10 years ago
Breaking Up

10 years ago
Breaking Up

Tired of being used in a relationship? Feeling like someone is simply using you for all your worth and not giving back anything in return? Maybe it’s time to walk away.

A user can be a boss, family member, friend, or ‘loved one’ who claims to be fair and reasonable, but in reality seeks to exploit you as much as they can – especially, if you’re an honest, good person (often an easy target).

Many jump in the sugarbowl because they’re tired of being used, and want to associate with others who say what they mean and mean what they say from day one. No false promises. No shocking displays of ungratefulness. Here on SA we seek fair, honest relationships where everyone is appreciated for the contribution they make. So, if you’re one of the users, read our book, and read about why it’s best to look beyond your selfish near-sited obsessions and focus on the big picture: results. How do you determine results? Ask yourself if you’ve gained more than you had before you started your relationship, and if you’ve benefited from the other person’s time and energy. If the answer is yes, ask yourself if you have done your part to make the relationship mutually beneficial. If that answer is no, you may just be a user.

How do you feel when you are used by someone you’ve trusted?

Are arrangements in writing better at keeping people to their word?

Are Sugar Babies more or less powerful than Sugar Daddies when it comes to negotiating arrangements? 

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  1. Help! says:

    How do you ask for the arrangement that is listed on their profile! Talking to a SD and I don’t know how to ask? Help SB

  2. SF SD says:

    Aust SB,

    I think you responded just as the topic changed, so I not sure how many have seen your message. I’m a newbie, but I do observe that you are not the only woman here who has not fared well in “conventional” arrangements and is looking for something more honest.

    I wish you well.

  3. Aust SB says:


    I guess there are many women (and probably even some men) who can relate to my situation. I grew up in a family of poorly educated ignorant people, where abuse was the expression of power. From being brutally beaten by my brother, sexually abused by my other brother and watching my parents separate under loaded shotguns, then an older man came into our family circle, and recognised that I was in pain… he told me he’d be my father, since my dad had walked out…

    Then 3 wks later this same man sexually abused me and tried to rape me in a car…

    So, many years later, I realised that these experiences have indelibly scarred me and there is no amount of anything I can do to change that fact.

    As far as feeling used goes, my past seems to have given me a silent broadcasting signal that tells men to use me, that I am worthless and that I am not good enough…

    All I want is to feel loved and valued for who I am… and half the time I don’t know who I am… and believe that I would feel much more balanced and centred and at peace if men would simply take a breath, and overcome that “baggage-phobia”… I have baggage. I don’t carry on about it. It is just a fact.

    I know I am less than perfect,
    I can’t be a Hollywood Cosmetically Enhanced Gorgeous Creation…
    (If a sugar daddy paid for me to have nips and tucks and augmentation, I’d bet I could look good…)

    What I want is to be accepted for who I am – I can be outspoken, opinionated, vulnerable and emotional… all pretty normal, except that no-one wants a reality check…

    Society has become so good at Pigeon-Holing – and I don’t fit the mould.
    I would rather spend time in a hardware store than in jewelers… I don’t like diamonds; in fact I don’t wear jewelry…
    Yet, I can be as feminine and as sexy as any women, because after facing abuse, and being through years of counseling, I learned not to feel ashamed of my strong sexual desires.
    I look feminine, I’m slim (need to get back to the gym), I have long blond-red hair, and I’m generally told I am pretty/cute/attractive/sexy.

    I don’t see what those people see.
    I see the fine lines around my eyes, the outbreaks, and the wobbly butt that needs to get back to the gym…
    I want to feel beautiful – and for once I’d like to be treated to a special life…
    I don’t want to be used and abused any more.
    I’d like to find a man who has the guts to be true, who has the compassion to be a friend and who has the self-awareness to step into the real world and appreciate that real women – the sexy, honest, caring, genuine women – are not all Gorgeous Young Happy Carefree model types…
    some of us are older, wiser, and sexier in our real selves.

    And we don’t want to be tied down to crappy poor quality abusive relationships.

  4. SF SD says:

    A few other things before the blog closes up.

    NC Gent – I have also found the greatest success with SBs who are fairly close by. Maybe this is because I’m in the a large metro area and don’t travel that much on business. I’ve also found that narrowing the age gap a bit seems to make things more compatible in the long run. Not recommending anything either way, this just seems to be what has worked for me.

    Trin – I would echo the comments from those who encourage you not to give up. The guys who are looking for a cheap date, an escort, or a “conquest” have plenty of options. The gentleman looking for a true connection has few. Sooner or later you’ll find a guy who appreciates the value of what your are seeking.

    NYC SB – At some point you (and others) have mentioned the importance of STD testing. I thought I should mention that there are labs that provide a full battery of tests, with the results accessed anonymously on the web. I highly recommend this.

  5. SF SD says:

    A few thoughts…

    We all “use” each other in one way or another, since we all have different resources, attributes, and skills. Beneficial when we give and receive in return. Hurtful when secretive or dishonest.

    The SB/SD term “mutually beneficial” captures this idea. I’m sorry to read that so many people seem to ignore it, but I’m happy for those who do connect and benefit.

    Putting things in writing could help to make sure an arrangement is clear and well understood. This may be useful in some situations. But there’s nothing enforceable in the sense of a contract. Either party can walk away.

    What gives me pause are situations when important details haven’t been mutually worked out. Things like how often we will see each other, whether and when we will become intimate, who is expected to pay for certain expenses, and so on. Not so say that every little detail need to be determined in advance. Arrangements, like other relationships, can and do evolve. However, when an issue starts to build resentment, that’s a clue that something needs to be talked about.

    As far as breaking up goes, I like to set arrangements up for a specific period of time, such as a year or “until you graduate.” This keeps things realistic, since arrangments don’t go on forever. And it makes it easier to part as friends, should either of us want a change. Of course, if things are going swimmingly, we can always jump back in the pool.

  6. DorkyGuy says:

    Trin, keep your chin up. Plenty of men need friendship, connection, and intimacy too. Just gotta stand your ground for what you want until you find a SD who wants the same thing. Imho, where the heart is concerned, it is much better to pass than to settle.

  7. Bombshell says:

    Just checking in.

  8. Panther SD says:

    Afternoon all. Peeking my head in before the next meeting.

  9. Panther SD says:

    Afternoon all. Peeking my head in before the next meeting.

  10. Joules *300035* says:

    Thanks lady!

  11. OCSugarbaby says:

    Miss Joules! Welcome back sugar. 😉

  12. Joules *300035* says:

    Hello Hello My sweet sugarworld!

    Yes, I’m back and looking again….we will see how things turn out this time around!

    I hope everyone’s been doing well and having lots of sweet sugary luck!

  13. Silly in Toronto #330786 says:

    LOL Storm.. too bad for her.. but it does open up a spot for someone else.. :)

  14. OCSugarbaby says:

    Red, I may have been too strong on the words “hold your ground”. I like to think that being sweet, genuine and knowing what you want out of a SD/SB relationship is key. Being flexible is also very very important. You would not want an SD who is in-flexible now would you? Balance and communication is the key. However if you meet someone who does not have your best interest at hand, MOVE on. This holds true for both SD and SB’s alike! In sugar dating you need to know the other person will have your back. Just like in any friendship. With that said, any friendship which is one sided or you are the one who is always “having their back” is not a healthy friendship in the end.

  15. RedMaru says:

    Hey Trin
    I second OCSugarbaby’s emotion! Go with your gut girl and hold your ground

  16. Stormcat says:

    No trouble NYC It was bound to happen.
    OC: Thanks for the comments You’re right maybe it was just a fun fantasy!
    Red: good to be back

  17. OCSugarbaby says:

    Trin: It does happen! You need to go with your gut and screen them with your third eye. Intuition will never serve you wrong! Go on the date tonight and hold your head high. He may not be the right one, but you never know. You can steer the evening any way you choose! You are in control. If he feels that he can bully you into having a drink and then getting you to roll over (so to speak). Hold your ground and gain the respect. See how that plays out. If it doesn’t, not the right one and move on. Don’t give up! Maybe you just need to regroup and take a different approach! We are here to support you in what ever you choose to do! ~OC

  18. NYC SB says:

    Storm – sorry :( didnt mean to get you in trouble

  19. OCSugarbaby says:

    Storm, don’t get me wrong. I have not taken sides. She did what was best for her. Good for her! SB’s have to do what makes them feel comfortable. Talking about having multiple SB’s on the blog may have been asking for trouble. Might be best to be discreet. Just my two cents, but since I am an SB I do understand how that might feel. ~OC

  20. Trin says:

    Good morning everyone. I might give up on this whole thing for a while. I just get guys that want to get laid or collect pictures. I want a real SD but don’t think he is out there right now or he is with someone else. *sigh*

    I am supposed to meet with a potential tonight but have a feeling he just wants to get laid after a drink. I want the connection and friendship…intimacy comes in time or is that to far reaching. :(

  21. RedMaru says:

    Hey Storm long time no see 😀
    Nothing wrong with flirting and its NSA why was she worried?

  22. OCSugarbaby says:

    Storm – NSA Sugar dating has ZERO drama. You deserve to be yourself. Flirt? Just be yourself.

  23. RedMaru says:

    Afternoon OCSugarbaby 😀

  24. Stiletto... formerly Cyanide says:

    Lol Storm! :)

  25. Stormcat says:

    I just got dumped because one of my SBs read my posts here and saw me flirting with NYC.
    Just cant predict women in love.

  26. Stiletto... formerly Cyanide says:

    Storm, what happened? You vanished.

    Morning everyone :)

  27. Stormcat says:

    Morning Red OC Silly

  28. Stormcat says:

    I’m not following the noise. I’m following the signal. the noise is getting in the way!

  29. OCSugarbaby says:

    Good Morning Red and Silly!

  30. Silly in Toronto #330786 says:


  31. RedMaru says:

    Whoops it’s already afternoon

  32. OCSugarbaby says:

    Hi NYCBoy! Welcome and you are right, gifts are nice but if you have chemistry BAM! You had me at Hello! Welcome to the Blog! ~OC

  33. RedMaru says:

    Good morning everybody 😀
    It’s hot humid and clear in GA and my eyes are itching but I’m still working
    Hows everybody?

  34. OCSugarbaby says:

    Hi Roxxie! Welcome to the Blog. ~OC

  35. NYC SB says:

    IPO interference…. oh storm… you are following the wrong noise… follow the secondary stock offering noise 😀

  36. Stormcat says:

    NYCSB I got to hand it to you, touche, you’ve solved my dilema in one fell swoop. Now, if the passion vibes can only lead me to your office, we’ll be set to light up the afternoon. So far I’ve been strggling to squelch the IPO interference. The signal to noise ratio is so low right now that I keep getting lost.

  37. Scully says:

    Good Morning all!

  38. NYC SB says:

    good morning people!

  39. lisa says:

    Good morning everyone I just died last night, went to bed at 8:30 and slept till 6:30 this morning and am still exhausted.
    Have a great day everyone.

  40. NYCBOY says:

    I’ve only used the site once and when I met up with my SD for the first time I didn’t expect anything but to get to know him and see if we were compatible. It was a nice surprise when he did give me a gift that first time, but if he hadn’t I wouldn’t have liked him any less.


  41. VillaCypris *276489* says:

    nitemare…. simply… wow….

  42. NYC SB says:

    storm….what a dillema!!! simple solition take me and ditch them both LOL

    nitemare… have seen the same sb add on another site… im thiking they are pros :)

  43. Silly in Toronto #330786 says:

    g’night all

  44. Roxxie says:

    So many great comments!! It always hurts when you’re betrayed by someone you trust. I don’t think there’s anything wrong with casual relationships or on the side or sugar relationships, and I think I really prefer it that way because we’re all being honest. If someone just wants to “use” me for arm candy or a fling I’m ok with that as long as they’re being honest. I think a lot of people would be surprised how well things go when you’re just open up front.

    People can lie in writing just as easily as they can speak a lie. Unless you’re getting some sort of legally binding contract, and I can’t imagine that’s necessary for a sugar relationship.

    Breaking up is never fun, but sometimes it has to be done.

  45. NitemareSD says:

    When The Jackie Gleason Show (now based in Miami Beach, Florida) returned in 1966, the “Honeymooners” sketches (now in color for the first time) returned as a series of elaborate musicals. The sketches, which comprised ten of the first season’s thirty-two shows, followed a story arc that had the Kramdens and Nortons traveling across Europe after Ralph won a contest (an updated version of a 1957 story arc, with musical numbers added). “The Color Honeymooners”, as it has since become known, featured Sheila MacRae and Jane Kean in the roles of Alice and Trixie, respectively (Meadows and Randolph did not want to relocate to Miami). One notable 1967 segment featured the return of Pert Kelton, this time playing Alice’s mother, Mrs. Gibson

  46. NitemareSD says:

    Ralph: [to Alice] Alice, your mother isn’t setting one foot in this house. Not one foot or we’ll never get rid of her!
    Alice: Ralph, it just said she was just coming for a *short* visit.
    Ralph: Short visit? Ha! You know what her short visits are. Like the last time she came for a short visit, just for the holidays, Christmas and New Year’s. The only trouble is she came New Year’s and stayed ’til Christmas!

  47. NitemareSD says:

    In NYC there are places where the coffee is so expensive its prima fascia evidence of legit SD-manship.

  48. johnq says:


    I only see one picture on your profile. That one looks good. My advice would be to include another picture showing your body. That doesn’t mean a lingerie shot, but just something to give people some idea of your body type.


  49. NitemareSD says:

    Alice: What am I supposed to tell my mother when you’re not here?
    Ralph: I don’t care. Tell her I ran off and joined the circus.
    Alice: What as, an elephant?

    [Alice is asking Trixie to pick up some groceries for her when Ralph walks in]
    Alice: Maybe you won’t have to get the margarine, Trix. Four hundred pounds of lard just walked in.

    Ralph: What do you know about fishing? When have you ever caught anything?
    Alice: Fifteen years ago. I caught 300 pounds of blubber.

    Ralph: For the last time, Alice, I’m telling you, I’m going for the $99,000 question.
    Alice: For the last time, Ralph, I’ll be very happy if you win the 600 bucks.
    Ralph: $600? Peanuts, peanuts! What am I gonna do with peanuts?
    Alice: Eat ’em, like any other elephant.

    Ralph: Just remember, you can’t put your arms around a memory.
    Alice: I can’t even put my arms around you.

    Ralph: What I say goes.
    Alice: Then you better say “Alice” because I’m going.

    Ralph: Why should I give up bowling? It’s my only relaxation. Besides, the exercise is good for me to keep my weight down.
    Alice: You don’t need anything to keep your weight down. You need something to hold it up.


    Ralph: I have – I’ve got an explanation. A perfect one. I’m a dope. Not a run-of-the-mill dope, the world’s champ. For years I’ve been talking for granted the most wonderful thing tht’s ever happened to me – you. I’ve never shown you the appreciation you deserve, Alice. You could walk outta that door right now and I wouldn’t blame you. You deserve something better than me. There are a million guys who’d give you anything if they could have a girl like you.

    Alice: Ralph, I don’t want a million. There’s just one guy I want: you.

    Ralph: Baby, you’re the greatest.

  50. Silly in Toronto #330786 says:

    yes, very fair point JohnQ.. btw, are my pics ok now ? 😛

  51. johnq says:

    Not sure I understand the concept of the SD having to show up with money at the initial meeting. In my experience, at least 50% of the SBs have lied in their profiles, and another 40% have been honest, but there’s no connection and I’m not interested in seeing them again. Having to pay for the privilege of an awkward first date seems kind of ridiculous to me, and I have to say I’d immediately reject anyone who even implied that.

    I don’t see this as any different than the SD asking to “try the merchandise” on the first date. And I’ve heard the argument that the SB is investing her time, so the SD should pay for that, but it’s equally true that the SD is investing his time.

    As far as coffee or a drink for the first meeting goes, this is a traditional way for people to meet up on what is essentially a blind date, without having to commit multiple hours to what may be a completely pointless exercise. It’s exactly what I do, for the very good reason that the one time I agreed to a dinner date, the SB was more or less inarticulate, and the conversation was painful, to say the least.

    Any SB who wants to demand money and/or an expensive and lengthy date as the price for an initial meeting is, of course, free to pursue this course, and I hope it works out for you. I guarantee, however, that your refusal to invest even an hour of your time in meeting a pot SD is alienating at least some of the SDs out there. And I’d hate to think that SBs reading this blog would assume that this behavior is expected, or even normal. I’ve met with half a dozen women through this site, and not one has even suggested that I show up to the initial meeting with an envelope of cash.


  52. Silly in Toronto #330786 says:

    LOL Storm ! take turns bringing them with you on trips!

  53. Stormcat says:

    Hi Silly didn’t see you.

  54. Stormcat says:

    Wow, not so many bloggers since I last was here.
    Hi everyone! Lisa Nitemare Gail lurkers
    I’ve been thinking about my multiple SB problem. It is getting ever more complicated as I am going on a business trip and two SBs want to both go with me. That makes it really complicated. Do I have to book two rooms. Or should they be expected to share one room with me? And If two rooms Would I alternate rooms where I stay, or should I stay in one room and have the girls switch? And does anyone else see any other potential problems arising? Like airline seating arrangement etc.

  55. Silly in Toronto #330786 says:

    Nitemare.. did I see Toronto on your list ? haven’t found sugar here yet !!

  56. Gail says:


    Nitemare….Is there a version of the honeymooners in color vs black and white?

  57. Gail says:

    Lisa….you need cable and a nice flatscreet : )

  58. NitemareSD says:

    Played by Jackie Gleason; a bus driver for the fictional Gotham Bus Company. He is never seen driving a bus (except in publicity photos), but is shown multiple times at the bus depot. Ralph is frustrated by his lack of success, and often develops get-rich-quick schemes. Ralph is very short tempered, frequently resorting to insults and hollow threats. Well hidden beneath the many layers of bluster however, is a soft-hearted man who loves his wife and is devoted to his best pal. Ralph Kramden was the inspiration for the animated character Fred Flintstone.

    Played by Audrey Meadows; Ralph’s patient but sharp tongued wife of roughly 15 years. Alice often finds herself bearing the brunt of Ralph’s insults, which she returns in fine form. She is bitingly sarcastic and very level-headed, trying to convince Ralph of the stupidity of his various schemes, which makes him lose his temper. However, she is considerably unruffled and never fazed by Ralph’s constant threats to strike her “one of these days…Pow! Right to the MOON!”.

    The show presented Ralph as an everyman and an underdog who struggled to make a better life for himself and his wife, but who ultimately failed due to his own shortcomings. He (along with Ed) devised a number of get-rich-quick schemes, none of which succeeded. Ralph was quick to blame others for his misfortune, until it was pointed out to him where he had fallen short. Ralph’s anger was replaced by short-lived remorse, and he would then apologize for his actions. Many of these apologies to Alice ended with Ralph saying, “Baby, you’re the greatest”, followed by a hug and kiss

  59. lisa says:

    the local channels in Houston mostly just run newer reruns which I don’t watch. Since I dont’ have cable I miss alot of the shows I used to watch including the news channels.

  60. NitemareSD says:

    The Honeymooners gained its greatest fame in syndication, where it has aired almost continually since its cancellation. New York’s WPIX-TV has aired The Honeymooners nightly and on New Year’s Eve and New Year’s Day for more than four decades

    In January 1985, Gleason announced the release of an additional group of lost episodes from his private vault. As with the previously released sketches, these “lost episodes” were actually kinescopes of sketches from the 1952–55 run of The Jackie Gleason Show.[18]

    Gleason sold the broadcast rights to the lost episodes to Viacom, and they were first aired from 1985–86 as a series of 68 22-minute episodes on the Showtime cable network. They have since joined the original 39 episodes in syndication

  61. lisa says:

    I used to watch the honeymooners every night when I first moved to Houston. This was back in the days where old shows were ran after the news soon to be replaced by those stupid infomercials .

  62. NitemareSD says:

    CBS president William S. Paley convinced Gleason to leave the DuMont Network and bring his show to CBS. In July 1952, the cast of the retitled Jackie Gleason Show embarked on a highly successful five-week promotional tour across the United States, performing a variety of musical numbers and sketches (including the popular “Honeymooners”). The cast performed four shows a day, which was too much for Kelton, who was suffering from “heart problems.” In actuality, Kelton was blacklisted as a suspected communist. She was replaced on the tour by Gingr Jones [sic], who subsequently was also blacklisted (having earlier been named on the Red Channels blacklist) by CBS, which meant that a new Alice was needed.[8][9]

    Jones’ replacement was Audrey Meadows, already known for her work in the 1951 musical Top Banana and on Bob and Ray’s television show. Before receiving the role, Meadows had to overcome Gleason’s reservations about her being too attractive to make a credible Alice. To accomplish this, she hired a photographer to come to her apartment early in the morning and take pictures of her with no make-up on, wearing a torn housecoat, and with her hair undone.[9][10] When the pictures were delivered to Gleason, he looked at them and said, “That’s our Alice.” When it was explained to him who it was he said, “Any dame who has a sense of humor like that deserves the job.”[9] With the addition of Meadows the now-famous “Honeymooners” lineup of Gleason, Carney, Meadows, and Randolph was in place.

  63. NitemareSD says:


    The rising popularity of “The Honeymooners” was reflected in its increasing prominence as part of The Jackie Gleason Show. During the first season, it appeared on a regular basis (although not weekly) as a short sketch during part of the larger variety show. The sketches ranged in length from seven to thirteen minutes. For the 1953–54 season, the shorter sketches were outnumbered by ones that ran for a half hour or longer. During the 1954–55 season, most episodes consisted entirely of “The Honeymooners”. Fan response was overwhelming. Meadows received hundreds of curtains and aprons in the mail from fans who wanted to help Alice lead a fancier life.

    The Honeymooners is an influential situation comedy television show shot before a live audience which debuted as a half-hour series on October 1, 1955. Although initially a ratings success—it was the #2 show in the United States its first season—it faced stiff competition from the popular Perry Como Show [1][2] in an era when many North American homes had no television, and with the prevalent broadcast technology, those that did were lucky to receive any stations beyond the three major networks. The show eventually dropped to #19,[2][3] and production ended after 39 episodes (now referred to as the “Classic 39”). The final episode of The Honeymooners aired on September 22, 1956.

  64. lisa says:

    that was in the 50’s and I dont’ think there was any funny stuff to buy back then

  65. lisa says:

    yes I am Lisa the commedian, I must charge the sd extra for the humor. lol

  66. lisa says:

    I can’t tell you how many I have chatted with but never met. I have met a total of 5 men in the past year. One talked extensively about an arrangement and then disappeared. One had a one month arrangement with me and then he moved. Two took me on shopping dates and then one had a car wreck after leaving, and the other was just too exhausted to meet. One took me to lunch, gave me some allowance, seen me again, gave me rest of allowance, cancelled two dates, saw me twice more and now seems to be avoiding me. He’s not on the site anymore either.

    I want to get past the date part.

  67. NitemareSD says:

    Well, it begs the question; had one of Ralph’s money making schemes paid off, what sort of SD could he have made?

  68. Apple-332079 says:

    Lol, I just had to pop in from lurking to say, Lisa, you absolutely killed it with your bus line. thanks for the laughs :)

  69. RedMaru says:

    I would like to eventually get to the date part(sigh)

  70. lisa says:

    I had to google that one, lol no none of the bus drivers look like him. lol

  71. NitemareSD says:

    Suddenly I’m picturing Lisa with Ralph Kramden

  72. lisa says:

    sour daddies lol

  73. lisa says:

    not really the route that used to go to the mall changed and now runs down my street. Also there are hybrids, regular ones, circulator ones, etc etc

  74. RedMaru says:

    I like that salt and vinegar land….lol

  75. NitemareSD says:

    But the bus never changes. It is the same every time you (meet/use) it.

  76. lisa says:

    no the bus sucks. so showing up is crucial but where it leads is most important. If it leads to a boring errand, it sucks, if it leads to shopping, it’s ok.

  77. NitemareSD says:

    And you are not exactly thrilled with the bus.

  78. lisa says:

    no they haven’t , that’s why coffee dates are not sugardates. Best procedure is to show up with a partial allowance to show you are serious. The gift is just like your resume, lol

  79. NitemareSD says:

    But Lisa, you’ve been having coffee with your parents your whole life and they still haven’t come up with an allowance.

  80. lisa says:

    I have the same expection for a bus, that it show up, lol

  81. NitemareSD says:

    Nico*213385* Says:

    June 8th, 2009 at 7:48 pm
    That’s funny Nitemare….my only expectation is the potential actually show up


    This reminds me of the girls who say they demand financial help right away because every guy they meet disappears after they sleep with him.

    It must take an amazing woman to get guys to consistently run off after sleeping with them. Just the sort every guy would want to meet.

  82. lisa says:

    coffee does not make a sugardate. My parents buy me coffee, a sd needs to step up a little. If a potential shows signs of cheapness, doesn’t offer lunch or dinner, i’m immediately turned off and I banish him off to salt and vinegar land.

  83. RedMaru says:

    Outside of showing up and being close to his profile. Lunch or dinner would be nice

  84. Nico*213385* says:

    Haha Lisa ~ I could learn from you *wink*

  85. lisa says:

    better yet toss the gift at me when you are several feet away

  86. lisa says:

    but then again I do most of my work online so dont’ be surprised if we never meet.

  87. lisa says:

    my expectations is lunch or dinner, heck I can go for coffee on my own. A gift or money is always welcome as this is not e-you know. lol

  88. lisa says:

    let me guess let me guess is it……. Karen?

  89. Nico*213385* says:

    That’s funny Nitemare….my only expectation is the potential actually show up 😉

  90. RedMaru says:

    hey Nitemare 😀
    Who’s profile I’m nosy

  91. NitemareSD says:

    Interesting SDs: all of a sudden I am seeing this exact language on several different SB profiles…


  92. lisa says:

    I’m here RedMaru just heard from my lover. His wife got her toe severed off and he has his daughter graduating this week from college and has family over so he’s been busy. If she knew about me, he would probably get something severed, lol

  93. NitemareSD says:

    Somebody has a new picture on their profile. All I can say is WOW. 😉

  94. RedMaru says:

    Hey lisa are you here by your lonesome
    How are you
    Evening to anybody else that’s still here 😀

  95. lisa says:

    Lover: a man that I see just because I like being with him, the chemistry is great, he’s a great friend, etc but he isn’t an sd and since he’s married there’s no future with him

    Bf: a man I would date because I enjoy his company and because he helps me over the rough edges. Not a sd unfortunatly but still takes me to nice dinners, helps with groceries, etc and there is chemistry. I would say someone that I would have a future with but men today don’t want that so I’ve deleted that desire from my criteria

    sd: a nsa relationship with a generous man. Fun and chemistry and money are involved but no having to check in with someone constantly, no restrictions on the other’s personal life and relationships.

    Lover: forbidden passion
    bf: fun, chemistry, caring and willing to help
    SD: generous, fun, nsa, a luxury

  96. lisa says:

    yes it would cut down on the number of guys that email everyone.
    also those nice ones that email you, disappear and months later email again, and disapear, and on and on.

  97. NitemareSD says:

    How do you divide the men into BF SD LVR categories? What are the criteria?

  98. NYC SB says:

    lol lisa… harsh and funny… and you have a point

  99. lisa says:

    sds that are no shows on dates would have their feet permantly impounded in cement at whatever place they were suppposed to meet the sb. A wire cage would be placed around their head and several pigeons would be places inside to use the sd’s face as a picking pole.

  100. lisa says:

    if they send an email, especially one of those “hey” ones, they are charged 5 dollars for the first email. If the sb allows their emails after that, they can email free. This would cut out alot of the guys that email everyone.

  101. lisa says:

    I do think a pay per view fee should be impossed on all sds on this and other sites. They sign up for membership at a small fee, maybe 5 dollars a month and then everytime they decide to view someone, they are charged a dollar, half goes to the site, half to the sb that was viewed. It can go to paypal or some other account. That would get rid of all the guys that join free to views pics and take away alot of the pissed off feelings we sbs get for having so many views and no emails.

  102. lisa says:

    lol @nitemare I think you are combining two guys. I just want the bf to act like he did before and he’s not the type to be a sd. He is generous but frugal at the same time. He always bought my groceries and took me shopping for moderate things but nothing extravagant. He doesn’t splurge on himself (well except for the mercedes) and if a man won’t spoil himself, he isn’t like to spoil the woman in his life.

    I just hate being left hanging, if the sd isn’t interested then just tell me so and I can redo my profile to avoid the issues I had with him. The bf should have stayed away.

  103. NitemareSD says:

    Lisa –

    Did you explain the new regulations to the BF?

    Its 1k/mo in advance for once a week.

    He has to show up before dark on your day off and take you out to chilis or better.

    No sex on the first 3-4 dates.

    He has to send a personalized email of at least 35 words to you almost every day, esp. after you start having sex.

  104. lisa says:

    Hi NYC SB I have had the lover for 4 years, he’s great but not a sd. Sometimes I dont’ see him for a while. The ex is good too, I loved dating him but when our evenings out and shopping became cheap booty calls at midnight, well I felt used. I have told him what I expect if we are to date again, haven’t heard from him. I take any relationship with him as just casual enjoy it while it lasts, the sd sent me “hope you have a great day too” email. Not sure about that. I guess I shouldn’t have slept with him but after a month and 4 dates, I thought it was time. Next sd will have to wait longer

  105. NYC SB says:

    lisa sometimes zero is better… if the SD is ignoring you a better one will come along… as for the ex you dont really need him you deserve better… the lover… i dont know what the story is there

  106. lisa says:

    oops i meant :)

  107. Trinity says:

    Just stopping in for a quick hello! :)

  108. lisa says:

    Good afternoon everyone. Nice to see everyone back on the blog. :)
    I have gone from 3 to 0. I haven’t heard from my sd since thursday night (i’ve emailed him a casual hello 3 times), not heard from my lover since friday, and my ex boyfriend has not decided to take me on a real date in order to get back with me so i’m totally zeroing at the moment.
    It’s a scorcher in HOuston, today. My ac is still working but my running tub faucet is on day 9 of the nonstop run.

  109. SuzieQ*297329* says:

    OH right, I forgot NC already had a date lined up :( Oh well, back to work for me then I guess.

    Hope it goes well for you NC!

  110. SuzieQ*297329* says:

    OK then, I’m in! How’s your stash of air miles NC?

  111. VillaCypris *276489* says:

    Good luckk with your date Friday, NC! Hope that goes well! I’m off to do somethings…. ciao ciao tutti!

  112. VillaCypris *276489* says:


    I think my friend would just give me miles to use… he travels ’round the world for work so has millions stored up… no arguments over that! :)

  113. SuzieQ*297329* says:

    Well, if Villa invites a friend along so we’re two couples then no catch, right? The gentlemen will just have to argue about who pays for the more expensive ticket, which would be mine as I’m about as far away from NYC as it’s possible to be and still be on the continent…but I’m sooo worth it! 😀

  114. VillaCypris *276489* says:

    there always is, no?

  115. NC Gent says:

    I knew there had to be a catch 😉

  116. SuzieQ*297329* says:

    LOL! Sure NC, but dinner is all you’re getting out of a threesome with me…I’m greedy and I like my guy all to myself!

  117. NC Gent says:

    I think you have the right idea Villa – back door is optional for me lol

    so a 3some date and all I have to do is buy plane tickets??

  118. SuzieQ*297329* says:

    Well as long as you’re paying for the flight to NYC NC, Villa and I will bring the chemistry not to worry 😉

  119. VillaCypris *276489* says:

    what??? love of sex in all forms?

  120. VillaCypris *276489* says:

    ahhhhhhhhhh hahahahahaha

    si, that was said with much sarcasm….

  121. NC Gent says:

    Exactly Villa – well for the SD – all that matters are looks and well…uhhh…

  122. VillaCypris *276489* says:

    the only things that matter are looks and money right??????

  123. VillaCypris *276489* says:

    hahahaha NC

    i have some friends in the city… maybe i can invite one of them…

  124. NC Gent says:

    yeah and next you will tell me that chemistry is important, Suzie 😉

  125. SuzieQ*297329* says:

    Why don’t we just all meet in NYC for a date first and if we hit it off THEN Villa and I will consider a move. (aside to Villa – shhh, I’m negotiating for us here!)

  126. NC Gent says:

    I was in until you mentioned nitemare – maybe we can find a local SD lol

  127. VillaCypris *276489* says:

    We can have a double date…. NC, Suzie, nitemare and moi! wooo!!!

  128. VillaCypris *276489* says:

    Hi NC!!!!! :)

    Yes, Suzie…. top notch Roman cuisine!!!!! yummmmmmmmm!!!

  129. SuzieQ*297329* says:

    Oh right, you run too don’t you? Is sandro’s Italian? We might need to carb up on pasta if we’re going to be gallivanting though the park on a daily basis lol!

  130. NC Gent says:

    Hi Villa — please let me know when you two ladies are up there – I have to do something to increase my odds of landing an NYC SB lol

  131. VillaCypris *276489* says:

    Sure, Suzie! We can gallivant thru central park together…. and dine at sandro’s on east 81st. Would be fun!!! :)

  132. RedMaru says:

    Awww…..my city isn’t on Nitemare’s list :(
    Now I want to move 😛

  133. SuzieQ*297329* says:

    OK Villa, after what NC Gent said I’m joining you in NYC…do you need a roommate?

  134. NC Gent says:

    Interesting list Nitemare — I have found the best luck when dealing with those closest in proximity and age to me… more so proximity. I think I have sent about 20 emails to SBs in NYC, and got one meet and greet from that — a lot of great SBs (on web screen aka paper) in NYC, but I have close to zero luck – I am guessing there are quite a few SDs there also.

  135. SuzieQ*297329* says:

    Wow, I had no idea that “the rest of Canada ” was a top Sugar location. I have hope!

  136. VillaCypris *276489* says:

    That’s it, nitemare… I’m moving to NYC.

  137. NYC SB says:

    nightmare you are missing the sd capital of the world… chicago!

  138. NitemareSD says:

    New blog topic: top locations for Sugar.

    If you’re a traveling sugar…make the most of it in these cities and regions:

    Nitemare’s list*:

    South Florida
    Charlotte, NC
    San Diego
    Texas – take your pick
    The rest of Canada
    The rest of California
    The rest of NC plus SC, VA and don’t forget WV

    * not all locations personally verified

    Wish they all could be
    NYC SBs

  139. SuzieQ*297329* says:

    Yes, that’s what I though NYC. I agree that in that case it might be better to use more revealing photos, since the men attracted to that might be more looking for a “professional” anyway.

    I’m not sure what the original questioner meant though…(scrolling up to take a look) Natalie it was. Natalie if you are a professional as in escort then I’d think that posting boobs and bootie pics might help, but if you’re a professional as in doctor/lawyer/accountant and want to present a certain image, then definitely stick to something a bit more conservative.

    Remember the old saying that a picture is worth a thousand words…people (and men in particular if I may be so bold as to make an assumption) will read a LOT into your photos.

  140. NYC SB says:

    i meant it in the other sense… i guess if your profession is an escort (not that there is anything wrong with that) you dont mind putting up very revealing photos

  141. SuzieQ*297329* says:

    I just realized, are we talking about professional as in doctor/lawyer/accountant, or professional in the uh, other sense? Now that *would* make a difference as to what type of photos you post!

  142. RedMaru says:

    Thanks everyone (big hugs) 😀

  143. NYC SB says:

    Good point Suzzie Q… my thoughts on the whole picture thing… dont post if you dont want it to be posted on another website or blasted over the internet … a true SD would be ok with this and will respect your need for privacy… some of us are not professionals … also i think its a good way of weeding out the picture collectors 😉

  144. NC Gent says:

    I concur with Suzie — you might get more hits, but from the wrong type of SD or fake SD – true SDs wants a mind, body and looks – if we were just looking for looks and body – there are plenty of escorts out there for that.

  145. SuzieQ*297329* says:

    Red, IMHO I think that might be more likely to attract the type of man I am NOT interested in, ie one who only wants sex, is looking for a hooker, or is just plain shallow. No offense to any sb’s who have posted these types of pics, that’s only my personal opinion.

    I have a head shot and a couple of full body shots that show my figure without being revealing or tacky. And if a guy wants to see more than that before we’ve even spoken then I’m not interested because I would question how much he does (or doesn’t) respect the fact that I am more than just my body parts.

    I also don’t parade around the streets or go out to dinner or shows in my bikini hoping that will make any eligible men more likely to ask me out. I would definitely wonder why, wouldn’t you? LOL!

  146. RedMaru says:

    Hey NC Gent thanks for the pep (another hug) 😀
    I wondered NC so boobs or bootie pic(giggle) don’t necessarily make an SD more likely to respond or bring more hits?

  147. NC Gent says:

    Hi Natalie and Maru — it can be frustrating searching for the right one, for both the SB and the SD. We all get a lot of rejection, but it only takes one! Hang in there and you will find someone.

    p.s. Natalie — know you were joking – but most real SDs don’t want to see the boobs or bootie pics — we want to see that in person lol

  148. RedMaru says:

    Hey again SuzieQ 😀
    I just took a pic of myself in lingerie and right now am debating whether or not to put it on my profile…isn’t that silly

  149. SuzieQ*297329* says:

    Jai-oops, no spaces in my email!

  150. SuzieQ*297329* says:

    Hey Jai, back from nap. Geez, I just conked out at the computer…really tough swim workout this morning! You can mail me at google, sweet peach 739

    Welcome Natalie! Hang in there, be persistent, and if you like just ask for some feedback on your profile and you will get some good suggestions from both the sb and the sd perspective. I sometimes think I’ll have to break my rule about no lingerie, bikinis, boob shots or provocative poses on my profile to get attention, but with patience and perseverance I have had some success.

  151. RedMaru says:

    Hi Natalie 😀
    I’ve been here for a year and have the same problem. I really would like to ask what the deal is myself. If you find out what a gal has to do give me a holla

  152. Natalie says:

    I have contacted available men who seem to be looking for the same thing as me but can’t even get the courtesy of a simple reply back. This doesn’t seem like a very successful site to me. What does a girl have to do to get attention when she is a professional? Post her boobs, I guess…

  153. Jai says:

    Send them on DC :)

  154. DC says:

    Morning everyone!

    Jai…I have a few good recipe sites if you want them let me know.

    I made some coconut macaroons with chocolate ganache topping and eating 2 now….yummy!

    Heard from my MIA pot SD. He said he never got my last e-mail and to re-send it. He is a bit technically challenged so it’s possible I guess and still some hope for something to come of this

    Sweetred- the guys I e-mailed first who responded did not pan out. One lost interest after 2 e-mails and the other I did not have a connection with and he was a little aggressive and ewanted to meet that night because his wife was out of town. Most of the e-mails I sent first have not been read yet…looks like a few logged in and didn’t read them. I guess they do that, huh? Look at your picture and decide if they even want to read them? Kinda rude but such is life. A few read them and didn’t respond. I think I’ll continue to do this once a week. Send out e-mails and then go on with my life. Only takes a little time and who knows…something may come of it.

  155. sweetredhead says:

    hehe to many places to talk to you lmao

  156. Jai says:

    You got me already Red! Thank you :)

  157. sweetredhead says:

    What kind of chicken? whole? cut up? breasts?

  158. Jai says:

    😛 Red, I have to be incog

  159. Jai says:

    Definitely Red! :) I need a recipe later girl. I don’t know what to do with this chicken for dinner

  160. sweetredhead says:

    Lmao Jai so secret agent!

  161. Jai says:

    Maru, I sent you a message to the place other than this one where you receive messages :)

  162. sweetredhead says:

    Very true Jai :) Then I can come home and play :)

  163. Jai says:

    The day goes faster red! :)

  164. sweetredhead says:

    Not quiet at work. Monday’s are hell!! It’s non stop for me from the moment I walk in to the time I leave.

  165. Jai says:

    Yep Maru, everyone’s catching up and working hard :)

  166. RedMaru says:

    Hey Jai, NYC SB, and SuzieQ its real quiet here today…its Monday

  167. sweetredhead says:

    Hi everyone :) just stopped in an my lunch hour.
    How is everyone today?
    I have internet at work but would never attempt to come here from there. I would be afried someone would know where I had been lol. Can’t take those chances.

  168. Jai says:

    Lol NYC

    That’s weird Suzie.

    Hey do I have your email addys? I don’t think so. Can I have them? :)

  169. NYC SB says:

    Hi all… everyone is so quiet lately… i need to be entertained during work hours 😀

  170. SuzieQ*297329* says:

    I’m being m-o-d-e_r_a_t…e….d! No idea why, I”m being nice, honest! 😀

  171. SuzieQ*297329* says:

    Uh oh, I’m in the dog house I guess

  172. Jai says:

    Same old things Suze. School school school. What about you? :)

  173. SuzieQ*297329* says:

    Good Monday morning girls? What’s everyone up to today?

  174. Jai says:

    😛 It came through right after I posted that message lol

  175. Stiletto... formerly Cyanide says:

    Don’t be like that Jai… :)

    I thought you heard my psychic hello to you…guess not :)

  176. Jai says:

    No hello for me Cy? lol I see how it is

  177. Stiletto... formerly Cyanide says:

    Hi Gail :)

    Red… you got mail… Good luck :)

  178. Jai says:

    Good morning all :)

    I see everyone is bright eyed and bushy tailed this morning! Especially you Gail 😀

    Have wonderful days!!!!

  179. SuthrnExec says:

    I will NEVER know you well enough for a hug — maybe a sideways man hug – but that’s it! Have a good trip – give the windy city my regards.

  180. RedMaru says:

    Thanks for the hug NCGent Got my fingers crossed for you on your sugar date that all goes well 😀

  181. NC Gent says:

    Hello all – start of another week — had a great weekend at the lake house – did some boating, swimming and jet skiing.. got a lil sun burnt on my forehead — seems I am exposing more forehead each year lol

    Heading to Chicago on Tues/Wednesday and have a sugar date on Friday in Wilmington NC — this week should go by fast.

    Have a good one all!

    Special hugs to Maru, Gail and SE and anyone else who feels like they know me well enough to accept a hug!

  182. RedMaru says:

    Hey Gail I’m still here and thanks for the encouragement 😀

  183. SuthrnExec says:

    and write some poetry…. :-)

  184. Gail says:

    Suthrn….can’t you tell?…..I am doing GREAT!!!! I feel good…its Monday…I have just a little bit of work to do today….then I am done before noon.

    I think I am extending the weekend into Monday afternoon…sun…no sand…but I will work on my tan….

  185. Gail says:

    Red Maru….it can get discouraging at times…start looking at SD profiles and favorite them, put a plan together to send emails so many times per day/or week…always keep in mind..if they don’t respond its their loss…you are a worth millions : ) and move forward…don’t look back!!!
    Your day will come…look at Lisa…she is buried in Sugar….

    Speaking of Sugars….AJ…come to the light!!! LOL….Villa…have you seen her? ok…gonna start singing that song from the Chilites….

    OC and Suthrn….YouHaveMailDotCom….(smile)

    Villa …how was your weekend? Did you do any extreme sports besides drinking blueberry mojitos?

    Heading out the door…see all of you later! We need new SDs and SBs on the blog….it seems we lost some along the way and they took off to smallchat…where is our recruitment director…..SweetRed!!!!! Time to recruit again : )

    Stephan….time for you to come out and play : ) We wanna hear your stories too….please….that should be a topic in itself.

  186. SuthrnExec says:

    Morning Ms Gail! How are you this morning?

  187. Gail says:

    Morning Sugars!!! Suthrn,Villa and Stiletto, and Red…if you are all still here : )

    Lisa….I think you are like Snow White…lol…hi ho…hi ho…its off to work you go : ) Its a beautiful day in Calif…bbqued yesterday and ate like crazy…so this morning I have to go work out…I am energized!!!! Good Morning America!!!!

  188. Stiletto... formerly Cyanide says:

    Replied Red :)

  189. RedMaru says:

    Morning Stiletto 😀 its done
    Yes I am in GA

  190. Stiletto... formerly Cyanide says:

    Good morning everyone. :)

    Red, could you email me at [email protected] please? You’re in GA right? If so, definitely shoot me a quick email and I’ll reply.

    Have a great day all :)

  191. SuthrnExec says:

    Good morning everyone! Lisa, hang in there – he’ll come around, I’m sure.

  192. RedMaru says:

    Hey lisa
    Sorry bout your pants and your SD it’ll get better (hugs) I’m actually getting a lil discouraged myself all these hits and not one bite :(
    How was your weekend otherwise?
    I spent the weekend working out, making candles, and resting so it was pretty peaceful.

  193. lisa says:

    Good morning everyone. Wow the blog is slow the past day, where is everyone?
    Getting ready to go to work. Not getting off to a good start. Just dropped a glass of water and my pants are soaked so i’m going to have to go to work in wet pants. I have plenty of clothes to change but since I have to wear a uniform i’m stuck wearing soaking wet clothes. :(
    No word from my sd in 3 days :(

  194. VillaCypris *276489* says:

    Hi Jai and Lisa

    hope you two had a nice weekend!

    and nitemare…. tant pis, eh? you’re so loveable just because you think you’re less worthy than your associates… x

  195. lisa says:

    now i’m listening to the mid 80’s music, going retro here,lol
    I am working the next 3 days at 8:30 so I get to sleep till 6:30 instead of 6. Looking forward to my 3 days off at the end of the week. :)

  196. Jai says:

    :) Glad you’re getting a chance to rest.

  197. lisa says:

    Hi Jai

    I’m just having some rest. My 3 men are missing, lol
    I’m listening to the relaxing music of marilyn manson, lol

  198. Jai says:

    Hey Lisa,

    How are you?

  199. Red *340785* says:

    I’m very new, but here’s my thoughts:

    >>How do you feel when you are used by someone you’ve trusted?

    Hurt, angry, betrayed. The same as most people do, I imagine.

    >>Are arrangements in writnig better at keeping people to their word?

    Not at all. If someone isn’t going to keep their word, it won’t matter to them if it’s written down!

    >>Are sugar babies More or Less powerful than sugar daddies when it comes to negotiating arrangements?

    I’m too new to have a proper opinion on this yet!

  200. lisa says:

    good afternoon where is everyone? looks like a slow day on the blog. Just got home from work. Haven’t heard back from my ex, I guess he was happy when he found out he couldn’t just show up a year later and I would welcome him with open arms. Haven’t heard from sd since thursday night.

  201. Trin says:

    Good morning everyone! :)

  202. Stiletto... formerly Cyanide says:

    Lol Nitemare…hence the name, huh? :)
    GM all :)

  203. NitemareSD says:

    Have a good day Lisa, and let’s hope that check clears. 😮

    I was surprised to read back this morning at the days I missed. So much fantasizing over one Nitemare. My associates are far more worthy. No nice girl should be seen with NitemareSD. 😮

  204. lisa says:

    Good morning everyone. Getting ready to go to work. After my ex stopped by last night my best friend came over and of course kept me up way too late, got to bed at midnight.
    I hope today returns to normal, lol

    Be back later this afternoon Have a great day everyone

  205. goodgirl says:

    Lisa~ you’re a hoot :) i totally agree with you on this ex of yours. Just because his daughters house burt down, didn’t mean he had to burn you…
    Make him work for it girl!
    I’m sorry about the kitty :(

  206. lisa says:

    Lisa’s bed has been too busy this week, geesh. Made out a little with him, that’s all. I should have seen the omens in those hotdog buns that were laying all over the street friday

  207. lisa says:

    He also thought I should get a second job since I no longer work nights, he hasn’t changed. If he wont’ take care of me, I won’t take care of him. I’ve changed and raised my expectations in the last year. :)

  208. lisa says:

    nope no one handy in the bathroom, lol
    He doesn’t care about me, if he did he’d get me a car or something after all he’s driving a mercedes. If he really wanted to get back he would have showed up with flowers or something, not just coming to talk and make out. He says he had to much going on when he broke up with me but I don’t see why he couldn’t tell me as I don’t think I was going to dump him just because his daughter;s husband beat her up and burned down the house. I feel really good for saying NO to him tonight and I told him coming over for a booty call does not impress me. lol
    What a strange week, who’s going to show up next?

  209. goodgirl says:

    Hello sugars!!!
    So, i know this was a previous topic, but I think i found sugar today in a non-sugar place! :)
    I met a friend on fb that was friends with my girl-friends. He posted about needing help at the local street fair at his company’s booth. Since i could use all the money i can get right now, i volunteered. After a couple hours of sun and kids and turkey legs, he offered me a beer… oh yeah! I really needed one at that point! (we were taking pics of kids for the amber alert system) He asked me if I was dating, of course i said no. Then later, he made a remark to one of the girls there about how if she gave him anymore business, he’d have to take her on a trip. I saw my opening… I said “ok, sugar daddy!” Then, after she walked away, he said, ‘you know, I’d like to be a sugar daddy one day!’ So, I told him to google it!!!! :)
    He looked at me really funny, so while I was walking away, i said, “why do you think i’m not ‘really’ dating?” …OMG! you shouldv’e seen his face!
    I can’t wait to see what will grow from the seed i planted today!!! 😉

  210. NitemareSD says:

    Not one of them has fixed the tub right?

  211. lisa says:

    oh my god there’s been 3 men in my bed this last week 😮

  212. lisa says:

    How weird can a week be? lol

  213. lisa says:

    i’m back girls never open the door to a guy who says he wants to “talk”
    I let him in and he looked good, yes just like I remember him but he started kissing me and making out with me and I kept saying No. He wants to get back with me but I told him this is not the way to do it, no bootycalls. He said that he couldn’t keep in touch because his daughter’s house had burned down and he had to sell everything he owned to replace it, blah blah blah , he is still driving his merceds mind you. He makes over 100k a year as a geologist. I was tempted but am glad I stood up to him. I dont’ really need him so it’s easy to say no. If he wants to get back together he will have to earn in the hard way. After all i’m a sugarbaby now, lol

    Anyway my neighbors must think i’m a slut with all the men coming in and out of my apartment. lol

  214. Stiletto... formerly Cyanide says:

    Uh oh… :)

  215. lisa says:

    I see his mercedes in the parking lot

  216. Stiletto... formerly Cyanide says:

    Lol Lisa, good luck with that! :)

  217. Stiletto... formerly Cyanide says:

    Whatup Jai? Just jammin… :)

  218. lisa says:

    I just got an email saying he (ex boyfriend) is on his way to my apartment just to talk :(

  219. Jai says:

    Money is important, but it’s not everything :) Just be thankful they were able to get a ride over there. What up TrinTrin and Cy 😀

  220. lisa says:

    yes when people say money isn’t important they are wrong :(
    my daughter is very upset. plus they had problems getting over there. They paid a neighbor to drive them over there since they dont’ have a car.

  221. Stiletto.. formerly Cyanide says:

    Hi Panther, Hi Trin… :)

  222. Stiletto.. formerly Cyanide says:

    So sorry about the cat, Lisa :(

  223. lisa says:

    my sd came over thursday evening. We had an ok evening I guess. He said he was having some financial issues which should be cleared up soon. gave me partial allowance. We spent some time together. Haven’t heard from him since.

  224. NitemareSD says:

    What happend with the SD the other night or day?

  225. lisa says:

    Good evening Trin :)

  226. lisa says:

    the guy is 58 years old, not a playboy just a bad companion, been married 3 times. I met his first ex wife at a new years party at his duaghter’s house. Very nice woman, odd how she looked almost like me.
    I think he misses those passionate nights we had, lol

  227. Trin says:

    *yawn* Just stopping in to say hello to everyone! Stayed up way to late last night…;-)

  228. lisa says:

    I’m not the pansy I was when I was dating him, Lisa is a strong b**** now, lol

  229. NitemareSD says:

    Lisa you gotta stop dating rich playboys.

  230. lisa says:

    Hi Nitemare I doubt that. lol When we started dating he was a fun date, dinner, shopping, movies, overnights together, then a couple months later he stopped taking me to dinner, picked me up late and we stayed at his place, then he started booty calling, coming over at midnight for couple hours. I spend the whole time worrying about the guys hanging around his 50k mercedes in the parking lot. I’m very tempted but have to stand up to him. If he wants me back,he will have to earn it and we will have to start over, get to know each other again, and no sex for a long while. lol

  231. NitemareSD says:

    I sure he just spent the last 14 months setting the house up for you. He’s even got that bedroom set you want so much.

    He can’t wait to carry you over the threshold and let you see it now.

  232. lisa says:

    update cat has bad urinary infection and is being kept overnight. Might have gallstones. Problem is it’s going to cost 1500 to treat him in addition to the 500 it’s costing to keep him overnight. My family can’t afford it so he’ll probably have to be put to sleep. He’s only 2 years old and the condition is treatable but too expensive.

    My ex just emailed me and ask if I’d like to go out tonight. I told him no and that is was very cold the way he just dumped me last year. He was taking with him to look at houses and involved me in everything and then right before he moved, he dropped me and I never got to see the house he picked.

  233. Jai says:

    Lol lisa me neither!

  234. lisa says:

    yes very weird. And now I got my ex that dumped me 14 months ago emailed me out of nowhere, lol my boss thinks I should see him, my lover and my sd but I dont’ know where i’d find the time

  235. Jai says:

    Weird Lisa lol

  236. lisa says:

    He doesn’t know, lol He also doesn’t know that my mom and daughter talk about him all the time and have a picture of him in their apartment. My daughter has also started wearing his favorite perfume. lol
    THey don’t approve and made me move out because I was seeing him but yet they talk about him all the time.

  237. Jai says:

    Lol Lisa. Is your lover ok with that?

  238. lisa says:

    the cat is only a year old too. He is a big yellow tabby named after my lover, lol my daughter chose the name

  239. lisa says:

    you got that the wrong way around sweetredhead Percy doesn’t want to share me as I am his sugarmama. How many pigeons live in ac comfort, have their food brought to them, get bubble baths and get to hang out with their owners all the time they’re home. lol His box is in the kitchen with my computer

  240. Jai says:

    Aw Lisa, hope the kitty gets better

  241. lisa says:

    there are two vets close to them but of course they arent’ open on saturday evening

  242. sweetredhead*269443* says:

    Maybe he didn’t like sharing you with percy lol

  243. lisa says:

    yes but then again I haven’t heard from him since so…. I’ve sent him a couple nice emails too. I called my parents and one of their cats is realy bad sick and they’re trying to get him to a 24 hour emergency vet but aren’t having much luck. They’re trying to find someone to take them because you can’t take pets on the bus and of course the clinic isn’t on the bus line and the taxi would not take them. The cat is meowing loudly so they can’t sneak him in. :(

  244. Jai says:

    So lisa, you had a better Thursday than I thought! :) Good for you hon

  245. Stiletto.. formerly Cyanide says:

    I love me some stilettos…. :)

  246. lisa says:

    Hi Stiletto I feel more like a flat or a flipflop right now :)

  247. Stiletto.. formerly Cyanide says:

    LOL Lisa :)

  248. lisa says:

    haha I just got an email from a non paying member who left a message in his title line, “don’t let me get by ya” I think to myself, you cheapskate since you’re not a payin member you aint going to get anywhere near me, lol

  249. lisa says:

    Hi everyone. Back from a busy day at work. odd I got another email from my ex boyfriend with a list of questions for me to answer. I love answering questions so of course I answered them. He was asking me about my lover, how often I see him, etc. lol I am trying to make him regret dumping me, lol i’m tempted but then again he was always trying to change me and also dumped me for now reason.

    I haven’t heard from my sd since we seen each other thursday night. I want nsa but it’s just weird when they don’t answer your emails. Maybe I should have held out a little longer and not been intimate with him.

  250. Stiletto.. formerly Cyanide says:

    Sweet…leave, then return… :)

  251. sweetredhead*269443* says:

    That’s great DC :) I have been messaged back also. Talking to one and 2 sent me messages that I was to far away :( but I sounded very interesting.

  252. DC says:

    Hi everyone!

    Just popping in for a sec. Twisted my ankle running to the gym…I know how ironic :( …… and now am stuck in bed.

    Sweetred- just wanted to say you motivated me to take the initiative again and write some pot SDs. I wrote to about 10 that really interested me. Only 4 have read my mail so far and 2 have written and sound like really nice men. So I am glad I did it and I encourage other SBs to do the same. You never know.

    Have a great weekend sugars!

  253. sweetredhead*269443* says:

    I never go there lol. are you at the other place now?

  254. Jai says:

    I’m guessing you’re rummaging through old emails Red lol Hope I had the correct address.

  255. Jai says:

    lol 4000 messages in your inbox?

  256. sweetredhead*269443* says:

    ughhhh there is over 4,000 messages in that one lmao I will get lost and never return!!!

  257. Jai says:

    I’m not going to say what I want to say as I don’t want to be a blog bog 😛 but Red, you may want look at another place where you receive messages as you may have a message there :)

  258. sweetredhead*269443* says:

    I just don’t get it. Men! I never said anything provocative

  259. sweetredhead*269443* says:

    I hope so too :)

  260. sweetredhead*269443* says:

    Well I just hope he dosn’t have an “accident” under the board room table LMAO

  261. Jai says:

    Oh, Lisa wasn’t getting my mail either. Maybe it’s my email? Well, hopefully your pot isn’t a creep and is just joking

  262. sweetredhead*269443* says:

    I didn’t see one from you??

  263. Jai says:

    Lol some can’t control themselves. Have you been checking your email lady? I sent you one but didn’t hear back.

  264. sweetredhead*269443* says:

    The pot I am talking to. Although he is now getting weird on me ughh. I am talking to him during his business meeting and now he says he wishes he was with me because I am making him horney??? hello!! I am just chatting. when did this conversation go from getting to know what each was looking for to him being horney??

  265. Jai says:

    Great :) And what guy are you liking lol

  266. sweetredhead*269443* says:

    I am doing great, how is school going jai?

  267. sweetredhead*269443* says:

    ohhhh I like this guy :)

  268. Jai says:

    Hey Red, hey Nico!!! :) How are you guys?

  269. Nico*213385* says:

    Hello Jai…good to see you :)

  270. sweetredhead*269443* says:

    hey Jai :) how are you

  271. Stiletto.. formerly Cyanide says:

    lol Jai, will tell you at ‘the spot’! :)

  272. Jai says:

    Lol. How’s your SD search going? Any influx in response?

  273. Stiletto.. formerly Cyanide says:

    Lol, true Jai!

  274. Jai says:

    Lol Hi Cyanide :) I feel like we talk all the time and it’s really not that much 😛

  275. Stiletto.. formerly Cyanide says:

    Hi Sweetred, hi Jai :)

  276. Jai says:

    Hi all,

    Just popping in before I start working through my hw. How is everyone? :)

  277. sweetredhead*269443* says:

    Where is everyone??

  278. sweetredhead*269443* says:

    In the beginning stages of talking to a pot SD. His profile was really what I am looking for. So I guess mailing someone may be a good thing :) He lives 40 minutes from me which is a plus.

  279. sweetredhead*269443* says:

    so I know little about a blackberry so I have a question. Can you see profiles and pictures from them?

  280. Cyanide says:

    Hi OC, the sugar is sweet… good thing I have a sweet tooth!
    Looking at a couple of seemingly good pots. One in particular I like. We have lots in common: same hobbies, he’s as silly as I am, and even down to speaking the same foreign languages! I do believe in taking my time though. One can really never be sure :)

  281. sweetredhead*269443* says:

    It does get discouraging. I always answer my emails if I am interested or not. It’s common courtesy. But Sd’s do not feel the same it seems. Some do though and it is appropriated.

  282. Nico*213385* says:

    Kewl :) Thank you!!

    I agree with OC too…..I think you should absolute initiate e-mails!!! I am not the kind of person to sit back and let things happen. If you want something ~ go after it. When it comes to the internet, hiding behind a monitor allows you to be a little more ‘brave’ than if you were facing somebody in person :)

  283. sweetredhead*269443* says:

    I just got a new camera and plan on taking some new pictures soon. Stay tuned :)

  284. sweetredhead*269443* says:

    High on life?? lol I love your profile. Great pictures and I like what u have written. I am sure some great Sd will snatch you up :)

  285. Nico*213385* says:

    Haha…..”HI”….not “high” OMG…too many paint fumes LOL. Sorry 😉

  286. Nico*213385* says:

    Woot…high SweetRed 😀

    No OC, I’ve not tweaked it. Not really sure what to change…the number is posted; however, and I’m welcome to constructive input. This invite is open to any/everybody.

    I’ve been back on for less than 30 minutes and have been responding to my first e-mail 😉

  287. OCSugarbaby says:

    Hey SweetRed. You should email! It can bring good results as you well know.

  288. sweetredhead*269443* says:

    I emailed my first SD and that turned out good, so maybe it will happen again :)

  289. sweetredhead*269443* says:

    Afternoon everyone. Nico, OC Cyanise anyone else around :)

    Nico sorry to hear about the SD uggh. I Have decided to try my hand at emailing Sd’s to see what comes back. I gave up on that, but we shall see what happens. Putting my hand in the sugar bowl and see what come out :)

  290. OCSugarbaby says:

    Hey Cyanide! How’s the sugar? Any good Pot or SD’s in the mix?

  291. Cyanide says:

    Hellooooo there (*using my husky tone*) :)

  292. OCSugarbaby says:

    Nico, with the re-premier of your profile… Did you tweek it a bit to freshen the info or add some new info?

  293. Nico*213385* says:

    Lisa looks like she went to work….dunno about Gail or SweetRed.

    I should be in the kitchen finishing painting the cabinets but nooooooooooooooooooooooo, I am on the blog too…LOL

  294. OCSugarbaby says:

    Sugar could not be sweeter! I am hanging home this weekend. I have so many errands to take care of. Yes, I am putting it off to blog.
    Where is SweetRed and Lisa and Gail!

  295. Nico*213385* says:

    *HUGS* Thank you. Back to the drawing board. How are you??

  296. OCSugarbaby says:

    Nico! That is good to hear that you are rolling (eyes) with it. Those two items are deal breakers. You are an amazing sugar! High Fives on the Premier of your profile. ~OC

  297. Nico*213385* says:

    Good afternoon my family. Sweet Red ~ the storm was INSANE but realllly kewl!!!

    Morning OC ~ good to see you.

    I have put my profile back to active *sigh* Sugar is still there but it has a drinking and anger problem *rolls eyes*

  298. OCSugarbaby says:

    Good Morning SweetRed and Lisa!

    Good Luck Silly, getting past that first meeting is such a good feeling. Don’t be nervous, treat it like you are meeting a friend for conversation and lunch! Keep the topics light and breezy. Show that wonderful personality of yours and he will be like BAM! She was amazing! I find that if my nerves still keep me on edge, I call the bird out of the bush and tell them that I am a bit nervous. Once I say it out loud and they understand that I have that feeling… it just vanishes!

  299. sweetredhead*269443* says:

    Good morning sugars.
    What a week!! There was a bad storm here last night. My son told me about it this morning. Says mom I can’t believe you sleep through all that last night!! I was so tired I head NOTHING!

  300. lisa says:

    Good morning everyone. Getting ready to go to work. See everyone later this afternoon

    Hope your date goes great Silly

  301. lisa says:

    Hi I passed out after taking an allergy pill, just woke up. I think I will got to bed soon as I gotta get up for work tomorrow. Have a good night everyone.

  302. Silly in Toronto #330786 says:

    hey everyone ! well I heard from the pot Sd.. he had an emergency but wants to re-shed so maybe tomrorow ! whohoo !

    yes, I think it’s all about attitude, personality.. how you carry yourself. I am told that once people meet me, that I’m addictive.. lol
    now if only I could meet dear pot SD !!!

  303. SuthrnExec says:

    Hey Cyanide

  304. Cyanide says:

    Hi Suthrn :)

  305. SuthrnExec says:

    Good evening folks – just popping in to say Hi!

  306. Cyanide says:

    Nite OC!

  307. OCSugarbaby says:

    Lisa and Cyanide, I am outta here too! Enjoy your evening ladies and keep the great dialog going! Love the stories. ~Kisses OC

  308. OCSugarbaby says:

    Nite Nite Gail! You made my night. :)

  309. Gail says:

    So that’s what happened to Suthrn….he took a bite and BAM…THAT WAS IT!!!! ROLF…..

    Yes…let’s bring sexy back Stephan….great topic…..okay…I am going to start my Friday nite!!!! Bye ALL!!!! especially OC….

    Lisa…be good to Percy…he feels neglected….he use to have you all to himself…and now he has to share.

  310. OCSugarbaby says:

    “IT”= does not equal material things. IT to me is your essence. How your sweetness is shown inside and out. You are genuine and can care with your whole being. You are honest as the day is long and strive to empower yourself and others to accomplish great things! A little sass is like colored sprinkles on the icing ~OC

  311. OCSugarbaby says:

    I like to think I have a that delicate balance of Sweet and Sassy. The combination that when you bite into it… BAM! You are hooked. Ok, now all I can think of is food. I never should have skipped lunch! I am delirious. I may start to use my real name! Yikes…

    What other things make a SD sexy? (great new topic by the way Stephan) Bring Sexy BACK… (love that title) ~OC (hahaha remembered to use the right one)

  312. lisa says:

    Happy friday Gail I have to work the next 5 days and then I get 3 days off in a roll thur,fri, and sat. :)

  313. lisa says:

    I’m a material girl

  314. Gail says:

    Hat’s off to Pather SD for the “IT” topic of the day. Makes us all think more about having “IT” and knowing what to to with ” IT!!!”
    LOL…oh and last but not least, if you don’t have “IT” you need to get “IT”

    Happy Friday OC,Red,Lisa, SDs….including the lurkers, and the chatterbox SBs!!!!

  315. Cyanide says:

    Lol, gucci = material things, IT = IT!!!!

  316. lisa says:

    someone stuff a chilidog in Cyanide’s mouth and tie her hands to a gucci bag so she won’t intercept

  317. lisa says:

    Percy has IT too. now he dances around any food that I give him and humps IT, lol

  318. Cyanide says:

    (*intercepting Sassy IT too!*) :)

  319. OCSugarbaby says:

    Nite Red!

    Lisa does have IT, but we can can all use some Sassy IT! OC has that to spare….

  320. lisa says:

    hey stop that Cyanide before I hit you with a chilidog, lol

  321. Cyanide says:

    (* Intercepting the IT being sent to Lisa*) :)

  322. lisa says:

    what’s for dinner at Lisa’s?? cheetos and bean dip

  323. lisa says:

    I’m afraid if I dig deep I run into another old fossil like my ex, lol it’s been a weird day. I’m enjoying a sugar high though for the last month :)

    Have a good evening RedMaru

  324. OCSugarbaby says:

    I also think an SD who can COOK is soooo super HAWT!
    *Back to the hot dog image. Gosh I am hungry, it is only 4:30pm here.

  325. RedMaru says:

    Well said OC you definitely have IT!! 😀
    You already got IT lisa dig deep 😀
    Well I’m off fellow sugars to enjoy Friday I’ll think I take a break from the gym tonight. But stay sweet and delicious everbody have a great evening

  326. OCSugarbaby says:

    Oh, girl I got it and then some! Yes, Lisa, I will share some with you. It is all about attitude. Hahahaha I have plenty of that. 😉

  327. lisa says:

    I need to go shopping next week for some new clothes. I haven’t had anything new in like 3 weeks, wahhhhhhh

  328. OCSugarbaby says:

    If a man has to lean closer to hear my voice or my words. He will be listening harder. lol If I say the same thing loudly, trust me he will tune you out. *Back to the whisper theory.

    SD’s want to help, however they do not want to feel like they are your only source of income. I guess that may not be 100% true for those SD/SB relationships where the SB is in school and that is her primary role. Which that in itself is a huge job! :)

    I love when an SD offers to do something for me and follows thru! Sexy!

  329. lisa says:

    can someone please send IT to me please please please

  330. Gail says:

    Hey OC your words are “HAWT” tonite : ) I believe you have “IT!”

  331. lisa says:

    what happened OC? did you get your chilidog all over your face, lol?

  332. OCSugarbaby says:

    I think the numbers show that there are more SD’s than SB’s. However so many very nice SB’s have more than one SD. Which is wonderful! More power to them. It goes back to what Panter said. If she has IT, she will be in demand.

    I have said this in so many threads and it is worth repeating!
    “A Whisper speaks volumes”…

    If an SB complains or talks about her money issues, that is turn off number 1 or at least at the top of the list. Same goes for SD’s.

    Keep the conversations light and playful. Yes, life hits you and it is unfortunate. No one wants to clean up another persons mess again and again. Show them that you are taking control of your life and WANT to make it better. They will be more than willing to asssit if you are SERIOUS and make the effort and can show them that you are making the change for the better.

    Sugar is sweeter if it is used at the icing on the cake not used at the batter! 😉

  333. lisa says:

    I think I will pick up a can of chile, some hot dogs, and buns tomorrow after work. I think my ex is horny lol

  334. Jai says:

    My SD had a chili dog for lunch. Something’s in the air

  335. RedMaru says:

    Hey OC
    sweetred and lisa – you’re making me want hot dogs now

  336. lisa says:

    hah ha my ex boyfriend just emailed me asking if I had a boyfriend. lol
    I told him I have a lover, a boyfriend and a sugardaddy, lol

  337. lisa says:

    sweetredhead is making chili dogs, let’s all run over over to her house, lol

  338. OCSugarbaby says:

    Miss Lisa Penelope. Now I want a hot dog with Chili!

  339. lisa says:

    Good evening OC :)

  340. OCSugarbaby says:

    Gail! Girl I swore I would not post for a while. Nice to be able to hear my own thoughts on here today. I love the etiquette and mannors blog or otherwise it “IT”…

    In my mind NO one has the upper hand in the relationship. However if you give it to them they will always take it! Stop and empower yourself, no one else will!

    Paper arrangement or verbal? Why would you need a paper arrangement unless it was a business arrangement as well. Both of your verbal agreements are fine. If your lips are moving and you are not speaking the truth. Shame on you! That will only last so long.

    Nice to see the mail room has taken a vacation! *ok, half kidding….

  341. Jai says:

    Hey there Maru! Looks like I missed Red again

  342. lisa says:

    i’m ok just relaxing

  343. RedMaru says:

    Hey Jai!!

  344. Jai says:

    Hey Lisa, how are you?

  345. lisa says:

    Hi Jai

  346. lisa says:

    Hi RedMaru

    I just heard from my daughter. She’s going to a party for her friend that is moving away to Mexico this weekend. She graduated cum laude like my daughter and her parents are really old school Mexicans and do not want her to be able to have her own life so they’re moving her and the family back to rural Mexico. She’s 18 but no one can make it on their own the minute they get out lf highschool. So she is going to lose alot of opportunity being stuck out in the middle of nowhere and I guess she has no family that she can stay in the US with. She was born in the US .

  347. Jai says:

    Hey Red! Girl where’ve you been? I feel like I don’t know you anymore 😛

    Hi Maru and Lisa! 😀

  348. RedMaru*210789* says:

    Hey Panther if you’re still here and posting
    (whispers) mail call

  349. RedMaru*210789* says:

    Hey lisa sweetred 😀

  350. lisa says:

    wow I just heard on the news that the shamrock station next to wear my parents live got robbed at gunpoint a couple weeks ago. 😮

  351. lisa says:






  352. lisa says:

    I used to be really into it but after having my lover for the past 4 years, I’m not as into it as I used to. It’s ok but money is my new lover

  353. sweetredhead says:

    It’s call erectile dysfunction come on Lisa be politically correct lol

  354. lisa says:

    yes but some men can’t use them if they have other health conditions

    V i a g r a
    L e v i t r a
    C e a l i s

    wow I know all of them :)

  355. raine says:

    Thanks lisa and sweetredhead, but I’ve just plain lost interest*. I don’t know how/why, but…meh. *shrug*

    *I reread my last comment on the previous post, and suddenly I was like “yep, I’m done. Yawn.”

  356. lisa says:

    ok officially entering day 6 of “as the tub faucet runs” still no repairman, and then i’ll get a note on my door next month about the water bill. I’m getting an ugly stain on my tub from where the water is hitting

  357. sweetredhead says:

    Lisa they have meds for that now lmao

  358. lisa says:

    lol hotdogs are the theme of the day. I think I will pick up a package and some buns when I get off work tomorrow. :)

    I’m sure there are some sds that have a sexual disfunction that they are embarrased about and might feel inadequat with meeting a sb and they would be looking for companinionship only. :)

  359. sweetredhead says:

    Raine I was looking through some Sd profiles and there is a few who say “no sex” so don’t give up, your sd is out there :)

  360. lisa says:

    Good evening Raine dont’ give up on the sugarthing, it can happen

  361. sweetredhead says:

    Must be a hot dog day, making the kids chili dogs and sweet potato fries for dinner

  362. raine says:

    Hi all. As far as the topic, I’ve got nothing—as of yesterday, I’m over this whole sugar thing.

    ~Barraging a potential SD with plights of emergencies is very bad and a big turn off. Informing me rent is due, the car “just happen” to break down today etc..etc.. is no way to win over a SD and get what you want out of the relationship.~

    ^this? Should be on the home page. BEFORE SBs submit their profiles. Speak on it, Panther! (Oh, to answer your question on the previous post: two carats should do it.) 😉

  363. lisa says:

    I dont’ know as he said last night that he is having some financial issues waiting for his profit to come in from a business that he has. He gave me 300 last night and said he’ll try to get the rest soon but that I should still keep looking for other sds.
    Odd day as I said earlier my street was covered in bread and hot dog buns I seen when I was getting off the bus. A delivery truck dropped them or most likely put the racks ontop of the truck and forgot them because they were out in the street picking up packages and racks everywhere. I had just came from the mall and eating a pretzel weenie

  364. sweetredhead says:

    Sounds like things are looking up for you Lisa :)

  365. lisa says:

    Good evening Sweetredhead

    well i’ve got a sd, kinda
    a couple semi potentials (both live in another state)
    an ex boyfriend emailing me
    and a guy from this site that disappeared on me last year (we never met) wanted to ad me to IM

    Busy day for me

  366. sweetredhead says:

    Hi everyone :)

    Guess I must have “it” them because I will not settle :)
    I do not have lack of sd pot’s but I KNOW what I want and what I don’t. I think it is important for an SD OR SB to know what they are looking for. As for me I have a job and I pay my own way, so with that said I can take my time and find what I am looking for.

  367. lisa says:

    Hi RedMaru

  368. RedMaru*210789* says:

    Finally can sneak a break (whew)
    Well said Gail and Panther!
    Hi Cyanide, Apple 😀

  369. Apple says:

    Oops, sorry for the double post earlier, my phone wasn’t refreshing fast enough :) I’m currently at school, editing away on a video project that’s due next week.

  370. Gail says:

    From my point of view I see “IT” in a SD as the different attributes that are attractive to a SB. Financial strength, power, positive energy, great heart, sexy mind, ease of conversation, honesty, wit, mentorship, etc

    I’ve got “IT” Panther : ) (smile)

  371. Panther SD says:

    Gail ~

    You’re right. I could be wrong here but many of the SBs that have approached me have done so in a position of deperation. This is bad barganing position for either SB or SD to negoatiate in. Barraging a potential SD with plights of emergencies is very bad and a big turn off. Informing me rent is due, the car “just happen” to break down today etc..etc.. is no way to win over a SD and get what you want out of the relationship.

    Giving a potential SD the impression you can do for yourself is a big turn on regardles of your income level.

    As for having “IT”… I think that is a confidence issue. That “IT” may make one SD empty his wallet, but the next SD may not care for it. Some SBs have the ability to read men. Some can’t. Some SBs are willing to gamble (All or nothing), many are not and will settle.

    There is no exact science here.

  372. Cyanide says:

    Hi Apple… :)

  373. Gail says:

    Morning Lisa….lol…you and those hotdogs : )

    Hectic Morning Apple?..I would think a hectic evening with starting your new chatterbox. I hope it’s going well.

  374. Gail says:

    In terms of business, yes I do agree with you about suppy, demand and desire.

    I also believe some SB’s do not recognize their worth, or even that they have “IT.” Thats why they are not in the position to negotiate their worth and end up with less than what they desire. A sb who is open to learning and has the energy and drive to go after what they want will reap the benefits of sugar life.

  375. Panther SD says:

    Apple ~ Hello, how are you today?

  376. Apple says:

    Hello everyone!

  377. lisa says:

    Yes It’s been a weird day. Last night my sd came over and we had a nice time, kinda weird but nice. Today I ran into my dad with his patched eye when I was going to the bank, got on the bus to come back and there was bread and hotdog buns all over the road. A delivery truck must have dropped them, there were racks all over the road and they were out picking up hot dog bun packages and bread. I had pretzel weenie while I was at the mall maybe that predicted it, lol and my exboyfriend from over a year ago sent me an email this morning, odd
    Gotta go now, be back later Gail

  378. Apple says:

    Hello everyone! I’ll answer the blog topic later, it’s been a really hectic morning for me so far.

  379. Gail says:

    Ouch Lisa….you must be a strong minded woman….lol….

  380. lisa says:

    sorry :( to hear about your no show Silly :( I had one of those last friday
    all no show sds should be castrated

  381. lisa says:

    Hi everyone back for a moment

    I just read the rest of the question as I was in a hurry this morning. I have been used many times by ex boyfriends, ex husband, etc. I am simply tired of the modern man of today. You are expected to work full time, have your own place, sleep with him although he has no desire to marry you, and pay your part on a date. That’s why i;ve walked away from traditional relationships to try sugardating. I work, pay my bills, live on my own and don’t have to do anyone else’s laundry or clean up after them. My free time is mine and I answer to no one when I’m not at work. I have always dated man who made good money only they didn’t share so I went on going without, giving to them and getting nothing back. With sugardating I might not change my living situation as I would never put myself in a situation where somone else’s name was on my lease, but I am having fun and getting to get those extras I desire.

  382. Panther SD says:

    ~ sorry got cut off

    No. But I will lay down a few “requirements” i expect during negotiations that are non negotiable.

    I have come across some SBs that are in high demand for their talents. A few have stated that have several SDs and she is able to dictate her terms.

    In the event the SB has that special “IT” (what ever it is) that makes her highly sought after then she is in the position of power. If she has that special “IT” that i must have at all costs, she can ask for what ever she wants. Does that make her bad or inconsiderate? No. Am i offended? No, i doubt there are many SDs that would be.

    It’s all about supply, demand and desire.

  383. Panther SD says:

    Hmm interesting discussion.

    I would offer this from one SDs perspective. If you wish to look at this as a business arrangement you have to take into account Supply and Demand. From what I have seen there are far more SBs in the market then SDs. Currently the odds favor the SDs, meaning we have additional barganing power. Does this mean a SB has to allow a SD to dictate all the terms of the agreement? No.

    I will say I know if SB-“A” dismisses my requirements/wishes for a relationship there are several others who may be more receptive. Do I use this fact as a barganing chip? No. But I will lay down a few “requirements” i expect during negotiations that are non

  384. Panther SD says:

    HAppy Friday everyone. I’m sitting here trying to figure out how I can skip my next meeting to enjoy the beautiful weather. :)

  385. Gail says:

    Wow….I am really surprised by your answers. Never underestimate the power of a woman….lol

  386. Trin says:

    Good morning everyone!

    How do you feel when you are used by someone you’ve trusted? Like any normal person would feel…hurt then you get over it!

    Are arrangements in writnig better at keeping people to their word? Since we are mostly looking for SD’s/SB’s online our communication is mostly email but that doesn’t mean that the arrangement is set in stone. It is more about trust.

    Are sugar babies More or Less powerful than sugar daddies when it comes to negotiating arrangements?

    I think SD’s have the upperhand since there are so few of them so they can just move on to the next person that emails, meets, etc.

  387. NYC SB says:

    here is my view on who has the upper hand…

    in my case i do – my SD approached me and pursued me

    on this site – i want to say it is the party that initiates the first email… if you get an email from an SD that means he is already interested and while you shouldnt make things too hard it could be of your benefit to play a bit of “hard to get” … men love the thrill of the chase on or off line

  388. Silly in Toronto #330786 says:

    I think the SD’s def have the upper hand.. especially at the beginning.. until he gets “hooked” , lol on the SB

  389. Gail says:

    As OC would say….that’s a poof daddy….sorry silly : ( keep on trying….don’t give up hope : )

    Anyone else care to answer the topic today?

  390. NYC SB says:

    poor silly – he didnt even call to cancel? thats just rude

  391. Cyanide says:

    So sorry, Silly :(

  392. Silly in Toronto #330786 says:

    not related to the new topic of course.. I had a lunch date planned with a very strong pot sd and he was a no show !!!! grrrrrrr

  393. Sweet says:

    How do you feel when you are used by someone you’ve trusted?
    Well when it happened I pretty much played the role of an enabler the whole time so once i realized this i was able to recover more quickly

    Are arrangements in writnig better at keeping people to their word?
    Words whether spoken or written pretty much are the same, they can be easily broken. Written does seem to make people more responsible on following through sometimes.

    Whose more powerful?
    I say the SD usually has the upper hand since he has many options on who he can have as an SB. What one SB may not be willing to accept another one probably will. However its up to the SB to ascertain her power.

  394. Jai says:

    Morning all! :)

    I thought the video was funny Red lol

    How do you feel when you are used by someone you’ve trusted?
    It hurts, but it happens. God is faithful so we move on :)

    Are arrangements in writnig better at keeping people to their word?
    If it’s a legally binding document it can help, however, there is never a guarantee lol

    Are sugar babies More or Less powerful than sugar daddies when it comes to negotiating arrangements?
    LESS in theory lol there are more of them than there are of us, BUT if you do it right and maintain your poise and confidence, there is an even exchange of powers :) Or we have more lol

  395. Cyanide says:

    Been good, Sweet :)

  396. Teekee says:

    LOL That video is so cute and True! If only breaking up could be so light hearted.

  397. Sweet says:

    lurker!! hows ur day been?

  398. Sweet says:

    Hi all

  399. Cyanide says:

    Hello everyone… :)

  400. RedMaru*210789* says:

    I just saw the saw the video,….What in the World lol

  401. Gail says:

    Morning both of you Reds…lol….I didn’t see it either…

  402. sweetredhead says:

    It is lol. On my way back to work have a good day everyone :)

  403. RedMaru*210789* says:

    Hey sweetred! I didn’t see the video. It can’t be that bad

  404. sweetredhead says:

    Afternoon everyone. When I get over the stupidity of that video I may think of something to write lmao

  405. Gail says:

    Morning Everyone!! Beautiful morning here!

    How do you feel when you are used by someone you’ve trusted? I have never been in that situation.

    Are arrangements in writnig better at keeping people to their word? tough to say, as none of my arrangements have been in writing. They have always kept their word.

    Are sugar babies More or Less powerful than sugar daddies when it comes to negotiating arrangements? Depends on how weak a SB’s mind is.

  406. RedMaru*210789* says:

    Wow I’m actually the first to post!
    Being used by someone I trust is blow that to some degree has hardened me. I tend to shut myself and put up a wall after it has happened and block people even some who have the best intentions who have no ulterior motive than to help.

    Arrangements in writing can be broke as quickly as they are written/typed up/emailed cause I see every day at my job. Memos put in writing by a director and because one of the managers doesn’t want to follow it, it gets thrown out the window.

    Whether a sugar baby or sugar daddy has more power is dependent on the situation and how much power the other allows them to have. Its like a pendulum and can go either way. Either the sugar baby or daddy can be a doormat or one who can put their foot down in the arrangement.

  407. lisa says:

    New topic

    well I’ve only had one break up with a sd. He moved away after about a month so I wasn’t that attached to him yet.

    Going out to run errands now and to deposit the check from my sd. Skeletons are coming out of the closet. I just got an email from my boyfriend that dumped me over a year ago. He was fun when we dated but then he tried to turn the relationship into a booty call. If he wants to see me again, he’s gonna have to start from the begining and win me over, lol

    Have a great day everyone, I’ve got a busy day ahead