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Sugar Crime – Blackmail/Extortion


In the past week, there has been significant buzz in the media regarding Stephen Dent’s extortion case. Dent, a multi-millionaire, Dupont heir, and long-time user of SeekingArrangement, was the victim of blackmail three times in the past year.

SeekingArrangement was founded on the basis of mutually beneficial relationships and upfront honesty.  As with any type of relationship, there are always pitfalls along the way, whether it be blackmail or domestic abuse.

In sugarland, where money and beauty are the central focus of most participants, it is ever more important to use one’s common sense to avoid being taken advantage of.  While we do not allow our site to be used for illegal activities, we, like all dating sites, run into a few bad apples here and there.

There have been many instances, some notorious, in which a Sugar Daddy relationship takes a turn for the worse. Whether it’s overt deception, extortion, or any other type of ill deed, it’s prudent to know that no matter how a sugar dater might appear at first, safety should always be your first priority. We recommend anyone interested in the sugar lifestyle visit our blog and read our new book – The Definitive Guide to Sugar Daddy and Mutually Beneficial Relationships.

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818 Responses to “Sugar Crime – Blackmail/Extortion”

  1. Kelly says:

    I am writing because I am being blackmailed. I was on the site for a little while to try it out, and went on a date with this man. He promised to help me out with a certain amount of money with no clear guideline of what he expected for this money. After I left the date that night and after he had helped me out with some money, he sent me awful texts and insulted me like no one ever has. He is demanding I pay him his money back or he will blast me on social media of the company I work for and post my pictures and screenshots of my site page along with my phone number. I am at a loss of what to do, I’m scared and feel like he is dangerous to me. What should I do?

  2. JT says:

    Girl is trying to extort money from me. I need to remove all messages from her inbox on SA site…I have deactivated my Oreo file but we exchanged phone numbers so she is texting me…I just want to drelet all messages to and from her that are stored in her inbox…how do I do this. Just want her to go away…she wants money from me and she lied about pics and was not close to what she said. Now she wants money and I don’t want to her from her. Thanks.

  3. Leslie says:

    Its unfortunate that some sb ruin it for others but there are some sd that are equally scary.I was blackmailed by one sd he threatend to get ex husband involved he went to visit my parents to tell them what site i was on. He protrayed himself a lot different. this was after one meeting. now he sends threatening emails..telling me what he is going to do to my life..What can i do? Not much but ignore and hope he goes away.


    • OCSugarbaby says:

      Leslie that is horrible. But how did this SD get so much information about you from just one date? Block his emails or change your email addy. All you have to tell your family if they find out or if you prefer to tell them before hand is that you tried this dating site had one date and it was not what you expected it to be.

  4. melaleuca says:

    The problem is that this will also attract more scammers – scammers that act normal and then switch to blackmail after reaching a certain point. I guess it’s just a matter of people being extra careful. What can they do?

    –melaleuca fan

  5. dreamer says:

    these scammers are ruining it for everyone
    they are going to run all the good men off

  6. Stormcat says:

    (-_-) 😡 :-X :)) :-)) ^#( ^#)

  7. секс по телефону says:

    ммм )) бьютифильный блог 😉
    Нет желания сменить дизайн? Поставить ещё пару плагинови будет красивее..ну это вот это будет симпотно действительно 🙂
    Кстати , ты какой хостинг юзаешь? =)

  8. ApplyCreditCards says:

    da best. Keep it going! Thank you

  9. Tammy says:

    Any body else out there have contact with him yet? Wanted me to get a loan, and send him money for his motel room. Said he had no money to pay anything. What a jerk! Cant even pay my own bills let alone his!! Guess he forgot, I am the one who needs money!

  10. kelly says:

    I have been a Personal Assistant for two very nice men (literally, not another name for Sugar Baby!) and my employers both asked that I sign a confidentiality agreement.

    There are pre-nups and contracts to protect people in various situations. There will always be a bad apple or two…I would say trust your instincts and remember that if it sounds too good to be true…

  11. sweetredhead*269443* says:

    Wow ok, briefly scanned through the blog. The scammers are making us all careful. And maybe making us go a little over board when we talk to an SD or SB. My suggestion is to just be yourself. This is not a business arrangement, It’s two people wanting a mutually beneficial relationship. If you can’t be open and honest about who you are and what you want then you should not be here. In my way of thinking it’s a friendship and bond that is formed between an SD and SB. Yes money in involved and yes sex is involved but it is so much more than that. If you want sex for money OR money for sex then maybe you should rethink what site your on.

    My little contribution of the day 🙂 I am off to work. yes some of us do that because we are not here to be supported, we are here because we want to be 🙂

    Have a good day everyone

  12. sweetredhead*269443* says:

    Good morning sugars. I have not read through the blog yet, but can see something happened last night. I miss all the good stuff lol.

    Thank you Bob 🙂

    I will catch up sometime today, I hope.

  13. Angela300373 says:

    Awesome! Great to hear your good news!
    I would love to stay updated on how your new adventure goes.

    I also have to say your comment are wonderful and you (along with a few other SD’s on this blog) should write a Sugar Daddy 101…..lol

    Remember, she is just as nervous as you are and just be your charming self and it will be great!

  14. Andrew50 says:

    Hi, Angela.

    I talked to my SB today (at least I think she’s my SB), and we made plans for our first date, following our earlier initial meeting. She seemed upbeat and enthusiastic, and I’m feeling more confident that she’s going to show up.

  15. Angela300373 says:

    Bob: that is hilarious! What could be a better way to spend the day?

  16. Angela300373 says:

    We could be here all night debating which side :
    1. Has more fakers
    2. Has the most to lose if the other party doesn’t “reciprocate”

    Want to know what the percentages are for each side?
    Toooooo darn high for me to be comfortable!

    It sucks…… but blaming sides doesn’t help fix it. It has been done, and done, and done some more. It just turns into a “who is using who” and that is focusing on negativity and I would rather chose to think positively.

    I came to this site to find a relationship that was quite the opposite of that. To me, Sugar dating is all about NOT having a hidden agenda (or maybe it’s ulterior motives) and/or using someone but instead openly and honestly discussing each others wants and needs and both trying to fulfill those needs for each other. It should stem from a genuine desire to do so.

  17. bob says:

    good night

  18. bob says:

    I have also decided I am going to lisa’s and getting Percy to come live with me in the ac and drink beer and hump hotdog buns togather

  19. bob says:

    This lab top s***t is killing me. Just figured out how to kill the touch pad. For the fourth try I am going to say one last thing about this afternoon. Outrage is not a real SD. I agree with the other guys ideas on this blog. For me I am not ready to date again. But need a friend(girl) that I can talk to about anything that is not going to sit there and go you are on screwed up person. I am at the end of a divorce and not ready to date(my problem not anybody elses). Would sex be great(hell yea). The SB/SD relationship is based on two people bringing to table what the other person needs. While it is diffrent for each party those party’s are out there. And for me it would be the type that are like sweetredhead and Jai. But that is me. All men at a certian point in thier lives are givers. We have to have a job and be parents. But most of us could live in a trailer and be happy as long as the kids live well and everthing is taken care of. Now for me this is marrage number three I am down. Kids are by wofe number two. While I dont like her and she does no like me she is the words greatest mom and thats all she really wants to do. Does not date(she needs to get laid and calm down) she has a great job makes good money and divocred well. But I do love the mom that she is and gives me my afterschool eranends with the kids and keeps me busy with them now that I am almost divoced. I think i have just typed a book about nothing.

  20. Beach_Girl*306486 says:

    Nite Jai~ be careful of your eyeballs! lmao
    Nite all

  21. Jai says:

    Lol thanks goodgirl 🙂

    Night all

  22. goodgirl*313749 says:

    lmbbo (laughing my burnt butt off) JAI IS FUNNY!! 🙂 🙂 🙂
    good night sugars! off to dream about all things lovely!…

  23. lisa says:

    I don’t know because I suggested getting together on friday since it was my next day off. He said he would have to see if it was a good day. I can meet him any evening after work but he prefers to meet me earlier because the trafic in my area is a nitemare at 5-6 .
    I’m going to watch some tv now and sleep late in the morning then I have to go to target for some household essentials shopping.

    Have a good night everone

  24. Beach_Girl*306486 says:

    Lisa~ great but you have to bring Percy with you, i’m allergic to birds lol
    oh and i have 2 cats and a dog , your gonna have to take care of them too… lol

  25. lisa says:

    ok Beach_Girl Let’s trade, lol

    I haven’ t called him. Actually I’m on the phone with my friend and my phone will soon be dead (battery).

  26. Jai says:

    Hi Natasha, Beach, good girl, Lisa (again 😛 )

    I had to take a shower and get comfy. I was born with a permanent tan so no product necessary 😛 I did sun burn my eye balls when I first moved to AZ lol terrible terrible feeling

  27. goodgirl*313749 says:

    lisa- didn’t you talk to him on tues and he said get together fri? i’d just relax and wait…

  28. Natasha says:

    lisa have u called ur SD??

  29. Beach_Girl*306486 says:

    Hi GG,
    Hey lisa it’s freezing cold here, you should come visit and i’ll go there, i love the heat lol

  30. lisa says:

    I have no luck with self tanners. I end up looking streaky and with the hot weather, I sweat it off.

  31. lisa says:

    I use the jergans but it doesn’t really make me look tan, after a few days it fades even though I apply it everyday.

  32. goodgirl*313749 says:

    hi bg 🙂
    hi natasha 🙂

  33. goodgirl*313749 says:

    oh yeah, the spray on self tanners are awsome! i was using some a couple months ago. they’re also gradual, and they are in an aeresol can, so its easy to get your back and such… no orange!

  34. Natasha says:

    hello my sugar fam!!! how are all of you doing this night??

  35. goodgirl*313749 says:

    i like that stuff too suzieq. until yesterday, i was also fair as can be. i don’t burn too badly though. it’ll be gone by morning (thanks to my native american grandpa!) i like to get things done pretty quickly. plus, i’m lazy and don’t lotion my whole body everyday. just face and arms usually. i’d look pretty funny if i kept using my jergens 🙂 lol

  36. Beach_Girl*306486 says:

    Hey SuzieQ~

  37. SuzieQ*297329* says:

    Think I might go to bed obscenely early tonight (yawn!). I NEVER have trouble sleeping but last night I woke up at 1:00 a.m. tossed and turned until 3:30 then finally got up and started my day. So it’s been a long one. Maybe a hot bath until it starts to get dark, then off to meet my favourite sd, the sandman!

  38. SuzieQ*297329* says:

    Hi BG 😉

  39. SuzieQ*297329* says:

    Or try this product (runs upstairs to bathroom to fetch it), Jergen’s Natural Glow Daily Moisturizer.

    I don’t usually buy tanning things because I tan pretty easily, but it was February and the stuff was on the clearance shelf so I bought some. It’s a gradual tan over a period of about a week and it’s subtle, not like you all of a sudden turn brown overnight. And it’s very moisturizing. Just make sure you have someone to help you reach those tough spots on your back!

  40. girlie says:

    Goodgirl is right, Lisa. I am as fair as can be and I can get a tan by 6-8 min in a standup bed once or twice a week. Build a little at a time.

  41. lisa says:


    what happened to my sd?? I’m still chatting with the potential one but he’s in another town and he still hasn’t been able to meet me yet, it’s been since day 1 of my going to the other playgroud. I have my profile hid on there for now so I can focus on sd and potential sd.

  42. Beach_Girl*306486 says:

    Hello Sugar Girls….

  43. goodgirl*313749 says:

    lol…thats right! (someone was saved by a martini earlier?) i had one too many before i went… burned by the martini! 🙂
    just work your way in lisa. go only 5 min instead of the full 10. then wait 2 days, go back for 6min…ect.

  44. SuzieQ*297329* says:

    lisa – not if you stay in it as long as goodgirl did!

  45. lisa says:

    I guess I will look out in my potted plants tomorrow. Really odd as we had a nice chat tuesday night.
    I once bought 2 bottles of “sudden tan” self tanner when I was in junior high (1978) and I turned orange and it wouldn’t wash off. I wish I could get a tan but I burn easily, not sure if a tanning bed would give me better results

  46. SuzieQ*297329* says:

    Sounds like we need a comprehensive sb policy – bumps, bruises, burns….what else? LOL!

    My date was lovely, thanks for asking. We will see each other again, soon I hope!

  47. girlie says:

    I bet it was endearing in it’s own little way, OC. I am sure your SD thought it cute 🙂

    Spill, SuzieQ.

    LIsa, have you emailed/ called him?

  48. Jai says:

    Lol my bad Suzie. Now my hunger for stories is painfully obvious 🙂

    Lisa, I thought I saw him, but it was a bush. Sorry 😛

  49. goodgirl*313749 says:

    no lisa sd here. no flowerbed either. just some weeds…

  50. SuzieQ*297329* says:

    Jai – I meant I had lots of hugs to share lol!

    Lisa – he’s not in my back yard, sorry

  51. Jai says:

    Lol at SB insurance OC 😛

  52. goodgirl*313749 says:

    hi suzieq 🙂 …did i already miss it? how’d the date go?
    btw- could barely sit down myself today. no bruise, but my sd bought me a tanning package and i stayed in a little too long… oops. the back of my knees are burnt. not to mention my previously white behind that is now a stunning shade of ‘lobster’ lol!

  53. lisa says:

    Sending some more hugs to OC 🙂 Has anyone seen my sd? Please look out in your flower beds and send him to me, he’s MIA since tuesday evening

  54. Jai says:

    Do tell SuzieQ 🙂

  55. OCSugarbaby says:

    Girlie: I was lucky no bruise, just my ego… that was real smooth. One minute I was on the bed the next I was sailing onto the floor. I was more embarrassed than anything. I wonder if they have SB insurance?

  56. SuzieQ*297329* says:

    HI girls, everyone is in such a huggy mood tonight…I have lots to share, hugs to all! And especially OC, sounds like your hug tank is running low. 🙂

  57. lisa says:

    I actually have kleenex on my shopping list for tomorrow. lol my lover fell off my bed a few weeks ago, lol My bed is high up cause I have one of those super thick mattresses so it was a big fall

  58. lisa says:

    Ha ha back when I was working with my parents on their paper route, My dad had rammed me in the behind with a shopping cart (we used them for loading the newspapers into the car from the wrapping table) and it hurt a little but I forgot about it. Next day I was getting dressed and saw a big spot on my butt in the mirror and thought i’d had an “accident” lol it was a huge bruise. Then last year when got hit by that flying construction blocker that a car hit and it came at me at the bus stop, hitting me in the back and butt. I had a huge purple and black bruise all over my back and behind, looked horribe and lasted about a month

  59. girlie says:

    haha, OC, that’s a great story. It’s always funnier when there is a witness. I could not stop laughing….I practically had to sleep in another room because I could not get serious afterwards.

  60. OCSugarbaby says:

    Ok, kleenex is empty. The hugs are better.

  61. Jai says:

    Lol girlie. That sounds painful.

    A second hug for OC. Hope everyone’s good now 🙂

  62. OCSugarbaby says:

    Thanks Lisa…. I needed that.

  63. goodgirl*313749 says:

    *extra big hug oc 🙂
    ouch girlie!!! (and good evening)

  64. Gail says:

    Hugs!!! Double Hugs!!! for OC We need emoticons… : )

  65. OCSugarbaby says:

    Girlie: OUch! I fell off the bed once. I thought that I was gonna sit on the end of the bed and all the covers were bunched up at the end. Thought I was going to sit and BOOM! I was on the floor. Suthrn laughed so hard but at the same time he was wondering if I was ok!

  66. lisa says:

    Hug @ OC

  67. goodgirl*313749 says:

    lisa you’re crackin me up!
    heloooo gail! *waves*
    lmfao *greencard alert

  68. girlie says:

    Hi All. Confusing day to read through here.

    SuzieQ….COngrats on your date….wonderful! You must be thrilled that your first one went well and will progress to a second.

    Jai….I try to be appreciative in little ways. I picked up some tea I thought my SD might enjoy and last night he came to my house for the first time so I picked up a box of his fav cereal (one I never buy but he mentioned early in our conversations that it was his comfort food). And last night he said he needs ties so I am tie hunting online to introduce him to my fav tie brand as a surprise.

    On a side note to make someone laugh, I fell down the stairs last night…..naked! My SD ran to check what the heck happened while I layed on the floor dying of laughter. Not laughing today, I tell you. I Have a bruise on my butt the size of two hands and my back is killing. 🙂

  69. Jai says:

    HUG* OC 🙂

    And Lisa, I didn’t know they had them like that either, but it was in the middle of the store 🙂 And blowing some nice cool air.

  70. OCSugarbaby says:

    Hi Jai, Lisa, Good girl and Gail: I am still here and will TOTALLY take that hug….

  71. lisa says:

    what is a stand alone ac, never hear of that? Good evening Gail. I just strip at the front door the minute I get home. Drop in on lisa any evening after 5 and she’s most likely dressed for bed,lol

  72. Jai says:

    Thanks Gail 🙂 I’m finally getting some hugs

  73. Jai says:

    Thank you goodgirl! 🙂

    It’s not a window ac lol it’s a stand alone Lisa. It was so cold 🙂 You should check it out.

  74. Gail says:

    Wheeew….I left today…and now I am back : )
    Hugs to everyone that is on right now…. I started to read, didn’t understand what happened…and stopped. Its hot here Lisa. I have been wearing shorts everyday after I get home from work.
    Hello Jai and goodgirl!!!

  75. lisa says:

    good evening good girl no I can’t answer the door naked, the repair people here are just other tenants working for rent credits and they’re perverts. A white girl like me is a greencard allert, lol. But seriously the ups man must think i’m a pervert as everytime he comes to my door it seems I’m naked and have just thrown something on. One time I went shopping and came home and took off my skirt because it was too tight to sit around the house in. I was in a sweater and my undies (it was winter) and DHL came to deliver something and I had gotten so comfortable that I forgot I didn’t have a skirt on and answered the door, stood a minute and chatted with the delivery guy ( he acted funny and seemed to want to leave) when I got inside I looked down and realized is indecent. lol DHL has never came to my house since then, lol

  76. lisa says:

    I can’t have a window ac, too dangerous to have my window unlocked and open to fit it. And I doubt the landlord would allow it as we can’t even have color window coverings. It doesn’t make since, kinda like not allowing us to have a washer but still not providing a laundry room on the property.
    Sam’s is arouond the corner from me but i’m not a member so i’ve never been there. and my outlets only have 120 voltage, not sure how much voltage an ac runs. The wiring is old here and I only have one working outlet in the living room. I have one of those grounded plug prongs stuck in one of my outlets and can’t get anyone to come in and remove it. I can’t anyway because the mangement charges you for repairs if you caused the problem. If I stop up my toilet, they charge 75 dollars to fix it

  77. goodgirl*313749 says:

    *hugs* jai 🙂
    lisa- lmao! i would need take out too! this time answer the door naked. maybe they’ll fix it… 😉
    hi nitemare 🙂 i also missed the question..honesty, dependablity, reliablity, humor, respect, a need for each other, caring, yes jai- communication and understanding, compassion…should i continue?

  78. Jai says:

    Get a new ac with your next allowance Lisa or maybe your SD can get one? 🙂 I saw a cold blowing individual ac at Sam’s today for 188. I want one lol

  79. lisa says:

    everyone is so ticked off today, lol I’m ticked at my ac, sitting here soaked in sweat with the fan blowing on me. I hate to have to sit around all day tomorrow to get it fixed. And even if I sit around, it doesn’t mean they will show up or that it will be fixed. If I had a dollar for everytime my ac was “fixed” since I moved here, i’d be a sugarmomma, lol

    It’s 97 in here now

  80. Jai says:

    I offered a hug Lisa lol no one accepted

  81. Jai says:

    Nitemare-Two elements: Communication and understanding. 🙂 I never saw that question. Thank you for answering my question. I almost feel like I can do enough because he’s been so great. But I cook nearly every night, I wash his clothes, give him pedicures and foot massages (in the middle of one now 😛 ) and try my best to be appreciative. I just hope it shows. Thanks again 🙂

  82. lisa says:

    Good evening Nitemare. If I cooked dinner for someone, they might press charges, best get take out, lol

    I still can’t figure out what set off this cat fight. Everyone retract their claws.

  83. Jai says:

    Yay good girl! 🙂

  84. OCSugarbaby says:

    OPOV: And still with the insults! Quit! Do you enjoy making a sugar cry?

  85. NitemareSD says:

    Hi everyone, did I miss anything good?

    My all time favorite SB taught me to use Borax and Arm and Hammer. Also I use a lot more cold water and never hot anymore.

    The most important thing an SB can do to show appreciation is to actually appreciate. Believe me, we more evolved males can tell the difference. Don’t take for granted.

    Some other things: Cook a nice meal at home; pick up his dry cleaning; be warm and kind; do something he likes (esp. about you like wear something)

    A couple of weeks ago I asked people to name two elements of a relationship besides sex. No answers. Those answers would help that question.

  86. goodgirl*313749 says:

    i use tide. and downey like my momma used to 🙂 …i’m still friends.

  87. O(ne) P(oint) O(f) V(iew) says:

    I’m hurtful?

    When did I outright lie to you?

  88. Jai says:

    *BIG HUGS* Sugar fam 🙂 Now hug me back and let’s be friends.

    I’d like to ask the SDs a question. What are some general things a sugar baby can do for you to show their appreciation for all your help? I’m actually in the middle of giving my SD a foot massage, but I’m wondering what else I can do. He’s been great and I want to thank him.

  89. OCSugarbaby says:

    OPOV: You didn’t have to! I think your just plain hurtful!

  90. O(ne) P(oint) O(f) V(iew) says:

    I never mentioned your name.

  91. lisa says:

    outraged you sound very familiar now, I think you have attacked me before. FYI I used Gain Joyful expressions. Did you want to know what I had for dinner also?

  92. Jai says:

    Oh, I see the comments from Outraged up top now. I was wondering who everyone was referring to 🙂

  93. OCSugarbaby says:

    OPOV: Now you are just being plain old mean and hurtful to me. I have feelings too! I thought you were a nicer person than that. 🙁

  94. Jai says:

    I use Melaleuca or Arm and Hammer Outraged! 🙂 Glad everyone’s friends again

  95. lisa says:

    Ok i’m totally lost in this conversation, why did anyone get deleted?

  96. Outraged says:

    Well now that that’s settled, who wants to discuss what laundry detergent they are using?

  97. O(ne) P(oint) O(f) V(iew) says:

    Posts are getting deleted subjectively by the ___________. It is not automatic like I was told via backchannel. It is selective and subjective.
    Some people would have you believe that you are stupid and they can fool you.

  98. Outraged says:

    Looks like we wrangled up some honesty here. Some people’s comments are back. If they all come back, there will be some context to the reader.

    And for those curious, the only thing remotely insulting said today as far as I saw was where some SB told me to go get a prostitute because I didn’t want to trade sex for money, and I wanted to get to know soomeone before spoiling them. Oh, and some SD told me to go hunt elsewhere for similar reasons.

  99. Beach_Girl*306486 says:

    Jai~ mysteriously some of the comments have reappeared !!!

  100. OCSugarbaby says:

    Hey some of mine got deleted too! ~OC

  101. goodgirl*313749 says:

    hello everybodeee!!!
    hope evryone had a lovely day 🙂

  102. Jai says:

    Really Beach? I must have missed a good discussion 😛

  103. lisa says:

    I think I will go take a bath and wait for everyone to put on their big people pants and play nice 🙂

  104. Outraged says:

    And now a bold faced lie. The comments are gone.

  105. Beach_Girl*306486 says:

    Jai~ all of the Outraged post and some of mine have been taken off the blog!

  106. OCSugarbaby says:

    Outrage: Your comments are not deleted. 🙂 ~OC

  107. Outraged says:

    OC, You delete my comments encouraging genuine arrangements and choose to defame me when no one can see what I really said.

  108. Jai says:

    Lol Lisa, that is a cute explanation 🙂 Have faith, he’ll be back.

    OC, who is Outraged? I think his comments are being moderated before I get a chance to see them.

  109. raine says:

    OC (and others just coming in-hi, lisa!): the gist is, need I bother searching if I’m not putting out? That’s about the only concern I have.

