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What’s Your Preference?


There is a common assumption that Sugarland is only for certain ‘types’ of men and women. Everyone has an idea of what a Sugar Daddy or Sugar Baby is, or perhaps, should be, but there are thousands of neo-sugars breaking the mold.

One 78 year old Sugar Baby is glad she came across SeekingArrangement in the last “season of [her] life”. Her elegance and charm shined through her honest and unconceited profile. In less than a week, she began an arrangement with a slightly younger Sugar Daddy, who was eager to spend time with a woman who knew how to appreciate it.

The fear of rejection keeps many away from sugar, especially those with low self-esteem. Yet SA can attest to countless success stories from all types of sugars.

How have you dealt with rejection in Sugarland? Just keep moving?

What percentage of your sugar preference is physical vs. Arrangement-based (i.e., matching expectations, trustworthy, etc.)?

How was your Labor Day Weekend!? Did you spend any of it with a sugar?

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910 Responses to “What’s Your Preference?”

  1. GLPlayground says:

    @ Lisa – I think you should be more specific in your description. First best thing I would suggest is to be honest in everything.

  2. GLPlayground says:

    @ Sky – Are you a SB or SD?

  3. Sky says:

    Hi guys. I’m new to aall this. Anyone got any good tips for me? I would really appreciate it. Its best to hear from people that have had direct experience. xoxo

  4. dutchbeauty says:

    Hi Happy Lurker;

    I did read your comment about the dutch people, but if you read my post well, i wasn’t really talking about dutch man but man in general, it kind of look you want to make a statement about dutch culture or behavior regarding money, but i don’t think you’re right in what you say about that, cause like all other people in every country with its cultures their not all the same! Therefore i think it’s not nice to say all that, and next to that, i havn’t dated a sugar daddy from holland but from other countries in europe, although they defenitely do react on my profile (the dutch) but they where not my type so far.
    So the few man that are in the blog are always the same…and the woman are defenitely a majority here…and i just think that it would be nice to read their opinion too…so that was my point!
    Anyway happy lurker; i wonder where you get those idea’s from…i’m from Amsterdam by the way!

  5. Lisa Marie says:

    Ok…thank you…I will jump over there to join you. And I changed my name…I found the other “Lisa” after I posted while reading the blogs. SO now I am Lisa Marie.

  6. SuthernExec says:

    Welcome to the blog Lisa – I would tell you that we have had a “Lisa” that has posted for quite some time so you might alter your name a bit to avoid confusion (like “Cali-Lisa” or “NJ-Lisa” or something like that).

    Also, most of the people hang out at the most current blog topic (SugarCoating the Edges), so you’ll find more people there who can help you with your questions.

    Welcome aboard!

  7. Lisa says:

    Hey everyone. I am new to this. I am a single mom and I seem to have 3 views on my profile, but no bites. i am not sure what I should say in my profile anymore. I am divorced with 2 kids. Starting over with my life. Obviously needing some help. And also looking to meet someone I can connect with. I have a good job, I am working on going back to colllege, and I am stable to an extent. But I dont know exactly what to “state” on my profile.

  8. texasD says:

    If you are going to do that Angie, i would just google it and see what comes up, i think you can easily find public records, although I am not 100% certain.

  9. Happy Lurker says:

    Hi Katrina,
    Food, food, glorious good ! No, I am not from Spain, but I love the country and its cuisine culture.
    Yesterday it was beautiful weather in Belgium and my friends and I had a wonderful shooting day for partridge. The Gazpacho caliente en the Empanadas were a huge success as a picnic.
    Thanks for mentioning the other meals.
    I will find some recipe on the internet and let you know.
    This is so much better than comfort myself with junk food or reading about horror SDs.

  10. AnGiE says:

    Hey everyone, this is my first time posting on one of the blogs. I’ve been a member or sa for oh like a year and and a half I’d say. I’ve spoken with some really great guys and oh couse some real creeps and jerks as Im sure most of you ladies have as well. I’ve chatted with a few potential sd’s but it hasen’t gone farther then chatting and I’ve had one meeting with a potential and he was truley charming and sweet but the chemestry just wasen’t there. I think that I’ve had plenty of chances for other sb sd relatioships but to be honest with you it does scare me and Im a scared of meeting a real phyco mabye Im just being parinod and watching to much tv. I do have a question though mabye it would put me at some ease, I see in many of your posts that you’ve done backround checks on your potential sd’s, how exactly did you do that? I would really like to know. Anyways Im always up for some advice and would appeciate it. Well Im going to watch some crappy late night tv and eat some junk food that I really don’t need lol have a good night everyone ! :)

  11. GLPlayground says:

    Ok, so is VixenTreat still in this comment universe? πŸ˜€

  12. CARTIER says:


  13. Miz_Red says:

    Ok so im a little late o_O lol.
    I jus’ read those few comments after mine.
    I’d like to jus’ chat with a few SB’s who have a lot of experience with SD/SB relationships. Im semi-new to this whole thing and im having a bit of trouble. Its hard to me to get involved with someone giving th’ circumstances I am in. But that’s part of th’ reason I am seeking a SD. Also, I am *Plus Size*. & I’ve noticed not too many men what/like that. I mean, im gorgeous, lol, I jus’ have some weight on me. Naturally, I am thick. Though after 2 children and a lot of stress & turmoil in my life, I’ve struggled to stay fit.

    I do have some past experience as a SB [2x] but 1 SD took things too far, and th’ other was perfect [we only stopped our involvement bc he moved]. But th’ plus factor in both relationships was neither of them wanted sex. They simply wanted a well rounded woman to spend time with going out, & to talk to about any & every thing. They both just simply wanted a friend outside of they’re usually circle. & that’s what I want! & really, what I need. Bc I feel I am not 100% into having a sexual relationship with someone whom im not committed to. I have a man in my life who I am emotionally attracted too [thou not serious with yet], so naturally, I don’t want to ruin that. Also, I am trying to jump start my career and would love to have someone to help guild me along the way. I need some serious financial help and a loving friend.
    Do most SD’s prefer blonde bombshells?
    Will I find another SD even though I am *plus size*?
    Does every SD want sex?

    I jus’ would like some guidance from SB who’s a pro! Lol!

    xoxo <3- Red

    Pro#: 367023

  14. very new to this – was going to register as SD but ended up putting myself up there as SB – is 47 too old to be one as a male
    happy to travel anywhere in world as am in uk, very flexible – but wondered whether the idea of people coming to me as a retreat to get away from life could possibly work
    any thoughts

  15. NJLady says:

    One more thing…Everyone moved to Sugar Daddy Dating Profile

  16. NJLady says:

    Hi AngelDoll….Like yourself I’m new to this also…I email these guy’s and don’t get a responds…I have no idea what they want to hear, someone said don’t get upset if you don’t hear from them right away ….I do know this much….treat this like you would any other date! Do not go any place that isn’t familiar to you, go to a public place with a lot of people around….if you want have a friend go to where you are meeting him….being descreet of course or let them know where you’re going, give them the name and the phone number of the place….Hope that was helpful…Welcome aboard.

  17. AngelDoll says:

    Hi I’m new to this whole thing. I just wanted to know how it works. I mean do I message a guy i like and if so what do I say. Or do i wait for guys to message me and if so what should i look for in the contents of the letter to give me hints as to what type of guy he is and if he wants to meet should I do it with a friend or should I go alone. I dont know so many questions come into mind and I get very nervous about the situation. Please respond and thank you in advance. ~<3

  18. NJLady says:

    Real Rare Gem Gal…..I’m still looking for a SD….I rewrote my profile like The LoneGuman suggested…..I can’t believe my life as come to this….I really thought I would be married, with a couple of kids by now. Hell I know women who are Grandmother’s at my age! No one said, get married in your 20’s or 30’s because when you get in your 40’s no ones gonna what you…..Now their saying it….I tried, for the past 4, 5 years, doing the right thing. I tired other dating services and those guy’s on there say their, “looking for their soulmate”, but when you talked them, they don’t know what they want….you go out to meet them, they’re to cheap to buy you a cup of freakin coffee…..After seeing the 20/20 special, I thought I would give this a try. I’ not dump, I know what the deal is. I’m not going to lie….I’m here because I need assistance right now….I tired of carrying the ball. If someone can help out for awhile, that would be great. I want the good life, like everyone else. I want the nice vacations, the classy resturants, clothes, etc….I never had that before….You know what I’m doing right now….I’m having a glass of wine, chatting with my fellow SB’s…..this is what I do every Saturday night…besides chatting with you, (all though I might be back here next weekend)…lol, and except sometimes the wine….depending on the mode….I’m tired of doing this!…..Have I vented enough?…..yes for now….I needed to get it off my chest…Tired of crying, felling sorry for myself….Ok Exhale….Ready for another go at it….

  19. Ash 347450 says:

    Hey lisa oh ok i”ll head there

  20. lisa says:

    we are up here on the new topic

  21. Ash 347450 says:

    Real Rare Gem Gal: It looks like we may be the only ones on the blog right now lol

  22. I put my profile number up but adjusted my profile Maybe some Gents would be kind and offer their opinion?

  23. Hi everyone!!! Any sugar for me today? Still looking for a vacation with another sb been checking flights hurricane season is almost upon us ouchhh

  24. sweetredhead*269443* says:

    Been raining here all day. Too many kids in my house right now.

  25. I think I agree with RRGG her comment Lastnight, They Should have a check list for the Sugar babies but then again I guess that kinda spoils the getting to know you part,
    Sweetred you musta sent the Rain over here its pouring!!!!

  26. Happy lurker if ya dont mind me asking are you hispanic??
    I ask because all the Cuisene you were reffering to, I got a Secret I make all that stuff I love central american cooking and Really replicate it well, I wont go in to why but If you ever in the mood for some chicharones arroz frijoles*sp* and you in my woods I got ya for a meal, I might even bust out my tortillas*maseca*

    sorry guys I just love to cook!! I get carried away a tad bit!!

  27. NJLady says:

    sorry didn’t realize I wrote it twice

  28. NJLady says:

    The LoneGunman

    I appreciate the advice….Thank you. I re-wrote a lot. This time I kept it real. Said how I felt, being upfront. I will get a picture like you suggested. Unfortunately it’s the only one I have at this time.

    Thanks again.

  29. NJLady says:

    Lone Gunman. I went back and re-wrote a lot. I realized I wasn’t being myself. i.e Keeping it Real. I was writing what I thought a SD would want to hear, rather than telling them how I feel. About the piiture, unfortunately it’s the only one I have at this time, but I will get one like you suggest.

    I appreciate the advice….Thank you.

  30. Rica23*381490* says:

    TLC thanks for the opinion!

  31. sweetredhead*269443* says:

    Good morning sugars. Raining again today, so maybe I will jump in a few puddles and have some fun. Visualize a 40 yr old woman (who looks younger hehe) jumping in puddles, my boys already think I am nuts lol. Whats life about if you can’t act a little crazy sometimes, right? Keeps us all young at heart.

    Welcome to all the new blogger ‘s, you will love it here, lots of good advice and good friends.

    VixenTreat watch it with the redhead thing lol. I am very even tempered, takes a lot to make me angry, so don’t be blaming the hair gf :) although I do like to blame it on my secret wild side :)

    On the age thing. It is a number (the mirror is not your friend) If you keep yourself active and open minded and look at life in a positive way you stay young at heart. Let you hair down, do spontaneous things, act a silly sometimes, who cares who is looking.

    my favorite quote…….Work as if you have no money. Love as if you have never been hurt. Dance like no one is watching. Sing like no one is listening. And live everyday as if it were your last.

    Words to live by :)

  32. The Lone Gunman says:


    This is all my own opnion; others may have a differing view.

    Drop picture number one, move number three to number one position and see if you have any that show you smiling; you appear to be a bit grim to me.

    Add a couple of interests to the profile to round out your description and you’re probably set.


  33. The Lone Gunman says:

    For ginaZ: The Poof Daddy Song

    Poof, the magic Daddy–the one you’ll never greet

    Vanished in the autumn mist when the time comes for a meet!

    Little SBs dislike dealing with that rascal Poof.

    He never brings them things like Louboutins and other fancy stuff.


    Poof, the magic Daddy–the one you never greet

    Vanished in the autumn mist when the time comes for a meet!

    …with apologies to Peter, Paul and Mary.


  34. Rica23*381490* says:

    I actually would love the comments on my profile from any SDs that have the time to look. I would appreciate it very much! I had the help of my fellow SBs and I would love to see what a guy thinks.

  35. Happy Lurker says:

    Hi Dutchbeauty,
    Lovely to see you joining the blog. I notice you do not meet any Dutchmen who understand the concept of an SD. The reason why is very simple. The Dutch are thrifty and stingy with money.
    This joke Belgian joke illustrates it it well. “How do your get 20 Dutchmen into one MinΓ― car ?”
    The answer is “throw in one cent ! “.
    By the country’s peculiarity SA will never blossom in that country.
    Even Princess Maxima commented on this Dutch stinginess. Yes, you can visit for a coffee at 8 in the evening.
    The cookie jar goes round and after you have been presented with one cookie, the cookie jar is placed into the cupboard again.
    After some considerable time you can have another coffee. That is a signal to end the visit.

  36. Rica23*381490* says:

    Hey good a.m. TLG could u tell me wht u think about my profile?

  37. The Lone Gunman says:


    Looked over your profile.

    IMO it’s too wordy, with too much irrelevent detail fleshed out. Edit it down to about 3/4 to 1/2 the length and it will be easier to read when skimmed by a pot SD. The Nigerian warning is unneeded, since those folks would probably ignore it anyway; just delete the email when it comes your way.

    You may also wish to add perhaps two pictures that illustrate you as a person, rather than your profession (a nice casual blue jean shot, for example). The offer to send pictures is an open invitation to the ‘collectors’ on SA who will take you exactly no where. I would drop that.

    Hope this helps!


  38. The Lone Gunman says:


    Welcome to the Blog!

    Where in Holland are you? I have friends in Kromenie.

    There are SDs who are here on the Blog and actively participate, so if you wish to post the questions you have for us, sooner or later an SD will drop by and perhaps answer it from his perspective.


  39. SincereSD says:


    Wrt you comments about your SD, here are some generalizations as I don’t have the specifics of your situation (eg. age gap) or whether there are also issues with self-esteem:

    1. Falling in love
    Take some time to analyze the situation and examine your feelings. Are you in love with the person or are you in love with the treatment? How do your feelings for your SD compare to previous situation where you have experienced love? Without getting into specifics, I’ve had 2 situations where my then SB fell in love … and that’s when things became complicated and drama ensued.

    2. Scared of being dumped
    I think open communications is the one keys in a successful relationship. Have you asked your SD why he thinks you are immature? What would your friends, co-workers or relatives say about your maturity level? What will your plan be to address their concerns? Opinions of people can also be inferred from external factor such as the way you speak, dress, act, etc. i would also ask if he’s happy about the relationship and how you could be a better SB. Take the opportunity to reinforce that your youth (and inexperience) is part of the allure to him.

    I hope my comments are helpful. Good luck resolving the issues with your SD.

  40. Happy Lurker says:

    Someone mentioned Deep Purple.
    Great band ! I am a head banger.
    “Child in Time”, great sugar song to get in the mood.
    Tomorrow I am taking a group of friends to Belgium for a day out in the countryside. The weather is good over here . Of course we will have a picnic. I am off to the kitchen now, cooking is one of my hobbies.
    Will be preparing a hot Gazpacho (Spanish soup) and an empanada with meat and another one with tuna (also Spanish).
    You are welcome to join me on this outing.
    I will make a few extra, just in case.

  41. VixenTreat says:

    goodnight everybody sweet dreams of sugar plum fairies!

  42. well goodnight all tlg i will get profile number tomorrow posted sigar to all

  43. dutchbeauty says:

    I am on this site since a few months and although i live in holland i do love this site and even in europe its getting more known
    Now, although i’ve never posted in the blog i do want to suggest something:
    At first, i want to say that i love the blogs, cause they are very usefull but, i’ve noticed that most posts and comments are from SB and therefore i wondered if SD actually read the blogs. I’ve been dating some SD but some of them seem to misunderstand the concept of SA so my suggestion would be to mention in your profile the blogs so more SD will check it out, and comment aswell to get a better picture of what the SD really want or think!

    Cause i can relate to everything the SB say but to many times i find myself searching for thoughts, findings or comments of SD in order to get better results for everybody…does someone agree with me that this is true and if so are there anny other suggestions to avoid the SD that are actually not SD cause they don’t understand the concept!?

  44. I am still in shock to know what I pocess and earned in comparrison ugh

  45. Ash 347450 says:

    Good luck with your date tomorrow Katrina. I’m jealous! lol

  46. anyway you ladies take it Easy!! and goodnight! over to a nother website for somemore closet fillers!! bye all!!

  47. I dont tell Any ol’ body that either but Cuz I trust you .. hehehe LOL we just Square pegs girl !!

  48. Hey Suga and thats ok I am a NASCAR fan I need to find me a RacecarDaddy but I think Id be more into it then he was, man I love Racing! now hows that for outta body Experince??

  49. Folks !!
    Ash I was off trying to buy some stuff over at the online store, its my pots first Coffee with me and I wanna knock his Eyes out*like on the cartoons* I want him to remember my name!!

  50. SugaCaneBby says:

    Hey Katrina! Didn’t mean to ig ya. I was just running a virus scan on my laptop and it was taking forever so I read a little bit of the new book I got today. Thought I’d check in on the blog before I turn in for the night as well. Nothing to do tomorrow. I decided to go grocery shopping in the morning while I’m waiting for some of the auctions I’m watching to dwindle down. Then POW! I’m in there like a ninja!

    LOL I hope whoever my SD is can stand the fact that I’m a huge geek as well. :3

    Goodnight Sugars!

  51. VixenTreat says:

    what you need is to make sure your surroundings are totally dark nothing distracting….no music no tv nothing, take a bath before you go to bed because it lowers your body temp. and the cooler you are the better you sleep
    don’t eat or excersise before bed because it keeps you up….hmmm what else?
    oh yeah you tried some benadryl? lol or tylenol pm? same thing.
    Sleep Good tonight!

  52. I agree with ash marie the floks in florida hang a Tennis ball from the celing and when it hits you winshield you know your far enough in.. may not help now but the next time!!

  53. VixenTreat says:

    don’t drink tea it will only keep you awake longer dont you know that tea has more caffiene than coffee?

  54. Ash 347450 says:

    Awww…. MarieSB; I’m so sorry to hear that about your garage door. Make sure you get those cuts taken care of. They can get infected pretty easy. Sounds truly like a rough day. Hopefully tomorrow will better.

  55. MarieSB says:

    Ok well I guess I’ll go drink some tea and try to relax…see if that’ll work! Have a good night everyone….if there is anyone here lol!

  56. MarieSB says:

    So I haven’t been able to sleep very well these past few nights which has left me exhausted and not thinking clearly….tonight I come home park in the garage and go to close the garage and my dumb ass didnt pull in far enough so I broke the garage door and the glass in the garage door went everywhere. I spent an hr cleaning it up and I;m all cut up from it…. :( I’m so over this night and I CANT SLEEP

  57. Vixen says:

    Oh and welcome to all the newbies!! quite refreshing to see mature women of all ages..although we young ones seem to get a bad rap

  58. MarieSB says:

    Good luck! Are you nervous?

  59. Vixen says:

    GinaZ- I have soo much respect for you!! You never dissapoint even when i’m in lurk mode…goo chica!

    VixenTreat- I want my name back!! hehe just j/k

  60. Ash 347450 says:

    Ginaz and I think Katrina left. Matter of fact I honestly need to head to bed too since I need to wake up in about 6 hours for work

  61. VixenTreat says:

    So I have a coffee date tomorrow with a POT SD. wish me luck!

  62. MarieSB says:

    Ya it is late…I should be asleep myself but I can’t

  63. Gemini29 says:

    MarieSB – awww! sorry hun! Nothing much going on here, I don’t know who’s left right now.

  64. Gemini29 says:




  65. MarieSB says:

    :( I have had a terrible night….thought id pop in and see if anything fun was being said

  66. Gemini29 says:

    Mr. Big

    testing one two three

  67. Ash 347450 says:

    thanks gemini and photgirl… for some weird reason my photo actually uploaded this time without any resizing. Good, because i’m being lazy right now and don’t feel like going through the hassle of resizing. I’m being a bum! lol

  68. Ash 347450 says:

    katrina…. yeah i saw the purple. I’m more of a brown gal (i love earth tones) but I am so starting to like purple! My roommate said if i buy something else brown she is going to strangle me. I usually always mix brown in with almost everything i wear

  69. The Lone Gunman says:

    Gemini29 :

    Nope, no post editing, though I did post a second time on the subject because I had to come up with a workaround that allowed the left- and right-hand carets to be seen IN a post. The system is apparently designed to make the caret symbol invisible unless you tweak it by doubling up on them (carets within carets, if you will).

    I’d love to experiment with emails in this system to see if the same set of flags do the same thing(s) there.


  70. photogirl says:

    Yes Irfranview is great as well.

  71. oh ash that was you ok I was so wondering… I know yall like my purple.. lol
    sorry I cant seem to kick the habit!

  72. Gemini29 says:

    Ash, an easy resizing photo software is called Irfanview. Its free and a quick download and easy to install. I use it all the time to easily resize photos. Just do a search for it on the web, it should come up.

    And seriously I think I’m going to bed. Have a big day tomorrow!

    Night sugars!!

  73. photogirl says:

    Ash – You should be able to re-size easily on your computer… you should have Microsoft Office Picture Manager on your PC unless you have a Mac.

  74. Ash 347450 says:

    Ginaz you were supposed to be in the bed a long time ago. I think you’re addicted to the blog,lol. Well good night once again.

  75. Ash 347450 says:

    Geez guys I’m having a difficult time trying to find a 3rd pic again to replace my last one. I had 2 potential full body pics and they are both too large too upload. Darn it! :(

  76. Ash 347450 says:

    Katrina I just saw how to view profiles so I viewed yours since you always have your number posted at the end. lol

  77. Gemini29 says:

    lol GinaZ getting all crazy with stylized letters πŸ˜‰

    Ash – I didn’t figure it out until someone posted here about how to do it. They need to put something like that in the FAQs I swear.

    TLG – So did you not edit your post after you had posted it? Because at first it was just a bunch of carrots and a Final Test, and upon refresh it became a longer post. *confused*

  78. OC, NYC? yall ladies gone bye bye??

  79. ginaZ says:


  80. Ash 347450 says:

    OMG Gemini! I think I’m a little goofy….why didn’t I think of that. That was very simple. Thanks I was able to view some peoples profile.

  81. ginaZ says:

    OK aqua therapy SB is signing off

    Signing off…

  82. Suga whats happening toots??!!

  83. The Lone Gunman says:

    Gemini29 says:
    TLG – Ok. How did you edit your post? I’ve seen this a few times, but now I want to know the hows.

    I may be dense right now–how do you mean ‘edit your post’?


  84. Gemini29 says:

    Photogirl – looks like we scared TLG off. darn. and to think it could have been a youtube hit.

    ginaz – if you want to do bold letters its a ‘b’ instead of an ‘i’, and if you want to do strike through its ‘strike’ instead of ‘i’. I’m trying to think of others but they just aren’t coming to mind.

  85. ginaZ says:

    YES!!! Yippee thanks TLG πŸ˜‰

  86. ginaZ says:

    Sweet dreams

  87. The Lone Gunman says:


    Remember that the left caret and right caret bracket the i or /i with no spacing in between them.

    <> <>


  88. The Lone Gunman says:

    I wonder if the same set works in emails on this site?

    Anybody tried it yet? I can’t at the moment–it appears to be Oppen Season on Lone Gunmen, and I have to run….


  89. ginaZ says:

    TLG this is a test…

    i hello? i/

  90. Gemini29 says:

    TLG – Ok. How did you edit your post? I’ve seen this a few times, but now I want to know the hows.

  91. Gemini29 says:

    Ash – To view other people’s profile with their #’s… go to your profile tab, go to view your profile, and in place of your numbers, paste in someone else’s number :) I did it another way the first time and couldn’t figure out why everyone apparently did not exist on this site, lol. O:-)

  92. The Lone Gunman says:

    Okay everyone, thank you for your indulgence. It appears that when I was trying to explain to ginaZ how to italicize her posts, that the system was/is designed not to pass certain characters visibly unless you jump through hoops to do so.

    SO…to italicize words in a Blog post here:


    See the characters above? If you insert an “i” between the first two and a “/i” between the second two, then place the word(s) you want to italicize between those sets, you will get italicized posts.


  93. Gemini29 says:

    photogirl – Sweeeet. Now we just have to hunt down TLG. Muwhahahaha.

  94. Ash 347450 says:

    oh yeah and thanks for welcoming me to the blog gemini. I been here a little bit but I have seen some serious bloggers on the site. I only blog a few times a week. Thanks again. Hopefully I will see some changes in the # of inquiries I get. I have gotten like 300 views but not that many messages. I been on the site for about 3 months. A little discouraging :(

  95. photogirl says:

    Gemini – I’ve got the camera :) Let’s go

  96. Gemini29 says:

    YES! score!

    woot! i win!

  97. The Lone Gunman says:


    Final Test


  98. Gemini29 says:

    Nope, I knew this was a bad idea


  99. The Lone Gunman says:


    Second test.


  100. Ash 347450 says:

    Gemini29 Ok thanks for clearing that up. I had no idea what else to add up there. I didn’t want to seem like I was writing a book but now that I see its ok to talk a LITTLE about those things, I think I am going to add them. I also got a different pic for my last pic. Thanks for the suggestions. Oh yeah and how did you view my profile. Like where did you have to go to view it. Everytime I try to view someone’s profile by their specific profile number…. I just get a little message that says profile does not exist or not on file or something.

  101. The Lone Gunman says:


    Testing this post.


  102. The Lone Gunman says:

    ginaZ says:
    “TLG…what is β€œlederhosen and alpenhut?”

    Alpine hat and leather shorts with suspenders that match. You characteristically see them worn in Alpine areas by the locals.


  103. Gemini29 says:

    I can get an accordian, I’m sure we can pick up a lederhosen outfit on the cheap, and someone might have a camera…. we could put TLG’s dance on youtube! who’s with me?!

    (someone had too much rum in her ginger ale. so good, so good)

  104. Ash 347450 says:

    Night GinaZ

  105. Gemini29 says:

    I blog in italics.

    i blog in bold

    i blog in italics AND bold

    I wonder if I can do strike throughs too… hmmmm

  106. Gemini29 says:

    Hi Ash! Absolutely fantastic smile! πŸ˜€ I agree that you could stand to add a few more “interests” or “likes” into your about me section. Like “movies, *insert fave sport here*, beaches, yoga ….” well you know what I mean, I’m just drawing a complete blank, lol, some help I am! That was the only thing that stood out that seemed to be “missing”. :)

    Good luck sugar girl, and welcome to the blog!

  107. The Lone Gunman says:


    Italics are easy!! They’re FUN!!!!

    ..and here’s how you too can do them in your very OWN BLOG POSTS!!!!!

    see this character right here—— .

    Put’em together with an “i” in the middle at the start of what you want to italicize, and then the same with a “/i” in the middle after the last word you want to italicize.

    It will look something like and , but without the spacing.

    Does that help?


  108. ginaZ says:

    Goodnight Suthern, Ash, TLG, Lurkers…

  109. NJLady says:

    Good Evening fellow SB’s…..I have yet more questions to ask. First, if anyone could do me a favor, either 2nite or 2morrow, take a look at my profile. I don’t know what you need, my profile #383188, heading; “Keep it Real”, name; joybird. Let me know your opinion, if I should or shouldn’t change anything….As far as writing SD’s, what do you say? You don’t want to keep writing the same message over and over. What catches their attention…I appreciate you help….Thank you.

  110. Ash 347450 says:

    Ok thanks GinaZ. Actually I’m gonna look for some pics now!

  111. Ash 347450 says:

    Hey everyone, I think I’m like computer illiterate or something but how do you guys view others profile in specific. I have seen people post their profile numbers on here and when I try to view their profile, I think I do it wrong bc it always states that the profile does not exist.

    I feel kinda stupid for asking that one but any suggestions would help, lol

  112. ginaZ says:

    Ash I agree with TLG on the third shpt, that’s my instinct as well it would match your profile more too.


  113. photogirl says:

    TLG – How much for the Nail-Hammer Polka?

  114. Ash 347450 says:

    ginaz: Thanks, I was thinking about that last photo. I’m trying to think of a nice full body pic I can put up. Let me give it some thought. I don’t usually wear dresses except for when I go out partying or something, lol. But I really wanted a pic in a dress for the third pic.

    I have read a few comments that I should add a little more to my profile section. Any ideas as to what other topics I should discuss in my profile?

  115. ginaZ says:

    TLG…what is “lederhosen and alpenhut?”

  116. The Lone Gunman says:


    Correct about the ‘About Me’. Maybe one or two more things that interest you or give you enjoyment that others also could relate to.

    As to that third picture, as I said, it’s a coin toss, but my preference would have been another style of dress that reveals a bit less, but gets the body style across.


  117. ginaZ says:

    TLG you crack me up!

    Oh… since you figured out the italic trick how do you get that to work on the blog.

    Oh My sorry for the typo WHOOPS! ASh

    “Don’t be afraid to SASS it up a bit more” [blush]

  118. SuthrnExec says:

    Good nite all – This 3-day work week has kicked my butt!

  119. The Lone Gunman says:

    …and BTW—I DO look rather good in lederhosen and alpenhut.


  120. Ash 347450 says:

    Thanks for the advice everyone. I was wondering what everyone else might have on their profile and wanted to know if it was too dull or not.

    TLG: I was wondering about the third pic but considering my first 2 pics were nice headshots, I wanted a full body shot for the last one and something that was a bit sexy but not extremely revealing so I thought that a short strapless dress would be nice. What do you suggest as a third pic? Oh yeah and what part of the interest section did you think I should tweak? I’m taking it’s the part “about me”?

    Thanks SouthernExec, I figured you mean DO NOT, LOL

  121. The Lone Gunman says:

    photogirl says:
    TLG – Think you could do a little dance for me?

    Depends–how many dollar bills ya got, and how close to the stage are ya?

    ginaZ says:
    TLG surely you jest, that sounds like that would hurt!

    It’s all part of the traditional SB Success Dance, I’m afraid.

    What you should really be concerned about is the amount of Viagra I have to consume to complete the Nail-Hammer Polka—a sight that must be seen to be believed when done to accordion, glockenspiel and tuba accompaniment.


  122. ginaZ says:

    night everyone…off to the gym. no sugar date, so its my aqua therapy work out.

    Ash to add to what TLG said, the first two pictures are great! The third can maybe be replaced with a different body shot, maybe a formal dress, sexy but classy? And the profile section is good but don’t be afraid to ass a bit more.

  123. Olivia says:

    Ash- I absolutely love your first picture- it’s perfect! Your profile is well-written, yet still sassy and unique! Love it. If you want, you could add a few more interests, but overall, it looks great.

  124. Gemini29 says:

    Ahhh Ebay. I have my current addictions that I’m watching closely. Just won something recently from there, but have had to strictly curtail my ebay shopping, which is such a bummmmmer.

  125. SuthrnExec says:

    Ash, please forgive my typo – that should be “I really do NOT see anything that needs to be improved upon…”

  126. The Lone Gunman says:


    Looks good to me; photo 3 is a coin-toss as to whether it should be there or not..the first two head shots are good.

    May want expand the interests section just a tiny bit, but good as it is.

    Hope this helps.


  127. ginaZ says:

    Ash your beautiful a beautiful girl, great smile like photogirl said. Classy and sassy! Great job!

    I would also do as OCSB suggested, write in your profile number when you participate on the blog.

  128. SuthrnExec says:

    Ash, I think you have done a great job with your profile. Your mixture of pics is great – you have a great smile and your pics really highlight that. Nice job without being overly wordy! I really do see anything that needs to be improved upon all that much… Good luck!

  129. photogirl says:

    TLG – The nose against the keyboard would explain the typos then?

  130. photogirl says:

    Ash – You have a beautiful smile! I am still tweaking my profile here and there so I am not the best to give advice, but yours looks great to me.

  131. ginaZ says:

    TLG surely you jest, that sounds like that would hurt!

    Your welcome Vixen. It’s a sugar family so…it’s quite mix we got, and heck it keeps growing every day!

  132. Ash 347450 says:

    would anyone mind viewing my profile and giving me some feedback?

  133. photogirl says:

    TLG – Think you could do a little dance for me?

  134. ginaZ says:

    Thanks photogirl! I was supposed to be on a Sugar date. Ha! But this pot SD has “poofed” so much, I’m done giving him another chance.

    “Puff, the magic dragon lived by the sea
    And frolicked in the autumn mist in a land called honah lee…”


    Poof the magic daddy whom I never meet
    He vanishes into thin air before I’m his sugar baby..”

  135. photogirl says:

    TLG – I have that very same relationship with Ebay as I am sure many do. Speaking of which… I need to check up on some auctions.

  136. SugaCaneBby says:

    TLG: Oh yeah, that’s right. I haven’t had to use them since I bought the laptop I’m currently using and that was years ago. All I know is that this account confirmation jazz is burning my hide. 2-3 business days all of a sudden became 2-4 business days per this new email they sent me (the “holiday” screwed me here). That means Monday. So I better see numbers Monday or I’m going to flip. Missing out of some great deals fooling with these sheisters.

  137. VixenTreat says:

    Thank you Gina Z you make me feel less like an outcast…suddenly I feel less angry and a little more welcome because you seem like a genuinely cool person to have around!!

  138. The Lone Gunman says:

    photogirl says:
    “Gina – I believe that NYCSB is on a sugar date…”

    You are crorect–she is being examined by a odctor and vice-versa I believe. I am doing my SB Success Dance to incraees her chances even as I write tihs by smashing my nose into the various kyes.


  139. VixenTreat says:

    I’ll tame my tongue from now on and only be sweet, polite, and lady-like for all you stressed out SD’s who’ve had a long hard day on the job! No more brutal honesty or raw unrated opinions from me ok? From now on, I’m going to control my fiery red-headed temper just for you guys ok? I apologize for my rude, outlandish behavior and hope you can forgive me and possibly overlook my little outburst I so carelessly displayed earlier on here. Thank you!

  140. photogirl says:

    Gina – I believe that NYCSB is on a sugar date and OC is re-decorating her place. And I should really be editing photos.

  141. The Lone Gunman says:


    Ebay owns PayPal if I am not mistaken. That’s the reason you see it almost exclusively in use there.

    Ebay and I have a strong Love/Hate relationship going back years.

    They Love my money and I Hate to give it up to them.


  142. Ash says:

    hey everyone. Glad to be back after a few days. What’s the news? lol

  143. photogirl says:

    I think the more SD’s here in the blog the better! I too love the mix of both and enjoy the insight, experience and perspective of the SD’s.

  144. ginaZ says:

    OC you there? NYCSB….? Guess the weirdness sent everyone away.


  145. ginaZ says:

    The blog is for all of us, ideally a supportive, non judgmental watering hole to gab about the topic or fun and silly stuff too. But yes Vixen there are SD’s who join in and mill about.
    I love the mix of both πŸ˜‰

  146. ginaZ says:

    But like photogirl said as a SB we can make someones life less stressful, bring joy receive in kind.

    Vixen I wouldn’t trade all the sugar in the world for my sweet angel! Yes you are wealthy indeed!

  147. VixenTreat says:

    just kidding everybody :)

  148. SugaCaneBby says:

    On hold with paypal…they’re standing between me and my ebay addiction. >:( And then their reps are so rude and condescending. I need to quit ebay because all the sellers use paypal as a way to assure they get payment, but paypal is just…arghhhhh!!! All I want is some new frames, geeze louise.

    Guess I’ll work on updating my profile and strike out anew tomorrow.

  149. VixenTreat says:

    didn’t realize a blog was meant as peep shows for SD’s i thought it was a place where we all shared our thoughts on the topic at hand!! lol!! maybe I’m wrong though :) I guess we’re supposed to live our lives as if we are auditioning for our dream s. daddy, right?…it always feels like somebody’s watchin me!….lol….thats such a great song!

  150. ginaZ says:

    Welcome Lookindaddy! More fodder…In the past when I was in a more non committal mode I’s date guys often younger than me, or someone I knew I wouldn’t want to have a LT relationship with, why? Because it was safe. The truth is I’d trade all the sugar for true blue honest to goodness love. No amount of money buys that.

    BUT, in the meantime the fantasy, or the idea of sugar or NSA is what it is. It can be fun, joyful or anything you want it to be. I have found though that one can play act to a certain degree with someone, act young, or play out ones fantasy, but even that sometimes isn’t enough. Or in the case of Honeys SD, he starts acting stupid taking a cowardly way out. one always needs to be open. Open to the possibility sugar has an end or can sometimes turn into love.

  151. photogirl says:

    Lookingdaddy – welcome to the blog! I agree, most of you SD’s have very busy and sometimes stressful jobs. We as SB’s are here to make your down time stress free, relaxing and enjoyable πŸ˜‰

  152. VixenTreat says:

    every I wake up and hear happy laughter I think wow I’m alive and I feel great like I am the wealthiest person in the world already!

  153. ginaZ says:

    Your welcome vixen πŸ˜‰ You seem like a great gal, strong and feisty. I’m also a single mother never married and my son is a jewel!

  154. VixenTreat says:

    It’s always something good to strive for right? BE POSITIVE!! LOL…if only you kn

  155. SuthrnExec says:

    Evenin’ Nico – long time, no see! Good to see you as well.

    Lookingdaddy – I hear where you’re coming from – but dang! If those are “idle thoughts”, what’s gonna happen when you get crankin’? Welcome to the blog – come on in, the water is warm…

  156. Nico says:

    Evenin SE…..good to see you online. :)

  157. lookingdaddy says:

    So, some idle thoughts.

    Rejection goes both ways. I just signed up a week ago. No direct rejection yet. Actually one good conversation going. But at least one SB has logged in and not returned my latest message after trading a couple. This is tough because after some good exchange makes me worry I said something wrong Couple others haven’t logged in for days, so who knows what that’s about.

    Regarding young SBs. Saw comment earlier that it was so SDs could be in control. Maybe for some but I doubt most. I tried to date a much younger girl (not on SA) earlier this summer and I have never felt so completely out of control in my life. Not very mature, so not a lot of cares, so completely unpredictable. In general I suppose most guys prefer younger girls but there are lots of factors. Young girls make me feel young, they don’t have a lot of cares, at least not the kind I have so it’s completely refreshing. Older girls are more interesting. In some sense younger gilrs are safer. I know there is no way one would be ever seriously interested in me. With older girls I’m just cocky enough to think they might, and I might really like them, and that would be a huge complication for me right now.

    My advice if you are older is to pretend a bit and act younger, or at least less serious. I’m on here mostly because my life is incredibly stressful. Don’t want to be unrealistic and completely avoid discussing a SBs issues. But for me the less negativity, the more I’m interested.

    Be up, have energy, stress the positive

  158. SuthrnExec says:

    Good evening folks. Hope everyone ended the work-week on a good note and will have a great weekend!

    Lisa, I know you have to work tomorrow – hope you have a great day!

  159. VixenTreat says:

    thanks gina z

  160. VixenTreat says:

    ha ha! honey bear lover sounds like the 18 year old version of me πŸ˜‰ keep your head up girl you have life ahead of you it might seem like it sucks now but you aren’t falling in love with him you are just getting comfortable with your arrangement…probably a warning sign it’s time to move on unless he was looking to marry you or something!

  161. The Lone Gunman says:


    Is there some reason that you should not begin seeking a new arrangement with another (or cannot have more than one) SD ? My take is that your current SD is looking to terminate your arrangement, but may be too cowardly to do so in an outright manner. (In business, the events you describe could be called ‘constructive termination’–make the situation so impossible and uncomfortable that you are forced to leave.)

    Get a profile on this site and start screening for a new SD. That way when it’s time to move on (whether by your choice or his), you’re already in motion and can have pot SDs ready for selection.


  162. ginaZ says:

    Congrats on your new house Vixen!

  163. ginaZ says:

    SugaCaneBby aint that the truth. Dang. There’s no room for judgment here otherwise you are inviting prying eyes to poke holes in your own life.

    I did paint my living room red. Frosted pomegranate. Dam that beige carpet though.

    I think OC left. Reading through the last 2 hours of blog made me queasy. Hopefully now everyone cam play nice.

  164. Nico says:

    Honeybear….just an initial thought in reading your comment….the problem is moreso that you’re falling for him. Was NSA a part of your arrangement? If so, the fact your SD may be making comments that seem odd (or even hurtful) to you could very well be his way of pulling back from you knowing and/or feeling as though you’re getting too close.

    I can only guess……

  165. SugaCaneBby says:

    O_o Ohmigosh…left for a few hours and it got ugly in here for a bit. Yes, I think it’s time for a new topic. People are butting heads over “morals”. Lawd.

  166. OC you still around here?

  167. VixenTreat says:

    Speaking of moving on up…I am out of these run down little slums they call apartments! I am qualified to move into a house of my own! It’s rent to own for people who are low income based but the houses are huge! Very beautiful area it’s close to where I already reside!, 2 story 4 bedroom houses, yard/ wrap around porch/ and all major appliances come with the home…the best part is it will eventually be MY house not a rental! I like the fact that I’m not putting in 500 man hours of labor like I thought i would have to with habitat for humanity but then again these are also brand spanking new houses and I am grateful to have such an awesome step up!! ( I just got the paper in the mail!)

  168. ginaZ says:

    Vixentreat I’m sorry if judgment is passed on you by others. They haven’t walked in your shoes so they don’t know Children are beautiful. Life happens! Be strong sister, I’ve been where you’ve been and anyone who throws stones lives in a glass house themselves.

    You treated others as you wish to be treated.

  169. lisa says:

    I’ve got to finish my coffee, taking my allergy pill so I can sleep and start winding down. I’ve got to get up at 6 am for work.

    Have a good night

  170. photogirl says:

    Lisa…. way to keep your head up girl! :)

    Too bad you don’t have a way to get some nice area rugs home.

    I am not sure how to help you with that one… I personally think that is very disrespectful. I know men are lookers as are ladies, but no reason to be doing it front of you and making comments for you to overhear on top of it. He is not behaving like a gentleman. Have you tried speaking to him about this? Falling in love in this type of relationship… that’s a tough one. I hope the more experienced SD’s & SB’s have words of advice for you.

  171. honey this is also the arrangment you bank you money and hold your head high! there are no garuentees written or implied with this here arrangment no need to make you feel less than a wonderful person I think HE is kinda immature for that! but At any time Either party can call a Quits on the Arrangement !!
    Honey get your profile right and start sending it out I am sure you are a cutie with lots to offer, my guesss is that if you Ignore him a tiny bit he might get his self together and appreciate you but again If its not right dont tourture yourself.. give him the 3 finger salute *whatever*

  172. lisa says:

    I try to not look at the floor too much, lol

  173. honeybearlover69 says:

    I am currently with a Sugar Daddy who has been very good to me for the past year and a half. The problem is he is starting to compare me to other girls & make comments about my age . He talks to his friends, or actually whispers to them but I overheard it, how I might be too young and immature for him. I don’t know what to do? I really am starting to fall for him and feel love for him. I think I’m in love with him, but I am scared he’s getting ready to dump me for somebody more experienced what do I do?

  174. well lisa I tried thats a situation ya got going on there I wish ya luck in moving up to a more comfortable place to live in!!

  175. photogirl says:

    heehee Gemini… Please no offense to anyone but it sounds like something my very good gay friend would say. Maybe he just wants it to be known he is sooooo much fun! Or maybe he copied and pasted one his female friends messages and just forgot to edit it a bit.

  176. Vixen what the SD do is their buisness this the ARRANGMENT part!

    and you have to weed through them We all have had a poofdaddy or two, but I believe eventually you hear a pattern to the Poofers they just wanna talk alllllllllllll the time not wanting to take into the REal Time world! you will see!!

  177. lisa says:

    these people don’t do anything here. they are so busy fixing up all the empty apartments of all people that were deliquent with their rent, that they are busy non stop painting and replacing carpet. I don’t really want them in my apartment as the management hires tenants to do the work in exchange for discounts on their rent. I don’t want them coming in my apartment and seeing my computer or anything, there are alot of burglaries here (4 last week) so i’m very cautious. Luckily they don’t have a key to my apartment as it was lost when the office was burned down last year.

  178. Gemini29 says:

    Erm. Quick Poll.
    This statement is primarily associated with females or males:
    “OMG! My friends tell me I’m soooooooo much fun!”

    Because some guy wrote me that in his intro email, and while the rest of his email sounds fine….I can’t shake that from my head. Its just so… unmanly.

  179. so ask in I ass ume spanish yes its a Degreaser and it usally can pull up a stain for other stuff I would try some peroxide, just cuz you dont live in the nicest place that place dont make YOU!!
    If that dont work Tell them to pull it out then you dont have to live in an uncomfortable abode!! get you some area rugs

  180. VixenTreat says:

    The man is married, with a gf, and now wants me to be his SB….but how does he have the time for all those women? lol…he must be bathing in the fountain of youth to get all his pure energy! I have trouble dealing with one bf at a time (funny thing is I was recently someone’s SM). So i also have another offer but he never actually can make it….but he is willing to pay for my wasted time waiting for him…lol…wierd…I declined of course…uncomfortable with getting something for nothing…and there are a few others that have inquired about coffee dates….but how do you find one you know isn’t just playing games?

  181. photogirl says:

    Welcome honeybearlover… and your question is?

  182. honey bear shoot we are all ears and glasses*Me* hehhe

  183. lisa says:

    greased lightning? what’s that? My carpet is old, was old when I moved in, stains are old too. I have a regular vacuum cleaner and no there isn’t anyone I can borrow anything from where I live. No one speaks english.

    I tried cleaning the traffic areas with fantastic cleaner but it ate my carpet and now I have bald spots, well they look better than the carpet. The complex won’t clean it either. They only clean it when you move in. It looks horrible as it doesn’t match my decor, peach/jade bedroom mandarin orange/jade/black living rooom

  184. Gemini29 says:

    Vixen – Does he not live near (in same city, area and/or state) to you? I think its a bit odd that he can’t find time just for a coffee date just so you two can meet. I can understand if he lives further out..but… I can understand not wanting to take him up on the offer of the allowance, specially seeing as you two haven’t even met yet, that would make me feel odd and slightly…beholden to him. You’re instincts might be correct that he doesn’t have “time” for a sb, yet at the same time if you two DID meet, that wouldn’t be the worst sd to have if he did give you a regular monthly allowance. I would def try and pin him down to an actual coffee or dinner date.

  185. last comment for Lisa sorry I forgot to address

  186. try to use some Greased lighting on your carpet stains and a hairbrush and a old towel to blot! surely someone had a hoover they would let you borrow!

  187. lisa says:

    sd relationships are NSA so it really doesn’t matter as long as they do what they agree to do.

  188. honeybearlover69 says:

    hey everyone! I have a question about my current SD!

  189. photogirl says:

    VixenTreat – I have had two SD’s that were married, one was single. There is a good mix out there from what I have seen. I don’t think there is ‘norm’.

  190. sweetredhead*269443 * says:

    be back later, got a pinched nerve in my neck and in my hip. teach me to forget how old I am lmao

  191. photogirl says:

    Thanks for good vibes Gemini! He talked about taking me to try and find a new camera since my main body just died on me…

  192. sweetredhead*269443 * says:

    I hate carpet, all my floors and tile and wood

  193. VixenTreat says:

    So none of you have ever had a SD with prior attachments? is it a normal thing to already have those things and then take on a sugar baby as well??? let me know….because I’m figuring out a lot on this little blog here…you all are such wise women who give masterfully knowledgble advice tailored to every question…(I’m not being sarcastic really I want to know if that’s the norm here)

  194. lisa says:

    I have 5 mirror panels for a headboard as I couldn’t afford to buy a king headboard. Unfortunately my walls haven’t been painted since I moved here 4 years ago so anything bright would just make them look worse. I don’t have chair rails or anything (Houston apartments are very box like, no moldings, they were all built during the 70’s) just walls and ceiling. I need to get down to micheals craftstore (it’s only a few blocks away) and try to get some new silk flowers for my vases.

    I miss my apartment when I lived with my family. We had lived there so many years and manangement changed so many times that they would have never known if we got permission to paint the walls. I had ralph lauren hyacinth color paint, blue hunter douglas verticals and had just bought some really nice pinkish plush carpet that was quite expensive, right before I ended up moving out from my family. I miss my nice carpet. I have hideous grey/beige carpet with koolaid stains that hasn’t been cleaned in 3 years. I need to rent a carpet shampooer at the store I work at but I can’t carry the darn thing on the bus.

  195. sweetredhead*269443 * says:

    lol who knew a phone and a pool don’t mix lol

  196. The Lone Gunman says:

    September 11, 2009 at 7:28 pm
    TLG what do you think of my profile a sd opinion would be most refreshing…

    You’ll have to share the profile number for me to gawk at it.


  197. lisa I think if you got larger pillows it might help I got rid of them big beds jusst for that reason!

  198. oh heck yeah OC whats on the walls?

  199. I got white walls to lisa
    BUT I found these shelf/ledges at biglots and they really look great I got Espresso ones as to match some of my furniture and I have a picture framed hanging on the wall and some votive candles sitting on the ledge! it is nice!
    lisa go to the Craft store and get some floral stuff look in some jcpenney catalouges and make you some Wall art/ arrangments Then its good you have a white wall what about a chair rail boarder or some stensils if you paint them in a Neutral tone when you return the apt it wont requrie a lot of primer and repainting*if any*

  200. Red I am serious about this sugar trip Hope you are also But stay away from pool with phone until we can plan lol

  201. sweetredhead*269443 * says:

    would you like us to send you some chicken soup?

  202. Girls help I am getting sick here lol

  203. lisa says:

    the store I work at has lots of calgon bath beads and spray. I don’t think we sell much of it though

  204. lisa says:

    my bedroom is peach and greenish jade I have found that the beddressings always look better in the store though because they use smaller beds (full or queen it seems) my bed is king size so everything looks to spread out.

  205. Calgon is still sold lol but for the younguns we shall say bathe beads lol

  206. I make some of the coolest gemstone pillows and accessaries Family love x-mas from me lol everything looks better with bling

  207. VixenTreat says:

    So is it ok to have a SD that has both a wife and a girlfriend already?? Plus I have a POT SD who makes plans pays for hotels and such and offered me allowance (I politely declined I’ve never even met him yet!) but always has some last minute work to attend to…..but he is legit and he does what he says…maybe he’s just too busy for a sb?

  208. sweetredhead*269443 * says:

    my bedroom and silver blue and browns and creams I love my bedroom. Lot’s of pillows and soft cozy blankets.

  209. lol RGGG I wonder does that give my age away?? not that it matters but I wonder how young you could be and know what that is

  210. COOL my bedroom is dark purple velvet also!!! I have gemstones lining my netting also it is gorgeous

  211. sweetredhead*269443 * says:

    keeping personal issues off the blog is best for everyone. Everyone has their “issues” drama’s and hard times. We all go through them. They make us who we are. Let’s focus on the good and where you go from there. Looking back will not take you forward.

  212. lisa says:

    I wish I could paint but my apartment won’ t allow it :( ugly white walls

    I did get all new bedding though, new bedskirt, duvet, shams, sheets and throwpillows, neck rolls etc. Macy’s had some great sales.

  213. somebody said purple?? o o o Yall know thats my color!! gonna put any silver in there OC??

    • OCSugarbaby says:

      Katrina: I bought two brushed silver lamps that have a scroll pattern and crystal drops hanging from the neck of the lamp, with a black chiffon lamp shade. Lots of silver (brushed for a softer look). Purple walls! Dark Purple. The bed I ordered is a sweet brushed Nickel platform with a really high scrolled headboard. I am so excited to put it all together. Like I said I need a project!


  215. photogirl says:

    Sounds like you are going to have a very comfy and cozy little haven there OC. Yes, I have been there before, lived in CA for many years, miss it actually.

  216. sweetredhead*269443 * says:

    Sounds like a great project OC, you will have to send us pictures :)


  218. *yelling* CALGON TAKE ME AWAY!!!!!!! heheheh any body remember that commercial! hehehe

  219. VixenTreat says:

    well hey I wasn’t trying to piss anyone off seriously I just wanted to make it clear that I work extra hard I don’t just sit around collecting taxpayer money…I too have to work and earn what I make and I just feel like all of you have certain expectations of me failing at this….don’t get me wrong I feel dumb for unloading but I am not a stupid girl and I do know how to act proper in the right social setting….it’s just that I’ve never had to meet a sugar daddy this way, in person it’s easier to attract the man you seek than over the web…it’s pretty impersonal and a lot tougher to show the amazing person you are face to face sitting here typing out all the qualities…and trying to omit your flaws…lol…sooner or later those surface and you can’t hide them forever! that’s why SD/SB relationships fail….they realize that this image they had of you is fallible and you are human..lol but I don’t need to tell you guys that….and I pretty much talked your ears off :) I just think we need to address the issues od SD/SB relationships….I’m trying to change the subject off the bad stuff!!!

  220. lol photo!! i like that its cute!!

  221. ok now Iam irritated This blog is for Questions related to SD?SB the how to and what not to do/
    Vage situations that you may have encountered or hope to avoid!
    not for politics social issues and anything Else immflammortory!
    comon yall lets Share information ! not Quick barbs!! its not right!!

  222. I wonder who else besides them have had sugar experience or are they holding the good ones hostage in a warehouse in ny lol KIDDDING

  223. photogirl says:

    For a little laugh…

    Words of Wisdom
    Pants and Panties

    Mike was going to be married to Karen so his Father sat him down for a
    little chat.

    He said, ‘Mike, let me tell you something.
    On my wedding night in our honeymoon suite, I took off my pants, handed them to your Mother, and said, ‘Here, try these on.”

    She did and said, ‘These are too big.
    I can’t wear them..’

    I replied, ‘Exactly.. I wear the pants in this family and I always
    Ever since that night, we have never had any problems.

    ‘Hmmm,’ said Mike.. He thought that might be a good thing to try.

    On his honeymoon, Mike took off his pants and said to Karen, ‘Here, try
    these on..’

    She tried them on and said, ‘These are too large.. They don’t fit me.’
    Mike said, ‘Exactly. I wear the pants in this family and I always will.
    I don’t want you to ever forget that.’

    Then Karen took off her panties and handed them to Mike. She said,
    ‘Here, you try on mine.’

    Mike did and said, ‘I can’t get into your panties.’

    Karen said, ‘Exactly. And if you don’t change your smart-ass attitude,
    you never will.’

  224. sweetredhead*269443 * says:

    This is not a blog for a debate on society. or political views………….back to our regular scheduled sugar party :)

  225. lisa says:

    Oh and I do physical work, I stock at a grocery store, my nails are short and broke most of the time. :)

    peace, love, and the eve of destruction

  226. VIXEN use that research knowledge you learned as a tool to research and learn a positive way at approaching all other aspects, I recommend the indian tradition go on a vision quest not a hen peck quest how is that going to get you a SD show him scrappy with urge to bite those you asked for advicce from WE ALL HAVE SAID ENOUGH CHANGE THE FFF SUBJECT SMILE AND LAUGH OR GO TO A CRY BLOG


  227. photogirl says:

    Anyone else have any sugar meets/dates this weekend aside from NYC SB who is out enjoy one right now?

    • OCSugarbaby says:

      I am going to be re-decorating my apartment this weekend. Going to glam up the bedroom with a very Retro Hollywood Look. Deep purple Velvets, white silk, black chiffon and charcoal grey cashmere Pillows. I need to have a project. Paint, Pitch and Shop! It helps me relax! Silly but I need my bedroom to be my comfort spot. I live in the right city to inspire the theme of the room.

  228. lisa says:

    Vixen I live in apartment complex of mostly all welfare recipients. the woman don’t work, haven’t in all the time I’ve lived here. They get everything free. There sure are alot of men home here during the day and they spend the time drinking beer and working on cars. The girls usually start having babies when they are 14 or 15 and the cycle continues. They live and eat better than I do.

    Anyway as a child, we were often so poor, that my dad would go behind the grocery store and get food out of the dumpsters, the food was ok, just past date, I went to school my entire time with no lunch as mom didnt’ believe in free lunches, and I grew up without running water or heat or ac (I lived in what’s called a “colonia” which is a very poor rural area in the rio grande valley, it was called “cameron park” it’s in brownville. Things are better there now but not when I was there over 20 years ago. It is possible to live without government assistance

    Anyway that’s all I will say on this controversal topic.

  229. DANNNNNG please with the politics the social issues it isnt Relevant at all
    Quit putting your buisness out here Quit!
    another topic has come up!! Peace, love, understanding and tolerance… comon!!

  230. VixenTreat says:

    just shedding a little light on your hired help that’s all! LOL

  231. photogirl says:

    RRGG – nope girl…didn’t get it. Try sending me a message to this one:
    littlemissdewdrop at the g place

  232. VixenTreat says:

    jeez! I’m not trying to cause hate and discontent but you are saying things about issues you know nothing about

  233. VixenTreat says:

    lisa and anyone else who wonders: gone are the days of welfare where people just sat on their butts collecting money
    Now: you have a limit you can only recieve welfare for 5 yrs of your entire life….
    you have to work for it (they make you do 8 hrs a day of community service for non-profit organizations
    you must be actively looking for a job and providing proof that you are in compliance with the workfirst program
    otherwise you must either be going to school full time or part time plus part time community service
    or be waiting for disability
    that is what is required of welfare recipients…
    so anyone thinking the welfare system is for bums and lazy people is sadly mistaken!! we work twice as hard as everyone else and only get paid half as much! So quit hatin’ Lisa you can look down your nose at people in need but it’s really in bad taste for you to be so closed-minded!
    So I work harder big deal….at least I am not a freeloder expecting a handout from the government or my “sperm donor” to make it by…It’s the “lower class” people that do all the work for people too good for that kind of labor because they are afraid to break a freshly manicured nail…

  234. that is a good one photo!! hey I guess my email did not get to you?

  235. Gemini29 says:

    Ooohh….I wish you luck with it photogirl! Definitly will be sending you the good sugar vibes!

  236. photogirl says:

    Ahh yes that is very true!

    Give us some sweet sugar stories!
    I might have a good one to share after Sunday πŸ˜‰ atleast I hope so!

  237. Gemini29 says:

    OC – I’m with you on that…I would like to hear the best of everything…keeps me hoping and dreaming and sticking with this.

  238. photogirl says:

    OC – I do like Gemini’s idea. But I also would love to hear about the best 1st sugar meet stories!

    Maybe a best and worst stories on 1st meets?

  239. lisa says:

    The truth scares people. We best hide the issue away in the basement till it breaks lose and consumes us. One day uncle sam will go broke and many unprepared will starve.

    Nico you at least wink at them before you delete them don’t you??

  240. TLG what do you think of my profile a sd opinion would be most refreshing, these charming ladies are so great I would just personally enjoy a mans opinion lol

  241. sweetredhead*269443 * says:

    hey nico!! how are you? Love walking in the rain it’s can be very refreshing, and I have jumped in a puddle a time or 2 myself lol

  242. politics/social programs
    are not good to blog about

  243. Nico says:

    LOL…Lisa…those get my attention….just not the desired reaction I’m sure. “Delete” is the attention they get *wink*

  244. How about respect of just returning a message lol I would be happy with that lol thats ok I will just travel and visit sb for lessons while i wait lol

  245. lisa says:

    We can get along Sweetredhead, I just believe the welfare system needs to be abolished.

    Fish sticks and macaroni and cheese umm asparagas YUCK! lol

    Initial messages that don’t get a sb’s attention:


    “Wanna meet for a drink?”

    “Do you have any more pics?”

  246. Nico says:

    Evenin’ OC. Hey Red :) I LOOOOVEEE to jump in the rain puddles or just take my time walking to the car….that is, assuming I’m not on my to a date…LOL

  247. I love mac and cheese I am a good cook I must say,lol

    • OCSugarbaby says:

      Gemini: I have to look at the previous blog topics, but we did that one on initial emails. hmmm let me check the month.

  248. sweetredhead*269443 * says:

    The small thin ones are the best and most tender :)

  249. Rasies my hand for Gemini!! yeah cuz I am on Sorry bout cheesey greetings!

    I am thinking aboout using something from star trek but noone gets my Qurik as of yet!!

  250. Gemini29 says:

    Sweetredhead- Ooh I LOVE asparagus! Hmm…maybe have to get some for tomorrow night’s late late dinner. :)

  251. Gemini29 says:

    Hmmm…. how about this topic: “Initial Messages…what to say to get their attention and get a response back”

    I know there are a fair amount of girls, myself included, who would like to know either from SDs what kind of intial messages they prefer to see (or how they want them worded) or what other messages various SBs write that work.

  252. sweetredhead*269443 * says:

    ohhhh wet tee shirt contest!!!

  253. Photo tried to return email lost ya so when and where am I going? OC so sweet understanding notice no SD here anymore HINT HINT laughter a mudt I say

  254. sweetredhead*269443 * says:

    fish sticks, mac and cheese and asparagus, nothing fancy tonight :)
    can we all just get along……sweetredhead singing in the rain and making funny faces at ll of you :)

  255. The Lone Gunman says:

    OCSugarbaby says:
    If my head hurts from this trust me we lost the SD’s lurking about an hour ago!

    Not really—but back when I was younger and indestructible, my hand-to-hand instructor taught me to stay out of catfights whenever possible, because girls fight nasty.

    I have assiduously followed his advice over the years. It has never led me astray.


  256. umm yeah stephen!! topic!!

  257. This is the first controversial day I have seen and sorry to say Suagr gets salty at times lol, I hope I get that email So can not wait Thanks OC I just cant believe some have contacts while I am at my prime so to speak lol. And whenever I even compliment a sd I get not even a hello lol, can not when i re-read the conversation why A jolly gal like me waits while some umm lets say salttier seem to get notice? Maybe I need to come to NY lol
    Oh as for Florida trip we should do it soon hurricanes follow me lol email me

  258. photogirl says:

    Anyway we can get a new blog topic going? Stephan…you out there?

    Good evening everyone!

    • OCSugarbaby says:

      Hi ya Photogirl? Got any suggestions for a new topic?
      I have thought of a few:
      1) Date ideas (places to eat in different cities, best place in a city for drinks, sushi, sake, skinny girl maragrita)
      2) What can you plan for a weekend sugar date
      3) Great first Meet Sugar Stories…

  259. lisa says:


    My marriage ended a month before my daughter was born. The divorce was almost 2 years later. It was not messy or expensive as he paid for it. No drama or nothing. I didn’t receive child support as we had a stay at each other’s life agreement. I worked and had help from my parents. When I decided to have a child, I had been married 3 years, husband had good job, I was working at a good job, parents lived nearby, so I was prepared. I am not sorry I got married as having a child without marriage is wrong in my book. If you start out with no job skills or no job and get involved with someone that has do direction in their life either, and have children, well that’s digging yourself in a hole. And parents to me will always be a man and a woman. And I will never believe bringing children into the world to live off governement assistance is right. I struggled when my daugher was born and had to put her on regular milk at 3 months because formula was too expensive, but afterall I made her, not the government, and there is much talk today about how important keeping your kids on formula is for brain developement. My daughter didn’t always have alot to eat as she was growing up, but she mananged to maintain a straight A average through school and graduate Cum Laude. She is also the first person in my entire family to go to college.

    Looking at your profile, it looks better but you might want to take out the shortcuts for words like U because alot of the sds are in the business world and might frown upon it. What we use in the texting world is not always proper for our profiles :)

    Sweetredhead, it’ s pouring here today too. And I was thinking about you and what is on the dinner menu tonight :) I am skipping dinner

    I had a chicken basket at whataburger so that’s enough for me today. I have also began drinking diet soda, yuck

  260. VixenTreat says:

    oh I’m done don’t worry and if it was too raw for you I apologize to your “class” of people…

    • OCSugarbaby says:

      Vixen: I think you are wrong here stating that and you are welcome to stay. We love having fun sugar convo’s with you. But I have heard enough bickering. Stay and play, but understand that we are all SB’s.

  261. Listnen to what you are writing VIXEN have you re-read it you were getting SA advice go to CL that has a great vent area HOW CAN I VERSUS WHAT I HAVE SEEN HERE TODAY****BE GETTING NO MAIL LOL OK GIRLS THAT WANT A VISITOR EMAIL ME areal rare gem gal at the y place so I can plan some trips and take some tips. And GENTS OR SINCERESD how come I say Hi and never been spoken to by the guys? curious

  262. Gemini29 says:

    OC – So you are the keeper of the lurker SDs? *bows down and slips you a cookie*

    Otherwise, ixnay on the dramay girls. Remember, sugar is not about the drama, lets keep this area drama-free too! :)

  263. and I can vouch for OC I have at least a few e-mail. Even if they are oh thats who you are! its the truth!!

  264. RRGG Photogirl is trying to contact you! about that

  265. hey Sweetred! is it *siging* 5 $ , 5$ Footlooooog??

  266. DID ANYONE READ WHAT I WROTE? I want that trip I havent gotten email from anyone since while back Kat and red I am seriosly looking for a sugar trip, right no I am crushed to see some got mail while my class is being unappreciated therefor I think a sugar trip is in order I need SOME SUGAR POURED ON ME LOL I may never get off the floor after reading that? NY you are a sweetie you know

  267. sweetredhead*269443 * says:

    I can’t type tonight lol, eating dinner and typing does NOT go together.
    It’s pouring here, was sunny all day got out of work went to the store and got down poured on ughhhh. Silly me thought it was fun though.

  268. sweetredhead*269443 * says:

    Don’t judge unless you yourself wan to be judged, that’s all I have to say On that MOVING ON……..
    Good even everyone, how was your day?

  269. VixenTreat says:

    that’s wonderful Lisa but sometimes condoms fail…and contraception doesn’t always work…(as in my case) and well I wouldn’t change that for the world! You think you need to be married to have children, that is your OPINION not a fact, so while you were in an unhappy marriage that resulted in children I was alone discovering myself and had children. Your situation isn’t any better just because you got a piece of paper saying you were married…in some ways it’s worse…I avoided lawyer fees and painful messy divorce, courts, and all that! why tie yourself down to someone before you are absloutely sure you are ready to be with them forever…because I take vows very seriously…once you are married it’s for life! So I’m not going to apologize for bringing 2 beautiful children into this world where they know they are loved and cared for no matter what happens with mom or dad. Sometimes you need to separate the bad from the good and thats what I did right away by not getting married but having children….I’m curious Lisa as to what your stand on gay marriage rights and adoptions would be? hmmm….I wonder…..


    • OCSugarbaby says:

      Rare Gem: Chill, it takes time. If you watch a POT it never boils. Ooh that was good. I may have to write that down in the OC’ism notebook.
      You are a wonderful woman and you need not ask others for validation as to whether or not you are SB material. For that only comes from within. Sugar dating is a choice we each make. It just takes time and a positive attitude both in email and on the blog. I can’t tell you how may SD’s secretly lurk, but I know of 10. πŸ˜‰

      VixenTreat: I think that opinions have been voiced and we all want to keep the peace so with that said. Let’s please retreat and re-group please.

  271. Ey ey I am all for that !

    • OCSugarbaby says:

      I just got the cutest email, very sweet and it seemed so genuine… until I looked at the subject line and saw that he forwarded it from the last SB he emailed. He just added some personal info to customize it. :(

  272. ahh lisa dont take it there!! support I hear what you say but lest not knock her Iam sure she a great mom! she probabaly needs a support system so she can Think its tuff when the only people around are kiddies!
    lets try to understand!!

  273. NYC SB says:

    SincereSD – those are some great SBs there and it speaks volumes of the gent that you are :)

    I always appreciate a sincere rejection “sorry no connection for me” over the no response or making up excuses such as “I like you so much but I am afraid my wife may find out” and then continuing the search and emailing me asking to meet… ummm we already met guy! lol

    OK SUGAR FAM… play nice… I am off on another sugar date with a wonderful doctor… although I think he is more of a successful BF rather than an SD… keeping my options open… i <3 doctors

  274. lisa says:

    Vixen threat, contraceptives are widely available and free for those unable to afford them. :)

    • OCSugarbaby says:

      Sincere SD: You could always send a proxy for the ‘face to face”… Kidding, you are taking this seriously and for that I commend you. A gentleman with a gentle -man’s honor. I have the utmost respect that type of compassion.
      Oh man! I new it had mold in it but seeing in in print is yucky. Yes, cold Sake is wonderful! Thanks for the offer of different brands. Send it over when you find them out. How fun! I could have a SAKE tasting.

  275. OK VIXEN ENOUGH BELIEVE ME NOONE IS STALKING YOU LOLQUIT FEELING SORRY FOR YOURSELF AND LISTNEN TO WHAT YOU HAVE BEEN TOLD, IT WAS GREAT ADVICE IF YOU WANT TO BETTER YOUR LIFE YOU HAVE TO BE ABLE TO LISTNEN AND LEARN IF YOU JUST WANT TO CRY FOR REAL DEAR PLEASE FOR YOUR CHILDRENS SAKE SEE A COUNSELOR FOR AWHILE YOU CAN NOT EVEN START A RELATIONSHIP LET ALONE FIND A REAL SUGAR DADDY WHILE YOU ARE IN TURMOIL!!! Unfortunelty you must find your own inner strength educate yourself then you will see the doors of your dreams open up this is a place to find advice all of which was given in love until you took it negative even though given out of love KAT LISA NY YOU ARE ALL RIGHT we are all here for different reasons as I said though VIXEN you need to find a thread where you can scream your problems because here if its not all sugar and spice they will skip your profile NOONE WANTS MORE DRAM THEY ARE PAYING TO AVOID IT, SEE WHAT I MEAN???
    SD ****YOU ARE IMPRESSIVE TO ME THANK YOU FOR RESPONDING TO THOSE WHO TOOK THEIR TIME TO WRITE YOU THAT IS A GENTLEMEN. I have read so many profile of gentlemen and being unforunately myself have even one behave that way commend you on letting those know not interested ***Hats off to you also today*** Maybe you could let the men know a true definition on their profiles also**SB deserve equality in respect so THANKS AGAIN You and Ady make it better on sa opinions for me so far ***I am serious lady’s who wants me to fly and and have a beauty fun evening sugar to sugar talk. I am open to new ideas as for places to go. Anyone want to become friends have a travel buddy? (COULD COME IN HANDY -safety in numbers-lol) Although I think 2 women do better than 1 or more than 3 I am no opposed to seeing the BIG CITY NEVER BEEN I LOVE THE BEACH TOOOO!!!

  276. RRGG I thought you said you were coming to see myself and Sweetred

  277. NYC SB says:

    DesertBunny – YES! Would love to meet :)

    my email is d_fantassy_girl at the y place…

    anyone can email me btw

  278. SincereSD says:

    On a less serious note …

    OC, have you tried cold sake? It is sooo smooth, it is to die for. Like good vodka, you’ll end up drinking too much.

    There are many grades and varieties of sake that differ in age, sweetness, rice composition, acidity. In general the better ones are meant to be consumed cold.

    Here’s a list of the different types of sake; I’ll have to ask the wine sommelier if you want recomendations on specific brands.

    unmai : Sake that is made up of water, koji mold, yeast and rice that has been milled 30% with 70% of each grain remaining.

    Honjozo : Sake that is made up of rice, water, koji mold, yeast and a portion of added distilled alcohol, and the rice is milled 30% with 70% of each grain remaining.

    Junmai Ginjo : Sake that is made up of water, koji mold, yeast and rice milled 40% with 60% of each grain remaining.

    Ginjo : Sake that is made up of rice, water, koji mold, yeast and a portion of added distilled alcohol, and the rice is milled 40% with 60% of each grain remaining.

    Junmai Dai Ginjo : Sake that is made up of water, koji mold, yeast and rice milled 50% with 50% of each grain of rice remaining.

    Dai Ginjo : Sake that is made up of rice, water, koji mold, yeast and a portion of distilled alcohol, and the rice is milled 50% with 50% of each grain remaining.

  279. RRGG and I feel like you are a Great friend too, I appreciate how you took a bad situation and you came back positive!! aand up beat!! thats the Best!!

  280. Couple of questions ****How many women here have actually found a real SD
    ****How many women here have found it to change since 20/20 went mainstream?
    ****In truth when you saw my profile did you think I fit the bill of a SB?
    I have learned you all I wish to become friends would love to email, I find it very enriching and would love a pedicure conversation, see even I am nostalgic so missing working in the salon????huhhuuuh I WANT A SUGAR TRIP, anyone game??? email me

  281. VixenTreat says:

    I really wish I wouldn’t have vented here now….this can be read by everyone at anytime because they keep it in archives?…wow…great…well I hope I didn’t brutally murder my own name by letting off some steam that’s been buliding up this past year now…but if I did I will find some way to redeem myself by fixing all the bad and repairing what’s wrong in my life SLOWLY….because too much at once is way too overwhelming! well I will talk to everyone later. Again thank you for the advice,
    ** lisa some people have sex before they are married….it happens….and sometimes little suprises (like children) come into this world and save people’s lives who were on a path to destruction….so you can judge me about that all you want but if it wasn’t for my children there wouldn’t be a “VixenTreat” here at all…It’s the most beautiful flowers grown that have to first be buried in the dirtiest soil….that’s life.

  282. thanks RRGG your a sweety at all times !!

    I do have a Question/ comment /observation
    Are there diffrent types of Sugardaddys
    one who like to Totally provide? one who like to help out? or the Ill help you help your self daddy?

    I tend to feel like maybe on some level that interview gave the Wrong impression of a daddy and a SB also, for instance I am Blown away by Many on here Atthe top of the List NYC and secondly OC OC is so skillful in her critisim and loving it doesnt even hurt!
    and NYC you are a wealth of knowledge and I personally think I am blessed to have you as a pal!
    The Rest of my Sb sisters are great also all very smart and articulate, with many many diffrent outlooks on things I love this blog Really I do!
    I just want to remind all of us that because of our Diversity We are Bound to bump heads at least once!!
    and that we should be able to take critisim and Use it in a way that benifits us!!
    ok I ranted I raved thankyou I am done!

  283. NYC There is the smart lady I was waiting for you are so sweet, it was hard to hear the girls get attacked they answered great questions took a negative energy to reverse, you gave me an idea maybe there should be a seperate post for women under immediate dirress to go to Or a mentoring profile education level of teaching placement or something. Because you are very right we need to show sugar and knowledge and WE ALL HAVE BAD DAYS , I have been castized on bad days myself which hurt at the time but when re-read gave me better direction. So maybe we need a level of posts like ***If having bad day vent hear so SD doesn’t have to hear type pf deal?** I can relate needing to vent but As we all know we should air all our laundry you never know who is looking around the corner??? Maybe sd as smart as we are and screen us as well?
    Sure wish someone would help me decide where to come visit for sugar shopping????

  284. SincereSD says:

    On the topic of rejection again …

    I am in the process of sending out rejection emails to all the people I have conversed and gone on dates with over the last month as I am close to selecting a single SB from from a group of strong candidates (I hope that doesn’t sound too cold and callous).

    So far the rejection emails have been well received. Most of the comments can be grouped into the following categories:

    1. Thanks for letting me know;
    2. Your SB is a lucky woman or;
    3. Please contact me if things do not work out.

    Imho, the rejection letters don’t leave people hanging and wondering whether i will call again. I will be informing the “strong possibles” directly by phone or face-to-face once i have made my decision … I am not looking forward to those meetings.

    This is not going to be an easy decision.

  285. lisa says:

    NYC SB I can’t help but be disgusted at women who chose to have babies by loser men out of wedlock. I had problems because of my family(mainly because they wanted to control me as an adult) and I was married 3 and half years before my daughter was born. My ex wasn’t perfect but he was a hard working man. When he didn’t pay child support, I worked 2 jobs. I never even thought about having a child after my divorce as I was not in a position to have another mouth to feed and welfare has never been an option. That is for widows, the elderly, truly disabled, or for temporary situations when someone has lost their job.

  286. VIXEN that is the beauty of the SB around here the truth can be painful but better ourselves is growing up and being ourself. We all have a dream but you will find your dream when you are standing on your feet laughing at those who could not believe you show them, and then you will find your dreams come true.
    Ladies hats off again I wish I could SD you all up!!! I can GEM you up anytime though my friends email me sorry be sickly lately hope I OFFENDED NO ONE I want all the world to get on big kiss from me!!!

  287. NYC I m on the level here with what I said??

  288. DesertBunny says:

    NYC SB: I will be in your neck of the woods in Oct… interest you a cocktail?

  289. hey lisa… I repeat what I always say!
    I support you in what ever you do!!
    I have troubles we all do and we ar supposed to be here to support right? hope I didnt offend anyone!

  290. NYC SB says:

    Hey guys… come on now… we all use this blog to sometimes vent about our personal problems… then we all offer support and advice… no judgement

    Lisa, I am a bit taken back by your harshness. Especially since a while back when you had all your problems you vented here too and no one told you “you have made your bed.” No one is perfect and we all have our share of problems.

    Vixen there are better days ahead… I know this… and a worthy SD will be only a part of the equation.

  291. Gemini29 says:

    Vixen – Don’t let people looking down on you make you angry…. Remember that if they are looking down, all they will see is the ground and not everything that makes you wonderful!

    Ok all I’m off to do some work and stuff. Maybe one of these days I’ll get a friday night Sugar date! Wouldn’t that lift my spirits! πŸ˜‰

  292. lisa says:

    Hello Katrina, sorry but the current blog subject has gotten under my skin. Marriage first and then children

  293. have a good nap Vixen!! again I dont mean to offend if you feel so let me know!!
    RRGG when you coming to florida??

    Hey lisa what you got shaking over there?
    and anybody else hello
    Btw I put up my e-mail feel free to mail me that is for anyone, seen and unseen!!

  294. lisa says:

    sorry to hear that VixenTreat but i’m afraid you’ve made your bed. You should have found a nice man to marry before having children.

  295. DesertBunny says:

    Vixen… take a moment and step back. Everyone here is on your side. You asked for input on your profile, and one can only assume that you were earnest in your request for HONEST advice. That is what you received from caring sugar’s that only wish to see you succeed. So breathe fellow sugar star! It’s okay. You have found friends here :)

  296. VixenTreat says:

    husband? I’ve never been married…the father of my children is in prison for domestic violence against our son and me when I was in the wheelchair…I don’t put up with abuse so he had to go….oh and he doesn’t ever have to pay child support in his life…he gets to claim exempt monies because he is on S.S.I. for those who don’t know what that is it’s disability for those who have never worked….no luck there it would be like trying to squeeze blood from a turnip!

  297. VixenTreat says:

    wow I missed all of your comments and jumped to conclusions because my computer was too slow to process all of what you guys were saying I appreciate the feedback but like I said it’s been a long day I’m exhausted and what I really need to do is get some sleep. I’m sorry I didn’t mean to unload on all of you I have just been dealing with a lot of people looking down on me lately and my first reaction is to be on the defense. I am looking to better myself and I’m not just out for a free ride is all I’m trying to say…so yeah your advice will all be taken into consideration and put to good use on my profile. I will be back by the way….but next time hopefully well rested and with a better outlook on things.

  298. And yet they continue to carry forward wisdom and kindness I should do a news story on the real SA THE SUGAR FAMILY. It is rarely you find such patience had they only told the whole story ***ie class men of class want to see class we all have problems that is why we PICK OURSELVES UP SAY THANK YOU FOR THE HELP GET A COUNSELOR ETC.
    This is the place where you learn many people like many things but noone wants negative vibes etc. friends great but when asking advice take what you need and leave the rest but be respectful honestly what man of WEALTH would be seen publicly consorting with someone with the world on there shoulders they are looking for a fantasy their wealth provides them
    A sb to spoil and spoil them able to walk amongst the kings and queens, or ride the prairie the whole time LAUGHING FUNNING And mystery a must otherwise put an add in the newspaper that is the only quick way to find cash hun sorry ladies don’t get mad at me but I see you over and over give lovingly great advice ME FOR ONE and even without finding my heart yet -wading through the pilgrims lol- you have been a support and a joy I understand things clearer thanks to you so I get a little put out when you’re treated so when EVERYTHING YOU ARE SAYING IS TRUE EXCEPT**SOME PEOPLE HAVE TO LEARN THE TRUTH It is fun to dream for everyone but everyone can be choose and I prefer like you have all said GOOD FUN STORIES ****Like when am I flying out to shop with a new sugar friend Hurricane seasons coming and I hate to admit I attract them lol IE* I was in 3-5 kat hit me twice lol NOT this Kat anyway I think I need a real vacation

  299. my intent was not to offend! please do not be offened

  300. lisa says:

    VixenTreat have you tried to get your ex husband to pay childsupport? I don’t know what the standards are in your state but in Texas , if you have two children, the father has to pay 25% of his income in child support. Welfare should only be an option if you are a widow or your husband and you cannot make enough money working.

  301. MarieSB says:

    Ok everyone it’s been fun but I need to get outta here and go do those errands! XOXO

  302. hey suga is that your profile with the triangle eyes?? lol fom indy?
    oh suga I need your e-mail I got some stuff I wanted to ask another sugar about! Keya 703 at yah dot

  303. MarieSB says:

    I haven’t read your profile Vixen but I will agree that what you put on your profile is very important and this goes for all of us SB’s. This is the first introduction to a pot SD and what you say will paint a picture of who you are in their mind. There are so many guys on here looking for different things and how they perceive you is how they will approach you!

  304. VixenTreat says:

    so I apologize if I am definitely not part of the “normal standards” that every POT SD apparently has as some unwritten guidelines to follow when finding a SB….but I am no different from any other woman on here trying to make it in this life working with what little scraps I was dealt, attempting to build a decent life for myself and my kids. I just want the same respect you would show a high class business woman because we are no different, we all breathe the same air and bleed the same color blood and none of us is perfect!

  305. wooo what did I just walk in on…
    Vixen I Know we are all on diffrent income levels!! I handle my bills I have a family though I rarely mention them because That is not part of my sugar life , I make my own way and Already had been before I came to SA, we are all very smart women but SOME SD might alittle hesitant if you seem back up against the wall and you have kids, I actually seen a profile with the sentiment I am not your babydaddy and I dont pay for your kids. but I am sure he is just a guy that got a ride to the bank too!

  306. Gemini29 says:

    Err…Vixen…we’re just trying to help, not trying to bash or anything.

    As for the naughty stuff, I agree with Lisa. It’s going to attract the wrong type of pot SD (scammers, guys looking for escorts) and not the right kind of SD. You can have a naughty side all you want, just let it show slowly… At least, that is my advice and my opinion.

    As for other activities…. ok… you enjoy dining out, flirty conversations full of banter, etc. Or that you really wish you had a SD who could do “blah blah blah for you, help you stand on your own two feet again”

    Or to paraphrase what you just said “I just want to experience what it might be like having a SD who would enhance my life and show me all the things I’ve always dreamed of. If you are seeking a nice, decent and sweet girl, please drop me an email…I am looking forward to hearing from you!” <— this will most likely attract pot SDs who want to play the white Knight for a young girl and help lift herself up.

  307. wowowow what happened hey the girls are giving great valued respectful advise I KNOW if anything they are educators!!! Sharing valuable time sharing experience. You must have class in order to go forward with class which is why I cant figure out why I am without a great sd myself, but I do know ALL information gave was heartfelt and if taken in any other way without open mind to listnen they have”t true sugar to give and should KEEP DREAMING Of CLASS and a sd. Everyone here supports the betterment of women and I have read and read and learned and if you can not handle any truths these PROVEN women have you are in the wrong place. A man of wealth doesn’t wosh to hang in the ghettos but yes can respect anyone bettering themselves as these girls are saying. A lot of us having personal injury stories I HAVE THE WORST BUT WHO CARES WE ARE HERE FOR SUGAR A BETTER CLASS OF LIVING, and these women are too kind sometimes MY OPINION.


    sorry I yelled everyone i just feel like the true beauties where on attack see what happens when sugars turn around, lol never know what you might miss.
    ***ALSO I remember another time this attackish mode happened I haven’t seen that person since????
    Keep sharing the love and know you help more than anything in times of encouragement!!!

  308. MarieSB says:

    Maleman- Congrats on finding a great SB!! Telling her she looks great when you see her or you like her hair is great just don’t over do it by saying it 20 times within the hour!!

  309. lisa says:

    I have never had a car and have been broke too. I had no support from my ex (I was married) so I had a little help from family and I did what I had to do, no welfare of wic for me.

    I would think that you could take your ex husband to court for not paying the child support which should have been part of the divorce agreement or the separation agreement if your divorce is not yet final.

  310. DesertBunny says:

    Another Sugar Quote:

    “No one wants advice – only corroboration.” – John Steinbeck


  311. VixenTreat says:

    I’m hoping one of these POT SD’s will like me anyway, despite all the setbacks I encounter! I still have a good head on my shuolders and I know how to make the most of what little I was given!

  312. NYC SB says:

    Vixen – you asked for advice and they offered their opinions… you could ignore them or incorporate them… however no need to get defensive… we are not here to judge

  313. VixenTreat says:

    yet at the same time I am taking care of myself and I have been doing that on my own for the last year without help
    So maybe I just want to experience what it might be like having friends/family/money/ chance to enhance your life in any way because like I said in my previous profile every attempt I make to better myself, something goes wrong! So I’m doing what I do best and that is being the good person I am despite all the crap!

  314. VixenTreat says:

    ok….well I’m sorry you haven’t ever heard of welfare but yes there are people of every income level on here….I happen to be one of them, so yeah my naughty side doesn’t necessarily mean sex but of course it’s ok that they think it does because I am open about my sexuality and can handle most things they try to come at me with and I flat out tell them naughty side means many different things….I am a pretty up front person so if they don’t have the balls to ask me about my situation then maybe it’s a good thing they didn’t e-mail me because it just lets me know who is judging me from the start. So as for activities outside of the home….a sad thing happened to me…I broke my foot and ended up in a wheelchair for 3 months I had 2 different surgeries to correct the situation but it was recent and walking or standing for long periods of time can be quite painful…making activities outside of the home more difficult to pursue…especially without a car to drive my kids around! So you wanna know the situation I’m in?! FLAT BROKE AND NO WAY UP!! so that’s why I am here….I need some real help taking care of things so I can stand on my own 2 feet again! it’s been a while!!

  315. Gemini29 says:

    Vixen – Hmmm. Don’t like your title…I would take out the spank part, leave the Sugar and Spice, its mystery without going overboard. Like your “About me” a lot, you come across very nice and with a good head on your shoulders. Would take out the line about mommying being full time with no breaks, you don’t want to give a pot SD the impression that you have absolutely no time for him.

    Andd…do not like your “I’m seeking” section. Here’s why…it goes from “Hi I’m polished and have my head on straight” to… “U lke 2 txt? “. Its a bit of a turn off, at least for me. You might consider dropping the txt speak, it will make your profile “look” better. Also, I would consider dropping the pet peeves part, it won’t discourage the scamboys and the escort kids, but the way its written may discourage a pot good SD.

    Otherwise its good :) Just keep an eye out for punctuation, grammar, spelling and such…this will help weed out the wannabe SDs and will draw in the good SDs :)

  316. lisa says:

    First of all I would tone down the “naughty side” as that seems obviously sexual and you don’t want to attract some sleazy guy who is into domination or punishing you. If you are into that, it’s best to get to know the person first.

    Second, being a mommy is great but it’s not what most sds are looking for as they might think they are needed to support the children, so I would just mention that you have children. You also need to mention what you do for a living, or at least something outside of the home that you are active with. They might question how you are paying your bills without working as most moms need to work, without they have husbands who make good money and can provide for them

  317. VixenTreat says:

    sorry that was my old number

  318. VixenTreat says:

    THAT IS MY NUMBER 379281

  319. DesertBunny says:

    SuthernExec : Thank you for your input! I appreciate it!

  320. lisa says:

    ok you gave 127666 when you asked us to check you out

  321. VixenTreat says:

    ok here it is #379281

  322. VixenTreat says:

    oh i changed my profile so…does the number change because i edited it???

  323. NYC SB says:

    Check your profile number and let us know…

  324. VixenTreat says:

    no?? maybe you are looking at the wrong profile then huh.

  325. VixenTreat says:

    I had 3 pics up there I just uploaded more last night…still waiting for approval i guess

  326. lisa says:

    VixenTreat I looked at your profile and am a little confused. You state that you live in San diego, California Canada? 4′ 12″ and are a student with a PHD?

  327. VixenTreat says:

    no but really Thank you all I have found this to be a very supportive group of people :)

  328. NYC SB says:

    VixenTreat – I just read your profile… sweet and to the point… I am not sure that you are doing anything wrong. However, maybe the lack of picture is not getting you the responses you need… but then again its anyones guess.

  329. VixenTreat says:

    hey I’m a real woman!

  330. DesertBunny says:

    I mean shows… wow! Yoga must have really relaxed me!

  331. DesertBunny says:

    RRGG: I believe that it also showns as a red X if/when it is deleted.

  332. Dreams can be a reality We all must hold ourselves high and know our own value rather others see it or not!!! I am proud of coming here regardless the rejection of feelings of rude responders but with all the sugar and respectful knowledge gained from the beauties I have found here. I thank you all for the support!!!!

  333. DesertBunny says:

    Ha! I mean Sugar Quote… that’s what I get for not paying better attention in typing class!

  334. DesertBunny says:

    Suger Quote:

    “Abundance is not something we acquire. It is something we tune into.” – Dr. Wayne Dryer


  335. VixenTreat says:

    I realize that everyone else might have a life…but I respond right away seeing as how I’m at home all day playing house…just being online is a break from the lil’ ones every now and then, so if a guy responds to me it takes me away from this rut I’m stuck in, even if it’s temporary, and even if only to momentarily fantasize about how life might be if I were somehow wisked away from it all to be taken care of for the rest of my life!! I would love to be able to concentrate on the interests I’m really destined to fulfill & accomplish!! But then my Son screams my daughter hits me and someone makes a comment about how we live in reality and it’s not okay to dream of your perfect life even though you’ll never get it and that is the only way you’ll ever get close to it, by using your imagination and making yourself feel good by being in charge of something in this lifetime!! It might as well be our dreams where we have any control over how things are going to turn out….

  336. NJLady says:

    Gemini29…Thank you. I though it did mean they had been “blocked” by a member. I was afraid to write to them.

    Thank you for welcoming me. I need all the advice I can get!

  337. I would love to be chased but would love a real GENT ALSO, if we sit and wait for a man to figure what he wants we all would be old maids lol sorry gent I am new but you have had words I have read that are great to here from a man, but where are the rest of the MEN HERE??? I am hoping not all are pompous asses but true gentlemen as they have claimes and shown thus far not to be?? In my case anyway I would love to see more true GENTS around!

  338. I must admit I have never taken suck ego bashing in my life I have never put myself out there and been so totally ignored IF I can say anything is that the women the real SUGARS are the best I have seen thus far. I havent found them playing games or pretending to be lourdes complete, lol. Instead I found honest women with huge hearts as mine, CL at least you get a hello occassionally. I am new I admit but I am a beautiful person inside and out I just wish men would learn the inside is where the heart of a women a real women is, packaging is wonderful but personality can not be bought besides if they are so rich The can provide plastic surgery and hairstylist with bleach lol, plastic being a nice way of putting it. I prefer being the loving caring individual I am and am ever so proud of the really rare existence today, repect, caring, and personality!!! I love to laugh and have fun, dress up all the same things everyone does but I do not wish to be formated into a picture of what people think a women should be? OC NY they Kat, amny others that I find so much better than many I have seen in any catalog for sale so to speak. True ladies I am glad represent SUGARS AS REAL WOMEN!

  339. SouthernGent2 says:

    I can’t believe what I am reading about all the messages you ladies sent. Its us men that are supposed to do the chasing :-)

  340. How do you know if they deleted your mail?

  341. VixenTreat says:


  342. VixenTreat says:

    You just have to put yourself out there and hope you get a response back….you post your profile on a dating site…now you have to actually do some leg work!! OMG!!! REALLY??!! NO WAY!! yeah it sucks getting rejected but it freakin’ happens and soon enough you grow accustomed to the constant denial put forth by SD’s who think you aren’t worthy of them gracing you with their divine presence! LOL! just pick yourself back up dust yourself off and remind yourself that there is someone out there looking for someone exactly like you and you can’t give up or you will both be lonely…

    • OCSugarbaby says:

      Vixen: I am a slow responder and reply’er myself. I may quickly read the profile and email and then come back later that week or weekend when I have more time to reply. I get too busy at times and then I forget. So, I do understand when they read the email and I may not hear back for several weeks.

  343. So if it has a check mark they have read it ? I personally have sent 129 emails with much effort and patience and only Ady was kind to reply. I find this a huge turn off on the supposed quality of SD who cannot take a moment to at least say good luck??? I respond even to rude even if only to tell them they are rude not my type whatever, I laid out honesty, and now I wonder how genuine are the SD here if only seeking the typical model. I personally have found far more interesting people are those with sincerity, not behaving stereotypical, seeking depth true laughter and enjoyment versu a stick doll they can pose. Just my thinking I assume.

  344. Gemini29 says:

    NJLady – I’m assuming by “blocked” you mean you see the “blocked” in the search results. I initially thought it meant that they had been blocked by certain members, but it just means that their long on dates are hidden from public view. It has nothing to do with the other term of blocking someone if they are rude to you (which you can also do if you do not want to deal with someone)

    I ask for an amount but what you ask for and if you put negotiable is your decision. But if you do the amount negotiable, its best to have a range in your head for different types of arrangements, and to STICK TO THEM, so that pot wannabe SDs don’t try and undervalue you or bid you down. You need to put a value on yourself and your time and your effort and what you bring to the SD, not let the SD put a value on you. He doesn’t know you, YOU do.

    Oh, and welcome! Come jump in the sugar bowl. Roll around. We’re all friendly here! πŸ˜‰

  345. lisa says:

    blocked log in dates can be unlocked by adding the person as a favorite. Then you can view last log in, then just simply delete them from faves.

  346. NYC SB says:

    NJ lady – putting an amount is ok… amount negotiable is ok as well… however, when you put an amount and a potential contacts you than more likely than not he is ok with your needs

  347. NYC SB says:

    If they are a orange memeber that means that they have been active within the month… as membership expires each month…

  348. VixenTreat says:

    sorry didn’t mean to go all self-righteous mental case on you ladies!! lol, like I said, I am lacking in the sleep department, and my kids are being anything but perfect little angels today…in fact I think they might be displaying a lot of their daddy’s behavior traits…. today more than ever!

  349. What about those blocking log in dates oc? How can you tell if they are real?, current, etc?

    • OCSugarbaby says:

      If they block their log in dates, it just means that they want to keep that private. I have that blocked on mine. I did however have one SD ask me why I did that.
      I explained that I am all about discression and respecting privacy. He then told me that he understood but felt that it was a red flag that the SB is hiding something. I said YES my log in activity. He laughed and it was never brought up again.
      Rare, stick to the orange or blue with current log in activity. Non premium members can’t block their log in date.
      Thank you Rare for the lovely compliment. :)

  350. NYC SB says:

    Rare – x means he has not read it yet

  351. NJLady says:

    Hi Everyone,

    I’m new to this site. I was on once, not to long ago. But got rejected and left. So now I’m back giving it another try. I’ve been reading some of the blog, which have been helpful…I’m not in my 20’s, blond hair blue eye’s. I African American, 46 year old. Someone wrote that they sent out over a 100 emails. I haven’t sent out that many. I suppose we (SB’s) are just as picky as the SD’s. So I won’t give. Let me ask you, those who have been doing this for awhile. Is alright to ask for an amount. I put amount negotiable. Also, I’ve notice some of the guy’s have been blocked. Should I stay away for those or do you think it’s alright? Thank you.

  352. NYC SB says:

    OC- he is a nice little package hahahaha πŸ˜‰

    we all have our types… thats why SB SD dating is for everyone… from the model types to those that are not so model like… there is someone for everyone!

  353. DON’T YOU ALL AGREE a no is better than nothing, wondering and what is the red x in mail?

  354. OC always the voice of intelligence, success, and caring YOU truly are also A RARE GEM!

  355. I am sorry if I offended anyone but I have wasted many kind words to not so much as a kiss off except sb they have shown much respect.

  356. SugaCaneBby says:

    This question has been asked many a time before, but how should initial messages go since most people are vague in their profiles? I have no idea how to initiate contact without sounding fake or generic.

  357. SugaCaneBby says:

    Vixen: I’ve never gone for conventional beauty. I need a unique individual. One who gives a damn about how they look, but not so much as a means to compensate for something they’re lacking. That’s usually how I look at guys who only brag on certain aspects of their physical self. As is the case with mr. tighty-whitey…a mere 5’3″, eh? Hehehe.

    Katrina: Oh I was giving Marie a bit of know-how on her bleach dilemma. I’m a naturally curly girl myself (although most days you would never be able to tell. Shhhhhh!)

    Maleman: Just be sincere. If they’re genuine compliments and you truly find her to be one of the most amazing women you’ve ever met, then it should all come naturally and she should feel how genuine you are. But I know how you feel. I’m one of those women uncomfortable with obsequiousness. However, just be real and you have nothing to worry about. πŸ˜‰

    • OCSugarbaby says:

      Sorry ladies… I just thought a little eye candy pick me up would be nice. Never said anything about type or not. I personally like all makes and models. Men, men, men, men gotta love those men… Now I feel bad that he is getting ripped :(

  358. Maleman says:

    Thanks OCSugarbaby. I am in awe. But will follow Archie Bunker’s advice to “STIFLE IT!”

    Anybody else?

  359. Gemini29 says:

    I’m with OC on the compliments. Enough to make me feel special and appreciated, but too many and I get skeeved off. I guess the only way would be to see her reaction to them…if she seems to blossom or feel more comfortable under your compliments, then you’ve done your job. If she acts more distant, then perhaps you’ve overdone it and need to take it down a notch. But its not like there is a formula for to compliment someone in a balanced way, you just need to feel it out and see what her reactions are to your compliments.

  360. I wish all men had the courtesy to reply, we took the time to view them , and write but NO ONE BUT ADY HAS BEEN A TRUE GENTLEMEN I have had thus far. It is very discouraging. And the whole world would be boring if everyone was blonde look a likes, wouldn’t you agree, as for working girls, I thought this was not a street corner. And not to seem rude but everyone should be courteous regardless income just my 2 cents, and no offense meant to anyone!

    • OCSugarbaby says:

      Real Rare Gem: Make sure you are sending emails to SD’s that are current and active on the SA site. Watch for the last log in date and if they have an orange background on their profile (Premium). I made the mistake when I first started that I sent an email to someone who had not logged in for months and was not a premium member. πŸ˜‰

  361. SouthernGent2 says:

    Getting back on topic just to throw in my two cents worth…..

    Handling rejection – I am very selective about who I might message. I expect a reply, and frankly get a bit irritated when I don’t get one due to my selectivity. But I realize its part of the deal, and don’t take it too personally unless she is blonde and drop dead gorgeous lol

    As for giving rejection – I try to reply to every message I receive. I will not reply to one line messages, girls that I suspect are escorts, or girls that use a copy and paste blanket message (unless she is blonde and drop dead gorgeous).

  362. GLPlayground says:

    @Vixen – Brutally honest is cool, just don’t scare them too much or you might end up walking and those liars would simply bow their heads and wouldn’t dare show their faces to you. LOL

  363. Maleman says:

    Thanks for the two replies. I have given her nice gifts and we should be bringing it to the intimate level this coming week. I love to compliment and am good at picking up clues and asking questions. But, my question:

    HOW DO I MAKE SURE AND NOT OVER COMPLIMENT HER? If there is such a thing?

    • OCSugarbaby says:

      Maleman: For me, yes, over complimenting is kind of a turn off. I like compliments that are genuine and random but a gradual increase will make me feel that you are indeed genuine. Too over zealous makes me feel like the man is in awe of me. It’s like he can’t believe he is with a girl like me or that he isn’t worthy. Hint: If she has to ask you if she looks nice… you need to step up the compliments a bit! ~OC

  364. ginaZ says:

    I swoon over tall 6′ 1″ + men, lean, sexy eyes. I freakin’ get weak in the knees, oh but he has to be smart as a whip too!

  365. VixenTreat says:

    (text me please just text back!) he seems really cool then he gets really busy all of a sudden….wtf? that really annoys the crap outta me!

  366. NYC SB says:

    Miz_Red – only SDs are certified… also SB to SB emails are not allowed on the site I dont think. If you have a question and feel comfortable sharing then you can post on blog we can help as best as we can.

    Malman – A sweet word can go a long way … when you see her tell her she looks beautiful… when you are not with her a quick text saying you are thinking about her is great as well… other than that if she says something like “i love mac make up” (or whatever girls are into these days) a gift card to the mac store shows that you listen.

  367. VixenTreat says:

    but it is always nice when they do thoughtful things without having to ask them to! I have a FB here doing stuff like that for me! lol

  368. Suga if you want to go 3+ levels you should use Clariol Kalideakolors for us dark haired gals The blue one tends to stay on base!
    but forget about a relaxer….. anyway yall I am out again!!

  369. Gemini29 *365643* says:

    On a completely different note…. I can’t take it anymore. That’s it. I’m going into the attic and see whats going on up there. I swear it is the squirrel acrobatic olympic tryouts up there right now. When its rainy outside, the squirrels come inside to play! I just want to see how many are up there so I know what me and ol’ Daisy are up against.

  370. VixenTreat says:

    I like to hear the mushy stuff from a guy like “you are so beautiful” and all that good stuff! extra points if he is always looking lovingly at you when he thinks you aren’t paying attention!

  371. Gemini29 *365643* says:

    Um…can SBs message SBs on this site? And are there any certified (diamond level) SBs? That would be awesome! “I’m a Certified SB and I KNOW my worth!” :)

  372. hey miz red we all pretty Real in here and SB are premium the SD are certified!

    Malman congrats you have to play that by ear does she like things get her a lil gift that lets her know you care… my Ex he would make sure my car was clean and vaccummed I recalled one time he Bought me a whole new set of tires,,, That was the best gift ever and I still miss him for those type things he did. he never “TOLD” me hey K. you are so this /that he just like to do stuff!!

  373. Miz_Red says:

    HEEELP! I need to ask for some guidence from a SB who has a lot of experience. Preferrably a Certified Member so I know you are real and so I know you know what your talking about =) lol.
    Please message me personally.

    Thanks ladies!

    xoxo <3- Red
    Profile #: 367023

  374. I fully agree with ms Gemini!! well said indeed!
    hey guys do you think 10% of net worth is fair for an allowance?

  375. Maleman says:

    This is my first post, and I’m probably in the wrong topic, but I’m new!

    I have set up an arrangement with a gorgeous SB. She is sweet and smart too! I feel like I hit a grand slam. But I have a question.

    How do I compliment her without going overboard? In other words, how do I pay her compliments without puffing her up too much. I do not want to wind up on the streets alone! LOL

    I know the difference between praise and flattery, this would be praise.

  376. VixenTreat says:

    here here well said gemini!!

  377. Gemini29 *365643* says:

    The flawless, mr six pack ripped abs guy is not my type. Yes they look pretty in magazine pictures, but those are not abs you want to cuddle with on a saturday night, lol! Plus I’m always worried that they are looking for perfection too in their girl, and I would hate to always be worried about if MY abs were tight enough for him. I just want a guy who is mostly in shape, the rest of you girls can take mr hardbody….

  378. VixenTreat says:

    so am I

  379. Vixen
    I like them all its about a connection and a willingness to learn how I work. men are great I like the tall ones like the thin ones the ones who like to Eat and the ones who like to do stuff like put gas in the car, they so diverse its intresting just to learn a man… I dunno but I am weird I guess, My ideal one would like to help me get my self back in shape…
    lol yes Iam weird

  380. VixenTreat says:

    wow am I all alone???? this isn’t very cool….I feel crazy like I’m talking to myself! LOL…oh well someone will post soon I hope :)

  381. VixenTreat says:

    Anyone else in here prefer a man who is imperfect over one who is flawless and impeccable?

  382. VixenTreat says:

    lol you know I think it’s funny that my profile has the number it does….127666!! lol 666??? uh oh….better watch out….it’s funny because my last SD was nicknamed Diablo…lol…silly little coincidences keep popping up everywhere!

  383. VixenTreat says:

    good that leaves more average looking guys for girls like me who like to feel comfortable around her man & not like I have to try too hard and be somebody I’m not….I like to eat what I want…the only excersise I get is when I walk my kids around in the double stroller down to the park, and I don’t wear a lot of make-up, I definitely don’t get my nails done (I bite them anyway), or get a new hairstylye every week…I keep mine long, natural everything (color included) and think it’s a waste of time to dress to the nines just to meet your pot SD…and when you sleep with a man you should be comfortable enough to have an explosive g-spot orgasm (not by stimulating your clit) you know how to do that? just be yourself…jeez….and find someone you can be yourself with? perfect! aaahhh….

  384. NYC SB says:

    i am a sucker for 6 pack abs… yummy yum yum

  385. NYC SB says:

    I am 5’6” and it felt weird… he was like a little child

  386. VixenTreat says:

    I know what you mean I am also 5’9″

  387. VixenTreat says:

    Give me the kind of skinny dorky guy or even the man with lots of body hair packing a few extra pounds over the hard bodied gym member anyday…I like to cuddle and be comfortable when I do it! LOl…plus a man like that would accept me for who I am because maybe he is also turned on by my soft womanly curves, not by the beanpole supermodel type…lol

  388. VixenTreat says:

    you guys chasing the pretty face/bod guy from earlier….It never occurred to me that everyone would actually all heaad over to check this guy out…guess I’m the weird one not turned on by the buff young type…it kinda grosses me out actually πŸ˜›

  389. Gemini29 *365643* says:

    NYC SB – I KNEW they all lied about their heights!!! lol. Maybe not such a big deal for most girls, but when you are 5’9″….at least give me a heads up if you are truly shorter than me!

  390. SuthernExec says:

    Welcome all the new sugars!

    DesertBunny, I don’t know what you’re planning to spend, but depending on that, there are some pretty neat things out there for golfers. All golfers think the kind of ball they use makes a difference – for the scratch golfers it does, for the hackers, it really doesn’t but they (we) think it does. Getting some pricey tour pro balls would be cool along with some other odds and ends (cool ball markers, etc.). Or if ou want to spend the cash, there are all kinds of neat things – handheld GPS, etc. There no end to the golf paraphernalia out there.

  391. VixenTreat says:

    Yeah I get that a lot….brutally honest…I’m ok with that because I really despise manipulative liars! what would this world be like if there weren’t at least a few of us honest people still left in this world?? so thank you for your entry it picked up my mood a little bit since I have been feeling kinda in a slump. wow I’m special now! lol. really playground thank you :)

  392. NYC SB says:

    and also he has no clue what the site is about… i told him to go join a millionaire dating site instead :) that coincidentaly ended in his profile LMAO

  393. NYC SB says:

    OC – I have met Mr tidy whitey… he is like 5’3” … and ummm yeahhh not that much of a looker

  394. GLPlayground says:

    @Vixen – Your comment made me laugh out loud. Maybe there’s something “unique” in you. It’s like trying to make you hot then when you’re all fired up, they get burned and run. Hahaha. I admire you for being brutally honest. Brutal eh?

    BTW I’m SB. Hehehe. But not thinking of looking for any SD right now. I prefer life like this for now.

  395. VikingHybrid says:

    Thanks for the advice everyone :)

    Funny story – One of my first email correspondences on SA was from a guy who told me that he’d send a pic, and then ignored the question when I asked why it hadn’t arrived within a few days. I bid him good day.

    That evening, I got an email from him stating that he was MY OLD BOSS! YUCK!

  396. VixenTreat says:

    still waiting for someone…..hey if you are reading this but not participating in the conversation now is the time!!

  397. VixenTreat says:

    cherry pie by icp….funny…kinda lengths i go to to please the right man…lol

  398. VixenTreat says:

    awesome I really like this site and wanna find out how I would look for a specific profile? do i have to have premium membership?

  399. VixenTreat says:

    yeah well I don’t have a SD anymore…not since I was 18…”backstabbers” were all my teenage years in foster care…once you grow up with it it’s hard not to be mistrusting of most people offering a fairytale life…sounds great, but there’s always some catch….and don’t get me wrong, I LOVE SEX but I’d rather be doing it with one person many times than many people once each!! Once a Pot SD finds out I am in fact very sexually…open….it scares them away I think…They all claim to want something, but can’t handle the heat! so playground are u a SB or SD?

  400. VixenTreat says:

    is anyone still here??? looks like I’m just waitiing for someone to come talk with me…I have time….;)

  401. GLPlayground says:

    @ Vixen – You don’t need to stress out on backstabbers. 90% of backstabbers are plainly jealous of the care and love you are getting from your SD. Not all SD’s would only desire to see you in bed, but for the record these people also need attention and companionship. And mainly they are there to care for you. So I would personally agree on you.

  402. VixenTreat says:

    so NC Gent Ru still here?

  403. VixenTreat says:

    but we all know the real secret art of being woman is to get your way and make them think it’s really them getting what they want…

  404. VixenTreat says:

    GL PLAYGROUND-yeah u checked out my profile…yes my first SD taught me about being truly genuine….my loyalty is towards long-lasting friends as well….yeah I am a down a*s chick, ride or die type…because loyalty is important especially when you are someone like me who spent time in foster care where everyone stabs you in the back, it’s great to have at least one person who will stand by your side and defend your honor or doesn’t abandon you in your time of need!

  405. DesertBunny says:

    Thanks for the ideas my sweet suga sister’s. Off to Yoga! Namaste.

  406. MarieSB says:

    Alright well I hope everyone has a good day! I’m off to run errands and clean!

  407. VixenTreat says:

    what’s wrong with orange hair? lol…mine was naturally very orange looking as a child…thank god it darkened up a little bit as I got older!
    Marie-yes they do it a lot I’ve noticed…starting to wonder if these guys really even exist or maybe I’m too ghetto fabulous for them and the posh lifestyle…ha! silly because I do have some family where we were raised as proper young ladies my aunt taught me how to have some class:)

  408. GLPlayground says:

    @Vixen – In a way you’re right. Since younger women tend to respect older men in a way but it doesn’t mean they have no choice but to follow. Maybe it has something to do with loyalty. Hehehe

    • OCSugarbaby says:

      GLPlayground: I respect men! Yet, I am not 20 something… Great thing about SA, you can find just what you are looking for!

  409. MarieSB says:

    SugaCane- HAHA ya I should slap that hefer…she probably knew it would turn me orange…hater. But ya I go in today to get it fixed so I’m sure it will be nice…anything is an upgrade from this lol.

  410. SugaCaneBby says:

    Marie: Oh, the bleach wasn’t the way to go unless you were re-coloring with the color you wanted after you got the desired lift. But I’m prejudice against box kits so…back on topic!

  411. Gemini29 *365643* says:

    SugaCaneBby- Maybe you’ll find the perfect SD who wants a dominant SB! :) They do seem to occasionally exist here, its the trying to figure out if they are for real part that is the hard part.

  412. MarieSB says:

    Vixen- I can’t stand the guys who are flakes and waste your time!! grrrr

  413. SugaCaneBby says:

    Marie: XD Mmm, bleach wasn’t the way to go for slight lightening. Slap the person who told you that! Lol. But that’s great that you got it fixed. I’m sure it looks lovely.

  414. MarieSB says:

    Olivia- Have you guys talked about what the plans are for when he visits? Maybe you guys should talk about that before hand. And also make sure he knows when you have to work so he can figure out what he is going to do during that time.

  415. VixenTreat says:

    wow i am sleepy….tired of waiting for POT SD’s to call or text bcuz I don’t have all day for these guys to get back to me!! when you tell me you’ll call in 5 minutes…and I don’t hear from u in an hour? time to move on and find someone else…jeez guys all this over coffee or lunch?? Relax! It’s not marriage, just a date (sorta) and if you’re a bundle of nerves you can’t enjoy yourself :)

  416. Olivia says:

    Well, last night I spoke with a pot SD on the phone. He is looking at flights to visit my town for a weekend! Of course, he will reserve a hotel. I’m a bit nervous with him coming to my town, though…I’m afraid that I will need to entertain him at all moments. I have not ever had someone book a flight simply solely based upon “seeing if there is chemistry.” What is an appropriate amount of time to spend with someone when you know that he is unfamiliar with and a visitor of the city I’m in? I want to give him plenty of attention, but I do not want to bombard him nor be bombarded. I will have to work a bit during the weekend, anyway. Any advice?

  417. SugaCaneBby says:

    Vixen: Despite being 21, I’m EXTREMELY dominant. I take a backseat if I see it as necessary or the person appreciates it, but I’ve grown out of that and I’m stubborn as hell now. Actually taking a forray into being a Domina and I like it much. Buuuuuuuut I know SD aren’t into that. They have the money so they have the power and yada yada yada…

    That’s fine. My demure side is still in me somewhere.

    As for the delicious tighty-whitey yumminess upon log-in…he liiiiiiiiieeeeeesssss. There’s no way that can be real. But maybe I’m just jaded.

  418. NC Gent says:

    Hi Vixen – I am in my mid-40s and prefer SBs in their late 20s to late 30s. I want someone that doesn’t draw attention to us when we are out in public.

  419. MarieSB says:

    Vixen- haha stay aaaaway from the ones with warts! ;-D

  420. VixenTreat says:

    yeah but a lot of them do have the “perfect” image of what a woman should be like on here….maybe now I’m stereotyping…oops…but then again it takes kissing a LOT of frogs before you find a prince and even then you might be infected with warts…lol…j/k

  421. MarieSB says:

    SugaCane- Well I didn’t want to go blonde at all….I wanted to be a caramel brown and someone told me to buy bleach and it will make my hair that way. I don’t have any patience and the girl who usually does my hair was booked so I went and bought the bleach haha! It didn’t turn me caramel at all! So now I’m getting it fixed today and I’m so relieved! I’m just not looking forward to the ear full my hair dresser is going to give me lol! I really need to get patience when it comes to my hair.

  422. VixenTreat says:

    jeez…when my comment is submitted it always seems like a day late and a dollar and fifty cents short! maybe i should learn to type faster…of course i am doing this one-handed…:P

  423. SugaCaneBby says:

    Lol! Awwwwww, Marie. I had to turn a girl away at my job because she was a pretty brunette who wanted to be blonde without ending up orange…not possible (I work at a beauty supply store part-time). Brunettes who want to be blonde miff me. But then again, that goes back to my “preference” πŸ˜‰ But yeah, I always suggest a profressional for lightening that goes more than 3 levels.

  424. VixenTreat says:

    Looking for: a man who knows how to take orders from a woman that knows what she wants!

    most guys on this site are looking for younger girls because they find it’s easier to control or find a submissive woman when they are younger…so it’s easier to train them to be the ideal lady they are seeking….but it’s funny to see that most of the women that have been posting are pretty well grounded, stick to your guns, type women! BRAVO LADIES!
    BTW my profile number is 127666

  425. MarieSB says:

    HAHA Just saw the body that goes with those white undies! Yum Yum!!

  426. MarieSB says:

    I’m getting my hair done today finally! FYI If you have naturally dark hair dont buy bleach in a box and try to lighten it yourself HAHAHA I know I should of known this myself but live and learn right? I can’t wait to look normal again and not like a pumpkin head!

  427. DesertBunny says:

    Gemini… I know THAT feeling. Maybe I should rethink Saks then. THAT could be disastrous! Fun, but totally distracting from the task at hand.

    NYC SB… Amen, sister!

  428. VixenTreat says:

    the farthest I can travel is the next town over!! that’s seattle! It’s a ferry ride away! I have no car or license, and I am stay at home mom with a 3 yr old girl and 1 yr old boy…no help but myself…traveling? ha! out of the freakin’ question πŸ˜›

  429. SugaCaneBby says:

    Morning all. I have the next 3 days off work so I’m looking forward to doing absolutely nothing. :3 Might go see a movie today, actually.

    Anyway, I have a question: When a pot SD contact you and he asks twice in so many words what it is you’re looking for on the site, how do you respond? I know it’s a trick question and that he’s trying to feel me out to see if…whatever, but I’m trying to stay on the demure side because lord knows I’m an aggressive woman. >:) I could have been like, “Uh, the site is called ‘Seeking Arrangement’. What do you think?”, but I just reiterated what I had written in the looking for part of my profile. He hasn’t responded yet. *shrug*

  430. Gemini29 *365643* says:

    Viking- If something, anything, is making you uncomfortable, just stop and re-assess the situation. I don’t go on dates with people who make me uncomfortable, and not all the money in the world can make me change my mind about that. If he’s saying things that are pinging your red flag meter, then listen to it. The whole “you owe me” crapola and “well i got a hotel room……” is just that, crap. If he can’t respect your decision early on, then he never will. Good for you for deciding not to have a date in your home town (I know I never will, small towns and all that) it is best to be safe and not having a date, rather than sorry with a big problem.

  431. MarieSB says:

    Gemini- Thanks! would prefer they be in another state as well but my only issues is traveling. My days off are weird at work…I guess I can just send them an email and let them say no when they find out I cant travel too often!

  432. DesertBunny says:

    Someone get OC a shot! LOL!

    • OCSugarbaby says:

      Lisa: When the perfume came out I immediately thought of YOU. Too funny that you got it. I think I may get it too. It smells heavenly and a bit sinful!

      NYC SB: I am dying for a pair of L.A.M.B’s that I saw…. Ahhh I could be a sexy little L.A.M.B for halloween (sans clothing just the shoes).

      DesertBunny: How about a gadget. Golf GPS ball tracker or other tech toy. The SD’s can provide you with a top 3 gadget’s they wish they had or have!

      • OCSugarbaby says:

        By the by, did you ladies see the eye candy when you logged in today? If not log out and back in to see a pair of “tidy whitey” heaven!!! lol

      • OCSugarbaby says:

        The BLOG comes to a stand still while all the SB’s log out and back in!!!! hahaha

  433. NYC SB says:

    Louboutins … lace… pearls = perfect evening πŸ˜‰

  434. VixenTreat says:

    so this is the first blog I’ve ever posted on and I love it! You guys are great and I wish everyone the best in finding the SD or SB of their dreams…

  435. DesertBunny says:

    Thank you NYC SB… that was a very thoughtful way of wishing him Happy Birthday. And the striptease ( or just plain ol’ answering the door in nothin’ but Monolo’s ) is a definite part of the plan :) Isn’t it amazing the effect a hot pair of stiletto’s and some chandelier earings can have on a man? An effect I’m quite fond of!

    I was thinking of something golf related too, OC. But he has everything! Maybe several cases of golf balls… after all, he is a self proclaimed ‘hacker’. LOL! Gotta love him!

    I hate to be so unoriginal as stopping at Saks and picking out a sweater, but then everyone loves cashmere… or is that just me?

  436. Gemini29 *365643* says:

    Marie SB – I email guys in all the states, including a few in England, lol! I would actually 90% prefer someone who is NOT in the same state I’m in..with exceptions made for the right individual.

  437. NYC SB says:

    VikingHybrid – you owe him nothing … dont ever ever ever feel that way. If you choose to see him again be clear that you will not sleep with him prior to entering an arrangement and being comfortable with him.

  438. MarieSB says:

    One pot SD I met a long time ago at a coffee shop once said before we talk $ he needs to try things out and see if he likes it. HAHA Well I told him I need to try out my allowance first and see if it will be enough. Needless to say we never spoke again! The nerve of some of these guys

  439. VixenTreat says:


  440. lisa says:

    OC I purchased the new Lola perfume a couple weeks ago when it finally became available in Houston. Love the bottle too

  441. Vixen I had the same thought I am a THICKbaby and I wondered how I would find anyone on here, well at the very least I have had lots of views and this morning i got a contact.. a very nice contact too its all in the Eye of the beholder I guess I gotta Rethink my sterotype my own self!!
    ok yall I am off!!

  442. MarieSB says:

    VikingHybrid- Everything happens for a reason and if it were me I would not be seeing him again. First of all if you made it clear you weren’t going to sleep with him on the first date and he still hinted at you coming to his hotel at the end shows he doesn’t respect your boundaries. Then he tried to make you feel bad because he drove all that way and yada yada??? Please he is grown and a drive never hurt anyone. He should of been polite let you know he was disappointed and said you guys can reschedule. I can’t stand SD’s like this. He was obviously upset because he wasn’t getting any and he wasn’t even going to be able to try

  443. VixenTreat says:

    Yeah just gotta keep looking….I wish they would come to me :) LOL…wouldn’t that be nice 4 a change?

  444. VixenTreat says:

    Oh he’s clear on what he expects….you OWE him…yeah he means it subtly but he just wants sex…sorry

  445. MarieSB says:

    Vixen- I’ve looked a a few female profiles on this site and they come in all shapes and sizes! I think everyone on here can find their ideal situation…eventually I haven’t yet haha….You just have to find the right SD for you

  446. VixenTreat says:

    *Also, I have yet to get a nasty e-mail like one of the girls on here talked about but I don’t don’t it will happen…I just hope a**holes like that realize that just because we aren’t “commercially beautiful” that doesn’t make us ugly, and only a man who would go to lengths like that to say nasty things to somebody is fooling themselves on what he finds attractive anyway. Maybe he is just too scared to let a girl know he digs the fat chick or the older woman but people need to quit being such scared lil b*tches, grow some balls, and stand up for feeling that way about us normal girls because we all need to hear that we are attractive and desirable, not the negative garbage that has no place in this world :)

  447. VikingHybrid says:

    Morning sugars! I’ve been lurking on the blogs for a few days now. Lots of good advice! Perhaps y’all can help with a dilemma (the sugar life is completely new to me):

    After two weeks of emails, a pot SD and I decided to meet for dinner in a town about half an hour out of my way, two or so hours out of his. He was cordial and well-spoken over emails, so despite the 44-year age difference between us, I thought I might meet him in person.

    On the way there my car broke down, and I had to have it towed! I promptly phoned the pot SD, who was polite and understanding. He asked how my ideal night would have went. I told him a nice dinner with good conversation. I asked him what he envisioned. He replied, Dinner…spending the evening together…” and then mentioned that he had a hotel room. He had already told me that he was getting one over email, and I figured it was because he didn’t want to drive back to his city after dark on Labor Day weekend. I also made it clear, over email, that I do nothing sexual on the first date. “You didn’t expect me to go back to the hotel room, did you? I thought I already made it clear…” I said. “Whatever you feel comfortable with,” was his response. He wanted to work out some sort of plan B, so I suggested we meet in my town. Then I reneged, realising that the chances of my sugar and non-sugar life colliding would be far too great in a town that small. Pot SD was obviously disappointed, stating how he drove all that way, got a hotel room, etc. He tried to change my mind about meeting in town, but I held firm – too high a chance of being “caught.” He wished me good luck (still sounding annoyed), and told me to email him when I worked everything out.

    To be honest I was a bit relieved, as I had been extremely anxious about the meeting the evening before and all that day. Also, the “whatever you feel comfortable with” line should have put me at ease (?) but somehow made me more apprehensive. The problem is that I’m inexperienced with the sugar life, and can’t tell whether this is my gut telling me that something is off, or just nerves from being new!

    I figured that I (or rather my car) blew it, and left it at that. However a few days later I got an email from him, saying that he would like to try and meet again. He wrote that the drive out there was not bad (even though he made it seem like a big deal when I had to cancel). He complemented me on my phone presence and ability to handle a tough situation. The caveat is that he ended the email with, “And you do owe me.” Does that mean that he’d expect me to f*** him if we made plans again?! Is my being cautious turning into paranoia? Please help!

  448. MarieSB says:

    Ohhh ok QUESTION SB’s …. when your searching do you just stay in your area or do you also looking in near by states?? I was thinking of writing a few gents near my state…what are your thoughts

  449. VixenTreat says:

    I just spent a lot of my sleepless night reading everyone’s posts in here and it would be interesting to see what some of you look like? a lot of you speak about not being the “ideal” protege that comes to mind when a person thinks of SB’s….and I have to admit, my concept of the characteristics & features a sugar baby is supposed to possess in order for men to find them attractive was, in fact, the perfect barbie type as well, I thought I have no business being here what am I doing? I must be fooling myself trying to believe that any man in here would want a girl like me?they want: blonde hair, blue eyes, skinny, young, perfect, no kids, in school every man’s fantasy girl….until I read the posts on here….now I feel more comfortable with being on this site :)

  450. MarieSB says:

    Ok so I am going to get over my fear of sending emailsl today! I’ve already sent out 2 lol….I’ll keep you guys updated on the responses I get!

  451. hey yall I got my first inqury off of SA !!! yay!!!!! anyway I wanted to tell yall and ive gotta go bye!!

  452. MarieSB says:

    HAHA NYC I love that….I need to find my own on call Dr lol

  453. Gemini29 *365643* says:

    TLG- You are making me blush! πŸ˜‰ I don’t think I’m really Rrrowwwrr worthy, lol !

    NYC SB – The number is above πŸ˜‰

    Desert Bunny – Oh gods I have no idea. I always hit a wall when buying gifts for guys. One time I browsed the whole of Home Depot and came away with zero ideas for him, and 20 things for me.

  454. MarieSB says:

    Good morning everyone!! My day off!! How is everyone today!?

  455. NYC SB says:

    OC — They call me the “patron killer” haha the panty dropping effect has worn off for me πŸ˜‰

    I have another pot date/meeting tonight… what can I say I go ga ga over single doctors… a girl can never have too many on call … in case she gets sick that is πŸ˜‰

  456. NYC SB says:

    Hi OC! Saki – no thank you! I will take patron on the rocks with 3 limes please (AKA Skinny Girls Margarita)

    • OCSugarbaby says:

      Hi ya NYC SB: Patron makes me take my clothes off! Seriously, love the taste but I call that drink the “panty dropper”

      • OCSugarbaby says:

        Good Morning Lisa Penelope! I thought I saw you earlier this morning. Are you off to day? I have been meaning to ask you if you have smelled the new Marc Jacobs perfume LOLA? It is my new fav….

  457. DesertBunny says:

    Hey OC! So nice to enjoy Saki and wake feeling fabulous :) We must do that together sooner rather than later!!

  458. NYC SB says:

    DesertBunny – My SD was/is a HUGE HUGE HUGE fan of a certain celebrity… so for his bday i called in the show that this celebrity hosts on the radio and wished him a happy bday… he was listening to it in the car… it wasnt a present per say but it was sweet and he loved it

    also going with the sexy striptease next time you are together is always appreciated

  459. DesertBunny says:

    Good Morning Sugars!

    I have a question for all of our fabulous SD’s (and SB’s too :)…
    I am in search of a nice gift for a special SD in my life. We are involved in a very discreet arrangement, *wink wink* so it needs to be something special, yet not something that will draw too much attention. Something cool that can be ‘passed off’ as something he purchased for himself. Something unique. Any ideas?

    • OCSugarbaby says:

      Hi Blushing DesertBunny: I would totally go with the Golf theme. Since you know so much about it, he could easily hide it in his bag.

  460. NYC SB says:

    if its a SBs profile simply preview your own profile and then replace your profile number with theirs

  461. VixenTreat says:

    how do you look @ people’s profiles that are posting in here?

  462. NYC SB says:

    I dont think you are rambling Vixen πŸ˜€

  463. VixenTreat says:

    Thank you NYC SB. You put it in the words I’ve been searching for. I’m just a little tired this morning that’s why it seems like I’m rambling…

    • OCSugarbaby says:

      Good Morning Sugars! What a glorious morning!!! Sun is shinning and the sky is blue. And OC doesn’t have a Saki hangover! Perfect day.
      TLG: That wasn’t a hint. I enjoy a mystery. If someone wants for me to see their profile or talk off blog, they know how to find my profile. I love to have profile views! πŸ˜‰

  464. VixenTreat says:

    Hey I have a question for the SD’s in here: what type of girl stops you in your tracks when searching through profiles??

  465. The Lone Gunman says:

    Allow me to pile on here and agree with NYC SB and NC Gent:

    Take a moment to think through just how an allowance can move from point SD to point SB and if it requires filtering from prying eyes and you can arrive at several answers at once.


  466. NYC SB says:

    Vixen – how valid of a point you make! It is oh so easy to get caught up in the lavish lifestyle when having an SD and rather than saving your allowance you spend it on other things such as shoes and bags and whatever girls buy these days.

    We need to be smart about this… an SD should be a bonus not a sole provider and we should ALWAYS have a plan of supporting ourselves if and when he leaves… this is NSA after all and he has no real ties to the relationship…

  467. NC Gent says:

    NYC SB is right. Another factor is marital status. My monthly draw is deposited directly to my checking account, so it is almost impossible to take money from that account. I have to be creative in other ways that I come up with cash for an allowance. If I was single, it would be no big deal at all and I could easily be much more generous in my allowance.

  468. The Lone Gunman says:

    OCSugarbaby says:
    You have seen mine right? I have seen just about all the SD’s pictures. Ladies they are all very handsome! I think TLG is the only one that I haven’t seen.

    There’s one SB here on the blog who has seen it, and I hers.

    Hers is VERY nice BTW. RRRRRowrrrrrr

    If she chooses to share my profile number with the other SBs here via email, I have no objection. Just prefer not to be slammed with profile views/comments from the idly curious lurkers on the Blog, so I don’t post it here.


  469. VixenTreat says:

    I’m not new to the whole sd/sb thing just this and any site about it by the way. The last SD I had was when I was 18 he was 47….we were rock solid for a whole year until other girls started showing interest in him because i was with him! he ended up leaving me for a girl who was just a little older than me…It left me stuck with no job/ house/ car nothing! Never get fully dependant or you could wind up stuck too….it shouldn’t matter what he’s willing to give you…do your best to try and make it on your own so you know it can be done! Don’t worry if he’s stingy with his money, let him know that it shouldn’t matter that much even if you DO need it!

  470. VixenTreat says:

    I don’t think I’d be comfortable with a SD giving me a huge allowance…I’ve been broke for so long! LOL! If I suddenly got a lot of money all at once and then had them dwindle it down, slowly losing interest in the arrangement, or more plainly getting bored of you over time until finally they cast you aside, it would kinda leave a girl stuck now wouldn’t it?

  471. NYC SB says:

    I am going to reiterate this again: A SDs net worth and income have very little to do with how much allowance they are prepared to offer. The allowance is determined based on his generosity and liquidity. For example an SD who is putting his kids through school may not be able to provide a high allowance. However, an SD who is single and well of while in the position to provide a nice allowance may choose not to becasuse he is not of generous nature.

  472. VixenTreat says:

    Good morning everybody glad to see you all awake at such an early hour too :) thanks for welcoming me I’m glad to be here.

  473. SuthernExec says:

    Gemini, he is probably “fishing” – hoping you will view his profile and adjust your financial amount. I agree with NC – no response is probably best. Don’t waste your time.

  474. Gemini29 says:

    Actually its a good example of the fund question posed above. He makes over $1 mill a year. But is stingy. And lets girls know it! :)

    I was thinking of “I’m going to put your unsolicited advice in the unsolicited advice bin…the trash. ” but think that might be a bit too harsh.

    or maybe “wow. you really know how to woo a girl.”

  475. NYC SB says:

    Gemini – let it be… clearly he is not the one for you… its best to not dignify him with a response. Can I see your profile?

  476. NC Gent says:

    Hi Gemini — no response at all might be the best, but maybe something like I am sorry that you don’t appreciate the value of the finer things in life :)

  477. Gemini29 says:


    The gal of some men! One guy emailed me, just to tell me that I’m cute but that my “economic desires are a bit high”.

    I could understand this might be a SDs response if I had emailed him first.

    Yet….I DID NOT EMAIL HIM. Unsolicited advise…ugh!

    I do not care if he thinks my amount is high. My amount is what it is, it is what I would need if I were in a SD/SB relationship. End of story. I don’t see the need for someone random to comment on it! If you can’t afford it, you can’t afford it.

    Sorry. Just a little morning rant. First email I’ve received like that, and probably not the last. I’m trying to think of the perfect response back, any ideas?

  478. SuthernExec says:

    It isn’t raining here – yet!

  479. lisa says:

    Rainy dreary day in Houston, it’s like a virus or something

  480. NYC SB says:

    Good morning everyone… rainy dreary day in NYC… kind of like the mood everywhere

  481. Gemini29 says:

    Morning sugars! Dreary morning on my end, rain rain! Yay! More rain for the grass to grow, just what I always wanted! And the mower is broken! WOOO!


    Anyway, gonna catch up on comments, hope I don’t miss anyone.

    Rare Gem Gal – 117 Messages?! Wowza…I think I’ve sent only 100 or so, and thats including replies back! Hopefully you’ll get some replies back, just don’t expect them right away πŸ˜‰

    OC- Hehehe, I’ve never had saki! But I adore sushi, one of my fave foods!

    GinaZ- I want to see your profile too! I’m loving this putting faces to people on the blog!

    MarieSB – I’m having trouble writing initial emails too. I keep trying though, it seems like half of the letters I write out I get responses, and I like about half of those responses/potSDs. So I think it is important to contact the SDs, but as to what we write… that is still a learning thing for me.

    dietcokehead- The shopper in me wants to knoooow what you got! :) You shouldn’t feel bad that he got you a gift, its just a sign of his generousity. I guess it all depends on his approach, maybe something else made you feel awkward? If no other red flags popped up during the date, I wouldn’t worry too much about it. Most girls dream of the shopping trip daddy, I know I do!

    Vixen Treat- Welcome to the blog! πŸ˜€

  482. NC Gent says:

    Hi JSMN — the guy that makes $175,000 a year and offers $5000 a month is either looking for a short term deal, someone at his constant call (rent-a-wife) or is plain full of shiza. The guy making $500k per year and offering less than $1k per month may not want to see an SB that often or is being upfront about what he wants to pay (which is better in my opinion). He may make that up with gifts, etc. It is all a personal choice, and I would be cautious about someone offering large allowances – high poof daddy potential.

  483. NC Gent says:

    Good morning all – this description in a profile caught my eye – wonder what kind of SD (or STD) she will connect with… wow!

    “I am looking for a single guy who is willing to wear a condom. I’m not interested in going on vacations, sleeping over, or really doing much anal. Hope we can meet up!”

    great example of what not to say you are seeking lol

  484. SuthernExec says:

    VixenTreat, keep your head up – there are a lot of flakes out there on both sides. This whole thing takes patience. It can take months sometimes so don’t lose heart – and it’s important that this does not become the #1 priority in your life because it can be very frustrating at times. The whole process can be a lot of fun and the people who you befriend on the blog here will be your strongest supporters. I am confident that you will find someone who values you for who you are – just hang in there.

  485. VixenTreat says:


  486. VixenTreat says:

    Hi everyone…I’m fairly new to SA and I’ve been reading your blog. thank you so much to all of you who had such helpful advice! It’s hard not to get screwed over anymore and lately I ran into a few POT SD’s who have backed out even before the date began! Something comes up at work or they just quit responding altogether….and it’s really hard to meet a man who is NOT looking for an escort! So I guess if I just keep on looking hopefully I will find that one who doesn’t mind that I have 2 kids or that my size is 13/14 and I’m unusually tall for a girl (5’9″), but until that day comes I wish someone would just e-mail me back, or talk to me. Anyone needing a loyal friend willing to just sit and listen without passing judgement, or divulging your indiscretions to the world, then I am always here 4 ya. Once you get to know me you will see I’m a down-a** chick who hates it when people make other people feel worthless. Everyone has their own unique beauty that is their own & no one elses! sorry it took so long to write this…lol…my cell phone wouldn’t let me post in here…so I had to wait to get online! All I’m saying is that all of us on here at one point in time feels insecure, and if they say they don’t they are full of sh** so remember when you start to feel like you aren’t good enough the other person feels the same way too….sometimes the men put up a little front & boast about how many woman are waiting for them because they have such a huge inferiority complex! Don’t take it personal when someone calls you messed up names, or cusses you out as a reply, those people are childish and unimportant anyway! Keep looking!! The right one is out there if you don’t give up! Always remember to stay confident in yourself or you will not succeed in your search…ok I’m done….lol…

  487. dietcoke head thats great you have a generous Pot you go girl, it is hard for me to let others do for me also but let the man spoil you….. you did not MAKE him do anything it was his own free will. and he was very nice for doing so…. What kinda purse did you get?? do tell!!

  488. The Lone Gunman says:


    Welcome to the Blog!

    If you can stand an SD’s opinion, the technical answer to your question is Yes–in an Ideal World, those that make the most should offer the most.

    In Real Life (IRL), one of the characteristics of highly-monied folk that I’ve noted over the years is extreme tight-fistedness. It’s one of the things that made them well-off to begin with, and it seems that this would extend into the Sugar world as well.


  489. jsmn simple. Its that mystery math or a misplaced 0 . and me I cannot Expect anything other than what I ask for you never know he may have a few SB running around. dont turn down anything till you find out exactly!! one might be sayin less in $ but maybe hes a giftdaddy! tuff to say at times!

  490. jsmn.383274 says:


    Please Answer/Share!

    A guy makes $175,000+ and offers $5,000 a month (shopping,bills,etc. included) lives in a house. Single. No Kids.

    Another guy makes $500,000+ lives in a condo and wants to give an allowance of less than $1000. Divorced&Widowed. Two independent adult kids.

    What’s wrong with this picture?!
    Should more be expected from the guy who makes more?

  491. MarieSB says:

    well I know how to send an e-mail I just don’t know what to say in the e-mail

  492. MarieSB says:

    I know it’s late but did Gem Gal say she sent 117 e-mails? I can’t even figure out how to send 1 lol

  493. DesertBunny says:

    Awwww… I think I am blushing.

  494. ginaZ says:

    Nighty night blog.

    Night OC, catch some shut eye before the room spins some more!

  495. ginaZ says:

    Sweet dreams OC!

    Yes I saw your profile!

    Beautiful girl, with a lovely smile πŸ˜‰

  496. ginaZ says:

    If you ever make it to the valley I live nearby 20 odd sushi places within a 5 mile radius.
    email and Saki what a combo! guess no one is here but us. Soon I will bid you adieu. Sleep beckons, either that or curled up with a good book!

  497. ginaZ says:

    I will turn it in soon, curl up maybe call back one pot. He flaked once so I’m always a bit dubious, but who knows!

    Yum Saki…


    Got a craving now…

  498. ginaZ says:

    It is funny with the blog, putting a face to a name. I still have no idea what the SD’s look like.

    • OCSugarbaby says:

      You have seen mine right? I have seen just about all the SD’s pictures. Ladies they are all very handsome! I think TLG is the only one that I haven’t seen.
      Yes, I love Sushi too. Hard to find someone who enjoys it as much as I do! Sushi Laguna was wonderful.

      • OCSugarbaby says:

        We will have to work on our three $um profile tomorrow! lol I have a great picture idea… “Larry, Mo and Curly” hahaha I really need sleep!

      • OCSugarbaby says:

        Yeah I better stop emailing back, not good if I don’t remember who I wrote to and what I wrote! πŸ˜‰

  499. ginaZ says:

    I love love love sushi! Hoping to find a sugar daddy who loves sushi as much as I do!

    My profile is out of lurk mode, new profile waiting to go. I just the profile pic was a little much, but as you said, certain things do catch ones eye!

    Was sushi good? My previous SD used to take me to a place called Kai that was good.

  500. ginaZ says:

    My dinner was a bit basic but I did indulge in one beer. Maybe we should have aberrside or wine side chat on the blog πŸ˜‰

    Funny little diddie OC.

    Not sure you are still there?

  501. ginaZ says:

    Hey OC! Worked out at the gym, thought I’d take a look see on the blog!

    Thanks for the compliment OC. Profile 2, probably isn’t as…eye catching as the first but we’ll see. Let me know your opinion of both.

    Did you have a good dinner?

    • OCSugarbaby says:

      GinaZ, you are there. Yes sushi was very good. I have been dying to find a good place since I moved to Cali. Full and happy.
      I had no idea you were sooooo pretty. OMG, they should be beating down your email IN box, just stop hiding it!

  502. ginaZ says:

    Dessert Bunny I love your train of thought. Whoever said Sugar babies weren’t deep, or were merely eye candy should read this blog πŸ˜‰

    • OCSugarbaby says:

      GinaZ! I just got home. How was your evening? I just got your email too. No news yet. πŸ˜‰

      • OCSugarbaby says:

        By the way your profile is FABULOUS, you are gorgeous! So is Desert Bunny! lol

      • OCSugarbaby says:

        Someone just emailed me these fun little diddies. Maybe someone is out there lurking and will enjoy them!
        ~It’s so long since I’ve had sex, I’ve forgotten who ties up whom
        ~Having sex can burn up those calories you piled on during that romantic dinner
        ~Software is like Sex. Its better when its free
        ~Sex without love is an empty experience, but as empty experiences go it’s a pretty good one
        ~Smile… it’s the second best thing to do with your lips

        Well, it made me laugh. Ok I am all alone here so I will turn it in for the night. Nite Sugars! ~OC

  503. ginaZ says:

    Hmmm…guess I’m all by my lonesome.

    I dare a lurker to join me πŸ˜‰

  504. ginaZ says:

    It’s 9:30 in the evening in Cali anyone up?

  505. Night Kat hope to talk soon not sure what you meant about CL? I heard it is a joke??

  506. Very slow I am wondering if anyone other than models and OC are appreciated lol

  507. night my buddy take care and i will hail you tomorrow

    good night lurkers !!!

  508. well if you want a laugh I say go over to CL its a riot over there I never can believe the things that are offred and Requested. but RRGG I may be leaving you I have some e-mails to write….. and I sent a good many too and the ones i have heard from are ok but will requrie further questioning, I take my pals advice ,I am asking Ever so smoothly if,

    they had a relationship such as this*sugar* one before and if so what are you looking to change now?

    DOES anybody have a better way to Word that?? even with that it is cutting down on the SPOOFDADDYS because they cannot really elaborate! anyway frien goodnight Glad you feel better
    keep the gems sparkly and see you tomorrow~

  509. It was a headache actually, thanks yes I am much better. Thanks for caring.

  510. i am here but its kinda slow huh?

  511. Desert Bunny very deep!
    hey RRGG how are ya over your cold??

  512. Hi everyone, I am feeling better. I am discouraged though I have sent 117 messages with no response??

  513. DesertBunny says:

    Hello Sugarland :)

    I have an ‘off topic’ thought. Last night, I finished a book that many of you have probably read as well. Included in the authors personal narrative, the author quotes Howell Raines’ Pulitzer Prize winning article, “Grady’s Gift”(I edited the quote by a sentence):

    For the dishonesty upon which a society is founded makes every emotion suspect, makes it imposible to know whether what flowed between two people was honest feeling or pity or pragmatism.

    In the world of SD/SB relationships, I am sure that we could include at least a couple of additional emotions along with ( or in place of) ‘pity or pragmatism’.

    Perhaps this why the ‘outside world’ just doesn’t seem to ‘get it’ in regards to the sugar life. And let’s be honest… within it too.

    Just a thought :)

  514. hey yall poping in and out again… adjusting e-mail so I dont mis mail anyone!! lol ttyl bye yall!!

  515. ginaZ says:

    Hmm I suddenly have a craving for chocolate covered gummy bears. yum!

  516. ginaZ says:

    OC your a funny one! Boobs yeah…you can see by my profile I garner some enthusiasm and my new one I’ve played it down a bit. And wouldn’t you no, fewer profile views!

    I have noticed two girl tag teams. It would make any man feel like Hugh Heff! But OC, wing girl, heck why not. Window shopping with OC and our sugar daddy πŸ˜‰

    Jessi joined the gym in my neighbor hood when I had the extra cash, but the one at school is great to! When will you have access to yours?

  517. Jessi says:

    Alright Sugar Bears, it’s time for me to read some exciting case studies and ANALYZE, yeah………..! :/

    *Sigh* Later.

  518. Jessi says:

    Hi Katrina.

    ginaZ: Oh, I’m so jealous! I have to wait till next week to know anything about the fitness room @ my school. Boo Hoo. I eager to see what lurks there, ha, ha!

    OC: Ooops. Someone made a boo-boo… (too funny). How many times did he kick himself, I wonder.

  519. ginaZ says:

    Delayed response on the blog. Sigh. I will vanish.


  520. ginaZ says:

    OC I love school! I’ve done the school of life, but academia has its perks. A m,asters will follow course no doubt. The economy is still faltering so I’m better off continuing on this path for now! You can come visit me at my university. Soon, I’ll be reading 14 books in 9 weeks, likely will be quiet on the blog as I will be reading and writing up a storm.

    • OCSugarbaby says:

      Oh man! GinaZ I should have told that guy YES! You up for it? You willing to be my wing girl??? We could have a profile together and target a specific SD audience. Three-$ums (that should bring out at least one SD from behind the lurking curtain) lol Boobs or three-somes usually do it…

  521. ginaZ says:

    Jessi…I will probably go to whole foods for some Sashimi and then go to the gym. No sugar. Laying low a bit for now. I did start a new profile to kick start things, but it takes 24 hours to approve if you make a change.

    OC, yes please interview me, I will give you my GIAz humorous, and quirky POV.
    As for the rejection, this isn’t a SD rejection this is Stephan and the TV show. It’s just funny that the blogs topic is about rejection and are you to old to be a SB. πŸ˜‰ Ha!

    I’m a student! Big ole’ UC campus awaits. LOTS of young ones, but honestly I prefer at least 30 now, every so often though there is a glorious site to behold. I’ve had my flings though (younger) 15 years younger is about as far as I’ll dip. Though before anyone is aghast I am a woman of 38 years πŸ˜‰

  522. OC you pokin fun at my baby leg comment?
    sorry I had to say that …humm i wondered how many I got to choke on their drink with that sass??

  523. hey yall good evening just peeking in again

  524. Jessi says:

    OC: Enjoy your dinner date! :)

    And yes, I will hit the books…right after tea. I have two assignments due early next week. Yikes!

    • OCSugarbaby says:

      Hahaha not gonna comment on the date or no date. It’s just dinner.
      Hey, back to the IM topic. ok, this SD emails me and we talk about having dinner. A few days pass and he IM’s me and asks if the offer is still available for dinner and a threesome with your girlfriend. HA! I IM’d him back that he must have gotten me confused with someone else. I never proposed that offer. ~Silence ~silence~silence…
      I am sure he was going back thru his emails looking for that other girls email! I polietly told him good bye. OMG! Too funny, well at least I found out now that he was emailing the whole western sea board.

  525. Jessi says:

    Sugar plans, that is.

    None for me. No SD yet.

    • OCSugarbaby says:

      I am leaving work shortly then out to dinner. : )

      You better open the books tonight! I do so missssss going to school. The real world (working world) sucks. No view of young college boys! lol

  526. Jessi says:

    I’m looking at Peter Steele now. His younger days. Wow.

    TLG: I wanna see! I wanna see! (just kidding…)

    OC, ginaZ: Any plans this eve.?

  527. ginaZ says:

    : )

    OC you there?

  528. Jessi says:

    How do I make the smiley with teeth?

  529. ginaZ says:

    Regarding the show and invites, my impression is that they (SA) aren’t sending emails to just anyone, (which I find ironic since the discussion is asking are you to old to be a SB?) They are looking for students, sassy and classy (which I am, as well as a student undergrad) but the truth be told, there is a bit of ageism in our midst, as they are looking for “young” students. I’m 38. I even emailed Stephan.

    Hmm…I will be curious if he emails back, which falls under our other topic about rejection.

    It’s probably the TB show or something of that ilk.

  530. Jessi says:

    :)) Hey Sugars!

    First day of school today. There’s lots of research and paperwork. It feels weird being back in school, but I have to say I like looking at the young boys (I never thought I’d think that!). I still prefer older gentlemen, though.

    ANYWAY, Welcome Back NYC SB! It sounds like fun being you. πŸ˜‰

    How is everyone tonight?

    (I can still talk after last night.)

    • OCSugarbaby says:

      Hey Jessi. I peeked in the blog last night and saw the convo’s were all about … well ahem. I opted not to comment, but I did have a good laugh or two!
      TLG cracked me up with his “I show” comment. School? I should go back just for the views!!! Hmmm nice image I got going in my head now…. thanks!

  531. Olivia -381348- says:

    NC* -whoops!

    Hi OC! Oh, for sure…quite the gentleman.

  532. Olivia -381348- says:

    Thank you, Ny Gent! How very sweet.

  533. ginaZ says:

    Howdy OC! Now if I can scape enough mula together I’ll drive down to Newport Beach.

    Gotta dash I’ll be back πŸ˜‰

  534. ginaZ says:

    Funny the 350k a year allowance man with the big member just downgraded, he’s now offering 3-5K a month. That’s quite a leap I’d say. LOL

  535. ginaZ says:

    Hi Gemini…sleepy blog yes.

  536. Gemini29 says:

    I’m getting the feeling the blog is a bit dead in the water today….

  537. NYC hey lady hope Miami was great I was hoping you had a blast!!

    How do I handle Rejection well I take that stuff a tiny bit personal but with that in mind I try to be very kind and gracious as I type I dont think we are exactly a match, and since I have been on this blog I see it isnt even reasonable to Settle ,and no I cannot be with someone I am not attracted to, they must have some type of intelligence, and Right behind that they Have to have a sense of humor. otherwise they would think I am on happy pills! so thats my answer!!

    no didnt spend it with any sugar I am still in the Applying/Slecting/ Recjecting phase of my search.

  538. NYC SB says:

    How have you dealt with rejection in Sugarland? Just keep moving?

    While most men my age would consider me a total catch and hmmm dare I say no one has ever rejected me in real life I have had my fair share of rejection on SA. I am not really sure if it is just because of the number of SBs or maybe because I am not as “easy” to get per say but it really brought me down at times. Now I just brush it off… and I reject SDs when a rejection is warranted.

    What percentage of your sugar preference is physical vs. Arrangement-based (i.e., matching expectations, trustworthy, etc.)?

    I would never entrer into an arrangement with someone who falls short of expectations… I need mutual attraction, connection, generosity (read ultra generosity) and similar schedules. I would never ever ever again be with a SD that I find unattractive no matter what the allowance is.

    How was your Labor Day Weekend!? Did you spend any of it with a sugar?
    read above… two SBs running MIAMI!!!

  539. ginaZ says:

    Mornin’ everyone! (still morning in El Lay)

    NYCSB, never been to Miami, sure must have been fun πŸ˜‰ Welcome back! Also keep us posted on the talk show, I’ll definitely be staying tunes for that!

  540. Gemini29 says:

    Oh yeah, and morning sugars! Actually, wait, its afternoon. Haha. Afternoon sugars!

    I emailed a few of those certified SDs… one responded. But his response was…how should I say…was so abrupt and unpersonal that I felt like asking him if I should take a number and get in line. Haven’t heard back from the others yet, I imagine they get flooded with all the stunning beauties on this site, and I really can’t compete with that.

    Ahh I love my sugar blog. It keeps me sane and full of hope for the perfect SD.

  541. Gemini29 says:

    Woot! Go NYC SB! πŸ˜€ And glad you had fun in Miami!

  542. NYC SB says:

    Miami details… It was not a sugar trip… well kinda… I went to visit a fellow SB that I met on the blog… we had a great time partying and went on a sweet boat ride for labor day… didnt get much tan though… i guess thats what happens when you party all night and sleep all day πŸ˜‰

  543. NC Gent says:

    Welcome to the blog, Olivia. Love the LBD pic on your profile :)

  544. Olivia -381348- says:

    By the way, I love this blog. Thank God that we have somewhere, where we can all be so open and honest. Everyone’s questions, answers, and comments are all so wonderful. Keep it up, everyone!

  545. yall sugar daddy and sugar baby’s make yourselves known
    Yall have ol’ katrina Excited when I check my mailbox!!
    Lots of lurkers but its all good! I like to put a face with the words!

  546. well i am off to yall be easy!

  547. Sweetredhead*269443* says:

    Exactly!! h1n1 running wild here. we are seeing more and more patients with it. Taking my vitamins!! But its a flu virus, too much panic over it. Ok really leaving back to work. bye for now

  548. sugacane you bout silly as i am but i hear ya ! i mean what do i have to say I e-mailed his scary but and wished him well but I made clear that he had diffrent intentions because he thought it necsssary to cancel a coffe date comon Whats really going on?

  549. SuthrnExec says:

    Hey SweetRed – have a good day – tell those patients to cover their mouths!

  550. Sweetredhead*269443* says:

    Welcome back SuthrnExec, good to see you on the blog again.
    I miss Sam too :( wonder if he will ever come back.
    Just stopped by to say hello, back to work for me. Too many patients not enough time!
    Have a good day everyone :)

  551. SuthrnExec says:

    On the other hand, Marie, maybe he’s the type that doesn’t come across well or accurately via email. As NC says, Nothing ventured…

  552. MarieSB says:

    Thanks NC!! I’m contemplating wether or not I should agree to meet or not!

    Well I have all day to think while I’m at work! Have a great day yall!

  553. NC Gent says:

    Good morning all! Hi Marie — my experience is that if there isn’t chemistry prior to the meeting, it is unlikely there will be chemistry in the actual face-to-face meeting. But then again, nothing ventured, nothing gained.

  554. MarieSB says:

    Good morning everyone!!! So I have been emailing a pot SD who lives in a diff state. We have exchanged just a couple e-mails and he seems very excited to meet he says he will be flying here to my state next week. I don’t know how I feel about it. He seems like a nice intelligent guy but nothing screams this will be amazing!

    Hmmm I guess I could have dinner or something and see….

    I’m so tired today I can’t even think

  555. The Lone Gunman says:

    NYC SB says:
    Hi Sugar Fam!

    I have just returned from a fabulous Miami vacation…

    Oh no Missy…you don’t get off THAT easily!

    DETAILS, NYC, we all want to read details….


  556. NYC SB says:

    Hi Sugar Fam!

    I have just returned from a fabulous Miami vacation πŸ˜€

  557. SuthrnExec says:

    Good morning all!

    SincereSD, of course by the Geritol comment I was referring to seasoned blog veterans as opposed to old guys. We ain’t old! πŸ˜‰

  558. SugaCaneBby says:

    1st email. Eeeeeeeeeeeek! XD Replied, but now I have to go to bed. Another noon shift.

  559. photogirl says:

    Glad to bring you out of lurker mode TLG.
    I figured that kind of response was coming.

  560. SugaCaneBby says:

    That’s frustrating, isn’t it Katrina? The intimacy thing is just like…ughhhhhhhhhhh. I need someone who knows what they’re doing in that department if that’s where they want to take it, know what I mean? I’m not going to stroke their ego if they suck. Aaaaaaaand I know I’m good. I’ve never heard less than. :3 So…anyway, guess I’m just frustrated thinking about all these shallow SDs who want a rodeo girl but all they know how to do is writhe. LOL

    Not all, of course, but I guess I’m jaded as far as that goes. I know what the good ish is and 75% of men I’ve been with haven’t come close to delivering. So I won’t get my hopes up, but like some men say they won’t commit to an arrangement unless the bowchickawowwow is good, neither will I if that’s what they want to base it on.

    I forsee many a broken face in the future.

  561. The Lone Gunman says:

    photogirl says:
    I am going to assume that the SD’s that participate on this blog DO NOT describe that particular body part to pot SB’s.”

    No, I don’t describe it to pot SBs..I show them. (G)

    Sorry. Just couldn’t resist an opening like that.


  562. oh well my gym daddy poofed o-well!
    I dont get it I made it clear that I was not really trying to have things go that way I just wanted a workout buddy… oooooookkkkk!! he gets the 3 finger salute whatever!!

  563. Gemini29 says:

    Not for everyone 14″. Oh man that made me DIE of laughter. Someone has aspirations of grandeur.

    Delete! hee!

  564. photogirl says:

    Oh yes, I deleted after I sent a nice reply πŸ˜‰

  565. photogirl says:

    Katrina you really are a hoot! I cannot stop laughing over here…

    Tried to reach you on IM.

  566. SugaCaneBby says:

    Photogirl: Delete. I don’t know why men think some women actually care about their peen size…and that they think the bigger, the better (and the lie he’s telling is likely the only thing big about this). 14″ is waaaaaaay to much. My vag is not a bottomless pit and most women’s aren’t. He needs to get a clue.

  567. you tryin to send me to the hospital I thought you was my girl!! lol

  568. hell no I like my stuff!! no no no no loche ness mess thanks lol oh lord…
    thats a baby leg! lol

  569. photogirl says:

    “if you like tall well endowed (not for everybody 14″).. athletic, intelligent, easy going, generous men .. that would describe me!”

    1st email! Don’t worry ladies…not from SA.

    I am going to assume that the SD’s that participate on this blog DO NOT describe that particular body part to pot SB’s.

  570. thats it I need a hungry-daddy!! lol anybody seen anyof them looking sad and gaunt?? send them over!!

  571. dont make me hafta knock my pans together now!! I made some mac and cheese for my hairdresser, ya know I dont know what the heck is going on.. my buddy requested some ribs for his birthday too Imma hafta see what is really going on ! but yeah we can have a drink or a whatever you contact me for real now!

  572. photogirl says:

    Hey now Katrina… I recall you talking about cooking earlier…it sounded sooo good! I’ll take everything but the meat…. this girl can eat!
    I will be up in your neck of the woods on Sunday too… sending you an email soon.

  573. *Typing* my friends would describe me as funny and up beat…. !
    yeah Ill add that in a profile too!!
    Suga I am glad you came to the blog your a great support sister too!!
    ya know in general I am happy i found all you guys, EVERYONE in here is so supportive, even if ther is a diffrence in opionion , it is usally like a left brain person saying some thing really ! i am really happy I came here yall make me wanna look my best hell I cant be the Fat friend I gotta be the Phat friend lol.. but yall bet not come down here Imma put the plates of food on ya.. for you photo we just have us a protien shake then!!

  574. SugaCaneBby says:

    Katrina, you’re so crazy! Lol. I look best as a size 3. I’ve got hips now from this sudden shift in hormones I’m experiencing (I’m only 21! Lawd!) but I’d prefer my thighs not to touch. My diet has been blown lately but, I love stir-fry, whole grains, fish, and other lean meats. I had given up soda for awhile but being as I am not a morning person and would die within 5 minutes of some of the shifts I work, I have a special place in my heart for cherry doctor p. Haha, I need to get back on it! I have p90x, but you know, motivation and all that…

  575. yes this is a well i dunno WHAT his idea is but I figure if he and I can get to the gym and I get to the point where I feel weird about NOT going I am on my way if I could wish my size I think Id be a 14 thats a nice size for me i think thats 150-160 for me but I wanna just get some of theses inches under control… speaking of wheres is my spankz??

  576. what ?? imma do a sherri sheppard around here on yall!! lol this is kinda like the VIEW sorta.. does that make OC, barbara?

  577. BG SB says:

    Katrina you are funny girl!

  578. ya know I believe your right photo i allways wonder about the parents who blow their babies up with that rice cereal! we got enough stuff floating around with steriods dont need anymore

  579. suga thats not sexy? daddy with a ride? lol hell lemme stop like i said before i am gonna slim down some too but I will still be in the double digits… I dont wanna take all the sugar daddys away .. lol I am joking yes if I should get down to an 18 Ill be hot fire!! yall check me out in dec! watch!!

  580. photogirl says:

    Thanks Katrina! I’m sure the coffee date will be just fine… stop pulling that hair out!

    SugaCane – I think part of the reason I have remind so petite is that I am a vegetarian, have been for many many years. So much meat/poultry these days is full of steroids. My girls are the same way, although they do eat meat when they are at their dads…they are the smallest kids in their classes but they rarely get sick and have not had to see doctors in years!

  581. SugaCaneBby says:

    I’ve been a size 1 @ my thinnest…ex bf broke my heart so I was all depressed and jank. :) I’m a size 4 now, creeping into a 5. I need a knight to save me from my current locale because everyone’s idea of entertainment here is eating…hence why there is an overabundance of people so obese, they need wheelchairs to get around. :(

  582. dont worry photo Ill step on ya foot so you dont blow away!! hehehe
    any way yall
    11am coffee date Yay!! now lemme panic

  583. ginaZ says:

    Nighty night all!

  584. photogirl says:

    Lisa – I have not seen your photos but I am 5’4 and barely 100 lbs… I get told I am ‘too skiny’ but I have been this size for years! I’ve tried to gain weight, but the most I get to is 110… and then it fades. No reason for you to feel that way about yourself… I am sure you are beautiful just the way you are!

    As far as all this talk about shopping… I have a heck of a time finding clothes! But would certainly enjoy a shopping trip :)

    And Lisa you’ve got me craving one of those frostycinos… yummmy!

  585. ginaZ says:

    Lisa, how is Percy?

  586. ginaZ says:

    Jessi you are one funny girl,. have a great night. Gemini enjoy dinner too!

    Well I will soon fade to black dreaming of cheesecake and sugary decadence.

  587. Jessi says:

    Guys and Dolls,

    I’m off to prep for my first day of school and listen to some more Queensryche…”And I raise my hand and sta-are into the eyes of a stran-


    Thank you! Good night!

  588. Gemini29 says:

    Wendyyyyyyyyyyys frossssssssssty. yum. and on that note, I’m off to dinner!

  589. Jessi says:

    Worms and drugs? YUCK!

    Chocolate truffles? YES! Chocolate covered strawberries? YES! YES!

    I’m an 8 held prisoner in a 12. Luckily, I still look good to men. (And me, too, if I stop comparing myself to my size 8 days.)

    I could actually be a 6 if I diet, but that would take all the fun out of life. Besides, who wants to be restricted? Not I, my friends, not I!

  590. Gemini29 says:

    Gina- I haven’t given it much thought actually, maybe I’ll look into it. I always wanted to be a VS model, but now that I haven’t (and will never, lol) make that rung, maybe its time I look into other fun things :)

    SugaCaneBby- Thanks! I guess I’m just picky…waiting for the right SD :)
    I don’t like random people touching me either…its bad enough if they are in my personal bubble. And I feel you on the pics that geared towards this site. I had a hard time, most of my photos are “Look at me! I’m cute! I’m fun! I’m..FULLY CLOTHED!!!” lol

  591. ginaZ says:

    sugaCane I’ve found to get a pot SD interested enough to look at the profile is a really eye catching profile pic. But being a writer is a good thing, and you will find that sugar soon, a nice intellectual generous gent!

  592. lisa says:

    Luckily it’s not safe for me to get out after dark and go across the street to wendy’s for a frostycinno, lol Those are so good.

  593. SugaCaneBby says:

    Hey all! Off work and catching up on comments. Gemini- You are absolutely stunning! I’m suprised you don’t have at least 3 SDs.

    Today was suprisingly laid back. Started off gloomy with all the rain turning the ground into mini-lakes (and I had to walk through it all). Then this stranger on the bus slapped my arm to get my attention and then grabbed my hand so that she could admire my nails (they’re real. Never worn tips in my life and I do my own manicures). *sigh* It must be a generational thing, but I despise unwelcome touching.

    Still gloomy out. Off to get dinner since my roommate didn’t save me any leftovers from last night. On the SD front, 3 have read my messages, no replies. ^____^ I plan on re-doing my profile next week and trying again. I need some pics that are geared more towards this site and I guess my writing background makes me a bit long-winded, but dang it, I want an intellectual. Wade through my verbage and appreciate it! LOL

  594. ginaZ says:

    Whoops I mean [Gemini]…commercial acting I mean!

  595. ginaZ says:

    Lisa to lose weight I hear it’s to run a deficit calorie intake versus burning calories. If you have an extra 500 a day you can lose. But yeah the temptation would be surrounded by fast food places is to indulge. Even now my temptation is to run to In’nOut and grab a double double with fries and chocolate shake.

    I miss my lap top already, it seriously is burnt toast. I needed it for school, so yes… maybe I should put that on my wish list. (quietly weeping in corner)

  596. ginaZ says:

    Commercial modeling at any age..hmmm…Yes I considered getting back into commercial acting, it’s lucrative when you land a spot. And I suppose when that happens I can treat myself to truffles, CL and well before that happens pay the essentials, I can’t go home to the dark, or worse yet no home.

    Jessi have you considered commercials as well, so you have your SAG card?

  597. lisa says:

    I blame living behind these fast food places for my weight. I weighed 98 lbs when I moved here 4 years ago. I can’t excercise either, can’t take the nice walks I used to enjoy without I want to get solicited. I do alot of physical work (lifting and pulling very heavy carts) but it doesn’t burn any calories it seems.

  598. ginaZ says:

    (I don’t have new SD …yet) 105 is small! The pics you have Lisa you are such a pretty girl, cute figure. But there’s so much pressure sometimes, even SD’s who buy into these unrealistic expectation. Like, must be size 0-4, can’t weigh more than 95 pounds, older than 20.

    Hot over here, rain sounds nice though, wash away the smog.

  599. lisa says:

    my desktop fried last year during a power surge when tropical storm gustav hit us. I had to use my super slow laptop for 6 months till I got my tax refund to get a new desktop. My laptop is sooooooooooooo slow, it takes 30 minutes to get online and It’s not that old, i’ve had it 3 years but only used it for 6 months, rest of the time it’s hid under the bed. I don’t have wireless so it has to be hooked up and I can’t carry it around so I don’t like it. I also prefer my big tube monitor that I kept from my previous computer.

  600. Gemini29 says:

    Oh Gina, you should! I don’t know what I’d do without my laptop. Probably shrivel up in a corner and weep.

  601. Gemini29 says:

    Commmmmmercial modeling…. its what I’m trying to get into. You can do commercial modeling all the way until you die. Really you can, if you have a marketable “commercial” look (read: a really pretty “ordinary”) , and get in with a great agency. And its lucrative to boot. You won’t get famous, but you will make money if you have a good look.

  602. ginaZ says:

    forgetting clothes for a minute, maybe my new SD will help me get a new laptop, since mine DIED.

    Sad. But at least I still have the big ole’ mac.

  603. lisa says:

    Rainy day here, worked today, work tomorrow.

  604. lisa says:

    Swallowing a meal/tape worm, hmmmm I would like to lose about 20 lbs. I am at 105 and hate it. I’m short, 5′ 1″, so I look fat.

  605. ginaZ says:

    How are things Lisa?

  606. ginaZ says:

    Gemini I’d like to get back into acting, my modeling days as a young 20 are over, but I hear there’s a new market if you are over 35.

  607. ginaZ says:

    Jessi they should also treat you to some chocolate truffles!

    size 20 oh my gosh, that would be “a few extra pounds” in SA. But seriously a freakin’ size O??!! I don’t think I’d ever want to be that bone thin. I once was a size 2 though, back when I had no cleavage.

    There are some crazy diets in El Lay. Ever hear of swallowing a meal/tape worm? some hollywood starlets have a meth habit to lose weight. No thanks!

  608. lisa says:

    Average size in Texas is probably size 20, lol

    I’m usually a 5 or 6 or medium in junior sizes as I never shop in misses department. I am a size 4 in Marc jacobs skirts though. I wish I was a size 0 :(

  609. Jessi says:

    I would love it if Geoff Tate would take me shopping…or Tom Jones, ooh baby.

  610. Gemini29 says:

    Yup still do, although not as much as I would like. :-\

  611. ginaZ says:

    Gemini I ‘m in total agreement a SD where it could be fun, not a creepy guy malling you in the dressing room or being rude. I suppose as much as I shop the thrift stores and such a fantasy would be browsing, “CL, LV, Saks, NM, BG,” and maybe a lovely unexpected surprise. And yes someone who would enjoy it to, for it not to be like root canal or drudgery. Treating his lovely SB, a bit of fun, and perhaps modeling of the lovely outfiits to follow course.

  612. Gemini29 says:

    And I should say, would make me think of the awesome SD who took me there and bought me the gift. And it has to be with someone awesome too, a trip with a creepy guy would just be icky. I would want it to be with someone I could smile and laugh with and who would enjoy my enjoyment of it all. Ya’ll ever shopped with someone who doesn’t want to be there? Not fun. But with someone who is enjoying being with you and treating you out? Incrediable.

  613. Gemini29 says:

    For me the fairy-tale SD shopping trip would be a trip to those lovely out-of-reach but droolworthy stores like CL, LV, Saks, NM, BG, *happyy siggghhh* Something spectacularly wonderful that would make me smile and sigh happily every time I saw it.

  614. ginaZ says:

    Gemini, your right. IM’s on a first time getting to know you basis can easily go off base, or one can get the wrong idea. The SD today said that’s his MO, how he gets to know someone.

    Gemini are you still modeling? Those are great profile pics BTW πŸ˜‰ Ha

    What is the opinion of the SB’s and SD’s who have gone shopping. What are some of the good and maybe bad experiences you’ve had?

  615. ginaZ says:

    Or…maybe it would be fun with the right SD. If he makes me all tingly and is a gentlemen and it’s fun! Oh..big typo earlier I meant “check box”, not “check books” though maybe I was thinking of my bank. Making a deposit soon. LOL

  616. Gemini29 says:

    I think I have been doing myself a great service by declining pot SDs who immediately want to jump to IM. Not that I IM anyway, I stopped a couple years ago. I don’t like it as a way to get to know someone, way too easy for a comment to be misunderstood.

    GinaZ- I totally agree. Those kind of stores are best done alone and with lots of time to spare. They aren’t the optimal SD/SB shopping trip store, at least in my opinion!

  617. Jessi says:

    Chocolate? Where?

  618. ginaZ says:

    On the clothing front. I’m usually an 8, sometimes a 6, and curious as I live in L.A, land of the size 0 and size 2, what is the norm elsewhere? The check books either says thin or average and I’m somewhere in between. Sure wish there were more options.

    Jessi, the clothes I look at in magazines, high end shoes like CL, and lingerie a price I can’t afford, or rather, as a student, is beyond my means. So shopping with a SD seems so, so…extravagant (beyond H &M and the like) But yeah, there’s the Pretty woman story, or the girl on 20/20 who talks about her diamond. Maybe I’m practical, some sexy heels, boots, and a cute dress…

  619. Jessi says:

    Flo Rida: Thank you for the inside sales scoop. I’ve written it down and will digest it w/my imaginary zeppole.

  620. ginaZ says:

    Gemini29 I shop discount or mark downs all the time, the trouble is the clothes are all over the place and are often from previous seasons in odd sizes. My SD had taken me to a place like this, but I felt too much in a rush, or had trouble finding something. Kind of like the hour glass affect. And the truth is, I think the reason why my SD took me there was as he said, to be seen with a beautiful woman.

    Ash yeah…the convo is cryptic usually or VERY sexual. It feels to impersonal for a first conversation getting to know someone. One pot SD was so graphic I told him like I felt like a rack of meat. and he said, well if its not you, it’ll be someone else.

  621. Jessi says:

    ginaZ: I’ve never really had a thing for shopping for clothes because everything I liked was monetarily beyond me reach and finding regular 7th Ave. stuff that looked good on me was a chore.

    I think that will change this spring. Boooyaaaa!

  622. Flo Rida says:


    There is no right answer to your question on sales commission.

    Range could vary from 0.5% for common food products, 15% alcohol, 30% rare imported goods. Investment bankers charge 3% for deals, money launderers charge 2% – but these are based on high dollar volumes.

    Variables include: Products or services sold, Target markets, Target geographies
    Target contacts (C-level, department manager, purchasing, etc.) , Sales environment (company office, home office, etc.) , Sales approach (telephone, in-person, etc.) , Company profitability , Individual product or service profitability , Sales lead generation, Customer service follow through.

    The short answer is 1) What is the range of what junior sales people make? 2) What is the range of what senior experiences sales people make?

    Here are the questions you should ask whoever approached you:
    1. Is the product a hot product – either by volume or by margin – ie What is the average profitability of your company’s sales transactions?
    2. How much sales effort is required to sell the product – thereby how much of this profit are you willing to contribute to sales compensation?
    3. What is the desired mix of new business vs. repeat business?
    4. How much can a salesperson realistically sell in one year?
    5. How many properly qualified opportunities can a salesperson manage at once?
    6. What is the length of the average sales cycle?
    7. What is the average close ratio?
    8. What is the total target income you are willing to pay for this amount of annual production?
    9. Is there a salary component? Sliding scale?
    10. Do you want to include any bonuses for achieving specific performance targets?
    11. What other sales behaviors are critical enough to attempt to motivate via the sales compensation plan?

    PS I work in sales.

  623. Ash says:


    yes gina my experience is the same as well when it comes to SD’s and IM’s! I hate that crap.

  624. Gemini29 says:

    GinaZ- Where did he take you shopping? Was the merchandise not to your taste or just something a girl would probably not buy for herself?

  625. ginaZ says:

    OC brainy gals are gold in my book πŸ˜‰

    • OCSugarbaby says:

      To me shopping is such a small aspect of being an SB. But it is something that can either excite you or worry you. With the right person it is fun for both! I am not a high end boutique girl. I actually have more fun window shopping and looking at the latest Fall items that have just come out. Perhaps I may give a hint or two for future holidays or birthdays. No worries, when I get that book done all your questions will be answered! LOL jk

      GinaZ: You should bring your son over to meet my chocolate lab! She would love it and so would I.

      I will be back later! πŸ˜‰

  626. ginaZ says:

    Shopping and SD, I’ve always done the allowance thing. and the one time a SD took me shopping it was at a store where the likelihood of my finding something was close to nill.
    I always shop alone so it would be strange (wonderful even?)

  627. ginaZ says:

    Watching my girlish figure (blush) so I just had a protein shake.

    On a different note why are some SD’s so ready to IM? I can only assume the conversation will get sexual as when I have done this in the past , this is what happens.

  628. Ash says:

    OMG OC I love the idea of the book! How cute!

  629. Jessi says:

    I’m sure the guy worked at a M* place, & if not, of great quality, at least. He knows his stuff. In this area that is a little tricky to find.

  630. Jessi says:

    Oh, yeah. I’m fortunate enough to live by a Mexican owned Italian place, ha, ha.

  631. Jessi says:

    I wanna go shopping for some Zeppole!

  632. ginaZ says:

    Guess everybody left the building πŸ˜‰

  633. ginaZ says:

    Howdy OC! TLG, SincereSD, Jessi…

  634. ginaZ says:

    Yes more men on the blog is a good mix πŸ˜‰

  635. ginaZ says:

    Shopping? Well I took my son school shopping at Goodwill yesterday.

  636. Jessi says:

    OC: Awesome! Keep us posted.

    The blog has a nice feel w/the men on.

  637. The Lone Gunman says:

    OCSugarbaby says: “I am working on my book… β€œThe Art of taking your SB Shopping: Tips and Tools” – by OCSugar…

    ..Pitfalls to watch out for: Statements like β€œWhich” one do you like better? Correct Answer: BOTH!

    OC, have you been in contact with my main SB and giving tips???!


  638. Jessi says:

    Thanks for the resource list, sugars. Much gratitude.

    OC: Very funny! Is it a real book or just a joke? I’ve never had a man treat me to a shopping day and it’d be interesting to read what it’s like.

    • OCSugarbaby says:

      Jessi: I am thinking it will be a real book. Sooner or later…
      There is nothing like Sugar Shopping. I like shopping for him too. I would buy things that he had either a hard time finding or I thought he would like.

  639. Gemini29 says:

    Oc- Awesome book idea! :)

  640. SincereSD says:


    By Geritol, I presume you are referring to seasoned blog veterans … as opposed to old guys. 😯

  641. SuthrnExec says:

    Hey Sincere – thanks – and good to see you, too. Yes, if Sam would show up we’d have the whole Geritol crowd back!

  642. SincereSD says:

    OCSugarbaby says: … Dressing Room Ettiquette: How to make the experience naughty and nice

    … The resulting evening – PRICELESS

    … For everything else, there’s Mastercard πŸ˜€

  643. SincereSD says:

    Welcome back SuthrnExec, it’s good to see your words of wisdom here.

    Seems to be a lot of SD’s here on this blog … you, NC Gent, TLG, Michael SD and myself. Just need Sam back and it’ll be like old times.

  644. OC your are a funny one today!!

  645. hello everybody seen and unseen!!

  646. SuthrnExec says:

    A similar book is “Why We Buy: The Science Of Shopping” by Paco Underhill. Well written – fairly easy read.

    • OCSugarbaby says:

      I am working on my book… “The Art of taking your SB Shopping: Tips and Tools” – by OCSugar
      Prepare for the Journey: Suggested snacks to pack
      Pre determined Budget Pro’s and Con’s
      Store Selection: Yours or hers
      Dressing Room Ettiquette: How to make the experience naughty and nice
      Pitfalls to watch out for: Statements like “Which” one do you like better? Correct Answer: BOTH!

    • OCSugarbaby says:

      You guys are too funny! πŸ˜‰

      Jessi: The consumable market is very interesting. I had to search for this one online to see if I had the title right. It is more about consumer marketing and predicting behavior. “The Laws of Choice – Predicting Customer Behavior”
      by Eric Marder

  647. SuthrnExec says:

    … but especially brainy women!

  648. The Lone Gunman says:

    Jessi says:“A woman w/brains not sexy? I don’t know what you mean.

    What say you gentlemen?

    All women are sexy in their own right.


  649. Jessi says:

    A woman w/brains not sexy? I don’t know what you mean.

    What say you gentlemen?

  650. Jessi says:

    Thanks a bunch, OC.

    Does it matter that the product is consumable? I’m thinking the biz side of it would be the same (same principles).

  651. Jessi says:

    Oooh, that’s a good one OC! Thanks!

    Any biz books you guys would recommend?

    • OCSugarbaby says:

      Jessi: Here are a few good business books that I have enjoyed. They are on my bookshelf in my office. I have re-read them many times over!

      Crossing the Chasm: Marketing and Selling Technology Products to
      Mainstream Customers
      Geoffrey A. Moore
      BUILT TO LAST: Successful Habits of Visionary Companies by James C.
      Collins and Jerry I. Porras
      In Search of Excellence: Lessons from America’s Best-Run Companies
      Thomas Peters, Robert H. Waterman
      Good to Great: Why Some Companies Make the Leap… and Others Don’t
      James Collins
      The New New Thing: A Silicon Valley Story
      Michael Lewis

      • OCSugarbaby says:

        Oops not too sexy to show my brainy side. Now I will have to go to Neiman’s for a little shopping and get a Mani Pedi to erase the image!

  652. The Lone Gunman says:


    Drop him fast and distance yourself from that fellow as far as you can.

    From your description, he is Movie-of-the-Week source material, and we don’t want to speculate who they would cast in your role as the victim.

    There are plenty of real, honest-to-gosh SDs out there for you; you just have to look for them.


  653. Jessi says:

    SuthrnExec: Thanks for your input. I’m still in the brainstorming stage, but I like to get down to it early (at least in my mind). Is it too early to think of things financial?

    • OCSugarbaby says:

      Jessi: How about a sliding scale. Like 1% of the first 100k, the as the sales increase so should your percentage. Just a thought. Good Marketing can make it happen.

  654. Jessi says:

    Funny, if I did have an arrangement w/him, I probably would not be as offended. Still peeved at someone bringing that up in public, though.

    I’m thankful that I did have that job because if I lived out, I’d be homeless right now! He was laid off and I stopped getting paid. I still work. The way I see it, the economy is human problem. No need for animals to pay for our stupidity. Plus, he’s all alone and needs support right now. I know what it’s like to be alone and lonely and there are too many people on this planet for anyone to experience that.

    There’s nothing wrong with extending friendship and exhibiting humanity.

    :) :) :)

  655. SuthrnExec says:

    Jessi, not knowing what the product is or the industry, it could be ok or it could be a little low. Typical commission for a product/business development professional in my industry ranges from 1% to 3%.

  656. Gemini29 says:

    Caroline – Oh. My. God. Run, do not walk, to the nearest exit. He is exhibiting some serious red flags, alllll over the place. Drop him and block him. No plane ticket to wherever or flowers are worth that harrassment. Which it sounds like you’ve already decided for yourself, smart girl. Jealousy controlling and insecurity issues are never fun to deal with. But bet that felt good to get that off your chest.

  657. Jessi says:

    :) Hey Sugar Sweet Lovelies!

    First, OMG how I would LOVE, LOVE, LOOOOVE a gym membership right now! My school still has the summer schedule online for the fitness room, so I won’t know if my class schedule leaves room for the fall hours until manana. I’ve tried going to the park and doing some stuff at home, but I find I need the gym environment and the yang energy to inspire me. Need to feel the burn…

    Ok, now that THAT’S off my chest,

    Caroline: I was a live-in for my old job and whenever people asked what I did, which I dislike immensely, and I told them, they would look at me incredulously and say, “He doesn’t hit on you?”, or “You don’t sleep together?”, as if it were any of their business!

    I always felt it was insulting for people to assume that I would sleep with ANYBODY. It was work, and I generally do not have intimate relations w/people I work with. It seems people have a difficult time with people from the opposite sex living together and not being intimate. I say, just because YOU can’t seem to control yourself in the presence of a woman or man, it doesn’t mean that everyone has the same lack of discipline/respect!

    *NOT to say that there is anything wrong w/that kind of arrangement. I don’t like it when people assume those kinds of things, much less voice it in a social setting. (Like in front of people…a lot of people.)

    So, Caroline, just make a “W” with your fingers and say, “What’ever!” And remember…

    “They can take away our lives, but they may never take away OUR FREEDOM!!!!”

    On a lighter, more personal & professional note, I was asked to submit some ideas for a product. I was offered 1% of sales and, while I am excited at the prospect, I am wondering if the percentage is fair. Any suggestions from you biz and finance sugars?

    Thanks in advance. :)

    (I’m hungry…Am I the only foodie here?)

  658. ginaZ says:

    (sorry for the vent)


  659. ginaZ says:

    Grrr…My lap top (for school) crashed and burned. sigh. Goodbye hard drive its been nice knowing you ;(

  660. cahoots I love that word.. anyway Caroline you shouldnt have to put up with that type of tom-foolery!! at all and I support you in what ever you do … and if the whole world wants to sleep wit you you must be one hot broad!!!! tall short slim curvy tan pale blond red brunnette Id say youve got superpowers. he need to stop with that whining!!

  661. ginaZ says:

    Having had two distance relationships (though only within 400 miles) they should be as stress free as possible. The pot should create enough ease for you to feel safe. how many have had long distance arrangements? That might be an interesting poll.

  662. SuthrnExec says:

    Caroline, no one should have to put up with that sort of behavior. Good for you to drop him and don’t look back. Seems he’s not very understanding. You would hope he would talk through what he’s feeling and then let that be it but to continue to obsess over those issues lets you know it won’t get any better. Good for you!

  663. ginaZ says:

    Caroline this pot SD isn’t just jealous he’s controlling! Warning signs are all there. He’s creating drama already. Do as you wish but please be very careful and if I were you I’d run, run, run in the other direction. All the classic signs are there. t-r-o-u-b-l-e.

  664. NC Gent says:

    Caroline — I hope that made you feel better. I come here to rant on occasion! You made the right call, and put up with his b.s. too long IMHO.

    Best of luck on hopefully your next sugar adventure!

  665. Caroline says:

    *I ment early OCTOBER not September on the Vegas trip.

  666. Caroline says:

    Just a bit of a rant here…

    Met a guy on a different sugar dating site…. 39, lives in California and really likes me. He is a business owner and very successful and all that jazz. He wants an exclusive relationship with me… A little tidbit about me if that I dislike monogamy. In sugar dating and outside of it too. I don’t like the idea of being confined or restricted in my sexual life/relationships to one person. I told him this and he was not that happy, but still talked to me.

    He has already bought me a plane ticket to Vegas for our first meeting, which was to be in early September. He says once I open a bank account (I just have one with a credit union back home right now) he’ll deposit $500 so I can buy some things for the trip and never to hesitate to ask for anything. I’d have to take two days off school for the trip however, which I had reservations about.

    So I moved to Portland recently, and I am living with a older guy I met on craigslist. Not in anyway involved with him emotionally or sexually. I pay rent, I got it discounted because I agreed to look after the new dog he got. Jon, said he’d rather me not have my friends over all the time, as he often has his friends over, and they’re all in their 30s and it might be a awkward. Fair enough. Jon is nice, but he’s not going to be my BFF. I’m fine with this. I don’t care.

    This sugardaddy though, has a serious problem with Jon. I will reply to the 30 texts a day he’ll send me, constantly asking who I’m with, where I am, what am I doing. I went out and partied with friends for two nights in a row because they were in town and I had just moved and wanted to get out. Sugar Daddy tells me not to stay out too late and to not get involved with drugs (!?). I told him I don’t do drugs (been there, done that). If I say I’m just at home hanging out, watching football with Jon and his friend and chilling on my laptop he says things like “oh can’t you take your laptop elsewhere?” “you don’t have to sit with them” I tell him it would be rude of me to be antisocial and stay in my room all day and he gets puffy.

    And HEAVEN FORBID ONE TIME JOB MADE ME DINNER. AND HIS TWO FRIENDS. We share the food we each buy so it was just a polite gesture. Sugardaddy gets really mad for some reason.

    He is constantly accusing me of sleeping with Jon. I have to defend myself on a everyday basis as to what Jon and I’s relationship entails. For some reason he had the idea in his head I wasn’t paying rent?

    The Sugardaddy has ordered me flowers and I asked what name he put on the card. I don’t think Jon would appreciate me giving his address out to people, because I’m only here until December. Its just common decency and I have no problem with it. I told him that and this is what he says

    “If you don’t have freedom to have your friend there or ever to deliver a flower then I think you should not live there.. this is crazy..i will pay for your rent somewhere else..”
    “And no I m NOT paranoid..Iknow how real world works.. Jon letting yoy live there for free without having anything hard to believe.. plus I can see your scared if jon would know that some other guy sending you flower”.

    Right there… He assumes I’m stupid because I don’t know how the “real world” works, I’m in some kind of cahoots with Jon and he wants to control who and where I live.
    He says he is “NOT accusing you, rather I have doubt on Jon’s intention…”. Because no man and I can have just a strictly platonic relationship! ALL MEN WANT TO SLEEP WITH ME FYI. ALL OF THEM. IN THE WHOLE WORLD.

    Ugh. He has such jealousy issues it’s really not even funny or excusable anymore.
    I don’t feel bad that he wasted money on the plane ticket from PDX to Vegas and I will probably just but the flowers in my room and rip up the card he sent without reading it. I don’t care anymore. No amount of money will make me stay with this jerk I haven’t even met, any longer!

    And thus concludes my rant.
    Thank you.

  667. DC says:

    Hey Trina…mixed signals…yes. But I tend to take a man at his word. If they say they don’t want a sugar baby they usually mean it. Mater of fact I met a man at a casual dating site who was not looking for a sugar baby. I told him I was only interested in a sugar daddy so he reluctantly thought he would give it a try. He was generous with me for a short period but after a while was very resentful about the $$ issue and we parted ways as friends.

    But who knows, maybe this guy will warm up to the idea. Best of luck. And if not at least you have a new gym buddy!

  668. SuthrnExec says:

    Thanks Stephan – it’s good to see you and everyone else again. :-h

    Photogirl, thanks for the welcome {back} and it’s good to meet you!

    Gemini, I agree with you – OC does have a beautiful smile and is beautiful in every way. No doubt she will find a fabulous SD!

  669. photogirl ther is always weaves if i get carried away hehehehe!

  670. d.c naive I think… no no I told him I was intrested in a surgar dating Relationship… he follows with I dont want a sugar baby I sa ok fine I need a gym buddy anyway and I dont bite… but he says my net worth is so &so and I own my own house… etc I speak of him as being in SugarDenial, its fine but hes mixed signals. my guess is that his last girlfriend took him for a ride to the bank..lol not that I am trying to do that! I really just want some male companionship that is not a infant lol!!

  671. Gemini29 says:

    OC – Glad I made you chuckle…. :) Yeah there are probably quite a few SBs running around going “Who’s this chick viewing my profile?!” lololol I like to see what other SBs say, or what kind of photos they have posted, just gives me ideas for my own profile Plus I was like “hey! I know that name!” so I had to check you out! πŸ˜‰ I liked your profile, very “you”. And you are so pretty with such a great smile, I have no doubt you’ll find a stellar SD!

    • OCSugarbaby says:

      Thanks Gemini! Usually the SB’s will not appear in your viewed file, but sometimes they stick. You are ADORABLE! Well, I had a Stellar SD, but we now remain friends. Funny, you never know who you will meet on the blog! lol Yes, I am sure another is in the cards.

  672. NC Gent says:

    Best wishes on your date, photogirl. My current SB is about 3.5 hours away and it hasn’t been a problem yet and we have been together 4 months — only see each other about 1-2 times a month though, but it seems to work.

    Hi Stephan — hope you are doing well!

  673. Gemini29 says:

    Hehehe, I think all I did all weekend was eat eat eat. And beer! Beer was my downfall. Tasty stuff, but doesn’t do pleasant things to the waistline.

    Good luck with your potential..I wouldn’t be worried about the distance, if he’s willing to come to you, all the more the better. :) Even more brownie points if he can carry a good conversation!

    • OCSugarbaby says:

      Hahahah Gemini! YOU are the pretty girl that showed up in my “Who’s Viewed Your Profile” last week! Too funny, how I had all guys then YOU.
      Very nice profile, now I know who that was! lol ~OC

  674. stephan says:

    Hello SuthrnExec! So happy to see you here… we’ve missed you!

  675. photogirl says:

    From your photos it doesn’t look like you need to worry about weekend food splurge! Well, I certainly hope it goes well for you!

    I have been talking with one, but he is nearly 4 hrs away on the other hand the conversations so far have been great and am looking forward to him coming down in the next week or so for our first meet.

  676. Gemini29 *365643* says:

    Morning photogirl!

    My date is getting moved..something came up on his end…its ok with me because this gives me time to diet and skinny down a bit, lol! Too much food over the weekend….yikes! Still insanely excited about it, he sounds like such the perfect gentleman..its almost like a fairytale! :)

    Anything up with the rest of the sugars? I know Katrina has a coffee date in the near future, exciting!

  677. photogirl says:

    Good morning all!

    Gemini – great profile! Good luck on your date!

    Katrina – Pull you hair out and it’s sure to not got well…chill girl!

    SuthrnExec – Nice to see you on the blogs again….not that you know me. Just enjoy the SD’s inputs on here.

  678. DC says:

    Hi Trina-

    What do you mean by *naive*? You mean in general or in the sugar sense as in he’s never been an SD before.

  679. thankyou SE I tend to get stressed out about little stuff I think Ill meet him anyway I had asked him origanally if he went to the gym and he said he did.. I needed a GYMDADDY!! lol but really just want a workout buddy and he suggested we meet hes very nice too SO tomorrow afternoon I will have news for you all!! lol if I dont pull my hair out first!!
    TTYAL bye!!

  680. SuthrnExec says:

    Katrina, there are no standard answers to your quandary – it’s all about the comfort level you have with the details. Be warned that if you dismiss him before meeting him, you may be missing on a great one – but if you go through with it, the worst that could happen is that the chemistry is not there and you go your separate ways. If the chemistry is good, then you should be able to address these issues with the potSD and work through them.
    Good luck!

  681. SE the only thing I feel funny about is I think he is a little naieve*sp* I am meeting him but not really sugar status but I know that there is the potential! and then I have a hint of hesitation because I believe he lives really close to me! not that thats a problem within itself but I just am not sure What to think if he does Actually live Down the street!!!!

  682. is it okay to live so close to a pot?? I know he must live near by, I got a feeling of course he dosent Know Where I live at but i dunno

  683. NC Gent says:

    Quality is always expensive SE :)

  684. lol yeah I do starbucks as a rule but I think ol’boy lives right around me
    Big coencidence because he said something about the school and I live close enough to that same school I porbably shop at the same grocery store

  685. I did but its A really common name mike last name is Really common!!
    eeeeeeekkkkkk and I dont wanna just ask him what do you do..

  686. SuthrnExec says:

    NC, I might be the most expensive yard boy you’ve ever employed!

  687. SuthrnExec says:

    Katrina, if you’re meeting in a public place, go for it. Do you feel uncomfortable about anything at all as far as he is concerned? Sometimes it’s difficult to google someone unless you know their middle initial or their city because his name maybe common or he just might not be in the press or have a corporate website presence – I don’t really come up unless you know what city I live in or my middle initial – and even then, you would have so many results it might be difficult to tell which is me. Also, some SDs might be a little reluctant to let you know too much until they see how the first meeting goes. Don’t ignore your gut feelings – good luck!

  688. Gemini29 *365643* says:

    Try his name and his profession or even his name and his home town or his state and see what pops up.

  689. good morning all *waving
    Sbincali it is Keya 703 at Yah
    ok so a gentleman I met ask me for coffee I have his name but its not coming up on google or linkin well its not him/ he has a common name!
    anybody got any advice?
    I am supposed to meet him tomorrow morning but I didnt want to confirm till I did a pow-wow with you guys cuz I had not got this situation Before!

  690. NC Gent says:

    ummmm we do need a yardboy SE πŸ˜‰

  691. Gemini29 *365643* says:

    Thanks NC! *blushes* Nope not 29, lol, just numbers on my blog name πŸ˜‰

  692. SuthrnExec says:

    Oh sure – invite me after your sis’s family moves in! LOL

  693. NC Gent says:

    It has been a pretty hectic few weeks but I am goofing off a bit. My sis and her family are staying at my lake house next week, so I have been preparing for that too. I have been traveling way too much — Philly and Norfolk next week :) Still need to get you over to the lake house, SE!

  694. SuthrnExec says:

    Doing great NC – been busy with other stuff for a while but had to come back and see how everybody was doing. How are things with you?

  695. NC Gent says:

    Nice profile and pics Gemini — you are a hottie! For some reason, I thought you were 29??!!!

  696. NC Gent says:

    Hi SE — long time no see. I hope you are doing well.

  697. SuthrnExec says:

    I’m kinda out of practice but I will give the blog questions a shot…

    * How have you dealt with rejection in Sugarland? Just keep moving? Absolutely, gotta keep moving. As with anything, I try to mitigate the risk of rejection and you do that on SA by getting a good feel for someone before you stick your neck out too far. But, upon rejection, you don’t take it personally and just move on. Better to be rejected upfront than get into a bad situation.

    * What percentage of your sugar preference is physical vs. Arrangement-based (i.e., matching expectations, trustworthy, etc.)? Of course I am attracted by the physical, but if expectations don’t match, chemistry is not there, trust is not there, etc., physical then becomes unimportant.

    * How was your Labor Day Weekend!? Did you spend any of it with a sugar? It was good, although not terribly relaxing, but still enjoyable. Spent time taking care of some important matters, so it was overall a good weekend.

  698. Gemini29 *365643* says:

    NC Gent – Just for you πŸ˜‰

    Oh and I plan on an overhaul in a few weeks…depending on how my pot SD date goes I guess… :) So any suggestions would be appreciated! I won’t change it right away, but I’ll file them away for the future change-o-roo.

  699. SuthrnExec says:

    Good morning everyone – it’s back to work after a looooong Labor Day weekend. Now, let’s cram 5 days of work into 3!

  700. NC Gent says:

    Good morning all. Gotta love mass emails huh Gemini? Just what is your profile number? I wanna see those baby browns lol

  701. Gemini29 says:

    Morning sugars!

    Just had a pot SD message me. He complimented me on a body feature…that I DO NOT HAVE. *cough* So just a heads up to all the SBs and SDs out there….proofread what you write…make sure what you write matches the person whom you are writing to. If you say you are happy they have beautiful blue eyes and they really have brown eyes, you will win no brownie points.


    that was the easiest weed-out of a pot Sd, lol!

  702. sbincali says:

    Hey everyone! thanks for all the great insight so far! Katrina, tried emailing you it gave error message when I put a dot or underscore after keya, so what is it? OCSugar baby what’s your email address, want to ask you sthing?

    oh yeah. . .everyone stay away from christian stuken(XXX). . ..-he is a poof daddy/no show! maybe there should be a “DO NOT DATE” list as a tab on SA-to get everyone to be courteous and not waste people’s time-this is about NO GAMES, so a bit of enforcement would help. . .

  703. Michael SD says:


    Thought I might toss in why I discern some profiles, which might make some of you think about it with a bit more balance. I open many profiles just because I am curious and do not want to chance missing someone who would be good sugar.

    I am more of an introvert, and at 50 yrs, I am more a homebody than say out to nightclubs or parties. More inclined for dinner out. Not a country club type at all. IF your profile is a party party type, I will likely discern you as we are so far apart on a personality basis. I think it is fair to the SB too.

    GU {geographically unsuitable}, esp if the young man is in a nice professional education program, he cannot come to me over great distances. Seen a few cuties like this and it was frustrating.

    Too little or too much on their profile. Others have chatted it up on the blog, but you really have to write it up well. If you are unsure, what do your friends like about you – there is your answer.

    IF you email (reply or initiate) write it carefully. It is SOOO easy to put your foot in your mouth – and I am very guilty of this. It can be amusing in person when you blush and have to pull your foot out, but that is not visible online. Applies to SD, as a pot SB is likely to delete you at a minor hint of rudeness.

    Real big one for me is I will not contact a smoker. Even if a smoker contacted me, I would reject. I have dated smokers and I know how hard it is for them to quit, so I will not hassle them about it. But I will not meet them either.

    So if you are discerned, don’t obsess about it, it could be they know you would not be a good match. Many of the people I would discern may make someone else really happy – and I hope they do.



  704. ginaZ says:

    Welcome stpeteqt! So sorry you encountered such rudeness, there are many wonderful SD’s on here as there are SD’s and, so patience is key. I’ve founded tweeking the profile at the beginning helpful, as someone already suggested, change photos, who you are what you are seeking till it clicks. Maybe when you have it down, upgrade your membership, I did this and got a lot of hits this way, plus you can search in more detail!

  705. stpeteqt says:

    some guys are such huuge babies! lolol

  706. ginaZ says:

    One of my pot from 2 1/2 months ago can’t seem to take NO for an answer. I was polite the first time but it didn’t work, so I blocked him on SA and my secondary email. Well he made it though the blocks (my Y account) and I replied yet again, I tried to be polite but direct, well wouldn’t you know after blocking him a third time he called my stubborn, and became a bit rude. Kind of like he was angry that he didn’t get his way.


  707. stpeteqt says:

    hi all..
    I’m another newbie here.. just few days now. I have already encountered the nasty, rude email ” your to fat n ugly for me”.. my one and only response to date. The way I see, like so many others I have read here tonight.. there IS someone for everyone. Why waste time worrying about others think of us? We know we are all worth being with. no matter our size,or color ( we ALL bleed red blood!) Personally, I don’t think I’m ‘bbw’ or ‘fat’.. I prefer to see myself as having been built for comfort, not speed! LOLOLOL anyways, just letting off steam here. jumping in to say hi and all that.. but also could use a bit of advise.. I’m new to this whole sd/sb scene.. anything specific one should write when searching for pot sds? other then the obvious of course. was thinking maybe I was writing something wrong.. can email me at stpeteqt t that yahoo place or my space place..

  708. Gemini29 says:

    Yup, I’m off to bed too. Night night sugars, sweet sugar dreams for all! πŸ˜€

  709. SugaCaneBby says:

    Marie, I always just tell them that I came across their pro and found them to be interesting and that I’d like to get to know more about them. I tell them to take a look at my profile and see what they think about us chatting…at least that’s the gist of what I sent to all the guys on my fave list. XD

    As for dress on initial sugar dates, yes K.I.S.S.- Keep It Simple, Sister! Before I officially signed up for this website, I was reading a lot of blogs written by SBs and they all suggest that you wear something neutral for a first date with a Pot SD, something that shows off your body in a classy, relaxed way but leaves the goods to the imagination. Save the corsets and pencil skirts for later. :) A smokey eye sounds great, Katrina. Defines the eyes and brings attention to them, but isn’t distracting or cakey.

    Awaiting my book as well. Holiday weekends suck for ordering things online. :(

    Anyway, I suppose once I wash this face mask off, I’m turning in for the night. Got work tomorrow @ noon, ugh. G’night sugars!

  710. MarieSB says:

    Ok I just thought of a question I’ve been wanting to ask.

    So when your doing a search and you see a guy your interested in…what do you say? I never know. I don’t want to seem cheesy or anything. I get all nervous and then I never write anything.

    What do you ladies say?

  711. MarieSB says:

    Hello everyone! It’s been a long day and I’m hungry…too lazy to even microwave a hot pocket tho haha

  712. DC says:

    Hi Angie-

    Welcome! I have had more than one date like that. You really just have to laugh at the absurdity of it all. Can’t take it all too seriously. Same thing when sugar dating.

    I advise you to go back and read the blog archives when you have time. Lots of great information there

  713. not that we are nosey but I think the common thread around here is to share because there are newbies who havent blogged yet and You may say some thing that Keeps them safe or From making a bad descison!!

    I am forever asking Questions until I get my book!!!!

  714. I can say this Angie welcome and dont get discouraged!! and just wait till I have my Pot SD Coffee’s yall will get to laugh at me FOR SURE!
    Welcome Angie we are glad you are here!!

  715. Angie says:

    Hi everyone! I am new to this. Just signed on 2 or 3 days ago. Still trying to get a feel for things…

    My labor day weekend was possibly the worst for me on record… the chain of events were awful and it finally came to a point where I just had to sit down and cry for a few… nothing else I could do.

    I also had quite possibly the worst date on record Sat. night but this time I just had to laugh. It was one of those ‘if it can go wrong it will’. I am still laughing about it. If he would have been a pot SD I would have run away screaming and quite possibly never came to this site again lol.

    Anyway… anything y’all feel a newbie should know please feel free to let me in on it!! I would love to find a SD and am looking forward to what lies ahead.


  716. yeah I like blue and purple I cant help myself!! I think I will do that and thanks Suga I forget to be easy on my face sometimes!! guess thats a brown smokey eye then??

  717. Gemini29 says:

    Katrina- I like the outfit you mentioned, that sounds cute and sassy! πŸ˜€

  718. I have pretty good luck with clothes I like to catch macys on sale but I get in to the same colors a lot I may do fitted jeans.. gotta find some grey ones dark grey OPEN TOED or not on the shoes??

  719. or purple and purple wedges i dunno I like my purple!!

  720. hummm interesting thought.. this happens to be the only time I ever thought of wearing a dress of such lengths.. well like what i particullary like trousers I was gonna do like Gris colored slacks they are rather fitted!! and a black sateen bottoned shirt and a blue cami with blue wedges to match the cami

  721. SugaCaneBby says:

    Fitted jeans, heels, and a nice cotton button-up. Natural make-up. For first dates, that’s what I plan on wearing. Feminine, but not fussy. πŸ˜€

  722. Gemini29 says:

    Hmm…I personally wouldn’t wear a maxi dress to a first meeting. I’d wear something that is a bit shorter (knee-length) and that fits my curves so he can see that I HAVE a nice figure and nice legs. Guys are such visual visual creatures….

    I’m not saying wear anything skimpy, just something nice that shows off how you look without going overboard or smothering your figure in lots of cloth. You want to look primo for your first date, first impressions are everything. Maybe something like office pretty…like if you worked at Vogue or something, lol.