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The REAL Gentelman


There has been some talk lately about what makes a sugar a ‘real’ sugar.

…As a SD I’m on this site to save time, which is the most precious commodity I have. For me its all about time. I’m a real Sugar Daddy looking for a real Sugar Baby. As shocking as this may seem to some if there isn’t chemistry I’m not interested in sleeping with you. If your a true SD getting laid is not a problem. If I’m at a club I get hit on because I’m perceived to have money. There is no way to discern who likes you as a person or simply likes what you have. It’s much simpler and far more honest to find a SB you really like, can develop a friendship with and understand the arrangement. SD are looking for someone we’re proud to be with, call it arm candy if you want but looks only carry you so far. I personally need someone who can carry on a conversation, has independence. You must have mutual respect for each other and be able separate the Sugar lifestyle from the rest of yours and their life… – Bruce

What style of SD and/or SB serves you best? One that rarely has limits?

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  1. Dani says:

    I have the same views as Bren above.

  2. Helen says:

    My views and thoughts as a SB are plain and simple. No strings, no committments..which is why I prefer married or committed SD/M. Single is OK, but committed is preferred. Discrepentency is a MUST!!!! I’m not concerned nor interested in getting wined and dined or what-have-you. Race/Nationality/Gender are unimportant to me, as long as you give as well as receive. For me, my SD/M can come by, we take care of our arrangement, and then be on your merry little way….until next time. I will even make an arrangement with “you” and “your friend(s)” too (2 friends means 2 arrangements, not 2 for 1, and so forth)

  3. Bren says:

    …here is what I am seeking. I don’t want a man’s undivided attention unless it is time we have set apart for that. I expect to have a monthly allowance, and in return I will be available to my SD 24/7/365, until we decide to respectfully part ways. I am open to companionship, friendship, sexual relations, and more, but only time will tell if that is truly going to happen. Don’t contact me and assume that I will fly to meet you, and get naked in your limo…I may, but only if the chemistry is there. I am intelligent and educated, and seeking to explore more opportunities in life, and learn from those who are more successful than I am. I am a drama free person, and understand that I may be left sitting at dinner, or we may have to jet off to Paris. I’m ok with that. In fact, I can be the perfect date…compliant and respectful, and know when to speak up and when to stay quiet. I enjoy intelligent conversation and debate. I am creative and thoughtful, and as generous in my own ways towards a person who deserves such generosity (if they find me worthy of their generosity, I will gladly return in kind).

  4. lisa says:

    no he didnt’ get over til almost 9 and stayed till 11. But he did talk about us getting together next week and wanted to get my schedule so at least it’s back on and june is a new month, allowance time I hope. I’m getting more comfortable with him. My other potentials are pending, not sure about tomorrow yet but I have a tenetive meeting next week. my sd is a evening one so I need to find me a daytime one too, lol

  5. Newbie says:

    Haha cute pic Gail! G’nite all…

  6. Gail says:

    Nite…nite everyone!!!

  7. Ababy80 says:

    noooooo haha hes from the site, a girl i met on the blog, we met up in nyc (she lives there) and had way too much fun

  8. Gail says:

    Lisa….did you eat dinner? how was your date?

    Yes….I finally put it up for now…lol…first time pic on SA blog

  9. lisa says:

    Good night everyone

  10. Gail says:

    LOL….I am hitting the sack…Trinity…thanks for your company : )

  11. lisa says:

    Nice to finally see you Gail 🙂

  12. Trinity 328103 says:

    If a guy wanted to see me on webcam and not return the favor I would move on…he just wants to get his “rocks” off!

  13. Gail says:

    Am I all alone? Hmmmmm

  14. Gail says:

    aBaby80-The SD you met was from the blog? Oh how nice is that? Its wonderful to have SD friends : )

  15. Gail says:

    Newbie-generic message? lol….hit the delete button….NEXT…

  16. Ababy80 says:

    waaaaaaaaaaaaay too many posts to catch up ah!

    well for those of you who helped me out a few days ago.. the meeting went well and i made a new friend from the blog! 😉 he is very elusive aka driving me up a wall.. im learning im not as patient as i thought i was lol oh well. patience is a virtue right? i actually think he is great, good conversation and very nice – a good guy, who woulda thought?

    lisa – sorry, no body bag lol

  17. Gail says:

    What seems to be too good to be true can be true…but not in your case Silly. Hit the next button : )

  18. Newbie says:

    Hello all, I just came back from a wonderful dinner that ended with pot de creme so the one time in which I cant even think about Flan! Lol

    I received a sort of a generic message today and am wondering if its explorer. Maybe its too much to ask for a personalized message! LOL

  19. Silly in Toronto #330786 says:

    thanks Gail. I started to wonder if I just missed out on a great guy but.. if he were that great, then he wouldn’t have done that…

    nite nite

  20. Gail says:

    RED…RED…RED FLAGS….I agree : )

  21. Silly in Toronto #330786 says:

    plus you know what they say.. what seems to be too good to be true…

  22. Silly in Toronto #330786 says:

    no IM, I think he was fake because he wouldn’t go on webcam but insisted that if we had a deal that I had to go on, to show that I’m serious
    wanted to see my face.. so I finally accepted and showed face only and then he wanted more
    I said we can meet in person and he kept saying that he’d even delete his profile right now if I gave him a peak of how I would spoil him etc..
    red flags.. thinking.. he’s def not a gentleman for even going there soooooo
    oh well.. we’ll see if he sends me a msg to say he was unreasonable and wants to meet face to face, somewhere public of course

  23. Gail says:

    Hello Everyone : )
    Darn it I missed Sincere….nice to have you back on the blog : )
    What is everyone up to?

  24. Trinity 328103 says:

    I have had some weird IM chats that left me wondering! I sometimes think they are just kids playing jokes…

  25. Silly in Toronto #330786 says:

    good night IM.. I’m off too

  26. Island_Muse says:

    Silly~you think he’s fake because he goes to Florida and is a orthopaedic surgeon? was there something else?

  27. Silly in Toronto #330786 says:

    yes Trinity ! I was like, how do I know it’s really you ? his computer doesn’t have a webcam.. only his laptop at work and he’s only online at night
    I have to somehow hide that I have a webcam

  28. Island_Muse says:

    Nite goodgirl, have a great day F-I-V-E tomorrow!

    I think it’s just me here. The blog is so sluggish right now. I wish that we will find a fresh, new topic in the morning – I can wish, can’t I.

    Night y’all. Night to me.

  29. Trinity 328103 says:

    Silly- I tend to have those that immediately want to go to Yahoo IM…usually they want pictures, webcam, etc…some cybersex!

  30. Silly in Toronto #330786 says:

    so I just got off a yahoo chat session
    I’d never spoken with him before.. he wanted to see my face and get a preview of how I would spoil him..
    as I type this, I realize he must have been a fake… said 4K per month plus shopping etc.. that he goes to Florida a lot.. orthopedic surgeon

  31. Island_Muse says:

    G’nite, DC. Hi there Trinity.

    Sincere, that was so sweet of you. Really, it’s ok to be gracious about something like that. It is my sincere hope that you find a SB that is all you could ever dare to ask for. Hopefully, you’re still looking because she’s out there…waiting just for you.

  32. goodgirl*313749 says:

    good night everyone 🙂
    lisa~ I SEE PERCY. LOL

  33. Island_Muse says:

    Jai~I’m Jamaican and hearing you say that makes me want to have some “real” food – even at this hour. Enjoy and have enough for us both.

    Sincere~a sweet tooth is the easiest to indulge…who can resist. Pray tell, how can you have twice the dessert and not gain weight? We ALL want to know.

    Lisa~what a great end to your anxious evening…except now you must be starving. Wish I could bring some Jerk Chicken and a Red Stripe for you, oh well. Again, I’m happy he showed up and hopefully you’ll both go some place fab next time soon:D

  34. SincereSD says:

    Good nite Lisa. Glad to hear you reconnected with your SD.

    Silly in TO, I hate webcams because the quality is poor. If an SB offers, I’ll accept but I prefer to get a picture by email.

  35. DC says:

    Glad you had a good date Lisa-

    Sorry about your SB Sincere. It’s very painful to be involved with someone with a substance abuse problem.

    Well I think I will sign off as well. Basically all I did today was hang out here and answer e-mails. Have a good night everyone!

  36. lisa says:

    Hey goodgirl, I see you 🙂

  37. Trinity 328103 says:

    Hi Everyone! I am finally on even though it is late! 🙂

  38. SincereSD says:

    Good nite Kat. No kudos needed, it was the humane thing to do. She needed the money much more than I did and it was my way showing my gratitude for the great times we had together.

  39. Silly in Toronto #330786 says:

    ok, seriously, do you guys go on cam and show your face on a first msn chat with a POT SD ?

  40. lisa says:

    Hi everyone

    well my sd finally made it over. Just left a few minutes ago. We didn’t go out which sucked (i’ve starving) but we watched some tv and talked. He wants to see me next week so i’m hoping we’re still “on” as I need my june allowance. We just hugged goodnight but i’m feeling more comfortable with him now and think I could enter an intimate relationship with his soon. Going to watch some tv now. Going to sleep late tomorrow. Gotta check my emails now to see if I have a lunch date.

    Good night everyone

  41. SincereSD says:


    I used to post quite frequently but stopped because the blog got very mundane and repetitive.

    I have a real sweet tooth and therefore have to watch my calorie input. it’s a net postive because I can have twice the helping of desert and not gain weight 😀

  42. Jai says:

    I’m off to get some jerk chicken and Jamaican curry 🙂 It’s Reggae night at a local club and this lovely Jamaican couple sales authentic, delicious food until the club closes..or they run out. They usually run out first lol so I have to go now 😛 Plus my friend is playing in the band tonight! Have wonderful evenings all 😀

  43. katrina says:

    Sincere – oops, sorry – I missed your post before.

    That is too bad about the substance abuse. It is so sad to see and everyone is hurt by it. Kudos to you for tring to help.

  44. Island_Muse says:

    Sweet dreams, Kat. Have a great day tomorrow~:D

  45. Jai says:

    Night Kat 🙂

  46. Island_Muse says:

    DC~Your Mom’s amazing-to even want to be in new relationships. I guess that’s what keeps her young. She should switch it up and go for the younger fellows this time, yes? She’d get to enjoy them longer 😀

  47. katrina says:

    Gnite, All

    Sweetest dreams

  48. SincereSD says:


    I’m not currently in a SB relationship. Split up with my SB earlier this year because of her heavy substance abuse issues. Took a few month hiatus but supported her financially even after we split up.

    I’m currently testing the waters again.

  49. DC says:

    Yeah, it’s funny to hear about her dating misadventures. Apparently it’s no different if you are 31, 51 or 91…..

  50. Island_Muse says:

    Good of you to drop by Sincere. Sometimes we are starved for the SDs point of view 😛

    Thanks for the tip, but I almost never (and that’s only because I should never say never) 😉 eat the low or reduced fat or calorie anything. Really, isn’t that the point? And for dessert, heavens no.

  51. goodgirl*313749 says:

    WOW DC! Your mom’s awsome! 🙂 *applauding*

  52. Jai says:

    IM-Changing my picture back 🙂 And we were involved, but looking. If that makes any sense lol I did preliminary interviews, met some of them, etc. It was interesting to be on that side of the search.

  53. goodgirl*313749 says:

    i’m with ya katrina! I’d like another loooong weekend! lol! My daughter goes to her dads this weekend. (last weekend she was with his mom, out of town) 1st time all year!! YAY! a break for goodgirl! 🙂

  54. Jai says:

    Um, can I please have a round of applause for DC’s mom?! That is AWESOME! 🙂 They say sex/dating keeps you young. Your mom sounds great DC.

    Kat, I’m with you, but I don’t work right now any way sooo..it may not mean much. If I get this position in the chem lab, I’m totally against you lol I WANT to work there. 😀

  55. Island_Muse says:

    Jay~Thanks for the reply…yeah, that’s weird – i take it you were helping him before you two came to an arrangement. Such selflessness deserves the potSB Award for (dunno) 😉

    Yup, that picture was very flattering and perhaps a keeper, IMHO

  56. SincereSD says:


    I’m online for a while, responding to email and watching the French Open.

    btw, for creme brulee if you want to reduce the calories, try using half/half cream and some corn starch for thickener. also spendid and vanilla are good substitutes for sugar and lower cal.

  57. Jai says:

    Lol gg, sounds like a plan 😉

  58. DC says:

    Good girl Goodgirl! LOL

    Silly honestly I have never felt as good as I do now at 50. I wish I knew then what I know now. I feel like I am starting the second half of my life now, like anything is possible. I am very blessed with great friends and family. Now if I could just find a job!!

    My mom is 91 and doesn’t have a wrinkle on her face. She used to have emphysema and overcame that. She is truly amazing…..my role model. And she is dating as well. I want to get her a computer so she could meet men on the internet. He boyfriend was 95 and he just died a few months ago so she’s back on the market!

  59. katrina says:

    We should have a Sugar Day where everyone calls in for a day and just BLOGS.
    Maybe I am just sick of my CUBICLE. No more office 🙁 I am ready to rebel now – anyone with me?

  60. Island_Muse says:

    Silly, you will. I can’t speak to 50… yet. Honestly, I love my age and how I look. I never had an issue (mild) until I came to “organized” sugar dating and kinda cringe at the “Baby” part, you know. A part of me says every time, “C’mon, Baby – at your age?!?”. So there you have it.

  61. goodgirl*313749 says:

    cool jai~ i’ll quit my job too. then we can hang together here all day. lol

  62. Jai says:

    Kat, I think you’re right. School’s overrated. The blog is where it’s at 🙂

  63. goodgirl*313749 says:

    lmao DC! 🙂 wearin em now.

  64. Jai says:

    So that’s two votes for the old pics and one for the new? 🙂 IM,my SD may not have to worry about my profile if people see the new pics lol they may act as a repellent. He doesn’t care. He knows I’m just on here blogging. If I do get an email, I discuss it with him and he gives me advice about whether or not to write back. Nothing possessive about our arrangement. Open and friendly. Believe or not, I was actually helping him look for an SB at one point 😉 How’s that for weird?

  65. katrina says:

    GG – your daughter sounds adorable. What a good mom to make sure she wore her shoes. 🙂

    Sincere SD – do you have a SB now?

  66. Island_Muse says:

    Hi there Sincere, you staying for a while?

  67. Silly in Toronto #330786 says:

    so DC.. is 50 really the new 40 ? I feel a bit anxious about 40 being around the corner.., my mom is 63 dating a 52 yr old guy.. he thought she was 55max ! lol I pray I have inherited those genes

  68. DC says:

    Thanks IM! Everyone here is not just gorgeous IMO, but real women of substance.

    Goodgirl- put on some shoes fercrissake!! or you are gonna need a transfusion soon!

  69. goodgirl*313749 says:

    already done katrina 🙂 i remembered that trick when my lovely child spilled her sasparilla on the floor. lol

  70. Island_Muse says:

    Save it for me DC… Not to belabor the point but what with the condensed milk and more eggs to mik ratio, doesn’t the flan beat the brulee if not in calories then in taste? just my thought

  71. SincereSD says:

    Panther SD

    Thanks for your postings. Seems like you and I have had similar experiences in the SB world.

    I have also encountered several escorts and have had some great discussions. Luckily I haven’t got into an arrangement with one although I came close a couple of times. Some are really good in their communications and I would think they are very good at their jobs. Now I always google their contact information and even cross-check through some private escort review sites. It’s amazing what you can find out about people by careful research on the web.

    As for your comment — “Some SBs just have “IT”. After a few conversations via email I just have to know more.” –, I’ve become more reserved and less enamored by apparent chemistry over developed over emails, IM or phone conversations. I’ve chatted with a few pot SB who have great communications and flirting skills … only to be surprised by how different they are in person.

    That said, I still look for some connection or chemistry first through written communications before deciding to meet a SB. I’ve just learned to apply some BS filters and use caution before proceeding into an arrangement.

  72. katrina says:

    I love Epicurious! Their recipes are great and they have great ideas. I am not so much a cook, but I am a great baker (if I say so myself!).

    I would work more on the cooking, but I have nobody to cook for. When I have the girls over for an evening, I just make snacks. Sometimes a lasagna but always the same types of things: cheese, crackers, fruit, cakes.

  73. goodgirl*313749 says:

    Jai~ i think i’m still seeing the same pics? your hair is short. 🙁 i wonder why?

  74. katrina says:

    Jai – quit school and stick to blogging. 🙂 Ta-dah! No more missing out…

  75. DC says:

    Hi all, hi Suzi-

    Suzi is this a new SD or someone you met before? Congrats either way!

    IM- glad you like epicurious. I have found some amazing recipes there. I think brulee is much richer than flan, no? If flan has 200 calories per serving I would think creme brulee has about 5 times that much. But so worth it….Matter of fact I have one leftover in the freezer from about 2 weeks ago and it is amazing when it is just slightly frozen. Like creme brulee ice cream. I think I hear it calling my name………

  76. Island_Muse says:

    Katrina…that was my thought regarding the lucky retiree. You may bring out the concientious SD in him – you never know 😉

    Jai~(since you ask) here’s my vote for the pix prior to this. Also, I know you have a SD. A very well-pampered one, I might add – how does he feel about you keeping your profile up?

  77. katrina says:

    GG – use a damp paper towel to wipe up the floor. Then vacuum one last time. No more glass 🙂 Feel better – I hate wounds that bleed.

  78. goodgirl*313749 says:

    …i wonder if i can use this as an excuse to call in to work tomorrow???

  79. Jai says:

    Thanks Kat 🙂 and I miss Red too 🙁 All of you guys actually lol I feel like I’m out of the loop. I leave and there are 800 posts, I come back and there are over 1000 😛

  80. goodgirl*313749 says:

    Hi! I’m back. I guess I have a deep secret desire to pick up every last piece of glass on my floor with my bare feet. lol! I’ve stepped on 2 more pieces since my last post, and swept the floor 3 times. UGH! I hate cleaning up broken glass!! I didn’t see it break, so I feel the need to expand my sweeping area to a ridiculous radius.. lmao. I’m dumb. Why don’t I just put shoes on, like I made my daughter do? 🙂

  81. katrina says:

    Sweetred really went to bed 🙁

  82. katrina says:

    OMG – Jai! Va va VOOM! Those pictures look gorgeous. Love it!

  83. Island_Muse says:

    Jai, no need to feel self conscious. These are fine too… 😛
    DC~you are smokin’…I should look like you in a few years – if I’m lucky. And your profile is so succinct. It made me want to go change my wordy one 🙁

    Good evening, SQ

  84. Jai says:

    And yes Kat, Chem is the bees knees and the cat’s meow 😉

  85. katrina says:

    IM – you are so right. I am so different when I am with my yoga friends (calm, controlled, maybe even SERENE 🙂 ) yet my other friends would not say that I am any of those things. lol

  86. Jai says:

    It’s 277171 Kat. Hey guys, if I look goofy, let me know so I can change the picture lol You know it takes 24 hours 😛

  87. Silly in Toronto #330786 says:

    cool !

  88. Silly in Toronto #330786 says:

    did it work?

    yeah, I saw his profile too..

  89. DC says:

    Hi Jai

    Its 320283

    Sounds great Katrina…good luck with him!

  90. Island_Muse says:

    Katrina~congrats on the new pots. It sounds promising – different people bring out different things in other people. I think that’s what I mean to say:)

  91. katrina says:

    Jai what is your profile #? I know – I should write these down somewhere so I stop asking…

  92. katrina says:

    lol welcome, lurkers 🙂

    Jai – the book is not my potential. He is just very nice.

    My potential seems very nice, too – and he is only one hour away! Chemistry is FUN? Is that a typo? lol I wish I did well in chemistry – then I would be a pharmacist with set hours, great pay, and great benefits. 🙂

  93. Jai says:

    Hi IM 🙂 I try to keep my pics updated. Those are from this weekend. Do I look goofy? lol I thought I did, but I thought I needed to show that side. Lol now I’m all self conscious IM. Lol should I change it?

  94. SuzieQ*297329* says:

    Hello Sugars, so many new faces here on the blog! Welcome all!

    I am waiting for a call from my “pretty sure it’s going to be official later tonight” sd, he was delayed getting into town and we are going out as soon as he arrives. I am all prettied up just sitting around waiting for him to call.

  95. Island_Muse says:

    Hi there, Silly. I hate when I miss someone:(

  96. Island_Muse says:

    Hey y’all – If anything, I’ve been a prolific luker 😉
    Hey Lisa, your “poor” SD, it sounds like he’s trying his hardest to see you and the gods…Hope you have a great time with him tonight and he makes it up to you 😉
    Hi katrina,
    Jai~Congrats on the exam, I’m sure you did well. I loved that picture of you with long hair on your profile, it was so exotic-looking – can you say why you changed it?
    GG~Yay you did the avatar – rockin’. The lawn counts in a big way in terms of workout points – I do mine with a reel mower practically every day that it doesn’t rain 🙁
    DC~you’re my new hero. I have been thinking about flan (it’s creme brulee’s richer cousin -IMHO) for the longest and just forgot I could look for a recipe on Epi. I got lost over there for a good 15mins today…Thanks 😀

  97. Jai says:

    Chemistry is challenging and fun Kat 🙂 Congrats on your new book 😉

  98. katrina says:

    Jai – how was chemistry?

  99. katrina says:

    Not much new here. I am meet a potential next week.

    I have also been emailing with an SD from the site – someone mentioned him on the blog earlier today. He won a lottery and retired and yes, he does talk on his profile about how his ex-wife probably wishes she was still with him when he won and he talks about his cars and boats and blah blah blah.

    BUT his emails are nothing like that. He is actually very nice and seems very kind, even thoughtful. He volunteers his time now that he is retired.

    He is yet another book nothing like his cover. : )

  100. Jai says:

    DC what’s your profile number?

    What up Kat? 🙂

  101. DC says:

    Hi Katrina, hi Jai-

    Yeah, Scully, Storm and Panther were posting like mad this afternoon

  102. Jai says:

    “gr” in front of avatar 😉

  103. DC says:

    same here silly, they wont let me post the name of the web site but it’s the word avatar and put a “g” in front of that, put a d o t c o m at the end of it and go to that site and sign up and it explains it there

  104. katrina says:

    Hello, Everyone in Sugarland!

    I just came home from yoga, logged on here and spent an HOUR catching up! What a prolific group of writers we have on this site!

  105. Jai says:

    I’m being mod’d Silly, but I tried to answer you 🙂

  106. Silly in Toronto #330786 says:

    how do i add my pic?

  107. Jai says:

    Hey everybody! 🙂 First exam under my belt so now I can relax. What’s going on? 😀

  108. goodgirl*313749 says:

    hey silly~ what do you want to know?

  109. Silly in Toronto #330786 says:

    so now tell me?

  110. DC says:

    The site wouldn’t let me post because I put the web site address in my post I guess

  111. DC says:

    You did it! Yay!

  112. Silly in Toronto #330786 says:

    hey there GG !

  113. goodgirl*313749 says:

    HOLY CRAP!!! THERE I AM! 🙂 😀

  114. goodgirl*313749 says:

    nope. 🙁 no little picture for me.

  115. goodgirl*313749 says:

    i wonder if that worked…

  116. goodgirl*313749 says:

    my heel is healing. 🙂 i will probably be limping for awhile. i wonder isf lisa decided to go out… hmm

  117. goodgirl*313749 says:

    hi dc!! 🙂 any suggestions?

  118. goodgirl*313749 says:

    anyone still here?? can’t figure out how to get my gravatar to show up…

  119. DC says:

    Fingers, legs and toes crossed for ya!

  120. goodgirl*313749 says:

    keep your fingers crossed, would ya? sounds like he might still want to see me… he said i’m the best! lol!!

  121. Silly in Toronto #330786 says:

    oh no, that does NOT sound good !

  122. DC says:

    Sh*t Goodgirl…hope it’s not that

  123. lisa says:

    uh oh that sounds bad.

  124. goodgirl*313749 says:

    oh lisa. sorry for you.
    my sd just texted me. it says ‘i’m in a lot of trouble. call you tomorrow. you’re the best’
    i sent ‘you ok?’
    he says ‘can’t respond’
    think he’s been caught by the wife?
    i haven’t seen him since sushi night…

  125. Nico says:

    G’night SweetRed….

  126. lisa says:

    ok he just called and said his gas tank is empty, but will be here in about 30 minutes. It just keeps getting later and later. I’m no longer in the mood to see him. If he thinks he’s going to get lucky by coming over late, he can forget it. 🙁

  127. goodgirl*313749 says:

    lol @ lisa 🙂 yep. that was the plan all along!
    thanks sweetred 😀 good night!

  128. sweetredhead*269443* says:

    That’s my medical advice for the night I am really going now lol

  129. lisa says:

    goodgirl shame on you for going to such extremes to attract a doctor, lol

  130. sweetredhead*269443* says:

    Make sure you clean it well!! and put some antibiotic cream on it. It can get infected easy. Make sure all the glass is out or you can get blood poisoning. If you see in a few days a red line go up from it all the glass is not out! See a Doctor asap.

  131. lisa says:

    Odd the cat didn’t start dying until this evening.

  132. goodgirl*313749 says:

    sweetred~ can’t put pressure. it hurts like hell.
    DC~ no doctors 🙁 but my daughters been a pretty good nurse!
    leg already in the air. (maybe i’ll catch a doctor) 😉

  133. sweetredhead*269443* says:

    No silly I am a medical receptionist. I work for several MD’s and a DO.

  134. DC says:

    I don’t blame you Lisa, he should have just rescheduled.

    If my pet were dying I wouldn’t want to leave it.

    When my bird was dying a few months ago I stayed home practically all the time and then I left one day for an hour and she died. Broke my heart that I wasn’t here when it happened.

  135. sweetredhead*269443* says:

    Hi Nico 🙂

    I am beat I am going to go do laundry and lay down and watch tv.

    Good night everyone

  136. Silly in Toronto #330786 says:

    Hey Red ! are you an RN ??

  137. lisa says:

    he’s cancelled the last 4 times. And i’m just tired now, been waiting for almost 2 hours, I just want to say forget it.

  138. Nico says:

    Aw c’mon Lisa…..maybe he’s being honest about the kitty being ill. Ya hafta admit, it’s a rather far fetched excuse if he’s being untruthful.

    Trust him until he’s given you reason not to….which doesn’t sound like has been the case.

  139. sweetredhead*269443* says:

    DC your right too, raise above the heart 🙂

  140. DC says:

    If someone sends you an e-mail, how can you tell if they are a paying member? The only way I’ve noticed you can do that is when you do a search and you see if they have a blue or orange membership

  141. lisa says:

    I’m already tired and want to just call it a night.

  142. sweetredhead*269443* says:

    Put pressure on it good girl 🙂

  143. DC says:

    Yikes Goodgirl! Keep your leg raised…I think. Any doctors in the house?

    I hate waiting for a date. The later they are the more I lose interest

  144. sweetredhead*269443* says:

    I left work rushed to my hair appointment, then went and paid bills, went to walmart to pick up toiletries and the uniform store to buy more scrubs. Then picked up Chinese for dinner.

  145. lisa says:

    also I don’t want him to be here too late as I haven’t told him how dangerous it is here. He never locks his truck, if he does that here, he can count on someone getting into it.

  146. Silly in Toronto #330786 says:

    yeah, not a situation I would recommend.. the wife coming home all of a sudden etc..

  147. lisa says:

    I should have done that too. Had a 5:30 date, rushed home from work at 4:30, shower, dress, makeup, sit sit sit

  148. goodgirl*313749 says:

    man! maybe i did it wrong. oh well.
    i just stepped onthis huge piece of glass and had to pull it out of my heel. you girls are stuck with me for awhile tonight! lol! i can’t move or it’ll start gushing again. i’m just glad it was me and not my daughter! it hurts…
    chillis sounds good right now. we had fish sticks 🙂

  149. sweetredhead*269443* says:

    I am in my jammies 🙂 No dressing up for me time to relax

  150. lisa says:

    Have a great time Gail!

  151. lisa says:

    I just feel I look a little silly as he will probably show up and sit. I have been in the situation before where I got dressed up and the guy showed up in shorts and a tshirt

  152. DC says:

    Night Gail! Vacation? where? I want to go! I haven’t had one in about 10 years …unless you count being unemployed as a vacation from work…but it sucks having time off and no money to go anywhere

  153. goodgirl*313749 says:


  154. sweetredhead*269443* says:

    Gail Have a wonderful time!!

  155. DC says:

    Lisa- you are too much!

  156. Gail says:

    lol…..enjoy DC…..I have to finish packing….hi, ho, hi ho…its off on vacation I go…..Good nite sugars : )

  157. lisa says:

    I stays open till 10 pm and is 10 minutes away but I know he won’t want to go because he has to drive all the way back home. I look for him to call any minute now and cancell all together. If he does come , he will probably just sit in my apartment.

  158. DC says:

    I told the guy to go to Adult Friend Finder and he said LOL, thanks for the advice. At least he has a sense of humor

  159. sweetredhead*269443* says:

    Yes it is a little shorter Gail

  160. lisa says:

    DC I have a 12 pack stomache. I have these little scratches on the side of my stomache from where the pointed corner of the 12 pack of cokes pokes me when I’m carrying it home.

  161. goodgirl*313749 says:

    lisa~ chillis doesn’t close at 8pm here 🙂 you should still go.

  162. DC says:

    Gail- gonna work on the six pack now that I’m back home LOL

  163. lisa says:

    I found my lover on adult friend finder. Wonderful man, and I was just playing on the site when he emailed me. He was the only one that wasn’t a pervert in his email.

  164. lisa says:

    and I starting to get sleepy.

  165. DC says:

    True Lisa….”Explorer…coming to a town near you soon”

    I’ll take someone wanting a real relationship over some a-hole wanting me to have IM sex with him right away. I think I will send him over to Adult Friend Finder

  166. lisa says:

    When I was on a regular site, I couldn’t find a man who wanted a serious relationship and now on this site, they all want serious relationships. I think some men just join all sites and don’t know the difference. Ok should I take off the earings and jewelry as if he does show up it’s obvious we won’t go anywhere and I just look a little overdressed to sit and talk in my apartment, I look like I should be taken out somewhere.

  167. Gail says:

    Red….did you go shorter than you pic? I am dong fine…just packing to travel to Reno,Nevada tommorrow : ) Going on a mini-vacation for 5 days.

    DC…you are back…did you work on the six-pack : )

    Can both you share your thoughts with Anon about going to a married SD house?

  168. sweetredhead*269443* says:

    I got an email too, but it’s someone looking for a real relationship 🙁

  169. lisa says:

    DC I hate that too and I don’t IM anyone. It couldn’t be explorer because he’s probably in some exotic location planning to be in my area in 2 weeks. lol
    I could have came home today and just relaxed, but instead I got all prettied up to sit and sit.

  170. DC says:

    Just got this from a SD

    “Oh my sweetie I think you need to be spanked :)… do you have a yahoo IM? maybe we can chat and get to know each other”

    Hmmm…I wonder what we will chat about……

    I hate it when I get excited because I got an e-mail and it’s something along these lines. It’s probably from Explorer who is angry with my last response to him so he set up another fake account

  171. sweetredhead*269443* says:

    Good evening everyone. ughhh what I day I just got home, had to run errands after work, did get my hair cut thought 🙂

    How is everyone tonight?

  172. DC says:

    Hey Goodgirl, Gail and Red-

    Yes we are all lukers…lookers who lurk

  173. lisa says:

    bored here

  174. goodgirl*313749 says:

    ok. did the gravitar thing. not quite sure how it gets from there to here…

  175. Gail says:

    Anon-I have never been at a SD house with his wife living there. It’s nothing that I would ever do. My experiences on first meets are that flight and hotel accomodations are booked and paid in advance by my SD. I have been very fortunate as every SD I have met and dated have been total gentlemen.

  176. lisa says:

    I’ve never been to my married lover’s house.

  177. lisa says:

    anonymous, when I met my sd, he gave me 500 dollars and then we had a second date and he gave me 600 dollars, flowers, coffeemaker, etc. He gave me my allowance for a month and then has made nothing but excuses not to see me. He told me I should look for someone else because the distance was too much and then he turned around and said he’d like to give it another try and now it seems like he’s bailing again.
    I’m locked out o fthe site for some reason so I can’t work on my other potentials tonight.

  178. goodgirl*313749 says:

    anon~ i haven’t been in that position….and would avoid it like the plague 🙂

  179. goodgirl*313749 says:

    thank you! is gravatar on this site, or should i google it?

  180. *anonymous* says:

    Gail…we’ve only met once but talked and chatted a couple weeks before and he gave me $260 for our time together and when I mentioned not having a cell phone he told me I should [use it to] get a phone.

    I think we’ll definitely be seeing more of each other.
    I’ll suggest going out to be out of his house. Has anyone else felt awkward being at a guys house who he shares with his wife?

  181. lisa says:

    you go to gravatar I think it’s called and you select a photo from your computer and upload, it takes a little while for it to show on your posts

  182. goodgirl*313749 says:

    *correction: an avatar please 🙂

  183. goodgirl*313749 says:

    lisa~ will you tell me how to post aan avatar? redmaru must have gone.

  184. goodgirl*313749 says:

    i wish i had a lover…

  185. lisa says:

    I don’t have any food in the house. I came straight home from work and washed the work day off me, put on my best makeup (bought by sd) and am sitting waiting. I have to go out tomorrow and get my rent check and a cake for my daughters graduation on saturday. 3 more potentials but they are in limbo, had a lunch meeting for tomorrow but haven’t heard yet from him. I will probably just see my lover tomorrow.

  186. Gail says:

    In their house….I could never do that….no wonder you could not relax. I am not feeling good about this one Anon….just being honest with you.

  187. goodgirl*313749 says:

    hey everyone! i’ve been trying to catch up with the day here. good grief! there is a ton to read through! …i tried, but i turned into a luker, so i quit. 🙂
    hey redmaru~ i don’t have to work out today. i mowed my grass for the 1st time in 2 weeks! whew!! i’m tired. lol! ~~will you teach me how to put up an avatar? i can’t figure it out.
    lisa~ don’t you have any slim jims to snack on? 😉

  188. lisa says:

    anonymous, we have met twice so safety isn’t an issue as he’s a gentleman. He lives 35 miles away and it’s rent time and daugther’s graduation weekend so I have 0 dollars for a cab, that would be like 60 dollars, not going to happen. He keeps cancelling on me. We have had 2 realy good dates too

  189. RedMaru*210789* says:

    That would be a good topic lisa you should suggest it cause this blog is almost busting out the seams.

    Well I hate to leave but I’m due for a workout myself if I can shake the drowsiness of the Benadryl I took off.
    You all have a good evening and keep us posted lisa.

  190. Gail says:

    Anon-There is nothing wrong with continuing your search…you have already shared that he may be too busy. Why sit around waiting? If he says he is going to do all of those things for you, has he delivered? You may be missing out on all the other wonderful SDs that are out there.
    And no worries about the sex part…it happens : ) We are not here to judge you.

  191. *anonymous* says:

    LoL Lisa why don’t you take a cab to go meet him?
    Is he too far for that? Would a cab be too expensive?
    I prefer taking a cab to meet a [potential] SD.

    Another weird thing about my SD…it was weird being in him and his wife’s house. It was hard to relax.

  192. RedMaru*210789* says:

    *anonymous* – its understandable but anywhoo welcome to the blog pull up a chair!!! 😀

  193. RedMaru*210789* says:

    lisa chicken crispers sound tasty right about now and he should have no prob taking you to Chilli but it is odd he’s kinda standing ya up and has already paid. Hopefully he won’t keep you waiting much longer

    its cool Gail it actually is a dog or close enough the bosses name is Flame Hyenard. Yeah the byproduct of geekiness in high school and having two brothers became a lifelong love of anime, manga, scifi and video games….lol

  194. lisa says:

    a good new topic for Stephan to post would be “what obstacles get in the way of a sd/sb relationship” mine could be sd having to drive , dying cats, car accidents, etc

  195. *anonymous* says:

    RedMaru…I’m kind of embarrassed at the comment I posted – talking about sex and all…

    But yea the guy is great and pretty young just always busy.

  196. Gail says:

    lol….I tried not to laugh RedM…..I was thinking it was a pic of a dog….

    Any restaurant is better than the Mickey Dee’s Lisa was having last month: )

  197. lisa says:

    RedMaru I just wanted to go to Chilis down the street. I really want some chicken crispers, actually anything As I didn’t buy any food today so I could rush home after work and get myself together. I can’t go there myself because it;s a long the freeway not on the bus line. Urgh excuses, odd as I could understand if he was using the excuse not to see me to avoid paying but he’s already paid me for may so I don’t understand his game. I can’t log on my profile onther site as I’ve been locked out for mutltiple log ins so I can’t read or answer the emails that are in my box.

  198. RedMaru*210789* says:

    Hi annonymous (hope we can attach a name soon) sounds like ya got a winner so far. See where it takes you.

  199. RedMaru*210789* says:

    Hey Gail – don’t laugh but its a pic of video game boss from Mega Man X7. I’m an avid video gameaholic.

    lisa – wow that sounds awfully….convinient (scratches head) and you got a prettied up for him too? Make sure its one of those restaurants with two sets of each piece of silverware and napkins of real cloth 😀

  200. lisa says:

    urgghhh ok my sd just called and won’t be here till 8 because his cat’s dying?? I love animals but this is odd the cat would die by 8? I don’t know about this guy. I got all prettied up to sit here, if he gets here at 8 where are we going to go and im starving.

  201. *anonymous* says:

    What style of SD and/or SB serves you best? One that rarely has limits?
    I don’t mind limits as far as keeping your home and personal life separate from your SD/SB arrangement HOWEVER I don’t like there to be so many limits.

    I met with my potential/definite SD [who I’ll definitely be seeing long term] who’s married and limits definitely come with the territory of married men, SD or not…it’s kind of irritating actually. It’s taken 2 weeks to actually meet because he works a lot – and then there’s his wife. I like him a lot. He’s just what I’ve been missing but I already feel like/know there’s gonna be very limited time for us to spend together, talk, chat, even email.

    I only want one SD – I’m wondering if I should wait and see how things go. He was generous and said he’d give me cash for day-to-day spending and later on he’ll give me an allowance once, sometimes twice a month. And the sex was great which we didn’t plan on but that made it even better that there was that much chemistry that it came naturally 😀 He was good looking, attentive, affectionate…perfect. Where the hell else am I gonna find that? I really don’t wanna continue the search for a SD lol.

  202. lisa says:

    He should be here soon, nervous
    I hope we got out somewhere.

  203. lisa says:

    haha get anything fixed here, ha ha They would tell me to use a different outlet. I have a cord prong stuck in one outlet.

  204. Gail says:

    Stop it Lisa….Whats it gonna take to calm you down? a couple of benjamins? LOL

  205. Gail says:

    DC….I think he mean’t lurker….(smile)

    RedM-what is pic on your avatar? Its so small….I can’t tell what it is. By the way….I love Atlanta…..I visited last summer there.

    Lisa…you can get the outlet fixed once your computer desk gets there : )

  206. RedMaru*210789* says:

    Its okay lisa we were with ya in spirit….take deep breaths

  207. lisa says:

    I’m very nervous because it’s been so long since I seen him that it’s like meeting a stranger all over again.

  208. RedMaru*210789* says:

    Have a good one DC
    Hi Gail!!!

  209. RedMaru*210789* says:

    Have a good one DC
    Hi Gail!!!

  210. lisa says:

    Hi Gail yes I have picked them out and saved them to my computer but I haven’t seen him lately and he hasn’t mentioned it. I hope when he comes tonight he sees how crowded my kitchen counter is and the way I have to unplug the microwave or phone just to plug in the coffeemaker. I only have 2 outlets in my kitchen and my computer takes up one. Only thing is the outlets in my dining area where I want to put my desk (if I get it) are faulty. One has part of an electric prong stuck in at that I can’t get the repair to come in and remove, the only one sparks so I never use it.

  211. DC says:

    Hey Gail-

    You mean a luker don’t you? As per Panther.

    Okay, time to drag my butt to the gym since I’ve been sitting on it all day. Will check in later!

  212. Gail says:

    DC-I am a lurker…..lol…..

    Lisa-have you picked out your computer desk and chair yet……

    Evening everyone : )

  213. lisa says:

    and what sucks is somehow my user name and password unlogged and I have been blocked from logging in for several hours which means I can’t respond back to the one that emailed me. I don’t know how I got logged out as I have the password remember thing.
    Any I’m dizzy and tired, hope my sd takes me for some dinner as I hope he doesn’t just want to hang out at my place, it’s boring. fridge is empty, nothing to do.

  214. RedMaru*210789* says:

    congrats lisa crossing fingers and toes for ya

  215. lisa says:

    Hi RedMaru

    waiting to see if my sd comes over, he is supposed to be here around 6:30-7. He’s cancelled on me 3 times so it’s hard to know. I’m off the next 2 days and have so much to do.

  216. DC says:

    See ya Panther! What’s a luker LOL

  217. RedMaru*210789* says:

    See ya Panther

  218. DC says:

    Have fun on your date Lisa. Is this your SD from a few weeks ago?

  219. Panther SD says:

    Ok quittin time. Time to go home and cook the kids something….

    Have fun, catch everyone later tonight.

    See yah Red, Scully, Tinity, DC, Lisa, Stomcat and all the lukers.

