9 years ago
Happy Halloween Sugars!!!

9 years ago
Happy Halloween Sugars!!!

Just in time to become a viable Sugar Daddy Halloween costume idea (hint hint), Mattel has announced a bona fide benefactor as part of their historic line of Ken Dolls; welcome the “Palm Beach Sugar’s Daddy”. According to a company spokesperson, this latest Ken doll owns a dog named ‘Sugar’, hence it was innocently named ‘Sugar’s Daddy‘… yet some suspect that his title is no coincidence

We’ve discussed Sugar Barbie’s before – and it’s clear that not all Sugar Daddies are seeking the type of Sugar Baby that the new Ken Doll Sugar Daddy describes in his unofficial SeekingArrangement profile, though many here wonder just how much of an advantage being like Barbie really is in Sugarland…

“And just for you other Sugar Babies out there, I am over age 30 as well, and not a Barbie. Imperfections can be perfections, depending on your confidence behind them.” – Greta

“‘Sugar Barbies’ make me think of a ditsy, annoying, dumb, blond, airhead that’s very expensive (maybe even kind of more of a gold digger concept).” – Joules*300035

When it comes to preferences, we all have our own, and as The Lone Gunman (a sugar daddy blogger) pointed out, “We All Like Different Things”…

How will you be spending your Halloween weekend?

Do you have a sugar-date for Halloween? What will you be dressed as?

Would you admit to being shallow when it comes to qualities you look for in a potential Sugar Daddy or Sugar Baby? Care to share?


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  1. Sasha says:

    Hi everyone. I’m pretty new to this site and would love to chat with some of the more experienced sugar babies out there. In my home town, I hear that I’m very pretty from many men. On this site I haven’t received the response that I was hoping for leading me to believe that most of the sd’s are very shallow. It seems as though most are looking for the barbie type and well I don’t fall into that category even though I’m young. Could anyone reach out and give me their personal email so we could chat more about what I may be doing wrong.

  2. Margo says:

    lisa – try exercisetv dot tv website .
    Another advice – PGX fiber helped me to lose weight.

  3. JennaBeth says:

    I like to try and give people the benefit of a doubt and stay positive . If you dont tell guys enough , they assume you arent “real” . I already told him Im not having those conversations anymore with him and he either wants to meet or doesnt. So yes . . . . moving on. . . . .

  4. TexaSD says:

    JennaBeth, I am amazed you let it go on for more than 2 emails,

  5. JennaBeth says:

    thats what I was thinking, something is starting to just not feel quite right . I understand wanting to know that you’ll be compatible with someone , but constantly bringing the coversation back to that point is kinda sending up red flags . Thanks :)

  6. TexaSD says:

    JennaBeth- time to say bye to him

  7. JennaBeth says:

    Okay , so general question Id like some opinions on —

    Im talking to a pot SD for a while now. Weve exchanged pics , phone numbers , emails , texts , etc ( quite a few ) and have decided we would like to meet . However , when I bring up actually booking the flight , he just starts asking me all these questions about my sexual preferences , and more questions , and more questions , and more questions ( all sexually natured) Im starting to feel like he just wants a cyber sex / chat relationship . Because when I bring up meeting in person , it keeps getting put off.

    So my question is — what do you think hes going for ? And how long to you give someone to keep asking a multitude of those questions without making plans to meet?

    Would love some imput

  8. VillaCypris says:

    Thanks! I walk alone, Lisa… no one can keep up with me… 😉

    i know what you can do in your apartment… google “bob cooley”… he developed this amazing stretching program, which is designed to stimulate and stretch all 16 meridians in the body, and lead to increased health/well being/detoxification… i have his book, but there is probably information online…. very cool stuff!

    off i go! xx

  9. lisa says:

    Enjoy your walk Villa, wish I could do some walking but I have no one to walk with, my friends are so lazy they have to drive everywhere.

  10. RedMaru says:

    later Villa

  11. VillaCypris says:

    K! I’m off to go walking. later!

  12. lisa says:

    gross I hate honey, blah

    oh look we have a new topic I think, I am going to head up there

  13. VillaCypris says:

    “Fat” is not a bad thing for the body…. we NEED “good” fats… like omega-3s, for our brains to functions.

    The main culprit of disease is sugar… sugar creates acidity, and it’s in an acidic environment that disease thrives… candida, bacteria, viruses, fungi…. they looooooooove all that sugar. And artificial sweeteners are even worse.

    A good alternative – RAW honey! It has SO many benefits, google it and read about it…. also raw agave nectar, doesn’t cause a spike in insulin, is sweeter than sugar….

  14. lisa says:

    That’s true as I can go over to mcds and buy a double cheeseburger (if I ate cheeseburgers) for a dollar where as the fresh catfish I bought today cost over 2 dollars for each little fillet and I still have to spend electricity to cook it. And as a single person, it’s cheaper to eat the value menu than buy it and cook it at home.
    My daughter gave up pork, turkey and fish several years ago. When i’m ringing up customers at work like I sometimes have to do, I am constantly seeing overweight people come in with grossly obese children and they spend 200 dollars on their foodstamp card for things like lunchables, high callorie frozen food, and other junk

  15. VillaCypris says:

    Lisa – rent the movie “Food Inc”… illuminates your comment regarding the cruelty in the dairy/meat industries, as well as how the fact that one can buy a quadruple cheeseburger for less than a bag of carrots or something “healthy” contributes to exactly what you are noticing … the explosion of disease, especially diabetes, in the poorer populations…

  16. lisa says:

    If I had one of those home gym things I could spend my boring evenings working out while watching tv, listening to music, whatever, it would be a good way to spend the time rather than sitting around doing nada.

  17. lisa says:

    oh I just found a Ballys a few blocks from the mall. The bus passes there but doesn’t come back that direction which would mean a long walk back to the bus stop. I’ve only got an hour and half before dark after work.

  18. lisa says:

    ok this is sad, my redplum ads just arrived in mailbox complete with mcd’s and chickfile coupons, into the trash

  19. Anna Molly says:

    I really miss Krystal…..sigh…..I love Krystal. Oh and Sonic…love that too. I do treat myself though. I find that if you deny yourself something you’re craving it just leads to binges down the road. It’s all about moderation :)

  20. lisa says:

    I’m not sure if there is a Bally’s in my area.

  21. Anna Molly says:

    Should be spinach :)

  22. Anna Molly says:

    I’m like you Lisa :)….love, love, love ranch dressing, but I hate the taste of the fat free stuff, so I switched from the regular ranch to one that was made with yogurt and it is sooooo goooood! I think it has 80 calories per serving and 1/2 the fat compared to the regular stuff. You should try it….delish. I also make my salads with baby spinich instead of the iceberg and put in almonds to replace the croutons…..hmmmm, I’m hungry now :)

  23. TXSB says:

    There are tons of exercises you can do in your home that will help with cardio and building muscle (which will help burn fat). I love bodybuilding.com. Check it out…they have tons of tips/articles about women. Now I’m not a bodybuilder and don’t look like the women on the site…lol…..but you can get tons of ideas to use at home with the videos and tips they have on there.

  24. lisa says:

    well I’m eating raw green beans now, lol

    my skin is undamaged on my torso and legs being that I was never allowed to wear a swimsuit or go to the beach as a child and never picked the habit as an adult. My arms are tanned though, most people think I look young but I don’t, lol

  25. TXSB says:

    I joined Bally’s earlier this year. When I joined, I paid no “fees” at all. $30/month with access to Bally’s nationwide. No contract. The only $ I gave them was 1st and last month’s payment. I’ve been a member the since Feb of this year…they take $30 out of my account each month and that’s it. I haven’t had any issues with them at all.

    LOL @ salad dressing. Yes I had to change that too. The only dressing I use is vingrette…even then I try to use as less as possible. But think of it this way…..salad with veg/fruits etc with a little bit of ranch is much better than eating something fried/greasy.

  26. VillaCypris says:

    Liiiiiiiiiiiiiiiissssssssssaaaaaaaaaaaaa —– lol

    you need to “retrain” your tastebuds! Olive oil and balsamic with a dash of pepper and sea salt is better than any processed dressing….. as TXSB said, you don’t need to “cook”…. in fact, *the* best diet to follow is a *raw* food diet…. one of my best friends, also a naturopathic doctor, has been doing that for years, and at 48, she looks 18!!!! I’ve NEVER seen such perfect skin in my life, on anyone!

    Congrats on the shopping trip! I’m very proud of you!!! :)

  27. lisa says:

    the problem with salads, is the only way they taste good to me is if a half bottle of ranch dressing is poured on them, lol

  28. lisa says:

    I wish I could go to a gym but I can’t afford it as it seems there is always some catch to the paying by the month. I live about a mile from a 24 hour fitness but getting there on the bus is time consuming and I would want to do it after work but it gets dark at 6 now so that’s out. It would be nice to have one of those home gym things as I have a completely empty dining room in my apartment.

  29. Red Scouser says:

    Just reporting back from my ‘experiences’. this is harder than I thought. it’s easy meeting women on this site, some gorgeous some not so, some very immature some ok (i wouldn’t say smart & balanced but maybe it’s early). Yes i’ve met escorts and wanabe escorts & had sex (hey it was offered & I felt comfortable with arrangement). Nothing of a long term nature so far though, no real chemistry or connection. I’ve had some fun though. See ya!

  30. TXSB says:

    I just wanted to say “hi” to everyone! I had my very 1st swimming lesson today…it went great! I’m sooo freaking excited! By the time SD & I go on our trip, I may actually be able to swim (or at least float on my own!). :)

    I used to eat junk food all the time w/ almost no green’s on my diet. Earlier this year I started hitting the gym and also changing my diet just to be more healthy. The eating part…OMG, it makes such a difference in the way I feel. You don’t really need to “cook” to eat green….get stuff to make salads and try to eat that regularly. Changing eating habit is the hardest things to accomplish in the “war” of being healthy IMO.

  31. lisa says:

    edit wholly guacamole, lol

  32. lisa says:

    no avacados, the place I went today doesn’t have Holy guacamole, and the avacados were too expensive and mushy. Anyway the tortilla chips I eat with them have hundreds of calories, so that’s a no no. I want to drop some pounds, wish I could take a walk but that’s a no no too as some guy tried to pick me up when I was walking to the bus stop. I swear this time of year, people get so creepy around here.

  33. NYC SB says:

    lisa – no avocados? :(

  34. Anna Molly says:

    RedMaru – Hey :)

  35. lisa says:

    Hi everyone back from the store.
    Couldn’t find any nuts except for peanuts which I hate. The store used to be a walmart neighborhood market but has turned into a supermarcado de walmart catering to hispanics and there are diet isn’t exactly healthy. I am shocked that the lack of diet soda in a store geared towards a race that has very high diabetes . I don’t think anyone in my neighborhood cares about their health it doesn’t seem.
    Anyway I bought bananas, a tray of melon and berries, fresh green beans and 2 catfishes which I will have to wait till I can get a skillet to cook. They are too expensive at the grocery stores. Also got a bag of cherry tomatoes.

  36. VillaCypris says:

    Good to hear it!

    Speaking of what to eat… off I go to do just that! have a great afternoon all! :)

  37. RedMaru says:

    Hey Anna Molly 😀

  38. RedMaru says:

    I said Boston I meant New England

  39. Anna Molly says:

    Hi VC,
    Yep, everything is balanced and sales tax is done….:)

  40. RedMaru says:

    Hi Elle!
    Hey another GA resident…… small world I’m in Atlanta
    But anyway I would say go with your gut and if you’re not comfortable see if there’s a way he can come to you. You’re right Boston is a long way for a first time meeting. I also agree with Villa make sure the expectations line before anything else too.
    However if you do decide to travel out to meet him, have a contigency plan in hand which includes your own money, a alternate way back, an emergency contact(someone who you trust and who won’t be judgment) preferably close by with a car should things God forbid go sour. But I’m keeping fingers crossed for you
    Grats on your pot

  41. VillaCypris says:

    Hi Anna Molly – how are the books today? Balanced? :)

  42. Anna Molly says:

    Good Afternoon :)

  43. VillaCypris says:

    Red – villacypris at yahoo

  44. VillaCypris says:

    How many hotel rooms, who is paying for the ticket, your transportation, meals… etc.

    Communication is *KEY*…. don’t hesitate to be upfront and discuss exactly what is in his mind, and share what is in yours…. without that, could be a disaster.

  45. RedMaru says:

    Hey Villa need your email…please 😀

  46. VillaCypris says:

    Elle –

    have you discussed “expectations” for a first visit/extended weekend? That would be the first order of “business”…. if he wants sex and you don’t, or he doesn’t and you do….. expectations have to line up, with respect to any facet of the meeting…

  47. Elle says:

    I’ve been corresponding by email with an SD who lives in New England(I live in Georgia). He’s been very pleasant and we’ve had a few days of playful banter. He wants me to visit him in Boston for an extended weekend. I’m not sure how I would go about this safely seeing as we haven’t met before. This would be my first SD. I would love to get things moving with him, but we’re so very far from each other. I’m not sure I’m totally comfortable spending a weekend with him just yet. Any advice?

  48. VillaCypris says:

    Hi New SB!

    “He is somewhat unfortunate looking…even by my standards.”

    Awwwwwww…. that statement insinuates that you don’t have very high standards, which I know you do!!!

    Too bad…. no, I have not encountered that person…

    huh. Interesting…

  49. Hi VC!

    Funny story…sad but true – I was so excited yesterday when I found about 8 men locally…I live in a small town. I sent e-mails to most. Then, today thought to check ther log in dates…ranged from Jan 2007 to Sept 09!!! Just my luck. Hopefuly the few Sept 09 guys are still lurking around.

    Got a request from a UK/ 42 yo who asked if I was interested in a 3 yr agreement while he worked in the US. Anyone heard of him. He is somewhat unfortunate looking…even by my standards.

    Back to work!!

  50. VillaCypris says:

    Mina – i LOVE when it drops below 60F…. perfect weather for me…. happy that you had a great summer! me, too, but didn’t do any overseas travelling this year.

    RedMaru – you are welcome! make sure you check out that website I posted… that will give you some ideas as to what to eat…. and of course, you are welcome to email me, too, if you want more information….!

  51. Mina says:

    VC – It was a lovely summer and Europe was great (I was there just last week) but I tend to panic when the temperature drops below 60F, lol

  52. RedMaru says:

    I’m cool still working and searching 😀
    Thanks for the info I’m definitely checking out Whole Foods

  53. VillaCypris says:

    hahaha… tell him to get with it…. it’s almost 2010… :p

    have a good day! enjoy food shopping! :)

  54. lisa says:

    oh yes Villa , well actually I got solicited walking down my street and then when I walked into the parking lot by the mailboxes, some guy tried to sell me cocaine, however I didn’t have any cash on me and he didn’t take debit cards, lol

    Gotta go now

  55. lisa says:

    I don’t drink milk at all, have had maybe 2 pints of it in my apartment in the 4 years i’ve lived here and that was on the rare occasion that I had cereal. I love cheese though and probably eat too much of it. It is also a very cruel industry from what i’ve heard. Cheese and meat together (as in a cheeseburger) totally grosses me out though.

    Ok I’ve got to catch my bus now. Will try to focus on fruits, nuts and vegis. The benefits of the guacamole are cancelled out though when you eat them with those high calorie tortilla chips.

    Have a good day everyone

  56. VillaCypris says:

    Maybe the dandelions in your neighborhood OD’d on coke lol…. I read that the other night, the person trying to solicit you by the mailboxes. SORRY! That is scary….. :(

  57. VillaCypris says:

    Lisa – love guacamole!!!! THAT is really good for you, with the avocados… yummmmmmmmy!!

    Well…. at risk of the american dairy association taking out a hit on me… from what I’ve learned thru research, personal experience, and conversations with medical personnel…. dairy is one of the worst groupings of food…. but again, the dairy, meat, corn lobbys are some of the most powerful in washington, so they have people convinced that “milk is good”!
    or whatever.

    You can always email me if you like, I have lots of information on nutrition … villacypris at yahoo.

  58. lisa says:

    I haven’t seen a dandelion in decades, I didn’t know they were still around, lol

  59. VillaCypris says:

    Hi RedMaru!! I’m fabulous! How are you? Yes, whole foods sells it… as well as the empty veggie caps. Look for two brands – Gaia Herbs and Herb Pharm.

  60. lisa says:

    Is it better to avoid red meat? I eat very little pork but I do eat alot of burgers.

  61. VillaCypris says:

    Lisa – I agree, you are hindered by circumstances …. do the best you can within the confines of your situation! :)

    Mina – ahhh…. love the islands in the Med… Sicily is my favourite… but I hope to get to Corsica and Sardinia next summer… W Europe in autumn can be splendid…. sounds fun!

  62. RedMaru says:

    Hey Villa how are you 😀

    Dandelion extract works as a diuretic I never would have thought. I have a Whole Foods in my area I bet they sell it

  63. lisa says:

    I guess I must be a tub of guacamole, lol

  64. lisa says:

    What about eggs, cheese, meats, etc? I never eat eggs, drink milk, or wine.

  65. VillaCypris says:

    NYCSB – hahahaha…. of course I still like you…. :) … people can eat whatever they want… but I’m always surprised how many have no idea WHAT exactly they are eating…. mmmmmm…. wine….. i do have a weakness for that…. 😉

  66. Mina says:

    VC – Unfortunately I did not, but I got to island hop in the Mediterranean and Caribbean and had a blast! More recently have been spending time on the chilly east coast and W. Europe – seasons don’t hinder my travelling, lol

  67. lisa says:

    I’m afraid if I stopped several times at work to eat something, i’d get fired. I generally go from 8 am till 4:30 with very litttle food and eat alot when I get home. Cooking untensils, hmmm, never been much into them for some reason, lol I rarely use my stove because it’s so old that the numbers on the dials are missing and I end up burning everything, like last night with the samosas. My whole stove scares me and I wish I could just unplug it, the burners have gotten on fire a few times, it’s a creepy old thing. Anyway I will try to get some fruit and nuts (I hate almonds though) and veggies, whatever I can carry. I think my work shift has had some effect on me as I worked evenings for over 10 years and now I have been working days for a year and have gained all the weight during this time. I used to be really physically active between 5 pm and 10 pm.

  68. VillaCypris says:

    Hi Mina – long time to see my dear! Did you get to Monaco this summer?

  69. NYC SB says:

    VC – my dear… i should disclose now that i have a steady diet of cheese doodles and wine for dinner :p I hope you still like me

  70. Mina says:

    Grr, NYC weather has left much to be desired the last few times I have been there!
    But the weather at home makes up for it 😀

  71. VillaCypris says:

    I understand, about the work/timing issues….. but if you really want to become healthy…. it requires a complete shift in your mindset… and probably will require cooking utensils…. it’s definitely do-able, if the desire is there! :)

  72. VillaCypris says:

    Another suggestion – eat REAL food – all this *food* which is sold to unsuspecting people who believe that just because it’s on the market it is good for them…. look at the ingredients… chemicals, dyes, additives, preservatives … they are poisons to the body… and induce low level chronic states of inflammation which are the basis of most diseases… and affect the brain, alter neurotransmitters, which *f* up behaviour and thoughts… it’s unbelievable, really.

    so… more than you wanted to know! But good to be aware… you truly ARE what you EAT!

  73. lisa says:

    Thanks Villa not sure about the greens (remember I have no cooking utensils, not pots or pans, never bought any) and it’s hard to eat frequently because of work. I’m not really hungry when I get up at 6 am so I just eat a special k bar, a couple hours later i’m hungry but I usually don’t take lunch till around 1 pm and i’m starved by that time. I usually grab whatever I can at the store I work at, usually junk as my time is limited to 30 minutes, sometimes only 15 minutes, and then I eat when I get home after 4:30 and then usually it’s constant till I go to bed because I have nothing else much to do, too late for me to go anywhere, especially with it getting dark before 6. I have never eaten regular meals in my entire life, actually the only time my family ever sat at the table together was on holidays.

  74. VillaCypris says:

    Good morning all —

    Lisa – since nutrition and health is a passion of mine…. most of the “colon cleansing” products on the market are BS. Don’t waste your money on them.

    remember, there are no “quick fixes”, especially when it comes to losing weight or altering your physical appearance. It takes discipline, and while exercise is good, one’s diet is really the most important facet.

    Do you like nuts? Raw almonds are an excellent source of protein, which your body needs to function, are “filling” and have the “good fats” which your body also needs. Plus they are not heavy to carry. Pumpkin seeds are yummy as well… cashews are good but they have the highest level of carbs of any nut.

    Dark green leafy vegetables like kale, spinach, chard, are very high in nutrients, and also have calcium.

    Think of your body like a furnace…. you need to keep the fire constantly “burning”… so eat 5-6 times per day, whenever you are hungry, and that will keep your metabolism going at a steady pace… as opposed to eating 1-3 “big” meals at a time…. that’s like throwing huge logs on a fire, so it erupts in flames, and then dwindles down to nothing… until you throw another big log on it… better to keep a steady burn going.

    Stay far away from all the “over the counter” diuretics… they, too, are BS, and do more harm than good – another waste of money, but people are desperate to lose “water weight” so they will pay anything to do so. the best diuretic in the world is DANDELION extract… it’s $9.99 bottle at whole foods or any health food store… you can put 40 drops in some water, or in a veggie cap… it will get the water moving out of your cells, but it is also very high in potassium, so unlike synthetically produced pills, it will not deplete the electrolytes your body needs to function.

    This is a good site…. of the “world’s healthiest foods”… tons of information and it will give you some additional ideas for what to eat.

    it’s www dot whfoods dot com


  75. lisa says:

    I agree Margo

  76. RedMaru says:

    Hey NYSB 😀 I woke up in the fifties here in GA hopefully its warmed up…

  77. Margo says:

    NYGent – if SD makes a payment at the beginning of the month for the following month and then he disappears, she is getting paid for the full month instead of half month.
    And I think she shouldn’t start her part of arrangement without getting her allowance for at least half month in advance.

  78. lisa says:

    I wish I could walk more to and even tried walking home from work a couple times but it’s just too unpleasant and over a mile so I was stiff the next day. I do alot of physical work at my job but it only works my arms and kills my back I think. Ramen noodles make me sick, I used to like them but I don’t really like any type of pasta. I’ve heard that colon cleansing drugs can help you lose some weight to and are beneficial but I don’t know anyone who has actually tried them.

  79. NYC SB says:

    Its a perfect autum day in NYC … I love this weather… its in the 60s and sunny… i wish i can go outside and play

  80. RedMaru says:

    Hey lisa!
    You’re right its nice to sleep late 😀 108 and you’re heavy? I can’t say anything as I’m trying to lose more weight myself I’ve been walking home from my job
    But filling and low cals that you can carry on the bus ramen noodles comes to mind but those have sodium and carbs..

  81. lisa says:

    On my way to the grocery store soon. Trying to get off the junk food and eat healthy as I want to lose some weight. OMG I weigh 108 , never been this heavy before. Any ideas on what someone on a budget and has to carry her groceries walking and on the bus should pick up at the store that will be both filling and low in cals?

  82. lisa says:

    Good morning everyone
    Another nice day in Houston.

    I love my days off so I can follow my natural body clock and sleep late. On the days I have to get up early for work, i’m a partial zombie all day.

  83. NYC SB says:

    sincere – wow…. ummm how did you know my profile bc that SB quote (the first part) is verbatum from my profile

  84. Taz says:

    Muse – you are trying to swap profile #’s with the wrong gender…

  85. RedMaru says:

    Hi Muse – Samosas and pierogis yummy save me some pretty please or at least get me the recipes!

  86. RedMaru says:

    Morning sugarfam….sunny and chilly in GA I had to huddle up in my blankets last night. But it was by the heater fan so it was toasty. But I’m back and it looks like a new topic. On allowance I like the twice a month to start its almost insurance well for the SB in a way.

  87. Muse says:

    TXSB – I’m part Indian and obsessed with learning how to cook all the delicious things I remember helping my parents make when I was little. I would spend hours rolling samosas with my father. We love our onions and garlic. Yum yum.

    My good friend in college is Polish so she taught me how to make pierogies. Also good but not as flavorful (but Eastern European food so what do you expect?)

    Taz: Thank you. When I was in Poland earlier this year (visiting that friend) I ate so many pierogies I was *almost* sick of them. They are so delicious.

    TexasSD: I keep trying to view the profiles in the way you instructed but I keep getting “profile not available”. How do I fix that?

  88. NYGent says:

    Margo: SB doesn’t have to wait a whole month in between payments. If SD flies the coop she at least got one-half month allowance. And if SD doesn’t make the bi-weekly payment she can ditch him.

  89. Margo says:

    NYGent – good idea about allowance timing twice a month, but why did you say it minimizes risks to both parties? I understand it minimizes SD risk, but why this is good for SB?

  90. NC Gent says:

    Ok now I have caught up…

    NY Gent – I agree with you completely — twice a month is a great way to start with the allowance. I also agree that it can become a lot more casual as time passes.

    TXSB — in my experience, the super hot, airbrushed photos are never the SB on the profile. I am sure there are exceptions to that, but now I always pass by those types of profiles. I prefer the cell phone pic in the mirror as the best indicator of what someone truly looks like. I would much rather be pleasantly surprised than disappointingly shocked.

  91. NC Gent says:

    Hi SincereSD — I don’t really think I was giving advice to SBs on allowance timing rather I was giving my perspective on things. Obviously, SBs can make their own decisions regarding the timing of the allowance. My point on the timing may have been misconstrued because of the context. I really don’t see any difference between a payment on October 31 (the end of the month) versus November 1st (the beginning of the month) – does one day really matter? Also, what if you started the arrangement/relationship during the middle of the month — do you have to wait until the beginning of the month and start or maybe prorate it?

    Also, I still stand by my statement that if you think your SD is going to burn you, your arrangement has other more important issues. Why would you be intimate with someone you don’t trust? — that just baffles me.

  92. The Lone Gunman says:

    It’s Titanic Tuesday on the Blog!

    Seems last night was a ‘Hot–or Not?’ discussion here.

    This topic seems to come up with regularity, and I’m happy to say that WALDT applies here–otherwise I would be in trouble!!

    To me, chemistry is the most important aspect to hotness–and you just can’t command chemistry to appear, no matter how attractive the other person.


  93. TXSB says:

    I agree with you about the picture comment. In my profile I do not have a picture posted…but as soon as I contacted a SD or someone contacted me, I had no problem e-mailing 2 very clear face pics. And if a SD contacted me w/ no pic in his profile, I would also request that he send me a clear recent pic on the first e-mail No point in wasting time if both people aren’t attracted to one another. :)

    On a side note NYGent, I’ve always been curious about the profiles of SDs on this blog…..The only one whose I’ve seen is RealisticSD!

  94. Taz says:

    Perogies are great :) They are definitely best how Muse described them.

    Welcome Lola!!…and daddy :)

    Good night if anyone is left here!!

  95. TXSB says:

    Night Beach_girl!

    I should be heading off too….it’s almost 1:30 a.m.!

  96. Beach_Girl*395953 says:

    I’m off to bed, good night all, I have to work in the morning…

  97. Beach_Girl*395953 says:

    TXSB~ we all need it once in a while…. You are the one that is lucky too, you have a SD! :( i don’t :(

    Hugs too you too

  98. TXSB says:

    Night! I envy you…….you get to cuddle w/ to your SD! *pout

    You’re right. Beauty is in the eye of the beholder…..I know Realistic wouldn’t be w/ me if he didn’t think I was hot. I actually need that little pep talk! Thanks!!! *HUG*

  99. Beach_Girl*395953 says:

    I think everyone left… so good night all
    talk soon

  100. Beach_Girl*395953 says:

    Lola~ good night and yes we are all hot and gorgeous! 😛

  101. TexaSD says:

    Lola goodnight

  102. Lola...SB says:

    Thank you everyone, It was fun to blog with all of you tonight.
    It is late and I need to get Daddy off the site lol, Think I will need heels and lingerie to get his attention, winks. Have a good night. Thanks for all the laughs. Thanks for the Welcome Beach_Girl


    I am not Hot, but no one can take away how I feel about me. Listen to Beach_Girl , she seems very insightful. We are all Hot and gorgeous in are own way.


    Thank you for the numbers, it was fun

  103. Jasmine says:

    hello everyone,man i be coming in at the oddest times

  104. Beach_Girl*395953 says:

    TXSB~ I think I look great, almost hot! 😀 who cares what others think! anyways, you don’t know what they think, so stop trying. You are awesome, smart , funny and full of insight…. fuck everyone else! 😀 I think you’re awesome, and so do all the people here…

    Elle~ I know I’ve seen him too…. funny i’ve seen him in Jersey and LalaLand, and so many other places

  105. Elle says:

    I’ve seen Brad Pitt on here, too! Hah. It makes me laugh, can you pick a more obvious celebrity?

  106. Lola...SB says:


    Thank you, got it now


    Yes, nice! But Daddy like the profile TXSB gave lol


    Daddy says: He would give her respect if she respected herself. Although, he would meet her and try very, very hard too.
    Men! lol

  107. TXSB says:

    Beach Girl:
    I know but it’s just hard sometimes……especially since I don’t have the typical “hot girl” look.

  108. TXSB says:

    These days the only time I get depressed about my height is when it comes to full length dresses. I don’t have the height to look elegant in a full length gown. :(

    Since we’re talking about professional pics and women who demand a lot…….here’s one I found: 34XXX No doubt she looks amazing in her pics….Is this the type of girl that can demand and receive 15K/month? I looove how after posting those pics and writing all that she did….she also wrote that she wants a man to respect her. I’m not a man but it’s hard for me to imagine that most men are “respecting” her while looking at those pics!

  109. TexaSD says:

    Lola, ok just look at a SB profile, (any) and in the address bar at the end you will see the profile number, just replace it with the ones i gave you

  110. Beach_Girl*395953 says:

    Lola~ open a SB profile, at the top where the task bar is there is a number at the end, delete the number at put the # that TexaSD provided, to see a SD profile open a SD profile,
    And yes it kinda did sound funny lol…. at the end of what, and put it where? hahahhah

  111. Lola...SB says:


    At the very end of what? Delete what? and put it where? Sounds a little funny , HA like I was a ditsy blond

  112. TexaSD says:

    16XXXX, ok at go view a random SB or SD profile then at the very end, delete the one thats there and put that one, or the one i just sent, those are porn girls lol

  113. D-Dubs says:

    I post two pretty clear pictures of myself, and are willing to share more on email eventually.

    I have to weigh-in to say that I have only met one person in my three years (off and on) on this site…that was not how they looked in their pictures, and that person posted slightly blurry ones. I think that should be one of the first signs.

    I am not turned off by “model” looking pictures. I have actually met quite a few who do modeling. You have to understand that many attractive young women take a shot at that business, without ever making any money in it. What they do often get are some pretty attractive pictures from doing TPF or TPCD shoots that benefit both the model and photographer building his/her portfolio.

    As for different or weird expectations, I just retunred from a few weeks on business in Las Vegas, and this place has to be the worst for potential SB’s. I couldn’t find one who were interested in anything more than providing an “escort” service. The only difference was…they could see a few pictures of their potential “client” before agreeing to meet for sex. I was pretty disappointed since I was looking to connect with someone out there because I will be visiting frequently over the next six months.

    Live and learn…

  114. Beach_Girl*395953 says:

    TXSB~Never let the beauty of others play a role in how you see yourself…
    We are all beautiful in our own way!

    Lola~ welcome!

  115. Lola...SB says:

    What is the number for? I know it is a profile, but how to view it?

  116. Lola...SB says:


    You are lucky, I wish I was short. I am 5’10” without heels


    Yes, That is him. Names sometimes elude me

  117. TXSB says:

    Yes, many of the women are breath taking! I never bothered browsing other SB profiles when I was searching for a SD. I only started doing that after I met my SD and started coming to the blog. To be honest, if I had seen these gorgeous pics before, I think my confidence would’ve been very shaky while I was searching.

  118. TexaSD says:

    Lola I think i have some still I will look hold on lol 14XXX there is one

  119. Lola...SB says:


    Daddy says thank you, he will keep on looking. smiles

  120. TexaSD says:

    I love movies, I think you are refering to Kevin Costner the bodyguard right?

  121. Lola...SB says:

    Oh my… I watch too many movies! lol

  122. TXSB says:

    “TexaSD says:
    But something about dating someone taller than me, just doesn’t sit well with me, i have never done it”

    The men I know IRL (platonic friend and ex-bf’s) have always felt the same way. I’m short and with my highest heels I can get upto 5’4″ish. All the men I knew/know IRL always tell me that it’s good that I’m not too tall (when I complain about my height)….b/c even with 4-4.5 inch heels, I’m still shorter than most men.

  123. TexaSD says:

    Lola, there are some real pornstars on here lol

  124. Lola...SB says:


    I saw Brad Pitt, the guy who was the bodyguard in “the Bodyguard”, the Mulroney guy that played in “My Best friends wedding” and plenty of others. Daddy said he saw a porn star. lol

  125. TexaSD says:

    TXSB, i don’t post a pic either,

  126. Lola...SB says:

    NYGent and TXSB:

    Some of these women are so Gorgeous. I understand that it would be easy to only look at profile with photos. You men are very lucky, my Daddy is drooling at the present looking at these Hot Chicks .

  127. TXSB says:

    “TexaSD says:
    Some make me laugh.”

    Yep, this is why I sometimes go through SD & SB profiles even though I’m not looking anymore…..some of the profiles are just pure comedy.

  128. TexaSD says:

    Lola, there is a profile out there with a picture of Rachel Leigh Cook, I guess they figure all SD’s are old and don’t know who younger celebrities are… some use porn pictures, or just random pics of the net, but I spot at least 2 profiles with pics of celebrites or singers or over seas celebrities… They think maybe we don’t travel or something, I don’t know what goes threw their minds lol

  129. TXSB says:

    I know that there are SBs out there who purposely try to mislead SD’s with their pics. Personally, in my case I don’t have full face pics up b/c I’m afraid that someone from my company would be on here and see me. But I totally understand where you’re coming from. There are plenty of SBs w/ pics up and it’s easier to pass the ones who don’t.

  130. Lola...SB says:


    I am an avid reader of the blog and I did see you mention at one time some of these fake profiles. I opened a profile just to see what you were talking about. I am already in a relationship with a Daddy, and have been for many years. I never knew that there was a blog such as this. You, all of you, are very funny and entertaining. Daddy and I read sometimes together.

  131. TexaSD says:

    Lola, NOpe don’t intimidated, my childhood friend is taller than me at 5’10 and then she will wear heels, But something about dating someone taller than me, just doesn’t sit well with me, i have never done it, and as I can find a girl amazing and attractive who is taller than me, I just have no desire to date them or go further then friends

  132. TexaSD says:

    Lola SB- ya I have read and compared some of the SD profiles, because a lot of the women in this blog say some pretty amazing things that make me sit back and wonder who are these guys, some are full of it, no doubt in my mind as I have read some of their profiles, well if you are making 100k maybe thats clear, and their wife has no say in the finances ( i dont know their situation, but I always wonder too) sometimes thier amounts don’t make to much sense

  133. TXSB says:

    It’s good to know you’re willing to contact someone to ask for pics. :) Personally I don’t have full face pics in my profile but after the 1st message, I would e-mail 2 pics clearly showing my face….and it’s obvious to anyone looking at my pics that neither are “professionally” taken. I don’t understand why SBs out there play these “games” with pics. Even my SD has told me tales of getting fake pics or cases where the girl didn’t look anything like the pic!

    As for the height….makes perfect sense. My SD is around your height and at 5’1″, I seem to work pretty well for him. :) Rest of your preferences seem pretty average….and I respect the fact that you would only contact someone if you’re serious. During my “search”, too many men contacted me just to “test the waters”…and it gets frustrating.

  134. TexaSD says:

    TXSB, on the weird expectations, i think a good deal of them think we are all old guys just to be used as ATM’s I am simply amazed how many state nothing sexual or things like that, or they will make it seem that I am somehow not as important as they are, my time is not as important, or something to that affect. Sometimes I would like to mention that they have some very different opinions on what a SD is, but I don’t waste time with that. (no point to right?) Some make me laugh. but to be honest, i just look for the real people out there, single moms, college students, people who are down and out, with pics and who sound nice and kind, and who usually put friends with benefits, ( which suits me fine) because I love to make friends, even if it doesn’t work out. (everyone can always use an extra friend)

  135. Lola...SB says:


    Do you get intimidated buy women that are taller? How tall are you?

    I was looking at profile, out of curiosity, do some of these men think women are stupid? they make 100K a year, are married probably have kids, and want to pay out 3-5K? Or am I missing something?

  136. NYGent says:

    TexSb: i’m afraid in my case that’s largely true. Life is too short for people on this site to be hiding their true physical appearance, even momentarily. It’s just too easy to move on to the next profile where all is crystal clear.

  137. TexaSD says:

    TXSB, if they don’t have full face thats not a problem i would just ask for it, the reason I say 3 pics, is because I don’t believe a lot of these profiles are real, too many models, like seriously of say 300 profiles i would read in a day 200 of them are models, BS… so if they have 3 pics its a little more believeable to me than 1. on the too tall, I don’t like to date someone taller than me, being 5’9 I am by no means tall, and I would prefer a girl at least 4’11 and no higher than 5’6 5’7 if she is a goddess, and 5’8 if she is just plain and simple perfect (so far nothing has come close to that) On race, I actually have no preference, Arab asian white, black hispanic, its all good to me, on age I am fairly open too 18-40 or up to 45 if she is just wow. When I do contact a SB, it means I am fairly serious and would like to see if it could work out. so I don’t bother with testing the waters with just any of the girls on here, it has to be narrowed down.

  138. NYGent says:

    Texas SD: I agree. If only SBs realized how big an impediment it is to not having at least 2 or 3 very clear pics up on the profile, they would change their strategy quickly. But many of them just don’t get it on this point.

  139. TXSB says:

    Too tall? LOL! Some of those girls needs to pass some of their height to me! What do you mean by “weird expectations”?

    “When it comes to pics with SB’s, if they don’t have 3, I dont’ bother with them”

    lol….you would’ve never written to me for sure then! :) Does this mean that you don’t/won’t contact SB’s who don’t have full face pics up?

  140. TexaSD says:

    NYGent- When it comes to pics with SB’s, if they don’t have 3, I dont’ bother with them, if its blurry, I would ask for at least 2 clear ones, if I don’t believe its them, I would ask for a way to prove it

  141. NYGent says:

    new sb: true but i guess what i’m saying is not just “at some point” but early on if not initially. If it gets to feel like pulling teeth to get somebody’s pics I (and I suspect most SDs) will quickly move on.

  142. TexaSD says:

    TXSB– oh some of them haven’t login since march 09, some are too expensive, to tall, or have weird expectations.. I am still sorting threw some potentials though, i haven’t made any decisions yet

  143. TXSB says:

    OMG….IIRC Mrs. T’s Pierogies are sold here at the grocery stores and OMG they’re frigging awesome! I haven’t had any over a year b/c I’ve been trying to eat healthier….but wow….I can almost taste ’em!

  144. TXSB says:

    This is the downside to having a married SD….lonely late nights.

    hey texaSD! Did you end up writing to anyone of the “potentials”? Or still thinking?

  145. Elle says:

    I can get Mrs. T’s Pierogies up north in most gas stations and grocery stores. They are my favorite food and a huge diet killer.

  146. TXSB says:

    Oh dang…..did everyone leave? :(

  147. Ms Behavin~389197 says:

    sweet dreams sugar family.

  148. TXSB says:

    Night lisa and NewSB!

  149. lisa says:

    good night New SB in SB

    I think i’ll be going to bed soon myself. I’m off again tomorrow and get to sleep late

    Good night everone

  150. *yawn* g’night moonlighters! Sugar dreams!

  151. lisa says:

    ok so I’m not blind, lol I guess it is like some of the sds, lol

  152. The new blog was a mirage…

  153. NYGent -Yes, there is efficiency with posting pics. I’ve also had the opposite where my time was wasted by men who never bothered to pay attention to the profile or just pushed through the e-mails to get to the date (trad dating sites). Hence the prior implied suggestion of perhaps asking in a second e-mail if you have a decent exchange.

    However, in sugar dating, the sd is going to want the best looking woman he can attract…so the sb should come to terms that pics need to be disclosed at some point. If she doesn’t …NEXT.

  154. lisa says:

    I think she said Business. Not sure as i’ve only seen her 3 times in the past 4 months. She’s got 2 years at the community college and has enough for the tuition, after that I hope she can get some grants. She is roomating with my parents (they moved into an apartment that none of them could afford on their own so alot of her paycheck is going on that).

  155. TexaSD says:

    Lisa- What is she studying?

  156. NYGent says:

    New SB: to add to the last post: I don’t spend much time reviewing SD profiles but i notice that very, very few mask or blur and instead post full pics, even though they are often fairly accompished guys with a lot to lose. I find by contrast that an exasperatingly high percentage of SBs do not post recognizable pics. In my view this just leads to time wasting. I email and say “if you care to send me pics I can recognize, feel free.” Often they don’t out of some sense of being offended, which I don’t quite understand. Of course if they do and I don’t respond positively, it’s awkward — like a rejection. If there is one suggestion I would have for SBs on this site (and SDs, for that matter) — more than anything about budget requirements, wording of interests, or the like — it would be to just suck it up and post recognizable pics from the get go, if you possibly can see your way clear to doing so. It just makes things so much easier and more efficient for all concerned.

  157. TXSB says:

    I don’t see the new blog either.

  158. NYGent – In that case…NEXT!

  159. lisa says:

    ok I don’t see the new blog, it must be hiding from me.

  160. lisa says:

    Yes she is very lucky. I grew up out in the country (in the border town of Brownsville) and had no opportunities because after school I had to take the school bus straight home whereas she was lucky to grow up in a city where she could get to a job after work. She now lives across the street from the medical center where she works and attends the community college which is down the street from me. She got enough scholarships and grants to pay for 2 years.

  161. TXSB says:

    Your daughter sounds like a intelligent young woman w/ a bright future! As for her being so religious….as NewSB said, it could be the other end of the spectrum so this is definately the lesser of 2 evils! :)

  162. TexaSD says:

    Lisa- Well she has you and your mom, so I don’t think it will happen, best of both worlds

  163. NYGent says:

    new sb: absolutely I ask in a first email. The fact that Sb may have “some pics posted” means nothing if they are completely indicipherable. If I have full pics posted and I email a SB asking for reciprocity and they refuse, I assume the worst.

  164. Muse – Thanks for the explanations.

    Lisa – Good luck with that blog :-)
    BTW – Your daughter sounds like a strong-willed young lady. I doubt you will ever have to worry about her. It could be the other end of the spectrum. So, pat yourself on the back and enjoy those occassional visits when she’s going to/from school.

  165. Yaz10 says:

    NYGent: Thanks

  166. lisa says:

    Yes TexaSD, she is doing well but I hope my mom doesn’t ruin her future. I spent my youth preparing to hide in the woods awaiting God to return. I made no career goals, didint’ go to college, rushed into marriage so I could have sex, and didn’t wake up till a few years ago. I only got on my own 2 feet four years ago, I never believed that was possible.

    Please stop talking food, you guys are making me hungry. lol
    I still don’t see the new blog

  167. TXSB says:

    My best of 9 years is pakistani and in addition to eating at her house, over the years she has taken me to tons of Indian/Pakistani events where I had samosas. But what you wrote made sense with my comment about the onions….they disintegrated by the time they were done so I didn’t see them separately. (I love Indian/Pakistani food and usually gobble it down without paying too much attention!)

  168. Muse says:

    TXSB: Samosas, like most south asian cooking, use onions at the beginning of preparation. After being sauteed for 30 minutes or more and then baked or fried (I prefer fried) once inside the samosa, they’ve usually disintegrated into the sauce inside the samosa. Samosas can be stuffed with just about anything and the dough can be actual dough or thin philo dough, similar to spring rolls.

    Pierogies are Eastern European dumplings stuffed with cabbage, cheese, potatoes and/or sometimes meat. They are delicious and not very hard to make, although somewhat time consuming. I like to eat them with sauteed onions and sour cream.

    Both are delicious and worth trying, although I feel there are more regional varieties of samosas than pierogies but perhaps that’s just because I’m more familiar with samosas.

  169. NYGent – Do you ask in your first e-mail? I say that b/c (even though this is a sugar site) some may think it rude since they do have some pics posted. I genuinely understand your reciprocity argument and agree. If you are asking after some correspondence, then they should be a little more willing. I don’t know how well it bodes for the mb later. Remember, you have some screeners here if you need a second opinion.

  170. lisa says:

    My daughter would never go for that as she wears one of those promise rings meaning she won’t have sex till she’s married. She says she is never going to get married and will never have sex. My mom’s influence.

    New SB in SB unfortunately Houston doesn’t have alot of European immigrants and I haven’t seen a polish deli here. Everything in my neighborhood is Mexican or El salvador.

    Ok i’m going to check out the new blog, if I can find it

  171. TexaSD says:

    Lisa- Well Overly religious seems to be working for her, she seems to have a good head, and is doing well like you said, so it cant be all that bad 😉

  172. Lola...SB says:

    I love Food

  173. Yaz10 says:

    Lola is making me hungry…lol

  174. NYGent says:

    Yaz, i won’t share the profile # on the blog but if you go back a couple blogs or so you can find my email.

  175. NYGent says:

    So here’s a new topic on this old blog: pet peeves with the other gender. I’m sure the SB’s have many with Sd’s, most of which are fully justified, I. Mine is Sb’s who don’t post any recognizable pics, only blurred or masked photos, who get all huffy if I ask to see identifiable pics, even though my full pics are on the profile for them to see. It’s a two-way street, and fair is fair, except they seem to think they are immune from mutuality. If there’s resistance to mutuality at this early stage, how well does that bode for mutually beneficial later on?

  176. Lola...SB says:

    Pierogi or vareniki are half circular dumplings of unleavened dough, stuffed (singularly or in various combinations) with mashed potatoes, cheese, farmer’s cheese, bryndza (sheep milk cheese), cabbage, sauerkraut, meat, mushrooms, or other ingredients depending on the cook’s personal preferences.
    Dessert versions of the dumpling can be stuffed with a fresh fruit filling, such as cherry, strawberry, raspberry, blueberry, peach, or apple; stoned prunes are sometimes used.

    Mashed potatoes mixed with farmer’s cheese and fried onions is a popular filling in Poland and Ukraine. In Poland this variety is called Ruskie pierogi.
    A popular filling for pierogi in Canada is mashed potatoes mixed with grated cheddar cheese.

  177. Yaz10 says:

    NYGent what is your profile #? If you do not mind sharing it…:-)

  178. TexaSD says:

    New SB in SB- well you can apply and I don’t know exactly where you are, but if you are near Atlanta you can take the test there, (nope you don’t need a college degree) there is a few other places that you can take the test, can’t think of them off the top of my head.

  179. Texas SD – Hmmm – interesting concept – 2nd generation sbs???

    I would have to vote no.

  180. Lola...SB says:

    Samosa : It generally consists of a fried or baked triangular-, half-moon-, pastry shell with a savory filling of spiced potatoes, onion, peas, coriander, lentils, minced meat, or sometimes fresh paneer ( farmer cheese). Non-vegetarian samosas may substitute fillings of minced meat or fish. The size and shape of a samosa as well as the consistency of the pastry used can vary considerably, although it is mostly triangular.

  181. TexaSD says:

    TLG thanks, I have never gotten to the other side of Oz, I actually want to see this video

    Lisa– Well you had my hopes up, now you crushed them lol, sounds like she has some good things coming to her.

  182. Texas – Are you going to put me on the inside track

    NYGent – :-)

    Lisa – similar to samosas, but with a pasta-type shell. Many are potato or filled with cottage cheese curd. They are quite yummy and can be sauteed. If you have a polish deli nearby, stop in. There are frozen ones, but they are not that great.

  183. lisa says:

    TXSB these were some that I bought in a box at HEB, they are the beef ones. My ex always made the ground beef ones with just spices. He was from Hazro, I think that’s closer to Isamabad.

    TexasSD, yes she is quite attractive but of course being under my mom’s influence these past years (she was always with my parents when I was at work) has made her overly religious, and will not even spend the night at my apartment because I have had sex outside of marriage (keep in mind i’ve been divorced for 17 years). She is a good girl, graduated from high school cum laude, and is attending college, and has a good job in a doctor’s office. She makes more money than I do, lol
    I think she will do very well but she has no interest in guys.

  184. TexaSD says:

    New SB in SB- if you really want to travel join the state department 😉

  185. TexaSD says:

    Lisa- Well i think that sounds pretty cool

  186. TXSB says:

    Hi Everyone!

    I like your “compromise” on the allowance.

    hmm….I’ve has samosas in many Indian/Pakistani homes and also restaurants but don’t ever call seeing onions in them. Usually veg samosas have potatoes/peas, and meat samosas will have just the meat. Which part of Pakistan was your ex from?

  187. TLG – *sigh* Please tell me more! I will have to live vicariously through you.

  188. NYGent says:

    new sb: yes, we lawyers are accustomed to splitting the baby. I should say sugar baby (ugh, no pun intended)

  189. TexaSD says:

    TLG- Perth, Never been there, how is it?

  190. The Lone Gunman says:


    I’ll let you know when i get back!

    Should have some great video to edit when I do.


  191. lisa says:

    Yes she’s part Pakistani and looks full blooded. Odd she looks like my ex but her personality is identical to my mom. Everyone thinks she is hispanic though because they see her with my stepdad who is Mexican.

    New SB, I don’t think i’ve ever had perogis, not sure what that is though.

  192. Yaz10 says:

    Good compromise NYGent!

  193. TexaSD says:

    Lisa-So is your daughter part pakistani?

  194. The Lone Gunman says:

    New SB in SB *395409* says:

    Great Barrier Reef, Austrailia looks tempting.

    Meh. I’m heading to the other side of the continent near Perth in December. GBR is the road too travelled by my lights.


  195. Lisa – Ouch! I’m still young…and willing to stay up just a little longer to prove it! Ever tried perogis?

    NYGent – Nice compromise…I like the way you think. Occupational hazard??

  196. lisa says:

    I had to toss it out. I forgot that samosas have oninions and other stuff in them. My ex husband was Pakistani and was a really good cook and he used to make samosas for me but he left out the onions and just used onion flavoring and of course these were frozen ones, not fresh. So much for that experiment. lol

  197. TexaSD says:

    New SB in SB–Never been… but maybe one day lol

  198. NYGent says:

    On subject of timing of allowance, I think twice a month, e.g., 1st and 15th, is a good compromise that minimizes risks to both parties. It could become less regimented if after time mutual trust is established.

  199. Take me with you! I’m sure other sbs on the blog would be happy to go as well.

    Would you swim with the sharks?

  200. Great Barrier Reef, Austrailia looks tempting!

  201. TexaSD says:

    New SB in SB, hmm, maybe more than one lol you can be honest.

    Lisa- How was your food?

  202. TexaSD says:

    Lol I found my home in HK and I found DIsneyland haha

  203. See what I mean…sorry. I’ve only had one (small) glass of wine!

  204. Hee hee…I’m getting blog bleary! Will have to retire soon so I can blog tomorrow.

  205. Hee hee…I’m getting blog bleary! Will have to retire soon so I can blog tomorrow.

  206. lisa says:

    Retire New SB in SB? gee I didn’t realize you were that old. lol
    Have a good night.

  207. lisa says:

    Uh oh New SB in SB is seeing blogs that don’t exist.
    ok I think i’m burning my samosas. My stove doesn’t have any temperature numbers and smoke is coming out.

  208. Sorry folks…when my page reloaded it looked like a new blog. Carry on!

  209. lisa says:

    another point when leaving a message, check the person’s last log in time, if they haven’t been online in a few days, they might be on vacation or away from the site whereas if you see them constantly online everyday, they might not respond.

  210. TexaSD says:

    I second what lisa says again, I don’t see the new blog

  211. lisa says:

    I don’t see the new blog

  212. Taz says:

    NewSBinSB – I agree – I was meant to live in the water too!!!

    Derivatives Trader – I happen to agree for the most part. If I am busy I may read an email but not respond until I have a chance to put some thought into it…usually this is not more than two or three days if I am interested. I imagine some people may be involved in an arrangement, on vacation, etc and not respond until a later time b/c of it?!?

    I don’t see a new blog either…

  213. There’s a new blog…

    Derivatives – I’m sure others will chime in, however I try to respond in at least 48 hours. I’ve noticed the busier sds have waited as long as a week to return e-mails, but I’m not going to penalize them. Really, I think it depends on level of interest vs supply & demand.

  214. lisa says:

    edit if the sd is married you might not hear from him on the weekend

  215. TexaSD says:

    I second what lisa says

  216. lisa says:

    It depends on the person you sent the email to. If you are a sb contacting a sd, it might be awhile being that the sds get lots of emails and if the sd has a blue profile, you may never hear from him. If he is married, you might now here from him on the weekend. If you are a sd, chances are the more attractive the sb you contact, the more messages she is getting, but I would think no more than a few days.

  217. TexaSD says:

    1120 Melrose ave Glendale CA 91202 you can get the street view which i thought was cool, I am not a slave to A/C but I sure as hell love it lol… I used to go swimming a lot, but for some reason I just kinda stop doing it, not sure why exactly, ohh and sorry for my nostalgia lol

  218. TexasSD
    ***Wow…I *LOVE* the water…fishing, swimming, skiiing, or just watching the sunset on the beach. I should have been a mermaid.

    Don’t tell me you’re a slave to A/C!

    Your house in NV looks like my old house in GA…except it was on the end of the cul de sac and had a creek splitting the 3 acres.

  219. Derivatives Trader says:

    I have a question: Would love everybody’s feedback.

    What should be an acceptable time-frame for a reply once you send an email? I would like to think 3-5 days but would love other viewpoints.

  220. TexaSD says:

    New SB in SB- Naa, I was never a big pool guy, I can’t actually remember the last time I went swimming

  221. Nice cul de sac. Looks like all your neighbors had pools…was yours inside?

  222. TexaSD says:

    Next We can tour my home in California, when i was in college lol

  223. TexaSD says:

    Nope 7112 Big Rock Circle Las Vegas< NV 89129, it has seen better days lol

  224. You’re not going to direct me to the “ranch” are ya?

  225. TexaSD says:

    New SB in SB- we can google maps my old home in NV if you want 😉

  226. TexaSD says:

    New SB in SB– Sometimes i am in NV, lol

  227. TexasSD..Thinking back to familiar profiles…thought I saw yours! Aren’t you in NV?

  228. lisa says:

    ok that clears it up then, as i’ve seen a few sds on this site that are premium but haven’t logged in for over a month.

  229. TexaSD says:

    Lisa- you can buy 3 months at a time

  230. lisa says:

    I have noticed that there are some premium sds that still have orange profiles but haven’t logged on in months. I wonder if sds can purchase memberships longer than 30 days at a time? I know there was one site I tried a long while back that required you to sign up before you could even view any profiles. I went through the process of signing up only to find less than 10 sd members in Texas and the most recent had logged in 3 months earlier, all this after going to the trouble of creating a profile.

  231. Sincere…She does sound a bit tainted. However, I’m sure you could reaffirm there are still good sds out there!

  232. TexaSD says:

    Lisa- Well sometimes, I just like to browse those recently Logins, Sometimes when i am going threw profiles, I have noticed some haven’t login for months, so I try to stay with more current people lol, so who knows,

  233. lisa says:

    SincereSD I agree with you.

  234. Yaz10 says:

    Evening all! :-)

  235. lisa says:

    I get 0 messages anymore. Have received 2 responses in the last few months, one from a pevert (TxSB knows who i’m talking about as I shared the info with her) and a 20 year old that contacted me that has to be joking, lol

  236. SincereSD says:


    Here’s an example of a someone who sounds like she was burnt by a so called SD.

    Pot SB says: The important thing to me is that its a commitment of a certain number of days per month for an agreed upon allowance – as opposed to a sporadic relationship with no real definition. A concern of mine is, of course, the individuals who can’t really afford a SB but are looking to fullfill a one-night-stand sort of fantasy with a younger girl – for that reason I would want to discuss allowance being paid half upfront on our first date/intimate time, and the other half partway through the month. In this respect I’m trying to protect myself from the less-than-serious SDs out there :) Let me know if all of this suits you – I’m not trying to be rude or offensive…I just don’t want to waste your time of course.

  237. Still looking too. Date on Thurs…hopefully he’ll be a keeper. Found a few local guys, so going to see if they respond to e-mails. I need to move to a metropolitan area…lol. Chicago’s close, but guys there don’t have to look far.

    I sometimes see profiles that remind me of someone on the blog. I keep thinkiing NYC SB is a blonde, but someone noted she isn’t.

  238. lisa says:

    you probably haven’t seen my profile as I haven’t renewed it lately so it’s at the bottom of the blue profiles.

  239. TexaSD says:

    New SB in SB- or I am not old enough lol

  240. TexaSD says:

    New SB in SB- Looking at this very moment lol… I always find something, but then it turns out to be expensive, or to tall, or I have no reason to be in that city lol. Oh and I found a profile of a woman, i always think is Lisa for some strage reason. (like this is who i picture as lisa when i read her in the blogs) lol

    how are you?

  241. SincereSD says:

    NC Gent says: I don’t think there is anything special about the timing of the allowance, and I am certain my SBs have never been worried that I was going to “burn” them. If you are afraid your SD is going to burn you, then your arrangement has some bigger issues IMHO.

    NC, I think this is very bad advise you are giving. There are a lot of unscrupulous men posing as SD trying to take advantage of unsuspecting SB with the promise of paying the allowance at the end of the month. I can apply your logic in reverse and ask why you do not provide your SB with a month’s allowance up front … If you are afraid your SB is going to burn you, then your arrangement has some bigger issues IMHO.

    Trust is something you build over time as you get to know each other. If I have come to an arrangement with a new SB, I show my trust by giving her half of her allowance upfront WITHOUT asking for intimacy. And as we progress into the relationship and build more trust, I have no problems providing several months allowance for tuition or down payment on condo, etc.

    As much as I don’t like “pay for play”, I can understand why some sugar couples start that way.

  242. BTW – Hi TexasSD…how’s the search?

  243. lisa says:

    I think Austin might get colder but i’m not sure as I have never been to Austin. I remember wearing a coat sometimes in March and then it being hot too.

  244. TexaSD says:

    Lisa- But then again, I wonder if Austin gets colder than Htown.

  245. Aren’t y’all in southern Texas? I lived in DFW for a few years and it might have had a cold week or two…never a long winter.

    Summers were warm, but I grew up in So. Florida…I love the heat!

  246. TexaSD says:

    Lisa- I remember a few times last March I was wearing a jacket, although i think by the end of the month it was warming up

  247. lisa says:

    March can be nice but it is usually a little too warm by then, actually I remember early May of this year being really hot.

  248. Maybe we should wait until March. I’m hoping to thaw out!

  249. lisa says:

    sounds like a great idea, New SB in SB

    January is our coldest month, sometimes in the 30’s and feb can be cold one day and warm the next.

  250. Lisa – Last weekend was one of the best fall weekends ever. However, it does not justify 6mos of hard winter. Let’s swap apts for a week in Jan/Feb.

  251. lisa says:

    I will gladly send you about 20 degrees. I will trade with you, you come down south and i’ll go north. Really I hate very cold weather but I just wish our seasons were defined here and I get tired of the extreme heat in the summer.

  252. Evening all. Good input about profiles, expectations and allowances.

    I even took the “contacting first” comments to heart. I couldn’t believe it, but there are about 10 profiles locally…in this tiny town!!! So….I wrote the first e-mail. Wish me well.

    TXSB – If you still have those books, this girl might be able to extract some new tricks too…lakecruiser67 at the y place. Thanks!

    For those of you complaining about the cold…We were happy it was 54 today. I want to go back south!!!

  253. Elle says:

    It is a tad chilly in Georgia today! Where did our warm weather run off?

  254. lisa says:

    the mall was ok, it’s kinda boring since I live near it and go all the time. Had a nice visit with my parents but it’s kinda becoming routine. I don’t when the days get shorter and it gets dark early. I feel trapped.

  255. RedMaru says:

    Sounds like mild weather how was the mall?

  256. lisa says:

    in the 70’s I think. Still waiting for some really cold weather but it looks like it isn’t anywhere in the near future.

  257. RedMaru says:

    Hey lisa! Long time no see….lol! How warm is Houston

  258. lisa says:

    Good afternoon

    Back from the mall, Hi RedMaru sunny and warm in Houston

  259. RedMaru says:

    Hey sugars! How is everyone today? Its a tad chilly in GA

  260. NC Gent says:

    Rachel — add a second line on your existing account or get a trac phone from Walmart or place like that. Both work.

  261. Rachel 386002 says:

    I have Tmobile as well for my cell phone… LOVE it, I just don’t want to use that number anymore for this.

  262. RX8sb says:

    FOr prepaid O dear I don’t know.

    I use t-mobile and am under contract, been with them for several years Love the service.
    But don’t know how they are with prepaid.

    Google voice is great, you get a phone number and you can set it up to forward to any phone number. You can only use it to forward calls and text messages. No photo’s. And best of all it is free.

  263. Rachel 386002 says:

    I think I’ll be getting a prepaid phone tonight. I’ve gotten a few emails asking to call to talk because they don’t like emails and IM. I understand that it is a more real way of seeing if there is a personality match, but I just don’t like them having my phone number… in case they aren’t a match or are a bit unstable…. I just don’t feel comfortable.
    For instance, I received a VERY nice email from a man in nyc… asking how far away I was. I answered and gave my email address to communicate further. He responded telling me to call him and that was that.
    1. I found that a bit rude…. if there WAS to be a call… shouldn’t he call me? I mean I should feel like he’s courting me shouldn’t I, I kind of feel like an object & I haven’t even spoken with him.
    2. There is NO way I’m giving my phone number which has my name and address connected to it. He could be some sort of lunatic!

    Any recommendations for providers?

  264. RX8sb says:

    Good Morning Sugars. How is everyone today?

    I got an email from a pos. pot. and so far it has seemed like a non canned yet, every email has been to garner extra contact information with out sharing his own.
    Thought of google voice as he hinted that he can send more clear pictures via cell phone. Yet they don’t do photos.The photos he sent were of him yet one was distance w/ an odd angle darkened, and the other was intentionally made hard to discern yet the photo next to his that he cropped was crystal clear.

    And not offering any information. very frustrating indeed.

    I hear that most everyone’s search is bearing fruit. Seems like the dry period seems to be lightening up some.

  265. NYC SB says:

    TXSB – thank you for the email

    Second, I echo your sentiment… It is sooo important to have a “rainy day fund.” I do have a job which fully pays all my bills however doesnt leave me with much left for “entertainment expenses.” With my first arrangement I was so focused on using all the money to pay down existing debt that I wasnt really putting away anything in my “rainy day fund.” When that relationship ended it was almost as I was back in the same position I was prior to the arrangement.

    Since then I have a strict policy of putting away half my allowance to the “rainy day fund” until I reach a years worth of expenses. The other half still goes to paying off debt.

    The old saying goes “easy come easy goes” which is always the case when it comes down to NSA relationships.

  266. RedMaru says:

    Hey sugars! Did everyone enjoy Halloween? I see I missed lisa again…darn

  267. lisa says:

    I agree as I have managed to get myself two months ahead for bills when just a few months ago I was living paycheck to paycheck. I save half, spend half.

    Gotta go now. Meeting parents for lunch down at the mall
    Have a good day everyone

  268. TXSB says:

    “lisa says:
    Gifts and travel are nice, but money pays the bills, you can put away money in savings for a little security”

    I can’t agree more. This is why allowance is #1 for me. The $ not spent right now goes to a checking account (I don’t put it in anything that earns interest for tax purposes). Even if I don’t need the money right now….there’s no guarantee what may happen in the future. God forbid I get into a major accident or something else happens where I need to come up with thousands of dollars asap….shopping trips, gifts etc. aren’t going to help me at that time…but cash will.

  269. Margo says:

    Yaz10 – Allowance is better then gifts, because you could buy what you want or save the money for future.

  270. TXSB says:

    Flo Rida:
    I agree….with you AND Ms. Behavin. Allowance first….playtime later. :)


    *HUG* Your welcome! That’s what we’re here for…to help each other any way possible. Good luck!

  271. lisa says:

    Allowance should be paid first, not end of month stuff

    Gifts and travel are nice, but money pays the bills, you can put away money in savings for a little security, and shopping on your own is always fun as you can take your time

  272. NC Gent says:

    I don’t think there is anything special about the timing of the allowance, and I am certain my SBs have never been worried that I was going to “burn” them. If you are afraid your SD is going to burn you, then your arrangement has some bigger issues IMHO.

  273. Ms Behavin~389197 says:

    Rents due on the first so is the allowance!! LOL sorry couldnt resist that one
    I agree with you Flo, who sez they wont poff?

  274. Yaz10 says:

    Nice! Thank you TXSB! *Virtual hugs* LOL :-)

    This is exactly what I have in mind!

  275. Flo Rida says:

    All – why are SB’s stating allowance at end of month – this makes no sense to me – sorry ladies but it’s better to receive money in advance (I know SD prefer the opposite & maybe compromise is necessary but you can be burned).

  276. TXSB says:

    “Yaz10 says:
    I am only 23 so I thought they woud understand that while I am able to make ends meet every month I am not yet financially independent…..”

    You could re-word this and have this in your profile instead of all the other stuff I mentioned earlier. You could easily write something like “I do have a full time job and am not looking for a man to support me 100% while I sit at home all day. But I would like a man to help me experience things which I’m not able to afford on my own yet(travels, nice retaurants, maybe a little shopping etc).”

    A line like that let’s men know that you’re not a lazy bum…but at the same time, you’re still open to being “spoiled”. :)

  277. Yaz10 says:

    Thanks for your input NYGent :-)

    Hey, it is always nice to have someone reliable to call sometimes if you are in dire need of financial help and know that they have the means to help you but doing it frequently will make them feel like an ATM Machine. Who wants to feel that way?

    However, TXSB has a good point. Some SDs love to spoil and pamper their SBs and are looking for a less emotional relationship so even though we might have a few things in common, they would just skip my profile thinking I do not need anything from a man….

  278. NYGent says:

    Yaz10: I see nothing wrong with making clear you’re not looking for an allowance but rather gifts/travel etc if that’s what you’re interested in. I think many SDs would be happy to be gift/travel daddy’s sans allowance, but 95% of the SBs on the site are looking for an allowance so we just tend to assume that’s what’s desired. You may be able to set yourself apart if you go against the grain a bit. I also dont’ think most SDs would be scared that you’re seeking an emotional, LT commitment unless you signal that in some other way.

    I also would not put less than $1,000. I’d say “Open Negotiable” and describe what you’re looking for in the text.

  279. Yaz10 says:

    Ok TXSB I will take that out then!
    I mean some men do not want girls who feel like they are entitled to diamonds and money just because they are hot that is why I said that I am not a princess and I am not looking for diamonds and expensive gifts.

    I am only 23 so I thought they woud understand that while I am able to make ends meet every month I am not yet financially independent…..

  280. Yaz10 says:

    Thanks NC :-) It is good to be back!

  281. TXSB says:

    My suggestion is to not write anything at all about your expectations when it comes to allowance/gifts etc. in your profile. The lines you have written about not looking for a SD, not needing an allowance, not being a “pricess” who needs to be spoiled…take all that out.

    Leave $$$ out of your profile for now. Wait until a man contacts you and wait for him to bring up the $$$ topic. When he asks what you expect or “how much”, tell him at that time that you’re not looking for a monthly allowance but would like gifts as you go along. You wrote on your profile that you want to experience new things….expand on that. Tell him you want to travel, go to new restaurants, plays etc….stuff that you normally don’t get to do.

    As I mentioned before, many of the men (especially older men) want someone younger they can spoil b/c if makes them happy. Looking at your profile, IMO you come across as being too financially independent IMO. You wrote on their you don’t want a SD, you wrote on their that you don’t want to be spoiled….so if a true SD looking for a SB reads your profile, I’m not sure why he would contact you.

    Leave $$$$ out of your profile.

  282. Ms Behavin~389197 says:

    Thanks TXSB, just wanted to know I did the right thing.:)

  283. NC Gent says:

    Yaz — it is a tough call — I think what you said above would be great. Not sure if you would consider putting amount as less than $1000 — it may be worth an experiment but I think that would attract a lot of very undesirable daddy’s — might be an interesting experiment though…. my SBs have been around $1k a month plus gifts, travel, nice dates, companionship but they were “amount negotiable” which I think is the better option as you have it. Consider what you paid for my advice and good to see you back here :)

  284. Yaz10 says:

    Thanks TXSB

    I am a recent college grad so I am far from being financially secure LOL. I did mention in my profile that I was not against gifts and all that. I am just not comfortable about asking and expecting money from a man at the end of every month…Should I just write that instead?

    This is funny because of two things;

    If you do write in your profile that you want gifts and money then the men run away because they think you are gold digger.

    If you do writte in your profile that you do not want gifts and all then the men run away because they think you are looking for a relationship or marriage.

  285. Ms Behavin~389197 says:

    Question ladies…. I’ve been email a gent( on a diff site) He is new to this,as I am, How do you tell him what you are after …sugar $$ . Just tell him out rite or wait till you meet. I hate to meet if we are not looking for the same thing.He ask ,very nicely what I wanted –donations each visit ( lol) or bills paid. Like I said he is new,he was being really sweet about the question.I told him I would prefer an allowance . Did I do the right thing doing this in an email? I mean he did ask, so I just tried to be honest.

  286. TXSB says:

    Ms Behavin:
    I don’t think there was anything wrong in answering his question. I did that with men who asked me what I was looking for. I told them that primarily I want a monthly allowance….travel/gifts etc are nice and will be appreciated but not expected. And I wasn’t looking for a “pay per play”.

    Like like you said….no reason to waste anyone’s time. If he’s not willing to do a flat monthly allowance, you two might as well stop right here and move on (assuming that’s what you’re looking for).

  287. TXSB says:

    I just thought about it a little more and here’s a suggestion. Perhaps the men reading this can let us know if this is a bad idea.

    Firstly, I understand that you don’t want “thousands of dollars” every month from a SD. Your primacy reason for being here is companionship. This being said, the part about you not wanting a SD or that “thousands of dollars”….personally I would take it out of the profile for the following 2 reasons:

    1) Men who are married and men are who are looking for someone to get emotionally attached to them will not contact someone who only wants to spend time with them w/o any type of “allowance”….b/c it makes them think the woman’s going to eventually want a relationship.
    2) I’ve seen SDs write on the blog before how much they enjoy spoiling a woman….that for some men, its part of the “excitement” to know that they’re spoiling someone. It’s great that you’re financially secure….but to actually writing it out saying you don’t need a man’s money etc….that will turn off the nice older men who’re looking for a girl to spoil.

    I would recommend you take those out of the profile. You can still write on their that you have a full time job/career whatever just so men don’t think you’re unemployed. And if/when you do meet a man that offers an arrangement, at that time you can mention that you’re primary looking for a gift or travel daddy…..that’s you’re NOT looking for a set allowance every month. This way you’re not expecting thousands of dollars a month, and the man still gets to spoil you without thinking that you’re going to want to become his GF.

    Just my 2 cents.

  288. Yaz10 says:

    Haha I think I also scare them away with JUST my headline!

  289. Yaz10 says:

    You have a point TXSB. Thanks for your input. :-)

    I did write it in my profile because I get very annoyed when men contact me and in their second email want to know “how much” I want every month. Gosh! Can we talk about something else but money? LOL

    NC Gent my profile # is 399371.

    I guess it doesnt matter what I write in my profile since SDs will just look at the pics right?….*sigh*

    Feel free to review it and let me know if I need to change anything guys.

  290. NC Gent says:

    Excellent point TXSB — I do get scared away from profiles that indicate they are looking for love or something similar — it has to be carefully worded.

  291. TXSB says:

    “Yaz10 says:
    I was also very clear about NOT wanting an SD, per se, because I work hard and can take care of myself”

    Umm….well, if you wrote in your profile that you don’t want an SD…then SD’s won’t contact you. Also, depending on how it’s written in your profile, it may scare many men away b/c they may think you’re looking/hoping for a relationship (and a large # of the men on this site are married).

  292. TXSB says:

    East Coast Filly:
    As others mentioned, it’s always a good idea to follow up with a text or e-mail thanking the potential SD for the date and mentioning that you had a good time. If he doesn’t respond at all within a few days….move on.


    When I was searching, I e-mailed men if I liked their profile…and I had quite a few write me back. In fact, with my current SD, I was the 1st to contact him. I’m not overly sensitive and don’t get hurt just b/c some never wrote me back. I rejected plenty of men who wrote to me….I don’t take it to heart if my profile doesn’t interest someone.

    Just make sure you read their profile in detail and contact only if you meet their requimements….for example, some SD’s write they want somene local only…well, if you’re not local then don’t write. Some write they want someone who can travel a lot…IF you can’t do that then don’t write etc.

  293. NC Gent says:

    Hey Yaz — you are probably on the correct site, but most of the guys are going to be married — not sure if that works for you. Seeking has a sister site — seeking millionaire but I heard there are even less real guys on there — it takes a long time — can I ask your profile number Yaz — I understand if you don’t want to share it.

  294. Yaz10 says:

    LOL did I write SD/SD site?? Lol I meant SD/SB site.

  295. Yaz10 says:

    Rachel, my profile is far from being vague…well at least I think so LOL. It is very detailed about who I am, what I do, what I want or do not want in a SD. Sometimes I read some SDs profiles and their description goes something like this..” I will tell you later”… Seriously?????? LOL

    I was also very clear about NOT wanting an SD, per se, because I work hard and can take care of myself. I just love the company of older men but do not expect thousands of dollars from a man every month. Or maybe I am on the wrong site?

    Where else can I connect with nice mature men but a SD/SD site? And yet some of the men here act like they are still in high school lol….It boggles my mind…I guess you really have to weed out the flakes…

    Sorry if I am completely off topic guys..:-(

  296. Rachel 386002 says:

    How’s your profile? Is it custom or vague?

  297. EastCoastFilly says:

    Yaz, I email a first all the time. Actually, now that I think about it, every guy I ended up with I emailed first. hmm

    Doesn’t matter who goes first, its whats happens after :)

  298. Yaz10 says:

    LOL @ the Yaz way! :-)
    I thought the Yaz way was to send nice notes to men I felt I had a connection with but I guess the new Yaz way will be to just sit there and look nice?! O_o

  299. Rachel 386002 says:

    It is disheartening to not get a response. I will tell you this… I don’t initiate contact nearly as much as the men do. I’ve sent out a hand full of emails. The reason I sent it out is because we had more than 3 things in common. You need to do with what you feel comfortable with. There are so many different types of approaches to sugar dating that you can take and they are good, but you need to find your niche. You need to find the Yaz way! :)

  300. Yaz10 says:

    Thanks for your input NC Gent!!!

  301. NC Gent says:

    Yaz — I think you are correct – a large percentage of the pot SDs only look at the pictures. Those are probably not keepers anyways. If there aren’t mutual interests, it is less likely there will be chemistry. Hang in there!

  302. Yaz10 says:

    It is funny because the ones who do write to me make a lot of money and offer many nice things but once I am done reading their profiles I feel like there would be NO connection whatsoever between us. I mean we do not even having a thing in common. I usually send them a nice note thanking them for their time and explaining why I dont think we would be a good match..Sometimes I feel like many SDs only look at the pretty pictures and do not even bother reading profiles….And the ones I DO email totally IGNORE my notes! SMH!!

  303. NC Gent says:

    Hi Yaz — I like getting emails from potential SBs. I used to never write a “thanks but no thanks” reply, but after reading that most SBs prefer those, I decided to write them. I personally just prefer the silent treatment as a sign that SBs aren’t interested in me — I don’t need it in writing. Also, of the SBs (50 or so) that have contacted me, I think it has ended up in one date, and no arrangement. I usually have my profile hidden, but a few times, I have made it available for search. Best wishes — nothing ventured nothing gained but I know it can be frustrating too.

  304. Yaz10 says:

    Thanks Photogirl!!! I guess, I won’t even bother anymore….

  305. photogirl says:

    Yaz – Forgot to add… I would say most do respond to my email. There have been a few that did not respond… but I don’t take it to heart. I always try to send a reply whether I am interested or not, but some just don’t feel it necessary to respond.

  306. Yaz10 says:

    Thanks for your reply Rachel!!! I just dont think I will be emailing any of them anymore. I take the time to write nice and thoughtful notes and do not even get a “No, but no thanks” response.

  307. photogirl says:

    Yaz – I’ve also made intial contact with some(I don’t do it often)… two of my pots I actually made first contact with. Although it has been mentioned on here by a couple SDs that they do not think it is appropriate for the SB to be the first to email. I personally don’t see anything wrong with it.

  308. Rachel 386002 says:

    I’ve emailed a couple myself and did get responses…. as well as a pot SD… we’re trying to hammer out details for a 1st meeting.

    Here’s how I see it…. it’s no different than me striking up a conversation IRL with a stranger… you find your common denominator and go with it.

    Some SD may find it a bit crass for a SB to email him, but there are some who find it nice… because that means you already like him to a certain level… I think it takes some pressure off.

    I won’t say that I haven’t had the read and run… because I have, but why should I wait around for him to find me? Why can’t I be proactive and look for him as well….. something to ponder :)

  309. Yaz10 says:

    I was wondering…Who actually has the courage to email SDs first? And do they reply to emails or just read them and delete them without even replying??

  310. Rachel 386002 says:

    Whats up Yaz?

  311. Yaz10 says:

    Morning Everyone!!!!! :-)

    Can I please ask a question completely off topic?

  312. Flo Rida says:

    ECF – I think a follow up txt or email is harmless BUT after that go no contact. He’ll know by then you’re polite & interested BUT if he doesn’t contact you – hey it happens. Good luck though.

  313. Margo says:

    Flo Rida says:

    “in terms of the experienced versus inexperienced SD – I agree with TXSB it really depends upon chemistry though NYC SB also pointed out that some of the ‘Investigators’ never get comfortable with the idea of an allowance – intimacy (on both sides). Also an experienced – unscrupulous SD (SB) has more knowledge to take advantage of an inexperienced SB (SD) so there are disadvantages too.”

    I met someone few years ago who had a mistress before. He promised me an allowance at the end of every month, but at the end of the first month he disappeared.

    Regarding “investigators” – good point. I get messages from men who say: “I want to be a Sugar Daddy”, but that does not mean they really would.

    Last month a man I met in one of sugar dating web sites invited me for lunch and complained that women he met before wanted to be taken care of, and “they mean money! Thousands of dollars!!! Who can afford it?” His point was that younger girls on those sites just offer sex for money, but older women like myself may seek relationship. I thanked him for the lunch, but didn’t feel comfortable to start a discussion. Did he think that if woman is older, she need not pay her bills? I can not go to a bank and say – I have a relationship, please accept it instead of money.

  314. Rachel 386002 says:

    No matter how many times I say thank you IRL, I ALWAYS follow up with an email the following day or later that day (pending the time we went out). To say I had a lovely time.

  315. East Coast Filly says:

    ok I need your opinions…if at the end of a first date the man doesn’t mention doing something again, should you assume its not a good sign even if you had a great evening? We parted with a hug but thats it. I thanked him twice for dinner so didn’t feel a text was necessary as was mentioned in previous blogs. I’m tempted to email and say I had a nice time in case I didn’t convey it. What are your thoughts??

  316. KC says:

    I think I prefer experienced SD’s….they know what to expect and I don’t have to constantly be asking/ reminding about my allowance….I am a passive person and I cringe when I have to bring up the subject of $ and have found that with an inexperienced SD, that has been the case more often than not…
    This is just my own personal opinion, I bet some first time SD’s would end up proving me wrong :)

  317. NYC SB says:

    Mango … I have spoken to many of the certified ones… maybe i can shed some light

  318. Flo Rida says:

    All – i’ve been blogging on Tracphones as a 2nd phone for ages.

    OC – apologies in advance for the below blog but….

    My ex-escort friend has just left & I must apologize to Summer who posted ages ago on escort ‘do not serve’ lists apparently there is a paid membership site called Danger Zone 411 which has a few thousand (allegedly) paid members who share their DNS lists. There also used to be a ‘Escort safety’ site but she’s not sure it still exists. She wouldn’t recommend DZ411 as a guy can get around it just by playing around with his identity. anyway I WILL NOT be looking it up anytime soon but a few bloggers said they were interested (not sure many would pay to join though).

    Lastly in terms of the experienced versus inexperienced SD – I agree with TXSB it really depends upon chemistry though NYC SB also pointed out that some of the ‘Investigators’ never get comfortable with the idea of an allowance – intimacy (on both sides). Also an experienced – unscrupulous SD (SB) has more knowledge to take advantage of an inexperienced SB (SD) so there are disadvantages too.

    My $0.02

  319. Sweet Jess says:

    TXSB- May I have a copy of the ebook as well?

  320. Mango Tango says:

    TexasSD – I am not comfortable with giving a practical stranger my cell phone number. It’s a personal thing, but many other people share my sentiments. Plus, I am not a big fan of texting in the initial stages of getting to know anyone. So much can be misinterpreted when you can’t hear or see someone.

    NYC SB – emailing you now!!

  321. TXSB says:

    do you feel it’s better to be with someone who is an experienced SD or do you like teaching them the SD ways?”

    Since this was my very 1st time looking for a SD, I was really hoping for (and ended up getting) an SD who’s experienced. But looking back I would’ve been just as comfortable with someone who’s also new as long as they understood the concept of a true SD/SB relationship (ie. not treating me like an escort).

    Sounds like a perfect Sunday! :) Yes, I think if I’m ever out searching for another SD, next time I probably will get a 2nd phone. To be honest until I got to the blog, the idea of a 2nd phone didn’t even enter my mind!

  322. TexaSD says:

    TXSB— its not bad, I am catching up on sleep all day long lol, you can just get a disposable phone for like 20 i think and load up when you need it or something, just a thought.

  323. Rachel 386002 says:

    I’ve been thinking about getting another phone line for this… I just am not very trusting and am sure I’ve had good opportunities pass me by because I won’t give my number to someone without emailing or IM’ing to get a feel for them.

    Update with me: Met a pot SD last night (#6)… GREAT time, wants to meet again Wed.
    I’m still hoping SD pot #2 still comes around… hope he’s feeling better…. due to our plans being cancelled I have tomorrow off (without pay though) so I’ll be on the blog.
    I spoke for hours on IM tonight with another pot…. this would be his 1st arrangement. I feel like I’m holding his hand a bit. I’m dotting his I’s crossing his T’s….. curious if it’s all worth it.

    So I’ll throw this out to you ladies…. do you feel it’s better to be with someone who is an experienced SD or do you like teaching them the SD ways?

    Tomorrow will consist of buying a new outfit for my 30h bday this week…. YAY.

  324. TXSB says:

    Hi! :) How was your day?

    Yes, I also have a totally separate account just for this. Personally, in my case the reason it was an “issue” is b/c I never had a 2nd phone just for this. I know some SDs (including mine) and SBs have a separate 2nd phone just for their “sugars” but I just have one 1 cell….and so I wasn’t comfortable calling/texting someone from that phone after the very 1st message. I liked to exchange a few messages…and if/once we agreed to meet, then usually the day before the 1st date, I would share my #.

  325. texaSD says:

    TXSB… Well if your like me, you create a new email account, just for this, and honestly i think i have checked it 1 time… so maybe he is tired of checking email on an account that he doesn’t really use… personally I sometimes have a hard time keeping track of all the accounts I have and passwords, it so much easier just to have someone talk on the phone, as well as its more of a real exp. I would rather do that.

  326. TXSB says:

    hmm….personally I didn’t like getting messages from potential SD’s who would give me their phone #’s on the 1st message asking me to call or text them stating that very same reason. Heck you get a e-mail notification when you get new messages on SA….is logging in really that difficult for these men?

    Gah…another boring night….Desperate Housewives was the highlight of my evening.

  327. texaSD says:

    Mango… then why not text him?

  328. Mango Tango says:

    Gail – I sent him a message back and he’s read it, but has not responded. The funny thing is that in the message he sent me he included his phone number and blatantly stated that I should text him because he never checks his messages on the website. LOL, even though these are all relatively insignificant things, I always find contradictions funny.

  329. Gail says:

    Percy!!!! I didn’t know that you were a picture collector…lol… Later Lisa!!!

  330. Yaz10 says:

    I heard my name!!!! :-)

  331. lisa says:

    Have a good night and a good week Gail :) Percy says “hey Gail, will you send me some pictures?”

  332. Gail says:

    It’s been a blast catching up Lisa…maybe I will visit again. Say Hello to Percy for me….watch Yaz10 will add her 2 cents after we leave…lol…

  333. lisa says:

    and yes, the minute I enter my apartment, shoes come off. On the days I work, work uniform comes off as soon as I get in the door. It’s all casual from there on, lol

  334. Gail says:

    Oh….I forgot…that was you way back when…that strips when you get home and sits in front of the air conditioner in Texas : ) Yeah…you are right no need for summer clothes…lol…

    I suppose I should write something on topic…like…I didn’t dress up like Yaz10, nor did I ask to be taken to jail….lol…..Yaz 10 you kill me with your craziness….hmmmm….what did you do with those cuffs from your costume….lol…save them for Vegas…

  335. lisa says:

    handcuffs and being taken off to jail are standard in my neighborhood, no need to wait for halloween, lol

  336. lisa says:

    Please don’t say summer, I hate summer in Texas, too hot

  337. Gail says:

    Oh…so much to worry about Lisa : ) I may have to drive there, we could load up my SUV…then you will have more room to put your new spring/summer clothes…lol…

  338. lisa says:

    I have alot of things I don’t wear anymore and everything is in like new condition so the less fortunate ladies would like the stuff but I can’t get anything to the donation place and my mom keeps saying she’ll come and get it but she is on the bus too. I would have to make several trips on the bus to get all the stuff I have out.

  339. Gail says:

    Lisa…as much shopping as you have done this year…have you cleaned out your closet yet? The Sugar Gods have been blessing you all year long….lol…2010 is almost here….

  340. lisa says:

    well I could still use some more umbrellas, lol

  341. Gail says:

    I love wool suits…oh so warm when it is oh so cold outside. I know that you will be very stylish as you make your way to the bus stop. Don’t forget the matching umbrella…lol….yes…I still remember you have the socks, scarf, and umbrella collection. While you are out there don’t forget the black boots too….lol…..

    Mango~First of all I love mangos. Yaaay for the lucious lips : ) You never know…find out what he is about.

  342. lisa says:

    Yes I still need to find a black wool coat. The bedroom is an ongoing project, can’t have too many sets of sheets though. I love my bed.

    My daughter is coming around little by little. Her college being down the street from me means that she walks past my apartment when she gets off the bus so there’s opportunity in that.

  343. Gail says:

    It’s been awhile Lisa…been doing other things : ) I saw last nite that you had a treat…nice to see your daughter coming around. It’s gonna get cold soon, and I need a new black coat…are you shopping for winter items or are you still working on your beautifying your bedroom? I am sure this birthday will be extremely special ….special birthday for a special SB. Maybe Percy will make you a birdseed cake….lol…..

  344. lisa says:

    another year older, see dementia has set in already

  345. lisa says:

    Hey Gail! great to see you on the blog. I’m off tomorrow so I’ll go down to the mall for lunch with my parents. Did some shopping last week. Hope to do some more soon. Birthday coming up next week:( darn another year other.

  346. mango tango says:

    I just had a SD (actually one of the certified ones) send me a message saying that although he never writes girls first, my beautiful face compelled him to write me.

    But, one little problem: I don’t have a picture of my full face on my profile. Perhaps my lips were enough to convince him lol, I don’t know. This must have been a blunder on his part. . . he should have modified his opening line.

  347. Gail says:

    LOL @ Lisa…..boring…my Sunday was scary and gorey…I went to see Saw VI….only saw 3/4th of it….most of the time had my hand across my face peeking thru the fingers. Lisa…are you going to do anything fun on Monday? I know how you like to shop : )

  348. Ms Behavin~389197 says:

    You go OC have a good yoga!!

    • OCSugarbaby says:

      Thanks MsBe 😉 I am just telling the good bad and the ugly SD/SB dating stories as they really do happen. I am not too proud to say I have made mistakes! With that said, I’m not happy with my mistakes, but will not hide from them. Once you say them out loud, you release them. Hopefully someone will see that their mistakes are common and know that they CAN be avoided in the future. ~Namaste

  349. lisa says:

    boring evening , bring on monday!

  350. TXSB says:

    Looks like another slow evening on the blog….

  351. TXSB says:

    LOL….yep…..our posts are like 1 minute apart….you were just faster than me! :)

  352. KC says:

    I agree with OCsugarbaby, if we all stick together and not give it away right away, then the guys with (hopefully) be more likely to make an actual arrangement rather than “hit it and quit it”….

    Happy hunting girls…..lot’s of potentials lately, but sooo hard to make something come to fruition these days….

    • OCSugarbaby says:

      KC, you got it sugar. If they can get girls to sleep with them the first night instead of using that first date to find chemistry.
      I made that mistake once! Ahhh never again. I did see him again after that for another two dates both of which he wanted sex again and did not set up an arrangement. He did talk about it (his way of making me believe he would do it). I caught on but, he talked a good game and had the wealth! So, burn me once, twice… I don’t think so. If I wanted a one sided relationship I would stick with traditional dating.

      • OCSugarbaby says:

        TXSB, yes Pot#1 second date tomorrow, Pot #2 is quesionable in his motives, Pot #3 BLOCKED for being stupid (mad that I did not have sex with him on first date), Pot #4 very funny and may make a second date for this week, Pot#5 was today’s lunch and sailing. Just added another! So, #1, #2, #4, #5 and #7 are contenders.

      • OCSugarbaby says:

        Well, ladies enjoy your blog evening! It is so nice out I am going to do a beach sunset yoga class! Nite 😉

  353. TXSB says:

    So you’re down to 4 pots right? Is #1 still the front runner?

  354. TXSB says:

    “Yaz10 says:
    Oh wow…Why not get an escort then???”

    B/C dinner is a lot cheaper. No reason for him to hire a “professional business woman” when he can girls naive girls to have sex w/ them after buying them dinner and sweet talking them for a few hours. On top of that, I’m sure it’s a totally different type of “thrill”.

  355. Yaz10 says:

    Oh wow…Why not get an escort then???

  356. Mango Tango says:

    Ick, the webcam guys make me feel sleazy!! No, I do not want to give a complete stranger a striptease!!!!! And no, because I refuse does not instantaneously make me a chubby troll either!

    • OCSugarbaby says:

      My lunch and Sailing Pot #5 date was really nice. But, just nice, not sure how I feel about this one. He was everything he said he was and more!
      Update on Pot#3 BLOCKED, he sent me a message today that he was shocked that I would not have sex with him the evening of our first date. He then goes on to say that ALL his first dates have included sex. Hahaha loser! I was the one he couldn’t have. Moving on!
      See ladies, solidarity will take these types down. He just wanted a “hit it and quit it”…never had the intention of starting an arrangement. Why should he if every week he can get a girl to have sex with him.

  357. Elle says:

    Thanks guys! This is the second message from him, he has been replied to and blocked.

  358. Yaz10 says:

    I would just do what Ms Behavin said and then BLOCK him because he might try and spam your inbox again with his messages.

  359. Ms Behavin~389197 says:

    I would send nice NO THANK YOU . Sorry you had a bad experence here. Most are nice but yes there are a few that spoil it for others.

  360. Elle says:

    Hey Sugarland! I’m all new to this and I just received my first, in my opinion, inappropriate email on here.

    It was asking me to be a private cam girl for a man on the other side of the country who would pay me to be on cam with him once a week. This is definitely not why I’m here, and I’m sure not why most SBs are here. Would it be best to ignore him or let him know that it is an inappropriate request? Thanks!

  361. Ms Behavin~389197 says:

    Wooo Hooo Brunch date just texted asking if I would like to come out after I get off work and have a drink with him

  362. Mango Tango says:

    ** Note: I entered a regular relationship after originally communicating with the pot SD.

  363. Mango Tango says:

    OC – Ahh, yes, I told the pot SD up front that I wouldn’t be available for an arrangement for sometime as I was in a regular relationship, but for some reason he still wants to keep in contact through email. I even tried to get him to talk to a gorgeous girlfriend on SA, but he declined. I feel bad that we’re only pen pals, but he said he was perfectly fine with it. A bright note is that we’re both getting to know each other quite well. I do hope he finds a SB now though because he seems to be a genuine SD!

    Sexting. . . hahahahahaha. While I love sending flirty texts, sometimes it becomes just flat out hilarious.

  364. Rachel 386002 says:

    Thank you!

  365. Rachel 386002 says:


    email is:

    sunset1911 @ gmail

  366. lisa says:

    Good afternoon

    wow the day is going so fast, work flew by so fast and I’m full on energy. It’s either the time change or those new diet pills i’m taking.

  367. TXSB says:

    OCSugarbaby & Ms Behavin:
    Glad to see that the SD search is going well. Good luck w/ the potentials!

  368. Ms Behavin~389197 says:

    Had a really nice brunch date. Very nice and a gentalmen.Gave me a nice sweet little kiss when we left. Said he wanted to see me again. Hope so!! He lives here part time, so he might make a good SD.

  369. SugaCaneBby says:

    How will you be spending your Halloween weekend?

    *** Curled-up on my futon trying to write and of course running into a block as I have a deadline.

    Do you have a sugar-date for Halloween? What will you be dressed as?

    *** No date. Was at work for the night and I was dressed as a vampire as my original costume plan fell through. All I bought was my top hat and fangs. Everything else I owned as part of my everyday wardrobe…*ahem* Yeah. Got asked if I was actually in costume yesterday. *rolls eyes*

    Would you admit to being shallow when it comes to qualities you look for in a potential sugar daddy or sugar baby? Care to share?

    *** I have preferences, yes. I’m not attracted to anyone who is overweight, has bad teeth, tans too much, have blue eyes, etc. But personality pwns all. As long as the guy gives a damn about his personal upkeep without going overboard on the fake-bake or whatev, I can give him a chance to grow on me physically. I’m physically attracted to dark black men with glasses and locks (ideally) or old school rocker types with insane ink (and we know those types aren’t supposed to be rich because of poor life choices…*sarcasm* But I’ve run across a few), but eh. It’s because I don’t find what is classically considered be attractive so the reason I can say I’m not shallow. Physical attributes aren’t that big a deal to me unless the person obviously doesn’t care how they present themselves or are grossly overweight. I click with who I click with.

  370. OC – Nice!!! Send some of that sugar dust this way!

    Morning all.

  371. Taz says:

    OC – I get it girl – once you start peeling back the layers you sometimes find some very undesirable qualities…still working on it here lol…unfortunately I have been in close touch with a quite a few ‘travel daddies’- who won’t be back in the area til december – eeek! Have two dates set up so far next week though…we will see….

  372. Taz says:

    OC – I understand about many pots – it is great and all…but would be nice to find ONE that ‘fits’…I am in the same situation…

    NYGent – goood for you!!! 5k is most definitely an admirable distance :)

    Hope everyone is recovering from the festivities last night!!

    • OCSugarbaby says:

      Hi Taz, yea I know, it will happen. Just need to find the right fitting pot and make sure the lid is on tight! lol
      Pot #6 just got blocked. He started out really great for the first week, then he got very comfortable and felt he could Sext me! WT-heck!
      We haven’t even met! That just means he has the mentality of a hormonal 12 year old. Drives the Bent, but can’t keep a girl for longer than a night.

  373. Yaz10 says:

    OOOOh a Lady Gaga costume sounds like fun!! Did you wear a leotard?? :-)

    • OCSugarbaby says:

      Yaz, I did it more like the Kelly Ripa Lady Gaga, Silver short space age-y looking one shoulder dress with the boots. The wig was fun, but I am already a blond! So everyone knew it was me.

  374. TXSB says:

    Rachel and NYC SB:
    If you give me your e-mails, I will forward it to you.

  375. Yaz10 says:

    Good Morning Everyone! :-)

    Hi O.C!!!
    Hi NY Gent!
    Hi NeOhio SB!
    I got up not too long ago with a mean headache. Had a blast last night!
    :-) My friends and I crashed so many parties LOL. I am so glad I graduated last semester because I don’t think I can party like this every weekend anymore. My feet are still hurting ouch.
    The police was everywhere last night and we had fun begging them to take us back to jail since we dressed up as escaped prisoners Ha.

    • OCSugarbaby says:

      YaZ! OMG I’ve missed you sweetie! Escaped prisioners? How fun. I am sure they have never heard that line before! lol

      I stole NYCSB’s idea and went as Lady Gaga. I think I had her pretty good, but my thigh high boots were killing me after the first 3 hours!

  376. NeOhio SB says:

    NY Gent:
    Need to expound on that….I run the 5k portion…no way in heck could i do 26 miles…………Now if i was in the pool and swimming, yes, but running, impossible for me.
    5 k is plenty.

  377. NeOhio SB says:

    NY Gent:
    Kudos to you…..I have run in the Pittsburgh Marathon for years….Unf. that takes place in May, and often times very very hot….Would much rather be running in this fall weather.
    CP is a great place to run…i always do in my migrations to NYC…which are at least a few times per month.

  378. NYGent says:

    OC: speaking of marathons today was marathon day in NYC, and a beautiful fall day at that. Such an inspiring tradition that I was inspired to maintain my own tradition of running exactly one mile (not in the race) through CP.

    Hard to believe it’s November already . . .

    • OCSugarbaby says:

      Oh NYGent… Nothing like CP in the crisp cool fall!!!
      I (heart) NYC.
      Last month I started running, lol I am up to half a mile. I think I can push it farther, but need to go without my dog!
      November already? It will be Christmas before you know it! I for one hope to be spending it with someone special…

  379. NeOhio SB says:

    Hi OC.
    All i can say…is i was tired just “reading” about your pots 1 – 5 selection. Congrats to you…..I am sooooooooooooo glad i am done with that selection process and found the ONE to pamper and spoil, engage in the most wonderful intellectual conversations with, travel the world, share incredible passion, romance and intimacy……………
    Off to Palm Beach and Miami til Wed w/ SD….yeahhhh….sooo excited.
    Have a great Sunday to all.

  380. Mango Tango says:

    OC – I’ve actually been talking to this guy for quite some time now! I guess you could say we’re penpals because I currently don’t feel like I should have a SD right now (due to bf) but I may change my mind in the future so we decided to keep in touch. Wow, that was a long sentence with no commas lol.

    I agree with you on the personality flaws being late to surface. We all know the stark difference between internet and face-to-face.

    Good luck with your pot SDs!!

    And this may just be me, but I find it kind of sexy that I get to see a more personal side from a guy who’s all about formal business.

  381. Mango Tango says:

    I did some research on a pot SD that I have been emailing for a while and am quite delighted to find that he is very legit!!

    LOL I feel like a private investigator!!

  382. Ms Behavin~389197 says:

    Good morning all.Guess I’m the first one up!!I have a brunch date so I have to got to the gym early today.Have a great day Y’all.

    • OCSugarbaby says:

      Good Morning Ms Be! Ohhh brunch date. How fabulous! Enjoy!

      Fun Halloween! Two sugar dates so far this weekend. One more today for lunch and sailing. I feel like it has been a marathon this week. Five sugar dates in one week. Pot #1 is still in the top standing, Pot #2 is falling behind (either he talks a good game or he is hiding something, not sure yet), Pot #3 super intelligent, Pot #4 makes me laugh til my sides hurt, Pot#5 is lunch today. So far all very nice and super sweet. Pot #2 has my attention but may have some things that are causing my red flag radar to be on high alert. So, second date with Pot#1 on Monday.
      I enjoy the selection stage, but it is getting a little tiring ( I know shut up, at least I have a date)!
      All of these SD’s are single, and really want the GF thing which I want too. I love having dates on the weekends and holidays!
      Looking forward to finding that ONE man to pamper and adore…

      • OCSugarbaby says:

        Hi Mango! Just take it slow, they may pass the basic tests of being who they say they are, but personality flaws will surface quickly. But he passed the first step! That is great news.

  383. dcsugarbabe says:

    Hello all!

    I’m new to the site. I’m sitting here in my car dressed as a sexy pirate waiting on a friend and I’ve been reading the blog to pass the time. I’m glad I checked it out because it’s more than amusing. Sure beats hearing the “booty” jokes in the streets.

    To answer the question, no SD plans for the weekend unfortunately.

    As far as appearances and such, I’m not shallow at all. Personality matters to me a lot but certain things are such a turn off and I don’t settle. I love a man that’s well put together, takes care of himself and such.

    Hope everyone is having a great Halloweer!

  384. Taz says:

    I have been good! Weather has been nice in this neck of the woods for a change :)

  385. TXSB says:

    LOL…sounds like you’ll be staying home too for the rest of the night.

    On a total side note, gawd I love fmylife! I know it’s a party night but I can’t believe not a few more people are on.

  386. texaSD says:

    TXSB- I will save the body armor lol, it gets heavy after drinking for a while

  387. texaSD says:

    Taz- I been ok, just busy, How about you?

    TXSB- Omg traffic is so bad, i dont think i will bother with it, besides it be after 1am by the time i park, and 3am by the time i get to the highway to leave lol

  388. TXSB says:

    SWAT team officer…damn! *fans self*
    Yea traffic is 1 of the reasons I don’t miss going out on special days like this. Everywhere gets packed and there are always too many drunks out there at the end of the night….always makes me nervous being out on the road when the bars close.
    Good luck on the possible potentials…
    SWAT team officer huh? Sorry…still have that visual……

    1st swim lesson this Tuesday. :)

  389. Taz says:

    TXSB – when do swimming lessons start?

    texasSD – what was your profile number again?? lol…how have you been?

  390. texaSD says:

    Yea, I am a SWAT team officer, thats cool. Ya last year DT it was so bad i think i spent about an hour going from 11th street to 6th street and about another 1 hour just trying to get to the highway leaving 6th lol, I got a few i might contact, still debating

  391. TXSB says:

    Cool….do you have a costume? And yes, just like the downtown here, I can imagine parking being a nightmare over there too….especiallyt onight. My weekend going ok so far….taking care of small stuff. *IF* you do end up going out, please be careful and stay safe. :) Oh btw, any luck with sugar search?

  392. texaSD says:

    Just busy, my neighbours are having a Halloween party, I was just there, I might still go downtown, but parking is a bitch, and seriously leaving is even worse, so I dunno yet, how your weekend?

  393. TXSB says:

    Night New SB!

  394. TXSB says:

    Hi! I’m not a huge Halloween person to begin with…I’ve never dressed up on costumes. And my friends here are either married or have a bf/gf, and so I feel like a 3rd wheel without a date (especially on “special” nights like tonight. How’s your weekend going so far?

  395. *sigh* I would like to think my Halloween night could bear more excitement than a new phone. Ah…lemonade. TLG added a lively touch to the evening :-)

    Off to dreamland. Night all.


  396. texaSD says:

    how come none of you are going out?

  397. TXSB says:

    That’s the plan….Since him and I met a few weeks ago, I haven’t gone 3 whole days without seeing him. It’s weird. :( LOL @ geek alert! Sounds like you’re going to enjoy your new toy… :)

  398. Awww…I’m sure he will make some time on Monday.

    Phone work…just getting the details going (slacker, media card, other e-mails, etc). First time I’ve had a BB I can text pics with …woo hoo! Geek alert!

  399. TXSB says:

    Hey New SB:
    LOL…not much to do there right now. SD needs to help with hanging the curtains and living room furniture gets delivered on Wednesday. The stuff that I *can* do right now is done. Missing SD though….haven’t seen him in 2 days. :(

    Is your phone working now?

  400. Hi TXSB – Shouldn’t you be decorating the new pad?

  401. TXSB says:

    Hi Everyone…
    The blog is soo slow…guess everyone is out partying.

  402. lisa says:

    hmmm banging it against a hard object

    I think I will go to bed now. Good night everyone

  403. Yaz10- youre a 10 in my book. Have fun! I’m sure we’ll figure it out!

  404. Yaz10 says:

    LMAO @ TLG

    I am ready for a crazy night out! :-)
    ( I look like I just escaped from jail hehe)

    Have a safe and happy halloween everyone!

    New SB: I have a BB Curve. If TLG’s solution does not work let me know. I might be able to help :-)

  405. Easy there cowboy…we’re still talking about phones, right?

  406. The Lone Gunman says:

    Have you tried banging it against a hard object? 😉


  407. I’m having difficulty pushing my e-mail address to my BB Curve (from pearl). I’m thinking Sprint is having server issues. Couldn’t possibly be me :-)

  408. The Lone Gunman says:

    New SB in SB *395409* says:

    Can you fix phones too?

    What seems to be the problem, little lady?


  409. The Lone Gunman says:

    ..More headlines:

    Crunch Killer Cops Confession, Claims Abuse by Navy Veteran

    “I HAD to kill’em–he was always after me Lucky Charms!”

  410. Hi sugars! Happy Halloween.

    Trick or treating done – Yeah
    Upgraded phone – Yeah
    Phone is giving me grief – booo
    No parties. – booo
    No sugar date tonight – booooo

    TLG – I think you should look into the leprechan.

  411. Anna Molly says:

    I had a few trick or treaters, but not as many as usual. The weather was terrible here. Decided to dress up as a zombie with a cut throat and did get to scare the [email protected]%t out of a few of the teenagers that came by…sigh. That made my night! Happy Halloween to all!

  412. lisa says:

    I have 100 grand, butterfinger and baby ruth darn why didn’t I buy reeses?
    Kids are fat and lazy here, won’t climb stairs, lol

  413. photogirl says:

    I have finished off half a bag of snickers already!

  414. lisa says:

    Quiet halloween here. No trick or treaters, they’re too lazy to walk up the stairs, lol now i’ve got 3 bags of candy to deal with

  415. Taz says:

    LMAO @ TLG!!

    Back home from trick or treating – now time for me to take my share and go through candy!! Lol…my daughter is already BEGGING me take the chocolate yay! To be honest – she doesn’t have much interest in candy – crazy kid is FOUR and eating an apple right now!!

    Hope everyone is having a great halloween – have some fun and a drink or two for me!!!!!

  416. The Lone Gunman says:

    ..and now the headlines:

    Captain Crunch Found Dead; Cereal Killer Suspected…


  417. Elle says:

    Ah, so I do have plans!

    I’ll be going to a party tonight with about 500 confirmed guests! Lots of fun should be had. Gotta love college.

  418. lisa says:

    Gail, ok sorry here is how it actually was: you walked, slept in a public bathroom, and ate out of the trash, lol

    Had a trick or treater, my daughter stopped by for a moment on her way home from school.

  419. Gail says:

    No!!!No!!!! Lisa…..it was not like that….lol…..
    Okay Yaz…I know how hard it is to shop for handcuff….hard cold metal or fuzzy pink ones….lol…what ever you do with them take it easy on the fella…………lol……………..now really back to real life: )

  420. lisa says:

    Handcuffs are often seen in my neighborhood Yaz, we even have bars on the police car windows to introduce the jail experience.

    NOW, back to housework

  421. Yaz10 says:

    Hey Lisa!!! I am glad to see you are still here!
    LOL @ Gail! I know I miss Vegas. I am off to the mall. I have to find handcuffs to go with my costume. lol

  422. lisa says:

    Gail don’t tell me: you road the bus, stayed at motel 6, had peep show lessons, and ate off the value menu, lol

    Now back to my housework

  423. Gail says:

    Yasmine!!!!!Yasmine!!!!! wow…you are here with us!!!!! I just got back from Vegas….it was not like our trip in February 2009…no limos, no suites..no stripper lessons or poles…no shooting guns…no 7 course Japaneese meals….no Club Blush or Jet…..no VIP service…: ( ……I still say we have a 2010 Vegas Sugar trip!!!! Where is our beloved Sam? we need to go back in the same style we are accustomed too…lol……

  424. lisa says:

    Hi Yasmine :)

  425. Gail says:

    Percy in the ladies room? Watch out Lisa…you may be replaced as his SugarMomma…lol….Maybe the fella was selling raw SUGAR…LOL….okay back to the real world….take care!!!!!

  426. Yaz10 says:

    Gail!!!!!!!! Its me Yasmine!!! I missed you! Hey Lisa! There are a LOT of new faces on the blog but it is still feels like a warm community. :-)

    Happy Halloween everyone!

  427. Ms Behavin~389197 says:

    Lisa lol debit card!!

    I just got back from a 4 mile cancer walk woohoo My group raised over 10,000 bucks.

    I have a pot date for brunch tomorrow, and 2 wanting to meet next week ,fingers crossed.

  428. Mina says:

    How will you be spending your Halloween weekend?
    On the east coast with my SD :)

    Do you have a sugar-date for Halloween? What will you be dressed as?
    See above. I don’t dress up anymore, not in a costume at least. It’s never really been my thing.

    Would you admit to being shallow when it comes to qualities you look for in a potential sugar daddy or sugar baby? Care to share?
    Sure. For one thing, if there’s no physical attraction but the allowance is what keeps you around – you’re just a prostitute. I’ve always thought as sugar dating to be someone you would date anyway (because compatible personalities, physical attraction, enjoy time together, etc) but the allowance being a bonus/perk. If one of the key elements is missing but the allowance makes up for it, you might want to rethink why you’re doing this, lol.

  429. lisa says:

    Hi Gail :) Glad to see you on the blog

    Just back from the HEB market. There was someone dressed as a bird in the ladies room. Could it have been Percy? lol Had a nice walk home until I got to my street, lol got a solicitation and some guy trying to sell me cocaine by the mailboxes, for some reason I don’t think either of these guys where in costume. Anyway the drug guy didn’t take debit cards, so much for that, lol

  430. Gail says:

    Lisa : )
    I am glad the weather cleared up…the sun is certainly shining in Houston for you!!!! I just got back from a treat in Vegas. Shopping was the highlight of my trip : ) Have a nice day out!!!

  431. Rachel 386002 says:

    So you all know about my plans being cancelled :( still sad over it…. but must move on. Been talking to this other guy…. close to my age which is odd, but we have a 1st meeting tonight…. so who knew… I do have sugar plans this weekend after all.

  432. Taz says:

    Glad your pupils are better Red!

    Happy Halloween SugarFam!

  433. Bunny NYC says:

    Good afternoon, and hello to all the new people!

    I have no costume for Halloween…but I do have a date so I have to get dressed for that.

    I don’t think it’s shallow for anyone to have a certain physical attraction to a pot. I mean, even I have preferences that seem a bit arbitrary but if it’s part of the fantasy of sugar dating, why deny it? Personality is important, but I can’t fake attraction like I can’t fake chemistry.

  434. Elle would you be so Kind as to send me an E-mail? I know you are busy with your art and all but I have a question for you maybe you could help me!!
    Keya 703 at yahhhhhh
    thanks hun
    and as to the blog Question yes I have a date but is nothing special
    I will be trying out some recipes I plan to unleash on thanks giving!
    cheesecakes and cakes and snicker cakes! lol
    oh did I mention that I am the dessert maker /come family dinners. my family in total is about 30 members!!
    have a safe hallow’s eve

  435. RedMaru says:

    Happy Halloween sugarfam. My dilated pupils are finally back to normal size I’m getting ready to head out but wanted to answer the blog

    Do I have a sugar date for Halloween – no sugar date frown a possible get together with friends. I guess I answered the first question

    Can I admit to being shallow when it comes to qualities I look for in a pot
    SD? Like Gemini I feel I’m somewhat particular

  436. lisa says:

    Good morning

    wow what a beautiful morning in Houston, clear skies, cool temps.
    No big Halloween plans, just a nice walk down to the central market for some snacks.

    Have a great day everyone

  437. Gemini29 says:

    Happy Halloween sugars! I’ve been all pumped up about it, but my costume still isn’t finished (how many weeks have I been working on this thing???) and I think my plans for the night are now in limbo….boooo!

    How will you be spending your Halloween weekend?
    Hopefully hanging out with friends, doing some bar-hopping, and showing off my pretty sexy little self 😉

    Do you have a sugar-date for Halloween? What will you be dressed as?
    No sugar date, but wouldn’t THAT be fun?? I’ll be dressed as a can-can dancer, a la Moulin Rouge. I’ve always wanted to dress up as that and the idea finally crystalized in my head this year.

    Would you admit to being shallow when it comes to qualities you look for in a potential sugar daddy or sugar baby? Care to share?
    Shallow? Not really. Particular? YES.

  438. WIAriesSB*400983 says:

    How will you be spending your Halloween weekend?

    Hmmm tonight i am taking my niece trick or treating then going out with the girls.

    Do you have a sugar-date for Halloween? What will you be dressed as?

    I wish i had a sugar-date for Halloween. I am going as “Heidi Ho” you know the adult version of Shirley Temple’s Heidi.

    Would you admit to being shallow when it comes to qualities you look for in a potential sugar daddy or sugar baby? Care to share?

    I know i want an attraction to be there. So if i don’t find him attractive TO ME then i can’t make an arrangement.

  439. Ms Behavin~389197 says:

    Happy Halloween to all in sugarland!!

  440. AsianSB says:

    Oh and a warm welcome to everyone new :) Glad to see so many new faces, heh.

  441. AsianSB says:

    Sorry that I’ve been gone these past few days. Just a busy week with Halloween and midterms and such.. I’m getting cold feet in sugar dating, because I never met a pot yet, and now.. since the chance is there.. I am getting cold feet. Have you Sugars experienced this during your first SD/SB meeting?

    As for the questions:

    How will you be spending your Halloween weekend?

    I went out with friends which turned into a crazy night, and now I have a Halloween champagne birthday party to attend. Feels good to just have fun and relax after a hectic week.

    Do you have a sugar-date for Halloween? What will you be dressed as?

    Nope.. But I will be dressed as a baseball player :)!

    Would you admit to being shallow when it comes to qualities you look for in a potential sugar daddy or sugar baby? Care to share?

    I feel that physical attraction will be something I consider because for a mutually beneficial relationship, I feel I have to be attracted to him personality wise and physical appearance. But I do not think it is a huge factor, and I do believe physical appearance runs deeper than looks, as Rachel has said earlier.

  442. *Blog Virgin*

    Tonight I’m going to a gay bar with my best guy friend and his boyfriend, very excited about that!
    I wen’t to go buy a costume yesterday (bad idea lol!) and got stuck with a nurses costume…sure its sexy but not very original. I was thinking of adding some fake blood and zombie make-up to the mix, hrm…

    Unfortunetly I am not going with a SD, but I’ll have just as much fun as if I was ;).

    As for the last question? I’m not sure if “shallow” is the right word. I think everyone is born predisposed to what they think is attractive. And acting on what we think is attractive is purely animalistic- we don’t have a choice. As WC DC said.
    Sure there is a fine line to what is shallow, but seeking certian traits in a SD/SB is natural. Of course one must take into consideration personality, likes/dislikes, hobbies…but the inital attarction is what sets its off.
    Now am I shallow when choosing a SD?…I think everyone is at least a little bit 😛

    To go off topic, I’ve read a lot of these blogs and they’ve been very helpful!!! I just started on my path down Sugar Lane, and i’m pretty young (19), If any SBs are feeling kind, I would love to hear your wisdom!!

  443. TielPony *393984* says:

    How will you be spending your Halloween weekend?

    – I am going to a party that my friend is throwing – low key, away from LA Proper (Downtown or Hollywood)

    Do you have a sugar-date for Halloween?

    – Just all the candy that I bought. :)

    Would you admit to being shallow when it comes to qualities you look for in a potential sugar daddy or sugar baby?

    – I don’t consider having certain standards of attraction being shallow, however I cannot date anyone (sugar or none) who is shorter than I am… no matter how old he is, I feel like I am dating my younger brother. Shallow? Maybe. But I have only been attracted to two short guys my whole life, and it was fairly brief. And at 5’10”, that narrows my playing field down. (no pun intended) :)

    On that note, I also want to thank this blog for it’s insight and humor… I was a little nervous to try this out, and through reading this I have felt a lot more comfortable.
    Now if I could just go out on more than one sugar date, I would be happy.

  444. WC SD says:

    It has been a while since I’ve posted….but I’m a cronic lurker….

    I just had to comment on the shallow aspect….a word that I’ve always found displeasing. Everyone is attracted to people for various reasons. None of us are the same, we are attracted to different things. But saying that because initial attraction of looks is ‘shallow’ seems a little off. I mean initially all we have are visual queues to determine if we find someone attractive, and we react based on these visual queues. Is this shallow? I don’t really see how it can be. Obviously I look for a SB that is attractive, and initally that is looks. But attraction in a person can very quickly go away if there is nothing behind the looks, no chemistry, nothing that I find intriguing.

    So in the end I’m a true believer in going for what you want, what is attractive to you. As many posts have said, why settle? If that is shallow, then let me be the shallowest person on earth.

  445. Yaz10 says:

    Oh I will be dressing up as a prisoner for Halloween :-). I found a cute minidress with thigh high stockings and a little hat yesterday. I am very excited!

  446. Yaz10 says:

    Hey Everyone! Gosh did I miss the blog! I thought I would just stop by and say hello! Happy Halloween!!

  447. Elle says:

    I plan on working on an 18×24 charcoal drawing, a sequence of linear objects and a paper on libertarianism and lucid dreaming. Don’t ask how they relate, it’s insane.

    No SD date this Halloween, I’m just getting in on the game. Maybe next Halloween. I was the queen of the Negaverse from Sailor Moon last night at my college for trick or treating, it was lots of fun.

    I would say I’m a little shallow, but I am very easy to please. Older men are my favorite men.

  448. The Lone Gunman says:

    New SB in SB *395409* says:

    TLG – Nice quote! Does this make you famous or infamous?

    Who knows? WALDT, after all.


  449. Ms Behavin~389197 says:

    OMG I think I’ve got hooked on True Blood…(HBO)

  450. Angelfire**385177 says:

    Hello Sugarland…

    I am been a lurker for over two months on the blogs, and feel the community as each of you have added so much to my Sugary experience… Thank you so much!

    No plans for the holiday, I will just use the time for some personal pampering:)

    Have a couple of pot SD’s…would love to have one for te rest of the holiday season….will keep you posted.

    I could be considered somewhat shallow as I seek personality, wit, great smile and a man who smells good…. However, I do feel that SD’s are more shallow then SB’s… sorry sweeties:-)

    Have a great holiday! See you in the headlines…

  451. NYC SB says:

    photo – i was clearly just kidding… i agree an a** is an a** no matter what he looks like

  452. Taz says:

    Welcome ElegantSugarBabe :) Looking forward to seeing you around the blog now!!

  453. ElegantSugarBabe says:

    Off the topic but I think everyone here deserved to know these;

    I entered the Sugar world with absolutely no idea regardless; what, when, where and how. I’m not even know how to go about writing a decent profile. Have been born and raised in a culture that you never allow to ask for what you want; putting together a profile for the SA was very difficult for me. After I have been reading the valuable info here on the blog, I gained enough motivation and wrote to a nice lady whose email address was posted intentionally for other and I steal it! She did a wonderful job helping me with my profile and it sound fabulous now, Thank you.

    All of you deserved to know that the times spend and priceless information that has been sharing here does go along way. Without your kindness and thoughtful act of writing and sharing I won’t know where to start and therefore I’ll be lost in the land of sugar.

    SB’s your story and information helps me to gain much more then how, when and where, it’s reflecting my core value, my sense of self.
    SD’s you’re the guideline which lead and encourage me, the new comer, to understand and therefore I now know how to react and respond.
    I have been reading for a while and it’s just time to show my gratitude and appreciation.

    I recently contact another lady for support and she is wonderful, thank you very much. I’m sure you know who I am. Do not want to be disrespect and put the name and/or handle here.
    Thank you so very much to all bloggers


  454. photogirl says:

    NYC SB – How did I know you would say something like that :) too funny

  455. lisa says:

    An arrogant or cruel man is an ugly thing no matter what he looks like

  456. NYC SB says:

    photogirl says: NYC SB – I do not think that makes you shallow… physical attraction is a must for me as well. But the hottest guy in the world isn’t gonna do a damn thing for me phyiscally if he is an a**.

    As long as he keeps his mouth shut it wont bother me lol 😀

  457. lisa says:

    I actually very conservative, lol

  458. Anna Molly says:

    LOL…you guys can be sooo perveted….I love it :)

  459. Anna Molly says:

    I love Halloween too! I’m making a batch of fake blood tomorrow.

  460. lisa says:

    devil horns and thats it? I guess you’re staying in, lol

  461. Anna Molly says:

    My costume is going to be a pair of devil horns from the AC/DC concert I went to last November and thats it.

  462. photogirl says:

    Ms Behavin – sounds cute! I remember seeing Cats as a kid, loved it. I was thinking more along the lines of Michelle Pfeiffer’s or Halle Berry’s cat costumes.

  463. Ms Behavin~389197 says:

    I have a cat suit I have worn several times Its like broadway cats full face makeup and all.Halloween is my fav!!

  464. Ms Behavin~389197 says:

    well siad Photogirl!!

  465. photogirl says:

    Ms. Behavin and NYC SB – Costumes sound great. If I were going anywhere I think I’d dress up as Cat Woman 😉

  466. photogirl says:

    NYC SB – I do not think that makes you shallow… physical attraction is a must for me as well. But the hottest guy in the world isn’t gonna do a damn thing for me phyiscally if he is an a**.

  467. Ms Behavin~389197 says:

    How will you be spending your Halloween weekend?

    Hope to be going out with my two bffs for some halloween fun

    Do you have a sugar-date for Halloween? What will you be dressed as

    No suger date,but I have been getting a lot of hits (from another site)I have two potSD I’m emailing now both local,and a possible one from out of town.
    I have a tiger outfit to wear tomorrow. Here Kitty Kitty!!!Meow!!

  468. NYC SB says:

    How will you be spending your Halloween weekend?

    Packing for my Euro trip :) Was supposed to go to NC tonight but alas still at work… oh well…

    Do you have a sugar-date for Halloween? What will you be dressed as?

    No sugar date… I am going to a party in the city with a bunch of friends… I will be a devil dominatrix (or as i like to call it the Devil wears Prada… err Louboutins)

    Would you admit to being shallow when it comes to qualities you look for in a potential sugar daddy or sugar baby? Care to share?

    I am shallow… sad but true… I need to be physically attracted to my SD

    TXSB … would you mind sharing those ebooks with me? PHLEASE?

  469. RealisticSD says:

    “‘Sugar Barbies’ make me think of a ditsy, annoying, dumb, blond, airhead that’s very expensive (maybe even kind of more of a gold digger concept).” – Joules*300035

    I have met a number of SBs who meet every single criteria in this description. But I don’t think of SBs as what is described here, otherwise I wouldn’t have ever looked for one.

  470. TLG – Nice quote! Does this make you famous or infamous?

  471. Evening Sugars!

    I’ll be trick-or-treating tomorrow…yes, still! I’m a kid at heart when Halloween comes around!

    Dressing as: An alien guardian (not a trekkie…a mom).

    Am I shallow: No. Anyone can have some fascinating story or impact on my life. I welcome the adventure

  472. lisa says:

    That sucks Rachel :(

  473. Blog questions:How will you be spending your Halloween weekend?

    *sitting at home… no party plans because I was supposed to be with SD :(

    Do you have a sugar-date for Halloween? What will you be dressed as?

    * See the previous post

    Would you admit to being shallow when it comes to qualities you look for in a potential sugar daddy or sugar baby? Care to share?

    * Shallow? No, I do believe that the most attractive qualities run much deeper within a person. When I get a connection with someone, it’s not superficial.

  474. Hi all! I’ve been off the blog for a couple days. I have to admit I’m a bit down right now…. I DID have sugar plans this weekend…. of which fell through & I’m sad by it. No fault of anyones, just didn’t pan out unfortunately. The part that upsets me is I asked my boss to take Monday off as SD asked, and I had to persuade her… so she gave it to me off. But I filled out the paperwork to take the day off and now I can’t work Monday. So I’ll be sitting at home all day Monday not making a dime. :( NOT happy.

  475. lisa says:

    Good evening

    I am just happy to be off on Halloween, my first saturday off since April. No big plans, in before dark as usual. Advised though to be careful opening the door to trick or treaters. I guess I will be cautious and turn off my light and keep the candy myself, Halloween used to be so much fun but not anymore.

    I felt like an idiot wearing my coat today, it was warm :(

  476. Margo says:

    I’ve met someone at another site and just got an email from him:
    “Well nice to meet you too. Great Picture, Thank you. I would like to get to know you and hear what kind of sugar I can shower over you!”

    Just a thought – maybe what he means is real sugar :)?

  477. photogirl says:

    Thanks Anna…on its way.

  478. Anna Molly says:

    photogirl – annamolly4135 at the g place

  479. photogirl says:

    Does anyone that has my email also have Anna Molly’s? If so…can you connect us please :)

  480. Anna Molly says:

    photogirl – Pick away :)

  481. Taz says:

    And forgot this one apparently:

    Would you admit to being shallow when it comes to qualities you look for in a potential sugar daddy or sugar baby?

    Not at all. I echo photogirl!

  482. photogirl says:

    Anna Molly – Last blog you mentioned web design… Mind if I pick your brain?

  483. photogirl says:

    TXSB – heehee… showing is going to be the fun part!!

  484. photogirl says:

    How will you be spending your Halloween weekend?

    – It’s going to be a quiet weekend for me.

    Do you have a sugar-date for Halloween?

    – Not unless you count this large bag of snickers :)

    Would you admit to being shallow when it comes to qualities you look for in a potential sugar daddy or sugar baby?

    – No, I do not consider myself shallow. A physical attraction goes much deeper than outward appearance in my opinon.

  485. TXSB says:

    “How will you be spending your Halloween weekend? Will you be spending it with a sugar? What will you be dressed as?”

    *** I have “homework” from SD this weekend…I need to read a particular book and show SD what I learned on Monday (SincereSD: Thank you btw!). Rest of the weekend will be spent taking care of errands. No plans for any parties or costumes. I don’t usually see SD on weekends so no, no sugar plans. :(

  486. Taz says:

    How will you be spending your Halloween weekend?

    Trick or treating with my daughter…then to my cousins party :)

    Do you have a sugar-date for Halloween? What will you be dressed as?

    No sugar for me 😉 I will in fact be dressing up though – I have this amazing and sexy mask with feathers and sparkles (doesn’t sound so nice but it is lol!) and a very nice sleek, long black dress – don’t know what I am going to be lol at least it will be hot lol 😛

  487. NYGent says:

    I echo RealisticSD all around

  488. RealisticSD says:

    How will you be spending your Halloween weekend?

    *Not with my SB :(

    Do you have a sugar-date for Halloween? What will you be dressed as?


    Would you admit to being shallow when it comes to qualities you look for in a potential sugar daddy or sugar baby? Care to share?

    *Sometimes I can be shallow, just looking for pure physical beauty, but if the SB’s personality sucks, the initial attraction gives way to annoyance.

  489. RealisticSD says:

    Catching up on the last blog:

    EastCoastFilly, I am not sure if the younger SBs feel more entitled, but they tend to have less of an idea of what an MBR really entails.

    NC Gent, I have given anywhere from $200-$2000 on first dates. But I kept reducing the amount over time. And now if I were back in the market, I’d say that the first date is to see if there is chemistry and if we want an arrangement only. But if they have travel costs, I’d reimburse it. And you’re right, no one has turned the “gift” down.

    RX9sb, some women don’t like flowers. TXSB is an example.

    In my experience with 11 SBs, 5 made it to a second date, and of those 4 got an arrangement (the fifth was the drama queesn I’ve talked about—I offered her an arrangement but quickly withdrew it). But I think I screen before the first date, and those who didn’t make it to the second date were because I never asked them out again (2 annoyed me, 2 looked nothing like their pictures, 1 just looked a bit aged, and 1 gave me escort vibes). But meeting each and every one was worth it. Even the worst ones opened my eyes to some realities I had been oblivious of.

    Who’s time is more valuable—the SB’s or the SD’s? I have seen it stated before that it must be the SB’s because the SD is willing to pay for her time, but that it clearly not the case. The employer pays his employees for their time, but the employer’s time is more valuable. But in a good relationship, such considerations don’t matter—both people respect the other’s time.

  490. Anna Molly says:

    it should be a person…..not a people :) Sorry for the typo!

  491. Anna Molly says:

    For Halloween (my fave. day of the year) I’m handing out candy.

    There are SD’s out there who like their SB’s on the older side of the scale. I’m 34 and proud of it, but I do find it hard to compete with younger women. I do think that most SD’s are a little on the shallow side, sorry guys.

    I wouldn’t see myself as a shallow person at all. I’ve always been attracted to a people for who they are and not just physical appearance. To me, it doesn’t matter if you’re the most handsome man in the world, if you have a terrible personality, I will find you ugly :).

    That is why I think it takes more than a first meeting to find out if chemistry is there because to me having chemistry with someone goes way beyond being physically attracted to someone.

  492. chocolatevenus says:

    Hello everyone, decided to drop in and cant believe i will be the first one on this blog.

    OK in answer to the question

    I am going to a halloween party saturday night in London…it is fancy dress, so thinking of going as a she devil, sexy outfit and devil’s horns!! LOL

    NO dates, no sugardaddy, maybe next year

    As a sugarbaby I am not shallow, i think it has opened my eyes to become more open (btw I am a mature SB – 42). But I do expect a SD to be shallow, just because they are they type of men who like pretty things. But that not saying at 42, I cant hold my own against the younger SB!

    take care!