9 years ago
First Sugar Dates

9 years ago
First Sugar Dates

The clip above translates what people say on a first date with what they REALLY think.

On SeekingArrangement, SD’s and SB’s seek upfront honesty in relationships based on mutual respect and consideration. A combo many on the blog simply refer to as ‘sugar’.

Chemistry and negotiation are usually important parts of a first sugar meet.

“You just have to jump in there and go on your first date. It will get easier over time. I always
tell the SD that my girlfriend knows where I am and who I am with. I have never had a date go wrong : ) Just relax and enjoy the sugar.” – Gail

What do you look for the most on a first date with a sugar? Personality? Generosity? Punctuality?

What would a PERFECT first sugar meet look like? What would a NIGHTMARE first sugar meet look like?

Have a first sugar date story? Care to share?

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  1. ebnbaby says:

    Hey guys I haven’t logged on in a long time– in fact I haven’t been a sugar baby in almost a year, but I’ve had such a great experience I thought I’d share some inspiring stories

    Best sugar dates:
    1. My SD flew me to miami even though we’d never exchanged pictures. We talked on the phone and decided we liked on another and he sent me a plane ticket.. I just had to make my way to the hotel. We had some drinks at the bar, talked in the cabana room he rented right by the pool and made out for a little, but no pressure. The whole weekend was lovely, drinks by the pool, spa treatments, tanning at the beach. I even used the gym several times (I was modeling at this point). We never “slept” together, and he gave me money to go shopping, and even a really big check at the end which he said not to spend on clothing haha** of course i did anyway. Not only was he really funny and great to hang out with, but he gave me a world class princess experience, and a return flight home. I never saw him again, but I hope he’s still out there making SB’s happy.

    2. I had been chatting with an SD who knew LA fairly well while I was brand new. I had been interning for the summer, and after work one day, we decided to meet for lunch in a nice area a few blocks away. I walked over, but since he was stuck in traffic, I started trying on clothing in Ron Herman (one of my favoorite stores). Anyway he showed up while I was in the dressing room, and got such a kick out of my twirling around in dresses and pretty shirts, he bought the whole bunch and asked if I wanted to go on an adventure. He was young, funny (I’m pretty much a sucker for a guy who can make me laugh, looks aside), and well built, and so I said yes. We drove down to Laguna (like the tv show) and got two lavish suites there. We ate chocolate deserts, and talked all night, kissed and then he let me sleep in my own room. He said he actually preferred it, but if I got aroused in the night to come over haha. He really was funny.
    The next day we went to his favorite beach and talked about his life, and my own– we really hit it off, like partners in crime. It was very GFE, and we chatted with other couples as if we had been together forever.
    I saw him a few more times after that, but we both got too busy to keep up the funlust we shared. All in all, such a great experience.

    3. The most sexual experience (in fact the only SD where sex was involved) I ever had was with someone who was almost purely business. Our first date was short, but we realized we respected each other and like one another. Not to mention he was super cute, but married. And we decided to go all in, allowance and everything.
    He really opened me up to a lot of sexual experiences I had never tried before ( i had only slept with two people before him), and would rent a hotel room in the afternoons where I would meet him during lunch. It was really comfortable, we had an instant bond and attraction, and he would hold me after, teach me interesting things, or just listen to me talk about my passions. The relationship lasted for a summer, but it was incredibly fathering (it’s weird to talk about it like that, but sometimes, that’s just what a SD is). I never felt uncomfortable or used, and he kept me happy both financially (i bought sooo much clothing that summer) and sexually (rowwwwr). It was the best way to try out a casual relationship, and I’m glad that I did it.

    4. My first and longest SD I met in NYC when I was at school. He wasn’t the most attractive man I had ever met, but I was incredibly intrigued by him. He was foreign, from Europe, and was new to NY (his business had just transfered him from London). We dated — had dinners, went to museums, etc.. for about five or six months. I considered him a friend, and since for about two of those months he never gave me an allownace, it was strictly platonic. We never “slept” together either, but he got a very real GFE experience from me, and we’d write incredibly long emails to one another, and plan out trips we wanted to take together in the future. We made out once or twice, usually after the more romantic evenings we’d had, on street corners or outside of a move theatre.
    I’m glad I never slept with him because the romantic feelings weren’t there (except after watching ATONEMENT, i was so flustered and aroused, such a good film haha), but he became a very dear friend, and a light for sore eyes when school was getting me down. Plus I got to try some of the yummiest restaurants the city had to offer. The only reason we stopped seeing one another was I was moving to LA and didn’t have the heart to lead him on.

    There’s something out there for everyone, from weekend trips to longer relationships. I think all of you girls are great, and just have to keep your head up and be confident that you deserve the best, and only the best!


  2. melissa says:

    hey guys, Iam speaking with a potential sugar daddy. I want to meet him. But I am honestly really nervous, i dont trust people. What should i do? how do i know if hes legit? please help. thanks

  3. Crystal says:

    Hi all I am a newbie here and I was wondering in general how long did it take tto get a respomse on her from a S/D?
    Has anyone been sucsessful?
    I am so nervous lol

  4. bomar says:

    Anyone would like to talk to a virgin…. with this new adventure of mine??

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  8. manda says:

    my first sd meet up was horrible.. i live in orlando he in texas. It took three months to finally go, i ended up going witha friend while she tried out for the dallas cowboy cheerleaders. So, a car picked me up from my hotel that I paid for, (i also Paid for the car) headed to the resturant he picked. It was a no star, servers in jeans, meat filled hell hole. He was who he presented in his pictures, a very fine, good looking gentlemen, well mannered and respectful to a degree. We order drinks, dinner, and leave in MY car to My hotel room. The ride was akward he tried to tell me about past sugarbabies and such and how they were all alike. And then tried to well pressure me into talking about money and what i would do for money. Well in the end i told him that its not ALL about the money. It the experience of making a man Happy and that man in retun doing the same for me. Its about the rush of the ride, the experiance, doing something i normally couldnt afford to do on a regular basis. I was about him paying my bills, or spending millions.. i was about being his arm candy, thats what im about.. i just want to live the life i never got to. Werid to read it after i’ve typed it out.. but its the truth. any way me and him didnt speak for 9 months. One day he knockd on my door in orlando, and confessed he felt like shit for treating me as he did.

  9. goodgirl says:

    ATTENTION: new topic!!! :) *singing* i got to be the first! la la la la laaaa la! :)

  10. DC says:

    Hi Storm/Jai/Silly/SR-

    Storm- where are the X rated emoticons?

  11. Silly in Toronto #330786 says:

    morning sugars !!
    thanks Storm !! you’re quite handy to have around :)

  12. sweetredhead says:

    Just a quick Hi, Had to register my son at his new school ughh. So no time but to grab a quick cup of coffee before back to work. Had to fight 2 stretch hummer limo’s in the school parking lot. That’s my neiborhood, people with money who do way to much for their kids. Good thing my kids are not that way.

  13. Jai says:

    Hey S Cat! Did we ever decide on a nickname for you? :)
    Teach me! Teach me! I want to learn ALL the emoticons 😀

    Hey gg! :)

  14. goodgirl says:

    good morning storm 😛 i’m sure she’ll be impressed. i understand what you mean about what you’re concentrating on effecting your creativity. my hobby is re-doing/ re-creating old things into new. i can’t focus on it all the time, but once i get going, watch out, cuz i’m on a roll and nothing is safe! :)
    ~housekeeping, anyone??? as it turns out, i’m pretty efficient today!

  15. Stormcat says:

    Good morning Panther, DC, Scully, GG.
    Where’s Jai today? I got all these smileys to show her.
    8) :) 😉 😀 😛 😐 :( 😡 😕 😯

  16. Stormcat says:

    Thanks Southern, I will. It fits right in with my current subject matter concentration. I’m almost finished with Oliver Sacks’ new book “Musicophilia.” In fact I’m coing to a lecture by him tomorrow on aspects of Hallucinations as they relate to the effect of music on the brain. He’ll be exerpting from the book and I’ll get to meet him afterward at a reception.
    The lecture is open to the public so if anyone else here wants to go let me know and I’ll give you the details.

  17. DC says:

    Good morning everyone!

    Worked yesterday…made grocery money….woo hoo.

    GG- too bad about your pot SD. It’s kind of hard to conceptualize how many people actually read this blog and lurk

    SE- book sounds interesting. I put it in my queue at the library. So there is hope for me yet LOL

    Going to be another HOT day here in Seattle. Will be the first day I can wear shorts since I got here

  18. SuthrnExec says:

    Storm, you ever read, “A Whole New Mind: Why Right-Brainers Will Rule the Future” by Daniel Pink? It’s an interesting read – you should check it out.

  19. goodgirl says:

    Good morning everyone 😀
    I’m cleaning the house like a maniac before I leave for awhile. It’s ta ke my daughter to work week, since I couldn’t pay the sitter. After work today, I’m getting one of my moms dogs for the week, again. :) I wish I could travel to Europe, so she could babysit for me! lol!

  20. Panther SD says:

    Morning Scully

  21. Stormcat says:

    Trying to get going on something productive. But I got caught up in this emotions thing and can’t get my mind off of it. Not good but that is my nature. When I do get concentrated on the right thing my mind can do fantastic stuff. So the sidetracks are something I live with in order to have the inventor talent. 😯

  22. Scully says:

    Hey Everyone!

    Storm you’ve mail!! I’m off, I be back shortly!

  23. Panther SD says:

    Good morning all.

  24. Cyanide-babe says:

    Doing good, getting some work done today, lol. How’s your morning?

  25. Stormcat says:

    Hey green lips 8)
    How ya doing this morning?

  26. Stormcat says:

    Shoot I blew one of them
    Morning y’all
    8) :) :( 😉 😀 😛 😐 😕 😡 😯

  27. Cyanide-babe says:

    Good Morning!! :)

  28. Stormcat says:

    Morning y’all
    8) :) :( 😉 😀 😛 😐 😕 :-X 😯

    Been trying to find all the emotions that work on this site. Only got 10 so far. I made an Excell file that generated all th combinations of two letters and symbols. Then I exported it into word and processed it into pastable text. But I only got about 25 % of it pasted into one of the archives before the site shut me down. I guess I should write and ask permission to do the rest. They shouldn’t object as I can then post the list for everyone.

  29. SuthrnExec says:

    Good morning Lisa and lurkers – have a great day at work Lisa!

  30. lisa says:

    Good morning everyone
    getting ready to leave for work. Have a great day everyone

  31. Cyanide-babe says:

    Nite… heading off soon as well

    See ya tomorrow :)

  32. Trinity says:

    The office I work in is pretty casual so I don’t get to dress up that much. I just wish I could sleep in…oh well…I am off to bed! Good night!

  33. Cyanide-babe says:

    Lol, if you worked at home for a year or so, you’d soon start wearing stilettos to the grocery store. Thats the only time you’d go out, lol.

  34. Trinity says:

    Lucky! I am up really early! Hoping one day I can work at home. :)

  35. Cyanide-babe says:

    lol, I make my own scedule. Don’t have to wake up early unless I want to.

  36. Trinity says:

    Wow you are up late!

  37. Cyanide-babe says:

    lol, I’m in Atlanta!

  38. Trinity says:

    Hi CB! I am still here…I guess there are not that many West Coast people?

  39. Cyanide-babe says:

    Hi Trini :)

  40. Cyanide-babe says:

    I’m here! Don’t leave….

  41. Trinity says:

    Renee- I think most of the SD’s on any site about SD’s knows REALLY what it is all about. I have come to that conclusion real quick. A lot of fakes, photo collectors, cybersexers, etc that you come accross. I have learned so much from those on this blog that I know how to week out the real SD’s and those that are fakes.

  42. Trinity says:

    Where is everyone? Asleep already? :(

  43. Silly in Toronto #330786 says:

    good night Red.. i’m off

  44. sweetrdhead*269443* says:

    :( ok I am going to bed too. Nite nite

  45. sweetrdhead*269443* says:

    Did everyone go to sleep?? WAKE UP PEOPLE!!!

  46. Renee says:

    Everybody is gone? :(

  47. Renee says:

    and why would a pornstar want to pay for an arrangement? Isn’t that like a baker going home at the end of the day to make cakes and cookies?

  48. Renee says:

    Hello –

    Do you think that most SDs bring up what they want the arrangement to be, or do you think that they leave that to the SD to set up? I notice a lot of the SD profiles say they want an SD who knows what she wants and will ask for it. Or do you think the SD is talking about sexually when he writes that…?

  49. Cyanide-babe says:

    I work from my computer, so its bad for me! I need to exhibit mad self-control 😉

  50. lisa says:

    the minute I walk in my door I am attached to my computer until I go to bed.

  51. Silly in Toronto #330786 says:

    yes, it’s VERY bad !!

  52. Cyanide-babe says:

    I just realized that I’ve been on here for almost 12 hours straight today! Its an addiction!

  53. Stormcat says:

    Hey Panther once you get your account on gravatatar and upload a pic you have to paste the link in the website section of this ‘site’s leave-a-reply box. Then your avatar will come up.

  54. lisa says:

    Yes they are really good, not as good as the ones at the mall but for a fast food place, they’re good.

  55. Silly in Toronto #330786 says:

    was the one from Wendy’s good ? haven’t tried those new ones

  56. Trinity says:

    *Sigh* I have to work out too…

  57. Cyanide-babe says:

    See ya Red, I snacked on a strawberry protein shake. Tasted like Mcdonald’s :)

  58. RedMaru*210789* says:

    Well I’m off everybody to hit da gym work off some of my frustration and the crackers I snacked on so I’ll see all of you later…

  59. Cyanide-babe says:


  60. RedMaru*210789* says:

    Hey cyanide-babe sure am Midtown part near GA Tech.

  61. lisa says:

    RedMaru I live next door to alot of restaruants, fine dining establishments like mcd’s wendys taco bell whataburger(they have the best burgers) along with every other fast food place you can think of a few blocks away

    I went over and got a wendy’s strawberry frosty

  62. Cyanide-babe says:

    Red, you in Atl? Me too

  63. Silly in Toronto #330786 says:

    geez ! I’ve just been trying to catch up ! and I have 2 jobs and 3 kids.. guys, slow down will ya !!!

  64. Cyanide-babe says:

    Porn star, shmorn star… :)

  65. RedMaru*210789* says:

    lisa – same here I’m probably going to nibble leftover wings but where I live there are restaurants too so I might just get something.

    Trinity – no your eyes are not deceiving you I saw it too and he is naked wow. don’t pornstars get enough as it is

  66. Cyanide-babe says:

    Trin, you got me all hot and bothered for nothing. He’s wearing swimming trunks. :)

  67. Trinity says:

    OMG RedMaru! That was the one I was looking at the picture. I didn’t read the occupation until just now…HAHA!

  68. Trinity says:

    I just looked at a profile and I think he is naked with his hands covering his you know what…it is in the featured…57281. Are my eyes deceiving me?

  69. Cyanide-babe says:

    Lol, off to go check out pornstar….

  70. lisa says:

    the joys of living alone, I never have to make dinner, dinner is the cheese and leftover cake in the fridge, lol

  71. Cyanide-babe says:

    The girlfriend of one of my friends told him he’d have to pick between me or her. His reply,
    “Look, life would be easier if you and Cyanide-babe just became friends, because I’d never not pick her”.
    What happened? We became friends, and still are, even though she and the guy broke up.

  72. RedMaru*210789* says:

    Different subject did you see the featured profiles? I kid you not there was one whos occupation was porn star wanting hot sex!! I wonder if that was a joke

  73. lisa says:

    I’ve gotta do laundry tomorow after work, meet daughter wednesday after work, spend evening with sd thursday after work, blah blah blah, while my stupid bathroom spout runs nonstop, gotta keep the fan on tonight so the noise doesn’t keep my awake. It’s the hot water tap so it’s raising the humdity inthe bathroom so I can’t shut the door

    Sweetredhead, nah, I am so good

  74. sweetrdhead*269443* says:

    Lisa!! you are so bad!!!

  75. sweetrdhead*269443* says:

    I have things to do also :( A mothers work is never done!! Work all day and then all night hehe. BUT nothing better :) I love being a mom :)

  76. RedMaru*210789* says:

    See ya goodgir 😀

  77. lisa says:

    some of them are worried because their husbands are nailing some hot chick on the kitchen counter, oops

  78. goodgirl says:

    i’m gonna go make dinner now. i need to do laundry too… catch up with you all later :)

  79. RedMaru*210789* says:

    Nothing wrong I have guy friends too. In fact one of my dearest friends is married but then again his wife is one my good buddies too.

  80. sweetrdhead*269443* says:

    Cyanide-babe that’s how I am most of my friends are men. Always been that way.

  81. Cyanide-babe says:

    My closest friends are guys. All really great guys. Their girlfriends almost always get jealous though, even though I keep it strictly platonic. :(

  82. sweetrdhead*269443* says:

    His wife does not know silly!! I have no idea if she is insecure. Yes he is an SD but not mine. Just a friend

  83. RedMaru*210789* says:

    sweetredhead – the wife isn’t that insecure is she? Of course men and women can be friends.

  84. goodgirl says:

    i totally agree….was is an sd? 😉

  85. sweetrdhead*269443* says:

    One thing I don’t need is getting caught by the wife lol even if it is all innocent. Why are woman so jealous? man and woman can be freinds with no alter motive.

  86. goodgirl says:

    oops !

  87. sweetrdhead*269443* says:

    Sorry was talking to a friend and his wife came home lmao. YIKS!!

  88. sweetrdhead*269443* says:

    I got it lmao I added you :)

  89. sweetrdhead*269443* says:

    your are adding me as sweetredhead not sassyredhead lol

  90. sweetrdhead*269443* says:

    I think you have the wrong Id lol
    Email me yours and I will add you

  91. goodgirl says:

    i guess so! i was waiting for you :) he must’ve seen i was online 😀

  92. sweetrdhead*269443* says:

    Holding Pot hostage now? Lmao

  93. goodgirl says:

    it says sugar baby 😉

  94. Trinity says:

    GG- At first I couldn’t tell what your avatar was! I thought at first it was an anatomy shot from a medical book! LOL!!

  95. Cyanide-babe says:


    When all else fails, try baby oil!

  96. goodgirl says:

    lol :) probably! hehehe… slipped me right into this dress lmfao

  97. RedMaru*210789* says:

    yah goodgirl your avatar’s back!!

  98. Cyanide-babe says:

    GG, your avatar’s here! I think it was the baby oil that did it…

  99. goodgirl says:

    oh! look! :)

  100. goodgirl says:

    i’m still trying to figure out why mine went away but won’t come back!

  101. Trinity says:

    Yeah, I changed my avatar…afraid a pot SD will come here and then throw a hissy fit if I even hint that I am talking about them! LOL!

  102. goodgirl says:

    i think i’m gonna go lay down for a bit :) bbl

  103. RedMaru*210789* says:

    Ahhh I see you guys misbehavin while I was away…lol
    Turn my back for a few minutes and you bring out the baby oil chocolate and whipped cream.
    Sheesh wait for me…will ya lmao 😀

  104. goodgirl says:

    i love babyoil :) you gettin my messages sweetred?

