10 years ago
“Spread”: Sugar Mama Anne Heche, SugarBoy Ashton Kutcher

10 years ago
“Spread”: Sugar Mama Anne Heche, SugarBoy Ashton Kutcher

Sugar Mamas are in high demand these days, and since the economic downturn, the number of Sugar Baby males (SBM’s) seeking Sugar Mommies has increased 400%.

Yet, no matter how easy Ashton Kutcher makes finding a Sugar Mama look in Spread, the odds are stacked high against sugar studs. While the ratio of Sugar Baby females to Sugar Daddies is 10/1, the ratio of SBM’s to Sugar Mamas is closer to 100/1. Yet despite all odds, there are plenty of sugar hunk/sugar mommy success stories out there, and SeekingArrangement is proud to have the largest number of Sugar Mommies and SBM’s on the web.

Can SBM’s over 40 find success?

You betcha. Lots of Sugar Mamas prefer their SB’s to be older than them – they often seek a more distinguished gentleman.

What type of women become Sugar Mamas?

Lots of different ‘types’ of women become Sugar Mamas. Doctors, wives, and corporate titans, to name a few.

Are there any good tips for SBM’s?

Don’t let the odds discourage you! You never know the type of guy a Sugar Mama is looking for; perhaps she wants the hunk, but there are just as many who want the teddy bear.

Why do you think Sugar Mamas are less common than Sugar Daddies?

What do Sugar Mamas look for most in a SBM?

Should SBM’s expect the same spoiling/support as Sugar Baby females? Why or why not?

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48 Responses to ““Spread”: Sugar Mama Anne Heche, SugarBoy Ashton Kutcher”

  1. jigolo says:

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  2. Anonymous says:

    i am a sierra leonean age 30 i wont to have one sugar mamie i have shacing all web sit for sugar mamie but am still single i realy love sugar mamie contact me on +23277051453

  3. Abel says:

    i want a sugar mommy who wants pleasure and thinks she is lonely.for more i will be willing to answer when asked

  4. Britishsbm says:

    Ryan d just for info, I haven’t had any sucess from
    this website an have been here 3 monthsish. I would add though that England has rather slim picking for sugar mums. I must add however that I have had 2 arrangements so far
    both from just being out and about talking to people. Neither arrangement lasted a hugely long time. Maily
    because one was too reckless with her life with me considering she was married and the other one didn’t have any spark. So I fealt it wasn’t worth persuing. I hope this helps

  5. RyanD says:

    Well I guess I was asking if any straight SBM have had any success. I am sure gay ones have. But has anyone found a sugar mom. They are there but I don’t seem to be getting any response.

  6. SisyphusSB says:

    Hey Ryan,

    Us gay SBs & SDs talked about this on the gay blog (essentially a blog we just hijacked & kept using) When you’re on the main blog page, look to the right, and click on “gay sugar daddy” under the Categories section. I myself haven’t met anyone off this site, but I have made a couple of good friends. Most gay SDs are American and want little to do with Canadian SBs such as myself :(

  7. RyanD says:

    I am curious if any SBM have had success on this site?

  8. se_vnt3 says:

    females lean more toward sugar daddies than what they do toward sugar baby males/being pampered and treated like ladies over pampering and babying a “man”. sbms should expect the same spoiling/support as sugar baby females if they’re in the arrangement for sex only

  9. RyanD says:

    Hi Ava,

    NSA = Not a Serious Relationship or a casual relationship. To be quite honest I think everyone on this site should be looking for an NSA lol.

  10. ava says:

    What is a NSA arrangement? New to this sight and that was listed in his profile..

  11. ava says:

    Newn at this, any advice? I got emailed by an orange account and he said he was interested in an NSA relationship, what do the letters stand for ?

  12. MALE_Sugar_Baby says:

    If you have an extra, send a Sugar Momma my way. :)

  13. RyanD says:

    NitemareSD you want to send that SM friend my way? haha.

  14. Good.GuySBM says:

    So, where exactly are the remaing Sugar Mommas on the net?

  15. OCSugarbaby says:

    SF SD! Welcome back! I think if we can get a few more sugars to return we can officially kick off the “Sugar Family Reunion”… We are off to a good start!

    Yes! “Tout de suite” did DO it for me!!! I was not sure if “Pontificate” could be out done, but you my friend did it! Well done!

    I wish I could see into my future…. 😉

  16. SF SD says:

    ~OC: Did tout de suite do it for you? I had to work hard to come with something to top pontificate. Hope there’s a new sugar in your future.

  17. SF SD says:

    Okay, so this is not as exotic as women flying by bus to Africa to be serviced by hot studs on the beach — though whomever has the lock on this concept should be working on the reality series tout de suite.

    And it’s not as obvious as noting that there are fewer women than men with the extra dough to support a sugar.

    This thought occurred to me while wandering through a neighborhood bookstore and seeing a prominently displayed book of postcards called “P*rn for Women.” The cover features a handsome young fellow vacuuming the floor. Inside, there’s another photo of a guy (fresh from his workout at the gym?) folding clothes, with the caption, “As soon as I finish the laundry, I’ll do the grocery shopping and take the kids with me so you can relax.”

    Where I’m going here is that, for a lot of women, having a guy who will take you out for glitzy night on the town might just come in second to finding someone who will remember pick up his socks.

  18. MALE_Sugar_Baby says:

    The question was asked “Why put up with a loser at home?” There are TWO responses to that: FIRST. That a sugar momma wants and desires somebody at home. SECOND. The sugar baby is NOT a loser. Remember, these are MUTUALLY BENEFICIAL relationships; so, the sugar mommy and the sugar baby BOTH benefit from the relationship — once the relationship exists, of course.

    I can certainly imagine myself receiving money from a sugar mommy — for the exact same reasons that a sugar baby receives money from a sugar daddy.

    In my case, I desire a sugar mommy to love me and take care of me, because that makes me feel secure and loved; so, I am now looking for a sugar mommy that (presumably) wants somebody to make her feel good, without the commitment of permanent relationships.

    As for the issue of working for a boss: I would gladly work for a sugar mommy, because I would want to please her and would certainly welcome the salary, too.

    In fact, I think that women are born to be leaders, so it seems natural to serve and depend upon a sugar mommy — as long as she also benefits from the relationship, because these should be MUTUALLY BENEFICIAL relationships.

    To NOT serve a sugar mommy would be to deprive women of their pleasure and dominance.

  19. lisa says:

    Midgetfury, he sounds like a pervert. Was he is Texas?

    Have a good day everyone, i’ve got to leave for work

  20. Midgetfury74 says:

    one to avoid…1310XX. Immediately asked me to web cam with him, when i refused he claimed that I wasn’t giving or caring. I replied that perhaps he should be willing to communicate and provide relevant and meaningful insight into his personality prior to attempting to engage in web cam interactions. I wonder, was criticizing me as an uncaring person because i wasn’t willing to webcam with someone upon initial contact supposed to guilt me into doing so?…

  21. Happy Lurker says:

    Well, let me see.
    This subject obviously does not draw much attention.
    There is not one Sugar Mamma that has put in her 2 cents.
    Why are there so few Sugar Mammas on here ?
    I will tell you why. The other day there was an interesting artice in the press. Busloads full of American women fly to African countries like Ghana and Kenia and South Africa.There they meet local virile hunks on the beach and have the time of their lives. You buy him a dinner in your posh hotel and put ten bucks in his trousers and every buck is ready to perform. Like the coca cola sogan, the real thing !
    Why put up with demands from a loser at home.
    Besides, it is much more discreet having your fun in a far away country.
    I could not imagine myself sponging on a woman.
    If I needed money, I would go out and work for it.
    Have always done so myself, working my way up.
    Thus I became that happy lurker.

  22. lisa says:

    Good morning everyone
    Out the door to work
    Hope everyone has a great day

  23. Happy Lurker says:

    Well Flo,
    The value he is bringing is obviously a dress.
    Then later in his hotelroom she can drop it to the floor.
    No doubt she can leave her hat on.
    He surely is Joe Sugar Cocker.

  24. Flo Rida says:

    it was me who was doubtful. that sort of thing doesn’t happen in Florida, but in NY there are ‘places’ someone can go to meet someone – generally for cash or to meet a new mistress. If it works for both parties (and is legal) then there’s nothing wrong with it. methinks london ladies are selling themselves short though. what value is he bringing GBP200-1,000?

  25. bob says:

    I hope you didn’t try to sugar cock block him!

  26. Abigail says:

    last week I told you I had met a guy who had also met Paige and that he told us both he was in London for a week or so and meeting several girls a day from this site and expected to go to bed with a different girl most days. Somone wasn’t sure whether to believe him or not. Well its deffinitely true. I met him in Harrods and as I work near there I was in there a few days later and saw him with a a girl much younger than him. she was just about to go into the changing rooms to try on a dress so I followed her in and as I came up behind her I just said ‘seeking arrangement dot com’ and sure enough it was on her that she had met him, she was a student, and he was buying her some clothes and then she was off to his hotel room. So it obviously is a tactic that works.

  27. goodgirl says:

    Hey all :) i’ll come back later to catch up and reply to topic…just wanted to announce that Tyra is re-airing the sugar episode today.

  28. Farm Girl says:

    I’ve called every male friend I have, and they all said they’d help. I only need professional packers now. :)

  29. lisa says:

    I would be afraid to hire them, especially if you were a woman by yourself moving in the area they were in. A friend of my mom picked up a few to help move her stuff from one apt to another but she lived in a whole different neigborhood. I personally wouldn’t want them seeing my stuff and knowing where I live as they’re not all just guys looking for work, some are affiliated with gangs, and they have been assaults and murders where the ones hang out around here.
    I don’t like to walk past them as they holler out nasty words to me, not very nice guys.

  30. Midgetfury74 says:

    I actually hired two day laborers about a month ago to move my friend out of her apt and it was the easiest move EVER, bought them breakfast and lunch and paid them and took them less than three hours to move everything. It was GREAT!

  31. Farm Girl says:

    OK, Lisa, that did it. The thought of leering movers has motivated me to just do the job myself.

  32. lisa says:

    Hi I’m back it’s coming up a storm but at least it’s cooled down.

    Farm Girl you can just drive over to my neighborhood and turn the corner and in front of the closed down store and in the park, there are plenty of them, they’re eyes will be all over you, they might move you for free, lol

    now to my nuggets and frostycinno

  33. NitemareSD says:

    Ok, sure, you could cut out the middle man and make your own deal. But that wouldn’t develop a relationship for future opportunities.

  34. Farm Girl says:

    It was 106 in Austin this afternoon when I went to pick-up boxes.

    Ewww to the ugly movers in Houston. LOL

    Enjoy the nuggets.

  35. lisa says:

    ewww on the chicken nuggets or ewww on the great men in my neighborhood? lol

    Going to wendy’s now, be back later

  36. lisa says:

    I think I will run across the street and get some chicken nuggets. I sure hope the power doesn’t go off again tonight.

  37. lisa says:

    August in Texas miserable? Now come on! It’s only 102 in HOuston today. If you wanted to go supercheap, you could pick up some guys that stand around all day drinking looking for day labor. Probably could get everything moved for a few cases of beer, lol.

  38. Farm Girl says:

    LOL No, I wouldn’t have sex with the pros. If I were willing to do the pros, I’d negotiate my own very good price, get the help I need, and wouldn’t need the SD.

    I’m only moving 2 hours away, but moving in August in Texas is miserable.

  39. lisa says:

    If you move to Houston, we have a company called “three men movers” so I guess you would have to do three of them, lol and I’ve seen some of them driving by, some of them are ugly.

  40. NitemareSD says:

    Where do you want to move from/to?

    If a guy sends the pro’s you’ll have sex with them? He could get a really good price, help you out, and end up with some nice sugar chits in the end.

  41. Farm Girl says:

    I’m going to give up an allowance in exchange for professional packers and movers. For that, I’d have sex on the first date, too.

  42. lisa says:

    well there’s one on the blog that has “too much to give to the right one” but offers the male sb less than 1k. lol
    Looking at some of those sms, some of them look like they live in my neighborhood, probably with a bunch other people, not exactly the sugarmama type, lol

  43. NitemareSD says:

    I haven’t figured out the no allowance strategy yet. I may repurpose the effort to the SBM concept.

  44. lisa says:

    I think it would be alot harder for a male sb to find a sugarmommy on this site.

  45. Farm Girl says:

    Nitemare, you are too funny! Now that you are considering SBM status, would you ask for an allowance or prefer gifts? I remember you saying you would stop the allowance part as an SD. How did that work out for you?

    I think I would have a male sugar baby. Unlike one SD I had, the SB wouldn’t dare tell me how to spend my money…or give me an ultimatum about boots. :)

  46. NitemareSD says:

    Stop laughing… I was referring to my OFFLINE personality.

  47. NitemareSD says:

    I don’t know too much about this, but I think I should find out.

    Recently I advised a friend who could be an SM to join the sister site SM to find a man as a (travel) partner who could afford to keep up with her.

    As an SBM I could offer good quality in the personality, intellectual and breeding areas, modest age, and lack of dependence financially. I would be limited in the availability and travel departments, but I can see someone in NYC sometimes, which is probably a good location for finding SMs.

    I guess I’d need some new clothes too. Well, ok, if its for a good reason.