9 years ago
Screening Sugar Daddies and Sugar Babies?

9 years ago
Screening Sugar Daddies and Sugar Babies?

People are posting for Sugar Daddies and Sugar Babies all over the web, but some think that sites like Craigslist are more sour than sweet for SD’s and SB’s…

Craig’s List by Jessi:

Craig’s List is like a dark vortex, sucking
you down, stripping you of precious security and confidence
Jabbing you with negativity, wasting
Your Time in stupid cycles that go

You are funneled into a world of twisted
Irrationality, a regurgitation of old repression
let loose in the anonymity of cyberspace.

Check out this post from sweet SB UK about her screening process for potential SD’s.

What is your screening process for potential SD’s or SB’s?

Have you ever searched for sugar on CL? If so, how did it go?

Does anyone have any sugar news to share? Do tell!

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  1. Annwyl (Aphrodite) # 393029 says:

    Made my first connection via message! Wish me luck…


  2. Annwyl # 393029 says:

    Greetings to all of you beautiful and wise, life-loving people out there!

    I have read all of the blog posts under this one topic, and can’t wait to continue on and read more as soon as I can. I am new to the site and a newbie also, to the idea of the SB/SD relationship, but am a great fan of the concept, which is completely brilliant. I think it cuts through a lot of the bull that could potentially have taken us years to go through to reach the right person, and that is right up my alley! I like to hear that people are making friends on here… not only with each other as SB’s, but also with their pot or former pot SD’s… that says a lot about this place, and the people here who stick with it. It seems to be a lot more distinguished than others, in many ways, from what I am hearing. I have yet to have contact with any pot SD’s yet; perhaps I may take some of the suggestions here and go take another look at my profile. It has only been up a few days now, and all I really wrote for the profile blurb was what was on my mind at the moment, in all honesty. I’d honor any advice that any others would like to give me as well. I am a pretty honest person, and will always be honest and up-front about what I am seeking from a relationship, yet gentle, tactful and kind. I’m not too worried about being “afraid,” I care for myself deeply, have great confidence, and take much care to be safe and reasonable, and will try hard not put myself in danger’s way.

    I do have one important question that has been bothering me through all of these posts, however. How is it possible that this “Dom Daddy” individual assaulted an innocent SB here, and was even “called out” on it here on this blog, and yet he is apparently still on the loose here and making appointments to connect with new SB’s? Even now, after a month has gone by since her first post about the guy, why is this person still allowed to be here? What is that about? That is the only thing I have seen here that truly bothers me, thus far.

    Looking forward to making some connections here, making some friends, both male and female, and having a good time! Oh, and Gem… I am also in Missouri! Kind of a hard place to find classy people, isn’t it? lol. We should definitely hook up!

    Many Blessings to you all and hope to become a part the fun banter that I am growing accustomed to reading here.

    Stay Safe and good luck to you all in finding your “Princes.”


  3. Browneyes he tends to pick up the newbies. he had contacted me also when I was very new I never met him but I would be leary, you Stay safe!!

  4. browneyes6082 says:

    Tanya posted: “Girls please be aware of a man in Ft. Lauderdale Fla calling himself domdaddy. I met with him this weekend and came home with a black eye. It’s still black 5 days later. Girls please be careful!”

    Oh my gosh!!! Thank you sooo much I would love to hear from you about what happened he and I were supposed to meet in a few days!!!!! Wow. . .

  5. Winnie says:

    NC – you are amazing! The advice you provide here has been so helpful to me…Thank you!

    NYC, OC & Gemini – You all have been very helpful too…thank you!

    I don’t get a lot of time to post on the blogs, but I’m going to try to start.

    Dani – You need to be safe, someone should always know where your are when you go on a date. Luckily, I can tell my best friend…she never judges. Katrina is right though people should swap numbers. Even if we are in different states we could have a check in system with our phones or email. I would be more than happy to be a check in buddy for any of you…I just want everyone to safe.

    I am fairly new to this site..about a month. I have met a few guys…nothing set thought, but at least no bad experiences. I have a few pot SD so we’ll see.

    Again, I can’t tell you how valuable all the info you guys share is to me, it has really helped me start to figure all this out.

    Hope everyone is well!

  6. newFLsb says:

    Hello all,

    I am very new to this whole dating scene and this site so I have been reading and learning a lot! I do have some questions…

    – Do you girl’s ask for the allowance up front? Is it usually all at once or maybe twice a month? What if a guy is afraid of paying you up front and then never seeing you again? What about the guys who want to “pay per visit” which I’ve had a pot sd recently offer me….

    – I haven’t seen this addressed on here yet, but how do you screen out for legal issues? How do you know that when you show up to meet with someone that you have discussed an arrangement with, you’re not going to be greeted by law enforcement taking you away in cuffs?

    I’m not saying that I’m looking to engage in any emails with a pot sd that says “I will give you this for that tonight” as I am looking for a real SD relationship that involves more than a 1 night deal/escort situation. But I am confused as I read that some SB’s go ahead and get it all out in the open before starting the relationship whether it be via email or a coffee meet, then how do you know this isn’t some sort of “sting” operation? I feel like even if I agree to an arrangement and my first real date in the arrangement is a dinner and a movie, and we agree to spend the night together that I am going out on a limb here to get myself thrown in jail. Just scared, I don’t need a legal situation, and I feel like b/c there is money exchanging hands that it could lead to that. :(

    Also to the FL girls, I am in Tampa! I’d love to talk to you girls more!!

  7. blondindisguise says:

    Ok I spoke with another pot SD today on the phone. he had first sent me an email and was a complete gentlman, had asked if I would like to email him at a private address where he would send a picture to me. So I wrote him and sent a couple of normal pics and he sent one back to me. Then he gave me his phone number and I gave him mine. So he finally after 3 days decided to call me. He is 58 by the way. He was a complete gentalman, we got everything out in the open about what was expected from both parties, so on and so forth. We are going to meet for the first time for lunch or dinner next week when he comes into town.
    This is excactly what I was hoping for. some older down to earth kind of guy who wasn’t all about the sex and just wanted to do normal things together like traveling, dinner, shopping and good conversation! Why can’t they all be like that?

  8. RachelJayOk says:

    Hey Sugar Fam! Wow, it’s been a few blogs and at least a month since I’ve last posted.

    I just recently had a married sd approach me who resides in NYC. He had offered his last SB 5k a month, transportation, and gifts and said that our arrangement would be similar. Because he flew to my state for business at least once a month, he contacted me and knew that I lived 2.5 hours away from the said location and would have to be flown or so since I do not drive at this moment.

    After speaking to him for a week or so, he wanted to meet up next month on a specific date and noted that he would be in his suite. He also promised that he wasn’t looking for a one time thing, pay to play situation, or would be giving me my allowance right away which sounded fair to me yet he said we would probably NOT have relations (yet he didn’t rule it out) and me, I wouldn’t have relations on the first meet anyway. If this was the first initial meeting, then we would go over the details, see if we were compatible, and on the next meet perhaps start the relationship.

    Well, after thinking it over, I decided that it is NEVER safe to meet anyone you don’t know in their hotel room, suite, etc. whatever. I mentioned this to him and he got a bit offended. I mentioned that if it were possible, we could meet in the lobby, a secluded table, and or the bar. He mentioned that his colleagues would see him and attractive woman and think the worst, etc.

    I once again expressed that it is not safe to meet in his suite and he stated that (in his own words) “Not to be rude but…” “You don’t have a car, you live kind of far away from where I’ll be, etc.” instead of me telling him where to shove it, since he KNEW and contacted ME- I bowed out gracefully. I’m sorry but I don’t know this guy from Adam, and as I understand his need to be discrete, I cannot put my own life in Jeopardy by meeting in his suite! 5k or not, my safety comes first.

  9. Kathy L says:

    Brit…the first meeting was interesting. He showed up late… I thought I had the time wrong! Personality wise I believe we clicked but then he started talking about me spending the weekend with him at home and all these other plans. My stomach flipped & I though WHOA… I just met you and after 30 min of talking you ask me to spend the weekend with you…. But i played it cool. So the 1st meeting was over & he wanted to walk me to my car, I advised I was okay, it was just outside the door. While walking he stopped and said this was his car (an old beat up dirty car… my car is MUCH nicer). so needless to say after the 1st encounter I feel that he is a poser. He brought up the arrangement… then complained about women wanting money and should be thankful for dinner or a pair of shoes. I agree that women should be thankful, HOWEVER…. if you advise that you are willing to assist in rent, car payments or what-have-you… you have no basis of judging when someone says that they would appreciate assistance with their rent or whatever. With that said, had this been a date with a regular guy…. I would never speak to them again. Generalized women in a bad light and more. I’m hoping this isn’t the norm!

    Anyone else have their 1st pot SD meeting? Any comments? Maybe pot SD 2 will be better!!

  10. blondindisguise says:

    NeOhio, you are right, it is a big risk and I hope everything turns out ok as well! I do have friends that live in NY so if anything out of the norm happends then I will just call them.

  11. Brit says:

    Kathy L: great idea about the first meeting. How did your date go?

  12. Brit says:

    and i was right. first pot. SD IM’ed me and immediatley started asking for nudes to prove i was “serious”

  13. NeOhio SB says:

    Blondein: Congrats on the pot SD. From an experienced SB, i can only say, that is quite a risk you are taking to fly to ny for 2 – 3 days upon a first meeting. Not the norm to do that for a first meeting.

  14. Brit says:

    What is your screening process for potential SD’s or SB’s?

    My screening process is mostly based upon common sense and intuition. If a potential SD is pressuring me to talk on the phone or come down right away, I get nervous. I guess its because I’m new to this whole thing? Also a red flag for me is if they flaunt about how much they make, I find being a little mysterious and humble draws me in.

    >Have you ever searched for sugar on CL? If so, how did it go?

    I have many times before, but always came up empty handed for generally just creeped out. Or my favorite, the same guy posting 5x a day. I find craigslist to be very sketchy.

    >Does anyone have any sugar news to share? Do tell!

    I don’t yet since I just made a profile today!

    Also- I read above at many of you talking about looking for SB friends. I’m totally interested. Three of my friends here at home know I’m out looking for a SD, but I’d like to find friends who are doing the same :)

  15. blondindisguise says:

    I just talked to him again on the phone and I told him I was excited to come see him but was a little reluctant at the same time, he told me to go to his website and see for myself who he really is and so I did and that was all that I needed to see to feel comfortable! Everything on the site was in black and white and now I think things will be fine! Wish me luck on my trip, I am going next week!

  16. blondindisguise says:

    ok i would like some input if someone would care to give me some.
    I have talked on the phone with a pot. SD and sent him pictures and he wants to fly me to NY to see him for 2 or 3 days. I have not met him before so I keep thinking to myself what if it doesn’t work out or how do I know that he has money and he isn’t just trying to get me there to sleep with him?

  17. Kathy L says:

    I have my first meeting tonight with a pot SD. I’m nervous… lol. We’ve emailed a few times over the last week and click in emails so we figured it was time to meet to see if we still click. We have not talked about a financial arrangement yet and I’ve been advised to not discuss that until the 2nd meeting or even the 3rd.
    I’ve asked him to meet me at a very casual place for 2 reasons:
    1. I will feel more at ease
    2. If he is not interested in my appearance (which I have pics online) then he won’t have spent a few hundred on a dinner and I won’t feel bad.

    I am of course bringing money in case I should pay for myself. Pretty much I guess I don’t know what to expect out of this.

    Can you ladies & gentlemen advise me as to how you’re first meetings have gone? Any pointers? Any and all notes will be of great help!

  18. Gigi says:


    I’ve been here for a little while. I emailed a SD for a couple weeks and we couldn’t seem to find a day that worked for both of us. He asked me to drive 3 hours to meet him in person with no offer of pay for the expense. He said a day he wanted to meet and it wasn’t good for me and now he stopped emailing me completely. He would call me and say call back and 99% of the time was unreachable and would remain that way for days.
    I guess I was really put off because he offered no compensation for me making the trip. Oh well, live and learn.

  19. Melody says:

    HI Everyone! I”m a new SB…I’ve talked with Katrina a couple of times now and she gave me valuable information I appreciate… and hope to get to know more of you for moral support here…I am glad I found this blog and will read from top and on down…so much to read in all these blogs..lol…but glad they are here to make this a safe and enjoyable experience…

  20. GLPlayground says:

    @Rachel – it’s no surprise. Internet has been that way since.

    @Michelle – I’m so sorry for what happened to you.

  21. Rachel says:

    This is some good info that you guys are sharing I am shocked that people would play games on this site.

  22. KC says:

    In response to the SB who met with Dom Daddy in Fla- he has emailed me in the past and I am glad I didn’t meet with him. I go with my gut feeling when I read a profile and get a message from these SD’s on here and for some reason I didn’t like the vibes I got from him. I am sorry you had a bad meeting with him! I have had a few harassing messages from weirdo’s on this site ( no offense to all the awesome and legit guys on here, kiss, kiss) and SA has been very supportive and removed their accounts from this site when I filed a complaint. You may want to do the same thing to prevent this happening again to another girl. Best wishes in the future:)

  23. Sydney says:

    Tanya – I’m SO SORRY this happened to you! OMG, I got an email from DomDaddy too when I joined the site. His whole vibe just scared me and he’s one of those guys who wants to fly a woman in for the first meeting. For safety reasons I never do that and that is exactly what I was afraid would happen if any women went to see him. I’m so sorry you did.:(

    Guys like that need to have their tails kicked right off this site and into the nearest jail, IMHO. Did you call the police and report the assault?

  24. AngelDoll says:

    Hi I’m new to this whole thing. I just wanted to know how it works. I mean do I message a guy i like and if so what do I say. Or do i wait for guys to message me and if so what should i look for in the contents of the letter to give me hints as to what type of guy he is and if he wants to meet should I do it with a friend or should I go alone. I dont know so many questions come into mind and I get very nervous about the situation. Please respond and thank you in advance. ~<3

  25. Michelle My Belle says:

    I did not really have a process as I am new to this and found myself in quite an awful situation after believing the promises of a prospective SD. He really has nothing he says and after all his promises and even giving up other opportunities to spend time with him and follow things out, I found he lied about everything regarding his life and business and am left even more in debt and hardship then when I met him. Be careful sugars! (For reference his profile …Profile Number 36XXX (Sugar Daddy)

  26. GLPlayground says:

    @dietcokehead – Item prices shouldn’t be an issue as long as it is within the reasonable range. Of course you wouldn’t want him to spend like 80% of his daily budget just for your spoils. If I would be in your shoe, well let’s say I would actually prefer to choose a middle priced but quality looking purse. Just my 2 cents

  27. dietcokehead says:

    Hey everyone.. I’m new to all this. I wanted some advice. I went on my first date recently. He bought me a purse. I picked it out. I felt so awkward. What do you do when a SD lets you pick out things from a store? How expensive should the item be? What would you choose?

    • OCSugarbaby says:

      Hey Real Rare: I am sorry I am working on a deadline at work. I didn’t want you to feel alone on here!!!! I will be back on later. :)
      Glad you are feeling a bit better. ~Hugs

  28. Once again I start blog and everyone dissapears lol
    I hope for fun lol

  29. Thank you oc I am a little. It means a lot you asked as you know I went through a real rough time for awhile so it scared me for a minute, but doc says I am ok Thank God!
    I will find out more Thurs. you are one of the kindest gals I have met Sweetred is a doll and Kat is also I enjoyed email with them! Oh and got to show some of my gems if you would ever like to email I would love having a great friend ?

  30. hi sweet kat oc welcome new sd good luck to you finding what you want. these girls give great advice!
    Hey red what about a b-day gift not interested? email if you prefer

  31. have fun down under*snickers* oh iam so cheesy

  32. lisa says:

    ok is anyone else getting spammed by a former blog member? I came home to find my inbox full of the same political message after another. I could see from the cc thing that she sent the spam to others on the blog.

    Going back into lurk mode

  33. SuthrnExec says:

    Good to see you OC, and everyone else. I’m just passing through on my way to Australia – I’m pretty pooped, so I will check back with you kids later.

  34. hey looking daddy I am glad to see you have joined us !!!!

  35. Ash says:

    And was it OC who said that we should start putting our profile #’s behind our name? I think thats a good idea…..

  36. SuthrnExec says:

    LookingDaddy (re: quest #1), as Sweetred said, knowing the SD’s last name brings a certlain level of comfort. My suggestion is that once you have corresponded with a SB and the SB responds in a way that tells you they are interested in knowing you further, continue the dialogue – whether phone or email – until you are comfortable and have a certain level of trust and then share you name. You know, there are hundreds (thousands) of people who know your first and last name and they are probably complete strangers. Certainly there is an extra element of risk being on SA or a similar site, but trust your instinct and when that level of comfort is there, there’s probably no harm in sharing your last name at some point.
    #2 – the email question – this is going to vary is widely as there are different personalities among SBs. However, I would say that if an SB that says they “don’t have time for endless emails, etc.” are probably SBs who have been strung along by a “poof daddy” – a SD that claims to want to meet and then never shows. If an SB senses you are genuine, I think they will relax their email restriction a bit, but you can’t email forever without assurances all along that you’re genuine, otherwise you look no different than a “poof daddy”. Generally speaking, the safe route is somewhere in the middle until that trust and comfort level is developed.
    #3 – avoiding the pros – You can’t really avoid them entirely as they will always email you. Pros tend to immediately give you their phone number in the first email, they tend to have some sob story that requires immediate action on your part of the will be torn to bits by some angry mob, etc. These are some of the strategies typically used by pros, so just be aware. Again, trust your gut – if something doesn’t feel right, then it’s probably not right.
    #4 – I will leave that question to the capable SBs that are tuned in to the blog. Good luck!


  37. HAPPY BIRTHDAY SWEETRED! Did you pick a gem?

  38. Ash says:

    Hey LookingDaddy;

    Welcome to the site. I’m just going to give you my opinions on the questions that you asked.

    1. For the majority of the SB’s on this site SAFETY is a major issue! I had a potential SD ask if we could meet in a discreet place because he was going through a divorce. Ok understandable. I suggested Starbucks. Not too big of an area but still public. He didn’t like that idea. He wanted to meet at like us just meeting up somewhere with only the two of us like in our cars for a chat or in a hotel room. Ok NEGATIVE! Anything could happen to a SB in a situation such as this. But what if something did happen to her if she decided to actually meet up with him in such a place? She would have no way to report him or protect herself. It’s important particulary for female SB’s to know who they are dealing with. Having a last name gives the SB the ability to go online and google them and check them out to make sure they are a LEGIT and ACTUAL person and not just some guy who is not actually SD material and just wants a quick lay…. there are prostitutes for that.

    I’ll come back to number 2 and 4

    3. from what I have seen by looking at SB profiles, a lot of the pros dress in a lot more provocative manner if not anything at all. Now there are some SB’s who have pics of themselves with little clothing on but it is probably mostly bc they know that this is what a lot of the SD’s want to see and they will get more emails that way. Myself for example, my profile pic is a simple headshot. The second pic is more of a glamour headshot, with a different hairstyle and a little more sassy. The last pic is a full body with a short black strapless dress. No bikini or lingerie pics as you want to leave something to mystery however, you want to give just enough to catch a SD’s attention. In some Pro’s files you will see just about all of their pics nearly nude. Again that is not 100% but something to beware of. Last a lot of the time, a Pro will state a specific desired amount and it will usually be a very high amount. Of course I don’t know of any SB’s who would turn an allowance down that is that high especially if the chemistry is there. However, they will USUALLY state a smaller monthly allowance or leave it open for discussion.

    2 and 4 I think the important thing to keep in mind is to definitely not mention ANYTHING sexual at all in your messages. When someone does that to me, I simply ignore them. I’m sure there are not many SD’s who would appreciate it if every potential SB emailed them right off the bat asking “Hey you’re cute….so how much money are you willing to give me monthly?” A little disrespecful don’t you think? Its the same way about the sex talk way too soon. Remember, this is still a dating sight…. not a quick piece of sex. Last night I had a SD email me and said, “Hi I read your profile and think we might be a match. You seem very down to earth and you appear to be exactly what I’m looking for. Would you mind telling me more about yourself and what it is that you are looking for in a SD?” (I emailed him back as soon as I saw the message.)

    In addition, me personally I like to talk a little first before I go meeting you asap. Requesting to meet face to face is no problem, but especially if the SB is not in your close local area… you don’t want to jump to “So you think you wanna come visit sometime?” When you haven’t even introduced yourself. Good questions though! I’m sure you will have no problem on meeting someone. More SD’s need to try out the blogs!

  39. photogirl says:

    LookingDaddy – Welcome to the blog. Here is are my answers…

    1. Why do you expect a SD to give you his last name? I have a very successful life. I’m sure 99% of the SBs are great, but would hate to find one crook who tried to wreck me.

    Most I have encountered have offered their last name. I had a bad experience with one from another sugar site whose name I did not have prior to meeting… upon my return home I discovered he’d been arrested several times in the last few years. So I would prefer to check the man out first… this where trust comes in, I understand it takes time to build trust but it would certainly make us feel more comfortable knowing and the other way around. Not to say it is needed in the first email or two but certainly prior to meeting.

    2. What’s the right answer on emails? Some SBs seem to like a bunch with lots of detail, others say they don’t have time and don’t bother unless you’re ready to meet. Any hints I should get about the types of SBs that might send either message?

    I don’t need the whole life story but a little additional information that is not on your profile may be nice or even if you mention something specific from my profile you like or asking questions. I personally prefer to get to know someone a little in email or IM before phone calls and then meeting.

    3. Any way to avoid the pros? Anyone have any guesses about what fraction of the SBs are actually pros?

    I can’t answer that one…I am sure the SD’s could shed some light from their experiences.

    4. What gets you to respond to an email, particularly if it’s from a SD who doesn’t have a picture posted?

    His profile really needs to reflect the type of person he is and hopefully if there is something there that interested me I will respond. I do usually ask for them to share a photo… it is only fair as they have already seen my photo and it is no fun sitting behind one of those one sided mirrors….you can see in but I cant see out…

  40. Hi everyone feeling better today the guy poofed away I just did not understand his current sb be involved, as you say too many red flags where going off, Thank you for the help and advice, Did I read someone wrote it would not ruin futher sd if you had a previous non-white sd one guy told me that most would not have anything to do with me then??

  41. sweetredhead*269443* says:

    My first Sd sent me a picture from a camera phone, I seen it was was thinking OH NO. But his personality won out. When I met him his picture did not do him justice at all, he was very handsome. Some people just do not take good pictures. I think if you hit it off talking and you like what he has to say, then meet the person, you never know :)

  42. sweetredhead*269443* says:

    LookingDaddy Giving a last name helps to make the Sb more secure. She can see if you are who you say you are. Mos Sb’s would never try and ruin you. If you think about it we do not wish to be known publicly either.

    I think a nice introduction of yourself, maybe a little joke thrown in. That would get my attention :) I personally prefer to talk a little and make sure we are both looking for the same thing, no need to waste my time or yours.
    As for pro’s I would l look to see if the picture was professional that is usually a sign. They are very experienced in what they say, I would think it would be easy to weed them out.

    Most Sd’s do not have a photo posted, but will send a photo via regular email upon request.

    I hope this helps a little.

  43. LookingDaddy says:

    I’m a new SD. Enjoyed reading all the posts. Seems to be mostly SB to SB, which is great, but I have some SD questions. Appreciate if anyone could give me some hints
    1. Why do you expect a SD to give you his last name? I have a very successful life. I’m sure 99% of the SBs are great, but would hate to find one crook who tried to wreck me.
    2. What’s the right answer on emails? Some SBs seem to like a bunch with lots of detail, others say they don’t have time and don’t bother unless you’re ready to meet. Any hints I should get about the types of SBs that might send either message?
    3. Any way to avoid the pros? Anyone have any guesses about what fraction of the SBs are actually pros?
    4. What gets you to respond to an email, particularly if it’s from a SD who doesn’t have a picture posted?

