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Sugar Dating: Forever?


Everyone has a different experience on SeekingArrangement, but for some, the experience is life changing.

“Since I joined SeekingArrangement a year ago, I’ve made more lady friends and gone on more dates than in all my past years combined. I never thought I’d have more fun at 63 years old than I did when I was 23.” – Anonymous Sugar Daddy

Yet with all the benefits of sugar, some have expressed “surprising” side effects…

Anonymous Sugar Daddy: There’s a woman on your site who I would have married – if SA hadn’t turned me into such a player.

SA: Do you regret joining?

Anonymous Sugar Daddy: Absolutely not…

Have you ever met a sugar that you could see yourself marrying some day?

Have you ever nixed a sugar because they were so sweet you feared falling in love? Becoming attached?

Do you want a more traditional relationship in the future? What are you really looking for?

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159 Responses to “Sugar Dating: Forever?”

  1. christina*355905* says:

    Does it have to be love at first site?? Should it be? Or can it be love at first arragement?

  2. E says:

    I lucked out on this site. I went on one date, and i found my SD. As soon as i saw him, it felt like love at first sight. we have been seeing each other for about 4 months now, and we could not be happier, or more in love! Yea he’s married, and? Go get em girls….

  3. ChristienB says:

    I have yet to connect with anyone as of yet… I thought that perhaps here would be a platform for finding a man of real quality… someone looking for a partner who is not interested in behaving or being treated like an escort but as someone who will respect and accept the help offered by his counterpart…. not just to accept the ‘help’ but as a human being and accept the relationship that goes with it.
    Gay men depress me in general… It is hard to find ANY kind of relationship.
    I Joined because I wanted to meet someone handsome, smart, successful and independent.
    Was I wrong?

  4. married mom says:

    I am a married mom and feel the same way. I have a decent marriage but I seek more. I have learned to separate the two and appreciate everything I have at home and take this for what it is! It is an escape and some fun. Think about what your life would be like with your SB if it was only her! It is fun and special because it outside of the daily grind!

  5. Been there says:

    You might be better off with something less emotional… a little more slam bam if you know what I mean. the guilt doesn;t come from the sex on the side…. it comes from the emotional relationship on the side.

  6. SensitiveDaddy says:

    Married and feeling guilty?

    I tried to find the right place to pose this topic but hopefully people will read this and respond.

    I’ve been with a SB for about 3 months now.

    My reason was like many other guys I speak with: Not Enough Sex in the marriage.

    While I have an amazing time when I’m with my SB, I have been feeling
    really bad and guilty around my wife.

    The risk of losing her and everything I have built seems to be wearing on me now but I just can’t stop wanting to see my SB because it is so exciting.

    If my wife and I NEVER had sex or just had a bad marriage, it would be easier for me mentally to do this but that isn’t the case.

    I’m definitely not being logical by assuming such a great risk.

    I am hoping that some of you other married guys can help shed some light on how you cope with these feelings.

    I’m sure that I am not alone here and would love some insight.


  7. GinaZ says:

    Thanks OCSugarBaby! Hope you are well:)

    Later peeps!

  8. sasha says:

    Gina you are very sweet,

    I appreciate all your help , comments and guidance.

  9. Sandy says:

    Hi all,
    Just wondering how everybody is doing. As I am new to all this was wondering if anybody would mind taking the time to go take a peek at my profile and let me know how it looks and if I should change anything. I havn’t been getting very many messages, lots of people looking at my profile though. Thanks alot you guys and I appreciate it.

  10. OCSugarBaby says:

    Miss Gina, you will not be able to view Ryans because he is a male SB.

  11. GinaZ says:

    Sasha, what is your email at the y place, I can give more detailed feedback.

  12. GinaZ says:

    I will try to be more specific:) Oh, the picture, funny, I saw almost abstract art at first, I didn’t see you. Mystery is good, but just a bit more. Maybe you glancing over your shoulder in profile. Yes, the coming across angry, it’s what I ‘felt’ when reading it. It made me step back, and I’m a woman. I understand the need for discretion, I’m a mom too, a singer, but I don’t see anything necessarily wrong with being on here. If someone you know (by some fluke) is on here as well, why is ‘they’ are on here?

    Happy to offer up more feedback, suggestions. More to follow sugar sister:)

  13. sasha says:

    You know what….Now that I read it over YOU are right , I do come across angry or someone who been burned once too many times lol

  14. sasha says:

    Thank You Gina,

    Can you be more specific . I thought I do have a pic up. just covered my eyes.

  15. GinaZ says:

    Ryan, I can’t access your profile, different log in site I guess. Good to hear from a gay SB as a matter of perspective POV. Maybe I’m being a mom (maybe because I am:) but stay safe. That goes for any of us of course. But being twenty (twelve years older than my son) and remembering myself at that age, be careful. but it sounds like the in the closet married men are a different category all together, they aren’t simply hiding the affair, but the fact they’re gay.

    Sasha, your profile, if I can be candid, overall it seems a bit… negative. I felt more of the energy of I don’t want this I don’t like that, versus a sense of who you are. You don’t even have to say you are a giver, one can have a sense of that if you put forth that energy. There’s no picture, and you are asking for $5,000-$10,000 a month. All that combined would dissuade many a pot SD. Maybe pick a profile picture with half your face or body, or something. Also, proofread. If you are trying to attract a higher caliber SD, or one who would “pay” at that tier, you need to make some adjustments. Just my 2 cents.

    I also think negotiable is better, as one never knows. And one can have a sense from “offers” how you are coming across.

  16. Ryan says:

    new blog!

  17. NYC SB says:

    definitely not premium over here

  18. Ryan says:

    are you guys premium or something?

  19. Ryan says:

    yes i am a gay sb. well i was thinking that also so i copied my profile number, went to someone elses profiles and put in my number where his was and it STILL said not available.

  20. NYC SB says:

    ryan – correct me if im wrong (and pardon me if i confused you with someone else) you are a gay sb right?

    usually when we look up a fellow SBs profile we have to look at our own and change the number. Maybe gay SB’s have a different setting?

  21. Ryan says:

    I wonder why :(

  22. NYC SB says:

    ryan i cannot see yours it says profile not available

  23. NYC SB says:

    Sasha – just looked over at yours… its not bad… however… i would rearrange the order… put your description first and then in the part where it says what im looking for state the whole “be real” otherwise you repeat it so many times (which i understand believe me) but it might turn some good SD off bc they will think you are angry

  24. Ryan says:

    Whenever I try and look at someones profile when they post their profiles# it says “Profile Not Available” My # is 331112 . Does it work for you?

  25. sasha says:

    does this mean we can also now warn each other of BAD SD’s? by putting their numbers?

  26. sasha says:

    Can I get yours as well… NOW that lisa thought me how to look up profiles. It’s great to see compare, share and see who your blogger family is.:-)

  27. sasha says:

    Oh no… tell me is it that bad? 331426 but when you say negotiable then you get offers like ” I can meet you once a month I will give you $500″

    Well, I appreciate any and all comments and suggestion :-)

  28. NYC SB says:

    Congrats GG

    Sasha whats your profile #?

  29. Ryan says:

    sasha thats how my profile was before and I didn’t get many mails. I even had 3-5k lol but I changed it to negotiable and changed the wording around to seem nicer and ive gotten a lot more responses.

  30. sasha says:

    LOL… Lisa I just added more to my profile last night.

    What part would I take out?? everything I wrote there is important and want them to read it before they contact me, that way we don’t waste each others time. but you are right hardly any men have the ability read for long when all they are thinking about is there hmmmm.

    Do I really sound angry?? I don’t mean to..I am so not the angry type. maybe just a NO NON-SENSE kind of person.

  31. GoodGirl says:

    Hehehe…all better now! Just needed to scream a little :)
    My ex moved his stuff out yesterday (6 months after the breakup) It was harder then I thought it would be. He was nice, and so was I, I just didn’t realize how much I still cared.
    Moving on….
    I had a wonderful lunch date with a potential yesterday! He was a true gentleman. I think we will be seeing each other again. YEAH!!!
    I am also looking for a new place to live. I hope I can move soon!!!

  32. lisa says:

    Good morning everyone

    Sasha. got your emails, nice pic, much better than mine
    I went to bed early last night.

    Nice profile and although many would say that you sound angry (I don’t as I understand all the bs that we come across) you might want to shorten your profile a little bit as we all know guys don’t read profiles very well, sometimes not at all.

    GinaZ I have tried the premium membership thing, back in January and yes I got tons more views but not one email the entire month, just got to see who is viewing me and not messenging me. This feature is available on the the other site without paying.

    Have a great day everyone as I’ve got to get ready for work. I’m off the tomorrow and saturday and I need the rest

  33. Ryan says:

    wuts wrong GG?

  34. GoodGirl says:

    <<——————-needs to scream!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    Thanks for listening suger fam. I knew I could count on you…. :)

  35. Lauren Renee says:

    I can totally see there being more gay sugar daddies than straight. I just wish I could find one, but in this economy it seems almost impossible. The women definitely outnumber the men here.

  36. Ryan says:

    I think theres just a lot of gay sugar daddies cuz a lot of them are married but they dont want anyone to know so they cant have a real relationship with a guy you know?

  37. Lauren Renee says:

    OMG, you’re so lucky Ryan. I don’t even have one SD.

  38. Ryan says:

    Hey guys well heres my update:
    last night my SD(#1) took me out to a fondue restaurant and then we went back and I woke up with $300 on the bed and then my friend and I went to the beach and layed out for a couple hours where he gave me his current SD(#2) because he was starting to want a relationship or something but hes married. Then at 3 p.m. I went and had a meet with another SD(#3) for lunch on the beach. He says he wants to have dinner next week but we havn’t discussed any specifics yet. Then just a couple hours ago another SD from here contacted me and asked to meet right by where I live soon. I don’t have time for all of these SD’s when im working 30-40 hours a week!

  39. sasha says:

    You see you are not the only one with a bad cam phone pics

  40. sasha says:

    Lisa baby…did you get it??

  41. GinaZ says:

    Maybe use pic two or three, switch your age to 38 or 9. the guys often lie I find, so why nor you? and if you have $20 maybe get the upgrade, that seems to help, at least for the first week:) You are a beauty, so here’s wishing for a little Cinderella magic dust to make a dashing SD appear. Something like what OCSugarBaby describes.

  42. lisa says:

    I think i’m going to go to bed soon, feel like climbing under the covers and sleeping. I have a busy day work tomorrow. Have a good night everyone.

  43. lisa says:

    Thanks GinaZ but I had the other two pics as main pics for a while, each one in the first place but no response. Also I had changed my age a little on the other site, but it doesn’t seem to make a difference.
    I will work on changing my pics when I have time friday or sat.

  44. GinaZ says:

    Lisa…thanks wondered how to see someone. You are really cute actually, but I agree with Sasha the first one, your profile picture, It doesn’t do you justice. Maybe for now switch them around? Also, you don’t look 43, had you though of fibbing a bit, it may open up the floodgates more.

  45. lisa says:

    Did you send an email? I dont’ have the im stuff one, just email.

  46. sasha says:

    Sent you request at Y place

  47. lisa says:

    you can try my email is kittykatcalvin at the Y place

    I dont’ worry about anyone seeing me as if they’re on here, well they’re on here. lol

  48. sasha says:

    So is there another normal good site besides SA? it’s getting kinda of boring on here. besides the blog which I no luv so much, especially since I now know what funny Lisa looks like.

    I would send you my pic since the one on the site is crossed out.

    I am still very scared someone will see me that I know.

    Can you some how put an email on the blog or is it a no no ?

  49. lisa says:

    Where are you located sasha? I’m in Texas

  50. lisa says:

    I met my last sd on the 4me site but am getting nothing but time wasters now. Lotsa views but no one serious. Had 2 email me this past week, we exchanged emails, one sent me pics of his genitals, the other one never wrote back and has been on there forever. On AM i’m building up a collecton of male body parts, nothing but perverts.

  51. sasha says:

    Damn Girl….

    Where do you find those? or do they find you??

    Well, I hope non of us have to go through those hard times again..from here on only good and positive energy.

    Did you ever use the site SD4 me?? I just had a guy contact me from there.

  52. lisa says:

    I prefer shopping by myself too because you can get more for your money. When the man takes you shopping, you are limited in time cause most men don’t enjoy it and you just try to get what you can as saving won’t do you any good as it’s not like you will have the money left over. On my last sugardaddy’s allowance I was able to have about 5 shopping trips, one at my mall, one at the upscale mall, one at an outlet place for bargains, one at target, one at the grocery store was food items so I had a little of everything.

  53. lisa says:

    Yes it was a hard time and I had to use my last paycheck and vaction check on the next month’s rent. On top of that huricane ike delayed me starting my new job by 2 weeks. If it wasn’t for my married lover who is not a sugardaddy I would have been out on the street. He gave me 500 for my rent, he had never given me anything before and hasn’t given me anthing since but I adore him and didn’t get with him for money as that was my pre sb days. I hated going to the food pantry down the street becasue the food was awful. I know I should be greatful for the help but being a single person they gave me boring food like rice, beans, spagetti, and macaroni. Nothing fresh like fruit or meat , no canned meats or anything, just bland foods in the bread family plus I had nothing to add to them so I had plain spagetti, plain rice, etc. My parents have neighbors that are always sharing their stuff with them and they get canned tuna, canned chicken, hams, spagettios, and good tasty stuff. It was difficult to maintain my strength with such boring food. I can’t help it but I need to enjoy what i’m eating in order for it to give me strenghth. I had alot of headaches and layed around tired and weak as eating bland food when your’ surrounded by fast food everywhere was hard. Give me a nice meal and I get energized

  54. sasha says:


    there is nothing worse than feeling hunger. Personally, I am not fun to be around when I am hungry. My mom always told me I’m like a man when it come to food. Want me happy feed me.
    Maybe that’s why you weigh 105 and I weigh 125

    I don’t care about shopping, give me money I like to go shopping on my own.

    I care about money to pay my mortgage and bills and my kids private school tuition which is 25 K a year EACH.

  55. lisa says:

    Be glad you got the money rather than just coffee and dinner. I had to two sd meetings last fall , actually a week apart. It was when I was out of work and had only money for rent and bills, no food and was going to the foodbank down the street for food. Both sds took me shopping and I did get alot of nice stuff and afterwards they dropped me off home and nothing happened after that but although I got expensive makeup, perfume, clothes, etc I had no money to buy food so I was hungry. Cash would have been better then I could have took my time bargain shopping and have some cash for groceries. We met at the mall near me and there’s no place that you can buy food or anything and it’s not like I could say take me to the grocery store for food, lol

  56. sasha says:


    No such luck here,

    I met a guy we spoke on line spoke on the phone 3 days later we met. fooled the hell around. When I was leaving he gave me $1000 the second time we met I slept with him he gave me $500 the third time we got together he gave me $300 said he will get me more tomorrow and that was really it. He emailed me about a week ago telling me sorry if I feel neglected but he is just too busy to get together. I really liked him.

    NO dinners NO coffee he did buy me a snapple lol

  57. lisa says:

    That’s how my pictures turn out as my apartment is kinda dark. I used to have 1-3k on my amount but someone told me to change it to negotiable,not too happy about it but I still got cheapskates when I had 1-3k. And on the other site I hate that they have taken that part off of the profiles and the sds’ budget and amount expected my sbs is not longer posted. That makes it hard as it’s difficult enough to get these guys to understand the concept. My last sd emailed me and asked me what I expected, I told him, he agreed, we met a few days later, he had told me he had met someone else but still wanted to have lunch with me and woudl give me 200 dollars, when we met he handed me the envelope right away, we had lunch and talked, he asked where an atm was and he gave me more money. a few days later we met for dinner and he gave me the rest of my alllowance for the month. Then he cancelled the next 3 dates with me and then we had two more dates, the last one he said he was having some financial issues but still gave me 300 dollars to help me. We were intimiate for the first time that night as I thought I should be since he had kept his part of the arrangement and it had been a month, I never seen him after that. I guess maybe he wasn’t ready for sex but he seemed to be hinting so I don’t know. He is not longer on the site. I did very well though ended up with 1400 dollars and a couple dinners, coffe maker, gourmet coffee beans, etc.

  58. sasha says:

    I also see you did not put an amount. I had that at first and used to get tons of cheap and young SD’s and used to get ons of mail.. useless mail .

    So I then changed it to married and 5-10 k lol now I get all the married or so called separated older man with lots of empty promises.

  59. sasha says:

    it’s not you, it’s just that the background and lighting is very bad and hurt the eye. maybe try to fix it on photo shop.

    Well, than you must be a natural pretty women if this is how you look with no make up and wet hair. I would’t want to stand next to you on the beach lol

  60. lisa says:

    actually the first pic I had just taken a shower so my hair was wet and I didnt’ have any makeup on

  61. lisa says:


    yes I want to change my first picture too as I just put it there a couple days ago but it was getting me so much response on the other sd site. I have had the other two pics are first pics and got no response either.

    I haven’t had a meeting off SA since last september. I met my most recent sd on another site but that was 2 months ago today, now just lotsa go nowhere guys that drag along. I have found that the 4 successful meetings I have had with sds occured within of days of making contact, not months and months as i’ve never met any of those as of yet, they just fade away.

  62. sasha says:

    Wow…just learned another new thing THANKS Lisa,

    First I must say you are very, very attractive and do not look fat or 43 at all.

    But, I’m about to be honest “again” which usually gets me in trouble so please don’t chew off my head…. I love, love the two bottom pictures, not crazy about the top one in the blue. something about the pic. NO NOT FAT.

    If I was a SD I would def contact you. :-)

  63. lisa says:

    my cell phone camera makes me look fat, really so I might take some cute pics but I end up looking kinda big. I guess it’s my camera.

    Not sure if you know how to view other sb’s profiles. Click on your profile and replace your profile number in the url with mine, 343130

  64. sasha says:


    How can anyone who is 5’1 and 105 pounds look fat. Give me a break. you are being too hard on your self.

    I am sure you are beautiful.

  65. lisa says:

    I’m at my best for dressing up on my days off as i’m rested and not trying to keep my eyes open like I am after work. My pics always make me look bigger than I am though. i’m 5′ 1 and 105 lbs but my pics usually make me look fat.

  66. lisa says:

    GinaZ the only friend I have at the time is that crazy one and she doens’t even know how to use a cell camera and she usually comes to see me after work and it’s late so i’ve taken off my makeup and am dressed for bed. I only get dolled up on my days off as I’m a mess after work. Plus she doesnt approve of this as she’d rather pick up losers at a dumpy bar full of wetbacks. I just heard from a potential that wants to take me to dinner the week after next. He’s getting his mother moved into her new house this next week. The restaruant is expensive and in my area on the bus line so that could work. He’s on this site, and the regular sites so not sure about the sd thing although he is aware that’s what i’m looking for but then again he’s been around for at least 3 years.

  67. GinaZ says:

    Lisa, get yourself dolled up and have a friend take a picture. It’s funny two of my pictures are studio shots but the profile pic I use I took of myself from my cell. So there is a plus to that, experiment with makeup, clothing and pick the most flattering one. Write down on paper what it is you seek, your dream SD, more his character than his looks, and weave some of that desire into your profile. Anyway just a thought:)

  68. lisa says:

    Hi GinaZ I have changed my profiles over and over, leaving out things people tell me too which leaves me open to getting responses that I don’t want. I haven’t got any more pictures, they’re all from my cell phone and trying to take them by myself isn’t too good. I end up pale or look fat in them. I don’t have anyone to take them for me either. I’m soo bored now nothing to do, no money to spend, family gone, etc.

    I see that guy I was supposed to meet tonight is online on the other site so I guess he is looking for a last minute date before he leaves town in the morning. He responded to my profile and i’m very clearly looking for a sd only, so he knew what I was looking for but is trying to play dumb.

  69. GinaZ says:

    Being the natural curious person that I am, I perused both the the men and women’s profiles on AM, and found the site exists mainly for the affair, the married man, (and sometimes married woman) who is looking for, intimacy, sex, kink, nothing more. And sometimes, there are single women, and married women who run the gamut from older, or not so attractive to younger, pretty or risque, looking for sex as well (which appears to range from Vanilla to fetish.) Some specify they are looking for a SD, or in some case SB’s, but that’s a tiny sliver.

    Lisa I can understand your frustration, but sites like SA, or those similar are better. I can’t really get mad at any of the men, and there seems to be women who desire fun without the SB/SD concept. I guess for that reason, I can’t send bad vibes to the pot, because of the site being what it is. There are exceptions, and scruffy bearded men need some lovin’ too. I do think some men feel uncomfortable about the gift, money thing, and heck if I were a guy I’d probably look in the more traditional way. But, I’m a SB, at least for now.
    And I suppose being someones dessert is OK if they can be mine as well.

    Lisa think positive. Revamp your profile, add a picture. Put out into the universe what you hope for. It’s been a while for me as well. But I’d rather have one good SD that stays, then have to begin the process all over again one month later. It’s gonna happen, I can feel it.

  70. lisa says:

    kendra I would focus on the one that brought up allowance and delete the picture collector. Guys that request pics (most don’t even have any up themselves or have blurry ones) are what we call picture collectors.
    One that brought up allowance goes in the work pile
    one that wants pictures does in the round file (trash can, lol)

    Hi DC

  71. DC says:

    Hey Gail-

    How cool! I agree, there are good and bad pot SDs at every site. Just requires patience. That’s what the delete button is for. Hope it works out for you. Good luck!

  72. kendra says:

    Thanks lisa, that gives me some stuff to think about. I think one of them is legit (has brought up allowance and seems very genunine about the whole thing), the other one I don’t have a good feeling about (very pushy for pictures, hasn’t discussed an allowance at all) so I’m going to delete.

  73. lisa says:

    I would like to ask these married guys who are looking for sex and offer nothing in return, why would any single woman get involved with them just for sex? It’s obvious to me these guys are not looking for friendship and companionship in addition to sex (I have a married lover but I met him back years ago when I hadn’t been with anyone in over a decade and I chose married because I lived with my parents and had to be discreet and a married man had to be discreet). Most single women either want a man for themselves that will take them out and possibly lead to something or they want fun and exitement and spoiling when they get involved with someone who obviously can’t commit to a relationship. A married woman might be looking for the same thing they are but not to many single women.

    Are these potential sds forward about sex, your allowance, or both? I have found the most sucess with sds that bring up the allowance or spoiling (for example one guy told me he was taking me shopping when we met) are usually more into the sd thing. If they bring up sex and spoiling, that could be a good indicator too but then again they might be looking for a hooker, if they push the sex talk or ask about your fantasies but they avoid the financial part, they are not looking to spoil you, they’re looking for sex only and are best deleted.

  74. kendra says:

    I think it’s tougher to find a SD on AM, they just want the sex they don’t get at home. However, I had one guy on SA msg me simply looking for an affair and clearly stated he was not into the shopping and spoiling…I responded asking him why on earth he was on this site and that he would probably not have much luck lol.

    I also have a quick question…I’ve had a couple potential SDs I’ve been chatting with and they’ve been very forward and to the point and it feels almost rushed, I’m not sure whether this is good or if I should steer clear ?

  75. lisa says:

    Thanks sasha, kendra

    At least the men on SA are half decent looking but the ones that email me on AM that are interested in the sugardaddy thing, yuck they look awful. :(

    I’m free friday and saturday for a change but no plans for the fourth, just sitting home. I can’t get out alone at night so no fireworks shows for me. The dry weather we have had is limiting the fireworks this year.

    Odd how this one guy would think nothing of meeting a complete stranger for dinner and most likely expects sex, but it’s just not his style to pay an allowance or take a lady shopping, I guess that wouldn’t work with this classy guy, lol

  76. sasha says:


    Just sent lots of sugar vibe your way babe.. by tomorrow a very handsome, rich SD will contact you and make a date for Friday?? ok whatever day you like I leave that up to you. I only ask one thing if he has a twin send him my way…lol

    As far as to those men that are either cheap, homeless looking, lie, lead on, play games, hope they never get laid by a beautiful skinny women ever again.


  77. kendra says:

    hey all, new the blog and semi-new to the site :)

    lisa…bad vibes being sent to the canceller for ya and i agree with you about AM…soo many pervs, many of which have pictures ONLY of their lower reigon…i have met a few great guys though, although that’s a small percentage from the 100+ msgs or pic requests i get :(

  78. Stephan says:

    Random Member Shout-out from customer support:

    “This is a great site, not an unbearable amount of unwanted contacts and the format appears to encourage candor. What a great idea, wish I’d thought of it. Regards, SC”

  79. lisa says:

    Good afternoon everyone. Just got home from work. Fellow sbs all gather with me and send bad vibes to the potential that cancelled on me tonight because he wasn’t into spending money.
    Nothing in my inbox on either sb sight, I hid my profile on AM because of all the perverts. Gosh i’ve never seen such ugly men in my life, half of the ones that contacted me have long ugly beards and resemble a homeless guy who lives in a bush shelter near where I work.

    Please send me some sugarvibes and some luck as it’s almost a month since my last sugardaddy ended.

  80. Trinity says:

    OMG! I finally can get on the blog…for some reason I haven’t been able to even access the SA site. Hello everyone! :)

  81. SF SD says:

    Now to the questions.

    Have you ever met a sugar that you could see yourself marrying some day?

    Yes, if “could see yourself” includes fantasy. There was one sugar that would have been a delight to spend a lifetime with, were I younger and single.

    Have you ever nixed a sugar because they were so sweet you feared falling in love? Becoming attached?

    No, but being the romantic sort I have had to pull back on the attachment feelings from time to time to keep things NSA.

    Do you want a more traditional relationship in the future? What are you really looking for?

    I’m in a traditional relationship that I plan to keep. Sugar is dessert, not the main course.

    Best wishes all you sugars. See you after the 4th.

  82. Gail says:

    Good Morning Sugars!!!! It’s another beautiful day….gonna stay positive and see what life has to offer today. I am not afraid to push the NEXT button…cuz theres plenty of sugar out there. Anything SOUR let it GO!!!

    For now…I will focus on my present SD…cuz he’s sweet…(Smile)

    And Miss RedMaru….do not get discouraged..NYC SB is right….he is out there waiting…he will only care for the beauty that radiates from within you: )……keep pushing the NEXT button till you find him…..

    By the way Lisa…I tried AM…had to push the NEXT button quite a bit….but a SD found me…he’s agreed to be a SD in training…(smile)

    So a big THANK YOU to DC….I am smiling more than ever now.

  83. RedMaru says:

    Hey NYC SB 😀 Thanks for the vote of encouragement!
    You’re terrific 😀

  84. NYC SB says:

    Red Maru – flakes/rude people are all over… im curvy in all the rights spots and still get crap (about not being of model quality looks and why should they be spoiling me)… just part of the game… dont get discouraged im sure you are BEAUTIFUL and someone will cherish that and all else you have to offer :)

  85. RedMaru says:

    Morning lisa…sorry I missed ya.
    Hows everbody? Can anyone tell me if its just me or are there incredible amount of flakes and rude people on these sites? And an almost dislike/phobia of curvy females what gives? We curvy girls are pretty too

  86. lisa says:

    Good morning everyone. Getting ready to go to work. GinaZ yes it looks like AM is full of a bunch of cheapskates looking for sex, not much class to be found on there. Mention the idea of them spending a little money and they get all defensive. Still no messages for me on the sd sites.

    Have a good day everyone

  87. GinaZ says:

    Lisa, found the AM site on my own. It’s not geared towards SD/SB from the looks of things, just married men looking for sex. I can see the occasional gent who is inclined that way, but that’s slim.

  88. lisa says:

    I deleted my pics but I was chatting with a nice guy that hasn’t wrote back yet. I put the pics back on so that the potential that baled on me for tomorrow evening because he just can’t feel right about giving me cash or shopping can see my new photos. He only seen a couple that I had emailed him. It’s a sight for people looking for affairs. DC has had some luck on it I think, for me it’s just weird. I wish I could get some response on the sd sights but nothing.

  89. GinaZ says:

    Lisa I thought you took your profile down? how charming, from Teddy bear to Anal. What the heck kinda site is this anyway?

  90. lisa says:

    yuck I just got a message on AM the guy sent me a virtual gift, a cute teddy bear, ahh, then he asked if I like anal and swallowing. Gotta love those direct questions.

  91. GinaZ says:

    Tattooed SD with eyeliner, maybe there’s one, or two on SA. (I was supposed to meet one of them but he’s kinda flaky.) I’m 5′ 7″ so I guess taller is good. But yeah the weight thing, that
    makes it less appealing. but in this context I’ve been more open, as there are other things that are important.

  92. lisa says:

    my potential is going to have quite a boring evening tonight and tomorrow. He was really cute and in his early 40’s and I could see myself getting cozy with him in his room at the hotel connecting to the Galleria but he doesn’t want to be a sd so he will spend his evening regretting not meeting as if he does have any other potentials he’s meeting and i’m sure he probably has several dates set up while he’s in town, after all he aint spending anything, they will all be hidiously ugly, overweight, and have teeth missing, lol

  93. lisa says:

    No tattoos without he is a rich rocker as most business professionals and sds are not rockstars and the tattoos would be out of line.

    I don’t care about height as I’m small so it doesn’t matter but weight is important, no heavy weights. And buying dinner doesnt make one a sugardaddy, that just gentlemanly to do that.

    I can actually be quite boring at times.

  94. GinaZ says:

    Lisa, you aren’t boring. Far from it but the joke is kinda funny though:)

  95. GinaZ says:

    Lisa you are a hoot. Love the dream guy description, the eyeliner….
    And your description of your SD, pointy nose, so obviously not a cheapskate. his idea of roses are the real deal along with the green, the dream, and luxurious pampering!

    DorkyGuy surely you wouldn’t describe yourself as average and boring. You reveal yourself as quite a catch! You’re funny besides:)

    My dream SD…lean, probably on the tall side (though not a deal breaker), 40’s-50’s. Affluent, sophisticated, worldly, a total gentleman. Together we would have chemistry of course. Race open, sexy, generous, not stingy (tips the waiters well) loves to travel, tats and eyeliner aren’t required, but I love man who can dress up or down.

  96. lisa says:

    If I want boring, i’ll date myself, lol

  97. Nico~346434~ says:

    *sigh* desperately seeking my average and slightly boring sugar daddy….

  98. DorkyGuy says:

    lol GinaZ… I nailed your perfect dream man description!

    Except for the part about being tall, having an edge, handsome, smart, an architect, and gorgeous eyes.

    Still looking for the girl who describes her dream guy as “average, and a little boring” 😛

  99. lisa says:

    I have one undies drawer, one bra drawer, 3 hosiery drawers, and a linger drawer, all running over and full. I have a closet 6×10 with racks on both sides, including a bottom rack on one side, all loaded with clothes and half the floor covered in shoes.

  100. lisa says:

    my idea man looks like Billie Joe Armstrong, rich and sexy, generous, no smoking or drugs, passionate, loves to travel, no baggage, not controlled by his grown kids or ex wife, loves the city and contempary life, no country or cowboys, slim, lotsa eyeliner, really hot, takes control and takes care of me.

    Idea sugardaddy professional man well dressed but not stuffy, glasses, tall and slim, balding a little, pointy noise , intellegent, kind, generous, doesn’t think 2800 is too much for a handbag, likes to travel, not controlling, nothing kinky

  101. GinaZ says:

    Me first: dream guy, tall, handsome a bit of an edge, comfortable in his own skin, is probably a single dad, very very smart (book, street) probably an architect or an entrepreneur…gorgeous eyes, lean…

  102. Nico~346434~ says:

    OMG ~ I cannot believe you guys have that much!!! HOLY COW!!! I have one ‘undies’ drawer……like 6 pair of jeans, one drawer of t-shirts, a handful of blouses and about 10 pair of dress slacks. I feel lacking in comparison 😉

  103. GinaZ says:

    Lisa you’re a funny chica! BTW describe your dream man (love and the whole enchilada) and your perfect SD.

  104. lisa says:

    I like to go to sephora where that hot young emo guy works with his tight black girl pants and dark black hair and eyeliner, ok what where we talkign about again. Anyway he complimented me on my outfit one time.

  105. lisa says:

    yes imagine a woman with a baby in the stroller, and 2 or 3 more kids under 5 dragging along, touching everthing and running in the store. Christmas was a nightmare. I was in line with my daughter who buys her underwear (the pink line) there and there were famlies everywhere. And at the one near me, they have guys working in it, one guy was folding panties when we were in there.

  106. GinaZ says:

    I have a thing for lingerie from and France, Italy. Who knows maybe I’ll get lucky and find a SD and we’ll fly in for a European sojourn.

    Lisa VS store teeming with new mommies in a mall doesn’t sound very sexy.

  107. lisa says:

    I’;m more into Fredricks of Hollywood myself. The VS store at my mall is always running over with women pushing baby strollers and little kids running around, not exactly sexy. lol

  108. GinaZ says:

    SF SD thanks for the compliment on my handle. The “Z” maybe stands for sizzle? :)
    Gina, my problem is socks, they’re always disappearing!! GG you are on fire girl, got my fingers crossed for you!

    Lisa, it’s gonna happen. Be good to yourself in the meanwhile. Who knows maybe a rather magnanimous SD will sponsor a few of us on a meet, shopping, Vegas spree.

    On the subject of lingerie, I think I need to invest in some, a Victoria Secret spree perhaps?

  109. lisa says:

    Congrats on your new panties Gail! :)

    I really thought that guy was asking me subtle how much I wanted but was afraid I was a cop or something being that he was not familiar with the term sugardaddy. I guess he’s a cheapskate. As it is always said, when the potential talks sex, we talk allowance. Odd how so many guys can be so upfront about what they desire but can’t handle recipricating. I told him dinner wouldnt’ pay my electric bill which is going to be so high this month that I might as well have my employer sent the paycheck directly to them, lol of course this guy lives in New jersey so I doubt he can relate to the heat. I’ve put my curse on him and he is going to meet the most hideous girl on earth, one that asked for nothing and will give him anything the wants, he is going to be so excited till he meets her, lol I just put up my picture with the mini dress and thigh high boots on my AM profile that I had deleted so he can check it out, lol he blocked my access to viewing his photo, that of the 5′ 4″ man that he is , lol
    Lisa is a in b*tchy mood.

    Update , my best friend saw my parents at the store she works at and my stepdad sent me a message (my mom will not let him use the phone or go anywhere alone but he ventured to the bathrooms when he saw my friend standing by the waterfountain) he said they are ok and had put in an application at another apartment and that I needed to give my mom time to “cool off”

  110. sasha says:

    Hi everyone,

    Lisa<<<sorry to hear about the problems with your family. I hope it all works out "For the best" and quickly.

    Tried this new site MA the guy is hot..but it feels like I am pulling his teeth to chat on yahoo. and he asked me if I would donate for a project he is working on for kids..LOL if I had money to donate I would not be looking to be a sugar babe..but rather a sugar mom.

    Does anyone have anything to say positive or negative about that site?

  111. Gail says:

    Gail is a very happy SB : ) Happy….Happy….Joy….Joy!!!!

    I have added 1 dozen new, pretty, lacy, sexy, cute, underwear to my drawer : ) Now I have some to put on if ever needed….(smile)
    Also 2 new bras for the girls: ) Two of the cutest pair of sandals for the summer…can’t wear the same ones twice….and had a very nice meal : )

    My potential is incredibly cute,adorable, and very affectionate. We laughed, talked, and shopped for over 3 hours… I just love the sugar!!!!!

    Yes…Lisa size 6 it is….thanks for the offer : ) Very funny response to the SD that asked you how many roses….I just love your wit….lol

    Goodgirl….its amazing what can make a girl smile…lifes simple pleasures…underwear: )

    SF SD….fashion show…I have a new one for every day of the week…and 5 more to start the week all over again : ) ….The answer is soon…..(smile)

  112. lisa says:

    I have tons of underwear, about 50 bras, over 100 skirts, sweaters, tops, etc and 3 winter coats which get very little use here. What I am lacking is a sd, I wish I had a few of them. lol

  113. lisa says:

    I have 3 hosiery drawers too :)
    Darn cheap guy makes me mad. We had been talking for several days and he’s in town tonight, wanted to meet tomorrow night. I thought when he asked me “how many roses I expected” he was being subtle, I guess he really meant roses? Funny how these guys wanted nsa occasional flings try to play romantic to get out of spoiling. I will send him my bad vibes and hope he has someone else to meet tonight or tomorrow night instead of me, someone who asked him for nothing and will give him the plague, lol Lisa now casts impotance on all cheapskate guys, lol I’m p*ssed. Worried about mydaughter too, why did she just sudenly delete her myspace profile, is it because she won’t have a computer when she’s living under the bridge? I’ve given up calling them, called them4 times, no answer in a week.

    No family, no sd dates, looking like my fri and sat off are going to be spent sitting around bored, nothing to do. Where are all the sds that want to meet on saturdays? I’m off this saturday.

  114. GoodGirl says:

    I’ll take some Lisa :) thats my size too. LOL! I’m sadly lacking in that area. :( Boo-Hoo!!

  115. DC says:

    Me too Lisa, I have more lingerie than clothes I think. Shows you where my priorities are. Had to stop having the Victoria’s Secret catalog sent to my address…too dangerous!

  116. lisa says:

    Gail I have about a hundred pairs of undies, all kinds, I’ll fedex you some, lol size 6 right?

  117. lisa says:

    :( Good afternoon everyone Back from work and to a not so good message from my potential. This is the one I met on AM so he isn’t really familiar with the concept. He sent me a nice message last night and ask me “how many roses I expected” I took this to mean how much money to I want and a way to avoid it sounding like something sinister. I told him how many and that my favorite ones were green, lol He comes to my city twice a month and he had asked me the question. I was reasonable I think. He sent me an email saying he just couldn’t do an arrangement with cash involved. He would like to take me dinner and would like intimacy but he couldn’t so the allowance of shopping thing. Sounds like the typical user boyfriend. I wished him luck and suggested he be careful with those easy women who drop their drawers for dinner. lol

    And I haven’t heard back from the second one, but he is the one that has been on every site perpetually so i’m not pinning much home to him, plus he is taking care of his mother who just had knee replacement so he’s probably going to be busy for awhile.

    SF SD Houston is unlike most American cities. NO ONE walks here, that’s why we are the obese city, grossly obese. If you don’t have a car here, you are looked down on . I can’t tell you how many times I got turned out by potential serious relations because I didn’t have a car. I try to push the exercise and environmental issues but it seems everyone rejects it.

    On another note, I found my daugther on her myspace last night thus their cable and internet are fixed. she posted a nice new photo which I clicked and saved. I woke up today to find that she has deleted her myspace profile so i’m not sure if she;s about to be homeless or if she’s cutting me off.

  118. GoodGirl says:

    OOOOO!!!! Multichatting!!! I LOVE it wwhen it starts to rain sugar!!!!! 😉
    *sending the pouring rain to my fam!! :)

  119. GoodGirl says:

    LOL Vixen!! :)
    I’m meeting him tomorrow for lunch! He’s already passed the google test, and we’ve been chatting back and forth for about 1/2 hour. Already seems perfect. I just hope there’s something there when we meet tomorrow!
    Good luck GinaZ!
    Thanks for the luck DC :)
    Gail, so sorry to hear about your undies :(

  120. SF SD says:

    Hey, greets to everyone. Looks like lots of great news today. Hope things go well with those pot SDs.

    And thanks for nice comments GinaZ. I like to think that chivalry isn’t entirely dead. BTW, that Z in your handle is hot! 😉

    Gail, when is that fashion show?


  121. vixen says:

    Hi everyone,
    Gooo GG..show him those awesome dance moves!!!

  122. Gail says:

    Afternoon All,

    OC-About a month ago I was leaving to go on a trip to Nevada…well I had to handwash some of my fine under garments….and laid them out to dry on the backseat of the SUV. So I just noticed that I am missing some…lol…lost where? I’ll never tell……because I don’t even know.

    So….I am meeting a potential for a late lunch today at Lisa’s favorite place….the Galleria of California : ) Shopping happens to be on the agenda…so hi-ho, hi-ho….I will start with new lace boy shorts….(smile)
    and so on, an so on : ) I am going to bypass Macy’s….as some of you may know, thats where my past two cell phones left me. One drowned in the toliet…and the other was adopted in the dressing room by someone.

    Have a wonderful sugar day everyone!!!!!

  123. GinaZ says:

    SFSD, you sound like a wonderful SD, thanks for giving the great advice you did to Lisa. It gives us SB’s hope, there are true gentlemen.

  124. DC says:

    Hi SFSD!

  125. DC says:

    Good luck GoodGirl!

  126. GinaZ says:

    GinaZ formerly known as LASugarBaby!

    Shout out to the regulars, the lurkers and the newbies! Off to the gym, inspired as I’ve been talking to three pot SD’s, hoping one of them will work out. Need to be bikini ready:)
    Congrats goodgirl, hope he’s a keeper!

  127. GoodGirl says:

    Fingers Crossed!!!! I finally have a pot!! :)

  128. ~OCSugarBaby~ says:


  129. SF SD says:

    Speaking as an SD, I would never ask an SB to take the bus to meet me. In fact, I would not even want to hear about the bus. If you didn’t say anything, I would most likely assume that you had your own car or lived close by. If I didn’t offer to pay for your transportation, all you would have to say is, “That’s a long way from my house, could you pay for a cab?” As business traveler, I would say, “sure” and not give it a second thought.

    Us guys are not mind readers. Sometimes you have to help us out a little. Let him take you to a nice place and give him the pleasure of treating you the way an SB should be treated.

  130. DC says:

    Well said NYC SB!!

  131. NYC SB says:

    Lisa – the sugar lifestyle should be about spoiling… if he is a true sd covering your transportation should be a non issue… im slightly concerned he didnt even offer.

    Most SDs in NYC will offer to pay my cab fare and then some for the fact that I am meeting them at a place that is most convenient to them

    Ask and you shall receive and if you dont then move on he is a fake

  132. DC says:

    Mornin all!

    Lisa- he should make arrangements for you so that you don’t have to take the bus. He should be concerned about your safety. Don’t be afraid to ask for what you need.

    I am e-mailing a sugar daddy now who offered to fly me to his city but I don’t like to fly and asked if he would cover the cost of a car or train ride and he said sure. I am making the effort to go see him. If I had the money myself I’d cover it but I don’t and he can certainly afford it if his profile is accurate so I don’t feel bad about asking. I don’t think asking for help with cab fare is such a big deal. Sure, he could say no as he can probably pick and choose his sugar, but best to find out up front what kind of sugar daddy someone will make. However, this guy though is much younger than me and I have a feeling has lots of options so I doubt this will come to fruition.

    Go Percy!!

  133. ~OCSugarBaby~ says:

    Good Morning Everyone! ~

    Back at cha Miss Gina, hahaha they are going to think that I am out franchising the OCSugarBaby name! Too cute. However I think that Gina is a fabulous exotic blog name, why change it. Mine is generic. Do as you wish, but there is only one OCSugarBaby! LMAO

    Miss Gail! What are you shopping for today??? Do Tell!

  134. Joe says:

    Being the type that would require an exclusive relationship with my SB, I could positively see it leading to something far beyond what a SD/SB interaction typically means. For me to even get involved in the first place there must be a spark of connection between us. Would it not seem easily feasible for that to lead elsewhere in the future?

  135. Nico~346434~ says:

    Good morning Lisa (and my extended sugar family) ask him, if he’s unwilling/unable to meet you closer, if he you would send a taxi to pick you up, otherwise you’ll have to take the bus which makes it uber inconvenient. You’ll still know how to return on the bus if necessary or he’ll cover the cab fair for your return, which I think is very fair.

    You could always go to mapquest and print him directions (or email them to him or send him the link) from his hotel (or other major landmark for easy identification for a cab driver) to the restaurant so he CAN find it. I am sure he’ll appreciate you doing what you can to make it easier on him too, which will only earn you brownie points.

    Must run for work…have a wonderful day all!


  136. lisa says:

    Good morning everyone
    Hi Gail, yes Percy is feeling better

    Getting ready to leave for work.

    I do have a potential sd meeting tomorrow evening but i’m not sure if I should meet him. He’s flying in on business today and leaving thursday morning. He wants to meet for dinner wednesday night. I have to work all day and the earliest I could leave home to meet him is 6 since I have to work till 4 and come home, clean up, do nails, etc. The area he will be staying in would take me over an hour to get too and being that he isn’t from Houston, i’m not sure if he could fine the place I want to meet. I told him I prefer meeting close to my area, that way I could get home before dark whereas if i’m on the other side of town i’d be stuck because the buses are very sporatic after 9pm and i’d have to take 2.

    I just sent him an email and won’t be able to check back with him till I get home this evening.

    Gotta be getting ready for work Have a good day everyone

  137. Michael says:


    sorry but cannot find the blog you are referring to.

    There has been some activity on the gay sugar daddy blog on this site. Can you direct me to the blog you posted to.

  138. Ryan~331112~ says:

    Yea I actually did just post on the gay blog like 30 minutes ago but it seems quite dead over there.

  139. Michael says:


    I am a gay SD, I sometimes post here, as well as the gay sugar daddy blog. Try the gay sugar daddy blog, would welcome some blogging there, you would think a bunch of gay SB & SD would have something to say…


  140. LASugarBaby says:

    Formerly known as GinaZ:) A shout out to OCSugarbaby. Welcoming Ryan into the blogosphere.

    “SD SD where art thou?” Many emails and calls ensue waiting to meet and have a taste of sugar too.

  141. Ryan says:

    Incoming lurker response….

    Have you ever met a sugar that you could see yourself marying some day?
    No I couldn’t see myself marying my SD. He has too many SB’s haha

    Have you ever nixed a sugar because they were so sweet you feared falling in love? Becoming attached?
    No I highly doubt I would ever find that.. most SD’s are just too old for a real relationship for me to be honest… im only 20.

    Do you want a more traditional relationship in the future? What are you really looking for?
    Yes once I find the right person, I would like to have a normal relationship again. But until then… sugar is sweet.

    Are there any other gay SB’s/SD’s that regularly post on these blogs?

  142. Jenny says:

    I have just joined this site, i am a sugar baby for the first time, any pointers for me…still waiting on my pic for approval…does this site really work..can anyone get me started on here and tell me all the perks please..Jenny

  143. Gail says:

    Hmmmm….have I ever met a Sugardaddie that I would want to marry? Yes absolutely….I would have married the ultimate SD Sam in Las Vegas with all 5 of my SB sisters….in fact each of them would have married him too : ) WE probably would have had an incredible wedding with each of us having a 5 carrot wedding ring on all six of our sugar hands…lol….I am still dreaming of the possibilities…..(smile)

    Nixed a sugar relationship? Not me…..I am always there to enjoy every bit of sugar coming my way : )

    I am not looking for a traditional relationship anytime soon…already tried it…..I love the spoiling, the fun, and the travel : )

    Hola Nico, Lisa, OC Sugar…..I have been inhaling sugar the past two days….yummy : ) Tommorrow….I get to go sugar shopping for girlie essentials……

    Lisa….glad to hear that Percy has recovered : )

  144. ginaZ says:

    Well I’ll be honest miket, I would very much like a traditional relationship, with something of what both Nico and SisyphusSB said. I think that a SB/SD arrangement can have it’s charm, but its lack of permanence can be vaguely unsettling after awhile. Too love deeply even to have been hurt is better then to never have been loved at all.

  145. miket says:

    Have I met a sb I would marry? Perhaps, but just one and the age difference prob would have nixed it in the end, but I sure couldn’t get enough of her smile and attitude.

    Have you nixed a sb because you feared falling for her? nope

    Do you want a more traditional relationship next? Hmmmm….not sure they can possibly be as fun or exciting, you see someone every day and then poof the mystery goes away…..come on be honest everyone!

  146. lisa says:

    Hi everyone Hi Nico :) I just spent the last hour in the dark. We finally got some nice rain and thunderstorms after 2 months of nothing but the power went out for an hour.

  147. SisyphusSB says:

    Have you ever met a sugar that you could see yourself marrying some day?
    Not yet, but I can tell very early if there is a strong connection and what types of relationships might work with our chemistry. It’s only legal in Canada for me though 😛

    Have you ever nixed a sugar because they were so sweet you feared falling in love? Becoming attached?
    No, but I believe I have been the victim of such a nixing. I would welcome any relationship that could grow into something more significant.

    Do you want a more traditional relationship in the future? What are you really looking for?
    I’m looking for a relationship with as little drama as possible where both parties are mature and know what they want. A relationship where I could contribute what I could financially, but make up for any financial shortcomings in other ways (companionship, thoughtfulness, etc) Whatever form a relationship takes is fine by me, whether it is something casual, or more serious.

    I’m sorry to hear it didn’t work out as you thought it would Wally. I’ve never been witness to a functioning marriage in my immediate family so I am also incredibly skeptical. I remain cautiously optimistic though (I’m still young :P)

  148. Nico~346434~ says:

    Oooops ~ corrected my profile # 😀

  149. Nico*213385* says:

    Have you ever met a sugar that you could see yourself marrying some day?
    Can’t say that I have. I have thoroughly enjoyed the company of my previous relationships; however I create a separation from the onset to eliminate the confusion of emotions. I’ve always had NSA SD/SB relationships.

    Have you ever nixed a sugar because they were so sweet you feared falling in love? Becoming attached?
    I have been involved with a SD that began experiencing feelings. He recoiled for a while and was able to return to our arrangement; however it didn’t last much longer after that.

    Do you want a more traditional relationship in the future? What are you really looking for?
    Ultimately I would like to be happy in love again. I would like to have the best of both worlds but ideally not be reliant upon anybody other than myself to fulfill those needs. This way, if that person did appear in my life they would only enhance what is already there and vice versa :)

  150. Nico*213385* says:

    Wow Wally….sounds like a made-for-tv movie….not real. Hopefully life has been better to you and not just in the ‘business sense’.


  151. NewToItAll says:

    Wally – Where froom?

  152. Wally says:

    I grew up in the 1970’s, in a small town surrounded by positive role models for marriage and family. All my adult relatives were pillars of the community and happily married to a devoted spouse with children, and I wanted to be just like them. That never happened.

    When I turned 30, I was an angry virgin, frustrated by years of rejection and disappointment. I had wasted my youth searching for a woman and a traditional lifestyle that no longer existed. So, I moved to the big city, lost my virginity to a hooker (a terrible experience), and dedicated my life to making money and having fun.

    Now, at age 47, I’ve never married and don’t know what benefit marriage could possibly give me. This isn’t the life I dreamt of as a child, but it’s the best I could do.

  153. Red Maru says:

    Coming out of lurking again.

    Have I seen sugar who I could see myself marrying? Nope. Haven’t had the pleasure of the arrangement yet. The closest I came to it flaked on me. Not really looking to get married(so it aint just you GG :D)

    Have I ever nixed a sugar because I feared falling in love becoming attached? Nah? Have had the pleasure yet. Would I do it? No if I’m that into them I want it to last as long as it can

    Do I want a more traditional relationship
    Not really at this time
    Did the traditional or attempted to do it with it ending in hurt last year so not really looking for it. This will sound more selfish than GG but Iwant to focus on me and getting myself together so I would rather a part time like GG said with a little companionship, mentoring and help to get to advance myself. However I’m not entirely closed to the possibility Que sera sera

  154. GoodGirl says:

    Hello Sugar Fam!! :)
    Have you ever met a sugar that you could see yourself marying some day?
    ~nope. Then again, I haven’t had a sugar last more than a month or so yet…However, I’m not sure I belive in marriage. Maybe Ive become a little jaded? :)
    Have you ever nixed a sugar because they were so sweet you feared falling in love? Becoming attached?
    ~nope, and I wouldn’t. Being spoiled and pampered and guided for however long it lasted would be ideal for me especially if it was from someone I was truly into.
    Do you want a more traditional relationship in the future? What are you really looking for?
    ~At this point, NO. I just want a part time relationship with someone Where we care about each other and take care of one another. My focus is on myself and my daughter. (maybe selfish, but thats what is most important to me right now.) Right now, all I really want is some comanionship and a little help getting on my feet. As for later…we’ll see. 😉 I’m keeping a fairly open mind about our future.

  155. NYC SB says:

    I have had a potential SD (after some email conversation) that he could see himself falling for me and given his marital status it would be unwise to continue getting to know me.

    Also my ex SD wanted a long term relationship leading into marriage which is the reason we separated ways.

    Has anyone fallen in love with their SD/SB?

  156. Bill says:

    I have had a SD/SB arrangement end because the SB was concerned she was going down a path of developing feelings and did not want a relationship to begin through an arrangement. So, in this manner neither of us could see marrying as an outcome of the arrangement. Her own self-image was bolstered by the arrangement and felt incouraged to look for a more traditional relationship.

  157. lisa says:

    I would be open to a lasting relationship but would not put my hopes on it. I have learned to live for now as nothing seems to work in the end, my life is a serious of unended chapters so I see sd dating just like regular dating, temporary.

  158. ginaZ says:

    I can see the risk for both SB and SD that this is safe. No commitments. For a younger man, this can be alluring and would want prolong this faze longer than he would otherwise. Become a “player” if you will. Then there are the eternal bachelors, who will never marry, or have children, though maybe later in life, in their 60’s. And for SB, I have seen the younger gals, with no goals, who live a rather charmed life, but eventually one needs to work, or go to school, or have children or…

  159. ginaZ says:

    Looking for a more traditional relationship?
    yes, yes, yes. That rare gem of a man should I find him I will thank my lucky stars, just abit trickier now that I’m a single mom, and of a certain age that having other children naturally is not what I seek.

    NOTE: there are definitely some SD on SA who are looking for a real relationship, not NSA, but see it more as helping, dating hoping it will lead to more. I will meet such a man when he comes into town. Who knows?