    Lisa, I’m sure he’s only been held up by the geraniums or something.lol

    [I’ll come back when the storm blows over, or when a new topic shows up, whichever is later.]

  110. lisa says:

    Good evening Jai, OC

    I don’t know maybe he is like those manequins in an old twilight zone episode that lived for one day and went back to being manequins. Maybe he’s a flower that came to life as a human and now he’s back to being a flower, lol

  111. Jai says:

    Hey Lisa. Sorry to hear about the ac. Your SD will show up soon..he’s just out in his garden right now 😉

  112. lisa says:

    Good evening everyone. Just got home from work and going to the laundrette. Very tired now and sweating in my apartment. Office is closed so I can’t get my ac fixed.
    Haven’t heard from my sd since we chatted tuesday night. Did he poof on me? Looking forward to being off tomorrow, not sure if he is going to see me as I haven;t heard anything.

  113. OCSugarbaby says:

    Raine: What was your question? ~OC

  114. raine says:

    Would the SDs like to take a whack at my question, or do I need to come back when the second act/round has concluded?

  115. Jai says:

    So many SDs on at one time 🙂 My head is spinning..

  116. Outraged says:

    What’s this about rules and here we go again?

  117. Andrew50 says:

    Jai: Thanks!

    OPOV: Thanks for being the scapegoat. I was wondering who to blame. 🙂

  118. OCSugarbaby says:

    OPOV: I certainly don’t think of sugar dating as a game! I hate games… 🙁

  119. O(ne) P(oint) O(f) V(iew) says:

    would someone post the rules if you’re gonna play this game?

  120. raine says:

    Jai: sounds about right; just checking. I’ve bypassed so many profiles with even veiled references to same! In fact, I am perfectly prepared to end a date the nanosecond a gentleman mentions sex: “I see. Well, it was nice getting acquainted with you today, but this interview, er, date, is over. I bid you good day/evening and good luck in your search.” this is gonna be hard (if not outright impossible) for me, isn’t it? 😐

  121. Jai says:

    I saw that OPOV. Way to get things going 🙂 The blog needs a turbo charge every now and then.

  122. Jai says:

    DC-Lol love your thought process. We are ambassadors of fun and good will lol Nice! 😛

  123. O(ne) P(oint) O(f) V(iew) says:

    hey Jai,

    sheepishly cringing a bit! I responded to something stormcat said and it opened some sort of shitstorm on the blog. Got to be careful with what I say, but its hard being a capricorn.

  124. Jai says:

    Lol OC, maybe you’ll be saved by a margarita next time 🙂

    raine-Probably when you are discussing your expectations. If they expect/desire a sexual relationship, then that would be a good time to inform you’re not comfortable with that 🙂

    DC- 🙂 I don’t think it made me feel bad, it was surprising though. Which turned into confusion lol

  125. DC says:

    Wave back Kitty!

    Jai- sorry your friend made you feel bad. I think to a certain extent we all have some misgivings about being here. But we try and make it the best experience we can by treating others with respect and how we would want to be treated. I bet you are still pretty darn high up on that pedestal 😉

    I honestly think that some of the people who have a problem with this, do because they are envious. They wish they had the freedom we have to do as we please. So many are trapped in unhappy relationships and bogged down with work and kids. Like the one friend I told who said she disapproves because of the married aspect, but would be doing it herself if she wasn’t married (probably not with married men though)

    The way I choose to look at it as each party is filling a need.

    I think people in general are happier when they are spending time with someone they like who can make them feel good. And having regular sex helps of course. If they aren’t getting that at home that affects how they act towards other people (their loved ones, employees, etc) so in essence we are making the world a better place 😉 Boy what a stretch that was LOL

  126. raine says:

    Evening, sugar fans.

    Riddle time: I understand that based on my profile I may take longer than most finding an SD. Once the dates commence (again, a ways off yet), at about what point do I reveal to the pots that I’m not putting out?

  127. OCSugarbaby says:

    I am going to Mexico with the same group of girlfriends next month. I am sure that Tequilla will make me talk like a parrot!

  128. Jai says:

    Evening OPOV. How are you?

  129. O(ne) P(oint) O(f) V(iew) says:

    OCSugarbaby Says:
    May 14th, 2009 at 6:23 pm

    But just as my mouth was about to let the words come out… the waitress came up and asked us if we wanted another drink! Saved by the martini! ~OC

    Well that’s probably the first time I have ever heard that liquor actually caused tight lips. Usually, liquor LOOSENS the lips.

    Evening everyone

  130. Jai says:

    Lol OC. I didn’t come out and tell anyone except the friend who’s lowered my pedestal lol they all figured it out or called him that from the beginning.

    Idk what happened to Kitty. She popped in and popped right back out. 🙂

  131. OCSugarbaby says:

    Jai: I have not told anyone that I am sugar dating! I know that they just would not understand and may post judgement on my decision to do so. I had a few martini’s last Thursday nite during happy hour with my girlfriends and I almost told them. But just as my mouth was about to let the words come out… the waitress came up and asked us if we wanted another drink! Saved by the martini! ~OC

    Where did Kitty go???

  132. Beach_Girl*306486 says:

    OC~ The only thing i was saying about posting profile# , isn’t to blast whom ever is in the profile, but to give the info to the SB that was near him…
    I understand that people may not like it, and i was told they everyone agreed to not post # so i don’t. Now i e-mail them the info …
    I was never rude about a profile# i posted, if a profile didn’t appeal to me, or said something funny, i just posted the funny part never revealing who, where it came from!

  133. Jai says:

    How are you OC? 🙂

  134. Jai says:

    Hey OC 🙂 Very happy actually. And that deep tissue massage worked wonders!!

    I talked to my buddy and he explained that the terms ‘positive’ and ‘negative’ weren’t good to use in describing his feelings. He said ‘pedestal’ is more apropos. He explained that I am on a lower pedestal now because I have morally compromised myself. 🙂 Ahhh friendship…so beautiful in it’s complexities. Oh yeah, he made it very clear he was not judging me 😛

  135. OCSugarbaby says:

    Hi Jai: I think it is sad if others can’t see you are happy. You are happy right? Are you feeling better today? ~OC

  136. Jai says:

    I was gone for a few hours and missed sooo much 🙂 I love catching up though.

    Andrew50-I love your responses 🙂 They’re so thorough and well thought out. I think my friend’s presentation of his feelings caught me off guard. My family has been so accepting of my SD and our relationship that it hadn’t occurred to me that a close friend would view me in a ‘less positive’ light because of it. Thanks again for your input 😉

    Bob-Thank you for the compliment 🙂 I just wanted to clarify about me meeting my SD in the park. I knew his name lol and we had exchanged emails, but we failed to exchange numbers prior to meeting and did not speak on the phone. I didn’t know much about him, but I knew some basics 😉

    So how’s everyone doing today?

  137. kitty says:

    and DC *waves*

  138. E says:

    i have to agree as well with those statements mentioned……………………..
    i think when it comes to sugar dating the initial date seems to be the hardest as it can end up being the only date. i am currently speaking to a gentleman now and he seems like a great guy for me. we have spoken for about two weeks now and once im done with my exams i am off to meet him in his hometown and can’t wait and hope that we are a sugar match made in sugar heaven.

  139. kitty says:

    hey gnd, andrew, VC and NC

  140. DC says:

    Thanks Andrew!

  141. gurlnextdoor*274735* says:

    Hey VC, Andrew, and DC.

  142. gurlnextdoor*274735* says:

    E I like to get to know a guy first over emails and talking on the phone, because if the chemistry isn’t there then there is no reason to proceed with the arrangement in the first place. As for sex on the first date, I’m not a big fan of it but if there is a great mutual attraction and it leads to sex, then I have no problem with that. But just pressuring me into doing the deed is not going to work.

    Also I agree with NC Gent.
    “A man who is just looking to pay for sex or get free sex isn’t a true SD.”

  143. DC says:

    Hey Villa!

    I think the people who get scammed here are the same people who get scammed in real life. Either they don’t do their due dillgence or they react based on someone’s looks or their bank account size.

    I go with my instincts and I research someone as much as possible before I meet them. If I were to get scammed, they would have to be pretty good at scamming people because I have learned to spot red flags

    As in the case of one SD here, whose name I won’t mention, who was expressing concern about pot SB’s flaky behavior, I had asked how much will you put up with based on her looks. The answer was something along the lines of as long as she looks good, I’ll put up with it. Now if someone has that kind of approach, I would hope they won’t come on the blog and then complain that the SB turned out to be a scammer and a gold digger

  144. Andrew50 says:

    DC: Well said. I completely agree.

  145. VillaCypris *276489* says:

    AND suthrn!! hola.

    *hugs* back NC … been busy… all is well in the tundra… 😉 now that there is no snow….

    have a great afternoon! i’m heading out to go powerwalking…. ciao! x

  146. NC Gentleman says:

    Heya VC — long time no see!!! hugs!

  147. VillaCypris *276489* says:

    NC!!! 🙂 hello!

    DC, E, and gurl… 🙂

  148. NC Gentleman says:

    Outraged wrote:

    well I heard a story right here today that most men here just want to pay for sex, or get free sex, backed up by several people and don’t do what you and I are saying to do.

    If you read carefully what I said, I said TRUE SD – a man who is just looking to pay for sex or get free sex isn’t a true SD.

  149. E says:

    Gurlnextdoor: in my experience the words “upfront” come to mind after i’ve given an SD my phone number and private email address and he gives me his and right then and there I ask him for $500 for my car repairs. I guess to me in my experiences, I use the MSN chats, flirty emails, phone calls that lead up to that potential first meet as my way of deciding if this is a guy for me and if i’m the right girl for his needs. It’s not like when I first see his face I’m speaking to him for the very first time and saying, “okay gimme me money punk!” I am meeting with him to see if the chemistry we’ve had on the phone and through emails is the same and sometimes an arrangement can start right then and there and sometimes it takes a second date. I’m sure you are the same way and am glad 🙂 I am a university student, I am on here because I don’t like dating guys my own age, and unless I want to sleep with a professor (bleh) by meeting older men via this site who can show me a nice time and make my life more fun (as I know I can make his a lot more exciting) I am able to maximise my 20s and university life as a way to work hard and have the time of my life. I think that sugar dating when you are older is great too, but for me I think once university is done, I’ll go back to meeting guys out of school and more focused and can treat myself to a nice time after I get a good job!!!!!!!

  150. SuthrnExec says:

    Outraged, I’m not disadvantaged by the “secret backroom” of which you speak – which must not be a secret, if you, an SD, knows about it. I’m not disadvantaged because if I treat someone with such little respect as some here have been, I deserve to make the list. On the other hand, if I go about this with clear, honest and open communication and establish a rapport with the individual, there is hardly going to be all this ruckus over sex, money, when and where.
    I’m glad you’ve decided to join us on the blog. Don’t allow the generalities said of SDs suck you in – be the exception and everyone will understand you to be just that – the exception rather than the rule.

  151. DC says:

    What follows is..of course…just my opinion. But I think we all need to be honest about why we are here.

    For the SBs- chances are you are here for 1 of 4 reasons. You have hit some hard financial times and you need assistance or…you won the genetic lottery and you know your looks sell and you would like to be spoiled or maybe you have been dating in the real world and have been mistreated by men or maybe a little of all 3. You are not a sex worker and this type of mutually beneficial relationship appeals to you

    For the SDs- well if you are married you have a few options. Hire a sex worker and pay as you go, go to a site like adult friend finder and see if you can find a frustrated married woman or horny single woman who will be your eff buddy or try this site where you find someone you click with for a mutually beneficial friends with benefits relationship. The woman who gets involved with you does not give you grief about being married, knows you aren’t going to leave your wife and when it ends the woman isn’t left feeling used and used up with nothing to show for it.

    That said I understand the SDs feelings that they would want to have sex with a pot SB before any allowance is discussed. Kind of like a temp to perm job. But I think they should also understand the SBs perspective in that we are not sex workers and don’t want to have sex with every prospect until we get to know you a little. I would never expect am SD to give me an allowance up front before we were intimate or on the first date. That is just insane. I don’t think it’s fair to either party. But with all the wealth that is floating around here, to expect a pot SD to maybe bring a small thoughtful gift to the first or second meeting is not unreasonable. For most SDs to spend $100 on a dinner or a small gift it’s just chump change for you guys. To complain about blowing $100 on a dinner here or that doesn’t make sense when some of you make 500K up a year and have 10 million on top of that. I know if I were in your shoes I would not bitch about it.

    I personally need to get to know a guy a little before I have sex with them. At least a few dates. That’s how it is for me off this site and that’s how it is for me here. If a man insisted on sex on the first and maybe even the second date I would feel pressured and resentful. If there was an insane mutual attraction that would be different

    Also I think we all need to admit that to a certain extent the SBs might be with you for the benefits and the SDs are with us for our looks and for sex. At least initially. Lets not fool ourselves. But I think we all hope that with time it develops into a true friendship with benefits for both based on full disclosure and trust and open communication

    I personally hope to find someone that I am attracted to and would want to hang out with if the circumstances did not include financial bennies. A good guy with a big heart who just happens to want to spread the wealth around is what I am looking for.

  152. Outraged says:


    If I meet a woman who isn’t what she seemed to be during the correspondence, I won’t be meeting with her again.

    Get the point. 😉

  153. VillaCypris *276489* says:

    Well…. I am glad to hear that…. there are whores and scammers and liars and people who MISrepresent every detail of their existence out in the world, and cyberspace only exacerbates those tendencies… sites such as this where money and sex are involved, tend to attract them exponentially.

    It sounds as though you have developed a good “radar” and can differentiate between who is real and who is a scammer…. you potentially will have less women from which to choose or contact, but if they possess the qualities which you seek, including not asking for upfront gifts or putting demands on a first meeting, than you are better off with the smaller pool. Do not be concerned about those whom you have no interest or respect. x

  154. gurlnextdoor*274735* says:

    E I agree that common sense is a big part of being on this site. Just because a guy claims to be a SD doesn’t mean you should just let common sense go out the window. I’ve learned how to tell basically what a guy is looking for within the first few emails. If over 60% of his emails are sexual in nature then more than likely he’s just looking for some sex. Mutually beneficial means that BOTH parties benefit from the arrangement and no one is left feeling taken advantage of.

    Outraged, really though I don’t need help in finding a man who won’t disappear after I sleep with him. The guy of whom I am speaking didn’t just up and disappear, we gradually stopped talking and then he kinda disappeared. Tis a big difference in the two. Anyway, it wasn’t an insult just a very strong suggestion.

  155. Outraged says:

    No Villa, I haven’t had much bad experience overall here, because I don’t feed the whores and scammers with upfront spoiling. However, the women have muscled the proposition that men have to shell out to get anywhere, even to a first meeting, and that leads to less women to pick from.

    I took the name outraged because of the revelation that there is a secret backroom of SB trash talk about SDs. Lord knows what’s going on there that disadvantages SDs further.

  156. E says:

    i think that i too agree with villacyprus: there are nice people on here, and good luck outrageous on finding one 🙂 i guess that covers any arguement as it’s not my point to be vindictive to anyone but to just offer my experiences with this site as i have been a member on and off for a while and have met a wonderful sugar daddy and speaking to a few nice potentials. 🙂

  157. Outraged says:

    NC Said:

    but I think we are all looking for a relationship based upon trust and understanding. I can’t speak for everyone, but I feel that most true SDs provides gifts, money, etc because they want to and not because they are required to do so.

    well I heard a story right here today that most men here just want to pay for sex, or get free sex, backed up by several people and don’t do what you and I are saying to do.

    Let me know if you find better hunting grounds. I’ll come take a look.

  158. E says:

    No, I’m saying if you meet with a woman who isn’t what she seemed to be during your correspondence but are willing to give her a chance but don’t think that her request we will call it for money for assistance right off the bat suits you, perhaps find alternative ways to treat her to a nice time or offer assistance so that if she does flake on you, it’s not as much of a financial or emotional loss. example: homeless people. i don’t give homeless people cash. i instead run and buy a sandwhich or if i have one on me offer that. i still helped, but wasn’t giving them money that i know wasn’t for “food” or whatever other claim.

    get the point.

  159. Outraged says:

    What evidence is there that more men use women? And why is that even relevant to the discussion instead of simply not getting used by doing things right?

  160. Outraged says:

    If I think a woman is using me, I should take her shopping and give her a gift card!

    My goodness! Listen to yourself!

  161. E says:

    you go gurlnextdoor!!! I have (pre blog) made friends with several men and women on this site. In outraged’s defense: a lot of men don’t hear back from the women after they give cash the first time but it’s less frequent than the men who use the women. You can’t really generalise this as each arrangement is different. We all may have the same concept (mutual, etc) but i know in talking with several people, the arrangements are all agreed with different circumstances. Single men on here may have more time to give their SB’s than the married ones so maybe they can take longer to develop that relationship, married men may not have as much time so the arrangement starts off more rapidly but slows down once both people make a bit more time to see each other. It’s all relative, but there isn’t a right way for this to work. It takes trust, perhaps making some sugar mistakes or reading about what other SD’s SB’s have done and get their advise on how to handle it and it depends on you the person in your situation. if you think the person won’t see you again: be blunt, be frank, you have a voice! if you think a woman is using you: give her a gift card or physically be there to take her shopping or whatever she needs. that way you won’t feel it’s a loss if you never see her again. don’t give her straight out cash; find an alternative to help her till you trust her. I just think it’s common sense. any arrangement or relationship: good chemistry and good common sense

  162. NC Gentleman says:

    Welcome to the blog Outraged. You have an interesting perspective on things. Your approach is different from mine, but I think we are all looking for a relationship based upon trust and understanding. I can’t speak for everyone, but I feel that most true SDs provides gifts, money, etc because they want to and not because they are required to do so. The timing of that is unique for each party involved. It all comes down to a comfort level. No one way is right or wrong… that has been said hundreds of times here. SA does provide a great venue for connecting SBs and SDs. Is it perfect? No. Is it the best site out there right now? I would have to say yes from my experiences. If you think there is a better site for you, you are of course welcome to go elsewhere.

    Happy hunting!

  163. Outraged says:

    If you need to know how to find a man who won’t disappear on you after you sleep with him, I imagine there are any number of books you could check into.

  164. Outraged says:

    And I don’t appreciate the insult.

  165. Outraged says:

    Those statements make no sense. Nor does your assertiontion that “as a SB, I can tell you that most guys on this site ask for sex and then when they get it they want to disappear.”

    You’ve heard stories????

    You’ve “heard” most of the women who sleep with someone from the site have most of those guys disappear on them?

  166. Outraged says:

    No. I am saying be a real SD and spoil someone you actually admire and have a relationship with. Someone that actually deserves your attention.

    Or be a fake SD, shell out money upfront and hope she returns your messages in the future, hope after a few times maybe she’ll take you to bed.

    Or save lots of time and money; be a john and get a prostitute.

  167. Outraged says:

    And you are saying after you have sex with those men they disappear on you.

  168. Outraged says:

    Nope. Its women having sex with men they don’t want to have sex with. Sex is mutual.

  169. gurlnextdoor*274735* says:

    Olderman I think you may be right, but being an optimist I found some good in what would have been an otherwise dreadful experience. I got to see my boyfriend. 🙂 But maybe sometime in the future, I will take you up on your offer…

  170. Outraged says:

    Nope. Sex first. Then spoiling. Relationship develops for REAL before spoiling. Otherwise its just women using men.

  171. gurlnextdoor*274735* says:

    I agree with OPOV there, I keep running into guys who have this whole “pay for play” idea. I understand you don’t want to be taken advantage of, so I wouldn’t ask for an allowance up front since things may not go smoothly. But at the same time, asking for sex without me being in arrangement with someone in my mind equals taking advantage of someone.

  172. O(ne) P(oint) O(f) V(iew) says:

    A suggestion for the site (god, I hope don’t get b-a-n-n-n-e-d for making one 🙂 ) but wordpress allows one to set up pages in the software when content becomes too long to moderate. If you set up this feature, it would make loading the pages easier and quite frankly cut down on your bandwidth usage.

  173. Outraged says:

    And SDs need a simple link to immediately and easily report SBs that violate a code of conduct.

  174. Outraged says:

    And SA needs to get aggressive about enforcing a reasonable code.

    When a girl tells an SD he’s not an SD because he’s not offering her money for a first meet, she gets the boot.

    Profiles with suggestions of need for immediate help don’t get approved.

    Profiles with no real info don’t get approved – !! there are tons of SB profiles that say “I need a Sugar Daddy” and that’s it.

  175. Outraged says:

    Yup, we need an SD code of conduct. One that shuts down all the sex for money girls and the scammers.

    No spoiling until a relationship is established. That’s several dates at least.

    No repsonse to any requests for “immediate” help, remote help, help before meeting, on and on.

    … Contributions encouraged.

  176. Outraged says:

    For starters, no “spoiling” until at least the 3rd date.

    Girls that respond to an initial meeting with request to get “spoiled” should be immediately dumped.

  177. Outraged says:

    There is no link here between the username and the person, or even the profile – unless the number is put up. So the claim of openness is false.

    What’s written here is apparently a sanitized subset of what else is being written by SBs.

    Considering the high rate of SB abuse as users of the site, that rate of abuse is probably quite significant in the hidden info base.

    We SDs need a code, a code written right here out in the open. Unlike the SBs sneaking around.

  178. Stormcat says:

    Wow this is a pretty emotional issue. Like I said, I understand the utility of such lists. The problem I have with them is that there is no safeguard for preventing abuse. That’s what needs to happen if the lists are to be accurate and therefore believable. (If enough people are crying wolf then the list loses its value)
    One other point. It seems that saavy people don’t become victims anyway, it’s the uninitiated that fall prey to the scammers. And I doubt they are ever aware of the existance of such a thing as a Fake Sugar List, so they’re never going to see it coming. The saavy ones don’t need the list. So the list is really of limited value for its ligimatite utiity, and the negatives are unpreventable. So I think the lists, in either direction SD or SB, ought to go!

  179. Andrew50 says:

    Angela: Thank you!

  180. Outraged says:

    Well we SDs can’t post our identities because you ladies have been running a scam behind the scenes all along.

    We have to protect our identities to the extreme.

    The girls on this site do the most outrages things routinely. In the meantime who knows what those same ones are saying. Even when an SD doesn’t fullfil expectations it is probably because the SB behavior is suspect. The SB might even have no idea, her upbringing being lacking.

  181. bob says:

    using real user name. I take your point. But Jai would be an exception in my book. Reading her on the blog she is a very smart young lady who can handel herself. But for the normal woman starting out in this would really need some information on a guy before she meet him. And also would need a back-up person who knows the info on the guy in case something went wrong. And thats where I get the google thing. If a guy is for real his onfo is out there and he knows it. You will never stop the scammers(unless thier mothers take thier computers away). They are on every site.

  182. Andrew50 says:

    It always hurts to get disapproval from a close friend. But, I also think that part of being close is reciprocal vulnerability and sharing personal information, knowing that the other person might disapprove, but that we’re still friends.

    If the two of you have been close for 2 years, then there’s probably something about him that you don’t like, with which you disagree, or that you find annoying. If done in a respectful way, I think that discussions about your differences can be bonding and trust-building.

    I have two close friends, and both of them hold some views with which I disagree and have taken some actions in their lives that I can’t condone, and they feel the same about me. Acknowledging and resolving conflict or simply agreeing to disagree strengthens our relationship because I know that they want to be friends because of (or in spite of) who I really am and not some superficial mask I create for them.

  183. ChocolateSnowBunny says:

    Well you guys are more than entitled to call BS on it. There are SDs that were and still are part of the forum that have never cried foul. I find it rather amusing that someone would accuse me while posting anonymously. I’m not afraid to post my opinions under my username as it’s just that, my opinion. Anyway, I’m not going to continue with this. I’ve said what I needed to.

    Just bob: Some SBs have gone on dates without knowing someone’s real name. I believe Jai said previously that she met her SD in the park without knowing anything about him. Nothing wrong with meeting someone in a public place where you feel safe.

  184. just bob says:

    No offense girls but I call bullshit also. If you are trying to weed out the nut jobs then you have to do your part too. I can not belive any of you would go out with a man for the first time and not know his real name. And knowing his real name you can and would google him. And if the only thing you get on him is a phone book listing; then you are talking to a bullshiter. I would be very supprised if the men on this site who can afford to do this names do not come up at least 12 times or more on google.

  185. Fake SB Alert says:

    Tell us where all this info is. Every one of you is a scammer while you are hiding these secrets.

  186. Fake SB Alert says:


  187. ChocolateSnowBunny says:

    Hello sugars,

    I’m going to chime in on this discussion. I agree with OPOV that sites with anonymous posters are unfair to SDs and indeed a slippery slope to travel. However, I must defend the need for this in some form. In our Sugar World, we have a blacklist that is there to warn our other sugar sisters of the predators, perverts and downright liars/imposters. By no means, do we post about men that didn’t take us to five star restaurants or shopping on the first date. We are truthful in what we report and do so because online sugar dating is not the safest. If certain men should be avoided then our sugar family needs to know. At some point, accountability must come into play otherwise these men will continue to prey on vulnerable, young ladies. We believe in honesty and exciting, harmless sugar dating in our world 🙂

  188. Jai says:

    Well lol I asked him about it. He said it’s not negative it’s ‘less positive’..um..same thing? lol Maybe not. Goes back to treating folks like mushrooms. Even the close ones. 😛

  189. Jai says:

    Lol Suzie, no worries 🙂 Congrats on your lovely sugar date. Fingers crossed that it works out if it’s what you want.

    I received an email from a good friend of mine who I had asked to complete a questionnaire about knowing me etc (for a paper). On one question he expressed how his perception of me is now negative based on my current relationship with my SD. Citing a poor use of my greater assets ie intelligence, strength, and resilience, as his reason for reaching that conclusion. I haven’t, and probably wont ask him, but does my choice to explore this ‘lifestyle’ make me less of a woman and less intelligent? Guess I was a bit surprised that, after two years, his whole opinion of me changed based on finding something out yesterday.

  190. SuzieQ*297329* says:

    Oops, I thought you said “wet” not “west lol! (rubs sleep out of eyes) Must be my 3:30 a.m. wakeup coming back to haunt me!

  191. SuzieQ*297329* says:

    Ha! Good luck AJ 🙂

  192. Beach_Girl*306486 says:

    OPOV~ I think your right about the list. It’s too easy to post something anonymously…
    As to putting someone’s profile # on the blog, I don’t think the “mods” said not to do it, just a consensus from the people on the blog. In my opinion, we have a profile online, and anyone and everyone, can access your profile. Posting a profile# to me, is not bad! But i follow the rules like everyone, and don’t.

  193. O(ne) P(oint) O(f) V(iew) says:


    I agree with your assessment. Most of these gripe posts will have an “anonymous” handle and as such people will feel empowered to write anything without fear of the repercussions that may be attached. Imagine…someone did not come thru on their promise (either he is a flake or he felt that your demands were over the top or he didn’t call you back – whatever) and it is so easy to say he tried to rape me, he gave me herpes, he’s got a wee one, etc. and post a link to his profile and basically he’s screwed. Having a sd flake list that only details one side’s perceived mistreatment is a very myopic approach to rooting out those who may be real and those who are not. It can be construed as border line slander and someone could be liable for such.

    Imagine the other side – guy takes you out to a 3 star restaurant as a way to making introductions, but afterward, you blow him of because he is not quite what you want. (yeah, like that never happens!) Guy gets pissed and goes to guys only sugar flake site and lies to other perspective daddy’s about her attempt to steal from you or only talked about hourly rates, etc. Not a nice scenario.

    These type of sites (bitch sites) lead you down a slippery slope that you really don’t want to go. Want to kill a great idea (sb dating)? Then continue down this road.

    (BTW, the mods told us not to post another’s profile number without their knowledge a while back; having a separate site to post a member’s id is not cool either.)

  194. Stormcat says:

    morning all
    Welcome Elise! Good luck sugar hunting. I still feel pretty new here myself. But the people are really cool and helpful. So if have questions or comments just go for it.
    There’s really a fake SD list?
    Thats understandable. But I really hate public blacklists. The idea seems good but they’re too unforgiving and vulnerable to abuse. Just one sociopath gets pised and posts a name and that person is finished in that forum. Worse yet, someone with the same name as another, or someone whose identity is stolen can be easily banished. And once on the list it’s impossible to remove.

  195. Gail says:

    I love the topic this morning. Nice to hear the SD conversational side…Thank you Andrew and Olderman.

    Morning Ladies : ) Elsie we welcome you with open arms!!! I hope you enjoy the sugar here!

    I missed Lisa : ( She keeps getting up early and leaving….

    Have a great day everyone, I am off to do what I love…volunteer day : )

  196. goodgirl*313749 says:

    lol opov! good morning sugars! have a great day lisa!
    i’m waiting for the coffee to brew before i get ready for work this morning. I totally blew off the day yesterday. i called in! i never do that! my sd wanted to meet me for lunch again, so i just had a mini hiatus! lol. got my rent paid…finally! 14 days late. he also suprised me with a tanning package! (apparently i made a comment about my white butt) lmwao 🙂

  197. O(ne) P(oint) O(f) V(iew) says:

    The same picture on a Yahoo news article?

    Wow! Now I’ve seen everything. Even Yahoo is stealing pictures from sd profiles here on SA.

  198. lisa says:

    Good morning everyone. Getting ready to go to work. Didn’t hear from my sd at all yesterday, hope he didn’t get strangled by his garden,lol

    An interesting thing this morning while I was checking my yahoo email. THere is always that home page that shows news articles on the left side and there is one article about executive perks and it shows a large private plane. This is the same picture that a sd from Texas uses on his profile. I remember we discussed him on here a few weeks back, he was looking for several sds for a friend of his and was very wealthy but had a free acccount. same airplane picture as in the yahoo news article.

    Looking forward to getting off at 4. Have a good day everyone

  199. SuzieQ*297329* says:

    I have no idea what I’m doing up at 3:30 in the morning! Have been awake since 1:00 so I finally decided to get up and get some work done. Or some blogging, as the case may be.

    Andrew50 – was that you I had dinner with last night? LOL! No wait, it couldn’t have been, because I was late. But only because he forgot he was supposed to phone me when he got to town to tell me what time we were meeting! No worries, I was less than 5 minutes away and we had a good laugh about it.

    I too had a lovely dinner with a very nice gentleman, enjoyed great conversation and wonderful company. We also plan to see each other again and I am optimistic because we seem have a lot to offer each other.

  200. Angela300373 says:

    Congrats Andrew 50!
    I love what you said:

    Instead, I view it as my job to create and foster feelings of attraction in her for me and to build the intensity of those feelings until she is ready and eager. At this point, asking for it is completely unnecessary.

    That is how it should be done. How I wish all the sugars/men had that POV!
    SO many do not get it. Asking, bribing, begging, pouting, or pestering are NOT ways to get a girl to say yes but I have had men try all of those. NOT only does it not work but then the man loses my respect.

  201. Elise says:

    Hello everybody…just wanna say hi because I am new to this blog..

  202. Andrew50 says:

    I had a great dinner with a potential SB this evening. She was on time, easy to talk to, acted normal, looked like a girl next door, and seemed to enjoy our conversation; all huge pluses. We agreed to proceed, and I’ll call her tomorrow to confirm our next plans. I’m cautiously optimistic because I’ve been here before, and it’s all fallen apart.

  203. Cyn says:

    you’re right, Goodgirl, that is a good way of slipping in the question in a less profound and unpleasant manner lol

    And yeah, Suzieq…how did it go?

    I’ve haven’t had a “first date” yet…but…and I’ve shared, I’ve only been talking to dummies…

  204. goodgirl*313749 says:

    hello suzieq 🙂 how’d it go?
    cyn- i had an sd ask me what my stresses were, and how he could help. it seemed like a wonderful way to start that conversation. put me at ease about the whole monetary issue.

  205. Cyn says:

    Thank you Andrew! There needs to be more men that share that type of thinking…perhaps I just seem to attract those that are dummies

    *shrug* just my luck

  206. Andrew50 says:

    Cyn: I never ask anyone “What are you looking for?” and nobody has ever asked me that, and it would be a turn off. It sounds way too logical and business-like, like one of those awful test questions that people ask during job interviews, ala “Where do you see yourself in 10 years?” and “What can you contribute to our company?”

    I try to engage potential SBs emotionally in a back-and-forth fun conversation where we get to know each other a little, find some topics of mutual interest, and trade some flirty banter.

  207. Cyn says:

    Perhaps it’s the timing that has been off…

    We would start chatting…introducing ourselves, saying what we’re interested in (partner-wise and relationship-wise) and then BAM! “How much money were you wanting out of this?”

    I mean…I would rather it be something like…going out to dinner or lunch or something of the sort…feeling each other out and seeing if the vibe is there…and then perhaps “so…how can I assist you financially?”

    lol but then again…I’m pretty young…and I seem to be into older men…so maybe that’s just what they are used to…?

  208. SuzieQ*297329* says:

    Good evening everyone, old timers and newcomers alike. Just got back from my first sugar date 🙂

  209. Olderman says:

    Cyn, I ask that question only of someone I’m looking to have a longer term arrangement with, On the first get acquainted date, or prior to meeting, it would be difficult to answer, especially if its money in exchange for a few hours. I think I like to set the parameters prior to the first meeting.

  210. Cyn says:

    yes…unfortunately, I hear you loud and clear with the honesty thing.

    I mean, personally…I don’t have any specific figure in my mind…so that’s really my problem. But saying “hmm…well…just some spending change just in case I go out and see something I like”…doesn’t quite cut it usually 😛

  211. Olderman says:

    Cyn, I dont think it does, I would rather have the answer to the question, sooner rather than later. I ask that question because, If her expectations are higher than my comfort level, I can move on, One of the benefits of this site is the ability to be completely honest, all thou most don’t take advantage of that aspect.

  212. goodgirl*313749 says:

    btw- i called the refund guy today to tell him that i may not have his money by friday. he called me back and said not to worry about it as he would still like to meet…yeah right! i”d rather pay him NOT to meet me! ha!! dumba**

  213. Cyn says:

    lets see if we can get a man’s perspective…

    Hey Olderman! When you ask a lady what she is “expecting” out of a relationship (especially money-wise), doesn’t that seem to place the vibe of things into a different dimension…one outside of sugar-land and into prostitution-land? lol

  214. goodgirl*313749 says:

    Hello out there in sugar-ville 🙂
    geez. after work and a nap i’ve missed a lot. i wish my computer would just read out loud to me. it took way too long to catch up… saw some new names on here today!

    *Aspartame!!!! Best word of the day! i know one of those! (refund guy) 😛

  215. VillaCypris *276489* says:

    Good night Lisa…

    Cyn, I get that question as well…. don’t like it.

    Gail…. ha!… no, nitemare doesn’t LOVE me… he was just taunting me, after my comment regarding the concept of “love” and everyone’s capacity to define it as they choose…

  216. Olderman says:

    Gurlnextdoor, Sorry about that that bad experence in Boston, you would have had a much better time with me here in New Mexico. To bad about that family emergency.

  217. lisa says:

    Hi Gail they would probably lose it, lol presumed it was the cell phone being dead but I always worry and then now I just turned on the news and someone shot and killed their parents, and another family had a home invasion. I always worry about this stuff.

    Going to get ready to go to bed soon. Work tomorrow and then I’m off on friday and I need a rest. Have a good night everyone.

  218. Cyn says:

    That all sounds good, and is very helpful. My response is usually that I’m looking for somebody that I can build a comfortable relationship with where we both are satisfied.

    Whenever money comes into the question, that’s where things get sticky. And of course, it’s kind of a big topic with the guys

  219. lisa says:

    I get that question alot to. I usually tell them i”m looking for someone to see occasionally with respect to each other’s personal lives. I am looking for financial assistance as I work very hard but want more than just the basics. I offer them discretion, friendship, and listen to what they are looking for.

  220. Gail says:

    I am so happy that you are okay : ) of course I am waving my little finger at you…now be safe and more careful….(smile) I too was told I was not a sugarbabe from my first SD friend. He is my best SD friend to this very day. And now real dates….how wonderful…enjoy! I hope this will be a better experience for you. We are always here for you : )

    Villa…what happened…no more “L” words today? (smile) Okay we love you Villa….destress…breathe…smile : )

    Cyn…you need to diversify…Lisa did…and look what she has…a SD that hides behind his rosebushes and flowers, but comes out when Princess Lisa want to play, eat …or go shopping : ) (smile)

    Jai…prayers for a speedy recovery for your step-dad : ) And you went shopping again? hmmmmm….lucky princess!!!

    Lisa….you need to get a Lisa-Alert for your parents…press the big button on the chain around their necks…so they can check in daily : )

  221. Cyn says:

    Actually, if I could get some input…

    So, with the little experience that I have in this sugar-world…I seem to get the question of “what are you looking for?” a LOT. And most of the time, I don’t know what to say in response. Can anybody relate?

  222. Natasha says:

    Jai- I am sorry about your step dad. I will keep him in my prayers.

  223. Cyn says:

    It would be neat if this site could get a chatroom. But…I’m sure everybody feels that way 🙂

  224. Jai says:

    Thanks guys 🙂

    And Villa, understood 🙂 I hope your evening gets better.

  225. VillaCypris *276489* says:

    sorry about your step-dad Jai…

    thanks for asking, but nothing important or relevant.

  226. lisa says:

    Hope your stepdad recovers
    Yes I’m glad to be sure they are ok, I thought it was probably just the phone being dead and they are older so they aren’t that keen on plugging in and all, my daughter had to do it for them.

  227. VillaCypris *276489* says:

    Glad to hear Lisa…. my mom went to Norway today, so won’t be able to contact her for 10 days… hope she doesn’t fall into a fjord!

  228. Natasha says:

    I learned my lesson. I am going to be extra careful! lol

  229. Jai says:

    Sounds like you need a spa day Villa. May I ask what made the day so long?

    Glad your parents turned up Lisa. I just found out my step dad has been hospitalized because of his heart. Waiting on an update.

    Congrats Natasha. Take it slow. If it’s going well, don’t confuse things with a kiss lol j/k

  230. VillaCypris *276489* says:

    Great news Natasha!! Very happy hear that… consider it a ‘warning’… and as Jai said, BE CAREFUL!!

    Good to hear Jai…. I’m alright… not my usual chipper self… long day.

  231. Dog and Pony says:

    So Natasha, you available? How do we look you up?

  232. lisa says:

    That’s great news Natasha! Finally reached my family

  233. Natasha says:

    I met my new daddy this weekend and we had a great time. we went out yesterday and he put me on the spot he told me I was no sugarbaby. lol. but hes actually glad he met me. he thinks im the cutest little thing. and told me we will do regular dating, since im not a sugarbabe. I thought I was in the process of becoming one but oh well. he calls me everyday and pay for the smallest things for example valet and tip for my car. he made a rule and said as long as i am with him everything gets paid by him. everything is going well. I just found it weird he hasnt even aimed for a kiss. Ive been thnking about that lately. and he told me tomorrow we will make plans for friday.

  234. Jai says:

    Yay Natasha! I’m so happy for you. Cherish it and continue to be careful here on out 🙂

  235. lisa says:

    just reached them through their other cell phone (they rarely use it but luckily it was on, their cell was just dead, needing charging

  236. Natasha says:

    I want to thank all of you for all your prayers and support. It really meant alot to me.

  237. Cyn says:

    🙂 thanks everybody

    I feel like Ohio isn’t the place for finding success on this site. Everybody (even if they say otherwise) wants somebody local…

    there’s nobody in Ohio 😛

  238. Natasha says:

    Hello Sugar Fam!!!!

  239. Jai says:

    The spa was awesome Villa 😉 How was your day?

    Welcome Cyn 🙂

  240. Jai says:

    Of course OPOV 🙂

  241. VillaCypris *276489* says:

    Good evening everyone –

    welcome Cyn.

    Sure, OPOV. We’ll give you some feedback on your new profile.

    Lisa – hope your parents are ok!!!!!!

    hi Jai – how was the spa day today???

  242. Jai says:

    Aw Lisa, that’s terrible. Someone needs to report your apartment complex. It hardly seems habitable.

  243. Cyn says:

    I think what makes this whole situation worse is that an experience like this TOTALLY changes one’s outlook on wanting to find a beneficial (and most likely no-strings-attached) relationship with a man. scary. Lets keep the creeps to a minimum, shall we?

    …this is my first post 🙂 yay me

  244. O(ne) P(oint) O(f) V(iew) says:

    I want to change my profile a bit to see if it will get more traction, as it were. Can I run it by you guys and give me some feedback?

  245. lisa says:

    and I’m really concerned about my parents. Haven’t heard from them at all today. They don’t answer that cell phone and it’s been turned off since afternoon. I keep leaving messages and after I met my daughter and she went home (she lives with them) I haven’t heard from her either. I’m really worried as they never go a day without calling several times. The phone rang a few minutes ago and I was glad to think it was them, but it was stupid automated collection agency message. I’m not interested in hearing from anyone but my family, i’m very worried about them.

  246. lisa says:

    yes it was fixed on monday but started not working again tuesday afternoon. I have had it on for 2 hours now and it’s still almost 100 in here. It is old and needs to be replaced but so do the other 249 units at the complex. It’s from 1973. I have to work all day tomorrow and go washing so the office will be closed before I get a chance to report it and if I report it on friday which is my day off, I can cancel any fun plans I had and can’t see my sd because they wont’ fix anything if you aren’t home. SOmetimes I hate working days after working nights for 11 years as it seems I can’t get anythiing done , can’t get packages, etc. If my boss let me off at 2 I could be home but with us having one less employee that means I;m working till 4 and getting home no earlier than 4:30 and the office closes at 5 so it’s too late to get anything fixed.

  247. lisa says:

    lol I was talking to my boss today about it (she’s the boss over my department, not the store boss) and she seems interested as she’s trying to get divorced and needs money. I suggested it to her. She has to be careful checking it out of course because of her kids and husband, but yes she seemed interested. lol

    I’m still waiting to hear from my sd today. It’s so hot in my apartment again and I need to find time to go to the office to complain again but I don’t want to be stuck home all day friday waiting for them to fix it.

  248. Jai says:

    Well everyone’s not gone if your and Percy are here 🙂 It was nice except for my neck still hurting. He’s so understanding lol we were at the mall way over the time I thought we would be and he didn’t complain. The only thing he said is, ‘My beer is starting to wear off.’ 😛 But he smiled while he said it. We got some massage tools and oils lol he’s going to let me try them out on him so I’m excited.

    I saw you may have recruited another sugar baby? 🙂 Do you work on commission?

  249. lisa says:

    Good evening Jai, I think everyone is gone. Nothing like sugarshopping, did that a couple times these past couple weeks. Told me boss all about it today and she wants to check it out. I’m totally exhausted from a long day. Looking forward to my next day off friday.

  250. Jai says:

    Evening all! 🙂

    I just got back from shopping with my SD. Good grief if that man doesn’t make me smile, smile, smile 😀 How’s everyone tonight?

  251. DC says:


    I wonder if he took you t TB because he was harboring some resentment from the firt meet. Not that it was your fault at all, but who knows. And TB was some kind of a test to see how you’d react. I mean seriously, it almost sounds like it has to be some kind of joke…he wanted to see how you’d react

    I say in my profile I don’t like drama or games and trust me…I mean that. I had a guy write to me and say to be honest he did like drama and games. I made some joke and then asked if he liked women who effed with his head, got jealous and were unreliable. No answer yet. NOw I wonder if he was just effing with me t see what I’d say or was making a joke or if he really is one of these people who are addicted to drama

  252. Redmaru says:

    Finally out of that meeting and work altogether so I’m late in response…sorry. Just popping in before I go to the gym

    Good post Stormcat
    OPOV…lol especially about my previous post
    Nitemare SD…sorry bout the fizzle
    Hey Lisa and Jai
    Quick Hello to anyone else I didn’t cover

    But off to pump some iron…see ya

  253. lisa says:

    Good evening everyone. Finally home after a long day of work and meeting my daughter. Had an interesting day at work. It was just my Boss and I working in our department today and we had some nice chat. She is married and has a married lover as I do. I told her about sugardating today and she wants to try it out when she gets the chance. 🙂

  254. jsmn.flavored says:

    I can’t remember whether he’s a CEO or not but he said that he’s usually in Chicago on business. He’s married and 42-45ish…I can’t remember.

    I don’t understand why guys feel the need to offer money in exchange for sex…are they that desperate? Those are usually the ones whose profiles are always blocked by female members and they wonder why they’ve been on this site for so long and have never met anyone.

    I think I might stick to guys 50+

  255. O(ne) P(oint) O(f) V(iew) says:

    Andrew, I know what you mean. I am married and I never ask for sex.

    Usually, I beg.


  256. gurlnextdoor*274735* says:

    Yes Andrew I agree, why would a guy feel he needed to ask a girl for sex? I mean if a woman wants to have sex with you it should become quite apparent.

  257. Andrew50 says:

    Jsmn: I have never asked a woman for sex, and don’t understand the psychology of men who do. Asking for sex would imply that I don’t know what the answer might be, which would make me look weak and unconfident. That is an image that couldn’t possibly benefit me.

    Instead, I view it as my job to create and foster feelings of attraction in her for me and to build the intensity of those feelings until she is ready and eager. At this point, asking for it is completely unnecessary.

  258. gurlnextdoor*274735* says:

    Jsmn here’s a question for you. The Boston guy, he wouldn’t happen to be a CEO would he? And mentioning that you’re a sweet girl and you need one SD because talking to multiple guys is dangerous, yada yada ya?

  259. jsmn.flavored says:

    He wasn’t even interested in casual dating. He wanted to have sex and over time we’d become close. That doesn’t work! It doesn’t work like that. If I planned to be intimate with someone I’d wanna talk and get to know each other a little to make sure there’s a connection and chemistry but if there’s not either – I wouldn’t feel comfortable. He doesn’t wanna take things slow. He wants to hop right in the sack. I’m getting angry as I write. I feel disrespected. And I feel like my feelings and opinions were completely disregarded.

    He has an expectation of sex and pressured me about it – I should have had a high expectation for money and pressured him for more than $1000/month. I didn’t want there to be any pressure for sex or money (I told him that but it seems he insisted on making things that way).

  260. OCSugarbaby says:

    Word for the day! Aspartame= FAKE Sugar or Sugar Substitute.
    I liked the way it sounds Assssspartame….. lol ~OC

    That last guy as a complete Aspartame!

  261. sweetredhead says:

    lmao I think I talked to the same guy. He told me the same thing, That I was on the wrong site.

  262. OCSugarbaby says:

    Hi Sweetred! Please don’t encourage bad behavior (Nitemare’s). Form letters and sugar speed dating tactics…. Not wearing his big boy pants. He did take her shopping. Ok, fully redeemed himself!

    Ok, I still get random emails; this one states he is looking to meet twice a week for a few hours, must like sex, play dress up etc. I politely reply that I am not interested blah blah blah. I gently mention that a few hours a week spent meeting for just sex is not exactly an ideal sugar scenario for most and that if he would like to meet some wonderful sugars he may want to check out the blog for positive feedback and advice.
    I got a message back that stated “YES this site is for exactly that” and that I may have the wrong site. He told ME that I need to be on Match or eHarmony!
    Nice! What a jerk. *BLOCKED…..

  263. sweetredhead says:

    Men like the chase lol. You told him no and he wants you more. Everyone wants what they can’t have. The harder you are to obtain the more they want you, go figure lol

  264. jsmn.flavored says:

    Hmmmm. I think that might be him – I can’t tell cause I edited my profile.
    We emailed each other and he offered to fly me out to Boston then he started talking about a sexual friendship and yadda yadda yah…I stayed away from that subject and told him that I wanted dating and maybe other things will follow (if I want to) but he kept trying to get me to say that I wanted to have a “sexual friendship” so I told him that it was nice meeting him and he replies saying that I’m a sweet girl and he still wants to meet.

    That confused me.
    He didn’t wanna meet because I didn’t want to have sex with him so I said forget it and told him no thanx and THAT’S when he offers to meet and spoil me???

    I retreat and he pursues.

  265. sweetredhead says:

    nitemaresd are you on some king of sugar baby speed dating lmao. Maybe you should screen them a little more and not waste so much time.

    WOW taco bell? WTF then wants you to have sex with him? Another Sd who does not have a clue. Sometimes I think I want to give up on the sugar dating but then I think well maybe one day I will meet the perfect one, so I keep moving forward. I personally just chat with pot Sd’s just be myself and ask questions, joke and figure out if they are worth my time meeting. I have talked to several that I have never even met. Some I just continue to talk to as friends because what we want or where we live to not mesh. Don’t mean they are not good Sd’s just not the one for me.

  266. Stormcat says:

    Hi Y’all
    Well I’m seeing her tomorrow. Drinks with the option of dinner. I know i need to be calm. when you want it too much, thats when you blow it. I may already have. I sent her a note a little while ago just saying that I’d been thinking all day about meeting her. I was going to leave it at that but at the last minute I attached a poem that I like.

    Maybe that was too much?

    NM sorry about your dud, dude! Better luck next time.

  267. gurlnextdoor*274735* says:

    Haha NitemareSD, tis funny. Sorry you’re date didn’t go well, better luck next time.

  268. gurlnextdoor*274735* says:

    OPOV I think mentioning the volunteer work could be a way for them to show you that that is one of their big interests. Maybe to show you something about their character. I see nothing wrong with it. It’s like a college student mentioning that she’s in university at the moment in her profile, it’s just telling you something about who they are.

  269. gurlnextdoor*274735* says:

    Kitty no I didn’t sleep with him! I spent the night with my boyfriend and had a much better time with him taking me shopping the next day. 🙂 So things ended good on that note.

    Jsmn it probably is the same guy. Sounds like it to me. Let me guess he has a real nice profile, makes $500k or more a year. If that’s him then I say to stay away. FAR FAR AWAY!

  270. gurlnextdoor*274735* says:

    Yeah Jai, I mean if I wanted Taco Bell I could get that myself. I don’t even think the $150 was to be an apology because of the way he gave it to me. Especially since he had this you-should-be-thankful-to-be-getting-even-this tone in his voice.

    DC the thing is this was our second date together. The reason I gave him a second chance was because I kinda messed up our first meeting by missing my connecting flight and therefore we couldn’t make dinner (he had supposedly gotten us reservations at this really nice restaurant, but now I’m starting to doubt that.) So I gave him a second chance, but after that fiasco, never again.

  271. girlie says:

    Oooh, gurlnextdoor that is crazy. I will admit to liking TacoBell (yeah, yeah) but taking a date there is another store. I would have ended the date then and there. Inappropriate. I also would not have taken the $150 and chalked it up to a bad experience. What did you say in the end?
    Interestingly, I also spoke to a guy from Boston years ago. He had the same attitude jsmn mentions.

    OPOV…..i might be naive but I simply would assume she was mentioning it just to show who she is…..her personal passion. Giving it some thought, now that you bring it up, it could be her version of a sob story (i.e….look how selfless I am, you should help me and bestow upon me all you can). I’d like to think it’s the former but not having seen the profiles, hard to say.

    Nightmare……what was the turning point?

  272. Kitty says:

    I cannot imagine why non=profit would pay less for admin. work. AH! perhaps, this is a Canadian norm???

  273. DC says:

    Background in healthcare or admin. assisting

  274. NitemareSD says:

    My sugar date is fizzling out after a brief ray of hope.

  275. Kitty says:

    What field are you in? Maybe it only applies to the Marketing dept 🙂

  276. DC says:

    Is that right Kitty? The few ads I have responded to in the last few years were paying very low. Good to hear that is not the norm

  277. jsmn.flavored says:

    gurlnextdoor your Boston SD…
    I’m wondering if that’s the same guy I’ve been talking to.
    He wants to fly me out to Boston…the first letter of his name is M.
    He basically wants a “personal prostitute.”

  278. Kitty says:

    DC: Non-profit organizations have above average pay and benefits. I worked briefly for World Vision and Variety Village their offer was above 3 international corps. I applied for.

  279. Kitty says:

    GND: WHOA WHAT??? you slept with him AFTER he took you to Taco Bell for dinner??? (was he trying to give u food poisoning btw?) AND you didn’t punch him in the nose after he said what he did?

    OPOV: Volunteering can be a very important part of their life. It is just as I would mention that I work as a _____. and as Suzie said, it makes the person more 3-D and well rounded. I DO NOT VOLUNTEER.

  280. DC says:


    I think it is probably both. I don’t put in my profile that I volunteer. I think it might sound contrived. But if I worked for a non-profit or spent my days volunteering instead of working for pay I might put that in my profile. This way any pot SDs know that I was not just here for the bling lifestyle but because I wanted to do some good in the world, say working for a non-profit which pay notoriously low wages and sometimes are just volunteer opportunities.

    I think that would appeal to a certain type of SD, the kind I would personally want to appeal to. Someone who really was into mentoring or helping out someone whose goal was to acquire more than material things during their time on this planet

  281. SuzieQ*297329* says:

    OPOV – that’s true, but reading between the lines the more important quality to me is that he is compassionate and caring. Perhaps the ladies feel that men would interpret this the same way. Just my OPOV, OPOV 🙂

  282. O(ne) P(oint) O(f) V(iew) says:

    Suzie, for a guy it makes sense that he would have it there: he wants to show a potential that he is generous with his money. I would think that from a lady’s(sb) perspective, that would be an attractive trait you would want in your pot. daddy.

  283. SuzieQ*297329* says:

    OPOV – perhaps because it helps to show a more rounded picture of who they are? (ie caring, thoughtful young women who want to do something important while they’re here on the planet besides shop). That’s how I would see it, but then again, I’m one of them. 🙂

    Occasionally I’ve read in a sd profile about one or two of the causes he supports and I like to read that, for the reasons above. I think it shows there are things he cares about in this world enough to do something about injustices or unfortunately circumstances, and I personally find that attractive. And also that it’s not all about impressing me with how important he is or how much he makes, but that he is a real person who is passionate about something.

  284. DC says:

    Just back from getting spanked…on the tennis courts. What was I thinking playing with a guy 20 years younger than me!

    Gurl sorry to hear about your experience? How well did you know him before meeting? Were there any red flags? Taco Bell…jeez…..

  285. SuzieQ*297329* says:

    Girlie, no that one was postponed until the fall. I seem to have had a lot of false starts. Oh well, I just look at it as practicing. One day soon I’ll go from dress rehearsal to opening night lol!

  286. O(ne) P(oint) O(f) V(iew) says:

    Afternoon sugars

    I have a question for the ladies:

    Reading above about volunteering, reminds me of something I have been seeing in a bunch of profiles: sugar ladies when describing themselves point out how they work for/ want to work for a non-profit or work in some other type of public service capacity. Why is that? Is it to show how empathetic they are to their potential daddy or are they saying that with their lifestyle, they don’t work, they just volunteer, and they hope that the potential daddy understands what type of lifestyle that is (think Blaine Trump etc.)?

    Ladies, if you actually are involved in your life with these endeavors, why would you emphasize it to your potential partners?

  287. Jai says:

    Wait wait wait..Taco Bell? Was the $150 an apology? I would never want to go eat somewhere I wouldn’t even take myself out to lol gurl, that sucks.

  288. gurlnextdoor*274735* says:

    Afternoon everyone, the date in Boston was horrible again. Looks like my Boston SD is marked off my list. I mean he took me to taco bell for dinner and then expected me to have sex with him at this nearby hotel asap. WTF! And then it got better. When he dropped me off he gave me $150 and was like “see aren’t I nice for giving you this money, I didn’t have to but I did.” Like I’m supposed to be indebted to him for his your-my-personal-prostitute attitude towards me. Argh!

  289. girlie says:

    You’re on a sugar date, Nightmare??

  290. NitemareSD says:

    Survived the shopping. Lunch going better – outside by the golf course. Planters Punches hit a little too hard.

  291. girlie says:

    Thanks Kitty. Its someone I am seeing ongoing….my SD. It’s his first time at my house, so I’m making everything pretty! Me included 🙂

  292. Andrew50 says:

    Lisa said, “I have to admit it, embarrassingly, but emo guys kinda turn me on, I love a guy in eyeliner, ooooh.”

    Lisa, I’ll wear the girl pants for you any time you want, but I only wear eyeliner on Halloween. 😉

  293. Kitty says:

    gIRLIE: HAVE A GREAT DATE!! Keep us updated!

  294. girlie says:

    Hello all. My day off and a date tonight also.

    SuzieQ, is this the one you were flying out to see? Exciting first sugar date!! I think first ones are the most exciting…the anticipation, the flirting. Ah, I could spend my life having first sugar dates!

  295. Gail says:

    DC-I volunteer at a food coop. I meet and work with the most wonderful senior citizens : )

    I am happy for you Suzie. Enjoy dinner and have a great time. It’s tough when SD have second thoughts. Especially since you spent time getting to know him. But it sounds like you are handling it fine….NEXT : )

  296. SuzieQ*297329* says:

    Good morning all. Yikes, miss one day of the blog and you don’t even know where you are!

    I have my first sugar date tonight. I think. He asked me to call him this afternoon to confirm the place. We haven’t talked a lot, because he was one of those guys who disappeared for way more than 3 weeks but then emailed me that he was coming to my area (and NO, his name is NOT Explorer lol!) and would I like to get together. Since he is coming to my city and we are meeting at a restaurant I’m not nervous about it.

    I could actually use a distraction because I had a pot sd that I really liked and we were getting on fabulously, but as we were making plans to meet he started having 2nd thoughts (he’s married) so we called it off. I am sad 🙁 but for his sake I hope he is able to work things out with his wife because he seems like a great guy. Oh well, just one of the many pitfalls I suppose.

  297. DC says:

    Hi Gail-

    Yes, I volunteered quite a bit back in San Francisco. have been looking for an opportunity here in Seattle but they would never call me back! Until recently I start Thursday night for an organization that feeds homeless teens. Gonna work in the kitchen which I love as I love to cook. Clean-up sucks though. Where do you volunteer?

    Okay, off to play some tennis with an actual person as opposed to against the wall. It’s been 20 years. Hope I don’t make a fool of myself

  298. Gail says:

    LOL…@ Kitty….I tried to PM him…no answer…he will be there for 3 months: ) We have to put out a SD alert***Deta…oh Deta…Phone home: ) lol…oh I mean SW…come back to the light Deta.

    DC..you volunteer?…so do I : ) Just haven’t found a SD while volunteering yet….

    Andrew…as DC says other distractions….: )

  299. DC says:

    Hi everyone-

    Just popping in to say hi before my tennis date.

    Another mostly gray day here in Seattle.

    Stormcat- great post. I think you hit the nail on the head!

    Andrew- don’t despair. We are all going through the same thing. Trying to meet someone on-line for more than just casual sex is really difficult these days. Like with any relationship, finding someone of quality takes time and patience. When I find myself getting frustrated it means I am putting way too much emphasis on one aspect of my life and it means I need to get out of my own head and focus on something else. Like school or other activities or volunteering.

    Usually after I’ve walked away and forgotten about it…that is when things start happening.

    It’s good to be aggressive and pro-active but if you find yourself getting angry or hurt maybe it’s time to either develop a thicker skin or to find other distractions.

  300. Kitty says:

    Is he there already, will he be our new SAM?

  301. Gail says:

    ***Smile***Still working on it…haven’t heard from Deta…I hope he hasn’t poofed away : ) I imagine he has other things on his mind since he is already there…sun,sand,beach…lol…

  302. Kitty says:

    Hey Gail, how’s the Kitty-to-Hawaii fund coming along?

  303. Kitty says:

    Andrew: Glad you kept your upperhand and showed her who’s boss!

  304. Beach_Girl*306486 says:

    Andrew~ sorry , it’s the same for us SBs as well. You get to talk with someone, then they leave you for like 3 weeks, then they are back!
    And yes, they too have been online!
    I don’t like that either, but i guess it’s part of it! Although, i hate it!

  305. Gail says:


    She was the best at the time : ) There are far too many SB here that would love to meet you. Look around here we are!!! (smile) And in addition you will find that we are sincere and all searching for a honest, good fella like you. Take your pick…who do you want to start with?

    Oh…I forgot…Jai and OCSugar are spoken for…lol….also Lisa….

  306. NitemareSD says:

    Ah the believable lie.

    It combines the security of knowing she IS lying with the appreciation for the effort to make it palatable.

    Perfect for the arrangement universe.

  307. Andrew50 says:

    The potential SB who said she wanted a relationship and then vanished called me today. She said she has been very busy for the past 3 weeks and once again wants to start a relationship. I couldn’t believe her story about being too busy for 3 weeks to send me a one-line email, especially since she’s been logged in several times, so I told her no. I need someone who will tell me the truth, or at least tell me believable lies.

    If she had told me that she met someone else, but it didn’t work out, and I’m her backup plan, I could have believed that story and would have given her another chance. I feel sad about it because she was the best one, by far, that I’ve met.

  308. NitemareSD says:

    Into the shopping phase. Looks like a short skirt, bikini and a sun dress for her, and a brown belt for me.

    Or is that the other way around? 😮

  309. sweetredhead says:

    Have a great day. Back to work for me.

  310. sweetredhead says:

    Hi Beach_girl. I got called into the office today. I was like oh crap! But she called me in there to say I was doing a great job and she has heard nothing but good things about me. She said the girls are saying I have a calming effect on the front office. I just make them laugh when it gets crazy lol. Why get yourself all stressed out right?

  311. Beach_Girl*306486 says:

    Hi Sugars! hope you are all having a great day!

  312. sweetredhead says:

    Well except nightmaresd. he can teach form letters and how not to pick an SB lmao.

  313. Kitty says:

    Gail: aww… lucky day off… it’s a holiday Monday on the 18th~ I can’t wait. don’t know what to do for 3 days.. but definitely want to do SOMETHING.

    Heya Jai! 🙂 I envy ur spa day! 🙂 not a big massage fan, but exfoliating and relaxation sounds good

  314. sweetredhead says:

    Wow Stormcat you “get IT’ I am impressed!! WOuld you like to help some of the other Sd on the blog give classes? lol

  315. Gail says:

    It’s my day off Jai…I am committed to nothing today : ) Just trying to relax…. and eating red ripe juicy cherries this morning….

    Nitemare…she said the “L” word to you : )
    Villa…is “L” in the air : )

  316. Jai says:

    Afternoon kitty 🙂

  317. Kitty says:

    Good Afternoon Everyone 🙂

  318. Jai says:

    Aw Gail. He has a brother, but he’s not just like him lol. What are you up to today?

  319. VillaCypris *276489* says:

    Thank you, Nitemare. I admire your cleverness, and ability to play on words and the myriad of meanings each one can hold…

    good luck on your interview…. you’ll find a good SB… but no one you will “LOVE” as much as VillaC…

    ciao ciao x

  320. just bob says:

    Interesting quote from nightmare. I belive it goes into a marriage as well. Does money screw things up when it comes to trust?. And without trust; be it in friendship, love, or SB/SD dating are we all screwed.

  321. NitemareSD says:

    I just love VillaC

    I am in the middle of an extended SB interview and losing interest. I don’t see how I fit in to her plans and why she decide to interview.

    Fortunately responses to the form letters keep rolling in.

  322. Gail says:

    Morning Jai: ) Spa Day…oh I am so envious…Does your SD have a brother just like him? Facial…body wrap..sugar scrub….I have cramps too…Waaaah…..

  323. Jai says:

    Good morning 🙂

    I didn’t get to sleep until 3 am yesterday and still have that annoying cramp in my shoulder. Up side? Spa day!! My SD graciously agreed to let some one else try to work out the kinks as all his methods were unsuccessful 😛 Along with a facial, seaweed body wrap, sugar exfoliating scrub…this cramp is paying off lol

    Hey Gail, Kitty, Villa, SE, Stormcat 🙂 Hope I didn’t miss anyone.

  324. SuthrnExec says:

    Didn’t take it that way Villa – definitely not afraid of the”L” word – in fact when demonstrated in real life, it’s a beautiful thing. The proof of the pudding is in the eating!

  325. VillaCypris *276489* says:

    I must depart.

    Have a fantastic day 😀

  326. VillaCypris *276489* says:

    True. Also, I did not mean to imply that you, SE, are scared of the “word”.

  327. SuthrnExec says:

    Agreed Villa – “love” can be vague and the first impression can be totally off – and as people do tend to define love as they see fit, opting for a more precise term sometimes provides clarity.

  328. VillaCypris *276489* says:

    The word “love” seems to scare people on many levels…. it doesn’t necessarily have to mean LOVE as in “I want to spend the rest of my life with you”…. in my opinion, it can also encompass “affection”, or desire to be with someone, or the “connection” that stormcat so clearly elucidated. I try not to get lost in semantics…. as the concept of “love” is not universal and people have the capacity to develop their own definition of what it means to them…

  329. VillaCypris *276489* says:

    Hi Gail and SE 🙂

    Hope you both are doing well!

  330. SuthrnExec says:

    Stormcat, I think you could also substitute the words “friendship” or “respect” for the word “love” in the phrase “the mutual love aspect of the relationship”. Love might be a little strong – especially since that’s the only time you used it in your discussion. Sorry to be knit-picky…

  331. Gail says:

    Wheew…I missed alot of post while thinking about and writing mine. I have to leave for a minute, but will be back : ) Morning PrincessKitty, Princess Goodgirl,Suthern Exec. Stormcat and Princess Villa : ) It’s my day off from everything except the blog today!!!

  332. goodgirl*313749 says:

    ok i’m really going now… had to enter to win pch lotto 🙂 ha! good morning gail! until later sugars!

  333. SuthrnExec says:

    Stormcat, I think you get it.

  334. Gail says:

    Morning Sugars : )

    Andrew50-Sugars such as myself love older gentlemen. To me I find whats rolling around in their brain and the feeling in their hearts sexy : )
    Young sugar is sweet, but a man in his 50’s is even sweeter! Add tall to the equation…mmmmmgooood!!! Also your story about the Emu…had me chuckling….

    Morning Nitemare…and nice to see you posting SouthernGent2 : ) Welcome RedMaru : )

    Ok…now back to my morning coffee…with a spoonful of sugar!

  335. goodgirl*313749 says:

    good morning kitty!
    – have a great day everyone! i’m off to work out and go to work…la la la … 🙂

  336. Stormcat says:

    I have to give y’all credit for this. I learned it by reading your blog. the line

    “The problem when money is involved is that it (the money) undermines the trust aspect of the friendship”

    was a direct quote from Nitemare.

    Believe it or not.

  337. goodgirl*313749 says:

    oooo! good thing to collect! my daughter has rocks, feathers, and pez. i’m not sure what i collect…lately its been pounds. 🙁
    i’m gonna get rid of those though…

  338. Stormcat says:

    hey kitty
    Addirondack Park, NY

  339. Stormcat says:

    1st Maybe . . . I collect situations and haven’t been in this one yet?
    2nd Working from home, I’m alone alot and want to enrich my circle of friends.
    3rd There is an excitement missing that my marriage can’t provide.
    lol I knew you’ld respond appropriately.

  340. Kitty says:

    I ask myself that question too Goodgirl 🙂 It’s a good way to stay grounded

  341. Kitty says:

    Stormcat: since you get it, what part of the Lawrence rainbow are you by?

  342. goodgirl*313749 says:

    on a side note- if it gives anyone hope *ahem* personally, i always ask myself ‘if _____ didn’t have money, would i still want to see him?’ if the answer is yes, then i go for it. if not, then no.
    yes, stormcat- i think you get it.

  343. Kitty says:

    Stormcat: you definitely Get It. It is especially well mentioned that it is a “friendship” relationship. To go one step further and apply your comment. I personally think that an “arrangement” cannot be established in a date or 2. As a true friendship must be built first and foremost. My sb friend Gail said it best, “SugarDaddy friends are the best kind of friends to have.” 🙂

    Good Morning everyone…

  344. VillaCypris *276489* says:

    Ahhh… sepuku… no, please, do not subject yourself to that! Not necessary.

    Nitemare… you “get it” , too.

  345. Stormcat says:

    Thanks VC
    Now I won’t have to commit hari kari!

  346. NitemareSD says:


    The motivation for one to help the other, and give gifts, etc. comes from the mutual love aspect of the relationship, not the combination of one’s greed and the other’s lust, or even worse desperation and lust.


    That’s what I keep telling people, but they keep trading sex for money and accidently sleeping with people.

  347. goodgirl*313749 says:

    hehe…not mater. *matter

  348. goodgirl*313749 says:

    stormcat- 1st, love it that you write small novels like me 😉
    2nd, before i tackle all of that, tell me please, what made you decide to be an sd in the first place?… doesn’t really mater, just wondering.

  349. VillaCypris *276489* says:

    Good morning ~

    Stormcat – you “get it”… a comprehensive, yet succinct, description of the ever-elusive “connection”… which everyone craves, but has such difficulty finding. Bravo. x

  350. goodgirl*313749 says:

    good morning! …nitemare- i don’t wanaa know anymore about what you did to that bottle… i’m having some pretty interesting visuals though! 😉
    *sings*…i’ve got a lovely bunch of coconuts, de de de…

  351. Stormcat says:

    Morning everyone;
    I, being the slightly obsessional type, started worying that I actually might be one of those you talk about who “doesn’t get it.” So I’ve been thinking about it more. It’s the connection/friendship part that attracted me to the SA site. You’d think that “friend with privileges” would be the easiest kind of relationship to find but it turns out to be the rarest. It’s far harder to find someone that wants that kind of relationship than even to find someone to marry. The problem when money is involved is that it (the money) undermines the trust aspect of the friendship. It should be a friendship that would be the same even if both people were at the same financial comfort level. The motivation for one to help the other, and give gifts, etc. comes from the mutual love aspect of the relationship, not the combination of one’s greed and the other’s lust, or even worse desperation and lust. From my point of view, not having unlimited resources, I have to make a choice about where to expend those resources. Choosing one thing means not choosing a bunch of other things. It’s called sacrifice (giving up something of value for another thing of even greater value). So, when I help my sugarbaby/friend to have a better life, I do it because I want to positively affect the friendship bond. The risk is that I misjudge the relationship, that there is no friendship bond, and the act then falls flat and is wasted for me.
    I’ve been trying to understand the motivation for entering arrangements that, from the sugarbaby point of view, extend beyond being solely greed or desperation. All I can see is that, like for the SD, it has to be the friendship/connection. The only task then, for two potentials considering each other, is to try and make sure that they are suited and capable of developing a friendship. A friendship that could still happen even if their roles happened to be reversed. The SB has to determine whether the SD’s motivation is one of selfish lust that will lead to her feeling used and no better off, or selfless caring that will lead to her feeling enriched and having a better life. The SD has to determine whether the SB’s motivation is one of greed/desperation which will lead to his feeling hollow, foolish, and stripped of some value, or selfless caring which will lead to his feeling enriched and valued by another.

    So do I get it?

  352. NitemareSD says:

    How about a special SA sub-site of only WASP SDs and JAP SBs?

  353. OPOV says:

    Redmaru Says:
    May 13th, 2009 at 8:26 am

    “Nitemare SD: Wasps are a pain!!”

    That’s kinda racist. What do you got against us WASP’s?

    j/k 😀

  354. Redmaru says:

    Hate to say it but I’m off have to go to a meeting…bleh
    Be back!!!

  355. Redmaru says:

    Nitemare SD: Wasps are a pain!!
    Those suckers were bold in my hometown building nests right in the windows. Other than that have a good day!

  356. Redmaru says:

    Good morning everyone!
    Greetings to the newcomers!
    I see youre off to work Lisa so have a good day!!!
    Hey again Jai!

  357. NitemareSD says:

    A high enough percentage of people on SA (or in any part of this game) are scammers that you always have to be on your toes.

    I don’t think their is any direct connection between the victims expression of his sexual addiction and being blackmailed. I think he was extremely unwise in how he conducted himself and was easy prey. He may be addicted to risk in addition to sex. Or he may be someone for whom money had no rational value, so he led with his money and got it snatched by con artists who easily sniffed him out.

    Now can we talk about hard to open things like cocnuts again? I just took the viginity from a bottle of childrens cold medicine. I’m ready for a vacation.

  358. lisa says:

    Good morning everyone. Getting ready to leave for work. Long day as when I get off at 4 i’m going to meet my daughter for a quick 15 minute visit on the bus when she gets off work. Hope everyone has a great day. Be back around 6:30

  359. SouthernGent2 says:

    I nominate this post below for the post of the month:

    Jason Says:

    May 12th, 2009 at 6:16 pm
    I love the blog, but I have a question … what happened to the topic at hand?

    Does anyone else have anything else to add to the story of this blog?

    Does anyone think it is a big deal? How can it be prevented? What can SA do to help make sugar dating safer for everyone?

    Or are we just chatting about our daily lives? ha ha …

    Just wondering…

  360. sweetredhead says:

    Good morning sugars! Another HOT one today. Hope it is not as muggy as yesterday. WOW it’s Wednesday already this week is flying by. It’s so nice to have a job I actually like going to everyday.

    I may have a sugar date this weekend. Not sure if I am excited or not hmmm interesting. I think I am getting jaded. Just another date, another guy who wants something from me? I don’t know. I think the scamming can be on both sides. Why can’t people just be open and honest and state exactly what they want from an arrangement? Not try and make themselves look good then when you meet them they are looking or act like someone different. The guy am am talking to is at least upfront somewhat lol.

    Time to go from sugar life to the real world. I am off to get ready for work.
    Have a great day everyone 🙂

  361. Jai says:

    Hey Andy 🙂

    Just to keep with the encouragement motif, my SD is 63 and I’m 23 and we get along just fine. I happen to love older men and prefer them. Just know that there is hope. We are out here 😛

  362. Angela300373 says:

    One of my best dates ever was with a 62 year old man and he was the best example yet of Genuine Sugar!

  363. Angela300373 says:

    Hi and welcome to the blog. I do not think 50 is too old and I’m 33. I am searching in the 35-60 range. You may have had some girls say your out of range but rest assure you are SMACK dab in Someones range! Those who exclude you are not right for you anyway!
    As far as height, that is only an issue if you go dancing…other than that it is not important.
    Why do you think your level of attractiveness is below average?
    Handsomeness is in the eye of the beholder!
    (disclaimer: I am an Aquarius so I have strange ideas about what makes people attractive- I tend to like those that are different-not mainstream media forced ideas of what is sexy)

    Last but not least: Us girls still like to be “chased”. Just because we are “emotionally evolved” enough to appreciate the benefits of Sugar Relationships doesn’t mean we want to do all the pursuing all the time.
    I made this my tag line because it is a universal truth…..
    A man chases a girl until she catches him.

  364. Andrew50 says:


    I’ve been at this about 3 months.

    I think part of my problem is generational. I’m 50, and I’m trying to find an SB 25-35 year olds because that’s who’s available.

    Many women age 35-45 have told me that I’m too old for them, or they have an age range in their profile that excludes me. That makes me think that they’re looking for a boyfriend/husband who happens to have more money than they do, and they aren’t really looking for an SD.

    Another part of my problem is my height (I’m 6’9”) and my level of physical attractiveness, which is below average.

  365. raine says:

    Hi, gurlnextdoor. Just thought I’d pop in. How have you been?

    Say, Andrew…(sorry, lost my train of thought. Oh wait, here it is)about your pot SBs: is it a generational thing, a stunted attention span on their part, or both? How long has your search been?

  366. girlie says:

    ANdrew50 I just read about your Nemo/ Emo girl. She sounds like she put zero effort in. I’m sorry but I had to laugh…..

  367. Andrew50 says:

    I’m probably overconfident with respect to blackmailers and scammers because:

    1) I’m not married, don’t send out embarrassing photos or emails, and have nothing to hide that I’d be willing to pay money to keep quiet;

    2) I’ve encountered many con artists, ponzi salesman, and fraudulent securities brokers during my life, and their schemes always had huge red flags, so I think of criminals as being transparent bumblers, not evil geniuses plotting world domination from inside their hollowed-out volcano; and

    3) All the potential SBs I’ve met so far don’t seem to be putting much effort into getting me, and I usually give up in frustration, so if they have an evil plan, it really isn’t working.

  368. goodgirl*313749 says:

    ok… i’m goin to bed too. 🙂 good night to all!!!

  369. girlie says:

    lol, gurl. I am IM’ing with ChocolateSnowBunny, nursing a glass of wine before bed. Might pop back……

  370. lisa says:

    Good night everyone. Going to bed soon.

  371. Beach_Girl*306486 says:

    Hi girlie~ i’m off to bed , had a long day too!
    talk soon
    Night all sugars!

  372. girlie says:

    Hello all. Sleepily logging in……
    Lots of stuff going on today!

  373. lisa says:

    Hey Gail, Beach

    Gotta go as my best friend just called, talk to you later, busy phone day for me

  374. Beach_Girl*306486 says:

    Evening Sugars!!!
    It was a good day for me, got 2 early Birthday present YAY!!!
    I’m happy, now if only I could find an SD!
    how is everyone!

  375. Gail says:

    Hello Everyone….it took a while to read the post….alot of different topics and people: )

  376. raine says:

    @goodgirl: minions=fellow extortionists, their ilk and/or accomplices in this case.

    OPOV: aww…so sweet of you to voluntarily correct your grammar for me. I understand the marrieds are/should be cautious by default/to a fault(uh, was that redundant?).
    Just trying to humor myself* and everyone else here. *taking baby steps in getting back to my old self.
    Evenin’, Jai.

  377. lisa says:


    I had a nice chat with my sd. We are going to try to get together friday. Everything seems to be going well.

  378. Jai says:

    Hey Lisa! What’s up?

  379. lisa says:

    talking to sd now

  380. lisa says:

    Good evening Jai

  381. O(ne) P(oint) O(f) V(iew) says:

    sorry raine, that is “are totally unaware”, not “is”.

    I know how bad grammar gets your goat.


  382. O(ne) P(oint) O(f) V(iew) says:


    I think most of the daddy/mommy profiles on this site is totally unaware of this story. It is almost 2 months old and I only found out about it because of my decadent desire to read a NY tabloid newspaper. How many do you think come to this blog to see what that link is all about? And there are over 300k members here.

    I think that a married or otherwise committed persons will always approach a relationship like this with a little trepidation so there will always be that “humana, humana? from time to time.

  383. goodgirl*313749 says:

    lmao *man jobs…hehehe!
    got it open! just threw it on the garage floor 🙂 p.s- she hates coconut and its milk, but at least she tries new things…

  384. lisa says:

    it was funny many years ago when I was in junior high and we lived with my uncle. He had bought a watermelon from a vendor in the neighborhood. My parents kept wondering when he was going to open that melon. They ended up going on their weekend to Mexico city and I stayed at home. The next day my uncle told me before he left for work that I should eat some watermelon. Well I couldn’t find a knife anywhere so I ended up getting his hand saw and sawing it open, lol

  385. OCSugarBaby says:

    Goodgirl I would try a screw driver and a hammer to make a hole for the milk to come out. 🙂
    I actually do use my tools correctly! I have a huge tool box and I am very handy, but I still like to ask for help with those “man jobs” as I call them. It keeps my utter independance in check! lol

    Ok, ok no lewd comments on the man jobs… 🙂

  386. goodgirl*313749 says:

    oc- i tink i will try that as i don’t have an axe or chainsaw! and thank you 🙂 i get a ton of my own thoughts figured out while i am writing it for all of you!
    lisa- i know. i almost asked you 1st because of that! remember the hula skirt?…me. how’d they get it open? these things are unbreakable! my daughter has got to try ‘coconut milk’ straight from the coconut for some reason. *hehe…coconut. (fun word)!!

  387. raine says:

    When I resume sending emails, I wonder if the responses will be full of typed stuttering and/or clusters of ums/uhs/ers? With that said *ahem*, I’m sure many of your fellow SDs are the same way, OPOV.

    Goodgirl: Are you looking (mentally, anyway) to find her on the street any day now*, even though this is her mugshot?
    ~lol~ uh, as for the coconut, I sure don’t know how to open one, I’m afraid.

    *”damn you, woman! The rest of us just wanted to shop/travel/get away from it all once in a while! Thanks to YOU and your minions, many of these men won’t give us the time of day, much less a nice watch displaying same!” at least, that’s the what-for I’m giving her in my head. Eh. *lol*

  388. lisa says:

    Good evening OC so I guess it wasn’t you that stole the coconut insides at my store?

  389. goodgirl*313749 says:

    thats awsome lisa 🙂
    opov- maybe she’s a half full girl?

  390. lisa says:

    goodgirl someone stole the insides of a coconut where I work. It was weird as I found the two halvs hollowed out and thrown behind the diaper display. I thought about making a coconut bra but the customers might be offended, they are old fuddy duddies

  391. OCSugarBaby says:

    Hi Goodgirl! I think I would use a hammer! But I hate coconut so have never tried to open one. 🙂
    I love your stories about your SD adventures. Keep up the good work. It does happen.

    Welcome Jason! Topic, ya rite. lol

  392. lisa says:

    Good evening goodgirl, that’s great news and yes you gotta keep your options open, always need a potential sd on the side. I have one and am in the process of getting to know one from out of town that if I did start an arrangement with him, it would probably be once or twice a month when he’s in town.

  393. goodgirl*313749 says:

    sorry… i didn’t mean to write a book!
    anyone know how to open a coconut?

  394. O(ne) P(oint) O(f) V(iew) says:

    I will tell you one little tic that I have developed since I read about this story is my “I wonder what’s her agenda?” attitude has been raised from yellow to orange. The girl I met last week in Fla, even briefly, is excited about seeing me again and wants to come to the city for a visit. Normally I’d be “whoopie!!” but now I am a little cautious because of her “enthusiasm”.

    Either that or it’s just my “glass half empty” approach toward life.

  395. goodgirl*313749 says:

    hi raine 🙂 yep. looser. lmao! some sugar daddy he turned out to be!
    hi opov- good evening to you also! nope, i don’t know anything about that girl except that i have her face burned into my brain now that i have to look at her everytime i load my comments!

  396. goodgirl*313749 says:

    good evening oc and bg!
    oc- lol!
    as for me…out with the old and in with the new!!!
    my 1st sd has been mia for a few weeks now. he’s always very generous and i like him, but…. with him being gone for so long, a girl gets lonely!!
    already said 3 is out (he was from out-of-state anyway) you know “the refund guy” lol! 🙂
    –#2 is great. lovin it! tomorrow he’s meeting me to give me rent money plus a little extra and told me he was going to buy me a membership at the local tannery before he sees me (which i jokingly requested at lunch yesterday) i wonder if i can get him to spring for the lotion too???? …that stuff is hella expensive!
    –I got an email from a poof daddy from earlier this month wanting to know if i’m still interested in meeting him. *sure. why not? gotta keep my options open, right? he’s an attorney here in my town and sounds interesting… 1st meeting jitters!
    –the guy friend i was talking about the other day that i am convinced is a closet sd called me today and asked what i was doing… i’m feeling a little silly today so i told him i was looking for another sugardaddy… he didn’t seem put off… just told me that i’m interesting! he’s super sexy and has a great smile, body ect…plus, he’s married so he wouldn’t be in my business all the time… 🙂 ahhhh! happy day!

  397. O(ne) P(oint) O(f) V(iew) says:

    Evening sugar dudes and dudettes,

    Does anyone know which extortion candidate is pictured above? I mentioned that I thought I was in contact with the married Dawn from Ohio, but I don’t believe that picture is her, But then again, what are the odds that there would be more than one white, 20-something married woman from Ohio on this board? I know it’s possible, but…

  398. raine says:

    Hi again, folks.

    *Goodgirl, I read the refund backstory earlier today. I mean, dude was really gonna release the hounds over TWO HUNDRED BUCKS!?! What a tool–and a useless one at that!
    Well, the sugar beat goes on, I suppose.

    Welcome, Jason. As Beach_Girl stated, we’ve added plenty; what’s your take on it? I may have missed you come in since I just returned to the blog last night: are you SB or SD? Have you become more skittish since this story broke, perhaps even considered investing in a portable polygraph machine?

  399. OCSugarBaby says:

    Hello Everyone!
    Miss Lisa, I thought of you the other day! My AC was not working in my new apartment. I had not used it since I moved in. I had to let in the maintenance guy and give permission to enter my apartment. I thought ok, I will just lock my “super sweet” chocolate lab in the bedroom so he can fix the AC. I had no idea he needed to flip the breaker switch in my bedroom! He just about had a heart attack when he saw an 80 lb dog in the dark room staring at him! He was nice about it. I am sure she was sweet and tried to kiss him! He left a note on my counter that he could not fix the AC due to “DOG IN THE BEDROOM” he wrote it in all caps. I laughed so hard but also felt bad for the scare. He came back at 5:30 when I got home and we laughed about it. It was funny, he just flipped the breaker and it worked. Try that!!! Mine was just blowing air not cold air. 🙂

  400. Beach_Girl*306486 says:

    Jason~ Why don’t you tell us what you think? We actually had started to talk about scams and so forth on the previous blog .
    Welcome by the way
    hey Goodgirl~ just here for a minute… have to run out for a bit , be back later
    See all you sugars later
    Stormcat~ no money tree 🙁 ….

  401. goodgirl*313749 says:

    helloooooooooo??? anybody hereeee?? *echo*
    did i come back from work at blogger break time?

  402. lisa says:

    I’m going to make some fresh ground coffee and sit here nekid and listen to music, Get some rest Sweetredhead, hope to chat later.

  403. sweetredhead*269443* says:

    I am off for awhile, I can’t stay wake.

  404. RedMaru says:

    Jai: I saw Star Trek twice and love it. Hope your neck feels better.

    Hey Jason Welcome to the blog! : As far as the topic goes I think SA feels it’s doing enough by the warning listed at the bottom when you log but a little more screen especially of messages wouldn’t hurt.

    Well that’s all for now for me as I’m off to the gym to work some tension off. If I’m not on tonight see all you tomorrow

    Same bat time
    Same bat channel…..lol (well maybe different blog)

  405. Stormcat says:

    Hey, I invented the ultimate seduction dring when I was in college.
    2 large ice cubes
    2parts Cream d Cocco
    1part Rasberry Liquore
    1part Brandy
    1part Half n half
    Garnish with a mint sprig and a shaving of semisweet chocolate

  406. lisa says:

    sorry sweetredhead lol

  407. Stormcat says:

    Make sure its cold water! Don’t want to stress the AC trying keep your heat under control.

  408. sweetredhead*269443* says:

    TMI lisa!!

    Stormcat I have no idea! lmao You men are the ones with all the imagination.

  409. lisa says:

    Bubblebath, I think i’m going to hop in the tub right now, gotta wash the sin off me from this morning, lol Be back in awhile

  410. Stormcat says:

    sweetred lol what good would that do me?

  411. sweetredhead*269443* says:

    Stormcat my dear man I do think you are trying to get me drunk!

  412. lisa says:

    Jason, I can’t relate to the topic as I have never been scammed or scammed anyone on SA. I don’t feel too sorry for the guy mentioned though as he sounds like an internet sex addict, not someone who was looking to be a real sugardaddy, more like a guy so addicted he’d pay out for a fix.

  413. sweetredhead*269443* says:

    Jason, welcome 🙂 We would love to hear your ideas, go ahead and contribute. WE all have already.

  414. Stormcat says:

    Sounds like you need a bubblebath, some soft blues playing on the stereo, and smooth as silk brandy.

  415. Jai says:

    Go to bed sweetred 🙂 Or at least lay down and relax.

    I think I’m going to stop typing myself lol my neck, chest, and back are killing right now. My SD is going to try some myotherapy to alleviate the pain. Wish me luck sugar fam. He said it’s going to be some of the worst pain I’ve ever felt but the rewards are worth it.

  416. lisa says:

    I hate those neck cramps. I’ve had them before and was afraid to turn my head incase it snapped off.
    Hopefully we will get together friday as I have made myself available.

    Just trying to keep cool now as my ac is back to not working. It worked a whole 24 hours wow. It needs to be thrown out and replaced.

  417. Jason says:

    I love the blog, but I have a question … what happened to the topic at hand?

    Does anyone else have anything else to add to the story of this blog?

    Does anyone think it is a big deal? How can it be prevented? What can SA do to help make sugar dating safer for everyone?

    Or are we just chatting about our daily lives? ha ha …

    Just wondering…

  418. Jai says:

    Hi Red Maru 🙂 I’m good aside from this debilitating cramp in my neck. Lol I can’t turn my head or lift my arms above my head. My SD and I went to see Star Trek though, so I’m pretty good.

  419. sweetredhead*269443* says:

    HI Stormcat, They know how to hold their own 🙂

    Not to feisty tonight, having trouble staying awake.

  420. Jai says:

    Aw I’m sorry sweetred. At least you had a good day at work right? 🙂

  421. RedMaru says:

    sorry bout that kitty haven’t been to vegas…yet. But would love to go.
    Afternoon jai how are you

    sorry to hear about the cancellation lisa…you’ll have a great friday

  422. sweetredhead*269443* says:

    Hey Jai. Tired! I was up to late last night and up to early this morning lol

  423. Stormcat says:

    Hi Sweetred
    been missing your feisty humor. but kitty and lisa have been fillind in for ya. And doin a good job of it too.

  424. Jai says:

    Afternoon everyone 🙂 How’s everyone doing?

  425. sweetredhead*269443* says:

    Lisa sorry to hear he canceled. I am sure you will have fun friday 🙂

  426. sweetredhead*269443* says:

    Great! I love my new job 🙂 the day goes by so fast!

  427. lisa says:

    Good afternoon sweetredhead. My sd cancelled our afternoon date because he had to work. I have made myself available friday afternoon.

  428. kitty says:

    hey redhead how was work today?

  429. kitty says:

    redmaru: If you knew me, you’d recognize my name already… we went to Vegas together…………..?

  430. sweetredhead*269443* says:

    Good evening sugars. Hope everyone had a wonderful day.

  431. RedMaru says:

    kitty: I do go to sci fi and anime conventions so it makes me wonder if you might know me….smile. If we have met….wow small sugar world….lol But I do love sailor moon. Sailor moon and Akira are what drew me into my love of anime.

  432. lisa says:

    ok I got an email last night that my contacts were out of stock and wouldn’t ship till the end of may, now I just got a shipping comfirmation that they have been shippped. Problem is I won’t be home when UPS comes, sometimes I missiing working nights because I could be home during the day to get my packages.

  433. lisa says:

    I dont want to end up living in the back of the complex. I live right up front right now which is safest as there is alot of drive by shooting towards the back. One bedroom apartments are hard to find here so i’m sure they’d have my place rented as soon as I gave notice and i’d have nowhere to go. One bedroom apartments are really popular with the big families that like to pile into them, therefore there are plenty of 2 and 3 bedroom ones available.

  434. Stormcat says:

    Wow Lisa, bummer!
    Why don’t you call your landlord as if you were a new tenant looking. Then rent the place next door or something. Get a new freshly prepared Apt. Might even put in your notice first and rent your own place back redone!

  435. kitty says:

    Redmaru: you have to!!! you are a manga lover just like her!!! I must say I love good old fashion Sailormoon… I went home last weekend and I spent the weekend laying on my bed reading my old Sailormoon 🙂

  436. lisa says:

    I have to admit it, embarrassingly, but emo guys kinda turn me on, I love a guy in eyeliner, ooooh

  437. kitty says:

    call centers has got to be the worst jobs ever….
    and worst for the consumer now, they are all outsourced to india
    Where you from Stormcat?

  438. RedMaru says:

    OMG kitty you do?
    Whats your favorites?

  439. raine says:

    ^Damn, if you don’t want to go to college, that’s fine; not that effin’ serious.

    Girl pants=skinny pants (see also cigarette pants). Don’t see the purpose either way, but what do I know, other than they’d look horrible on me personally (being full-figured and all)…

  440. Stormcat says:


  441. raine says:

    Speaking of call centers (I work at one) and racial slurs: some fool on the phone cussed me out AND threw the N-word at me! Beyond unnecessary! He could’ve just said “wrong number” and hung up…

  442. lisa says:

    I need a new place to live but with my horrible credit, low income,and having to live near my job(a not so good area for apartments) i’m stuck. I need my walls painted, carpet cleaned, tile replaced, ac fixed, etc but they only do those things when you move out to get ready for the next tenant. I want to buy some new blinds for the living room because mine are breaking and you can see through the slats that are broke off but we have to have white blinds and I’m not spending my money on white blind when there are so many pretty colors that would look better. These people have an allergy to color or something. I used to have amethyst walls, wedgewood blue blinds, mauve carpet when I lived with my family, now I have white walls, white blinds, and ugly beige with red koolaid stains carpet.

  443. kitty says:

    wait a minute… is redmaru the super sb I know from Atlanta?

  444. lisa says:

    Thanks RedMaru Stormcat I can have a window ac because my windows are on the porch (Houston apartments are mostly garden apartments with a few units in many buildings and the windows tend to be at porch level (I live upstairs) so it’s like living downstairs as far as windows are, easy to get into so I have them nailed shut since the day I moved in. If you put an ac in, someone would take it out and steal it and come and break in as well. I wish we had the apartment buildings that are built upward like in Chicago and New york but my complex has 25 buidlings and covers an entire block.

  445. kitty says:

    RedMaru: I love Manga 🙂

  446. RedMaru says:

    I’m a little late on this but NewbieSugarie you’re in Atlanta? Small world…. so am I!

  447. RedMaru says:

    Hey lisa! sorry bout the late response…on break again.
    Its two parts actually Red because I was told that I look cute in red(I’m more fond of blue) And Maru is from the name Ranmaru on the anime series Tokko which I enjoy watching. I wanted to do something unique…smile. Originally I was going to go with Red Mage but liked this one better

  448. Stormcat says:

    The thing that’s ironic is that I have that many ac’s stacked up in my basement just taking up space. They’ll never be used. Should I ship’em to you? Do you know some one who would put them in for you? Just e-mail me stormcatgl at yahoo.

  449. kitty says:

    I don’t like the feeling of AC… I just opened a window in my office…

    JAP= Jewish American Princess; a bitchy, spoiled, golddigging Jewish female; Raised in a wealthy household, selfish, high-maintenance to the point of sheer insanity, stuck-up, the worst woman to date/marry on planet earth, yet deemed the most desirable by jewish mothers, who attempt to force them down the throats of their unsuspecting sons (all for the sake of perserving “Jewish Heritage.”)

    A Female who collects designer fashion items and status symbols (including men).
    Bane to the existence of dating men. The key to an unhappy relationship for the rest of your life. Large breasted, outwardly attractive, internally spoiled, greedy, complicated, self-righteous, and obnoxiously difficult and overbearing jewish female.

    Stormcat… I am buying u an Urban dictionary

  450. lisa says:

    stormcat I wish you could. Would you believe that my ac was working great this morning but is now back to being useless. My apartment was 75 when my guy was here, and it’s been running nonstop, now its 90 in here. I have this problem every year when I use my ac, it’s old and needs to be replaced or they need to put freon in it every day.

    Jap is equal to the N word

  451. kitty says:

    japs= japanese?
    I am half japanese….

    omg I f-ing HATE call centers!!!

  452. Stormcat says:

    Thanks Lisa
    You’re such a sweetheart!
    Right now I’d like to drive right down with 6 ACs and intsall one in every window of your Apt. No wonder you’re such a successful SB!

  453. lisa says:

    my knowledge of emo is limited but my daughter pointed out an emo boy at her highschool that wore his mom’s pants. They usually wear tight black pants and eyeline and their hair covers part of their face. I’m not sure what a hipster is. But I come from the disco and big hair band era of the 70-80’s lol

  454. Andrew50 says:

    Lisa – Your post caused me to google “girl pants” (which I had never heard of) and now I’m really confused. I always thought guys who wore those were “hipsters.” What distinguishes hipsters from emo boys?

    I long for the good old days when all we had were the proletariat and the bourgeosie.

  455. lisa says:

    I’m still here

  456. Stormcat says:

    where is everyone?

  457. Stormcat says:

    isn’t Japs kind of a bigot thing? Or am I just showing my out-of-it hippie youth/now-old-timer attitude?

  458. Stormcat says:

    nitemare I’m impressed. But it took you a little longer than usual to come up with that one.

