9 years ago
Clues, Signals, and Hints for Sugars

9 years ago
Clues, Signals, and Hints for Sugars

The pursuit of sugar can require a keen ear for subtle hints and clues from SD’s and SB’s who may not even consciously know exactly what they’re looking for. The truth is many sugars prefer to be somewhat indirect about certain expectations; perhaps to keep things sweet, maintain their dignity, or for any number of reasons. Many sugars give careful hints about desires they’d rather not discuss out-right, and if a potential picks up on these signals, they’ve tapped into a whole new level of arrangement potential.

Sugar is only sweet when people keep their promises.

“There’s what I state in my profile – which is how much I’m willing to support a sugar baby on a month-to-month basis, and then there’s the special clues I lay down for sugar babies who are observant to notice them…” Anonymous Sugar Daddy

This sugar daddy has a profile with very plainly written expectations and offerings. He wants to spend two evenings a night with his SB and he’s willing to provide an allowance of up to $5,000 a month. However, in his pictures, you can see that he loves to travel, and in some of his profile text, he mentions how his favorite pastime is walking along mountain paths in Colorado’s foothills.

Perhaps the biggest misunderstanding by newbie sugars is that all sugar daddies or sugar babies want is a means to an end. On the contrary, most here have said that while meeting certain typical expectations is very important, the ability to form a bond around genuine trust and care, is the secret to creating a truly mutually beneficial arrangement.

Sugar Hints: Places to Look

Pictures: Does your potential sugar put clues about the type of SD or SB they are in their pictures? Are they seen with other people? Cars? Pets?

Description: What does your sugar choose to focus on about themselves in their description? Remember, not all of their clues are conscious ones.

Messages: Beyond what is written, do you notice a certain style in terms of the length and color of their writing? Do you get a certain feel about the type of sugar they would love you to be?

Do you give your sugar hints or signals about the type of benefits you expect?

Have you gone the extra mile for a sugar in hopes that they would do the same for you?

Should every sugars’ expectation be verbalized or written?


Have you ever been accused of not supplying a sugar with the benefits they expected? Care to share?

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  1. Celly. says:

    well sadly I already ran into a jerk, ass, creep, watever you guys wanna call it, I dont know why I was surprised Im from NYC….I really dislike men like that BEWARE you WILL hear my mouth if you’re at all disrespectful. hmm!

  2. NeOhio SB says:

    A- Top of the page on the blog list.

  3. NeOhio SB says:

    OC- See you over there on the current blog. I was merely responding to some of the newbies. I thoroughly understand the baffled comment….only through trial and error do we understand and “get it”. Had the perfect SD from your neck of the woods that i met on here last year, unf. relocated to paris after about a year and now i find myself back in these waters. Few pot SDs, filtering through to find the best.

  4. Annabell says:

    haha oops wheres the current blog!!??

  5. Annabell says:

    how long do you think that we should talk to and get to know a SD before meeting with them. I’m talking to someone (profile # is XXXXXX ) he seems nice and stuff. I live in Pennsylvania he lives in Florida, he mentioned buying me a plane ticket to florida and staying on the beach and stuff. This all seems to good to be true.. what do you think? i’m sorry i dont even know the basics of this site

  6. NeOhio SB says:

    OC – BTW, ive read many of your posts on the various blogs,….it is such a pleasure to meet someone as well informed as you. Very much enjoy your postings and hope to add some information and excitment here myself.

    • OCSugarbaby says:

      Hi NeOhio SB: Thanks! Well informed? I started out not knowing all that much about Sugar Dating. But thru trial and error, found my way. Some days it still baffles my mind!
      I am trying to direct the new SB’s posting on this topic to move over to the current blog topic and join the others!

  7. NeOhio SB says:

    OC- Perfectly said…was just responding myself to her comment and said exactly what you had just written. I left a few blogs earlier to some newbies to go back and read prior posts on the blogs. I think they can learn alot.

  8. Jaz says:

    Hi, I’m new to this site. I got a e-mail from a SD on this site. The first thing he asked me for was my phone number so we can talk. I gave it to him and later on that night he called. Right away he wanted to us to meet(to have some fun) and for me to send him pics of myself. I told him no that is not how I want to do it. He got mad and told me this is the way all the men on this website does it. So is it true? All of the SD’s just want to meet on the weekends right away, for one thing?

    • OCSugarbaby says:

      Hi Jaz,
      This guy is a controller. Steer clear of this type. Anyone who rushs you into a phone conversation or anything else for that matter is NOT an SD.
      So you are correct, that is not the right way to do things. (smart girl). As for meeting on the weekends, it varies from person to person and their schedule or availability. Join the other girls on the current blog topic. They will get your questions answered. ~OC

  9. NeOhio SB says:

    A: Trust needs to be gained on both of your sides. After a course of emails, then phone conversations, then setting up the first initial meeting….take little baby steps to get to that meeting. You divulge a bit of info and he should reciprocate. As far as the allowance, do you have it stated in your profile what you want or expect…….

  10. Annabell says:

    thank you NeOhio! another question.. should i reveal my information? what information do i keep to myself? i’m also kind of unsure about how the allowance works. like it seems like an awkward subject to talk to the SD’s about you know?

  11. NeOhio SB says:

    Annabell. It can be a scary thought, YOU have to look out and protect yourself…first and foremost..safety and security. A good and true SD will not draw any red flags. Make sure you speak with him first over the phone to gain the comfort level before meeting. Get his full name and do a google search at the least on him……If he is not willing to share any info, then click ignore. That is an instant sign. Trust, respect are key elements and a true good SD will make sure you have the comfort level you need to meet.

  12. Annabell says:

    Hi all, i’m extremely new here. I need help with finding a trustworthy SD. i’m scared that who im talking to is someone scarey and will abduct me or something. HELP

  13. Celly says:

    hmmmm they should put up a list kinda like a dog house for SD lol

  14. NeOhio SB says:

    Welcome Celly. lol. Im sure it has, but i haven’t experienced it. Sometimes we only find the bad apples once we bite into them, although they look good on the outside…lol. In all honesty, there are some old posts from SBs who have had bad experiences and names on Beware of…are posted from bad experiences. Just be cautious. Always look into finding info about them, and when you feel that comfort level, go for it.

  15. Celly says:

    Hi I’m new here :) “NeOhio SB” has that ever happened??? How you know the bad apples from the juicy ones? lol

  16. NeOhio SB says:

    It is interesting, sometimes you wonder if you are talking to the same pot SD that another SB that blogs here is……….it is a small world.

  17. NeOhio SB says:

    HB – By him being willing to come to your area for a first visit, is a good thing. At least he has the decency of not to take you out of your comfort box for the first time. If you read a bunch of prior postings in this blog and others, there are some beware profiles of some pot SDs that have turned out to be the bad apples in the bunch.

  18. NeOhio SB says:

    HB: Congrats for the venture. Honesty is ALWAYS the best policy. Its much better to put the cards on the table finding out what each others expectations are going into the first meeting, rather than having a meeting and finding out you are completely on a diff. page.
    If you are seeking a monthly allowance, let me know if it is not posted on your profile. Frequency of visits, what his expectations are…are always better to know in advance. And again, hope you have at least spoken with him on the phone, gotten a name to at least do a google search on him making sure he is legit.

  19. NEOhio SB:
    You are so kind to help out a fellow newbie SB…I feel her pain / excitement right now..totally new to this…Been getting responses…talked back and forth with a very interesting nice pot SD I guess I use that lango. Now he is asking me what I want…I feel wierd and not sure of what to say. Can I get in trouble for saying certain things?

    I am nervous about meeting him as well, he is willing to come to my area for the 1st meeting is this Norm. I thought it was nice but what does that mean for the tone of the term?

    HELP…where do I go from here?

  20. NeOhio SB says:

    Ohio SB: Lots to tell you. First of all, I am from NE Ohio and have have been a SB for a few years. I do know many of the ones posting on this site, good and bad and would be happy to send you info if you need for safety and security reasons.
    Hope you do your homework first. As we all know, paramount is to have an idea of the pot SD. After talking on the phone and getting a better feel for what he is and what he is seeking from you, it is always best to set up a meeting in a public place, lunch, coffee, drinks and take it from there. As far as the allowance thing, they are all so diff. Some want he p4p, others are willing to give you a certain amount per month. You need to know what you are seeking and put the cards on the table.
    Good luck.

  21. Ohio SB says:

    I am new to the SB/SD relationship. My ad clearly states that I want an allowance to assist with my living expenses. My pot SD wrote back and clearly states he is generous $$$ and looking for a Lover. He wants to meet.

    I need advice. Where/when should we meet? Breakfast coffee or dinner wine? What are normal timelines for adult fun? First, second, third meeting? Is an allowance paid upfront, end of month, etc? Do you date others while in a Sugar relationship? Cash? How has anyone else negotiated this?

    How much of your personal life to you reveal or do you “play the part?”
    I need details!!

  22. Happy Lurker says:

    Sweet Daddy,
    At present you are in a position to have an SB and have a marriage.
    In my country divorce means that your ex will receive alimony over a period of 12 years at least. It will be half of your income.
    Would you be able to spoil your SB in the same way at half your income ?
    Sometimes there are also practical financial matters involved.
    Your SB had already gone through all the pain of a divorce herself.
    She might be afraid to bear your pain as well when you go through a divorce. After all you may want to get some emotional support from her.
    No one wishes to be the reason for a divorce.
    You see each other occasionally at present. It keeps the relationship adventurous and exciting. Suppose you live with her together from now on. In two years time life will be dull and she will quit.
    So enjoy the moment and live in the moment.
    I wish you much wisdom.

  23. Sweet daddy maybe you should just give it some time for you to think about it! Divorce is a big life changer*you know that* I think I would say make no descision at least for 6months.
    I seen a post by a SD it was off this site I believe I Know Which SD wrote this from this site!
    he said his Wife stopped wanting Sex and he resented her for it, he said he felt a lot better about his sex-less marriage once he found a sb, she filled the Void,and now at least it was bearable at home!

    So what I have to say is this Your Wife should Remember that She and you are Supposed to be one.. a man has needs and everybody understands That! if she no longer wants to particapate in the ” Whole enchilada”
    you might need to find outside ingrediants!… You dont love your SB the way you love your wife? I hate to say it but have fun with it and maybe the Wife’s light will come on, and see how destructive she is being!
    good luck friend!

  24. Melody says:

    By the way Katrina thank you for the advice on the other list…I have not found his name he uses so he must not be too bad…being so new I’m cautious but I’ll just keep eyes open and check him out once he emails me…we’ll see how it goes…smiles

  25. SweetDaddy says:

    Thanks for the responses.

    First off, my girl feels the same way as user I understand does.
    She hates the idea that I would divorce because of her. What I don’t understand is why would she feel better continuing to see someone married? It seems like a contradiction. After all, she is playing the part of the “other women” and not sure why that feels a whole lot better.

    My SB is young but already been married and divorced and had a lot of emotional pain to endure so I think she is more mature and recognizes that I am someone special with the means to give her security and comfort. She really appreciates the things I do for her.. She is not dating anyone else right now. As GL playground asked, I really don’t know how things would go even if I was free to be with her all the time.

    Sure, it’s new and exciting and I’m sure it would settle down but I really feel that we could be happy together. I have learned a lot being married over the years and I would try not to repeat the mistakes I have in the past. I also realize it would be a big risk but I have always been a risk taker and it’s paid off all my life.

    I just need to ask myself if my happiness is more important than anything else and should I actually get divorced. I’m not happy with my marriage, and I don’t want to waste even one precious day not being happy.. Is that being selfish? We only have one life to live, why be unhappy? Wow, I really am getting deep now :) Here is the problem, I am hooked to this lifestyle now.

    Even if it didn’t work out with my current SB, I would find another. Once you have started down this path, it’s awful hard to stop.

    Knowing that, I would rather not hurt or deceive my wife and feel guilty all the time so the only solution may be divorce..

  26. GLPlayground says:

    @SweetDaddy – It’s not easy as far as I understood your story. What we do need to understand is that sometimes we all do make mistakes. We get tempted to the point that we’re indirectly hurting people. It’s normal and it happens.

    But to risk your marriage with your wife, you have to ask youself first. Are you really ready to let go of your wife? Are you really sure you want to spend rest of your time with this new gal? If ever you have kids, are you willing to take their criticisms over this issue? What if your relationship with the new gal won’t work out?

    I’m not being biased to anyone here. After all it’s just my piece of opinion. You’re still the king of your decisions. Good luck! :)

  27. I Understand says:

    SweetDaddy: I have been with someone who just like yourself was in a very unhappy situation. We had strong feelings about each other, but I panicked and began to withdraw from the situation. As I felt, his feelings get stronger and listening to his comments about ending his marriage increased, it freaked me out! As much as I cared for this person, I just could not be the reason for the ending his marriage and breaking up his family. I told him that if he got a divorce, we could see each other again after 6 months. He would have family issues related to the divorce to deal with and I did not want to be portrayed as the marriage wrecker. Which I knew in my heart I was not. However, others would see it differently. I too was much younger than he was. I had so much to experience yet in life and as the pressure to stay in the relationship mounted, I just knew I could not do it. I cared very deeply for this man, but it would never work.
    Does this person (SB) want a relationship with you outside of your marriage? Have some very honest discussions with her.

  28. SweetDaddy says:

    I wanted to get some feedback from the members here.
    Like many men seeking a SB, I am married.

    I’m not going to justify or rationalize what I’m doing because I can’t.
    In my case I wanted more sex and excitement in my life.

    My marriage has been sufferring for some time now and I am
    having the time of my life in the SB world.

    I have met a few girls in the past that were nice but now I have met
    one that I’m falling in love with.

    She is the type of girl that makes me want to give myself to.
    I enjoy being able to provide her with the things that make her
    life easier.

    The problem is that now I must decide to either continue this affair in secret
    or to end my marriage and pursue being with this person.

    I am not being fair to my wife by deceiving her because she doesn’t
    deserve it and I feel really bad about it.

    Listen, I know part of this is the classic mid life crisis happening but
    I also know that I would enjoy being free to pursue what I want in life
    and that does include the company of a pretty women.

    I’m wondering if any of you know can tell me if this is or has happened to you
    or someone you know to help me figure this out..

  29. Rica23*381490* says:

    How many dates did she go on?

  30. GLPlayground says:

    @Jess I feel sorry about what happened. May we all learn from all these lessons and be careful next time around

  31. lisa says:

    happy gal

    Looking at that guy’s profile I noticed he misspelled CEO, that should give one a clue he wasn’t legit.

  32. ok whT DID i JUST WALK IN ON!!

  33. happy gal says:

    my friend went out with JB, profile # 338XXX from Clarke, NJ. He told her he wanted to give a $3-$5k allowance per month via Paypal. Long story short, her intuition told her he way lying, but she decided to go ahead anyway figuring at least she could have some fun. He told her to send him the notice for the allowance. Needless to say, there was no response. The thing she feels worst about is that he was AWFUL in bed in that he didn’t know how to please a woman and made her bleed he was so rough!!! So if u want to be ripped off and have a lousy time, be sure to go forward with him!! lol I think the vast majority of men on the site are honorable, but there will always be a certian percentage of jerks anywhere…be advised!

  34. OCSugarbaby says:

    Jess: What a mess of a girl. Not all women or SB’s are like that. Playing on ones emotions gets to me too. Easy to be taken and in your case taken to the Mall and then some. Sorry that happened to you. Then there are the TRUE SB’s like myself who wonder why the best SD’s are jaded. You are correct in saying she was a pro and not an SB. Nice to see you blog again.

  35. Jess Taylor says:

    I was recently scammed by a would be sugar baby which is at the heart of all our fears.. She seemed genuine and really had her story well rehearsed and played on every possible emotion a man might have. She was a Pro dating up to 5 sugar daddies at once sleeping with all five come to find out and then breaking the biggest taboo of all stealing checks from a desk drawer and going on a two day shopping spree on me. How this ties into the screening of sb is simple trust and we have to assume that people will be trustworthy even when they break that trust.

  36. Wish I could email I have stones by the thousands I would love to share, retail is rediculous, I enjoy making things affordable for everyone not just the rich gals, lol

  37. Never been to Vegas would love any info on a cheap fun trip any advice?

  38. I actually do have an array of stones I carry for different reasons, health, luck, prosperity, etc. Rose Quartz is one of them at that lol. Not everyone realizes the amount of power gemstones have! Kudos to you!

    What is ohm? Sorry learning abbreviations btw which blog is everyone on today it seems I find people then poof they leave (Did I foget my deoderant? lmao)
    Happy Holiday woohooo
    Hey any advice where to go for cheap trip to vegas I am thinking of jetting for a cheer up?!

  39. Jessi says:

    Katrina352– Great idea for an ad. I think I’ll try that next month.

    REAL RARE GEM GAL–I kind of understand what you’re going through. Sometimes it can be tough to deal with negative people (esp. if you’re an empath like me). I, too love gemstones, but have not amassed any collections yet.

    Since you do have a collection, maybe if you carried around a blue laced agate and a rose quartz to ease your yucky moments. “OHM “helps as well.

    I always wanted an amethyst cathedral as a headboard…

    Welcome Aoife! :) Interesting name.

    Have a great Labor Day weekend guys and gals! :)

  40. everyone get so depressed dont want to talk or move to yet another blog lol

  41. Why does everyone move from one page to the other I get confused what I wrote to who lol

    I think OC maybe add hey i heard of add lol I kinda feeel like that I am trying to perk up but I leave a message then poof everyone is gone.

  42. i got any stone imaginable all ranges can someone help cheer me up I got feelings hurt badly earlier i wrote bit ago.

  43. any trip advice for pick me up

  44. Aoife says:

    Thanks so much for taking the time to respond. I will take your advise on board and hopefully i will post you with some good news one of these days. In the meantime good luck to you all with your search. XX

  45. ny you seem to have it going on I want to take a cheer up trip any advice for single gal trip where to go? i know i shouldnt let a loser hurt my feelings but its been tough couple years fighting to live now i am ready even if alone wheres a good spot a lady can go for a cheer up?

  46. Is there anything I could add to my profile to attract attention I guess photos arent ding the trick You guys are so sweet I could just use a little good to come my way I am having a beyond horrid day And I appreciate the honesty regardless good or bad I would like to enjoy some life as some of you know I have been beyond ill and making full recovery THANK GOD after dealing with everything including a ex sb yes I always supported him He was abusive I always have maintained positive attitude, I am just ready to receive positive attention now that I am well.
    I paid allll hhis bills for 7 years but when I got sick he became verbal
    Now we split he thinks i should still be paying his bills or He said It would have been a better world if i would have died (he was benificiary)
    How can someone be so hurtful to truly giving loving people I am hurt I paid his bills 6 months past break up to allow his footing and he says that to ME!!! I need some sugar and education on toughing my heart from hurtful people

  47. non purple amethyst usually are non heated feldspar btw

  48. i have some orane stones of many types some real beauties i can email pics did anyone read about my hurt feelings i need a cheer up big time things said to me sticking even though i know not true i need some sugar
    did my blog show up on what happened to me today?

  49. Katrina352 says:

    wow I looked at some of the sugarbabes profiles are you serious!!
    anyway I seen a profile he says be ready I go about 25 min & where all the slutty girls at? … lol thats too funny!

  50. Katrina352 says:

    we should have a list of abbreveations. but if you just read the whole post you will catch on!

    and ya got orange ameythest

  51. NYC SB says:

    p4p – pay for play or pay per play… aka you get sugar each time you connect with an SD rather than a monthly allowance

  52. NYC SB says:

    Aoife – I looked at your profile. It is well written. I would suggest putting up a picture even if you have to black out your eyes or something.

    Many SDs simply poof for no good reason. I think that they are overwhelmed by SBs writing to them and they simply lose track and cannot keep up with their inbox… so it may not even be you. I find it that many SDs get lost once you migrate to communicating with them via regular email.

  53. also p4p? what is that?

  54. Katrina352 says:

    aofie I am not the best on profile advice OC and nyc are very eloquent advice givers too also I say put a picture up me Iam a ..what they call THICK and some like that Some want eva longorrrrria but if they at least see a clear photo they can judge I tend to hear over and again about time wasting and photo tag stuff.. your not in city state gov are you?? if not then why not, I seen a man on here he was obviously a w/uniform with the dang truck behind him and the compan visable thats just askin for hassles
    GEM I said if i find one imma come get some stones from you so I can have a set of earrings

  55. Katrina352 says:

    puttin ad in paper reads as follows: good sugarbaby to good home must be spoiled and pampered needs substantial allowance and tuition money!!
    I think that your do it jessi

  56. Aoife says:

    Hello all, I also need a bit of advise on my profile. I joined a little over 2 months ago and since then I have had some responses. My problem is that I have no picture posted – I really do not feel i a position to do that. Anyway, it seems everytime there is that initial interest and I am asked to post photos and when I do I never hear from them again. This is pretty disheartening and confusuing as everyone I know seems to think that the photos are pretty good ( I have been careful to send a variety of photos) and I am at a loss to figure out what to do about this. If anyone has any words of advise or is even interested in seeing my photos (send me your e-mail add) or profile( No: 349207) Thank you.

  57. Jessi says:

    Katrina352- Hi. No, I don’t clay shoot. I was just thinking that there are plenty of “quality” people who don’t do that. I could be wrong, but it (the comment) sounds more of a reference to someone’s socio-economic class (taboo topic in the states).

    Anyway, OMG!! My Craig’s List poem is on a blog topic!!! Does that count as published! Very cool. Thanks SA BLOG!!!!! :) :) :)

    I have zero dates this weekend, which means I have to eat survival food. Oh well. School starts next week and I’m looking forward to that! It looks like I’ll have to get a job on campus because I’m still unemployed and Daddyless. :(

    NYC SB- If only you could bottle it…

    Ok, I’m off to the other blog. You know, the one with MY prose on it…Muah ha haha, hahahaha….!

    (Just kidding) See ya over there. :)

  58. Katrina352 says:

    yes ms gem sometimes its hott on here the first day I was on I had a lot of VANILLADADDYS lookin/contacting me. one down in Miami and dog I think I woulda liked him. also I had contacted andy and I just thought I would tell him what I thought of his interview just a supportive type of contact… and to my surprise he actually wrote back.!!! for me he gets superdaddystatus for that what a gent… now Where are the brownsugardaddys at and the latinodaddys at the vanilladaddys are awful handsome too… yall be warned I makeup vocab/words

  59. Katrina352 says:

    thanks nyc and oc highly appreciate that hey I got another bite on another site.. my profile tends to change just a smidge seemes the more I learn I am writing the essay a little more geared to a experinced SD, but I am getting these idiots who got me mixeg up with a corner girl. and they get the Iam not on drugs do not need your money and you are not the only one intrested in me!

    Hey ms.gem if I get anyone good I will want some gemstones.. Imma make a pair of earrings

  60. I just keep thinking how close I nearly died and how happy I am naturally.

    Why do I let a loser user hurt my feelings over nothing!! I was so stupid I was just sick and afraid of being alone, I want live to move forward, I literally cant wait anyone heard of any decent deals on a trip for singles or something I could do to cheer myself up while waiting for a great sd, that will genuinely apprecciate my many assets lol

  61. It is not my nature to take **** but boy oh boy I WILL NEVER BE A SM AGAIN I at least know how to be kind and loving not just greedy what a huge blow to my ego on picking good people

    I am glad their is a place to go for advice and support, I hardly ever have bad days since health returned sorry hope I didnt damper anyones day.
    T/ areal rare gem gal always at the Y we all could use friends my isolation period is over I am ready for fun not drama.

    I was so loving and kind to get ++++on how can anyone be mean to someone who has done so much for them?

  62. NYC SB says:

    rare – i have been an SB since February… relatively recent… massages done happen all the time… this man however was a true gentleman which is hard to find these days…

  63. Is there anything I could add to my profile to attract attention I guess photos arent ding the trick You guys are so sweet I could just use a little good to come my way I am having a beyond horrid day And I appreciate the honesty regardless good or bad I would like to enjoy some life as some of you know I have been beyond ill and making full recovery THANK GOD after dealing with everything including a ex sb yes I always supported him He was abusive I always have maintained positive attitude, I am just ready to receive positive attention now that I am well.

  64. what is p4p and wow how can I get where you guys are I am impressed you got it going on you must be a beauty I know you are intelligent and what a gentlemen setting a massage during his meeting I have been around dogs so long I forgot their are kind people in this world I am having a horrible day need a cheer up for real. I hate to be bummed out but I just had to say “Pour Some Sugar on ME” please
    T Hey how long have you been a sb you seem to know what you are doing hun?IF I may ask that is

  65. NYC SB says:

    ps. sweetred you are a hottie!

  66. NYC SB says:

    Rare Gem – profile is much much better than last time… I agree with OC on taking out the “non-perv type” comment. Other than that its great!

  67. NYC SB says:

    boston – nice profile as well… two coments

    “Lets start spreading the love” – ummm maybe this is just me but it just rubs me the wrong way … i bet ya a lot of pervs comment on it

    “good hygene” – we all want someone who is clean no… i would leave it out

    lovely pictures 😀

  68. NYC SB says:

    photogirl – lovely profile as well :) I am sure you will find a great SD shortly

  69. NYC SB says:

    katrina – Your profile and pictures are great… short and sweet and conveys the point 😀

  70. OCSugarbaby says:

    RareGem: My suggestion about not mentioning your huge collection of rare items is that some people are not genuine and they may take advantage of you. You can talk about your hobbies and go into detail once you know the person a bit. Just keep some things close to your chest for a little while. You asked for honest advice and I gave it. Now you need to take that advice and run with it. Which I see you already made changes to your profile, that is good. Typo’s are not cool. OK, your profile is set. Now email SD’s that interest you and understand that you may or may not hear back right away. Relax and enjoy the ride!!! ~OC

  71. Katrina352 says:

    hey ms gem!! thankyou nyc… I wanna be like you when I grow up..lol well lets look at my profile too I realize I am curvy but the brownsugardaddies like that too! 367987 and that goes for all who re this post today look at my profile and offer a suggestion!

  72. Good morning all! Still seeking input on my profile pics and suggestions about my gemstone issue, how or why it is innappropriate.
    *Boston I wouldnt hold much stock in what an ex has to say , they regardless of what they say have jealousy issues, etc. The sb family has given me the best advice of all.

    You say you are getting lots of emails -maybe suspicious- what is your profile number maybe it is something you are saying attracting a certain type or maybe your still scared? I can read your profile give an opinion I have -some- legal experience, I do know when they are scanning their programs are designed to catch phrases or words that flag it for them to read, therefore maybe if you feel it may be a set up reread your words and make sure they aren’t trigger type words. Just my opinion. I was also given advice keep your profile short and go further once you actually are communicating, but I have been here a couple of weeks and havent gotten a single email so hummm that is my wondering? \

  73. NYC SB says:

    It all depends on how generous the person is… in my experience 100k-200k range usually means “i will take you out to dinner and maybe shopping” … then again i had a guy yesterday who made over a mil a year and offered only 2k allowance… best is to ask and feel out the person

  74. Katrina352 says:

    ohhhhhh very very nice!! that makes me happy you have such great luck. of course your a smart lady anyway youd find these gentlemen anyway! thanks for sharing.. and since weare on numbera a person in the range 100k-200k 1-3k would be reasonable ya think? actually I am on the 1,200 range but still that would help.

  75. NYC SB says:

    The date/meeting went really well. We met for dinner/drinks at the Waldorf. He was very charming/entertaining and conversation came easy. He had an emergency 830 conference call so he had set up a massage at the hotel spa for me. This way I am not just waiting for him. It was sweet… After my massage I went to his “room” (think a massive apartment with a master bedroom, walk in closet, 2 bathrooms, kitchen, living room and dining room). We were sitting in the living room and he was a complete gentleman, never brought up sex. He did however offer his financial expertease and told me where the currencies are going in his opinion. BIG TURN ON! At the end he gave me some money for a taxi home. Maybe he thought i live in florida bc what he gave me would have covered a ride to there 😉

    Overall a good date… except the allowance part… he is more comfortable with a p4p arrangement… i am not used to that but the amount is rather high and it would always include dinner and drinks before that…

    Normally when a p4p comes up I tell them that I am not comfortable with that kind of an arrangement as it feels too transactional to me. However, I might be making an exception for this man as he is not thinking of a p4p at $300, $400 or $500 per night but much much more… I am also taking into consideration the fact that he is indeed an extremely busy man and the relationship will be sporadic at best…

  76. Katrina352 says:

    hey jessi hows it going? am i to understand you going clay shooting?
    That sounds intresting. I never did such but thats cool can someone tell me what the purpose of that is is it to practice for Fowl?

  77. Katrina352 says:

    hey nyc thankyou and did you not say you had a date also, how did it go care to sharre?
    my coffee is on fri I am beginning to get a touch of nerves, however I keep all advice in mind. hey nyc how do you deflefct a P4P situation just in case i need a tactfult “Hell 2 the NO”?

  78. NYC SB says:

    Hi everyone – there were couple of questions for me last night

    On money and IRS – per US tax law you are allowed up to 12k in gifts which are not taxable to either party, after that the gift giver pays the tax on gifts… however, if you put your money in an interest earning savings account you will have to pay tax on the interest earned.

    On juggling – In an ideal world we would all have one perfect SD that can fullfil all of our dreams and wishes… reality is some men are more comfortable with giving gifs “Gift Daddies” where as others are more comfortable with giving financial assistance “Allowance Daddies”. In the past I had an Allowance Daddie who gave me my allowance, I ended up meeting another gentleman at the time with whom I had incredible chemistry… so I decided to keep him around… he was more of a gift daddie but in all honesty the only reason he was ever in the picture is because of my chemistry with him…

  79. Katrina352 says:

    hey yall mr lurker he is about 35 hes working on his PhD

  80. Jessi says:

    GOOD LUCK with your dates this weekend, everyone! :)

  81. Jessi says:

    Happy Lurker–Just curious…”Well, that will be a clue of quality personality.” Are you saying that having certain hobbies is indicative of quality personality? I’m not understanding …

    How does one look up profile numbers? I don’t see where to do that. Thanks.

  82. SouthernGent2 says:

    Katrina352 – Just be direct and tell him how much your rent is, how much your avg monthly utilities are, etc. Sounds like you smart about you live, and he will realize that and know you are shooting straight with him.

    Did I read correctly? He is a student? How old is he if you don’t mind my asking?

  83. Katrina352 says:

    good morning everyone!!

  84. Happy Lurker says:

    Hi sweetie UK,
    Buy that magazine The Field. You can get it at any WHSmith bookshop.
    Read it cover to cover and discover the beauty of countryside activities.
    Relish the page by Moneypenny. Look at her as a rolemodel. A girl working in the city and spending time in countryside activities with hilarious fun. It is only 4 quid, which you will get back later.
    Clay shooting is an Olympic event and the Gold medal is held by Britain.
    It is a fascinating sport in itself. Guns kill ! So an hour’s tuition includes safety and will make you lose your fear of that object. Just as in golf, you have to hit thousands of balls to get that good swing and let it go exactly where you wish it to be. Clay shooting also takes practice. When you are able to hit 20 out of 25 clays, you are ready to participate in a pheasant day and astonish all the men. It will earn respect and many invitations. Good for your career. For clay shooting you will need a cap and a pair of safety glasses, electronic ear mufflers, a loose fitting jacket which will not hinder your movement. Fot the rest a pair of jeans and sneakers will do fine. So no barbours and wellies.
    Beretta has a nice clothing line and they sponsor the Olympic team.
    We will get you that. The finishing touch is a shawl by Holland & Holland.
    This blog subject is about hints and clues. Well, that will be a clue of quality personality. Even better than spraying pheromones all over you, they will swarm like bees around the honey. After all your name is sweetuk, isn’t it ? By the way you can reach me at happylurker at the y place. Again clues and hints.
    Everyone , have a happy day !

  85. Katrina352 says:

    guess everone is night night!!

  86. Katrina352 says:

    oh good luck to you also tiramisu!! hey sweet red I didnt see you. anyway anythoughts from you guys also would be excellent and appreciated!

  87. Katrina352 says:

    boston good luck on your date.. as for me I have gotten my hair all together and will be doing some serius waterdrinking to get my skin absolutly perfect… or as perfect as its gonna get!
    Southern gent I do have a question for you if you dont mind..
    My pot has already aggred to my basics rent and utils…. I dont know if he thinks I live in a 1bedroom or what but I dont I am a good reshearcher so I averged 15 similar complexs around my area and I keep my utils down anwyay so.. when he ask How I was doing with funds.. what do I do ? plop out my finance planner? just tell him my number? give him the data of the 15?
    hes nice guy and smart but a student and I dont want to appear as if I am being money-grabber
    How to approach that? how would you handle that so as not to seem like a pro .. because I know where all my money goes and I have it all mapped out I have a binder…. like I tell people I am a monster organizer about my finances/but a little timid about other things!

  88. tiramisu says:

    thanksforthehelp – i would never have sex with a pot on the first date. to me it sets up the tone for the arrangement and leave the impression that you’re just a disposable sex object. and definitely don’t meet up with guys offering $$ to meet that night…sounds extremely disrespectful on the sd’s part

    bostonsugahbabe – channeling good vibes your way! wear something comfy casual but cute since it’s a morning meet- say a sundress with a cardigan over it and heeled sandals.

    i’ve my own pot sugar meeting set up for this weekend. very excited….

  89. BostonSugahBabe says:

    Thanks DC.

    I just finished talking to a pot SD [ the one who I was waiting on} and we are setting something up for tomorrow morning. My first date! Woohoo! I am so excited and thankful. I hope it goes well. Gee, what should I wear.

    Anywho, I am done for tonight. I don’t want to look tired on my first meet.

    Good Night Lovelies! You all are in my sugar thoughts.

    p.s. I could use some advice for tomorrow. If any of you have tips or pointers, please please please share!

  90. sweetredhead*269443* says:

    I personally talk to Pot SD’s a while before meeting them, get to know them a little bit. I have talked to MANY but have only met a few and that has always been my choice not to meet them. You can find out a lot asking questions and talking a few times before you set up a meeting. My advice is not to rush it.

  91. Just looking for a little fun says:

    Hi there all!! I’m new to the website, just seeing how this works! Going to LA in about a week or so looking for some one tohave some fun with! No pics here, but I have many if you are interested…:-)

  92. SouthernGent2 says:

    Thanksforthehelp – Don’t mistake enthusiasm for desparation. Guys that make promises too fast, want to meet too fast, they probably aren’t for real.

  93. SouthernGent2 says:

    Thanksforthehelp – slow down a bit and be cautious about the emails and promises you are getting. Personally i think you should take sex, hotel, etc out of the equation first meeting. A decent sd will meet you over a nice dinner to discuss an arrangement. Don’t put yourself in a bad position with someone you don’t know just to get a few dollars out of it.

  94. DC says:

    Well said Boston SB!

  95. sweetredhead*269443* says:

    No BostonSugahBabe I was teasing photogirl, we wrote the exact same thing in a sentence in our profiles. I wasn’t accusing here just joking :)

    I think I would prefer a SD who Either only had a wife or a gf but not multiple SB’s. If you think about it how many of those SB’s have other SD’s right? I do not wish to take those chances with my health (if you know what I mean) Jealousy doesn’t have a part in that.

  96. BostonSugahBabe says:

    Ahh Thanks TLG, that actually gives me more insight and a better understanding of how I shall go about my situation.

  97. BostonSugahBabe says:

    Oh ok, I was about to say….What I wrote was genuinely about me.

    Best wishes Katrina on your date!

    The funny thing is, my ex compared having a SD to hoeing. I just don’t see it. I rebutted with “If I were to meet a guy and he took me out, was the perfect gentleman, and bought me gifts, what was the difference vs meeting a SD who would do the same for me.” He kept giving me run around answers, none of which satisfied my question.

    There is a video posted on this blog somewhere where a former SB said that “Having a SD was different than having sex for money with any man regardless of what he looks like, what he acts like, and what he smells like.” And it’s true. The big difference to me is that I am choosing who I want to be with in a RELATIONSHIP. I am not selling my body to the highest bidders. I am not letting money make who I am.

    To me an SB can be a lot of things to a SD, but one thing she is not is a hoe. Case in point. A man can save $3,440 by going to his local strip club and paying someone $60 to have sex with him. This leads me to believe that he wants more than just a woman to instantly gratify him.

    My thoughts on the subject.

    If this shall be my last post of the night, I want to wish you all a happy hump day! haha Good night sugars, glad to be apart of the sugar fam.

  98. The Lone Gunman says:

    BostonSugahBabe says:“But is that normal to have more than one SD? And if so, do they know about each other?”

    Unless actually proven otherwise, I’ve always worked under the idea that there may be other SDs/SMs/Boyfriends/Girlfriends in the picture. If there are, so far I’ve never known about them, and vice-versa. My SBs always act as though I am the only one, and who am I to disturb that illusion?

    I am very upfront with pot SBs that there are other current SBs in the mix. So far, no problems with jealousy since I make it clear from the outset that I will not tolerate it in my Sugar relationships.


  99. photogirl says:

    No, she was referring to mine… And just for the record, I did not copy. It is the same info I use on the other sites. I have not been here very long at all.

  100. BostonSugahBabe says:

    Sweetred…were you referring to my profile when you said plagiarism?

  101. thanksforthehelp! says:

    Thanks for your input ladies. Nico, I agree and that is pretty much the perspective I have and want to have when trying out a sugar relationship but I just don’t want to end up getting arrested and I’m a little suspicious of a few of my emailers. just wondering if anyone has heard of this happening or how to spot it out.

  102. Katrina352 says:

    hey yall i got a POT SD date on fri yayyyy

  103. sweetredhead*269443* says:

    Hey Nico :) good point.

  104. I guess I am just proud and spend so much time buffing and making jewelry I love Gems so much I am retired and was told to not put that so I had to explain my time some how lol
    I remember being the age it wasnt safe to go into a bar too many crazy guys now lifes this wow what a change ladies. I wish odds where more in our favor though.

  105. Nico says:

    Thanksforthehelp….a different perspective.

    You find a boy you like. You go out on a date, like him, return to his place. The next day he offers to buy you something nice, pay your rent or give you cash for cab….is that prostitution?

  106. sweetredhead*269443* says:

    I think mentioning your gem collection is fine, don’t see a problem with that. Maybe just mention it though not make it a focal point.

  107. thanksforhelp wow congrat many have had no response ME lol noone mentioned my gemstones addiction lol collection why is that in poor taste please?

  108. sweetredhead*269443* says:

    thanksforthehelp! That is why I never mix sex with money. There is a fine line sometimes and you don’t want to cross it.

  109. sweetredhead*269443* says:

    heyyy you stole part of my profile wording lmao. very nice profile even if there is plagiarism lol

  110. thanksforthehelp! says:

    Hello everyone, I’m new to both SA and this blog but I wanted to ask a question to you all.

    Has anyone ever heard of a sting operation happening from a SA meeting?

    I’m wondering where the legality of a SD/SB relationship is? I under stand mutual benefit for both parties, but say you meet a pot SD for dinner, really hit-it off, and end up going back to a hotel for some romantic time…and get paid whatever you’ve decieded your allowance is after… From a strangers point of view, it may look like prositution. right??

    I’m asking because I only joined the site 2 days ago but I already have quite a few pot sd’s offering me certain amounts of money before they even have talked to me… and wanting to meet me immediately, like later that day. So I’m thinking it’s either a phoney/scammer guy or a sting operation. But then also, i mean I’m not bad looking so maybe these guys are real and not cops and are just enthusiastic? Idk

    I’m not saying that I’m panning on having sex with a pot sd on the first date, just saying that eventually that may come up. So how to I handle it

    Maybe I’m just being naive here but better safe than sorry! Any helpful info you have would be most appreciated!


  111. photogirl says:

    RRGG – Nice photos and I see it is much shorter than before…much better! But I also agree with OCSB…

    Bostonsugahbabe – Nice photos as well. Descriptions look good to me, very straight forward. You are mature for your age. Wish you the best on finding both a SD and SM 😉

    Although I am not the best to give advice since I am fairly new to this kind of dating.

    I just want to say thank you again to everyone here, it really has been insightful.

  112. photogirl says:

    Well… while we are advising on profiles… I will put mine out there.
    Any advice/feedback from SD’s and SB’s alike is greatly appreciated. 362234

  113. HUMM did I loose eveyone? lol I really hope noone was offended with my grannies quote but you have to admit imagine a little old lady saying that to us all the time Plus she got a new lincoln every year plus tons of jewelry so she couldnt be dumb lol

  114. Thanks you for the compliment So do you think I qualify as a SB? LOL Looks attract first you know lol, then the inside.
    Why do you feel the gemstone is a poor choice I am only curious because it is my great love, I Gladly and greatfully have every stone identified so far in GIA. It is 120 year old plus collection
    All the women in my family are bling bling I am the last though
    My grandma was funny her favorite quaote if I may I hope I dont insult anyone (it was her quote) “women give away a million in ****before they realize they are worth a dime” LOL she was a hoot

  115. photogirl says:

    Hi SweetRed

  116. OC dang I thought I caught the typos lol Always miss a few I am a HUGE GEMSTONE COLLECTOR I mean HUGE and remember I am retired so I was told to put interests???? I just Dont like the naked pics being sent so how should I reword that?
    Any other suggestions I tried to keep it short and sweet like you guys advised

  117. BostonSugahBabe says:

    Ok so my profile number is 365985.

    And Im sorry sweetredhead, I’m kinda used to calling red head’s ginger, didn’t mean to offend.

  118. sweetredhead*269443* says:

    Have a good night everyone, I am off to shower and relax.

  119. sweetredhead*269443* says:

    Lmao I think my boys are future Sd’s they are outside with 5 girls

  120. sweetredhead*269443* says:

    Ginger? That’s not my name lol you have to post your profile number for us to look it up. Your profile number you will find by your name. just go view your profile.

  121. BostonSugahBabe says:

    Lisa-Yeah I am doing the community college thing two, just because it’s less expensive, but I do want the college experience and plan on continuing at a four-year institute.

    Ginger [sweetredhead]- Yea I am not so good at juggling, but I will leave my options open. But I would like to be respectful to my partner, so if he doesn’t mind then more power to me!

    About the profile reviews, can someone review mine? I don’t know where to find the profile number though

  122. sweetredhead*269443* says:

    I agree with OC. Usually do lol she gives good advice :) Pictures look great!

  123. OCSugarbaby says:

    Check the typo’s in your profile. I would not keep the last part about pervs. Watch your spacing and keep it short and sweet. I would not give too much personal info about your collection hobby. Pictures are very nice!
    Good Job! ~OC

  124. sweetredhead*269443* says:

    BostonSugahBabe I think some do have several Sd’s. As for me I am only looking for one. I can’t imagine having more than one Sd at a time.

  125. lisa says:


    yes she’s just going to community college for the next two years, a few blocks from where she lives, down the street from me. But she got scholerships and grants that will pay her tuition for the next two years going full time.

    She also lives next door to the mall, what a good life she has

  126. BostonSugahBabe says:

    Well I did ask NYC SB this question but it’s open for anyone’s take on it:
    But is that normal to have more than one SD? And if so, do they know about each other?

    Congrats Lisa on your daughter starting college, I am going into my sophomore year, and these, quite frankly, have been the best times of my life.

  127. lisa says:

    How sweet SCCSD, I had a banana with my chicken nuggets today for lunch, lol

    Have a good trip

  128. lisa says:

    She is the first person in my family to go to college. I went to business school which is one of those technical schools and graduated but it didn’t get me far, lol

    She has a great job at the hospital too
    She and my parents got evicted for my mom’s pet violations last awhile back and are now living in a very nice apartment on the good side of the freeway. They are mad at me because I did not move in with them. I haven’t seen my daughter in almost 3 months. But i’m too old to live with my parents, I love my independence

  129. Hi my new profile is up and running would anyone care to give advice and/or opinions please.
    Pour Some Sugar on Me
    Tam369682 profile number
    How are the pics (they were taken with a phone camera)

  130. SaccharineCoatedCeasarSaladSD says:

    I just shared two bananas at the airport with someone special. Now we are loaded up for a 3 hour trip to paradise.


  131. sweetredhead*269443* says:

    Poor Percy, glad he is feeling better. Isn’t it exciting a daughter in college :) I cried when mine went, they grow up so fast.

  132. lisa says:

    Percy is doing fine. He has a slight respitary infection but seems to be feeling better, back to his trying to hump things. lol

    That sd disappeared and deleted his profile, way back in early June.
    Not much response other than the occasional 20 year old, lol

    Having alot of family issues for the past months, other than that, work and personal life is going well, finances are going well, life is good, except for my family life

    Daughter started college

  133. sweetredhead*269443* says:

    Lisa how is it going for you in the SD department the last time I talked to you you were seeing someone.

  134. sweetredhead*269443* says:

    Lisa how is your little bird buddy. Give him a hello from me.

  135. sweetredhead*269443* says:

    Holy smiley faces. Oh well I am a happy person :)

  136. lisa says:

    It must be chicken night, lol

    I had chieken nuggets for lunch and chicken for dinner, you’re having chicken, I wonder if SCCSD is having chicken also?

  137. sweetredhead*269443* says:

    Hi lisa :) how are you. [email protected] what’s on the dinner menu. I think you like to hear what I cook each night lol.
    Well I made chicken cordon Bleu, garlic mashed potatoes and fresh green beans :)
    Work is great, very busy. It’s nice when you like what you do :)

  138. Katrina352 says:

    I meant i declined a POT SD

  139. sweetredhead*269443* says:

    That is very true SaccharineCoatedCeasarSaladSD I have had men ask me because I work full time and have children If I would have time for them. I do. My kids are older and have their own things to do. And weekends they are usually with their dad. I am lucky I have a very good relationship with their dad and he takes them whenever I ask him to. It makes it easy for me to be available to a SD even at a moments notice. I just tell my children I am going out with a friend, which is true :)

  140. Katrina352 says:

    hey nyc how do you account for your monies? curious because form what i understand you are succesful alone form being a SB I mean you not worried anyone would persay audit you? and yeah throw some of your reject down to fl…esp the brown ones!! lol and as far as paying attention I think i have read every post since 2008 like 2x just so i know what thell im doing,I refused to get low balled and I personaly like your style, matter of fact I declined.. I think I remembered a post and I said I am so sorry but that wont benifit me in this arrangment!! lol a lady and classy and a hell of a negotiator!

  141. lisa says:

    Good advice SaccharineCoatedCeasarSaladSD

    Good evening sweetredhead, what’s on the dinner menu tonight?
    How’s work?

    I had chunked chicken and cream of chicken soup. I’m on a chicken trip, lol

  142. SaccharineCoatedCeasarSaladSD says:

    I think it is ok not to mention kids. You should be mentioning your availability, so there is no confusion.

    I think it is ok to mention kids. Just remember everyone that approaches you knows and you have to think cautiously in relation to the kids and this person until you know them.

  143. sweetredhead*269443* says:

    photogirl I also have children. But they are not part of my Sugar life. They do not know about it nor would I ever tell them. Their father is also very active in their life but he is a disabled vet and does not provide to much as in money for them, but he provides emotional support which I feel is wonderful. I pay my bills and can do that as I work full time. But I like to have the extras that my kids want and that I want. Being a sugar baby helps me do that. It is not easy for single mother and we can always use the helping hand :)

  144. sweetredhead*269443* says:

    Good evening sugars
    SaccharineCoatedCeasarSaladSD that is so sweet of you. You sound like you would make a very sweet SD for any SB.
    It’s not always how much that is important at least not to me, it’s the quality of the SD. His personality, sence of humor and dare I say honor and not give away my age lol

    If I had t ochoose between and SD who was offering 20,000 and one who offered 2k a month I would not look at the money but the person behind it. Maybe that is just me. But to make a relationship like this or any relationship for that matter work, you really have to respect the person and really like being with that person.
    You have no idea how many I have turned dow because all they were looking for to pay someone to have sex with them.

  145. photogirl says:

    SCCS SD and other SD’s lurking out there…

    I am a single mother and for awhile I posted that on my profile on other sites. I am not looking for someone to take care of them, they have a father and he is very active in their lives.

    So my question is, is it ok for me to omit that on my profile or would you prefer that SB’s say they have children? I do of course let them know once we meet or if they outright ask me in the initial emails.

  146. SaccharineCoatedCeasarSaladSD says:

    This particular one is very special – she and her kids.

    So it would be unusual for me to do it with former SBs, but possible for other special ones too.

  147. lisa says:

    Good evening everyone

    Saccharine has been known to cause cancer in laboratory rats

  148. SaccharineCoatedCeasarSaladSD says:

    NYCSB – no really you’ve got a good attitude and feel for a way to make this work well.

  149. photogirl says:

    SCCS SD – Very nice of you to continue to help out a former SB. May I ask, is it just this paticular one or is this something you do often?

  150. SaccharineCoatedCeasarSaladSD says:

    NYCSB good recent posts too. You treat things sensibly and others should pay attention

    The fakers list, while an appealing idea, would become corrupted just as much as anything what with the way people are. It would be as useless as CL became.

    Paid for former SB child’s bunk bed she got on CL yesterday.

  151. BostonSugahBabe says:

    Hey NYC SB–Juggle them both..hmm. I have never been one to be polygamous in any of my normal relationship, but what about a sugar relationship? I guess i really don’t know. And I may have to wait and find out. But is that normal to have more than one SD? And if so, do they know about each other?

    As for the cutie in my area, pass him on girl!

    And btw, that was a great post [the one after you replied to mine], very helpful as usual.

  152. photogirl says:

    NYC SB thanks for reposting that comment. Interesting information. I have heard that from other men I have spoken to as well.

    I have a pot SD (from another site) lunch date tomorrow from out of town. He spoke of flying home or staying the night depending on how things went. So I told him I do not sleep with anyone on the 1st date, just so there was not any misunderstandings.

    His response “I do not sleep with anyone on the 1st date or the 2nd, just so there was not any misunderstandings”

    Perfect… I am really looking forward to meeting him.

  153. NYC SB says:

    SaccharineCoatedCeasarSaladSD – I am feeling a sense of jab by that comment lol …

    there has been a great influx of SDs after the 20/20 interview so things have been good… but im yet to “materialize” on any one of them

  154. NYC SB says:

    Clarification – I am meeting one at 10-20k tonight, and another tomorrow… other than that most of my pots are nowhere near the range… the one i just mentioned was 2k not 20k lol

  155. SaccharineCoatedCeasarSaladSD says:

    NYCSB – refering to things you have said the last several days, you are really getting the hang of how all this works and should expect to do very well for yourself over time.

    Didn’t read your last two comments yet.

  156. NYC SB says:

    photo girl – i have been in contact with one from florida (he works in nyc often) and he is at 20k but i am yet to meet him… we have talked since may! not a good track record

  157. photogirl says:

    NYC SB… any of those pot SD’s travel to Florida keep sweetredhead and I in mind :)

    So this one is in addition to 2 you already mentioned? 3 at 20K?
    I know it isnt all about the money but I think I would become a new homeowner!

    Best wishes on your dates with them

  158. NYC SB says:

    I feel this warrants a repost as it might have been missed on the other blog

    jaja says:
    September 2, 2009 at 12:30 pm
    After reading through this thread and others, and having participated in this site for about six months, I am convinced that 95% of the women on this site either (1) have no idea what they want or (2) have no idea what a SD wants. I’m not flaming, I just want to offer you some perspective.

    For reference, I earn about $500k per year, am in my mid-thirties and am considered attractive.

    In six months, I have met approx. 50 SBs from this and another site. I have very specific taste and screen for intelligence prior to meeting, but probably have more meetings than most guys because I prefer to cut to the chase and see if there is chemistry.

    About 25% of those SBs have no real “number” in their own mind prior to meeting. They want to be around a successful, interesting guy whom they probably wouldn’t meet day-to-day and get to experience some new things. Most are college girls, are more comfortable with intimacy than the norm, and are a little embarassed about the money side of things. The end result for the 5-10% of men on this site who are truly desirable is that quite a few young, attractive women will come home with you on the first date and have very few expectations. They appreciate whatever help is offered, but feel awkward about negotiating. I sleep with 2/3 of this group on the first date.

    Just realize that this is the reality and it’s what you’re competing with. Any SB who thinks that there is a high probability of finding a no-sex relationship in this context is delusional or limiting themselves to much older guys who are more willing to put up with such an arrangement.

    Another 50% show up on a first date with a set of demands, essentially. They are very upfront about what they want and when they want it, but it is unclear whether they know how to or have any intention of making the SD feel special. It is all about them, and you are just a walking ATM. That might be okay for awhile if they are extraordinarily good-looking, but the sex had better happen quickly and be really hot, otherwise you’re just polluting your life with a negative person who has no real interest in improving yours on any level. About half of this group will make some kind of seedy P4P proposal on the first date, while the others will try to get you to agree to their demands that night. About 10% will engage in NSA fun w/o any agreement at all, roughly the same odds that we face in an upscale bar.

    Again, sorry for being blunt, but my experience has been that women here have very little idea how other SBs actually behave on dates as opposed to what they write in their profiles.

    Finally, 25% show up looking for a real connection in addition to some help in life, and they tend to be pretty flexible about arrangements depending on the level of chemistry. They understand that, even if they are not your GF, they had better make you feel like it while you’re together and vice versa. About half of these SBs will engage in NSA fun on the first date without any real talk of an arrangement.

    The only SBs who ask for money related to a first meeting are either pros or fall into the second category above. You must realize that, if this is your chosen tactic, a man will instantly see you in a different way than the other two categories. He will either be turned off and ignore you or agree to meet, but with very clear ideas in his own mind about how to extract as much value as possible as quickly as possible.

    In my case, I signed up looking for a classy, intelligent and educated woman in the last category, but have found that the cost/benefit ratio just isn’t there when attractive college and post-college girls are trolling here for “older BFs with limits”…

    I know what a “traditional SB/SD” relationship is from the perspective of both parties, but you have to realize that people with other agendas are also here competing for the attention of the same men that you are. Adjust your strategies accordingly or just accept that there are a lot of young women here who say that they want $5,000 per month in their profiles but at very differently in person.

    Be safe, guys and girls.

  159. NYC SB says:

    BostonSB – meet them both… see which one you like better… and remember you dont have to choose one or the other who says you cant have both! Speaking of which I have a super duper cute and awesome SD in the area if you are interested 😀

  160. BostonSugahBabe says:

    Hello everyone!

    I am feeling a heck of a lot better! Thank you to those who wished me well.

    Best wishes to Sweetredhead, NYC SB, OC SB, Photogirl, and anyone else who has a potential date set up tonight. Go get ’em girls!

    The CL murderer, yes I remember him. Quite a scary looking picture on the front page of the Herald. As for finding SD’s in the adult gigs section, there are a few of them there [in the Boston area that is] but I am a little iffy on pursuing them. I mean dealing with the internet is dangerous in itself, you must be cautious either way.

    Good news! The man I have been dying to hear from emailed me this morning. I must admit, I got as giddy as a school girl. I really do like him and believe we have a connection. He is intelligent and can hold an awesome conversation.

    On the other hand I was contacted by another pot. And we have been chatting and I like him to. We share some of the same interest and he is intelligent as well. [If you can’t tell, smarts is a big turn on for me].

    Jeez, I like them both. I don’t know what to do! Somebody help! Haha, just kidding, but I really do have a tough decision to make.

    Oh well, today is a good day. =]

  161. NYC SB says:

    that was funny!

    SO a pot emails me and he makes more than 1 mill a year (check) and net worth of 10-50 mil (check) and offers me an allowance of 2k per month… umm yeahhh we go back to the generosity conversation… oh and he wants to see me 3 times a week… HA! I will meet him and give him a chance because I am trying to be open minded but I am not sure about him

  162. Katrina352 says:

    yes Nyc that is what I was thinking and I know hes smitten with me so I am gonna shoot but maybe hell just be the Misc/matinece help!! girl you know you such a good vane of advice!! also SincereSD I love yall would hug yall but Id get Brownsugar all over yall *hope yall got that joke*

  163. NYC SB says:

    Katrina – seems like Mr. PHD is not a provider… he might be able to supplement your finances rather than fully take care of them… however if you are in the financial position to accept that than why not if the chemistry is right?

  164. Katrina352 says:

    Thanks NYC you are a voice or reason, I just tend to be super leary he was just asking me for too much. he threw in a line about the fed ex needing my address like I say my spidey sense was going off so I just let him be, I checked out his name and lo- and behold it was a match to names but the picture was somebody else and his website was a Fake too!

  165. Katrina352 says:

    SincereSD says:
    September 2, 2009 at 3:09 am
    Katrina352 says: is it ok to request a POTSD secure hotel accomodations, I do not like anybody at my apartment because of my children.. what do you think??

    ginaZ says: Katrina as a single mom myself I would recommend leaving your apartment out of the mix. One can never be too cautious in this regard.

    While I agree you need to be careful in the first few meetings, I think one would relax these restrictions for an ongoing relationship with a trustworthy SD.
    In most of my SB relationships, I have been involved in my SB’s personal life in some form or fashion including meeting some of her friends or taking the SB and her kids out to an amusement park/dinner etc. i am introduced as one of her friends … and we conveniently neglect to mention our sugar relationship

    ok so now my Question is do POTSD expect POTSB to be single?
    I dont think it proper of me to be at his house….

    next I have a POTSD whos a is working on his PhD and I rather like him already, he has told me twice that we must be discreet and a discreet relationship is All he can offer… me personaly I rather discreet relationships he aggreed to make arrangements also he wants to meet like 5 times a month how is he gonna afford my *basics* and should I cut him some slack since he is studying??

  166. NYC SB says:

    Katrina – there are some SDs that are willing to send some money before meeting as a gesture of good faith… while i will never advise anyone to give out their bank info and home address i do want you to be a bit more open minded… pay pal and western union work… however, pay pal allows you to open an account without putting your real name on there 😉

  167. photogirl says:


    I have not been on SA very long but it has already happened to me once here. I am not sure why they would add us and then not respond to our messages.

    Insight from the SD’s here?

  168. Katrina352 says:

    DC I wish you would repost what you said about not projecting a sense of desperation or ok lets be blunt like my bank account is negitive.!!!

    I cannot understand How a person lets them self get to that point and expect some one else to bail them out.
    I seen another SD say on here if you do that you are asking to be manipulatied and taken advantage of!!!

    me, personally I tell a person up front I have no drug habit to finance and no thirst for alcohol, I save my money and I know what layaway is.!!

    I had onePotSD hit me with a line he would wire me some money he just needed my address and full name, I told him naw babe Western union is Global and my name is- – – – you send it to Florida I shall get it.
    now New gals scammers exsist be smart no wealthy man is lax about their money, if a POTSD come out and says hes going to send you all this mess you didnt ask for HIT BLOCK!! immedeatly

  169. sweet SB UK says:

    Caroline: Sometimes I see a no of profiles I’d consider. I favourite them but may not have time to message them, or might have just edited my profile so I can’t send messages. I try to reply if someone sends me a message. Do you pay for membership?

  170. NYC SB says:

    Caroline – thats odd… I am not a premium member and so I cannot see who added me on their favorites list… I will tell you this the ones I have added I would definitely write back if they wrote to me…

  171. Caroline says:

    I think that a fake list would be fine… If people get offended that they are on said “burn book” of sorts, they should state their case, obviously you’re there for a reason. It should be real reasons such as being outright rude, lying, canceling on meetings several times in a row, etc, and NOT just they didn’t agree with you on an arrangement.

    I have about twenty people to add to such a list… If only I kept their e-mail addresses!

    Do you often have people add you to their “favorites” on SA… You see that and send them a polite message introducing yourself, etc, trying to initiate contact, and they read it and don’t reply? I’m a bit perplexed haha!

  172. Katrina352 says:

    hey yall I think we all should give our e-mail addys THAT way any losers poof daddys and morons will be on a Sugar daddy fake list Aynbody game?? it be easy and just forward to the Next newbie that needs it??
    what do yall think?

  173. ginaZ says:

    I have found many things on CL, a job, a car, a home, a roommate, a SD, furniture, I’ve bartered things, found wonderful estate sales, and so on…One must always be careful in any context, even at SA. There are predators and bad folks in any context. Just my 2 cents. But me thinks the floodgates have opened and there is more riff raff, so always, always, always trust your instincts! If something doesn’t feel right it’s probably because it isn’t.

  174. NYC SB says:

    Jessi – bad experience? now im scared

  175. sweetredhead*269443* says:

    NC Gent if you still have my email can you please give to photgirl, thank you!

  176. sweetredhead*269443* says:

    I did get an email from a very nice older gentleman here on SA, we will see where that goes.

  177. sweetredhead*269443* says:

    Wow jessi now I am really scared. But thanks I think I will just stay away from there, sounds like it is not for a girl like me.

  178. Jessi says:

    Craig’s List By Jessi

    Craig’s List is like a dark vortex, sucking
    you down, stripping you of precious security and confidence
    Jabbing you with negativity, wasting
    Your Time in stupid cycles that go

    You are funneled into a world of twisted
    Irrationality, a regurgitation of old repression
    let loose in the anonymity of cyberspace.

  179. sweetredhead*269443* says:

    Thank you for clearing that up Happy Lurker:) I had a grandfather who taught me many things also.

  180. sweetredhead*269443* says:

    After reading all these post on CL I think I will just wait on a SA SD to come my way and appreciate my charms :)

  181. sweetredhead*269443* says:

    stephen phot girl needs my email pleaseeeeee

  182. sweetredhead*269443* says:

    Thank you for clearing that up Happy Lurker:) I had a grandfather who taught me many things also.

    Photogirl if this does not get monitored my email is [email protected]

  183. Jessi says:

    Right now, I would LOVE to meet a Sugar Grand Daddy. PLEASE, appreciate the opportunity. I, for one, would be happy to take him off your hands (if I were his type), but then I’ve always appreciated older men…

    NYC SB- Excellent! I’m very happy you are having success with this. I hope someday I will be able to relate. Good success vibes to you! :)

    Welcome all new bloggers.

    Pen pal sugar? Cool. I’m game.

  184. sweet SB UK says:

    Gemini29: No idea. I would guess if you frequented very upmarket bars or clubs? I don’t get much chance to do this IRL, so that’s out for me =(. I’ve never met a pot SD type IRL. Though I’m in contact with a guy I met on a non SD site for a random date. I looked him up and it turned out he was kinda big. We’ve met up just a couple of times but he seems to treat me like an SD would (minus the allowance, ha ha! – he’s a non SD though) – takes me to VERY nice places etc. So not sure what it is right now…maybe he is just a generous gentleman? Maybe he will morph into an SD? I’m not sure what he’s looking for – serious/long term or what.

  185. Gemini29 says:

    Speaking of broadening horizons and meeting SDs elsewhere. How do you find the elusive “wild” SD in public? Like, you’re at a bar or restaurant or wherever….are there any tips or hints to figure out if a guy is a natural SD?

  186. Gemini29 says:

    Just catching up on the blog….

    good luck to NYC SB and sweetredhead and whoever else is having a pot date tonight!!

    I occasionally look on CL but UGH on the majority of the posts. Creepy creepy creepy. The only time I laughed my butt off was when I found a nice posting, was nodding my head, and then scrolled to look at the picutres….and recognized him as a fellow student/friend from my college!

  187. sweet SB UK says:

    Where’s all the UK / European SBs and SDs?

  188. sweet SB UK says:

    OC: How can we swap emails? It’d be good to chat about this :-) Thanks

  189. PR_potSB says:

    Hi all again… no idea if I should change my “name” here in the blog so that people won’t get so confused when trying to figure out who’s answer they are responding to *LOL* so many “SB” in the names!! I just thought it would make sense as I’m so green in this and at the same time explains that I’m from latin america!

    Got a question about “DRAMA” though. I want to make sure I’m understanding what it is being refered in SA as… DRAMA means melodramatics in the relationship or the “story” behind your current situation???

    Hmmm. I consider DRAMA, melodramatics in the relationships, but I may be wrong, right??

    Also, is there someone I could “coach” me into making sure I have a “nice” profile?? I’m so silly shy about the whole thing I’m not sure if I’m good SB material *LOL*

    So glad to at have a place to “talk” to others in similar situations and at the same time get the insight of SDs.

  190. sweet SB UK says:

    NYC SB: Yes, I definitely agree. There’s much wisdom and knowledge to be gained from an experience and established mentor.

  191. NC Gent says:

    New to This — I would say yes but highly unlikely. I would also guess the allowance would be pretty low for that type of arrangement. Welcome to the blog!

  192. NYC SB says:

    New to this – i have never had that experience… there was an SB on here who did have a strictly email/phone relationship with an SD and in return he would mail her a check… anything is possible

    Ginaz – it amazes me how many SBs do not realize how valuable of an advice one can get from a SD… I aspire to be financialy independent one day and just listening to a successful SD talk gives me ideas on where I can go and what I can do… I never leave a date after couple of minutes even if there is no connection… i can still learn a lot from them… unless they are a fake…

  193. New to This says:

    can someone answer my question. that would be great.

  194. ginaZ says:

    Markoff murder was the turning point, the erotic section was taken down, and is now replaced with adult something or other. It may still be possible to peruse the section on the other side of the pond and find a nice SD still. I met some great pot in the past 5 years that way, my 2 sd’s I met this way and I rarely had to send my picture merely describe myself in detail. You do have to filter through a lot of stuff to meet a nice normal guy or gal though. I like the SA site, far more Sb’s and Sd’s I suspect feel they’ve hit the lottery. Like a kid in the candy store. One pot I spoke to joined because he could meet beautiful women but had no intention of being a SD.

    OCSB you have mail!

    NYCSB my first SD was into real estate and precious metals so I really learned a lot from him in this regard. I rather like the mix of mentoring and sugar. In fact i prefer this to a one dimensional arrangement for more allowance.

  195. NC Gent says:

    HI OC — always a pleasure to see you :)

  196. OCSugarbaby says:

    Good Morning NC!

  197. NC Gent says:

    SweetUK — there have been also a few highly publicized murder cases where a guy on CL lured women in and murdered them. One case was of a medical student from the Boston area who is now awaiting trial. Just like any e-dating, you have to be careful to protect yourself.

  198. New to This says:

    Can you have have a SD and not ever meet him.. just talk, send pictures,etc.or do they all want to meet you to get a monthly allowance?

  199. OCSugarbaby says:

    Sweet SB UK: Happy Lurker is a sweet heart and I would vouch for him any day of the week. No CL horror stories for me. But, I just tend to think that a better group of SD’s are on SA. But I may be wrong! Sweetred and yourself have shown us that. I do know a very sweet European SD in Dublin that you may find interesting. We may need to swap emails so I can chat off line about it! 😉 Even Better, Happy Lurker can give you my email Address! ~OC

  200. NC Gent says:

    Craigslist is still good for buying and selling items like furniture, cars, etc. but for personal connections, I found the site to be full of prostitutes, fakes, and mentally unstable people (aka dodgy). Not sure how much use CL gets in the UK, but it may be going through the same maturation process that has already happened in the States. CL may still be ok in Europe, but once enough people hear about it, the bad apples will taint it for the rest. just my opinion — others may find it suitable.

  201. DC says:

    CraigsList is known as having mostly detritus. Sorry to be so blunt but this is pretty well known. It’s great for jobs and selling things but for meeting people…feh! I used to use it and met some real crazy men there so I stopped.

    About 7 years ago it was okay…now I’d stay away.

    I have found that the people who use CraigsList are usually just people who are bored at their jobs and post a profile because it takes very little effort and no money.

    Most people I know have left it behind. Maybe it’s different outside the US. I think it’s possible to meet pot SDs at other dating sites but usually if someone says they want to be an SD elsewhere it means they think they take you out for an expensive dinner and then have sex with you. I just can’t imagine a quality pot SD using that site to meet a SB but I suppose there are exceptions to every rule. Hope this one works out for you Sweet SB UK

  202. sweet SB UK says:

    Happy Lurker: I’d go as far as delicious, but as you’ve never seen me, for all you know I could be a hag! 😉 I looked it up – looks impressive and I get the impression it would be a good place to network. So a lot of city and country rahs go there? I’ve never held a gun in my life, but I think it could be a fun hobby. Wondering what you’ve guessed about my career so far…Also, I’m trying to guess which country you’re from. I understand if you don’t want to say on the blog. I get the feeling it’s not France/Spain/Italy/Portugal…Hmm I’m inclined to think further north and east…I could be wrong! So when are you heading to the UK? The shooting lessons sound great, as long as we can find a date to suit both of us. Well, it’s an idea : -)

    NC Gent: What happened on CL? What changed?

    NYC SB: Wow, you seem to have the pick of SBs in NY! Surely London can do better?? Hello? Good luck. $20k seems a very large allowance. I’ve yet to come across any English SDs suggesting more than $5k – not that it’s all about the allowance! It depends very much on the SD.

    GinaZ – coffee or dinner so far for me. Who knows, maybe shooting next! How I’ll be dressed to impress in wellies and a Barbour-style-padded country jacket etc, I do not know! ; )

    So what’s the verdict on CL, guys? Is it dodgy, or just full of dodgy people?

    I used it some months ago and met a pot. We’ve been exchanging emails for some time and are meeting again hopefully, but I don’t know where this is going. We get on very well, have much in common and he’s interesting. However, he backed out of his initial monthly suggestion as I wasn’t able to meet him for a couple of months. I presume he will discuss this when we meet? As far as I can tell, he seems normal and I was able to verify who he worked for.

    I’ve exchanged emails with a few others, some seem clearly odd so it ends there and some others seem more normal. There’s all sorts of people out there, it seems. They’re all different and all want different things. I met Culture on CL and if it worked out…WOW!
    So what are the horror stories of CL?

  203. NYC SB says:

    Flo – let me try and address this

    1) What’s the secret, are you just physically and emotionally perfect?
    I AM FAR from perfect… I am fit and men find me attractive… however, in NYC model flooded market im far from beautiful… what I do have on my side is intelligence… I am in finance and most SDs are as well and they just love talking markets with me… thats kind of my handle…

    2) Given that you are talking about $20k per month, which even in NY is a lot of money, I realize that NY is very expensive and so $20k per month there doesn’t go as far as $20k per month elsewhere, but even then it just shows how much money there is in a down market. My QUESTION is does this mean that mere mortal SD’s who can only offer $1-10k, per month do not stand a chance with you – or can SD’s make up for the money in terms of chemistry (charm, looks, appreciation)?

    My first SD was a 20k a month allowance… so I have been spoiled… i tend to give preference to SDs who are on the higher end of the earning spectrum… however, as of late i have been talking to many who can afford far less than that (ie 3k range)… currently I am looking for great chemistry and someone i feel comfortable with… someone who is not all about the sex but likes the mentoring and getting to know each other part just as much… everyone gets a fair chance 😀

  204. New to This says:

    Can you have have a SD and not ever meet him.. just talk, send pictures,etc..or do they all want to meet you to get a monthly allowance?

  205. Sweet Intellectual says:

    Yea I guess that seems like the best idea at this point. Once I get your email, I shall send everything that I wrote on my profile to your email, and tell me where I went wrong.

  206. DC says:

    Forgot to mention…good luck Sweetred!

  207. Happy Lurker says:

    Sweat Redhead.
    Just loved your reaction HUH? to my post earlier on.
    Many others were also lost in cyberspace.
    You see I wanted to send a positive remark to the person I refer to as
    sweetieuk. It was held up. My great sense of humour did not put me off, so I re-christianed her into yummiebritain. Then my message got through. Am sure she will like to be initiated into the art of shooting. She is a very competitive person, so I trust she will shoot my pants off, so to speak, after some good tuition. To be one of the faces in the field, is an excellent feature in British circles. If asked by the other ace girls, how she got into shooting, she can simply reply “my grandad !”
    Now how is this for a laugh ?!
    Anyway, it keeps me happy.

  208. OCSugarbaby says:

    Sweet Intellectual: I tried to view but like I mentioned, Female SB’s can’t view Male SB’s profile’s. If you like I can have Stephen (from SA) send you my email address and I can take a look via email if you send me your profile verbiage. :)

  209. ginaZ says:

    OCSB…that’s my next task at hand assembling an oh so scintillating outfit for first meets. I made the mistake of being a bit too casual on first meets. I generally don’t like meeting at a Starbucks, where dressing up seems out of place.

    Curious where have been good first meets for others? 9 times out of 10 a lunch or dinner has been an auspicious beginning. Something about breaking bread over a glass of wine. I’m dressed up, more relaxed, easier to have private conversation.

  210. Sweet Intellectual says:

    OC Sugarbaby, my profile number is 374844. Help me out if you can and give me some helpful feedback!

  211. photogirl says:

    sweetredhead – I have not had a chance to get your email yet, really wish I did now as we are in the same area… I met one there a few weeks ago… I also happened to have talked with him on another sugar site so I felt comfortable meeting him… was not good!

    I did a search on his name later when I got home… several arrest records!

    hope it goes well for you…

  212. DC says:

    Good luck Suga and NYC SB on your dates tonight!

  213. OCSugarbaby says:

    SweetRed: You will be fine. CL is an interesting site. I have sold couch’s, and excercise equipment on there. It is like a Mecca of everything under the sun. Including Sd’s. 😉 Have you picked out what to wear? That is always my toughest decision. Always wish I had someone here to model outfits to. lol

  214. photogirl says:

    Best wishes for tonight NYC SB!!

  215. Dani says:

    NYC SB: Good luck tonight! I find picking an SD, or any successful man’s brain is always fun and interesting. It definitely sounds like you’ll have hit the SD lottery, and if you don’t like him, feel free to send him my way! lol

  216. Flo Rida says:

    NYC SB, we haven’t chatted before, and forgive me but 2 questions:

    1) What’s the secret, are you just physically and emotionally perfect? You don’t actually need to answer the question. More curiosity than anything else.

    2) Given that you are talking about $20k per month, which even in NY is a lot of money, I realize that NY is very expensive and so $20k per month there doesn’t go as far as $20k per month elsewhere, but even then it just shows how much money there is in a down market. My QUESTION is does this mean that mere mortal SD’s who can only offer $1-10k, per month do not stand a chance with you – or can SD’s make up for the money in terms of chemistry (charm, looks, appreciation)?

    An envious (but not too envious) fan. You go girl.

  217. sweetredhead says:

    Not to mention mentally stable lmao

  218. sweetredhead says:

    Thank you NC Gent. Figured it can not hurt to try. Not easy for a 40 yr old full figured woman. No matter how nice I am, look younger. there is just not enough men on here that want my type of woman. So I thought I would expand my horizons :)

  219. NC Gent says:

    Welcome to the blog, Angel!

    We know you will be careful sweetredhead. I had some horrific experiences on CL, and I don’t even look there now. I am sure there are a few exceptions to the norm, and hopefully you will meet a nice person that way.

  220. sweetredhead says:

    I am meeting a Sd from Cl this weekend yiks now I am scared. Been talking to him for over a week now and he sounds really nice. we shall see :)

  221. OCSugarbaby says:

    Sweet Intellectual: I found you way up ^ there. Post your profile number and we can give you the feedback you asked for. However if you are a Male SB. We may not be able to view your profile (we being Female SB’s).

  222. OCSugarbaby says:

    NYC SB: What’s not to like? You are FABULOUS! He will be lucky if YOU choose him… 😉

  223. OCSugarbaby says:

    Suga: The age thing can be a none issue if you meet and he is even better in person. Age is a number right? It may be that he is fun and just what you were looking for. Good Luck Suga!

  224. NYC SB says:

    I hit the lottery in getting the meeting… hopefuly he likes me… either way an hour with this man is the sugar equivalent of having lunch with waren buffet… i will definitely pick his brain!

  225. OCSugarbaby says:

    Delilah and Angel: Welcome to the Blog! If we missed your posted question re-post and we will try to help you out. ~OC

  226. OCSugarbaby says:

    NYC SB: Fingers and toes crossed for you sista! Good Luck and Have fun!!!

  227. ginaZ says:

    NcGent my arrangement began on CL 4.5-5 years ago as well. It’s really changed hasn’t it! Though i must admit it was much easier to meet SD’s at at the time.

    NYCSB sounds like you may have hit the lottery again….wow!!!! fingers, toes crossed for ya!

    SincereSD as a SB I would still recommend caution in this area. Especially meeting the children (in particular if there is custodial issues…bad idea)

  228. NYC SB says:

    Super duper excited/intimidated by tonights pot meeting… The man was hesitant to send a picture (actually he never did) well last night he called me and told me his real name!

    No need to send a picture anymore… I know exactly who he is and just how legit he is… if my charm works for me I am looking at another 20k daddy… it doesnt hurt that I have had somewhat of a crush on him from reading the paper lol

    Sugar fam… keep your fingers and toes crossed for meee!!!!!!!

  229. Angel says:

    Hi, all i’m new to this site and have no idea how it works. I hope to meet some great people on here and i hope someone is interested in me!!

  230. NC Gent says:

    Good morning all. I actually found my first SB on craigslist about 4.5 years ago (wow that long ago lol). When that arrangement ended after 2.5 years, I went back to CL, and boy had it changed! I would never go searching there again. Fortunately, I saw an ad for SA when I was on CL, and I haven’t looked back.

  231. NYC SB says:

    Suga – Give the man a chance… meet and see if there is some sort of chemistry and mutual ground… if there isnt then of course you can pursue another SD but if there is than you will be living the sweet life… having one SD who will take care of all your needs is better than juggling several :)

  232. lisa says:

    Good morning everyone

    Nitemare, it’s good to see you on the blog again
    Heading out to work now.

    Have a good day everyone

  233. sweetredhead says:


  234. Happy Lurker says:

    Glad to see it works again.
    Read up the blog and found many interesting remarks to re-edit a profile.
    As to the question of body type, I had rather mention biomassindex 26 and fitness score of 81. Gives a clearer picture.
    Yummy Britain, glad to see you would try your hand at shooting. Then I will take you to the Holland&Holland shooting ground, just outside the city. Top class instructors will give you tuition. You can find much info on the internet. Read the green feathers bit. It will introduce you to a bunch of quality girls and will be a good network for your career.
    Nice idea, what ?!

  235. Happy Lurker says:

    Just testing if it works.

  236. sweetredhead says:

    Suga he probably offers that amount BECAUSE of his age. Don’t rule out the older (grandfather) men, they can be a world of knowledge and fun to be with. Age is a number (well ya looks too come to play) I would just meet him and give it a chance, you never know.

  237. sweetredhead says:

    Sure photogirl Just ask Stephen for my email. Always happy to meet with SB’s you can never have to many friends :)

  238. Delilah says:

    I am New And I have mailed people for some Help with my profile,, Nothing back, I signed up a few days ago! Hello To everyone ! Hope someone is interested in me. I really think this is a sweet!!! Place!

  239. Happy Lurker says:

    Hi all,
    Just been reading up the blog and found some very interesting suggestions to re-edit my profile some time later.
    As to the question of body type, I will leave it unanswered.
    Instead I will mention that my Body Mass Index is 26 and my fitness score reads 81 points. Not bad at all.
    Sweetie UK, lay that moderation irritation aside and just continue with your writings. I find them hilarious and inspiring and can understand quite well why you are a great success with all those pot SDs, without playing the Lady Godiva.
    If ever we meet I have a nice outing in mind. I shall take you to the Holland & Holland shooting ground just outside London. You will get an hour tuition from one of the best instructors world wide in clay shooting. Just browse their website will you. Read up that bit about the Green Feathers. It will introduce you to a bunch of quality women, great network for your career. Buy the magzine The Field a great read.
    Hope I see happy smiles for such a leg-up.

  240. Caroline says:

    Thanks to Sweet SB and Gina! I’ve been on SA for a while and read the blogs but never thought to join in on the conversation 😉

    I would also advise greatly against craigslist; not only are guys on there are going to be incredibly sleazy and cheap. Being a sugar daddy to them is the same as being a John to a girl on the Adult Services board. Dangerous not only to your personal safety, health, ego and with the law.

  241. SincereSD says:

    Katrina352 says: is it ok to request a POTSD secure hotel accomodations, I do not like anybody at my apartment because of my children.. what do you think??

    ginaZ says: Katrina as a single mom myself I would recommend leaving your apartment out of the mix. One can never be too cautious in this regard.

    While I agree you need to be careful in the first few meetings, I think one would relax these restrictions for an ongoing relationship with a trustworthy SD.
    In most of my SB relationships, I have been involved in my SB’s personal life in some form or fashion including meeting some of her friends or taking the SB and her kids out to an amusement park/dinner etc. i am introduced as one of her friends … and we conveniently neglect to mention our sugar relationship :-)

  242. Suga says:

    I’m so nervous! I have a date with a pot tomorrow and everything fits: location, allowance, intellegence, but he is old enough to be my grandfather! He pointed this out initially and I told him it didn’t matter. But now that I’m picturing us walking down the street together…. it will look weird.

    He’s offering twice as much as most are on here, but I’m thinking it may be better to have two sd’s who are at least middle aged and giving me half as much each than one really old guy giving me a lot.


  243. SincereSD says:

    here’s my 2 cents on sugar hints – how to tell if a profile or response is from an escort:

    – Most are taken inside a hotel room
    – Most are provocative in nature
    – Provocative photos are professionally shot; especially if there’s a photographer’s tag/logo you can search (and he/she specializes in glamor or nude shots)
    – claims she is a “non-pro”

    – lots of discussion of sex
    – willing to entertain short meetings eg. hourly

    – short but gives phone # immediately
    – email name or reply is highly sexual in nature
    – references to acronyms used by escorts and their customers eg. GFE, BBBj, etc.

    While encountering one of these in a profile or email is not conclusive, getting several of them is a strong indicator. If I get suspicious about a response, I will usually google some relevant info (phone #, name, email, etc) plus search criagslist and escort boards.

  244. Sweet Intellectual says:

    I, am new as an sb and I personally find it very frustrating on this website. I want to give it a chance and maybe stick around for a little longer, but I am starting to slowly lose interest. First off, nobody ever looks at my profile. I’ve been on for about 3 weeks, and I’ve only had 2 hits. NOT FAIR! Another thing is that maybe my way of writing can possibly intimidate some people into thinking that I might be the manipulative type of guy. And last but not least, I did some browsing within the website, looking at other male sb’s, and I realized they all show some skin, or a lot of skin. In my pictures, I almost look innocent. Can someone please give me some insight on what changes I should make within my profile to make it stand out better?

  245. DC says:

    Hi Boston SB-

    Don’t give up on SA unless you have some kind of time limit. Keep your profile up and forget about it. It can be like watching paint dry. Sometimes it pays to be a little pragmatic and can’t hurt to write to an SD that appeals to you but don’t be surprised if most of them don;t even open your e-mail. I got a ton of responses when the Times article came out. Now I am lucky if I get one e-mail a month. It’s not the only site I use. I may get more responses at other sites but they are not sugar sites and most of the men who write me think they want to be sugar daddies until I explain how it works. Then they say thanks but no thanks.

    But occasionally someone writes and it’s a good match.

    As Nightmare mentioned, a lot has to do with being geographically desirable. NYC and LA I imagine have the most SDs and SBs. I think women in the 25-35 year age range are most popular and of course looks count. I think we need to be realistic as SBs where we fit. If there really are 10 SDs to every 1 SB…..well…..some of us are not going to be as popular as others. Fact of life.

    Had a nice time this afternoon with my SD. He wants to get together when I get back to town end of the month. But until we actually have some kind of agreement to see each other on a regular basis I will keep my options open…

  246. ginaZ says:

    BostonSb hope you feel better in the mornin’

  247. BostonSugahBabe says:

    Haha good one TLG…A laugh is always good before bed.

    Night Sugars! It was nice blogging with you all.

  248. The Lone Gunman says:

    Gemini29 says:“TLG- What is GU?”,

    Geographically Undesirable.

    For example, I live in Texas; you live in Vermont. Neither wishes to relocate or fly or be flown. We are GU to one another.

    “And I so want to know the response you sent. LOL. “

    The woman apparently thought she was all that and a ham sandwich. I realigned her reality for her.

    Suffice it to say that it ended with ‘I tried nice–now you got brutal honesty…Happy now?’


  249. BostonSugahBabe says:

    Hello DC-Not sure how I missed your post. I’ve been bed-ridden all day due to the Flu [I hope it’s not swine!], so I have been reading up on all the blogs. Thank you for your advice, it is well appreciated. So craigslist is a no. Hehe, should have been common sense, but hey that’s why I asked. It just seems so frustrating that I can’t seem to get any responses from SA when I heard that it was a top site for SD/SB’s, where as I get responses from other sites I’ve joined.

    Which leads me to ask another question–Is the reason why I don’t receive much “action” on the site because I am not a premium member?

    Well I do wish you the best with your upcoming date w/ the pot. Remember, think positive and positive things will happen!

  250. OCSugarbaby says:

    Not I. Jasmine. Sorry.

  251. Gemini29 says:

    TLG- What is GU?

    And I so want to know the response you sent. LOL.

  252. Gemini29 says:

    Hmm…just realized there was a second “SB” after the first one…

    PR SB – There isn’t one particular body type that SD’s look for, its all about individual preference. Many different girls here with the whole spectrum of body types. Yes to some guys, this will matter above all things. For others, its about personality too. You just have to wait until you find, as sweetredhead puts it, your perfect SD fit. Welcome to the blog!

  253. The Lone Gunman says:

    SB says: “How long does it take for an SD to reply usually?
    And if they are not interested do they let you know?”

    As with any individual, each will respond according to his desire to be communicative and respectful and their personal experience on the site.

    I used to be nice with the ones who messaged me that I could not be interested in (usually because they–and I–were GU to one another) until the day I got a flaming response about how ‘cheap’ I was and I should be flying her in from her Midwestern cave and blah-dy blah-dy blah…

    You do NOT want to know the response I sent. She was my first blocked site member.


  254. ginaZ says:

    Very well said Gemini. The blog is free form. It’s a community, ideally one that is supportive of one another. It’s always changing. Often you get out of it what you put in. Some semblance of decorum is good as well, as in being kind to one another.

    I personally think a moderator is always wise in a forum or in a blog/forum such as this. Often moderators are paid. While it is a blog, it ties back to SA, so I think one must be aware of this. In general patience and kindness go a long way.

    Sweet SB UK I wouldn’t worry, you meant no harm, I’ve even had posts removed as well.
    I love your posts and you bring a certain flavor to the blog!

  255. photogirl says:

    Gina Z – I have not needed to block anyone from this site but have on others.

    I have noticed on SA that there seems to be a different class of men, atleast from my experience of the ones who have contacted me.

  256. BostonSugahBabe says:

    SB- Well I am fairly new to this but I can say that experiences vary. I’ve had guys tell me they are not interested and some just don’t reply at all.

    As for the waiting game, that also varies. I’ve had replies within an hour of introduction and some that come at a slower pace. It depends on who you’re dealing with. And you have to remember that these men have lives and other stuff to deal with. But if he is interested, he’ll get back to you…

    You’re not alone however. I have had great conversations with pot SD’s that just end. It leaves me a bit disheartened because I feel I have made a connection with the person, but rejection is something I can take in stride, although I am PRAYING that he is just really busy, I kind of liked the guy :(

  257. Gemini29 says:

    SB – Um…there is not one particular person in charge of answering questions on the blog. People come, they go, its kind of a random group effort, so you have to be patient for someone to answer your questions, if anyone answers them at all.

    Actually patience is a key feature in searching for a SD or SB. There is no set time-limit for SD’s to answer emails or even if they’ll answer emails at all. Most of them are busy professionals, not to mention they get tons of emails daily from new SBs. You can’t walk into this expecting instantaneous results, sometimes you get lucky and find a SD/SB quickly, sometimes it takes months.

  258. photogirl says:

    SB – If you’ll just have some patience, people will help. Not everyone is on here all the time.

    From my own experience, it could be immediate or could be never…or anywhere in between. I know…that doesn’t help much, but it is the way it seems to go.

    I personally do my best to respond to every message even if it to say thank you but not interested.

  259. PR_potSB says:

    Hi to all!
    Super green SB here :( Just looking to see if my luck change a bit with the help of a nice SD (hopefully! *keeps fingers crossed* This is the first time I join any kind of “dating” site (I know SA is different than AS, for example, but to me is almost the same. Just that SA is more honest in the intentions! *LOL*)

    Hmmm… going back to the topic of this post. I most admit that I’m considering “edit” my profile, but until I really get the hand of it I’m gonna leave it like it is. The only thing that is really bothering me is the question about SD’s body type. I honestly answered “average” because I thought I was! Maybe since I’m from latin america I got everything messed up? Okay, I’m like 5 feet 2 inches tall and I weight around 130 to 140 depending on my health. Got diabetes (since birth!) so weight changes even if I don’t eat! >__< So, since I'm nothing exciting in the bedroom… should I just consider myself Non-SB material?? :(

    I think I'm cute. i've been told so and some people find the way I dress interesting. I'm… I'm some sort of victorian goth. I dress in dark colors, long skirts and corsets. I'm a teacher and thankfully my job doesn't discriminate against me. I truly love my job. I think not that many can truly say that (right now thinking of all the "righteous" people that judge us! *LOL*). The only thing that makes things hard is how little I get paid :( Obviously becoming a widow put a damper in my finances. I never thought of getting married and outliving my husband! In all honestly, I thought that he was going to outlive ME!! (you know, considering that I got diabetes 😛 )

    *sigh* still trying to get the ropes of this SD/SB thing as well as trying hard to learn. At least I finally was brave enough to write to some pot SD. They haven't answered back… but it's okay. It took me a lot of courage to just write. I'll just keep trying until I get my turn.

    I apologize for the long blatering. Please forgive me!

  260. SB says:

    well thanks for helping….. NOT

  261. photogirl says:

    Gemini29 – I thought the same thing about Nightmare…. Being new here I suppose it’s from all the blogs I read up on.

    I hope I didn’t come across the wrong way on my last comment… I didn’t think that sweet sb uk did anything wrong.

    I find these blogs extremely helpful.

    Anywho… back to lurking

  262. SB says:

    How long does it take for an SD to reply usually?
    And if they are not interested do they let you know?

  263. B says:

    Why are people being moderated?

  264. Gemini29 says:

    Nitemare! You’re back!

    ….not that you know me from Adam.

  265. NitemareSD says:

    A lot of things are being done on the blog by a m_oder_ator who doesn’t belong in such a position. I’ve sent a complaint to someone above, so we’ll see if its dealt with and nothing more will need be said.

  266. B says:

    ginaZ, I didn’t block anyone, if I don’t like them or what ever I usually send them a mail saying no thanks, and good luck
    they never bother me again

  267. ginaZ says:

    Ah yes the whiny SD, one can surely read into that. On the subject of blocked members how many have others blocked, I think I’m up to 5 now…

  268. B says:

    Gemini 29 why he threatened you? wow, and you never talk to him before?

  269. ginaZ says:

    What time is it over there in the UK Sweet SB? Over hear on the side of the pond, it’s almost 7:42 in the evening. I always enjoy your posts BTW!

  270. Gemini29 says:

    Mmmm. Just got a re-message from a pot SD that is an interesting combination of mild threat, insult and whine. I say re-message because I ignored his first message as it was a rambly discombobulated commentary full of punctuation errors, misspellings, grammar problems and plain odd for a first introductory message.

    Really, you can get a feel for a person so easily not just from their profile but also how they approach introductory emails to a person. Threats, insults and whiny-ness….yeah…that always make me want to be someone’s SB. I think I’ll be hitting the block button now.

  271. sweet SB UK says:

    Can’t sleep…it’s silly ‘o’ clock here.

    Re: my post being moderated.

    I perfectly understand the need to protect privacy and I fully respect the privacy of the men I am in contact with and would always do so, as I would expect them to do for me.

    I would just like to point out that I did not refer to any specifics (names, specific places) or identifying features. I gave each guy a fake name too and imo my post was less ”identifying” than some others I have read which mention names of smaller cities, hotels, physical features etc.

    (many of these are not on SA.com)

  272. BostonSugahBabe says:

    Lisa- Just like you said “Harming someone’s reputation or privacy is one thing but warning others of potential dangers or hassles should be allowed.” Let’s leave it at that. It would be unwise and unkind to let someone go off into the clutches of some harmful person.

    I didn’t get a chance to read Sweet SB UK’s post, but changing names, location, etc. when talking about your experiences should be ok, at least in my opinion, but it’s the subtle details as in “We went to such and such restaurant, then to so and so hotel” that’s a little different, esp. if the guy is not dumb. It would be obvious you were talking about him even if you changed his name to “SnugglebunnySD”

  273. photogirl says:

    I think what happened was that Sweet SB UK posted an update on her pot SD’s and created her own nicknames (which were kinda cute) for them… not sure who moderates this blog but I can understand why they took it down.

    I also understand about keeping it discreet but also agree with Lisa that we should let others be aware in regards to our safety.

  274. lisa says:

    Next time I get an email from someone in my area and find out he’s creepy, I will say nothing, even if a sb in my area is contacted and considers meeting the same guy, I will put his privacy over her safety.

  275. lisa says:

    I wouldn’t think there would be a problem warning fellow sbs and sds of scammers and fakes. Harming someone’s reputation or privacy is one thing but warning others of potential dangers or hassles should be allowed.

  276. sweet SB UK says:

    Sorry guys if I was being too open! I didn’t mean to disrespect the privacy of anyone and deliberately avoided mentioning identifying details. Sorry again and will be more discreet.

  277. BostonSugahBabe says:

    Thanks for the welcome ginaZ–

    As for my thoughts on discretion, absolutely. We all [ well most of us, I would have to say] have personal lives we keep separate from our sugar lives. I want my privacy respected, and I respect others as well.

  278. ginaZ says:

    NYC SB said :

    My response to that is : $10,000 for the first hour and $15,000 for every hour/ or portion of thereafter.

    Excellent comeback!

  279. ginaZ says:

    OCSB I would have to agree, discretion is important. Also important to remember as a SB, we would not want this reiterated here on a public forum about ourselves. Good of you to mention this as a reminder to all.

  280. OCSugarbaby says:

    Maybe it would be wise NOT to say the SD’s name, age or city on the blog. Just my take on it, but if the roles were reversed and they posted about one of us…

    Thoughts comments? Isn’t this all about being discreet?

  281. sweet SB UK says:

    I’m getting blog/sugar search addicted.

    NYC SB: Great line

    Caroline: I’m a young SB too and I also HATE it when guys say ”You’re not into…oh, you will be!” Very well written.

    I don’t have any revealing photos on my profile and will not send anyone any revealing photos. Me in a nice dress, headshots etc, but nothing risque. Who knows where your photo could get sent/posted? Why do they need revealing photos anyway? THEY DON’T!!

    I also don’t understand guys who join Seeking ARRANGEMENT and are looking for a relationship/companionship without financial commitments. They seem to want a GF or…want free sexual gratification.

    Oh, spoke to a Pot. I’ll call him ShortGuy. (I’m quite short too, so it’s okay!) He sounds really nice. He’s educated, very interesting, seems normal so far and is NOT sleazy and wants companionship and nothing overtly sexual: dinners, concerts, an escape from married life – ahh after all the guys who seem to want to (well, you know…) this is a welcome relief. He contacted me because he said I sounded honest, non sleazy and the sort of person he might get on with. Don’t know about the logistics, but let’s hope so. Oh and he’s offering quite a generous allowance too. Not crazily high, but more than most of the other pots I’ve been in contact with.

    Another, his name is Culture. Very cultured and interesting. VERY intellectual and somehow we seem to really have the same ideas about the whole relationship/experience etc. It’s very strange. It seems almost too good to be true, but it’d be hard to fake what he writes, I think? We’ve not discussed the details of allowance, but he says he could definitely support me. He understands that if we do connect IRL that arrangements can be made logistically and despite distance it’d be worth pursuing. We’ll meet for coffee…gosh, he’s deep. A keeper methinks.

    DubaiGuy – young for an SD, 28. Sounds nice, didn’t talk too much but he said he’s new to this and doesn’t want to get scammed. Erm, I’m an honest girl, but how can you relay that to someone you’ve just spoken to? He sounds like he could afford it, no specifics discussed as he’s ”never done this before”. Well, nor have I. I’m searching…

  282. ginaZ says:

    NYCSB, my pot last night tried to cancel 2 hours before and I ended up waiting 3 hours before throwing in the towel. One more chance, after two times nada!

    Funny there’s a SD, Mr. Rock n’ tats with the big member, (or so he says in his profile.) He’s since changed his profile but gosh, some of the warning signs are all right there. Bad grammar, sexualized content, and all of the like. Originally we were supposed to meet, I figure he’s local ( a 10 minute walk from my front door) He canceled twice, first time lost his cell phone, second time a migraine, third time was to call back but never did. He’s since upped his ante offering $350,000 a year.

    I’m far more patient tolerant in this context, but still there is a limit!

  283. ginaZ says:

    Welcome Caroline, Lisa #2, and Boston sugah, T.O Queen (missing someone?)

    Christine, you are an incredibly mature 18. I could not imagine doing this at 18, (I was a virgin though so I would have gotten my fair share of queries no doubt!) I had no idea really what BDSM was either. So, my earlier quote by Mae West, pretty much sums it up,
    I was Snow White but strayed.

  284. DC says:

    Hi BostonSB-

    I have only been doing this for 6 months and I have had a few SDs. My advice to any newbies is to just be patient. I am an older SB but got quite a bit of emails at first. Then it got really quiet, then picked up again..now it’s quiet again. It goes in cycles. Met a few…no chemistry. Took a few more months and then met one through this site and one at another site. I would stay away from CraigsList…just my opinion.

    I have been reading the blog and posting since then. I find a common thread among new SBs who get discouraged because they read all the success stories and wonder what is wrong with them when they haven’t met the perfect SD in a week. Some SBs have been looking for a year! I have met many wonderful men, had a few experiences but I have not met MY perfect SD yet who wants something long term. The man I met today is a possibility but I am leaving for 2 weeks vacation and won’t see him until I get back. Also possible I may not hear from him again. For some it’s the kid in a candy store mentality. You can’t blame them.

    I find that the best way for me to approach the allowance part is to mention my previous arrangements and see if they are comfortable with that. If they are not then we are not a good match.

    I stay away from the losers who mention sex in the first e-mail and if a guy blows me off more than 2 times I let them go as well. You can’t force things.

    And never ever project any kind of desperation. That is a major turn off I think

    Good luck

  285. BostonSugahbabe says:

    Salutations Sugah’s!

    First I must thank all of you who post regularly with helpful information. I am new to the sugar world and like to be knowledgeable on all things I endeavor, so this blog has been stupendously helpful.

    Sorry to say that I have not much to offer in terms of this posting-as I am so brand new I haven’t even met a pot SD. But I always have so many questions and no one to turn to for guidance, woe is me.

    I currently have a post to this site, SA, as well as a few others. I have also checked my local craigslist, as I have seen some ad’s from gentleman that seek mutually beneficial relationship, but I can never seem to get passed a few email conversations. They either a) say something that clues me into them not being “real” SD’s or b) stop emailing me all together. I then wonder–Is it something I am doing wrong? Am I not SB material? And I get discouraged.

    Just a few questions for the vet’s [and by vet’s I mean anyone who has gone further than me in their pursuits for that special sugar]:

    Is there some secret to finding and pursuing relationship’s with SD’s?
    Are there do’s and don’t’s in etiquette when dealing with a pot?

    Jeez, I do hope this gets easier along the way….

    Thank you Sweets!

  286. NYC SB says:

    I agree DC – a regular guy cancels on me 3 hours before meeting… you better believe he wont hear from me again… if an SD does it well I will most likely give him another chance… but if he does it repeatedly then he gets cut off as well… my time is valuable as well

  287. DC says:

    NC Gent-

    As a sugar baby I am more tolerant of my sugar daddys than I am of boyfriends. Not character flaws per se but for instance if an SD cancels on me because he is too busy and this happens repeatedly I will definitely cut him more slack than a life partner.

    I think if I were in an SD’s shoes I would be less tolerant of an SB’s bad behavior just because of the sheer number of sugar babies versus sugar daddies.

    But plain bad behavior should not be tolerated by either party. We should be treating each other with kindness and respect and no one should have too much power over another individual because of their stunning looks or wealth

  288. Caroline says:

    I am a young SB, at 18. I have been told by a lot of people who have met me that I am very mature for my age and I have an old soul… Some SD however think that I’m a complete idiot and try and take advantage of my age.

    Tip offs for me are first off if “u type liek dis. ho w r u hunni?”
    How can I believe you run a multinational organization and make 10 million a year when you can’t show you have basic spelling and grammar knowledge? My profile is well written, I’ve gotten a lot of compliments on it and I enjoy reading profiles that have substance to them as well.

    Asking for nude pictures right away. I have a picture of myself on my stomach in lingerie on my profile, its not my default picture though. I like to show off my curves but I’m not into giving away free jerk off material.

    Avoiding key questions and talking only about sex. I’m not a sex-chat line!

    I am submissive by nature and I’m into the BDSM scene. I’ve noticed a majority of people who contact me are slightly to very dominant, but anyone who requests that I be on a leash or if I say I’m not into something and they reply with “Oh, you’ll be into it” gets automatically blocked. I’m not a dog and I know what my limits are.

    I am probably asking for all these things because of my revealing picture, but even so. I guess men will be men, regardless of relationship.

  289. NYC SB says:

    KC – how much is my favorite line ever… it just makes me want to drop my panties imediately!

    my response to that is : $10,000 for the first hour and $15,000 for every hour/ or portion of thereafter

    I assure you they wont bug you again!

  290. KC says:

    Determining who’s for real and who’s a fake:
    I agree with all of the previous posts that there is no hard or fast formula for figuring out this tricky subject. I typically look for good grammar in an email, and, due to a deluge of responses every time I join a site such as this, I erase and block any of the 2 word responders, including things like, “nice rack” and “how much?”
    I have had 2 long terms SD’s and am hopeful that I will find my next one soon!

    OCSB says it right on- there is probably 1 for every 100 profiles! posted….

  291. DC says:

    Hey NYCSB-

    Just spent some time with my SD. A really nice man

    I know what you mean…..sometimes I get myself so worked up over a date that when they cancel I am relieved.

    Hi Lisa! Hi Stina! Hi everyone!

    Photogirl- for me it’s been a few months, since the NY Times article

  292. Jessi says:

    gina z- I think that you could put a picture of yourself up in nun-wear and some guy some where will say something dirty. It’s not us. It’s what THEY want to see—their twisted perception perhaps based on teenage rejection and inability to take responsibility for themselves. (I’m guilty of dating ignorance, myself, though I have never been rude or crass to a man who didn’t deserve it.) And, to be fair, I’m sure women have been the same to men, as well.

    SBMaple–I have seen the same weirdness. They sound confused. Or, maybe, it’s desperation…like when you look in the freezer for your keys.

  293. OCSugarbaby says:

    Oh Sugar Baby’s don’t despare, that is what the DELETE button is for.
    Remember for every fake SD there are 100+ fake SB’s. Take it in stride and keep your outlook positive. It will come back to you ten fold! 😉

  294. lisa says:

    Percy is busy now tearing out his feathers and the paper in his box trying to make a nest for me, lol He thinks i’m his girlfriend when really i’m just his sugarmamma

  295. Jessi says:

    lisa- – I get these cravings only when I’m stressed. I’m aware I may sound like a pig, and wanted to say, for the record, that I love protein shakes, fresh fruit, and whole foods in general. Even when I was young I ate healthily and tried to convert my family. I’m getting better now that the pms is subsiding. Mostly, it’s in my head. I rarely give in; I deal w/it by hyper expressing the craving so that I hear the absurdity (it keeps me in check). Humor helps, too.

    Percy sounds like a pigeon with healthy standards. May he live long and prosper!


    Are these problems as bad in Sugar Mommy land?

  296. SBMaple says:

    I found what there are plenty of SD who wants to find a wife and have kids. They have their profiles up on SA website and they are writing what they don’t beleive in financially motivated relationship. Weird!

  297. photogirl says:

    I know it is off topic but I am curious if you don’t mind me asking.

    How long have you SD’s and SB’s been in the sugar world of dating?

  298. ginaZ says:

    Happy to meet him as well NYCSB as I live in the Los Angeles Metropolis, but I defer to my sugar sister in the OC as she sugary sweet and deserving of a wonderful SD!

  299. ginaZ says:

    Oh Jessi you are far from boring! You are a very bright, funny witty gal 😉
    Well I show a little skin on one pic, though I still consider it demure. But, when I get a one liner like “Hey nice tits!” I’m wondering if I’m sending mixed signals.

  300. NYC SB says:

    I have a great SD in LA (he is a transplant from NYC) good looking and offering 20k or more in allowance… and yes he is legit… i was telling OC she should contact him… email me if you want his info

  301. ginaZ says:

    Yes NYCSB you’ve had the Crème de la Crème! You are one of my SB idols! I haven’t sampled the good life in this way, though I did have good experiences in the past. So far the LA Sd’s have been a sorry lot. Perhaps I should dip in the NYC waters. my old stompin’ ground. Lived there for 6 years!

    NYCSB you will find a wonderful SD no doubt!

  302. T.O. Queen says:

    I found that some of these SD are not who they say they are. I met one name Dan, he’s 36 years old, from Toronto and he calms to be a lawyer but yet I came across his April profile and in that one he calmed to be a law office manager and yet again when I spoke to him on the phone he said he was a lawyer’s assistant. I stopped talking to him because he was obviously lying about what he does. I mean if your stupid enough to have your picture on both profiles and calming two different careers then you shouldn’t be mad when you’re called out on it. To all the SB beware of the LYING DOGS!

  303. Jessi says:

    Good Afternoon Sugars,

    I am very happy this topic came up because I’m having trouble talking about myself. I guess it’s because I think I’m boring. Instead of going to clubs and bars, I’d rather be at be gym, in class/learning something, in nature/with animals or making something.

    Sometimes I feel like a country girl trapped in NYC. I do enjoy the city-one of my favorite things is that I get to see people of different cultures, wearing their traditional garb and speaking their language. I love NYC’s diversity, even if the people who choose to stay in ignorance practice hatred toward certain groups. I would LOVE to learn as many languages as I can…OK, I’m rambling.

    I want to express how thankful I am that this topic came up. I will be keeping an eye…well, both eyes on this one!

    Sexy Biker Babe- Thanks for your comments on the book. I will buy it as soon as I can!

    And, regarding your comment about not showing skin on your profile pic and getting only high quality responses vs. the lame come ons on this blog, it sounds like you’re suggesting that those of us who encounter ill mannered men do so because of our “skin showing” pictures, which I can’t help but interpret as you meaning “sleazy”.

    I wanted you to know that I have posted meetings w/some of these low class men for the purposes of seeking advice as I am a novice AND the picture of me on my profile is a head shot. I show no skin (and perhaps I’m wrong), a great smile and a true picture of me. I wonder, would you consider this an anomaly?

    While I am very happy that you have had a positive experience seeking an arrangement, I don’t know if your assumption, or what it sounds like you’re suggesting, is a fair judgement.

    Of course, I’m no expert on quantum physics, but, at this point in my evolution I have to say that, at least in my case, your suggestion (in italics) has left me with… that feeling you get when you have a low quality pastry and you could taste the fake, tongue-coating di/tri glicerides and you could imagine yourself getting mummified from all of the preservatives….

  304. NYC SB says:

    I agree with you second lisa…

  305. lisa says:

    It looks like there is another lisa on the blog?

  306. lisa says:

    What i find annoying is when these SD don’t say actually what they are looking for. If you want a slim or drop dead beautiful SB and maybe a SB of a certain race and background then say so, this way I don’t waste my time emailing you and get no reply: I mean it’s frustrating because a lot of these SD say things like I want a sexy, fun, sweet girl and well I think I’m sexy, sweet and fun so I email them. For all the SD out there give a little more details and describe your dream girl, even if you’re looking for a model.

  307. NYC SB says:

    GinaZ- i have been spoiled by my ultra generous SD and the ultra hot one… no one compares… thus its taking me a while to find one that is up to par… an SB can dream (of a tall dark handsome witty and generous SD) right?

  308. ginaZ says:

    NYCSB your a very busy girl so eventually one of these pot will be the one!

  309. Stina says:

    Honestely, I don’t think there are any concreite clues on how a person really is off of their profile. If they say they are humle and respectful and like to treat woman like queens, I’ve found so far that they offer quite the opposite. That is one expample, with out going into a long drawn out explaination. Over all I think you can look at some clues and keep them in the back of your head but you should give everyone an equal chance just to get to know them first because you never know.

    Or I could be just talkigng out of my a** and I’m ugly and none of these guys want me haha!

    ps. You dont’ have to give the guys that send you icky emails a chance. I’m just saying sometimes you can’t just judge from words and use those as cluse..it’s not full proof.

  310. ginaZ says:

    I remember a friend whose bird had a particular fondness for captain crunch and fruit loops 😉

  311. lisa says:

    I agree with you ladies, some of the profiles are misleading.

  312. NYC SB says:

    well tonights pot cancelled as he is held up at work… normally i would be upset but im relieved to just go home and sleep…

  313. lisa says:

    Percy is a very picky pigeon, he won’t touch anything but birdseed and popcorn, not even bread

  314. lisa says:

    I think i’ll go get a burger across the street

  315. ginaZ says:

    Lisa not even with Percy?

  316. lisa says:

    No doughnuts here, just blueberry muffins, and no I won’t share

  317. ginaZ says:

    Jessi! Your a funny girl. I remember my hormonal fluxes while pregnant, german chocolate cake, mashed potatoes and gravy, turkey Meatloaf, In-n’ out burgers, milk shakes and spicy thai food.

    These days it’s fruit juice smoothies, and the occasional naughty dessert dish.

  318. Jessi says:

    Did somebody say “doughnuts”?

  319. NC Gent says:

    Katrina — that is not uncommon for the SB to suggest a hotel, even if you don’t have kids.

  320. ginaZ says:

    Katrina as a single mom myself I would recommend leaving your apartment out of the mix. One can never be too cautious in this regard. Sugar dating is separate, for me, nevere the twain shall meet.

    Just a few rules I’ve sworn by now. I don’t mention being a mother in my profile, though is there’s enough of a connection on the first phone call, I do.

    If a local SD is driving to me, we meet nearby for lunch/dinner/coffee/drinks.

    If I am driving to a SD (more than 10 miles) I feel secure enough in doing so. Often the pot SD pays for gas, or in the case of my first SD I drove 60 miles, we had dinner, brought enough $$ just in case, but he was the perfect gentlemen and got me a nice hotel room and we had a wonderful 10 month arrangement.

    Long distances, or whatever type of arrangement you decide, hotel accomodations are best unless he has a space, and single.

    Best of luck on your search!

  321. Katrina352 says:

    should one disclose they have children? is it ok to request a POTSD secure hotel accomodations, I do not like anybody at my apartment because of my children.. what do you think??

  322. OCsugarBaby says:

    NCGent: I have to separate my tolerances for little issues that may arise vs my acceptance of SD qualities going into this.
    Qualities I look for in a normal dating realm… Under 40, over 6’2, blonde-haired person, athletic, no kids. However, in the SD dating realm, I have softened my tolerances a bit for the age and physical attributes. But just a bit mind you! lol

    As far as issues, that arise or deal breakers during… Drama, mind games, disrespect are sure fire reasons to move on for me.
    Isn’t Sugar dating hard enough, why be unhappy?

  323. libby says:

    Time to make the donuts!

  324. ginaZ says:

    NC Gent..I’m with NYC SB much more tolerant. I date out of my typical age range. Height, weight aren’t as important as other factors.

  325. ginaZ says:

    Things that make me go wow in a pot SD profile:

    -Great smile 😉
    -Humor (not crass though a little edge is good)
    -They are physically active.
    -They have another side to them other than financial specs (Like maybe they do yoga, or are spiritual or have a passion for life!
    -A well written profile that they took the time to write. Not cryptic, simple is good but something to pull me in.
    -Intelligence, class, the signs of a gentlemen

  326. libby says:

    Oh…I wouldn’t know. I have yet to find a SD.

  327. NC Gent says:

    Hi Libby — not sure what additional information you need.

    Was just asking if my fellow sugar blogger are more or less tolerant in a sugar relationship than a traditional relationship. :)

  328. NYC SB says:

    NC Gent – I tend to be more tolerant of the shortcomings of an SD than when traditionally dating.

  329. NC Gent says:

    Hi OCSB — I have been pleasantly surprised and unpleasantly shocked a few times (unrepresentative pics), and I can definitely say I prefer to be pleasantly surprised.

  330. libby says:

    N C Gent,
    Need more info.

  331. OCsugarBaby says:

    Hi NCGent: Isn’t it always better to be pleasantly surprised with their appearance then shocked? I don’t mind if they have a few extra pounds, just tell me upfront so I am not looking behind them for the guy that sent the picture. 😉

  332. NC Gent says:

    OK — maybe this should be a question for another topic, but my SB and I just got over a little spat. Question for the lovely people of the blog…. are you more likely to move on in an sugar arrangement than you are with a traditional arrangement, i.e. are you less tolerant. Maybe you are more tolerant of minor issues because it is NSA? Just curious. I think I am a little more tolerant of some things that I wouldn’t be in a traditional relationship. Any other thoughts?

  333. libby says:

    i can’t believe that I cannot refer to a SD profile #. If you search florida, you will see him. He lives in the VIP section of a mobile home community.

  334. NC Gent says:

    I agree a GinaZ — the body type thing is ambiguous, but usually a full body pic (clothed) alleviates that potential issue. Sometimes you just have to roll the dice. I have also found the reverse to be true too — I have met a couple of SBs who put average and they actually were slender and had a poor image of their bodies in their mind — I was surprised. Not a perfect world I guess.

    Sweet SB UK — you shouldn’t even have to ask for the travel expenses. An SD should offer them. So I guess it isn’t unreasonable that you ask for them, but it would be a bad sign that you had to ask for them.

  335. OCsugarBaby says:

    Hi Gem: I agree! Lot’s of very sweet genuine SD’s out there. Long or short profiles really don’t clue me in too much. It’s their sincerity and behavior going forward that gives me insight! Slow and steady wins the race to my Sugar Heart! Not just the $ugar. Actually, I am turned off a bit by the ones offering a super high allowance. If they did break thru my sugar wall with their kindness and wisdom, I would not accept the high dollar. But I wouldn’t tell them that until I was sure they were the one. 😉
    I never discuss allowance until I make sure they have the right chemistry.
    Maybe we can have a new body type category for SA profiles:


  336. libby says:

    OMG! You guys have got to check out this profile #XXXXX. I think this guy is either a true joker or very sick. I laughed so hard and at the same time felt really, really bad.

  337. sweet SB UK says:

    Quick question – if meeting SDs for the first time (or any time?) is it reasonable to ask them to help with travel expenses e.g. train fare and taxi?

  338. Gemini29 says:

    Hmm…I’m feeling this is becoming too much the “dump on the Bad SD”

    Some good things I’ve noticed on SD profiles:

    -Smiling in pictures. Smiles, where the SD looks happy and like they are ENJOYING LIFE always get me hooked in… If a person enjoys life I am going to assume they will enjoy being with me, and that they are fun to be around too.

    -Actually writing a bit of a paragraph about what they enjoy. These are the SD that take the time to say things like “I enjoy boating in the bay, I’m fond of clambakes and lobster hunts, I’m really interested in car rides down long curvy roads.” versus a one line of “cars, boats, clambakes, lobster trapping” This to me says they are taking the time to actually look for a SB not just sitting back and letting them roll in. I appreciate it when a SD takes the time to make his profile his own, I think it says a lot about the SD and what he’ll be like in person.

  339. sweet SB UK says:

    Yes, it seems with men that when they say ”average” they really mean ”a few extra pounds”. I don’t mind a few extra pounds, but just be straightforward about it!

  340. ginaZ says:

    NC Gent, yes body type options are limited on SA. Like you, average should mean height weight proportionate, but it isn’t always so. Maybe curvy and toned, or, slender perhaps.
    both of theses describe me and I end up putting “average” which I don’t think I am.

  341. ginaZ says:

    Winnie: If a pot SD is strictly talking sex , or always steers the conversation, texts, in this direction (especially is you haven’t even met) he’s a time waster, wanker or game player.

  342. Htown based says:

    I am new at this. Any advise for a newbie? I hAve a SD but right of the back he’s asking for sex…should I try to get to know each other better or
    Move on?

  343. NC Gent says:

    Hi Laila — I noticed the same thing about woman and body type — many put average when they are overweight (I actually met a few like that). I think they mean average for Americans (20 pounds overweight), but to me average means height-weight proportionate — not sure if SA can do a better job defining that – just another thing to watch for. One liners in SBs profiles set off alarms to me too, and I just pass them by. Another caution is a statement like — just checking it out… or is this real?? Those SBs are never serious about the arrangement.

  344. ginaZ says:

    Signs that I deem as cautionary:

    Too many pictures of cars, boats, planes.
    Too many pictures of SD with scantily clad women.
    Fake photo.
    Mentioning how large their anatomy is.
    They ( their lawyer) will pay the lucky winner $365,000 for the year.
    They forget there is an automatic spell check option when writing their profile.
    Someone who is clearly ‘older’ looking for a woman young enough to be his grand daughter.

  345. NC Gent says:

    Hi all! Good to see you again Sweetred :)

    Winnie — the guy is just messing with you. A true SD wouldn’t talk about sex in the emails, and he wouldn’t ask for more photos. Dump the loser now.

    My current SB is bisexual, which makes for some interesting times. (No threesome yet lol) I have never had a date that likes to sit and check out the other women as much as I do. It is hilarious when we go places and she points out other hot women. Life is good!

  346. Laila says:

    Another clue I’ve noticed is when someone has a one-liner as their self description or the description of their arrangement – that’s normally bad news. That’s the guy who will send you a message saying “Hi, how R U?” or “Send me more pix.”

    Also, if it says “average” under a SD’s body type, it tends to mean overweight. :(

    And if a SD has one (stunning) photo and refuses to send more… The photo is probably from Google.

    I will try to think of more…

  347. SaccharineCoatedCeasarSaladSD says:

    UK SB – you are really getting the hang of it.

  348. sweet SB UK says:

    HappyLurker: I think at heart I’m a country girl. I do love visiting big cities – some of my favourite spots in the world are big cities, but I think living in the city long term would drive me a bit crazy. I think living in a country-ish area, but within reach of a decent town/city is me. I don’t live in a city, but within reach of London (but very near countryside) and travel up and down the UK. I do appreciate the tranquility of the countryside. Let’s say I like both city and country. I don’t drive though, so don’t often go on countryside trips…I’ve never tried fly fishing, shooting or stalking. I’d like to try shooting though.
    My ballroom booklet? Ha ha 😉

  349. libby says:

    Afternoon to ya!

  350. Happy Lurker says:

    Hi sweetie UK,
    This blog subject is about clues, signals and hints.
    Are you a country girl or a city slicker ?
    London based or elsewhere ?
    I am much into fly fishing, shooting and stalking when in the UK.
    Would be a compatible sign, if we share a love of the countryside.
    The cathedral close in Salisbury is one of my favourite haunts.
    But sure, there are many other beauty spots.
    You have a baffling series of gentlemen all wishing to enter into your ballroom booklet.
    Let me take my hat off for you. Magnificent.

  351. NYC SB says:

    Winnie – Im sure there are but those are rare and few in between… the chances of finding someone who is looking for pay per play are far greater

  352. Winnie says:

    Hey girls. I am a newbie at this SB thing. A lot of your posts have helped, but I have this SD emailing me and strictly talking about sex, we haven’t even met kind of a turn OFF. He keeps asking me to email him more pictures. Are there really SD out there that will give you an allowance while getting to know eachother and see if you have chemistry or do they all expect sex up front. Need Advise.

  353. The Lone Gunman says:

    NYC SB says:“TLG – that usually makes the SB more appealing… in my experience at least.

    Mine as well–in fact, it’s surprising how many pot SBs I’ve met are enthusiastic about multi-team play, even those who only list SD as the relationship sought.

    …and I’m not complaining at all.


  354. photogirl says:

    Sweetredhead – Maybe we can talk sometime as we are in the same area?

  355. photogirl says:

    That is the impression I got as well…thank you OCSB.

    I am not sure why I seem to be attracting mostly these types.
    I thought I was rather clear in my profile.

  356. OCSugarbaby says:

    Hi Photogirl: Again, I think that this one is leaning towards to just $ugar…

  357. photogirl says:

    Good morning everyone!

    I’m not sure what to think of this one:

    “I travel to your area monthly on business, would you be open and interested to a monthly long term dinner and desert arrangement.”

    What clues signals and hints would you SD’s and SB’s get from this initial email? Is this dessert (not desert lol) sweets or bedroom sugar?

    Profile only talks of ‘fun playful times together’ as in the bedroom.

  358. OCSugarbaby says:

    Hi SweetRed: SD’s have the upper hand??? Only if you give it to them! I like to keep things EQUAL! No upper or lower… “Holding hands”… 😉

  359. sweetredhead says:

    Good afternoon sugars. Wow it’s feast or famine around here. I am 5 pot, crazy. I am feeling them out and will decide who I wish to meet. To me personality goes a long way. I don’t have to find anyone. This is something I choose to do not HAVE to do. Which I think gives a SB a leg up. SD’s have the upper hand with all the SB but chemistry is key. I do not just meet anyone. So I guess that is why I have not had any bad experiences. I have met very nice men. I have just not found the right fit for me. That is the key girls find the right fit for you, never settle. That is what will make a good relationship.

    Ok enough advice from the old and wise lol. on with the show :)

  360. NYC SB says:

    good morning DC!

  361. sweet SB UK says:

    Oh yeah, something else I like about this way of ”dating” is that it’s much more direct. The guys (and girls) seem to know much more what they want and don’t play games or mess around. When I’ve met most guys IRL or in a non SB/SD context they play games and we don’t know where we stand etc etc. This so far seems less like that. Wait and see…

  362. sweet SB UK says:

    If all goes to plan, I might have a date almost every night for the next couple of weeks! :-) Including some non SDs. Very excited about seeing some of them, as I really do like them. Shame I’m just not looking and feeling my best right now…ahhh. Usually I’m fine, but any quick fixes for suddenly bad skin?…

  363. NYC SB says:

    TLG – that usually makes the SB more appealing… in my experience at least

  364. The Lone Gunman says:

    sweet SB UK says: Lone Gunman: So if an SB wants a SD and a SM you think she just wants $$?

    Not at all. My experience is that she is willing to play on both teams, if you catch the meaning.


  365. sweet SB UK says:

    Lone Gunman: So if an SB wants a SD and a SM you think she just wants $$?

    Biker Babe: Ooh, sounds like a great book. How can you get a free copy? My budget is very tight :(


    As to clues…I’m not sure what the original question refers to – very subtly hidden clues? Literary analysis? I can certainly do that, but most profiles aren’t really that sophisticated.

    As for the initial screening…

    Education: Perhaps I sound like a snob, but if he is not at least university educated I am generally reluctant, unless his interests and writing style demonstrate intellect beyond the education he has had. I do realise that some people are not college educated, but are still clever and interesting people.

    Location: If he lives far away, somewhere I’d never go, or he doesn’t travel then it’s probably a no.

    Income: If the income is very low, doesn’t match the suggested allowance or couldn’t feasily include an SB, I move on.

    Allowance: If the suggested allowance is unreasonably low, IGNORE. If the suggested allowance/his income is unbelievably high, consider but approach with caution – is he for real?

    Photos: If they look fake, sleazy, have other women, contain lots of skin I think twice. I am very accepting in terms of physical appearance, but if he is just unacceptable, then it’s a no.

    Hobbies: I try to look for guys who have similar interests. I don’t rule out anyone based on hobbies and I like learning new things.

    Writing style: I much prefer someone who has a sophisticated writing style, or at the very least can spell and punctuate. I understand that some men have very busy lifestyles, so quality is better than quantity.

    Arrangement: If they suggest anything sleazy in their profile, this is a big no and I move on ASAP. If they say they want a GF or don’t seem to understand the concept of Sugar Daddy or arrangement, then bye bye.

    That’s all I can think of for now…

  366. Flo Rida says:

    Sexy biker babe – suggestion only. don’t give him the book, email a web link to where he can find the book. if he’s a SD he can afford the price (i have no idea of how much it is but it can’t be that much) good luck and god bless.

  367. Gemini29 says:

    As to the topic— I am normally put off by SD pics that show their half-undressed body. Doesn’t matter if they are young or old, I believe there is a time and place for that, and its not the first time I see your screen name.

  368. Gemini29 says:

    Lisa- I know! Thats a lot of seeing if he wants to see me two evenings in one night!

  369. Sexy Biker Babe says:

    Good Morning Everyone,

    The SD profiles which draw me in are those featuring men 10-15 years older than myself, well dressed but not overdressed, something which presents a SD as sophisticated but not flashy. I look for something which will match my personality style. My own profile features a headshot of me in the outdoors, smiling broadly with sunglasses on. Looking over my shoulder in a seductive, playful manner. Several gentlemen have written, complimenting me on the fact that I don’t show any skin or even my entire body, that my photo is discrete and very upscale. The responses to my profile have been high quality, not the lame come ons I read about here on the blog. Sometimes I’ll go 1-2 weeks with no responses at all, but that’s ok – I don’t want to waste my precious time with losers. The few gentlemen I have met with had serious incomes. We weren’t able to develop our relationships because of distance and scheduling issues. So – the clues I look for in the profile, and the clues I use in my own, are related to education, his and mine, length and quality of the profile narrative (this says it all) and the nuances of the photo.

    Honestly, I have learned so much from each experience. Just finished reading the Seeking Arrangement book last night. If you haven’t bought it, DO IT RIGHT NOW. The best $15 investment you will ever make in your sugar life. I tried to get a free copy from Stephen but had trouble opening the link. I bit the bullet and shelled out the money because I am seriously looking for a serious Sugar relationship. This book will get you there. Tomorrow morning I am meeting with a Pot SD I met in real life – not Seeking Arrangement – and the primary reason I feel comfortable talking with this man and negotiating for myself is because of the insights gleaned from The Ultimage Guide to Sugar Dating – THE BOOK. If you haven’t read it, you are missing out. This man, someone I met with my new hobby (competetive road cycling) says he’s “never done this before” and needs a coach. My instinct is to give him the book as a guide – but it’s too freakin’ valuable. I want to keep it for myself. What to do ?

    Sexy Biker Babe

  370. lisa says:

    After rereading the above topic, I’m wondering how any sd can “spend 2 evenings a night with a sugarbaby”.

  371. lisa says:

    Good morning

    A picture can tell alot. I have seen pictures of sds that show them with lots of women hanging all over them, making me think they might be a player. And I love the ones that claim to be nonsmokers or light drinkers, but every picture shows them with a beer and cigarette in their hand.

    Same goes for sbs profiles. I see many pics of scantily clad woman which gives one the idea that they are trying to push their sexuality but when reading their profiles, they will mention wanting a platonic relationship only, or that they will not rush into sex.

    Pictures can conflict with what written in the profile.

  372. Giselle says:

    Good morning. Brand new here and just wanted to say hello. Reading the blog is fascinating!

    Since I am new, my only experience is reading the blog and it looks to me that being upfront about the basics is the best way to go and if someone picks up on other things from your profile (i.e. that you like dogs, chocolate, etc), then that just sets them apart from the rest!

  373. The Lone Gunman says:

    Good extremely early morning, Sugars!

    I hope the flip side of this topic gets equal attention: Sugar Baby codes, signals and hints.

    One that I have found is when the pot SB has in her profile that she’s seeking a SD and an SM. Pretty cut and dried, I’d say.

    What have others found/seen?