  105. Cyanide-babe says:

    Maybe some whipped cream and chocolate syrup too? :)

  106. sweetrdhead*269443* says:

    baby oil and a water bed, Oh the stories I could tell lmao

  107. Cyanide-babe says:

    Lol @ babyoil.

  108. goodgirl says:

    sweetred~ you’ve got mail :)

  109. sweetrdhead*269443* says:

    I think panther is afraid of me lol he could not handle a redhead I think lmao

  110. Trinity says:

    Wow, I missed a smack down? Was there any baby oil involved…LOL!

  111. goodgirl says:

    thanks sweetred~ i’m trying… 😉
    i’m having a problem working this computer today!

  112. RedMaru*210789* says:

    See ya Panther drive safe

  113. Panther SD says:


    Mail back at you.

    Time for that long drive back to the country. Catch everyone on later.

  114. lisa says:

    I jusy worry that my tub will overflow as it’s half full already as drainage is slowing down. :(

  115. sweetrdhead*269443* says:

    Panther SD impulsive is my middle name, why do you think I am always in trouble lmao. I have no idea how I get myself into it lmao

  116. RedMaru*210789* says:

    Hey Trinity 😀
    Panther getting smacked about? This should prove interesting…lol
    Panther you have mail too..

  117. goodgirl says:

    :( nobody ever smacks me around. *pouting like redmaru*
    it’s cool trin~ we had only emailed a couple times. i thought he was gonna be a pretty good one though. :) i’ll keep on fishing 😉

  118. lisa says:

    ok the tub faucet continues to drip and if they don’t show up in the next 4 minutes, it will have to run nonstop until saturday evening as I have no time the next 4 days to sit around waiting for them to fix it. I told them I was home all day today, watch them show up tomorrow morning after I leave for work and stick one of their “no one was home” notes on my door. I wonder how much water has been wasted in the past 2 days it’s been running. Its the hot water on top of that

  119. RedMaru*210789* says:

    Yah!! (Stops pouting) Sweetred you have mail

  120. Panther SD says:

    Ahh then i would drive you insane. I’m way to impulsive. 😉

  121. sweetrdhead*269443* says:

    A little control, not pain panther :) Must be the redhead in me!

  122. Trinity says:

    Hey everyone! Just finished reading all of the posts after I left! Wow, can’t believe it GG that your pot threw a fit! Oh well, I guess it is a risk to post on a blog…LOL!

  123. Panther SD says:


    Smacked around? Do i hear a little dominatrix in your voice? A little paddling perhaps? Sounds interesting.

  124. sweetrdhead*269443* says:

    oops sweetredhead5253

  125. sweetrdhead*269443* says:

    sweetredhead at yahoo :)

  126. RedMaru*210789* says:

    Hey sweetred 😀
    I don’t have your addy (pouting like a two year old) :(

  127. sweetrdhead*269443* says:

    goodgirl you have mail :)

  128. sweetrdhead*269443* says:

    Panther SD you just need to be smacked around a bit lmao :)

  129. Panther SD says:

    Hello Sweetrdhead

  130. goodgirl says:

    haha. panther, if you figure it out, pass the info on 😉

  131. sweetrdhead*269443* says:

    Good evening everyone :)

    Good girl I got your email :) Sorry thought everyone had my addy lmao.

  132. Panther SD says:


    Hmm i don’t go patience very well…. Know anyone that can teach me?

  133. RedMaru*210789* says:

    It supposedly 5 – 10 mins to show up. I had to shut the browser and restart it for mine to show up. Patience in some things Panther….lol

  134. goodgirl says:

    maybe? i still have a lot to learn about this laptop. i just got it a little over a month ago. :)

  135. Panther SD says:

    RedMaru ~

    I did. Got everything setup …I think 😉 Been so busy i didn’t take time to read all the directions. Typical Panther… never looking before i leap!

  136. Panther SD says:

    RedMaru ~

    I did. Got everything setup …I think 😉 Been so busy i didn’t take time to read all the directions. Typical Panther… never looking before i leap!

  137. RedMaru*210789* says:

    Panther – Did you go to Gravatar.com?

  138. goodgirl says:

    i’m still trying. :(
    oh well. i picked out a pretty generic pic anyhoo. :)

  139. Cyanide-babe says:

    Goodgirl, go to IE, then options, then browsing history, then clear cache.

    That process depends on what browser you’re using though.

  140. RedMaru*210789* says:

    Hey Panther – Cave Panther…lol you have mail
    Hey Stormcat 😀
    Goodgirl your avatar is gone

  141. Panther SD says:

    Now if i can get my avatar to work….

  142. Panther SD says:

    Hey StormCat ~ Just working as usual

  143. goodgirl says:

    thanks cyanide :) trying to figure that out now…

  144. Stormcat says:

    Avatar test
    Hey Y’all. Good afternoon! Hello Panther. Good to see ya back.

  145. Cyanide-babe says:

    Goodgirl, I think you have to clear your cache for your avatar to change.

  146. RedMaru*210789* says:

    We do need a new topic this one’s becoming full….
    I’m with lisa you should still offer compensation or just say its regular dating. Another topic is “Should SD’s be more specific in what they want? Especially in the looks department?”

  147. goodgirl says:

    i’d keep looking too scully :)

  148. goodgirl says:

    my avatar isn’t changing. :(

  149. Scully says:

    LMAO, uhhh I already do! I agree with what you said, I was just kinda bummed it happened to me today. Ehhh what are ya gonna do, cry? Nahh I keep looking!!

    Storm, you have mail!

  150. Panther SD says:


    Depends on the dept of the relationship. If i already knew her as say a friend and I found her on here what would i do? Depends on the level of attraction and what she had to offer. If i did not find her physically attractive then i wouldn’t approach her in regards to a SB relationship.

    Now on the other hand. If we were friends and I found her very attractive then i could see a SB relationship forming. Simply becuase the SB agreement would open an intamcy door that was closed before. It also presents a NON-MESSY arrangement if it didn’t work out.

    It really depends on what she has to offer me that I do not already have. Feel free to call me a Cave-Panther, but if she can’t excite me(physically), then what’s the point?

  151. lisa says:

    no no no because that’s what a sugarbaby is. If you don’t compensate, then it’s not sugardating, just regular dating

  152. Scully says:

    Hey All..

    We need a new topic! Here’s the question: If you already know your sugar baby before you meet here, would you say you don’t want to offer compensation because it’s personal?

  153. lisa says:

    he’s on the other site, not SA

  154. goodgirl says:

    it’s cool redmaru~ just means he’s not the one for me 😀 the hunt continues…

  155. lisa says:

    he’s probably stomping his feet and throwing his toys everywhere, lol

  156. goodgirl says:

    yikes lisa!!
    ~~whats his profile #? he sounds like a winner :) lol

  157. RedMaru*210789* says:

    Still here goodgirl….your pot sd deleted his profile how childish can you get
    Sorry bout that goodgirl.

  158. Panther SD says:

    Red ~ Got it

    Still here, they are getting their money’s worth out of me today. Mondays are always busy. How are things down there?

  159. lisa says:

    lol mine didn’t delete his profile but he sent me an email and then blocked me. He’s on the site all the time too. He starts out by saying if you money is a big part of this for you, look somewhere else. He actually thinks he will find an 18 year old that wants to spend the next 10 years with him. On our first converstation he mentioned taking medication for 25 years for his bipolar disorder and that he used to throw fits, oh and yes, he has a license to carry a concealed handgun, nice combination there

  160. goodgirl says:

    hey~ where’d everyone go?

  161. goodgirl says:

    Next :)

  162. goodgirl says:

    He deleted his profile. lol! like yours lisa :) little boy, throwing a fit! lmao

  163. goodgirl says:

    i got dumped today by the pot that i was excited about. he reads the blog. obviously a lurker and not a good one, cuz if he’d really read what i wrote, he’d know i was just excited about him. (him= the one who actually sent a pic with his clothes ON)
    I figured i’d go incognito for the next one 😉

  164. RedMaru*210789* says:

    Your avatar is nice goodgirl why you want to change it?

  165. lisa says:

    it’s crazy they put notes on our doors that if they catch anyone with a leak they will fine you 75 dollars yet when you report it they just take their time fixing it. It’s not just a drip, it’s running nonstop hot water. the wall is hot from it

  166. Cyanide-babe says:

    Sorry Lisa :(

  167. RedMaru*210789* says:

    Sorry bout you day lisa…
    I’m still searching too..

  168. lisa says:

    well he is close to perfect, we share the same views, he’s legit and knows what a sd is, but for Houston men seem to not want to take the effort to drive a few miles. Waiting to see what happens thursday, although today would have been so much better as I work hard on thursdays and will have to come home and get myself together to meet him. He likes to visit when I can stay up late but being that I get up early on that day, I will be tired early. Today was a wasted day.

  169. RedMaru*210789* says:

    lisa – test drive? i guess we’re cars now….lol so what model would you be.

  170. goodgirl*313749 says:

    :( sorry lisa. i’m still looking for my mr perfect too.
    *singing* someday my prince will come…. :)

  171. lisa says:

    I need to get my gardening sd to get his but over here. I have the whole day free and nothing to but wait for the repair man to come fix my nonstop running faucet but they will wait till i’m at work tomorrow and then leave me a note that they couldn’t come in because I wasn’t home :( I’m home now. I just got an email from a potential but I he wants to test drive his sb for awhile before he decides if she’s the one for him. No thanks

  172. RedMaru*210789* says:

    Hey silly and lisa 😀
    Panther if you’re still here you have mail.

  173. goodgirl*313749 says:

    trying to change my avatar…

  174. goodgirl*313749 says:

    weeding thru some myself. lol. lisa~ could we get your gardening sd to do it for me?

  175. goodgirl*313749 says:

    Hi jai :)

  176. lisa says:

    Very nice pics SweetEuropean, you have beautiful eyes. You should be finding the right sd in days. There are alot of fakes to weed through though. I had 3 potentials last week but they all hit the fan. Putting all my energy into comfirming the sd I have now.

  177. SuthrnExec says:

    Jai, ask your professor if they have ever had a kidney stone (a related question to precipitation reactions) and get him/her off the subject!

  178. lisa says:

    Hi Jai, I saw you in my area today, lol

    Yes I met him a month ago and it started out great and he gave me a whole months’ allowance within 2 dates but then he cancelled on me several times, came to see me last week and we are supposed to see each other thursday. He is still on the site alot so I worry he might chose someone else since he seems to feel things are still pending.

  179. SuthrnExec says:

    Hey SweetEuro – good to see you! Hope you’re well!

  180. SweetEuropean264271 says:

    Hi RedMaru! :) How are you?

    There’s my profile number, Lisa ^^… Oooh a new SD, how exciting! I hope you’re enjoying yourself :)
    I had an SD in april but we haven’t been in contact much lately so i’m not sure what’s happening right now, i’m still searching, though :) I stopped coming on SA for a while and tried to find a SD the traditional way, I tryed to find a SD at the Cannes film festival the other week but that was a disaster!! LOL

  181. Jai says:

    hi all. I’m in class but we have a break. Villa if you’re out there send me some science vibes lol we’re working on precipitation reactions, which aren’t bad, but i’m sleepy lol hope everyone is having a great day

  182. lisa says:

    Hi SweetEuropean what is your profile number again?
    I have met a sd myself , a month ago today actually but it’s still in the pending stage I guess. We have seen each other a few times and he is supposed to come over wednesday evening.

  183. RedMaru*210789* says:

    Welcome Jason 😀
    Hey SweetEuropean 😀

  184. SweetEuropean says:

    Hi everyone!!

    I haven’t posted here in a long time!! I hope everyone is well!!

    No recent sugar news but i’ve updated my profile and my photos so hopefully that could attract some interest :)

    Have a great day! x

  185. SuthrnExec says:

    Jason, no one can answer that but you because it varies quite a bit between people. You should meet the potSB and see how the chemistry is between you and then you two discuss how often you’d like to meet. We usually stay away from “$x per visit” because of the connotation that gives.

  186. Cyanide-babe says:

    Lol, Guess I’m back. I atleast got to finish what I had to do :)

  187. Cyanide-babe says:

    Can’t post either Lisa… :(

  188. Jason says:

    I’m new to the arrangement thing and to this blog. Will be going on my first date very soon. I can see from the profiles what people expect in terms of a monthly allowance. But what is typical in terms of a time commitment? Once a month? Once a week? Twice a week? Or put another way, what is typical allowance on a per date basis? I know that everyone is different and that its difficult to generalize. But any information or insight into this would be greatly appreciated.

  189. Silly in Toronto #330786 says:

    oh wow Lisa ! LOL good for you ( and him !)

  190. lisa says:

    I guess V i a g r a is a banned word, lol

  191. lisa says:

    3rd try

    Good afternoon Nitemare, better get to practicing my 57 year old lover can go 7 times in a couple hours,

    eww I hate facial hair too Silly

  192. lisa says:

    hey I can’t post :(

  193. Silly in Toronto #330786 says:

    ok, well we’ll see.. he seems nice and a nice voice, although he does have a moustache ( which I can’t stand.. ouch facial hair ) Lol

  194. NC Gent says:

    Heya Southern — good to see you. Been pretty busy and had some SB drama that has kept me on the sidelines.

  195. NitemareSD says:

    isa Says: June 1st, 2009 at 2:08 pm oh I thought he had been a SB himself, check your typo, lolmen are at their prime in their 50’s —–
    Which is all the more reason to get as much experience in now as I can so I will be fully prepared when the time comes.

  196. lisa says:

    lol sorry I dont’ have it.

  197. lisa says:

    Trinity I could marry a man in his 50’s providing he was in good health (like my lover) but marrying or commiting to a man in his 60’s, no way. The one that I was talking to seemed to be preoccupied with not wanting to spend his last years alone, which is understandable but I think he should find someone close to his age as not many 18-45 year old woman want to commit to a man that old. He is twice divorced so he had his chance to not be alone. The one that wrote me has blocked me because I suggested he bring me a gift if we met for coffee. He kept saying I was the one for him, lol

  198. goodgirl*313749 says:

    Lisa~ put down the vibrating mascara 😉

  199. lisa says:

    oops, I need to have my eyes replaced, I would have swore it said he had been a SB, lol

    well i’m early 40’s and when i was married or dating men my age which back then was 20’s they were minute men, I started seeing a man 14 years older than me 4 years ago and he’s 57 now and he’s the best, he can go 2 hours. The young guys are like a used kleenex in 5 minutes. lol

  200. Trinity 328103 says:

    I get a lot of guys in their 50’s and 60’s contacting me. I don’t mind but I don’t want marriage, which this one keeps pushing since he doesn’t want to be alone in his remaining years.

  201. Silly in Toronto #330786 says:

    nooo I put he’s had a SB before ! go for more coffee Lisa ! LOL

    at their prime ? what do you mean ? sexually ? and women in their 40’s.. is that what they say ??

  202. SuthrnExec says:

    NC Gent – greetings neighbor! How’s life?

  203. lisa says:

    oh I thought he had been a SB himself, check your typo, lol
    men are at their prime in their 50’s

  204. Silly in Toronto #330786 says:

    yeah, he had a 24 yr old SB ( and I guess she was super open and adventurous ) LOL
    lasted 18mths now he’s looking for a new one.. he’s 55

  205. lisa says:

    Silly in Toronto He’s been a SB before? lol that’s interesting

    But it is good when they have some experience as the ones that haven’t done it before can work 2 ways since they are clueless. They might let you mold them into the perfect sd or they might be just some guy thinking this is just another dating site.

  206. Silly in Toronto #330786 says:

    LOL Lisa ! I’ll bet ! the good thing though is he’s had a sb before.. we’ll see.. meeting for lunch on Wednesday

  207. RedMaru*210789* says:

    Hey all again!
    Yes Panther I am very awake..had to step away for work related stuff
    silly question…what I miss?

  208. lisa says:

    I had a threesome once, it’s my dark dirty secret, lol

  209. Trinity 328103 says:

    Hey NC Gent- Naughty texts are my specialty. LOL!

    So I emailed him back and asked him why? He said that he had some “interesting” pictures to show me. I BET! DELETE!

  210. NC Gent says:

    Hi all — hope all is well. I have been somewhat AWOL from blogging.

    Silly – I haven’t done a 3some either :( Not sure if I am missing anything though….

    Trinity — here is my cell # so we can start doing dirty texting – 919-URCRAZY
    Looking forward to your texts!

  211. lisa says:

    lol see now everyone has something new to do, lol
    but if she puts cash in a jar, she will save up enough to buy another pack of cigarettes, lol

  212. Trinity 328103 says:

    Naughty texts? Gee, don’t think I have done those before…LOL!

  213. Silly in Toronto #330786 says:

    Hey GG.. how about putting coins or cash in a jar for every hour that you don’t smoke ? or put a timer and slowly reduce, so usually if you smoke 1 every hour, then stretch it to 1 every 1.5, then 1 every 2 hours etc.. ?

  214. Silly in Toronto #330786 says:

    hey Trin.. ask him to go on msn and have his pic up.. that way he’s not emailing it and you can see what he looks like ?
    congrats Paige ! I’m jealous !
    spoke on the phone with a pot sd today but not sure… he’s done the 3some thing and wondering if I’d be interested, lol…. am I the only one who HASN’T done the 3some thing ??!!!!

  215. Panther SD says:

    RedMaru~ You still awake over there?

  216. Cyanide-babe says:


  217. Stormcat says:

    GG you got mail
    Hey Trinity!, JMU

  218. Panther SD says:

    Naughty text messages? Would never have thought of that…. 😉

  219. Stormcat says:

    Cyanide Which code was that that came up for you?

  220. lisa says:

    good morning Trinity, maybe he wants to trade naughty text messages? lol that sounds kinda risky to me, lol

  221. Trinity 328103 says:

    Good morning everyone! Well, the guy that wouldn’t sent me a photo because of local politics responded to my email. He just said,” Do you text?” Huh? What is this guy smoking!

  222. JWU *304412* says:

    Paige …. I’m from mass as well , i love Bela Ciao !

    My e-mail is Ashleyw123 gmail ….would be great to have a sugar friend so close to tell where i’m going on dates and what not.

    How is everyones day going ? I’m exhausted from staying at the casnio way to late last night with a pot SD lol

  223. goodgirl*313749 says:

    oops. i think i missed her. anyone know her addy? :) Florida may be too far, but…maybe not?! 😀

  224. RedMaru*210789* says:

    see ya sweetred

  225. Cyanide-babe says:

    Okay, my stalking of this blog has just made me mess up in preparing my DIY facial VIT C serum, due to a lack of concerntration! :(

  226. lisa says:

    Have a good afternoon Sweetredhead

  227. sweetrdhead says:

    Crap I am late getting back to work, shoot me an email and I will talk to you when I get home from work

    Hi lisa :)

    Have a good day everyone

  228. sweetrdhead says:

    Where are you goodgirl?

  229. lisa says:

    I’ve got a couple for you Sweetredhead Explorer and Danny, you can have both

  230. sweetrdhead says:

    Send me an email and I will let you talk to him if you are interested. I have his email :)

  231. sweetrdhead says:

    good girl 27 is fine, he just wants someone he can relate too

  232. goodgirl*313749 says:

    and a half….

  233. sweetrdhead says:

    LMAO I crack myself up!! I wrote him as a pot but I am not thin and that’s what he wants but he is a really nice person. been talking to him for awhile and I think he would be a really great SD for someone. I know, I know I am strange, but hey we all support each other here :)

  234. goodgirl*313749 says:

    Hey sweetred~ how’s he feel about 27? 😉

  235. lisa says:

    Hi sweetredhead :)

  236. sweetrdhead says:

    Good afternoon sugars. I been talking to an SD (friend) He is looking for an out door girl, thin, in her 30’s. He is in central FL. Any takers I am screening for him lmao

  237. Cyanide-babe says:

    Nope, just one of mine came up :(

  238. Cyanide-babe says:

    Testing… *_* :”> >:< 😡 ( ^ 3 ^ ) ;;)

  239. Stormcat says:

    There must be more that work on this site. I only have the IM list. 😀


  240. goodgirl*313749 says:

    8 ) = 8) Villa taught me 😀

  241. Stormcat says:

    Hey GG ben trying the cool but haven’t quite got it to work.
    One more shot B-)

  242. Cyanide-babe says:

    Hi RedMaru, glad to be here :)

  243. RedMaru*210789* says:

    Vibrating Mascara I don’t know bout that but the free rhinestone encrusted eyepatch would be nice…lol
    Hey Cyanide-babe 😀 nice to meet you 😀

  244. goodgirl*313749 says:

    look at you go stormcat!!!! Where’s Jai?!? 8)

  245. Cyanide-babe says:

    Replied Storm…

  246. goodgirl*313749 says:

    thats what i thought too! lol “Mascara for the prettiest pirates” arg!

  247. Stormcat says:

    Cyanide You got SA mail
    Paige nice first date! Congrats.
    :) :( 😉 😀 😛 😐

  248. Cyanide-babe says:

    Vibrating Mascara? Hopefully, it comes with a free rhinestone encrusted eye-patch! Users will eventually need them :)

  249. Panther SD says:

    Morning Red ~ Mail right back at you.

    Paige ~ Glad to hear everything went well for you!

  250. Cyanide-babe says:

    SuthrnExec: Life saver… only if taken in the correct dose ofcourse :)

  251. RedMaru*210789* says:

    Kudos on your awesome date Paige 😀

  252. RedMaru*210789* says:

    Hey Goodgirl I’m fine and the poms poms are right next to me. 😀

  253. lisa says:

    congrats Paige i’m afraid i’d lose that one if I had to give him a handwritten letter, lol I can’t write legibly if my life depended on it so he’d have to settle for a typed one, lol

    Vibrating mascara, never seen that one but it reminds me of something back when my daughter was little. She had one of those vibrating pens that makes your writing look funny. I was cleaning up the house one day while she was at school and the repairman came in to fix something and I had been messing with the pen and had put it in my pocket (still vibrating) to answer the door. He kept looking at me funny and my pocket, I guess thought I had something else, lol

  254. goodgirl*313749 says:

    yeah paige!!!

  255. SuthrnExec says:

    Paige, congrats! That’s a great first-date story. It gives those who have yet to experience it hope and confidence that it does, and will, happen for them!

  256. goodgirl*313749 says:

    Thank you villa :)
    has anyone else seen the vibrating mascara?? i just saw an add for it. seems dangerous! lol. might as well just do eyeliner in the car! lmao..i like pretty eyes and all, but i’d sure like to be able to use em!!!
    I’m ‘working’ from home today and tomorrow. i don’t have the money to pay my babysitter.

  257. VillaCypris *276489* says:

    Congrats, Paige. Sounds like a lovely date.

  258. Paige says:

    First date story, though the thread has gotten away from it already, not surprisingly. ;]

    Yesterday I had a first date with a potential SD- we had been e-mailing and texting for a little over a week, maybe two. He’s from RI and I’m from MA, and so he drove down to see me. We met, talked for a bit, and he bought me the most gorgeous shoes. =] He looked exactly like his pictures showed and was very well dressed, and very much the gentleman. It was a little awkward at first, but we started really talking and hitting it off very quickly. We went to a cute little Italian place called Bella Ciao for dinner and he told me stories about his adventures- he’s travelled to more places than I can count. He was a fantastic storyteller and was very kind. We ended up staying and talking long after we finished our meal, and upon parting he asked me to write him a letter for the next time we meet describing exactly how I want our relationship to go. All in all it was fantastic and a bunch of fun, and I can’t wait to see him again. =]

  259. VillaCypris *276489* says:

    and GG :) good luck quitting smoking… the negatives far outweigh the positives on that.

  260. VillaCypris *276489* says:

    Hi RedMaru~

  261. SuthrnExec says:

    Good morning folks – a bit of calm in the storm here so I thought I’d check-in…
    Welcome Cyanide – you are clever as you know Cyanide refers to any chemical in the cyano group – most are lethal but ironically, there is one that is used as an antidote for certain poisons… So which are you – deadly or a life-saver?

  262. goodgirl*313749 says:

    A big HELLOOOOOO to my favorite cheerleader!! :) How are ya redmaru?

  263. goodgirl*313749 says:

    Godd morning everyone! :) i guess i’ll try to taper off the smoking. if i had money for patches and gum and prescriptions, i’d just buy another pack. lol!
    JQ~ always makes me smile :)
    Storm, Scully~ you both have mail!
    And so does my new pot… 😉

  264. lisa says:

    good morning RedMaru

  265. RedMaru*210789* says:

    Morning everbody….what I miss anything juicy?

    Hey Panther long time no see if you’re still here…you have mail

  266. Cyanide-babe says:

    Thanks Villa, I love editing my pics to see what I can come up with. Still trying to figure out how to get an all red tone :)

  267. lisa says:

    ok I just heard from the accountant guy that I wrote back to telling him I didn’t want to meet him because of his past. He lost his accounting license for fraud a few years back. He said that was in the past and he had his license back. He did undertand though which is good as I really couldn’t enter a relationship that involved finances with someone who did what he did, as they say, a pig returns to his slop. there is that potential to do the same thing again, like my friend who had the dwi 4 years ago and killed 2 poeple, and now she;s tempted to go out and get drunk every time she has a bad day and she just recently got a car again

  268. VillaCypris *276489* says:

    good morning JohnQ :)

  269. VillaCypris *276489* says:

    cyanide-babe – it worked!
    nice – reminds me of the ads for GRAFF… with the green….

  270. VillaCypris *276489* says:

    I’ve played piano since I was 7, storm. Only Chopin, after I was old enough to exert my will on my piano teacher. And in college, one of my favourite classes was “Romantic Music”. We studied all the great composers from that era…. I love passionate, dramatic, expressive music and the period 1815-1910 contains some of the best works.

    Lisa – we’ll have to warn sweeteuro… she can escape over to Monaco and the police there will block explorer from entering the principality.

  271. lisa says:

    I just ready a funny profile. A married man who is looking for a sb for exclusivity, someone who believes in being faithful, lol

  272. lisa says:

    Villa I thought he might be headed to Nice to see Sweeteuropean

  273. Stormcat says:

    VC Showing my ignorance :”>
    Now I remember. You’re quite knowlegable about music. Are you a musician?

  274. Cyanide-babe says:


  275. johnq says:

    Welcome to the blog, Cyanide-babe. You’re not the only person apparently being hunted around here. We heard last night from Belinda, and now you. What an odd coincidence.

    Although I’m not currently being hunted, and therefore don’t have experience in this particular field, I have to compliment you on your evasion technique. Refusing to post your profile number on an open blog is clearly an important precaution. I don’t entirely understand the point of posting an email address where any anonymous person can reach you and learn the profile number. However, I assume that’s some kind of double-reverse trick designed to throw off pursuit.

    I wish you continued good luck evading your enemies. If you have any interesting anecdotes involving close escapes, or possibly secret agent-type gadgets, we’d all love to hear them.


  276. VillaCypris *276489* says:

    hey Panther – yeah! it’s beautiful here today!

    lisa – i doubt explorer would be on the rio-paris express. not on air france! he has his own private fleet of jets i’m sure, to make it easy to travel all over the world in two weeks.

  277. lisa says:

    sunny in Houston.

  278. VillaCypris *276489* says:

    “My Country” is a set of six symphonic poems, of which Die Moldau.. a.k.a. Vltava, is the second. So you have probably heard it and did not realise it! :)

  279. Panther SD says:

    Good morning all. Looks like another clear day here in Minneapolis.

  280. lisa says:

    I just read about that missing plane. That’s scary and I always worried when I flew over the ocean that if the plane went down, we’d be so far from land it would be hard for a rescue. I just thought of another thing, what if Explorer was on that plane flying to someone’s area?

  281. Stormcat says:

    VC never heard that piece. I do like Smetana though his My Country is a truely inspiring work plus it’s one of the benchmark examples of romantic nationalism. I’ll definately check out Die Moldau.

  282. VillaCypris *276489* says:

    You’re welcome!

  283. Cyanide-babe says:

    Thanks Villa!

  284. VillaCypris *276489* says:

    I hope it works out Lisa!!

    Hi cyanide-babe – to upload the icon you go to en.gravatar.com
    and follow the process.

  285. VillaCypris *276489* says:

    Speaking of rapids Storm… do you know Smetana’s symphonic poem – Die Moldau ? The poem evokes the sounds of the river, and at one juncture, it swirls thru the rapids of St. John… a stunning piece of music.

  286. Cyanide-babe says:

    Hello Stormcat, sorry to hear about your friend and your minor mishap. Hope you both get better soon. Concerning my name, lets just say that’s how I’m known in the black market underworld. Due to the fact that I am currently being hunted, this name brings up a red alert at various agencies. So openly posting my profile ID would bring them one step closer…

    I must say that I have had good results since joining :)

    To know my profile ID, you can email me at [email protected]

    Btw, how do I upload an icon which would appear with each of my posts?

    P.s. Thanks guys for the warm welcome :)

  287. lisa says:

    good morning VillaCypris yes I want new bedding but I have to wait till my sd gives me my june allowance, that is if he doesn’t break it off with me before. We are seeing each other thursday(I;m off today but he picked thursday evening when i’m going to be tired from working all day).

  288. Stormcat says:

    VC Thanks for the concern, but I’m addicted. I’ve been running rivers my whole life and I just can’t quit. I do take precautions though and never go alone. So, far I’ve never been in any real danger. ;D

  289. VillaCypris *276489* says:

    Lisa – didn’t you say you are looking for new bedding? i just got an email from neiman marcus… for the next three days, they have bedding on sale… the more you spend, the bigger per centage you get off… check it out online… free shipping as well.

  290. VillaCypris *276489* says:

    Storm – sorry to hear about your friend! And be careful in the rapids! Life can be gone in an instant, when you never expect…. case in point… the air france jet that has disappeared this morning over the atlantic… so sad!

  291. Stormcat says:

    Hay all VC, Lisa, Scully, Cyanide Babe
    Sthern, your right about that.
    Thanks for the mail Scully 😀 You might try my Gaspacho recipe.
    Cyanide-babe – interesting name got a story? Also what’s yor profile number?
    VC thanks for asking
    I had a very strange weekend with lots of contrast. A close friend had a heart attack on Friday night so I spent Sat Morning at the Hospital. Got back mid afternoon, and decided to do a late river run. I don’t paddle in the evening very often so I’d forgotten how beautiful it can be. This was a particularly beautiful day the shadows were long and the contrast with the awfulness of the hospital made the experience especially poignant. I guess, though, that my mind must have been distracted cause I dumped in a really dumb way. I was paddling up the rapids doing a back current jump technique. I got almost to the top rapid and decided to flip across the main current to a small back flow on the other side. I think I leaned back to far on the move, the kayak landed flat sideways across the main flow, and just like that I flipped. Anyway, I grabbed the far side strap, flipped the boat upright, and was back in before I hit the second wave. Still took a hard shot to my behind, though, from a rock just below the surface. Really painful today. Anyway, I’m going to have to work on that jump technique before I try that rapid again.

  292. Cyanide-babe says:

    Can I take my laptop with me??

  293. lisa says:

    sounds like you need sugardaddy therapy. spa and shopping trips, fancy dinners.

  294. Cyanide-babe says:

    Hello Lisa.

    I finally realized I had a problem when I started skipping meals and was afraid to go to sleep.

    My laptop is my new clutch, even sleeping on my bed with me when I pass out – with this blog open ofcourse.

    My eyes are now bloodshot and fingers permanently scrunched up!


  295. lisa says:

    Cyanide-babe you’ve taken the first important step, admitting you have a problem :) now for me I can handle it right now and can quit anytime I want.

  296. VillaCypris *276489* says:

    Hi Lisa and Scully!

    glad you liked the gaspacho! :)

  297. Cyanide-babe says:

    Newbie here.

    I need some help. I have a substance abuse problem. You see, I have a very bad addiction – to THIS BLOG.

    I am currently making plans for Rehab. Your emotional support would be wonderful.


  298. Scully says:

    Morning All!

    Storm, GG you have mail!!!

    Villa Gaspacho was awesome!!! Ok this is getting hard to load, next topic!!!

    I gotta run errands, anyone wanna do it for me? :)

  299. lisa says:

    Good morning everyone

    Slept late this morning, looks like I have nothing going on today. Gotta hit the shower now

  300. VillaCypris *276489* says:

    Good morning ~~~ nitemare, storm and suthrn! How are you all today? :)

  301. SuthrnExec says:

    Storm, looks like the “all-seeing-eyes” are not up yet!

  302. Stormcat says:

    Morning Sweetred, Nitemare, Lurkers
    Sweetred – not a bad idea! Problems: The salesman always wants to go along on the test ride and I’d not be all that anxious to be kicking the tires.

  303. NitemareSD says:

    Well I wish I could filter specifically for Japanese then because these days buying american means buying from america.

  304. sweetredhead says:

    Good morning Sugars.

    D-Dubs I am sure your probably right, but not sure I like to be compared to shopping for a car lol. the next thing you know they are going to want to check under the hood and take us for a ride first lol.

  305. D-Dubs says:

    and, one quick comment about the “disappearing” SDs.

    I think I read somewhere that there’s a 10 to 1 ratio of SBs to SDs on the site.
    Don’t you think an SD would shop around for the best deal out there?
    I’m not just talking about price. I’m talking about taking a little time to get to know someone, and get a sense of personaity and what the SB is looking for. It also never hurts to see an additional picture or two. Some of the SB’s have strictly modeling type pictures, where I’d prefer to see a candid type picture…something casual that would show better what she would look like when we met.

    If an SD is talking to more than one potential SB (and I would guess all of them are), wouldn’t you think that demands or expectations are going to at least partly dictate who the SD is going to try to meet first (all other things being relatively equal).

    From the sound of things, most SBs have demands that will make this a real “investment” for their SD. Don’t you think that the SD would want to shop around?

    Think of it as though the SD is shopping for a new car. He’s going to want to check the features, the options, whether that car is more built for speed or comfort. Then, he’s going to look at the sticker price…and, persue what looks like the best deal.
    Or, get the most “bang for the buck”…if you’ll excuse the terrible pun.

  306. D-Dubs says:

    GG –
    Pfizer makes a drug called Chantix –
    Its by prescription, but, from what I understand it supresses your addiction to nicotine, rather than slowly take you off it, like the patch or gum.

    I know its not inexpensive, but, neither are the smoky treats.

  307. DC says:

    Hi everyone- Just lurking but wanted to respond to GG.

    GG, my mom smoked for about 50 years and quit using the patch and nicotine gum. I know many who swear by the patch. Good luck!

    Lisa- you sure do live in an interesting neighborhood :0

    Good nite all. Have work tomorrow and have to get up early….zzzzzzzzz

  308. goodgirl*313749 says:

    oh ya, and …goodnight!!

  309. goodgirl*313749 says:

    darn. see you all tomorrow~~ feel free to leave any suggestions here. thanks in advance for your help with this :)

  310. goodgirl*313749 says:

    hehehe… :) it was pretty fun to send something like that 😉
    change of subject, real quick. anyone know a quick way to quit smoking?? i really need to stop, it’s bad for me, it’s unattractive, and i can’t afford it. the last time i quit for 3 years (stupid to re-start) but i quit because i was pregnant. quit right when i found out. cold turkey. but i had my baby daddy there to keep me from smoking. (he kidnapped me, kept me in his car for like 12 hours, and threw my whole last pack out the car window.)
    getting pregnant to stop smoking seems a little drastic. lol! besides, i’m on the depo shot, so fat chance of that happening for at least a year! (thank the heavens) :) i have 3 packs right now. i want to quit before i have to buy anymore.
    suggestions??? please… 😀

  311. lisa says:

    I think i’m going to go to bed soon. I’ll sleep late tomorrow. I thought I was going to get laid but it looks like I’m going to strike out

    Good night everyone :)

  312. Trinity 328103 says:

    Good night everyone! Have to work in the morning…:)

  313. lisa says:

    that’s the way to lose them goodgirl. I did that to the old guy who said I was the one, and he sent me a message saying he didin’t have to pay anyone to meet him for coffee, lol then he blocked me and deleted all my messages like a little boy throwing a fit. lo

  314. lisa says:

    Good night explorer (sorry I mean Jai) remember to take out your dentures and apply your arithritus rub before bed. You’re getting older and might have to cut down on your traveling and be in everyone’s area in 4 weeks.

  315. goodgirl*313749 says:

    hahahaha! i sent danny a message to send me money first. haven’t heard from him since. …i wonder why?!? 😉

  316. lisa says:

    Trinity get used to those pictures as those guys will be on the site for years to come. Almost everyone in my area and in my area in 2 weeks was on the site when I joined last year.

  317. Jai says:

    I’m off too guys lol I have to purchase plane ticket to be in everyones areas in two weeks 😉

    Night sugars

  318. goodgirl*313749 says:

    kat has mail :)

  319. lisa says:

    Good night katrina, danny will be in to tuck you in while exlorer head to your area in 2 weeks.

  320. Jai says:

    Night Kat

  321. Trinity 328103 says:

    I am having fun viewing the newest SD members on the site…some of the pictures are cracking me up!

  322. lisa says:

    Don’t worry Trinity I’m sure Explorer is headed to your area in 2 weeks and you probably remind danny of his last sugarbaby. Dont worry you will hear from them.

  323. katrina says:

    GG – did you get my email?

    Goodnight, All. :) Sweet dreams

  324. Jai says:

    Lisa, you know too much…I may have to be in your area in less than two weeks 😛

  325. lisa says:

    everyone run fast, Jai will be in our area in two weeks with danny

  326. Trinity 328103 says:

    LOL Lisa! I keep checking my mail to see if Explorer or Danny will contact me…I feel deprived if I don’t! haha!

  327. Trinity 328103 says:

    Thanks Kat! I like how you worded that…sending email.

  328. lisa says:

    Trinity, it’s probably Jai that won’t sent you pictures. Jai is explorer and danny and probably a serial killer too, lol

  329. katrina says:

    lol Lisa I was wondering what kind of dentist that was until I got to the part explaining the live nude male entertainment.

  330. goodgirl*313749 says:

    depends trin~ use your gut instinct. talk a lot more on the phone first. get a really good feel for it. i met my last sd at a very public place in the mid of the day because he wouldn’t send a pic… don’t forget about the other fish in the sea. :) if you don’t feel 100% good about it, let him go… NEXT! :)

  331. Jai says:

    Just be honest Trin. If he seems creepy, then run..because if all else fails, I’ll also be in your area in two weeks 😛

  332. katrina says:

    Trinity – tell him that you would feel more comfortable with a picture. Explan that you want to feel as comfortable as possible when you meet so that it will be enjoyable for both of you. Reassure him that you are discrete.

    Just my little opinion

  333. lisa says:

    when I was a teenager I used to go to a dentist where there was live nude male entertainment. I used to see a lady dentist over in Mexico (I used to live on the border). Her practice was attached to her home (very common in Mexico) and her twin toddlers would run around in the waiting area stripping. Things are much more casual and relaxed in Mexico, lol

  334. Jai says:

    Lol people also call me Danny. I hope this doesn’t change things between us as I’ll be in your area in two weeks and would like to travel to exotic places with you 😀

  335. goodgirl*313749 says:

    OH! Now i get it jai!!!!! YES> I have a serious toothache!!!! 😉 blonde moment. haven’t even been drinking today! lol

  336. Trinity 328103 says:

    So how do I respond to the guy that won’t send pictures? I am at a loss as to what to say…

  337. Jai says:

    Lol Lisa! My secret is out! I’m the one that’s been breaking your AC repeatedly too…and I’m Explorer 😛

  338. lisa says:

    Jai is a 63 year old gentleman, ok now we’re finding out the truth.

  339. goodgirl*313749 says:

    lol lisa :)

  340. katrina says:

    GG – I thought you met a hot dentist? So maybe NOW your tooth hurts? 😉 Too bad he is not a foot dr – how is your foot now for real?

  341. goodgirl*313749 says:

    hehehe. thats funny lisa. the pot that i’m talking to sent me an email. i opened it thinking it was jai~ 1st sentence said: ‘I’m doing my best to show you that I can behave like a gentleman…’
    What? So i looked again… same name, diff spelling :) oops. almost had me thinking jai was having a dimented moment LOL :)

  342. katrina says:

    GG you have mail

  343. lisa says:

    that only happens when my eyes light up and my head spins and I spit out hundred dollar bills

  344. goodgirl*313749 says:

    ?? no. this morning my head was hurting. 8) it’s lisas teeth that get soft and bend :)

  345. lisa says:

    that was a looooong day

  346. lisa says:

    Jai is really a sugarmama, she said her sd is 63 when really it’s her and he’s probably 23, lol

  347. lisa says:

    I think Nitemare will be in my area in two weeks. I am waiting for this guy to write me to find out when we are going to meet this week and then I will tell him that he failed my background check. Lesson one for sds with questionable pasts, dont’ include your full name in your emai signature, especially if you have a very unique last name.

  348. katrina says:

    GG – did you say your tooth hurts? :)

  349. Jai says:

    My bad, lol DATE…I must be sleepy

  350. Jai says:

    Same day, not year Lisa lol

  351. goodgirl*313749 says:

    lmao @ nitemare :)

  352. goodgirl*313749 says:

    damn girl :) i hope i look as hot as you when i’m 63! lol

  353. NitemareSD says:

    I just want to let everybody know that I will be in someone’s area in two weeks.

    Lisa I think I just had a sugar date with #2’s ex-wife. Its hard to collect alimony from a guy in federal prison, so the story goes.

  354. goodgirl*313749 says:

    thanks jai:)
    addy is secretlovergirl1 at hotmail 😉
    the btk guy was from my metro area. all his neighbors and the church he went to all said they couldn’t belive it was him. you never know about anyone. very sad. :(

  355. lisa says:

    Jai you were born the same day? wow you look great for 63 :)

  356. Jai says:

    Ok yeah, it was Ted Bundy. I had to google it. I was born on the same day he was. Bleh

  357. lisa says:

    I think it was Ted Bundy if I remember he was very charming they say.

  358. Jai says:

    You could see a picture and they could still be a serial killer Trin. Remember Ted Bundy? Women were all ga ga over him even during his trial..wait, I think it was Ted Bundy lol

  359. lisa says:

    Trinity if they were a serial killer, they would probably use a fake picture anyway. For extra safety, just hide the cheerios, lol

  360. Trinity 328103 says:

    I don’t think I would ever meet someone that I didn’t have a picture beforehand. How do I know they are not a serial killer or something?

  361. lisa says:

    Hum it just showed up on the fire event page as an ems event, apparently it was a false alarm, explorer must have been faking a heart attack

  362. lisa says:

    I have had first dates with guys who spent the whole date on their cell to their kids, there business,etc. Very rude
    Now I just have my lover walking around naked in my apartment answering an occasional call when his wife calls, or talking to a business client while nude, lol wonder what the client would think if he could see him

  363. lisa says:

    they the sirens and lights going and then just shut them off and went back to the station.

  364. katrina says:

    Lisa – again you crack me up

    Trinity – I used to date someone in politics. He was completely single and it was still very tricky. This was pre-SA; we met through friends. I ended it because I felt his career always was his priority – 24/7 even when he was with me. All that networking – he would take calls anytime. Yucky. We had five dates and he was shocked when I said I was not interested in seeing him again. : (

  365. lisa says:

    How is he going to hide himself when you meet?

    ok that’s weird firetruck and ambulance both rushing down the street to the apartments across the street, stopped and then turned around and went back. I live across from the firestation(actually i live across from everything, lol)

  366. Jai says:

    Lol seeing as how I don’t get an allowance Lisa, that doesn’t mean much to me 😛

    Not necessarily Trin. Trust your instincts though. :)

  367. lisa says:

    11:36 or $11.36 that will be the monthly allowance your next sd has for you lol

  368. katrina says:

    GG- I need your email add again

  369. Trinity 328103 says:

    So I had this email from a guy but he won’t send me a pic since he is in local politics…show stopper or what?

  370. lisa says:

    and he’ll bring his friend “danny” lol

  371. Jai says:

    Hey gg, congrats :)

  372. lisa says:

    Yes Katrina, share now or I will send someone to your area in two weeks to meet you in exotic places, lol

  373. Jai says:

    4 of us posted at 11:36 lol Night Suthrn and Silly

  374. lisa says:

    goodgirl Yaahh you found one with clothes on, lol

  375. goodgirl*313749 says:

    doesn’t take much to get me excited anymore. lol
    how is everyone tonight? i’m not stickin around long. just for a bit before i hit the hay :) i had to shar emy news!
    Kat~ not sharing is sooo un-cool. 8) tease. 😛

  376. lisa says:

    Silly in Toronto : I’ll send you all three
    1 stood me up for coffee date on friday
    2 had his accountant license revoked a few years ago for fraud and was fined yet still mentions being an accountant
    3 called once, disappeared

    Plus numerous free member guys that you will have to purchase a membership if you want to read what they wrote you because they are too cheap to purchase a paid one themselves

  377. Trinity 328103 says:

    I get those to Lisa or the same guys constantly hounding me!

  378. Jai says:

    Kat you’ve got more mail lol

  379. goodgirl*313749 says:

    Yeah!!!!! I have a new pot!!!! :) I just sent him my email, so we’ll see! He even sent me a picture of his FACE and he’s got his clothes on!LOL!!

  380. Silly in Toronto #330786 says:

    Lisa ! I’ll take your throw away SD’s !! LOL
    Good luck AJ !!!

    off to bed..

  381. SuthrnExec says:

    OK, you kids don’t stay up too late! Gotta get some work done before I put the old bones to bed…

  382. lisa says:

    waiting to hear the details

  383. Jai says:

    Oh, and you’ve got mail Kat

  384. lisa says:

    I don’t know as he’s the first legit I’ve found in 8 months, now i’m getting all these freemembers sending me kisses and one liners, I think I have a new message and then I see they are freebies and I hit delete.

  385. Jai says:

    Lovely Kat, that smiley says it all 😉

  386. Trinity 328103 says:

    Yes, got to tell us about the date!!!!

  387. katrina says:

    : )

  388. Jai says:

    I understand Lisa, but I’m saying if he does, it’s ok. It wont be the end all. I think you know that though :)

    Thanks Kat. How was your date lady? 😀

  389. lisa says:

    It’s so cool as we share the same views on politics and social issues, hard to find someone with my republican views, well except my mom. lol

  390. lisa says:

    I’m still on the site too but only just in case it doesn’t work with him but i’m just getting junk response. I don’t want him to move on Jai as he’s the first legit I’ve had and it will be a month tomorrow since we met, I want to move into the next month. I feel more comfortable with him now an am ready to move the relationship forward, I mentioned it in a very subtle way in the email I sent him.

  391. katrina says:

    Hello, Sugars : )

    Jai – you have mail

  392. Trinity 328103 says:

    Lisa- The guy I met with last week still logs in everyday, which makes me wonder if someone better will catch his fancy…

  393. Jai says:

    Lisa-Don’t stress, if he moves on he moves on. You find someone else.

    Trin-I always wanted a passat lol I would settle for a 67 Chevy Cam SS Classic though, mint green candy paint with sparkly tint…mmmmmmmm

  394. lisa says:

    I have no car and have to ride the bus or walk. I’d be happy with any car

  395. lisa says:

    Yes but I wish he would have picked tomorrow because thursday is so far away and he might change his mind and find someone else by then since he still logs on the site.

  396. Trinity 328103 says:

    I have a VW so I saw the new VW CC Luxury car and fell in love…;)

  397. lisa says:

    Jai I know one sd that will be in your area in 2 weeks. lol
    How about I send you the one that had his accoutant license taken away for fraud? lol

  398. Jai says:

    Cool Lisa, are you excited? :)

  399. lisa says:

    Sd is coming over thursday evening

  400. Jai says:

    Cool Lisa, tell him I said ‘hey’ :)

    What kind of car Trin?

  401. lisa says:

    on phone now with sd :)

  402. Trinity 328103 says:

    The worst thing that happened today was when I dropped my car off at the dealership for service tomorrow…saw a beautiful car…I WANT it now. Can’t get it out of my mind! Grrrr!

  403. Jai says:

    Lol Lisa, it just said ‘hi’ and I don’t want your hand me down, throw away SDs lol 😛

    Trin, I feel the same way lol

  404. lisa says:

    I accomplished alot, worked, cleaned house, sat at blog, sat at blog, emailed sd and lover, no email back yet, dont know if i’ll be busy tomorrow or not. Right now it looks like i’ll be home waiting for the repairman to fix my bathtub faucet that is running fullstream hot water. They fixed the stupid thing a couple months ago but since they don’t know to do it right, it’s running again. I hope it doesn’t keep me awake all night

  405. Trinity 328103 says:

    Had so much stuff to do today but don’t feel like I accomplished anything! :)

  406. lisa says:

    Jai I got an email from you on friday. It has some little box thing with some numbers on it. I couldn’t figure it out. I have been so busy since then with that friend of mine spending most of friday evening with me, famly all day yesterday, work today. Was there suppposed to be a pic or something as I just got a little box thing

    oh and to make it up to you, I offer you my 3 potential “junk” sds, lol

  407. Jai says:

    Hey Trin, it looks like it. How was your day?

  408. Jai says:

    Hi sugar fam! :)

    Lisa, I emailed you and you never emailed me back :( Damn near cried myself to sleep last night 😛

  409. Trinity 328103 says:

    Quiet tonight???

  410. SuthrnExec says:


  411. lisa says:

    Good evening Trinity

  412. Trinity 328103 says:

    Gooooood Evening everyone! :)

  413. lisa says:

    Belinda was he on a sd site or a regular site? Did you get a picture of him? Of course it could be fake too like everything on his profile. When did this happen? Any I have to ask you WHY would you ever send a copy of your passport and give your address to a STRANGER?

  414. johnq says:


    This sounds like a terrible story, but I don’t really understand it. You’re saying you’ve received mail from this guy with blood on it and a clear threat of physical harm, but the only thing the police did was advise you to move. Did you report this to the site you used to hook up with the guy in the first place? They’ve got an IP address, which might or might not be useful to track him down. Did the police attempt to link the cell number with an address? How did you get the copy of the passport to him? Obviously where ever you sent it is a good place to look for him. Do you have an email for him? Even if that’s an online, anonymous account, the police can get an IP address and possibly other information from the provider.

    I can imagine the police more or less ignoring a story of identity theft. Sending bloody, threatening letters to a woman is a lot more likely to get the attention of the police, particularly if you used to date a cop. And there are a number of possible leads to his identity.

    If what you’re saying is correct, there seems to be a pyscho out there who’s preying on SBs and appears capable of physical violence. So why hasn’t anyone done anything to track this guy down?


  415. SuthrnExec says:

    Good evening everyone – welcome Roxxie.

  416. belinda says:

    John, yeah he seems very nice we talked over phone one month, we never meet in person, he asked for my address to send me “gilf ”

    He asked me for a copy of my passport so “he can make sure I had a passport to travel” next day I didn`t heard from him again his “home phone” cell phone was disconnected.
    The next day I called immigration report stolen ID and called credit bureau, they locked right away.

    Then I started to get un-none mail with words, “thanks btch” with blood on, ” I should stop by your place tonight”

    I swear I was getting crazy, I went and hook-up around police man in the area and dated one for a while. He was the one told me to moved from the there.

    Yeah I learned my lesson lost $1200 rent deposit thanks to him!

  417. lisa says:

    I worked all day today, cleaned when I got home so I’m tired. I didn’t get my work schedule till today because I was off the last couple days so I didn’t get any plans set up in advance so i’m just fishing for some action tomorrow. Emailed sd and my lover, waiting to hear from both. I might be busy with both, just one, or I might come up empty handed and spend the day on the blog, lol

  418. Apple says:

    lisa – a day off? Lucky! I’m putting off so much homework! oops.

    It seems to be a slow day on this site overall… no responses to any of my last replies to emails/messages so far. Ho hum.

  419. lisa says:

    Hi Apple got everything done but changing the sheets. I might have company tomorrow so I will change the sheets afterwards, lol

    Kinda in limbo for now, waiting for everything to fall into place so i’ll know how I will be spending my day off tomorrow.

  420. Apple says:

    lisa – I just finished cleaning my apartment too! Looks sparkly and wonderful. Making some dinner now, and watching my cats fight with each other.

  421. lisa says:

    It’s a lonnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnlllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllleyyyyyy night here on the blog

  422. lisa says:

    Hi goodgirl

    Welcome Roxxie I like your views and agree

    this isn’t regular dating so the long drawn out process is a waste of time. Everyone one is looking for something and if both persons are honest, it would save a lot of time. It is not necessary to spend months getting aquainted before you decide to the arrangement afterall you are not looking for someone to spend the rest of your life with, it’s not necessary to know everything about the other person, just the things that pertain to the arrangement. But so many people, both sds and sbs have the wrong idea of this site. The guys are looking for casual sex without strings and think that paying for dinner is spoiling whereas some woman are looking for their soulmate. I would think those women would have better luck on another site since half the men on this site are married so they’re off limits to marriage anyway.

    Just finished cleaning my apartment, resting now, off tomorrow hope to have some fun

  423. goodgirl*313749 says:

    Roxxie~ welcome to the blog :) you’ve come to a great place!!
    I already like your views…

  424. Roxxie says:

    First time commenting on this blog! I am a bit nervous about meeting new guys on here, but it still seems a lot better than other dating sites.

    On a first date I expect to talk about what sort of arrangement we’re looking for and find out if we’re compatible. I don’t need to know every detail about the guy, but I want to make sure he’s being honest about who he is and what he’s looking for. I feel like the whole point of the sugar relationship is to skip the games of regular dating and just get down to what we all want. I just want to make sure that I’m cared for and provided for. He need to make sure that I have a hotel or cab if I need one, that I’ve had enough to eat and drink, that I have anything I need to be comfortable for the evening, and a small gift is always nice. It doesn’t need to be too difficult or complex, and if we don’t work out I won’t take it personally.

    A nightmare first date would include the guy being stingy! You can be stingy on your own time. I don’t need to see you counting pennies and scrutinizing receipts. I don’t appreciate a man who moves too fast or demands sex. I am very open to the possibility of a sexual relationship, but I expect the man to be respectful.

  425. Nico says:

    Hello Belinda ~ I guess I am a bit perplexed too. One of the things we try to put emphasis on is safety. Do not give out personal information right away by meeting in public etc. Do not travel to somebody without a back up plan and having people who know where you are and when you’re expected to return. I personally get the address and phone number of the person I am meeting and provide to my best girlfriend (you can give it to anybody). I think the first mistake was providing your personal information to somebody you didn’t know. His only ‘mistake’ is disappearing.

    Be careful and be smart.

  426. johnq says:


    You’re never talking to yourself on this site, since there are always lurkers reading every word. Plus, the site gets transmitted to and from lots of satellites, so, in the fullness of time we can expect these words to reach alien civilizations. I’m not sure this will help much in our future application to join the galactic federation.


  427. lisa says:

    Good evening everyone. Home from work. catching up on this morning’s posts. Sweetredhead what were you doing banging potential sds early in the morning? Isn’t that was pots are?

    Hoping to see my sd this week, will let him know my schedule late tonight. Hoping to meet some potentials this week too. That old man still has me blocked. Odd that he blocked out the women that he knew was destined to be his, lol I blocked him too. lol

  428. Apple says:

    Yay! johnq is here. *waves* I was beginning to feel like I was talking to myself.

  429. johnq says:


    Sorry to hear about your experience, but are you saying you actually moved because a pot SD disappeared on you after you gave him your address? That seems kind of extreme, unless he did something other than disappearing, which actually appears to be kind of common behavior for pot SDs.

    Also, how exactly do you “change” your passport?


  430. Apple says:

    Hi Belinda – oh my gosh, that is definitely a nightmare EXPERIENCE! You might want to check your credit report for any signs of fraud, just to be safe. Lesson learned, right?

    Hi silly! :)

  431. Apple says:

    Just realized that I never really answered the blog post, oops 8)

    + What do you look for the most on a 1st date with a sugar?
    I look for someone that is kind, true to their pictures / profile, and with a fun personality. I’m basically looking for the kind of spark that indicates a sustainable relationship. Also, it sounds superficial, but I’m also checking for my physical attraction towards him – that’s part of the spark!

    + What would a PERFECT 1st sugar meet look like?
    I have yet to meet anybody from the site yet, but I think it’d be (much like everyone else has said), one of those things where the time flies by because you enjoy each others’ company so well. I would walk away feeling that wonderful new-relationship rush, all giddy and giggle-y! I would not feel cheap/used/like a prostitute, and he’d be a perfect gentleman. I want something like Pretty Woman :)

    + What would a NIGHTMARE 1st sugar meet look like?
    Someone that looks nothing like their pictures, we talk but have nothing in common, and/or he just wants to skip to the nookie.

    Of course, like Gail (I think it was Gail) said, with all this screening that we’re doing, we should hopefully never have these dates from hell.

  432. silly says:

    sucks b!

  433. belinda says:

    My first expe was terrible, I meet a guy from miami, he started to be really nice on the phone I gave him home, cell phone, he said he liked to talk over 30 days so we could meet up… I was happy ahaha, he sent me couple picture family beach nice house, then he told he wanted to travel with me, to venezuela, I gave him all my infor so he could buy me a ticket, real name passport addr! two day after that never heard from him again.
    I freaked out and moved from my apartm and change my passport, closed my SD account, there is some crazy man here we have to be very careful.

    Now I am back see if I get any luck!

  434. Apple says:

    My situation is also a little bit different, as I’ll be in NYC for the summer (I’m from SoCal), and that’s where I’ve targeted my search. I haven’t really given much thought to what will happen after the summer ends, but I’m hoping that we’ll have a strong enough connection to keep it going… :)

  435. DC says:

    Now I prefer to just meet for coffee and not accept gifts on the first date.

  436. Apple says:

    Yeah, I think it’s very hard for me to balance this feeling of *obligation* that I feel towards pot SD’s. I wish I could just fast forward to my Prince Sugar Charming :)

  437. DC says:

    Hi Apple- that happened to me and I offered to return the gift, I did not feel right accepting it under the circumstances

  438. belinda says:

    hi girls!

    apple you should get the gift because you spent time and money gas, clothes, gym, diet, and more to be pretty for them, three hours to get ready for the date, If you don`t ask they wont never give you anything they are older smart man…

  439. DC says:

    Hi Nightmare-

    You are so sweet to care, thanks!

  440. Apple says:

    Goodgirl – soooo true. I think I forget that sentiment when I check my inbox. Oh. Lol.

    I can’t believe it’s almost June!

  441. goodgirl*313749 says:

    oops… that always bugs me. *you’re

  442. goodgirl*313749 says:

    Apple~ do you feel like you have to be intimate everytime someone gives you a gift? Unless you sleep with someone everytime you get a present, or you are expecting to get paid for sex, then I don’t see why you should feel that way… :) Your DATING. Sex will come when you’re comfortable. 😉
    *back to lurking*

  443. VillaCypris *276489* says:

    I’d high-five ya… that’s probably all you could handle, given your issue with panic attaxXx.

  444. Apple says:

    Lol, Nitemare, you never fail to crack me up.

  445. NitemareSD says:

    Trust me. There are plenty SBs with no qualms about taking a first date gift without sex, chemistry or even an enthusiatic High Five goodnight.

  446. Apple says:

    Hello all!

    My computer totally went kaputz and is now at the Apple Store waiting for repairs, poor baby. I’ve been keeping up with the blog on my phone, lol.

    So I’ve been thinking about first dates. If a pot SD brings a financial gift on the first date, but you feel there is no chemistry, I think I just wouldn’t accept the gift. But if there was chemistry, I would take it, but then I feel like there’d be the expectation that we get intimate. I don’t want that on a first date!

    I think I may be too neurotic for sugar dating lol.

  447. NitemareSD says:

    DC Says: May 31st, 2009 at 12:30 pm
    OKay, I made the paramount mistake of e-mailing a pot SD who canceled on me last minute, said he would reschedule soon and 3 weeks have gone by. I am sure he was blowing me off but I like closure. I know…assinine. Don’t expect he will even be considerate enough to write back with some lie like “I like you but…”
    Wow DC that is beyond courageous of you. I hope you won’t have to be pulling double shifts the next couple weeks to pay for all that effort.

  448. VillaCypris *276489* says:

    There there nitemare… don’t panic…

    Yes, it involves food….

    Michelin-starred chef Neil Ferguson (formerly of Allen and Delancey and Gordon Ramsay) will create an exquisite four-course dinner to accompany the Champagnes.

    You eat, I drink 8)

    Speaking of East Egg… “Lands End” would be a good venue for your SB summer camp!

  449. NitemareSD says:

    Just want to let all of you know I did my Alkalol flush before breakfast so I can breathe easy now.

    Just took my 1311th look at Villa’s profile and got another panic attack. I’m lying down for a while.

    Did I here something is going on in NYC? Tell me more. It involves drinking something apparently. But there is food too?

    I can go dutch with an SB (its Villa or nothing) as in I’ll eat and she can drink.

    But I have to wonder why you people wait to finally come to NYC when everyone is out on East Egg.

  450. NitemareSD says:

    VillaCypris *276489* Says: May 31st, 2009 at 10:28 am Please be advised that this serves as my RSVP…. I wonder if Nitemare is reading this…. he’ll be certain to attend….
    Well I’m not buyin my own ticket and besides I’d have to take off work so I’m not commin for nothin if you catch my drift.

    If that’s ok with you then we can make an arrangement. I don’t mind being anal either if you are into that.

  451. RedMaru*210789* says:

    Well I’m off to get a bite to eat and watch a movie. So I bid all of you adieu until later…

  452. RedMaru*210789* says:

    Hey silly!
    Sorry bout your sugar poof
    I took the plunge and sent two emails so we’ll see how it turns out, if they even read em’ I feel like I’ve waded back into the pool of “should I or shouldn’t I bother to contact”

  453. silly says:

    morning girls!
    awesome AJ ! I’ve been on for 3?weeks now and no meetings yet.. one phone call with my pot but then he went poof !

  454. VillaCypris *276489* says:

    well well… look who it is… 😉

  455. RedMaru*210789* says:

    Hey nitemare

  456. RedMaru*210789* says:

    I’ve often wondered if a majority of the SDs on this site know what they really want as far as looks You would think they would specify on their profile so we SB’s don’t waste our time wondering if we should contact them…
    What do you think?

  457. goodgirl*313749 says:

    hi nitemare :) always a good day when you find out you’re dimented 😉

  458. NitemareSD says:

    katrina Says: May 30th, 2009 at 11:17 pm Lisa – he sounds like he might have some dimentia; once they get an idea in their head, no matter how misguided, they cannot change it. Although 60’s sounds young for dimentia…
    Good now I have a label for one of my problems.

  459. RedMaru*210789* says:


  460. goodgirl*313749 says:

    good article?

  461. VillaCypris *276489* says:

    Sure! 8)

  462. RedMaru*210789* says:

    No problem
    And it shows you viewed mine too…thanks

  463. VillaCypris *276489* says:

    Hmmm… I clicked on yours and it said “profile not available”… WTF?

  464. VillaCypris *276489* says:


    It shows that you viewed me though!!!!

    Thanks :)

  465. RedMaru*210789* says:

    I tried Villa it says you’re not available

  466. RedMaru*210789* says:

    I’m on it Villa 😀

  467. VillaCypris *276489* says:

    DC – it’s not assinine to want closure… I bet he won’t respond either tho… too easy to be rude in cyberspace!

  468. VillaCypris *276489* says:

    Someone, anyone… go view me and make it 1314!!!!!!

  469. DC says:

    Hi Villa-

    Never heard of that particular one. I have heard of an olive oil flush and a hot lemon juice flush. Good for the liver

    OKay, I made the paramount mistake of e-mailing a pot SD who canceled on me last minute, said he would reschedule soon and 3 weeks have gone by.

    I am sure he was blowing me off but I like closure.

    I know…assinine. Don’t expect he will even be considerate enough to write back with some lie like “I like you but…”

  470. VillaCypris *276489* says:

    I have 1313 views… LOLOLOL…. UN-lucky me!!!!!!

  471. RedMaru*210789* says:

    see ya trinity!
    I’ve just reached the 100 mark and not a date yet just emails. Theres one whos peeked my interest but as always its not specified what he wants so I’m not sure I shoudl even bother with an email

  472. VillaCypris *276489* says:

    hi DC ~

    you’ll appreciate this … I just did the ‘salt water flush’… ahhhhhh!!! 1L water + 1T sea salt + some drops of lemon oil… supposed to be a good “cleanse”… !

  473. DC says:


    I have 400 views and all my SDs have flaked. Maybe 30 have written tops

  474. goodgirl*313749 says:

    morning DC! …me too :)
    thank you villa 8)

  475. DC says:

    Mornin’ everyone!

    Trying to decide if I should meet a friend for tennis or stay in and read the blog….um I think I’ll stay in and read the blog. Feelin’ very lazy this morning

  476. Trinity 328103 says:

    I have some errands to run to be back later! :)

  477. aj says:

    Well Trinity the best advice I can give you is to be patient ~ and know exactly what you are looking for. Don’t waste your time with those that don’t have what you are looking for b/c then you may not be available for the ones that do!

    My two cents.

  478. Scully says:

    Good Morning All!

    I hope everyone is having a great weekend, I just stopped in to say hello :)

    It’s nice and sunny here and I am going to work in the yard….

    Back later!

  479. VillaCypris *276489* says:

    goodgirl… it’s an “8” … 8 ) = 8)

  480. goodgirl*313749 says:


  481. goodgirl*313749 says:

    yes please, redmaru :)
    villa~how do you make the smiley with the shades? it’s bright in here.

  482. goodgirl*313749 says:

    tequila, champange, greygoose, and bacardi dagonberry… i think maybe it was the mojito? 😉
    i pretended i was a rock star yesterday 😀

  483. RedMaru*210789* says:

    Good morning Goodgirl do I need to go to CVS and get some more painkiller 😀

  484. Trinity 328103 says:

    GG- Was it the Tequila?

  485. goodgirl*313749 says:

    Good Morning!! :) how is everyone today?
    my head hurts.

  486. Trinity 328103 says:

    aj- I joined in early May. So far over 300+ fews and some emails but not a lot. Most are not serious SD’s.

  487. aj says:

    Maybe Trinity~
    But also perhaps they are just that busy…

    When did you join?

  488. Trinity 328103 says:

    I have only met one pot and it is from this site. I just get tons of views and no answers to my emails. Usually a week goes by or even a couple of weeks then I get a response back. I imagine they are going on dates, etc but they are not working out so then they email me back. :)

  489. aj says:

    Hey Trinity!

  490. aj says:

    Yeah, really it does :)
    I’ve said it once and I will say it again…I have met ONLY amazing SD’s on this site…

    Like I mean actually met in person…

    I am proof…IT DOES HAPPEN :)

  491. RedMaru*210789* says:

    Morning Trinity 😀
    Jai – That’s how I was with more complicated math like alegbra, percentages, geometry I always frozen up and blanked out on tests but then again I couldn’t write papers on it either…lol

  492. VillaCypris *276489* says:

    Yea, I think I avoided Biochem and took Cell & Molecular Bio instead… probably similar tho.

    Trinitiy – with regards to your comment above… my experience has been the same… people rarely respond to initial emails…

  493. VillaCypris *276489* says:

    hey Trinity!

  494. Jai says:

    Morning Trinity :)

  495. Jai says:

    Lol Villa. I’m a biochem major. Application is difficult for me. I can write an entire paper on how to perform the functions etc but on a test I freeze up. Lol I often try to make things more difficult than they are. So it’s not really the material, it’s my brain lol 😛

  496. Trinity 328103 says:

    Good morning! Hope everyone is having a great Sunday so far…I am making coffee…YUM!

  497. RedMaru*210789* says:

    Hey Villa Cypris

  498. VillaCypris *276489* says:

    I hope he is *the one* !!!! 😉

    What is difficult for you? Are you getting a chem major? I loved biology and all related classes, but organic and physics were difficult for me to get my mind around… one reason being I had physics at 8am… HA!

  499. Jai says:

    That is so exciting AJ! See everyone, it does happen 😀

  500. aj says:

    It’s actually more like a sugar vacation:)
    Even better!

    Dare I say, I think this may be *the one*!
    He’s very sweet :)

  501. Jai says:

    My SD is sick, I’m not so great, and I’m craving pancakes Maru lol But we’re good over here. How about you?

    The studying is going terrible. I did my flash cards though. I’m seriously wondering why I’m undertaking something that comes so difficult to me lol why not an english major or something? 😛

  502. VillaCypris *276489* says:

    How’s the studying going?

  503. RedMaru*210789* says:

    Hey Aj, jai how are things 😀

  504. Jai says:

    Hey Villa :)

    Congrats AJ! Best of luck 😀

  505. VillaCypris *276489* says:

    Hey Jai and RedMaru!

  506. aj says:

    Great! I have an awesome sugar date this week :)

  507. Jai says:

    Hey AJ! How goes it?

  508. aj says:

    Hey Jai!

  509. aj says:

    Morning RedMaru!

    Beautiful weather here too :)

  510. Jai says:

    Morning all! :)

    All I can think about is pancakes lol pancake, pancakes, pancakes. I’m going to go eat some yogurt and fruit…I hope it tastes like pancakes 😛

  511. RedMaru*210789* says:

    Morning sugars….clear and sunny here in GA makes me want to repair my ten speed and hit the trails again I almost forgot how much I loved riding my bike

  512. aj says:


    I know…dang it!

    Too funny we have the same bikes :~)

  513. VillaCypris *276489* says:

    well darling…. looks like it’s just me and you….

    i wish you were here!!!! we could head out on our twin serottas for a long bikeride!!!!

  514. VillaCypris *276489* says:

    aj – I know!

    we can have our own KRUG dinner here… :)

  515. VillaCypris *276489* says:

    You, too, sweetred!!! have fun!

  516. aj says:

    Have a great day :) See you at the party :)

  517. aj says:

    Lol Sweetred!

  518. sweetredhead*269443* says:

    I have to take the boys over to their friends house to spend the day. I will bbl. Have a great day :)

  519. aj says:

    Villa ~ I would seriously cut off my arm to go to that…

    OK maybe not ~ but you know :)
    I love my Krug :)

  520. sweetredhead*269443* says:

    Well if you play your cards right (evil grin)

  521. VillaCypris *276489* says:

    The dinner is in NYC… nitemare……..????????

  522. VillaCypris *276489* says:

    No happy ending?????? No one will be interested…. :( including me….

  523. sweetredhead*269443* says:

    $450 for a dinner!! WOW I will get right on my RSVP lol

  524. sweetredhead*269443* says:

    I say we get a couple Sd’s to fund our little party :) We can spoil them too :) massage anyone? No happy ending either!

  525. VillaCypris *276489* says:

    Speaking of KRUG…. I just got this invite….

    Krug – one of the finest and most historic Champagne houses – needs no introduction.

    Quintessentially Wine invites you to a very special evening hosted by none other than Olivier Krug himself, the 6th generation responsible for upholding his family’s vision of excellence, blending their fine Champagnes themselves using only the finest grapes from select vineyards.

    Join us at Soho House at 8pm on Tuesday June 3rd as Olivier presents four wines from the Krug cellars – among the most highly rated Champagnes of all time. Michelin-starred chef Neil Ferguson (formerly of Allen and Delancey and Gordon Ramsay) will create an exquisite four-course dinner to accompany the Champagnes.

    Don’t miss this intimate gathering with plenty of opportunities to spend time with Olivier Krug. Book early as space is limited. Tickets cost USD 420 for Quintessentially members, and USD 450 for guests.

  526. sweetredhead*269443* says:

    aww thanks Aj :)

  527. aj says:


    How about 1995 Krug Clos Ambonnay? 8)

  528. sweetredhead*269443* says:

    I could supply us for the sugar party :)

    If only I was a high priced call girl!! me and my morals be damned lol

  529. VillaCypris *276489* says:

    Please be advised that this serves as my RSVP….

    I wonder if Nitemare is reading this…. he’ll be certain to attend…. :)

  530. aj says:

    Sweetred! I posted that before I actually read ~ all I saw was 3some!

    Of course I want you there!
    I’ll share my Krug with you anytime :)

  531. VillaCypris *276489* says:


    hey…. $10,000 will buy you a couple bottles of KRUG ’90… lololololololol

  532. aj says:

    Come one and all ~ Villa and I are hosting a Sugar Party~

    1990 Krug will be served, come dressed in La Perla lingerie and ready to have a good time.

    RSVP to this blog.

    Hehehe ~ yeah…F430 baby :)

  533. sweetredhead*269443* says:

    Selfish!! :) Fine I will just contact the Sd who wants to meet in a hotel room for anal and swallowing and meet you there and buy my own bottle of 90 krug lmao

    That sounded really awful lmao

  534. VillaCypris *276489* says:

    Yea! Sweetred, you should come! :)

  535. VillaCypris *276489* says:

    By the way…. aj …. you’d look good driving around in an F430.

  536. aj says:

    MAGNUM BABY! Hell, let’s invite everyone :)

    It will be like we are hosting a sugar party!

  537. aj says:

    I’ll help you find one Sweetred :)

  538. VillaCypris *276489* says:


    it’s a MAGNUM… you can share it.. but not me!!!!!! 8)

  539. VillaCypris *276489* says:

    Wow… that’s quite a vision… jumping up and down on the bed in la perla.. and having … a pillow fight????????? 😉

  540. aj says:

    Oh wait! A 3some?

    I don’t want to share you Villa!

    Or maybe I just don’t want to share the ’90 Krug~~~~~:)

  541. sweetredhead*269443* says:

    Sounds good to me :) But I don’t have an SD :( maybe I can find one on our way :)

  542. VillaCypris *276489* says:


    Nooooooo… we’ll take you with us! Brasilian men are *hot* !!!!

  543. sweetredhead*269443* says:

    lmao oh a 3some? lol

  544. VillaCypris *276489* says:

    Sounds like a great night, doesn’t it? :) maybe in the morning, instead of snuggling, we’ll take the G-IV down to FLA and kidnap you on our way to Rio.

  545. sweetredhead*269443* says:

    Very true. A good friend is a very special thing and should be cherished!

  546. sweetredhead*269443* says:

    VillaCypris lmao too funny!!

  547. VillaCypris *276489* says:

    Yes sweetred… always good to have friends!!! You know that old cliche… romance is a fleeting thing, but friends are friends forever!

  548. VillaCypris *276489* says:

    aj !!

    well…. since you’ve booked the presidential suite at the Grand Hotel for us… i say we start there with a bottle of KRUG ’90…. then proceed over to La Belle Vie, where the chef just won the James Beard award…. then we can go back and model our new la Perla for each other… and if we’re not too tipsy by then… well… you know what we expect to happen on a first SA date!!!!!


  549. sweetredhead*269443* says:

    That seems to be all I make on here is friends lol. But that’s ok with me :)

  550. sweetredhead*269443* says:

    Omg oops, more coffee for me I think!!

  551. sweetredhead*269443* says:

    VillaCypris that’s great!! I love meeting the girls.

  552. VillaCypris *276489* says:

    hi sweetred –

    hey, you wrote this earlier… “I want desecration as much as they do.”

    what kind of Freudian slip is that????????

    ahahahahaha… just kiddin’… thought it was hilarious tho :)

  553. aj says:

    Hey Villa~

    Where we going on our date? *winks*

  554. VillaCypris *276489* says:


    see…. you can make great FRIENDS on here as well!!! :)

  555. sweetredhead*269443* says:

    morning villa!!

  556. VillaCypris *276489* says:

    I have TWO dates this week from SA…. and they are both with WOMEN!!! :)

    I’m excited !

  557. VillaCypris *276489* says:

    Buon giorno! 8)

  558. sweetredhead*269443* says:

    At 29 looking forward is a great thing, when you get to 40 your think where did the time go! lol

  559. aj says:

    Have fun Katrina!

    Yeah I know Sweetred…I am wondering the same thing!
    Although, who knows? I was probably too young and naive to really handle it :) I just turned 29 and I have had some seriously amazing experiences :)

    I never look back ~ just forward baby!

  560. katrina says:

    Off to yoga….have a supersweet day! :)

  561. sweetredhead*269443* says:

    To Bad I didn’t know about sugar dating 10yrs ago lol

  562. sweetredhead*269443* says:

    Aj your too funny!! I doubt I would find an Sd who would even buy me one.

  563. aj says:

    I would def. take the ferrari! And then I would drive it all around town with a giant smile on my face, waving at all the people :)

    LOL…sometimes I think I just like to mess with people…

  564. aj says:

    Oh Yay Katrina!

    I will keep my fingers crossed for you!

  565. sweetredhead*269443* says:

    That’s great katrina!! I hope it goes well :)

  566. sweetredhead*269443* says:

    I would not have that problem, I would get a sensible car and people would think I just financed it :) I would use desecration in my spending too :)

  567. katrina says:

    My date is tonight and he just confirmed. I am certainly curious and definitely looking forward to it. Time will tell

  568. aj says:

    yeah, you better keep that Ferrari tucked away ~ LOL!

  569. aj says:

    ~Lol~ Sweetred!
    Hi Katrina!

  570. sweetredhead*269443* says:

    When I do make friends with the one they are gossiping about they say Oh she is so sweet, she sees the good in everyone. Believe me I have heard it!! lmao

  571. katrina says:

    aj – too funny. I guess that means when I receive a Ferrari, I will have to lock it away as opposed to cruising. :)

    sweetred – I guess I am paranoid. I am going to have my friend take some pics (she is the only one who knows I am doing this) and then blot out my face. My concern is that techies will be able to unblur the photos and out me – remember when that pedophile’s photo was everywhere with only a swirly face and authorities were able to unswirl and identify him? Not that I am comparing myself to a sicko, just the technology.

  572. sweetredhead*269443* says:

    You can always say It wasn’t yours, That you took a picture of it because you thought it was interesting :)

    Yea a “soccer Mom” Ughh that is so far from me. I hate woman!! lmao. I never gossip, I could care less who does what with who. I am they type to make friends with the person they are gossiping ABOUT lol

  573. aj says:

    A “soccer mom” huh? LMAO Sweetred!

  574. aj says:

    Speaking of first sugar dates…I was on one and we had a bottle of 1961 Chateau Haut Brion ~ which is a SERIOUSLY tasty and very expensive bottle of wine! So I took a picture of the bottle :) Posted it on FB (I know, what was I thinking…hey, I was excited!!!) So anyhow, this chick posted “hey that’s crazy isnt’ a bottle like that a couple thousand dollars?”

    Ummmm…how do I explain that 😉
    I never replied…

  575. sweetredhead*269443* says:

    Lmao Aj I know!!. I don’t think people would believe me if I told them. I am precised as a Sweet, well put together person who would never consider this type of thing. I am the image of a “soccer mom” lol

  576. aj says:

    It’s interesting isn’t it?
    I never knew people were so interested in MY life! 😉

    If they only knew the half of it ~ they would probably pass out!

  577. sweetredhead*269443* says:

    When I was with my first SD, I had lost my job and my family would wonder how I got my bills paid. I would tell them I was taking temp jobs :)

  578. aj says:

    Ugh ~ yeah, I own a business so I work everyday! Unless I am on a lovely sugar vacation that is…

  579. aj says:

    Hi Sweetred!
    Yeah, I feel the same way about discretion…
    Although I live in a small town and I’m pretty sure people are onto me ~ they are always making comments about my trips and stuff like that!
    LOL~I’ve started to just make jokes about it (they think it’s funny and that I am kidding around, but, uhhhh I’m serious!)

  580. sweetredhead*269443* says:

    Morning AJ. I am so glad I do not work on weekends. I like my 8 to 5 job M-F same hrs every week :) At 5 we are out the door, it’s great! The last Doctors office I worked in it was after 7 before I got out of there and than a 45 min drive home. This one I live less than 10 minutes away and I can come home for lunch.

  581. sweetredhead*269443* says:

    On Photos, I figure If someone see’s my photo here, then I need to ask them the question of HOW they came across it? Because if they see your photo they are here also. I feel safe with my photo up because The only people who will see it are the ones who are actually here too :)

    You can not Google someones name and find them on SA, It will not come up.

  582. aj says:

    Obviously I am working really hard 😉

  583. aj says:

    Morning everyone! *yawns*
    Gosh I just cannot get myself moving today ~ although I am at work already ~ boo!

  584. katrina says:

    Stormcat – are you still there??? You hardly blog at all anymore :(

  585. katrina says:

    Sweetred – I totally agree. Not only do I need discretion, but I would not want to out someone and be the source of that kind of pain. I would definitely lose my job and possibly more if I was outed. That is why I cannot post any photos

  586. sweetredhead*269443* says:

    Another thing..They think you are going to “out them” Hello Do you really think I want people to know I sugar date? I want desecration as much as they do. I work in a very public capacity my reputation needs to be flawless.

    Ok I will get off my soap box now before I fall and hurt something :)

  587. sweetredhead*269443* says:

    katrina We all get those :( I swear, you wonder where these nuts come from!! Then the men wonder why we are so careful, when actually planning on meeting them. I don’t think they have any idea what types of men are on here and what they say to us.

    You would think asking them for their name is a crime. I understand about discretion. But if you are actually planning on meeting that person, I would think you have a good idea of what they are about. To me withholding your name after deciding to meet is a red flag. I would think a gentleman would want to make your feel safe. There are nuts out there!

  588. katrina says:

    Good morning, Sugars –

    Another Sat night – another whackjob. :( When I update my profile, I am going to note that I do not have a webcam and no stock of pictures of myself naked.

    What does this mean:
    ммм )) красивенький БЛ0Г =)
    Нет желания сменить движок? Поставить ещё тройку плагинови будет гораздо красивее..ну это вот это будет симпотно действительно
    Кстати , ты какой хоcTuHg юзаешь? =)

  589. sweetredhead*269443* says:

    Morning everyone (yawns) Wake up people!! it’s a beautiful day :) Banging pots and pans :)

  590. lisa says:

    Good morning everyone. Getting ready to leave for work. I’m till exhausted. I found a message on my answering machine where my friend (the one that doesn’t know when to leave) called me at 2 am wanting to talk. I dont’ know if she’s retarded or just rude as she knows I have to get up early to go to work.
    Have a great day everyone. Be back after 4

  591. Stormcat says:

    Morning Everyone!

  592. Stormcat says:

    The Russians Are Coming!
    The Russians Are Coming!

  593. секс по телефону says:

    ммм )) красивенький БЛ0Г =)
    Нет желания сменить движок? Поставить ещё тройку плагинови будет гораздо красивее..ну это вот это будет симпотно действительно :)
    Кстати , ты какой хоcTuHg юзаешь? =)

  594. goodgirl*313749 says:

    i got a little click happy…. oops. i’ll quit drunk-blogging now :) lol

  595. goodgirl*313749 says:

    crap… sorry sugar fam… i’m not done with this awsome story, but ‘donald trump:kc’ made me drink patron, and i don’t do tequila… more to follow….
    i’ll be sorry in the morning…
    ps: remind me to tell you about the new sb’s that i recruited :) LUV YA!!!! goodnight!

  596. goodgirl*313749 says:

    hi :) goodgirl, not so good tonight… blogging after drinking. forgive me ahead of time. i’ll catch up on everyone when i get out of bed.
    I had a good time :) was partying tonight BIG TIME :) i met a man who was introduced to me aS the “donald trump”of kansas city. we were chatting it up~ and getting along VERY well i might add, until i got a call from my sister. she said she needed help. she was only a couple blockes from me, so i went to see her… ugh. when i got there, she was fine and just wanted to dance. bitch. 😉 she was having fun, and i’m not mad at her… just her timing.

  597. Trinity 328103 says:

    Natalie- It seems when I contact first I rarely get responses. I keep wondering why I am not emailed back or contacted but am learning to be patient with the process. I just need to let them come to me I guess.

  598. Natalie says:

    It would be nice to just get a reply back from members. Starting to think this doesn’t work…

  599. Trinity 328103 says:

    Wow Lisa…I guess he just didn’t want to listen!

  600. VillaCypris *276489* says:

    sad, lisa!

    what did he say? why be ‘nasty’. ugh.

  601. VillaCypris *276489* says:

    good nite!!!!!! sweet dreams ~~~~ :)

  602. lisa says:

    haha he sent me a nasty email back and blocked me. Let’s hope he’s gone for good

    Good night

  603. Nico says:

    Aww…thank you. Camps was very nice tonight….good energy in the place and the diet…not so much to lose weight…just to maintain. 😉 and *blush* thank you.

    Yes, Trinity….they smelled lovely. My car was saturated (is that the right word?) with their scent…..very nice.

    Okay ~ have an early morning and puppies are going with me tomorrow so, must turn in now because tomorrow morning is puppy bath day 😉

    Good night all *HUGS*

  604. VillaCypris *276489* says:

    awwwwwwwww… sounds wonderful!!!!!!!!

    campiello is very romantic i think…. :)

    screw the diet… i’m sure he thinks you are *hot* just the way you are!!!!

  605. Trinity 328103 says:

    Nico- White roses? My favorite! Sounds like you had a lovely time.

  606. Nico says:

    LOL…suffering from lack of sleep and an early hangover…ahh….I love getting older *sigh*

  607. SuthrnExec says:

    Yes Nico – you can’t just pop in and say good nite and leave!

  608. Nico says:

    Hola baby :) Naw ~ oddly, neither of us are ‘shoppers’ but I saw it…does that count?

    Funny…we didn’t do much of anything in particular but had a great time. Raining on and off so we went downtown, had drinks, appetizers, more drinks (so much for the diet) and then a wonderful dinner. Went back to his hotel long enough for him to go upstairs and bring me down the most lovely bouquet of white roses :) He always brings me flowers of some sort.

    Just got in :)

  609. VillaCypris *276489* says:


    so what did you do today?????
    did you go to marissa’s????

  610. Trinity 328103 says:

    Suthrn: That is why sometimes I have to take matters into my own hands…hehe!

  611. SuthrnExec says:

    None taken.

  612. Nico says:

    hello all and well, good night too :) Had a wonderful night…tomorrow….brunch :)

  613. VillaCypris *276489* says:

    Good nite Lisa. Sweet dreams! x

  614. VillaCypris *276489* says:

    HAHAHA. No offense meant Suthrn…. :) … not all men are selfish pigs :)

  615. lisa says:

    ok i’m still trying to lose him. Told him that if he wants to meet for coffee, it is standard to bring a financial gift. lol This guy will not give up.
    Going to bed now, gotta get up in the morning to work.
    Have a good night everyone

  616. SuthrnExec says:

    ok now… there are some “they’s” in here!! lol

  617. VillaCypris *276489* says:

    LOL. Of course… they always do….

  618. Trinity 328103 says:

    VC- Nope she didn’t get off…but he did! It was hilarious!

  619. VillaCypris *276489* says:

    Notice the woman did not “get off” though… right????? or did I miss something

  620. VillaCypris *276489* says:



    I’m sure it accurately portrays a lot of actual thought processes….

  621. katrina says:

    I loved the video – I watched it twice in a row. :)

  622. Trinity 328103 says:

    Now I have to watch the video!

  623. lisa says:

    I thought it was hilarous too

  624. SuthrnExec says:

    I thought it was hilarious too – very well done.

  625. lisa says:

    this one is from Houston, his name isn’t jake though
    We talked on the phone 5 weeks ago and he’s always trying to get me to go out with him. If i’m going out with a man that old (and he looks old too) I want some benefits, not looking to “date” and commit to someone like that.

  626. VillaCypris *276489* says:

    Not to change the subject… but I just now watched the video up at the top of the blog…. seriously… WTF???????? that is HILARIOUS!!!!!!!

  627. Trinity 328103 says:

    Hmmm…mine is named Jake…he always is trying to contact me. We have never met but he thinks I am the one.

  628. SuthrnExec says:

    Evenin’ Villa and the rest of you.

  629. katrina says:

    Lisa – he sounds like he might have some dimentia; once they get an idea in their head, no matter how misguided, they cannot change it. Although 60’s sounds young for dimentia…

  630. lisa says:

    this one if from another site too.

  631. lisa says:

    yes but he’s so hard to get rid of. I have suggested trying church or another site but he thinks I’m the “one” I am just throwing out requests for financial assistance now because asking him for it is no more ridicoulous than him falling in love with someone he hasn’t met. For all he knows my pics could be fake and I could be from nigeria or a scammer or something but he thinks I’m the love of his life. I dont’ know how to lose him nicely

  632. katrina says:

    SuthrnExec – thank you!

    Lisa – I do feel sorry for the older ones like that but you are good not to lead him on. Poor guy.

  633. VillaCypris *276489* says:


    hey Suthrn! :)

  634. lisa says:

    Katrina I have been trying to lose him but he keeps coming back. We talked on the phone a few days before I met my current sd. I knew he wasn’t for me and told him and then he got all sad and sent me a sad poem about how I was meant for him. He is in his 60’s, health not too good, etc and is not looking to be a sd. I told him i’m looking for a sd and I have come right out and told him I need stuff just to scare him off but he keeps offering me half of his life. I dont’ want that.

  635. Trinity 328103 says:

    Lisa- I have an older gentlemen on the other site that wants someone for his final years. He tries to IM me all the time and I feel so bad. I told him that I am not looking to be in a committed relationship but he keeps persisting. He always talks about the time he has left and how he wants to share it with someone.

  636. SuthrnExec says:

    Katrina, calorimetry is the science of measuring the quantity of heat exchanged in reactions.

  637. katrina says:

    Trinity – what a cute avatar!

    Lisa – why don’t you just say that to him?

  638. VillaCypris *276489* says:

    that’s sad.

  639. lisa says:

    I see you Trinity

  640. lisa says:

    ok this guy says what’s his will be mine and he will give me half the life he has left. I feel bad for the guy but i’m not looking to share a life with an old man, Why can’t he give me a flatscreen tv rather than say he’ll share his with me, lol this is not e-you know what

  641. Trinity 328103 says:

    ….wow…there it is! yahoo! That was easy!

  642. Trinity 328103 says:

    Hmmm…okay so we will see if my avatar works…

  643. katrina says:

    gnite, Suzie. Sweet sugar dreams.

    Lisa – you are too funny.

  644. lisa says:

    Good night Suzie

  645. VillaCypris *276489* says:

    Trinity – it’s en.gravatar.com and then you have to go thru the process. it’s quick and easy.

  646. lisa says:

    Now i’m hearing from that old man who wants to marry me. He keeps asking me out for coffee. I thought I had gotten rid of him. He isn’t looking to assist anyone financially. I am just playing with him now, still trying to lose him, I sent him an email asking what he was going to do to impress me, lol He keeps saying i’m the one for him and all this stuff, lol

  647. VillaCypris *276489* says:

    Good night SuzieQ! x

  648. SuzieQ*297329* says:

    Well girls, I am suddenly sleepy so I’m heading to bed early with a good book. Enjoy the cocktail party everyone, and how convenient that no one has to drive home after lol! Good night all!

  649. katrina says:

    Jai – what is calorimetry?

  650. katrina says:

    So I just checked my email and heard from 4 new SDs. Does that mean I am featured? I had not heard from any of them before this. Or is it just that the weirdos come out on Sat nights? I do recall last Sat night right after I joined is when I was contacted by two whackjobs.

  651. VillaCypris *276489* says:

    Good idea Lisa… you don’t need to put up with behaviour like that.

  652. VillaCypris *276489* says:

    Jai – ughhhhhh… that brings back memories… I was pre-med in college… BS in biology.. wait til you have Organic. Woo! Fun stuff!

  653. lisa says:

    She can be very negative, like I am sometimes, only I dont’ cover it with alcohol. She stocks her ex boyfriend. She had several outbursts in my apartment last night (not at me but she got up and started screaming about what happened to her). I am going to avoid her for a while as I want to focus on my sd and keeping him.

  654. Jai says:

    Thanks Kat! 😉

  655. Jai says:

    Chemistry, specifically calorimetry and net ionic equations right now Villa :)

  656. katrina says:

    I went out tonight and had a margarita! Whoo hoo! I am skipping yoga tomorrow so I can drink tonight. My one drink and I did NOT drive. I never do.

    Jai – I think since I almost never have a drink but had one tonight – it was in honor of both of us!

    GG- any news from the married/caught guy? I did not read the whole blog…

  657. VillaCypris *276489* says:

    Geez Lisa …. sounds like she has some issues… there’s nothing you can do, however…. if she didn’t learn her “lesson” from the DWI and the deaths of people involved… I don’t even know what to say.

    stay positive!!!!!! :)

  658. Jai says:

    Ok guys, my SD wants to watch Bolt 😉 so I’ll be back a little later. I’ll multitask and get my flash cards done :)

  659. Trinity 328103 says:

    How do you get avatars on this blog? I need a step by step instruction…haha!

  660. katrina says:

    Thank you, Sugars.
    I actually am excited. We are meeting for dinner and we have had great email so who knows. I am supposed to pick the restaurant – I emailed him a couple and told him it’s his choice.

    Lisa – To be a friend to a self-destructive person, you have to remember to recognize the signs of manipulation. Does she take responsibility for her actions (past & present)? Not just a self-pity party but true remorse? Since she plans to still drink and drive, I doubt it. She is seeking enablers and kudos to you for not playing along.

  661. VillaCypris *276489* says:

    Awww Jai, hope you feel better! I was invited out to dinner but didn’t feel like going either. What are you studying for?

  662. SuzieQ*297329* says:

    I think I’ve got one around here somewhere….I haven’t used it since last Christmas though, so not sure where it is. If I really need a drink I guess I can just dig the cork out with a fork lol! I’m sure it won’t come to that though, most of the time I drink water, raspberry smoothies or chai tea. Very boring company at a bar I am!

  663. lisa says:

    Yes and she has a drinking problem, when I met her 4 years ago she had just had a bad accident dwi and 2 people died in the wreck. she just got a car and is already talking about how she wants to stop and get drunk on her way home. I have no use for drunks and told her that getting back into drinking will get her now where and she will end up back with nothing. She is having problems with her job and she needs to get her act together before she loses her job. I feel bad for her but I’ve been in positive land for awhile now and need to stay away from anything negative, I want happy positive people around me.

  664. Jai says:

    Hey Kat! Excited about tomorrow? 😀

  665. VillaCypris *276489* says:

    hey Katrina!

    that’s exciting ~~~ what are you going to do on your date?

  666. SuzieQ*297329* says:

    Hey Katrina, glad I’m not the only one putting my grade 6 skills in “skimming” to use around here! Congrats on the date, hope it goes well!

  667. Jai says:

    Lol Suzie. You don’t have a wine opener?

    Oh I wish I could have some cocktails Villa. I got invited out to a bar. My friend is playing in the band. But I’m not feeling so great and I have to study. Drink a glass for me! :)

  668. katrina says:

    Hello, Sugarland –

    I cannot even ATTEMPT to catch up on this blog. I tried and got partway through, realized everyone would be asleep/logged off by the time I finished, and scrolled down.

    I have a date with my pot SD tomorrow…

  669. SuzieQ*297329* says:

    Hola Jai, no muchachos here I don’t think….if there are would they please open this bottle of wine for me? LOL!

  670. VillaCypris *276489* says:

    Hola Jai!!

    Nada…. we’re having a virtual “cocktail party”… 8)

  671. Jai says:

    Hola muchachas y muchachos :)

    Que pasa?

  672. SuzieQ*297329* says:

    Yes, very yummy….I’m not much of a drinker but this is one I like. It’s home made, a friend of mine made me a batch a couple of years ago so it’s really nice now. When I drink it, which is like once a year at Christmas. Oh well, makes great gifts!

  673. Trinity 328103 says:

    I am drinking a lovely Chardonnay…yum!

  674. VillaCypris *276489* says:

    You know what they say about people with negative energy Lisa… they are like vacuums… they “plug into” you and suck out all your positive energy… and leave you with their negativity. Yop, don’t need to be around that!

  675. VillaCypris *276489* says:


    who cares.

    we can keep them separate tho. I’ve never had raspberry zin. It’s good, or no?

  676. lisa says:

    I’m exhausted, after having my friend over last night and she didn’t leave till 2 am, I didin’t get enough rest, time to take a break from the best friend, need to avoid her calls for a week as she’s negative energy and I need to be around positive people in order to stay positive

  677. SuzieQ*297329* says:

    Hmmm, if we mixed it with the zinfandel that might be interesting…I wonder if that’s considered gauche? A connoiseur I am NOT!

  678. VillaCypris *276489* says:

    AH! SuzieQ! I have champagne to share! :)

  679. VillaCypris *276489* says:

    Good evening!

    I’m home as well… by choice. Didn’t feel like going out, so I have a fantastic champagne, some good chill music from Cafe del Mar in Ibiza…. life is good. :)

    Lisa! Congrats on your daughter’s graduation! exciting!

  680. SuzieQ*297329* says:

    Hi girls, looks like we’ll have to have our own little online party then. I’ve got a bottle of raspberry zinfandel to share….now what else have we got?

  681. Trinity 328103 says:

    Good evening everyone! I am home on this fine Saturday night…*sigh*

  682. lisa says:

    Hi everyone I seen in earlier post that someone else was contacted by “danny” lol I have been contacted several times.

    Got back from my daughter’s graduation. It was nice except for the stadium it was held at has no handicaped facilities so my dad couldn’t really see anything as he had to sit way up at the entrance area since he is elderly and falls easily (uses walker) and the steps are hard to walk down, so that sucked. I had to sit by myself away from them in order to take some pictures. Heard from my sd so that’s a good thing, hope to see him this week. Found 3 new emails in my box, all using the free greeting and being non paying members, I hit delete. I don’t see anything impressive about a man who likes to find ways to make contact without paying for a membership. He would probably put a bug in his soup to avoid paying for his dinner, lol

    Gotta work all day tomorrow.

  683. SuzieQ*297329* says:

    Good evening, anyone here or are we all out on a hot date tonight? Obviously I’m not (sigh). Nice sunny weather though so my tan is coming along nicely and the yard is almost under control lol!

  684. goodgirl*313749 says:

    Trin~ my white butt reminds me 😉 hehehe…
    Where IS everyone??

  685. Trinity 328103 says:

    GG- That reminds me that I need to go tanning. :)

  686. goodgirl*313749 says:

    Danny sent me another message:

    i want a fun time, i travel all over the country so i want someone that i can have go with me

    …uhhh. how does he expect someone to answer this??? i’m thinking about telling him to send me some money. 😉 lol

  687. RedMaru*210789* says:

    See ya goodgirl.
    Hate to leave but I’m out too….got to get something to eat
    you have a good one

  688. RedMaru*210789* says:

    cut right to the chase..didn’t I thought this was supposed be “mutually beneficial” which includes wine and dine

  689. goodgirl*313749 says:

    i’m out for awhile~ going to the tanning bed. 😀 BBL

  690. Trinity 328103 says:

    Just got two emails on this site…one just said, “are you submissive”

    Geez, no wine or dine?

  691. RedMaru*210789* says:

    Interesting possibility 😀 I wouldn’t put it past some of them on this site

  692. goodgirl*313749 says:

    thats kindof what i was thinking. i wonder if he’s someones real daddy :) trying to find his daughter. LOL!

  693. RedMaru*210789* says:

    I wonder if he was a poser just on the site for the purpose of lecturing whomever he can

  694. goodgirl*313749 says:


  695. Trinity 328103 says:

    He was asking what a mutually beneficial relationship was and I answered back. He was appalled at what a SugarDaddie was and I was like HELLO you are on a site that caters to that! He then lectured me that it is just prostitution and that I should be ashamed! He then kept emailing so I had to block him…

  696. RedMaru*210789* says:

    They lecture you? Whoa.
    I’m really starting to believe that the real SD’s are and few in between myself or already taken and supposedly they are plenty in my neck of the woods. Its hard not to get discouraged though I feel like sometime I’m not the ideal sugar. I’m wit ya there

  697. goodgirl*313749 says:

    Trin~ what was he lecturing about? I had one tell me that this IS all about sex and i needed to ‘wake up, girl’ HA!

  698. Trinity 328103 says:

    Every time I email I don’t really get any responses. Those that are emailing me are not serious and have no idea what a SD/SB relationship is…then I get lectured. I had to block someone today because he was lecturing me! Then I get those that just want a prostitute! I am starting to think that “real” SD’s are far and few in between. :(

  699. RedMaru*210789* says:

    I’ve shied away from emailing out of fear that the I’m not what they’re looking for even though they don’t specify.

  700. RedMaru*210789* says:

    Hey Trinity!
    Amen to that! I’m getting so tired on wading in the pool of should I or shouldn’t I bother with emailing him?

  701. Trinity 328103 says:

    I noticed that most guys on either site don’t really talk about what they want? Why can’t they be specific instead of finding out after email exchanges?

  702. RedMaru*210789* says:

    Waving pompoms in the air rah rah goodgirl 😀

  703. goodgirl*313749 says:

    haha…i love it when you get out the pom poms! :)

  704. RedMaru*210789* says:

    I’m rooting for you here in GA 😀

  705. goodgirl*313749 says:

    yeah!!! ok. i’m on a new mission! lol

  706. RedMaru*210789* says:

    You’ll be fine 😀 and net more guys than they do 😀 who knows maybe your pot SD

  707. goodgirl*313749 says:

    lol :) my problem is that i’m at least a size too big for all my cute stuff. i’m going out with my size 2 skinny-mini friends tonight! it’s always fun, and what the’ve got on me in the ‘figure’ department i more than make up for in personality *patting myself on back* …still always a little nerve wracking to get ready for a night out with my girls. :)

  708. RedMaru*210789* says:

    I’m not to fond of mine either goodgirl… Losing weight can be a double edged sword at times. I like that I’m losing but my pants are too big. I’ve gotten some cheap slacks and shirts by fitting is still aaugh sometimes. The decent fitting slacks are expensive here

  709. sweetredhead*269443* says:

    My friends are always borrowing cloths from me lol

  710. sweetredhead*269443* says:

    Sure good girl come on over. I have a Lot of cloths in all size ranges lmao

  711. sweetredhead*269443* says:

    I figure if they can’t pay for member ship then they are not serious.

  712. goodgirl*313749 says:

    ugh. anyone wanna loan me a dress to wear tonight? …i hate my wardrobe!

  713. RedMaru*210789* says:

    A kiss eh? How do you do that? That might be something I need to try

  714. sweetredhead*269443* says:

    Alot of men in my area are not paid members, cheap butts lmao

  715. goodgirl*313749 says:

    me too. i usually send a kiss and then get a reponse…

  716. RedMaru*210789* says:

    I know what you mean…. I’ve found most don’t really give a description of what they want so in a few courageous moments that I’ve had I made the first move and emailed but no response back.

  717. goodgirl*313749 says:

    they have a lot here too, but their profiles are 1 liners… hard to tell if anyone is serious. they say “sugar daddy seeks sugar baby” or “i can spoil you” blah!

  718. RedMaru*210789* says:

    For me GA seems to have alot but I can’t get the attention of any of them

  719. sweetredhead*269443* says:

    lmao I am listening to it now

  720. goodgirl*313749 says:

    Trin~ in good company :) don’t get very quality sd’s over there, although that is where my 2 have come from…

  721. goodgirl*313749 says:

    i’m fighting off the sugar ants in my kitchen, while blogging on sugar site, listening to sugar daddy song….LMFAO :) one track mind today! lol

  722. Trinity 328103 says:

    GG- I saw that as well over there…:)

  723. goodgirl*313749 says:

    found this on the ‘other’ site i’m on… don’t think i like the song, but the lyrics are funny :) lol
    a new song, “Who’s Your Sugar Daddy?” by Aren B from American Idol

  724. RedMaru*210789* says:

    Hey Goodgirl 😀

  725. goodgirl*313749 says:

    hi redmaru :) heating up here also!

  726. sweetredhead*269443* says:

    Thank you redmaru :) I just got it cut and it looks great. I am really happy with it :)

  727. sweetredhead*269443* says:

    While he is at it buy me a new car :) Lmao I crack myself up!!

  728. RedMaru*210789* says:

    sweetred – (passing you a carton of Epson salts) that a girl soak it and relax peeked your profile its good and your hair is such a pretty shade of red

  729. sweetredhead*269443* says:

    Maybe I just need an Sd to buy me this house lol. Yeah right like that will happen lol

  730. RedMaru*210789* says:

    On the subject of fixer uppers my apartment is just that…A new owner bought it from my past landlord and day in day out banging whirring dust and me tripping over extension cords…. at least he’s promised not to go up on my rent

  731. sweetredhead*269443* says:

    Hi RedMaru, I certainly hope no one got injured. I am still nursing my pulled muscle :( But I am tough :)

  732. RedMaru*210789* says:

    Afternoon sugars! How are you guys? Nobody else got injured while I was away I hope…I’ll feel so bad
    Its heating up here in GA 8)

  733. Trinity 328103 says:

    I just moved into a house and the property management company is worthless! I am peeved that nothing gets done.

  734. sweetredhead*269443* says:

    The house is in great shape except for that, he had just redid the whole thing. The house is really nice. He bought it cheap and fixed it up for him and his family to move into, but then decided not to and rent it.

  735. sweetredhead*269443* says:

    I can’t use my main bathrooms shower and tub, I told him the facets need to be replaced. He doesn’t want to fix it because he is broke, so we use the shower in my bedroom.

  736. goodgirl*313749 says:

    vavancies??? what? *vacancies

  737. goodgirl*313749 says:

    sweetred~ he sounds like a jerk. my landlords won’t fix anything. they’ve been promising me new carpet since nov, still haven’t seen it. and now i have fuzzy mold growing up my laundry room wall. my dishwasher leaves a big puddle on the kitchen floor when i use it, so the cabinets need replaced. (they’re even caving in a little) an i’ve got water damage on almost every ceiling. i’m ready to move out. i’ve been here for 2 1/2 years. there are 7 vavancies on my street (i’m on a very short cul-de-sac) you’d think they’d want to fix it so i’ll stay! …of course, i may have to move anyway considering i don’t have anything toward rent this month! i’ve never been late before though. i know they’ll at least work with me on that!

  738. sweetredhead*269443* says:

    I thought so too. His kids and mine are friends and he has been over our house with his wife several times for BBQ’s and stuff. But man the guy is so whinny it drives me crazy!! So I have not invited them in awhile.

  739. VillaCypris *276489* says:

    Alright girls. Time to head out into the sunshine! Have a great afternoon! x

  740. Jai says:

    That sounds terrible Red. I thought he was a friend of yours?

  741. sweetredhead*269443* says:

    Last month just to help him out (I thought) I gave him money early, which left me almost broke myself. Then I find out he took his kids to a water park and then to Disney that weekend. Here I was feeding my kids mac and cheese. Pissed me off!!

  742. sweetredhead*269443* says:

    The funny thing is, he says he is broke but his kids are friends with mine and he is always taking them somewhere doing things and buying them expensive toys. But he tell me he is broke???

  743. sweetredhead*269443* says:

    Omg now my landlord is harassing me for the rent because he is broke. it is not even the first of the month yet. He says he has to sell the house because he can’t afford to keep it. He says he will try and have the new owner go by our lease. HELLO they HAVE too. Last month he did the same thing before the first of the month so I gave him some of the money early. I am NOT doing it again.

  744. VillaCypris *276489* says:

    Now I’ve heard just about everything 8)

  745. sweetredhead*269443* says:

    I goggled the name he gave me. LMAO he is a romance scammer!

  746. raine says:

    “well, we’ll see what happens once my search resumes.”

    ETA: we’ll see who will meet my just-short-of-impossible standards. Settling for less is lethal in these parts!

  747. VillaCypris *276489* says:

    As one of my friends told me once, “there is a whole underclass of REALLY STUPID people in the world”…. sad, but true.

  748. Trinity 328103 says:

    There wouldn’t be scammers if people didn’t fall for it! Don’t people watch Dateline or 20/20?

  749. goodgirl*313749 says:

    sweetred~ yes. some are. just not us smart girls :)

  750. goodgirl*313749 says:

    no credit check or anything. it’s like having a bank account, without the bank…

  751. sweetredhead*269443* says:

    Are woman actually that desperate as to fall for these men??/

  752. VillaCypris *276489* says:

    Hmmmm…. Riiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiight.

  753. goodgirl*313749 says:

    FYI~walmart has a money card they advertise for parents and students. you get 1 and he gets 1. you can have him put money on it with a green pak, or at any walmart in the country… it’s a visa debit. you can use it anywhere, even at atms and the fee is only $3. He can use it too though…

  754. sweetredhead*269443* says:

    VillaCypris lmao he is there for a week but lives in Chicago. His wife died of cancer and he has a 12 yr old daughter that needs a mother lmao

  755. goodgirl*313749 says:

    emu??? you gettin a big bird?????? :) what did i miss?

  756. sweetredhead*269443* says:

    I had this one guy say he was going to wire me money and could I cash it for him and take so much out and send the rest to his suppler because he was out of the country and could not do it himself. HELLO DO i LOOK STUPID TO YOU?? He sent it and I took it to the bank it was drawn on and reported it.

  757. goodgirl*313749 says:

    Scully~ have sweetred make you a pot (of “coffee” lol)

  758. raine says:

    Pricks—self-proclaimed and otherwise—are also automatically disqualified, Newbie. *lol*

    well, we’ll see what happens once my search resumes.

  759. Scully says:

    Ok, I’ve to find some of the emu stuff, I’ll be back later. GG I ll send you an email here shortly so we can plan and meet :)

    BTW, GG is my accomplice if anyone wants to know!

  760. VillaCypris *276489* says:

    He said he LOVES you????? Must be the hot Nigerian sun making him delirious!

  761. Scully says:

    GG you BRAT!!!! Oh you soooooo just ratted me out!

  762. Scully says:

    I wonder, has anyone met the Explorer yet?

  763. sweetredhead*269443* says:

    [email protected] I love it!!

  764. VillaCypris *276489* says:

    You’re welcome Scully! Just cut down on the proportions. I used one whole cucumber, two small yellow tomatoes, two large red ones, red onion, olive oil, black truffle salt. MMMMMMMMMMMMM!

  765. goodgirl*313749 says:

    Scully~ that would be super fun! email secretlovergirl1 at the hotmail.
    Everyone~ Scully is the Explorer :) she’ll be in my area in 2 weeks! lol!! Can we have an exotic lunch??

  766. sweetredhead*269443* says:

    I am not stupid and I don’t fall for the I love you crap!! I am not desperate and I don’t need a man, so he has the wrong girl here :)

  767. VillaCypris *276489* says:


    It’ll take about two weeks… explorer will be in my area and I’m sure he give me the money to wire to you. :)

  768. Trinity 328103 says:

    I haven’t had a scammer yet just freaky guys wanting to use baby oil! LOL!

  769. sweetredhead*269443* says:

    VillaCypris lmao. yup no problem as soon as you wire me the money to send to you :)

  770. Trinity 328103 says:

    Thanks SuthrnExec! I love all the information everyone gives on here! :)

  771. Scully says:

    Oh thank you Villa, that sounds delicious! I think I’ll make that for lunch!!!

    Suthern, you should write a book called The Sugarbabies Handbook to Finding Guys Like Me”, you know a lot of tricks!

  772. VillaCypris *276489* says:

    sweetred – I am at LAGOS airport… can you wire me some money so I can fly home???

  773. Trinity 328103 says:

    I work out for about 1.5 hours between elliptical and walking plus strength training. My muscles still ache and I have been doing it for a while. I usually will take a Motrin 30 minutes prior to work out and it helps a lot!

  774. VillaCypris *276489* says:

    SCULLY —-
    True Andalusian Gazpacho

    2 kilograms (4½ pounds) ripe fresh tomatoes
    1 kilogram (2+ pounds) cucumber
    3-4 large green peppers
    1 red pepper (optional-strengthens colour)
    3-4 cloves garlic
    3 slices crusty white bread
    water to soak the bread
    200 cc (1 cup) olive oil
    100 cc (½ cup) sherry vinegar
    3 tsp. coarse ground salt

    Garnish: When served “formally”, gazpacho is presented with an array of garnish consisting of tomato, onion, cucumber, green pepper, hard-boiled egg, and Spanish dry ham, all diced. Every item is put in a separate bowl so you can choose what garnish and how much you want. When serving you can drop a few leaves of spearmint on each dish.

  775. Nico says:

    Scully ~ Advil is better than aspirin for the relief of muscle aches. Epson bath works for me too.

  776. SuthrnExec says:

    Trinity, that is a safe method, although I would not give out bank info unless there was a certain level of trust. Someone can wire money into your account using your account number but in order to wire money out, it would take a significantly more info in order to authorize the bank to do it.
    If you want a totally worry-free way of doing this, create a secondary checking or savings account with your bank – costs nothing to do it – and have them wire to that account. As soon as the money hits that account, transfer it into your reg savings/checking account.

  777. sweetredhead*269443* says:

    I have been contacted by a scammer, he doesn’t know that I already know what he is lmao. Go figure he is in Nigeria on business lmao

  778. Scully says:

    Oh girl you are just the bomb thank you! I thought since I exercise daily that it wouldn’t be that bad………boy was I wrong….

  779. Trinity 328103 says:

    Motrin is better for muscle pain and a cream that I use Blu-Emu. It is the best topical I have ever used. Former gymnast here so I used it a lot!

  780. Newbie says:

    raine – when you say trick, do you mean prick? lol

  781. Scully says:

    Well now I’ve people wanting to know if they can spank my behind! I knew Storm sold me out dang it!!!

  782. Trinity 328103 says:

    I would rather have the cash as well. :) I just got contacted by this so called SD that I believe just wants cybersex. He is always traveling so we have never met and I see him logged in on the site but a couple of weeks has gone by so now he wants to chat. Puh-lease!

  783. raine says:

    Granted, I’ll take even longer finding fewer SDs to screen/interview, but I just want to take a gentler approach overall when I edit the blasted thing again.

  784. Scully says:

    Does anyone have a suggestion aside from aspirin to relieve muscle pain?

    Uhhh yeah SF SD, we do live in the world of wildness here! SF where are you from?

    Hey GG, I may be in KC in the next two weeks, wanna have lunch? I’m about two hours from you and grew up near KC, haven’t been there in years! The girls are going on summer visitation with dad in a week and I thought I might do some exploring since I don’t have any prospects.

    Villa what is gaspacho? I’ve heard of it just never had it!

    Hey Everyone, Storm ready to resume the bantering and have you had any contact with any strange and unsual women yet!

  785. VillaCypris *276489* says:

    Si! It’s that time of year…. heirloom tomatoes, olive oil from Sicilia… i love gaspacho, it reminds me of Andalucía.

  786. goodgirl*313749 says:

    trinity~ explorer hasn’t contacted me yet, that i know of. and, no. i have always been handed cash :)

  787. Trinity 328103 says:

    Has anyone ever had money wired into their account? I hear about it from other SB’s but am always worried about giving out bank information.

  788. Jai says:

    Don’t Trin, it’s not all that great lol

  789. Nico says:

    Haha…Trinity, give it time. They don’t discriminate 😉

  790. Jai says:

    You’ve got mail gg :)

    Lol thanks for thinking about it Villa. And mmm mm to the gazpacho :)

  791. Trinity 328103 says:

    I feel deprived that I haven’t been contacted by Explorer or Daniel! Haha!

  792. VillaCypris *276489* says:

    Jai – Nico beat me to it! :)

    I’m making gaspacho.

    Raine – that should keep the poseurs away…. hopefully!

  793. raine says:

    Nico (and others who are interested), it says something along these lines:

    “I am in the market for a SUGAR DADDY, not a boyfriend, husband or trick. Individuals specializing in mind games indicating same will not be considered for further contact.” I’d been planning to remove this and replace it with my *no sex* clause (nothing long-winded, just a few words saying “it ain’t gonna happen, so don’t ask”).

  794. Jai says:

    Thanks Nico! 😀

  795. Nico says:

    The name came from the Greek word kuklos, meaning “circle.”

  796. Jai says:

    Random question guys. I’m watching a film maker’s illumination of Birth of a Nation right now and I cannot remember what Ku Klux is derived from? Is it the Greek word kuklos? Villa, I’m counting on you as you possess a crazy wealth of knowledge 😀

  797. Nico says:

    …”The Disclaimer?”

  798. raine says:

    I guess the disclaimer of sorts on my profile protects me from such nonsense, but is still barring me from the halfway decent ones. I wasn’t trying to come off negatively, but oh well…

  799. VillaCypris *276489* says:

    Hi jai!

  800. Nico says:

    G’mornin Jai :)

  801. goodgirl*313749 says:

    Hi Jai!! :) you have mail this morning :)

  802. Nico says:

    GG ~ don’t think he’s ever followed through with anybody so thirds?… No, but you aren’t the first he’s contacted. I think we had previously dedicated a thread to him and to Explorer…..

  803. Jai says:

    Good west coast morning all :)

    How is everyone?

  804. sweetredhead*269443* says:

    oops site. I know I have been here too long when I get mail I think great what is THIS one going to say lmao

  805. goodgirl*313749 says:

    should I send a message and ask if i look like his last sb? :) that’d be funny!

  806. VillaCypris *276489* says:



    he’s contacted just about everyone of us!!!!

  807. goodgirl*313749 says:

    Am i missing something you two? …I’m getting sloppy 3rds, aren’t I?!? 😀 LMAO

  808. sweetredhead*269443* says:

    first an exploer and now a danny what is this sire coming too lmao

  809. Nico says:

    HAHAHA GG…..and he’ll tell you that you look a lot like his past sugar babe too 😉

  810. VillaCypris *276489* says:

    LOLOLOLOL Nico….. si! same page! :)

  811. goodgirl*313749 says:

    yep. :)

  812. Nico says:

    ROFLMAO Villa…..are we on the same page or WHAT??!!! OMG !!! I’ve been on this site too long LOL

  813. goodgirl*313749 says:

    what?? is there a new topic that i’m not invited to???? where are you going SFSD??

  814. Nico says:

    Good girl….was/is his name Daniel?

  815. VillaCypris *276489* says:

    Is his name “danny” and he’s from GA?

  816. SF SD says:

    Scully – Hiyas, and sorry I missed your greeting the first time around. Twister and popcorn. Damn. You really do live on the wild side!

    Cheers to you as well, VC, red, Jai, raine …

    See ya’ll next topic!

  817. goodgirl*313749 says:

    Villa~ I sent him a reply that said not to ask nice girls for such personal information if he ever wants to get anywhere real with them. I also told him that his profile has little to offer anyone besides an opinion that he should be looking on a different kind of adult site, and that this one is for real grown-ups. :) His profile says he’s 27. Ok…. you’re a sugar daddy! LMAO! I told him to check back in a couple years, and if I’m still here, I’ll give him my yahoo 😉

  818. raine says:

    Goodgirl: was he serious? He couldn’t have at least squeezed in your name? Shoot, I’m let down with/for you. 😐

  819. Nico says:

    Southern….not only read your post but taking you up on your recommendation *HUGS* 😀

  820. VillaCypris *276489* says:

    GG ~~~ hope you deleted that one!

  821. VillaCypris *276489* says:

    I read your posts, Suthrn.

  822. goodgirl*313749 says:

    Suthrn~I read your posts :)

  823. goodgirl*313749 says:

    Uhhh… I finally got mail! But this is what it was.. :( I hate generic. I get all excited that someone is actually interested, then….ugh. Let down.
    ~~hey sexy you are gorgeous, send me your yahoo screen name so we can talk right now. I am ready to spoil you like you should be spoiled. My last sugarbaby was from around where you live.

  824. SuthrnExec says:

    Nice to know my posts are read… :-(

  825. goodgirl*313749 says:

    SF SD~call it a date :) Sugar, with sugar on top! I love it! When should I expect you?

  826. SF SD says:

    Oops. Forgot about that *67 thing.

    GG – would a cone at the concrete stand be a good first sugar date? I’d make it a double! :)

  827. SF SD says:

    Trinity – If you’re concerned about giving out your number, go to 7-11 and get a Boost disposable cell phone. It’s a little money out of your pocket, but worth it for your safety.

    And don’t worry too much about your statistics, okay? There are a lotta looky-lou’s here in cyberspace. A few messages from the type of SD you want to meet are worth dozens of time-wasting emails from, uh, the other type of guys.

  828. goodgirl*313749 says:

    Good morning everyone!!
    Trinity~ it’s *67. BEFORE you dial. (That was the only thing I got to teach my exSD…)
    SFSD~why in the world would you come here for concrete and bbq??? You should come here for Goodgirl 😉
    Nico~go shopping 😀

  829. raine says:

    Please excuse the delay, SF SD (I’ve been lurking up to now): welcome to the blog. Looking forward to more of your perspective on things. 😀

    Nico, I’m sure your date will go well. And the aforementioned ideas sound great, too (dang, wish I had something to add, but I have yet to set foot in FL).

    *resumes lurking*

  830. Nico says:

    Good ideas all…thank you. The zoo actually sounds fun :) Bookstore too…we are both pretty avid readers.

    Camps is such a great place (and they have an amazing brunch YUMMY!) Marissa’s? Never seen it ~ not a big shopper but if we’re running short on things to do *wink*

    Thank you and *hugs* to you all 😀

  831. sweetredhead*269443* says:

    That would be a great first sd date. Mini golf!! you can laugh and be yourself. Hmm have to think about that one lol

  832. sweetredhead*269443* says:

    Oh I like min gulf!! It’s so much fun. Ok so I am a kid at heart lol

  833. SuthrnExec says:

    Morning Nico – still here. I’m not the most original guy in the world, but what about: the zoo; browsing through a bookstore; mini-golf; perusing Tin City Waterfront… Ok, that’s it – out of ideas…

  834. VillaCypris *276489* says:

    Hi SF SD. Welcome ~~~~

  835. VillaCypris *276489* says:

    Nico – you could go shopping at Marissa !!!!!! It’s on third street in DT naples… fabulous things in there…

  836. sweetredhead*269443* says:

    Have a good weekend SF SD, Nice to have another SD prospective here. And welcome :)

  837. Trinity 328103 says:

    I agree SFSD- SOMA is so different now! :)

  838. VillaCypris *276489* says:

    Hi Nico!!!!!!!

    i LOVE campiello!!!!!!!!!!! especially the one in Naples…. it’s much better than the one here in MN.

    glad to see you back :)

  839. SF SD says:

    SuthrnExec – Thanks for the good words.

    goodgirl – I confess I had to look up the spelling of vichyssoise, which says something about the last time I ordered it and why I would not put a good necktie at risk. I wouldn’t fly to KC for vichyssoise, but I might for BBQ, or maybe concrete. 😉

    Mandy (?) – Gotta say I’m with Stormcat on this one. Doesn’t matter whether your project is a term paper or a movie script, if you don’t describe it and identify yourself, you can’t expect much participation. If you’re serious, you should at least put up a web site with the project description, your contact information, references, sample release forms, etc.

    DC – Union Street? Now that’s a classy address. Come back and visit. You wouldn’t recognize what they’ve done South of Market in the last few years.

    Have a great weekend, everyone. And good luck with those sugar dates.

  840. sweetredhead*269443* says:

    morning Nico. Sounds like your going to have fun. Rent a boat and tour the islands :)

  841. Trinity 328103 says:

    What about a picnic at the beach at sunset?

  842. Nico says:

    Good morning ladies :) ….and Southern if you’re still online :)

    I have a date with my SD today…drove to Naples again to visit me. We have all day together…beautiful day here too. Are going to walk to beach. He wants to have drinks at Tommy Bahama’s again and then dinner at Campiello’s. Don’t know what else to do….hmmmm….thoughts?

  843. raine says:

    Mornin’, sugar fans. Although I’ve had no contacts to date, I’ll try to answer these questions.(don’t feel bad, Trinity: my record is 58 views/two emails, and that’s also factoring in my current inactivity. You’ll be fine, just relax and be patient.)

    *What do you look for the most on a 1st date with a sugar? Personality? Generosity? Punctuality?~all of the above, actually. I look forward to a personality that’s so positive it comes just short of secretly driving me nuts. We both have to work to relax and get acquainted. The less “liquid courage” involved, the better. He must be generous with the manners and the good conversation. A gift is welcomed but not mandatory. Punctuality is a MUST for me! If he’s late and doesn’t call/text within the 15 min grace period, he can forget about the date and further contact with me. *What would a PERFECT 1st sugar meet look like? What would a NIGHTMARE 1st sugar meet look like?~the above protocols being followed to the letter will reflect a perfect first date, and the man will actually look like his (current) photo. I won’t tolerate ANYTHING that implies a nightmare: the date WILL go well, even if little or no chemistry ensues.

  844. Newbie says:

    lol Trinity you are right….talk about creativity!
    hi villa!

  845. Trinity 328103 says:

    Hey Newbie- The jerks are on every site…I have one that keeps emailing me wanting to have FREAKY FUN…now with baby oil…GAH!

  846. VillaCypris *276489* says:

    Good to hear sweetred…. a pool day for you then!?!

    Hi Newbie….

  847. VillaCypris *276489* says:

    I think it’s *67…. you do it before your number, like Suthrn said up above.

  848. Newbie says:

    whats up with all these jerks on the website. I wish the signup costs were more significant….like $1000/month or something!

  849. Trinity 328103 says:

    When do you do the *63 or 62? Before you dial the number or after?

  850. sweetredhead*269443* says:

    VillaCypris it’s a beautiful day here in florida too :)

  851. VillaCypris *276489* says:

    Trinity ~ there’s the “red flag”… LOSER!

  852. VillaCypris *276489* says:

    Hi sweetred…. It’s a fabulous morning in Minneapolis!!!!!! How about in FLA?

  853. Trinity 328103 says:

    Well, I tested him out…I told him that I don’t give my number out right away for safety reasons. He responded oh well, that he has some FUN and FREAKY stuff he wanted to do to me tonight. I deleted that email!

  854. sweetredhead*269443* says:

    Trinity you can use your cell and call them. use *63 or 62 I think and your number will come up as private

  855. SuthrnExec says:

    Have you tried blocking your number – *67 (555) 555-5555
    It may not work with all carriers but it’s worth a try – call one of your friends first and see if it works.

  856. sweetredhead*269443* says:

    Good morning all. How is everyone this fine morning.

  857. Newbie says:

    Trinity, if you are worried about giving your number away – have you tried using your computer – yahoo or skype – to make calls? Its not very expensive (like 5 bucks a month or something) and great call quality!

  858. Trinity 328103 says:

    I am pretty private so I don’t like to give out phone number until I meet with them. My last meet up he gave me his number when we were meeting that day just in case I couldn’t make it. I liked that since arrangements were made and I was comfortable calling if I had to.

  859. VillaCypris *276489* says:

    You asked about your profile ~~~ I think it is GREAT! Well-written, no grammatical errors or typos… very nice! :)

  860. VillaCypris *276489* says:

    Hola~ :)

    I agree with Suthrn, Trinity, it’s not necessarily a “red flag”… about a month ago I sent a message to someone, he was impressed by my reply to his, and sent me his number right away. I called him and we had a wonderful conversation. He was respectful, funny, obviously intelligent and accomplished.

    On the other hand, if he starts saying stupid shit like, “oh, you’re so sexy, so beautiful, I can’t wait to be with you”… bla bla bla… on the first call… to me, THAT is the red flag of just wanting to use you as a “hook up”.

  861. Trinity 328103 says:

    I guess I like to know what a guy is looking for before I have my number show up on caller id especially since they can track me now. I am not much of a phone talker so I think that turns off guys. I would rather email and meet in person.

  862. SuthrnExec says:

    Trinity, could be but then again maybe he’s not much of a email/texting person and prefers to talk. I think things can progress more quickly by virtue of the fact you’re speaking rather than email/text but I don’t know if it necessarily means he wants to hook-up. Of course you will know in the first 5 min if you do speak to him.

  863. Trinity 328103 says:

    So I had a guy email me once and is already giving me his cell number? That is a red flag to me that he just wants to hook up. Right?

  864. lisa says:

    Trinity the last months I was a member, I got over 400 views and alot of guys saved me to favorites but I got only 2 or 3 emails and they were all fakes.

    It seems I will get a few and then a week or so will go by with nothing. I had 4 potentials just a few days ago and my sd (still in confusion) and I had one stand me up yesterday, another one just disappeared, and one I had a date set for this next week but I googled him and found out he had lost his cpa license several years ago for fraud, and I have one that called me the other night but now won’t return my emails. My sd came to see me the other night and talked about coming to see me this next week but he is always online and takes forever to return my emails so I am still in limbo on what is going to happen with him. I met him a month ago and he paid me a month’s allowance right away and now just seems distant.

    Gotta go now as family is coming over. We’re going to eat and then to my daughter’s graduation. Busy day.. Be back later tonight.

  865. Trinity 328103 says:

    Good morning everyone! I am up early and the coffee is brewing. Can you all look at my profile to see if there is anything that I could change? I am getting worried at the lack of emails lately…I have over 350 views but maybe 10 emails total since joining…

  866. Stormcat says:

    Good Morning Scully, Lisa
    Hi Mandy, Welcome to the blog. I think. I’m always a little suspicious of what you are proposing. Attention like that has a double edge. Anyway, if you want to be contacted you need to make it possible. i.e. profile # or email address. Also you probably need to let the SA admin know what you are doing and get their permission if you don’t want to have your post deleted.

  867. lisa says:

    Good morning everyone. Woke up tired. My friend has a problem not knowing when it’s time to leave. She was here till 2 am even though I kept telling her I had to get up at 8 today because I have a full day with my daughter and graduation. they are coming over at 9:45 instead of 12 so I had to get up early and then my friend came over unannounced at around 9 or so. She was crying and going on about that loser boyfriend (the one that left her a year ago and has a girlfriend and a new baby). I had to listen to that whole story again and then she got two phone calls and I had to hear the same story twice again. I kept telling her is wasn’t safe for her to be going to her car in my apartment complex at 2 am but she’s not afraid of anything and she was also carrying her rent money in her purse which is another not so good idea. Anyway got a busy day. Haven’t heard from sd or my last remaining potential either. I had a no show yesterday and after going my date for this next week, found out he had lost his cpa lisense several years ago for fraud, but he still lists that he is a cpa in his email signature.

    Have a great day everyone. I’ll try to log on later tonight.

  868. DC says:

    Hey everyone-

    I know no one is here but just gonna respond to a few and then hit the sack. Just finished cleaning up from a small dinner party and I’m beat.

    SF-SD-welcome. I lived in San Francisco on Union Street for 16 years and in SF a total of 26 years. Miss it terribly. Lots of gorgeous women in the bay area.

    Lisa- thank God you googled your pot SD. That is scaryy. Glad you found out ahead of time

    Newbie- I have corresponded I think with about 5 seriously. I thought I found the one, he wanted to pursue this but he has been out of town and supposed to be back middle of this week. Still waiting to hear. Not sure if I will.

    Nite all!

  869. Jai says:

    Yep, and I hear long distance SDs are great 😉 Stay positive and be patient

    Night night 😀

  870. K says:

    okay, goodnight

  871. K says:

    I know that I need to add pictures to my profile; but I am also wondering if there are limited SD’s in my area. I guess there are long-distance SD’s, huh????

  872. Jai says:

    Wow, I spelled style wrong lol I must be getting sleepy.

    It’s totally understandable. Everyone loves the newness and heart skipping feeling of meeting and enjoying someone new. I would add a photo to your profile for sure. That will help a great deal.

    :) Ok, I’m off to bed. I can barely keep MY eyes open now. Keep me updated on your search 😀

  873. K says:

    …..and keeps me living the lifestyle that I am accustomed to.

  874. K says:

    Thanks for the feedback. I have been in relationships with “powerful” men before and I enjoy the excitement and companionship;however, I also enjoy my freedom. I am a very independent person, but as I mature, I find that I want to find someone who makes my heart pitter-patter.

  875. Jai says:

    What made you want to get into the sugar life stlye? :)

  876. Jai says:

    Are you waiting for pictures to be approved? That could slow down the traffic to your profile. Most SDs want to see a photo before they read your profile and send an email.

    I might change ‘attempt’ to try and ‘its’ to the in the first sentence. :) And definitely know what you want if you are seeking an SD who knows what he wants.

  877. K says:

    328814 is the number. I am open, but preference is AA. Be honest, I know my profile needs work, I am not good at this type of thing.

  878. Jai says:

    What’s your profile number? :) I can take a look now if that’s ok. Are you open to other races or do you prefer AA SDs?

  879. K says:

    Yes, African-American. I’m not sure what I’m looking for at the moment, and no I haven’t had anyone overview my profile, but I would welcome any suggestions.

  880. Jai says:

    AA-African American?

    What exactly are you looking for? :) Have you let the sugar fam give your profile a once over and offer suggestions?

  881. K says: