe i should have a nap instead of cleaning out my garage.

  682. NitemareSD says:

    Well if this one is serial SDing then she is using her assets. Let’s see is she earns enough of a return to buy a 3rd date.

  683. DC says:

    Congrats Goodgirl!! When it rains it pours, eh? Memorial day is May 25. Google is your friend 😉

  684. goodgirl says:

    geez! gone for just a little while and i missed all the good stuff! lol
    i got a call from sd#2…i think i might make him sd#1 :)
    we’re going to have lunch on monday. i’m sooooo excited! he’s going to help me with some of my “catch up!” woo-hoo!!!!
    pot #3 is going to come and meet me the weekend after memorial weekend… btw, does anyone know what weekend IS memorial weekend? i got so excited i forgot to ask! (and now i can’t seem to find my calender…(blonde day) lol

  685. DC says:

    Well I imagine she acts that way because she can….however most men will only put up crap from someone who is gorgeous for so long.

    so good luck LOL

  686. sweetredhead*269443* says:

    NitemareSD keep them coming :) Entertain us with your stories :)

  687. NitemareSD says:

    I am not complaining, I am storytelling.

    Tomorrow the story will be bigger. Maybe I’ll tell that one too or another.

  688. sweetredhead*269443* says:

    Things are happening just fine for me, I am in no hurry. I don’t NEED an Sd. I want an SD there is a difference.

  689. sweetredhead*269443* says:

    NitemareSD and that’s why you men complain lmao. you are looking at the outward not the inward.

    Like my brother…dating woman from strip clubs and wonders WHY they cheat on him? Or are not what he is looking for in a nice woman. HELLO! Good new he listened to big sisters advice and is now married to a great girl and has 2 beautiful children :)

  690. NitemareSD says:

    Lots. She better stay youthful 😉

  691. DC says:

    How much of the behavior are you willing to overlook because of the gorgeous factor?

  692. DC says:

    Yes, sweetred. You do what feels right. No one ever got in trouble for being too cautious. I have been in that situation and the people involved were friends. Women can never be too careful and if a pot SD doesn’t like it then eff them. We are too trusting because we want to be liked and don’t want to rock the boat.

  693. NitemareSD says:

    And then you women wonder why things aren’t happening the way you want. Lol

    I did bring up the behavior in the SA followup email which of course I can see she opened. There was no response.

    But talking about it will depend on how important seeing her again becomes to me and whether I think the basis of our relationship needs to address that.

    IOW if its just going to be hey you free for dinner tonight, yes let’s go…no answer, try again in 5 days… Then it doesn’t matter much.

  694. sweetredhead*269443* says:

    To make it clear, It was not men from this site.

  695. sweetredhead*269443* says:

    I had an recent pot SD tell me I needed to stop looking over my shoulder. But you Sd’s have to understand, most of us here know at least two woman who used to be on the blog who got raped on sugar dates. So are we to careful? maybe, but who else protect us.

  696. sweetredhead*269443* says:

    I read it right, She must have gotten nervous lol After saying yes, she thought to much about it. WE woman tend to do that lol.

  697. DC says:

    Hey Nightmare-

    Just wondering-

    are you going to bring that up with her? Her behavior?

  698. NitemareSD says:

    You misread. She accepted the offer of the ride and 2 min later with no explanation and no reason I can imagine she stayed in the cab, leaving me flat footed to end the date properly with the appropriate discussions etal.

  699. sweetredhead*269443* says:

    But making assumptions without knowing the reasons can get you into trouble.
    For example you offered to driver her home. (which was very gentlemanly of you). But she could have taken it as you wanted to go back to her apartment and get ummm thanked for dinner.
    That’s why I stress open and honest communication. You could say I would be happy to drive you home and add I am being a gentleman not looking to go in your apartment. Sometimes you have to make it very clear. Especially when you do not know each other well.

  700. sweetredhead*269443* says:

    NitemareSD Says:
    May 9th, 2009 at 3:24 pm

    Oh no! If he takes you to McD’s storm out pissed. I’ll back that up 100%

    LMAO I was just making a point about manners :)

  701. DC says:

    Nightmare- good points. Believe me, any support I get from any sugar daddy will be very appreciated. I only mention a set figure in terms of EXCLUSIVITY. I would be happy to spend my time with 1 or 2 men whose company I really enjoy because money aside, that’s what it really is about. I could not be with someone just for the cashola if I didn’t like them and want to spend time with them any way.

    Aside from the money I look at this as an opportunity to be with men that I would not normally have a chance to meet. That in itself is a gift.

  702. NitemareSD says:

    Oh no! If he takes you to McD’s storm out pissed. I’ll back that up 100%.

  703. goodgirl says:

    nitemare- i have 2 that run and 1 that could… :) of course, my ex stole 1 of the running ones so… ?!? i guess just 1 and 1. in a little bit a “junk cars for cash” guy is coming to clear out my garage. yeah!!!
    p.s…i REALLY like $18 martinis 😉

  704. NitemareSD says:

    sweetredhead*269443* Says:

    NitemareSD you saying she was hungry and making statements about her not contacting you was rude. how do you know she just wasn’t busy? Or uncomfortable about your intentions at the end of the date thinking you wanted to go to her apartment. You don’t know.


    I had a variety of indications that was the likely story. It still is likely. Nothing wrong with being hungry either while I don’t let myself get too far ahead.

    Anyway a story about the impressions someone gave can’t possibly be rude.

  705. sweetredhead*269443* says:

    NitemareSD about being gracious…..Of course ALWAY’s even if he takes you to McDonald’s lol People have forgotten their manners.

  706. sweetredhead*269443* says:

    NitemareSD we were wondering about your cars? Did I miss something? lmao

  707. sweetredhead*269443* says:

    NitemareSD I think in this process of finding the right person for each of us. Has made us jaded. We all deal with the fakes and frauds. I think it has become the reason we have become so firm in what we want. I am lucky I am still flexible. I DON”T NEED support. I support my self. I like the extra’s Which leaves me open to meet many more Sd’s.

    Now for Sb’s who want 5,000-10,000 your limiting yourself. your missing out on some really nice Sd’s. You do need to be realist in what you ask for.

  708. NitemareSD says:

    Did I mention not to count your chickens before they hatch?

    BTW for those still wondering… I have TWO cars that run, and two that could be gotten to run.

  709. sweetredhead*269443* says:

    NitemareSD you saying she was hungry and making statements about her not contacting you was rude. how do you know she just wasn’t busy? Or uncomfortable about your intentions at the end of the date thinking you wanted to go to her apartment. You don’t know.

  710. NitemareSD says:

    My view on that $ amt thing is never look a gift horse in the mouth. Appreciate everything you get. Be gracious.

    And be realistic about your options and prospects.

    At the same time don’t give more than you are comfortable with.

    So in DC’s case is the goal to cover all her problems? Or is it to enjoy and make life that much better while still not perfect.

  711. Beach_Girl*306486 says:

    Well sugars I will be back later, have a great afternoon all!

  712. sweetredhead*269443* says:

    NitemareSD good point. I have gone out on sugar dates where I enjoyed it but he wasn’t what I was looking for. I never lie and I don’t lead them on. I am NEVER rude. I thank them for the time we are together. Not everyone is going to “fit” But there is no need to be rude or mean.

  713. Beach_Girl*306486 says:

    Sweetred~ it’s true, but there are a lot of SBs for the number or SDs, for me i think it’s my location

  714. sweetredhead*269443* says:

    All you can do is ask. Just remember never settle. If you want 3k then do not except anything less. You have to know what you want. The key to this type of relationship is know what you want and what you don’t want. There is always new Sd’s joining everyday. If one Sd or Sb is not what you are looking for then move on to the one who is right for you.

  715. NitemareSD says:

    Yes another fake spending $18 bucks per martini for her and $125 on a late light dinner.

    I don’t have any trouble making my intentions clear.

    The real point of the story is that rather than sending some nasty you took me bitch email – which is what a lot of SDs and SBs do when they don’t hear the perfect tune – I simply kept in touch and probably have a nice date later instead of sitting home grumpy wondering why I can’t find anybody.

    And at the same time I never felt cheated to any great degree when I didn’t hear from her. Keeping things in balance each step of the way helps.

  716. DC says:

    Back for a bit, hi everyone!

    The reason I asked about exclusivity is that one SD I am talking to mentioned that. Not excluvsivity outside of SA-land, but just within meaning he would be my only SD.

    The reason I asked is that I’m still trying to figure out my expectations and what I want to ask for. Because I have been unemployed for so long and unable to get work I need help paying my rent and bills. I don’t even go to the doctor when sick because of the expense. I have all these things on the back burner like getting a chipped tooth fixed etc. It’s not about a new handbag or even a new car for me. Just necessities or paying off some debt or for school. So let’s say I would like to ask for 3K to see someone once or twice a week, maybe on a weekend if they wanted, I’m available for travel and I don’t expect little gifts on the side. But my SD only wants to give me 2K. So I go back and negotiate and say well if you want me to be exclusive I am unable to make up the difference I need with another SD so if you want to give me 3K I’m all yours. Is that unreasonable?

    Now granted I am older, I have no idea yet what my time is worth to someone. No one would classify me as arm candy exactly. I have no idea if I will even be lucky enough to have one or two SD prospects as I have yet to meet the pot SDs I have been communicating with. I guess after I go on the first M&G I will know.. I only know how I do dating guys who can’t afford to be so picky LOL

    Re: AJ- Gail you are hysterical! When I said moxie I really meant balls.

  717. Beach_Girl*306486 says:

    ahhh thanks Sweetred…. i would totally go with you but yes you are too far :(

  718. sweetredhead*269443* says:

    I would take her out myself but I am too far :(

  719. sweetredhead*269443* says:

    NitemareSD you seem very jaded. I would think you would show your intentions. Maybe she thought you were just another fake.

    BTW all beach_girls Birthday is on the 18th any Sd available to take her out for a nice birthday dinner :)

  720. Beach_Girl*306486 says:

    yeah i guess i AM

  721. sweetredhead*269443* says:

    Beach_Girl it’s ok your having one of those blond moments lol.

  722. Jai says:

    sweetred-Well, my SD does want to go to Key West soon. Maybe I can find myself a side daddy 😛 j/k

  723. NitemareSD says:

    Here’s a little sugar story for after the weather is taken care of.

    I went out with a gorgeous pot SB a week ago (1st mtg). We got along well, both seemed intellectually interested and physically close. Said we want to see each other again.

    End of the date was awkward. She accepted my offer of a ride home, but when the taxi pulled up to my car, she said she would go on in the cab.

    No clue what happend. SA email asked her and no answer. Sms saying I want to see her again no answer.

    I was going to discuss arrangement – actually $ – on car ride to her building. Surprise move nullified that and I didn’t even give her a token to show interest for the next time.

    Ok, I figure she’s just scamming for dinners and hopefully a few $ to keep from starving, and plays another guy every day – almost.

    A few days have gone by and I text any plans tonight? Get a very enthusiastic answer No! Would love to get together.

    She must be hungry again.

    Anyway a little miscommunication and a pleasant phone call and we are on.

    If she just wants to eat, I have a pretty companion tonight. If she wants more, all the better.

    Hopefully she shows up at the restaurant. 😮 😉

  724. Beach_Girl*306486 says:

    i dunno, it’s all fucked up

  725. sweetredhead*269443* says:

    those are from 2008 lmao. don’t know why they are coming up on top.

  726. sweetredhead*269443* says:

    I think so, or they have houses here lol I get a lot of mail, just not what i want. They want me to travel with them and I can’t

  727. Beach_Girl*306486 says:

    there is a new blog people!

  728. SuzieQ*297329* says:

    Well the weather here is gorgeous so I’m going to go play in my garden and get some things planted. (BG, I’ll send you some sugar beet seed)

    Happy day everyone!

  729. Jai says:

    Sweetred-Is that where they all are?

  730. SuzieQ*297329* says:

    Oh no! Don’t take her away to Florida, she’s already too far away from me!

  731. SuzieQ*297329* says:

    That’s about my usual time too Jai. But hey, it works for you since you get to have breakfast in bed! And then he gets a yummy supper. Fair trade if you ask me!

  732. sweetredhead*269443* says:

    Trying to get beach_girl to move to Florida where all the Sd’s are lol

  733. SuzieQ*297329* says:

    Well I will let you know if I have any to spare….looks like it! :)

  734. Jai says:

    That sucks Suzie. My SD says I’m not a morning person because I get up after him lol but he gets up between 5 and 6 am.

    He made breakfast this morning. I asked him what he wanted because I was going to do it, but he got in the kitchen and went to work. It was yummy. I’m making dinner tonight though. Anybody have any good recipes for sea scallops? 😛

  735. SuzieQ*297329* says:

    HI BG! How’s my sugar sister today?

  736. Beach_Girl*306486 says:

    SuzieQ~ good luck with that!!!
    i know i’m not having any, send me some sugar luck too! :)

  737. SuzieQ*297329* says:

    Evidently chopped liver smells better than I do…where did everyone go? (glad you stuck around to say hi Jai)

  738. SuzieQ*297329* says:

    I woke up at 4:30. Don’t know what that was about. Oh well, I’m a morning person! Had to wait 3 hours for the swimming pool to open though :(

  739. Jai says:

    Hey Suzie, I’m here! lol what am I? Chopped liver? 😛

  740. SuzieQ*297329* says:

    Hi Jai! :)

  741. Jai says:

    I’ve been up since 7:21 west coast time! 😛

  742. SuzieQ*297329* says:

    Do I smell bad or something? No sooner do I pop in to say hello than everyone leaves!

  743. Jai says:

    Hey Suzie. It’s hot here in AZ. I’m trying to get up the courage to leave the air conditioned house and go get some steaks for dinner. :)

  744. sweetredhead*269443* says:

    Hey now I have been up sence 8:30 lol

  745. SuzieQ*297329* says:

    Glad to see everyone finally got out of bed! Lovely day here on the west coast…think I’ll go plant some sugar beets in my garden, maybe that will bring me luck!

  746. Jai says:

    Hey Beach :)

  747. Jai says:

    Hey sweetnothings. I checked out your profile. You are gorgeous as well! I love how detailed you are. Leaves little to no room for creeps to get in 😉

  748. Beach_Girl*306486 says:

    Hello Sugars!

  749. sweetredhead*269443* says:

    NitemareSD who brought you out of lurk mode anyway lmao. Your making me NUTS!

  750. sweetredhead*269443* says:

    Well if your bailing your boyfriend out of jail and paying his way, I think you have to rethink your choices in men lmao

  751. sweetredhead*269443* says:

    It’s not all about the money and should not be.

  752. sweetredhead*269443* says:

    Then that is part of the agreeing upon from the beginning. Are you available to travel at short notice. I said every arrangement is different, you have to decide if the person you are making the arrangement with fits into what you are looking for.

  753. NitemareSD says:

    For some people dating is bailing the boyfriend out of jail so YOU can take him out to dinner on a friday night, and sugar dating is a guy with a car that runs who pays his own way when you are out with him.

  754. NitemareSD says:

    For lots of people the arrangement is spontaneity.

  755. sweetredhead*269443* says:

    NitemareSD Of course there is expectations on the Sd’s part also. I was talking about the total “arrangement” what is expected from BOTH. This is not one sided. Mutually beneficial! That’s what it’s about. If it was all about how much money the SB gets it would not be Mutually beneficial now would it.

  756. NitemareSD says:

    Have you explained when where how what from you to him?

    I can only read what you wrote. you are preoccupied to the point of not being able to focus on anything else; you don’t seem to have any concern over your expected contribution, but you are willing to receive without any until his end is “established.”

  757. Sweetredhead*269443* says:

    Not knowing is more like dating. This is not a dating site. What is so hard to understand what the concept is?

  758. Sweetnothings-321312 says:

    Because that doesn’t explain when, where, or how. It’s too vague.

  759. NitemareSD says:

    What would be the psychological phenomenon of obsessively wondering what you are going to get when its established you are going to get what you need – at the least?

  760. Sweetredhead*269443* says:

    I agree Sweetnothings. An arrangement should be set up and agreed upon. Whatever that may be. Everyone is different, but the same things apply. Know how much, when, where and how often you plan to get together. Expectations and limitations. Stops a lot of disappointments later.

    Ok stop distracting me I have work to do lol

  761. Sweetnothings-321312 says:

    I’ve always grown up with a set allowance. You get this much, end of discussion. Then you’re not wondering, not thinking about whether you can get more, or getting excited or disappointed when you do or don’t get what you were hoping you would get. I’d prefer the same thing from an SD, because then I can focus on being with him, rather than wondering if he’s going to give me something this time or not. You may criticize me, but that’s a proven psychological phenomenon. Text messaging and gambling are addictive, because the reward comes at random. Sometimes you get something, other times you’re waiting or don’t get anything. I feel the same way about money. If you’re always wondering what you’re going to get, you can’t focus on anything else.

  762. NitemareSD says:

    Compensation for exclusivity?

    Tough one. I don’t think there is an answer.

    I think I’d ask for a discount in return for keeping her safe from other men’s dangers and my own purity for her.

  763. NitemareSD says:

    Girl you got a months allowance (from YOUR point of view) up front. You are getting a prestigeous internship for the summer. You are getting all your needs covered (apparently at least for the summer. )

    But you’ve got to get things sorted out. You need to know how much.

    It truly is an uncertain world as the topic suggests above.

  764. Sweetredhead*269443* says:

    Everyone have a wonderful day. I will be back later this evening. Things to do, places to go and people to see :)

  765. Sweetredhead*269443* says:

    I am getting responses from the emails I sent out to Sd’s to come join us on the blog :)

  766. Gail says:

    Aj…Aj…she changed her hair color to that darker mysterious shade and poofed away. I am certain that had alot to do with it. She is probably drowing in a sea of SDs : ) I know that she can swim……

    DC….I had only one SD that wanted exclusitivity…on my part…but not on his…lol…..Have the best day ever DC : )

  767. Sweetredhead*269443* says:

    Ok how do I explain this without hurting or stepping on toes.

    I want my daughter to live her life and have fun and do thing the “normal” way. marriage, children ect. I did and I had a wonderful time. I think this type of relationship can make you jaded and grow up faster. Everyone has to make their own decisions in life. With the internet there is a lot more options for dating and meeting people. Which It was there when i was younger.

    I am at a point in my life where I have been there done that and now just looking to have fun.

  768. Jai*277171* says:

    DC-Yes and yes. My SD requested that and has made it worth it for the most part :)

  769. Jai*277171* says:

    Sweetnothings-I see. Sounds wonderful :) ‘guardian angel’? That sounds even better. My SD and I have the same type of arrangement I guess. It’s more open than I had expected it to be. He doesn’t deny me and there’s no et amount for an allowance. It sounds like he plans to take care of you either way though, so that’s good.

    Sweetred-Get the to a vacuum :) Happy cleaning!

    DC-What’s up lady? I’ll be back to answer your question 😉

  770. Sweetnothings says:

    Sweetredhead, that’s great for her. It’s sad that I have no trouble attracting guys older than my father on this website, but can’t find a good boyfriend my own age. I mean, they’re around, but I’m looking for someone special. I’ve never had a serious boyfriend. I was somewhat of an ugly duckling in high school.

    It’s also sort of sad to think that most of the moms on this website wouldn’t want me or any of the younger SBs anywhere near their children. I completely understand though.

  771. Sweetredhead*269443* says:

    DC yes some do what you to be exclusive. Which is understandable for DD and clean. I think if that is what they want then they should make it so you don’t need anyone but them.

    I would also like to hear the Sd’s point of view on this. suthern? nightmare? sincersd? where you guys at lol

  772. DC says:

    Morning Jai, SR, Gail and GG-

    Have to leave for the morning but wanted to say hi to everyone.

    Was reading some of the old blogs last night and then started getting tired but I’m curious as to what ever happened to AJ? I admired her Moxie asking for that sum of money. Just curious.

    Also question for ya. Anyone here have an SD that makes exclusivity part of the deal? And if that is the case are you compensated in such a way to make it worthwhile for you? Would love to hear from some of the SDs as well for their p.o.v. on whether or not they expect that even if it is not explicitly mentioned

    Okay better run, will check in later.

    Have a great Saturday!

  773. Sweetnothings says:

    Jai, That’s the thing. He gave me basically what could have been a month’s allowance on our first date, and a gift, and then nothing on the second date (which is totally fine, I wasn’t expecting anything) but is now going to basically buy me this summer internship.
    Still, we haven’t talked directly about an arrangement. He’s new to this and I think assumes we’re already in one. I would like to just get the details laid out about how much he is giving in terms of allowance and such, so I’m not preoccupied with it when we’re getting together. I just wonder if he’s trying to make it more spontaneous. When he told me about the internship he said it was unpaid, but I shouldn’t worry about money for this summer: “Let me be your guardian angel.”

    I have NEVER had anyone say that to me. Everything is going well, but I do wonder if we should talk seriously about things. I know he probably would have expected intimacy on this trip to Boston if I had been able to go, so I would definitely like it sorted out before anything physical happens.

