10 years ago
Are mutually-beneficial relationships a good idea?

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6 Responses to “Are mutually-beneficial relationships a good idea?”

  1. ashely says:

    i feel where all of you are coming from but you have to think about it no one in this word is completely faithful because no one is perfect and everyone doesn’t know how to speak the minds as you would think they would.

  2. MYDENYTE says:

    I have tried everything I’m at a loss !

  3. GLPlayground says:

    Understanding, patience and loyalty. Nuff said.

  4. PR_potSB says:

    They are indeed a good idea. My grandmother likes to remind all of us that when hungers comes through the door, loves jumps out the window. She had an arranged marriage and so did my mother. At leats they got respect from their husbands and from what I can see my parents did fall in love with each AFTER they got married.

    Relationships/marriage are like business transactions. You have to be honest and explain what you sort of expect. The two parts have to be willing to give and take in order for it to work!

  5. stephan says:

    se_vnt3: I wish love had the same assurances that mutually beneficial arrangements attempt to provide. Yet if love could be counted on like a sugar’s affection, perhaps it wouldn’t be as special.

    This world is so confusing…yet so simple. Everything is a contradiction, a paradox… Well, thanks for commenting on this post – it’s a pretty empty room in here :)

  6. se_vnt3 says:

    only love can compare to mutually-beneficial relationships and love is the best invention in life