9 years ago
Sugarcast 7/06/09

9 years ago
Sugarcast 7/06/09

SeekingArrangement founder & CEO Brandon Wade talks with sugars in the first sugarcast –  Listen HERE!


Shout-out to Denise (SB) for the great conversation!

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  1. cathy 327551 says:

    yes, some men look down women on this website and think we are BAD women.

    Actually they didn’t realized their father , their grandfather were / are the SUGAR DADDY TO THEIR GRANDMOTHER / MOTHER…..and we are on here just wnat to looking for the seem thing !!!

  2. cathy says:

    I think this radiocast is very unique and none other dating website provide this kind service, Thank you !

  3. Apple says:

    Heyyyyy sugars :)

    It’s time for an update, right? (I know, what am I doing home on a Saturday night… but I’m suuuuper tired and really want to just curl up in bed with my laptop.

    New York City is absolutely amazing. I love everything about it, except maybe the mugginess. It’s such an exciting place to be. My internship is going well, too! Thanks for everyone that asked.

    But, I know you guys really just want to know about the sugar life, LOL. I’ve met with 2 guys. I met up a younger guy for drinks, and then dinner, but I really wasn’t attracted to him, so I let him know and he took it really well. The other guy I met up with is completely WONDERFUL. I’ve never felt more pampered in my life. He is a perfect gentleman, and cares only about making me happy. Honestly, everything kind of exceeded my expectations. I’m extremely grateful for all of his help, and I look forward to our weekly soirees. :)

    I miss my sugar girls, where is everyone at? how is everyone doing?!

    NYC SB – get in touch! i am gemmapple at the g place :)

  4. Janine says:

    O my my sugar daddy is coming over for the first time! i wanted to go to a hotel he said it was up to me! so he is coming over my place we went out to eat and all he likes me… how do i get payment we talked about i don’t want money just my bills payed…. i must have drank a hole botel of wine… o man i hope this goes whell… if any one is out there e mail me i dont know what to do or act o god….. wish me luck!….

  5. SF SD says:

    Back, and checking in. So I’ll put on the “SD hat” and comment on the topics of the day.

    On professional photography… If you have some professional ones, that’s great. But I also want to see some less formal shots that show the “real you.” The first thing that pops into my head when the description includes ONLY slick commercial photos is that you’re a professional model or possibly an escort (or that the photo has been downloaded from somewhere). Don’t get me wrong. It’s great if you’re beautiful, and I’m not speaking against what anyone chooses to do, but why lead someone to make the wrong assumption about you?

    I’m just as likely to skip over a washed out photo taken in the bathroom mirror with a cell phone. You’re making a first impression, so at least demonstrate that you’re taking the time and effort to present yourself well.

    Basic digital cameras are inexpensive. If you can’t buy one, borrow one from a friend, or ask a friend with a good camera to take some happy snaps. Take a little time to set up the photo, and do some cropping and color correcting as Brooke suggested. These will be plenty good. DreamyPrincess also make a helpful suggestion about finding a photographer who needs models. Just make sure you’re working with a qualified person, not some screwball off of craigslist.

    On Internet access… Agree that “no Internet access” is a flimsy excuse for not contacting you. If you want communicate, you’ll figure out a way. However, I completely understand why discreet SDs would not want to do their sugar messaging from home. I made some suggestions about this in an earlier blog.

    DG — Get some sleep, and try ordering decaf on those coffee dates. :-)

    Nice so see so many familiar faces. The only one missing in action is Jai.

    Take care, fellow sugars.

  6. DorkyGuy says:

    omg, killer schedule this week… barely slept in days LOL. Looking forward to a breather this weekend.

    No sugar yet… think I’m scaring ’em off because I come across too “relationshippy”. Well, if I can’t have sugar this weekend, I’ll have to settle for cheesecake.

  7. Happy Lurker says:

    I am astonished to read your comment.
    Always thought that this mutual beneficial arrangement was just a sideline,
    a bit of an amusement.
    You seem to have filled it in as a kind of career, a living.
    Of course now and again you will run into your sell-by date.
    Better start to make money in a real job.

  8. GinaZ says:

    SFsuga I completely understand where your coming from. Perhaps for now take a little out of the bank account and do a SD detox, maybe go somewhere and take car of yourself! Chasing pot SD’s never seems to work, it takes too much energy besides. I’ve invested a few weeks and hopeful something will result of my energies, but your right. Do what your need to better yourself, whether it’s going back to school, new job, new haircut, looking for a relationship that has the potential to grow, rather than being stagnant catering to someone else’s needs. Or, perhaps you will get lucky and meet a single SD who will encourage you on your path.