    • OCSugarbaby says:

      LookingDaddy: I do not expect the SD to give me his last name. I let the conversation via email flow. I enjoy witty banter, intellect and a strong sense of self. The SD usually finds me to be trustworthy enough to provide me with Google information prior to meeting. Which I sincerely appreciate. I will then give my last name as well and work info (such as where I work and what I do). You are both going out on a limb, but with the right connection, it seems fine. I have only met a few SD’s (I can count on one hand) I am extremely particular and not in a rush to find one. Quality not quantity and I have an extreme allergy to lies.
      I like to email, it gives me the chance to find common ground for interests and chemistry building for moving forward or not. The true colors usually come out by the third email. If they have been a complete gentleman and have charmed and have been charmed, we meet. Nevertheless, a meeting is just that next step to see if chemistry is there or not. It is not always there. Great friends have always come out of my less successful meetings. I have been fortunate; all been wonderful men and would make great SD’s. It was just not the right chemistry.
      I have had a few that have not sent pictures right away but provided me with Google info and I found many pictures of them on the web. They knew this and I never had to ask for more pictures.
      A professional picture may or may not mean a pro. I know some SB’s that are genuine that have at least one or two out of three professional pictures posted. A PRO will swindle you no matter what. You would not be their first victim.
      Welcome to the Blog and good luck in your search! ~OC

  44. Ash says:

    Thanks photogirl. yeah that sounds good. I had someone contact me last night who lives in Dallas so that is about 4 hrs away from me. Just wondering what other sugahs did when they had this type of arrangement. Thanks again girl

  45. Ash says:

    OC: that is such a good way of putting things and letting someone down easy!

  46. Rica23*381490* says:

    Hey ladies…how r u guys? I have a question? Do you have any preference in how much ur pot SD makes and is worth??? I ask because doesnt it make u wonder if he can take care of you?

  47. of course you seem to put in to words my sentiment!

  48. yes that is what I need I hate seemeing higher then thou, but I know I am not intrested thanks oc.. lemme jot a note down!

  49. OCSugarbaby says:

    One person’s cast off is anothers perfect match…

  50. OCSugarbaby says:

    Well, same theory. But if there is not an attraction, it is better to be gently honest early. Remember too it is just a picture. Meeting in person can be a much better experience. Unless you just are flat out not into it. Then I would be kind and honest with tact.

    “Thank you for sending the picture. It is nice to put a face with the words. I however need to say that I feel we would not be a good match. I don’t want to waste your time. I wish you all the best and know that you will find the perfect SB”

  51. what about after pictures were exchanged?

  52. OCSugarbaby says:

    Katrina: Well, I have a little diddy that goes like this:

    Thank you for the lovely email! It was very sweet. However I must tell you that I do not feel we would be a good match for this type of arrangement. I wish you all the best and know that you will find your perfect SB.

  53. OC what is a way of saying I am not attracted to you with out being Mean? I dont want to do the silence and ignore thing but I cant go into even a coffee Full well knowing I am not intrested?

  54. lol yep I had got roped up into that mess I like to cook though and I was cookin lol!!

  55. OCSugarbaby says:

    Oh Katrina! Don’t be down. You made me dream about Mac and Cheese last night! lol
    Today it was hard to get back to work. I got up far too late and had to rush around. I hate mornings like that.

  56. hey oc how are ya this morning.. me I am kinda down today!
    not to worry I found a soda!! yayyyyyy lol

  57. OCSugarbaby says:

    I kind of liked our “all girl” late night pajama party! I thought we were giving off visions of all of us hanging out in our nighties wrestling around on the floor drinking tequila and talking SD strategies…

    A few SD’s will be back on the blog shortly they have been busy. You girls will like SuthrnExec, he is a sweetie.

  58. thankyou ms. gail and happy birthday to Sweetredhead!

  59. photogirl says:

    Ash, I had an SD that lived about 3 1/2 hrs away. I went to see him once, we would also meet in a city that is about an hour from me as he frequents that area for work as well as the city that I am in. So all in all, we got to see each other about once a week or every other week.

  60. Ash says:

    Well let me rephrase that…. When I say consisting of I mean like how many times the two of you saw each other every other month and commuting arrangments the two of you had.

    Headed to work now, be back in around 4!

  61. Ash says:

    On another note… Has anyone ever had a SD where he resided in the same state but still quite a ways away, like 3.5 or 4 hrs away? If so, do you mind telling me what your arrangement consisted of?

  62. Ash says:

    Deuces SCCS or however you say your name!

    Katrina: I appreciate you writing me and clarifying everything as you can imagine how I felt when I heard “well we don’t know whats her drive” ” or she is a student so maybe she just desperately needs money”. It was kind of a jumping to conclusions but I understand. Glad that I DID NOT actually do something with him or I would have been sitting over here feeling like crap, lol. Maybe I should have said I am DEALING with a sugardaddy versus I HAVE a sugardaddy that is proposing unprotected sex. Of course when people hear SD, they automatically assume “ok they are probably having sex” which makes sense however, it just didn’t get to the point yet; hence my purpose for the posting to the blog with my question. But it’s all good Katrina. I read the good things that you post to the blog! Thanks for amking yourself clear.

  63. Gail says:

    Happy Birthday SweetRed…..and a belated one to Katrina too : ) I hope you ladies enjoy life to its fullest!!!

    Now you see it….now you don’t…..where did all the post go? I think I am losing my mind….lol….: )

  64. ASH
    I apoligize if I misunderstood your post, again with all due respect! I dont judge and always concerned about my friends! as I said we didnot know your whole situation and What ever choice you make I support you in that!

    I will repeat what I said Eariler though We all make goof ups and this blog is a place to get some advice, I need it, I ask for it!

    again my apoligiezs if I misunderstood something within the post, I was speaking of back in the days before adulthood. when We ALL DID DUMB STUFF I was attempting to Remind that we did not know your situation and not to be judgemental, because we did not know What was driving you in your descision making,
    which is why I said A comment aimed at you was a little Harsh!And I ment that!

    I am a good person at heart and almost upset to think you may be angry with me because I misunderstood, A LOT of things I say are misunderstood but once you get to know me youll see It is always based out of love, kindness and understanding

  65. SaccharineCoatedCesearSaladSD says:

    Ok kids. You are on your own. So long.

  66. Happy Lurker says:

    Hi Ash,
    I can understand your disappointment. To me your question is very ligit.
    Tell you what. Just the other way around happened to me. SBs wanted to it exclusive and unprotected. These days love inspires mortal fear.
    Nice song title: “I gave you my love, you gave me desease”.

  67. Ash says:

    Thanks girlie…

    Yeah I know what you mean I been on a couple of dates and then it’s like ok here I am again…. a big dead end road. It’s funny but as I was typing my little rant above, lol, I was actually getting a message from a potential SD! Funny how things work out. In the same state but still a little ways out. But I like the way he approached me so I’m not gonna scratch this one off the map as of yet. Anyways you will definitely find a Sugar! You have a great personality and the good ones will actually respect that about you. I will definitely continue to join in on the convos! There are really good topics on here.

  68. OCSugarbaby says:

    Ash: You are welcome! Not all of us are rude. But, you already know that!
    My Sugar search? It continues, I am holding out for the right one. 😉
    Join in on the convo’s when you can. I like talking to you! ~OC

  69. Ash says:

    Lisa: I remember reading all your blogs before I actually got here about your mother wanting you to move in with her. That was a while ago. Hope things are going well.

  70. Ash says:

    Oh yeah hey Lisa I know that you are about to go to bed but I am in the SW area of Houston like the Sugarland area.

  71. lisa says:

    Getting ready to climb into bed. Ash, what area of Houston are you in?

    I’m in Springbranch over by memorial city mall

    Have a good night everyone

  72. Ash says:

    Again OC , thanks again for your understanding. Sugahs like you make the blog easier to come and ask questions as for many of us; being apart of the sugar world is something discreet and is an area that we cannot discuss with just everyone. That’s why we come here. Some people can be so rude and judgmental right off the bat.

    But thanks again for the all the kind words. How is your search going? Any luck?

  73. Ash says:

    Sorry to have to say it but I am a little dissappointed and taken back in some of things that I have read on the blog concerning a simple QUESTION that I personally asked on the blog that seems to have gotten interpreted into something else. I simply asked if anyone had ever been in the situation where a sugar daddy asked them of certain sexual acts that in this case having unprotected sex; by no means did I EVER state that I ACTUALLY HAD unprotected sex with him. For the record, we have not even done ANYTHING sexual at all. I met him up a few times and yes I was getting an allowance WITHOUT anything sexual arriving yet. It was a small allowance but of course we were still in the getting to know each other phase of our relationship. However, he did express to me that he was interested in sex with no condom (IF I DECIDED TO ACTUALLY TAKE IT THERE). I appreciate OC and even Katrina on giving me your honest feedback without the accusations of myself being slutty or putting myself in some type of harms way or stating that I am “actually making it tougher on myself.” I also didn’t put myself into any situation since we have never had sex. I’m no fool, nor will I do ANYTHING for money, and as I said earlier I do protect myself EVERYTIME i decided to be intimate with whoever I am with. Just simply wanted to know whether or not ANYONE had been in this situation where a sugardaddy had EXPRESSED interest in sex between the two you being strictly the way i explained it (unprotected). Please read my question first before you go making accusations about a situation you happened to twist into something bigger and assumed already happened.

  74. OCSugarbaby says:

    Ash: I never got the feeling YOU did. I understood the question perfectly. I was more concerned about his lack of consistancy on ALL levels. He may not have your best interest in mind. You are right in questioning his actions. I know you will do the right thing. You are a smart girl 😉

  75. Ash says:

    Sorry to have to say it but I am a little dissappointed in some of things that I have read on the blog concerning a QUESTION that I asked on the blog. I simply asked if anyone had ever been in the situation where a sugar daddy asked them of certain sexual acts that in this case having unprotected sex; by no means did I EVER

  76. Olivia -381348- says:

    Hi lovely bloggers!

    Love reading everyone’s stories and helpful hints. You all seem so intelligent and witty- just like a group of girlfriends!

    I have been in unofficial sd/sb type relationships before, but now, I believe that I am ready to be open and honest about what I want and need. I just joined the SA site, and I am a bit disheartened. I have had 150 profile views in 2 days, but only one member has messaged me (it was a super lame message, at that). Is this normal?

  77. OCSugarbaby says:

    Saccharine: I have to agree with Katrina. A bit harsh! Where is the helpful advice? Part of the SB’s concern was his lack of consistancy on all aspects.
    Which you have to agree is a stress inducer.

  78. OC yes it did and he is a regular in here nice guy I might add!!!

  79. hey RRGG I was wondering about you hope you feel better e-mail me if you feel up to it and say hello! rest up friend!

  80. Hi I just wanted to say Hi still have headache not feeling well Best wishes to all miss you

  81. hello Ms.Marie yes I just look for some phrases to string together because I am kinda new to the aspect of $ugar if it were a oil change for a plate of my ribs or something I could have them lined up I just gotta change gears thats all
    However a SD had said to Ask straight up if they had had a relationship like this before

    hey SCCS how do you broach that subject ? I just like to hear mens take on this because it offers a good bit of insight!!

  82. SCCS you think you being a little hard on her? you never know what her complete situation is or was, she does state she is a student, maybe impressionable who knows none the less we all have made a goof up every now and again. she did ask for advice which in my book is a great step, now she heard feedback and hopefully she wont let herself get into that again.
    I tend to feel like some of the people I have ran across are so strap for cash that they are doing things that boarder on the line of corner girl /escort..*i am not speaking about ANYONE ON SA* I tend to agree with the other ladies on here just be patient and Still choose as if there were no $ugar involved!
    i dunno SCCS you sound like you run a tight ship over there!! thats a good thing too!

  83. MarieSB says:


    Hey! Well I have had 3 of these relationships and I recommend strongly you figure out for yourself what type of situation you want and within the first few e-mails make sure he understands that.

    The talk of $ and amount of monthly allowance is not easy. I still don’t have that mastered…in fact if any one has any tips on this I’m all ears! I get all uncomfortable and it’s just weird LOL. I usually ask them what they think is fair and we go from there.

    Also make sure to be honest and upfront about everything. If your not ok with something let him know. Don’t settle just because he is the first one to contact you. The right SD is some where out there!

  84. SaccharineCoatedCesearSaladSD says:

    It seems to me he was completely consistent, no condom. What do I think? I think you ladies are making it tougher on yourselves.

    The money was an issue – she said she can’t find anyone to give even $2000 and the 1800 guy didn’t even last a month, but she wondered if this $2600 guy would be enough.

  85. lisa says:

    Good afternoon Ash, what part of Houston are you in? I’m in the Springbranch area.

  86. hello Marie welcome!! I am new to this Sugar lifestyle. but I first want to know if they have a previous experince, and see how the response is. I think I will start with that! I was given that by a frien of mine
    he said before you even meet to see if they understand the lifestyle

    but since you have some experince in this you tell me how do you get the Arrangment convo going?? and how do you avoid a P4P situation

  87. MarieSB says:

    What is your screening process for potential SD’s or SB’s?

    * I have always been told to make sure I have their first and last name. However I find that when we first meet they only want to give out their first name. I make sure we meet somewhere very public and at that time I have to know their full name. I also make sure a friend knows where I am and I give them a time I’ll call just in case. You never know these days! So far everyone I met though has been ok.

    Have you ever searched for sugar on CL? If so, how did it go?

    * Before I found this site I did meet someone from CL. He was a very nice guy but failed to mention he lived with his crazy girlfriend who went through his phone and got my number. I ended it with him because of her and had him pay the fee to get my number changed.

    Does anyone have any sugar news to share? Do tell!

    * I am currently looking for a new arrangement! My last one ended on a good note and it was a great experience! I cant wait to meet another great guy from here!

  88. SCCS yes that is what I was trying to say to her I just never heard of such a thing, I mean there are no garuntees express or implied here in this arrangment thing! and thats just toooooo much of a risk!

  89. Oc I done got roped into making macaroni and cheese! mann how did that happen! anyway yall Ill attempt to check in in a few!!

  90. OCSugarbaby says:

    GinaZ: Hi ya! I am off too. I have polluted the blog enough for one day. I am going to stimulate the economy a bit today! I will email you later.

    Enjoy your day everyone! :)

  91. OCSugarbaby says:

    Katrina: Safety is not up to the SD it is up to you. Your body your health. Why put in the hands of someone else to decide. Far too important to debate.

  92. ginaZ says:

    Top of the mornin’! I have mommy duty for a bit then maybe I’ll be back. But yes it does seem N & L are an item, too many clues for it not to be so. Happy Lurker dropped a few clues as well 😉

    Had thought of putting my profile# in the heading for the very reason OC said! On the other hand, I kind of like being anonymous on the blog. Also, my profile is hidden at present, as I plan to make changes..then I’ll upgrade again.


  93. OCSugarbaby says:

    Saccharine: Interesting theory. But, being inconsistant is hard to deal with in any situation. He was not only inconsistant with allowance but with her safety.

  94. SCCS what do you think about the not wanting the protection part I think we all were at arms about that more then the $

  95. yeah it was diffrent then yesterday lots of canada views!! dont know what that means!

  96. OCSugarbaby says:

    Katrina: Go to your profile and note the number of hits. View it again later and let’s see if it increases with having your profile number. Simple test.

  97. OCSugarbaby says:

    Katrina: Some SD’s do hang out, not all men on SA are SD’s, but you never know who may be lurking… lol

  98. SaccharineCoatedCesearSaladSD says:

    Or he wants to vary the amount so he doesn’t feel like he is paying a set amount to a hooker.

    An avg of $300 twice a week comes to $2600 a month.

    But go ahead and reject an offer without exploring what it really is going to be all about.

  99. OC you really think the daddys hang back in here??

  100. ok so now lets see what happpens I bet the canada daddys hang around in here!! lol

  101. Katrina352 says:

    ok I am back from the deep dark recesses !! ya say we should post our profile # huh? does that work?? comon let me know

    hey Rica girl hows it going over there whats shaking with you??

  102. Rica23*381490* says:

    Thats a great idea…hey havent seen NYSB in a while hope she is good. I also hope NC gent comes around so I can ask him his opinion as well lol

  103. photogirl*362234* says:

    Plus give you ladies a chance to give me some feedback :)

  104. photogirl*362234* says:

    Thanks OC – I have seen it before… but since I have not gotten any views in the last few days I will give it a go :)

    There is a new blog by the way! See everyone over there…

  105. OCSugarbaby ~Enter Your Profile # Here says:

    Here is a little secret for you new blog’ers that want even more hits! Enter your profile name up where you enter your Blog screen name. Just like I am showing above next to mine.
    Lots and lots of hidden SD’s that read but will never post. So this is your time to shine and show them you are a sweet and sincere SB. :)

  106. OCSugarbaby says:

    Rica: You are most welcome! All the new girls joining I have been bumped to the fourth page of Newbies! lol :)

  107. Rica23 says:

    Thank u OC…u were on my mind, and Im glad u like it!!!

  108. Rica23 says:

    HEY LADIES!!!! First off thanks to all of you for help homing my profile. I did change my pics around as well as change my profile writing style. Take a new look at it if u girls get the chance. I have been getting more hits and already got 1 pot SD who emailed me his numb…another who is gonna email me on the yah…is that yahoo??? n e ho thanks!

  109. OCSugarbaby says:

    Rica: LOVE the changes you made to your profile. Glad I could help! You took my advice and ran with it. It is a very nice depiction of YOU and what you are looking for. :)

  110. OCSugarbaby says:

    Ramen Noodles and Mac and Cheese got me thru college and grad school! I can’t even stomach the stuff now. This guy is sweet but not realistic. 😉

  111. Katrina352 says:

    maybe he only eats ramen noodles and hotdogs?? lol lol there ya go!!

  112. Katrina352 says:

    yeah OC I know I have to get a calculator most times but I got that too I say how is he going to Eat if hes making 100k and wanting to allow 2k a month?? must live under the bridge!!

  113. photogirl says:

    No problem Katrina… and thank you :)

    Yes OC, I have seen a lot of mathmatical mysteries!

  114. Katrina352 says:

    photo I just opend up your pic very nice too!! I was off in la la land I forget hot to work yah e-mail at times

  115. OCSugarbaby says:

    Oh my reading emails along with drinking my coffee…
    Now how can someone who makes 175K and has a net worth of 500k offer me 20k in allowance? That is a mathmatical mystery. lol

  116. Katrina352 says:

    yeah I bet just cali has lots of issuses fires mudslides and earthquakes
    now the sun factor is wonderful but that Quaking stuff I dont know about that!
    and them Fires that is horriable somebody set that fire! i am mad about that and I dont even live out there

  117. photogirl says:

    Mine is big goof too… he has the nickname of Moose. He thinks he is a lap dog. He makes everyone laugh.

  118. OCSugarbaby says:

    Katrina: Cali is only been my home for about 1.5 years now. I am a midwestern girl who moved out here for my job. Trust me, it was a HUGE change for me. I knew no one! But, love my career, made new wonderful friends and my faithful labrador companion helps out with the bouts of loneliness. But the lifestyle takes getting use to.

  119. Katrina352 says:

    yeah that be the day me in california! lord Id go crazy!!

  120. OCSugarbaby says:

    Photogirl: There you go! I think we were posting all at the same time, easy to miss things. No Happy was not talking about me. (I think) He just is a huge lab lover too. Mine is a big goof and the sweetest girl ever! She is my comic relief on a daily basis. Post your profile number, I am sure Happy will contact you… 😉

  121. photogirl says:

    Oh I didn’t even see that! So Happy Lurker was refering to you?

    How old is your lab? Mine is a black lab, but you can see some chocolate if the light hits him right… he such a big baby.

  122. OCSugarbaby says:

    Photogirl: No the labrador comment…

  123. OCSugarbaby says:

    Thanks Katrina! If you ever make your way out to Cali, hit me up. 😉

  124. photogirl says:

    Sorry OCSB…. That good morning was to EVERYONE :) Get your java yet? I could use some here.
    Everytime I see your name it makes me think of some friends back there in your area… I do miss CA

  125. Katrina352 says:

    *kurtzy* I try I try!! thankyou!!! OC you are invited too if ya want to come!

  126. OCSugarbaby says:

    Katrina: Your funny. Soda or not. :)

    Photogirl: Not talking to me today? LOL

  127. Ash says:

    OC: That is so true. I did actually try to put the $$ aside which is why I was willing to see what he had in mind, it just seemed that obviously he didn’t know what he had in mind when it came to the financial aspect lol. And I must admit, I more than likely would not have considered dating him outside of the sugar world. But yeah I think I am just going to call it quits with him and continue my search. Thanks again

  128. Katrina352 says:

    I was serious about that luncheon too! I gotta wait to hear about peoples availability though!

  129. Katrina352 says:

    yall have to Excuse me I get excited some times.. I mean well though!
    anyway OC you understand what I mean to say lol I gotta get off the soda!! lol

  130. Katrina352 says:

    sure no prob i am here you got my contact!! let me know what ya need!!

  131. OCSugarbaby says:

    Ash: Not too many men in general that like using condoms, in any dating realm. But it is your body as Katrina pointed out and your future. I believe your perfect SD is right around the corner. Sometimes you need to look at the potential with a different perspective and set the $ allowance aside, check out his gentleman qualities. Does he walk the talk? Can you find laughter and fun in your time spent. Does he understand your boundries and outside sugar life. Once you find that then bring the $ allowance equation back into the picture. You may find a real Gem that way.

  132. photogirl says:

    But I am really curious about Happy Lurker…

  133. photogirl says:

    So far so good Katrina… he is up your way so I may need to use you as a checkin 😉

  134. Katrina352 says:

    lol photo and hes talking the right talk??

  135. photogirl says:

    Good Morning everyone!

    Not too much shakin’ over here Katrina… although I am speaking to pot :)

  136. OCSugarbaby says:

    Photogirl: I have a Chocolate Lab! 😉

  137. Ash says:

    Thats ok katrina. Thanks for clarifying. I figured that you were talking about me. lol.

    Yeah as for the unprotected sex part, I definitely was not being Lax about the situation as I have went on a few dates with him and have not talked to him since this conversation came up. I take my health very seriously as you’re right, yes, “I do have me to live for”. Gotta get through law school which is my number 1 priority now. Just wanted to see if anyone else had been in a similar situation where there SD asked this of them.

    Thanks for advice tho!

  138. Katrina352 says:

    hey Photo I thought I seen you also good morning What you got shaking over your way??

  139. Katrina352 says:

    yes ma’ma Ms. ash I was speaking to you With all due respect!!
    I was trying to keep in mind to say Hello to Ms. Black Beauty!!
    Mr. Nitemare Goodmorning to you also!

  140. Katrina352 says:

    oops I met my previous comment to Ms. Ash sorry ladies !! I typed the wrong person!!

  141. NitemareSD says:

    Lisa has an SD?!? No wonder she’s eating guacamole instead of chicken tenders these days.

  142. Ash says:

    Hey Katrina i dont know if you were referring to me in the first part of your of message considering I haven’t read anything about Blk Beauty (BB) talking about unprotected sex so maybe you were meaning to respond to me lol. Can u specify please?

  143. Katrina352 says:

    hey OC girl good morning how are you doing overthere? I seen you havent had your coffee yet so I guess once you get caffinated youll be allright!! lol
    and good morning to All seen and unseen bloggers !
    anybody in north central florida??

  144. photogirl says:

    ooohhh Happy Lurker I like you…. my lab might as well 😉

  145. Ash says:

    Oh yeah and if anyone else has any more advice for me feel free to let me know. I will take all the advice I can get. Thanks sugahs!

  146. Ash says:

    Thank you so much OC for the advice. Yeah I know what I am looking for allowance wise but the whole I’ll give you x amount this time and maybe x amount the next time was not really working for me. So yeah thanks for the heads up. Plus I have always used protection with everyone that I have decided to take it that far with unless I was in a very long committed relationship. And I agree that no amount of money is worth your safety. And it’s definitely not anywhere near worth it when the SD can’t even settle on a particular amount. I guess I knew what it was that I was supposed to do just needed to hear it from someone else. Thanks again OC. Grab that Java!

  147. Katrina352 says:

    ms. BB I dont know how you would be so lax on a thing like that your safety lady , you dont want HPV or worse something that is… you know that song and dance.. I think I would leave him alone! protection is not 100 percent fool proof but I would make that a requirment men can pass us Yeast infections and thats a pain to deal with as is.
    In my experince any guy if wants to be intimate will oblige if you put it on and quickly , and on the other hand the female condom is outthere too its not terribaly expensive! dont risk your self like that luv!! I am a woman of color curvy junk in the trunk and all but I stand my ground on that! you got YOU to live for!
    Anybody else have that problem?

    About the wearing the Ring I dunno what I would do because I wear my wedding ring because I like it I picked it out and I like mine.. but I wear it only sometimes, lol I got rid of the husband long ago though!
    I think I will ask RRGG if i could get some white saphirres from her so I can have earrings

  148. OCSugarbaby says:

    Good Morning Ash: Welcome to the Blog!
    Ok, far too early and OC has yet to have her java (its brewing). But, before you get other comments that hopefully will be helpful I wanted to post.
    USE PROTECTION! Period end of story. Who cares what he wants in that scenario. Your body, your future, which by the way will be a fabulous one in Law when you finish school.
    As for the allowance. He is a pay 4 play daddy who is not consistant in his end of the arrangement. Just think about that, if it were on the other foot, he would dump you faster than you can say Sugar!
    Allowance averages vary. No set amount. YOU need to figure out what your financial needs are and come up with what works for you. Be flexible but understand that this is what you want in a “Arrangement”.
    I have been offered and turned down the 10K – 20k allowance, it just would be far too much of a relationship commitment for me right now. I tend to think that reasonable allowance, reasonable SD and a FABULOUS chemistry is PRICELESS! You are doing NOTHING wrong! Just need to maybe put more time into thinking about your safety and true $ needs and relistic expectations of a good solid arrangement. ok, need my java…

  149. Ash says:

    Hey Sugar Friends!

    I’m Ashley and although I am not new to this site… I am new to the blog. I now live in Houston (Lisa I see that you live in Houston too). I am looking for advice and I figured that this is the best place to come. I don’t know what it is but all the SD’s I have met seem to be uninterested in giving a decent allowance. I had one SD who was giving me about $1800 a month but it didn’t even last long enough to get the full $1800. Also, I now have a new SD. We seem to get along pretty well but there are 2 things that I am kinda iffy about.

    1: He would rather give me p4p here and there and at no set amount. Average seems to be that he wants to give me $300 for p4p: Sometimes more sometimes less. He wants to meet like twice a week but I know that he will probably not always give me the $300 each time as again he stated that it will be sometimes more and sometimes less. Not sure of how to take this.

    2: When it does become physical he isn’t interested in using protection which is something I’m not a big fan of considering I don’t really know him that well.

    I’m not for sure he knows exactly what the site is all about. Is he asking for too much for too little of an allowance? Would anyone mind telling me how much of an allowance is too little or too much for whatever type of arrangement? I don’t know if this has been covered on here before but I have heard of so many SB’s talking about their 20k a month SD’s when I can barely even find someone who is willing to provide 2K a month. I am a young attractive, black female with no kids, slender body shape, no kids, and on my way to law school. I think I have a pretty good persona just wondering if there is something that I am doing wrong.

  150. RyanD says:

    Hey BostonSugahBabe, I’d love to hear from you about your SD issues. Feel free to e-mail at ryanthedon at gmail.

  151. Happy Lurker says:

    On screening or filtering lots of SBs have placed remarks about SDs over the past year. It gave me a bit of insight on the mind of the SB in general. Found the perfect solution now.
    Is she a good girl, that is the question.
    She has a black labrador is full marks for me, good girl !
    A chocolate labrador will also do. No doubt the lady proves to be a chocaholic as well. Such a person is lovable, kind natured at the same time decisive and most of all consequent in her behaviour, and of course intelligent and gets into contact easily with others.
    She will have a great sense of humour and smiles at this posting, taking it for the compliment, as it is intended to be.
    Screening ? No further need.

  152. BlkBeauty says:

    I am new to this site but have had sugar arrangements in the past.

    I am so loving Gemini29 as I never date married men. Ever. I hope that you find some comfort in my words that yes, there are plenty of single/divorced/widowed men out there who are looking for such arrangements.

    I just cannot justify being in any sort of romantic relationship with a man whom is married. Imagine how his wife would feel if she found out. Hurting someone that deeply isn’t worth an allowance or new wardrobe.

  153. lisa says:

    Good morning everyone

    Off to work for me, no day off for those who actually labour at work.
    Have a great day everyone

  154. Nikkiluvspink says:

    Thanks for the welcome OC! I think honest is the best way to go too! I always tell any potential SDs that I am married. Just wondering if wearing the ring is tacky or just leave it on? New to the whole scene! Thanks :)

  155. Katrina352 says:

    good night to yall lurkers too I see yall hiding over there!! lol bye all!!
    I left my e-mail if anybody wants to possiably find a friend in their area!
    lets get hooked up ladies and be safe!!
    keya 703 at the yah place!!
    and me I need a local in gainesville need a gym buddy , anybody??
    night all

  156. Katrina352 says:

    night friend me too!!

  157. OCSugarbaby says:

    Nite Katrina. Gonna hit the hay. 😉

  158. Katrina352 says:

    Oc yes that is What I will say I like that too! I will use that there is a few older guys I have to be a little Quiet with but theres a banker guy and I swear I like him so much a nut kinda like me!! but yet professional to the 9’s I just like that I wonder what our coffee date will be like. so excited .. With him we just talk about everything he is a good connect I believe!

  159. OCSugarbaby says:

    Katrina: Filtering is not a bad thing at all. There are many ways to do that.
    Reading their profiile. Do they talk about sex in their profile? Do they talk about sex in their intro email? Do they want to rush you into meeting before you know enough about them?
    That is a good start on filtering.
    I live in the land of the beautiful girls! So many for the SD’s to choose from. Standing out in that crowd can happen, with the right SD. Many of them will rush into things with them and I won’t. If they want $ex for $Sugar, they both will find it.
    As for a Intro? Maybe after the basic filtering you could ask them what what brought them to SA. Leave it to them at that point to fill in the gaps. Asking too many quesitons too quickly is scary for both parties. It can and will unfold naturally if it is right for both of you.

  160. Katrina352 says:

    I dunno if it is who!!! these guys had dated before… I think maybe some Sb had a drug problem or other vices. I seem to get the feeling like I am asking too much Which I know I am not its just as I like to stress I am not in dire straights so this IS my descision!
    I just dont know but I am gonna keep weeding for sure

  161. Katrina352 says:

    Oc the reason I ask is be cause I was told that maybe to filter Before I even meet! umm I was told maybe to Qualify them as understanding how this arrangement works..
    OC Where I am there are a lot of Street px’s and alotta Cheap daddys too and I seem to get the Pots that think sugar dating is Just about money! and then I have to give a tutorial and its too much for them!! so I was wondering What is Kosher still classy but Firm enough a statment that will Express that YES I AM Buisness savvy too!
    The meeting Wont even happen If I am not attracted to them and I always have a current photo!

  162. OCSugarbaby says:

    Katrina: I never speak of $ with a potential in an email before meeting them. I need to meet and see if I would even want to move forward with him. But, that’s not to say you shouldn’t. Just not my style. It is about so much more than the allowance to me. Many sugar styles out there, you need to find what works for you. Trust me, it is trial and error. In the beginning it was more error! lol I learned quite a bit about communication with Potentials.

  163. Katrina352 says:

    leelee you got your outfit together yet??

  164. OCSugarbaby says:

    Allowance is a very individual thing. It depends on the SD. You need to know what you are looking for and when you meet the right person this conversation should be easier. High Powered SD’s ( for lack of a better term) wire it to your desired bank account monthly. But for that one scenario there are many others. You hear stories that the SD’s can’t get away with wiring that much $ without their wife finding out. So, many options to talk with your chosen SD about and work it thru. :)

  165. Katrina352 says:

    hey Oc I am working on my e-communication and I had a suggestion on a segwey into the Sugar arrangement.

    So is this your first/Have you ever had an arrangement before and if so how did you handle the allowance??

    is that a good line? I am meeting a pot this week I believe I may be meeting another too and I got to say something about that With out being a big Bafoon!

  166. Katrina352 says:

    I asked a daddy the same thing and he said stay out of your bank it is best cash but I am a scaredybaby to carry money like that!!

    What say you Oc??

  167. Katrina352 says:

    Bring some sorry fingers got Excited!!
    and Rica no no allowances yet
    I got a gym buddy who is in sugar daddy Denail! I keep telling him to listen to what he is sayin , but I say what ever I think he scared of my humor/and he says he dont know about black women.. so I told him I am good for that too! hes nice I think I will get himm all preped for a another brownie like me!!

  168. LeeLee says:

    A little OT but I am curious to know…..

    Once you find that nice SB/SD match and you have talked about an agreed arrangement how do you go about collecting payment. Is it given to you at the beginning of the month? At the end of the month? In one big payment? In little payments? Check? Cash? Money Order? Or is it not monetary? Payment in gifts, shopping, groceries? Etc

    I will be meeting a POT SD in a week and a half and we are going to talk about an arrangement (hopefully hes honest and real). I am not sure what the “norm” is or if it depends of the SD. Thanks for your help in advance!

  169. Katrina352 says:

    WEll yall I am glad I can brow som brownsugar comedy to your already sweet lives!!
    hey we should have a reality show!!
    THAT would be funny!! any producers out there??

  170. OCSugarbaby says:

    Nite BG SB! 😉

  171. BG SB says:

    well i’m off Night y’all!

  172. BG SB says:

    I agree with OC on the honesty part, it’s the foundation of every relationship!
    OC~ that’s her name, i didn’t see that movie yet. I do think that Merryl Streep did an awesome job on Julia Child though, from what i saw!

  173. OCSugarbaby says:

    Nikkiluvspink: Welcome to the Blog! Married? I know that there are a few married SB’s on here. I hope they chime in and give you their take on it. I know that the married SD’s tend to take their ring off when you meet them. But, the ring line still shows. lol
    Honesty is always the right way to go in any situation.

  174. OCSugarbaby says:

    BG Sb: I love Amy Adams, she is so cute! I saw Julia and Julia with my Mom last week. It was funny!

  175. OCSugarbaby says:

    BG SB: Nope, just a sugar baby. But, who knows maybe I will meet the right man and my sugar status will change to happily married. :)

  176. BG SB says:

    Is it a good movie? I love the actress the one that plays in the julie & julia

  177. Nikkiluvspink says:

    I do a lot of the same things mentioned here. Look for clues in the email as to what his education level is. Does it make sense? Look up his name or profession on google or yahoo. One thing that I do if they give me a yahoo screen name is search for the profile on yahoo. Yahoo will tell you when the name was set up. If the screen name was only set up that same day or very recently I get suspicious, especially if they say they are single and have nothing to hide. It isn’t fool proof, but when I see someone has had the same email address since 2001, it makes me feel a little better. I don’t know? Another question. I am a married sugar. What does everyone think about wearing my wedding ring to meet a SD? Should I wear it or not? Any thoughts?

  178. BG SB says:

    OC~ sorry i really thought you worked here… i’m confused, maybe people talked about it, but i was blocked then…. so

  179. OCSugarbaby says:

    I am watching the cutest movie “Sunshine Cleaners”… she is a sugar baby. It is a cute movie that SA should add to the Sugar Movie list!

  180. BG SB says:

    OC~ yeah i got stalked this way so…. it’s hard to want to put it out there again. I did mail Stephan to take my old posts off but… didn’t hear anything! hope he does :)

  181. OCSugarbaby says:

    BG SB: Oh goodness no I don’t work for SA! lol I am just a sugar like everyone else. :)
    I will email you. I understand about not wanting your email out there in cyber space! I feel the same way.

  182. BG SB says:

    oh i got moderated lol
    OC~ good for you!
    you should really get my mail from the site, you work here right?
    or just ask Stephan to send it to you

  183. OCSugarbaby says:

    BG SB: Stalkers? That is crazy, I can see how that might be a bit scary! Sugar is all good on this end. 😉

    Rica: Not all SD’s are into the allowance arrangement. Some are just about shopping, gifts and mentoring. Taking your time to find the right one is your best shot of making sure they are not as you said “broke” lol
    Interesting theory on the fantasy aspect. I have yet to communicate with that type of person. But I am sure they exist!

  184. Rica23 says:

    OC-Yeah, va lol im in the military so i have been stuck here for a min.

    K- Yes I am feeling the same way…I am open to different races so I hope that the SDs are as well. I do find that most people want something they never had before…fantasy….that may work for us Katrina. Hey how is your SD going? Did u start receiving your allowances yet?

    Hey ladies…how do you ensure you will get your agreed upon allowances? Also how do you know that the men are really not broke lol?

  185. BG SB says:

    OC~Well I didn’t meet anyone, at all from this site… :(
    only a few stalkers actually!
    How is your new search going on?

  186. BG SB says:

    OC~ you should get my mail from the site! We totally would have a blast together!

  187. OCSugarbaby says:

    BG SB: What’s going on in your sugar world?

  188. BG SB says:

    wooo partay in Cali!!!!

  189. OCSugarbaby says:

    BG SB: We are still both awesome, just seperately. lol

    Yes, we could have fun in LA. GinaZ is here too! 😉

  190. BG SB says:

    OC~ get out !!! you two were like awesome together…. it sucks… hey i might be going to LA soon we should hook up!
    both blondes we could have tones of fun lmao 8)

  191. OCSugarbaby says:

    BG SB: Yes you read it correctly.

  192. BG SB says:

    OC~ did I read right your not with SE anymore???? maybe i got that wrong

  193. OCSugarbaby says:

    Hi BG SB. We are here!

    Rica: Ginia girl huh? Updating your profile or freshing it up from time to time always helps. I have always been a premium member, I like the ability to see more info.

    Hey Katrina. You crack me up!

    Where did GianZ go????

  194. Katrina352 says:

    since I brought that up I wonder do you think they have a prefrence? and where all the Daddys that like the THICK sistas anyway??
    Im not Ghetto! I am pretty darn globalized my parents were in the army. I get a little nervous that Some times contacting the vanilliadaddys

  195. Katrina352 says:

    hey yall I am back I see yall talking about interracial dating.. I dont see what the big deal is I like MEN Vanilla chocolate.. what ever I however think when I do settle It would be with a brownsugarhubby!!

  196. Rica23 says:

    Thanks OC lol, i guess i didnt really look at it that way. I did change the pics so I went ahead and did the profile as well. I did opt for the upgrade so I can see who is previewing me to get a feel. I hope the changes will attract a real nice and handsome SD!!! If anyone knows a good one close to Virginia that likes south american women send him my way!!!

  197. BG SB says:

    oh, I think every one is gone :(
    nice to see you back OC, talk to y’all later

  198. BG SB says:

    Hello all….

  199. OCSugarbaby says:

    Hi Sugars! I am back.

    Rica: Very cute picture! If you are going to change your pictures around as Gemini29 suggested, you may want to change your content too. After reading it I feel it has too many “I’s” As in I like, I am, I won’t…
    Turn them into a warmer situation like: My friends would describe me as, wouldn’t it be fun to have a down to earth confidant woman in your life, When it comes to a relationship, or I prefer a honest and upfront gentleman. Try those or similar lead –ins to get the interest of the SD.
    Take out the etc, it shows you are not willing to put in the effort to write. Leave out all negative statements. Put your best foot forward and end it with a sentence like… I am waiting for the right man who can handle my curves. Are you up for the adventure?
    Welcome Rica and have some fun with it! Once you change your profile it may take 24 hours to approve the changes. ~OC

  200. Rica23 says:

    Thanks Gemini29!!! it was hard to put pics up due to the size thing lol. I put the first one up because it was the mostg recent lol. I will switch it though…didnt want a pot sd to say what happen to the hair lol…and I will take out the last part about not looking up front. I guess i want the financial help as well as the mentoring. This is my first time exploring with an sd and actually have some one take care of me! I wonder if I will actually get one that is for real and I like!!!

  201. Gemini29 says:

    Rica- Hey cutie! :) Umm I would change the 2nd picture to the first, and 3rd to second, I’m not so much digging the first picture, it does not show you off like the other two do :) I’m trying to take it from a guy’s perspective, and men are visual creatures. Maybe toss one in there that is a full body one too.

    Your profile seems fine, maybe take out the sentence about not expecting financial help up front. The reason why is that the SDs are here to spoil, if you don’t set the bar high enough, they will never try and jump over it. I worry that you would get too many fake SDs or sugar duds who won’t spoil you enough. Maybe instead say you are seeking a gentleman to mentor and spoil you or something to that effect.

    Other than that, welcome to the blog and sa! :)

    Oh and I do a variation on seek and wait. I seek, I seek, I email, and then I wait and wait, lol.

  202. Rica23 says:

    Thanks photogirl!!! 381490 if any SBs and SDs can let me know what you think. I think I need to be more detailed in what type of arrangment…not sure exactly what to say lol. I also had a question about how long it took to get some interests? Did u girls seek or wait?

  203. photogirl says:

    Rica – you can either see in when you read a message in your in box or when you click to preview your profile it is up in the address bar

  204. Katrina352 says:

    yes oc is a jewel very kind hearted! and Just so everyone knows What I mean.. I only want to maybe let all the gals know someone has your back! it would do me a heap of good to have a mentor near-by*in Eletronica* to ask what do you think? and to prevent me from making a big Faupaux with this!! nicki thanks but I am new too !! still learning! thanks for the birthday wish I had a great day!!

    Gail I am here you let me know you guys let me know how we will do things!!
    I just got a e-maail from my IN DENIAL pot he is so sweet I dont want a high maitnence woman lol poor thing imma hafta pick him up and dust him off!!

  205. ginaZ says:

    Sugar dating shouldn’t be stressful! If you get a bad feeling or someone is overly anxious, lets say to fly you into their city withing 24 hours, sounds a bit sketchy. We can all learn from one another on here, and if I were to echo OC’s words about taking your time and having a connection first I have found all successful SD relationships begin with this in mind (at least in my own experience)

    Everyone is different, sugar dating may allow you to date someone you wouldn’t imagine dating in real life. Democrat/Republican, Rich/Poor, Worldly/Naive, someone of a different race, a different age +-. Most important is the connection and your own personal safety. There may be the occasional Cinderella story mixed in, but mostly it’s trial and error, lots of double espressos at [Coffee Bean]

    The topic is about screening, how do you screen. And I know at least for me, age and race (race especially I’ve always been open) is a non issue. But the connection, and if the person is for real or not, a gentlemen, decent, is more important.

    Don’t want to throw a dark cloud, but there are predators, and on SA enough to be cautious. RareGem not even knowing anything about Mr. Brooklyn, something just isn’t right. Race may be a way you screen but those other red flags? He may be scoping you out in a different way. (Now that’s my street smart BS detector alert meter goin’ off)

  206. Rica23 says:

    Hey how do i find my member number? I also would like to know if it is harder to find a sd without upgrading my account????

  207. photogirl says:

    GEM – I tried to send you an email earlier this morning… I am thinking you didn’t get it. Don’t let this stuff stress you out so much to cause a headache!

  208. sweetredhead*269443* says:

    Yes he is thank you. I did something right :)

  209. photogirl says:

    Awww…. how cute! He was a gentleman….very polite!

  210. lisa says:

    wow the power just went off for half an hour . Odd I was listening to some old sad songs on youtube and the sky became gloomy, it began to rain hard, and then I was in the dark.

    Shepards’ pie, not sure what that is, is it available on the Jack in the box menu, lol

  211. thank you i love to share my beauties what goes around comes around later tell me what ya like, bb got to get rid of headache thanks everyone!!!

  212. sweetredhead*269443* says:

    Aww thanks :)

  213. Thank Goodness for fellow SUGARS I am going to nap I will be back in a bit Sweet loook at pics again not the rubies or the praiba tourma but anything you see you liked? Let me know I will make ya something special my new friend! And dont worry about birthday you are a doll!!!!

  214. Dani says:

    Awww that is too cute lol

  215. sweetredhead*269443* says:

    Photogirl I think my son has a crush on you lmao he was saying how nice you were and that you were pretty lol

  216. sweetredhead*269443* says:

    Go lay down and feel better you can email me later :)

  217. I didnt see it until i reblogged lol Thanks I agree Are you going to be around later I think I need a nap get rid of this headache now. I am serious about sending ya a belated I love to share my beauties and hopefully have found a new friend, I would love to come visit also can we catch up later And once again Thanks Dani you were a huge help, being new I cant tell fact from fiction yet lol.

  218. photogirl says:

    Gem – Leave it alone… something does not feel right at all with this one…

    Plus I personally do not travel anywhere to meet anyone for the first time anymore. Although my own personal experience the first time traveling was fine, but after reading up on the blogs… I think it is best and more comfortable for an SB if the SD comes to see her during their first meet.

  219. sweetredhead*269443* says:

    That is why we are all her to help each other out and give different opinions, there is no right or wrong.

  220. sweetredhead*269443* says:

    My birthday is Tuesday don’t remind me lol

  221. Dani says:

    You are more thank welcome. I love giving advice!

  222. I think you are correct expecially now that I got a headache from it all. LOL Did you see anything you liked in the photos??I got thousands more I may send ya a belated b-day.

  223. sweetredhead*269443* says:

    I gave you my advice :) read back lol

  224. I got an email from a black guy I dont interacial read back and tell me what you think I have a monster headache now THANK YOU DANI FOR ALL YOUR HELP You are a SUGAR IN MY BOOK!

  225. sweetredhead*269443* says:

    The one with the pictures yes I got it, very nice gems

  226. sweetredhead*269443* says:

    Gem walk away and fast. you already stated it was not what you are looking for. AGAIN I say NEVER settle. That’s it short and sweet lol

  227. Gail says:

    Yummy SweetRed….I love Sheperds pie!!! I order it at the Cheesecake Factory…but I know your cooking is to die for…I remember the time to you made a all Seafood meal…and made us drool on the blog….lol…
    okay…I think I have been here all day…leaving now: ) Toodles everyone!!!

  228. sweet did you read what I have going on as my first experience poor Dani has been alone in trying to help me in this situation. Goodness only me lol read back if you have time I could use some advice on this one (did you get my offline message email)

  229. sweetredhead*269443* says:

    Who’s situations gems?

  230. Dani says:

    It sounds like a really weird threesome to me, the entire thing would make me VERY uncomfortable.

  231. He said because of where his meetings are I would have a car for safety (that was nice I thought) And in his last email he said his sb told me I could go but hands off she gives me the willies he acts like its no bid deal but why is she assissting him seeking a replacment sb isnt that strange to you?

  232. Dani says:

    Sweetredhead: he definitely does. RRGG could use some advice. Please read the previous posts and give your honest opinion about the situation and the guy.

  233. sweetredhead*269443* says:

    So much for honesty sheeh. The other man I am talking to I told him that and he called me smart. lol hmm which one am I going to choose to meet lol

  234. sweetredhead*269443* says:

    Photogirl. That little old man was so cute :) he had me laughing so hard!

    Gail and Lisa I am making shepherds pie, good ole home cooking lol

    I just had a conversation with a man who got all pissy when I asked him his full name. He gave it to me but asked why. I said I like to do a search to make sure he is who he says he is. Well he gets all mad said he does not need someone investigating him and good luck. Can we say “he has something to hide” lol

  235. Dani says:

    Did he give you the name of the convention? There is a chance that it is legit, but I wouldn’t recommend you walking around Brooklyn. You would unfamilar with the area and there are some REALLY bad sections. Unfortunately if you went to buy an apartment it would still cost quite a bit of money because it still is NYC. Have you tried emailing guys that you like?

  236. I agree thats why I told him I wont talk to him any further until I talk to experience and if ny is like you say where would there be a convention in brooklyn if poor neighborhood I am lucky you are here I dont want to offend anyone him or my sugar family but I am learning not stupid so thank goodness you are here today Bless you ohh did you get my email ? I have started trying to befriend others Since I can travel I may go visit friends sb to just get out and about “You know my story -correct”in hosp last 1.5 years kinda died 4 times bad contaminate phnemonia had to get rid of my house (still havve my land-need to build another) but I am overlly ready to have some fun. I made good friends at the hospital but I dont want to hang there lol My doctor is the one who recommended me to this site since he is happily married he felt I would make a great companion for someone of wealth so I can make up for lost time so to speak lol (he has little crush on me-I found most of my docs do that it is weird)

  237. Dani says:

    Ok, luckily I can help you with this. Brooklyn is one of the 5 buroughs of NYC. Manhattan, Brooklyn, Queens, the Bronx, and Staten Island. Brooklyn only has 2 good neighborhoods (as far as I’m concerned). When people say NYC most of the time they mean Manhattan. All the major sites that you’ve heard of are all on Manhattan.

    I think the entire situation is a little weird, but if you’re ok with it that matters. I wouldn’t like the SB’s remarks either. I think age is just a number. I don’t like that he says that you could lose your friends for telling. If they are truly your friends they won’t (especially your sugar family!).

  238. Be my luck I be JUST A FRIEND and ruin my chances at finding what I really want but honestly his sb seems pyscho When sweet oc anybody help me and Dani out Dani do you have my email?

  239. I think it odd he tell me upfront not to tell people he said his sb approved my profile since I am OLD I dont like her already lol I told him it seems like too much drama and I needed advice from sa to email me later he said He needed someone for next weekend in Brooklyn? But he will givve me until tomorrow to discuss with my friends but cautioned me I could loose my friends for telling I get good vibes from him his sb gives me flags but I dont believe platonic and where is Brooklyn? he said it was 3 day conference I would have a lot of free time and he would reward me handsomely lol oh my I need some experience I am not good at no and hurting people I dont want to seem racist honestly the sb remarks are flagging more than he is isnt it odd she would be involved at all?

  240. Dani says:

    I think he means that a white girl would feel connected to each other. I don’t know how true that is though! Sweetredhead (and several other SBs) would tell you to go with your gut/instincts. What are they telling you about him? Personally, I would not like this situation, but he would be your SD, you have to make the choice.

  241. Dani says:

    SBs don’t necessarily have A LOT of experience. I wouldn’t recommend a virgin being one though. I wouldn’t want to hurt anyone either. I personally don’t like the fact that he has an SB. What he means is probably that some SDs won’t like a SB who has been in an interracial arrangement. I can understand why an SD wouldn’t like that.

  242. His sb he bought a condo in Miami he said, he also said she will only allow platonic white girls since they have ties to each other? what does that mean ties(kid?)

  243. He said he normally flys you to him then takes yous shopping no luggage needed and it is mainly dinner events sometimes dancing hes in the oil business, crossover music he started dabling in it 2 years ago Said he like country music?

  244. He just said white men are to picky wanting nothing but airhead model types I told him I have yet to meet any SB that where dumb I actually found everyone to be extremely intelligent myself

  245. I said something kinda like that waiting for return email I wont give my number Since He is so persistant, why couldnt my first pot be white guy I lack the experience for this kind of situation, which is one of the things interests him he said a lot of sb have been around???? Since I am so new I dont know what to say lol He is quit persistant, says he has feelings for current sb and she is jealous I told him that sounded like trouble to me and I dont like drama He said he would keep us coasts apart? oh myyy I am nice and never want to hurt someone and I am not prejudice at all, I just found growing up it was not in my line of interests. He also said to keep him quite because some sd wont date a girl who has interacially connected what does that mean thanks Dani I wonder where everyone is man we need some help here (I do that is)

  246. Dani says:

    Are there red flags going off in your head? What kind of arrangement does he want (besides platonic)? If it’s NYC then there are at least 2 of us that can help you with “safe places”.

  247. NY ( I of course have dreamed of going there) he does seem nice but like I told him I cant trust his word on platonic when he could have anyone he wants, he said I became an instant challenge and wouldnt want to spook of a pot great friendship??? He said he has sb but she is too busy with school now to travel as he needs whereas I am retired?

  248. Dani says:

    Well since he’s reading the blog, then you can tell him that you have hesitations about this kind of arrangement. Seriously, when they communication is the foundation of any relationship, they’re also talking about a sugar one too.

  249. He says he has multiple homes each cost and he is watching blog he just sent message that we are smart to talk to one another I asked him to join “backup for me he said he doesnt blog”

  250. Ladies are Dani and I the only ones or are we blogging elsewhere again? He is being kindly forceful promising I would have the best friend for life blah blah He is very nice but persistant Oh SUGARS HELP

  251. Dani says:

    Where is from? Where does he want to go to dinners?

  252. LOL me either I kinda laughed when he said platonic anyway lol, he says he travels and needs dinner companion etc, would pay for shopping, travel, expenses, seperate rooms??? I have had a history with black me being interested they all say same thing blue eyes, “rump”, and additude, I have many friends but I am afraid you can get in unsafe areas easily, man I wasn’t expecting this he has emailed me 3 times in 45 minutes now! Me the one noone has connected lol now being pursued he is nice i dont want to hurt anyone yet he obviously hasnt heard no before?

  253. Dani says:

    I would definitely say try to communicate your concerns about this kind of arrangement. Be tactful about it. If he’s a good SD then he’ll understand.

  254. where is everyone sweets i tried emailing you are you gone? I never thought this would come up I agree he is young, not gay, therefore he must think he can change my mind or something???

  255. Dani says:

    My only guess is that he needs someone at times, but maybe he’s gay? I hate to say that because there is a good chance that it isn’t true. Why don’t you ask him, something like “you’re young and a real catch why do you need someone platonic?”

  256. he is certified young hummm why would he want platonic arm candy?

  257. Dani says:

    Honestly, platonic is hard for men. I think it’s a biological need, they need sex. If they find a girl attractive then I think they definitely want it. I’ve never had a guy use the word platonic and me in the same sentence lol.

  258. I have always felt that way he mentioned platonic but for real who means that?

  259. Dani says:

    RRGG: I have to say, I have thought about interracial, but to me I just couldn’t do it. I may be old fashioned but I’m only attracted to white men (and I’m white myself). I have friends that were black, asian, and hispanic, but as far as attraction goes, I guess I’m on a one-way street.

  260. Well lets check some tickets ?????

  261. ok stupid ? for you all
    If you never have interacial dated what would you do if a pot sd of signifigant pot was interested how can you maybe meet test the waters without hurting yourself or them? I honestly just don’t know how I feel about it.

  262. Katrina352 says:

    yes ms RRGG i am I hope you do come on cver I am here!!

  263. Who got to see samples of my gems yesterday? I have forgotten lol, and who saw a cheap trip to vegas? Where at? I can come to Florida anytime if someone wants a sugar support visit or just have a blast.
    OC is right I tend to tell it all (forgetting mystery) but I am here to make friends and trying to be true to myself and I AM A REAL RARE GEM GAL i hang at the y also lol, and need a support system and friends, as some know I have paid my dues,, therfore I am ready to get out and about and share the fun I been missing out on Imagine 1.5 years just gone with no memories nothing shewww I have major catching up to do lol
    HAPPY BIRTHDAY SWEETS!!! Did you see anything you liked in email? I can send ya a sugar gift, sorry but I truly love to share my gems ALL women should have bling and friends.

  264. lisa says:

    Good afternoon everyone. Gee it looks like I missed the party because I was at work :(. Hi Gail, no I didn’t get to stay in my nice bed, had to be up at 6 am for work.

    What’s for dinner Sweetredhead? Dinner for me is a pint of raspberries, strawberries, nachos and guacamole ( the holy guacamole brand is to die for). Washed down by a cherry pepsi.

  265. Kat honey you are unforgetable I was reading back sorry plus I just sent another email I would love to get one back lol In the meantime I am serious about taking a sugar trip??

  266. OCSugarbaby says:

    Hi ya Dani! Rain? Oh how we need some here in Cali!
    Hmmmm I LOVE Chinese food. Still need to find a favorite take out place here. I will be back later. ~Hugs!

  267. Dani says:

    Good afternoon everyone!

    It’s a much better day here (no more rain!). I got soaked last night, so I warmed up with chinese food.

    Rica23: Welcome to the blog! Everyone on here has a great perspective and their advice is always good!

    Nicki: That pot definitely sounded like a jerk! Hopefully you get a SD that will be as good as the other 2 you had!

    OC: Everyone always made me feel welcome when I first started posting!

  268. Nicki says:

    And Happy B-day Katrina!

  269. Nicki says:


    Monk is sexy! If he doesn’t work out, pass him over to me! lol

    Okay, you all need to post the date for that Sugar luncheon, so I can book a plane ticket! Won’t wanna miss all you wisdom! :)

    Talking about wisdom, I just got the book, and read into it… Great stuff! I recommend it to everyone!

  270. OCSugarbaby says:

    Hi Katrina: You have such a generous nature! I wanted to respond to your request for me to email you off the blog. Thanks for the email address!
    I mainly try to communicate via the blog, it keeps the blog less like a private club and more like an open communication tool. Forming outside blog relationships are fabulous! I have so many. I think the first time I found out that someone had also been in contact with the same potential, at the same time, it was strange. Kinda ruined it for me! LOL
    I remember feeling like an outsider when I was lurking (way back when) and it was hard for me to get the courage to break into the conversation. That is why I try my best to welcome each and every new sugar to the Blog. I love the blog too and want it to attract new people! However women are tough on each other. An unpleasant fact. ahhh, I regress…

    I have found that keeping my sugar life and the majority of the details close to my chest works best for me. I do not want it to seem like I am above talking about my sugar life, I just want/need to maintain the highest level of sugar discretion for all involved. Call it lessons learned… You don’t have to get hit over the head with the “Stupid” stick twice to learn the hard way! :)

    Just came home to pick up my dog to take her along for the afternoon festivities! Hope everyone is having a FABULOUS day.

  271. Gail says:

    Oh what fun it will be!!! Florida here I come…Katrina I will eat anything as long as it is good ole soul food….lol….Catfish,Fried Chicken,Spicy Corn, Sweet Green beans, Potato salad,Cornbread, and Red,Red Velvet Cake…or a nice Lemon Cake….lol….I will be in Orlando,,,but will come to whereever: )

    Gemini~I fly in to Richmond, VA on Wednesday nite…and will be in DC definately on Thursday. Would love to hang out…just have to find something for him(lol) to do….

    I am getting hungry now : )

  272. Gemini29 says:

    Gail – Hmmm if my pot SD pans out I’ll be in DC myself in a few days…we should hang out! lolol!

    I am totally down with a sugar luncheon. 😀

  273. photogirl says:

    Well Gail, there are a few of us here in Florida… we should all get together… Sweetred, Katrina…. who else is in FL?

  274. Gail says:

    Hi photogirl,
    I believe it will be in around the end of October : ) I want to go to the beaches again. And I want to parasail again too…that was so much fun: ) For now I have to settle with going to Washington DC in a few days….

    Thanks DC for letting me know where Lisa is. I hope all is going well for you : )

  275. Katrina352 says:

    Rica I am a horriable proofreader… A.D.D lol but Nyc Oc and RRGG Sweetred are helpful also they will need your profile # and ask the daddies when they come around !! they are good for advice too!!

    Ms. gail I am right off of the interstate so feel free to stop.. just know I like to take photos so I will be taking pics of me & my Sisters!!
    I got ya for a meal if ya like!! I cook all sorts of stuff!!
    let me know.. I should throw a sugar luchoen… humm *the wheels are turning*

  276. Katrina352 says:

    hello ms Gail afternoon!! yeah thats a good Question what is everybody having for dinner tonight?

    anybody shop on-line? fashion bug has stuff on sale I dunno whose a bargain hunter like me!!

  277. Rica23 says:

    Thanks for the advice. I stayed up reading the posts from u NY, OC and the rest of the girls lst night. Take a look at my page pls girls and tell me wht u think of my pics and profile…thanks!

  278. photogirl says:

    Gail when are you coming to Florida?

  279. Gail says:

    I am planning a trip to Orlando, Florida. I loved it when I vacationed in the Keys and Miami : ) By the way great advice to everyone about networking. It’s good to talk and share your experiences with someone you trust.

    Noone has left you RRGemGal…just had to put the clothes in the dryer…lol…SBs need clean clothes to go on vacation….maybe I should bring none and go shopping for everythig….lol

  280. Katrina352 says:

    hey yall!!
    Rica 23 I will say I tell all the other new ones Go back and read the archives start with august you will be current up to dat and all!!
    Then if you care to Read the archives from long ago! THIS will help put your game on point! lots of info lots of Look out for……
    its Was the best advice I ever got!!

    Nicki: Child he looks like MONK from the show!! except with straight hair kinda cute I want a persiandaddy!! maybe ? never dated one in regular secenario either.
    and yeah ohh saint nick I just cant even!! there is no attraction!
    he was alittle snobby too Ill Tell you how much you need when we meet!!
    well I like fortknox,
    but I am reasonable , hello!! my Daddy dont run my checkbook! and Santa wont either!! I think he though I needed the money or something
    he was pissy when I told him I handle my bills and such by myself already!

  281. Gail says:

    Enjoy your upcoming date with your potential. I give each potentials SD a chance. Of course I am careful about when and where we meet. Some people are different in the virtual world than in real life. I appreciate their individuality and the experience. Beside you can never have enough SD friends. I have received sprinkles and also drowned in sugar. What matters is safety and your personal happiness.

    It’s true RRGemGal, there are people that have multiple accounts and alias’s. Even on the blog people come back with a different names and attitudes…lol…it may be their altered egos…who knows : ) Just stay true to who you are, because I can tell you have a wonderful heart. By the way Vegas is a wonderful getaway, and there are lot’s of specials available right now.

    Lisa : ) Okay…..I know your bedroom is comfy and pretty now…come out to the blog to play with the AS’s…(smile)

    Sweetred…What are you making for dinner tonite…I need some ideas…tired of going out to eat.

  282. photogirl says:

    Gem – I am sure your perfume smells lovely… It’s been rather quiet in sugarland today.

    Nicki – yikes… think you made the right choice!

    Gemini – I wouldn’t call them nightmares but have certainly had those dreams before… hope it goes well for you!

    Sweetred – I can’t help but think about that little old man and smile… he sure was having fun!

  283. Katrina352 says:

    ok rare gem you just gonna leave me out !! if you come to florida I wanna see you too and your pictures of your stones!!

    To all bloggers Pleas please please E-mail me I really want to get everyone a sugar friend in their area!! Even you lurkers you guys too
    The newbies yall need a support system and God forbid some one to know what and who you are with!! please girls network up!! shared info makes us stronger. and This should help weed out some of the ….. !!! ok!!
    Keya 703 at the yahplace!! that is for everybody sugarbaby(M) too
    if yall like! I want us all to be safe!

  284. Nicki says:


    I’m not into Santa either… but did he look like the actor on the show Monk or an actual monk? Because the latter is a turn-off, but the first is kinda sexy! Lol. I love OCD men!


    Thanks! Yes, I’m not worried, I know there are great men out there who are all for the sugar experience, so I don’t need to lower my standards. Thanks for the encouragement!


    I know what you mean. The red flags started on the third date though, he somehow controlled himself before… But the lack of attraction on my part was apparent from jump, so that’s where instincts come in. I should not have to convince myself that I can “grow attracted to” someone… It doesn’t work that way!

    I love reading this blog, everyone! :)

  285. Rica there are a lot of us newbies and honestly you have to be patient some like OC lol get swamped , while others like me have gotten 1 reply a( perv), you will find lots of love and support from the sugar family though, and there are many intelligent people here not slim dingies, like some might think . These women have it going on, and share grear advice.

  286. Once again I blog and eveyone dissapears lol I have my perfume on and brushed my teeth lol.

  287. Rica23 says:

    Hello to everyone! I am new to this site, and I need some advise and or help. I was directed to the site from my sis and I said I would give it a try. I only set up the standard free site because I didnt know if it was worth paying for. So far its only been like two days so I dont expect much. I wanted to know how to find real SDs. Do you exchange emails to talk off the site or what???

  288. Am I ever going to get mail, LOL I am starting to feel old lol, sweet did you see anything you like? I hope I didn’t bog you with pics but the rubies I showed you are the same pair in different light (I am selling those), they are the rarest rubies available and where obtained prior to any controversy. I am sorry you didn’t have a blast last night, if I had been there we would have found the fun!!

  289. HI sweetred! I am glad to meet you and hope we become fast friends I so love to travel and 2 heads are better than one.
    OC glad your so positive in providing the energy to help us continuing in our quest providing hope.
    I hope this will be my last holiday alone, except all the Sugar that has been poured on me.
    Sweetred did you get time to look at the pics I sent, did you see anything you like I love making gifts for friends and sharing my beauties.
    Also, has anyone had email come from someone they never met telling of multiple accounts here??? Just wondering since I am new I am just probably being overly cautious, but I feel obligated to help protect the SUGAR FAMILY.
    Sorry for any typos lol

  290. Gemini29 says:

    Thanks girls for the advice. I do have pretty good vibes from this guy, no red flags at all as of yet. I think I’m just nervous about the meeting and whether we’ll have chemistry and if he’ll be as nice in person as he is through emails. I am a big supporter of the gut feeling and listening to it. Its almost never served me wrong, and I’m learning to always listen to it.

    Oh and my email is GeminiDeux29 at the g place if anyone wants to chat or whatever off blog.

  291. DC says:

    Mornin’ sugars-

    Hey Gail! Lisa is working today.

    Nikki, sorry about your experience. I had a date with a pot about 2 months ago and he was rude and full of himself as well. The allowance was a nice one but I need to actually like my SD and I couldn’t stand this guy after an hour.

    Good idea to go with your gut instincts.

  292. sweetredhead*269443* says:

    Lmao got a message from someone who does home repair. Hello you can not afford to be a sugar daddy. Sometimes I wonder what some of these men think a sugar daddy is.

    Yes it is a beautiful day :)

    Have fun OC!

  293. OCSugarbaby says:

    Morning Sweetred 😉

    Well I am off for another day of sugar fun! First I need to get my car washed, I am all for conserving water, but my car looks like the birds did target practice on it!
    Enjoy your day everyone! I will post more later tonight. ~OC

  294. Gail says:

    I thought that was you Sweetred: ) Morning…it is a beautiful Sunday!

  295. sweetredhead*269443* says:

    Morning Gail. Think lisa and percey had to much of a good time last night lol

  296. sweetredhead*269443* says:

    Morning OC, The SD’s on the blog give us hope that there are good Sd’s out there. I know they have helped me a lot with changing the way I approach things. So have some of the Sb’s :)

    This blog is a great place to get advice and head out on your sugar search. A lot of great people here.

  297. Gail says:

    Channeling Lisa….Wake up Lisa!!!Are you drowning in a bowl full of sugar? …. I thought so : ) lol

  298. OCSugarbaby says:

    Niki: Move forward and conquer! I know he is out there for you.

    Gemini: Dreams are your way of letting your fears and emotions escape. Maybe you need more time with this potential before you meet.

    I always have red flags, it is a formula of taking my time and forming a connection prior to meeting that works best for ME. 😉

  299. OCSugarbaby says:

    Good Morning Sugars! What a glorious weekend.

    I had a wonderful conversation with a Sugar Friend of mine yesterday. It was about how the SD’s that come to the blog are so sweet and genuinely caring about our sugar dating concerns. They take the time out of their schedules to post some good advice. It is the true gentleman SD’s that give advice and not challenge our past choices. They encourage us to pick ourselves up and start down a different road or path not questioning why or make us feel bad that we may have done the wrong thing. The few that have stellar advice have been quite busy and not able to post on a regular basis. I may have to email them to see if they can make time for us! The blog is missing them dearly.

    Ladies remember that not all SD’s are toxic. When you take your time to find out all about them and form a connection, the sugar comes in CUBES not sprinkles!

  300. sweetredhead*269443* says:

    Good morning Sugars. Nicki what a jerk! Some advice girls, if A pot gives you red flag before meeting DO NOT MEET HIM. Go by your gut feelings.

    Gemini29 If I had a night mare about a pot SD I would not meet him, your worried about something about him.

    I can not stress enough about safety girls. I have talked to many sd’s and I am very careful to ask questions, not personal just general. Talk to them, I have good instincts about people, always have and I can tell alot about someone in how they present themselves. I know this will sound strange ( I am not a wacko lol) but I have meet people and they could seem really nice, but I get “a feeling” about them and it has always turned out that my instincts were right, so I have learned to go with those feelings. So what I am trying to say is always go with your instincts, trust them.

  301. Gemini29 says:

    Nikki – Ew, he sounds awful! I think rudeness to staff and people around you is the biggest tip off to a person’s personality…it says a lot about how they treat and respect other people. So I agree with you there.

    Sounds like you had some pretty awesome SDs before this, this new guy sounds like an utter dud next to them. Good luck in your search, you sound like you’ve got a good head on your shoulders….I hope you find the sweetest SD!

    Hi Sugar Fam! Just woke up and reeling from a series of bad dreams. And one was a nightmare about meeting one of my pot SDs….I think I’m more nervous about it than I realize, lol! Hope everyone has a great sunday!

  302. Katrina352 says:

    morning Nicki
    hows this for attractive I have a Pot and He sent me a photo He looks like monk!!!!!
    another one looks like SantaClause, now santa I am just not attracted to at all and hes kinda gruff.. he told me he would see how much HE thought I needed. haha haha I guess I may get a lump of coal for x-mas
    he he he he

    and yeah all that rudness he was exhibiting was uncalled for! probabaly just got in over his head! nice exit BTW

  303. Nicki says:

    So… I just got home from a date with this SD I’ve been in touch with for a month or so. It was the third time I saw him… In a nutshell:
    -He was such a jerk to everyone (waiters, valets, etc.) – real turn-off!
    -He did not wire me my first agreed upon allowance – major red flag!
    -He had bad oral hygene – again, real turn-off!
    -He tried to kiss me and I was clearly hoping to have sex with me tonight (but even when he just touched my hand I was really uncomfortable with that!), then when I refused to let him kiss me (because again, there was just no chemistry, he did not smell nice and he did not even send me my allowance), he got all upset…
    And get this: He told me to go back to the “classless men” I’ve been dating before him. Well, I had 2 sugar daddies, both of whom treated me like a princess, both gave me over $5,000/month, one bought me a nice car… One had a company making over $25,000/year, the other was a CFO… Both were very educated, refined, nice and very polite (not just me but to everyone!) This potential SD knew about it, since he questioned me in details… So when he said that about them, I just laughed and walked out! It was such a joke! I’m just upset that I wasted my time with this person. I should have known from all the red flags, especially the rudeness to people around us.

    On a bright note, I decided to change my approach on here. Before, I was looking for a part-time girlfriend type of thing here, but now I think I will adjust and look for NSA fun. Also, I will place much, much more emphasis on attraction. I don’t think I could be attracted to a man over 50 (I saw a lot of you listed the positives, but I could never get myself to sleep with a man who is older than my father!), so my new search will be limited to SDs under 40. My last SD was 38, the one before was 47, but he looked 35.

    So, please wish me luck, because I’m officially restarting my search with full power! :)

  304. sweetredhead says:

    Bunch of early birds lol. I just got home. Had a great time. Not my kind of place but it was interesting. I only had to drinks and I think I am tipsy [email protected] I am such a light weight.

  305. I would love some sb friends what better way to hunt then in a small pack lol

  306. sweetredhead says:

    I am in the st pete area of FL at the beach, not st pete beach other end, indian rock and redington beaches. We should have a SB party and Sd invited also :) I live in paradise so I don’t have to go far.

  307. well loveys and doveys I am going to watch a movie and head for bed talk to ya tomorrow Thanks for all the SUGAR

  308. Katrina352 says:

    ok MR.Sydney I look forward to recieving your communication!! takecare!!

  309. Sydney sd says:

    Hi,Thankyou sweetredhead,katrina,for your advice.
    I thought I would tell her,but did not want her to think I did
    not appreciate her time and affection.I will email you later
    Katrina as I am off for the day now.
    Tea thankyou for the suggestion trouble is we are about 1200km
    apart so one person must always fly.For sd it is just as hard to
    find the right sb,as you all seem to find looking for a sd,so I
    think I am so lucky to have found my perfect sb

  310. Katrina352 says:

    keya 703 at yah dot you feel to e-mail me I like lots od views on things!!
    hopefully NYC will drop me a line and OC too.. ok everybody!!

  311. Katrina352 says:

    hey tea I came back to see if anyone was still here!
    hey tea what does it say about negotiating??
    with the daddy..

  312. tea says:

    Oh and the blog is full of real advice and pretty fun but the book really gets you ready for an arrangement 😀

  313. tea says:

    hi suggars!
    I just finished reading the Seeking Arrangement Book and what a breath of fresh air!
    Sydney SD- Could you possibly switch things around so you will be taking one trip together a month and spend the rest of your time together locally?

  314. Katrina352 says:

    ok so im in here by my lonsome.. anyway yall bye and hello to anyone who follows. I am doing some shopping!on-line!!

  315. WELL GOOD NIGHT ALL! I may check back in awhile since I have no plans lol

  316. lisa says:

    I haven’t sent any emails as I’m getting ready to hit the tub.
    I’ve got a sd though so I’m not dealing the Texas ones right now

    Have a good night

  317. Lisa I saw lots of profiles in tx? none interesting to you Hey Did you send me an email?

  318. lisa says:

    I’m in the crime infested hood of Houston

    Going to watch some tv now and take a hot bath. I’ve got to work in the morning. Have a good night everyone.

  319. sweetred you are a doll baby cutie man to be young again lol

  320. where are you lisa Hey eveyone sweetred got email on some of my gems I agree we need to network and what better way to shop then in 2-packs lolback up

  321. Katrina352 says:

    have a good night SweetRed!! bye!!

  322. lisa says:

    Yes I’m in the great (blah) city of Houston (blah) lol

  323. Im 39!!! until oct then ill be 26 again lol

  324. lisa says:

    Have a great night Sweetredhead
    I’m having a sb and percy’s night in, lol

    Real Rare, hurricanes are the last thing you’d have to worry about in my neighborhood.

  325. Katrina352 says:

    lisa you out holding texas down right was it houston??

  326. sweetredhead says:

    ok have to get ready to go out, gonna be fun. Sb lady’s night out

  327. I did some single traveling away back in time lol and we would be safe I can be a tough show-me gal. Last time I was in Florida I got trapped in 3-5 hurricanes Katrina hit me twice!!!

  328. sweetredhead says:

    haha lisa your too funny

  329. lisa says:

    Sweetredhead, if you’re ever in my area, please bring you gun, lol

  330. Katrina352 says:

    miami/ jax ney york cali . I live over near a college town too .. just be winkin at daddys nowadays!!! lol them students they a little to young for me!.. like Im old at 33 lol

  331. Katrina352 says:

    sweetredhead please take my e-mail also!! I like to say hey now and again and if your in my neck of the woods you can stop and say hello

  332. I sent an email who got it lol I Live in Missouri college town all young guys (eye candy shew weee) but like I said previously I would rather spend money vacationing with another SB trolling than supporting another pain in the ***
    I have a docotor appointment on thursday but I can go anywhere I want after that anyone game for a live sugar hunt? And once again anyone know where a good spot of men would be??

  333. Katrina352 says:

    hey for real i am game!! I live about an hour away from jax!! yall let me know!!

  334. sweetredhead says:

    REAL RARE GEM GAL email me

  335. Seriously any sb want to have a sb date go on a man hunt I can afford some expenses AND SERIOUSLY where is an area where the men out number the women heck I may fly you to meet me their or where are you at? I love clearwater St. Pete area I met my first SD at 19 their (at the time I didnt know he was a SD) lol
    Wish I knew his number still loll
    He rented out an Italian res., midnight cruise, movie, he even had a person secretary send me a pre date gift basket including the outfit for the night where is he now darn it lol
    I am on a roll I need a phone chat lol been in isolation too long the world is calling this libra lol

  336. Katrina352 says:

    and Mr Sydney would you be interested in E-mailing me I have some questions for you as far as to just hear wht make a sugardaddy tick if you dont mind… Keya 703 at yah dot thanks!

    also anybody else feel like e-mailing me please do especially if your in fla.
    and Rare Gem I think a SB convention would be great! however I believe if we can just get networked up with eachother we could be alot safer! I would fly to cali if I knew I could crash at your house for a day ya know stuff like that!…

  337. I am very serious I need a trip and am ready to let my red hair fly! I was in hospital 1.5 years so you better take some vitamins because I will be a mile a minute and even with the additional age process and weight ( I can relate) I can steal a dance floor and attention If you have a hot spot of men we would own it girl!!!

  338. Anyone getting fireworks this weekend?? My neighbors (I live in the country) set off so many I just fished at least 50 bottle rockets out of my pool, Fat Boy (neighbor) is making this Gem not shiney towards him lol

  339. Katrina352 says:

    Rare gem you can come here anytime you like fly into jax and baby we going to seminloe casinos!!

    mr Sydney um have you thought about maybe REarranging things with your baby I read on here that it is commom to have like a 90day-120day type of thing and also if it is bruising you up a bit then you need to tell her. cuz eventually you will feel used or.. just have misgivings. just try to rearrange SHE shouldnt get upset i mean I wouldnt but that is me!! BUT what ever you do Let us hens know strictly for wisdom’s sake!!!

  340. sweetredhead says:

    Oh BTW they only have to give you 12hrs notice, but that is fine I am not trying to give them a hard time. Just not this weekend and not so early that is all I ask.

  341. sweetredhead says:

    REAL RARE GEM GAL I understand that all to well back in the day I turned heads everywhere I went. Never paid for a drink at a bar. I even modeled in NY for a short time (hated it) 20 yrs and 50 lbs took it’s toll lol. But I still feel like that beauty I was. Just stay away from to many magnifying mirrors these days lol

  342. Also to realtor Sunday is a sacred day of rest tell them it is against your religion lol

  343. sweetredhead says:

    Sydney Sd Honesty is always the best policy. Trips are very expensive. That plus an allowance you have proved to be a wonderful SD. Everyone has their expense limits and it sounds like you have reached yours. Let her know that. If she is the SB you say she is she will understand that. If you have the fun and chemistry that you say you do I am sure she will be fine with it. Sometimes (a least to me) it’s not all about the money.

  344. Hey KAT I can fly to Florida for a sb spa day I am free as a bird and BORED!!

  345. Maybe I am on a roll here defending my sugars but also, the law states you have 48 hours notice before a relaity can show a rental, and it is supposed to be in writing I mean who wants to be woke up with curlers in the hair to strangers going through their stuff!!! get locks he has no ket to tell him to give written preperation time after all they want it clean when they show a place too!! Anybody else need someone tude adjusted before I wake up completely and take my rollers out lol

  346. Sydney sd says:

    Hi everyone,I have been reading your blogs for long time,even gone
    back couple years to read up,so much help to me.
    I have a question,as know one knows about me being a sugar daddy
    to ask.I have met a fantastic sb,she contacts me most days and we
    meet every couple of weekends,normaly a trip away somewhere.The problem is it costs about 3k plus her allowance,she now wants to meet
    up every weekend.This is fine as we get on so well and love all the same things,but I can afford to give her the allowance plus trips etc everyweekend,but dont want to offend her by seeming cheap ?,any
    help how I can approach this.
    Earlier I read about sb,concerns at the first meetings.I always let the sb
    decide where she is comfortable to meet,maybe just tell your pot sd that

  347. caroline that guy was a jerk we are here to spoil and be spoiled not feel abused dump him I dont care if hes offering 50k a month you are a curvy sexy gal who can find many others WHAT HAPPENED TO COMPASSION you were patient when he rescheduled but what gift did he send when you had SURGERY wisdom teeth as an adult is horrible I know half my tongue is still paralyzed (I learned how to work around it of course now lol) sorry I just dont think we are here to be picked apart ,instead each appreciated for what we all differ in, all packages can be suprising. HECK my literally retarded fat sister has a rich hottie husband she met on the net and is happy His family takes care of them both AND I am the one the family has always been jealous of bahhh Maybe I would have been better to be fat and ugly and retarded and lets face it these guys PAY for a reason!! They arent perfect either so there You are a doll dont forget that! SKIP HIM NEXT!!!
    T In my opinion no offense to anyone (you either sis you know I love ya- truth is truth though)lol

  348. HI I just woke up wish I could say a sd and I were out having fun all night but nope, and the one that did email me (sexual) has not responded back. So I still do not even have potentials yet lol.
    I have been enjoying the new friend I am meeting here trying to not get discouraged etc., but it is difficult, I am used to (in the day) going out and being a first pick, but here their are so many intelligent beauties I am struggling lol.
    I have been playing with my gems and I just found a 4 ct. moonstone oh it is gorgeous!!! I wish we could email so we could send pics etc. Plus I agree there are some things we may not wish to say here, although we are here to support each other, sometimes a simple ? can get you bashed up pretty good AND DO NOT MAKE A TYPO LOL! OOPS no caps either even if you are half-blind lol. Sorry half asleep bored I want to take off and go somewhere.
    I said yesterday I thought it would be cool if we could have a sb convention lol, but I would settle to just go hang with a sb friend in Vegas or Heck I can fly or go anywhere just (on my dime) cheap tickets must be found lol.
    Speaking of HAD ANYONE SEEN ANY CHEAP VEGAS TRIPS or any trips where their are more men then women??
    Has anyone researched to find an area where there is a larger demand for women by chance??
    p.s I am serious about wanting to go and hang out somewhere I need a vacation bigtime any SB want a visitor I love the water and Gambling (Gamblers that is-lol)

  349. sweetredhead says:

    Photogirl you have mail.

  350. Katrina352 says:

    your realator should have given you some more notice rather then this… what would he have done if you were out of town or packing up the vehicle this morning?

  351. lisa says:

    That sucks

    I don’t like having to deal with stuff like that on my days off either. Who wants someone coming in to look around when you’re enjoying your days off from work.

  352. sweetredhead*269443* says:

    Not having a good weekend so far, cleaning house and the Realtor wants to show the house sunday morning, what is the deal with these people? Do they not understand it’s a holiday weekend and I don’t want someone coming over on a Sunday morning. What is so hard to understand. Sorry venting again.
    And I am such an easy going happy person sheeh.

  353. Katrina352 says:

    hey guys hopeeveryone is enjoying the weekend!!

  354. lisa says:

    I think it’s best to have a good close up of what you look like, and a full body shot to show your figure type. Professional photos don’t really show what someone really looks like, so I would think everyday photo of what you look like everyday probably work best. Getting views doesn’t matter as I have had over 300 views in the last 3 months but only a handful of flakey responses in that time.

  355. photogirl says:

    It’s pouring here!!
    But unfortunately not SD’s.
    I have not even had any profile views… other than the occasional one whose profile I looked at.
    Which leads me to my question… I had a photographer friend takes those for me… would it be better to use more ‘candid’ type photos or even ones with my camera phone?

  356. lisa says:

    I’ll send you an umbrella sweetredhead was suppposed to rain here today but it’s sunny instead

  357. sweetredhead*269443* says:

    No sugar daddy yet so it’s nothing until I find the right one. Many pots out there, but are they right for me. That is the question.

  358. Dani says:

    Sweetredhead: that’s awesome! When you’re done with all that luck, pass some of it my way! lol

  359. sweetredhead*269443* says:

    Hi everyone, think I am some kind of sugar daddy roll or something. Been talking to another pot and he wants to get together early evening for drinks. He will let me know as soon as he gets back. When it rains it pours lol

  360. tiramisu says:

    MichiganSB: From my experience, the sugar scenes in secondary cities are pretty lame. There’s just not a great concentration of wealthy men who are familiar with the concept of sugar dating. I think when you move to NY, your sugar prospects (and inbox) will rise dramatically.

  361. lisa says:

    I think you would do nicely in my neighborhood, lol

    But if you need to take caution, just go over and start running over the feet of Sweetredhead’s potential sds

  362. photogirl says:

    Funny Lisa…

    I shoot ’em with a canon! :) wait…that could be even more violent! Speaking of which… I am a bit concerned about tonights show… metal detectors and cops in full force tonight!

  363. sweetredhead*269443* says:

    I am just trying to help the girls out.

  364. lisa says:

    Good afternooon everyone

    Looks like a violent start. First Photogirl shot her favorite band (put down the gun), and then Sweetredhead wants to kill her landlord and someone ran over her pot sd’s foot. You guys aren’t in Houston so lets not be so violent, lol

  365. DC says:

    Hey OC- how was your date?

  366. DC says:

    Hi Gemini-

    As far as the jealousy issue goes….I have noticed that both of my SDs in the past would ask me indirect questions about it. They would never say straight up do you have another SD. They would dance around it. I think they were maybe a little jealous at the thought. My last SD kept asking me about previous experiences at the site and was very concerned how old the guys were. This SD is at least 60 I think and is probably sensitive about his age. Both of these SDs are married and knew I was seeing someone else who was not my SD and they were fine with it.

    But I do not have a regular long term arrangement with these SDs yet. I think if I did the subject might come up and I of course, would consider exclusivity.

  367. Dani says:

    I wish I could, I’m in Alabama :(

  368. sweetredhead*269443* says:

    If your in Florida come join us :)

  369. Dani says:

    Sweetredhead: You’re lucky! I wish I could have an SB-only night out! Have a great time!

  370. sweetredhead*269443* says:

    I don’t have a sugar date set up defiantly this weekend just a possible. But I am meeting a SB friend :) girls night out :)

  371. Gemini29 says:

    No fun on my end either. Work, grocery shopping, and lawn mowing. woo.

    I want to get moving on these pot SD dates! Waiting is so hard! *pouts* I just want to see if there is a connection and real chemistry with these potentials…get the ball moving on this! I’m so envious of you girls who have pot SD dates like every day of the week (I’m looking at you NYC SB and Sweet UK SB 😉 )

    In talks with a few more pot SDs, one I really really like but he lives across the pond in the UK and I’m not slated to get out there for a few more months. But for now I’ll enjoy talking to him, maybe he’ll stick around until I get out there for a visit! A few other pot SDs have poofed…but then I rather expected them to…they seemed more interested in hearing themselves talk about how wonderful they are to women then actually coming out to meet me. I’m all for chatting and getting to know each other, but there comes a point where you just have to meet and see if there is a connection.

    Oooh question for the experience SBs… do you ever find that your pot SDs (or still-in-the-new-stages SDs) get jealous if you are still looking or meeting other pot SDs?

  372. Katrina352 says:

    well yall I gotta grocery shopping catch yall later maybe I will find a Pot out in the open air!! ok yall love!!

    ana I ll check and mail ya back

  373. Dani says:

    This weekend will be pretty dull for me. I think half the town went to Atlanta for a football game! I had a weekend long sugar date last weekend, but he’s away this weekend :(

  374. photogirl says:

    NYC is going to visit another SB in Miami.

    Anyone else having pot meets this long holiday weekend? Nothing for me yet this weekend.

  375. Katrina352 says:

    nyc is going to miami I think
    coming for a date or sumthin

  376. FL ANA says:

    Oh i just saw she had a sugar date, i didnt know if it was old or new, sorry. I was just wondering about it.

  377. sweetredhead*269443* says:

    Oc your looking for a new SD? wow am I out of the loop

  378. FL ANA says:

    Hello everyone! I hope you all had a good night. katrina i just emailed you. I really like the idea of having contact with another SB.

    I may have a meet soon with a pot SD and im excited to try to take the plunge again. He seems interested in me and asks questions about me and things i like so i see that as a good sign. He wants to meet up for coffee so Im thinking its not all about sex “phew” and another good thing for me is that he is older but not to much and he looks cute from his pic.
    keep your fingers crossed for me!!
    and wish me luck!

    OC how did your sugar date go?

  379. Katrina352 says:

    where are all the daddys at today?? I wish THEY would tell some Sourbaby stories so some of us newbies wont goof up in the same manner!

  380. Katrina352 says:

    and I actually suggest that we at least have a contact of another sb e-mail at least just to maybe discuss things we may not be comfortable on here saying. I know there is a sb in Jax butI havent heard from her just yet. I think it would be good to have at least one person know where you are or whats going on that isnt judging you!

    hey Gem how is it going with the singles cruise thing???

  381. Katrina352 says:

    good morning everybody!! i seen Rare gem Sweetred Jessica Nyc*have fun* and the sb from michigan. HOWDYYYYY!!!!! how is it going this morning in sugar land!

  382. JessicaSB says:

    oops I meant blog not blob…although the looser SD is probably a blob as well…hehe

  383. JessicaSB says:

    Also being new to this, I noticed many of you talking about horrible SD experiences, Is there a way we can make a blog that calls these idiots out? I hate for all of us to be giving these loosers the satisfaction of meeting us when they have no intentions of being a real SD. Does the blog screen these kind of activities? It would be nice to creat a warning stay away from blob!

  384. JessicaSB says:

    Good morning all! I have to confess I have been reading this blog for the past few days and taking it all in like a sponge. I have been on this site for a few months and met a few great men. Here is my question for all you experience SB’s. I have one SD in a different state that I met twice now. We seem to hit it off, but he never emails or calls or anything. Is that ok? Do I say something or just enjoy the moment? He is financially very well off and does give me a nice $$ when we meet. But I was looking for someone that gives me the $$ but also romances me from time to time. Im not asking for a relationship, I am in one that I can not leave. But I dont want to just have a sexual relationship for money and then just have him dissappear on me? Advise? Do I say something or just give it more time? I dont want to scare him away thinking I want a relationship

  385. sweetredhead*269443* says:

    Too funny Sd Reports.
    I was woken up this am by my land lord cutting down trees in my back yard at 8am!! never wanted to kill a man before!! Then he tells me he will be over at 8am sunday morning to inspect the house, because a Realtor is coming over on monday to take pictures. All this before coffee!!
    I may be meeting a pot SD this evening he still has not given me a definite answer. He foot got run over by an old man in a big truck. He is not sure he will be able to drive yet. He is going to test it today. Poor pot SD!

  386. thanks leelee I hope to be a part of sugar family

  387. LeeLee says:

    @ Real Rare Gem Gal
    I have been reading your posts and you trually are a RRGG! :) I have so much love for my sugars :)

  388. I want to head for vegas anyone heard of any cheap trips? Or anyone want to go with we could have a convention lol

  389. photogirl says:

    Gem – I did not respond…it went straight to the trash!

    Also, I should add that it was not from SA, it was on another $ugar site.

  390. My 1st email and of course he talked of sex and is married danggg oh well it will be what it will be

  391. photogirl says:

    Just received this super short and sweet message…

    “would you be available to meet today or tonight if not let me know when would be good for you thanks”

    no photo…

    1st email!

    Someone is far to lonely this evening!

  392. photogirl says:

    Lisa… haha.. you are bringing back memories of my 8 weeks there! The next town over from me is very similar.

  393. photogirl says:

    SD REPORTS – Too funny… I just got home from shooting one of my favorite bands…decided to stay and watch the show from the sound board after shooting and while checking out the crowd could not help but notice those I thought to be SDs/SBs… It was interesting… thinking about what their arrangements might be. :)

  394. NYC SB says:

    Sugar fam I am off to Miami to visit a fellow SB. I hope everyone has a great weekend!

  395. MichiganSugarBaby says:

    Am I in a bad part of the country or what? I go to college in Michigan and every SD I have met in this state sucks. Of course there are not really any big towns in Michigan except Detroit(which is a joke and I live on the other side of the state) but when I meet SD’s they act surprised if an allowance should be more than $400 so I am shocked when I read stories about much larger sums, especially considering I’m a young, educated girl who does regular modeling. I had a regular SD I met on this site and we dated for a year and a half and I received about $1200 a month and he was a great guy but anyone I’ve met since then I refuse to follow up on because they act like I’m ridiculous for wanting $1000 a month AND they want me to drive to them(hours of travel) ………..I’m moving to NYC next spring after graduation, I am guessing/hoping I will be in the presence of more powerful men who can appreciate a beautiful woman? Or am I just being a brat and expecting too much?

  396. Katrina352 says:

    yall speaking of texas on a diffrent site I got flooded with texans i just started blocking people guys that would never talk to me.. just weird looked like fake photos just weird!!

  397. Katrina352 says:

    thanks oc I never know just what to say some times, like a white elephant in the room. but as I said I did find a pot today by accident and its like a old buddy from highschool I think hes 40ish and a banker really cool too

    hey ana keya 703 at yah dot feel free to e-mail at least we can be in contact!!

  398. Gemini29 says:

    Oh Lisa, you crack me up! That was priceless!

  399. SD Reports says:

    Due to an unfortunate incident with my significant other, I am unable to partake of the sugar frenzy and am now up in my room waiting for my dinner.

    I can’t even go downstairs as the witching hour approaches to warn the ladies to run for the hills.

  400. FL ANA says:

    Have fun OC!! :-)

  401. OCSugarbaby says:

    Your welcome Ana :)

    Off for a sugar date! Have a good nite everyone.

  402. lisa says:

    lol it depends how long they were in prison though, they might be looking for male sugarbabies, lol

    Going to watch some tv and relax. Have a good night everyone

  403. FL ANA says:

    I’m scared for the texas SB’s!!

  404. FL ANA says:

    Thanks OC!! im feeling the love already! I haven’t had the kind of luck I was hoping for on SA but im remaining positive and maybe one day my SD will find me.

    I never looked on CL for a SD because this is my first time looking for a SD so i figured SA was for me. its exciting and funny and scary too. I do have some stories to share but i guess i will share another time.

    I read about the inmates in texas (maybe that will happen in FL so there will be a whole new batch of SD’s here in FL, lol)

  405. lisa says:

    I’m sure as they get released, the will have the money to be in your area in 2 weeks, lol At least when you google them, you will get lots of info.

  406. OCSugarbaby says:

    Lisa: No way way way! Far too old. lol Lot’s of non AARP potential’s without criminal records available. Reminder to self… delete all TX pot emails. lol

  407. sweet SB UK says:

    Ha ha, liking the SD reports. I rarely see obvious SD/SBs IRL.

  408. lisa says:

    OC you might look there for a new SD :) I also heard of some new SD potentials in Texas. Inmates getting released after many years in prison after DNA proves them innocent getting millions of dollars. A new breed of sd potential in Texas, lol

  409. lisa says:

    Good evening OC

  410. OCSugarbaby says:

    Oh my Boca reminds me of my grandfather and visiting him in his retirement home! I remember thinking all the people in that town were ancient.

  411. OCSugarbaby says:

    Hey Katrina: Emails are your introduction. Maybe finding common interests, current events or just a light hearted way to get a general feeling about your compatibility. That could lead into phone conversations and even a dinner or meeting date.
    Everyone has their email style. Sugar dating has a full spectrum of Sugars. One can’t really say what is acceptable and what is not. It may offend the sugar who feels comfortable doing or saying what another is not. Talking about $ex and $ugar via email prior to even meeting cuts very close to the escort persona. Take caution with email conversations that quickly go in that direction.

    Welcome FL ANA!

    Hi ya Lisa 😉

  412. lisa says:

    Maybe they are on the way to revive some 70 year old man buying drinks for a 30 year old woman , lol

  413. lisa says:

    ok someone’s had to much excitement already, ambulance and police just sped by.

  414. SD Reports says:

    Further inquiry (in the Men’s Room) has revealed Friday night is half price drinks for club members. 70 year old men buying for 30-40 somethings. Half your age. Half the price. It works for them.

  415. FL ANA says:

    hey katrina352 I am from Fl, jax. Hi everyone i have been reading the blogs since i joined a couple months ago and i enjoy all the advice you give everyone. Everyone seems so nice and im glad to be a part of the sugar family now!!

  416. lisa says:

    This scene is within view of some of the top restaraunts such as McD’s, Wendy’s, and Taco bell

  417. lisa says:

    The Houston nite scene is in full force. Apartment parking lot is full of men working on cars and carrying cases of beer, plump women tending to children.

  418. SD Reports says:

    If you want to jet off your favorite SB to an exotic location in two weeks – or any other time – this 5 star location can’t be missed. The best restaurants are at the main resort (free shuttle ’til 2am)

  419. SD Reports says:

    Here on the scene at the Boca Beach Club. Mega SD/SB scene happening off to my right with about 63 year old and 28-32 skinny and tall.

    Estimating 8-12K/mo range. Serious dress code. Expensive wine.

    Bar scene is SD Heaven right now – Fri nite long weekend, but the slow season. Must be checked out in-season (if can get in the door. )

  420. lisa says:

    hi photogirl

  421. photogirl says:

    I have a pot from your area that I would like to talk to you about…

  422. BostonSugahBabe says:

    Afternoon Everyone!!

    Just got back from straightening things out down at my school. Start Tues and am soooo happy to be going back.

    Thanks NYC SB

    @Dani- Thanks for reading girl, I tend to practice my storytelling during my conversations. Keeps me sharp for when I write my books. I love Japanese culture and sushi! Plus I find the more languages you learn the more doors open for you. I already know three including english, adding to the list can only help me. Plus, if you want to talk business, the asian influence on America is booming, so idk I guess I am trying to stay ahead of the game.

    @ any SB’s esp. in my area- I would love to have some sugar friends to talk to. I must admit that having someone to share this with is comforting. I have told my sister [we are really close in age] because I want someone to know where I am at all times, just in case. But I would love having some sugar friends.
    Happy Birthday To Any and Everyone who is having that special day come around! Sweetred and other..sorry I can’t remember and too lazy to scroll up and look.

  423. Katrina352 says:

    I feel like if hes a Spoofdaddy being to the point elimanate those e-maildaddys . I say you ever had a sugsr-relationship before?
    then I ask what would they like in a sugar relation. then I ask wht type of assiastance would they be able to provide/.. and some how I ash how often could we visit.. is that kosher in an e-mail?
    any thoughts anyone??

  424. Katrina352 says:

    Sweetred got a question for you.. do you ask a Pot if he has had an arrangment before? is it ok to do these things in e-mail I just hate beating around a bush.. i dunno what do you guys think?

  425. Katrina352 says:

    ya know what Gem I Agree with your last post lol can you say hog tie??
    yeah Ill zap him with a tazer

    ha ha ha ha ha NYC wants our silly behinds hanging around her!! lol and

    I like that one too SPOOFDADDY Imma use that one
    Hey Sweetredhead

  426. where is everyone now lol did I forget my deodorant lol

  427. Anyone notice how fast the time flys when chatting lol I am behinde on my chores lol

  428. sweetredhead says:

    My best advice is it does not feel right don’t do it! If he make you uncomfortable then move on. If its not what your looking for, don’t settle. Ask questions, my first thought is always honesty. If he refuses to answer your question then move on. If he does not want to be honest then it’s not worth it to me. I do understand discretion and sometimes a SD does not want to tell you a lot before meeting, but his name is one this I will not compromise on

  429. NYSB Please be careful you are a true asset to women we can not let anything happen to you I can be a body gaurd if ya need anytime hun lol I love to travel and have never been to NY I am a midwest gal and we a tough beauties as NYers are smart But I would gladly kick some rude butt for ya if ya need backup anyday you are a diamond in the rough and I know my gems lol

  430. I dont dwell on the past fortunetly, although the bad days do come up. I wont be foolish I am generous to a fault but I know why I am here to be happy Thanks to all of you for the solid advice given!!

  431. photogirl says:

    Gem – I personally do not like it when they are sexual in their first email but that is just me…

  432. I must admit He is married and states lonely in profile, He was not rude in his implications just said As a mistress I would be well cared for and would like to provide a business opportunity to help me remain independent etc.
    Do you think he is fake should I give his profile number for advice on if he is a spoof daddy?

  433. Katrina352 says:

    hey ms Gem!! looking chipper today!! GEM give it a min and let him talk if hes a fakeodaddy hell hang himself with his words. I dunno if I would meet him just yet, and Remember to keep your gem collection and the past close to your vest!!
    GO GEM GO!!

  434. Katrina352 says:

    sweetUBK clothes shopping on the internet !!
    and boston its my birthday today and thankyou.
    and again who is in Florida anyway? I like to go in to things with a trusted friends opionion or at least somebody to say this is where I am !!

    ok I got a friend and a man he asked her hey ______ you need some help with your bills you know I can help you out. my poor friend got bashful.. I wispered in her ear say yes danngit!! and he said I can hook you up with 175 I whispered tell him a week!!and I told her you need a month dep up front. That man said dammm lady you serious. it was funny because he talk big and act as if he is a big shot but yet you cant pull 7 bills out . so needless to say he dosent talk to her like she stupid anymore!

  435. lisa says:

    If he starts talking about sex right away, when you haven’t even met, he’s not a real sd.

  436. I am so excited sorry sugars but do you remeber your first email? It is so exciting I just am worried how to handle the meeting etc???Because he was sexual in his email prior to talking etc??

  437. Gemini you and I need to email I have the largest most beautiful one of a kind of jewelry and gem collection most could never afford but I love making and sharing my gem collection can we email so I can send photos etc???I believe all women should have equal opportunity to have the best!

    And anyone remember I had a depressing experience yesterday with an ex? Everyone told me stay positive and was kind AND GUESS WHAT???

    I got a email from a potential SD!!!!!! He was a little sexual in his email though kind of bugged me but I got a response, thanks to all my Sugar friends advice I am kinda concerned though.

    Advice again please: What do you do if you are interested in a profile but the email is sexual versus getting to know you kind of thing??? He asked if I was ready to go somewhere and asked if I would enjoy wandering hands along the trip, promising to spoil etc. What do you guys think of that How do you let someone know that you are very pleasing after developing that chemistry, attraction first, without running them off. He is lonely over weight which I can handle but inside is important, he also is wanting to offer a business opportunity for security????

    I am excited and worried at same time? HELP Sugar family
    I am serious ladies don’t pay retail for gems the store only offers basic stones. I truely have the rarest and largest collection I have ever heard of and genuinely (over 50,000ctw of all kinds of stones) and I believe all women should be covered in bling. So if anyone is wanting to look at stones etc. I welcome emails, maybe mentoring would be worth a gift from me I appreciate all the help and I love sharing my beauties, ( I have met some friends that were sick -online and mailed them special gifts-to help give a pick me up) and there is nothing that felt better than giving and having a piece that no one else could ever have! Originally made for just for them! (They all told me no one had ever done that before I think that is sad I BELIEVE YOU GET WHAT YOU GIVE) I am literally talking about special gifts for my new friends and educators I AM NOT soliciting for business, I promise!!! I just get excited so I welcome any email buddies.

    Gemini I think you must have a bling bling fetish like me I would love to show you some things, I have made and show you some stones that would make your eyes bug out, I even have EVERY COLOR DIAMONDS Blue, RED!, YELLOW, green candelight black but that is nothing compared to some of the non traditional (unkown-at typical stores) stones!!!
    ADVICE ABOUT POT SD???What is everyones feelings about that situation?
    How can I turn him back to arrangement etc. versus the off the bat lonely sexual situation in first email?
    Thank you all for helping me I feel so much better today and that is thanks to you all I wish I could send everyone a gift!!!!I can’t stop grinning!!!!!


  438. sweet SB UK says:

    Caroline: Yes, many of the guys on CL it seems want an escort. Hope your date goes well, he sounds hot 😉

    Katrina: What is the relevance of escorts or madams? That is certainly not anything I would ever get involved with.

    Dani: I hope you feel better and am so sorry to hear that happened. I hope you have reported that guy to the police and SA. That’s what I’m scared of sometimes.

    LeeLee: Yikes, what a creepy date. I’m sorry that happened. I would have been so freaked out too. Don’t feel bad, why the hell did he bring his friend??

    Caroline: Sounds like an arse to me. It sounds like you have curves, but it’s not like you’re BIG or anything, what’s his problem? Geez, there’s no need to be rude to someone or make them feel bad.

    SincereSD: Yes, I made a genuine ad on CL some time ago but it was taken down.

    NYC SB: OMG! That is scary. Thank God you got home safely and were in public. I would be terrified. You are right to feel scared and to leave quickly. I agree, a group of men and one woman? My God. The money is irrelevant. Your health and personal safety are beyond priceless. I am surprised other people don’t seem bothered. So what if he gave you $2000? I’d rather have my safety and dignity than any amount of money. I hope you’re not too shaken  Don’t feel bad. Do whatever you feel safe with. Meet in very public places and if you’d rather not meet after a certain time, stick with what feel comfortable. Do not let anyone pressure you to do anything but feel safe. This is supposed to be a fun and relaxed way to date. How can you enjoy yourself and get to know someone if you don’t feel safe? Surely any reasonable guy would be happy to meet in public at a convenient time for you. It’s better to have no sugar than to take risks IMO. He was in the wrong, not you. Shoving some cash at you doesn’t make it right

    The upcoming dates are working out. Much excitement. Lack of clothes to wear though…ahh and no time or money to shop. What’s a girl to do??

    Hedgie is v keen to meet even though he’s jetting off the next day, he even suggested more dates later in the week. Excelente. He’s fun and interesting to talk to and has good taste!

    Culture has suggested a super swish place for dinner and seems v keen. I’m excited, but he’s more cultured than I am. I am cultured, but not to his level and his is some years older than me so I feel silly and unworldly. What if he thinks I’m some silly young thing? I’d want to learn from him, but I feel he might be thinking I’m more cultured than I really am. He seems honest, genuine and real from his writing. I never knew it was possible.

  439. ginaZ says:

    OK on the menu: Sushi, then painting my apartment, then it’s off to the gym 😉

    Stay safe sugars!

  440. ginaZ says:

    Hey BostonSB! I’m all for distance learning, but nothing takes the place of a class IMO, but it’s a good beginning! There is a Japanese cultural center that offers classes close by…hmmm… I was thinking of taking some classes too! Yes we live in a multicultural society so one can never learn enough languages!

  441. BostonSugahBabe says:

    ginaZ!!! Thanks girl, yes now that it’s come up several times, I want some sushi!

    Funny thing is. it’s an online class. How am I supposed to learn Japanese online?!?

  442. ginaZ says:

    Boston..Kudos to you learning Japanese!. Oh how I love my Sushi 😉
    Hmmm think I’ll treat myself today, take myself out to lunch!

    My school begins end of September at one of the big UC’s. One more year to go!

    LeeLee you’ve got mail!

  443. photogirl says:

    I mean at the g place…. oops

  444. Katrina352 says:

    is there anybody in florida? northern florida?

  445. Katrina352 says:

    OC you are great too I really really take stock in what you guys say.. like i said the otherday I actually take notes, I must be doing a good job I got called a shark, I mean a bill I cant reaarange my scedule for a bill
    I would love some e-mail from you guys though keya703 at yah dot!

    I met a POT *on a diffrent* site and he is cool thus far! hes a banker

  446. ginaZ says:

    Screening pot SD’s, Jessi’s poem does bring to mind a certain psychopath, Markoff, (who certainly appeared normal. med student, good family) so exercising caution is good. SA may have the potential to lure in the random predator. Even if it’s a “SD” who fakes his income to bed girls, or worse.

    I think OCSB’s advice rings true, “they will and should give you their name, photo, phone number, non-SA email account, city name in which they live and even their company name.”

    If you are traveling to pot SD you should be at ease in doing so, you would have been speaking long enough for comfort, sent money for taxi, prearranged RT tickets (or money to buy your own) and hotel. If the the SD is going to make this overture to begin with he will be concerned for your comfort and the potential that this is something long term. Though to make it easier, the SD should come to you, if he is serious.

  447. DC says:

    Interesting article. Unfortunately this news comes about 30 years too late for me as I spent most of my adult years overly concerned about my thighs


  448. DC says:

    Hey Lisa-

    Very funny and unfortunately these days..not a bad idea.

  449. DC says:

    Hey OC- I like that idea as well LOL. One younger and one older SD. Actually I have had both recently (not at the same time of course but within weeks of each other). I am 51 and one SD was about 43 and my recent SD says he is 53 but I think he is more like 63. I get along well with both but have more in common with the 43 year old and he is more fun.

  450. tiramisu says:

    Dani & Jessi: I’m elsunflowerchild at the g place. I’m already knee-deep in schoolwork already :/ I need a distraction from academics.

    Got a sugar date tonight; we’ll see how it goes…

  451. lisa says:

    The sb/sd screening process includes submitting blood and urine samples, birth certificate, driver’s license, fingerprints, place of employment, and so on.

  452. lisa says:

    Good afternoon everyone DC, Nitemare, SCCSD, and everyone else

    Looks like rain here today too. Just got back from doing a little shopping, ran into alot of people I knew, it was a nice outing.

  453. Dani says:

    Jessi- You’re lucky! I started school August 21st-ish. I would also love to talk to other SBs, that would understand what I’m going through. This blog is really my only outlet.

  454. Jessi says:

    tiramisu & Dani- I’m also in school and my intentions to have a SD are secret. I have no one to talk to or discuss this w/except the Lovelies on this blog. It would be great to email/be friends with other SBs.

    I start school on Thursday. Yipeee! :))

  455. OCSugarbaby says:

    I may joke around about things when I post, however the safety of the SB is not a joke to me.
    Not feeling comfortable meeting after 9pm or not wanting to fly to the Pot SD’s city for the first meeting is all OKAY.
    Please put your comfort and safety above all else and do what is right for you! No amount of $ugar can cover your safety and well-being. If the Pot SD does not give you a comfortable feeling of security before meeting, he may not be a genuine SD. They will and should give you their name, photo, phone number, non-SA email account, city name in which they live and even their company name. The gentleman SD’s that do that, are the SD’s that are genuine. Granted this info will be shared in time over a few emails or phone conversations. I know exactly who that person is sitting across from me at dinner, as does he. Take your time; it will be worth the wait. Rush into it and the $ugar has a greater chance of dissolving. ~OC

  456. ginaZ says:

    NYCSB the experience you described, the pot, showing up one hour late with 7 of his friends could have potentially been a dangerous scenario.
    You were wise to get out, thankfully you were in a public place. The pot’s bait was cash. Hence his bravado. Maybe he wasn’t dangerous, but can you imagine a similar scene, a girl showing up in a strange city meeting some guy in a hotel room. This is walking a fine line.

    Shoving 2k in a girls purse and hailing a cab had some modicum of decency, or does it? This guy was a high enough roller to throw around 2K like it was play money, but he sounds like he should meet up with an escort who would comply with such demands.

  457. Dani says:

    Tiramisu- I’m also in college. The only people that know about my lifestyle are the people on this blog (who are completely awesome!). What’s your email?

  458. tiramisu says:

    Any SBs want to become email buddies? I’m a college-age SB who would like someone to talk about the sugar life with. My sugar life is not open for discussion amongst my irl friends (not comfortable divulging that; don’t think they would ‘get it’)

  459. Dani says:

    OC- I think you are on to something! I know that many SBs could benefit from the knowledge of an older, grandfather like, SD.

  460. Dani says:

    DC- I love that idea! Only problem is that every man would want both SBs in the same room, most men have dirty minds (from my experiences).

  461. OCSugarbaby says:

    DC: I think the reverse would also be FABULOUS! (SB has 1 younger and 1 older SD)….

  462. DC says:

    Hi Dani-

    Maybe every SD should have 1 young SB and 1 older SB. This way they get the best of both worlds!

  463. Dani says:

    DC: I have found that experience is underrated. As I’ve gotten older (I’m not old by any means) I’ve noticed that the older a person gets the smarter they get from their experiences. I would think that men would like a more experienced woman, although I’m happy they like young ones too 😉 lol.

  464. Dani says:

    OC: Aww, I didn’t mean to make you feel bad. I’m actually great at answering emails. I’m not a poof baby. People getting busy I can understand, especially since if you are still talking through SA then you have to log in to view the email. I’m actually going to talk to pot later today. He’s definitely an interesting bird lol.

  465. DC says:

    Hi Dani-

    Unfortunately I get it. You see I am a much older SB and most of the SDs really want someone half my age. They contact me…seem interested but I am pretty sure they are fishing…the whole kid in the candy store mentality.

    Sometimes I hear from them in a month…I guess after they get tired of searching.

    I try not to take it personally…well I do of course…but I know I appeal to a small percentage here and I feel fortunate that there are a few guys here that appreciate what an older woman brings to the table.

  466. OCSugarbaby says:

    Dani: I am sad to say I can be a poof baby. I just get too busy or the person just can’t hold my interest. Yikes, that was brutally honest. Both SD’s and SB’s have choices and unfortunately not all stick around to the meeting stage. I know it sucks big time. I am going to be better at least answering my email. Now I feel bad.

  467. Dani says:

    DC- I find a lot of pot SDs are pff daddys. I don’t get it. I think if you are on this site then you should know what you want and not back out. If you have hesitation then you shouldn’t be on. You should make a conscious choice before registering.

  468. DC says:

    Morning everyone! Looks like it will be a nice day in Seattle but supposed to shower all weekend :(

    All my new pot SDs have turned into poof daddys. I got e-mails saying “just been busy hon but definitely still want to meet you” and then they poof. Frustrating but I have learned to just say….NEXT!!

  469. OCSugarbaby says:

    Hi Gemi: I gave you a new nickname… lol
    You should totally google yourself! Knowing what comes up is like checking your credit report on a regular basis.

  470. Gemini29 says:

    Now THIS is a riot! I reverse checked my own phone number just to see what comes up if a guy searched it….
    Wrong city. Wrong county.
    Lists my address as being in a WRONG state. lol!!

    I guess it pays to keep an old number that you got back in your college days! 😀

  471. photogirl says:

    Thanks ladies… since he included his work email I took a look at the website and indeed there was a profile for him… obviously a very busy man. As well as an additional photo that he did not have on his profile here.

    I will give him the benefit of the doubt but will not send any addtional photos…at least not yet.

  472. LeeLee says:

    @NYC SB

    wow i would have felt very uncomfortable! I guess these are all experiences that just make us stronger. It bothers me that SD can twist a SB/SD relationship to where its all about sex!!! and its disgusting that he would assume thats what you were all about and why you were on SA! But to bring his friends to parade you in front of is embarrassing! He should have maybe talked to you one on one like an adult to see where you stood about it and not bring the party with!

    @Caroline and @GinaZ

    W from seattle is the same guy! I have yet to talk to him i did not want to exchange numbers and asked him if he wanted to continue to get to know each other through email. no response! but knowing that hes just cuttin and pasting the same email to all of us doesn’t make me want to get to know it at al! Caroline be careful! Let us know how it goes!

    @gemini29 your right! i’m in a new state with people i dont know and i’m married its hard to be safe and protect myself when no one knows what i do!

    Any SEATTLE sugars in the house? holla at your girl! Bebe luv xo at hot mail place! lets have a sugar meet :)

    Now i’m off to work! but i’ll check the blog later! have a good day sugars!

  473. Dani says:

    Photogirl- I’ve seen a couple of profiles with that part being left open. I, personally, would not like a pot to email me like that. I think he should be curious about me and ask me questions (and I do the same to him). I have had guys email me, and the extent of the questions for him were “do you swallow?”. I stopped talking to that guy obviously. Just use your gut.

  474. stephan says:

    Nitemare: LOL, that’s a clever way to look at it, and perfectly logical IMO :)

  475. NYC SB says:

    SaccharineCoatedCeasarSaladSD – He followed me outside and grabbed my hand. For all I know his friends could have followed me out and stuffed me into a cab… one girl against 8 men is not fun… i did not feel comfortable

  476. Dani says:

    LeeLee- I’m so sorry for what happened to you! I don’t think I would have last as long as you did. I know you will find an SD that is a wonderful, kind man who will never put you in a situation that makes you uncomfortable!

    NYC SB- I can’t believe that guy did that to you! I’m sitting in the library reading your post and my mouth actually fell wide open. There are people that are totally into that kind of activity and I’m sure they have websites for that, that perv should go register on one of those websites.

    Caroline- I don’t like to think negatively about an SD before I meet him, but from things that you’ve said he seems a little “off”. I definitely wouldn’t meet him in HIS hotel. I met a pot in a hotel in NYC, but he was not staying there. Please be careful, and that goes out to everyone on the blog!

    Lauralie- Welcome to the blog! If the SD doesn’t seem to like the idea of flying 2 girls out, make sure you are in contact with your friend. Even tell the pot that your friend knows where you are. When I spent last weekend with my SD (I don’t know if I can definitely call him that yet) my mother knew where I was, a friend in NJ did, and even texted a friend in AL. None of these people know about my lifestyle but having people know about your location helps.

    BostonSugahBabe- I did read your post before I went to class this morning, and found to be a bit entertaining. I’m not being mean when I say that! He definitely seems to want to meet you, which is good. What made you want to learn Japanese? I have to admit I have a serious thing for sushi, so I don’t blame you.

  477. OCSugarbaby says:

    Photogirl: It may be a photo collector. But why would anyone want to reply to something so impersonal? Mass Marketing tactic. I like to call it the SB-shuffle… 😉

  478. NitemareSD says:

    The half your age plus seven rule is designed to compensate for the feminine age fudge.

    Thus the 40 year old guy who selects a 27 year old ends up with a 38 year old and balance remains in the universe.

  479. photogirl says:

    Good afternoon everyone!

    I have a question… I received a message from an SD that I consider to be very impersonal and would like some feed back. He addressed nothing in my profile nor did he ask me anything about myself… looks like he coped and pasted what was in his profile into the email and ended the message with:


    He is out of state.

    Also, I am assuming by his 5 digit profile # that he has been on the site for quite sometime, please correct me if I am wrong. Under the description for what he is looking for in an SB it just says ‘open’

    Is this normal? Usually the messages I receive are much more personal and have additional info that is not listed on his profile as well as taking the time to ask me questions about myself.

  480. sweetredhead says:

    Back to my hell day at work. a family practice on a friday before a holiday weekend ughhhh.

  481. sweetredhead says:

    We he was a creep BUT he did give you the 2k for meeting him, even if his intentions were creepy he stood up and paid you for meeting him, and sent you home in a cab.

  482. OCSugarbaby says:

    NYC SB: Email me off line. Lot’s to talk about!!!!

    TLG: Adios mi amigo! Enjoy the sun, sand and tequila!

  483. sweetredhead says:

    My birthday is tuesday does that mean I have to change my age on my profile? NOT maybe I will subtract 1 cause we hit 40 I think we should be able to subtract from out age lol

  484. SaccharineCoatedCeasarSaladSD says:

    NYCSB – I don’t understand your story. I know it was far from anything you wanted, but all you had to do was say no and walk out. He even got you a cab and gave you the 2K.

    I know you hated it, but where was the danger? The guy was stand up in pushing the money, he just didn’t want anything close to what you wanted.

    Now as a consequence you won’t meet anyone in a perfectly safe public venue after a time that by NY standards is hardly late? Does that make sense?

  485. NYC SB says:

    thanks katrina you are too kind!

  486. Gemini29 says:

    Okay anyway, while my post is left in the dark maw of moderation land…

    I love this blog and the sugars in it! You all are my sugar girls! This blog is why I joined the sugar world and the SA, because I saw the comraderie amongst the girls here and everyone seemed so smart and on the ball. Totally not what I though most SBs were like O:-) It is so nice being able to come here and bounce ideas or thoughts off of other people, and get advice and give advice, and its just really really nice. cheers to whoever decided that SA needed a blog! It would be really awesome if the SA decided to put together a forum but that would probably be too much structure for the sugar world to handle 😉

    I think finding a sugar gf in your city or in your area is a really good idea, we sugars are stronger in numbers! 😉

  487. Katrina352 says:

    nyc is just awesome!

  488. Gemini29 says:

    yup…I got moderated. damn. lol.

  489. Gemini29 says:

    Hey you girls are my sugar girls! THIS BLOG is what attracted me to the sugar life and SA. I found this blog…months back…and read and read and lurked and lurked and finally took the plunge and joined up! It is SO nice to have people to bounce ideas off of and problems and yeah, where would we sugars be if it weren’t for each other?

    On a completely off-topic note…sugar has invaded my life! I totally thought of NYC SB when I saw this…Jewelry inspired by Manhattan… http://www.jewelry.com/designer-manhattan-collection.shtml Wouldn’t it be bank to find a SD who could afford one of these pieces for one of us?! I love love the Time Square necklace, the Central Park Necklace and the Bulls and Bear Bracelet. Ah, a girl can dream!

  490. NYC SB says:

    On the topic of getting a group of SB friends… I have met two girls off the blog and they are both awesome… I also like to keep in touch with OC, DC and Ginaz over email… this way I have a good group of women with which I can talk to about my sugar life.

  491. SugarBirdie says:

    I love this site. For a young woman who is extremely busy and thrilled with my life at the moment dating people around my age just doesn’t work for me because emotions always get too strong too quick- I don’t have the time for a traditional relationship.

    I have never tried anything like this before but I have dated some older men previously, which didn’t work out because the expectations weren’t clear from the get go. Additionally I find it easier to play with people when the arrangement is casual and everyone knows from the start it isn’t a long term thing.

    Nothing wrong with an ambitious young woman who enjoys life to it’s fullest, and btw just because a young lady might like SD and SM doesn’t mean it’s about the money- might just mean she has a deep appreciation for the meaning team player, got to leave the options open.

  492. NYC SB says:

    Boston – email me at d_fantassy_girl on the y place with a photo and i will forward to him.

  493. BostonSugahBabe says:

    Good Morning Sugars!

    From My Last Post that was kind of long, so I can understand if you just looked it over…

    NYC SB–Still waiting on that connection hun!

  494. NYC SB says:

    LeeLee – well thats terrible… but here is what happened to me and how I handled it. Mind you this was in the very early stages of me being an SB…

    A man contacted me on the site… offered me a nice allowance in the p4p kinda way and we made plans to meet. I arrived on time… he was late and told me to wait. Finally (1 hour later) he comes in with 7 of his friends. He sits with me and his friends sit at another table. He looks at them and tells me “You are hot we can play” Hands me 2k (that was what he offered me to meet him) and then leans in and says I have 7 friends over there and me if you sleep with all of us tonight I will give you 20k more. I was outraged… Got up gave him his money back and told him no way. He followed me outside and said “ok ok I will give you 30k for all of us and then you can come to poker night every thursday and it will be the same deal” I was getting scared at this point and told him that this is not what I am looking for and I apologized for wasting his time (trying to be polite). He showes the 2k back in my purse and tells me to think about it. He gets me a cab I get in and never ever talked to him again…

    From then on I never make plans to meet anyone past 9pm even at a restaurant… that mistake will never ever happen. Safety is key and that night I did not feel safe at all.

  495. SincereSD says:

    About Craigslist:

    I tried CL about 5 years ago when I ended my first sugar relationship. I had become a SD quite by accident with a student I was seeing. Several months into the relationship, she lost her bartender job. I (selflessly) offered to help knowing full well she would have more time for me if she wasn’t working. The rest is history … I graduated as an alumni of the University of SD. (OT – Stephan, this might be a good topic for a blog … Why did you become a SD or SB? When keeps you in the lifestyle?)

    Anyways back to our regularly scheduled program …

    At that time, sugar dating sites were few and far between so I started to search CL. It wasn’t a great experience as there were a lot of escorts on the site but there were several woman looking for a SD. Believe it or not, I actually ended up seeing someone “genuine” (not an escort) from CL but that’s another story.

    The worse on CL were the “posers” … escorts who were posing as SB. Their profiles and responses tend to be well written and different from the rest of the ads offering hourly experiences. Sometimes a little too smooth or the use of an escort lingo would tip me off. A simple search of their name or phone number was very revealing (no pun intended).

    However, there were a few legitimate ads on CL but I think most or taken down because of sketchy responses from men who frequent that forum. I now use CL to crosscheck responses I get from SA (yes, I’ve found some escorts responding to my profile). There are duplicate profiles from SA on CL; if I find a match, I delete the message.

  496. Katrina352 says:

    lauralie be careful I am not fond of being out of my home city with a new Pot for a inital meeting unless I have a relative there and make sure its out in a public place and tell him its just a lunch/coffee strictly a meeting.!

    My advice is to read the blog archives someone else must have had such experince an impart some wisdom on it.
    good luck be safe

  497. ginaZ says:

    Caroline just to be on the safe side maybe meet him at the place for lunch not his hotel. Too many stories lately on this blog of younger SB’s raped, or lured into a situation they can’t handle.

  498. Caroline says:

    Hmmm, so I called him and we talked about stuff~ He mentioned the hotel he’ll be at and said he’d arrange a taxi, I think we’re having lunch. I hope we’re having lunch. I have a feeling if he messages a whole ton of girls up and down the west coast he’s just looking for a girl in every port so to speak.
    He asked if there was anything he could do to take care of me now, and I mentioned that I owed a friend of mine 215 dollars and he said he could take care of that Monday.
    I asked if he had a SB before and he said he did, they were together for a while and she moved to Europe for a job… I asked if he messages girls often and he kind of avoiding the question by saying “I usually get mail from 2-3 girls a week, and I really liked your profile”…

    He asked me to keep Monday open for him for our date. I will keep in mind the words that you ladies have said in hopes of spotting the snake in the grass before it strikes.

  499. ginaZ says:

    Lee Lee so sorry about the meet That sounded like a veeeery uncomfortable situation. So sorry it happened. wise of you to leave as you did!

  500. Lauralie says:

    Hi you guys! I just set up my account yesterday and I have been reading this blog all night and day-it’s addicting! I have talked with a few guys 2day and one of the pot SD seems really great. He has already sent me his info and I googles him and he seems legit. He has offered to pay for me to fly and meet him. i live in Montana and he lives in CA. My question is…is it completely unreasonable to ask if I might bring a friend? I wouldn’t bring her on the date but it would just make me feel a lot safer even though he seems like a total sweetheart! Or is it too soon? Do the SD usually propose this kind of stuff right off the bat? We emailed 3 times before he asked. U guys just seem so nice. I’d appreciate any input

  501. Caroline says:

    I’m thinking yes. I just got a call from him on my phone, but I was watching Project Runway… I am calling him in half hour… Maybe I’ll ask if he messages girls often… See what kind of answer I get and then I’ll know…
    I’ve had two account on SA, and he’s messaged me on both of them. I didn’t think anything of it. But yeah. I’m thinking less and less of him now.
    I am glad the blog is here for girls to talk about these kinds of issues!

  502. ginaZ says:

    Yes Caroline “W” from Seattle same one, same exact email. Strange that I live in Cali, does he always contact the new girls? Be safe. 2 1/2 months same MO.

  503. BostonSugahBabe says:

    Hello Sugar Bears!

    So this morning I woke up uber excited about my first date. I instant messaged him at 8 am like I promised. It seems I impressed him with my punctuality and reliability. We chatted for a few, getting the details of our date straightened out. We were to meet at a busy intersection close to my house. We exchanged numbers and agreed to meet 20-30 mins later. Of course being me I ended up leaving my house 30 mins later after doing and redoing my hair and changing outfits about 10 times. Almost halfway to our meeting spot I realized I forgot to save his number in my phone [Gosh Im such a ditz]. All the excitement and I forget to save the man’s number. SMH.

    Once I got there I sat and waited for him as nervous and as excited as I could possibly be. And I waited…
    And waited…
    And waited..=[

    Finally realizing that I’ve probably been stood up, I left to register for my classes disheartened.

    To be honest I was a little pissed with him. For one he talked so much about how he hated people who cancelled on him without notice, and he just up and did the same thing! I wanted to email him, but I wasn’t sure what to say. So I decided to simple ask “What happened?”

    When I got home I noticed I had received several emails from him starting with:

    “Here”…& then “Hmmm”….& then ” I was there waiting for your call. I can hope that you lost the number – honestly, I butterfingered yours and lost it. Bummer.” [He is so silly. it makes me smile though]

    XD…so he DIDN’T stand me up! He was there just like I was. And Just like me he lost my number as well [which I don’t doubt, he seems really sincere].

    What a relief!

    I replied quickly, saying how I had forgot to save his number as well, how I was waiting for him too, gave him my number again and ended with something really corny like “Guess we are two clumsy peas from the same pod.” ¬_¬ Jeez..Could I be any cheesier?

    I got a call from him about an hour later, and we plan to actually meet again. I Love this guy!

    Is it just me, or is he the real deal?

    In other news I start classes on Tues. Wicked excited about learning Japanese, and thinking about studying abroad for a semester or two. Just thought I’d let you guys know what happened, and I actually think it’s a pretty funny story. Great one to tell our kids 😉 LOL

    Keep it positive ladies and gents. I send sugar vibes to you all! <3

    P.S NYC SB–Still waiting on that connection hun!

    Sweet Dreams…

  504. Caroline says:

    Huh. Yeah, he is ‘W’, from Seattle. We talked on the phone a few times, I posted about him above in this post.
    I’ll keep my guard up. He offered to pay my taxi to where we are meeting… I’ll have extra cash on hand just incase.
    Thanks ladies!

  505. ginaZ says:

    Lee Lee I will check my email 😉

    That email… a guy from Seattle? Sounds familiar got it to, word for word about 2 1/2 months ago. I even called but he flaked so we never met. Maybe be careful, you would think after 2+ months…

    Caroline that pot… sounds a bit off, trust your gut!

  506. Caroline says:

    LeeLee- Oh… I am meeting him this Monday! He sent me the same exact message a few days ago.

  507. The Lone Gunman says:

    G’nite everyone!!

    Headed to Cozumel for a long weekend…will be back late Monday.

    Stay safe and love and laugh lots in Suger World!


  508. LeeLee says:

    oh sorry i emailed him asking him why in his own words i am just what hes looking for.

    i hope hes real!

  509. LeeLee says:

    just got an email from a POT sd

    “I would love to be your new sugar daddy an have a arrangement with you. you are just what I am looking for. I will be willing to give you
    $5000 a month + shopping can I call you so we can talk about a time to meet up. you can call me at**********”

    what would you think/do… i emailed him and asked him


  510. LeeLee says:

    thanks for your support! I agree with Gemini29! esp after my incident tonight if you have a red flag go up TRUST your gut! your life is too precious to put yourself in a situation where you feel uncomfortable!!!! If your not happy with email correspondence do justify that the meet with be any better! I tried to do that and i should have just listen to my gut! regardless of what you choose to do we are here to support you!!!

    thank you for your words! It was terribly scary and i’m very hesitant to have a meet again with any pot SD! I wa suppose to have a meet next week and i emailed the pot sd and told him what happened tonight to see what he will respond. I asked him to be honest and if he was here just for sex then to count me out! Both pot sd that i have been talking to want asians only so i feel its a sexual preference. count me out

  511. Katrina352 says:

    anyway my pot cancelled, but he had a funny way of saying.. he said he promise to make it up to me. ok I dunno what that means and I believe he has a SB before so I hope I get a little trinket!! and he said happybirthday to me which is very smooth he been studying my profile!
    Night ladies and gents seen and un seen!! and
    caroline you ought slap anybody who says your fat hes probabaly all outta shape him self! I wish I was a size 10 lord id stay at a pool!!

  512. LeeLee says:

    @ginaZ i sent you a message!

  513. good night Thank you eveyone

  514. Gemini29 says:

    LeeLee- That situation sounds awful! I don’t think I would have even given that guy 30 minutes. You were absolutely right to walk away. How horribly scary, that would have left me shaken and frankly down right freaked out too. *hugs*

    Caroline – All I can say is go with your gut. If you think he’s throwing red flags, then he probably is. I’ve never understood tactless men, they think they can say anything and still get the girl in the end. You deserve better than that. And more importantly, you deserve better than a guy who still uses the letter “U” in place of the word “you”!!! (sorry, pet peeve)

    Anyway, night all. I OD’ed on ice cream tonight, bad bad me.

  515. Kat I accidently went to multiple blogs looking for people I di not realize it was everywhere I apologize but I was told we could come here for some Sugar cheer up.

    Believe me I fought hard to stilll be the loving smiley gal I am. And am proud of that but I need support sometimes, excpecially when hit from out of the blue by unexpected jerk sorry.

    Trying to not make typos but having keyboard issues lol need get a new one.

    I am thinking of going to vegas 3-4 days necer been not sure what to look for lol

  516. Caroline says:

    Leelee- Wow! That is totally ridiculous. Do not feel bad about what happened, it was totally your right to leave! A complete loser and that could have turned into a dangerous situation… He wants you to come back to his place… His friend is there to back him up incase you said no. It was the smart thing to leave.
    You are beautiful, you totally deserve better than that.

  517. Caroline says:

    So I have another date with a guy from CA… He is coming up to Portland and we decided on Sushi. He had to reschedule for two weeks later, which was fine…
    Only the thing is I feel like he is a little rude…

    I recently got my wisdom teeth out. I allow people to see me on webcam before we meet so they can be sure that I am who I say I am (no nude shows!).
    I didn’t feel like getting on cam… It was laundry day and I hadn’t done my hair/makeup… So I told him my face was still swollen (it was only slight) So he said he’d wait.
    So he waited a few days and I showed him myself on cam… I had sent him a good handful of pictures (full clothed body too) and his reaction was “Hmm. You appear a bit stockier than in the pictures” and “Your face is very full… Still quite swollen, huh?” My face was back to normal. I swallowed my tears “Haha, yeah, I still look like a chipmunk”.
    I was quite ataken back. I’m am curvy, 37-28-38, size 10… But It was like when someone calls you pregnant and you aren’t? He asked to see me today and added “I hope ur face is smaller”. Wow. :( lol. I said I was busy and couldn’t get on cam.

    Another thing… I am moving this Saturday and I’ve mentioned it a few times… He asked How I was doing, I said I was doing good. He asked “did u move?” I replied with “Saturday” and he said “ok, u might of said that 100 times already”. Attitude! Why the F* did you ask if you knew the answer?!

    I felt like we were really getting along and now I don’t know. I am not the one to cancel on someone but I feel like this guy is not that nice and I’d rather not waste a night eating cheap sushi with someone I know I won’t get along with.

    Gem Gal; Punctuation and sentence structure is your friend, no offense intended. Vegas cruise sounds good, don’t go wild. 😉 Maybe take a vacation to a quiet B&B? Or just take a nice spa day. Mmmm. A Hot stone Massage totally melts away all my worries and stress!

  518. Katrina352 says:

    Lee lee I wouldnt have given a damm and I woulda asked the friend if he wanted an arrange ment too! and I woulda said 4k a month and fro the POT 10k for being an a#@$hole lol they wouldnt made me blush!! think what would nyc do!!!

  519. Katrina352 says:

    ms Gem you done told that story 4 times on 4 diff pages! ya know I take notes on real pertinate stuff that would be a good way to have you a game plan when you got to Vegas*which I think is GREAT idea* read what the daddys say read what the babs say listen to the sticky situations its all relavent! Ms. gem I got my game face on when
    i am at the grocery store !! you do the same… hell i gotta try a little harder I think cuz i got Junk in the trunk and these guys want a barbie doll but what the heck I stand in line ANY WAY!!! and I started going to the gym too … I am being positive with my insecurity you be wise with your mistake of the past!… now for real Iam going to bed

  520. LeeLee says:

    OMG I am so upset! I wish i read this blog before i had my first meet!
    I definitely need better ways to screen SDs…

    If you read my profile (372043 ) it states very clearly what I am about.

    This “SD” emailed me and said he really like my profile and thought i was beautiful and we set up a meet a week later. The emails were short and to the point. Not showing much emotion (i posted this is the test drive blog) and i figured i was nervous because i’m new and this was my first meet.

    Well we met today and I walk in to the restaurant and there are two guys sitting there! The “SD” (who was much older then what he posted ) i was suppose to meet said that his friend by chance was there too and he invited him to sit down.

    i felt sooo uncomfortable being stared and ogled at by these men. Any girl would have red flags going up when they walk in to a meet and greet and have two guys there. And it turns out that the “friend” lived 40 mins from this place and he just happened to walk in and his friend was there. When i ask what he was doing in the area he got all flustered and gave some lie. It was clear that the “sd” invited this guy! After 30 mins i excused my self and then said that I had to leave. The” SD” said i was rude. I can’t even begin to explain how uncomfortable i was. I mean who does that?

    I was not going to talk about an arrangement in from of this other guy.
    I mean if this was a blind date (which really it is) you dont bring a friend!

    It seems that all the SD who email me want to meet right off the bat. And they dont want to give their real names. And if they do they ask mine and I dont want to give my real name! I certianly dont want to give out my number! Maybe I’m not cut out for this. I could use some real good advice and support right now! i’m very shaken up about this meet…..

  521. thanks Kat it was just hard when he called out of the blue made I hadnt paid his renewals telling me I shouldnt have lived I wouldnt bring my problems to my DD it is my job he relax and not be tense I was just talking to the sugar family sorry x0000000thanks hey how about vegas versus cruise for quick trip

  522. what are you meaning hun I was tinking of like roomate I dont want love relationships again after the experience which upset me so i am sorry if i offended you let me know what ya mean and where is a good place to go alone yet have fun kinda cheap yet classy???

  523. Katrina352 says:

    and on that note good night!

  524. Katrina352 says:

    I get that but what i am saying is your sb was a D#(K ok! but thats the past, you not gonna latch on to a good sugardaddy projecting such negative energy… them men got they buisnesses ther wives and kids to worry about WE are supposed to make it all better…. at least for the moment so I am saying yes get a buddy find a college gal down on her luck go on a cruise for singles! but the doc/the pity party you are having needs to stop.!! you are in control of yourself and you descions. that Jacka$$ sugarbaby had a good thing but after awhile you knew he was garbage, you let have your spirit. just like now he still got it! let the past go

  525. I think I lost everyone again lol

  526. I meant I prefer to be sweet and nice I was hurt someone I helped for so long said such hurtful things. Was my writing confusing? I am seeking a SD for me having been taken advantage of long enough ready to enjoy what I worked for.

    I would like to take a mini fun vacation somewhere new to travel seeking advice

    Also was thinking maybe I could help a platonic gal by free roomate in my area huge college town

  527. Katrina352 says:

    ms. gem I know I change my mind but did you read what you are writing? you are completley contradicting yourself this is ONE example… remember more bees with honey than vinegar!!

  528. Katrina352 says:

    ahhh haa Gina I never did understand that stuff so like elliot was a P4P type of arrangment of sorts ??

  529. Katrina352 says:

    ok valocity dot they have stuff look for a singles vacation but just in general people act stupid at times you cant help that.
    you stiffen your lip and move on… and dont worry those who do others wrong do get theirs, and dont dwell move from that place be positive never know when some sweetness will fall in your lap.

  530. I also am wondering someone mentioned it earlier I might be interested in a sugar baby myself I mean I live alone in the country their is a college Mizzou here can you have a sugar arangement like that? Would that be offensive

    I hate living by myself I have a private place pool I still want a sd for me what are the opinions on that please

  531. It is not my nature to take **** but boy oh boy I WILL NEVER BE A SM AGAIN I at least know how to be kind and loving not just greedy what a huge blow to my ego on picking good people

    I am glad their is a place to go for advice and support, I hardly ever have bad days since health returned sorry hope I didnt damper anyones day.
    T/ areal rare gem gal always at the Y we all could use friends my isolation period is over I am ready for fun not drama.

    I was so loving and kind to get ++++on how can anyone be mean to someone who has done so much for them?

    I paid all his bills 7 years plus 6 after break up to et on his feet how could he so cruely say I should have died Doubting my self that is very rare So I need to go on a acation ANY IDEAS for a single gal to have fun traveling alone where should I go to cheer up have fun but not cost a fortune?????Please

  532. ginaZ says:

    Katrina352 heidi fleiss was a madame in a position of power, where as Elliot Spitzers gal was a high priced call girl, someone who would have worked for Heidi.

    Having had good luck some 4 years ago I thought I would find out (in my rather discreet way) via Cl, if I find a SD there versus on SA. The range is bigger on SA, more geography, more possibility. We shall see.

    Several people know about my sugar life. But I’m very very careful whom I disclose this to.

  533. Katrina352 says:

    I have a question ok its always 2 questions but heres the first
    Would anyone be a sugar of someone in office or highranking public offical? I got a police officer intrested*I say no*
    and wht is the diffrence of like a hedi fliess type/or the gal with the Elliot spitzer deal/Reille hunter? whats the diffrence?

  534. Caroline says:

    Dani- Yeah, I totally understand! I am blessed with having really open-minded friends, the two that know about my SB life. I am just worried about inviting friends over and them asking questions, confrontation is my least favorite thing in the world!

    I am lovin’ the blog! :) Thank you, I hope so too!

  535. Katrina352 says:

    caroline and dani you guys should exchange numbers I wish there was a gal over here in florida that I could bounce ideas off of…. danngit we need a Sugarbabies annomus place say everybody write your number down and throw it in a hat then everybody pull up one and VOLIE we have a sweet network! but alas how to bring my idea to life????

  536. Dani says:

    Caroline- I find it very difficult to find people to talk to about my SB life. In fact, the only people I share my problems with are the people on this blog! Most of my friends and family would be horrified if they knew about the lifestyle, so I save myself the headache and just leave them out of it. I have heard some people on this blog have a few people they can talk to, which is fantastic for them. Many people, however, are not that lucky. This blog serves as their only way to vent and get opinions (from both SBs and SDs). I hope you find some nearby SB friends!

  537. Caroline says:

    Oh, to clear up any possible misunderstanding about my first paragraph on CL; I never met any of the “Johns” or pseudo-sugar daddies.

  538. Caroline says:

    I find that CL Sugar Daddies are just Johns, plain and simple. Out of all the ads I’ve read there and emails exchanged it boils down to an Adult Services ad, in reverse. Never offering above $150 for my “companionship” for exactly an hour … This was before I joined SA, but I knew that after a while things would not change and I gave up.

    I have started looking for a SB friend on CL though… Just trying to see if there is a moderately young girl (18-28, without a baby and/or drug habit but these seem to be mandatory for all CL SB…). I am signed up on another SB Dating site but all the girls there are escorts, blatantly obvious. Nothing against them, but I’d rather not go get lunch and go shopping with an escort or prostitute.
    I searched on SA (Literally went through about 2700 profiles worth) and found a few women in Portland, but they were in their late 30s and I would have felt strange asking them out to coffee (I am 18).

    Does anyone have advice for finding a SB friend? Just someone to hang out, go shopping/movies, talk about sb/sd things with? I have two friends who know about my SB life but it’d still be fun to have someone who actually knew what I was talking about haha.

    Screening process;

    I try and be upfront about what kind of arrangement people are looking for. It may be blunt but if someone is really unsure as to what they want, its a big tip off that they’re just going to waste my time. I’m fine with discussing arrangements in person, however if you aren’t prepared to meet within a few weeks then I’m sorry but it’s not going to work out.
    Anyone who is looking for a live in girlfriend, or a wife, wants me to relocate are automatic dismissal too.
    I like older men; love having a mentor and someone to look up to so I tend to screen out younger men. Often just looking for a cas. hookup, which is fine for some people but I like having discussions and going to shows/concerts as well…
    If they ask for nude pictures or send pictures of themselves nude… Oh, thank you, I have never seen a penis before, I appreciate you showing me what the male anatomy looks like! Not the time or the place!

    I am very excited!
    I have a date for this coming Monday, he and I have talked over the phone several times and he is a handsome, older black man. We get along great so I think this will work out positivity. :)
    Good luck with anyone else who’s going on a date this weekend! Labor day 😉 Have some fun in one of the last nice weekends of 2009! Haha!

  539. Katrina352 says:

    yep I def am!! I think Ill say 30 though what the heck I have it down pat now!!! lol

  540. Caroline says:

    Agreed on CL; Men who claim to be sugar daddies are just Johns looking for a girl. They’ll not offer you anything worth your time and pure companionship is not what they’re looking for, in the cases I’ve delt with anyway. Why should feel the need to give you 5,000 a month when they can get a girl on Erotic Services for $50 an hour?

    I’ve been using CL to try and find female sb friends! Girls who post looking for sugar daddies there all seem to have a baby and a drug habit though. I looked on SA (I literally browsed through 2700 female profiles to find 7 ladies in Portland) but most the ladies are in their 40s and I’d feel weird asking them out to coffee or shopping!

    I am also a member at sugardaddyforme.com, however I think I have encountered more time wasters and to put it frank, creeps than anything. Guys wanting to fly me out to Vegas for “private parties” and emails recruiting for escort agencies. I looked for SB friends there too, but I literally feel like the only real SB there… So many blatant escorts, especially girls with “rates” in their profile!

    Anyone have any tips for finding SB friend?
    It gets lonely shopping alone and although I have two close friends who I can dish about my SD/SB life to, it’d be easier to have someone who knows what I’m talkin’ about! Haha.

  541. Dani says:

    lol Katrina your age doesn’t matter. The whole thing is how young you feel! I hope you’re going on 16!

  542. Katrina352 says:

    thanks NC have fun at the gym!!

  543. Katrina352 says:

    Thanks dani eventhough i am going to be 32 AGAIN lol

  544. NC Gent says:

    Happy B-day early Katrina :) night all — heading to the gym and then home!

  545. Katrina352 says:

    Gemini I have SEVERAL things the guys say and lots of stuff nyc says and you too and sweetred I pull from everyone and whynot it makes us stronger if WE*babes* all carryon in the same manner makes the GENTLEMEN know which are sugarBabys which are lemons/Sourbabys!!

  546. NC Gent says:

    Hi Gemini — sounds like you have your eyes wide open on the matter. I have met a few SBs that invested time in a “single” SD only to find out he is married. For that matter, I had an SB for 7 months that had told me she was single but turned out to be married. It completely sucked to be lied to for that long :( I know there are a few single, sane, generous men on SA and I have no doubt you have “the goods” to reel one in!

  547. Dani says:

    Happy (early) Birthday!

  548. Gemini29 says:

    NC Gent- You always come up with the nicest, most polite ways of putting a rather sticky situation! I think I’m just going to start copy-pasting your comments into a word document to refer to!

  549. Katrina352 says:

    thanks nc gent I have been what verbage i will use tomorrow! I am wondering among my pots who paid attention about my birthday being tomorrow. Detail,Details

  550. Gemini29 says:

    NC – You offer so much good advice, and since I’m planning on fine-tuning my profile soon, I’ll let you have a go at it too. Eeeek….

    As to your question…I realize that many of these SDs on here are probably married. I just…can’t…go into it KNOWNING they are married right off the bat. The pot SDs I’ve got possible dates with in the future I’ve checked up on, and for all that I can find, they appear to be single. And if they did spill they were married, yes, I’d most likely break it off. And if it narrows down my field, so be it. Plus I think there are a multitude of divorced/single men who are sick of the dating field and want something more fun :)

    Then again, I fit the normal SB profile….young, slim, pretty, fun, and I have long legs and a killer smile 😉 I’m hoping that there are enough single sane successful and super generous guys out there interested in a girl like me 😉

  551. Katrina352 says:

    tyany thanks for heads up he was one that contacted me too! why you didnt call the police?

  552. NC Gent says:

    Hi Alize — regarding the cab fare — just be honest — say something like — I am really not in a financial position to be stuck with a cab fare, so it would make me feel a lot more comfortable if you could pre-pay for my transportation. I think he should be ok with that.

    You need to discuss allowance I think but I wouldn’t expect one — maybe a small gesture but some get more. I would be prepared to say something like … I need this much help based upon my current expenses that I cannot cover and give examples — that seems to go over best.

    hmmm unfortunately no rules… be yourself, no free test drives, and ask questions that show your interest if you truly are interested. Also, here is one that always amazes me — even if you don’t see a future, at least thank him for buying dinner – it means a lot and I only got a thank you about half the time.

  553. Dani says:

    NC- You are very helpful! I really appreciate all the feedback. :)

  554. Sweet_Alize_Baby says:

    Thanks NC, how would you like that phrased to you, if you were party? I don’t want to come across as needy, just now is not a good time what with rent due and such. I am just not sure what is kosher and not here just yet, and I don’t want to make an a** of myself. But I don’t want to get stranded in down town Denver either!!

    * So should I approach an allowance on this first date?
    * How do first dates usually pace?
    *Are there any ‘rules’ I need to know?

  555. DC says:

    NC Gent-

    Thanks for pointing out that girlfriend experience is a common escort term. I put that in my profile and didn’t realize the connotation. I have removed it.

  556. NC Gent says:

    Hi Dani — couple of things — you might want to expand what you are seeking. Also, it isn’t certain to me where you live — I am assuming you spend most of your time at school now at Alabama? You might want to say what times of the year you are in school :) You have really nice legs, but you might want to show them off in a different manner than your third picture :) You have a really cute figure Dani — maybe I can suggest a nice sexy (but fully clothed) full body shot with face from the front as your first picture :) There aren’t many co-ed SBs in Alabama, so I think you should be able to find someone. Maybe you want to indicate what degree/field you are seeking — that provides a lot of info — best wishes :)

  557. Jessi says:

    Hi Everybody!

    Internet went down earlier, but I’m back, baby.

    Tanya-I’m glad you got away and that you are SAFE now. I agree he should be Black Listed.

    NYC SB- Oh, if only we could bottle it…

    Did I share my bad news regarding dance class? At registration, I was given 4 classes as part of a thing and one of those conflicted w/the dance class I wanted. :( Boo-hoo. :( Couldn’t get out of it.

    I could do one day a week, instead of the usual 2. I will have to sweet talk, torment, harass, stand outside the studio with sad puppy eyes- SOMETHING- to get into that class! I won’t get credit because I’m maxed out, darn it, but I care not, Lovely Sugars. I feel sorry for the PE department. They be seeing a lot of me! There’s some stupid thing where the fitness room is open only 3 hours or some ridiculousness. **Sigh** Time to rally the troops.

    Now for the topic:

    >What is your screening process for potential SD’s or SB’s?

    I’m using common sense and intuition, as I have no idea what I’m doing. I’ve only been with steady long term boyfriends, so dating is a little alien to me.

    >Have you ever searched for sugar on CL? If so, how did it go?

    See “Craig’s List” by Jessi.

    In my experience, the men on CL have no idea what SB/SD is. The people I’ve had contact with thought of it as a “service” rather than an arrangement. They tend to cancel on you and disappear, or just disappear altogether!

    >Does anyone have any sugar news to share? Do tell!

    Sorry. No SD for me yet. :(

  558. Dani says:

    NC Gent: Thank you so much! It’s 273579.

  559. NC Gent says:

    Alize — have you asked your SB if he has pre-paid for the cab with a credit card? Anyway he can send a car and not a taxi – that usually requires him to pay upfront — did you call him and express your concerns? Best to communicate with him and he will understand if he is worthy :)

  560. Dani says:

    Sweet_Alize_Baby: I was recently where you are now. I was soooo nervous for my first sugar date! I made sure I was wearing something that I felt confident in. Depending on where you’re going a certain way to dress is appropriate. If you’re worried about the money, take a credit card with you, just in case. While you’re with him (and interested) let him know that you are. On my first sugar date I didn’t let him know that, and I was!

  561. NC Gent says:

    Hi Dani — if you send us your profile number I can see if there are any red flags to me.

    Gemini — I saw you are only seeking single men, and I understand why. But I have to wonder just how many single, sane, wealthy reasonably attractive men are on this site. I know if I was single, I wouldn’t pay :)

    Cautions for me — all sorts — have they been looking a long time? Do they say things like looking for love? Do they use escort terms like GFE, BBJ, etc? Do they project an upbeat and positive personality? Do they have a more than a few line description? I guess some of the same things that you SBs look for :)

  562. Sweet_Alize_Baby says:

    Okay I’m new to this and I have my first Sugar date tonight, the guy wants to send a cab for me.. The guy said he would send a car/cab and pay, but I don’t have any cash today since it’s the first of the month.. Kinda freaks me out leaving the house that way to meet a SD that could turn out to be a no go. Any ideas? And then of course since this is my virgin sugar date, and suggestions and tips would be appreciated! I’m kinda freaked right now…

  563. Dani says:

    Yes, that would be very nice. I’m in the same boat as you, I send a nice intro email and rarely hear back. I either think they don’t think I’m hott enough or they just don’t want a sugar relationship (in that case I think they should delete their account).

  564. Gemini29 says:

    Actually, I’d REALLY like to know what kind of introductory email message SDs prefer. I email a bunch of them but very rarely do I hear back, so I’m not sure if my “nice note” is either not specific enough or not what they want to hear…

  565. Dani says:

    Yes, I’d agree. I’d love to know if having something in my profile is like a red flag to some of them. At the current moment I’m not sure if I exactly have an SD…it’s a problem :(

  566. Gemini29 says:

    Hmmm….all the blog SDs must be wrapped up in work or their SBs…but I’d love to hear how they screen their potential SBs too….

  567. Gemini29 says:

    Tanya- Yes, did you file a police report? Thats a pretty scary thing, I’d report his abusive butt to the authorities.

  568. DC says:


    Only time will tell. Sounds like he found you special so hopefully you will hear from him again. I advise you to go about your life. Try not to obsess about it. Most of these men are extremely busy at their professions and some have wives and kids as well. I try and give my SDs a very long leash. I don’t even contact them unless they tell me they would love for me to just check in with them every now and then. I find it a very fine line between my checking in to say hi and their wondering if I want to see them because I need my allowance. So I find it best to wait for them to make the first move.

    For the most part these relationships are NSA. Unless you are with a man looking for a real girlfriend they probably do not want to feel they have to call you or check in with you on a regular basis or have any drama that is more typical of a traditional relationship.

  569. NYC SB says:

    Tanya — I hope you file charges… if he hit you he might do something worse to others…

  570. Dani says:

    Tanya- THANK YOU!!!!! I got a message from him and he wants me to call him! Now I definitely won’t! I’m sending good sugar vibes to you for that!

    I spent this past weekend with my SD. He told me several things, and I really enjoyed spending time with him. I’m nervous about when he will email/call to invite me up for another weekend. He told no woman had ever been that good to him (and he did ask me questions, like if I took you there would you do this?…and not in a sexual way). Sugar family, what do you think? Will I get a call/email (this weekend he had a pre-planned trip)?

  571. L'amant Imaginaire says:

    Hello, another european sugar person (I don’t like really using baby sorry)
    coming to weigh in on the topic.

    I have had experience with arrangements and just started up a new one which has been merveilleux, but he was a gentleman and even on the first night of our meeting he said as much as he wanted to invite me to spend the night he didn’t find it appropriate and so we parted ways till a few nights later (as he lives in another part of europe) and we spent a full afternoon together before well the lesion. HOWEVER, before this I feel I am guilty the same as that girl; I met a really attractive and charming man on the site and he not only invited me to his city but to stay in his home with him. He made the offer so non chalantly that a) made me think he was a pervert and invites girls around all the time and b) he wasn’t willing to travel (only an hour away) to meet me somewhere safe. I am embarassed to say I was afraid if I said no (as we had spoken a few days) he wouldn’t like me and so I went. Obviously I came out unscathed but I wouldn’t ever make the decision again and am glad that the website really cares about the safety of the young women, and perhaps the men as well as women can be equally as dangerous.

    I am not around to post much, but I do have arrangement experience with both a long term one, a long distance one (which was the same arrangement) and one that was a bad mistake so I can help give someone advice if they ever need it, especially if you are in europe and having some trouble with your search. I think because it is more tolerant here to date someone of different ages and backgrounds than it is in america (or so I’ve found I know others might disagree) that perhaps it isn’t necessary so much to be on a site like this but i read about it online and wanted to meet some new people without having to go out so I joined.


  572. NC Gent says:

    Hi all — viagra increases blood flow (and thus sensation) in the genital area for women just like it does for men. There is FDA testing being done now and it should come out as a product for women also. Many women (not just OC) are reporting heightened sexual sensation when using Viagra, as compared to a placebo. Ok — enough Dr. Gent for now lol

  573. ginaZ says:

    Tanya I’m so sorry that happened to you. So glad you warned us all, and let the admin no of this creep. Please stay safe everyone.

  574. ginaZ says:

    Good mornin’

    Wow Viagra, never tried, but chocolate, champagne and whipped cream does wonders 😉

    What is your screening process for potential SD’s

    It has changed, though I prefer meeting someone right away, I also like at least one phone conversation. If someone is too brisk, generally they are that way in person. I like to know something about their previous SB/SD relationships (if any) which extends into the financial discussion (even if mentioned briefly) Smarts, intelligence, warmth, good writing always does wonders. I mention I have a child and if I sense that is a problem then I don’t even meet. If someone is too pushy that makes me step back.
    “Offers” I have found are conditional, the SD’s may send the same “offer” to 20 other pot SB’s. For every gesture a pot SD makes I share more of myself (no not just physical)

    Have you ever searched for sugar on CL? If so, how did it go?

    Yes, had great luck actually though this was 3-5 years ago. I was paranoid at first as it was my first entry into this world. Some type of trust would need to be established. I always met at the same place for lunch (cozy seating, comfortable for me…could only imagine what the waitresses thought though) I prefer SD’s 50+, more mature, less games generally. In some ways I’m finding the process on SA more difficult than CL, but I’m still hopeful.

    Does anyone have any sugar news to share? Do tell!

    Found a tiny bit of sugar this summer. Just a little. Hoping to change my luck soon though! I’ll do a change of profile and pics and start over perhaps. So far too much push pull. I may give one pot a second chance as well. think big! NYCSB is my SB idol 😉

  575. OCSugarbaby says:

    On a much happier note! I am off to go sailing for the afternoon. Playing hookie from work. My boss invited a few of us to go out on his boat. I love to crew on a beautiful sunny day. Too bad the wind is only 5mph. Nothing like a wicked windy day out on a sailboat! Until tomorrow Sugars, play nice… ~OC

  576. OCSugarbaby says:

    Tanya: If you met him on SA please forward his into to SA to consider having his profile taken down. It is a strong statement that you wrote. I am sorry it happened to you. Please keep things safe and until you know someone quite well stay in public areas.

  577. Tanya says:

    Girls please be aware of a man in Ft. Lauderdale Fla calling himself domdaddy. I met with him this weekend and came home with a black eye. It’s still black 5 days later. Girls please be careful!

  578. DC says:

    Why not call NYC SB? What do you have to lose especially if he is offering such a large allowance. Some of these guys just like to cut to the chase or aren’t good with e-mail.

    I have found the same thing with guys who want to IM right away. In my case they have always been under 40. The conversation immediately turns to “so what do you like sexually” or “what are you wearing”. At which point I end the conversation because they have no intention of doing anything more than IM sex. I have never had an over 50 SD do this. Most of them are not of the texting/IM generation. I had one SD who was so delighted to even have an e-mail correspondence with me because he had never done that before.

  579. OCSugarbaby says:

    NYC SB: Call, just call…

  580. OCSugarbaby says:

    TLG: Well, we bought it and split it up so we each had 2 pills. We took them back home to use with our BF’s at the time. Indeed they did not need the blue haze of Viagra, but when taken together as a couple…. Wow I have always wanted to try it again. 😉 I also had cuban cigars in my bag! I took good care of my BF. 😉

  581. NYC SB says:

    Ok ok — I need advice!

    I reached out to a man in Naples, FL who had an over 20k allowance range. His response “I am very interested in you. Call me at xxx-xxx-xxxx”

    Do I call??? My helicopter SD (who repeatedly poofed, but always provided a huge allowance) did the same…

  582. The Lone Gunman says:

    OCSugarbaby says:“Viagra is not just for the men over 50! It can also be fun for the ladies. Last year my girlfriends bought some while we were in Mexico.”

    What effect does Viagra have for women, OC? I take it that you all tested the effect while still in Mexico, since I’m not sure you can bring it back across the border unless you have a valid prescription.


  583. OCSugarbaby says:

    Gemini: Now you did it! Can you hear the thundering feet of the married SD’s that just joined running for the hills… 😉

  584. NYC SB says:

    I am not sure how true my statement is… it is something i read about in my SD training class

  585. Gemini29 says:

    Oh, I remember what I was going to write before I got distracted by OC’s great story….

    Another screen for me is married men. I just…nope can’t do it. I realize this narrows things down for me, but thats ok. What a single man chooses to do affects him only, but what a married man does affects his wife and kids.

  586. Gemini29 says:

    OC- oh lordy that is tooo funny! I can just see it now: The SD reaches for the viagra and the SB leans over and says “give me some of that too! baby has needs you know!”

    Morning everyone! Off on another sugar search, trying to pounce on the new members and dazzle them with my….dazzliness!

  587. Cee cee says:

    I’m a newbie sb, and all I’ve ever been able to detect from sd is lies LOL,
    what I think is some of these accounts are being set up by immature guys who may very well be teenagers, then they contact you wanting you to instant message them, so they can have the experience of chating with you, in the mean time they know they lying, just wasting you time. So here is what I do to screen out bullshit.

    1 Profile has nothing written in it, your profile suppose to tell about yourself if they don’t share that, I don’t waste time

    2 One word emails etc ‘hi’ they really have nothing to say and I don’t either.

    3 MAJOR they send their instant message account right away, so they can chat for hours, days, or months with you. When they send me their instant message account… I tell them “sorry, I don’t chat”

    This is how I screen sd, and it works for me


  588. OCSugarbaby says:

    Viagra is not just for the men over 50! It can also be fun for the ladies. Last year my girlfriends bought some while we were in Mexico. We thought it was funny and heard it was a great sex enhancer for women as well! Yup, it is… but too much of a good thing will make you go blind. LOL

  589. sweet SB UK says:

    Gemini: I do similar things too, if they pass the basic screening 😉

  590. sweet SB UK says:

    OC: Thanks!

    NYC: Ha ha, maybe ”over the age of 50” will be added to my screening…

  591. Gemini29 says:

    NYC SB – Hahah! Not true though, I’ve seen plenty of SDs over 50 who are still like “screw screw screw” Its enough to make me want to take the Viagra away….

    Ok now I’m going to get flamed by the over 50 SDs on the blog… *braces*

  592. OCSugarbaby says:

    NYCSB: That cracks me up! Kinda true for many but hopefully not for ALL!

  593. NYC SB says:

    SD whose age is under 50 tends to have the mentality of “screw screw screw” where as 50 and up have the mentality of “you you you”

    soooo idk id rather the 50 and up

  594. OCSugarbaby says:

    Morning DC and SweetUK: Sweet UK I will sent that email today to you! Good Moring Gemini too~

  595. Gemini29 says:

    What is your screening process for potential SD’s or SB’s?

    Hee, my first thought when reading Sweet UK SB’s screening process was…Hey! Same here! I have a rather detailed checklist in my head, and a guy has to pass at least 8 of the 10 different things I look for on his profile. Yes I’m picky but then…I don’t want just ANY SD, I want the one that is right for ME. 😀

    Second screen is emailing them/calling them. You can figure out some red flags in emails. For example, I had one guy who seemed super nice, but flipped out on me in one email over a simple question. It was enough to turn me off and I declined his offer of an arrangement. I also look for good grammar, sentence structure, and spelling in emails. Lazy emails typed like “u prty niec gurl” make me head to the delete button.

    Third screen is knowing their real name so I can do a google search on them.

    And really, I just use my gut instinct to suss out a situation. If all my alarm bells are going off, I decline. If everything seems calm, I go forward. Women could do themselves a great favor by trusting their gut more often.

    Have you ever searched for sugar on CL? If so, how did it go?
    I wouldn’t do that…I mean I look occasionally to see what is being posted…but its all pretty horrifying and scuzzy. This just seems way safer.

    Does anyone have any sugar news to share? Do tell
    A few potential SD dates in the coming weeks, which I’m very excited about! One guy seems like Prince Charming, and I really hope he’ll be as wonderful in person! 😀

  596. DC says:

    Mornin OC 😉

    I wish my in-box was full! Been kinda slow lately.

    SWEETSB UK- my recent SD claimed to be 53 but he looked more like late 50s, early 60s. Why lie? Well clearly they don’t get as much interest if they are in their 60s and post their real age. I have learned to get over this in the sugar world. Would I tolerate this in the non sugar daddy world? No way!

  597. OCSugarbaby says:

    My Screening Process?

    1. Run name thru Google, Spoke, Linkedin to SD-ify the potential. I would expect the same. I come up in all of the above! The SD needs to have more hits than I do. I love powerful men. Super Sexy. Ok, my mind went to mush for a second there.

    2. Do we have common interests? Does his picture give me sparks?

    My screening process is simple. If I have this person as a Potential, he is already in the top 10 percent of the SD pool. That means he wrote something charming enough and was persistent enough to get my attention. Contrary to what most SD’s may think. SB’s email box’s are full and we don’t have to chase. It’s the one that is respectful and not in a hurry that gets my attention.
    I have a very good gut instinct. I lead a Zero Drama life and screen carefully to keep it that way. ~OC

  598. sweet SB UK says:

    I’ll add to my post:


    I don’t mind about age really, just be HONEST! I’m here partly because I do prefer older men. The only thing that bothers me is when people lie. Why lie? I once looked up a guy and it turned out he was 6 yrs older than he claimed. I didn’t mind his real age at all, but I just didn’t see why he needed to lie to impress (?) me, especially when he was Google-able – I presume he must have realised he was Google-able. Anyway.

  599. DC says:

    Morning sugars!

    What is your screening process for potential SD’s or SB’s?

    ….usually I like to know their name before I meet them so I can Google them and make sure they are in a position to be a sugar daddy. However I did go on my sugar date this week not knowing anything really about the guy except the industry he was in. On date 2 I asked him who he worked for and later that day I googled the company and found out he was legit. So usually I do more due diligence than I did this time. This time I kind of went on my gut instinct. But he did give me 1K at our first coffee date so I at least knew he was serious about an allowance.

    Have you ever searched for sugar on CL? If so, how did it go?

    ……omigod…no way!!! That’s too risky. Although a male friend of mine did tell me he met an SB on CL not too long ago. She was a student advertising for financial help. He later found out she was a professional escort because he saw her ad somewhere.

    Does anyone have any sugar news to share? Do tell!

    …..not much to tell. Saw my SD this week. Nice gentleman but a little reserved for me. He said he would contact me when I return from my trip last week in September. Conversing with another gentleman here who I’ve tried to meet for months now…he’s too busy. He sent me a nice thoughtful e-mail yesterday which I responded to thoughtfully. I have another friend in town with an account who is much younger and he sent her the exact same e-mail! So I was a bit bummed by that…not so much that I as shocked..more by the reality of it all. That he of course would want to try for someone much younger than me first. I hope to win him over….somehow…if we can just meet…