9 years ago

9 years ago

Sugar newcomers have lots of questions about how to approach potential Sugar Daddies (SD’s) and Sugar Babies (SB’s)…

“What is the etiquette for sending a message to a SD? As an SB, am I supposed to wait for someone to message me? I don’t know if that would be too forward.” Vanessa

“Vanessa – welcome to the blog, and go for it. Point out something in his profile that you like and ask him a question — that will increase your chances of getting a response. Also, there will be some rejection, but don’t take it personally, we ALL get rejected in the sugar world.” NC Gent

The SeekingArrangement book echoes NC Gent and other sugars who know that discouragement and sugar go together like water and oil: “You want to avoid being blindsided by emotions like resentment and anger, as they can poison any relationship. Far too many marriages are eroded by hidden resentment; wouldn’t it be ironic (and sad) if your Sugar arrangement turned into something like a bad marriage?”

sugar babies: Do you have to initiate most of the time with Sugar Daddies? (question by TXSB)

Do you have any statistical requirements for potential sugars (i.e., age, height/weight, smoker/non-smoker, etc)?

Are your stat requirements different for sugars than non-sugars? More or less strict? If so, how? Why?

Do you have any sugar plans in your weekend? Care to share some miscellaneous sugarwisdom with the blog?

get what you pay for in life.
You want to avoid being blindsided by emotions like resentment and anger, as they can poison any relationship. Far too many marriages are eroded by hidden resentment; wouldn’t it be ironic (and sad) if your Sugar arrangement turned into something like a bad marriage?

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  1. As a matter of fact I was in Antigua and children followed me around thinking I was some Caribbean model.

  2. The U.S can be a really strange place with a singular standard as far as what beauty is (Thanks Hef). However, when you begin to travel the world and you are educated, accomplished, strong, articulate, driven and confident in self and sexuality the world will bow at your feet. Now I know that almost every single one of those adjectives is “relative”, and that brings me to my point. You are who you think you are, what you feel will resonate and command those around you to respect you and see your beauty. Sorry if I went on a rant, I had an appletini.

  3. I got called all sorts of names when I was a teenager! And now it’s difficult to believe that I am actually attractive because it wasn’t too long ago when I wasn’t!

    Every place in the world has their own choice/sense of beauty. For instance, I wouldn’t really get many guys in Sydney, but in Melbourne, everyone falls over themselves to get to know me. Someone explain to me why! Haha.

    Also it would explain why we girls get men from all over the world who are interested in us.

  4. cleo says:

    just to be clear? i still don’t really get the carrie anne moss thing but i totally think i’m a babe *giggles*

    that said, the hardest thing in the world is to like your looks… and i find that the pretty girls are the ones who have the hardest time believing it. i think especially because many very beautiful women were incredibly gawky growing up.
    DC: yeah, i’m not hot here… it’s the weirdest thing but it’s true. send me to other countries and heads turn.

  5. Taz that has been my experience as well thus far. I’m also open and honest about who I am. Maybe honest to a fault. I am sure that while my profile runs away many of the fakes as well as those who would attempt to bully a girl with their financial power it may also scare off a good pot. That being said I am more than willing to let a few good ones go by in exchange for not having to deal with a 100 bad ones.

  6. Taz says:

    Agreed DC. You have to have thick skin for any kind of dating – but definitely for online dating of any kind…my situation fell below the radar today – and I know better…if I don’t hear back I will assume was waiting for me to ‘prove’ my attraction to him – just threw me for a loop 😛

    In no way will my experience today shake my self worth. The only reason I said maybe I don’t make a good SB – 1. location 2. time restrictions due to location (SD’s time restrictions, not mine :( ) 3. local SD’s are not really SD’s in this neck of the woods – from my experience thus far…

  7. DC *320283 * says:


    True. Someone may find us very attractive but we are not really their type.
    We all have our types.

    Any form of internet dating can be very hard on one’s self esteem if you allow that.

  8. Taz says:

    …since he said so the other night lol…

  9. TXSB says:

    LOL @ SM! :)

  10. Taz says:

    lol spicensugar2009 and I am at hotmail. I see there is a new blog 😀 Thanks Stephan!

  11. 2Chic says:

    Taz… sent the mail 3X… kept coming back.. think I am messing up the address.

  12. Taz says:

    hmmm or maybe a SM 😛

  13. 2Chic says:

    OK….. going to break this down…. until you get to the point of “knowing for a fact” that the feelings is absolutely mutual, then of course your emotions will get involved once you become intimate. Before the intimacy, you should know where you are standing with the fella. Playa in my opinion is… not falling before he does.
    Do not give up what is special to you, without knowing where you stand.
    If I choose to give myself up intimately to a man, and our feelings are deeply flowing mutually, then of course my emotions will become involved. If I just want his body, I will tell him and he knows as well as to where I stand. Hate to sound harsh, or bad, but we are grown women dealing with grown men. No one will look after you but yourself with these men. If they are feeling you, they will prove it in more ways than just $$$. But always be aware of what site you are on, what bowl you are playing in.

  14. Taz says:

    I haven’t seen TexaSD either – maybe he found a SB :)

  15. TXSB says:

    Yep….beauty is in the eye of the beholder. Some men tell me how I’m drop dead gorgeous…..and there are others who don’t give me a 2nd look!


    Speaking of blog SDs…..where is TexaSD? Is it just me or has he been MIA for the last few days?

  16. DC *320283 * says:

    Hi SWM_TX!

    There are always going to be people more attractive…prettier, thinner, taller, better butts, boobs etc. Even if you look like Tiger Woods wife it is not enough for some men or they get bored. They like variety. Best you can do is let the rejection roll off your back and move on. I’m still learning how to do that and getting better at it.

    Someone else will think you are all that. The guy I have been dating for 7 months compliments me every day and is wonderful for my self esteem. He feels lucky to be with someone like me and vice versa. But most of the SDs here would not find me attractive enough or young enough. But that is fine as they can be as picky as they want to be.

  17. Taz says:

    Hi SWM :) Lucky man on the blog tonight 😉

    What happened 2Chic?

  18. Taz says:

    Thank you for everyone’s wise words and support :) And I do agree, now I wait – I will give it a few days since he is staying at a friends’ while in the city we met in…this weekend he is in a different city and will be at a hotel…not sure when he will check email.

    TXSB – I agree – I have tried to have the playa attitude and mind set and it just does not work for me either – if I am intimate with someone I have to care – and therefore there are a level of emotions involved…there has to be ‘something’ there…and in that case the playa mentality does not fit in very well lol 😛

    2Chic – I never did get your email…?

  19. 2Chic says:

    The POT, who came back from his trip has just teed me off. Ughhh!

  20. SWM_TXSD 156755 says:

    Doing fine.

  21. CA Dreamin SB says:

    Why mad 2Chic?

  22. 2Chic says:

    Hi SWM,

  23. 2Chic says:

    uh ohh! mad 😡

  24. TXSB says:



    LOL….yep, they were supposed to give us updates! I can’t wait to hear how many bottles of wine they finish tonight! :)

  25. CA Dreamin SB says:

    Hi SWM_TX – all is good here! How are you this evening?

  26. CA Dreamin SB says:

    ATI – one story from me on this self-image thing. I was always a little heavy. About 2 years ago – I decided to see what I could do if I really concentrated on me. Long stort short, after MANY aerobics classes and 6 months, I dropped 48 lbs – and what a difference it made in the attention I got. But, most of those guys were guys I wouldn’t have dated under any circumstance, and I didn’t do it for them, I did it for me. As long as you are happy with how you look, no one else’s opinion matters.

  27. SWM_TXSD 156755 says:

    good evening everyone Hope everyone is well.

  28. 2Chic says:

    Flip it is my key… going to give as good as I get. It doesn’t take me long to catch on to the game plan. And my first rule…. guard your heart at all times. Don’t fall alone.

  29. lisa says:

    DC I have never understood that either. You start talking to someone for a while, even on regular sites, and become good friends, laugh together, seem to enjoy each other’s company, meet, have a good time, and then nothing. It’s weird that one wouldn’t have room to just keep in touch with others as one can’t have too many friends.

  30. TXSB says:

    LOL….silly I know you’re not an escort! :) And yes…once again I agree with you. I guess for me….it’s the “learning” that seems to be a problem. I know what I need to do in order to prevent myself from getting hurt. Putting the plan into action is a whole another issue. :(

  31. DC *320283 * says:


    I think you are right. Most men IRL don’t want to be your friend either if they can’t have sex with you. I have never understood this mentality because I like to have male and female friends and even stay in contact with exes

    I thought the NYC gang was going to give us updates from the dinner. They must be having too much fun!

  32. 2Chic says:

    Cleo… you do not have to compare yourself to anyone…. you are absolutely lovely. As I said, many want just looks. One look at you and you can see that you are very intelligent. Many want a “fun” girl 24/7. I mean all of the CM are not major lookers themselves. They seem to believe their own “hype”.

  33. CA Dreamin SB and cleo I was really plain growing up, and have been made fun of due to being ‘fat’ or having breasts (I started growin’ em when I was 12-13). So suddenly I’ve got lots of male attention, and I still don’t get why, because I’ve never had it before. I think I need to slowly believe in it haha. Carrie Anne Moss IS hot!

    DC Don’t worry hun, some men are like that though. Some say they want to be “friends” but in reality they are only looking for one thing and one thing only. I’ve encountered one already. They are trying to portray another image so they are more approachable maybe.

  34. TXSB says:

    2Chic says:
    Lets just take it as a learning experience…. for my self… I am really becoming a little hard in heart. Almost “playa” mentality. Sounds bad, but it protects me from the “what’s wrong with me” mentality.

    Very wise words. I’ve been trying to get the “playa” mentality for the past few years….so far I’m failing miserably. It’s seems impossible for me to be physically involved with a man without some sort of emotional attachment.


    Yep….that’s reality. If people go to a restaurant and have a GREAT experience, almost no one asks for a manager to tell him/her how amazing everything was. But when something goes wrong….then the manager gets an earful.

  35. DC *320283 * says:


    Most of the men I know would find you very attractive and think Carrie Anne Moss is really hot. They would find Michele Pfeiffer’s looks kind of boring

  36. 2Chic says:

    I am not an escort, but after aa few meetings, and two wants to play games as though I am not human. But I am learning early on … you better think like them or else your heart will get crushed.

  37. DC *320283 * says:


    I guess what really bugged me was that at coffee he talked about wanting to meet people from the site as friends as well, not just pot SBs. So when he didn’t even respond to my friendly e-mail (all I said was thank you so much and it was great to meet you, stay in touch) it was even worse. He was rejecting my friendship as well. It was insulting to be dismissed as if I didn’t even exist…didn’t deserve a moment of his time to write back.

    But I also know that men just hate having to reject a woman in any manner. He may have thought I really wanted to pursue something with him and that I would be devastated. I would have been fine with his friendship and help finding a job as I have been unemployed for a year and need all the connections I can get.

    I do have a pot SD in the works and two I see every few months who are great for my self esteem.

    It’s funny, 10 people can tell you that you are very attractive but if just 1 rejects you that is what we focus on…..

  38. cleo says:

    ATI: dude, i thought i was ugly for years… why? because i love the teutonic michelle pfeiffer style blondes and i look like carrie anne moss. personally i cannot comprehend the attraction to her.

    that said, once i figured out that lots of people thing carrie is a babe? i started to see how i might be one too

  39. 2Chic says:

    Lets just take it as a learning experience…. for my self… I am really becoming a little hard in heart. Almost “playa” mentality. Sounds bad, but it protects me from the “what’s wrong with me” mentality.
    I am confident with me, I think a am absolutely “Fierce”. A lot of these jokers want looks and no brains. I am the first to say lets have fun… but they seem to get it twisted and expect more just because they have $$$, or just dismiss.
    Just as there will always be women sweating them, there will always be another CM sweating me.

  40. TXSB says:

    You’re absolutely right when you say that how we women respond to rejection is upto us. But I will add that it’s VERY hard when a SD (or even a BF irl) rejects you for whatever reason. I think this is what separates SBs from a escort.

    A true SB/SD relationship is based on mutual attraction, respect, and care. While getting to know a SD, its normal for a SB to actually care…and be hurt when she gets rejected. Escorts on the other hand don’t care about the men as a person….they don’t have any types of “feelings” for the men they’re with.

  41. CA Dreamin SB says:

    ATI – Wow – nice friends. Just because you may not be exactly what THEY prefer, that doesn’t mean someone else doesn’t think you’re absolutely beautiful. Seriously – they’re morons.

  42. DC *320283 * says:

    Hi Texas, Rachel, 2 chic, ca dream, amazon,aintthat!

    San Fran is my old home town. Miss it so! Left in 2006. Anyone else in the PNW, specifically Seattle?

  43. VillaCypris Your cast comes off in time for Christmas! Yay!

  44. Hi 2Chic!

    VillaCypris They weren’t the men on the site. These were comments from male friends. :( Which kinda makes it worse?

  45. TXSB says:

    Hey! :)

    Regarding “men comments” or “men behavior”…….I have given up trying to figure out men. Whether it’s SDs, BFs…whatever. On a side note….it I type stuff that makes absolutely no sense…it’s b/c I’m totally exhausted but am trying to get my “sleep schedule” back to normal. I can barely keep my eyes open right now.

  46. lisa says:

    Hi 2Chic

  47. DC *320283 * says:

    Sorry to hear about your arm Villa. I bet you are going to celebrate when that cast comes off!

    Hey Lisa!

    On that note of loving yourself:

    I met a pot SD a few weeks ago after e-mailing for months. I wasn’t sure why he wanted to meet me as his profile pics used to show him with young blondes and I’m an older brunette but he really wanted to meet me and persisted. We met for coffee. After 20 minutes of conversation he put his hand on top of mine and left it there. I sort of squeezed his hand. I wondered if he was testing me to see what I’d do. End of the coffee date he handed me an envelope with $100 in it with a note that said it was nice to meet you. (I still wonder if he came prepared with 2 envelopes LOL) and he said nothing about seeing me again. I wrote him to thank him…no response. I wrote him again recently (stupid of me , I know) and no response. In his profile he comes off like such a compassionate person but the fact that he ignored my e-mails to even just say best of luck to you proves otherwise.

    It drove me crazy for a while trying to figure out what I did wrong but obviously he just wasn’t that attracted to me. I can’t make him want to be with me and I let that part of the rejection go but I won’t lie….I let him do some damage to my self esteem. I say “let him” because I realize how I respond to the rejection is up to me. I’m working on that. Not everyone is going to be attracted to us. He was the first pot SD (out of maybe 7) that rejected me. I guess one out of 7 aint bad right especially fr an old broad like me LOL

  48. CA Dreamin SB says:

    TXSB – me too – I bet they’re having a great time

  49. 2Chic says:

    CA…. San Fran sounds good. I really don’t care where as long as it happens…lol.wink 😉

  50. VillaCypris *396153* says:

    Aint – then let comments such as those just roll of your back… if you’re happy with yourself, than what other people think, especially men who you are meeting on the internet, do NOT matter. Really, they mean NOTHING.

    TXSB – hello! :)

  51. 2Chic says:

    Hi Villa!, ATI, Rachel,Lisa, DC, & Cleo.

  52. CA Dreaming SF would be great!

    Cleo Sure email me.

  53. Rachel 386002 says:

    I’ll be back in a bit guys… need to get something to eat.. starvin!

  54. TXSB says:

    Hi Everyone…..looks like it’s a ladies night on the blog. I wish I could be a fly on the wall at the dinner right now. :)

  55. 2Chic says:

    Taz… Girl don’t beat yourself up. I have experienced the same thing. I just say it is a buffet and they can pick and choose randomly. Like you , for the life of me I thought our meet went well. He went away on a trip and who knows who he met while away. Anyways, I take it it is a dismissal. It is totally weird. Also I have become paranoid that someone on the blog will be hooking up with the same CandyMan over here on the West C. Now I am down to two, I dismissed the older fella, and the two left are both out of state. Good.

  56. VillaCypris I do love myself! It’s just recently a few comments from men got to me. “You know, you could be really hot if you lost a few pounds.”, “I think you have too much ‘assets’ for an asian your size.”

  57. VillaCypris *396153* says:

    DC – i’m doing well, thanks! broke my arm rollerblading, but it’s healing well and cast comes off on the 17th december. hope your diet is going well! :)

  58. Rachel 386002 says:

    Villa – I currently have the new vw passat. REGRET IT. I should have stuck with Audi… never had a problem with any of them. But like I said… could have just gotten a bad egg.

  59. VillaCypris *396153* says:

    DC says – I know how it hurts and how frustrating it can be but really….we can’t make people like us.

    I’ll never forget in grad school, going thru an exercise, and the professor accused me of just that – i wanted to be “liked” and that was prohibiting me from being an effective questioner… sure, everyone wants to be “liked”, but it’s not realistic… and usually, if someone does NOT like us, it means that we are reflecting back at them, something which they do not like about themselves.

  60. lisa says:

    And put down the chips and candy and pick up a pint of blueberries :)

  61. DC *320283 * says:

    Hi Villa! How are you girlfriend?

    I’ve been on a sugar free diet lately and not by choice :(

    Have a few pot SDs, one I have been e-mailing for months! I think some of these guys maybe just want e-mail buddies.

  62. VillaCypris *396153* says:

    Aint – my best advice to you is to love yourself, no matter how flabby, what weight, what condition… and if you want to change your “shape” take steps to do just that, but realise your foundation, or soul, will stay constant. And no one, and no comments, can take that away from you.

  63. lisa says:

    Good evening DC, glad to see you on the blog :)

  64. VillaCypris *396153* says:

    oops * woods *

  65. VillaCypris Advice taken. Time to whip out my trainers. I’m fine with the rest of my body bar my slightly flabby stomach and inner thighs. I tend to lose my “assets” as I lose weight, which is not ideal! Been slightly clumsy lately – random bruises appearing, fell down 3 times the last time I was out on a date (although that could have been due to my very very high heels + alcohol).

  66. VillaCypris *396153* says:

    rachel – when i drove from palm beach to minneapolis in may 2005, i was in my 1991 mercedes gwagen… it broke down right on the fl/ga border, near valdosta. i had everything i owned piled in there, and sat on the median of the highway until a trucker came along, and jerry rigged the accelerator wire, which had broken. the next morning, i went “muddin'” to a little redneck shop in the wooks, and they had a part to fix it…. what german piece of crap do you have?

    DC – hi~ long time no see :)

  67. lisa says:

    I’m deep in the heart of Texas, actually in Houston

    emptying the stores? sounds like Houston last year before Ike hit us

  68. Rachel 386002 says:

    Lisa… where are you from? We’re waiting on a big storm here in CT… Everyone is freaking out and emptying the grocery stores… like we haven’t seen snow before in New England… GEEEZ! :)

  69. cleo I know I am attractive, but I still don’t get why. Haha. Because I look around and go: “How about her? and her? and her?!” Yes ma’am, I’ll stop dissing myself stat.

    Rachel When I finally get around to getting a car (I live in a city with the best public transport) I’ll ask your help!

  70. lisa says:

    I just looked outside and I don’t see any snow, just the flags blowing in the gusty wind

  71. DC *320283 * says:

    Hi everyone-

    Slow night on the blog so thought I would jump in. I haven’t blogged in ages but have been following the thread when I can.

    Taz- if I may give my 2 cents…..don’t sweat it too much. You were just being yourself and no need to make excuses or explain. I also take a while to warm up to people but usually they give me my time and space. It sounds like he may be looking for excuses (sorry)……I have learned that if a man wants to be with you he doesn’t give up that easily. If you explained yourself to him already then let him digest it and decide. It sounds like you were a great date.

    I know how it hurts and how frustrating it can be but really….we can’t make people like us.

  72. Rachel 386002 says:

    I live only 2 hrs away from the city, but I have to be in the office at 5am tomorrow :( I’ll catch the next one I suppose.

    My german piece of crap… I’ve had 2 previous to this which were flawless. I guess I just got a bad egg, but the last straw was it leaving me stranded in GA when I was traveling from CT to FL. Stranded for 2 days… was… not fun.

  73. VillaCypris *396153* says:

    lisa – lol… i said i would send the wind tomorrow! today, just the snow :)

  74. VillaCypris *396153* says:

    aint – none of that will matter if there is “flab” on top … you need to burn that off… with some cardio…. powerwalking, running, swimming, rollerblading (but don’t crash and break your arm like i did!!!!)

  75. lisa says:

    Cleo, nothing really, just a pleasant day. You know one of those days where alot of little nice things happen, the weather was nice (well until Villa sent the wind), I went to the store to pick up some travel items, had a nice sandwich, spent most of the day at home drinking cocoa, and listening to music, etc.

  76. VillaCypris *396153* says:

    rachel – what is a german pos? piece of shit? i have a german car as well… i love it :)

    cleo – hi !

  77. cleo says:

    Rachel: why didn’t you go to the meet?

    also? that sucks about the car

  78. CA Dreamin SB says:

    Hi Rachel – Doing good here on the west coast!

  79. cleo says:

    ATI: you’re nuts… gorgeous but nuts. sure you should work out but you also should STOP DISSING THAT BEAUTIFUL WOMAN IN THE MIRROR!!!!
    Taz: well, if he really doesn’t come around feel free to throw him at me ;>

    hate when men tell me what i’m thinking, why is it they never get it right?
    lisa: what did i miss? why the blissful stupor?
    Amazon? we’re the same height and VERY different builds… i find myself very curious what you weigh… are you willing to tell me?

    cleodna at the g male

  80. Rachel 386002 says:

    Hi everyone! Am I the only one in the NY area that isn’t attending tonight? LOL.

    How is everyone tonight?

    SincereSD – Sorry I wasn’t around to help you! I could have kicked butt for you… Anna and I could have tagged teamed the guys…. PRESTO… Great deal! I’m getting rid of my german pos… breaks down monthly and is only 2 yr old! I’m neurotic with my cars, so there’s no excuse for it’s behavior. The only issue is everyone around here knows me and my pos car and they WON’T take it on trade cause it’s a liability… LOL. I’d laugh my tushy off if it wasn’t MY car!

  81. Taz I know, I know. Now you’ve explained it to him, let’s wait to see what he says, hmm?

  82. CA Dreamin SB says:

    I just got a confirmation for a lunch date with a pot tomorrow! I’m excited – I’ve been emailing with him for a couple of weeks. We’ll see how it goes.

    Taz – some people just take a little longer to warm up and I don’t think that means you’re not cut out for this. Perhaps with your email he will understand you are interested and you can see where another date or two takes you.

  83. Taz says:

    Ain’t – I do believe he genuinely thought I felt that way…he is awesome – a complete gentleman and I know he was thinking of my comfort – but I WAS comfortable!…just not throwing myself all over him comfortable…I AM a lady y’know 😛 lol

  84. lisa says:

    I know because my paycheck used to come from nicollet mall, worked for Target almost 8 years, it was hell. Also bad for the budget as I always caught the good clearance items before they were put out.

  85. Taz It’s not meant to be a speed dating thing. Relationships have to be built up from scratch. Just make sure the people you meet know that you take some time to ‘warm up’.

    VillaCypris I’ve been doing heaps of crunches and inner thigh exercises lately. Come on flab, get off!!

  86. Taz says:

    It caught me so off guard that I was literally stuttering (haven’t done that in a long time lol)…a little shocked b/c I thought things were going VERY well to that point. He said I did not have to explain but I wanted to – just couldn’t find the words at that very moment b/c I was so thrown off…and not explain as he NEEDED an explanation – but to explain what I was feeling and thinking as VC said…

  87. VillaCypris *396153* says:

    yeah, it is! target is right on nicollet mall, downtown minneapolis… hmmm… just to be good corporate citizens, perhaps they would consider a return.

  88. Taz says:

    We did talk about meeting again. He is in Ontario until next Tues, and will be back for a few days after boxing day. I am just not sure if he expects me to throw myself all over him to show interest! I wouldn’t think so b/c of our conversations – did not seem THAT type at all and he definitely knows I am not lol…even after meeting I would have the same impression…that’s why I am a little lost with it – but I am sure his response to my email will clear it up for sure either way.

    I won’t lie it takes me a bit of time to ‘warm up’ to people – usually…which got me thinking today that since this is in essence – speed dating – maybe I am just not cut out for it :( :( ???

  89. VillaCypris *396153* says:

    Taz – that sux. He’s making an assumption as to what you thought or felt, rather than listening to your own thoughts or feelings on the matter.

    Aint – you can do it! Muscle can be built relatively quickly with the right exercises and proper nutrition! :)

  90. lisa says:

    I know, I know, return to Minneanoplis :) and since that is the headquarters of Target, maybe I can get a Target giftcard in exhange?

  91. VillaCypris *396153* says:

    hahahahah… don’t send it back here! would be 80mph then!

  92. CA Dreamin SB I have yet to see snow. It’s true. I want to have a white Christmas for once in my life!

    VillaCypris Thank you honey. I need to more exercise then – my goal is to look like you! We’re nearly the same height anyway! Please send the cold my way thank you. If you can’t manage the whole of Australia, just my room will do, thanks. Haha. :)

    Taz Yupsie, now all you can do is wait. Hopefully it works out for you. Maybe he genuinely thinks that there isn’t any connection on your side? Good luck!

    Oh, and hello everybody else! I want to be at that dinner!! Although, I am going out tonight for one. (it’s 11.56 a.m. on Wednesday here)

  93. CA Dreamin SB says:

    Hi Lisa – I always try re-gifting if I can’t return…where can you send that wind? – NOT CA! :)

  94. Taz says:

    Lisa – it was final sale – no returns. Even if there was a loophole – you can keep it – I don’t want it 😛 Buuuut….maybe atn would like a gift lol :)

  95. CA Dreamin SB says:

    Taz – so sorry you had such a strange date. Maybe he was just uncomfortable with the age difference. I’ve usually dated older men IRL and I almost always get some apprehension on their part – but – they kept coming back. I hope this one comes back to you!

  96. lisa says:

    Hi Taz, sorry i’m in la la land, couldn’t focus enough to read your post. Are you seeing him again or not? Sorry i’m just in a blissful stupor

  97. Taz says:

    Hi everyone..that is here 😛 Hope all is great with the dinner tonight!! I was there in spirit!!!

    I had my long awaited date. It went well – I thought. When I got back from the washroom after eating he said he did not think there was chemistry – not sure what I could have done differently – he said he was attracted to me and that my pics did not do me justice, but did not think “I” was interested…considering it was our first date and just lunch – not sure how it could have gone any differently – it definitely was NOT bad…no uncomfortable silences and we have a lot of the same interests. I know we have talked on the phone weekly for some time now, but that does not make me feel like I ‘know’ him and better than if we were just emailing each other all this time – the only difference is I know what his voice sounds like…that is what meeting in person is for lol…He was a gentleman and he did give me a pretty generous gift which was not necessary or expected at all – and really I DO like him. I have emailed him and we will see what his response is…he is a bit older and was apprehensive in pursuing this with me b/c he thought I may feel uncomfortable about age – which means nothing to me. Maybe he is just looking for something to be wrong with my reaction b/c of his initial apprehension?? He is not Matthew Mcconaughey (at the same token I am not a super model either lol) by any means but there was some attraction on my part physically – and definitely mentally…ugh..now I wait 😛

  98. lisa says:

    no returns? but it was an early Christmas gift, I want to return it.

  99. CA Dreamin SB says:

    Villa – BRRRRRR!!! Now I feel bad for complaining about the dusting of snow we got!

  100. CA Dreamin SB says:

    I vote for San Francisco for the West Coast meet – and not just because I live nearly right there! It’s a great city.

    Amazon – what do you think?

  101. VillaCypris *396153* says:

    i’m in minneapolis.

    no returns lisa!!! :(

  102. lisa says:

    Villa please take back that wind! some guys almost fell off a window cleaning thing today when the wind came up, I don’t have a receipt but i’d like to return this wind .

  103. Ok, I’m in Denver should I attend the west coast or the midwest meet? 😀

  104. CA Dreamin SB says:

    Hola VC – in what part of the world are you?

  105. VillaCypris *396153* says:

    hi 2chic!

  106. 2Chic says:

    typo: here with’cha honi…..

  107. VillaCypris *396153* says:

    I have returned…. :)

    aintthatinnocent – grazzie! you made MY day! 😀 i’ve been running, cycling, walking, lifting for many years… it all adds up!

    i’m sending you some snow… 😉 we will have below zero windchills tomorrow, then i’ll send you some of that as well!

    btw – you look fab in your bikini…

    CA dreamin – hola! :)

  108. 2Chic says:

    Oh CA.D… I am here with honi….. wishing someone would think enough of the Sugas on this side to give a lovely gala.

  109. CA Dreamin SB says:

    I’m glad I made your day!

    It was half-way decent here until this week – it snowed the last couple of days and that never happens! Beaches, tans, sand, surf…I always head to So Cal in the summer!

  110. VillaCypris I looked at your profile and I wish I had your body! You look awesome! I am flabby, boo. :)

  111. CA Dreaming SB – Funny how everyone who thinks I’m beautiful is from the other side of the planet! Thank you very much, you have made my day! Let’s trade! :) Hot weather’s only great when you’re heading to the beach, otherwise it’s just sticky and hot – I’m getting an awesome tan though haha!

  112. CA Dreamin SB says:

    Wow – ATI – I just looked at your profile – you are absolutely beautiful!

    I could use some of your hot weather right now – I hate winter – I would always rather be warm and toasty! Want to trade?

  113. *Sigh* at least you girls are in the same country! Haha. Someone send me some cold weather, it’s burning hot here!

  114. CA Dreamin SB says:

    I thought I was the only one left here – that EVERYONE else had gone to dinner!

    Glad to see you’re here 2Chic

  115. 2Chic says:

    CA Drm…
    my sentiments exactly! West coast step up PLEASE!

  116. CA Dreamin SB says:

    I’m so jealous! Next time everyone does dinner – how about west coast!

  117. NYC SB says:

    im about to head out for the dinner meet… exciting… will update all later… hope my brownies get good reviews lol

  118. VillaCypris *396153* says:

    good point. i’ll be back later… must go do a couple of things… enjoy the cocoa! :) xx

  119. lisa says:

    I don’t think i’d want to do that in this neighborhood. lol

    anyway it is very windy here now, thanks

  120. VillaCypris *396153* says:

    ahahahahah…. you could be like that famous portrait of marilyn monroe, with the wind (or a fan) blowing up the skirt of her dress!

  121. lisa says:

    no thanks :) last friday’s snow was nice but it was sufficient so I don’t need any more, and please no winds, I wear skirts!

    I don’t crave junk food like I used to. I end up eating candy at work though because I can’t stop and eat when i’m hungry and end up eating the little candy bars from the bags that customers open. We scan them out and get to eat them.

  122. VillaCypris *396153* says:

    Perhaps I’ll send you some snow! :) or 40mph winds… or -20 windchills… hee hee

    mmmmmmm that sounds good… hot cocoa… and again, i’m very proud of you for your healthy eating!!!

  123. lisa says:

    rain and gloom :) Spent most of the day home. Went down to get some travel toiletries and lunch (a subway 300 calorie sandwhich, very light) and came home. Passed the chips and candy aisles, and said NO.

    Been chain drinking hot cocoa and marshmallows though, lol

  124. VillaCypris *396153* says:

    Hi Lisa! Good evening! What’s new in H-town?

  125. lisa says:

    Good evening Villa

  126. VillaCypris *396153* says:

    The blizzard has begun!

    NYC dinner group – buon appetito! Hope you all have a grand time!

    YoungEbony – what you received is definitely a “form letter” … as evidenced in part by the fact that many others have received the same message…. even without that, however, the line “looking to meet near you . ” is a dead give away… in my opinion.



  127. 2Chic says:

    Hi all…. Yaz, Anna, Muse…..have fun for the rest of us across the states. Oooh I would love to be there with you!:mrgreen:

  128. cleo says:

    mmmm russian navy, midnight in moscow and yogataget this blue

  129. TXSB says:

    Gorgeous color! Blue polish doesn’t suit my skin tone (believe me, I’ve tried) so I envy those who can pull it off. And yes, “Russian” was a great collection of vamps. I have “Catherine the Grape” and “Boris & Natasha”. :)

  130. Flo Rida says:

    Jenna – if in doubt there is no doubt (cryptic). As Lisa said don’t feel that you should do anything uncomfortable. BUT i’m also worried that you’re coming to the blog for re-assurance as this indicates some nerves. I hate to say this but if you can’t visualize (with anticipation) a kiss, a caress, a hug, his hot breath on your neck than you shouldn’t go through with it. Controlled breathing and stretches help me relax. Just my 2 cents but it’s completely your decision.

  131. Yaz and AnnaMolly says:

    We can’t wait for dinner! We are starving! Lol

  132. Muse says:

    TXSB: Me too! OPI Russian Navy. I meant to buy it a few years ago when the Russian Collection was around but didn’t and ended up spending over a year hunting it down again. I finally saw it in a random Duane Reade (drugstore) and snapped it up. It’s so lovely and my absolute favorite color for the last few months.

  133. TXSB says:

    Yaz & Anna:
    I’m very jealous! Have fun tonight ladies! :)


    Blue polish? May I ask brand/color name? (I’m a bit of a OPI wh*re). :)

  134. Muse says:

    Hey all. I just got back from getting my nails done so I’m typing *very* carefully. Blue and white keyboard is not so good.

    I’m excited to meet you guys in a few hours.

  135. Yaz and AnnaMolly says:

    Hey guys!!! Wheww it took me sooo long to scroll down through all the posts.
    Anna and I are in the train getting our nails done lol
    She is a hottie and a lot of fun!! See you guys tonight!

  136. NYC SB says:

    Jenna – a drink or two during lunch is always good… then ensure you have nice conversation… as the lunch nears its end then some flirting allows for an easy transition to adult activities

  137. Jenna says:

    Thanks guys. We are going to very nice place. Just worried about making it as comfortable as possible for both parties – am really looking for tips along those lines :)

  138. TXSB says:

    I 2nd everything “poptart” said. And good luck! :)


    NC Gent:
    I agree with you also.

  139. NYC SB says:

    poptart – he said it like joey from friends lol

    youngebony – i have received this message numerous times before… it was one of my first contacts on this site… at which point i replied to him… only to never hear from him again… i guess him and i dont jive on the “expectations” … i agree with txsb… 6-7 times a month is a big commitment for 2k… heck you can have a part time job for that much… also knowing what he looks like… anyways… he was a no in my book

    jenna – i agree with nc gent… i think first intimate meetings are ackward for all… especially if they are rushed… so i hope you are comfortable to go back to the room and dont feel like you HAVE to do it bc he gave you an allowance…

  140. poptart says:

    I am thinking by your post, that you guys made an agreement and you feel comfortable enough to move forward. You are just a bit nervous and perhaps just looking for reassurance that you are going to be ok?
    Keep your feelers out there. If during lunch you don’t feel comfortable offer him back the allowance until you do feel more comfortable.
    But if lunch goes well and you want to move forward then have fun!!
    Unless it is a seedy hotel, most places have a lot of security cameras. Let someone know where you are going. If you live alone leave his contact information out someplace easy to find at home. Take the usual precautions.
    I often worry that I will meet someone and end up like a CSI episode. (It could write it’s own script)
    Be careful. But things *appear* to be on the up and up from the info you have provided.
    NC Gent – I agree with you.

  141. Jenna says:

    I am comfortable and don’t have any off feelings about him or his intentions, however, have just never done something like this before.. so any words of wisdom or advice would be much appreciated. Thanks all!


  142. NC Gent says:

    One last post before I head off. Jenna – if you have accepted an allowance and aren’t comfortable with taking the next step in the arrangement, you need to discuss this with your SD very soon. Without knowing all the details, it may be appropriate to forgo your allowance until both parties are comfortable with the terms of your arrangement. Just food for thought and I recognize this may be an unpopular opinion.

  143. lisa says:

    that’s a good sign, if you feel comfortable with him then I think you can take the next step, however if there is one little feeling of uncertainity , you need to think about it, that little feeling we get when something isn’t just quite right.

  144. poptart says:

    Hi there Sugars!

    Cleo – I like your new pic. It looks like you are kinda ‘giving a look’. (I mean this in a good way) I hope the new pics work! :)

    NYCSB – Did he say it like Wendy Williams? heeheehee

    I have realized that The SD’s on this blog raise the bar really high for other pot SD’s. I find myself, when speaking with pot SDs ,that I wonder what certain men from the blog would say if I told them what a pot said, or how they acted. My blog crush does nothing to help with this. He is considerate, witty, intelligent, funny, and seems like an awesome guy. (sounds like most of the SD’s on this board)

    Either I am getting spoiled and have too high of expectations, or… no.. spoiling and higher expectations are good!

    On another note – person makes an offer with no agreement in place. Is there ever a number or an amount that makes it not pay for play?

  145. Jenna says:

    Ladies – he has come through on allowance.

  146. TXSB says:

    Hi to those who just joined! :)

    I agree with Lisa. No matter how “kind” this man seems….I would advise against doing any physical until you receive your allowance (or at least half of it). And of course, do not do anything you’re not comfortable with.

  147. lisa says:

    Jenna has he came through with the allowance part? If he says he’ll pay it afterwards, he might be looking for a free testdrive.
    If he has taken care of that detail, then I see no problem with the situation if that’s what you’re comfortable with.

  148. Jenna says:

    Hi guys,

    I am meeting my new SD for our first hotel meet. We have already been to eat together and after, decided on an arrangement. We will be for a nice lunch and chat and he has also booked a hotel room for the afternoon. He is a very kind man so I know it will all be fine, however, i just need some advice? Any one else been in a similar situation? How did it go? Any advice? Thanks so much!!!

  149. NC Gent says:

    SincereSD — you got me on that one! I have, in retrospect, had the WSE. That is hilarious. I am guessing it wasn’t good for either one of us though, so you got me on two counts.

    Heading to the airport in about 30 minutes. See the fellow bloggers tonight!

  150. lisa says:

    I agree that he is just being direct and that’s a good thing as you know what to expect.

  151. 2Chic says:

    As for the sex talk, it appears he is upfront and does not want to waste time. I can understand that, and either it is for you or not. Personally, his request is not my type of thing, …. I would politely declined. Thank him for his interest, and move on.

  152. lisa says:

    YounEbonyNYCsb: I’ve received that same email, afterall he does have an office in Houston he says. Started reading, go to the anal sex part and hit DELETE

    Lovely day in Houston, gloomy buy pleasant

    SincereSD: I am meeting an SD from the blog next week

  153. photogirl says:

    YoungEbonyNYCSB – I received the exact same message and I believe someone else on the blog did as well.

  154. TXSB says:

    First…be careful about copy/pasting messages. There are MANY lurkers on this blog. If the guy who wrote that lurks on here….then he knows that you posted his private message here.

    Personally don’t have a problem with him asking sexual questions. He’s not trying for “sex talk”….he’s just asking direct questions regarding your preferances.

    My problem is the allowance amount. $2000/month to meet 6-7x/month is waaay too little IMO. and I also don’t like the “gradual” increase. Who knows if this will last 2 or 3 months. *IF* this guy wrote to me and *IF* I was interested in him………I could point out the allowance part and let him know that that amount/gradual increase will not work for me.

  155. RedMaru says:

    Hi YoungEbonyNYCsb 😀
    Just my two cents but I’d be a lil weary of all that sex talk up front and theres been no date yet but thats just me.

  156. 2Chic says:

    I honestly think you should not have posted all of his personals such as his profession. He contacted you believing this was between you and him. Please for future reference, delete out his personal. These guys are professionals and do have an image to uphold. Please do not take this as a lecture, I just know when you run a company, you really would hope the person you are showing interest in will respect your identity.

  157. RedMaru says:

    Hey everybody long time no see… believe me when I say its been a stressful past three weeks. I see I missed two topice already.
    Hows everbody

  158. YounEbonyNYCsb says:

    Im sorry its so long… I copied and pasted it here just as he sent it too me. I need some advice. should i respond? do you think hes a fake?
    mind u im all the way in nyc and he is in florida and he wrote me this

    sorry for being so up front but wanted to get to the point.im looking for a steady sexy girl for a long term sugardaddie relationship. looking to meet near you . i start at 2000 the first month , 4000 the second all the way to 8000 a month . if you are what im looking for . i have a few questions to see if we are compatible. 1 are you able to meet 6 – 7 times each month ? 2 are you very sexual? 3 are you or can you be submissive in bed ? 4 are you ok with anal sex ? i ask these questions to see if we are compatible . i want a girl i can go out to dinner shows travel not just for sex . sorry for being so straight foward , but i just want to make sure we are both into the same things
    .i get right down to the point to make sure we are into the same things ,excuse the up front questions but i wanted to get that out of the way. outside of the bedroom i want a girl that i can travel to miami ny bahamas canada on some weekends if you can . i love going to dinners shows , i want a good friend lover someone that we both can have good coversations with. and i would take good care of you
    i own a computer firm in nj with offices in nj and houston and toronto . now that all the sexual is aside , i am looking for a long term not a one night stand and someone that i can go to dinner , shows the beach , the islands in the bahamas , florida

  159. TXSB says:

    Hi Everyone!

    LOL @ WSE!

  160. Irish SB says:

    Hey everyone,

    Wow its been ages – just popping in to say im tres jealous of todays meet, i hope everyone enjoys themselves!

  161. NYC SB says:

    I must be looking good for tonights dinner… I passed by someone at work (never spoken to the guy) and he totally said “how you doin” LMAO

  162. Beach_Girl*395953 says:

    NYC gang that is meeting tonight, Have a great time!!!
    And let us know everything!

  163. Beach_Girl says:

    SincereSD~ lol how long have you been married.. LMAO Thank you for the laughs,,, I needed it this morning!
    Hope things are going well with your new SB

  164. SincereSD says:

    NC Gent says: … I have no recollection of bad sex – well at least for me …

    Really … how long have you been married? I always joke with my SB that I’m leaving if get a WSE from her (Wifely Sexual Experience).

    Rachel 386002 says: …. tomorrow is a car shopping day… going to look at the car I will be buying. I promise to not rough the boys up TOO much… hehehe.

    Should have taken you when I was in the market for an exotic. I had to buy a Maserati before being put on a (2 year) waiting list. I told them to stuff it & went to the german dealer where I still got screwed (less).

    OC – hope your SD recovers soon.
    Lisa – congrads, another blogmance?

  165. NYC SB says:

    D D – I am not premium as such I do not know who added me to their faves list… however, i have noticed that when i add someone to mine if they are interested they reach out… so again if someone catches your eye feel free to shoot him a message… im sure he added you bc he is interested but may not have gotten the chance to write to you

  166. Flo Rida says:

    D D – OCSugarbaby answered this in a farily recent thread – she says she favorites people and also reaches out to people who have favorited her (if she likes profiles). Search for OC. I can’t answer as I don’t have a profile here (or anywhere).

  167. lisa says:

    Good morning everyone
    Foggy day here, gloomy and mild.

    Getting ready to head out to buy travel size toiletries for my trip next week.

    Had a creepy experience this morning. My lover was leaving and his phone rang, it was his wife who seems to call him everytime he is here. He must have had his blackberry on speaker phone and I heard his wife’s voice for the first time, just kind of weird to hear it.

  168. Anna Molly says:

    Hi Cleo :)
    Go take that nap :)

  169. cleo says:

    Anna Molly: mostly envious that y’all are having such a nice meeting…

    and in need of a nap ;>

    have a great day!

  170. Anna Molly says:

    Just stopping by for a minute. Gotta get ready for tonight :)

    How is everybody?

  171. cleo says:

    ATI: thanks! have a good night!

  172. cleo says:

    NYGent: thanks… i’ll leave it up for a bit and then change it. i think the first two are basically set :)

  173. cleo I love the new third pic! Love that colour on you!

    I’m off to bed now, long day tomorrow and a non-sugar date at night! Love.

  174. NYGent says:

    chloe: third pic is big improvement!

  175. RedMaru says:

    Morning sugars! Its been too long real stressful two weeks for me.
    Hows everybody?

  176. always2sweet says:

    hey all, its been a while for me. Lots to catch up on!

  177. D D says:

    Sorry to take the current thread off topic, but I’ve got a few questions to ask about the ‘Favorites’ list (apologies if this has been asked before — direct me to the right place if so).

    Does anyone pay attention to who adds them? Occasionally I take a look at who has added me just to see the calibre of men I’m attracting. However I won’t contact a man purely based on him adding me.

    That being said, do people use their list strategically? Do you add someone you’re genuinely interested in with a view to contacting them, or do you use it to get them to contact you? I’ve had a few men add me and then contact me later saying they were impatient that I didn’t notice they added me so now they had to be the ones to get in touch. Another strange one was a man who was rude to me after I declined an arrangement, then afterwards added me to his list! Needless to say, I didn’t think this was what the ‘Faves’ was intended for.

    So I guess in addition to the above questions…do you use your list and for what purpose?

  178. YoungEbonyNycSB says:

    I see a lot of talk about Nyc. The semester is over and i will be back in nyc for good on the 10th. But im probably much too young for yall to want to hang out with me :-( i’m only 20, i noticed everyone on here is a bit older.

    i hope everyone enjoys their dinner in nyc, too bad i wont be there. be safe.

  179. Boo, I lost a whole reply!

    I need a man. I want cuddles!

  180. 2Chic says:

    OMG…Suga’s I think I have fallen in love….lol from one long conversation. Well you know not “in love’, but whoa what a man!

  181. Rachel 386002 says:

    I’ve spent the entire evening doing xmas wrapping.

    Anna will love this…. tomorrow is a car shopping day… going to look at the car I will be buying. I promise to not rough the boys up TOO much… hehehe.

    Oh and I have a pot 1st meeting on Wed…. fingers crossed. And NO… it’s not that crazy guy! Night ladies and gents.

  182. Beach_Girl*395953 says:

    Ok well good night everyone!

    Flo~ mean it!

    NYC gang~ Have fun, can’t wait to hear about it!!!

    NYC SB~ have a brownie for me! 😀

  183. Beach_Girl*395953 says:

    Flo~ yeah i was in LA in jan this year… lol… I did the tour too, it’s ok… If you come back let me know… You have my email girl…. would be a blast!

  184. Flo Rida says:

    Beach – I was in Montreal in January 2009. Wasn’t too cold, Peel St bars, smoked meats at Schwarzes, unhealthy poutin, didn’t go to any strip clubs though (regret). i’m sad that koivu left the habs. did I tell you I got a guided tour of the molson (?) arena where the Habs play.

  185. Mina says:

    Flo Rida
    Thanks for chiming in, any help is appreciated. As a matter of fact Gramercy Tavern and Eleven Madison are towards the top of my list. 😉

  186. Beach_Girl*395953 says:

    james m~ night

  187. Beach_Girl*395953 says:

    Flo~ you are girl…. when are you coming to montreal so we can goof around?

  188. james.m says:

    night all…

  189. james.m says:

    Flo Rida – so do I

  190. Flo Rida says:

    Mina – not sure i’m qualified but in the kinda expensive (but not overly) i’d go for Gramercy Tavern (love this place), Union Sq Cafe, Eleven Madison, Craft, WD-50. OK those might be excessive. Spotted Pig is a great pub type place, Kittichai (was trendy but not now), Spice (but this has gone downhill), Fatty Crab, Momfuko, Tia Pol, Bolo (though I haven’t been to some of these for a while).

    in terms of a nice mid price bar – i’d go for Buddha Bar.

    james.m – Gemi is all ours i’m sorry you can’t have her. Anyway you have a SB (i hope).

    Beach – i’m non compos mentis (just a goofball)

    Midwest – nada. alas i’m still in North Fl, I travel too much.

  191. Mina says:

    james.m & NYC SB
    Thanks for the suggestions! My girlfriend recently got a promotion and planned her first charity event – I want to take her out to celebrate! The places I do dine at when in NYC are a bit see-and-be-seen and I don’t much care for that.
    Sala 19 is just a few blocks away from an apartment I’m looking at…

  192. NYC SB says:

    mina – i love sala 19… great tapas and even better white wine sangria… its cute and reasonably priced

  193. cleo says:

    Midwest: trust me, my skin is thick… i live in toronto, it’s required

  194. james.m says:

    There used to be a wonderful place on Mulberry Street, just north of Houston, where I ate many, many times. Pellegrino’s — like the water. Great Italian food in a wonderful small, quiet atmosphere. The maitre d’ was “Mario”, although I swear he was Jewish and from Brooklyn. I used to love a gavi de gavi (a very subtle white wine from italy) they had on the menu, and when it went off the menu, I complained, only to find they had several cases in the back they were saving for me. You can’t do better than that! They used to do a lobster ravioli which was exquisite. If it is not on the menu, ask, and they may make it for you.

  195. Yaz10 says:

    I meant NYC gang….lol

  196. Yaz10 says:

    OMG!!! I just realized that I sent it to the Y place instead of the live place lol Gosh….too much running around.. I can’t think anymore lol…
    I will send you an email in a few :-)

    NYC: Can’t wait to meet you guys :-)

  197. Anna Molly says:

    Just thought I would drop by to catch up on the blog.

    Hi everybody….good night everybody…lol

    See some of you tomorrow!

  198. Mina says:

    NYC SB
    Quite frankly, what else does a person need to know how to make?

    Also, I have a small favour to ask of anyone in NYC… I need restaurant suggestions for dinner with a girlfriend – some place swank but not too pretentious (I know, that really narrows it down, ha)

  199. Yaz10 says:

    Midwest…..Yeah I thought that was odd that you didnt reply…I sent you two emails today lol I must have sent it to the wrond email addy. Will resend it :-)

    NYCSB: White chocolate..Yummy ( Thank You !!!)

  200. james.m says:

    Have fun ladies! Sounds like I want to get to know Gemi…

  201. NYC SB says:

    Mina – far from it… brownies is the only thing i know how to make…

  202. Mina says:

    NYC SB you’re quite the Suzie Homemaker.

  203. Midwest SB says:

    Flo Rida – I will have to resend. Aren’t you going to be in NYC tomorrow? If not, I will send it over the weekend. BTW – I have a crush on Gemi as well…who wouldn’t :-)

    Yaz10 – Hi!! No new e-mails!

    I will guard the guards…for a brownie!

    James – I believe some of the attendees have asked for privacy – no paparazzi!

    OK now I really am going to sleep!

  204. NYC SB says:

    Yaz – what kind?

    James – they are not “special” brownies but they are made with much love… for NC Gent I made them with white Ghiardelli chocolate and for NY Gent I made double fudge with some pb 😀

  205. EastCoastFilly says:

    ok, im going to bed, this chick needs her beauty sleep. see the NYC dinner gang tomorrow night!!! yay!

    and goodnight to all.

  206. Mina says:

    Do you have to initiate most of the time with sugar daddies?
    With my current SD, he initially contacted me. In the past I’ve contacted SDs, sometimes I sparked their interest, sometimes I didnt.

    Do you have any statistical requirements for potential sugars (i.e., age, height/weight, smoker/non-smoker, etc)?
    Fit and in shape and a non-smoker. I take very good care of myself and expect the same. Don’t get me wrong, I love a good piece of dark chocolate cake every now and then but I respect my body and keep it looking good and feeling better (mostly I can thank my genes, ha)

    Are your stat requirements different for sugars than non-sugars? More or less strict? If so, how? Why?
    Absolute same.

    Do you have any sugar plans in your weekend? Care to share some miscellaneous sugarwisdom with the blog?
    I’m off to NYC for a long weekend. Unfortunately a day too late for the big dinner party!

  207. EastCoastFilly says:

    Mmmm, I’ll go with PB! thanks girl :)

  208. james.m says:

    By the way, I want picutres from the NYC get together.

  209. james.m says:

    NYCSB – nope. Different guy. You won’t catch me at the Harvard club, although I am a Little Three graduate. (I wonder if anyone will understand that!). But, having been in cololege in the 60’s, I do want to know more about your brownies.

  210. Yaz10 says:

    Just got home from work. It is soooo cold here….Ugh

    NYCSB: I want a brownie too :-) Pretty Please…

  211. NYC SB says:

    ECF – white chocolate or pb?

  212. Beach_Girl*395953 says:

    Flo~ why be cryptic?

  213. Beach_Girl*395953 says:

    Who will guard the guards themselves

  214. Yaz10 says:

    Who will guard the guards themselves?

  215. Flo Rida says:

    NY dec 8th crowd – quis custodiet ipsos custodet (NY Gent can translate).

  216. EastCoastFilly says:

    Oh NYC SB I hope I can steal one brownie for the ride home!!

  217. NYC SB says:

    James.m – sorry to be intrusive you are not the same james from NYC that posted about the harvard club are you?

    Ps. brownies are baked the gents are in for a treat

  218. Flo Rida says:

    MidwestSB – I haven’t received it my email is atllgw @ g place. i’m so happy with your blogmance. In terms of profiles my best work is ‘Gemi’. If I was a lesbian i’d be so into Gemi – shame i’m straight. humbug. Weather is really wierd – NY is (relatively) warm (when I left), Atl is freezing, Tampa is warm. i’m @ home my roof is being inspected by my contractor and insurance claims agent tomorrow. ciao peeps

  219. Yaz10 says:

    Good evening everybody :-)

  220. Beach_Girl*395953 says:

    Midwest~ Have fun tomorrow, talk soon and good night. And congrats again

    Lisa~ YAY, you are finally going to meet your SD.. Good for you, dress warm it’s cold in NYC!

  221. james.m says:

    aint…now, now. We aren’t that far along yet. I wore my heels last night, and she didn’t even notice

  222. Midwest SB says:

    ATI – Great show of restraint. They are exes for a reason! James – yet another reason you should go. I do have more than one pair of FMPs.

    OK friends – I must get some sleep. Sugar dreams!

  223. Beach_Girl*395953 says:

    Aint~ I was in Malaysia a few years ago, Loved IT! I stayed in mont kiara
    and the only thing I can say in Malay is thank you.. lol
    I can’t wait to go back!

  224. james – Aren’t you going then?? If you do, Midwest can wear her freaking hot heels!!

    My ex just came around, and I had the urge to jump his bones, but I very nicely refrained myself. Picture a tiny Asian girl attacking you haha.

  225. Beach_Girl*395953 says:

    james~ Lol, yeah but i already have the SB, ME!!! lol I need the SD though

  226. Beach_Girl*395953 says:

    Midwest~ I totally agree, I would love to meet all of you! I wish I could have gone to NYC, I won’t be able to make the Chicago one though… couldn’t afford it… Not sure about Texas yet!

    Stephan did you hear that, Sugar speed dating….Great Idea!

  227. james.m says:

    snow doesn’t suck, you just have to be prepared: a couple of bottles of wine, a fire, and a SB

  228. Midwest SB says:

    BG – I’m sure this is a busy time of year for you. There are two more gatherings arranged that I’m aware of. NYGent and NCGent have started a trend. Next thing you know there will be speed dating for sbs/sds :-)

    Personally, I think it’s a treat to be able to meet the people we talk to almost daily.

  229. Beach_Girl*395953 says:

    Midwest~ sorry wanted to say it’s only 7 hour drive to NYC… so not that far away!

  230. Beach_Girl*395953 says:

    Midwest~ If I could of gone I so would of, It’s not the travel , it’s time. I work… Or else I would of gone for sure!

  231. Beach_Girl*395953 says:

    james~ snow sucks, we are supposed to have a storm, 12″, coming in too…. and I do not have winter boots!!! OMG

  232. Midwest SB says:

    BG – If you start driving now you can make it! I have a double room we can share. Come along :-)

  233. Rudy says:

    Beach Girl: Hi!

    OC: My prayers are with you and please keep us posted :)

  234. james.m says:

    We have snow. I got back from nashville on thursday night to find 14″ of snow. I understand we are looking for another 12″ on Tuesday night. And to think I played golf last Tuesday

  235. Beach_Girl*395953 says:

    Midwest~ you will have so much fun tomorrow, lucky you!

    Nice to see everyone flirting on the blog… lol

    If any Montreal SD is out there,,, here I am! lmao 😀

  236. james.m says:

    aint…she should save those for me!

  237. Midwest SB says:

    ATI -I will only wear those if James comes along. I wish it was hot…we just got our first real dusting of snow today. I’m vegging with a glass of wine when I should be getting some beauty rest.

  238. Midwest SB says:

    NYC SB – Hi and Thank you!

  239. Midwest – wear the “F*ck Me” high heels okay? 😀 What are you up to? I’ve just had lunch and it’s too hot to do anything now.

  240. Midwest SB says:

    Hi BG and James:-)

    James – know of a FL SD for Lacey?

    NYC Group – don’t you think James should join us?

  241. james.m says:

    Hi all.

  242. Beach_Girl*395953 says:

    Hi everyone!
    Finally back,,,, Congrats Midwest and James M

  243. Midwest SB says:

    ATI – I had it all figured out, and now I don’t! I’ll bring two outfits and make a choice then :-)

    NYGent – I just took a look at Carmel Limo – seems like a reasonable compromise and saves some travel time.

  244. NYC SB says:

    Midwest & James – glad you both had fun… we will get all the details during our meet and greet tomorrow

  245. SDN – Why are you so far away then?? :(

    Midwest SB – You guys are all meeting up in NYC aren’t you? I want to come too! ‘snot fair that I live on the other side of the world! What are you wearing?

  246. Midwest SB says:

    Lacey – interesting approach :-) Hope it works! I grew up in S. Fl, about 1.5 hours north of Aventura. I’d pay money to be there now.

  247. Midwest SB says:

    NYGent – you have mail. I may have put down the wrong route.

  248. Lacey says:

    Does any SD in South Fla want to get a warm Starbucks drink and go shopping? Aventura Mall. Email me.

  249. NYGent says:

    midwest: i’m not familiar with those, don’t know where you’re coming into or staying. not sure why you’re going to be anywher near 125th that is way up in Harlem.

  250. Midwest SB says:

    ATI – Good for you! I’m having a great day thank you! I’m excited about meeting my future SD and about nyc!

    aNYGent – I found the mta website and will take the bus , but then it gives me three options from there for the subway. 125th shows a service advisory. The others are stillwell or whitehall. Is one better than the other?

  251. SD NEOhio (SDN) says:

    ATI: Can’t lie, I did think you were pretty cute.

  252. NYGent says:

    cleo i lost your profile #

  253. Midwest – Blocked him. Where are all the good SD’s? How’s your day going?

    Hehehe, hey SDN, have you taken a liking to me? :)

  254. NYGent says:

    Midwest: i’ll give a report tomorrow. see you then and have a safe flight!

  255. Midwest SB says:

    NYGent – Thanks! How is patience working out for you??

    ATI – Block him please. Focus on the right sds. I noticed SDN took a liking to you :-)

  256. Whoops TXSB too. I must be shaken, I can’t even type properly.

  257. Rudy, Midwest SB and Rudy – Thank you so much for support. Now I feel slightly shaken (I’m new to this whole thing), but gosh what an idiot. Make me feel better :(

  258. Rudy says:

    ATI: I agree with Midwest, don’t even waste time trying to understand emails like that. Whenever you receive an inappropriate email: DELETE and don’t give it a second thought. I know it’s insulting and frustrating but there are people on this site who are obviously confused about what an arrangement is. Look at it this way: he showed what his true intentions were through email and you didn’t waste any time meeting him. I have received emails with content that would probably make a sailor blush, so I know how you feel, but don’t let it get to you. A fabulous SD is out there for you don’t give up :)

  259. NYGent says:

    midwest: congrats — as you’ve said many times patience does pay off . . .

  260. I know!! And now he says I’m trying to sell myself because my bikini photo on this site is “cheap”. Is it???

  261. TXSB says:

    Rudy & ECF:
    Hi!! :)

    WOW! Just WOW! :(

  262. Midwest SB says:

    ATI – Good morning! Tell him NEXT and block his inconsiderate a**. Men like him aren’t worth the time it takes to wonder why they behave that way. You can do soooooooooo much better!

    Hi Rudy & ECF – Thanks!

  263. Hello my new sugar family! I’m awake and HUNGRY.

    This guy offers $200-400 a week for 3 intimate dates plus shopping. When I mentioned that it makes me feel like a cheap escort, he said “You get what you deserve”. So well, great, so now I feel really cheap.

    Why are people so nasty? And why can’t they understand I need to meet them face to face before I make an arrangement? And that anything they give me before we meet is a GIFT, stupid idiots.


  264. Rudy says:

    Evening Sweet Sugar Fam!

    <James & Midwest:CONGRATS!! This is wonderful news and I am happy for you :) I need to get on the blog more often..lol

    Still trying to catch up on all the blog news, back in a bit.

  265. Midwest SB says:

    Rachel – the new profile looks great! You’re quite limber I see :-)

    Young Ebony – You are beautiful, but I agree with a “sweet” smiling face in one of your pics. Also, if you want some excellent profile advice, try the Halloween blog and find a really long post from Flo Rida. It’s great advice for writing profiles. It will take some time, but those who have gone by her advice have been happy with the results…myself included.

    Flo Rida – You have mail, but I may have been filtered.

  266. Rachel 386002 says:

    great to hear about another blog couple!

  267. EastCoastFilly says:

    Hey Napa

    James & Midwest…very nice! glad you had a great date.

  268. 2Chic says:

    Ohhhhhhh lookey… sooo sweet… I just love it when a connection is made.
    Good luck to the both of you – MidW, and James. Yay for U!

  269. Midwest SB says:

    Thanks all!

    Hi Photogirl!

    2Chic and Cleo- I’m catching up, but wanted to say don’t be discouraged. I’ve had four pots who wanted to meet the first week of December then they all poofed at once. They had stayed in regular contact until Thanksgiving. It’s fine with me as they aren’t wasting any more of my time AND I have met a genuine sd. If there has been one consistent message, it’s to be patient and to have a thick skin.

  270. TXSB says:

    Photogirl and NapaSB:
    Hi! :)

  271. lisa says:

    Hi NapaSB

  272. NapaSB says:

    Yay!! Another blog couple!! I am so excited for you guys, Welocome James! Hi Midwest! (you give me hope)

    Just a quick drive by, Hi TXSB, photo, SDN,lisa, EastCoast, Rachel, NewSB and everyone else lurkers and bloggers alike!! :) Hope everyone has a great Monday night!

  273. photogirl says:

    James & Midwest – Great to hear you had a wonderful date together… and welcome James!

  274. TXSB says:

    Congrats James & Midwest! I’m very happy for you both…. :)

    LOL….if anything I ever wrote helped you two out at all….then I’m glad. :)

  275. Midwest SB says:

    I’ve learned plenty here too!

    TXSB – he must have read your comments about kissing on the first date :-)

  276. lisa says:

    wow another blog couple :) I’m sorry sometimes you gotta hit me over the head to get me to see what’s going on, i’m in la la land right now.

    Glad to hear he’s a young 60

  277. james.m says:

    Yes, thanks to all of you for the advice…

  278. Midwest SB says:

    Ladies, meet James my date from last night! We’re off to a wonderful start thanks to the great advice on the blog and the willingness to learn.

    James – you have mail. Enjoy your dinner :-)

    Lisa – he is a young 60 by all means!

  279. TXSB says:

    LOL….I’m glad you also had a wonderful date….looks like both you and Midwest got lucky. :)

  280. SD NEOhio (SDN) says:

    lisa: I think you should read what james.m and Midwest wrote again.

  281. lisa says:

    I will be in NY on the 16th, maybe someone could leave some leftovers from dinner at the airport for me, lol

  282. lisa says:

    Glad to hear that james.m :) sounds like good dates are an epidemic

  283. TXSB says:

    Yikes at the “trample man”!


    Welcome! Sorry to hear about your experience.. :(


    Happy to hear the date went well. :)


    8th Dinner Group:
    Have fun tomorrow! I’m very jealous that I won’t be there….but hopefully you guys will give us a full detailed report. :)

  284. james.m says:

    midwest: do you want to explain, or should I? I’m off to dinner now.
    lisa: My date went really well last night, too.

  285. lisa says:

    MidwestSB glad to hear your date went well :)

  286. Rachel 386002 says:

    Midwest…. Its been in my head for days now!

  287. lisa says:

    yes but he was honest about the allowance and we got along great, like minded, etc. We were only together intimately once and he disappeared, we had known each other for about 6 weeks. I presumed he wanted intimacy but maybe he didn’t .

  288. EastCoastFilly says:

    Hey everyone, been catching up, not writing all that often but I’m here in spirit, lol.

    Only comment I have about tomorrow night…NO pics please…ack!! we all need out privacy. Lets just make it a mental picture :)

    NewSBinNYC: I am so so so sorry that happened to you. I received an email from him as well. I’ve been on the blog for a while and on SA for the better part of this year. I have learned!!! to trust my instincts. Every guy I had a iffy feeling about and decided to just go ahead and meet I was totally right about.

    Something inside tells you right off the bat if things don’t feel right. If this is indeed the same guy, his profile is very poorly spelled, punctuated and written. This is not the sign of an intelligent man or one that has the 2 minutes it takes to spell check. If hes too busy to do that hes way to busy to make proper time for you! I may pass on a few good ones with a snap judgment but so far I’ve been right. Dust yourself off and keep on moving!!

  289. Midwest SB says:

    Well James, since you asked, my date was exceptional! He was a true gentleman and a great conversationalist. I can’t wait to see him again.

    New SB – sorry for your experience and thanks for the warning. Guys like him give the rest a bad name.

    Rachel – I’m singing your song!

    Hi SDN, 2Chic, and lisa. Interesting offer earlier Rachel.

  290. james.m says:

    lisa: just one man, not everyone that age. Maybe the clue was he lied about his age?

  291. james.m says:

    2Chic: be careful with the age limit. Some 60’s are older, some younger. I know, I am one. He may be worth meeting, depending what your ultimate goal is. I have an age limit, too, but mine is a lower limit, and I know women who are wise beyond their age.

  292. lisa says:

    2Chic: something happens to men when they hit 60. I have been with men in their late 50’s and they were very hot, but I had a sd that was like 65 (i’m 44 and he had lied about his age, said he was 51) and to be honest I don’t think anything happened between us. Nice man but too old.

  293. SD NEOhio (SDN) says:

    NewSB: sorry to hear he lied to you.

  294. 2Chic says:

    I am about to feel kind of like ….. what gives. I do get emails, and interested POT. I have met four within the last four weeks. Of course #1 was a lovely gentleman who could not meet my budget. #2. Was just for the fun of it. #3. Was the Willy Wonka Guy. For those who don’t know read the last blog.
    #4. I really thought there would be more of he and I. He is extremely busy, had a trip, and have not heard from him. I will not contact him.
    Now I have three POT.. one I am not sure on, he is pass my age limit… I mean I do like the older men, but he is very close to sixty. . He is a sweet fella though, and keeps in contact, I may meet him. He holds his age very well.

    Then there are two others who I am just communicating with, not holding my breath, but IDK…. I wonder if I am wasting my time with it all anyways. Maybe it is the rain today… that creates a “blah” Just seems I am disillusioned by thinking the feelings are mutual. It is mad competition and I do not like to compete. This is me… love it or leave it, but don’t play games with me.

  295. SD NEOhio (SDN) says:

    lisa: that is even better then mine!

  296. Rachel 386002 says:

    SD NE – nice line… I’m going to have to use that one.

  297. lisa says:

    NewSBinNYC: Don’t feel bad about it, everyone has let themselves get used at sometime, think of it as a lesson learned.

    Gas must be put into the car before it can be test driven

  298. james.m says:

    Ouch! You guys are tough on us SDs. But, I admit it sounds like the guy has a serious problem, and you’re justified in being shy with the rest of us.
    Hi. Midwest. How’d your date go last night? Or shouldn’t I ask (here)?

  299. NewSBinNYC says:

    SDN, He NEVER asked about a test drive. I would NOT have done that. But trusted when he Said he would have the allowance part the next day and the poof disappeared.

  300. NewSBinNYC says:

    Thanks, just wish I would have read all this blog stuff BEFORE the fact. Man do I feel dumb. But trusted his talk talk. Lesson learned.

  301. SD NEOhio (SDN) says:

    lisa: “stick his key in the ignition”? rofl.

    I think when asked about a test drive the answer an SB should give is “sure, if you want to test-drive paying me an allowance for a month to see if I enjoy it go ahead”.

  302. lisa says:

    If he can’t take the first step, give him to go play with his tonka truck

  303. lisa says:

    Sorry to hear that NewSB :(
    A SD must always prove he is serious before he can stick his key in the ignition.

  304. Rachel 386002 says:

    Sorry you had to go through that NewSB

  305. NewSBinNYC says:

    Just wanted to say, I wish I had been on this blog before and had read many of the great insights prior to having been taken for what you say a “free test drive”.

    My own fault, but I trusted his word. As a fair warning, a Mr. “H” who “guarantees” from NYC, big mega high profile guy…BEWARE SBs. He has no intention of ever getting into an arrangement. Told me he has 2 regulars after the fact…….YUC. He is one who just cons and sweet talks, Oh yes sweetie, and then boom, gets what he wants and goes away, doesn’t answer texts, nor emails. Just a fair warning to others.

  306. Rachel 386002 says:

    I’m trying to figure out how that would be “mutually beneficial” for him. Boggled

  307. lisa says:

    darn, I missed the opportunity to “help” this person :(

  308. 2Chic says:

    LMBO lol 😆

  309. Rachel 386002 says:

    LOLOLOL…. I hear it builds character!

  310. lisa says:


    I once got an email from a man who wanted me to trample him, kick him, spit on him, etc. Unfortunately he wasn’t in my area and wanted me to travel at my expense. I told my ex boss (the one that is currently in jail for trying to kill her husband a couple weeks ago) about him (she used to be on SA too) and she thought I should do it. lol Not sure how one person would trample someone though, I think that takes a crowd. Might have needed to stick him in front of a store entry on black friday, lol

  311. Rachel 386002 says:

    Mine is right there with you!

  312. lisa says:

    sorry i’ve got my mind in the gutter. I’m bored. lol

  313. Rachel 386002 says:

    Lisa… you’re killing me LMAO!

  314. lisa says:

    show up naked, drop to the floor in front of him and give him the best bj he’s ever had, collect the 2500 dollars and then go home and rinse your mouth with bleach, lol

  315. Rachel 386002 says:

    I know… it’s funny. I’ve told him 3 times that I’m not interested. the amt keeps going up now. I think I’ve created a challenge for him.

  316. lisa says:

    why waste time on coffee? Just show up naked and ready for action, lol

  317. Rachel 386002 says:

    Ohhhh…. it’s now 2500 and coffee and 30 min talk first, then 2k weekly for a purely beepsuall relationship…hahaha…. soooo sad

  318. cleo says:

    2chic: i may, you’re right… but if i held my breath i would faint *g*

    i really thought a voluptuous, tall, smart lady would get more attention… but i really underestimated the attraction of the tiny and the young. please those of you who are petite or young do NOT think i am slamming you at all. just i didn’t realize quite how skewed the sugar world was in that direction.

    i never have figured out how to become shorter *g*

  319. lisa says:

    Good evnening.
    NYC for me next week

  320. 2Chic says:

    Cleo, I too think you are very beautiful and there is so much more to you than looks. So many fellas are caught up on the exterior, and then later realize that there is little substance to their “arm candy”. I do believe that you will meet an extraordinary gentleman that really appreciates the lovely, and intelligent woman you are.biggrin 😀

  321. Midwest SB says:

    Evening sugars! Yeah…NYC tomorrow!

  322. cleo says:

    YoungEbony: may i suggest at least one face shot where you’re smiling?
    poptart: actually it helps a lot, i really like this community and want to be a part of it… so, although i would be shocked if i actually found an SD i see no reason not to hang with such awesome folks.

    for the record y’all? i really do believe that i’m beautiful and bright and all that… i also believe that i live in an area with a lot of sweet young things and that for most SD’s the attraction of young and untutored beats out wiser and able to share…

  323. Rachel 386002 says:

    Hi everyone… I’m home! My profile has been approved and pics too! So by all means check it out and let me know what you think.

    I had a very temping offer today… LOL…. 2k a week for meeting 1 – 2 times a week for 1-2 hrs. LOLOL… ummmm…. NO! I respectfully declined

  324. Thanks you guys are the best Sugar Family ever :-)

    NYC SB: im here blogging on my study break. you are absolutly right, i need to be thinking about my chemistry exam tomorrow than my whether or not their was chemistry between me and this guy.

  325. NYC SB says:

    YoungEbony – sucks… but move forward… do not ask him why… with sugar dating the SD has an abundance of SBs and while today he might have a great chemistry with you, tomorrow he might meet another Sb and have a great chemistry with her… good luck with finals… your efforts should be directed towards school anyways… plenty of time to look for new pots once finals are out of the way

  326. TxSB: Thanks for the advice. Its hard to move on since he was the only serious person on here that contacted me. I posted a link to my page. please view and let me know where’d i go wrong.

  327. TXSB says:

    Hi Everyone!

    LOL….yes….a very good lesson to learn.


    Good luck on your finals! :) As for the pot SD, my recommendation is just to move on. This is not different than IRL dating. Men have their own reasons for “changing their mind” or whatever. It doesn’t really matter why this particular pot SD felt the way he did……..b/c no 2 SDs are alike.

    And as a fellow female who has had her heart broken many times….believe me when I say I know what it’s like to want “closure”. I know what its like to want clear cut answers to the question “Why?”. And I also know how hard it is to move on without getting those answers. It takes time…but it’s not impossible. My advise is to move on.

  328. YoungEbonySB~NYC says:

    Hey all my Sugars out there
    i have been gone for a while because its the end of the semester and i was focused on finals. 2 down and 2 to go. :-/

    Im glad they started a new blog and this one i feel is for newbies like me:-)

    I had my 1st sugardate since the last time i’ve posted and I thought everything went well. actually it did go well and he told me he looked forward to seeing me again soon… i was so proud of myself and super excited that I made it through my 1st date until i received an email 2days later and he said he and I didnt have the chemistry he was looking for :-(
    I wanted to move on so bad…. and i tried but its a week later and i still dont know what i did wrong… i want to know, he was my only pot sd. should i write him and ask him why or should i just move on without an explanation….

    i know its super long but please help… i need some type of closure

  329. lisa says:

    Good afternoon everyone.

    A lesson for everyone, when we all become famous some day, our dirty little secrets will be hung out on the clothesline. lol

  330. NC Gent says:

    Supposedly, there are many more than 10 according to a former close friend of Tiger. My guess is that he is a sex addict — he certainly has many of the traits that would qualify him – taking unnecessary risks and becoming increasingly more lax and bold are dead giveaways — along with multiple partners at the same time.

    My main thought is that he got really careless being seen with a woman in public. He is, according to most polls, the most recognizable person in the world. The fact that he got lax tells me he became too comfortable and there were likely many. It really doesn’t make me any more cautious than I have already been though.

  331. poptart says:

    NYC SB – bah. 10 women? I am not surprised. I am also not shocked about the lack of protection used. Shame on all involved.

    I am wondering what the thoughts are from people, SD’s and sb’s, regarding these women coming out and talking about their alleged affair with Tiger. Do you have any thoughts at all? Opinions? Especially those of you who are really big on discretion.
    SD’s – Does this sort of thing make you more cautious? Or does it not impact things at all?
    sb’s – are you true to your word of discretion? What would make you come forward to kiss & tell?

  332. poptart says:

    Cleo – If you are on the site because of the blog, then I would like to let you know that I appreciate your insight. You are always positive and helpful to other people and it doesn’t go unnoticed. It was because of posters like you, that help people like me jump into the conversation.
    I know I am not a SD and it might not help too much… but I’m just sayin’! :)

  333. NYC SB says:

    ewwww – Mr. Woods mistress count has skyrocketed to a whopping 10 women… 2 of which reported that he did not use a condom … ummm STD anyone???

  334. poptart says:

    I so hope you all have the best time at the meet up tomorrow. I wish i was going too!! I hope you all have the bestest time!!

    mmmmmm… chocolate…

  335. cleo says:

    NCGent: i will spare the blog tales of terrible lovers… because i like y’all

    suffice to say selfishness in a lover is not arousing

  336. NC Gent says:

    OK — the fake plastic chocolate is pretty awful but I have no recollection of bad sex – well at least for me, but can’t confirm that was always the case for my partner lol

  337. 2Chic says:

    wink 😉

  338. 2Chic says:

    Oh..how I would love to attend, love my East Coast fam.

  339. cleo says:

    NCGent: i guess that’s true, but i’ve had some really bad sex and some pretty crappy chocolate…

  340. cleo says:

    NYGent: cool, let me know what you think
    SWM: but the looking up pic is like four? years old… i still look basically exactly like that but it really isn’t current…

  341. NC Gent says:

    Brownies/chocolate are kind of like sex — even the bad ones are pretty good lol

  342. NYC SB says:

    NC – thank me AFTER you try them… they just might taste awful lol (naahhhh just kidding)

  343. NC Gent says:

    Thanks again so much for making me brownies NYC SB — You are a sweetheart!

  344. 2Chic says:

    Back…hi newbies and welcome!

  345. NYC SB says:

    OC – I make all my brownies to order… white chocolate for NC Gent, and fudge chocolate for NY Gent… so yours will be sprinkled with powdered sugar 😀

  346. sugababe #353837 says:

    Its so cold in Philly, I need heat….:-)

  347. sugababe #353837 says:

    thank you so much..
    Nyc sb

  348. Taz says:

    I hope the Dec 8th dinner crew have an outstanding time together tomorrow night!! Wish I could have made it…I am working on next time though :)

    OC – how was the update today??

  349. NYGent says:

    OC: I told the resto that a metal detector was part of the deal

  350. NYGent says:

    Cleo: i can’t access it until later tonite.

  351. NYGent says:

    i have to say I agree with NC Gent on no photos. Several attendees have no photos posted or hidden profiles.

    • OCSugarbaby says:

      NYGent you may have to conduct a pat down and cell phone surrender at the door! I was thinking of offering $$$ to the first SB to agree to sit with a sketch artist! lol

  352. SWM-TXSD says:

    I would pefer to see the one of you looking up at the camra

  353. cleo says:

    i put up a different pic #3, what do you guys think?

  354. cleo says:

    NYC SB: totally fair. if you have to wear work clothes the rules are ALL different

    (course my work clothing is made by danskin *g*)

  355. NYC SB says:

    Cleo – if we were meeting later on at night… i would wear my new uber cute dress i bough two one in purple and one in dark green… however such attire is not allowed at work

  356. cleo says:

    i really like what James brings to the blog and i’m sorry he disappeared…
    as for meets, i’m so envious, i can’t afford to do nyc on a tuesday and i can’t afford to do chicago on a tuesday either. can’t afford to give up two days work and spend 400 bucks on a plane ticket :(

    that said, i could do anywhere in southern ontario or montreal on a weekend… heck on a weekend i would even go as far as detroit or whatever. just have to be able to drive there… good thing i love road trips :)
    if i were going tomorrow i would wear red or green or orange… anything but black. who cares if black is slimming, it’s all anyone wears in Toronto… that or grey or navy or brown


  357. NYC SB says:

    sugarbabe – i posted my thoughts on this issue further up on the blog… as such if you take a look at the past few blogs you will find this issue discussed there as well…

  358. NC Gent says:

    Sugababe — not all agree with my opinion on this, but if you feel safe, and have some escape options, it should be fine. You need to have things paid in advance, and I would ask for his name and a company website at a minimum. I have met SBs in this manner, but after I have communicated with them for several weeks.

  359. sugababe says:

    Afternoon blog. I have a question for all the SD and SB is it wise to travel to go meet a pot SD? We spoke on the phone but that’s it. Plz let me know your answers will be great.

    Anna – Black is beautiful.
    Swm – Hi, how are you?

  360. NYC SB says:

    OC – James has been MIA on the blog… I dont think any of us have his email address either…

  361. NC Gent says:

    I personally love boots mmmmm

    OCSB — we never received any interest from James.

  362. NYC SB says:

    OC – I will be wearing my work clothes… and louboutins… now the questions is boots or my lovely mary janes…

    • OCSugarbaby says:

      NYC SB Oh yes the BOOTS! However your Mary Janes are beauties. (she sent me a pic) lol

      NYGent why isn’t James going to the dinner?

  363. Beach_Girl*395953 says:

    OC~ Yes! I am in! lol… you need to bring tones of SDs for me lmao…
    Just joking… As soon as I know I can go… I’ll let you know 😀

    Photo~ for us that are staying home, we can have a blog meet tomorrow night lol… just to be in the spirit!

  364. TXSB says:

    Hi Everyone! Looks like I have quite a bit to catch up on. :)

  365. SWM-TXSD says:

    goodmorning photo

  366. Beach_Girl*395953 says:

    Anna~ You are so lucky to be going, hey if you are ever in Montreal girl, you know you can count on me! 😉

  367. NC Gent says:

    We can provide blog updates from our phones. However, I must admit that I am reluctant to have my photo taken at this event given my need for discretion.

  368. Anna Molly says:

    I could attend a Montreal Meet :)

  369. photogirl says:

    Good afternoon everyone!

    Hi OC, good to see you… hope you get a good update on BF this afternoon!

    I too am missing out on the dinner tomorrow night. I am sure everyone will have a great time…Have a drink and a brownie for me 😉

    With regards to photos… just an offer, I have a place to put images that can be password protected and available for downloading if you are interested. Most of you that are going have my email address so let me know if you’re interested.

  370. SWM-TXSD says:

    thanks nc gent
    Everything is fine beach. slow day here at the office

    • OCSugarbaby says:

      The LA Dinner will be “LA Casual” (Shorts, flip-flops and dark sunglasses for those that want to stay anonymous!)

  371. 2Chic says:

    Hi OC, glad to see you back. I do apologize, you get it.

  372. Beach_Girl*395953 says:

    OC~ When I get to LA , we will have our own dinner party lol….

  373. 2Chic says:

    Hi Beach… my sentiments exactly about the dinners. I want to attend too! Sooo jealous.

  374. Beach_Girl*395953 says:

    NCGent~ No Ontario is too far lol, Montreal!! lol

    Hi SWM~ i’m good how about you?

    OC~ you make me laugh!

    NYGent~ Cheat sheet lol, yeah you get to know everyone’s real name YAY… I do hope you are all going to take photos and share?

  375. NC Gent says:

    Yes — black is so thinning for me — thanks for the tips on spinach and heels — duly noted! I actually think I will be wearing a black sweater — just because it is the only one I own and it sounds like it will be cold! The pant color depends upon what I see first in my closet lol

    Glad I could make you laugh OC :)

  376. Anna Molly says:

    I’m wearing black. People will think I’m going to a funeral, but at least I’ll look skinny…lol.

  377. SWM-TXSD says:

    hey beach. hows it going

  378. SWM-TXSD says:

    sorry guys I know it has been posted 500 times. what is the link for the chicgo meet and greet.

  379. NC Gent says:

    Hi BG — yeah I think they are a good idea. I know SDN is doing one in January in Chicago. I think a Texas one is in the works also — maybe we need to have an Ontario sugar dinner??!!

  380. Anna Molly says:

    I’m glad you mentioned the cheat sheet…I have to remember mine :)

  381. Anna Molly says:

    Hi everybody that just signed on :)

  382. Anna Molly says:

    I’m getting there early so I can have a drink before the feast…lol

  383. Beach_Girl*395953 says:

    Hi Everyone! On my lunch…

    OC~ Nice to see you here, love you girl!! 😉

    NCGent~ Think maybe these dinners should be done more often… I am so jealous that you all get to meet!!! Wish I could have gone. I know it’s going to be amazing fun.

    Villla~ how are you sister?

  384. NC Gent says:

    Hi NYG! I am really looking forward to meeting some of the fellow bloggers! I have met two in the past, but never so many at once. This should be a great time!

    • OCSugarbaby says:

      NC Gent you were successful in busting me out of the funk! LOL :)
      Black hides everything!!! And heels make your legs look longer… Ohh don’t order anything with spinach, you will be worried about the little green specks in between your teeth!.

  385. 2Chic says:

    Good Morning Suga Fam. Very cold and rainy here….ughh!

  386. NYGent says:

    And we are all bringing cheat sheets with everybody’s real first names.

  387. NC Gent says:

    The dinner guest list is:

    NY Gent, NC Gent, CB, NYCSB, AM, Muse, ECF, Midwest SB, Yaz and NEOhio

  388. NC Gent says:

    Hi OC — I am wearing an LBD to the dinner party — I hope it doesn’t make my butt look too big — well bigger than it already is!!!

  389. VillaCypris *396153* says:

    AznCanadian Rose says:
    December 7, 2009 at 9:17 am
    Thanks Villa and SDN!
    I dunno, I guess I’m self-conscious…so many HAWT girls here. Just wooozers! and my voice is not sexy at all. In Ontario, girls outnumber the guys ~6 to 1.

    Think of it this way…. everyone has “insecurities”…. even “hot” girls, handsome men, wealthy men, etc. It’s only “human”. If you keep this in your mind, then people become less scary, less intimidating, and are just normal people like yourself.

    So don’t be self-conscious… value yourself in ABSOLUTE terms, not in terms RELATIVE to others….

  390. SWM-TXSD says:

    I have not said a word OC…lol

  391. AznCanadian Rose says:

    Thanks Villa and SDN!
    I dunno, I guess I’m self-conscious…so many HAWT girls here. Just wooozers! and my voice is not sexy at all. In Ontario, girls outnumber the guys ~6 to 1.

    Cleo: That really stinks but I think you’re fabulous. 😀

  392. SD NEOhio (SDN) says:

    Cleo: I have no doubt most of the men suck. I think most men in life probably suck. I do think we get better with age…I sure hope so because I started as a pretty big jerk.

  393. VillaCypris *396153* says:

    NYCSB – yeah, I was thinking that as well… KW is *hot*…. :)

  394. SD NEOhio (SDN) says:

    AznCanadianRose: Realize we SDs are just as nervous. What if you don’t like us? What if the chemistry we both want isn’t there? What if I just say something clumsy?

    OC: Hmmmm…all the SBs? Not a bad idea, I like the way you think. Not sure what you mean about flirting. Me? You must have me confused with someone else.

  395. SWM-TXSD says:

    good morning all

    • OCSugarbaby says:

      NYC SB, thank you it means more to me than you will ever know! Hey save me a brownie!

      Rut Ro the sassy SD’s are bloging~! lol Behave boys!!!

      • OCSugarbaby says:

        Who is going to New York for the SD/SB dinner? What are you wearing to the dinner?! I need happy convo’s today. Trying to bust out of my weepy funk!

  396. NYC SB says:

    VC – yeah… tough loss for your team last night… i have a secret crush on cardinals qb… such a stud he is YUM lol so I was not rooting for the Vikings :(

    OC – glad to see you back on blog… you and BF were in my prayers last night

  397. VillaCypris *396153* says:

    Hey cleo –

    that happened to me in September…. someone was here on business from NYC, so I agreed to meet him for dinner… during which he talked about all the cities to which he was travelling after he left here… and I think really did expect me to come back to his hotel room…. which I had no intention of doing. Texted him thank you the next day, and received no response then, or since. So, my guess is that his MO is to have “dinner” with a woman in every city and hope that she will f**k him afterwards.. thinking that if she does, he will be interested and pursue an arrangement with him. Regardless, she’ll never hear from him again.

  398. cleo says:

    and yes please, no more you’ve got mails… if they don’t answer for a while it is okay to ask if they got it.. if you’re worried about your interpretation of their email address from a blog suggestion… but that’s about it…
    SDN: do you ever have cereal with yogurt and berries (and maybe nutella) for breakfast? my friend aa and i often make granola from scratch, that stuff is so easy and soooo delicious!

  399. cleo says:

    SDN: so far i’ve had one whole date because of this site… (those of you figuring that i’m only here for the blog at this point? are right)

    he showed up, very late… but i let it go because he was at a conference and i know how those go.

    so he showed up, told me my photos didn’t do my justice, that i was bright and awesome. said things like “ohhh i like you” after i said something clever etc.

    invited me back to his hotel (not room i think, just hotel) and i said no. i said that i was wiped from the workshop i had attended and that i was falling asleep and good night. (i kissed him on the cheek and allowed him to lip kiss me peck style)

    never heard from him again. this was a great date that got me home AFTER one am and i never heard from him again. this from a guy who ON his profile says “I’d like a friendship above all. Everything after that is just icing on the cake.”

    so forgive us if we want to believe you but find it difficult… even though we respect ourselves enough to wait for imaginary men who don’t demand sex for buying dinner.

  400. VillaCypris *396153* says:

    Bye Lisa – have a great day!

    OC !!!!!!!!
    good to see you…. 😀
    our buddy Favre let us down last night….
    hope your friend is doing better today!!!

    • OCSugarbaby says:

      Cleo I am sorry to hear about your date. Nevertheless, you will go on many more and it takes just one to make the sugar fairy dust fly! Keep a positive attitude and a big dose of advice is to keep in touch with the two dimensional people out in the world. Online dating be it sugar or not can put your head in a very strange place. Meaning that you are shocked and surprised when people do not show respect or courtesy. They are in the internet mind set. “Not going to see that person every again and I don’t have to have manners”. I hate that part of internet interaction! So rude! However, you sound like you have a positive attitude.
      Villa even Farve has bad days. I have not gotten a report this morning on any changes in his condition. I am hoping to get one by 12n.

  401. lisa says:

    Thanks OC I’m still nervous and what am I going to tell my family when I get back? Yikes, I think i’ll be spending Christmas alone this year as they will disown me. Anyway I’m way old enough to do as a I please.

    Villa, I always have the peppermint mocha.

    Got to go down to the mall now to meet my parents for lunch
    Have a good day everyone

  402. VillaCypris *396153* says:

    awwwww… don’t be nervous! he’s in the same position as you are… talking to someone new for the 1st/2nd time… just be yourself and all will be well. :)

    yea, i had a white chocolate gingerbread latte saturday… lisa… :)

  403. AznCanadian Rose says:

    Thanks, Villa!

    I’m so nervous though! Gah, I was a train wreck just talking to one of them on the phone….

  404. lisa says:

    I think so. Still drinking the coke and starbucks though, that is staying, lol

  405. VillaCypris *396153* says:

    That’s too bad! Sounds like you are doing well on your new healthy diet though! :)

    • OCSugarbaby says:

      Good Morning Villa! Lisa Penelope! NYCSB! ACR! TRU! AM! SDN! NYGent! Stephan!
      Lisa Penelope I am so very proud of you. You will have a lovely time with him. The visit will fly by and you will be saying that you wish you had more time to spend with him! I will think positive happy thoughts for you! Enjoy 😉
      Villa! Miss you girl.
      NYCSB! I second the “YGM” posts! Ugh! I am amazed at the number of posts!
      SDN! Oy Vey, the double entendre’s and suggestive flirting! We need to put a suggestive rating on the blog. Enter with caution or cover your eyes. Are you and SWM SD ploting to take over the blog and keep all the SB’s to yourselves? lol

  406. lisa says:

    There aren’t any trader joe’s in Houston. There is a farmer’s market somewhere on the other side of town but I haven’t been in years as it’s a really bad side of town and there is no way to get there.

  407. VillaCypris *396153* says:

    Lisa – are there trader joe’s in houston? They usually have good prices on both fresh and frozen berries…

  408. lisa says:

    I love blueberries but only eat them about once a week because they’re 4 dollars a package. Today I will cheat and have a chicken sandwich and a latte. I haven’t eaten meat since friday when I had a lite subway sandwhich so I guess it’s ok. Been substituting nuts for meat

  409. VillaCypris *396153* says:

    Tru – yes, I do in fact love the snow and cold weather…. we have four seasons here, for sure! It’s nice.

    Lisa – congrats! yay for continuing to eat healthy :) i have some banana/blueberry muffins that my mom made yesterday. yum!

    ACR – good luck! hope at least one of the three pots is legit!

  410. lisa says:

    Houston had snow this last friday. The ground was covered. Weird being out in it and having it all over my coat.

  411. AznCanadian Rose says:

    Boo. Exams. It sucks.

    But on the bright side I’m meeting 3 potentials after the exam period.

  412. lisa says:

    Hi Anna Molly, Villa, everyone else

    Been eating healthy. Hooked on oatmeal, instant kind though
    Lost 5 lbs in a month, 105 lbs now.

    yes I’m excited but scared, what if he doesn’t like me? I haven’t been out of Houston in almost 7 years. Anyway it’s something I didn’t think i’d ever do and now I’m about to do it, very exciting.

  413. Tru says:

    VC – Your so lucky to be where there is snow, snow in the UK is crap as I love to snowboard can’t wait till the January when I’m off to Canada loads of snow there :)

  414. VillaCypris *396153* says:

    AZCanadianRose – hello! :)

  415. VillaCypris *396153* says:

    AM – guten morgen.

    tru – greetings!

    SDN – we have 6 inches of snow coming tomorrow night/wednesday… hope it doesn’t travel your way!

  416. VillaCypris *396153* says:

    Hey good morning all! :)

    Lisa – where you been??? Exciting!!! SO happy you get to meet your SD finally!!!

    NYCSB – wish I could say the same about the vikings… what a painful game to watch…. bbf didn’t miss a thing! 😉

  417. Tru says:

    Morning everyone, how’s everyone doing?

  418. Anna Molly says:

    Yay Lisa! I’m so excited for you :)

  419. NYC SB says:

    Hiya AM – So excited about our NYC meet tomorrow… I will be baking brownies tonight… lets hope I havent lost my touch lol

  420. lisa says:

    Good morning everyone

    Slept late this morning, already had my hot chocolate and oatmeal though

    Gloomy day here. A little over a week till I travel to meet my sd.

  421. SD NEOhio (SDN) says:

    AznCanadian Rose: Hello!

    AM: I agree don’t want people to take it wrong and think we are just kidding.

  422. Anna Molly says:

    LOL…I guess we should watch what we say..

    Hi AznCanadian Rose :)

  423. AznCanadian Rose says:

    Hi y’alls!

  424. SD NEOhio (SDN) says:

    AM: I’m ready to dominate …may not have been the best line from you to me with…to be beat by you is a pleasure…posted from me to you earlier.

    NYC SB: I agree with you on the “you have mail”…at least as a stand alone post.

  425. Anna Molly says:

    That sounds good to me 😉

    Here is my bowl of cereal (_) o.k. I’m ready to dominate…lol.

  426. NYC SB says:

    Good morning all – I feel like I am still frozen from last nights Giants game… at least they won WHOO HOOO

    Also, small request – can we cut out on the whole “you have mail” clearly if you send an email to someone they will check it… no need to put it on the blog… it gets too long to begin with

  427. SD NEOhio (SDN) says:

    I love cereal. It is easy to make, can be healthy, filling and lots of choices. So how about we share a bowl of cereal and a hot chocolate? Seems no one else wants to blog with us so we will have breakfast together and dominate the blog!!!

  428. Anna Molly says:

    I love Life cereal…it’s one of my faves :)

  429. SD NEOhio (SDN) says:

    You may be the only person on the blog to ever ask me what cereal I am eating..Life cereal. You know the one with the commercial “Mikey will eat it”.

    I understand the lazy. Wish it was Friday at 4:30 instead of Monday morning.

  430. Anna Molly says:

    I’m doing good this morning, but feeling lazy…lol

  431. Anna Molly says:

    Yes I did :)

    What kind of cereal? :)

  432. SD NEOhio (SDN) says:

    aintthatinnocent: OK I just spit cereal all over my laptop laughing. ‘I have access to your punani’…roflmao. Alright I have cleaned the laptop and stopped laughing till it hurts.

    AM: How are you this morning? Did you get a laugh out of the above?

  433. SD NEOhio Why aren’t you on my side of the world?!? Most of the guys see it as ‘I buy you things/give you money’ = ‘I have access to your punani’. Yet they don’t want to get an escort! G’nite, talk to you soon.

  434. Anna Molly says:

    aintthatinnocent ~ Good night :)

  435. SD NEOhio (SDN) says:

    Night aintthatinnocent

    AM: Jumping on and off as time allows today.

  436. still asleep? Which is where I’m headed right now! It is 2.08 a.m. and I’m tired! Good night. :)

  437. SD NEOhio (SDN) says:

    aintthatinnocent: If you and I were interested in each other I would not be pushing you to sleep with me. Oh I would be thinking about it and want that eventually. My approach is no different then a typical BF/GF relationship, do we have chemistry, enjoy talking/emailing, are there activities we will enjoy together such as sports, wine bars, etc. If I were to meet you and ask you on a traditional date I wouldn’t expect asking you to sleep with me would be a good move. I also wouldn’t want to continue to date a girl that sleeps with a guy on the first date – don’t mean offend anyone but that is my preference.

  438. Anna Molly says:

    Where did everybody go?

  439. Anna Molly It’s okay hun, I got it. 😀 *giggles* Some of those frogs are darn ugly!

    SD NEOhio I’ve had lots of pressure from guys to sleep with them. Groping, innuendos… It’s quite normal now actually (that sounds horrible). Come visit!

  440. Anna Molly says:

    I’m not saying you should hook up with any of the freaks..lol. I’m just saying you have to put up with a lot of crap before you find the right one..lol.

    Sorry, I’m a little distracted today :)

  441. Anna Molly says:

    aintthatinnocent ~ You have to kiss a lot of frogs before you find your prince.

    Boy, does that sound corny or what…..lol.

  442. SD NEOhio (SDN) says:

    aitnthatinnocent: Sorry to hear that you are getting requests that don’t respect you and realize you bring more to the relationship then sex. These men that obviously don’t realize what an arrangement is about. If I was living in Melbourne my search would be looking up!

  443. SD NEOhio – Thank you for the compliment! So far I’ve gotten a lot of sexual demands, but I’ll keep on it, there are decent men out there! How’s your search going?

  444. Anna Molly says:

    My computer is about to die I think…ugh.

    Yes, give it time…. :)

    I have lots to say this morning don’t I…lol

  445. SD NEOhio (SDN) says:

    aintthatinnocent: been trying to catch up on the blog. Checked out your profile and you are very attractive so give it time and you will find the SD that is right for you!

  446. G’morning Anna Molly and SD NEOhio. It’s nearly bedtime for me here.

  447. SD NEOhio (SDN) says:

    Morning aintthatinnocent and AM.

    Haven’t been around, busy weekend.

  448. cleo – Thank you, thank you for the comments, they have made my day! But honestly, I don’t have the body for it – much too curvy and have inherited the typical short asian legs. Not to mention I’m actually short haha.

    Isn’t anyone online?

  449. SD NEOhio (SDN) says:

    Morning everyone. I no drinking beer, glad to see so many new contributors, and no I am not sharing my boxer/brief proclivities with the blog.

    aintthatinnocent: I would have never gotten Malaysian.

  450. cleo says:

    aintthatinnocent: well, you look like a couple of korean girls i know. that said, your face is a touch delicate for them.

    being ‘international looking’ is all the rage in modelling… you have the body, you photograph well…

    i wish i was 17 about 5 years ago, my look would have made me a killing. unfortunately when i was me and 17? christie brinkley was in and cindy crawford was ‘ethnic’

  451. aintthatinnocent says:

    cleo– Darling, you got the nationality most people mistake me for. Any luck shopping?

    I don’t think anyone would get it. So here it is:

    I was born in Malaysia.

    I don’t look Malaysian however, and when I went on a visit last year, everyone thought I was foreign and was shocked when I spoke Malay.

    I guess being International-looking is a good thing. :) Love breaking molds and I definitely don’t fit the typical asian stereotype. The best way to put it is I’m a caucasian girl born in an exotic shell haha!

  452. cleo says:

    photo: well, the BP site certainly has a bunch of great LBD’s!

    i just hope they don’t deliver to canada!

  453. photogirl says:

    Cleo – Cute dresses, I’ve always wanted to learn 50’s dance. Yes, that sweater also caught my eye!

    I am meeting a pot for New Years Eve weekend… So I have been on the hunt for two LBDs. :) One for NYE and the other for a play we are going to the following evening.

    I am out….good night all.

  454. cleo says:

    photo: i am coveting the vivien of holloway 50’s swing dress and i bet the guys would like them too…

    oh my, that boston proper stuff is … wow… some of it is lovely, like that sweater with the sliced up sleeves

  455. 2Chic says:

    Ph-G… maybe they will come back, but at least they did contribute. No men have stepped up on the West to have a SB dinner. That really is a funky thing.

  456. photogirl says:

    Cleo – Take a look at the Boston Proper website. He has suggested a few from there. They actually have some really nice things.

    I don’t get the opportunity to get ‘dressed up’ much… so it is always nice to hear input from the men on what they like.

  457. cleo says:

    photo is SWM seriously picking outfits for you? i’m totally curious what he’s recommending…

  458. cleo says:

    Napa: nervous is good!
    Rachel: i know right?

  459. photogirl says:

    2Chic – I am the only one from FL currently. Sweetred, KitKat and Kitten have not been on the blog in quite sometime. If there are any FL SDs I do not recall ever seeing them on the blog.

  460. NapaSB says:

    sooo I have a pot SD date on tuesday this week :) kind of nervous

  461. Rachel 386002 says:

    LOL cleo… that does sound odd. Hi Napa! 2Chic is still with us… this is all good. My pc is taking quite a while to load so sry if I’m a bit slow on the comments.

  462. NapaSB says:

    haha oh no!

  463. 2Chic says:

    hi ladies I am here. getting teed at anyone if in the state of CA for not participating more on the blog. I mean have you seen #’s from CA alone. Hey I am sticking my tongue out to all the CA lurkers on the blog!…humph.

  464. cleo says:

    hi napa!

    whenever i see you i get inspired to get a glass of wine

    my pants, which are fitting how they always fit in the runup to xmas (read: badly!) protest…

  465. cleo says:

    (so hot i expect candid camera to show up if i ever go meet him)

  466. NapaSB says:

    Hi cleo and Rachel! i’m still up as well :)

  467. cleo says:

    yeah rachel that happens to me a lot. ah well.

    so funny, i sent like 20 emails to SD’s both here and on seeking millionaire… not ONE answer (okay one “thanks but i’m seeing someone right now”)

    randomly check this regular dating site and find email from one of the singularly hottest men i’ve ever seen. someone explain this to me?

  468. Rachel 386002 says:

    they all left us cleo :(

  469. cleo says:

    i’m still up.

  470. Rachel 386002 says:

    to all of you who helped with comments on my profile, it has been updated, I also rearranged my pics and added a different body pic while I’m waiting for the pics from this weekend to come back to me. I’m sure my profile will not be approved till tomorrow the earliest.


    11:50 here in CT… I’m still up!

  471. 2Chic says:

    I know a lot of Californians are lurking on the blog, you just as well join. Not fair that only a few of us contribute. Come on in, we will not bite, at least not on a female….lol.

  472. 2Chic says:

    OK… it is 8:40 in CA, anybody still up ?

  473. SWM_TXSD 156755 says:

    i’m out. good night to all

  474. Beach_Girl*395953 says:

    2Chic~ Thanks so do you!

    Good night all ladies, gents and lurkers!
    See you all soon

  475. 2Chic says:

    Hey Beach, Girl U Rock!

  476. NYGent says:

    OC: hoping your guy gets better soon

  477. Rachel 386002 says:

    Did I scare everyone off?

  478. SWM_TXSD 156755 says:

    well there goes my thong at the beach look I was going for next summer

  479. Beach_Girl*395953 says:

    2Chic~ 2 u girl!

  480. cleo says:

    i think you’re korean miss aintthatinnocent….
    swm: like tattoos, haven’t been inspired to get one…
    boxer BRIEFS all the way!

    also, as an ex competitive swimmer at a high level let me just get behind whoever said that if you aren’t a water polo player or competitive swimmer no speedos for you!

    (okay, if you LOOK like you could try out for the national team in any sport you can wear speedos… otherwise “boy short” style briefs as a swimsuit at the most)

  481. 2Chic says:

    Beach…. girlfriend… you got mail!

  482. photogirl says:

    Lunae – I do apologize, I meant to respond to your post earlier and Cleo’s comment just reminded me. She is right… everyone is different and prefers different things… like TLG said WALDT(we all like different things). Hang in there and most of all have patience… It does take sometime… TXSB was very fortunate to find Realistic so soon in her search…but from what I gather from others and my own experience, this is not the norm.

    Did you contact that SD in Ohio that she was referring to? He may rethink his position about a local SB after hearing from you.

  483. SWM_TXSD 156755 says:

    cleo’s into tattoes
    just kidding

  484. Rachel 386002 says:

    LOL… fingers too fast… I meant SWM

  485. Rachel 386002 says:

    SMW… you started it so it is still about you. 😉

  486. photogirl says:

    Rachel, Boxers are #1, Boxerbriefs #2.

    SWMTXSD – Yes I did, thank you for the suggestions!

  487. cleo says:

    Lunae: should i leave because i’m over thirty and curvy instead of skinny? i saw a profile recently of a very hot tattooed man who lives in ohio (and only wants someone in his state sorry) who would be all over a girl with tattoos.

    lots of girls here are cute instead of beautiful… i mean if every guy wanted the paris hilton lookalike there would be no redheads or brunettes right?

  488. SWM_TXSD 156755 says:

    what in the heck are you girls talking about.
    I thougt tonight was all about be darn it.

  489. SWM_TXSD 156755 says:

    cleo you have mail

  490. RadiantRed says:

    SWM-Okay, I think alot of people have that problem if your not in a big city. Gosh knows I do!

  491. Rachel 386002 says:

    photo… I agree… boxer briefs aren’t bad…..

    I didn’t mean to totally turn the direction of this evenings conversation… but it has my FULL attention now

  492. SWM_TXSD 156755 says:

    phto did you get last email
    I am working on her yew years eve outfit.

  493. Beach_Girl*395953 says:

    2Chic~ oups,,, sent you mail sorry…

  494. Rachel 386002 says:

    2Chic…. speedos…. you should have to show some sort of proof that you are on a swim team or the sort to buy them. Otherwise they should be able to bonk you with one of those crane operated boxing gloves (thinking Roger Rabbit right now).

    Just my opinion.

  495. photogirl says:

    I have to agree with you 2Chic…. Although I don’t turn tail and walk away but let them know we REALLY need to take him shopping for boxers. The boxer briefs aren’t too bad though.

  496. Beach_Girl*395953 says:

    My espresso is not keeping me awake… darn!

    2Chic~ I will mail you tomorrow, where in LA are you at? When I go i’m in Van Nuys, but I have a car so…. can go anywhere!

  497. Rachel 386002 says:

    what about the Jared commercial with the gps? Why doesn’t he go all office space on the gps?

    2 women tag teaming a car sales man… that would be HILAROUS… bring a camera! Maybe could be the next hit reality tv series! LOL

  498. SWM_TXSD 156755 says:


  499. 2Chic says:

    Rachel I am glad that it is a fact. I hate to see a man in briefs, speedos, and the like. I will turn tail and walk the opposite way quick….. lol

  500. Beach_Girl*395953 says:

    Taz~ Oh yeah a whole 15 hours a week to me!! YAY Lmao….

  501. Taz says:

    Wooohooo- thx 2Chic! It’s not here yet…but I am happily waiting :)

  502. RadiantRed says:

    SWM- Are you having trouble finding one locally or entirely? Maybe I missed something?

  503. Taz says:

    Hey AM! How are you sweetie?

    BG – feeling better with one less job??

  504. 2Chic says:

    Taz you got mail….smile.

  505. Anna Molly says:

    I hate those “he went to Jared” commercials…they wanna make me puke….blah!

  506. SWM_TXSD 156755 says:

    rachel you have mail

  507. Taz says:

    Haha – 2Chic – I think I am too tired tonight

  508. Anna Molly says:

    Rachel…we should totally tag team um’….lol :)
    I love messing with them too :)

  509. Rachel 386002 says:

    SWM…. boxers are better then briefs… it’s scientifically proven. tehehe

  510. SWM_TXSD 156755 says:

    in the morning 2chic. have pic at the office computer. and I dont really think anybody wants me to take a picture right now in my boxers

  511. Rachel 386002 says:

    why is everyone but me getting mail (sniff sniff) LOL! I missed you guys! :)

  512. Rachel 386002 says:

    Anna… I used to sell too… that’s why they make me soooo mad. I completely screw with them. It’s fun at first, then I get annoyed, then I get angry… it’s a process.
    I used to be a mgr at an audi dealership so they freak when I mention I know the owner of their dealership… or I’ll high five one of the people I used to work with… you know how people in the industry move from place to place.

    But I really do hate buying cars… and I’d REALLY like to ninja kick the guys sometime… especially the greenpeas who don’t know when the gig is up.

  513. 2Chic says:

    SWM are you just checking our profiles, honi you said you would send us pics. I haven’t gotten one. Back a way from the beer…. slowly back a way.

  514. SWM_TXSD 156755 says:

    red – yes FIGHTING COAST GUARD. And please feel sorry for me. I am having trouble finding a SB

  515. 2Chic says:

    cool, just let me know when.

  516. RadiantRed says:

    Ok back…

    Kinda feel bad for SWM if I didn’t know he has been gulping 😉 Well, I guess I still kinda do.

    Military Channel, ex military?

  517. SWM_TXSD 156755 says:

    photo – you have mail

  518. SWM_TXSD 156755 says:

    beach – you have mail

  519. Beach_Girl*395953 says:

    2Chic~ I am trying to get back to LA soon, need to see my friends!
    If you have taz , Anna or photo’s email they can give you mine!

  520. 2Chic says:

    Hey Ladies! That means I like you gals…. pretty cool.

  521. Anna Molly says:

    I’ll go car shopping with you Rachel. I used to sell cars so I know all the tricks my dear. Next time you go in, ask them what the holdback is…the look of shock on their face will be priceless…lol.

  522. 2Chic says:

    SWM… you are a mess! LMBO, soooo funny.

  523. 2Chic says:

    I am in the process of relocating to the beach, and if you ladies ever visit LA, please let me know. You must come and spend a few days at my place. Uh… OK, it is the Southern Hospitality in me that does this, cuz many Californians are not this open about showing love. ….. lol.

  524. Beach_Girl*395953 says:

    SWM~ lmao… sorry for your hurt feelings, it’s ok you;ll get over it

  525. SWM_TXSD 156755 says:

    rach – hell no

  526. SWM_TXSD 156755 says:

    beach I have never been so offended in all of my life. Here I am trying to husstle all the women on the blog and you want to call me out!!!!!!!
    Well I can tell you I will not meet you, beach or anyone else until ya’ll prove to me that ya’ll are not just looking for a piece of meat. I have feelings(I cry myself to sleep at night for goodess sake).
    I am getting ready to go watch the military cahnnel

  527. Rachel 386002 says:

    Hi all… sry to have disappeared for a day or two… car shopping… TOTALLY stinks! I absolutely hate car shopping. Annoying sales guys praying on a woman walking in! Would it be wrong of me to ninja kick them???

  528. Beach_Girl*395953 says:

    Taz~ we need to know if the photo is current!!! lmao

  529. Taz says:

    Hey BG – lmao…!

  530. SWM_TXSD 156755 says:

    photo mail

  531. Beach_Girl*395953 says:

    SWM~ I want the photo to have proof… like tomorrow’s morning paper with the date LMAO…

    Hey eveyone

  532. Taz says:

    What would I like??

  533. SWM_TXSD 156755 says:

    tommrow when I go to work i will email everyone that has emailed me with a photo(will not be exciting).
    taz what would you like good looking?

  534. Taz says:

    Lol – thx 2Chic – I don’t have your addy and I am waaaay too lazy to go back and look…maybe I just don’t deserve any mail 😉

  535. 2Chic says:

    OH Taz sweetheart, send me an email.

  536. Shantelle says:

    Flo Rida – thank you sweetie….

  537. Taz says:

    Hi 2Chic!

  538. Taz says:

    Everyone’s getting mail!..gone to email and I am here alone…:(

  539. 2Chic says:

    Thanks SWM…….Heyyyyy. where are the pics.

  540. Taz says:

    Hello everyone!!

    SWM – I thought you told me your were prematurely balding, short…lol….

    How did everyone’s sugar dates go this weekend?

  541. SWM_TXSD 156755 says:

    2chic you have mail

  542. SWM_TXSD 156755 says:


  543. 2Chic says:

    Well in the heck did everyone go? Hellooooo… yooohoooo! Suga’s where are you????

  544. SWM_TXSD 156755 says:

    beach – mail

  545. 2Chic says:

    I can tell …. he is just letting it out there huh?…..lol

  546. 2Chic says:

    SWM You’ve got mail

  547. Anna Molly says:

    2Chic ~ He’s been drinking beer…lol

  548. 2Chic says:

    I am going to act like I have no clue what you are talking about…. la la la la la la… can’t hear you…la la

  549. 2Chic says:

    Regular? huh?

  550. SWM_TXSD 156755 says:

    2chic – I like a girl who is regular

  551. SWM_TXSD 156755 says:

    ann email me also.
    LADIES – I am not just a pre-mature greying balding fat guy. I have a brain also.
    I will not be just a piece of meat to ya’ll. I have feelings(not really)

  552. Anna Molly says:

    Hey…what about me..lol

  553. 2Chic says:

    OH Gosh, I can’t believe I just put that out there!………lol….:blush

  554. RadiantRed says:

    Hey Anna!

    Flo Rida: Earlier I did not mean to overlook your advice for me. Between the kids screaming and the comp freezing it got left out. Sorry :( Thanks!

  555. SWM_TXSD 156755 says:

    2chic – I dont think I have. will be more than happy. what is your profile number

  556. 2Chic says:

    doing good, feeling good.

    Chillaxin with a glass of Muscat. Should have eaten first, but so addicted to V8 until it is ridiculous. That is the key to weight loss….V8…drink a glass in morning, and the nutrients sticks to you. The rest of the crap moves on during the day.

  557. Anna Molly says:

    Hmmmm, I don’t think I read your post right..or did I?…lol

  558. Anna Molly says:

    I don’t see anything wrong with it. So what if somebody gets turned on by the idea of a SD/SB relationship :)

  559. 2Chic says:

    SWM….dude email me those pics…. want a visual.
    You have already seen me I am sure.

  560. Anna Molly says:

    I’m awesome :)

    How are you hunny bunny? :)

  561. 2Chic says:

    What do you think about a person being in the SB just for the thrill and fun of it. Not looking for a serious relationship, just want to enjoy the moments. Is that such a bad thing.

  562. Poor OC! I’ll be back in a few hours. Going out to meet a friend.

  563. SWM_TXSD 156755 says:

    HEY anna

  564. 2Chic says:

    Hi Anna baby! How are you?

  565. 2Chic says:

    Well thank you soooo much , I was really in the dark and I was sadden to hear such.

    I think I checked your profile already. There were no picture.

  566. SWM_TXSD 156755 says:

    photo you’ve got mail

  567. SWM_TXSD 156755 says:

    2chic no. but will email them if you like.

  568. 2Chic says:

    Is anyone out there, there… there. there. (echoes) crickets.

  569. 2Chic says:

    Could someone one please fill me in about OC ‘s situation. What happen …someone…

  570. 2Chic says:

    How is every one, Hello!

    SWM do you have pics of yourself on your profile

  571. Beach_Girl*395953 says:

    be back in a few!

    Hope everyone had a good day

  572. Beach_Girl*395953 says:

    Hey Anna!

    Hi SWM~
    Hi everyone!

  573. SWM_TXSD 156755 says:

    I dont want to know anymore. Just going to sit here and lurck…:p

  574. Beach_Girl*395953 says:

    LOL Anna he’s a man, he need a drawing! lol

    Hi just here for a minute!

  575. VS pj bottoms! We don’t have a VS store here yet, which sucks.

    Poor SWM_TXSD. You might score an invite yet! Haha.

  576. Yaz10 says:

    AM: High Five!!!!!!! :-)

  577. Anna Molly says:

    You do have an imagination….right? 😉

  578. Anna Molly says:

    Sorry, I don’t lie..lol…at least they’re VS pj bottoms. :)

  579. SWM_TXSD 156755 says:

    annti – I am hurt…lol

  580. SWM_TXSD 156755 says:

    yaz justbob370 at the yah thing

  581. I COULD technically strip, but I’m going out soon. Can’t be walking around without clothes on! My body is a very exclusive private club – membership by invitation only! Haha.

  582. Yaz10 says:

    SWM_TXSD: Can’t do. Im no more a paying member.

  583. SWM_TXSD 156755 says:

    annti – why not just panties and it is to hot for that….
    sorry everyone been drinking beer.
    my search is not going well.

  584. Black short Shorts and a purple tank. It’s way too hot for anything else!

  585. SWM_TXSD 156755 says:

    NOT hot anna. I am an old man. LIE to me…lol

  586. Anna Molly says:

    I’m just wearing a t-shirt and pj bottoms..lol

  587. SWM_TXSD 156755 says:

    yaz shoot me an email

  588. Anna Molly says:

    Hey Yaz! You have mail :)

  589. SWM_TXSD 156755 says:

    that was good BS

  590. SWM_TXSD 156755 says:

    ok dallas got thier butt kicked. been drinking beer.
    So – girls what are we wearing tonight…lol

  591. RadiantRed says:

    SWM_TXD: Nah, just goofing around. Was worth a shot though.

  592. RadiantRed says:

    OC sorry to hear about your situation, hope all goes well with you and you are in my thoughts and prayers!

  593. SWM_TXSD 156755 says:

    Red – do you work for the CIA?

  594. I’m 100% Asian as far as I know, but I might have a recessive gene somewhere – apparently my great uncles had gray eyes and light brown hair.

    I might keep you guys hanging for a few hours. 😛 See if anyone else gets it hehe.

  595. RadiantRed says:

    aintthatinnocent: Thanks for your input. And the answer to your question: You are originally from the Netherlands, your mother is Haiwaiian, your father Irish, and your family moved to Australia for your fathers work :)

  596. SWM_TXSD 156755 says:

    photo or cleo are ya’ll on teh blog right now

  597. Yaz10 says:

    Hum I can see that lol What I meant is tell us if you are 100% asian or mixed or something I don’t know…
    I would have thought Japanese or Taiwanese but I must be wrong on both counts so since I am quite illiterate (lol) about Asian countries I will just stop guessing at this point…

    Hi Anna :-) Do you have anything specific in mind ( shopping wise) ? lol Please say LBD….

  598. SWM_TXSD 156755 says:

    Or I think im gong jappanise

  599. SWM_TXSD 156755 says:

    philipeno or yappesian Cannot spell either one of them. Or if all else fail hawian

  600. Yaz10 and SWM_TXSD Your guesses keep getting weirder and weirder! Well I’m obviously Asian, and a fair-skinned Asian with fairly small eyes, so that should rule out half of the Asian countries haha!

  601. RadiantRed says:

    Hello Rudy, nice to “virtually” see you too! Maybe my comp will stay unfroze for awhile so I can actually participate!

  602. Yaz10 says:

    Oc~ I am sorry to hear about everything that has been happening to you and your SD/BF lately…I hope it all gets better soon. I will include you both in my prayers..

  603. RadiantRed – I’d say that he’s just playing. If he does want a proper SD/SB relationship, he’d make more effort to get to know you. Maybe tell him about your issues with non-communication, and that you aren’t going to sleep with him on the first date! Usually the men who I’d pursue something with AREN’T the ones who mention something sexual when I’ve just got to know them. Tell the losers to find an escort if they don’t want a relationship. :) Good luck hun.

  604. Yaz10 says:

    *figure it out*

  605. Rudy says:

    Good Evening Sweet Sugars!

    Radiant Red: Nice to ‘virtually’ see you :) I agree, don’t waste time trying to figure this guy out. There are too many great pot SDs out there.

  606. SWM_TXSD 156755 says:

    russian mongollian

  607. Yaz10 says:

    Lol Ainthatinnocent, no offense but we have all tried to figure out…. and unless you give us a hint or something we will all just give up and wait for you to tell us what your ethnic background is…
    And I cosign with SWM_TXSD that you are very pretty

  608. SWM_TXSD 156755 says:

    annti – mongollian

  609. Yaz10 – Hah wrong! Next! :)

    SWM_TXSD – Umm, thanks? I certainly don’t think I’m as hot as some of the girls on here – have you seen some of their pictures??!?! Wowsers. *prays* Father in heaven, why didn’t you give me the long legs?

    Flo Rida – I’ll get my girlfriend to take photos of me when we go out this Friday. I don’t have very many full length photos, hence the guy in said photo. Oh gosh VB has to be the worst Ozzie beer, and no one eats meat pies heaps anymore haha. And I’m not Shanghainese!

    Can anyone get my ethnic background right? (Don’t worry if you don’t get it. My university uses my face/personality for lots of public relations and publications: I look international apparently. Get people from different Asian countries who think I’m from their country and start speaking to me in some foreign language. Haha).

  610. SWM_TXSD 156755 says:

    yes i ment him RED. So many of the profiles on this sight girl wise are hook up one timers. This guy is just trolling. This is for a relationship(SB/SD but a realtionship) it is not craigs list

  611. SWM_TXSD 156755 says:

    HERE SHOULD BE DESPERATE. I have yet to find suger but I have decided this is what I am going to do. It will take time. I am not going to compermise.

  612. RadiantRed says:

    First I originally forgot to say “Hello all!” Sorry I left that out.

    Sorry it took me so long to respond, trying to catch up in the blog then my kids, whew!

    SWM_TXSD: “red are you a piece of a** that is the dumbest stuff i have ever heard. just my opion.” I hope I misunderstood you, and you meant what he was doing was dumb, not me or my problem. I think you meant him :)

    aintthatinnocent: “Has he said sexual things already? Just want to clarify some things. Are you spending a whole weekend with him?” He just keeps saying can’t wait to meet, I know by your profile you are going to be a wonderful lover. And, said he wants to spend the weekend with ME?

    NC Gent: Thank you for the advice. I just couldn’t figure out if his lack of communication is because he is on vacation, or doesn’t want to waste time with emails. But he did take the time to change things on his profile during vacation though?

    Feeling bad that I started a topic and now my comp is on the fritz. Please bare with me.

  613. SWM_TXSD 156755 says:


  614. SWM_TXSD 156755 says:

    no offense to the girls or guys here but i have something to say.
    girls if a guy does not seem right its not right. If you have to go to the blog you already know the anserw. NO GUY OR GIRL

  615. Flo Rida says:

    Shantelle – write down what would be the perfect arrangement for you, keep it short. Generally women find the arrangement super awkward BUT I would advcoate the discussion in person. If you see my blog on how I discuss the $ in the archives (it was several months ago – just search for Flo Rida going backwards)

    RadiantRed – just meet him in a public place and if you don’t click bail. If you are travelling to him just outline your safety and chemistry concerns.

    Lunae – baya condias

    aintthatinnocent – looks good, you’ve clearly signalled you’re smart & pics are major upgrade. Not totally happy about the guy you’re with in the photo – but if it works keep it (i would suggest rotating photos each month anyway). SDs may think hey she only wants kids. Also add something about ‘Collingwood or St. Kilda or whichever aussie reals team you support’ and something about drinking VB and eating meat pies at the MCG and every sports fan would be turned on. In terms of nationality I have no f-clue but my guess is Shanghaiese (also speak Mandarin and Australian – coz Oz is different from English)

    OC – sounds like a slight improvement. Hope all goes well. Prayers are with you. x

    NYGent – my actual college football team sucks. I did not go to Bama but some friends at the game did & Fl have won too much recently. Roll tide

  616. SWM_TXSD 156755 says:

    annti – you are hot as all get out

  617. Yaz10 says:


  618. NC Gent says:

    Radiant – if you wouldn’t put up with IRL dating, you shouldn’t put up with it in sugar dating. This guy has little interest in you. That (no effort response) sometimes happens to me and I quickly move on.

  619. SWM_TXSD – Just click on my name, should take you to my page. It’s 407754, just in case. :) Lets see if you get it right!

    RadiantRed – Has he said sexual things already? Just want to clarify some things. Are you spending a whole weekend with him?

  620. SWM_TXSD 156755 says:

    red are you a piece of a** that is the dumbest stuff i have ever heard. just my opion.

  621. poptart says:

    sugar babies: Do you have to initiate most of the time with sugar daddies? (question by TXSB)
    I wasn’t sure if this was regarding initial contact or in general once an sb has a SD. So… I never make intial contact with a SD. I don’t surf profiles and I don’t check out who has been checking me out. I creep around and wait until unsuspecting SD’s offer help or pose a question or host a meeting and post their email address. (ahem) Once someone has my attention though, I have no problem initiating contact, reaching out, or maintaining contact.

    Do you have any statistical requirements for potential sugars (i.e., age, height/weight, smoker/non-smoker, etc)?
    Yes. I do. :)

    Are your stat requirements different for sugars than non-sugars? More or less strict? If so, how? Why?
    Not really.

    Do you have any sugar plans in your weekend? Care to share some miscellaneous sugarwisdom with the blog?
    No sugar plans this weekend – but 2nd sugar lunch this week with pot SD I met before Halloween who kind of insulted me a bit, but I don’t think it was intentional, and honestly I didn’t really think we ‘clicked’, so i will meet and see what happens.

  622. RadiantRed says:

    Hey I’ve been gone for a bit, given the Thanksgiving holiday. Finally getting around to catching up. I participated in one other post.

    1. Initiating: Well mostly leave that on them, unless I think they may not see my profile based on their location. Mostly them though.

    2. Requirements: Same as in traditional dating, yes this is an arrangement but you don’t want to be sitting across the table thinking “I can’t wait for this meet to be over with because I can’t stand his cologne.”

    3. Sugar weekend plans: Not this weekend, but read further…

    Okay I need some major advice. Have one pot SD that I started communication with about 2 weeks ago. He is currently on vacation and won’t be back until Jan. Which we are suppose to meet. He originally contacted me with a message, but I have mostly been the one communicating since. He states in profile, must communicate, but anytime I send a message I just get very vague responses.

    Example: I hope you have a great Thanksgiving. Talk soon. His response “Yeah, I will.” or just says “Will meet “this” weekend, and will stay the weekend with you.” Then nothing.

    No attempt at getting to know each other at all online, just goes simply to the physical aspect of it all. If he doesn’t know me, how does he know he WILL be spending the weekend with me? Also, no offer of any photos other than what is on his profile. And, they are kind of hard to actually determine if this is a person I will be attracted to. I know he said he doesn’t want endless emails, I can understand months of emails, but what about inital get to know you emails?

    Okay, I will shut up now and wait. Thanks :)

  623. Jayde5502 says:

    Thanks guys! Turns out that guy was totally wasting my time. I found out he’s a fake when I turned him down. Good looking out!

  624. SWM_TXSD 156755 says:

    aintt – whats your profle number. I will be happy to tell you….:p

  625. Good morning all, or good afternoon rather to you guys. (it’s 10 a.m. here on yucky Monday morning).

    Flo Rida – New profile and pictures approved, look again? Oh, goes for everyone else too – need feedback! Don’t have very many photos at the moment but will take some this week!

    Midwest SB – Thanks! You can call me anything you like, darl, I don’t mind. How did the date go?

    DJ – That sounds rather dangerous! You wouldn’t go on a non-sugar date under those circumstances – the same rules apply. Make sure the SD knows that.

    TexaSD – You have family here?? How come? Boo. Do I look Vietnamese? You have two more guesses, and then you’re out! Haha. Well, honestly I’m not entirely sure what I’m looking for – I’ve only been on the site for about 3 weeks, so I’m new to this. Have gotten my fair share of offers from all over the globe though. At the moment I’m open to any suggestions really.

    I’m opening this question to the floor: Which country do you think I’m originally from, based on how I look?

  626. SWM_TXSD 156755 says:

    photo you’ve got mail
    napa please dont forget what i asked eariler

  627. NapaSB says:

    Lunae – why do you feel like you don’t
    “meet the norm”? and more importantly why do you think you need to? you are a beautiful woman

  628. stephan says:

    OC: Thanks for the update. Sincere prayers and well wishes to your beloved, and to you. So exciting to hear that you’ve found positive wonderment through this change & newness.

    Sugarfam love!

  629. Lunae says:

    hey everyone just wanted to let you know that I am shutting down my profile. There’s really no point since I don’t fit the accepted “norm” but if anyone needs a safe place in their journeys the offer still stands.

  630. SWM_TXSD 156755 says:

    photo you have mail

  631. DJ says:

    Thank you!

    This is really a wonderful support group.

    I have decided to pass up on this one for now and let him know that I am uncomfortable with the meeting at this time, He is more than welcome to come my way if he would like. :)

    I’m off to SF next weekend to NY after the holidays…Yeah!

    HUGS to all the Beautiful SB, hope Santa brings you exactly what you want!
    KISSES to all the sexy SD’s.

    Oh and OC my prayers are sincerely with you, they are for Godspeed in the healing of your man. GB

  632. Shantelle says:

    Hi everyone, Had a great day in church today. A potential SD that i went out with a few times ask me yesterday by email what kind of an arrangement im looking for?
    My question to the blog is: What or how should i say? Im very new to this PLZ help. Im shy too….
    Thanks guys. xoxoxoxo

  633. photogirl says:

    OC – Good to hear that each day is getting a little better. Also great to know his family and friends have welcomed you. Hang in there…

    SWMTXSD – Yes, and responded. Thanks for the info!

  634. SWM_TXSD 156755 says:

    napa just cab

  635. NapaSB says:

    Well I think i am going to go watch some football :) ya’ll have a goooood sunday :)

  636. TXSB says:

    Hey SWM!

    Yes….totally agreed on water.

    OK….I’m going to go lay down for a bit…lol….Will be back later.

  637. NapaSB says:

    TXSB – you dont scare me…lots of water and I like to take some Zinc…helps me figure my life out :)

    SWM SD – under 50 cab or just red?

  638. SWM_TXSD 156755 says:

    cleo where are my pics darling(lol)

  639. TXSB says:

    Hi! Hope you have a wonderful Sunday… :)


    A little..feel dehydrated…lol. Need to drink more water. I feel like I scared everyone else away! lol.

  640. SWM_TXSD 156755 says:

    thanks napa I have a case of robert 2006 that is still a year away(and i am praying). I buy from a online place and cant seem to hit the mark. I dont drink wine but my mom and friends do. I have three cases that are aging from screwing up….lol…
    will take your advice. If you have one that you love right now under 50 let me know so I can get it for my mom

  641. NapaSB says:

    TXSB – haha yeah I know what you mean…I was up pretty late myself celebrating the UT victory :) you feeling better now?

    SWM SD – These wines retail for slightly more or less depending on where you find them, but they are my go to’s for less expensive cabs (which are pretty hard to find under 20 i think)
    2006 Dancing Bull Cab ($15)
    2006 Solaire by Robert Mondavi Cab ($20)
    2005 Bennett Family Cab Reserve (this one is the best I would think…sometimes closer to 25 but it is worth it for the Napa pedigree and the little bit of extra bottle age)

    some other vineyards to keep in mind are Gnarly Head, Rutherford Hill and Rutherford Ranch all yummy :)

  642. Yaz10 says:

    Morning Sugar Fam,

    Very cold day here. Brrr Luckily I have the day off. I have to go run some errands..I am on a sugar mission today lol…

    I wish I could go to the Giants game…I have never attended any of their games…Heck, I have never even been inside that stadium…Would love to see it and experience the crowds, the excitement…It beats watching it on T.V…lol

    Anna, you have mail.. :-)

    I hope everyone enjoys their Sunday :-)

  643. TXSB says:

    Hey! I believe in order to look at someone specifically, you’ll need their profile #.


    Hey! I’m good. Was out last night until really, really late. LOL….I guess you can say I’ve spent the morning “recovering”. :)

  644. NapaSB says:

    HI TXSB!! How are you today?

  645. EasternSureBaby says:

    I have a question. I’m a new bloger, on any sight!! How do I look up someone’s profile, I mean someone specifically? Do you need to be a premium member to do that?

  646. TXSB says:

    Hi and welcome to the blog! I agree with the others. Regardless of the details….if you’re not 100% comfortable about meeting a pot SD, and if he’s not willing to make sure you’re comfortable….then you should move on to the next. No “pot SD” is worth risking your personal safety…..I’m surprised a pot SD would even suggest you drive a long distance in bad weather. Good luck!


    SWM SD:
    For the Texas meet up, March sounds good to me. :)

  647. SWM_TXSD 156755 says:

    photo did you get my email

  648. SWM_TXSD 156755 says:

    napa i need to know a good california cabirnet(sp) wine for around 20.00 that you can drink now.

  649. TXSB says:

    Good Morning NapaSB, SWM, TexaSD, 2Chic, Photogirl, NYGent, Nyah, DJ and anyone else who’s on right now! :)

  650. NapaSB says:

    SWM – yay for March! keep me updated (TXSB has my email) And yes they need to figure some stuff out, but they had a bad day…they are a solid team though…they’ll figure it out. have faith! and what do you need my advice on? i am terrible with figuring out what abreviations (sp?) stand for

  651. SWM_TXSD 156755 says:

    napa yes to march. I have got a room full of texas fans and we all saying texas is going to get killed if they cannot straighten some stuff out. need your advice on a good cal. cav around 20.00 please

  652. NapaSB says:

    Good Morning/Afternoon everyone!

    I would like to officially place my vote for the Texas meet up to happen in March, not February. I will still be in UAE in Feb :(

    Oh yes andthe Longhorns should never be spoken ill of…everyone has a rough day…and they won, so thats the important bit :)

  653. TexaSD says:

    OC- well hopefully soon, he will be out of the ICU, please keep us updated. I sincerely hope everything goes well for him, you, and his family

  654. TexaSD says:

    Aintthatinnocent- Lol, I have lived there for little less than a year in Sydney, and I have family in Adelaide and Melbourne, Since you said your asian and in Melbourne I am guessing Vietnamese? I when i wrote that comment, it was Saturday night here, I was meant What were you planning to do on Sunday, but I guess with the Time and date change its hard to understand maybe? Anyways what kind of SD are you looking for? Local, out of state, or out of country?

  655. 2Chic says:

    OMG… I am soooo sorry to hear of this, this is the first I have heard. My prayers go out to you.

    If someone doesn’t mind, please fill the rest of us in.

  656. SWM_TXSD 156755 says:

    photo you have mail on its way

  657. 2Chic says:

    Hello Suga’s

    Hope all is great with you.

    • OCSugarbaby says:

      OC’s Sugar Update…
      Thank you to those that posted your heartfelt sugar support! Things have been somewhat surreal. His condition is still critical, but slightly improving. Still cannot wrap my mind around everything that has happened. I am very fortunate that in the short month that I have known him, his family and friends have included me in their lives. Can you imagine if this accident had happened and I was never told!!!
      He has profoundly affected my life and I look at things and myself in a completely different light. My skepticism of men and always wondering if they are telling me the truth has vanished. This man is not only brilliant, but has a pure heart like no one I have ever met. Maybe that is why I insisted on moving forward with out the $ugar and working towards a normal relationship with him. I am so glad I did!
      Thank you to all that have stepped out of their sugar comfort zone and sent out prayers and support. You have no idea how much that has meant to me! It has hit home that life is far too short to dwell on the small stuff. The big bad world out there is not so big or bad when you stop and appreciate each moment instead of worrying about the big picture. Lots of sugar hugs back to you (you know who you are). Let us hope for more small improvements. I will keep you posted and I promise to get thru my email today and return them. ((Hugs)) ~OC

  658. cleo says:

    okay i’ll just change it and then get your guys opinions

  659. photogirl says:

    SWMTXSD – Check your SA mail.

  660. SWM_TXSD 156755 says:

    photo where do i send it.

  661. SWM_TXSD 156755 says:

    photo ok
    cle0 – sure

  662. NYGent says:

    cleo: i had the same questions as SWM. Profile is fine but the third photo does not really advance the ball. Your second photo and text already establish your athleticism, maybe something a little softer for the third? Or as you say perhaps just the whole photo? Otherwise looking good!

  663. photogirl says:

    SWMTXSD – Can email me a link to that paticular dress? I just looked at the website and have already found several I like :)

  664. cleo says:

    SWM: i’m actually doing pilates… tell you what, i’ll email you the whole pic

  665. Beach_Girl*395953 says:

    Photo~ you are welcome!

    Nyah~ Welcome! always nice to have new people around!

  666. SWM_TXSD 156755 says:

    photo have you seen the dress on the cover of boston proper. that with a black blazer(which you can ditch later) and black boots would be hot.

  667. Lunae says:

    Good Morning Everyone!
    My Answers to the blog questions.

    sugar babies: Do you have to initiate most of the time with sugar daddies? (question by TXSB)

    So far it seems that it’s 50/50 even though the contact is very little.

    Do you have any statistical requirements for potential sugars (i.e., age, height/weight, smoker/non-smoker, etc)?

    Age and height are not an issue for me. Although since I am 5’9″ I have run into comments in the past that I am banned from wearing heels LOL, Someone who is obease is a deal breaker but I actually like a bit of cuddle to my men. There is nothing wrong with a Husky man or one who is comfortably squishy. =) I do not like a man who drinks to excess ( throwing up passing out or picking fights) but I do not care of they smoke. Cigar and Pipe tobacco smoke to me is very comforting. ( My grandpa smoked a pipe, it brings back fond memories) I have tattoos and it does help if they do too….otherwise I have no chance LOL.

    Are your stat requirements different for sugars than non-sugars? More or less strict? If so, how? Why?

    Non-sugars that I am interested in tend to be artistic, musical and broke.

    Do you have any sugar plans in your weekend? Care to share some miscellaneous sugarwisdom with the blog?

    No plans and no wisdom…but always up for some !

  668. Taz says:

    Welcome Nyah :)

  669. Taz says:

    Yes Anna – I don’t mind putting it up sooo much either – but I DO realize it is coming down in a few short weeks – and yes that is the part I dread too 😛

  670. Nyah215 says:

    Thanks for the warm welcome everyone

  671. photogirl says:

    Welcome Nyah!

    BG – Thank you for the eye candy this morning :)

    Anna – Thought you already had something picked out? BG and I where ewindow shopping last night… I think I found the perfect LBD for New Years… off to the store tomorrow and crossing fingers they have it in store :)

  672. SWM_TXSD 156755 says:

    typing to fast, my spelling is bad.

  673. Anna Molly says:

    Hi Taz! :)

    I don’t mind putting up the tree, taking it down is what I hate..lol

  674. SWM_TXSD 156755 says:

    cleo just say your new profile. Looks good. Whats up with the third picture are you into a little bondage? :p

  675. Taz says:

    Hello Sugar Fam – well busy day today..putting off the inevitable – time to put up the tree 😛 I love it once it is done…just need to do it now lol…hope everyone has a great day – will be trying to check in every once in awhile…

  676. Nyah says:

    Hey, I’m a light smoker. I never smoke around those who don’t. Usually I only crave smoking while having a cocktail. Do you think this will repel most SD? Perhaps I should adjust my profile.

  677. Anna Molly says:

    lol…I’m going to the dinner in NYC. While I am a good cook (not bragging or anything..lol) I think what the chefs will whip up is going taste much better than anything I could ever cook…lol.

  678. SWM_TXSD 156755 says:

    what are you going to cook anna

  679. Anna Molly says:

    I have to go shopping tomorrow for the big dinner. Why do I always wait until the last minute….lol

  680. cleo says:

    SWM: we rarely mean to start a topic when we do… sit back and enjoy it *g*

  681. EasternSureBaby says:

    Welcome Nyah.

  682. SWM_TXSD 156755 says:

    ok did not mean to start a topic…lol….well just got through preping my beef tender(missing a knife – my niece must have come over and ripped me off…lol)

  683. EasternSureBaby says:

    DJ – Trust your instincts, you have them for a reason, and safety should always come first.

    TXSD – my last BF was a smoker. He was careful to keep it away from me. I have asthma. Smoke triggers attacks. As long as I don’t have to taste it when kissing, I’m ok with it, really. Gum and listerine strips work great!

    It’s almost afternoon here, so hope everyone is having a good one!

  684. Nyah says:

    Good morning sd and sb. I’m new to the family :)

  685. Anna Molly says:

    I know you don’t hate smokers :)

  686. Beach_Girl*395953 says:

    Anna~ guess just typed that wrong, meant to say I wouldn’t mind whether he smokes or not… didn’t mean everyone hated smokers sorry!

  687. NYC SB says:

    Cleo – any smokers who light up in someone elses car are just plain inconsiderate… or in someone elses house (assuming no one else smokes there) … my 2 cents

  688. Anna Molly says:

    I don’t hate smokers, I’m just very sensitive to the smoke. Gives me migraines.

    Hi BG :)

  689. Beach_Girl*395953 says:

    Hi Everyone…
    photo, I sent you jax…

    Hi Anna,

    DJ ~Welcome to the blog, you should listen to the ladies, safety first

    SWM~ not everyone hates smokers 😀

  690. cleo says:

    SWM-TXSD: if you brush your teeth before you kiss her, shower regularly and smoke lightly most girls won’t care. it’s the heavy smokers who light up in my car that are a problem

  691. Anna Molly says:

    Hi Rudy :)
    Hi photogirl :)

  692. photogirl says:

    DJ – Welcome.
    Your safety and comfort should be important to him. I agree with the other ladies, probably best focus on the other two pots.

  693. Rudy says:

    DJ: One more thing…have you discussed with to the two pot SDs about travel since distance is an issue for you? If not I would do that and see if you can’t work something out. Sometimes meeting a great SD requires a little give and take. Good luck :)

    SWM_TXSD: Hi! I don’t believe I have met you one here; I am one of the evening bloggers :) I have been a little out of pocket because of work.

    Anna: Hi!!!

    I need to run guys, have a great day:)

  694. photogirl says:

    Good morning everyone!

    SWM_TXSD 156755 says:
    ainitinnocen – just making a joke. none of the girls on the blog will see a guy that smokes.

    As already mentioned by Midwest, NYCSB and Muse you are now aware this is not the case. I have not smoked cigarettes in over 6 months. I do however smoke this little filtered flavor cigars on occasion. I do not smoke them indoors or around other non-smokers. Even when I did smoke, most never knew that I did(even men I dated). I have always been respectful of non-smokers.

  695. NYC SB says:

    DJ – you can say next… or you can tell him your concerns… if he is a true SD he will honor your concerns and ensure you are put at ease (like your two other potentials did)… if he gives you some line about “im too important and my privacy is paramount” wish him the best of luck and move on

  696. Anna Molly says:

    DJ ~ If you are uncomfortable in any way don’t go. Listen to your intuition, it will lead you in the right direction :)

    Good Luck and Welcome :)

  697. SWM_TXSD 156755 says:

    dj – i second that

  698. Rudy says:

    DJ: Hi and welcome! I would strongly advise you to say NEXT!!. It appears you have two SDs with great potential; focus your energy on them.

  699. Anna Molly says:

    Good morning everybody :)

  700. DJ says:

    Hello all, I a recently new SB to this site.
    I have an offer from SD’s, but am a little hesitant about how to set up the initial meeting.
    He is asking me to drive a long distance in possibly bad weather to meet him. He does not want to tell me his full name or his business name. I understand him needing to be private but this seems a little scary for me. Am I being overly cautious? So what do you do in these instances. What type of assurances should you get, that you are not walking into a potential problem… I want to do this safely..you know?
    The two others I have had an meetings with gave me numbers and addresses, pictures and names to check them out before our initial meetings. This put me at ease and we had wonderful times and I will be seeing them again in the near future but they know that I am looking for something closer to home because of my job but with this one I am, well …worried.

  701. Muse says:

    SWM – don’t feel bad. My preference is due to health reasons. Most people don’t have that issue and will be more flexible than they claim. Even I would probably cave if there was incredibly chemistry and they never smoked around me.

    NYC SB- I’m with you. I’m all about the Giants today.

    Morning to anyone I may have missed.

  702. Rudy says:

    Good Morning!

  703. NYC SB says:

    GA Tech pulled through last night… made for an exciting game… well exciting 4th quarter

  704. SWM_TXSD 156755 says:

    NYC SB you are so right. Both teams suck right now.

  705. SWM_TXSD 156755 says:

    nyc sb LOL what I mean is I think it makes the SB’s I have sent email to not respond. But I am going to keep trying :p

  706. SWM_TXSD 156755 says:

    nygent – that was a big win. texas had big problems, think bama is going to win the bcs game in jan

  707. NYGent says:

    Flo Rida: congrats on ‘Bama’s win. Not even close!

  708. NYC SB says:

    TXSD – come on we both know Homo umm i mean Romo will choke today… if he doesnt then Eli will… so it should make for an interesting game of bad football lol

    PS I completely agree with aintthatinnocent on smokers – this habbit does not change who they are as a person… and as long as he uses gum before kissing then i have no problem with it…

  709. SWM_TXSD 156755 says:

    texas trip in FEB or MAR

  710. Midwest SB says:

    Good morning sugars!

    Will be getting our tree and perparing for sugar dtae today. Yeah!
    No pics, but we will reschedule.

    TXSB – Thanks!

    SWM SD – this may be a bold question, but some women may be a little flexible if you are willing to curb it a bit during the visit. I, personally, would be completely unattracted to a chain smoker, but someone who has the occassional cig outside/ after dinner would be ok for me.

    Aintthatinnocent – Can I call you ati? You’re beautiful!

    Ladies – in spite of all our bad experiences, we I think we all believe in love. Our definitions may vary widely, but it’s there. Keep the faith :-)

    Did I hear a TX trip in the works :-) We may need our own travel agency if this keeps up!

  711. SWM_TXSD – Oh, due to personal preferences? I don’t have a problem with anyone who smokes, that’s their own choice, and it doesn’t change who they are as a person!

    Ok, G’nite (or a very very nice Sunday to all of you!)

  712. SWM_TXSD 156755 says:

    ainitinnocen – just making a joke. none of the girls on the blog will see a guy that smokes.

  713. SWM_TXSD – What does smoking have to do with seeing a brainy chick?

    It is now 1.30a.m. on Monday morning, and I’m heading to bed. Why oh why are you guys all on different time zones? Dang.


  714. SWM_TXSD 156755 says:

    sorry everyone just woke up and spelling worse then normal

  715. SWM_TXSD 156755 says:

    nyc sb – no offense but I reaaly need the giants to lose today…lol
    I am really thinking I will be searching for about 3 months or better now because of my smoking.

    ainthatinnocent – A brainy chick would turn me on(but hey I smoke)..lol

    Good morning txsb,rdia, eastern, muse and everyone else

  716. NYC SB says:

    2chic – I agree with cleo… it is odd that he would offer an arrangement without meeting… also… I respect you having your standards and sticking to it… but I think that you may meet a man that has all the attributes on the check list and you have zero chemistry with him… chemistry is a weird thing… I wouldn’t write anyone off (unless they deserved it) right of the bat as the pool of men i find attractive on SA has very few members

    Morning sugar fam!

    Another day spent at work for me… then off to the Giants game… lets hope they win 😀

    Got home last night and watched college football with broke bf… had to order in as the weather was icy and snowy…

  717. EasternSureBaby says:

    Good morning everyone!! Hope you all have a wonderful Sunday! i’m caught up on the blog, but now am the only one up!! Hope to get in on the conversation later.

  718. TXSB says:

    Good luck on your date!!! :)


    SWM SD:
    RealisticSD has had “SB pair” before…..actually he had “SB pair” on 2 separate occassions. Neither were very positive experiences IIRC.

  719. TexaSD – I’m no typical aussie woman. For starters, I’m obviously of asian ethnicity! Actually women vary between different cities in Oz, because the country is so big! For the blond leggy ones, go to the Gold Coast!

    If it’s Saturday the 5th you’re referring to, it’s gone for me, it’s Sunday already. Saturday night my girlfriend bailed on me and I so wanted to go dancing! Even had bubbly and strawberries chilled.

    Flo Rida – You’re right about the intellectual not = intelligence. Have changed my profile and pictures, might take a while to be approved. Check it after? Thank you heaps!! (I know, Aussies are crazy about all sports – especially the blokey ones – it helps that I am too haha!)

  720. Flo Rida says:

    aintthatinnocent – look in the archives – halloween date. If you believe Daniel Goleman (sp) success is more directly correlated with EQ and not IQ – but I guess you didn’t define intelligence. In my experience successful people are under so much stress that they escape to things they find fun – and intellectual stuff isn’t what I call fun. Btw Aussies are obsessed with sports – especially in Melbourne – I guess you’d have more success in sydney. FINALLY if you don’t believe me don’t do it OR do one with and one without and see what’s more successful – results don’t lie (and i’ll admit i’m wrong). Good luck.

    SWM – my 2 cents on twin SBs is that you pay twice as much for SBs who do ‘half the effort’ BUT if it’s a fantasy of your’s go for it. When I hire two masseuse’s they spend more time talking to each other than working on me.

    Atl is sooo cold – I think it’s even colder than NY but it might just be me. Ciao peeps.

  721. Muse says:

    All right. I skipped a little, skimmed a little, but I’m caught up! Nobody say anything else so I can stay that way. Just kidding.

    Giving the questions a go:
    Do you have any statistical requirements for potential sugars (i.e., age, height/weight, smoker/non-smoker, etc)?

    Absolutely no smoking. I’m allergic to at least one ingredient in cigarettes and sucking on my inhaler is not sexy. I don’t consider men less than 10 years older than me and being (or a desire to be) healthy is important. I love my indulgences but I can’t be with someone who is slowly killing themselves.

    Are your stat requirements different for sugars than non-sugars? More or less strict? If so, how? Why?

    I’m probably going to get slammed for saying this but in general I prefer the idea of a married SD. I really, really don’t want to get married or into anything where they want to meet the family right now and that sets the boundaries very clearly without my being a b-word. Also, my SD has to be at least 10 years older than me, but I fudge that to 5 or 6 in “regular” dating, not that it’s generally been a good decision to do so.

    Do you have any sugar plans in your weekend? Care to share some miscellaneous sugarwisdom with the blog?

    No, my SD is away on a work trip and was mean enough to send me a photo of all the lovely foods he’s enjoying without me. :( As if he had to tempt me to join him on a trip. psh!

  722. TexaSD says:

    Aintthatinnocent- What are your plans for the day?

  723. TexaSD says:

    Ainthatinnocent- I love aussie women, its been years since last i was there

  724. Oh,

    Flo Rida – where do I go to find your Halloween profile piece?


  725. I go to bed and wake up and suddenly there’s heaps of conversation after my post. Doesn’t help being on the other side of the world from everyone else! Haha, makes it more interesting though.

    Flo Rida – Thanks for the feedback! Really appreciate it. Although aren’t well-to-do men usually fairly smart? The men who have contacted me usually are fairly appreciative of my brains, but I have been wondering if I put all these other guys off! *sigh*

    TexaSD – Aussies are meant to be fascinating to the rest of the world but I reckon our accents can be quite annoying to the uninitiated, haha!

    Come visit! It’s been amazingly hot lately, perfect beach weather.

  726. Beach_Girl*395953 says:

    SWM~ yes i’m here!

  727. SWM_TXSD 156755 says:

    Is any body out there

  728. Beach_Girl*395953 says:

    Anna~ need on for msn stuff, tomorrow ok!!! I need your help! I want your background!

  729. Anna Molly says:

    I could go for an ice cold beer, in a bottle :)

  730. Beach_Girl*395953 says:

    2Chic~ or 2 lol

  731. 2Chic says:

    Hi Anna,!

  732. 2Chic says:

    it is time for a glass of wine

  733. 2Chic says:

    eek 😯

  734. SWM_TXSD 156755 says:


  735. Midwest SB says:

    SWM – Sounds like one sd for them to share. WOW is right BG! Looks like baptism by fire for you SWM!

    Hi Anna!

  736. 2Chic says:

    at a loss of words….

  737. Beach_Girl*395953 says:

    SWM~ wow…. that is all I am saying!

  738. SWM_TXSD 156755 says:

    here is an example *342692*

  739. Midwest SB says:

    BG – I was under the impression they did share the sd, just not always at the same time. Maybe therea re a few versions of that arrangement going around.

    SWM – did the profile explain it more fully?

  740. Beach_Girl*395953 says:

    Midwest~ That’s awesome, I wish more SDs would come join us!

  741. Beach_Girl*395953 says:

    2Chic~ I don’t think necessarily lesbians, but 2 friends sharing one profile… not sharing the SD after you got him… if that makes sense…
    Sorry I’m tired lol

  742. SWM_TXSD 156755 says:

    2chick – glad you understand now…lol

  743. Midwest SB says:

    BG – Per my suggestion, he has come to the blog. He only posted a few times that I am aware of.

  744. 2Chic says:

    It would seem that a lot of the fellas would jump all over an offer such as that.

  745. Beach_Girl*395953 says:

    Midwest~ Is he a blog SD??? now i’m curious!!! 😀
    A lot of women and men are preoccupied with beauty… it’s sad , but very true!

  746. 2Chic says:

    I am coming back down to earth, too much soy sauce….lol.

  747. Anna Molly says:

    I’m not into the sharing thing :)
    I don’t want to have more than one SD and I don’t want my SD to have more than one SB :)

  748. 2Chic says:

    Ohhh….duh!, (had to read up the blog) Now I get it…..girlfriends in the sense of lesbians.

  749. Midwest SB says:

    I’ve picked up a new magazine claiming to be the “world’s most unique beauty magazine” and it is full of nothing but advice on injections , plastic surgery, etc. It even recommended plastic surgery centers. Sheesh …. really! I don’t pick these up often, but enjoy the fashion tips. Have face lifts and injections become that much of a preoccupation?

  750. 2Chic says:

    That is exactly what I thought, and I am saying in response that I do not share my men (honi) with my friends, If he is my candyman, he is mine, and I am not letting her get a piece of him.

  751. Midwest SB says:

    BG – He peeked at the blog. I’m so glad he did!

  752. Beach_Girl*395953 says:

    SWM~ your welcome!

    Midwest~ What? Did he ask where to go? or if something good was opened?

  753. Midwest SB says:

    Problem solved – I think he was reading my mind :-) Or something else!

  754. Beach_Girl*395953 says:

    SWM~ I did hear that it’s a big thing, the 2 SBs for one profile…

  755. SWM_TXSD 156755 says:

    yes thank you beach

  756. Beach_Girl*395953 says:

    2Chic~ i think 2 girls with one profile, both friends want to have the same SD

    SWM~ is that what you are saying?

  757. SWM_TXSD 156755 says:

    2chic – you are misunderstanding what I am saying.

  758. 2Chic says:

    OH!…. haven’t heard that one. Well I that is one party I don’t want to be a part of. I can share a lot of things with my friends, but my “honi?”….not happening.

    It can be a bit distracting, and I feel a bit masculine when out for I have dated a guy who was an inch taller than I. In my heels I would look down on him, and get a little bossy….lol. Oh he loved it,

  759. photogirl says:

    Ahh… Not so much in this area, further north I believe. It was bad a couple of days ago though, thought my roof was going to get torn off, more wind that rain!

  760. Midwest SB says:

    PG – I’m hearing there’s a ton of rain in your area.

  761. Midwest SB says:

    SWM – My guess is the double sbs could charge a premium and get away with it. I do recall an sd or two who have had multiple sbs at a time. May not be for the faint of heart though :-)

    2Chic – I have dated one person traditionally who was my height. He LOVED it when I wore heels, but I still found it distracting.

  762. photogirl says:

    SWM_TXSD – You’ll have to ask Realistic about his SB pair experience… not so good from what I recall.

  763. SWM_TXSD 156755 says:

    2chic – there are a bunch of girls on SA that want you to date them and thier girlfriend at the same time.

  764. SWM_TXSD 156755 says:

    have a few going to houston for a couple of days is not the same as what I would assume two girls at the same time all the time. And dont get me wrong I have the same male fantasie as everyone else. I just cant see it all the time.

  765. photogirl says:

    Midwest – Drowned???

  766. 2Chic says:


    I am not following you, 2-Girls?

  767. Midwest SB says:

    OK – Simple enough. I will suggest Bonefish and Ruth’s Chris and let hime decide from there. (I’ll laugh if he tells me to pick one :-) )

    Pardon my rudeness…Hi Anna, Beach Girl, Photogirl and SWM.

    Photo – Have you drowned yet?

  768. Beach_Girl*395953 says:

    SWM~ and you want a bunch going to see you in Houston!!! lol

  769. 2Chic says:


    No I did not meet him, he emailed me and let me know that my budget amount and more , would be no problem. I noticed he could also follow through from what his line of work is. I am sure a lot of people have found great romance with a shorter and younger person. But for me, I just am not looking for such. I do prefer older. The height could be an exception, but uhhhhh…IDK. I prefer to stick to my standards I have set.

  770. SWM_TXSD 156755 says:

    not trying to change the subject but have a question. What is it with the two girl thing. I have seen about 20 of these. They say that want a SB/SD realtionship. How in the hell could a guy handle taking two girls everywhere

  771. Beach_Girl*395953 says:

    SWM~ yeah plenty of games on Sundays!

  772. SWM_TXSD 156755 says:

    well if they have the habati tables you are not going to get much chance to talk with people right next to you

    beach – dallas at some point

  773. Midwest SB says:

    SWM – This would be our first date. I did notice that Bonefish and Hani Yori (Japanese steakhouse) are open. I’m trying to stay close to the toll road as he is passing through on the way to Chicago.

  774. Beach_Girl*395953 says:

    midwest~ it’s the best option available to you!

    SWM~ Football!!! YAY….Who is playing?

    Photo~ Where did you go?

  775. photogirl says:

    Thanks Anna and yes BG you are right! :)

  776. SWM_TXSD 156755 says:


  777. SWM_TXSD 156755 says:

    i can not spell to save my life

  778. SWM_TXSD 156755 says:

    hey beach is was fine. Nothing great just rat killing. Getting ready for my weekly football party at my house with the guys.

    midwest – what is wrong with ruth chris. You have meet this guy before right?

  779. Midwest SB says:

    BG – Thanks. I’ve googled and checked what I know to be all the nicer places in town are closed on Sundays. I may have touse your second option.

  780. Beach_Girl*395953 says:

    Hi SWM~ how was your day?

  781. SWM_TXSD 156755 says:

    good evening everyone

  782. Beach_Girl*395953 says:

    Midwest~ maybe tell him of the problem and suggest places and he could help choose? That is what I would do!

  783. Beach_Girl*395953 says:

    Hi Anna~

    Midwest~ hummm I don’t know restaurants there… could you google something?

  784. Midwest SB says:

    Could I seek a little advice please?

    I’m facing challenges b/c my date suggested I pick the restaurant. Usually this would never be a problem except that pretty much all the nice local restaurants are closed on Sunday. This leaves me the franchises which are mid-range (Houlihans, etc) or Ruth’s Chris which is a bit much for a first date. He has said more than once to pick a better than average location. I don’t feal right bringing up the priciest restaurant in town. Any suggestions?

  785. Beach_Girl*395953 says:

    Hi Sugars!

    Photo~ At least you still went out to dinner with someone tonight …

  786. Anna Molly says:

    Hi All :)

    Hi photogirl, sorry to hear about your plans, but kudo to your neighbor for taking you out :)

    Midwest ~ Good luck on your sugar date tomorrow and I can’t wait to see your pics :)

  787. Midwest SB says:

    Evening sugars! Looks like I need to catch up. So excited b/c I get new pics tomorrow AND a sugar date! Yeah!

  788. photogirl says:

    NapaSB says:
    photogirl – well i hope your plans tonight dont fall though..how exciting to do a belated celebration on New Year’s though, i’ll bet that is going to be AMAZING

    Plans did fall through, but my neighbor took me to dinner instead and I am stuffed. Gotta love all you can eat buffets :)

    And yes I can already tell it will be a memorable trip… I just recieved a message from him that he has added something else to our plans for the weekend!

  789. EasternSureBaby says:

    sugar babies: Do you have to initiate most of the time with sugar daddies? I have initiated some of the emails, but not all. Just want to get things started so I thought why not? I’m sure it’s flattering for them to have someone start things.

    Do you have any statistical requirements for potential sugars (i.e., age, height/weight, smoker/non-smoker, etc)? I would like to be somewhat attracted to my pot SD. Someone who is taller than me would be best. (I’m 5’7″) and in somewhat good shape. Im not perfect either, so just not overly over weight. OH, and he cant smoke. Cant handle kissing an ashtray.. sorry guys.

    The other questions really don’t apply to me, as I don’t have a BF or a SD. Not sure how to answer them

  790. cleo says:

    anna molly: not only am i home alone, but i even turned off the ringer!
    Flo Rida: you are so right about tuscany!

    bucket list: go to paris, learn to surf, learn to ride properly, learn to skeet shoot, learn to sail, go to australia and china and the taj mahal and singapore adn brazil and costa rica. have a family of my own no matter how ‘modern.’ take teacher training in my field from several legends (no money to do it.) walk on fire. walk on water. have sex with a yoga master or a didgeridoo player (circular breathing ladies…)

    2chic: wow, i don’t know about those reasons. i have found lots of hot men in the world who are shorter than i am and dated several who are younger. if he’s cute it seems worth meeting him to find out in person if there is chemistry or not. that said, it’s weird to