  9. lisa says:

    In houston the buses suck and we only have one rail that started 5 years ago that runs a few miles downtown to the museums, nowhere else. They have been trying to expand the route but the majority of people in Houston don’t want public transportation in their neighborhoods. Of course there are the people that drive mercedes. I work in a store and it’s cool but when I get outside in the afternoon 100+ heat I melt and my nails are always chipped from opening boxes and stocking so i’ve got to shower the day off me to be presentable for a date. Cabs are not all over the place here like in most cities, you have to call them and they take forever to come. I used to take cabs when I started a new job at night and it took 45 minutes for one to come. And it costs 4 dollars before you even get out of the parking lot, too expensive for me.

  10. NYC SB says:

    public transit is great … as are cabs and car service … no complaints here… and since i dont do any labor intensive work i still smell fresh after work so that helps as well

  11. lisa says:

    I take a shower in the morning and a bath as soon as I get home from work, usually 5 or so to get rid of the sweat from the hot weather.

  12. lisa says:

    I trust you have a car or excellent public transport NYC SB as there is no way you could do that where I live. I can’t get online at work and I have to leave almost an hour early in order to get to work so I can sit in the breakroom, the buses suck. Also I could never be out after dark alone

  13. NYC SB says:

    haha something like that… i blog while at work… i work from 7am to 8pm or 9pm then i grab dinner with a potential or an SD … it can be done people 😀

    usually showers are done in the morning before work… an SB needs to smell sweet always

  14. lisa says:

    NYC SB I bet you are in the shower while you’re on the blog, lol maybe you jump in the washing machine with the dishes and get it all done in 30 minutes, lol :)

  15. NYC SB says:

    of course i shower lol… i multi task and shower with the SD… he is happy and i am clean 😀

  16. lisa says:

    Hi Ryan I always think a guy looks good in girl pants. :) I’m talking to a potential but it is like pulling teeth with some of these poeple. I believe in being upfront when they are upfront. too many guys on this site that state what they are looking for but run away when the sb mentions her need.

    My job is ok, actually the best one in retail i’ve had in a long time but it’s not my life. I hate wearing a uniform so when i’m there, i’m not really the real me, just a part of a set and I value my individuality.
    Good luck on your dates Ryan.

  17. Ryan says:

    O wow that a rough situation Gail. And yea sfugar, like they are saying just make your own career/job your focus and do SD dating on the side when you can or if you want to. Don’t have to stop all cold turkey.

    Im about to leave my moms to go see a SD in SD(san diego) lol double SD good luck? He says hes looking for an eventual live-in sutation so I dunno we’ll see. Im at my moms trying on some of her jeans cuz she really wants one of my true religions. I really want one of the pea coats she has but it’s so damn hot id never need it haha it looks good tho.

  18. DorkyGuy says:

    LOL NYC SB, when do you have time to sleep or shower? You do shower, right?

  19. Gail says:

    Morning SD Percy…lol….

    Awww….Lisa…flakes… we all get them…I tend to hit the NEXT button as soon as I get an inkling they are a flake. Just keep filling your bowl with Daddies :)

    GinaZ-Enjoy your spadate!!!

    Hi OC Sugar, Jennifer, Suthurn Exec. Sweet E, Nico, Jasmine: ), Kitty, Yasmine, SV, Stephan…I know you are all out there!!!!

    Not me Lisa….I love Summer….hi ho…hi ho…its off on vacation I go!!!!

  20. Gail says:

    Morning SD Percy…lol….

    Awww….Lisa…flakes… we all get them…I tend to hit the NEXT button as soon as I get an inkling they are a flake. Just keep filling your bowl with Daddies :)

    GinaZ-Enjoy your spadate!!!

    Hi OC Sugar, Jennifer, Suthurn Exec. Sweet E, Nico, Jasmine: ), Kitty, Yasmine, SV, Stephan…I know you are all out there!!!!

    Not me Lisa….I love Summer….hi ho…hi ho…its off to vacation I go!!!!

  21. lisa says:

    Good morning Gail :)
    I am talking about the guys that want to meet next week, or the week after next and then they disappear. If i’m going to meet someone next week, I would like to use the time before to at least chat and make sure we are on the same page.

    I seen my potential for the day was online for a few minutes. I sent him a nice email saying “I guess we aren’t meeting for lunch today?” That’s too bad but I should have known from your horrible spelling skills that you are a fake, too bad as I was serious and looking forward to meeting you.

    I’ve been flooded with potentials but no one seems legit, bunch of flakes. Too bad cause It would have been nice to go out today and now i’m stuck home. my electric bill is eating my check this week. I wish it was fall already.
    Have a good day Gail Percy says hi

  22. Gail says:

    Morning sugars : )

    SF suga-I know how you feel. I make my job primary and look to my sugar life as extras. The ups and downs of sugar dating can wear a sugar down. I tend to enjoy sugar when its there and take mini-breaks to ensure the balance in my life and the happiness within me. You are a smart beautiful woman…just take time to exhale : )

    By the way….I have been lurking….I have been consoling my SD friend…as his wife passed the other day of cancer. It was so unexpected : (

    Brooke -I have had great luck with meeting a SD in person within days of initial contact. I keep in mind my safety is first and foremost, and follow all the SD guidelines for a first meet. I like a SD that follows thru with action. Just as Lisa says…if they are all chat for weeks, I have no intention of being their chat buddy for life.

    Lisa….lol….based on your trip to the Galleria….wishing you Sugar Daddy

    Getting ready to start my vacation today…have fun everyone !!!!

  23. lisa says:

    Good morning everyone. Slept in today and feeling a little sickly and discouraged so I dont’ think I’ll take my trip downtown. I was going to take the bus downtown and back (Houston’s downtown is kinda boring, no shops other than an old Macy’s which is very dated and lacks the merchandise the mall stores have. Just one skyscraper that covers an entire block, one after the other. I see my potentail for the day is online now, I guess he’s at his cubicle slipping online as it seems he only gets online in the morning for a few minutes and is gone after that. I don’t get the businessman who has limited internet access and can’t check a message or even send me a reply if I write after a certain time. Even worse he has read my last 2 emails and not replied. He was kinda shady to begin with (I googled him) but he explained it to me and I decided to give him a change, afterall I’ve been less than perfect myself.
    The two potentials I have for next week are one that is out of the country and one that seems flaky too as he’s online right now and we’re supposed to meet next week. I find it out that when you set up a potential date for a week or two in the future, that you don’t use the time before to get to know each other a little through email or phone converstation.
    Off to the shower now

  24. NYC SB says:

    SfSuga – I can sympathise with your situation… maybe you should make your carreer a primary focus and use the sugar world as a supplement? Most of these guys work anyways so they should understand :)

    I work more than a full time job (100+ a week) and manage to maintain an SD… its difficult but so much more rewarding as my bank account and professional life grow…

  25. SFsuga says:

    I’m thinking about leaving the sugar dating world because I’ve just been way too caught up in it lately. I’m tired of all the ups and downs and not knowing how much my allowence is going to be. I think the good ole’ days of an SD giving me 5k/mo are over. I’m lucky if I can find someone willing to give me a fraction of that. I need to focus my energy on bettering my life and exploring my capabilities. I have a college degree, but all I’ve been focused on for the last year and a half is making some old married guy happy. Where’s the potential in that? Sure my bank account has grown, but have I? I can’t do this anymore.

  26. GinaZ says:

    (out of lurk mode for a sec) Regarding pictures, I had a pot SD who confessed that his picture wasn’t actually even him. “Well,” he said, “It looks just like me, except for the color of the shirt.”

    Anyhoo, took him off my potential list when he turned out to be a wanker.

    More news to update. Soon, sooner soonest that I can. My spa date still seems to be happening this weekend, but my finances are so atrocious I’m hoping for a pick me up in the finances as well.

    Lisa thinking good thoughts for you on the social calender:)

  27. Brooke says:

    Yeah… I’d find it sketchy if someone wants to meet asap without even talking to get to know you – which to me means they are basically looking for an escort. I did have one guy that seemed perfect but i didn’t end up pursuing it because he lacked the desire to ask me any questions about myself, and said he couldn’t discuss much through email but would explain “when we meet in person” …. when i say he seemed perfect, it was because he was literate (which seems hard to find on here) and was respectful in terms of letting me know he was in no rush to meet and when i was ready, to contact him. But i need more substance in the initial email phase in order to be inclined to call and arrange a meet. Just my thing….

    I feel your pain with the bus thing, Lisa. I’ve been there, and it sucks!

  28. lisa says:

    Yes the blog has been dead. I miss the good old days when we had fun on here. I have met 3 men that had businesses but claimed to only be able to get online in the office. I see business men all the time on their laptops, my married lover never leaves home without his and he and I chat everyday. And what about blackberrys and iphones? When I come across these guys, i feel they are either young boys or someone working in a cubicle at an insurance agency or something and slips online occasionally. I would think that if you were setting up a date for tomorrow (like I was supposed to have) that you could at least send an email earlier or try to get online. I have put most of my potentials in the trashpile. If I receive a response in the morning from the potential I was supposed to meet, I will tell him to find someone else because I dont do last minute dates. I have to take a bus to go anywhere to meet someone so I can’t just meet in 15 minutes. I find that rude. Clear communication seems to be a problem with so many of these men, makes me wonder how they conduct business.

    So I only have 2 potentials for next week,one’s outa the country this week yet online all the time, and the othe is busy with getting his mom settled into her new home. We are supposed to have lunch next week but this guy has been on every site for the last 4 years and still has the same picture he had 4 years ago so I wonder about him.

  29. Brooke says:

    FYI- long time lurker here finally deciding to chime in. But the blog seems so dead the past couple days!

    I agree about it being strange that someone wouldn’t have internet access at home. Even if they ARE married, it seems most people have their own laptops these days, or atleast are able to steal some private moments on the home computer. I don’t know about anyone else, but I know in my relationship, where we live together, we are pretty much always in separate rooms on our own computers (one of the reasons I’m looking elsewhere- no love here at my house!)

    I get a decent amount of emails but so far have yet to find anyone appealing that is local- i get alot of out of towners but i’m not really looking to travel to anyone just yet.

  30. lisa says:

    Good evening
    Ryan glad you second sd meet went well.
    I’ve just deleted two of my potentials as they are time wasters. I’ve found that if I don’t meet them within a week, I never meet them

    I deleted the one that sent me nude pics. I had even given him a chance and offered to meet for lunch but he is one of those that will email when he sees you online, you write back, he reads and never answers and then appears the next time you’re online

    The second one said thursday would be good. I sent him an email this morning suggesting we talk tonight and decide when and were to meet. He read both emails but hasn’t written back. He’s another one of those sds that is a businessman but apparently doesn’t have internet access outside of work during the day. His profile says he’s divorced but I wonder if he;s married. I dont’ care if he is but I wonder then if he’s another one without a computer at home. I mean really, how many businessmen, especially big earning businessmen have no computer access outside of the 9 to 5 office? Makes me think they are fakes that sneak onto the internet in their little cubicle at work.

  31. Ryan says:

    Hey everyone. Well for the topic, any picture that is posted on a profile is going to be a good picture of them because they wouldnt put it up if they didnt think it was. So don’t expect them to look any better than those.

    Well Im down in OC now at my moms. Had a couple SD dates yesterday. 1st one was terrible.. my friend set us up but I thought he was talking about one of his other SD’s so I ended up going to this guys house that smelled completely of smoke and he even smoked while we were talking inside on his couch. Plus he was old enough to be my grandfather and rather heavy and hairy but anyway I drove there so I went along with it and faked it for a while and left with my $150. 2nd one was much better. This was actually the 2nd time I met this one, the 1st was just for lunch. I met him at the very nice hotel he was staying at and we went out to dinner at a japanese restaraunt where you can cook your own meat and I tried sake for the 1st time (smelled like wine, tasted like nail polish remover) but the food was very good. We went back to his hotel and he offered me a massage so I accepted and a little more.. He asked if he could give me some money so I said sure and he gave me $100. My mom lives like 5 minutes away so I went to her house after that and stayed the night.. met up with a friend from high school today at the pool (swimming is a workout.. usually I just lay out but it was a high school pool so there were no chairs)

    Gonna take my mom out to a movie tonight once she gets back from work.. Shes makes 100k if anyone is looking for a sugar moma? haha jk

  32. Tony says:

    hello everyone!!!

  33. lisa says:

    Good afternoon everyone. Back from work and panera for my baked potato soup.

    No word from any of my potentials, gee I think I opened a box of flakes. lol Off the next couple days, have a busy friday but thursday is looking dull, I had hoped to fit at least one sugardate into that space.

  34. Brooke says:

    Hey Lisa,

    A few tips as far as pics go.. take a couple lamps, and take the shades off if possible. Set them together and use them as your lighting. As for your cell phone distorting your size, any basic photo editing software should fix that. Or you could email a couple pics to me and i could play around with them. I always change the coloring,saturation, etc in my photos. I can even airbrush stuff out :)

    The pics on my profile are blurred because I’m in a relationship and need discretion. If i didn’t need to worry about that, I think i’d have some mighty fine photos!

  35. Goodgirl says:

    Sweet Jezebel~ I need to restart :) Thanks for asking! LOL

  36. NYC SB says:

    made brownies last night… hope my SD likes them 😀

  37. lisa says:

    Good morning everyone
    Off to work
    Have a good day everyone

  38. Jasmine says:

    i think i came in at the worst time ever

  39. Sweet Jezebel says:

    G’night Lisa. I’m turning in for the night too.

    I had fun at the blogfest. Thanks for stopping by to all who participated actively and passively 😉

    Bye for now!

    xo Jez

  40. lisa says:

    Have a good night everyone. I’m going to bed as I have to get up early for work

  41. lisa says:

    You should see my carpet, it’s horrible. I moved in here 4 years ago and screamed. It is an ugly biegish dirty color with red koolaid stains on it. I don’t know why the landlord didn’t replace it before I moved in and forget about having it cleaned, they won’t do it. I wish I had a car and I could at least rent a carpet shampooer but I can’t drag that on a bus. lol

    I have a fuzzy black flakotit area rug that covers a small area but most of it is exposed, my bedroom carpet is horrible, takes away from the serenity of my bedroom decor.

  42. Sweet Jezebel says:

    Yikes…It’s too much to have your carpet go bald (too) when you’re a SB…that’s it. I’m invoking the carpet gods now. I have all the minor gods on speed dial if anyone is wondering.

    In the mean time Lisa, stay away from the caustic, carpet-eating noxious stuff!

  43. lisa says:

    Here’s a household tip for the ladies “never use fantastic all purpose cleaner to spot clean your carpet” I was trying to clean my filthy and not been shampooed in 3 years carpet to remove some of the black splotches and so I sprayed fantastic on the really dirty traffic areas. It’s dry now and big clumps of my carpet are coming up and I have white spots everywhere. Sadly it looks much better than before I cleaned it. I wish all the carpet would fall out. My carpet just looks so dirty with the nasty carpet. Yuck

  44. Trinity says:

    What kind of phone or camera stretches you out? I would love to make a camera that makes me 15 pounds lighter!

  45. Sweet Jezebel says:

    Hey NYC SB…lol don’t you hate when it does that. That’s the same fault I find with mine…and who wants THAT?! Yes Lisa, we’re coming to Houston!

  46. lisa says:

    ok I had caramel cappacinno at starbucks and 3 chicken strips at chik file
    Had a good day except for that stupid bus driver that didn’t even look to see me at the bus stop so I had to go home and wait almost 30 minutes to get the next bus. I reported the driver on the complaint line, hahaha lisa’s vegeance.

  47. lisa says:

    Yes my face looks fat too. If I look at the pic on the phone it looks ok but when I upload it to my computer and see the full size picture, I look horrible.

  48. Sweet Jezebel says:

    Lisa, I’m invoking the SD gods for us SBs *renting my clothes and chanting* Not sure what the sugar gods respond to. If this doesn’t work, I’ll try something else :D.

    Storm~Tell me, are you an architect, designer, engineer, CAD guru?Well, today, I had one of those great days (again) 😉 Woke up happy, was happy to have work to go to, went to lunch with fun people, had a meeting with people who are striving to be productive, no traffic (to speak of) on the way home from said work, bought material to make a swing from Lowe’s (not that kind of swing, sorry), found a way to hang it from a limb that was at least 15 feet off the ground without a ladder, tested the swing for 30 mins, then had a dinner of wild-caught Salmon and one glass of wine. Now having another glass of wine while I connect with my favourite, sweetest friends.

    Oversharing…yes. Sarcastic…no.

  49. NYC SB says:

    my cell takes weird pics too… it streches them out horizontally making my face look 20 lbs heavier

  50. lisa says:

    Thanks NYC SB lol

  51. NYC SB says:

    lisa if i ever make it to houston i will pay for your cab fare and bring my camera and take pictures of you lol

  52. lisa says:

    Hi NYC SB :) everyone seems to be entering the blog, we need to call roll now

  53. Trinity says:

    Yeah! So happy so many came! :)

  54. NYC SB says:

    hi everyone!

  55. lisa says:

    Hi Sweet Jezebel My pics are all taken with my cell camera but my light sucks everywhere and anyway i’ve always got to stick my phone in something to get it to stand up right to take a timed photo. I don’t have anyone to take any pics for me.

  56. Sweet Jezebel says:

    Hi DorkyGuy, Lisa, Storm, Trinity, GG. Hello fellow lurkers. Where’s everybody else :(

    Hey Stormy, we’re here in honor of the reunion blogfest:D 😀 . You also get a lolly for finishing up that one drawing!!

    Lisa~I would feel a little leery about accepting a giftcard from just anyone too. By the way, try using your phone’s camera in a place with great lighting. That should work.

    Goodgirl~I forgot what day it is now. How great is the new lifestyle plan you started in April (I think)?

  57. lisa says:

    clarifying , I had an 8 month sd drought and Texas has had a rain drought so the grass is dead but it rained and flooded today.

  58. Trinity says:

    Mine was busy! busy! busy! You look like you had a productive day Storm?

  59. lisa says:

    Mine was ok. I took a trip to the upscale shopping mall today for luck. It has brought me sugar luck 4 times out of the last 5 visits, I have had some sugar luck in a few days or weeks. I met my last sd 5 weeks after I visited and I had been on an 8 month drought Lotsa rain here today though. The grass is all brown though

  60. Stormcat says:

    Hey Trinity, GG, Lisa, DG. How has your day been?

  61. lisa says:

    7/7 my dad’s 84 birthday if he were still living :)

  62. Trinity says:

    No, they are not Storm…we are right here! LOL! Kisses…

  63. Stormcat says:

    I think that the main crowd in on another site tonight.

  64. Goodgirl says:

    Hey!!! Happy 7/7 Stormcat! :)
    Hope all is well in Sugarland! Just came in to give my shout-out!

  65. lisa says:

    no I think it’s just you Trinity, lol no I did too but I kept trying

  66. Trinity says:

    Hi everyone! Is anyone else having trouble with opening the sugarcast?

  67. lisa says:

    ALmost everyone is missing in action. I think thay forgot about the 7/7 thing.

  68. lisa says:

    I don’t know as He says he gives prepaid debit cards and then an american express card. I don’t do prepaid cards because anyone can pick them up and walk out of a store without adding any value to them so without you can stand there and call and check the balance immediately, you could be given a useless card. As far as credit cards are concerned, those have been a problem for me and I have several in collection so I doubt I could get one and I don’t want one anyway but I dont know how you can use one with someone elses name on it. I only do cash, it’s yours the minute it is in your hand, it can’t bounce, it can’t be cancelled if the sd decides he’s tired of you. Cash can be saved for emergencies down the road whereas credit cards are only good as long as the arrangement works. I’ve got 4 potentials and they are all kinda not very appealing.
    I don’t want to meet anyone that will be a waste of time. Once I spend my busfare for the day to meet anyone, that’s it as I can’t afford to go anywhere else if the date is a dud or doesn’t show up.

  69. Stormcat says:

    Hi there sugar people. I’m hypomanic tonight. I got so much work done today cause I told myself that I couldn’t blog If I didn’t get at least one set of drawings finished. I got on a roll and finished 3. Sometimes I think I’m just sooooo childish when I have to motivate myself with a reward for being good. Well I made it. So Where is everyone.

  70. DorkyGuy says:

    Wait… are you saying the guy is providing you with a credit card to use, or that he wants you to get a credit card in your name that he would pay?

    It would suck for him to take you shopping using your credit card, then refuse to pay the bill.

  71. DorkyGuy says:

    Betting the credit cards are stolen

  72. lisa says:

    ok I just received an email and picture from a sd that had contacted me I think it was last week. I asked him for a photo and didn’t hear back from him so I deleted his email as i’ve been getting so many messages lately. I cannot remember who he was or anything about him and I don’t want to go through all of Texas profiles to find him. I want to return his email, what do I tell him?

  73. lisa says:

    Plus I’d feel weird flirting with a stranger in a public place, too many people around.

  74. lisa says:

    I only have potential sds now, no legit dates set up. Also if they just want to meet for coffee, there’s not much opportunity for pics and i’d feel silly asking them to bring a camera and take pictures at the starbucks. I have 4 potentials and none of them are too encouraging

    1. wants to meet next week (this guy is on every site there is and admits it, I actually found him on AM and he has had the same picture for years, I remember it 4 years ago on match.

    2. wants to meet for coffee next week, he’s married and needs discretion, it doesn’t sound like he’s looking for outings

    3. is the guy that sent me nude pics of him on the first email, wants to meet, I don’t think so

    4. is a guy I might meet this week but he doesnt believe in giving cash, just credit cards, I can’t put 2 months emergenty money back with a credit card plus I can’t get a credit card in my name anymore He also has a questionable past, lost his business license a few years back for fraud. Has it back now

  75. DorkyGuy says:

    Lisa, have you thought about having one of your sugar dates photograph you?

    I dunno about the other guys, but I’d consider that to be a fun date activity, and it would be helpful to you too.

    Just have an idea of the shots you want beforehand, make it fun, and flirt with him through the process.. he’ll have a good time.

  76. lisa says:

    Well I have a friend (one that doesn’t approve of sugardating yet picks up men in cheap bars)
    but I have no camera (just a cell one) and standard apartment lighting, just a lamp in the living room, evil floresent in the kitchen, lamp in bedroom, that’s all. my pics make me look fat.

  77. DorkyGuy says:

    With all of the discussion about what kind of photographs the Sugarcast was recommending, it would have been really helpful for them to post a profile link.

    I’m curious exactly what level of “professional photos” they consider to be ideal.

    I suspect these aren’t studio glamor photos… Instead, I suspect they are just really well done photos taken by a friend, with some thought given to lighting, outfit, etc. That should be within the reach of most SB’s provided she has lights, a camera, and a friend.

  78. elle says:

    Loved the sugarcast! I can see why professional shots would be of benefit, but I do agree that natural shots should be used as well – it gives SDs a better and more accurate vision of yourself. I think the same goes for SD photos…like GinaZ mentioned earlier, there a lot of SDs who take poor quality pictures 😐

    Alright, time to relax after a long day, talk to you all later :)

  79. lisa says:

    Hi Dreamy Princess I’m all for getting all dolled up for a date (well as dolled up at I can get walking and taking the bus, I have to wear flat shoes rather than heels to avoid getting solicited on my street) but I have to admit it’s a little discouraging for a coffee date. I prefer lunch or dinner. I ask myself is it worth it for a coffee date? Get dressed up, walk in hot sun to busstop, spend money on busfare both ways, stand at hot busstop in contruction zone when returning from my meeting. For a coffee date, i’d rather not, for a nice lunch or dinner, or some spoiling, yes.

    Have a good rest and a good night at work.

  80. DreamyPrincess says:

    Good afternoon all. If you remember I told everyone I would be starting my new job this week. So far it is great! I work with all women, which I was skeptical about, but now I think it’s going to be awesome. We will see.

    Anywhoo. No word from the SD. :( I still haven’t used up my gift certificate from him, so maybe I’ll buy some shoes to console myself! hahaha. kidding. well not about the shoes, just the consoling.

    I need to take a nap now. Worked from 8am-3pm, and off to work at my other job from 7pm-1am. Back to work at 8am tomorrow! Hopefully I don’t fall asleep!! hahaha

    As far as the cast, I agree that professional photos would be nice, but again not many people can afford it. Although in my area, a lot of photographers are willing to shoot you for free if you give them rights to use your photos for promotions and such…. Yes professional photos do usually make you look good, perhaps better than you normally do…BUT when you meet your SD for the first time, don’t you get all dolled up and put on your best outfit, get a mani/pedi, hair done?? I know I do, after all he’s worth it (or at least we hope so!) And that goes with all subsequent meetings, if a SD wanted to see you looking like crap, he would just get a regular girlfriend.. I think part of the allure on their side is to always be able to see you at your very best.

  81. lisa says:

    Good afternoon everyone Sweet Jezebel, I don’t have any friends with a digital camera.

    Just got back from a quick trip to the Galleria. Took me forever to get there. Once it stopped raining I went to the bus stop and then the stupid bus driver was running late and just zoomed right past the busstop and didint’ pick me up. It started raining again and I had to go home for 20 minutes and then walk back and wait for the next bus. I’ve got to report that driver on the customer complaint line. I dont’ know his name but I know which bus it was (there is only one bus like that one) and the route time so they should be able to figure out who is was. I just had lunch and came home. I got an email from the potential that sent me the nude pics and he wants to meet for lunch. Not so sure I want to do that.

  82. GinaZ says:

    I think what one writes is equally as important, but the picture, well the picture, especially for the more visual, sugar daddy is the initial enticement. Some SD and SB scan for age. And the SD whose age requirement is young, younger, youngest would probably be fine with the natural shot. I do find the success I had with my first SD a touch ironic as there was no picture, I described myself as the various celebrities I resemble and did not disappoint But of course on a site like SA where there is so much “competition” we have to have the picture(s)

  83. Sweet Jezebel says:

    Good Morning to all sugars. I see you Lisa, GinaZ, NYC SB, DorkyGuy.

    I agree with some of the the arguments regarding the use of professional pictures in our profiles. However, I believe a good take-away from that is: we could all benefit from pictures that look more professional without being “glamour shots” professional. Besides, how about we get their attention with our “best-looking” selves then keeping them interested with our winning personalities and irresistable sugar charms, yes?

    You could still use your phone’s camera but make sure the lighting is the best you can get and the same goes for the resolution. If the quality is still not acceptable, then ask a friend with a digital camera and to take great shots of you. If you don’t know anyone with a digital camera (how likely is that) then you could always buy one. 😉 As for cost, I would consider it a worthy investment.

    What Brandon said about the bait determining the catch really resonated with me. After all, this is advice from someone with the means to be a SD. I had taken down my profile weeks ago, after checking out the “competition”. I decided my pictures and verbiage could use some (ok, lots) work. I have the camera, now to find someone to take the pictures – someone who won’t want to know why they have to be so “sugar baby-ish”. Any takers? (I couldn’t resist) 😀

  84. lisa says:

    It’s stopped raining for awhile so i’m heading out soon to the galleria. 4 of the last 5 trips I taken over there have brought me sugar luck within days or a few weeks. I’ve got some potentials that i’m hoping to turn into something great. I just need to rattle the sd gods a litte.
    Have a good day everyone.

  85. lisa says:

    I met one guy who had one pic where he was wearing a tuxedo, hair slicked back, etc. Pic ended at shoulders. I met him, he was huge (like 300 lbs) and was wearing very ugly cargo shorts and a big ugly shirt and ugly sandals. It was sad that he was actually well to do ( i checked him out) but the chemistry wasn’t there and it is sad to say that he was the one that actually baled on me as I was willing to attend the social event that evening that was to be a contiunuation of our lunch date.

  86. GinaZ says:

    Some sugar daddies will take one pix in dim light, or stand next to there deluxe canary yellow sports car, but when they show up to a meet, they’re twenty pounds heavier, twenty years older and have bad breath. Can’t see that in a photo:)

  87. lisa says:

    It’s kind of like when the sd only has one pic of himself and he’s at a wedding or former event, in a tuxedo, etc. Any man who dresses up formally looks somewhat good whereas when you meet the guy in real life and he shows up in jeans and a tshirt, well it sours the image that you had of him.

  88. NYC SB says:

    Many SDs request that you send them non professional shots… why? well its rather simple… when taking professional photos you look your best… so while you will get more emails once these people see you in real life they might be disappointed as they expected the glamour model in the picture… i have heard this over and over and over again from SDs 😀

  89. lisa says:

    Yes imagine a sd viewing photos of a flawless woman with the best light on her and maybe even a flattering lense used to make her looked leaner, slimmer. The sd meets the sb in person and her complexion is a little dull, she’s a little heavier, etc. My daughter’s the opposite though. She looks terrible in professional shots,like her graduation pics which we didn’t buy because they were too expensive. she looks very dark and her hair looks black. When she takes pics with her own camera, she is much lighter and her hair has reddish hightlights. It’s kinda like if a woman wears a slimming undergarmet. She might look great as long as she’s dressed, but if she takes that off to be intimate , all the inperfections come into light.

    It’s pouring down rain here. I wanted to go to the galleria today. Not sure if I can now. :( I want to get out of the house, i’m bored.

  90. GinaZ says:

    Even though I can’t view the clip??? I agree with Lisa. It’s not an option for some SB’s cost wise. Also, I do have professional shots on my profile (2) but you have to have at least one natural shot, because professional shots don’t necessarily show how you really look like, but rather a glorified version. Think of our airbrushed celebs that’s not real ladies, neither is most of what we see in the magazines. SD’s may expect perfection, and well, none of us are perfect. I think some Sugar daddies buy into that mirage.

  91. lisa says:

    Good morning everyone

    As far as going out and getting professional shots done, how many of us can afford that? And professional shots always make you look much different than you look in real life, most likely a letdown to the sd when he actually meets you. Denise is a model so she can get professional pics anytime whereas for the rest of us, it’s not practical.

  92. DorkyGuy says:

    All that’s missing is the link to Denise’s profile :)

  93. GinaZ says:

    I can’t seem to access the sugarcast….??

  94. MuffinW says:

    Lol Trinity, silliness.

    I just want to say that I think I posted here a few months ago while I was really drunk and don’t know what or where I posted, so if anyone responded to me thank you, I wish I could find it.

  95. Trinity says:

    I am first…Nah…Nah…Nah…Nah! :)