9 years ago
Sugar Dating: Time is of the Essence

9 years ago
Sugar Dating: Time is of the Essence

When it comes to making an arrangement with a Sugar Daddy or Sugar Baby – timing is perhaps the most important factor; before, during and after the initial sugar meeting. It’s been said here before, but let it be said again – Sugar Daddy dating is still dating. In many cases, a sugar daddy may have relatively less time to pursue and negotiate an arrangement than a Sugar Baby might.

There have been countless reports from Sugar Babies and Sugar Daddies on this blog who regretted not responding sooner to a potential sugars initial email.

Yet there are many reasons why a sugar may not respond in ‘good time’ to a message from a potential SD or SB…

(Over)Thinking “is it too good to be true”?

Sometimes we hesitate to respond to a potential sugar even in the absence of any red-flags… perhaps for some, the very absence of those red flags IS a red-flag. As many SD’s and SB’s have mentioned here, there’s a certain fear in of a sugar who seems “too good to be true”.

Simply Too Busy

Sugars are generally busy people who have lot’s of responsibilities – whether it’s work, school, kids or even spouses. Setting time aside to write a thoughtful response to a potential sugar within a couple of days of receiving their initial message isn’t always doable for many here.

Inconsideration “are they holding out for another sugar?”

A Sugar Daddy once said that the reason he wouldn’t give a second chance to a Sugar Baby who waited over 1 week to reply to his initial message to her was because “no one wants to feel like they’re the last choice or plan C… I don’t to want feel like she only replied to me only after her other options didn’t pan out”. Unfortunately, Sugar Babies who don’t respond for other, perhaps more ‘honest’, reasons stated above would never have a chance with this and other Sugar Daddies who don’t give second chances because of their own desire for mutual appreciation (and in this case, in terms of a timely response to their initial contact).

How soon should a sugar respond to an initial message from a potential they’re interested in?

Do you think you’ve ever lost your chance for an arrangement because you didn’t reply to a sugar soon enough? If so, why didn’t you?

Have you ever given a sugar a “second chance”? Why or why not?

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1,109 Responses to “Sugar Dating: Time is of the Essence”

  1. CASB says:

    BTW I think Namaste may watch the blog.. I never got a response back to my email after we were warning about him. It’s been over 48 hours since I sent the message.

  2. CASB says:

    I wish the couple new CA SD’s didn’t get scared off.. they were only on for a few minutes yesterday.. what a tease! :(

  3. CASB says:

    Hey now ladies! Back off the LA SD’s, I’m here in LA and haven’t found even a single pot yet. Let me find a good one first, then you can jump on them! 😉 haha

  4. TexaSD says:

    NYGent- I have exp some problems too, However, I would think perhaps its more technical problems, than anything else.

  5. TexaSD says:

    lara- Cold and rainy lol, How about where you are at?

  6. NapaSB says:

    hello everyone! I am new here and thought I would say hi instead of lurking about the way I have been doing all evening. I kept thinking that I would be able to catch up with the conversation ( even though I started at the beginning) and I gave up…decided to skip right on ahead to hello before everyone goes to sleep…although I am not positive that ya”ll haven’t already :)

  7. NYGent says:

    AZN hi and welcome. Someone asked for SD’s perspective on the whole “how long do you hold off on intimacy” question. I will give you my perspective though I may be a bit idiosynratic (I might be the “smitten one” others have referred to but not sure).

    The less experienced the SD the more likely he is to expect/demand intimacy very early, even as early as the first date or at latest the second. Although that wasn’t my mindset back when i started at this, on a few occasions SBs were sort of making clear that they were more than willing to go that route right away and in a few cases let’s say I “accommodated” them. As a result, for a time I started to think that was the way of the world so my thinking went to the other extreme, i.e., if something didn’t take place right away I was being “cheated,” esp. if I lavished a bunch of $$ on them very quickly.

    The more experienced at the whole thing I became the more I realized that was wrong thinking. What this blog (and experience) have taught me is that there is nothing to be gained in just getting physical with someone very quickly who is not into you and you are not into her. As some have put it, the key is connecting with someone with whom you would be happy to date IRL, but providing benefits and a drama-free relationship of the type that isn’t typical IRL. Simply put, the chemistry has to be there, it can’t be manufactured, faked or forced. And if it takes some patience so be it (I am probably now overly patient and have been chided for this, often gently and sometimes not so gently, but that is a story for another time and place).

    Anyway, there are plenty of SD’s (maybe even a majority, I’m sad to say) for whom the chemistry is not so important and who are just looking for the quick hit. So it’s important to insist on that arrangement up front, not because you’re mercenary but because you frankly have more to lose (your dignity, pride, etc.) than he does (just money, which you can’t take with you anyway, to paraphrase Kauffman & Hart). The difficulty is the chicken and egg: the SD doesn’t want to go out of pocket on real $$ until he knows the mutual benefits will be there (yes, there are some SBs who will fake attraction and take the money and run before reciprocating), and the SB doesn’t want to “give it up” before gaining the security of a financial arrangement (if this sounds like a microcasm of what’s involved in the marriage arrangement: the woman gains $$ security in exchange for providing the man a steady source of . . . ahem, then you get the picture). The compromise solution in the SD/SB relationship is the following: the SD agrees to a monthly allowance in principle and puts up a percentage, say half, up front, no questions asked. Or a variation: he says we’ll start at X (say $2000) and if everything goes well the first month we’ll bump it up to Y (say $3500, just making up numbers here). So if he puts out half a months’ allowance and she takes the money and runs, he hasn’t lost is shirt. And if he flees after two weeks she at least got some real $$ out of it. So both parties take some risk but limit their downside.

    Does all of this sound very cold and calculating? Perhaps. But is it all that different from the calculation that both parties make (implicitly) upon marriage, i.e., what happens if we end up divorcing (which at least 50% do), do we need a prenup, etc. At least with the SD/SB relationship it is pretty easy to walk away without the complications of joint bank accounts, children, in-laws etc. That means on the one hand there is less incentive for SD/SB to “work at it” to hold things together if they start to get rocky, so the relationship is by definition more fragile and evanescent. But then, if we were looking for something “forever and ever” we wouldn’t be on this site, would we?

    sorry for the long post but hope this is helpful

  8. always2sweet says:

    well I think I am off to bed, may be back if I cant sleep lol, night sugars!

  9. lara says:

    Hi Cleo!

  10. lara says:

    Texas: how is the weather down there?

    Always: happy that I made you smile.

    Rudy: It is sad that people ar very judgemental without reason in my opinion. Nobody is perfect.

  11. TexaSD says:

    AZnROse- Sorry I didn’t see your message, Hi

  12. cleo says:

    lara: just got home from an evening with friends!
    *waves to blog* evening all!

  13. Midwest SB says:

    I LOVE Chicago!

    I’m off to bed…goodnight sugars.

  14. Rudy says:

    A2S: I just saw your post! I agree, I also like the Chicago area too:) I have stopped viewing profiles in my area. I like NY because it makes me think of Broadway Plays and The Rainbow Room….ahhhh wishful thinking :)

  15. Rudy says:

    Well, I just finished reading all the previous posts; lots of funny topics! It’s almost 11pm in Music City and I am TIRED. I hope everyone has a great weekend. I think I am going to be a hermit and spend my weekend reading.

    Good Night :)

  16. always2sweet says:

    Im with you Rudy, I would love to meet someone in NY or LA. I think NY the most though, I am absolutely in LOVE with NY. That city and I had an extended weekend love affair this past summer. It was amazing! I had the best time of my life. The only place I think I would want to live more than NY is Italy. If I could live in NY or Italy I would die a happy woman. I actually got into one of the best fashion schools you can go to, its FIDM in LA, but I really want to work on my portfolio, sewing etc while I am saving to pay for fashion school, so I can try to get into Parsons in NY instead lol

  17. always2sweet says:

    aww thanks lara, that really just made me smile! :)

  18. TexaSD says:

    Anna- No real cooked meals yet,

    Lara– right now I am in Texas

  19. Anna Molly says:

    Good night everbody…sleep tight :)

  20. Rudy says:

    A2S: No kidding! The strange thing is it’s not uncommon to see a 20 or 30 something lady with an older man. However there are not many from my area on this site. I would prefer meeting someone out state just so I can travel. I have noticed that NY and LA are brimming with SDs.

    Lara: speaking of cooking my cousin made this really great artichoke casserole last weekend. I am going to try making it for Thanksgiving dinner

  21. TexaSD says:

    Anna- nope not yet lol, I ate Taco Cabana for dinner, But real people cooked it

  22. always2sweet says:

    yum lara, we will have to share recipes. If you want of course. My email is up the blog a bit…maybe 30 or 45 minutes back or so, if you would like to email. I have some pretty fun random concoctions of my own lol. My nieces love that we cook and make random things when they come over lol. Their mom is not a cook at all, she has about 5 homemade things in her recipe arsinal lol and other than that she either invites me over for dinner and then tells me Im cooking it when I get there hahaha or it comes from a box. So when my girls come over here they always ask “TT can we play real cookers” and then we pretend like we’re on the food network while we use just about everything in my fridge, freezer and cupboards to make new smoothies, or bake, or make dinner. Its healthy, delicious, always interesting lol and its a fun bonding time with my girlies! And A2S puts down another long winded response lol I just cant help myself it seems :)

  23. lara says:

    Always: I like your “books” always.

    Thank you Rudy. I can cook the whole day , I thing in a previous lifeI was a chef. One day I will just retire and cook for all my friends as a hobby….

    Texas where are you?

  24. Rudy says:

    Hi Anna! I thought everyone had left :( I get home so late…I miss all the action.

  25. always2sweet says:

    I second that motion Rudy, I live in a city that at one point was ranked as having the MOST self made millionaires per capita in the states. I even had a friend who was kept as an SB by a VERY prominent, very nationally well known SD. And even so, it seems that for the most part, the SD/SB world her is damn near nonexistant. It is a pretty conservative city, even for being a pretty nice size city, an older man dating a girl my age(or any younger, I actually was out with an older male friend once and we got TONS of nasty stares, and we were really just friends) would be pretty fround on here. I wouldnt mind relocating for or because of an SD one bit. I love my hometown, but I am getting pretty over it lol especially after my trip to NY in August. And appearantly I dont know how to just give a short response to anything lol I have to write a friggin book

  26. Anna Molly says:

    I love to cook too :)

  27. Rudy says:

    Lara: I like you! I love to cook; I am not a big fan of veggie juices, but I like fruit juices.

  28. Anna Molly says:

    Hey TexaSd, did you ever get any home cookin’?

  29. lara says:

    I thought that I was the only fan of juices. My friends make fun about my “concoctions” but they are healthy and they give a break to our liver and digestive system generally.
    I also like to rotate the vegies and put some half table spoon grapeseed oil or olive oil in the shake along with the protein. For veg I use soy nut as protein and I even use beans (cooked by myself). It’s not a shake anymore it’s kind of like a cream soup but it gives me so much energy!

    I can talk about cooking the whole day, I should go back to sugar stuff!

  30. always2sweet says:


  31. Rudy says:

    Wow! There was a lot of activity on the blog today, I am trying to catch up.

    I have decided I live in the wrong state, I need to be in NY or LA…apparently there are more SDs.

  32. AznCanadian Rose says:

    Hi TexasSD!

    Woohoo! Canadaaa!

  33. always2sweet says:

    ok Midwest, just tried you again, you *should* have mail lol, but who knows haha

  34. Midwest SB says:

    Hi mystery man. I hope you are well. Have you heard the news about the 8th?

  35. lara says:

    Where is Cleo , now that we are talking about Canada?!

  36. always2sweet says:

    lara, I am definately going to be adding veggies to the mix, probably tons of veg, as I always have fresh veggies on hand, and then fresh fruit for natural sweetness and antioxidents. I dont usually keep lots of fresh fruit in my house, just as much as I know I will eat in 2-3 days, b/c I HATE when produce goes bad on me. I also have tons of frozen fruit, b/c at one point I was making breakfast smoothies every morning and adding protein to them…I think I just like making drinks HAHAHA! Every time my nieces come over we make some kind of drink using my blender and whatever I may have on hand, they think its great, they dont know how much fun it is for me too lol!

  37. Rudy says:

    Lara: I can’t wait to see photos!

    Hey sweet sugars! Are you still here?

  38. TexaSD says:

    HI Midwest, Ya I was just in canada, I got back from Vancouver

  39. Midwest SB says:

    LOL…Thanks Lara – That goes for you too Anna!

  40. lara says:

    Sorry guys but it seems I forgot how to use the speller. Apologizing wink :)

  41. TexaSD says:

    Ok, I think there is probably some bugs still going on with the blog… They will probably work on it in the morning, not all my posts are making it.

    Hi Lara, HI just, HI Anna

  42. Midwest SB says:

    life_is_good_today at live

  43. lara says:

    Midwest: good luck. Being yourself and having a good attitude aalways help and it makes up for those clothes….

  44. Anna Molly says:

    Hey A2S :)

    TexaSD ~ Yes, please share :)

    Thanks Dee :)

  45. TexaSD says:

    Hmm, Test**

  46. always2sweet says:

    hahaha right?!?!, ok I am going to try you ONE more time lol, yours is at live mail right, and not hot?

  47. lara says:

    Oh Anna , keep hoping, ya never know….

    Hi TexasSD.

    Rudy I will take pics and put the cupcakes on the gravatar and ask OC for copyrights cuz she was the first to put the sprinkles on….

    Always 2 try juicing vegetables also or make combinations as they don’t have as much sugar.

    Working on my profile and I hope my pics will be ready tmrw…. woohooo. So far not very happy with my responses.

    Last but not least hi to everyone blogging tonight….

  48. Midwest SB says:

    A2S – yes. Perhaps your people should call my people while we blog :-)

  49. Midwest SB says:

    TexasSD – many of the bloggers posted clips from their profiles…care to share?

  50. always2sweet says:

    not sure who all just jumped on aside from AM and TexaSD, but hey all!

    Midwest, I never got anything from you. Did you already send?

  51. Just Dee in NC says:

    Anna Molly, if he isn’t, he SHOULD be.

  52. Anna Molly says:

    Hmmm, it would be nice to think that TexaSD might be a little smittin :)

  53. Midwest SB says:

    Azn – I’d like to introduce you to TexasSD – he has spent time in Canada.

  54. Anna Molly says:

    Hey TexaSD :)
    I’m doing good thank you. How about you?

  55. Just Dee in NC says:

    Oh look, ANNA comes online and TexaSD comes out of hiding. That ought to tell you something, Anna Molly. :-) :-)

  56. TexaSD says:

    I am right here, how are you Anna?

  57. Anna Molly says:

    Where are the SD’s tonight?

  58. Anna Molly says:

    O I C…. :)

    Thanks Midwest :)

  59. Midwest SB says:

    Great suggestions Margo – Thanks! Hmmm – have to visit the library and Empire State Building while I’m there. I didn’t really get to experience the city first time around.

    Anna – Hearts are breaking b/c the blog sds can’t be cloned.

  60. Anna Molly says:

    Really, I can’t find a dress…not kidding. I’m frustrated :(

  61. Margo says:

    Midwest – here are current successful bids for priceline:
    Jolly Madison Tower (3*, Madison Avenue at 38th Street) – $99
    Morgans (4*, 237 Madison Avenue) – $142
    You would better bid for Empire State Building area or Chelsea, because they are closest.

  62. Anna Molly says:

    Why are hearts breaking? Hmmmm.

  63. Rudy says:

    Hi Ladies! Are you still out there?

    Lara: Coconut cupcakes sound yummy!

    Anna: You can never go wrong with a great pair of heels. It never fails when you are looking for something specific, it’s nowhere to be found!

  64. Midwest SB says:

    Hi Anna! It’s always tough to find a dress when you need it. Of course when you don’t…they are everywhere! I’m sure you have some dresses that are well suitedl Just change up the accessories! Viola!

  65. Just Dee in NC says:

    Hi, Anna!

    Welcome, Tabi. Yeah, I haven’t been on the blog for long and don’t know the whole story, but he seems to be someone to avoid. You can always ask the ladies who posted about him earlier.

  66. Anna Molly says:

    What have I missed….did the streaker come back? lol
    Didn’t find a dress, I just can’t find a dress that looks good on me…ugh!
    I guess I’ll have to go with a nice pair of slacks and heels. Hello everyone :)

  67. always2sweet says:

    lol dont see anything in the inbox yet, but will keep an eye out! Atleast we know what the problem was now lol.

    YUM, fresh pineapple! Only fruit I have is apples and oranges right now :( but I am going to stock up, b/c I got a juicer and want to try juicing for breakfast every morning!

  68. lara says:

    @Azn I became addicted to the blog. Even started to think that it would be fun to find that in real life. Yeah I know…. a dreamer but at least I have hopes.

    @ Just Dee I plan to make some coconut cupcakes for Thanksgiving and my friends are already lined up.

    @ Midwest: I am counting the hearbroken….

  69. Just Dee in NC says:

    Oh, that sounds good, A2S. I have some fresh pineapple in the fridge that’s calling my name.

  70. Midwest SB says:

    Blonde moment + new e-mail is dangerous! A2S you have mail.

  71. always2sweet says:

    changed my mind and made a cup of hot spiced apple cider!

  72. always2sweet says:

    ok, well try mine

  73. always2sweet says:

    that is the address that I sent to before…aaaaand it just got sent back to me lol wtf?!

  74. AznCanadian Rose says:

    Thanks lara!

    Yeah there is so much stuff on this blog -it’s almost addictive!( Like many other n00bs have stated-haha)

    chocolate is soooo good. Lindt is on sale at shoppers. Yippee.

  75. Midwest SB says:

    There are hearts breaking all over the blog :-)

  76. Just Dee in NC says:

    Good heavens, we are SO good for these men’s egos.

  77. Just Dee in NC says:

    Midwest, please underscore that “a great guy.” I’d snatch him up in a heartbeat if I had the chance, and so would a dozen other women here. :-)

  78. Midwest SB says:

    Margo – If I am on my own, I’d like to keep int under $150 with parking and taxes. If I share a room with an sb or two, we can go a little higher. I just don’t want to stay somewhere unsafe or undesirable.

  79. Just Dee in NC says:

    Hi, lara! I went to the grocery store on Sunday and even though I was dying for some chocolate, I bought a lot of fresh fruit instead. If chocolate’s in the house, I’m going to eat it.

    Three more months until Girl Scout cookies . . . Three more months until Girl Scout cookies . . . Three more months until Girl Scout cookies . . . Three more months until Girl Scout cookies . . . Three more months until Girl Scout cookies . . . Three more months until Girl Scout cookies . . .

  80. Midwest SB says:

    JD – Well said. There is one SD who is more patient than others :-) It’s because he’s 1) smitten and 2) a great guy.

  81. Margo says:

    Midwest – what price range hotels are you looking for?

  82. lara says:

    Welcome Azn I am in the same situation as you are, meaning being a newbie but I guess it depends on the profile and on how you deal with the pots. Just be patient and positive. Also like I was told: read the old blogs , there are packed with valuable advice. And if you have any question ask, people here in the “sugar bowl” are surprisingly nice and try to help.

    I was not necessarily been successful so far but I take it easy and besides this blog is just nice and a good read over all.

    MMMM I love chocolate: I am a chocoholic and and an aspiring chocophile. My fav brand is Neuhaus so far and the chocolate places in Brussels are just divine. I am like a kid in the candy store literally, I need supervision……

  83. Just Dee in NC says:

    Azn, if you’ll keep an eye on the blog, there are some wonderful SDs who post regularly, and they can answer your concerns. But you’ll have to bear in mind, these are guys with a lot of class who post. We aren’t lucky enough to have 10,000 SDs in the database here just like our posters.

    If you aren’t comfortable with sex on the first date, so be it. You are certainly entitled to refuse that. You just have to make it clear that no first-date sex, and no test drives. There are a fair number of men who will walk away at that point – their loss, not yours. Having money doesn’t mean a man has class.

    Just remember, though, that very few of these men are willing to wait around for long periods, handing you an allowance or paying for your travel, and NOT get sex. You’ll have to address with each man how long you expect to know him before you’re willing to become intimate. Two dates? Three? A couple of months or more? As long as you’re upfront and honest, you’ll find someone willing to work within your constraints.

    How about it, gentlemen? Give us your perspective.

  84. always2sweet says:

    Midwest that is a great idea! Thank you, that helps a ton. Hey, did you ever try to email me? For some reason my email does not like your email addy lol so maybe if you mail me I could get you saved to my address book and not have that problem. Not sure why it wont let me send you anything, but everytime I have tried it returns to me

  85. Midwest SB says:

    Azn – any respectful SD would not push the sex issue immediately. Nor would they ask for movies, nude pics etc. Delete and block. Don’t waste any time on those guys.

  86. AznCanadian Rose says:

    Thanks Midwest SB!

    That was very helpful!

  87. always2sweet says:

    hahaha agreed, my Gram brought me back some chocolate to taste when she went to Belguim for a WWII thing for her dad quite a few years ago – even though she knows Im not a sweets person – and it was AMAZING. She said that Teuscher chocolates are the only things that even compare. I tried to get her some when I was in NY this summer, but the day I went there they closed early :(

  88. AznCanadian Rose says:

    Just Dee in NC,

    I realize it’s not exactly like dating(most potential sd’s are married so i know you can’t prance around town together) nor just hanging out and looking cute(it can be included though, right?). But uh…hmmm…a little less obvious would be nice.

    I guess what I mean to say is-should you(SD) really heavily hint at sex on the first date?
    Is it reasonable for him to expect to get laid-day one?
    First date sex-that’s not in my comfort zone…

    so yeah, I don’t mind the waiting…

    Tons of creepers asking for nude pics, camera shows-both of which I didn’t do for my ex.s, ’cause that stuff can haunt you, and test drives.

    I think the creepiest thing was when a fellow who looked an AWFUL lot like one of my old high school teachers was on the other side of skype…

  89. Midwest SB says:

    A2S – You were asking about non profits before. Instead of starting one, you can hold an event or get sponsored for an existing event and donate any proceeds to the charity of your choice. Does this help?

  90. Just Dee in NC says:

    Godiva is fabulous, A2S, but I had some dark chocolate brought to me from Belgium a few years ago, and it was out of this world. It made Godiva taste like very cheap chocolate.

  91. always2sweet says:

    I think I will make some hot chocolate(not big on sweets, but that sounds good, only candy chocolate I really do is godiva truffles. YUM!)

  92. Midwest SB says:

    Azn – those guys are fishing in a barrel – they are bound to find someone willing to hook-up. NEXT!

    If you wear a small, then I’m sure slim or athletic would be a fair desription. You have to realize that your opinion of you is not always the same as that of the men who view you. Be confident in yourself, show it in your profile, your heading and your pics…you will get more views and the right guys.

  93. Just Dee in NC says:

    Have some chocolate, A2S. I had a caffe mocha yesterday and it did a lot to readjust my attitude.

  94. Just Dee in NC says:

    Azn……you do understand that a SD/SB relationship is about MUTUAL benefits? It isn’t about romance and love and marriage. They provide an agreed-upon level of financial assistance in exchange for a certain level of companionship, which doesn’t mean hanging out and looking cute.

  95. always2sweet says:

    Indeed JD, no pitty parties tonight is a good idea. I dont want to wallow in self pitty, or anything of the sort, just had to vent. But you are right, and I will now leave vent land, before I creep over the border into pitty lol

  96. AznCanadian Rose says:

    Thanks Midwest SB!

    The problem is that I am in a small town for my university education.
    But I am from the city-Toronto.

    One of the fellows that took the train to see me said that if I was any further I would be a flat out no. Haha.

    I do have a photo up-probably not my best one, I dunno how to chose.

    I describe myself as average- but none of the descriptors seemed too fitting for me (I don’t fit XS often but I can wear S quite comfortably-but I’m not as thin as other asian girls…).

    Everyone who posts to me seems to want one thing and I’m sure y’all know what it is.

    bleh. I didn’t tolerate it from my law-school ex.bf or my med-school ex. bf’s-not gonna tolerate it now. I want to be romanced first, is that so hard to understand?

  97. Just Dee in NC says:

    A2S, tell me about it. I’m not in a “geographically preferred” area, and then there’s the whole age thing.

    But right at this moment, it’s a lovely, lazy Friday night, and I’m going to put it all out of my mind. Tonight I choose not to spend my energy in feeling blue or feeling sorry for myself.

  98. always2sweet says:

    Midwest clear your cache, and see if that helps. Travel, shopping, sale sites etc remember your ISP address so when you return to their site, it will show that the price of your desired destination/item whatever is substantially more than it was when you first looked at it because now they know what you want. I got that tip from Good Morning America lol :)

  99. Midwest SB says:

    NYGent – I’ve found a few between LGA and Gramercy that are just under $100 and 3 1/2 stars or better. Then it jumps to $250.

  100. always2sweet says:

    also, I have been on the site for over a month, and realized today that I have less than 100 profile views…gotta say, not a confidence booster lol

  101. Midwest SB says:

    Hi AznCanadian Rose – Welome. There are quite a few sbs and sds from Canada on the blog….be patient and they will be online soon. If you read the earlier blogs, some have posted their profile info so you can see where they are.

    If you want to see some amazing tips about profiles, look in the Halloween blog for Flo Ridas profile tips – it’s a long one!

    I’m surprised by your age and location that you haven’t had more views. Do you have a photo up?

  102. NYGent says:

    Dec. 8 gang: sorry I cannot help on hotel recs as opposed to retaurant recs. never stay at them, so don’t know them, and when family/friends come to town they stay with me (that is not an invitation! lol). I do know the Gramercy Park hotel which is near the reso is fabulous, but very pricey. I believe there are several cheaper hotels in that area though.

  103. always2sweet says:

    thanks midwest. I know I need to tweek my profile(have to wait for the pics I want to use to be sent to me since my nieces broke my camera, and I dont have the ones I wanted, Im at another person’s mercy when it comes to pics) and I dont live in a “preffered geographic area” either, so I am sure that attributes to it some too. I think I just might also be wondering if I am sugar baby “material”. I know that everyone has their preference(sp) so I dont expect someone who has an afinity for lets say a beachy type girl to be barking up my tree, but I am just not sure what aside from making profile changes and being patient I could do. And while I do plan on making those changes and seeing what happens, I wonder if they will make a huge difference, ya know. Its been a rough couple weeks in sugar life and RL, so I think Im just really frustrated. Neither life is proving to be very eventful or fun for me right now. And now I will stop venting lol

  104. AznCanadian Rose says:


    I’ve only been around for actually less than a month-400 profile views later…no sd.
    haha-loads of good laughs and creepy emails. but more of the creepy stuff.

    How soon should a sugar respond to an initial message from a potential they’re interested in?

    I do my best to respond immediately but within a day or 2 of reading

    Do you think you’ve ever lost your chance for an arrangement because you didn’t reply to a sugar soon enough? If so, why didn’t you?
    Probably. Oh well.

    Have you ever given a sugar a “second chance”? Why or why not?

    Only had 2 dates with 2 potential sd’s.
    Not digging it so far, I’m not sure which group had more tact my drunken 20 year old ex.bf’s or these guys 2-3x my age (I’m 19 fyi).

    Are any of you from Canada? How’s your luck?

  105. Midwest SB says:

    A2S – It takes time. I’ve been on about 6 weeks and have one pot that I’ve been in touch with for about a month. We were supposed to meet, but it’s postponed until Dec. The other two have been in touch a few weeks and have dates scheduled for Dec as well.

    If it helps, I’m not in a “preferred geographic area” nor am I below 30. Therefore, I have to be a bit more patient and work at it. The advice received on the blog helped me tweak my profile to get some more views. I will say that I don’t have to sift through a lot of the junk others get, so there is an upside.

  106. always2sweet says:

    How has the sugar dating been thus far Midwest? I am starting to get really discouraged about the whole thing. :(

  107. Midwest SB says:

    Lisa – I think the blog is experiences some of the same issues when we got messages like posting too quickly or duplicate posts.

    A2S – I’m fine. No more sugar dates until after Thanksgiving. So, I’m sending out a few e-mails and keeping it alive.

  108. always2sweet says:

    sorry that happened lisa…what the hell is going on around here? Seems like a lot of people are getting censored lately.

  109. Rudy says:

    Hi Sweet Sugars!! I am finally home :) I tried a new class at the Y called Balletone and it was great!!

    My BBerry would not let me post today, but I have been trying to follow the blog despite that.

    Congrats to all the SBs who have pot SDs and dates :)

    Anna Molly: Jersey Boys came to TPAC in TN earlier this year and it was a big success; I have no doubt you will enjoy it.

    Just Dee & Kitten: I am all for a meet up in our area!

    EbonySB: Welcome to the blog! It sounds to me like you have a great pot SD. Something I have noticed when viewing profiles is some SDs have mentioned they do not want to deal with endless back and forth emails. Having said that, it appears to me that your pot SD just wants to cut to the chase and set something up. I would advise to be concise in response to him and state exactly what type of arrangement you are seeking…something like, “Thanks for the interest”…”My ideal arrangement would be”…..just a thought. I have no doubt you have already received some great advice from fellow bloggers:) However, that’s my take on the email in case you haven’t responded already and good luck!

    Back in a bit, I need to eat :)

  110. always2sweet says:

    Im ok, decided to make it an at home night, my back is friggin killing me! How are you Midwest?

  111. lisa says:

    If I can’t post what I had to say, which was just an update on my exboss drama, well goodnight everyone, boring blog

  112. lisa says:

    I posted something but I guess i’m on the blacklist now

  113. lisa says:

    ok i’m being m o d e r a t e d now what’s the deal

  114. Midwest SB says:

    Hi A2S. How are you?

  115. always2sweet says:

    Im home too :( lol

  116. Midwest SB says:


    That’s what I get for being home on a Friday night *sigh*

  117. Midwest SB says:

    Thanks Margo – I like Hotwire too. I’m hoping NYGent will have some suggestions based on experience and proximity.

  118. Margo says:

    Midwest SB, book a hotel at priceline. I did it several times, and twice at NYC.

  119. Midwest SB says:

    Evening Sugars!

    NYGent – you are a prince for making arrangements…I wonder what surprises NC Gent has in store :-)

    I’d love to come to NYC. I can easily arrange the plane trip. NeOhio SB and Yaz10 -would either/both of you care to share a room? I was considering flying in late on the 7th and out early on the 9th to spend some time, but there are also flights arriving around 2pm on the 8th, so I stay one night. You can e-mail me at life_is_good_today (as written) at y place and we can cover details.

    NYGent – Can you recommend a few hotels?

  120. Margo says:

    Thank you, Villa, for explanation about sugar dating sites. I’ve submitted a message mentioning an additional site, but cannot find that in the blog. Was that forbidden? Maybe there are some rules with I don’t know?
    My question is – what are we allowed to post here and what – not? I feel confused.

  121. lara says:

    Hi everybody,

    The blog is pretty quiet at this time. I am glad for the NY group, hope you will have lots of fun. I even fantasized on going to NY but I am stuck at work….

  122. NeOhio SB says:

    NYGent ~~ Did you see Chris Speilmans wife, Stephanie passed away yesterday from her breast cancer battle??? Very sad. Actually i know her well…..and went on the Buckeye Cruise last Feb..the annual fundraiser. Very very sad….4 young children and she will be highly missed in the Buckeye community.

  123. Yaz10 says:

    Hey everyone! :-)

    NYGent Thanks for making this happen! Should be a lot of fun. And thanks to NCGent for the idea!!

  124. NeOhio SB says:

    SDN ~~ You meant to say “up, not down”…Its at that place “up north” this year….Always a chance our paths could have crossed…i am NOT in cl. but have a few tax clients there and did some consulting quite a bit in downtown cl and have many business contacts. If you go about 1 hr southeast…you will find me. :)

  125. SD NEOhio (SDN) says:

    Going out for the night…ttyl

  126. NYGent says:

    NEOhio: i didn’t think it sounded like you and i do recall you were hidden . . .so some other SB from your neck of the woods somehow managed to view me although i’m hidden too — can’t figure that one out.

    thanks for offer of paraphanelia, although my whole family is OSU alums (as i am) and one has a close connection to the team.

  127. SD NEOhio (SDN) says:

    Not going to go down, have friends coming to town so will take them out.

    LOL, that would be awesome if we have met and didn’t know it. I am in Cleveland.

  128. NeOhio SB says:

    SDN ~~ Did you decide if you are going or not??? Out of curiosity, do you mind divulging what part of NE Ohio you are in? Wondering if our paths have crossed somewhere, sometime.

  129. SD NEOhio (SDN) says:

    Hi NeOhio. I am ready for Saturday!!! (it is a football thing NeOhio aren’t SD/SB)

  130. NeOhio SB says:

    Young ~~ The SDs here and SBs will always give you great advice…never hesitate to ask a question…we are all here to give advice, insight or share any expertise we have. Welcome to the blog.

  131. NeOhio SB says:

    NYGent ~~ First, my profile is hidden…NOT viewable ….Second…no unicorns in my profile…Buckeyes, La Perla, NYCity, fine wine…yes…!! And you are very much welcome. Heading early am “up north”….Let me know if you would like any from the Shoe Buckeye paraphanalia…would be happy to bring up on Dec. 8th.

  132. YoungEbonySB says:

    Thanks NYGenT

  133. YoungEbonySB says:

    Thanks for clearing things up and showing me the ropes. :-)
    I was confused at 1st but now i figured it out and responded to his email already. I hope he writes back :-)

  134. NYGent says:

    young ebony: his referene to money doesn’t necessarily mean what is referred to on this blog as “pay per play,” i.e., a per meeting fee. It could well just be a question as to what kind of allowance you want (did you don’t post a $ figure and just list “open negotiable?”). And I think all he’s saying when he talks about “progress” is wanting to make sure that you understand that mutual benefits is a two way street. surprisingly not all SBs get that fact and are really just hoping for a “hang out allowance.” Some SDs will do that (I am currently in such an arrangement) although most (like me) are not looking to continue that in perpetuity. I think he’s just saying he doesn’t fall in that category either. So no, I don’t think his response is out of line, although it doesn’t guarantee a happy result either.

    NEOhio: thanks and yes, it was NC Gent’s original idea. Also, not sure but i may have just viewed your profile? reference to unicorns? In any event see you soon and go Bucks, beat Michigan!

  135. SD NEOhio (SDN) says:

    Young he is asking for what kind of compensation you are looking to get for your time and companionship.

    You need to know what it is you want out of the relationship, an allowance, trips, shopping, NSA from him. There may be a majority wanting an allowance or shopping but each SB is different. Know what you want and make it clear to him.

    Also know what you are willing to give in the relationship, time, friendship, intimacy. If there is a time line to progress from one stage friends to another intimacy. But be clear and up front with him.

    My SB and I care about each other and have come to an arrangement that works for us. We “clicked” before the arrangement. I wouldn’t have it any other way.

    If any SBs disagree please chime in, love to hear your prospective.

  136. YoungEbonySB says:

    “let me know what you are looking for time and money wise. and where do you come from
    .do to my work hours I have limited time to spare. I am looking to meet up with a female once or twice a week ,for dinning
    and one on one and more to do as time progress sorry to be so bold ,however I am a Man and I have needs .If this works for you then lets talk”

    Thats the message he sent me. I dont know how to respond. A freind of mine was telling me only prostitutes have rates. When he says time and money wise, isnt he asking for my rates?

  137. SD NEOhio (SDN) says:

    Hey YoungEbony…can you give us more detail? What about responding has you stumped?

  138. YoungEbonySB says:

    hey ladies and gents
    im new to this website and i need some advice.
    a potential sd contacted me but i dont know how to respond :-/
    help please

  139. NYGent says:

    Muse: i fantatize about moving to Paris too, or Aix or Arles or Avignon . . .

  140. NeOhio SB says:

    Muse ~~ I second your “thanks” to NY Gent for organizing this…although i do believe it was NC Gents original idea….So, on behalf of the SBs that are planning on going….i will personally send my “Thank You” to the both of you Gents. :) Fantastic idea….and i am very much looking forward to it.

  141. SD NEOhio (SDN) says:

    Hey everyone.

  142. Muse says:

    NYGent – Yep. I’m a New Yorker through and through (well, except when I’m fantasizing about moving to Paris.) I just don’t know if I advertised that before. And I’ve got all the details noted. Thanks for organizing this.

    Anna – I’m sure you’re going to look gorgeous in whatever you pick out and I can’t wait to hear about your date. I have my fingers crossed that you meet someone absolutely amazing.

    and Happy Friday everyone else!

  143. Just Dee in NC says:

    Southern Gent, some of us in the Southeast are tossing around the idea of a dinner in our region. I’ve suggested Atlanta. Would we be able to sweettalk you into making an appearance, if such a gathering does occur?

    And anyone else on the blog who is interested in attending is welcome.

    Kitten, Rudy – either of you still here?

  144. lisa says:

    lol NeOhio SB Let’s say my day got off to a very good start but has been boring ever since.

    I just got an email from a guy accusing me of stealing someone else’s picture, he said he met that woman in Virginia, I don’t know what his problem is because that’s my pic. I asked him for the profile number of the woman who has the same picture.

  145. SouthernGent2 says:

    CarlyinTN – 3k per month only meeting once per month is a very generous allowance iyam

  146. NeOhio SB says:

    2Chic ~~ Assuming you did NOT have any bizarre guest showing up…did you??

  147. 2Chic says:

    NeOhio SB

    Very, very interesting to say the least. My dress was fierce!

  148. SouthernGent2 says:

    NYGent – I might not be much on NYC, but you made a great choice at the Gramercy. And my former sb would agree with me 😉

  149. NeOhio SB says:

    Good afternoon to all!!

    NYGent ~~ Got the detailed info for Dec. 8th. Perfect. Will make contact with AM and Yaz as I will be in ny city for the entire day at the hotel prior to the dinner and they are more than welcome to camp out with me earlier to get ready for the dinner…and then afterwards. Will attempt to find out which hotel NC Gent will be staying so we can get a room right next to him and torment him alllllll nite long.

    CarlyinTN ~~ Only YOU can know if that arrangement works for you. All depends on your needs and wants. You have to know if that is right for you or not.

    OC ~~ Sounds like the sprinkles just keep on comin and comin and comin. So happy for you. Congrats and good luck.

    2Chic ~~ How was your Hollywood event last nite???

    AM ~~ Good luck shopping for your dress. I am sure you will pick out something wonderful that will be perfect for your special evening and you will look absolutely beautiful and stunning in it. :)

    Lisa ~~ Your comment about the panties…?? Suffice to say..i won’t even go there………..lol.

    VC ~~ Bella keep missing you…..will try you later.

  150. VillaCypris says:

    OC – that’s fantastic! I’m very happy for you. i’m off to powerwalk… not on the beach, but it’ll do for now. ciao all xx

  151. NYGent says:

    O(P)C no just a typo

    • OCSugarbaby says:

      NyGent current Pot SD ski’s too! So, all around best choice. This will be a life changing arrangement. I am still dazed at the full scope of everything.

  152. cleo says:

    CASB: oh!!!!

    so much good luck babes, rock that audition!

  153. 2Chic says:

    Hi Sugas,

    Wow, NYGent, you are seriously getting it going. I def like that!

  154. Anna Molly says:

    I’m off to take a warm bath and then go shopping for a dress. Wish me luck with that, I’m going to need it :)
    I’ll catch up with everybody later.

  155. NYGent says:

    PC: Mr. nameless sounded like the better bet than ski daddy anyway.

  156. CarlyinTN says:

    Hi sugars! how do we feel about a 3k monthly allowance, meeting once per month with occasional travel?

  157. Anna Molly says:

    Yaz ~ We need to get in touch. Taz, BG, photogirl and NYGent have my email :)

  158. CASB says:

    Well off to work then a huge interview/audition to be the spokesmodel for a HUGE electronics company that shall remain nameless! 😉 Have a great day all!

  159. EastCoastFilly says:

    Thanks NYGent!! Sounds great!
    Something to look forward to :)

  160. NYGent says:

    OC: congrats. is that the ski pot or the other (nameless) one?

    • OCSugarbaby says:

      Hi NYGent it is the nameless or now named pot SD who gets my full attention. I have also posted that I have hidden my profile to fully focus on this one. All the white noise from having my profile viewable was becoming distracting. I think he has noticed and appreciates the focus :)

  161. VillaCypris says:

    OC – yay!!!! I’m happy to hear that!

  162. Anna Molly says:

    Thanks NYGent :)
    This is going to be fun!

  163. NYGent says:

    To the December 8 group: We have a reso for 10 people at 6:30 p.m. at Giorgio’s of Gramercy, 27 E. 21st betw Broadway and Park Ave.. I have not been there but they have very good reviews as a neighborhood place that will take a big group. I did have to put down a credit card to reserve it so would appreciate if any of your plans change to let me know. It is a bit on the early side but if some of you are a little late it won’t be a problem. I count the following as “definites”: NC Gent, myself, Anna Molly, Yaz, Muse, NeOhio SB, Creme Brulee, East Coast Filly. Possibles: NYC SB, Flo Rida, Midwest SB. Am I missing or overincluding anyone?

  164. VillaCypris says:

    hi OC 😀

    we need a beach powerwalk!!

  165. RX8sb says:

    ooo I can do cali. I am a deported californian, I would love any excuse to go there

  166. lisa says:

    I’ve put on my panties twice today, but that’s a different story I won’t get into, lol

  167. lisa says:

    Sure but they aren’t that big, lol hope size 6 fits everyone

  168. CASB says:

    OC: What sophomoric behavior? Did I miss something?

  169. CASB says:

    Eek.. sounds like it’s time to liven the mood in here!

    So now that we have a few CA SD’s in here, maybe we should get a SoCal dinner party in the works? 😉 My schedule is pretty crazy until Dec. 16, only a few free nights in there til then.

  170. RX8sb says:

    Morning OC

    How are you doing?? Seems like the day or two I was away alot went on.

  171. lisa says:

    Good morning, afternoon here, OC

    • OCSugarbaby says:

      Happy Friday Miss Lisa Penelope! Can you hand out some big girl panties today??? Me thinks some are seriously needed!

      RX’y just your “not so” typical or sugary week on the blog. Sadly enough…

  172. lisa says:

    I wouldn’t mind a sd that was looking for a serious relationship as long as he kept sugarfying me, ,lol I checked that site and I seen a couple guys on that site that were also on AM, looking for affairs. One guy is also on match, and several other sites for at least the last 5 years. He has contacted me several times and poofed. Also has same pic as 5 years ago.

  173. VillaCypris says:


  174. SanFranSB says:

    Trader SD… are you located in northern or southern CA?

    • OCSugarbaby says:

      Good Morning Lisa, VC, Rx’y, Dee and SanFranSB!

      SanFran SB, Trader SD is in the LA area. But sadly enough I have advised my two SD (new) blog’ers to hold off posting until this sophmoric behavior ceases on here. I am embarrassed that I even brought them into the evil eye of it all. They came here for sugar talk. Which is too bad I know they would fit right in with you girls.

  175. lisa says:

    Favorite flavor of coffee? I like the holiday flavors, pumpkin spice, peppemint mocha, but everyday favorites are caramel and hazelnut

  176. VillaCypris says:

    margo –

    from what i’ve heard….

    If you’re looking for true SD/SB … i think SEEKINGARRANGEMENT is by far the best site for that… jut my opinion.

  177. lisa says:

    Just found out that her bond has been raised to 75k and if does post bond, she’ll have to wear an ankle monitor. I doubt she’ll be able to post bond.

  178. RX8sb says:

    if he stays around for the cops to show up that is.

    out and about my favorite is caramel machaiato, at home it is nutella capachino

  179. RX8sb says:

    tell me about it. I even had a protection order out on him.

    But on the plus side, if he ever shows up at my house, I can call the cops tell them he is clinically insane, I fear for my life. And that is automatic jail time.

  180. RX8sb says:

    unfortunately mine likes victims. though only those he knows is weaker then himself. he is a coward

    Maybe the courts will come to their senses as he has never done anything they have ordered him to. But I won’t be holding my breathe.


    What is everyone’s favorite flavor of coffee?

  181. lisa says:

    yes I thought about that Villa, hope the seeking arrangement stuff doesn’t get out, yikes

  182. VillaCypris says:

    Lisa – send her good thoughts and energy, and hope you don’t end up on the witness stand.

    RX8 – wow. not sure what to about that… sounds like the law is failing on multiple levels there….

  183. lisa says:

    I was lucky as my ex husband who left me a month before our daughter was born never had any interest and only seen our daughter 3 times with supervision. I was worried he might take her back to the middle east. So glad she’s 18 now but had no issues with him at all, luckily.

  184. lisa says:

    Probably so Villa, but I can keep up with what’s going on in the news
    There are a couple group pics in the break room at work so I see her everyday while i’m on lunch. I’ve never known a criminal before. Well I had a boss years ago that had been in prison and is now back in but he was a coke head, it was obvious as he was snorting on the job.

  185. RX8sb says:

    insane— bi-polar, schzo, and multiple personalities.

    NV is an equal rights state. and it favors the handicap. even though he get a new job weekly to monthly, thinks he doesn’t have to pay bills, and that he is exempt from following laws. not to mention in MN he is deemed unfit to care for himself.

    go figure.

  186. VillaCypris says:

    Lisa – i know… but in this case it’s probably better you did not know, nor keep in contact with her.

  187. VillaCypris says:

    RX8 – sorry to hear…. “clinical” …. depressed? insane?

    the courts in MN are slanted towards the mother having custody…. and employ the “best interests of the child” standard… it wouldnt seem that your child’s father passes that standard, unless the court decided that depriving your child of contact with his father outweighs the potential harm of said contact…..

  188. lisa says:

    sounds like AM? everyone that contacted me on the at site (dozens) looked like some homeless bumb and wanted to come over to my place. blah

  189. Just Dee in NC says:

    I tried that site, Margo. Bunch of really rude men.

  190. Just Dee in NC says:

    Margo, the site that I’m talking about isn’t a place where you’re going to find an SD. Trust me on this.

  191. lisa says:

    Yes I know she’s not innocent herself and i’m glad she never told me about her plan to do this. She had told me that she was back to sharing a bed with him and was trying to get along until she could save enough money for a divorce. The kids were an issue though. I had refered her to SA so that she could find a sd to help her financially and she did meet a couple but never told me about them. What I have found out is that she tried to hire her daughter’s exboyfriend to kill her husband. From what she told me in the past, she had been intimate with him too.
    It’s just hard to see those you care about going through so much. I feel guilty for not keeping touch with her when she transfered a few months ago, but you know how it is, you say you’ll keep in touch but you don’t

  192. NYGent says:

    muse: i must have missed it, are you in nyc area?

  193. RX8sb says:

    VC unfortunately the court systems favors the guilty, my ex is clinical, was even committed, but he gets alone and over night son with my son. Even though he tried to terminate the pregnancy. and admitted to his treatment failing and still being clinical.

    I have no faith in the public law system.

  194. VillaCypris says:

    Margo -i don’t know what site…. sounds like the men are nutters though!!!! yuck!!!!

  195. RX8sb says:

    sheesh, good luck on him ever meeting quality. but I bet he don’t care.

  196. VillaCypris says:

    Lisa – well I hope she gets proper representation…. knowing the presumption always favors the state…. don’t know much about law in TX but I assume she can get a public defender, at least, and a good one will craft her defense so as to bring in those issues you mentioned.

  197. kitten26 says:

    So then Southerngent , Texas SD , Just Dee, Rudy , and whoever else is south of the Mason dixon ——

    When are we planning the Southern meet up dinner ? 😉

  198. lisa says:

    That’s right Villa, and there are murderers and criminals in there too. My boss is a just a woman who was in an abusive relationship and trying to get a divorce but her husband was threatening to take away her twin boys. She was a little wild too, sleeps around alot, but then again she had a zombie husband hooked on prescription pain killers for his medical condtion. She was a great boss and would have gave me thanksgiving off unlike my current boss who is on a power trip being a 20 year old girl. I used to love going to work.

  199. Just Dee in NC says:

    Oh ick. I’m browsing through SD profiles and just ran across one that says (paraphrased, of course) there has to be a test drive to establish the chemistry before he will pony up any cash or gifts.

  200. Margo says:

    What site are you discussing?

  201. VillaCypris says:

    One of the worst things about being “in prison” is that once you are “in” you are at the mercy of the system. People can beat the sh*t out of you, kill you, deprive you of rights and liberties and there is NOTHING you can do….

  202. lisa says:

    ok just found out there are no Caribou coffee places within 50 miles of Houston, so it’s starbucks for me

  203. VillaCypris says:

    Lisa – RX8 – yeah it’s yummmmmmmmmmmmy! :)

    just dee – ick!!

  204. lisa says:

    I like orange but it really doesn’t suit me either, I think it looks better on darker skin. To me one of the worst things about being in prison would be not being able to wear my cute clothes. I hate wearing a uniform 5 days a week the way it is.

  205. Just Dee in NC says:

    I look dreadful in orange, Lisa, so I’ll pass on taking such a drastic measure.

  206. lisa says:

    uh oh Just Dee in NC, don’t try that, my boss is in big trouble today for trying to kill her hardheaded jerky husband

  207. Just Dee in NC says:

    Not with me, Anna. He might be purty and all that, but hard-headed and stubborn to the point where I’d end up killing him.

  208. lisa says:

    I got explicit pics of the guy doing two other women, very interesting, lol

  209. lisa says:

    I met my lover (quite by accident on adultff 5 years ago as I was just looking at the site for amusement) and in real life we would never cross paths. He lives in another city, works in the corporate world, and would never be in my neighborhood. Funny though that many of his new business clients just happened to be located on my side of the city, not my neighborhood, but 3 or 4 miles away.

  210. Just Dee in NC says:

    Pics. Phone numbers. Enough disgusting IMs and emails to throw it all together in my own porn script, should I be so inclined. Blech.

  211. lisa says:

    Many men, especially married are looking to be discreet and although they could find someone easily, it’s not that easy to just get involved with someone they meet in daily life, too risky, thus they look for someone at a distance from them that they would not cross paths with in real life. Meeting serious bfs is ok through family, friends, and work, but for relationships requiring more discretion, online might work better.

  212. Anna Molly says:

    Dee ~ Maybe he would be interested in something discreet? 😉

  213. lisa says:

    oh that site. I tried that site for a day looking for an sd, yikes, creepy but hey I got alot of pics, free porn, lol

  214. RX8sb says:

    Dee maybe he is hoping for an annon @#$% to be able to hide it?

  215. Just Dee in NC says:

    Cleo, this other site isn’t a SD/SB site … it’s more of a “hey baby wanna f*ck” site. This guy and his wife separated a few months ago. I’m surprised to see him registered at a place like that, though – he’s drop-dead, take-your-breath-away gorgeous, charismatic, and very well-liked. I can’t believe he needs to go online to find a date, when I know a BUNCH of women here in town who would give their right arm to go out with him.

  216. RX8sb says:

    OOO VC that sounds delish…

    I make mine at home. with starbucks coffee.

    Will have to try that one, i haven’t been to caribou yet.

    *keeps fingers crossed*

  217. Just Dee in NC says:

    SG2, if there is enough interest for a SD/SB dinner here in the South – perhaps Atlanta – would we be able to sweettalk you into coming? No dates have been chosen or details discussed. It’s just a pipe dream at the moment. But maybe sometime in the spring.

    In fact, I know I can be in Atlanta the weekend of March 18 through 21.

  218. lisa says:

    Wow my boss in in court today for her hearing on attempted murder for hire. I can’t believe as she was always so nice. The pics they have of her are terrible, she didn’t look like that at all. People are posting mean things about her but she was the best boss I ever had, also a good friend.

  219. lisa says:

    There aren’t any Caricous in my area, might be some in Houston but i’ve not seen one, raspberry white chocolate mocha, stop that Villa, that’s cruel, lol

  220. cleo says:

    JustDee: hilarious!

    i haven’t seen anyone i know here yet but then SD’s so rarely have pics in my town

  221. VillaCypris says:

    i hope so rx8! :)

    i didn’t know mc donald’s had lattes! i go to caribou more than starbucks… they have a really good rasp white chocolate mocha!

  222. lisa says:

    thanks Villa, it’s actually a lovely gloomy day , the rain just messed it up.
    No it’s caramel (mcdonalds) as it’s too nasty to go down to the starbucks today. It’s caffeine and that’s what I need

  223. RX8sb says:

    Thank you. Found him off of this site, but the advice and never give up attitude here helped greatly.

    And I hope things stay on track.

  224. VillaCypris says:

    Gm Lisa! Sending you some sunshine !! 8)

    latte… yum! is it pumpkin pie ???

  225. lisa says:

    Good morning Villa

    Having to eat fast food today, too messy to go anywhere. I chose a chicken sandwich over a hamburger though. And a latte. When I go to work tomorrow I will be able to pick up more nuts and fruits. I guess once a week won’ t hurt me. lol

  226. Just Dee in NC says:

    Oh y’all, this is WAY too funny. I was browsing the list of men in my area who are online right now on that other site, and there’s someone online I know in real life. And for compatibility, it gives us 5 out of 5 stars! ROFLMAO!!!! Riiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiight.

    It’s a good thing my photo over there is just of my eyes. And that I’m deleting said account.

    Darn, I can’t even tease him about catching him online on that site.

  227. Anna Molly says:

    SG2 ~ Awww too bad :(
    I was hoping I would get to meet you.

    I’ve never been to Richmond.

  228. VillaCypris says:

    SG2 – i love richmond! spent much time there while i was in school in VA. great city!

  229. VillaCypris says:

    congrats RX8!!!

  230. SouthernGent2 says:

    Anna Molly – I’m just not a NYC kind of person. Get me north of about Richmond, VA and I start to get culture shock lol

  231. VillaCypris says:

    hi just dee!

    oc… :)

    taz, am, sg2, alex, muse, lisa, rX8….

  232. RX8sb says:

    Thank you taz, won’t meet him till he gets back, but so far so great.

    I am doing real good Anna,

    I finally get to post about a real pot sd. :D:D

  233. Anna Molly says:

    Hi Alex…good luck :)

  234. Anna Molly says:

    Hello SG2, are you going to show up for dinner? :)

  235. lisa says:

    Good morning Just Dee, heading down now to get some lunch and coffee, still in the process of coming to life.

  236. Just Dee in NC says:

    Good morning, SG2! Hi, Alex, and good luck with your date next week.

    Morning, VC!

  237. Just Dee in NC says:

    Stephan, thank you for your post. You’ve relieved a lot of anxiety.

    Morning Lisa and Yaz and Muse and RX and Chanel and TexaSD!

    NEOhio, I lived in Cincinnati until I was 15. Four of my mom’s eight siblings and their 10,000 kids lived (then and now) in Detroit and suburbs. (Okay, not 10,000 – 7 kids in OH, 2 in TN, and 19 in that other place.) So anyway, considering the preponderance of people with Y chromosomes in Mom’s family, the annual Ohio-Other Place game was a BIG DEAL. Someone says “Rose Bowl” and I automatically say, “Ohio State.”

  238. Anna Molly says:

    Maybe this helped

  239. Anna Molly says:

    Hi RX8sb :)
    How are you?

    • OCSugarbaby says:

      I find it odd that one would come to the SUGAR blog thinking that it is their god given right to post. The sugar family has been around for a very long time and it welcomes EVERYONE. However when someone attacks or is harshly unjust with a existing member or new member it should be stoped.
      Posting comments about moderaters or SA and how others are being mis-treated is taking this wonderful place to talk SUGAR and cloging it up with disrespectful opinions. Please respect the others who post here on a regular basis and try to understand that no one puts a gun to your head to post. If you are unhappy, don’t post. Too bad you quickly forget that SA created this for us to enjoy!

  240. SouthernGent2 says:

    A dinner in NYC? Who is picking up the tab? 😉

  241. Taz says:

    Congrats RX :)

  242. VillaCypris says:

    Good morning! Sunny and beautiful here….. coffee time for me, too! :)

    in defense off Stephan – I have a really good friend who found an SD on here last spring…. and hasnt blogged in months. She needed Stephan’s help earlier this week, emailed him, and he took care of everything within the day.

    so, thanks Stephan! she appreciates it SO MUCH!

  243. Alex says:

    Hi, I just wanted to say hello. I’ve been on the site a while but I got put off by a rather pushy guy and haven’t been on here for months.

    I think I’ve found a really nice SD, we went on a date on Monday and he was a gentleman. We are supposed to have date 2 next week, which I’m really looking forward to.

    I emailed him first, and het got back to me very soon as he read my email.

    Also, he kept in regular contact by text and email in the days leading up to our first date so I felt very comfortable that he was for real.

    Fingers crossed all goes well.

    I love hearing what others have to say on here!

  244. Muse says:

    NYGent – I’m 100% in and very excited!

  245. RX8sb says:

    Anna Molly says:
    November 20, 2009 at 5:23 am

    Hi Dee, I’m having my coffee and it is so yummy

    Same here Anna, :)

    Morning NC Gent, count me out, I have to stay in vegas.

    And good morning Ladies and Gents. :D:D

    On a sugar note. of the 3 I was emailing and talking to, 2 were poof dadies, and the last one went from email to phone to text, and we get along great.

    He has to go to dallas and won’t be back till next week.

    TXSB is not banned and I have emailed her directly with my apologies for the issues with posts coming from her IP address.

    O good, was only a misunderstanding. I was starting to get pretty steamed up. aS That is way messed up.

    mmm odd a post got deleted.

  246. lisa says:

    December 8th, the 17th anniversary of my divorce, my childhood friend’s 46th birthday

  247. Anna Molly says:

    I just realized I get my hair and nails done on the 8th. Talk about perfect timing..lol. Must be fate :)

  248. lisa says:

    Have a good day Yaz10. I’m finally off from work but it’s a nasty day here.

  249. Yaz10 says:

    I’m off to work guys! Will see you all later! :-)

    Hi Lisa!

  250. lisa says:

    Good morning everyone. Rainy day in Houston. Just trying to get started after a very nice warm passionate morning with my lover.
    Waiting for the rain to slow so I can walk over and get some coffee. I’m stuck having to eat junk food today as I can’t get to the store.

  251. TexaSD says:

    about the big game, cool lol…

    Anna- Just been busy, I went to Vancouver, I came back, I have to type up a lot of reports, which at this very moment i am working on. Now I will shower

  252. ChanelSB2009 says:

    Hello to all.. I have a dilema. I have been talking to a pot sd who at this point is completely amazing. We seem to hit it off nicely. He knows I am a newbie and was upfront about allowance and we discussed the arrangement if we had chemistry when we met. He agreed to pay my minor travel expenses, (reimburse) and pretty sure he wants to become intimate immediately, ( like the first night we meet) although we discussed going to dinner and a play. My problem is I can’t verify anything about him but his name. He doesn’t want to share details of his job. I can understand, but just don’t want to make a stupid decision.

    Advice anyone?

  253. Anna Molly says:

    Taz ~ I know you’ll have a fab time on you pot date, but I do hope we get to meet soon :)

  254. Yaz10 says:

    Lol AM! :-)

    NeOhio : Sounds great! Let me know where and when you will be booking the room.
    NYGent can you please give her my email address? Thanks! :-)

  255. Taz says:

    Ladies I sooo wish I could make it Dec. 8th!!! Why do I have a hopefully amazing pot date that day?!?!

    Well…if it works out well this time (which I have no doubt that it will!)…hopefully the next one won’t be too far behind in the making…

    Morning Sugar Crew – hope everything is feeling fabulous this Friday :)

  256. Anna Molly says:

    Pillow fight…lol 😉

  257. NeOhio SB says:

    Morning Yaz ~~ Stretched and ready to run….will get to you when i get back from a run. Got your posting about NYC…absolutely…we will have a blast. Thinking to get a hotel room right next to NC Gent…we can torment him all nite long. :)

  258. Yaz10 says:

    Hi NeOhio SB!! :-)

  259. NeOhio SB says:

    TexaSD ~~
    Recap of Headline News~~

    The Gents on this blog have planned a casual dinner get together for SDs and SBs in NY City beg. of December. Would love to have you join us.

    One of your Longhorn SB bloggers has been banned from posting due to voicing her what I call “valuable and respected” opinion, however, the M deemed otherwise. We are trying to get her back on.

    Few new Cali SDs on the blog thanks to OC!!

    And to add my own Buckeye $.02….BIG game tomorrow up North that the few scarlet and gray on this blog know what i am talking about ( as well as Just D and a few others)…Lets GO Bucs !!!

    Now, i am dressed in proper attire for a cool morning run.

    Hope that helped ~~

  260. Yaz10 says:

    Hi AM!!!!! :-)

  261. Yaz10 says:

    Flo Rida cracked me up last night with her “Free Nelson Mandela!” Lmao

  262. NeOhio SB says:

    TexaSD ~~
    Recap of Headline News~~

    The Gents on this blog have planned a casual dinner get together for SDs and SBs in NY City beg. of December. Would love to have you join us.

    One of your Longhorn SB bloggers has been banned from posting due to voicing her what I call “valuable and respected” opinion, however, the moderator deemed otherwise. We are trying to get her back on.

    Few new Cali SDs on the blog thanks to OC!!

    And to add my own Buckeye $.02….BIG game tomorrow up North that the few scarlet and gray on this blog know what i am talking about ( as well as Just D and a few others)…Lets GO Bucs !!!

    Now, i am dressed in proper attire for a cool morning run.

    Hope that helped ~~

  263. Anna Molly says:

    Well, there is a dinner party in NYC on the 8th, a blogger has been banned for a while and we have a couple of new SD’s contributing :)

  264. Anna Molly says:

    TexaSD, where in the world have you been? We thought you poofed on us…lol.

  265. TexaSD says:

    wow, seriously, I am busy for a few days, and you guys type up a whole story for me to read… I am not sure I will have the time to read the whole blog, so instead of me trying to catch up, maybe just a re-cap from someone, would be Ideal

  266. Anna Molly says:

    I know…it’s a good thing you guys convinced me to stay :)
    I’m lucky to have friends like all of you :)

  267. Margo says:

    Anna Molly – you remember you wanted to quit!

  268. Margo says:

    “Beach_Girl*395953 says:
    November 19, 2009 at 9:05 pm

    Well, I was just asked, what I was going to give for the money… Ah , why do men don’t get it! i’m so tired of it…. ahhhhhh”

    If they start asking strange questions, you can clarify what exactly they are looking for. Before my last date the pot wanted to know how long would I have for lunch. That question looked strange to me. I thought it was clear that I would have enough time to have lunch.

  269. Anna Molly says:

    NeOhio SB ~ The more the merrier I always say. It will be nice to meet everyone and have a night out. :)

  270. NeOhio SB says:

    Just D ~~~ LMAO….trust me, i know that all too well. Ive been doing this “up north” migration every other year for many many years. This is THE game i haven’t missed since i was a rah rah for OSU many moons ago. Actually 2 years ago, my gfriend and I sat in the “team up north” student section just for the heck of it…the security guard offered to stand at the end of our bench as an added protection, but i have to say, we had the time of our life. 2 scarlet and gray amidst hundreds of blue and maize students…with the band in the section next to us. Some things in life are priceless. !!! And yes, i DO live life to the fullest…each and every day…cause you never know when that man above has your calling. Enjoy your day and weekend…..off to run.

  271. Margo says:

    “Taz says:
    November 19, 2009 at 8:16 pm

    Trader SD – to be honest I have suggested some SD’s come to the blog and they got very offended..so now I just keep my big mouth shut 😛 It’s their loss lol”

    Taz – why those SDs got offended? Do they think they know everything?

  272. Just Dee in NC says:

    NEOhio, just remember this about those people up above you: They’re ugly and their mothers dress them funny.

  273. Margo says:

    Lisa – if you don’t drink enough water, your skin becomes dry and gets older soon. To look younger you should moisturize your skin. Use oils for your skin as well.
    Anna Molly – this show is so good!

  274. Just Dee in NC says:

    I’m glad all of you can get together next month. You’ll have some terrific stories to tell. :-)

  275. NeOhio SB says:

    Happy Friday morning to all :)

    NCGent ~~ Was reading through last nites postings, I believe Midwest SB is very interested as well from her input of postings. Maybe she will respond in kind and detail to her availability.

    AM ~~ Congrats on your show going. Fantastic show if i may add. Sounds like he may be a great pot SD for you. I know Yaz mentioned in a post that my invitation to stay in a room w/ me was accepted….Let me know your thoughts, unless of course your SD will be joining you or providing a room for you in the city :)

    Just D ~~ Wish you could join us…:(

    Everyone have a fabulous day….im off for a cool morning run…then gearing up for my “trip up north” tomorrow early AM.

  276. Anna Molly says:

    Oh I’m rubbin’ Dee..I’m rubbin’….lol, just kidding :)
    You know I love ya :)

    Have a safe trip NC :)

  277. NC Gent says:

    Good morning Anna and Dee — heading out down to the coast — so won’t be blogging until very late today. Have a great weekend everyone!

  278. Just Dee in NC says:

    Oh, just rub it in, Anna Molly!!!!!!! :-)

  279. Anna Molly says:

    Can I sit inbetween NC and NY? :)

  280. Just Dee in NC says:

    Good morning, NC Gent.

  281. Just Dee in NC says:

    Anna Molly, you will LOVE Jersey Boys. My only complaint is that it’s about 3 hours too short.

    And a new dress! Way to go!

  282. Anna Molly says:

    Where did everybody go?!? Do I smell?…lol

  283. Anna Molly says:

    Hi NC, I’ll be there will bells on :)

  284. Anna Molly says:

    Although, the guy I was emailing was really nice, handsome and even like Incubus…maybe I’ll hear from him again. 😉

  285. NC Gent says:

    Good morning all! NY Gent is trying to book us a table for 10 early evening on the 8th. It looks like we have about that many showing up. Hopefully, since it is a Tuesday night, he will be able to get us a table that large at a nice place. Thanks for all your help on this NY Gent — sorry — I kind of committed a faux pas — (let’s have a party — you organize it NYG lol). Muse are you coming?

    Let me make a list:

    Anna Molly
    NYC SB (pretty sure)
    NE OhioSB
    Muse (?)
    Flo Rida (?)

    Please let me know if I missed anyone – don’t take it personally if I did, that I was I did the list :)

  286. Anna Molly says:

    Hi Dee, I’m having my coffee and it is so yummy :)
    I heard from my date on tues. he is taking me to see Jersey Boys so dinner will be at 5 instead. He also told me to buy a nice dress…his treat :)

  287. Just Dee in NC says:

    Mornin, Anna Molly.

  288. Anna Molly says:

    Good morning everyone :)

  289. cleo says:

    also re new year’s?

    i have no plans at all, in fact i’m considering convincing Trader to take me along as company on this boat he hangs out on…. ;>

  290. cleo says:

    JustDee: i only want him if he’s awesome but you guys lack spark… otherwise i’m either a) cheering for you or b) leaving him in the pool.

    gawd brains are the hottest things ever aren’t they?

  291. Muse says:

    Ok, I skipped ahead again but if you guys are hosting a sugar party on the evening of my birthday, I am 100% coming. And yes, you may sing to me. :)

  292. Muse says:

    I try but I can’t keep up with you guys recently. Real life is keeping me too busy!!

    Just Dee – sorry I wasn’t here to supply your chocolate yesterday but I had a 16 hour workday, after which I passed out and have been recovering from today.

    All the new SBs, I have been there and done that (if there is a mistake, I’ve probably made it) but the most important thing is to be patient. I know we all say it but it’s honestly true. There are a lot of idiots and jerks out there and it’ll feel like you get to meet every single one along the way but like everything else in life, you just have to stick it out until you meet someone great and then it’s all worth it. Plus, you have us here to support and advise you and that’s something I am always grateful for, even when I don’t need a shoulder or a scolding.

    And now I’m going to attempt to catch up on all the chatter…

  293. VillaCypris says:

    gn just dee!

  294. always2sweet says:

    Im so lost with what is going on on the blog

  295. Beach_Girl*395953 says:

    Just Dee~ night girl!

  296. Just Dee in NC says:

    No Sex Allowed!! ROFLMAO!!!! Oh, I love that!!!

    And on that note, it’s time for bed. Good night, all!

  297. Beach_Girl*395953 says:

    VC~ :( oh no…. now i won’t know…

  298. VillaCypris says:

    BG – it seems to have disappeared!?

  299. Beach_Girl*395953 says:

    Photo~ he didn’t reply yet lol

  300. Beach_Girl*395953 says:

    Taz~ yeah well……….No comment

  301. photogirl says:

    Just Dee – Yes! A cruise would be great too!

    BG – NSA = No Sex Allowed haha now you are really going to confuse him.

  302. Taz says:

    ughh..sorry to hear that :( don’t be discouraged though BG!!

  303. Beach_Girl*395953 says:

    VC~ I can’t find it….if you can mail me….

  304. Beach_Girl*395953 says:

    Taz~ he wants to pay for play, just asked me a tone of sex questions right now lol
    I said : doesn’t NSA mean no sex allowed?? lol He didn’t respond yet lol

  305. Just Dee in NC says:

    A cruise. Wouldn’t that be a fabulous way to spend New Year’s Eve?

  306. photogirl says:

    Yes I have heard they don’t wear undies…too darn hot!

  307. photogirl says:

    my comments are being m o d e r a t e d now…so reposting.

    VC – I am in FL. He is in T X. I would really enjoy a mini vacation.

    Just Dee – I am NOT a party person either… I’d enjoy a more quiet atmosphere… evening sharing a bottle of wine on the beach watching the fireworks would work for me. But like I mentioned, I’d love a mini vacation.

  308. Beach_Girl*395953 says:

    Taz~ i am not patient and he wants to know what i will do for the money??? ahhh no thanks, not a hooker

  309. Taz says:

    BG be patient – try to be gentle with him – maybe he is truly clueless??!

  310. VillaCypris says:

    good night amazon goddess!

  311. VillaCypris says:

    “Tell all the ladies I said hi and that us guys in the sandbox rarely wear underwear when in uniform……


  312. Beach_Girl*395953 says:

    VC~ no I didn’t let me go and look

  313. Amazon godess says:

    Good night all.

  314. VillaCypris says:

    BG – did you read what neohio SD said?? he is clone-worthy!

  315. Beach_Girl*395953 says:

    VC~ hi to the men in the Sandbox!!!

    Well, I was just asked, what I was going to give for the money… Ah , why do men don’t get it! i’m so tired of it…. ahhhhhh

  316. VillaCypris says:

    i will! thanks :) he’ll be home in january, end.

    photo – poor friend. hope he is safe!

  317. Anna Molly says:

    VC ~ Tell your friend hello and thank you for his service. Hope he comes home soon :)

  318. photogirl says:

    aww VC, tell him we said hello back! I have a friend of 20 yrs over in Bahgdad right now. Seems like he has been there forever and still has about another year over there.

  319. Anna Molly says:

    Ahhhh….Nathan Adrian…such a hottie :)

  320. VillaCypris says:

    i’m emailing with one of my best friends, army major, in iraq on his 4th tour. told him i’m in a VIRTUAL ROOM of beautifu women…. he’s jealous! hahahaha…. says hello to you all from “the sandbox”!!

  321. Taz says:

    No plans for NYE – I have always worked on NY’s – I am not sure what I would do with myself having a free ny’s…

    Hi VC, Rudy, Photogirl, AM, BG, Just Dee – anyone else I missed?

    Good night Trader SD!

    Hello and welcome CaliSD – since I missed you earlier today :)

  322. Beach_Girl*395953 says:

    Anna ~ yes that is true, everyone is amazed by that for some reason and that the metro, or subway goes under the river lol

  323. VillaCypris says:

    it;s ok, i had my “blonde moment” last week 😉 hello concrete. dohhhhh

  324. Anna Molly says:

    Montreal is terrible in the winter…you do have the underground shopping though :)

  325. photogirl says:

    VC – I am in FL. He is in TX. I would just enjoy a mini vacation lol

    Just Dee – I am NOT a party person either… I’d enjoy a more quiet atmosphere… evening sharing a bottle of wine on the beach watching the fireworks would work for me. But like I mentioned, I’d love a mini vacation.

  326. Beach_Girl*395953 says:

    VC~ yeah Lol wow what a blonde moment… lol
    Don’t know what i’m doing for NYE, but I hope that I would be on a beach somewhere …. anywhere but snowy Montreal!

  327. VillaCypris says:

    beach – new year’s eve

  328. VillaCypris says:

    photo – sorry! no NYE plans for me yet either…. to which state would you like to travel?

  329. Just Dee in NC says:

    I’m not a party person. I’m content spending NYE at home with a couple of good books, a movie, and my computer.

  330. Beach_Girl*395953 says:

    what is NYE?

  331. Beach_Girl*395953 says:

    OC~ girl Thank you!! 😉 you know what I mean 😀

  332. Anna Molly says:

    I don’t have any special plans for NYE :(

  333. Beach_Girl*395953 says:

    VC~ maybe they kept it for themselves… those post people lol… I will send you more next week…. promise!

  334. photogirl says:

    Only two people answered about my NYE question. I am curious what others are doing. I may have a sugar date, but rather than him coming here, I’d rather go to his state!

  335. VillaCypris says:

    d’accord, pas encore! i didnt get another package i was expecting either…. hummmmmm… slow postal time perhaps!

  336. VillaCypris says:

    gn rudy! good dreams to you as well!

  337. Beach_Girl*395953 says:

    VC~ laisse moi savoir si tu as recu le tea louse… but like i said i will send more next week!

  338. Just Dee in NC says:

    Good night, Rudy!

  339. VillaCypris says:

    thanks photo! have another xray wednesday, and should have it off 2-3 weeks later. it’s healing nicely…. dont need surgery so that’s good! i’m getting pretty good at typing wth one hand! haha except not doing caps all the time….

  340. Just Dee in NC says:

    Hi, VC! Photo! BG! And anyone I missed!

  341. Rudy says:

    Trader SD: Sweet Dreams :)

    Anna Molly: Yes, I am dreaming of a VS shopping spree myself!

    Well sweet sugar babes it’s late in my neck of the woods and I have a busy day tomorrow; Good Night :)

  342. Anna Molly says:

    Hi VC :)

    One of my favorite Mythbusters episodes is on…I love that show :)

  343. photogirl says:

    Hello VC – hoping you get that cast off soon!

  344. Beach_Girl*395953 says:

    Anna it’s ok we will chat soon

    And hi to everyone

  345. VillaCypris says:

    les soeurs d vanille…. parfait!

  346. VillaCypris says:

    hi rudy, am, photo, just dee, taz, yaz….. :)

  347. Beach_Girl*395953 says:

    VC~ Lol Vanilla Sister!!! lol

  348. Beach_Girl*395953 says:

    Trader SD~ if you ever get back here let me know i’ll show you around, it is pretty amazing here but I do prefer the weather in Cali… Can’t wait to get back…

  349. VillaCypris says:

    gn trader!

    hello vanilla tea twin”)

  350. Just Dee in NC says:

    Good night, Trader!

  351. Beach_Girl*395953 says:

    Trader SD~ night

    VC~ Hi girl!

  352. Rudy says:

    I like Panera’s green tea

  353. Anna Molly says:

    Rudy ~ I need some new bras and panties and I’m hoping a VS shopping spree will be in my near future :)

  354. Trader SD says:

    Thank you Ladies for the warm Welcome! I will get the hang of this and post again soon. Good Night to all

  355. Just Dee in NC says:

    Panera Breads, Rudy, and it was delicious.

  356. Rudy says:

    Anna Molly: VS is my second home:)

    Just Dee: Was that mocha from Starbucks?? I am a firm believer that chocolate is the solution to any problem.

  357. Trader SD says:

    Beach Girl Montreal is a great city. Glad you prefer Cali! :)

    I just got a txt message from CaliSD. He said he had fun this morning on here. He says hello to everyone by the way. Something about his great hair? I don’t understand that part. He and I cross paths in the business world.

  358. Rudy says:

    Hey Taz and Villa :)

  359. Just Dee in NC says:

    LOL! I doubt that, Anna. But that’s okay, after the emails I got on that other site. Sheesh. But I had a caffe mocha this afternoon when I met the scary smart chemist, and the chocolate has readjusted my attitude. I’m also closing down that account tomorrow. Wayyyyyy too many frogs and pervs.

  360. Anna Molly says:

    BG ~ I’m actually laying in the bed with my VS on and tying to type on a little tiny micro computer…ugh. MSN isn’t installed on this computer…poo :(
    It’s so slow I don’t even bother trying to install anything on it. I’m usually on during the day and early evening. By this time I’m in bed, but my insomnia has come back, but yet I’m too lazy to get out of bed…lol

  361. photogirl says:

    TAZ – I don’t get it either why they get offended… I agree, their loss!

  362. VillaCypris says:

    good evening all….

    beach – so HAPPY to see you back here! :)

    traderSD – welcome to the blog – from minneapolis….

  363. Rudy says:

    Beach Girl: That’s okay :) I had to laugh, it’s obvious that was generic.

  364. Beach_Girl*395953 says:

    Anna~ just sent you a hello on msn and you are not on…. lol

    Trader~ there are a few SDs here, not many though…Glad you joined us! 😀

  365. Taz says:

    Great to see you now BG!

  366. Taz says:

    Trader SD – to be honest I have suggested some SD’s come to the blog and they got very offended..so now I just keep my big mouth shut 😛 It’s their loss lol

  367. Beach_Girl*395953 says:

    Anna ~ thanks girl.. not sure I will be on as much but i’m here now!!! :)

  368. Trader SD says:

    Yes, Taz I can see that. Wonderful indeed. Why on earth aren’t more SD’s on here chatting with all of you? Wait! Don’t tell them. It is more fun for me this way. :)

  369. Beach_Girl*395953 says:

    Trader SD~ I’m in Montreal, use to work half the year in Woodland hills… still go back any chance I get… I miss it so much
    Well as Photo said you will find some amazing SBs on here…

  370. Anna Molly says:

    Hi BG…I’m so happy you’re back :)

  371. Taz says:

    Trader SD – you have plenty of amazing and wonderful SB’s right here 😉

  372. Anna Molly says:

    Dee, all of a sudden you’ll be slammed with emails….you’ll see :)

  373. Beach_Girl*395953 says:

    Rudy~ sorry girl, missed your post lol, some guy like submissive women!!

    but the mail i got just made me laugh lol after the day I had this is good,
    Taz~ here I am girl……. 😀
    Anna~ you are never on MSN girl…. :(

  374. Trader SD says:

    Beach_girl where are you from?

    NYE falls on a Thursday, so a wonderful weekend could be planned. I was thinking of joining some friends and chartering a boat for a few days. I hate being the third wheel, they all are married to wonderful women. Lucky bastards… oh, yes I am single but loved being married.

  375. Yaz10 says:

    Love you too Anna! :-) <3

  376. Anna Molly says:

    Will you in the NYC area on the 8th?

  377. Just Dee in NC says:

    Well hey, Trader, you know when you come to any of our cities, any of us would be pleased to meet you for dinner or drinks or show you around our hometowns, simply as friends. So keep us posted.

    Anna Molly, women and men see women differently. And after two weeks of sending my non-Glamour Shot photo to men who I thought were nice guys, only to get … well.

  378. Rudy says:

    No NYE plans yet; I can’t believe this year is almost over

  379. photogirl says:

    Thank you Trader… it goes with my work :)

    As you will soon realize there are quality SBs here on the blog!

  380. Beach_Girl*395953 says:

    Trader ~ wow you travel a lot, Love Cali was just there not long ago… can’t wait to get back, my old back yard…

  381. Beach_Girl*395953 says:

    Midwest SB ~ drunk mailed lol…. that is funny…

    Trader SD ~ Welcome…

  382. Trader SD says:

    Hi ya Photogirl, great blog name…

    So OC has given me some tips on how to post. Please excuse me if I mess up.

    And yes, I am looking for my one and only SB :)

  383. photogirl says:

    Anybody have any sugar NYE plans yet? I am doing research for a pot sugar date…

  384. Anna Molly says:

    Yaz, you know we love you :)

  385. Rudy says:

    Trader SD: I am from Music City..Nashville, TN

  386. photogirl says:

    Welcome TraderSD

  387. Trader SD says:

    Raleigh, Albany, Ontario…
    It is like the UN of Sugar Dating.
    I am in Cali, but travel to all of those cities plus a few more.

  388. Yaz10 says:

    OMG LOL! I was about to say that! :-) But you know it is true tho….Yaz gets no love around here… :-(

  389. Anna Molly says:

    Dee, you’re not an Ugly Betty

  390. Taz says:

    Ontario, Canada here….

    And yes, you are a lucky SD Trader 😉

  391. Just Dee in NC says:

    I’m also the official Ugly Betty here, Trader, so don’t listen to Yaz when she tries to say she’s the nerd no one will dance with.

  392. Anna Molly says:

    I’m near Albany NY :)

    Yaz looking forward to our shopping :)

  393. Trader SD says:

    No such thing as too old… Well maybe if you need a walker or have a day nurse. But I am sure that is not the case.

  394. Rudy says:

    Trader SD: LOL It appears that you have our undivided attention right now:) How are you?

  395. Yaz10 says:

    Lmaooooo I love you Dee!!! 😀

  396. Just Dee in NC says:

    I’m in Raleigh, NC, and I’m the official Old Fart on the blog. :-)

  397. Anna Molly says:

    Hello Trader 😉

  398. Trader SD says:

    So, loving this! lol
    Ok, where is everyone from? OC told me that you ladies give out the best advice.

  399. Yaz10 says:

    Yes Anna we should def go!!! :-)

    Bienvenue Trader! :-)

  400. Taz says:

    Good evening and welcome Trader SD :)

  401. Rudy says:

    Trader SD: Welcome :)

  402. Trader SD says:

    Thanks. Had I known I would be walking into a room full of interesting women I would have done this sooner!

  403. Just Dee in NC says:

    Good evening, Trader, and welcome!

  404. Trader SD says:

    Hello! Just logging on for my first time. Wow, OC you were right I would be totally out numbered! Evening Ladies…

  405. Rudy says:

    Beach_Girl: I was trying to understand the email itself! I received one this morning, “r u a sub”…..that’s it

  406. Midwest SB says:

    BG- Hi sweetie! Have you been lurking? Nice e-mail…sounds like a keeper :-( Actually, he sounds drunk…ugh. You’ve been drunk-mailed :-)

  407. Beach_Girl*395953 says:

    LOL this is a mail I just got:

    Are you sure you could be a Suga baby its very demanding, you have to treat you daddy really well is that for you?
    Well you think you could handle a sexy Suga daddy of my taste be warned I might get just as much attention that you get if I ever took you out! Dont get me wrong you are quite beautiful!

    That is too funny!!!

  408. Midwest SB says:

    Sweet dreams ECF!

  409. Rudy says:

    Ohhhh…a streaker :)

  410. East Coast Filly says:

    ok, I better get to bed before I pour another glass of wine. 3 glasses is no fun alone

    Over and out girls!!

  411. Just Dee in NC says:

    Very, Anna Molly. Bit on the young side, but tanned and golden. Hate you missed him.

  412. Rudy says:

    Hi Anna! How are you?

  413. Anna Molly says:

    I miss all the good stuff Dee…lol
    Was the streaker hot?

  414. Just Dee in NC says:

    I wish, Midwest. :-) But maybe we can do it again in March or April in Atlanta.

  415. East Coast Filly says:

    Funny!!! Dee

    Anna, looking forward to meeting you !!

  416. Anna Molly says:

    Hey Yaz we’ll have to go shopping before the 8th :)
    I’m soo excited!

  417. Midwest SB says:

    LMAO Dee – you must go!

  418. Just Dee in NC says:

    A streaker, 2 mimes, and a circus elephant, Anna Molly.

  419. East Coast Filly says:

    Aww Thanks Midwest, I’m ok though I trek into the city all the time, late, late nights too, so no worries about me. Good looking out though I appreciate it girl!!!

  420. Midwest SB says:

    Hmmm ECF and Anna live in the burbs. Gentlemen…could you help the ladies out…I’m sure you have some points/ courtesy rooms??? I haven’t see what arrangements have been made, so please forgive me if I am speaking out of turn.

  421. East Coast Filly says:

    I live just outside the city so I may not need to but If I do can I crash on the floor??? I promise to chip in if I do though!

  422. Midwest SB says:

    I’m well all! Sugar date #1 was ok…nice guy, but isn’ t wise about the sugar world. Hmmmm..

    What’s this about the 8th. Flights are reasonable…who’s going in on rooms?

  423. Rudy says:

    Hi Midwest SB! How are you?

  424. Just Dee in NC says:

    Hi, Midwest!

  425. Yaz10 says:

    Hey ECF want to share a room with us!? lol :-)

  426. East Coast Filly says:

    Aww Sorry Just Dee, you sound like so much fun, wish you could come.

  427. East Coast Filly says:

    Yaz: me too, it going to be so weird (in a good way) to meet everyone. We have to make sure NC Gent behaves though, he said he has to wake up early!

    I’m making sure my Wed is clear so I can live it up on Tues :)

  428. Just Dee in NC says:

    I wish, Yaz, but my budget doesn’t include trips to New York.

  429. Yaz10 says:

    Lol Dee! Are you coming???

  430. Rudy says:

    Irish SB: That is my favorite scene too:)

  431. Just Dee in NC says:

    Oh please, Yaz, *I* get the Ugly Betty role.

  432. Yaz10 says:

    Hey ECF!

    I don’t really care about clothes for now lol ( well of course, I just promised NYGent not to show up looking like Ugly Betty or else everyone will leave the room lol) but I am just excited to meet my fellow bloggers!!! :-)

  433. Rudy says:

    Hey Just Dee :) So you are in NC, that’s not terribly far away :) Congrats on the bundle of joy entering your family!

  434. East Coast Filly says:

    Hey Yaz…I’m in for the 8th too!
    Oh my…what to wear, lol

  435. lisa says:

    Yaz10 I just hope she didn’t get that 20k from a sd as I had helped her sign up on SA a few months back. I know she had a couple dates but I dont’ know how they turned out, she needed money (5k) for a divorce.

  436. lisa says:

    Thanks Rudy I really need the time off as I’m starting to stress out for the first time and have been getting upset easily, I need to recharge

  437. Yaz10 says:

    Wow Lisa she was ready to pay someone 20k to kill her husband????? She must really hate him then….wow

  438. Yaz10 says:

    I’m in for Dec 8th!

    NYGent: Can you put me on that list? I promise I won’t show up looking like a nerd 😉 lol

    Anna: Of course we can take the train from Rensselaer together!! :-)

    NEOhioSB: If you don’t mind sharing your room with us then Anna and I would love to say with you! :-) Just let us know how much it will cost and we will split the bill equally! :-)

  439. Rudy says:

    Lisa: Well, I hope regardless of what you decide, you will enjoy yourself. I am still trying to make time to take a vacation! Things at work are so busy I just don’t feel comfortable asking for time off. Needless to say, I feel your pain.

  440. Irish SB says:

    Oh before i go i love ‘love actually!! When the guy goes to the door to tell her that he loves her in cardboard cut out form… swoon…

  441. East Coast Filly says:

    Stepped away to make dinner…and go get some red wine…craving cab

    SD NEOhio: congrats on your new SB!!!

    I’ve not ever made the arrangement before I’ve met someone but it usually happens in the second date. I’ve been asked once or twice in the emails what exactly I was looking for but I say that it depends on too many factors first the chemistry so lets meet and see. If I don’t like you or vice versa whats the point of negotiating. I like to have a first date just getting to know the guy and make sure he is someone I would date in real life. If so then the connection is made and we can discuss it next time. I think this also makes the pot SD know I am for real. Even if we went out a few times and we were not intimate we can discuss whenever. Once you want the goods then we need to talk, lol. Kinda like a real relationship, if you want the goods then we need to know where this is going, lol.

    But it sounds like you guys are on the same page so thats great!!!

  442. lisa says:

    I spend so much time at home, and watch a lot of movies so i’m kind of bored with that. I love to get out but being that I can only do that during daylight and I risk being seen walking down the street or at a busstop, it will be hard to avoid running into someone I know and having them casually mention seeing me when i’m supposed to be out of town. I guess I will have to go in disguise

  443. lisa says:

    Thanks Irish SB

    Hi Yaz10, just the usual, the ex boss getting arrested for trying to kill her husband, nothing unusual, lol

  444. Rudy says:

    Kitten26: I think I am the only Southerner on here …unless there are lurkers!

    Lisa: When you get your time off, get some rest and don’t let all this stuff stress you out. I suggest renting some movies too. Have you ever seen “Holiday” it’s not a recent movie, but with the holidays approaching it’s fun to watch. Oh, ” Love Actually ” is too:)

  445. Yaz10 says:

    I’m back! Loooong day! What did I miss? :-)

  446. Irish SB says:

    Rudy – if only we could bottle them! :-)

    Sorry Lisa to hear about your vacation plans getting screwed sounds like you need a rest!!

    Im off to bed, tis late here,
    Good night everyone.


  447. lisa says:

    My boss who got arrested didint’ have a big insurance policy or anything like people on the news blogs are saying. She had been employed with the store for almost 20 years.

  448. lisa says:

    I had to lie just to get my vacation time. We are not supposed to take vacation time in nov, dec, feb, etc. I work in the medicine/toiletry department of a grocery store and we don’t have a holiday rush, not like everyone comes in to buy shampoo for Christmas but we have to help every one else, including the cashiers.
    My sd had wanted me to come meet him back in July but I couldn’t till I got vacation time after my 1 year job anniversary, took forever for my hours to become available and I picked a week in December, put in 7 weeks notice for it. Was told I could take it, main boss signed approval today but wasn’t happy about it and let me know it would be an inconvenience to have a key employee off in December. I had mentioned earlier having plans to travel. Now my sd is kinda backing off and ignoring my mention of time off so I guess my week off will be spent hiding in my apartmetn to avoid getting caught by a coworker (I live down the street from work so it’s difficult to hide out). Sucks but if they caught me they might fire me. I need time off as it’s been 14 months and i’m about to crack from being overwhelmed at work. I need a break.

  449. kitten26 says:

    SO if everyone is up east and its that easy to meet up , how come all you ladies and gents dont already have SD, and SBs ?

    And how come NO ONE down south blogs ! lame lame lame .

    Well I may be moving to South Ohio in a month or 2 maybe things are better around there.

  450. Rudy says:

    I am always amazed at how quick others can be to make a judgment about someone. You never know what people are going through or what they are dealing with outside the capacity you know them in. Having a 30min break for lunch is a definite time crunch, I have an hour for lunch and it goes by fast. I have to save all my errands for the weekend. As for the boss, it sounds to me like someone is on a power trip. Have you tried going to the ‘higher ups’ about the holidays?

  451. lisa says:

    I like lipton green tea but I can’t drink anything while i’m working in the store. I don’t get lunch before 1 which means a least 5 hours with nothing. It’s difficult to eat at work because I only get 30 minites and by the time I buy something, check out and go to the break area, half my time is gone, not to mention having my breaks constantly interupted by having to wait on customers. Our lunch period is part of the 8 hour pay so we have to be on call even at lunch which sucks.

    Everyone is being so nasty on the comments on the local news blog but they didn’t even know her. She was in a bad marriage with a husband who was hooked on alcohol and pain pills for his chronic health condition. She wanted out and was threatening to take the kids. She was so much more fun than the 20 year old prune I have for a boss now. She’s bossy, doesn’t do much anymore, and is making me work thanksgiving alone. I will not get to see my family and with my dad being 75 and in not so good health, he may night be around next year. She doesn’t even celebrate thanksgiving but will take the day off because she can.

  452. Rudy says:

    Lisa: That is really sad, I hope this situation smooths out quickly and does not add unnecessary stress for you at work. I am with you on drinking water; I could not stand drinking water no taste drove me nuts. However, when I started working and became surrounded by vending machines with cokes I decided I had to or I would be drinking cokes all the time! Have you ever tried Lipton Green Tea? It’s really good, but I don’t like the Diet Green Tea.

    Irish SB: I think we have another SD that should be cloned!

  453. Irish SB says:

    Ah SDN you make it sound so simple! Sigh…

    But i like your process and you know exactly what your looking for which makes it all the easier. Id rather have someone upfront and honest with me early on than talk for wks and realise we want something different.

  454. photogirl says:

    I like the way you think SDN and the below comment was very sweet.

    SD NEOhio says:
    HELP_NeedSD4LuvNSupport…if you were my SB I would love that I could spoil you…sending you to get your nails done, take you shopping, we could pick some outfits you could wear for our dates. Part of the fun of being an SD if you ask me.

  455. lisa says:

    Hi Rudy, yes I just googled her name and it’s giving me the links to the news articles. She and I were very close, shared our secrets, I even got her to sign up for SA, I think she met a sd or two on here but had been too busy lately working on getting a divorce. I’m still wondering were she got the 20k. Too bad though as she was a great boss, I used to love going to work, we chatted while we worked, she was near my age, from the same state, etc. She was a training manager that was sent from store to store to train new department heads.
    Last week a head cashier was fired for theft, another employee for fraud, and now one is lost because of this.

  456. Rudy says:

    SDN: I like the way you think and Congrats!

    Lisa: Wow…..that’s all I can say

  457. SD NEOhio (SDN) says:

    Sweet…Prof SDN. I like it.

  458. Taz says:

    I really like your thinking SDN – perhaps when we open our Sugar Dating school you can be a prof. with a few of the other SD bloggers 😉

    I happen to agree with you it is easier to get expectations out of the way before meeting…and then you can both enjoy the company when you meet :)

  459. SD NEOhio (SDN) says:

    Thanks photogirl, Irish SB and Taz!

  460. SD NEOhio (SDN) says:

    It was a simple meet and greet. Had drinks and talked for an hour. At the end both agreed this would work for us so we are meeting next week.

    I don’t think I follow the typical process based on what I have read in the blog. My process in order:

    – some email/phone/chat to get to know each other (a 3 days at most)

    – establish an allowance/understanding (the SBs on here give me the impression most SDs don’t want to do this early. I do, if we don’t agree here let us not waste time and move on)

    – meet and greet: coffee/drinks/lunch or dinner. Do we “click”. Would we want to spend time together. If not part as friends.

    OK personal rant. The test drive is BS in my book. I would NEVER ask for a test drive. Seems crude and isn’t the sort of thing I am looking for with an SB. If the SB said she wanted to have a mutual test drive and make sure we “worked” together OK, otherwise I call BS (sorry I am better now)

    – If the meet and greet is good then we go on a date and start our arrangement.

  461. Taz says:

    Lol congrats SDN!! Hope all is sugary sweet for round two 😉

  462. Irish SB says:

    Awww SDN congrats!! Lucky for you im up late studying!
    So date details, you gonna spill now !

  463. photogirl says:

    Congrats on the date going well SDN! (better?)

    And welcome to all the new bloggers.

  464. SD NEOhio (SDN) says:

    I didn’t expect you to throw a party but not one comment? So sad :(

  465. SD NEOhio (SDN) says:

    Just got back from a first meet with a pot SB. Went really well. Going to setup a date for next week.

  466. cleo says:

    wow that came out pretty bitchy… still mean it but wish i had been less… blunt :)

  467. photogirl says:

    I am very disappointed to hear that T-X-S-B has been banned. I have seen far ‘harsher’ words exhanged on this blog in a completely different context. Her comments did not warrant being banned. Hope she is allowed back soon.

    Kitten – Unfortunately there are not many FL bloggers here, would be nice if there were more. I am just a few hours north of you.

    Have fun to all those getting together in NY!

  468. lisa says:

    Yikes I just googled my boss and am reading some stuff I never knew about. We used to talk about everything, but I didn’t know half the stuff she was doing. Warning to anyone before you commit a crime, pour bleach on your dirty little secrets.

    Have a good dinner Villa

  469. VillaCypris says:

    hhaahahaha yeah, i know all about that! enjoy your blueberries and pikkles! :) i’m off to dinner also. xx

  470. lisa says:

    I drink soda and juice at home but I don’t like water, it tastes horrible and it’s too heavy to buy alot of it. Plus we only have one bathroom for the for the customers and employees so it;s best not to drink too many liquids at work, lol

  471. VillaCypris says:

    I drink almost a gallon of water a day…. you need more than coffee! That’s dehydrating itself…

  472. lisa says:

    I barely drink anything during the day at work. I have coffee in the morning and then when I get lunch around 1 but we can’t drink anything while we are working. I have to drink coffee in the morning because i’m not a morning person and getting up early in the morning is not my thing. I’m not thirsty in the morning either.

  473. VillaCypris says:

    hi ECF!

    Lisa – low blood sugar perhaps…. or dehydration – are you drinking enough water?

  474. East Coast Filly says:

    I think we should have place settings with our screen names, LOL!

  475. lisa says:

    I love avacados. I eat them with salt on bolio bread

    Well i’m tired of fish and the last couple days i’ve gotten dizzy at work. I have been eating oatmeal at home and a banana when I get to work. I start work at 8 and got really dizzy around 12. To make matters worse I was going to get something to eat and ended up having to work at the cash register again (lazy cashiers) and probably messed up every order I rang up as I was dizzy and felt like I would pass out.

  476. VillaCypris says:

    huh. that’s an interesting combination! i thought of you yesterday, i put two avocadoes into my shopping basket, but then realised i could not cut them open w one hand!!!!!! so back in the bin they went. :(

  477. East Coast Filly says:

    Hey Everyone…phew, just catching up!

    I am in for the 8th! Tao, sounds great, but wherever it is its guaranteed to be a fun night. I can’t wait to meet you all. I am sure NYGent and NC Gent won’t mind the ratio at all, lol!

  478. lisa says:

    I think I will
    pickles and blueberries for dinner

  479. VillaCypris says:

    hmmmmmmm…. better stay inside to commemorate that anniv!

  480. lisa says:

    Yes and it’s my 4th anniversary (well at 11:35 tonight) since I got robbed at gunpoint.

  481. VillaCypris says:

    beach girl – bienvenue!!!!! thanks again for sending me the vanilla tea – love it!!!!

  482. VillaCypris says:

    hey lisa!! wow – an odd day indeed!!!!

  483. VillaCypris says:

    kitten26 – ha! no…. i’m not in nyc either….. wish i was, as minneapolis is apparently the most geographically undesireable place on earth! :p

  484. lisa says:

    wow what a wacky day. I’m not even going to try to catch up on the blog. Just found out my former boss has been been arrested for attempted capital murder. She tried to pay someone 20k to kill her husband. She is a great person, was a wonderful boss, transfered a few months ago, I wish I would have kept in contact with her. She was on seeking arrangment at one time (I got her to sign up when she was needed money for her divorce) .
    Came home and someone just drove their hummer into the wall of the side of one of the apartment buildings. They were trying to park and it jumped over the parking stick and hit the wall. Odd someone having a hummer here, must be drug dealers.

    I also go my vacation approved but now I have no plans. :( I don’t think sd is interested in meeting now. Why can’t men understand that we have jobs and can’t just take off and meet right away?

    Anyway i’m going to try to unwind. Finally off work tomorrow.

  485. kitten26 says:

    OKay , since no one is inviting me , I’ll have my own meet-up . And SBs and SDs in the southeast ( including florida ) interested ?

  486. Taz says:

    Ok…ok…I am SERIOUSLY considering rescheduling my pot date on the 8th…I am such a bad sb :( but it would be for my fellow bloggers…hmmm…think that would go over well??!

  487. cleo says:

    Margo/toronto SD’s and SB’s – do y’all want to organize a meet up?

  488. kitten26 says:


    And a few of those ladies of the court became queen ! lol

  489. Margo says:

    “CrèmeBruléeNY says:
    November 19, 2009 at 2:40 pm

    Long table.. conjures up images of King Henry VIII and his courtesans..”

    :) http://web.jjay.cuny.edu/~ehanlon/henryviii.jpg

  490. kitten26 says:

    So really ,is everyone on the blog now from NYC ? NO fair !
    This sounds like such a fun idea ! Id cash in my skymiles in a second of I had enough :-)

  491. CrèmeBruléeNY says:

    Long table.. conjures up images of King Henry VIII and his courtesans..

  492. Taz says:

    Ummmm….I can’t do December 8th!!! That is my looong awaited pot date dammit lol…no fair! Lol..

  493. Taz says:

    Lmfao @ Flo :)

    Hi BG – missed you girl!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  494. NYGent says:

    I suppose we could also do two tables of 5 and 5 or 4 and 4 or 6 and 6 or whatever we end up with, although one big table might be more fun.

  495. NYGent says:

    sure creme. i just was’t seeing a lot of availability that day for 10. SoHo Grand resto another possibility for a big group. Or Wolfgangs in Tribeca.

  496. RedMaru says:

    A party….I wanna go too….. :(

  497. CrèmeBruléeNY says:

    NYGent – I think Dec 8 may not be so difficult.. some good options in West Village/Tribecca.. away from business/tourist areas.. happy to make some suggestions if needed.

  498. kitten26 says:

    Is this only for people in the NYC area ?
    I wanna go ! :-(

  499. Margo says:

    “Taz says:
    November 19, 2009 at 1:01 pm

    Yes – Cleo fab idea!! Toronto would be the perfect stop!”

    Meeting in Toronto would be a great idea too. Blogging is fine, but when you talk to real people – that is much better. All of us are here because we share the same ideas, but our friends in normal life not always support us.

  500. kitten26 says:

    Hello all ! what have I missed ?

    Dinner party ? for real ? in real life ? what did I miss ?

  501. Beach_Girl*395953 says:

    Hello everyone!

  502. NYGent says:

    i am assuming around 7:30 p.m. for the dinner. I took a quick look on opentable for tables of 10 just to see the availability. One preliminary suggestion: Tao — it is an over the top, showy place and a bit campy but good for large groups and food is surprisingly good (Asian obviously). Attracts a young crowd so NC Gent and I may be the oldest guys in the place, but plenty of other young guys for you SBs to hit on (though definitely not a SD crowd).

  503. CrèmeBruléeNY says:

    NC & NY Gents – I’m fairly certain I can make it but will def confirm by Monday as requested.

  504. NC Gent says:

    I hope you can make it CB :) I didn’t realize Flo Rida was near NYC – I have to pay closer attention :)

  505. CrèmeBruléeNY says:

    NC – Totally kidding. Fun enough to mingle with some like-minded people.

  506. NC Gent says:

    Well I am pretty sure it is just fun, so I have no intention of balancing that “little ratio” problem. Heck — dinner with a bunch of hot SBs — maybe a perfect ending to a not-so-perfect mid-life crisis lol NY Gent and I may never have an opportunity like this again — would love it if some other SDs could make it!

  507. CrèmeBruléeNY says:

    Prop 8 = Prop Hate

  508. Flo Rida says:

    Free Nelson Mandela!

  509. CrèmeBruléeNY says:

    NC – How do you intend to balance out that “little” ratio problemo?

  510. NC Gent says:

    Yes NYC SB is gone until the 23rd. I had emailed her about dinner prior to her leaving and she was up for it.

  511. Flo Rida says:

    NeOhio SB – I used to model too. Many moons ago. Isn’t NYC SB still on vacation?

  512. NC Gent says:

    ok well we have 5 so far then…. hopefully the California people will make it too.

  513. NeOhio SB says:

    Very exciting to make this happen…………..Unf. ive gotta run to a business dinner meeting.
    Once details are confirmed, make sure we all know of the exact time, location, etc.

  514. NeOhio SB says:

    AM ~~ I will def. be getting a hotel room for the nite in manhatten, so you or any other SBs that want or need to stay overnite are welcome to camp out in my room.

  515. NeOhio SB says:

    NC Gent ~~ Absolutley count me in…!!

  516. Anna Molly says:

    Me and Yaz could take the train together :)

  517. Mina says:

    Lol I had no idea it was going to be that exclusive.

  518. Anna Molly says:

    NC ~ I’m sure you guys will just hate all the SB’s giving you attention..lol

  519. Anna Molly says:

    Forget about lurking outside…I want to eat…lol. I pobably didn’t make the guest list…lol :)

  520. NC Gent says:

    I think they will Anna — I am pretty sure NYC SB will come, and we have you. NEOhio SB — are you coming? Hopefully, Yaz will make it down? I have emailed an SB from Greenwich that hopefully come over for the evening.

  521. Mina says:

    Anna Molly –
    A few nights ago there was a topic about throwing a sugar party and how many of the lurkers would show up/lurk outside (in true lurker fashion)
    Too funny :)

  522. Anna Molly says:

    Will the SB’s out number the SD’s?

  523. Taz says:

    Yes – Cleo fab idea!! Toronto would be the perfect stop!

  524. cleo says:

    what mina said…
    ocsugarbaby can that jet stop in toronto on the way to nyc?

  525. Anna Molly says:

    I wonder how many people will show up for the dinner party?

  526. Mina says:

    Censorship on a public blog… You MUST be joking.

    I will be in NYC the weekend following the proposed dinner. What a shame.

  527. NeOhio SB says:

    NC Gent ~~ You are absolutely correct. We all have our own “get it” list and preferences.

  528. Taz says:

    Yes indeed – the sentiment is echoed here! Bring T X S B and B G back to the blog.

    Cleo – I second that sentiment as well.

    OMG lurkingSD – wtf is that???…and welcome :)

    • OCSugarbaby says:

      NeOhio, totally understand. Did not want deets, but what makes him “get it”… Sounds like he does!
      BTW BG and VC have my email too :)

  529. NeOhio SB says:

    OC ~~ Suffice it to say, i am very similar to you, not only in the age bracket, but i believe the looks and the “privacy” matter. I am a very private person, had been in the public limelight years ago doing international modeling…and now, keep much of my private life in my private life…as i am sure you can respect that. I shared tons in earlier blogs about SD, but tend to want to give more guidance, thoughts, insight than to share my ongoing personal relationship. I believe VC and Beach Girl are the only ones i have personal emails of that we have talked off the blog and i have shared photos with.
    To add a few things…absolutely surprise gifts of La perla, gilson, or lingerie are always on the “get it” list, along with those surprises of saying, “here, go do something for yourself”. But put aside the materialistic things, the immaterial things, of those texts, the quick phone call just to say, “im thinking about you”…the trust, respect, honesty…those my dear are KEY elements. No amount of money can ever buy those.

  530. NC Gent says:

    I have found that some SBs don’t care for the occasional random “hello how are you doing text.” They view it as clingy or intrusive. So like any sugar arrangement, there are different ways that people “get it.”

  531. Anna Molly says:

    I was soo looking forward to my VS shopping….poo…lol

  532. Irish SB says:

    I leave for a hour and i miss loads! Always the way. Ahh i cant beleive that SB got sin binned! (Just incase my post wont appear with her name in it!)

    But she was one of my favourites! And i only started posting in the last 2 days so never got to say hello. But if your reading hello!!


  533. NeOhio SB says:

    OC ~~ Just as you mentioned the Morning text….even a quick call…those are the simple little things that mean the most…and always will. Some guys truly “get it”….and some simply don’t. You may have just found those sprinkles to your cupcake !!!

    • OCSugarbaby says:

      NeOhio, you never speak of your SD. Any other things you want to add to the “get it” list???

      • OCSugarbaby says:

        Ohhhh that might be a GREAT new Blog topic! “What it takes to “get it”… A perspective from both sides of the sugar coin

  534. NC Gent says:

    oops yes it is the evening of December 8th. I am flying into LGA — I was thinking dinner party in Manhattan – still working some details out with NY Gent – we have exchanged two emails but he is in a meeting all day.

  535. NC Gent says:

    OC SB — that would be fabulous of we could have a West Coast contention show up. The more the merrier!

  536. NeOhio SB says:

    OC ~~ Good afternoon to you….Accidentally hit the send key before sending a note to you…Sounds like your gem of a pot may just be that ONE you have been waiting for.

    • OCSugarbaby says:

      NeOhio, I am hoping so. He just called me to talk for a few minutes. Getting all warm and fuzzy inside (fighting it, fighting it). Don’t want to get too excited yet!

  537. NC Gent says:

    Hi LurkingSD — I got a “morality lecture” today too. Some people think they are on match or eharmony I guess.

  538. NC Gent says:

    Yes Anna – a little luck but you never know until the deal goes through — on more than one occasion, I have had an SB back out after things were going very well, well at least I thought they were doh!

  539. LurkingSD says:

    “Anyone else have any nice ones to share snip’ets?” Yes, how about this one I got today from an SB I saw twice, no sex, nothing physical at all in fact: “… or else I will tell your wife.”

    • OCSugarbaby says:

      LurkingSD, one of my SD friends had that threat. He deleted his profile, ended it with his SB and called the police.

  540. CrèmeBruléeNY says:

    OC – Nice testimonial 😉

    • OCSugarbaby says:

      Creme, thanks, I really needed to address the concerns with him head on and not hide from him. Not responding is something we all hate. I guess this just shows that even a simple “no I can’t move forward” makes us all feel better.

  541. NC Gent says:

    Everyone is invited OC SB, but don’t think we are covering transportation, so I know that will limit attendance. I can’t stay out too late either that night because I have to teach the next day, preferably sans hangover lol

    • OCSugarbaby says:

      NCGent, Hmmm December 8th? If things work out with my new pot, he has a private jet! He can transport the CA SB’s!!!

  542. CrèmeBruléeNY says:

    Banned SB – I don’t think anyone here is in favor of parental controls. Healthy debate is precisely that. I’m sure this will be resolved in no time.

    • OCSugarbaby says:

      It is so refreshing to get an email that isn’t all perved out. Anyone else have any nice ones to share snip’ets?

  543. Anna Molly says:

    **replace the first sounds with seems** that’s what I wanted to write in the first place :)

  544. OCSugarbaby says:

    I got the nicest email back from ski daddy today. What a gentleman. I will have to post it so you can read it…

    • OCSugarbaby says:

      found the email…
      Dear XX,
      My impression that you are a wonderful person has been reinforced by the dignified, reasonable way you have conducted this discussion.
      Absolutely we can keep in touch. I would be delighted to get an email from you every now and then.
      Ski Daddy (not his real name.. lol)

  545. Anna Molly says:

    NC ~ What about the potSB you were talking about…sounds like you two really like each other. Sounds like you’re having some luck to me 😉

  546. Anna Molly says:

    Oh NC, you can have your pic of the SB’s :)

  547. Anna Molly says:

    I’m lonely…who wants to come keep me company? :)

  548. NC Gent says:

    Yes OCSB — hopefully NY Gent and I can pull off a NYC Bash — at least a nice dinner party — we shall see though. Based upon my recent sugar success (or lack thereof), I wouldn’t say I get all the ladies :)

  549. cleo says:

    um what? she is blocked for giving an honest critique with useful suggestions for improvement?

    okay t-x-s-b may have been more blunt than ocsugarbaby would have been but that in no way means that she was mean or harsh or unduly evil. frankly she was nicer than i could have been which is why i didn’t comment. it’s hard to say difficult things in text and i thought that she did a pretty good job.

    to my mind the situation had worked itself out on the blog and if the blog is going to moderate people willynilly for something this silly i’ll have to leave.

    which sucks because you guys are awesome.

  550. Anna Molly says:

    I don’t understand why that happened?

  551. OCSugarbaby says:

    Hello CaliExecSD! I am sooo happy you joined the blog. One down three more SD’s to go.
    CASB you are funny, you can ask him stuff! It is his choice to answer specifics. But you all will enjoy his humor and SD experience. Very handsome too I may add!

  552. Anna Molly says:

    Going to NYC on Tues., but he told me to meet him for dinner at 6. Won’t that be cutting it close? Maybe he’s thinking the show is at 8?

  553. CrèmeBruléeNY says:

    While I do not wish to interfere in details, my sense is none of the SBs involved in that heated dialogue, nor audience, would favor such measure.

  554. Anna Molly says:

    The great guy I was emailing yesterday poofed on me…lol 😉

  555. Anna Molly says:

    Did I miss anything good….too lazy to go back and read…lol

  556. always2sweet says:

    Good afternoon sugars! Trying to catch up on the blog…SO much has been going on since last night!

  557. NC Gent says:

    We need the West Coast SDs to step up for the LA party. Saw you changed your profile pic CA SB — nice choice – I love the new one! Unfortunately, can’t cover transportation for SBs to attend — may limit attendance but I think I know a few who will come.

  558. NeOhio SB says:

    CASB ~~ And to think last nite…i actually helped a ahemmm ahemmm “one of those up north”….Joking in good fun. Think you need to add NY Gent to the list of SDN and myself…he is “one of us”. And…do you realize how many days it has been since Mich has beaten OSU ???
    You can take me out of the Buckeye, but never the Buckeye out of me. And since SD NEOhio came on, i was going to change my name for less confusion to LP Buckeye, but he became SDN instead. Nice to see new faces, just more likelihood we will have more similarities in names.

    CaliExecSD ~~ Welcome to the happy family blog!!

    Flo ~~ Hope you are recooperating from you jet lag. I know that feeling all too many times. Was supposed to be jetsetting this morning, but with the computer glitches in Atlanta, my flight was delayed over 4 hours…and just rescheduled for next week.

    Erik ~~ Sorry, i am clueless as to the SMs on this site…Can’t help you at all.

    Everyone else……..have a wonderful afternoon. Ciao ciao for now.

  559. Taz says:

    You are a wonderful SD – SDN! Ok seriously, any scientists out there to clone these wonderful SD’s?? Come on lurkers – help us out!!

  560. SD NEOhio (SDN) says:

    cleo: My SB didn’t ask me to work out, I was doing that before becoming an SD so I keep it up. I just know SBs appreciate a man that takes care of himself and for this to be mutually beneficial I do things to keep an SB happy.

  561. Taz says:

    Lol any Canadian sugar parties coming this way??

  562. Idk if it’s just because there’s a shortage of SM’s, but none of the 20 something messages I’ve sent has even been read (it has the red cross in my outbox) :(

    But I would agree with people above me that says 48 hours is more then enough time to respond if you’re truly interested..

  563. Mina says:

    How soon should a sugar respond to an initial message from a potential they’re interested in?
    The sooner the better. Keeping people waiting in any situation is kind of rude, lol

    Do you think you’ve ever lost your chance for an arrangement because you didn’t reply to a sugar soon enough? If so, why didn’t you?
    I guess I wouldn’t know :)

    Have you ever given a sugar a “second chance”? Why or why not?
    Sure, I think (almost) everyone desrves a second chance. Things happen, situations arise beyond control so those deserve second chances. If it feels “right” go along with it. Being crass, crude, or just unpleasant in any way isn’t worth a second chance. Probably wasn’t worth the first chance either.

  564. Flo Rida says:

    AnnaMolly-broadway shows run late so be careful on timing. Best to phone or check internet & check finishing time.

    Cammy – purely a personal moral decision, no one can help you but yourself.

    AsianSB – LimitedBrands owns Vicky C’s and when LimitedBrands bought La Senza (lingerie in Canada) they kept the La Senza brand name (why destroy brand value). LimitedBrands has a tiny issue with cash flow right now (ie women are not spending as much money as they used to) and with the lack of debt financing & poor fundamentals of overseas Target’s don’t look for a retail overseas acquisition or organic new Vicky C’s stores overseas anytime soon.

  565. Mina says:

    Cammy –
    It doesn’t have to be “bedroom” fun only. There are plenty of things the two of you can do together – trying new or favourite restaurants, movies, museums, spa trips (everyone loves a good massage) etc.
    A common theme with married men is limited time and/or specific schedules, so know that and be comfortable with it before getting (too) involved.

  566. Cammy says:

    Hi Guys, new to the blog and SA. I have a question. I’m based in Miami. I met a very nice man for lunch the other day that I met on SA. He is quite high-profile and married with a family. Because he has a family, he is not readily available to meet nights/weekends. He is proposing that we meet for lunches and hotel dates (during the day) a few times a month, with some travel included… in turn he will provide a very fair allowance, monthly.

    I am having a few issues with this as it does feel a bit sleezy.. but he is an extremely considerate, caring guy.

    What do you think?

  567. cleo says:

    “SD NEOhio says:
    November 19, 2009 at 4:11 am

    I get up early. Work so I can keep my SB happy.

    Working out right now…again to keep her happy lol”

    you are the second SD who claims to work out because his sb wants him to.

    Anna Molly you may want to get an osteopath to look at your sacrum and coccyx and the surrounding connective tissue… they are probably needing some work since you broke it four times. (they can help with TMJ as well… which may in fact be related to the coccyx falls)
    okay i’m so jealous of you guys and your nyc dinner party… i wish i could afford to fly in and meet you all but times are tougher this year. i suppose someone could fly me but that’s a big group to start handing out tickets for.
    OCSugarbaby: way to go on balancing the scales a little on the blog
    CaliExecSD: welcome :)

  568. Anna Molly says:

    Have a safe trip CaliExecSD

  569. CaliExecSD says:

    Good Night AsianSB. Yes Anna I travel to NY for business, but try to sneak in a bit of fun.
    I must say you all have made me feel welcome. Thank you.
    Heading off to Chicago. I will check in later tonight.

  570. CrèmeBruléeNY says:

    I’d be interested in a backstage pass to the upcoming Sugar Convention.

  571. Anna Molly says:

    AsianSB ~ you said you were going to sleep a gazillion posts ago…lol. This blog is way too addicting.. :)

  572. AsianSB says:

    Heh, we already have a prominent NYGent blogger and SD 😛

    I think OC did a great job with picking out a blog name for you. :) Thanks OC, I love your little sniplet too, heh. I wish I had a passion for golf too, so many of my friends do that I feel a little left out sometimes. Oh well, :)

    Okay, but really.. need to sleep now. Good night all.

  573. Anna Molly says:

    Thank goodness, another gent would have been waaay to confusing…lol

    I would ask if you come to NY on biz, but I’m trying to be a good girl and not ask about such things….lol :)

  574. CaliExecSD says:

    OC gave me my blog name, she said it could not have NY or Gent in it.

    I do spend a great deal of time in NY.

  575. Anna Molly says:

    CaliExecSD ~ I’m always ready to go shopping :)

  576. Anna Molly says:

    NC ~ You’ve been emailing her for a while now, right? I think you’ve said something about her before. Any plans to get together yet?
    I could be thinking about SouthernGent2. I get all you Gents confused sometimes…lol.

  577. CaliExecSD says:

    Your most welcome Anna. Isn’t it our job to help you and from what I can read take you VS shopping. Must admit I enjoy shopping

  578. Irish SB says:

    AsianSB – MD have amazing stuff! Hard to get in Ireland but theres a great online site.

  579. Anna Molly says:

    Thanks CaliExecSD :)

  580. CaliExecSD says:

    Anna give yourself plenty of time to get back to the train station. Depending on the time of day it can be a bear. Here is a great website ilovenytheater dot com

  581. Irish SB says:

    Hey there Redmaru, was that my cloning comment or VS comment they are both good in my book!

    NC Gent – Lucky SB if you want to bring her lingerie shopping!

  582. AsianSB says:

    Yup, VS isn’t even a franchise. The same company that owns VS owns Bath and Body works. –Looks like my research for my business project came in handy.. and yes, I did a business project on Victoria Secret :)

    Irish SB- My dutch friend told me of Marlies Dekkers lingerie in Europe. She showed me a few pieces, and I am quite impressed.

  583. Anna Molly says:

    Lucky girl NC…. I’m jealous :)

  584. Anna Molly says:

    How long do Broadway shows usually last? Two hours or so? I have to try and figure out what time the show will be over so I can catch the train back home. I’m not going to spend the night in the city simply because he hasn’t brought up an arrangement yet. I’m hoping he will do so this time.

  585. Irish SB says:

    Anna Molly – Nope! I thought maybe they have it in the UK but looks like asianSB cleared that up for me its only a states thing. More reason for me to go over there!! yayy. Iv been told our Ann Summers is simiular.

  586. RedMaru says:

    Here Here Irish SB!

  587. NC Gent says:

    Hi! Waiting 4 a client 4 lunch. Unfortunately there won’t be time 4 lingerie shopping in NYC. There is a potSB that I have been emailing that I would love to take lingerie shopping though 😉

  588. Anna Molly says:

    Oh, no! That’s terrible!

  589. AsianSB says:

    VS is only state-bound 😛 very sad for us girls out of the States :(

  590. Anna Molly says:

    Irish SB ~ You don’t have a Victoria’s Secret where you are? Really?

  591. Irish SB says:

    CaliExecSD – OC is right the good SDs need to be taken care of! Plus cloned for all of us..!

  592. AsianSB says:

    Just popping in before bed.

    Hi CaliExecSD, welcome :)

  593. CaliExecSD says:

    Hi ya Irish. I think OC is just being protective. I am pretty tough…

  594. Anna Molly says:

    Well, hello there CaliExecSD 😉

    I’ll try to behave, but can’t promise anything..lol

  595. Irish SB says:

    Morning CaliExecSD! We have been warned to be on our best behaviour! 😉

  596. CaliExecSD says:

    Good Morning Everyone. Just going to test the waters a bit. I promised OC I would give this a try…

  597. 2Chic says:

    Well I am off to Bev Hills, booked my room, chat with you lovelies later.

  598. Anna Molly says:

    Thanks Taz, I will :)

  599. Taz says:

    Yuck – sorry to hear that AM – I was sick with the bug for a total of two months and still feel some of the after effects now. I hope it is not the same thing – but sounds familiar to how I felt in the beginning. Take a ton of vitamin C! I drink this tea called Rose Hip – amazing stuff – look it up :)

  600. Taz says:

    Hi Asian – TexaSD was on momentarily last night – but no one was here to chat with him lol…I think he was waiting for the profile review board to calm down lol 😉 JOKING.

    Anyhow I have to run out for a bit – have fun sugar fam :)

  601. Anna Molly says:

    No, it’s still lurking….blah :(

  602. AsianSB says:

    Hi AM, Taz, Yaz, SDN, Irish, Dee, and everyone else I missed. You guys all sign on at the same time, hah. I only left for like an hour and then so many posts just popped up.

    I hope you guys enjoy your day ahead :) I’m off to shower then bed ;p..

    Has anyone heard anything about TexaSD? He just disappeared..

  603. Taz says:

    I am great ty :) Did you fight that bug off yet??

  604. Anna Molly says:

    Hi Taz :)
    How ya doin’?

  605. Taz says:

    Enjoy lunch SDN :)

  606. SD NEOhio (SDN) says:

    Time to head to a lunch meeting…take care everyone.

  607. Taz says:

    Eat some protein to help heal your muscles fast Yaz!

  608. Yaz10 says:

    back from the gym….Have to get ready for work now….Feeling so sore

  609. Taz says:

    I lied. One comment. OC wtg on 4 SD’s joining the blog!!!!!!

  610. Irish SB says:

    No VS in Ireland am i missing out?!

  611. Taz says:

    no comments to add this morning…just a lmao…you ladies are too funny :)

  612. Taz says:

    Lmao…good morning all!!

  613. Anna Molly says:

    He should take me before, I want to be prepared just in case.. 😉

  614. Anna Molly says:

    I wonder if NC is planning on taking me to VS before or after the party…lol

  615. Anna Molly says:

    I think they’re off planning the party :)

  616. SD NEOhio (SDN) says:

    I am still here, just working and lurking.

  617. Anna Molly says:

    No you didn’t Dee..lol

  618. Just Dee in NC says:

    I think I ran the guys off. :-( Sorry about that, ladies. Someone tell them that I’m leaving for several hours and they can come out of hiding now.

  619. Irish SB says:

    OCSugarbaby – i got a good morning message too, its all about the small things that gives me butterflies!

    Anna Molly – compliments from girls are good, asking you to check them out, not so good. Ah but its a funny one made me laugh!

  620. Anna Molly says:

    The picture she sent me was hot, but I doubt it was her and it seemed too pro. LOL I feel like one of the guys… :)

  621. Anna Molly says:

    I didn’t have any messages this morning…poo :(

    Oh, wait, I did have a message from a spanish girl telling me how pretty I was and asking me to check her out…lol.

  622. Irish SB says:

    Hey Felicity, AsianSB, Red, 2chic, NEOhio. Thanks oc sugarbabe i just cut and paste your greeting! Bold i know. Oh and villacypris!

    Felicity if you and me started swimming could we make it to NY in time for the party??

    Hows everyones pot SDs coming along, any success stories out there to
    keep us all positive!


    • OCSugarbaby says:

      Oh Irish I am just beaming again this morning with my new pot. He sends me a lovely “Good Morning Message” that would just have your knees melting. Not too sappy but just sweet enough.

  623. Felicity says:

    AM – OUCH coccyx – and FOUR times? Seriously ouch! I’ve done it once, and a collar bone, toes / fingers, cracked a tibia and a whole bunch of other ‘minor’ bumps, but then if it wasn’t a challenge I guess I wouldn’t love eventing so much!

    If only I could find a talented AND sane horse to do it with!!

    F xxx

  624. 2Chic says:

    Good Morning Sugas
    A Sugar Party….sounds exciting. Unless the Candy Men cover transportation, many of us would be unable to attend.

  625. VillaCypris says:

    hi red and felicity!

    anna molly – glad to hear that!!! it could be much worse, so i’m trying to be happy that out of all scenarios, i emerged relatively unscathed. i’m amazed at all the things we do which require both hands, that we rarely consider! like yesterday, i was out walking, and had on a pair of those juicy couture velour pants, with the drawstring waist…. which i couldn’t tie…. and they started to fall down… hahahah … lucky for me one of my friends drove past and i asked him if he would tie my pants. the look on his face was priceless 😉

  626. Felicity says:

    Irish SB – awesome idea my dear, lets throw a London Sugar Party – I know plenty of wine merchants etc, so I’m sure I can twist a few arms!

    Radiant Red – I’m sorry that you had a bad experience, unfortunately, as in real life, there are some deeply unpleasant and offensive people about – they aren’t a majority but they certainly make their presence felt! I’m glad you can see it for the unpleasantness that it is & I hope you have had lots of lovely emails by now to make up for it!

    Rudy / Margo – can’t believe you’ve had such graphic emails! OMG! Do people actually think that it might get them somewhere? The mind boggles… I’ve not had any like that – yet…

    I’ve noticed that lots of you use other sites – dare I ask what they are? Don’t want to get into trouble but am hugely curious!

    F xxx

    • OCSugarbaby says:

      Good Morning Felicity, AsianSB, Red, Irish, NEOhio (hope I didn’t miss anyone) and DA BOYS!!!
      I am rushing around this morning trying to get to work on time.

      BTW Asian, I love your profile. I wish I was on the blog more when you are up and posting. You are so sweet! 😉

  627. Anna Molly says:

    I used to show horses and I’ve broken my coccyx about 4 times now, but have never had a broken arm or leg. I can’t imagine how uncomfortable you must be.

    I’ve never had a cavity or braces either :)
    I do have TMJ, it sucks!

  628. RedMaru says:

    Morning sugars! Almost through the week its Thursday and seemed to have missed alot. How is everyone?
    How soon should a sugar respond to a message from a potential that they’re interested in? As soon as they can of course its common courtesy.

    Do you think you’ve ever lost your chance for an arrangement because you didn’t reply to a sugar soon enough? If so, why didn’t you? I might have and it was due to message anxiety sending a message and getting one back and psyching myself up for a rejection(yeah silly I know) so I don’t read it.

    Have you ever given a sugar a “second chance”? Why or why not?
    Yes but we’re more friends than anything cause we both like gaming. He wants an arrangement but when we get to the “hard discussions” he always sorta chickens out with distance issues or unable to make a financial commitment.

  629. VillaCypris says:

    OC – YES! that is great news! good job :)

    arm is now one week in cast, i have a follow up appointment and xray at 1300 today…. so am anxious to know if it’s healing properly!! hope only few more weeks in cast….thanks for asking! xx

  630. Anna Molly says:

    Yes, No,…I don’t know…I do know that I’m in a weird mood. May be the cold meds I’m taking, I just feel real funky…lol.

  631. VillaCypris says:

    AM – as you had been the last post just before me, that was for you! 😀

  632. VillaCypris says:

    hi OC! :)

    • OCSugarbaby says:

      Morning Villa! How is the arm today? Isn’t that fabulous about the new SD’s joining the blog? I have worked hard at getting them to do so!

  633. VillaCypris says:

    guten morgen –

    NCgent – what a great idea! would be fun to meet everyone in person… i’ll have to attend “virtually” from MSP…..

  634. Anna Molly says:

    I don’t know anything about wine…I need a good SD to teach me :)

    • OCSugarbaby says:

      Good Morning Sugar Family! Interesting news, I think I have convinced 4 lurking SD’s to join the blog! Yipee…
      They just ask that we do not ask too many personal questions or ask for their profile numbers. It’s all about being discreet!
      This will be fun!!!

  635. NC Gent says:

    Sweet Little K — a sauvignon blanc (white wine) would be a great choice for that food combo :)

  636. AsianSB says:

    NC Gent- Sounds like so much fun :) Are you willing to fly me in from HK for the dinner? 😀 haha

    It’s so hard catching up on the blog, too many posts. lol

  637. Just Dee in NC says:

    No, Anna, my budget doesn’t include traveling to New York for dinner.

    NC Gent, I know you were kidding. If I’d thought you were serious, you’d have been skewered by now. And considering I spent much of yesterday responding to pure idiots over at that other site, I’m in fine form for skewering.

  638. Anna Molly says:

    You think so Just Dee….lol. Won’t you be able to make it?

  639. NC Gent says:

    Those are a few of the many categories Dee :) I was joking of course — all the blog SBs are VIPs!

  640. Just Dee in NC says:

    I’m sure you’re on the New York VIP list, Anna Molly. :-)

  641. NeOhio SB says:

    GMorning NY Gent

  642. Anna Molly says:

    This should be interesting :)

  643. Just Dee in NC says:

    Oh, so the SBs here can be divided into tiers? VIPS, somewhat desirable, and get-off-my-blog??


  644. NC Gent says:

    We will do a test run dinner party in NYC, and then do the grand dinner party in London!!!!

    NYG — if you are serious about this, email me at sdjohn44 at gmai!

    I know NYC SB will come. Sounds like a few others might too. Might have to limit invitation to VIPs lol

  645. Just Dee in NC says:

    Morning, SDN. So you’re going up where they talk funny for the game? I grew up in Cincinnati and even though I’ve never been a football fan, the Ohio State-Michigan game was always a big deal. And the OSU band put on the best half-time shows.

  646. SD NEOhio (SDN) says:

    Morning Just Dee

  647. Just Dee in NC says:

    Morning everybody.

  648. Irish SB says:

    Ne Ohio SB – Yayy i must get some london SDs on board. Sorry NC Gent im taking SBs away from you! 😉

  649. NYGent says:

    NC gent: great idea

  650. Yaz10 says:

    Oh well…. I am off to the gym, then to work..

    A business casual dinner is a great idea NC.

    Hope everyone has a great day!

  651. Yaz10 says:

    My comments are not posting…

  652. NeOhio SB says:

    Irish ~~ Id come to London in a heartbeat !!

    AM ~~ Are you feeling any better today?

  653. Irish SB says:

    Hey NC Gent – going to have to convince you to have a London party!

  654. NeOhio SB says:

    Good morning NC and AM :)

    Great idea NC….id be there in a heartbeat.

  655. SweetLittle_K says:

    Hello Anna, NC Gent

    Speak of party I need advices on beverages please

    I’ll hosting the dinner for two at home :) tomorrow night and am banging my head to the wall try to decided which beverage should I have for chicken curry and fish?

    Thank in advance

  656. Anna Molly says:

    A party sounds like fun :)

  657. NC Gent says:

    Good morning AM :) Hi Irish SB —

    NY Gent — minor correction – flying in late afternoon to LGA.

  658. NC Gent says:

    Morning all — NY Gent — I am flying into LG on evening of December 8th — maybe we “host” a small sugar party in Manhattan – business casual dinner maybe? Just blogging out loud lol

  659. SweetLittle_K says:

    Hello NeOhio

    How are you?

    Seem like I have no problem posting now??

  660. Anna Molly says:

    Good morning all :) Boy this coffee is sooooo good!

  661. NeOhio SB says:

    Lisa ~~ Everyone has their own preference of lingerie..simply said. Hope you have a great day at work.

    Sweet Little K ~~ Good morning to you.

  662. SweetLittle_K says:

    Good morning everyone

    Test Test for some unknown reason I can’t post my comments.

  663. lisa says:

    Good morning everyone. Headed out to work.
    Sorry I just looked at the La Perla website, just don’t see anything that sexy about their lingerie. And certainly not at those prices. And the colors are common.

    Have a good day everyone

  664. NeOhio SB says:

    Absolutely not!!! buckeyecountdown dot com.

    I was at the game in the Shoe last Sat…and will def. be in that “place up north” on Sat. If you read back other blogs, NY Gent and I had some good bantering about this.

    Now, you are absolutely welcome in this blog anytime

  665. NeOhio SB says:

    To anyone reading my last post to SDN ~~ Please note…That comment of (do you bleed?) was NOT meant as any BDSM question of any way, shape, form or means. It is merely an inside Buckeye joke…and NY Gent can admit to that. He “gets it”. lol.

  666. SD NEOhio (SDN) says:

    How about that…I have an alias for my alias.

  667. SD NEOhio says:

    I do – might go to the game this weekend. Is there anything bigger Saturday? I think not.

  668. Irish SB says:

    Will do SDN! Anyone see highlights of the irish v french soccer game?? GUTTED!!! Thats us out of the world cup.

  669. NeOhio SB says:

    SDN ~~ Just one pending question between us Buckeyes…Do you bleed??

    Thinking i may just change my name on here to LP Buckeye….2 of my fav things…La Perla and the Buckeyes.!!

  670. SD NEOhio says:

    You can just call me SDN…I will respond :)
    And you are right, the rewards are well worth it!

  671. Irish SB says:

    Morning Yaz, NeOhio SB, SD NEOhio, hmmm yes the names are confusing sometimes!!

  672. NeOhio SB says:

    Morning all. SD NEOhio…welcome to the blog. Thinking i may have to change my name here, this NEOhio is going to become a bit confusing….just as the NC Gent vs. NY Gent and others. Great thing to keep your SB happy !! The rewards are tremendous.

  673. SD NEOhio says:

    I get up early. Work so I can keep my SB happy.

    Working out right now…again to keep her happy lol

  674. Yaz10 says:

    I went to bed early last night so I am trying to catch up on everything lol

  675. SD NEOhio says:

    Hey Yaz

  676. Yaz10 says:

    Morning SD NeOhio

  677. SD NEOhio says:

    Guess we don’t have a morning crew.

  678. SD NEOhio says:

    Morning…coffee is good and started the day.

  679. NewbieSB says:

    Ok my fellow sugarers(if thats a word)
    im about to call it a night, would you beleive i sent out 50 messages this evening and i didnt get not one reply.
    i will be more patient though
    i have hope after reading all the dates the other SB be having.
    goodnight i look forward to talking to you tomorrow.
    also the sb that have dates tommorow. good luck & enjoy! :-)

  680. cleo says:

    NYGent: oh yeah? do you aspire to be in front of or behind the scenes?

    oh no, what is up? i would hate for this lovely community i just found to blow up!

  681. 2Chic says:

    Nina, by all means let us know, sure does save others from a bad situation. I should know…lol.

  682. Nina says:

    Is it okay to warn about a fake SD on here? I just saw his ad on here and my heart dropped.

  683. CASB says:

    Helloooooo??? *echoooo*

  684. always2sweet says:

    Im just got here, catching up! Hey Taz and TexaSD!

  685. Taz says:

    TexaSD – where have you been? Have you caught up – do you see everyone sharing profiles?? Lol…how are you?

  686. TexaSD says:

    I think I am the only one on here now?

  687. RadiantRed says:

    MidwestSb: Thank you, would have responded earlier but my computer is playing games with me. My profile pic got goofed by the sytem. It wasn’t like that when I uploaded it.

    NYGent: I am so sorry, but thank you for the offer. Sorry to keep you waiting.

  688. NYGent says:

    radiant: i’m getting “profile not available.” did you change it?

    off to bed too, nite all.

  689. RadiantRed says:

    correction 410319

  690. Midwest SB says:

    Radiant – I really like your third picture. It’s flattering and not hiding your face at all. Flo Rida posted some great advice in Halloween blog for profiles. She’s a part of SB royalty and we have all found the advice to be helpful. Hope it helps.

    I was able to click through to your profile through the link on your name. I’ve done the same with mine. Maybe it only works if you have the hyperlink in your name.

    Now, I’m really off to bed!

  691. RadiantRed says:

    NYGent: my apologies, it is 410309.

    Thank you

  692. Midwest SB says:

    Maya Lin’s work is what first caught my eye. I would love to walk among the waves.

    I’m off to dreamland. G’night all.

  693. NYGent says:

    radiant: it doesn’t work that way. nobody can see your profile w/o the #.

  694. RadiantRed says:

    The link doesn’t work in my name?

  695. NYGent says:

    midwest: the new maya lin piece at SK is awesome. I love her work.

  696. Midwest SB says:

    NYGent – NY has the best of everything! I’m so jealous. I just watched the SK video…great pieces. It’s a treat to see the natural art combined with the sculptures. Beautiful!

  697. NYGent says:

    anna molly: enjoy n by nw. my all time fave hitch movie. probably seen 25 times.

  698. Taz says:

    Hmm I have no idea what you are talking about NYGent….would like to know more perhaps – if you wouldn’t mind sharing shoot me an email??

  699. NYGent says:

    radiant: happy to do so but woud need your profile #.

  700. lara says:

    Thank you Just Dee in NC. Not intending to overstress it just wanted to confirm my gut instinct. Still learning 😉

  701. RadiantRed says:

    I was wondering if someone could take a look at my profile and let me know if it is too long and throwing some off. Or if it’s just wrong all together. My profile has been read 50 times but no hits. I would prefer email responses since this page takes forever to load.

    Please and thank you in advance :)

  702. NYGent says:

    mizred: manhattan UWS

    midwest: my favorite is storm king in ny upstate

  703. Midwest SB says:

    TLG – Hmmm, I may have some free time at Christmas :-)

    NYGEnt – we have some impressive travelling outdoor kinetic sculptures in town..by George Rickey.

  704. NewbieSB says:

    Midwest:great idea but if i make changes my account will be on hold for 24hours again

  705. Rudy says:

    Welcome back MizRed: I joined earlier this month, congrats on the house!!

  706. Midwest SB says:

    Evening sugars! How can the blog go from 50 posts to 350 posts so quickly :-) Love meeting all the new faces and snippets from profiles!

    I have my first pot date tomorrow!!! He’s the IRL I met last week. He did hint at being an sd when I first met him, but tomorrow I will have to be sure. Any suggestions?

    Welcome Newbie – I would suggest copying and pasting your description into word and doing a spell/grammar check. Once corrections have been made you can copy/paste from the word doc back into the profile. I’ve found this to be useful.

  707. Just Dee in NC says:

    Lara, in my opinion it would be all right to send a short email that said something like “I enjoyed our phone call the other day and hope we can chat again soon.” Maybe reference something in particular that you discussed. Then close the note. Short, to the point, no pressure – just a gentle reminder that you’re still out here. Then go back to living your life. If he doesn’t call or email within 2 or 3 days, move on.

  708. MizRed says:

    Hey *NYGent*- Where about in NY?

    Im not too far, in NJ.

  709. NYGent says:

    cleo: i guess because I aspire to be in the biz also. Plus creative and artistic people intrigue me. But it’s by no means a prerequisite.

  710. lara says:

    Hi everybody,

    I’ve seen it was a busy day today on the blog. Had some time to catch up and now I have a dilemma:

    Emailed a SD. He responded back with his contact info(email and phone no). Decided to call , we talked for a bit and then he said he had to make some urgent phone calls and he would call me back. He never called back. I thought he wanted an ellegant escape but he seemed nice on the phone though. What would you do? I don’t want to be inappropriate…

  711. RadiantRed says:

    Could someone please define term of what is “too long” of a profile?

  712. MizRed says:

    Good evening Sugars!!!

    I’ve been away from th’ blog for what….like a month?!
    BECAUSE…..I MOVED! I got my house! & we moved!

    So….im back.

    =) What’s th’ current convo…let me go ^ see….

  713. NewbieSB says:

    Taz: i just popped a microwave dinner in lol
    Rudy: Thanks for the advice. i guess i need to be a little more patient

  714. Taz says:

    Awwww NewbieSB….touched…but get something to eat lady!

    Good night SD NeOhio!

  715. Rudy says:

    Newbie SB: You are doing better than I am. I have not sent that many emails. It has been said before don’t let the lack of response discourage you. There are more SBs on this site and it can be overwhelming. Finding a gem of a SD takes time and it will be worth it when you meet him :)

  716. RadiantRed says:

    Rudy: Thank you. I know some men with much class and little means. You either have it, or you don’t. Money has nothing to do with it.

  717. NewbieSB says:

    ok so this site is addictive!!
    my friends invited me out to dinner and i declined, because i have more in common with you guys than i do with them.
    Although i have not been having much luck with any SD your stories inspire me to keep searching. i sent 36 message to 36 different guys and none of them havent responded :-( one guy added me as his favorite but no message.

    im ready to give up and continue to be a lonly broke college student, so if i dont meet anyone descent within the next 30 days(when my upgrade expires) i will call it quits

    just wanted to share and get that off my chest. feeling better already however i am still starving since i declined dinner to hang with yall(my fellow SB)

  718. Rudy says:

    RaidiandRed: I like that quote!!!!

  719. SD NEOhio says:

    I am going to bed all…

  720. Just Dee in NC says:

    SD NEOh, the SDs who post regularly on this blog are pretty terrific. We’re considering having each of you closed about 75 times so there will be enough of you for all of us.

  721. RadiantRed says:

    Thank you. I would have responded earlier but the page took forever to load.

    I have found in personal life, true class comes with what money hasn’t achieved.

  722. SD NEOhio says:

    Wow Just Dee…I need to represent for the SD’s here. Lots of bad ones out there I am sure. But hey some of us are OK :)

  723. Just Dee in NC says:

    Welcome, Radiant Red! And welcome to you to, SD NE Ohio!

    Radiant Red, just remember what was discussed earlier in today’s blog: Having money doesn’t give a man class.

  724. SD NEOhio says:

    LOL…OK if we become blog friends (is there such a thing?) and want to share I am willing.

  725. Rudy says:

    Radiant Read: I am sorry that you received that message. He is not speaking for the masses; only himself and who cares what he thinks. IStay positive and this blog is a great place for support too:)

  726. Taz says:

    Lol understood and I feel the same :) If you are ever in a sharing mood… 😉 I am sure any SB here would be very curious :)

  727. SD NEOhio says:

    Hey Taz,

    Staying some what anonymous. This is my sugar home away from my…well sugar home.

    But I will share but on a selective basis : )

  728. RadiantRed says:

    Thank you for the advice. I have had SD’s in the past, with no complaints. This is the first time I have attempted it online. Was a bit of a shocker!

  729. Taz says:

    Welcome RadiantRed – be patient – there are a lot of rude people out there (jaded, angry, men add women) – don’t let them get you down!! Be patient – I remember the b.s I had to go through in the beginning as far as going through emails…it DOES get better :)

  730. Just Dee in NC says:

    Okay, Anna, I upgraded. Two have favorited me. One of them lives more than 1000 miles away. Scratching my head on that one. The other one is local, and I’ve looked at his profile a couple of times. His profile is worded in a way that sounds as if he really isn’t certain he wants to do this. Maybe if I favorite him, that will open a dialogue. Even if it goes nowhere, it would be nice to actually hear from someone.

    Well, someone other than the frog who contacted me last week. *NO* sense of humor. {sigh}

  731. RadiantRed says:

    Sorry it was so long, and Hello to all!

  732. RadiantRed says:

    I’ve been reading this blog for a few days now, trying to find the right place to put my concerns about the email topic. I signed up about a week ago, and have received two emails.

    The first I must admit turned me upside down, seeing I got it the same day my profile was approved. From an SD who’s profile I had never even seen before or communicated with. In a nutshell it goes as follows:

    To give you some friendly advice, if you should see your future endeavors prove fruitless, here is some good indications as to why:

    1. You are 32 years old. We are looking for women who have not yet been scorned or scarred by life. If we wanted women our own age, would be at home with our wives.

    2. You are a mother. If you have free time, you should be spending them with your children or cleaning house. Not looking for someone to buy you a new one.

    3. You are not quite “sugar” material as you are a bit “homely”. If we wanted average we would go to our local coffee shop.

    Do not contact me as I am sure you are well aware I am not interested.

    I deleted the email in my redheaded temper while cussing, and did not contact him.

    Almost deleted my profile too, but I’m too stubborn for that.

    The second simply noted that he noticed I put him in my favorites (simply so I could access his profile more easily when I had more time) and that we would not be a match for the reasons….Then contradicted himself continuously based off what he actually put in his profile.

    So to chime in, sometimes it’s not the emails I mind not receiving, but the ones I do. I could handle no email response over what I have received so far.

  733. 2Chic says:

    Creepy guy too. Frankenstein fave listed me! ewwww..yuck-yuck-blahhh!

  734. Taz says:

    Congrats Coco! Hoping for a great second date :)

    No worries Rudy – glancing quickly sometimes I read something and think it has my name beside it lol…thinking about changing my name – any suggestions anyone???

    Hmmm SD NeOhio – I take it you decline CASB’s request to share profile info?! Lol…understood – I have a hard time posting too much personal info on the blog – I am just a private person that way though…to each his own :)

  735. 2Chic says:

    OMG you girls are on a roll tonight…lol. almost choked on my wine..

  736. Rudy says:

    LOL!! Okay Anna, you and Just Dee have me beat in the creepy guy department. I think we should compile our stories and write a book!

    Just Dee: Upgrade!!

    Nite Coco :)

  737. lisa says:

    It you start in the right place, you won’t have to do it long, lol, he will become a lotion dispenser in no time, lol sorry I think the nyquil is sinking in

  738. lisa says:

    and it all depends where you start

  739. lisa says:

    Tongue baths can be very tiring

  740. Anna Molly says:

    Rudy ~ EWWWW…Blah!

    I had a guy ask me for a tongue bath once…I think I’ve posted something about that in an earlier blog. Not just a tongue bath, but a tongue bath with a time limit…yuck!

  741. SD NEOhio says:

    Thanks for the warm welcome.

  742. Rudy says:

    Welcome SD NEOhio! It’s always nice to have SDs on the blog :)

  743. Rudy says:

    Anna: LOL! I think we might be tied in this category. This is an incident that happened to me this summer: I carry a bottle of water with me constantly (keeps for away from the coke machines at work). Well, I was taking my lunch outside one day and this man yells at me, “Hey gal, I sure would like a swig of your water”….ewwww

    Just Dee: He has that grin on his face that says, “I could just eat you up”

  744. Anna Molly says:

    Hi SD NEOhio, glad to see a new face :)

  745. SD NEOhio says:

    I’m here : )

  746. Anna Molly says:

    I wonder where the all the SD’s are tonight?

  747. Anna Molly says:

    I couldn’t take not knowing…I had to upgrade :)

  748. Just Dee in NC says:

    OH! Two people have added me as a favorite. Do I want to upgrade to find out who?

  749. Yaz10 says:

    You can’t imagine how many times I have left the garage feeling sooo frustrated because I knew damn well I had been overcharged for something as simple as replacing the battery or changing the alternator… :-(

  750. Just Dee in NC says:

    Hi, Anna!

  751. Anna Molly says:

    Good Night Coco :)

    Hi Just Dee :)

  752. lisa says:

    Goodnight Coco, sweet sugar dreams

  753. Just Dee in NC says:

    What makes him creepy, Rudy?

  754. Coco says:

    Goodnight sugars…am off to bed.

  755. Anna Molly says:

    I’m the queen of creepy guys..lol. Rudy, you can have some of mine :)

  756. Rudy says:

    ACK! viewing profiles and a creepy person has added me to their favorites :( This is not good.

  757. Anna Molly says:

    I used to sell cars, so when I go into the dealer I feel like I have the upper hand. I love seeing the look on their faces when I ask them what the holdback is…lol.

    Going to the garage is a different story; I’m in the same boat as you Yaz :)

  758. lisa says:

    I know nothing about cars either, lol I don’t even know how to drive one. I don’t know much about pots and pans either

  759. Yaz10 says:

    Soooooo this is completely off topic but this is something I need to get off my chest.
    Apparently there is a sign on my forehead that reads ” I’m a woman and I know nothing about cars so please, please charge me your highest rate!” every time I go to the garage! UGH!! Sometimes I wish I was a man :-(
    OK I feel better……..

  760. Anna Molly says:

    Sometimes I’ll go through the list of SD’s that favorite me and if I like them I’ll favorite them back. That is how I ended up with the great pot date yesterday :)

  761. Coco says:

    Thanx NewbieSB and Lisa…

    Lisa – I’ll take you out for a drink…don’t worry neighbor.

  762. 2Chic says:

    Hey New Suga,
    Don;t feel bad, I have got a list of who added me to their fave and those jokers have not contacted me either. Well all but one, and he was totally from the looney bin. Seriously. Never in my life have I talked to someone so many sandwiches short of the picnic. It’s just is what it is. They are outnumbered and can be very, very particular. These CM are at a female buffet.

  763. Rudy says:

    Hi everyone and welcome newbies! It’s freezing in Music City:)

    Wow, the blog is definitely busy tonight:)

    Taz ( I keep spelling your name wrong, sorry:( Congrats on the emails, I hope everything works out for you.

    Just Dee: LOL….you are meeting some real characters! Good for you putting him in his place :) I wished I lived closer to you, I am a chocoholic and I would make sure you had a steady supply.

  764. Yaz10 says:

    My PC is acting up…Uggggggggh

  765. lisa says:

    Congrats on your date Coco :)

  766. Yaz10 says:

    They are part of the SA’s diamond club. Their profiles are usually highlighted in blue ( or is it grayish blue?) lol. Diamond club members pay a significantly higher fee to have their identity and wealth verified and “certified” by SA.
    There are only 8 Certified SDs for the whole site so you can imagine the amount of emails they receive on a daily basis…..

  767. lisa says:

    Hi Coco, i’m so down in the dumps, i’d settle for a warm cozy evening with my ex. lol darn cold weather makes me think warm fuzzy thoughts

  768. SD NEOhio says:

    I am back…miss anything good?

  769. Newbie I have had a ton of SDs place me on their favorites list and never email. Don’t take it personally.

  770. NewbieSB says:

    Congrats COCO :-) and goodluck on your next date tomorrow

  771. Yaz10 says:

    what happened to my post??

  772. Coco says:

    Hello Sugars….

    Lisa – it sure was cold today……I have the cold but had a Sugar date today. I totally had to drag myself and am glad I did cause the date was great. Had lunch and he asked to see me again…Phewwww…not a SA SD though.

    Got another one tomorrow…..therefore, am hoping for the best.

  773. Just Dee in NC says:

    Newbie, the Certified SDs have supplied information to SA that has been verified, proving both their identity and their income/net worth.

  774. NewbieSB says:

    thanks for the advice Yaz :-) One SD added me to his favorites but did not send me a message. what does that mean? should i write him 1st?

    whats the deal with the certified SD? wat makes them diferent then all the rest?
    sorry about all the questions im a newbie lol

  775. Yaz10 says:

    Newbie: Don’t take it personally. You did nothing wrong. Out of 25 SDs that I have emailed so far only 4 responded. It takes only a min for someone to send out a reply saying “Thanks but no thanks” but you will be surprised how many SDs prefer to ignore emails from SBs they are not interested in.
    One of the guys who actually responded to me was a Certified SD and I was really shocked! ( you would think that with the tons of emails Certified SDs get on a daily basis it would be understandable if they just ignore a few of them). He thanked me for my interest and told me that I was too young for him lol We emailed each other back and forth for a while and that was it.
    If they read your email, viewed your profile and didnt respond within 48 hours, it just means that they are not interested….Just don’t take it personally….

  776. lisa says:

    It can take a lot of saving NewbieSB, but when you find that one, it’s a great feeling and worth it.

    Taz, which one the ex or my sd? The ex is an ok guy, alot older than me and was fun to date, but I don’t think relationships are his priority, he visits the city his mom lives in on a monthly basis on business but hasn’t seen her in 2 years. Anyway he was an insatiable lover, I miss him. Sd, I haven’t met but a very nice guy, closer to my age, cultured, educated, down to earth.

  777. NewbieSB says:

    now that im looking at my profile i think i wrote way too much :-/

  778. NewbieSB says:

    Profile #411354
    i take criticism very well. so let me know where i went wrong

  779. NewbieSB says:

    hey here is my Profile #
    thanks for the advice lisa
    i would save a few to my favorites and see how that works out

  780. Taz says:

    Indeed Lisa – understood. I hope that he gets his stuff straightened out – sounds like a decent guy :)

  781. Taz says:

    I have gotten ‘some’ response from emails I sent out – but few and far between. The AWESOME pot from cali was the product of an email I sent out – we will see where it goes though…other than that I may have it all wrong b/c I still don’t have an SD :(

  782. lisa says:

    I want my ex back, crazy I know, but these cold winter nights are better spent on other things besides sitting at a computer. I will hear from him eventually, he’s super slow and did initiate contact with me last week, I told him to go away but we all know what that really means, lol

  783. Taz says:

    NewbieSB – you could post your profile number for some advice :) Don’t take it personally – there are a lot of factors as to why they might not be interested…

  784. lisa says:

    NewbieSB sending messages to sds, they read them and don’t respond, that’s typical for most of us here. I have never been contacted by any sds that I wrote too, but I did once meet a sd as a result of saving him to my favorites. It was a short arrangement of a month, but he definately know what to do.

  785. Yaz10 says:

    Same here lol It is very chilly over here!

  786. NewbieSB says:

    Hey yall,
    Im fairly new to this. I dont know what im doing wrong. I’ve sent a few messages out to men that caught my eye and i saw that they have read it but did nit respond. :-( is there something wrong with my profile? do i have the wrong pics up?
    I dont know where i went wrong.
    what should the message include when I find a SD im interested in?

  787. lisa says:

    Hey Yaz10

    It’s finally cold here :) but no one to keep me warm

  788. Yaz10 says:

    Hey Lisa! :-)

  789. 2Chic says:

    Just Dee,

    Cudos to you for telling that jerk off. Hate horny goats

  790. 2Chic says:

    Why is it I am on a CM favored list but no contact me. Some seem to be pretty cool. Any Candy Men on the board tonight? What are they waiting for?

  791. lisa says:

    Good evening Yaz10

  792. Yaz10 says:

    Evening all :-)

  793. 2Chic says:

    I have returned!….lol. Calm-cool-as a kitten…..(for now)…haha

  794. hello all I am just popping in and out! hope everyone is fine !!!
    Bye you guys!
    hope all the S.D’s are doing well also,
    bye all good night!!

  795. DesertBunny says:

    Oh my OC! You weren’t kidding when you said you plagiarized me! HAHA! Love it 😉

    • OCSugarbaby says:

      DesertBunny, I had more to the profile, but geez a girl can only expose herself so much! Thanks by the way, it worked well!!!

  796. Irish SB says:

    Hey hey late night study isnt appealing to me at all! Hello to everyone and the new SD! I like it – CASB is already on the case :-)

  797. lisa says:

    He’s an ex not by my choice. His grown daughters run his life and are needy. He can’t date anymore he’s taken on the job as babysitter for his daughters (one whose husband burned their house down, so she and her two kids are there) and the other girl can’t keep her legs closed or at least swallow a pill, and pops out a baby every year. I wouldn’t want to marry him but he was a great date, and i’m weak enough to still desire him as I never lost interest. It’s not like it’s easy for me to get out and meet anyone new.

    Just Dee, I think I know that site, lol I remember getting some nice pics too, shared them with my friend when she came to visit, a good laugh for us both

  798. Anna Molly says:

    Oh, there is this great guy that I’ve been exchanging emails with today 😉

  799. Anna Molly says:

    Just Dee ~ That’s horrid…blah!

  800. Margo says:

    If a guy talks about test drive, I would discuss the monthly allowance details with him and watch his reaction.
    1. If he is not ready discussing the arrangement details, I would say – that’s fine, let me know when you are ready. That one does not look a serious pot to me.
    2. If he has an idea about arrangement and the numbers are ok, then we can negotiate a half of the monthly amount upfront.

  801. Taz says:

    Anna – sounds positive :) Glad you are being selective! Lucky pot #3 sounds like a keeper 😀

    Lisa – I will keep my fingers (and toes) crossed for your SD to stick it out…but either way, don’t go back to your ex…I tend to think he is an ex for a reason? Move forward :)

    CASB – you were on that like white on rice! Good for you lol…I thought it, and then you wrote it lol…

  802. Just Dee in NC says:

    Where’s Muse tonight? I need some chocolate before I hurt somebody. You folks would not BELIEVE the emails I’m getting over on another site.

    Here’s the one I got two minutes ago:

    Wishing I was pleasuring you with my tongue and hard cock right now. Wishing I was pleasuring you with my tongue and hard c*ck right now. (and he attached a photo of said dangling appendage, but fortunately I didn’t see it because my settings don’t allow such content to display.)

    And this was my response:

    And what exactly in my profile led you to believe that that would be the best come-on to get my interest? Your tongue and your hard c*ck don’t interest me. If what’s between your ears isn’t engaging and stimulating and enjoyable, your anatomy isn’t going to do a thing.

    Try the next woman on your list.

    That’s one of the milder ones, ladies. That account on that site is getting shut down.

  803. Anna Molly says:

    Taz ~ Well, I’m at the stage where you feel like you’re getting sick, but never really get sick…it’s weird.

    As far as the pots go, I now have three. One of the three lives too close to me, so I’m not sure about that one. Richard Chamberlain wanted me to come and spend the night up where he is, but I’m not going to do that, especially since there is no arrangement in place. The third is the guy I had lunch with yesterday and well, I already wrote about that. :)

    I’ll keep you posted with further developments :)

  804. CASB says:

    SD NEOhio.. care to share your profile with us? All the SD’s are doing it. 😉

    Trying to decide if I want to leave my place tonight or not. Have 2 tix to the premiere of The Blind Side (free pop and popcorn too! :)) but no one to go with. All of my friends are busy. Decisions, decisions.

  805. lisa says:

    Taz still trying to get it but won’t know for sure till the saturday before (vacation would start on sunday) so that sucks. Anyway it doesn’t matter as my sd probably doesn’t want to meet me anymore. He was wanting me to come see him months ago when I couldn’t, now I’m ready for him to come see me or to go see him, but I think he’s lost interest.
    I take the getting contacted by my ex boyfriend as a sign as he and I had broke up over a year ago and he suddenly appeared after my prior sd relationship ended, the next day actually. Now he emailed me a week ago, I sent him a go away message but then I weekend and sent him a message that I needed him. But haven’t heard from him, he might be traveling for work, he’s not one to check email very often. I remember he would wake up early in the morning, check email, close computer and not use it anymore for the day.

    This darn fish and fruit diet is got me feeling amourous.

  806. Taz says:

    SD NeOhio – in that case – welcome to the blog! So nice to have more SD’s join in the fun :)

  807. SD NEOhio says:

    Hello Taz. I have been a lurker for a while. Nice to be part of the conversation.

    Going to get dinner. Will be back…I promise.

  808. Taz says:

    Lisa – any word about your vaca time?

  809. lisa says:

    give me give me give me, Oh I just remembered I have half bottle of nyquil left :)

  810. Taz says:

    Feeling any better Anna? Hope you don’t have the same bug I had – it was bad…

    How are the pots lining up hun?

  811. Anna Molly says:

    I have some night time flu meds. Want some Lisa?

  812. lisa says:

    I never drink, but you could give me something to knock me out for a while, wouldn’t take much

  813. Taz says:

    You can drink with me Anna :)

  814. Taz says:

    SD NEOhio – welcome – I don’t believe I have seen you before :) (or maybe you were around before my time lol) – nonetheless I like your rule :)

  815. Anna Molly says:

    All this talk of wine makes me want to drink..lol
    Now, if I only had someone to drink it with :)

  816. lisa says:

    Good evening everyone. Wow sounds like some sds from hell stories, lol
    I’m feeling like crap, bad day at work, alone every evening, sd missing in action, terribly tempted to get involved with my ex boyfriend again, even wrote him back, but he hasn’t responded.:(
    Bursting with energy with my new healthier diet, spending every evening stuck home. And I have to work all day THanksgiving :(.

  817. 2Chic says:

    Going to get a glass of wine , be back later…..humph!

  818. SD NEOhio says:

    HELP_NeedSD4LuvNSupport: Sorry I am not closer : (
    But I am sure you will find someone better who will spoil you like you should be!

    Margo: I don’t expect anything at a first meeting. It is actually one of my rules: we meet, talk, spend some time together and part friends. If there was chemistry then we meet as SD/SB. I don’t want to feel obligated nor guilty about leading an SB on.

  819. Anna Molly says:

    You can’t leave the blog without missing something… :)

    • OCSugarbaby says:

      NeOhio and 2Chic, message sent to SA…

      CASB, don’t play with him. Seriously! That is a game you don’t want to start.

  820. 2Chic says:

    Thanks sugas, still have fire going in the pit of my stomach.
    ..so glad I did not dismiss my POT from last week.
    No I never met Namaste, but if he shows up to my event, I promise you he will never, ever, forget me!

  821. Margo says:

    Some SBs said they don’t even kiss at the first date. In the beginning that sounded strange, because I used to do it in the traditional dating. But now I changed my mind and think the gals were right.
    Why would you kiss a pot who is not likely offering you an arrangement? If the monthly amount you require is too high for him, that would not change even if you kiss him. You cannot kiss all the frogs!!!

  822. CASB says:

    And I could have potentially been in the same situation as well.. so thank you all. I sent him a message back asking what his month entailed of on both ends.. I’m just curious to see what he says.

  823. NeOhio SB says:

    2Chic ~~ This blog is a wonderful place of insight, expertise and advice….And I am sooooo happy you voiced the question, otherwise…you would have been in a situation tomorrow that you would not have liked at all.


    Now, im heading out for sushi nite….and a few glasses of a good barolo.

  824. CrèmeBruléeNY says:

    Bad boys, bad boys whatcha gonna do whatcha gonna do?
    When they come for you? Bad boys bad boys whatcha gonna do?

  825. NeOhio SB says:

    OC~~ I think Stephan would appreciate your insight. Stephan knows of me…and you can let him know i am in full agreement with you.
    Very happy you found a great pot SD…..one that will always respect you…….nothing less. Good luck in your pursuit!! I hope this ONE is finally the ONE you have been waiting for.

  826. 2Chic says:

    Well, he has messed with the wrong girl. ohhhh I have a good mind to bust his….
    I am a feisty one, and I will make sure he thinks twice….ughhhh!

  827. CASB says:

    Should I respond to turn him down saying b/c of feedback from other SB’s or should I just not respond at all?

  828. NeOhio SB says:

    CASB ~~ BINGO>>>>>>…you will know to “Beware”….Words of wisdom from both OC and myself. NEXT NEXT NEXT!!!

  829. HELP_NeedSD4LuvNSupport says:

    *SD NEOhio*- Thanks so much!!! Your a sweetie!!! Now y must u be in Ohio??? LOL! & im all th’ way over in NJ!

  830. Margo says:

    KItten – some guys just do test drives but never pay any allowance. They may talk about making an arrangement, but the only purpose of such conversations is to get a free test drive. If a girl starts asking too many questions like you did, they move on to the next gal to find someone naive. Like he said – there is lots fish in his sea.

  831. NeOhio SB says:

    OC ~~ He won’t ever give an allowance……Yes, he flaunts his wealth and he is a sweet talker, but its alllll about him. Period. Wish i could have forewarned you earlier….but i hope IF it is him…2Chic is having second thoughts.

  832. HELP_NeedSD4LuvNSupport says:

    *2Chic*- Oh yes! Most definately! My girls ALWAYS come first. No matter what! I’ve been a single mother for 5yrs, on top of raising my 8yr old brother for the first 3yrs of his life before I had my own. No man will ever change any thing about me.

    Go in the closet…LOL!….I didn’t think of that. I wonder if id be too afraid in the dark in my laundry room…hmmm. Lol. See, my older daughter is in school durring the day & that is when many SDs want to meet. BUT….I have my baby at home with me. Which…we all know there’s nap time. & my children are very well behaved. I make VERY little money…& I do I work, I work my butt off! I literally make just enough to cover the most important bills, food, and everything my girls need/want. Its me that’s the problem. I don’t have ANYTHING. Its freezing here in NJ & im wearing flip flops from Payless from the summer time. & my every day clothing is sweats and girly t’s and yoga pants- from places like Target & I splurged on the yoga pants from VicsSecret. We just moved, and I don’t have the money to get certain pieces of neccessary furniture, rugs, or curtains. I put blinds on my girls room. But can’t afford to get the rest. I use public transportation and pay people for rides to get every where I need to be. I do know where I need to be and where im going. I have major dreams and goals. & im gradually getting there. Thanks so much for your thoughts and words =)

    Its funny bc….technically…if I lowered my standards….SOME things I want, im just nervous, so I kind of make my standards higher so im not so nervous. I was suppose to call a POT SD Sunday night after he & I both got our kids in bed. But I was so nervous that my circumstances would turn him off.

  833. CASB says:

    Are you talking about four oh three one seven three?? He has been messaging me. Saying he can pay for the month, but is cruising right now, not looking for LTR. I have not responded back a second time (yet).. should I not?

  834. CASB says:

    NEOhioSB/OC: Namaste? What is that? It sounds familiar. Is that someone I should be wary of?

  835. NeOhio SB says:

    OC ~~ I have wayyyy too much class for that….just as i know you do. Can’t even begin to tell you the explicit detailed perverted emails i received from him.

    2Chic ~~ IF that is him…….you best run really fast!! I second OCs comment.

    • OCSugarbaby says:

      Yes run as fast as you can. He did not reveal his true colors at first. But then the same perverted emails started coming. I am seriously considering telling SA to take his profile down and black list him. Not because he is a fake, but his treatment of women is boarderline stalker!
      The pot that has me hiding my profile has NEVER and will never treat a woman like that. I feel so lucky to have found this new one!

  836. NeOhio SB says:

    OC ~~ Figured that was him…and NO he is not in any way shape or form the friend i was talking about….AND i knew in a heartbeat he was the Rent Daddy…..Trust me,…he tried for months and months and months to have me go to to his place in Whistler to meet him. Funny, he just emailed me the other day, telling me about his Asian gfriend asking if i would ever reconsider coming out to meet him……..that was a NEXT a lonnnnng time ago. It is a small world.

    • OCSugarbaby says:

      NeOhio, That was a hard lesson for me to learn. He was a sweet talker and I regret it. He is a mess, and never EVER has any intention of giving an allowance. He still txt’s that he will. Trust me he won’t.

  837. cleo says:

    NYGent: great profile, curious about the attraction to the performing arts?

  838. NeOhio SB says:


  839. NeOhio SB says:

    NYGent ~~ Finally a Buckeye SD shows up on this site….wooohooo….

  840. cleo says:

    SDNEOhio: funny thing, the voyeuristic/exhibitionistic combo of shopper and shoppee is such an awesome dynamic. love that you would know exactly what my lingerie looks like because you watched me try it on earlier…

    mmm lovely

  841. Anna Molly says:

    SD NEOhio ~ That is so sweet :)

  842. NeOhio SB says:

    OC ~~ Was hoping you would chime in on 2chics posts. Does Namaste ring a bell for that one?

    2Chic ~~ I was going to give you my $.02 but i believe OC being local may be your ticket to great advice. I can only hope you have already had a 1st date w/him and developed the trust and comfort to even ponder the thought of spending an evening in any home of a pot, whether he be there or not. Please, please be careful.

  843. SD NEOhio says:

    HELP_NeedSD4LuvNSupport…if you were my SB I would love that I could spoil you…sending you to get your nails done, take you shopping, we could pick some outfits you could wear for our dates. Part of the fun of being an SD if you ask me.

  844. CASB says:

    Help: I agree with both 2Chic and NEOhio. :)

    2Chic/OC: I want to know too! I’m so bored, I need some entertainment!

  845. 2Chic says:

    you have mail

  846. SD NEOhio says:

    HELP_NeedSD4LuvNSupport: I know you asked SB’s for advice but as an SD the things you mention aren’t that important to me and I am sure many SDs would agree.

    #1 your SD should be understanding of your “little ones”. If he wants a true SD/SB relationship he will work with you.

    #2 What I heard is you are a strong independent woman that can bring that to an SD relationship. Not some clingy, needy girl. Having somewhere we could meet is a bonus. Again he should understand and work with your situation. I like to hear issues from my pot SB early on so we can work them out…if they come out later I think she hid them from me.

    #3 This is better for an SB to help with.

    I wish you well.

  847. 2Chic says:

    First, sweetie you need some love and then some tough love. Your little ones need you ,so cherish them now. I know it sounds lame, but before any man, …..first priority is the children. Before you profile yourself on the site, make sure you have your plan down. Get a babysitter for a few hours. As for the phone calls, wait until the babies are asleep, and lol…get in the closet. I do not suggest you bringing a POT to your home around your little ones. That is just MO.
    Before you lower your standards, doing things you know are not appropriate, and not a good example for your children, check for a PT job in your area. I am not sure what your profile looks like, but just by reading …. you must pick your head up and stop feeling sorry for yourself. Single mother is a major job , and sweetheart you are doing it. I respect you for that. As for nice clothes, may be beneath you IDK…but one of my favorite past times is vintage shopping. Go to the local thrift, sure you can find one item. As for nails, well don’t feel bad, mine are short and plain as well. I prefer the natural look, and many guys don’t mind it either as long as your nails cleaned and manicured. Then some might not even notice . But please do not depend on a man to solve your problems, you must do that on your own. Sure they can assist, but you need to know where you are going with or without a Candy-Man in your life..

  848. HELP_NeedSD4LuvNSupport says:

    Oh and another dilema is I don’t drive! Im stuck in this little rinky-dink town with basically no-one & nothing. & I just need a pick-me-up. I want to find a good man who will help me get a step back up! I feel so crappy bc if I am to go on a date…I have no nice clothing, nails are short & plain……Im feeling like crap lately! (Thou I still carry my regular confidence).

  849. HELP_NeedSD4LuvNSupport says:

    That’s always helpful…
    Ok…I actually AM experienced…but im having a pathetically hard time right now so im going under-cover. Lol.

    I have a profile up already, great pics, (I actually have to update bc I just cut my hair), im getting SOME “bites” but im so NERVOUS! Here’s my dilemas……

    #1- I just moved, so my walls echo in my new house, & its so hard to talk on the phone with a potential SD without my little ones hearing me or waking them if its late night.
    #2- Im ALONE! Im like the ultimate single-mom of single mothers. Im literally ALONE. I have NO ONE to watch my little ones so I can go out on a date, (thou one is in school). But I do live alone, so I CAN have people over all I want. But for a 1st meet? & while 1 or both of my daughters are home? Even if they’re in bed? WHAT DO I DO?!
    Then #3- For the emotional side of an SB/SD relationship…I can patient keep my eyes open & wait for th’ right man, BUT for the financial side…I REALLY need some help, like a-s-a-p. & im almost willing to let some of my standards down just to find someone.

    Im so torn, & so embarrassed of my circumstances. =(

  850. 2Chic says:

    I am back, what is wrong sweetie?

  851. CASB says:

    I’m here, but I’m a newbie. I can try to help, but no guarantees. If anything I can at least listen! :)

  852. HELP_NeedSD4LuvNSupport says:

    Is any one in here?
    I need advice from some very experienced SBs…….

    I feel half desperate right now =(

    – D* in NJ

  853. 2Chic says:

    Sure thing! ….lol

  854. CASB says:

    2Chic: Congrats! If he has another friend who is a clone of him, please send him my way. I’m in L.A. 😉

  855. CASB says:

    Margo: Sounds like that guy is a real d-bag, who clearly feels entitled to women. I’m sorry, but as lady-like and nice as I am, I am one to say something when I feel strongly against something. Basically he’s looking for a girlfriend without attachment and thinks he is entitled to sex just because he buys dinner and drinks? Please. I buy friends dinner and drinks all the time, it’s what people do. I’d rather buy myself (AND him for that matter) dinner and drinks just so I never had to sleep with him in my life. If he said that to me in person, I would have gotten up and left.

  856. 2Chic says:

    He sent me to his company website. He owns luxe real estate, all over so I think it will be alright. Just got off the phone with him, was kinda nervous….he has assured me all will be fine. I am soooo excited. He is also providing a driver for me, oh how I deserve this! So long, and so much pain in my life…. just want to be happy and someone to be happy with me. I will def get back with all of you to let you know how this goes down.

  857. CASB says:

    Errr… “hip casual” rather. I don’t even know what that means!

  858. CASB says:

    Afternoon all!

    Dee: Thanks so much! :) I love wearing teal clothes because it really brings them out.. I have a huge audition on Friday and need to go out and buy a “hip classy” outfit for it, going to try to find a teal shirt or scarf!

    Irish: I have no idea how it happened. I think they must have just been waiting for the nudge to do it. 😉 I’m enjoying reading other’s profiles though, it helps get a sense of what I should look for and what I should gear my own profile towards as a newbie. :)

    Kitten: Not only is that not an SD , thats not even a decent boyfriend . NEXT haha That made me laugh! :)

  859. Margo says:

    Rudy – that is the right attitude. We can only laugh at them.

  860. Rudy says:

    Yaz: I hope everything goes well on your date! I am not in the best location to meet SDs I am really having to search.

    Margo: what a pervert! I cannot believe he sent you such an email. However I do find it somewhat amusing:) I have received emails like that and I have to stifle a laugh at times

  861. always2sweet says:

    off to my first day of learning finance!

  862. Amazon goddess says:

    48 hours is a reasonable amount of time.

  863. Margo says:

    Dear Kitten,
    Don’t be upset because of people like that. Here is another example. A guy sent me an email at another web site, where my ad says – looking for a Sugar Daddy:
    “Giving is my good point. Receiving I love too. I love tenderness, feeling, touching etc etc. You look good. Looking for the same things as you.”
    I replied – nice to hear from you, and sent him my email address.

    Here is his answer:
    “I am sorry sweetness. I would never pay for pussy. Too much free out there. If we go out to eat and drinks, yes, I would pay for that. I would expect pussy arter that. I would buy you presents later in the relationship. not right away.”

    Could you take that seriously? But there are lots of men like that.

  864. Taz says:

    2Chic – not sure I would. Trust is a big thing for me and I have to trust someone to go to their place – with or without them there…I would like to hear what everyone else suggests though…

  865. Taz says:

    OC – great advice and sorry to hear about your situation…as long as we learn from them they are not mistakes :)

    I am still waiting for dec pot date…long awaited…three more weeks!!…hope I am not setting myself up for disappointment (or jinxing myself) but I have a really good feeling about him :) In the meantime I have been corresponding with a pot from cali – and he is HOT and great personality thus far…why can’t I live somewhere where there is a decent population?..then I wouldn’t have to wait weeks for them to have ‘time’, or be traveling close to where I am…cali pot thinks I have to be ‘amused’ the whole time I am there – where I would be perfectly happy exploring some places on my own…ok done venting my frustrations lol…ok back in my happy spot. I am very grateful to have decent pots to try to plan a date with after the few not so good ones I have been on…GRATEFUL! lol…

  866. 2Chic says:

    Check this….

    Ok, you tell me what you think: I am really considering this offer:
    There is a POT who is totally cool, he and vibe well. I know, I know my last POT went well, but we have not come to an arrangement yet. So until then…
    I am to attend an event in Hollywood tomorrow, the POT offered his house for me to stay in so I would not have to get a room. I was like….ahhh “no”, he was like “relax” I will not be there. I own homes all over the Hills, so not to worry. What do you think, should I stay in one of his homes while in the city?

  867. always2sweet says:

    on a COMPLETELY unrealted note…I was just told that I shower too much LMAO!!!!! Seriously, is there even such a thing?! Can one shower/bathe too often?! The funny thing is that this is not the first time I have been told this lol. I think the rate at which I shower is perfectly healthy and normal!

  868. 2Chic says:

    Hi Sugas, Nice blog, cool

  869. Irish SB says:

    Come to think of it iv met guys like that IRL as well. Learn to take a NO with a bit respect please boys!

  870. Irish SB says:

    Kitten 26 – I think you are blessed you found out his true personality before anything did develop. Grrr its so frustrating meeting someone like that!! I wish him good luck finding a true SB who shares his opinions. There is no excuse for him to personally insult you just because you didnt fall at his feet , good on you he looks like a right prat now.

    Felicity – Il share that plane ride with you for the cloned blog SDs!


  871. Anna Molly says:

    I’m home alone tonight.
    Full moon illuminates my room, and sends my mind aflight.
    I think I was dreaming up some thoughts that were seemingly
    possible…with you.
    So I call you on the tin can phone.
    We rendezvous at a quarter-two, and make sure we’re alone.
    I think I’ve found a way for you and I to finally fly free.
    When we get there, we’re gonna fly so far away.
    Making sure to laugh; while we experience anti-gravity.

    Another one of my fave songs :)

  872. always2sweet says:

    UGH! What a Jack*ss! Seriously?!?!?! He sounds like a little boy throwing a friggin temper tantrum. And you know what you do to a child who throws a tantrum? You ignore them. Dont even give him the satisfaction! What a loser!

  873. kitten26 says:

    Thing is that gets e is he tried to personally attack me ( guy last night ) when he said Id never find anyone who would agree without a test drive . ( my 2 past SDs did ) and then claims if I got used ther was probably god reaso and I was bad in bed !!!! Who the hell stoops that low when they get rejected !?
    Really , we need to make a secret database of these guys .

  874. James says:

    Hi guys, been off the blog for a while trying to earn the sugar and fighting off a cold!

    This is off topic, but an ex mentioned a service based in LA called Sugar Romance — they use a matchmaker who interviews people in person. They promote it as a kind of upscale experience, sort of an exclusive SA, with the financial aspect left more vague and the romance supposedly more prominent, but ultimately it’s supposed to lead to the same goal. The guys pay a matchmaker fee, women don’t. Anyone have any experience with it?

    Thanks and hang in there all, James

  875. Felicity says:

    WOW! You guys have been busy today!!

    Kitten – good choice of action. NOT the sort of guy you want to see again.

    I understand the test drive / drive thru dilemma, and there is no single right answer – if anything its a perfect opportunity to negotiate; if two adults entering a relationship (however part-time or discrete!) can’t talk to each other openly and honestly & find a solution to suit both sides, then it doesn’t bode well. It isn’t easy, but being up front has GOT to be worth a moment’s uncomfortableness instead of potentially weeks of time wasted.

    If I meet someone I like & we discuss an allowance & he drags his heels – maybe I should get him to read the blog to inform himself!

    Sending you much love – there’s loads of people I’ve missed out on mentioning, but my head is spinning.

    F xxx

    PS – Please can I put my name down for a blog SD clone? I’m happy/free to come to the US whenever my clone requires & will swoon on command if they are as lovely as they sound!

  876. Anna Molly says:

    I just saw a profile with the headline “meeting of minds before the loins” lol, I thought that was funny.

    Flo Rida ~ Danke! Mein Deutsch ist, dank Ihnen besser! :)

  877. Flo Rida says:

    Anna Molly – zum bett gehen sie, schlafen sie gut meiner liebchen. Ihr deutsche bist gut, meine bist langsam. Ich ein grosse tag hatte und mochte gern ein Knickerchen zu. Bis spater.

    Kitten – As Eric Palin said ‘always look on the bright side of life’ Youtube it. Nothing bad happened and you only wasted some time and maybe some money. Worse things could have happened – be happy.

    I am Flo Rida – I’m 2lbs overweight and ate too much bad food in Prague, got ripped off by taxi drivers (but not for too much), am directionally challenged, in desperate need for a massage & a nap & make mistakes all the time.

  878. always2sweet says:

    HI OC!

    I am A2S and I too *gulp* make mistakes.

  879. always2sweet says:

    There is always so much to catch up on after being away from the blog to sleep…or in my case watch 5 hours of DVR’ed episodes of Sons of Anarchy. I got an awesome hour of sleep last night! I get so hooked when I am catching up on shows lol I wont watch tv for a month, and then I will go on like this insomnia fueled marathon of watching things b/c my DVR is threatening to erase them lol

  880. Anna Molly says:

    Kitten ~ I’m sorry to hear about you date. What a jerk!

  881. Anna Molly says:

    A lovestruck Romeo sings a streetsuss serenade
    Laying everybody low with a lovesong that he made
    Finds a convenient streetlight steps out of the shade
    Says something like you and me baby how about it?

    Ahhh, I love that song :)

  882. RX8sb says:

    kitten: just ignore those idiots. There will always be those who use these kind of sites for their kicks. As it is more of a challenge to con a girl then to get a professional. and cheaper too.

    So you are not the problem, they are, and they are taking out their anger on you. It gives them a sense of power to attack those they perceive as weaker.

  883. kitten26 says:

    oh yeah ,”no name SD ” last week turned out to be a bust

    He showed up , not bad looking , nice to talk to . But apparently didnt understand what an arrangement was . He wanted to go out , ” have fun ” and he would pay for dinner and drinks , but ZERO allowance . Not only is that not an SD , thats not even a decent boyfriend . NEXT

    they all love me , tell me how great I am , how sweet , how smart , how pretty ,how sexy, but when I remind them I dont want a bf or give out test drives , all of a sudden Im usless, stupid , and ” will never find anyone who will go for that , so good luck ” I didnt know standing my ground and reminding them what site this was , made me a b**ch


    NC Gent — yes you need to be cloned :-)

  884. The Lone Gunman says:

    NC Gent isn’t the only one who has been there, done that with a pot SB, I’m afraid.

    TBH, I never thought of it as a test drive, but a means of both sides determining if the physical compatibility was also there as well as all the other connections we seem to value as a group.

    I’m proud to say that I have never ‘burned’ an SB by this action–but I can see some who not only can but would. It’s a fine line, and a very personal decision that SDs and SBs must make in that area.



  885. RX8sb says:

    Good morning everyone,

    Woot I actually have a pot sd. :) And he has the same ironic, sarcastic sense of humor.


    I am also informally speaking with 2 others, though I don’t get along as much with the others, and it takes a couple of days for them to get back.

    Funny how it works, there is a long dry spell. Then you get more then one, so at least you get to pick the one with the best match.

  886. NC Gent says:

    Thanks Dee — you are a sweetheart!

  887. Taz says:

    Yes Kitten was very curious about your ‘blind date’ last week..glad you are ok :)

    • OCSugarbaby says:

      Test Drives…I prefer a long road trip
      With that said, they happen and yes, I have had one experience and trust me it was both my fault and my LAST.
      In order to take a test drive someone needs to hand over the keys to the car. No?
      I gave the keys without fully understanding that the foundation for trust was not as strong as I thought it was.
      Both SD’s and SB’s have many similar tales. I am sure that many SD’s have had far too many SB’s take the allowance and run. Same thing as a test drive, we should call that scenario… Drive Thru. A “Drive Thru” is similar to ours but they drive up to the ATM withdraw cash and drive away.
      Both sides of the sugar coin have equally been burned. So how do we not let that over shadow the trust? Not sure… but do not feel bad; mistakes happen in sugar dating it is how you recover from them that make the difference. I hope that it will be with Style and Grace (and very little embarrassment).
      Step one for my full recovery from my test drive car wreck. I am OC and I make mistakes…

  888. Just Dee in NC says:

    We’re cloning you, too, NC Gent.

  889. NC Gent says:

    Hi Kitten — good to see you again, and I am glad you are safe. We were worried about you — how did the “no name SD” date go last week? Just curious. Regarding a free test drive, I would highly recommend against it, and I think you did the right thing with this guy by blocking him. He certainly wasn’t sensitive to your feelings. You have to use your gut instincts on this. I may get criticism for this, but I have been intimate with an SB before I made the “down payment.” However, I didn’t “burn” her and we knew each other quite a while before it happened. Again, I wouldn’t recommend it, but it can happen. I think I tend to take a lot more time getting to know a potential SB — not saying that is best but it works for me. It is hard for someone’s “true colors” no to surface over time. IMHO, that guy was an ass and should move on — he basically used your misfortune (car breaking down) as a potential opportunity to pounce. LOSER!

  890. VillaCypris says:

    I know it has been said before, but i truly do believe that the majority of “gems” on this site are here on the blog!!! :)

  891. michelle says:

    SincereSD thank you, I actually have read your words of wisdom in the past and they have been most helpful. It’s just the fact that they don’t even want to negotiate. Thank you so much, Flo Rida. I will try that! Wish me luck. I love this blog.

  892. Rudy says:

    That’s right Just Dee. I know it’s been stated before on this blog, but I think some SDs not all assume that the SBs on this site are desperate and will settle, but they are mistaken.

    Good for you kitten for sending him packing.

  893. Rudy says:

    That’s right Just Dee. I know it’s been stated before on this blog, but I think some SDs not all assume that the SBs on this site are desperate and will settle, but the are mistaken.

    Good for you kitten for sending him packing.

  894. CrèmeBruléeNY says:

    Flo – Thank you, very sweet and ditto.

  895. Anna Molly says:

    Flo Rida ~ Vielen Dank, dass Sie Flo. Ich werde versuchen, ein Nickerchen bald zu

    NEOhio ~ Thank you so much :)

    Rudy ~ Thank you too :)

  896. Flo Rida says:

    CremeBrulee – I agree with NEOhio – you are clearly highly intelligent.

    Kitten26 – I know it’s tough but it’s important not to feel too high or too low. it’s been a rough year all round & 2010 looks equally rough on the economic front. be mentall tough & do something you enjoy!

    ciao peeps – have to do some work (though jet lagged)

  897. kitten26 says:

    It would be great if some SDs on here could give their honest two cents about what this whole “test drive ” thing is coming from . Can they not see how that would make us feel cheap and used. Especially when they can just disappear after . what about this concept is so hard to grasp ?

  898. Just Dee in NC says:

    Just because a man has money, sure doesn’t mean he has class.

    All the more reason we should be cloning our regularly-posting SDs.

  899. SweetLittle_K says:

    As a Sushi lover, thank you to those who shared the info on Sushi from the last blog as well as this.

    I miss Hirosuke!!

  900. VillaCypris says:

    gm sweetlittle K…. love the 599 :) the 458 italia is cool, too!

    CB – just read your profile – WOW!!!! extraordinarily well-written! hopefully i can make it to nyc sometime, and go out with you and NYCSB!! that would be fun 😀

  901. SweetLittle_K says:

    Hello Everyone

    As little as mails that I have got and much more smaller number of poeple I have talked to, yes there’s some asking for a test drive!!

    The last one just a couple of day ago
    He asked for a test drive and I said sure I’ll give him a key for the test drive if he’d give me the key to the little red, 599 GTB Fiorano LOL

    I feel your frustations Kitten26

  902. CrèmeBruléeNY says:

    NeOhio – Thanks for such kind words, very appreciated.
    Sincere – Case by case, on weekends only 😛

  903. kitten26 says:

    just updated my profile , AGAIN

  904. VillaCypris says:

    kitten – try not to be discouraged… look upon it positively – you are not and will not be in a relationship with him! that is something about which to be thrilled! and it leaves room for someone wonderful to fill that space :)

  905. kitten26 says:

    I emailed him to explain further and say I didnt what to be used again , and he said Id never find a man who would start an arrangemtn with me otherwise . ( I remind him both my previous SDs did )
    And I simply ask ” if we are intimate and you get what you want , how do I know youre serious and you wont disappear and I’ll never hear from you ? ”
    he writes back
    ” we are def not a match , there are alot of fish in my sea”
    WTF !
    are you kidding ?
    I told him just call an escort and stop wasting the nice girls time .
    then blocked

    Im so discouraged right now

    Honestly there needs to be a way we can create a database of the a”holes to save everyone the time and effort

  906. VillaCypris says:

    You, too, little sis!!

    Rudy – thank you!

    kitten – GOOD FOR YOU.

  907. kitten26 says:

    Thanks everyone

    I just blocked him. and blocked his email

  908. VillaCypris says:

    Sorry kitten26 :(

    he sounds like an ass. if he has no respect for you at this early stage… imagine. i would DELETE. anyone can fake being honourable for an evening, but eventually the veneer will crack… just a matter of when!

  909. Flo Rida says:

    VC – love ya babe.

    Kitten26 – say ‘darling, if I asked for a blank check from you, how would you feel? The only compromise I can offer is a half monthly allowance, i’m trying here because I want this to work, but if this doesn’t work i’m simply not interested. i’ll be sad but I hope you find someone else’

    seems a rough world in sugar land today – so sorry

  910. Rudy says:

    Kitten26: I am sorry to hear that :( I personally think you should move on. This SD should have more respect and I think if he is really serious he would take some moe time to get to know you. You don’t deserve that kind of behavior; it’s rude. The fact that you took the time to explaine to him what you were looking for and his response was getting angry….move on.

    Villa: glad you are on the mend

    Anna Molly: I hope you feel better soon

  911. VillaCypris says:

    hola flo rida 😀

  912. Flo Rida says:

    Yaz – I love the ten things! If I was a SD & liked your pics & you were geographically nearby i’d definitely be contacting u!

    Anna – es tut mir aber leid, kranken bist nicht gut, essen und schlafen sie gut und trinken viel orangensaft. werder bessen. Tschuss

    Michelle – just say ‘I hope that I’ve demonstrated chemistry and shown you a glimpse of what our relationship could be. I understand you’ve been ‘burned’ before, as have I and that it takes time to heal. I genuinely like you and part of me feels so guilty that we’ve met under these circumstances. But darling, I can’t wave a magic wand and heal your hurt, or my circumstances, I’m uncomfortable saying it but I really need an allowance of $x, payable in advance. I have a business background, have done the market research & receive enough enquiries to know that this is fair, i’m not prepared to negotiate on this as it’s very important to me. Of course i’ll give you some time & please don’t disappoint me because i’d really build on a great beginning. I don’t bite or burn, unless biting is what you’re into (kidding). If the allowance thing isn’t going to work for you, please tell me now & I hope you find someone else who fulfills all of your needs & i’ll be sad. I hope that in x months time we’ll joke about this, what do you think?’ and then just wait and wait and wait. I know you’ll want him to say something immediately, just count to sixty and he’ll feel so awkward he’ll say something.

    Depedning upon his reponse say ‘are you all in or folding – this poker player is patient but the bet is with you’.

    Then break contact or say ‘not interested darling’. It’s a risky strategy but otherwise the time suckage will be horrific.

    clearly modify the above to suit your sitation. good luck!

  913. kitten26 says:

    hey everyone ,

    been off for a while , but after a date with a pot SD last night , wanted t run it by everyone

    Had a great dinner and wine , got along great. my car was dead , so took a cab , so he said hed drop me off. once we got there he asked if he could come up / I said no , lets wait a little longer ( although we talked about an arrangemnt , he hasnt started it ) and I get an email today flat out saying he would not start an arrangment until he got the dreaded ” test drive ” to make sure we were “cpmpatible ” Trust me , no has ever had any excuses with me . But when I email him back to tell him Im just being cautious as I was used before like that — he gets offensive and says thats not his problem and he doesnt care what other guys have done ! WTF ! was ther any reason for his outburst when I express I just dont want to be used ? And he tell me NO ONE will start this kind of relationship without a test drive first . I tell him my past SD in , as a matter of fact so he was wrong.

    Thoughts? comments ? encouragement ? Its been a bad week :=(

  914. VillaCypris says:

    Profile snippets…. this is mine – Profile Number 396153 – i put up three new photos, so if you want to put a “face to the name” … voila!

  915. VillaCypris says:

    I generally respond within one hour…. if possible… from the time i read the message…. as that is what I would like from someone I message… rarely does that happen, but i still carry on! I’ve had people respond days later, even more than a week later.

  916. VillaCypris says:

    good morning ladies and gents! much to catch up on, I see! :)

    NEOhio – thanks for asking – wrist is healing, i want to rip off my cast though! :( talk soon!

  917. NeOhio SB says:

    AM ~~ Sorry to hear you are not feeling well….tons of nasty bugs going around. Wanted to send you a sincere compliment….you have an incredible, infectuous, contageous, gorgeous smile…..that will make any SD melt.
    Glad to hear you had a great pot date. Hope you feel better soon.

  918. Anna Molly says:

    You know, if I’m going to get sick, I wish I would just hurry up and get sick! I hate this! Let me just get it over with already! UGH!

  919. Rudy says:

    NCGent: I agree; if they don’t respond within 24hours I think they are shopping and they will continue to do so. I understand things can come up, but with technology being what it is now, you can send a quick message to let the person know you are interested and send a more detailed message later.

    Well, I have a meeting, gotta go:)

  920. NC Gent says:

    sheeeshhhh SincereSD — you are giving away all the secrets! Just joking – I think that was a great post – I know I love to see when the SB has put some thought into the amount she desires.

    Hi Anna!

  921. Rudy says:

    Sincere SD: Thanks for posting the above snip. I had a situation come up where the pot SD was shady and very vague about an allowance. I didn’t go through with the arrangement, that snip is very helpful; you touuched on some things I didn’t consider.

    Sorry if my posts have missing words, I am using my blackberry :)

  922. Anna Molly says:

    Hi NC :)
    I was getting lonely :)

  923. NC Gent says:

    Good morning all. I like to see a response to my email within 24 hours of having seen it was read. Much longer than that, I think they are shopping and not that serious with me. I have given second chances in the past, and it has ALWAYS turned out to be something I later regretted. As time goes on, I am less forgiving of an SD. From reading the other posts, seems like second chances don’t work out too well for most.

  924. photogirl says:

    Lots of repairs Anna!
    I’ll send you an email.

  925. Anna Molly says:

    Hey photogirl! What have you been up to?

  926. photogirl says:

    Good morning!

    NYGent says:
    I hear you on frustration. We all have Mo-Jo from time to time where everything seems to be firing on all cylinders, and No-Jo at other times where nothing seems to be working and we’ve run out of gas. I feel sort of the latter at this point too. Often you just have to take a breather, leave the car in the shop for a while and resume when your bateries are recharged and all repairs are done.

    I am feeling the latter at this point as well. Mine is currently hidden as I am taking a breather and it needs a makeover so I will refrain from sharing at this time… but nice to see the all the profile snips.

  927. Anna Molly says:

    Where did everybody go?

  928. Yaz10 says:

    Hi AM! :=)

    I’m off to work…Will see you all later!!

  929. Anna Molly says:

    Good Morning everyone!
    Nice to see you SincereSD, where have you been hiding?

  930. Yaz10 says:

    NeOhio SB: Thanks! :-)

  931. NeOhio SB says:

    NYGent ~~ You opened up a great door by doing so. Gives all of us a neat perspective of fellow bloggers…….Getting to know a tad about each other and given personalities. You get the silver star for the blog.

  932. NYGent says:

    NeOhio: I think it was my idea to post snippets, at least i was first to do so.

    OC: didn’t know you were a golfer. have you played pebble? bandon dunes? i’m less familiar with the courses in OC although I’m sure some great ones.

    michelle: there is an SA book advertised on the site which is also pretty good

  933. NeOhio SB says:

    Plane is delayed…ugh.

    CB ~~ Incredibly written profile. Definitely portrays you as a quality, sophisticated woman that the “right SD” will appreciate you for what you bring to the table. You deserve the best. Good luck.

    Yaz ~~ Love your bullet points. Im tending to believe most of the SDs will read to completion and say…”wow”. Very creative.

  934. Yaz10 says:

    Morning All! :-)

    Nice to see you on the blog again Sincere!

    Thanks OC and CASB!! I tried to make the “description” part as short as possible but hey if a SD got to # 10 without yawning then he is a very patient man and I like that! lol

    I did say at the very end of my profile that ” If anything, I hope I put a smile on your face today :-) ” Lol

  935. SincereSD says:

    Michelle says: Both of these “negotiations” have left a bad taste in my mouth as the people who I would like to spend time with seemed really sketchy when it came to talk about the arrangement. How often do any of you run into this type of thing and how do you handle it? Any advice would be greatly appreciated.

    Welcome Michelle, there’s a post I made late last year that you may find useful.

    Here are my comments; There are no hard and fast rules as it depends on what the SD has for disposal income.

    1. Check his profile – is there a number listed?
    2. Ask indirectly – if he had a SB before, ask what the arrangement was
    3. Time and allowance are usually the main variables
    4. Know what you want or need – prepare a budget; what are your expenses and debt (be thorough in your assessment)? That can be the basis for determining what you need. If you don’t have a number in mind, the pot SD will have the upper hand and may lowball.
    5. Justifying your requirement – see #4 above
    6. If he offers you job as a personal assistant, remember you will be responsible for taxes.
    7. Buy a book on negotiation
    8. Practise – negotiate with a friend by pretending you are negotiating for a raise or rehearse by recording yourself on computer.

    Good luck and be reasonable with your expectations.

  936. NeOhio SB says:

    Earlybird catches the worm so they say, but Im catching a plane pronto. Just a quick note:
    Whomever started the profile snip’ets on this blog ~~ Fantastic idea. Putting a personality to the posts now seems like a great sugar family. Albeit the lack of a visual photo, that is still left to the imagination, but, it is a wonderful idea to read the profile exerpts knowing a bit more about each individual.
    And upon reading those, saying OMG I actually viewed that profile before. Quite interesting. And NY Gent… you are one i did view a bit back. Great profile…and agree with the other SBs on cloning you…and the other blogging SDs.
    Sunshine and sugar hugs to everyone…have a fantastic day!!!

  937. michelle says:

    Hello everyone! I’ve been reading the blogs for quite some time now and I’m stepping out of the lurk shadows in order to ask for guidance. In the last week, I have had dates with two potential SDs who both want to see me again but are reluctant to talk about the arrangement. I waited for them to bring it up but because one wanted me to go back to his home on date #2 and the other wants me to send him sexual pictures and start getting intimate, I had to bring up the arrangement first. Neither of the two would define exactly what they wanted and the conversations were quite frustrating. The first said that he would provide a monthly allowance but the amount has not been ironed out. The conversation got uncomfortable and he kept pouring wine into my glass and trying to convince me to go home with him. I managed to change the subject, still have a good time over dinner, and go home. He has called me for another date, I have a good time with him and, beside the awkwardness of “negotiations” he is a lot of fun and I could definitely enjoy myself with him.
    The second potential SD has in his profile that has a monthly budget of 3K-5K. When I spoke to him about it, he stated that we could talk about the final allowance once we are more comfortable with each other and trust has been established. He said that he has been burned before so he doesn’t want to give me the whole allowance up front (amount STILL pending). What he has offered to do is give me $500 in the meantime which wouldn’t even make up 1/4 of monthly allowance if we were to see each other once a week.
    Both of these “negotiations” have left a bad taste in my mouth as the people who I would like to spend time with seemed really sketchy when it came to talk about the arrangement. How often do any of you run into this type of thing and how do you handle it? Any advice would be greatly appreciated.

  938. SincereSD says:

    SouthernGent2 says: SB’s can surf profiles, send messages, or whatever, but in the end they are not making good use of their time. Instead, they should be spending time trying to figure out how to market their profile to the few legit sd’s on the site.
    SG2, can you explain exactly what SB would do to … “figure out how to market their profile to the few legit sd’s on the site”? The topic of whether SB should send out unsolicited emails or not has been discussed before and the opinions vary. Both NCG and I have gone on dates with SB who would have otherwise been unnoticed if not for their email that they took the initiative to send out.

    CASB says: Sorry, meant to add that one of the things that really gets my attention in a pot SD ad is his affinity for being a gentleman. That is one thing that I consider a must, as many men these days don’t take the time to even open a car door for a woman. The little things make the biggest differences with me and when I see in a SD’s profile that he prides himself on being a gentleman, I’m twice as likely to message him.
    Good to hear. I would say that most (younger) SB I date nowadays have no understanding of how a gentlemen is supposed to act. I swear I am going to accidently hit a SB in the head trying to open a door for them one day. :roll:

    OCSugarbaby says: Now I feel like I am standing in a crowded room in my underware! Albiet some very fine..sexy underware.. lol
    No worries OC, I’m sure you have fine lingerie! Personally I think how a profile is written can say a lot about a person.

    CrèmeBruléeNY says: Description: You’ll find I am articulate, presentable, with great confidence. I conduct myself with eloquence and self-respect and enjoy the company of those who appreciate such traits.
    CBNY, nice profile … are you entertaining marriage proposals? 😎

    Taz says: Hi Sincere! Nice to see you back on the blog! I have the same problem with my phone – I think if we paid for the service of ‘email’ it would work…not certain though.
    Hi Taz, I’m been super busy lately and unable to keep up with the blog. I think SA or WP has banned some of the shared IP addresses that is used by our phone carriers.

  939. Irish SB says:

    CASB – I dont think you have gotten enough credit for 1) getting a certain SD to reveal his profile number and 2) arranging an comprise of getting others profiles test! How did you do it girl???

    My profile is extremely short i hate the writing about yourself thing. But i think its more of a irish thing – we just cant talk about our qualities! Getting compliments is another minefield. Having the craic is the main priority. Im hoping my british friend backs me up on this one! Haha

    So i would rather leave a little taster on my profile for a lot of people to read – and open up to the few that i like. Im sure there was a more articulate way of putting that but you get the drift!

  940. Rudy says:

    Good Morning Everyone!

    Well, I am off to work, but wanted to say hello for some reason, I am not able to post comments using my Blackberry :( I will be back this evening.

  941. Tiara says:

    Hi…I am 19, a college freshman, and new to this site and the whole SB/SD relationship.
    Does anyone have any advice?? Do any experienced Sugarbabies have any words of guidance?
    Thanks :)

  942. Just Dee in NC says:

    CASB, your pictures are wonderful, and lady, you have such GORGEOUS eyes!

  943. CASB says:

    Thank you so much, we both appreciate it. :)

    Well, I guess I should jump on the profile sharing bandwagon since I kinda started it last night. I’ve only been here a few days and this is my first (rough) draft. My profile is four oh nine four five five. If you have any suggestions, please feel free to message them to me instead of posting them here. :)

  944. Taz says:

    No worries CASB – hope your little friend gets better…fingers crossed. Being an animal lover and the owner of many pets I can totally understand. ***HUGS***

  945. CASB says:

    Whoops, meant Yaz about the profile, not Taz, sorry! :)

  946. CASB says:

    Taz: I love your profile! Long (not too long), but enjoyable! :)

    OC: I wish my doggy’s sickness was something simple, but it’s way beyond that. I adopted a ~12 year old rescue Pomeranian 4 weeks ago and I took her to the vet yesterday and among other things that are wrong, the vet believes she may have cancer. I’m sooo devastated! :( She has a large tumor on her mammory that the rescue had believed was benign (turns out it was miscommunication and there was actually a second tumor that had been removed during spaying that was benign — this one was never biopsied and couldn’t be removed because she was so sick she almost didn’t make it through surgery). She’s set for bloodwork and xrays (to make sure the cancer hasn’t spread if that’s what it is) on Monday and then surgery will hopefully be the first Tuesday of December. I love this dog to pieces and will do whatever I can to keep her healthy and happy (honestly, you probably wouldn’t know she was sick if you saw her). Prayers and/or good thoughts are always appreciated! :)