9 years ago
Thoughts on Being a Smart Sugar Baby

9 years ago
Thoughts on Being a Smart Sugar Baby

Alicia was a Sugar Baby on SA for over 2 years. She’s an entrepreneur and single mother who now says she’s more of a Sugar Mama than a Sugar Baby.

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  1. Katrina352 says:

    and peaches as far as new I am new too but I do my research just like a job you have to know what you are talking about Get the book and read it, your liabrary can order it! and please please Read theses blogs ocsugar has lots of advice the southern gent is an excellent sorce for type of things you may keep in mind. and all the others who are regulars on here. also I follow this one rule in life IF I GET A BAD VIBE I AM GONE!! follow your gut and contact another sugar Maybe one on the other coast opposite from you!!LOL good luck

  2. Katrina352 says:

    in response to peaches I tend to have seconday contacts I have a prepaid cell, a mailbox, and a diffrent e-mail too. also some post up here said something about michealsmail.. girls does he say he works for prudent oil?? well this cat is mic_anderson. he promised to send me some money.. I though Why I dont need and did not ask for it.. ok So then I told him..*heres the kicker* you know I live in florida and you know what my name is send it western union, they are global.!! he didnt respond and his sissy behind blocked me not that I even contacted him! whatever.. my point is Google#1 take care of your own#2 and if it sounds too good………#3
    by the way He has a web page for prudent oil but the next page is an error page.
    I tend to think a wealthy man is cautious with his money not just throwing it around. if I pick up on some strange money habit I usally wont respond further. and I personally would never go anywhere than my home town unless I had a relative in the PotSD city. and I would have all my arrangements made myself.

  3. Marme says:


    As a sales woman I ask those probing questions. It make scare the SD off but its best to beware. I actually had to block that MICHAELSMAIL guy from personal email address. He wanted me to come to a sex club like a fool and said he would get me a cc with 10k on it. I said no because I felt that if its too good to be true it is.

    Then I got the harassment. He called me fat and said I have a horrible personality. What can we do to warn these girls. I’m so sorry for what happened to you. I thank god that I didn’t fall for his crap. Ladies & Gents what can we do about this guy? I personally had to block him from my email and I told him he was scaring me.

  4. Peaches says:

    Nevermind…I got it, thanks anyway.

  5. Peaches says:

    What did you mean by “trial”? I’m sorry…I don’t mean to be a pain in the ass…I’m just eager to learn the ropes here. If you feel for whatever reason you’d rather not share…..it’s okay, I understand. Who know’s….there may be a secret to this maddness

  6. Peaches says:

    Thank You Sue, that Is very good advice, I do appreciate it.

    I am curious…would you mind walking me through a typical first meeting?

    I tend to be a women that likes to take charge of any given situation, I don’t want to scare anybody off, yet I don’t want to be led around clueless. What is it that the typical SD is looking for? Are certain SD’s better than other’s?

    Any advice you care to share would be great.

  7. Sue says:

    My advice after being lied to a couple times, is DO NOT travel to your pot SD. Have him come to see you for the first meeting. Then if you agree and would like a trial… Go see him and make sure you have your own room and ticket home…Trust is mutual….If you are to trust him, he needs to show you he’s trust worthy…And you need to do the same.

  8. Peaches says:

    Hi ladies, I saw this site on 20/20 like the rest of the Country, and thought….why not? So I filled out my profile and stumbled upon this Blog. I have to admit, I’m not surprised by some of your situations, I must applaud you for being true to yourselves throughout what at times looks like sheer terror. I read about the women who was flown to Taronto…I think….anyway, I’d like to ask you seasoned girls, how am I supposed to be able to weed out the posers?
    I am real and looking for the same, any advice? Feel free to contact me anytime.
    Thank You

  9. misty says:

    I just have a couple things. One I want to know if anyone has any good advice to give an SB. I have been on the site for about a yr and a half now and all I have found have been guys that lie about what they have or how much they have. I am in no way a gold digger, but like I state in my file I have dreams and goals and am looking for some help to make it come true.
    I have worked my butt off from day one and have never really gotten anything good out of it. I thought this site would help, but I run into guys that talk about what they have just to sleep with women. take for example ROB he is located in the texas search and probably the MO search. His title is “lottery winner having fun” BE AWARE LADIES. He contacted me about a month ago and stated all this about what he can give and so on. When we started emailing each other I used his name in a search and found out that he really doesnt live in TX doesnt have a plane and never won the lotto. He proceeded to tell me that he uses it to sleep with beautiful women and then just leave them empty handed. I have reported him to the site, but I see he’s still up, so when you get the chance please find him and call him out. He really needs to be stopped.
    I have plans to move back to TX and he was tryin to tell me he could move me down there into a nice place and so on when really I would have been stranded and broke. :(

  10. RAF says:

    Thank you for the warnings. Not signed up yet. Wondering, are there Sugar Daddies for Platonic friendships? On 20/20, a member stated that she is a single mom and did not have to date him and he takes care of her to give her son a nice home and stable life.

    Looking for the same no sexual obligations, a sugar daddy that will step in since my real father past on. He took care of me and missed out on walking me down the aisle for my wedding. My husband lost his father too in the same year. We really want a house, a family and some Dad like figure role model back in our lives.

    Is this unrealistic?

    Thank you

  11. Sue says:

    Oh yeah…His profile is MCO Orlando Florida…He says he’ll pay over 20,000 per month…..He’s a phony….

  12. Sue says:

    Just hooked up with another loser SD that flew me out to Orlando all the way from Vegas…..
    We agreed on an arrangement……Got home and he e-mailed me that he couldn’t do the monthly arrangement, but only a couple hundred per visit…..And if I didn’t want to have an arrangement with him anymore he would understand…But he wanted me to text him still and tell him how sexy and cute he is, because he felt it was justified and he deserved it!!!! OMG!!! These guys I’m meeting on this site are seriously mental……He’s married…I might have to call his wife……

  13. babygirl says:

    Oc ~ No it won’t completely stop, neither does handing out speeding tix, but nothing wrong with helping each other out! It does deter them. Especially after hearing stories like those above. I’m not naive or a newbie ~ But weeding out the losers in my inbox would speed things up a bit too and save time. Mainly, I feel like letting others know when I have someone I think is potentially dangerous. Seems a shame.

    To everyone ~ My biggest complaint are the guys who are rude when I am being polite, rarely are they, but once in a while they say stupid stuff and when I call them on it, they call me a hooker or pro etc. for no reason at all, happened twice, they just have nothing better to say so they play that card. I tried complaining about it to SA but never got a response. Anyone else?

  14. OCSugarbaby says:

    Babygirl- A list will not stop both fake SD’s and SB’s from doing what they set out to do. However, taking your time and knowing that a true sugar is not in a hurry. And will not rush you into things you are not ready for is key. No guarantee’s but use good judgement and keep your comfort level as priority #1.

  15. babygirl says:

    Should we have a special blog for posting dangerous men, and scam artists here? I don’t think a review board is necessarily a good idea since I don’t want my personal life made public like I’m some restaurant in Zagats’ serving brunch , but a way to keep people safe would be nice. People that are scamming people such as stealing info, not paying on agreement after the fact, fake airline tickets, and hotel reservations, tend to do it to others over and over and those should be mentioned and kicked off site. If they think they can get away with it, they will.

  16. babygirl says:

    I have to comment on Bob, I hope you weren’t saying a free test drive was acceptable practice.

    Sue, I would never, ever trust anyone, I don’t care how nice they seem to pay me afterwards, what happened to you happens to women all the time even from regular sugar daddies because what happens if it doesn’t go as planned, and you two get into a fight? or your styles are different and expectations don’t match, what if he says well I will only give you half. It’s not something a woman should EVER have to worry about while having sex with someone. If they cared about you they won’t mind handing you the money before. Now if you are with someone for a time and you wouldn’t feel used if they changed their mind and didn’t pay then by all means go ahead if it’s only for yourself, but I don’t personally like anyone to feel like they have my wallet hanging over my head when I’m trying to enjoy myself and make them happy. All you have to say is “let’s get the money out of the way so we can relax and enjoy ourselves” they know what’s up. It doesn’t make you an escort, but money and friendships always have the potential of getting sticky. I just lost a girlfriend over a restaurant bill the other day when she made the rest of the table cover her bill and never paid us back. So it’s just better all ways around to get it out of the way and not feel guilty about it. I’m sorry that happened to you and I hope it never happens again. :-)

  17. lisa says:

    I saw his profile, he mentions 10-20k allowance and lots of fun, no mention of forcing himself on someone and giving nothing.

  18. OCSugarbaby says:

    Hi Miss Lisa! Not sure what his profile had to do with it. Tessa was stating that his behavior was not suited to being a True SD. She never even spoke of what the content was in his profile.

  19. lisa says:

    I don’t think it’s a big deal, after all “EVERYONE fudges on their profile, it’s to be expected on here, no big deal” :)

    If this Michael guy had have been honest about what he is, he wouldn’t get any response, so he “exaggerated a little on his profile” in order to get more response

  20. OCSugarbaby says:

    Hi elle! This is the exact situation I tried to warn you about. Things can turn bad quickly without the safety points I told you about. Why don’t you share some of those tips that you have learned with others. You have come a long way in sussing out what to do and what NOT to do. Share your wisdom! ~OC

    Tessa-I am sorry that happened to you. Even google’ing may have not told you about his character.

  21. elle says:

    Tessa – michaelsmail is apparently a known fake, he’s messaged me before as well, the same message he sends to everyone. I’m very very sorry to hear about your situation, did you report it to police? It’s certainly a shame that such people are out there and naturally everyone should be cautious.

  22. Tessa says:

    I would like to WARN sugar babies of a man on this site who is a FAKE and potentially DANGEROUS. I have been on this site over a year now, and way back when, when I was brand spankin new and naive, I met this man known as MICHAELSMAIL on here. I just ran across his profile, and feel the NEED to say BEWARE. Being naive and new to this sort of dating, I agreed to fly to toronto to meet him for the night to MEET, not for sex. He put me in a hotel room. I did not know to google him. Idiot…I know. Long story very short, he forced himself on me and paid me absolutely NOTHING. I was scared and humiliated. He then continued to harass me via my personal email by calling me names and accusing me of selling myself for money. I alerted SA of this, yet HE IS STILL ON THIS SITE AND STILL PREYING ON YOUNG WOMEN. Oh…did I mention that when he did this to me, he DID NOT wear a condom??? Fast forward over a year later, and I have learned the ropes, more or less, on how to be a smart, successful sb, and what to look for in a quality sd. Just thought new sugarbabies should know…

  23. Equestry Anne says:

    Nitemare SD,

    Let’s drop the ironing off at the cleaners on our way to the theater. Save us both time and effort. (Do you think it’s weird or sexy for a girl to wear short skirts on an evening out, with no panties underneath, as long as she’s discrete?)

  24. Stewie says:

    I could use some advise from some of you experts. I have just had a first date with my first SB and have planning another date this week. We have not yet talked specifically amount money yet and I’n not sure how to go about it. I could also use some any advise anyone wants to give. What is an ideal second and intimate date? Any advise will be appreciated.

  25. OCSugarBaby (348915) says:

    SugarDaddyFlorida- Excellent point! I couldn’t imagine treating ANYONE that way. Sounds like they have a very poor understanding of what it takes to be a TRUE SB. Nice to see a post from an SD that gives us insight to the flip side of the poser coin. ~OC

  26. SugarDaddyFlorida says:

    here is another perspective from a sugar daddy.

    in discussing the arrangement, i often find sugar babies who are obviously interested in discussing my obligations but very shy about their own obligations.

    i don’t expect, not do i want sex on a first meeting. but, if you act as if you have no interest in me or treat me like crap…don’t expect me to be excited about putting out the cash.

    another thing. do sugar babies really think that successful men will allow a baby to push him around verbally and demandingly?

    i realize that there are sd posers out there. but be careful that you don’t treat the real thing poorly because he will more than likely move to another baby who wants to treat him right.

  27. Farm Girl says:

    LOL I’ll check with my sister. :)

  28. NitemareSD says:

    Well if you like theater and you have a nymphomaniac sister we can discuss a “family” arrangement.

  29. Farm Girl says:

    My mother enjoys ironing. She says it relaxes her. She irons everything, including pajamas, sheets and t-shirts…and my clothes. :) If I don’t take some ironing to her every week, she will call to remind me.

  30. lisa says:

    No, that wasn’t me, I think that was NYCsb or someone else, not sure but they posted recently. If I had a 6 month arrangement at 10k a month, that would be 60k, I’d definately went to driving school and then purchased a motor vehicle.

  31. bob says:


    weren’t you saying that you had an arrangement that lasted for about 6 months and was in the 10k a month ballpark?

    if so – given the nature of this thread consider yourself virtually thumped on the head and told to watch this video!

  32. lisa says:

    I am a mediocre ironer. lol Of course I have a cheap 10 dollar iron and haven’t got a board (that would just look stupid carrying on the bus, lol) so it’s not a fun task for me, lol I had one when I was married but my ex got custody, lol

  33. NitemareSD says:

    I am still looking for both a woman who can iron well and a date for Saturday night. The date I can easily do without, and the other night I ironed another shirt before leaving the house, so I am becoming even more independent.

    There were a couple of ladies who mentioned they could iron who I lost track of from a few days ago.

    Ironing and theater. That’s what’s on my mind these days.

  34. Sue says:

    He did have a test drive prior to the trip…He wanted an arrangement, and we agreed on the terms… I gave him 110% on the trip to Playa Delcarmen, and when I got home he told me he didn’t have any money! I would say that’s just being very inconsiderate…… The only one being taken advantage of was me…Just don’t lie you silly boys!!! Girls don’t appreciate it….

  35. bob says:

    silly girls.

    have some smarts about this!

    there is nothing wrong with letting a guy have a ‘test drive’ as it’s been called here, but if you want something from SA to be MUTUALLY beneficial then think before you leap.

    if he wants to take you away for a vacation make sure he takes you someplace you would enjoy yourself even if you WERENT getting paid. Make him take you shopping for a fancy dress and tease him in the fitting room.

    And don’t forget – there are two sides to every coin. If you go to the other extreme and demand an arrangement before the pot SD gets what he wants, then you are likely to scare him off, and rightfully so. For every SD with the means to put his money where his mouth is, there are 10 SBs who want him to prove he is ‘real’ first without any intention of providing the things the SD is after. Now you may hear people saying ‘it’s only money and the SD has loads of it so it shouldn’t matter’, but no one likes to be taken advantage of, wealthy or otherwise.

  36. Hannah says:

    Gals…. BE SMART!!! there’s a lot of phony SD’s out there…Do your homework! I was recently left at the airport with no flights till morning and had to get a room…Profile”Romeo seeks Juliet”…in Beverly Hills….It’s not his real photo, he posts a handsome GQ pic..He’s fat and not attractive with a bad attitude!

  37. Tina says:

    SB’s be careful of profile,” Looking for a Threesome”, His name is Michael, and his girlfriend is a dancer in Vegas…He wants to have sex first to see if there’s “chemistry”…. without an arrangement first… He uses you and moves on to the next girl! Promises that he’ll take care of you, and take you on vacations, etc…

  38. sue says:

    Oh yeah….His profile name is Gleno, from oklamhoma city….5’7…BEWARE…this guy is a PHONY SD!!

  39. sue says:

    I recently went all the way to Playa Del carmen Mexico with a new SD…Spent 5 days there with him. He wanted way more sex than I anticipated (three – four times a day!) He lied and said he was a non-smoker, and he smoked non-stop the whole time! He promised to pay me monthly in turn for coming to Mexico with him..Now he’s says he doesn’t have the money…I’m freaked out!! SB’s BEWARE!!!! Does anyone have advice on this matter?

  40. lisa says:

    Meredith I have viewed your profile. I am sure having a chronic pain makes life hard but I would think that alot of sexual activity would be difficult too. I am sure there is some job you could do and also many times disabled people can be placed in specific jobs because of their condtion. I you are well enough to use the computer, date and have sex, there is certainly something you can do, even volunteer work would help you contribute. Maybe reading to children at a community center, volunteering in a nursing home and maybe work with other disabled people. I see many people around me that are disabled but seem to get around just fine (I have a neighbor woman who is in her 50’s and can’t work because she’s disabled she could no longer work at the sandwhich shop but everytime I go out I see her out running around on the bus, walking, carrying stuff, I don’t see why she can’t work.

    I have my disadvantages to as I don’t have a degree or anything and I do manual work, heavy lifting and I weigh about 100 lbs but if you really want to work you could find something to do. I think it might make you more attractive to a sd if you have something going on in your life as to be honest, not too many of these sds are looking to be a caregiver, as sad as it sounds

  41. bob says:

    some may think that this response is overly mean, even down right cruel, but i think it needs to be said.

    what a load of bunk! (in reference to the post above mine)

    if you are well enough to have sex all the time, go shopping for new dresses, and take a trip to DC (5 hrs away by car) then you are well enough to work SOME jobs or go to school.

    dont sit on your duff all your life and just get by on disability.

    i dont know if your reasons for saying the things to do are founded in simply not knowing what your options are, being afraid of trying, or just downright lazyness, but reality is not congruent with how you portray your position in this post and in your profile.

    finish a college degree part time or online. telecommute to work. heck, start an ebay business! there ARE employment opportunities out there that are open to people with severe disabilities, all you have to do is find something that suits you.

    i would argue that the video in this thread applies more to you than it does most anyone else. be SMART about money and make a success out of yourself. if you find a SD that can provide you with some financial assistance dont waste the money on gourmet food items, use the funds to start a business you can run from home.

  42. I think these are good things for SBs to hear, though they don’t apply to everyone.

    I am disabled and unable to work or go to school (and going to school would be pointless since I can’t work and since the college system is eternally broken in most schools). I can pay my rent and bills just barely, though getting shampoo and sponges and those household thing can be a stretch sometimes, and buying dresses or books or anything fun is out of the question. So I am mostly looking for a little help on the bill front but just a person who will allow me to buy a new dress or a mess of books or some really high quality cooking ingredients from time to time (though I’m very thrifty and have a hard time spending money on my own).

    I’m wondering if there are many other SBs around who are disabled…?