9 years ago
The Gentleman’s Dating Profile

9 years ago
The Gentleman’s Dating Profile

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Care to (re)introduce yourself to the sugar blog? How did you find out about SA? What are you seeking here?

Does it take courage to be a Sugar Baby or Sugar Daddy (being honest about your expectations, not settling for less)?

Do you have a sugar-alter-ego? What sets you apart from all the other sugars out there?

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  1. Eric says:

    I am 21 years old sugar-baby(m).

    I am an early MBA-grad, former model and a true gentleman. Feel free to read more on my profile by clicking my name 😉

  2. ok so they are removing post again!!
    supreme Queen welcome hope youll hang around long enought for us to know you, your Sd might sweep ya lady!!

  3. Lannie!! hey chick hows it going

  4. supremequeen says:

    im new to this sugar baby thing i just made a profile and havent have no hits yet im not fat and im not skinny i just have more to love lol im 19 in my second year of college myfriend told me about thissite . how do i attarct sumbody to get my attention. i have a good head on my shoulders . im studying to be a lawyer . it seems as if sd only want a skinny model chick can anybody help me and point me in the right direction i need to go in i could use a sd or sm to help me im fun to be around with . i am a very intresting intellectual . i am going to make it places with a sd or sm i can get there a lil faster . can any body give me som suggestions on what to look out for or how to catch a good sd or sm

  5. Xixiling says:


    Thanks to everyone who has taken the time to leave comments, reading them has given me a greate insight into the whole SA/SD world which I know nothing of.

    A little bit about me? A 27 year old living in Hong Kong looking for a nice, decent cultured man to spend time with. Someone who is able to spoil me and vice versa. Would be nice to speak to others on SA to find out the etiquette of being an SB.


  6. LUCY says:

    Hi, Im new to SA and was wondering if anyone had any advice on how to “word” my page I dont want to seem sleezy or easy.

  7. Lannie says:

    Hello Everyone,
    I am new to this site but not being a SB. I had one SD for almost 8 years which is a long time and I found the experience one of personal growth and beneficial which I gained a lifetime friend that I treasure. I learned about this site through the interview and earlier in the week I finally joined.

    Does it take courage to be a sugar baby or sugar daddy (being honest about your expectations, not settling for less)?
    It does take courage in my opinion, for me it is the initial fears of corresponding and meeting a potential SD. I learned through the one SD that I have had that it is so important to just be yourself and see if the chemistry and friendship can grow into a mutually beneficial arrangement without selling yourself short or the other person. I am very upfront in my expectations and I would never have more than one SD at a time.

    Do you have a sugar-alter-ego? What sets you apart from all the other sugars out there?
    I do not put on airs which is why I think my previous SD lasted so long. One of the things that sets me apart from other SB’s is that there are many who maintain more than one SD at a time or even have a relationship on the side. For me my SD was a mutally beneficial arrangement in all ways and I gave that extra respect by letting him know he never had to worry as I abstain from any other relationships. For me an SD can be one’s best friend in time and it is not always about financial assistance or gifts as many months I do not need it so simply did not accept it. Each SB is different in our own ways but I was very lucky and hope I find a wonderful SB again, I do not worry about the looks but instead I try to focus on the person inside.

  8. Melody says:

    Thank you by the way for the Happy Birthday wishes Happy Lurker…I do appreciate that…smiles…

  9. Melody says:

    Hi Marie…I was bored this morning and cleaned out my refrigerator inside and out…lol…its sparkling now…and kicked butt on house cleaning…get that from my dad…his house was always immaculate…mines not as good as that but clean that people enjoy coming over and it’s comfy…Sorry to hear you had another flake…they say that you have to kiss a lot of frogs to get to the prince…He’ll come along…glad you enjoyed food at least…yawn…well, time for me to turn in…goodnight everyone…

  10. Melody says:

    Hi Happy Lurker! thanks..well actually 29 again…hehe…O.k. off to work out since it’s kind of quiet. Staying in shape because I like to, but also for surfing…Yes I love to surf in the North Shore with my friends who live there! Oh did anyone ready my msg. on the top one? the top one of mine that is…is it common for a SD Pot to talk and ask for email then you give it to him and blam you don’t hear from him again? at first I thought well, he’s busy probably..but before he would chat each day…so, I’m dumbfounded…oh well…plenty of fishys in the sea…;-)

  11. MarieSB says:

    Hello everyone!! Long day today! Cleaning and grocery shopping.

    Yet again another flake!! I feel like Tony The Tiger…I’m surrounded by flakes hahaha

    Time to go make some green chili enchiladas YUM

  12. Happy Lurker says:

    Good morning Melody,
    A great day ! You are thirty now.
    Happy birthday to you on behalf of all lurkers.
    Hi Celly, welcome to this world of sugar.
    On the right hand side of the opening page of the blog your will find some great explanations e.g. “How to screen an SD”etc.
    Read it carefully and you will get wiser.

  13. Katrina…Thank you for the advice. he is willing to come here for our first meeting and I did ask him for his name to do a search.

    Another note: I created another email address account to give out…SO many ask for it ? Don’t understand why they can’t use SA is this a sign I should look for? Is it ok to give out email address?

  14. Melody says:

    I just noticed my messages are saying sept. 18th but it’s only 9:34pm on the 17th here…so sorry this is a day late…It’s actually still sept. 17th here in California…

  15. Melody says:

    Care to (re)introduce yourself to the sugar blog? How did you find out about SA? What are you seeking here?
    My name is Melody…I found out about this by searching for sugar daddies after watching about it on Tyra Banks show…I’m seeking a sugar daddy…plain and simple..

    Does it take courage to be a sugar baby or sugar daddy (being honest about your expectations, not settling for less)?
    Sure it takes courage…I’ve never done this before and never ever would go to a dating agency…I have no trouble meeting and dating people but tired of the jerks that take money from me..what happened to old fashioned where the man takes care of the woman…o.k. don’t answer that…lol

    Do you have a sugar-alter-ego? What sets you apart from all the other sugars out there?
    No alter ego here…I’m just me…and what sets me apart is I’m more experienced, wiser than I was 20 yrs. ago, love to have fun in life, hard worker, and honest…I don’t need any strings attached for now, but a girl always does want to meet her knight and shining armor at some point…

  16. Melody says:

    Hi…I’m doing ok…today is my Birthday…had a great day at work…but not sugar daddy to spend it with…I”m 48 today but look 30…slim, brunette…used to model and still do at times…I have great personality…I have had a sugar daddy speak with me a few times and ask for my email address..I got some infor from Katrina on what to do to stay safe…and when I get an email address and send it to him I never hear from him again…any idea what happened? I’m blind sided…lol…

  17. Lisa Marie says:

    Hello Sugars! Hows everyone tonight?

  18. Celly says:

    Hi Im also new here and I think its kinda cute and a really different experience being part of this website so I’m a little excited..and nervous lol I found out about it when me and my girlfriend were joking about having a SD and actually researched the site. I wanna see if this is for real from there I’ll know what I want but for right now its a blur. I think it does take courage to be a SD or SB either way you have to put yourself out there. As for sugar-alter-ego….don’t we all :-p, well I know what I have and what I want not so much what I need. I’m a handful but just as fun :-)

  19. ok boston that is funny! I am sorry for you but that is hailarious,!!
    ok my next Question I suppose its to late but cant you have 2 sd? maybe not Rely heavily on one? that was something a SD told me.

  20. Honestbeauty if this is your first SD maybe you Should let him come to you! have you checked him out? VERY IMPORTANT that you At least run his name through a few sites to see what comes up

  21. Can anyone tell me how to BLOG ?!? I know seems silly but I really like what you guys talk about. I am new very new and very nervous? Anyone ever feel like this? I have gotten some emails however I have not even yet sent out an email (to nervous) …. I want to know how this works, what can be said etc. any of this I can r can’t get in trouble for…A pot SD (learned that lingo from reading your blogs! ;0) ) Asked me to come to his state for the weekend, asked how much it would take, etc. …..Is it smart to do this for my first pot SD?

  22. BostonSB says:

    So just now I called “insane” after the potential offered me less than half of my financial expectations.

    I have a theory to discuss this stuff before I meet the SD, because I don’t want to waste either of our time.

    However, my financial obligation says 3-5k, and he offered me 1500. When I asked him if he knew what my obligations were, he did.. and then called me insane for that?

    Take a look at this convo and tell me what I did wrong. names changed to protect the (not so) innocent.

    SD: weekly meeting, stipend of $1500 per month cash
    me: did you look at my profile/financial expectations?
    SD: $3k – $5k per month? is that what you said?
    me: yep
    SD: and that’s firm – your expectaton then is to get $4,000 per month for meeting once a week in a $300 per night hotel in Boston?
    me: i’m not trying to come off as rude or anything. i’m actually quite nice.
    SD: $4000 + $1200 per month = $5200 a month, 12 months makes that a $68,000 per year job
    before taxes
    SD: after taxes that is about $110,000 salary and we’ve not even met as of yet
    SD: well, good luck with that
    withut even meeting me
    you ask for $110k
    me: i didn’t ask for that
    SD: you’re going in the blog!
    me: that was all you
    SD: I wish you all the best
    bye for now
    me: i only asked if you looked at my expectations
    haha, alright guy
    SD: insane

    I have my expectations and will not settle for less! and I refuse to be put down because of them.

  23. sweet SB UK says:

    Care to (re)introduce yourself to the sugar blog?

    I’m a UK based SB. Early 20s, student, well educated. Have been looking and have met a few pot SDs, but haven’t found the right one just yet. I’m pleasant, interesting, sweet and fun. Do get in touch 😉

    How did you find out about SA?

    Head about ”sugar daddies” on a discussion forum. Googled the term and here I am.

    What are you seeking here?

    A genuine relationship without stress based on mutual care, trust and affection for the other person. A sugar daddy who can support me well financially, my priority being paying for university, furthering my career and saving for the future. Shopping treats etc would just be a fun bonus. If my SD can advise me about life, pass on his experience or help me with my career as well, that would sweeten the deal, so to speak 😉

    Does it take courage to be a sugar baby or sugar daddy (being honest about your expectations, not settling for less)?

    I don’t know about courage, but is is always important to be honest about everything. You should be honest to yourself as well.

    Do you have a sugar-alter-ego? What sets you apart from all the other sugars out there?

    Alter ego? I think I am who I am. I keep this part of my life separate from the rest of my life, but I am the same person.

    Sets me apart? My future career, perhaps. I’m slightly unusual looking too. As I say, any SDs out there (UK or beyond), do say hello…

  24. NJLady says:

    Good Evening SB’s….Well, I’m home from school and brain is Fried! I will be up for another hour studying for a test….already?! But I like it….Between you and me….I need a SDMD. Oh, speaking of which, heard from my pot SD, the one in Calgary tonight….I like a man who responds back quickly. This might lead somewhere….The other one I’m not to sure about…Nico, I think you’re right, he does not seem like a true SD….he brought up the fact that dinner and vacationing wouldn’t be fun, if we left out the “naughty part”….that would be the best part of course I knew that. Excuse me…but I made it clear in my profile that I am a one man women…..only. The first SD even comment on that that.What’s wrong with this people? I don’t get a good vibe from him.
    Anyway I need to get to work…Did everyone hear about Patrick Swayze…very sad. I found out when I got home….Will chat tomorrow, hope everyone had a good day..Peace Out Sugar’s

  25. Sweety SB~ AKA BG says:

    OC~ thanks, your the one that said i was a sweety lol
    no one on tonight? i was on the other blog waiting lol

  26. SE I mailed you! hope its ok!

  27. thanks so much I love it lol I am not the Condensed type I have always needed help with that thanks!!

  28. ginaZ says:

    Kat glad that I could help out with the profile!

    Best of luck =)

  29. Gemi
    When your Spidey sense’s start going off its For a reason never never ignore your intiusion*sp*

  30. Gemini29 says:

    Katrina- lol yup! 😀

  31. Gemini29 says:

    Suthern Exec & OC – Yup, I think I made my ditch him decision partly through writing it out…I don’t want to deal with a person who cannot even respect my comfort level and constantly wants me to do things his way. The not giving out his name is just secondary…..the overall attitude is worse. Thanks!, it is so nice having a few other opinions on things, good to hash some of this stuff out.

  32. SE oh please I would appreciate it!

  33. Gemi
    HE isnt a Read SD hes a REAL Jerk,
    that crazy that man ought to be ashamed of how he behaved

    This is What GEMINI29 said to me this [email protected] 1:15pm

    Katrina, I would ditch him and ditch him fast. He sounds arrogant and not at all considerate. And the not giving you a picture or his name yet? Yuck. a SD should be considerate and respectful of your time and you. This guy sounds like a prick. And a time-waster for you.

  34. SuthernExec says:

    Katrina, I’ll send you an email when your profile is approved.

  35. SuthernExec says:

    Gemini, if you told him that’s what you’re more comfortable doing, then stick to it. A true SD (as OC said) won’t push it but will want you to be totally comfortable going forward. Clearly, if you have told him what you are comfortable with and he persists, he is not looking out for your best interests and therefore isn’t a gentleman. Move along. I have a feeling your instincts are correct on this one.

  36. ginaZ says:

    Oh feeling a bit dejected. But this too shall pass. So many flaky pot SD’s, not enough sugar is enough to make this SB cynical. Hey but that’s cool. I’m cool. I’m one cool chica.

    Hi OC! I’m still open to being a wing girl 888^888

    • OCSugarbaby says:

      Hi GinaZ: I am always open to new ideas! 😉

      I am going to go have a wonderful glass of Merlot down by the ocean and let the beautiful views erase the bad day I had to day…. ahhh tomorrow is another day to make anew!

  37. how to buy stock SE you could help me with that?

  38. Gemini29 says:

    Suthern Exec – He did give me his number. I don’t know, I told him I would be more comfortable emailing a bit first to get to know each other, and let him know that I had a bad experience with a guy calling relentlessly for a year (after he stated that he didn’t see what the big deal was with me not giving it out)…I think its understandable I’m hesitant to give my number out quickly. I don’t see why he is still pressing the phone thing…I’ve made it clear I’m uncomfortable giving it out, yet he persists.

    The underlying thing is…why would I want to be in a SD/SB thing with a guy who doesn’t care about my comfort level?

  39. SuthernExec says:

    Katrina – what’s your question?

    Gemini, will he give you his number? Can you guys get beyond the impasse with first names only?

  40. Gemini29 says:

    Hmmm…. I’m in talks with a new pot SD. Not so sure, we’re already butting heads on a few things… *makes the squinchy I don’t know about this face* He’s young, relatively good looking, makes the moolah, but…has a bit of an attitude on him. Kind of like the “well I don’t understand what your big deal is, you should do what I want anyway” attitude…

    He wanted my phone number, I said “I’m not so comfortable with that”, he said that was “a red flag but what can I do to make you feel more comfortable?”, I said at least your name so I know who you are, and he came back with “It’s not like giving out my full name is such a big deal, but without knowing your full name or even a phone number it just doesn’t quite seem fair to share all my information”.

    Ooohkay. Well it appears we are at a bit of an impasse, aren’t we?

    Glad you could supply me with that one thing I asked for that would make me comfortable giving you my phone number. And that is not “all your information” buddy, its not like I asked for your bank statements too.

    Any thoughts before I follow through with my instincts?

  41. knock knock anybody home?

  42. hey yall who knows about Buying Stock?? I know somebody can help me!!

  43. Sweety SB~ AKA BG says:

    Hey OC~ I have to work but i’ll be here a little later!
    How do you like the new name now?

  44. wow I never seen such crudeness

  45. lisa says:

    Thank you Stephan

  46. lisa says:

    he lives in Houston and has contacted me several times in the past. sent me a very nasty email and wants closeup pics if you know what I mean. He’s creepy, been on here forever.

  47. Sweety SB~ AKA BG says:

    SE~ yeah I know it’s really off topic sorry! I don’t have your email though, and i’m not posting mine on here…

    Stephan~ could you send SE my email? Thank you

  48. ginaZ says:

    Yes wondering why the post from anonymous is still there? I assume it’s from a SB who got the email and posted it to warn other gals? His profile# was on there for awhile though. He [SD] seemed normal enough in his profile.

  49. stephan says:

    Lisa, Gemini29, all: The offensive post from ‘anonymous’ has been deleted. Thank you!

  50. Gemini29 says:

    Lisa- Well if he came here to impress the ladies, I do believe he failed mightily. Is that post still up, I would have sworn it was going to be deleted within 5 minutes of it being posted … *looks* Why yes it is. Yes Mods, can the offensive post please be removed? I haven’t seen that much profanity in a long time.

  51. lisa says:

    Interesting how my posts and the posts of others are deleted because they are offensive but the post vulgar post by anonymous has not been deleted. So many of the sbs on here seem to think that it is a sb posting what she read in a sd ad. This is a guy posting as he sent me a very nasty email a few months back, he is definately not a sd and has been on this site for over a year. I told him he was on the wrong site and he said “NO YOU ARE ON THE WRONG SITE” Let’s take his post off of here. But i’m sure many of the naive ones will fall for it.

    That’s all I just had to make a comment about this post.

  52. good on ya NJlady!! see I told ya Every thing will be all right!
    great group of ladies with lots of advice.. we even have those who speak Martian!!*the SD’s*

  53. NJLady says:

    Afternoon Everyone….Well I heard back from a pot SD. I had asked him what intrigued him about my profile…He wrote back that it was my smile and beautiful face…ohhh….and the fact that I was sincere, not shallow, about what I wrote…..He could see that through my profile….He also like that fact that I am academicly growing…He did, I think, indicate that he doesn’t have a free time for additional travel due to his schedule. Which I can understand, mine is like that at the moment. I have classes at night, weekends off. We’ll see what happens after this.

    Tonight is school, actually it’s my first night…..another new chapter in my life. Should start getting ready. I’ll try to write tonight, if not tomorrow…..Take care Sugar B’s…Have a good day .

    OC, keep your head up…I’ll say a prayer, everything will be alright.

  54. SuthrnExec says:

    Internships are definitely a way to go about it, however, you really need to “feel” the potential employer out before bringing it up. Of course, in situations where you have nothing to lose (they’ve told you flat-out there is nothing), talk to them about it. Another great way to get the eye of a potential employer during these down times is to volunteer with organizations. Do your homework – while it may sound counter to volunteering, look for organizations where you will have some visibility and good networking opportunities. volunteermatch dot org is a place to go to find opportunities for volunteering.

    This is a bit off-topic and I don’t want us to get m*****ted so if you have any other questions, email me. :-)

  55. Would you lie or withhold certain info in a sugar-arrangement that you’d otherwise be honest & upfront about in a ‘traditional’ relationship.

    I personally dont think its necessary to lie, however I do have a seperate life outside of the relationship, I assume if He wants Discretion so do I, not all my personal info is up for Discussion!

  56. thought I saw a new topic how to find them things anyway!!

  57. yeah I am beggining to get a tiny bit Discouraged but that will wain!

  58. Sweety SB~ AKA BG says:

    Katrina~ Yeah we need more SDs on here! lol I just wish I would get some replies,,, maybe, I’m too upfront or something! who knows…

  59. yes Sweety he is a wealth of advice
    hey OC glad to hear you have been spared did you look at my profile I made some changes*with-a-little help*

  60. NYC SB says:

    OC – at times like that I am greatful to still be employed… even if it means working with a 102 fever (like today)

    chicken soup pleaseeeee!!!!!!

  61. Sweety SB~ AKA BG says:

    Katrina~ I totally agree with SE…

  62. Sweety SB~ AKA BG says:

    OC~ i changed the name do you like it better? :)

    SE~ Question: do you think it would be better if, when applying for a job, that I say I would be willing to work as an intern for a limited period of time?

  63. Flo Rida says:


    I should be the last person to give advice as I have ‘little’ experience at this. BUT you have two issues. 1 Common courtesy and communication – what part of name and photo does he not understand. 2 Security and attractiveness (?) is there another way to find out if you’ll be safe (not criminal child molester etc) and can he blur his photo’s. If he’s rich or married he may hesitate on the real name & photo initially. Good luck.

    NYCSB and Gemini29 thanks for advice to me. Cheers

  64. SuthernExec says:

    OC, sorry to hear about that. Hopefully this is the end of it, but glad you were spared. Feel free to vent and use the blog to get rid of some of that stress!

    • OCSugarbaby says:

      Thanks SE, not really feeling like venting too much. Just going to keep doing what I am doing with maybe kick’n it up a notch or two! This means even longer hours spent here, but it will be all good when taken with a spoon full of $ugar! 😉

  65. ok yeah I thankyou for your advice I think I will leave him be! I just never heard of that before what makes him so special I cannot get a photo! ok thanks Gemi and SE

    Gemi I will find one but might put up the fuzzy until I get betterone I happen to like it!

    • OCSugarbaby says:

      Good Morning My Sugar Lovely’s. Well, I have to say this has been a very stress-ful morning for me. I have just watch yet another lay-off happen within my company (another 50 people) . I am grateful for still having my job this morning! Will this madness ever end? This is why I $ugar date! I NEED the escape from my hectic work life. It is my $ecret E$cape!!!

  66. Gemini29 says:

    Katrina- you don’t look mean, its just that a photo with a smile will draw in guys. its a proven thing, women like men who smile, and men like women who smile. You can do mirror shots with a digital camera or camera phone and just practice diff types of smile until you get a shot you like. I think it would help match the tone of your profile and get you some better pot SDs (unlike mr. duckpin)

  67. Gemini29 says:

    Katrina, I would ditch him and ditch him fast. He sounds arrogant and not at all considerate. And the not giving you a picture or his name yet? Yuck. a SD should be considerate and respectful of your time and you. This guy sounds like a prick. And a time-waster for you.

  68. SuthernExec says:

    Block him Katrina. If he’s not interested in even listening (reading your email) than this can’t go very well. Ignore him and one of two things will happen – you’ll never hear from him again or he will all of the sudden see you meant what you said when you asked for a pic and a name.

    Too many bone-headed guys/gals think this is just another adult pick-up site. Don’t encourage him – maybe he will head over to craig’s list!

  69. oh gem do i look mean? i dont do smily photos .. lemme look I think I got a few. oh and I will change it again

  70. and good morning all seen and unseen! how is everybody
    Nyc congrats on your catch sounds good!

    ok so now I am a little ticked off and I dont know How to convey this!
    I met a pot online yesterday, I changed my profile to be very Frank it says that I am looking for an arrangment , (I cannot remember Exactly how that self essay is Worded but I posted it Eariler) but at any rate it screams I am not looking for a conventional Relationship

    ok so Immedealty I get a response”hey there”
    I reply “hi there”
    he replys “heres my e-mail”
    ok I respond: hi, hello !you were intrested in my profile?
    he replys “I will be at the bowling ally at 8pm”
    (hes a bowler so that is ok)
    I reapond: Oh i wasnt expecting to see you today besides today is matience day Clothes/hair /laundry
    besides I need a photo and at least your name I cant verywell call you Mr. Kingpin!
    he replys today.. I was expecting you yesterday and what are you doing this week?

    my problem is 3x I have asked for a photo a name each time he responds with! a place to meet him, its in public so ok
    listen yall I am ahappy type girl, but I will be doggone if imma be at his beck and call before we even get an arrangment together!
    I want to know how many time is it you ask for a photo and a name?
    could he be an offical? or is he not privvy to how this works I want to check him out and I cannot do it with an e-mail… or can I?

    help i’m pullin at the hair again!

  71. Gemini29 says:

    Katrina – Oh, I like your changes! Ok few nitpicky things. I don’t think the Nascar part should be in parantheses, I think it could be a standalone sentence. Few other..typos? I think in the “seeking” section you mean “who would seek” rather than “who would most seek”..its awkward sounding, maybe you meant to say something else? and a bit later, you wrote this “I’m the one, a sweet, funny and warm.” a sweet funny and warm…what? 😉 Just little things like that I would fix, because it can make the difference to a business man reading your profile.

    Otherwise I really like it. Still think you need some smiley photos but I think you mentioned you were finding some? not sure..

  72. anomyus oh heck no that may be a ploy ewwww! *buzzer* he is the weakest link!!

  73. MarieSB says:

    Good morning everyone!!

    Aquaries- Congrats! I hope one day we all find that perfect SD!

    And it is amazing what you can find on google! I’m off to work! See you lovelies tonight! 😉

  74. okay yall can you all look at my profile and tell me what you think ?

  75. SuthernExec says:

    OMG – not sure we SDs understand our own brains! lol I know some SDs are players and you probably never know the truth about much of anything but I don’t play that game very well. Chemistry and trust are too important to me to try to play that game.

  76. Gemini29 says:

    Suthern- Actually your second reply helps even more. That is what I was trying to get at, whether to be coy about it….or just quietly demurely handle it. I don’t do coy that well anyway, I’ll leave that for other girls to do. It is so nice getting a SDs opinion on things, really helps understand the male brain a bit more :) Thank you!

    NYC SB – heeheehee! I really want one of those closet organizer thingies, I’ve heard they can be helpful. What I REALLY need is a huge walkin closet, but I guess I have to wait on mr. super generous SD for that! (oh and that would be a dreaaaaaaaaaammm….)

  77. SuthernExec says:

    I know you weren’t asking whether to be honest or not, I just want to point out that sometimes being coy can leave an impression that is the opposite from the facts. While it might not be a big deal for some things, for others it could cause unnecessary issues because assumptions are then made, and changes in behavior are the result of those assumptions, etc. Didn’t mean to over-complicate this. :-)

  78. NYC SB says:

    Geminis room = NYC SBs room


  79. Gemini29 says:

    Suthern Exec – Thank you for your opinion. It didn’t cross my mind to be dishonest, that is not like me at all, I’m just trying to figure out how to handle the question when it comes up, and I know it will most likely come up, men tend to be slightly possessive of their pretty things 😉 I don’t have that many pot SDs I’m talking to right now, but for me its quality over quantity, and for right now it seems I have some very worthy pot SD contenders :)

    Its now time for me to clean my room….it looks like a clothing bomb exploded in it!

  80. SuthernExec says:

    Morning Sweety, NYC SB, Gemini29, Flo and all others!

    Gemini, I will give my view of your question – unless an SB says otherwise, I think most SDs assume that an SB is talking with other potentials. It is important to be honest here – for the sake of trust, chemistry and just plain safety issues. And I would suspect that you would want a potSD to be honest with you as well, for all the same reasons.

  81. Gemini29 says:

    Flo Rida – The only part I would be worried about is the phrase “stepping up to 5k” I think negotiating a more solid amount would be best for when the arrangement starts for real.

    anonymous – he sounds like a keeper! not. uggghhhh… (plus I don’t think you are allowed to post other people’s profile numbers here)

  82. Sweety SB~ AKA BG says:

    Hey Sugars!

  83. NYC SB says:

    Flo – it seems like he just want to test out the waters and figure out whether an arrangement would work without wasting your time… thus the small compensation… i say go for it and see what happens… however, i would advise you to withhold intimacy until you reach the higher level of allowance… this will ensure you do not stay stuck in the 1k range

  84. Flo Rida says:

    Good luck Aquarius, that’s fantastic news. I have a question, if a SD suggests a small arrangement first say $1k for limited ‘interaction’ stepping up to $5k for more frequent (and intimate) interaction – would you believe him? SD is nice, maybe not my type but he’s fun and charming in a gentlemanly sort of way? I don’t think i’ve got much to lose but equally don’t want to be stuck in the $1k range? Views?

  85. NYC SB says:

    p4p takes a whole other form when we are dealing with a lot of $ugar… if someone was offering $500 each time we met… and we are to meet 4 times a month then why cant he just give me the 2k upfront and call it a day? if he is wealthy it shouldnt bother him that much…

    when we are working with 5k each time we meet then i can see why he would be reluctant to give you 20k up front… it is a LOT of money for anyone… plus he put me at ease by letting me know that i will receive my bare minimum whether or not i see him… so i am willing to test out the waters :)

  86. NYC SB says:

    Usually its good to be honest… I am very upfront about what I am seeking… and in all honesty I wouldnt accept an allowance of less than 5k… not many men can afford that so its in everyones best interest to get it out of the way.

    How has your search been NYC SB?

    Well I am talking to couple of people at the moment. I am looking for that one perfect arrangement where I am well taken care of by one man only. Chemistry is key for me so unless we have that its not going to go anywhere.

  87. Gemini29 says:

    Oooh congrats NYC SB! What a wonderful arrangement, that sounds like the perfect SD (from my perspective at least). Not the p4p part, but the “not around much yet still generous” part :)

    Question for you … do the pot SDs know they are up against other very wealthy pot SDs? How do you girls handle any questions of “so have you talked with any other pot SDs? How has your search been?”

  88. NYC SB says:

    Good Morning Sugar Fam!

    Sorry for going MIA on you this weekend.

    Allow me to re-introduce myself. My name is NYC SB … and NYC is my playground. I stumbled into a mutually beneficial relationship by accident with a man 30 years my senior. He was my first taste of the sugar lifestyle and he spoiled me rotten.

    As the relationship ended I found myself on SA for couple of months now. I have a pot date pretty much every night of the week. Fortunately for me I have a job that takes care of my needs so I can use sugar dating as a spoiling mechanism. This allows me to be choosy… and SDs love a chase (especially the ultra successful ones… nothing easy is usually worth it).

    Let me update you on my weekend:

    I had a pot date with a very handsome Dr from this site who is looking for more of the gf experience. We had a lovely time (although he double booked me and needed to leave to meet someone for dinner… he said its a guy friend… im not buying it). He asked to see me again so hopefully we can arrange something next week.

    My pot from couple of weeks ago contacted me on Saturday and wanted to see me :) After dinner we finalized arrangement details and needless to say I am beyond excited… He is a very very successful man (Billionaire… with a B)… I ended up spending sunday day with him… brunch … spa treatments at the Waldorf and some gym/sauna time… it was quite lovely. The arrangement will be more of a p4p kind of thing because he is rarely around however, should I not see him for a month he will still give me 5k in support. “After all you shouldnt have to be penalized because I dont have the time” – I like him!

    So my dear sugars that is all 😀

  89. photogirl says:

    “Music washes away from the soul the dust of everyday life.” Berthold Auerbach

  90. photogirl says:

    I absolutely agree Gemini. My oldest has been playing the violin for the last six years. She has even tought herself to play the guitar. My middle one played the chello for a year. But unfortunately with the budget cuts in the school system they didn’t think that Orchestra was important enough… so one teacher now handles, Band(the teacher they kept), Orchestra and Chorus.

    There is always music playing in our house :)

    “Music washes away the dust of everyday life” I can’t remember the author, but it has always been a favorite qoute.

  91. Gemini29 says:

    photogirl – that is a really cool story…and its sad how the mothers kept prodding the children away, because music is supposed to be so important for young children. Think of all the young would-be violinists there could be if a mother had let her child listen to the music!

  92. photogirl says:

    Good morning! Hope everyone has a fantastic day!

    Completely off topic, but I had to share something I read this morning…
    It reminded me of what happened yesterday as I walked through the airport after a sugar date. There was a Clarinet and Piano player… the music was beautiful… I stood there in the middle of this atrium, stopped in my tracks. As I looked around, no one seemed to even notice them… such a shame, I however stood there for a few minutes, enjoying the music with a smile on my face, he acknowledged me(the Clarinet player) and I went on my way.

    Something To Think About …Share

    Washington, DC Metro Station on a cold January morning in 2007. The man with a violin played six Bach pieces for about 45 minutes. During that time approx. 2 thousand people went through the station, most of them on their way to work. After 3 minutes a middle aged man noticed there was a musician playing. He slowed his pace and stopped for a few seconds and then hurried to meet his schedule.

    At 4 minutes:
    The violinist received his first dollar: a woman threw the money in the hat and, without stopping, continued to walk.

    At 6 minutes:
    A young man leaned against the wall to listen to him, then looked at his watch and started to walk again.

    At 10 minutes:
    A 3-year old boy stopped but his mother tugged him along hurriedly. The kid stopped to look at the violinist again, but the mother pushed hard and the child continued to walk, turning his head all the time. This action was repeated by several other children. Every parent, without exception, forced their children to move on quickly.

    At 45 minutes:
    The musician played continuously. Only 6 people stopped and listened for a short while. About 20 gave money but continued to walk at their normal pace. The man collected a total of $32.

    At 1 hour:
    He finished playing and silence took over. No one noticed. No one applauded, nor was there any recognition.

    No one knew this, but the violinist was Joshua Bell, one of the greatest musicians in the world. He played one of the most intricate pieces ever written, with a violin worth $3.5 million dollars. Two days before Joshua Bell sold out a theater in Bostonwhere the seats averaged $100.

    This is a true story. Joshua Bell playing incognito in the metro station was organized by the Washington Post as part of a social experiment about perception, taste and people’s priorities. The questions raised: in a common place environment at an inappropriate hour, do we perceive beauty? Do we stop to appreciate it? Do we recognize talent in an unexpected context?

    One possible conclusion reached from this experiment could be this: If we do not have a moment to stop and listen to one of the best musicians in the world, playing some of the finest music ever written, with one of the most beautiful instruments ever made…. How many other things are we missing?

  93. Gemini29 says:

    Mornin sugars! Another beautiful sunny day!

    Yeah, I’m going to go check out the UPS boxes, I checked it out online and anyone can deliver to them, its a proper street addy, AND they’ll send you email alerts when your mail arrives. At some locations they’ll even deliver the mail TO you, (for a fee), but that rocks too.

    Girls (and SD’s) keep this in mind, good way of protecting your privacy and being safe :)

    DesertBunny – That Is horrid! And slightly funny at the same time. Did you know he was married beforehand, or was the whole “wife” part a complete shock? What an awkward situation, of all the restaurants (and tables!) for her party to choose…

  94. oh yes and to Add with your e-mail when you sign up put you address you had from elemetry school. and the Secondary one also its not necessary for them to have your Correct address! me personally youd be looking all over from virginia to ohio- germany .

    I have even a different addy on my liscence and I have an I.d with yet another on there, I feel as if only the people who Register my tags send me the yearly stickers need to know where to send them!!
    okyall I gotta take care of some biz!!

  95. Gina Z buy a Boost phone you can put any Address in on line!
    ok so My plan is 50 a month no matter What! I have Walkie /talkie/web/text/talk I can talk all day till the battery go Dead and its 50$
    go to Boost mobile dot to check out the phones you can order!

    Also I got a po.box at ups*brown* simply because I rather not anyone have my info!
    also you might Want to try to Change your address with the cellphone folks you currently have I like to use the Address pueblo Colorodo*remember that commercial? if And have them turn off your paper bill! no paper trail with out paper!!

  96. Happy Lurker says:

    Hi Vixen and Aquarius,
    Yes, Sweet Will as he was called in his days over 600 years ago had been a perfect SD, very generous and discreet.
    Shakespeare was so discreet that up till now we can only guess who she was, his SB. For this reason his SB is refered to as the Dark Lady.
    It is nice to have a small poets corner on SA next to the foodwhore bar.

  97. AoifeUKSB *349207* says:

    Hi Ash,

    Yes I juszt finished but in the UK you need an additional 2 year apprenticeship (called a training contract) to fully qualify. i understand its different in the states.

    So how are you finding law school and any fave areas yet?

    if you’d like to discuss anything feel free to send me a message through my profile No: 349207 and i will send you my e-mail address or send me your e-mail address, whichever you’re most comfortable with.

    Have a good day all

  98. ~Aquarius1986~ says:

    yes I’m off to bed too *yawn* g’night!

  99. ~Aquarius1986~ says:

    really? why is she mad? I wasn’t trying to offend anyone…hey it turns out that the creepy dude was an ex BF of mine! don’t worry about that he won’t get over me it’s really annoying!

  100. ~Aquarius1986~ says:

    possibly….he needs to keep this on the DL unless we were married ! That would be funny though because he has as many kids as me and getting together I would feel a lot like the brady bunch

  101. Vixen says:

    Nighty nighty to everyone..5 am here..im off

  102. Vixen says:

    Vixentreat??? haha i had no idea that was you..i could care less about the vixen name..umm u sound completely different than yesterday..don’t worry i’m known to hit back when i feel attacked, blog or not.
    You might want to get on OCsugarbabe’s good side

  103. ~Aquarius1986~ says:


  104. Vixen says:

    you’re a spicer upper! no wonder the man appreciate you..it sounds like you may have more than just a traditional sugar arrangement going..hmm dare i say GF/BF

  105. ~Aquarius1986~ says:

    I guess there really is someone out there for everyone! It’s a good thing he doesn’t read the blog either! sheesh I was a wreck yesterday!! lol…and the day before! Sorry about using the vixen name I had no idea you were a regular here or that was the name you used…it won’t happen again! anyway, just remember that even though you need to keep your ‘decorum’ remember to keep yourself as well…it is a girl that knows who she is that gets what she wants!!

  106. ~Aquarius1986~ says:

    It did shock me very much….I told everyone here on this blog the kind of person I was…I couldn’t keep my mouth shut apparently! I didn’t act any differently with him…I remained true to myself…thats why he’s so into me…it’s not like the life he lives on his normal day to day…

  107. ~Aquarius1986~ says:

    Nobody here? Well it’s 2 am here in the rainy state in the great northwest about time for me to pass out! Goodnight everybody! sweet dreams and goodluck finding your perfect SD/SB!!

  108. Vixen says:

    I have to admit, I’d be shocked if my SD asked me to marry him, even jokingly.

  109. Vixen says:

    I hear ya completely. Well at least you have the good fortune to have found what seems to be a remarkable SD. Whatever you’re doing, feel free to give the rest of us tips! Seriously though, hope the sugar love continues for ya.

  110. ~Aquarius1986~ says:

    sorry about the name confusion…I think I like this one the better :)

  111. ~Aquarius1986~ says:

    Vixen you still here?

  112. ~Aquarius1986~ says:

    I need to know a man longer than that to marry him no matter how much money he makes or how good the chemistry is!! lol….I just have to know it’s not going to fade in order to be married! like I was saying yesterday…I take vows VERY seriously!

  113. ~Aquarius1986~ says:

    well I think he was joking…but I really wasn’t sure…? he might have been serious though because after he brought it up and I kind of giggled like, “you’re joking right?”…he didn’t seem to be…he just kept looking at me half expecting an answer!

  114. ~Aquarius1986~ says:

    (previously sssssshhhhhhugarbaby) ha ha happy lurker nice one…I couldn’t have put it better myself!

  115. Vixen says:

    Shhugarbaby-Marriage??? wow congratulations..did you say yes? I’m guessing you did

  116. Ssssshhhhhugarbaby says:

    I told you I would be back and here I am :) you can’t break my spirit tonight! My SD told me I was the girl of his dreams! LOL he asked me to marry him :) wow talk about dreams coming true….It’s nice to feel like a princess! It feels out of this world to experience romance that sweeps you off of your feet! but enough of that! how is everyone tonight?

  117. Vixen says:

    Shakespeare was the best sugardaddy of them all!

  118. Ssssshhhhhugarbaby says:

    Ok so I am floating on clouds tonight!! My SD is such a gentleman and so sweet! he is a perfect match because he is busy with his worklife which leaves me with the freedom I love but when we do get together the chemistry is off the hook! *whew* I didn’t know this would happen so fast since everyone talks about it like you have to wait forever…but good things take time and great things happen all at once!! I’m so happy!!

  119. Happy Lurker says:

    When my SB says she is made of truth
    I don’t believe her, for she lies
    That she might think me some untutored blogger
    Unlearned in Sugar World’s false phantasies
    Thus vainly thinking she is not after money or gifts
    Of which she knows I am very generous with
    Simply I smile for her false speaking tongue
    On her side is simple truth suppressed.
    But wherefore says she not she is unjust ?
    And wherefore say not I that I am too old to be conned ?
    Oh, that sugar best habit is in seeming trust
    And SBs in sugarland love not to have truth told.
    Therefore I lie with her and she lies to me,
    And in our faults by lies we flattered be.

  120. ginaZ says:

    Thanks Suga, I’ll check it out when I have some extra cash on hand. Night DesertBunny sleep beckons;)

    OK…really got to go this time!

  121. SugaCaneBby says:

    GinaZ: Try Tracfone. I got a phone and 60 units (about an hr) of airtime from them for 30 bucks back when I was negotiating with a sleaze and trusted myself not to give out my contracted number. Good thinking because he flaked. *shrug*

    I googled my phone number and email and nothing comes up…not for free anyway. I have a number from a different locale though and it’ll probably be that way until I settle in where I plan to take up residency for schooling.

    I myself am looking into Google Voice. That was mentioned awhile back and I like that idea. :)

  122. ginaZ says:

    DesertBunny yikes! awkward is right. i was about to fade but wanted to say goodnight as well. I do have a couple of those awkward stories to share soon though. The many pitfalls of a married SD.


  123. ginaZ says:

    One can never be too cautious! Plus I’m a mom. One never knows. But always trust your gut, and pay attention to the red flags. When I was younger I would put myself in situations but there’s always a loose canon thrown in.

    Does anyone know a good deal on the pay as you go phones?

    Time to say nighty night. Sweet dreams Gemini 29!

  124. DesertBunny says:

    Speaking of awkward situations…

    I once met a pot SD for dinner at a very swanky restuarant in a major city with hundreds of swanky restuarants to choose from. After dining, we moved to the lounge area to continue our conversation. We were getting along very well and having a lovey time. Suddenly, mid sentence, he turns totally pale and without explanation he stands and walks off. Of course, I sat patiently like everything was fine and even had a brief verbal exchange with the small group of women that the hostess had just seated next to our table. Several minutes pass and the hostess notifies me that my date would like to speak with me outside. Long story short… the woman sitting next to me was his wife. Needless to say… the date ended there. Awkward!!!!

    Has anyone else ever been in a similar situation?

  125. Gemini29 says:

    GinaZ – I’m a bit lucky in that regard, I did google my cell phone, and it shows a different part of the state than where I live, which is cool. I’m like you though, very hesitant to give out any real “trackable” information out to a pot SD before I get to know them.

  126. Gemini29 says:

    Photogirl – great thanks! that wouldn’t be too bad, but things are super tight right now. anyway just something to keep in mind for the future. I’m just trying to keep my real life as far awaaaay from my sugar life as humanly possible.

  127. ginaZ says:

    Gemini, yes privacy/safety is so important. even in dating (Match.com) which is one of the reasons I’m hesitant to give out my full name (or even email address or phone number) it can trace back to your home address. I think once you know someone, or feel secure, that’s fine.

    I have a P.O box, and a secondary email address. but just to be safe put your number or email onto google search and see what comes up, you’ll be surprised. I found my address. My REAL address. Yikes!

    I need to get a different cell phone as well, a temporary number if I intend to continue my search. Because my cell brings up my personal info right away.

  128. photogirl says:

    Gemini – The P.O. Box is rather in-expensive. I believe mine is about $40 a year.

  129. Gemini29 says:

    Hi GinaZ!

    Yeah, that just screams red flag danger factor to me. I’ve never even had match.com type dates pick me up at my house… if I haven’t known you FOREVER, you don’t get to learn where I live. And if I don’t know you rather insanely well, I won’t get into a car with you either. I view sugar dating no differently, and in fact, am trying to figure out ways to shield my private life even more from my sugar life. Anyone know anything about P.O. Boxes or UPS p.o. boxes so my pot SDs can send me things without knowing my home addy? I’m going to go look tomorrow, see how expensive they are…sucks is that I know I can’t afford it anyway right now, but I might as well check.

  130. ginaZ says:

    Oh and the advice Gemini gave Angeldoll is right on. Don’t place yourself in a potentially awkward or dangerous situation.

  131. ginaZ says:

    Just poppin in…

    Kat you’ve got mail!

    Hi Gemini!

  132. Gemini29 says:

    AngelDoll – I would not have him pick you up, that places you in a situation where you COULD be in a lot of danger, not to mention he also will know where you live then. Is there a way for him to pay for a taxi to pick you up, take you to dinner, and take you back home?

    dcreplay- welcome to the blog! and yes, this blog will do that to you! I was amazed when I first stumbled upon it that none of the SBs were catty…and that they were actually all incredibly talented, smart, intelligent and level-headed women! I was shocked, here were tons of women who broke the usual SB mold that I had in my head. So whether you join or not, enjoy lurking and reading and asking questions!

  133. dcreplay says:

    I have been lurking for a couple of days, but I have to say that the SBs that blog here are an amazing group of women. Instead of being catty and trying to sabatoge the efforts of others, it seems that a tight knit community has been established to keep everyone safe, informed and entertained. I’m still waffling on whether I want to pursue a sugar relationship, but the more I read on here, the more I’m leaning towards it. Thank you!!!

  134. SE I placed that book on hold well the audio file anyway! thanks for the Help I tell ya hanging around with you guys gonna have me a bad mamma-jamma, just as fine as I can be ya hoo! maybe yall dont know that song!
    anyway I am super excited I get my hair done tomorrow and get all ready for whatever, think I might go to the Muesem, may find one out in the open

  135. angel doll you feel comfortable with that? have you done your Checks and all? out in public place?? he is talking the Right talk to you??

  136. ohh Duhh Sweety I am Slow at times!! I gotcha!! OK I got it !!

  137. Sweety
    I though you were a lady I am sorry and Quite honestly I lost mine to stupidity, to an Ex lol Either way WE learned not to do it again!!

    Marie for real you will I do it I may be crazy but to Say it a loud helps
    YEs shark tank thats my Show!!

  138. MarieSB says:

    SincereSD- Thank you so much for responding! I found what you had to say very helpful and I don’t feel as nervous. I have a dinner this Saturday and I will be practicing all week so that I feel confident and prepared! Thank you again!

    Katrina- Thank you as well! I think I’ll still be nervous but I will practice saying it in the mirror and just get used to saying it lol

    I am watching shark tank….anyone seen that? I don’t have cable haha

  139. Sweety SB~ AKA BG says:

    Katrina~ i didn’t loose it to stupidity i lost it to the wife! lol

  140. Yeah OC We want a full Report on how this Purple room turend out too!
    cant believe I forgot!

  141. well Sweety sb its all good the Wisdom to failer rate is surley going to Swing in your Favor Soon,
    heck I lost a car to Stupidity once too!

  142. lol I am Glad too
    your IM on?

  143. AngelDoll says:

    ok he wants to pick me up for the first date since i cant drive yet what do i do? bring a friend? or what?

  144. Sweety SB~ AKA BG says:

    SE~ I do have an interview this week for a 2$ an hour job lol, Hope I get it, for the experience you know

  145. photogirl says:

    No burnt popcorn this time!!!

  146. your welcom Photo… popcorn!!

  147. Sweety SB~ AKA BG says:

    Katrina~ I had Chemistry with my old SD, The only time he came to my house was when he got me a car, but sadly the car and SD are gone :(

  148. hello SE thanks for a book idea, I will look for it tomorrow morning!

    thanks Suga and Sweety sb
    Usally I wouldnt Ever let anyone into my inner space like that but he Was a friend already and just kinda became Sd by oops!
    i just wondered I usally never have that same problem with anyone!
    funny what Chemestry can do to you!

  149. Sweety SB~ AKA BG says:

    SE~ yeah I know , but not in what I’m taking….And, I’m from Canada! that doesn’t always work!!! Hey, I’d be willing to work for nothing , like an internship or something but….

  150. SuthrnExec says:

    Sweety, in reality there are a lot of jobs out there – I work with folks that are out of work to help them in their job search and there are jobs available. The search technique just has to be tweaked a bit. Actually, you’re in a pretty good position right now because in some cases, employers are more eager to take on less experienced employees (read less expensive) right now.

  151. Sweety SB~ AKA BG says:

    SE~ lol you are too funny! ( the cat thing) yeah your economy is hard right now, so many people laid off and out of work! but not in all states from what “They” say! I’m still trying to finish everything here! it’s hard since I don’t have experience to get work, now I need to take another course at school…. Pfffttt! why did I take the whole course if now I need to take another one… Fucked if I know!

  152. SuthrnExec says:

    No problem Sweety – good to see you. I’ve been great – work is consuming most of my time – busier than a one-eyed cat watchin two mouse holes! But in this economy, I feel very fortunate.

  153. Sweety SB~ AKA BG says:

    SE~ it’s gonna be Sweety from now on, the whole stalker thing!!! but i’m back!

  154. SuthrnExec says:

    Howdy BG (Sweety)! Good to see you again!

  155. Sweety SB~ AKA BG says:

    SE~ Your back!!! hey how you been?

  156. Sweety SB~ AKA BG says:

    Katrina~ I had an SD for 15 years or so… He was married and it was on a part time basis. We were really good friends but we kept are personal lives separate! He didn’t come to my house, he wasn’t involved with my friends… It was a great part time friendship, I know it’s hard to not get attached, but you have to think of him as a part time partner. A friend with benefits! I did get attached to him, it wasn’t hard to let him go home to his wife because it was understood that we were part time. To me it’s clear, maybe i’m not meant to be a GF and only an SB lol
    Looking for a new SD now, and it’s hard. Most men on here think it’s all about sex, but it’s so much more than that.

  157. SugaCaneBby says:

    Hmmm, I just updated it so you might not see the revised version until tomorrow.

    Katrina, it’s kind of hard to keep the line from blurring for something that lasts that long, especially if you’re intimant. I would say that if they’re with you for that length of time, than perhaps they’ve somewhat developed an attatchment as well?

  158. photogirl says:

    Katrina and Sweetred – Thanks ladies 😉

  159. SuthrnExec says:

    Best book on negotiation: “Getting to Yes: Negotiating Agreement Without Giving In” – an oldie but a goodie.

  160. photogirl says:

    Good evening everyone!

    Gemini – I would have never guessed that about you! Now I feel better :)
    I feel more comfortable chatting online for a bit prior to talking on the phone.

    Sincere – great advice!

    OC – Did you finish your room?

  161. SugaCaneBby says:

    Okay…*sighs* I have updated my profile. I just uploaded two new pics in place of the old ones I had so they’re not displayed yet (they’ll probably get changed again once I get around to doing my hair and make-up and taking new photos next week). So I’m putting myself out there for critique…*drumrolls* Profile # is 353866. Thanks in advance, sugars!

  162. I have a Question has anyone had a SD/SB for more that 5-8 years?
    how do you keep the line from blurring? I would imagine that you pretty well know eachother, how do you not develope feelings? what to do if you have feelings?
    I had a Sd before not till recently I though of him in this light and I think for 3/4 years and I tell ya I had a tuff time watching him go home to his family, he got attached to my little one and I really think I musta loved this man.
    anyone have any view on it?

  163. Marie also I find it a little easier to weed ou in E-mail.. not talking $ but at least get a feel if he has an Idea what an Arrangement is. Give him a Question he has to adress.. What brings you to this type of an arrangement/ what are you now looking for in your arrangment.
    he hes a Spoofdaddy he wont respond! you will find your Sugargame girl!
    dont worry! and yeah loan a book from the liabrary on Negotiation I have that on my list tomorrow, read while I do the treadmill

  164. Sweety SB~ AKA BG says:

    Nico~ I’ve been good! glad the business is finally happening for you YAY for nico!

  165. Nico says:

    ah haaaa…..yes :) THANK you…got it 😀 How you beeeen?

  166. Sweety SB~ AKA BG says:

    Nico~ I have a dog too, a Jack Russell

  167. Sweety SB says:

    Nico~ initials BG ?!?!?!

  168. GLPlayground says:

    @SincereSD – Awesome post! Very useful

  169. Nico says:

    OMG….lol…you do go way back 😉 – not asking you to give away your identity but give me a hint….The puppy is like almost 7 months now 😉 He’s great though….smelling the carpet now as if there was food hiding in it somewhere :)

    New job is great….it’s official now…I am on at the firm full time. Starting up a new business too. Writing the business plan and am forging ahead. Life is amazing and am very happy…THANK YOU :)

  170. sincereSD good post I found it useful.
    Marie I promise, get the book its filled with helpful advice. also if you re-read the Archives a many sb have that disscusion on diffrent levels and such and out of that Take a note.
    get used to saying it out loud say it to yourself in the mirror.
    if you appear to be shakey you may be dissapointed, but you know What you want and Mr. should be able to provide XX XXX what ever you have in your head, if hes not giving you good feed back you wont hang around to be dissapointed
    I promise if you will re- read some of the post you will hear all kind of Excuses and Red flags to look out for in a Pot SD!!

  171. Ash 347450 says:

    hey AoifeUKSB *349207 did you just finish law school?

  172. Sweety SB says:

    Nico~ yes, a lot of new Bloggers on here! I’m back but with a new name!
    How’s the puppy? and how’s the new job?

  173. Nico says:

    Hola sweety….been great! Thank you :) Have a different job now and no freedom to blog during the day. I will admit to having been lurking for a long time…just so many new faces :) Thank you for asking.

  174. NJLady says:

    Nico and GLPlayGround,
    Thank you both, he hasn’t even written back, but I still need to know this…he wrote he travels so we shall see….and I’ll make sure, when we communicate, that I ask about the arrangement….to much for one night…going to have my chamomile tea and get some rest….school starts tomorrow night..

    Have a good evening SB’s

  175. SincereSD says:


    here’s a blog post I made last year that you may find useful. You may want to review previous blogs as there’s a lot of good info.

    Question – “It seems any guy can say they’re willing to shell out 5-20k a month for an “allowance” but how do you know if he’s for real or just using it as bait?”

    You will have to learn to look for the telltale signs and ask turnabout questions about his lifestyle to validate. Be careful how you ask; there are ways to tell but they are not always accurate. For example, you can ask lifestyle questions … what kind of car(s) he owns, what his hobbies are, which sports clubs belongs to, or more direct questions … how much taxes he pays, what his stock portfolio returns (and what he’s invested in), why he’s a SD (and how he can afford to be one), etc.

    Not to sound like a wet mop but there are very few SD that can afford this type of assistance and most likely he will be married (and be very clever to hide this amount of money from his spouse). Look at US census data to get an idea … 1.17% of US population earned $250,000 or more; 5% of people earned more than $166,000, and of that, 85% were married. Remember allowances are paid in after-tax dollars so the SD would have to make about double that money (and be willing to spend it) on an after-tax basis. $5,000/mo allowance translates to $120,000 of yearly after-tax earnings that the SD can spend after his financial obligations.

    Question – “How do the rest of you bring up the financial part?”
    Easiest question you asked so far. You can ask directly or walk the potential SD into the answer. Start with “what are your expectations for a SB relationship” (frequency of meeting, schedule, activities, etc) and follow-up with what benefits he is providing. You can also state your expectations directly (a range) or indirectly by stating you have to cover your expenses like rent, car and loan payments, insurance, bills, etc. but only make X. The more SD you talk to, the more comfortable you will be in bringing up this topic … especially if you’re not that interested in the person, go on too many unproductive dates or need to weed out the time wasters. Personally I like to discuss this in person but if pushed on the topic, I will provide a soft answer that will provide a good indication and say we will discuss in person as it depends on the specifics of the relationship.

    BTW, thanks for your feedback. I hope your post helps other SD understand what women go through to prepare for a date.

  176. Gemini29 says:

    SugaCaneBby – Hey I have the same problem (not as extreme, I don’t get panic attacks) but I normally stare at the phone, put it off for hours (if not days), anything to avoid calling a stranger. I used to be far worse, now I’m better, but cold calling someone? eucgh. Which makes this whole SD thing a bit harder, I’ve gotten a lot of guys who just want to immediately start to chat things up, and that is not my style at all. Good to know I’m not alone in that! O:-)

  177. ok yall Iam back anyways
    Oc no not today I got something cooking though!! I dunno what his deal is Quite yet but I will know shortly!

  178. Sweety SB says:

    Nico~ nice to see you on the blog again!!! how you been?

  179. SincereSD says:

    MarieSB says: ****Still looking for advice on the whole financial convo…what do you guys say when asked what your looking for financially. Do you throw out a number or leave it up to them????

    Welcome Marie. Here are my comments; hope you find them useful. There are no hard and fast rules as it depends on what the SD has for disposal income.

    1. Check his profile – is there a number listed?
    2. Ask indirectly – if he had a SB before, ask what the arrangement was
    3. Time and allowance are usually the main variables
    4. Know what you want or need – prepare a budget; what are your expenses and debt (be thorough in your assessment)? That can be the basis for determining what you need. If you don’t have a number in mind, the pot SD will have the upper hand and may lowball.
    5. Justifying your requirement – see #4 above
    6. If he offers you job as a personal assistant, remember you will be responsible for taxes.
    7. Buy a book on negotiation
    8. Practise – negotiate with a friend by pretending you are negotiating for a raise or rehearse by recording yourself on computer.

    Good luck and be reasonable with your expectations.

  180. SugaCaneBby says:

    Gemini- Yes, I suffer from panic attacks regarding my phone anxiety (it sounds ridiculous and most people don’t believe me when I tell them but it is by no stretch of the imagination a rare condition. GOOGLE!!!). I’m a little better about it now, but I don’t believe I can ever just cold call a Pot SD…obviously they would be trying to put me on the spot as far as wit and being engaging, but nooooooo I can’t do that over a phone. I can’t guage the other person’s reactions and play off of them. How unfair. *pouts*

  181. Sweety SB says:

    OC~ I changed the name because of a stalker that Has been reading the blog, and since I had put my email on the blog a way back, he’s mailing and being nasty!

    Notice to All on the blog – don’t post your email address!!! Just ask Stephan to do the exchange!

  182. Sweety SB says:

    Name change courtesy of OC, i’m BG lol

  183. Gemini29 says:

    Hello sugars! Gorgeous sunny day all day long….and I have the sunburns to prove it! I will be hitting the aloe vera hardcore because I have a pot SD date this week and need these burns to fade quickly! oops!

    SugarCaneBby – YES! I’m so glad to hear that I’m not the only girl out there who does NOT like calling up strangers or having them call up me. I haaate being on the phone, prefer to do it only after I’ve emailed the person a bunch of times, I get a better handle on their personality through emailing rather than talking.

    How was the rest of ya’lls day? Any sugar dates planned for this upcoming week?

  184. SugaCaneBby says:

    Hm…maybe I lied about my alter-ego. I just realized that their are a lot of my personal interests that I censor or neglect to mention because they’re not mainstream in society. Also, since I’ll most likely end up with someone a generation or two my senior, there are just some things they won’t agree with from an aesthetic or “moral” standpoint. *shrug* C’est la Vie.

  185. GLPlayground says:

    @NJLady – It all depends on the arrangements. Be it far or near so as long as you two meet up more often, I don’t think it should be an issue. But it’s always safer to discuss things upfront before meeting up or anything else.

  186. Nico says:

    NJ…perhaps he travels to your area for business regularly…but the only way to really know is ask 😀

  187. NJLady says:

    Someone is bring me good luck. Another guy addes me to his favorite. This SD wrote about his interest more than the other SD. Except for one thing….He lives in Calgary, Alberta Canada….What does that work out when a SD lives so far away?

  188. MarieSB says:

    Thank you Nico!

  189. Jessi says:

    Have a wonderful evening, everyone.

  190. Nico says:

    Marie ~ you will get a wide variety of responses and regardless of ‘how’ the topic is brought up, you should go into it knowing your stance or hopes….what is your number? What is your desire in terms of time investment? Will you travel to him generally or will he be travelling to you. Too many variables to have a ‘standard’; however, if you know what you desire then use that as your guide.

    While I must be clear, this is not a sex for cash situation, you must also be clear to not blur the boundaries of the arrangement. By that I mean, establish a relationship with him sans sex and sans ‘allowance’ first. Over the phone and a couple of dates etc.

    There used to be a gentleman on this site named Gordon. He would meet his lady for an initial date and then if a second meeeting was in the cards (usually the very next day) they would meet and discuss the allowance part.

    Good luck 😀

  191. MarieSB says:

    AngelDoll- I get nervous every single time I meet a new pot SD. In fact I have to call one this evening and I am dreading it only because I don’t know what to say! There is nothing that can be said to help stop the nerves…best advice I can give is just make sure your dressed to impress when you meet them and SMILE. Do a lot of smiling…not over kill clown style smiling though LOL! Let us know how it goes!!!

    ****Still looking for advice on the whole financial convo…what do you guys say when asked what your looking for financially. Do you throw out a number or leave it up to them????

  192. AoifeUKSB *349207* says:

    OC- you’re too kind – thanks for responding!

    Will do some profile fine tuning tomorrow

  193. Vixen says:

    AngelDoll-As long as you know what you stand for, the rest usually works itself out, like Nico said: breathe

  194. AngelDoll says:

    oh god i didnt even think of that yet oh no what do i say T.T yall are making me nervouse *breaths* i just gotta relax and go for it if its meant to be its meant to be and if its not then ill make it ^-^

  195. Jessi says:

    Welcome all new SBs and SDs. It’s good to have you with us.

    bob: Interesting point of view. I agree, mostly. What comes to mind immediately when thinking of how escorting differs from the sugar dynamic is that w/sugars, there is time where the couple gets to know one another and become friends. There seems to be a personal investment in addition to the arrangement. Escorting is more of a transaction- a service, rather than an arrangement.

    I like your grounded views and openness about them. And thanks for the encouragement. I need that. :)

  196. MarieSB says:

    You know what else makes me nervous? The financial conversation….what do you ladies say? I go blank and freeze up haha

  197. NJLady says:

    Good Evening Everyone….Tuesday I will be a week old SB….I did sign up about a month ago but canceled, got rejected, picked myself back up, now I’m back giving it another try. Being on the blog helps alot, reading the other blogs and talking or writing I should say, to the other SB’s and to the SD to get advice. A friend of suggest something like this to once before but I ingored it. Then I saw the famous 20/20 special on SA and thought I check it out. It’s not like the “other” dating service out there. Writing my profile was difficult. I did get help The LoneGunMan, so I rewrote it. Then I re-wrote it again. I wanted it to sound coming from the heart…you know…I wanted the SD’s in some way see me coming through….if that makes sense.

    Does it take Courage to be a SB?…..It takes courage, I found out, to be or do anything in this world. It took courage for me to step out on faith to give acting a try. There’s no difference with this. You have be careful no matter what you decide to do. My expectation? Let me tell you someting….I was on another dating site, very popular one. Went out for a first time meeting a “coffee date”, with him in the city. We were both actors so we that in common….Most of the time he spent talking about his ex wife, what she did, she left him for someone who had….more money! Anyway, I had ordered a small cup of tea and was waiting on line for him….he had the nerve say “I’ll get that”…No kidding you’ll get that! It’s a cup of tea! Needless to say, I never called him again. Then another guy I was talking to for 8 months….Never saw him, never went out on a coffee date, simply talked for all those months. I thought, alright mabe we’re not suppose to see each other, I did enjoy talking to him….The strange thing is, everything I suggest we go out I always heard an excuse. His family comes first, money, the job….blah, blah blah…What was getting out of that…Nothing! So what I want is to experience a life like I never had. I want…..someone else to carry the my ball, I’m tired. I want to go out to nice resturants, travel, have my SD be there. Yes we have our own lives, that’s why I glad I have my career and school, he might even help me pursue my career….But I just want to feel good about, for once, having someone in my life just to hold me. I read one of the SD’s blogs….He said he’s a mentor to his SB’s. If my SD is into fine wines, art or cooking which I love, I would gladly welcome someone who would mentor me. There’s alot that I don’t know and would appreciate learning…Isn’t that what life is about? I’m not looking for marriage. I’m looking to start enjoying my life.

    People wrote in commenting on SA. I believe someone made a good point…..If I were married, say to someone who told me, “I don’t want you to work, stay home work on your career, I’ll take care of you” A man is still paying the your bills, giving you spending money, buying you expesive gifts, taking you on beautiful vacations, you’re giving him lovin at night …..so who’s the W….? I hate to use that word, but it’s the truth! We’re bright, intellegent SB’s, we have our own lives, career, jobs, etc….We simply need assistance and want to treated good. Whew! See what you people are doing to me….I’m learning the SB ropes!!

    In conculsion, (finally)….lol…..No ego here….nothing sets me apart from other SB’s…We’re all in this together.

    I need to take a break after that.

  198. Jessi says:

    ***Care to (re)introduce yourself to the sugar blog? How did you find out about SA? What are you seeking here?

    :) Hello Sugars,

    I am a student, animal lover, foodie and all around great girl.
    Even though my typing skills are mediocre at best, I have been described as caring, witty, intelligent, sexy and funny.

    I discovered SA through a CL ad the company posted and what I’m looking for is a great, long lasting arrangement w/a trustworthy and kind gentleman willing to mentor me in addition to the generous support, gifts and travel.

    ***Does it take courage to be a sugar baby or sugar daddy (being honest about your expectations, not settling for less)?

    I would say it takes courage to withstand the judging eyes of outsiders who lack understanding of the SD/SB dynamic (not that I have great insight, as I am relatively new to this and have not had an SD yet). Rejection can also take its toll if you are sensitive or do not have proper support or coping mechanisms.

    I have no problem being honest about my expectations. In fact, I’d rather get the particulars out of the way first so that I could have fun and enjoy the arrangement. There is room for negotiation, but there are limits.

    ***Do you have a sugar-alter-ego? What sets you apart from all the other sugars out there?

    The people I have known have found me to be transparent. That is, I am honest, straightforward and genuine. I am what I am. In my dreams, however, I am a rock star (except no drugs or other yucky stuff).

    I don’t know any SBs, so I would not know how I differ from them. I’d rather look at our similarities instead, anyway. Still, we are all unique. Perhaps one unusual characteristic would be that I have the capacity to generate love for people that have wronged me (not easy, but do-able)……. and I can make kick-ass natural and organic chocolate-chocolate chip cookies!

  199. AngelDoll says:

    ty nico im just a nervouse nelly i guess it really helps knowing there are ppl to talk to ty

  200. Nico says:

    LOL….AngelDoll….uhm, make the arrangements 😉 Just not at the same time 😉 Oh, and breath 😀

  201. AngelDoll says:

    oh i just got very nervouse two guy want to meet me what do i say? what do i do? *panic**panic* what should i doooo!?!? please give advice it will help my anxiety

  202. SugaCaneBby says:

    Kat- I would maybe switch your first and third picks and make sure to watch your punctuation and spelling. Just a few tweaks I’d suggest.

    Speaking of tweaking, I need to put this day to use and update my profile. Didn’t get to it yesterday because my roommate decided he wanted to shave his head and needed help…lol. Back to looking at the thousands of mediocre pics I have of myself. When I have enough money, I’d love to get into alternative modeling. Too many people tell me I should do it so I might as well make it work for me. Need a good camera first. Can’t do much outside of headshots with a point and shoot.

  203. ginaZ says:

    g i a s w i s h at the y place Kat, I’ll take a look see 😉

  204. thanks gina I may have to Send it to you I dont know if its up right away

  205. ginaZ says:

    Just popped in…

    Hi Kat, OC, Marie, Suga, lurkers…

    OC you’ve got mail 😉

    Off to swim, my daily workout. SD’s take note, I’m bikini ready just in case!
    Kat happy to help/take a look at your profile… I’ll be back soon!

  206. fell of the Watermelon truck/born at night not last night. My grandma used to say that stuff
    Suga would you look at my profile I updated it a bit so now I am hoping to convey What I want..
    Hey MR.Bob hows about you look at it too please!!

  207. SugaCaneBby says:

    You were to the point, Katrina. The guy I was talking to vanished off the face of the earth once he realized I knew what I was talking about and what I wanted and was not going to level with him and hint at the possibility of intimancy within 3 emails like he wanted me to…silly human. Kinda agitates me that he was like, “What are you looking for?” like it isn’t spelled out in my profile and the overall purpose of the site. Sheesh.

    I look young, but I’m not naiive. Seriously.

  208. bob says:

    i have had several sugar babies over the years…

    i do a lot of traveling for business, usually a few months in one location at a time.

    the land of “sugar” is an interesting study in the psychology of modern americans. things that would be downright “horrible” for some to do for a day (call girl / escort) somehow become ok if done for a month or more.

    i have asked that question a few times at the end of an arrangement… i mostly got the same answer. NO WAY would i do that…
    ok.. sure….. what did we just do for 2 months…

    anyways, advise for new babies: the two that got it right impressed me the most and learned the most about life. throw the “morals” that society tries to cram down our throat away, and live life how you want it. don’t be afraid to go out and get what you want.

    most of your adult lives are spent in a form of “prostitution.”
    business owners and especially the government use you as employees/tax payers for their own benefit, very very rarely having your best interest at heart. look out for yourself first.

    now go out there and ditch the public’s labels and find a SD.
    maybe me :)

  209. ok so his Response was here is my e-mail and I will be at the bowling alley at 8pm.. I dont mind the bowling Im not any good but ya think hes wanting a P4P or is comfused…. Was I not To the point Succint? is that Confusing as to What I am looking for? what do yall think

  210. ok so his Response was here is my e-mail and I will be at the bowling alley at 8pm.. I dont mind the bowling Im not any good but ya think hes wanting a P4P or is comfused…. Was I not To the point Succint? is that Confusing as to What I am looking for?

  211. so i ran into some one out in open water … I had Re-essayed myself and I was pretty frank that I wanted a Sugar daddy not a Date, how did I put it oh here it is>>>>>>> am intrested in a Mutually benefical Relationship, a sugar daddy , Seeking an Arrangment! Sorry to be so blunt but I am not intrested in the Game playing the lying and the drama that a conventional Relationship tends to include, I want someone Who would like a nice lady to pay attention to and a woman to treat him Decently, Iam not a mean, nasty,Violent or munlipulitve lady, I do just fine by myself but if you can Deal with a sugar relationship please contact me.

  212. what suga you nervous on the phone??
    yes it was Gina z who i was speaking about
    but Suga you know I want you input That at this point should go unsaid. we all have a person in here that I assume would be a good partner in crime and I think you my ace !!!! heheh and
    Ash you my joker girl!!!
    but Seriously anybody looked at that thing See if its updated, you will know by it is much more Detailed now more than 50 words lol! I am not the Writer I am a Talker!!

  213. MarieSB says:

    LOL I agree I get too nervous on the phone with things like this. I guess I’ll send him a text and see where it goes!

  214. SugaCaneBby says:

    Marie: If I were you, I’d text him but that’s because I have anxiety about calling strangers on the telephone…not a phone convo person unless the person who wants me to call has something to say because I NEVER do. Only person I can call of my own authority and talk to with no lulls is my best friend.

  215. SugaCaneBby says:

    I’m the writer. O_o

    You have to be a premium member to see who’s viewed your profile and such, huh?

  216. MarieSB says:

    So another pot SD wrote me saying he was interested and he included his phone nbr and said to call or txt if I was interested in him. I do like what his profile reads? We both are not into playing games…should I call or txt him?

  217. lisa says:

    Good afternoon everyone!!
    Well I too found it by accident about a year ago.I just started logging in again as last year I was busy with school.
    Now I.m busy working and going to school.So I thought,,”I want to enjoy this time in my life and not be exausted just tring to get through it.
    So to re-introduce myself: Im Lisadawne
    I’m crossing my fingers that a classy mature gentlemen will make life just a little easier:)

  218. Nico says:

    Unfortunately, many times we can assume the person writing us has not taken the time to actually read our profile. While there are many exceptions to that rule, unfortunately it is the reality.

  219. NJLady says:

    Nico…When I read that part I thought the same thing, on my profile it clearly states a few times, nothing Kinky! I’m a one man women only! I’m wondering why he would be interested after that…..Matter of fact when I wrote about the fact we have dining and vacation in common, I said I’m leaving out the part about naught fun…..So we’ll see and I’ll find out about the “type” of arrangement he wants….Talk soon..Thanks again.

  220. Nico says:

    Must be Gina…I write but not for a living.

  221. hey nico is it you or Gina that is the Writer??
    anywhoo I have re done my profile… and lord I already know it is WAYYY diffrent then what I used to have I will Like EVERYBODYS opioion as to tailor it I have pretty thick skin let me knoow.

    also I just did it so I dont know if it is even up just yet
    heres my e-mail if you have Specfic advice Keya 703 at yah
    thankyou all so much I value you all I!

  222. Nico says:

    NJ ~ be careful about a man who advertises the naughty fun. This is usually the obvious pay for play request and not a true SD; however, never judge a book by his cover and should he respond to your e-mail I would point blank ask him what ‘type’ of arrangement he is looking for. Good luck :)

  223. NJLady says:

    Nico…Thank you for the help. He didn’t write to much about his interest, other than he enjoys fine dining, vacation….naughty fun! and he’s looking for a dicreet relationship. I do like you suggest and get back to you…Thanks again.

  224. PR_potSB says:

    Care to (re)introduce yourself to the sugar blog? How did you find out about SA? What are you seeking here?
    Actually by pure accident. I think I was surfing channels when some interview caught my eye. I then searched the internet for more information and found SA. Been here for a couple of months. I live in a Caribbean Island and since I’m not into the bar sccene it can be kind of hard to find anyone to hand/date. On the other side I consider myself a lady (not a stuckup, but a lady anyways) and can’t stand unrespecful people. I was married once and I’ve been a widow for almost 3 years, so I’m not going to lie to myself and think that “loves conquers all”. My grandma likes to say that “when hungers comes through the door, loves jumps out the window”. She got an arranged marriage and made sure she and her kids were taken care of. So, although I’m not looking to get married, I’m looking to get along in life.

    Does it take courage to be a sugar baby or sugar daddy (being honest about your expectations, not settling for less)?
    Doesn’t matter what anyone says, IT DOES TAKES COURAGE. Either you never care being controversial or if it’s the first time you do something as “daring” as this, it takes a bit of courage to decide to come to a site likes this one. Even if no one ever knows what you’re doing. Some need a bit more corurage than others, in my case, I guess it’s all becaues of the cultural background. Lots of latinamerican homes make their daughters grow as if they aren’t married before 30 you’ll never get married at all, and if you look for anything but marriage you’re a ho. OR if you don’t want kids there’s something very wrong with you. So, you got to think about it and admit that although we are living “modern” times, culture always have a bit of influece on the decisions we make.

    Do you have a sugar-alter-ego? What sets you apart from all the other sugars out there?
    Hmmm… other than my site’s nickmane, no, no alter ego. What you read is exactly what you get. I tried to be as honest as possible since that’s the most important factor that separetes this place from the “regular” dating-web sites 😀

  225. Nico says:

    NJ ~ I might say something like, Thank you for adding me to your favorites. I’m curious what about my profile intrigued you? Then perhaps make a comment about his profile confirming that you’ve read and possibly have a common interest :)

    I found many pots add you to favs because they’re too busy or overwhelmed to write an e-mail :)

    Good luck :)

  226. NJLady says:

    Attention all SB’s…Good Afternoon….A SD Added my as a Favorite….I need some advice on what to write.

  227. Dsert bunny thanks going to check on them Right now!!
    thanks Girl

    Hey yall ladies seen and unseen how are you all?
    well I am off to find a hat TTYAL

  228. AoifeUKSB *349207* says:

    Now this is stange: I have someone who viewed me today but his last login date is 3rd Sept 2009??? I don’t think the last login details are very reliable. If anyone would like to shed some light…

    OC – you are right and Ash if you are interested in comparing notes let me know.

    As for my profile, i heard nothing… is it that bad!!

    I have a sense of humour and can take objective criticism…honest :-)

  229. Miz_Red says:

    Being that everyone is now in this blog….im going to re-post what I posted in th’ last one.

    Thanks to any lovelys that can help! :-*

    Ok so im a little late o_O lol.
    I jus’ read those few comments after mine.
    I’d like to jus’ chat with a few SB’s who have a lot of experience with SD/SB relationships. Im semi-new to this whole thing and im having a bit of trouble. Its hard to me to get involved with someone giving th’ circumstances I am in. But that’s part of th’ reason I am seeking a SD. Also, I am *Plus Size*. & I’ve noticed not too many men what/like that. I mean, im gorgeous, lol, I jus’ have some weight on me. Naturally, I am thick. Though after 2 children and a lot of stress & turmoil in my life, I’ve struggled to stay fit.

    I do have some past experience as a SB [2x] but 1 SD took things too far, and th’ other was perfect [we only stopped our involvement bc he moved]. But th’ plus factor in both relationships was neither of them wanted sex. They simply wanted a well rounded woman to spend time with going out, & to talk to about any & every thing. They both just simply wanted a friend outside of they’re usually circle. & that’s what I want! & really, what I need. Bc I feel I am not 100% into having a sexual relationship with someone whom im not committed to. I have a man in my life who I am emotionally attracted too [thou not serious with yet], so naturally, I don’t want to ruin that. Also, I am trying to jump start my career and would love to have someone to help guild me along the way. I need some serious financial help and a loving friend.
    Do most SD’s prefer blonde bombshells?
    Will I find another SD even though I am *plus size*?
    Does every SD want sex?

    I jus’ would like some guidance from SB who’s a pro! Lol!

    xoxo <3- Red

    Pro#: 367023

  230. lori says:

    I just got on SA and I had 4 men view my profile. No messages were left. Am I not to get in contact with them? Are we SB able to send a message to them SD?

  231. ginaZ says:

    Good morning everyone! It’s a Sunday with no sun in So Cal. Care to (re)introduce yourself to the sugar blog?

    Well I did earlier in the thread, unfortunately it’s all in italics (sorry) but I wanted to add that I’ve been apart of SA since mid June. And except for one break I try to participate in the blog when I can. I found the site in a search, and began my quest as of late beginning with EM and quickly discovered this site is the best and most straightforward.

  232. MarieSB says:

    I was reading over the profile and what was in the email and it doesnt make sence. The profile says a single builder and in the email he is a married production company owner? I am going to respond and ask some questions but I feel like it’s a flake! Thank you for the advice OC!

  233. MarieSB says:

    Morning everyone!! I have a question!! I got a message from some pot SD but it wasn’t actually him. It was someone else claiming to represent him? I am not sure how I feel about that…what do you guys think??

    • OCSugarbaby says:

      MarieSB: Ok, I haven’t left yet… Someone who needs representation? Huh? It may have to do with discresion. I would talk to this person and find out more. Why the heck not? Treat it as you would any other Potential that captures your interest. As long as the profile content is accurate and it eventually leads to the REAL SD communicating with you. That is the person you are trying to get to know. Go for it!

  234. BG SB says:

    Care to (re)introduce yourself to the sugar blog? How did you find out about SA? What are you seeking here?
    I’m BG, been on the site and blog for a few months. I found SA through a search. I have had an SD before for a long time before, and wanted to find another relationship that would be as amazing!

    Does it take courage to be a sugar baby?
    I think so, it’s about being yourself

    Do you have a sugar-alter-ego?
    No alter ego, I’m me! Won’t change for anyone!

    What sets you apart from all the other sugars out there?
    I have done this before,,, had an SD for a long, long time.

    How is everyone ???

    • OCSugarbaby says:

      Good Morning Everyone! You are right Gemi, it is a glorious day today. Sunny here in Cali.

      AoifeUKSB: You and Ash are both going down the Law Career path. Might be interesting to connect and have a law friend across the pond!

      BG SB: I liked your old name better. This new one reminds me of a rapper’s name “YO I’m Biggie SB” lol Sorry it makes me think of it every time! You are so sweet you need a blog name to match!

      AliciaJo09: Welcome to the Blog! Lot’s of SB’s in their last year of College on here. I am sure you will find the perfect SD!

      I am off to the Beach to go running with my dog. Have a Fabulous day! ~OC

  235. Nico says:

    Good morning sugars. I haven’t been too participatory in the blog lately but I’ve been watching 😉 I thought I would take a stab at the topic:

    Care to (re)introduce yourself to the sugar blog? How did you find out about SA? What are you seeking here?

    Hello my family. For those of you that haven’t seen me around…my name is Nico. I found SA (and another site) during a google search. Had just finalized a divorce and it was at my girlfriend’s suggestion. Honest, down to earth (no god complexes), nurturing, gentle, romantic, natural chemistry, mental and physical attraction and respect….to name a few.

    Does it take courage to be a sugar baby or sugar daddy (being honest about your expectations, not settling for less)?

    Yes, it takes courage. You must hold your head high when in public and be with somebody that you’re proud to be with because it’s possible (as many of the news articles have shown) that people are on the ready to judge you/me. As for expectations….I think it is important to know what they are and NOT compromise our own morals or beliefs.

    Do you have a sugar-alter-ego? What sets you apart from all the other sugars out there?

    I do not have an alter ego. Even my name on the blog is my name in my everyday life. As for being set apart from others….while I know there are other mature SB’s on the blog, in general, the SB’s on the site are much younger. I have more ‘life experiences’ than many of the younger gals on the site.

  236. Gemini29 says:

    Morning sugars! Its sunny this morning, yaaaay!!!!

    Care to (re)introduce yourself to the sugar blog? How did you find out about SA? What are you seeking here?

    Letseee. I’m Gemini (Gemi for short as OC nicknamed me!). I’ve been here for about maybe 2-3 weeks, but I was a lurker long before that. I must have found SA through looking for millionaire dating sites…and got massively hooked on the blog…and figured…ok…why not try this for myself. I tend to enjoy talking to older men anyway, I’m not comfortable chatting with the guys of my age-range, I find them too immature and that they really haven’t done anything, been anywhere, and don’t have anything to offer. I’m hoping for the opposite in the pot SDs I meet here. 😉

    Does it take courage to be a sugar baby or sugar daddy (being honest about your expectations, not settling for less)?

    Absolutely I think this takes courage!

    Do you have a sugar-alter-ego? What sets you apart from all the other sugars out there?

    I don’t think I have a sugar-alter-ego…except that I AM a gemini so I do have multi-dimensional facets to my personality… but that just comes with the territory 😉 I really see no point in lying or acting to the extreme just to get attention or fill a “role”, really what you are reading, and what you see in my profile is me.

  237. AoifeUKSB *349207* says:

    Hello Everyone.

    I am introducing myself for the first time, Though I did request some feedback a few blogs ago. On that note I did make changes and if anyone is happy to provide any more suggestions please do – need it.

    I am relatively new to this, I joined SA a couple of months ago and still searching for a SD. The idea of having a SD never really occured to me until I read an article in the Times just at a time in my life when I had sworn off relationships due to the excessive drama and heartbreak involved. I thought why not pursue something a bit more lighthearted instead of staying single??

    I am just starting out in a legal career – I am proud of having achieved this as i put myself through studying through a combination of scholarships and debts…

    Does it take courage? – I’d say immense amounts of courage. I know few if any people in my life who wouldn’t get the wrong idea or immediately ascribe a sleazy tag to this sort of thing.

    No, i do not have an alter-ego. Not yet anyway! I don’t see anything wrong with having one – all part of the rich tapestry of life.

    Now that I have crossed the line from lurker to blogger I’ll end by saying nice to meet you all!


    • OCSugarbaby says:

      AoifeUKSB: Lovely pictures on your profile! I would however change your third picture to become your first and the first to be the third.
      Some wording changes: 1st Paragraph: You will find me to be a tall attractive and sweet girl who is free-spirited, well-educated and very good company. I enjoy all the exciting things life has to offer such as good food and great company! Cooking is a passion of mine.
      Second Paragraph: Correct spelling on word “also”
      Third Paragraph: Try using this sentence instead. I find a confidant and successful man to be very sexy.
      Forth Paragraph: Watch your spacing and uncapitialize the word “If”

      Hope you understand this is just my opinion, by all means I am just trying to help. You are HOT!!!

  238. The Lone Gunman says:

    Care to (re)introduce yourself to the sugar blog? How did you find out about SA? What are you seeking here?

    Hello, I am The Lone Gunman.

    SA was brought to me by an acquiantance who had made arrangements in the past as the best site for someone serious about this lifestyle.

    Since coming here, I have found that I took to this like a duck to water. Being an SD fulfills my need to mentor and support an appreciative SB in a manner that is pleasing to us both. It’s a marvelous experience.

    Since Sugar arrangements are finite by nature, I am always seeking adventurous, ambitious SB candidates who I feel can benefit from an arrangement with me, and vice-versa. I make no secret of this to any SB I mentor, and none appear to have a problem.

    Does it take courage to be a sugar baby or sugar daddy (being honest about your expectations, not settling for less)?

    Of course it takes courage! As observed in the 20/20 program concerning SA, there are far too many people who are willing to mind our business for us in the name of their moral imperative!!

    I find that the mutual understanding at the outset of expectations implied by being here on SA goes a long way towards easing open communication between potential SAs and SBs. We don’t attach stigma to one another here, because we all know what our mutual goals are. We simply are trying to determine if the match is right to achieve those goals.

    Do you have a sugar-alter-ego? What sets you apart from all the other sugars out there?

    No alter-ego (unless you count Nail-Hammering Polka Guy). I am what I am, and people can take it or not.

    Setting me apart? Perhaps the fact that I don’t know what sets me apart sets me apart.

  239. AliciaJo09 says:

    Care to (re)introduce yourself to the sugar blog? How did you find out about SA? What are you seeking here?

    I will be introducing myself for the first time here. My name is AliciaJo. I found out about SA through my best friend. She now had a SD and I’m still looking. I am looking for someone to mentor me as I graduate college next year with 75,000$ in student loans (EEK!!)

    Does it take courage to be a sugar baby or sugar daddy (being honest about your expectations, not settling for less)?

    I think it does take courage. It’s definitely not for everyone either.

    Do you have a sugar-alter-ego? What sets you apart from all the other sugars out there?

    I don’t have an alter-ego. I’m still my sweet, fun-loving self.

  240. Vixen says:

    Suga-Funny thats kind of what i am. Had hoped to utilize this weekend to catch up on some sleep though (hmm guess not). Just make sure that you portray the image you want the SDs to see.. IMO too many women seem confused in their profiles..keep it simple, sweet and to the point

  241. SugaCaneBby says:

    Vixen- Well I’m a night owl by nature so…it’ll probably be dawn before I conk out! Guess I’ll put my “insomnia” to use and update my profile and then when it goes live again, I’ll submit my number for review. Eeek!

  242. Vixen says:

    Sugacane-Haha actually you’re not..I can’t seem to fall asleep! Don’t worry your shopping daddy will surface soon enough

  243. SugaCaneBby says:

    Darn, sure wish I had a generous individual to treat me to a shopping spree right about now. *pouts* I’m sure I’m the only one still up on the blog at this hour. :)

  244. Vixen says:

    Goodnight girl..i’m off too! TTYL

  245. Vixen says:

    OC- Aww thanks girl. Didn’t mean to poof but I’ve been dealing with the realities of a divorcing SD lately..not a good position to be in :(

  246. ChILlNgEthIgh420 says:

    what classy female comes to a website to meet her sugar daddy? she needs to have the guts to go out into this world and find her man the only way anybody should meet there other half, in person.
    GL2U ladies hope you find a man not a jerk

  247. cutechick_98310 says:

    so many problems here! let’s just be content!

  248. cutechick_98310 says:

    So watch your mouth lady!

  249. treatthisvixen says:

    I will take it as a lesson learned to watch what I say because there are creeps watching what I say too…

  250. treatthisvixen says:

    I don’t know who that guy was, but he was really creepy and since I have been feeling like I’m not alone latelyalmost like somebody’s always there?, statements like that make me want to bolt my doors shut and my curtains closed and wear every piece of clothing I own at once just so I can feel safe…What’s really crazy is that some guy has been showing up at the same places I do…I’ve never seen him before until now, but I always feel the stupid f***er staring me down. I freakin’ hate it! and I wish you could have gotten that guys profile # or something! anything! he sounds like a stalker and I don’t need to be murdered in my sleep! and you know what? how can he say all that stuff about sugars?? I’m a sugar too!! lol…so is he calling me a ho too? that whole speel made absolutely no sense and now I’m freaking out and you guys are ignoring me. Thanks a lot. If i end up dead tomorrow because some creepy stalker guy found me and broke in I will haunt all of your asses!! lol…seriously…I’m trippin’ about this…

  251. Vixen says:

    treatthisvixen- As far as i’m concerned its over and done..you did initially have supporters yestersday…just be more craeful what you say because you have no idea who people really are behind these blogs..play nice and everything will be okay

  252. treatthisvixen says:

    Can we please get over the situation from yesterday? Don’t make that haunt me forever!

  253. treatthisvixen says:

    Why are you hatin’ on me?? enough please! no wonder people just stay “lurkers” you won’t give anyone a chance to become anything more

  254. DesertBunny says:

    OC… CALL me, lady! If you can….

  255. Vixen says:

    OcSugarbaby-How has one of my fave bloggers been?? Are we closer to that amazing SD yet?

    Hmm I kinda figured but was going to use a little tech saviness to confirm some things.

  256. Vixen says:

    Stephan-aww you removed the JakeStocknBonds post, wish you hadn’t!! wanted to do a little more research before you did..oh well

    • OCSugarbaby says:

      Vixen: I believe that Vixen Treat is playing with us and pretending to be JakeStocknBonds… And calling us all Ho’s to boot. Not friendly at all :(

  257. DesertBunny says:

    Big hat’s are living well at helenkaminski.com

  258. I think he is wanting a lady lady flowy dresses and all , I dont like dresses to much but I am a girlie girl! I gotta get me a big hat Where do they live at anyway?? macys? anybody!!

  259. ok I am confuzed but its immeterial now! ahh gina I have a coffe this week sometime, at this point I dunno how Imma keep it together I been wanting to see this pot for a while now HE is finishing school this week
    Gives me time to gel glamazan’ed up got my Eyelashes here and my hair right I think imma go let the hair collage do it i dunno I might put my natrual hair out on display I dunno!

  260. ginaZ says:

    Just peeked in…

    Vixen… yes the alter ego, funny you should say it but yes, I would have to say I’m far more candid in person, or on paper since I’m a writer.

    Nighty night 😉

  261. Vixen says:

    GLPlayground-not sure which vixen you’re referring to

  262. Vixen says:

    My name is Vixen. I started out as a mistress at the tender age of 18. A culmination of events and people eventually led me into the SD lifestyle. Like SincereSD said, it is less hassle to be a sugarbaby than a mistress. Found out about SA itself through one of my roomates although I had been involved with other sites. I have an absolutely amazing SD at the moment so my profile is currently hidden.

    Courage to be an SB?
    Absolutely! Public opinion demands a tough skin. A young girl with an older gentleman does draw attention so be prepared for the scrutiny. Me personally, I say to hell with them and continue on my way. I’ve been known to engage in extreme PDA in my younger years. Shoot, if people are going to stare might as well give em a show :)

    Vixen is my alter ego. I’m alot more outspoken in the real world than on this blog. The nature of this blog does require a certain decorum hence I channel my blogging through vixen. Still very respectful in real life but i’m not the one you go to if you’re looking for someone to sugar code the truth. More of a realist than idealist.

  263. GLPlayground says:

    So is Vixen in this comment ocean? LOL

  264. AngelDoll says:

    I have another question (i know im anoying) but has anyone ever seen this guy? Profile Number 28XXXX my friend and i were scared a bit (comicaly of coarse) by his details and such sorry just wanted to know if this guy is fake or if hes a common guy around here? thanks again ~<3 Angel

  265. DesertBunny says:

    I think GinaZ is perfect. Quite snazzy indeed.

  266. VixenTreat says:

    Hi everybody having a wonderful day? :) I am. Life has never been so spectacular!! All I want to do is go outside with my good F(wb) and take my kids to the park, maybe have a little picnic? who knows…all I know is that it’s a beautiful day today! The sun is shining! The air is breezy and cool, and I don’t have more that $5 to my name…but it doesn’t matter. The only thing that counts is that I’m full of energy and life is full of possibilities. Time to seize the moment! LOL…you all probably are wondering why the sudden change in attitude today….well, if you relly want to know, My answer is far too personal to divulge over the blog where everyone might possibly view yet ANOTHER thing that might scare POT SD’s away from this place…Yet, I’m still smiling. So I’m going to go play in the sunshine since it’s a beautiful weekend! Before I go let me leave you with a quote:
    Don’t forget that! I bid thee all farewell! Be back on later :)

  267. ginaZ says:

    Desert Bunny (like the name BTW) Not sure why I chose it [GinaZ], though it does have a bit of zing though 😉 I once changed it to LASB but OCSB thought the GinaZ was a bit snazzier.

    And so it goes…

    Saturday night peace and…


  268. DesertBunny says:

    Yes, I am a cali girl… can’t imagine life without the sun!

  269. AngelDoll says:

    one more question (right now atleast) say you find a guy that you dont feel you are the right match for him (not pretty enough) but he might be great for what your looking for should you go for it just to see if there is chemistry or go to the next guy? thanks again sugars ~<3 Angel

  270. ginaZ says:

    Where’s the party at? OK I’ll probably disappear soon, I’ve got mommy duty tonight.
    Maybe I will send off a few queries to pot’s though.

    I think us girls have scared away the fellas.

    Come back!

  271. DesertBunny says:

    By the way… GinaZ has a nice ring to it. It’s kinda fun to say :)

  272. ginaZ says:

    Hi DesertBunny! Your a Cali girl right? I’m all for embracing change, that’s my mantra :)

  273. ginaZ says:

    Hey Kat. I’m chillin’ :) No sugar. Maybe soon though! I had a pot SD flak so many times he’s poofed away. enough is enough. I’m hoping I’ll find a great person soon though. Do you have a meet tomorrow?

  274. no!!! she*Lisa* pretty cut and dry about it. and I rather not spend sat night fussin about papers and stuff.

  275. hey gina! I dunno what thats about.. whats shaking on your end?

  276. hey Thanks a lot you ok today every thing good on your end???

    yall be nice you cannot argue a moral outta a person so can we cut that out!!? preaching to the Choir

    Thanks a lot I support you in your relationship as far as you being happy and such!! glad you found a person whom you cared for!!

  277. DesertBunny says:

    It takes a lot of courage to release the familiar and seemingly secure, to embrace the new. But there is no real security in what is no longer meaningful. There is more security in the adventurous and exciting, for in movement there is life, and in change there is power.

    Keep movin’ suga’s…. :)

  278. ginaZ says:

    [dark comedy] typo

  279. ginaZ says:

    Hi Gemini29!

    Hey Vixen my lurking bloggin’ sista, thanks for the wonderful good vibes yesterday 😉

    Just thought I’d bounce in. I guess my alter ego like vixentreat said, is to able to express oneself a bit differently than in a face to face meeting. One may be freer to react or respond, but hopefully not turn into the movie Heathers. The “in crowd” versus the “outsider” little jabs of darn comedy thrown in.

    I suspect we all may have more in common than not. All of us SB’s, different ages, backgrounds, socio political beliefs and experiences. We are looking for sugar, or maybe something more. Maybe a place to feel good not feel bad. The blog is a community, a drop in place. No automatons here.


    Just us sugars. Dreamin, wishin’ hopin’


  280. oh photo I was getting myself Ready for my coffee not till next week I go! Remember hes finishing school this week!

  281. hey they got cupon codes all over dont pay for shipping girl e-mail me!!

  282. cupons girl I cut them bad boys I saves 32$ one day that wasnt even really trying, buy the paper and save the cost of the paper and usually 5 extra bucks! dont get me going on the save money show!! dont do it!!

  283. SugaCaneBby says:

    Katrina, I just some breakfast, lunch, and dinner stuff. Necessities like bread, cereal, milk, etc. I’m online building my winter wardrobe now. *sigh* I don’t know why I have such expensive taste. I’ve got bills and food and that all I can EVER afford with my current job, lol. I can dream though…

  284. now that Racing has gone off I can think in complete thoughts! so whats going on in here! hey photo, Sweetred Gemini Ash*you still here?
    And Rachel Welcome we love new bloggers!! HOWDYYYYYYY
    ok if you having a bad day Ill tell you right now I am gonna Rain Sunshine all over you!! I am all about Brush the knees off and try it again!! heres my e-mail in case you wanna say hey or need a buddy in your area keya703 at yah dot…. ok? I hope you send me a hello Friend!! NJlady you too!!

  285. HEY suga Girl!! I was looking for my alter ego Eairler I seen you went shopping!! get anything good??

  286. ok Ill do it.. Lisa is there something on your mind? you have been awful Down the last few chats and I wonder if I gan give you a pick you up or say something to Cheer you up?
    why you So down Sis? Whats really going on?!

  287. Gemini29 says:

    Hey sugars! I thought I’d stop in the blog but I decided part-way down upon reading all the entries that I am just *too* tired. Its been a long chilly day. Sweet dreams sugars, hopefully I’ll enough energy to play catch-up tomorrow!

  288. photogirl says:

    Have a great time MarieSB!

  289. MarieSB says:

    Alright lovelies I’ll see you on the flip side! Party time 😉

  290. MarieSB says:

    That’s what I’m saying SugaCane aye aye aye…Just popped in before a night out!!!

  291. SugaCaneBby says:

    Shaking My Head. 😉

    Too much tension lately.

  292. Rachel says:

    Hello People!

    My name is Rachel. I am respectable, very hard-working, passionate and intelligent and humble young woman. I have intentions to find the man I would give the best time to, a man who wants to have fun and enjoy life.

  293. sweetredhead*269443* says:


  294. SugaCaneBby says:


  295. sweetredhead*269443* says:

    Robots? where beep beep…oops lol

  296. photogirl says:

    Lisa – You have mail :)

  297. lisa says:

    Good night

  298. lisa says:

    Marriage is legal when you follow the state laws. In most states you need a marriage license and someone licensed to perform the ceremony, although common law exists in Texas, it’s not legal in the eyes of God.
    It’s like when a child is born without any medical assistance, it is a living being but in order to be counted as a citizen of the world, it has to have a birth certificate. Legal documents are required of most everything so I don’t know why everyone fears a legal marriage. My marriage was not idea, it was a mismatch but I don’t regret getting married because if I hadn’t have, I wouldn’t have had my daughter.

    Also if you were to loan a person a large amount of money, you would want some kind of legal agreement for repayment as even though you know that the person is obligated to repay the loan, without legal back up, that person could just walk away and pay nothing.

    Going to lay down now and watch the news. Gotta work all day tomorrow stocking the merchandise.

    Good night everyone

  299. photogirl says:

    Good evening everyone! Just got home from shooting the ‘The Boss’…

    I see it is fairly quiet in here tonight. Hope everyone is enjoying their Saturday evening!

    Katrina & VixenTreat – Best wishes on your coffee date tomorrow.

    I am meeting a pot SD tomorrow afternoon for lunch.

  300. lisa says:

    I’m watching America’s most wanted, just hanging out with Percy.
    Gotta get up early tomorrow to go to work. I’m off monday which just happens to be my 22 year wedding annniversy, well that is if I wasn’t divorced 17 years ago, lol
    Have a good night everyone

  301. VixenTreat says:

    My sugar date is tomorrow….;) can’t wait!!

  302. sweetredhead*269443* says:

    Everyone is off watching tv tonight. Where is all the sugar dates? Watching ghostrider with my boys, just one of the boys tonight, got the pop corn and Ice cream soda’s and they have some friends over.

  303. NJLady says:

    Hi AngelDoll…..Glad to help but I had, probably my first of many, meltdowns, 2night. Katrina 367987 set me straight….like she said, we’re here to support each other….Thanks for that, made me fill better knowing I helped someone out…keep in touch…I’m joybird, (I wonder if I should had use that name on here) #383188…back to my movie…300!!!!

  304. noprob NjLady I hate to see us beat up on ourselves and why… you just get yourself down, yes Iam a happy camper and try to sprinkle happy dust throught out the blog, anyway as i said before NASCAR is on yall know I got to Fly!!
    love yalls!!

  305. sweetredhead*269443* says:

    Back to movie night with the boys. I will try and sneak away later.

  306. AngelDoll says:

    Hello everyone. I just wanted to say thank you to NJLady your reply helped and made me feel a bit easier about this I could really use someone who knows more about this than me so if there are any SB’s out there willing to help a new sugar out that would be great i am profile number 384290 and thank you again NJLady ~<3

  307. VixenTreat says:

    Care to (re)introduce yourself to the sugar blog? How did you find out about SA? What are you seeking here?


    Does it take courage to be a sugar baby or sugar daddy (being honest about your expectations, not settling for less)?


    Do you have a sugar-alter-ego? What sets you apart from all the other sugars out there?


  308. NJLady says:

    Thank you Katrina *367987*….I needed to hear that…tired of having a pity party. I’m not going to give up…Got to get my SB groove on!

  309. I am having a great Day NASCAR is on so I am looking at that too and I am Quite Kranked up about NASCAR the cars ,the drivers, and the Crewchiefs too I love Racing! , sorry I get excited I proabably need a support group for this NASCAR addiction.

  310. listen yall I get Excited and the fingers go wild Sorry about the typos.. lol

    ASH I didnt have a date today I just got some Clothes for it he finishes his MBA this week So he will have time for me, I down loaded the book I ordered the book and began Reading the thing. I have set aside my make -up choices, How I want my hair, ok I am trying to Decide to Wear the Lace wig or my natrual hair Wich is darn long anyway! and yes ladies I got my spankz together too lol I need an Endorsment From them!! anybody know Sarah blakley??

  311. BostonSugahBabe says:

    Hello Sugars! Finally a topic I can actually reply to!

    Care to (re)introduce yourself to the sugar blog? How did you find out about SA? What are you seeking here?

    Im the Boston Sugah Babe! Classy, sexy, cool–and real! I am a city girl, born and raised, so I am street smart as well as book smart. I have never experienced the “finer things” in life–on the contrary I have been on the other side of the tracks my whole life, and I am not just speaking in terms of financial, but I will just say I have had some shitty relationships.

    I found about about SA after reading a SB’s blog in my attempts to find out more about the sugar world.

    To put it simply, I am seeking a Sugar Arrangement.

    Does it take courage to be a sugar baby or sugar daddy (being honest about your expectations, not settling for less)?

    Yes it does take courage to be apart of this lifestyle. For me it’s more the courage to ask for something I want. I am not really used to being able to have things when I want/need them, so I guess it’s something I have to figure out as I go on, or a little advice could help.

    Do you have a sugar-alter-ego? What sets you apart from all the other sugars out there?

    No I don’t have any alter ego, the person you communicate with via email is the same person who you meet, who is the same person my family knows, granted you may know me by an alternative name.

    I guess what sets me apart from some sugars is that I am not a high maintenance princess. I am used to and have survived on having less so I can truly appreciate a generous gentleman when I meet him. I can put on heirs but I am really down-to-earth.

    Hope you all are happy and healthy!
    Sugar vibes loves!

  312. NJlady I would like to say There are some Very nice Sd on the blog Some Seen and Some un seen!! hold ya head up lady Go get your Sugar together you be the hottest 40 year old that there is!!
    we dont do no body loves me over here!! we here on this blog Support eachother… I think I am pity party control i dunno devils advocate?
    Ash what you think??
    additionally ms Nj lady I am trying too I dont always feel tip top but there are Plenty of folks on here that are Very diverse, Just by being on here I found a Pot out in the Open, I feel lots mor confident with my Assertiveness also, So to me the knowledge I gain on here Is valuable
    your are Getting your Sugar game right missy!! keep on reading!!

  313. NJLady says:

    I was venting on the old blog so now I have nothing to add….A lot of stuff I have to get out….If this right for me….I can’t believe it’s come to this….Am I to old….Okay I’m venting, since no one read my last blog….I thought I would be married a couple of kids, things didn’t turn out the way as planned….No one, at that time, said…get married while you’re young because no one will want you in your 40’s! So, here I am….No husband, no kids, on a website to find someone who will be generous enough to help me out…take me to fine resturants, travel to places I’ve never been to….for once in my life treat me like I know I deserve to be treated…like a Lady. At the same time….I’m not dump I know what the site is about…..I know one thing I’m tired of spending weekends alone….for instead tonight I’m chatting with you all, having a glass of wine and if I don’t have a date for next weekend….guess what? I’ll be back here chatting with you all, having a glass of wine…lol I don’t know…I heard there’s someone for everyone…Ok, Exhale.

  314. lisa says:

    I think there had been some kind of weekend celebration in the circle and garbage workers were on strike so the mess was piled up. Let’s us know the importance of those who pick up the trash, lol

    Going to take a hot bath now.

  315. Ash 347450 says:

    Wow yeah sorry Lisa I wasn’t born until a few years later. lol But yeah Indianapolis is definitely a clean area. So that was probably just the issue back in that time. Never had that problem there though. Well I was actually born in raised in Muncie and then I moved to Indianapolis halfway through highschool. Great decision though as Indianapolis has alot more to offer than Muncie. Nice to know that us sugahs have a lil something in common outside of the sugar world!

  316. NJLady says:

    This is where everyone went to…I’m new to the site…So I’m learning from the rest of my fellow SB’s and any advice from the SD’s would have to offer as well.

  317. lisa says:

    I’ve been to indianapolis once, Back in 1984 I think, I remember seeing the Circle after some big celbration they were having and the trash collectors were on strike so there was trash everywhere. lol My mom told me it doesn’t normally look like that as she used to live there after she left home.

  318. lisa says:

    ok bedroom and bathroom sparkling clean, well except for the carpet, blah

    I really don’t have much desire for kitchenware, lol I got my computer when I got my income tax refund. My other one died 6 months earlier so I was stuck using my stupid laptop for months. The darn thing is soooo slow.

  319. Ash 347450 says:

    Hey Katrina. And hey to everybody else as well. Sorry, I had to take a quick break from the blog to feed my face. WE dont get lunch breaks at work yet I have to look at food for 8 hrs a day. That’s cruel and unusual punishment! lol

    Katrina- how did your coffee date go?

    And Lisa- I’m from Indianapolis. Ijust moved here about 4weeks ago so that I can live here for a year to become elgible for in state tuition for law school next year.

  320. MarieSB says:

    Have you seen The Forgotten? I’m so tripped out my it!!

  321. MarieSB says:

    Katrina- Not much! Watching this crazy move while I do some work on the comp what about you

  322. SugaCaneBby says:

    Hey Kat! I was off ebaying…I have over an hour before the auction on an item I’m spying closes so I’m waiting that out and then I suppose I’ll go grocery shopping forreal this time, lol. I was out and about trying to take a look at an apartment complex up the street from the one I currently live it. It looks really classy (despite the fake palm trees).

    I had my last fast food meal today and I’m going to go drink my last soda as well (those pack on the pounds!). Jumping back into my fitness program tonight and stocking up on healthy snacks. Home-cooked meals and such from now on.

  323. bye gina!! eat good have a good Meal i mean!!

  324. ok never mind i will just offer to help if I can!

    ASH wassup homeslice.. hehehehe anyway how are you

    Marie how is it going over there anything new happining?

  325. ginaZ says:

    All this talk about hot dogs and cheetos and diet soda is making me hungry for sushi and Kambucha. On that note I’m…

    gone 😉

  326. lisa there is a good will near you I am sure, you saved for a pc I am sure some kitchen ware is not far off!!

  327. speaking of lisa if you would like Lisa I have a few good resources I would like to share with you if you like heres my e-mail Keya 703 at yahhhhh e-mail me and thats for Everybody
    I tend to Know someting about everything so if anybody need a person to keep a look out! on a sale, a Book, an Item,cupon codes, really anything.. let me know!!

  328. lisa says:

    I don’t have pots and pans, lol I just recently bought some matching flatware, before that I had one spoon and one fork, and one knife. I had a whole house of stuff but when I moved away from my family a few years ago, I had to leave everything I owned and start over. I can’t eat food that isn’t freshly made , that’s just me.

    Just finished dusting, now off to clean the bathroom and vacuum the bedroom

    Ash, I’m from Salem Indiana which is a tiny town in the south about 45 miles from Louisville KY

  329. for christmas I hope I get a few cookbooks!! oh a crockpot one and a dessert one I am dying to make a Lemoncheesecake! I bet I could do it humm

  330. yall need to stop with that single guy food! make yall a pork roast with oven roasted potatoes/ breen beans are good. make that that and divide that up do thid with a diffrent Meal every day for a week and Volia you have a dinner that simply needs thawing out! and stuff goes on sale on tue night or wen in the grocery stores *most part*

  331. MarieSB says:

    So I just read this SD’s profile that I thought was funny. If you go to the home page its the one with the silver car and red dot.

  332. Ash 347450 says:

    OMG! Lisa I am from Indiana too. Now I live in Texas. Only difference is you have been here a lot longer than I! lol Luck you!

  333. hey sweetred hows it going and ya think you could turn the sun back on?? I have had it with the rain and the rain clouds!!

  334. MarieSB says:

    You know what else I find to be tasty? Ramen noodles haha terrible but oh so goood

  335. lisa says:

    well I have improved as I have been drinking nothing but diet cola for the last week. I’m full of cheetos and dip though so I guess the hot dogs will have to wait for later. I’m off to clean the toilet now. I clean my bed and bath on sat night and my living room and kitchen on sunday night, spreading the fun over 2 days, lol

    Be back later

  336. hey all where my alter ego…suga maybe i should say my sb sister,

  337. sweetredhead*269443* says:

    Lisa I love the healthy way you eat, silly girl :)

  338. MarieSB says:

    Hotdogs sounds good Lisa

  339. lisa says:

    Good afternoon everyone

    New topic :)

    Well I am one of the oldies on the blog, been here way back when no one was here, answering posts by myself. I’m from Indiana but lived in Texas for 34 years but I am not a Texan, yuck. I’m divorced with a grown daughter, somewhat traditional but modern still. I work for a living, physical work, no cushy office job for me but I pay my bills and believe in self responsibility and thinking before making life altering decisions.

    I found the site by accident as I had grown tired of the traditional dating sites being that I was working nights and weekends which makes it hard to maintain a relationship with the average person who is off evenings and weekends. SA sounded like a good idea as I had decided to be less serious and just let things happen rather than rush to find a relationship. I had alot of free days which would have worked if I had met a married sd as they are the ones that can’t meet at night or weekends. My situation has since changed and I no longer work nights but I still have some days free. I joined and had sucess in less than a week but it was shortlived and the gentleman wasn’t really a sd, he was just trying it out. He was nice but he moved away. I have met very few from the site as I am very choosy before I commit time to meet, thus less meetings but better first meets. I currently have someone really nice in my life thanks to SA. :)

    I don’t know if it takes courage to be a sd or sb as I think it takes some courage to do anything that is controversal and i’m no stranger to criticism for my traditional believes on social issues. I have learned to believe that is someone isn’t paying your bills or taking care of you (meaning that you are self supporting) then no one has a right to tell you whether to be a sd or sb.

    I don’t think I have an alert ego on here though

    Now for dinner. Hotdogs, cheetos and dip

  340. MarieSB says:

    I think it is location…like state but I could be wrong

  341. SugaCaneBby says:

    I have a question…does anyone know if search listing show up by the location you list or the zip code you list? I’m trying to figure out which one to tweak to increase my chances of being seen.

  342. MarieSB says:

    Speaking of pot SD’s…..I am currently talking with two. One who says he will be coming to my state next week so we can have dinner. Not sure how I fell about our chemistry…I am bored with his emails. The other I am intrigued by but it seems the ones I tend to be interested in flake out….ugh

  343. MarieSB says:

    Wow I wish the SD’s I went to meet brought gifts lol!

  344. MarieSB says:

    Care to (re)introduce yourself to the sugar blog? How did you find out about SA? What are you seeking here?

    ** I joined this site over a year ago and took a break after finding a great guy from here. It ended naturally and I am looking for another great SD!! I started out on another site and saw this one through a search engine and it became my fav very quickly! I am looking for a SD/SB relationship that fits my needs and sometimes busy schedule!

    Does it take courage to be a sugar baby or sugar daddy (being honest about your expectations, not settling for less)?

    ** I think it takes knowing what you want and going after it! This is a part of my life I keep separate from other areas but I love it!

    Do you have a sugar-alter-ego? What sets you apart from all the other sugars out there?

    ** I think we all are different in certain way which is why this can work for everyone!

  345. I was thinking of taking out the Harley for a ride it is so beautiful today. Plus I love the guys teasing me with my pink chaps and always high heels. LOLOL

  346. I completely agree I updated my profile to see if maybe I was not conveying the sincerity of what I uniquely offer in the meantime while he is busy I am enjoying the thought of planning a trip to visit a sugar to have fun with.
    I am happy within myself a hard quality most do not have I am a fortunate one to look in the mirror and love who I see and have become thus far!

  347. sweetredhead*269443* says:

    Don’t worry about the ones that don’t answer. It is in no way a reflection on you. Just continue to be who you are and the right SD for you will come along. Remember you find what you are looking for when you are not looking so hard.

    Just relax and have fun. Being an SD or SB should be fun not work. It’s an escape from the “real world” A friends with benefits approach is what I always say. Laugh and be positive that is what life is about, that and family and good friends, if you have that you have it all, no matter your income level. And always be honest and be yourself. Know what you want, never settle for less because you are worth it, and believe that.

    I an SB or SD does not see you as the wonderful person you are then it is their loss. It is not a reflection on any of us. There is a lot of factors in a sugar relationship.

    1) Chemistry
    2) location
    3) compatibility
    4) interests
    5) personality
    6) what each is looking for
    7) laughter and fun

    These are only a few. But you get the point.

  348. Hi I am a mi-western women who knows what she wants and usually gets it, I believe in mutual respect and spoiling, the thing that possibly makes me different I have been a SM all my adult life and now I would prefer a SD, I sincerely believe in old traditional MEN. I enjoy being a real rare gem I just need the perfect setting.
    I found out about SA from my doctor and friend he suggested His opinion I will be perfect for the right man who is seeking a lady with a sassy streak.
    I have been called the red headed indian gal, to mid-mo hillbillie gal , and enjoy fitting in in any invirnment formal or casual.
    I wish eeveryone was polite and sincere but “You Cant Always Get What You Want” So Pour Some Sugar on ME”
    I also refreshingly have found many intelligent women to hopefully become friends for sugar trips etc.
    I wish all men where true gentlemen to at least reply to emails versus saying nothing.

  349. Also not to change topic but what colors do the profiles mean and what does the red x versus green check mark how can you tell if they have deleted you, just curious since I have sent so many emails I am thinking non-gentlemen should be deleted but I don’t want to delete a possible who has just been busy thus far to answer?

  350. HI Kat OC Red Sincere and everyone I forgot I am going to read and catch up I pray today is better than yestersay I dont see any controversy Great topic btw, I hope everyone is being sugary sweet today (even if mail box is still empty) but alas my sugar family is helping me to come visit them I am looking forward to traveling I am open to anywhere a sb may like a hang out friend for fun for the ladies, maybe a prowl for sd after a day of beauty.

  351. JerseySB201 says:

    Hey all! I’m not really new to the site but new to the blog. So my Re-intro is just an Intro. So I have always been the type of girl who would throw myself more into my job then my education. Not that I don’t take my education seriously but the satisfaction of a paycheck every week that would by me clothes, take me out to have great times with friends, and take me on vacations in the summertime was always more appealing. After one particular vacation me and my friends were given the celebrity treatment for no reason at all other then our looks. I mean we got upgraded to a better hotel in an amazing room with great views, every night we went out was vip, limos, the works. Anyways I got to thinking about it and after toying with the idea for about 6 or 7 months I signed up to SA. I am definitely looking for an SD who understands the arrangement aspect but can offer me more then an allowance. I want to have real chemistry and friendship and I want to be able to learn something new from my SD. I don’t think I could ever be comfortable with a pay for dates/sex arrangement.

    It does take courage to be an SB because you have to be clear about your needs in a type of arrangement that doesn’t get supported by mainstream society. It also takes courage bc this is a process that alot of young girls can lose themselves in. I have learned how to hold my own and have respect for myself but I know how easily a naive girl can be manipulated.

    I don’t think i have any alter-egos and i think that would go against the main principle of an arrangement. Your honesty is what gets you what you want. So an later-ego would complicate an already delicate situation :)

  352. L'amant Imaginaire says:

    Care to (re)introduce yourself to the sugar blog? How did you find out about SA? What are you seeking here?

    **Hello there I am L’Amant Imaginaire from Europe. I found out about the site while a university student in America. I didn’t know what a sugar daddy was and I had a roomate who had one and so I googled it and discovered the site back in early 2008 and have been here on and off ever since. I have an arrangement now, and I’m happy to say it’s wonderful!!! I am/was looking for someone that I a) enjoyed having around and looked forward to seeing b) that
    had sharp wit to keep up with mine c) very cosmopolitan d) someone that was generous not only with fiscal means but with their friendship. someone that i could befriend outside of my social circle and vice versa. Happy to say I have found this in an SD and he’s brilliant!!!

    Does it take courage to be a sugar baby or sugar daddy (being honest about your expectations, not settling for less)?

    I think so. You have to have confidence in yourself and know that what you bring to this relationship and what makes your special and your time worth competing for and that takes a lot of courage. There is a quote in Madonna’s S-E-X book that says, “Most people don’t get what they want because they are too afraid to say what they want.” So I would think that applies here as well.

    Do you have a sugar-alter-ego? What sets you apart from all the other sugars out there?

    I don’t see this as some sort of competition so nothing really sets me apart except maybe the type of guys i’m interested in and the type that are interested in me. My sugar alter ego? I guess I’d say my real life and my sugar life never intertwine……… I prefer to keep it that way.

    xx L’Amant

  353. ginaZ says:

    1. Re-introduction
    I’m not new to being a SB. My foray began 5 years ago on CL where I had a wonderful SD for 10 months! I’m single never married, single mother. I’ve had a long career in the performing arts, and now I’m back in school finishing up my degree at one of the big UC’s.

    I’d love to meet someone for the long term, but sugar dating can be wonderful as well.
    In this context I prefer a NSA arrangement, but one not void of feeling and genuine caring (and fun too!) I’m entrepreneurial, smart, creative and sassy. I live in El Lay over the hill from 90210. I have wanderlust so my potential SD, or love, is anywhere in this great big world. Who knows maybe he’s reading this right now 😉 I’m a warm giving person and would love the reciprocity of one man not many. Chemistry is very important!

    2. Courage to be SB
    Yes, I suppose so! Waiting patiently till the right person comes along. Being proactive. treating others as one wishes to be treated. I’m 38, so I may not fit everyones ideal, but that is fine too! I’m far more than eye candy, so if a gentlemen desires an intelligent muse, partner in crime, than let me know. Courage? Well I suppose this lifestyle is a bit unconventional to some, so choosing it does not fit the norm. But I’ve always been unconventional! Also the courage to still dream, wish, hope for a better life, a variation of the Cinderella story. sugar=sugar

    3. Sugar-alter-ego and Differentiation
    No alter-ego here, WYSIWYG 😉 On the blog it’s me, except for my handle, my name isn’t Gina and my last name doesn’t begin with Z.

  354. SugaCaneBby says:

    I’m SugaCaneBby AKA Byrd. I can’t remember how I learned about SA. I suppose I was browsing something having to do with domination that trickled down into sugar arrangements and another google search brought me here. :3 I’m not sad for it. I love new experiences and even if I never find a SD, the knowledge of the lifestyle I’m gaining is irreplaceable. Honestly, I’m just seeking to put myself out there. I love older men and the experiences thet can share.

    Yes, I think it takes courage to be a sugar. You have to have a thick skin and be able to take rejection in stride and not let it jade you. Sugar arrangements don’t speak for society as a whole, but hell, I’m big picture and I’m sure I’ll have one of those days where I’m like, “Dood, menz suck!” Also, you can’t just bow down and accept whatever because you believe the Sugar with the money is the one with the power. If a sugar on either end doesn’t meet your expectations, keep it moving, don’t stay because you feel as if you’ll never find certain aspects of it again. Compromise works sometimes but don’t turn yourself into an escort just because the allowance is x amount of dollars or settle for an airhead model type who only wants your CC just because she’s a model.

    My sugar alter-ego…hmmmm…I don’t really have an alter ego. I am who I am 247 but I may tone down certain aspects of my personality depending in what type of situation I’m in. I tend to have a crass sense of humor so maybe I’ll bite my tongue on certain jokes because I don’t wish to offend. Maybe instead of being my old aggressive self, I’ll settle for being assertive so I don’t come off as overbearing. Things I believe that set me apart from other sugar babies…I’m not sure. I know I’ve got brains and an interesting way of looking at certain things. I’m very creative and I suppose I know how to be sexy without stripping down to my underwear. Haha, I don’t really want to step on any toes answering that question, but I suppose for being a mere college student, I’m a bit more mature in my approach to certain things.

    Just woke up so I hope that came out crystal clear (yeah, right). Off to do my grocery shopping and have lunch. Later all!

  355. Blog topic!! I learned about SA because of the Interview, the Veryfirst time I ever heard of the Concept is back When Anna Nicole was married to the oil tycoon Gentelman*r.i.p* I seen Mr Andy and thought well dang what a fun guy, maybe I am not his type but there must be someone out there that wants a ladyfriend to pay some attention to/vice versa. I was was amazed at how some of the guys really just want to honestly spoil a lady , Wow I thought Thats a whole diffrent planet then What I m used to, So I am here Hoping to find a nice man who I can maybe cook for maybe appreciate him for all his hard work,be mentored by and hopefully he will like to spend some time with me.

    Does this take Courage! Yes it does you have to have a no yellow running down your back!! A SB must have ingrained in her head What she wants, how she will obtain it and The Drive to go get it, I have a goal to go back to school maybe for Radiology and I just will like to do do that Debt free be cause That has become a goal also I want better for myself now that I have matured a bit and I am going to do it,

    An alter Ego, Yes I have an alter Ego but it is me I am a completly layered lady I like so many diffrent Things its hard to pin me down.
    So when I am in Drive mode Iam looking for somebody who can help me do what I need like a mentor,
    When I am in caretaker mode I want to make things Easy for him wich may mean me doing Errands and such things!
    not a fasade just an Element to my personality that Which with his chemistry may go Either way! adjust and Adapt..

  356. Sydney remember hes new! and even if hes not Girl if he makes sure you allowance is there on time! i say buy your own gift…You guys have chemestry that will come he maybe a vacationdaddy and how much fun could that be!!
    I would be happy my SD took time to do anything like that for me Olive garden is nice Days/hoiday/clairon all Decent in my book! maybe I am a penny pinchers SB Its like I like to Say Things Fade away I want your time!!
    *Sydney* I have a pot meeting coming up myself and I am Quite anxious about What he will offer I dont think him Cheap but I wonder what he’s willing to offer, Make sure you Get back to me in a month I MIGHT be on the same page as you then!!

  357. sweetredhead*269443* says:

    I would give him a chance, as you said he is new to this and may not have realized what to do on a first meet. If you liked him and had chemistry, give him a little slack and see what turns out. You never know unless you try.

  358. Sydney says:

    I’m Sydney and I’ve only been on this site for a short time but have had sugar relationships in the past that worked out great for me. I found out about SA when the SD I was dating for over a year moved to another state and I was back on the market looking for someone new.

    So far I’ve exchanged a lot of emails w people on this site but only a couple have turned into actual meetings. It seems a lot of the guys are eiether very shy or just curiosity-seekers – they don’t really have any intention of meeting you in person or having a real arrangement.

    But a few were interesting enough to meet in person. I met a guy fordinner last night who I had great chemistry with. He’s new to this but seems clear on how it works. His safety screening checked out ok and he appears legitimate. He’s clear on the amount of financial help I need and says he has no trouble with that. He asked me to have dinner with him again next week to talk some more, and I would dearly love to because he genuinely inerests me.

    Only one thing though that makes me hesitate…I’m used to a potential SD always bringing some sort of gift to a first meeting. Not cash, but maybe a gas or gift card, a book or something thoughtful as a way of showing appreciation and interest. This guy didn’t, and it made me wonder if this is going to set the tone for the relationship – that I should expect the allowance only and no gifts, shopping or occasional “surprises” that girls like…I don’t think I’d want to date a man like that. It would feel more like a sex-for-money arrangement and I’m used to being held by my SD as someone special – that’s why he always pampered and spoiled me silly of course! lol…

    Do you think I should see this pot SD again? While I’m very attracted to him and he seems to have no problem with my allowance requirements, I’m worried that he might be just wanting a straight sex for money arrangement which would make me feel used. Either that or the lack of a gift on the first date made me wonder if he might turn out to be one of those penny-pinching SD’s who complains about having to book you anything nicer than a Days Inn when you come to visit…or whose idea of taking you out for a nice meal is the Olive Garden…:)

    Any advice?

  359. SincereSD says:

    Good morning everyone,

    1. Re-introduction
    I’m a veteran SD of 6 years looking for the missing intimacy and friendship with one special woman. I am unhappy married and decided to be there for my children instead of leaving. I became a SD quite by accident when a grad student I was seeing lost her job and couldn’t pay her next tuition installment; I help her out and naturally stayed in the lifestyle because mistress relationships are too filled with drama. Found SA through a search engine after being unhappy with other SD dating sites.

    2. Courage to be SD
    Yes, it does take courage to be a SD. It’s difficult to maintain a dual-life and keep it separate from your friends because of the stigma attached to sugar dating. I find you have to work harder to maintain a ongoing SD relationship because of the surreal nature. It’s also very easy to be tempted as there are a lot of other SB willing become your companion but chemistry, attraction and friendship are requisites for me. I view my support as a sign of my affection for my SB but I have to confess I sometimes wonder whether we would be together without the benefits.

    3. Sugar-alter-ego and Differentiation
    No alter-ego here, what you see (errr read?) is what you get. It’s too difficult to pretend to be something you are not and maintain the facade in an ongoing relationship. I didn’t think that I was all that different than most men on this site but most SB I talked to have said they are surprised I’m very sincere (hence my handle) and a gentleman … so maybe that’s my alter-ego :p

    • OCSugarbaby says:

      A big Hello from Orange County California!

      Who is OCsugarbaby?
      I am a REAL girl who knows what she is looking for in a Sugar Arrangement.
      Yet, is in no hurry to rush into something that does not possess Chemistry and a true bond of friendship.
      You will find me to be the epitome of class, beauty, elegance and sass.
      My Midwestern upbringing keeps me grounded as an individual.
      The ability to treat others with respect and honesty comes naturally to me.
      I have a graduate degree and a great career.
      But also have goals that will allow me to further my dreams.
      With that said, I lead a ZERO drama lifestyle and want to keep it that way.

      OCSugarBaby Loves to Blog, no alter-ego needed. I hope to be taking down my profile soon! Hints to find me: 5’6 tall, single, blue eyes, blond hair, grad degree, non smoker, social drinker, city Orange County. ~OC