9 years ago
Gentlemen: Dream Date


Would you seek an arrangement with you if you were on the other side of the sugar spectrum?

What is your idea of a sugar dream date?

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1,035 Responses to “Gentlemen: Dream Date”

  1. Yaz10 says:

    Good evening everyone! :-)

  2. 2Chic says:

    Afternoon Sugas!

  3. SD NEOhio (SDN) says:

    AM & Muse: You two are killing me, just killing me.

  4. ontariosugar says:

    happy lurker *stud*
    I love decorating christmas trees. Ill help!

  5. SDinATX says:

    NapaSB, no the tailgate is for the Longhorns in the National Championship Game, which is being played in the Rose Bowl. The Bowl system is so screwed up. They now do a +1. Which means the normal bowl game is played, so on January 1st, the Rose Bowl is played, then on January 7th the BCS National Championship Game is played at the Rose Bowl.

  6. Anna Molly says:

    Dang….missed again..ugh!

    Awww, Muse..I’m so sorry :(

    I’ll make it up to you :)

  7. Muse says:

    AM- I gave up last night when you abandoned me and went to my cold, lonely, AM-less bed. sniff sniff.

  8. Flo Rida says:

    In memoriam – I just received some sad news by email this morning. Reminds me of the song lyrics ‘one step forward & two steps back’. v Sad but as michael palin(?) in Life of Brian says ‘Always look on the bright side of life’

    Long day of saling today – hope weather stays clear. Cheerio all.

    PS Blog is exceeding memory on treo (i no longer travel with laptop) so may be radio silent for a while. Flo over and out.

  9. Anna Molly says:

    Awww, I missed Muse…dang!

  10. Anna Molly says:

    Good Morning everybody. I miss all the good blog stuff! See what happens when you fall asleep in the bath tub..lol

  11. Happy Lurker says:

    I smiled about the funny story that a pot SD suggested filling in tax forms instead of offering an allowance.
    This persons obviously is from The Netherlands. In this country the oldest profession in the world has been accepted and legalized.
    Amazing news, there is a website. Here you put in an advertisement e.g. you wish to refurbish the bathroom and you seek a man who can do the work. In return you offer him some intimate pleasure, you pay in kind, so to speak. You would not believe how popular the site is.
    This inspired me no end.
    I have been out and bought a beautiful X-mas tree and the house starts to smell like a Canadian forest. Also bought some new decorations.
    Although I have lots of it, I buy something new every year.
    Now here is the plan. Would any of you be interested in coming over to help me create a wonderfully decorated X-mas tree this year ?
    In return I will cook for you and pour champagne and give you a massage and whisper naughty-naughty into your ear.
    I will even change my name into Happy Stud, if it pleases you.
    What a way to start the day isn’t it, happy smiles all around.
    Any takers ?

  12. NapaSB says:

    hello sugarland! How is everyone this evening?

    hi cleo :)

    SD in ATX – you are a UT fan/alumni and yet setting up a Ohio game tailgate? shame…and here i was developing a schoolgirl blog crush

    dulcinea – i also super dig your blog name…such a romantic and poetic statement i think

    james m. – i am a new wings fan myself…my friend’s husband owns the team…i had never watched hockey before that though *blush*

  13. cleo says:

    james.m: if you aren’t logged in you can’t see the profiles
    SDinATX you just got so much hotter… [since i realise this is in response to something you said 7000 comments ago i’m referring to your usual clothing choices]

    but then i think chopping wood is fun…
    wait wait!! i want in on the raffle or the tailgate party or whatever…

    someone buy me a ticket!
    james.m: michigan hockey game? like the wings? sign me UP!
    Taz i would drive to chicago but i can’t handle ten hours there and ten hours back and two days off work and the expenses of the trip… even though i want to go.

    it’s unfortunate it’s on a tuesday

    that said… ontario girls we should meet up for drinks whether we have an SD with us or not!

  14. CA Dreamin SB says:

    okay – thanks everyone (NY and james) – I changed it – please check it out when it comes back up tomorrow and let me know what you think!

    Goodnight all!

  15. ontariosugar says:

    I love love love eggs benedict my most favourite breakfast item! hands down.

  16. Taz says:

    Really? I haven’t been there in a couple years and that would be soo disappointing (especially since I am DYING to go back!) – most amazing eggs benedict – yuummmm!

  17. ontariosugar says:

    I have to say I dont like their brunch anymore. It used to be amazing but has gone down hill. There other meals are very good though.

  18. Taz says:

    ontariosugar – nothing this weekend for me :( Both of my other pots can only meet during the week…

    Elmhurst is fabulous. Amazing rooms. Amazing spa. Amazing service. And most definitely amazing food! :)

  19. ontariosugar says:

    oops you answered while i was posting.. sorry about that.

  20. ontariosugar says:

    yah it sucks cuz I wont see him till maybe January now because he is going skiing.

    Oh and earlier how you suggested the elmhurst. I am very familiar with the place, my family goes there for brunch or other meals often. I have never stayed in a room there before. I bet they are pretty.

    taz are you seeing any sugar this weekend??

  21. Taz says:

    ontario – things are ok – but the weather is not working for me either 😛 Having some difficulties planning dates with two pots from T.O for next week…but I have hope and am working on it!!! My other pot and I are set to meet right after Christmas when he comes back around this way – we will see how that one goes…or if I have a SD by then – **fingers AND toes crossed!**

  22. Taz says:

    Sorry to hear that ontario…I know you were looking forward to seeing him :(

  23. LASB-295904 says:

    Gnite Midwest! Sweet sugar dreams!

  24. ontariosugar says:

    taz how are things on your sugar front?

    Mine cancelled on me today because of weather. Understandable since the roads were gross but im still upset about it. Was looking forward to seeing him. Thats the 3rd time he has cancelled this week. The other two times was due to weather as well, but there was finally snow so he went skiiing. Time to look for a new one im thinking.

  25. Beach_Girl*395953 says:

    ontario~ yes It does take time, it’s ok, it will happen!!! someday! we will get there!

  26. Taz says:

    Nite Midwest!

  27. ontariosugar says:

    BG- Hmm. im sure you will find someone. Just takes forever- agree with you. I live about a hour from Toronto where there are many and still have trouble.

  28. Beach_Girl*395953 says:

    night Midwest~ talk soon

  29. Beach_Girl*395953 says:

    ontario~ no I haven’t had any luck with ottawa guys… one I talked too…. but nothing came of it, and i’m older than he is…. so I don’t know

  30. LASB-295904 says:

    ATX — Actually no, since I do it with my eyes closed. Actually, I first learned to do readings online over chat, if you can believe that! Images pop into my head and sometimes I hear words or see colors that have certain meanings. It sounds pretty out there, and it was for me in the beginning. I have a B.S. in Genetics, so I come from a science background. But when certain things keep happening in your life over and over, it’s tough to ignore.

  31. ontariosugar says:

    Beach girl- Have you had any luck with the Ottawa guys? I knew a few I was friends with and they had girls in Montreal.

  32. ontariosugar says:

    NYC sounds fun. I love the christmas season so seeing all the lights and such would be very cool.

  33. Taz says:

    Yes BG – it DOES get better…you just have to believe it! Think of the plus…you can now travel to your SD..and have time to find him perhaps 😀

  34. Taz says:

    Midwest – very nice! Sounds like a lot of fun in your travels!! I would give almost anything to experience New York…any time of year 😛 But yes, this season would be quite amazing!

  35. Beach_Girl*395953 says:

    Taz~ not really, but today the second job I had , they told us that they were cutting 6 people so I finish next friday :(
    So I won’t be able to do anything …. and you know the rest! so…. it sucks!!! but life goes on…. it can only get better from here ……Right?

  36. Midwest SB says:

    Taz – my travels were a little driving and a little flying impacted by a LOT of weather! It was worth it since I got to spend a little time there and be in NYC during the Christmas season! (In addition to the dinner of course) i can say I was very lucky to go as far as finances go…I had to be frugal, plus I had a contract job pay off.

  37. Taz says:

    Awwww BG :S

    Do you at least have a day off since you quit the other job??

    AG – you are very beautiful! I LOVE your dimples :)

  38. Beach_Girl*395953 says:

    Taz~ I am so tired, didn’t sleep much…. blabbed lots last night lol 8)

  39. Beach_Girl*395953 says:

    Taz~ lol, i didn’t re-read the blog, you guys chatter too much … lol 😀

  40. Midwest SB says:

    BG- You ‘ve been a busy lady. I’m sure the holidays are a blessing and a curse. Sincere has posted a bit lately. He seems quite happy with his new sb.

    NYC and Pizza!!!! When I went for the dinner, a friend took me to Lombardi’s for pizza and to a local deli for super fresh cannolis! what a perfect day!

  41. Midwest SB says:

    BG- You ‘ve been a busy lady. I’m sure the holidays are a blessing and a curse. Sincere has posted a bit lately. He seems quite happy with his new sb.

    NYC and Pizza!!!! When I went for the dinner, a friend took me to Lombardi’s for pizza and to a local deli for super fresh cannolis! what a perfect day!

  42. Taz says:

    BG – how was your day?? I hope you are not toooo tired 😛

  43. Taz says:

    BG – Sincere was online this morning I believe :) He is scarce though lol…come on Sincere – we miss you!

    Midwest – how far did you have to drive to get to the NYC dinner?

  44. Beach_Girl*395953 says:

    Midwest ~ lol , yeah that would be great!!! lol

    but i haven’t seen sincere in a while, mind you i’m never here so…. 😀

  45. Taz says:

    6.5 hours from me – I was checking too lol! I would have to say it would just be so much more convenient to fly…:)

  46. Dulcinea9786 says:

    poptart – oooooh, you said the P word…..I spent four and a half hours making pizza tonight. Did about 100 or so pies. It was a slow night. Blech. BLECH, I say!!

  47. ontariosugar says:

    I think we should all meet in Toronto. :) then its closer for Beach girl. (and me hehe, if im invited too)

  48. Beach_Girl*395953 says:

    ontario~ wow, that is way way too far to drive! nope gonna stay home guys sorry!!!! unless i win the jackpot or something

  49. Midwest SB says:

    Taz and BG – Don’t worry ladies, somethign better will come up for a meet. Meanwhile, perhaps Sincere has some friends :-)

  50. ontariosugar says:

    apparently 15 hours from montreal according to map quest. wow

  51. Beach_Girl*395953 says:

    Taz~ I really wouldn’t be able too money wise girl…

  52. Beach_Girl*395953 says:

    ontariosugar~ wow 9 hours….

  53. Taz says:

    ok so it is 6 hrs from where I am at..

  54. ontariosugar says:

    it would be 9 hour drive to chicago taz from Toronto

  55. Taz says:

    Well…BG – remember that spa I was telling you about?? Lol..we could crash there for a night 😀 It is an hour or so outside of Toronto…we could take off for a few days couldn’t we????

  56. Midwest SB says:

    AG – That last post sounds like a great addition to your profile! I love how you said that!

  57. Beach_Girl*395953 says:

    Midwest~ I’m in Montreal and girl trust me, they don’t get it here, only 10 active SDs here… and they want pay per date…or i’m too old, too close, too tall… lol the list goes on!

  58. poptart says:

    *waves hi to everone*

    I should be in bed. Driving to NYC tomorrow morning. All I can think about is… Shopping… and… Pizza.

  59. Beach_Girl*395953 says:

    Taz~ to drive to NYC? 6-7 hours, to chicago I have no clue…
    if I go to you TO , it’s 6 hours away then to chicago, that’s what another 6…. no thanks, and I can’t afford it!

  60. Midwest SB says:

    BG – ok – thinking of you! My geography stinks sometimes!

  61. poptart says:

    AG you wanna be my SM? *hopeful smile waggly eyebrows*
    I found your profile kinda intimidating… *said in the most flattering way… like totally hot intimidating* oooozing with confidence. But almost like… What can an SD offer you, that you don’t already have?

  62. Midwest and ATX I think you are both right. However, what I am betting on is that there are people here who would love to take a project like myself and show her how to to make real moves. I’ve done with all the safe stuff, I need to get out of the stands and onto the field and somewhere out there is a coach that believes that I can be a viable contribution to the league this year! 😀

  63. Midwest SB says:

    Hi Taz and poptart!

    Dulcinea – you’re welcome! I’ve always liked Flo Rida’s profile advice.

  64. Beach_Girl*395953 says:

    Midwest~ If i could afford it, I would have gone to NYC, it’s closer!

    Hi Taz

  65. Taz says:

    How long does it take to drive there? BG – I have been hemming and hawing about going…buuut – if you want to split the costs I will cave and get my passport and we can drive lmao! Your call 😉

  66. SDinATX says:

    LASB, so is it like microexpressions and body language based? I studied a lot of both in college, and it has helped me in my field immensely.

  67. Midwest SB says:

    BG – Just thinking it might be closer than some of the other locales.

  68. Taz says:

    LASB and CA – I am not sure how ‘new’ your profiles are – the first month was a nightmare as far as fake sd’s…

  69. poptart says:


    Actually, I am not into Reiki. That is a whole other specialty of healing. I am just into the sound/vibrations/energy thru use of meditation/massage with the healing bowls (and chimes & gongs).
    If ever you get the opportunity.. snatch it up.

  70. ATX Thank you so much for such a wonderful compliment. You are absolutely right. The great thing about my position is that I can really just be me and have fun. So I will definitely look you up when I am back in your area again. Lord knows I love to eat. Thanks again for the BBQ place in Dallas.

  71. Beach_Girl*395953 says:

    Midwest~ Why are you pleading with me to go to chicago?
    not sure i can afford it girl….

  72. ontariosugar says:

    hey everyone. Hope you are all having a nice night! Im studying philosophy. Any Hegel or nietzsche geniuses out there?

  73. Midwest SB says:

    Beach – I understand – have to take advantage of the busy season. It looks like AG and I may meet later that week if it helps you at all.

    ATX – I believe so. I’m sure she can expand on it better.

    AG – I’m sure you will have to be patient, but there are men who are completely turned on by your success and confidence. I’m sure you know there are sds here who like that their allowance improves the quality of life for their sb by covering her living expenses, school tuition, debt, etc.

  74. Dulcinea9786 says:

    LASB – I’m studying clairvoyance right now….small world!

    Midwest – I’ll put the Halloween blog on my to-do list for tomorrow :) Thank you for the suggestion!

    Amazon – What LASB said….good lord, I feel like a troll now, looking at your pics!

    Midwest again – *curtsies* Thank you :) I always loved Don Quixote’s quest for Dulcinea.

    ATX – Of course :)

  75. Beach_Girl*395953 says:

    OMG I go eat and the party is on…. lol

    Midwest~ I dont know if i can go in Jan

    Hi again everyone

  76. SDinATX says:

    I take it Dulcinea is a reference to the peasant/princess of Don Quixote?

  77. SDinATX says:

    Amazon Goddess, you’re definitely an amazing woman. I’m not sure how easy it will be to get an SD when you’re as successful as you are, but I’m sure when you do that will be more gratifying. As for dinners, whenever you’re in my area, I know some amazing places.

    LASB, ok how do you work as a clairvoyant? Are you a precog like in The Minority Report?

  78. LASB Thank you so much for the compliment!

  79. Midwest SB says:

    Dulcinea – I wanted to add how much I love your blog name! james explained it to me and it’s witty and perfect! Throw some of that wittiness into your profile too!

  80. Actually, I just haven’t found the right fit though I have spoken with and even met a really decent guy.

  81. LASB I am by no means wealthy, but I have made some very good decisions and life choices that have made me comfortable ( another relative word) , some of these men probably wouldn’t consider me comfortable. It’s all relative.

  82. Midwest SB says:

    AG – Too funny – you were the one who viewed my profile awhile back :-) You’re profile seems to follow Flo Rida’s examples perfectly. Have you had any resistance to the allowance? I’ve heard men tend to look at the geographic area and practical needs, in addition to availability and frequency of visits, when figuring out what to pay for the allowance.

  83. LASB-295904 says:

    OMG, Amazon, you are sexy!!! Guys, how do you feel about pampering a woman who has already become so successful? Do you feel like you’d rather help someone who “needs” it? or do you think it’s hotter to be with someone who is at your level or maybe exceeds it?

  84. Muse says:

    SDN- We aim to please. 😉

    Anna – did you leave us?

    James.m – are you going to be at the Chicago meet?

  85. LASB-295904 says:

    SDN–Thanks for the advice! Yes, we over think them, especially when we are rejected by the seemingly normal and flooded by the fakes and wackos. I’m going to make the changes you suggested. Darn this “approval” process. Doesn’t cater to my love of instant gratification.

  86. Midwest SB says:

    Dulcinea – I would suggest you look at the Halloween blog for Flo Rida’s post on writing profiles. It’s long, but great advice. Meanwhile, here’s the short version – it helps when you keep in mind that the successful men are busy and basically they are going to look at your picture and a few sentences in your profile, therefore your pic and the first few lines of your profile need to be more intriguing than the other 300,000 profiles they are looking at. I realize that’s a tall order, but put your best impression out there. Start there – put on your prettiest outfit, some great make-up and have fun getting a great pic. Throw in a few lines about how you can add value to his busy life. Hope that helps.

  87. Anyone willing to give me a constructive critique?

  88. SD NEOhio (SDN) says:

    LASB: There are some parts you can take out which might help, but I also think we over think our profiles.

    Since you didn’t ask I will give you my opinion. Instead of telling me you are fun and smart show me…what makes you fun? Do you ski? hike? skydive? sit on the couch and complain about men watching Ophera? Why are you smart? Degree in physics? Nobel prize? Only person that can fix the slushy machine?

    Try to paint a picture of what you and I would do together?

  89. Dulcinea9786 says:

    Forgot to add, suggestions here

  90. SDinATX says:

    LASB, I so, so, so, so would have had fun with that caller. It’s not often you get an opportunity like that. I like provoking the clearly disturbed.

  91. Dulcinea9786 says:

    LASB – The armageddon is coming? I need to start packing! I’m so glad your pot told you and you passed the word on to the rest of us!!

    If anyone has the time to view my profile and offer any suggestions, I’d be excruciatingly grateful. (though not happy meal and a snuggie grateful!) My lucky number is 418318. Thank you very kindly and muchly.

  92. SD NEOhio (SDN) says:

    LASB: Read your profile, saw your picture you are cute. I like your profile and you come across as a great woman looking for an SD. Nothing cheap or tawdry about your profile.

    I especially like the part about you “leave it to me to plan us an exciting date”. That would get my attention!

  93. SD NEOhio (SDN) says:

    Amazon: Hey. We are having an event on the 12th in Chicago. Don’t have a restaurant but one of the blog SBs has been kind enough to locate one for us…we would love to have you attend!

    I will make sure you get all updated info!

  94. Dulcinea9786 says:

    james – Are you trying to provoke a catfight over a trip to Pasadena? 😉 I could get behind the group party, though…

    TXSB – I’ve never been with a guy who’s offered a massage either. And sweet gods after a night like tonight at work, I’d give my left tit for a back massage.

    james again – Michigan hockey tickets? Who’re they playing? I’ve never watched much hockey, but it looks a lot like football on ice skates :)

    poptart – I’ve never heard of Tibetian Singing Bowls being used for massage purposes before…. Now I’m going to have to find someone around here who owns some and try it!

    Midwest SB – Thank you for the hope for the over 30 crowd!!

    james yet again – people don’t delve into page 2 or 3? I searched my state plus neighboring ones, and read through all 56 pages. But then, I currently have no life.

  95. Midwest SB says:

    Gnight james – sweet dreams of your sb!

  96. james.m says:

    It is reaching that time in the eastern time zone, so I’m going to sign off. I need to rest up for tomorrow!
    Night all

  97. NYGent says:

    CA Dreamin: James.M articulated a little better than me what I was trying to convey

  98. Midwest SB says:

    I believe there is an sb coming from overseas that we’re trying to accomodate. SDN is the social chair of that gathering.

  99. james.m says:

    CA Dreaming. I agree with NY Gent. I found that to be a put off. I assumed the lady was wound a little too tight and moved on.

  100. Midwest SB says:

    Amazon Goddess – Im sure I can make one of those days work! I just posted my e-mail. Stay in touch and we’ll work it out.

    LASB – Yikes! Can’t hang up that phone soon eough.

  101. james.m says:

    LASB — how do you get so lucky?? Those must be great pictures! *LOL*

    Midwest – if AG is going to be in Chicago on the 14th, why not just move the party to the 14th? that’s still 30 days notice? Who’s the social chairman for the blog, anyway? ATX is on a roll?

    By the way, you don’t have to rewrite your profile. Just make a minor change – retype a word – and it will refresh.

  102. LASB LMBAO!!!! You just made my day. That is just crazy.

    “God if you’re listening HELP!!!!!”
    Dave Chappelle

  103. NYGent says:

    CA Dreamin: i guess it doesn’t hurt, in terms of deterring wackos, on the other hand you don’t want to deter the legits who may be scratching their heads and saying, “why is she denying being an escort, it wouldn’t have even occurred to me that she is.”

  104. Midwest I’ll be in Chicago until the 18th.

  105. CA Dreamin SB says:

    LASB – WOW – good luck with that one!

    NY Gent – How often do you get out my way?

  106. Midwest SB says:

    CA – write me at life_is_good_today at the live place and I will send you what I had written. I don’t know how much is relevant to receiving those types of responses, but feel free to see if it helps. (Keep in the underscores.)

  107. CA Dreaming I have only gotten a couple of disrespectful emails. Usually it’s apparent that they have not actually read my profile. Like one older gent that has a small resort in Mexico who invited me to spend the Holidays with him (Like I don’t have a career) and to send him some pictures. lol

  108. CA Dreamin SB says:

    I really didn’t think I’d have to ‘include’ something like that considering my age – but – maybe I just got a few wackos off the get-go

  109. CA Dreamin SB says:

    Midwest – I’m in my upper 30s

  110. Midwest SB says:

    I’m pretty certain the gathering is the 12th, but Amazon Goddess already has plans to visit on the 14th. Do you expect to be there either day?

  111. CA Dreamin SB says:

    NY Gent – I didn’t think my photo screamed that – I’m about as clothed as you can get – but some of the emails I’ve received are enough to make the devil blush!

  112. Midwest SB says:

    CA – I agree w/ NYGent. I’m not sure what age bracket you fall into, but I didn’t get more than one or two of those. Could be for many reasons, but I think the younger sbs see that more often. I stated that I preferred an experienced sd if you think that would help curb it some.

  113. james.m says:

    Midwest – When is the gathering in Chicago? Thursday, Jan 14th?

  114. NYGent says:

    CA Dreamin: that’s fine, but unless your pics or text scream “escort” and I’m sure they don’t, I don’t think it’s necessary to say “I am not an escort”. But now that it’s in it doesn’t do any harm.

  115. I’ll see what I can do about changing my ticket, they don’t make it easy anymore. If not I’d love to meet you for dinner or a drink.

  116. james.m says:

    LASB – I think when you refresh your profile or change your pics, the search engine reclassifies you as a more recent profile. Since most of the searches are sorted by most recent profile, it moves you back to the head of the class. If your profile gets seasoned, you move to page 2 or 3, and many people don’t delve that deeply.

  117. Midwest SB says:

    NYGent – I’ve recovered nicely, Thank you. As for the pop psychology, you know how we feel about you {{{hugs}}}} Everyone means well.

    Amazon Goddess – That’s fabulous! If you weren’t aware, SDN was putting together a meeting on the 12th if you can visit early. Otherwise, confirm that you’ll be ther and I’ll do my best to come see you. Perhaps my SD would be interested too??

  118. CA Dreamin SB says:

    NY Gent – I’m in a town called Pleasanton, about 50 something miles from Napa. My profile should be back up soon (I hope). I thought, perhaps, it would help to add the fact that I’m NOT an escort to my profile, which I thought might help weed out some of the obscene offers. So – of course – it has to be approved all over again!

  119. SDinATX says:

    James, I actually liked your idea of us “shopping,” on Rodeo! I do still have 4 tickets (only planning on using 2) so maybe we can work something out if the West Coasters really want to tailgate.

  120. ATX I am a former national award winning restaurateur and a fan of artisan cooking methods. Thanks for the reccomendations. I will give you a full report. 😀

  121. james.m says:

    Hi Dreaming!

    Midwest – I enjoy helping a SB with her shopping sometimes.

  122. Midwest SB says:

    LASB – for all practical purposes, the upgraded profile was not a huge advantage. It did satisfy my sense of curiosity because I could see who viewed my profile or added me as a favorite. Of those I knew about and contacted, only a couple were worth it. I wouldn’t say it got me an sd. For some reason, I’m thinking the advanced search was a perk to the upgraded profile, but check first before you sign up. I did like that feature. I did go without for a few weeks, but the suspense did me in :-)

    One other thought, make sure you move or change your pics once a month or so. It seems to increase the number of views if it gets quiet.

  123. NYGent says:

    I just love being reduced to an object of pop psychology . . .

    On a more positive note, CA Dreamin where in the Bay Area? I hang out from time to time in Sonoma County and wine country. Tried to view your profile but it’s “under review.”

    Midwest: calm down, or at least don’t spill that wine, it’s the blood of life!

  124. SDinATX says:

    Amazon Goddess, a woman who truly appreciates BBQ is a blessing. When in Dallas look for RAILHEAD SMOKEHOUSE. You won’t be disappointed. My favorite place is actually an hour outside of Austin called COOPERS and it’s located in Llano (that’s two Ls).

  125. Midwest I’ll be in Chicago on the 14th.

  126. CA Dreamin SB says:

    Hi James!

  127. Midwest SB says:

    james – is there something I should know? I thought we cleared this up already! Perhaps you would rather go shopping?!

  128. james.m says:

    SDN – unless you’re offering bowl game tickets, I’m not interested!
    * panicing* (Boy, I hope you’re all up to date on earlier posts, or that could REALLY sound bad!)
    Hi everyone

  129. Midwest SB says:

    Beach Girl – Please cone to Chicago in Jan!

  130. Midwest SB says:

    Freakin’ hilarious! I just lost my last glass of wine :-) :-(

  131. SD NEOhio (SDN) says:

    Midwest SB: You are right, they will hear of my offers and think they could never live up and get an SB of their own. I should cut back to either a snuggie OR a happy meal.

  132. Beach_Girl*395953 says:

    Hi midwest!

  133. Midwest SB says:

    LASB – *blush* Thanks! Anytime. I think you will be fine, just be patient!

    Hi SDN – We’re going to have to have an intervention here soon. New SDs will come along and think that Snuggies and Happy Meals are the norm!

  134. CA Dreamin SB says:

    Hi again midwest – don’t worry – I notice the same thing – boy can I clear a room!

  135. Midwest SB says:

    hMMMM – I post and everyone poofs. I poof and everyone posts. I’m going to act like it is strictly a coincience!

    Hi ATX, Beach Girl , Goddess and CA

  136. I had a conference there a few years ago and had a great time. I’m usually such a girly girl, but City Market in Luling makes me forget my manners. That is truly the way to eat meat. I’ll be in Dallas next week, any places like that in the Metroplex?

  137. SD NEOhio (SDN) says:

    Napa & Muse: I don’t really need 5 minutes, I just want to make sure you are satisfied.

    Anna & Muse: “I don’t need an allowance from you honey, I’ll give you all the free trials you want”….Oh the dreams I am going to have tonight!

  138. Beach_Girl*395953 says:

    SDinATX~ well I want in on the raffle… 8)

  139. SDinATX says:

    Amazon Goddess, yes Cedar Street is still there. It’s a little more hipster filled than in years past, but it’s still there. I like going there occasionally. Austin has so many great places to offer for a night life though.

  140. ATX The River Walk is soooo nice. By the way is Cedar Street still there in Austin?

  141. CA Dreamin SB says:

    ATX – I know where that was! Just looked it up! I’m sorry :( BUT – have you tried Los Barrios in North San Antonio? Excellent food and margaritas.

  142. SDinATX says:

    hmmm that one smiley face didn’t work… I wonder if >:) works instead.

  143. SDinATX says:

    Beach Girl, no I’m going to be fair. If I can’t get an SB, I’ll raffle it off, and take care of travel. If James wants to go, I’ve got multiple tickets and can sell some too.

    CA Dreamin, it was on Zarzamora.

  144. SDinATX says:

    Taz, I’ll be the blog daddy for all y’all. I’ll have a Blog Sugar Harem. >:-)

  145. CA Dreamin SB says:

    ATX – I KNOW! Every time I go things have changed so much! They’re ruining it! Karams…hmmm – where was that? I grew up there and don’t remember that place…

  146. Beach_Girl*395953 says:

    Hi everyone!!!!
    Geezz I go to work and miss all the fun!

    ATX~ so who is going to the rose bowl? james m? lol

    I think everyone wants a blog daddy!

  147. SDinATX says:

    CA Dreamin, I love San Antonio. However they closed down my favorite restaurant there Karam’s. So that sucks. It was only open for like 60 years before the grand kids inherited it and said “this land is worth money!” I was just down by the River Walk for the first time in ages and was amazed at how hip they’re trying to make the area.

  148. CA Dreamin SB says:

    ATX – Hmmm…nope – that about sums it up! OH – however, I’d be happy to pick up my raffle ticket when I’m in SA next week / weekend! :)

  149. Taz says:

    Ummmm…yeah ATX…Taz and every other SB wants a blog daddy too 😛

  150. SDinATX says:

    Sorry, I had to actually do some X-Mas shopping.

    So lets see, my offer to take a UT fan to the game has turned into taking them shopping and to the game, and I’m raffling both away. Then James made the offer that we should go and shop for um “talent,” on Rodeo. Then someone suggest a SB tailgate at the Rose Bowl. Anna Molly wants a Blog Daddy, and so far no one has taken her up on that. I miss anything?

  151. Midwest SB says:

    Awwww – I wish I could have pups! I’m in need of some snugglin’!

  152. CA Dreamin SB says:

    I’m curled up on the couch with my puppies.

  153. Midwest SB says:

    I’m warming up with a glass of wine. Oooooh a bubble bath sounds perfect. They need to make waterproof netbooks :-)

  154. Anna Molly says:

    I’ll be back soon :)

  155. Anna Molly says:

    Hi Midwest :)

  156. Anna Molly says:

    I’m going to go take a hot bath, I’m freezing! 😉

  157. CA Dreamin SB says:

    Hey Midwest! Is everyone staying warm tonight?

  158. Anna Molly says:

    Hi CA Dreamin :)

  159. CA Dreamin SB says:

    Hi Anna!

  160. Anna Molly says:

    Muse ~ I don’t need an allowance from you honey, I’ll give you all the free trials you want 😉

    Hi SDN 😉

    Hi everybody :)

  161. Midwest SB says:

    Hi Sugars!!!!

    SincereSD – “Bunny boiler” omg that is one of the most hilarious expressions ever! Unless she’s beating down your door of course!

    James.m – Not only wouldn’t I object, I will be happy to join all of you for red wine and chocolate! One of the greatest combos I can think of! Couples massage – when do we start?? The Pasadena treat sounds perfect!

    LASB and all the sbs over 30 – There is hope. I am late 30s and I have had some good experiences so far. I just met the most wonderful sd!!! It took 3 months and some screening, but well worth it.

    LASB- If you don’t want to e-mail someone, add him to your favorites and see if he notices. Also, if a guy suggests you travel without offering to pay, put him off for a bit…maybe he will get the hint. If he doesn’t offer, then don’t bother. You can afford to be selective. Lastly, what age range are you hoping to connect with? I’m late 30s and my sd is a very young 60. Finally, don’t sweat catching up on the blog sweetie! I’m gong for 8 hours a day and sometimes a few days – YIKES!

    The Rocky Horror Picture Show is on –Really! Haven’t seen this in many years, but brings back great memories! *sings lets do the time warp again*

  162. CA Dreamin SB says:

    You too Napa – have a great night! I know how long that Korea flight is!

  163. CA Dreamin SB says:

    Napa – WOW – only about an hour away! I’m so glad to be going to San Antonio. There’s no place on Earth like it.

  164. NapaSB says:

    well, I just got in from Korea and I am allll kinds of tired…ya’ll have a great night!! it was very nice to meet you CA

  165. NapaSB says:

    CA – you assume correctly :) , how exciting that you get to go to Tx…I am very jealous. I have been in Cali for about 3 years now, 1 year in monterey and the other 2 right outside Napa.

  166. CA Dreamin SB says:

    Napa – a month! I’m headed to SA at the end of the week. I assume you’re near Napa?

  167. NapaSB says:

    CA – Awesome, I have family there! How long have you been in Cali?

  168. Alll L says:

    Would you seek an arrangement with you if you were on the other side of the sugar spectrum?

    Yes. However, my sugar will be my partner! Nothing better than treating a partner as a sugar…

    What is your idea of a sugar dream date?

    Movies, fix lunch (like he did), spend time together , out for dinner, spend the night in each others arms…Oh, that’s a whole day!

    Actually, as long as he takes care of it all, I am fine!

  169. CA Dreamin SB says:

    NAPA! I’m originally from SA, TX!

  170. NapaSB says:

    CA – I am wondering as well…I want to “meet” him! ….i’m from ATX

  171. Muse says:

    CA – He’s probably off buying raffle tickets for us.

    NapaSB – I know. That was really the selling point for me too.

  172. CA Dreamin SB says:

    I’m still wondering where ATX went!

  173. NapaSB says:

    SDN – you had me at “5 minutes of clumsy sex” …i mean honestly who doesnt love that? the happy meal and snuggie are just added benefits 😉

  174. SD NEOhio (SDN) says:

    NapaSB: Plenty of snuggies and happy meals left, please join the slumber party!

  175. NapaSB says:

    Hi everyone!!! jeez it feels like it has been forever since i have gotten on here and there is so much to catch up on :) ya’ll have been busy…especially you SDN

  176. SD NEOhio (SDN) says:

    Muse: Sweeeetttt!!! You get the happy meal and the red snuggie. I love popcorn…is Rambo a girlie movie?

  177. SD NEOhio (SDN) says:

    Muse: What about a snuggie and a happy meal? Come on I know you are tempted by my lavish offers….

  178. Muse says:

    SDN – Silly man. Of course you’re invited! In fact, I thought you were hosting it. Which reminds me, I think we should have popcorn and girlie movie time as well.

  179. SD NEOhio (SDN) says:

    Muse: I was all about the red snuggie for you until I realized you were talking to the SBs about a slumber party and pillow fight and not me : (

    AM: Waiting on you!

  180. CA Dreamin SB says:

    Muse – Absoultey – Snuggie slumber party and pillow fights.

  181. Muse says:

    AM – I want you!! I can’t offer you an allowance but we can meet in Starbucks. You know, just to keep it classy.

    Yaz – Clearly that woman knows what she’s talking about. You should listen to her. Very wise lady that one.

    NYGent – I’m afraid I’m always going to be the one with the unpopular opinion/viewpoint (as always) but I had to offer my two cents on the “too romantic” thing. I adore romance but it takes time to build up to it for me. If you start out a dynamic by being super romantic, it makes some women (like me) wonder if you’re not just transferring feelings you had for the last woman to us. After all, it takes time to get to know and care about someone.

    Mmm…massages. I love them. I also love (and desperately need) a facial. Maybe it’s not too late to get one as a holiday gift…. Hm….

    TXSB – Me too! I mean, kept in the sense that I still get to have a life, but it would be nice to be in that position. You know, having the emotional and physical (and financial) part taken care of so I could focus on my dreams and goals instead of rent, bills, dating.

    ATX – I would love to be part of the raffle. Let me know the details for getting a ticket (or 20.) Warmth, college football, a never-before-visited state and good company. Sounds like heaven.

    SDN – I would like a snuggie too. However, I would like mine to be red so I stand out when we have our snuggle slumber parties and pillow fights. That is the plan, right ladies?

    NC – I would do the same thing. She sounds like a pain.

    Hello cleo, james.m, poptart, and everyone else!

  182. CA Dreamin SB says:

    LASB – I’m in the bay area :(

  183. Anna Molly says:

    Speaking of massages, wheres my back rub SDN? 😉

  184. CA Dreamin SB says:

    Wouldn’t that be fun? Sugar bowl at the Rose Bowl!

  185. CA Dreamin SB says:

    How are things in Ohio SDN?

  186. CA Dreamin SB says:

    All the great topics tend to stick around! I miss getting massages!

  187. ontariosugar says:

    Wow I went to bed last night and we were discussing massages and now we still are now.. This soo makes me want one. I need a sugar daddy to enjoy them with!

  188. SD NEOhio (SDN) says:

    Taz: Would never let you do my dear!

  189. TXSB says:

    LOL @ poptart.

    All righty…I’m out for the evening…..later. :)

  190. CA Dreamin SB says:

    Where is ‘here’ poptart? (just in case I’m ever in your neck of the woods)

  191. poptart says:

    CA Dreamin – it really is amazing! if you were here I would totally hook you up.

    TXSB… *looks at your notes* Wait… drawing your name and your SD’s name with little hearts… and stick figures doing.. acrobats *ahem* is not good note taking!!

    Taz… Me thinks he is overwhelmed by the response to happy meals and snugglis. Who knew!!

  192. CA Dreamin SB says:

    poptart – that sounds WONDERFUL…sign me up!

  193. poptart says:

    Taz – sound massages.
    Kind of like Reiki. It is a movement of energy that will vibrate your core.

    Using Tibetian Singing bowls… large and small… (I also love chimes).
    I would place bowls on your back and play them. The vibrations are amazing and very relaxing. *bowls can be placed elsewhere but i am talking massages here*

    Tibetian Singing bowls are most often used by buddhist during prayer and meditation. When played with a wooden mallet they have a higer pitched sound. When played with a covered mallet they sound deeper. They can also be striked against the side for a gong sound. When the mallet is dragged along the outside edge of a bowl, the bowl will sing. Creating an oooohhhmmmm sound. The size of the bowl will dictate the sound (deeper or higer pitched) The singing creates a deep vibration that will transfer from the bowl directly to your body. The energy it creates is amazing.

    I have several larger bowls that are considered Healing Bowls and will move/bend specific chakras.

    Sorry to ramble… if anyone wants more info… i will gladly provide… :-)

  194. CA Dreamin SB says:

    Flo Rida – I know, I added the line on my profile that I’m not an escort – so – they have to approve it all over again – but – I hope you’ll look at it when it is available and let me know!

  195. Taz says:

    Indeed SDN – you are slacking my friend! Too many SB’s got you behind in your ‘other’ job!! I did hire you a few weeks ago…:P

  196. Flo Rida says:

    CAdreaming – your profile is pending so can’t look at it

    Cleo – just lucky I suppose but better lucky than good. My boss (at the time) went to high school with him so we’ve known each other for a long time plus i’m well travelled and smart and so is he.

    LASB – I do not have a profile on any site. if SD and I break up I won’t be looking for a SD (now if I stumble onto another one then so be it). i’m just on the blog coz I like the people

    TXSB – it’s windy and chilly – there’s a boat parade tomorrow night – should be fun & cold & windy!

  197. Taz says:

    james.m – I like really any sport live…for me it is the atmosphere more than anything…good company helps too lol! I am sure if you put it out there many SB’s (and who knows – maybe an SD or two 😛 ) that would love to join you!! There are quite a few Ontario SB’s on the blog…as I am…just no passport yet :(

  198. TXSB says:

    *notepad/pen in hand…..waiting on Poptart’s explanation* :)

  199. poptart says:

    Hiya TXSB and SDN! *blows kisses*

    james… you pay for my airfare I would go!!
    Sure, i would annoy you the whole time, “who is that?” “why did he do that?” “what is going on?” “it’s cold in here”

  200. SD NEOhio (SDN) says:

    CA Dreamin SB: You have to give back the tax software then you get your happy meal and snuggie! Realize I am one SD with ***cough, mumble *** many SBs.

    My offers are sweet and that kind of sugar attracts the SBs!!!

    Taz: !!! Hey. Haven’t talked to you in forever!

  201. Taz says:

    Sound massages?? Ha! That can go many ways lol – please elaborate poptart :)

  202. TXSB says:



    Don’t assume…..put out the offer and see if anyone bites.


    CA Dreamin:


    LOL….good ideas….I’ll have to work on my “convincing skills”…. :)

  203. poptart says:

    I love to get massages… but I especially love to give them. I have very strong hands and when they get tired I have never had anyone man or woman complain about my using my fingernails.

    I also love giving ‘sound’ massages. *my specialty* It is an amazing experience.

  204. CA Dreamin SB says:

    TXSB – I think I’ve seen it before but what area of Tx do you call home?

  205. Taz says:

    TXSB – if a guy isn’t into ‘massages’ they can usually be convinced. Not in a conniving way…he probably just does not have any experience. Some great essential oils (emu oil is FABULOUS with a nice scent added!) You can even pick up some massage books and try it on each other – but definitely show HIM what he is missing out on!…whoever that may be 😛 Some guys don’t like getting oily – but promise a shower right after if he wants lol..doubt he will be thinking about it though!

    Hi SDN!! :)

  206. CA Dreamin SB says:

    HI SDN!!! I’m STILL waiting for my snuggie and happy meal… 😉

  207. SD NEOhio (SDN) says:

    Hey everyone!!!

  208. james.m says:

    OK, but I bet if I put a couple of tickets to a Michigan hockey game out there I wouldn’t get any takers…

  209. CA Dreamin SB says:

    ATX? Did you leave us? Hiding? Worried all the SB’s are going to tackle you for that ticket?

  210. TXSB says:

    I dunno what “kind” they are…but no man I’ve ever dated has ever offered a massage. My ex-BF…lol…if I asked him for a massage, he would say “no” half the time. The other half times, he would kinda rub my back for like less than 5 minutes and then want sex. *sigh* Yes he was a romantic! *rolling eyes*

    LOL….I’m all for your Rose Bowl Plan. Make sure ATX knows the plan…lol. I’ve never been to a game or tailgating (yes I know, I’m ashamed) but it’ll be first for me! :)


    CA Dreamin:
    LOL! Poor guy….I don’t think he realized what he was starting when he mentioned it!

  211. james.m says:

    Taz: 100% Correct!

  212. Taz says:

    AGAIN -it was a PROFESSIONAL massage…never been sooo relaxed in all my life…was 27 years of stress gone in an hour…ahh heaven…

  213. Taz says:

    james.m – be careful lol…these SB’s WILL fight you on the tickets 😛 **shakes head** back away slowly…don’t say another word…it may get ugly…lol

  214. james.m says:

    You notice he hasn’t jumped in to compliment our suggestions. Come to think of it, he hasn’t been heard from since I said I wanted to go! *LOL*

  215. Taz says:

    Massages – I had my first massage about three years ago (“professional” massage at a spa). Not only did I catch myself drooling a couple times but the lady nearly gave me an orgasm :O ( did I REALLY just say this on the blog??!)

    As far as “non-professional” massage – they are always welcome :) Lol…seriously – if a guy is into you – what man in his right mind wouldn’t want to have his hands all over his beautiful lady?? And vice versa…everything in life is best when mutually beneficial 😉

  216. CA Dreamin SB says:

    I wonder what ATX will think of us planning his Rose Bowl excursion for him? :)

  217. james.m says:

    TXSB: OK, here’s a suggestion. We’ll have a SB/Sd outing to Pasadena. ATX can take his choice with him into the game. The rest of us will hang out in the parking lot, tailgating. AM, Dulcinea and Dreaming get to invite the SD of their choice, so they have dates. Then, we’ll all go shopping, followed by massages. And the cool kids from NYC don’t get to go.
    Have I missed any of the tables that need to be included?

  218. james.m says:

    TXSB: Any SD who claims not to like massages, hasn’t had a good one yet. The real deal is out of this world. the chiropractor next door has a masseuse, and I visit her every Monday morning. What a way to start the week. I’ve never done a couples though.
    And why would a man in his right mind NOT want to give his woman a massage? What kind of guys do you hang out with?

  219. TXSB says:

    CA Dreamin:
    LOL! IIRC, this is the first time blog SBs have had to compete with blog SDs for a SD’s attention! Should be interesting….. 😉 James, you know the blog SBs won’t give up a shopping trip that easily….. :)

  220. CA Dreamin SB says:

    Nope – that’s about it. James is trying to get into the raffle for the Rose Bowl trip – but don’t you do it ATX!!! I think us SB’s would be WAY more fun!

  221. TXSB says:

    Hi Everyone! Wow….blog certainly picked up! Back from gym…just ate….hurting. :( Glanced through the blog….so we’re getting happy meals…ATX is taking another SD shopping at Rodeo drive….am I missing anything else? 😉

    SincereSD Says:
    Best couples massage is with each other. My ex-SB used to love getting massages from me.

    Are you saying there are men out there who really don’t mind giving massages? I have never dated a man who liked giving massages. They didn’t like giving it….and they didn’t want to go get it either (couples massage). *sigh* FML!


    I kinda slacked off last 2 weeks with trainer…this is the 1st week I’m “back”. I’ve just been incredibly sore. He’s also increasing the weights, and we’re also starting some new “back stuff” so that gets my back really sore. It’ll go away in a week or so….I went through the same thing with legs/arms.

  222. james.m says:

    My m&ms and I are heading out for the day. Good to talk to you all.

  223. CA Dreamin SB says:

    377181 is my profile number – if anyone wants to give me constructive criticism on it – that would be welcome

  224. CA Dreamin SB says:

    poptart! You are too funny ‘knock boots’ :)

  225. CA Dreamin SB says:

    No, NC – I never did post a profile number. I made some edits this morning (added – If you’re looking for an escort – move on.) So it hasn’t been re-approved yet. Not sure you can see it. I’d have my name hyperlinked, but I don’t know how to do that – anyone?

  226. james.m says:

    CA Dreaming: I bet if ATX and I went shopping on Rodeo, we’d be able to find just what we want *sly smile*

  227. Dulcinea9786 says:

    Dreamin – I think at this point it’s just you and me in the raffle…. We may be able to settle this with a rock, paper, scissors tournament!

    I’m off to get ready for work….a fun-filled four hours after which I’ll be covered in flour and dreaming of a day at the spa. With chocolate. And a snuggie. Y’all have a great evening!

  228. NC Gent says:

    CA Dreamin — did you post a profile number before? was looking but couldn’t find it :)

  229. poptart says:

    I was going to change my profile – but I opted to keep it as is. Why? Because although I realize there are women who are more beautiful *read.. women who post half nekkid pics* And there are women who are more eloquent and sultry and seductive – that in the end… I am just too lazy to change it up. HA!

    On that note…

    I never contact pot SDs. (I fear rejection) What I have found recently is that I have been contacted by a few who I clicked on their profile.
    So to the SD’s or sb’s who mentioned contacting people who have looked at their profiles… Thanx.

  230. CA Dreamin SB says:

    How about that ATX – want to take another SD shopping on Rodeo? :)

  231. james.m says:

    And I didn’t hear ATX limit it to SBs. There might be some SDs who’d be willing to spring for dogs and beer to see a good football game. ATX, can we join, too?

  232. CA Dreamin SB says:

    lisa – YEA!!!! Happy meals for all! And maybe some hot chocolate too – I can’t afford to buy snuggies for all – but I can spring for hot chocolate

  233. CA Dreamin SB says:

    Well, my chair is in-between the SB’s with no SD’s and the uncool non-NYC kids tables :)

    Of course, I almost had an opportunity at a “I went to the Rose Bowl” table…but NOW it’s a raffle!!! :)

  234. james.m says:

    chocolate goes well with a good red wine. I wanted both!
    come to think about it, I don’t know much that doesn’t go well with a good red wine. I’d bring it over to the table to share with AM, Dreaming and Dulcinea, but Midwest might object

  235. lisa says:

    I presume it will be happy meals for all?

  236. james.m says:

    we seem to be separating into several cliques:
    SBs without SDs at one table, uncool kids who didn’t get invited to NYC at another, NYC kids over in the corner, gloating

  237. CA Dreamin SB says:

    Welcome Dulci!

  238. poptart says:

    james… I so would have preferred the m&m’s!! But that is just me. I have a love of chocolate *just sits with a dreamy smile for a moment*

    AM – I would take you but I think you are out of my price range… but I make a mean cuppa hot cocoa!

  239. Dulcinea9786 says:

    James – of COURSE it was the snuggie!

    ATX – It’s not just in LA and NYC that women make absurd judgement calls. Trust me.

    Anna and Dreamin – I’m joining y’all at that table!!

  240. CA Dreamin SB says:

    Hmmm…trying to figure out m&m’s through cyberspace…I’d have given up the Cab for them. ESPECIALLY for the bonus pot holder! LOL

  241. james.m says:

    They come with a polar bear santa top and santa feet. Plus a Christmas pot holder. You guessed it, they’re sitting on my desk. How do I send you an m&m over the blog? And I had a nice 2004 Rutherford Valley Cabernet Sauvignon before it was stolen…

  242. poptart says:

    NC Gent –
    Broken nails and messed up hair are easily fixed. And sometimes worth it. *ahem*

    But so not nice of you to throw an offer out there you had no intention of meeting! *lol* I kid. I understand you were trying to get rid of her.

  243. CA Dreamin SB says:

    Don’t feel bad AM – Nobody wants me either! Come sit at the SB’s with no SD’s table with me 😉

  244. CA Dreamin SB says:

    James – I’d have gone for the xmas m&m’s

  245. SDinATX says:

    Dulcinea, in my time in LA and NYC I’ve found that many women make some absurd judgment calls is all.

  246. Anna Molly says:

    No takers? Snif….no one wants me…snif :(

  247. CA Dreamin SB says:

    Darnit! I knew it was going to end up a raffle! Do I get any extra entries for being born in Texas? :)

  248. james.m says:

    The hit of the gift exchange was — you guessed it — a Snuggie!
    Not the brandy, not the christmas m&ms, a Snuggie

  249. poptart says:

    lisa *scoffs and acts totally insulted*
    What kinda girl do you think I am? *gives you a look* Don’t answer that.

    *thoughtful pause*
    Have I ever called a man and asked/hinted for a booty call? perhaps.maybe.kinda sorta.yes.

    But have I ever called a past SD or pot SD for a booty call? No. Because even if there was attraction and interest, I never thought it would be wise.
    How would I go about that…
    *makes a fake phone with my hand**ring*ring* Oh, hi, I am feeling kinda lonely and wanna knock boots with you… remember that whole allowance thing we discussed or had goin on before? Well forget that…
    and even worse…
    What if I did that *with no mention of agreements and $* and he would bring it up? How would that make me feel?

    And what about those men who prefer arrangements? Some SD’s prefer not to just kick it unless an agreement is in place. (For their own reasons)

    Maybe I over think things.
    I dunno.
    *bites lip*
    My point was more along the lines of…. I couldn’t imagine a crisis that would come up where I would randomly hit up a man who was a pot SD and for whatever reason ask for money. Because things didn’t woprk out for a reason right?

  250. Dulcinea9786 says:

    ATX – So, you’re unpretentious, down to earth, and believe in comfort over flash. You choose to not make yourself a target for pickpockets. And this is a bad thing because why?

  251. Taz says:

    Well ATX – depends on which SB you are talking to I suppose 😉 I don’t discriminate against someone b/c of the clothing they are comfortable in…I don’t believe pretentious is attractive…

  252. SDinATX says:

    Sorry, had to do some actual business. Here is why not just SBs but many women in NYC and LA would make a (wrong) immediate judgment call on me: I’m 35, wear 20 year old cowboy boots from when I worked on the family ranch, $30 Levis, no watch. There is nothing that says “money,” about me at all with a first glance. When I go out on the town, the only thing that changes is my shirt is generally a nice one. In this town I have no problems with that “look.”

    I suppose now I will have to do a raffle or something.

  253. NC Gent says:

    whoaaaaa!!!! and no comment lol

  254. Dulcinea9786 says:

    James – “Remember!
    As far as everyone knows, we’re a normal family”
    I love it! I have a little art piece hanging next to my front door: “Friends welcome. Relatives by appointment.”

    poptart – I wholeheartedly agree….I’ve delivered pizza to the Super 8 here. “Icky” is the mildest term I’d use, I think.

    NC Gent – Messed up hair? A broken nail?? One creates a mental picture of Scarlett O’Hara fanning herself and batting her eyelashes…. This is not a girl who’d be getting in on ATX’s rose bowl raffle :)

    Taz – on asking about expectations….I got an email from a pot. Went back and forth a few times, until I asked him what he was looking for. His response: “looking for a sugar babe.” Well gosh golly gee willikers, I never would have figured that one out, genius…. He asked for pics, I sent them, and haven’t heard back since. I’m guessing he’s on the lookout for Barbie.

    NC Gent – We’re practically neighbors!

  255. CA Dreamin SB says:

    Sorry everyone – I’d been wondering for a while where NC Gent was :)

  256. CA Dreamin SB says:

    I am! I worked in the containment area – right off Weston Pky! :)

  257. NC Gent says:

    So are you familiar the Containment Area for Relocated Yankees? 😉

  258. CA Dreamin SB says:

    I was asking because I used to live in Raleigh :)

  259. NC Gent says:

    More central NC I would say.

  260. CA Dreamin SB says:

    NC Gent – Curious – if you don’t mind sharing, E or W Carolina?

  261. Taz says:

    LASB – Welcome :) I respond to email I get and I send them out to sd’s I am interested in as well. If you don’t get emails back – DON’T be offended. There’s someone for everyone. I would say I might get back 1 in 20 emails I send out…don’t let it be discouraging and definitely screen better…after being in contact with a pot sd and knowing there is some chemsitry, if he does not ask me about expectations, I ask him about his…learned early on to do this BEFORE meeting…not setting an actual arrangement, making sure we both seek the same in an arrangement before meeting saves a lot of wasted time IMHO. As far as approaching SD’s – I am just myself…whatever interested me in their profile I mention… Screening does not have to be ‘rigid’ – it is about getting to know each other…I don’t think any of my pots ever felt ‘screened’…in essence you do this as you get to know each other – just need to ask the right questions :)

    ATX – I am sure you are no trouble at all :) And wooohooo on the raffle! I’m in!!

    AM – don’t we ALL want a blog daddy? 😀

  262. NC Gent says:

    Poptart — I definitely wouldn’t have followed through if she responded positively. I have absolutely no interest in this woman. I am actually a little concerned that she might be a “bunny boiler” so I have been a little gentle in letting her know my lack of interest. I think she finally got the message. It is highly unlikely she would have followed through because wild kinky sex might mess up her hair or god forbid — she might break a nail!

  263. poptart says:

    AM and Dulci – pish posh! Super 8 is just icky.
    That is just wrong. There are no words. ummmm… those guys aren’t SD’s. -shrug- I could be wrong… wouldn’t be the first time… but…. no.

    *goes off singing*… we at the hotel, motel, holiday inn…

  264. lisa says:

    poptart, you mean you’ve never contacted an old “friend” for a late night booty call?

  265. james.m says:

    I’m reminded of the frig magnet I saw the other day:

    As far as everyone knows, we’re a normal family

  266. poptart says:

    NC Gent – *quirks a brow* Would you have followed through had she accepted?

    *ponders this for a moment*
    I have heard several times from SD’s that they are in contact with previous pots or sd’s who hit them up every so often. Is this the norm? I have actually made friends in SD’s where for some reason or other it didn’t work out and we will email every so often. But I have never thought to call and hit them up for anything.

  267. CA Dreamin SB says:

    No worries James :) I’m glad to be my age. I am a much better person overall now than I ever was in my 20’s.

  268. Dulcinea9786 says:

    Anna Molly – I agree with ugh….for a Super 8, you’d need at LEAST $400. 😉

    lisa – You’re over 40 and had some success? Sweet bleeding gods, thank you for posting that!!!

    NC Gent – Wild kinky sex in a hotel room in exchange for assistance, and she hasn’t responded? Is she braindead? *laughs* I kid, I kid….. It sounds like there are some real winners on both sides of the bowl.

    Anna Molly – a blog daddy? Sign me up!!

  269. james.m says:

    CASB: there should have been a humorous descriptor with that, like LOL. Sorry. And perhaps I shouldn’t have mentioned it, letting it go quietly over the head of most of those here???

  270. poptart says:

    CA Dreamin – so.much.word!! *translates into YES! I agree!*
    I don’t think a man who makes an offer like that (meet sans panties and ready to go at s’bux) is an actual SD. But I could be wrong. *looks around at the SD’s on the board*

    LASB & Dulc *whoops I forget how to spell your name and can’t scroll up for some reason*
    Thank you! *beams and smiles all cute because I love compliments*

    AM – I know right. Ya think they realize when they talk about how we should be treated and how they treat women it only makes us crush harder on them?
    PS… I am so not digging the paparazzi song… but I soooo lovelovelove Bad Romance! *sings* I don’t wanna be friends! I don’t wanna be friends!

  271. CA Dreamin SB says:

    If you want to see someones profile and they aren’t hyperlinked, you can ask for the profile number and search it that way.

  272. james.m says:

    CASB: yes, you did.

  273. james.m says:

    OK, I have a question as a newbie. Some of the profiles are in blue (hyperlinks). I assumed that was to allow a blogger to check a profile. However, if I click on one, I get a message that the profile is blocked. Is there a way to access these profiles? What do you do for the others?

  274. CA Dreamin SB says:

    Anna – I’m with you – I’d love to have any of the regular bloggers as an SD – anyone – anyone? Buehler? (did I just show my age?)

  275. james.m says:

    NYCG – you were far too subtle for her. But what would you have done if she’s said OK?

  276. lisa says:

    uh oh NC Gent got turned down for wild kinky sex
    not a good day for SDS

  277. NC Gent says:

    You are welcome Dulcinea — I am sure there are a lot of great SDs out there but you have to be patient.

    SDs put up with a lot of bs too. I met a potential SB in May for one date, but her life was a mess, and she was a complete princess. For some reason, I didn’t pick up on that until we met. Well anyways, about once every 4-6 weeks I get a random text message from this women with yet a new crisis. I always declined hoping she would move on. Well I got one of those text messages this morning, and I texted back — I would love to help you. I will book a hotel room and we can have wild kinky sex, and then I will provide you with the assistance you need — that was about 4 hours ago and I haven’t heard back lol and I am hoping I will never hear from her again!

  278. Anna Molly says:

    I would love to have a blog daddy….hint, hint…lol

    No, I’m serious…any takers…huh…anybody?

  279. james.m says:

    And the winning should be so much better than the losing!

  280. CA Dreamin SB says:

    I think all the SB’s here should be fortunate enough to find SD’s who are on the blog. It really is a game of craps – roll the dice, sometime you win, but a LOT of times you lose.

  281. lisa says:

    Good afternoon everyone

    Sorry about your experiences LASB. Wow that one guy was so lazy he wanted you to show with your panties already off, gee.

    You have to weed through a lot of stuff but don’t give up. I’m over 40 and had some decent success on the site.

  282. Anna Molly says:

    The last time I met a pot at Strabucks it didn’t go too well…lol. Lets just say it involved the mention of a Super 8 and 250 bucks. UGH!

  283. james.m says:

    CASB – of course a real SD would’t ask for the Starbucks scenario. But, not all of the men on here are serious SDs, just as not all the women on here are serous SBs. OUr job is to figure out which are which, and end up with one of the real ones with whom we could form a connection.

  284. Dulcinea9786 says:

    poptart – You’re awesome. I just wanted to tell you that :) And I’m so glad I’m not the only person around here who waves like a loon or giggles uncontrollably!!

    NC Gent – thank you, kind sir, for giving hope to the non-plastic masses of real women looking for SDs! *curtsies in your general direction*

    james – Perhaps we could find common ground in the NFL? There, I root for the Browns, Bengals, and Steelers (Big Ben grew up near where I did). Oh, and the Jets, because Rex Ryan has balls the size of Texas, and I like that in a coach. I’m actually wearing gold sweatpants and a blue sweater right now….hrm. *runs to change clothes* Most Wolverines I’ve met just don’t know any better….poor misguided souls 😉

  285. NC Gent says:

    I have met in a Starbucks but I have never asked a potential SB to meet me sans panties and prepared for sex!

  286. CA Dreamin SB says:

    Maybe I’m mistaken, but I don’t think a real SD would ASK for the Starbucks scenario…

  287. james.m says:

    LASB – NYCG is right on. I looked for SBs who are a little older, but I’m probably that much older than NYCG. Under 27 can be scary! mid 30s is a great combination of youth and experience.

  288. james.m says:

    Hi all. Just popped in for a few minutes after the Christmas pot luck and before the Christmas gift exchange starts. Get a little snow on the ground (20″ now) and they all think christmas is coming!

    LASB – I’d be curious to hear from other SDs, but I don’t have any problem with an SB making first contact. My searches have been pretty limited (local), so I have been contacted by people in Ohio and WI where I don’t search. (I realize I’m never going to hear from Dulcinea, after her crack about Wolverines) Some come through as canned, and I give them a quick “no”, some are scary, some are funny, and occassionally you get one worth follwoing up.

  289. NC Gent says:

    Welcome to the blog LASB — I look for SBs in their late 20s to late 30s. I sometimes consider mid-20s if we seem to be a good match and the SB is mature for her age. I haven’t had much luck with SBs under 27. Not all SDs are looking for early 20s SBs. Good luck in your search!

  290. poptart says:

    LASB – I know this sounds strange… but of the men I have met… I can say that the actual realdeal guys… Have always offered right off the bat to cover travel expenses. I was meeting someone local and no lie… he told me he would pay for my parking if I drove into the city. I didn’t even have to mention it. *shrug* for what it’s worth.

    As for not sounding like a money grubbing whore. Well, I suppose I should let the SD’s discuss this with you. But SA is what it is. An arrangement that is mutually beneficial. I have never asked for money right out of the gate to meet someone. And quite frankly if a man said to me, “I don’t have to pay for a woman” I would scoff. I might even giggle uncontrollably. *shrug* Because I have never met a man who hasn’t in one way paid. Be it drinks, or dinner, a basic date. But, I also wouldn’t want to be with a man who made me feel that wanting my part of the arrangement was wrong where what they are asking for is perfectly fine.

    Not all men are looking for 20yo models. I am fortunate I live in a more popular area I suppose. Then again in a way i have to weed through a lot more garbage fake players who are just looking to score. yanno?

  291. CA Dreamin SB says:

    ATX – I would have died and gone to heaven if I went to that game – but the raffle could be good too 😉

  292. poptart says:

    Hello Everyone *waves like a loon*
    I slinked out of work early… was on a conference call while shopping at Macys … and only ended up with stuff for me. hmmmmm. go figure. But such good deals!!!

    *smirkity* I have learned from experience being on the naughty list isn’t always a bad thing.

    SincereSD says in response to what i had said….

    poptart says: I have had men suggest, after a few meetings, and after knowing there is mutual attraction, that FWB is what they want. Well, because we already know we are attracted to one another, right?!?!? We already have a connection. So why not?

    Sounds kinda fishy to me. From my perspective, I would not get involved with a woman, sugar or otherwise, unless there was strong attraction. And if the relationship is good, I am even more generous. I view the allowance as an expression of my gratitude and affection.

    YES! *nodding in agreement with you* Exactly. My sarcasm didn’t shine through as expected. (my bad) I am suspect of people and their motives when this comes up. Either you are an SD looking for a sb or you are just luring people in for a date. *frown*frown*frown* Once we discuss an agreement and what both of our needs are… (yay for communication!) Don’t try to turn the tables on me. Yes, being attracted and desire is important to me, but if that was all I wanted… *eye roll*
    So anyway… I agree with you. And I always appreciate a point of view from an actual SD. It makes me feel like I am not so wonky. (well, sure I am wonky, but you know what I mean)

  293. Dulcinea9786 says:

    ATX – Why would a SB think you weren’t worth the trouble? You seem like a good guy from everything I’ve seen on the blogs. Even if you are slightly addled when it comes to which football team to root for… 😉

    Dreamin – Ugh. Also, blech. It’s definitely aggravating when they don’t get the picture the first time around. And letting it roll off is far easier said than done. *offers hugs*

    ATX – Oooooh, raffle!!!

  294. cleo says:

    ATX: i don’t understand why you think you wouldn’t be worth the trouble…?

    what are you 80 and obese or something?

  295. Anna Molly says:

    IMHO if a guy is a true SD then he will just offer to pay your expenses…you shouldn’t have to ask.

  296. Anna Molly says:

    A raffle..lol
    How much are the tickets?

  297. Anna Molly says:

    The NY girls either :)

  298. SDinATX says:

    CA Dreamin SB, I tell you what if I can’t find a date for my trip I’ll take you to the game or create a raffle for the SBs on the blog who want to go.

  299. CA Dreamin SB says:

    ATX – I would never think you weren’t worth the trouble! You seem like such a great person here on the blog – don’t lump all of us CA girls together!

  300. CA Dreamin SB says:

    Dulci – the first pot I met who wanted the ‘test ride’ – emailed me again this morning – come on baby, i thought you wanted me, etc. etc. etc. – So I wrote him back explaining I’m not a lady of the evening in any manner of speaking and I’m not about to do what he wants and that these relationships are based on mutual respect (at least for me they are) etc. etc. etc. and then I blocked him. I know I should have just let it roll off…but…not that kind of day!

  301. SDinATX says:

    LASB, if they’re asking you to travel to meet them, they need to pay for it. That’s just common decency. Go on a few dates, if there is immediate chemistry talk about an arrangement. Flo Rida presents some interesting points, however I know when I’m being screened and I find it uncomfortable.

    Screening will work, so you should take Flo Rida’s advice. However just as frogs will slip through, you’ll lose some Princes too. I’m happy to live where I live, because I know in LA or NYC a SB would meet me and immediately go “this guy isn’t worth the trouble.”

  302. Anna Molly says:

    LASB ~ Hi and welcome BTW :)

    I always let the SD’s come to me. There are girls here that email and I’m sure they would be more than happy to give you advice on how to approach a SD. I think it was discussed in a previous blog too, but don’t remember which one.

  303. Dulcinea9786 says:

    Sincere – Egads!! That almost had to be in the south….nobody does cousins and family drama like southerners! And I agree with cleo…it’s funny from the outside, but man, does it still suck!

    CA Dreamin – What’s going on that’s got you aggravated? I’m having a “to hell with it” day today….to-do list out the window, don’t really care about going to work tonight, just to hell with it all.

    Anna Molly – My favorite: “I wouldn’t kick him out of bed for eating crackers.” :)

    LASB – on keeping up with the blog – I’m only working part time right now (damned economy!), so my days are pretty open. I’m visiting job boards and refreshing the blog. Also, see above….it’s a “to hell with it” day :)

    Flo – Thank you for your insights on screening pot SDs….I’m taking notes!

    CA Dreamin – great minds think alike!!!

  304. cleo says:

    anna molly: yeah i’ve heard those ones before… and i love them :)
    CA Dreaming: thanks for sharing, i’m stealing that!
    Flo Rida: how did you find the elusive wild caught SD anyway?

  305. CA Dreamin SB says:

    LASB – If I am interested in someone, I’ll email him. I’ve also had some email me. Doesn’t always work-out, but, I usually get a response of some sort. If you email someone – what’s the worst thing that happens – he doesnt’ email you back?

  306. Flo Rida says:

    SincereSD – i’m sooooo glad I met my SD IRL – though I am very very paranoid about security (as VC, TX-SB and NYC SB can tell you i’ve vented to them).

  307. Anna Molly says:

    My work involves being on the computer so I just go back and forth. I have the day off though so I’m pretty much refreshing every two minutes…lol

  308. CA Dreamin SB says:

    LASB – I’m currently job hunting, so I’m cruising the internet job boards all day with this going too.

  309. Flo Rida says:

    LASB – i’m not really qualified to answer your q – but here are my 2 cents. i’m guessing that you are not pre-screening your pots through email, phone, txt etc – you should gauge what they do (though some will try and hide this for discretion purposes) what lifestyle they have, how generous are they, have they done this before, what lady they find attractive & why, why are you a fit for them. Also make them ‘work’ at getting to know you rather than meet quickly and coldly. Tell them what you are looking for in an ideal arrangement and how they are a fit for you (though some SBs find this EXTREMELY awkward) – just say you want financial assistance. Also if they start ‘sexting’ or getting ‘hornier’ then say ‘Yes I so want to too, but don’t you agree that there needs to be chemistry, won’t it be better that way, and sorry darling but I do need some financial assistance – that’s important to me’. If you can’t answer the above q-s don’t meet them. Hope this helps, alas some frogs will still slip through the screening BUT i’m sure the SDs will say this about SB’s too.

    Alright Kemah looks choppy so definitely wind out there – i’ll have fun today. Cheerio

  310. Anna Molly says:

    I’m glad the sugar is working out :)
    You’re a very sweet man and deserve some sweetness in return :)

    In regards to the story; what a nightmare!

  311. CA Dreamin SB says:

    My favorite expression as of late was overheard at a reception I was attending. They had this port-infused-cheese, which was hideous. This rancher from Montana bit into it, and said ‘That’s enough to gag a maggot’ Made me laugh.

  312. cleo says:

    Sincere: man that story sucks. it’s sorta funny if you aren’t connected to it but it sucks nonetheless

    glad your new sb is working out!

  313. Anna Molly says:

    LOL Cleo :)

    I’ve used this one before. If your friend asks you if you think a guy is good looking you can say “I’d be on that like white on rice” or you can say “does a bear s**t in the woods?”…lol. I would prefer the former, it’s more lady like :)

  314. CA Dreamin SB says:

    And it started out as such a good morning…so aggravated!!!

  315. SincereSD says:

    TXSB says: Co-workers falling in love and getting married…..that happened at my workplace. Not pretty! Umm…I also know a case where the woman fell in love with her brother-in-law, divorced, and married him!

    Yeah, it was full of drama bc they were both married and their spouses were friends of many people in the company. However in the strange but true category, I have a Sugarbowl/relative story for you …

    A SD (not me) was contacted by a pot SB who sounded very familiar to him. Being suspicious, he sent a fake photo. The photo he got back turn out to be the wife of a cousin. He stopped the discussions but she was also suspicious and eventually figured out it was him. through another (fake) profile. The events that unfolded next were typical of backstabbing families.

    TXSB says: You know I’ve always wanted to do a couple’s massage

    Best couples massage is with each other. My ex-SB used to love getting massages from me.

    Anna Molly says: How are things working out for you Sincere?

    Busy at work but mostly good in sugarland. My newfound SB is traveling this week so no sugar weekend for me.

    Strange this week, I am getting lots of (late) responses from previous emails to pot SB. Most claim they were busy with exams.papers or were traveling. Too late, if you snooze … you lose!

  316. Dulcinea9786 says:

    LASB – I’m in the south. I’ve found that a lot of the guys around here are looking for some 20 year old toothpick whose two brain cells she could rub together to spark a thought spend most of their time lost. The joys of living in a college town.

  317. cleo says:

    TXSB: can you elaborate on “my back is killing me” after you see your trainer? that really bothers me…

    *runs off*

  318. cleo says:

    anna molly my best friend used to live in texas and he has the best expressions… like “that’s slicker than dog snot on a doorknob”

    which funny right? my mom’s classic for when you’re tired and look it? “your eyes look like two piss holes in the snow


  319. 2Chic says:

    hi LASB! Welcome

  320. Anna Molly says:

    TXSB ~ When I moved to NY from TN, I used to get laughed at for some of the things that would come out of my mouth…lol.

    When my grandmother was alive she used to tell me I looked like “death eating a cracker” because I was so thin….lol.

  321. CA Dreamin SB says:

    HAve fun TXSB!

  322. TXSB says:

    Ok guys….heading to gym to be tortured….see ya’ll later. :)

  323. TXSB says:

    CA Dreamin:
    Doing good!


    Flo Rida:
    Have fun in Kemah! :)


    Welcome and yikes at the “starbucks guy”!


    I have friends from NY who have never heard many of the “expressions” I use….lol. I can’t imagine people there doing “snuggie pub crawls!”…lol.

  324. Dulcinea9786 says:

    LASB – Good lord, I hope they don’t all want 20-something barbie dolls….otherwise I’m out of luck too. I’m REALLY looking forward to the more experienced folks answering your questions!

    ATX – Sure, the Ducks score a lot of points….but as you pointed out, it’s the Pac 10. A lot of points in the Pac 10 doesn’t necessarily mean a whole lot.

    And I’d wholeheartedly agree….for a game-winning drive, it’s Colt McCoy all the way. It’ll definitely be a good game.

  325. CA Dreamin SB says:

    ATX – I have the shirt from the last time UT won the national championship! I think they’ll do fine and I’ll be upset if they don’t win. I’m the only UT fan in my family (not a popular choice) :)

  326. cleo says:

    SDinATX: it’s not that hard to make shopping fun for a man ;>

    glad to hear you’re doing both with whoever she is though since that’s way more fun.

  327. Anna Molly says:

    I guess all y’all can tell I don’t get out much. I’ve never heard the expression “pub crawl”…lol

  328. Anna Molly says:

    ATX ~ Ahhh, I see…lol. Thanks 😉

  329. 2Chic says:

    on the subject of spas… and mistresses.

    Now seriously I could get with that. Especially during this transition I am making. I was involved with a married guy for a little while. Can’t say I was really his mistress, yeah he gave me cash, but it was not big $ (IMO), He would always say his company was not doing well. Yet every time I turn around, he was appeasing his wife with NY trips, Vegas trips, and Paris. I was not envious in the least with her trips, I was teed with him for giving me change, yet always wanting my undivided attention, he was a little possessive concerning my attention, but I was the one who gave more throughout entire relationship. In the beginning he took me on a trip to Vegas, had the spa treatments, and the works. Kept promising more, but did happen, so I had to dismiss myself from his life. The only reason I was with him for that long was because I really enjoyed his company, we got along fabulously, and he was so freakin good looking.

  330. SDinATX says:

    Anna Molly, it’s a Pub Crawl (where you go from pub to pub to pub to pub until you’re crawling because you’re so drunk) where everyone is wearing a Snuggie. The thing is many alter the Snuggies. They wanted me to go, but I was in Houston for work. So I can give no further details.

    Dulcinea, the Ducks can score a lot of points. They do play in the Pac10 though, so who knows. I figure it should be a decent game.

    I’m not really worried about our game. I’ve seen the Tide play, and their weaknesses line up to our strengths. However we seem to like close Bowl games that we win in the last seconds. We beat Michigan in the Rose Bowl on a game winning FG as time expired, we beat USC for the national title in the Rose Bowl with 19 seconds left, and we beat OSU last year in the Fiesta Bowl with little time remaining as well. It seems to be what we do best. So I suspect a nail biter, but if it’s down to McCoy or McElroy for a game winning drive? I want Colt McCoy.

  331. Dulcinea9786 says:

    TXSB – just takes time and patience and a good file. I’ve got one of those 4-in-1 dealies that I use. I can’t wear polish right now because of the job I have, but when I can, I usea Sally Hansen Color Quick nail color pen. It’s almost like coloring on my nails with a marker :)

    Cleo – glad I’m not the only sports nut on the blog!

  332. Flo Rida says:

    TX-SB – just landed in Houston – though you think this is cold it’s warm cf Atlanta right now. i’m wrapping things up b4 xmas and new years.

    All – I get a massage at least once a month, I went through a phase of getting 90mins every week (but I think that was because I found my masseuse hot), most people go for Swedish but I prefer Shiatsu – if I get Swedish I usually go for a man as they can go deeper (I have knots, upper traps shoulder neck pain). But two out of the best three masseuse’s ever for me were women. I suppose ‘relaxation or pre-event’ massages are good for novices but frankly they do nothing for me. Good stretching, hot baths or heat treatment pads can help in lieu of a massage.

    Have fun all – I have two days of sailing on Kemah near Houston. Ciao peeps

  333. CA Dreamin SB says:

    Morning 2Chic!

  334. CA Dreamin SB says:

    Hey TXSB – How are you this fine morning?

  335. 2Chic says:

    Good morning all, how is it going today?

  336. TXSB says:

    I love the fact you can do your own nails…I can do everything except shape it. :(


    That’ll be great actually…(re: name). My mail is tx_sb at hotmail. As for my ex, the only “sport” he ever played was beer pong. *rolling eyes*

    Snuggie pub crawl….hahahaha….only in TX! (I saw girls doing that here in Htown too not too long ago)


    CA Dreamin:


  337. SDinATX says:

    cleo, we’ll be doing both (once I find her). The game is my fun, if she enjoys it great. The shopping is her fun, and I’ll have fun with the shopping a little as well.

  338. Dulcinea9786 says:

    ATX – At least you’re only a Longhorn. If you were a Wolverine, now, we’d have some issues 😉 I haven’t seen anything out of Oregon this year to indicate a problem for my Buckeyes. We should be able to put this one away.

    Your boys, though, they’re gonna have a fight on their hands. I may wind up rooting for them just because they’re lower-ranked than the Tide.

  339. Anna Molly says:

    SDinATX ~ What in the world is a Snuggie Pub Crawl? Should I know what this is? Please remember I am a girl who talks to herslef so I’m not playing with a full deck….lol. :)

  340. CA Dreamin SB says:

    I’ll second Cleo’s view on the football game – I would be right there cheering! ESPECIALLY for UT!

  341. CA Dreamin SB says:

    Good morning everyone! Sorry I’m a little late to the bowl today – I slept in :)

  342. cleo says:

    SDinATX: regardless dulcinea is right… i would far rather go to a hockey game than to almost anything i can think of… football is the next best sport to be at and if my man is going to the rose bowl there’s no way i’m going shopping… i want to go and cheer and drink beer and act like an idiot WITH him!

  343. Anna Molly says:

    Thanks TXSB :)

    I used to trim my own hair too. My hair used to be so long I could sit on it. I loved it, but what a pain to take care of. I still have long hair, but it’s more manageable now.

    I’ve never had blonde hair, I always stay in the brown/auburn family. I don’t think I would look good as a blonde.

  344. SDinATX says:

    TXSB, the 50/50 there is awesome. If you don’t have an SD (I don’t like to step on toes) I can just give you a name to give there, and they’d take care of ya. Any man who thinks a massage is “girly,” was never a serious athlete. The trainers at UT taught me how great a massage can be.

    Dulcinea, the only problem there is that I’m a Longhorn. I’m talking about the Rose Bowl game that actually matters 😉 I hope OSU finally wins a bowl game, y’all are due.

    About Snuggies, some of my female friends did a Snuggie Pub Crawl last weekend that was extremely popular. They did alter the Snuggies though.

  345. DC *320283* says:


    I have a terrible habit of cutting my own hair because my hair is impossible. Full of waves and cowlicks and the hairdresser never gets it right. so I trim a little here…and then that means the other side is uneven and have to fix that..before I know it I have trimmed off more than I wanted to and have to go back to the hairdresser to fix it LOL. I never learn.

    My advice is to never cut your own hair, except for your bangs. Right Beachgirl?

  346. Dulcinea9786 says:

    TXSB – it’s not that hard, honest! For the back, use a ponytail holder and cut either from the top or the bottom. Then use a couple mirrors to even it out. Front and sides, just go slow and trim off a little at a time. I’ve had one “real” haircut in the last…..hrm….5 years or so.

  347. TXSB says:

    NC Gent:
    I also suspect people are out shopping…..


    Wow @ the doing hair yourself! I don’t have the guts to trim my own hair….*shudders at the thought*


    That sounds sooooo relaxing….lol…anything hot right now sounds good to me.


    Anna Molly Says:
    We are human and with that comes feelings. It is how we act on those feelings that make the difference.

    Very well put!!! We can’t control how we feel…..but we can control what we do with those feelings. :)

  348. DC *320283* says:

    Morning everyone!

    Really want an americano but it’s so damn cold here in Seattle I don’t want to leave my nice cozy apartment.

    TXSB- I have not had many massages but my BF took me to a spa this weekend and we had a massage with essential oils and the hot stone massage after that. The hot stone massage is the absolute best…I want one every day now. I may just buy a good set of stones myself to give massages. I am sure SDs would love that.

  349. Anna Molly says:

    I’m still waiting on SDN and NC to follow through on their promises of happy meals, snuggies and VS shopping…lol.

    On a serious note. People can’t help who they fall for or develop feelings for. We are human and with that comes feelings. It is how we act on those feelings that make the difference.

  350. Dulcinea9786 says:

    ATX – Football for you, Rodeo Drive for her? Some of us out here like football! (And are HUGE Ohio State fans!!) I was on here last night while watching the Steelers roll over and play dead for my Browns. :) Given a choice between watching the Rose Bowl or shopping on Rodeo Drive, I’d be jumping up and down in the stands.

    TXSB – I’ve never been to a spa either. Had a friend pay for a massage after a car accident once, but that’s the closest I’ve come. I do my nails myself. And most of the time, I color my hair and trim it myself too. NOT BLONDE! *laughs* Just a bit lighter brown to warm it up and cover the gray hairs that insist on rearing their ugly heads.

    Anna Molly – I’m so glad I’m not the only one who has conversations with myself like that… 😉

    I need a snuggie today….got sweatpants, two sweaters, and a blanket going right now, and I’m still cold! Sure, it’s 30, which to those of you further north is shorts weather, but I moved here from the Tucson area. I’m going to turn into a popsicle when I go to work this evening!

  351. TXSB says:

    Re: Co-workers falling in love and getting married…..that happened at my workplace. Not pretty! Umm…I also know a case where the woman fell in love with her brother-in-law, divorced, and married him!


    All this talk about snuggies makes me want to get one myself! *feels like a nerd*

  352. NC Gent says:

    Hi TXSB, Sincere, Lisa and Cleo — maybe everyone is out Xmas shopping today!

  353. Anna Molly says:

    Sincere..I like your Avi :)

    Hi TXSB :)

  354. Anna Molly says:

    Hi Sincere, Cleo and Lisa :)

    I was starting to go a little crazy there…lol

    How are things working out for you Sincere?

  355. TXSB says:

    Hi SincereSD, Cleo, Anna, NC Gent, Lisa, and anyone else who’s here. :)

    The blog in usually slow this morning….

  356. SincereSD says:

    Good morning NC, AM, Lisa and Cleo,

    Think I need a snuggie today. it’s -10*F with the wind chill.

  357. cleo says:

    ontariosugar/ATX: i have to agree with both of you… the kept mistress thing sounds like the best life ever. you get your solitude and yet you have regular company and sex…

    and ontario? that vending machine line is CLASSIC!

  358. SincereSD says:

    poptart says: I have had men suggest, after a few meetings, and after knowing there is mutual attraction, that FWB is what they want. Well, because we already know we are attracted to one another, right?!?!? We already have a connection. So why not?

    Sounds kinda fishy to me. From my perspective, I would not get involved with a woman, sugar or otherwise, unless there was strong attraction. And if the relationship is good, I am even more generous. I view the allowance as an expression of my gratitude and affection.

    cleo says: i think if both SD and SB are single there is always the possibility that it will turn into something else. (i know a lot of married people who started out as fwb.) if one is married then the single one is kind of silly expecting the married one to leave their spouse.

    Cupid works in mysterious ways and love defies logic. I have seen and experienced several instances of people falling in love despite their circumstances. The worse being 2 married co-workers having an affair on the side and finally getting divorced and remarried to each other. I’m in the Sugarbowl to avoid the complications of love.

    Taz says: I WISH I had a pot that ‘taught’ me about the sugar life…

    I would guess that most pots would not take the time and if they did, the advise may be suspect.

    NYGent says: when I get an SB whose only aim is to please, i’ll let you know what i think. I should have such problems . . .

    NYG, be careful what you wish for. Pleasers can be hard to date so they are too empathetic and are often insecure or too concerned about how their partner is feeling. You sound like a pleaser yourself so imagine what it would like like dating a pleaser.

  359. cleo says:

    Taz: oh i didn’t think you said you could blame them, i was just continuing the conversation more than commenting specifically about what you said…

    morning sugars

  360. lisa says:

    Good morning everyone

  361. Anna Molly says:

    Hi NC :)

  362. NC Gent says:

    Good morning all! Hi AM – it is quiet.

    I am back from being on the road. I am trying to catch up on some things — I will be a little quiet today!

  363. Anna Molly says:

    O.K, I’m alone so I’ll just talk to myself.

    Hi Anna :)

    Hi Molly :)

    Molly ~ You know I’m not much into Lady Gaga, but I have to say that I’m diggin’ Paparazzi

    Anna ~ I know what you mean! I love that song too!

    Molly ~ Wow, we like the same things! It’s like we share the same brain or something :)

    Anna ~ OMG! I know! We should totally hang out sometime!

  364. Anna Molly says:

    Hello everybody :)
    Sleep well?

  365. TXSB says:

    Hey Taz!

    Ok….bed time for me….it’s 2:50 a.m.! Good night!!! :)

  366. Taz says:

    Cleo – I never did say that I could blame them for feeling spiteful…were you talking to yaz or me??

    Have a great time TLG!!!

    BG – go get some sleep girl!! 😀

    Ontario – That is very considerate of him to show his appreciation for you! :) I haven’t had many massages – but the few I have had are heavenly…you and your sd should spend a weekend at Elmhurst Inn!! It is fairly close to you :) Sooo beautiful in the Winter…one of those best kept secrets type of places…at least most of the people I know haven’t heard about it 😛

    Lol @ SDinATX – a snuggie would have changed EVERYTHING! :)

  367. TXSB says:

    I’m reading all the different types of massages they offer….I think my back is relaxed just reading the descriptions! I’m definately saving this link for the future….Thanks!

  368. TXSB says:

    Mistress plan sounds good….I guess the # of times you see the person all depends on the individual “couple”. Umm….ok u’r giving recs to a SB here…lol….50/50 sounds amazing (I’m on their site right now) but dang at the $. Who knows….maybe for Valentine’s day. You know I’ve always wanted to do a couple’s massage…I nagged my ex the entire time we were together to go with me…but he never did b/c he felt it was “girly”. *rolling eyes*

  369. SDinATX says:

    TXSB, goto the Heights Massage & Day Spa. Ask for a 50/50. It’s worth it.

    I saw my mistress about twice a week, which I don’t think was all that much. If I saw her more, I’m sure I wouldn’t think back on it so fondly.

  370. ontariosugar says:

    its late for me. Time for bed. Have a nice night. sleep well!

  371. ontariosugar says:

    40 sounds amazing.. its 11 degrees farenheit here right now. but because of the wind chill feels much colder -8. Yes I am meaning Farenheit. I would be walking around in shorts and a t-shirt in your weather right now.

  372. TXSB says:

    Warmth? LOL…it’s like in the mid 40’s here….(for a Texan…that’s cold!). :) And yea…the particular massage school I go to is associated with a well know local hospital. Their final year interns give the massages. It doesn’t have any of the “frills” of a spa….but they’re cheap and get the job done. :)

  373. TXSB says:

    Yes…I actually like the idea of the “kept mistress”. I once thought that’s what I had. But I think most SBs on this site don’t want to devote that much time to a “SD”…..so they’d rather be a SB than a mistress. And no, I’ve never been to a spa. I’m in Houston and there are some great ones here….but too much $$$. I cringe just looking at the price list!


    I was told recently by someone that I’m a “practical SB”…lol. I don’t know how I feel about gifts. I actually need $$….so I would probably be a bit bummed at receiving something that’s momentar). In my mind I’d probably think “Da*n he could’ve just given me the cash!”…lol. Maybe it’s b/c I’m not used to receiving surprises…who knows.

  374. ontariosugar says:

    I feel a little left out you guys are both in Texas in the warmth and I am in the snow. I was in texas this summer for a few days but it was for a sorority convention so I didnt make it past the airport and the convention centre (which was very nice at the gaylord) but I wish I could have seen some of your state.

  375. ontariosugar says:

    SDinATX- I know some girls who operate like vending machines but I am more interested in the total experience and being courted as you put it. I think its a lot more fun that way too.You get to know the person and build trust and understanding of each others needs. But thats just my opinion and im sure many sb’s would disagree with me.

    TXSB- yah its too bad that pot sd didnt work out for me. He ended up being very clingy, seemed like he was looking for a new wife, low self confidence and high maintenance. The massage school massages sound good too. I have never even done that. A massage right now during exam time would be amazing, or after a long workout. that would be good too.

  376. SDinATX says:

    TXSB, never been to a spa? There are some good ones in the major cities of our state. You should change that, or have your SD change that.

  377. SDinATX says:

    TXSB, I had what is best described as a “mistress,” while I was working in London. I moved back here after breaking it off with my ex, decided I don’t have time to date and go through the normal game playing, and realized the best relationship I had was with the mistress, whom I housed, paid bills, gave money to. I never considered myself an SD at the time. Now, I’m actually pursuing that type of relationship.

  378. TXSB says:

    Ha…I’ve never been to a spa period. I get my nails done at a local nail salon….and there’s a local massage school where they charge $30/hour….and that’s where I go 2-3/yr.

  379. SDinATX says:

    ontariosugar, I’m all for pampering and gifts during the SB “courting,” stage. Being asked for a lump sum of money for a date, while chemistry is still questionable?

    Maybe I should have offered to give her a Snuggie or Turbo Tax…

  380. ontariosugar says:

    It was nice. I had a facial *first one ever* and manicure and pedicure. I really want a massage from a spa. I have never had one before.

  381. TXSB says:

    I got my butt kicked at the gym today by my trainer and my back is killing me. Your spa trip sounds heavenly right now!

  382. TXSB says:

    That’s not “normal” IMO. For a SB to push to get her allowance immediately after the 1st date is a red flag. Nothing wrong with 2-3 dates before an allowance is agreed upon and paid. Is this your 1st time seeking a SB?

  383. ontariosugar says:

    I agree with TXSB on this. We dont want to put ourselves out on the line to get used and neither do you. So some kind of temporary agreement needs to be met before the actual agreement happens when you both trust each other and want to enter it. I personally like presents in the beginning, but maybe that is just me. It shows me he is for real and cares enough to get me something that I had mentioned I liked. One man I met insisted that he did not want to give me a allowance right away until we trusted each other and I agreed to meet him a few times. The second time we met I was kinda expecting Dollars and he gave me a gift certificate for the spa and then as he was dropping me off after our date he gave me a large sum telling me I would need money for the tip at the spa.I liked how he did that, make it much more comfortable for both, and I was surprised to receive it after I had been given the spa treatment.

  384. SDinATX says:

    TXSB, we met for drinks/etc , had a good time. She wanted an allowance to start immediately before we would even see each other again. That to me was … a turn off. That is why I’m still looking.

  385. TXSB says:

    LOL! Go to sleep silly! :)


    Well, to be honest…..you don’t want a potential SB to “fake” anything just b/c she wants to go to the trip. As for the allowance……define “immediately”. The only rule I had is that I don’t get intimate with a SD without receiving at least half the allowance. No problem with “hanging out”…but if he wanted to take it to the “next step”, personally I would expect minimum half allowance.

  386. SDinATX says:

    TXSB, not too long. I suppose I should mention the trip to any potentials. I’m sure I’ll find one in time for the game as well. I just need to prioritize it more than I have. The one potential I met I had fun with, but she wanted an allowance immediately. I’m sure there are some cheap guys who use this site with little or no intention of following through, but I’m not one of them. Is that common practice from SBs met here?

  387. ontariosugar says:

    good night beach girl! have a nice day tomorrow.

  388. Beach_Girl*395953 says:

    ok one last post! then sleep!!!!

    TXSB~ why do you think i’m nutty girl lmao 😀

    Cleo~ You probably went to wrong blonde…

    ontariosugar~ It is expensive to upkeep. And yes as a professional , you need to have it done, I know I have to do mine, but this time of year oye! it’s gonna wait…. I too am dark so… it’s a dead give away

  389. SDinATX says:

    I was very smart about the Rose Bowl. I bought tickets early (I bought 12) with the intention to sell the extras to help pay for what is sure to be an expensive trip. I’m just glad UT made it, they came 1 second away from it just being an investment!

  390. ontariosugar says:

    I had blonde hair for years. Loved it. But it was expensive to maintain, I have naturally dark hair so roots were a big issue every 3 or so weeks, and I was afraid to ever do it myself and look like a straw bale shade of blonde, so I stuck with the professionals.

  391. TXSB says:

    I will definately pass on the mesage (re: UT). How long have you been searching for a SB? With the shopping offer, I’m sure you’ll find one in time for the game.


    LOL @ sniffing bleach & peroxide!

  392. Beach_Girl*395953 says:

    SDinATX~ good luck finding your perfect SB

    Good night for real now, i have to get up in 4 hours!!!

  393. cleo says:

    beach: aw darnit you’re taking all the fun out of it for me. i dyed my hair blonde once… man, it was terrible.

  394. ontariosugar says:

    as long as I get to watch the rosebowl parade too.. I always watch it on tv, soo cool how they put so many flowers on it.
    And Cali’s weather sounds much better than Ontario’s

  395. Beach_Girl*395953 says:

    cleo~ I am not a real blonde but did correct the mistake that was made lmao! 😀
    And I sniff bleach and peroxide all day! I’m a hairstylist lmao

  396. ontariosugar says:

    SDinATX I dont think it will be hard to find a girl interested in Rodeo Drive, and maybe even the football too. I know I forsure would be interested!

  397. cleo says:

    ATX: some girls like football… (okay okay AND shopping)
    beach: real blondes have brains… peroxide? now that sinks in from the roots


  398. Beach_Girl*395953 says:

    SDinATX~ OMG, you won’t have a problem i’m sure, Rose Bowl… AHHHH
    oh and lets not forget Rodeo!

  399. SDinATX says:

    TXSB, I truly enjoyed my time at UT, sometimes a little too much. Just tell your sibling to stay away from the “Alcohol Olympics,” which I hear the frats still do. I have to now find an SB in time for the Rose Bowl. Football for me, and Rodeo Drive for her.

  400. Beach_Girl*395953 says:

    Cleo~ stop that, people might think I’m not a real Blonde!!! lol

    Ok off to bed, I’m being nutty!!!

  401. cleo says:

    BG: friggin right!

  402. Beach_Girl*395953 says:

    Cleo~ do I now get nerd points lmao!!! 😀

    TXSB~ Sorry I missed you today, working way too much…. see you soon

  403. TXSB says:

    LOL….I’m here! I was out during the evening with a friend…..but I was on earlier. Good night! :)

  404. cleo says:

    Beach: so i just learned courtesy of ATX :)

  405. Beach_Girl*395953 says:

    ontariosugar~ sorry missed your post, good luck on your date tomorrow!

    night all

  406. Beach_Girl*395953 says:

    Cleo~ I thought galician was a language spoken in spain by a few? is it something else ? I might not be nerdy enough but… I thought i knew that!!!

    SDinATX~ nerd card lol,,, funny

    TXSB~ where have you been hiding girl???

    TexaSD~ where are you?

    Good night everyone, I work early tomorrow!!! Had an amazing stimulating conversation with a friend and couldn’t leave!!!

  407. TXSB says:

    No weekend sugar plans.


    Nice to “meet” you. I read earlier you’re in Austin….nice to have another Texan on the blog. My sibling goes to UT.

  408. cleo says:

    SDinATX: i think that’s why i run linux/bsd at home. sure i’m not really a nerd anymore (er computer style nerd) but i still keep a toe in the water *g*

  409. SDinATX says:

    Howdy, TXSB!

    Cleo, yes I try to keep a good tally on my nerd points. I don’t want to lose my nerd card or anything.

  410. ontariosugar says:

    Time for another study break. any sugar dates for you guys still awake this upcoming weekend??

    I have one. Unsure how I feel about him. He came on really strong, I really thought he was sweet and considerate and very into me, and now he seems more dissinterested and talks to me less and less. I guess we will see what tomorrow brings.

  411. cleo says:

    SDinATX: if you’re counting? you just got +2 nerd points.

    cool… i didn’t even know what galician was before today :)
    hey txsb…

  412. TXSB says:

    Hey ATX, Cleo, and anyone else who’s on! :)

  413. SDinATX says:

    Cleo, azucar is Galician for “Sugar”

  414. cleo says:

    TLG: where you off to?

    can you fit me in your suitcase? *g*

    cleo needs some sun!
    Taz: i know, i miss TexaSD around here… i have a tiny crush on him…
    james.m: well put. if you don’t want to go from SD to BF please please be clear about it. and if you do? same THING!

    it’s like any good friends with benefits, you have to communicate regularly about needs and expectations.

  415. cleo says:

    D-Dubs: i’m not that interested in tiger. he’s smarmy and the girls who are talking about being his mistresses have no class. when you accept the role of mistress of a very rich man it is implicit that you don’t talk about it to the press.

    i can see reasons to break that… if he lies, trashes my good name, disrespects me publicly etc… but even still, cashing in? it’s… icky.

    that said? you’re exactly right about why the story is such a hit.

    Vixen says:
    james.m- Hey..no certainly not suggesting such a thing. Just remember there should be limits depending on what you want out of the entire sugar experience. Simply put: if you start whisking me out on weekly excursions and having daily 2 hour conversations while whispering sweet nothings in my ear, don’t be surprised when I blurt out
    “I love you”!!

    that’s just it.

    if you treat me like a sugar baby… or smart, good in bed and useful arm candy i can act like it.

    if you act like you’re falling in love with me you might just trigger some hooks i hadn’t planned on making available to you.
    Amazon: i am deeply embarassed by the disservice the american media has done to the people of the united states. over the ten years since that feeling really started the canadian media has joined that group and the british media are headed quickly in the same direction.

    it’s not news, it’s sound bytes and sensationalism and it hurts me to watch it
    Taz: if we’re married and you’re super rich and you embarrass me publicly and trash our vows at the same time? the least you can do is pay.

    but if y’all are right that their marriage is a sugar marriage? that’s a hell of an arrangement.
    Azucar: your name intrigues me. i’m a giant scifi/fantasy geek and i feel like it must be a testament to some evil wizard or world saving dragon or something…

  416. cleo says:

    Rudy: sounds like your teacher was competent! or that your body ‘gets it’
    evening sugars!

  417. ontariosugar says:

    im here still. How was your day?

  418. Taz says:

    BG – you were talking about famous people and all the attention they get, and how media sensationalize their lives..etc..etc… – I AGREE :)

    Anyone bloggers left tonight??

    Seriously – where is TexaSD been hiding???

  419. Anna Molly says:

    I’m off to bed. Hope all of you have sweet dreams :)

  420. Anna Molly says:

    I can’t even imagine how cold it is up your way! I’m freezing here and I bet it feels like summer here compared to where you are…lol. I need someone to keep me warm 😉

  421. ontariosugar says:

    hey everyone. Hope you all had a good day and didnt freeze!!! It is sooo cold. Im such a baby when it gets cold.

  422. Anna Molly says:

    Did I miss anything?
    I’m sorry to say I didn’t win a t-shirt at Uno’s trivia night…ugh. There is always next week..lol

  423. james.m says:

    vix – you’re right, of course. I’m just a hopeless romantic.

  424. Vixen says:

    James.m- Agreed, as long as theres good communication both individuals should be working towards a common goal. Overindulgence can produce less than desired results no matter how well meaning the act.

  425. Dulcinea9786 says:

    And the Browns win!! *happy dances all over the place* Bedtime for me….g’night y’all!

  426. james.m says:

    Vix – it all cycles back to “expectations,” doesn’t it. I know I’m not looking for conversion from SD to BF, but I better explain that to you, as well! I think whisking your SB away often, and treating her romantically is part of the fun. And hopefully, she’ll like being treated that way.

  427. Beach_Girl*395953 says:

    Taz~ well said???? what did i say that you agree with?

    TLG~ have a safe trip!

  428. The Lone Gunman says:

    Well, by this time tomorrow I should be at 30,000+ feet and heading west.

    I’ll try and drop by the blog while I’m away.


  429. Midwest SB says:

    Ok ladies, breathe deeply and count to 10. My battery’s dead and I think I can finally sleep. Sugar dreams all!

  430. Taz when I first heard that quote, “God if you’re listening HELP” I fell out laughing. I so often feel that way. So when I finished ranting about all of the gossip and reality tv is just seemed so appropriate. I rarely curse but entertainment and news has just gotten ridiculous.

  431. Beach_Girl*395953 says:

    Amazon Goddess~ how I agree!

    American boys!

  432. Taz says:

    BG/Azu – well said chica!! I happen to agree.

    Yaz – I think whether the wives are in fact money hungry, or not – they become spiteful.

    Vixen – also very well said concerning ‘sb with a marriage licence’ :)

    lisa – well said too!

    Amazon Goddess – Dave Chappelle is a pretty profound man actually. He tells it how it is in Hollywood, and the rest of the world for that matter – TRUTHFULLY – and still makes you laugh. I do believe he is a genius in his own right.

    Lmao – I really had NOTHING to add to this convo 😛 Just a bunch of pats on the back 😀

  433. Vixen says:

    james.m- Hey..no certainly not suggesting such a thing. Just remember there should be limits depending on what you want out of the entire sugar experience. Simply put: if you start whisking me out on weekly excursions and having daily 2 hour conversations while whispering sweet nothings in my ear, don’t be surprised when I blurt out
    “I love you”!!

  434. Oh sorry that quote is by Dave Chappelle. 😀

  435. Beach Girl I agree wholeheartedly! The real problem is the people who give a rat’s ass what some empty headed bimbo with no sense of loyalty or integrity has to say. The people who want to watch a modern day minstrel show (Flavor Flav, etc.) or any other so called reality show or even worse, those that watch TMZ. Anyone here remember when there was actually something entertaining like a well written sit-com and when Barbara Walters interviewed world leaders like Fidel Castro? Anyone have a problem that Mrs. Walters has been reduced to asking the likes of Lady Ga Ga if she’s had sex with woman? Once again I apologize for my rant.

    “God if you’re listening HELP!!!!!!!”

  436. lisa says:

    I think everyone should just stay out of other’s personal lives, celebrity or not. I moved away from my family when they started snooping in mine. A man at the church I used to attend had an affair with his secretary, someone at the church found out about it, and the next thing you know he was in front of the sunday school class appologizing for what he’d done. Everyone is responsible for their own actions.

  437. Yaz10 says:

    You are right Midwest! I remember you and NYGent mentionning that and I think your theories are right on the money.

    However, I meant the wives of many other celebs who took their husbands “to the cleaners”….I guess my question is : At the end of the day, do all the millions mend their broken heart and stop the public ridicule?….I am not in their shoes so I guess I will never know…

  438. james.m says:

    Hi all

    Vix: are you suggesting we shouldn’t be romantic?

  439. Vixen says:

    Yaz-In marriages like Tiger’s, I don’t see much of a difference between what is considered a wife and an SB. As far as I’m concerned, she’s an SB with a marriage license.

  440. D Dubs says:

    I think the reason the Tiger Woods story is being so sensationalized is because these transgressions are the exact opposite of how he was perceived by the public and the media.
    He was supposed to be a model citizen, father, and husband.
    The news that he was living a double-secret-life is fascinating to many.

    Its not just that he’s another cheating man. He is the most recognizable athlete on the planet, with what previously was an untarnished reputation.

    Its like the man bites dog thing…

  441. Midwest SB says:

    Yaz – I may have expressed this at dinner, but I don’t think the marraige is strictly a romantic traditional marraige. IMHO.

  442. Yaz10 says:

    One question I have tho is: Why do the wives of those celebrities always go for the money? Doesnt that make them seem “money hungry” too?

    I am hearing he has already wired $10 million into her private account and she will likely get another $55 million soon from the prenup…It is just very interesting…I guess the wife is very hurt and embarrassed so she tries to hit him where it hurts the most ( his bank account)….?

  443. Vixen says:

    NY Gent- Could it be that when women say that you’re too romantic what they may be alluding to is that your behavior crosses that of the SD boundaries and veers into that of a traditonal BF. Plz keep in mind that many SDs often express their desires for an SB to remain realistic about the situation and not become completely love struck. Having an SD who acts no differently than an amazing boyfriend at times places SBs in an emotinal dilemma. Hence the “too romantic ” excuse to keep you in clearly defined boundaries. All just IMO of course. If you’re open to more than just a sugar relationship then plz continue to “over” romance away :)

  444. Midwest SB says:

    D-Dubs and Yaz – I do agree that she a)wrecks the rep of sbs for the uninformed and b) she doesn’t have any sense of integrity. That being said, it would be wise for the sds to cover their tracks and to use good judgement.

    I met an attorney during my travels who was obviously a sugar daddy. He freely admits his desire to push the envelope and take risks. He shared that he did not have a prenup with his wife of less than a year. Does that make sense?

  445. 2Chic says:

    I agree with Azucar, there is nothing unique about this,,,, it happens all the times. I guess that is why I am surprised about SA being mentioned. I stop falling the story. It is just not interesting enough for me to want to read, or sit an listen to the media talk of it. I get bored easy.

  446. Beach_Girl*395953 says:

    On the Tiger Woods thing, if people would stop obsessing over knowing everything, like the media wants you too, there wouldn’t be 15 minutes!
    People are obsessed with Celebs and their lives! For some reason they need to see and know everything…. And the media makes up fake stories to get people hooked!
    So , I am not interested in what Tiger Woods or his mistresses or SBs are or what they can tell me about him…
    This is not the first celeb to get caught and they are sensationalizing it!

  447. Midwest SB says:

    Azu- Sure! I’ve only been on a few months, but I’ve followed the blogs pretty closely. Ultimately it’s up to you :-)

  448. Midwest SB says:

    I’ve been reading all the hits that come up about SA on google..It’s all fascinating. I wouldn’t be surprised if it becomes more acceptable generally speaking as it keeps hitting the news. I’ve told two friends that I trust implicitly about my general opinions and experiences here. They are true friends in that they seek first to understand and do not judge me. Actually, I think they’re intrigued that I’m the one who decided to try it…first :-)

    As for Tiger’s SB here – It is rather entreprenuerial (sp?) , but her sds knew what they were getting into.

  449. Yaz10 says:

    There ya go….sad..

  450. D Dubs says:

    also, in the case of this particular “porn star”, I would bet her rate to do her next movie just went up. I read somewhere else that her porn name is one of the most googled lately.

  451. Taz says:

    Dulcinea9786 says:
    December 10, 2009 at 2:39 pm

    “poptart – my letter to santa is simple this year: Dear Santa, I’ve been naughty all year. And it was worth it. So go ahead and skip my house, you judgemental bastard.”

    LMAO – I think I have to save this for later use 😀

    D Dubs – I do think depending on who you are, that information could go either way – useful ~or~ irrelevant. I do think with the ever so publicized media coverage that SA being linked on any level will have an onslaught of people from all walks of life :)

  452. D Dubs says:

    Well, I think many could eventually “cash-in” for telling their story to the tabloids…so, it could be more than just 15 minutes of fame for some. It could be a huge payoff.

  453. Azucar-n-SD says:

    Thanks all for the recommendations and offers. I would like to take you up on your offer midwest.

    D Dubs: I did find that interesting… and a bit frightening to boot!

    That said, the only thing that really stuck out in my mind about the Tiger situation was, once again, how sleazy the media can be in using someone else’s personal issues to increase viewership and sell advertising… Nothing about the Tiger situation is all that unique as far as human behavior goes. Just ask David Letterman. The real tradgedy, IMO, is that the media uses these situations for their personal gain.

    Just my $0.02!


  454. Yaz10 says:

    D-Dubs~ As long as SA’s name has not been dragged into the mud because of her, I will not try to comment on it.
    She was looking for a SD, found a wealthy and famous one at that, was not satisfied with the ( probably) GENEROUS allowance she was getting from him ( for gracing his bed AND being discreet) and decided she wanted a shot at stardom by coming out and identifying herself as one of his mistresses….15 minutes of fame that could lead to a book, a dozen of interviews, money, a T.V show and more money….Another day in Hollyweird….LOL

  455. NYC SB says:

    Azucar – many of the SDs have posted the tell all signs of determining the professional working girls… I dont recall all of them but the ones that I do remember are: offering of a phone within the first email, professional risque pictures, available all the time, restricting meetings to an hour, eager to enter into an intimate situation fairly quickly, listing multiple locations as their home town…

  456. 2Chic says:

    D Dubs

    I did find the info welcoming, Thanks.

    Beach Girl….luv ya suga! … smile

  457. Dulcinea9786 says:

    Sorry, D Dubs, I’m enthralled in the Browns game :) I’m gonna go with what Beach Girl said….so what if she was on SA? My personal opinion is these women coming out of the woodwork saying they had affairs with Tiger are just after their 15 minutes of fame. *shrugs* If that’s what floats their boats, more power to them.

  458. Beach_Girl*395953 says:

    DDubs~ ah….

  459. D Dubs says:

    I just thought it was interesting that the site was linked-in somewhat to all the controversy that’s been on the news non-stop for the last week. That’s all.

  460. Beach_Girl*395953 says:

    DDubs~ lots of people are on this site,,,,So what if she was on SA, I just think they want their 15 minutes of nothing…. Not gonna be all judgmental about it…
    Just my opinion,

  461. D Dubs says:

    I guess no one else finds that interesting…

  462. EasternSureBaby says:

    my fingers are cold, so I’m headed to warmer places… thank you all for keeping me entertained tonight. Once Im over this bug and thinking more clearly, I’ll try to engage in the conversation more. Good night everyone.

    Azucar, I’m sure you’ll find what/who you are looking for, as well as the rest of us.

    Was going to ask SDN for a McFlurry, but until the temps change, I think I might ask for a McCafe instead.

    Night all!!

  463. Beach_Girl*395953 says:

    Azucar-n-SD~ You have to know what you want too. First and foremost. This is about mutual beneficial…

  464. Dulcinea9786 says:

    12 degrees?? It’s a balmy 28 here….though the windchill is about 15. I may have to get myself a snuggie, since I haven’t found an SD yet!

  465. 2Chic says:

    I understand where you are coming. I guess if I were a man, I would be on the blog as well. That way I could interact and get educated. Who knows your babe may be right here on the board. You know what type of woman you like, well there’s a variety of personalities displayed in the blogs. In a sense I think it is probably a smart way, you are not as blind when you meet.

  466. Midwest SB says:

    Azu – It sounds like you are on the right track. We have all offered our screening services if you like. I don’t recommend posting profiles on the blog, but if you want to send them to life_is_good_today at the g place, we can take a look at a few you are particularly fond of. The SDs here seem to be pretty good at screening as well. Make sure you write the email as I have it written.

  467. D Dubs says:

    Just do a google on – tiger woods seeking arrangement – the site wasn’t involved, but it mentions one of the girls was on the site looking for “sugar daddys”

  468. Yaz10 says:

    LOL Azucar SD, I am only conversational in Spanish but I do speak French fluently.

    Just look around and talk to some ladies on the blog and you might just find the one you are looking for :-)

    Good luck!!!

  469. 2Chic says:

    Oh Gosh I hope that SAR is not brought in that scandal. I may have to go ghost.

  470. Azucar-n-SD says:


    My first seriously romantic relatioship was with an exchange student who spoke Spanish. But that was nearly 30 years ago and unfortunately my spanish has gotten very rusty. But, for the right SB, I think I could pick it up again fairly quickly! LOL.

    But seriously, I have been inundated with email since rejoining the group this week. It is flattering, but I’m overwhelmed with how on earth to figure out how to begin figuring out which potential SBs are most likely to be the right one??? Any suggestions?

    For starters, I guess I would like to try to rule out professionals in the sex industry (sorry I don’t know how else to say that), women who collect SDs (don’t know how else to say that either!), and women who are misrepresenting who they are. (Rest assured that I realize that e that men are clearly just as likely to do any of these three things as women. And for that matter, I don’t feel there’s anything “wrong” with those three choices … Whatever floats each person’s boat. They are just characteristics that I don’t think would work well for me personally.)

    Sorry for the long post! But, I definitely need a little help or else I’ll spend months talking to too many potential SBs that aren’t likely to work. I don’t want to waste their time like that… and I don’t want to miss finding the right SB because somehow I didn’t figure her out fast enough.


  471. Midwest SB says:

    I’m window shopping at Felina where there are beautiful bras for ladies my size! Sorry, but VS doesn’t come close and I haven’t seen La Perla in my size.

  472. Yaz10 says:


    Aaaah I am already missing you guys….

  473. Midwest SB says:

    Yaz {{{{{HUGGGS}}}}}}

  474. lisa says:

    uh is seeking arrangment going to be brought into the Tiger Woods scandal ? lol

  475. lisa says:

    Yes i’m very much looking forward to my date next week

    What’s with these snuggies? We have plenty of them at the store I work at, yes even supermarkets sell them. I heard they are ok if you are sitting on the sofa or just relaxing but walking around in one is kinda akward.

  476. D Dubs says:

    One of Tiger’s girls was on this site. Didn’t know if you all were aware of that or not.

  477. -17 was way too cold, it has warmed up though, it’s a sweltering +12 at the moment and it’s not expected to go below +2 tonight. I need a Snuggie.

  478. Yaz10 says:

    Hehe Midwest he sure is a lucky guy 😉

    I met a beautiful and very sweet lady a couple of nights ago in NYC who told me I shouldnt give up on my search and that my SD was out there looking for me. Will you tell her thank you for me and give her a bigggggg hug? :-)

  479. EasternSureBaby says:

    I’m sitting here trying to read the blogs, listen to the trials of a teen ager’s life (hasn’t changed much since I was her age) and laughing myself sick… CPA’s, snuggies and McD’s.. and why are we all here? I think to find men just like SDN!!! Pick me sweety. I’m already in love!! lol… Nice to see we are all having fun tonight!

  480. Beach_Girl*395953 says:

    Midwest~ woo hooo…. Congrats girl!

    Hi everyone!

    Azucar-n-SD~ Welcome! always nice to see new SDs! :)

  481. Midwest SB says:

    Azu – I’m sure this won’t be your last visit to NYC. Cuddle up or go visit one of the clubs on Wall Street (I think).

    Amazon – That’s way too cold!

    Hopefully, I will be snuggling up to my new sd soon…:-)

  482. Yaz10 says:

    LOL Hi Lisa!!!!! :-)

    Are you ready for your date next week!!!?

  483. lisa says:

    edit “if”

  484. lisa says:

    hey it men were satisfied, there wouldn’t be sds lol

  485. Yaz10 says:

    D-Dubs: I haven’t seen all of them…but I think Tiger’s wife is wayy hotter than his mistresses……Men are never satisfied..*sigh*

  486. Yaz10 says:

    Azucar-n-SD: LOL I like the “Azucar” ( sugar) in your screename. Spanish speaker maybe?

  487. D Dubs says:

    Nobody? Really?

  488. Azucar-n-SD says:


    Now you’ve really peaked my interest re the dream sb in NY… At least give me a preview. LOL.

    On another note, where can I get a snuggie? It wouldn’t be the kind of thing I’d normally wear… but, I’m from SoCal and my body isn’t used to how ridiculously cold it is here in NYC tonight.


  489. CA Dreamin SB says:

    Hi Amazon!

  490. Rudy says:

    Amazon Goddess: 17??? BRRRRR

  491. D Dubs says:

    Has anyone else had a “dream date” with one of Tiger Woods’ alleged mistresses??

  492. Hello everyone, it’s good to hear that those of you that are east of me are getting a taste of what we had 2 days ago. We actually made it to -17 and no that is not the wind chill.

  493. Rudy says:

    TXSB: My mom received one from her students! They are become quite popular. My reaction would have been the same too:)

    SDN: I would like a purple snuggie too :) it’s my favorite color! Please saturate it with your best cologne before mailing it to me:) I would like like a super-sized happy meal as well :)

    Cleo: I was amazed at how effective Pilates is. The first time I tried it, I was soooo sore; you work muscles you didn’t know existed.

  494. Dulcinea9786 says:

    Maybe when he’s done peeing on the electric fence, I could’ve used the frog gig to bring him back around…..hrm….the possibilities……

    Why anyone would ever aspire to be ‘normal’ is beyond me. Normal is boring.

  495. cleo says:

    NYGent: if you’re too romantic then she’s too cold. we rise to our correct level after all

  496. TXSB says:

    Yes! LOL….the CVS incident was hilarious! It was a somewhat large hispanic man….I was standing in line when he started going off on the cashier. I literally walked away b/c I couldn’t hold in the laughter! :)

  497. Rudy says:

    TXSB: Hi!! Have you seen the snuggie commercial? I wish I had been present during the snuggie fit at CVS!

    Dulcinea: Now, frog giggin is very romantic! (JK)

  498. CA Dreamin SB says:

    SDN – You didn’t send me the questionairre! I think this is just an out so you don’t have to deliver on the happy meal or the snuggie!

  499. cleo says:

    SDN: [i am speaking only of the men on this blog, i cannot comment on the men on the whole site but ask a more experienced sb and i’m sure she can]

    i know what you mean and even still i’m going to say yes. i don’t think a sugar daddy is living the norm as defined in math. not the middle. so technically no, none of you are normal. and i further think that the lack of financial woes implied by the willingness to enter into a sugar relationship with your eyes wide open puts your head in a place that very few people will ever approach.

    it’s hard to put it into words but i know it when i see it.

    that said, neither are the women on this blog normal, never have i been privileged to be part of such an excellent group of women!

    that said, if you mean do i think you still put your pants on one leg at a time like everybody else? why yes, and funny thing, so do i!
    Rudy: me too. i was shuffling and crawling up the stairs and 235 pounds of pure lard when i met my teacher (for perspective, i’m 180 pounds of supple muscle with french fries and wine on top now – or see current pics)

    she saved my life and inspired a calling all at once…

  500. Rudy says:

    Hi Sweet Sugars !

    Cleo: I love Pilates, it has changed my life :)

    NY Gent: Too Romantic Maybe I watch too many old movies, but I believe there can never be too much romance.

  501. TXSB says:

    Hey Midwest, VillaC! :)

    Pot SBs actually told you that you’re “too romantic”?! *shakes head*


    Speaking of snuggies……I saw some guy throw a fit at CVS this afternoon b/c they were out of the maroon snuggies.

  502. Dulcinea9786 says:

    Yeah, he meant it. Stupid friggin’ redneck.

    You don’t want to go to his house for your first date? But gosh golly, whyever not? 😉

  503. SD NEOhio (SDN) says:

    CA Dreamin SB and 2Chic: I haven’t recieved your questionares so no happy meal, no happy ending (did I really say that?), no snuggie until the paper work is done.

    NY Gent: Please feel free to use my email.

    cleo: Are you saying us SD’s aren’t normal? I know what you mean just had to ask.

  504. lisa says:

    Hi Villa, have a good evening at dinner

    Percy says hi back MidwestSB

  505. cleo says:

    wait wait… he MEANT that? it wasn’t a JOKE?

    he WANTS to electrocute himself? wow.

  506. cleo says:

    dulcinea i have a date tomorrow with a ‘normal’ and he doesn’t understand why i don’t want to go to his house for our FIRST date…

  507. Dulcinea9786 says:

    cleo – pretty much every guy I’ve met on the “regular” dating sites has been scary. The last one wanted to go out frog gigging on a first date. And had “pissing on electric fences” listed as an interest. *shudders*

  508. Midwest SB says:

    Hi VC, Cleo and TXSB!

  509. VillaCypris *396153* says:

    hi dulci, cleo and txsb…..

    just wanted to wish everyone a good evening before i head out…

    stay warm!!!!!! xxx

  510. cleo says:

    lisa: interesting. i would have to agree that 98% of the men i met on regular dating sites were… *shudder* scary. i was mostly left wondering how these relatively intelligent men had ended up so socially flummoxed and awkward.

    and living in their mother’s basement to boot!

  511. TXSB says:

    Hi Everyone! :)

    NYC SB:
    Ah…I didn’t even think about those possibilities! I was just irked that he contacted me! Thanks! :)


    LOL @ the joke!

  512. cleo says:

    midwest: it does seem as though i am doesn’t it?

    truly though, i would always rather answer questions for people, if i can prevent one injury that way it’s worth it you know?

  513. VillaCypris *396153* says:

    hey lisa and midwest! it’s 5 degrees here, windchill -10 F…

    thankfully one of my friends is picking me up for dinner in 20 minutes, as i can’t drive my car in the snow!!!

  514. Midwest SB says:

    Hi lisa! Hi Percy (coo, coo)

  515. lisa says:

    Good evening everyone

    cold evening here

  516. Dulcinea9786 says:

    Mid SB – I’m in the south-ish. Give or take. :)

  517. Midwest SB says:

    It’s double-snuggli cold here! Winds feel like below zero….why did I ever leave FL?? That should be our next get together.

    TLG – are you still out there? Hellooooooo. Could you kindly arrange a gathering in Austrailia?

    NYG – The book I was talking about earlier is by Maureen Donaldson, his last companion.

    Dulci – So true, so true! May I ask what general area are you from? I sense a southern style about you :-)

  518. Yaz10 says:

    Midwest: Yes, I have!! :-)

    I’m glad you made it home safely! It was snowing like crazy here the next day!

  519. Dulcinea9786 says:

    SDN – good point….I keep forgetting one of the primary rules of sales: If you don’t ask, the answer is always no.

    “Too romantic”?? Ain’t no such bear.

  520. Midwest SB says:

    Hi Yaz!!!!!! Have you recovered?

  521. Midwest SB says:

    2Chic – How dare he!!! It’s so on!

    NYG – Don’t you dare!!!!!! You are one of the last true gentlemen and the hope of idealistic women everywhere hinges on you remaining that way. A few blogs back, we all agreed to screen your pots and pick the RIGHT sb. Offer still stands.

  522. Yaz10 says:

    Midwest: HI!!!!!!! :-)

  523. CA Dreamin SB says:

    Okay – seriously – I’m so cold and I have the heat turned up! Just made my poor little dog come sit by me on the couch – she’s so warm!!!

  524. CA Dreamin SB says:

    LOL 2Chic!

  525. NYGent says:

    SDN: I don’t know, maybe there’s something to that impersonal email idea of yours. I had a couple pots (not escorts) tell me on dates that I was “too romantic” for their taste and that, in the words of the Godfather, this was “business, not personal.” I mean those weren’t the actual words, but the substance.

    You didn’t copyright that email, did you?

  526. 2Chic says:


    I waited and waited and he never came through, ‘see”…. I knew he was just too darn good to true….I mean a whole happy meal, tax sftwr, and a snuggie. And I was getting the opportunity to dress up as Princess Leia! Ugghhhhh my heart is breaking………….Ohhh SDN why! WHY! why-yyyyyyyy!!!!

  527. Midwest SB says:

    Oh wait…it’s for DOS

  528. Midwest SB says:

    I’ll share my camo snuggi with you! I have a trial version of tax 101 for dummies circa 1990…think it still works???

  529. Midwest SB says:

    Azu – I KNOW who your dream sb in NY is, but you will have to have some experience first. She’s not for the faint of heart. :-)

  530. CA Dreamin SB says:

    So far – he’s a big faker!!! I’m sitting here freezing on my couch because I dont have a snuggie!!!

  531. Midwest SB says:

    Would you seek an arrangement with you if you were on the other side of the sugar spectrum?
    I’m not clear on this question…is the other side of the spectrum the place where I’m wealthy and seeking a subar baby? If so, the answer would likely be yes…especially as a single, hot, wealthy lady.

    What is your idea of a sugar dream date?

    If we were already together, a week or two in Italy! If it’s new, then a sunset at the park with a great bottle of wine and amazing conversation.

  532. Midwest SB says:

    Hiya! Did you get your tax software and snuggie from SDN or is he just a fake?

  533. 2Chic says:

    Azu…I don’t know.. I am n CA, but can’t give you a suggestion on your dream SB.

  534. CA Dreamin SB says:

    Hi MidWest!

  535. Midwest SB says:

    Hi lisa, CA, Cleo, SDN

    Great reading today!!!! I’m running on fumes, so don’t hold me accountable for type-os, mass confusion, blonde moments, and general mayhem

    SDN – Oops, I sent my reply to james.m He may have one-upped you with a Super Sized Big Mac meal

    lisa – I have totally missed something in your world..catch me up please *holds head in obvious distress*

    Dulcinea – I have sent well-thought e-mails to sds I was interested in with about 30% writing back or at least saying no thank you. Of those, I never met one. A few of us have tried viewing and favoriting an sd to see if he notices. If he views you back, you can send a quick e-mail saying why you favorited him. Personally, I ave learned that the odds are much better when he approaches you. Bring an sd to the blog, and you’re golden!

    Cleo – are you becoming the blog personal trainer??

  536. Anna Molly says:

    O.K. I’m off to another round of trivia at Uno’s…lol, wish me luck :)

  537. Azucar-n-SD says:

    I am determined to not only seek but actually find that elusive first arrangement, after tentatively looking about six months ago.

    I haven’t quite figured out what my dream SB/SD date looks like. But, if any SB in the Manhattan area have suggestions, I’m free after 8 pm EST tonight. We can discuss the idea over a drink. :)

    For that matter, any SB in San Diego with a suggestion, I’ll be back home tomorrow night. Your chance to influence the newbie!


  538. Dulcinea9786 says:

    Oh, that’s ok, CA….I just have to make sure I don’t email any CPAs 😉

  539. SD NEOhio (SDN) says:

    Dulcinea: I don’t get many emails from SBs. Might be my profile or where I live, don’t know, but I always, always respond. Even if it is just a simple no thank you but thank you for writing.

    CA Dreamin SB’s recommendation to put something from the profile in your email. If that isn’t in an email I am very close to the auto-no-thank-you. Put something not in your profile in the email, could be simple like what why you decided to write to him.

    I imagine first email replies is a low percentage…not sending them gets you zero responses.

  540. CA Dreamin SB says:

    Dulcinea – Generally, I pick out a few things that really strike me in their profile and comment on them so they know I took the time to read their profile. I’ve gotten a couple of responses, but, of course, I posted earlier how my ‘date’ went yesterday, and perhaps I’m not the one to be learning from!

  541. lisa says:

    Cleo I have had more success on this site than regular dating sites. Back then when I was looking for a husband ( I was out of the dating scene for so long that I didn’t realize how it had changed) it took me almost 2 years to find someone to actually date, lasted a few months, and then ended. Upon joining this site, I met someone the next week, lasting about a month till he moved away, met a couple more that went no where, met another that turned into a short term arrangement, and then met someone on the blog. So all in all of course I got a lot less response on this site than on traditional sites, but the few that I did meet were a little better quality than what I met elsewhere.

  542. cleo says:

    dulcinea: well, truly? i have about 40% success rate on ordinary dating sites and 0 here and on seeking millionaire..

    that said, i’ve only sent out 15-20 emails so far

  543. Dulcinea9786 says:

    Not one? Great….you’re not giving me much hope here….

  544. cleo says:

    and i won’t tell you how my approach letter goes since NOT ONE PERSON has ever answered one.

  545. cleo says:

    dulcinea: best letter to santa ever

  546. CA Dreamin SB says:

    Dulcinea – LOVE the santa letter…I think I’ll have to send a similar one!

  547. Dulcinea9786 says:

    poptart – my letter to santa is simple this year: Dear Santa, I’ve been naughty all year. And it was worth it. So go ahead and skip my house, you judgemental bastard.

    question – how do y’all approach someone whose profile you like?

  548. lisa says:

    Thanks Beach_Girl

    The cold front that came into Houston is preparing me for the cold weather up there.

  549. SD NEOhio (SDN) says:

    CA Dreamin SB: Use the tax software and get a snuggie? OK since you were my muse today.

  550. Beach_Girl*395953 says:

    SDN~ I cannot send you mail, I don’t have your profile # lol 😀

    Hi Lisa~ good luck on your trip to NY!

    Hi everyone, just in for dinner, off again soon, see you all later

  551. CA Dreamin SB says:

    I did notice…and I’ll return the tax software – but only if I get a snuggie

  552. SD NEOhio (SDN) says:

    CA Dreamin SB: your story was the inspiration. If you notice you even got mentioned.

  553. lisa says:

    edit, Santa only comes once a “year” sorry

  554. lisa says:

    Santa only comes once a week and it’s “down a chimney”

    I just found a familiar blogger, way up earlier this morning :)

  555. CA Dreamin SB says:

    Hello Everyone – I’m back :)

    SDN – I know I’m a couple of hours late responding to this- but you are hillarious :)

  556. 2Chic says:

    No offense to the men; I received this forward on my phone:

    6 Ways Santa is a Man
    1- Shows up late
    2- Eats your cookie.
    3- Empties his sack
    4- He only *comes* once
    5- He leaves when you are sleeping
    6- And Yells out HOE-HOE-HOE!


  557. cleo says:

    poptart: even better, i’ve been looking for more incentive to work out!

    sorry to tell you but my cats are fairly likely to injure your dog rather than be treats… but we could place bets?

    what??? no INTERNET!???!??!?!??

    *dials 911 to report pending self kidnapping*

  558. CrèmeBruléeNY says:

    Poptart – Don’t hide it. You can pull it off as one with wild-er imagination.

  559. poptart says:

    Wow.. what a hard day at work -smirks- I will see you all later

    -makes sure the boss man is not in site before slinking out of the office-

  560. poptart says:

    Cleo – as long as you realize that by pilates training.. means you do all the work and I will watch. *nodding matter of factly*
    I have a dog, she will love it if you bring your cats! How thoughtful of you to bring my dog treats!
    As for other clients… noway jose! and I am not sharing my wifi connection with you either!

  561. cleo says:

    Flo Rida: what’s the difference between tiger woods and santa claus?

    at least santa stops at three ho’s

    poptart: oh my i’m getting kidnapped? for four hours of pilates a week and some training? will you feed and house me? can i bring my cats? take other clients on the side?

    hold on i’ll pack…

  562. poptart says:

    Later Taz!

  563. Taz says:

    2Chic – you know you are my girl :)

  564. poptart says:

    CB – checked out that link… oi! :) *which is how i knew about the animal prints…. hides mine*

  565. 2Chic says:

    By Taz! you are funny girl!

  566. Taz says:

    Ok…sorry to leave in the middle of all the fun – but I have to go out for mom’s bday….geeesh couldn’t have waited til another day?? Lol..joking…joking…

  567. 2Chic says:

    You were gonna jump through my screen and get me….lol.
    I feel you sis..

  568. cleo says:

    SDN: geeze i was pretty excited except for the 5 minutes of clumsy sex part… couldn’t it at least be good sex? adequate sex? sweaty sex?

    but clumsy? so unappetizing…
    Taz: i totally want a snuggie… it’s COLD here in the winter and blankets have no arms!

  569. poptart says:

    Thank you 2Chic! .. -takes the napkin (i think it was used) and blows my nose obnoxiously loud-

    Awesome? -waggles my brows at Cleo- I get that a lot.
    as for your question… if you send me a message -slides you my profile number on the lowlow- I would totally email you and be like, WOW! YAY! This is poptart! I was looking for a pilates sugarmama! *hides my duct tape and cancels the black van as now i won’t need to kidnap you as my personal trainer*

    Taz – they come in animal prints.. -lures you in with tackiness-

    AM – you are kinda demanding.. monogrammed, purple, what else do you want from him? sheeesh… *ask for hot chocolate*

  570. Taz says:

    Whew…I was gonna say…I thought we were friends!! Lol…agreed.

  571. 2Chic says:


    Ohh no not talking about yours, crack head joke is directed to SDN..

  572. 2Chic says:

    noooo Girl, meaning that in RL you know only a crack head would go for that….offer.

  573. Taz says:

    2Chic- lady I know you aren’t calling me a crack head!! LMFAO!

  574. 2Chic says:

    meeee! ooohhh me! me first! ( running to the front..pushing and shoving the three crack heads in line out the way) ….lol

  575. Taz says:

    Lmao – SDN – only AM gets the massage?? Can I trade in my 2 cheap drinks for a foot rub???

    Cleo – seriously if you are interested email me at spicensugar2009 and I am hotmail. I am not sure how perceptive he would be but I will put it out there…ha! The very last email he sent today told me to “lighten up”…I just know what I am looking for…**shakes head**

  576. SD NEOhio (SDN) says:

    Anna: I warned you about being high maintenance.

    cleo: You are right, don’t want to make anyone feel left out.

    All SBs are welcome to apply for 2 cheap drinks, a happy meal, 5 minutes of clumsy sex, and their snuggie.

  577. poptart says:

    -flips off SDN-
    I just got an amazing offer from someone in Nigeria. They promise it isn’t a scam. They need my help and some banks are giving them a problem. All I have to do is send them my bank info….

    ****disclaimer… this is all said in jest. If my joking is interfering with the topic discussion… my bad…

    Speaking of topics….
    I am writing my letter to Santa… That man is sooo jolly because he knows where all the naughty girls live…

  578. Taz says:

    SDN and everyone else – fashionable or not (NOT in my mind 😛 ) right about NOW (and winter has barely hit!) I do think I may wear a snuggie in my home 😛

  579. cleo says:

    Yaz10: no i understand that that’s lisa’s sd in nyc. that said, there have been two lisa’s posting and it’s getting confusing.
    Taz: i don’t mind a conventional relationship at all. so long as he knows that he’s buying the plane tickets *g*

    so sure, pass him on
    SDN: now now, right after you said that generic thing you picked three names… everyone one else will assume you’re not interested… right Irish?

    poptart: oh man, so awesome. so awesome.
    2chic: my taxes are in such a state that’s actually kind of a turn on!
    y’all? if you got a message from someone on the blog and you were anonymous on blog. like if i emailed NYGent’s profile (for example) … would you tell the emailer “oh sorry cleo, it’s nygent” or would you ignore or what?

    NYGent please forgive me for using you as an example but you at least like my pics *g*

  580. Taz says:

    2Chic says:
    December 10, 2009 at 12:48 pm

    here’s a hanky …sorry it is not monogrammed, SDN gave it to me… oops sorry it is a McD’s napkin he told me it was a gift….lol.”

    SD NEOhio (SDN) says:
    December 10, 2009 at 12:48 pm

    “2chic: I also have quicken tax software I will let you use once CA Dreamin SB is done with it. You wear that Princess Leia outfit I like you might your taxes done too baby!”

    Lmao…really hard…

  581. Anna Molly says:

    SDN ~ You’re taking requets? Do I get more than one?

  582. 2Chic says:

    Really! You would do that for me? ….. mmmmn SDN where have you been all my life… finally a man who “knows” what a woman really wants. ……. nothing like a man who get those taxes done for ya!………ROFLMBO

  583. Yaz10 says:

    LOL you guys are too much 😛

  584. SD NEOhio (SDN) says:

    2chic: I also have quicken tax software I will let you use once CA Dreamin SB is done with it. You wear that Princess Leia outfit I like you might your taxes done too baby!

  585. 2Chic says:

    here’s a hanky …sorry it is not monogrammed, SDN gave it to me… oops sorry it is a McD’s napkin he told me it was a gift….lol.

  586. Anna Molly says:

    I’ll take the back rub SDN…ahhhh

  587. 2Chic says:

    A snuggie too! I am giddy with excitement, all for lil ole me? SD N
    words just do not do you justice sweetheart……lol.

  588. Anna Molly says:

    You will have to get the snuggie monogramed and I will reimburse you 😉

  589. poptart says:

    SDN –
    -dramatic sigh… wiping away a lil tear-

  590. SD NEOhio (SDN) says:

    Anna: Being high maintenance will get you moved off the list!!! *** checking email: still empty *** so purple you say? Any other requests? Maybe a nice foot/back rub?

  591. Anna Molly says:

    Can you get a Snuggie in purple?

  592. Anna Molly says:

    SDN ~ No woman in her right mind would pass up your offer. Do I send you my initials now? Can I request my favorite color?

  593. SD NEOhio (SDN) says:

    poptart: hmmm…with all of the offers that *hesitation in my voice* should be flooding in…hmmm *back to normal* yes, with all the offers I am getting I don’t know that I will have time to see you more then once. No, no not once a week, just once. PS: thanks for the porn.

    Deal sweetener: not that I need it, the offers *hesitation in my voice* should be flooding… *back to normal* yes, with all the offers I am set up just to show you blog SBs how much I care. A snuggie for each of you after the end of our date. You are responsible for monogramming and wrapping of the gift.

  594. CrèmeBruléeNY says:

    Google: Snuggie’s Runway Show Steals Fashion Week Spotlight | NBC New York

  595. poptart says:

    SDN – that is quite a generous offer.
    -thoughtful pause-
    Is there room for negotiation?
    I am guessing that with such an offer you will be wanting multiple dates per week?
    I couldn’t possibly eat a WHOLE happymeal as I am certain you will insist on my keeping my girlish figure. (if you are trying to fatten me up forget this part)
    I suggest a compromise.
    -batting my lashes and twirling my hair around my finger-
    Perhaps you would be willing to buy me a small fry and we can only meet for kinky sex 6 days a week.
    -sends porn-


    -impressed by my own hard negotiating skillz-

    -hopes and wishes I am at the top of your pot sb list-

  596. EastCoastFilly says:

    you can even order a snuggie with a monogram…now thats the extra special touch it was missing, lol

  597. CrèmeBruléeNY says:

    In defense of snuggies: During Sept’s Fashion Week, I saw some 15 haute snugs paired with drool-provoking footwear. You’ll never catch me wearing one but NYCSB.. give it a try!

  598. SWM-TXSD says:

    well I am out of here. Going to the casino.

  599. Irish SB says:

    Taz – Haha that was nearly an insult – made me laugh!

  600. Taz says:

    …a break from school work…not a break from the blog 😛

  601. Taz says:

    Hey Irish – long time no see – glad you took a break :)

  602. Taz says:

    Eeeek! 3:10pm already?? Where did the day go? Have to run and pick up my diva from school 😛

  603. Irish SB says:

    What can i say SDN im a sucker for the free toy in happy meals

  604. SWM-TXSD says:

    hey taz

  605. SD NEOhio (SDN) says:

    NYC SB: I am good with throwing in an apple pie if that will seal the deal.

    Irish: Enthusiasm is a plus and will move you up in the line.

  606. Taz says:

    Hello SWM! :)

    LMAO @ NYCSB!! Ummm…and I know you will be wearing your snuggie on the date 😉

  607. EastCoastFilly says:

    Hey everyone, haven’t been on since the dinner in NYC. Had a blast and so enjoyed meeting everyone. Felt like hanging with old friends. Both Gents are as wonderful as you all imagine and all the ladies as hot as you imagine and sweet as I had hoped they’d be!

    NYC SB’s brownies were delish!!

    Have not hear anything about another dinner, where did that tidbit come from?

  608. SWM-TXSD says:

    WOW somebody is being a little high maintance today.

  609. Irish SB says:

    Thanks Anna iv been up to my eyes in assignments iv had to ignore the blog while i get them done – im just on a tea break!

    Glad to hear ye NYC crowd had a nice evening!

    SDN – i must have sent you about 10 emails there your offer was soooo generous! 😉

  610. NYC SB says:

    SDN – I am in… but only if i can also get the baked apple pie from mickey d’s otherwise no deal

  611. NYC SB says:

    TXSB – funny… an explanation as to how he got your profile number…

    1) Realistic is up to his multiple profiles again (said as a joke)
    2) even though you are hidden you still appear on the recently logged in search
    3) if you viewed someones profile although hiden they can still see you under their “who viewed me” list

  612. Taz says:

    ROTFLMAO SDN! You are too funny…

  613. Anna Molly says:

    Hey Irish! I was wondering what happened to you :)

  614. TXSB says:



    LOL! I think the SA server is overwhelmed by all the mail coming through to your profile…….it may even take the entire site down! :)

  615. 2Chic says:

    Hi Irish!

    SD N….yep we are all just rushing in by the wagon load….for a lucrative offer..yay..mmn-hmm.:-? ………lol.

  616. SD NEOhio (SDN) says:

    SA email account must still be broken…hmmm wonder if I email myself…strange that went through. Maybe you are all still writing long responses to me.

  617. SD NEOhio (SDN) says:

    Irish please see my “group email” above. Please respond as soon as you can.

  618. Irish SB says:

    Hey 2chic, AM, Yaz, TXSB, SDNSWM-TXSD !! :-)

    This end of semester marlarky is really messing with my blogging time!

    SDN – i never got that email!!

  619. Anna Molly says:

    Alright! I’m going to respond right now!! I’m so in….lol

  620. SD NEOhio (SDN) says:

    Anna, Yaz, & 2Chic Please feel free to respond to my group email above. I do have a questionnaire I will send you so I can prioritize my new bevy of SBs.

  621. 2Chic says:

    uh-uhh…that is just wrong!

  622. Yaz10 says:

    Lmaoo SDN!

  623. SD NEOhio (SDN) says:

    Ummm…something must be wrong with the SA email…nothing coming in yet…hmmm…must have broken the server.

  624. Anna Molly says:

    LOL…you’re funny 😉

  625. SD NEOhio (SDN) says:

    Not only have I stopped reading the profiles, I am going to stop emailing you individually.

    To all SBs on the Blog: I am really interested in you (fill in with your name). Your picture (or lack of one) got my attention. I am hoping you will meet me in person for drinks in a hotel bar. After two cheap drinks we can go to the motel 8 across the street. I do offer happy meals as part of the bargain.

    Please be patient in getting my response to the above personalized SD/SB request. I am sure my mailbox will be flooded in mere minutes.

  626. Anna Molly says:

    I finished my work for today yesterday and gave myself the day off…lol.

  627. 2Chic says:

    working as always, thanks for asking

  628. TXSB says:

    Hey! Doing good….how about yourself?



  629. 2Chic says:

    Hello Gang, how is everyone today?

  630. SWM-TXSD says:

    TXSB As a male I belive you are asking a lot.

  631. Taz says:

    Sincere – I WISH I had a pot that ‘taught’ me about the sugar life…I have learned most I know from the blog – again THANKS EVERYONE – you rock!

    Hello Lisa’s NY SD – so nice to finally ‘meet’ you :)

    Cleo – I am not in a position for a conventional relationship. Perhaps you would be interested?

    CA Dreamin SB – HA! Two blog SB’s left speechless this week lol!

    Hello to everyone else :)

  632. TXSB says:

    Hi SWM, Lisa’s SD, NYC, DC, Anna, and anyone else who just joined. :)

    Since we’re talking about SD’s who don’t read before contacting SBs….here’s a weird one for ya’ll:

    Yesterday a SD wrote to me! Now that’s VERY weird b/c my profile has been hidden for the past 2 months…it is STILL hidden. This SD’s profile was created yesterday…and he somehow managed to write to me….the only explanation I can think of is that he got my profile # from a 3rd party who saw my profile before.

    What really irked me is that he wrote me this telling me how he was interested blah blah blah….ummm……the 1st line in my profile says that I’m NOT looking for a SD right now. *shaking head* Honestly guys…READ before you write! Gah!

  633. Anna Molly says:

    Hi there :)

  634. SWM-TXSD says:

    Godd afternoon everyone. Hope everyone is ok today.

  635. NYC SB says:

    Lisa’s NY SD – nice to see you back on… clearly your humor has not changed a bit… gave me a nice laugh… thank you

  636. DC says:

    LOL Lisa’s NY SD.

  637. Anna Molly says:

    Hi Lisa’s NY SD :)

  638. Yaz10 says:

    Lol no Cleo, it is Lisa’s SD in NYC who just posted :-)

  639. DC says:

    Morning all-

    Taz- I had the same problem with an SD I met a few months ago. I met him on a non sugar site but I was VERY upfront with him. At first he said it wasn’t for him and then he changed his mind and was okay with the allowance. We met for coffee and really hit it off. We saw each other for a real date and he did give me my allowance. Afterwards he said he had a great time but was a little resentful about having to pay an allowance but that he really liked me and wanted to see me again. I told him that if he felt resentful it would not work for either of us. We still e-mail and talk about getting together again but I kind of doubt it will happen.

    I also bartended NYCsb but we are going back to the 80’s in San Francisco at a punk rock night club. Met so many of my idols but made practically no money in tips…maybe $5 a night. But I had a blast! Have fun on your date.

  640. poptart says:

    *waves hello to anyone i missed who popped in since my last hello*

    Cleo – you grok too!… *lets my geek flag wave high* heeheehee..
    I have heard you discuss pilates before. I am really into Yoga and Pilates. I used to take classes for both locally. Now I mostly stick to bellydance class and do the other stuffs at home.

    TX SB – well… *resists urge to take a random dare* see.. I am thinking it was just a mass email. And I would hate to just be rude. (because ignoring messages is way less rude?) *darts off to send the ff message anyway* I will let you know if he replies! *rethinks* Maybe i should say I love LV boots? yanno… french fries might make me seem like a cheap date? *smirk*

    The closest I get to people fighting over me is when i am at the mall and two different people try to take my parking space as i am leaving…

  641. CA Dreamin SB says:

    Okay ladies – have to run an errand – be back soon! Have a great day

  642. CA Dreamin SB says:

    Well that’s what got me – I kept thinking – you DID read my profile, didn’t you? I’m very specific about what I’m looking for. I don’t have a business and I do my own taxes- I have for years. Turbo-tax has always done a great job for me! :)

  643. cleo says:

    NYC SB: go see blossom at bridge pilates (just over the bridge from manhattan lol) she’ll teach you how to breathe. she’s the protege of the most amazing elder from the pilates method and has such a great way with words…

    that said, always happy to teach anyone who is interested :)

    yes, for those wondering, i do deeply love my job. it’s why i do it even though i won’t get rich from it…
    we have two lisa’s don’t we? the one in houston and another one? can we do something about that? add a -H and -NYC or something?
    i would take CPA work over an allowance, UNTIL my accounting was done and then i want cash

  644. Lisa's NY SD says:

    I have two cats and two space heaters and we are going to get that question answered definitively late next week for y’all.

  645. NYC SB says:

    CA – if an SB had her own business the CPA advice could be invaluable… as they are rather expensive on the billing side… NC gent had said that his CPA gets $125 per hour… however, your taxes would cost $100 AT most… assuming you dont have anything complex going on (like a business) or many security sales and purchases… as far as for financial advice… its not like you are getting into complex deals and need tax shelters… a simple money management book (Suze Ormans “Money for the young,fabulous and broke or women and money are awesome) will do the trick… again i am assuming a lot… but im shocked he though such thing would work for someone with a simple tax return

  646. NYGent says:

    Oh Anna Molly you blew our cover!

  647. NYGent says:

    Sincere: did you mean check or chick?

    the answer is neither.

  648. TXSB says:

    Hi SouthernGent & Cleo! :)

    LOL…..When I was searching, I got messages from Dubai and even 1 from Malaysia!

  649. Anna Molly says:

    SG2 ~ They didn’t fight over the check, but they did fight over me….lol (JK)

  650. TXSB says:

    CA Dreamin:
    Mission accomplished! I got a great laugh out of it….. :)


    LOL @ french fries…..I dare you. 😉

  651. Dulcinea9786 says:

    CA Dreamin – *laughs* Note to self….no CPAs!!

    Ontario – Good luck!

    Question for y’all….is it typical to get messages from potentials who are geographically absolutely nowhere near you? I’m in SW VA and have received messages from pot SDs in NY and CA.

  652. cleo says:

    poptart you GROK!!! i *heart* you so much now!

  653. cleo says:

    SincereSD: i think if both SD and SB are single there is always the possibility that it will turn into something else. (i know a lot of married people who started out as fwb.) if one is married then the single one is kind of silly expecting the married one to leave their spouse.

    um i’m sorry you fell for me but you knew the rules going in…
    poptart: steal away, i’d rather you got good advice from me than crappy advice from someone else. and yes, i know how cocky that sounds, but the best teacher on the east coast tells me i’m good so you know, i know it’s true and i believe it inside as well (still have tons to learn forever of course!)
    Taz: i don’t know babe. you like each other, you’re both single… he’s willing to compromise, why don’t you meet him again? i say this in large part because i have SO MANY times had great times in person and weird and shitty email/phone communication with them. sometimes you need the body language.

    i might suggest you tell him that you want to have the allowance talk in person and then see what happens… what’s one more date right?

  654. poptart says:

    *nodding* I totally grok what you are saying. *apologizing for my typos that I only noticed after you pasted what I typed*

    I have had men suggest, after a few meetings, and after knowing there is mutual attraction, that FWB is what they want. Well, because we already know we are attracted to one another, right?!?!? We already have a connection. So why not?

  655. SouthernGent2 says:

    Did NC and NY fight over the check?

  656. poptart says:

    I just got a message from someone that said… “blahblahblah… I love asians…”

    hmmmm… clearly my pic shows that I am not asian. *boggle* … or maybe I am supposed to reply with.. “I love french fries…”

  657. CA Dreamin SB says:

    Good morning TXSB

    I had to share once the shock wore off…I thought y’all would get a good laugh out of that.

  658. TXSB says:

    Good Morning SincereSD, Yaz, Anna, CA Dreamin, Ontatio, Poptart, NYC SB and anyone who’s who’s on!

    CA Dreamin:
    LOL @ the CPA! That actually made me laugh! Just when I think I’ve heard everything here…..

  659. SincereSD says:

    Good morning AM, PT, Yaz, NYCSB, NYG, & SG2

    Poptart says: I do know claim to know you or any of the other SD’d who post on the board, but you guys set the bar high. And if you are true to your word, I am not surprised that you would have women try to latch on to you.

    I suppose it’s all a matter of perspective. I’ve had pot SB shy away bc they think I am too needy or not NSA enough.

    Poptart says: I find that a lot of people IMHO are looking for something more traditional, “mistress” or “escort”. I have also learned that if a man questions the allowance part, or tries to make me feel guilty in any way, where I feel like I have to defend myself, I have learned to just smirk and walk away …

    I’ve had the opposite happen with pot SB where they didn’t want to accept the allowance bc of stigma of selling themselves. It usually happens with new members in the “investigator” phase … I spend time getting to know and educating a pot SB only to her have back out :( I had a pot SB turn into a FWB as she wouldn’t accept her allowance (again bc of the association).

  660. Yaz10 says:

    Good luck Ontario!! :-)

  661. CA Dreamin SB says:

    Good luck on your exams Ontario!

  662. ontariosugar says:

    thank you to those who welcomed me to the Blog. I am more of a come and go-er. Right now I have exams, so I find all kinds of ways to procrastinate my studies.

  663. CA Dreamin SB says:

    It really is quite funny. I have to wonder how many other SB’s he’s made that offer to. I can’t believe he ever had anyone take him up on it!

  664. ontariosugar says:

    hey everyone… good morning. Its soooo windy and cold outside.

  665. poptart says:

    AM – I know. Although when you don’t really know a person it is hard to know their personality. I admit, the email was nothing like the person I had met. And he insists he was joking (because I am a bit of a teaser and love to joke and play) so he said he was trying to be funny. Bah! I will keep you posted and let you know how I decide.

    CA Dreamin – Oh Dear! -just giggles and giggles- You are not wrong. I would have been thrown too. I would have said, “Pish Posh!”

  666. Yaz10 says:

    LOL NYCSB!!! By the way thanks again for the brownie! :-)

  667. CA Dreamin SB says:

    OH NYC – I WISH I had thought of that! I literally just stared at him for what felt like hours. And then he says ‘Does that not work for you’? I was very polite and said no, it really doesn’t. So he said thank you for meeting me for lunch – and left. I’m still stunned this morning. :)

  668. Yaz10 says:

    LOL well taxes time is around the corner so he probably thought he could have a chance… 😉

  669. NYC SB says:

    sg2 – NC gent is actually 89… sorry that he mislead you lol

    CA – haha typical… gotta love those CPAs… you should tell him that maybe instead of sex you can provide him with tips and how to advice …

  670. CA Dreamin SB says:

    Anna – No joke. I wish it were. I was, for the first time in my life, shocked speechless.

  671. Anna Molly says:

    You have got to be kidding me…that is awful!

  672. CA Dreamin SB says:

    So my lunch date with my pot was yesterday – he didn’t ask for a ‘test drive’ like the last one, but, when he asked what kind of an arrangement I had in mind, I told him my ‘ideal’ expectations. He looked at me like I had 2 heads and said ‘Well, I’m a CPA, instead of financial assistance, I thought I could do your taxes and financial planning for free and help you out in that manner.” WHAT? Am I wrong to be a little bit thrown by that?

  673. Anna Molly says:

    Hi Yaz & CA Dreamin SB :)

  674. CA Dreamin SB says:

    Good morning everyone!

  675. Yaz10 says:

    Lol SG2: Both NCGent and NYGent are very attractive, funny and soo down to earth! :-)

  676. Anna Molly says:

    SG2 ~ Where in the world have you been? I was at the dinner and it was sooooo much fun 😉

  677. Anna Molly says:

    I don’t have any sugar plans in the near future. :(

    Don’t worry about being hasty. If it doesn’t feel right, it isn’t right. Always trust your first instinct, but of course I’m sure you already knew that…lol. :)

  678. SouthernGent2 says:

    So who was at this so called dinner last night? Is NC Gent really 72 years old? lol jk

  679. poptart says:

    AM – I am dandy as candy! Thanx so much for asking.
    I am dreaming about a NonFat Mocha from s’bux.

    Nothing exciting today. I had sugar plans yesterday with a pot SD I had met in Oct. But he had sent me a questionable email and I kinda was like… ummm… no. So i cancelled the lunch. But he sent several emails afterwards and this morning and now i am wondering if i was hasty. (or if i am just being manipulated) Bah!

    How bout yourself?

  680. Yaz10 says:

    Morning Everyone!

    Gosh, I completely crashed last night after posting my last comment. I was exhausted!

  681. NYC SB says:

    AM – yes I will not tell him about my past bartending experience… this way he will think I am a natural lol

    SDinATX – welcome… and confidence is sexy

    Flo – we can take the lehman debate off blog… I can give you my side of that story but I will just say this I own a tshirt that was given to me by my employer saying “ I survived the nightmare on Wall Street 9/15/2009”

    My opinion on the availability issue – as an SB we receive an allowance and in return we need to make ourselves available to SDs schedule… sure things come up and sometimes you cannot be available when he is but in general it is in your best interest to try an accommodate his schedule (again within reason) because if you don’t someone else will… don’t kill me please… I am honest to a fault and this is the ugly truth

    SDN – I doubt you were ever a jerk… now my “jerk success” correlation is strictly nyc based… and it really is more of “I have enough money to buy you” mentality that most successful men in nyc tend to flaunt … this of course is fueled by constant attention awarded to them by “bottle popping models”

    Cleo – learning how to breathe… come teach me… I love hot yoga myself (haven’t gone in 3 months now)

    James.m – I missed the second nyc dinner as well

  682. Anna Molly says:

    Yummmy…lol. How are you doing? Have anything exciting going on today? Any sugar plans?

  683. poptart says:

    Anna Molly – And here I just thought I was talking to myself as usual.

    How’s your Hot Chocolate this morning? :-)

  684. Anna Molly says:

    Where did everybody go, go, go, go….echo, echo, echo…lol

  685. poptart says:

    SincereSD – I do know claim to know you or any of the other SD’d who post on the board, but you guys set the bar high. And if you are true to your word, I am not surprised that you would have women try to latch on to you. Be it the treatment or the whole package.

    I find that a lot of people IMHO are looking for something more traditional, “mistress” or “escort”. I have also learned that if a man questions the allowance part, or tries to make me feel guilty in any way, where I feel like I have to defend myself, I have learned to just smirk and walk away *either via email or in person* because in the end they are not who they originally claimed to be. Or they have a reading comprehension issue and don’t realize which site they are on. Either way -shrug-

  686. poptart says:

    mmmmm… Juan Valdez… you are the best SD evar … no really… what can I do for YOU? I feel that I am just taking advantage at this point.

  687. poptart says:

    g’morning everyone!

    Another NYC dinner? I missed it too. :(

  688. NYGent says:

    James: if there was another dinner in NYC I missed it!

  689. Anna Molly says:

    Good morning everybody :)
    Hi Sincere, how is everything going for you?

  690. SincereSD says:

    Ontariosugar – welcome to the blog

    SWM-TXSD says: Hell I cant find a SB. Have made two good friends from the blog; but trust me. I am available

    6000 SB in TX and you can’t find someone suitable???? Did we suggest how your approach in a previous blog? I remember talking about this with a SD from TX but don’t recall is that was you.

    Taz says: Just a quick story here…I met a pot (a month ago or so now) from another site and we hit things of WONDERFULLY. …he comes back trying to guilt me and make me feel bad for looking for a sd – at that point I wished him luck and blocked him. Ummm did he recall what site he is on???

    I have the same problem with the other SD site as it’s mixed with conventional LTR and SB profiles. They should follow the SA scheme and split the LTR into a different site but at the end of the day SDdotcom doesn’t care. Mixing both sugar and traditional generates a lot of revenue. In general I hate that site as the members are very judgemental … I can tell you stories I’ve heard from SB about hate mail they have received.

    Anyone notice that SA has a spinoff site called seekingfantasy? I’m going to miss emails from pots into BDSM and escorts offering to fulfill fantasies :roll:

    Taz says: However, just b/c it is not necessarily the norm for the blog SB’s to desire a conventional relationship – does not mean there aren’t women on the site that would be interested. To each his own :)

    There are some profiles here on SA looking for traditional relationships from both SB and SD. Believe it or not, it seems to be more common from the SD side … as a pot SB sent me links for psuedo-SD profiles. BTW, I had a former SB try to pursue a traditional LTR with me after she was struck by one of cupid’s misguided arrows. I’m not sure whether she was in love with the treatment or in love with me but the drama that followed as too much for me.

    Midwest SB says: BTW – I was the wallflower…really, I was!

    Spill the beans … your comments sound like a classic case of denial!

  691. Muse says:

    Mmm…Cary Grant. And on that note, I’m off to have some very pleasant dreams. 😉

  692. Midwest SB says:

    Helloooooooooo sugars! It’s 2:30 am, I’m bleary-eyed and exhausted from travelling in the 40mph winds and ridiculous temperatures! Other than that, what a whirlwind the last few days have been.

    James – nice to see you keeping everyone company. Can’t wait to see you again :-)

    Rachel – Your song works!!!

    Lisa – who’s the new beau? I missed something somewhere.

    NYGent – I need to send you this book to prove once and for all that Cary Grant was, in fact, gay.

    To all others – I’m quite behind, so please know I missed you and did not deliberately leave your comments unnoticed :-)

    BTW – I was the wallflower…really, I was!

  693. TXSB says:

    I had a “pot SD” who did that once…after the date tried the whole “Oh I want you as my GF” crap. Ummm….NO! But I’m sure there are other women who feel differently…..as you wrote…. “To each his own”. :)

  694. Taz says:

    Not only that TXSB – don’t contact someone who says they are looking for a SD and try to convince her otherwise lol..but I can understand from his perspective. SD/SB sites are much more honest in general. Cuts a lot of b/s..and people are hopeful to find their match – whatever that may be. I see it all the time in profiles and I tend to stay away from those that say they are open to more – even if it is not their top priority…I definitely don’t contact them initially.

    However, just b/c it is not necessarily the norm for the blog SB’s to desire a conventional relationship – does not mean there aren’t women on the site that would be interested. To each his own :)

    Hi Napa..and bye Napa :)

  695. TXSB says:


  696. NapaSB says:

    ok well, bit of a drive by but i am off to bed…goodnight all, sweet dreams

  697. NapaSB says:

    Hi TXSB!

  698. TXSB says:

    Hi Everyone and Welcome to all the new bloggers! :)

    Thank you to everyone who gave me advise on my cat/heater situation. :)

    The central air in my apt. is screwed up. I barely get any air in my bedroom. I had a fan during the summer…and now for winter I have a space heater. I only use the space heater when I’m home. But 1 of my cats is in love with it and loves to sit right against it (her body is touching the heater) whenever it’s on. That’s what I’ve been worried about.


    LOL….dang! Yea this is not a site to look for a BF/GF…..that guy needs to get his eyes checked and learn to READ!

  699. NapaSB says:

    Hello everyone!! haha catching up on all of this took me about forever :) and i power read most of it…

    Welcome to all of ya’ll that are new (seems like a bunch of new names to me) extra welcome to SDinATX (HOOK’EM!)

    james m – RE: outliers – phenomenal book, have you gotten the chance to read his others?

  700. Taz says:

    So sorry.

    **shakes head**

    That was soo not a quick story.

  701. Taz says:

    Just a quick story here…I met a pot (a month ago or so now) from another site and we hit things of WONDERFULLY. He had to catch a flight but wanted to have a chat as soon as he got home (he is single)…anyhow we are talking and it is not quite flowing as well as it did initially, as we are now getting into expectations and such. He contacted me…and I read his profile and right in the very first line he says he does not belong on a sd site – but again HE contacted ME, so obviously he READ my profile lol…right. So we start talking about expectations and he is completely upset b/c he met the ‘perfect’ lady – and starts arguing with me. After about ten minutes and yes I contributed for ten wasted minutes I said we were obviously looking for different things..yadayada…he comes back trying to guilt me and make me feel bad for looking for a sd – at that point I wished him luck and blocked him. Ummm did he recall what site he is on??? He did not seem like a player – I give him that – he was looking for a connection..and RELATIONSHIP…and willing to ‘help out’ when he wanted to basically (more nicely put by him..).

    Anyhow what brings this story up – a few days ago he messages me!! Lol…so I am curious and read it and he says he will be here on Monday and he may be interested in ‘doing it my way’..lol…hmmm I explained to him that if he was ‘bending his own rules’ he would not be satisfied and therefore not mutually beneficial…and that would definitely NOT make me feel good at all. He messages back telling me to lighten up and says he can take a hint. I KNOW we are both looking for very different things! We got along soo well until that point in conversation and I really don’t think he is a bad guy at all – but we ARGUED!! LMFAO – wtf?? OK I am rambling…any sb’s out there looking for more of a ‘relationship’…with no set allowance 😛 ?? Just putting it out there…of course I would give him YOUR contact info…

    Ok..nothing more to say. Thank God.

  702. cleo says:

    i’m pretty sure we should move to email… i tend to bore people to death when i get talking about work.

    i have the traditional in my living room (cadillac and trapeze table are two names for the same machine.) using the bar you do rollover (which you know from the mat) and then come up into teaser and then back into rollover. it’s wonderful.

    exhale and sigh from your belly. feel your abs fall easily toward your spine.

  703. ontariosugar says:

    O i like doing teasers. I was pretty much the only person in the class able to do it. If im thinking the same one you are talking about. You are laying on back and sit into a v shape with your body?

    rollover into teaser that sounds hard. What is a trapeze table?

    I had one instructor that really exagerated her breaths, I have never heard someone breath like that “pppppssshhhhhhwoooooo” maybe this is normal for pilates. I found it irritating. she also over pronounced some words.

  704. cleo says:

    ontariosugar: when we chatter on? we’re totally aware that you hate us.

    that’s called rollover.

    my favourite move of all time is done on the trapeze table and is called rollover into teaser but my current favourite is control-balance on the mat…

  705. cleo says:

    ontariosugar: good, that means you’re paying attention.

    if they don’t talk about breath?
    if they don’t talk about what they’re learning/just learned?
    if they know everything no matter what and never stop to think?
    if your back and neck always hurt after even if you tell them it happens?
    if your gut tells you to?

    find a new teacher

  706. ontariosugar says:

    i hit enter before i was done.. oops…. Well. Im sure you are a great instructor. I like planks the best. Do you have a fav. move. My one instructor loved to do that move where you lie on your back and put your hands on your hips, bring your legs together past your head.. I dont remember what it is called, and my other one she just loved to make us do millions of squats and she would forget about the class while she chatted and oh man it would burn. I have a nice bum because of it tho lol.

  707. ontariosugar says:

    cleo your a pilates instructor, thats fun. I have been taking pilates for the last few months. I really like it but it totally depends on the instructor for me.

  708. Beach_Girl*395953 says:

    cleo~ I was singing christmas music lol, I actually hate snow so much …. i have to shovel the white crap and did most of the day. Now they just said on the radio, that we will have over a METER of snow by the time it done!
    I dont’ like storms, i have to drive in this stuff…. blah
    Sorry ,,,

  709. cleo says:

    Beach i’m totally with you.

  710. cleo says:

    Flo Rida: well you know, i’m a pilates instructor and i’m supposed to look like i exercise. practise what you preach right? that said, if i get even one person to get more exercise? to walk around barefoot more? to learn how to breathe?

    i’ll be so happy :)
    ontariosugar: SincereSD lives around here somewhere, SDN lives about 6? 8? hours away in a car, um… yeah. that’s it.

    there’s a couple of ontario/quebec sb’s though… other than me.

    i love storms… love them.

  711. Beach_Girl*395953 says:

    Let it snow, let it snow, let it snow… 😀

  712. ontariosugar says:

    Its starting to snow here, and sooo windy. I hate the noise it makes on the window, howling. time to listen to chistmas music to block it out.

  713. Rudy says:

    Taz & BG: I think you should come to Music City. it’s not snowing,but it’s chilly. However, hot chocolate can fix that:)

  714. ontariosugar says:

    oooh that sounds fun. I am in! I love the heat.

  715. Beach_Girl*395953 says:

    Taz~ I need the escape too…. We got over a foot of snow and the white shit keeps falling…. I hate snow!

  716. Taz says:

    Gute Nacht AM :) Sweet sugar dreams to you!

    BG – We were supposed to get snow here but it was not quite cold enough – so it is just WET…slushy..then icy…slushy…and sooo windy! I did not leave my house today but to get the mail. Yuck. I think we need to organize a fundraiser to get all the blog SB’s on a tropical island for a month to escape the harshness and brutality of winter. Anyone who enjoys cold weather does not have to join us if you don’t want to lol..and perhaps we should somehow include the blog SD’s too 😉 ONE rule – No complaining that it is too hot though…there is air conditioning for that..think of the tans..the drinks…the beaches…the water…the WARMTH of the sun…ok enough. Getting carried away 😛

    Ahhh yes…happy thoughts…makes the cold go away a bit lol…

  717. ontariosugar says:

    This snow is no fun. I had a exam today, and didnt want to go out in the cold, so windy and rainy as well. Apparently tomorrow its suppose to be bad again. Time to find my cute hats and earmuffs.lol

  718. Anna Molly says:

    Sorry, should be Gute Nacht…lol..Nite :)

  719. Anna Molly says:

    Well ladies and any lurking SD’s out there…I’m going to sleep. Guten Nacht :)

  720. Beach_Girl*395953 says:

    Taz~ was ok, the snow is killing me though…. too much of it!

  721. ontariosugar says:

    oooh I like the way you think Taz. Lots of SD’s do business trips to Toronto. Im sure us girls could show them a good time in Toronto.

    Any sd’s interested?

  722. Taz says:

    Hey BG!! How was your day hun??

    Hello to everyone else – of course!

    SDinATX – Maybe I am a bit greedy – but I will take talent AND luck 😉

    Rudy – Thanks girlie!!! The only way there will be a date this weekend though is if the arrangement is agreed upon (it is for the whole weekend)…he said he would give me a more detailed email by Friday as he is traveling and has a lot of meetings while he is here…we will see if he does – I HOPE he does lol…b/c I am definitely not the best at broaching that topic at all….

    Flo – Thanks hun for the laughs and concern – I am much better today…warmer is questionable 😛 I would LOVE a warmer climate SD lol 😀 I know, I know…I AM dreaming 😛

    TXSB – I don’t think it will bring any harm to your cat…but on the other hand – I would be a bit paranoid too 😛 you just never know right?!

    ontariosugar – I am also from Ontario..and I do believe BG was right in that there was only ONE blog SD here with us…maybe…just MAYBE we could convince some of the other wonderful blog SD’s to make a trip??..or maybe when they are here on business..never know :)

  723. Beach_Girl*395953 says:

    ontariosugar~only one SD i know of that is on the blog….

  724. ontariosugar says:

    Maybe the ontario people should get together. Im sure there are a few around!!! Any ontario Sugar daddies? I know there are Ontario SB’s

  725. ontariosugar says:

    That sounds soo much fun. I wish I was in NYC to meet many of you. Sound like lots of fun.

  726. Avo Baby :) says:

    My dream sugar date would be a day at an elaborate aquarium, picnic at the park, or an elegant night out. Then maybe a little fun 😉

  727. Beach_Girl*395953 says:


    SWM~ ok I’ll be your blog SB!! 😉 from afar!

  728. Rudy says:

    Beach: Hi !

  729. Beach_Girl*395953 says:

    SWM~ I know, I know, Too far, too tall, too blonde, too this , too that!! Story of my sugar life!!!!

  730. Rudy says:

    I am sorry to hear that :( I have to feel some chemistry before I move forward. If I don’t instantly feel a connection I move on. My friends give me a hard time and say it takes a few dates, but I am so impatient..I like to click instantly with someone.

  731. SWM-TXSD says:

    going to bed.
    Beach I will dream only of you.

  732. SWM-TXSD says:

    love you

  733. SWM-TXSD says:

    Beacg kive you but you are a millon miles away. But I am digging you from afar(is this a word).

  734. Beach_Girl*395953 says:

    Another NYC dinner??? Not fair!

    SWM~ I hear ya, no SD for me either…. guess it’s my location…

    NC~ I’m glad you had fun

    Anna~ Did you have a date? Woo hoo hope it works out for you! 😉

  735. Anna Molly says:

    My date was o.k.
    He was a nice guy, but something just wasn’t there….sigh.

  736. SWM-TXSD says:

    Hell I cant find a SB. Have made two good friends from the blog; but trust me. I am available

  737. NC Gent says:

    Good evening all. I am enjoying a splendid brownie (courtesy of NYC SB) in my hotel room, after a long day.

    The dinner was fantastic. It was a pleasure to meet so many people from the blog at one time. I also truly enjoyed getting to see the real personalities behind the blog personas. Next time we will have to end with a pajama party or something of the like, with the accustomary pillow fight!

    To all those curious — there wasn’t much racy to tell. A nice dinner with great people followed by a few drinks at a nearby bar. It was great fun though!

  738. Rudy says:

    Oh, how did your date go? I have been out of touch lately. These past few days I have been going straight to bed.

  739. Anna Molly says:

    I’m doing pretty good :)
    I’m hoping I’ll have SD pretty soon, but so does every other girl on the blog..lol.

    Sorry to hear you’re so stressed :(

  740. Rudy says:

    Anna: I am doing well, but things are REALLY busy at work. I have more than I can say grace over right now ( a little stressed). How are you?

  741. Anna Molly says:

    Hi Rudy :) How are you sugar?

  742. Rudy says:

    Anna: Hi! I was starting to get lonely :(

  743. Anna Molly says:


  744. Anna Molly says:

    Ugh….Another one, geesh…I live in the wrong city!!!!

  745. james.m says:

    yeah, I always sat at the wrong table, too.

  746. CA Dreamin SB says:

    Seriously??? There was ANOTHER cool kids dinner??? Someone please put me on that mailing list!!! :)

  747. james.m says:

    NYC Gent – heard there was ANOTHER dinner in NYC tonight…

  748. james.m says:

    Hi all
    ESB – don’t bother to respond. He decided he didn’t want to pursue it for some reason.

    SDin ATX et al. – there’s no way to determine success. Successful people are outliers; some, like hockey players, are advantaged by their birth date. Some are lucky (Rockefeller was refining oil into kerosene, with gasoline as a useful byproduct. Kerosene demand was falling due to the electric light, and Standard Oil was in trouble. It was saved by Detroit and the rise of the internal combustion engineering. Some are driven by insecurity, and force themselves to succeed. Some, like 2 guys in my graduating class from college went straight to the board of a big securities firm, because their fathers’ names were on the door.

  749. Rudy says:

    SDinATX says:
    2chic, there may be a common denominator of poor behavior by men on here with women. I don’t think that it is tied to their success. Some people are just jerks and their income and success level has little to do with it.
    This is so true and have experienced this personally.

    Eastern: It really depends on the content of the emails that are being sent out from both parties. Don’t stress about those who cease to communicate, just move on and continue to keep your options open. Forgive me if I sound harsh, but keep in mind SDs ( and SBs do this as well) are communicating with other SBs too.

  750. 2Chic says:

    Austin….I can agree with that. Money only magnifies what you already are.

  751. SD NEOhio (SDN) says:

    SWM-TXSD: that is where I sent it to. Actually just hit reply. I just sent it to you from my Gmail account. Lets see if that works.

  752. Flo Rida says:

    easternsurebaby – well if you believe in buddhism you could come back as me – but you only see the fun side here – I don’t let the dark side of the force out that often but she lives – the meds help keep her at bay – kidding!

    Taz – are you feeling better babe (and warmer)

    Cleo – you make me so guilty about me not finding time to work out – i’ll have to wip myself into shape after xmas

    DC – I worry when you say you can work out who is into what – I feel like i’m being monitored and will be punished for bad behavior :-(

    SD in ATX – better to be lucky AND good, then lucky then just good – haha

    midwest – did you survive the trip home?

    lisa – v sweet of you to be concerned over TX-SB’s heater.

    sorry if I missed anyone – i’m pooped, long day for me on so little sleep – I feel like I can challenge the navy seals during hell week (but without the physical exertion)

  753. SWM-TXSD says:

    SDN have not got it. justbob370 at yah com

  754. DC *320283* says:

    SD NEOhio:

    How long has it been since you wrote them? Does it show that he read it? If he hasn’t read it it could be that he is traveling or just extremely busy. If he has read it and its been longer than 3 days you could send a little follow-up.

    However, I really believe that we make time for what is important to us. Takes a minute to send an e-mail. I kinda doubt they forgot to write you back.

    But you have nothing to lose. Provided you won’t feel worse if he doesn’t respond to the second e-mail because it’s not worth it if it makes you feel bad.

  755. EasternSureBaby says:

    I would never send 10 emails! LOL That is funny you would say that. No, it was maybe 3- 5,back and forth, with me sending the last one, and haven’t heard back. I’ve had stalkers on other sights, so I wouldn’t do that to someone. But thanks for the tip. I’ll try that… so SD NE, how’s it going? lol jk 😉

  756. SD NEOhio (SDN) says:

    SWM-TXSD: Got your mail and responded on same day. I just sent it again.

  757. SD NEOhio (SDN) says:

    Eastern: I guess you would have to take it on a case by cases basis. Did you send one email and not hear back or ten? If you sent one and didn’t hear back send a friendly “how is it going” email…if it is ten unanswered emails – STOP SENDING HIM EMAIL.

  758. SWM-TXSD says:

    SDN sent email about meeting in jannuary. Have not heard back

  759. Rudy says:

    Good Evening Sweet Sugar Fam!

    Taz: Congrats! I hope everything goes well on your date :)

  760. SD NEOhio (SDN) says:

    I agree with SDinATX about being a jerk and success having nothing to do with each other. I was a jerk before I started making money.

  761. SWM-TXSD says:

    SD Austin – very good points

  762. EasternSureBaby says:

    I do have a question for all of you. I have had a few SD contact me, sent several e-mails, but then nothing. They just stop writing. Should I respect that, or try one more time to get the “converstation” started again.

  763. Anna Molly says:

    SDinATX ~ See Austin was too obvious for me….I was hoping for something more obscure…lol

  764. SDinATX says:

    Anna Molly, Austin, Tx.

    2chic, there may be a common denominator of poor behavior by men on here with women. I don’t think that it is tied to their success. Some people are just jerks and their income and success level has little to do with it.

    Flo Rida, yes, and it’s better to be lucky than talented.

  765. EasternSureBaby says:

    Good evening everyone!! Wow, reading through all this, (I’ve been busy the last few days!) I’ve missed alot!

    I’d be concerned about that cat! Just saying!

    Here’s my take on the availability issue; I will give my man the time I can, when I can, but I have to work. I can schedule my work days around my personal life, but prefer to work!! We would have to agree upon how often, and I’d need some advance notice so I can schedule my day. I for one can not afford to stay home and wait. Sales just don’t work that way. I can make anything work if given enough notice.

    Flo I LOVE reading your posts. You have so much insight. You have obviously been around and seen alot. World traveler? Must be nice, can I have your life next time around? :)

  766. SWM-TXSD says:

    TX-SB the heater is a ok. it is cerramic.
    Lisa – you are talking about a old coil heater

  767. lisa says:

    TXSB: Why are you using a space heater? Those things are dangerous. They cause many fires every year. I grew up in an unheated unsulated house and had to use them back then but was afraid to leave even for a moment without turning it off. You need to make sure the cat’s fur doesn’t get too close to it. Turn on the central heating

  768. 2Chic says:

    Taz, how are you girl?

  769. cleo says:

    TXSB: cats take care of themselves, it’ll move.
    DC: dude call the training facilities, they need guinea pigs for the baby teachers…
    Taz is right, i too tend to agree with SD ATX

  770. Morning!

    I am slightly hungover and very very tired. It looks like I’ve missed a lifetime worth of posts!

  771. Taz says:

    Thanks to all the SD`s that have come out of lurk mode to share their wisdom – it is always welcome to have different perspectives.

    SD ATX – I happen to agree with damn near everything you said :)

  772. Flo Rida says:

    NYGent – as I said before ‘volenti non fit injuria’.

  773. Flo Rida says:

    TX-SB – Unless the cat has an accelerant (alcohol etc) it’s unlikely to catch fire – having said that ignored space heaters, turkey fryers are a big cause of domestic fires. R u feeling better dearest.

    NYC SB – have you read ‘Seven days that shook Wall St’ or something like that in the New Yorker last year which described the events before and after Lehman’s collapse. This article says from inside sources that Lehman collapsed because the Fed
    did not feel it had the power to intervene. The Bank of England was trying to broker a Lehman deal with Barclays but this died.
    Alas women getting to the senior reaches of Wall Street won’t happen in our life time.

    SD-ATX (I think) – Yes hard work is required (usually) to be a success but as Alan Ball said ‘I don’t believe in luck but I believe that you need it’. David Maister said that Trust = (Credibility * Intimacy * Reliability) / Self Interest. It makes sense to me. JMHO.

    james.m – yes I got to see the delightful Ms. Hathaway in Shakespeare in the Park – she has to be the second prettiest brunette in the world (to Gemi). Generally Shakespeare in the Park is a pale production and experience cf Coriolanous or Measure for Measure in the Pitt in Stratford upon Avon.

    ciao peeps

  774. DC *320283* says:

    NY Gent wrote: DC and others: when I get an SB whose only aim is to please, i’ll let you know what i think. I should have such problems . . .

    ….we are out there and here on the blog! It’s not that we just live to please our SDs. I think it’s more that we are not jaded or spoiled and are so appreciative of the help and generosity that an SD brings into our lives.

    Cleo- I can take Pilates stretch classes at my gym but if I want to use the reformer it must be with an instructor. I kind of doubt anyone in my town would give me free lessons but you are very sweet to offer, thank you!

  775. TXSB says:

    Thank you! 1 of my cats have been obsessed with my space heater…she literally sits right against the heater and my room mate has been telling me how the cat’s going to catch on fire. :(


    I’m about to head out to meet a friend for a drink….see you guys later! :)

  776. Anna Molly says:

    Could it stand for Amarillo TX.?

  777. cleo says:

    TXSB: as far as i know the only way for a cat to catch fire is to swish their tail/fur through a flame or for some bastard to do it to them…
    WCSD Everyone needs to vent…everyone has bad days….but if there are more bad days than good days….life it too short to drag me into that.

    and SDinATXYou need to change that “Why is this woman with me?” into “Damn, I’m lucky to be me and with this woman.”

    so true i don’t even have words
    SDinATX what’s atx?

  778. cleo says:

    DC: yeah Pilates is like crack for your body. i guess you can’t find a Y or something with community fee classes? call the local places that do teacher training and offer to guinea pig for the baby teachers, it’s often only 10 bucks or so for that

    i’ll give you a lesson if you ever come here…
    WCSD: rofl.

    you have to have a spine, a life of your own and a personality… anything else we can deal with ;>

    you’re totally right. i left vancouver because it was cool and rainy and making me suicidal and returned to the sunny, crisp cold of ontario…
    poptart: oh man i really don’t like submissive men. then don’t have to be alpha or dominant or whatever but omg have an OPINION!

  779. Anna Molly says:

    Yaz ~ Well, not everything 😉

  780. 2Chic says:

    hi Yaz! how are u?

  781. Yaz10 says:

    Good evening everybody! Just got back from work…I see everything has already been said about the dinner…lol

  782. 2Chic says:

    sorry about the typos…but it happens.

  783. 2Chic says:

    TX A_SD
    Most successful people are a success because they were able to fill a need, and in the process win people over while doing it. I’m one of the very best in the world at what I do, but the main reason is I’m 100% reliable to my business associates. When they need my services they know I’ll deliver.

    Sorry, but hard work is still generally the number 1 reason anyone is a success. Number 2 is likely belief in self. Looking out for ourselves is just selfish, but yes there are plenty of selfish successful people out there too. The most successful people I’ve met however are just determined over working people.

    Sorry SDA_TX… I concur.
    As I said … there are some exceptions to the norm, they are considered rare. If you have notice on the blogs, many of the females have experienced very similar treatment, feelings disregarded by various men on this site. There is an undeniable common denominator. All of these cases can not be wrong in proving that there is a measure of selfishness, and a casual disregard for the female’s feelings. I do believe in hard work, as a business woman who is working her butt off to succeed, I know that I am not working hard for naught. So yes you provide a service, but you would not provide it for free. If your clients could not pay, I am sure you would not go out of your way for them. You probably would not even meet with them.
    Well sometimes we end up taking that same mentality into a relationship, but since we have been so well seasoned in the art of the “great business deal” we tend to l to forget about the fact that people’s feelings are involved.

  784. CA Dreamin SB says:

    NYGent – reading everything you’ve posted on these blogs, I’m just sorry I’m not in New York! You’ll find someone great who deserves you.

  785. Beach_Girl*395953 says:

    WC~ I’m sure you will have lots of friends going over….

    SDinATX ~ Welcome. And I do agree that you have to want to be with that person!

    NYGent~ I am sure you will find the perfect SB for you soon!

  786. NYGent says:

    Anna Molly: “Whatever” (!) (jk)

  787. Anna Molly says:

    NYGent ~ You’ll find the right SB and hopefully sooner than later :)

  788. SDinATX says:

    This blog is incredibly amusing. A few thoughts from reading through it all… and I hope you all take this constructively and not as an offense to anyone:

    1. Being available is about respect. I don’t know if “too available,” really exists. It’s a sign of respect that you take the phone call. The real reason that “too available,” doesn’t work all the time, is because that relationship really wasn’t meant to be.

    When a guy complains about that, he’s really just dropping blame on another subject. He’s unhappy. Same if it’s the other way around.

    2. The idea that successful men are a success because “we focused on number 1, first,” is a very common misconception in my mind. Most successful people are a success because they were able to fill a need, and in the process win people over while doing it. I’m one of the very best in the world at what I do, but the main reason is I’m 100% reliable to my business associates. When they need my services they know I’ll deliver.

    Sorry, but hard work is still generally the number 1 reason anyone is a success. Number 2 is likely belief in self. Looking out for ourselves is just selfish, but yes there are plenty of selfish successful people out there too. The most successful people I’ve met however are just determined over working people.

    3. If you don’t know why a woman’s with you, you best figure it out. I know why women are with me. I’m great! I’m not the best looking man, and I’m no longer in the shape I was in when in college, but I know I am amazing as a total package. You need to change that “Why is this woman with me?” into “Damn, I’m lucky to be me and with this woman.”

    4. I agree and disagree with WC SD a little as well. I and most SDs I’m sure, give money because we WANT to. It has little to do with “expectations,” and more to do again with my point in number 1, respect. I help the SB out so their life is a bit better, and the relationship makes mine a bit better. We know we’re going to see you X per month, but taking our calls and being available in any relationship all comes down to how you feel about the other, in that sense WC SD is entirely right. It isn’t about the money and that shouldn’t be the reason someone picks up a phone or agrees to meet with you.

  789. TXSB says:

    WC SD:
    I see…well, whenever you do start searching…I wish you luck. :)


    On a side note…I know this is off topic…but is it possible for a cat to catch on fire if the cat is voluntarily pressed up against a small space heater? (yes this is a very serious question).

  790. Anna Molly says:

    NYC SB ~ You should absolutely just play along with it “I’ve never done anything like this before, this is so much fun!”…lol.

  791. WC SD says:

    SDN – I agree….at the start of a relationship, you take far less drama, but as you become invested in the relationship (and I’m not talking about money here) you let things go. Everyone needs to vent…everyone has bad days….but if there are more bad days than good days….life it too short to drag me into that.

  792. NYGent says:

    DC and others: when I get an SB whose only aim is to please, i’ll let you know what i think. I should have such problems . . .

  793. SD NEOhio (SDN) says:

    DC: I mostly agree with WC SD. I am not here to find a relationship with lots of drama or a bitch. My belief is that most of you SBs on this site don’t want a jerk that treats you like his doormat. Oh some might but not most.

    Now does that mean I will bail the first time there is some drama or she needs to release her frustrations. No! But I have been told I am different then most of the SDs, I want something more then 30 days, and the longer it goes the more chance for issues.

  794. WC SD says:

    I do have tickets to some events….and will probably end up getting more (from scalpers…ouch!). I have many family and friends coming out to stay during the Olympics who want to live the experience….so it will be a fun and busy time!

  795. NYC SB says:

    hmph – at dinner i revealed that i have been talking (keeping in touch) with a younger single SD … we are meeting on monday… he is taking me to a coctail mixing class… ummm clearly i failed to mention to him that i used to bartend… might work in my favor as he will be impressed with my skills 😀

  796. Beach_Girl*395953 says:

    WC~ The Olympics are coming soon… Are you going to go? I so wish I was!
    Well There are plenty of SB where you are… I am sure you will find someone!

    DC~ if it’s working for you, that’s all that counts!

  797. WC SD says:

    TXSB – I’m actually between SBs right now. My last one ended in September after 2 years, and ‘life’ has just been too hectic to take the time to find a new one. In the new year (probably after the Olympics) I’ll start the search again….

  798. WC SD says:

    BG – Well I love winter sports too (maybe from growing up in Canada) so a hockey rink can’t be too far away or I don’t live there….and skiing is one of my favourite things to do. Now being out on a boat, scuba diving, playing golf, etc. are also wonderful ‘sunny’ activities. Really I wouldn’t want to do one thing all the time. Ahhh…the joy of variety….

  799. TXSB says:

    Sounds like at least for now…its (the BF) is working for you. So enjoy the moments… :)


    WC SD:
    Do you have a SB? If so how long have you been w/ her? If not then how long have you been searching? (if you’re not comfy. answering…..then no big deal…I’m just curious).

  800. Beach_Girl*395953 says:

    WC~ I know where you are, I remembered! you are lucky usually i don’t lol
    Nice to live all over… I live in LA and I loved It!!!! wish I would of stayed!
    It’s always nice to get away from the cold , right now, I wish I was somewhere with no snow! And warm sunny beaches!!!
    soon hopefully….

  801. WC SD says:

    BG – Hmmm…what to say without giving away too much. Currently living on the west coast of Canada. Spent a few years in Winnipeg (very cold winters), have lived in Toronto, Ottawa, Tampa, London and Copenhagen. I’ve been in a few other places for short periods of time (4-6 months) so I won’t list those.

    So obviously I’ve had both the cold and warm (Tampa) climates. Honestly, they both have times where you don’t want to be outside. The summers in Tampa are going from your air conditioned house, to your air conditioned car, to your air conditioned work/bar/shopping. The problem with heat is that you can be naked and still be sweating like mad. In the cold, you can just put on lots of clothes and be comfortable while outside. So pros and cons to both.

    What I enjoy with my life now is that I’m able to travel when I’m sick of winter (or summer) to an environment that I’m feeling in need of….

  802. DC *320283* says: