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Sex, Money & Sugar



Sex and money are involved in almost every relationship in some way, but when negotiating an arrangement, it’s important to be upfront about the benefits you seek. Some choose to be indirect – even in a sugar relationship, when it comes to money and sex, while others are very upfront about their specific physical and financial expectations.

“How do Sugar Babies here prefer to receive financial gifts?  Do you prefer cash, check, money order, Western Union, direct deposit or wire transfer?” – Panther SD

What is the best way to negotiate sex and money in an arrangement? Direct or indirect? Not at all?

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  1. Anonymous says:

    I’m a new Sugar Baby, and this guy said that he would give me 400$ per week, but he needed my account number password and security questions… I got out of that quick.

    You aren’t suppose to give those right?

  2. brain says:

    i think that western union is to fishy at frist so i prefer to give cash on the frist meet however i do like the prepaid credit card idea

  3. Deanna says:

    I love western union. High fee? There’s rich guys on here who will have no problem doing that. lol. If they won’t do it but only give cash in person that makes me think I’m a whore or they’re going to rip me off and leave me with nothing! lol.

  4. Tina says:

    How do u know how much to ask for? let’s say the person makes about 100k, should u be considering how much they make?I don’t want to ask for too little or too much, if we set up an allowance for each time we meet, how much do you think the person should be giving me?

  5. dreamer says:

    mmm i believe you should be up front about what you want
    i dont believe in wasting time or playing games

    i believe if you meet that person and everything goes well you decide to persue it take that person to the bank have them open and account get the swift number you can send her money when every she needs it you can send any amount and each time the sending free is the same

    i believe in the arrangement you should give gifts as well as money it all depents on the person

  6. DorkyGuy says:

    Medichottie, go to gravatar.com and create an account… it’s evidently a wordpress site, and when you create the avatar, it automatically appears here.

  7. Natalie says:

    As a SB, I think gifts would be a good way to start & some spending money (cash) is fine. Plan nice trips. Use your imagination. We tend to like that.

  8. Medichottie84 says:

    Well I’m new to all of this. I really like the whole blog, I think it’s a great way for people to give/get advice and for others to get answers to questions they may not feel comfortable asking. Hopefully I’m one of the people down the road praising this site, and saying that I’m in an awsome SB/SD relationship

  9. RedMaru*210789* says:

    Hey everbody 😀 and welcome to anybody new
    We just a torrential episode of rain….I think its from sweetred’s neck of the woods…lol
    I got soaked so I’m drying off.

  10. Panther SD says:

    Sorry for the delay – I’m running back and forth between buildings.

    Mail right back at you!

  11. sweetredhead*269443* says:

    panther you have mail on the site 🙂

  12. sweetredhead*269443* says:

    What are your plans for this weekend? Other then being bored at the office.

  13. sweetredhead*269443* says:

    I don’t have any plans yet. I am a fly by the seat of my pants kind of girl. I am having a BBQ on Monday but that’s about it for now.

  14. Panther SD says:

    We got a lot of that rain early this morning. It’s finnally clearing up.

    If the boys will be away what are you plans?

  15. sweetredhead*269443* says:

    Being in trouble is not always a bad thing 🙂

    Looking for things to do with my boys this weekend. I think they are going with their dad some of the weekend. But it’s suppose to be rainy all weekend 🙁

  16. Panther SD says:

    LOL… i’m always on the prowl. That’s probably why i stay in trouble. 😉

    What are you up to over there?

  17. sweetredhead*269443* says:

    awww, should we entertain you to keep you awake?

  18. Panther SD says:

    Doing great. I am the only one in the office and I am struggling to stay awake.

  19. sweetredhead*269443* says:

    Panther SD I love your name!! Gives me images of a sleek, strong, panther on the prowl lol.

  20. sweetredhead*269443* says:

    Good morning Panther SD and lisa 🙂 How are you this wonderful day?

  21. Panther SD says:

    Good morning SweetRed

  22. Panther SD says:

    Lisa – Driving stress? That’s interesting.

  23. sweetredhead*269443* says:

    Andrew50 I am so sorry that happened to you. You do have to be so careful. AS I have said before. The ones who do this type of thing make it difficult for the rest of us who are honest and true. This type of thing makes Sb’s and Sd’s Leary of others. And sometimes too careful. We pass up really great people who we could have a great relationship with because they say or do something that reminds us of the person who screwed us over. It has happened on both sides.

    When an Sb says she wants an allowance before starting a full relationship I think this comes from an SD who took advantage of her.

    When an SD says he will not give an allowance until he knows the relationship will work it is also because he was taken advantage of.

    It has been said these things are “red flags” I think sometimes that is not the case. It’s that someone took advantage of the other and they are being overly cautious.

    In my opinion you should find out their reason for this, not just cut them off. Talking with a sb or sd is always a good thing. Be as open and honest as you can in what you want and what you are looking for. What your expectations are and your reasons for them. Misunderstanding happen. Just try to be open minded. Don’t let the ones who are not “real” have control over your thinking. You will lose out and pass up someone who could be perfect for you 🙂

  24. lisa says:

    it’s funny after giving me a month’s allowance, my sd decided not to continue the relationship with me after 2 meetings due to driving stress

    I’m going to hop up to the topic above

  25. Panther SD says:

    Andrew50 – I can only reinforce what has already been said. I’m sorry this happened to you and I hope you don’t give up. As SouthernGent2 said we all have gotten the short end of the stick in one way or another.

    Take this as a learning lesson and apply it in the future.

  26. SouthernGent2 says:

    Andrew50 – sorry to hear about that. I’m sure various things have happened to all of us where we come up on the screwed end of things. Its part of the investment we have to make in this lifestyle.

    Just don’t look back. Remember what happened so it makes you a bit more careful next time, but don’t look back. My approach is that first 30 days is sort of a trial period for both. I want her to be comfortable with me, and I want to determine how I feel about her going longer term. You have to make a bit of an investment in doing that, but never the entire amount you plan to give once the arrangement goes full time. A serious sb will understand your caution and be more than happy to go along.

  27. Stormcat says:

    Oh Well. goodnight y’all!

  28. Stormcat says:

    Darn, she left aalready and probably won’t see my post. I’ve been wondering about this for days.

  29. Stormcat says:

    Hi Island Muse, I’m Stormcat. I have a ? about your name here. You know that a muse is a mythical figure in the form of a exquisitely beautiful woman that watches over and inspires a man to extraordinary accomplishment. But are you aware that she can never be the man’s lover? Just wondering 😀

  30. Island_Muse says:

    Night Andrew50, Storm and JQ. Have another full day ahead at Habitat and will need to be well-rested 😀

    Have a great time on the blog tomorrow, y’all


  31. Island_Muse says:

    Andrew~I meant not give a full allowance in advance. Whatever you do please don’t give up. There are wonderful SBs out there in sugarland just waiting to spoil and pamper you too – you’ll see 😛

    JQ~I agree with you wholeheartedly. Your comments were spot on.

  32. Stormcat says:

    Hell Andrew that news really sucks!!!! I was just about to make the allowance leap myself and what you’re saying really scares me! I don’t want to sound trite at the moment but I hope you can get past this and move on to a real connection. At the least stay in touch with us here on the blog. Mail me! (see above) I’ll give you my number and maybe we can talk this out! Hang in there.

  33. Island_Muse says:

    Hi Andrew50 – seems i’m the only one here now. Everybody’s gone beddy bye. I am so sorry to hear about that situation.

    You have every right to feel like your trust was betrayed. Just look at it this way – It only cost you one month’s allowance to get rid of her – and good riddance. She’s obviously not the kind of SB (if I can call her that) you want to share yourself with.

    I am surprised though that you don’t see the lesson here. Could it be to not give an allowance – I think. Maybe the other SDs could speak better to this.

    Just my thoughts after a long day working as a novice carpenter and handy person at Habitat.

  34. johnq says:


    You did favorite me. You didn’t email me. I don’t normally email people who favorite me, since I assume that can mean a variety of things, including that it’s a profile you didn’t have enough to time to look at but want to study later. It’s entirely possible that I’m too dense to understand subtle flirtation.


    I’m sorry to hear about what happened to you. It sounds as if you did everything right. For what it’s worth, I’ve thought about the possibility that you’re describing and my conclusion is that it’s a relatively cheap way to discover the truth about someone that you were about to let into your life. That doesn’t mean you aren’t completely justified in feeling betrayed, but at some point I suspect you’ll feel a little bit of relief that it wasn’t a lot worse.


  35. Andrew50 says:

    After getting a month’s allowance in advance, my SB vanished, didn’t show up for our next scheduled date, and hasn’t returned my call. I spent about 7 hours with her over several days prior to giving her the allowance, we exchanged significant personal information, and I thought we had a bond of trust. We had no physical intimacy.

    I can’t find a lesson to learn from this, can’t get past the feeling of betrayal and violation, and can’t convince myself to search for another.

    Best wishes to all the honorable people on the blog. I hope the future will be kinder to us all.

  36. sweetredhead*269443* says:

    I think I am heading to bed also. Good night everyone.

  37. sweetredhead*269443* says:

    night ambi and beach sweet sugar dreams

  38. Beach_Girl*306486 says:

    Hey all i’m off to bed, i have a long day tomorrow! Night

  39. Ambiguities says:

    It was great chatting it up with all of you .. *sleepy eyes* night…

  40. sweetredhead*269443* says:

    Ambiguities thank you 🙂

    My advice would be, know what you are looking for, never settle, go with your gut. Always be safe. In a nut shell lol

    Talk to them a bit in email, phone, im, Find out what they are looking for. If they don’t mesh with what you are looking for then move on.

    Sorry that’s all I have for now lol. Been a long day

  41. katrina says:

    jq – are you sure? Do you show me as having listed you in Favorites?

    stormcat – you got mail

    Goodnight, All – sweet dreams.

  42. Ambiguities says:

    Sweetred: If you gave advice to someone new on the site what would it be? * you seem to give sound and tasteful comments* it’s why I ask.

  43. sweetredhead*269443* says:

    I have sent out a bunch of emails to new SD’s to come join the blog, some have been very nice to answer back, but most don’t.

  44. Beach_Girl*306486 says:

    Storm~ you got mail , i think!!!

  45. Ambiguities says:

    Stormcat: Poetry is soulful. It’s incredible when you can relate to someone else through different mediums.

    Katrina: Thank you for your sweet comments. Truly kind of you. 🙂

  46. sweetredhead*269443* says:

    Nm you did lol

  47. johnq says:


    Didn’t intend to be brutal. I actually liked the profile, with the main exception of the one picture. I kind of like exuberates. It’s one of those words that sounds good, even if it doesn’t actually fit.


    You never sent me an email. I make a point of responding to every email I get, even those from London professionals and clear nutcases.


  48. katrina says:

    Sorry, Stormcat – I have to delete emails quickly because of work

  49. sweetredhead*269443* says:

    Stormcat answer beach_girl sheeh lol

  50. Stormcat says:

    BG Well yes. And your backup idea sounds terrific -or- maybe we could meet up anyway just to say hi and put faces and voices to names. I say this mainly because I really doubt she’s going to poof on me bc we’ve been communicating for almost a month now. Anyway, yahoo me! Oh Damn! its Stormcatgl not stormcat sorrh Kat!

  51. katrina says:

    john q – hey! lol you never responded to my email. I did not know that was you.

    Ambi – I guess I am the one who liked your profile. I thought it was friendly and classy. You portrayed yourself as bright, enthusiastic, discriminating and confident. The picture showed you are attractice.

  52. Stormcat says:

    Ambi: Too Cool! I’m really into poetry, all kinds, but I really love the erotic stuff. Not trash or porno, the elequant eros.

    OK Kat: my profile # 322205 or yahoo stormcat
    But you probably have it in your inbox as I replied to your last email

  53. Beach_Girl*306486 says:

    Storm ~ your coming to Montreal for a sugar date??

  54. johnq says:




  55. Ambiguities says:

    Johnq: I was very tired and anxious to get my profile done. Thank you again for your brutal honesty..

  56. Stormcat says:

    Ambi: Maybe meant exudes or some other form of the noun exuberant but I really like exuberates as it obvoiusly means exuding exuberance.

  57. sweetredhead*269443* says:

    But I am not one to talk. I am just as straight forward sometimes.

  58. Ambiguities says:

    Katrina: sorry didn’t see your question. I was a columist for a local paper, and working on a erotic romance.

  59. Beach_Girl*306486 says:

    Sweetred~ me a sugar date??? nope! you must got me confused with some other SB

  60. katrina says:

    stormcat – I need your email address again

  61. sweetredhead*269443* says:

    johnq sometimes I do wonder if tact is in your vocabulary lmao

  62. sweetredhead*269443* says:

    Beach_Girl didn’t you have a sugar date?

  63. johnq says:


    I don’t often comment on profiles, but this is the first one that’s taught me a new word. It’s not unusual, of course, to see words that I’ve never seen before, but unfortunately they normally result from an inexplicable but extremely common failure to use spellcheck.


  64. Beach_Girl*306486 says:

    Ambi~ your new sorry must of missed that part lol Welcome!!!

  65. Ambiguities says:

    Beachgirl: Yes, I agree…
    Sweetred: Thank you for the welcome as well, and yes- it is great!

  66. Beach_Girl*306486 says:

    Sweetred~ i’m good tired as hell, but good!

  67. Beach_Girl*306486 says:

    Storm ~ your coming to Montreal for a sugar date??? Oh you should mail me if you have a problem with the date i can be you backup!

    See if i would have known i could have stayed at your place, I love cats btw, i totally would of!!! but i had my car fixed and can’t afford the plane ticket , so i have to wait til i have the money?

  68. sweetredhead*269443* says:

    hey Beach_Girl, doing well, how are you?

  69. sweetredhead*269443* says:

    welcome Ambiguities to the blog. We have a wide variety of advice and opinions here. Isn’t it great!

  70. katrina says:

    johnq – what is your profile #?

  71. Stormcat says:

    BG Actually I,ll be up Wed. For of all things, believe it or not, a sugar date 😀
    Anyway, If Id have realized you were trying for this weekend You could have stayed at my place. The only one there till Monday is my cat.

  72. Beach_Girl*306486 says:

    JQ~ it’s always nice to have an SDs opinion on profiles!!!

  73. Ambiguities says:

    Thank you all for your input on my profile. 🙂 Obviously, I had rushed through it and should make a few proper adjustments.

  74. katrina says:

    Hey Ambi – you are another gorgeous one! What kind of writer are you? ALWAYS come to the blog – all the SB and SD on here are so supportive of everyone. : )

  75. Beach_Girl*306486 says:

    Hey Sweetred! how are you?

  76. BLAQUE MAGIC*333666* says:

    Ambi- i’m still kind of weirded about what to say in my profile. I dont think its that good but im tired of messin with it. But you are right this blog does give lots of insight!

  77. johnq says:


    In re your profile: I think I have a reasonably broad vocabulary, but I’d never heard of the word “exuberates” before. After googling it, I’m not sure you’re using it correctly, but it’s possible I’m just not familiar enough with it.

    Also, if I were you I’d drop the middle picture. In my opinion it’s a lot less attractive than the other 2.


  78. sweetredhead*269443* says:

    hi everyone 🙂 took a shower and fell asleep Yawn!!

  79. Ambiguities333432 says:

    Stormcat: Thank you for the nice compliment and advice. When I did my profile I wasn’t to sure what to put on there to be honest with you. Most of my Sugar dating experiences just happened. So- I was kinda weirded out by what to say- and not to say.. Had I known this blog existed I would had come here first. 🙂

  80. Beach_Girl*306486 says:

    Storm~ yeah it was nice, but very windy! I am somewhat making some progress…We will see, i can’t get my Ass down to NYC, or stay with friends so… but it’s ok, they say the weather is going to be nice tomorrow, and i didn’t open the pool, so yay for me!
    Your redoing the bathroom i think i read? you are quite the handy man! i might need ya to come to Montreal lol

  81. Stormcat says:

    Hey Beach, you had a lovey day weatherwise. And it seems like you’re making progress in other areas also.

  82. Beach_Girl*306486 says:

    Blaque~ no worries, not every SB knows how to view other SBs or SDs

  83. BLAQUE MAGIC*333666* says:

    BeachG-ohhhhhh i got ya thanks…..I thought i was just slow and couldn’t figure it out lol

  84. Beach_Girl*306486 says:

    Blaque~ you want to view SBs you can’t you can only view SBMs or your preference such as an SD or SM
    Hey Storm

  85. Stormcat says:

    Ambi: no it’s $64,000,000 and now that I look it’s $64,000,000,000. You’re quite lovely. I feel that your profile is a little bit antagonistic. You should be able to reword it to be more positive and still let people know that you’re not going to take any shit.

  86. BLAQUE MAGIC*333666* says:

    BeachG-male SB

  87. Stormcat says:

    Oh Dear Jai: I just can’t do that, even for a sweetheart like you! i been cltivating this name for way too long to give it up now. But I can suggest some remedies for carpal tunnel syndrome if it causes you to do too much typing.

    Kat You are here. Can you e-mail me your photo. Please!!!!! 😀

  88. Ambiguities333432 says:

    Stormcat: There’s the $64,000 dollar answer..lol

    Katrina: Gotcha.. I’d do the same thing if I could figure it out…lol

  89. Beach_Girl*306486 says:

    Blaque~ you an SB, SD, SM or SBM?

  90. Beach_Girl*306486 says:

    Hey all, i leave for a few and it takes me all this time to read the blog lol….

  91. BLAQUE MAGIC*333666* says:

    do you have to be an upgraded member to see others profiles using their number?

  92. Jai says:

    Ok, I tried but I can’t type, read, take notes, and hold on to my text book.

    Night Kat, Ambi, Blaq, and…and…S? LOL Night 😛

  93. Jai says:

    Lol Stormcat…What’s a girl to do? You’re just going to have to change your user name 😛

  94. katrina says:

    Stormcat – oops sorry – I am reading and blogging. I must have missed a couple of posts. Purely oversight.

    Ambi – I just like a face to go with the words. Just a preference. Although with some profiles, the writing is so great that I scarcely look at the pics.

  95. Stormcat says:

    Hey Kat, you still here?

  96. Stormcat says:

    Hey BMagic, welcome. I’m Stormcat.

  97. Stormcat says:

    Jeesh Jai: Everyone’s gonna get that mixed up with SG. How about SCat?

  98. BLAQUE MAGIC*333666* says:

    hey all
    was up on the blog?

  99. Jai says:

    Awwww..nevermind Stormcat 🙁

    Ooh! Maybe SC? 😀 It’s simple and short

  100. Stormcat says:

    OK ambi; now for the $64,000,000 question . . . profile number?
    gotta have it! lol

    Kat; you not talkin to me tonight?

  101. Stormcat says:

    How about just storm jai. My wife calls me stormi so I don’t particualrly want to get that going here.

  102. Ambiguities says:

    Hi Stormcat… SB-

    Katrina… Why do you need profiles with pics? Just curious 🙂

  103. Jai says:

    Lol Kat, you’ve got to give a little to get a little 😉

    I’m here for a few more minutes Stormi…pleeeeaaassse let me call you Stormi? 🙂 Then I’m off to get a chem chapter read before bed

  104. Stormcat says:

    Oh Jai’s still here 😀

  105. Jai says:

    Ambi-Glad you don’t mind 🙂 How my ethnicity and cultural background guides me in a work environment zzzzzzzzzZZZZZZ lol

  106. Stormcat says:

    Well Kat: either everyone is composing or it’s just you an I

  107. katrina says:

    Jai – I need profiles (hopefully with photos) to go with people writing on the blog. Although being an effective hypocrite, I do not provide MY photos…

  108. Stormcat says:

    Hi Ambiguities may I borrow Jai’s nickname. Hi Ambi, Are you SB or SD?

  109. Ambiguities says:

    jai- lol… No problem, it’s cute… and thanks! I am usually working during the times all these conversations take place so I thought I’d jump in tonight and say hi- and make new pals here instead of watching tv. Ha… What is your essay about?

  110. Jai says:

    Why Kat? Lol you’re a looky lou? Want to check everyone out? 😛

  111. Stormcat says:

    Hi y’all
    I made it here. Cops out everywhere. I’m dirving white knuckle cause I know that I got one tail light out on the trailer. But no one noticed.

    Just stopped in for a peek at what’s happenin here. Hey Sweetred Katrina etc thanks for the emails. I apreciate that no one ever tells me anything that I have to keep secret. lol

    Scarlet, I have read The Game. Overly simplistic missguided approach technique for the not too bright male to use on the not too bright female. I laugh to myself every time I see someone try it. Even seen it tried here on the blog. If your potential SD is using it on you, realize that it is just a line of BS, intended to manipulate the unitiated female into having sex. There can’t be any sincerity in that.

  112. Jai says:

    Hey there Ambi 🙂 If you know the blog, you know I shorten people’s names. it’s my way of saying, ‘welcome’ 🙂

  113. katrina says:

    night Lisa

    Jai – don’t work too hard.

  114. katrina says:

    I wish it was a requirement to include your profile number in the blog

  115. Jai says:

    Night Lisa

  116. Ambiguities says:

    Hi everyone…

    I’m sucha newbie here. I have read the blog for about a week now and feel like I know everone already 🙂

  117. Jai says:

    Lol probably sleep Kat. I should be doing the same thing, but I can’t stop researching stuff. Glad you got out tonight 🙂

  118. lisa says:

    Hi everyone I was on the phone with a friend. phone battery finally died

    I heard from one potential but something that bothers me is that when he wrote me back he said “Hi (and called me by HIS name) is that flakey or a simple mistake? Also heard from another guy who had emailed me back when I first joined and then disappeared, not sure about him.

    I’m going to go watch some tv now. So glad to be off tomorrow and sleep late before my family comes to spend the day. Have a good night everyone.

  119. katrina says:

    Hiya, Beach!

    Are Lisa and Red clean yet? Where are they? lol

  120. katrina says:

    I just got home a while ago. I am exhausted – maybe too much working out or maybe the margarita tonight or maybe, just maybe, all the blogging. : )

  121. Jai says:

    Hi Beach!

  122. Jai says:

    Lol He’s here encouraging me to take a break from essay writing and scholarship applications 🙂 We had greek for lunch at around 11 today and agreed to split my leftovers for dinner. I’ve been at the computer and he was outside enjoying the cool weather, so we haven’t eaten anything. Probably wont tonight. We did the same thing last night. We ended up talking for 4 hours, I didn’t eat dinner and he had a bowl of cereal..I think lol 😛

    Why are you home of a Friday night Kat?

  123. Beach_Girl*306486 says:

    Hello Sugars!
    how are you all 😀

  124. katrina says:

    Yay! Jai is back! : ) : ) : ) : )

    Jai – no SD tonight? what was for dinner?

  125. Jai says:

    Hey bob-o :), hey Kat 🙂 glad it worked out!

  126. katrina says:

    Awww – everyone is gone : (

    Gurl – awesome about your date.

    Lisa – come to country. I used to rock to zep the most but now I love country – the guys are all so hot and I love songs that tell a story.

    I like all kinds of music, though.

    Jai – I took your advice and brought fruit and dip to the party. Thank you – excellent choices : )

  127. lisa says:

    hi bob How’s your evening going?

  128. lisa says:

    along came bob, hello bob

  129. bob says:

    good evening everyone

  130. Jai says:

    Night gurl 🙂 And I love Rascal Flatts!

  131. gurlnextdoor*274735* says:

    Well I’m off to go read my new book, night everyone.

  132. gurlnextdoor*274735* says:

    Oh Jai you like country too? Woohoo I am not alone, lol. I love Eric Church now, and he’s from my home state I found out. But usually I’m more of a Rascal Flatts girl, although George Strait is pretty good too.

  133. Jai says:

    Guess I’ll buckle down and get this last essay done while everyone’s getting clean 🙂 bbl

  134. Jai says:

    Lol Lisa we are polar opposites aren’t we?

    Enjoy sweetred 🙂

  135. lisa says:

    I’ll meet you there sweetred, I’m going to have a hot bath
    Be back in a few

  136. sweetredhead*269443* says:

    Ok girls I am going to go take a shower. BBL

  137. lisa says:

    Jai I’m the white chick listening to Nelly, lol

  138. Jai says:

    Aw Lisa..come to country side..join us lol

  139. sweetredhead*269443* says:

    lol Jai.

  140. sweetredhead*269443* says:

    lmao Lisa there I go again, wondering about you. Never mind my head hurts to much to think about it lol

  141. Jai says:

    Lol I love country music. I’m the black chick riding down the street blasting George Strait instead of Jay-Z 😀

  142. lisa says:

    yuck country music, blahhhh!

    Had to put percy back in his box as he was trying to have sex with my can of soda and my potato chips. I need to change his name to pervey short for pervert, it’s such a typical man, lol

  143. sweetredhead*269443* says:

    Country music fan? I knew I liked you Jai 🙂

  144. Jai says:

    I thought the same thing sweetred! lol

  145. Jai says:

    Mmmm I love me some Josh Turner..Just to be Your Man 🙂 Even my eyes feel better listening to him.

  146. sweetredhead*269443* says:

    lmao Yeah I read that and though WHAT?? lmao

  147. Jai says:

    Lol at the hairspray Red. What do you mean about the email? It’s probably clear and to the point, but my eyes are burning from looking at the screen and typing essays 🙂

  148. sweetredhead*269443* says:

    oops mail hoe lmao

  149. sweetredhead*269443* says:

    ughhh I need to go take a shower. I got caught in the rain so many times today!! Let me tell you hair spray and rain do NOT mix!!

  150. sweetredhead*269443* says:

    Jai you email how lmao

  151. sweetredhead*269443* says:

    gurlnextdoor impressive 🙂 That means he took the time to know you a bit. Very nice. I think I like this guy 🙂

  152. lisa says:

    when I met my first sd, the date was short and when he said he’d call me, I thought to myself, sure he will. I went home feeling down and disappointed. But he just had to get to work. He called me that evening and we met the next day for a real date and 2 days later he came over and gave me half my allowance.
    ANohter date the sd discussed an arrangement in detail with me and seemed serious. said we would meet for dinner after he came back from visiting his sick dad, well he never contacted me and is still a member.

  153. Jai says:

    You’ve got mail Scarlett 🙂

  154. gurlnextdoor*274735* says:

    Yeah lisa, that’s exactly what I’m worried about. In my experience “be in touch” is a nice way of saying this isn’t going to work. But his body language and our conversation said otherwise. So I guess I’ll have to wait and see like sweetred said. But on the brightside of things he did remember everything I had told him. Like how my favourite team was Arsenal, and he even looked them up to see how they did this season. 🙂

  155. lisa says:

    next time grab 2 boxes, lol

  156. lisa says:

    I know about that “be in touch” as I heard it many times when I was regular dating. However my first sd said that and then called me that night and we had a month long relationship. He was just pressed for time and fighting traffic to get back to work when we had our first meeting.

  157. sweetredhead*269443* says:

    gurlnextdoor sounds good. Will be in touch could just be his way of talking not a blow off. You will just have to wait and see 🙂

  158. gurlnextdoor*274735* says:

    Nope lisa I forgot to get the Godiva, we were in line laughing about the story of my dog trying to attack another dog for stealing her master today so I forgot all about it. But perhaps next time.

  159. Jai says:

    Congrats gurl! 🙂

  160. gurlnextdoor*274735* says:

    It was pretty short, just an hour and a half, which is a good time for me. Enough time to talk and get to know each other without him getting the idea that things were going to get physical. He said he’d “be in touch” which has me a little worried. But we had a great time talking and laughing, and we like alot of the same things, so hopefully that’s a good sign.

  161. lisa says:

    Did you get the Godiva? If not you need to drop him.

  162. Scarlett - 213843 says:

    Sweetred.. thank you. 🙂

    “Intense and a worrier” — likewise, my guy could be perfectly normal to some… or seeming like a lunatic to others. Mine is younger than yours was.. and I honestly think it is just lack of experience on his part.

    However, I did check up on his business and his website has an amazing google rank. I do not think he is a total fraud. Does not leave out the possibility of him being a jerk though 🙂 we will see

  163. Jai says:

    Hi Mark-E! Your name translates perfectly into a nickname. You are already well liked by me 😀 Welcome!

    I agree with Red, Scarlett. Discuss it before hand. That nothing is left to chance and you wont have to be afraid to ruin a ‘moment’ 🙂 P.S. My SD snores, is very corny (I kind of like that), and is kind of set in his ways. All things that can be very annoying. But, when I weigh the pros and cons, he has enriched my life in such a way, he can snore, crack lame jokes, and be married to his ways for eternity for all I care lol If you can say that about this dude and feel, if given time, his positive attributes will outweigh the negatives, then power on!

  164. sweetredhead*269443* says:

    gurlnextdoor how long were you with him? seems like you just left for your date.

  165. sweetredhead*269443* says:

    Wonderful gurlnextdoor, glad you had a good time. Did he say he wanted to see you again?

  166. sweetredhead*269443* says:

    I think we scared mark away lol

  167. gurlnextdoor*274735* says:

    Ok back from my date everyone. It went really well I must say. He bought me hot chocolate and he got a frappuccino. Then afterward we went shopping for books and he bought me two books by my favourite author. Overall, a very good date with pretty good chemistry although I was nervous. But it was good, and I found out he’s Greek, very sexy. Hopefully he’ll want to see me again.

  168. lisa says:

    You have to discuss it first Scarlett or you are going to find yourself alone with him, getting intimate and going home with nothing, wondering if you will see him again. You may not or he may want to seee you again, either way you aren’t benefiting from this

  169. sweetredhead*269443* says:

    I had no complaints about my SD (when I had one) He was 34 younger and HOT lol. Welll he was a little intense and a worrier.

  170. Jai says:

    You’ve got to loosen up Lees..I want to shorten ‘Lisa’ but don’t know how to spell it where it will sound right when read…Leece? That’s not shorter lol See, now I’m thinking too much 😛

  171. sweetredhead*269443* says:

    WRite him an email, discuss it before you meet in person, if that is easier for you

  172. sweetredhead*269443* says:

    Don’t worry Mark we don’t bite, well most of the time 🙂

  173. Scarlett - 213843 says:


    As I said to Jai, why is it there are no honest complaints about any arrangements on here? Everyone seems to be totally happy with what they have… as if there is absolutely nothing wrong with the situation what so ever. Maybe your SD has a ear hair growth problem he ignores — or whatever the case. I’m just being honest in one issue I have, as anyone does in any relationship. Even in marriage, nothing is perfect and even the most in love couple will complain about how obnoxious the other is. 🙂

    Thanks guys. I already knew I was going to put my foot down if it came to that, but my main question which I guess I did not articulate properly.. was if anyone had any advice on subtly bringing it up. I, and he, wants to keep things separate. Assuming we’re cuddling on the couch, watching that movie.. maybe something starts, I don’t want to be like “Uhm.. hi.. where is mine?” that sounds so bad.. and I don’t want it to seem like that either. But like JQ said, I don’t want to be taking my clothes off on command for this guy either. 🙂 Regardless of how much I do or do not like him. As with anything, feelings in relationships progress.. does not happen overnight.

  174. sweetredhead*269443* says:

    Welcome mark eager glad you can join us. Tell us alittle about what you are looking for in this kind of relationship.

  175. lisa says:

    I think i’ve scared him off, lol as I told him what I was looking for, afterall he talks constantly about what he’s looking for.

  176. sweetredhead*269443* says:

    LOL I agree with Jai loosen up GF . I know I know you can’t. But we can always try 🙂

  177. mark eager says:

    hey its mark thanks for your invite here i am whats up this is a first for me

  178. lisa says:

    not really as I wouldn’t have time to make up an excuse for not answering the phone when my daughter calls and then they’d wonder where I was as I always tell them when i’m going to hang out with friend as this is a dangerous city. Plus I wouldnt’ be able to stop thinking about how i’d get home safely. If we planned ahead that would be one thing but to have someone say “hey you want to meet for dinner” when i’m home , makeup off, in jammies, and it’s like 7 pm, well that won’t work.

  179. sweetredhead*269443* says:

    lisa you think to much lol

  180. sweetredhead*269443* says:

    meeting someone at a moments notice can add to the excitement 🙂

  181. lisa says:

    not really wanting to waste busfare and taxi fare if it’s too late to get home to have dinner. He is always wanting me to meet him at moments notice and I’m not one to meet a stranger at moments notice.

  182. RedMaru*210789* says:

    Thanks sweetred cross fingers
    Got my fingers crossed for all of you! I’m so glad I foubd this blog its so cool. I hate to leave party but I’m due at the gym to work off some more of my buns….lol
    I see all you sugars later….

  183. Jai says:

    Thanks Maru 🙂

    Lisa-LIGHTEN UP SIS 😀 Relax, let go, and then let go some more. Just enjoy the ride 🙂

  184. lisa says:

    I’m still waiting to hear back from the one that contacted me today. He hasn’t been on since this morning but since he’s married he probably won’t be online much over the weekend.

  185. sweetredhead*269443* says:

    RedMaru that sounds great 🙂

  186. RedMaru*210789* says:

    Just got an email back from what I hope will evolve into a pot SD. I asked him about his likes and dislikes and he called me sweet and assured me I didn’t need to be afraid to talk to him. Sent a reply hope he sends one back

  187. lisa says:

    He is looking for that. I don’t want to get dressed up to have dinner with someone who isn’t going to be a sd to me.

  188. RedMaru*210789* says:

    Hi sinceresd!!

    Jai- got fingers crossed for ya on the scholarships

  189. sweetredhead*269443* says:

    Very diplomatic johnq lol.

    Lisa Who says you have to spend your life with him? Go out to dinner and have fun.

  190. lisa says:

    I’m trying but I really don’t want to just date some 65 year old man and spend my life with him. He is looking for someone to move in with him so he won’t be alone. I can’t see myself spending all my free time with him, taking dancing lessons, etc and not getting any financial perks. He is also obsessed with traveling to central America and other third world places and I have to say that half of Centrla America lives in my apartments so i;m really not impressed with them.

  191. johnq says:


    I assume this is the same guy you were talking about a couple of days ago. It’s possible he’s game-playing here, but my guess is this is just the way he is. I don’t know him, but from your description he sounds controlling and manipulative. Putting you down may be his way of trying to get into your pants, but it’s more likely he does this routinely, particularly with people whom he perceives as weaker than he is.

    You identified this guy as paranoid and controlling before your first date with him, so you shouldn’t be surprised if he continues to act the same way. You shouldn’t expect him to change. In fact, I’d expect his behavior to get worse.

    I hope this works out for you, but you’re going into it with your eyes wide open.

    As far as sex before arrangement goes, given how you’ve described this guy, I would expect him to try to extract the best deal he can from you. I would guess he’ll be very manipulative, and exert a great deal of pressure. I would expect this to be worse if you end up alone with him.

    I would definitely have this explicitly worked out in advance, and cash in hand before you take the next step with him. It’s possible he’ll dump you, telling you you ruined the relationship by pushing for money, but in that case he probably would have dumped you anyway, after extracting all the free sex he can.

    It’s possible I’m wrong about this, and he’ll turn out to be a great guy, possibly with a nervous streak that causes him to joke inappropriately. And maybe he’ll spoil you rotten. I hope so, though I would be astonished if things turned out that way. I wish you luck.


  192. sweetredhead*269443* says:

    I am good, Tired also. Looking forward to a long weekend.

  193. sweetredhead*269443* says:

    Lisa give the poor guy a chance you never know 🙂

  194. Jai says:

    I’m goooooooood 🙂 And you? Beside being tired 🙂 Left over greek is what’s for dinner. I’m sleepy

  195. lisa says:

    ok i’m chatting with that guy that I talked to a while back and trying to persuade him inot the sd thing but he keeps going on how he would give up half of the life he has left to spend half of it with me. THat’s sweet but what I really want is a flatscreen tv and new bedding. lol

  196. sweetredhead*269443* says:

    ohhh mail!!!!

  197. sweetredhead*269443* says:

    Hey Jai!! how are you tonight? Whats for dinner?

  198. Jai says:

    Sweetred-You will have mail lol

  199. sweetredhead*269443* says:

    SincereSD I agree with you. I would feel awkward shopping with an SD. I have never like asking for anything. If I want something I rather get it for myself.

  200. Jai says:

    Scarlett-You’ve got mail

  201. sweetredhead*269443* says:

    Scarlett why are you putting up with this guy? I don’t understand. Now your thinking about being intimate with him? I am really confused. Why are you letting him treat you in this manner. I am all for joking and kidding around. I can keep up with the best of them, But this is not teasing this is just down right RUDE behavior. You are worth more than that. I can not in good conscious give you advice on how to do anything with this guy. The only advice I feel this situation needs is to move on!

  202. Jai says:

    Whew! Done with most of my scholarship apps 🙂

    Scarlett-I don’t know if you necessarily want to be subtle when discussing business. Treat the situation like you don’t need him because you don’t. Be honest and upfront while being polite and tactful 🙂

  203. SincereSD says:

    Hi all, to answer the questions on this blog:


    I’m not an SB but I’ll answer this question from a SD perspective and provide some anecdotal evidence.

    – Cash is the easiest for me to deal with and it’s not traceable like the other methods. I do find it somewhat awkward, walking around with several thousand in my pocket. Cash has kind of a escort-client feel associated with it but I minimize the uncomfortableness by making my contribution once a month.

    – Gifts are inconvenient because of the time spent looking for them and figuring out what my SB wants/needs/likes, etc. However the biggest problem with gifts is establishing the value relative to expectations. I tend to be overly generous and lose perspective of my “budget”. In a previous relationship, I was accused by a high maintenance SB of being cheap and unable to afford her lifestyle … when I had contributed almost twice her expectations. BTW, it now drives me crazy with a SB is always asking for gifts. I reserve gifts for special occasions and treat them as extras on top of the arrangement.

    – Although shopping trips are not part of the list of questions, I’ll comment on that as well. Personally, I’m not a big fan of shopping and find it a waste of our time together. Aside from having the same issues of setting limits, I find it a bit uncomfortable dealing with the sales process. I’m sure most of the salespeople at high-end boutiques see a SB and her SD as an easy target and know how to exploit the situation. (On second thought … I do remember enjoying the occasional shopping trip for lingerie, swimwear or adult novelty store. ** blushing as he confesses **)

    Looks like my answer is pretty wordy so I’ll comment the second question in a subsequent post.

  204. RedMaru*210789* says:

    see ya sweetred!

  205. RedMaru*210789* says:

    Hey scarlett
    Call me sensitive, but that goes past the land of teasing into the realm of insults and no true gentleman insults a lady even if it is what he’s thinking He seems a bit on the immature side…

    As far as the arrangement goes I say wait till after the cake when he is happy and appreciative(hopefully) that you went through the trouble for him and before anything else progresses bring it up…just my two cents

  206. lisa says:

    Have a good evening sweetredhead

  207. lisa says:

    Scarlett if he brings up intimacy, you talk allowance as a wealthy man has nothing to lose if he spoils first and gets nothing back, he is wealthy so it’s a few dollars to him whereas a woman has her self respect to lose and the feeling of being used.

  208. sweetredhead*269443* says:

    I will be back later. Have things to get done. Hopefully I will be on later when everyone comes on. If I can stay awake that long 🙂 was a busy day. Patients knew the holiday weekend was coming but they wait to the last minute to get in the office or want their prescriptions filled.

  209. lisa says:

    not all the time last night I ate an entire deli whole chicken

  210. Scarlett - 213843 says:

    Has anyone here heard of or read the book “The Game”?

    After talking to some friends about this SD ive been speaking with — they seem to think he has the manuscript memorized.

    While my date went well last week, and I do think this arrangement will work out — He definitely needs some fine tuning!

    The teasing is getting WAY out of hand and I am not sure how to make him stop — ive told him straight up “Stop”, and I get called a debby downer or something similar. I am not a serious person.. I can laugh and have fun — but there is a difference between having fun (even picking fun) and just being plain obnoxious.

    Im thinking back to some of his “teases” during our date.. such as “Nice shoes, do they come in women’s?” with a sly grin and he giggles and then pats my knee and tells me he is kidding. (I am a 7, I was not offended per say, but it was just like..Woah..WHAT?)

    “I like your sweater– how it hides your belly…” I didnt catch this one first enough, and he did a “*cough* fat*cough*” thing.

    Tells me my hair looks like a rats nest, etc. You get the point.

    Not only that but he makes comments as many young men do about “I am so awesome, everyone loves me” “I am perfect, what do you expect?” or… how I was shy at our first kiss and he felt bad. I told him I was not expecting it, and he goes “Yeah you were.. I saw how your pupils dilated.” …


    I could easily throw some back at him, but he strikes me as the kind of guy that will cry himself to sleep over it “Can dish it, but can’t take it”

    Not only that, but he is constantly trying to test my intelligence — and repeatedly brings up things I did not know the answer to.

    Anyway, back to “The Game”..apparently is a book that teaches guys (and women, maybe?) how to talk to girls.. and that this playful teasing is ok and attractive. But he is clearly overdoing it and is extremely self conscious. Nothing wrong with him other than this…

    On another note,
    I am baking a cake for him next week for his birthday and he is coming over. First time being alone alone —

    From SDs and SBs, can you describe your first time situation in regards to this? I have not received anything on my end of things, and assuming he is waiting to see if I will be the right kind of girlfriend material before he helps me out in any way. But obviously, i’m thinking the same thing. 9 out of 10 guys in ANY situation dump the girl after she puts out. So what are my options here? Without bringing both ends together — how can I subtly bring the topic up before/while/if he tries to take it further in the intimacy department?

  211. sweetredhead*269443* says:

    Lisa all you eat is junk food lmao

  212. RedMaru*210789* says:

    still up in the air about dinner over here…

  213. RedMaru*210789* says:

    sweetred that does sound yummy!!!

  214. lisa says:

    chips and sour cream with chives is for dinner here

  215. sweetredhead*269443* says:

    I grilled some yellow fin tuna, rice and fresh green beans for dinner. Yummy!

  216. RedMaru*210789* says:

    thanks sweetred…wow 600

  217. lisa says:

    when I left SA I had over 400 views in 3 months and had not met one single person and only received a handful of messages mostly from those that email everyone

  218. sweetredhead*269443* says:

    congrates red. I have over 600 views lol lots of sd friends but no sd lol

  219. lisa says:

    Awww my lover just sent me a pic of his newborn grandson. He’s all pink and wrinkled. Born 2 days ago, his first grandchild. He has daughters so maybe having a grandson he will be able to do guy things with him one day.

  220. RedMaru*210789* says:

    sweetred -Dealing with the drizzle you sent us…lol and the hundredth hit to my profile with hardly any bites 🙁

  221. lisa says:

    now I got that old guy that wants a serious relationship that keeps emailing me wanting to meet for dinner tonight, everytime he writes. I wouldn’t mind meeting him but I don’t like at the last minute dates as I strip off the minute i’m home for the day and too tired to go anywhere tonight. Allergy is bothing me so i’m doped up on benedryl trying to stay awake.

  222. sweetredhead*269443* says:

    hey RedMaru, How are you this evening?

  223. lisa says:

    I am looking for someone else but it’s hard to deal with cheap coffee dates when my sd was so generous so now it’s a step down. I know he was the real thing as he understood his part and volunteered it without me asking whereas don’t want to waste time and busfare on endless coffee dates. I go for coffee by myself all the time so it’s nothing special.

  224. sweetredhead*269443* says:

    I have been telling you about my frog problem. Last night I washed some towels from the pool area the kids left outside. I Went in the dryer this morning to fold then and guess what I found!! a baby frog all dried up ewwwwwwwwww Now I am obsessed with frogs!! I have frog issues lmao

  225. RedMaru*210789* says:

    He will lisa think happy happy thoughts 😀 😛 🙂

    hey sweetred 😀 😛

  226. sweetredhead*269443* says:

    Lisa That’s great Lisa. If you old SD can’t drive a few miles to be with you, I would just move on.

  227. lisa says:

    Good evening sweetredhead
    I have a new potential one that emailed me today. I emailed him back and he;s read it but hasn’t wrote back yet. The second potential I had I sent a thanks email after I read he wasn’t looking for a weekly thing but someone to spend his life with. Still hoping my sd will come back to me .

  228. sweetredhead*269443* says:

    Mailed some new Sd’s hopefully they will come join us here on the blog 🙂

  229. RedMaru*210789* says:

    I know how you feel scully I hit the 100 mark today myself and still no bites…You have a good weekend

  230. lisa says:

    I think there should be a “pay per view” charge to keep the guys that are just window shopping away. lol

  231. Scully says:

    Hey Everyone,

    Have a super fantastic weekend!!! Woo hooo I reached the 100 mark. I feel like a toy in a store window!! Everyone looks but no one says anything!!

    Enjoy the holiday weekend!!!


  232. Jai says:

    Any one else taking summer school classes? 🙂 I need to know someone else is going through this lol

  233. lisa says:

    that can work both ways with him being new to the sd thing. He might melt like like putty in your hands and try to impress you and go alone with you which would be great or he could be one of those thinking a cup of coffee is enough. Never know what to expect. Hopefully your evening will be spent wiping the chocolate off your face, lol

  234. sweetredhead*269443* says:

    Good evening everyone. Yay!! long weekend!! Having a pool party/bbq on Monday. No SD meetings 🙁 heck I don’t even get mail. Oh well their loss 🙂

  235. Jai says:

    Congrats on your sugar date gurl 🙂 How interesting? 😛

  236. gurlnextdoor*274735* says:

    Hey Jai! 🙂

    Lol, lisa and redmaru you two are making me want them (the Godiva chocolates) more and more. I’ll be sure to hint about my love of chocolate before we leave the store. He’s new to the SD thing though, so tonight should be interesting.

  237. lisa says:

    I had a coffee date with my parents today, so a sugardate has to be more, lol I know the Godivas are always up by where you get in line. I got me a box at macy’s when I was shopping a few weeks ago with my sd allowance and had the whole box for dinner, lol

  238. RedMaru*210789* says:

    Hey jai 😀 😛 🙂

  239. Jai says:

    Hey there! 🙂 How’s everyone doing?

    A special ‘HEY’ to all my HFJC peeps 😛

  240. RedMaru*210789* says:

    OOh Godiva chocolates….save me one….lol jk
    I totally agree with lisa that a sugardate should be more than coffee.
    I’m rootin for ya too.

  241. gurlnextdoor*274735* says:

    Yep lisa, that’s exactly what I was thinking. And I have my eye on some delicious dark chocolate Godiva truffles that they always have at the front, and maybe a book or two if I can find something that interests me. 😉

  242. lisa says:

    gurlnextdoor that’s a great opportunity as those huge Barnes and Noble bookstores (well the ones in my city) have a large selection of books, videos, european magazine, and godiva chocolates. Sugardates have to be more than just coffee. Hope your date goes great. 🙂

  243. gurlnextdoor*274735* says:

    Thanks GG, will do. I’m going to leave in around an hour I think. I suggested we meet at a coffee shop so he suggested the one in Barnes and Noble. Perhaps I can get him to buy me some Godiva truffles or a few books while we are there. 😉

  244. gurlnextdoor*274735* says:

    Aww SG2 I’m sorry, SDs opinions TOO please. How’s that? 🙂

  245. lisa says:

    I went to get my mail and ran into that janitor guy that used to work here that is always trying to ask me out. I gotta avoid him, he’s a nice guy but going nowhere and doesn’t even have his own place.
    Yes i’m keeping positive on the potential sd

  246. RedMaru*210789* says:

    Hey goodgirls back 😀 !

  247. Scully says:

    OMG too freakin funny good girl, email me at the bohiemanredhead who has a hotmail account? Girl I am so sorry, I was laughing when I read this.

    Panther, whoooooooooooooaaaaaaaaa, nice profile no wonder they call you Panther!!! I like ya profile too!

    I am really lovin this site peeps, I’ve never been able to blog and talk to other members, it’s a tough life out there and hard when you’re starting over.

    Hit me back GG!

  248. RedMaru*210789* says:

    Parties are good 😉
    I like parties….lol

  249. goodgirl*313749 says:

    oh~ not gonna attempt catching up all the way, but GND, no. i don’t like it when they are surrounded by girls unless they say on their profile that they are trying to add to their ‘posse’ 🙂
    then, they better only be inviting me for a party!!! lol

  250. goodgirl*313749 says:

    ok 🙂 i’m back!
    GND~ my fingers are crossed!!! keep me posted!
    Lisa~ yay! pot’s are a good thing! …(mom always said say NO to pot…never said a thing about potS! lol)
    Scully~ yep. same guy. lmao. attorney from downtown kc. name starts with T…. 😉 glad we both said no! lol

  251. RedMaru*210789* says:

    hey lisa good luck on the potential stay positive 😀

  252. lisa says:

    Hi RedMaru good so far spent a couple hours with parents, got a couple emails and a potential sd.

  253. lisa says:

    ok I just deleted one potential as I reread his profile (the one that wants me to text him) he is divorced not married and he is not looking for someone for a day , a week, a month, he is looking for someone to spend the rest of his life with. I dont’ think I want to spend the rest of my life with a man that much older than me, so i;ll write him a thanks but we’re not looking for the same thing, message. so one new potential for me. He does live 15 miles from me though so not sure he will want to drive to see me.

  254. RedMaru*210789* says:

    hey lisa how was your day today?
    Hey SouthernGent2 😀

  255. SouthernGent2 says:

    You didn’t ask a SD opinion GND, but unless he is Hugh Hefner, then he probably is a player, or someone of lower self esteem where he feels he has to make you think he lives the good life by pics like that.

  256. lisa says:

    gurlnextdoor this reminds me of the profiles of men that say they don’t drink or smoke but every picture they have shows them with a beer in their hand, a ciggarette, or at a bar.

  257. lisa says:

    Good afternoon everyone. Back from my outing. Ran into a coworker on the bus and then as I got off the bus to go the store, my parents where on the other side waiting for the bus. They decided to hang out with me while I shopped and we had coffee and spent a couple hours together. Got home to find a couple emails. I have 2 potentials. Both wrote me this morning. Both are married , I wrote both back and one sent me his cell number to text him but I’m not interested in texting a stranger so I will just email him for now as I dont’ even know what he is looking for. the other sent me a nice email and has a good sense of humor it seems. I just wrote him back answering his question to what I am looking for in an arrangment so we will see.
    It’s looking like rain here now.

  258. gurlnextdoor*274735* says:

    SBs what is your opinion on this?

    I was just browsing through profiles and I saw this one guy who has two pictures of him on his profile surrounded by women. He claims to be looking for “one” SB, but I think the old adage of “a picture is worth a thousand words” applies in this situation. The pictures and the words in his profile don’t match, and I sniff a player. What do you all think? Do you like when a SD posts a picture of him surrounded by women and then claims he’s looking for one SB?

  259. RedMaru*210789* says:

    Panther – inviting me to lunch how sweet…lol Give me a time and I’ll clear my calendar;)

  260. gurlnextdoor*274735* says:

    Thanks redmaru 🙂

    Just finished doing some reading up on the blog, and I noticed the debate on whether or not a SD would or wouldn’t want a married SB. I know the “SD” in Boston whom I was talking to said that he’d want his SB to be with him even if she were married. Granted, I think he may have also been about as mad as the Mad Hatter in Alice in Wonderland, but he liked the idea of having a married SB. So my point is that it varies from SD to SD, some don’t mind and others do. I personally know that when I do get married I’m going to give up the sugar lifestyle because by that point in my life the only man I’ll want spoiling and helping to take care of me is my husband.

  261. Panther SD says:

    Scully – Nope, my profile is not hidden. I’m here — 295709

  262. RedMaru*210789* says:

    see ya scully glad you found me!!!

    congrats gnd 😀 will keep fingers crossed and good luck!!!

  263. Panther SD says:

    Red i was starrrrrving. So it was good. When are you coming up for a lunch date? 😉

  264. gurlnextdoor*274735* says:

    Good evening everyone, how’s everyone doing? My sugar date is tonight, wish me luck! 🙂

  265. Scully says:

    Red, I finally found you!!! Now I know what one looks like 😀 Panther is your profile in hidden land?

    Ok all I’m out for a bit, time to do some writing (my fav hobby) I’ve been inspired on this site!! 😀

    I be back in a bit!


  266. RedMaru*210789* says:

    How was lunch Panther?

  267. Panther SD says:

    Back from a quick lunch… I can feel the vacation time coming.

  268. BLAQUE MAGIC*333666* says:

    Thanks Scully but for some reason it still dont wok but ill figure it out.
    Hey Red I wish i was off…..I work as much as an illegal

  269. Scully says:

    I looked at the profile number, copied it. I opened up my profile and pasted the number at the very end with the new number. If the profile isn’t available it might be pending approval maybe? One thing someone mentioned was that if it’s baby, open a baby’s profile, if it’s a guys open a guys profile.

    Nice to meet you Black.

  270. RedMaru*210789* says:

    My sentiments exactly Scully!!!
    Hey BlaqueMagic – it is a holiday weekend I’m off Monday…whooo!!!

  271. BLAQUE MAGIC*333666* says:

    Hi all
    Scully did you get your profile search to work. All I get is profile not available. How do you fix that

  272. Scully says:

    Enjoy your trip SE, glad someone mentioned it was a holiday weekend, my brain has been so full I kinda forget the kids are out of school on Monday!

  273. RedMaru*210789* says:

    Hey BeachGirl, johnq

    SuthrnExec – enjoy your trip 😀

  274. Scully says:

    Well Put JQ,

    Maybe all I’m saying is before you toss what might be a perfect set up, check it out. Emails really don’t cost a dime and lunch can be fairly cheap. Not all women are high maintenance, I’m sensing the ladies here on this blog aren’t 😉

    Yes we live in seperate places, I don’t understand the people who tell you that they are seperated and still living there, sorry seperated it seperated, no ifs ands or buts about it.

    I’m still fairly new at being a baby, I’m fairly independent, but like you, I don’t want a full time relationship, if I wanted that, I’d have stayed married or hit a traditional dating site. I’m looking for things that are no strings attached until I truly figure out what I want in life. Hell, I’m close to 40, making a career transition, a new business owner, and I’ve kids and four small dogs, do you really think I’ve time to have a man under foot full time? Nahhhhhhhhhhh!

  275. RedMaru*210789* says:

    hey sweetred were getting some more of your rain thanks….lol

  276. johnq says:


    My marriage ended a long time ago, so I’m not facing any drama from that side of things. (Incidentally, from time to time I encounter some skepticism about why someone who is free to date openly would be on this site; the answer for me is that I’m looking for an NSA relationship, and sooner or later almost every woman I date off this site turns out to be interested in a permanent commitment.)

    However, even for SDs who are married, it’s not clear to me why they would want to more or less double their chances for drama by dating a married SB, particularly since there’s obviously some risk that the SB’s husband would contact the SD’s wife, at least if he could figure out how to do so.

    And even though I don’t have to worry about that thing, I’d still shy away from any potential drama. There are plenty of SB’s who are (at least apparently) unmarried, so I don’t see the necessity for dating someone if I’d feel even a little uncomfortable.

    Incidentally, as far as I’m concerned we’re talking here about real life situations, rather than legal status. Thus, I wouldn’t be at all concerned about an SB who’s separated, even if still technically married (though “separated” means living in different domiciles, not in different bedrooms; living in different bedrooms is more or less common in long-term marriages). On the other hand, I’d have issues with an unmarried SB who was living with her boyfriend, for exactly the same reasons as with a married SB.

    Note that because of my marital status (or lack thereof), I don’t have any need for discretion. I can imagine married SDs who would take some comfort from the fact that a married SB might have a high degree of incentive to be discreet.


  277. Scully says:

    Ok Storm

    If I took the hint right, you have mail!

  278. Scully says:

    Yeah!!! It worked, I’m so getting this!!! Ok, I’ll calm down now……



  279. Beach_Girl*306486 says:

    Scully~ your welcome, back to work in the yard for me! ttyl 😀

  280. Scully says:

    Thanks Beach Girl,

    That was what I was talking about!!

  281. Scully says:

    Oh my profile number is 327960, sorry Storm, I’m still pretty new at this!!!

  282. Beach_Girl*306486 says:

    Scully~ what do you mean look someone up? if you mean finding some of the SB on here, open your own profile , switch your profile# in the address bar with the other SBs. If you are wanting to see and SDs profile # same thing but open as SD profile to do so. And you cannot mail an SB from this site, that is why we usually exchange emails
    i’m off to finish cleaning the pool so i can finally open it!
    talk to you all later!

  283. Scully says:

    Sorry typing too fast!!!

    Ok, I have no preference on married or unmarried. My thing is what he brings to the table as far as his honesty. It’s such an easy thing for me to be, but really how honest will he be? If I ask a question, will he answer me truthfully or will he skirt it?

    I don’t always look for a tradtional SB/SD relationship either. There are times all I want is company or a few contacts so I can increase the business I’m already building. Contacts are so hard to get because of this type of relationship, and I understand that. I want someone who is as direct as I am and as strong as I am. I’m pretty sure that’s why I ended up divorced the first time and probably my second time.

    With that being said, guys I get why you would avoid a married SB, but before you blow her off, why not ask her the situation at hand before making a judgement? As SD, you pretty much have a stigma attached that you aren’t getting something at home and really, when it comes down to it, if your wife found you, you’d deal with that same drama, you just probably have more to lose. It’s truly a two way street no matter how you paint it.

    Thanks for the straight answers, I appreciate them 🙂 And way to go if you are seeing someone on the blog, that is truly awesome!!!

    Ok, now I am going to see if I can actually figure out how to look someone up 🙂


  284. NC Gent says:

    Hi Scully — you aren’t the first person to get divorced twice, and there are plenty of very nice, successful people that have been divorced twice… we all tend to be our own worst critics — hang in there 🙂

    I would consider a separated SB, but I got burned on that once — woman promised she was separated but turns out that meant she was sleeping in a different bedroom lol Not saying that is your case, but I am just quite cautious now.

  285. Scully says:

    Hey All,

    Thanks for the answers, it seems there are things I personally wasn’t looking for. Let me clarify a few things about me.

    On paper, I’m still married. Even though we no longer live together, I’ve been through one divorce and that was hard. I’m preparing myself to do this once again. I look at it as though it’s a failure on my part, and being overly driven I’m not a fan of failure.

  286. Beach_Girl*306486 says:

    Panther~ i think that having an SB post a photo with her kids is totally wrong!!
    Many men don’t know what this type of relationship is as well. I have had an SD before, i know it’s not gonna be the same, a lot think it’s to have wild sex!
    Goodgirl~ that guy you mentioned yesterday that you had lunch with, his name wouldn’t start with an “S” would it? a friend of mine got the same type of mail after her meeting.

  287. Panther SD says:

    johnq –

    I have also come across a few pictures of SBs with their kids. No appealing. The message it conveys is “take care of “kid” also”.

    I beleive there are many women who blur the line of traditional dating and a SB/SD relationship. Believe it or not I do believe there are those that consider a SD a typical boyfriend that is not “cheap”.

  288. johnq says:

    Weighing in on the married vs. single SB thing: I agree with the consensus view on this, which is that SDs are going to be less interested in dating married SBs. If a married SB’s husband doesn’t know about the arrangement, then it seems to me that you’re more or less asking for drama, if and when he finds out. And if he does know, that strikes me as kind of strange, and certainly not something that would appeal to me.

    Kids are a different matter, at least for me. Given the nature of these types of relationships (e.g., NSA and subject to ending with little notice), I don’t know that I’d want to get to know the kids, but my expectation is that they wouldn’t find it strange that their mother is dating, assuming they didn’t know the exact details of the arrangement.

    However, I’d agree that an SB would be crazy to include her kids in her profile pictures, though to be honest I’ve never seen that.


  289. Panther SD says:

    Oh i’m here trying to keep a cool head. Customers are driving me nuts. Ready for a lunch break at a local bar….

    StormCat –

    I thought along the same lines as you regarding Married Sbs. I was under the impression a married Sb may require less physical time with me. I have always tried to avoid SBs that were “socially” high maintenance, meaning they always wanted to go here, go there, go out and party every night. I’m not in a position so that is out of the question.

  290. RedMaru*210789* says:

    sweetred – did you send some of if towards GA…lol cause its drizzling here send more if you like

  291. RedMaru*210789* says:


    Panther – if you’re still here you have mail

  292. Stormcat says:

    Send in the clowns!

  293. Stormcat says:

    Back on the subject of shopping, I really enjoy shopping with a woman. I like to see how they look in all kinds of outfits. I encourage them to try on anything they want but they have to also agree to try on everything that I pick for them. Then I not only try to find things that I think they are looking for but also I pick up a bunch of crazy far out stuff just to see what it looks like on them. They sually resist but almost always something crazy that I pick turns out to be the favorite.

  294. Stormcat says:

    Hi again, Scully, Panther, Lisa, NC, Katrina, SweetRed

    Skully: I actually started out limiting my search to Married SBs my thinking being that they were probably experiencing similar frustrations in their lives and would be more nderstanding of mine. However, hardly any responded and the ones who did were only interested in one or two hours a couple times a month. I seek a real friendship, with a young pretty woman who both adores and challenges me. There was no bias against married woman on my part, rather the opposite, but things don’t always work in reality the way you predict.

    By the way skully what’s your profile #?
    Also, I wouldn’t mind e-mailing some of my fellow SD’s once in a while. It would be nice to bounce things off like minded individuals since talking to people in my normal circles about SA is uncomfortable in the least. You can always yahoo stormcatgl!

  295. sweetredhead*269443* says:

    Holy crap it’s getting dark out. Just in time for me to drive back to work!!

  296. sweetredhead*269443* says:

    Ut oh thunder!! Sending Panther SD all the rain we are getting this week and weekend ughhh I have had enough!!!

  297. RedMaru*210789* says:

    Hey sweetred also well said 😀

  298. RedMaru*210789* says:

    Hey katrina!
    Well said!

  299. sweetredhead*269443* says:

    I also support my children on my own. I work! They are not anyone’s responsibly but my own

  300. sweetredhead*269443* says:

    Lisa I have to say something here to your comment. I have children and would NEVER involve my children in my SD/SB relationship. My daughter is 19 and I would never even think of telling I am an SB.

    THat to me is my private life.

  301. katrina says:

    Have a sweet day, Everyone! : ) BBL

  302. katrina says:

    Hi NC Gent – not in NC but in my 30s : )

    Lisa – I totally agree. I haven’t posted photos yet but when I do they will not include anyone but me. If I had a child I would be worried about attracting a pedophile or just sending the wrong message in general. Kids are adorable but don’t belong anywhere on ANY online socialization site.

  303. NC Gent says:

    Hi Southern, RedMaru, Lisa, Katrina et al.

    Lisa — it is indeed a big turnoff to me to see an SB post a picture with her kids. I am shocked at that also. I figure most SDs aren’t too keen on that either.

    Panther – I seem to be the magnet for married SBs in their 30s…. maybe I am just lucky lol I have yet to meet an SB in her 20s that has been untruthful about her marital status, although I have to admit, I have met far more SBs in their 30s, which is the age range I prefer.

  304. katrina says:

    Hello, Everyone –

    I have to agree with the SDs on the double standard. Truthfully, I have never dated a married man and never thought that I would. However I think of this site where I need to be discreet (btw I am completely single) I would prefer a married SD. It provides an extra assurance that he also has a vested interest in discretion. I think it could be a sign that something is missing/lacking from his relationship and he is seeking to fill that void while trying not to hurt his wife. I respect that. There has to be discretion, and then there needs to be chemistry.

  305. RedMaru*210789* says:

    My aunt and uncle’s boxer did the same thing as Panthers golden incl trying to hump peoples legs. At his worst, my uncle had to swat the poor thing to get him off…lol

    See ya lisa

    Mail Panther!

  306. lisa says:

    close to the subject of married sbs, I agree it just isn’t as acceptable as it is for sds. I’m a woman and I have to agree with the guys. I was just looking at some sb profiles and am amazed at a number of women who have a main profile pic of them with their chld or children. I think this is inappropriate and would be a turnoff to a sd as it would give me the impression that the lady was looking for someone to take care of her and her kids or was looking for a husband. I would think that she would probably expect to involve her kids in her sd outings which just doesn’t fit the image of sd/sb dating. These women need to try a regular dating site if they are looking for a man to share family fun with.
    I’m on my way out to the store now, be back later
    Have a great day everyone.

  307. Jai says:

    Panther-He’s scheduled for The Great Calm next Weds. Hope it helps a little.

  308. Panther SD says:


    When my Golden hit puberty he started “humping” things around the house. There was only one way to calm him down.. and being a male…i didn’t enjoy doing it.

  309. Panther SD says:

    Hmmm that’s interesting. I have yet to meet any “under cover” SBs hiding their maritial status. I believe you NC, I just find it interesting.

  310. Jai says:

    Scully and Maru-I would never take my dog for a drive lol ever. He is adorable, but I don’t want to take him to a shelter. He ran away and was taken to the Humane Society. The woman in processing tried to keep him. When I came to get him, she said, ‘Aw, you have a home?’ lol I thought the point was to return them to their original families.

    Scully-It’s weird because he was completely trained and sweet. He turned 2, hit puberty, and went crazy. 🙂 I love him but I don’t know what to do.

  311. SuthrnExec says:

    NC! How you doing man?

  312. RedMaru*210789* says:

    Hi NCgent

  313. RedMaru*210789* says:

    Jai – If I lived closer I would take em. But don’t take the doggy for a drive

  314. SuthrnExec says:

    Scully, to view someone, you have to pull up anyone’s profile, then replace the number at the end of the web address for their profile page with the profile number of the person you want to see, hit ENTER and there it is!

    We had a discussion about the married SB vs the married SD a few weeks ago – seems to me to be a double standard too, but there were some deeply held viewpoints on the difference and the opinions varied quite a bit as well. Do a search on “married SD” and you could probably find the postings.

  315. NC Gent says:

    Hi Scully – I am a married SD and I prefer a single SB because I don’t want to have to worry about the SB’s husband in addition to my wife. It is just an additional level of complication. Also, there are a lot of single SBs out there so I don’t have to dive into the married SB pool. It may not sound fair, but if I am the one providing support, then it is my choice. I think most SDs feel this way. I saw another SD write the other day that he felt it was the husband’s role to provide for his wife — not an another SD.

    and just for a reference point…. I have met 6 “single” potential SBs in their 30s – five of them turned out to be married, so there are some SBs that feel it is important to hide their marital status 🙁

  316. RedMaru*210789* says:

    Jai – Oh so that’s where the rain drizzle is coming from…lol

    Panther –
    Mail right back at you!

  317. lisa says:

    We haven’t heard from OC lately

    I’m getting ready to go out in a little while to get some food for my family get together tomorrow. Sunny and warm here.

  318. Jai says:

    You can have it Panther. It’s all drizzly and sad outside lol Send me some grass. We don’t have much in Southern AZ.

  319. SuthrnExec says:

    Scully, I appreciate the implication of your suggestion but I am enjoying the company of the most wonderful lady – we met on the blog a few months ago, in fact. That’s why my profile is currently sequestered in hidden-land.

  320. Scully says:


    Don’t take him for a long drive. IF you have the time and your SD has the patience, you can train him. They make a variety of things to help train dogs, if not, I’m sure he’s cute enough, just take him to a local shelter. And SHAME on your SD for wanting to dump a dog. Sorry I’ve four dogs and my world wouldn’t be complete with out my lil ankle biters 🙂


  321. Panther SD says:

    Jai –

    Send us some of that rain please!! I need to get my grass going. Have to keep the yard going!

    Red –

    You have mail!!!!

  322. Scully says:

    I’ve a question. How do we look up a profile on here? I would like to put a little information with the personalities I see on here. Everyone here is friendly and it’s soooooooo nice!!!

    I have noticed that since I initially put down that I was married (I didn’t see we could put seperated until a few days ago) that I wasn’t getting a lot of hits. I’m getting the impression guys seem to have issues with the women being married or seperated but it’s ok for them to be married. What gives? Isn’t that like a double edged sword?


  323. Jai says:

    Does anyone want a dog? I have a 4 lb doxie-poo that I had re-homed but it didn’t work out and my SD let me bring him here. He peed on a plant inside the house 🙁 I know my SDs not going to go for that. He said we need to take him for a long drive lol

  324. lisa says:

    Hey I just checked out the laundryroom that the management was bragging about in the note they stuck on my door. Well it looks about the same to me, same concrete ugly floor, they did paint and we have new machines HOWEVER we went from 6 washers and 6 dryers to 3 washers and 2 dryers and another folding table. I wonder how a total of 12 washers is going to serve 350 apartments, lol? Luckily there is a new washateria across the street from me so it’s not an issue.

  325. Jai says:

    Morning Lisa! 🙂

    It sure does Maru. It’s sweet and it smells great

  326. lisa says:

    I have receive 17 views since last night and no emails 🙁

    I’m going to take the trash to the dumpster now, anyone have any bad sds for me to drop off, lol

  327. RedMaru*210789* says:

    Today is a landmark event – my profile has hit 100 views…lol 😀

    100 views yet no bites 🙁 or do I need to wait till 200….

  328. lisa says:

    Good morning everyone.

  329. RedMaru*210789* says:

    Panther – doing good its drizzling and windy in GA

    Jai- sure you can call me Maru 😀 does mango tobacco have a mango taste?

  330. Jai says:

    I can’t really handle a regular cigar Maru..can I call you Maru? 🙂 But I did buy a little cob pipe with loose mango tobacco that is perfect for my weak stomach lol

  331. Panther SD says:

    Red!! How are you this morning?

  332. Jai says:

    Hi panther! 🙂 It’s good here in AZ though terribly soggy

  333. Catherine says:

    Stormcat, I must say that your idea of gift giving is the ideal for me, not just giving for the giving, but as a way to show affection. Carefully chosen, the right gift warms my heart

  334. RedMaru*210789* says:

    Hey lisa 😀

  335. lisa says:

    Good morning everyone. Wow it felt great to be able to sleep late this morning, I didnt’ realize how tired I was.
    Catherine I prefer cash as I too like to do my own shopping and take my time rather than torture the guy as I go store to store. It also is easier as you know what you have to work with. I have had 2 shopping trips with sds. The first I just bought stuff at the mall near me, nothing extravagent, just alot of small stuff I wanted like cosmetics, perfume, clothes, etc. the second one was taking me shoppping for an even we were attending and he was somewhat dominant in the shopping. It wasn’t that much fun because the stuff I bought wasn’t really practical for me to use after the event. He did let me go into Sephora and buy some cosmetics though so that was nice. He cancelled on me for the event so since I had the receipts I was able to go back and exchange the stuff I didn’t need (all unworn) for something I actually liked and could use. My last sd gave me cash so I was able to go shopping and really enjoy myself along with ordering another supply of contact lenses that I was going to be needing in the future.

    Angela, Percy said he will be n YOUR area so just have the sexy pics ready along with his birdseed. He might buy you a 50 cent cup of coffee.

  336. RedMaru*210789* says:

    Hey Jai! I’ve always been curious about cigars…

  337. RedMaru*210789* says:

    Hey Panther 😀 was wondering where you were at

  338. RedMaru*210789* says:

    Have fun in the mountains stormcat!! Wish I was going 😀

  339. Panther SD says:

    Good morning all. How is every one!

  340. Scully says:

    Heya Goodgirl,

    Oh girl, I live about two hours from you. Was the SD you met a local attorney? If you say yes, I’ll crack up!!!

    Ok storm, suthrn where are you two? You guys are typing all the right words, why aren’t you two in touch with a few of the babes on this blog hmmmmmm????

    Red, I see what you’re saying. I’ve seen profiles where the amount is open and I’ve even seen less than a grand in the box. If a guy is worth over a mil, why is it he wants to get away being so cheap? I’m not judging, but I see past nightmares of “Performance Guy” happening again!

    Just my two cents….


  341. Jai says:

    Morning all! 😀

    Welcome to the HFJC, IM 😛 🙂 😉 😀 We are super glad to have you. I’m not sure, but it looks like Stormcat might want to join? 😉

    Catherine-I’m sure your question has been answered by now, but I thought I’d put my dollar in the bucket 😛 I, like gg, have been dealing with cash for the most part. My SD did buy me a phone that I reeeeeaaaaalllllyyy wanted and had mentioned, he bought me flavored cigars because when I tried to smoke with him I got sick lol, he’s bought wine he thought I might like, oh and a bed lol, and a little truck (I didn’t take that)…There really hasn’t been a price range. He’s surprised me things he thought I might like and given me cash for things he felt I needed…I guess it all depends on the situation? I ended up confused lol Sorry if I confused you too.

  342. Stormcat says:

    Well, SuthrnExec you’re on your own. I got to get going. I’m headed for the mountains for the long weekend and have to load up the truck. I’m haulin all the new plumbing fixtures for my baths and kitchen.
    See y’all. Have a beautiful weekend.

  343. Stormcat says:

    Yah-hoo! RedMaru lmao 😀

  344. RedMaru*210789* says:

    Lavishing, surprising and ravishing = very good things for me!!!!

  345. Stormcat says:

    SthnX I agree, the suprise element is a cool thrill. It makes my heart sing to hit it right on at the right moment.

  346. SuthrnExec says:

    Good morning goodgirl, redmaru, stormcat!

  347. SuthrnExec says:

    Stormcat, I love the idea of lavishing her with things she has been wanting but denying herself, for whatever reason. It’s wonderful if I can do that and surprise her with it at the same time. But you’re right, gifting is a little scary at times.

  348. goodgirl*313749 says:

    good morning mr. suthrn 😉

  349. RedMaru*210789* says:

    Morning SuthrnExec!
    Thanks for clearing that up 😀 I was missing something

  350. Stormcat says:

    Morning SuthrnExec
    Ah . . . reinforcements. lol

  351. SuthrnExec says:

    Good morning all –

    Catherine, it’s sometimes hard for me to know what to get her – and I think she has sorta figured that out so she will now give me some clues about some things that she would enjoy. To us guys, it doesn’t seem all that obvious, but I know that you ladies think you have to hit us over the head with it before we pick-up on something – unfortunately, you’re probably right! But I think part of it is that it’s the way us guys are wired…

    RedMaru, I don’t know if I would necessarily correlate a paid membership with a truthfulness of a SDs net worth. Some reasons: Some SDs are reluctant to reveal their true net worth to anyone (see Donald Trump) – Some SDs might have a “thing” about paying for anything online with a credit card. Might not seem reasonable, but I know that to be true for some of the very wealthy. And further, some SDs might think they can get what they are looking for without spending the money – it’s not about the amount, it’s about getting what they want without expending any money – they feel shrewd in doing so, I suppose.

  352. Stormcat says:

    Good girl you’re a sweetheart!!!!!

  353. Stormcat says:

    Being sweet is not the idea. Getting to know someone at every level is the pleasure. I like to languish in the vision of how she will look when I give it to her and she finds out that it’s exactly the thing she would have gotten herself. It’s even better if it’s something that she’s been denying herself. Then when I have achieved the level of being able to consistantly please her that way, I try to move on to being able to find gifts that will please her but that she never would have thought of wanting. Then were not only knowing each other but we are growing with each other.
    That’s why gifting is so scary for me.

  354. goodgirl*313749 says:

    i’m sooooo excited! my momma called. we’re going to worlds of fun saturday afternoon!!! just the two of us. no kids, no boys 🙂 so sad that i live in kansas city and haven’t been there in 10years! i can’t wait to ride the roller coasters!!! YAY!!!!!!! 🙂 🙂 😀

  355. goodgirl*313749 says:

    oh! i did get a tanning package from my sd! …he gave me the money for it and told me to go get one! lol i had to though. you can’t really say thanks for the tanning package and show up the next week with a white butt! lmao

  356. goodgirl*313749 says:

    oh yea, i also paid my rent and bought a very cheap car 🙂

  357. goodgirl*313749 says:

    catherine~ i don’t know. i’ve been given cash so far. no gifts for goodgirl yet… boo-hoo. 🙁
    with my cash, i’ve shopped at express, old navy and target! lol

  358. goodgirl*313749 says:

    good morning everyone!
    stormcat~ you are so sweet. i would love it if someone would do that with me 🙂
    scully~ where at you located?

  359. Stormcat says:

    My main worry with the gifting is that the gift will be accepted graciously because she’s a lady but it’s really a lame gift and I’ll never know. I thy to avoid that by prefaceing the gift with a little lecture about that not being what I want, that I need her guidance in developing an understanding of what pleases her, and that I consider returning unwanted gifts a part of that process.

  360. Stormcat says:

    Morning RMaru 😀

  361. RedMaru*210789* says:

    Stormcats here 😀
    Morning Stormcat !

  362. Stormcat says:

    I happen to like to give gifts and enjoy the process of selecting an item that would be just the right thing to make her happy. I also think that gifting process requires that I really get to know her tastes, likes and dislikes, wishes and dreams as well as what she already has that could be augmented by the gift. On my first meet with one of my current prospects I brought along a small current highend clothing catalog for us to look at togather so she could show me the things that she liked and that way I could start to get to know her tastes and style. It ended up being really fun and helped us pass the initial jitters. I’m now going to do that on all my first meetings. If there are any.

  363. RedMaru*210789* says:

    I’ve see alot of SD’s boasting these huge net worths, incomes and budgets but profiles are still light blue. Surely a membership would be a drop in the bucket….or am I missing something?

  364. RedMaru*210789* says:

    Speaking of money, I have another question for sbs. Are paid SD memberships a sign to you that what SD is claiming as his income and net worth are real or do you not go by that?

  365. Catherine says:

    Yeah, I know, I think the whole money/shopping business is very tricky, I don’t want to feel like a hooker, but then again, I want to be spoilt.
    I prefer money or gift cards myself, unless he knows that I really want something (like if i’ve squealed every time i’ve seen the item *cough*)

  366. RedMaru*210789* says:

    Have a good day at work Scully 😀 sorry I missed ya.
    I’m kinda with Scully although I don’t have a SD yet 🙁
    but I would like at least one time of pampering 😀

  367. Scully says:

    Hey Catherine,

    I’m kinda picky, so I prefer he doesn’t take me shopping. I prefer if I’ve questions regarding something like business he mentor me, or if he prefers then a gift card or cash. Sorry that’s not a huge help. I know a few here don’t like cash because of the stigma attached. But that’s me 🙂


  368. Scully says:

    Morning All,

    Goodgirl, this may sound really odd, but I think we may have talked to the same SD. I got that SAME email a few months ago. I stopped emailing after that, I was kinda freaked out.

    I did email about four gentlemen on here, and actually got responses from all four! Only one was close enough for us to make an arrangement to meet, so we will see how it goes!

    Have a great day all, I’m off to work out 🙂


  369. RedMaru*210789* says:

    Morning sugars 😀 :p 😛 !
    Its windy and drizzling her in GA and for one brief moment the sun came out for a while then had a change of heart. I wish the weather would make up its mind already!

  370. Stormcat says:

    Hi Catherine
    I’m Stormcat, nice to meet you 🙂
    I hope some other SBs answer your ? cause that’s a topic that scares the bjebers outta me. 😀 😀 😀 😀 😀

  371. Stormcat says:

    I been wanting to know how that was done 😀
    Thanks IM for going through the pain for all the rest of us. 😉

  372. Stormcat says:

    G-morning IM, y’all 😀 😛 🙂 😉

  373. Catherine says:

    I’m a bit curious: when you sugar daddy takes you shopping, in what price range do you shop? Is it Chanel & Hermes or H&M and Benetton?
    Or does he just leave you gifts?

  374. Catherine says:

    I’m a bit curious: when you sugar daddy takes you shopping, in what price range do you shop? Is it Chanel & Hermes or H&M and Benetton?
    Or does he just leave you gifts?

  375. Island_Muse says:

    I did it!! *giddy with excitement and jumping up and down*. Um, is there an emoticon for that? Just wondering…

    Now I can be inducted in the HFJC 😉

  376. Island_Muse says:

    Hi y’all. I’m going back in 🙂

    Thanks, Angela. I thought I missed the part about making a sacrifice of some sort to the Smiley gods and was being punished with emoticon-less posts. OK, here goes 😛 😀 😉 🙂

  377. Angela300373 says:

    Hi all Yall!

    Vegas Mermaid: Welcome to the blog Vegas Mermaid. I LOVE your name! I would like to contact you by email to know about that loser ( I am searching in tx and fla) so I can avoid him.
    If anyone else has had a horrible SD from TX I would like to know!

    Bob: I had no idea you were in TX! Where abouts are you near?
    I’m near Austin! Check me out!

    Is anyone else here from TX (besides lisa)

    Lisa: I have a huge (20 lb) bag of birdseed for Percy! Just have him send me sexy pictures and If I like the pics I will be in his area in the next few weeks to give him some seed.

  378. Beach_Girl*306486 says:

    IM~ if you put commas in between it won’t work…. 😀
    😛 😉

  379. Island_Muse says:

    “colons for p’s and d’s IM lol and semicolons and parenthesis for winky faces”

    This is a test
    :D, :p, :P, 🙂

  380. Island_Muse says:

    Save me (mostly from myself), Jai

  381. Island_Muse says:

    :R, :O, :T

  382. Island_Muse says:

    Alas, it didn’t work. Must master smiley faces, must master smiley faces. Wasn’t that a colon and cap P, D
    :D, 😛

  383. Jai*277171* says:

    Same here. Night Beach 🙂

  384. Jai*277171* says:

    Oops colons for p’s and d’s IM lol and semicolons and parenthesis for winky faces

  385. Beach_Girl*306486 says:

    night IM
    Jai~ yes , we must be … lol 🙂
    i think i’m off to bed too,,,, 😀
    way too tired 😛

  386. Jai*277171* says:

    Lol Beach, we must be tired! 😛

  387. Island_Muse says:

    Testing my smiley face wings ;P

    I am posting in real(ish) time and I can make multiple smiley faces. I feel heady with accomplishment and must lie down now, ;D

    Sweet G’night to all *satisfied sigh*

  388. Beach_Girl*306486 says:

    oh is that the way they are supposed to be 😛 🙂 😉 😀
    now that i got the secret password…. lol

  389. Jai*277171* says:

    Lol Beach! You are officially a HFJC member. Let me welcome you by saying 😛 🙂 😉 😀

  390. Beach_Girl*306486 says:

    Jai~ you are too funny 😀

  391. Jai*277171* says:

    Night IM 🙂 Kudos on your volunteer ventures. That is awesome.

    Beach-I 🙂 Know 🙂 lol 😛

  392. Beach_Girl*306486 says:

    IM~ night

  393. Beach_Girl*306486 says:

    Lol 😉 yeah it is, now that i know how to make them lol 😀

  394. Island_Muse says:

    Night y’all. Habitat for Humanity at the crack of dawn tomorrow all day. They will expect me to be bright eyed and bushy tailed – i will not disappoint (fingers crossed).

    Keep the sugar going…

  395. Jai*277171* says:

    😀 Hard to stop huh Beach?

  396. Beach_Girl*306486 says:

    😀 wooo the Happy Face Junkie Crew!!!

  397. Jai*277171* says:

    Lol join the Happy Face Junkie Crew Beach 😀

  398. Beach_Girl*306486 says:

    My profile is taking for ever to get approved! i changed a silly little thing… pfff

  399. Beach_Girl*306486 says:

    IM~ i know but i was supposed to see friends at first, but that didn’t work out… I will still go there at some point to see friends when they are available, but right now with having to fix my car, i can’t afford it
    i wanted to say thanks Jai , i didn’t know how to make those smilies

  400. Jai*277171* says:

    Had to meet a smiley with a smiley Beach 😀

  401. Beach_Girl*306486 says:


  402. Island_Muse says:

    So on point, Katrina. BG, this pot should know how this works and I don’t think you want to set this precedent with him especially so early in “relationship”. It’s almost unfair of him to want you to fly out to see him at your expense. Katrina is right about getting what we expect.

  403. Beach_Girl*306486 says:

    😉 Thanks jai! 😛

  404. Beach_Girl*306486 says:

    katrina ~ thank you for that! i was supposed to see friends when there, but it just not gonna work out that way…. I know things will work out at some point, i was just a little down, thank for the pick me up!
    all of you

  405. Jai*277171* says:

    Kat, you’re supposed to be sleep lol

  406. Jai*277171* says:

    Lol beach, you know me so well 😛

    IM: Semicolons, parenthesis, and capital p’s and d’s lol ingredients for a fine smiley face pie 🙂

  407. katrina says:

    hey, beach_girl –

    you know what? In my very humble opinion, I would not, in your situation, bother about not going, and this is why.
    Picture if you did fly to NYC and your friends do not even let you stay with them. That right there is enough to make anyone feel a little unbalanced, a little out-of-sorts. Is that the state you want to be in to make an impression on this guy? I say you want to be your best, and then you will GET your best. You want to ensure you have his respect. Let HIM go out on a limb for YOU and at least arrange your flight/hotel since you are willing to take your time to go and meet him.
    Expect better and you will get better. All of us Sugars want the best for one another – you encourage others, now encourage yourself. : )
    Again, just my little ole nothin’ opinion; take from it what you want.

  408. Island_Muse says:

    Thanks Beach, will try that. Next lesson – smiley faces 101

  409. Beach_Girl*306486 says:

    Jai~ you say “heck no” but you really mean yes!!! i know lol

  410. Beach_Girl*306486 says:

    IM~ you have to Refresh your blog more often!
    and reread the posts , then answer

  411. Jai*277171* says:

    IM-I think we all ramble-type lol it’s hard for me to keep up too 😛

  412. Jai*277171* says:

    Night Kat and heck no Beach lol I don’t need one 😉

  413. Island_Muse says:

    Tell me someone, how do you keep your answers relevant as if in real time. When my post does appear it is at least 15 posts beyond what I’m talking about or you’re all so in tuned to each other you can anticipate responses? *almost frustrated*,

  414. Jai*277171* says:

    Lol Beach! Cool 🙂

  415. Beach_Girl*306486 says:

    Jai~ you have a pole at the SDs house?!?! 🙂

  416. katrina says:

    jai – you have mail

    gnite everyone – yoga calls for 5

  417. Beach_Girl*306486 says:

    Jai~ i’ll bring the trophy!
    SQ~ yay , i’ve always wanted to take pole dancing lessons
    IM~ i guess an SD should, but i don’t know… i was supposed to go to see a friend, but that didn’t work and then my car broke and i can’t afford it! and i’d need a hotel and a car so….

  418. Jai*277171* says:

    Who needs the pole? lol

  419. katrina says:

    SuzieQ – I took those dance lessons, too! It was a lot of fun.

  420. Island_Muse says:

    See….welcome back, Stormcat. Hi Beach_Girl, SQ

    I agree, shouldn’t he have made the arrangements to meet you?

  421. SuzieQ*297329* says:

    Yay, sugar party at Jai’s place….I’ll bring the dance pole lol! And my 400 gram bar of dark chocolate….I do NOT need to polish off another one of those by myself!

  422. Beach_Girl*306486 says:

    I would totally go Jai!
    woow party at Jai’s sd

  423. katrina says:

    5 forks! 5 forks!

  424. Jai*277171* says:

    Got it Kat, you have mail back lol

  425. Jai*277171* says:

    Thanks Beach! Sugar dinner at my house, well my SDs house lol this summer! 😀

  426. katrina says:

    jai you really really have mail now ; )

  427. Jai*277171* says:

    Lol IM, I’m cooking for you next time! Thanks for the compliment 😉

  428. katrina says:

    hello, Island Muse!

  429. Beach_Girl*306486 says:

    IM~ yes, I’m sure Jai could get a culinary trophy !!

  430. Beach_Girl*306486 says:

    Lisa~ aww thank you, you are too sweet! I hope so, i think i could really like this guy! Did you give up the search? well good night

  431. lisa says:

    If he is reallly a great guy he will make the effort to come to you as you are worth the trip.

    Going to go watch tv now, there’s a major furniture store burning down right now. Have a good night everyone. Gonna sleep late tomorrow.

  432. Island_Muse says:

    G’night all, I had to catch up – couldn’t help myself. The comments are so riveting. Hi K, katrina, GND

    Lisa~at first I thought Percy was a lizard – go figure. I just love, love, love him (as your alter ego, of course) frequent flyer miles…LMAO

    RedMaru-I’m in GA too – your profile is so direct, I love it. do you find that works best, for you at least?

    I am so sad I can’t keep up with the light-hearted banter in real time. By the time this gets posted, you would’ve all gone to bed :D. There has to be an easier way – is there?

    Jai~I am so inspire by your culinary exploits – I am sure you would get a 5 fork rating

  433. Beach_Girl*306486 says:

    Hey only half my post came up lol
    ah well
    Stormcat~ you should be honest with your multiple SBs tell them what you said here!

  434. Beach_Girl*306486 says:

    Lisa~It was supposed to be a SD meeting
    Hey SQ~ Its too funny that this guy wants you to mail him lol. As for my trip, i understand that it’s expensive but he could come here, not sure he will though… I’m kinda sad , he seem like a really great guy

  435. SuzieQ*297329* says:

    Hi Jai, Stormcat..anyone else?

  436. lisa says:

    Is is a sugarmeeting? Well HE should pay your traveling expenses and hotel

  437. lisa says:

    That sucks Beach_Girl 🙁

  438. SuzieQ*297329* says:

    Hey BG, if he wants to see you so badly how come he doesn’t arrange something for you to be able to travel there?

  439. Stormcat says:

    I’m back y’all
    Hi K Welcome!
    The SB protocol?
    Welll you have to worship the SDs, have sex on the first meeting, and of course never complain about it.
    Sorry, I apologise. Actually this is a really cool place and you will find lots of help here as long as you dont log on in the middle of some really important chit chat matters.
    Ask anything serious and you will get an intelligentserious reply. Along with a lot of fun chatter.

  440. Jai*277171* says:

    Oh I was wrong! Suzie’s here! 😀

  441. Jai*277171* says:

    Yep Beach, the lone survivors 😛

  442. SuzieQ*297329* says:

    Good evening all! How is everyone tonight?

    Believe it or not, I got a response back from Explorer to my crazy email….the guy is either dumb as an ox or crazy as a cuckoo….he gave me his email addy and wants to send ME pics now lol! I won’t share it here, but he has a most amusing email handle!

  443. Beach_Girl*306486 says:

    we always have to be!
    where is everyone? is it just you and I Jai?

  444. Jai*277171* says:

    There you go! Be positive! 🙂

  445. Jai*277171* says:

    Hey Kat, I didn’t get your email.

  446. Beach_Girl*306486 says:

    I know 🙁
    i really wanted to go, this guy really seems awesome actually, not sure he’s too happy i’m not going! but it’s ok,,,,some day i’ll go!

  447. Jai*277171* says:

    Aw 🙁

  448. Beach_Girl*306486 says:

    Well i hope so…. would be nice to go this weekend though….

  449. Jai*277171* says:

    Aw Beach, I’m sorry 🙁

    Will you have the money soon?

  450. Beach_Girl*306486 says:

    Jai~ I actually wanted to head out to NYC to meet someone!!! And I can’t afford it right now! it sucks big time! and also that i can’t stay with friends well that sucks even more!
    so now i have to wait until i have the money to go!!!

  451. Jai*277171* says:

    Night gg 🙂

  452. Jai*277171* says:

    Aw what’s wrong Beach?

  453. Beach_Girl*306486 says:

    Jai~ i could be better!!! but not so bad!

  454. goodgirl*313749 says:

    yep 🙂 meee toooo 😉
    good night everyone! my daughter is going out of town with her grandma this weekend. i’ll be home alone with the dog and the kitties (and the fish) so, basically, i’ll be drunk blogging after 6pm tomorrow until monday sometime! lol 🙂 🙂 🙂

  455. Jai*277171* says:

    Good Beach and you? 🙂

  456. Beach_Girl*306486 says:

    Hey Sugars!
    How are you all this evening?

  457. Jai*277171* says:

    Welcome to the Happy Face Junkie Crew gurl 🙂 Scarlett and I are already members and I think RedMaru is joining soon 😛

    That’s two for me too!!! 🙂 Three.

  458. lisa says:

    Percy said “I’m for real, now just send me more sexy pics” lol

  459. gurlnextdoor*274735* says:

    Aww thanks Jai and katrina. 🙂

    Welcome to the blog K! 🙂

    Haha two smileys in one post.

  460. katrina says:

    I think percy is a player

  461. goodgirl*313749 says:

    lol~ i had someone like mine once too. dummies…. yep. just percy for us. thanks for sharing, lisa! 😉

  462. Jai*277171* says:

    Lol Lisa!!!

  463. katrina says:

    Percy seems like tonight’s best prospect for us!

  464. katrina says:

    Hi, K!

    Goodgirl – they came with my condo but I even DREAM that I get up in the morning and they have been replaced. I hate them too – they are so eighties! I want white ones with brushed nickel hardware – all in good time. I had a friend over a couple of weeks ago and she LOVED them. It cracked me up – I offered to trade even though I have never seen hers : )

  465. lisa says:

    Percy wants you to send him some sexy pics first. He said after he gets to know you, sees you 3 days a week for a few months, then maybe he might spoil you. He does expect some action though, lol

  466. goodgirl*313749 says:

    i’ve been looking for a reason to get rid of my ex’s kitty anyhoo 🙂

  467. goodgirl*313749 says:


  468. goodgirl*313749 says:

    K… are you SB or SD?

  469. Jai*277171* says:

    Lol sounds good gg 😀

  470. goodgirl*313749 says:

    wanna share jai? you’re coming for dinner tomorrow, right? we’ll just have percy pick us up together lol

  471. Jai*277171* says:

    Hi K! I guess I can’t make a shorter name for you 😛 What exactly do you want to know? My blood sugar’s low and I didn’t understand the question lol

  472. goodgirl*313749 says:

    K~ google ‘sugar relationships’. thats what i did. then go through and read some of our previous bogs.

  473. Jai*277171* says:

    I’ll go check Kat 🙂

    Lol Gurl, you are photogenic! Crazy lady 😛

    Hey! Percy’s my SD 😛

  474. goodgirl*313749 says:

    kat~thanks~ i rent. and i can’t stand these cabinets! lol i can’t wait to move!
    Hi K *waves* welcome

  475. lisa says:

    percy will be in YOUR area in 2 weeks. He will fly you to an exotic location as he has unlimited flyer miles

  476. K says:

    I am new to the sugar lifestyle and I’m wondering what the protocol for the site is. Can anyone provide insight for me?

  477. katrina says:

    gng – I just checked your profile and ….ummmmmmmmm NO you do NOT belong on my nonphotogenic train. you look like a model especially the bottom photo.

  478. katrina says:

    goodgirl you definitely look young ! AND I just noticed we have the same kitchen cabinets! lol

  479. lisa says:

    I’m outgoing with people I know, i’m outgoing and friendly at work and all but sometimes i’m too shy and self consious.

  480. gurlnextdoor*274735* says:

    Lol Jai, I think I’m going to join lisa and katrina on the non-photogenic train. I hate taking pictures probably because I’m really picky and I never can seem to take a picture without looking somewhat awkward in some way. But my friends say it’s all in my head lol. So I don’t know who’s right, them or me.

  481. katrina says:

    jai you have mail

  482. goodgirl*313749 says:

    hey lisa~ check percy’s itinerary… i thought he was gonna be in MY area in 2 weeks! lol

  483. goodgirl*313749 says:

    lol~ ‘that guy’ i met today told me in the 1st 5 minutes that from my picture, he was expecting someone much older… i used to think i looked 27, but now i know…

  484. gurlnextdoor*274735* says:

    Hey everyone, catching up on the blog for tonight. I’m not sure why they don’t have other categories for what kind of figure you have either. There is a difference between curvy and full figured, both have very different connotations.

  485. katrina says:

    oh lisa – that makes me sad. You don’t sound cold on the blog and you seem to have good people (and bird!) skills

  486. Jai*277171* says:

    Because we’re both SBs Kat 🙂 my email is waiymee at g m a i l

  487. lisa says:


    I always look kinda cold in my photos maybe because i’m basically a cold person that can look right through people sometimes. I am without emotion sometimes, lost in my own world. I’m an only child and have spent so much time alone that my people skills arent what they should be.

  488. katrina says:

    oh to have a frozen face!

    jai – why can’t I send an email to your profile?

  489. Jai*277171* says:

    We don’t call it junk Lisa, we call it MEAT lol 😛

    I do the same thing a lot Kat. But my family TELLS me lol

  490. Jai*277171* says:

    This blog must be full of vampires. Lisa’s not photogenic either lol

  491. katrina says:

    I always look distorted. it cracks up my friends because they swear I don’t look like that. I just always end up making an expression – I tend to be a bit animated

    (sigh!) can’t have everything

  492. lisa says:

    I’m not sure I just used to hear it all the time at the store I used to work at. The girls refered to their amble booties as “junk in their trunk” lol
    not sure how it is proportioned as it just refers to the bootie

  493. Jai*277171* says:

    Lol Lisa! YAY!

    Kat-Thanks for the compliment! 🙂 And you are photogenic as long as you photograph. You aren’t a vampire are you? 😛

    And that’s what I don’t know Kat. What is the size? If full figured means boobs and booty, I guess we got it goin on!!! LOL As far as ‘full figured’ women go 😀

  494. lisa says:

    I’m not photogenic either, I look horrible in pictures, washed out and older

  495. katrina says:

    I got boobs and booty but nothing else so maybe I should have put full-figured? it just doesn’t sound right. is there a particular size that goes with that?

  496. katrina says:

    I don’t know what full-figured means except for when it applies to wine. It is a BIG plus for vintners. : )

    I am curvy but put ‘average’ since I guess I blend in with everyone. It is hard to apply labels like that. Maybe that is why I am supposed to post a photo?

    See I just looked at your profile again – you don’t look overweight because you are all in proportion.

    I wish I was photogenic. My most recent photos were taken more than a year ago and I am so NOT photogenic. lol

  497. lisa says:

    Dont worry Jai Percy will be in your area in 2 weeks to fly you to an exotic location, lol

  498. lisa says:

    fullfigured means you got a big boobs and junk in your trunk (lotsa booty!)

  499. Jai*277171* says:

    Lol I honestly don’t even know what ‘full-figured’ means. Does it mean I’m shaped like a big circle? lol Or just all filled out? Educate me Kat! 😛

  500. Jai*277171* says:

    Lisa-Lol I’ve got to get to Texas!

  501. Jai*277171* says:

    Thanks Kat! 😛 I didn’t even think to list that stuff. What SD will care about that stuff anyway? Kat, I’m overweight lol I’m not ashamed and I wont call it something other than what it is. I think it gives SDs and SBs a chance to see what they’re getting into lol providing said SDs and SBs are honest. If they can’t dig it..peace 🙂

  502. katrina says:

    awwwwwwwwwwww Percy is a romantic!

  503. lisa says:

    Jai Percy will agree to be your sugardaddy if you give him pedicures (he does have very nice feet, not rough like outdoor birds) and bubble baths. I bath him in victoria secret body wash. he also wants facials. In turn he will let you live with him in his box and share his birdseed with you. lol He will dance around you and coo.

  504. katrina says:

    birdy necrophilia!!!!!! too much!

  505. katrina says:

    jai! love your profile. But why no mention of all of your talents


    okay – maybe not massage since some pot SD might take that wrong….

    AND I have a complaint with all of the profiles on here. Why is there no choice for CURVY instead of full-figured/overweight. Excuse me, but there IS a difference. Instead we are given the same choices as the men. Has anyone else noticed this?

    Hmmmm maybe my little rant here is a signal my body needs CHOCOLATE. lol : )

  506. Jai*277171* says:

    Lol Lisa, your eating habits crack me up. Like a true bachelorette 😀

    I had yogurt and almonds for breakfast Kat! lol

    Lisa…um…isn’t that kind of like birdy necrophilia? Don’t corrupt my future SD like that! 😛

  507. lisa says:

    I knawled on a whole deli chicken I bought at work. Very tasty, maybe when i’m done i’ll give the carcus to percy to hump, lol after all it is a bird, lol

  508. katrina says:

    jai – tonight i had yogurt, almonds and broccoli. lol But don’t you worry about me – I have CHOCOLATE. : )

  509. Jai*277171* says:

    Hi there gg! 🙂 Dinner’s at your house tomorrow lol I’m tired.

  510. goodgirl*313749 says:

    i wouldv’e had the chicken and rice tonight… no asparagus EVER leftover around here!

  511. Jai*277171* says:

    *277171* there’s my profile number Kat 🙂

  512. goodgirl*313749 says:

    jai!!!! hi again 🙂
    secretlovergirl1 at the hot mail place

  513. goodgirl*313749 says:

    lol. lisa~ i googled mine, and got a MILF dating site! lol

  514. Stormcat says:

    Later y’all. I’m the grill master tonight. So I got to go to work now.

  515. Jai says:

    We’re having salmon, brown rice and some left over asparagus. Lol I guess I’m not being very imaginative tonight 😛 What about you Kat?

  516. lisa says:

    Sweetredhead, google your user name, lol

  517. katrina says:

    stormcat – I will check out robbins. : ) I love to read.

    I can’t take risks in this economy : (

  518. Stormcat says:

    Kat, sounds really good I’m going to check it out. May sound a little silly because he’s known more as a humor/satirist but Tom Robbins has very interesting characterization. Try “Skinny Legs and All” or “Fierce invalids Home from Hot Climates” Both good reads.

    Probably right unless some extenuating circumstance invalidated that portion of the contract. Best not to test it.

  519. lisa says:

    haha it’s funny I googled my user name for a coupon blog and it shows all my posts
    I google Sweetredhead and got some pretty raunchy listings, didnt click on any of them, what you run into when you google, lol

  520. sweetredhead*269443* says:

    I would certainly hope none of the Doctors I work for on on this site. Yeah he would be here too, BUT that would be awkward.

    I am off to go relax and watch grays anatomy 🙂 Have a good night everyone

  521. katrina says:

    lisa – you crack me up : )

  522. katrina says:

    jai what did you make for dinner tonight? : )

  523. Casting Director says:

    Hi All…

    Came across this blog while doing research for a new show we’re casting in Los Angeles. We’re looking for women who are upfront about wanting to be hooked up with a wealthy bachelor! If you’re honest about your pursuit of love AND money, please contact us at [email protected]. Our casting notice is below.


    We’re casting a new dating show around a very wealthy bachelor who is looking for his soul mate. If you are an attractive, intelligent, outgoing female who likes the finer things in life, we want to hear from you to be a part of our new TV show for a popular cable network!

    Contact us at [email protected] and tell us a bit about yourself and why you want to be on the show. You must include contact info and a photo in order to be considered.

  524. lisa says:

    I think employers should stay out of employees’ personal lives. When I’m on the clock I give 100% but If I’m not on the time clock, my time is my own and I will put on my black and red striped leggings and walk around, lol

  525. Jai says:

    Lol Katrina, let me look 😛 I don’t know off hand.

    Stormcat-It was way earlier 🙂

    Hey Lisa. How’s Percy?

  526. katrina says:

    Stormcat – except that I signed a contract with a rigid set of personal life rules. I strongly believe it is legally binding.

  527. katrina says:

    Stormcat – z smith wrote a couple of books: ‘White Teeth’ and ‘On Beauty.’

    WT shows a real depth for her characters and develops them fully. Absolutely no signs of deus ex machina. There is a plethora of characters – none alike- and the way they change and interact over the years – just my opinion – I found it kind of mesmerizing.

  528. Stormcat says:

    If you were fired, herrased or the subject was even brought up in the context of work, you’ld have one hell of a good cause of action for a law suit. Probably even come out wealthy enough to become a sugar mom yourself.

  529. katrina says:

    jai what is your profile number?

  530. Stormcat says:

    Kat: No I havn’t. Only Adam Smith. What is Zadie Smith about.

  531. lisa says:

    Hi Jai

    Katrina I told my boss about sd dating and she wants to try it out. She;s in the process of leaving her husband, and having back surgery so she won’t be working for a few months because our work requires lifting and physical work but she can certainly sugardate after a couple months. She has been checking out the profiles. So my boss knows my secret and we laugh about it. She’s cool though and as far as the store management, they are married guys so if they were on there, well what would they be doing. I’m just a drug clerk at a grocery store so no one would care.

  532. Stormcat says:

    Jai: well you jumpped right in and lost me in one fell swoop. I didnt see a post from E. What time was that.

  533. katrina says:

    stormcat – Did you ever read anything by zadie smith?

  534. Stormcat says:

    No offence taken. It’s not his philosophy that attracts me to his writings, it’s the way he describes human interaction with nature from so many points of view.

  535. katrina says:

    I would definitely lose my job. I would really hate to lose everything that I have worked so hard for – leaving on my own terms would be a different thing.

    lol maybe I am just the typical control freak?

  536. Jai says:

    Good Lord, I missed a lot. Not attempt to catch up will be made lol

    Evening all 🙂 Hope everyone had lovely, productive days.

    E-What did you major in, if you don’t mind me asking 🙂

  537. Stormcat says:

    If the one Guy who is your perfect match doesn’t look at your profile because there is no picture then controlling who looks subverts your reason for being on the site.
    I know you’re afraid of the gossip backlash but current society is increasingly tolerant of this type of thing and I think youl’d find people more cureous than vindictive.
    That said, however, you know your comfort level and your local attitudes better than I.
    I’d still try to have something there though even if you defocus the face.

  538. katrina says:

    sorry stormcat I hope you did not take the thoreau comment as any kind of disrespect?

  539. katrina says:

    I guess I just feel vulnerable on this site – it is my first online socialization attempt and I have to admit that I have a lot to lose if I am found out.

  540. katrina says:

    Thoreau is great and although I have a certain reverance for him – I have to admit that the whole transcendental thing is not my style.

  541. lisa says:

    I agree sweetredhead, if they see your profile that means they were on the site too.

  542. lisa says:

    I’m here goodgirl taking a break from having a profile on this site as I had met no one in 7 months so I deleted and looked elsewere, found a sd within 2 weeks and was spoiled for a short time, now still looking. Still have that one guy who wants to meet me for dinner but as I said I talked to him for 2 hours right before I met my sd and he is looking for a relationship, someone who is going to be there with him in his last years of life. He says inhis profile that if you are interested in money, look elsewhere. well honestly I am not looking to spend time with someone that old just to make his last 10-15 years better and I feel he is better off trying e-you know if he is looking for someone. Not many young women (18-45) want to commit to a man in his mid 60’s just for the relationship, especially on a sd site.

  543. Stormcat says:

    You go g girl! lol

  544. katrina says:

    Well, stormcat – tell me what you think of this. I was thinking that by not posting a photo, instead possibly emailing it on request, I could control who receives it, thereby saving myself a lot of stress.


  545. Stormcat says:

    Kat what do you think of Thoroeau? I love hus writings. I’ve read Walden at least 10 times. He was way ahead of his time. The original hippie!

  546. goodgirl*313749 says:

    i’m off to play with my daughter… bbl

  547. sweetredhead*269443* says:

    If you think about it, if someone you know see’s your picture. Ask them WHY they where on the site looking?

  548. goodgirl*313749 says:

    oh. 🙂 sorry… lisa is here!!

  549. Stormcat says:

    I try not to make judgements about other profiles. But I will say that when I’m doing a search there are too many so I don’t even open the ones without a picture. If your worried about discression just do a 3/4 shot from the back that only partly shows your face.
    Frankly though I don’t think you really achieve discretion by not posting any photo since anyone who wants to see it can ask.

  550. goodgirl*313749 says:

    kat~don’t know where lisa went, but she’s not on this site right now… no prof # for her yet.

  551. lisa says:

    I dont’ have a profile on here anymore. Might join again later next month, still working on other side of fence. I want to make sure there are some new paying members in my area as it seems the same guys were on there month after month.

  552. sweetredhead*269443* says:

    He is also an amazing singer! and plays guitar.

  553. sweetredhead*269443* says:

    My Brother writes amazing poetry and music, But sorry girls he is married. And NOT on this site lol

  554. katrina says:

    lisa what is your number?

  555. goodgirl*313749 says:

    thank you lisa 🙂 …any suggestions?

  556. katrina says:

    stormcat stormcat stormcat

    I am impressed

    Frost’s home is here in NH – right in Derry NH about 20 minutes from my house. I am a fan!

  557. sweetredhead*269443* says:

    Only thing I have update on my profile is recent pictures.

  558. lisa says:

    Nice profile goodgirl
    you can view profiles without logging in as I am no longer a member. Just go to searching for a sugarbaby and click one and change the number to the one you want to view

  559. katrina says:

    RedMaru – are you kidding me??? You seriously don’t have responses? or am I thinking of someone else from the blog? I would think your profile would generate a lot of interest?

  560. sweetredhead*269443* says:

    Everyone says we look alike. My son thought my high school picture was my daughter lol

  561. Stormcat says:

    I like all good poetry but find free verse most interesting. I don’t write! I used to try but I can’t reach the quality that I judge as good.

    Here’s 1 stanza from my fav

    From Birchs by Robert Frost

    When I see the birchs bending
    to and fro accross the line of darker straighter trees
    I like to think some boys been swinging them
    But boys can’t bend them
    down that way
    Ice storms do that.

  562. sweetredhead*269443* says:

    awwww thank you katrina! AND YES it is a recent picture lol. TAaen only a few weeks ago!

  563. goodgirl*313749 says:

    that=*why no pic

  564. katrina says:

    sweetredhead – you are so pretty too. You in NO WAY look anywhere near your age – you and your daughter must be accused of being sisters all the time

  565. goodgirl*313749 says:

    thank you 🙂

  566. goodgirl*313749 says:

    you should put that in your profile. any pot sd that doesn’t read our blog may not know why you don’t have one… my 2 cents

  567. katrina says:

    goodgirl – I looked you up first. You are SO pretty! Your profile is great too

  568. sweetredhead*269443* says:

    Who knows what you can come up with stormcat lol

  569. katrina says:

    no pics
    DISCRETION is key : )

  570. sweetredhead*269443* says:

    body in motion poetry lol, not written poetry

  571. goodgirl*313749 says:

    kat~where’s your pic??

  572. Stormcat says:

    We know that Sweet red What did you think we thought?

  573. sweetredhead*269443* says:

    I am not licensed to use needles lol

  574. katrina says:

    what kind of poetry?

    I believe we have have a true Renaissance Man in our midst, SB’s…

  575. sweetredhead*269443* says:

    Who wants to critique mine 🙂 I have not changed it sence I joined last year lol

  576. goodgirl*313749 says:

    katrina. to view an sb profile, use your own… sb for sb- sd for sd.

  577. Stormcat says:

    Sweetred’s right. I go to accupuncture once a week. But accupressure and triggerpoint therapy are also very effective.

  578. sweetredhead*269443* says:

    I was talking about acupressure and massage

  579. katrina says:

    Ooooooooooh thank you Stormcat

    Please feel free to critique my profile. I am new and really do welcome constructive feedback.

  580. sweetredhead*269443* says:

    You would be amazed at how many area’s in the sole of the foot can effect many parts of your body. also the ear .

  581. Stormcat says:

    Ti chi, meditation, and poetry.

  582. katrina says:

    Thank you, sweetred – I got it tonight! FINALLY
    I get a message for the SB’s stating Profile Not Available; I can look up the SD’s by number though.
    I want faces to go with the blogs – the avatars are too tiny

  583. sweetredhead*269443* says:

    Chinese medicine is an ancient art that works!! I use pressure point of the body for a lot of healing.

  584. Stormcat says:

    They don’t let SDs look up SDs so I assume that they dont let SBs look up SBs.

  585. katrina says:

    Stormcat – I practice a Hatha yoga which completely drains me. I am also hard at work on a deadline for work but I am trying to double my yoga practices so that I am lean and STRONG. lol

    Do you practice yoga?

  586. sweetredhead*269443* says:

    Go to your own profile Katrina, then take your numbers out of the address bar and replace with a Sb’s number you are trying to find

  587. katrina says:

    goodgirl – your daughter sounds adorable : )

    I cannot find any of the SB’s profiles….

    RedMaru – you are so diligent with working out!

  588. Stormcat says:

    Yoga is supposed to give more energy not suck it out of you. Maybe you need to modify your practice a bit. Get a little more over toward the meditative side. Learn about exercising the chi.

  589. RedMaru*210789* says:

    stormcat – lmao
    hate to leave but its time to go work out.
    sweetred – hope you find your daughter keep us posted.
    See all you later.

  590. sweetredhead*269443* says:

    BTW stormcat, I AM hard to get 🙂 but well worth it for the ones who have the stamina to try 🙂

  591. katrina says:

    I tried looking up profile numbers last night, too – I must have been too tired. Maybe I need to stop directing all my energy to yoga : )

  592. sweetredhead*269443* says:

    goodgirl I remember those days 🙂 charish it, they grow up WAY to fast 🙁

  593. katrina says:

    Stormcat – what a great profile you have. Lots of information and yet it is welcoming. Some of the profiles have a lot of information but I read each of their expectations as being more exclusionary and discriminating than friendly and introductory.

  594. Stormcat says:

    So Katrina, success?

  595. sweetredhead*269443* says:

    LMAO Stormcat that should work!!!

  596. goodgirl*313749 says:

    my daughter is in the livingroom. lol this morning she was in the backsaet singing “mommy doesn’t have a boyfriend” over and over again. finally i told her that i don’t have one because i don’t want one… she sat there all quiet for a min, thyen she says “ok. well, you you decide to get one, make him take you to the ball.” lmao! …(she’s 4)

  597. sweetredhead*269443* says:

    Strong willed, opinionated and stubborn!! that would be her lol

  598. Stormcat says:

    I live at the crossroads of CT and NY. I’ll just put up a barricade, stop all the cars and tell all the redheads to call their mother.

  599. sweetredhead*269443* says:

    psychic I guess lmao

  600. Stormcat says:

    Oh right! That ought help us ID her.

  601. sweetredhead*269443* says:

    My daughter does not live here in FL and she is 19, she is in CT and NY

  602. Stormcat says:

    Sweetred: How’d you do that? Answered my post before I posted it.

  603. sweetredhead*269443* says:

    if anyone sees a young cute redhead in NYC tell her to call her mom lmao

  604. Stormcat says:

    Sweetred: do you think she could have made it to NY. I’ll look out for her too. But you’ll have to post a description.
    You don’t have to be easy. You can play hard to get. If that’s your style.

  605. sweetredhead*269443* says:

    she is in NY, at least that is what she says on her messenger lmo

  606. gurlnextdoor*274735* says:

    Well everyone I’m off for now, have to go wash my hair….au revoir!

  607. Stormcat says:

    Katrina, just bring up any profile and paste my profile number in place of the other’s at the end of the internet address

  608. RedMaru*210789* says:

    sweetredhead – kids these days…lol I keep a look out…smile

  609. katrina says:

    still looking

  610. sweetredhead*269443* says:

    If anyone talks to my daughter, tell her to call me!! Grrrr children!!

  611. sweetredhead*269443* says:

    Stormcat? why do I have to be easy? Takes more than that to excite me lmao

  612. lisa says:

    Stormcat I’m not on SA anymore although I might rejoin later. I left over a month ago to join another. I had been on here awhile and wasn’t generating any new potentials. Same guys month after month in my area.

  613. katrina says:

    I am 333528

  614. RedMaru*210789* says:

    Very true GND

  615. gurlnextdoor*274735* says:

    Thanks everyone, I’m super excited about the meeting, lol.

    GG that is exactly how I feel with any guy I’m in a romantic relationship with. If he doesn’t bring up sex and is just a total gentleman, the more I want him sexually lol. I think alot of men on this site could learn that and then they wouldn’t have to ask for sex all the time, it would come to them alot easier.

  616. Stormcat says:

    Katrina I’m 322205, what’s youre?

  617. katrina says:

    Whoo hoo goodgirl! What would you like me to bring?

  618. goodgirl*313749 says:

    she is enigmatical 🙂

  619. katrina says:

    Hi Stormcat
    I could not find your profile

  620. Stormcat says:

    Lisa: Of all the bloggers you’re the most enigmatic. What’s your profile # I’d like to take a look-see.

  621. goodgirl*313749 says:


  622. Stormcat says:

    OK good girl, do you have enough for everyone? We can all show up put on some nice latin music and tango, rumba and somba the night away!

  623. lisa says:

    I’m spoiled after my last sd meet. I’m just sad that he is too tired to drive to visit with me. Hope he changes his mind soon. We had so much in common with our views and opinions.

  624. goodgirl*313749 says:

    happy thursday back katrina 🙂 thanks redmaru 🙂
    stormcat~you’re freakin funny tonight! come over and have some sangria with me 😉

  625. RedMaru*210789* says:

    Hey katrina!!
    Best of luck to ya GND, we’re rooting for ya all the way!!!

  626. Stormcat says:

    Hi katrina we havn’t met but I’ve read some of your posts. I’m stormcat, nice to meet you.

  627. goodgirl*313749 says:

    lisa~ i think i want semi-instant gratification. lol

  628. goodgirl*313749 says:

    sweetred~that does sound nice 🙂
    gurlnextdoor~i’ll keep my fingers crossed!! thats how my sd has been. actually, i wouldn’t mind a little ‘playtime’ with him! lol (maybe cuz he never talks about it??? hmmm…)

  629. RedMaru*210789* says:

    goodgirl…way to go very tactful
    though all of stormcat’s suggestion were good too especially number one…lol Nice touch with the alligator

  630. katrina says:

    Hi, Everyone – Happy Thursday : )

    Vegas Mermaid – you have had such HORRID experiences. Just remember you are not responsible for his actions, only for your own. So….YAY YOU! 🙂

    Sweetred what a nice relationship. Does he have a married brother for me? lol

  631. Stormcat says:

    Good Luck GND We’re all keepin all our appendages crossed for ya.
    uh that sounds kinda bad. (Easy Sweetred) Maybe just crossing fingers and toes, eyes and nose. (I don’t actually know how to cross my nose i just used it cause it rhymes)

  632. lisa says:

    I’m back to searching for a new one. The potential one I was talking to for the last month and seems like it’s going nowhere and now he is losing his job, married and out of work doesn’t sound very promising so he’s history. The old one that wanted to marry me that I email from time to time just to say hi and because I feel bad for him, wanted to take me to dinner tonight but i;ve already downed an entire chicken, lol and he is looking for a relationship rather than spoiling a woman immediately. I want instant gratification because these things seem so shortlived that if you don’t benefit early, it ends before you benefit and you invested your time for nothing.

  633. gurlnextdoor*274735* says:

    Aww Sweetred that sounds perfect, I’m sure he really enjoyed having you as a SB. The SD I’m meeting tomorrow wants to just hang out it seems, I think he feels kinda lonely but not in the weird, extra clingy way. So far the chemistry between us has been great, so I’m really looking forward to our first meeting and maybe, just maybe, finding the perfect SD. This search has been fun, but it would be even better if it would finally come to an end, lol.

  634. sweetredhead*269443* says:

    My Sd was a Doctor he is tested ALL the time. I felt safe with him. Plus he was married and did not sleep around, well except with me! We would only get 4 hrs at a time that we were able to spend together. I made that time special. He would always say how relaxed he felt when we were together and it lasted him for months till the next time we could meet. Which was only once every 3 months. I gave him massages, and we would talk about his work and problems. he would bring wine and I would make us a special picnic. It was always different never the same ole thing. It was up to me to make him feel relaxed I felt like that was my “role”

  635. goodgirl*313749 says:

    Here’s what i said…

    Thank you for the nice afternoon, but I didn’t feel the chemistry was there, and I’m afraid we have different expectations for what we want out of this kind of relationship. Best of luck in your search.

  636. Stormcat says:

    Oh good girl: Don’t let anybody affect you like that. He is the one who has to live with the negative energies. Take a step back mentally, look at how beautiful you are inside and out and realize that it’s because your so terriffic that your going to succeed at this. Then do the hard thing and patiently enjoy the process.

  637. sweetredhead*269443* says:

    Panther SD that is not to much to ask at all. Anytime an SB and SB can be together should be special and fun. I must be old too because I think if you can’t stimulate me outside the bedroom then there is no way you can in it 🙂

  638. goodgirl*313749 says:

    LMFAO stormcat!!!!!!!!!!!!! *aligator… whew! i’m gonna be giggling all night because of that one!!!
    thank you all so much for your reponses…
    think i might use suggestion 2 😉 lol

  639. gurlnextdoor*274735* says:

    45 minutes and all you had was an appetizer and one beer, and now he wants to talk sex! Wow, and I thought the guy in Boston I met was bad…

    Anyway, glad to hear you have a good SD anyway. I’d say to stick with him, and yes telling him that no one comes close to him will boost his ego a bit and make him feel really great I’m sure. So go for it! 🙂

  640. sweetredhead*269443* says:

    [email protected] I think I like #2

  641. goodgirl*313749 says:

    thanks gurlnextdoor! i’ll try that. we didn’t even have a whole lunch. he just had beer. i had 1, and an appitizer. ugh! MAYBE, if the email said anything about ‘nice to meet you’, or ‘thanks for driving allthe way across town to meet me’ or something, i might be in a better mood about this guy… really? after 45 min?? sex talk???
    i’m glad i met my sd. he makes me smile. mabye i’ll tell him this. he did tell me to go out with anyone i want to, and if i already had any dates to go ahead and go. 🙂 actually, i’d bet he’d LOVE to hear that no one has come close…

  642. Panther SD says:

    Sweetredhead –

    You’re right. Being married i have little time to share so what little time i do have i want to be special. I don’t expect her to drop everything for me since I can not do it for her. When i found a potential in my own city i explained i “may” have time to meet once a week if that. Other then that I typically have to plan things out.

    Only thing I demand is she make me the center of her attention for the few hours we can spend together. 🙂

    I got that out of my system. If she can’t excite and stimulate my mind… i doubt you can stimulate my other body parts. Does that mean I’m getting old.

    Goodgirl –

    Sorry to hear about the date. The email is easy, tell him no “Cookie” with out a condom. As a matter of fact your “Cookie” is waiting for the right man to come along and propose to you. That should take care of him.

    Ok… off to pick up dinner for the family. Have fun everyone!

  643. Stormcat says:

    good girl: OMG

    Suggested response 1 I don’t really thikn I’m the one for you. Why don’t you just try oral sex with an alligator.

    Suggested response 2. I’m actually on this site because I’m a voyure, do you mind If I bring a couple of my gay men and a Video cam along to our next meet. Don’t be alarmed I’ll just watch and run the camera.

    Suggested response 3 (seriously) Thanks but no thanks. If you want to understand this response try reading the blog.

  644. sweetredhead*269443* says:

    I made egg rolls for dinner

  645. lisa says:

    Hi RedMaru!

    still devouring this barbecue fryer

  646. RedMaru*210789* says:

    hey goodgirl…..all I can say is wow. You’re right he needs be looking in an escort site. Honesty is the best policy in this case. He certainly didn’t beat around the bush with you.

    Hey lisa!!!

  647. gurlnextdoor*274735* says:

    Hey Stormcat! 🙂 How are you (and everyone else) this evening?

  648. lisa says:

    goodgirl wow you got a winner there too, lol What is he, 3 years old? Playtime, lol ?

  649. gurlnextdoor*274735* says:

    Goodgirl I would respond like this:

    Thank you for the nice evening, but I didn’t feel the chemistry was there. Best of luck in your search.

    That’s nice and to the point without being mean. But yeah, one date does not = instant sex. I just wish some guys would get that through their heads.

  650. Stormcat says:

    Hi lisa, GG, GND, NYSB

  651. sweetredhead*269443* says:

    I personally look for the married men. Less demands, don’t expect me to be at their beck and call. And they are not (most of the time) sleeping around.

  652. Stormcat says:

    Panther: you’re right on the money ,er I mean right on target. The very first contact I made seemed ectreemely interested, we e-mailed 5 or 6 times, and she wanted to chat on IM. I had never used IM so I set it up just to chat with her. Just as I did, she went poof! Then last week she e-mailed again and said she wanted to get to know me. I was reluctant bt cureous about why she disappeared so I agreed to chat. She started with “Tell me about yourself” and from then on, no matter what I wrote she responded OK. Finally I wrote Sorry babe, I don’t get you. I’m outta here. And believe it or not al she said was OK
    So to quote sweetred “lmao”

  653. gurlnextdoor*274735* says:

    Johnq thanks for your opinion. In my case it wasn’t really practical for me to get a car since it’s really hard to have one at my college and impossible to have one while living on campus for my freshman year. But I’m working on changing the whole “no car” situation so that counts for something I think. 😉

  654. goodgirl*313749 says:

    hi all 🙂 just got back from my lunch meeting with the pot from like a month ago that i described on the previous blog. had a nice lunch, but i’m not going to be into him. he was nice, polite and we had a good time, but it just wasn’t there for me. 🙂
    i just got an email from him that is DEFINATLY NOT what i’m looking for- especially since there was no talk like this at lunch, or in any of our previous emails. i’m going to paste it below. could any of you help me find a nice way to say ‘thanks, but no thanks’ to this guy who obviously needs to be a regular for an escort instead of having a part-time girlfriend? i would do it myself, but the more i think about reponding, the more i want to set aside my ladylike-ness, and respond like a b****. 🙂 thanks in advance sugar fam! (btw- i had 1 beer. he had 4)

    I must say that I felt we had good chemistry..at least over a few beers.

    Thank you for the opportunity to discuss some questions that are
    awkward, yet necessary at the beginning of any arrangement
    conversation. It doesn’t seem to help to dance around
    the questions, so I will be direct but respectful. Here is a start:

    I am completely clean, disease free and have had a vasectomy. So I do
    not need and prefer not to use a condom during our playtime. How are
    you on this subject?
    What days and times for our meetings will your schedule allow?
    Do you like to drink anything before, during or after our playtime.
    What do you like to drink?
    What is your most favorite playtime activity?
    Can you share with me what playtime activities I can expect and not expect?
    Don’t worry about anything involving pain or humiliation, or anything
    else of that nature…not really my thing…but otherwise I am very
    open-minded and willing to explore your fantasies.
    This is obviously a fantasy relationship for me, so I do appreciate
    your creativity and suggestions for variety…inventive positions,
    toys, dress up, dirty talk, role playing, different sexual activities,
    artistic use of furniture…
    I have a few more questions, but this is a good start.

  655. lisa says:

    I think all the free members sds and the ones that want wives are here in Texas. Funny when I was trying to find a husband a few years ago the men where looking for nsa but on this sight which is supposed to be nsa, they want someone to live with them. I think living with a sd and giving up my independence, doing his laundry, picking up after him would sour the sugar. lol

  656. lisa says:

    good afternoon everyone
    Wow sorry to hear about the jerk you had to meet VegasMermaid.

    Got lotsa views but no emails yet since I returned to my search for a new sd. Got one of those whole cooked chickens at work and i’m busy devouring it now. So glad to be off the next couple days.

  657. sweetredhead*269443* says:

    I think all the sex for money Sd’s are here in Florida lmao

  658. NY-SB says:

    Panther SD – NY is ripe with SB potential. Don’t give up.

  659. Panther SD says:

    Sweetredhead –

    I think i have seen the spectrum go from sex for money to seeking a meaningful connection. I’m sure there are some extremes I have yet to experience. I like to have a connection with the person i am pursuing so i tend to bore a lot of potentials who expect to “strike a deal” in 2-3 emails. If i am unable to get her to tell me about her “real” self and what she wants to accomplish (beyond paying this month’s phone bill) over the long term I lose interest.

    Why is it all my interesting matches live outside the midwest. I knew i should have never left L.A. 🙁

  660. Stormcat says:

    Sweetred: Actually most of the people using SA don’t even seem to know that there is a blog. The attitudes and expectations are veried and broad. And, like it or not, most of this happily ignorant membership thinks that the SD/SB relationship is about once or twice a week gratuitous sex!

    The truely enlightened are very rare, just not as rare on SA

  661. sweetredhead*269443* says:

    Panther SD how many are you choosing from? I think us Sb’s need a better ratio lol

  662. NY-SB says:

    Stormcat – If you opt to meet all again, make sure they are well aware it’s part of decision-making process so it is not interpreted as “good sign” on their part.

  663. sweetredhead*269443* says:

    I had a wonderful experience with the first SD I was with. He was a gentleman, funny and we had a great time together. He was younger than me by 8 yrs!! (go me) lol If it wasn’t for his schedule and my location we would still be together. We still talk and are friends.

  664. RedMaru*210789* says:

    Stormcat….Karrarum….moi? Surely you jest…..Lol
    But seriously go over each decision the one your gut would make, the one your mind would make and the one your heart would make and explore the pros and cons of each. Weigh them all and see what you come up with…
    Welcome sweetnothings!!

  665. Stormcat says:

    Hi sweetnothings; You slipped in while I was writing and said a whole bunch of really good stuff.

  666. sweetredhead*269443* says:

    Stormcat they actually say those thing?? I guess it is just as bad for you SD’s as it is for us lol. I can’t believe anyone would actually think they are going to get sex the first time they meet someone. Not that it is totally impossible things sometimes just happen, BUT to expect it?

  667. Stormcat says:

    Skully, for the record I have not slept with any of my potentials. I know that may not be the case for others but it’s just the way I want to do it. I’m actually not here for sex. I am interested in meaningful intamacy in the context of a real personal connection.
    As far as the experiences I’ve had, I don’t have the problem of really aggressive women requesting sex on the first date because I avoid it. It’s very easy to detect in the e-mails and phone calls. It goes something like “Why don’t you come over and lets have a little fun.” Or “how much money are you willing to bring to the table?”

  668. sweetredhead*269443* says:

    Maybe I will start writing Sd’s again. If I can ever find the time lol I have searched and added some to favorites but that’s about all I have had time for 🙁

  669. sweetredhead*269443* says:

    Good evening everyone 🙂

    Stormcat take your time. Meet them again, to make sure of who you are going to choose. Talk to each again, maybe a list of questions and answers lol
    But yeah ya never know.

  670. Sweetnothings-321312 says:

    Oh, and hello to everyone!! So many new people joining the blog, it’s wonderful! Welcome, Scully. Hi Stormcat. Scully, I totally get what you’re saying about not wanting to be treated like an appliance that he’s trying to get the most out of. This should be a natural relationship, not a forced exchange.

  671. E says:

    Hi all, busy day for me so didn’t get a chance to respond as much as I’d hope but I wanted to give my 2 cents on some of the stuff that caught my eye:

    Jai-I dont know if a ratings system is an appropriate idea. I think these situations should remain private and it’s not like in life we walk around with gold stars letting people know how great (or how not so great) we are. I like to give people the benefit of the doubt. So the SD had a bad experience with a girl. I’ll let HIM tell me about it if he wants to, but not look at some rating guide…..i would feel my privacy was being violated if there was a ratings system.
    I’m not being vindictive fyi, just give my opinion so hope you don’t mind 🙂

    NC Gent-I have talked to several single men on here. A lot want to date someone significantly younger or are divorced and don’t go out a lot to date as it’s slim pickin’s in their hometown and want to meet someone more robust. But these are the older gents. I do get your point if you were say in your late 20s early 30s and single on this site. That might narrow down the field of SANE singletons on the site.

    Stormcat- If you must make a decision, you have to have the cheesy ABC’s the Bachelor type of music. Three women, one rose left………….who will be stormcat’s final decision. LOL 🙂

    Sorry but I felt compelled to chime in and share my thoughts, hope no one minds and hope everyone had a great day today 🙂


  672. Panther SD says:

    Stormcat –

    I understand. I’m fighting the same battle….

  673. Sweetnothings-321312 says:

    “How do Sugar Babies here prefer to receive financial gifts? Do you prefer cash, check, money order, Western Union, direct deposit or wire transfer?”

    I prefer cash because I’ve set up a private bank account for the money, so it goes straight in there. I guess if he wrote me a check that would be fine too, but it’s pretty nice having some $100’s lying around for spending money.

    What is the best way to negotiate sex and money in an arrangement? Direct or inderect? Not at all?

    I think I’m parroting what a lot of other people have said so far, but I try to keep sex and money as far apart as I possibly can. It really is only for my…sanity and sense of self, if nothing else. The more I see this as a situation to be mentored and pampered in exchange for my company rather than it being an almost-prostitute, the more positive this chapter of my life will be.

    I will say though, that in terms of laying out details of an arrangement, I figured I preferred it to be direct and straightforward based on what I’ve read on the blog. However, the SD I’m most seriously seeing at the moment seems to take the other approach. Other than the fact that he’s married, and I’m 15 years younger than he is, we’re sort of just…dating. There’s no discussion of a schedule or allowance, he just asks if I want to go to dinner or spend the weekend with him, and I say yes or no. He may have worked out an allowance in his head, because I’ve received cash every other time I’ve seen him, but he doesn’t share that stuff with me. I’m starting to embrace the spontaneity, which I begrudgingly admit because NightmareSD gave me a hard time about it before.

  674. Stormcat says:

    Skully too: Karrarum?

  675. Stormcat says:

    Red Maru: there’s a word in Hungarian, Karrarum, which is the joy one feels at observing another’s misery/misfortune. Do I detect a bit of karrarum in your post? lol

    Panther: That’s the stickler, my gut says one thing, my head says another and my heart has a different opinion entirely. I starting to feel that I should just go slowly, and see if the solution presents itself. I would like it if the decision was gut-head-heart unanimus.

  676. Scully says:

    Hey Stormcat,

    Are you serious? LOL, poor guy I guess with a 10/1 ratio, what SD doesn’t have those issues 😉 Lots of luck to ya there 🙂

    Ok, guys, here’s a question for you. How many emails do you get a day from women on here? I’ve read so many different stories on here and am amazed at some of the things! I had lunch with my first sugardaddy back in March this year. I was new, it was a different site. He was open about having more than one baby. I personally don’t care, I’m not the jealous type, the only request I have is to not only protect your safety but mine as well if we are physically involved. What I would suggest to the guys is please don’t be as wierd as this guy was. “Performance Guy” was bad enough! The first luncheon I had, we met for lunch, he seemed so charming, witty and liked my idea and would be happy to mentor me. Now with the project I’m working on, conversations on that can be tough. We finished lunch and he mentioned he had a few gifts he wanted to give me. They were samples of expensive perfume, lotions, etc. I will say I was shocked when he wanted to request I do things to him, I won’t mention them, even though we barely knew each other! I turned and left thanking him for lunch and laughing on the way home. I get an email from him about a week later telling me that he is coming to my area and he is bringing a partner and we, well you get the idea.

    So, gents, with that being said, can anyone give me info or stories on your first meeting? I’d be curious to know what you guys experience!!!


  677. Panther SD says:

    Sormcat –

    Did you base your selection on set of defined criteria or did you go with your gut?

    I try to go with criteria (guidlines i set for myself). But on occasion my gut over rules.

  678. RedMaru*210789* says:

    Hey Stormcat!!
    Decisions Decisions…eh? Lol
    You have a way with words though so I’m sure you’ll let the runners up down easy.

  679. Stormcat says:

    Hey Y’all Welcome Vegas Mermaid, Skully, Red Maru,
    Oh! Red Maru, sorry, your not new. but welcome anyway!
    Don’t have anything to say. . . Just hey!
    Beautiful day here in NY . . .
    I’m feeling pretty good about my sugar search. Although I’ve gotten to the point where I’ve got to make a choice and I really like all of them. This is when I wish I was insane rich so I cold help all of them. I hate that I have to pick just one because that’s all my budget will permit. I’m just hoping that I can figure out how to do this without hurting anyone so I can still keep friendly with them all. I guess I could just avoid the problem by telling all the candidates to decide among themselves. But I’ve never been one to shirk a responsibility so that’s not the appropriate path. Any thoughts?

  680. Scully says:

    Thank you Everyone,

    I appreciate the sentiments! Southern you couldn’t be more correct! I don’ t mind getting cash for the allowance, but I do mind the attitude. I was looking more for the mentor to help me with things like a business plan and some grant writing. I’m setting up a not for profit to educate seniors on Medicare. It’s a complicated process and takes some time to get it done.

    Thanks again for the sentiments!


  681. RedMaru*210789* says:

    Hi Scully welcome to the blog sorry about your experience….its his loss and a gentlemans gain!

    Well said SuthrnExec I second the emotion!

  682. Panther SD says:

    Welcome to the blog Scully-

  683. SuthrnExec says:

    Welcome Scully – SDs or SBs shouldn’t be adding to the drama that all of us already have to deal with – it should be the opposite – it should be a welcomed stress-free time for relaxing – physically and mentally – and having fun. For those seeking mentors, there can be probing conversations about whatever it is the mentoring is about but this shouldn’t be stressful for anyone – on the contrary, the best mentors are people who are passionate about the area of mentorship and conversations around those things are very energizing. It seems like he is one of the SDs that take a “pay-for-performance” attitude – and this, ladies and gents – doesn’t work in this kind of relationship.

  684. Scully says:

    Hey Everyone,

    I’m new to the site and live in the Midwest. I’ve met a few gentleman for lunch, which seems to be a great start. However, when I chose one gentleman for the role of SD, I was surprised at how fast he changed. We had a fairly open conversation, I like to be direct, but with tact. He seemed to be ok with my requests, but I was disappointed to know how he failed to consider my time. He would “rent a room” and we may have an afternoon of fun or just sit there talking, but he would always expect to have me back the next morning so he “could get his money’s worth” both from me and the room. He seemed like it was more of a pain to spend money and time on me and with me which didn’t make me feel all that great.

    I didn’t become a babe to be treated like a “working girl”. I became a babe for two reasons, it’s forbidden and I’m all about breaking rules at times and I just started a new business and wanted a mentor who was fun. We ended up splitting up and I’m glad I did. I haven’t let this experience get me down. I’ve met some …….umm interesting people in this journey and hope to find someone some day soon!

  685. SuthrnExec says:

    RedMaru, thanks for your kind words – but if you knew my age, you might place me in that “dying breed” category! LOL
    In some ways my childhood was a little dysfunctional, but mom did raise me to be a gentleman above all, so it seems they got that part right at least!

  686. RedMaru*210789* says:

    a Wii challenge eh…..I’m game…lol

  687. Panther SD says:

    Checking in to see what i missed.

    RedMaru – One of these days I will have to lay down a Wii challenge for you. 😉

  688. RedMaru*210789* says:

    Wow SuthrnExec you and Panther SD are such gentlemen. I was starting to think that they were a dying breed…lol

  689. SuthrnExec says:

    RedMaru, my profile is currently hidden so I get no email – but in the past I typically respond to all emails. I might or might not respond to someone who only “favorited” me (and sent no email) – I usually would look at their profile and if I did write it might just be to say thanks. But if someone sent me an email, I would always try to respond. Usually it was along the lines of, “Thanks for writing but –” then I would tell, in a tactful way, why there was no interest – could be age, geographic region, etc. I try my best to be tactfully honest, unless for some reason it might be especially hurtful and then I just try to be very general with reasons for lack of interest – which to me is still ok because I am not be dishonest.

    Ok, break is over – back to work!

  690. Beach_Girl*306486 says:

    Panther~ yes i do get some weird responses, but it’s ok! keeps my ego in check lol have a good lunch…
    I’m off to for a bit, have to do homework

  691. Panther SD says:

    Off to lunch.. i shall return

  692. Panther SD says:

    Beach_Girl – I see you get some interesting responses. I have never responded to any SB in that manner (too *anything*). I am tempted to add a distance or regional clause.

    But i have recently discovered a great SB may reside further away then I planned to accept. Do dare explore the posibility of a relationship with someone further away, or stick to my guns and remain local. Something to think about.


    It depends on how i am approached. I get emails that simply say “Hi” or “You’re cute”. I typically won’t respond, especailly if they are outside the US.

  693. Jai*277171* says:

    Hey Beach 🙂

    That’s interesting Panther. 3 dates or more would definitely help to eliminate people abusing a ratings system.

    I can’t answer the question you asked RedMaru, but I’m excited to see what the SDs have to say.

  694. Beach_Girl*306486 says:

    RM~ i think if they are not interested, this is what happens to me, I usually got a bad come back like, Your too tall, too fat , too old, you really think your cute?, sexually explicit mail but i wasn’t cute enough , or nothing! I got about 3 responses that said ” your beautiful but way too far, sorry and good luck”
    but most, i think, just don’t answer

  695. raine says:

    Hi, Jai: not officially. Sometimes I have that sinking feeling the sugar ship has sailed–this would’ve been great five yrs ago…my civilian life is not conducive to a fruitful SD search, and I can’t in good conscience continue until it is. Oh well. 😐

  696. RedMaru*210789* says:

    Ratings system sounds interesting if ratings could be anonymous maybe.
    I have a question for all SD’s still on the blog that might have been answered in previous blog but bear with me as I’m still a SA blog newbie:

    What is your response style? For example to a SB that you’re not interested in that might have sent you an email or favorited you. Do you respond with maybe a thanks but…. Do you check out the profile if they favorited you? Or do you just delete the mail and don’t respond?

    Or is this a new blog topic altogether…lol

  697. Beach_Girl*306486 says:

    Panther~ I can take it and dish it , but i usually don’t take bull crap from anyone really!!! But if we are just talking and playing around i’m fine. Disrespect, ignorance and plane rudeness gets me mad, and i usually am happy all the time! just so you know!

  698. Panther SD says:

    Jai –

    It is possible. In another life (when i was younger) we used a rating system to rate dates. We rated…

    1) Apperance – Was she the actually woman in the photograph
    2) Attititude


    For this site it would only make sense if the ratings were tabulated and averaged after 3 or more dates (with different people).

    That would help eliminate the one 1 sour grapes rating with some who did not like you for what ever reason. I would hate to see a SB or SD rater 1 Star (A creep) becuase the other party was disappointed and wanted to inflict some kind of revenge.

  699. Beach_Girl*306486 says:

    Hey RM and jai!!! i’m good,

  700. Beach_Girl*306486 says:

    Bob~ Panther~ lol sorry, just it gets to me when people try to walk all over you, or just think that because your an SB, or a women, that you are worth nothing!!!
    I’m usually not pissy, but that gets to me

  701. Jai*277171* says:

    Lol yes redmaru! I had no idea 🙂

  702. Jai*277171* says:

    Panther, I’m not sure how to ask this. I was wondering if anyone would be interested in a ratings system for potential sds and sbs. Sort of like a $ for an ok sd and $$$$$ for great sds and stars or something for sbs lol Or is there too large a margin of error? IE People being vindictive and using it to get back a potentials they didn’t like.

  703. RedMaru*210789* says:

    Hey jai!!!
    Lionel Richie is still at it…wow.

  704. Jai*277171* says:

    You too bob-o

  705. Jai*277171* says:

    This is random and has nothing to do with the blog, but I just saw a commercial for a new Lionel Richie cd and I can’t stop laughing. 😛 What is wrong with me? lol simple pleasures…

  706. Panther SD says:

    Ok now that everyone has gotten quiet…. what is the topic for today?

  707. bob says:

    See y’all tommrow have a luch date the going out of town overnight to gambel.
    Hope everyone has a kickass day

  708. Jai says:

    raine-So have you officially given up?

  709. RedMaru*210789* says:

    Hey Beach_Girl how are you?

  710. Panther SD says:

    Beach_Girl … I sure wouldn’t want to get on your bad side. Believe me I would be on my BEST behavior. 😉

  711. bob says:

    beach you having a bad day girl?

  712. RedMaru*210789* says:

    Bob…lol you are too much!

  713. Beach_Girl*306486 says:

    Bob~ that is too funny!!! yeah you would need someone there to make sure the SB doesn’t cut your D**k off ! lol

  714. Beach_Girl*306486 says:

    Hello sugars!
    Vegas Mermaid~ I’m 5’9″, 138 pounds, and i get that i’m fat too, i also get i’m too tall!!! Ah it’s in my profile asshole! as for your guy, I would have told him off and i would of given him back the $50. and tell him to go fuck himself!
    how is everyone?

  715. bob says:

    Bored so will go off on a tangent

    Panther – I see a couple of problems with the contract idea. One if the SB does not live up to her contractual agrement then you would have to have a clause for binding arbatration(cant bring this to small claims court). Then if she could not pay restatution for services not rendered then you would be stuck with having her to complete her contract. Now here is the tough part. She is not going to be a happy camper. You would most likely need a third party expert to make sure she performs to the intent of the contract at this point.

    This is only a joke girls

  716. sweetredhead*269443* says:

    Back to work for me, Have a great day everyone!!

  717. RedMaru*210789* says:

    hey sweetred!! now that’s cranky when someone tells you that you’re too happy

    Still windy here at GA and I’m snatching a visit to the blog between doing more pointless reports on reports. I don’t believe in beating a dead horse but my supervisor feels otherwise.

  718. Panther SD says:

    Ok took a while to read through the posts from last night.

    Scarlett i’m happy to see it all worked out for you and you didn’t have to rely on my overly complext contract structure. 😉

  719. sweetredhead*269443* says:

    Vegas Mermaid welcome!

    I would not have sat through that torture. I would have been making jokes and having everyone laughing at HIM! I am not one to keep quiet. Must be the redhead in me lol

  720. raine says:

    Hi, sweetredhead. Knock off the happy…bwahahahaa! That would’ve made me smile/laugh harder!

  721. bob says:

    hey sweetred hope your day gets better. sunny in texas

  722. sweetredhead*269443* says:

    The doctor heard me and starts laughing!! He said Girl you are too much!

  723. sweetredhead*269443* says:

    Told him I get paid to be happy and deal with people like you all day and I smiled hehe. he walked away lmao

  724. sweetredhead*269443* says:

    Good afternoon everyone!

    Another one of those days, I think the rain here is making everyone cranky!! sheeehh. Crank patients are not fun!! One guy told me I was too happy and to knock it off??? WTF!

    How is everyone elses day going?

  725. raine says:

    Hi, all.

    Thanks for the encouragement, Scarlett: in my case, it is *absolutely* out of the question. I have no problem spending extra time in my search (when it resumes), but if EVERY potential is likely looking for sex, I might as well delete my profile this nanosecond! This is the only thing that concerns me; I know somebody is giddy for a plus-size SB who uses big words for laughs (among other things). I’ve always had a positive/open mind about this whole sugar thing, but the “all the way” stuff is neither an option nor negotiable! Roughly translated, nothing to see or talk about here, gentlemen…

    [oh dear, where’d all that come from? I must be really PO’ed.]

  726. RedMaru*210789* says:

    Oh yeah and talking on the blog

  727. RedMaru*210789* says:

    Panther – Outside of work…not really

  728. Panther SD says:

    RedMaru !!!!

    Any plans for today?

  729. RedMaru*210789* says:

    Hey NC Gent and bob!

  730. bob says:

    NC I am single and just dont care to date. Of couse thats just me….

    vegas – stop talking about me with everyone. Aspen, south beach. I have taken you everwhere and this is how you repay me..

  731. RedMaru*210789* says:

    Hey Panther!

  732. NC Gent says:

    Hello all! Hey Vegas Mermaid — I read your story – soooo sorry that happened to you. Regarding, lets-get-married-site, I am shocked at the number of women on here who have in their profile… looking for a life partner, looking for someone to start a family with, and in more of a gray area — single men only! I know there are some here, but just how many single, attractive, wealthy, SANE men are on this site — if I was single, I wouldn’t be on a site like this – I figure the allowance is partly reimbursement for having to deal with being with a married guy 🙂

    Ok I am done ranting — pushing soap box aside…

  733. Panther SD says:

    I’m amazed to hear all the stories from the “other side”. I must start brining popcorn when I read the blogs.


  734. Jai says:

    RedMaru, it’s just a few semicolons, parenthesis, capital p’s, and d’s lol

  735. RedMaru*210789* says:

    Hey Jai!!
    Now I want to be a smiley face junkie too! Where do y’all get them from

  736. Jai says:

    Morning everyone! 🙂

    WHOOOOOOO! Go Scarlett!!!! Congrats girl. Super happy for you 😀 BTW I too am a smiley face junkie. I use them all 🙂 the 😛 time 😀

  737. Vegas Mermaid says:

    OMG and OHHHHH the best! My 19yr daughter is also a SB. And I am happy to say that she met a wonderful SD who treats her with real respect. I spoke to a gent for several weeks….he came to Vegas without notice, I was working at the hospital. He called wanting a date and I told him I was at work. Then he called my daughter! She knew I had been talking to him and she informed me right away! BOY OH BOY DID HE GET AN EARFULL! This after he told me how special and important I was only to call my daughter 5min after talking to me! IS THAT SICK OR WHAT?!!

  738. RedMaru*210789* says:

    I definitely second girlie’s emotion. A good indicator is how the potential talks about family especially if he’s married!
    Morning SuthrnExec!

  739. Vegas Mermaid says:

    Suthrn…..I don’t have a clue how to get some SD to show the colors before hand. I just try to handle bad situations with dignity and behave as a lady. That’s all one can do. The other ones I can’t stand are the ones that promise you their undying love just on a dinner date. Got about 4 of those right now stalking after me and ringing my phone off the hook! Drives me nuts! I don’t know why guys think this is a “let’s get married site” that is not what this is intended for.

  740. girlie says:

    Good question, Suthrn. I always extensively communicate via phone and email and even text. I listen to how he talks about the people he works with after a tough day or, and this is a BIG one for me, how he talks about his wife (if he is married). If he calls her any names or uses put downs in reference to her looks or character and personality then it’s a red flag for me. For example, I don’t mind hearing “the spark is gone” or “she refuses sex and it’s been months” but I am turned off at “She’s a fat, ugly sow and lets my kids behave like disgusting little brats”. Yes, I’ve heard the latter.

  741. Vegas Mermaid says:

    The very special “poop” that invited me to Aspen. He knew I was starved after getting stuck in the airport on delays. He said he had some friends waiting for us at an Oriental restuarant for dinner. I told him I really did not get the knack for using chop-sticks but would really enjoy it anyway. He started picking on me an making fun of me at the table in front of all his dinner party (all the while trying to feel me up under the table). When he started rolling his eyes and doing the big sigh thing I had had it. Indeed the other folks at the table were feeling uncomfortable with his behavior and getting red-faced. I simply excused myself from the table (saying I had to use the ladies room), walked out the back door, grabbed my luggage from his car, (thank goodness he had not locked it), called a cab and went back to the airport and waited on the next flight home. THAT JERK never even called me to see where I was! Hope he got a chop-stick stuck in his throat or got the diarrhea! Beware of that guy also ladies!

  742. bob says:

    be back later

  743. bob says:

    Good question southern

  744. girlie says:

    OMG, Vegas Mermaid. You indeed deserve some serious luck after that. I would have checked myself back on the first flight out.

    I wish you cold post his profile so we could all laugh. How old was he?

  745. SuthrnExec says:

    Vegas, it is unfortunate that you had to encounter that Neanderthal, but a question to you and everyone else is this – what can an SB do to cause an uncouth fellow like that show is true colors before you spend time to meet him? Anyone have any ideas or techniques that have been successful?

    I have always advocated that potentials communicate for a bit to determine if there’s chemistry and to get to know each other before meeting, but Vegas did those things. So what else can be done to cause a pot to “show their stripes”?

  746. RedMaru*210789* says:

    VegasM – light your farts…lol. So Vegas is hot and GA is still windy

  747. Vegas Mermaid says:

    Hey Bob! LOL on ratting you out. I may have to tell all that you like to light your farts for my entertainment….just kidding….but I have had that actually happen with some ole redneck! NO JOKE…..my face was so red and I’m sure his butt was also!
    Vegas is getting hot as the devil again. At least it’s overcast today to block some of the sun. Most of us here live like vampires in the summer….only go out after dark when it’s cooler. But at least the wind is not so bad today and my teeth are not getting filled with sand. LOL

  748. RedMaru*210789* says:

    Still here hey bob!!!

  749. bob says:

    where is everyone

  750. bob says:

    vegas mermaid I do not like you outing me like this on the blog. I think it is mean. LOL

    good morning everyone.

    weather in texas is supposed to be great this weekend

  751. RedMaru*210789* says:

    Morning to you Panther! The afternoon will be better…smile

  752. Panther SD says:

    Morning RedMaru!

    Grrr a server is broke. Going to be one of those mornings….

  753. RedMaru*210789* says:

    Congrats to you scarlett hope your date is great(hey it rhymed!!!)
    Hey sweetred sorry bout the flake you encountered(stay encouraged) and the rain. If its any comfort some of it is about to come our way here in GA right now its just windy!!!!

  754. RedMaru*210789* says:

    Good morning sugars!
    Hey Vegas welcome to the fold sorry bout your bad experience…sounds like a real jerk you were dealing with. Kudos for remaining a lady its his loss opening the way for a real gentleman.

  755. Panther SD says:

    Good morning all.

    Vegas Mermaid – All i can say is…wow. I take my hat off to you. You are indeed a true lady. I am sure you will be rewarded by the “Sugar Daddy” Gods for keeping your composure.

  756. Vegas Mermaid says:

    No hint at all! We talked for weeks on the phone and e-mails. He was a real gentleman at first then after 3 day there I knew there was going to be trouble. We had an “arrangement” worked out but he was just one of those creeps that can really fool a woman and take advantage of her. I suppose I can say that he lives in Sunny Isles without giving away his right to privacy. He also has photos of other sugars all over his computer, cell phone ect…..nude ones I might add. I guess I was just another sucker. NOT ANYMORE! I have found a couple real nice guys that are gents but it took alot of screening to get the good ones. Real gems and we are actually good friends to boot! It just does take some time and patience. Good hunting to all you sugars!

  757. Island_Muse says:

    Thanks for the heads-up, Lisa *sheepish grin*

    Wow, Vegas. Just WOW. I am so sorry to hear that you had to suffer this dolt! Was this guy so good at faking good manners that he managed to keep his crassness hidden throughout the initial and subsequent contacts with you? There was no hint!?! Ughh..

  758. Vegas Mermaid says:

    Oh BTW….this guy picks his nose constantly, complains daily about constipation, passes gas in public and thinks a woman is to wait on him hand and foot. I also chose a different restuarant (he asked me to choose)…a very nice Argentine place with the most wonderful intimate atmosphere and he started tossing a fit again and complained about EVERYTHING! Said the steak tasted weird, the water tasted funny, the service was bad AND he seemed to gobble everything up but only gave the waitress a dollar tip! I could have just died!

  759. Vegas Mermaid says:

    Hey ladies. This is the first time I’ve bloged on this. I’ve had some good ones and some bad ones. Gotta vent this story….went to South Beach with a gent for several weeks. He complained about EVERY thing about me. Want me to cut my hair, get a breast reduction, wear colored contact lenses, different clothes (although he didn’t offer to buy me a thing). Oh, he even told me I was fat! At 5’10” and 140lbs AND work out everyday I think not. (He was the one with a gut who kept posing in front of a mirror and saying he had the body of a God…..yea, Oh God!!! He also asked me to choose a fun restuarant. When I suggested a Tappas place he agreed. But, then he threw the biggest fit in the place in front of all the customers and wait staff saying, “Is this what a Tappas restuarant is? This is garbage! How dare you suggest this trash to me!” And yes, he practically screamed it for all to hear! I held my tounge as a lady should. The next day I asked if he minded I go to morning mass. He seemed happy to take me but would not attend with me. I thought, “Ok, his religion is different than mine and I respect that”. I told him what time mass was done and to pick me up. He was late by an hour and a half leaving me stand in the blazing sun to sweat. The second mass (Spanish) was then in process. He had the nerve to pull up in front of the church and kept blowing the horn! The church doors were open and people were receiving sacrament!!!! I could have died!!! He clearly saw me standing on the church steps! I held my tounge again……but not for long. I had it out with him that afternoon and asked why in the H**l he even asked me to fly clear to South Beach if I he wanted to change all about me. Well, he took me to the airport, gave me a hug and $50.00. THIS AFTER ALL THE “FUN TIME” HE HAD WITH ME AND I EVEN CLEANED HIS CONDO!!!!! He even bought himself a Bently when I was there so he has money but that’s all I was worth!!! I just wish I could give you ladies his name so you could all be alerted. What a cheap, complaining, controling, uncooth, self serving, self centered CREEP! Needless to say, I never heard from him again. I just hope you gals don’t have the misfortune to encounter this turd!!!!

  760. lisa says:

    singles online is a spammer Island_Muse

  761. Island_Muse says:

    Hi Singles Online Dating, welcome to our sweet blog!

  762. Island_Muse says:

    Sweet morning sugars.

    Scarlett, I am so excited for you and I see Dubai in your very bright future with this SD – Can you just stand it!?!?

    Raine~Hang in there, girl. You too will find just the right SD for your situation and you’re not asking for too much.

    Sweetred~I just believe that the sds that flake know when to exit stage left just in time to make room for the real SD, don’t you?

  763. lisa says:

    Good morning everyone. getting ready to leave for work. Will be glad when 4 comes and i’m off friday and saturday. Still no emails for me
    Have a great day everyone

  764. sweetredhead*269443* says:

    Good morning sugars. Still raining here in Florida. Getting a bit tired of it now 🙁 We have 3 day weekend and suppose to rain the whole time. Was planning on some beach trips and a pool party/BBQ. Guess I will have to see how it goes.

    Time for me to get ready for work. Have a great day everyone!

    Scarlett congrats on finding your SD. It does pay off to be patient and not settle.

    The pot Sd I was talking to, disappeared, go figure lol. I had a feeling he would. Very hard to find the “real” ones.

  765. Scarlett - 213843 says:

    I am so excited to quit one of my jobs (obviously i’ll wait more than after the first date, lol) .. I can exercise more.. volunteer more…work on my business – everything I love! I can’t wait can’t wait! *jumps up and down*

    Oh and, he goes to Dubai regularly — did I mention this is my..Oh I don’t know.. most fricken favorite place EVER? Well I havn’t been there yet, but I’m pretty sure it will be my most favorite “Frickin” place ever 🙂

  766. Andrew50 says:

    Scarlett: Congratulations. I hope it works out for you.

  767. Scarlett - 213843 says:

    I just realized I use a lot of freakin smiley faces!

  768. Scarlett - 213843 says:

    Yeah.. I figure i’ll do that. Technically, I can just give him the info and he can do online banking — the paper bills will still come to me, but the point of it he suggested was to keep the two (intimacy and arrangement matters) separated so we don’t really have to talk about it, just that “it will be taken care of” and I don’t really have to worry. I wanted to hug him. 🙂

    Apparently I made him feel more comfortable (and I was the jittery one).. it was (so he said) his first time meeting ANYONE off the internet..

    Ok so ON ANOTHER NOTE…. WC.. haha you outted me! Yes, that is me.. and I have a GF in a similar situation. And up until tonight, I have had very bad/scary situations and so has my GF.. she was more willing to meet people with less of a screening process and it was becoming dangerous for her, so we agreed on putting the idea out there — but it also mentions that we are individually looking for someone, but initially we want to be together.. safety in numbers. 🙂 I wouldn’t really call it a 2 for 1 deal.. just two close friends who want to be safe. 🙂 Created the profile yesterday, have not even responded to anyone — and now that I have my SD.. I don’t think I will. 🙂 Though I would go with her still, on her dates, if needed.. I want her to be safe.

    As for if “anyone goes for it”, I don’t know… i’ll go check the account’s mail now and let you know 😉 But I have a feeling that yes, guys will see it as a “screaming escort” situation..HOWEVER, the reason I was so frustrated this entire time…frustrated enough to bring me to the point of doing this with a GF, was because 99.9% of the guys that mail me… (and remember, ive been looking for years) have been treating me just like that. So really, whether the girl is alone or with a GF… I don’t think it changes anyones assumptions. There is a good crowd on people here on the blog, a whole new world of guys in this situation I always THOUGHT existed.. but based off the types of emails I get — you nice guys remained a myth. 🙂 Hope that clears things up.

  769. girlie says:

    Glad it worked out for you Scarlett. Sounds lovely.

    If I may give a bit of advice….and I realize you didn’t ask 🙂 but don’t redirect your bills to him. Just to be sure they are being paid on time, and not affecting your credit score, keep them going to you…..even if he pays them.

    Congrats on finding your SD. It’s such a great feeling, isn’t it?

  770. Scarlett - 213843 says:

    Hey Raine.

    I was/am in the same situation. 🙂 While sex was not completely out of the question, I wanted to make sure I was compatible with someone and physically attracted to them. I didn’t want to feel forced. I like my dignity very much. 🙂

    I have been on my own for a long time, and at 22 only just recently able to put myself through university for the first time.. I work 2-3 jobs at any given time. However, like you — I can’t handle it anymore. I feel like I am missing out on life. I am struggling very hard to pay off family debt, and missing the greatest years of my life working. I have never even traveled off north america. I have been on one vacation my whole life, in fact — which was actually to visit the same place I grew up — not much of a vaca, really. 🙂

    With that being said, I have actually been looking for years for a SD. Years. I have met one guy before, but I honestly would not even count that — I made him drive me home literally 10 minutes after he picked me up. Tonight was my first date after literally hundreds of screenings, and I must say I am happy with the results. He is fine with me wanting to take things slow until I am comfortable, however.. he is only a few years older than I am — and pretty darn cute actually, so there wont be any problem in that department 🙂

    I was getting very frustrated as well with my prospects — and considered lowering my standards, changing my options. I considered maintaining multiple SDs to accomplish what I needed to — but it’s just not in me. I wanted one guy. .and only one, and I stuck with that though it was hard. I might be jumping ahead of myself, but I have a feeling it turned out for the better tonight. So hang in there!

  771. Scarlett - 213843 says:

    Hi guys!

    Well I just wanted to say I am home from my first SD date EVER — and despite all our/my worries (in regards to this particular guy) — it went well. 🙂

    I guess all the waiting and screening ive done in the past really paid off.. I was a bit skeptical of him for various reasons, — (most of you know from the previous blog) — but wanted to meet him anyway.

    He was a bit late, but my cell is out of commission right now so he had no way of telling me. Luckily he caught me walking down the street heading home! LOL

    Anyway, it went well — we had a nice sushi dinner, and afterwards went for some coffee and discussed the details. Which of course, I had no idea how to approach anything but he was very straight up about his suggestions of things to work — and everything was very reasonable. 🙂

    It also somewhat applies to this blog, so I will let you guys know (in reference of how to give/receive) …

    Basically, he knows the jist of my financial situation — so he suggested I give him my bills.. or even have them redirected to him from now on, and he will pay them — also my rent will be deposited online every month. This way, the “Face to face” regard to anything on my end is avoided, and we can work on building our relationship intimately without having the hoofha in the way… sounds good to me. 🙂 Also this avoids any “teet for tat” situation where as panther was joking, X amount of intimacy on Y amount of days, and if Z amount of sex is withheld, makeup sex is expected with whipped cream — there is no set “amount” and no set time spent together — he wants a real relationship where he can help out a girl who he feels deserves it/is in need. (He is young, by the way.)

    Was good.. a lot of laughs, hand holding we got along great and a quick kiss at the end of the night!

    ta da!! 🙂

    Thanks guys. 🙂 I basically forgot everything I had learned here from the blog — I was pretty nervous. But all in all a good night! I think I found my SD!

  772. Beach_Girl*306486 says:

    well i’m off to bed for real, all washed up and need to sleep!
    talk to you all soon

  773. Beach_Girl*306486 says:

    Panther~ what do you do? sorry just curious!

  774. Panther SD says:

    Beach – I am on the Minnesota / Wisconsin border. Close to St. Paul.

  775. raine says:

    I too must answer to the sandman; he doesn’t like when the tea gets cold, lol…good nite, folks. ~zzzzzz.

  776. Jai says:

    I’ve done the two jobs and full time school thing before Raine and it can suck, but the rewards are worth it 🙂 Just don’t get lost in it all.

    And I think it’s better to recognize that this may not be for you before you waste too much of your time. Especially if your schedule will be as hectic as it seems. On the other hand, if you are serious and would really like to find an SD, then hang in there. Continue to be honest and upfront about what you want and get it. 🙂 It is possible to successfully travel the road less travelled.

  777. Beach_Girl*306486 says:

    Ok Sugar people!
    I’m off to bed too, i’m busy all day tomorrow, it’s a good thing!
    talk to you all soon!

  778. Beach_Girl*306486 says:

    raine~ you giving up?

  779. raine says:

    Funny you should say that, Jai: technically, I already have. I can’t remember the last time I’d logged on; heck, I’ve yawned numerous times just browsing the locals. I really wanted to do this, but my head ain’t in it anymore.

    *sigh* I don’t know how I’ll work two jobs and go to school, but since I plan to keep my clothes on, I have no other choice. 😐

  780. Jai says:

    I’m out too sugar fam. I have a splitting headache 😀 But as you can clearly see from my smiley, I’m still smiling! Night night

  781. Beach_Girl*306486 says:

    Nite Island Muse!

  782. Island_Muse says:

    Nighty night Sweetred ‘n Bob.

    Have a good chat all, I’m turning in too – I get up with the birds. Bye for now.

  783. Beach_Girl*306486 says:

    Panther ~ where you at?

  784. Jai says:

    Night bob-o

  785. Beach_Girl*306486 says:

    raine~ doesn’t it suck!!!! I so need to get my ass there too!!! ahhhhhhhh and i was gonna stay with a friend but he’s in LA right now,,, not fair!
    the girl i know out there has roommates now and i can’t stay with her, but she was kinda funny too, like “if you come let me know, i might have time to see you”” bla bla

  786. Panther SD says:

    Not much going on here, just VERY windy. May have thunder storms roll through later tonight.

  787. raine says:

    G’nite, sweetredhead. Sorry you can’t make it to NYC, BG. It’s almost always the car, isn’t it?

  788. Jai says:

    Night sweetred 🙂

    Raine-It does limit you in some respects, but with your intellect and personality, I would give up the search. Someone out there will appreciate that without the nookie 🙂

  789. sweetredhead*269443* says:

    raine I don’t know sex with a handsome stranger….hmmm sounds exciting to me 🙂

  790. Beach_Girl*306486 says:

    Nite Sweetred!

  791. bob says:

    good night everyone take care

  792. Beach_Girl*306486 says:

    sweetred~ yeah i need one right now, my car had a little thing to repair,,,, yeah right 250$
    there goes my plane ticket for NYC!

  793. sweetredhead*269443* says:

    Off to bed for me. Have to work tomorrow 🙂 Night everyone. Sweet sugar dreams!!

  794. raine says:

    I understand that sex is practically standard procedure in the arrangement, but the very thought of same just makes my teeth itch! I’m not a prude, but…ick. I’m going to be searching even longer, aren’t I? [And to think, several weeks back I suggested to a fellow newbie that she give up her search for the same reason.] 😐

  795. Jai says:

    Don’t be Beach 😛 It’s ok.

    Red, I feel the same. Any time I’m working with the public or in a customer service capacity I stick to that line of thought 🙂

  796. sweetredhead*269443* says:

    Beach_Girl come on over!! Lot’s of rich men on the beaches lol

  797. Beach_Girl*306486 says:

    Jai~ sorry i’m an internet forum dummy!

  798. sweetredhead*269443* says:

    sweetredhead becomes SASSYredhead lmao I am very good at making angry people laugh 🙂 Just make them laugh and they are no longer angry 🙂 I never give attitude because it just makes the situation worse. I tell them I understand. The Doctors love my attitude lol

  799. Jai says:

    Lol no worries Beach 🙂

  800. Beach_Girl*306486 says:

    Sweetred ~ ok i need a vacation, i’m gonna be coming over soon

  801. Beach_Girl*306486 says:

    Jai~ i don’t know what it is that you sent me!!! i’m not good at chat room or forums stuff or else i’d be on SW
    which i have no clue how it works

  802. sweetredhead*269443* says:

    I don’t need to travel I live in one of the most popular and beautiful beach destinations in the world! How lucky am I!!

  803. Jai says:

    Night Lisa 🙂

    Those patients better be careful lol sweetred’s going to take some heads off 😛

    Not much here in AZ Panther, what about you?

  804. Beach_Girl*306486 says:

    Sweetred~ well they have to tell of someone right?

  805. Jai says:

    Lol raine. Poor sweetred.

    🙂 I can believe that Beach

  806. lisa says:

    I’m going to watch tv and go to bed, gotta get up at 6. I live in Texas and most of the people in my neighborhood are from Mexico or el salvador but i’m not going around with a mask, lol

    Good night everyone

  807. sweetredhead*269443* says:

    Besides they never give the doctor a hard time, they save that for me lol

  808. bob says:

    you know what is funny. in my profile I have I like to travel. the few people i have emailed all had travel in thier description and none could travel. going with friends and a friend/girl….how crazy is that

  809. Panther SD says:

    Hi Jai – what is everyone up to?

  810. sweetredhead*269443* says:

    Jai. I like people, just stupid people get on my nerves lol I am the front desk receptionist. I have to deal with each and every patient that comes in the office. Good thing I am a calm and patient person because sometimes……POW!! right in the kisser lol

  811. Beach_Girl*306486 says:

    Jai~ It’s ok most Dr. Hate people too lmao!

  812. raine says:

    Not bad, Jai. I see some new folks in here fresh out of lurk central and sweetredhead has courtside seats to Sniffles Hysteria ’09, lol…

  813. Jai says:

    Trip me sweetred? Of course not. If you want to go that bad…lol

  814. Jai says:

    I love when the blog is flowing like this, but gosh it’s hard to keep up 😛

  815. Jai says:

    Evening Panther

  816. katrina says:

    haha sweetred you can go with Bob but you have to wear a bikini

  817. Jai says:

    Sweetred, I don’t know how you do it. I want to be a doctor, but I don’t particularly like people lol

  818. sweetredhead*269443* says:

    heyyyy do I need to trip you Jai?? lol

  819. katrina says:

    Bob now I am so jealous. You lucky ducky – I love Mexico.

  820. Panther SD says:

    Hello all. Finally got some free time to relax.

  821. Jai says:

    Hey raine! 🙂 How are you?

  822. sweetredhead*269443* says:

    Bob your taking me with you right??

  823. Jai says:

    Lol Lisa 😛

    Night Kat 🙂

    I’m going with bob-o 😀 Not this Saturday, but next lol

  824. sweetredhead*269443* says:

    An average we see 80 patients a day. And this is non stop. People think they can just walk in off the street and be seen by the doctors. WE are NOT a walk in clinic!!

  825. raine says:

    Evening, sugar fans.
    Let’s see…on topic, some cash and the occasional direct deposit as the arrangement progresses, which should be discussed posthaste. Oh, and I’m NOT putting out…nothing to see or talk about there.

  826. Jai says:

    I didn’t get your email addy gg. 🙂 Send/post again please

    IM, I don’t think it’ll catch on lol bob is already against it 😛

    Bob-O, Of course I don’t play with Barbies..I play with SDs 😉

    Kat (that’s your new name Katrina 🙂 ), I did a oatmeal/honey exfoliant mask, steam treatments, and a vitamin e massage. Hope I didn’t over do it. He’ll probably never let me near his face again lol

    That sucks sweetred 🙂 Tell them to walk it off

  827. katrina says:

    Good night, All – yoga doubles tomorrow at 5am. : )

  828. bob says:

    speaking of Mexico I am going to Cancun not this Saturday but next for seven days.

  829. sweetredhead*269443* says:

    had a guy come in today said I have had a fever sence I got back from mexico, I want to get checked for swine flue by the doctor. There are 4 doctors in my office. I said ok but you will have to wait about a half hour we are booked. He says forget it I will go to the ER. Fine go wait 2hrs lmao. People can be so foolish!!

  830. Island_Muse says:

    Lisa~funny about the (other) facial masks
    Jai~ I had you in mind when I created my. I too was wondering what you’d want to call me…IM is perfect.

    I am so behind on this thing…i go back to read what I’ve missed then I miss so much when I’m doing that. Ughh

  831. Beach_Girl*306486 says:

    they should just stop the plane coming and going to Mexico!!! like France did

  832. Beach_Girl*306486 says:

    katrina~ your welcome!

  833. sweetredhead*269443* says:

    IT’s flu season people!! ugghh everyone is so worked up by the swine flu it’s making me nuts at work. People calling all day long wanting to see the doctor because they have a cold!!!

  834. goodgirl*313749 says:

    good night everyone!

  835. lisa says:

    lumpy, not on the booty I hope, lol I have only tried store bought masks like apple, cucumber, mud, and clay, and the heatingones. Funny thing is a few weeks ago when everyone was going around with face masks to avoid the swine flu, a customer asked me where the masks were and being one that doesn’t get all worked up about some virus, I forgot about it and took her to the facial masks which was not what she was looking for. I can imagine putting on one of those clay masks to scare the swine flu away, lol

  836. sweetredhead*269443* says:

    hmm home made? what’s in it? I have a horrible time with anything I put on my face. I have such sensitive skin

  837. sweetredhead*269443* says:

    Hehe bob they are free, AT HOME lol

  838. katrina says:

    Yummy, Jai, I cannot wait.

    I used to be an aesthetician. What kind of facial are you doing? SUCH a treat

  839. goodgirl*313749 says:

    katrina~she’s making sure he’s ruined for the rest of us! lol
    jai~did you get my addy? about an hour ago.

  840. Island_Muse says:

    I am Jamaican and most of our relationships there are of the SD/SB type, only we don’t call it that or anything for that matter – it just is. I live in the states now and am intruiged by the whole thing but realize I will need some kind of mentoring, :). Glad to say, I need look no further than here. You guys are amazingly unselfish.

    Jai~You have raised the bar for pampering one’s SD. Mani/pedi/hair cuts, wil now become a criteria, you just wait.

  841. bob says:

    Jai – do you still play with barbies. I would never let you give me a facial. Wellllllllll nope I wouldn’t….LOL

    Sweetred set them free….set them free….

    Katrina – thanks

  842. katrina says:

    Thank you, Beach_Girl!

  843. katrina says:

    I’m glad I’m not the only one who could not find it. Thanks, Jai.

    Now maybe someone who knows how to do it could teach me?

  844. Jai says:

    Katrina you can come by anytime 🙂 I may have to stop lol I think he’s starting to like it 😉

  845. Jai says:

    Lisa, this one’s brown, lumpy, and homemade 🙂

    AMEN to that Sweetred! But I love Deborah and Delilah regardless 😛

  846. sweetredhead*269443* says:

    Here we are talking about boob…I think Bob passed out lmao

  847. Beach_Girl*306486 says:

    Katrina~ open your SB profile, exchange your profile# ( in the add bar) with the one you want

  848. katrina says:

    Hey, Jai – May I please come to your place for:

    I would like a nice homecooked meal, too. Being that I will be company and all : )

    You are spoiling your SD

  849. johnq says:

    GND: “SDs can you please give me your opinion on SBs not having a car but having a means of transportation.”

    It depends. Lots of people don’t have a car because they don’t need one. Particularly true in major cities. In that case it wouldn’t mean much one way or the other, as long as the SB knew how to get around without the car.

    On the other hand, if the absence of a car seemed to indicate someone who didn’t have her life together, that would be a negative for me.

  850. Jai says:

    Someone needs to create a how to section for the blog and SA site lol Katrina you would not believe how many people ask that…I think we all asked that question at one point or another 🙂

  851. sweetredhead*269443* says:

    I rather wear a one piece. I don’t like to get all the stares. It’s just not me. I get enough attention in a one piece. having big boobies is not are great as everyone thinks it is.

  852. lisa says:

    A car isn’t an option as i’ve never learned to drive and could never afford a car or the upkeep. I live near everything I need though.

    So Jai you are sitting there with a green face? lol I love facial masks, especially the apple peel ones.

  853. Jai says:

    Lol sweetred, I totally understand about the girls needing to be chained 😛 If allowed to run free, they have a mind of their own.

  854. katrina says:

    I have a question, now that I have been on the site for a few days.

    HOW do I look up someone from the blog’s Profile? I cannot find how to do it