10 years ago
Gentleman Drought?

10 years ago
Gentleman Drought?

While the number of sugar daddies on SeekingArrangement continues to grow, many feel there’s been a Sugar Daddy drought over the last couple years. According to a
new study, the worlds wealth has dropped 11.7 percent since the recession, and the number of millionaires has also shrunk…

No Job? Marry the Sugar with your Passion…

After moving to Seattle with no job in place, Jasmine (a 27 year old hairstylist and single mother of a 9 year old son) wondered how she would make ends meet. After applying to several hair salons in her area with no success, she thought about finding a sugar daddy, but had no clue where to start or what being a ‘sugar baby’ really meant.

Turning Sour Into Sweet: “Sugar Cuts”

Once Jasmine realized that being a sugar baby didn’t mean having sex for money, she was ready to get started. Yet how would she find the perfect sugar-balance? How would she generate a steady flow of sugar during a possible sugar daddy drought? Jasmine loves to cut, trim, color, wash and do just about anything to hair, and she’s really good at it too. Not too long into our conversation, the idea for “Sugar Cuts” was born. Jasmine’s new profile on SeekingArrangement is short and sweet; she does hair, with a sugary twist…

Have you noticed a Sugar Daddy drought?

Do you combine your talents or special abilities with what you offer a potential sugar in an arrangement? Care to share?

Sugar Daddies: What is the best way for a potential sugar baby to approach you?

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793 Responses to “Gentleman Drought?”

  1. BlueyedRedHead 403249 says:

    There is so much of a drought that the posers are taking advantage of it. I think it’s horrible for those guys to take advantage of younger girls that aren’t really checking what they need to check and asking those hard questions.

  2. sasha says:

    I’m very new to this site and I would like to reach out to some other sugar babys out there. I really need some advive on how to be successful on this site because at the moment I feel like there is a sugar daddy drought. This drought seems to be tremendously affecting african american women on the site more. Does anyone have any thoughts they would like to share?

  3. sasha says:

    Omg robin. You are so right. There is definitely a drought of sd seeking young black women. I’ve been on the site for almost two months and have also sent out tons of emails. In some cases I’ve had sd’s say flatout that they don’t want a black women. I considered myself to be cute, curvy and articulate which has been pointed out to me in emails about what I’ve said in my profile. The fact seems to remain, that the top sd’s making good money only want blondes, brunettes, asians, and latin women. I’m not giving up yet, but it does discourage me a little. Has anyone else had the same experiencd?

  4. LondonCalling says:

    Good morning sugars! and Dads…lol

    Just wanted some quick advice as I am new to this site. Anyone on this morning?

  5. robin says:

    I believe there is a drought especially for a young black woman like me and also in my area! I’ve been on this site for a month I’ve sent out emails but haven’t gotten any in return, I haven’t got one bite and my bills are piling up fast. I am a good catch I’m curvy, juicy bottom, large chest beautiful face and hair, I do have extra weight but I’m working out and active and I have no kids. I’m down for just about anything as long as it doesn’t interfere with school.It’s rough for this ohioan

  6. Winnie says:

    Hello all….Thank you for all of your posts…I joined about a month ago and your posts have helped a lot. I am in New Jersey. The only thing I get confused about is the not talking about money before you meet….I get what you guys are saying but isnt this site about being up front? Believe I’m not a pro at this by any means…just a single mom that would like to provide her children with the things they need and also really looking for someone I have a connection with and can go out when I don’t have my children and have fun. The financial help is nice, but not the only reason I’m here. I have my degree in paralegal, but it doesn’t buy playstation 3’s and justice clothes for the kids. lol


    Yeah! I am excited to learn that I can talk to other Sugars! Very new to this site but already loving it! When I was jobless and looking for an office position I put an add on here as a SEXY ASSISTANT and got well over 100 replies :) I am a cute sugar baby imagin what you hotties could get!


  8. stacy says:

    wow…i’m so amazed at these posts. i didn’t realize some guys can be so generous. the guy i’m dating now is broke as hell. i pay for his car payment, food, and my own living expense. unfortunately i don’t have a job so i’m paying everything through my unemployment. i hope one day i can find someone who loves me and is willing to take care of me…

  9. Becca says:

    Oh, I was referring to where you said:

    “Oh and to add in…open relationships are rare and don’t exist in the vanilla world so I also call BS on a married SB who’s husband approves

    Thanks for having me. ;D

  10. SugaCaneBby says:

    Key word was RARE, Becca. Welcome to the blog. :)

  11. Becca says:

    SugaCaneBby, you are very wrong about open relationships not existing in the vanilla world. I am married 5 years to the man I started dating when I was 14 and he very much approves of me being a SB for another man (or woman). He even sits with me to help me screen my pot SD/SMs. And our relationship together is very vanilla. He knows that I will still love him no matter how wonderful my Sugars are and this arrangement works for him too.

    I am meeting with a POT SD on Monday afternoon and my hubby is dropping me off there and picking me up.

  12. Olivia says:

    Meeting a Pot SD today for lunch… gosh, he sure was persistent in seeing me. I can’t decide if that was a good or bad thing! Fingers crossed. Today, I am a bit nervous- We shall see!

  13. NYC SB says:

    Delia DeLyon – I would not ask for a spa day prior to meeting… if he offers then sure…

    You dont want him thinking that you “owe” him something bc he paid for a spa day now do you?

  14. AtlNicole*389079* says:

    Yeah, you gotta be careful. because these types of relationships tend to move fast, some guys seem to think this is the perfect way to meet easy girls. In all honesty, there are a lot of girls that get taken advantage of, and it is unfortunate. You have to be smart about it and always be careful.

  15. dietcokehead says:

    Thank you all for the advice. He ended up emailing me to tell me he’s not interested in an arrangement because I wouldn’t spend the night. What a jerk!

  16. SugaCaneBby says:

    Oh and to add in…open relationships are rare and don’t exist in the vanilla world so I also call BS on a married SB who’s husband approves…the same way I would definitely call BS on a married SD who’s wife approves.

    AtlNicole – Congrats on finding sugar! I hope things go the same way with me when I meet my first pot, but of course I’m wary. He’s said a few things that tip me off to not being EXACTLY on the same page about the financial aspect of this, but we’ll see.

    DietCokeHead – I pretty much second everything everyone else has to say. Guy seems to be out of touch with procedures. I’d either remind him or move on.

  17. For my SD friend!!
    Good night My Friend will be looking for your e-mail!! sure to make me smile!!!!

  18. AtlNicole*389079* says:

    My day was not so interesting. I had lunch with my new *trial period* SD. He is very sweet, but doesn’t really talk about himself much. He was asking me a ton of questions though so I am taking that to mean he is interested in getting to know me. I think his job is so interesting, but he doesn’t seem to like talking about it, so I will have to stew in my own curiosity. I mean he is a surgeon…that is so cool to me. But I guess it might lose some of the magic if you do it every day.

  19. ATL oh its always like that and I am constantly debating on which is the right thing to do. Edit/ no edit Say wht I really think or shoot a unit!

    I had to do that today dude at the Grocery store said something really whack”dont sign the Check without telling the cashier” now listen I was standing Within an arms length of him while siging the Check!!,
    I thought I should say he should go get a mri for his neuro-occlusion.
    but then I just said no! I will shoot a unit!! he said oh oh its ok, and I said
    Would you like another check or do i need a diffrent Cashier. long story shortened
    he cashed the check and really wondered if I was gonna get all Ma’dea on him!!

  20. AtlNicole*389079* says:

    Hello Sugars. Survivor was a big disappointment, but I got sucked into CSI, which was pretty good.

    There is no way that I can catch up on everything I missed today, but a couple things caught my eye.

    dietcokehead: I would highly recommend taking a peek at the blog about free test drives, since it sound like this guy is even cheaper than that. You never want a SD who can be considered cheap. Or one who says he wants to “make sure he is getting his moneys worth.” NEXT.

    Kit Kat: Your ADD seems worse than usual tonight. But you are keeping me entertained. How do you choose between salt and sugar situations? Oh, and House is way better than Grey’s :)-

  21. Diet Coke.. I need to Retract Part of my statment
    when I seen GEMI jumping up and down hopin mad about your post! I said Hey kit kat Re-read that post,
    umm did you literally mean Coffee?? if so homeboy is in heat! thats half crazy but again you stick to your guns either way! salty pepper or caffineated!! lol, and just to be clear for him definealty have your Eye on your bill he might trya fast one!

  22. hey Gemi I though you were over there watching Seattle Grace!! lol
    whats up with meridith’s sis her make-up was off, I thinks shes baking!!

  23. Gemini29 says:

    Delia- It can’t hurt to ask. From what I understand, if he’s a REAL SD (or at least close to one), paying for your spa services shouldn’t be a big deal for him. And if you wanted to be even safer, he could just get you an e-giftcard (or something like that) for the spa…better than knowing your acct you know what I mean? I think it is at least worth a try…what is the harm in asking?

  24. Delia DeLyon says:

    dietcokehead, I am new to all of this but I agree with Gemini that you should move along, he sounds FOS to me!

  25. Delia DeLyon says:

    So the SD I have been talking to from CL seems for real! Today we talked about money and I told what I need and he said he is game! We didnt talk at all yesterday so I thought he was dunzo but when i contacted him today he was relly happy, he said he thought he had scared me away, and was too naughty! he hasnt said anything too naughty at all so I think he might actually be a nice guy, we will see though. I told him Id like to meet somewhere public soon and well see from there if there is any chemistry.

    Do you guys think it would be ok to ask him to pay for a spa visit before we even meet up? I mean, I need to look nice for him! He can call and put money on my account at the spa for the services I want. I wanted to ask him this today but didnt want to seem too pushy off the bat and scare him away, but if we are gonna get together I REALLY need a mani/pedi and some waxing done first!

    Are most pretty receptive to you asking for help before you even meet? Im not asking for cash and really its for his benefit more than mine, ya know?

  26. Gemini29 says:

    ahhh greys my love my only one…show.

    ok so.

    dietcokehead- whaaaaaaaaaa??? on a second COFFEE DATE he tried to get you up to his room?? BOY IS ON SOME SERIOUS CRACK. I want that kind of crack. I mean, really, that must be some good crack….if you think you can honestly get a woman to sleep with you after you buy her a second cup of coffee. I mean I know Starbucks can be a bit pricey but really now…laaaaaaaame.
    Yeaaah so. in my honest opinion, you need to move on. That…boy…is not a SD. You deserve nice dinners and real generosity and chivalry not a lame-butt booty request.

    Rica- what? I could have sworn you would have snagged an awesome SD by now. Sorry MD guy didn’t work out.

    And apparently I’m a bit hopped up from the caffeine in my tea. whoops.

  27. SugaCaneBby says:

    Hey all!

    In response to the double standard slash not double standard…then by all means, it’s a choice. If married sugars make you nervous, then avoid them like the plague. :) I just think it’s unfair for no one to ever question a married SDs motivation but a SB gets the 3rd degree. 😉

    …and now onto the next blog!

  28. Sweety SB~ AKA BG says:

    Off to bed for me sugars! Have a great night

  29. Sweety SB~ AKA BG says:

    KK~ you can always blog when the commercials are on Lmao

  30. yeah Rica you act as if you on an air bot in the Everglades with a moat full of alligators and pronahas!

  31. oh girl I didnt know Iam halfin it so conjgations and prepositions may not show up like they should!

  32. Sweety SB~ AKA BG says:

    lol not KK i don’t watch TV that much sorry!

  33. Sweety you watching Greys anatomy?? whooo hooooo Iam all in here to run a muck!!

  34. Dietcoke you are welcome but I feel like I approach things 2 ways Salt/ pepper *passive /aggressive*

  35. Sweety SB~ AKA BG says:

    Rica ~ Where are you at?
    Hi Kit Kat

  36. SFSD your a good Straight man!! off your meds huh lol

  37. SF SD says:

    > Kit-Kat – “SFSD safe to say you and I are the Blog clowns!!”

    Nah. YOU are the Queen of Sass. I, on the other hand, am simply off my meds.

  38. dietcokehead says:

    Thanks for the reply kit-kat!

  39. Rica23 says:

    I know right!!! I don’t know…well I don’t know if I will find that SD who is for me. Some times it seems maybe due to my location it may be harder than anticipated lol.

  40. mala fletcha !! whats up with that is right!! NC gent does give good

  41. Rica23 says:

    Kat you are crazy lol…ok the MD SD…I really dont know what to say…He and I kept missing each other after the second wk of talking on the phone. I think he is a nice guy…he seemed like the type I could connect with and all. I think the only barrier was the money in my opinion. I got great advise from NC gent and I did emailed him. I let him know I felt the connect..but I was on here to find the best of both a great friend and financial help…dont know girl…I think he was under the impression that we were gonna be friends with “free goodies”…he commented something like I don’t mind helping….WTF???

  42. they all left for Greys anatomy

  43. Rica
    thanks for your kind word
    Gracias si/yo se pude’ LOL I mispell in 2 diffrent tounges!! hehehe
    ok side note I can speak spanish pretty doggone good but cut me slack!! on the Writing lol

  44. Hey Rica lady Que paso?? I used to live up there ahh Beltway area..
    how about Mr.Maryland?? what happened?

  45. Diet coke head
    is he pressuring you? I like to know what the others think,
    heres my salty advice : I cannot imagine the man knows you very well or Vice versa. at the hotel room comment I would have Reminded him of that Very fact additonally at this point there is no arrangment, What does he Really Owe you/you him? If I were you I would be picking up MY OWN tab just because I am diffrent.

    the peppery advice
    If the man is taking you out to dinner keep going, he/you will eventually have to bring up the arrangment somehow, and at that time you can remind him of what type of assistance youll need, plus by then you should know him pretty good and be comfortable! if its all Wrong, take it as practice for your perfect SD

  46. Rica23 says:

    Kat you seem like a really fun loving and sweet gal…hope the others see u the same way

  47. Rica23 says:

    Hey all!!! I have been trying to get back into the mix lately. I am excited for those of you who have been having a lot of ” Candy coated rain drops” lately. I have not been so fortunate lately…oh well…I will keep looking lol

    Any one in the Virginia area???

  48. Gemi NC Gent started it!! lol its his fault send him to the office!! lol

    To the Sb’s long as I have been on here you guys have made me feel Welcome, most of the time you read my whackky post and somehow understand what I am TRYING to say, and yet still very supportive, always giving me the Best advice, some times a word to the wise.
    I state that I am a brown sugarbaby but thus far the big diffrence is shoe width lol!!
    Segwey into.. to the SD’s on here I am almost afraid to ask What kind of impression I have made on you guys but for sure, when I go to the grocery I wonder if thats you who I’m talking to on the blog.*or clowing with*

  49. dietcokehead says:

    I’ve met with a pot SD twice now, but he hasn’t spent much on me.. We had coffee on both dates. It seems like he’s treating this as traditional dating. How should I bring up the subject of money? He asked if I wanted to go to his hotel on our 2nd date (I declined). I didn’t like that he asked me so soon… Should I move on to someone else?

  50. YES!! Greys anatomy!! is back!! the only other show I like more than that is LOST!! *bumm bumm bummmmm*

    Myself and SFSD are crazy arent we, yes Brain for bleach needed for this blog, I wonder how it would be if I was on the soda*and I mean soda* lol my Exzuberance would be near unmanagable!

    Thanks Nyc I am glad my ADD amuses you lol,
    tonights Objective is to mention cupons and allowances in the same post!! lol I can do it .. *thinking*

  51. Gemini29 says:

    AltNicole – Oh congrats! And hey, I’m addicted to Greys Anatomy so I’ll be glued to the tv from 9 until 11pm. lolol.

  52. AtlNicole*389079* says:

    Just popping in. Wanted to say thanks to Flo Rida for the help. I will be back on later tonight after I get my Survivor fix for the week. (I know it is lame)

    Oh and my lunch today was very nice. The Doc even gave a me a lovely gift. Is it really his fault he can’t resist all this sexiness in one place? J/K We have decided to attempt an arrangement, more detail to follow tonight. Stay tuned.


  53. Gemini29 says:

    oh lordy, cucumbers and raincoats, I think I need bleach for my brain now.

    Yes my best guess is swingers. Or flat out liiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiie. I recently had a *cough* “separated” SD tell me that his wife was A-Ok with him having had SBs in the past. Yes, and on what planet am I supposed to believe that?

    KC – I try to bring up allowance or at least previous SB/SD arrangements in the second or third emails. I at least ask what their previous arrangement was, most of the time they will elaborate on this. Now I have yet to have a SD nor have I had a first date yet (but getting there!!) but I don’t like to waste my time on deadbeat SDs. I am not saying I say anything about $$ at all, I think it is up to the guys to talk about that, but I do do a lead-in for them to start talking their spending, spoiling, and pampering up :) Hope that helps! Oh, and welcome to the blog!

  54. NYC SB says:

    I agree… KK and SFSD make me laugh during work… thus making my day better… so thank you guys :)

  55. SFSD safe to say you and I are the Blog clowns!!
    it is very refreshing to Know you and i probabaly would never intersect in Regular life but Since I met you on here maybe youll see me.. and Say hey Kit kat Which at this point I half respond to anyway! which is nice..
    Seeking Arrangement: Bringing all kinds of smart asses together!!

    think hed go for that on his next book?

  56. SF SD says:

    Whoa, K-K. You’ve got my imagination running overtime here.

  57. SFSD as he tells her to be good and to wear her seat belt at all times the Vehicle is in motion!!

  58. SFSD I was thinking the cucumber and the trojan at the door deal hahahaha
    and ok Mister you and I are gonna have a talk about all the wise cracks youve been making lately.. hehehehehe

  59. SF SD says:

    Hmmm. Then again, he might just hand our stalwart SD the instructions in the teeny type from the Trojans box and get a signature.

  60. SF SD says:

    > OC – “a flock of CL wearing blog posting SB’s would appear out of no-where and subdue him with their stilettos.”

    See? They’re really very practical. Perhaps we should contact CL about a custom run in widths for our blog SBs.

    K-K – “NC Gent I would like to hear how the hubby gave the safe sex class at the door though.”

    Using the flip charts from Planned Parenthood, of course.

  61. Tlg I am old school I dont do the county lock up thing and long as she dont put hands on me I wont have to get all*you say Roadhouse* Ma’dea on her a** now for the hubby thats his problem he shoulda been more careful
    there are men called DramaKings and having to screen for them is a priority also!

  62. OC I will bring my Hand bag*not the narrow shoes*!! the one with the pool balls in it !! lol

  63. NC Gent I would like to hear how the hubby gave the safe sex class at the door though.

  64. The Lone Gunman says:

    NC Gent:

    Regarding the “married but Hubby is aware and approves” SB.

    My most immediate response is not to believe that statement–and it always seems phrased exactly the same way whenever I encounter the married SB (SBs here can tell us if the same shows up for married SDs).

    I pass on these opportunities, since I don’t like to take the chance that someone might show up out of the blue and force me go all Roadhouse in self-defense–or make the foolish mistake of attempting to blackmail me.


    • OCSugarbaby says:

      TLG: I am following your lead on sticking with the Single SD’s. I am a lover not a fighter…
      You mean you wouldn’t get all Road-House if he punched first? My vision would be… he would try to sucker punch you, but a flock of CL wearing blog posting SB’s would appear out of no-where and subdue him with their stiletto’s. Because drama does not belong in a sugar arrangement.

  65. KC better talk to NYC/OC or Gemi
    And being I think I am such a thrifty baby myself I think you would be able to tell just by what hes talking about, long as hes not beating his chest with His day trader lifestyle, and his 5 houses and his Yacht(s). you will have to listen to Cues, the 300 may bejust cash if he likes to take you places and trips It may be that you are better than you think.
    people with money they got it some how and it wasnt by being mild and meek, they got it by being Sharks! make a Counter Offer and let him know its not about the $ because you Genuinly like him but you need assistance in what ever way to ensure your need$ are met also.

  66. Speaking of Whats the difference between a married/So SD with a SB married/SO than being swingers?
    Its a Question not an accusation or a judgement !

  67. NC Gent says:

    I don’t think I just compared an SB to a car, but it certainly may have come across like that 😉

    I think swingers is the most plausible – good call Kit-Kat :)

  68. KC says:

    So….I just met with a potential, our second meeting ( we had a picnic in the park and have great chemistry, I’d almost consider dating him…) and we had said we would definitely discuss our arrangment needs – I usually treat the first meeting as a get to know each other meeting and sometimes to details of the arrangement don’t come into play at that time.
    I told him about my 2 previous SD arrangements and I could see I was starting to lose him….his previous girl was much younger than me and he only gave her $300 a meeting. And as a model, I get paid that much per hour to model clothes or do a high end promotion…..and don’t do per meeting arrangements anyway, they make me feel like a hooker…
    So needless, to say, I was very disappointed because I really like this guy. I may still try to work things out somehow, but we did determine that we are in different stratospheres….
    Anyway, I am usually pretty good at weeding out “low bidders” but I think I have lost my knack these days….
    I am wondering, because you all seem to give great advice on this blog, any tips on when to bring up the financial expectations? Should I be doing this on the first meeting? Thanks so much :)

  69. NC Gent maybe hes not.. maybe the mairrage is a shamwooow? plenty gay dudes with a wife and kids maybe hes not attracted to her?
    maybe She want more then what he is giving up!
    I dont know whos the pimp in that one but its def more then I would want to get my kit- kat in to
    Swingers?? thats the most plausable to me

  70. NeOhio SB says:

    Miss CL> I have learned NOT to find any Ohio Sd’s . They just don’t “get it.”. Seek out of state, quality absolutely is there.

  71. NYC SB says:

    NC – did you just compare an SB to a car? lol

  72. NC Gent says:

    It would be a double standard if there wasn’t money involved — as the purchaser, I have choices and preferences that I am allowed — just like I like leather seats and a sunroof in my car. If it it was simply an affair, then I would say yes it is a double standard.

  73. miss CLEVELAND says:

    hello sugar fam.

    I seem to always get stuck with the creepers.

    Any words of advice.

  74. SF SD says:

    >Sweety SB – “Any thoughts on my profile?”

    Thanks for asking, Sweety SB. I’m not that good with profile advice, but I’m sure you’ll get lots of good suggestions from others here.

  75. SugaCaneBby says:

    Delia Delon – I say you should write as much as feel you need to put to give whoever reads it a good sense of who you are. I hate running across generic profiles that mention interests that ANYONE with money would like: “Fine Dining, Travel, blah blah blah”. Makes it really hard to figure out what to say to them initially. “Oh hi! I like fine dining as well! Let’s chat!” Bleh. Lol, my profile is a bit on the longer side as well but that’s only because I have the intent of showing people I’m more than just some brat looking for a hand-out.

    On the subject of married SBs, I think the motivation is the same behind married SDs. O_o See, there goes that double standard. She’s obviously looking for something she can’t get in her vanilla life, the same way a SD is looking for an escape from obligations on his end as well. I thought that would be obvious? There are plenty of SDs that leave THEIR wives and children behind for indulgent weekends as well…Once again, a case of kettle black.

    Anyway, off to work now. Later all!

  76. Delia Deyon says:

    I have noticed that most profiles are very short, with little descriptions about the type of person they are. Is this par for the course? My profile is pretty long, should I maybe revise it so they dont have to read as much? I want to show that I am very different from not only most women, but most people and the best way to do that is in my description but I dont want to turn people off because they feel they have to read too much.

    The only guy that I have spoken with so far that seems serious is the one I met from craiglist! Pretty funny. He seems really nice, and hes cute, and young to which has me a little weary. I was intending upon connecting with much older men (50+) because they seem much easier, nicer, and more secure, but I have noticed most of the men with active profiles on the site are in their 30’s and 40’s.
    have you all had good experiences with the younger guys?

  77. NC Gent says:

    Ok — one more comment — I guess I can see it if her hubby doesn’t know about it — maybe she wants an upscale lover that can spoil with her what hubby isn’t providing….

  78. NC Gent says:

    I’m just wondering on the etiquette when I pick her up? Do I shake his hand and tell him I will have his wife home before midnight? Oh yeah, and tell me how embarrassing it would be if he gave me the lecture about condoms lol

    • OCSugarbaby says:

      Well, are you sure he even really knows about it? She may say he is fine with it but he may freak out and try to kick your butt one day. I think it may add an element of drama that some will try to avoid. That could be why you have run into so many that don’t tell you they are married.

  79. SugaCaneBby says:

    Good morning sugars! Just dropping in briefly before I have to get ready for work. A SD pair sounds like fun. :3 It’s something different and therefore intrigues me (mainly why I’ve decided to give the sugar life a crack in the first place!).

    Has a bit of a creep factor to it, but as long as they’re both perfect gentleman, everything is gravy! I’ve been on movie dates where the guy has bought a close friend of his alone and they were fun times indeed. :)

    Going to catch breakfast and wait for the blog to pick up a bit.

  80. NC Gent says:

    Question for the blog — there is a newly signed up SB in my area – she is attractive and married – I am on the fence about her being married. She stated that her husband approves of her leaving the family (kids and hubby) behind for the weekend for some generous sugar — does anyone else think that is like hubby pimping out his wife? Maybe I am just being narrow minded and hypocritical — just struck me as odd.

    • OCSugarbaby says:

      Hi NC Gent: I will never understand the married SB’s mindset. I am thinking it may have many facets to it. But can’t wrap my mind around it. No… odd comes to mind but I try to be open minded. I have heard the married SB’s state they use the money on their children NOT their husband, etc. But as an SD would it feel strange? Maybe for some it wouldn’t.

  81. Sweety SB~ AKA BG says:

    NYC SB~ thank you, yeah I think I’ll cancel and make a new one! But, also it’s my location, I think! I was thinking of adding a little more personal things in it, like what I do and stuff, do you think that would be good?

  82. Happy Lurker says:

    Do you combine your talents or special abilities with what you offer a potential sugar ? Even on SA you might come across an SB and lighting strikes. How does it affect you ? Where does it lead to ? Poof !
    It runs like this.
    “Over her on SA was that my SB stole from me.
    “my heart, and farther on my generosity
    “Here with her beautiful eys she promised me the world
    “And with the same eyes he she stole it back.
    “Over here she mesmerized me and released me;
    “For myself I burnt here, and with infinite regret.
    “From this website I saw her leave,
    “She who stole myself from me and never turned back.
    Hope you appreciate it.

  83. NYC SB says:

    Sweety – I remember you! 😀 I still love the big smile picture maybe that should be the main one

    As far as text goes its straight and to the point… if I was an SD i would contact you… and I might know why you are not getting as many emails… you joined in March so your profile when an SD is searching is towards the end… after the premium members and newer SBs

  84. oh geez Sydney SB so sorry you have those messages come to you.
    they are idiots and dont understand the Concept of SD , and IMO have no home traning either . glad you are staying positive !!

  85. Realistic IMO I would really feel the SB out there are maybe 2 guys that did for me in south florida and if I could go back there I would I was linked with this one guy for years, and find it hard now not to want to go back there Where I know I would have someone there for me!
    My delimma was is this i was Esentially his mistress, he was great but I had to relocate to central florida the delimma was have a family support system here or have the sugary support there! *

  86. Gemini29 says:

    NYC SB – I wonder if that is the same profile I ran across recently… I was going to mention that I have seen SD pairs on SA. Not as common, but they are out there.

  87. Horoscope Under Cover says:

    Morning everyone! I made up my mind about Mr. Eager Beaver. Not going to meet up with him, too many things I’m uncomfortable with in his emails to me.

    Don’t get me wrong, its great when a pot SD is excited about meeting a pot SB. But…I prefer him to be excited to meet ME, not just be excited to have a pretty young girl as his date for dinner. And I should be excited to meet HIM as a person, not only going because he has money.

    thanks for everyone’s inputs, I did take it into consideration (slept on it all night) but in the end….I need to go with what my instinct is telling me.

  88. Sydney SB says:

    Hi everyone!
    I’m new to this and I’m just discovering how it all works…
    This blog has been a huge help though… I’ve been looking for an SD for a couple of weeks and unfortuantely the perfect SD hasn’t appeared just yet…
    But fingers crossed he will soon?!
    Any further tips on finding a genuine guy who has the perfect balance of emotional and financial commitment?!
    I’m struggling to find anyone who I’m attracted to (whether it be personality or/and looks) who is actually willing to strike up a mutually beneficial arrangement… it seems that so far all the guys i’ve spoken to are just after casual sex without the connection nor cash involved – or if cash is inbolved, its more like ‘how much would a blow job cost me?’ yes… i’ve actually had that message sent to my inbox… and i really don’t think i come across like that in my profile eiether!!
    Grrr I want a powerful, strong business guy to come sweep me off my feet and spoil me rotten… is it really going to happen?!!! xxx

  89. hello everyone how is everyone?? Realistic thanks for your looking at my profile!
    SFSD I think I saw you too just now to figure which one you are!
    Jmes I bet I could guess who you are also,
    none the less it is nice to Tie the words of wisdom to a face!
    and there was a SB also and I havent the Slightest clue who it was but thanks for looking too!

    Nyc Yea handbags work lol but its not like something I was going to cry about lol my feet been challenged for a while, I am happy they are fit for peeptoes and toes out shoes!!
    and after Lannie showed me that website I think I am going to into miser mode so I can get one of those handbags tax time is a comin too!!

    and a general comment to all I really like all you guys on the blog so much advice so many diffrent viewes

  90. NYC SB says:

    SO I forgot to comment on this:

    RealisticSD says: have run across four pairs of women on SA so far. Any opinions on this? I take it there are no pairs of SDs, which brings us back to the whole issue of polygyny vs. polyandry.

    I ran into a SD pair… it was interesting … they were business partners and were soley interested in taking girls out to dinner… nothing else… the girl got to pick the place and the guy… So being the smartass that I am I told them I want to meet both of them hahaha … it turned out that they were two very enchanting gentlemen and we had a great dinner and conversation… PS dinner was at Per Se 😀

  91. NYC SB says:

    SF SD is probably my favorite SD blogger… so funny and insightful…

  92. James says:

    SF SD, thanks for the on target thoughts and the welcome!

  93. Sweety SB~ AKA BG says:

    Hey NC ~ i’m doing good!

    Hello all! how is everyone?

  94. Flo Rida says:

    Kit Kat – I have wide feet too, in fact I say to people that I have ducks’ feet (not that yours are that wide but mine are).

    Signing off for the day, I’ve got lots of business meetings to go to. Play nice peeps.

  95. SouthernGent2 says:

    I got a good laugh about the travel in pairs comment by Realistic. I have found the same thing several times.

  96. NC Gent says:

    I actually prefer something longer than 3-6 months also because it takes a lot of work to find the right SB. As RSD pointed out, it can end for a number of reasons though :)

  97. RealisticSD says:

    “In my oppinion that” (i.e. NSA but long term) “on average means I want to see you for 3-6 months and then move on.” Not entirely true perhaps because that is what I say, but I’d be happy if it lasted years with the right person. The reality is that the relationship is based on the SB’s need for money, and when she finishes school / finds a job / finds a husband, the relationship will end. If she is graduating college in six months, it’s not wise to be planning for two years ahead. Just my two cents.

  98. RealisticSD says:

    Lannie, I don’t like prolonged penpal courtships. If in an e-mail or two there seems to be mutual chemistry, then I find it best to get her number, text her, and set up a low-key meeting. But everyone does it differently. There is one SB now who wants very prolonged emailing followed by chatting then texting then phone conversations before meeting. I am impatient, so this process tries my patience, especially since she is so slow to respond to e-mails.

  99. NYC SB says:

    WOW I missed a lot!

    Kit-Kat – “Realistic so what do you do with more than 2k?”
    SF SD says: Buy a pair of CLs and go to the falafel stand with the change.

    hahaha in NYC we call it “street meat” and its yummy

    RealisticSD says: Seeing that I am outnumbered by rather convincing and intelligent women, I won’t use my alternate account any more. It really is unfair to use it and dismisses the emotions of the people on the other end. I guess the best is just to get a feel for people in person.
    have run across four pairs of women on SA so far. Any opinions on this? I take it there are no pairs of SDs, which brings us back to the whole issue of polygyny vs. polyandry.

    Here is my thought on this… I always held you in high regard Realistic… you know how this arrangement should work and its not all about sex… Im glad to hear you are no longer going to do this…

    Kit-Kat*367987* says:hell after Lannie and Nyc’s good fourtune I am Really thinkingon a MUCH larger scale, I want my own buisness too A hair a rama!!

    YES! Dream big… work hard… and make dreams a reality

    Kit-Kat*367987* says: SFSD baby doll With all due respect please go look at my profile, *waiting* I have Wide feet if Nyc has to be selective about the Width bay-bay I have no chance.. do they sell earrings?? lol I fit all of those!!!

    No earings… but they do have very nice bags… and its one size fits all 😉

    Flo Rida says:OCSugarbaby – I understand the frustration, my motto is “good things come to those who are good.” and you are top class.

    Kill them with kindness… my moto for life

    Flo Rida says: You see I really do remember EVERYTHING. But if it’s reading US weekly, People magazine, Havard Business Review or the NY times and WSJ and remembering stuff in there I much prefer that.

    Believe it or not my sucess as an SB largely depends on being informed on various issues… every man I have met has been taken back that I had an oppinion… puts me a step above all the NYC “models”

    sweetredhead says: I love nine west!! the most comfortable heels I have ever worn.

    I concur… I wear them at work as they are still comfortable after wearing them for 10 hours

    Horoscope Under Cover says: Its like he’s… tooo eager. Too eager to meet me. Too eager for a SD/SB relationship. Just…too.

    Too eager is a turn off for me… and yes I run for the hills at the mere mention of commitment… My advice… sure meet for dinner, as it will allow you to practive your “interview” skills… and then if there is no fit say thanks but no thanks….

    I remember a guy IRL who was like this for me (ok many guys lol) and I hated it … untill one really hot guy was that into me… well then I loved it!

    AtlNicole*389079* says: He says he is looking for something NSA but long term.

    In my oppinion that on average means I want to see you for 3-6 months and then move on… but i digress

  100. Flo Rida says:

    AtlNicole – I spend 10% of my time in Atl and I work for a restaurant broker. The simple answer to your question is buy a Zagat guide and search by price, it’s generally reliable.

    THe LONG answer is as follows: Bacchanalia is the overall best, it’s sister restaurant Quinone’s is the best “fine fine, think anniversary or special birthday place), Joel has best dessert as Joel is a former pastry chef, Aria is best date place, Hals has best tasting steak but is full of 60 year old men chasing after 40 year old women (not that there’s anything wrong with that), Bone’s or Chops are best steak for overall feel, Two Urban Licks is trendiest, the new in place to go for drinks is the St Regis Bar or the W midtown bar, Troi is trendy and ok, Blue Ridge Grill is excellent and has a southwest feel, Nan is best asian, Rathbun’s is very very solid. I told someone else I think it was Lannie that I’m REALLY good with food and not just in Atlanta, I’m a foodie – the only downside is that I have to work out all the time to keep my weight down.

  101. The Lone Gunman says:


    Whoops…channelling Adrian Kronauer for a moment there.

    Is everyone ready for the new day of Sugar, or will you be drifting through the Mundane world?

    In which dimension do you spend the most time–Mundane or Sugar?


  102. Sweety SB~ AKA BG says:

    Lannie~ thank you! Have a good night, do let me know how your trip is going!

  103. Lannie says:

    SF and Sweety:

    I am fixing to sign off and hit the sack as I have last minute preparation for the trip to run tommorrow and of course I have to get my nails done lol…again Thank You so much for the advice.

  104. Sweety SB~ AKA BG says:

    Lannie~ yes it does help thank you. I have to rethink it all…. oh, i so don’t want a boyfriend SD …..
    SF SD~ any thoughts on my profile? if you want too?

  105. Lannie says:


    Thank You, Actually I had not really given thought to it and I am pretty up front about things as well so I will keep your advice very close to the fingers on my keyboard. lol…

  106. Lannie says:


    Your profile is not bad but you might want to change some of the wording so it doesn’t feel so strong. It has a feel that you are open to a boyfriend SD, but that is how I read it. I did that in the beginning and to write it twice and finally if you notice with each sentence I followed it up by trying to show what I had to offer with who I am. I hope that helps.

  107. Sweety SB~ AKA BG says:

    SF SD~ that is true! but at least it’s not an email address!

  108. SF SD says:

    > Do you think posting a profile # is wrong?

    Nope. Just remember that it will be associated with whatever name you use here.

  109. Sweety SB~ AKA BG says:

    SF SD~ we all know, god I know, that the info here could be read by anyone. I did post my email once but i got a stalker. Do you think posting a profile # is wrong?

  110. SF SD says:

    Lannie – Just one more thought, if you don’t mind. You haven’t done anything indiscreet, but do remember this is a public blog. Give some thought to the personal information you post here. Wishing you well.

  111. Lannie says:

    Sweety says:”so being a member does make a difference”

    I don’t know but maybe someone else can weigh in on this. But I know for me the first few days I viewed lots of profiles, and had no responses even to a couple emails I sent. I had blurred my pics and so I changed my pic and just blacked out the eyes for safety but still nothing and I changed my profile but seldom got viewed. I upgraded to member and Wham! within the first 24 hours I got viewed 36 times and 12 emails lol… which quite surprised me.

    I know when I look at a SD profile I am more apt to read everyline of an orange one compared to a blue one which I skim over as I wonder if they are serious if they can not afford 20 bucks lol… sounds strange putting it that way but I wonder if SD’s think the same way lol.

  112. Sweety SB~ AKA BG says:

    Lannie~ we SBs can’t send each other mail threw the site, we need normal email for that! the site will send you an email with my contact info, i’m not gonna give it on here, as i had a stalker. because i put my email addy on here…. never again! What did you think of what i have now? if you don’t mind?

    Stephan can you send my email address to Lannie?? Thank you

  113. SugaCaneBby says:

    Lannie – Oh I know. I’m taking my time. I have a potential meet on the 16th but I just noticed that lately everyone has been having dates fall through. Most likely the same thing will happen to me.

    I’m working on the final draft of my profile as I type this. Just waiting on props (internation shipping is a pain) and then I can put up pics that do me as close of a justice as I can manage. I’m not photogenic at all, lol. Just another reason I’d never be a good model. 😉

  114. AtlNicole*389079* says:

    Well Sugars. It has been fun, but morning is going to come wayyy too soon. I am sure I will be on tomorrow afternoon to update on the Doc.

    Good night. Sleep tight.


  115. Lannie says:


    AWWW! Thank You but I just view myself as average and I think I put that in my profile on body type…lol… after trying to write my profile twice I just figured I should speak from the heart and let who I am show through my writing as maybe it would weed out some who looked only at the outer package and give a glimpse of who I am from the inside out. For me, writing about myself was the hardest part. When you get something worked up I would be happy to look at it before you change it if you send it to my inbox.

  116. Sweety SB~ AKA BG says:

    Lannie~ your welcome! so being a member does make a difference, that’s good to know…

  117. SF SD says:

    > Horoscope – “Here’s the thing…he’s already spelled it out…in a really LONG email, about what he expects out of a SD/SB relationship. He really want a girlfriend. I’m not interested in a boyfriend. In fact, anything resembling a boyfriend type of SD is enough to send me running for the hills….”

    My most recent SB wanted a connection, but the last thing she needed while going to school was a demanding boyfriend. So I can kind of understand where you’re coming from.

    I don’t know this guy, but if he has a detailed list of “expectations” drawn up … I guess that’s good from one standpoint, but I’d be tempted to tune my sensors for “control freak detection.” Just a thought.

  118. Lannie says:


    I checked out your profile and thank you for telling me how to do that, I am still learning how to get around this site. I upgraded myself and noticed withing 24 hours of doing it that the amount of people who viewed my profile increased drastically and so did the number of SD’s who contacted me .

  119. Sweety SB~ AKA BG says:

    Wow you are beautiful Lannie!
    love your profile, i should redo mine!

  120. Lannie says:


    Thank You for the advice I will do that when I get back from my trip.. I never even thought about that.

  121. Lannie says:


    Okay mine is 387209

  122. AtlNicole*389079* says:

    Very true SF SD. I didn’t think of that. I still have the phone my last SD provided me, so I am not sure what they would find if they tried to trace it.

  123. Sweety SB~ AKA BG says:

    SF SD~ i agree they are the easiest way to talk to someone! I have one of those!

  124. Sweety SB~ AKA BG says:

    AtlNic~ i totally understand that!

  125. SF SD says:

    Lannie – I advise everyone to pick up a pay-as-you-go cell phone, like Boost or T-mobile, for sugaring. You can get these at Target, 7/11, and othe places. Register the phone from a land line if you can, so it’s anonymous. Buy cards off the rack to recharge it. That way you never have to give out your home or personal cell phone number or worry about somebody using your number to trace you. If something goes wrong, just toss the phone or get a new SIM card. None of this may ever matter, but it’s one less worry.

  126. AtlNicole*389079* says:

    I usually give out my phone # pretty quickly. Only my cell #, which, if worst came to worst, is not my only cell phone. I try to avoid the pen pal thing. I want to have a first meet pretty quickly. Why waste the time and energy on someone who lied on their profile or pics?

  127. Lannie says:


    Thank You and I am in the midwest in Illinois and I have no idea how to tell you to view my profile lol.. but you are welcome to … try an advance search for Decatur maybe…

  128. AtlNicole*389079* says:

    Just got off the phone with Doc. He called to apologise for making me feel pressured. So lunch is still on. Guess it is good that I am going into this with my eyes opened. He says he is looking for something NSA but long term. I am choosing to take that with a grain of salt, cuz I have heard that one before. He offered to give me some money this morning, but I told him to keep it til we had lunch.

    Sorry it took so long to update. I will try to get caught up with the blog now.

  129. Sweety SB~ AKA BG says:

    Lannie~ sorry i’m not making any sense tonight, i haven’t slept in a while so…. sorry! but , I would like to see your profile if you don’t mind. I like to see what successful SBs have . I need to change mine so.//…

  130. Sweety SB~ AKA BG says:

    Lannie~ I don’t give my number right away, i wait til i can make sure it’s safe. When i do i give a cell number, never home!

  131. Sweety SB~ AKA BG says:

    lannie~ I know I think i have to change my profile too!
    Are you in NYC? i need to see your profile,could I?

  132. Lannie says:

    For all Sugar Babes:

    How soon do you give out your phone number to a SD who has read your profile and sent you an email? Right away? After a few emails or do you wait longer if you are not sure about the person?

  133. Lannie says:


    I changed my profile and picture twice before I got it right, and realized it helped to spell things out on my profile to make a pot SD know exactly what I expected. I think it is the weeding out that is the hard part but keep searching and I hope you find the suga you are looking for with lots of sugar coating.

  134. Horoscope Under Cover says:

    Kit Kat – Yeah I might be missing out on some experiences…but those might be great experiences for other sugar girls but not for myself. Its all about finding something right for each person, not settle one way or the other.

  135. SugaCaneBby says:

    Eh. Well I suppose if I ever do meet a special someone, I’ll just keep him to myself. Sugar life and real life seperate. How’s that for a sugar lie? 😉

    There’s been a lot of luck for all of us as of late but it seems like just as quick as we begin to celebrate a potential meet, it all falls through. Maybe that’s part of the drought, lol. Saddening, whatever it is.

  136. Lannie says:


    Check you email as I may be in your spam..
    Lannie (malanie)

  137. I hope that came across correctly. I know and understand its not all about Adult time! I myself want personal time with a SD get to know him, sorta talking like we do her on the blog, let him know how my widly pendulum swings…. or maybe you call it Quirkyness.
    hope you understand Iam not judging you dear!

  138. ok Vixen SFSD I have Delta on my list!!
    HUC I may be wrong but What do you want? I cant see a man wanting & willing to help a gal out who is an icecube! not saying you should sleep with him or do anything you dont wanna do, but I believe a sugar daddy IS a relationship may well be he goes his way and I go mine, However he Remembers my birthday and Flowers appear, I know what his fav purfume fav meal or Dessert. stuff that can Endear you SD to you will get you where you want to be. I will apoligize now lots of guys want GFE and if you Dont! you may get passed up for some great Experiences.
    and I also say if it dosent Feel right to you then leave it be!

  139. Horoscope Under Cover says:

    I don’t know, maybe I’m still feeling the aftereffects of being sick all week. The thought of being cooped up in a town car for an hour and a half one way and then dinner and then back up to home just sounds….interminable and awful.

    I’m off to bed sugars… I’ll be back tomorrow, hopefully not undercover 😉

  140. Vixen says:

    Horoscope- If everything feels that wrong then its best you move on now. I only recommend dinner because people have a better tendency to come to mutual agreements in person that they do over an email or text.

  141. Vixen says:

    Kat-Was going to recommend Delta as well. Its the only one I’ve ever had. Be forewarned that preauthorization is very important to them for alot of procedures

  142. Atl what happened that Quick.. or did I miss something??

  143. Horoscope Under Cover says:

    Here’s the thing…he’s already spelled it out…in a really LONG email, about what he expects out of a SD/SB relationship. He really want a girlfriend. I’m not interested in a boyfriend. In fact, anything resembling a boyfriend type of SD is enough to send me running for the hills….

    So why go on a dinner date with a guy who’s expectations are so wildly different from my own? Isn’t this site about a certain measure of honesty and upfrontness?

    I don’t know, my “something is not right in denmark” internal meter is screaming something awful. Something just feels off, and I can’t seem to put my finger on it.

  144. SFSD I seen them I am looking for a few more good recomendations for comparsion.

    and speaking of Shoes Kate Capshaw has the baddest pair of shoes on jimmie kimmel live.

  145. AtlNicole*389079* says:

    Ugh…never mind about the wonderful doctor. Looks like I was wrong again.

    Ok better now.

  146. SF SD says:

    Congrats, Farm / Blissful Girl! When the sugar’s right, it makes you both feel like a million bucks!

    K-K: Try Delta Dental if it’s available in your area.

  147. atl
    you are soooo lucky I would be so thrilled for that situation I so like doing Arrands, kinda like spending time but not really. lol but hed be at some NASCAR event hehehe!! good night you guys
    taking my frilly to bed,
    Jimmie Kimmel is on and thats my celebrity crush
    its weird I know… and the Austrailan from lost Dominic…..? yummy!

  148. anybody know anything about Insurance, Dental to be exact!! trying to pick one but this isnt my area of expertice would appreciate anyones help
    my e-mail Keya 703 at the yahhhh thanks in advance

  149. Olivia says:

    Horoscope- Meet with him…It is only dinner. Talk about your expectations…what you hope to get out of this relationship, etc.

    I think he sounds great. A lot of SBs and SDs become really excited, and occasionally might verbalize it too much or a get a bit ahead of themselves. Try it out…if it feels wrong, or you don’t seem to be looking for the same thing…that’s fine! No harm done.

    Give it a shot- commit to dinner at this point- that’s it.

  150. AtlNicole*389079* says:

    Thanks Vixen. Texting back and forth with my pot right now. He is divorced and says he would like it if I could run errands for him once in a while, like grocery shopping and whatnot. I told him no problem. Since he is so busy though he prefers if I help plan our nights out, which I have very little experience at. Maybe once I get to know his tastes better it will come easier to me.

  151. HUC you have to trust your gut, I say dont be paralized by fear, what if the guy just really thinks your tip top? read through the blogs see if anything is relevent to you there is a page on here about identfying a fake if it applies.

  152. Vixen says:

    Horoscope- It could be possible that he realizes he’s got a good SB on his hands and doesn’t want to lose it…unless if you think you’re not worth it.

    Just go on the dinner, if your goals and expectations are not aligned, then kindly send a thanks but no thanks email

  153. Vixen says:

    Atl- I haven’t been to atlanta in a while but I do remember loving Bacchanalia..may not be as upscale as you might like
    Nikolais Roof and wisteria were pretty good as well..nice romantic atmosphere

  154. Horoscope Under Cover says:

    Soooo, I need advice sugars!

    I have a pot SD date sorta set up for this weekend. I haven’t emailed with the guy all too much…llike a few emails since saturday. He seems absolutely genuine. He’ll be in town for the weekend. Is willing to send a car for me so I won’t have to drive. Is on board with just a dinner date, nothing more. Yada yada yada…all sounds good right?


    except… he seems to be taking this all a bit. um. fast. Or that his expectations if we do get involved in a SD/SB thing is more…long term and more involved than I personally care to be at this very very early stage.

    Its like he’s… tooo eager. Too eager to meet me. Too eager for a SD/SB relationship. Just…too.

    Thoughts? Am I nuts? Should I just go for it? Should I back out quietly and nicely now?

  155. I will OC I do like some of their shoes too, I know maybe no one else thinks like this but how come in the store ad’s lets use VS how come they dont credit the shoes?? I like shoes I do not want Cheap Replicas of the shoe but sometimes the Shoes pull together the outfit.

  156. Sweety SB~ AKA BG says:

    Hey I work at home so i could do it in my PJs….. Well i actually did once lmao

  157. sweetredhead says:

    I am off to bed. Sugar sweet dreams everyone.

  158. sweetredhead says:

    I love nine west!! the most comfortable heels I have ever worn. It’s all about the comfort for me :) I like to dress up put hate to be uncomfortable. Just glad I work in the medical field and wear scrubs. Like going to work in your Pj’s lol.

  159. Sweety SB~ AKA BG says:

    Nite OC~ hope to get to talk soon!

  160. Sweety SB~ AKA BG says:

    Good for you girl!!! i’m so happy

  161. sweetredhead says:

    We plan to meet eventually. Just taking it slow and steady.

    I met one man today. He was very nice, a gentleman. But just did not click I guess. No chemistry there. He would make a nice friend though :)

  162. AtlNicole*389079* says:

    I guess I am looking for high end dining. I know this city has a lot of fabulous places, I have just never been to any of them. I know of all the best burgers and pizza this city can offer, but somehow I can’t see those dives as having the same appeal to my sugar dates. Unless I happen to catch someone as obsessed with pizza as I am.

  163. sweetredhead says:

    Before you all put down Cl again. I met my pot that I am talking to on CL. I went on CL as a test thing after you all discussed it here. I wanted to see what responses I would get. Yes I got some off the wall emails. But I actually got a few really nice men answering me. I think I found something where I never thought to look. Isn’t that how it always happens :)

  164. Sweety SB~ AKA BG says:

    hey Sassy girl! how is the guy you were talking too? are you two meeting?

    • OCSugarbaby says:

      Vixen: Thanks chica!

      Kit: Try the Nine West Shoe website. They have killer styles some come in a Wide Width!

      Hi Sweety! I am off to bed soon, so signing off.
      Nite Everyone!

  165. SFSD yes I know its a joke, my friend I cannot pass up an oppertunity to make a Sass!
    I think I can do Tiffany though!! and I love a straight man jhonny carson/Ed McMannon*sp
    your real Quick and I like that!

  166. sweetredhead says:

    Lannie just be yourself. No reason to be something you are not. Or take crash courses in anything. Be who you are. If it interests you, learn it, if not leave it. Simple :)

    You can only be something your not for so long with someone, then there is let down and disappointment when you are “real”

    Skip the Bull and be real from the start. Saves a lot of confusion and stress later.

  167. Vixen says:

    ATL- what nice places are you looking for..hotels..restaurants..attractions…?

    OCSugar- Hey chica, glad to see your positive vibe continues to bring in the worthwhile SDs

  168. AtlNicole*389079* says:

    Anyone here from ATL or familiar with the area? I know of maybe two really nice places to go, other than that I am a newbie. I am not even sure how to research this area.

    Did somebody say Tiffany? :)

  169. SF SD says:

    > Kit-Kat – “SFSD baby doll With all due respect please go look at my profile, *waiting*…”

    Kit-Kat, sweetie, the CL thing has been kind of a running joke. And you, with your incredible wit, provided the perfect setup line. I couldn’t pass it up.

    Next time it’ll be Tiffany, ‘kay? :-)

  170. Farm Girl says:

    Hi All! I haven’t been on in weeks, and can’t wait to get caught up on the blog!

    I haven’t noticed a drought. I read somewhere that the average “sugar serving” is $500 and mine have exceeded that in cash and gifts each time.

    I am really tickled to share that I have a fabulous new SD! After corresponding for a couple of weeks, we had dinner last week. He asked for a second date (which was great), and asked me out for my birthday this Friday. He is very attractive, smart, patient and affectionate, but my favorite thing about him is how he makes me laugh. I’m changing my name from Farm Girl to Blissful Girl! :)

  171. Flo Rida says:

    SFSD and the lady formerly known as Stilletto – “stare decisis” – when did this topic enter into Latin and jurisprudence? Scary, scary?

    OCSugarbaby – I understand the frustration, my motto is “good things come to those who are good.” and you are top class.

    Lannie – I hate it when I have to learn esoteric facts like debating the merits of the cruising speed and cock pit dimensions of a Citation X versus a Lear 45 or Gulfstream, a Margaux or Petrus the best wine, Per Se overrated versus L’Atelier, or is El Bulli really the best restaurant in the world, or is Milan the preeminent fashion capital, or how does a Lambo handle, or what’s it like to visit Sydney for Xmas, or by lines of latitude and longitude what are the most northern, eastern, western and southern US states. You see I really do remember EVERYTHING. But if it’s reading US weekly, People magazine, Havard Business Review or the NY times and WSJ and remembering stuff in there I much prefer that. Don’t be afraid of saying “I have an initial view, but, what do you think?” or “Let me reserve judgment on that” said with confidence can be quite effective. Another tip is to genuinely smile and let your eyes glow and you’ll endear yourself to most people. Cheerio

  172. SF SD says:

    Realistic SD,

    The blog is moving faster than I am (as usual). Sorting through the pretenders (and worse) is a challenge from both perspectives — and I will readily say that I share a tendency to overanalyze and over empathize.

    Thanks for putting yourself out there.

  173. Sweety SB~ AKA BG says:

    Hello Sugars!
    Congrats to all who are have found their sugars!!!!

    I think I need to change my profile here,,,, I have not gotten anything for a while! not even a reply :(
    any suggestions?

  174. SFSD baby doll With all due respect please go look at my profile, *waiting* I have Wide feet if Nyc has to be selective about the Width bay-bay I have no chance.. do they sell earrings?? lol I fit all of those!!!

    I think if I wanted to Blow a bunch of $ugarStimulus I would go get some hats from helenkiminski ,BTW whoever gave me that Website thanks!! (I have to wait till tax time but spring is a comin)!! and I wear high dollar eyewear! so I could go through it but I like to have a Constructive alternitive!!

  175. Lannie I dont think anybody in here is downing you for your arrangment deal . I for one am very happy for you!! Very happy for you!!
    I am pleased you use this oppertunity to square things away!!

    I had a sad e-mail from a friend today that Really got me upset. I really get angry when people do not have a goal in mind sugar do not last forever. and we are in a recession.

    lets just say For me a great gift from a SD would be a Fincaial book such as Suze orman that I can go step by step through!

    I had an idiot down my spirits a tiny bit today he read my profile and said “no, your looking for a pimp,” I mean really! if he took the time to get to know me just a tad he woulda known I am so NOT a Red light girl! yes I am a little salty and yes I mispell all over here!
    why should him not Chomprehending my profile,” I would like a relationship” but just reap some Financial benifets from it’ Mean I wouldnt care Who he is??…
    see my thinking is Who the heck wanna marry some one in Debt?

    hell after Lannie and Nyc’s good fourtune I am Really thinkingon a MUCH larger scale, I want my own buisness too A hair a rama!! lol I guess I will work on the name! maybe even a Specialty secondary school . I get so upset at people who think just because I’m Excitable I cant possiably be serious or have an end goal in life, I say it its just all in a blurrr.
    anyway thats the end of my pityparty/ rant!! thankyou all for entertaining me

  176. RealisticSD says:

    Seeing that I am outnumbered by rather convincing and intelligent women, I won’t use my alternate account any more. It really is unfair to use it and dismisses the emotions of the people on the other end. I guess the best is just to get a feel for people in person.

    SugaCaneBby, as for the hypocrisy of being married and wanting an SB who is not with anyone else, I’ll say again that I don’t mind if she has a boyfriend as long as he’s not part of the equation with me. I can’t be with a married woman. I know, hypocrisy, but somehow I find polygyny more tolerable than polyandry–and yes, I know I will get in trouble for saying that :)

    Also hypocritical is that I don’t want the SB to have other SDs, yet that does not stop me from having more than one SB. But when I ask SBs if they mind, most of them say that they don’t care.

    And this brings up the topic of SB pairs. I have run across four pairs of women on SA so far. Any opinions on this? I take it there are no pairs of SDs, which brings us back to the whole issue of polygyny vs. polyandry.

    AltNicole, I think your attitude is probably the right one for an SB. When I have met SBs who show too much emotion, I worry about drama, yet if there is no expressed emotion, it seems too cold and distant. In either case, I am not too happy. See, I am just destined never to be happy in my SD life–I over-analyze things too much. Yet, somehow I am not like that at all with work, which is what makes me professionally successful.

    • OCSugarbaby says:

      RealisticSD: Yes, but you just took a HUGE step and said out loud that you over analyze. Now we can help you change that! 😉

  177. SF SD says:

    Part Deux:

    > Kit-Kat – “Realistic so what do you do with more than 2k?”

    Buy a pair of CLs and go to the falafel stand with the change. 😉

    > Margo – “I accept your apology and understand your point of view. But there are other men willing to meet, and I am still in the screening process.”

    Margo, that was gracious and dignified. More than he was entitled to, perhaps, but it maintained your position, as well your sense of self-respect.

    > Lannie – “Well I am back home and worn out from the shopping and feel like I have been on a whirlwind shopping spree that feels more like a job than fun…”

    Thanks for reporting in! Work or play, we hope your adventure turns out well.

    > Realistic SD – “I think many men find the idea of a prostitute repulsive, and an SB is more palatable and in their mind not prostitution. Now why they would put all this effort in for sex, I am not sure.”

    Not quite sure quite what your drift is on this subject, but here are a few thoughts.

    The amount spent by many men on their SBs could buy them one whale of a time with a top-class escort. There are many reasons they may choose not to do this. One is that when your time with an escort is over, it’s over. A lot of men prefer to have a connection, or at least the illusion of one. They may feel safer being intimate with someone who is not seeing scores of other men. They may enjoy receiving expressions of gratitude for allowances and gifts. They might also find it rewarding to help someone achieve an important goal. And there are other reasons (such as arm candy) that are not quite as lofty, but more practical when carried out by a “civilian.”

    Perhaps your “escort test” saves you some time, but I’d be inclined to think that it produces many false positives. The Karma part is your business, but this little ploy can’t be doing much for the reputation of the men on this site.

    I am not repulsed by the “idea of a prostitute.” Escorts encompass a broad range of people, situations, and accomplishments. Granted, if I were looking for an escort, I would not be here. But I do think that many of the “ideas” about sex workers are badly distorted.

    > Delia Deyon – “Hi everyone. I am completely new to this site and lifestyle but am hoping it turns out to be a fruitful and positive venture.”

    Welcome. Just a scan of the current blog will give a you a sense of the trials and the rewards. Having a good sense of yourself is great start.

    > AtlNicole – “Good news. I met my favorite pot this morning for coffee…”

    Sounds, great, Nicole. We need some more success stories around here. (Keeping our fingers crossed)

  178. AtlNicole*389079* says:

    Thank SF SD. It wasn’t even worth the stress. I grew up in the city and I know better. Not even sure why I was questioning it. Maybe I just wanted to vent.

  179. SF SD says:

    Wow, lots to read here. A few quick responses:

    >ginaZ – “Is it a bad sign when you talk to a pot SD on the phone and you can’t wait to put down the phone?”


    > James – “To me, this is an unforgivable breach of the basic rules of the road…”

    Agreed. This is much more than poor judgment on her part. Even if you can turn off the doubts, it may be difficult to re-establish the special connection. This might be the time to remember the good things and move on, but only you know this.

    Thanks for telling your story. Hope you stick around.

    > Island Beauty – “…this person is a member of this site, i would like to warn other women, are there rules against that?”

    My jaw dropped when I read your story. I’m so sorry this happened. There are some procedures you could have followed, but this is not your fault. The man’s behavior is not only outrageous, it’s criminal. If you haven’t already, please let SA site management know.

    > AtlNicole – “I live alone, but I am not going to let a man I met a few weeks ago into my home on a regular basis (or at all).”

    Stick to your guns, Nicole. Sweetredhead and NYC SB have it right — the risks of a hotel can be minimized. In most urban areas there are little hotels that are unique and fun, and plenty of big ones if you want to prentend you’re going to a meeting. If it’s a deal breaker for some of the local guys, so be it. You’re in a big city, so maybe a business traveler will find you.

    > L’amant Imaginaire – “…thought I’d say bonjour to everyone on the blog!”


    > Lisa – “I don’t enjoy the blog much anymore. And I do have someone nice in my life.”

    Glad you found someone. Feel free to drop in any time.

    > RealisticSD – “Yet, the court ruled, ‘The record before us does not establish beyond a reasonable doubt that Kritzik’s intent was to pay Harris for her services, rather than out of affection or charitable impulse.'”

    I’m writing this one down.

    > Stiletto (or whomever) – “Stare Decisis”

    I’m writing this one down, too.

    > Yo, ginaZ – “Side note: As soon as “politics” enters into the blog it gets ugly. Best to keep these things away. Besides the blog is not ethnocentric or American, we have quite a mix here.”

    Well said!

  180. Rica says:

    hey Kat- did u end up with an SD yet? I see u had a lot of nibbles but did u hook the one u wanted yet?

  181. Not that I am speaking for Realistic but what I gathered from his post are he just dosent want a gal that dosent have any limits on her bed-mates .. I think he said a steady SO would be ok..
    but I gotta say I can understand what he says plenty of guys on AshelyM…… profiles that say un happy at home and turn right back around with the you and I are one on one/ you want a manogamaus extra marital affair ? whats the word for this Oxymoron?…
    somebody tell me Whats Really going on?

    yall have to Excuse my phrase I just say that!!

  182. Lannie says:

    ATL Niicole:

    I think my flexability and freedom is part of the reason this landed in my lap….but I have ended up already with a to-die-for wardrobe and some killer luggage so I am very grateful and the check was good ..lol… so at least I do not have to worry for the rest of this year which will give me time to take things slow and be selective and for that I am very grateful. I am taking my lap top with me but doubt I will have much time to blog lol… but will enjoy myself. Here is hoping all your sugar dreams come true.

  183. Rica says:

    Hello everyone! I have been offline a couple of days…I don’t feel there is a drought but rather a long period of waiting. I have been on here for about two weeks or three now…and I have gotten a lot of looks and a few messages. I got as far as exchanging numbers with a pot SD, but he ended up kinda being unsure of the role of an SD. I think he is looking more for a friend with “benefits”. I wish I could meet a nice SD who is on the same page as me. Its kind of tiring at times…

  184. AtlNicole*389079* says:

    Lannie – I imagine I would love an oppourtunity to travel to new interesting places on the arm of a sucessful man. Right now that is not possible, because I am in school, but I think that you should enjoying to the fullest extent and of course keep everyone here updated. I want to live vicariously through you for a few weeks.

  185. Lannie says:

    Flo Rida:

    I would love to hear your stories as I am very apprehensive about this but I will fly out on Friday for the first leg of this journey and I got faxed today with a list of topics that might come up and topics to brush up on and be current. I feel like now I am crash coursing for the big test..lol.. but you are right as it an adventure and I will enjoy as much as I can while it last.

  186. Flo Rida says:

    OCSugarbaby – that was really sweet, you must be a fabulous person to have such karma.

  187. Lannie says:


    He was very dignified in his response to your refusal. Rejection is not easy for SD’s anymore than it is for us. But it does speak to the type of person he is which has ring of honor to it. And keeping a friend like that or an occasional dinner, you never know as you get to know him better you may reconsider.

    Happy hunting and way to go for being true to yourself.

    • OCSugarbaby says:

      Lannie: I hope you enjoy yourself on your adventure. When in doubt of what to comment on just in group situation (like when you are introduced to a gentleman and his wife or SO) try complimenting the woman on her attire, eyes, hair or SHOES! When a woman compliments another infront of men and is genuine, it speaks volumes of her character. Women love compliments from other women! Make sure you be true to yourself and don’t try to bury your personality, it is your personality that he found intriguing in the first place. But I am sure you already know this!

      Flo Rida: Thanks! This new search has been both fun and difficult. But being honest and genuine hopefully will bring that karma back to me. I shared the e-note after reading far too many posts from SB’s stating that their communication with SD’s were less than respectful. Real SD’s will have respect for women and will not speak to others with such disdain.

  188. SugaCaneBby says:

    But are you married RealisticSD? Because that’s mainly what I’m getting at. It’s purely hypocritical to have a wife and then make it a requirement that the woman you’re having an extramarital affair with be single. And if so, what’s that about? Can’t be safety and being possessive is like hahahaha.

  189. Flo Rida says:

    RealisticSD – big hug, yes you must screen, but please treat people as people. Btw I am friends with a successful interior decorator in NY who in a former life was an escort, she’s the funniest girl, speaks Spanish at a million miles an hour and is super nice.

    Ginza – be top of the class for me and pop on by, I’m sure I’ll get busy again at some stage, the economy is recovering and volume (but not rate) is picking up (I work for a restaurant broker and get paid on commission). Cheerio

    Olivia – Do you live near Peter Luger, best sirloin steak I’ve had in my life, I put on 2lbs in weight just eating there one night.

    AtlNicole – good luck with Mr. Dr!

    Lannie – glad to see you are well, enjoy the experience, you are living a life (albeit a glimpse) that few people in the world experience. I feel like I know you because I’ve experienced similar things, I could tell you stories (but I’m sure your story is slightly different from mine), but it’s strange because I really don’t know you at all. I know he’ll control the agenda and timing but I do know most of the best restaurants in NY, nightclubs and afterhours clubs too – if you want a recommendation, just ask (sorry NYC SB as this is your turf).

    Nite nite – sweet dreams one and all.

  190. sweetredhead says:

    Now there is a gentleman. Although a little stiff for my taste lol. But a very nice response.

  191. Suga Tlg had posted about that topic yesterday!

  192. AtlNicole*389079* says:

    Awww Realistic SD…so rare to find a SD who doesn’t bring up sex by the third or fourth conversation. Cyber Hugs for being a REAL man. Doesn’t make you seem gay at all.

    I happen to have a SO, but unless a potential SD asks, I do not tell him. I do not question his life away from me, and I prefer to keep the two seperate.

    I consider my sugar life a fantasy life, and thus seperate from anything day to day. This works for me, but there is no way I could form any true emotional bond for a SD, and I am always up front about that. That is not to say that I don’t care about them, but in my mind they are not a real part of what makes up my life. Hard to explain but I hope you can see where I am coming from.

    I guess the main difference is that IRL when I enter into a relationship, I am trying to judge if it has the potential for permanance. The exact opposite is true in my sugar life. I am not looking for permanace, and I don’t count on any sort of future with this man beyond any plans that have already been made.

    I guess that is a good topic to bring up when you are starting your initail negotiations, perhaps doing so would help you weed out the SBs like me. Don’t hate me :)

  193. Lannie says:

    Realistic SD:

    Wow! I can empathize with your need to weed out what is right for you, yet I wonder if there is a more diplomatic way to go about it. Have you tried simply sending them a list of questions which are hypothetical to answer and in the process slip in one that says if given the choice would you prefer a traditional Sugar Arrangement or a pay to play arrangement. I say this as this is a little kinder than your approach. If you really enjoy helping someone as part of the reason you are a SD, it possible that someone new to being a SB might say they would meet you at a hotel right off the bat as they are actually struggling at that point and under normal circumstances they might not.

    As you know I have accepted an arrangement for one month which is very business like which is not what I wanted but it will take the financial strain off me for the rest of the year. Although sex is not required for my situation, I was not true to myself in pursuing what I really wanted because the agreement was to sweet to pass up. I just want to throw that in there so you can see another point of view but in the end you are the one who needs to be comfortable with your decisions. I wish you well in your hunting and hope it is sugar coated.

    • OCSugarbaby says:

      I thought sharing this very sweet e-note from a Genuine SD Millionaire hoping it would bring some positivity to light. This very sweet SD and I met, and today I had to give him my answer to his generous arrangement offer. There is nothing wrong with this SD or his offer! But I am not ready to made a decision and he deserved my answer, so I graciously declined. Here is the way a TRUE SD communicates to an SB even though things did not work out in his favor (maybe I should reconsider):

      Hi XXX,
      Let me tell you that in my life experience, having the privilege of spending time with the most accomplished, wealthiest, beautiful and intelligent people on six continents, our time together is most memorable. More than just a classy, intelligent and gorgeous woman, there is a comfort around you and pleasure about you. Vivid and unique.
      I know you will find exactly what you seek…and he will be a most fortunate man.
      Let me say hello from time to time…you might even let me take you to dinner…if there is anything I could do for you I would.

      From one in a million to another one in a million…enjoy always.


  194. RealisticSD says:

    OK, just added you as a favorite OC. Gotta run but will catch up to you later.

  195. RealisticSD says:

    SugaCaneBby, I have brought up the issue of SOs before, and my position is as follows: if she wants an arrangement with me, she can’t be married and she can’t have other SDs. My profile says both very explicitly. As for a boyfriend, I guess as long as he’s not impinging on our relationship, I guess it’s fine. Funny thing is, I am yet to meet an SB with a real boyfriend. Many of them tend to see guys as a drag on their life, hence they are looking for a guy who is successful and who will help improve their lives.

    As for me, I think one complexity is that I am not just in it for the sex, and in fact until the arrangement appears relatively stable/serious, I would prefer to delay sex, which is perhaps why I end up feeling used, as I tend to provide generously but then find myself not too happy and leave before I get anything objective in return. I guess more than anything I want to feel loved and appreciated and to allow the sexual aspect to develop more naturally, as it would in a “normal” relationship. And no–I’m not gay.

  196. Gemini29 says:

    How about option E) Happily agree to go and ninja like suggest a glass of wine for during the play….

  197. sweetredhead says:

    That is a given OC :) but AFTER you do what he likes too :)

  198. sweetredhead says:

    Thanks Gemini29. I met a a pot today for lunch, I was there 20 minutes and said I had to get back to work. He just could not compare to the one I have been talking to. ughhhh he has ruined me lol

  199. Gemini29 says:

    Awww sweetredhead, yay for you! :) I really hope that this one works out for you, you deserve it you gorgeous redhead you!

  200. sweetredhead says:

    On a better note I have been talking to a Pot SD. WE have talked for 3 days now on the phone. Just getting to know each other. I am very impressed with the way he looks at things and how he portrays himself. There is never a dull moment. One minute he is telling me about his business ventures and the next he is making me laugh. He can be silly and serious. I think when I meet him, my life will never be the same again lol. He keeps me on my toes. He says I am quick to respond to what he says and he has not found a woman who as been able to keep up with him. I think he has met his match and so have I.

    I think waiting for the right person just may have paid off. Because he seems to be everything I have been looking for in a SD. Only time will tell. I also like that he is taking things step by step, not rushing things.

    We have been talking several times a day, texting back and forth while I am at work. It really has been interesting and exciting. What more can a girl ask for :)

    • OCSugarbaby says:

      Hi Vixen and Sweetred!
      Sweetred is there an option D? D) Offer to model the outfits you just got and put on your own Play for him

  201. Vixen says:

    OCSugar-Thats why you’re my girl!!

    sweetredhead-Bringing the wise words as usual

  202. sweetredhead says:

    RealisticSD there lies the problem. WE all have been “hardened” by wannabees. People who do not understand or willing to learn the life style. Then we become less open and more cautious of those who talk to.
    I have turned down men who were most likely good Sd’s, but not what I was looking for. I am straight forward, either like me or not doesn’t matter to me. I will not lower my standards or be “talked” into anything.

    I am me and will not change for anyone. Not to say I am close minded because I am not and I am more than willing to compromise. But give me a good reason to. Not because you say so. I do understand powerful business men. But I am also a powerful and strong woman and intelligent. I know what I want and if someone does not like that about me, then they are not for me.

    I think in these types of relationships it is a two way street. There is a give and take. It’s not one sided. A sb must bring to the table just as much as the SD. No one should be taken advantage of. As with any relationship there is a give and take. TO be a good SB you must give as much as you take.

    Let’s say you like shopping and your SD takes you on a shopping trip. Then he asks you to go to a play, that you don’t really want to see, but he is really excited about. What should you do.

    A) ask him to do something else
    B) Tell him you do not really want to go, but will go for him
    C) Enjoy your time together and and be open minded and see what he likes about it and enjoy it with him.

    Of course the answer is C

  203. SugaCaneBby says:

    Oh and he’s married so that makes things a little trickier too. Speaking of which, a question for you married SD if you feel like answering it: Do you think that it’s fair that if you have a wife for your SB to have a SO as well? Just curious because he asked me about my (non-existent) bf and I wonder about the double-standard that may exist in this lifestyle. If I DO find a guy I want to get to know on a traditional level, a MARRIED man had better be ok with it. Kettle black, you know?

  204. AtlNicole*389079* says:

    Congrats Suga! Looks like we are both having good days. Maybe tonight we should spread the mojo around :)

  205. SugaCaneBby says:

    Welcome Delia Delon!

    You know, I never really looked at RealisticSD as a dishonerable person. Maybe when he first wrote of his screening process back when, but now I totally understand and agree with him. Like NC and I were discussing earlier…they don’t necessarily have to go for a prostitute because I understand the risks and how unappealing that can be but it puzzles me that some men beat around the bush as they do. If you want sex, say you do. Don’t drag it out and be deceitful if that’s your only goal. Like RealisticSD said, some women will go for it if you simply make your needs known upfront. Granted, I’m not one of them, but hey. Can’t really diss a guy for trying even though he should make sure he’s in the proper arena for it beforehand.

    And in that vein, chatting with a pot SD right now. Sex kind of came up in the convo naturally so he has in no way been penalized for it as he hasn’t been crude thus far. He’s suppose to be swinging my way on the 16th and I suppose we’ll see if personal chemistry is present as well. The money thing came up naturally too. I sort of unintentionally dropped some hints about the state of my current devices (laptop with a bad HD and a memory leak, phone that doesn’t charge, no car, etc) and he brought it up. Let him know that I was into this for adventure more than anything and he said cool beacause most women he talked to on this level were whores. XD Ahaha.

    Kinda excited about this. Now, I just need to make sure I’m not working that friday and it’s all gravy.

  206. RealisticSD says:

    OCSugarbaby, chatting offline sounds good.

  207. Delia Deyon says:

    Thanks for the welcome Kitkat, and FOS=full of sh*t!

  208. AtlNicole*389079* says:

    RealisticSD – Having browsed through quite a few SB profiles, I can see where you are coming from. I agree with OC, that playing games only makes things even more difficult for everyone.

    My local radio morning show did an interview recently with a woman who called herself a SB. She basically talked about how she would convince these lonely older men to send her money before the first date, and then drop them. She said that she had made over 5K a month with her little scheme. I am sure there are plenty of girls with similar plans, but I can’t imagine they are difficult for an intelligent man to weed out.

    I am actually tempted to call into this show and tell them what being a SB is REALLY all about. They have probably put this quick money plan into the minds of dozens of young ATL women, and they don’t even know what they are getting into.

  209. ginaZ says:

    Flo Rida I’ll pop in I’m sure! there’s only so much studying I can do 😉

  210. RealisticSD says:

    Tell the SD to priceline a 5-star hotel!

  211. ginaZ says:

    As far as where to meet?

    I’ve discovered my own apartment does NOT work.

    Unless it’s someone that I already have an arrangement with already, or is in the type of hotel that is VERY nice, it doesn’t work. It feels a bit hookerish.

    If the SD is single and we meet at his flat/house I enjoy this the best.

    Bachelor pad? How a bout a bachelor pad timeshare for sugar daddies?

  212. RealisticSD says:

    Flo Rida, you’re right, I should rephrase–Some men finding SLEEPING WITH prostitutes repulsive. Probably if they met them IRL, they would find them charming nice women.

    OCSugarbaby, you may be right. But how else do I weed out the pros? I should also say that I do allow the ones who agree to meet as such to flesh out their position on sugar dating, and it often pans out as you say. But for the guy who just wants to score, he can easily take advantage of these women.

    The problem is that IRL, I am a real sucker and will feel compassion for nearly anyone. Even SBs who treated me pretty bad or deceitfully, I feel for them. I’d rather avoid a complicated situation. I will never take advantage of someone else, so for the most part I have to make sure I am not the one being taken advantage of, which has been my general experience here. Finding something for a truly mutual relationship is difficult. I think if I were to share stories of my experiences, most people would think I’ve been stupidly generous to people who were overtly using me.

    • OCSugarbaby says:

      RealisticSD: There… now that was so much better. You let your hardened exterior melt a bit and I actually like you now! You can be yourself on the blog. We all try to be supportive of one another. However I personally will call you out if you need a butt kickin. lol Always said with Sugar of course.

      How to suss out the pro’s? Well the SB’s have the same issue with the posers. They seem normal until you give them your real email and they send you an email asking if will put out before lunch. My answer to all sugars? Time will always bring out the true colors of a bad person. If someone is going too fast for your comfort level, try to slow them down, most likely they are not real and are in a hurry to scam you and move on to the next victim.
      RealisticSD, if you would like someone to chat off line, I would be more than happy to talk with you. 😉

  213. AtlNicole*389079* says:

    Hello Sugars! Good evening (to those of us on the east coast at least).
    Good news. I met my favorite pot this morning for coffee. I was pretty nervous to start with, but he put my worries at ease right away. He was very sweet and understanding about the fact that I am not comfortable having him at my place. He focused on paying me compliments and getting to know me. I was so relieved. He even showed me his hospital ID, so now I have his full name, and know that he really is a doctor, not just playing a part. We have a lunch date tomorrow that I am so excited about. Just thought I would share the good news. Fingers are crossed that all goes well.

  214. DD welcome to the blog!!

  215. Flo Rida says:

    Delia Deyon – I’ve heard of FOB (fresh off the boat) but what is FOS (fresh out of school) – that’s funny.

    RealisticSD – I don;’t find prostitutes repulsive (mind you I’m not a man) prostitutes are people, with feelings, I don’t agree with their decisions but I harbor no ill-will towards them. I find inconsiderate people repulsive. I don’t mean to be harsh but please play nice, there’s too much negativity in the world as is. I’m also trying to convince TLG to go to Russia to save a soul. Finally my only issue with bachelor pads is “how do you explain it to the SO (assuming you are married) if she finds out, it’s an automatic bust and there are sooooo many ways she can find out”.

    Ginza – Wanted to catch you b4 you left, have fun, I’ll miss your wisdom.

  216. Delia Deyon says:

    Hi everyone. I am completely new to this site and lifestyle but am hoping it turns out to be a fruitful and positive venture. I have always been a very independent woman, but have recently decided to pursue medical school, which is crazy expensive and time consuming. I am looking to find someone on a long term basis for a mutually beneficial set up.

    I am 32, but people always think I am in my early 20’s or younger. That works to my advantage with men, they love that I am mature, intelligent and worldy, but look super young.

    I live in a small town in the midwest right now but am more of a coastal girl and for me there just isnt any dating scene here at all. Since I recently quit my job to focus on school full time, I need help and figure that since I have always gotten along with men so well, I’m a (I’m a girly ‘guys’ girl) that this would be something fun and new to try that could also alleviate the majority of the stress in my life, money.

    Any pointers or tips any of you have would be great. I hope to meet some women I can connect with too on a friend level, since none of my close friends are doing anything like this. Though I am able to talk about this with all of my friends because I have amazing open minded people in my life. My friends have all been super supportive in my decision to do this and I think they are just as curious and excited as I am to see how it all pans out.

    I literally just got my proflie approved today and put an ad up on Craigs list last Friday. Ive talked to a few people but most seem FOS so far, we will see though. The one person who doesn’t seem FOS is the one first one who emailed me from this site and he actually lives in my town and seems real and cool. Again, we will see. This may be my first time doing this, but im not fresh and if someone is stringing me along Ill know right off and be done with him. I am way too busy to deal with that, pre med is no joke!

    I am also not a thin woman, I am also tall, 5’10”. I am super confident and know that I am beautiful, sexy, and a catch. My size has never seemed to be an issue and I have often dated men who don’t typically date larger women, guess I just have that certain something 😉 I am also super active and into being healthy so most of it is in the right places, In fact some guys Ive talked to who like big girls have told me I was too small, even at size 18-20, there are so many different men out there all with different proclivities and tastes.

    I do like it when the men state their preferences in a womans size and weight on their page because it saves us all a lot of time and energy. Everyone likes what they like, and I only want to hang out with men who think attractive so I like honesty and people who lay everything out on the table.

    Have most of you had generaly positive experiences?

    What about honesty? Are many of the men here genuine and honest, you have found, or no?

    What about respect? Any hint of disrespect from a man and I am out. I like nice men who know that woman are Goddesses and should be treated as such, we give life and are part of the natural cycle of the planets and stars, and any man I hang out with has to recognize and acknowledge this!

    It is so intriguing to me to find such a large thriving underground sub culture in this. Its too bad our repressed culture has such a stigma against such a natural thing as a business transaction between two consenting adults.

    Hope everyone is having a great day, peace~DD

  217. RealisticSD says:

    L’amant Imaginaire, in the car works too if there is just enough passion. With IRL SBs / mistresses, there can be that level of passion, but I have not sensed it with SA SBs. Perhaps there is too much expectation of things not being too passionate and hence complicated.

  218. RealisticSD says:

    Anababy, when I say, “whenever I am,” I usually specify that it means one or two afternoons and one evening a week, the afternoon meetings for about 2 hours and the evening one for 4 hours. My schedule is a little unpredictable, but I try to give heads up of what days would work best in the afternoon. With all that having been said, I try to meet twice a week on average. I would not want someone to miss class/work for me, so part of my screening is that if their schedule does not have any openings at those times, it won’t work.

    Timeliness of the SB is key for me. I can’t stand it if the SB is an hour late to a two hour meeting. It is not regular dating where you may think being fashionably late is cute (I’d hate it in regular dating too because I am totally punctual and somewhat impatient), but if I am essentially paying for someone’s time, I want her to be on time.

    SugaCaneBby, I think many men find the idea of a prostitute repulsive, and an SB is more palatable and in their mind not prostitution. Now why they would put all this effort in for sex, I am not sure. I have mentioned before that I have a separate account to screen for effective prostitutes and I offer girls I am otherwise interested in a specific sum to meet me in a hotel room for sex, and more than half of the girls say yes to it. So why not just do that instead of expend so much effort?

    NYC SB, you are absolutely right. A bit of investment in knowing the guy and genuinely liking him will pay off huge dividends.

    • OCSugarbaby says:

      RealisticSD: I am going to go out on a limb here; maybe I am all alone BUT… Why are you torturing these women? Creating a separate account and offering girls $ to meet you and if they say yes you laugh and call them a prostitute?
      Please stop. Games only hurt others. You take a very hard line with women and I get that. It is just how you present yourself. Which I hope is coming off on your postings far harsher then you really are IRL. Some of those women may be very young new SB’s that because you have led them to believe that this is how a REAL SD acts or communicates an arrangement, they say YES! You have seen some of the new SB’s questions on the blog. You can see that they are unsure of how to respond to what they believe is an SD talking to them. Your screening ploy may sound good in theory but it is not. I would bet that your oversized fishing net snags’ some very sweet girls who followed your lead.

  219. Lisa Marie says:

    k i am off….will be out of town a few days. talk to you sugars later. Have a great day and weekend!

  220. Lisa Marie says:

    its kinda dead in here it was crazy busy a bit ago then I said hello and it stopped. LOL

  221. Nico says:

    Hola LM :) evenin’ 😀

  222. Lisa Marie says:

    Hey Nico

  223. Nico says:

    Good evening NC….good to see you again and thank you for your compliment :)

    Good evening sugars…

  224. L'amant Imaginaire says:

    (insert sitcom laughter)

  225. Lisa Marie says:

    L’amant Imaginaire….LOL!!!!!

  226. L'amant Imaginaire says:

    Bonjour sugars, really enjoying the discussion. Though me and my sugar just rent an old Volkswagon Van and get it on down by the river………… that’s our little meeting pad. Shaggin’ wagon!! LOL.

    Olivia, you live in Williamsburg!!! I have a friend who lives in Park Slope from school.

  227. Lisa Marie says:

    hello sugars!!! having a good sugar day?

  228. NYC SB says:

    Hi Olivia! Yes a SD meeting pad is lovely… mine has a second appartment/office in the city so it makes things convenient 😀

  229. further is what I meant to type !! and yes you most def have to know the person, and yourself for that matter!

  230. Olivia says:

    NYC_SB: We are neighbors! I live in Williamsburg, BKLYN….

    If you ever need anything, let me know as well!

    Oh, and I love the “bachelor pad” idea. I do not feel comfortable bringing a SD over to my place, considering I have two other roommates. I do not think that he would feel comfortable either. Depending on the person, a hotel can also cause some discomfort due to the public nature of it. A neutral meeting place is splendid…if someone can afford, which in sugarland, we hope will be possible!

  231. OcSugarbaby says:

    In order to form cubes you need to know what a sugar is…

  232. this goes without saying get to know the man, I am just saying have a starting point! I fear some new Sb’s dont know their finances*overhead*
    or may not have an idea Farther then the mall of What to do with her $ugar cube$

  233. NYC SB says:

    Gemi – i got you sick over the blog… my appologies!

    GinaZ – I would LOVE that 😀

  234. NC Gent says:

    Yeah GinaZ — I can go through $1000 like a bottle of water in NYC, SanFran and Southern California. Other places, it is meaningful money :)

  235. ginaZ says:

    NYCSB wow lucky girl indeed. You met your SD on CL! On a slightly different note hope to make it to NY this fall to visit my mother. Perhaps we’ll meet up for a drink when I’m there!

    Also don’t be surprised I’ll be M.I.A soon, school begins tomorrow and I have a full course load. I’m excited though as I love my University and have grown to love academia.

  236. ginaZ says:

    NC Gent says: ooops also wanted to add $1000 per month is a lot more money in NC than NYC.

    Yes. You can buy a house in Detroit for $2500-$50,000 for example, but the same house in L.A is at least 10 times that.

    I don’t state my desired financial expectations for the very reason OCSB mentioned. On the otehr hand a SD who listes thier allwance range as under 1k is likely not a good fit. But generally I like to get to know the man and if there is chemistry, attraction and all the rest, everything either falls into place or what is offered exceeds what I would have hoped for. In my case I have a PT job, a child and school so I’m realistic.

  237. SugaCaneBby says:

    hey gemi! welcome back! a lot of people have been getting sick lately. guess i need to stock up on disinfectant gel.

  238. Gemini29 says:

    Um hey sugars. Been down and out for the count for the last couple days, got really sick. What up in sugar land?

  239. SugaCaneBby says:

    Yes yes, we’re on the same page NC, lol. 😀

  240. Lannie says:

    Hi everyone,

    Well I am back home and worn out from the shopping and feel like I have been on a whirlwind shopping spree that feels more like a job than fun…lol.. Now all I have to do is search for the little extras, pack bags , find a suitable present for him and make the plane on time.

    I noticed the discussion on the bachelor pad and my former SD actually kept a place where we both had the key and would meet which actually was much more comfortable for me and I could keep clothing etc. there so it was also easier in the long run. The key to that type of arrangement is trust and knowing you can trust your sugar with the key.

  241. NYC SB says:

    p.s. i met one man from CL and he is the one I am currently seeing… I got lucky for sure as he is not your average CL poster looking for an escort… and he has never heard of SA 😡

  242. NYC SB says:

    OC – this is so true… i refuse to enter into an arrangement if 1) i dont find the man attractive 2) there is good chemistry and 3) his idea of an arrangement alligns with mine in terms of time, money and activities…. in general once you stop focusing on the sugar and focus on getting to know the person and are genuinely interested in them they are more willing to be generous with you as they realize that your interest in them extends beyond their wallet

  243. NC Gent says:

    I thought we were agreeing sugarcane :)

  244. OcSugarbaby says:

    Each SD and SB has their own allowance expectations. With that comes many individual choices. I personally do not share mine on the blog due to the vast opinions that may spur. Know what you want and be able to justify it. I have yet to state my desired range. I have just enjoyed meeting the pots and will wait for the right chemistry. I have been plesantly surprised at their offers that far exceeding my range. Maybe it has to do with my shift of focus from $ to really getting to know them first.

  245. SugaCaneBby says:

    …and re-reading that, I realize how my last post can be taken out of context. XD Yeesh. I meant as when I run across spleda daddies or people that want to come incorrect like the guy Margo was chatting with, I’ve already experienced the brunt on CL just fooling around so I never take any of it personally. At least, not quite as personally as I would have if I hadn’t explored all angles beforehand.

  246. Suga your view on things never leave me bored, often causing me to rethink things, good point my friend

  247. SugaCaneBby says:

    Ooooohhhhh, I see what you’re saying now NC. I play that game sometimes to when I’m bored (not around here or with folk in this lifestyle). Guilty!

    I get bored sometimes and write bogus ads on craiglist just to see how many replies I’ll get. :3 Just reassures me that I’m not incorrect in my general outlook on humanity and makes it so that when I play here, I’m not phased by anything anyone says. Haha.

  248. SugaCaneBby says:

    I wouldn’t call bedding an escort a conquest though. I’m not saying there isn’t a thrill in luring a naive SB in. But it does eventually culminate into a goal of sorts, correct?

    Step 1 – Get her all tangled up in you.

    Step 2 – Profit.

  249. NC Gent says:

    I think so Viking, along with the fact that they have misrepresented themselves. But, nonetheless, they probably enjoyed “the game” of getting you to agree to meet them. Sorry – please don’t shoot the messenger on this one ladies — I recognize what I am saying may be somewhat controversial :(

  250. suga I may be Way off base but *thats where i live n-e -way* I would imigine a Red light hunny dosent have much leigh way to do anything other that straight Service!! and there is some pimp near by.. not very romantic or free-willed.
    a sb should have something going for herself.. WE all seem like we have seccesful lives and have some sort of end goal!
    not that there isnt a Red light gal that dosent but I think hard to find!

    my quandry is do the guys that are on here, not sure that we have standards or in deseprate need or just a dollar away from being on the Corner ourselves? like I told mr Ill pay for a drink.. baby if I needed to sell my self for money you STILL wouldnt make the cut, and I dont drink !
    those are not the Real SD I was reffering to!

  251. NC Gent says:

    Well I don’t think the “thrill of the hunt” and “the conquest” are practically the same. If they didn’t care about the thrill of the seduction, they would just go hire an escort, as you suggested.

  252. Viking Hybrid says:

    Sugarcane – Thanks :)

    NC – The “thrill of the hunt” mentality would definitely explain why, right about when these two pot SDs and I were making plans to meet….POOF!

  253. SugaCaneBby says:

    I meant as in the “SD” wasting time getting to “know” some chick he just wants to hit’n’quit.

  254. SugaCaneBby says:

    NC Gent – But if they have sex on the mind from day one, then what’s the use of getting to know them if they’re just going to disappear once they get what they want? It’s just a strange process to me and seems like a waste of time. It has ALWAYS infuriated me. Mostly because some of the men I meet that are like the guy Margo turned down think I can’t see their BS. Lol, insulting.

    Thrill of the hunt and conquest are practically the same in my book. “Hmm, I wonder if and how long it would take for me to bed her down?” *whips out charm-filled lies*

  255. ohhh I was just Waiting on Suga to reply to margo!! lol margo I think we wouldnt been so nice but I do agree with Suga Class act in deed!!

    and Viking hybrid be patient,, hey try clearing your chackra*sp*
    no but for real be patient hes looking for you!! he may be in the Air now flying to your town for Buisness!!

  256. Miz_Red says:

    Good afternoon Ladies & Gents!!!


    What’s the discussion in here now?

  257. NC Gent says:

    Sugarcanebaby — the answer to your question is that for many men, it is the thrill of the hunt rather than the conquest. Also, many men (especially older men such as SDs) aren’t interested in random sexual encounters with complete strangers. Sometimes for people, it is more fulfilling to want than to have. Strange creatures we can be, but I must admit, I have found myself in that situation.

  258. SugaCaneBby says:

    Margo – That’s way nicer than I would’ve been. I’m too aggressive to let someone call me out of my name and get away with it. I would have let him know he had no chance in hell after his last comment. He messed up so he deserves to feel the burn. But way to be a classy lady. 😀 You’re going to do just fine in this lifestyle.

    Viking Hybrid – 2 hours is hardly any time at all. Sounds like some excuses to me because I stay in the state of Misery (lol Missouri) and have managed to pull “suitors” from as far away as TX. And don’t sell yourself short. You know what you want so go for it. You’ll find the one that is willing to meet your expectations and when you do you’ll be glad you didn’t settle for piddly and miss out.

  259. Viking Hybrid says:

    Good afternoon, sugarland!

    I’ve been on SA for about a month, so I can’t say whether there is an SD drought or not. My two top prospects turned out to be poof daddies, so now I’m focusing on my second and third – choice men. I hate feeling like I might have to settle. Maybe my standards are unrealistic for the sugar world? Especially since I live two hours outside of a major city – a caveat that has led several pot SDs to politely turn me down. I have already expanded my parameters of acceptable age and physical appearance to the max. I just don’t want to end up feeling like a prostitute at the end of the day.

  260. Margo says:

    I replied politely:

    “I accept your apology and understand your point of view. But there are other men willing to meet, and I am still in the screening process. After meeting them and learning what they have to offer, I will choose the best offer that I feel comfortable with.”

  261. SugaCaneBby says:

    Margo – The ass realized he burned a bridge and is now trying to back pedal and still get sex out of the deal because he realized he was hasty in dismissing you and can’t find better. :) Let him know he said all he needed to say with his last email and wish him luck with his search. Then block him. He’s worthless.

    Here’s what I’m trying to figure out though for every horror story someone shares here…why do men go through such a pain-staking process to obtain sex? I mean the emails, the meals, the talking, more emails, and then a second date where they’ll hit and quit. You can get the same dealio in 20 minutes for cheaper if you know where your local red light district is. WTH? This confuses me. I know with some of the guys I met, it was a challenge to try to get me to give up for them, a conquest (HA!) but if you’re a SD and you make money like that I would assume you don’t have much time to waste on such petty goals.

  262. anababy *327719* says:

    Hey Kit-Kat. He was definitely rude. But i think it was more of a possession thing. Trust me, it didn’t last too long. He knew that I worked and went to school but I think he wanted to have me more as a”kept” girl. Just waiting around for him. Not my thing.

  263. NC same here in Fla My asking allowance is 1k-3k and Good lord if I found a daddy that Was as generous as the 3k I would definelty get all my finances in order! Even 1k is more then Enough I guess thats because I Am so careful about my spending, like gina says live within my means!!lol

  264. anababy wow that was kinda Rude of him,I would say. did he not know you were a student, and Why would he want you to Waste your tuition like that. kinda strange indeed!
    I hope hope me SD will be a Money daddy.. I just cant seem to get this Debt from around me, and its not a lot, less that 9k hoping for a Daddy that can help set me right side up and show me how to Grow some money!! and if he liked Nascar ohh…I won’t get started about it!! lol

    Lannie you lurking?? we wanna know how you are lady!!
    anybody heard about her?

  265. NC Gent says:

    ooops also wanted to add $1000 per month is a lot more money in NC than NYC but I guess you all know that :)

  266. anababy *327719* says:

    Thanks NYCSB. I figured as much but sometimes these guys surprise me.

  267. ok I am done Ranting
    hello SD’s how are you doing today??
    Hello Anababy how are you??

  268. I will address MArgo and NJ lady you ladies are not to be talked to any ol’ kind of way , why because your on SA?? that type of thinking gonna lead you to the Deppression train! first of all NJ 200 That is barely Enought to get your hair and nails done with a decent tip for the colorist shampootech and nail tech, you cant even Rent a car with 200$ much less call that an allowance he may as well called you a escort! Don’t you fall for it! he probabaly dosent even have 200$ !!
    Margo I cant speak for anybody else but if he said that to most of us it would be a Block automatically! dont you subject yourself to anymore correspondence from him! Advance the relationship.. I just think that line is stellar.. for a pig!
    hunny hes trying to use Either your Sweet nature or the fact that you may be new either way he is a pig.. hogs belong at the Zoo!
    and as NY said he is a reg. user here damm hypocrite!
    then going to call you a whore, lol my my hed better look up the Definiton of Whore!!

  269. NC Gent says:

    Hi BeachGirl — long time no see!

    I have had two longer term SB arrangements and they averaged about $1,000 per month plus expenses. We only saw each other about once a month, so this seemed very fair to both of us. Neither one of us had any regrets. I think frequency of visits/time commitment plays a role in the amount of the allowance. Also, I am married and all my pay is electronically put in a joint account. I have to be very creative in coming up with cash. I have talked to some other SDs from here (offline), and they were in the $1k-$2k range.

  270. NYC SB says:

    anababy – my friends live near you (i peaked at your profile) so sometimes aka often i venture there as well

    and no it is not realistic for someone/anyone to get upset when you have to go to class… thats just silly… best thing is to state your availability … if you can meet once a week or three times a week up front so there is no confusion

    RealisticSD – i am generally one SD woman but open to dating non SDs for fun… and I make time to see my SD at his convenience… its only fair

  271. anababy *327719* says:

    Hi Realistic. Just a question, when you say”whenever I am” what does that mean? I’ve had someone ask me this before and it seemed “whenever he was” meant almost everyday for hours. I’m trying to gauge realistically what is expected from an SB. And, is it OK for an SB to cut back on the amount of time? This particular guy got offended when I would choose class over him. Is this normally expected or was he just a little much? Thanks in advance for the insight!

  272. RealisticSD says:

    10K a month is OK for me if the SB is totally devoted, no other SDs, and available whenever I am.

  273. anababy *327719* says:

    that we are. Hi neighbor :) I bet I can almost see you right across the Hudson.

  274. NYC SB says:

    anababy – we are pretty much neighbors 😉

  275. anababy *327719* says:

    Good Afternoon everyone! Just checking in on my new fav blog. Jersey weather has been making me sick and luckily I don’t have class or work today so I can chat with you guys and rest up. To Margo, He’s a nut job. keep, keep moving on!

  276. NYC SB says:

    Margo – he said “Like a regular whore… what a pity” – this would be an instant block… he does not get to judge me for seeking an SD as he himself joined the site seeking an SB… plus thats disrespectful and uncalled for… if he said this to you in the early stages of the “relationship” imagine how much it can escalate to later on…

    you will find someone else… do not waste your time on him

  277. Lisa Marie says:

    I am off for a little bit…I have to get some work done. I should be back on later.

  278. Advance our relationship.. lol Id advance him something alright…. Block!!

  279. Lisa Marie says:

    Margo…hmmm i will wait for the other ladies reply on that…thats why I like this blog…thats questionable to me. Others can help with thier input

  280. Lisa Marie says:

    ginaz I would look into saving for a house or condo or cottage as well….rent is just about the same as a mortgage. if not more expensive than. And Mortgage can go away when your paid off….then all you are stuck with is taxes….which levels out to most likely be less than your rent yearly anyways. And the place is yours. Personal, not shared, and no one elses business but your own. I prefer that. I would really like my own house one day soon as well. I am also a single mom. I am 25. currently not living on my own….but not with any SO either. Family support. It has been a change from being in a marriage before. But I work with it, getting back o my feet.
    In TX places to live arent to bad. Well where I am. i know Houston and Austin are a diff subject. I am a little lower than that.

  281. Margo says:

    That guy sends me email after email to apologize and says:

    “i was suggesting that we advance our relationship while we are still in the formation stage of an arrangement because i wanted to separate the sex from the money and that way maintain dignity and respect between us.”

    How do you like that, SBs: to separate the sex from the money to maintain dignity and respect?

    Some men will tell you whatsoever if they are not ready to pay.

  282. ginaZ says:

    Morning NYCSB! OCSB and the rest of the crew 😉

  283. sizzler says:

    on the topic of taxes- its prob best to remember that even the taxman can read the blog and info on how you obtain and where you stash cash is prob not suitable for a public arena. Love to all. X

  284. Lisa Marie says:

    ha ha…you can always yell at me in email girl. But yes, I do listen to you all and I very muich pay attention. no worries.

  285. ginaZ says:

    Flo Rida–

    You are very smart my dear. A head for business, not sure what your work is but an MBA or J.D (If you don’t already have one) is oh so real. Anyway kudos to you!

    Me: I suppose like NYCSB I’m attracted to powerful men, though it seems because of my artistic leanings, I tend to favor entrepreneurs, those with keen intellects and self made men. The ultra rich who need someone to cater to their every whim I’ve discovered is not for me. Far too demanding!

    Average allowance varies. NYCSB lives in NYC (higher COL) not sure how much rents are going for these days. But even a Battery park address will run you a nice chunk of change. For me I live in Los Angeles, I go to school FT and I’m a single mom, in theory I need 5k to help propel myself forward. But I’m 38 I’ve been on my own for 21 years, I’ve learned not to live beyond my means…

    BUT, I think yes I need more then rent, or to get by. So having a goal can help make the allowance equation more formidable in ones mind. A pot SD once said to me that I was lucky to not have anything, he said he couldn’t sell his Rolls Royce in todays climate.
    So I thought more than next months rent is to start to save up for a condo or a cottage, not piss away rent money year after year. So I’ve now factored that into the equation.

  286. yes I read throught the blog I miss some things but lol I was so goint to ask that! but then I thought no, thats not my place

  287. Lisa Marie says:

    just so you know from above last night…I did stop talking about it. LOL. I was just curious. knowledge is power. LOL or at least I like to think so.

  288. Lisa Marie says:

    good morning Kit Kat!!!

  289. good morning everyone and my chakra is achey so i put my frilly on it!!
    dont tell anybody anything right off!! you keep your buisness to yourself until later, this is What I know. YOU take care of their needs first? right?
    soo there isnt any reason to add the itty-bittys to the mix.

  290. Lisa Marie says:

    Thank you Flo Rida
    Doesnt hurt to ask. I like to learn. LOL.

    And yes…NYC SB is fabulous! I agree!
    Smart is ALWAYs an attractive quality!

  291. NYC SB says:

    Flo Rida – of course you are a smartie… you know how to listen… a rare thing these days… now if only we were all a bit better at taking constructive criticism that there is no limit to how much we can better ourselves

    Hi GinaZ :)

  292. ginaZ says:

    Island Beauty asks: Is it wise for a SB to include in their profile that you’re a parent, or should i keep that hidden until you get to know each other better?

    Me personally I don’t mention this in my profile, maybe that’s my protective instincts, separating two different worlds. I do however mention this in either my first email or call and depending on the response which is generally very good we meet.

  293. Flo Rida says:

    Lisa Marie – There is no such thing as an average allowance, it depends on circumstances, chemistry, location. Think of it from a SD’s perspective, if SD gives $5k per month that is $60k per year. If SD makes $500k per year pays pays $250k in taxes, $150k in expenses then $60k is a big chunk out of the remaining $100k. My SD says he knows people who pay mistresses $1million a year but those are people met IRL and mistresses are different than NSA. I would agree with NYCSB that $3-5k seems typical with higher amount for NY as it’s expensive and people have more money – and finally because NYCSB is fabulous.

    NYCSB – u r a smartie – i’m not smart but I listen to people and remember everything, when I grow up can I be as smart as you :-)

    RealisticSD – Gifts over $13k per year should be declared for estate tax (not income tax) purposes, but I’m guessing most SD’s don’t do this.

    Back to the drudgery of work

  294. Lisa Marie says:

    LOL yes NYC on my part and the pot SD. I have patience and time. (the time kinda sucks, makes things a little harder the longer it takes. LOL) but I do want someone I can click with and we can take care of eachother 50-50 with some $ugar mixed in.
    We will see. If this pot SD works out it will be easier even if its only about 3k-5k a month.

  295. sizzler says:

    ha ha…glad i now know about the open minded bit. Is that a common req? cos i had a more direct proposal from a married pot with an existing sb last week for just the same thing!

  296. NYC SB says:

    LM – sure such a man is hard to find… whether it be a SD or a regular man… someone who supports you on more than one level… but seek and you will find… it takes time and patience

  297. NYC SB says:

    open minded gf = open to threesomes

    GFE experience is pretty much a BF/GF relationship without the titles and with $ugar… usually the man seeking this is single and wants someone who can go out to dates with

  298. sizzler says:

    hi, can anyone fill me in on what the GFE is in practice. I’m fairly new to this and have been contacted by a pot who is looking for an open minded girlfriend. Thanks

  299. Lisa Marie says:

    NYC…I guess I am downing myself in that aspect. I would love to find an SD who would help me with my business ventures and such. but I have other things holding me backa little to which finding an SD who can understand or be ok with that would be hard to find. I am attracted to many different levels I guess. I like the intlectual power I guess you could say. I love business men, but I love the intelect. I love to learn from others. And thats another plus I get from that.

  300. Island Beauty says:

    I’m off to run some errands, enjoy a sugar filled day… Adios

  301. Island Beauty says:

    Thank you Olivia, just like air creeps are everywhere…

  302. NYC SB says:

    LM – 10k a month is extravagant by anyones standards… It covers my expenses and then some… but then again 3-5k will… it really comes down to the men I choose to be with… I am attracted to power suits… and power suits like to keep appearances… especially single ones… so they love to spoil through and through… most of them love to help me with my business venture… so they have been very generous with me… i am blessed

  303. Olivia says:

    Oh my gosh, Margo and Island…

    I am so sorry for the both of the situations you have been faced with. This blog is a wonderful place to vent, exchange stories, give advice, and support one another.

    Unfortunately, I don’t think that these scenarios are that uncommon. I am terrified of them as well. Trust your gut- if something feels off, it probably is.

    Good luck, ladies and gentlemen! Have a lovely, sugar-filled day!

  304. Lisa Marie says:

    yeah. I have a pot Sd right now I have been talking to since yesterday. He seems like a good guy…but at first it didnt seem he read my profile. I have a hard time with travel because of big (small) reasons if you catch my drift. So its not easy. Expecially not with a good explination on why I am going out of town or state.

  305. Lisa Marie says:

    ha ha…yeah it is early…just finished my first cup of coffee….I need another, but I stopped at the gas station for the one I have…I want startbucks. I am a sucker for the Pumpkin Spice Lattes when they are in season.

  306. Island Beauty says:

    From my responses i’ve learned that some of these men don’t take the time to read the profiles, it’s so frustrating to have them ask questions that are covered… AHHHH drives me up the walls

  307. Lisa Marie says:

    ahhh ok NYC…Wow thats a big help. NY is an extravigant place though. I would love to come visit there one day. I almost had the chance to move there few yrs back. I am not to keen on the cold though. I am a southern girl. Tx through and through. Ha Ha.
    I would fit more into the 3K- 5K myself. I take care of myself pretty well…then extra assistance is always appreciated like with college and such.

  308. Island Beauty says:

    lol thank you, it’s early we’ll use that excuse lol

  309. Island Beauty says:

    Lisa Thank you.

    I’m glad you guy/gals are so friendly, i would be lost with out the help

  310. Lisa Marie says:

    Island…sorry hun…cant spell today. Ha Ha

  311. NYC SB says:

    LM – average allowance for me is 10k a month… this is however UNUSUAL… i would say 3k would be average for most

  312. Lisa Marie says:

    Islald…very simple very direct….and your very beautiful btw.
    I like those paintings too! lol

  313. Island Beauty says:

    I would like your opinion on mine if you don’t mind. I’m welcoming constructive criticism 327489

  314. Lisa Marie says:

    oh ok..yeah sweety…I can figure out that part no problem. I was just wondering the average allowance.
    I know Realistic says he does 1K /wk normally.

  315. Lisa Marie says:

    no problem Island!! Girl you can email me anytime if you want to.
    yahhhooooo with unbreakable_dream5

  316. Sweety SB~ AKA BG says:

    LM~ this is what she said: ““how do you hide your money” pay off expenses, pay off debt, then spend more money, then buy a safe, PO Box, safety deposit box. If you’re worried about carrying money around, yes I know it’s scary, but it’s a better feeling than not having money. As mentioned above you’re allowed $13,000 gift tax free in a year, if you’re above that you can structure things legally, ask me later.”

    Ciao, Talk later!

  317. Lisa Marie says:

    and Kit Kat…I did stop. LOL That was jsut a question out of curiousity

  318. Lisa Marie says:

    I cant find what Flo Rida said last night

  319. Island Beauty says:

    Ooohhhhh…lol thanks Lisa :)

  320. Lisa Marie says:

    sweety…no I didnt…let me look

  321. Lisa Marie says:

    island..look at your profile…and then in the URL the group of numbers at the end is your profile number….so replace it with mine. Then you can see mine.

  322. NYC SB says:

    Ladies… most guys are looking for a freebie… and its shameful… they pry on women in need and take advantage of them… now we are all smart and careful so this will never ever happen to us :)

  323. Sweety SB~ AKA BG says:

    Margo~I’m in Montreal.

    NYC SB~ Hummm… do you know any SDs that are looking for someone like me lol, If I do get an SD in NYC, you so will be my point Girl!!! 😉

    Lisa Marie~ did you read what Flo Rida Wrote late night about the money thing? it will be helpful for you!

    NC~ Hey, how are you? Long time no talk! I hear you man, it is hard! At least your in the US, somewhat easier!

    Off to work for me
    Talk soon

  324. Island Beauty says:

    I must admit i don’t have a clue as to looking you up by numbers, it’s only my first week on SA. A little help please. 😀

  325. Lisa Marie says:

    Margo…i just read up. I am sorry that happened. Some men can be so disgusting. Thats why its scary to go out with guys sometimes. They just want the sex, they dont care about the arrangement or you honestly.

  326. Island Beauty says:

    Thank you Lisa. I will take a look now.

    @ Margo, Sorry to hear that, men like that get my blood boiling. The audacity…

  327. Lisa Marie says:

    Island…good morning….well I have that I am a parent in my profile. But it is just kinda mixed in…not stated. Not blunt but out in the open….here you can read my profile and see what I mean.

  328. Island Beauty says:

    Good morning, my new question is: Is it wise for a SB to include in their profile that you’re a parent, or should i keep that hidden until you get to know each other better?

  329. NYC SB says:

    James says: NYC SB, Esq. – all transactions will be perfectly aboveboard and properly documented, and all taxes paid, right?

    NYC SB, CPA, MBA 😉 and of course… we structure deals according to the law

    James says:GinaZ, I live in Manhattan and $200 gets you one hour of quality erotic massage

    I live in Manhattan too… but umm a regular massage runs more than $200 here

    Sweety SB~ AKA BG says: Yeah I wish I had NYC SDs after me!!! but they think it’s too far as well!!!

    Be careful what you wish for 😉

    Flo Rida says: NYCSB – Have you been to business school? I haven’t but starting a biz without it can be scary. Having said that sounds like SD wants to “mentor and tutor” you which is like a free education.

    Yes I was in business school for my undergrad and grad degree … Im a smart cookie

    AtlNicole*389079* says: Mmmm shoes. I swear I could run through a man’s bank account so fast. Just let me loose in a mall for a day…I would need a rental truck just to get my loot home…these are my dreams

    Mall…. no take me on Park Ave or 5th… I can do massive damage… a girl can dream of this

    The Lone Gunman says: Good morning everyone! Are your Chakras cleared yet?

    Good morning! Nope mine are not… hopefully everyone still wants to play with me in the sand box

  330. RealisticSD says:

    I think payments over $13000 to an SB don’t need to be reported as gifts based on the U.S. vs. Harris case cited earlier. It is a non-deductible charitable donation, not a gift. But then again, I am not a lawyer.

    As for $200, it is insulting. I don’t know what the going rate is but what I offer is 1K/wk plus helping out with random specific expenses that may arise and any travel expenses if we travel. I can afford more and for the right person I would give more, but it does get complicated in the sense that if they keep asking for more, I would feel like they only want me for money. On the other hand, I tend to bring up their needs and for them to be honest then is OK. If they have CC debt, they can mention it and I can help out further with that. Or if tuition is due, when I ask if they need anything, that would be the time for them to bring it up and if things are going well, I’d be happy to help. The SB has a complex job though–she has to make me feel like she genuinely likes me and wants to be with me even though everyone knows that without the money, there would be no relationship.

  331. NC Gent says:

    Hi Margo — sorry that happened to you , but he was likely just looking for a freebie and took it out on you when he couldn’t get what he wanted. There are other good ones out there….

    speaking of good ones… James did mention that it is very hard to find a quality SB, and I have to agree. I am not saying that it isn’t hard for an SB to find a quality SD, and it appears the odds are in the SDs favor, but it has taken me months and months to find a quality SB in the past. Maybe if I lived in a bigger town it wouldn’t be so hard.

    Nico — I read what you said last night, and as always, you hit it right on, IMHO. Hope you are doing well :)

  332. Margo says:

    I had a lunch date yesterday with someone I met at another website, where I mentioned that I am looking for a Sugar Daddy in my ad.

    Here are few emails exchanged after the lunch.

    The first one he sent the same day:
    “thank you for a nice afternoon. i really enjoyed your company. it was wonderful to discover your sensuallity and sexuallity and i know there’s a lot more to come. some ideas of a possible “arrangement” between us are starting to form in my head, but i’d like to see you again soon for lunch and maybe more…:). you are the kind of woman men dream about. a mix of a child, a woman and a sex kitten.”

    That’s my reply:
    “I like what you say, and definitely there is a chemistry between us. I would like to see you again, but “maybe more” cannot be before the arrangement.”

    And finally in the morning I got this:
    “just like a regular whore…what a pity that is.”

  333. Margo says:

    Sweety SB~ AKA BG :
    Are you in Ontario?

    Kit Kat:
    Why wouldn’t you rent a bank safety box? Here it costs about $40 per year.

  334. The Lone Gunman says:

    :) Good morning everyone! Are your Chakras cleared yet? :)

    Remember, they laughed at Columbus, they laughed at Galileo and Copernicus–but they also laughed at Bozo the Clown.


  335. Sweety SB~ AKA BG says:

    Flo Rida~ I wan’t the one asking about the safes, It was Kit Kat. Also i’m in Canada so are laws are different here, gifts, money gifts are nontaxable! Also if i would ever win the lotto , my winning would not be taxed! But thanks for the info, i’m sure everyone that lives in the US need to know!

  336. AtlNicole*389079* says:

    The process can be very frustrating. That’s why we blog about it :)

    Mmmm shoes. I swear I could run through a man’s bank account so fast. Just let me loose in a mall for a day…I would need a rental truck just to get my loot home…these are my dreams :)

  337. anababy says:

    Thanks to you too GinaZ. I was just being a debby downer. I know its the process, but sometimes it kinda sucks! I’m just thinking about my future louboutin’s to bide my time 😉

  338. Flo Rida says:

    RealisticSD: Do you really declare to the IRS gifts in excess of $13,000 to a SB in a year? I think it was NYCSB who mentioned the $13,000 level. I’d be surprised if you did.

    TLG: I REALLY think you should plan a trip to Moscow, St. Petersburg and Leningrad to meet the lusting Russian ladies, you might meet your future wife AND you’ll be saving a life, you know you really want to.

    NJLady: $200 per play is a route to bad CL (escorting site Craig’s List) not good CL (shoes – my feet are like duck’s feet though so I could never fit into CL or J Choo’s :-(

    SweetySB akaBG – “how do you hide your money” pay off expenses, pay off debt, then spend more money, then buy a safe, PO Box, safety deposit box. If you’re worried about carrying money around, yes I know it’s scary, but it’s a better feeling than not having money. As mentioned above you’re allowed $13,000 gift tax free in a year, if you’re above that you can structure things legally, ask me later.

    NYCSB – Have you been to business school? I haven’t but starting a biz without it can be scary. Having said that sounds like SD wants to “mentor and tutor” you which is like a free education.

    OC, Kit-Kat, Lisa Marie, Rainey Street and everyone else – I bow to your knowledge and humor :-)

    Nitey nite all.

  339. ginaZ says:

    Sweety I will check my in box! Nighty night 😉

  340. anababy says:

    thanks AltNicole I’m trying!

  341. ginaZ says:

    anababy it’s not you, no curse! but it is part of the picture on SA and other similar sites. A good 25% seem to want the real GFE, it’s not a bad thing but it may be that some SD may not disclose this from the onset.

    OCSB seems to have some luck with her chakra healing so I may give it a go as well


  342. Sweety SB~ AKA BG says:

    Good night y’all!!!
    til we chat again, good luck to everyone!

  343. AtlNicole*389079* says:

    No voodo curse anababy. It’s hard work finding the perfect SD. The process is fun though, so try to enjoy it. I know it sucks to be broke, I am living that life right now myself, but better that than lower myself to a level that I am not comfotable with.

    Keep ya head up :)

  344. ginaZ says:

    Goodnight Rainy!

    AtlNicole sounds promising amidst your academic pursuits. I’m laying low about anyone till it’s a sure thing, but still hopin’, wishin’ and all that good stuff!

  345. Sweety SB~ AKA BG says:

    ginaZ sent you mail

  346. anababy says:

    Hey guys. I got here in April and have had a serious drought problem. I’ve had too many flakes to remember and 1 actual SD who was basically a great guy who ended up wanting a relationship and not an arrangement. He thought if i got to know him I’d want to drop the arrangement bit and just be his girlfriend. ::sigh:: Since then no dice. I think he put some voodoo curse on me :( Or maybe it’s just me. we’ll see….

  347. Sweety SB~ AKA BG says:

    ginaZ ~As soon as i know I will tell you for sure!

  348. ginaZ says:

    g i a s w i s h at the y place

  349. ginaZ says:

    Sweety so you are coming to Van Nuys? That is rather close actually 8 miles give or take.
    I start classes soon but let’s meet up 😉

  350. SugaCaneBby says:

    NJLady – If he doesn’t make you feel well, block him. Block him, block him, block. It doesn’t matter who he says he is or how much he makes. NO ONE makes enough money to treat you without respect. In a traditional dating scenario, if your date got crude and started propositioning you and treating you as if your were less then, you’d drop him in a heartbeat, wouldn’t you? I hope so. Bid him well and thank him for his time but then prevent him from contacting you further. He sounds like a creep and with the figure he tossed out, I’m not so sure he’s genuine. 200+ whatever is what I get by on with my part time job and freelance gigs and my lifestyle isn’t any sort of sweet. So keep it moving. :)

  351. Sweety SB~ AKA BG says:

    ginaZ ~ YAY !! oh my LaLaLand is so small, we might have met while i was out there lol

  352. ginaZ says:

    Sweety Yes! if you come my way we’ll go out for drinks 😉

    NJLADY sorry you had to get to that stage. I recently had a slightly different version a supposedly wealthy man who behaved like a petulant child, he became rude when I didn’t send pictures at precisely the right time, or dared to say you will have to wait till I return.
    So just because someone is rich doesn’t mean they have good manners.

  353. Sweety SB~ AKA BG says:

    ginaZ ~ Hey I’m in the valley now, well where i stay. Van Nuys actually!
    I should be there soon!!! I hope , fingers crossed!!! It’s way too cold here!

    Yeah I wish I had NYC SDs after me!!! but they think it’s too far as well!!! I don’t know, i just didn’t meet the right one yet I guess!
    how is you sugar search? you must have tones of dates lined up! I have 2 of my friends that are SDs on this site actually,,,, not that we talked about it, Awkward !!! lol

  354. Sweety SB~ AKA BG says:

    NJLady~ have a good night, sorry I was joking before…. I thought it sounded funny in my head!! If they make you uncomfortable just delete!

  355. ginaZ says:

    Yes James a quite a bit different 200 @ CL massage versus something far more personal and special more moments to linger and so on…

    Sweety…I’m a Valley girl ha! wish I were by the beach and surf, though close enough I suppose. NYC seems like a viable option for you though???

  356. NJLady says:

    I don’t feel good about this one….it’s not the money, it’s what he said that made me unconfortable….I’m going to sleep, Thanks Sugar’s

  357. Sweety SB~ AKA BG says:

    Vixen~ Yeah, i totally agree that some don’t know what this is all about!
    I have been honest, i’m just unsure!!! Wish I had sugar though, I so miss it!

  358. AtlNicole*389079* says:

    Been lurking for a couple hours while I worked on somehomework. Anybody else play favorites with their pot’s? My fav just emailed me :) Fingers crossed.

  359. RainyStreet says:

    Goodnight all! wish me luck on finding my dream SD who knows how to “make it rain” LOL. Sweet sugar dreams!

  360. Sweety SB~ AKA BG says:

    ginaZ ~ I spent the whole summer there last year, it was great to be back!
    I think I might be going back there soon, we so have to hang out one night!!

  361. Vixen says:

    Sweety- I’m with James, be honest when asked. A smart SD should be able to realize that your previous sugar experience means that you better understand what it takes to actually be a SB. IMO, far too many women fantasize about the lifestyle with no regards as to what it really entails. They become just sex toys, easily discardable.

  362. ginaZ says:

    err… it’s [a] very different animal I mean 😉

  363. SugaCaneBby says:

    I got a bite on another site. :3 He’s cute, claims to be new to all of this, but sounds as if he understands the basic parameters. He initiated contact so that feeds my ego a bit, lol. Going to chat more with him when he gets off work tomorrow. I’m excited.

    A home safe sounds like a good idea. I needed somewhere to keep my guns for the eventual day when I have children and also because them laying around (not really, figure of speech) isn’t safe. I don’t see why it can’t hold money too. I saw a nice one at home depot the other day.

    Until tomorrow, later all!

  364. James says:

    night for real, and NJ Lady, please take your time

  365. ginaZ says:

    James yes indeed $200, its very different animal.

    Yup I’m livin’ in El Lay! Location as a SB is good, though I’ve often wished I was in NYC my ole stompin’ ground. In fact I wouldn’t mind a SD there, just a bit of commute!

  366. Sweety SB~ AKA BG says:

    NJLady~ I was joking..No you to go see him .. I said he should send the money and when you got it you could sex talk him for 20 minutes lol… sorry, i must be tired or something, it sounded funny in my head ….

  367. ginaZ says:

    NJLADY eventually you will recognize the players, wankers and time wasters, just hit NEXT and delete.

  368. NJLady says:

    Sweety SB, I’m sorry but that would make me feel like a “W”, to drove 2 hours to meet him and be givin that amount, I can’t believe other SB’s would do that.

  369. Sweety SB~ AKA BG says:

    ginaZ~ you live in LA? Lucky girl! I miss it so much! I need to get out there soon..How is the weather? I use to live in Venice Beach ahh the memories.. You have so much more choice in SDs than me!!!
    And Location is the key, I think. I live in Canada and they just aren’t online or something. Or they just don’t get it! I tried to contact SDs from NY which isn’t too far, but apparently it is too far lol…What is a girl to do!

  370. James says:

    GinaZ, I live in Manhattan and $200 gets you one hour of quality erotic massage :-)

  371. NJLady says:

    James, No I’m not trying get on craigslist, heard about that. But to ask me “very” personal stuff, I think he’s on here to help someone out “that way” only, if you know what I mean.

  372. Sweety SB~ AKA BG says:

    NJLady~ sounds like he only wants to sex chat, you should tell him to send 200$ to a box office and once you have to money you will contact him LMAO!

  373. Sweety SB~ AKA BG says:

    James~ thanks! I try and be honest… I’m so green when it comes to all this online stuff! Thank you

  374. ginaZ says:

    Something is wrong with the blog. LOTS of oddity. Big gray squares and the like.

    Yes the $200 range is not unusual, it is more in the CL range I have to agree. But the allowance would also be different in SA. It depends on your age, where you live and how much time you will spend. If it were someone who wanted me on call and it was exclusive that changes things. But I’m also a realist. I live in L.A, so my overhead is higher than someone living in Detroit for example, so it’s a huge range. I’ll take chemistry and a bit of help over someone who demands more of me than I can give.

  375. James says:

    Sweety, at some point he’ll ask, you shouldn’t raise it until then

  376. James says:

    Sweety BG, tell them the truth, if they’re sincere they’ll appreciate that — and it also happens that your own history is probably the best for an experienced SD, that would be a great outcome for him unless he’s a player, and the risk is reduced because you achieved it before

  377. NJLady says:

    This guy is getting way out of hand, I need to end this….he’s getting crude right now. I don’t think he’s on here to meet a SB.

  378. Sweety SB~ AKA BG says:

    NJLady~ He said 200$ a month? wow no way, thanks, and good bye!

  379. James says:

    NJLady: that is not the way to start unless you’re starting a career on Craigslist, hear me

  380. Sweety SB~ AKA BG says:

    James~ my ex SD and i had a great relationship! We both please each other! It was amazing while it lasted! I have been without an SD for 3 years now, and it’s hard to do the online thing!
    I guess I do have a set amount in mind, but I know for a fact that I wont get what I had before, I’m sure it will take time to get back to that!
    Is it better for an SD to know that you had an SD before? I know some have asked and I try and tell then how it was…. but it won’t be the same, What should I really say when asked?

  381. NJLady says:

    Vixen….he said, that’s the amount he would give is other sb’s plus gas, travel and lunch I can do that myself….and that would just be for hair and nails!

  382. James says:

    night all thanks for helping me earlier today

  383. NJLady says:

    Is 200 the way to start….tell me please. We’re IM now and he’s getting a little personal, if you know what I mean.

  384. Vixen says:

    NJ lady-the $200 can not seriously be your allowance, he must mean $200 to get your hair and nails done??

  385. RainyStreet says:

    yes you’re right you should start off a bit lower…that way the more trust you two gain for eachother the easier it is to comfortably bring up the subject of your needs!

  386. NJLady says:

    I don’t know, that’s why I wanted to meet with hime first to talk about that part. I think he just wants sex and only willing to spend that much. I think about lowering the amount, but at the same time, I don’t come that cheap….Thanks Sugars for your help.

  387. James says:

    Hey Sweety BG: sounds like your SD was sweet on his BG. You earned the increase by proving yourself reliable and loyal and pleasing him, obviously. He may have been in a good way financially and happy to share it, knowing it was going for a good cause. My point about long-run is that the allowance needs to be set at a rate that also takes into account the effect of the SD’s long-run commitment on his thinking — facing $48k/year feels different than $60k, even if it breaks down to only $1k/month to you. Once you set a rate that feels fair and stick with it for a while, often SD’s are willing to consider reasonable increases for good cause.

  388. RainyStreet says:

    lisa~my yaaaaahhhhhhhhoooooo is luvu2makeitrain if you wanna e-mail me!

  389. Sweety SB~ AKA BG says:

    I think that at first it starts out lower? am I right?
    I only had one SD and it lasted a long time, and I got a bigger allowance as we went and better gifts…
    I don’t know, any thoughts?

  390. James says:

    NJLady, you’re talking two entirely different concepts of relationships — he’s talking Craigslist and you’re talking SA — no way to bridge that gap

    you may be a bit high, it depends on whether you’re in Manhattan, how long-run you’re thinking and how much time you’re prepared to wait before finding someone who thinks you’re that special

  391. Sweety SB~ AKA BG says:

    Kit-Kat~I have a house safe… I dont’ live in an apartment. Maybe that’s why… I have no clue how else you could hide money if you have people coming to your appt. all the time. so the question should be:
    If you don’t have a wall safe , how do you hide your money?
    NJLady~ I don’t know what to say, I mean if your expenses are in the 5k range then don’t settle!!! I don’t know…. Hope someone else helps you out!
    Nite all sugars!

  392. stop talking about money before you meet them you may not even like them , and NJLADY if its under you Req then sound the buzzer girl!

    goodnight yall!!

  393. Lisa Marie says:

    ok well i am off….i will ask my question again tomorrow.
    Night all!!!

  394. Lisa Marie says:

    awesome Rainy! talk to you soon!

  395. Lisa Marie says:

    kti kat so much for us going ot bed! Ha ha

  396. Lisa Marie says:

    what is the average allowance???

  397. James Sweety Realistic Nyc island and to the lurkers Goodnight!!
    was great as usual chatting with you guys!! ok people my man is on now, jimmie kimmel!! I love him I dont know who is more Sarcastic he or I,
    hey james you know any NASCAR Daddies?? help a kit kat out

  398. RainyStreet says:

    thanks lisa got it! ttyl

  399. Lisa Marie says:

    the smaller safes are heavy too hun….not alock box….a safe. those suckers are heavy! My parents have one and its a good size…not huge.

  400. NJLady says:

    If someone is still up, I need Help! I have a pot SD IM now….he asked about the arrangement, when I mention how much I want, (5-10) he said that was out league, in the past when he met SB’s it was 200 plus gas, lunch, travel expenses….Am I being led to the pea patch?

  401. Sweety I seen what you said! I do not like stuff like that because the maitnece men be all over your house and honestly I do not trust them any farther then I can see them and Iam near sighted, I put it past no-one to covet my belongings. and these bad damm teenagers around here! I just wanted to hear another view! thats all

    and since you are on that you got like a gun safe or a 5ft safe otherwise a theif could just pick it up no?

  402. Lisa Marie says:

    i think I am off too.
    gotta get up early!
    oh and hey Rainy if you wanna chat off here….we can relate …..mail me
    yahhhhhooooooo at unbreakable_dream5

  403. James says:

    NYC SB, Esq. – all transactions will be perfectly aboveboard and properly documented, and all taxes paid, right?

  404. Lisa Marie says:

    night kit kat!!

  405. RainyStreet says:

    goodnight kit-kat!

  406. Lisa Marie says:

    lol ok my typing is screwing up…I think I am a bit tired too. long day.

  407. Sweety SB~ AKA BG says:

    LM~ oh lol, yeah that was very funny, don’t do it too often it freaks me out! :)
    good night girl!
    And to all you sugars, i’m am off to bed as well, I have to work tomorrow!

  408. Lisa Marie says:

    you are tired…it wa sonly a few mins ago ….me reading your mind stuff! HAHA got to bed!!

  409. Sweety SB~ AKA BG says:

    Kit-Kat~ Like I said, keep it in a safe at home, no trace and you can spend all you want! or deposit small amounts

    LM~ what is funny, i’m confused tonight… lmao i think i need sleep or something lol

  410. NYC SB says:

    tax evasion is illegal
    tax avoidance however… legal

    not advocating either just remembering tax class

  411. Lisa Marie says:

    lol sweety that is to funny!!

  412. Rainey I was going to ask him that but I thought it better to wonder.
    Well guys and Gals I am off to count sheep!!

  413. James says:

    NYC SB, guys who are good at making money sometimes think they’re magical and like to share their skill with someone it pleases them to help, and who will appreciate it more than the other people in their lives

    sorry to hear you had the same, I guess you earned your right to give the advice

  414. ginaZ says:

    Sweety yes indeed. I was balling my eyes out as I recall.

    NYCSB, sounds like a very interesting offer. Perhaps this is a way to find your own financial independence so that you would never need a SD per se. This is an opportunity for him as well. He sounds like a man who would not show interest in this way if he doesn’t see the potential. this is very exciting to some men, more exciting than sex. The next big thing.

  415. lol definitely no nudity.

  416. Realistic I wasnt preposing any Laundering activites, just really are we going back to matteresses and in the Cellar? lol my grand ma hid money in her house for real though! I was asking because as I have said I am nearly in a panic’d to have more then 100 on me.

  417. NYC SB says:

    James – yes he is a well known “money maker” so im not surprised that this is the case :)

    Your story reminded me of an ex SD of mine… not the promiscuity part but the “people can and will surprise you” part… i felt “cheated on” as well when i found out his true colors

  418. RainyStreet says:

    Hey Realistic are you an attorney or something…you know an awful lot about the judicial system…

    ~it seems like the blog is having a lot of wierd malfunctions tonight!

  419. RealisticSD says:

    NYC SB, well, this type of SD is really there to help you and get your life going. He will be happy if you do well and is probably not the sex-crazy type. I’m sure that when he knows you’re happy about how you’re getting taken care of, he’ll expect some affection in return.

  420. Nyc I hope you get your buisness up and running I am sure you will be a fabulous biz lady!!

  421. RainyStreet says:


  422. Sweety SB~ AKA BG says:

    ginaZ~ it is very emotional if you have never done it before and if you a person that keeps their feelings inside! but it’s a great experience though

  423. NYC SB says:

    The proposal is very generous… i have to sleep on it and think about MY best interest

    I did flirt… he was more interested in getting my life figured out… oh well i have a regular date tomorrow maybe flirting will take place :)

  424. Lol @ kit-kat i definitely want my Barak…lol

  425. ginaZ says:

    Oh and cash and carry is best, no bank transfer, or checks or any of that. Small unmarked bills, no paper trail.

  426. RealisticSD says:

    I had a real problem putting up pictures here because I could easily be recognized, so for a while I had pictures of a look-alike cousin who would not be an SD. I know, it’s kind of wrong, but funny thing was that not a single SB noticed. At most they’d say, “You look better than in your picture.”

    But finally what I did is put nice real pics but make my profile hidden from search, so I can only contact SBs I like while pots can’t really search for me. Then I can keep my real pics.

    • OCSugarbaby says:

      RealisticSD: Just an FYI, if the person has your profile number and your profile is hidden, they can still pull up your profile. It may not come up in a search but it can come up if they know the number and enter it in the URL line.

  427. James says:

    NYC SB: two possibilities, it’s his hook and way to impress you, or he wants to make money with you and making money turns him on

  428. Sweety SB~ AKA BG says:

    NYC SB~ no flirting? huh! well you could of flirted after a little …..
    did you like the proposal? is it what you thought it would be?

  429. RainyStreet says:

    That’s pretty cool though NYCSB! Looks like you got yourself an investor!

  430. ginaZ says:

    stripper poles: as a former (clears throat) stripper or go go girl, I find the whole stripper pole at the local Y kind of gimmicky but it IS fun I must say, though back when I did it I got paid. I $hould have gotten more in retrospect, hazard pay for all the smoke.

    Chakra clearing does work, I found it be kind of an emotional as well. They only last for so long though. I’m probably due for another 😉

  431. Thank you all.

    RainyStreet he is hesitant about sending you one for anonymity purposes, you might propose trade for trade? Does this mean i should remove my pic from my profile?

  432. Brad Pitt / Vern Trojerer

  433. RealisticSD says:

    “ok Realistic so what do you do with more than 2k ??” I posted a response to this question but it never appeared so here is a re-cap:

    To do anything with the intention that the government does not find out what you’re up to is money laundering and is illegal very ill-advised. Examples would be structuring the transactions to avoid detection by breaking them up into smaller transactions (smurfing).

    Remember Eliot Spitzer the ex-governor of NY?

  434. NYC SB says:

    Yes I want to start my own business… i just didnt expect him to just outright offer me the cash to do it! Along with a business proposal and commission scale… it felt sooo businessy… there was no flirting or fun… just business talk…

  435. James says:

    NYC SB, that sounds up my alley, return the favor?

  436. Sweety SB~ AKA BG says:

    LM~ again lmao this is too funny it’s like you are reading my mind girl!

  437. Sweety SB~ AKA BG says:

    LM~ you answered me before my post went up lmao! did you read my mind?

  438. island beauty ask him for him to sen you a photo.. To Your secondary e-mail address!! *yes ma’am get another one*
    if he dosent send you one dont fret just be slow and let things Develop,
    however you run the risk of Expecting Barak obama and getting 50 cent

    !!!!yes I got Bot the first lady and the Pres. in a sass tonight!!

  439. Lisa Marie says:

    hmmm how my comment came before yours sweetie i dont know…i sent it after I read yours. LOL

  440. RainyStreet says:

    Island~if he is hesitant about sending you one for anonymity purposes, you might propose trade for trade?

  441. Sweety SB~ AKA BG says:

    Island Beauty~ get a hotmail or gmail account , free and untraceable. You ask them to send their photos/

  442. Lisa Marie says:

    sweety….no yahoo? lol

  443. Lisa Marie says:

    island beauty…what Realistic SD means…is first you need to have a 2nd email for this site to give out…NOT a personal one….becasue you will end up getting lots of spam and crazy mail most likely…..so better to be safe. Do not give out any personal emails!
    Then if they have no pics…ask them to send it to that email address.

  444. Island Beauty says:

    As a Lic. Bartender, i must say Patron in my opinion is the best Tequila, followed by Jose Cuervo…..Ay yi yIIII… lol

  445. Island Beauty says:


  446. RainyStreet says:

    ask him to send you one Island beauty!

  447. RealisticSD says:

    Tell him to e-mail you a photo to your second e-mail account that you set up for this site.

  448. Island Beauty says:

    What’s the best way to deal with SD who doesn’t have a picture in his profile.

  449. RainyStreet says:

    I don’t drink anymore…lol…for a number of reasons!

  450. I love patron’ thats the only hard liquor I will drink. even if its minicule quantitys

  451. Lisa Marie says:

    island beauty ask away!

  452. Sweety SB~ AKA BG says:

    NYC SB~ why ? didn’t you want to start something?

  453. NYC SB says:

    did someone say patron???????

    yeah thats another way to get my attention… cls and patron… im a simple girl after all

    got back from my SD date… ummm or rather business dinner… he wanted to talk about getting me up and going with my ventures… a bit taken back and a lot to process

    • OCSugarbaby says:

      Hola NYC SB: You simple? No my friend you are fabulously complex.

      Sweety: Yep one last night and one later this week. Still screening, they are all so wonderful and patient.

      Nite Sugars, I am going to get some beauty rest. Enjoy!

  454. Sweety SB~ AKA BG says:

    OC~LMAO , do you have any dates this week? Or still in the screening process?

  455. Sweety SB~ AKA BG says:

    OC~ yes I hear that it’s really hard to do! How the guys do? lol
    Island Beauty~ ask away, i’m sure everyone will give you insight!

    • OCSugarbaby says:

      Sweety: Oh they did great! The guys have much stronger upper body strength. But let’s just say they didn’t bump the pole…

  456. Island Beauty says:

    Good night again everyone. Please excuse me, but i am full of question being that i’m a new SB. What is the best way to deal with someone who doesn’t have a pic in their profile? Since my experience today i’m just trying to gain a better understanding.

  457. Lisa Marie says:

    ha ha ha good night TLG

  458. The Lone Gunman says:

    Well, I’m off to the Land of Nod.

    Good night to all the Sugars, both posting, lurking and with uncleared Chakras.

    I understand there’s a shot for that now.

    It’s called Patron, I believe.


  459. Lisa Marie says:

    kit kat you have mail:) again

  460. Sweety SB~ AKA BG says:

    OC~ yes positivity attacks positivity! O am all for that girl!
    What did you say about upper body strength?What class? i think i missed something here….
    RealisticSD~ We don’t have those laws here, that is really weird that you can’t give an engagement ring without declaring it lol
    KitKat~ I have an at home Safe! I rather have cash. It’s easier and no trace! I can buy what i want, and I deposit some but not enough to make anyone suspicious

    • OCSugarbaby says:

      Sweety: The class was called “The Art of the Seduction” basically it was a pole excercise class. It was harder than I thought, but fun. They taught it at my gym. It had a few guys in it. I think they just came for the free show. But they had to do it too!

  461. OC oh no not knocking the pole but that is something you ease your way into!! and all of this.. no hunny its not flying around no poles, not yet any way !! remember I am still looking for a workout buddy!!

  462. Atl man that was so funny lol you want me to What?? on a WHAT???
    lol now that I think about it it may be his bar I dunno but can you imagine meeting him there?? oh heck no!!

  463. ok Realistic so what do you do with more than 2k ?? I am not carrying that around on my person!!! really what do you do?

  464. AtlNicole*389079* says:

    OC- Good idea. I may have to try that. Where did you learn about it?

    Kit Kat- Sometimes you need a good laugh. Otherwise, this search would get frustrating really quick.

  465. and TLG my e-mail was not Canned!!

  466. RealisticSD says:

    “How did anyone ever discover the relationship to begin with, RealisticSD?” No idea to be honest in that specific case. My guess is that the transactions were not kept cash-only. You write a check or wire money or pay a credit card company and the IRS will know. Even if it’s kept all cash, the SB might run to the bank with the cash to deposit it, and if it’s more than $2000 at a time, if anyone at the bank is the least bit suspicious of what the SB is up to, they’ve got to report it by filing a Suspicious Activity Report.

    In fact, the gift tax laws are utterly absurd. If I were to get someone who I am not married to jewelry worth more than 12 grand (yes, technically even an engagement ring), I’d have to report it to the IRS! Never mind I’ve already paid 35% federal tax, state tax, local tax, and sales tax. They’d want another 45% gift tax! And if it’s my granddaughter I’m giving it to, they want the 45% twice (generation skipping gift tax)! Not to bring politics into all this, but seriously we have a flawed tax system.

    Thank God for the sugar baby exemption from the courts!

  467. you shouldnt but maybe just purely to prove a point send a chain message With all their names in the heading!!
    I think that might do it!!

    ok yall I litterlay just stoped laughing ok so dud says hes interested but he needs my e-mail for a Foto transfer, ok sure fine
    his photo comes…. can you say a damm stripper pole in his house.
    lol I told him thanks but thats not the type of work out I want
    lol good ol’ CL make me laugh every time!!

  468. The Lone Gunman says:

    ginaZ says:
    TLG a picture! So what is it that you’re holding?

    A Citrine cut to Tolkowsky proportions. I’m no longer in that business, but kept the picture as a memento.


  469. The Lone Gunman says:

    OCSugarbaby says:
    Where’s Gemi?

    Perhaps clearing HER Chakras?

    Soryy, couldn’t resist.


    • OCSugarbaby says:

      TLG: Don’t knock it ’til ya try it! It’s just a meditation exercise to open your mind and release the negative. I’m not one to go the whole new age route, but another Texas SB did it recently and it got me thinking what the heck. I am sure I have some negativity to let go of!!!
      Funny thing, both of us are having a HUGE influx of SD possibilities since the clearing. Positive attracts positive.

      • OCSugarbaby says:

        Kit-Kat: Don’t knock the pole down so quickly! Yes, a bit strange in his house. But a fabulous workout! I have only taken the class but very hard and builds fabulous upper body strength. Eh, I like trying new things…

  470. The Lone Gunman says:


    While I agree with you in priciple concerning those who sent me the canned messages, why should I even bother with the effort of a canned response?


  471. ginaZ says:

    OCSB chakra clearing hmm…wow that sounds like there are some changes goin’ on.

  472. The Lone Gunman says:


    I am a single SD who has more than one SB arrangement going, with an eye out for more as the current one(s) draw to a close. In each case, the SB gets the BFE, and I get the GFE as well.

    If you can open yourself to it, IMO you’ll find it a rewarding experience in many ways.


  473. TLG canned messages= Canned sugar daddy responses

  474. ginaZ says:

    Realistic SD very interesting info pertaining to the SD and his twin charitable causes 😉 Also I totally agree with you on the SB front. The SB is walking a VERY fine line indeed.

    TLG a picture! So what is it that you’re holding?

  475. Lisa Marie says:

    evening sugars…way to much for me to catch up on here. Fill me in…I did catch the James thing….that is so wrong. SHE was so wrong !

  476. Ksyusha aka Stiletto aka Cyanide aka DV aka... says:

    @Realistic: Stare Decisis

  477. The Lone Gunman says:

    How did anyone ever discover the relationship to begin with, RealisticSD?


  478. Realistic you leagle eagle you!

  479. RealisticSD says:

    I should add that pimps and prostitutes are subject to income tax and there is even an office in the IRS to invesitage them for tax evasion!


  480. its the russians putin wants you and he sent his goonba’s after you

  481. RealisticSD says:

    My problem is still that an SB with a different SD for each day of the week is essentially a prostitute. I totally understand that sugar-dating on one extreme overlaps with prostitution, but there is a big difference between a girl who has seven different and constantly changing guys who each pay for part of her time and a girl who is somewhat devoted to a single guy who provides for her in a mutually caring relationship.

    Believe it or not, even the tax courts recognize such a difference. In United States vs. Harris, the IRS wanted to tax half a million dollars an SD gave to two twin sister SBs over a period of several years, claiming that the money was either a gift (and therefore subject to gift tax for the SD) or a payment for a service (and therefore subject to income tax for the SBs). Yet, the court ruled, “The record before us does not establish beyond a reasonable doubt that Kritzik’s intent was to pay Harris for her services, rather than out of affection or charitable impulse.”

  482. The Lone Gunman says:

    OCSugarbaby says:TLG: I would like to think our sugar world is above the mundane. That’s why I am here! I tend to have very deep conversations with regard to that subject. It’s funny my pot’s are all single. Maybe that will level off the discussion, or will it?

    Don’t know what you mean by ‘level off the discussion.’


    • OCSugarbaby says:

      TLG: My hopes of the monogamy conversation leveling off with the single Pot’s vs the married Pot’s. But I guess there will always be the discussion.
      I have and will always be upfront with my expectations, and hope the communication and chemistry will lead us downt the same path in that regard.
      Funny how the Pot’s that I am considering all want the GFE experience. In the past I have had such very high walls up about taking that too far. But I am working on changing that. I have always had sugar in my life, even in my marriage. Lovely man, but other things got in the way of it being sucessful.
      I have a different view on the GFE experience the past few weeks and who know’s maybe that Chakra clearing did the trick. I now see so many great possibilities!

  483. The Lone Gunman says:

    Hokey smokes!!!

    I just took a gander at the ‘who’s viewed your profile’ log and there are 19 hits today..about a third of them from Bulgaria, and the rest from other GU SB candidates. Four of’em actually sent me canned messages expecting a response.

    Don’t know why the sudden uptic today, but it was surprising.


  484. The Lone Gunman says:

    OCSugarbaby says:
    Good Evening TLG: I was hoping you would chime in on that subject. I guess your operating idea can be said about SD’s as well.

    Of course it can!

    In the Mundane world people have multiple boy- and girlfriends and no one cares (or at least pretend not to care) by turning a blind eye and using selective memory.

    Why should the Sugar world be any different?


    • OCSugarbaby says:

      TLG: I would like to think our sugar world is above the mundane. That’s why I am here! I tend to have very deep conversations with regard to that subject. It’s funny my pot’s are all single. Maybe that will level off the discussion, or will it?

  485. RainyStreet says:

    so very true OC!

  486. RainyStreet says:

    No offense to anyone on assistance it’s just a nickname for the channel that everyone gets who doesn’t recieve cable t.v., you know what I’m talking about when you have to adjust your rabbit ears so it doesn’t come in all fuzzy or now you do it to get signal! Yet you only get reception for maybe 3 or 4 channels! I don’t have cable (too broke) I have a converter box though! LOL! Paying for that is a waste of money that could be well spent doing better things :)

  487. The Lone Gunman says:

    >James says:Our arrangement did not preclude her from having sex with anyone else and frankly I never asked about it, but I knew she was sexually adventurous by nature…

    …and there is your answer, James, harsh as it is for you. You knew this, and yet apparently expected monogamy from her in your arrangement.

    There’s a reason I say this so often: Always operate under the idea that there is someone else in your SBs life that you don’t know about unless you have absolute evidence to the contrary…which you never will.


    • OCSugarbaby says:

      Good Evening TLG: I was hoping you would chime in on that subject. I guess your operating idea can be said about SD’s as well 😉

  488. RainyStreet says:

    yep…simpsons is on the welfare channel here! LOL

  489. Nico says:

    Hey Red….you had nothing but nice things to say about him *hugs* Good to see you sister :)

    • OCSugarbaby says:

      Hey GinaZ! A facial? How fun!
      Hi Lisa, Nico and Red!
      Don’t ruin Hell’s Kitchen for those of us on the WEST coast!!! 😉

  490. Nico says:

    James…I realize you’ve probably already received your fill of insight but I thought I might chime in. I will also take into consideration OC’s comments. A polyamorous relationship is one that is open ‘sexually’ and can only be maintained through complete honestly with your partner(s). While I’ll admit, what she did outside of your company was her concern (although you’re brought into in as a matter of safety from STD’s etc) it was very clearly NSA. However, with that said, the respect was very clearly not there and you obviously feel ‘taken advantage of’.

    No type of relationship can survive without trust and that (to me) is the primary question and concern. Only you know all the facts and know what you’re willing to compromise on. You obviously have much respect for this gal and have spent significant time with her….only you know what works for you but without trust, most, if not all, relationships will crumble.

    Regardless ~ I wish you the best *hugs*

  491. ginaZ says:

    Howdy OC! Haven’t ventured out your way for my getaway but I did have a facial today. One of my friends is an Esthetician, so a little respite. How was your pot SD, the whom you shared a bit of the bubbly with?

  492. Sweety SB~ AKA BG says:

    Ksyusha aka Stiletto aka Cyanide aka DV aka..~ I can’t remember… I haven’t been in a while myself lol

  493. lisa says:

    they’re messing up all the food, lol the food is cold, the halibet is messed up, etc etc

  494. ginaZ says:

    James I’m totally with NYCSB, that is not only disrespectful but gross. Unless this is the kind of drama you want, there are far too many SB’s who are adventurous, sweet gals who would not do you wrong in this way.

    Side note: As soon as “politics” enters into the blog it gets ugly. Best to keep these things away. Besides the blog is not ethnocentric or American, we have quite a mix here.

  495. sweetredhead says:

    Going to go watch ells kitchen, have a good night everyone :)

  496. sweetredhead says:

    Duh lmao silly me

  497. SugaCaneBby says:

    sweetredhead – IRL= In Real Life.

    Kit-Kat – Check ya’ inbox!

  498. sweetredhead says:

    What is IRL? I just introduced my Pot SD to the blog. Ut oh now he will be able to read my comments about him lol oops!!

  499. Suga e-mail me please missy!!

  500. SugaCaneBby says:

    Oh wow, pleasantly suprised…not only was the CS at the site quick to respond, but they leveled with me on the issue and I got my way. 😀 lol.

  501. SugaCaneBby says:

    Ugh, this other site I’m on is waaaaay too nitpicky. Guess I can look forward to my profile going bye-bye because telling them that denying my photo because the very tippy top of my head is cut off (it was just my hairstyle. Let me cut it in real life and voila) is nitpicky will probably constitute as “rude”, which they strictly forbid. :) Yeesh, let me stay over. Those mods are power-tripping hardcore.

    Photogirl – Try dropping some hints letting them know that you’re interested and go from there. If you get an in, just flat out ask if they have an SO because I’ve run into some guys that run that Don’t-Ask-Don’t-Tell shite (in traditionals). Kinda selfish of them setting me up to be the other women just because they’re greedy. Obviously, if someone is flirting with me, I’m going to assume they have no one to answer to. Had a guy use me to cheat on his GF (unbeknownst to me at the time) and then had the nerve to call me to cry on my shoulder because she left him! Sorry for that mini-rant at the end, but I honestly want to set my goons on his dumb-ass for that.

  502. RealisticSD says:

    Well, if I work my way through my current options from SA and none work out, I will definitely give the IRL tecchniques a try and let you guys know. I imagine I’d have somewhere between a 10-30% success rate depending on how well I plan it. Unfortunately, I don’t have infinite time, otherwise I’d try it now. Plus, I haven’t been anywhere alone lately where pot IRL SBs would be found. Pretty much, I’m either at work, with my family, or with SBs.

  503. photogirl says:

    Speaking of IRL… I took someone to the Chiropractor and Physical Therapist yesterday. Both were very attractive… no rings, but I figured maybe they were not wearing rings due to the ‘hands on job’. What do you think?

    Realistic – I do like the batchlor pad idea. Although I agree with the nice hotel being a great little getaway, I also enjoy the comfy home atmosphere.

  504. AtlNicole*389079* says:

    I am in the same boat Rainey. I get nervous about meeting people online, but reading these blogs and chatting with everyone really has made me more comfortable. I am so glad that there are SDs on here. It reminds me that there are diamonds available. I just have to sift through all the lumps of coal to find them.

  505. RainyStreet says:

    Sorry *I have only had 1 SD relationship, I met him IRL. that sounded off to me before.lol.

  506. RainyStreet says:

    IRL is the only SD relationship I have had! It was the only one I’ve ever had too sadly…but trying to find anybody is hard!

  507. Realistic I would like to know when you decide to test IRL secenarios!!
    The ones we discussed yesterday, and then I like my 5cent check!! lol
    Write it out to kit kat bar!! lol

  508. RainyStreet says:

    *Phew* it is unusually hot for September! Being in the area I’m in it’s really rare for it to expect anything less than this to be the rainy season! LOL

  509. RainyStreet says:

    Awww James that’s nice to hear, thanks :) It’s good for me to talk here on the blog too, I definitely relate to more of the things stated here than I do to most people IRL as well.

  510. sweetredhead says:

    They still pop in from time to time, like me lol

  511. NYC SB says:

    Ok off to dinner and out of work… catch you all tomorrow

  512. Ksyusha aka Stiletto aka Cyanide aka DV aka... says:

    Where’s GoodGirl, Jai, katrina, Sweet, Apple, Stormcat, Dorkyguy, Trinity? Did they all poof? :(

  513. RainyStreet says:

    No my comments are fine everything comes out normal here on this end!

    • OCSugarbaby says:

      James: True she crossed the line on your NSA Sugar relationship and took advantage of your generosity. Multiple lovers? That poses the question of how many is too many. Is Two too many? Three? What if the SD is married, that would give him two. If the SD has more than one SB, that number would then increase. I am not debating the right or wrong answer to the sugar count. However, I have to add that for the most part (few SD’s do not have sex with their wives) the SB will usually be number two. I have always enjoyed the monogamous side of the fence. However, this is a NSA arrangement.

  514. sweetredhead says:

    “the spot” as died down lol. but some of us still wonder in from time to time.
    haha my “sassy” side comes out too often at times, but this pot,SD he gets me. He tells me I am unique and a breath of fresh air. He knows he can ask me anything and I will answer without thinking of what it sounds like, just honest and straight forward. He says that he has to be careful what he asks because he know I will answer it lol

  515. James says:

    Realistic, thanks for your thoughtful SD perspective. Guess I’m hearing what I expected to hear, but I needed the buck-up.

    Picking up on something you said, no relationship is drama-free. In these relationships, we walk a fine line. We all try to keep our detachment. But any SD who is loyal and generous and kind enough to attract a quality SB will eventually develop an attachment to her. Any good SD/SB relationship has a trusting friendship at its core. Drama is inevitable.

    And truer words were never spoke, that people’s capacity to disappoint you in ways you never expected seems almost infinite. Man did I just get a lesson in that. But then so is their capacity to amaze you with unexpected acts of selflessness and love, so you keep plugging!

    It’s really good to talk to you guys about this, as you know you can’t talk about it too freely in the real world.

  516. see james got NYC using CAPITAL letters , I think that means Definealty she is the Weakest link … sound the buzzer tell her good bye and give her the 3 finger salute Whateverrrrr.

    Lisa lots of folks will be in the pokey with you!! for no health care!!

  517. Ksyusha AKA...(Can't even remember my previous aliases) says:

    @Flo Rida, I was actually agreeing with you. What I meant was that if someone is used to Atl, or takes the time to Google that area/school/major, there are only so many results which will come up. Sure won’t be a lot.

    @Lisa, loved my old avatar :)

  518. RainyStreet says:

    Wow Realistic SD that’s a great idea! Now those are the types of Solutions more SD’s need to come up with….true SD’s anyway!

  519. sweetredhead says:

    RealisticSD bachelor pad is a great idea. It is a place out side your “normal” life. Somewhere that you both can be comfortable in, relax and enjoy each others company.

  520. RealisticSD says:

    RainyStreet, I agree totally. If I don’t have real feelings for someone, I just won’t be able to be with them. So much of the relationship for me is the emotional pleasure of supporting someone and providing for them and loving them, while at the same time not being crazy in love and developing long-term expectations. It’s a fine line. Too much love makes it complicated and too little makes it not work.

  521. Ksyusha AKA...(Can't even remember my previous aliases) says:

    @RainyStreet, I use Gravatar (you can google it and it will give you step by step instructions)

    @BG, was your last post @me? Btw, were you the one I refered to as my twin all the time?

    @Sassy, knew you would! I was there when you became ‘Sassy’, lol. Is ‘thespot’ still happening?

    @RealisticSD, I second your last post.

    Btw, are the order of comments all messed up for you guys? When I reply to someone, at my end my comment appears BEFORE the comment I replied to.

  522. sweetredhead says:

    The hotel and be put in your name also, paid in cash. No trace.

  523. RealisticSD says:

    AtlNicole says: “They do not want to meet in hotels. Why is that?”

    Well, I can’t speak for everyone but I don’t like meeting in hotels myself. The reason honestly is that it feels too sexual/sex-for-play and not as spontaneous as cuddling on a couch and things going from there. Another reason is that, instead of wasting money on a hotel room, I’d rather give the money to the SB who can put it to better use. Also, hotels feel less comfortable and more business-like for me than a person’s home. But I find that SBs really like to meet in hotel rooms. For them it’s more of a getaway.

    I’ve given some thought to buying a “bachelor pad” for meeting SBs. Any thoughts on that?

  524. NYC SB says:

    James – what she did was disrespectful… you care for her and are generous enough to provide her with the luxury of spending the night in the hotel while anticipating your meeting… she abused your generous side… whether or not you agreed on being exclusive makes no difference… she just fucked another guy couple of hours before you and on your dime… that to me screams UNGREATFUL, DISRESPECTFUL brat…

    I know it hurts because you are genuinely into her. I am big on principle and once someone does me wrong I move on… trust me there are plenty of sexually adventurous SBs who would be more than happy to have the opportunity to meet you and be with you…

    Sorry for the harsh words… but I cannot tolerate disrespect like that

    Island beauty – DO NOT EVER EVER EVER allow a pot pick you up for a first meeting… what he did was so disgusting… please do not think this is the norm

    AtlNicole – read my post above… I too am not comfortable letting someone in my apartment… maybe after a couple of months I would be open to the idea… if you feel this way then simply state this… he should understand …

    As far as the need for discretion when going to a hotel room… simply have him book a room and check in and you show up couple of minutes later and have him let you in…

  525. lisa says:

    Sweety SB

    I don’t enjoy the blog much anymore. And I do have someone nice in my life.

    I’m spending more and more of my time keeping up with politics and the sad direction the country is going. I’ll probably go to jail in a few years for not having insurance. I never use medical services anyway.

    Stilleto, your avatar gave you away, lol

    Goodnight everyone

  526. sweetredhead says:

    sorry RainyStreet I can’t remember how I did it.

    I personally can only be with one SD. I would also prefer he was only with 1 SB. as RealisticSD said the prospect of STD is higher and something I am not willing to take chances with. I am 40 yrs old and have never had one and don’t plan on starting now lol.

  527. Flo Rida says:

    NJLady – sorry i missed your q – real SDs are really really really busy and under pressure, and your timeline may be very different from theirs BUT if it’s going to work you need to be patient, more patient perhaps than you’ve been before. Persevere, this is not an easy road for some of the time, but everyone here is here for you. Big hugs.

    Ksyusha – AKA – yes but how many schools run biotech courses, i’m guessing very few. I’ve said it once and won’t mention it again. Disguise and hide.

  528. RainyStreet says:

    Realisitic SD: That is so true…it’s only human to have emotions..as much as we claim to be “drama free” and NSA and al that, the fact of the matter remains: it’s natural to develope feelings and care about a person you’ve known or been intimate with for a while, and if you don’t you must be either well disciplined or a cold hearted s.o.b!

  529. Sweety SB~ AKA BG says:

    RainyStreet~ you have to go to avatar something….

    Lisa~ you know how?

  530. Ksyusha AKA...(Can't even remember my previous aliases) says:

    Hey Lisa, how are you? You’re right. Went by Stiletto, Cyanide, DV…

  531. RainyStreet says:

    can someone please inform me how everyone is able to put pictures of themselves in the blog??

  532. RealisticSD says:

    James, the issue of multiple partners is a complex one for me as I have discussed before. I can understand if they have one boyfriend, but multiple partners starts to become risky. I know everyone thinks condoms prevent everything, but they don’t. How many times have you used latex gloves to wash dishes and found your fingers wet? Plus, diseases like herpes and genital warts often occur in areas not protected by a condom.

    As for multiple sugar daddies, I think it approaches prostitution and also ruins the SD/SB relationship from the SD’s viewpoint. For me, being the one who takes care of the girl’s needs is a critical part of the relationship, and I don’t want her to have other providers perhaps simply because I would feel less needed in her life and because I would lose much of the purpose of being in the relationship.

    Now I understand an arrangement in which one can turn a blind eye to the SB’s other sexual activities as long as she is there at the times you agree to meet. But for her to use a room you presumably paid for to bring other guys is obviously beyond wrong. Not one person would say that what she did was an example of fine manners.

    I agree that finding an ideal SB is very difficult, despite the number of potentials, so if I am happy with someone for the most part, I’d find it hard to dump them. I tend to have a forgiving side, but I would be very honest about why I am upset and what exactly my expectations are. Yet know that people have an amazing ability to come up with some novel way of disappointing you that you could have never envisioned.

    This brings up another issue, which is that SB/SD relationships are often touted as drama-free, but not entirely. There are often conflicting desires in the relationship that create conflict and therefore drama.

  533. Sweety SB~ AKA BG says:

    Lisa~ I think you might be right!!! how you been girl , your never on anymore, did you find an SD?

  534. sweetredhead says:

    ohhhh lol I know who you are lol

  535. Sweety SB~ AKA BG says:

    AtlNicole~ be careful about you email that you put on the blog the other day!!! like I said I got a stalker and had to change my name on here and now I think I might have to cancel my profile and start again!!! :(
    From experience, you never know who reads this blog!

  536. sweetredhead says:

    I am talking to a Pot and he really seems promising. he makes me laugh, has personality plus, a real charmer. Too good to be true? Who knows but I am having fun talking with him. We spent the day while I was at work texting little silly messages back and forth. It really made my day. If have yet to meet but it as only been a few days of talking.

  537. SugaCaneBby says:

    Hey sugars! Catching up on the blog comments here, just got of work about an hour ago. Interesting developments! Almost finished with the book.

  538. lisa says:

    Good evening Sweetredhead

    Ksyusha I think you called yourself “stilleto”? before

  539. Sweety SB~ AKA BG says:

    Sweetred~ ahhh me you dont recognize??? ahhh i’m a Starr! lol

  540. AtlNicole*389079* says:

    I am not worried about stalkers due to my profile. Those in Atlanta know that Smyrna is a suburb, easily within driving distance of at least a dozen college campuses.

    I agree completely sweetredhead, not least of all because i am a young woman. Pepper spray only goes so far and my dog is probably the world’s worst guard dog.

  541. sweetredhead says:

    hi!! who are you lol don’t recognize the name

  542. Sweety SB~ AKA BG says:

    James~ Go with your gut…. If you can’t trust her, I think you should move on
    Red Girl how you been , you know me !!! remember!!!

    Ksyusha AKA…(Can’t even remember my previous aliases
    Shoot, what was your last alias? Nice boot!
    For the old bloggers, you will remember me as my AKA

  543. Ksyusha AKA...(Can't even remember my previous aliases) says:

    Lol, Sassy… its DV from ‘the spot’.

  544. Island Beauty says:

    thank you Ksyusha and i did love the comparison.

  545. sweetredhead says:

    All I can say James is WOW!! If your going to put up wit that kind of nonsense I feel for you. Out of respect for yourself I would begin my search for a new SB. Because IMO She is not a SB but more of a (will refrain from saying it) Tat to me is is unexceptionable in any terms.

    Better change my name to sassyredhead now lol

  546. Ksyusha AKA...(Can't even remember my previous aliases) says:

    Anytime, Ms. island

  547. Ksyusha AKA...(Can't even remember my previous aliases) says:

    @ AtlNicole, I live in Atlanta too, and off the top of my head, I can think of some schools in Smyrna.

    Also, Google can be a man’s best friend… or worst enemy :)

    Hi Sweetredhead!! Finally, a familiar face!

  548. sweetredhead says:

    AtlNicole*389079* I personally would not want a SD in my home, that is MY space. Maybe down the rd if I knew him well enough. But not as a terms of an arrangement. If you have to get a hotel, you can meet in a different town, there is always a way. The idea of an this is. You have your life and I have mine. Keep them separate, having them in your home to me is too personal especially in the beginning. IMO

  549. hey thanks I take tips for my comedy!! lol

  550. AtlNicole*389079* says:

    Rainey – I had not really thought about it like that. My home really is my bubble. I will have to give this some thought.

    On a happier note, I had a good laugh browsing through some fairly obscene SB profiles. Some of them really are too much. Screening SDs would be so much easier if I had a way to see which SDs in my area are checking these girls out.

  551. James says:

    Kit-Kat: “lost your sugar cubes” lol I like that. I’m trying real hard not to react only with those cubes but that’s what they tell me too!

  552. RainyStreet says:

    No problem James, always happy to oblige!

  553. Ksyusha AKA...(Can't even remember my previous aliases) says:

    Ms. Island, so sorry that happened to you. No man should ever treat you less than a queen. Hold your head up and know you’re a woman of self-worth.

    James, I can understand sharing a lot with someone, but if you guys are intimate, there’s only so much condoms will protect you from. I wouldn’t just think about the 2 other guys she’s with, but if they are sleeping with other women too. Degrees of separation…

    Rofl at the Michelle O./Lil Kim comparison. Priceless!

  554. James says:

    Rainy, lol no sperm! Definitely a shower! I could tell that! :-) But there is no way to know what all was going on into the wee hours. I think it was part of her end of the deal to be fresh and eager for me, and there were definitely times when she was groggy and a bit too relaxed, but I just put that down to being overworked and enjoying the rest in a good hotel bed for a change. It’s disrespectful and makes me feel cheated in an odd way. I don’t want to show up for dessert and imagine that I’ve cooked the whole meal! Your comments about her lies indicating she knew it was wrong were spot on, of course she knew I wouldn’t like it and is now ashamed. She says it was the reckless and immature part of her, the “rascal” that she’s fighting to tame. Well I have to admit that rascal is kind of what makes her sexy to conventional old me, and we SD’s sometimes like to think we have something to offer in terms of assisting in personal growth. I want to do the right thing, and sometimes it’s hard to know whether to give someone a second chance. Thanks again for your empathy.

  555. James sounds like her sugar train just left the Station, umm maybe she shouldnt be double booking like that.
    oh I wont say what I really think but me , This here Sugar stuff should be happy and without Drama un-nessecary sillyness. and to me that is drama*you are up-set* and drama*the apologizing profusley, which if you are giving her an allowance… WHY THE HELL SHE DIDN:T GET A DIFFRENT ROOM!!
    I mean Whats Really going on?!!
    James have you lost your Sugar cubes? good sugarbabes hard to find.. boo-boo they are 10Sb’s/1sd and That in my book is Disrespectful.

    would you have a Sb coming out of the room when She was on her way through the hallway? same thing as buying 3 sb the Exact thing as if you just dont care that they are indivudals!
    just disrespectful!! trust your gut !!

  556. RainyStreet says:

    AltNicole: They want to meet at your house because a lot of them are high profile, and to be seen in a hotel risks getting caught with some anonymous women. It may appear to the outside world as prostitution and that could ruin his image. On the other hand I know letting a man into your own personal bubble such as your home is a HUGE step in an arrangement. Meet him in a PUBLIC place first! Think SAFETY!

  557. AtlNicole*389079* says:

    >Rainey -as I always say :It’s better to lose a lover than to love a loser!
    —So very true. It pays to be picky. Not just here, but in most facets of life.

  558. RainyStreet says:

    Maybe talk to some of the sb’s on this blog…we aren’t all bad!

  559. AtlNicole*389079* says:

    Hello Sugars! Just got home from work. Trying to put off my homework a little bit longer.
    I finally just decided to close my account at another site I was trying out. I get tons of responses, but the men don’t seem to be up to my standard. The few men I am conversing with from SA seem to be a little bit more serious and understanding overall.

    New senario: I would like some opinions on. I have talked to a couple married men, and while obviously it would be a problem going to their homes, they also are up front about the fact that they do not want to meet in hotels. Why is that? I live alone, but I am not going to let a man I met a few weeks ago into my home on a regular basis (or at all). Has anyone else run into this situation? Maybe there is some sort of compromise that is escaping me at the moment.

  560. RainyStreet says:

    James no sloppy seconds truly is one of those unwritten rules in any type of relations you have, who is to know if she was sexin’ him all that night into the wee hours of the morning, and by the time you got there she hadn’t just finished…do you really like the idea of your genitalia touching another man’s sperm?? ew. If she lied about this who’s to say she didn’t withhold the fact that after her encounters with that man she may not have had the courtesy to shower…or the time…before you got there! Trust your instinct…but as I always say :It’s better to lose a lover than to love a loser!

  561. Island Beauty says:

    James I understand, but Follow your gut on this one.

  562. James says:

    Thanks Rainy and Island, I’m very safe, no particular worries there. I’m trying not to react in a “conventional” possessive way and to think about it rationally, keeping in mind the different nature of the SD/SB relationship and her own polyamorous beliefs. And I have genuine feelings towards her. It just seems to me that this is wrong, even within our little world, whether or not it’s stated explicitly. I know most SD’s would just say dump her, but it’s not so easy to abandon someone you’ve shared a lot with. Good SB’s are surprisingly hard to find too!

  563. Island Beauty says:

    Kit-kat I agree, and am glad i was not subjected to much worse.
    Nico Thank you i will do that.

  564. RainyStreet says:

    Nico how did you get your picture on here??

  565. Nico says:

    Island Beauty…..you should write the site and share your experience with them…

  566. RainyStreet says:

    By covering what she did with lies too tells you she knew what she was doing was something to be ashamed of. Since she is a women with open relationships, honesty is obviously no problem for her, so for her to lie to you about that tells you she is embarassed by her actions. Therefore cluing you in that she knew in her heart that the behavior was unacceptable. I would stop trusting her after that too!

  567. Island Beauty says:

    James Wow, to each his own, but are you comfortable knowing that she’s sleeping wit 3 men at the same time? Not to mention her having him meet her there knowing she would have to meet with you,is down right scandalous. If you decide to move forward with the relationship, be OVERLY protective of yourself. If not cut your losses and move on, there are many women out here looking for a great SD.

  568. Island beauty I am a brown sugar baby too, I will tell you this!!
    umm I guess I will try to be professional as possiable
    if you should run in to a profile that Says something to the effect black women only I love them only like hips and Booty , You know the words that a person will use to distinguish that they only want a black woman!
    watch out they either have a fetish or a distorted image of What a real black lady is… lets say maybe looking for the main Stripper on the players club*that movie* he seem to think you were some gutter type of lady,
    A decent man he may like black women but he will act with you such as you are Michelle Obama , not like you are lil’kim

    and do not get me Wrong I like all daddys and it Really is how their momma raised them the Chocalate daddies must be Weeded very thourghly also.
    umm if they send you Photos of male parts you might want to just delete them off the top. and thats any of them!

  569. RainyStreet says:

    James- what she did was just wrong! It goes without saying: No Sloppy Seconds!

  570. Island Beauty says:

    Another question i have this person is a member of this site, i would like to warn other women, are there rules against that?

  571. James says:

    Off topic, sorry, but I wanted to get the collective wisdom of this community on something. I’m an experienced SD, in a two-year relationship with a very bright, sensual, generally responsible SB. She’s a wellness coach and nutrition expert, in a polyamorous relationship with her fiance. Our arrangement did not preclude her from having sex with anyone else and frankly I never asked about it, but I knew she was sexually adventurous by nature. We met once a week at a nice hotel in Manhattan, in the morning. She would check in the night before. Recently I found out that she had been having a boyfriend (not her fiance) “visit” in the room on nights before she saw me. We never set that as a rule because it never occurred to me, but it seems to go without saying, and she said a hundred little things that in hindsight may have been intended to deflect me from ever suspecting. I raised it with her and she apologized profusely and says it’s over and won’t happen again, but I’m having trouble trusting her now. To me, this is an unforgivable breach of the basic rules of the road, not to mention common decency. Of course I feel kind of naive and foolish. Adding to the loss of the “sugarcoating” is the knowledge that the guy is a self-described sex instructor, who actually wrote about some of their sexcapades on his blog. I can’t get that out of my mind. What do you guys think?

  572. Lisa Marie says:

    no problem hun…I am with you there to.
    be back on later…heading home!

  573. Island Beauty says:

    Thank you Lisa Marie and Flo Rida

    Kit-Kat Sadly enough we were in a public park across from the childrens playground. This immediately let me know that he was SEx driven (besides him stating he wanted to marry me , and that i made him hott) and a complete perv…smh

    It’s safe to say that that experienced shocked the hell out of me, and now i’m a bit shell shocked, that someone can behave that way.

  574. RainyStreet says:

    SFSD and TLG you guys are too much! lol!

  575. The Lone Gunman says:

    > TLG – “That’s because they look at you as pot child-fathering material; me, I’m the one-night/week/month/year/decade stand for fun and games in the Ukraine.”

    >SF SD–Oh, I get it. I mind the kid while the two of you go out for fun and games. So, which one buys the CLs?

    The more important question is whether she takes off the CLs, isn’t it? 😉


  576. oh Island beauty I am so sorry that happened to you hunny!
    dirty ol’ perv!! yes always have yourself an out, in that case had he been in a public place maybe Mr. winky would have stayed hidden!!

    I want you to go back and Re-read the post from August and then Sept in the Archives and when you have a min Re- read all the archives!
    plenty of info so you can Walk your walk lady!!

    1 always in public.
    2 never first time on his turf hotel/home
    3 no test drives
    4 dont ever have him knowing where you live until much much later
    5 no bank info…fake checks,cancled checks
    6 no pay for play!! unless you are comfy with that
    7,8,9 check him out!! this is why you go out on a few dates get to know him!
    10 trust your gut/ have a route home , your own plane ticket your own transportation!!
    11 maybe read all you can on this here blog so you See wht some of us have went through as far as Fake-daddys, bad situations,

  577. Flo Rida says:

    Lannie – you are being paid as a model – enjoy it.

    Island beauty – I agree with the earlier comment, meet in public using independent travel. to be safe have a friend as a spy.

    AtlNicole – on reading your profile I would delete biotehnology and smyrna (spelling) there can’t be too many colleges in smyrna (or are there). I would say Atlanta and say student instead of biotech. Safety first.

    RealisticSD – agreed, but making the approach could cause a scene and heighten emotions. Your choice.

    Cheerio everyone.

  578. RainyStreet says:

    Yes we definitely hit it off talking and texting, he’s even pix messaged me pics of him and his kids! that IMO is too personal to be him just playing games, but I guess time will tell right?

  579. RainyStreet says:

    Thank you Lisa Marie it feels good to know there is someone else going through it too!

  580. Lisa Marie says:

    Island beauty….race should have nothing to do with it hun. A man should respect you either way!

  581. Island Beauty says:

    RealisticSD Oh he did i took the LIRR to meet him. I was so disgusted, i wanted to slap the taste out of his mouth.

    I’m also wondering if my race played a part, maybe that was his expectation. I did state prior to meeting that it was just a meeting. I just donj’t know what to think about this whole situation.

  582. Lisa Marie says:

    RainyStreet…sweety…I know exactly where you are coming from. I am right there with you. Girl I am sorry. I am not sure how to adivse you. I havent hit it off with an SD yet. SO I have no experiance talking to them yet. Good or bad luck. I hope you do meet up and hit it off. Since you have hit it off talking in general. Keep us posted!

  583. Lisa Marie says:

    Realistic SD ……I am glad they dont change who you are. It takes a good strong person to keep thier head up after being burned. Been there done that too. Made it through and out of it better than I left it.

    Island Beauty…..wow hun. I am so sorry you went through that. Make sure you dont let them pick you up until your confortable. Meet them places like Realistic SD says.

    I will catch up more later. I am heading home in a bit and I will be back on later tonight to catch up.

  584. RainyStreet says:

    So the date was rescheduled last night and I was feeling pretty disappointed, getting all dressed up for nothing is a huge drag! Plus when is he going to make some time for me?? If he’s all work and no play wouldn’t that be a pretty lonely arrangement?? We’ve been talking quite a bit in the last few weeks and he seems like a genuine, decent, hard working father (that’s important to me because I have children also). I just don’t want to waste time getting to know someone if they aren’t serious about this. Yes this is very discouraging. It seems like no matter what type of relationship or “arrangement” it happens to be, the other party always falls short in some way which really sucks! especially since when I do something I put my heart and soul into making the other person happy! I wish someone would reciprocate and do the same for me!

  585. RealisticSD says:

    NJLady: My guess is one of a few possibilities. Either he has not sugar-dated before and is getting cold feet about the whole thing, or he is seeing another sugar baby and wants to see how that goes, or he has another potential he wants to give a chance to first, or he just has a busy/tired spell in life. I have been on both sides of this situation, yet I have no good advice. I guess asking for honesty might be the best option.

    Island Beauty: He is a disgusting pervert, not an SD. You did the right thing standing your ground, but the problem was in having him pick you up. Instead, you should have met him in a public place.

    Sweety SB and Lisa Marie, thank you for the kind comments.

    Lisa Marie says” “Being burned once makes everyone weary of the next time.” It’s true, but after a while I decided that they should not change who I am.

  586. Paige says:

    hi sugarland

    I joined up a couple of months age after I left school and before I went to university in London. I found the blog really helpful and I had some really supportive and useful advice, so thanks. I had a couple of meets during the summer who were definitely guys to walk away from.

    Now I’ve got to university so I have started to meet some pot SDs I had been cultivating. I dont know if there has been a drought of SDs, I certainly had plenty of guys contacting me but most got weeded out pretty fast. Over the last two weeks I have met six guys. three got to meet me for a coffee and nothing else, (various reasons) one got as far as a second meet, buying me dinner but that didn’t go too well so that went no further. But two others took me for dinner and then took me on a shopping trip before a second date (I know, I know I’ve been a busy girl but lectures and stuff have made a fairly relaxed start). I recon I have been really lucky and seem to have attracted guys who are fairly similar. Both guys were realy nice and very generous on the shopping trips. Both are in their 40’s and married. For the second dates I wore stuff the guys bought for me, very sexy dresses, lingerie and shoes and we went to the sorts of restaurants I could barely afford to walk past myself. On both dates I was wined and dined with what proved to be extremely successful panty loosening charm. Future meetings are promised next time they are in town on business and I have two more pots to see in the next few days. I just love this website.

  587. Island Beauty says:

    Hello everyone. I am new to this whole pot. SD/SB relationship. I met me first SD today for Brunch and was in for a surprise. First things first , he picks me up and headed back to his house. Turns out, his daughter lives with him, and he wants to keep his “lifestyle” hidden. Fine with me, but then we drive past the house and he drives to a nearby park to “lay low” until she leaves for work. He almost immediately wants to get physical, i of course stood my ground, but that doesn’t deter him. He reveals his “toy” and proceeded to pleasure himself in front of me. I was appealed and demanded to leave. My question is how do i go about screening pot. SD to avoid getting into another situation of the sort. Are there unwritten rules about a SD/SB relationship i should know? I am seeking a few guidelines….

  588. NeOhio SB says:

    NYC SB: Makes perfect sense…exactly why the same reasoning for me. I travel to ny city every week, although outside of Pittsburgh. Enjoy the meetings of ones who find the little windows to enjoy quality time, whether in ny or pittsburgh or even elsewhere. Anticipation of creating those quality moments is priceless when you have the right partner. Just had a meeting over the weekend with a Cali POT SD, who was in pittsburgh, who is now in ny and Im heading there at the end of the week to meet up with him before he heads back west coast. Great little windows.

  589. NYC SB says:

    NeOhioSB – Thanks for the compliment :)

    surprisingly most men that contact me are those that are travelling to NYC for business on a regular basis rather than those that live in NYC… It makes perfect sense for them as it separates them from their personal life and ensures discretion… I prefer it as well since this way I do not have to worry about them overtaking my life… and it eliminates the whole “can you host” issue… I really DO NOT feel comfortable having someone in my home

  590. NeOhio SB says:

    NYC SB: You are pure class, absolutley appreciate your style. You must be inundated with emails from pot NY SDs or even ones that travel to ny city….as i get many requests for meetings in ny. I can only imagine being local, what a great selection you must have.

  591. NJLady says:

    Hello Sugar’s….On my way to school. I want to asked you what would you do if you haven’t heard from a pot SD? The one I was suppose to go out with last week, but had to cancel. He said we would go out this week, however I have not heard from him….should I let it go or write him a little note asking if he still wants to meet? I don’t want to come across as chasing after him. I simple want to know if he still wants to meet. Thanks Sugar’s. Have to go…have a good evening.

  592. L'amant Imaginaire says:

    Hello you guys I just got back from an event and thought I’d say bonjour to everyone on the blog!!!!!!!!


  593. NYC SB says:

    SF SD – you are so funny!

  594. lisa says:

    actually not SF SD, one of two things happens:

    1. you send them money for airfare and they disappear OR
    2. They come to the US and marry you and get a green card

  595. SF SD says:

    > TLG – “That’s because they look at you as pot child-fathering material; me, I’m the one-night/week/month/year/decade stand for fun and games in the Ukraine.”

    Oh, I get it. I mind the kid while the two of you go out for fun and games. So, which one buys the CLs?

  596. NYC SB says:

    SF SD – thanks! I believe I already have… going to see him tonight… very excited to hear about his week 😀 oh and dinner hahaha

  597. SF SD says:

    NYC, LM, K-K, and others. Thanks so much for the kind words. This is a “classy” group. :-) Hope you all find the SDs of your dreams.

  598. sweety like i told gina just put some garlic on top of your router . for the e-stalkers lol
    and ok Realistic I didnt hear/see that.

  599. Lisa Marie says:

    ok talk to you later sweety

  600. Lisa Marie says:

    nope very new to this….never had an Sd before. One of my good friends did. She told me about them. I was questionable abot the whole thing. but the more i talk on here the more comfortable i am with it…now to find an SD i click with would be nice.
    Though finding one for me is going to be hard I am sure. I am not like most of the SBs out here young and fresh gorgeous college girls. I have more on my plate than that unfortunately.

  601. Sweety SB~ AKA BG says:

    Ok i’m off talk to you all later :)

  602. Sweety SB~ AKA BG says:

    LM~ yeah it’s hard at first, but there is so much information on the blog… i’m sure you’ll do fine, have you had an SD before? sorry I didn’t read all the blogs lol

  603. Sweety SB~ AKA BG says:

    Oh Yeah! Just letting everyone here know,Anyone can take your email and your profile # ….. It’s not a fun thing!

  604. Lisa Marie says:

    i am new…so yeah I havnt met you yet…but I have been on quite a bit the past few weeks. I a new to it…got on the site about 3 or so weeks ago

  605. Lisa Marie says:

    ahhh i take it you know that from experiance sweety?

  606. Sweety SB~ AKA BG says:

    LisaMarie~ I have been on the blog a long time just changed my name… For Stalker reasons…. Never Ever put your email address on here!

  607. Lisa Marie says:

    hey Sweety SB
    How are you today???
    Yeah we have mostly the sweet SDs here on the blog. Its nice getting to kow them. They are to sweet. Realistic SD is great. I love all his comments.

  608. Lisa Marie says:

    There are always going to be the money grubbers just wanting the money and running. And that unfortunate. People in general can be like that. Even in regualr relationships.
    Some dont want or care for the chemestry the majority of us want.
    SBs and SDs have to be careful on all accounts of being used for something. Though this site is to help SBs find a great SD to help them out….some stupid wannabe SBs get on and use the SDs for thier generousity and ruin it for all the other ones whom are truely in this for a equal arrangement.
    Being burned once makes everyone weary of the next time.

  609. Sweety SB~ AKA BG says:

    Lannie~ he seems awesome, have a wonderful time and I hope it works out for you! If not send him our way lol :)

    RealisticSD~ Awww! i love that you say “someone who shows that she is the right girl, I’d give anything she wants and more.”
    That is awesome…. if only I was younger! lol
    I think it’s normal to pay as you go at first no? I have been offered that and thought it was a good way to see if we clicked. But, He lied and sent photos of him when he was skinnier , he was morbidly obese! unfortunately, I couldn’t look past it!

    How is everyone?

  610. RealisticSD says:

    Kit-Kat: I did read your response, and I think it could work as you said.

    Flo Rida: I like the idea, but perhaps Ms Damsel would be embarassed to say yes in front of her associate, but it can be worth the try.

    > AtlNicole – “We were talking and he brought up the arrangement. I asked him what he had in mind and he pretty much said he wanted to pay me a set amt each time we “hooked up”. He seemed confused when i told him that i was not looking for a sex for money kind of situation.”

    There are complexities with each type of arrangement. I don’t like to pay for each time we meet because it feels like pay-for-play, but on the other hand, paying a fixed monthly allowance to some SBs, especially early on, has its issues too. As jaja said in a previous thread, half of SBs treat you like an ATM, meaning that once they get their money they disappear until they run out of money, and so paying them as such will lead to the SD feeling used. Of course, with the ideal SB, the desire to spend time with one another is mutual, and in that scenario it’s easy to provide generously up-front. Over time, I have reduced the amount I give as a “gift” in the first meeting because of these issues, but to someone who shows that she is the right girl, I’d give anything she wants and more.

  611. Lannie says:

    Flo Rida:

    I am getting ready to leave now, but wanted to address something that you said, I did not sign a full disclosure although I can not mention his name or other identifying circumstances but I can within the guidelines that I have. I am allowing that if and when at events our picture is taken that I will not have a problem with it being published and basically am just for show. What develops is up to me. I have only agreed to 30 days and then we will see, but I am more the friend type person instead of the business arrangement so I will have to see if this will be okay for me.

    If not I might suggest this site to him as he actually is quite attractive and seems nice enough just very business 24/7 which is often the case with someone in his position.

    NYC: Thank You for your offer , I am taking my lap top with me so I may take you up on that but the car just pulled up and I need to leave. Happy hunting everyone.

  612. Lisa Marie says:

    Kit Kat ha ha ha….well that is so true. I would be scared myself.

  613. that TLG is too much!! yeah
    lisaM at least the Russians arent after us!!

  614. Lisa Marie says:

    wow….you gentlemen have it just as bad as we do it seems.

  615. The Lone Gunman says:

    > TLG – “Well, it appears that the pot SBs in the former Soviet Union have started lusting for me again, based on my Inbox here. “

    SF SD–They are only lusting for you? I have a couple who are ready to marry me, but lack only the price of plane fare.

    That’s because they look at you as pot child-fathering material; me, I’m the one-night/week/month/year/decade stand for fun and games in the Ukraine.

    ..or so it appears.


  616. and I think its funny the Russians after you and TLG and OC that is the funniest!!
    hey yall check out the Corvette guy Peace out ..
    and the Tie guy no bi sugar babies wow I mean how would he know??

  617. here here SFSD is Definelty a real SD!! anybody that like to keep thing in there place is O K with me!!

  618. Lisa Marie says:

    I 100% agree NYC

  619. NYC SB says:

    SF SD deserves the best SB … he is just so sweet and full of great advice

  620. Lisa Marie says:

    SFSD Ok I read above now. Sorry…had to catch up. I missed a lot.
    You sound like the respectible type of man and SD. Very nice to hear. With your standards you are higher class than the men out there looking for the straight “booty call”. Which gets really tiring. Just because we need assistance doesnt mean we are desperate and will do anything for help. I have high standards of respect for myself as well. So I expect to be treated as such by others too. Sorry, got off on kind of a tangent there.
    I cant say I have ready your profile, because I can’t do a search for specific people. Thank you for your honesty on here. It helps all of us.

  621. Lisa Marie says:

    Wow, that sucks. Her first date too…hope it doesnt discourage her.

    Well, SFSD what do you want in a SB? If your standards are so high…I haven’t caught them all…off and on here as eveyone knows. just curious what some of the SDs are looking for.

  622. SfSD so lets see no Tush, no lusting, no marry, no tattoos, no mamihandles no 69 handles, I mean your standards are SO high lol
    Good day to you also hows it going on your end?

  623. yes she said at 2:15am the rain ran his meeting late and .. he flaked!!

  624. Lisa marie thats right I wonder.. wait I think he flaked read the post from eairler… I think he flaked

    hello OC hows it going outthere?

  625. Lisa Marie says:

    Hello Sugars!!! how is everyone today??? Has anyone heard from Flordagirl about her date last night??

  626. SF SD says:

    > TLG – “Well, it appears that the pot SBs in the former Soviet Union have started lusting for me again, based on my Inbox here. “

    They are only lusting for you? I have a couple who are ready to marry me, but lack only the price of plane fare.

    • OCSugarbaby says:

      Funny thing… on another site they were lusting after me TOO!!! Which I found completely strange, I was listed as an SB NOT an SM…

  627. Flo Rida says:

    SugacaneBby – proof of identity with a face photo next to today’s NYtimes would establish if the person is real or fake. Have fun at work, I must go too.

    Lannie – I meant I know bouncer, personal trainer guys in NY who you can call if needed.

  628. Flo Rida says:


    I get confused so might have mixed up your story. My SD chartered a turboprop (not a Lear) :-( from Cuba to Miami (40 min flight) and that cost $5k. If he has an entourage he certainly has the income. Curiously did he give you a cashiers check (which is cash). If you’ve been to St. Barts with a previous SD and he has met you before then he moves in the right circles. Is the Lear his or is it a fractional ownership or a charter?

    What is the concern? That it’s moving fast or that you don’t know him well? If you don’t like him (chemistry) then don’t do this. BUT spend some time to get to know him better. Also check the contract you signed for non-disclosure clauses because if there are (and I’m pretty sure they should be) then you may be in technical breach (though frankly I don’t think he’d sue you). Finally if you really need help I know ‘big guys’ (bouncers, personal trainers) who can protect you (I trust them). But you can lock the connecting suite and he doesn’t sound like he’s pressuring you. Go and enjoy it.

  629. SugaCaneBby says:

    I think TLG was stating that all these women contacting him are fake profiles misrepresenting themselves as actresses and models that he recognizes (which is an insult to your intelligence). I think that’s what I like about some of the other sites I’m on – They moderate the hell out of photos. Have watermark or a copyrighted pic on your profile? Ha, they delete YOUR ACCOUNT.

    I’d respond, but I’m rude and I would call them out.

    …and now I really must be getting ready for work. *sigh*

  630. Lannie Girl you know of this man already… you better go get thing rounded up 2 reasons NYC said she would be you check point ans That right there is saying a lot about you!!
    2 that man is not pusshing you for sex… I always have some off the wall questions but Do you think you are just his Walker??
    and if that was the case girl you go for it!!
    have fun in nyc you buy a frilly while in nyc and send us a photo to our e-mails lol
    have fun Lainne !! may the force be With you
    Hey ask mr.Bigg he know any NASCAR daddies lol

  631. NeOhio SB says:

    Lannie: I just came onto this post and i read your postings. I must say, i am simply “wowed” with that opportunity However, as a finance busineswoman, remember, IF he does in fact put you on payroll, you will have to report that income. IF he does a consulting agreement you will be 1099’d and have to pay tax on that income. Just something to keep in mind.

  632. SugaCaneBby says:

    Lannie – Yes, the business element would automatically turn me off because I am definitely looking for a friend and not a formal venture. I also don’t like the idea of not being able to say “No” to some terms once I’ve signed on the dotted line. Giving up that power would frustrate me. Way too much pressure imo. On the other hand, it’s nice to have all the terms layed out in black and white (your own requirements and what you get out of this are written out in there as well, right?). I say definitely go for it though! It’s a once in a lifetime experience. I’m just wondering what happens in the contract gets “broken”.

    Haha, and this post came while I’m on the chapter of the different types of SDs. :3

  633. Flo Rida says:

    TLG – There are tonnes of Russians in NY and other enclaves and some (most) are drop dead gorgeous. Sometimes bad dental work though and very aggressive – not that there’s anything wrong with that. A few suggestions 1) Ask them what about your profile interested them (you can alter that feature – unless it was a mass email blast) 2) If geographically undesirable – just say no (politely) 3) Ask for proof of identity – email smiling face photo with NY times or WSJ 4) Respond with ‘sorry darling, you’re not my type, but good luck with your search 5) Go for it – there are sweet russians and as you say they are beautiful. For some reason NY, Florida and Cuba have some DDG russian women. Play nice.

  634. NYC SB says:

    Lannie – ummm I am in NYC … would be more than happy to be your check point :)

  635. Lannie says:

    NYC SB:

    You are so right but we have reached an agreement for one month and he has given me an extremely generous allowance along with an expense account for purchases, arranged all transportation for me for this first trip but on the next trip on the itinerary takes us to the other coast which at that time we will be at one of his homes so I hope I feel more comfortable at that point. No tickets for that trip as his plane will get me and bring me back and I have flown on one of his planes when my Dad was in an accident. I am actually think about calling my former SD now that I know they are aquainted through business but I wonder if that is the right thing to do as trust is so important. Except for my former SD I do not know anyone else in NYC and I feel it is important for someone to know something, as I am a safety first kind of girl. Thank You for helping through this, I have a car being sent for me this afternoon to take me to the Windy City along with a suite as I will stay over night by myself lol.. to get the extensive items on the list. But I will be back on tommorrow.Take care all.

  636. Lannie says:

    SF SD: I just got back from breakfast with Pot SD and then saw him off at airport. He has an entourage with him consisting of a BG, assistant, and two others. I did not meet him on this site, I actually was put in contact with him when an accident took place and I had to get to Florida as my Dad was going into emergency surgery but could not get a flight until next day. Our airport is small with commuter planes and the girl at desk suggested I go to the pilots lounge and talk to a man there who may be able to talk to his boss. I did and this VIP arranged for me to fly on his plane free of charge to get to the hospital in FL. that was two months ago. I was given a business card for the man but had never personally met him. A few weeks ago I had saved enough money and sent a check to his business address on the card for repayment of the flight although it was not expected and had researched the cost of charter for learjets to gain an idea of what to send. My address and phone number was on the check which is how he first contacted me.

    I am aware of who he is and what he does in the business world but this was not a SD that I went in search of. When he contacted me after he gotten the check he told me it was not necessary and would tear the check up but I asked him not too as I appreciated what he had did without evening knowing me. The next contact came 4 days before he was coming into town. He stated he would be in town and wanted to meet with me. I guess it is because it started this way that my true fears are coming from. This morning he gave me a check along with a letter of authorization and a black credit card and requested I take a trip to Chicago and buy everything new for the trip to NYC. I told him I would go but I still had concerns. He gave me a complete list of what I would need and told me the main items we would get in NYC. He also made me aware this morning that we had actually met 5 years ago at ST. Barts but I do not remember him as he is a business associate of my former SD. I left breakfast with a 5 page contract which he had drawn up which spells out a one month obligation complete with itinerary and would need me 17 days in the month of October to basically keep up appearances of being his significant other and nothing more. Financially it has blown me away which would pay for me to finish college, get a better home and even invest a little. He also informed me he needs a SB who looks young as I do but has the maturity and intelligence that I possess. He also stated he can sex anytime he wants and this is not required if I do not feel a chemistry with him but he needs me to not be associated with other men during this period of time. After the month is finished he said we can renegotiate if we are in mutual agreement. In my early 40’s I do not believe in Prince Charmings…lol… and I am aware of his wealth, I did an internet search on him and read a few articles late last night and I can not find any real turn offs.

    Kit: He does know all about my family, my education, where I have lived , worked, and so on. I realize now that this is important for him and also that there are times when I will be pictured on his arm which my family is going to question and he put it all on the table this morning but I have accepted the one month obligations and then I will see. I have been provided with a cc for the expeditures of wardrobe including luggage as he wants me to have a certain type. A list of clothes and designers that are appropriate, perfume and other accessories. I also discovered he knew I was the personal shopper when he called me and did this on purpose, I guess another test as I only used 1/3 of the budget he stated and only bought the one item he stated for myself. Now I need to start doing a mad dash to gather up everything I need and he also gave me a check which I am fixing to deposit at the bank which is one month in advance that my account has never seen the likes of. I am going to take some wise advice that I read last night and today that I will enjoy my month and then see if it is over or if there is Pot and just look at this as a business arrangement.

    Thank You everyone for helping sort it out and I just hope I am making all the right choices here as I realize this is many SB’s ideal SD in so many ways but I guess it is just not mine as I prefer the friend element compared to the all business element.

  637. NYC SB says:

    Lannie – It seems like this guy knows what he is doing… word of caution on the payroll thing… it takes about a month to add someone on payroll so you will be waiting for that long for your allowance… its a risk… however, this man has provided you with two gifts already (one of which was monetary) so the risk is lesser.

    Go to NYC (following all the precautions given to you) and enjoy! He is not pressuring you for sex… which is rare… and he is not hiding you… which is rare… if at the end of the tip you guys decide to never see each other again at least you had a great trip to NYC along with plays and dinners to remember him by… sugar dating is not all about $$$ but also about the experiences

  638. Ksyusha AKA...(Can't even remember my previous aliases) says:

    Good morning, sugar world… Greetings from an ‘ex ex ex lurker’, who’s back again… for now….

    Are SweetRedHead, Jai, Trinity, Stormcat, Apple, Katrina, Dorky, GoodGirl… etc etc still around?

    Have a great day everyone :)

  639. L'amant Imaginaire says:

    Lone Gunman:

    I’d say that you prefer your russians white in a glass with no ice.

    Big Lebwoski.


  640. The Lone Gunman says:

    Good morning, Sugar World!

    Well, it appears that the pot SBs in the former Soviet Union have started lusting for me again, based on my Inbox here. Amazingly, many of them look *just like* actresses, beauty contest winners and such who I could just swear reside here in the US under a different name than Oksana or Verushka…but what do *I* know, right?

    SBs: how should I respond to this avalanche of Splenda>/i> (a sugar substitute)? :)


  641. SFSD i am glad the Tusch turns you off too, that kinda stuff should stay in your pants. I still am trying to figurethat out, was it to show what type of shape hes in?
    and my next Question is Who took that photo?? surely his best bud didnt do that!! lol
    I tend to be super inquisitive about Photos I am leary if it they didnt take the time to Clean up the area in the photo.Example guy contacts me yadda yadda I get a photo cute guy but in his photo his house was a mess I think I saw a sink but it had clothes and beer bottles in the trash just like he must Walk over top the trash in home with his gucci suite on.
    then got the Nerve to say he dont drink. lol oh yeah well you dont clean up either!!

    Sorry everyone Yesterday I was not feeling really well I am a bit better today but I may again just drop off!

    Lainey a connected room?? I dont know you are really going to have to trust your gut! did he give you cash? just curious or a Check?
    we dont need to pry and pick at your buisness but is he a new sd?
    and hes from NY?? did you do a backround on him?
    and on the backround check he did was he able to tell you some stuff like your home address when you lived with your parents or Further back? I say that because if I say oh you dont have a crimanal past,well you already know that!!
    you have funds to run him thourgly and see if you can pull up any properties where he lives.
    Dont be paralyzed by fear but be cautious in what ever you do and I would make a Route home for myself just in case a Refundable ticket, and honest I would put on hold a diffrent hotel & Diffrent room just in case

  642. RainyStreet says:

    goodnight sleep tight! Sugar sweet dreams to all!

  643. Olivia says:

    hello everyone! I might have a pot SD flying in to my city this weekend solely to meet me…he did ask me, though, if I’d be staying at his hotel with him. I had to tell him that I would like to meet first, spend a little time together, and just take it from there. I know that I definitely will not spend the first night there…just a bit nervous about handling it all with honesty AND grace.

    Ohhhh, the life and times of an SB!

    It looks like everyone else here is having some luck as well!

  644. SF SD says:

    Sugar Daddies: What is the best way for a potential sugar baby to approach You?

    Well, I think I already mentioned that I don’t respond to booty calls. I also dismiss form letters, messages from ladies with the phrases “mami” and “69” in their handles, and women whose photos contain ill-considered reflections in the bathroom mirror or bear the watermarks of escort sites. (Sometimes you can’t blame the guys for getting the wrong idea.)

    I do thoughtfully consider messages from women who have read my profile and are at least remotely close to the person I am seeking. It helps if their own profiles contain enough information to assist me with starting a conversation. For me, a woman who demonstrates a command of the written word in some way (not necessarily formal prose) will often get my attention, along with my phone number.

    And, yes, NYC, I have responded to the one-sentence message, “Have you found anyone yet?” As it turned out, this one came from two heavily tattooed young ladies who said they were bisexual nurses. I took their claims at face value, but unfortunately they were out of the area.

    Good night for real this time. 😉

  645. RainyStreet says:

    GRRRR! His meeting ran late so he had to reschedule! *sigh* I just want a guy who isn’t going to flake out on me anymore!

  646. SF SD says:

    G’nite sugars. Have courage. And best wishes to everyone.

  647. SF SD says:

    > AtlNicole – “We were talking and he brought up the arrangement. I asked him what he had in mind and he pretty much said he wanted to pay me a set amt each time we “hooked up”. He seemed confused when i told him that i was not looking for a sex for money kind of situation.”

    Not that uncommon, I’m afraid. There are several scenarios here (and pardon me if this sounds crude). There are guys who will try this over and over until they find a girl who is desperate (or uninformed), and then they will have scored a hot chick at less-than-escort rates. There are also guys who truly don’t understand what’s going on and need to be gently educated about the concept of an arrangement with an allowance. There are guys who can’t afford to play the game, so pay-for-play is the best they can come up with until the money runs out. And there are guys who just don’t read.

    If they have potential, it might be worth trying to turn them around. Otherwise, make sure they pay for lunch and move on.

  648. AtlNicole*389079* says:

    Well my potential lunch date fell through. We were talking and he brought up the arrangement. I asked him what he had in mind and he pretty much said he wanted to pay me a set amt each time we “hooked up”. He seemed confused when i told him that i was notlooking for a sexfor money kind of situation. I was pretty sure I made that clear on my profile. maybe he was just seeing what he wanted to see.
    Another one bites the dust.

  649. SF SD says:

    > Lannie – “he told me he ran me through net detective what ever that is and was pleased that I had no record but that a man in his position can not be to safe.”

    Basically, there are online services where you can look up things in public databases for a modest fee. They will tell you things like where a person has lived, who lives near or with them, whether they own or have purchased real estate, whether they have criminal records, and so on. Having someone’s real name or their listed phone number is often enough to start one of these searches, but it is much easier with a date of birth — which is no doubt what he was getting off of your DL. Running this check may seem a little spooky, but it could be considered a reasonable precaution, particularly for someone with wealth or position. The fact that he told you about it is a plus, and it may be a clue to his level of integrity.

    Have you made any attempt to search online to find out more about what he does and what his reputation might be? This is certainly your right, and it might make you more comfortable.

    Have you been to New York? Is that part of the reason you’re nervous? If so, don’t worry. If you have a plane ticket home and cash in your pocket, all you need to walk out the door and hail a cab and you’re home.

    > as men have you rushed a Pot SB to a trip away from her home? Just curious.”

    I haven’t, because my sugar situation works best with someone who’s reasonably close by. However, if my intent was to have a travel companion, having the first meeting on an SB’s home turf and a second one out of town (with the precautionary arrangements that have already discussed) does not seem out of bounds. Although there’s traveling involved, it sounds like he’s willing to leave the pace of the relationship to you.

  650. Lannie says:

    SFSD and SNBSD:

    Thank You for your perspectives, and if you see my previous post I had just gotten off the phone with him and tried to discuss what was bothering me and he was very gracious about it. He also tried to reassure me and would have seperate suites booked but would be connecting and leave it to me if I want to progress to a more intimate step. He really has been a gentleman and let me know that he felt a chemistry with me but he also did not believe I was as old as I said this morning at brunch and asked to see my ID lol.. but that was obviously his way of getting information as he told me he ran me through net detective what ever that is and was pleased that I had no record but that a man in his postion can not be to safe.

    I am sleeping on it but he needs my answer tommorrow morning before he flies off which gives me little time to think about it. He said he wanted to take care of the flight arrangements before he leaves if I agree, which seems logical. It just seems so quick, as men have you rushed a Pot SB to a trip away from her home? Just curious.

  651. SugaCaneBby says:

    Flo Rida – No, I am not located in Florida, but my bestie was born and raised ther. :) I don’t know, as close as a friend that he is to me, I wouldn’t want to start a sugar arrangement with him and possibly compromise the familial bond we have now (he’s truly like the big bro I always wanted growing up). But once he graduates and gets so much money that he doesn’t know what to do with it, I’ll shoot the suggestion about this site his way.

  652. AtlNicole*389079* says:

    Goodnight Lannie.. Hope all goes well. Keep us updated.

  653. Flo Rida says:

    Sugar Cane Bby – Everyone starts somewhere – encourage him. Are you in Fl?

    Lannie – You have 3 options, go for it (but have an escape route), slow it down but keep him in game on his terms, or slow him down to an arrangement on his terms. Remove NY from the equation and you’d be happy, so politely decline NY but keep him open in your home town – or….

    RealisticSD – a better option than you speaking to Ms Damsel in the Supermarket would be to give a $100 tip to an associate of hers to broach the subject with her.

    Nitey nite all

  654. SF SD says:

    Kit Kat,

    With regard to the “tush,” I feel the same way about the ladies. As much as I enjoy the sight of beautiful feminine behind, there is a time and place for everything. I would much rather meet an individual face-to-face. The SBs who lead with their booty shots get an automatic reject from me.

  655. Lannie says:

    AltNicole and GinaZ:

    I went ahead and called his hotel and just spit out my concerns and he asked me not to make any haste decisions and come to New York which will help me to understand what will be expected of me and then we would dicuss an arrangement. He also stated he was pleased and impressed with how I conducted myself during dinner and followed his leads as his associates had no idea we recently met. I asked him about room arrangements in NYC and he said we would have connecting suites and it would be up to me if I want to take it to the next level but mostly he just needs me to be attentive in public and charm people the way I did this evening. I have only had one SD and this is much different than what I am use to.

    He did tell me if this works out we would need to discuss a contract which would put me on the payroll as a personal companion so I am not sure. So I will sleep on it and hope tommorrow I will have clarity.
    I am off to bed, have a good night all and thanks for the advice and letting me express my confusion. (smiles)

  656. snbsd says:


    Perspective from a guy here – I would say if you have a back up room there in NY and keep your expectation realistic, it isn’t an opportunity to pass up on. It may be similar to the experience you just had. (That didn’t seem bad). I think as the other people said as well you should be cautious, but hey, he might be just what he seems, and may be a good SD relationship for you. Good luck with it!


  657. SF SD says:


    The basic rules for traveling are to have your own place to stay, return ticket in hand, and someone local you can call if you need to.

    The other basic rule is your comfort level. Do you enjoy your time with him? Are you okay with stage dressing his social engagements. Are you enjoying this enough to have fun while it lasts and feel okay about it if it doesn’t?

    At this stage, having met his expectations well enough to be invited back, it would be okay to say, “I really enjoyed dinner and the gifts. I’d like to discuss an arrangement before I travel /while were are there / soon / whatever.”

    NYC SB, feel free to jump in any time.

  658. ginaZ says:

    Lannie I don’t know but it sounds like it’s too good to pass up. He’s given you the equivalent of one months allowance, plus first class airfare and such. For all you know he may even be gay and just needs a front. Plus it doesn’t even sound like he’s pressuring you for sex. He’s looking for someone to keep up appearances. Maybe you would like more or something different perhaps? Frankly I’d be thrilled to find something like that, as long he wasn’t rude or a jerk, but a gentlemen. I don’t know just my take on it. But you should do whatever makes you feel comfortable.

    Good luck!

  659. AtlNicole*389079* says:

    Lannie: That does sound a little too good to be true. I would approach the situation with caution. Gifts and money are nice, but they sometimes come with a hidden price tag. If your instinct are worrying you, then give yourself time to become comfortable with the situation. On the other hand, if you are already thinking this man is trustworthy, the reward ( a true SD) may be worth the risk.

  660. SugaCaneBby says:

    Hmmm, getting a rare taste of the sweet life. My bestie just offered to fund most of my phone upgrade (I need one SO badly. The ish doesn’t hold a charge and just shuts itself off in the middle of a text or if I sit it down too hard. That’s pretty dangerous as a lone woman in methville). Rather pricey (to me…I’m sure that’s nothing to some) since the phone I want is $299 before mail-in rebate. Lol, he’d make an awesome SD once he got a well-paying job under him and found an intelligent chick that doesn’t mind the fact that he has a goatee and tattoos. Going to have to put him onto this once he finishes his degree and starts making the big buck$.

  661. I dont know but the first one on the homepage!

  662. Lannie says:


    Tonights dinner was quite a surprise to me as we did not dine alone and again there were business associates and wives. It was not until after the dinner was over and we went up to his suite to talk and I mean just talk that I had any chance to get a sense of who he is. Everything is business for him which is fine by me yet he is all about appearances and had called before I left to meet him to tell me what color I should wear in a dress and not to wear jewelry as it would be provided. And it was and then removed after dinner, he rewarded me nicely infact the high end equivalent of what assistance I would expect for a month. Already got a clutch today as a meeting gift and in the back of my head this little voice keeps telling me if it seems too good to be true it probably is.

    He also stated when I am in NYC he will take me to get the gown I will need and accessories and a cocktail dress for the events that must be attended. Maybe I need to try to approach him again about an agreement.

  663. AtlNicole*389079* says:

    Is SD 3XXXXX the *tush* you were referring to earlier? i am still cracking up. That has to be a joke right?

  664. Lannie says:

    AtlNicole: Thank You for the advice, he will already be in NYC and has offered a round trip first class ticket but I just wasn’t able to really get him to express what he expected except that our arrangement which at this point we do not have one would not be mentioned and we would be attending a broadway play as well as having dinner with business associates of his. Basically I am mature eye candy but I am actually very unsure about him even though he is generous and gut instinct has never failed me before. lol
    Thanks Lannie

  665. miss Laniey I would follow your instincts! how ever if the card is Enough for you to book a room and a rental have and little cash on hand I cant see how that could go bad. you meet him in NY. use your own Reservations and such. but I think I may put it off for another week. so you can do your du dilligence on finding the most for your money i.e specials and things.
    did he make you feel as though he is ready to kick it up a notch?
    do you feel like you are Ready ro kick it up?
    maybe have him come back to your home city and have HIM a surprise for him being so understanding and concerned about your comfort!

  666. MarieSB says:

    Have you noticed a sugar daddy drought?

    *** Like others have said there isn’t a drought in men claiming to be real SD’s but I feel like there are very few men who are genuine and real

    Do you combine your talents or special abilities with what you offer a potential sugar in an arrangement? Care to share?

    *** If being good company is a talent then YES!

  667. AtlNicole*389079* says:

    Lannie: I don’t have a ton of experience, but judging for myself, i would not be comfortable traveling with someone without any arrangement set up. Maybe just ask him what he wants most from a SB and go from there.

  668. AtlNicole*389079* says:

    Thanks for the advice Suga.
    Just finished watching House, which is the all time best show. I get giddy every time a new season starts. Back to cuddling my cat.
    No school again tomorrow. The campus literally looks like a lake full of buildings. There has to be 2-3 feet of water flowing across it right now. That means I get to sleep in tomorrow, so no complaints.

    The only chocolate daddy I have been approached by so far would send me multiple emails if he saw that I was online and not repsonding to him. That one ended rather quickly.

  669. Lannie says:

    Well I am back home after my dinner with Pot SD and again at the end of the dinner he asked me for yet another meeting only this time he wants me to fly to NYC next weekend which I am in conflict of. We have no agreement and I do not do tryouts yet he is quite generous. Again I was given another gift but this time an american express gift card which is quite substantial. He stated he would contact me tommorrow for my decision yet I could not seem to get him to answer a few important questions and it is taking me out of my element after only two meetings.

    Anyone have any suggestions?

  670. Suga I was just wondering as a mini social experiment what would happen, like I said what would turn a grown woman off, just think if they put a profile up 5-10k with a offinsive profile who do you thik will gravitate toward it? personally I think it would be interesting to see.. do the nice guys finish last theory!
    TLG I think says would she be with me if the Finincial aspect wasnt there!
    *I think it was him, I get the SD’s mixed up*
    nice profile dressed down lets say your plumber, I know for a fact I would go for a Gearhead profile 1 Iwould have somebody to mentor me.2 well i needent repeat the knowledge of mecanisins*sp* has my undying attention!
    my poor eggs got loose and Scrambled long time ago, I will send you a photo that Will Explain!!

  671. ginaZ says:

    kit-kat I saw the picture you mentioned, oh my! I suppose he had a need to show off his assets *tush* The ex sounded like a high maintenance girlfriend with a high sex drive. But now he wants to replicate her as his “exotic” SB.

    The pot who contacted me who is 16 years younger than me (I’m 38) he’s a light chocolate brown. He alluded to wanting someone in and out of the bedroom. Well he is quite fine…

  672. ginaZ says:

    RealisticSD I might have been that girl in the store once upon a time, working at Bloomies in NYC or Sacks. I was maybe 16, 17, 18 or so, and it wouldn’t have been for moral reasons I would have declined an older mans advances, I was just too young, attracted to an older teenor someone in their early 20’s, not 35 or 45 or more. You may want to be careful upon whom you approach. I was a rather precocious girl who looked a bit older.

    But in all seriousness there’s nothing wrong with a girl earning her own money versus someone giving her things in exchange for…

  673. SugaCaneBby says:

    Kit-Kat – Ahhhahaha thanks for reminding me how to phrase it! It’s a cultural thing! *phew* There we go! XD Like I said, not that these things don’t happen all over the spectrum, but I really don’t expect a chocolate daddy to approach me without being blunt about his bedroom needs up front. That’s not the way to go though.

  674. SugaCaneBby says:

    RealisticSD – I suppose the difference between first traditional dates and first sugar dates is that the later feels like it has more riding on it? Like this man could have anyone he wants but he’s giving you a shot and what if he’s rude and misjudges you? I think sugar dates move muuuuuuuch quicker than traditional dating so that’s a factor as well. Also, people have likened it to an interview and while I have only ever interviewed for two positions and not gotten them, interviews still make me nervous.

  675. mr. Realistic sir did you read my comment the other day to you about how to go about finding a SB IRL? I am curious because I dont remember a response from you!

  676. Suga girlfriend I like them all vanilla peanutbutter caramel dark choco, it dosent matter! I met a cuban boy when I was in school once and I didnt know that he was cuban,he was DARK dark like Akon, never knew black folks were in cuba *remember I was 15*and I thought him the most handsome thing I had ever seen, long story short I now speak Spanish pretty well! I used to speak German too! long as they were born a man !
    ans as far as Pot SD’s I have more luck with the latino’s, the Vanilla daddys seem to be hit or miss and the chocalate ones Really have a hard time Grasping the SD concept most seem to think A sb is the new term for trick, and like you Suga I have to dress them down!
    and how you feeling this Evening?

  677. RealisticSD says:

    A common theme in these blogs is: “I am an SB going on my first date and I am very nervous.” Yet I am not sure what is so nerve-wracking about sugar dating versus “normal” online dating.

  678. SugaCaneBby says:

    RealisticSD has a point. Being a woman in this demographic he speaks of, as long as the fellow was clean and had good intentions while approaching me, I’d be game. And I know quite a few females who would be as well. It’s a recession. 😉

  679. RealisticSD says:

    Flo Rida, I kind of agree with what you say, but I just cannot help but see these young, attractive women toiling away in a store for something close to minimum wage in a job they’re not too happy with, and yet believe that they would not give serious thought to a kindly-phrased proposition by a reasonably handsome and not too much older wealthy man who will provide for them much more generously than their job does, who will take care of all her material needs, who will treat her with respect, and who wants her to show her appreciation only as she feels comfortable.

    Now I understand that if she is married or crazy in love or has moral/religious issues she might say no, but in today’s promiscuous society, if one is not demeaning in his approach, I am not sure it will be a total turn-off to many women.

  680. SugaCaneBby says:

    Adendum – but then that’s could be ANY SD (as noted by my previous post). Just saying Katrina, broaden the horizons!!! And what do you mean being vulgar = more hits? That’s a sure way to get ignored by me. I’m not into men who are feeling themselves way too hard and think they can say whatever and get away with it because they have this that and the other.

  681. hey nico I thought I seen you up there and Rainey good luck sis!! be safe follow your sugar-senses.!! you go girl, and We want a full report in the morning! hehehehe

  682. SugaCaneBby says:

    Good Luck on your first date Rainy!

    Out of boredom and because I don’t like to put all my eggs in one basket, I decided to search out some sites that do the same thing that this one does. I got a ton of laughs out of it as well as some enlightening information. No wonder people look down on sugar dating like they do! Most of the profiles on SBs I read read like some bratty myspace child’s slash fledgeling escort’s profile (gimme gimme gimme! and you can have sex) whereas all the SDs were clearly just lonely men looking for company and quick lays and therefore have NO MONEY whatsoever. I understand plumbing is a lucrative niche, but this man had a dreaded goatee and look oh so greasy! *sigh* Felt like leaving the skyrise penthouse for the projects. No class whatsoever! Don’t even get me started on the meth heads who when given a choice of how to describe themselves from a drop-down menu put “attractive” or “sexy”. Yeech!!!

    I’m having a rather uneventful evening facebooking and listening to music. It’s flooding over here too. :C

    Oh and Kit-Kat – The chocolate daddies are not all they’re cracked up to be. Not trying to down all of them, but the guy that message me about pleasuring his “friend” was a chocolate daddy. Such little boys…little boys with money.

    Back on the grind. :)

  683. I wonder if the Diamond members all did a test*beta* experiment.. I bet SincereSD would go for this..
    If they put the crassest profiles up most offensive,digusting profiles up,
    the type of photos that would turn a Grown woman off,
    would the inital contacts go up? or down. I bet thats a good way to weed out money grabbers too

  684. Gina if my brother did that I would give him the buisness!! why you showing the World your tucsh?? dont ya think people at the hospital look at this site?? lol I just cant dig that and lord if he wasnt a Sd of mine but in a Conventional, hed really hear it because you showhing off your/my goods!
    I did see he liked Racing but It seems hes an adrenaline junkie from his profile and I like calm and methodical
    just my take on him, but he is Quite handsome!!

  685. ginaZ says:

    Is it a bad sign when you talk to a pot SD on the phone and you can’t wait to put down the phone? Sure maybe some people aren’t good on the phone, but still there should be some give and take in conversation.

    Good luck on your first sugar date Rainy!

  686. ginaZ says:

    Kit-Kat could be nascar sugar 😉

    On a slightly different note there aren’t many chocolate daddies on SA I’ve noticed.

    OK I’ can be sugar sing, I’ll serenade my SD…And I don’t need scissors or hair dye either 😉

  687. my grits are burnning now!! ok So look at the home page what do I see lots of Chocalate daddies maybe a peanutbutter one too, Yay here they come, ok so of course I click on the profile… what do I see. big behind!!
    WHY WHY WHY would you do that I am seriously debating if I should say anything to him, does a behind turn a woman on, is that what he thinks, I mean thats so,*sigh*
    its like what I heard at a confrence its great to be black but when you are you should be the Absolute best in Everything you do!!
    I am really ashamed of that photo, I would never go for something such as that, he advertises that his ex had a 3800 allowance something about Jimmy choos, car notes and cc payments.
    what kinda clown bad mouths his previous Sb? health reasearch wound care.. I see hes got his Own Way of adhering to HIPPA.

  688. Nico says:

    Good lucky Rainy :)

  689. RainyStreet says:

    I’m so nervous tonight I meet a POT SD for the first time! It is my first Sugar Date. wish me luck!

  690. NYC SB says:

    :) Sugar sing… that would be lovely… kinda like when we got serenaded in high school by the cute guitar player

  691. ginaZ says:

    Have you noticed a sugar daddy drought?

    No, but I have noticed the ratio of SB’s to SD’s has grown even more. Many more SB’s on as of late. Also, some SD’s are scaling back.

    Side note: Some of the gents who are single (never married) or ones who make less can be quite generous.

    Do you combine your talents or special abilities with what you offer a potential sugar in an arrangement?

    Yes I am a woman of many talents, and some I allude to in my profile but many have come from the vantage point of being older. As it has been when someone becomes my SD I reveal more of myself, (beyond skin of course ;)) I love to give gifts as well. Though perhaps offering a special skill is good? The whole sugar cuts thing sounds a bit fictionalized. I cut and shampoo your hair wearing nothing but some pearls and an apron Ha! How about “sugar cook”, or, sugar bake”now this is where NYC SB steps in 😉
    Let’s see maybe I’ll be sugar sing, or…

    OK let me stop 😉

  692. RainyStreet says:

    No, but if you find a place like that let me know too!

  693. speaking of Frillys anybody know a place that has nice Quality Bras DDD and up?

  694. NYC SB says:

    Flo Rida – I love La Perla … I tend to stick to VS for my basic needs and if I am looking for something special then La Perla or Fredericks or Agent Provocateur :)

    I was a VS Models (in my dreams couple of time) – I know someone who got a catalog gig with them and she was not paid very well

  695. hey suga I am under the weather a tad today so I have been lurking a bit!
    I seen everybodys comments and things but you guys forgive me tonight Iam not 100% today!!
    ok nuff with my achey-party
    Suga I think hes funny I am trying to figure out what type of construction he does, hoping he will say Electrical , I was an apprentice long ago I have a strange affinity for tools/fitting/mechanisims/. I was the best damm tool girl they ever seen always had my crews lined up!
    I now see why that ASVAB test came back as Engineer I am weird, I like Aquariums, but more intrested in how a city deals with urban development and Watermanagement waste/runoff.
    I know I am weird. isnt that what a Civil engineer does?
    Wont I be a happy gal if he is a Developer

  696. anybody know of any good dental insurance?

  697. SugaCaneBby says:

    Oh, and as an added note, I can’t imagine how doubly annoying it is for male SBs. Getting their hopes up and smashing them like that.

  698. aLeNa says:


    I am a successful sb and i am tottally here for you all. If any of you have any questions feel free to ask. as far as the drought goes, there isnt one at all 2 years ago there was not even half as many sd’s on the site as of now. The number has been sky rocketting since the website has been advertising and getting its name out there.

    good luck all

  699. SugaCaneBby says:

    Just to clarify, when I go searching on that end, it’s because I want them solely. :( I don’t want to be a “third partner”. Ugh.

  700. SugaCaneBby says:

    Decided to actually search out what the SM scene is like for a change…and have come across a ton of couples profiles. I understand the whole bait-n-switch tactic here. He puts up hot pics of his wife to lure in some unsuspecting bisexual girl because it’s less threatening…it’s mainly for the the husband though. How agitating.

  701. Flo Rida says:

    Floridagirl – good luck on your dinner, you seem very smart, be careful with your drinks (or rather what he can put in them) – paranoid i know. I split time in Flagler Beach and Atlanta (I work for a restaurant broker). The early Lambos had smaller engines in the US, you’d have to drive a European Lambo to really appreciate it (rather terrifying actually) – don’t ask the story behind this.

    NYSB – Hope you feel better, were you a VS catalog model – just something you said earlier? What do you think of La Perla?

    AtlNicole – stay dry or put your wellies on (it’s a british saying).

    RealisticSD – Sorry if this is harsh, just an opinion, SD / SB IRL is hard, but when SB drops hints of “Well I don’t go out as much because times are tough” or “I’ve always loved photography but don’t have a nice (any) camera” or “I love NY but it’s been ages since I’ve been” then you can step in as the gallant SD. In reverse, offering to help and be kind in a hinting way helps BUT be prepared for your generosity to be mis-understood, the key question is “Is there a way you can help me?”. Finally most girls worth persuing do not have a price.

    Big hi to everyone else as well (sorry I don;’t have a witty comment for all). Back to work – oh the boredom.

  702. RainyStreet says:

    hello everybody!
    thanks for making my question into a new topic! I love reading what everyone has to say about this!

  703. SugaCaneBby says:

    Hey all! Just got off work about 2 hours ago (commute, commute, commute!) Enjoying some yummy leftovers from the dinner I made last night along with a malted lemonade (happy hour is here! Woo-hoo!) and listening to the rain as well as my cat as he jingles all around my apartment…

    NYC – You and your CLs! Lol!

    Kit-Kat – About the NASCAR thing, that SD sounds so sweet! I myself am impressed because he’s taking time out to get to know you and attempt to share your interests and become informed on them. That’s rare for me and I’m a little jealous, haha.

    It’s odd that this blog came up when it did because I just finished up the chapter in the book where it was talking about places to meet SD’s.

    **Have you noticed a sugar daddy drought?**

    – No, I have not. Still sort of green to this lifestyle, green as in I have never come across a true SD. Just posers who know how to throw cash at me in exchange for sexual propositions. Older and wiser now, not going to be used like that anymore.

    **Do you combine your talents or special abilities with what you offer a potential sugar in an arrangement? Care to share?**

    – Talents, eh? The only one’s that come to mind is how often people tell me I have an abnormal grasp on the English language (I’m sure as opposed to my outward appearance. Mhm. *glares*) and some tricks I know for bedroom escapades. :3 I am talented in adaptation, very personable, a lovely diplomat yet a nasty sharp-tongued demon if you take me there. I’m empathetic and am therefore always intune with the needs of those I wish to “serve”. There’s been a few times where I’ve bought thoughtful little gifts for friends and they’ve gushed on and on like I brought them the moon. I care. I go that extra mile.

    Oh yes, and cooking is fun for me as well. I’ve become quite the lil’ domestic diva since moving out of my parents’ home.

  704. AtlNicole*389079* says:

    Hello Sugars. There are floods all over North GA today so i am staying inside cuddled up to my kitten, Max.

    I think I finally have my profile put together. If anyone would like to take a look at it. Any advice would be much appreciated.

    I am also talking to a few pots from another site, but I have had to do a lot of weeding. Even now there are a couple that I am not quite sure about. Have been talking to one about a possible lunch on Wed, but we will haveto see if that works out or not.

    • OCSugarbaby says:

      AtlNicole: Nicely written. If it was me I would remove a few of the negative statements. You are far too pretty not to replace them with positive ones. Try taking out a few “I” statements and think from the readers standpoint. Maybe express how you can be a “we” player instead of a “I” player. Very well worded. I think a few tweeks and you will knock it out of the park. Love the second picture. Keep it as your second. Maybe one with a smile for your first, and a full length one showing off those 5’10 legs (tasteful of course) as your third picture. Welcome and have fun with it! ~OC

  705. L'amant Imaginaire says:

    Song of the day-Boomtown Rats I Don’t Like Mondays

  706. NJLady says:

    Afternoon Sugar’s,

    Hope everyone is well…busy with school….I need a diversion…that’s why I’m here right? Nothing new to report….communicating with a couple of SD’s, hopefully meeting one soon. I will let you know….Enjoy the rest of the day.

  707. floridagirl says:

    Yeah, I mean, don’t get me wrong. I really like the nice car, nice watch, nice suits. But there are two different versions of that. You have the guy that drives a 911, has a rolex, and always looks nice in a business suit. Then you have the guy that has the bright green lambo, the diamond encrusted watch, and the more “out there” wardrobe. Some girls really like this, I totally respect that. But for me, I like a man that isn’t as attention seeking when it comes to wealth. A man that can sort of stand out on his own, if you will. Sorry if it sounds like I am cutting down bright green lambo guy, I am a little biased.

  708. NC Gent says:

    Thanks Florida — interestingly when you do a search with a town included you get back a different result than without a town.

    You are right about flaunting wealth. I have some extremely wealthy friends, and it would be impossible to pick them out of a line-up of “average Joes.”

  709. floridagirl says:

    Kit-Kat, I am actually in central Florida. But thank you for the advice. One of my friends do know what I am up to. I told him a little white lie and said I met an older man at a football game, and he wants to take me out. Even though my friend found that a little odd, he is being supportive. I am telling him what restaurant I will be at and all the little details like that. And, again, I am driving myself. So unless something REALLY goes wrong, I think I am keeping it pretty safe :)

    NC Gent, I am located in Orlando.

    Lannie, I am quick to pick up on little signs of wealth. I personally like the men with the understated wealth. I have grown up in a relatively affluent family, and I have learned that the men who don’t outright flaunt their $$ are usually the most wealthy and generous ones. And by flaunt I mean wearing ostentatious things, they might wear a 100,000 dollar watch, but it probably won’t have diamonds every where. Just my tastes.

  710. Lannie says:

    I am off to the gym and then manicure time so I am ready for tonight. Good luck on your meeting Florida…

  711. Lannie says:

    Kit-Kat: The clutch I ultimately picked was the orange Lizard clutch by Bottega Veneta which is too die for ….lol…. and as he is in town for tonight I will be going to dinner so we will see if there is any chemistry but the meeting gift is very generous and gives me a little insight into his personal style.

    Floridagirl: I agree with the advice that is being given as this is your first meeting, just make sure you stay in public places and pay attention to where he is taking you to dinner and how he dresses to help you determine if he is a genuine SD. Not everyone is honest in their profiles so pay attention to little clues to help you determine what type of person he is. As far as the morality goes, in a traditional relationship we allow our companion to buy us things, often have a sexual relationship with them and so on… I see the major difference as simply knowing upfront how they will help you and a plus of not having emotional entanglements.

  712. photogirl says:

    Welcome Floridagirl. Not sure where you are located, but Sweetredhead, Kit-Kat and myself are all in Florida as well.

    Best wishes on your date and as already mentioned, relax and be yourself.

  713. well I will just say this there is a guy in south fla and a gal about last month or the begining of this month said she had a bsd experince, I think he looks at new profiles!! just be careful no meeting in hotel rooms dear!!

  714. L'amant Imaginaire says:

    Bit bored, and as I designed this email address specifically for this site
    voulevous91 at mail that’s hot, please feel free to send me a message. I took all the safety precautions to be able to post my address on here, and trust me I’m used to getting weirdos messaging me via my work one as it’s public knowledge.


  715. Lisa Marie says:

    BRB errands.

  716. NC Gent says:

    Are you in Clearwater FloridaGirl? just did an advanced search :)

  717. Lisa Marie says:

    Good luck Flordagirl!!!! Just be yourself!

  718. thats good! always be safe listen dont be shy! do you have a phone a friend.?. sorry I have a sense of humour* do you have at least one person who knows what you are planning to do? make sure your safe always and all situations!!!
    and again I really want to know if you are in South florida area! I may have some info to share!!

  719. NYC SB says:

    Floridagirl – good luck… you will meet many before you find what works for you and what doesnt… thats just part of the fun

  720. floridagirl says:

    Thank you all! My other comment back to Kit-Kat has been taking forever to “moderate.” If there is one thing I am promising myself, it is honesty. I already told this gentleman that it is just going to be dinner tonight, that is all. Since it is my first date I want to be able to process it. I am still very young, however, 20, a baby. I feel like I am mature for my age and able to handle the process. But being that I have so little experience, I am still green and will probably take a little longer to decide how I feel. I can’t help but have a little knot in my stomach. But it is just dinner, and I am driving myself and everything so I will have the most control I can. It won’t hurt to try! I will let you all know how it goes. Thanks for your advice!

  721. Lisa Marie says:

    I agree with NC Gent.
    Always be yourself. If they dont meet your expectations and you dont feel comfortable dont stay. Its not worth it. But as for other people, thats on you….I am the same. I dont tell my family. but there is more there to that. What I do is my business anyways. If they judge me thats on them….I am very close to my family in turn….they might disagree but they wont hate me for it. SO I just dont tell them period. As for others….could care less. Again what I do is my personal business. I am my own person I am an adult. I know this sounds a bit snotty. But Growing up I always cared what other people (friends and stangers) thought about me. That got me no where. Being myself and the up beat woman I am. Even with my strange sense of humor or blunt personality, lots more people liked me for me rather than the ones I tried to impress.

  722. NC Gent says:

    Hi Floridagirl — just relax and be yourself. No free test drives either :) It will probably seem like an interview. Regarding moral implications, I have some pretty liberal views. Morals are society’s views on how the majority would prefer you to behave. I have never been one to care what other people or society thinks. I do think that any guilt you may have will eventually subside, but it is all very personal. Best wishes on your date and be sure to let us know how it goes.

  723. Lisa Marie says:

    did I read correctly…flordagirl got on her for the first time Sat…and has a date already!?!? wow lucky girl! hopfully he will be a good match for you then you will be extra lucky!

  724. Lisa Marie says:

    sorry ladies…got off for a bit…went out to lunch…back now for a bit before my dail errands need to be done.

  725. oh lanie these are nice!! I love the purple one, that is my fav colour! and love tactile detail also! good taste girl!!

  726. as far as your family is concerend It is hard to tell some family members but no one wants you to be taken advantage of! I mean to say this how many girls you know in a relationship that is her supporting? the girlfriend works so hard and what she got to show for it? a lazy boyfriend/babydaddy/husband? at least this way Expectations are all out in front ans if its not what you want move on sister!

    on another point I too am in florida and I can give you my e-mail
    if you like!

  727. Florida girl are you in south florida?

  728. are you in South florida?

  729. floridagirl says:

    Hello Sugar World,
    I joined seeking arrangements on Saturday and I have my first potential sugar daddy date tonight. He seems really nice, but I have to admit I am really nervous. I honestly am not even sure what I think of this whole mutual benefiting relationship thing yet! I don’t have a problem with it personally, but I know that if my friends and family knew what I was up to, they may not look to kindly upon it. Sometimes it’s hard to separate your personal values from those of your family and friends. I guess I just wanted to get some advice from other sugar babies, how was your first date? did you have doubts about the process and it’s moral implications? have those doubts faded at all with time? I would love some advice!

  730. Lannie I gotta check out this Bottega veneta clutch

  731. NYC SB says:

    Lannie – it is a small world indeed

  732. L'amant Imaginaire says:

    NYC SB: Well I like your attitude, very sassy lady :) xx

  733. Lannie says:

    Kit: It was just confusing the way it reads in print…lol.. no you are not dense. On a lighter note I just got a call for a personal shopper client a new one but the funny part is, that I recognized his voice and it is the very Pot SD that I had brunch with lol… and wanted a gift to send to someone when he realized it was me ….lol…. he told me his budget and told me to pick out what ever I like as it was me he wanted to send the gift to. Talk about it is a small world and he suggested a Bottega Veneta clutch which is what I had carried to the meeting which made me realize he has taste and is observant so I am keeping my fingers crossed. lol

  734. NYC SB says:

    Unfortunately I do not have the NYC accent as I was born and raised in Europe …

  735. L'amant Imaginaire says: