9 years ago
Sugar Cruisin’

9 years ago
Sugar Cruisin’

A favorite pastime of many sugars is the ‘search’, or as OCSugarBaby says, “cruisin”. Whether you’re checking out your competition, or just enjoy reading sugar profiles, many find sugar searching quite addictive…

“I am definitely addicted to viewing profiles — for some reason, I find it to be very entertaining!” — NC Gent

Are you addicted to viewing profiles and/or checking your account?

Have you viewed a profile that really caught your attention lately? What made it stand out?

Do you browse ‘similar profiles’ of fellow SD’s or SB’s? Why or why not?

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  1. se_vnt3 says:

    i am addicted to tweaking my profile in hopes of staying ahead of the competition without losing my personal edge. this one profile stood out to me because it was a 68 year young sd’s who described himself as looking for casual relationshipS – that’s rare even in 38 year olds. i browse ’similar profiles’ of fellow SB’s so i won’t feel alone in my search for joy

  2. racheljayok says:

    I tend to view other’s profiles just to scope out the competition a little bit. But I am mainly focused on looking at SD profiles to find out who I would most likely be a candidate for. It can be a bit intimidating at times as well. I love that as a premium member you can view who’s viewed you!

  3. SB Michelle says:

    Hello fellow sugars! Hope you all are having a beautiful day.

    I’m new to this blog. Nice to meet you all!

    I wouldn’t say I’m addicted to view other profiles. But there are times when I’m bored and that’s when I do my searching.

    Some of these profiles crack me up.


  4. elle says:

    Brooke and silly – so good to see some fellow canadian ladies! :)

  5. Matty says:

    I don’t think I’m very “addicted” to cruising, but in my free time, when I’m not doing anything, i do like to get on and see the huge variety of guys on here. How much money some of these men make is astonishing.

    I -am- however, sort of addicted to checking my gmail to see if anyone had sent me a message on here. =P

    I would totally browse other SB profiles, but i can’t seem to get to the search engine for the SBs. idk why?

  6. Brooke says:

    I’m in the USA now :( But will always be a BC girl!

  7. silly says:

    Brooke and Elle !! 2 canucks ! I’m in TO as well ! we should meet for drinks, and compare notes, lol

  8. vixen says:

    Southern I would think most SD’s would be turned of as well..hence why i make it a point not to be the “gimme more” SB..I don’t feel one should detail every little financial bump to their SD

  9. Happy Lurker says:

    No, I am not addicted to viewing profiles.
    A waste of time, there is hardly any with a nice face or intelligent text.
    Also I do not browse “similar profiles” of fellow SDs.
    According to the ladies on this blog, they are sub standard.
    Only SDs posting on the blog are genuinely personalities.
    Yes, there was one profile of an SB that really caught my eye.
    You see I am a countryside lover and she lives in a beautiful region.
    Has fabulous looks “buxom, blight and debonair” and owns horses.
    She is an SB walking straight out of a novel by Jilly Cooper.
    Too good to be true, really.
    Would fall head over heels for her.
    Better keep on lurking.

  10. lisa says:

    Hi everyone just popping in for a quick moment as my friend is here now and we will be hanging out until whenever she goes home 😮 I treated her to lunch at the mall and then we stopped at the grocery to get groceries. Also good news that my parents are ok. I ran into them in the line at chickfile, was in an akward situation and just started talking to them. MOm has come clean on the pets and is moving to those nice apartments in 2 weeks, has paid for all her pets and seems ok. I want to keep my distance a little but it was good to see they are ok as I felt horrible about how things were and hadn’t seen them in a month. Still haven’t seen or heard from my daughter but that will come.

    I’ll lurk and try to check out the blog between listening to my friend’s problems.
    I’m so glad Nitemare can’t see that i’m logging in from Nigeria, lol
    Are you going to be flying her in from Angola, Nitemare?

    Gotta go now

  11. SouthernGent2 says:

    Vixen – I would find it to be a turnoff if a sb kept asking for more and more. My theory is that I give what I can give. Then I should hold up my end of the deal. If its not enough, then there are other choices out there for the sb.

  12. Carol says:

    Is this them NYC SB?