  220. Trinity 328103 says:

    Just wondering…it got quiet all of a sudden! 🙂

  221. RedMaru*210789* says:

    Hey lisa!!!

  222. RedMaru*210789* says:

    Still here…hey Trinity I’m on the east coast but aint dinner time for me yet

  223. DC says:

    or taking a cold shower!

  224. lisa says:

    Good afternoon, Home from work, showered and fresh waiting for my sd to come over this evening. No word from my lunch date for tomorrow so I guess it’s off, got an email from my other potential for a possible meeting next week. Very tired right now

  225. DC says:

    I could make a very racey joke but I think I will refrain because I might regret it.

    Let’s just say they are probably all smoking a cigarette now….

  226. Trinity 328103 says:

    Where did everyone go? People must be making dinner? Am I the only west coaster on the blog? LOL!

  227. DC says:

    Pull up a chair? I have barely left my chair all day! Nothing accomplished except a little gardening

    But I did upgrade to a premium membership because I was dying to know who viewed me…if anyone. I wish just 10% of them would write to me

  228. RedMaru*210789* says:

    Scully mail right back at ya
    hey DC pull up a chair this is getting good.

  229. DC says:

    Percy~ where are you when we need you?

  230. Trinity 328103 says:

    Gosh, I leave for a few minutes and tons of posts…haha!

  231. Stormcat says:

    Lowest bidder?

  232. Scully says:

    OK DC, I’ll scale down 🙂

    Be back in a bit, I need to make dinner for the girls!

  233. Scully says:

    Just dont sell my email to the highest bidder?

  234. DC says:

    A Ninja Scully? don’t do it. The fastest bike I was able to ride was a Suzuki GS500e and that was scary enough for me

  235. Scully says:

    Umm Storm, ummm make me one promise?

  236. Stormcat says:

    See Scully, I knew it was your fault.

  237. Scully says:

    Gail that’s ok, I appreciate it though! I am finding that not a lot of agents have experience in that part of the insurance industry…..:(

  238. DC says:

    I’m sure I don’t but for some reason I can’t stop reading

  239. Gail says:

    I have experience in Fire,Casualty and Auto Insurance. No life : )
    I am answering pretty late in the pm…just got home from work.

  240. Scully says:

    Ahh Storm?

  241. Scully says:

    Would you check on Panther ova there, he got kinda quiet……..and I’m scared….and well Storm……..well I’m still laughing too hard ………

  242. Stormcat says:

    OK, I can take a hint. I’m going out now.
    Thanks for the laughs!

  243. RedMaru*210789* says:

    Right here Scully 😀

  244. Scully says:

    DC, runnnnnnnnnnnnn!

  245. Stormcat says:

    DC you sure you want to get into this?

  246. Scully says:

    OMG DC! Don’t encourage him!!! My sides have been hurting from laughing so much!

    Red, you have mailllllllllllllllllllll!

  247. DC says:

    Storm- how bout a rubber band?

  248. DC says:

    Good God! I left for a few minutes and there’s like 100 posts to go through! Where is the evening blog shift so I can get something accomplished other than reading and posting to this blog LOL

  249. Scully says:

    OH OH Red I love you!!! Man I need to switch to Yahoo…….

  250. Stormcat says:

    I don’t know panther, My hair is pretty long. If I’m on top it gets in her face if she’s on to it gets in mine. 😀 Any ideas?

  251. RedMaru*210789* says:

    Panther – bikes are nice I like to be passenger rather than a rider on motorcyles…something thrillin about the wind through your hair
    I like cats too…..

    Sure scully [email protected]

  252. Scully says:

    Ummm Storm? What am I supposed to stop? Man I’m sorry I really thought you wanted the clowns……..

  253. Scully says:


    Where are you? I feel so alone here now……..DC? Trinity? Anyone?

  254. Stormcat says:

    Scully you don’t have mail cause I can’t write another word. Stop please!

  255. Scully says:

    I thought the Heliport was where the helicopter landed or was I mistaken?

  256. Panther SD says:


    I dunno about that. If i didn’t include the Heliport she may not give me any lovin that night. A night with out hot sex on the hilport under a gust of wind generated from the hilcopter provides the best climax.

    Well at least for me. She may complain about her hair though….

  257. Scully says:

    LMAO………ok ok Storm I promise I’ll leave the punishment out….just stop making me laugh so hard……..pleaseeeeeeeeee

  258. Scully says:

    A Ninja is a fast motorcycle NOT a man dressed in black who jumps around and hits things…….

  259. Stormcat says:

    Well I guess we are both cats, after all. But he followed the dark side.

  260. Scully says:

    OH OH I’ll take a Ninja, I wouldn’t say no :). I kinda……like speed 🙂

  261. Panther SD says:


    So if a car is too much how about a motorcycle? Scooter? Mopad? 10-Speed bike? 🙂

  262. Stormcat says:

    Can’t be too generous all at once. Wouldn’t want to spoil someone.

  263. Scully says:

    Panther, Storm you two sure you weren’t born as twins? I’d swear you were family in a past life or two… 😀

  264. Stormcat says:

    Ok but the helicopter has to come later

  265. Scully says:

    Red I want your email addy, can I have it pleaseeeeeeeeeeeeeee???

  266. Trinity 328103 says:

    OPOV- Yes, I click on their profile and it is still blue. I wonder if it was a glitch?

  267. Panther SD says:


    Be generous, include the heliport.

  268. RedMaru*210789* says:

    Right here Scully you were doin just fine
    Is Panther misbehavin’ again? hee hee

    To answer the recent question I have limits and even though I’m on the bus, a car would be over the limit(overwhelming) for me.

  269. Nico says:

    Hello Panther ~ and rest of the room. Not trying to keep up with the chatter but am watching the room today.

    Monetary gift too large. I think it’s all relative. This amount would change the longer I was with somebody and not because the years equate to more value but just because the connection and understanding of need is more understood.

    I am humbled at the smallest gifts, yet still appreciative. I have a home, two cars and as of a couple of days ago a new job (unfortunately last job succumbed to the economy).

  270. OPOV says:

    trinity – from the SA website:

    “standard Sugar daddy and sugar mommy members are NOT allowed to view incoming messages. To view messages, please upgrade your membership.”

    I am not sure what you mean by blue sugar daddies responding to your message. A test: go to one of those messages and click the link to the SD’s profile. Is it still blue?

  271. Scully says:

    That would be one I would say I can’t accept……I can’t swim……

  272. Stormcat says:

    Panther, I think it’s probably somewhere at the level of yacht with or without heliport?

  273. Trinity 328103 says:

    If there were genuine feelings between us then I would be okay with accepting large gifts. It would be more like a mistress relationship if he buys a car, house, etc…or am I just defining differently?

  274. Scully says:

    Why is everyone hiding? I know I showered this morning……..or I was pretty sure I did……..I even shaved my legs…….and brushed my teeth….

  275. Silly in Toronto #330786 says:

    I think it all depends on the situation. The circumstances surrounding the gift. If it’s necessary for them to be successful and accomplish the goal I wouldn’t say a car is too much.. just would think a BMW is too much as opposed to let’s say a VW. but those are just my thoughts.

  276. Stormcat says:

    Ok. Everybody you can come back out now were serious again.

  277. Scully says:

    Personally for me, I prefer to take it case by case so to speak. At my age, I’m already fairly established, so to me a car would be a bit much….

  278. Scully says:

    I think I just figured out why you’re called Stormcat…. 😀

  279. Panther SD says:

    Ok we need to get the other SBs involved in the conversations.

    As silly as this sounds is there a monetary gift too large for a SB? At what point would you look at your SD and say “Baby that’s too much, i can’t accept that”.

    Is there a monetary limit? Is a car too much? Or is it really dependent on on your feelings for him?

  280. Scully says:

    I’m so gonna keep quiet……..my sides hurt from laughing so much…….

  281. Stormcat says:

    You started it!

  282. Scully says:

    OMG Storm, stop…..I can’t take it……..You’re killing me…….

  283. Stormcat says:

    What is this PG 13 thing Partially grusome friday the 13th? or Privately Glorius can you do that 13 more times?

  284. Scully says:

    LOL …….oh I like that one for Storm………..yep that’s what I am sooo gonna do 🙂

    REDDDDDDDDDDDDDD where are youuuuuuuuuuuuuuuu!!!

    Panther, you’re just mad, that’s your punishment for letting my money slave out of the basement!

  285. Panther SD says:


    I am soooo trying to keep my blog entries rated PG-13.


  286. Stormcat says:

    OMG Scully – not thaaaaaat 😀

  287. Scully says:

    I think I am gonna have to think of some new “tortures” for you. Knowing my luck you really like being taunted and would enjoy it too much darn it!

    Ohh I know…….I could tie you to a chair and make you watch me eat some of DC’s creme brulee …….

  288. Scully says:

    Oh Storm,

    I’m sooooo not even done with you yet darlin……..

  289. Scully says:

    Uhh no that wasn’t 65% it was more like my taking 80 and you getting 20 after expenses……….:)

  290. Trinity 328103 says:


    They are actually responding to what I wrote since you can see the conversation chain in the email; not fresh emails. Actual responses. Strange!

  291. Stormcat says:

    Scully – you put me through lmao hell and all I get is an opps my bad?

  292. Panther SD says:


    I already know you planned to “Pimp” me out as a stud. I’m still not sure about you getting the 65% cut off the top. J

    ust doesn’t seem right…..

  293. Silly in Toronto #330786 says:

    Storm.. it’s that red hair of hers.. you know what they say about their personality..


  294. OPOV says:

    Trinity 328103 Says:
    May 28th, 2009 at 4:52 pm

    So how are these guys with blue profiles answering me back then?

    Never seen that before. Question, are they hitting the reply button and responding to what you wrote or do they see your email and initiate a fresh one out of the blue and include their email for your response? Are you clicking the link from their actual email msg or from the system email generated when you received a msg?

    Real curious as to how they would be doing that.

  295. RedMaru*210789* says:

    Thanks Panther you got mail from this morning.

  296. Panther SD says:


    I’m not sure anymore. I know they can read emails IF they don’t send out more then 10 free-be emails. Once they surpass 10 their access to the mailbox is cut.

    If i’m wrong please feel free to correct me.

  297. Scully says:

    Oh I thought you told Panther I was gonna sell his email to the highest bidder…….oops my bad!

  298. Scully says:

    Yup, PUNISH…….

    So, will it be whips, chains and hot candle wax or something more fun, like a tied up session to a bed so all you can do is watch? (smiles innocently)

    Cause that’s what I’m gonna write next to the last line…

  299. Stormcat says:

    Scully, I can’t stop laughing. I dont even know what you’re talking about. Fill me in i’m clueless.

  300. DC says:


    Perhaps I am wrong but I thought that blue members could not read our e-mails if we write to them first.

    Does anyone know for sure?

  301. Stormcat says:

    Punish? 🙂

  302. Scully says:

    Well Storm, I think I’m gonna write this……

    Stormcat, genius kinda guy who ratted me out so here is his information so you can punish him for me 🙂

    How’s that?

  303. Scully says:

    Well OK OPOV, I was just curious what yours said so I could get a “feel” for your personality. You seem to know quite a bit about how the site works….Interestingggggggggggggg……….ok I’ve had some caffiene…..forgive me I’m a little goofy

  304. Stormcat says:

    Scully – what are you going to write next to it?

  305. Trinity 328103 says:

    So how are these guys with blue profiles answering me back then?

  306. OPOV says:

    the n/a blocked by member is so that people don’t realize how addicted someone may be to constantly checking their profile and looking for others. What does it say if a prospective SD is logging in at 1, 2, 3, 3:15, 4, etc?


    I am no longer actively looking so my profile is now private

  307. Silly in Toronto #330786 says:

    ah ! ok.. makes sense. Yes, totally agree and guess I’m kind of surprised there would even be the option of being on here for free ! I mean, after all, they’re SD’s ! I can imagine a free 2 day trial or something but ….


  308. Scully says:

    Umm Storm you weren’t supposed to tell on me like that! Just for that I’m gonna post yours on the ladies bathroom wall!

  309. DC says:

    Blue are guys who won’t pay for membership for whatever reason. if you write to them they can’t open your e-mail. Orange are paying members and have full access and priviledges.

  310. Scully says:

    Oh my I’ve had several of those as well. No wonder no one is answering me!

  311. Stormcat says:

    Hey Panth: You seem to be getting a pretty good amount of interest. Maybe you can sell your direct email address to the highest bidder.

  312. Scully says:

    Red where have you been!!! I’m collecting email addys woman……..you be next!!!

    OPOV, what’s your profile number?

  313. Trinity 328103 says:

    A-ha! Thanks for the information. My pot SD that I just met with has a blue profile with a picture and he was able to read/email back so then I got confused. Now my other question is when it says on a profile for last log in N/A blocked by member…so I am assuming they are bad news?

  314. Panther SD says:

    Welcome back Red!

  315. Panther SD says:

    Got it, mail back at you.

  316. RedMaru*210789* says:

    I just miss all the good stuff don’t I?
    I would not mind a background check and could totally understand the concern. Would I perform one on a SD….depends since things are as DC says googleable…hey I like that word 😀

  317. OPOV says:

    A blue profile can send a max of 10 emails (provided they have a picture in their profile) but cannot read any msgs sent to them. The purpose is to get those with some money to pay for a memebrship, which is what the site relies on as its business plan.

  318. Scully says:

    I did Panther………..you must be having a busy day 🙂 (smirk with some sarcasm)

  319. Scully says:

    Well Storm as long as you’re not answering yourself, I think you should be ok…….

  320. Panther SD says:


    Nahh i can’t even see the email header until i re-up. Email me directly.

  321. Silly in Toronto #330786 says:

    yes please, blue vs. orange.. the diff ?

  322. Stormcat says:

    Now I’m not only talking to myself, I’m writing to myself.

  323. Scully says:

    Ok Panther I tried your email address, I don’t know if it worked. Imma collecting email addys now 🙂

  324. Stormcat says:

    Timing isn’t everything after all 😀

  325. Scully says:

    LOL DC you are so bad, but man that’s a great idea!! Can I have wine with that too?

  326. Stormcat says:

    Ok Storm! skip the careless arab joke.

  327. Trinity 328103 says:

    I wonder between the blue profiles and the orange? I imagine the orange means they are paying members? I get emails from blue profiles so I am confused now if there is a difference?

  328. Stormcat says:

    I think the consensus is that a regular SD is not an SD. What can’t afford to pay the membership fee?

  329. Scully says:

    Uhh Storm you didn’t say it you typed it…….

  330. Panther SD says:


    Yeah i know, makes for great beer can holders!

  331. Scully says:

    Oh and a new pair or two of some nice stilletto shoes 🙂

  332. Stormcat says:

    Panther sand has a tendency to stick to wet surfaces.
    Did I say that. lmao

  333. Silly in Toronto #330786 says:

    and remind me ? what can regular SD’s have access to ? they have to be premium members to reply or read a message ?

  334. Scully says:

    And I’ve a 35 lb pup sitting behind me in my chair…..I soo need some Scullly time, a cold martini and a massage ….

  335. Silly in Toronto #330786 says:

    lol, thanks Storm.. good point !

  336. Panther SD says:

    If you need a reply before tonight….

    just try “pantherbot” going to something Hot for mail.

  337. Scully says:

    Storm, DC you have mail!!! I so rock at multi tasking!!! I am finishing a proposal, blogging and listening to Rhapsody!


  338. Stormcat says:

    Silly – your sent mail folder keeps that for you. So you can keep your favs list for those people that you want to keep track of for other reasons.

  339. Panther SD says:

    Pffft i say meet at the beach with a six pack. Anything you can do in a hotel room you can do on a warm beach. 🙂

  340. Scully says:

    LOL Panther check your mails header!

  341. Silly in Toronto #330786 says:

    If I’ve emailed them, I’ve added them as favorites.. I have a LOT of favs..

  342. Scully says:

    GGGGGGRRRRRRRRRRRRr do my fellow agents think because I say I want to pick their brain that they need to meet me with a bottle of wine and ask me to relax………geez some guys are so damned clueless………

    Sorry, I didn’t mean that as a male bashing thing. I’m working on forming this board for the not for profit and got a call from an agent I sent an email to and well I guess he thought I needed to meet him at his hotel and he had a bottle of wine…….can you say cheesy?

    I’m done venting now 🙂

    Hey Panther since you’re doling out credit cards, I’ll give you my membership number (do we have a devil emot?)

  343. Trinity 328103 says:

    Wow, funny…never even looked before! I have all these potentials that have favorited me but only one has contacted me!

  344. DC says:


    I think you can only see who viewed you and made you a favorite if you are a paying member. I paid for one month and liked that option but it has since expired and I seem to have lost that option so thinking of maybe paying for it again.

  345. Panther SD says:


    I will have to check mail tonight. I got to work today and found my account expired. Sadly i can’t have my window open typing in credit card information and someone walks up. But it would make an interesting conversation…

  346. Silly in Toronto #330786 says:

    Hey Storm.. profile 330786.. nope, don’t think I’m on yours..

  347. Scully says:

    DC and Stormy you both have mail!!!

  348. Stormcat says:

    Trinity it’s one of the options on the search page.

  349. Stormcat says:

    Silly are you on mine? If not you haven’t given up the profile # to me.

    Panther:lol Maybe you have an alter ego.

  350. Trinity 328103 says:

    How do you find out if you were favorited? I still am trying to figure out all the site stuff…

  351. DC says:

    Panther~ LOL

    No, I have not performed a background check. The pot SDs I have had were googleable (is that a word?).

    If a pot SD wanted to perform one on me that would be fine. I can understand why they would want to do that

  352. Panther SD says:

    Trinity~ good point.

    Question~ has any SB performed a background check on a SD?

    Has any SDs on this site performed a background check on a SB?

  353. Scully says:

    panther you have mail

  354. Silly in Toronto says:

    oh I know Stormcat ! I just like the added feature.. LOL
    I’m on 6 peoples’ fav list…

  355. Trinity 328103 says:

    I have been googling cell numbers but nothing weird has popped up so far…usually I get sites that want me to buy background checks. I get a lot of potentials wanting my number and I am hesitant to do that right away. I don’t want just anyone calling me plus they can track me down. I had one pot move on because I wouldn’t give him my number after only two emails.

  356. Panther SD says:

    Hmmm.. just googled my cell number and find “Panther SD – Exotic/Erotic/Twisted”.

    Apparently google does not work. Pffft

  357. DC says:

    Love that Storm! That would work for me.

    Trinity- I would google the cell number only because, as I mentioned here a few times, I googled this jerk who texted me and started out right away talking about sex and found out his cell number linked to his male escort page. He must have been confused and thought I was a sugar mom.

    I like to find out if they had an SB before and what worked and what didn’t. Kind of gives you some insight into what they are looking for and their likes and dislikes

  358. Stormcat says:

    Oh silly, that’s silly. You don’t even have to have a membership to be addicted to the blog.

  359. Scully says:

    Well Trinity, there are a lot of questions you could ask. Start out with something light, like his interests (not sexual) hobbies and delve slightly deeper and see what he’s missing in his life. Start there, I’m sure the conversation will flow…

  360. Stormcat says:

    DC: I guess I could put Ex WC with a NY attitude.
    Did ya catch that Beach Girl?

  361. Silly in Toronto says:

    ok, it’s official. I am addicted… just upgraded my membership

  362. Trinity 328103 says:

    Hmmmm….I only know my pot first name and cell number…

    Does any SB have questions that they ask in their emails or vice versa for SD’s? I am curious to see what basic questions are asked?

  363. DC says:

    Thanks Storm!! I do usually wear 3+ inch heels, sometimes 5-6 inch but only in bed LOL

    The attitude is what is so endearing about New Yorkers isn’t it. I’ve got some attitude but I’m not the in yer face type.

  364. DC says:

    Aww, thanks Scully..you are very sweet to say that. You are beautiful as well and I know more than a few men who find women who wear glasses extremely sexy 😉

    I honestly would not want to be 30 again. 50 is the new 40!

  365. Stormcat says:

    DC you’re perfect. Well you might be 1″ too short but that can be overcome with high healed shoes. Your pics look great. I’m not too sure about the slur. Whatta ya implyin, that NewYorkers’ got some-kinda-additude? 🙁

  366. Scully says:

    Uhhh Red, I just need help and you seem to be able to tame his…….beast….I’m such an innocent bystander here. 🙂 (sweet innocent angelic smile)

  367. Scully says:

    Wow DC, you are gorgeous!!! Can I look like you at 51? I certainly freaking hope so……..

  368. Silly in Toronto says:

    exactly !!

  369. RedMaru*210789* says:

    Can’t pull nothing over on you can I Scully?

  370. DC says:

    Silly, that’s happened to me as well. Yes, it’s sad. Almost like getting to the second or third interview for a job and then finding out someone else got it when you knew you were just perfect for the position.

  371. DC says:

    Storm..busted? LOL

    My profile # is 320283

    And I do talk about my age in the first paragraph, but the point I’m trying to get across is that I am proud of my age and that with age comes life experience and I think a little wisdom. So I hope it doesn’t seem like that is a sensitive issue for me. But let me know if it comes across that way or if anything else needs to be tweaked. Thanks!

  372. Silly in Toronto says:

    a Pot SD that I was chatting with deleted his profile.
    and here I thought we’d had a great connection !

  373. Scully says:

    Red, he’s in my personal closet of dark secrets, help me get him outta there would ya?

  374. Panther SD says:

    Ok what’s with all the Creme Brulee talk? Some of us are trying to maintain a diet here…

  375. Panther SD says:


    I just saw your reply… yes i have a decent imagination. It runs wild when i am at work. 😉

  376. Stormcat says:

    Wow! there are 43 recipies for creme brulee on that site.

  377. Scully says:

    Ok Panther, now you’re getting way too deep in my head, I know we had this talk……you’ve got to stop going through my stuff up there!

  378. Stormcat says:

    OK DC You’re busted. I dont have you in my favs yet. Give me your profile # or send me a message so I can look you up.

  379. Panther SD says:


    It’s hard to say. Some SBs just have “IT”. After a few conversations via email I just have to know more. She just has that certain something that triggers my “aggressive/gotta have her” nerve. I can’t describe it. Usually it’s a culmination of location, personality, sexuality, teasing, etc..etc..

    Of course it also depends on the mood i’m in. If the right one comes along and naturally taps into some dark burried fetish and tells me what i want to hear she’s got me. Of course I never give that information out….

  380. DC says:

    Epicurious rocks!

  381. DC says:

    Hey Scully- you’ve got mail!

  382. Scully says:

    Oh thanks DC I ‘ve never seen that site before!

  383. Newbie says:

    forgot to say thanks!!!! 🙂

  384. DC says:

    Actually this is simpler. Go to Epicurious . com and do a search for Crème Brûlée with Berries and it’s the first one that comes up. It’s from Bon Appetit 2003.

    Bon Appetit!!!

  385. Stormcat says:

    CBNY I guess because your age is right there at the beginning and you chose to talk further about age and experience in your description. I interpreted it to mean that it may be something that you were sensitive about.

  386. Newbie says:

    Hi Red! Hi DC! 🙂
    Red- I dont know his name yet so shoudl get that out of the way. Gaaah!!! I’m such a naive newbie!!
    DC I think you are right, I’ll plan on broaching the topic before we meet.

    Hi Scully, I wanted to answer your question as I feel some chemistry over email. For me, I felt it when I got the right answers to my questions (I asked quite a few) and he seemed really understanding and said some nice things. I guess you only know for sure when you meet in person!

  387. Scully says:

    dc, you can email it to me if you like, bohiemanredhead at the hotmail server. I ll print it out and make it this evening!!

  388. Scully says:

    Uh huh and I’m the Queen of England too……..you’re about as innocent as I am….

  389. DC says:

    Scully- I found the recipe…whew! Need it for a date next week.
    Are we allowed to post links here?

  390. RedMaru*210789* says:

    whatever do you mean Scully? (cue devilish grin) I’m innocent…lol

  391. Scully says:

    Hmmmm I look away and how did we get on this subject? Last I looked, Red was working Panther up with her suggestions.

    I’ve to ask, how does one know if you’ve chemistry over email? Money is so well discussed on this blog, it’s really funny. Some women never have issues stating in their profiles up front what they want and some don’t. Some guys state that same thing but I noticed we are all still here. I guess there’s chemistry here huh? 🙂

  392. DC says:


    Testing is a good idea but as you know, nothing is a guarantee.

    Someone could have test results from a month ago and gotten infected with HIV since then as it takes a few months for the antibodies to show up. And if they claim to have not been with anyone since those test results….well then you are basically taking a stranger at their word.

  393. Pink Daisy says:

    Oh where are all the english SDs!

  394. DC says:


    I have met a few pot SDs and what I like to do now is bring up the comp issue after a few e-mails because it’s very unromantic/uncomfortable for me to bring it up in person.

    I usually ask them first if they have had an SB before and if they have could they describe the experience. If they haven’t I tell them I have learned a few things (mostly from this blog) and ask them if they would like for me to share what I have learned. Most want to know.

    Then I tell them what I am seeking as far as the financial arrangement goes and either they are okay with it or they aren’t but best to know beforehand. . I don’t get THAT specific, just mention that I am looking for an allowance as opposed to gifts and shopping and dinners out

    I know to some it must seem too business or escort like but at some point you have to discuss this and I, personally, would rather get it out of the way as soon as possible

  395. CrèmeBruléeNY says:

    Storm – Thanks for your remarks/compliment. Odd that I come across as sensitive about my age.. As for $, it has not been a problem. I’ve had good success with the site so far. Challenge has been the chemistry which is key.

  396. RedMaru*210789* says:

    Hi Newbie 😀

    Well some essential things would be their real name for one and a phone number. And as far as the comp subject, as I have yet to get a pot I’m still at a loss myself at how to approach the subject.

  397. Newbie says:

    You guys crack me up. I love it!

    As a self-professed “Newbie” – I especially appreciate Panthers and DC’s experiences as I might be on the road to my first meeting with a pot. I’ve never been or been with an escort and this is really my first time at anything like this.

    Trinity, it seems like we are in similar places….when do you need to get back to your SD?

    My question to SBs is what do you think is essential to know from a SD before you meet a pot? And how do you broach the comp part, I’m not completely sure what I want and he seems too nice 🙂

  398. RedMaru*210789* says:

    Panther….Wow such imagination….are you always this creative….lol

  399. OPOV says:

    silly in Toronto, Trinity:

    Why wouldn’t you have your medical report and/or ask for one from your perspective partner? I have mine.

    I think we (as in society) is getting a little too complacent the past few years since HIV did not lead every news cast. More people seem to be worried about getting the “flu” than they are about the health of their partner

  400. DC says:

    Hey Silly-

    I had one pot SD that insisted on my getting tested beforehand and said he’d provide me with his results as well

  401. Scully says:

    Red I think you’re working the poor guy up! Keep up the good work! I’m gonna sit back and let the voyeur side of me take ova 😉

  402. Silly in Toronto says:

    Nice to meet you Storm.. still trying to get the lay of the land

  403. Trinity 328103 says:

    I have wondered about getting a medical report? I would like to ask!

  404. RedMaru*210789* says:

    Oh Hey OPOV 😀 Baba Rhum sounds tasty

  405. Stormcat says:

    Hi silly! we havn’t met yet. I’m Stormcat
    I’ve wondered about that too.

  406. Panther SD says:

    teaing=teasing. Damn my spotty typing!

  407. Panther SD says:


    Yes you keep teaing me with the rope, handcuffs and paddle. Umm.. wait… did you include nipple clamps also? I can’t remember…

    Wait i said that in public didn’t I…

  408. RedMaru*210789* says:

    Hey DC 😀
    Hey Stormcat – Baba rhum? Sounds tasty….

  409. Stormcat says:

    CBNY you have a really nice profile. I like your discription but it’s a little long. That plus the $ amount will probably cause most SDs to pass over your profile. You seem sensative about your age but you shouldn’t because that age is good for both older and younger SDs.

  410. RedMaru*210789* says:

    I just read a previous post of yours Panther…..A tease? Surely you don’t mean moi….;)

  411. OPOV says:

    red, if you love creme brulee then you have to try a baba rhum.

  412. Silly in Toronto says:

    Stormcat.. that’s a whole other issue ! are we supposed to ask SD’s for a copy of their med report and provide one to them, should it get to that point !

  413. Trinity 328103 says:

    I imagine that an escort would just go through the motions (no pun intended). I always pictured it as watching a bad porn film? I know I wouldn’t be able to do that since I have to have a connection with the person in order to have sex with them.

  414. DC says:

    Storm- I have known a few men over the years who actually dated escorts and what they have told me is that in general they tend to take the subject of STDs very seriously…more so than most 25-35 year olds I know. I am appalled at how many young women these days get drunk, have sex without condoms and blame it on the alcohol.

    However, there are also some escorts who will forgo the condom for the right price. I have even been approached with that scenario at this site.

  415. OPOV says:

    stormcat, I can understand your health concerns in regards to dealing with someone who may choose escorting as a career, but why do you think that they would present a greater danger considering most of the working women you would be attracted to are the ones who probably have a strict adherence to safe practices, whereas the college girl every guy wants is probably more prone to doing something stupid because of their generational approach to recreational sex?

  416. RedMaru*210789* says:

    I’m back and I seem to have missed the good stuff.
    Hi CremeBruleeNY. Wow you’re one of my favorite desserts! 😀

  417. Stormcat says:

    OPOV: Ive never with an escort but have met some and I think that are some of the most physically beautiful women around. Many are also extremely intelligent and resourseful. I am just afraid of them because I know too much about STDs.

  418. Scully says:

    OPOV that’s a very good point. I had a friend who ran an escort service, she has a tough business. I was amazed at her views of things. She taught her girls she recruited how to learn to be lacking in the emotion department. The woman had her rules and if they were broken, the girl was let go. She’s a very successful lady to this day, but her success hasn’t come without heartbreak I’m sure.

    I’ve always wondered if guys really were bothered by escorts treating them as a client. I mean it is pretty obvious why they come to those establishments. How do you go to a place such as this, no matter how classy or trashy, the goal is the same in both arenas, so why do some guys get upset when they go there and it wasn’t what they thought it would be?

  419. Trinity 328103 says:

    I am looking for a connection with someone since that has to be there or I am not comfortable. I wasn’t put off by the business like talk because he seemed a little uncomfortable talking about it. I will give it a try and I told him that we should see each other a bit more to see if we click. Plus I am not taking my profile down anytime soon…:-)

  420. OPOV says:

    DC Says:
    May 28th, 2009 at 1:46 pm

    ” A male friend of mine met a woman through Adult Friend Finder. Was very impressed at how classy and beautiful she was and started an affair with her only to find out later she was an escort. I suspect she also has a profile here. However he claims she never charged him for sex and he did not give her an allowance. She wound up falling in love with him but that’s another story.”

    Yes, we may occasionally (ok, maybe more occasionally than we would prefer) run into someone who is using these sites for marketing tools, but sometimes what you will find is someone who is looking for something true, regardless of the professional career choices they made. As evidenced by the above story, even escorts are women and don’t view every guy they meet as a client.

    What does a man really object to: being with an escort or being treated like one of her clients?

  421. Stormcat says:

    CBNY 322205
    Just make sure there aren’t any mirrors behind you when it comes up on the screen.

  422. DC says:

    Scully- looking for it now

  423. Scully says:

    Raine I hate to disagree with you but I will on one point. I did a lifestyle change and I lost 35 lbs. I still to this day eat smaller portions and work hard to maintain my weight. I’m close to 40 so that’s no easy task. AS with everything else in life, it takes discipline and dedication and you have to keep wanting it. If none of that exists, then you’re right they won’t work…….that’s just food for thought

  424. Stormcat says:

    OK what are the other two smileys again.

  425. CrèmeBruléeNY says:

    ’tis 303388, yours?

  426. Scully says:

    I’m still learning the ins and outs of the site. I just happened across the blog, that’s what I did with being favorited 🙂

  427. Stormcat says:

    OMG DC you’re a desert chef! 😀 😛 ;D

  428. raine says:

    Stormcat, I don’t like fad diets either. With that said: so-called “lifestyle changes” are diets, and they don’t work at all.

    *resumes lurking*

  429. Scully says:

    That’s a great idea Storm, then I can keep up with people 🙂

  430. Stormcat says:

    CBNY what is your profile #

  431. DC says:

    Scully, that usually means they are too busy to write you right then and there but might get to it later because your profile interested them. But I have been favorited and never heard from someone as well.

    Also I sometimes favorite an SD hoping they will notice and then contact me first but usually that does not work.

    I did have one pot SD favorite me and instead of waiting I contacted him first and then he responded and we planned to meet as he was interested. But he is the one that cancelled on me.

  432. Scully says:

    Ok DC, you’re gonna have to give that recipe up…….I’ve made bread puddings before and l loved them, but they are so rich and none of the kids will eat em…

  433. Stormcat says:

    Scully I hate to admit it but I put all the SBs from the blog on my favs list If I can get their profile number. and I put the SBs that I still like after Ive met them once. That’s it.

  434. DC says:

    Storm- the trick is to not put too much sugar on top before you put it under the broiler

    I have made many bread puddings but never that specific one. Yes, they are to die for.

    When I make the creme brulee I put a teaspoon of raspberry or strawberry jam in the rammekin before I add the brulee and bake it. But it’s delish even without that

  435. Scully says:

    Storm you’ve mail…….

  436. Scully says:

    Ok I’ve a wierd question…….when you’re added as a favorite, what does mean?

  437. Stormcat says:

    DC my first creme brulee was at a high tea in london, Burnt sugar crust so thick is was like glass.
    I also die for bread pudding with burbon reduction, can you make that?

  438. Scully says:

    Well I’ve a shoe addiction, does that mean I should throw that out there before I meet a potential? 🙂

  439. Scully says:

    You know Storm, you are welcome to use me as a sounding board. I do make a good listener and sometimes its best to talk and get it all out there…

  440. Panther SD says:


    She’s out there, it’s a matter of luck and timing. I just caution that women like my first experience are dangerous. Meaning you will become attached to her and possibly fall in love with her (in a good way).

    The only bad part is I spoiled her soo bad she claimed a lot of guys would not put up with her antics. I just kept reminding her not to lower her standards.

  441. CrèmeBruléeNY says:

    ooof.. I try too.

  442. Scully says:

    Uh huh and?

  443. Stormcat says:

    Scully – on the road. Plus dealing with a few tough emotions and felt more comfortable just reading.

  444. DC says:

    I make the best creme brulee. The first time I made it I almost…well you know LOL

  445. Scully says:

    Ok, I’ve to share this…….had an email from a gent, he had two photos in his profile, one of him in a tux and one with he and a very busty chick who was pretty. Ahem……he tells me he likes my glamour shot and I look like princess di, awwww thanks, and that he grew up near me. His question is how did I become so cool with the comments in my profile and when can we share a martini on my back deck or in his condo…….seriously?

    I asked him to give me a little info about him and all of a sudden we’re on the road more to come later…….somedays I do wonder…..

    I still have the blog :d

  446. Stormcat says:

    CBNY That is a favorite desert of mine. Mmmmm Sweet, Creamy, and Smooth. Do you live up to your name?
    Sorry, couldn’t help myself.

  447. CrèmeBruléeNY says:

    Hi Storm 🙂

  448. Panther SD says:

    For first meetings I suggest keeping an open mind and feeling people out. SDs have a wide range of personalities and values. The same drive that makes some SDs finnacially successful can also be viewed as being cheap or shrewd. He did not accumulate what he has by being irresponsible with his finances.

    Try not to be shy or offended if/when you are discussing business (arrangement). Again depending on her personality he may treat the arrangement as a business deal which may be offensive to some. Then again he may be the spendriff carefree daddy you have dreamed about.

    I have come across some SBs that say “what ever you can spare a month” and other will say ” Not one penny less then $$$$ or i can’t have you taking up my time.”

    So ask yourself. Are you all about the business? Are you looking for a connection? What drives you in this type of arrangement?

    Ok lunch break is over. Back to pretending to work.

  449. Scully says:

    Storm where you been? I havent seen you for a few days….

  450. Stormcat says:

    Hi CBNY, welcome! 😀

  451. Scully says:

    And here I thought some of the women had issues with potential daddies…….sheesh….

  452. Scully says:

    Keep your chin up Trinity, you are a very striking woman! Sorry I like to see who I’m talkin to ;). There’s someone out there for you. Someone once wrote that you have to put work into it. I’ve gotten a lot of emails and have been amazed at a few of them and really laughed. Some just don’t have a clue.

    You’ll find him, just when you stop looking that’s when he appears 😉

  453. Stormcat says:

    Scully, that’s awfully generous of ya.

    Panther I like your storys they are very illustrative. I just got an email that has Job lost, savings gone, baby hungry, unemployment not coming, want to meet right away.
    Gee! What should I do now?
    I’m still working for something similar to your first experience.

  454. CrèmeBruléeNY says:

    Been a reader/lurker for some time.. wanted to pop in and say hello to the brilliant minds on here. I’ve interacted with some of you months ago. Hope everyone is having a great day!

  455. Trinity 328103 says:

    Hello all,

    Thanks for all of the advice. I am going to feel it out a bit for now. I do think he is looking more for sex than anything else. He did have an SB before for a few years so maybe his expectations are a little off since she set the tone. I am different in that He seemed nice but I have this weird feeling that he will be cheap in the regard that he seems very frugal. I like to be spoiled so this could be interesting! He basically can only see me once or twice a week for long lunches or early drinks since he is married. I think he is wanting to see if there is chemistry as well so maybe that is why he threw that dollar amount out. I thought it was a little low but then I don’t have anything to base it on! I get contacted all the time but mostly I have gotten weirdos so this was the first that I actually had the guts to meet with so I will see where it goes…

  456. Silly in Toronto says:

    thanks for the story Panther, gives me hope that there are some GREAT SD’s out there !

  457. Scully says:

    Oh Stormy we know, we still love ya any way 🙂

  458. Scully says:

    Does this mean the guys pics that are posted that make you all warm and maybe a lil sweaty and even make your teeth sweat are fake and we should pass them up?

    Sorry, effects of about two glasses of wine and too little to eat (sheepish grin)

  459. Stormcat says:

    Sorry, DC Scully. I get over the top sometimes and feel unsure about delving into subjects where my knowlege is at the dilitant level. Then I try to speak intelligently with the result being muddy. DC said it much more succinctly.

  460. DC says:

    Hi Panther-

    Thanks so much for sharing that with us.

    Your first experience must have been bittersweet. Sounds like you really enhanced each others lives. Wonderful.

    Sorry about the second experience. Interesting you brought that up. A male friend of mine met a woman through Adult Friend Finder. Was very impressed at how classy and beautiful she was and started an affair with her only to find out later she was an escort. I suspect she also has a profile here. However he claims she never charged him for sex and he did not give her an allowance. She wound up falling in love with him but that’s another story.

    Googling someone’s cell phone number seems to be very effective.

    He once said his advice was if it seems too good to be true it probably is LOL

  461. Nico says:

    *blush* thank you 🙂

  462. Panther SD says:

    Nico ~

    GFE = Girl Friend Experience

  463. DC says:

    Hi Storm-

    Not advocating the diet, but it’s required reading for a course I’m taking.

    This is directly from the book:

    “The cranberry-juice water mixture eliminates water retention, cleanses accumulated wastes from the lymphatic system and also helps to clean up cellulite”.

    The rest of the diet is very healthy IMO. Organic protein, fruits and veggies.

    Storm wrote- “The only two ways to reduce weight is my decreasing intake to a level below catabolic requirements, or increase metabolism.”

    …yes I agree 100%

  464. Nico says:

    Pardon my ignorance Panther but what is “GFE”?

  465. Scully says:

    She might be such a tease, but man is she a great gal!!! Especially taking the teasing of a gent such as yourself. You’re quite the handful I’m sure 🙂 Red, you so rock!!!

  466. Scully says:

    Awww Panther, You are such a gent!!!! I must say I completely applaude you for having that much control, that is sooo tough and to be so strong and such a gent, bravo man bravo!!!!

    As far as the escort, now that is kinda funny. I was looking through to see who viewed me recently and have seen some really funny profiles on here! Some poor guy who won the lottery a few years ago and is now a retired man is on here. The funny thing is he talks about what he owns and not who he is. He also says he is looking for a baby, but when he mentioned almost in a vindictive manner about how he thinks his ex wife wishes she would have stuck around. Sorry but I won’t touch that one with a ten foot pole……..It doesn’t show much for his character. His ex probably divorced him for a baaaaaaaad attitude.

    How’s everyone’s afternoon?

  467. Panther SD says:

    Scully ~

    I’m featured? I had no idea. I guess that is what RedMaru had mentioned earlier but i thought she was kidding.

    She’s such a tease. 🙂

  468. Panther SD says:

    DC ~ This is a little long….

    Well let me start by saying I found the site some time ago when I tired of seeing escorts. I was lacking the friendship and emotional connection with a woman. The wife became distant so I looked elsewhere to fill those needs. I only mentioned “Escorts:” to make a point that I could get sex when ever I wanted so I was looking for more. Also the thought of helping someone out who was trying to get ahead in life was appealing. Having a great friend I could mold into a force or nature was great.

    My first experience was with a beautiful young lady attending an IVY League school on the east coast. We both lived in Los Angeles and hooked up when she come from school. I exposed her to many different things she was not use to. Her imagination soared and I was there to help her with school planning, directions, paying bills and emergency situations. Above all else we were great friends. She was a virgin when we met and a virgin when we separated. She offered, but I opted not to “go all the way” because I didn’t want to distract her from her goals and that is not what I was after with her. To this day I regret not marrying her, but that is another story.  I want to note I did not meet this on Seeking Arrangement.

    Now for the retarded experience…
    Met a sexy SugarBaby who’s profile as listed her living in Houston. My company has a satellite office down there so I decided a SB there would be great. So I dropped her a note and she replied saying she moved to Oakland. Ok, not a big deal we have a satellite office in the Bay Area and was there just a month or so ago. So she appeared to be similar to my first experience (in age and goals) so we started to make arrangements. Immediately she needed help with rent so that was not a big deal. We both used the same bank so as a gesture of good faith and to show I was serious I transferred the money. After a few days my “instincts” kicked in and I started to notice small red flags. She didn’t attempt to get to know me. She didn’t ask any questions. Hmmm. I decided to send her some Lingerie I wanted her to model in, when she received it she took pictures in them and sent them to me. A week later when I went to send her something else she informed me I was using the wrong address. How is that, it’s the same address as last week? Safe to say her explanation didn’t make sense and she was only available when she needed something. So on a hunch I looked up her cell number and found it on craigslist under escorts for $150 an hour.
    In hindsight I knew I was at fault for wanting her to be like my first. I now apply my past “Escort” test to every SB that approaches me. Anyone that appears desperate, 1 day away from a payment due is ignored. Anyone that wants suggest pay for play falls into my escort category. Anyone using the term rates, GFE, Dining at the Y are also tossed in the escort category. Anyone taking a picture in a cheap hotel room with the back board nailed to the wall, air conditioner on the floor and red checkered rugs automatically gets tossed.

    I’m sure the other SDs have a long list of red flags as well.
    In conclusion my first SB is a shinning beacon of what “could” be. The second was an exercise of not paying attention to the warning signs.

  469. Scully says:

    BTW, congrats Panther on being featured! You look so innocent in that photo……..so what was the real story behind those shades????

  470. Scully says:

    Storm you just lost me! I’ve no clue what you were talking about 🙂

  471. Scully says:


    I only had 5 people show up, sheesh talk about a bummer!! Oh well it was fun and everyone had a good lunch. We do a lunch like this once a month to catch up, seems like everyone is busy with graduation.

    Now that I’m caught up, yep DC that’s the book. IT IS a lot of work to maintain a healthy lifestyle especially when we live in a country that is loaded with decadence. I’m not sure about other countries, but ours has so many coffee shops, restaurants, bars and grills on just about every corner!

    Storm I think we gotcha darlin! That diet is probably one of the safest ones I know, it’s not quite a diet, it’s a lifestyle change. You change your eating habits, almost like eating in a microbiotic kind of way. And nothing works over night. I am a research junkie and do that before doing anything.

    And hey everyone!!!

  472. NYC SB says:

    Hi all!

    I had the pleasure of meeting Ababy last night in NYC… she is awesome!!! We had a great time …

  473. Silly in Toronto says:

    good morning all !
    yes, please do tell ! I’m curious too as a new sb

  474. Stormcat says:

    Has anyone any knowlege about the actions of these new putative anti-aging, lifespan enhancing compounds?

  475. Stormcat says:

    It causes water diffussion in the outward direction toward the vascular space as it excretes it through the kidneys.

  476. Stormcat says:

    Hi Red Maru, DC, Panther, Scully, Beach Girl 😀
    Welcome L Ms Kitty
    I don’t like to see fad diets. Esp when they concentrate heavily on one theme. That said;
    Cranberry Juice is a natural diuretic. It doesn’t increase fat metabolism. I causes water diffussion outward direction the vascular as it excretes it through the kidneys. Weight loss is due to water weight loss, which may be good for preventing bloat but does not result in any permenant weight reduction. By the way there is already a lot of sweetner in cranberry juice because otherwise it is so tart and bitter that it is impossible to consume.
    The only two ways to reduce weight is my decreasing intake to a level below catabolic requirements, or increase metabolism. Concentrating on a theme type diet skews your nutritional profile causing excess of some componants and depletion of others. Just be careful.

  477. DC says:

    Hi Panther!

    I’d love to hear about it if you don’t mind sharing and have the time. Thanks!

    I’m new to this as well but I did a little homework and of course the blog has been incredibly helpful. Wish everyone would do the same before they dip their toes in the water so to speak.

    It feels weird for me as the SB to have to explain all the details to them

  478. Panther SD says:


    Yes that happens a lot. There are plenty of SDs/SBs that have never done this before and are feeling their way through it. My first experince 2 years ago was something to behold. Typically the first few experiences shapes your views on arrangements.

  479. DC says:

    RM- it’s from the stevia herb which I believe is native to S. America. It’s 100 times sweeter than sugar. No calories and no carbs!

    Jeez….just heard from another SD who has never done this before and is unsure. Is this common? I am telling them now how the arrangement works and to read up about it and get back to me. I’m getting a little tired of getting excited about the prospect only to have them chicken out last minute

  480. RedMaru*210789* says:

    Panther – okay you can bring the rope just this once…lol

    Hey DC – what is stevia made of?

  481. DC says:

    Hi Scully-

    Funny you mentioned the fat flush plan. I am reading it now for school. It’s by Anne Marie Gittleman who has written a lot of nutrition related books. I’ve never done the diet or the fast with the cranberry juice but some swear by it. Cranberries are extremely healthy. It’s all about preparing your liver beforehand to get it ready for detox as she thinks the reason some people can’t lose weight on diets is because they are overloaded with toxins which are stored in the fat. Blah, blah…I won;t bore you with the details.

    I have been using stevia for about 8 years. I love it. The best brand is made my NOW. it’s an acquired taste and is natural and has been used in Europe for a long time and is safe, unlike Nutrasweet

    PD- I have learned that if they don;t say I have to cancel how about next Tuesday that they are probably gone. There are exceptions, but usually that is the case. It’s hard to let go but that is the best approach. Focus on the SDs that want to meet.

    I am also finding that a lot of these SDs have never done this before, came here because the article peeked their interest and they are clueless. They seem to not be ready for this and are just wasting our time. I have had a few chicken out after lots of e-mailing.

  482. RedMaru*210789* says:

    lil_ms_kitty – Welcome 😀 Grab some food and pull up a chair. Good to have you!

  483. Panther SD says:

    Lil_ms_kitty ~

    Nice to see you pop in.

  484. Panther SD says:


    The rope is so much more fun. 🙂

  485. lil_ms_kitty says:

    Hello all! I’ve been reading the blog for a couple days now and you guys are great! Found myself rolling with laughter at times…anyway just wanted to pop in and say hi!

  486. Scully says:


    I’m back for a few short ones. Do the research on Stevia, its from a plant that is naturally sweet. I didn’t do any sweetening, I liked the cranberry water by itself. One thing you have to do is cut back on the indulgences if you just want 10 lbs gone. I do know that last ten lbs is harder than the first ten, good luck!

    I have about 8 people headed to the house for a girls afternoon lunch full of giggling a couple glasses of wine and some puff pastries filled with brie cheese, yes I do know that’s indulgence. I’m sticking to a light white wine with some fresh fruit ;).

    Catch you all later on….

  487. Nico says:

    Pink ~ don’t read too much into it or you’ll work yourself up. When I reboot my phone it automatically logs me in to my online chat and then I miss all kinds of messages from friends. It could be anything. Message him and nail him down on a reschedule time as opposed to waiting to hear from him.

  488. RedMaru*210789* says:

    Panther – sure though the rope is hardly necessary…lol I’m on yahoo

    PinkDaisy – Your pot is starting to flake at the edges…lol He could at least hit you up at the very least to apologize, reschedule, something
    Got fingers and toes crossed for you

    Hey DC and BG 😀

  489. Beach_Girl*306486 says:

    Hi DC

  490. Pink Daisy says:

    DC –

    I totally agree – have just signed into msn and he is online! yet no conversation – I find it difficult to believe he’s too busy with work to apologize and have a quick chat! the search for the perfect SD continues ………….

  491. DC says:

    Mornin’ all!

    Pink- so sorry, I know how you feel. I had a special SD cancel on me 3 hours before the date and said he looked forward to rescheduling soon and it’s going on 3 weeks so I don’t have much hope. I think if they try and reschedule within a week you have a good chance they were sincere and still want to see you.

    I have also had them pop up a month later out of the blue and then flake again. I really believe we make time for what is important to us, no matter how busy someone is. If they want to meet they find the time.

    I will keep my fingers crossed for you!

    Morning’ BG!

  492. Pink Daisy says:

    raine – for some reason I imagine the picture collectors with a giant collage of pictures of random girls plastered all over their walls in their house. what they gain from a picture of my head I do not know! lol x

  493. raine says:

    As far as the picture collectors go, I get it but I don’t get it (hope that made sense). *shrug*

    Pink: Ohh…100 mil trying to put class on layaway, huh?

  494. Beach_Girl*306486 says:

    Hello Sugars!
    Panther you work in the medical field?
    Pink ~ hope he reschedules

  495. Panther SD says:


    I need to tie you down on a messenger during the day or txt. 😉

  496. Pink Daisy says:

    *100 million

  497. Pink Daisy says:

    thanks Raine, have had 2 emails from pots today, guess its not all bad 🙂 though I suspect one is an explorer/picture collector type – worth 10 million my bum! x

  498. raine says:

    Mornin’, sugar fans. Sorry about your cancellation, Pink.

  499. SuthrnExec says:

    LVElegance, go for it an initiate contact if you wish – there’s not set rule as to who goes first. Just make sure you don’t sound desperate (not suggesting you are) – that’s a real turn-off to most SDs. Just keep it light and say hello – better yet, ask a question and if he is really interested, he will take the time to respond, although it might not be immediate. Good luck!

  500. Pink Daisy says:

    Panther – he did say it would have to be early lunch as he had work related commitments in the afternoon, so I guess thats fair enough – I guess I’ll just have to wait and see 🙂 the place we were going for lunch looked so gorgeous. he said it was somewhere he had been with a client before (half way between us both – I drive an hour, he drives an hour) I checked it out on the net and it looked lovely, what a shame. It really seemed as if we were both on the same wavelength on what we both were looking for as well x

  501. RedMaru*210789* says:

    Hey Jai 😀 How are things with you?

  502. RedMaru*210789* says:

    Hey Nico and LVE
    LVE – Good question! I’ve always wondered that about SD’s myself with the emails I’ve sent out I wondered if it was something I said or just the fact that I approached them as to why they didn’t respond back

    Panther you have mail

  503. Panther SD says:

    LVElegance ~

    It depends on the SD. I don’t have a problem with being approached as long as she does not appear desperate. A nice email stating she read my profile and a few lines of introduction works for me.

  504. Jai says:

    Morning everyone 🙂

    After trying to catch up this morning, I’m thinking I should leave the blog until the weekends lol or until I’m done with this class.

    I hope everyone is having fantastically satisfying days! 😀

  505. Panther SD says:


    It happens. I work religiously in the medical field and I am always on-call. So i am often out and my blackberry goes off. I want all my dates of this well before hand and appologize before the date even starts. 🙂 BUT I typically make a first date for coffee/lunch, even if it’s just a half hour.

    If he offers to reschedule immediately then I think you’re ok. If this occurs to you more then once he may not be a good match for you.

  506. Nico says:

    Good morning LVE ~ I can tell you that my SD peaked into my profile and I used that as an opportunity to say hello…took the initiative and wrote him. That’s all we needed and I’ve found a true gentleman and SD.

  507. Pink Daisy says:

    Panther – he said he had a project or something that he needed to work on – he did say “perhaps we could rearrange” hmmm…

  508. Nico says:

    Pink ~ he just canceled without rescheduling? Sorry 🙁

  509. LVElegance says:

    Hi! Question: Do the SDs like to be approached by the SB or do the SD’s like to make the initial contact? Thank you!!

    Have a sweet, sugary day!

  510. Nico says:

    Good morning Sugar Family.

    Trinity ~ You’re getting a lot of good feedback on your post and again, assuming the ‘connection’ is there between the two of you I still feel as though it sounds like it’s at least worth a shot.

    In my situations, sex wasn’t always a part of each encounter. It’s possible to want company that is genuinely interested in their lives.

    Many SD’s are not going to freely give a month’s salary in advance not knowing you and likely having been ‘taken’ in the past. Develop a level of trust with him and the per-time basis can quickly and easily change.

    Either way, go with your gut ~ you only know what feels ‘right’ for you.

  511. Pink Daisy says:

    I couldn’t sleep all last night either because of the butterflies >_<
    I’m just wondering if he’ll contact me again – he seemed pretty genuine -but who knows! x

  512. Panther SD says:

    Ok what is the topic for this morning. I could use a distratction for a while.

    Pink~ Sorry to hear that. It happens. Did he offer to reschedule?

  513. RedMaru*210789* says:

    Have a good one goodgirl. Hope the painkiller helps 😀
    Hey PinkDaisy sorry bout your pot cancellation
    Hey Stormcat !

  514. Pink Daisy says:

    got a txt this morning from my pot that i was meeting today, saying he couldn’t make it.. gutted 🙁 x

  515. goodgirl*313749 says:

    i’m off to get ready for the day. have a good one everybody! i may check in later while i’m ‘working’ lol 🙂

  516. Stormcat says:

    Hey Y’all. 😀
    Alot of blogging since my last post. Took a long time to catch up.
    Type of SD?
    Being an SD I suppose I should respond with the type I strive to be myself. I want to be a considerate, reasonably generous, trusting, entertaining, and emotionally supportive gentleman lover.

    None whatsoever. I insist that the relationship be allowed to evolve to its natural level. But that said there must also be no demands. The only way to find the natural level of a relationship is to allow it to develop unencombered without manipulation.

  517. RedMaru*210789* says:

    Bye Scully…you have a good one

  518. goodgirl*313749 says:

    thanks redmaru 🙂 i need em already!
    scully-it sounds like a lot of work. right now i think i’ll stick to my journaling and calorie counting, and working out. i did enough arm curls last night with my drinking, so today i’ll do legs and butt. lol 🙂
    if this doesn’t work, i’ll try yours. i don’t really need to lose anymore than like 10lbs, and really just need to tone up.
    maybe i can integrate yours with mine? i don’t know about cranberry juice with no sugar though…and i don’t do aspartame 😉

  519. Scully says:

    Ok Ladies and Gents,

    I need to get outta here and go upstairs and finish the puff pastries. I’m having a few friends over for lunch 🙂

    You all have a great morning and I’ll be back this afternoon. If to say though, I’m kind of addicted to this blog and its people, I’ll be wondering what’s going on while I’m gone!!!


  520. Scully says:

    I can see all the new potentials knocking his door down, poor guy won’t know what to do with himself!

  521. RedMaru*210789* says:

    I’m sorry goodgirl…I’m running to the CVS to pick you up some painkiller ASAP

  522. RedMaru*210789* says:

    OMG Panther you are featured…very sweet!

  523. Scully says:

    Oh and as far as meats go, you cut way back on red meats and eat more fish, poultry, turkey and even more pork if you prefer, however all the cuts of meat are lean.

    I’ll find the title and pop it out here later, the book should be fairly cheap 🙂

  524. Scully says:

    No you eat, definitely!! But you eat more fresh fruits and veggies either steamed, baked, grilled or broiled, you cut anything that’s white, rice, sugar or flour. You have a sweetner called Stevia plus to sweeten things with and you eat smaller portions but more meals through out the day. Oh and you have to cut way back on dairy. I loved icecream until I was on this diet, now I can’t stand the stuff….

    I’ll find the book and send you the title, it was well written and it does work. You’d have to find it on amazon now though it was a while back. I went from being 5 7 and weighing 170 down to 145 in about six months. You’ll do the cranberry water for 7 to 10 days straight. But you switch to water with lemon and it does work. And every time you have an oops moment, you go back to the beginning and drink the cranberry water.

  525. goodgirl*313749 says:

    good morning redmaru 🙂 don’t cheer too loudly today. i have a headache 🙂 lol

  526. RedMaru*210789* says:

    Cranberry water fat flush…cool
    Hey Scully is that all you can have or can you eat food?

  527. goodgirl*313749 says:

    scully~ what else do you do? just eat normally? is that the only thing you have? my sister did the lemonade diet, where all she had for like a month was lemonade. i tried it and after day 3 i thought i was gonna starve to death. lol!

  528. RedMaru*210789* says:

    Hey goodgirl..hold on I’m gettting my pom poms
    Keep thinking happy bikini thoughts….lol 😀

  529. Panther SD says:

    Hmm just noticed my account expired. The site doesn’t send a warning message? Geeezzz

  530. Scully says:

    Hey GG,

    This may sound wierd, but it does work. I did a fat flush for a few months and now I just maintain my weight, but the biggest thing that helped me was something I read in a book. It’s good and it does help.

    It’s cranberry water. You can do it one of two ways, you can boil fresh cranberries until they just pop, drain the juice off and mix it half cranberry juice and half water or you can buy unsweetened cranberry juice and do that same thing. Drink 8 glasses of it a day, it did wonders for me. Hope this helps out!


  531. Scully says:

    Ahhh GG I knew that one well……..it’s hard when it’s late, you’re tipsy and hungry!

  532. Scully says:

    And yes bohemian isn’t spelled correctly, I did do that for a reason 🙂

  533. RedMaru*210789* says:

    Hey Panther!
    Its mild here in GA and the sun is peeking in and out.
    Hey Scully if I can spare it, I send ya some 😀

  534. goodgirl*313749 says:

    good morning 🙂
    well~ i fell off the diet wagon last night and had a few too many cocktails. oops. then, of course, i had some pizza rolls and a burrito.
    i’m back ON the wagon today… gettin ready to do a hangover workout. lol!
    scully~what do you need?

  535. Scully says:

    Hey I’m back :D, when I logged on, whose profile do I see in featured SD but Panther!!! Ok I’m easily entertained and thought it was neat to see someone I knew who he was there.

    Ok to the insurance thing…this isn’t a SD opportunity to begin with, it means I’ve a need for some mentoring and need information on forming a board. If you’re female and you know it, the information would be so helpful. This board is being formed to help educate seniors on Medicare benefits and how they work.

    If you are you can email me at bohiemanredhead, I’ve a hotmail account.

    Thanks 🙂


  536. SuthrnExec says:

    It’s going to be very sunny and pleasant here – not what we are accustomed to.

    Trinity, it really is your comfort level with the guy that’s the determining factor. We haven’t communicated with him so we can only speculate. As SincereSD says, it seems a little too fee-for-time based but you have to be comfortable with it, him and with the idea that he will do what he says (increase allowance as time goes by).

    Scully, ask away – depends on your specific area but I might be able to help.

  537. Panther SD says:

    Morning Scully & RedMaru

  538. Newbie says:

    Good morning everyone! Its a wonderful morning – I just got a message from my pot SD! 😀

  539. Scully says:

    Well Panther you could send me some sun, it’s been raining for three days straight here 🙁

    Ok, strange requests folks, I need to find about three people who have some experience in the insurance field. I’ll explain more when I log into my laptop, the desktop is giving me fits!

  540. Scully says:

    Hey Southern,

    I’m good. I’m making some puff pastries this am!

    Trinity, I agree with Mr. Sincere, be careful it doesn’t turn into that. It can be hazardous as well as frustrating.

    Somedays I hate this pc! It’s sooooooo freaking slow!

  541. Panther SD says:

    Good morning all. It’s actually bright and sunny here today.

  542. SincereSD says:


    here are two example of SB emails regarding allowances.

    1. This SB didn’t want to talk about chemistry or anything except for the “rate”; she was too escort-ish for me. Here one line response was, “I expect $1,000 each visit.”

    2. This Sb was concerned about showing commitment for a longer term basis and wanted some sign of good faith. “My ideal version of an SD relationship… (removed discussion on allowances). The important thing to me is that its a commitment of a certain number of days per month for an agreed upon allowance – as opposed to a sporadic relationship with no real definition. A concern of mine is, of course, the individuals who can’t really afford a SB but are looking to fullfil a one-night-stand sort of fantasy with a younger girl.”

  543. RedMaru*210789* says:

    Morning everyone 😀
    How goes things in Sugarland…lol

  544. SincereSD says:


    The arrangement you described has the feel of an escort-client engagement. If that’s what you are comfortable with then that’s what you may end up with. There are downsides to the type of relationship that you are describing:

    * longevity may be short if there’s no chemistry involved or if he finds someone better (younger, cheaper, etc)
    * are you going to keep track of time
    * it sounds like a sex only engagement; what are expectations about social activity?

    I don’t want to ruin a good thing for you because SD relationships are hard to come by especially good ones. But my opinion is that on a pure monetary basis the rate is low. There is an overwhelming male-to-female ratio in your area and I would think that work in your favor from a SD or allowance basis.

  545. SuthrnExec says:

    Scully – how’s it going? I have people in and out of my office this morning.

  546. scully says:

    Wow everyone is quiet this am!

  547. SuthrnExec says:

    Greetings everyone!

  548. Scully says:

    Morning All!

  549. lisa says:

    Go somewhere else spammer fredjoul

    Good morning everyone. Getting ready to leave for work. My sd is supposed to come over this evening. Got emails from my other 3 potentials last night, will see about meetings for tomorrow.

    Have a great day everyone.

  550. Apple says:

    Morning sweetred 🙂 I’m still here! I’m working on a paper for school. I’m with Scarlett, someone write my paper for me! 5 more pages to go. Have a good day at work!

    In other news, I’m having email threads with several potential SDs. I don’t want to juggle multiple men – I have enough going on in my life already lol – but I want to meet all my potentials before I pick *one*. It’s especially tough since I won’t be in Manhattan until late June. This could get complicated, ick.

  551. sweetredhead*269443* says:

    Good morning everyone (yawns) No more late night during the week on the blog for me ughh had trouble getting up.

    It was great to see everyone though 🙂

    Time to get ready for work, have a great day everyone!

  552. *anonymous* says:

    What style of SD and/or SB serves you best? One that rarely has limits?
    I don’t mind limits as far as keeping your home and personal life separate from your SD/SB arrangement HOWEVER I don’t like there to be so many limits.

    I met with my potential/definite SD [who I’ll definitely be seeing long term] who’s married and limits definitely come with the territory of married men, SD or not…it’s kind of irritating actually. It’s taken 2 weeks to actually meet because he works a lot – and then there’s his wife. I like him a lot. He’s just what I’ve been missing but I already feel like/know there’s gonna be very limited time for us to spend together, talk, chat, even email.

    I only want one SD – I’m wondering if I should wait and see how things go. He was generous and said he’d give me cash for day-to-day spending and later on he’ll give me an allowance once, sometimes twice a month. And the sex was great which we didn’t plan on but that made it even better that there was that much chemistry that it came naturally 😀 He was good looking, attentive, affectionate…perfect. Where the hell else am I gonna find that? I really don’t wanna continue the search for a SD lol.

  553. Beach_Girl says:

    Now we only need OPOV~

  554. Beach_Girl says:

    SE~ sugar-high!!! lucky you, I want one of those! 😀

  555. Beach_Girl says:

    SE~ i was joking you know, i’m still kinda new even if i’m a year older now lol

  556. Beach_Girl says:

    Nico~ that is awesome that your SD said that!!!!

  557. Beach_Girl says:

    SE~ who is the old timer here???? 😀
    how you been?

  558. Beach_Girl says:

    Hey AJ~

  559. Beach_Girl says:

    Nico~ my puppy is Wilson, he is black and white,,,, ok i was also watching castaway lol

  560. Beach_Girl says:

    Nico~ i have a jack russell mix with a maltese, he’s too cute and a pain in my b-side but so cuddly
    sweetred~ i know what you mean!!! your my friend too! 😀

  561. Beach_Girl says:

    Gail~ i’m in no hurry! it will happen i’m sure!
    i did as you said , put my eggs all over the place lol… so we will see 😛

  562. Beach_Girl says:

    Nico~ you got a Maltese right?

  563. Beach_Girl says:

    Gail~ oh yeah i forgot the big one, I’m not SB material apparently lmao 😀

  564. Beach_Girl says:

    Hey Gail ,,,, i’m too tall, too fat, too far , too close, too old 😀
    i wanna be in Cali!!! 🙁

  565. Beach_Girl says:

    Nico ~ i’m at hotmail

  566. Beach_Girl says:

    I’ve been good
    Nico~ why are you swearing off men??? and what is a real relationship?
    i rather have a relationshop!

  567. Beach_Girl says:

    Nico~ hows the puppy? and you?

  568. Beach_Girl says:

    Gail where are you at?

  569. Beach_Girl says:

    No SD date 🙁

  570. Beach_Girl says:

    Hey Sweetred!
    And all sugars

  571. Newbie says:

    Aaah the sweet sound of silence….maybe I’m asking for too much in a Sugar Daddy lol

    good night all!

  572. Newbie says:

    Hey BeachGirl, Hey Island! From the Big Apple….which means I should be going to bed now…..but the sweet blog calls lol 🙂

    What puts the Sugar in Sugar Daddy? I never had one but I would think someone who is nice to you, respects you and is genuinely affectionate. He should be considerate of your time and be a kind person. My sugar daddy would also love champagne but thats just me 🙂

  573. Beach_Girl*306486 says:

    Night all i’m off to bed, have to work in the morning!
    talk soon

  574. Island_Muse says:

    I think it’s just me and the crickets here *chirp* *chirp* That must be my sign to really go to bed.

    Night (again) y’all. Sweet dreams. I’m really going to bed this time…*leaves reluctantly*

  575. Island_Muse says:

    Welcome Newbie, don’t feel bad about the addiction. Sweetred is arranging an intervention for me and if that doesn’t take (which I already know it won’t ) then it’s on to the 12 steps.

    Glad to have you!

  576. Island_Muse says:

    Nico~I like that you’ve given a “script”. Sometimes the correct phrasing to convey the right tone is so hard to come by.

    My point though Trinity, is whether it’s $5 or $500, if you feel it’s a fair amount that will determine how you connect (even subconsciously) with your (pot)SB. The amount has to make you feel special based on what you think you are bringing to the arrangement…I’m rambling, i’m sure you get it 😉

  577. Beach_Girl*306486 says:

    Nite Gail, Nico

  578. Beach_Girl*306486 says:

    Newbie~ sometimes it takes days before they answer, don’t worry!
    He messaged me too (explorer) and i too sent a photo, he’s a collector i think!
    Welcome to the blog, where are you from?

  579. Newbie says:

    Hi all! I’m new to SA but I just spent all of last night and the last several hours going through the blogs!

    I was messaged by explorer as well- wish I’d read through this post earlier.I even sent a pic. Stupid Stupid. So when do you send a pic?

    I was also contacted by another pot SD who seemed more like the real thing…but he hasnt replied to my message though its only been like 8 hours! 🙁

    I sense an addiction taking hold….lol

  580. Nico says:

    Melatonin kicking in. Good to be back. Good night my new friends and my old family 🙂

  581. Gail says:

    Sugars….I am loosing steam….getting tired…have to work early in the morning : ) Good nite…sleep tight….wishing you alll SD dreams : )

  582. Nico says:

    Trinity since you don’t have experience with this type of relationship it is hard to do a fair comparison. The best thing to do is to give it a shot. He seems open to the possibilities of increasing the amount. You could possibly say, I like the amount as an opener and glad that you’re open to the possibilities of increasing the amount once we determine our level of compatibility.

    Not making it a monthly allowance doesn’t commit either of you to anything more than the date and certainly nothing beyond that. My first SD paid $300/date but no shopping. Sometimes he bumped it to 500/600 and for Christmas I got $1000.

    Sounds like everything else works well…give it a shot and go from there 🙂

  583. PercyLooksYummy says:

    He should understand my safety concerns and help me to allay my fears.
    He should be honest about what he wants and what he can give.
    He should not bring up sex in the first email.
    He should understand that my Aquarius nature is very rebellious and the better he behaves the less I do…..LOL

  584. Beach_Girl*306486 says:

    IM~ It is very cute, he has his little corner , like his little room. At first i wanted to paint little dog bones on the wall at his level. but opted for the fames! a lot less work lmao, but very cute! and he also has a little basket to put his toys in too besides his bed…
    Angela or should i say PercyLooksYummy, totally agree with you Chemistry is the most important thing. And yes He should enjoy spoiling me, treat me like a lady, and WANT to do nice things for me.

  585. Trinity 328103 says:

    Hi Island_Muse- I like him and think we would have fun but am not sure what the amount would be or if I should be asking for more? For me I think $250 for one hour is good but I guess I wanted opinions (Type A personality) since I am delving into this SD/SB arrangement.

  586. Beach_Girl*306486 says:

    Gail~ that is awesome that he helped pay for all of you SBs to go to Vegas! I’m sure he’s an amazing SD!

  587. PercyLooksYummy says:

    Hey everyone!
    Angela300373 here.
    My idea of REAL sugar has less to do with his income and more to do with how he treats me. Chemistry is a must for me and no amount of money can buy that. He should enjoy spoiling me, treat me like a lady, and WANT to do nice things for me.

  588. Island_Muse says:

    Oh Beach_Girl, how cute. A picture of himself…LOL I don’t think I want my puppy seeing that, he’d propably want the works too 😉

  589. Nico says:

    Would much prefer hugging a little hunky man but alas…my pillow may be “it” tonight *sigh* Took my drugs so I can sleep…procrastinating…don’t wanna be alone tonight 🙁

  590. Beach_Girl*306486 says:

    Nico~ i know i’m kinda funny with things like that, my cats have the same thing too lol
    He sounds like an amazing SD! good for him!

  591. Gail says:

    Smiling at Beach_Gurl…..All six of us shared him all of the two hours that he came to meet us in Vegas : ) And to be clear…there was no hanky panky….Unfortunately he is not my SD….but some lucky SB on SA has him now. He definately is a true sugardaddy that makes a positive impact on all the SBs lives that are lucky to meet him : )

    Oh….no puppy….you will have to hug your pillow Nico : )

  592. Nico says:

    OMG BG ~ that’s too cute.

    He’s not online anymore because he found his SB and he’s a task man. Finds his girl and focuses on her…..which is where he is now.

  593. Island_Muse says:

    I’m finished with that paper, whew *wipes brow*. Happy to be back. Hello again, sugars 😛

    Trinity~How do you feel about the sum? Does it make you feel appreciated? I believe it depends on how you feel. If it makes you feel like your time is worth more or any amount of uneasiness, then you should decide on a figure that you’re comfortable with. I get the feeling that your post would have a different tone if you were happy with the sum.

    Again, the amount doesn’t matter as much as how it makes you feel. Don’t you think? Of course, that’s just my opinion.

  594. Trinity 328103 says:

    Nico- I think he is generous but cautious since he is married and we did meet for lunch. He seems like a lonley married guy that wants affection; intimacy. No kinky stuff!

    Gail- He was nice in a geeky kind of way. I am used to the type since I work with guys like him. We had an easy conversation in the restaurant and then went to the park to discuss details in privacy. I felt safe and comfortable.

  595. Beach_Girl*306486 says:

    Nico~ I’ve never met Sam, He’s not on here anymore why?
    My puppy has his bed, blankets, his little pillow, and of course in his little corner little wall frames, one of dog bones another of a girlie dog and one of himself lol, at his eye level lol, i know i’m a nut!

  596. Trinity 328103 says:

    He brought up gift cards but I don’t like those since you never know if they work or not plus I would rather have the cash. He said that once we are comfortable with each other then he would have an allowance deposited into my account. No shopping, etc was brought up but he did say that if I needed anything let him know. He did say that the allowance depends on how much time we spend together but the $250 is a minimum. He said that it would go up but I am wanting to know what to get solidified.

  597. Gail says:

    How do you feel about this Sd? Are you able to talk to him comfortably? What does he expect of you? How long have you known him. Have you met him? I would think about my safety first…and getting to know him more.

  598. Nico says:

    Trinity ~ $250/date is very generous. He is not only giving you money but also entertaining you during each date.

    I will double what Gail says about Sam. I never met him in person but had the pleasure of blogging with him over a period of time. Leaves a very lasting and positive impression on the lives of those he touches.

    Gail ~ went to the pharmacy and got drugs. My puppies don’t climb in bed with me….they sleep in their kennel at night 🙂

  599. Beach_Girl*306486 says:

    Gail~ This Sam sounds amazing! Is he your SD?

  600. Beach_Girl*306486 says:

    Trinity~ if you see him once a week that’s $1000 a month…
    OK, all the SBs get online to answer, i don’t have an SD, so i can’t really help you . I think you need to see what you need, how much money extra do you need a month? Is he going to take you shopping as well? give you gifts? or just money?

  601. Gail says:


    Sam is the most wonderful SD in the world. He made out Las Vegas trip come true. We were all on the blog talking about a SB vacation, and he was kind to help out with room accomodations, activities for everyday,limo transportation everyday,airline assistance an incredible Sushi dinner, etc….In addition we had another SD sponsor that assisted with meals and airline transportation for a SB: ) Shooting guns, pole dance lessons, shopping, strip club(first time experience for most of us) Jet and Blush clubs 1st class entry and bottle service. We are all so thankful for his kindness and generosity.

  602. Trinity 328103 says:

    He said $250 a date and if we spent more time together then it would be more…

  603. Beach_Girl*306486 says:

    Trinity~ he pays $250 a date? or a month?

  604. Trinity 328103 says:

    I just met with a pot SD today and was stumped on an allowance. He told me to think about it and get back to him but he did say that usually he pays $250 in the beginning for once a week and then it gets bigger as time goes on? HELP!

  605. Beach_Girl*306486 says:

    Gail~ i was in Sacramento too! it’s such a small town, very beautiful though!
    i did sac, wine country then SF , been to SF a few times though, but love it!

  606. Gail says:

    Beach_Girl-I am in Sac….oooh Valley of the Moons is beautiful: ) then we have to stop at the Golden Gate Bridge. Have to make a weekend of it : )

    IM-No tremors….It may be that I am just moving around too fast…lol….

    Panther is going to Atlanta? I love Atlanta….hate their airport though…people on the escalator look like they are disappearing into nowhere…and it seems they are stacked on top of each other going straight up. LOL….my neck hurt from looking at them….then you have to get on the right train going the right way….

    Nico…you can’t sleep….I know you have Romeo who is soft and cuddly to sleep with : ) Ok….let us know if you are okay….we will entertain you till you get sleepy….

  607. Beach_Girl*306486 says:

    Night IM~
    Wow Gail, who is Sam?by the way, Sounds like an amazing trip!

  608. Island_Muse says:

    Hey Beach_Girl, doing great. Just need to finish work stuff. Have a sweet day tomorrow.

    Bye for now, sugars 😛

  609. Island_Muse says:

    I miss so much popping in and out but must get this work stuff done. Actually, i’m signing off. If not I’ll have to get up with the birds to finish it and not make a fool of myself tomorrow 🙁

    G’night and sweet dreams y’all.

  610. Gail says:

    Just planning visits when a fellow SB comes into town.

    We had a really great SB vacation to Las Vegas in late February…it was fabulous…because we had a “lifetime of the rich and famous experience” thanks to the best SD sponsor ever : ) Sam blessed our lives with a vacation that we never would have been able to have in our lifetime.

    Sugar sure is sweet: )

  611. Beach_Girl*306486 says:

    Hey IM~ how are you?

  612. Island_Muse says:

    Gail, such sweet sentiments. Did you get the tremors in your area of CA last week?

    Sorry Beach_Girl, *hello*

  613. Nico says:

    Awwww Gail 🙂 I am here (sorta). Running to the pharmacy to get some melatonin. Cannot sleep.

    Hello new Sugars 😀

  614. Beach_Girl*306486 says:

    Gail~ i know , i loved it! beringer estate is so beautiful and the reserve wine was so amazing , mondavi too ,Loved it! After the wineries i went to SF!!!
    Where are you at?

  615. Island_Muse says:

    Panther, if you’ll be in ATL in 2 weeks you should look me up 😉 Explorer will be here at about that time we could make a day of it at SBX. I’ll let RedMaru know 😛

  616. Gail says:

    It would have been nice to have you there Island Muse…you will see and hear great stories from all of us. We have learned and cried together at one time or another. Rejoiced in everyone sugar experiences, or have been there to pick a SD or SB up and dust them off. And we do welcome everyone to our sugar family: ) Open arms….Hugs to All 🙂

  617. Island_Muse says:

    I need to be putting the finishing touches on a presentation (dry) for tomorrow so i’ll be up for a while. I need the distraction of the blog – it so much more exciting!

    You guys planning a SB vacay in Cali?

  618. Panther SD says:

    Gail~ I missed it? I always miss the fun, damn job.

    Hey Island_Muse

  619. Gail says:

    Absolutely Beach_Girl….I am about 2 hours away…we will tour and drink to our hearts content….they also have lots of jazz festivals at the wineries: ) and mudbathes….lol

  620. Island_Muse says:

    Hi Panther, Gail, Nico – you still here, Lisa?

    That was some reunion – sorry I missed it.

  621. Beach_Girl*306486 says:

    Gail~ i wanna go wine tasting too, I was out there last year and did tones of wineries! next time i’m in Cali i’ll look you up!

  622. Gail says:

    Pather…..you missed the Reunion : ) How are you this evening?

  623. Panther SD says:

    Evening all!

  624. Gail says:

    Raine…its you and me now….(smile)

    See Apple….we were all new at one time : ) You have that beautiful exotic look that will attract many SDs. Just make the date and go for it: )

  625. Nico says:

    Great, fine, just as I was ready to ask and share nude photos….*sigh* thanx *rolls eyes* LOL

  626. lisa says:

    I just remembered something
    when I was waiting for my daughter in the medical building she works in, there were a bunch of doctor’s names on the door of one office. there was a doctor Anil Taket I know it is an Indian or middle eastern name but if you read it in English, would you want to go the that doctor? He does internal medicine.

    Good night

  627. raine says:

    Don’t feel bad, lisa: your fellow local SBs are around. They just haven’t been on the blog yet*.

    *Excluding Victoria, mine haven’t been in here in months.

  628. Gail says:

    AJ, if you and I were driving, drinking wine…we would probably fall into the ocean…looking at the sunset….and wouldn’t even know it….because we would be laughing our bookalacas off….(smile)

    This is when we really need a SB vacation. It’s so helpful to have SD sponsors to assist with lodging,food,activiies….of course they would have our total attention during the entire event. Imagine daddies…multiple beautiful, intelligent SBs at one location : ) Your chance to meet all the babies on the blog….live and in person.

  629. sweetredhead*269443* says:

    If she asks for naked pictures I am outta there lmao Lisa you crack me up!! good night!

  630. lisa says:

    Good night everyone going to watch some tv now and go to bed, work tomorrow and then off on friday for sugardating and saturday for my daughter’s graduation

    Good night

  631. Apple says:

    Whoa, I step away to make/eat dinner and a flurry of reunions passes by. How cute are ya’ll?! It’s so sweet, I love it.

    Nico – what a fantastic story. sigh. soon, I hope!

  632. Beach_Girl*306486 says:

    Nico, Sweetred, SE, AJ, Good night

  633. lisa says:

    and don’t either of you lie about your age, lol

    Why don’t you pick an exotic location and fly there in 2 weeks?
    Good night Nico

  634. sweetredhead*269443* says:

    Night everyone, great to see you all, been to long!! have a great night 🙂

  635. sweetredhead*269443* says:

    Night Nico!! great to see you. I am out too have to be up early for work 🙂 ahhhh that sounds so good to me!! I love my job 🙂

  636. Nico says:

    Hahahaha….Lisa 🙂

  637. aj says:

    Gosh I am tired too now! Too much excitement! LOL!
    G. Night everyone! Sweet sugar dreams ~

  638. Nico says:

    Good night SE….soo good to see you 🙂

    Girls ~ I am out too…..have a wonderful night and thank you for the hugs….XOXO

  639. sweetredhead*269443* says:

    Lisa your too funny!

  640. lisa says:

    Nico and Sweetredhead, make it a coffee date that way if there’s no chemistry you can slip out, lol or if either of you dont’ look like your picture or forget a gift, you can split. sb/sb dinner dates, lol no one lives near me:(

  641. sweetredhead*269443* says:

    I agree 🙂 lunch sounds great. If we can get a sugar party up that would be great too 🙂

  642. Nico says:

    OOoooh, California and designated driver……sounds like wine country??????

  643. SuthrnExec says:

    Buenos noches everyone! I must do some work before I get some shut-eye.

  644. Nico says:

    Yeah…….well, I don’t think we can let life intervene. We must still schedule a get together. At a minimum, you and I can do lunch 😉

  645. lisa says:

    I need to get to work on this basket, get my sd back into our arrangement and meet these other 3 potentials. Gotta poke em with a pin to get em to take action.

  646. aj says:

    Oh yes…we cannot drive ourselves…
    We need a driver 🙂

  647. raine says:

    I did what I could to keep my hopes/patience up, but I can’t seem find time to get flattering pics*; I’ll try not to mention the previous blog post (too late). Dang it, man…

    *my obsession with keeping a job kinda puts a damper on things.

  648. Gail says:

    If you are coming to the wine country…of course I will meet you there : )
    You have to be designated driver…or we have to have someone drive us around to all the wineries for tastings….lol….otherwise we will be illegal driving wine-o’s. ok…it’s a deal….that is if you have time: ) I understand…traveling around the countries can be tiring. (smile)

  649. sweetredhead*269443* says:

    Sounds great Nico 🙂

    I don’t know I think it went bust when everyone was losing their jobs lol. Life happened I think 🙁

  650. Nico says:

    WooHoo SHOPPING!!!

    SweetRed ~ when my job kicks in we’ll have to figure out a weekend….I can meet you for lunch 🙂 I’ll PM you 🙂

    So, whatever happened to our SB trip to Orlando?

  651. Gail says:

    LOL at Suthurn….I am no stranger….you have just been wrapped up tight in the OC sugar….I don’t blame you…she is a wonderful SB sister : )

    Hello Lisa and her basketful of SD…..(smile)

    Nico-Lisa’s been shopping more than me…I am envious : (

  652. aj says:

    Gail! Dang it, of course I love you enough…BUT I’m not coming down from my planet! I just got here 🙂

    I will be in Cali. a lot more than you think 🙂 so instead of waving, perhaps we can have lunch…and wine 🙂

  653. sweetredhead*269443* says:

    nico I used to live where you are about 10yrs ago

  654. sweetredhead*269443* says:

    Yea Nico we differently do!!

  655. aj says:

    Raine~ don’t get discouraged and stop searching! It will happen…just takes a lot of patience and positive thinking!

  656. Gail says:

    Do you love me enough to come down from that planet…and make me a part of your sugar life….lol…..at least wave at me when you visit Cali one day : ) Oh what we would we do if we didn’t have SD and SB friends….
    cry a bucketful of tears….happy and sad ones all in one bucket….

    Hey…..I think I have blogged more that I have in quite a long time….lol…

  657. sweetredhead*269443* says:

    I think the SD’s have to go through all the bimbos before they get to us lmao

  658. Nico says:

    OMG ~ we are much closer than I thought. Oh, we HAVE to get together now!!!! I am about 2 hours south in Fort Myers!!!

  659. lisa says:

    Hi aj

    Sitting here in sd limbo, 4 in the works, gotta get some meetings going.

  660. raine says:

    Not the ones for *here*, aj: the last ones I got—the “thanks, but I found a SB” edition—were six weeks ago. FAIL on my part. Searching put me to sleep after a while, so I just stopped. Today I was going to shut it down completely: I hate leaving loose ends. 🙁

  661. sweetredhead*269443* says:

    yes near tampa

  662. Nico says:

    Hellloooooo Lisa 🙂 Good to see you 🙂 Hear there’s sugar in your world too??

  663. sweetredhead*269443* says:

    I am closer to your area lol, your only 2 to 2 1/2 hrs from me lol

  664. Nico says:

    You’re in St. Pete??? On the west coast? You’re just north of me then? Near Tampa?

  665. SuthrnExec says:

    L I S A !!!! How you doing?

    Gail – howdy stranger!

  666. sweetredhead*269443* says:

    about 5 hours. I am in the St petersburg area

  667. sweetredhead*269443* says:

    We still are friends and meet occasionally.

  668. aj says:

    Gail~ I love you ~

    And not in a weird way either 🙂

  669. Nico says:

    SweetRed…..well, we know that it happens AND, it WILL happen again 😀

    I will have weekends off again with the new job and will be going to the east coast to visit him every once in a while….how far from Palm Beach are you?

  670. sweetredhead*269443* says:

    But he is a great guy, and a true SD. Although he is not an SD anymore

  671. lisa says:

    Good evening everyone.

  672. Gail says:

    Really….Suthrrn is here? Hello!!!!! Hello!!!! Hello!!! I keep missing you on when I am on… you are off : ) I hope you had an excellent holiday : )

    AJ is just on top of the world…looking down at creation : ) I think that’s how she is able to find true SDs : ) or it may be the opposite…they see her way up there and want her to come down…lol….

    Nico…I have been on time-out in sugarlife…I cant access my profile due to added it on to restricted by accident. I have to retry again this week to unrestrict me…: ) plus working like crazy., I am pretty happy right now. Congrats on the job Nico….and the SD too: ) Yes he is smart enough to know that you were worth the wait!!!!

  673. sweetredhead*269443* says:

    Yes I have 🙂 unfortunately his work and our locations got in the way 🙁

  674. Nico says:

    Sorry ~ message meant for Sweet Red…wow, my head is not in it tonight

  675. Nico says:

    LOL ~ You’ve had a SD right?

  676. SuthrnExec says:

    Nico, sounds like you’ve got you one of those true southern gents! Good for you. Congrats on the new job too.
    Sweetred – glad yours is going so well also.

  677. aj says:

    I am with Nico…
    I DOES happen! There are real SD’s out there 🙂

  678. raine says:

    [“RedMoul” threw me off there, hence the first part of my last comment.]

    Nico, I’m so glad things fell (back?)into place for you! SE, how are ya?

  679. sweetredhead*269443* says:

    Nico, what a great sugar story. I want one 🙂 lol

  680. Nico says:

    Awwww SE ~ how was OC?

  681. SuthrnExec says:

    BG, I’m not bad – been on a sugar-high for a little while now. 🙂

  682. aj says:

    Raine ~ what do you mean you are locked out?

  683. Nico says:

    Hello SE…good to see you 🙂

    Ok Gail ~ here’s my SD fairytale.

    I had been on SA for almost a year. Had met many men through the site but most didn’t get past the phone date. Many of those just disappeared. Met my now SD about 4 months ago. We had many phone chats and each one just got better and better.

    He made arrangements to meet me (we live in the same state but about 3 hours away). He came to my side of the state (florida) and took me to dinner the first night. Got a great idea, from OC I think, to bring him a gift…chocolates. We had a great weekend but spent no intimate time together…..only time discussing ‘us’ desires etc…getting to know each other. The next day, walking the beach, we discussed the ‘details’ of this type of relationship. Well, the rest is history. It DOES happen.

    I got lucky enough to find a man that was willing to let go allowing me the space to give a traditional relationship a shot. It didn’t work and my SD was there to support me, make me feel better about myself and brush me off. A true gentleman and I am very blessed. It happens 🙂

  684. aj says:

    Although I think I may have landed on a planet now…for a while 🙂 No more jumping.

  685. raine says:

    ^huh? *ahem, moving on.*

    I’ve diversified, but I’m locked out of my emails! GAHHHH! I’m ready to just delete them BOTH!

  686. sweetredhead*269443* says:

    Wow Nico sorry to hear you lost your job, Glad you found one so fast that’s great!!

    My job is WONDERFUL I love it.

    Your Sd sound like a wonderful man

  687. aj says:

    Nico ~ I’ve been planet jumping all along….just kind of silently 😉

  688. sweetredhead*269443* says:

    hey suthrn, yes it is!! how nice to see everyone back here together again 🙂

  689. Nico says:

    You girls are sooo sweeeeet! Thank you all!!

    BG ~ he sounds soooo cute 🙂

    Aj ~ when did you start planet jumping?

    SR ~ how is the job? I lost my job last friday (15th) got laid off for lack of work. Interviewed on Thursday for a law firm and found a new job…start on Monday….wow ~ crazy freakin’ month!!

    Gail ~ you’re always sooooo sweet to me…thank you. How is your sugar life?

    Hi Raine ~ see you’ve not canceled your profile….giving sugar a shot now?

    I am very fortunate although things didn’t work out with the traditional, my SD said I was worth the wait……it was sweet of him….I am blessed no doubt.

  690. SuthrnExec says:

    Is this an old timer’s reunion or something?? Hey Gail, Nico, BG, sweetred!!

  691. sweetredhead*269443* says:

    Hi AJ!! sorry just realized I didn’t say hello. To many conversations going at one time.

  692. RedMoul says:

    I so understand, in last paragraph just whole salt and is stated

  693. raine says:

    Nico: Ohhh…I thought the SD and faux beau were networking for a second there-heh. 😀

  694. aj says:

    Hi SweetRed and Beachgirl!

  695. Gail says:

    Frogs become Princes….lol….unless you have a toad…and I don’t know about that…because I don’t kiss toads….

    Labored breathing Nico….like hhhhhhhehhhhh…huuuhhhhh…oooooo…awwww…lol….just trying to keep you all smiling.

    There are alot of new SB here…..AJ and Nico share with them some true SB stories….Apple was asking where do you meet your SD on a first date…

  696. aj says:

    Gail ~ I’m pretty sure I am headed straight for the sugar planet!

    Nico ~ sorry that “traditional” did not work out 🙁 but we are happy to have you and romeo back 🙂

  697. sweetredhead*269443* says:

    That’s great nico, sorry about the guy. He dosn’t know what he has given up!!

  698. Gail says:

    And Princess Nico….is still gonna live happily ever after: ) Yaaaay!!! I am sorry that it didn’t work with the traditional….but you were fortunate to find a SD who didnot limit you, and cared enough to set you free….and look he is yours…of course along with Romeo.

    Okay Princess AJ….what planet are you going to next? LOL

  699. Nico says:

    Yup, he’s a Maltese, Romeo is his name and he’s as cute as hell. He had the labored breathing when he gets excited….toooo cute 🙂

  700. Nico says:

    *Correction* SD wanted to keep in touch with me and still wants to be my SD

  701. aj says:

    ahahahaha Miss Gail!

    I was just checking to see if you were really too tired to post 😉

    But yeah…I’m here! With bells on!

    Frog? What frog??? ~Lol~

  702. sweetredhead*269443* says:

    Beach_girl I am always someone “friend” lol

  703. Gail says:

    I don’t believe that….trust me…my first SD friend told me that…and here I am alive, but not kicking for now…just taking a rest : ) You will find the right SD for you. I have seen and heard it too many times here, a SB ends up eating their words. Time and patience…..and kissing lots of frogs: )

  704. Nico says:

    Okay ~ Nico in a nutshell. Gave up on Sugar, after having found the ideal SD. Gave it up for a shot at a traditional relationship (which still had relationshop opportunities *wink*)

    Turns our, after 1.2 months into it, he decided he really wasn’t ready for a relationship because work required so much more of him at the moment so he decided it wasn’t going to work for him.

    Fortunately my SD wanted to stay in touch with him and he still wants to be my SD.

    Puppy keeps a smile on my face, he’s cute and finally house-broken too 🙂 It’s good to see you all and you warm welcome was something I missed 🙂 *HUGS*

  705. Gail says:

    aaah-haaaa….Its PRINCESS AJ….coming out from the lurk mode : ) what frog have you been kissing , that has awoken you from sleep…lol…

  706. aj says:

    OMG I feel like I am at a reunion! *hugs*

  707. Gail says:

    Hugs….Hugs….Hugs again Nico!!!!….no need to say more. We are here for you : ) plus need an updated picture of Romeo…thats what we all need right now a nice warm puppy and plenty of hugs!!!

  708. raine says:

    Evening, ladies…NICO!! How are ya!? What happened?

  709. sweetredhead*269443* says:

    NICO!! hi!! what?? what happen?

  710. aj says:

    Good evening!

    Gail ~ are you really lurking? Come on!!!! I just joined!!! 🙂

    Nico~ Hi 🙂

    Everyone ~ Hello!

  711. Gail says:

    Princess Nico!!!!! It’s wonderful to see you!!!! I have missed you….are you back?

    Beach_Girl- I am in Northern Calif….the opposite of San Diego….How are you doing? I thought you were going on a SD too. No Sugar : ( You have to diversify your portfolio ladies.

  712. Nico says:

    Beach Girl *HI*

    Puppy good….Nico….swearing off men and real relationships for a long while.


  713. Nico says:

    Hi SweetRed….Gail *hugs* my familiar sugar siblings

  714. Gail says:

    In my situation all of my first dates have always been formal dinner dates. I actually have had a first date that lasted for 3 days. Please keep in mind that I talked to the SD for months in advance, so the meeting wasnot uncomfortable as we took the time to get to know each other. And then I have SD friends that I have never met right to this very day : ) We just ended developing a very close friendship over the telephone.

    You just have to jump in there and go on your first date. It will get easier over time. I always tell the SD that my girlfriend knows where I am and who I am with. I have never had a date go wrong : ) Just relax and enjoy the sugar.

  715. Apple says:

    sweetred – Yes, I’m definitely planning on letting a friend know my whereabouts, and making the “just in case” bail out call. Safe public places, definitely. *nods*

    so…. anyone in San Diego or Manhattan? 🙂

  716. sweetredhead*269443* says:

    Apple what I do is have a friend call me during the “date” If it is not going well they give me an out.
    We are all nervous on the first meeting it is natural. Always meet in a public place where you know you will be safe. Here on the blog you may have other Sb’s in your area. get to know them. The make great back ups for you.

  717. Apple says:

    sweetredhead – true, I guess I’m just trying to think about ways to make an exit if things get too weird/uncomfortable for me. I’m still really nervous about the whole thing. Am I being overly neurotic/naive?

  718. sweetredhead*269443* says:

    apple, it varies. IT whatever you decide to do. there are not set rules.

  719. Apple-332079 says:

    Been lurking the last few posts, because I don’t feel like I have anything to really contribute, being such a newbie here… but I have questions all the time!

    Question: What are most of your typical first meetings like with a potential SD? Do you guys grab a cup of coffee? Meet at a bar? Formal dinner date?

  720. sweetredhead*269443* says:

    hey beach_girl. where have you been!! I was worried!! how did you Sd date go?

  721. sweetredhead*269443* says:

    raine why are you deleting your profile? I would leave it up, you never know what kind of sugar may await you 🙂

  722. raine says:

    Ok, I suppose: I planned to delete my profile today, but apparently I can’t do so via the bberry…

  723. lisa says:

    I’m going into lurk mode too , just too tired to chat.

  724. lisa says:

    I hope so but so far it’s just potentials. Got four of them at the time, finally dropped 2 dead wait potentials, after talking to them for several weeks, mentioned wanting something (I knew they weren’t looking to spoil) just to get rid of them, it worked, lol

    but the four, including my sd are still hanging. The friday lunch one hasn’t mentioned it when he wrote last night, still have to try to set that one. The other two are just in early talking stage, maybe I can meet them next week.Hope to see my sd tomorrow or friday, will see.
    Watching my daughter shop today made me so jealous, lol I can’t believe she got 200 from her coworkers and 250 from her boss. It makes the lousy amount I gave her look tacky. I’m getting her a cake for saturday too.

  725. Gail says:

    I am just too tired right now. In fact…I think I will listen, lurk, and laugh…starting now : )

  726. Gail says:

    And no worries Raine…there are many a day that I lurk…lol…sometimes I cant think and type responses quick enough…so I don’t…its just nice to just come here….listen and lurk : )

  727. Gail says:

    aaaah-haaaa : ) I knew someone else was here. What’s happening Raine? I am having a dry-spell here…its raining SD in Texas where Lisa is…lol….

  728. raine says:

    Lisa, I’m glad your sugar luck has turned around! You’ll be fine—as will the rest of your pants. 😀

  729. Gail says:

    Lisa-I think you have become a shop-a-holic….lol….you go shopping more that I do. Also I believe you are in SD heaven : )

  730. raine says:

    Hi, Gail. Sorry for the delay: I went blank for a while…I wish I had something to contribute, though.

  731. lisa says:

    well I thought I stood a good chance, but then I ripped… my pants, urgh

    Found some on clearance at forever 21 so I bought 2 pair.

    potentail update
    Have new potential that I’m talking to
    potential lunch date for friday hasn’t wrote yet today but I heard from him last night
    potential other one we talked last night on phone and will talk again soon

    sd is supposed to see me tomorrow evening or friday so we will see

  732. Gail says:

    IM-You will always learn more from each experience. More importantly have fun and enjoy : ) Yes it is just us…I think…I know there are lurkers out there. Come on out and blog a little with us : )

    Hello Lisa : ) Things will be better…especially if you hear from your sugars!

  733. lisa says:

    Good evening everyone. Wow I’m too tired to read all the posts. Just got home from work and having some time with my daughter. we spent almost 2 hours together today since she got off an hour early. she got 450 dollars from her employer and employees as a graduation gift so she had to stop at the mall before we came home.
    My day was horrible. Spilt my coffee at work, and then discovered a large rip in my pants at work and had to try to avoid everyone, luckily I had a pair of jeans I was going to put on when I got off. I went ahead and put them on early and hopefully I won’t get in trouble for not being in uniform but I couldn’t exactly work with torn pants write in the seat, my panties were showing. Then my bus card wouldnt’ work on one of the buses.

    Hoping to still have my sd meetings friday, no word from anyone yet but I gotta check my messages. Be back in a while

    Hi Gail

  734. Island_Muse says:

    Bye, RedMaru. Have a blast!

  735. RedMaru*210789* says:

    Well sugars its been fun even though I’ve been on and off….
    But its time to hit the gym….
    See y’all later 😀

  736. Island_Muse says:

    Is it just us, Gail. Where did everybody go?

  737. Island_Muse says:

    Great advice, Gail. I’ll take it.

    How appropriate – fill your basket(s) with good eggs. Will take this bit of advice too. Thanks 😀

  738. Gail says:

    DC-Have no worries: ) There are many SD that would love to cross your path. Sometimes you may have to be proactive and cross their path : )
    It’s kinda like easter egg hunting…except have more than one basket…and fill them with good eggs. After that its kinda overwhelming…lol I know : )

  739. Island_Muse says:

    Nite, nite , OC

    NSD~no hit ‘n run allowed in Sugarland 😛

  740. raine says:

    Later, OC.

    [did I bring you all down and get written off as a troll too, or are a couple or you getting clocked for speeding again?]

  741. NitemareSD says:

    katrina Says:

    haha if I could be a SM I would. However, lacking those resources…


    It doesn’t stop the SDs.

  742. RedMaru*210789* says:

    Night OC 😀

  743. DC says:

    Have a good night OC!

  744. OCSugarbaby says:

    To all the new SB’s… Take the time to read the old posts from last October, November, December etc. You will find a wealth of information you never imagined! Yes, homework!

    Gail, I am off to take my chocolate lab hiking. I will catch up with you soon!

    Nite Ladies! Keep your head held high and rememeber sugar does exist. 🙂

  745. raine says:

    If you want mine, katrina, just go to the previous post (again, what NOT to write in your profile…heh). 😐

  746. OCSugarbaby says:

    Island Muse: Sugar dating DOES mean you are in this together! NO one will EVER take advantage of you unless you let them. SD’s do not have the upper hand, it is a wonderful chemistry when you meet the right person. Trust me! ~OC

  747. Gail says:

    OC-I missed your post….we are all posting too fast…lol

    No sugar here…just plain work, work, work : ) The important thing is that I am happy. I will be going to Nevada the end of this week, maybe I will find sugar there : )

    Hey….where is Lisa….is she on a SD date?

  748. Island_Muse says:

    Thanks, DC. I will look around and initiate contact with a few. First, I’ll update with a sharper pix then go for it. All my boyfriends (foreigners)have treated me well. I have felt I brought enough to the relationship and have just expected it. I believe I would be better suited to SeekingMillionaire, SAs sister site because I am actually looking for a relationship.

    I did go over there but was somewhat intimidated by the apparent age-range of the women and thought maybe this is not for me. I get the impression that (most) SDs are likely to take certain liberties because…
    I don’t feel like the guy should get away with “murder” because he brings money, etc to the relationship. I much rather be in a situation where we’re in this together and you just happen to be a man of means.

  749. OCSugarbaby says:

    Ok, Katrina. Incentive to read thru some of the old blogs… My profile number use to be listed! ~OC

  750. katrina says:

    haha if I could be a SM I would. However, lacking those resources…

  751. Gail says:


    There have been times where I too was afraid to send a message…rejection is not a good feeling. But when you do get a response it makes you feel like you are on top of the world.

    You have nothing to lose: ) It’s better to take a chance, than none at all. For all you know….you may be his sunshine : )

  752. OCSugarbaby says:

    I love the resident SD’s, but we have so many views on this topic of contacting first or sitting around waiting. The votes are split. But I think that the past blog’s have stated that contacting first is the common vote. Just keep it light and easy. You know a desperate email when you read it! We get them all the time! ~OC

  753. Gail says:

    Hi Flirty Redhead : ) Just having fun with you SW.

    DC-You are at the perfect place to be spoiled : ) Time to move forward, take risks and enjoy!!!

    Island Muse-I lowered my age at the beginning…I didn’t feel good about it…changed it back…I feel better now. SDs do like older SBS : ) I know : )

    Katrina-Yes it is interesting to see pics of who you are blogging with. I may put my pic up for a day….

  754. OCSugarbaby says:

    DC: A true gentleman will not ask a lady her age. Put what you feel comfortable stating. A little chocolate fudge on your profile just adds to the sugar. ~OC

    Katrina is a SM in training! LMAO

  755. katrina says:

    Gail – I almost contacted him just because he looked lonely and very out-of-place, but I would not want someone vulnerable to feel like I led them on.

  756. RedMaru*210789* says:

    OCSugar – Here Here! you never know what might have passed you by if you just sit by and wait for them to come to you and I noticed some not all SD’s do want you to approach them too

  757. OCSugarbaby says:

    Katrina: Asking for profile numbers, well lets just say some will post and others wanting to be discreet. I dont post mine anymore. I have no need. My sugar is off the market… lol

    Gail! What’s the sugar update my friend? I have missed you!

  758. DC says:

    Thanks Gail…..you guys made my day 🙂

  759. DC says:

    I have thought about lowering my age to 49 just because I think that might be a cut off for some SDs but I don’t like to mislead and like you say, age is just a number. I am hoping that men who appreciate what an older woman has to offer will contact me. And as for those that only appreciate young girls ….well I don’t mind that they don’t contact me as we probably wouldn’t be a good match anyway

  760. sweetredhead*269443* says:

    I guess it just come naturally to me lol. I flirt and don’t even know I am doing it lmao Then someone calls me a flirt and I get all defensive. I think I relate flirt with a tease 🙁

  761. Gail says:

    DC you look great!!! You pic shows that you keep yourself together.

    6months OC….seems like you have been one forever

    Katrina-Did you contact him : ) I am sure sending him a message would make his day!!!

  762. katrina says:

    I like to see bloggers’ profiles.

  763. RedMaru*210789* says:

    Hey OCSugar 😀
    Sweetred -Flirting is cute 😀 I’m known to dabble in it myself from time to time. I’m contemplating trying my wiles on SA. Still a lil shy..lol

  764. sweetredhead*269443* says:

    I don’t know about you but I think Katrina is collecting profiles lmao

  765. OCSugarbaby says:

    Sit back and wait? No Freaking Way! Why let life just pass you by. You need to open your mind and make your search a easy gentle focused journey. You never want to sit back and let the world slip by you. SD’s can have the advantage of letting the SB’s come to them, SB’s have some fierce competition. Be relaxed about your searching, if you put too much pressure on yourself it will show in your communication. Easy Breezy, that was my motto. If someone has favored you, send them a thank you! It can also be a start of a wonderful conversation. ~OC

  766. DC says:


    I’ve never had an SD before. To be honest, I’ve never had a boyfriend who even spoiled me a little. I always dated poor starving artist types, so this will be a real treat. One loser boyfriend I even supported for a whole year (what was I thinking!)

    I’ve been here about 5 weeks now….I had 3 in the mix…… one flaked and disappeared, 1 is a possibility and the other…well he and I are looking for different things. I just got a few new pot SDs who e-mailed me 2 days ago (after almost 2 weeks of nuthin) and now I’m doing the wait around for them to e-mail me back thing.

  767. Island_Muse says:

    Thanks, DC. I have thought (briefly) about lowering my age (thanks, sweetred) but I wanted to honest from the get go. Besides, I have no control over when I was born, you know. I just have control over how I take care of myself 😛

    I don’t really need a SD so I can wait. But I think I will email those I find attractive who invite contact in their profile – thanks for the tip too.

    I’d be curious to see what our resident SDs think about this….hmmm

  768. sweetredhead*269443* says:

    Hi Gail. 🙂

  769. katrina says:

    OCSugar – what is your profile #?

  770. Gail says:

    Sweetred says:

    I can’t help it I am a hopeless flirt .

    I don’t try to be….Just the way I am.

    I didn’t realize I was flirting

    I am not an intentional flirt. It’s not calculated or meant to “come on” to anyone.

    I know I don’t know why I think it’s a bad thing lol

    What are you today Sweetred? Just plain flirty. It does get the SDs attentions and nothing wrong with that : )

    So keep flirting away…there’s many SD that love flirty SBs : )

    Greetings OCSugar : ) I hope you had a great Memorial Weekends. Nice to see you on the blog. Still spreading the sugar around : )

  771. sweetredhead*269443* says:

    Island_Muse I am 42 and my Sd was 34 🙂

  772. OCSugarbaby says:

    Thanks Sweetred! I have enjoyed every minute of being a sugar.

  773. DC says:

    Thanks OC Sugar!!

    I sure as hell don’t feel 51. Where did the last 20 years go?? LOL

  774. katrina says:

    I think I was running too many programs. Poor abused laptop.

    There is one SD on the site who is 78. In his picture, he is sitting down and he looks kinda sad. It made me think he was a widower (he listed Single) and was just so lonely. 🙁

  775. DC says:

    IM- I know an SD or 2 said its best to sit back and wait for the SDs to come to you but I have e-mailed quite a few first. Maybe 20% actually respond. Also initially I was contacted by many SDs and then it died off and it’s been very slow lately. One week nothing, then one day 3 contacted me.

  776. Island_Muse says:

    DC~Really?!? you don’t look it. How has the response been from pot SDs. Do you currently have one? Have you ever had one?

    My trouble is I like older men (of course), older bodies not so much 😉 What’s a girl to do?

    Please answer me these questions.

  777. OCSugarbaby says:

    DC: Age is not a determining factor for most, you look FABULOUS!

  778. sweetredhead*269443* says:

    OCSugarbaby That’s great. You both inspire the rest of us 🙂

  779. OCSugarbaby says:

    We welcome all to the blog! Everyone is welcome. 🙂

  780. DC says:

    Island Muse- I’m probably the oldest SB on the blog. I’m 51

  781. sweetredhead*269443* says:

    I just bought a book called “the doctors book of healing foods” haven’t reas it yet but looks interesting.

  782. OCSugarbaby says:

    Hey Sweetred. I am doing great! I just passed the 6 month mark of being an SB. WoooHoo. It has been wonderful so far! ~OC

  783. DC says:

    Convo= troll. If you ignore them, they go away

  784. RedMaru*210789* says:

    Thanks Island_Muse Trying to learn….my aunt is into it and said its good for pain relief. She loaned me a book to read.

  785. OCSugarbaby says:

    A good tip is to change up your profile a bit. Make sure you state a good visual image of yourself! Keep it positive and light. Try to read some of the other SB profiles to gain a understanding of what makes up the pool of SB’s out there.

  786. sweetredhead*269443* says:

    OC!! hey girl, long time no see. How are you?

  787. Island_Muse says:

    Thanks OC. I thought so about the additional pix, too. As it turns out, I can’t find one where I’m not surrounded by friends…who needs the competition 😉

    katrina~are you still having trouble logging in?

    RedMaru~welcome back. I think I will make some Thai. Something with fish…my favorite. Do you yoga too?

  788. sweetredhead*269443* says:

    I just have Sd friends lol. I am always a friend never an Sb 🙁 oh well made some great new friends 🙂

  789. RedMaru*210789* says:

    Hey katrina…no probs with logging, email, etc. today

  790. sweetredhead*269443* says:

    You don’t look like your are 46 maybe put 40 on your profile….(no one seen that right?)

  791. RedMaru*210789* says:

    Meeting a pot SD? I wish. One of the SD friends I was hoping to become a pot didn’t respond back to the thank you email I sent him although he read it 🙁

  792. raine says:

    That’s what I’d done, sweetred; honestly, if I have to wait to be contacted, progress is nonexistent! In fact, I haven’t received an email in six weeks! (wait, the first paragraph of my profile didn’t/doesn’t help. Oh well, it’s going poof anyway.)

  793. Island_Muse says:

    Sweetred~I am thinking that the age thing may be a deterrent for (most) SDs. Geez, how old do you have to be to want a 46yo SB…LOL

    I tried doing a targeted search for older SBs but I need to be a premium member for that. What’s the oldest SB you’ve seen or heard of?

  794. OCSugarbaby says:

    Island Muse: Very well stated picture of yourself that you painted with your words! I would not change a thing. But I would consider an additional picture you can blur out the eyes if you feel the need to be discreet. Great profile. I had to read the nude beach line twice! LOL ~OC

  795. sweetredhead*269443* says:

    I just went into my profile and did not have a problem

  796. katrina says:

    Is anyone else having trouble with the site? I cannot open my new email and cannot go onto any profile (including mine).

  797. sweetredhead*269443* says:

    LMAO…ewwwww you didn’t just go there. He is !! for pete sake!! now if you said that bout my 14yr old I would say you might be right lmao

  798. RedMaru*210789* says:

    Island_Muse …lol I’m back
    I’m at a loss for dinner ideas….yoga sounds good though
    I’m having a monster of a headache
    Hey anybody that popped in 😀

  799. OPOV says:

    sweetredhead*269443* Says:
    May 27th, 2009 at 6:43 pm

    “I never try to catch up on the blog lol. I don’t have the time or the energy after work :(”

    Then allow me to repost since you glazed over it – your son was not being disrespectful this morning, he probably had early morning wood and was embarrassed.

  800. sweetredhead*269443* says:

    I initiated contact with my first SD. I don;t why you can’t email an SD that you find interesting.

  801. raine says:

    Yeah, sweetredhead, you’re right. I was just warming up to get everyone else’s attention, actually. 😀

    Ah, yes: yoga…

  802. Island_Muse says:

    OK (clap)…(clap) …back on topic

    Seriously…I’ve had only 1 view of my profile 🙁 When is it OK to initiate the e-mailing? One of our resident SDs had said that we should be patient and wait for the pot SDs to contact us.

    Who has initiated and how did it go? I welcome critique of my profile also

    Anybody meeting a pot SD over the next couple days?

  803. sweetredhead*269443* says:

    I know 🙂 I don’t know why I think it’s a bad thing lol

  804. OCSugarbaby says:

    Hello Sugars! Wow, it would take me week just to read the post and catch up. So many new faces!

    Lets try to keep in the sugar spirit and not post anything that is NOT said with Sugar. Please, it is been our mantra from the beginning of Sugar time that we try to help our fellow sugars and NOT backlash with one another.


  805. katrina says:

    Sweetred – I meant flirt in a fun, good-natured way. It is a compliment

  806. sweetredhead*269443* says:

    I say we stop giving him the attention he so needs.

  807. Island_Muse says:

    Thanks, katrina.

    Hi again, DC. I had no idea that it’s called Bikram. Now I can find a studio and check it out. I do Hatha now, and wanted a change from all the *serenity*. I was thinking some hot excitement should do me good. I am getting a little apprehensive about the heat, though. But i’ll definitely check it out.

  808. raine says:

    The heck is convo’s problem? S/he could’ve at least put in their two cents on this topic before poppin’ off at the mouth, er keyboard…got katrina so flummoxed she forgot the other ‘s’ in seriously. How dreadful!

    [Since you’ve been here since day one, convo, why don’t you jump in and join us? Perhaps you got some knowledge we newbies can use; barring that, lighten up, man (also applies if you’re female).]

    **We now resume our regular blog programming.**

  809. sweetredhead*269443* says:

    Troll, what troll? ok maybe i should read back on the blog lol

  810. DC says:

    If I could offer one piece of advice it would be this…ignore the troll (Convo). Every blog has one.

    IM- hot yoga (or Bikram yoga) is awesome. The first time you do it you think you are gonna die because it’s so hot you can’t breathe, but if you make it through a whole class and then go out in the fresh air you feel rejuvenated.

  811. sweetredhead*269443* says:

    I am not an intentional flirt. It’s not calculated or meant to “come on” to anyone.

  812. Island_Muse says:

    LOL…I’m talking about keeping up on the blog – not flirting. It did look like it could go both ways. Talk about a play on words 😉

  813. Island_Muse says:

    Sweetred, I do but it’s mostly to get the personality of all the participants here. It’s cumbersome, I admit. I don’t think I will do it for much longer.

  814. sweetredhead*269443* says:

    I didn’t realize I was flirting 🙁

  815. sweetredhead*269443* says:

    I don’t try to be….Just the way I am.

  816. katrina says:

    sweetred – I meant to confirm you are THE flirt of the blog

  817. sweetredhead*269443* says:

    I never try to catch up on the blog lol. I don’t have the time or the energy after work 🙁

  818. sweetredhead*269443* says:

    katrina Says: Sweetred – Perhaps you should peruse some of your past blog contributions?


  819. Island_Muse says:

    katrina~Cool, I’d love to hear more about it. I’m at unsinkable_joan at the y place.

    Hey RedMaru~did you go offline on us again. Put away the reports and nobody will get hurt. We need dinner inspiration – I have to eat in these days. My friends want me to promise to be in the present and not be on my Crackberry at dinner – The nerve, you know I can’t promise that. They would understand if they had to play catch up on 3 hours of postings 😛

  820. katrina says:

    Sweetred – Perhaps you should peruse some of your past blog contributions?

    I just feel Convo lurking now.

  821. sweetredhead*269443* says:

    convo still posting? I have not seen any more posts?

  822. sweetredhead*269443* says:

    LMao I don’t think I am a flirt. Really? I just joke around.

  823. katrina says:

    Convo – seriouly. Get. a. life.

  824. katrina says:

    Sweetred – rest easy – you are the unrivaled flirt.

    I am merely curious.

    IM – I practice hot yoga. what is your email I will tell you about it. It has CHANGED MY LIFE> okay, not quite but I do really love it.

  825. Island_Muse says:

    katrina~what kind of Yoga do you practice? I want to explore Hot Yoga but that may be because I need the stretching and pulling to feel alive.

  826. Island_Muse says:

    Hi my name is Island_Muse and I am a blogoholic. Hi, Joan (all).

    katrina~Me too. I am constantly coming back. sometimes time doesn’t allow me to catch-up and post so I just catch up with who’s on, what’s going on with the pots, etc. I am so glad I found Sugarland!

  827. sweetredhead*269443* says:

    katrina too funny asking for profile numbers. and I am the flirt? lmao

  828. katrina says:

    Berkshire SD – what is your profile #?

    IM – I need the intervention, too. Just remember that admitting you have a problem is the first step.
    For me, the only step. I can’t help it – I love the blog, especially at night. Every morning at 430 when I need to get up for yoga, I curse the blog. By the time I get home a couple of hours later, all is fogiven and I log on AGAIN.

  829. sweetredhead*269443* says:

    I don’t know I still have not joined the program lol

  830. sweetredhead*269443* says:

    Lmao he uses it ALL the time!

  831. Island_Muse says:

    Sweetred, when do I enter the programme…seriously. Thank your son for me…seriously – It’s my new word. I feel so hip when I use it (every chance I get…LOL 😉

  832. Island_Muse says:

    Hello to you, BerkshireSD. Really, you should just tell them you’re looking for a pro, then. Or, are you too honorable 😛

  833. sweetredhead*269443* says:

    wheww good thing I am in central Fl BerkshireSD lmao

  834. sweetredhead*269443* says:

    Island_Muse we have a 3 step plan lmao.

  835. BerkshireSD says:

    The girls in south FL stop talking to you when you tell them you aren’t looking for a hooker.

  836. Island_Muse says:

    Everybody’s here, YAY – I love a party. What is the word for when you rush through your “real life” to get to your cyber life? Oh, Oh, I know…obsessed.

    Tell me guys, I can handle it. Is it just me??

    I need an intervention, you guys…seriously. Last night I blogged, well mostly lurked, during dinner out with friends. Couldn’t wait for the check and didn’t even stay for long good-byes in the parking lot. (And these are good, fun people).

    My productivity at work is dropping off – now I’m only putting in 100% 😉 and then I can’t wait to get home and catch up with my sweet friends. I love my new life – If I could only have a SD to make all this worthwhile…hmm

  837. sweetredhead*269443* says:

    I can’t help it 🙁 I am a hopeless flirt 🙂

  838. katrina says:

    hahaha Sweetred IS tired tonight! Usually she only comes onto the men 🙂

  839. sweetredhead*269443* says:

    We can all have dinner together 🙂

  840. katrina says:

    Ummmmm….RedMaru (ahem!)….maybe you have something to say to me, too? 🙂
    Hint: I like dinner brought to me, too.
    Another Hint: I am available most nights.

  841. sweetredhead*269443* says:

    Sounds good RedMaru 🙂

  842. sweetredhead*269443* says:

    darn it Katrina. keep telling you don’t care how much you offer me I AM NOT wearing a strap on sheeh

  843. RedMaru*210789* says:

    awww sweetred you should have told me I would have brought dinner over….next time when you feel like company….I’ll make something good.

  844. katrina says:

    Convo – stop reading 🙂

  845. katrina says:

    Sweetred – You have mail.

  846. sweetredhead*269443* says:

    You can have mine, I am too tired to eat 🙁

  847. OPOV says:

    Maybe later sweetred, maybe later.

  848. katrina says:

    Sweetred – I wonder if he will make extra for me? I am too tired, too. Not to mention lazy.

  849. sweetredhead*269443* says:

    Ignore them and they will go away 🙂

  850. katrina says:

    OPOV – thank you for that PSA – I really did not know that…

    RedMaru – I agree that they were just seeking attention/reaction, but we have cold rainy weather here today and the rest of the week so I was happy to comply!

  851. sweetredhead*269443* says:

    My son is making mac and cheese with meat in it lol. I am to tired to cook

  852. sweetredhead*269443* says:

    OPOV too funny!! You really need an Sb. They are losing out. Get back in the game mr!!

  853. OPOV says:

    (Public service announcement for today)

    Evening all, I want to take a moment and interupt your “annoying” and “anal” discussions, if I may:

    There have been quite a few new people who have joined and may not be aware of the particulars of this site in reference to contacting people and sitting on your hands when they don’t respond or even open your mail:

    if you are a baby and you send an email contact to a daddy or mommy, if they are blue, they cannot open your mail and will not respond. Unlike babies, daddies and mommies have to be paying members in order to read your mail and respond.

    So if you tag a blue and send them a note, don’t get pissed when they don’t open your mail and not respond. They can’t.

    And now back to your annoying, anal discussions. 😀

  854. RedMaru*210789* says:

    Hey sweetred! No ideas for dinner yet and two my defense, I will add that I was working cause I missed alot of juicy stuff 😀 I would get back to work as soon as Panther lets me go…lol

    And this is the second blog I’ve seen this convo person at…sheesh. Either this person is truly as scully says a jackass or someone just trying to get a reaction.

    Hey good night scully

  855. sweetredhead*269443* says:

    katrina I know!! seriously where are my priorities lmao

  856. katrina says:

    Sweetred – you need to blog at work. Where are your priorities? 🙂

  857. katrina says:

    Nightmare – what is your profile #?

    EVERYONE -Seriously, I wish it requested profile #s before you could post – I am always curious about who is posting. I feel like the only nerd who keeps asking for profile numbers…

    Hey, Convo – maybe this blog is just not for you? I really don’t know why you took your precious time to post something that is not in keeping with the posts of others (nonsupportive) – but I guess you felt it was your right to speak for all the readers who are so annoyed but cannot find the power to post themselves. I guess that means everyone (posters and non-) will sleep better tonight.

  858. Scully says:

    Well all,

    Have a great night, I’m off back into reality and being mom again. I’ll see you all tomorrow 😉

  859. sweetredhead*269443* says:

    Panther SD sorry I was at work, sent you the link 🙂

  860. sweetredhead*269443* says:

    Hi everyone Dang does no one work at their job? lmao I have internet at work but I have no time to be on it.

    How was everyone’s day?

  861. Scully says:

    I am not one of those nervous people, so I can’t help ya there!

  862. Panther SD says:


    I was thinking 15k or less was small.

  863. Scully says:

    Wow I log back in and what do I see, a jackass…….I didn’t know the site allowed that! Ok I did log back in I was curious about Ms. Sassy’s details!

    Nitemare, oh heaven’s what is it you’re on and why aren’t you sharing?

    Convo if you’re that annoyed, by do you bother to keep coming back. I’ve been here about two weeks and if you take the time to scroll through the posts and not pay attention to the ones you’re not interested in, then what’s the big deal? You seem like you’re sad, lonely and in need of a good friend, but really with an attitude like that, why not try some honey instead of vinegar? Just my thought…

  864. RedMaru*210789* says:

    Hey Siren….I haven’t had the pleasure yet but I would have to say if I hadn’t seen a picture I would be scared and in a small town even more scared.
    I try to soothe nerves with my Nintendo Dsi

  865. This convo is for only 3 people says:

    anyways thats my last comment, before i turn into a troll like yall

  866. This convo is for only 3 people says:

    No im not new, Ive been on the blog since the first one, just never posted most of you do not understand the concept of a blog, but if this is done in a threaded discussion, most of us will not be subject to reading your irrelevant posts & comments.

    your consistent postings, prevent most readers, from seeing others people comment and views. and if i were new, at least now you know what new people think. you are annoying, and ill pass on your anal, and suggest you suck your self instead.

  867. Silly says:

    so here’s a new question.. is there a post someone on the site to give new SD’s advice on how and when to bring up details of an arrangement ? I think there was one for SB’s

  868. NitemareSD says:

    No chemistry with the physics prof? I hate one dimensional guys.

  869. RedMaru*210789* says: