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Sugar Travel: Pro’s, Con’s & Tips


Many enter the Sugarbowl anticipating that success will depend on mutual flexibility, and while long-distance sugar may not be everyone’s cup of tea, there are many who seek travel and adventure in their arrangements. Whether it’s a gathering of SD’s and SB’s from the blog, or a typical one-on-one arrangement sought on SA, coordinating a time and place is not always an easy feat.

“…as a SD I (a) worry about an SB’s safety traveling alone by train or bus into or back from the city, esp. at night; and (b) if she gets all dolled up she might greatly prefer a comfortable car ride door to door rather than having to struggle with strap-hangers in close quarters in a semi-air conditioned vehicle. If I had a NJ SB and we met in daytime thats one thing, but for evenings out I’m a little leery of public transport, even though I recognize you SBs are often intrepid travelers with lots of spunk and independence!” – NYGent

From Texas to Orange County, Sugar Babies and Sugar Daddies have to find realistic solutions to bridge gaps of distance and availability in a mutually beneficial way. Everyone’s situation is different, yet ideally, any traveling done in a sugar arrangement will feel more like a private fiesta than a struggle.

Have you ever had to compromise with a Sugar Daddy or Baby about when and where to meet? Was it successful?

Do you have any tips for making travel with a sugar sweet?

Does anyone plan on meeting with a sugar(s) this holiday season? Care to share?

What pet peeves (if any) do you have with the opposite gender and/or sugar-type?

Topic Suggested by ‘The-Lone-Gunman’ (TLG)

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1,245 Responses to “Sugar Travel: Pro’s, Con’s & Tips”

  1. photogirl says:

    Cleo – I am in Florida

    TXSB – Thanks for forwarding my email…have a save drive.

    NapaSB – I agree, had a doberman growing up. Sweetest thing in the world but knew when to protect me/the family. He greeted me a the bus stop every day after school… do miss him.

    I wish my lab had a more protective side to him, but he is just a big goof ball. Although he does bark at knocks he does not recognize.

  2. NapaSB says:

    okay! haha thank you for not leaving me behind :)

  3. SD NEOhio (SDN) says:

    Jumping to the new blog topic…just noticed the only SD on today. Being single has its advantages :)

  4. NapaSB says:

    SDN- I am a huge doberman person, i already have one and he is my son! dobermans get a bad reputation because of irresponsible owners, raised properly they are phenomenal, sweet, loving, and gentle dogs…until someone trys to mess with their family.

  5. TXSB says:

    Thanks Napa! Just got back from errands and McDonald’s! Will starting packing now….*fingers crossed* Hopefully I can get on the road in about 2 hours or so.

    Looks like there’s a new blog…. :)

  6. SD NEOhio (SDN) says:

    NapaSB: Nothing nuts about it. I am not a big doberman person but they are a nice dog and we see them in protection on occasion. If the protection training is done correctly you should have a nice gentle dog that you can allow around strangers and children without worry. Not a mean vicious dog.

  7. NapaSB says:

    Have a safe drive and a fantastic turkey day TXSB!

  8. Beach_Girl*395953 says:

    Hi everyone… To all that I didn’t mail!

    Happy Thanksgiving to you and yours!
    Hope you have a wonderful and thankful day!!!

  9. TXSB says:

    Well, since I scared everyone away….lol……I guess I’ll go run the few errands I need to take care of before starting my 4 hour drive in the afternoon.

    Later! :)

  10. TXSB says:

    NapaSB & SDN:
    Happy Thanksgiving to both of you! :)

  11. cleo says:

    Flo Rida: oh. oh. hadn’t seen that at all. will do since i love couch with beer evenings as much if not more than i love everything else combined :)
    photogirl i can’t remember where “this way” is for you?
    CASB: don’t “play with” your elbow. remember RICE: rest/ice/elevate. for ice i recommend a bag of frozen peas. do this in a ten minutes on/ten minutes off rotation about three times and then let it be. the less you use it the better it will heal. every time you “try the joint” you just hurt it more.

    my doctor friend says “if it doesn’t get appreciably better within two weeks? go to the doctor. if it keeps getting worse, go to the doctor”

  12. NapaSB says:

    hello TXSB! Happy Thanksgiving :)

    SDN-mmmmm protection training…i know it must make me a bit nuts but i realllllllly want a protection trained doberman. that is going to be my first grown up purchase :)

  13. CASB says:

    I’m going to try to get a little bit of rest, if I can. I will check my email when I get up. Happy Thanksgiving everyone.. you’re all so great! I’m thankful for all of you! :)

  14. CASB says:

    Trust me, there’s nothing to put a lien on (which is why I haven’t seen a dime yet) — it’s not that he wasn’t willing to pay me (BEFORE), it’s that he didn’t have anything TO pay me. As of a few days ago he barely has enough money for rent, and may even be a bit short. The business is a website that hasn’t had enough growth to really be profitable yet. He works extra jobs here and there to pay bills as it is. That’s why I hope that he only gets probation so that he can be out to be able to work so I can hopefully start getting money back. He needs a wakeup call and something that changes his life, but not something that makes him so angry and bitter that he won’t pay me back or that he tries to hurt me for revenge. :(

  15. SD NEOhio (SDN) says:

    Sorry to here about your problems with Shepherds photogirl. Mine is protection trained but very gentle, well unless someone tries to hurt me :)

  16. Flo Rida says:

    CASB – the legal process moves slowly, don’t be surprised if it takes time. He’ll be arraigned first – or maybe this has happened already (i’m assuming you don’t need to be there for this). Getting a lien is tough if you haven’t documented (perfected) the loan.

    A lien stops assets being sold – a better way is to ‘garnish his wages’ but that’s tough for documentary reasons.

    Also if he’s being prosecuted for assault his willingness to pay you back the loan will be very slim.

    NY Gent – I know this isn’t your area but aren’t you a lawyer – can you help CASB?

    Cleo – love the profile

    BUT you do realize you are targeting a man who likes adventure & maybe a bit of a wild fun time. some SD’s are really stressed & just want a therapist-counsellor to relax & chill so only if you want – you can add (i know) a sentence on appealing to the above man.

    also as I said before some men may be intimidated withyou being 5ft 11 and though I never advocate lying maybe 5-9 might scare less people off? i’m 5ft 9 & I know i’ve scared off some men in my life :-)

    Having said that you know Toronto men better than I do as i’ve only spent 1 month total in Toronto in my life.

    still not a lawyer but I really have to run – ciao peeps

  17. TXSB says:

    I’ll e-mail it to her.

  18. photogirl says:

    I have a very good friend of 20yrs in Studio City. Can someone please pass along my email address to CASB?

    Hello back TXSB

  19. CASB says:

    I’m probably about 10 minutes or so from Studio City.

    My elbow hurts pretty badly. I think now that the stinging from the brush burn it got from the skin being torn open on the carpet has faded a bit I’m feeling the pain in the actual bone. I think I landed harder than I thought.. I must have been to shocked/upset to realize. :( I’m sure it’s just a bruise though, I can move it alright.

  20. TXSB says:

    Hey NapaSB, CABS, and Photogirl!

  21. photogirl says:

    Cleo – I too enjoy road trips. How long did it take when you drove to Florida? If you make it down this way again, please let me know.

    SDN – Love shepards too, but had a unfortunate experience with them as a kid. I have an 80lb black lab. He acts like a kangaroo and sounds like a horse when runs/plays and thinks he is a lap dog.

    CASB – I am so sorry you had to go through that. You have been given very good advice from others already but yes, YOU NEED to change the locks asap. If I were there, I’d let you stay with me. How far are you from Studio City?

  22. CASB says:

    Thank you all for the advice and kind words. There’s so much to process and find out. I’m going to try to get some rest while I can (hopefully) and try to be with my friend later and hopefully get some answers tomorrow after the holiday. Thank you all again and I hope you have a fabulous Thanksgiving!

  23. TXSB says:

    Happy Thanksgiving Everyone!

    I’m soooo sorry to hear what you’re going through. Looks like Flo Rida and others already gave you some good advise to I won’t pile on any more. Check your e-mail in a little bit. *HUG*

  24. NapaSB says:

    hello all! you still on CASB?

  25. Midwest SB says:

    I’m not a lawyer! You do need to listen to the lawyers and you may get a call from a social worker.
    I had to deal with a stalking ex that made a few mistakes. I stuck to my convictions and it’s a much nore peaceful situation now.

  26. Flo Rida says:

    Cleo – i’ll look at profile later – gotta run now.

    CASB – sorry but you need to call your property management company and insist that they change the locks – or reimburse you for you changing locks – if he has keys this is endangering you. Let the property management company know that if anything happens to you, you will hold them culpable (for not changing locks).

    Also you must prepare for the worst and hope for the best, as I said before people with bad intentions can find ways to hurt you – they have friends on the outside – he can post collateral for a bail bondsman (ok this might be a stretch) so please prepare for safety reasons.

    in terms of evidence – did the police take a statement and take pictures of bruises cuts – were you medically examined? i’m assuming yes – if not go back to the police and insist upon this.

    it is highly likely if not a certainty that you will need to be there (maybe not an arraignment but the courtroom) but you should go through this with the state prosecutor & police & if you want a 3rd opinion legal aid.

    still not a lawyer.

  27. Midwest SB says:

    Good morning sugars and Happy Thanksgiving!

    CASB – It sucks to go through that and to feel that fear. Flo is right about finding a safe place and getting rest. You definately need a restraining or no contact order (let them know if he has any weapons). If you have friends that live a few hours away, it might give you a respite for a day or two. As far as the loan, you may either have to let that go, or consult a lalawyer about putting a lein on any of his property (home, business, etc). If he tries to sell anything, the lein will hopefully get paid. Whatever you do, DO NOT get intouch with him for any reason from this point forward. The authorities will support you and back you up as long as you don’t put yourself in a dangerous situation. Press charges and let him know you mean business and will not tolerate that behavior. It’s a long difficult road, but stay strong and seek help. If you absolutely have nowhere to go and still feel in danger, ask the police for the location of a woman’s shelter.

  28. CASB says:

    Just looked at lasuperiorcourt.com and courts are closed both Thanksgiving and day after Thanksgiving so the soonest he will be seen will be Monday and I doubt that will happen because they are probably backed up a day because people booked the night before him would have been seen today but it’s closed, so he’ll probably go to court Tuesday.

  29. cleo says:

    Flo Rida: you did not seem rude at all i must say… i hope my words don’t imply that

    the thing about a restraining order is that if he attacks you and you can’t prosecute for that you can at least have the whole ‘violating the restraining order’ thing documented. if that happens more than a couple of times you have a bit more luck getting them arrested.

    but, like you said so correctly, i’m not a lawyer either and even if i were the laws are very different here.

  30. CASB says:

    Flo Rida: I believe in CA there is no option to drop charges. They’re filed by the state and cannot be reversed (this is to protect victims from cohersement or threats if they testify).. the charges remain filed regardless of whether victims testify. I honestly just want him to get probation and domestic violence counseling. He doesn’t think he has a problem and clearly he does. I don’t want him to go to jail because he owes me $20k and if he’s in prison there is no way for him to get money to pay me back, if he’s on probation he can at least work and make payments to me.

  31. Flo Rida says:

    Cleo – Sorry if I seemed rude.

    I agree with a restraining order as it does get it on the record BUT the police will say if you – we are going to prosecute you don’t need a restraining order as he’ll either be guilty (and then judge will determine court conditions – assuming this is not a grand jury) or innocent (and then a restraining order might not be granted).

    if she drops charges or the state does not wish to prosecute (then a restraining order could be an option)

    CASB needs to understand her legal options and make informed decisions – this should be done with the police and with attorneys.

    i’m still not a lawyer.

  32. CASB says:

    I live in an apartment complex that is far from secure (the front door never locks shut) and he has keys anyway (we lived together and had broken up a while back and were in the process of figuring moving out, we essentially just went about our lives without noticing the other existed other than to help with the dog). I’m going to lock myself in my bedroom with my dog and wait for my friend to wake up and call me. I’m going to spend the day with them and maybe stay there tonight depending how my dog is. I highly doubt that he’ll get out very soon since it’s Thanksgiving and it’s a felony (he doesn’t have money to post bail, especially since it costs 10% in CA so it’d cost him $5,000 he’d never get back and he doesn’t have that) so he’ll definitely have to be seen in court. I imagine the soonest he’d be seen is Friday, but even then might be pushing it b/c of the holiday, so maybe not til Monday. I don’t know how the court thing works though.. will I have to go in and testify? Or is it just him and the judge? Is it a one-day thing? I can’t find much information online, just a bunch of lawyers saying to call them if you need representation.

  33. cleo says:

    Flo Rida: oh i agree with everything you said to CASB and that no one should be along on thanksgiving. it’s funny though, i almost got a canadian and a usa t-giving this year but i can’t make it to the usa one…
    and i think your profile advice is great. you told me it was too long and to shorten without losing content… and you told me to smile. these are both solid things to say to someone and i’ve done one and am working on the other.

    would be curious about your opinion now if you have a minute?


  34. Flo Rida says:

    Cleo – today sucks becoz it’s txsgiving BUT CASB could ask a neighbour (apartment or home) to check in on a schedule – she could also call her property management company (though they won’t be much help). She should really stay with friends (eve with a dog) – no one should be on their own on txsgving (sorry!)

    also please don’t be angry @ me if my profile advice sucks. men (& women) have basic 1st reactions and a warm smiling face goes a long way. the perfect profile makes someone think ‘i’ll enjoy meeting her and she’ll like me as she’s just described me i’m going to contact her’ of course it can’t be too narrow but u know what I mean. have fun in Toronto.

  35. cleo says:

    Flo Rida: the only reason i suggest a restraining order is for history if he does do anything.

  36. Flo Rida says:

    CASB – he does not have a felony on his record he has an ‘arrest’ on his record. He has not been charged and he has not been convicted. You are emotional and scared and maybe angry and you need to calm down. after you’ve arranged security (see above) you need to stop thinking about this (i know it’s tough) you have time to make your next move (you could withdraw charges or you could agree to prosecute).

    a restraining order is an option (but he can easily break it once or even twice).

    also someone in jail can still call out and ask friends to do something so don’t feel completely safe (be careful). you will need to ‘up’ your physical safety plan for a while – I know this is scary – but prepare physically & emotionally for your safety

    go in person (after txgiving) to a legal aid (free) to address your legal options

    get some sleep, think things through, stop worrying & plan your next move.

  37. cleo says:

    Flo Rida: with the exception of your photo advice which i can’t take because i don’t actually HAVE a smiling face shot that’s recent (friend of mine and i have a ‘let’s take silly snaps’ day planned to fix this) i have taken your advice about trying to shorten my profile and keep it’s…. mood. thanks for it by the way.

    also, that is some very good advice you gave CASB, how would it change if she lived in an apartment building?

  38. Flo Rida says:

    CASB – i’ve been off blog for a while. If u r in ur bedroom barricade the doors-windows (or sleep somewhere where you can barricade) keep your phone fully charged with a spare battery (a landline can be cut) if anything happens call immediately 911. also keep a baseball bat (or something similar) with you as no knives though as they are too dangerous. also agree a ‘check in’ schedule with your best friend so that if you don’t check by cell call or txt in she’ll call the police. After that you MUST sleep (decisions based on lack of sleep are often poor). i’m sorry this happened to you & hope u have a peaceful thanksgiving.

  39. SD NEOhio (SDN) says:

    CASB he does not have a felony on his record because of you, he has it because of what he did. It was his choice and now he will pay for it.

    I am worried about you, you need some emotional support and need somewhere safe to stay when he is let out of prison. Do you have any friends, family near by?

  40. cleo says:

    CASB: call a women’s help line… seriously. not to come get you, not to move in with, just to talk to. i’m pretty sure it will help

  41. cleo says:

    Tru: i did the toronto/washington drive last year with a couple of friends. we stopped and toured the hershey factory and trust me, we had more fun than ANY of the kids there :)
    SDN: i love dogs but not in the city. i only like them in places where they have a lot of space to roam… otherwise? cats. but i raise funny cats, i raise cats that are smart, friendly, independent and polite so even cat haters like my girls.
    CASB: wow

    have you got a restraining order against him? do you know if this is enough to get one?

  42. CASB says:

    I’m back. I just checked the LA County Sheriff’s website and he was arrested, it’s a felony. Bail is $50,000. I’m literally sick to my stomach and shaking right now. I’m scared. If this is what he does when he has no reason to be angry, I’m afraid of what he will do when he gets out after having a felony on his record now thanks to me. :(

  43. Irish SB says:

    Take it easy CASB and try to relax. Im studying today so if im not on the blog you can get me at my email if you want.


  44. CASB says:

    Thank you SDN (and Irish and Tru). I really appreciate the support, you don’t know how much I needed it. I’m going to go lock myself in the bedroom (just incase) and try to get some sleep. Going to call the police back in an hour-ish to see if they’ve got him booked.

  45. SD NEOhio (SDN) says:

    Hey CASB, just got back from taking my dog to the park. No one should do that to you especially a man and one you trusted. Don’t apologize to us, glad we are here for at least emotional support.

  46. Irish SB says:

    And such a quiet day for the blog! I dont think he would be stupid enough to go back but keep your wits about you.

  47. CASB says:

    I know.. I tried to call my other best friend for the past 2 hours and she’s not answering. It’s not even 6am here yet. I haven’t slept. I called the police info line and they don’t have him in the system. There’s a chance he hasn’t been booked yet or they didn’t arrest him. I don’t have anywhere else to go and to make matters more complicated, I have a senior dog with a heart condition and other medical conditions so I can’t just leave her alone.

    Sorry for bringing the blog down guys.. I hope you all have a Happy Thanksgiving! :)

  48. Irish SB says:

    Maybe you should you get out of where it happened. You need to do something for you today.

  49. CASB says:

    I’m trying to find out online if there’s a way to find out if he’s been arrested. I’m honestly scared to go to sleep. I know it sounds ridiculous, but I’m scared he’ll kill me in my sleep.. nothing surprises me anymore. :(

  50. CASB says:

    I’m originally from PA. 2500 miles from here. :-\

  51. Irish SB says:

    CASB where you orginally from? It is awful to happen at any time but today of all days must really be hard for you. He really is the lowest of the low and im sure you didnt think he would do this.

  52. CASB says:

    I told the police I didn’t need an ambulance/EMT. I don’t have health insurance so I can’t go get checked out. I’m 99% sure I’m okay though, just scrapes/scratches and lots of shaken nerves. :(

  53. CASB says:

    Thanks Irish. :( I’m kind of feeling claustrophobic, like trapped inside myself right now, a very weird feeling. I don’t really have many friends out here because I haven’t lived here all that long and LA people aren’t really the truest of friends. My best friend is out of state for the holiday. My ex is very cunning and will do everything in his power to never pay me back a dime. He has no money to now, but I know he’ll make sure that it looks like he never does either so long as it means I don’t get paid back. He actually won a lawsuit himself last year for $100k+ and hasn’t seen any of that from the guy who owes it to him so I’m sure he’ll use the same tricks to do it to me. I’m sure him getting arrested will make him even more vengeful to not pay me anything. I’m literally just sick over this right now. :( I don’t know any civil lawyers in that field either. :(

  54. Tru says:

    CASB – omg i hope your ok but Irish SB is right you can’t be on your own and you need to get checked out make sure you are fine.

  55. Irish SB says:

    CASB – Oh my god that is awful. Are you sure your ok did you get yourself checked out? This has probably not all sunk in yet and it could be days until it hits you what you have gone through. You are going to feel shook up for a while. You did the right time with calling the police i hope he was arrested. You should get yourself a lawyer especially if he owes you all that money – you cant personally deal with him now. I understand its Thanksgiving so theres little you can do. I hope you friends or family you can spend the day with instead.

  56. Tru says:

    sorry …. I saw that show…

  57. Tru says:

    Irish SB – I show that show what your talking about and that week I took my dog to the vets to get check lol

  58. CASB says:

    Morning sugar family. I’m sorry to bring negativity to the blog, but you all are so supportive and I could really use some of that right now. A little over an hour and a half ago my ex grabbed me by the neck and threw me to the ground. Luckily, I landed on carpet, but I got brush burn on my elbow and finger and was bleeding and then he threw me down again and I slammed my face/nose off the arm of the couch, but thankfully, there was no real injury there. I’m just really shaken up and kind of feel lost. Even though we’re not together, I was hoping that we could be amicable and maybe even friends (he owes me $20k that I loaned him for his business so I wanted it to be friendly, of course), I even thought we might have Thanksgiving dinner together.. I never expected this to happen. The police went to his office (where he went) after taking a report from me and said they were going to arrest him if he was there, which I assume he was because his car was there. Ugh.. I’m just a ball of emotions right now. Thank you for taking the time to listen.. and if this is inappropriate for here, I completely understand if you delete it.

  59. Tru says:

    SD NEOhio – S he is cute dog but I don’t have her much as im always away travelling so my mum has her more then me.

    Irish SB – Thanks for that I will email you later if that’s cool, that’s great that you have already met a few people already, im hoping for someone in London, USA (LA or SD) as that’s where i am alot. But im happy to travel for the right person

  60. Irish SB says:

    Haha SDN you gotta love that 5+ hour time difference!!

    Im not a fan of breeding at all because there are many out there that give the business a bad name and iv seen so many german shepards coming into the vets to get weekly injections just so they can walk.

    There was a great documentry shown over here on pedigree dogs and as a result of it BBC refused to coverage Cruffs (one the best dog shows in the world) This was a huge deal as they did it every year. I love king charles and use to have one – but dont watch that programme if you think of getting another one!

  61. Irish SB says:

    Tru – i joined about 2 months ago i let it slip a bit with studies and im only on blog 2wks. The interest im getting is either from Uk or the states which suits me fine. A guy from london came to Ireland for a meeting but i found him way too sleazy. I met a great guy and went to the states for a week to meet him after about a month of emailing but he wanted a real life GF and was uncomfortable with an allowance and just wanted to spend it on shopping so i ended that. I cant shop with other people! But i had a great time there. So im back to conversing with a few english and american guys again!

  62. SD NEOhio (SDN) says:

    Got to say I am loving having all this attention from the English/Irish SBs :)

    Mine has good hips. I go with the working dog lines versus the “show” dogs. All the breeding to get that “look” is part of the cause of bad hips. We still get them with working dogs but it is less likely.

    No such thing as a nerdy question…intelligent women make the best SBs if you ask me.

    Tru: The King Charles is a great little dog.

  63. Tru says:

    Irish SB – Yep im back, as you haven’t been on SA long like me I was just wondering if you have had any interest yet?

  64. Tru says:

    Irish SB – So is it cold in Ireland now, its so windy and wet in the uk London but i guess it always is.

  65. Irish SB says:

    Hey Tru good afternoon! Good to see you back.

  66. Tru says:

    I love dogs I have a King Charles very cute but small

  67. Irish SB says:

    German shepard is the smallest?? What is the biggest! Lol
    You finding any trouble with the hips?? Sorry nerdy question im into animals i know about their conditions.

  68. SD NEOhio (SDN) says:

    Morning Tru

  69. Tru says:

    Morning to you both x

  70. SD NEOhio (SDN) says:

    German Shepherd is the smallest. Biggest is 48 kgram. Want to get another German Shepherd, just love the breed.

  71. Irish SB says:

    Define big! Are we talking great danes big or lab big! Iv 3 myself a biggish one, a middling one and a small one. Great combo!

  72. SD NEOhio (SDN) says:

    lol…I have big dogs I am entertaining too!

  73. Irish SB says:

    Blogging, prepping and cooking that is some mutli tasking!

    I have a cousin in NYC, i was there for Thanksgiving last year that was the only time iv celebrated it.

  74. SD NEOhio (SDN) says:

    I have friends and family coming to my house. I am single but one of the few cooks in the family, also I have a house big enough to accommodate.

    This morning is made of doing prep work and getting everything ready to cook this afternoon.

    Do you have U.S. family? Ever celebrate TG?

  75. Irish SB says:

    To the minute! But i will give you the kudos as it is midday for me!

    Whats your plans for Thansksgiving??

  76. SD NEOhio (SDN) says:

    Irish SB – we tied for morning post, sweet.

    It is cold (7C) and rainy here.

  77. Irish SB says:

    Oh snap!

  78. SD NEOhio (SDN) says:


    Happy Thanksgiving.

  79. Irish SB says:

    Good morning and Happy Thanksgiving to all! Just another rainy thursday for me!

  80. NapaSB says:

    …goodnight sugarland

  81. NapaSB says:

    guess not…well, HAPPY THANKSGIVING TO ALL!!!!! :)

  82. NapaSB says:

    hello hello! anyone awake?

  83. Tru says:


  84. Tru says:

    cleo – It was me talking about a road trip, in October I did Toronto – Washington DC it was so much fun I loved it next year im doing NYC – San Diego with lots of stop overs in all the cool places can’t wait.

  85. TXSB says:

    Hi…..anyone up?

  86. cleo says:

    figures, spend too long reading and miss everyone

  87. cleo says:

    i’m here TexaSD, how are you?

    should i tell you i finished part one of my rib concoction tonight or would that be unfair?

  88. cleo says:

    seriously? you guys put your turkey in the night before????
    who was it who was talking about road trips earlier?

    i’m with you, love them. wouldn’t care at all if my SD was a drive away from me so long as it was fewer than six hours. fewer than four would be better because then it’s worth the time to drive.

    i drove to florida last year, by myself… it was awesome. i’m planning to maybe do it this year too with a stop in philly and a stop in raleigh on the way down… assuming i can coordinate the visiting :)

    it’s such a nice time to find peace and settle your head

  89. TexaSD says:

    Well, I think I am alone now lol, Ok well thanks for the Turkey Day comments, hope you all have a nice turkey day, and Thursdays for you non Americans lol.

  90. TexaSD says:

    Ok I am back

  91. Beach_Girl*395953 says:

    Hey everyone

    Happy Thanksgiving to all Americans!!! Enjoy!

  92. Rudy says:

    Good Night everyone :) Have a wonderful time with friends and family!

  93. Yaz10 says:

    Happy Thanksgiving everyone! I can’t wait to stuff my face 2moro LOL. We will be going to my sis boyfriend’s. He is italian and he looooooves cooking. Hehe :-)

  94. 2Chic says:

    Good night ladies, have a very lovely holiday. Off to finish cooking.

  95. Rudy says:

    Make that four, I thought everyone had left :(

    2chic: my turkey is in the oven too:)

  96. Irish SB says:

    Hey 2Chic, im off to my bed,

    Happy Thanksgiving to all you americans!!

  97. 2Chic says:

    Hi Sugas, Turkey is in the oven.

  98. Irish SB says:

    Ah never been on this so late before! And theres only three of us left!

  99. Tru says:

    Irish SB – Same here its just after 4am and not sure why I still feel so awake!!!!

  100. Rudy says:

    Oh, wow! It’s 10pm here, but I have been in that situation before

  101. Irish SB says:

    Nearly 4am and cant sleep, i shall feel it tomorrow mind you!

  102. Rudy says:

    Irish SB: I am still here. I am cleaning and blogging :) Trying to multi-task

  103. Irish SB says:

    Aww did everyone go?

  104. Rudy says:

    Hi Anna! Have a safe trip

  105. AsianSB says:

    TexaSD- I expect to be missed haha :P, but most likely going to skip lunch or grab late lunch because I have to finish two assignments in three hours.

    To add to Dee’s Beatles post, the move Across the Universe is a great movie for those who love the Beatles.

  106. Irish SB says:

    Have a good one Anna Molly!

  107. Anna Molly says:

    Sorry Irish SB, I’m all out of fun, excitement and entertainment this evening….lol. I’m tired and just wanted to stop by and wish everyone a happy Thanksgiving. I’m off to bed, I have to get up and drive to MA. tomorrow. Have a safe and happy holiday! Talk to you all soon :)

  108. Just Dee in NC says:

    Hi, Anna Molly!

  109. Just Dee in NC says:

    The History CHannel is showing a fantastic show about the Beatles, using movie and television and video clips as well as extensive interviews with the 4 of them over the years. This is so interesting, watching and listening to them talking about the songs and how they wrote and why they did some things.

    Highly recommended for Beatles’ fans.

  110. Irish SB says:

    Hey Anna Molly:-)

    Any criac for us?

  111. TexaSD says:

    AsianSB- Ok, sorry about your other work, you getting lunch anytime soon? Ya if I miss you, I will shoot you and email

  112. AsianSB says:

    Hey TexaSD- Debate went well, but now I’m burdened with other work. :\

    If we don’t chat on the blogs, you can always e-mail me. :)

  113. TexaSD says:

    Irish- If you are on XP, you wouldn’t want vista, just skip it altogether, and get windows 7 (if you don’t buy a mac)

  114. Rudy says:

    TexaSD: I see them every Sunday and sometimes during the week. I am the ‘on-call’ babysitter:) What about you? I noticed you were talking about profiles, I am getting views from people who obviously have hidden profiles and I cannot see them….weird and I am a Premium member.

  115. Irish SB says:

    I am searching for a hidden profile think id have more success with vista right now!

  116. TexaSD says:

    AsianSB- HI, hope your debate went well/ ok bye, take care, see you soon on the blogs I think?? lol

  117. AsianSB says:

    Hey everyone, just stopping by to say Hi and Bye :p

    Have much work to do today, so hopefully I’ll be able chat later tonight.

  118. Irish SB says:

    I only seen Twilight the other night. I never understood the hype around robert patterson…. Now i do! 😉

  119. TexaSD says:

    Irish- I dunno about that honestly, because of the SB’s with premium profiles, even though I am hidden, they have been able to see my profile… So maybe it works both ways lol

  120. Rudy says:

    Just Dee: If you like romance too, I recommend Lori Wick, she is a great writer.

    Lunae: I like you already! I am a huge chocoholic and chocolate coffee sounds tasty! “Rudy” is one of my favorite movies.

    Taz: I am really out of the loop when it comes to movies

  121. Irish SB says:

    Il give you all the clues you want – not gonna do much help when my profile is hidden though!

  122. TexaSD says:

    Irish- lol Where is my clue

    Rudy- Do you see them often?

  123. Irish SB says:

    TexaSD – Ok im assuming your in Texas, how about age then there is 1302 of ye!

  124. Rudy says:

    Just Dee: I am about an hour and 30min away from Spring Hill

    TexaSD: My nephew is three and my niece is one AND they are both going through the terrible 2s!

    SDN: You are quite the cook! The lobster corn chowder sounds tasty! I love to cook and I was getting hungry reading the blog this morning. I wanted to chime in but for some reason I couldn’t post on my blackberry.

    Taz: Hi! I didn’t attempt to read them, I don’t think I would like them either

  125. TexaSD says:

    Irish- Brunette lol and 5’9, give me a few clues lol

  126. Lunae says:

    Rudy- Hiya Hun, I’m new here so that’s why we haven’t met.

    JustDee- MMMMMmmmm How bad of you to mention Chocolate from the Netherlands. I just recently ran out of my chocolate coffee a friend sent me and now with winter coming up on us I am so wishing I could get my hands on more!

    I have not read any of the Twilight Series or seen either movie. But I am so looking forward to Blind Side. I tend to cry at all sports movies from Rudy to Radio and Remember the Titans had be boohoo-ing the entire way. Another Film I am looking forward to is Avatar. It’s Sci-fi and the CGI looks amazing.

  127. Taz says:

    Did anyone see New Moon? That is what it is called right?? Lol..I am soo out of the loop 😛 I did see the first movie and it was hmm pretty good – better than I thought it would be – and do want to see this one as well – but as for reading the series – too much of a time investment when it really doesn’t interest me thaaaat much…

  128. Irish SB says:

    And heres me thinking i was unique! Truth be told I dont be looking for Irish SBs! Ok give me a few clues and il go looking for you.

    P.s im brunette 5’6.

  129. Tru says:

    Rudy – I love the Twilight series but im very much into the whole vampire thing, it funny cos I not to long finished filming a vampire film but sadly i wasn’t the vampire i was a vampire killer. Oh well maybe next time.

    SD NEOhio – Sea bass very nice :)

  130. Just Dee in NC says:

    Taz, you didn’t miss anything.

    Harry Potter – LOVED them although JKR wimped out in the last couple of books. Overall, though, magnificent.

    Rudy: “Outlander” by Diana Gabaldon. It’s the first book in a series and it’s also the best book in the series. Now THAT is how a romance should play out.

  131. TexaSD says:

    Irish- ok you win that round…

  132. TexaSD says:

    IrishSb- are you tall? like 5’11 blonde hair? lol I am looking threw people who looked at my profile, thats the only Irish I see

  133. Just Dee in NC says:

    Irish, it’s a copyright thing. There are 2 organizations in the USA – BMI and ASCAP – and artists have to belong to those in order to sell recordings here. These organizations are the ones that oversee things like royalties to writers, etc. If she isn’t a member, then she wouldn’t be able to release music for sale here. It’s a complicated bunch of laws and I don’t quite understand all of it.

  134. Taz says:

    Rudy – I have the Twilight series and love to read but couldn’t get into them for some reason…

  135. Rudy says:

    Just Dee: Personally, I like fiction i.e..romance, legal thrillers and such. I LOVE to read anything about politics too. I will admit I liked Harry Potter, but vampires don’t appeal to me. As for “The Blind Side” I have herd it’s a great movie and the leading lady is one of my favorite actresses. I like football so I think I will enjoy the movie. Have you hear about the one called “Precious”? I don’t think I can watch that one; too dramatic.

  136. Irish SB says:

    TexaSD – iv no nephews or nieces so i think that beats your 1yr old!

  137. Rudy says:

    Tru: Hi :) My day went well, but it was busy. I was trying to wrap up as much work as possible before I left for the holiday. Have you read any of the Twilight Series? I mentioned before some of my friend love the books, but I haven’t read any of them.

  138. SD NEOhio (SDN) says:

    Tru: Did the pan seared sea bass. Very nice.

  139. Irish SB says:

    Just Dee – how strange, theres free trade amongst EU countries so if your ever desperate im sure i could russle up some!

  140. TexaSD says:

    Wow now I feel young, I have 1 nephew, and he is 1 lol

  141. Just Dee in NC says:

    Rudy, how far are you from Spring Hill? My nephew graduates from high school in May and there’s no way I wouldn’t show up for that.

  142. Rudy says:

    I meant ‘wore me out’ I am typing too fast!

  143. Just Dee in NC says:

    Irish, I tried a couple of years ago to order her CDs from amazon.com, amazon.co.uk, and even her own website, and none of them could complete the order when I put in my shipping address in the US. Maybe in the meantime she’s join the organizations that let her sell music in the US. I’ll check again!

    The CDs that I do have, the parents of a friend brought with them when they came to visit – they’re from the Netherlands. I hope they come back soon – I want them to bring some more chocolate! :-)

  144. Rudy says:

    TexSD: Hi, I am doing well, my niece and nephew just left and they have worn me out!

    Lunae: Hi! I don’t believe I have met you before; I joined the blog earlier this month.

  145. Tru says:

    ‘New Moon’ saw it last night and really liked it. Who else has seen it?

  146. Tru says:

    TexaSD – Yes maybe I should look for SD in the states… and yes I do have family who are American and still live there.

    Rudy – Hey how’s your day going?

  147. Just Dee in NC says:

    I read all 4 of the Twilight books, Rudy, and they’re AWFUL. “Blind Side” looks fabulous. I saw an interview with the real people it’s based on, and the story will just make you cry. I have babysitting duty on Friday, though, so daughter can shop. Then Saturday she and I are going to the ballet. So movies will have to wait. By Sunday, I don’t expect to have enough energy left to dial Domino’s.

  148. Irish SB says:

    Ok post with my email is being moderated probably for that reason.

    Just Dee cant you order on line? I googled it there and cdwow have them. I can send onto you if you want – my email is sbirish09 at google male.

  149. Rudy says:

    Just Dee: Honeybaked Hams are so good! It sounds like you are going to have a nice spread. Several of my friends have seen “New Moon” I can’t seem to get into Vampires, but they enjoyed it. I would like to see “Blind Side”

  150. Irish SB says:

    I was meant to write my email in a not so obvious there way damn it! Im blaming that one on the early am here.

  151. TexaSD says:

    Irish- Yes for now, but you will slip up one day, and I will be there waiting lol

    Rudy- how are you?

  152. Irish SB says:

    Hey Rudy!

    Just Dee – cant you order online?? I had a quick google there and cdwow has them. If you want i can send onto you. They may even sell in shops here not sure.

  153. Tru says:

    Irish SB – I love the states I go about 3-4 times a year and stay 2-6wks at a time I go Canada 2-3 times a year I love to snowboard there around late jan early feb there.

  154. Just Dee in NC says:

    I’m taking it easy, Rudy – a Honeybaked Ham, vegetables, and Pillsbury yeast rolls. Easy fix, easy clean-up. And then babysitting the sweetest little boy in the world tomorrow night while his mama and daddy go see “New Moon.”

  155. Irish SB says:

    Im one step ahead of you TexaSD!

  156. Rudy says:

    Hi Just Dee!, TXSD, Irish SB, Tru and anyone I have missed:)

    Are you guys getting ready for Thanksgiving?

  157. TexaSD says:

    IrishSB- Waaa, i was looking for you…. Smooth move, I hide mine too occasionally

  158. TexaSD says:

    Tru- lol ya sorry, I saw that after I hit submit… if you have family here, I suggest the Community college route, depending on what school you go to, you can be ok, especially with a SD…

  159. Irish SB says:

    TexaSD – nope i havnt! And my profile is hidden, i had a SD previously so it was hidden for that. And im not premium so if you see mine I cant see yours, no fair! 😉

  160. Just Dee in NC says:

    Hi, Rudy!

  161. Just Dee in NC says:

    Well come on, Irish. And somebody from that side of the pond, bring over a complete set of Dana Winner’s cds. She has the most incredible voice, but her music isn’t for sale here.

  162. Tru says:

    Lunae – I guess I will have to look into it in more detail but thanks for the info :)

    TexaSD – I don’t think acting comes under the skilled visa!!!!

  163. Rudy says:

    Hi Sweet Sugar Family!

    What did I miss today?

  164. Just Dee in NC says:

    Hi, Lunae!

  165. Irish SB says:

    All this immigration talk makes me wanna move to the states! Been there three times but its not enough.

  166. TexaSD says:

    Irish- Did you Login today?

  167. TexaSD says:

    Dee- Nope :(

    Irish- lol thats funny

    Tru- Well, a suggestion, have you looked for a job over here, last time I checked the skilled Visa’s haven’t all been taken for the year

  168. Lunae says:

    Evening Everyone :)

    Just got off work and need to finish my studies but I thought I would pop in and see how how everyone was doing. Lets see it’s 8pm now, I figure I’ll do class work until 10pm then off to the gym till midnight. I work tomorrow and am so not impressed with that but eh it pays the bills. Hope you all have a great day tomorrow. And for you lucky ones enjoy all the great Black Friday sales…again I have to work and miss out on all the good stuff.

    Tru- Immigration if fairly easy for persons from Europe. We have special arrangements for most of the countries included within that union. Based on Occupation you could, in theory, be here in no time.
    Skilled Educated Professionals are very welcome in the States esp. if you are multilingual.

  169. Just Dee in NC says:

    Hi, TexaSD!! Have you had dinner yet?

  170. Tru says:

    Just Dee – I was going to try for my occupation but its still hard because of the type of job I do (im an actress)

    TexaSD – College!! thats funny… nah looked at that root and college is expensive and you can only work 20hpw and the type of jobs I will be looking for I would have to work more then that. boo hoo Canada it is.

  171. Irish SB says:

    Ah thought i scored myself a sneaky peak there! 😉

  172. TexaSD says:

    Irish- nooo, there is another London blogger on here, although she hasn’t been on the blog in a while.

  173. Irish SB says:

    Hmm was it Felicity who seen your profile TexaSD?! I could wrestle that outta her!

  174. TexaSD says:

    Irish- You can’t go wrong with apple 😉

    Dee- ya Felicity and another girl in here, the one who actually saw my profile is from London

  175. Irish SB says:

    Yep its felicity – such a sweetheart.

  176. Just Dee in NC says:

    I have some chocolate ice cream in the freezer. Who wants some? Want bananas and/or peanuts?

    I need a chocolate fix.

  177. lisa says:

    Just Dee: I could never even find someone to give me a ride home from church when I used to go. I don’t think many people in my immediate area would be into anything like that. Anyway when I mention I don’t have a car to a potential sd or even when I was doing regular dating, it’s like I had some disease or something and everyone poofed.

  178. Just Dee in NC says:

    Yeah, SDN, jump in. You’re the only man here right now – you ought to be eating up the attention. 😉

  179. Just Dee in NC says:

    Hi, Irish!

    Oh, that reminds me – it’s Felicity who is from London.

  180. Midwest SB says:

    SDN- The “favorites” question is not linited to the ladies on the blog…care to share?

    PS – Make sure you wish ASB a Happy Thanksgiving (not that you need advice). We are rooting for you :-)

  181. Just Dee in NC says:

    I only know about Larry Bird because we lived in Indiana for a few years, and those people up there treat basketball like a religion. I enjoy college basketball now, but the NBA isn’t worth watching.

    Lisa, have you tried Meetup.com? I know there are tons of Meet-up groups here, and there have to be many times more groups in Houston. The nice thing about the groups is you can choose the groups you want to get into based on your interests and there are usually enough people all over the area for someone to be willing to give you a ride.

    Check it out.

  182. lisa says:

    edit Horse racing, not horse raising. I hate horses but I like to watch them race.

  183. lisa says:

    I don’t keep up with sports. The only sports I can tolerate are baseball and horseraising. I used to watch the horseraces on tv every saturday night when I was a little girl living near Arlington Park, Ill back in the early 70’s. There is a race park here somewhere, but again it’s not in HOuston, no way to get there without a car.

  184. lisa says:

    my ex husband married me, Had to go to Canada a year later to reenter the US legally and get a temporary card, two years later, he had an interview, 6 months later he received his permanent green card, left me two weeks later, 8 months pregnant. I won’t even date a person who isn’t a US born citizen now.

  185. Irish SB says:

    TexaSD you are the third person iv had the apple conversation with, you may be right!

    Hey Yaz and Just Dee!

  186. Irish SB says:

    TexaSD you are the third person iv had the apple conversation with, you may be right!

  187. Just Dee in NC says:

    Larry Bird played college basketball at Indiana University and then played for years in the NBA for the Celtics. He’s one of the extremely talented players who is actually a man of character and class – not your typical dumb, self-centered jock.

  188. TexaSD says:

    Tru- Not that I heard, but if you are in a hurry to get here, get registered to a community college, and get a student visa, you will be here in no time lol

  189. Just Dee in NC says:

    Tru, I don’t think so. I’m not familiar with immigration law, but I do know that a man from Europe who immigrated to Canada came to the US to live and work, got married here, went back to Canada for his honeymoon, and then wasn’t allowed to re-enter the US.

    Have you tried researching other reasons for getting a green card other than family? One of my Facebook acquaintances is German and just applied last week for her green card, and she has been told she should have an answer next July. But I think she said her application was based on her occupation.

  190. lisa says:

    oh I just checked, he was a sports guy I guess, I thought he was some kind of public official caught with a call girl or something, lol

  191. Taz says:

    Apparently not famous enough for you to know 😛

  192. lisa says:

    who’s Larry Bird?

  193. TexaSD says:

    Irish- Time to go apple like me ( you will be so much happier lol)

    Tru- Coolness, its been over a year since I have been back there

  194. Irish SB says:

    I apologise for the bad spelling in my last post – my computer has me frazzled!

    Iv only ever done powerpoint presentations on XP and it is all so different on vista hence the fighting.

  195. Midwest SB says:

    Lisa – ROTFL!!! It does sound a bit kinky. Wasn’t it made famous by Larry Bird?

    Favorite Christmas memory – The first time my son was old enough to wake up at the crack of dawn anxious to see if Santa had come. I’ve had great holidays with family, but this was special.

    Favorite exotic place: Haven’t been there yet, but I’m sure it’s some remote coastal town in Italy!

  196. Tru says:

    SD NEOhio – Hey did you have anything nice for dinner?

    Just Dee – I might still but im in the middle of doing my Canadian visa which should only take about 4-6 months, I heard awhile back that the usa and Canada was joining so say i got a Canadian visa i can then live and work in the usa is this true?

  197. lisa says:

    I have vista home premium and have never had a problem with it.

  198. lisa says:

    Just Dee: I just never learned to drive. I see no point in learning since I will never own a car, it’s quite pointless.

    As far a public transport in Houston, it sucks, one rail line that only operates from downtown to the sports arenas, and buses that run late and the stops are always far away from where you need to go.

  199. Irish SB says:

    No SDN i havnt , very good observation though! My profile is extremely short, in all honestly im crap at the whole profile thing anyway. So i make up for it in my emails! Can picture it being pulled apart by everyone. 😉 But a select few have seen it though email!

    TexaSD – im fighting a losing battle at the minute with my laptop and vista and considering its 1.30am for me i think its going to win.

  200. Yaz10 says:

    Lol just received the email from Tuxedo dude for the $1000 offer. Gimme a break

  201. lisa says:

    I thinks it’s about 30 miles or so, actually Salem is around 45 miles from Louisvilel KY. I haven’t lived in Salem since I was 4 and haven’t visited since I was 18. I always thought French Lick sounded kinda kinky. I just picture someone coming at me with their tongue darting.

  202. Tru says:

    TexaSD – Oh wonderful South London just like me, i’ve always been South im SW4 LOL how funny.

    Irish SB – I only joined a couple of days ago so still just checking it out.

    Lisa – Ive not been there yet but im planning a road trip in June and i think that might be on the list, im also not eating red meat and I try not eat after 7pm lol its very hard tho.
    London transport is good cos you can get to almost any where but it way too expensive always delays and way too packed i drive most places its less stressful.

  203. Just Dee in NC says:

    Lisa, why don’t you drive?

    Tru, go ahead and apply for your green card. That 6 or 8 years is going to pass no matter what you do or don’t do. You might as well apply so that in 6 or 8 years you’ll have another option. And who knows, it might not take as long as they think.

    My favorite Christmas? Oh gee. Every Christmas when I was a kid and had my parents and grandparents and brother and Dad’s sister’s family, and especially the years we were all in the TN mountains at my grandparents’ house. One of the hardest parts about losing my grandparents is that their house was sold out of the family. I miss having everyone together in that house for Christmas.

    But as for favorite – all of them. Even the Christmas when I was 12 and I was sick for a solid week, with low fevers and stomach pain, and every photo of me from that year shows me with my right leg drawn up to my chest. Spent New Year’s Eve recuperating from an emergency appendectomy. But I was 12 and still wanted to be a nurse, so I thought it was incredibly cool. :-) And I honestly have no memories of being sick through Christmas.

  204. SD NEOhio (SDN) says:

    Hey Boisebabe!

  205. Midwest SB says:

    Is that near French Lick IN?? :-)

    Hi Boise – could the MW babes start outnumbering the city babes???
    Welcome. What would you like to know? It’s a quiet night, but I’m sure you’re questions could be answered.

  206. TexaSD says:

    Irish- Hi, how are you doing?

  207. SD NEOhio (SDN) says:

    Hey everyone, I am back from dinner.

    Midwest I will give yours a look and give you my humble advice. You are probably better off without it…lol.

    Irish have you ever shared your profile?

    Tru: Great to have you join the conversation!

  208. lisa says:

    Midwest I was born in Salem Indiana, population was around 5000 when I was born in 65, population about the same today.

  209. Boisebabe says:

    Hi! im a new sugar babe and was wondering if any of you guys have any tips for me or suggestions to help me out. Thank you!

  210. Midwest SB says:

    I’m in 3rd smallest city :-) Not really, but close.

  211. lisa says:

    It used to be 3rd but Los Angeles bypassed it in population a few years back. It’s one of the suckiest cities I’ve been in. Since I don’t have a car, I can’t get anywhere as so much of the stuff to do is not actually in Houston proper. There are cities 35 miles away that are still considered Houston.

    We have no outdoor newstands, no outdoor fruit stands, no flowers for sale on the sidewalks, no hot dog vendors, none of what I consider part of a city landscape.

  212. Irish SB says:

    Hey TexaSD :-)

  213. TexaSD says:

    Lisa- I thought Houston was the 3rd largest city lol.

  214. lisa says:

    I always enjoy sitting in Russel square when i’m in London. I also love spending time in Covent garden. Everything so accesible via the tube

  215. lisa says:

    Tru i’m in Texas, Houston, 4th largest city in the US. Not like other world cities though, ugly and crime ridden. Lacking the charm of the European cities. No one walks, everyone’s fat, etc.

    I have given up the junk food. I moved 4 years ago and noticed I was gaining some weight although I’m still slim, it was unusual for me. But I live next door to fast food restaraunts and had started eating out daily, junk food, etc. Gave up beef a few weeks ago and eat mainly fish, nuts, fruits, and chicken. I had to eat fast food today though because my mom brought it over to me for thanksgiving.

  216. TexaSD says:

    TRU- I used to live in London SW3 on Paradise Road 😉

  217. Irish SB says:

    Tru – Im only new to the blog about a week or two and i think iv only come across one british person! But dont quote me on it some of the people on here might know others. Im pretty sure im the only irish one anyways!
    How is your search going?

  218. Tru says:

    Lisa – its funny how people from the states always say that lol I would love so much to get my green card I have American family and I looked into getting my green card and was told because of the back log for family visa im looking at around a 6-8yr wait !!!!!…. What part in the states are you? Thats great on your weight lost well done babe, im wanting to lose 7-14bls any tips? x

    Irish SB – I have yet to go to Ireland, its weird that you say not many people on here from London :(

    Midwest SB – Prepaid card is a good idea

  219. Midwest SB says:

    Lisa – Thanks for sharing…those sound perfect! You are not alone this holiday XO!

  220. Irish SB says:

    Croatia was the most beautiful place iv ever been to. I love places that you can sit outside eating until midnight. We use to sit outside a restuarant in the marina and watch all the wealthly people partying on the yachts. Hmmm jealous…

  221. lisa says:

    favorite holiday memory: Christmas 84, I had just started dating my first boyfriend so I was already high from experiencing some of life’s pleasures for the first time, and then all my gifts were geared towards my trip to London in January

    Favorite exotic location: maybe not exotic, but I really liked Switzerland. Went to Lucern in 92, our little hotel was next to a lake with mountians in the background, and a little train depot in front of the lake. Staring out the window looked like a postcard, especially when the trains went by.

    Now I spent my holidays alone because I always have to work, then it’s too late to visit family or for them to come over to my place.

    Current favorite exotic location: the mall

  222. Midwest SB says:

    I use a prepaid card for online banking. It’s a little extra effort for the card, but worth the protection.

    Here’s something to share…pick one:
    Favorite holiday memory and/or Favorite exotic vacation.

  223. lisa says:

    I’m staying away from internet shopping, that’s probably how my debit card got stolen this past week, now i’m wihout a debit card for about 10 days. Still trying to get down to 100 lbs.

    IrishSB my mom sent me in 85 for my graduation, we went in 92 on a European vacation, whole family, mom, dad, me, daughter went in 2000 and 2003. It’s such a great city for people like me who don’t drive.

  224. Irish SB says:

    Hey Lisa you have been there more times than me and its only across the way from me!

  225. Midwest SB says:

    Lisa – nice! Congrats on achieving your weight objectives..and sticking to it. I love pecan pie, but maybe I’lljust have a bite :-)

    I stay away from Black Friday. I prefer amazon.com!

  226. lisa says:

    London is a great city. I’ve been 4 times and would trade my us citizenship to live there in a moment. Wonderful walkable city

  227. lisa says:

    Good evening everyone
    Lousy day at work but mom came over afterwards and brought me kfc and something to eat tomorrow when I get home from work, since I won’t have time to see them:( someone gave them a pecan pie which they gave to me and I checked the calories, 540 calories per slice, that pie is going to the dumpster tomorrow. I have lost 5 lbs in 3 weeks, down to 105 now and don’t want to gain it back.

    Just have to get through tonight and fastforward through tomorrow till black friday. The only fun day of the whole holiday for me.

  228. Midwest SB says:

    SDN- Great profile advice for a2s. I would also be open to suggestions. Promise not to give you away.

    Welcome Tru! I haven’t been to London…yet!

    Cleo – I don’t cook when I’m alone…..unless is a steak. My favorite homemade goodie is sausage gravy thick with sausage and homemade biscuits.

  229. cleo says:

    SDN: yup it’s teasing… i can’t afford to treat myself to a high end meal while drowning my sorrows…

    that said, i am about to make deadly homemade food…

  230. Irish SB says:

    Good evening Midwest SB!

    Hey Tru well im from Dublin, thats prob as close you will get a the moment! There is a SB from London but she hasnt been on the blog in a while.

  231. Tru says:

    Hey all, i’m new to SA and thought I would give this another go. Ive been reading some of your blogs and it looks like everyone is real friendly which is so nice. Im from London but travel lot to the States and Canada. Where is everyone else from anyone else from London?

  232. always2sweet says:

    YUP! lol

  233. SD NEOhio (SDN) says:

    a2s…lol now I am a tease?

    Anna: I am in NYC at least twice a year, we will definitely do dinner next time!

  234. Anna Molly says:

    I could teleport myself…lol

  235. Anna Molly says:

    SDN ~ If you’re ever in NYC 😉

  236. always2sweet says:

    why must you tease? :( LOL

  237. always2sweet says:

    SDN, right about now I am wishing I could be taken out to a nice dinner with great conversation and great wine…..would be so very nice

  238. SD NEOhio (SDN) says:

    I wish I could take one of you ladies out for a nice dinner. Good food, good wine, & good conversation would be perfect right now!

  239. cleo says:

    SDN: we are always in favour of giving someone a chance, particularly if gut feeling is positive.

    that said, think of it as a caution flag… it’s up but it’s in the background and doesn’t matter unless it turns red… so it’s there and hrm… you know it but you don’t decide yet..

    too bad you’re so far, i’d suggest taking one of us out for dinner instead :)

  240. TXSB says:

    Muse says:
    TXSB – Maybe we can brainstorm together via email? I imagine you don’t want to post ideas on the blog as RSD wouldn’t be surprised then.

    That’s another problem of mine Muse….SD reads this board so I can’t ask here on the blog for ideas!

    *** Looks like Muse will be off the blog for the next 5 days. If anyone has my e-mail AND hers, could you e-mail me her contact. I would really appreciate it. :)

  241. TXSB says:

    Hi NapaSB, Cleo!!! :)

  242. TXSB says:

    I see the other ladies already convinved you but I wanted to add in my vote too! :) Give this pot SB another chance. Although I do find it odd that she wants a “pay per play” arrangement at first….IIRC, this is the first time I’ve heard of a SB requesting it here on the blog!

    Anyway, good luck with her….and as someone else wrote earlier….trust your gut instinct! :)

  243. SD NEOhio (SDN) says:

    Wow…OK I thought you would tell me move on. We were planning to meet at a wine bar tonight but since she had to work we are going to reschedule.

    I really like her and want this to work out, I will let you know how it goes…now I have no plans for tonight :(

    May have to go somewhere expensive for dinner and spoil myself :)

    Thank you so much for reading and responding!

  244. cleo says:

    SDN: take her up on her one and a half to two hour availability. see what she says, how she dresses, where she suggests you meet, what time she’s free. ask leading questions and just let her ramble, chances are she’s more nervous and thus more likely to fill the silences…

    i suspect you can figure out from that if she’s a professional or just a different type of SB as most folks incriminate themselves.

  245. NapaSB says:

    …there is only one way to find out if you are wrong, and its up to you to decide whether it is worth it to you to figure out the answer :) Happy almost Turkey Day!!

  246. NapaSB says:

    Well I am off to my mani/pedi appt :) hope everyone has a fantastic Thanksgiving!!

    SDN – imo it seems like it wouldnt be a huge compromise to give her one more chance to set up a first date with you, as i am sure you understand sometimes work gets in the way of life in ways that cant be controlled. it would be a shame for you to miss out on a good sugar connection because she had to work. my vote is to give her another chance, however i am a big supporter of “going with your gut instinct” and you are the only one who knows if this situation is setting off bells for you and i am sure you are a good judge of character and situation.

  247. SD NEOhio (SDN) says:

    cleo: lol…you have a point, but then again if they are going to the linux users group they may have never talked to a woman that wasn’t at the drive through.

    a2s: you are welcome. We are all here to help each other.

    OK: I need some SB advice. Met a pot SB last week. Went well but she was very eager to enter an arrangement. I want a real connection with my SB and that doesn’t happen fast. I am not talking months or even weeks but lets get to know each other.

    Also I like to give a weekly allowance and then move to monthly. She wanted a per date allowance and then move to monthly, that set off alarms but she seemed very nice, conversation went well so I thought, I don’t do “pay to play” but maybe she doesn’t want to commit, go on a couple dates see how it goes…I know stupid right?

    Tonight was supposed to be our first date. She just let me know she has to work tonight so our “date” would be an 1 1/2 maybe 2 hours. I have a feeling I know what this is and it isn’t what I want.

    Am I wrong? Should I reschedule and see if it is a one time thing?

  248. cleo says:

    SDN: i’ve been to it, it’s not… conducive to romance… there aren’t any nerds my age that still attend those

  249. Muse says:

    TXSB – Maybe we can brainstorm together via email? I imagine you don’t want to post ideas on the blog as RSD wouldn’t be surprised then.

    Irish – I saw them in the store for the first time the other day and was so confused. Why not just use a blanket? Or sweater? or both?

    Taz- feel better!

    Ok, I’m done packing etc and I’m off. I won’t be checking the blog at my mom’s so try not to give me too much to catch up with on Monday.

    And Happy Thanksgiving all.

  250. NapaSB says:

    ah, that sounds nice. i think it is very important for there to be traditions in your life, also it is always hard to be scattered around for the holidays since it seems like (at least for my family) that those are some of the only opportunities to really see some of your extended family.

  251. always2sweet says:

    thanks SO much SDN, the changes you suggest are small, but I think very important and will be effective. Its always the smallest things that make the biggest difference. And I am thinking that even though I dont have the pics that I want to use, that I am going to go ahead and change that 2nd one now to something a bit more smiley and pretty lol. I thought it would be a cool pic to use(its from a photoshoot that I did with a friend) but for the purposes of finding a SD, it is no good. Again, thank you, it was VERY helpful.

    Napa, I am hosting TG for the first time. Normally we have it at my uncles, but he and my aunt are getting divorced, so last year we were all scattered to the wind(and it was our first holiday since my mom passed), so I wanted this year to be a new tradition for me and my fam

  252. NapaSB says:

    SDN you are like a profile guru!

  253. SD NEOhio (SDN) says:

    OK a2s you might figure out my profile but keep it secret. K?

    Part of the issue with lack of views may be your location. Don’t know how many SDs are near you. I like your first picture, nice smile. I wish you were smiling in the second one, you have such a pretty one.

    Sorry this is just a quick edit but I have shortened what you wrote, took out some words and tried to make you more sound approachable to me.

    First Description:
    My interests vary from shopping and traveling, I would love to see [name a place], to a new episode of Dexter or a night with a glass of [red?] wine and a good book, one of my favorite authors is [name an author].

    My disposition is sweet and fun, I want someone to share that fun with! Like any girl, I love being pampered and treated like a princess, but in romance a man should be treated like a man.

    Whether it comes to loving or listening, I give just as good as I get. I am looking for only one SD, I am not one to spread myself thin. Anything else you may want to know, well I guess you’ll just have to ask :)

    Second Description:
    While I am open to an arrangement I expect to be treated like a lady, your kindness will be rewarded! I prefer Caucasian/Mediterranean men, but that doesn’t necessarily exclude anyone else so take a chance and write me – a great personality has limitless possibilities!

    Hope this helps.

  254. NapaSB says:

    do you have big plans for tomorrow?

  255. always2sweet says:

    Im still here Napa lol, just in and out of the kitchen, making an early dinner/late lunch, and getting things together for tomorrow. fun fun

  256. NapaSB says:

    haha talk about being a lepper…

  257. NapaSB says:

    good afternoon all!

  258. always2sweet says:

    my profile # 399320

  259. Irish SB says:

    Haha i didnt know what a snuggie was but i just seen an advertisement for them on tv!! How strange is that first time iv seen that ad after the conversation earlier!!

  260. Anna Molly says:

    I’m gonna take a nap. I didn’t get home until 2:30 this morning….I’m sooo tired.

  261. SD NEOhio (SDN) says:

    Sure a2s…what is your profile?

  262. Irish SB says:

    Im still here, iv discovered there is a fine line between studying and checking the blog out every now and again!

  263. always2sweet says:

    so, this is completely off topic, but are there any SDs around right now who might want to take a look at my profile, maybe give me some hints on what is working in there and what can be changed? Maybe some tips on what else I can add, that maybe I hadnt thought of? I have been threatening to change my profile for a few weeks now, and I am noticing that my profile is not get many views at all. Which means that its not getting read much, so when it does actually get viewed, I would like for it to be as effective as possible. As it stands right now, something is obviously not working, b/c I have been on here for almost 2 months now, and have yet to even get 1 serious interested pot. SB critique is much welcome and appreciated too, I just figured an SD POV would probably be pretty useful.

  264. Taz says:

    If you want to talk about things going quiet around here – have the girl with the cold come around lol 😛

  265. TXSB says:

    NC Gent:
    Have a great weekend!

  266. SD NEOhio (SDN) says:

    Talking about Yaz, a2s and me…many more and there is no one left to do the talking. lol

  267. Yaz10 says:

    And we love you too AM :-)

    SDN: lol yes they are!

  268. Anna Molly says:

    You guys stop that…we love you all :)

  269. always2sweet says:

    SDN dont worry, I have the same complex lol I feel like a blog lepper all the time haha.

    NC have a great weekend!

  270. SD NEOhio (SDN) says:

    Hey Yaz…I think they are talking about the two of us behind our backs. LOL

    cleo: You have me impressed. Go to the local *nix group, you will find some pot SDs there!

  271. TXSB says:

    LOL….believe me I feel the same way! Everytime I show up the blog goes quiet! :)

  272. always2sweet says:

    sorry that you havent been feeling well Taz, but atleast the pot was understanding. Hope you get to feeling better!

  273. cleo says:

    SDN: i’m not a guru…. i’m just not a thief. i don’t like windows enough to pay for it so i use linux on my desktop and have a very old freebsd server in my closet running mail. not sure i could make that server now…

    i used sunos at work when i did tech support and was in high school when the unisys icon flavour of unix was used in schools… so, unintentionally, i became a unix user though i don’t consider myself sysadmin level

  274. Yaz10 says:

    Lol SDN it happens to me too.

  275. SD NEOhio (SDN) says:

    NC Gent have a good TG!

  276. NC Gent says:

    Sorry about that SDN — I am heading out for the holidays. I hope everyone has a good week – I know – only a long weekend for Americans.

  277. SD NEOhio (SDN) says:

    OK I am starting to get a complex here…every time I post the blog goes silent…are you guys talking about me behind my back?

  278. SD NEOhio (SDN) says:

    cloe: FreeBSD, Linux, wow you are a *nix guru!

  279. Irish SB says:

    Ahhh this time last year i was in NYC loving Thanksgiving.

  280. TXSB says:

    Hi!! “Holiday Mode” sounds like fun! :)


    NeOhio SB:
    I sent you an e-mail….could you please confirm when you get it. I just want to make sure I sent it to the right addy. Thanks!

  281. SD NEOhio (SDN) says:

    Hey everyone…finished last meeting, doing email as needed but otherwise in holiday mode!

  282. TXSB says:

    Awww….yes…I do trust him A LOT (heck he has a key to the sugar pad and come/go as he pleases!). But based on my personal experiences in life, I’m always careful. After all….people are always amazing when things are good. But when the “break up” happens (whether it’s b/t friends, husband/wife, bf/gf, or SD/SB), that’s when things have the potential to turn real nasty. Many times that’s when people’s true character comes out.


    Sorry to hear about the cold. :( Looks like the pot already got some “brownie points” for being understanding. :)

  283. Anna Molly says:

    Taz, I’m sorry you’re sick, but glad you have such an understanding pot :)

  284. Anna Molly says:

    Hi Taz ~ No I haven’t heard anything from the too close for comfort SD yet. He said he would call me this weekend. We’ll see what happens with that one. I’m still not sure about it, I don’t know if I want a SD that lives that close.

  285. Taz says:

    I have been sick with a cold so had to miss my pot date yesterday – thankfully he has been very understanding and wants to reschedule for next week :)

  286. Taz says:

    Welcome to the blog Robin and Lunae :)

    NYC SB – sorry about the snuggie – but he DID try?! Happy birthday to you hun :) So happy to hear about your luggage – whew – what a relief!

    Cleo – I like the new photos! You should put a third if you can find one..

    AM – Yay!!! for the date! I am sooo happy for you! As was said – I would keep my profile up until you have made a solid arrangement. Did you meet with the other pot that was close to you??

    NY Gent – cologne is definitely wonderful! MMMMMMMM!

    Nice to see you Sincere and thanks for the info…**shakes head**…definitely does not leave me feeling very hopefuly eek!

    AM – I don`t have any tattoos at all…

  287. cleo says:

    TXSB: Realistic seems like the kind of classy guy i would trust with my photos… you know, if i trusted anyone *g*

  288. TXSB says:

    Believe me, I’m glad too! :) As for “pics”, for my own privacy, I always cut off my head from the pics if it’s of a private nature. I figure if it do it right, he shouldn’t be looking at my face anyway! LOL! And I always send it from a different e-mail…never from my main e-mail. For the privacy of recipient, I always *warn* them. I let them know that I have send them an e-mail which they should open only when alone. :) But I agree with you….pics are definately risky for both parties.

  289. cleo says:

    Robin: omg you’re gorgeous, you need a better body pic! (same pose, less people on either side of you)
    NCGent: i figured you and she had something previously set up…

  290. Yaz10 says:

    NYCSB: Never mind. I do have it :-)

  291. cleo says:

    there are tramp stamps and there are beautiful tattoos that live at the base of your spine… but oh it is oh so fine a line….
    Irish: omg rofl.

    i might answer that, he has an extremely unique writing style but it’s funny and very clear.
    TXSB: so glad he bought it!

  292. NC Gent says:

    Just for clarification — the photos I received weren’t nude ones. Also, I had a PO Box to receive things from my SB, and there is plenty of storage in my office and building. Discretion is required of course!

  293. Irish SB says:

    The tin of tuna as a pet is original i have to say! Theres nothing better than having good banter but iv no idea who this guy is. There are some carzy accountants out there i suppose! Its ruined my whole outlook on accountants now ! Lol

    TXSB – i sent you mail (i hope!)

  294. cleo says:

    NYGent: cologne is only okay if it is applied very sparingly or i’ll get a headache. besides, when i lick your neck i really, really, really hope i don’t have to lap up cologne to get there…
    SincereSD: that was the gist i was feeling myself. i can’t help hoping that my mature gorgeousness will inspire some man who wants a woman with experience rather than a girl. nothing wrong with girls and i have a great 23 year old lady friend who i treasure… just some people prefer a different dynamic.

    i did figure the huge volume of schools here was going to be a problem.

    are there any bars/restos you would recommend ‘hanging out’ at while looking fiiiiiine?
    NYC SB: happy birthday! what a great gift to get your ‘lost’ things back!
    on the subject of gifts: i am having a tough year business wise, pilates is considered a luxury even when people are badly injured and need it desperately. yes, even when it’s actually making them feel better. since i lost my source of referrals at the same time (his office moved too far away from my studio) i’m sorta dithering about what to do.

    ideas are in the pipeline but things take time. so, not just if i had an SD but for my entire giant circle of gift recipients i need to do things that are cheap. but i don’t want to give fat to fat people who are fighting their weight…

    and yet my chocolate chip banana bread is deadly…

    as for SD’s… you can give them things that look like they would have bought them themselves or a guy would have given it to them. cigars. high end pens. super awesome leather watchbands. belt buckles. snack food. desktop toys. darwin fish magnet for their car… you know. guy things…

    the sending of lingerie or photos is great but VERY risky in a lot of ways… and frankly i don’t want anybody having nude photos of me…

  295. Yaz10 says:

    Hello Everyone

  296. photogirl says:

    I also have the I hate to say ‘tramp stamp'(do not like the term) but have been told it is a beautiful tattoo by the few who have seen it :)
    It holds a lot of meaning with me as well…

  297. TXSB says:

    Yikes! Based on this guy’s writing skills/style, and the grammar (lack of it in this case), I honestly thought this was someone in junior high/high school! He’s an Accountant? Wow! *shakes head in disbelief*

  298. NC Gent says:

    Hey Irish — I will have to steal that line — my last pet was a tin of tuna — that is good. Very interesting sense of humor but for a first message… I have to agree, perhaps a bit too much!

  299. Lunae says:

    I am running out the door but yes I got the profile # thanks so much both of you.

  300. 2Chic says:


    Hi Tx,Sb

  301. photogirl says:

    Yaz10 says:
    NYGent: Cologne on a man is sexy, especially when he is whispering in my ear and that is all I can smell.

    **sigh** oh yes I agree

  302. TXSB says:

    Hi Beach_girl, 2CHic, IrishSB! :)

    Glad to hear the hand’s doing better….good luck on the date!!! :)

  303. Irish SB says:

    Heya everyone just had to share this message i got off some random guy i dont know on facebook

    Mmm dnt know much about ye so the only reason at the moment is cos u r very pretty (well infact very very pretty). anyway im not a stalker im…..human!… im almost sure!!some of the main turn ons are, water and the light! i love animals, especially in a black bean sauce, and my last pet was a tin of tuna,any time it stepped out of line i threatened it with a tin opener!..i have an irrational fear of radishes, and if im in a nursery garden, i can attack at random!
    there is no truth in the rumour that i was seen staring wildly with a shotgun, with a sign reading” pick yer own, go on i dare ya”..im still wanted in 7 countries for obtaining Haagen Daz ice cream with menaces! oh dis message is gettin longer n longer think i still suffer from verbal diahorrea lol this must be the longest and most random msg u have ever recieved i know i know im rambling but its only to make u laugh im an accountant by the way i know u wont believe it lol. oh evening salute how u doin huh? i just love this “HUH” lol

    There are really no words to say after that but why. I like his humour but from someone who you dont know on their first message to you is strange? And it was facebook!!

  304. 2Chic says:

    Welcome to the Fam, Robin.

  305. 2Chic says:

    Thanks BeachG

  306. 2Chic says:

    Yep, that’s him alright, Lunae I hope you got that dear.

  307. TXSB says:

    Welcome! Glad to hear your 1st date went well…. :)


    I’m on the same boat as you regarding giving gift to a married SD. It can’t be anything that he needs to take home. At his work, he doesn’t really have a “office” so I can’t give him anything to keep there either.

  308. Beach_Girl*395953 says:

    2 Chic~ 324358 that is his profile

    VC~ so happy for you

    NYC SB~ Happy Birthday to you
    Happy Birthday to youuuuuuuu
    HAPPY BIRTH DAY TO YOU!! XOXOX All the best girl!!!

    Hi to everyone else, have to get back to work… Lunch is over :(
    Talk soon

  309. Anna Molly says:

    Hi TXSB ~ Thanks for the advice :)
    You’re right, I’m going with the wait and see approach :)

    Robin ~ Thanks and you’re welcome :)

  310. TXSB says:

    I do not have any tattoos.


    I loooove it when a man wear sexy cologne. One of my fav. is Chanel Allure.


    Since you all were discussing bad bday gifts, so far I think I have everyone beat: A few years ago, I caught my BF of 8 months at that time cheating on my Bday. He told me he couldn’t spend that evening with me b/c of a “family emergency”. So I made dinner/drink plans with other friends. After dinner, we went to drinks at a bar and guess who I saw there….with someone who was OBVIOUSLY not a platonic friend. (and no, he didn’t buy me anything at all….not even a chia pet! ;))

  311. TXSB says:

    Hi Muse, Anna, Robin, NC Gent, NYGent, Photo, Dee, Lunae, SincereSD, 2Chic (and anyone else who’s on!)!!!! :)

    I logged on but had to run off earlier….they finally delivered the coffee table at the sugar pad.

    Photogirl & Dee:
    Yes, I did receive a call this morning. Thanks to you two, cleo, and TexaSD, I went with the “it was a horrible mistake” story. I think he bought it! Although he did laugh at me (A LOT) and I believe I will get laughed at for this for quite a whie!


    Have a safe trip! :)


    Anna Molly:
    Congrats with the new pot SD! :) Looks like things are going well! As for hiding the profile, personally, I don’t think you should hide your profile until an arrangement had been agreed on and BOTH of you mutually decide to stop looking. Plenty of men out there offers gifts…but dissappear before an arrangement. With my SD, my profile was up until he offered an arrangement and I agreed.

  312. Robin says:

    Anna Molly – TY and your pictures are just beautiful!! Thanks for your help!

    I have to get to work, I want to stay and just keep reading and chatting, I’m having so much fun! I will be on again though, look forward to talking to you again.

    Everyone, have a great Thanksgiving, there is always so much to be thankful for and I am thankful each and every day!

    Talk to you all soon,


  313. Anna Molly says:

    Robin ~ I would love to hear the story behind you tattoo sometime :)

  314. Anna Molly says:

    Robin ~ I would love to hear the story behind you tattoo sometime :)

  315. VillaCypris *396153* says:

    Hi everyone! Happy pre-thanksgiving!!!!


    NE OHIO – thanks for the call, I appreciate it! Too bad about all the flite delays.

    OC – where have you been!!!!

    good news – just had xray, wrist is healing and have a hot date on the 17th december to have the cast cut off! 😀

  316. Anna Molly says:

    Robin ~ All I can say is OOO LA LA :)

  317. Muse says:

    NYC SB – HAPPY BIRTHDAY! I hope that it’s full of happiness, cake and lots of loveliness.

    Lunae – I was going to mention that profile too. As I recall, he was pretty cute. Just search NY for him.

    NC Gent- Thank you for that great idea. I may hold off ’til Valentines day though. Somehow seems more appropriate then…

    Everyone- I love this gift discussion. Let’s keep it going. My SD is married so anything I get him would have to be discreet. I thought of getting him a small gift, more as a “so you can think of me when you use it” thing than anything extravagant that would be noticed by his family. Noticeable things would be more typical gifts like cologne. Advice?

  318. Anna Molly says:

    Robin ~ Mine is smaller than yours, I think, it’s a little difficult to reach back there and measure..lol, and it’s a Goddess symbol. :)

  319. Robin says:

    Thank you Anna Molly, lets see if this works!

  320. Robin says:

    NC Gent, thank you, that is usually the comment I hear… The tattoo actually means something to me and it’s in my favorite shape, a heart, so I love it!

  321. Anna Molly says:

    I used gravatar to get my avi to appear in my posts. As for the proflie issue, just copy your profile URL then paste it where it says website then, when you post, a person can click on your name and see your profile as long as you’re logged into SA. Hope this helps :)

  322. NC Gent says:

    Robin — that tattoo sounds very sexy :) as i said, I think small discreetly placed tattoos are sexy. NYGent is right — tattoos seem to be pervasive with younger people.

  323. Lunae says:

    That would be a great 2Chic thank you.

    Well I’m off to work. Take care everyone.

  324. Robin says:

    Anna Molly – since I’m new to this and finding myself technologically challenged, LOL.. how do you get your picture to come up on the blog and also how did you sign in so that someone can click on your name and be taken to your profile? Or do you have to be a “board member” to have that?

  325. NYGent says:

    I used to be totally anti-tattoo but have come to accept them unless they are garish or pervasive. So many younger SBs have them that it would eliminate a large pool of pots to take a no-tattoo attitude. Done tastefully they can add to the allure . . .

  326. Anna Molly says:

    I have to admit…I have a small tattoo, but only special people get to see it, if you know what I mean…lol

  327. Robin says:

    I have a tatoo about 2″ x 2″, it’s a very cute black heart made out of a vine with 4 red hearts hanging from the vine, oh… it’s on my butt!! No one has ever complained!

  328. 2Chic says:

    If I come across his profile again, I will definitely post it for you. I believe there are a few undercover “bad boys” . I do not have tatts, but I like a “bad boy” too…. lol.

  329. Anna Molly says:

    Hmmm, tattoos. How many sugars here have tattoos?

  330. Lunae says:

    NC Gent- I too call lower back tattoos “tramp stamps” in most cases that phrase fits. I do not have that type of tattoo but I am banished to long sleeves at work. Although my tattoos are tasteful and girly, orchids and tree frogs backed with a rain forest theme, I am hopeful that there are some SDs with a taste that leans more to the Kat Von D look. Most people that meet me are accepting of my tattooed pin up look. Here’s to hoping the old saying ” there’s someone for everyone” is true.

  331. NYC SB says:

    2Chic – yes I have seen the same profile… and briefly chatted with the man… i wish i saved it so i can provide the profile number… his monthly allowance was quite high as well

    ok well im off from work… have a great break everyone… im going to visit fam and eat lots and lots of cake 😀

  332. SincereSD says:

    Cleo & AznRose

    Saw the both of you had previous questions about the Toronto SD scene. Here’s what I’ve gathered and observed so far.

    1. Ratio of active SB to active SD is about 9:1 in Ontario. Active SB are defined as logged in within 30 days; active SD are defined as premium members.
    2. If I remember correctly, active Ontario SD are about 125 with about 100 in Toronto and 25 outside Toronto.
    3. Due to the large population of students in Hamilton and London, there is a significant demand for SD in those areas.
    4. The majority of SB I’ve met have not been on many SD dates.

  333. Robin says:

    Anna Molly – Thanks for the welcome! Glad to be on board, all of you seem very sweet and have really good advice! After being on the sight for one week, I had my first date and it went very well, asked for another and that one was a lot of fun, looking forward to December!

    NC Gent – I’m so happy you responded and your ideas were great, thank you!! And as far as cologne, a women has many eroneous zones, I don’t think it’s all touch either, scent is definitely one of them! Most women love when a man smells so good, you just have to keep getting closer so can take it in.

  334. 2Chic says:


    I recently came across a profile of a very handsome gentleman who called himself something like a tattoo junkie (something like that) disguised as an investment banker. His picture was quiet cute, he was dressed in a dress shirt, with the slacks sitting at a parlor with his arm sleeve rolled up getting a tat, while on his cell phone. He stated he wanted a tattooed female, who would also be willing to get more.

  335. NC Gent says:

    Lunae — personally I find discreetly placed tattoos to be sexy – something like a rose low on the hip…. I really don’t like obvious tattoos. I also don’t care for the ones on the lower back — this may be harsh but some people call them “tramp stamps” for a reason. There are different tastes out there, so I am sure you may find an SD that loves them. However, I think most SDs are fairly conservative business types that don’t care for them.

  336. NYC SB says:

    Thanks OC – just got word that my luggage which was lost on my flight back (filled with about 10k of shoes plus all my clothes) has been delivered… thats the best bday gift ever 😀

  337. Lunae says:

    Since you all seem so open, considerate and honest I was wondering if I could get your opinion on something.

    I have a profile on another SD site and yes I can already see it does not hold a candle to this one I have not seen much come from it.

    Here is my question. As a tattooed female, I have 4 tattoos, I was wondering what your thoughts were on this. I can say that I find them darling and hope to get more in the future. Then again being raised in and around tattoo parlors I am biased in my opinion.

    • OCSugarbaby says:

      Happy Birthday NYC SB… may your day be filled with laughter and the coming year be over flowing with JOY! (( Hugs )) ~OC

  338. NeOhio SB says:

    NYC SB ~~ Im with you on that…many times “less is more” :)

  339. 2Chic says:

    Happy Birthday : NYCsb, Txsb, & Ph-G! I hope it rocks.

  340. NeOhio SB says:

    NC Gent ~~ Theres only 1 thing that may beat that….ill tell you that one on the 8th…with the other “round table bloggers”
    Have a gr. Thanksgiving yourself.

  341. NYC SB says:

    i love a collogne on a man… its so so so sexy when done right… too much of it though makes me wanna puke lol

  342. 2Chic says:

    Good Morning Sugas, Hope all is well.

  343. Yaz10 says:

    Yes I got the first one with a Hot Pic! Hehe :-) but not the last one….

  344. NC Gent says:

    Hi NEOSB — good to see you! Have a happy Thanksgiving break! and you are right — she definitely got it! I think that might have been the best gift I ever got :)

    OK – so now all you SBs out there have great gift idea!

  345. NeOhio SB says:

    NC Gent..~~ Sorry that was for the “other” gent. And yes, cologne is very very very sexy………

    Yaz ~~ Hey there……Did you get my last email.

  346. Yaz10 says:

    Hi NeOhioSB!!!! :-)

  347. Yaz10 says:

    NYGent: Cologne on a man is sexy, especially when he is whispering in my ear and that is all I can smell.

  348. NeOhio SB says:

    NCGent ~~ Have to comment on your lingerie gift….All i can say, is she “gets it”…..ive done that one myself a few times…and trust me…the immaterial rewards are “priceless”…….:) Seduction must begin with the mind and imagination….nothing less. Safe travels to you…..Have a gr. Holiday.

  349. Anna Molly says:

    I bake gifts all the time :)
    On Valentines day my favorite thing to do is bake a red velvet cake in heart shaped pans and write Happy Valentines Day on the top.

    Thanks for the advice NC :)

  350. Lunae says:

    NC Gent- I just might have to keep that one in mind. I can see its motivational value. 😉

  351. NC Gent says:

    Lunae — that reminds me of another gift I got from an SB — she bought some sexy lingerie, scented it with her perfume and put a note in that she couldn’t wait to model the lingerie for me — I had to book a trip to see her ASAP lol

  352. NC Gent says:

    Anna — I recommend keeping your profile up until you have an arrangement. Sugar arrangements are very fluid and can go awry for a number of reasons.

    Robin — personalized gifts that don’t cost much are great gifts for an SD. I’ve had an SB during the holidays and birthdays and she did things like baked goods, “special” photos with a card, a special note or letter – like top 10 reasons she was so happy to have me in her life…. things like that go a long way without breaking your budget. They do take some time which an SD will recognize :)

  353. Anna Molly says:

    Lunae ~ That is so sweet… :)

  354. Anna Molly says:

    To SD’s ~ Perfume, body spray or nothing at all? I never know what to do.

  355. Lunae says:

    I love cologne on a man. In fact it sounds kind of silly but one of the sweetest gift I received was a small teddy bear that was sprayed with the cologne an ex wore. It came in the mail with a small note with pressed flowers and I still have it. The smell has long since faded but the romantic in me smiles every time I see it.

  356. NYGent says:

    I think as far as gifts to SDs the old adage “it’s the thought that counts” definitely applies. It could be something quite small. I personally would be shocked (and pleasantly so) to receive any gift from my current SB. I received some platinum egoiste chanel cologne from a former and it was greatly appreciated. Which raises a question: how do SBs feel about cologne on a man (assuming it’s high quality and not overdone). Yay or nay?

  357. Lunae says:

    The Best gift I ever received was a surprise visit from a very special man who came all the way from the Netherlands to wisk me away for 2 weeks in Vegas on my birthday. The trip was fantastic including shows, shopping, dining and an amazing weekend camping out in the desert. At the time Vegas was my town, I lived nearby and went often but I think what made it so much fun was the chance to see it through his eyes and show him some of the hidden treasures of that area.

  358. Anna Molly says:

    photogirl ~ Yesterday was our second date and he said he wanted to get together again for a third. No specific plans yet, I guess he’s waiting until the holidays are over…then again, I may never see him again :)

    I’m not sure what to do with my profile. He hasn’t suspended his, so should I keep mine up? No arrangement, but he has show intrest with a monetary gift. What should I do?

  359. Lunae says:

    Hello Robin,

    I do not have the pleasure of having a SD but if I did I would get him a gift. That is if it is something I know he would be comfortable with. It is true that SDs can pretty much get anything their heart desires but many are lacking that personal touch. Say your SD have a favorite author or musician assuming it is possible maybe an autographed edition or even a 1st edition would be an acceptable gift. In order to get these things they can require a lot of time and effort and I think that knowing this would mean a lot to a SD.

  360. photogirl says:

    I don’t have any ‘worst gifts’ other than the ex hubby had a habit of getting me things he really wanted himself. :(

    I’d like to know about best gifts :)

    Robin – I can’t answer that one as I have not had a SD during the holidays nor on their birthdays… But I would like to think it would something more personal rather than a material item.

  361. CrèmeBruléeNY says:

    Have a great holiday everyone!

  362. Robin says:

    Hello girls, wow, some of you got some really bad gifts, what??? Do these men not know, especiall appliances, come on!! My question to you is, do you get your SD a gift for the holidays?? And if so what have you done, not sure what is appropriate and what on earth do you get for someone who can get anything they want??


  363. photogirl says:

    Lunae – I am in Florida, spent 7 months working in NOLA after Katrina. It was a very humbling experience to say the least.

    Anna – Good to hear!! Is there a second date planned?

    NYGent – Have a great time in Ohio and CA.

    Wishing you all Happy Thanksgiving. I am planning on volunteering to serve food at a local park where they are having a community Thanksgiving for the homeless/needy.

  364. Irish SB says:

    NC – i feel your pain and i surprised myself that i was able to feign great excitement! An alarm clock is what i call a poxy present.

  365. Anna Molly says:

    The worst gift I’ve ever received was a vacuume cleaner.

  366. Lunae says:

    Ouch! I would not know how to take getting an alarm clock for a gift. My first thought would be ” alright what is the hidden message behind this”

  367. NC Gent says:

    I am 100% certain I have never given a significant other an appliance as a gift. I think the worst gift I ever got from an SO was an alarm clock. I tried to pretend I was excited!

  368. Lunae says:

    Oh joy, I just got a phone call informing me I have to work Thanksgiving. ~sighs~ This was not the joyful phone call I was expecting at all.

  369. Irish SB says:

    Hey everyone!
    Think there is too many to mention at this stage but Happy Birthday NYC SB.

    Regarding crappy presents, on my 23rd birthday i received a smoothy maker from my 9 month BF. He actually spent a good bit of money on it, c’mon a kitchen appliance! I didnt need or want one. It did not even come with a card and he accidentially dropped it and broke it 3 days later. Worse present ever.

  370. Anna Molly says:

    NYGent ~ Safe travels to you and enjoy the Cali. weather :)
    Good luck with the pot SB if you decide to see her. I sent in my RSVP, hope you got it. Happy Thanksgiving!

  371. Anna Molly says:

    I just got the $1000 offer too….LOL

  372. NYGent says:

    Hello all — happy birthday NYC SB and, in advance, to Photogirl and tXSB. I am heading to ohio for T-giving with family then on to my place in Cali for the weekend. Scheduled dinner with a pot in SF but I think she is flaking on me, so may just go with a friend out there.

    YoungEbony: if you’re reading we’re still waiting to hear confirm from you for the 8th (nobody has your contact info). I think everyone else has either formally RSVP’ed (en francais no less) or plans to.

    Happy holiday to all!

  373. Anna Molly says:

    Photogirl ~ Shopping went great, but I still didn’t find a dress. I did get a nice outfit though and pot daddy loved it :)
    Said I had good taste, but I already knew that….LOL
    My eye was fine, thank goodness.
    Ended up at Bar Amaericain instead of Nobu and let me tell you the place was amazing! The food was so good! I watch Bobby Flay on Food Network all the time so it was a real treat for me :)

    Thanks for asking :)

  374. cleo says:

    you know i totally want the blanket with arms… i know it’s lame but i live in an apartment with steam heat and if i don’t open the windows i die in here… so a snuggie sounds kinda nice.

    but only from a GIRL friend or a guy who already knows i want it…

    that said, i think it’s a little sweet.
    yay i fixed my profile!
    NYC SB: it means i am comfortable using linux and freebsd and sunos which are all flavours of unix. in nerd speak you would say use *nix cause * is a wildcard and fills in all the possibilities…
    TexaSD: sorry, i had company and i try to value real people over online ones… TRY

  375. Lunae says:

    Good Morning Photo =)

    I remember travel after Katrina and you are right that was just not fun. I had to travel to Florida right after that hurricane and not only was the trip more of a pain then it was worth, it was seriously depressing.

  376. Just Dee in NC says:

    Oh that’s right! TXSB, any fall-out from the mis-sent email yet?

  377. Anna Molly says:

    Thank Yaz, you have mail now :)

  378. photogirl says:

    Good morning Anna – how did the shopping go? How is your eye? Was the date yesterday or is that today?

    TXSB – did you get an early phone call?

  379. Just Dee in NC says:

    I think it’s fantastic, Cleo, and I really like that second pic.

  380. Yaz10 says:

    Hey Anna you got mail :-)

  381. Yaz10 says:

    Morning all

    Dang I guess I only have AM, NeOhioSB and East Coat Filly emails…..

  382. Anna Molly says:

    Good morning photogirl, NC, Luane, Cleo, Dee, and Yaz :)
    Hope I didn’t forget anybody :)

  383. Just Dee in NC says:

    That’s the computer operating system from those Red Hat people. The one with the penguin, isn’t it?

  384. NYC SB says:

    cleo – lovely profile :) im a bit slow but what does “use *nix” mean?

  385. Lunae says:

    Cleo: I think you have a wonderful profile. Not that I am experienced at judging them but I think you have a success on your hands.

  386. NYC SB says:

    yaz – no email from you

  387. NYC SB says:

    NC Gent – yeah i definitely should consider it…not

    my problem with this character is that he needs to put you on his pay roll for 1k… this just doesnt sit well with me… plus consulting services (which is what i would be under) are a 1099 misc form for tax returns and they are taxed at 40% as no deductions are paid by employer… so it really comes out to $40 per meeting… that buys me 2 snuggies hahahah

    IRL admirer really did mean well however it was just very funny… the look on my face must have been priceless

  388. photogirl says:

    Lunae – Welcome. I too enjoy little road trips. But I am looking forward to flying this time around as it is just too far to drive. I had to do that already after Hurricane Ike as well as Katrina.

  389. cleo says:

    okay my reimaged profile is up… better or worse?

  390. Just Dee in NC says:

    Morning, Yaz! Morning, TXSB!

  391. Just Dee in NC says:

    Hi, Lunae, and welcome!

    Morning Anna Molly, NYC, SDB, NC Gent, Asian.

    And hey ladies, I love my Snuggie. I would consider that a thoughtful and romantic gift, because it shows that he listened to me when I mentioned getting chilled when curled up to read on the couch.

  392. AsianSB says:

    Hi TXSB, NC Gent, Yaz, Lunae, Photo!

    Happy Birthday NYC SB :P! Have a great day :) Enjoy the snuggie as you already have it, hehe.

    Now, I’m really off again, haha.

  393. TXSB says:

    Good Morning Everyone! :)

    NYC SB:
    Happy Birthday!!! Sorry about the snuggie.

  394. Yaz10 says:

    Happy Birthday NYCSB! Did you get my email??

  395. NC Gent says:

    oops Happy Birthday NYC SB — wow so that turns out to be about $80 per meeting — how could you not take that seriously???

  396. Lunae says:

    I do not care for the snuggies either but apparently some people are going crazy for them.

    Short story for you.
    Yesterday I took my mother out shopping and while we were checking out a woman came up to the counter asking about them. The cashier told her they were sold out and the woman quickly got rather upset over this information. I finally had to speak up and tell the women where I had seen them in stock and sent her on her way. The poor cashier was blushing and very flustered from the tongue lashing she had just received. I told her how sorry I was for her and I hoped her day went better. Poor girl has to work over the holidays and she was fairly sure it was just going to get worse. Apparently that was not the first blow up over the lack of snuggies in the store.

  397. NYC SB says:

    young ebony – i just received the same email you did the 1k per month to be paid from his company… lmao… he told me he wants to meet about 3 times a week… i laughed

  398. photogirl says:


    ummm…pink snuggie… he just wants to be sure your warm when he isn’t around…awww. (sorry:))

  399. NYC SB says:

    He is very broke… lol so i most definitely appreciate the effort… as i currently am pretty sugarless i decided to give him a chance…

    the funny part was that i loathe snuggies… they look like cult followers to me… i made a joke to him about it and i think he misunderstood my sarcasm… either way the coffee and donut was much needed…

    anyways thought it was pretty funny and figured you would all get a laugh out of it

  400. NC Gent says:

    Good morning all! Hope you have a great Thanksgiving break — well for the Americans :)

    NYC SB — I am noting to to bring any of my corporate snuggies as dinner gifts lol

    If you are dating a sugar must be rough competition for the IRL bf — I know I was broke as heck until I was about 27

  401. Lunae says:

    Good Morning Everyone,

    I am new to this site so no worries if you are wondering “who is this person.”

    I just thought I would wish everyone a Happy Thanksgiving and offer my best wishes to all.

    To put my two cents into the mix regarding travel, I must say that since I am a bit of a gypsy, road trips of 3-4 hours is not an issue. I actually find them very relaxing and enjoy any excuse to take the old blazer out on the road, or off road for that matter. 😉

    For longer journeys I would prefer to fly out to meet someone. This is mainly because I do own a older truck.

    I do not mind taking off to meet someone for the first time. If there isn’t any chemistry then that’s OK with me. I am a big fan of setting up back up plans and “rainy day” slush funds. Just in case.

    I learned a long time ago that you have to find the best in any situation.

    Again, take care of yourselves and I hope you all have the best of times this week.

  402. AsianSB says:

    NYC SB – LOL that is so cute though! He gets A for effort :)!

  403. SD NEOhio (SDN) says:

    Hey maybe we have a new topic for the blog…worst gift from a sugar.

  404. SD NEOhio (SDN) says:

    ROFLMAO…a Chia Pet. Anna you kill me.

    I go for the mood ring when I want to sweep a woman off her feet!

  405. SD NEOhio (SDN) says:

    Sorry not gone yet…you have to be kidding? a Snuggie? I may not be the best shopper but I wouldn’t bring a snuggie, unless you let me know you wanted one. Hey at least he tried.

  406. Anna Molly says:

    NYC SB ~ Happy B-Day! As for the snuggie…I’m sorry. That is almost as bad as receiving a Chia Pet…lol.

  407. NYC SB says:

    SDN – my my my what a lucky SB!

    So this guy im dating IRL (non sugar) came over this morning to wish me a happy bday with coffee and a glazed donut in hand… then he gave me … now ya all sit down… A PINK SNUGGIE… ::shakes head in disbelief::

  408. SD NEOhio (SDN) says:

    Off to a meeting…ttyl

  409. AsianSB says:

    Hi AM and SDN :)

    I have to agree AM, a man who knows how to cook.. swoon haha. :) My boyfriend at the time, was the one who taught me how to cook and bake.

    SDN that is so sweet and romantic :p

    I hope you two and whoever else is on have a wonderful Thanksgiving 😛 I’m off to bed

  410. SD NEOhio (SDN) says:

    Hey AsianSB.

  411. Anna Molly says:

    A man who can cook is such a TURN ON :)

    Hi AsianSB :)

  412. SD NEOhio (SDN) says:

    I love to cook and I find that if you feed your SB she is happier!

    Staying home with an SB where I cook, candles, wine (she has to sit and share the wine while I work : ) is a good night to me.

  413. AsianSB says:

    Wow all this Thanksgiving food talk is making me miss Thanksgiving even more.. :(

  414. Anna Molly says:

    Yummy! Sounds like you know your way around the kitchen pretty well.

  415. SD NEOhio (SDN) says:

    If you make pies you are always welcome to come to my house!

    I don’t bake but I do make a wonderful lobster and corn chowder and my mushroom/granny smith apple stuffing is always popular.

  416. Anna Molly says:

    I’m going to my brother-in-laws. It will be nice not cooking this year..lol
    I am going to make some pies though, they’re always a big hit :)

  417. SD NEOhio (SDN) says:

    I am so looking forward to it. Need the time off. Not really working today, at least not hard.

    I am not married but I am often the family cook so will be doing prep work today.

    You have plans?

  418. Anna Molly says:

    Hey SD NEOhio :)
    Looking forward to turkey day?

  419. SD NEOhio (SDN) says:

    Hey Anna Molly. Need to jump in the shower but I am here for now :)

  420. Anna Molly says:

    Is there anyone here?

  421. SD NEOhio (SDN) says:

    US = United States.

  422. SD NEOhio (SDN) says:

    Hey NeOhio, TLG AsianSB, Irish SB, Beach_Girl

    Was downstairs working out.

    I get up early, about 5:30 every day. I noticed I am usually the first for US morning, starting to take pride in it :)

  423. NeOhio SB says:

    GM BG ~~ Hope you have a great work day…Would wish you a happy Tday, but i know in Canada you already had your Thanksgiving holiday.

  424. Beach_Girl*395953 says:

    Hi everyone,

    TLG~ have a great time on your mini vacation!
    Asian, SDN, NeOhio~ Hi

    off to work for me!

  425. AsianSB says:

    Good evening everyone :) or morning, heh.

    Have a safe flight TLG :) And Happy Thanksgiving!

  426. The Lone Gunman says:

    Good Midweek Morning!

    As I continue on my Journey through Life, I find it’s not the pace I mind so much as the sudden stop at the end…

    Flight out is early AM tomorrow, so I wanted to wish all and sundry a great Thanksgiving. I’ll see what transpired when I’m back Monday.


  427. Irish SB says:

    Good morning SDN – you are always first up when i look at the blog on GMT time!

  428. NeOhio SB says:

    SDN :) Bright and early, Im here with you.

  429. SD NEOhio (SDN) says:


  430. always2sweet says:

    anyone around? I cant sleep :(

  431. Taz says:

    I don’t know if anyone is still here – hello? Lol…well I have a cold :( Was nice to sleep all day…just wish it was under different circumstances.

  432. NapaSB says:

    well goodnight everyone!

  433. NapaSB says:

    umm…small town*

  434. NapaSB says:

    TexaSD – i am a huge wine aficionado so i love being so close to all the great winerys and the weather is phenomenal, however the area i live in is kind of same town and that drives me a little crazy…although i suppose i cant complain too much since i live so close to san fran :)

  435. AznCanadian Rose says:

    TexasSD- Yup, I am. It’s quiet, but there are enough bars and places to keep us rowdy uni. kids occupied. haha, but that’s not really my thing.

  436. NapaSB says:

    Azn – what do you think of the “5 steps”?

  437. TexaSD says:

    Napa- Its been awhile since I have been to Monterey, so how do you like it over there?

  438. TexaSD says:

    Azn– Good reading, small town scene? are you in a small town now?

  439. NapaSB says:

    TexaSD – I have been in Cali for about 3 years…spent a year in Monterey and then the past two in the Napa area…about 20 minutes outside Napa actually.

  440. AznCanadian Rose says:

    Texas SD-
    Yes, I am-so the small town scene is a shocker to me still! But I go home every so often.

    The Effective Executive, Peter F. Drucker
    and The economic history of Britain since 1700, R. Floud and D. McCloskey


  441. TexaSD says:

    Napa- I figure, how long you been there

  442. NapaSB says:

    TexaSD – haha the Napa area 😉

  443. TexaSD says:

    Napa- where abouts are you?

  444. NapaSB says:

    i sure am

  445. TexaSD says:

    Napa- lol, ya, so you are in Cali now?

  446. TexaSD says:

    AZN- your in toronto? Cool, i go there every now and then… what are you reading?

  447. NapaSB says:

    Thank ya’ll for the reality check! I know better…I guess I just got excited because otherwise he seems like he would have been a “perfect match” for me and my situation.

    TexaSD- you all started the food talk..i am just a misplaced texas girl who misses latenight whataburger runs

  448. AznCanadian Rose says:

    Hi TexaSD and Cleo (cool! you’re from Toronto as well :D)


    Ya, I’m just popping in and out from my readings.

  449. TexaSD says:

    TXSB- are you addicted? lol well goodnight again

    Cleo- hi how are you? Goodnight nice to see you pop in like Lara,

  450. TXSB says:

    Hi Cleo and AznRose!

    OK, I’m really going now……

    Good night! :)

  451. cleo says:

    night txsb, i agree, go with ‘oops, clicked the wrong pic, tee hee, here’s what i meant to send’

  452. TexaSD says:

    Napa- don’t get me wrong, every guys loves some dirty pics, but to ask you upfront, I mean, thats a little weird, especially if you haven’t got any agreement yet. so I would really think about that.

  453. TXSB says:

    Look at it this way…if you met a guy at bar and liked him…and if he told you that you had to send him intimate pics before he’ll take you out on a date, would you do it?

  454. TexaSD says:

    Azn, where have you been lol,

    Napa- ohh back to the food lol… on the pics, i kinda think that is a little weird, I mean, I wouldn’t if I were you, there are plenty of guys if he goes poof

  455. TXSB says:



    Welcome! :) I’m about to leave but wanted to respond to your question before I left.

    There are many fake “SDs” on this site who contact girls and ask for intimate pics. We usually refer to them as “pic collectors” here on the blog. I’m sure TexaSD and other SDs will add their thoughts on this when they see your post but please keep the following 2 things in mind:

    1) A true SD is a gentleman. And a gentleman will not ask a SB to send him anything sexual (whether it’s intimate pics, web cam) etc. Especially if he does not have an arrangment with you and has never even met you IRL.

    2) When meeting pot SDs, NEVER do anything that makes you uncomfortable. Just like IRL dating, men will try to pressure you into things (whether it’s to send pics, getting involved physicall before you’re ready etc). Please remember that at the end of the day, a SB is not a escort. Never let go of your own values and comfort levels for a man.

    ** On a side note, my SD NEVER asked me for any sexual pics. We’ve been together for almost 2 months and even ’til this day, he never pressures me into doing anything I don’t want to. He always treats me like a lady.

  456. AznCanadian Rose says:

    Hey Napa,

    I’m fairly new too and I also asked the same question-but if you’re not comfortable with the idea then maybe you shouldn’t do it. Let him know about your discomfort and if he understands -great!

    But what if he’s a photocollector? then he’ll disappear.

  457. NapaSB says:

    p.s. all this talk of whataburger is really making me miss Texas…

  458. NapaSB says:

    Hi everyone! So I am pretty new on SA, but I have been reading the blogs and trying to learn from the regulars as ya’ll seem to give really good advice. I have a “pot SD” that I spoke with on the phone the other day and I am really interested in him, he has a great personality and he seems to be interested in the same type of arrangement that I am…he asked me to send him some rather intimate pictures before we move any farther though, and I dont know if I am comfortable with it…is this common? .help.

  459. TexaSD says:

    TXSB goodnight, goodluck with that lol

  460. TXSB says:

    I’m going to bed. I’ve had enough excitement for 1 night.

    Good night TexaSD, CASB, AsianSB and anyone else that’s reading this. :)

  461. TXSB says:

    OK, I will try the “I was tired and rushing and attached the wrong thing by mistake” excuse. *fingers crossed* Hopefully he will buy it.

    Gah….I hope he doesn’t save it!!! The thought of him saving it just makes me feel even more embarrased! :(

  462. TexaSD says:

    CASB- you are so right, if its that good, he will of course save it lol, sorry TXSB

    Asian- Ok good luck.

    TXSB- Ya it is very believable

  463. CASB says:

    Bye AsianSB!

  464. CASB says:

    AHHHHH I want orange chicken soooooooo bad!!!!!!!!!!!! Going to go eat chips and salsa to try to quell this craving!!! :( No more talk of food in here tomorrow night or I disown you all!! 😉

  465. TexaSD says:

    TXSB- Ya I would, sometimes I have attached the wrong pic, only because some of the numbers are so similar to each other.

  466. AsianSB says:

    TXSB- Honesty is the way to go 😛 If he is a good friend, I’m sure he’ll understand and support you, and then you’ll both laugh at it later ;p

    TexaSD- The debate topic is “Democracy is necessary for sustained economic growth in China” I’m on the pro side..

    But I’m really off now, heh. Byee!

  467. CASB says:

    He’s a guy.. if it’s a good picture, he’s gonna save it. :*(

  468. TXSB says:

    So if a female friend told you the story about attaching the wrong pic….you’d believe it? Grrrr….never mind the quality of it! LOL

  469. TexaSD says:

    TXSB– I think you can get away with it, besides if its a good picture, he will just get a laugh lol

  470. TXSB says:



    Nah….this friend knows me too well. So I just sent him an e-mail saying that when he sees that other e-mail…that he should just call me sometime tomorrow and I’ll explain. I’m just gonna come clean with him. I certainly learned my lesson….always double check the frigging address!!!!!!!

  471. TexaSD says:

    Asian, whats the debate on?

  472. TexaSD says:

    TXSB- ya go with that lol, that sounds like that might work,

  473. CASB says:

    Ohhh noooooo!!!!! So sorry TXSB!!!! Maybe tell him you were trying to send him a funny picture and accidentally attached that one by mistake?? At least it’s a good friend so it won’t be AS awkward, you can (trust me, eventually) just laugh it off! Could be worse.. could be a girlfriend or your Mom you sent it to instead of him!

    Maybe you could call him and get his password to his email and go in and delete it? If you’re good friends he should trust you enough to let you do that. Worth a shot! :)

  474. TexaSD says:

    TXSB- well you can say, well i don’t know what you can say lol

  475. TXSB says:

    I guess it wouldn’t be as bad if it was a female friend…

  476. AsianSB says:

    Corruption is the basis of the Chinese government 😛 and its rooted in its economic growth also. Without the rapid economic growth in China, the legitimacy of the Communist party will be questioned.

    Okay, I feel like I’m preparing while on the blog, haha.

    Night CASB, sorry I missed you!

    Thanks for the good luck wishes :)

  477. TXSB says:

    :( Not funny missy! *pout* I have no idea. All I know is that as soon as I realized what I did….I went to my “sent” box and it shows it went through just fine.

  478. AsianSB says:

    TXSB- LOL, okay I’m happy I stayed on long enough to see that post 😛 heh, it’s alright, but I did hear about hotmail implementing a way to stop drunk e-mails? Is there an option to take back your e-mail?

  479. TexaSD says:

    Goodnight Asian, good luck,

  480. TexaSD says:

    AsianSB- politics….. i love it lol… you could also say for Pro side,”necessary for anti corruption efforts, IE food safety”

  481. TXSB says:

    Later….good luck on the debate! :)

  482. TXSB says:

    That’s the #1 problem….the e-mail didn’t really say much. It was more of a …umm…errr….visual e-mail. *hides face in shame*

    This friend has known me for years and he actually knows pretty much everything about me except sugar dating. I also told a few days ago while chatting that I’m totally single. Poor guy….he’s going to have an interesting start to his day tomorrow…. :(

  483. AsianSB says:

    TexaSD- Lol, I guess you are right that the best cooks went to the US ;p but the food has definitely been Americanized, but they do still taste very very good.. walnut shrimp.. heh

    I live on the NT side :)! If you come around Jan-March, that is when the weather is the best.. *beach!

    Okays, I’m off to prepare for my debate.. Pro side for “Democracy is necessary for sustained economic growth in China”

    Nighty TexaSD, TXSB, and anyone else who is on.

  484. CASB says:

    Soooo I’m hoping to find an SD by the holidays (wouldn’t that be a great way to kick off the holidays?!), but time is a-ticking! Does my profile get seen more if I log in more often or stay logged in? I never log in unless I see that I’ve been sent a message. Maybe that’s not helping?

  485. TexaSD says:

    TXSB- whoa, hmm, well I think you can think of something, we are all young, put your brain to work lol

    CASB i know right, I am hungry again lol

  486. CASB says:

    Oh man. YOUR. I NEVER do that! That drives me bonkers.

  487. TXSB says:

    LOL! Hi! :)

  488. CASB says:

    TXSB: I’m really curious as to what you’re email said. That’s totally something I’d do!

  489. TexaSD says:

    Lol I just realized, every time I see lara in the blogs, i am going to get hungry,

  490. TXSB says:

    Good….that’ll make it easy since she lives on campus. LOL…hey you have all the info. you need to find out about his experience with Htown SBs….whether or not you choose to use it is upto you. :)


    I don’t want to reveal it but I have no choice. There’s no logical explanation for the e-mail he got. :(

  491. CASB says:

    That’s it, I’m swearing off the blog. Every time I come here you’re talking about food and now I’m hungry again. haha I have been craving Panda Express orange chicken for the past few days (and yesterday I had been craving In N Out). Do you do this to torture me?!?!?! lol :)

  492. TexaSD says:

    Asian- But HK does have some pretty good Chinese food, I will agree with you on that lol,

  493. TexaSD says:

    Asian-I have had authentic, I lived in the New Territories for like 1 month, I just love american chinese ( i think the best cooks came here lol)

  494. AsianSB says:

    TXSB- Do you want to reveal it though? Isn’t there another way to cover it up, if you want to cover it up? Like you can definitely make an excuse or something.. But it might be better to come out clean..

    Good night Lara 😛 Let us know what you are cooking tomorrow, can’t wait to hear :)

  495. TexaSD says:

    TXSB- not far, maybe 15mins, Ya that would be pretty cool, then he can give me the low down on some of the H town SB’s lol

  496. AsianSB says:

    TexaSD- … … … American Chinese Food! Arhhh runnn, I actually like Tomato beef chow mien. Glad to see that you’ll be in Tokyo for atleast 3 months, so the chance of meeting is still there :)! Once you are in Asia though, we must take you to authentic Chinese food, HK has the best Chinese food!

  497. TXSB says:

    It’s not funny. It’s really embarrasing and now I have to reveal my sugar dating to him. :(

  498. TXSB says:

    I need to check with my sis on her class dates and such. I’m only going to see her to drop something off to her…it’s surprise for her. How far are you from the UT campus? If you’re there and I end coming, I’ll try to see if RSD can make it too.


    Hi and bye! :)

  499. TexaSD says:

    Lara- I just ate, but now I want chinese…. :( I could kill for some shrimp fried rice, General Tso chicken, maybe some mongolian beef, and some cantonese noodles lol…


  500. lara says:

    Hi everybody,

    Glad to catch up.

    Cleo, TXSB and TexasSD today I had chinese for dinner , no time for grocery shoping and or cooking.

    I will go to bed early so I can get the cooking rolling tomorrow.

    Have fun, ttyl.

  501. TexaSD says:

    TXSB- ya, I got the details mixed up, i should know by the 3rd of december, but i think its the 12th of january, or maybe i will know the 12th of december and its the 3rd of january,( i will find out soon lol) OIC, that must be a funny story lol. Well If I am not going to Manila this month, I will most likely be here in Austin, find out and so will I lol.

    Asian- aww don’t say that lol, Lets just see how it goes, but ya that would blow, But i will be in Tokyo I think for at least 3 months so, who knows

  502. AsianSB says:

    TexaSD- I think I’m flying out of HK to head back to Hangzhou around 12-18th.. Then I’ll be in the Shanghai/Hangzhou area until the 7-11th of Jan.. Eek, this would really blow if we weren’t able to meet up. :(

  503. TXSB says:

    Good luck on the debate!


    Oh ok…I thought you were leaving the U.S. on the 3rd. There’s a 50% chance I’ll be at UT right around NYE but not sure yet.

    If you go back and read, earlier tonight I was sending an e-mail to RSD and like an idiot, accidently sent it to a friend of mine.

  504. TexaSD says:

    TXSB- your email mishap? What happened lol?

  505. TXSB says:

    Not gone yet….need to write an e-mail explaning to my friend about the earlier e-mail mishap I had….plus finishing up an apple.

  506. TexaSD says:

    TXSB- Oic, Ok Well I will get the final details by December 3rd. As far as I know I want to be in Manila by the 18th, and I think I will be in Tokyo by the 3rd, although I think I over heard someone say it would be the 12th,

  507. AsianSB says:

    Heh TXSB, hope you have a good night and sleep well :)

    I’ll be getting off soon too, have to prepare for in-class debate, urgh. lol

  508. TXSB says:

    When are you leaving for your trip to Asia?

  509. TXSB says:

    Yes but in about 5 minutes…it looks like it’ll be you and AsianSB. :) RSD just sent me his nightly text….I’m finishing up an e-mail and will go to bed then.


    LOL….I find no joy a at the thought of cooking. Eating is a whole different issue though… :)

  510. AsianSB says:

    TXSB- Ahh, but cooking and baking is such a joyful activity, but the end results of actually eating the food is even better 😛

  511. TexaSD says:

    TXSB- months**, not a month, Are we the only ones up now?

  512. TexaSD says:

    Asian- lol thats fine with me

  513. TexaSD says:

    TXSB- No, I don’t tell anyone, if they ask, she would just say we are dating, or friends with benefits or something, it last a months if I recall, ohhh IIRC lol

  514. AsianSB says:

    TexaSD- Well if you have an oven, I’ll fly over and bake you cookies and cakes lol, but I guess that isn’t healthier than Taco Cabana 😛

  515. TXSB says:

    IIRC = If I Recall Correctly :)

    I can’t cook and don’t have much desire to learn. You’re the one who said you would love to cook in a proper kitchen…. :)

  516. TXSB says:

    You may have shared it before but I just don’t remember reading it. May I ask how long that SB relationship lasted? Do any of your friends IRL know about your sugar dating?

  517. TexaSD says:

    AsianSB- Sadly I cannot cook, nor do I own pots/pans lol. But it looks good lol

  518. AsianSB says:

    Nighty Rudy. :)

    TXSB & TexaSD- Definitely put to use that newly remodeled kitchen!!

  519. TexaSD says:

    TXSB– IIRC? Ya I have a new remodeled kitchen.

  520. TXSB says:

    Sounds like fun (pilates)! I’ve heard it makes you more flexible too….
    Good night! :)

  521. TXSB says:

    IIRC, didn’t you say earlier you have a new remodeled kitchen?

  522. Rudy says:

    Good Night Everyone :)

  523. AsianSB says:

    Rudy- You just reminded me that I have a yoga lesson tonight, heh I’m excited now 😀

  524. TexaSD says:

    TXSB- Ya I had 1 in SA (San Antonio) she was a single mother, I thought i shared that with someone before, sorry if I didn’t. Well I thought it worked out pretty well, so I thought I try it again, sometimes I don’t have time to date, sometimes I do, and I kind of like not having to worry about it..

  525. AsianSB says:

    TexaSD- You want to be missed like I miss Mexican food? 😛 I don’t think that’s a fair comparison, haha. But, yes you were missed on your brief dinner break :)

    I would love to cook if I had my own pots/pans and kitchen, but sadly in the dorms the supplies are so limited.. Cooking your own food is healthier and yummier than fast food 😛 even though chicken fajitas sound really good right now (even after my lunch, haha)

  526. Rudy says:

    TXSB: You would enjoy Pilates. I know I have had a good workout when I am sore! I worked muscles I didn’t know I had last week.

  527. TXSB says:

    I don’t think I’ve ever asked you this…but have you ever had a SB before? How did you end up coming across sugar dating….especially at such a young age (for a SD)?

  528. TexaSD says:

    Dee- I know right… you guys require a lot to keep up with lol.

    Asian- so I am not missed then….

    TXSB- I was planning on getting some Chili’s to go, but the one near me was closed, so I had to improvise, and went to Taco Cabana instead and got chicken fajitas lol

  529. TXSB says:

    Of course you were…..my fault for misunderstanding….. 😉

  530. AsianSB says:

    TXSB – nono, I was talking about RSD getting on the blog tonight heh :p

  531. AsianSB says:

    Oh I miss Mexican food here, the only place I can get it here is when my brother is sweet enough to cook some, heh.

  532. TXSB says:

    I don’t take pilates but am interested in it. Currently I do mainly weight lifting with some cardio. Personally I love it when I’m sore after a good workout. It makes me feel like I actually accomplished something!


    Yes, he needs to eat dinner faster! 😉


    I’m waiting for RSD to either text me or make an appearance. I don’t like going to sleep without hearing from him. But it looks like it may not happen tonight. *sigh*

  533. Just Dee in NC says:

    You’re allowed to break to eat meals, TexaSD – you need your energy to keep up with us women. 😉

  534. TexaSD says:

    I am back now, not an excuse, I ate Taco Cabana lol

  535. AsianSB says:

    TXSB- Hopefully he’ll be on the blog soon :)

    Dee- You’re right, I have seen my male friends eat a whole buffet table of food by themselves, lol.

    Midwest- Oo, good luck on the pot date, keep us updated.

    Rudy- It really is a great opportunity to chat with everyone about sharing the same experiences and just getting to know everyone on this blog. :)

  536. Rudy says:

    TXSB: Seriously, I like being able to go to sleep at night laughing instead of stressing about ‘the day’. You had mentioned before you take Pilates, I tried this new class Friday called Balletone, it’s a combination of Pilates and Ballet moves. I enjoyed the class, but I am sore:)

  537. Rudy says:

    MidwestSB: OHH, a new bed…enjoy:)

  538. TXSB says:

    Awww….that’s sweet!


    Good night!

  539. Midwest SB says:

    Dee – this is where you get to take your “mummy” hat off and enjoy being a sensual, desirable woman!

    I’m trying to go to bed (in my new bed)! Trying to see if I may have a pot SD date in my near future. He took a while to write a second time, but now he’s expressing a lot of interest…yeah!

  540. Rudy says:

    TXSB: LOL…he might be ‘virtually blushing’

    2Chic: You are right with regards to older men

    Just Dee: ‘hormonal misfire’ I love it!!

    I am glad that I get to chat with the funniest and sweetest SBs in the evening! You make my night :)

  541. Just Dee in NC says:

    Nah, Asian, I think he really is having dinner. You know these young guys – their legs are hollow. Takes a lot to fill them up! :-)

  542. TXSB says:

    Gawd I’m so tired right now…. where is SD?! *pout*

  543. AsianSB says:

    TXSB- So his dinner excuse was just an excuse :( lol

  544. AsianSB says:

    Rudy- Heya, I usually blog during your early mornings, or your late evenings. I live in HK so it is hard to meet everyone all at once, heh.

  545. TXSB says:

    We’re here……although I think we scared TexaSD away… :(

  546. AsianSB says:

    Mummy instincts! heh, I feel very well taken care of on this blog, thanks to you and TXSB, and many others. :)

  547. Rudy says:

    Hi! is anyone out there? I stepped away for a moment.

    Midwest SB: With regard to the profile views, I have the same thing happening to me. I think people with hidden profiles are viewing mine, but I can’t see them at all. However, I have new views each time I log in.

    2chic: I am jealous you had a massage :)

    Asian SB: Hi! I don’t believe I have met you. I usually blog in the evenings so I don’t have the opportunity to chat with some SBs at all because I miss you during the day.

  548. AsianSB says:

    Yup, but turned out to be lunch instead, yummy lasagna. :)

  549. Just Dee in NC says:

    Asian sweetie, I could have given birth to you, and that means you are TOO YOUNG to be thinking about sex. :-)

    What can I say? It’s the “mama” in me coming out! That and the fact that inside my head, I don’t feel any older than Asian or TX. It’s just my driver’s license and the occasional hormonal misfire that reminds me where the number actually falls these days. And my younger brothers. They delight in reminding me just exactly how old I am.

  550. TXSB says:

    Welcome back! :) Did you get your breakfast?

  551. 2Chic says:

    Dee, ……. ROFL

  552. AsianSB says:

    Umm, hmm I might have came back at the wrong time 😛 lol

  553. photogirl says:

    Just Dee in NC says:
    And if that doesn’t work, I tell them that I’m not going to get naked with someone I could have given birth to.

    Too funny but so true!

  554. TXSB says:

    LOL! :)

  555. Just Dee in NC says:

    Repeats, Midwest. If someone with a hidden profile views you, you will be able to see their profile. At least according to the conversation that went on yesterday.

  556. Just Dee in NC says:

    Too many film buffs among the 20-something guys. On other networks, I frequently have to remind one that “The Graduate” is just a movie and Mrs. Robinson does not exist.

    And if that doesn’t work, I tell them that I’m not going to get naked with someone I could have given birth to.

  557. Midwest SB says:

    Random question: Can anyone tell me why I can get 20 views a day and I am only able to see a few of them? Are they repeat visitors? Do they have hidden profiles?

  558. 2Chic says:

    In my line of work, I am surrounded by very beautiful people. Some young handsome will try to work me over, and then I ask one question: “do you think you know how to satisfy me” they always say yes. …. Wrong Answer.

  559. 2Chic says:

    Sorry about the typos, fingers going faster than brain… lol.

  560. 2Chic says:

    Younger guys refused to realize that they do not know it all when it comes to pleasing a woman. That the big problem, the take it personally you try to correct them. In time they realize what it takes. ….. just like fine wine…. yum.

  561. photogirl says:

    I second that about the older men 2Chic. I’ve only dated 2 men my age or younger who didn’t ‘rush’.

  562. TXSB says:

    2Chic says:
    Older men take the time to learn a woman, to know what she wants and how. It makes you feel like you are the bomb, even though you may not be…. lol. They are willing to admit that they want to know how to personally please you.

    This is sooo true. In my experience younger guys are always in a rush….they don’t have the patience to learn.

  563. TexaSD says:

    Ok I am going to get dinner lol

  564. 2Chic says:

    Take notes TxSd. Insider secrets being exposed.

  565. 2Chic says:

    Young guys are yummy to admire, but I just don’t want to establish anything romantic with them. I have had experience with my own age, and I still had to say “no, I don’t like that”, where as with an older man he will ask me if I like. Older men take the time to learn a woman, to know what she wants and how. It makes you feel like you are the bomb, even though you may not be…. lol. They are willing to admit that they want to know how to personally please you.

  566. AsianSB says:

    I am blushing.. eeek, going to go hide now.. and finally get breakfast. lol

  567. TXSB says:

    Actually, *if* this happens, their’s will the the “true blog story” since they really did meet here first unlike RSD and myself. :)

  568. TXSB says:

    LOL!!! :) Wouldn’t that be great! I would LOOVE to have another “blog couple”….especially when both of the people are soooo frigging cute! :)

  569. AznCanadian Rose says:

    Texas SD and Asian SB:

    Heehee..Almost all of my ex.bf’s were in their mid 20’s and up- I’m good friends with them to this day except my first bf who was my age.
    Even though it was years ago, he’s still talking bad about me!

    So no more young guys for me!

  570. Midwest SB says:

    Do I see a repeat of TXSB/RSD coming our way??? Stay tuned…

    TexasSD – who needs tv when you have the blog?!

    Hi/Bye Asian.

    2Chic – Happens to me a lot too. I’ve only had one relationship with a younger guy…it was great in many aspects, but our goals, career drive and experience were not always a match. The others I’ve been on dates, but nothing serious. There just isn’t much of a dating pool here, regardless of age.

  571. 2Chic says:

    Thank you sweethearts…. glad u are feelin me.

  572. TXSB says:

    AsianSB says:
    I like being the student, lol.

    When it comes to men, this is how I feel too.

  573. 2Chic says:

    Pht Gr.

    I would love to assist you with that. Would prob be twitching something awful though…. lol

    the wine has already gone to my head fam.

  574. AsianSB says:

    A little more input before breakfast..

    2 Chic- I like the way you think, “I like to teach, but then I want to be educated too.” In a SD/SB relationship, actually in any relationship, I would like to be the one learning, not educating. Yes I can educate them on things I’ve gone through, living in another country/different culture/not being able to speak the language. But when it comes to just thoughts and ideas, I rather experience new things/learn, instead of teaching and not learning. I guess I like being the student, lol.

  575. AsianSB says:

    Hi TXSB! 😛 I got your e-mail, and was very happy reading it :) I can’t thank you enough 😛

    Going to go buy breakfast 😛 I’ll be back soon, need fuel for chatting haha!

  576. TexaSD says:

    AsianSB- I am just jealous… Remodelers are killing my days off with hammering at 8am everyday…

  577. photogirl says:

    Asian SB – Yes, I completely agree with you! Age really is just a number.

    2Chic – The bigger the wedding party the better :) I got to pin the boutonnière on 7 tuxed men last weekend.

  578. 2Chic says:

    I like to teach, but then I want to be educated too.

  579. TXSB says:

    Hi!!! :)

  580. 2Chic says:

    Asn B:
    I have had many conversations with younger guys who try to come on to me, they assume I am younger than my age. The conversations are intelligent, but when it gets right down to it…. they are not telling me anything new.

  581. TexaSD says:

    Photo- Did he work for you? lol. Were you in a supervisor or mentor role?

  582. TexaSD says:

    Photo- Did you teach him anything?

  583. AsianSB says:

    TexaSD- Sleeping in is wonderful and so relaxing mawhah

  584. photogirl says:

    hey now Texas SD, it was only last year…it wasn’t like he was 17 lol.

    I have tentative plans for b-day with a friend but now I am not sure it is going to work out. If not, then I will spend the day with my girls :)

  585. TexaSD says:

    AsianSB- emailing a pot… but don’t you worry, when i am going on a date, I promise to let everyone know lol

  586. AsianSB says:

    Photogirl: I’ve learned that it isn’t about the actual age of the person, but how they present themselves and how they act/take care of themselves.. Like I’ve been on a Non-SD date with people in their 30’s while I am only 19 (like Azn Rose :p ) But I really enjoyed their company because we had things in common and could hold an interesting conversations..

    While being in University in HK, I realized the University students of Asia(China/HongKong) they are a lot more sheltered therefore young in the mind.. But it seems as though the exchange students who come to HK from the West (America/Canada) and Europe, are more worldly and exciting/fun.

    But then it just might be a culture thing, since I feel I’m stuck between two cultures lol.

  587. 2Chic says:

    Ph Grl … your are sooo lucky…. “yum”

  588. photogirl says:

    One of the perks of my work… I get to see men in tux’s. :)

  589. TXSB says:

    The only “plan” I have is dinner with SD…assuming nothing comes up at the last minute from his family that prevents his from meeting me that day.


    Hi! :)

  590. TexaSD says:

    Photo- I didn’t know you like to rob the cradle lol…

  591. TexaSD says:

    AsianSB- OMG your online when I am… dude its like 1118 what are you doing sleeping in

  592. 2Chic says:

    Muse…. you are hilarious… “wore a tux to work” girl I am on the floor crying!

    It is crazy! It gets more intense each day! There are some days when I want to bust a back out! But I am so particular.

  593. AsianSB says:

    Just woke up, heh from a good night’s rest..

    So much action on the blog already!!

    The first thing that caught my eye is TexaSD is going on a date? or e-mailing a pot? 😮

  594. photogirl says:

    The first time I dated an older man I was 17 and he was 26. Before I get any scorns, I was a very mature 17 and I knew the man for almost a year before we dated, he was neighbor. I have also been the older one… by almost 10 years. I am far more attracted to the older than the younger.

  595. TexaSD says:

    Azn- Well ya, I can understand that lol… what about mid 20’s?

  596. AznCanadian Rose says:

    Hi all,

    Since I am 19- that would be…ew… to have male partner younger than me.

  597. Just Dee in NC says:

    Yes, 2Chic, there have been days when 3 times, before breakfast, was just a good start. And my favorite word was “MORE”

  598. Muse says:

    2Chic – omg! A tux is the ultimate for me. *swoon* I dated a(n older) professional musician for a while, partly because he wore a tux to work….I’m so shallow…

  599. TexaSD says:

    TXSB, Photo, what you girls doing for your bday?

  600. 2Chic says:

    Talking to the ladies, sorry SD

  601. 2Chic says:

    Anybody knows what I am going through,

  602. TexaSD says:

    Well I don’t have a preference on age as so much as I have seen with the SB’s, I have noticed a lot want “older men”. So you ladies I can see probably are in the majority lol.

  603. TXSB says:

    mmm….back massage….sounds heavenly right now.

  604. 2Chic says:

    At the rate my body is behaving, it might take a 25 yr old…. lol.. nahhh…. just can’t ewww.

  605. TXSB says:

    “Face” = “fact”

  606. TXSB says:

    Her profile is long and I also just kinda skimmped through it. I liked the face that from her pics and the lines I did read…she seems “real” and down to earth.


    Yes….there MAY be a 1 year difference depending on when your bday is…but otherwise yes.

  607. 2Chic says:

    Rudy that is funny, the massage was extremely nice, OMG, and he loves giving them. I was nervous at first, but when his hands touched my back I was in la-la land. Yet just knowing who he was, and the age stopped my blood from boiling.

  608. Rudy says:

    I meant ‘the guy”

  609. 2Chic says:


    Yea, I agree with Muse, I kinda surfed through the profile, too much…. lol. ROF

  610. TexaSD says:

    Well she isn’t that much older, kinda like TXSB’s 32 year old,

    TXSB- I think you and I are about the same age right?

  611. TexaSD says:

    Muse- Ya i just saw how long it is now, i don’t remember it being that long ago when i added her to favorites, geez, to think i am going to have to read all that…

    I haven’t decided to write her yet, just thinking

  612. 2Chic says:

    Yes! Thank U Muse. Exactly, they just have that savoir faire about them. hmmmm and me hitting the peak is not making it any better. Especially when I see one in a tux. Ughh!

  613. TXSB says:

    Glad to see I’m not the only one dating older men. When I was 23, I dated someone who was 42 (no he’s wasn’t a SD, we dated IRL for 7 months). And my last BF was 32 (ok maybe not that much older than me but still older!).


    Yes….mine is the day before Photogirl’s. BTW, I 2nd 2Chic. This girls seems nice….WRITE HER! :)

  614. Muse says:

    TexasSD – I’ve become as bad as a guy. Her photos are nice but her profile was so long I ended up skimming and then spacing out. But if she caught your eye, you should definitely email her.

  615. Rudy says:

    2Chic: I am with you in regards to the age issue. It’s just a preference; I prefer to date someone older than me. I don’t know why but I can’t handle they guy being a year younger than me! For some reason, I prefer men in their 40s or 50s. However, I would give him a chance….aromatherapy massages :) that makes him very tempting :)

  616. TXSB says:

    Yes…*sigh* I’m about to write him an 2nd e-mail telling him to call me tomororw morning so I can explain.


    Hi! :)

  617. Muse says:

    2Chic – I only date older men. (almost) always have, always will. I just can’t get my head around younger men and, frankly, there is just something so much sexier about an older guy.

  618. 2Chic says:


    She is very lovely, go for it guy! You have nothing to loose.

  619. TexaSD says:

    TXSB– your bday is soon? are you older than me, or younger, did we ever figure that out?

    Photo and TXSB– I am just a little slow geez lol

  620. 2Chic says:

    I am a new forty and love it, but I just can’t get into the young fellas. I have tried. My problems is I am going to meet a POT who has really caught my attention. This may place me in the vicinity my young friend is in. I do not want to hurt him, he is so sweet and dear to me, but in no way did I lead him to think that there could be more. I just don’t want to hurt him, nor loose him as a friend.

  621. TexaSD says:

    2chic- One of the girls I am thinking about emailing is older than me 373675

  622. Rudy says:

    Hi Just Dee, MidWest :)

    Kerbear: My advice is “next”….there has been discussion about your scenario before and most SDs will at least pay for your travel if they want you to come see them first. Also, safety is a huge concern; it sounds as if he is not going to any lengths to make sure you feel comfortable. It’s obvious you have given this careful thought and I agree; you stand the risk of travel, and no chemistry. There should be some give and take on both sides and this looks one-sided to me. You should feel comfortable about meeting him regardless of the outcome.

  623. TXSB says:

    photogirl says:
    TexasSD – It is about time

    I 2nd that!


    Due to my age (late 20’s), I’m attracted to older men. Most guys who’re younger than me are either in college or just out of college, and I’m not attracted to them. However….if/when I’m let’s say….45…..I don’t think I’d have a problem dating a 35 year old. :)

  624. Midwest SB says:

    2Chic – I have consistently dated men somewhat younger than me in traditional dating. My scenario lends itself to that as I am older than most moms with a 6 y.o. Men my age and older are almost or completely done raising kids, so I don’t appeal to them. I enjoy the younger man’s enthusiasm but certainly prefer older men in a serious relationship. I don’t know how this will play out in the sugar bowl. All three pots are 3-4 years younger only by chance. I don’t talk about my family life in my profile as I am able to keep sugar and personal life fairly separated.

  625. lisa says:

    TXSB it’s one of those “oops” moments lol

  626. TXSB says:

    Too late.. :(


    *sigh* It’s a very good male friend who currently lives overseas. He knows everything about me EXCEPT the “sugar dating”. And no, telling him not to open it isn’t going to help. I’m definately getting a call EARLY tomorrow morning from him. First he’ll laugh b/c he’ll realize it’s obviously not meant for him. Then he’ll demand an explanation. I was just chatting with him 4 days ago and told him I’m totally single. :(

  627. Just Dee in NC says:

    TXSB – uh-oh. Is this a good enough friend that if you called and said you’d mistakenly sent them a personal email, they could be trusted to delete it?

  628. 2Chic says:

    How do you ladies feel about dating younger men. I have a 34 yr old, (not from the site) who has a major crush on me. He is so sweet, and very handsome, but not for me. He is very well established, but I am not feeling him. We talk a lot, and I consider him a friend above all. He has developed a serious crush. One of his hobbies is giving aromatherapy massages. He wanted to give me one for a while, so I finally let him. It was very nice, but that is all I allowed was the massage. I told him before I let him give the massage that it is what it is. Now he wants what I don’t have to give him. I really tried to dig him, but its the “young” guy thing. I can’t go for it. I am just naturally turned on by older men. Am I the only one who feels like this…. sugas help me out.

  629. photogirl says:

    TXSB – I think hotmail has an option to cancel outgoing mail… hurry check lol.

  630. TXSB says:

    LOL! That’s what I keep telling him too!


    Why “soon” instead of “now”??!! :) She’s not married so that won’t be an issue…lol.

  631. Just Dee in NC says:

    TexaSD, tell you what – you go send me an email and I’ll write you back. Then you won’t have to say that no one responds. :-)

  632. photogirl says:

    TexasSD – It is about time 😉

  633. TXSB says:

    I’m sooo panicked right now. I was about to send a mail to SD but I accidently sent it to a friend of mine. :( This is not good at all..

  634. TexaSD says:

    Photo- I did, 1 in San Antonio (SA from now on) no reply

  635. TexaSD says:

    Midwest- I thought about going to the movies, and I was already at the bars earlier, I miss sitcoms lol…

  636. photogirl says:

    TexasSD – You have to actually contact the women FIRST.

  637. TexaSD says:

    TXSB- Well in politics, its where you put Nuclear missiles, in farming, you put stuff in it…

    ya I will contact her probably soon

    Photo- Lol ya I was thinking maybe practice on some women or something

  638. Just Dee in NC says:

    What did you do, TX?

  639. Midwest SB says:

    TexasSD – ROTFLMAO – Missile silos…bwah hahahah. It’s ok, I’ve done it too.

    I lived in TX for four years and never met a farmer. I understand the ranches/ farms are further south below Austin. Very remote areas with tons of land. I guess they all turned in their combines for oil rigs.

  640. TXSB says:

    OMG…I just did something really stupid. :(

  641. TXSB says:

    LOL….I’m not going to tell you. You have her contact info. now. Write her!!!! :) Believe me she’ll be happy to hear from you…finally!

    Umm….what’s a silo?


    Hi! :)

  642. Midwest SB says:

    We have farmers in all shapes and sizes. This place is what country music is written about! Unfortunately, they do not make for good SDs…or boyfriends for that matter. It’s fun watching them work though…many are shrewd business men too. They are similar to NYSE Brokers, just with a Budwieser in the middle of a corn field :-)

    TXSD – I’ll get ESPN just for you :-X .
    If it helps any, I didn’t have a tv for four years by choice. Mine died and after a few weeks I realized how useless it was. If I wanted to see something, I went to a movie or a sports bar. Don’t know if I could do it again though.
    This too shall pass, and your home will be beautiful and back to normal. I miss having a fireplace. I had two in GA and it was a real treat on winter days.

  643. photogirl says:

    Hey TXSB

    Has anyone heard form Beachgirl? I have not seen her online.

    TexasSD – you have buttons and dials to keep you occupied… practice with getting your ‘after’ shots of the remodeling.

  644. TexaSD says:

    TXSB- Ditto, never met a farmer, but I haven’t been her nearly as long as you… Which reminds me of the time I went to OK, I think we were on a farm, and I asked my friend what that big metal tube thing was, she said,”a silo” . Which then I replied, ” Seriously, there is a missile in there”?… I felt stupid after that lol

  645. TXSB says:

    LOL! I’ve been in Texas for almost 16 years and never met a pig farmer (or any other type of farmer for that matter). :)


    Hey! :)

  646. TexaSD says:

    TXSB- Iol, what can I say, I m honest. What is she doing now, school?

  647. photogirl says:

    hamburgers…. ick. I caved and ate one a few weeks ago. It had probably been 10 years or so since I’d had one before that. It made me sick. But then again. I don’t eat red meat. Keep mostly to a vegetarian diet but recently started eating chicken again. And yes…this has been an issue with pot SDs. Not many veggie SDs out there.

  648. Midwest SB says:

    Sowweee! Hi TXSB. Pig farmers are abundant in this area.

  649. TexaSD says:

    Midwest- So true, but I can’t wait for it to be done, so everything can go back to “normal’ and I miss TV…

  650. TXSB says:

    LOL! I’m going to make sure she sees that btw…. :) And I’m sure by now you know how persistant I can be….hehehe.



  651. TXSB says:

    Hi and bye! :)


    I’m a little confused. This is your 1st time meeting this potential SD correct? And he wants you to travel to him?

    Did he agree to pay for the following:
    Your plane ticket.
    Your hotel room.
    Your meals while you’re visiting him.
    And the babysitter for your child.

  652. Midwest SB says:

    *sigh* There’s always something that needs to be done when it comes to redecorating (or remodeling in TexasSD’s case). Headboard is on, need parts for footboard. At least it’s an easy fix.

  653. TexaSD says:

    TXSB- oh it didnt work out, ok sorry to hear that… (not really lol)

  654. TexaSD says:

    Kerbear- To see HIM*** sorry

  655. TexaSD says:

    Kerbear- Ok, I didn’t understand everything you wrote, so if I ask stupid questions just bear with me, did he offer to pay for the travel expenses to see you?

  656. Rudy says:

    Good Evening Sweet Sugar Family!

    I am still trying to catch up on this blog! I miss all the interesting conversations that occur during the day:)

    SDN: Congrats and best wishes with your SB

    OCSugarBaby, SF SD & NCGent: I was reading a previous blog topic (the 20/20 interview) I pulled a wealth of good advice from your comments regarding getting to know a pot SD via email before meeting with regards to allowance and intimacy. It’s very easy to unintentionally send the wrong message that will immediately raise a red flag to a pot SD.

    TXSD: I can’t remember the last time I had a hamburger period….now I am craving one :)

    I will be back, just got home from the gym and I need to grab a bite to eat!

  657. TXSB says:

    What TexaSD said! :)

  658. TexaSD says:

    2Chic- I think I speak for the whole Crew, We are doing ok, how about yourself?

  659. Kerbear says:

    ok i just have to vent about one thing.

    SD offering you compensation for meeting. I love this, it allows us to pay for sitters, and time that we take off of work (being a dancer i make close to $500 a night)

    I feel like since the SB is taking time away from these things, its a nice gesture on the SD part.

    So here is the story: i was offered an allowance to come and meet this SD, then i said well if we decide that we will meet i expect my travel paid for, of course, and half of my allowance up front.

    He said no, well i dont understand why not?? he offered it. what if i just wanted to buy some outfits to come meet you?? Or make sure my child had enough food for when i left for 2 days or so????

    So what if i fly out and he decided he did not like me enough to give me an allowance, or any compensation then what? i go home empty handed and pay for my own sitter and have to work extra to make up for what i lost, i already have had to do this once, and i personally feel if you dont want to offer an allowance, then dont!
    Think about the SB she has to give you all her personal info to even receive any money, or for the plane ticket…how safe do you think she feels doing this? i feel like there should just be more of a trust on both parts. ughhh

    Am i wrong??

  660. 2Chic says:

    It is taking forever for my profile to get approved. My goodness, I tweaked it early this morning.

  661. 2Chic says:

    Hi TXSB, and the crew…. how is it going?

  662. lisa says:

    I haven’t been to Luby’s in years. I used to eat the same thing every time I went, fish and cherry pie

  663. TXSB says:



    LOL….you can have my dinner too if there’s a Luby’s near you!


    CASB & 2Chic (and anyone else that’s just joined us):


    She had a pot SD but things didn’t work out.

  664. TexaSD says:

    CASB- ya, there is a lot of eye candy in LA, lol, they are probably sorting them out, before they get to you, even I am amazed how many there is… don’t feel bad, I am sure even the porn stars are still looking, I still see their profiles up

  665. 2Chic says:

    NC Gent …ur close.

  666. lisa says:

    cooking? what’s that? Oh I guess it’s that thing that involves pots and pans and ovens and all, lol no cooking for me, working all day turkey day

  667. TexaSD says:

    AZN Canadian is she in here now, I just saw her name lol

  668. TexaSD says:

    TXSB- AsianSB found a SD now? I think I saw that back in one of the Old blogs…

  669. 2Chic says:

    Anyone cooking yet?

  670. lisa says:

    Yes stop with the food talk. All i’ve had to eat today was oatmeal for breakfast and candy for lunch. None of the fast food places near me will take a 100 dollar bill so I’m screwed.
    My parents are going to bring me some food over tomorrow when I get home from work, but it’s ham and I don’t eat much pork, I want oatmeal, fish and fruits

  671. TexaSD says:

    you guys are killing me getting hungry now lol

  672. cleo says:

    okay i want to try this whataburger place… (and in n out)

  673. cleo says:

    TXSB: omg that sounds amazing. i am short ingredients so i can’t start my ribs and i think for idnner i’ll just stir fry some frozen vegetables… but man, i want YOUR dinneR!
    TexaSD: i decided to do the ribs in red wine, how’s that?

    pick the place where you can take a surf lesson (because, since it’s all about me, is chosen for the ocean and the possibility of the surf lessons i haven’t taken yet :)
    Flo Rida: still crazy though…

  674. lisa says:

    TXSB: Please stop mentioning Whataburger, It’s my fave place to get burgers and it’s only 2 blocks down the street and it’s already dark, I have no debit card, and I gave up beef 3 weeks ago, eat something healthy. lol

    3 more days till black friday, turkey day sucks for me

  675. CASB says:

    Evening all. Just stopping in before I make myself dinner and try to get my dog to eat.

    I swear I can’t get a message from a SD to save my life. I’m beginning to think there aren’t any here in L.A. Actually, it’s probably the opposite, that there are too many attractive girls on this site for me to get any hits. C’est la vie! :(

    Only 2 more days til turkey!!!! MMMM!!! :)

  676. lisa says:

    Photogirl I have a med size roller that can be checked and a normal size carry on. I had that problem when I went to Europe though. Back then, 2003, you could have 2 checked bags on British Airways. What I did was back the smaller suitcase, put it inside the larger so that I would have plenty of room for everything I bought. I learned that the hardway after my trip in 2000 when I had to buy an additional case to get everything back home. I had also bought some heavy antique irons at Covent garden that I had to put in my parents’ luggage because they weighed closed to 20 lbs together.

  677. TXSB says:

    LOL @ still waiting on family to answer!


    PBI but tonight, I’m ready for ya! I got chicken fried chicken, macaroni & cheese, and corn leftovers from lunch! No last minute trip to Whataburger at 2:00 a.m. tonight for me! :)

  678. photogirl says:

    Lisa – I believe you are allowed one ‘checked bag’ (they recently changed I think they charge you for the second checked bag) but watch the weight, as if it is over 60lbs you will be charged an additional fee unless you can transfer some of it into your carry on bag. I found this out the hard way working catastrophe duty after one of the hurricanes…we ALWAYS came home with more than we arrived with!

  679. Flo Rida says:

    Sorry I crossed over to the dark side of the force! Luke!!

    Texa – yes I know Narita Tokyo would be a rip off but I had too much luggage (female problem) – Seoul is approx $140 and Gatwick – London is about $200 – $300 so it’s all relative. i’m waiting for traffic from Shanghai airport to be horrific as well.

    Cleo – for the record i’ve never been to Jo-berg that was SD story. Also the kidnapping was due to unpaid drinking bills! Anyway Luke is crossing to the Yoda side of the force! i’ll cheer up now!

  680. TexaSD says:

    Cleo- No :( Probably torture me lol

  681. TexaSD says:

    TXSB- I will be here, I think for Turkey Day, but I think the Whole Family is getting together at either my cousin in Vegas, or My Aunt in LA, I am waiting to here what the answer is from them lol

  682. cleo says:

    Flo Rida: these are the kinds of tales one tells the grankids… if one chooses to have any…
    TexaSD: did you have dinner first this time or shall i torture you again?

  683. lisa says:

    TXSB I would never survive with a carry one only. I will be traveling for 3-4 days which means a rolling suitcase and a carry one. I take a carry on if I spending a night at a local hotel.

  684. TexaSD says:

    Just dee- How are you?

  685. TexaSD says:

    TXSB- Ya i will contact her, I will be in tokyo i think Jan 3rd

  686. TXSB says:

    Someone else will correct me if I’m wrong since I almost never travel…but since you’re just going to another state, I’m assuming you’ll just have a carry on…in which case it’s with you the entire time. You don’t “check it in”.


    Cool! What’re u doing for Thanksgiving?

  687. lisa says:

    queen or king size? I slept on a twin bed for 14 years because I had one room, once I moved to my own place, I got a king size bed and love it but it gets cold.

  688. TexaSD says:

    TXSB- they finish for the day, fireplace is still ripped out, kitchen is done though

  689. Midwest SB says:

    Why Thank You Lisa – I hope so. It’s just the new furniture, not mattress.

    I get the west coast time stamp too. The site is based in PST.

  690. lisa says:

    uh oh lost luggage another thing for me to worry about if I end up taking my trip next month. I want my debit card back, cough drops for dinner suck, blah

  691. Just Dee in NC says:

    Hi, TexaSD!

    TXSB, it’s probably just as well! LOL!!

  692. TexaSD says:

    Flo Rida- OMG you did a cab from Narita to Tokyo, thats just crazy lol… Did the cabby tell you about his dislikes of the chinese?

  693. TXSB says:

    Yes, it’s exciting to have so many sagittarians on here! :)


    No…I didn’t include your comment on the e-mail since it was going through a 3rd party.


    LOL….Glad you got it. I felt the need to pass on the “message”…now I’m at peace. BTW, AsianSB wrote me today….she’s still hoping you contact her! I’m ok….how’re you? How’s the remodeling going?

  694. TexaSD says:

    Lisa- Ok, I thought it was just me, it always throws me off, when I get into the blog, I don’t know when the last post was sometimes lol

  695. Flo Rida says:

    NYC SB – welcome back – sorry about lost luggage. I got delayed for 3 hrs in Heathrow Terminal 5 because of mis-routed luggage.

    Travelling is fun but I had a travelling bag stolen on a train from Utrech to Arnhem. SD had a camera and phone stolen in Cuba, I had a ipod, Treo, $500 stolen in Amsterdam, one of our group was taken hostage in Bangkok and we paid $5k ransom (long story), eaten alive by mosquitoes in the Mekong Delta, seeing abject poverty in Mexico City & Mumbai, $600 cab fare between Narita airport and Tokyo downtown, stomach intestinal issues in Mumbai, armored personnel carriers in Jo-berg – bomb scares in London, a close friend overdosing & dying when you’re out of town in New Orleans – travelling isn’t all upside.

  696. lisa says:

    I’m getting a westcoast time zone, almost 5 oclock when it’s almost 7 in Texas

  697. TexaSD says:

    Hello Midwest, and Lisa, do you guys get westcoast time stamps?

  698. lisa says:

    Congrats on the new bed MidwestSB and many happy moments on it, lol

    What size did you get?

  699. TexaSD says:

    TXSB- I got the email, Interesting lol, How are you

    Hello to whoever is still in here

  700. Midwest SB says:

    Happy Birthday NYC SB – Have a cocktail on me!

  701. Midwest SB says:

    PS – My new bed came in today…wink, wink!

  702. Midwest SB says:

    Evening sugars!!!

    NYC SB – Glad to see you are back (I changed my name from New SB in SB). Your SD sounds like a true gentleman…If you luggage doesn’t show something tells me you wouldn’t be without for long. I hope it does show up though.

    SDN – Congrats on the deal. It still holds a charm for me too. It’s somewhat addictive and carries you through the lulls.

    NCG – You have mail.

  703. Muse says:

    NY Gent- as you do, but my grammar is far worse than yours.

    TXSB – I’ll have to remember that so I can wish you. I’m excited by how many sagittarians we have on the board.

    Photogirl- And you too. All these birthdays coming up. :)

    NYCSB – In case I wuss out and go to bed early tonight, Happy Birthday!

    Dee- Me too. Max Brenner sells giant syringes full of chocolate so I bought some for our traditional gift swap over Thanksgiving. I take pride in bringing awesome (edible, sweet) presents.

  704. Just Dee in NC says:

    Hi TX! Did that smart-aleck comment ever make it to its intended recipient? 😀

    Muse, I stocked up on chocolate today.

  705. TXSB says:

    Wow….I had no idea your was the day after mine! :)


    NYC SB:
    Sorry to hear about the lost luggage.. :(


    Hi! :)

  706. Just Dee in NC says:

    Travel? One afternoon in Canada when I was a teenager. One Caribbean cruise. And 9 days in Los Angeles/Orange County a while back, and that really should count as being out of the country!

  707. Just Dee in NC says:

    Good evening, everyone. Wow, a lot gets missed in a day of not reading!

    Interesting scenario up above. I tend to think that in a group of 100 college-age girls, there is going to be at least one who is an outsider in the group and doesn’t care what the other girls think, and she would be the one to take up the offer.

    But Cleo, “dissipated”??? You seen Sean Connery lately? That man is better looking now than he was when he was 30-something. But I know what you mean. I’ve met more than one man who is within 3 or 4 years either way of my age, but he has looked to be at least my dad’s age.

  708. NYC SB says:

    TXSB – no real plans… they lost my luggage on the flight back so im hoping it makes its return to me… tons of louboutins and pretty much most of my wardrobe there… so i will lay low and see the family… the party takes place on saturday

    photogirl – he really does have a good heart… and he admited to having feelings for me… however… he is to busy for me to be able to develop anything meaningful… either way it was fun having him there for couple of days…

  709. photogirl says:

    NYCSB – Nice to see you back and great to hear about your trip! That was very kind of Mr. NYSE!!! He obviously has a good heart :)

    SDN – Congratulations on closing big deal!

    TXSB – My b-day is also next week….day after yours! I have lived in Vegas(too young to remember much) But have never been to NY or Europe either.

  710. TXSB says:

    Hi!!!!!!! Soooo happy to *see* you on the blog! :)


    NYC SB:
    Awesome! Any plans for your Bday tomorrow?

  711. NYGent says:

    Muse you have mail

  712. NYC SB says:

    TX SB – I am 100% going to meet up with the gang… it will be fun… im looking forward to meeting everyone and seeing NY Gent and Miss CB again :)

    My bday is tomorrow btw… a lot of november babies on blog

  713. lisa says:

    I check my account 3 times a day, this charge came in pending yesterday morning. I only get cash when I need to put money on my bus card or need laundry money and I always get it when I buy something at the store I work at, cash back. I only deal with the hassle of going to the bank once a month when I get my rent money.
    Thanksgiving is going to suck big time, I just want to fastwind to friday when I’m finally off from work.

  714. TXSB says:



    It has happened to me once too. That’s why I always check my account every other day or so. Is it possible for you to carry on the cash you think you’ll use? For example: maybe carry $10-$15 daily on hand….that’s what I usually do. And if I know I’m going to buy groceries or shopping or something else, I’ll carry more.


    Thanks! :) Its on Thursday….

  715. SD NEOhio (SDN) says:

    Got to run…talk to everyone soon.

  716. Muse says:

    NC – email sent.

    TXSB – Oh, that’s so lovely. What day is it exactly?

  717. lisa says:

    I’m afraid to buy anything ever again without using cash but I hate carrying alot of cash. I can’t figure out how it happened.

  718. TXSB says:

    Sorry to hear about the debit card issue… :(


    Hehehe….ok….makes me feel a *little* better knowing I’m not the only one who’s not “well travelled”. :)

  719. taz says:

    TXSB – I have ONLY been to vegas (once) and to Europe (once…and I was one :P) so don’t feel too bad! Other than that I have not traveled at all lol..

  720. lisa says:

    Good afternoon everyone

    Hi Villa. sorry to say I had candy for lunch :( it seems my debit card was compromised some way. I found an unauthorized charge for 20 dollars yesterday and contacted the bank, the blocked the charge but also cancelled my debit card, didint’ tell me though so I had an embarrasing moment at the store when I was trying to get something for lunch and some groceries to bring home. So I ate leftover halloween candy that was in the breakroom. Won’t have a new debit card till the end of next week and can’t get to the bank till friday so it sucks. I can’t figure out how it happened. Anyway if anyone finds a charge from PhaseV corporation out of Nj, beware, it’s a fake site that is used to verify that stolen debit card numbers are valid.

    Have a good evening everyone, i’m super stressed now

  721. TXSB says:

    Awww…..can’t wait to hear details on the 1st date! Good luck!!! :)


    NYC SB:
    Good to have you back! Sounds like a fun vacation….are you going to the dinner on the 8th and meeting the “gang”?


    All this travel talk makes me feel looserish (that’s not a real word is it?). I’ve never been to NY, or Vegas, or Europe. :(

  722. SD NEOhio (SDN) says:

    My SB and I are a new item. Did our first meet last week and tomorrow is our first date. She has great timing! lol

  723. TXSB says:

    Hi SDN, NC, NYC SB, Muse, RX8, Eboy, Cleo, 2Chic (and anyone else I missed)!!!! :)

    May I ask, how long have you been with your SB?


    Yes…I can’t wait for him to get back in town. My Bday is next week so at least I get to celebrate that with him! :)

  724. NC Gent says:

    Hi Muse — thanks! We need some contact information for you, Muse. We have assumed you are coming — you can email me at sdjohn44 at gmail or give me ur profile number :)

  725. Muse says:

    You guys are making me fat with all this food talk. I’ve been sitting here noshing on oreos the whole time I’ve been catching up. Terrible. :)

    TXSB – I feel your pain. Because of Thanksgiving I won’t get to see my SD this week and am bummed. :(

    NC – I can’t imagine you creeping out the ladies. Even if you tried, you’d still come across as classy.

  726. NYC SB says:

    Young Ebony – I was away for 2 weeks on a lovely vacation… seasoned blogger…

  727. NYC SB says:

    So to share a bit of my vacation excitement… for the seasoned bloggers (as there are many fresh new names) Mr NYSE paid me a visit in my home town … it was so cool… i gave him a grand tour … he ended up meeting some of my family. My young cousin just got out of some very expensive ( to their standards) surgery and Mr NYSE bought him a lap top and unknown to us left him more than enough for all the bills to disappear…. he hid the money in the lap top bag… it was incredibly sweet… the price of the treatment was 2000 euros and he left him 3 with the instruction that the remainder be spent in whatever else he needs.

    It was such an eye opening experience to see how people live there … ugh… still pretty shaken from the trip and in a good way

  728. YoungEbony_NYC_SB says:

    how’s everybody doing today?
    I see NYC SB in here for the 1st time :-)
    nice to meet you

    it look like nyc is taking over

  729. SD NEOhio (SDN) says:

    LOL…no working a deal and bringing it home is one of the best feelings in the world!

  730. NC Gent says:

    In this economy, closing a big deal IS a big deal. Has it ever lost its thrill for you?

  731. SD NEOhio (SDN) says:

    I have been to all three with NYC being my home away from home.

    Toronto has great restaurants and is on par with NYC but I have to give the nod to NYC. So big, so many, 24 hours, etc…Vegas is good but not in the same league as Toronto and NYC. No offense to anyone just my preference.

    Haven’t taken an SB to either one but my current is a performing artist and we are planning a trip to NYC. She hasn’t been there.

  732. SD NEOhio (SDN) says:

    Thanks NC…you are a gentleman.

    I keep my sugar life discreet but figured the sugar community would appreciate and understand : )

  733. cleo says:

    NYC SB/RX8sb i haven’t been to vegas so i can’t comment…

    i’ve been to nyc but not to enough places to really have a sense yet. it’s hard as a non-local to find the good stuff… most of the places i’ve been in nyc were heavy on atmosphere and not so heavy on great food… which is exactly where non-locals end up.

    so i can’t compare properly.

    i do know nyc is the only place i’ve been that compares. in europe there is less variety in the cities than in north america

    what i like in toronto is the mix. you go down the danforth and in three blocks you can get (authentic) tapas, mexican, greek, japanese, thai, etc… and mixed in will be a japanese/jamaican fusion place and all you can eat sushi…

  734. NC Gent says:

    Congratulations SDN!

  735. SD NEOhio (SDN) says:

    OK just closed a large deal…nice. Don’t get to see my SB until tomorrow but we will celebrate!

  736. NC Gent says:

    Is it your profile number — 351852?

  737. 2Chic says:

    Lets Play a Game:
    Ok sugas, look closely …. can you figure out the hidden message in my last post?

  738. 2Chic says:

    Less than three days ago, five men contacted me, and but I only want one. Even though it makes me feel gr8, I can’t meet five, and so far I have narrowed it down but its not down to two.

  739. RX8sb says:

    As much as I hate it here NYC SB.. the variety and quality of food are stellar…

    So I would have to agree, except for LA, I can eat almost any kind of ethnic food I can think of here. And from the horses mouth, not generic fusion.

  740. NYC SB says:

    cleo – i have never been in your part of the world but nyc and vegas are pretty amazing as well when it comes to great food

  741. cleo says:

    SDN: deal, i am stoked.

    oh nice, there is a joint up the street that makes terrific italian style pizza too…

    we have the best and most varied ethnic food i’ve had anywhere in the world (so far) here and i love it.

  742. SD NEOhio (SDN) says:

    Cleo, next time I am in town we will do the bistro.

    Had Italian in Toronto that was awesome. Hams aging on the walls, just loved it.

  743. cleo says:

    SDN: i haven’t been to ‘le select bistro’ yet but i do agree that toronto is an excellent city for dining out. there are a few restaurants in the ‘yearn to eat there’ category for me right now…

    if any of you come to town do let me know right? so we can have dinner/a beer and put people to the names? this goes for sb’s and sd’s (just the girls and i will go to cheaper yummy food places :)

  744. cleo says:

    SDN: i added “use *nix” which will weed out the geeks from the wannabes *g*

    so funny since i’m not a geek anymore. i tried to keep it the same but shorter, took out the part about having a calling but wondering if that was a mistake…

  745. SD NEOhio (SDN) says:

    cloe I left advice above per your request. I like your profile I have to say.

  746. NC Gent says:

    hmmmm NYC SB – I had emailed you an invite to the dinner on December 8th. I emailed it a few days ok. NYG said that you responded to his invitation though.

  747. NYC SB says:

    NC Gent – I did not receive anything… hmm

  748. TXSB says:

    Hey Taz!
    He comes back next week. It’s already been 5 days since I saw him last. *pout* It’s torture I tell ya….

  749. cleo says:

    i am editing my profile today, anyone who has a tweak call it please…

    *goes back to read flo rida’s excellent advice*

  750. taz says:

    Hey TXSB :) When is Realistic back?

  751. TXSB says:

    Yaz, Taz, NYC SB, Irish SB, Cleo (and anyone else I missed):
    Hi!!! :)

  752. TXSB says:

    NC Gent:
    I’m sure you won’t/don’t creep out women!


    Wow….I only have 1 # and that’s RSD! I bow down to you “oh the # getter”. You must show me your ways…. 😉


    Food again? You’re killing me…. 😉


    Thank you for that scenario! I agree with cleo though. The specific University (rich girls vs. average/poor girls), and the age/”look” of the SD would make a huge differencen.

    And to be honest, knowing the way many girls are….if 1 girl did respond and became this SDs SB, once the other girls found out, they will get jealous and antagonize her (ie. getting money to sleep with him).

  753. TXSB says:

    Hi Everyone!!! :)

    Looks like you all had a fun morning ……

  754. taz says:

    Welcome back NYCSB :)

    Hello to everyone else this afternoon as well!

  755. VillaCypris *396153* says:

    YAY!!!!!!!! Welcome back – again 😉 missed you!!

  756. NC Gent says:

    Welcome back NYC SB — you have mail!

  757. NYC SB says:

    Hi sugars… I’m back and caught on blogs… missed ya all 😀

  758. 2Chic says:

    Ok, Trying to get motivated to create my southern cuisines. Focus….focus…hmmmm…breath,… lol.

  759. 2Chic says:

    Thanks Cleo. You are so lovely.

  760. 2Chic says:

    PH.Gr I am not originally from Danville, move out here from NC. I do love the area though. But looks like I will be relocating to the LA area soon. But I will still be visiting in the area. OOOh I forgot… I guess the move could all depend on how well a meeting goes with a POT in the Bay area now. I just agreed to meet him after the holiday.

  761. photogirl says:

    Oh yes I completely understand Cleo…it can be frustrating at times. Mine is currently hidden. It needs a make over, just not good about talking about myself.

  762. cleo says:

    photo: yeah but you know, i wouldn’t mind some hrm… better odds?

  763. photogirl says:

    cleo – Quality not quantity. There is a very lucky SD in your future :) I had one of those weekly emails too… I finally blocked him when he said he knows I log in daily and why won’t I give him a chance.

  764. Irish SB says:

    I leave to refuel and miss all the banter!

    VC – I think iv seen it about 3 times now! ‘Carlos not at the table’ so wrong but sooo funny!

  765. cleo says:

    photogirl: yeah but really, i get basically nothing from it. have been emailed by 4 men… one rude, one who sends the same email weekly, one i couldn’t call when i said i would who hasn’t answered my rescheduling email and one i had a lovely dinner with but who never contacted me again…

    methinks that’s because i refused, categorically, to go back to his hotel with him after dinner.

  766. cleo says:

    2chic i in fact used words as suggested by someone on the blog.. so steal away

  767. photogirl says:

    2chic – Danville? I went to Middle, Junior and 1 yr of H.S. there. I do miss the area and still keep in touch with a few friends from school. We may just know each other.

    Midewest – The Ugly Truth was great, just watched that the other night. I still want to see The Hangover though.

    YoungEbonySB says:
    I would love to travel to another city to meet a SD. Never was given the offer though, I only been on here for a few days though. Everyone told me I need patience and im trying to take the advice

    I agree YoungESB…patience indeed. I have been on SA for a few months. I have been extremely patient and maybe too picky for others taste. But I have great pot SD in my life right now who I have been talking with for a couple of months now. We will be meeting soon…just need to be a little more patient :) Wish you the best on your search.

    TXSB says:
    She has your phone # too?! Dang….the girl has skills if she got you to share all that with her!

    lol….no my skills aren’t that good…wait…maybe it is. I do have a few blogger SDs #’s but not TexasSDs :)

    Cleo – I think your profile is great!

  768. 2Chic says:

    Cleo, I love your directness in regards to the travel. I hope you don’t mind if I plagiarize you just a lil bit. lol..

  769. cleo says:

    SG2: yeah, i agree, someone would take him up on it for sure… the percentage is unknowable without having more details

  770. NC Gent says:

    Hi Yaz – and I will bring your check (aka bribe) to the dinner party.

  771. cleo says:

    NCGent: given a choice i would far rather be attractive to a man than a boy… i imagine it’s the same for y’all.
    yaz10: actually i assume a lot of the SDs on the blog are attractive, they have a certain assurance

  772. 2Chic says:

    Yaz, hi dear. So good to see you.

  773. SouthernGent2 says:

    Thanks for the feedback everyone. Just wanted to stimulate the brilliant minds in here a bit.

    My question came from a conversation I had with a former the other day. She admitted to a fear of being caught and having to explain herself to her sorority. I told her that was understandable, but I also told her that if a decent SD walked into her sorority house and offered a legit deal, there would be someone to take him up on it. She fully agreed interestingly enough, because she did say that the girls in the house often have conversations about having SD’s (she just has to smile and keep her private thoughts to herself lol).

  774. NC Gent says:

    That was self-deprecating humor (and not very good) on my part Cleo. Nothing was taken personally :) Not to say I still wouldn’t creep out girls lol hopefully won’t creep out women :)

  775. Yaz10 says:

    Cleo, NCGent is HOT!
    back to lurk mode

  776. cleo says:

    NCGent: i was picturing someone who had utterly let themselves go… the kind of older man that would creep out girls like that. i haven’t seen your picture but your words certainly don’t come across that way…

  777. NC Gent- says:


  778. VillaCypris *396153* says:

    Cleo – yes – a superficially simple proposal, fraught with complexity.

  779. NC Gent says:

    Thanks for the tip — Unfortunately I can do anything to remedy the “dissipation” that already has occurred!

  780. cleo says:

    funny you aren’t asking the question i would ask at all…
    we can’t know how many girls will respond until we know things like:
    1. is this sorority filled with rich girls? scholarship girls? nerds?
    2. is the SD attractive?
    3. how old is the SD in question…? they are far more likely to email if he’s in his early thirties and cute than if he is 55 and looks dissipated
    4. is it an easy to remember email address?


  781. VillaCypris *396153* says:

    Excellent plan! :)

    you could also hold meetings at some of the all women’s colleges in VA!!

  782. NC Gent says:

    Ok — there are three major universities near me — I am looking up sororities right now and asking for a little get together lol I have also summoned my outgoing clone!

  783. VillaCypris *396153* says:

    Hello all!

    Irish – you MUST see The Hangover! Hilarious!

    NC – you could ask one of your more out-going clones to make said proposal to the sorority girls 😉

  784. Irish SB says:

    Well as one of our cloned SDs im sure you would be swamped with emails on that front NC!

  785. 2Chic says:

    Good Morning Sugas, how’s the holiday stew brewing?

  786. NC Gent says:

    Thank you Irish SB — I know I could never do that – too shy lol

  787. Irish SB says:

    Hey NC,

    Hmm I wasnt thinking from the SDs prospective at all there! Good call.

  788. NC Gent says:

    Hello SDN, Asian SB, Rose, Irish SB, TXSB.

    What I want to know is what SD has the kahunas to stand in front of 100 sorority girls making a pitch?

  789. AznCanadian Rose says:

    Asian SB: I’m just saying that it happens,right?

    There will always be some girls who will see things in a misguided way(competition in everything; beauty, popularity, even sleeping with the most # of guys…etc-Hell, I was in an all-girls dorm for 1st year, tons of weird stuff).

    And this is a sorority of 100 girls- *shudders* too much estrogen in one place, man.

  790. Irish SB says:

    Good morning everyone!

    AznCanadian Rose – i was trying to work out the time difference there alright!

    SG2 – Personally i dont think many would respond , who here on the blog who are well versed in the world of sugar would take an offer of an arrangement without A) getting to know the person B) not knowing if you are compatible and C) I dont think the SB would have much say in the arrangement.

    I apologise if i misread the question or over analysed, its a good question though!

  791. AsianSB says:

    Azn Canadian Rose: I don’t really like number 2, since it seems just so.. mean. But I guess, some can view it as a competition. I by all means, am a very sporty person and I love to win, but that just sounds like, blindsighting/misleading the other team/girls in this instance.

  792. AznCanadian Rose says:

    oops- I meant AM. haha

  793. AznCanadian Rose says:

    Hi y’all- It’s 9:51pm in Ontario!

    Asian SB: Totally agree, maybe 1 or 2 will secretly respond-
    1. Afraid of being judged
    2. Less competition if they don’t make it appealing to the others.

    But my friends know I’m here and they’re quite supportive so I guess I’m lucky in that respect. 😀

  794. AsianSB says:

    I’d agree with NC Gent, but I believe maybe a few might secretly respond, but NC hit the spot with the issue of not letting the others know because of the fear of being judged or other things.

    Hihi TXSB, NC Gent, and SG2, TLG, hope you guys have a great day :)

    I’m off to bed, feel like such a good girl sleeping at 11 pm. haha

  795. NC Gent says:

    I would say zero SG2, because they wouldn’t want any of their sisters to know.

    Young Ebony SB — I believe we still have an opening for the dinner if you are able to make it. Transportation and lodging are your responsibility.

  796. TXSB says:

    Good Morning SDN, AsianSB, SG2, and TLG!

  797. SouthernGent2 says:

    Food for thought and discussion, as I put this scenario into a former’s head last week in conversation:

    SD walks into a sorority house on a college campus. Face to face, he meets the entire sorority in a meeting room where there are 100 sorority sisters in the room. He gets up and makes an arrangement proposal (just for this discussion, let’s say two visits per month, with an allowance of 2k per month) to the entire group of girls. He gives out an email address and says that if anyone is interested, you must reply by email within 48 hours. Will any of these girls reply? And if so, how many out of 100?

  798. AsianSB says:

    Morning TLG, you seem very chipper, it’s a great to start the day with a happy attitude :)

  799. The Lone Gunman says:

    Good Morning!

    Good Mor-ning!

    I slept the whole night through;

    Good Morning, Good Morning, to you!!

    ..now imagine me dancing like those folks in that movie…

    ..and you have one weird imagination. :)

    Good Morning!

  800. AsianSB says:

    TexaSD: When are you heading out to Asia? 😛 I would love to meet up with you, and sneak pictures of you to the sugar fam. :)

  801. AsianSB says:

    Hey guys, sorry I have been away. Lots of friends visiting for the holidays..

    Interesting conversation going on, heh.

    Queenbee4you, It is there loss :). You shouldn’t do what you are not 100% comfortable with, lesson learned, and taught by TXSB :P.

  802. SD NEOhio (SDN) says:


  803. Queenbee4you says:

    I always ask the sugar daddy to travel to me the first visit to be sure they are serious. Of course they never do, they expect me to be the one to take the risk.

  804. TXSB says:

    OK…going to bed. I have swim lesson at 8:00 a.m.!


  805. TXSB says:

    Back with a Whopper Jr. and fried. My trainer is going to be livid when he hears this!

    OMG…LOL! Did you figure out where the music is coming from?

  806. TexaSD says:

    TXSB– Ha ha ha, I broke you, Yes i hear music, and I dont know where its coming from, (thats not good huh?)

    Hi CASB

  807. CASB says:

    Thanks everyone.. now I want In N Out!!! :)

  808. TXSB says:

    OMG…I can’t take it anymore! I’m going to Whataburger too! I’ll be back in 15-20 min. Dang it!

  809. TXSB says:

    LOL…..no….why? Do you hear music? LOL!

  810. CASB says:

    Evening all.. glad to see I’m not the lone soldier this late for once. :) You all made me so hungry though, need to feed my tummy!

  811. TXSB says:

    I’m starving. But in order to get real food, I have to change clothes, walk to my car which is parked on the other side of my large apt. complex, and drive to the nearest fast food place. I’m just waaay too lazy for all that at 1:30 a.m. :( So for now, just munching on random crap that I can find in the kitchen.

  812. TexaSD says:

    TXSB- Does this blog have music in the backround?

  813. TexaSD says:

    TXSB- yep, are you hungry too? I couldn’t take anymore talking about food, i had to act