    Neiman’s has them for $645. That much I might pay if I had a SD

  13. NYC SB says:

    there is something very sexy about a man that quotes sex and the city (even if its a copy paste) … but thats just me

  14. Carol says:

    I used to have a pair of vintage shoes that looked almost exactly like those, got them for about $15 in a second hand store

  15. SF SD says:

    The quote (from the TV dot com episode archives):

    Carrie Bradshaw: (shrieks as she picks up a pair of shoes) Oh my God! Do you know what these are? Manolo Blahnik Mary Janes! I thought these were an urban shoe myth!

  16. NYC SB says:

    Angola… nitemare lol how do you know where she is logging in from?

  17. NYC SB says:

    actually they were featured in one of the sex and the city episodes… the one where she goes to the vouge accessories closet 😀

  18. Carol says:

    I love Mary Janes. Sounds like Carrie Bradshaw would kill for them!

  19. NitemareSD says:

    I am so excited. I just got a letter from an absolutely gorgeous woman in nearby Stamford, CT. She must be wise about saving money, because she is logging in from Angola, where service must be alot cheaper. She is ready to try love again!

    I can’t wait!

  20. NYC SB says:

    they are vintage manolo mary janes

  21. CrèmeBruléeNY says:

    I’ve seen NYCSB’s shoes and have my own photo: http : / / media . photobucket . com / image /ugly % 20 shoes / sammy _ 199017 / untitled . jpg

  22. CrèmeBruléeNY says:

    I’ve seen NYCSB’s shoes and have my own photo: http : // media. photobucket. com / image /ugly % 20 shoes / sammy _ 199017 / untitled. jpg

  23. Carol says:

    Okay, now I am curious. Which shoes are they?

  24. NYC SB says:

    Trust me Carol… I too used to struggle to pay rent and bills… this man changed my life around. I dont think i would have ever spent that much money on a pair of shoes even though i had been looking at them since i was 14… the gesture of him getting them for me after reading about them on my blog was the best part of the whole thing… just showed that he cared

  25. SF SD says:

    Well, I was being a just a teensy bit flippant about the Manolos, so I hope you took my comment with good humor. There is, after all, an element of extravagance underlying the SB phenomenon. I for one, celebrate the fabulousness of all our SBs in all its manifestations.

  26. SF SD says:

    You know, Nightmare, the sudden and substantial shift in the national savings rate is one of the more remarkable features of the current recession. Once again, you seem to be on the ground floor of a larger phenomenon.

    [Note to Moderator: This is not a topic for the next blog.]

  27. Carol says:

    How nice to be able to keep a pair of shoes worth 15K in a glass case while so many are struggling to pay their rent. I envy you NYC SB!

  28. NitemareSD says:

    I’d settle for seeing the glass case.

  29. SF SD says:

    NYC SB — If I come to New York, can I see your shoes? Or maybe one of the other SBs can give us a “field report.”

  30. SF SD says:

    Icarus, there’s nothing wrong with a little tease. That part of the flirtation. Agree with the honesty part, for sure. The level of trust I have with my new SB is one of the strongest features of the relationship.

  31. NYC SB says:

    enjoy lisa !

  32. lisa says:

    Good morning everyone

    going to spend the day with my best friend, going to get groceries, etc
    Have a good day everyone , lurkers included :)

  33. NYC SB says:

    Re my uber expensive shoes… they were a gift from my ex SD… this was to assure me that he was for real. I have never worn the shoes out… I keep them on display in a glass case in my apartment. :) and they are my most prized possession

  34. Icarus says:

    I am a rather unique Sugar Baby so I do not know how my answers will fit within the mean. It will definitely not be in the mode average unless there are many 40 y.o sugar babies…

    I am not into viewing profiles unless it is the recently logged in Sugar Momma search. I do check my account as I am new to this and not entirely sure if I receive an email when someone contacts me or not. If I knew I were to get an email, I would just relax a bit more and let nature take its course. My profile is honest and gives a tease so, if someone is interested, I am sure I will receive an appropriate response. The call to action is there. Since communications was my field, I am pretty secure about my capability and honesty. Every relationship should begin with honesty anyway if it is not to be dysfunctional IMHO.

    I have seen two profiles that have caught my attention and responded. It is no surprise that it is the honesty of the individual Sugar Momma that catches my eye – and will win my heart 😉 Is the person comfortable with herself in the relationship she seeks? Like the Billy Joel song: Honesty is such a lonely word.

    I think honesty is necessary in a Sugar relationship because it will define the boundaries and it puts expectation on the table for discussion. No one likes disappointment. And few of us, I imagine, have time for games.

    Anyone agree?

  35. NitemareSD says:

    You are welcome. I am off to lower next month’s GDP forecast by $500 and increase the savings rate estimate by .000000000000000003%

  36. vixen says:

    thanks for all the advice nitemare..have a good night/morning..im of to get my three hours of sleep

  37. NitemareSD says:

    Well just beware of the SD monogamy discount and be careful what you wish for.

  38. vixen says:

    haha..no i like the number of times i get to spend with him..have no desire to increase it..i was just alluding to the time factor because normally i get the response that SDs do not want to have to compete for your time when an SB is involved with more than one..oh i cant wait till i have the opportunity to be a sugarmomma

  39. NitemareSD says:

    Because he is paying and that is something he wants for his money. He wants to know you are his.

    Awww, you want to spend more time with him. Tell him you’d love to spend extra time with him next month. While you are with him you won’t be blowing that allowance.

  40. vixen says:

    no just a range for privacy

  41. vixen says:

    i used to be soo conservative with my money..this sugar life-style is impairing my judgment..time to get back on track. One last and final question: Why do SD’s have a problem with us having more than one SD when they themselves are married and hence we must in a way compete for a little of their time..seems like a double standard to me

  42. NitemareSD says:

    Does your allowance actually vary between 2&7K or was that a range for privacy? If it varies, what about it varies?

  43. NitemareSD says:

    You can replenish your savings with next month’s allowance when you don’t do whatever you don’t want to admit to.

  44. vixen says:

    hmm ok so maybe I need to stop being so stingy and break into my savings this month after all to avoid all of this..i hate having to do that bcuz i plan on using my savings to pay my grad school loans..but at the same time i dont like having to explain to him what moronic spending decisions i made this month with my allowance..well i guess i’ve found my solution :(

  45. NitemareSD says:

    I am always at the point of feeling an SB is asking too much. Keeps me sharp.

    The questions are why are you having problems under those circumstances? Why do you have a specific problem this month?

    Then I would take the roots of the problem and try to attack them. I’d try to think of a reasonable way to handle them.

  46. vixen says:

    Do you ever get to the point where you feel like an SB keeps asking for too much especially if her allowance is already between 2 and 7k a month?

  47. NitemareSD says:

    Right, and telling him about the problem is not the same as bilking him. You have an idea that won’t cost him anything out of pocket – to sell the jewelry. Maybe he’ll have another idea.

  48. vixen says:

    If it comes to that point i have no choice but to be 100% honest as to why..don’t see the use in lying especially since i suck at it in face to face conversation

  49. NitemareSD says:

    Maybe your SD should be aware. You should tell him you are selling the jewelry, but what will be your answer to why?

  50. vixen says:

    No he’s not aware..and i have no intentions of bringing it up since he takes care of everything else..rent..utilities..car payment..etc..He’s very generous with my allowance so I’m not going to bleed him dry..besides its not like this has been an ongoing problem..just this month..but sallie is too impatient to wait..worst mistake i made was taking on student loans without a cosigner so at that age with limited credit history i got screwed with high interest rates..oh well live and learn..just need to get myself together..spend wisely and make sallie wait till the end of the month

  51. NitemareSD says:

    Is your SD in on this problem?

  52. vixen says:

    having trouble because the pay you get for being a TA and a research assistant is just about enough to buy a pack of peanuts but dont tell sallie mae that

  53. vixen says:

    I’m not considered poor enough for forbearance, can’t do deferment even though i’m still a fulltime grad student because these are loans from my first two years of undergrad that are in repayment..which leaves me with the option of selling organs or my eggs

  54. NitemareSD says:

    Why are you having difficulty making your payments?

  55. NitemareSD says:

    i didn’t think carefully. SLM is the student loans. I was just glancing at the webite’s explanations of options for troubled debtors.

  56. vixen says:

    I take it you’re republican nitemare?

  57. vixen says:

    What plans?? last I checked the new credit policies don’t go into effect until next year hence why many creditors are using as many disingenous practices as they can get away with by this years end. I love how having references on student loans means those references are subject to just as much harassment as the debtor is

  58. NitemareSD says:

    Are they offering you anything under those “Obama” plans?

  59. vixen says:

    To get Sallie Mae to leave me alone for 5 seconds

  60. NitemareSD says:

    Why do you need money?

  61. vixen says:

    Haha i don’t think you could afford it…

  62. NitemareSD says:

    Vixen, what do you have for sale tonight?

  63. vixen says:

    You’re such a philanderer nitemare. You win hearts, break them, and move right on to the next! Lol I’ll wait to see how well you fare with Lisa first 😉

  64. Mina says:

    My SDs travel to some rather exotic spots for business, so they invite me along… But a few destinations were solo trips :)

  65. NitemareSD says:

    Mina Says:

    July 17th, 2009 at 3:16 am
    In the past few weeks I’ve been to Shanghai, couple spots in Thailand, Manila, all over Europe, Dubai, Mexico… Hmm, I think that’s it


    What did you do, join the circus?

  66. vixen says:

    Wow Mina, Im jealous. Could definitely use a vacation like that (no time though :( ) Sounds like you had fun..well back to the blog..its been very slow lately but nitemare seems to keep the action going!

  67. NitemareSD says:

    Now all you need do is make sure I’m your SD.

  68. vixen says:

    ok so don’t sell flowers, teddy bears, or poems…but ok to sell jewelry..thanks nitemare..just wanted to make sure

  69. Mina says:

    In the past few weeks I’ve been to Shanghai, couple spots in Thailand, Manila, all over Europe, Dubai, Mexico… Hmm, I think that’s it :)

  70. NitemareSD says:

    An object of particular sentimental value might hurt me, but that is not very likely to have huge cash value.

  71. NitemareSD says:

    Vixen – no I want my SB to have whatever she needs. But I’m whacko.

  72. NitemareSD says:

    Have you viewed a profile that really caught your attention lately? What made it stand out?

    Well, there was that pretty little lady in Houston in the easily mistaken for red pink dress.

  73. vixen says:

    Hey Mina, welcome back. Where’d you travel to?

    Nitmare-as an SD would you be offended if your SB sold/pawned whatever expensive gift you may have given her inorder to have instant access to cash?

  74. NitemareSD says:


  75. Mina says:

    Are you addicted to viewing profiles and/or checking your account?
    I check my profile less than once a week, so no.

    Have you viewed a profile that really caught your attention lately? What made it stand out?
    It’s very rare that I view profiles (even when especially bored, lol) but I can’t recall anyone that’s tickled my fancy.

    Do you browse ’similar profiles’ of fellow SD’s or SB’s? Why or why not?
    I did when I first signed up or if a gal on the blog wanted some input on her profile, but it’s been months.

  76. vixen says:

    NYC- I plan on being on your shoe level once i’m done paying my student loans. If I had a pair of shoes worth 15k though I doubt i’d ever wear it. Just probably put it in a display somewhere for my roomates to envy :)

    $38,000 for a handbag..was it accentuated with diamonds? Don’t matter, prefer shoes over handbags anyway.

  77. Mina says:

    Back from my latest round of travels… What did I miss?

  78. NitemareSD says:

    I was in Bergdorfs last year and saw a hand bag with a price tag of $38,500. The store was quite and I had a feeling if I offered them 30,000 Euros they’d have let it go.

  79. Carol says:

    NYC SB- are you serious? Do you real have a pair of shoes that cost 15K? If I did I’d never admit to it

  80. NitemareSD says:

    Hey Jess, just skipped ahead to answer you. I think that is great for you that he sent that. It sounds like he has a great deal of money available and you must be one terrific lady to get someone to send that. I imagine you must have developed quite a feeling of trust in him for you. You should talk about how it all happened.

    How did the 5K become 2K, and what was your reaction?

    Certainly reasonable for you to buy your own ticket with some of that $2K. I’m guessing both of you are pretty happy about the propects so far.

  81. Ryan says:

    haha i searched other SB’s 1 time and I saw an ex-friend on there.

    oh and an owl flew in front of my car on the way home! 1st one ive ever seen and i killed it :(

  82. elle says:

    Brooke – I’m from Toronto, although I have spent much time in BC. Are you Canadian as well?

    jessica – good luck with the SD!

    Well I better get to bed, roof on the house is being re-done and the roofers are coming at 6:30am to continue nailing in the shingles (aka extremely loud noises sounding like someone is trying to violently enter your home through the roof)…I am not looking forward to that whatsoever lol good night all :)

  83. SF SD says:

    NYC SB, you are one hell of a lifeline. Jessica, we’re all hoping for the best. Nite, everyone.

  84. jessica says:

    hmm I would love to know more. I have never met anyone like this before, it is a bit scary. Im a very sincere person and just look at is as if anything, I make a new friend. I have no expectations or real needs, just sincerity and honesty. Everyone is here for different reasons, and who is to judge what is right or wrong, but my hopes are that everyone is upfront with what they are seeking. I realize that may be a little unrealistic, especially after reading all the posts, it makes me a little uneasy.

  85. SF SD says:

    Idle comments….

    NYC SB – The Yahoo! messenger excuse was pretty lame. Messenger traffic is blocked or monitored by a lot of corporate networks anyway. The guy sounds like he was one egg short of an omelette in the tech department.

    GG – You have a box on your head? No matter how bad you’ve been, the time for penance is over. Surely there must be an SD somewhere who can deliver absolution — or a concrete frappuccino.

  86. NYC SB says:

    if it is indeed the person i think it is than yes

  87. jessica says:

    nyc sb–Seriously? have you met him?

  88. SF SD says:

    Are you addicted to viewing profiles and/or checking your account?

    Well, I was away for almost two weeks and I survived. I suspended my accounts on other sites shortly after I met my current SB. I still keep one, though I say in my profile that I’m not available. Like Nitemare said, there’s something addictive about looking and getting looked at. I imagine somebody somewhere has constructed an Internet-based stimulus-response model.

    Have you viewed a profile that really caught your attention lately? What made it stand out?

    Yeah, the profile of my SB. Just a cute snap of her in a pair of jeans looking radiant and ready to take life by the the horns, and a statement of what she was trying to accomplish. I guess the thing that worked was that the picture and the words were so in sync and that I knew I could help her get where she wanted to go.

    Occasionally someone’s face or expression will just grab me — something like, “I’d love to know what was going on in her head when that was taken.”

    Do you browse ’similar profiles’ of fellow SD’s or SB’s? Why or why not?

    No, I really don’t. I try to be honest about who I am and where I’m coming from, so I don’t think there’s much point in trying to use someone else as a benchmark. Given the “reverse dynamics” of arrangement pool, that seems to be good enough.

  89. NYC SB says:

    Giulietta – my shoe closet is to die for

    Jessica – i know exactly who you are meeting in NYC… he is a nice guy :)

  90. midgetfury74 says:

    Lisa, I live in the Galleria/Uptown area and yes i do have a vehicle.

    Giulietta, if you consider moving to Houston really look into the area that you wish to move into as the neighborhoods vary to a great extent. Also, there are going to be vast improvements with the metro system over the next few years with a massive expanse of the train system in the city. http://www.ridemetro.org/

    Additionally, there is a new shopping center in the downtown area off of the Main Street Square Train line, it has cafes, clothing stores, a Dolce and Gabbana and BCBG so far (opened less than a month ago) as well as a Macy’s in walking distance. Also there are a ton of open air shopping strips in and around town, Highland Village, Rice U Village, Uptown Park, and Pearland Shopping Center.

    There are a lot of great facets to the city but you have to be willing and able to seek them out!

  91. jessica says:

    Hey nitemare you were right he did not send 5K, but he did send 2k. I am buying my own ticket and flying to NY on Wednesday. Personally I think 5K is too much, its one thing if it is gifts but that is a ton of money. He really does seem like a nice guy, he is married but so am I. We agreed we we just wanted real passion with out the strings and we will meet to see what we think…No sex! So tell me nitemare from a male SD perspective what do you think? As sarcastic as you are, you have a ton of valid points.

  92. lisa says:

    Good night

  93. lisa says:

    I have been to the museums a few times, seen both bodyworlds exhibits when they were here along with the cockrell butterfly exhibit. As far as live events and stuff, I can’t get out after dark so that shuts me out.

  94. lisa says:

    midgetfury74 what part of Houston are you in? I bet you have a car, right?

    I live in SpringBranch, the hood

  95. lisa says:

    Giulietta I wouldn’t recommend Houston to anyone. When I moved up here with my family I had the idea that it would be like living in Chicago when I was a little girl. Wrong! It’s too hot over half the year, average electric bill for an average house is about 400 dollars in the summer from what i’ve heard, nothing but torn up roads, making more room for cars but the traffic congestion just gets worse, sucky public transit that is sparse on weekends and requires lots of walking to get to and from, half of Central America is here along with the gangs, rednecks, obesity, etc etc
    Even downtown sucks, no shops, just blocks of office buildings. No nice department store windows to look in, everything’s in the malls here.

    Gotta go now
    Good night everyone

  96. midgetfury74 says:

    Giulietta, I live in Houston and i absolutely adore it. There is so much culture, a great Museum District, art galleries, live events and various diverse areas throughout the city. Don’t lose hope on Houston !

  97. midgetfury74 says:

    so I know that traveling to meet a SD has been discussed to a great extent. but what advice would you give for a SD that would like to visit you?

    Of course I know that I would not let them spend the evening at my house as they should be able to afford a nice hotel.

  98. Giulietta says:

    NYC SB, I have a feeling that you have a closet to die for!

    Lisa, I was actually thinking about relocating to Houston for work after graduation. But your dislike for the place is making me reconsider…

    As for the question, my profile is actually currently “hidden” until I go back to school next month and I haven’t logged into SA for a while. Keeping myself satisfied by just reading this blog for now…

  99. lisa says:

    I spent alot of my childhood down in the rio grande valley and had a horse, goats, chickens, and all and as a child I loved it and I love animals and all but the rancher/cowboy look does nothing for me. I like a well dressed man, not much into cowboyboots and hats. lol I have always liked city living, well Houston sucks, but I am not much into being rural, I don’t have a car so I need to be near everything.

    I will be back later, going to watch a video right now
    Have a good evening

  100. midgetfury74 says:

    Lisa, thing of it is i’m a country girl, grew up in the stix with cows and all my friends had ranches, so for me thats not an issue. But you certainly hit the mark, there is a genuine lack of sophistication and maturity in too many of the men that I have conversed with.

    **General Shout out from Midgetfury** If there are any genuine SD present in Houston that respect and value the company of an intelligent woman with a background in engineering who has a zest for life, Please speak up!

  101. lisa says:

    midgetfury74 Houston lacks sophisticated men, too many country boys trying to be sds here.

  102. midgetfury74 says:

    So after chatting with a gentleman since December in which we were able to establish a great communicating relationship we finally met approximately a month ago and had a great time in which i enjoyed a very substantial allowance as well as some fabulous goodies that i could not afford for myself (YSL, Prada to name a few). Unfortunately, though he is not a “poof”daddy he is now unavailable for medical reasons and i feel as though i am back to square one.

    Lisa, seriously what is it with the men in Houston? Its a thriving economy with a substantial level of wealth and yet an apparent lack of genuine SD.

    So the search continues and now I am to some degree a bit spoiled as the SD i was seeing invested a lil over $10K in just our first month actually seeing each other. Please remember for all the ladies that doubt that they exist, this was after 6 months of getting to know each other because i refused to meet sooner, which ultimately is a decision i regret in hindsight since we could have spent more time actually physically (but not physical) together.

    ~rant over~

  103. victoria says:

    Hi, i’m just getting started and i must say the surfing part of it seems a
    much for me but then again i am a sugarbaby, and this is my first time on here so…i’ll see if it becomes more easy for me…lol

  104. NYC SB says:

    well i lost a pot because i dont use yahoo messinger during work (or ever)… SDs are very difficult these days

  105. NYC SB says:

    I own a pair of manolos that were purchased for $15,000 😀 and i adore them… although they are just more for show than anything else… dont wear them every day clearly… ahhh my manolos 😀

  106. GoodGirl says:

    LOL DorkyGuy :) not now that we all know what he WOULD spend on his SB! 8) lalalalala…

  107. DorkyGuy says:

    Someone needs to recruit him to the site… I think he can find someone he’d enjoy for less than $53,000 per week.

  108. Dani says:

    I agree w GG! Although I’ve never seen a pair of Manolos cost $10,000.

  109. lisa says:

    back from a nice nap. Rain is all gone now,. Well we can’t be without flowers. lol

    I hope everyone comes back to playing nice. As OC says, Put on your big girl panties and come back to the blog, lol

    Gotta have some more coffee now, still sleepy

    the Manolo shoes, I don’t understand that as I’ve seen that designer’s shoes and they just don’t excite me. I wear flats most of the time anyway as heels aren’t practical for my lifestyle.

  110. GoodGirl says:

    George David is my new ‘Sugar Goal’ LOL! ;P

  111. GoodGirl says:

    I have not cruised any profiles lately. I haven’t gotten a single message in a month or 2 :( Maybe because I put a big black box over part of my face?? hmmmm….
    On a lighter note, I get to take my daughter back to the dentist on monday!! Yeah!!!….bitter sweet though. My cute dentist that I was swooning over no longer works at that office. Sad day..

  112. DorkyGuy says:

    Here is one for “Sugar Dating In the News”:

    For grins, google the divorce terms of George David, chairman of United Technologies. 67 year old guy divorcing his 36 year old wife who wants $53,000 per week in support! This includes $600 per week just for flowers for the Park Avenue penthouse she’s getting.

    Her complaint? Evidently, it has something to do with his maintaining another SugarBaby… a stunning 30-something year old, on whom he spent $10,000 on a single pair of Manolo Blahnik shoes, among other things.

  113. DorkyGuy says:

    huh, my blog posts aren’t showing up… had a rather good one. No error, and an attempt to re-enter it says “you have already said that”.

    *twilight zone*

  114. Dani says:

    I agree with Elle, my account is linked to my email so I get told when I have a message. I have to admit I’m always curious when I see that I have a new message. Some of the messages I get (along with my fellow SBs) are amusing in their ridiculousness and even sometimes their rudeness.

    I’m usually amused by some of the things that I read in some profiles. There are a couple of things that attract me to a profile either a picture (I understand some SDs can’t post a pic for personal reasons) or having some kind of detail. Is it too much to ask to have some details? I’m not asking for a biography, but something, an interest, something that the SD likes to do!

    The one thing I think I’m addicted is reading this blog. I really enjoy reading everyone’s insights and opinions. This is actually the first that I am posting mine (but it won’t be the last!).

  115. Brooke says:

    Hey elle, what part of Canada are you from?

  116. SF SD says:

    Nitemare, I don’t always agree with you, but I recognize quality when I see it. :)

  117. Gail says:

    LOL…I can’t believe that you blocked me OC….

  118. Gail says:

    I just posted a response…somehow it got lost on its way to posting.

    I just wanted to say my comment above was my own perspective, and thoughts. It comes from reading what everyone has to say and what they share with others. No intention to knick anyone with a pocketknife. I like others will no longer comment and will stay in lurk mode. Bye…Bye!!!

  119. elle says:

    by the way OC – i’ve attempted to email you back but when i try to send the message it keeps saying the site of my email provider is not working properly :S so i shall send it when it decides to cooperate with me! lol

  120. GinaZ says:

    Please just leave me alone nightmare, I don’t like you and I know the feeling is mutual. I’m sorry if I offended you or insulted you, just put down the big guns and I’ll do the same, so I can either exit in peace or return peacefully.

  121. NitemareSD says:

    Lisa deftly evades the part of the idea where she enjoys cool breezes on the hammock while saving big money on her electric bill and being fed any damn food she likes regardless of nutritional issues.

    If they kill me, I will undoubtedly come back in several sequels, which are never as good as the original.

  122. ~OCSugarBaby~ says:

    Hi Lisa! Glad you had a nice day. 😉

    No one is attaching Nitemare. I believe the swords have been put away for good. Yes, Nitemare pocket knife too 😉

    The written word can be harsh, remember each of us have our own set of moral and ethical standards. To each; his or her own. When someone has a concern and they turn to the blog, it means they genuinely are seeking direction. Bitter comments just confuse the person. This sugar family does not attack one another. Please use sugar when posting to another… pretty please…
    What I do know is that wonderful SB/SD relationship do and CAN happen if you determine ahead of time what it is you are looking for and keep a strong level of confidence when seeking it. ~OC

  123. The Lone Gunman says:

    I started to look a other SD profiles for comparison, and discovered that there *wasn’t* any comparison.

    So I just concentrate now on being the bestest SD I can be!

  124. elle says:

    mmm starbucks, thanks lisa now i’m craving one of their delicious frappucinos lol! it’s actually really hot here today with pure sun…around 30 degrees celsius with humidity which is pretty warm for canada. i’m sure it doesn’t even compare to texas though lol regardless, a nice frothy drink from starbucks would be delightful right about now

  125. Gail says:

    I can’t even browse anymore. I know I hit the wrong button. I can’t log into my account from my house. But I was able to log in while I was in Lake Tahoe this weekend. So somehow I blocked the SA log in page….Waaaaah!!!! Thats okay….

    Lisa….Nitemare is the same Nitemare we have known forever…LOL..just more verbal lately: )…..which I do like…and the blog was getting a tad slow.

  126. lisa says:

    Hi everyone. Back from a nice trip to the Galleria. Stop being so hard on Nitemare ladies. There was a sb on this blog several months ago that was always attacking me, making fun of my profile and said some nasty things that Stephan deleted. this was back in December.

    I got stuck for a little while by a downpour so I hung out a little longer than planned. Had a nice lunch and am tired now. I think I need a nap, rain looks like it’s starting up again.

    Nitemare If I turn off my ac, I will feel like i’m back living with my family, they have a thing against ac. My mom would give hundreds to her rich mininster who drove a bmw, but pay for family comfort, no way.

    I dont’ browse as much as I used to as I’ve seen just about every profile for Texas sds that there is. I sometimes browse sbs profiles just to see what they’re ideas are. Some of the profiles amuse me, both sd and sb, the business exec who can’t spell, the potatohead sb that talks in slang. etc

    Going to rest a litle. I knew I forgot something, I forgot to stop at starbucks.

  127. elle says:

    p.s. i thoroughly enjoy that the picture for this blog topic features chace crawford from the show gossip girl. he just makes me weak in the knees <3

  128. elle says:

    I wouldn’t say I’m addicted to checking my account…it’s connected with my email and I always check my email once a day or so (maybe I’m addicted to my email ? lol), so I know if something’s happened on SA or I’ve been messaged. There are times where I will go through a bunch of profiles when I’m bored or feeling determined to find the perfect SD.

    Profiles that catch my attention involve someone being detailed and really giving you an idea of what they’re all about while making you want to know more. It’s tough to do that in a profile and I’ve seen very few SD profiles that really pique my interest. I also like profiles that are light-hearted/happy and you can sense the person would be fun.

    I browsed fellow SB profiles when I first joined just to make sure mine was not too bare or not too out there. But otherwise I don’t typically few them, I don’t really see the point in constant comparisons. I rather focus on me and potential SDs.

  129. NC Gent says:

    I agree with that. If I am happy with my current arrangement (which I am), I am less likely to spend time blogging and cruising profiles. I guess that is why I have been blogging a lot less.

  130. NitemareSD says:

    I’m convinced the addiction element is a significant subject. I believe it pertains to other sites, whether consumer electronics or sex is the subject.

    I find both spending a greater percentage of time on an arrangement, and the happiness I have with the arrangement reduce the time I spend on SA.