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Sugarpendence Day!!!


Part of the reason many of us seek arrangements is because we value our independence. Some are looking to gain independence for the first time, and others are looking to maintain the independence they’ve worked so hard to achieve.

Indeed, at the very core of what drives a sugar is, independence. Like our nation, SeekingArrangement was built upon the notion that we all have the right to choose our own destiny, and besides, independence is Sexy!!

“A lot of potential SDs have messaged that they are very much attracted to girls who are (for the most part) in control of their life and being responsible. It is a good tip if you want a better selection of SDs to point out in your profile that you are independent and a hard worker Too many sob stories on here from what the men tell me, and not that I don’t sympathise with the women but I do think that these women might want to shift their focus to the things that they are in control of: instead of “oh my car is broken, i lost my job and blah blah blah” to ” I have a great job but it would be nice to not have to hitch a ride with my friend…… ” power of positive thinking” – E

How can a Sugar Daddy help a Sugar Baby become more independent?

Do Sugar Daddies prefer Sugar Babies that don’t want to depend on them?

How does a Sugar Baby help a Sugar Daddy stay or become independent?

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  1. The Lone Gunman says:


  2. The Lone Gunman says:






    Test post

  3. aslimsexy1 says:

    I am new here and very excited about this site. I come under the category of older sugar babe. Any advice for me about dating. Love to hear comments.

  4. lisa says:

    Good morning OC :) Well I gained my independence by walking out on my family and daughter so I guess that’s a good thing. As far as men not wanting a woman who can’t take care of her own finances, if he doesn’t want to help me, I shouldn’t have to help him, afterall he could take care of that other thing himself too, lol

    so i’m fine meeting a sd that doesn’t want to help as long as we are just platonic friends and in it for the converstation, he must not expect me to “help” him he should be sexually independent, lol sorry I’m must feeling like letting my innet b**** come out today.
    On the other hand I am talking to a potential to meet next week, discussing expectations, after all he has mentioned that passion is missing from his married life, so he is upfront and I was too.

    Another hot day in Texas.

  5. ~OCSugarBaby~ says:

    I love being quoted! I worked really hard to get to a place of independence. At one time I had three jobs to get back on my feet. But I DID it and it felt great. ~OC

  6. CanadianGC says:

    I have no interest in a female who is NOT independent.
    Have the capability to pay your own bills. You don’t have to but at least have the ability to.

    I’m just here to provide you with the ‘sprinkles”, (stealing from OC)

    As for teaching others? No need to, they already are, I could only possibly let them know what I have done to achieve financial independence.

    Help me to be more independent, that’s not an issue I have financially or emotionally.

  7. Amy Bivalent says:

    Hey all, Just wanted to say I agree completely with OC’s comment about the sprinkles. I’m a “sprinkles on the cupcake” kind of girl when it comes to my SD. I am VERY independent, have my own house, car and investments…and can probably help my SD with managing his investments and running his business if he’s open to that 😉
    My light bill is paid, so can someone fly me to France for vacation? I have a valid passport and even a ride to the airport. LOL
    Seriously though I have my eye on a pot and my fingers are crossed (even though that wrong continent thing is a bit$h).

  8. Cat says:

    Hello Sugar Community!

    I’m new to this whole thing, just thought I would drop a line and say hello, get involved. I hope everyone is having good luck!

  9. Brooke says:


    Just curious how that spa thing works out? Do you book it online, and then he shows up at the end of the day and pays? Just curious :) Ohhh would I love a spa day right now….

    I guess i’d worry, it being a first time meet, wether he’d follow through or not.

  10. NYC SB says:

    Dear Miss Gina: I admire you for being on a diet… I could never be on one because I have an ongoing daily love affair with french fries and cheese doodles… I have been on dates with many SDs who order a healthy meal as they are watching what they eat… there is nothing wrong about that… when at dinner stick to the diet and playfully let him know you are working on looking your best for him… trust me the food will be the last thing on his mind

  11. lisa says:

    oops I’m screwed then as I’m not very young but I can spell. These guys are not typing in text mode, that would be ok, these guys are just plain mispelling words and their sentences make no sense. One guy who wrote me several times has every word in his emails messed up example ” woudl yuo liek ot meett forr cofeef”

  12. GinaZ says:

    Thanks Elle! It will be worth it in the end:)

  13. lisa says:

    Nothing wrong with the diet Ginaz, just don’t miss out on good food if you get the chance. I like the approach your sd is taking though, he’s offering, you’re not having to pull his teeth to get him to make a move. I have had 4 sucessful sd meetings and all of them put up front what they were offering, including what they would bring to the first meeting, and all of them I met in less than a week. Those that take longer, well I have only had two of those that I was going to meet, one stood me up twice, the other was a disappointing coffee date and he talked about us possiblly setting up an arrangement he was less busy several months down the road. Well he’s still on the site a year later and I never did hear back from him.
    Tomorrow i’m going to the Galleria to channel in some sd luck. It has brought me luck 4 of the last 5 times I’ve went. It’s the upscale shopping mall in Houston. 3 times , i’ve came into sd spoiling a few days or weeks after going there, 1 time it brought luck into the evening of my first date with my ex, the 5th time (actually the third visit of the 5 was a failure). I’m hoping to combine the trip tomorrow (just for a walk around and a cup of coffee), my potential sds and the time layout, if it follows the last one, to bring sd sprinkles to me.

  14. GinaZ says:

    OK dorky guy:) My first official one. Never had to before. i was always the gal at dinner that ate to my hearts content, and my date was always happy to see me chow down. But what’s three weeks, right? Friggin’ hard though (I’ve got my eye on the potato chips:)

  15. elle says:

    GinaZ – good for you for having the strength to stay on a diet! it’s important to want to have your body at a healthy state. enjoy the spa – very nice treat!

  16. GinaZ says:

    We all misspell, even English Majors (I’m guilty)
    But some SD’s, go into text mode, like OMG!, U r so spcl, yor cute. And sugar babies are equally as bad, judging by some of the profiles I’ve read. The difference is, youth and good looks will always win in the end.

  17. DorkyGuy says:

    Not saying I oppose the diet Gina :) I’m on a diet myself!

  18. GinaZ says:

    Dork and Lisa, my pot SD never said let’s go out to dinner, he offered to let me go to any spa I wanted, any cost. OK nobody supports the diet, got it. But the way I see it is, the person who is enjoying my company will eventually have the benefit of unwrapping the present, me.

  19. lisa says:

    Dorky Guy I think they just have to spell part of it and then it will give them suggestions for what they’re looking for. Changing the name of the site would complete confuse them if they were even able to spell it correctly, lol

  20. DorkyGuy says:

    lol you wonder how any of these guys actually spelled out “SeekingArrangement” to get to the site.

    Maybe Stephan should make the URL harder to weed them out?

    Maybe something like “PursuingNoncommittedRelationshipWithConsiderations” or “PaternalSaccharose”… or even “SucroseProgeny”

  21. lisa says:

    I just got an email from a guy who has been on the site forever. Just looked at his profile and from his pose in his only pic . he looks like he’s getting ready to give an esssay “all about where I live” to his classmates, his profile essay sounds like something a child would write .

  22. lisa says:

    Dorky Guy our your saing thad I give chance to man canted right gooder?

  23. lisa says:

    elle I have yet to meet any of these guys that are bad spellers. Most of them fade away before meeting. I can understand if the man is not from the US and English isn’t his first language but even then professional business men from other countries usually know how to spell, after all they are educated and most likely if they are doing business in the US, they know English. Those ones make me feel like they are looking to marry someone for citizenship. I had one guy on another site that emailed me and said he loved me and all, he was from another country, I think he was looking for a greencard. However any man born in the US that is in business should know how to spell. If he came from poverty and made his fortune through an avenue that doesn’t require an education (for example a rock or hip hop band, celebrity, etc) but rather skill and talents, then it could be understandable but most of the sds are this site are not famous people who struck in rich through talent, they claim to be in business.

    I would give them a little more time and push meeting so you can see how they are in person, if the hesistate, drop them. I wouldn’t put a lot of hope into someone like that though

  24. DorkyGuy says:

    men who can knot spel kneed luv 2

  25. elle says:

    well it’s comforting to know i’m not the only one that gets the poor spellers haha. and i’ve also been talking with some pot SDs who write very eloquently and grammatically correct…which makes them seem much more legit than those who cannot spell. so should i stick it out with the bad speller?

  26. lisa says:

    elle I find this odd too. I have a potential sd now that can’t spell or use the right tense. He’s an accountant and has his own firm, so I don’t know how he gets by. I wonder if they talk the same way. It would be difficult to be taken serious in the business world if you can’t speak correctly and if your emails are filled with spelling errors. I mean I only went to high school and have no degree or anything but I can spell reasonably well. If I type too fast I make errors but I come across these men who mispell almost every word. And what is it with these words “your” “you’re” “to” “too” I am involved with a business man for the past years and I have never seen a mispelling is any of his emails to me.

  27. elle says:

    i need some opinions! this has happened to me a couple of times and i’m not sure what to think… an SD will message me and when i read his profile, there are spelling mistakes throughout, yet they’re a “successful businessman” or something of the sort. it just seems kind of odd to me…?

  28. lisa says:

    GinaZ every sucessful sd meeting I have had has occured in less than a week. any that dragged on past that disappeared before we ever met. It also saves a lot of time if he is a waste of time, you can look for someone else. I don’t want coffee or tea, I want lunch or dinner, my fridge is empty and I need to eat if they want me at my best and not on a caffiene induced stuper, lol

  29. lisa says:

    I think one of my potentials is flaking. He contacted me last week and I read his profile and it really does not fit me. He is not looking to give cash to anyone, he will give credit cards. I read other stuff that made it clear that I was not what he was looking for. I emailed him back and told him That I didn’t fit what he was looking for and thay I did need cash, afterall how can I save a couple months’ bill money in case of an emergency using a credit card? And credit cards are only good as long as the sd lasts, whereas cash can benefit you further. He said he wanted to meet me. I sent him my schedule and said we could meet this week. He read my email but not responded. I’m off tomorrow and was hoping to meet him then. Looks like I will be going to the Galleria to bring me sugardaddy luck. Just to have coffee by myself as I am broke after paying the bills.

  30. GinaZ says:

    I have another pot this Wednesday (yeah!) coffee or tea, so no worries about the diet:)
    I kind of like the quickness to. He emailed me today, we talked today we meet Wednesday:)

    Sugar sprinkles hopefully soon!

  31. GinaZ says:


    It’s the timing. I’m on a special diet because I want to look as fabulous as I can (bikini bod)
    I have two more weeks on this diet then I can indulge. The pot SD is not flying in just to take me out to dinner, and rather than say no and put off meeting, I said yes! Seriously if he’s interested in ‘me’ he won’t freak out. And if he does, he’s not the guy for me.

  32. lisa says:

    Food is to be enjoyed. I once offended a date because we went to a luby’s (a cafeteria type restaraunt popular in Texas) and selected the fish filet. My date only had corn, peas, carrots, and greenbeans and water. I just thought he was a boring or cheap person ordering only vegatables. He criticized me for eating meat and putting butter on my roll. He failed to tell me he was a vegetarian. I have no issues with what others eat as long as they don’t preach to me. I think when one goes out to a nice restaraunt, you should eat something good, not just a salad or diet item

  33. DorkyGuy says:

    Hey Gina, can’t help ya out on the spa… but ya bring up something I hope the SD’s will chime in on.

    Personally, I would be kind of miffed if I took a girl out to a really nice place for dinner, and she ordered the 4oz chicken with steamed broccoli because she’s on a restrictive diet. I would hope that during our limited time together, she’d be able to relax and enjoy herself.

    Just my first impression.

  34. GinaZ says:

    SOooooo many of the pot SD’s have been of the flaky sort. I seemed to have better luck once upon a time in the erotic section of CL (where I found my first SD) Gentlemen, SD’s in lurk mode (yes you know who you are:) Please treat others as you wish to be treated. Rudeness is rewarded with rudeness. Kindness is rewarded with sugar sprinkles. If you are serious about being a SD, step it up, and us sweet Sugar babies will do the same in kind.

    OK…(clears throat)

    On a different note, I decided to take the plunge with the one “serious” SD, flying in from out of town. I’ve decided to be in the moment, but only if the inclination is there. Nice gent who expects me to bring my “A” game I’m sure. But he did say book any spa you want for the afternoon. Of course this happens to coincide with my crazy restrictive diet, so no sumptuous meal (4oz of chicken with a handful of steamed broccoli anyone?) He’s flying in from out of town, mostly to see me. He just wants me to be sure it’s a go. I feel better that it’s on my turf, not somewhere I don’t know.

    Any ideas for Spas in Hollywood California?

  35. lisa says:

    Looks like Micheal Moore? Sorry I can’t stand that guy , he an a**h***

  36. DorkyGuy says:

    Found a new favorite singer!

    Check out Bryn Terfel, a bass baritone who looks a bit like Michael Moore, but has an astonishing voice.

    Here is a video of one of his rehearsals. Turn the sound up!

    Youtube Search: Bryn Terfel Some enchanted evening

    Yeah, ok, it’s off topic, but hopefully in an interesting direction

  37. lisa says:

    Hi everyone

    Back from work, Waited at the busstop while some homeless woman sat talking to her dolls that she had all lined up on the bus stop bench, she kept making cow sounds, very weird

    just checked my inbox, no new messages, and my potential has read my email about meeting on one of my days off but he didn’t write back:( I guess he can handle it. Heard from the other one i’m going to meet next week, I will write him later

  38. Trinity says:

    Storm- Who am I sweet on You or DorkyGuy? LOL!

  39. NYC SB says:

    i have a pot meeting today and tomorrow … very excited about that 😀

    My current SD has been MIA so I am trying to keep my options open

  40. NYC SB says:

    elle – congrats!!!!

  41. elle says:

    hi all :)
    just had to give a shout out and thanks to OCSB who has been so helpful and gave some great advice to me via emails…i’ve got 4 pot SDs on the go right now, 2 of which we’ve already set up meetings :)
    thanks again <3

  42. GinaZ says:

    Mornin’ everyone! The 4th I spent with my son, snap crackle POP! Trying to block the crazies, gamers and wankers on SA and 4me, I haven’t the patience and it seems that for some men it’s all a game.

    Aside from nursing a migraine being on a ridiculous diet and realizing how flat broke I am, I’m OK:)

    I’ll be back for tomorrows blogfest!

  43. NYC SB says:

    Miss Apple – is this an intership? if so then its not uncommon to have fun parties and functions every other night… enjoy it! whats ur email??

  44. lisa says:

    Good morning everyone

    Getting ready to go to work after being off 3 days, still half asleep. No world from my potential but I did get a message from one of the ones that wants to meet next week. He wants to meet today for coffee before he goes out of town for the week. I told him sorry I have to work today so it will have to be next week.
    Have a good day everyone

  45. Hugo says:

    Hi Everyone,
    I’m afraid Im a classic stalker; at least insofar as Ive been reading these blogs on and off for quite some time. So I thought I’d say hello. One comment someone made above rung quite true for me. After listening to all of you this blog you seem generally a more interesting bunch than many of the women Ive recieved messages from.

    But hey, its sunny in London and all the girls are sunbathing so life is good…

  46. GoodGirl says:

    Hey everyone!!! :)
    Storm~ I’ll be here 7/7…in 2 days…lol :) great idea!
    Sweet Jezebel~ love the story, but it’s not me with a pooch corner. I keep mine open for my 4 year old when she needs a time out. :) :)
    Apple~ Glad to hear that your doing well! Email me. secretlovergirl1 at hotmail. :)
    To all my other sugars~ Sooooo glad to hear all the good sugar news lately!!

  47. Apple-332079 says:

    NYC SB, Stormcat – Hi guys!! I’m still alive and kicking I’ve been in the city for two weeks now and I’ve been EXTREMELY busy with work, and work-related events. It seems that companies in my industry like to throw parties every other night, whew. I think things will settle down a bit more in the coming weeks. I absolutely LOVE New York though, it’s so amazing. :)

    Do you guys still hang out at that place we figured out about a month ago? I check in here and there but no one’s ever there anymore.

  48. DC says:

    That’s okay Storm. I can take a joke. Very funny DG LOL

    Vagueary….hmmm….okay I will try that.

    I do know how to get a response in 5 minutes if I want to 😉

  49. Stormcat says:

    Trin, my word, you have to be careful what you say. people might think you’re sweet on us. On second thought there might be something to that.

    Hey NYC SB glad you’re doing well. But if apple isn’t hanging with you then she’s either found slavery in the workplace or something sweet to keep her busy.

    DC maybe you need to learn the art of vagueary in your responces. A little mystery goes a long ways in keeping interest at the onset. At least until substance takes over anyway.

  50. Sweet Jezebel says:

    Hi NYC SB :)

    Sweet dreams, all. It’s off to bed for me. Big work week ahead. Bye for now and have a productive day!


  51. Trinity says:

    Oh No…DG and Storm posting after the other….LOL!

  52. Sweet Jezebel says:

    Happy to be back, SugarFam. Dinner was great; but for me, being with like-minded sugars is the sweetest dessert 😉 Hi DorkyGuy, Storm 😀

    DC~Thanks for shedding more light on this. Am I the only who thinks that after having made the acquaintance of the sensitive, smart, funny, SDs who’ve been blogging here, the others appear (almost) crass. (sigh)

    Now look what you’ve done Storm, DGuy, Nightmare, SExec, NCGent !! *stomps feet – practically calling of search for missing SD* 😀

  53. NYC SB says:

    hi storm :)

    things are good over here… SD has been vacationing with the family so I have been solo for a bit… he should be around in 2 weeks

    Apple apple… if you are in the big apple let me know

  54. Stormcat says:

    Gee DG, You knucklehead, Do you thikn DC is going to respond to that? 😀

  55. DorkyGuy says:

    yes, that’s true 😛

  56. DC says:

    Hey Storm- how are you!!

    Sweet Jezebel- If a man doesn’t include much in his profile I usually just keep it light and ask them how their experience has been at SA and ask what they are looking for arrangement wise. I think for most people, men and women, the picture in the profile, age etc are what they go by. So even if you don’t impress them with your words they might give you a chance if they find you attractive. But that usually only works for the first e-mail. If you can’t back it up with something to say of substance they usually will drop the exchange.

    I have also had men seem extremely interested in the first e-mail they send to me, I write back something I think is just fine for a first e-mail and they will write back something like “yes, that’s true” and that is it. Making it clear they are just being polite and have already lost interest. And of course I don’t bother writing back since I find that a little insulting

  57. lisa says:

    Have a good evening Sweet Jezebel

  58. lisa says:

    It amazes me how many men have no problem using a whole paragraph to describe what they like sexually and then run away when you tell them what you expect financially. And dont’ get me started on the many guys I have come across that want to meet, get to know each other slowly (well they want to have sex right away to see you’re right for them) and then decide if an arrangement will work. They need to make sure it’s the right thing for them before they start spoiling. lol I know there are probably alot of women that fall for that line of bs, i’m not one of them. :) I bring up the arrangement during the email stage, if they avoid it, I dont waste my time on them. Every sucessful meeting I have had on this site has came after we discussed our expectations and they let me know that they were serious. I met two differenct guys who took me shopping. We didn’t see each other after that as I guess I wasn’t what they were looking for but at least they were honorable enough to be legit and to keep their word, they didnt’ bale on me. The other two were short term arrangements, both with expectations discussed before meeting. The guy that I met where we discussed nothing beforehand, turned out to be only a coffee date and nothing more.

  59. Sweet Jezebel says:

    Hey Lisa, Dreamy~It was nice cathcing up with you both now I must acknowledge the existence of the “real” world and join my freinds for dinner. Salmon, purple asparagus spears, other summer vegetables and wine (of course).

    Will check in later. Bye for now.

  60. DreamyPrincess says:

    Yes, Lisa…being able to communicate your expectations is paramount in this type of relationship! It makes things so much easier. More time for fun that way!!!

  61. DreamyPrincess says:

    I agree its crazy. But I know from experience, when I first put up my profile I didn’t really know what to say, so I just put very basic information about me, then after I browsed some fellow SB profiles I got a better idea about what I might want to put in mine. So I can see if they don’t know what to write, but then again, these are normally distinguished men and if you can’t figure out what you want and be able to put it on paper that seems kind of weird.

    I learned about wine just by working with it so often, and actually I would ask my customers what they thought to get an idea. Now when I go out I ask the server or bartender their opinions of the wines. No real formal training here, just tried it out and realized I loved it.

  62. lisa says:

    I agree. I find it hard to take a sd seriously that can’t spent a few minutes completing his profile. A problem on the other site is that they have taken out the financial part about allowance so you can’t put what you expect and the sd can’t put what he can afford. They are trying to make it look like people on there are looking for romantic relationships that might turn sexual and that the man might help the woman out a little. THis sounds wishy washy to me. I like being direct as it saves a lot of time.

  63. Sweet Jezebel says:

    Thanks Dreamy, I don’t intend to contact any potentials (unless of course, I find the profile really compelling). Was just browsing and remarking that they really don’t give an SB much to go on.

  64. Sweet Jezebel says:

    Oops, my post was relevant 30mins ago when I started it – then left to put salmon in the grill :)

    I love the blancs but admittedly don’t know as much about wines as I would like to.

    Actually, I meant just a meager description…

  65. DreamyPrincess says:

    I found my sugar because he was on a list of recent logins, and I made him my favorite. Then he contacted me and the rest is history! :-)

    I don’t contact members unless they have at least a brief description of themselves, and definitely don’t contact the blue ones…If you are a legitimate SD looking, you can afford the $20 to pay for membership!!!

  66. DreamyPrincess says:

    It depends on the variety. The 2005 is probably the best bet if it is a red. Wines can stay good for a really long time depending, on again on the variety. If any of them are whites, they are probably bad. Wine turns to vinegar when it goes bad.

    I do like coca cola as well, its my morning pick me up.

    I work in the restaurant business and used to work at a snooty italian place as a bartender, so I know a little about wine. (What I don’t know I can fake, haha)

  67. lisa says:

    I never contact the ones with blank profiles. I see those in my city under the new members , especially the blue ones, and it is obvious in some instances that it is the same guy making multiple profiles because they are all similar and blank “just checking things out” “will add more later”, etc. I just look at their profiles and contact them, well I don’t contact anyone anymore, it was a waste of my time.

  68. Sweet Jezebel says:

    DorkyGuy~If you offer age regressions also, I would love to be mentored by you any day. Unless mentoring is a euphemism… 😉

    Now, this is to the SBs – I went to the SD profiles for the first time today and was a little disappointed to find that for the most part, the SD included no descriptions of themselves (to speak of). My question to those of you who initiate contact with the SDs: What do you go on? How can you even tailor your e-mail to something of interest in the profile when there isn’t much to go on there?

  69. lisa says:

    I prefer coca cola and starbucks

  70. lisa says:

    If the wine is from 2003, 2004, or 2005 is it expired?

  71. DorkyGuy says:

    Not much of a drinker, but I’ll have something from time to time.

    If I had to pick a favorite drink, it would be a good merlot. Not crazy about white wines. Guess that means I can’t eat fish.

    Tried beer a few times, but bleh. It must be an acquired taste.

  72. lisa says:

    I have 5 bottles of wine in my closet given to me by my ex boyfriend. I need to take them to the dumpster

  73. lisa says:

    I hate wine, yuck, it tastes like horrible, lol I’m not much for drinking, other than an occasional daquari, last one I had was last August, long time ago. Alcohol caused my mom and I alot of misery when I was young and we were still with my dad.

  74. lisa says:

    Kylie Minogue is my favorite female singer and she’s 40 I think
    I like the early days of Cher and Madonna but do not like them at all anymore but I like their older music

  75. DreamyPrincess says:

    I agree with the music opinions dorky guy. BUT there are some decent wines that come in a box! Some have been given up to a 93 by Wine Spectator!!!

    MMM…I love wine. I wish I had some right now!!

  76. DorkyGuy says:

    Dreamy, visiting the Louvre is one of my top 10 “Things to Do Before I Die”. I’ve got a book about it on my coffee table LOL.

  77. lisa says:

    Dorkey Guy I agree that all there is now are teenage girls going half naked and singing and they all sound alike. I hate hiphop and any ghetto music. My favorites are 70’s, 80’s and 90’s music. I don’t keep up much with the new groups. I do occasionally find one song I like and I will add that to my ipod but I never buy entire cds of anyone.

  78. lisa says:

    I have been to London 4 times and Paris twice along with various other countries many years ago. Last trip was 6 years ago though :( My family went to the Louvre whereas I passed it up for shopping in the arcade that is connected to the Louvre. I had no interest in it but I did love the cabaret show at the Moulin Rouge.

  79. DorkyGuy says:

    Modern pop music that requires no talent as long as you have a nubile body… entertaining to a point… it’s like wine that comes in a box.

    Modern hiphop music that relies on sex appeal and shock value… not entertaining at all.

    There once was a time when a person had to have actual talent to be a star… not just sex appeal and marketability.

    Sinatra, Louis Armstrong, Julie Andrews… entertaining in spades!

    All of that said, Megan Fox does have my gratitude for making Transformers a tolerable movie to watch 😉

  80. DreamyPrincess says:

    I have yet to leave the country. That is my next short term goal. My girlfriend is in Paris right now doing some modeling, so I am hoping to get over there before she leaves!! It would be absolutely divine to be able to go to the Louvre!!!

  81. lisa says:

    When I go to London, I never go to the british museum or any of those history museums ( I went the first time and was bored) I love Madam tussauds, the London Dungeon, The clink, etc. I love off beat museums.
    I like greenday, U2,and yes some britney spears. I’ve actually went to a concert many years ago with my daughter. I don’t listen to the radio either, just my Ipod. I never go the museums in Houston except when the Body Worlds exibits have came (I’ve seen two of them) I love those

  82. DreamyPrincess says:

    I’m all about cultural activities. Museum, yes. Jazz show, yes. Art exhibit, yes. But you can also see me shopping and listening to Britney Spears. I don’t remember the last movie I saw that was new, mostly because I don’t have a TV. Same goes with new music. I hardly listen to the radio, because I have an MP3 player that I stick to.

  83. lisa says:

    DorkeyGuy you couldn’t be that boring, lol :)

  84. lisa says:

    I’m 43 and I dont care much for sinatra or any of that cultural stuff. I like modern music, modern movies, etc . I choose entertainment for entertainment, not cultural expansion. My fave movie is confessions of a shopaholic, that shows you how shallow I am. But I like to have fun.
    I did see Sinatra when I was a little girl because my parents went to see him and didn’t have anyone to leave me with. I slept through the entire show. lol

  85. DorkyGuy says:

    When she’s with me, she won’t need a sedative…

    Wait, I think that came out wrong…

  86. DreamyPrincess says:

    Well I’m 22 and would be totally fine with that….there are girls out there like that!

  87. lisa says:

    Just give her a sedative if you want her to fall asleep, lol yawn

  88. DorkyGuy says:

    lol, I should find a 20yo SB and make her spend our dates watching Rodgers and Hammerstein musicals… give her some real culture 😛

    Mentoring comes in all forms!

  89. DreamyPrincess says:

    Dorkyguy, get out of my head!

  90. DreamyPrincess says:

    ….And I think I own a copy of Gone with the Wind….If so, I am definitely going to start reading it!

  91. DreamyPrincess says:

    And BTW I decided online poker was the way to go! I’m rocking today! I think its due to my Frank Sinatra pandora radio station I created today….I just discovered Pandora radio and I am uber obsessed!!

  92. DorkyGuy says:

    lol @ Scarlet O’Hara blues

    “I’m as restless as a willow in a windstorm, I’m as jumpy as puppet on a string
    I’d say that I had spring fever, but I know it isn’t spring
    I am starry eyed and vaguely discontented, like a nightingale without a song to sing
    O why should I have spring fever, when it isn’t even spring”

    Wrong starlet, I know, but it captures the mood 😀

  93. lisa says:

    You can never know for sure till you actually meet the person. Is he going to meet you in exotic places, lol ? I’ve never been to San Antonio, I think it’s like 200 miles from here, I never get out of Houston.
    I hope your meeting goes well.

  94. Liebchen says:

    Hi everyone! Hope you all had a nice holiday. Lisa, I will be in your area in two weeks, lol. Actually, I’m going to San Antonio to meet my pot SD, I’m pretty excited, never been there. He seems awesome too, but if he turns out to be a creeper, can I look you up? Haha just kidding, but I am trying to come up with some sort of back up plan, just in case. That’s a tricky part about long distance things, I guess. I mean, you can email and talk on the phone and even webcam chat, but how can you really know anything until you meet someone in person, which requires a major effort on somebody’s part.

  95. lisa says:

    Good afternoon Trinity :)

  96. Trinity says:

    Hi Everyone! I won’t pull out the list like Storm…;) I lurk mostly now and for a while there couldn’t even get on the website or in the blog. I do have an SD now so that keeps me busy plus my real life career but I do check in here to read up on everyone’s sugar life. :)

  97. lisa says:

    I just emailed a sd that lives 3 miles from me (on the other site). I live in the crappy area and he lives in the rich area across the freeway. Houston is like that, my street that runs 3 miles has ghetto apartments where I live and a few blocks down the street 500k homes. It’s weird. It would be perfect because we live close to each other.

  98. lisa says:

    What peeves me the most is when a man lists Houston as his location and then contacts me or I contact him and it turns out he lives in another state and is only looking for someone to meet when he comes into town once or twice a month. I am open to out of town arrangements as long as the sd travels to me but it does make it harder to get together as I might not be available on the day he is in town as I can’t just take off without requested a particular day a week in advance as I do have a real job. Also I have actually talked to a sd that said that long distance arrangements seldom work out even if the intentions are good, in his experience it doesn’t work. I would think that the sb would have to be a full time sb completely supported by her sd in order to be able to plan her schedule around him.

  99. DreamyPrincess says:

    I live in a city MUCH smaller than Houston in the Midwest. I have seen a couple SD say they are from where I am, but I contacted them, and didn’t have any luck with it.

  100. lisa says:

    I wish there were more sbs on this blog from my area to check notes with there seems to be 0.

  101. lisa says:

    sounds familiar, probably the same guy. That’s a good thing about this blog, being able to compare sds that contacted us, weed out some of the fakes.

  102. DreamyPrincess says:

    Honestly, I can’t remember. It could have been. It said something about having a girlfriend and wanting to do this kinky stuff on the side because she was unwilling. La ti da, BS I’m sure all of it.

  103. lisa says:

    Explorer has emailed everyone and is usually going to be in your area in 2 weeks and wants to meet in exotic locations, lol I guess that line got old. Was your explorer from st louis?

  104. DreamyPrincess says:

    Haha, it’s quite possible that I do stormcat!

    Lisa, this explorer emailed me too…only he wanted me to do something else…I can’t remember exactly but it was super kinky too. I deleted it at once and blocked him shortly after.

  105. lisa says:

    Good afternoon Stormcat, Tina, Dreamy Princess, RyanD

  106. lisa says:

    I really like the sugarmommy profile that says she has too much to give to the right person, yet offers less than 1k, lol

  107. lisa says:

    Hi everyone

    Well I have been getting alot of response lately, not all good though. I have two potentials that want to meet next week, and as I have found from experience, next week never comes. I have one potential that i’m waiting to hear from but i’m not so sure about him because his profile indicates he’s not looking for someone like me, but after chatting, he says he still wants to meet me, i’m not but I feel he might waste my time.

    Another offer for a part time job 100 a hour for well you know (no thanks)
    another guy from another state wants me to spit on him, kick him hard and trample him for 250 a visit. I could do this, lol but I think he is another player that we have all heard from on here (explorer) just changing his lines. But how does one petite woman like myself trample someone ??

    RyanD I think most of the sugarmommies on here are just woman who want to buy a guy a beer or they want a younger man, the ones I’ve looked at look like the fat ugly women in my neighborhood that just want to be in control, they are broke though, lol

  108. Tina says:

    Yeah, I guess everyone’s being picky

  109. RyanD says:

    Seems like there are no Sugar Mommies on this site. I never get a response.

  110. Tina says:

    What’s going on with all the sugars?!? I emailed about 10 and only got 1 response…;( this is badd, I need someone to fill up my schedule for this week..

  111. Stormcat says:

    DrmyPrncs: Hi I’m stormcat, You sound like you got a case of the Scarlet OHara blues!

  112. DreamyPrincess says:

    Hope everyone had a great 4th. I can’t think of anything really relevant to post about this subject, but I wanted everyone to know I was here lurking…..

    My sd has been busy (well he is always busy) but with important business and family matters over the holidays. We are planning a get away soon, so hopefully I’ll have more to say about that in the next couple weeks.

    I start my new job at the bank tomorrow. I’m really excited! Still going to keep my PT bartending gig, because I love it so much.

    I’m going to get to cleaning the house….or maybe I’ll just play online poker all day??? Hmm…what to do…. I already cleaned the kitchen, perhaps I’ll rationalize to myself that its all I had to do today…

  113. Stormcat says:

    Wow, You’re right SwtJez. 7/7 is tomorrow. kind of short notice. Oh Well, gotta start somewhere. Hope the word gets out.

  114. Stormcat says:

    Hey Nico, good to see you too!

  115. Stormcat says:

    Lisa I knew I would forget someone on my I miss you old timer’s list just realized it was you. Sorry :(

  116. Stormcat says:

    Hey DG

    Got a couple of new ideas for you! When would be a good time to call?

  117. Stormcat says:

    Wow Blue Mountain Coffee, you have good taste!

  118. Sweet Jezebel says:

    Good for you Lisa, I’m really going now – coffee’s ready and the paper bekons 😉

  119. Sweet Jezebel says:

    I’m back :) coffee’s brewing (lol) Hi Lisa, I see you got out to Wendy’s, what did you get?

    Nico~that’s what I thought; that most of these friendships had gone offline. But it would still be nice to hear how the sd life is going and to have insights, (OMG…OPOV, JohnQ) advice and pointers from active sugar daters.

    I also learned from these guys to mention when I’m about to slip away from the room (conversation) for a while…that’s just cool how it helps you to know who is still online 😀

  120. lisa says:

    Enjoy your coffee Sweet Jezebel. I just had a wendy’s coffeecino or whatever it’s called and it’s delcious. Now I will make some hot coffee.
    Have a good afternoon

  121. Sweet Jezebel says:

    Hi DorkyGuy, we’re all rooting for you as you venture into sugar dating. I hope you have the best times with your potential SB. Do keep us posted.

    Yikes…I think I am the only one here so I will go make a mug of Blue Mountain coffee and settle in with the Times… I love Sundays!

    Will check back later, all.

  122. lisa says:

    Hi Sweet Jezebel it’s just weird how everyone has just vanished. Did they get sucked up in some super sugardaddy space ship that we missed? I can’t believe they would just forsake us like this :(

    I’m still waiting to hear from a potential that hasn’t been online this weekend. I have already made a full schedule for my days off this week so I have a back up plan but would like to be able to cancel one of my outings for a good sd meeting that was worth my time. I need some sugar sprinkles.

  123. Nico~346434~ says:

    Ahhhh…..those are my ‘girlz’ :) yes, they are missed but in my world they’re not completely gone as many of us stay in touch away from the blog :)

  124. Sweet Jezebel says:

    Cheery G’day to you fellow sugars! Just got up with sugar on my mind. Hi Storm, Lisa, Nico, gurl.

    Storm~Thanks for the emoticons, by the way 😛 😉 8) That’s an incredible idea…hopefully all the more seasoned sugars will come out to play this Tuesday, 7/7. Over the past couple of weeks, I have gone backwards and read pretty much all the posts since January ’08. The unfortunate result of that is I miss posting and updated from sugars like Gordon, kittylainey, Ben, Sam, Miss V, Mish, ddubs, cre8tor, Jasmine, SpanishVixen, et al as if they were blogging just last week. Hopefully, the others you mentioned will start checking in more frequently. I know I will!

  125. DorkyGuy says:

    Congrats Storm!

  126. lisa says:

    I’ve got to run over to wendy’s now for some lunch

  127. lisa says:

    Gee I must be really weak then, lol No I don’t have a problem, I can quit anytime I need to, lol I’m watching my video “confessions of a shopaholic” for like the 20th time. I watched it 3 times yesterday. Except for the journalist and career part, the main character is just like me, buys too much stuff, credit card debt, etc. lol

  128. Nico~346434~ says:

    Well, we all take a brief hiatus but end up returning….it’s like crack. It’s an addiction that’s hard to break clean from *wink*

  129. lisa says:

    Nico he has been missing for awhile and I haven’t been able to find him.
    Seems like half the bloggers are gone, where is everyone?

  130. Nico~346434~ says:

    Hehe Lisa ~ every time you beckon Nitemare he shows up 😉

    Hey Stormcat…good to see you. I pop in every once in a while.

  131. lisa says:

    Where are all those people? They’ve been MIA forever!

    Where are you Nitemare??

  132. Stormcat says:

    All oldies in lurk mode . . . Lets plan some blog reunions. Like, everyone post on the evening of the same day as the number of the month. Exmpls: July 7th, Aug. 8th, Sept. 9th, etc. It’d be a fine time! And Stephen don’t make yourself so scarce. We’d all like to get to know the real you!

  133. Stormcat says:

    Hi everyone, just popping in to see what is going on.

    I got a bit of good news lately so I’m feeling pretty high, but it also means that I got a quite substantial amount of work to finish in a short time so I’m cutting my weekend short to get a head start.

    Sweet Jezebel welcome to the active side of the blog. It is interesting to see how, once a person takes the leap and makes a post here, they get way more active and comfortable rather quickly. I remember how timid I felt with my first post and how the friendliness of the blog just drew me in. The people here are some of the most wonderful and unique people in the world. Yahoo stormcatgl sometime.

    NYCSB you still doing the PA helicopter shuttle? Hanging with apple in the big apple? etc.

    OC Cute story about your chocolate. Guess it’s the happy puppy coming out. Labs never seem to lose that. That is why they’re such a sweet popular breed.

    DC are you in lurk mode?

    Dorky Congrats on your impending launch. Sounds like you’ve positioned yourself nicely to make it an explosive success. Hopefully you can get a long awaited vacation! HeHeHe . . with lots of sugar! 😀

    Trin, GG, Angel, Jai, VC, Girli, Beach, Sweetred, RedMaru, Scully, Panther, Kat, Nitemare, Suthrn, NCGent, DC, GND, Cyanide/Stilletto, Apple, Silly, Gina, Nico, CB(my favorite dessert),SuziQ, raine, Stephen, lurkers; I miss you guys!

  134. lisa says:

    Good morning Nico

    Mine has been very quiet. I got fri-sun off. Friday was fun but sat and sun have been boring. Too hot to get out, in the triple digits here

  135. Nico~346434~ says:

    Hello and good afternoon my sugar fam. How was everybody’s fourth of july?

    X’s and O’s to everybody.

  136. lisa says:

    Good morning everyone
    gurlnextdoor I know what you mean. When I worked at a department store kids would hang from the clothing racks and when they got hurt their parents would try to sue the stores. One time a toddler was left alone in the shoe department and put on a pair of shoes that were tied together, fell and broke her collar bone. Of course the store ended up paying for medical expenses although the mother had wondered off into another department. My favorite is when a parent wouldn’t be watching their kids and they would wander off and the parent would be hollering hyterically and keep asking me or one of the other workers where their kid was. We are not babysitters and I was much too busy to pay attention to where any kid was wandering off too.
    Have a great day everyone. I’m stuck in all day.

  137. gurlnextdoor says:

    Oh work was horrible lisa. I don’t know why people can’t keep an eye on their children (they always mess up the store when people let them roam free). As my manager says, we’re a retail store not a daycare, lol. But I’m off to sleep after I wash these dishes.

  138. lisa says:

    Have a good night Sweet Jezebel I’m going to be soon too, just want to make sure they dont’ burn the apartments down with the illegal fireworks. THey’re banned citywide because of the draught but rules mean nothing to these people. I’m off tomorrow so i’m sleeping late.

    Good night

  139. Sweet Jezebel says:

    Good Evening Sugars All. I see you Lisa ‘n you gurlnextdoor 😛 Just wanted to say Hi to anyone on and also to anyone lurking – I promised to say “Hello” whenever I pop in.

    Just got back from July 4th festivities – had quite a B-L-A-S-T (pun intended 8) Going off to bed now.

    Sweet Dreams and bye for now…

  140. lisa says:

    Good evening gurlnextdoor, how was the store today? I remember when I worked at target, it was horrible on holidays. I don’ t have a reason or money to spend just to get a license that I can’t use. If I ever find a sd that will buy me a car too, then i’ll learn to drive, right now it’s useless.

    I’ve got alot of free time this week as i’m only working 3 days and wish I could scare up some sd meets. They all want to meet the week after next and I know how that goes, next week becomes next week, and so on.

    I have made no sd plans for everyday but hope I can cancel some of them to meet sds.

  141. gurlnextdoor says:

    Aww Lisa, that has got to have sucked. Driver’s ed being pulled from your school. I’m 19 but haven’t gotten my license yet because I didn’t want to pay an arm and a leg for insurance (they really expected me to pay them a 1,000 every six months! Ha!) But now that it’s went down quite considerably, I plan on getting my license after I get back from vacation. With or without a SD. :) But as someone said earlier (I think it was GinaZ), it’s never too late to get your license. :) I know a 60 year old woman who moved down south from NYC, had never driven a car in her life, and got hers. So if she can do it, so can you. Anyway, you’ll never know unless you try.

  142. SisyphusSB says:

    I’ve yet to get my license too. I went to driving school but never had sufficient practice to become what you would call…competent. Traditionally you should have 10-20 hours for every hour of driving school, but I had zero. My parents were too busy to take me out and my dad never trusted me with his car. My G2 test was actually booked for the day of the major blackout that hit the states and Canada. After that, I started university and learned how evil cars are 😛 So I’ve committed myself to supporting and advocating public transportation!

    Lisa & Ryan: That’s so disgusting about the diapers and people going in the store lol. I’ve never seen anything like that in a store, but I’ve heard stories. The closest story I have to that, is standing outside an Avondale waiting for someone to come out, there was an old man who pulled up in a car, got out, and just started going on the parking lot, facing the corner of his car and open door…one of the oddest things I have ever seen. People are crazy!

    Aside from independence, what do people look for in a SD. What do you look for in a SD Ryan? It would be nice to hear from a fellow gay SB…

  143. lisa says:

    Ok just finished my closet. It still looks bad because everything is still stacked on the floor as I have now shelves or organizers so it will be messed up in now time.

    I just got an email from SA and the guy calls himself “explorer” so I presumed he would be in my area in 2 weeks, lol well i’m not sure if this is the same guy, probably is. He wants me to spit on him, kick him hard and walk on him. He doesn’t live in my area so i’m not sure if he’d be coming to meet me or wanting to meet me in exotic locations. lol For anyone that has been on the blog, you know about explorer, we’ve all been contacted by him. Gee I wish he was real as I could use the cash and it sounds like fun, lol

  144. RedMaru says:

    Happy 4th sugars!
    A new blog already that was quick but anywhoo on to the questions?

    How can an SD help and SB become independent? Well I can’t speak for an of my fellow SBs but I will say for me I am already independent in way so an SD could help further my independence by supplementing my income from working so that I could put more into my business and really get it to the next level. In addition, mentoring on the business side would help too. Also a little for shopping, pampering and travel would be a bonus 😀

    For the most part, most of the SD’s I’ve encountered want SBs to be doing something for themselves to have goals and ambitions of their own either working or going to school. Most of the SD’s I come in contact with don’t want to be the sole source of income exception being some profiles where they want an SB to relocate and they would pay for flat, apartment, etc. Not very independent minded.

    How does a SB help and SD to stay independent? Most of you on here have already said what I would have said so I’m not playing parrot today I just say that I second the emotions…D

    Anybody going to see fireworks tonight?

  145. Ryan says:

    Yea its OK while I’m still living with a member of my family and only have to pa for my food, car insurance, and phone bill. I bought my crappy car for 2,000 which was most of what I had in the bank last year but I’m back up to about 5,000 now. I’m pretty good at saving my money I guess since I make only 8.90 an hour as a new checker.

  146. lisa says:

    Have a good afternoon everyone. I’m off to clean out my closet. Thanks for the idea OC now how to organize my 100+skirts , my shoes and handbags, yikes

  147. lisa says:

    I live in the Ghetto. Today instead of observing the 4th of July in reverence, they’re sitting around outside drunk and playing loud mexican music. But on cinco de mayo (mexican independence day, they have a big celebration in the parking lot and the apartment management even has activities for the kids, all ten thousand of them that live in my complex.

    I work in a grocey store too Ryan, before that I worked at target which sucks and also an office supply store that was a stress machine. The grocery store is a pretty good job, great people, wonderful boss, no stress, physically tiring at times but other than that, not bad at all.

  148. Sweet Jezebel says:

    OC, do you listen to NPR? *brimming with excitement* I just heard that quote from The Splendid Kitchen’s host! I love, love, love NPR!

    Side note, I had written in my profile “Preference given to NPR members” as a kind of tongue-in-cheek but removed it because I thought I may come off as a fuddy duddy.

    OC, if you NPR then I’m putting it right back on. Just say the word 😉

  149. Ryan says:

    Haha, well I’ve found a dirty diaper in the parking lot on the ground but never inside the store. Freaking ghetto ass people I swear… where do they come from?

  150. lisa says:

    Sweet Jezebel Have a great afternoon :)

  151. lisa says:

    That’s a great idea OC :) I think I will do that today. I just wish I had some hooks and organizers though as everything just ends up piled on the shelf.

    Haha my dad stepped in a big pile of dog poop at petco one time. No one would do anything and he had to walk around trying to scrape it off. Ryan working in retail I have seen people in the past changing baby diapers attop of boxes and tossing the dirty diaper behind merchandise. I’ve also seen kids pee in the store. Kids are just as dirty and personally i’d rather deal with dogs than kids.

  152. Sweet Jezebel says:

    Glad you got a chance to get out of the house, Lisa.

    I’m going offline for the rest of the day. Need to pick up hostess gifts for these parties I’m attending. I think I’ll go with wine – easy and always welcomed.

    Happy 4th all!!

  153. Ryan says:

    OCSB, what part of OC do you live in if you dont mind me asking? I lived all over in OC and I still go back over once a week

  154. Ryan says:

    I work at a grocery store.. we’ve had 1 dog randomly run in and had to be chased by a few people before they could finally catch it. Then there was another dog that these people let in their basket and it took a shit on the floor which got some people angry. They gave the owner a bag and made him clean it up :)

  155. OCSugarbaby says:

    Lisa Penelope! Clean out that closet today. haha Hiding all your Sugar stuff in there still? Enjoy your day my friend. 😉

    GinaZ & Ryan- Fellow Cali Sugars! Have a great 4th…

    SweetJez- I may have to hit you up for a piece of that Banana Bread! Yum.

    Be Safe!

    You have to love a nation that celebrates its independence every July 4, not with a parade of guns, tanks, and soldiers who file by the White House in a show of strength and muscle, but with family picnics where kids throw Frisbees, the potato salad gets iffy, and the flies die from happiness. You may think you have overeaten, but it is patriotism. ~Erma Bombeck

  156. lisa says:

    Hi OC Happy fourth of July :) California must have kinder pet laws as in Houston they would have been running her out like she was a terrorist or something. That’s what I like about Europe, they let you take your pets with you. pets behave better than children, and children are not exactly clean. lol

    Just got back from MCd’s got a cheap burger, fries and a parfait so that’s my 4th. I’m bored with mcds but it’s too hot to walk anywhere. Nothing going on here but a bunch of men sitting around the curbs drunk

  157. Sweet Jezebel says:

    Aww OC, what a story. I can just see her, leash trailing behind her all, waggy and happy. I just love a happy dog!!

    I remember goodgirl’s (was it?) story about making a doggy corner for her pooch. She even outfitted it with her dog’s portrait, at eye level – his! How hilarious is that?!

    Very excited about your work with SBs, by the way. Way to go, OC. YAY!

  158. Sweet Jezebel says:

    I apologize for just getting back to you. I took a few minutes to whip up my cake. It’s banana bread. Simple, but I love it; especially with a warm glass of (organic) milk with a dash of salt…my simple slice of heaven.

  159. OCSugarbaby says:

    Good Morning Everyone! Happy 4th of July…

    Funny story from this mornings walk with my Chocolate lab. The grocery store theme seemed fitting. I took my dog with me to walk to the store this morning at around 7am. I was just running in to return a movie right inside the front doors. So I tied her leash to the bottom of the table that was just outside the doors. She sat and I told her to be good and I will be right back. Well not 30 seconds later I look up from the DVD return box and she is waltzing thru the front doors. They opened automatically when you stand in front of them. She went running to the back of the store all happy to see people that were inside this wonderful smelling place! Yikes!
    I had to laugh; she is such a people dog. She just wanted to see why everyone was going thru those cool doors and coming out with FOOD!

  160. lisa says:

    I have bus schedules for all the buses I take but they don’t run on schedule do to the roads being all dug up everywhere around me. Also it’s hard to time yourself when you’re in a checkline as sometimes the person in front of you stalls the line and then you end up missing the bus by a few minutes. I try to go to the stop within a few minutes but half the time I end up waiting forever because they skipped a bus.

  161. lisa says:

    It’s just a regular grocery store, actually an HEB (a large Texas chain) that has market stores that are huge and they have everything. THere are samples of cheeses, sushi, meats, cake, cookies, dried fruit snacks, flavored coffees, etc. I usually spend a couple hours in there when I go grocery shopping. I used to go with my parents every week until it just got to hot to walk. My parents are elderly so they enjoyed meeting for coffee, well that is before they got mad at me). I went with my best friend last week and we had a great time sampling and hanging out. it’s a huge place not like a regular supermarket, so no one notices you being in there for hours, lol my friend is working all weekend though and will be off on the days I have to work. She gets off at 8 or 9 and then she just wants to go to dumpy bars in the neighborhood full of illegals that just want to get in your pants. I don’t drink and she’s an alcoholic that has already had a fatal accident a few years ago and killed 2 people, so although we’re best friends and she has car now, she never wants to go anywhere fun. She’s also cheap and I end up paying for her if we go to lunch or whatever. SHe’s got several thousand dollars in the bank (I thought she had spent all her money on the car but it was just the cash she had at home that she had spent, not her saving account that she saved money in while she was married and not having to pay bills. I think it would be her time to treat. She didn’t pay me for the groceries I put on my debit card last week when we went to the store. I appreciate the ride but I can’t afford to buy her groceries.

  162. Sweet Jezebel says:

    Lisa, it’s cool (no pun intended) to see that you’re still here. When I came to this country I took the bus. Interesting, yes; fun, not so much. Can you get the schedule so you time yourself to go to the stop just before the bus is scheduled to be there?

  163. Sweet Jezebel says:

    Lisa: Are you still on? If not, hope you found a way to go to the store to sample those tasty nibbles. What kind of store is this. Here in GA, my favorite store for samples is Whole Foods (Yum). I plan on baking a cake but wanted to brainstorm with you. (I don’t mean to be presumptious with my offer to brainstorm but you have to admit 72 hours is a loooooonoooogggggggggg time) 😉 Anyway, come out and play (pretty please).

    GinaZ: I love your posts, so insightful and telling. What’s on your social calendar for today? Socializing, Fireworks display?

    I have a party later then it’s off to my friend’s place in the city to watch the fireworks and more partying – it’s more like good friends (interesting people), great music and lots of laughs.

    But right now, I’m going to bake a cake. A cake – I just had this desire to have a cake. I like to have my cake and eat it 😉

  164. lisa says:

    Sweet Jezebel I’m stuck in because of the intense temperatures (103) and the bus being on holiday schedule aka one an hour. It’s too hot to walk to the store and back, 7 blocks both ways with no shade, and waiting at the mall bustop in the construction sand in the hot sun is horrible. I did it yesterday and I even had my umbrella over me but when I got home I had to strip as every item of clothing I was wearing was soaked with sweat and my hair was soaked. It’s just dangerous to be out. They changed the bus route to the mall and the bus that I used to take that had the shady shelter has been changed to go down a different street, no where near the mall. I’m bored and having nothing to do inside, bored watching movies on my tiny tv and I live barebones since I left all my possesions at my parents many years ago so I don’t have much of anything for entertainment and of course I am missing my family that hasn’t spoken to me in almost 3 weeks (including my daughter) because the want me to give up my apartment and move in with them and help pay rent. They got an eviction notice from the landlord because my mom won’t pay deposits on 2 cats, a dog, and a rabbit. I love my freedom and don’t want to be controlled by them anymore, 39 years was enough, but now they hate me.

  165. Sweet Jezebel says:

    Hi Ryan, glad to see you made it work. Eight’s not so bad. Depending on where you are, the fireworks shows should be just starting. Will you be able to get any socializing done today before work?

    Lisa, Lisa-Just ask yourself, “How can I do something fun over these three days?” “How can I get to the store for samples?” I will brainstorm with you online. Are you game?

  166. GinaZ says:

    Sweet Jez, wow great words of wisdom. Glass half full wisdom…thanks!
    Ryan -looks like you got a handle of it and I’m sure it gives you more reason to be out and proud.

  167. lisa says:

    Thanks Sweet Jezebel

    Percy is doing much better. He doesn’t fly as much as he used to. When I let him out of his box he flys up to my chair back and as soon as I put his food in, he flys back, I think he’s just lazy. How many pigeons get to live in air conditioner comfort and have their food brought to them and get bubble baths. lol

    I hope you don’t try to push my sofa, lol it is italian leather with a solid wood frame and weighs a ton and i’ve not moved it since it was delivered 4 years ago.

    Ryan my daughter has worn glasses since grade school and they’ve done all they can, nothing more can be done about her vision without surgery. I wear contacts, had bad eyesight for decades before I finally got contacts 11 years ago and they work well for me but my daughter’s eyes are still terrible. We didn’t eat right when we were kids so I guess our eyes are weak because of it.

    Well i’ve got 4 days off this week, lots time for sd meetings but two of my potentials don’t want to meet till the next week and the other one, well i’m a little reluctant because he doesn’t believe in giving cash. I need cash, not giftcards months from now. lol

  168. Ryan says:

    Happy 4th :) I work 3-8 but should be able to catch some fireworks I hope?

    And yes Gina of course it will get old. I plan on it. I hope it does. I’m half way to my bachelors in business accounting and I’m just making some extra money and having some fun along the way. I don’t plan on being a SB long term. Looks fade.

    Lisa – Wow that awful. Yea they just cut driving school my friends High School so she can’t go to it now.. I feel bad for her because I took it in high school and got my license when I was a Junior. My eyes are terrible too but I have contacts and pay for it without any insurance. Its not that expensive. But I guess if the bus works…

    Anyway so last night after i realized I double booked for Tuesday night, I got home from work to find I had no phone service at all for some reason and didn’t get any back until this morning. I think I got it worked out now though. Pushed 1 forward and pushed 1 back. Should be good.

    Anyway so last night after i realized I double booked for Tuesday night, I got home from work to find I had no phone service at all for some reason and didn’t get any back until this morning. I think I got it worked out now though. Pushed 1 forward and pushed 1 back. Should be good.

  169. Sweet Jezebel says:

    DorkyGuy: Good luck on the potential SB. I remember your very first posts when you were somewhat conflicted about this whole SD/SB thing -and look at you now. (All) our fingers are crossed for you!

    Lisa: Your contribution to the blog is invaluable and I really appreciate your wit 😉 I hope Percy has gotten over his cold. I was sending you both the very best vibes during the challenging times you were having recently 😀
    This car wrinkle is going to get straightened out – I can feel it!!

    I read somewhere that we get answers to the questions we ask but more specifically to the way we ask those questions. For example, if I ask myself, “HOW COME I CAN’T…move this sofa…find a great SD…get better grades? Whatever. The answer is going to come back as…because I’m not big enough, the sofa’s too heavy, I’m too weak. Or, there’re no good SD’s out there, they’re all fake, they live too far and so on. Do you see what happens? I find the answer to those questions.
    Now, if I ask myself, “HOW CAN I…move this sofa?” My mind is going to find the answer to this question too…
    I could push it
    I could use some furniture sliders to move it. Oh no, I don’t have any furniture sliders…Then
    HOW CAN I …get some furniture sliders? etc.-you get the idea.

    Or, just to use some general SB goals. “HOW CAN I…
    find a deserving SD?
    show my SD that I truly enjoy our times together?
    get my Graduate degree with elementary school-age kids?
    save more of my allowance?
    manage to include some mentoring in our times together?

    YIKES – Didn’t mean to make this so long – I guess I saved up all my blogging for this one time. I just had to share this and to say that using this line of questioning has changed my life tremendously and I share it with all my friends. Friends don’t let friends ask the wrong questions. 😀

  170. lisa says:

    I just got my work schedule and i’m off tomorrow, so I had a 3 day weekend. Wish I had a sugardaddy to take me somewhere.

  171. lisa says:

    I hope they don’t burn the apartments down tonight. Fireworks arent allowed in the city limits and with the draught many have been banned but where I live the people are very careless and laws mean nothing to them. I hate the sound they make when they land on the roof

  172. lisa says:

    I’m sooo bored. No one to hang out with, can’t go anywhere. I have a giftcard for panera but it’s just too hot to stand out in the 103 sun waiting for the bus that’s running off schedule. I did that yestereday and it was horrible. I would like to go to the grocery store to eat samples but it’s too hot to walk and taking the bus would be the same problem. Hot weather sucks, I can’t even got out anywhere. I wish is was monday already

  173. GinaZ says:

    Lisa, I’m still of the belief that if you really wanted to make it happen you would. No excuses. If you don’t want to, that’s fine to.

    Happy fourth everyone! Remember to stay safe:) Hi Sweet Jezebel, please join us when you can!

  174. Sweet Jezebel says:

    “God Bless the U.S.A” *chanelling Lee Greenwood*…man I love this country!!

    Happy 4th DorkyGuy, Lisa, GinaZ, Ryan, OC, Sugar family.

    I’ve been lurking at the reunions these past weeks but haven’t joined in. I’m embarrassed that I didn’t even respond to the blog topic inviting lurkers to join in (sorry Stephan) :(

  175. lisa says:

    GinaZ that would be great however in Houston I am looked down on when they find out Idon’t drive or have a car. My last boyfriend who drove a 40k car kept suggested I learn how to drive, said he’d pay for me to take a course, I agreed but he never came through and he didn’t offer a car, he still suggested that i’d need to ride with friends and walk till I could afford to buy a car. This is a guy that makes 100k a year and single.

    There are no cheap courses around me. No driving schools in my neighborhood, they’re are some across the freeway but they are expensive as that is the nice part of town. My daughter took a course at school and it costs over 300 dollars. She has no car and hasn’t driven since 2 years ago when she took the course and has since forgotton how to drive. On top of that her eyes are so bad that she coulnd’t get her license renewed. She is the first of the women in my family to learn to drive but her eyesight is keeping her from being able to get her license. it’s like a curse or something. Eye surgery is not an option as it’s too expensive and she has no insurance. So I guess having a car and driving is unattainable. To be honest I don’t put a lot of thought into it, I just accept it

  176. GinaZ says:

    Lisa if you really want to learn how to drive you can learn. there are cheapo courses, training and money shouldn’t be a deterrent, and it’s never to late:) You are on SA, maybe a new SD will chip in for a course and reward you with a car upon completion.

  177. GinaZ says:

    Ryan, please forgive me but… yes you are twenty, and the numbers “game” is a game. How much, how many, an acting gig, but eventually that will get old, you will get older and want a bit more. And I sense you will want more, you yourself said it before.
    But it’s kind of sad actually. The older gay SD who hides his being gay from his family, his wife, and the younger SB who doesn’t care if there’s “connection.”

    The date: Maybe SD is better. Went on a date with a rather wealthy guy [two hours late] showing off his new car, and turned into an alpha male, argumentative libertarian who all he wanted to do at dinner was argue [talk at me] politics. Oh well sushi was good anyway:)

  178. lisa says:

    Good morning everyone
    Sorry you have to work today gurlnextdoor, that’s retail I’m off today but have nothing to do and nowhere to go so it will be a wasted day. my best friend is working all day and since the store is open reg hours, when she gets off ,i’ll be going to bed. I remember having to go the park a day early or the day after on most holidays because I was working on the actual holiday.

    Ryan I never learned to drive for alot of reasons I guess. Mainly because I could never afford a car. I was going to take drivers ed in highschool but had to be 15 by sept to be able to enroll, and my birthday is in november so that knocked me out my freshman year and the next year when I would have been eligible, the school eliminated the course. I had an ex boyfriend that was going to send me to drivers ed but he never did. I’d like to learn how to drive but I havne’t got the money and without I had a car, it would be useless. I’d probably run over everyone anyway so maybe i’m saving lives, lol

    gotta hit the shower now. Hope everyone is having a great day. I’m already bored

  179. gurlnextdoor says:

    Argh! I have work today from 10:30am-8:30pm. :( I’m gonna miss the whole day, but on a good note I get paid almost double. :) Oh and I have a date set up for when I get back from being out of town next week! Anyway, gotta go, happy 4th of July all my American Sugar Babies and Daddies. And just have a good day everyone else.

  180. gurlnextdoor says:

    How can a Sugar Daddy can help a Sugar Baby become more independent?
    Give their SB mentoring and financial assistance in something that will eventually help them in the longterm to become more independent. (ex. help with starting their own business, college assistance, etc)

    Do Sugar Daddies prefer Sugar Babies that don’t want to depend on them?
    Most do, or claim to do so. But I don’t see how a SD could want a SB to be at his every beck and call or want them to be able to travel at short notice all the time without their SB having to depend on them. I mean, if a SB has a job, jobs require schedules and usually these schedules aren’t so flexible as to where they can just call off work and go on vacation for a couple of days at a time. That’s just my opinion.

    How does a Sugar Baby help a Sugar Daddy stay or become independent?
    Give him space. Most people have lives that are separate from the sugar lifestyle, and so giving each other space helps to facilitate both parties staying somewhat independent.

  181. Ryan says:

    well mayb if he was like younger than.. 30-35 at the oldest i could try to have a real relationship. I’m only 20 after all. I wouldn’t be wanting to have a real relationship with like my 47 year old daddy.

  182. Ryan says:

    Uhg had to work 1-9.

    Lisa – where do you live that you have never had to learn to drive a car?

    Gina – It is a numbers game for me. I don’t want any of these to develop into a real relationship. I don’t care if there’s a “connection” as long as he thinks there is. Acting is fun and profitable.

    So I accidently double booked daddies tuesday night… one for dinner in OC and one for.. well.. not dinner at the same time an hour away. Is cloning possible yet? Oh and I get to take my other SD’s jag to L.A. on wednesday to visit my friend who just moved there :)

  183. lisa says:

    I remember when we were together and they still had a car, we used to go to the park and barbecue, hot dogs, hamburgers, pickles, chips, etc it was nice.

  184. lisa says:

    I’m dreading tomorrow. It’s going to be sooo boring and i’m stuck inside all day. No place to go as buses are on sunday schedule which means once an hour and it’s too hot to walk anywhere. It was 103 today. My best friend is working all day and by the time she gets off work and gets home, I will be going to bed. Family is still distant. We were supposed to do something for the 4th but then the argument came up.

  185. lisa says:

    I use change to get my coffee at work everyday. I drink coffee before I leave but need another cup at work. We don’t have free coffee in the breakroom so you gotta buy it. The rest of my change goes for laundry.

  186. NYC SB says:

    haha lisa… its ok i didnt like him too much anyways

    have you tried putting away change?

  187. lisa says:

    Sorry about your date NYC SB that sucks. odd he wanted to meet at 5 and then he couldn’t even make it at 630. The man downstairs has fire up the bbq grill, you wanna toss your date on the grill? lol

  188. lisa says:

    I didn’t buy anything and like I said before I can’t save a little at a time, never been able to. If I have a lump sum I can but putting two dollars here and there, I can’t do

  189. NYC SB says:

    Here is why NYC SB prefers sugar dating to real dating: Was supposed to meet with a guy in his mid 20’s for dinner last night. Well he wanted to meet at 5pm (WHO IN NYC GETS OUT OF WORK AT THAT TIME???) so I asked him if we can meet later. He says ok 6:30pm… then at 615 he tells me he is stuck at work and cant meet…. ummm first off thats RUDE and it just goes to show you how inconsiderate some men are (especially young men).

    sorry guys had to vent

  190. NYC SB says:

    lisa – step away from purcashing things! SAVE YOUR MONEY!!!

  191. lisa says:

    ok i’m looking at a skirt on ebay and the seller’s name has “fireprotection ” in it and a firetruck just went down my street, is this a sign?

  192. Stiletto says:

    Coming out of lurk mode to say happy holidays! Be safe everyone :)

  193. lisa says:

    Of course I now live around mostly hispanics that hate the US except for what they can get for free. They have torn down the flag from the flag pole in front of my apartments several times and there are too many Mexican flags flying in my neighborhood.

  194. lisa says:

    Most young people join the military today to get money for college and then they complain when they have to serve. My dad who served in ww2 and my uncles who served in ww2 and Korea didnt’ get college money, they went because it was their duty

  195. DorkyGuy says:

    Storm, I agree with ya… The importance of this day and Memorial Day are lost on many, but for me are very important.

    The sacrifices made by those who came before us so that we can have basic liberty are astonishing. We should do everything we can to protect it, and must always cherish it!

  196. lisa says:

    There’s no country as great as the United States. Sorry Canada, i’ve been there once and it’s brrrrh cold in August. The European countries are great but they charge you to use the bathroom and for ketchup, every little thing.

  197. lisa says:

    our flea markets suck here too. I remember going to the covent garden market in London and finding lotsa neat things. In Houston our flea markets are almost always inside closed department stores and are 99.99 percent hispanic, loud music, kids running everywhere,no manners, etc and all there is is a bunch of weekend dollar stores enclosed in the building, dollar junk being sold for a dollar, nothing interesting. We have one fruit market but it’s on the other side of town and not accessible by bus and you couldn’t carry a bunch of heavy fruit anyway. Houston is sucky for a big city. We don’t even have street vendors selling hot dogs or newspapers, nothing

  198. GinaZ says:

    DG I really appreciate the sentiments of your last paragraph. and based on what I know and have learned in life yes, your words ring true. Good luck on your pot SB, hope sparks fly and good vibes ricochet off the walls:)

  199. Stormcat says:

    Coming out of lurk mode
    Hi everyone Happy July 4th. I’m a bit of a sappy patriot and I always have a serious reflection about myself and my country on this day. It is a humbling experience for me as I reflect about the sacrifices of others and compare that with my own. I invite all to drink a toast to the USA on the eve of its birthday. I also propose a toast to our neighbors to the north as they were on July 1 also celebrating the birthday of their country. Happy birthday Canada!

  200. lisa says:

    This guy has no picture but gave me his email to send more pics even though I have 10 on my profile. 100 an hour is quesitonable depending on if that including outings and companionship. I spent about 3 hours with my last sd on our last 3 dates but this guy sounds lke he’s just looking for sex and that’s an hour thing if you don’t include talking, dinner, etc which I don’t think he was looking for.

  201. DC says:

    Good luck on your sugar date DG!

    I am addicted to Goodwill. The Goodwills in Seattle are awesome.
    Lisa- the $100 an hour audition guy is in Seattle. He’s the guy that claimed to be worth 50 million and gave me $20 for gas on our coffee date I guess to impress me. He was offering 3K a month for 3 visits but I would not be with him for 3 times that amount

  202. lisa says:

    OC can you please drop of a spoonful of that triple chocolate chip in my coffee

  203. OCSugarbaby says:

    Very well said DG! I will always share my pint of triple chocolate chip…

  204. DorkyGuy says:

    Well, meeting a SB pot early next week… crossing my fingers :) Going to answer the OP based on what I’m looking for.

    How can a Sugar Daddy can help a Sugar Baby become more independent?

    A million different ways… The most important thing a SD can pass to a SB is his world view. Teaching her to see the world, work, opportunities, challenges, self-education, and money from a very different perspective than most people do. If she can learn from him the attitudes that have made him successful, there’s no stopping her!

    Do Sugar Daddies prefer Sugar Babies that don’t want to depend on them?

    It seems like it’s almost inevitable that most SBs will start out dependant on the SD… but my goal is to help her gain independence as quickly as possible, and hopefully the SD/SB relationship will be rewarding enough for her that she’ll continue even after she doesn’t “have to”.

    How does a Sugar Baby help a Sugar Daddy stay or become independant?

    This question is the real reason I wanted to answer the OP.

    Many guys don’t tend to admit the wounds they carry with them from slaying dragons in the day to day world. We’re way too macho for that.

    The wounds are from strained relationships, struggling business, pending deadlines, difficult employees, and stress piling on from all directions at once.

    Women handle the stress from challenges like these in a much more healthy way than men do. They gab to their friends, form support groups, and spend the night watching TV with a bucket of ice cream. Women process it naturally.

    By contrast, when the world is cruel to men, we tend to internalize it, “stuff it”, and deal with it “on our own”… which often means not at all.

    I think most women have no idea the incredibly power they have to heal a man’s soul with her affection.

    If a SB can provide a man with her affection without adding to his life the strains of a LTR, she really is making him independant in all other respects. She is contributing more to his life than she may know.

    Yeah, I know… not all men are like this, but many more men than will admit it are. Any man who has lived long in an affectionless marriage can attest to it.

    Just my two bits :)

  205. OCSugarbaby says:

    Miss Gina! Have fun tonight. Oh I love sushi. Lucky you! Sugar Sprinkles shared with GinaZ…. Enjoy my sugar sista enjoy. ~OC

  206. lisa says:

    I am so glad my daughter is 18 as I worried that my ex would take her to the middle east and i’d never see her again. He could have legally taken her every july for a month but luckily he lost interest right away and only seen her 3 times, not since she was 2 years old. I never dreamed that my mom would be the one that would take her away (through brainwashing). We never had that mother/daughter time that I had with my mom as I couldn’t get away from my mom and my daughter would not move in with me when I moved out.

    The goodwill near me has only junk because of the neighborhood I guess. If it’s a good area there are probably rich people who donate but over here it’s all junk as these people buy junk to begin with. the salvation army store had some nice furniture when I first moved and at great prices. They had a beautiful sectional jade leather sofa and some glass tables at a very good price 300 for the sofa and the tables were 30 dollars each and they had that clay base on them but since they don’t deliver and I had no car and they don’t hold stuff more than 24 hours I couldn’t get anything and ended up paying alot more for me stuff.

  207. GinaZ says:

    Thanks Lisa and DC for the good vibes. Feel better already.

    DC, I am in that place, even though I still have to deal with the ex. Ten more years (sigh) Wow you and I are a lot alike, I shop at Goodwill too. Once I found a pair of $500 Chanel sandals for $2. I’m also a gift giver, (yes even to my SD) and love to get those as well.

    Soon I will be feasting on Sushi, yum!

    Got another email from my pot SD who is flying in. He said he got lucky finding me and he’s looking forward to fun and laughter! He did mention the “S” word (shopping:) but I suppose that’s as a good a place as any to begin.

  208. lisa says:

    ok I just got an email and a guy is requesting more pictures even though I have 10 posted. He is offering me a part time job at 100 dollars an hour, lol Sounds like a cheapskate, lol Maybe he is that guy you talked about DC he’s on 4me.

  209. lisa says:

    my mom is very controlling. It’s ironic that I was married to a Muslim man for several years and he wasn’t at all controlling, whereas my mom is the opposite. There is alot of that where I live though as the hispanic culture seems to have alot of it. One of my neighbor’s has a daughter that is in her 30’s, never married, no kids, no life of her own, lives with mom and works long hours. Her mom was in the store yesterday and we were chatting. It seems the daughter has met a nice wealthy man who works at the place she does and they are dating. She is having to make up excuses for not being at home when her brother whom doesn’t live with them comes by to visit or calls and she’s not there. Her mother says they wouldnt’ dare tell the brother that his sister is dating as he would get furious and probably beat the pulp out of the guy. But this happens in other cultures, the woman can work and pay the bills but if they do something they want to do, the men get angry

  210. DC says:


    I’ve never had a real controlling man in my life but I’ve certainly had a lot of assholes. As soon as I got my self esteem back I started to give the guys a chance that I used to overlook because they weren’t edgy enough and as a result I have found someone who is wonderful and treats me so good.

    Sounds like you are in the same place and good for you. Thinking positive thoughts for you. Hope you have a great date!

    And I agree about the bags. When I want a new bag I go to Goodwill and get the $100 bag that was in the rich gals closet for $4.99. But I agree with OC. The best gifts are the thoughtful ones.

  211. lisa says:

    Sending you good vibes GinaZ

    I hate controlling men too. I don’t have a controlling man, I had a controlling mom and the control thing needs to be tossed in the trashbin

    Have a good date tonight.

  212. GinaZ says:

    Trying to stay positive. (Think happy thoughts, think happy thoughts)
    My controlling ex called (my baby daddy) and wanted to be…controlling. I called him an a**hole. It just came out, I feel crappy. I don’t like controlling men. Controlling men and me don’t get along. I’m going on a date tonight (real). Hoping to hear a little sugar love from my peeps as I feel kind of yucky:(

  213. lisa says:

    those flake sds seem to desolve when you turn the heat up

  214. lisa says:

    too much aspertame going on here, lol

  215. OCSugarbaby says:

    Too Funny: Sugar Fun-ism’s for the day…

    SuperDaddy or SuperBaby= Know their roles and make the sugar pure as the driven snow.

    SugarDaddy or SugarBaby= Trying out their skills and learning along the way. Both take direction well, and strive to reach Super Status.

    Pot SD or Pot SB= Sugars in communication, comes in flake form but can be mixed with a little bit of honey to make it to the next level of SugarDaddy or SugarBaby.

    Aspertame= Just crap, not real at all. Will never reach any Sugar level other than BLOCKEDSugar.


  216. lisa says:

    OC I had a great boyfriend that wanted me to move with him when he bought a new house, then a few months later right before he got the house he dumped me. Now he has his daughters and all their kids living with him so i’m not sure what woman would want to move in with a 58 year old man and 6 other people. Anyway he contacted me a couple weeks back wanted a bootycall relationship, and has since gotten lost :)

    My last sd was great although he wasn’t looking for a wife and we shared views and ideas but I guess I must have scared him off when I offered intimacy on the 4th date. I thought he was hinting at it but apparantly not. He was talking about me coming over to sit in the hot tub in the summer, then we were intimate and he left right away. He wasn’t very good, maybe he felt embarrassed, lol

  217. lisa says:

    I reinvented myself twice, after my husband left me pregnant, ended up spending the next 14 years living with my family. 4 years ago I walked out on my own for the first time in my life, been through some rough times, have been in and out of grace with my family, right now they are not speaking to me because I won’t move with them. I’ve had some hard times but i’m having some great times and if I was living back with them, my days on the blog would be over and I’d be a prisoner again.

    I want that pink Versace handbag that costs 2800 dollars. I’d settle for another Louis vuitton though, lol actually I need a flat screen tv, not expensive, just 200 dollars or so and hoping to get one from my next sd. My little tv is almost 4 and only costed 69 dollars so it’ll go out soon.

  218. OCSugarbaby says:

    Hello Miss Gail! Oh tell us about the undies! Fun undies for a sexy SD date make me go WeeeeHeeeee…

    Lisa, We need to find you a SuperDaddy. One that will not only come to the first date with a small gift, but one that genuinely wants to make your quality of live better.

    Gina, girl how do you do it all? SuperSB GinaZ!

    Hello ChiBaby, you sound like a girl that has her head on straight. Your independence will get you places. The balance between school, your sugar and immersing yourself in your new city will be key. Yes, the right SD will and can make it fun. Love your positivistic attitude!

  219. Gail says:

    GinaZ-A Gucci bag is not just a bag….it makes me go Weeeee too!!!!

    I have reinvented my self 2 times in my lifetime…very challenging, yet exciting times. Wishing you the best in your SD search.

    OCSugar….where did you go : ) just wanted to say Hello sunshine!!!!

  220. lisa says:

    My best friend’s favorite colors are beige and tan, how boring
    I like bright colors.

  221. lisa says:

    Oops I think lisa needs a new handbag, only bought 4 this year

  222. lisa says:

    I like to think of the BAG as the main focus and I’m just attached to it, lol

  223. lisa says:

    A car would be a great help to me and i’d have a reason to learn how to drive if I actually had something to drive. But I know that finding a sugardaddy to buy me a car is unrealistic so i’m stuck on the bus which is ok but in this hot weather it sucks. More reason for me to want a gift on the first meet as afterall is it worth standing at the hot busstop, meeting a guy for coffee and then standing out in the hot sun at the mall (they took away the bus shelter a year ago to make more room for road widening) waiting for a bus that is always late, getting soaked with sweat, etc?

    If I had a car, I could bargain shop and get the sodas when they on sale rather that pay full price for one case. I could also wear heels again which I haven’t worn in ages as I can’t walk blocks down my street in heels.

  224. GinaZ says:

    OCSB it’s all good. no interest in being a Bag Lady, would love new purse though:) I think if you read though all my emails you would get some idea about me. My situation may be different then yours, I’m a single mom, a FT student, completely reinventing herself. My goals are realistic, but I’m a dreamer. I was speaking for those on the blog, SB’s who don’t have the car or the job, and the topic of the thread was what can a SD do to help make a SB more independent. And a bag. Well a bag is a bag to put things in.

  225. lisa says:

    Ok they just said spending 4 dollars for coffee is stupid, i’m gonna kill them now

  226. ChiBaby says:

    Q – How can a Sugar Daddy can help a Sugar Baby become more independent?

    A – In my case, as I’m a student that is moving to a big city in the fall to attend a new university. It’ll be the first time I’ve lived on my own in my own apartment. If an SD can help me in that transition with a new apartment, tuition assistance to get me started in my new life on my own and becoming independent for the first time that would be fabulous. Or having an SD help me with paying down the small amount of credit card debit I stupidly accumulated a couple years ago so I can be more financial independent as well. Also mentoring – maybe how to deal with finances better, etc. All those things would be helpful for me in the transition of becoming more independent.

    Q – Do Sugar Daddies prefer Sugar Babies that don’t want to depend on them?

    A – I wouldn’t want to depend solely on my SD, but as a full-time student my only income is from student loans for school. If I had a career, at that stage in my life, being an SB I wouldn’t want to depend on my SD completely. And even as a student, I’m very independent but maybe not as much as I would like financially. But having an SD willing to help me pay for school, pay off my debt, or mentor me in my finances. And occasional spoiling too.

    Q – How does a Sugar Baby help a Sugar Daddy stay or become independent?

    A – If an SD is a workaholic, I think an SB can pull him a little bit out of that work mode and be more independent from work. Give him more of a social life, in the case of a single SD. And as an SB, we’re here to provide relaxation, fun, NSA-type relationship.

  227. lisa says:

    I haven’t been to Cali since 1973, I was 7, lol my mom used to go every year so i’ve been 4 times 70, 71, 72, 73 but then when we moved from Chicago to Texas, she got her warm weather and we didin’t go to Cali anymore. We stayed at the Hollywood Roosevelt in Hollywood. We went to san fran, san diego, Sacramento, Bev hills, etc, etc I can’t really remember it much.

  228. lisa says:

    just got the new issue of woman’s day (one of about 20 magazines I get for free) and on the front page “live well on less” and “satop spending on stupid stuff” why do I fee this is geared towards me? what’s stupid about having two dozen purses?

  229. Gail says:

    Lisa-You make me chuckle all the time : ) One day you will go on vacation….use your oversize purse….and escape from the city limits of Houston. No worries, about where you will go, because are welcome to visit me in Calif anytime : )

  230. lisa says:

    Was that you I saw Gail? Yes I think it was, or no was it me when my lover came over this morning??
    I have two new purses so that makes 6 oversized purses for me. I don’t know where I will use them because we can’t have large purses at my job.
    Got my paycheck yesterday and most of it is going to txu for my electric bill, 143 dollars , yuck :( and summer in Texas will run another 4 months

  231. Gail says:

    I put my new pretty, sexy, cute, underwear and bra on….looked in the mirror and had an OC moment…..Weeeeeee!!!!

    I stopped at Subway and picked up a Spicy Italian Footlong sandwich…paid for it with the sugar from my SD….Weeeeee!!!!

    Better yet…I deposited my paycheck in the bank today…Weeeee!!!!

    Yes, Yes, Yes!!!! I love the Icing, Sprinkles and Sugar that is available and everything that I work hard for : ) Life is good, and life is what you make it : )

  232. lisa says:

    Hello Stephan :)

  233. OCSugarbaby says:

    Hola Mi Amigo Stephan! ¿Como está Usted? Love the new topic. You are so creative! ~OC

  234. OCSugarbaby says:

    Gina, you can make this experience ANY thing you want. Just have a very clear understanding of what exactly that is. If it is a car, better apartment, investments, school or whatever you have on your goal list, can ONLY be obtained with YOUR drive and mindset.

    The SD can profide the allowance, but are you searching with $$? Are you looking for the right one or are you settling for the first one that comes along? I am sure you are looking for chemistry and longevity. Who isn’t. Make sure of the qualities that you would like in a SD are flexible. This goes for SD’s searching for SB’s was well. You may look right past someone wonderful. Think out of the box.

    I understand what it is like to lose a job. I was layed off twice in the last 5 years. I moved out to California without a job and lived off my very meager savings until I found a job. Sheer determination and the will to make this my home (and I think the grace of God). I was down to the last few hundred dollars and could not give up. Lets not every talk about being in a city with zero friends or family to fall back on. I took three part time jobs until I got THE job of my dreams. Giving up was not an option. I am sure you feel that every day with having kids.

    Guilt? Yes, I fight with that all the time. I would never buy a GUCCI purse for myself, ever!

  235. Stephan says:

    going off lurke mode to say hello to everyone; OC, Lisa, Gina, Ryan, Michael, NYC SB, Dorky Guy & Mi$$Y.

  236. lisa says:

    OC the collectors have been calling me for over 2 years and used to threaten to sue me all the time. I have a nice form letter typed up that I did back when I was struggling and it seemed to work but I still get those calls. I ignore them but back in February when my mom stayed at my apartment one day to wait for my computer to be delivered, I had to leave the phone on so they could call being that my apartment number was not on my order but luckily the ups guy knows me. My mom answered the phone to all my creditors and pretended to me. After that they think they have actually talked to me recently so they started up again. I know they can’t freeze my accouont without going to court but I always take caution,the minute the money goes in the bank, I pay the bills.

    I agree gifts won’t help if we need money. I had two wonderful shoppping trips with sds last year when I was out of work. Great stuff but I came home to an empty fridge and was eating rice and beans from the food bank, a cash gift would have helped me more. I know next time if i’m ever without food and a sd takes me shopping, I will stop in and get a couple boxes of godivas so at least i’ll have something to eat for dinner, lol

  237. OCSugarbaby says:

    Lisa Penelope, those are fine goals. Maybe we can figure out a way to help you save when you get your next SD. Maybe an allowance of your allowance. I am still not sure why you can’t have a bank account. The creditors will take your money from your bank account? Not sure if that is possible. Maybe someone can shed some light on that little issue for us.
    Now, now lets not beat on the SD’s today. There are so many different SB’s and SD’s we need to just find the one that fits our ideal make up.
    I would like to see your first goal to find and SD, second goal have two months rent saved away, goal three find a way to move ( I know it is a big one). Where there is a will there is a WAY.
    Anything is possible. We both know that you can’t live in a GUCCI or Versace purse. That would make us BAG ladies!!!!

    DC- I am so excited for you! I can’t wait until your pot SD returns from vacation either. So excited for you.

    I met some awesome SB’s via my posting about mentoring a few blogs back. We made some great progress with their profiles and search technique. Not to mention they are DROP dead gorgeous and well educated. One is on her way educationally, they will find wonderful SD’s in NO time I am sure.

  238. GinaZ says:

    Lisa, sweetie it can happen. Married to a wonderful man living in a hirise in Chicago, why not!

  239. GinaZ says:

    OCSB, it’s all good. I totally hear you, and have a great deal of respect for you based on your positive, and being the good natured person that you are. I guess what I was trying to get back on topic with the SB being more independent. For some of us who are having a hard time, maybe we don’t have the career, or a good job, going to school, a single parent, no transport, the gifts without the support, or mentoring, allowance, aren’t going to propel us forward. I would love to be in the place you’re in actually, where I can enjoy the icing without guilt. but in my situation if all I got were gifts I’d probably go back to the store and get the refund because I need to pay my light bill, or buy my son anew pair of shoes, or save for a rainy day.

    OCSB you are awesome BTW! I hope to be as you are soon:) But I am starting in that mode by joining the gym, getting a facial, pampering myself and not feeling guilty about it.

  240. lisa says:

    ok one of my potentials is a long shot as he’s currently in Europe ( didn’t mention this till now) and will be in South America all next week. I don’t have alot of faith in these that take forever to meet, never met one yet.
    The second one is busy with his mom for the next week and mentioned us meeting the week after next.
    The third is a guy i’ve talked to before that can’t spell. He checks out on google but I wonder how he does business with all his misspelled words.

  241. lisa says:

    Hi OC

    I feel like getting one of the sds that think they can buy you one little thing and that makes them a sugardaddy. I feel like saying ok let’s just go to the one store and get one thing and i’ll be yours. lol of course that would be the 2800 dollar versace handbag, lol

    My financial goals are to have a couple months’ bill money saved. I need a sd to help me with that as I cannot save money, never been able to save a little, if I get it all in one lump, I can save it. I can’t keep money in the bank because I have collection agencies threatening me so I need to be able to keep it at home. I only need a couple thousand to be secure for two months should I find myself out of work like I did last August, so that’s my short term financiall goals. Long term would be to find a wonderful man , get married, and live in a highrise over looking Chicago, that won’t happen though.

  242. OCSugarbaby says:

    Miss Gina, I was just messing around. I DO love shopping and CAN pay my bills. However I have set short, mid and long term financial goals and plan on meeting and exceeding them all. I am very financially savvy. But I love gifts as my “sprinkles” to know me is to know what makes OC go Weeeeeeeeee! Ok, I meant in regards to shopping/gifts. A well thought out gift, from an SD that takes the time to really get to know me just BLOWS me away with the Awwwwh factor.
    I am a girl who knows what she wants and needs from this arrangement.
    I need chemistry, friendship, respect, adoration and a man who can tap his inner child like behavior. One side of my child like behavior is the love of a shiny new GUCCI handbag. I would never spoil myself with that type of indulgence…But my inner child goes Weeeeeeeee ! ~OC

  243. lisa says:

    Good afternoon everyone. Back from the mall and almost melting during my 30 minute wait in the hot sun at the bus stop. Stupid buses are running on the sunday schedule because of the holiday. The holiday isn’t till tomorrow, don’t they know that??

    I walked around not finding anything I wanted. Saw some nice curtains but they were too expensive. I was getting ready to leave and decided to go into Aldo as they were having a sale and the place was full. I got two nice big handbags at a great price. A red one and a aqua one. Didn’t need anymore handbags but I wanted them. lol The guy that waited on me would make a great male sb as he was adorable, very gay, but adorable I should have suggested the sight to him, lol

    I am still waiting to here back from the two potentials.

  244. GinaZ says:

    OCSB, I’d love to be financially solvent, that shopping were enough. But alas, the independence for me comes more from the mentoring and the extra financial help, or tuition help I get from a SD, the shopping is icing atop the sugar cake. But it sounds fun, and I hope to join you or be as you are one day soon:)

  245. OCSugarBaby says:

    Shopping makes OC happy! I am OC and I am a SB Shop-a-holic. No twelve step necessary, I got it under control. I have a great career that pays all of my bills just fine. The spoils of shopping just put the sprinkles on my cupcake! ~OC

  246. DC says:

    Hey Gina-

    Congrats on the pot SD and have fun on your date.

    I found my current boyfriend around the same time I started sugar dating. I am falling for my boyfriend and it’s gonna be hard to have the SD on the side as I know it bugs my BF but he does understand I need the support and he can’t quite give that to me right now.

  247. GinaZ says:

    Thanks DC for the compliment!

    Going back to the first question: A SD can help make a SB more independent, with encouraging her/his goals, or maybe in place of “shopping” an allowance, or investing in tuition, or helping start a business. Shopping in and of itself is nice on occasion, but it may feed the entitlement side, or dependence. But yes, being spoiled is nice, especially when it’s not expected.

    I like the “dinner”, the connection, the human connection, the intimacy, and being appreciated for more than being anatomically correct, or arm candy. Heck you can always get a blow up doll or rent a escort by the hour. The SB/SD thing is more than that.
    And it’s not all numbers, how many how much. I think if we allow ourselves SB’s and SD’s to be more open we will get so much more. Just find someone who appreciates you, not uses you for your body or your money. That’s just empty.

    Many pot in the talk/.email/text stage. Fortunately at least one is more definite. Booked his flight to see me, knows I want an arrangement, is a very nice man, interesting and interested in me, and has already deleted his profile on SA. That’s next Saturday, so yes finally, something! Tonight I’m going on a real date, sushi, so will see.

  248. Ryan says:

    I agree DC. If all im getting from a “SD” is dinners then I don’t have anything to lose by mentioning that I’m going to be needing cash because I don’t really give a rats ass about going out to dinner.

    NYC SB – 1 is all you need? hellll no. dont listen to her lisa! haha. you need multiple if you want to make some money. get it girl

  249. DC says:

    I had that issue with my pot SD when we first met. How to assure him that I REALLY did like him and would be with him even if there wasn’t an arrangement. But for my own protection I had to spell out very clearly what I needed from him. I’m the kind of person that if I liked someone over time I would just see them without any compensation and I can’t afford to do that now.

    So sometimes you have to risk offending them to get your needs taken care of. But if they are at this site they should have some idea that an allowance is expected and not just flowers and nice dinners since most SBs profiles do mention an amount. If you put that it’s negotiable they may think that you are not seeking an allowance.

    But I agree…SA would be doing us all a service to somehow clarify that but they may not be able to do that for legal reasons.

  250. NYC SB says:

    Well in my experience – how much you earn has nothing to do with your generosity. I see guys making $1m+ and they will offer you 1k per month… can this person afford more? ABSOLUTELY but he does not want to 😀

    yes CB i agree … also SA as part of their user agreement should have an acknowledgement of what an SD/SB relationship is lol… i know i know far fetched!

  251. Silkthacat says:

    Well I noticed with SD is that some are looking for people they have nothing in common with. Alot of times guys with money never throw down actual cash. You may just only get a nice dinner. So get offended if you meantion money. It’s a delicated dance you must do not to hurt the SD’s feelings. The most important thing you must do is make them feel young, and secure. Jealousy issues can totally screw up your game.

  252. lisa says:

    Hi DC, Creme, everyone I don’t know about the definitions on SA but I don’t like how SD4 has taken off the part about assistance the sd can afford and the amount sb wants, they took that part off.

    Gotta go now as fried pickles and chicken tenders are calling me

  253. CrèmeBruléeNY says:

    Hello Sugaroids.. Curious, does anyone else think the definitions of SD & SB offered on SA’s homepage need some work? I do NOT like.

  254. DC says:

    Mornin everyone!

    GinaZ- I like your style!

    My pot SD is back from vacation next week. Hope he didn’t forget about me !!

    Hope everyone has a lovely fourth.

  255. lisa says:

    Hi NYC SB

    My lover just left, a very nice morning :) I wish I could turn him into a sd but that will never happen.
    Getting ready to go the mall for some lunch and very lite shopping (I have 50 dollars :(). Miss my family today as before we got into the argument we were going to go to the big bookstore today and have coffee and hang out and go to lunch. I saw my daughter at the busstop across the street from the bus stop I was at (we both go in opposite directions to work) and she didn’t even look at me :(

    Yes hoping the potentials will lead to something next week. One is a guy that I talked to a month ago and I don’t know as his typing is horrible and he’s supposed to be a professional (I googled him and he checked out but how can he conduct business when he doesn’t know how to spell?) His profile says he doesn’t give cash so I told him upfront I dont’ do prepaid cards ( no one should accept those as anyone can come into a store and steal them and not put any money on them so they;re are useless and if a man ever gave you one you gotta get on the phone and check the balance as it might be 0. Anyway I was very upfront with him because he’s one of those is upfront and I don’t really care if he gets scared away or not, if he doesn’t then he knows what I expect. You see when I use my bus money to meet a potential, that keeps me from going anywhere else that day as it costs every time I get on as we have no day passes here and I can only afford to pay for one round trip a day.

    Going out to the mall now. Have a good afternoon everyone

  256. NYC SB says:

    Lisa… I hope one of them does… thats all it takes!

  257. lisa says:

    Good morning everyone

    Another hot day in Texas. My lover is coming over in a few hours and then I’m going to the mall to do some lite shopping.

    Even in the money doesn’t run out for the sds, they will get older and their health will fail and many will develop undesirable health issues and won’t be able to find a pretty woman anywhere. No sb wants to get involved with a man with an ostomy bag or wearing depend undergarmets, lol. I know of a young man in his 30’s that got colon cancer and had to have an ostomy. He is lucky that he has been married for over 10 years and has a wife and family as I cannot imagine him trying to date and have intimate relationships when he has to tell the person he has a poop bag attached to his chest. Any yes the money can run out, life can be long and unexpected expenses can take everything you have.

    I got an email from a potential that wants to meet for lunch some time. I’ve had alot of potentials lately so it’s time for one to come through

  258. NYC SB says:

    soon enough one pack of gum will be $1,000,000 :) cannot wait!


  259. GinaZ says:

    Money is money, but love, tenderness, laughter.
    Just thinking out loud.
    Still looking for my SD, are you out there?
    Ready to give and receive a little sugar.
    (thought I’d put it out there into the universe)
    This Cali girl is alive and well, glass half full, and doin’ the happy dance;)
    I’m real.
    Sweet dreams

  260. GinaZ says:

    Michael thanks for the post, your honesty! Dorky Guy, yeah, pretty soon we will be trading in monopoly money at the rate we’re going;)

    My best experience with a SD was a the perfect gentlemen, single, 50’s, an investor, hedge funds, real estate, precious metals. I learned a lot from him. I think I gave him a bit of excitement and we had fun together. I invested some of the allowance, enough that the investment payed off later for that rainy day when I needed it. Because of that wonderful experience I’m looking for someone, similar, different, where the physical is one dimension, but not all. For a SB the money will run out if all you do is spend and buy Prada bags. Nice to have, but remember to invest in yourself, and find a SD who will be good for you.

  261. Michael - SD says:

    Lisa and Gina,

    My post could be interpreted as being rude or heavy handed, but I think both of you have the idea I was after. Whether it is a cash cushion of two months of living expenses, a good car to get to work, some computer courses so the boss will give you a raise in pay, I think the SB has to tailor the goals to their reality. Cause GinaZ is right, the money will run out one day.

    And DorkyGuy – luv your comment on the money piling up! Maybe it will bury us!

  262. DorkyGuy says:

    GinaZ… The money’s gonna run out one day? :-O I choose not to believe it!

    Besides… if our government keeps printing money the way it currently is trending, we’ll all be up to our noses in money before long. 😛

  263. Michael - SD says:

    To all my neighbours in the USA, have a great Independence Day. I hope everyone has some fun, and hopefully some sugar…


  264. Michael - SD says:


    How can a Sugar Daddy help a Sugar Baby become more independent?

    Well, in my case I would be willing to mentor any SB I develop an arrangement with. BUT, my mentoring would be focused on investing etc which is where I am successful. IF the SB is not that kind of man, he will be utterly baffled by it. Not to slag any SB, but it took me quite a few years to develop the skills I have now – I am not the smartest man, but I think it fair to say I am not dense. My perception is “some” SB may not realize how difficult it can be to have major success in an endeavour (investing, acting, writing, etc etc) it won’t happen over night. I think an SB who wisely plans, can get a significant leg up towards more long term goals. My advice for any SB would be to set short and longer term goals of what to get out of any arrangement.

    Do Sugar Daddies prefer Sugar Babies that don’t want to depend on them?

    I would prefer independent, as I just do not have time to deal with drama queens. I’ve dated men younger than me, and they were the junior executives etc, and it was fun, altho admittedly not SB. Then again I have always marched to the sound of a different drummer, I am a lone wolf who does his own thing, with only a small cluster of good friends. So far I am not set up with a SB.

    How does a Sugar Baby help a Sugar Daddy stay or become independant?

    I am not sure I have an answer for this one. If I think of something, will come back.

  265. GinaZ says:

    Q-How can a Sugar Daddy can help a Sugar Baby become more independent?
    A-Mentor, guide, encourage, less shopping and more saving for a rainy day (sorry girl/guys)

    Q-Do Sugar Daddies prefer Sugar Babies that don’t want to depend on them?
    A-That depends. I think some SD would say no, but often change their minds. Maybe they develop feelings. Money does have a controlling element or is a factor, even for the wives.Or for the SD who does not want to leave the family. lose his house, his kids and so on.

    Q-How does a Sugar Baby help a Sugar Daddy stay or become independent?
    A-This can sometimes be what keeps them in the marriage, stay sane, allows for something they do not get already. On the flip side it may create the illusion that one does not need a significant other, if single and be the eternal bachelor. Though eventually, when the money runs out… they’re in for a rude awakening.

  266. Mi$$y says:

    Couldn’t resist a lil’ tongue in cheek humor

  267. Mi$$y says:

    Just gimme the money cuz I don’t want to get off my a$$ and make it the old fashioned way ,,, WORK

  268. lisa says:

    Good afternoon everyone. scorcher 100+ degrees in Texas

    A sugardaddy could help me more independent if he gave me driving lessons and bought me a simple little car so I could get around. Riding the bus limits me as where I can work, what hours I can work, where I can shop, not being able to buy the economy size, etc.
    My goal is to have a couple months bills in savings but right now I live check to check and it’s not possible. A couple thousand dollars in the bank would make me secure in an emergency for 2 months, enough time to find work and get paid.

    As far as being needy, it’s the same with the sds, many are sexually needy and that’s not attractive either. I feel if the sd talks sex or any kind of physical act, I talk allowance.

    A sugarbaby can help a sugardaddy by not nagging him and being that it is a fun nsa relationship rather than a marriage, it is actually less costly to him.

  269. SisyphusSB says:

    How can a Sugar Daddy help a Sugar Baby become more independent?
    I think the best thing an SD could do for an SB is to point out the potential the SB may not see in their self. I think making someone feel valued, and helping them grow self-confidence would do far more in the long run than say, helping an SB network.

    Do Sugar Daddies prefer Sugar Babies that don’t want to depend on them?
    I agree with Ryan that many gay SDs like to feel in control and enjoy that feeling of power exchange. On the other hand, some SDs may find it off putting as many enjoy having the option of leaving the relationship without the danger of drama or feeling guilt. Perhaps SDs prefer being an enabler in a sense, getting their SBs hooked on them, or their lifestyle like a drug, knowing the SB would prefer becoming somewhat dependent rather than going through withdrawal. In this analogy, the SD finds comfort in knowing if it came down to it, the SB would get through the withdrawal and be capable of being independent if the SD were to leave, absolving himself of potential guilt…

    How does a Sugar Baby help a Sugar Daddy stay or become independant?
    Lavish him with attention and help build his confidence while you are together, but give him all the space he needs when you are apart. I’m very independent and enjoy my own space so it would be a requirement that my SD take some time for himself to give me my own…especially when I’m up all night working in studio for 3 nights in a row :)

  270. GinaZ says:

    Hey Ryan responded to you on the last blog:) and congrats on being first!

  271. Ryan says:

    My first 1st :)

    How can a Sugar Daddy can help a Sugar Baby become more independent?
    Introduce me to important people and get me my own job 😉 I think just the connections that we can get are pretty cool if we work it correctly.

    Do Sugar Daddies prefer Sugar Babies that don’t want to depend on them?
    From my experiences I think they LIKE you to be dependent on them because then they have more control. How many people have had to stop a sugar-relationship because they wanted it to get more serious when they were even possibly married? I know my friend has and I’ve read others on these blogs.

    How does a Sugar Baby help a Sugar Daddy stay or become independant?
    We provide the companionship and can serve his needs without the commitment of an actual relationship and he can still have the time to do what he needs to do on his own whether it be business or whatever.