  774. Sweetredhead*269443* says:

    [email protected] Sure I can hire a 27yr old to clean my house in a thong! Why should the men have all the fun lol

  775. goodgirl says:

    thanks everyone! finally got all these cazy dogs put away so i could get my daughetrs hair in a ponytail and we can get the heck out of here! sweetred- i’ll let you know if i find a treasure :)

  776. Jai*277171* says:

    Hey Gail. Sounds like you have a lovely weekend planned :) Enjoy enjoy enjoy. A sugar day? That sounds GREAT lol

  777. Sweetredhead*269443* says:

    Yes my daughter is in college. She does not know about sugar dating and would like to keep it that way lol. She has a boyfriend :)

  778. Gail says:

    SweetRed…what makes you think I am gonna clean your house: (….. you have busy boys that can help you…plus if you are a cougar you can hire your own…lol…

    Jai…already made the lumpia filling…just have to roll them…and bbq chicken, tritip and sausages last nite. Just have to make the sides and cook the ham. Then I get to go shopping for own Mother’s Day gift with my special friend : ) going to get my nails done, and out to a fine dining too. Awww…it’s nice to have a day set aside just for us… We need to designate a Sugar Day on the calendar too…lol….

  779. Jai*277171* says:

    So true sweetredhead! You guys are great! 😀

  780. Jai*277171* says:

    Sweetnothings-Have you and your pot sd set up an arrangement yet or are you still getting to know each other? :)

  781. Sweetredhead*269443* says:

    It’s wonderful that we share our experience, good and bad. Get advice and give advice :) A lot of us can not discuss this with friends and family. So we form our little family here :)

  782. Jai*277171* says:

    Have a great day good girl! :)

  783. Sweetnothings says:

    Sweetredhead, your daughter and I could hang out. I’m 19 as well :) Is she in college?

    Hey Jai, I’m pretty good. Can’t WAIT for school to be out. I’m super excited because I just found out Hilary Clinton is speaking at my school’s commencement so I get to see her on May 18. I’m a huge fan.

    MY SD (the 34-year old one that I like who I’ve gone on 2 dates with) emailed me asking if I wanted to spend a couple of days of Boston with him when he goes for work. I can’t though because that’s when I’m moving out of my current apartment to Brooklyn. It would have been interesting though…

  784. Jai*277171* says:

    WARNING. LUDICROUSNESS AHEAD. This is the next one he sent me: To be honest you are heavier than I would normally be with, but if you have a nice set of tits, that would help explain the weight and also maybe tempt me to go further.

    I politely informed him we are not looking for the same things lol jeez, why even write someone? 😛

  785. Sweetredhead*269443* says:

    goodgirl have fun!! find some wonderful treasures :)

  786. Sweetredhead*269443* says:

    My boys also do the video game thing, but I limit it. My boys are very active and are outside most of the time. I don’t understand letting a child vegetate in from of a tv or game.

  787. Sweetnothings says:

    Goodgirl, I also forgot to say – welcome!! This community is really so great. I feel like I’ve learned a ton, good and bad, without having to go through it all myself. I stopped by this blog for a quick sec a week or something ago, and I never left.

  788. goodgirl says:

    going garage sale-ing…i love saturdays!
    chit chat with you all later… good morning sweetnothings :)

  789. Sweetredhead*269443* says:

    It’s just a stage they go through. They will grow out of it. My daughter did. Thought I was going to pull my hair out with that wild one. But she is 19 now and turning into a wonderful woman :)

  790. Jai*277171* says:

    Mass email sweetred lol or see a pic and skip reading.

    Morning sweetnothings! Thanks for the compliment :) How are you today?

  791. goodgirl says:

    I’m 27… i don’t think he’s old enough to be an SD LOL!– but have fun!!!!
    also- i told him he needed to be on a different kind of site. :)

  792. Sweetnothings says:

    Morning all. I have another full day of studying ahead of me. Blah.

    Goodgirl – you’re so right. I just need to say no. He obviously isn’t taking a hint.

    Jai, just looked at your profile, you’re gorgeous! And EW to that guy! I am sooo happy I haven’t gotten any of that! That just honestly makes my skin crawl. The sad thing is I bet there are girls out there who are responding to those men.

    Sweetredhead – Young boys are a handful, but enjoy their boisterousness now because things change so fast. I have a younger brother who is 15, and he used to be the absolute cutest, craziest, most talkative little guy. Then he went through puberty, his voice dropped, and he is a completely different person. One word answers, plays video games all day, my parents say they think it’s also because I’m gone at college so he’s hating all of the parental attention, but he tries any way he can to get away from them. It makes my mom SO sad.

  793. Sweetredhead*269443* says:

    I would not discount anyone young. My first SD was 34 and a Doctor. But this one’s profile did not fit with who I am. Not sure why he even messaged me. Do they even read our profiles or just mass mail every pretty woman lmao.

  794. Jai*277171* says:

    Sweetred-Do with him what you please lol don’t discount the young ones. I got an email from a 37 year old and thought that was young even though I’m 23. 😛

    goodgirl-I guess we both do lol

  795. Sweetredhead*269443* says:

    I could be a cougar weeeeee lmao

  796. Jai*277171* says:

    Whoa! Ugh. I think that’s how I knew my SD was different lol he never asked to see more pictures or anything nude. He was very respectful and has remained that way.

  797. Sweetredhead*269443* says:

    What a jerk lol. I usually tell them to get a hooker it’s cheaper lmao.

    I had a 27yr old message me. What am I suppose to do with that? lmao

  798. goodgirl says:

    hehe…i guess i need to learn more more about the world too…

  799. goodgirl says:

    Jai- sorry you got a gross one. try turning someone down “nicely” that says they can’t wait to see you ‘spead out and smiling’ YUCK!!!!!! and NO, NO, NO!!!

  800. Jai*277171* says:

    Lol! Poodle sweaters 😛

  801. Jai*277171* says:

    This is what he said in response to me asking him if that is normal: “You don’t have to show your face but if you are seeking $$$, remember there are more women wanting $$$ than there are men wiling to give.”

    So you don’t care about my face, but I should show my breasts because there is competition…I’ve got so much to learn about the world lol

  802. goodgirl says:

    lmao! my 4 yr old is lovin all the pets. i feel like i’m in a zoo. i gave my poodle a haircut yesterday… now i think i know what it must be like to sheer a sheep…which got me wondering…is there a market for poodle sweaters? i think i could make a fortune!

  803. Jai*277171* says:

    I have some new emails lol why are some men so forward and..what’s the word? Gross? Yeah, gross lol One started off nice then asked for pictures of my breasts.

  804. Jai*277171* says:

    Lol I’ll take dogs any day. At least I can put their food and water on the floor and no one will call CPS. 😛

  805. Sweetredhead*269443* says:

    We just need to learn to just say No! lmao. Wow 3 lg dogs. I think that is worse than a house full of kids lmao. last weekend I had a house full of 11 year old boys for my sons party. I think I would have rather had the dogs lol

  806. Jai*277171* says:

    Lol all*

  807. Jai*277171* says:

    I’ll be watching my sister’s 3 dogs and her foster when she goes out of town this month. 2 lab/pit mixes, 1 doberman/lab mix, and a Scottie mix. :) How’d we al get stuck with everyone else’s pets? lol

  808. Sweetredhead*269443* says:

    I am sitting for my mom’s dog soon when she goes away. I have a 50lb hound and she has a little yorkie, but they love each other lol. It’s so cute to see the 2 of them sit together and play.

    Your in Sd heaven lol. I don’t think I can handle more than 1 Sd at a time. I work full time as a medical receptionist and have 2 teen boys.

  809. Jai says:

    Oh and an extremely warm welcome to Columbe and goodgirl! :) Keep us updated on your sugar adventures.

    Gail-Save me some lumpia and have an AWESOME weekend. Happy early mom’s day :)

    Sweetred-Your weekend sounds absolutely full. Good luck and God’s speed lol 😛

  810. goodgirl says:

    good morning Jai :)

  811. Sweetredhead*269443* says:

    Morning Jai. Sleepyhead!! It’s going to be 95 here in Florida. Think I may take a swim in my pool :)

  812. goodgirl says:

    thanks sweetredhead. thanks to you too gail…yes it’s been raining. thank goodness! they all seem to be busy guys. once a week for each of them, so i’ve still got some breathing space! my job is very flexible also, so i’ve been going out on lunch dates which i love because i’m not using up any of my time with my daughter for anybody else right now.
    sweetredhead, i don’t know what you did but i’ve got a similar problem… no extra kids, but we have a 6 month old standard poodle puppy (the BIG one) and my mom called to see if i’d dog sit for her…she has our dogs sister and another full grown standard poodle! i’ve got 200lbs of poodle in a space with 150lb capacity!!! (oh yeah, we’ve also got 2 kitties and a fish i keep forgetting to feed but somehow still lives!) HA!!! at least my mom will be back on monday. i hope i make it that long!

  813. Jai says:

    YAWN* Morning sugar fam! 😛

    What’s up Gail, sweetred, Columbe, goodgirl, Nitemare, and Lisa (who’s at work), and SuzieQ?

    How’s everyone this fine, hot, sunny, soon to be 100 degree morning? :)

  814. Sweetredhead*269443* says:

    Gail hope you have a great weekend!! when your done come clean my house too :)

  815. Sweetredhead*269443* says:

    I have emailed some Sd’s to join us here on the blog. Working hard for you girls lol. So hopefully we will have a few more SD’s to chat with here on the blog :)

  816. Sweetredhead*269443* says:

    Just go with your instincts. It it feels right then do it, if not then make an excuse. I usually have a friend call me on my cell to check on me. If I want to escape I tell him I have to get home lol.

  817. Gail says:

    Welcome Goodgirl and Columbe : )

    Goodgirl…sounds like its been raining SDs for you. Enjoy everything that comes your way…the good will always be fun, the bad you will always learn from. I found after I started sugar dating, that it made my life so much more exciting…never a dull moment, always a good meal, and places that I have never been. The sds were all wonderful!!!
    I am happy see that you are having a great time!

    Columbe…let us know how your Sugar works out…we will rejoice with you!!!

    Okay…everyone…going back to lurk mode…have to clean up here…I have a super weekend planned : )

    Lisa…I know you will be tired when you get home: ) Wishing you a super Mother’s Day!!!

  818. goodgirl says:

    Thanks for accepting me :)
    he is getting one, and i’ve already talked to him some about what we should do. i’m in kansas city, so after he gets here, he’s getting a car service to meet me at the plaza for for dinner (there’s a ton of shopping there too..wink wink)
    he asked me if there was a possibility that if we hit it off can we go for a “night cap?” … i don’t do that on a first meeting (or second, really)
    so i told him that and he still wants to come…we’ll see if he gets creepy or not.

  819. Sweetredhead*269443* says:

    Welcome goodgirl glad you decided not to be a lurker. NitemareSD freaks us out enough lmao!

    Meeting an Sd from out of town hmmm. I will be doing that also. What I would suggest is let him know what things there are to do in your area, restaurants ect. He will probably be getting a hotel, I would try and avoid that and meet him publicly.

  820. goodgirl says:

    Hello Sugars!
    I’ve been learning a lot from all of you for a couple weeks and I thought it was about time I joined this wonderful group (if you’ll have me, of course).. i don’t want to be known as the lurker…we’ll save that for NitemareSD! LOL.
    I have been sugar dating for a few months now and LOVE IT!!! I joined SA after i got “abandoned” by my ex. He took the car, and left the state. Btw, I’m a single mom and at the time I wasn’t working. (i am now) so at first I was desperate. The first date i went on was sooooo nervous. I’d never met anyone from the net before, so I was freaked. He was nice, but spent the whole date lecturing me on my choices. Ugh!
    Then, after a couple of weird emails, I met someone. He’s great! At our first meeting, we went out to lunch, spent less then an hour talking, and he left me with a very nice envelope (rent paid, plus extra…i bought new pants!) ..and a second date scheduled! We’ve had 2 other dates besides that and he is always VERY generous. I hadn’t seen him in a couple weeks so I decided to get back on here and see what was going on…Thats when I found YOU!!!!! LOVE IT!!!
    I am talking to 2 other potential SD’s. 1 is from close to me, and we met for about an hour for an after work glass of wine which ended up being 2! LOL! I like him so far also. And #2 (or 3, i guess :) ) is from a state far from me, and wants to fly to meet me for dinner. …btw, any advise on meeting someone from out of town for the first time? I’m a little nervous about that. We have talked on the phone pretty extensivly and he seems great…
    Wow! That was a lot for an intro… Sorry! Best to get it all out of the way upfront, right?!? :)
    couple more things….since i’ve been “lurking” i feel like i know all of you a little bit, so…
    sweetnothings: I met “him” before… lust say no LOL
    lisa:congrats on the shopping spree. i can’t wait to go on mine…as for regular dating, i’m with ya. my daughter is 4, but i’m not really interested in anyone with small kids either. or any kids, really. i know that sounds bad, but i tried the”blended family” thing and i’m not doing that to either one of us again. as for the gym thing: my suggestion is to save the membership money, skip the bus and just walk back and forth to the gym everyday…then you get skinnier and have some cash for the new smaller things you’ll need :) :) :)

  821. Sweetredhead*269443* says:

    Good point NitemareSD lmao.

    Welcome Colombe. Glad you decided to join us. That’s great news, hope it works out for you.

    I have a pot SD also, not sure what I think about him at the moment but I am sure I will let you all know lol. I think we may meet sometime next week end.

  822. NitemareSD says:

    Well, at least you know what you are doing tomorrow.

  823. Colombe says:

    Hey everyone!
    I’m a new SB, just scoping out the scene and seeing what it has to offer. I’ve been on SA for about a month now, and I think I finally may have 2 REAL potential SD’s.
    I’ve been reading this blog and thought I’d finally say hello!

  824. Sweetredhead*269443* says:

    Tell me how I get myself into these things!! A friend of mine asked me to watch her boys tonight so her and her husband can go out. They are REALLY active boys and so are mine. Then my mom and dad are coming over and I am making a big brunch on Sunday. So much for a relaxing weekend.

  825. Sweetredhead*269443* says:

    Morning sugars. Wow not much activity on the blog last night or today.

    What will I be doing in a year? Heck I don’t know what I am going to do tomorrow lol, I think I will just let things happen and see where life takes me :)

    Want to wish all the Moms out there a Happy mothers day.

  826. SuzieQ*297329* says:

    OK sleepyheads, I’m off to get my swim & gym in. Enjoy the day!

  827. SuzieQ*297329* says:

    Let’s see, a year from now I’ll still be here…but only to share the occasional story of my wonderful sugar life to help inspire the newcomers to be patient and persistent.

    Hmmm….my tea tastes extra sweet this morning. Must be my sd getting closer!

  828. SuzieQ*297329* says:

    Good morning sugars, anyone up and about?

  829. lisa says:

    Good morninge everyone. Getting ready to leave for a very long day at work. I’m the only one in my department today and I have to unload the truck myself. Looking forward to quitting time.

    Have a good day everyone

  830. thinktinkerbell says:

    Good morning, sweet things. I know I’ll be enjoying my life this time next year. I’ll still be enjoying the beach & loving my life. If I meet someone that will be fine. I can always use more friends.

  831. Beach_Girl*306486 says:

    nite Lisa!

  832. lisa says:

    Have a good night everyone. I’m going to get ready for bed. Hard day at work tomorrow.

  833. Beach_Girl*306486 says:

    No stories , sorry

  834. lisa says:

    any sugar stories tonight? I’ve got to go watch tv and go to sleep soon. Long day tomorrow and sunday. yuck

  835. Beach_Girl*306486 says:


  836. lisa says:

    Hi Beach_Girl

  837. Beach_Girl*306486 says:

    hello all Sugars! well Sweetred and Lisa…lmao

  838. lisa says:

    I think it’s just us sweetredhead. I guess everyone is out having fun. I can’t do much on friday night cause I gotta get up at 6 am saturdays.
    Waiting to view my work schedule for next week. Mother’s day is already screwed up. I need to schedule meetings with my sd, lover, parents, daughter, washing, store, etc for this week, had a hectic schedule this past week. I had been used to coming home after work and relaxing but this last week I’ve been on the go after work.

  839. sweetredhead*269443* says:

    Where is everyone tonight? Hope the blog is dead due to lot’s of sugar fun :)

  840. lisa says:

    Good evening sweetredhead. I still haven’t gotten used to getting up at 6 am even after 7 months. I hadn’t work days in 18 years and was used to staying up half the night and gettng up at 9 am lol But I like being off in the late afternoon. My last job had good hours but in the last month before I quit, I was working 12-9 which sucked because I left at 11 am and didn’t get home till 10 pm so I had no time at all. The whole reason I wanted to work evenings was to have my days free but with those hours I didn’t have days, afternoon, evening, nothing. Now i’m home at 4 or 5 so I have my evenings free.

  841. sweetredhead*269443* says:

    Good evening everyone. Wow I fell asleep again. Slept 2 hours! I have to start going to bed at a decent hour now that I am working again.

  842. lisa says:

    I was 42 in that picture. Have a good evening at the gym.

  843. DC says:

    Lisa- I don’t know why I always thought you were much younger. Your picture is small but you still look much younger

    Off to gym for me. I think if I didn’t work out every day I would be 20 lbs heavier

  844. lisa says:

    I think if I make it with this sd till next month’s allowance, I will get a gym membership at the 24 hour fitness that is a mile down the street. I could go a couple times a week and work out for an hour or so, hop on the bus and be home in 10 minutes. I could probably burn some calories that way.

  845. lisa says:

    I’m 43 and already forgetting things or maybe i’m just having blonde moments, i’m not sure, lol I’ve been keeping busy this past week and although I have been eating out almost daily, I have found that i’m not snacking all the time like I was and I seem to only eat that one big meal a day and that does it for me. But I am chain drinking cokes.

  846. DC says:

    Hey Jai! Not much new. Another pot SD wants to meet for lunch next week. I think this one will be more of a friendship. He’s new to this, think he wants more companionship which is fine. I am always up for a new friendship

    Now go take a nap, listen to your body!

    Lisa- you are bigger obviously but you still sound really skinny. I found that once I hit 45 it became twice as hard to stay in shape. It never ends ladies :(

  847. lisa says:

    Jai it’s probably the heat, it makes me tired.
    I just feel larger than I used to be. But my mom is 69, 5′ 4 and weighs 99 lbs so I wish I weighed that. my daughter’s 5 ‘ 3 and weighs 90. I still were junior clothes though

  848. Jai says:

    Uh oh, can’t leave without saying WHAT’S UP to DC. :) What’s up DC?

  849. Jai says:

    Why do I feel as though I need a nap? It’s only 4:45pm. I think I’ll listen to my body and go lay down for a bit. Be back later to check in on the blog :)

    Lisa, don’t melt while I’m gone. I want to know more about sd #2 😛

  850. DC says:

    Thanks Sweetred!

    Jai- yes Yoshis, that’s it. I love that place!

    Lisa- 5’1 and 105 lbs does not sound fat to me at all, it sounds just right. 87 lbs is way too thin. You must have been a stick figure!

  851. Jai says:

    87 lbs? That seems too small, but if that’s your comfort zone, I understand. :) Long as you’re healthy.

  852. lisa says:

    well actually I need to lose about 20 lbs. i’m 5′ 1″ and weigh 105, I used to weigh 87 lbs.

  853. Jai says:

    Your candles sticks are melting?! Probably keeps your skin looking great though and you stay slim, I’m sure :)

  854. Jai says:

    Gail-I neglected to actually answer your question :) Sorry. It took about 3 or 4 months. He was the first one I met with. I met with another one around the same time and hung out with him as well, but he was a bit much for me 😛

  855. lisa says:

    well the potential sd is the one that I have been chatting with for about 2 weeks. He’s married and lives 120 miles away so meeting is an issue and won’t happen till he gets into town on business sometime. He only comes here once or twice a month. However it has potential and i’m sure I could make time for him a couple times a month. He’s younger than me actually. Just keeping hold of him cause you gotta keep something in reserve. I’m focusing on the sd I have now and fortunately he isn’t overbearing and we are going to see each other once a week for now. We chat every day though.

    I reported my ac again at 3 so they have had 3 hours to work on it but I guess they plan on doing it tomorrow but since I won’t be home all day, they will not come in and they will use the excuse that they came but no one was home to let them in. The flowers that my sd bought me monday night have already almost died from the heat. :( They would have probably lasted over a week if my apartment was cool. I’ve got candle sticks bending over too.

  856. Jai says:

    Lisa-What a way to get tired out though :) So, what’s up with the other potential sd? Do you like him more/less? Is he lying about his age? 😛

    It’s 101 here Lisa and just going from the theater to the truck felt like I was skipping across the devil’s balls. I can’t imagine sitting in it. And it totally does drain you. Bleh

  857. lisa says:

    still hot in here and they’ve already came down from the roof and closed the office. I guess my ac won’t be fixed :( cause i won’t be home tomorrow to let them in if they show up then

  858. lisa says:

    Hi Jai I’m here :) Tired from shopping. Best part is that my parents were busy all day and had sent their cell with my daughter and she was at school and work all day so no one tried to call me so no need to explain where I was, lol Nothing like going to the nice part of town for awhile.

    Have been chatting with my other potential sd every day for the past couple weeks, hoping he can make it into town on business soon. My sd is busy getting his pool and yard in shape. He likes to give me all the details of his yardwork, such girly topics, lol When I get my work schedule tomorrow I will be able to make a date with him for this next week.

  859. Jai says:

    Afternoon all :)

    Gail-Ewwwwww baloot. I don’t know how they do it, but apparently it’s uber delish 😛

    DC-Are you thinking of Yoshi’s in Jack London Square?

    Sweetnothings-I used to work in Walnut Creek! lol They have a Blondies pizza there, like the one in Berkeley…oohh I miss Cali

    Lisa-Glad you got your shopping done. Nothing like retail therapy 😉

    How is everyone?! 😀

  860. BerkshireSD says:

    Hi Natasha. I remember liking your profile back when you first joined. I bet you will do fine.

  861. lisa says:

    lol Nitemare there were tree limbs every where. Didn’t see any legs or arms laying around though. If I would have, I would have picked them up and put them in my freezer, lol

    I am having a great month though. Went to the galleria today because of my luck, wonder if today’s trip will bring me more luck, lol ?

  862. lisa says:

    I spent many years trying to find my mr right. I spent a couple years on serious dating sites. I met one man a couple years ago and had a good relationship with him and then he dumped me for no reason. If I date some seriously, it has to be headed towards marriage and committment, not just dating. I find most men my age (40″s) either want to marry a much younger woman and start a family or they are divorced with young children. My daughter’s 18 so i’m not interested in being involved with a man with young children. I have chosen sugardating because if i’m going to spend my time in relationships that are not going to lead to commitment, then I want a man who will spoil me and someone to have fun and adventure with. Regular dating means sharing dating expenses, giving the man the benefits that a husband has and he doesn’t have to help me, so therefore I will sugardate instead. :)

  863. NitemareSD says:

    Limbs? Arms or legs or both?

    Lisa you are on your way to being the envy again, shortly before the exorcism.

  864. Natasha says:

    Well in a year I hope not to see myself Sugar Dating anymore. I do want to find someone to settle with. as I sugar date, at the same time I am seeking for that special someone on the side.

  865. lisa says:

    Of course hurricane season is almost here, hope there isn’t another Ike this year, it was horrible. It’s odd though that 8 months later there are roofs covered with tarp, apartments, businesses, etc and the apartments across the street had lost thier roof but my dumpy apartment complex had no damage except for a few limbs, the one time I was glad I lived here as I had no damage and only 13 hours without power, everyone else had at least 2 weeks, I was the envy of my family and friends.

  866. lisa says:

    I know the feeling when you spend the day in a cold building and then out into the heat, zap goes your energy and you feel tired all of a sudden. The store I work in is really cold but I am so used to it that I dont’ notice it, but when I step outside in the afternoon, zikes. The buses are kind of cold too. Still not cooling in here, getting hotter actually. I hope they get it fixed today because I will be gone all day tomorrow. I’m ready for winter

  867. sweetredhead*269443* says:

    It was really hot here today, But I work in the air conditioning and it’s freezing in my office. But you go outside and it hits you yiks!. But I am only 7 minutes from my work :) My car does not have working air :(

  868. lisa says:

    Hi sweetredhead. yes I had a great time. I had planned a galleria shopping trip since I met my first sd, but the relationship ended before the next month allowance so I’ve been waiting forever. My daughter is always buying new scrubs. She works part time for a liver doctor and wear black scrubs with any color triming red, pink, blue, etc.
    Bills are all paid for this month, more contact lenses ordered, now i’m working at work on june’s bills. Gotta work all weekend so that sucks. If I got off at 2 it would be ok but having to work till 4 or 5 and wait an hour for a bus sucks. I hear them on the roof, I hope they’re fixing my ac but nothing yet, they;ve been up their an hour and it’s still hot in here.

  869. sweetredhead*269443* says:

    DC have a great time on your sugar date.
    Lisa glad you had fun shopping. Wish I could go, I want new scrubs :) But has to wait till I get bills caught up :(

  870. sweetredhead*269443* says:

    Hi sugars. It’s the WEEKEND!! Time to have some fun :) My boss said to me when I was leaving “you will be here on Monday, please say YES!” They like me, I got all the back work done that was sitting in bins. I hate things left undone. She was very impressed :) One of the nurses came out and said I just had to tell you that you are doing an awesome job. It feels good to be appreciated :) I have only been working there 4 days.

  871. lisa says:

    Good afternoon everyone. Just got back from sugarshopping. Waiting for the management to come look at my ac. Hopefully the woman in the office understood my spanish as I had to put in a repair resquest over the phone in broken spanish.
    Had a great outing. Got some more cosmetics, some retro candies, perfume, summer dresses, lingerie, etc. Had a nice lunch of chicken chrispers at chilis and gave the waitress a 5 dollar tip on a 13 dollar bill. she was happy. I opted for a coke instead of a daquari as I want to be allert when i’m out shopping. I also bought some eyeshadow primer. I have never used that stuff but had a sample from last week and it really does keep your eyeshadow from fading. Heard from my sd today, he’s still busy in his yard. I sometimes wonder if he might already be retired although he claims to work somewhere, maybe parttime as he seems to have alot of free time but he still has the money too, he is like mid 60’s.

    I had been hoping to go on a galleria shopping spree since I met my first sd last year but after having a long dry spell and a couple smaller shopping trips, today, 11 months later, I got to do it.

    Hope everyone is having a great afternoon. It’s a scorcher here.

  872. DC says:

    Hi Sweetnothings-

    Best to just be honest with him, tell him it aint gonna happen the way he wants. That should get rid of him.

    Or suggest he go over to Adult Friend Finder. That sounds like more of what he’s looking for LOL

  873. Sweetnothings says:

    Good morning everyone, by the way! Although it’s 2, but I just got up a couple of hours ago. hehehe Nice weather here in NY but I’m madly studying for finals. I’m dooooone on Tuesday! Drank too much last night…nursing a hangover *sigh*

    The young SD who I went out to drinks with this past Monday has now texted me for the past 3 days asking if I wanted to hang out at night. I’m pretty sure I know what he wants, and it annoys me. It’s so true – some guys just DON’T get the arrangement! This is not a site simply to enable steady hook ups. I just keep turning him down but haven’t mustered up the energy to tell him I’m not into it. He’s going to fight me and think of all these reasons why it would work and push me to say what exactly I don’t like about what’s happening…blah blah… I’m all for confrontation and debate usually, but with men sometimes it’s just an energy drain. I should just tell him I’ve found someone else, but I honestly think he’s going to keep pushing either way.

    I’m so happy to see all of these Cali people on the blog!!

  874. Sweetnothings says:

    Jai!! You’re from Oakland? I’m from Walnut Creek!! Haha small world. Well, I’m currently in NY for college, but def from the bay originally. I used to work at Youth Radio, dunno if you’ve heard of it. It’s in Oakland.

  875. DC says:

    Hey Jai- didn’t know you are from Oaktown. I have good friends there over by the famous jazz club, can’t think of the name now. I lived 26 years in San Francisco

    Gail- you are right. I am going out now to play some tennis. And the first SD date will be hard but I’m sure it gets easier after that. If it doesn’t work out with him there is one other I have been e-mailing off and on for a month but just seems too busy. Like a job interview, you rarely get the first job you interview for, right?

    Man, I love lumpia. Haven’t had that in years. My specialty is a pork and tomatillo stew and then creme brulee for dessert. You all are invited over if you are ever in Seattle.

    I’m a little jealous of your warm weather. It’s still kind of chilly here, about 55 degrees but at least the sun just came out

  876. Gail says:

    That’s all I can do for the food. Sinagang…I don’t even like…lets not talk about baloot…lol…I love to eat : ) My sd dates require going out to eat for the first date, especially if I get to pick the restaurant.
    Jai, how long did it take for you to find your SD. I remember you awhile back when you first started your search, and then you disappeared…(smile)

  877. Jai says:

    Lol my sister is half filipino so she cooks all those wonderful things. I let my SD try adobo and sinigang…he didn’t like it lol. I can make lumpia, but I would never attempt anything else 😛

  878. Gail says:

    Jai-I am in Sacramento. Thats just down the street around the corner from me. I can make chicken adobo, and lumpia only. I can make pancit but it is not as good as my moms…so I just have her make it…lol…
    Also…I can tell you how to make it for your fella if you would like : ) that way you can surprise him.

  879. Jai says:

    Gail-Lol back to your question. Actually no. We’ve been doing our own things. I’m trying to get my essay portfolio together. He’s being…retired lol. Sounds like you have a fun weekend planned :) What part of NorCal are you in? I’m from Oakland.

    DC-I’m excited for you too! Hope you have some sweet sugar stories to tell 😉

  880. Jai says:

    Can you make pancit, adobo, and sinigang? Ok, I’m hungry lol

  881. Jai says:

    Had to say this first Gail :) Send me some Lumpia!

  882. Jai says:

    Hey DC :) It’s super sunny here in AZ. Supposed to be 100 degrees today.

  883. Gail says:

    Jai-Did you grab your SD off the veranda last nite and ravish his body? LOL : ) I am cleaning because I have no choice, I am having company this weekend, non sugar stuff. My little babies…23 and 20 :)

    Darkshines-Calif is a great place to live : ) I am in Northern Calif and OCSugar is in Southern. The sun is always shining here!!!

    DC-I am excited for you. The first one was tough for me. Lots of emotions, not knowing what to expect : ) After its over, good or bad…you always learn something for it. Have fun and enjoy : ) This will be the first of many….don’t get back in bed DC…celebrate the day…its Friday!!!

    I have taken out a Tritip and Chicken to BBQ. I am making lumpia(filipino egg rolls) and other stuff, but I don’t know yet…cooking and cleaning day for me : )

  884. DC says:

    Morning Gail, morning Jai, morning Nightmare, morning Darkshines (great photo)-

    Hopefully next week I will have a SD story as I have my first meet and greet. If he doesn’t cancel. I know, think positive.

    Rainy and cold again here today, sun is desperately trying to peek out. Good weather for getting back into bed.

  885. Jai says:

    Morning Gail :) Hope you enjoy your day off even though you have to clean.

  886. Gail says:

    LOL @ Nitemare….

    Where do you see yourself in 1 year? I have been here over a year now…I am sure I will still be here. Not necessarily sugar dating, but keeping in touch with my sugar friends : )

    What will you be doing? I hope to be attending a sugar wedding…unfortuantely the SD and SB haven’t told us yet..they might not even know about it…(smile)

    Morning Lisa, Stormcat,DC,Nitemare and Princess Jai : ) I am not working today!!! except I still have housework to do : (
    Will you still be on SA? Yes, unless my SD takes me off into the wild blue yonder : )

  887. NitemareSD says:

    In one year I expect I will be lurking, reading Lisa’s posts, and still be NitemareSD.

    If I have a steady SB, I will not be active on SA, but SA will be an option to return to whenever I don’t.

    Looking further down the road, I expect to end up in Guantanamo after the Taliban take over and further evolve society’s views on many issues.

  888. Jai says:

    Where do you see yourself in 1 year?
    A semester away from having my BS in Biochemistry.

    What will you be doing?
    Looking ahead to med school.

    Will you still be on SA?
    The blog maybe :) I hope to be stable and have learned enough about the SD/SB lifestyle to sustain me for years to come.

    Now, as far as what will actually happen? Only God knows.


  889. darkshines says:

    Probably still looking for a SD, hopefully in California by then!

    I’d like to be enrolled in a decent business school, and then maybe open up an industrial club.

    I’m with DC, I doubt I will have any regrets in one year either.

  890. Stormcat says:

    Good morning
    I like this. Blogging is new for me and it feels like I got friends hanging out with me. Working alone from home can be difficult at times, with no one around but the cat.

    I’m hoping that in 1 year that my line of tool inventions will have hit the market and I’ll start seeing a nice fat income stream. That way I can start working on the really interesting inventions.

    I’d like to still be on SA. If I have the nice cash flow back I won’t have to limit my SB’s support amount anymore. Also, in a year Ill be traveling more and having an SB to travel with me would be really cool.

  891. DC says:

    Morning Lisa and Sincere:

    When you said that I was thinking Nightmare changed his moniker? wha??

    I am hoping that in 1 year I have met my life partner after exploring the SB lifestyle and having a grand time, but ready to move on into something more permanent.

    I also hope to be enrolled in a masters program with the help of an SD and almost finished with that.

    Wherever I am in a year I doubt I will have any regrets.

  892. lisa says:

    oops sorry, i;m still asleep, lol Congrats Sincere, sorry I can’t read this morning, SincereSD not Nitemaresd, lol ALthough I’m sure Nitemare is lurking somewhere

  893. lisa says:

    Congrats on being the first to post Nitemare. I see I was able to channel you onto the blog, lol

    In one year I see myself in the same place, doing the same thing, I’m not on SA anymore, just the blog
    I will continue to search for sds though because each one is a new exciting adventure and you can’t have too many potentials. I have one now, one potential so I’m not searching at ths time though

    Off to my shopping trip at the galleria today. It’s good to have money to shop. Have a good day everyone, i’ll be back after 4.

  894. SincereSD says:

    Hmm, finally I’m the first to post. To answer the questions:

    Where do you see yourself in 1 year?
    Not much will change except that I will be one year older. Same city, same house, etc.

    What will you be doing?
    Well, I was hoping to retire young, enjoy life and catch up on hobbies and books that I have missed out on because I’ve been working so hard over the past few decades. However, retirement is unlikely with the downturn in the economy and the subsequent hit on my investment portfolio. Any sugar mama’s out there for me :p

    Will you still be on SA?
    I think so although I’m on a SB hiatus for the time being. I don’t see things changing for me personally in 2010 so I’ll be back. Haven’t had a SB relationship last more than 9 months.

    Whoa, when I read over my comments, it sounds like I’m caught in groundhog day.