  459. Stormcat says:

    GD I’m lamo.
    y’all crack me up!

  460. raine says:

    Oh, Andrew50, that was classic! I SO needed that laugh. I initially thought, “cool, an Emo Phillips/finding Nemo fan; but why so serious?”*snort* Seriously, I’m sorry about the high-octane awkwardness of your date.

    Nitemare, I guess as a “no sexo” we cancel each other out, huh? *lol* oh, well, the search staggers on, right?

  461. lisa says:

    Nitemare is being naughty, Kitty needs to send him to the corner and make him wear a duence hat. 🙁

  462. Stormcat says:

    Hey, you girls are “really cool chicks!” My wife would like you. She used to always be the “other woman.” That is untill she caught me. Now I don’t want to know. We don’t torture each other with details or even bring it up much. (I’m kinda freeked out by this my-husband-is-OK-with-this-as-long-as-he-can-watch perversion). She only worries that I’m going to fall in love and leave. But that’s not going to happen!
    I’ll probably meet her again, one of these days, on a site like this and we’ll have a good laugh over it.

  463. kitty says:


  464. lisa says:

    Be glad she wasn’t an “EMU” or should would have showed up with a big feathery butt and long stick legs and a big beak, lol

  465. lisa says:

    Emo is a style where people were eyeliner, have kinda messy hair, and act depressed. If you want to get the emo look yourself Andrew50, just put on some girlpants, emo guys like to wear girlpants and they need to be a little short,stopping where your shoes start.

  466. kitty says:

    Raine: I am glad sometimes a positive attitude yields positive results

    Andrew: ooo that’s so funny… Gneration gaps has to be an issue with a lot of SB/SDs

  467. Andrew50 says:

    I had the strangest initial meeting last night. She showed up looking like Jane Jetson with bed-head hair and black eye makeup. Not necessarily a bad match for me because I sorta look like Fred Flintstone after an all-night poker game.

    Near the end of the meeting when it’s clear that things are going nowhere and being polite is starting to strain, I asked her if she is a goth girl. This caused her expression to change from moderately sullen to moderately peeved (a subtle distinction, but, hey, I’m a sensitive guy).

    She plaintively replied, as if she’s answered this question 1000 times, “No, I’m a Nemo girl.” At least that’s what I thought she said because she talked softly and mumbled. All I could think of was the fish in that Disney movie. Now she’s really exasperated, “No, I’m an emo girl.”

    “So, you’re a fan of the comedian Emo Phillips?” At this point, if the meeting isn’t over, it might as well be. When I get home, I google “emo girl” and figure it out. I’m a geezer, and I’m proud.

  468. raine says:

    Yeah, kitty, a little. Just tinkering around with my attitude so it could function properly in both worlds.

    Initially I wasn’t ruling out married SDs, but now I’m not so sure. I’m on the fence about who’s more likely to threaten me with that exclusivity jazz (versus the singles). Then again, it just plain comes down to resuming my search. Barring that, I’m just trying not to let anything stress me out, much less this sugar process. [okay, dang; wasn’t trying to say that much.]

  469. lisa says:

    I have never had a married one. I’ve on had two and both were single (divorced). I would prefer a married one though as it sets a natural boundary for where things can go since I’m not on the sd site to be a girlfriend or a wife.

    I do have a married lover of 4 years and it’s great. Things stay at the same point and I know our limitations but I’m with him for the enjoyment he brings me, his is my intimate soulmate so to say.

  470. JWU says:

    lisa i have to agree married men do make great lovers lol

    when dealing with SD’s do you girls find its easyer to have a married one so you can keep your life more sperate ? i think i’m first going to look for the married ones then move onto divorced and single

  471. lisa says:

    Good afternoon Raine

    Married men make great lovers, lol

  472. kitty says:

    Hey Raine 🙂 i am good and you? haven’t seen you around lately… Are things improving?

  473. lisa says:

    Thanks Kitty

    Don’t worry I will be back at work tomorrow carrying heavy totes around. It’s just me and my supervisor in our department tomorrow and she can’t do alot of lifting because she is having back surgery next month. She’ll be gone 4 months and I hate to see her gone as she is awsome and a great boss. The guy that is replacing her is the assistant and he’s nice but the one that is replacing him as assistant is that 20 year girl with the attitude. I would like her to just say “good morning” one time instead of , hey did you leave this here, where is this, etc, you should do it this way, etc. Meanwhile she’;s hanging from store shelves, climbing stacks of boxes, putting her hand in the baler when its’ still operating, if she worked at most jobs, she’d be fired for safety violations. I just see her falling off the shelf or the foldy tote that she stands on.

  474. kitty says:

    Quite a cunning linguist at that lol
    … no, it was google.

  475. raine says:

    Hi all. How’s everyone’s day going so far?

  476. kitty says:

    you can respond with, “Good thing I don’t date B*tches” But that would just be juvenile

  477. Stormcat says:

    Wow! Kitty.
    That’s impressive!
    Aur you a linguist?

  478. kitty says:

    Stormcat: a response is always nice when you sent an email out, but such a comment is a tad superfluous

  479. Stormcat says:

    Hey Nitemare,
    Whats with those who feel compelled to respond to an initial contact letter with “I don’t date married men!’
    If they’re not interested then just don’t respond, right!
    It’s like I’ve just intentionally personally insulted them and they have to make a comment.
    If they find it so objectionable they can put it in their profile. I always respect that.
    I never push it. But sometimes I feel like it. I mean, I think their position is perfectly understandable but that kind of rigidity just doesn’t fit the spirit of this SA.

  480. kitty says:

    Măru may refer to several villages in Romania: * Măru, a village in Zăvoi Commune, Caraş-Severin County * Măru, a village in Logreşti Commune, Gorj County

    Maru is a Maori war god, especially well known in southern New Zealand where he replaces Tūmatauenga, the war god of the rest of New Zealand. Maru is the son of Rangihore (god of rocks and stones) and the grandson of Maui. Maru’s image was brought to New Zealand by Haungaroa.

    A suffix of Japanese ship names. The Nippon Maru; A diacritic ( ゜ ) used with Japanese kana to change an h to a p; A large, circular …

    round, maru gata: round shaped, maru mimi: round rim

  481. JWU says:

    Nitemare : one exam next week , other two classes were projects that are already done So pretty much done till september:)

  482. kitty says:

    Hey Newbie: welcome back.. I know a super SB in atlanta u should look her up 🙂

    Lisa: glad you had a pleasurable morning.. I am tired, assistant’s off today so I’m doing his job and stuffing envelopes no wonder he hates his job its no fun at all

  483. lisa says:

    Hey RedMaru, is there a meaning behind your username?

  484. NitemareSD says:

    So what is the plan for the summer? What are your peers finding for the summer?

  485. NewbieSugarie says:

    Thanks for the help everyone…sorry for the delayed response…I think BeachGirl is gone but I’m from Atlanta 🙂

  486. lisa says:

    Yes kitty Very pleasurable morning, just got out of bed, so how is everyone this afternoon?

  487. RedMaru says:

    Hey lisa’s back!
    Hey lisa

  488. RedMaru says:

    Aaah had a small bite of lunch and sneaking in another write.
    Thanks for the encouragement Jai I took the risk and shot an email so now my toes are crossed.

  489. JWU says:

    yes was to the hospitality , havn’t decided if i’ll go for a MBA yet …. still have a few semesters left

  490. kitty says:

    back refreshed and glowing Lisa? lol

  491. NitemareSD says:

    SO you still have exams and then graduation?

  492. lisa says:

    Good afternoon everyone

  493. JWU says:

    yup , most people just assume the school is for mostly cooking , i can make mac and chesse but thats about as far as my cooking skills go 🙂

  494. NitemareSD says:


  495. NitemareSD says:


  496. JWU says:

    yes Johnson & Wales Univ i went to the one in providence , not for cooking tho , event/meeting planning

  497. kitty says:

    Storm: My profile is hidden and on hiatus rgiht now.. long story. I am closer to the snow belt between Erie and Huron Lake

  498. NitemareSD says:

    Johnson & Wales Univ?

  499. Stormcat says:

    You know, a cash cow. You don’t need a farm for that!
    btw you’re somewhere over the St lawrence rainbow, aren’t you?
    that’s kinda neer me.
    Can I look at your profile #?
    mine’s 322205

  500. kitty says:

    Stormcat: Vegas has to be my favorite vacation spot. 🙂 I guess a cow would be able to make me a lot of money… but I am going to need a farm and grass… I don’t have either…

  501. Stormcat says:

    Lol at NC Gent. also

  502. Stormcat says:

    Hey All
    Back for a break.
    Mmmm Vegas!
    My uncle lives there. His name is Tom Jones. He’s not the singer, that’s his real name. Tom Jones the singer actually sued him once because he put his own name up on his business.
    this tree thing is just not going to work. How about a cow?

  503. Jai*277171* says:

    Lol at NC Gent.

  504. kitty says:

    We went to the club at Luxor that was amazing… err… forgot the name…. but it was one of the best clubs I’ve ever been 🙂

    NC: lol what was she thinking then?? u r such a winner!

  505. NC Gent says:

    ummmmm Kitty — in my first email, I talked a lot about sex. Let’s see what else — I asked her to fly to some place and she had to buy her ticket and I would reimburse her when we met. I asked her how much per hour she was seeking. I asked her for her cell phone number and personal email also. Oh yeah, let’s not forget, I asked her for some naked and lingerie pics too. Is there anything else that I forgot to do that maybe would have increased my odds? Oh wait, I told her I wasn’t going to give her any allowance until I had a test drive — I think that one sealed the deal!

  506. JWU says:

    Kitty : Stayed at the luxor , it was a really nice fun hotel just a little far from the end of the strip we spent most of are time at (like the mirage , Wynn , monte carol end) , heels and walking a mile at 4 am , not such a good combo took a lot of cabs ! lol

  507. kitty says:

    Did u send a form letter NC? lol did u ask for pics? did u raise a “red flag”?

  508. NC Gent says:

    thanks for your support Kitty. It was something in my profile or email that didn’t click with her because she didn’t even want to see a pic. Maybe I was too married for her lol

  509. kitty says:

    JWU: we had two apartment suites at the Encore Wynn… Vegas is so much fun no matter what type of trip it is ! 🙂 Where did u stay?

  510. JWU says:

    What hotel in vegas did you stay in ?

    I just got back from my first trip in march to vegas, it wasnt a SD trip tho , that would have made the expeirence a lot better i’m sure but it was still a blast !

  511. Jai*277171* says:

    Bye Beach.

    So cool Kitty 🙂

  512. kitty says:

    Buh bye BG

  513. kitty says:

    NC: awww she just didn’t get to see the gentlemanly side of u… and maybe she’s not a traveller like you wanted.

  514. Beach_Girl*306486 says:

    I’m off Sugars!
    Have a great afternoon….

  515. kitty says:


  516. NC Gent says:

    I bet Kitty — I just found the SBs profile that I saw — she didn’t respond to an email I sent her last year 🙁 Guess this guy was more her type but toooo dang funny!

  517. kitty says:

    Jai: It was super incredible… luzury like no other….

  518. kitty says:

    JWU: Redhair is hot 🙂

    BG: opps…

  519. Jai*277171* says:

    How was that Vegas trip Kitty?

  520. kitty says:

    *POOR GRAMMAR: There were SDs/SBs everywhere… sorry sorry

  521. Beach_Girl*306486 says:

    Kitty, What happens in Vegas stays in Vegas!!! lmao

  522. JWU says:

    I’ll change it to JWU so i’m not taking over any of the other blondies lol funny thing is i acutally have red hair but usally go blonde in the summer so that nickname stuck lol !

  523. kitty says:

    NC: Welcome back… When we were in Vegas, it was SB/SDs everywhere!!

  524. Beach_Girl*306486 says:

    Lots of blondies on this blog, i can’t remember this actor name,,,, a blond moment lol’

  525. NC Gent says:

    Hello all!

    Newbie — I have seen it take as much as 48 hours for pics to get approved lately — there has been a flood of new SBs since the New York Times article.

    I had lunch near NC State with a professor. I saw a co-ed with an older guy. I recognized the co-ed from seeking, even though I never met her in person 🙂
    Small sugar world I guess lol

  526. kitty says:

    haha hey JWU Blondie: we were just talking about the name “Blondie” being taken

  527. Beach_Girl*306486 says:

    Do guys think we are stupid here, just saw a profile, it’s an actor! lol
    this is the third one,,, what is up with that?
    Stephan ~ how can you allow that? one is Brad Pitt.. and 2 others have actors photos…
    I just don’t get it, why do we have to wait to have them approved if they are fakes?

  528. JWU blondie says:

    School is finally done so i can focus on this and a job search , sadly i think finding a sugar daddie might be easyer then a job with the way the job market is up here in mass. (knock on wood of course ! )

    I see there has been some good luck on the blog recently , hopefully it will continue for everyone !

    anyone else on the blog from the mass / new englad area ? i see a lot of you are from hot sunny places !

  529. kitty says:

    BG: I am known as the Asian Blonde lol… yes.. I bejeweled my bberry!

  530. Beach_Girl*306486 says:

    Hell no not mexico! anywhere but,,,,
    Stormcat~ can you invent us a money tree???

  531. Beach_Girl*306486 says:

    LOL Kitty you crack me up, Blondy was taken
    i’m usually Blondy everywhere!

  532. Beach_Girl*306486 says:

    NewbieSugarie~ where you from?

  533. Jai*277171* says:

    Oh for sure Kitty! No doubt 🙂

  534. Jai*277171* says:

    RedMaru-Have no fear 🙂 Get on out there

  535. RedMaru says:

    Hi Newbie Sugar they say it for both pics and profiles no more that 24 hours
    Welcome to the blog

  536. kitty says:

    Jai: 1 sexy and kind SD beats all that eh? 🙂

    BG: Just not Mexico lol… Everytime I write BG.. it makes me think og BCBG

  537. Beach_Girl*306486 says:

    Jai~ thank you!
    Welcome NewbieSugarie~ it usually takes 24 hours i think, sometimes faster

  538. Jai*277171* says:

    About a day Newbie 🙂 Welcome!

  539. kitty says:

    Welcome to the blog Newbie

  540. Beach_Girl*306486 says:

    Kitty~ maybe he can invent it for both of us! Then we can celebrate my Birthday In a warm and sunny place lmao

  541. Jai*277171* says:

    Happy Early Birthday Beach 🙂

    Kitty-Lol he has none of those things, I love his house though

  542. NewbieSugarie says:

    Hey all!!! I am brand new to SA…how long does it take for pics to be approved?

  543. kitty says:

    BG: yes, I think I have u from the forum… if I do, I will leave here friday evening and be back on monday night. I will let u know if I can make it. As of right now, it’s a no no… unless Stormcat invents the Money tree for me

  544. Beach_Girl*306486 says:

    Kitty , i have no clue how Public Transit is at all,,, i don’t b,m,w, at all
    where you gonna stay? , when you gonna be here? if i know i could get ya!
    mail me, you have my email right?

  545. kitty says:

    Thanks RedMaru: It’s good to be back… work is not nearly as fun

  546. RedMaru says:

    Hey Jai : Found some ones that seem good but I find myself freezing up when it comes to approaching with email(rejection fear all over again…aaah!). Especially ones that are not looks specific if ya know what I mean

    Good to see you still on the blog kitty. Sorry bout you being stuck

  547. kitty says:

    BG: awww!! If I take the train down, do I need to rent a car or is the public transit good enough?

  548. Beach_Girl*306486 says:

    ah and it’s my Birthday on monday 🙁
    you should come

  549. kitty says:

    Jai: I hope he’s got a pool and jacuzzi and work out room 😛

  550. Beach_Girl*306486 says:

    Good Jai, almost out to weed the garden blah!~

  551. kitty says:

    I am awesome… it’s such a gorgeous day. I planned a trip to montreal for the Long weekend.. but due to lack of funds.. I am stuck here. 🙁 Boo~

  552. Jai*277171* says:

    Basically kitty 🙂

    What’s up Beach?! How are you?

  553. Beach_Girl*306486 says:

    Hi Kitty how are you?

  554. kitty says:

    Good Morning Beach Girl!!!

  555. kitty says:

    Jai: do you live with your SD?

  556. Beach_Girl*306486 says:

    Hello Sugars!!!

  557. Jai*277171* says:

    🙂 Always good to revamp a bit. Put a fresh face forward. Found any one interesting yet or are you putting out the bait and waiting for them to come to you?

  558. RedMaru says:

    Thanks for the tip about members lisa..see ya

  559. DC says:

    Good to know Lisa. I think SD 2 is a free member…. :0

    Thanks RedMaru, I was kind of bold in my response to Yahoo guy. Hope I didn’t scare him off.

  560. RedMaru says:

    Hey again Jai!!!
    I actually joined this site April last year and tried it for a good five months. And after a slew of unanswered emails, and a couple of “thanks but no thanks” I took a hiatus until recently and put some new pics up and a new message and am currently crossing my fingers.

  561. Jai*277171* says:

    Lol Lisa 🙂 My SD just might have some competition. Enjoy your morning!

  562. lisa says:

    Talk to everyone later, gotta go

  563. lisa says:

    Percy says “hey , what’s up babe?” lol I think he wants to be your next sugardaddy, lol

    My lover just texted me so I will be signing off in a little while and going back to bed for a while.

  564. Jai*277171* says:

    RedMaru-How long have you been searching?

  565. Jai*277171* says:

    Aw Lisa, that’s too bad. What about your other friend? 🙂 The morning maverick. Tell Percy I said Good Morning 😛

    DC-Will do 🙂

  566. RedMaru says:

    Thanks for the welcome kitty.

    Morning to you too Jai I’m good at work snatching a write between breaks and just fielding advice in my own SD (search so far no bites…sgh)

    DC – Way to go and good luck maybe some will rub off on me….lol

  567. lisa says:

    Orange means premium, blue means free membership. It doesn;t make a a difference for sbs but never waste your time with the sugardaddy’s that are not orange, they are free members so cheapos and can’t write or ready messages

  568. DC says:

    Hey guys- what does it mean if a profile on SA is in orange rather than white?

  569. DC says:

    Lisa it sounds like you work really hard, you deserve to treat yourself and no need to justify what you spend 😉

    Mornin’ Jai. Write when you have time

  570. lisa says:

    Good morning Jai, my sd cancelled for this afternoon, he had to work

  571. Jai*277171* says:

    Morning sugar fam! How is everyone this fine day?

    DC-I’m going to check now. My SD and I got up early to get the truck serviced and go have breakfast, so I didn’t check my mail this morning. Congrats on the new guy 😉

  572. lisa says:

    Nitemare I have some in the bank to pay my big electric bill, my daughter’s graduation gift, taxi to her graduation, etc but no more shopping for now. I always set aside bill money first and the rest is play money. My paycheck is going towards June’s rent now. I’m ahead a little which is always good. 🙂

  573. lisa says:

    Always wise advice Nitemare 🙂

  574. NitemareSD says:

    Well, Lisa, after the shopping your SD’s allowance induces you into, you are left with nothing. At least you take home $45 from work. 😮

  575. Stormcat says:

    For me to jump through

  576. Stormcat says:

    OK but after that you can just hold up a couple of hoops on fire.

  577. lisa says:

    Well i’m hoping that my arrangement lasts into June so I can get another allowance payment. I’m doing my best to do my part, we agreed to get together once a week. We saw each other last monday and I hope we can get together this coming friday. I need to stay in the sb mode. I used some of my allowance to order a year supply of contact lenses so I’m set for over a year as I order 6 months supply back when I got my tax refund in february. I was worried as I was about to be out of contacts in about 3 months and it’s such a big expense, now I’m set for 15 months. 🙂

  578. NitemareSD says:

    lisa Says:

    Good morning Nitemare, any wise words of wisdom today?


    No, just what I said so far.

  579. kitty says:

    *sigh* if only a sd would give me an extra paycheque every month..

  580. DC says:

    Hi Lisa-

    Just heard back from Yahoo guy. I like him so far He lives about 30 minutes away…dammit. But that can be a good thing as well. I am not needy and don’t need to see someone every week

    KJ- go with you instinct and intuition. That’s what intuition is, it’s a built in warning system trying to tell you something. When people are lying, if you ask them to repeat their stories there will usually be inconsistencies. Maybe ask her more probing questions and see what happens. Don’t feel bad about saying no….you need to protect yourself. But could be she is lying because if she told you the truth you would run. Maybe she has been down on her luck, so maybe just be honest with her and voice your concerns and maybe she will tell you the truth

  581. lisa says:

    Good morning Nitemare, any wise words of wisdom today?

  582. lisa says:

    Good morning DC, goodgirl

    I met my last boyfriend on Yahoo personals, the relationship lasted 5 months, he was fairly generous and helped me with groceries and stuff.
    I know what you mean good girl. I spent a total of 5 hours with my sd over a period of 2 dates and got 1k plus perks whereas I work all day 8 hours for about 45 dollars after taxes, union fees, other fees, bus fare, coffee, etc

  583. NitemareSD says:

    Kj Says:

    I am having conflicting feelngs about the SB i have been talking to. A lot of things she has been telling me does not add up, and her story changes weekly. I feel a break up coming.


    I feel a break up is due.

  584. goodgirl*313749 says:

    i’m out too! off to make my own money 🙂 …sad that a weekly paycheck is smaller then a lunchtime gift from mr wonderful yesterday… oh well! i’ll start saving my checks just in case. have a great day sugars!!!

  585. DC says:

    Good morning everyone-

    Welcome Stormcat! You sound interesting. Good luck with your pot SB, she sounds great! I would definitely wait till you meet before you even contemplate these decisions. Like has been mentioned, anything can happen and you never know what you will think of someone until you experience them with ALL your senses.

    Well I was so down after my pot SD1 cancelled on me yesterday 3 hours before our date. But then I got a message from a new guy at Yahoo personals and he sounds amazing. New to the area, tall, handsome and we have lots in common. I am still trying to meet my life partner as well as an SD so who knows. He is new to internet dating so I think, without sounding too desperate, I am going to suggest meeting asap rather then e-mailing for weeks.

    Being at this site has made me feel bolder. And while we can’t do this with pot SDs for fear they will freak out I think I can do it with him.

    Wish me luck, e-mailing him now

    Pot SD2 still wants to meet, he sounds like an interesting nice guy and pot SD3 is still out there lurking but too busy. Was ill last week. Won’t nag him, if it was meant to be it will be, right?

    Jai- where are you girl! Did you read my e-mail yet?

  586. lisa says:

    Have a great day Kitty, nice to chat with you on the blog as it’s been awhile since we’ve been on at the same time. It’s sunny and looking to be another hot day here. I’m just going to stay in today, probably go get some lunch in the afternoon

  587. kitty says:

    Stormcat: now get INNOVATING….to weed out the bad weedy bills lol I crack myself up

    Lisa: it seems like you have got a genuine gentlemanly SD there 🙂 so happy for u!!!! 🙂

    I have got to go test drive some Jags and Mitsubishis 🙂 have a great day everyone… its’ goregous here today 🙂

  588. Stormcat says:

    I read about those. Book by Richard Bach called couldn’t you guess “The Money Tree.” Problem was you had to be careful what you picked, sometimes it grew $7 bills and $4 bills.

  589. lisa says:

    yes he said that he had to remember that working was was paid for all the other activities. It’s ok as I have my lover coming over in a couple hours and we haven’t been together in almost 3 weeks. I feel as long as I leave myself available to my sd that I am doing my part of the arrangement, he chose to pay me in advance but is the one that;s cancelling. Usually guys cancel to avoid paying, lol Anyway He is a nice guy and his emails, although lengthy, are considerate and he seems to be very polite.

  590. Kitty says:

    stormcat: well that’s just a start. you have to find one that a lot of people get a lot fo their clothes from the rest will have to follow. I am thinking H&M clothes for the whole family.

    Lisa: h probably is actually working.. money doesn’t grow o trees….
    ^another invention idea for u stormcat : money growing tree

  591. Stormcat says:

    Oh no! I’m not marketing anything. I’m an inventer, not a business manager.
    Anyway, the problem with that strategy is that nobody gets all their clothes from one edgy trendy designer. So you’ld still be sorting the rest by hand.

  592. lisa says:

    Well my sd just cancelled for this afternoon because he has to work. He said he will call me this evening but just wanted to let me know early so I could make other plans. I think that is considerate of him. I don’t know if he is trying to avoid getting together again or not, maybe he’s feeling awkward as he is kind old fashioned. Anyway he has paid me my allowance for May so I guess he is interested. Anyway I have made myself available to him friday afternoon so we will see.

  593. Kitty says:

    welcome redmaru

  594. goodgirl*313749 says:

    kitty- so do you 🙂

  595. RedMaru says:

    Morning to all sugars! I’m just grabbin some Cheerios between working. Pollen’s getting to me down here. Hey Beach_Girl sorry I’m just getting back to ya but if you haven’t read it already the total amount was in 200K mark with 15K given for single encounters. Like I said before…WOW. On another note after several hiatus from here I’m back and I just improved my profile (I hope I hope) after reading all the good advice on the blogs and would you believe I’m still nervous about it? Is proactivity the key for an SB? In terms of experience I’m still a newbie

  596. Kitty says:

    Lisa: I thought doors opened for me cuz I was special…..

    goodgirl: u’ve got mail 🙂

  597. Kitty says:

    *gasp* I want one.

  598. lisa says:

    Kitty I bet you want the doors to automatically open for you at the stores and for the toilets to flush by themselves, lol oh I forget they already have that, lol

  599. goodgirl*313749 says:

    secretlovergirl1 at the hot mail place 😉

  600. Kitty says:

    Stormcat: I would market this barcode idea AND the sorter to an edgy trendy new designer so its only available for their clothes… so to have to buy the sorter there too.. and then let it slowly get publicity and start selling the barcode to other manufacturers!

  601. Stormcat says:

    They already have fridges like that.

  602. Kitty says:

    Googirl: It was more like an invite….whats ur email?

    Stormcat: and I want a fridge that will tell me how much of what I have and make me an automated grocery list and order it for me to be delivered to my house…. ooo wow I am lazy,,,,

  603. Stormcat says:

    OK Kitty
    So it doesn’t have bins that it sorts things into. You just build it into a regular hamper and when the hamper is full it just spits them out onto the floor in seperate piles.

    true. you could use an optical reader programmed to recognize different fabrics. just that the barcode reader would be simpler. it would be up to the mfg to do the barcoding, additionally, the user could have a simple barcoding device for the items not already coded.

  604. lisa says:

    I dont’ mind sorting laundry, I just wish I had my own washer and dryer as it’s a drag to have to carry it all down the street to the laundrette. My apartment complex closed all the laundry rooms permanently and we have no washer dryer connections. If you are caught with a portable washer in your apartment, they will fine you 50 dollars a month for every month you have lived here which would come to about 2400 dollars for me, that sucks so I’m stuck dragging my stuff down the street and standing arouond waiting to get a washer to use after all these people who have 10 loads of laundry to do hog them up. I gotta take out the trash now

  605. goodgirl*313749 says:

    lmao stormcat!!
    kitty- how do i meet this guy?…or are you braggin? 😉

  606. Kitty says:

    Sounds to me, more like what SDs want from SBs….

  607. Stormcat says:

    I know, it has to take no space, cost nothing to produce, and disappear when it’s not being used. Sounds like an SD.

  608. Kitty says:

    goodgirl: a bunch of SBs are going to Hawaii in July 🙂 from a generous SD…

  609. goodgirl*313749 says:

    stormcat- i don’t think all of my laundry is barcoded…but if you create something like that, i want one! and i’ll help market in the midwest… 🙂 lol
    kitty- i haven’t been. yet. i want to go somewhere sooooo badly!

  610. Kitty says:

    *market this “to”

  611. Kitty says:

    stormcat: it has to be easy to use and compact.. I don’t want a big old ugly laundry hamper.
    maybe we can market this is manufactuerers so the barcodes are already on the clothes!!!

  612. Kitty says:

    I think I am going to take them to the repair shop after work.
    Opps, I meant a meeting like a work meeting 😛
    I’ve only had a potSD take me to Vegas

  613. Stormcat says:

    Sure! But, can you pay for it when I do?
    Nevermind, I don’t care about the money.

    OK here’s one way.
    everything is bar coded. You put a scanner in the top that controls a sorting gate with a fan. When you throw something in, the scanner reads the barcode and turns the gate to the appropriate position. Then the fan blows it into the correct bin.

    So do you want to market it for me?

  614. goodgirl*313749 says:

    or find a wonderful sd to take you to italy! lol ……there seem to be a few on here now. any takers? (btw. i wanna go too!) 😉

  615. goodgirl*313749 says:

    take em to the shoe repair shop. i’d never give up my italian styled sexy legs!

  616. Kitty says:

    bberry users.. which RRS feed program do u use on your bberry?

  617. goodgirl*313749 says:

    stormcat- welcome! i agree with almost everything i’ve been able to catch up on so far. my sd’s usually will get most of the arrangement expectations out of the way either on the phone before the first meet (pretty easy to screw that up though) or have waited until the 2nd meet. this has worked well for me. it puts me at ease that on the 1st meet they at least seem to be interested in me, and that way we save the business for next time. also, just my suggestion, make sure you provide at least a sample of what your bringing to the table so she knows you’re for real. this also helped me feel more comfortable that i hadn’t met with some crazy internet pervert 🙂 when the time is right, discuss the whole arrangement, but take care not to rush things if you want a long term sb. hope my 2 cents help!

  618. Kitty says:

    Good Morning Lisa

    Kj: That’s frustrating, maybe you should confront her regarding your concerns. Maybe she has a logical explanation.

  619. NC Gent says:

    Hi KJ — from my experience, lies or inconsistencies in stories are a major warning sign. I guess you sense that also.

    Stormcat — she is probably just as nervous are you 🙂

  620. Kitty says:

    Good Girl: they ARE my favorite. I bought them in Italy while I was running late for my meeting and one of the heels of the ones I was going to wear broke. they are normally much too high for conventional work attire but they make my legs o-so-sexy in pencil skirts and is so comfy… I think my Vegas girls saw me wear them several times 🙂

  621. Stormcat says:

    Bigamy discount?

    Realized that right away actually. It’s just that my emotions are clouding my otherwize logical genius. lol
    I’m worried that when we meet, I’ll be so starstruck that I won’t be able to breath or speak and she’ll just make the quick exit.

  622. Kj says:

    NC Gent – Good luck tonight.

    I am having conflicting feelngs about the SB i have been talking to. A lot of things she has been telling me does not add up, and her story changes weekly. I feel a break up coming.

  623. Kitty says:

    StormCat: So do you THINK of the product, or do you just create it?… Can you make me a clothes sorter for me? to separate the whites, dry clean only, handwash only, machine tumble dry, lay flat to dry, etc etc. it’s got to be one of the most annoying things for me to do.

    To qualify as a party vixen, you must be fun, charming, socialable, great conversationist, out-going, seductive, sexy, but not trashy, and not a slut.

  624. lisa says:

    Good morning everyone. Slept late this morning and I really needed the rest. Going to hop in the shower now.

  625. goodgirl*313749 says:

    hello again sugarland 🙂
    i can’t stay here long this morning, just being a little nosey while i wait for my coffee to brew.
    kitty- don’t know what your budget is, but if you wore the heel off the shoes, i’d be willing to gamble that they’re one of your faves? you prob don’t need to buy a whole new pair. they sell a replacement ‘black thing’ for the end of the high heel for like a dollar. saved my fave pair once 😉

  626. Kitty says:

    Ahh.. I hope you two can work something out.

  627. Stormcat says:

    Too much to list, many catagories,
    Tools, machinary, motors, engines, transmissions, electronic componants, building componants and systems, toys, sporting goods, boat stuff, alternative fuels, gloves, optical devices, robotic componants, . . .

    I often invent by contract. A company wants something invented. I invent it and they pay me or give me a royalty. If I can’t invent it they don’t pay anything. But, I’m good, and havn’t been stumped yet.

    Thanks for the advice. What does a party vixen do to qualify as such?

  628. NC Gent says:

    Hiya Kitty, KJ 🙂 well I thought things had ended with Ms. Green Energy, she had decided ignorance was bliss. Turns out she had a change of mind, and we are having dinner tonight in Charlotte. It is a second meeting, and we have talked a lot on the phone, via text, etc. Not quite sure where we stand, but I guess I will have a much better idea after tonight.

  629. Kitty says:

    Morning NC: how’s everything any exciting Update of the new Green Energy SB?

  630. NC Gent says:

    Hi Stormcat — welcome to the blog. I would wait for at least one meeting until you decide to go exclusive. A lot of things can happen during the first meet that make the arrangement a no-go. I wish you the best though — it is exciting when you think you have found someone 🙂

  631. Kj says:

    Good morning all! Hope eveyone is doing well.

  632. NitemareSD says:

    Don’t forget the bigamy discount 😉

    Don’t write “personal reasons”. If she has half a brain – which is the type you are at least looking for probably – she’ll write you an fing ahole letter.

  633. Stormcat says:

    I don’t mind too much being sent to hell. I probably ought to get used to the idea anyway.

  634. Kitty says:

    Stormcat: Hello.. nice to meet you. What have you invented? I am Kitty, a party vixen =-^..^-=

    wrt your other prospects: are you a 100% certain that you and her will be able to make a long lasting arrangement? have you two spoken about exclusitivity? TGhere are many things to consider before you “put all your eggs in one basket” Personally, I wouthiink you should let the prospectsknow that you won’t be responding for awhile due to personal issues (work, busy, business, travel) so they won’t think that you’ve poofed. Meet this incredible woman and take things slow and ensure that an arrangement can be made before ruling out the other prospects.

  635. Stormcat says:

    Thanks NM
    I like your style.
    From what I observe so far. Seems most of the bloggers who have made an arrangement simply hide their profile and stay on the blog. or Not.
    It’s that I’m not one of the comfortably rich SDs so I can have to plan carefully and stay in a budget. I just don’t want to split my budget between two girls. Neither one would be happy, so then I wouldn’t have so much fun either.

  636. NitemareSD says:

    First, I question the premise that you have to stop discussing with the others after a first meet. You won’t no much for sure for quite a while.

    However, when it is time to leave the others aside, a note that you like her very much but you have entered into an arrangement and don’t feel appropriate to continue with other things at this time. Perhaps in the future if you are both available again, you can pick up the discussion.

    She’ll probably write back that you are a fing ahole liar and go to he11. But if not, keep her in your address book.

  637. Stormcat says:

    Also GM Kitty
    I don’t think weve met yet. But then I’m the newbe here.
    I’m Stormcat the crazy inventor.
    How do you do.

  638. Stormcat says:

    Good Morning girlie, BG
    I think I’ve found my SB. We’ve been e-mailing for a while and were now planning a 1st meet. She doesn’t seem anything like the others I’ve met so far. Tall and likes to dance, Is studying to be a professional winemaker, Is sophistocated beautiful but still likes rugged outdoorsy stuff, and “loooves to travel”. Also, she’s done this before so I’m the only one trying to figure out how to act.
    So now I want to know, if I still like her when we meet, should I try to make the arrangement right away or cool my heels and let it take its natural course?
    Never mind, I just answered my own question.
    So then I also want to know How does one diplomatically handle the other serious ongoing prospects once an arrangement has been set?
    I certainly wouldn’t want to leave them dangling. and I actually like all of them so I don’t want to be blunt or cold. What do y’all do?

  639. Kitty says:

    I definitely need some new heels… This morning, I noticed the ones I normally wear for work has a “bare” heel. It’s so worn that the metal part of the heel is showing!

  640. Kitty says:

    Good Morning everyone! How is everyone this morning?

  641. Beach_Girl*306486 says:

    girlie~ sounds good… have a great day i’m off to work

  642. girlie says:

    Sorry, BG. Crashed after work. Long days of not being busy enough makes me more tired than when I am swamped. Hope you had a wonderful sleep.
    I have to email you today about lashes, girl…….

  643. Beach_Girl*306486 says:

    girlie~ you still on?

  644. Beach_Girl*306486 says:

    Anybody left?

  645. SuzieQ*297329* says:

    Into a nice hot bath for me. We are having provincial elections tomorrow and I got a job working at the polls so it will be a 16 hour day for me…better to get ahead on my R&R now! Have a good night everyone.

  646. Jai says:

    I’m off too sugar fam. I only slept for 3 hours so I’m beat. 🙂 Night all

  647. lisa says:

    Ha ha Lisa is heading to her bed now to watch some tv and fall asleep so she will have energy for her busy day tomorrow.
    This is Percy and I’ll be in an exotic location near you in 2 weeks. 🙂

    Good night everyone. Be back in the morning

  648. Jai says:

    Gail-I miss Jack London Square, Jazz, the food..some of the people lol So many things 🙂

  649. Gail says:

    I have to disconnect from blog…my dishes in the sink are calling me…and my new vacuum cleaner want to clean somemore too : ) Will be in lurk mode….

  650. Jai says:

    Lol! Lisa you are too funny

  651. Gail says:

    Jai…I just miss all the things you can do in the Bay : ) I lived there in my twenties…lol…a long time ago…and had the best time in the city : )taking the Bart to the Embarcadero on a Friday nite.

    Lisa…Sugarmoney IS wonderful : ) I am so happy you are smiling and enjoying your sugar. How sweet it is : ) I think you need to get a huge fan for now Lisa : ) that way you are not dripping all over the place…and by the Percy needs comfort too….I agree Lisa passion in the early morning..lol…enjoy!

  652. lisa says:

    He will “fly” you out to meet him, on his back, lol

  653. Jai says:


    Gail-Lol true!

    Suzie-You deserve an award for your selflessness 😉 you saved future sbs a bunch of trouble.

  654. girlie says:

    Nah, he doesn’t read the blog. He’s too busy travelling to wonderful exotic locations.

  655. lisa says:

    Percy busted. Now I know what he’s doing when I leave him alone all day in his box in the kitchen. I don’t know why he didnt’ post a pic on his profile as I have several of him on my computer

  656. Beach_Girl*306486 says:

    SuzieQ~ at least he knows now that We SBs know

  657. SuzieQ*297329* says:

    That would explain why he hasn’t opened my 2nd email. He didn’t need to….he read it here first!

  658. SuzieQ*297329* says:

    BG- lmao now wouldn’t that be a hoot? Let’s hope so!

  659. SuzieQ*297329* says:

    Aha, it’s Percy! I shoulda known lol!

  660. Beach_Girl*306486 says:

    SuzieQ~ I don’t think he’s scared of you, maybe he reads the blog lol

  661. Gail says:

    LOL….look we all have so much to say…we all posted at 11:05….all in a row…

  662. lisa says:

    my flowers died early because of my hot apartment.
    Jai Percy wants to exchange pictures with you, lol He will be in your area in 2 weeks, lol

  663. SuzieQ*297329* says:

    Yeah, I can see why….I’m a pretty scary girl sometimes lol!

  664. Jai says:

    Gail-I can imagine the traffic was terrible. 🙂 I miss home terribly, but I know I don’t want to live there. Waaaaaaaaaaaay too much going on there 😛

  665. Beach_Girl*306486 says:

    SuzieQ~ he hasn’t open the mail lmao he must be scared lol

  666. Jai says:

    Suzie lol don’t tell me he’s shy!

  667. lisa says:

    Gail gotta love that sugardating money, lol I got some nice new cosmetics, a few cute dresses, lingerie, perfume, godivas, etc.
    My lover went with his wife to see the Soloist for their wedding anniversery. Funny my parents’ wedding anniversary was today and his was friday. They both married in 1974. My mom was marrying for the second time though. He’s coming over for a passionate encouter in the late morning tomorrow. haven’t seen him in 3 weeks, much passion built up, lol

  668. Gail says:

    Hello Girlie, SuzieQ, Percy and Raine!!!! Yes the blog is full tonite : ) I hope everyone that is a mommy had a wonderful day!!!

    Lisa-Pink and Purple? Okay…I know that you do have good taste…but I would love to see a pic…how are your flowers doing? Is it time for a refresher…(smile)

    Jai-I forgot to tell you…I lived in Walnut Creek for 5 years..and worked in Oakland for 3 month on Webster Street. I had training for over a month at the Hyatt on Hegenberger for the phone company…I miss the bay : ) but its really close. Almost went to the wharf for M-day…but the traffic was horrendous just going to the outlet….

  669. Jai says:

    Gail-You lucky duck. Sounds wonderful.

    Lisa-Tell Percy I said, ‘What’s up?!”

  670. SuzieQ*297329* says:

    After the first email I sent him? Yep, he said:

    If it’s about sex, perfect, we can skip the foreplay 😉 send me an e-mail , cuz I’ll cut this account soon, I won’t have no way to contact you.

    I sent a scary email back that he hasn’t read yet. If you didn’t read it on the blog earlier I can send it to you. I thought it was a handy piece of work myself 🙂

  671. girlie says:

    I’m dying to know if explorer wrote back as well.

    Glad you got it, Lisa. It’s going to be worth it. If you are ever buying YSL again…..try Touche Eclat for under the eyes. I makes you look SO rested!!

  672. Beach_Girl*306486 says:

    Hey Gail~ I’m good, how are you?
    Lisa~ why are you embarrassed about that, he must already know you like colors! it would be good to have something in the dinning room!
    SuzieQ~ Did explorer write back?

  673. lisa says:

    Good night SugarBabyToday, sleep well

    girlie I think I figured it out, I hadn’t taken the plastic insert out, duh
    It’s the Yves st Laurent blush in the round container with the attached puff. cost 44 dollars of my allowance, lol

  674. SuzieQ*297329* says:

    Hey Jai – well he hasn’t opened my 2nd email…I think he’s scared of me now lol!

    BG – I’m feeling a bit better thanks..keepin’ on!

  675. Beach_Girl*306486 says:

    Hey SuzieQ~ how is everything?
    girlie~ I don’t know if that’s Miss Ohio?

  676. Gail says:

    Jai-It was sooooo woooonderful….I ate out both Saturday and Sunday: )
    every meal….I still have the bbq I made in the refrigerator…lol…Went shopping, 2 new tops : ) saw Obsession, and The Soloist, went for ice cream….got a new vacuum cleaner. : ) lol…now I really like the vacuum cleaner…..varrroooom….clean house….

    SBT…sounds like you are in work mode…I have been there…its so good to have extra money…thats the beauty of Sugar dating…you can always take a break : )

    Hello Beachgirl….how is it going for you : ) I hope better…

  677. lisa says:

    I found one that I like but I am waiting for him to ask me about it. I’m kinda embarrassed as I picked a pink desk and a purple chair. You know me I love colors. I stand or sit in a too low chair at my kitchen counter where my computer is. I’d like to put the desk in the dining room as it’s completely empty, well except for percy’s bag of birdseed. Oh by the way Percy says “what’s up ladies” lol

  678. Jai says:

    Hey Suzie, how’s Explorer? 😛

  679. SuzieQ*297329* says:

    Wow, everyone is here tonight. Hi Beach Girl, Jai, Girlie, Gail, Lisa…did I miss anyone?

  680. Sugarbabytoday says:

    Oh well Ladies, I am off of here I MUST get some sleep I am still trying to catch up from such a busy last week and yet I have to get up and go to job #1 & 2 tomorrow… another 13 hour day… Take care and it was great to hear the news Lisa I will keep in touch don’t be afraid to e-mail

  681. girlie says:

    Hi Guys. Tell me that pic isn’t of Miss Ohio from the article?

    Raine! You’ve come back! 🙂

    Lisa….the blush. Which one is it? I might know.

  682. Beach_Girl*306486 says:

    Hi Jai
    Lisa~ i do hope he takes you to get flowers!

  683. Gail says:

    You will need potfulls of flowers for your porch….no need to get the bag of dirt… : ) I always have 3 boquets of flowers in my house….it just looks and smells great!

    Did you pick out your computer desk and chair yet? I keep envisioning you standing up while you are on the computer…

  684. Sugarbabytoday says:

    Hi Jai, thats awesome Lisa sounds like you all are off to a great start

  685. Jai says:

    Hey Beach

  686. Jai says:

    Night goodgirl

    Hi Gail! Oh how I miss the Vacaville Outlets! How was your weekend?

  687. Beach_Girl*306486 says:

    Good evening Sugars!

  688. lisa says:

    Good night goodgirl, pleasant dreams

  689. lisa says:

    Good evening Gail, yes I got the full garden report. Trying to put some “hints” in to him that I don’t have any flowers on my porch this year because I can’t carry the bag of dirt on the bus. Hope he offers to take me to the home depot garden center down the street from me. lol

  690. goodgirl*313749 says:

    i meant good newS lol… going to bed. good night all!

  691. lisa says:

    ok garden report was updated, lol

  692. goodgirl*313749 says:

    thats good new lisa. i know you were hesitant. just don’t put that ‘kini’ thing away yet (forgot what you called it?)… i’ve got my fingers crossed for you 🙂 he already seems pretty understanding and easy going.

  693. Gail says:

    Hello Sugars!!! I am so tired…I had the best Mothers Day weekend ever!
    Jai…I got to go shopping at the Vacaville Outlets…it is 4 times bigger than ever before. The line for the Coach store was down the street around the corner….lol…and no I didn’t go in….too many other stores.

    Lisa…what? serving green eggs and ham to your SD…trying to get the garden effect…

    Everyone one is on tonite : )

  694. Jai says:

    Hey SBT 🙂 How are you this evening?

    Lol that’s too cute Lisa

  695. lisa says:

    Just heard from my sd. He is going to come see me tomorrow. He gave me the option of staying spending time in Houston or going to his place and his pool, etc. I think I prefer that we spend the time here instead as I’m not ready to let someone take me somewhere where there isnt’ a bus to get back just in case. You gotta take it slow to build trust. So I will be seeing him tomorrow afternoon.

  696. Sugarbabytoday says:

    Thats great news Lisa, I had planned on meet a guy from another site but he got way to demanding and it sent me running. The other one that I met he has been a flake and in the end I just haven’t had time I picked up and 2nd part time job at nights after my full time job and then for mothers day I had a temp. 3rd job so last week alone from Monday until yesterday I had put in 75 hrs so I have just been exhausted… while I would love the spoiling I just don’t have time for a man of any kind

  697. lisa says:

    Hi Sugarbabytoday, how have things been going for you? I met a sd a couple weeks ago. We’ve had two dates and he’s spoiled me alot. Waiting to see if we will get together this week.

  698. goodgirl*313749 says:

    lisa thats funny! i spray painted our white puppy with green hairspray for st patty’s this year…of course my 4 year old had to have some too lol too cute

  699. Jai says:

    Lol can’t win huh Lisa? 🙂

  700. lisa says:

    I never read any of the dr suess books, I was never interested in them but my mom did dye the cat pink with food coloring and the guine pig green with food coloring. lol

  701. Sugarbabytoday says:

    Hey Lisa, just thought I would drop in since I had disappeared from a short time

  702. goodgirl*313749 says:

    lol- my 2nd grade teacher made green eggs and ham for us! (green food coloring) it was delicious! i think i might read that to my daughter tonight and make her some in the morning…

  703. goodgirl*313749 says:

    sorry raine 🙂 my grandma called… did you get to check it out?
    opov- thanks for havin my back on the reply 🙂 🙂

  704. lisa says:

    I do talk about gardening but he dominates the conversation and starts explaining about insecticides. lol Houston is too hot to be outdoors.

  705. Jai says:

    Lol yep Lisa. I tried to make that when I was 8. the food coloring made it taste awful 😛

    Lisa, you should chat him up about gardening. He’d probably love that 🙂

  706. lisa says:

    Just don’t make that green ham and eggs, lol remember dr seuss?

    I love gardening but I live in an apartment so no grass, just a porch overlooking the parking lot, no privacy. Plus Houston is too hot for working in the garden after April. I used to have hundreds of plants and flowers but since I cant exactly drag a huge bag of potting soil on the bus and I live upstairs which means watering my plants is a challenge cause the water runs down on my downstairs neigbors. lol

  707. O(ne) P(oint) O(f) V(iew) says:

    Why do mugshots always have that “dear in the headlights” surprise look about them? Like they didn’t know their picture was going to be taken?

  708. O(ne) P(oint) O(f) V(iew) says:

    Hey raine, what’s shaking?

    Check most recent thread about 11pm last night – GG had an issue with a “gentleman”

  709. Jai says:

    goodgirl-he only wants ham and eggs, so that’s what I’m making 🙂

    raine-Sorry to hear about the blahs, hope that glass gets half full again soon 🙂

    Lisa-You may have to get into gardening so your two have something to talk about 🙂 It might make it more interesting for you.

  710. lisa says:

    ok does anyone know how to use the Yves saint Laurent blush that comes in the little container with the attached puff? I want to wear it tomorrow but can’t get it to come out. Blonde moment here, duh

  711. raine says:

    ^Oh dear…did I miss something between typing my comment and reading yours*, goodgirl? 😐


  712. raine says:

    Lisa, please forgive the delay, but it’s good to see you getting out for some sugared air again. :). just try to relax, mmkay? Hi, goodgirl; glad to see you’re making some progress as well.

  713. goodgirl*313749 says:

    oh yea- how rude of me… hi back opov!

  714. goodgirl*313749 says:

    i’m still waiting. right now i don’t even have it to send back or donate. i wasn’t expecting to have to give a ‘refund’ lol. i told him i’d send it by friday.
    i asked stephan for his advise. think he’ll reply?

  715. lisa says:

    Good evening goodgirl

  716. lisa says:

    Good evening Jai, Raine

    Just sent an email to my sd, waiting to see if he gets out of the garden long enough to write back, lol

    I find it hard to feel sorry for the guy in the article too, he is addicted to internet sex it seems and was obviously using the site for casual sex as it mentions, not a true sd. They should check out his computer, who knows what he’s got on it.

    I’ve got my profile over there on hide mode as I work with this sd and the potential one. Will unhide it in the next week if things dont go anywhere. I’m ok with him being busy but want to make sure the arrangement continues.

  717. O(ne) P(oint) O(f) V(iew) says:

    Eve goodgirl –

    what did you end up doing with that money thing?

  718. raine says:

    I haven’t really gone anywhere, Jai: just been lurking and trying to lighten up a bit: I’ve plateaued, for the lack of a better word. Roughly translated, a mild case of the “blahs”.

  719. goodgirl*313749 says:

    good evening to you also crankyred 🙂 lol

  720. goodgirl*313749 says:

    hellooooooo sugarland!!!!!!!
    what and amazing day!!! my ‘poodle party’ is finally over!!!! met with my sd today for a late lunch. he is so super sweet. his personality in public is the PERFECT complement to mine. LOVE IT! we’ve got 2 more dates already set. 1 on wed, and another one (pending approval from babysitter) for next monday. i can’t wait!
    lisa- i’m so happy to hear you got your ac back on, even if it is still 80 degrees:)
    jai- whats for dinner tonight? lol;)
    raine and jamisen- haven’t been on here with you yet. Hello 🙂

  721. Jai says:

    Welcome back raine! 🙂 How was your brief hiatus?

  722. raine says:

    Evening, sugar fans.
    Um, yeah…hard to feel sorry for this guy; I’m getting the “glutton for punishment” vibe off this whole debacle for the same reason. Also, have a hunch the SDs here are gonna be even more skittish…no outright exodus, per se, but still. I understand the same common-sense safety protocols apply.

    As for myself, I’m lacking motivation; granted, I added a couple of faves last week, but I’m just in ‘meh’ mode right now.

  723. Jai says:

    Evening all lol I had a good phone call with an old co worker…so many fond memories from an unpleasant work place.

    How are you guys? Lisa, sweetred, Jamisen?

  724. Jamisen/305521 says:

    Lisa and Sweetredhead- So good to see that you both have potentials. Sweetredhead, I really hope this pot stops being so sketch. I think men need to realize that by keeping so many things secret, it actually chasing away the genuine SBs and that the “SBs” that are willing to meet on a whim are like the ones mentioned in the article.

  725. lisa says:

    well at least he has your title right, lol make sure he bows when he says it, lol but you have to go with your gut, if it makes you feel nervous in a scary way, dont meet him, if it’s just first meet jitters, go for it. I was very nervous on both the first and second meeting with my sd and am nervous about meeting him again as it takes me awhile to be comfortable with someone new. Has he mentioned spoiling or anything? Make sure not to settle for anything less than a lunch or dinner meeting. Coffee dates are cheap and not always short, especially if you have to stand in the line at my starbucks. lol

    My potential sd just emailed me asking me what I would like to do when he does find time to get into town to meet me. I am blank as and dont’ really know what to say. Dinner of course and a little financial gift has come to be expected. I had mentioned that to him in one of our early emails and he seemed to agree. I’m broke already and I need so many things, waaaaaaaaaaaaahhhhhhhhhhhh!

  726. Sweetredhead*269443* says:

    Welcome back Jamisen. It’s very hard to trust and find the “real” people out there. and the more we find the fakes the more careful we get and could pass up a good person.

  727. Jamisen/305521 says:

    Hi everyone! Sorry for dipping out for almost a month, finals was time consuming! Looks like the same for the other student SBs who used to blog too.

    Wow, I just read the entire article on Dent. I’m sorry it all happened to him, but if you ask me it seems as though he wasn’t the most credible SD to begin with. He didn’t seem like he had good intentions for using this site. But the other side is that there are lots of SBs out here looking to scam a quick buck. It’s tough to find an honest, caring person nowadays- whether its sugar dating or elsewhere.

    How is everyone as of lately? I’ve missed you all!

  728. Sweetredhead*269443* says:

    He wants to meet me this weekend.

  729. Sweetredhead*269443* says:

    He calls me your highness lmao.

  730. Sweetredhead*269443* says:

    This pot Sd I am talking to. I don’t know. It’s strange. I am not sure what to think about him. He is funny and kind, but then he gets a little weird, then back again lol.

  731. lisa says:

    Good evening sweetredhead. maybe they want to meet you in an exotic location in 2 weeks. lol

    where is my sugardaddy tonight. Haven’t heard from him since yesterday morning.

  732. Sweetredhead*269443* says:

    Changing my call sign to crankyredhead

  733. Sweetredhead*269443* says:

    Tell me why men think they can give you so little information and expect us to trust them ughhhhh. sure just meet me and I will tell you then. sheeeh

    Ok venting here lol

  734. Jai says:

    Loading a little slow Lisa. Enjoy your bath, glad your ac is ‘working’ 🙂

  735. lisa says:

    I’m going to take a bath now, be back in a little while

  736. lisa says:

    Hi Jai is the blog loading slow or is it me?

    Work was tiring. I was trying on some heels to wear to my daughter’s graduation (we have to take a taxi to get to the place so I won’t be on the bus or walking) but my feet are always swollen after work so nothing fits. I will have to wait till the actual day of her graduation to try them on since i will be off work that day and will be off my feet.
    My ac seems to be working, well working like it works, maintaining 80 degrees in here. It can run all day and never gets really cool, never below 80 even if I turn it all the way down.

  737. Jai says:

    Kitty-I’m sorry, I just read back up to what you said 🙂 I’m confused. What did I say ? lol

  738. Jai says:

    Evening everyone 🙂

    How was work Lisa?

    You’ve got mail DC 🙂

  739. DC says:

    Get a helmet Lisa LOL!

    Good night AJ!

    I’m off to play some tennis and work off my frustration. Later gaters~

  740. lisa says:

    Have a nice evening AJ Yes DC banish him to the kingdom of sugardaddy rejects, some exotic location

  741. aj says:

    Yes DC, he’s out.
    Hmmm…well, onto the next!

    Alright sugars ~ have a lovely evening!

  742. lisa says:

    about cracking you up, I ran into the wall and cracked my forehead. I’m such a klutz. I am contstantly hurting myself. I once hit myself really hard in the nose with a book at the place I used to work. lol

  743. DC says:

    You crack me up Lisa! 🙂

  744. lisa says:

    yes i’ve had that to happen to me too. I met a potential sd last fall. He was going to take me shopping, and then to dinner and the ballet. We met and picked out a couple dresses and shoes and some new makeup for the evening outing, he dropped me home, said he’d pick me up in a couple hours for dinner and the ballet. As I was putting on my new dress, he called and left a message on my answering machine that he had just had an accident and would get the tickets rescheduled for next week. He was talking so fast that he didn’t even notice that I’d answered the phone, he just kept leaving his message. Never heard from him again and the next week was hurricane Ike.

  745. lisa says:

    As long as he spoils you rotten , that’s fine. Oh where oh where is my sd tonight. Is he behind the petunias, no maybe behind the rose bush, no not there, lol We have pending plans to get together tomorow afternoon.

  746. DC says:

    Hi AJ-

    He totally backed out with no rescheduling. I’ve been doing this long enough to know what that means. Either he met another SB or he wasn’t that interested in the first place 🙁

  747. DC says:

    OPOV- HA! Yeah, anything is possible, right?

    Lisa- I just meant I like the other pot SD a lot, but think I would have had more in common with SD1. I think SD2 is a bit older than he states. But sounds like a really sweet man. If he doesn’t become an SD I think we could be friends. Nothing wrong with that. I just think he is looking for a very occasional companion as opposed to a regular SB.

  748. aj says:


  749. aj says:

    Well, DC you just never know! Keep your chin up 🙂
    There is plenty of sugar out there, and maybe one that is much better suited for you 🙂

    Did he re-schedule or just totally back out?

  750. lisa says:

    That sucks and about the guy who is more of a friend than a sd, they just don’t get this site, do they

  751. O(ne) P(oint) O(f) V(iew) says:

    DC –

    I have got to get my eyes checked because I thought you said it was a work-release issue.


  752. DC says:

    Hi guys

    Work related excuse. Wasn’t meant to be I guess.

    Yeah, I already showered, had a mani/pedi, did my hair, bought a nice outfit and stressed out about it all day and almost gave myself a headache over it.

    Nightmare- why didn’t you tell me this before. I have another first meeting scheduled for end of the week. Had I known I would have scheduled it for later tonight. If you are holding back on any other tips please let me know now LOL

    The one later this week is a good guy and I don’t think will cancel but I have a feeling he will be more of a friend

  753. lisa says:

    🙁 sorry to hear that DC, that sucks to wait so soon to meeting to cancel. You were probably already getting all dolled up to meet him too. We need an cancellation fee. You sounded like you weren’t too sure about it on the blog yesterday. I just heard from my potential sd and he is trying to find an opportunity to get to my city to meet me. He lives over a hundred miles away and is married so it’s difficult. We have been chatting for almost 4 weeks. Still waiting for an email from my sd to see if we are going to get together tomorrow. My lover is coming over in the morning for some late morning passion though. Could be a busy day tomorrow

  754. aj says:

    DC ~ Darn!!!! That really sucks. Sorry 🙁
    What was the reason?

  755. NitemareSD says:

    That’s why you must always schedule two first meets in one night – the 50% cancellation rate

  756. DC says:

    Hey Lisa, Hey AJ-

    Feeling a little down, my SD canceled 3 hours before date.

  757. lisa says:

    electronic ankle bracelets for all visitors

  758. lisa says:

    I need to implant a microchip in you so I can track your every move to make sure you are who you say you are.

    I will contact Disney and suggest Urine test for all visitors too, lol Mickey mouse will collect your bottle as soon as you put your name on it and seal it. lol

  759. NitemareSD says:

    I believe our relationship is highly secure.

    Don’t forget to check my foreground too.

  760. lisa says:

    Don’t speak Nitemare, I’m still waiting for you background check and urine test to come back

  761. aj says:

    Lisa ~ LMAO!!!

  762. lisa says:

    Good evening DC.

  763. NitemareSD says:

    Lisa’s approach to relationship security: MAD !

  764. DC says:

    Thanks guys, I needed a good laugh!

  765. lisa says:

    lol @ O(ne) P(oint) O(f) V(iew

    better yet take him to the airport for a full body xray, lol

    at the end of the trip to disney world, they could post all the pics of those found to be criminals after the fingerprint check, kinda like those pics they take of you when you are on rides that they put up at the exit to get you buy

  766. O(ne) P(oint) O(f) V(iew) says:

    This could be one way to do that background check on a your sugar like was mentioned in the prior thread – take them to Disney World!!!

  767. lisa says:

    I clock in at work everyday by placing my finger on the timeclock camera

  768. lisa says:

    Have a good dinner beach_girl I will now initiate picture trading with Nitemare. I would send you some pictures but they are on my other computer that is in the shop, I lost my camera, I am not photogetic, I can’t get them to upload, by the way send me a couple dozen of your pics.

  769. O(ne) P(oint) O(f) V(iew) says:

    Supposedly it is cheaper to imprint your fingerprint in the multiday pass than to use photographic imaging. Type in “fingerprinting at disney world” in google and check out the first few articles. Also, sign the petition. The thing is, Disney was always had a right-leaning political slant, and based on what this country went thru for the past 8 yrs, the thought that this go go beyond the computers of Disney is not that far fetched.

  770. lisa says:

    I don’t mind fingerprints. I work in a store so my every move is on video tape. No one watches the cameras thus we have huge amounts of shoplifiting and push outs (I was told that friday someone put all the baby formula in a shopping cart and ran out the fire door). My day to day activity at work sits on endless video tapes that if they decide to do a security audit, they would be watching me working nonstop, nothing more.
    I draw the line at the complete body x-RAY they use at some airports. lol

  771. Beach_Girl*306486 says:

    Lisa~ that is so funny!!! But you need to ask him for his photo first lmao

    I’m off to make dinner talk to you all later

  772. lisa says:

    I will need your fingerprints first so I can check it against the national datebase. I can collect them when i’m in your area in 2 weeks. Percy can fly me to the exotic location.

  773. Beach_Girl*306486 says:

    OPOV~what did they said they do with the information? They keep it and catalog it? What the fuck?
    Really why would they need it? there is no buzzer when it’s a criminal or anything . What would they need your prints? ok it’s the thumb but still!

  774. NitemareSD says:

    Lisa, I’ll see if Trader Vics is still in business in the city.

  775. O(ne) P(oint) O(f) V(iew) says:

    Evening all.

    Jai, I don’t think the PTB could have avoided this issue as it has even been on the national news this evening (I don’t know if the saying there’s no such thing as bad press might still aplly in this case). If we didn’t bring it up earlier, it would have been brought up later. Better to hit it head on.

    Disney! WTF! I did some reading about it and it is beyond draconian – it’s Orwellian! I was planning on bringing my son there maybe this fall, but screw that. This information is being collected and cataloged, no matter what Disney may claim.


  776. lisa says:

    I know my married lover’s name, address, home phone, place of employment, wife and daughter’s names, where they work, etc whereas he does’t know where my family lives or anything (although my daughter printed a picture of him off the internet and has it framed next to my baby picture in my mom’s living room). He knows he can trust me and that I would never do anything to mess up his life without he did something really cruel to me.

  777. lisa says:

    the best way to secure discretion is to find someone who also has to be discreet. I am not married and don’t have a boyfriend but I am in an affair type relationship and come from a conservative family that lives a mile from me so I have to be very discreet too.

  778. Sweetredhead*269443* says:

    Face to face you can read people. Over the internet it is a bit harder. You can’t see facial expressions, body language ect. I refuse to meet an SD that will not give me his name before we meet. to me that is a red flag. If you do not trust me enough to give me your name then there is no point.

    My first Sd I knew his name, his business, where he lived. He trusted me and I trusted him. I have just as much to lose if found out as an SD does. I do not want friends and family to know I have a sugar life.

  779. lisa says:

    I dont’ worry about it much as I am very careful and I meet very few people, if something doesn’t seem right, I back off. If anyone wants to meet right now, that’s a red flad, if they seem interested in getting to know you and they don’t rush things, that can mean they are either playing or that they are geniune. Daily life is a risk for me, I feel safer meeting someone online than I do walking outside my door at night. You can meet some weirdo sick people the old fashion way, at work, through friends, half the time people are victims of people they thought they knew well.

  780. Sweetredhead*269443* says:

    I am starting to question my being a SB. The safety issue, The mental health of some people. Wow a lot to think about.

  781. lisa says:

    Sweatredhead google Stephen Dent and there is an article about sex addiction

  782. lisa says:

    It sounds like this man is an internet sex addict so he wasn’t exactly looking to be a sugardaddy.

  783. Sweetredhead*269443* says:

    Where do you find this article?

  784. Sweetredhead*269443* says:

    Good evening sugars 🙂

    It is sad that we even have to think about anyone being scammed. .

    Sometimes I wonder what has happened to this world, common decency, manners and helping fellow human beings? It’s very sad.

  785. lisa says:

    oh I just googled the article, connecticut so I guess it’s someone else because I have received and email twice word for word from a doctor in San antonio. His profile didnt’ sound like he was looking for anyone like me, but he wrote twice and then disappeared. I remember he was a member when I joined last year, not sure if he is still a member

  786. lisa says:

    San Antonio, Texas I presume? hmmmm, I think I might have been contacted by him, I remember a big impressive email and then he disappeared.

  787. lisa says:

    Good afternoon everyone. Back from a busy day at work.
    I think scammers run both ways, women who take money or blackmail, men who want free sex or threaten women when they don’t get their way. Risk is always involved and any married man knows that when he enters an extramarital relationship, there is risk of getting caught or blackmailed.

    Hi NitemareSd you know I will be in your area in two weeks, would like to meet you in an exotic place, lol

    The exotic places part just sounds weird to me.
    Haven’t heard from my sd today, guess he’s lost in the garden, lol

  788. Beach_Girl*306486 says:

    RedMaru~ what did he give? I didn’t read the article

  789. RedMaru says:

    P.S. I mean the amounts he has given….

  790. RedMaru says:

    Thanks Beach_Girl
    I found the article in San Antonio newsite. Whoa! The amounts are staggering. And then some out of the generosity of his heart…what a guy if it is indeed true

  791. kitty says:

    Blogging while driving yikes!

    Jai:I have a pretty decent salary job and car company car its a lifestyle choice for me. But I was referring to scamming and being delinquent.

  792. Beach_Girl*306486 says:

    RedMaru~ Last time i went to Disneyland, they didn’t print me, but Disney world did!
    Welcome by the way

  793. RedMaru says:

    Greetings my fellow sugars.

    Ditto on what Kitty said in the beginning you can’t be too careful nowadays even in some places where you shouldn’t have to be(Disneyland correct on that one Beach_Girl*306486) Its a shame but true. There are two sides to the story anyone know where I can read the entire article?

  794. Beach_Girl*306486 says:

    I agree with Kitty,Anonymous , and DC~ there are scam artists and con artists everywhere. one has to be careful.
    OPOV~ yes Disney World prints you before you walk in to the park, as sad as that sounds! I don’t know why? Maybe it beeps if you have a record or something lol

  795. DC says:

    Kitty- I think that is true. I don’t think I would have considered this if I could find a permanent job that paid a decent salary

  796. Jai says:

    Nitemare- I wouldn’t say offensive, but the mass mailing of the exact same email is a bit off putting.

  797. DC says:

    Who said it was offensive. The problem we all had with it was that each of us received the exact e-mail and that he told each of us who live all over the country that he would be in our area in two weeks.

    So a bit of a lie and not very flattering to any of us

  798. Jai says:

    AJ-Everyday lol we live together if you gauge it by time spent.

    Kitty-Doing well. Gearing up for school etc. And you?

  799. aj says:

    I’ll check back in later, I need to buckle down and get some work done 🙁

  800. aj says:

    Nitemare – I don’t recall saying it was offensive.

  801. kitty says:

    Awhile ago, there was a suggestion on the blog that as the economy suffers so does humanity and personal ethics and morals.

    Hey Jai: how are you doing?

  802. NitemareSD says:


    Please read my profile to see if this might interest you.
    I will be in you area in about 2 weeks and would like to meet you.
    Longer term I am looking to see a SB once or twice a month. I prefer to meet at exotic locations so my preference would be to fly you out once a month.

    I have no picture on my profile as I have to be a bit discreet but if you’re interested I gladly email you some pictures of myself so..

    First step, Let me know your e-mail, I’ll send you my pics to get your approval. No Games.

    All the best.


    I challenge you all to say with a straight face what is offensive about that email.

  803. aj says:

    Jai ~ currently procrastinating doing anymore work…eating an apple (which I think whitens ones teeth ~ naturally ~ lol)

    How often do you talk to your SD?

  804. Jai says:

    Cool AJ! 🙂 What you up to?

    My SD and I just finished talking. I was regaling him tales from the hood lol my old neighborhood in Northern Cali.

  805. DC says:

    Foot and teeth fetishes… LOL. They do exist.

    There are creepy people at every dating site..in every walk of life. Rich, poor, it doesn’t matter. The sad part is that people are so desperate, they will go to limits they never though they would.

  806. Jai says:

    Kudos to OPOV for suggesting the new topic 🙂

  807. aj says:

    Hi Jai! I’m very good this afternoon! 🙂

  808. Jai says:

    Afternoon all! 🙂

    What a terrible thing to happen. I totally agree with Kitty and DC.

    How is everyone this fine afternoon?

  809. aj says:

    LOL Kitty ~ THAT is so strange! And yes I totally agree with you (SB’s are individuals….SD is not a bidder….mutual friendship, connection and care)…TRUE 🙂

  810. kitty says:

    Hey AJ, equally creepy experience yesterday. Was walking in a mall with open toe sandles. A man was walking towards me, staring at my feet. When he passed me, he muttered, “Nice Feet” and continued to walk away. Didn’t make eye contact, didn’t lift his head up. Just the comment.

  811. kitty says:

    DC: couldn’t agree more. I know a lot of LEADs are burnt by these red flags, but recognizing them saves a lot of head/heart ach and saves oodles of time. Genuine SBs are individuals with dignity and class. No amount should provoke one to do something degrading or undignified. SD is not a bidder for SBs, but mutual friendship, connection and care.

  812. aj says:

    Good Afternoon sugar friends!
    Uh, I certainly do not consider myself to be naive, but really??? Blackmail and extortion? That is just a bad person, in which case, as Kitty said you will have that everywhere.

    Personally I just exercise certain precautions and am always aware, but I really try to focus on all the wonderful experiences and good, because I have had more of those than bad 🙂

    Totally un-related… I just had a creepy customer staring at me for seriously like 5 minutes. Finally I asked him what he wanted…
    LOL~ he wanted to tell me that I have beautiful teeth!!!!

    LOL! Uh…thanks *confused look*

  813. DC says:

    Another example of “if it sounds too good to be true it probably is”.

    Is Dent really Explorer? LOL

    I personally have learned that if it sounds like a form letter, even if the offer sounds quite nice, not to respond. Also any hint of sexual inuendo in the first e-mails is a red flag. If spmeone contacts me first and they don’t make reference to something personal in my profile they don’t interest me.

    As for our previous discussion on the other blog page, if desperation is what motivates you then you are apt to make unwise decisions. Take your time getting to know someone. You won’t regret that

  814. Anonymous says:

    well, i know that most of us women are smart cookies and good for you kitty for recognising that that ‘form letter’ might be a red flag……. i haven’t seen it myself but i know how to avoid a message that makes me feel uncomfortable.

  815. Kitty says:

    I just read the entire article. Hmm… something tells me, Dent is not the most credible individual either. I have seen his “form Letter” many times myself.

  816. Anonymous says:

    I agree with Kitty. It shouldn’t sour the experience.
    Most of the bloggers and SD’s that have messaged me are decent men who are not at all demanding too much and are just looking for an friend with benefits same as i am. I’d never consider blackmailing an SD, and I feel bad for Mr. Dent, but perhaps he wasn’t treating the women in a respectful manner that led to this extreme and that’s why it’s very important to establish a good safe relationship with an SB/SD and know the limitations. don’t be afraid to speak up to an SD and say what you don’t feel comfortable doing or if you feel SD’s or SB’s the other party isn’t giving you what they said or agreed they would. The basis of any good relationship is communication and respect and I’m glad to know that like the founder said, “This gentleman must be doing something wrong because he’s right……no one else is having this problem.”

  817. Kitty says:

    There are scammers in every industry. The key is to be careful and aware. I feel horribly for Dent’s multiple issues with the site. It shouldn’t sour the experience. Maybe a lesson for the rest of the SDs/Sbs alike.
    Thank you Stephan for posting. Maybe we can get a blog up for the scammers/spammers tha members come across everyday.