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Weekend Sugar Daddy Rendezvous



“I’m a 23 year old sugar baby and I love your site. Here’s my question: Why do all the sugar daddies seem to only want arrangements on the weekend? I have 4 potentials who are all asking to meet at the same times. I thought that wealthy men would be flexible enough to carve out any day of the week for an arrangement… is there some reason why sugar only seems OK on the weekend?”

This member was able to negotiate arrangements with 1/2 of the potentials she mentioned, but it wasn’t cold hard dates and times that decided which SD’s would work and which wouldn’t…

“I decided to talk with them all a little more, and I chose the two I had the most chemistry with. Still, part of me wishes I would have made them bid up. LOL!”

Do you try to keep your sugar fun restricted to certain days/times only?

If a sugar cancels a date or doesn’t show up, do you give them a second chance?

Would you skip work or school at the request of a Sugar Daddy or Sugar Baby? What might persuade you to do so?

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  1. Melody says:

    Hi Katrina,

    Sorry I didn’t explain better…I don’t want a relationship…going through painful times myself from that and getting out. Just want someone to enjoy finer things in life with and spoil spoil spoil me (smiles)…I was just wondering what a distance relationship means…but I took it as discreet in the fact he may have someone at home. I had a rough time through life and now I”m ready to be spoiled and live the way I should…I have champagne taste and want to experience that and be independant. True, absence does make the heart grow fonder…but I need to take it real slow for that…

  2. Melody If manogomany *sp* mean lots to you I fear Being a Sb you may get hurt. I say This is part of the Arrangment / you may have more than 1SD and he may have more than one SB…. he maybe married Just Remember that. if he Says he wants a Discreet Relationship, That may be a signal!
    In your Arrangment phase Make your expections clear! thats about the best you can do !
    And me personally I rather a Distance Relationship! absence makes the heart grow fonder.. !

  3. Melody says:

    Thank you so much Katrina! ((Hugs))…I will give him an alternate email address then…I have a few…He mentioned a distance relationship…I would think that meant travel to see each other? and maybe he has someone else? he is single according to his profile…I’m just real careful…smiles…never done this before…I’ll check the archives…thanks so much!

  4. Melody
    sure give him your alternate e-mail so if hes not a keeper you dont have to deal with him!!
    you Want his name so you can look him up also! google search and things like that do a property search once you have his name and Where he lives,
    Meet in a public place, a neutral public place, and it may be advisable to have Him come to you*town*
    if hes the Real deal he will Be more than willing to make you Comfortable!
    my Suggestion Also is you Go back through This months and August’s Archives to see What/Who the SB are talkingabout just to be on the Safe side if you see his name or anymention of it “I” would steer clear!

    Welcome to the blog youve got a lot of Support now!!

  5. Melody says:

    Hi Everyone, I’m new and thank you for this forum. I am trying to read it all so I can learn more. I’m a cautious person and wondered how this all works. I hear so many things positive and negative. I happen to come across about it on Tyra Banks show and I never watch that. I never join anything to date anyone as I’ve never needed to and heard horror stories, but thought I’d see what this is all about. Hope to get to know some of you and learn from those that have been doing this and understands about it. I”m in California, and worried about which sugar daddies are legit and safe. Iv’e been through some scary stuff. I just joined a few days ago and the next day had a reply from a sugar daddy. I was surprised but he found my profile interesting. Hoping he’s really a decent guy. He doesn’t have a picture and wanted to negotiate. He was nice and all but I told him if he wants to negotiate I need to see who I”m negotiating with. He said sure and wants my email. Is that safe? Thanks for any help…

  6. Ash 347450 says:

    Nope Katrina I agree with you. This is only my opinion but I do the same thing. If someone wants to see me so many times a week, I think they should be prepared to compensate for my main financial responsibilities at the least. That doesn’t mean that you go buy a brand new mercedes then tell him to pay the bill, but yes, I do think that you should ask for the basics of your financial obligations. I have heard so many different SB’s say it’s not just about the money. True, bc trust me I have been in SD/SB relationships with SD’s that I didn’t have any type of connection with. Those relationships in my opinion never last, I’ve been there done that one. But at the same time, if you were looking solely for chemistry, you would probably be at match.com and not SA. Nothing wrong with your proposal sugah!

  7. Ash 347450 says:

    Hey se_vnt3; I am kinda the same way. As of right now and probably for quite a while, I am only interested in certain type of relationships and yes that would be the sugah world. I drove 1100 miles for 17 hrs to relocate to another state so that I can qualify for in state tuition for grad school next year. Right now, my main focus is law school and I don’t want any type of serious relationship to get in the way of that. However you can’t give EVERYBODY too many chances. Don’t let someone run over you. I have met some nice sincere SD’s and I’ve met many who just want a quick piece of you know what. Giving too many chances to anyone, not just SD’s can show that you can’t be taken seriously or that you are willing to let someone get over on you. People will only do to you what you allow so don’t allow too much.

  8. AngelDoll says:

    Hi I’m new to this whole thing. I just wanted to know how it works. I mean do I message a guy i like and if so what do I say. Or do i wait for guys to message me and if so what should i look for in the contents of the letter to give me hints as to what type of guy he is and if he wants to meet should I do it with a friend or should I go alone. I dont know so many questions come into mind and I get very nervous about the situation. Please respond and thank you in advance. ~<3

  9. Katrina352 says:

    The other day someone mentioned some thing about giving a Pot SD a secondary e-mail well I definelty do I have another cell phone that only Pot SD/SD have. also I have a mailbox from the UPS store, so if there were any issues that came up I would not have them in my Primary accounts additonally have a reloadable visa so Even then ther is no reason for my info and personl stuff to be scammed into!

  10. Katrina says:

    this blog is absolutley helpful, I am so happy to have some information before I make “arrangements”with anybody but I have one question do you give one SD persay the Basics*rent /utils* ?
    and the next the Auto and insurance?
    this question preplexes me because I feel like if
    A. likes to see me 3x’s a month then that should be my basic*rent/utils! and if
    B. wants to see me 3x’s a month he also should be prepared for my basics*Rent/utils*!
    Am I wrong? any thoughts?? oh and also I ask for hotel accomdations….Am I wrong do I need to revamp my ideas help me out

  11. If the SD only can meet on weekends, you must realize successful individuals do work. Patience, trust, and mature decisions are needed by both parties to have a successful relationship/arrangement. Ensuring a “drama free zone” and being yourself is a great start!

  12. se_vnt3 says:

    i want sugar fun and sugar fun only 24/7. for that i’ll give a sugar as many chances as he wants or feels he needs

  13. lisa says:

    Hi OC

    Just stopped by to say hi before I got out to the grocery store, BIG WORDS, hmmmm, might strain my brain, lol

    I was thinking of something funny that I see every time I go to the Galleria (last time was this past tuesday). I say I go there for sugarluck or to celebrate and the funny thing is on the way there, there are several little shopping strips and there is a big store about a block away (I think it’s a furniture store), but anyway it’s call “THE ARRANGEMENT” and the sign is in big letters and really stands out, kinda funny since I go to the Galleria to appease the sugar gods. lol

    Have a good afternoon everyone

  14. OCSugarBaby says:

    Dear SF SD: Hello my friend! Yes, I see that. I have only read a few old posts but see the issues. Well, the sugar family that cares and supports is still alive and well! Just behind the sugar curtain. The outpouring of support (infront or behind the sugar curtain) has been amazing! Thanks!

    SF SD, I LOVE it when you use those big words! You are right on the money with your choice of wording. hahaha

    Ok, until I feel a bit sunnier and come back to play… Try to play nice and be kind to one another. Welcome others and use your big words… ~OC

  15. bob says:


    I agree with what you said about writing men. one thing i would caution however is that to make sure you do actually write something unique to the member you are writing. If a mail even looks the slightest bit like something that was cut and pasted to 500 guys before me and 500 after I’ll ignore the profile, regardless of how appealing they may be.

    And nitemare answered your question, newest profiles get the most action. that and most recently logged on. I normally wont bother with a profile unless there has been a log on in the last few days, especially if it has been only a few days since the account was created. keep in mind if you live alone and have a SA window open on your computer you are NOT logging on each time you check your mail. You will need to log off and then back on for people to see that you are regularly active on the site.

  16. Farm Girl says:

    I’m sorry for being snippy and sarcastic. I love the blog and would hate to wreck the good vibe it has.

  17. SF SD says:

    ~OC: Either our family has shrunk or the love has desolved. Hmmm, I need to mull that over.

    Things have gotten a bit edgy here of late. Less sharing and more pontificating.

  18. lisa says:

    Back from doing laundry. Ugly weather moving in :(

  19. NitemareSD says:

    Because people search for newest profiles and contact them.

  20. lisa says:

    Good afternoon everyone Just got back from work. On my way out the door now to do laundry. What a scorcher it is today

  21. Stina says:

    With regards to the number thing, I would have to say that opinion is not full proof. If you are upfront with a guy and you tell him that you might be a little shy at first I’ve understood them to be understanding. And I think that if you express to a guy first off that you aren’t comfortable at first to just give number right off with out anything so much as a hello. They see that you are a little confident and not desperate and know how to speak your mind, and some guys like that. If you are that type of person and the guy doesn’t like it and he moves on then it’s better for you in the end because obviously you wouldn’t work in the first place.

    Classi- To your question about reaching out first I can only tell you about my experience as I am new to this also. But I have reached out a lot. And it’s kind of like fishing. Put a big net out there and see who you catch. So just find a bunch of guys that you like email them all something short and sweet but unique from every other email. And wait and see who responds.

    Also, I’ve opted to refreshing my profile. That worked quite well also. For about a week or so I canceled my account then I came back and wrote something different. I am getting a lot of responses. More then I had gotten before…last time I had like one person contact me lol. I’ve done this before and for some reason it works. So I’m not saying to totally cancel it but if you go back maybe and redo your interests and such, make it shorter or add more stuff. I don’t know but do something different.

    Actually that was going to be my next question. Why does that work? Has any one else experienced that?? I’ve gotten like 13 messages in three days!

    Thanks guys

  22. Classi says:

    Hi All

    I have been a member a month now and would like to know
    1. If it is cool for the SB to make the first move towards communicating with SD.
    I have many views, and little communication. I do have one POT, we have been communicating with since I first found the site. But as of yet, it is just alot of talk.

    I also am seeing a SD who recently flew me out to Vegas for a fabulous get-a-way, but has not offered to assist me with my endeavors. We have become really great friends and I enjoy his company. But…… he knows I am trying to grow my business and really need more that just his advice and trips. He has stated that he did not want me to communicate with other fellas, but I really need someone who wants me to move forward with my goals, and willing to assist. Overall, he is a complete sweetheart, and I care for him and his feelings, but I am also a business woman who is trying to make it out here. So I have my options open in hopes of meeting a SD who is willing to be a benefactor to me as I work towards achieving my dream. I am a giver, and do not require the luxe gifts. He knows that I am trying to make it. I want him to see where I am going and “want” to help me get there. Am I wrong for feeling like this

  23. classyy 248368 says:

    No, I don’t have it planned out, when ever we can both get together.

    If they don’t show up at all and have no excuse, then no not another chance. If they have a legit reason, and I really like them, Ill give them another chance, but I would expect some sweet sugar lol

    Yes I would skip work to meet my SD if that was the only time he could meet. But I don’t think I could take off from school, school is very importaint to me.

  24. NitemareSD says:

    With regard to the question of traditional dating standards, be as flexible as you can when acting in the sugar world.

    Men here are often very busy – especially if they are legitimately well off, connected and in important positions. Many don’t want the hassels of courtship in the dating process. They don’t want to waste time which they don’t have.

    They are spending money often in part to eliminate these hassles. They are looking for quick action and decisions. They are looking for ladies that are unhesitant and determined in their own search.

    Often these men may pass up a woman that appears to put too much in the way of getting to a first meeting.

    When a man quickly asks for a phone number (or gives his out) he is often trying to filter those who lack the confidence or will to follow through with entering an arrangement.

  25. OCSugarBaby says:

    Elle! Thanks for the kind words. Not quite sure I am ready to return to the blog yet. Got to get my thoughts sorted out a bit.
    Geeze this place echo’s in here what the heck happened since I left? Came on yesterday to get a little sugar family love and thank goodness for you and Lisa! lol Actually I got some very sweet sugar hug emails! Either our family has shrunk or the love has desolved. Hmmm, I need to mull that over.
    I will email you about the messy pot. It is only a mess if you let it be a mess. Maybe some limit setting and boundries may work? 😉

  26. elle says:

    OC! glad you’ve returned to the blog — sorry to hear about your SD :( however i’m sure you’ll have no problem finding another one. as for me, i’ve been talking with a wonderful potential but i’ve discovered that we know mutual people (we live very close to one another) and that would just be far too risky and messy – such a shame though since I actually think we would’ve worked out.

  27. Farm Girl says:

    I guess the SD did not sell my number to telemarketers as they aren’t calling me either. I’ll purchase a prepaid phone today just in case.

  28. lisa says:

    Good morning everyone

    Getting ready to go to work, tired and can’t wait till 2.
    Have a good day everyone

  29. Stina says:

    Anyone out there?! I’m up….

  30. Stina says:

    What does that even mean? lol.

  31. NitemareSD says:

    If you want to play the sugar game right, get the right equipment. A prepaid cell phone to give out to anyone decent.

    From long experience – girls that don’t get on the phone are skanks.

  32. Stina says:

    Bob you are retarded lol….

  33. SF SD says:

    Wow! So many new topics I don’t know where to begin. So I guess I’ll just contribute a “quickie” here.

    > Do you try to keep your sugar fun restricted to certain days/times only?

    Maintaining a sugar relationship is a discreet situation means fitting your activities into the rhythm of daily life. This will be different for each person, and it’s one of things that helps determine whether the sugar relationship is going to work. It’s something to talk about early on.

    If a sugar cancels a date or doesn’t show up, do you give them a second chance?

    After the relationship gets going, sure. Things happen, and you should have a system worked out to cancel and recover. If this becomes standard operating procedure, though, then it’s time to reevaluate.

    Early on, repeated flaking is a red flag — a sign that your new or potential sugar lacks the respect, control, or the means to live up to their promises. Cut your losses and move on.

    > Would you skip work or school at the request of a sugar daddy or sugar baby?

    I’ve done it, but never when it would put other relationships at risk.

    > What might persuade you to do so?

    Emergency situations. Unexpected opportunities. :)

  34. bob says:


    he seems to be interested in you and approaching you in a respectful way. how much more can a SB ask for?

  35. Stina says:

    Well, I told him basically that i want some one that is willing to work with me in my comfort zone so maybe we arent a match..not saying there ever was one in the first. Then he emails me his number…says call me thanks haha…men..

  36. OCSugarBaby says:

    Hi Stina- Some guys are just more comfortable talking on the phone then typing. We are from the era that loves the cyber comfort, others may not have that comfort. Why not get his number and call him. You can block your number. Who knows maybe you could have talked him into im’g in the future. No set rules to the “getting to know you” stage. Some go from SA emails to giving out your regular email, then im’g…on to the actual phone number exchange. I myself keep it flexible. Do what makes YOU feel comfortable.

  37. lisa says:

    I don’t know Stina, what’s your number, I could answer that better on the phone. But then again there are those that I have recieved that say “Hey I’m in your city tonight, wanna meet for a drink?” no email before ,just a last minute, hey” lol

  38. Stina says:

    First email to him: do you come to Seattle often.
    Second email from him: What’s your number??
    To him: Wow, What’s your number?? Are you going to ask nicely?
    From him: Sure, may I have your number please.
    To him: I’m not really sure how this is suppose to work so I apologize for ahead of time if I offend you. I am not really that comfortable with giving out my number so quickly to someone I do not know. Would you feel comfortable?

    Usually there is some sort of exchange of words in a conversational way before some one just says “what’s your number?” lol. Am I wrong?

    From him: I rather talk to u on the phone….then type words on a computer…..so maybe we are not a match…..but I do wish you luck in your search….btw I have an office in Auburn WA so I visit Seattle several times per month

    WTF??? Are these guys serious?????

  39. OCSugarBaby :( says:

    Thanks Lisa (Percy too), hugs with sprinkles are a nice touch.

  40. lisa says:

    sending sugary sprinkles to OC and a gift certificate redeemable for one SD. Percy sends a hug too

  41. OCSugarBaby :( says:

    Sader than sad… OC is now without an SD :(

    Sure could use a sugar family group hug……. ~OC

  42. lisa says:

    Good afternoon everyone, back from work and another 100+ degree day. I’m stripped off to my underwear sitting in front of the computer with ac on and fan blowing on me, drinking a cold soda. lol

    I give both good and bad advice, you just have to figure which is which, lol
    I’m not a jainy rain cloud, i’m a paper sack of sorrow, lol

    Good afternoon Nitemare, any Sugarmomma offers yet?

  43. NitemareSD says:

    Oh well, I guess never give a man what he asks for…give him what he should have asked for. 😮

  44. Farm Girl says:

    Oh crap! Do you think he wanted it to sell to telemarketers?

  45. Farm Girl says:

    Yes. My number is ______

  46. Farm Girl says:

    LOL! Don’t be hurt, Bob. Rather than assuming everyone is out to pork me, I’ll assume everyone is out to give me money and buy me pretty presents.

    On a side note…After several emails with a pot, he sent a message “…can I call you?” I understood that to mean “may I call you?” but I was mistaken. Apparently, what he meant was “am I physically able to call you?” and the answer is NO because he hasn’t called. Another poof daddy. :)

  47. NitemareSD says:

    What did you say when he asked?

  48. bob says:

    hey now. i’m just advising people to use some common sense, as opposed to just assuming everyone is out to pork you – so you should pork um sooner and harder!

  49. Farm Girl says:

    …Note: Don’t listen to Lisa or Bob… :)

  50. Happy Lurker says:

    Hi Anon,
    In the past there have been many discussions among SBs if it would be o.k. to have several SDs at the same time.
    Nobody was against that possibility, if you can carry it off with your agenda. So that situation is acceptable I understood.
    Now it looks the other way around.
    An SD contacted another SB.
    Quite a coincidence that the two SBs are friends.
    The arrangement is all about No hassle.
    If you are going to confront your SD you go against the basis of an arrangement, which is NO strings attached.
    He is free to do what he likes and so are you.
    If you are going to confront him, you look upon your arrangement as boyfriend / girlfriend. You have him in shackles.
    You have had him as your SD now for three whole months and you pospered by it.
    In another topic about the length of the arrangement, it seemed that three months is usual.
    No, I would advise you a different strategy.
    You want him ? Well girl fight for it !
    Take a deep breath !
    Do your utmost to win him back.
    If you wish lo lose him, do it in style.
    If he comes to meet your friend at Starbucks or so, he will meet the two of you there together. Now that would be really great end of your arrangement.
    And remember to wear black on that occasion.
    But perhaps you do not mind sharing him with your friend.
    Wow, “there lies a whole new world for the studious artisan” a quote from Doctor Faustus by Christopher Marlowe.
    You can still prosper in there, in fact the two of you.
    So many options.
    The longer I think of it, the more it makes me smile.
    Girl keep him bound to your chariot !
    Yes, we can !

  51. NitemareSD says:

    Don’t listen to bob either.

    There’s a new topic and I may begin a new page (web) of my life as an SBM.

  52. bob says:

    dont listen to lisa.. she is the resident janey rain cloud.

  53. Farm Girl says:

    LOL Funny Lisa! The fake club!

    Speaking of…I have a meeting with a pot SD for drinks tomorrow. Let’s hope he isn’t a club member! :)

  54. lisa says:

    Good morning everyone I sure hope you aren’t “traveling ot an exotic location” with anyone on this site, if you got an email offering that, welcome to the fake club as that guy contacts everyone, lol

    I’ve got to get ready for work
    Have a good day everyone

  55. Farm Girl says:

    Perhaps you could just tell them the truth. “I’m traveling to an exotic location with my sugar daddy.” They would probably laugh and tell you how funny you are. They may also decide to stop prying at that point.

  56. Playfulnites says:

    So I’m still perusing, and I have another question that I havent quite found a line of discussion on (close but not quite) I am a married woman looking for a SD for a number of reasons, my husband is aware and is completely ok with what I am doing (yes we are in that typical more friends than married category) and so far the pot SD’s I have made contact with are very happy with me being married (they feel its less likely to have excess drama) but where the real problem lies is what to tell our family! (the truth is NOT an option!) I have met a very nice pot SD who is flying in to my city for our initial face to face, but he has suggested that he wants me to be his regular business travel companion. If it all works out I find myself at a loss on how to explain my absences to family that will notice and inquire!
    So has anyone else had this particular problem arise?

  57. Stina says:

    This dang site is so addictive!

  58. Farm Girl says:

    Nope. Just reading the other topic.

  59. Stina says:

    Am I the only one out here??

  60. Stina says:

    Hey! Any SB from Seattle??!

  61. NYC SB says:

    i am not sure if SDs keep more than one SB as that can become costly… i think he is looking for a replacement… sorry to say this :(

    as for whether to confront him or not i have no advice to give because i would say confront him but then i know if i was in the situation i wouldnt have the guts to do so and it just might push him into his search further

  62. Stina says:

    I did it Bob! Thanks! Hopefully this will work….nosey ass old man….lol

  63. honeydew says:

    Anon- you now have me thinking about how common it might be for SD’s to pursue more than one sugar babe.

    Does anyone have experience with having more than one sugar relationship at a time? My initial thoughts on it would be if a SD can afford more than one, then more power to him… but entertaining one girl might be challenging enough! =)

  64. Stina says:

    Anon- I would tell him straight up. I would say hey that is one of my friends you contacted and make sure you tell him you understand that you guys arnt totally esclusive and he can obviously do what he wants but just to let him know that that is one of his friends. Or! You can not say anytyng and just let your friend handle it. She doesn’t have to respond to him and he’ll move on. Then you can just work on doing what you can so the both of you guys are happy and so you can have an esclusive relationship together =)

  65. Christina says:

    Hellleerrrr….I’m bored! Well, I told him that I still was interested in meeting him for a drink since we’ve been talking for so long I do like him and am curious to whom I’ve be corresponding with this whole time. I told him that I wouldn’t discourage him to making other plans with another girl if he wanted the escort thing. So who knows how things go….I might be feeling a bit generous that night ;). I’ve never done anything like that before and it kind of turns me on to even entertain the thought haha!! Sorry TMI hehe…

  66. NitemareSD says:

    Playfulnites – do your best to provide what the market will bear. Take more time to find a comforable fit even after compromise for immediate gain.

  67. NitemareSD says:

    Anon – you need to find out right away what he’s unhappy with in your relationship, but not necessarily ask him about the other contacts.

  68. Anon says:

    no but he has told me that he is looking for only one SB for a longer term arrangement

  69. honeydew says:

    Thanks, bob!

    Anon- have you and your SD had a conversation about being exclusive?

  70. Playfulnites says:

    Hi All! I’m new and have spent the morning perusing this board and have gotten alot of helpful information as well as a few good laughs (thanks!) This topic caught my eye inparticular since I have been trying to sort this issue out. My intention was to keep my available time to evenings but what I am encountering is potential SD’s who only want middle of the day meetings. Is this pretty commonplace? Have I gone into this with the wrong idea of what is normal? I just guessed more gentlemen would be seeking companionship for while they were in town on business (I.E. working days and my company at night) am I way off base here? Should I rethink this or stick to my guns so to speak?

  71. Anon says:

    My SD of three months has just reactivated his account. I am not sure what to make of it. In addition, he has unknowningly contacted one of my friends on there asking her for a drink. Interesting part is that we have a planned weekend getaway this Friday. Should I confront him?

  72. Happy Lurker says:

    Hi Paige,
    I am absolutely delighted that you found Harrods the place to be with an SD. Great that he took you out on a shopping spree there.
    So this is the third SD that you meet and strike three is a hit !
    And you have other SDs line up for you as well.
    Like Edmundo Ross became famous with that evergreen : London is the place for me !
    Had a great laugh at you snipe about American men and therapy.
    Most girls in black resemble a kind of Marylin Manson.
    Once I met an SB who longed for a flimsy black dress, so I took her out shopping and got her a Moshino, the only stylish black one. I believe it was about 700 Dollars or so. Looked ravishing on her and in the evening really inspiring, as I tore it off her with my teeth. Just for fun.
    Next day I got her a vintage Valentino in cobalt blue.
    That looked stunning !
    Just the other day there was some bizarre news in my country.
    It seems that one out of three girl students go to university wearing no underwear. No, it has nothing to do with brazilian waxed. They did not bother to throw their undies in the washing machine.
    I’ll now change my name into the Laughing Lurker.

  73. Farm Girl says:

    Actually, my conference will be in the museum. I’ll let you know what it’s like. Have fun at the mall.

  74. Farm Girl says:

    I moved from Boston to Houston the winter of 1992. I was so tickled about the warmer weather in February. It just kept getting warmer though. :( The heat is miserable but the humidity is great for the skin. :)

  75. lisa says:

    I just checked out their giftshop online, lots a fun things I am not familiar at all with where they are located, off some freeway or something, definately not public transportation accessible :(

    Gotta go now

  76. lisa says:

    I have heard of the funeral museum but have never been as just like everything in Houston, it’s hard to get anywhere on the bus. I have always wanted to go to that museum too as I love offbeat museums.
    I’m headed out to the Galleria now, if you have time, check it out as it’s the mecca in shopping.
    But seriously pack yourself in ice or you will fry here.

    Have a great day everyone

  77. Farm Girl says:

    LOL You are so generous! Let’s make this long-term exclusive!

    Is the Days Inn anywhere near the Funeral Museum? 😉 Seriously, Houston has one of those.

  78. lisa says:

    lol just show up naked and meet me at the days inn and i’ll give you 5 dollars for the taxi , lol well actually with this heat advisory, you might want to show up naked.

  79. Farm Girl says:

    Hey Lisa!

    I’m going to be in Houston this weekend for a CE conference. (LOL! That sounded like an email intro from a pot SD. Don’t worry – I wasn’t about to ask what you would need to give me your attention!)

  80. lisa says:

    Good morning coffee and the blog, a great way to start the day, lol
    I’m going to out to starbucks for coffee so it’s going to have to wait a while, lol

  81. Farm Girl says:

    Good morning All!

    I am completely addicted to this blog now. Can’t start the day without it and coffee.

  82. bob says:



  83. bob says:


    when it comes to an allowance, just use some common sense. Any SD is likely to be cautious up from wit the allowance. Just like you would likely be cautious. would you see a SD for a month without getting anything out of the deal, other than a promise to pay at the end? not likely. By the same token most SDs would be uncomfortable with putting any serious amount of funds up front. the notion of ‘show me you are real’ when it comes to fronting an allowance is the first and largest warning bell that a potential SB is a scammer.

    I’d wager the norm for most long term arrangements is that they start out cautious on the part of both parties.

    with regards to clearing your cookies and what not. get the google chrome browser. chrome has an ‘incognito’ mode where when you open up the browser that way, when you close your browser window all cookies, web site history and what not gets erased.

  84. honeydew says:

    Hey everyone! I joined this site a couple years ago and only recently have become serious about a sugar relationship.

    I’m having a hard time figuring out how much money to ask for as an allowance. The truth is, I have a job and can pay all of my bills/expenses. However, I’m starting a program at school soon which will disallow me to work. Obviously I don’t want to lie and tell a pot SD that I can not afford my bills in order to get an allowance. But, I want to save as much $$ as possible right now so that I’m not tapping into my savings account in a couple months. Would it be reasonable to ask for the amount that I pay per month for expenses?

  85. Belle says:

    Good morning all you beautiful ppl !!!
    what a week end ive had – cant say its been anything but fun fun fun!!!

    On the topic: I feel that you should only stick to what is good for both parties..i mean some ppl are only availavble weekends (like myself) or week days. Be upfront and honest and things will pan out for everyone just fine. On giving a sd/sb a second chance well …thats up to the persont that dipped out on the meeting….cant say i would be happy about being shown up as my time off is precious to me but would be understanding if things were not a great time or there was an emergency or something along those lines i guess…..then id be comfortable with arranging something that fits for both in near future :) And as for skipping work/study etc – depends on the person and whats going on in my own life i guess as to what i could/would /want to do .

    On a lighter note : good news – been chatting with a lovely pot sd and think that the ‘click’ is there. I like how his mind works :) we talk open and freely about everything. Although admitly I have dodged the big questions …little unsure how to approach that …any ideas??? There is this other gentlemen that seems to want to come to me and i guess do coffee etc ….fingers crossed there is a little bit of a connection – he seems very business like…..very straight forward but not too blunt and i like that also but does make me uncomfortable as Im a first timer.

    Belle xx

  86. lisa says:

    That sucks but that’s how it goes. I was 39 and being spied on by my family. They didn’t want me to have my own life (this was way before I tried sugardating, it was just regular dating back then) but I had to get out on my own. I had never lived by myself in my entire life and worked a low paying job but I got out and got my freedom and privacy.

    You have to decide whether you want to have a relationship with the guy you live with or not. If you can’t see yourself in a relationship with him then you need to sit down and talk to him about his respecting your privacy or you need to step out on your own. It’s the smartest thing i’ve ever done although I had to give up everything and start over.

  87. Christina says:

    Hey, it’s not like set rules that he has he just judges me and I don’t like it. I don’t judge him on his… I mean the only thing I can think of is that he wants to be with me and if he does then why does he look on his sites? To me it’s like he wants to have his cake and eat it too. Anyways, I can’t afford a laptop or a place to live right now.

  88. lisa says:

    Christina, when I had a privacy issue (my family looking at my emails and trying to run my life) I moved out and got my own place so I could make my own rules. If you live with someone and it’s their place, you gotta go by their rules. Couldn’t you get a laptop and go out somewhere and look at profiles and then the guy you stay with wouldn’t know?

  89. christina says:

    Thanks chicka 😉 I’ll email you laters babes. Well, I just opened my account back up. The friend I live with found my stuff last week and freaked. And he really made me feel bad about it. Saying I was selling myself. Well, this person has their own dating sites they go on, I see them even on their phone just scrolling through profiles…so why can’t I have mine? Why do I have to delete the cookies everytime? Why do I have to hide?

  90. NYC SB says:

    Hi Christina – it seems like many SDs are all too concerned with SBs running away with the full monthly allowance and never seeing them again… i even had one say that he only does a pay per play because a monthly allowance is for wives and gfs only… so who knows… at the end of the day do what is comfortable for you! if you think he is looking for an escort do not pursue him… if he seems genuine and you are ok with pay per date then go for it

  91. NYC SB says:

    Nitemare – i really hope you contacted her! match made in sugar heaven

  92. lisa says:

    Good afternoon Nitemare :) Gloomy weather coming in although my day has been very sunny. Spent time with parents and sent some stuff to my daughter.
    Mom said she last saw my friend a week ago and she was acting very strange so the mystery continues.

  93. NitemareSD says:

    Found an interesting comment from an SB in CT at the end of her profile:

    Also, any men advertising to give more than $5,000 or more monthly is obviously a loser with deceptive intentions or is an idiot with no brain and too much money.


    That’s a lady after my heart.

  94. lisa says:

    Hi everyone Back from visiting with my parents. Didn’t get to see their new place but had an ok visit anyway, hoping to continue to mend our relationship.
    Weekends would never work for me as I have to work, I would have to have someone who wanted to meet on weekdays or evenings, no weekends.

  95. christina says:

    Well, I’ve been off for a second. Got a little addicted haha. Well my second choice of a SD might be backing out now cause he seems to think I want someting “deep” right now. Hmm…I don’t know what gave him that idea…maybe because he wants to pay me by the day and I think that he wants an escort? I don’t know. I mean if that is what he wants then don’t beat around the bush about it…Just say so. He seems to think that that is a regular way of handling an arrangement? Maybe there are different ways of handing an arrangement? I guess from what I gather is, there is no rules. So if you feel comfortable with what ever is presented to you then go for it? I find this still all so comfusing…just thought I’d jot down some of my thoughts ;). Thanks for listening.

  96. NYC SB says:

    let me try and be on topic for once :)

    Do you try to keep your sugar fun restricted to certain days/times only?
    yes i do… usually after work during the week… most SDs that I have spoken to are not available during the weekends which leaves me time to lead my life

    If a sugar cancels a date or doesn’t show up, do you give them a second chance?
    If he cancels within a reasonable time frame then yes… things come up you have to be flexible… however if he is more than 30 minutes late without calling/texing/emailing i am leaving and no second chances

    Would you skip work or school at the request of a sugar daddy or sugar baby? What might persuade you to do so?
    sure… couple of days away never hurt anyone… what might persuade me? uninterupted time away from everything with my SD… and maybe some spa time 😉

  97. NC Gent says:

    Hi all – hope everyone is doing well. To answer the question, I am almost never available on weekends – maybe once in a grand while, but for the most part, I see my SB when I am on business travel during the week.

  98. lisa says:

    I guess it’s the price she must pay for moving to the good side of the freeway, she should have stayed in the hood with me, lol

  99. lisa says:

    no rain yet. Getting ready to go out again to meet mom at mall. It was kinda a cold conversation so i’m not looking forward to it as I don’t think it will be the warm visit I desired. She’s mad because they doubled her electric bill. She has balanced billing that using averages and since she has moved upstairs and is now facing west instead of north, they are charging her more. She doesn’t even use her ac but with balance billign they just presume you do. She also got penalized for moving since she had a 2 year contract. Anyway I’m going to invite her to go to starbucks with me for coffee, I doubt I will get invited to see the apartment though.

  100. NitemareSD says:

    Hey…the weather is holding up…

    Nico – I really need a date this weekend 😉

  101. lisa says:

    Where is everyone? Just got back from the store, lucked out and ran into a coworker and got a ride home. Getting ready to go down to mall soon to meet mom.

  102. lisa says:

    Have a good morning everyone. I’m going to go down to the store before the rain starts.

  103. lisa says:

    Good morning everyone

    Slept late today, looks like rain

  104. NYC SB says:

    Hi Sugars… I’m super excited to report that I will be taking my first sugar vacation this week! YAYYYYY!!!!!!!!

    Scarry part is that although there will be shoping, spa and fine dining I am just looking forward to two days of uninterupted fun with him :)

  105. Farm Girl says:

    Yesterday, I received an email from a pot SD trying to impress me with his tractors. That was a first, and I loved it. He obviously did his homework before contacting me. :)

  106. Farm Girl says:

    If I remember correctly, the Bride of Frankenstein had a very nice up-do.

  107. Sabrina SB says:

    Just read this whole blog. And I’ve determined NightmareSD and Lisa are hilarious. I will definitely be checking this daily.

  108. NitemareSD says:

    Poor bastard already spent $637 in non-refundable airfare expecting to get groomed and clipped but instead he’s running into Bride of Frankenstein.

  109. Farm Girl says:

    OK, just got in! For the record, nothing wrong with a Brazilian. Just sayin’ don’t get the waxing for a first date when you really can’t afford to do the hair that shows! Jeez!

  110. Paige says:

    I told ou at the start of this blog about my experience of meeting a pot SD in Harrods who said he would take me shopping but expected me to go to bed with him immediately. He also said he had several girls lined up and expected to bed several of them. Oh I’m absolutely sure Flo Rida that he wasn’t making it up, I really dont believe it was just a line to try and get me into bed, I’m sure it was true.

    Happy Lurker you really do need help and as an American perhaps therapy if you dont like girls in black dressed. I have such sexy ones.

    I wore a little black dress to meet my third pot and agian went to Harrods and oooh you were right he took me on a little shopping trip after we had coffee. Nothing extravagant but a very nice treat so @I’m going to meet him again soon. Oh and Ive got another lined up too, grin.

  111. SouthernGent2 says:

    Sweet SB – look at things this way. For right now try to forget that he offered to pay for your hair and nails. Let’s be honest, if you are meeting someone first time, don’t you want to be at your best first time? If so, then make the investment in the hair and nail treatment. He is flying up to see you remember, so he is showing you he is willing to put in some expense to meet you. Now most likely he will end up reimbursing you just as he promised. If not, then that might tell you something about the guy when it comes to making a decision about him.

  112. NYC SB says:

    Nico said it best… do what you could afford without getting in debt… what would happen if he flakes and doesnt show up? these things happen

    no need to put yourself at a disadvantage

  113. Nico says:

    I would suggest only doing it if you could afford to do it without being reimbursed for it. You could save receipts if you wanted to but my SD just asks me how much it was and then reimburses me. Until you establish a relationship and trust with him start with what you can afford and should he extend the offer again later you’ll know him as a man of his word and can make a better decision at that time.
    *good luck*

  114. elle says:

    hey all, just came back from a wonderfully, relaxing weekend with friends. hope everyone’s enjoyed their weekends.

    i came into contact with some kind of SD ‘pimp’ late last week…perfect gentleman until i refused to go to bed with him that very night. he also told me there were “plenty of others” so it “wasn’t a big deal” – i was disgusted by him. also met a potential who believed in very one-sided relationships and everything was to be his choice and he called all the shots, i told him to look up the definition of ‘mutually beneficial’, particularly the mutual part. anyways i’ve got a meet this week so hopefully that turns out better *fingers crossed*

    have a good night everyone :)
    p.s. i’m with bob, brazilians are fantastic, painful, but worth it lol

  115. bob says:

    Farm girl – everyone’s doing it these days!

  116. Farm Girl says:

    I agree as well with Bob and Nitemare about the hair (cut not wax) and nails.

  117. bob says:

    i agree with nitemare. also dont forget the brazilian

  118. Amy Bivalent says:

    Hey All I have been lurking lately because no one is meeting up to my standards (ie, normal). My thoughts on SD “pimps” is that they’re just boys with inadequate genitalia masquerading as men. One of you will get over it – probably you. Good for you!
    As for color – wear whatever suits you. I’m kinda hard to miss wearing anything but camouflage.

    Whatever you all decide to wear, I’m sure it will look much better on the floor :O

    Nitemare – what is this about the third caller at the top of the hour and what is your # LOL, j/k!

  119. NitemareSD says:

    I think it was a bad idea to bring the subjects up if you were not prepared for the risk.

    Now you need to go through with it.

  120. lisa says:

    I’m having something French…. fries, lol I’m in a lazy mood, finished doing the housework and not really hungry.

    Sweet SB I’m not sure about that one as it is a gamble. I would say just do it for yourself and that way if he turns out to be a flake, you won’t feel you wasted your money, but then again, if it would jeapardize your finances if you weren’t reimbursed, you might have a friend do your nails instead and skip the haircut.

  121. NitemareSD says:

    Caesar Salad and Linguine with White Clam Sauce.

  122. sweet SB says:

    Hey guys,

    Some advice needed!

    My pot SD is flying up to meet me for the first time next week. He seems pretty serious, calls me most days etc.

    So I mentioned in passing that I would probably get a haircut before he came up and asked if he liked girls with their nails done. He said yes, go for it and he will reimburse me.

    Is this normal?
    Should I keep receipts or what? This just seems a bit odd, ”here daddy, my receipts from my haircut etc…” :s

    Also – what if he doesn’t reimburse me? I can’t really afford to spend the money on a proper haircut/beauty treatments myself.

    What do you SDs think? What would you do/expect?

    Any thoughts appreciated!

  123. lisa says:

    You should ask her for some nudes, lol also have her to list her sexual fantasies, lol

  124. NitemareSD says:

    Hey I just got a ‘Hi, Interesting profile…do you have more pictures…i’d really like to see more pictures’ form letter.

    Response: So what do you like about my profile?

    That should scare the life outa her.

  125. lisa says:

    pasta? pizza?

  126. NitemareSD says:

    Something Italian.

  127. lisa says:

    What is everyone having for dinner? I’m drawing a blank right now, not really hungry

  128. NitemareSD says:

    Hey kid, here I am. Just got home for a short time before dinner.

  129. lisa says:

    Good afternoon where is everyone?

  130. Yummy Nutella says:

    Maybe a cool thing to do is ask him what his favorite colors are and dress in one for your date…just a thought 😉

  131. bob says:

    happy lurker….

    have you sought help for your fixation on the color black? were you molested by a shadow as a small child?

    seriously – there is nothing about a black dress, especially a flirty little one that goes against a fun, light, festive mood.

  132. Happy Lurker says:

    Hi Brooke,
    What do I have against the colour black ?
    Well if I were to be on a date with you, I would consider it a festive occasion and would dress to the occasion. So no jeans and other grunge style garments.
    For me colours work therapeutic. Just like music, it suits my mood.
    Preparing for a date with you, I would not choose the colour black.
    My colours are dark blue or green.
    I would wear a blazer and have a white carnation in my lapel.
    You would recognize me instantly, that happy looking lurker over there.

  133. lisa says:

    Hi Nico

  134. Nico says:

    Hola sweetred and Lisa :)

    Hmm…necking in the woods *sounds nawty*

  135. NitemareSD says:

    Thought I was going to be late, but managed to decide which pair of khaki pants to wear just in time.


  136. sweetredhead*269443* says:

    khaki pants? NitemareSD you geek!! lmao

  137. lisa says:

    a pigeon that won’t eat anything but birdseed and popcorn and chips (no bread crumbs for him, lol) and a turtle (my daughter’s actually that came to visit me for a week (3 years ago) that hates lettuce but likes cheeries (only the pie ones) , cheese, and french fries

  138. sweetredhead*269443* says:

    I ordered Pizza and bread sticks for the boys. I had a salad

  139. sweetredhead*269443* says:

    A pidgin and a turtle? lisa you crack me up!
    Hi Nico how are you?

  140. NitemareSD says:

    We’ve decided to have dinner after the performance.

    Taking the edge off with a little Trader Joe’s Wasabi Tempura.

  141. lisa says:

    anyone having dinner yet? I’m having bagel bites, laughing cow cheese cubes, and a can of sweet cherries, actually got them for the turtle but he can’t eat them all, lol

  142. NitemareSD says:

    There is no reason you couldn’t come here to neck in the woods.

  143. Nico says:

    Gotchya….thought maybe you were in my neck of the woods. :)

  144. NitemareSD says:

    I was in so fla for a week a couple months ago, and though I’d like to go back, the prevailing winds are keeping me in port.

  145. Nico says:

    Nitemare….are you in So. Fla??

  146. lisa says:

    Good afternoon everyone Home from a busy day at work.
    Good afternoon Nitemare

  147. Brooke says:

    What do you have against black? A red dress is sexy, but so is a classic little black dress….

  148. Happy Lurker says:

    Hi Paige,
    Funnily enough I just got a Tibethan test in my mailbox created by the Dalai Lhama. It was forwarded to me by a friend.
    The colour red symbolizes “the person you really deeply care for”.
    What a coincidence you wore it on your meeting with an SD.
    They both were not worthy of this chemistry.
    Keep on wearing that colour.
    The colour is really YOU !

  149. Happy Lurker says:

    Hi Page and Abigail,
    It seems like you met the same guy.
    In my experience it is not the credit crunch, that the English rose is so willing to be plucked.
    In Victorian days, mothers used to advise daughers on the eve of the wedding “Close your eyes and think of England”.
    Today it I more and echo of Churchill’ words: “England expects every girl to do her duty”. When in England these potential SBs immediately wish to go to up the hotel room is my experience.
    I can believe what the man you met at Harrrods told you that there is a Q of girls lining up.
    Just stick to your own convictions and defend your honour.
    Self respect is such a great emotion.
    By the way, my compliments for not wearing black.
    I will only wear black at my own funeral is one of my principles.
    Well let me envisage how your spectacular dress looked, when I listen to “Lady In Red”.

  150. sweetredhead*269443* says:

    Besides shopping trip and money is not worth our dignity and self respect. Some of us don’t think that the money and gifts are all that is important in these relationships. I would much rather have a SD with less money and be a friend.

  151. sweetredhead*269443* says:

    I would tell him Fine be with those 10 girls. As for me I am quality and you are losing out on a great relationship. Sounds like he is nothing but a pimp daddy :)

  152. Flo Rida says:

    Have u considered that Mr Harrods-London could be lying.

  153. Farm Girl says:

    Since I am self-employed with a flexible schedule, I do not need to restrict the sugar fun to certain days/times. The one exception is Girls Night Out every Wednesday. We never cancel on each other for a guy.

    If a sugar daddy cancels or doesn’t show, I would give him a second chance if he had an extremely good reason. For example, an emergency with his wife or children. I should matter to him, but the family and career are his top priorities.

    Yes, I absolutely would skip work for him to do something great, like a vacation. My job isn’t one where I am the only person that can do it. The horses don’t care who feeds them as long as they get fed. :)

  154. NitemareSD says:

    Wow. I didn’t know London and South Florida had so much in common.

  155. SouthernGent2 says:

    Hearing that many sd’s prefer weekends really surprises me. Being married and with a family, getting away for something like that on a weekend would be impossible for me. Surely its the same for others. Certain weeknights were the only thing that would ever work for me.

  156. NitemareSD says:

    Do you try to keep your sugar fun restricted to certain days/times only?

    I restrict to the hours on the clock and the days on the calendar.

    If a sugar cancels a date or doesn’t show up, do you give them a second chance?

    Here I am merciless on the latter and ambiguous on the former.

    Would you skip work or school at the request of a sugar daddy or sugar baby? What might persuade you to do so?

    I’ve been skipping work for almost 9 yrs now without anyone having to ask. But sure, I’ll dedicate particular days of delinquency to the third caller at the top of each hour.

  157. MC says:

    Paige & Abigail, he sounds like a charmer. I’m proud of you two for telling him ‘no’. I guess some girls are just too desperate. They definitely earned their money.

  158. Abigail says:

    Paige I didn’t know whether to beleive him or not when I met him, now I do. I signed up a couple of weeks ago too and at the start of the week I think I must have met the same guy as you did. I thought maybe he was not telling me the truth but he said exactly the same to me as he did to you. I met him early evening. He said he visits london 5 or 6 times a year for a week or so and when I told him I wasnt interested in going to bed with him on a first date he just told me I was the first of four girls he had arranged to meet that evening and on past experience he expected two of them to be more than willing so he was going to enjoy one that night and line the next up for later in the week. He made it clear he expected to have sex most night and with several girls and that since the credit crunch he had found it all the easier with more girls eager to jump into bed with him for a shopping trip of straight cash. I guess there must be plenty of girls out there who will play his game.

  159. lisa says:

    weekends would never work for me as I work at my job on weekends.

  160. Paige says:

    well I dont know why your potential SDs all want to meet you at the weekend,maybee its just a fluke statistical event, I jouined recently and the guys who have contacted me all wnated to meet during the week.

    Thank you so much Happy Lurker for the advice you gave me in a previous blog. I have now met two potentiaL SDs and the second one, on your advice I met in Harrods, I didn’t wear marine blue as you suggested but red and maybe that was a mistake and maybee the dress was too low cut, but it wasnt terribly. I think mostly though it was just him cos it really didnt go well. He was in London on a business trip. We had a coffee and all seemed to be going well untill he told me he would take me for a shopping trip and for dinner that night then he expected me to spend that night with him in his hotel. I told him I didn’t plan on going to bed with anyone on a first date and he just told me that there were ten girls on this site for every guy and that he had already arranged to meet several other girls and that he had been to bed with two girls in the previous four days from this site and expected to be bedding more before he left at the end of the week and that if I wanted to go shopping thats what would be needed. I just walked away. I was amazed. The thing that really gets me most is that untill he told me what he expected of me I had really liked him and if he had behaved differently I dont suppose it would have taken him long to get me into bed. But I suppose he must know what he is doing and the easiest way for him as a wealthy married guy in his mid 40s to bed a string of teenage and early 20s girls is the way he was operating. Why bother making much effort over days or weeks if you have a Q of willing girls? He said he was meeting another one early evening and I guess he would just have cancelled or more likely postponed that meeting if I had agreed.

    I met the first guy before you suggested Harrods but I wore the same red dress. He wasnt into industrial scale dating lake the second guy, or at tleast didnt admit to it but he basically told me that he wanted to take me to the ATM then bed so I walked.

    I hope I have justy been unlucky and amglad to say I have other dates lined up, so fingers crossed.