9 years ago
Sugar Holiday Roundup

Are you getting enough sugar in your stocking?

During this rather chilly holiday season, many of us will be seeking a sugar to warm up with. As most of us here know, finding a good sugar is not always easy, so if you’re one of the lucky seekers who has an arrangement date on the horizon, take that extra sip of eggnog, that last bite of cheesecake, or a nice bonus shot of tequila for your sugar friends (on the blog and elsewhere) – we’re all in this big sugarbowl together…

“Busy at work but mostly good in sugarland. My newfound SB is traveling this week so no sugar weekend for me”. – SincereSD

“I heard back from yesterday’s pot date :) He wants to meet this weekend….” – Taz

What’s on your sugar wish-list this year?

Do you plan on giving your sugar a gift for the holidays? Care to share?

Is there any sugar in your holiday plans?

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1,059 Responses to “Sugar Holiday Roundup”

  1. Hey guys, how’s everyone doing?

  2. You mean there is more???

  3. Hello – catching up – wanted to say hello to my sugar fam!!

  4. JSO~ It was a moment thing! but your in Texas right? you could come if no one minded …. 😉

  5. SDinATX says:

    new blog

  6. Flo Rida says:

    TX-SB and Beach – my college roomie is going to be so angry with me. i’m happy to give a massage – it might get pretty steamy (both sauna AND physical heat!). NO cameras though – sorry ATX.

    Dulcinea and poptart – every girl deserves a massage – we’ll trade!

  7. JSO-TXSD says:

    I dont know what you did sda but we lost the girls.

  8. Dulcinea9786 says:

    ATX – I think some folks noticed there was a new blog up and wandered on to that one.

    JSO – *hugs* I’m sorry your life sucks honey.

  9. JSO-TXSD says:

    SDA – my life sucks. I am living thru you big guy. I want xxx rated. stop acting like you are not the man. (as he goes off to look for butter knife to hurt himself with)

  10. SDinATX says:

    Notice though, that my mention of photographic evidence put a stop to just about everything here!

  11. SDinATX says:

    JSO-TXSD, sorry my bad. No they’re dead serious. I promise to take PG-13 pictures though. :)

  12. LASB-419804 says:

    Ok, it’s not him. Oh thank goodness. How he described himself and where he lived, it sounded so close. I guess it’s just my paranoia. hahaha. Sorry for the false alarm.

  13. TXSB~ Babe, i’m not teasing!!! 😉

  14. TXSB says:

    Omg! That’s awesome!!! Keep us posted!

    These girls better not be teasing me! If I get them in a room (flo, beach, 2chic, taz), I expect my massage along with all the other perks they promised me!

  15. SDinATX~ WTF, you think i’m joking???? I am serious 😛

  16. Photo~ love ya Girl!!!! Do it!

  17. LASB-419804 says:

    This site gets crazier by the minute. So this guy writes to me, and he sounded so cool, but after a few emails back and forth, I started to suspect that this guy is a former boss of mine. One that I can’t stand! LMAO. I’ll keep you posted.

  18. TXSB says:

    Hey! *hug* nah….when I have a BF or SD, I tend to not flirt openly with others out of respect for the man I’m with. I may flirt a bit with girls but even then I *try* not to make it too…’adult’. And I definately don’t flirt with other men. But when I’m single…..all bets are off. :)

  19. SDinATX says:

    JSO-TXSD, but I also know the girls are just teasing. A little teasing fun never hurt anyone… badly.

  20. photogirl says:

    TXSB – wow girl…you are really coming out of your box! good for you 😉

  21. SDinATX says:

    JSO-TXSD, I have no bloody clue how this happened… I’ve been in worse situations than wanting a hot Canadian to fly down and visit to make out with a hot Texan lady.

    It could be worse…

  22. TXSB says:

    If my next SD wants to get 2 or more women to give me a full body massage, I would not object to that. Of course, he’s more than welcome to watch me being….spoiled.

  23. Beach_Girl*395953 says:

    JSO ~ being for real? about?

  24. Dulcinea9786 says:

    Flo – What TXSB said. After last week at work, I’d kill for ANY kind of massage….but a two SB massage??? I’d definitely give my left tit for that one!!!

  25. JSO-TXSD says:

    beach are you being for real?

  26. JSO-TXSD says:

    sda – are you a pimp now….lol

  27. TXSB says:

    Of course my dear…..giving pleasure is a mutual thing.

    O.M.G…….I’m stealing this expression from another blog SB (don’t remember who wrote it though)……but I would give my left boob for that experience!

  28. Beach_Girl*395953 says:

    Flo~ Baby girl, This baby Doll sent you mail!

    SDinATX~ YAY…. So when are you sending for me to meet TXSB??? I need to make out with her …. 😛

  29. SDinATX says:

    and people wonder why someone might want more than one SB….

  30. Flo Rida says:

    Beach – you r f-hilarious! The words babe are so apropos in more ways than one. You can also play Beach soothing music.

    TX-SB – can I start you off with a foot massage, whilst Beach works your glutes (your but) I can then do your upper trapezoidal muscles and neck and face while Beach can work on your lower back and arms, calf and hamstrings. We can do this in the sauna room :-)

  31. Beach_Girl*395953 says:

    LISA~ if I don’t get the chance to talk b4 you leave, Have an Awesome time
    YAY , let us know how it went

  32. Beach_Girl*395953 says:

    So do you JSO???? why the name change.,,,, all these new names i’ll get confused… I AM BLONDE people!

  33. JSO-TXSD says:

    I know I am going to get in trouble
    Beach you have sa mail

  34. Beach_Girl*395953 says:

    SDinATX~ oups, it should be: A very H O T shower!

  35. Beach_Girl*395953 says:

    SDinATX~ Yes, I very H O T shower! 😛

    TXSB~ I worked over 12 hours babe, I need a full body massage! you up for it? You will greatly rewarded 😉

  36. SDinATX says:

    Beach Girl, well if you were in the shower, that’s ok. I’m sure up there in the cold, showers and hot baths are much needed.

  37. TXSB says:

    Congrats on finding a awesome SD!

    Yes she’s hilarious! She kept me entertained last night….

    As you potential SM, I demand you put your heels on and come out of lurk mode. I need a back rub. :)

  38. Beach_Girl*395953 says:

    Flo ~ baby girl , how are you???? 😛

    Hello, i’m just getting here… I was working…I just finished dinner i’m showered and ready for some fun xoxoxo

    TXSB~ Hi babe! kiss you! lmao

    Hi Everyone!

  39. Dulcinea9786 says:

    Yay Arissa!! Thanks for offering hope to the rest of us!!!

  40. SDinATX says:

    Beach is lurking? She’s too fun to lurk.

  41. Flo Rida says:

    SDinATX – only if you come in a tux (no pun intended). We can have a kissing photobooth for Beach & TX-SB. btw the Dallas Cowboys in the Michael Irvin era famously kept a home where they had parties, drugs, women, escorts.

    TX-SB – beach is in lurk mode I traded some emails with her earlier today – she’s a hoot.

  42. SDinATX says:

    Arissa, that’s awesome! See ladies, you can find someone decent on here, and there is proof!

  43. Arissa says:

    What do I want?

    My SD is getting me a laptop for up to 1.5k, and another 1.5 to spend on whatever else I want. I’m seeing him on day this week. I am SOOO happy I found the right SD. He is so sweet, and has really helped me out. I’ve been seeing him for like 3 months, but we’ve only seen each other twice. In that time, however, he has given me enough to sustain. SO this Xmas is looking good.

  44. Dulcinea9786 says:

    Flo – Hrm….never thought of it that way. Thank you!!

  45. SDinATX says:

    Flo, please stay awake to get whips and lingerie?

  46. SDinATX says:

    and there is a huge difference between telling an SB and a spouse/gf. The SB is a NSA relationship.

  47. Flo Rida says:

    Anna Naught Molly – liebchen liebchen, bitte bleiben wach, holen ihre wips und lederhosen. grosse Kusse

    Rica23 – I believe booking a flight in your name requires address and full name (as it appears on ID). You can fake the address (but if they search it could get you into trouble) same with ID. Safer solution is for SD to wire money to your bank account (if you give him routing # & account #) it’s perfectly safe (though some SB still are uncomfortable). Also make sure you budget incidentals.

    Dulcinea – the perfect profile makes the SD you want think ‘Hey she’s a good fit for me i’ll contact her’ and tells the SD you don’t want ‘Next’. Of course there’s no such thing but you can improve your odds.

    Algernon (love the name btw) and SD-ATX – can we just get along – please pretty please (now shake hands and say you’re sorry OR Five for fighting – hockey reference).

  48. Gemini29 *408140* says:

    Alrighty, good night one and all! Its time to scrounge around in the fridge for some dinnah!

  49. NYGent says:

    Algernon: I won’t speak for SD-ATX and I’m not married, but I would imagine there’s quite a bit of difference between telling a spouse about an SB vs. telling a GF or significant other, no? Telling the spouse risks ending a marriage, seems like a much bigger downside.

  50. Dulcinea9786 says:

    LASB – *laughs* If I were meaner, I’d’ve thought of that!! Oooh, best part? When I balked at the $50, he asked if $100 would make it worth my while. Because yeah, it’s TOTALLY all about the money. Riiiiiiiiiight.

    JSO – the only time I’ve ever seen security at any walmart was a little old man wearing a badge riding around in a golf cart at 3am in Tucson. But they do have lights! :)

    double digits – *giggles at your new name* You gonna model some of those stilettos for us? 😉

    NY Gent – That’s kind of where I am…..small town in SW Virginia. There just aren’t a lot of y’all in this neck of the woods. So I may be more willing to travel than other gals. (Just so long as a walmart parking lot is not involved!!)

  51. I’m joining Naughty Molly in sugar dreamland…let you gents wrap your heads around that one for a while :-)

    Goodnight all!

  52. NYGent says:

    The other thing I will say about long distance plane travel is that its cost eats into the things I would prefer spending money on for an SB, such as allowance, entertainment, shopping, dinners, etc. The more I spend just on a plane ticket and transport to and from an airport the less there is to spend on the more fun stuff. Again, never say never, but relatively local is so much easier. Now if I lived in Omaha or Dubuque I wouldn’t have much choice, I’d have to fly SBs in if I wanted an arrangement, but fortunately (or unfortunately, at times) i’m in NYC.

  53. Algernon says:

    SD-ATX – How do you (or anyone else) reconcile the married SDs or SBs not telling their significant others. Perhaps you are single or you believe in telling a sig other (perhaps not) I may very well be silly but at least i’m not impolite. I had hoped people would be helpful (and everyone else has been). At the end of the day i’m not here to argue and as you have more tenure and popularity i’ll gracefully withdraw. The field sir is yours enjoy it while you can.

  54. Night, naughty Molly

    Ok, Naughty Molly has gone to bed. We can break out the whips and stilettos. PARTY!

  55. JSO-TXSD says:

    girls girls girls, walmart parking lot has lights and security(really; they say that they do) its all about your safety

  56. NYGent says:

    SdinATX: I had numerous flights between Austin and NYC a couple years ago. Yes you can get to the airport in Austin fairly easily but not once did I not have significant delays either in Austin or in Dallas as a leg of the trip. The entire trip door to door was generally at least 6-7 hours or more.

    Now, flying from austin to Dallas or Houston or another point central would be a lot easier, I agree.

  57. Walmart?!? I never thought of that!! I thought I had to go upscale and go to Starbucks!

  58. Dulcinea9786 says:

    Villa – I did vacations here when I was a kid….I have family in the Roanoke valley. I moved here about 3 years ago, and I love it.

    Flo – I don’t know, if this guy’s any indication of what I’m attracting, I may need more help than I think!!

    ATX – Roanoke’s airport is the same way….I’ve had a 7am flight and shown up at 6:40 with no problems at all. One of the small benefits of a smaller town airport :)

    JSO – OH!!! In that case…. here I was thinking that the WalMart parking lot was somewhere lower in the ranks than a Starbucks sans panties….how silly of me!!

    The jerk has called me twice since I blocked him. I’m not answering.

  59. LASB-419804 says:

    Dulci–glad you got that sorted out. That’s the type of guy that’s I’m tempted to say “yes, I’ll show up in my hottest lingerie. In fact, I’ll bring my BFF who is also smoking hot so she can do naughty things for you. We’ll even split the $50.” And then not showing up. Of course it’s just a fantasy. IRL, I’m way too nice.

  60. VillaCypris *396153* says:

    guten nacht, molly….

  61. Rica23 says:

    Hello sugars and sugar daddies…how is everyone? I am pretty excited! I finally found a real pot SD!!!! He is pretty young to be an SD and handsome. I need some advice on what to do. He has already agreed upon an allowance I am pretty satisfied with. I am going to make plans to meet him in ATL and he is going to pay for me to fly. How do you sugars arrange the flight? Do you have the info and let him pay or have him send the money??? HELP lol

  62. VillaCypris *396153* says:

    Flo- you have my REAL “real” email…. hope you’re well, my dear…

  63. TXSB says:

    Flo rida:
    Hey! Thanks but they already got my email. :)

    LOL…..you’re such a gentleman. :)

  64. LASB-419804 says:

    ATX–Again, I agree with you. Who the heck shows up that early? I’m typically the last to board. I hate wasting my time. I don’t get why everyone rushes to get on the plane. Hurry up and wait doesn’t work for me. Everyone says LAX sucks, but I’ve never had issues there (except once in the 90s when the security tried to get me to take off my bra.) Then there is always Burbank which is about 50 steps from check in to gate. I love flying out of there.

    Dulci–Did you figure out how to block that jerk yet? Let me know if you need help. Not only is he an idiot, what a cheap bastard. Ha!

  65. Naughty Molly says:

    Naughty Molly is off to bed and I know I’ll regret it. It seems like all the good stuff happens after I go to sleep. I can see it now, all y’all sittin’ around….”hey Anna Molly is gone, let’s have a party…woohoo!” Fine, fine, see if I care…….LOL

    Good night everybody :)

    See y’all in the morning :)

  66. JSO-TXSD says:

    dulcinea you never said anything about walmart parking lot. THIS GUY IS LEGIT. Call him back and say you are sorry and will be right there….lol

  67. ATX – Same here – If I fly out locally, it’s a breeze! Chicago has it’s challenges. Also, I see your point about Algernon. You call it like you see it – that’s great!

    Bye ESB!

    NYGent – I have been in the habit of seeing men who are an hour or more away. At first, I missed the spontanaeity, but now I’m fine with it. James has been a prince had undertaken all of the travel so far so I don’t have to deal with the snow – such a gentleman! Still, if the lady thinks you are worth travelling for, then accept it!

    Flo Rida – Rats! Foiled again! Yes, this is my naughty persona to tag along with Naughty Molly and Tantalizing Taz.

  68. Dulcinea9786 says:

    Finally figured out how to block him. I shall now go beat my head against a wall.

    I mean, really, how difficult is it to understand, “No, I don’t feel comfortable meeting you in a car in the parking lot at WalMart”??? Bah. BAH I SAY!!

    On to the two I’ve been swapping emails with.

  69. SDinATX says:

    All this talk about showing up an hour and a half before a flight, reminds me of another reason to love Austin. You can show up 10 minutes before check in, and never have a problem.

  70. Flo Rida says:

    NYGent – I wish it were not so. NYC SB and I have offered our ‘screening’ services before but completely understand if you are not interested (just trying to help).

    Algernon – hilarious – and scary – as someone experienced in the dark side of the force dating 4 women at once requires a partner in crime – a lot of lies – and a lot of luck and energy and time and money. Also there is a high probability of getting caught in a city like NY. BUT I would advise you date both (with full disclosure) and pick the one you really like. Reach out to me if you want help breaking news to SB and Ms. Separated in turn. i’ve posted my email address earlier today.

    VC – Gemi – TX-SB – I can send emails to two pair if you want me to. i’m assuming you’re not using different emails.

    MMM – are you Midwest in disguise or someone different?

    Dulcinea – maybe you don’t need profile advice after all? Yah!

    cleo – I gave you the same pic advice as NYGent.

    superswamped today so back to work.

  71. LASB-419804 says:

    ATX, I like that you are right to the point. If he has had 4 women at once, he should be man enough to handle the truth.

    Alg, why are you asking the blog whether he should become baby-daddy to someone else’s kid? (rhetorical) And who says you have to spend xmas and the major holidays with an SB? Isn’t the point of Sugarland to have NSA?

    JSO-TXSD, like the other women on here, I don’t see distance as a factor, though I don’t think I’d want to do Europe or Asia every weekend. But anywhere in North America is no big deal.

  72. SDinATX says:

    TXSB, hey if a bunch of beautiful women want to come live in a big house and run around in lingerie all day and sip champagne, whom I to disagree with that behavior?

  73. NYGent says:

    I agree with Gemi. A 3-4 hour flight doesn’t sound like that much, but it really is more like 8 hours for the poor SB: half an hour or more to get to the airport at least 1 1/2 hours before the flight, then the flight, then getting from the airport via cab or whatever to the SD’s place — like I say, could easily be done “once” but if you each want to meet 4-5 times a month or even 3, it’s a LOT of waiting around airports, luggage, hassle, etc. Maybe for an SB who has nothing but time on her hands . . . but how many fit that bill? That’s why I say I prefer local or a couple hours away by car or train, much less muss and fuss. And of course the SD should foot the entire bill, the SD shouldn’t be out a dime for her travel (except for her coffee and bagel or whatever on the way).

  74. NYGent – Never say never….true. There is something to be said for spur of the moment get-togethers. However, it’s nice looking forward to seeing someone you’ve missed during the week, then spend a lovely weekend together.

    Gemi – good points about travel. A car to and from and a small token of appreciation for the travel efforts always sweetens the deal. (Maybe some champagne and roses in the car?)

    Hef – 42 digits??? Is that twenty fingers and toes and two, ummmm, err, well you know!

  75. VillaCypris *396153* says:

    double digits – you changed your name!

    dulcinea – i graduated and left VA in ’95… wish we were still neighbors! im miss lexington, and the blue ridge, and house mountain… :)

  76. OK, baby girl want the computer, so I need to get off.. homework takes presidence. Catch ya all next time!!

  77. SDinATX says:

    Midnight Midwest Mistress, not at all. It’s just a silly question to ask the lot of us. We have no real information on any of the women, thus we can’t honestly give him an answer on which one or both. He knows what he wants to do, and he came here for validation. I’m fine with telling him to just do what makes him happy.

  78. LASB- thank heavens someone is paying attention. But there’smore truth than you know. I took my male puppy to visit this weekend. 42 digits!

  79. VillaCypris *396153* says:

    JSO-TXSD – it depends…. as someone who lives in a major hub city for delta/northwest… i can fly just about anywhere in the USA/Europe/Asia, direct…. it depends on the woman, and how willing she is to travel… ask and you shall find out….

  80. NYGent says:

    Midwest: No doubt for a one-shot wonderful date it’s not a big deal to fly somebody in who’s a few hours away, and there’s certainly enough in NYC to show off for a weekend. But keeping up a schedule of 3-4 flights a month and trying to make that work could get cumbersome and exhausting. A realistic SD/SB relationship, for me, requires a little more accessibility, either locally or an hour or two away by car or train. Of course never say never . . .

  81. Dulcinea9786 says:

    JSO – Seriously, yes, for the right guy, I’d travel across the country for weekend get-togethers. And I’m sure I’m not the only girl who would. In fact, on another site, I was contaced by a guy in Dallas. I responded, but haven’t heard back from him.

    Villa – We’re practically neighbors!!!! 😀

  82. JSO-TXSD: If he’s paying for the ticket, where ever he wants.

  83. JSO-TXSD says:

    I will take a blog SB any day of the week. I was really thinking about expanding out 300 miles. But all blog SB’s are welcome anytime. That is a SD’s job.

  84. Hi EasternSure
    VC – at least I got it.

  85. TXSB says:

    Eeks @ the offer!

    LOL @ starbucks comment!

    You wonder why we think you want multiples….and here you are talking about the house being a perfer SB mansion! 😉

    If a SB is flexible to travel, then the location really doesn’t matter IMO as long as the allowance is ‘right’ (since travel costs are covered by SD)

  86. LASB-419804 says:

    James–hahahaha, I was wondering, Who the heck is double digits, thinking that it might be a reference to size. Then I clicked on it and saw your lovely photo.

  87. Gemini29 *408140* says:

    JSO – For me to travel to someone on the weekends (which would be hard for me to “hide” in my real life, and thus not something I would easily agree to) I would have to REALLY like the person and REALLY be compensated for it. I have to admit the distance would matter too, because a far away distance would mean X amount of time stuck on a plane and in airports and in transit from airports. Perhaps some sort of arrangement to sweeten the deal, like arranged transportation to and from the airport to her house (or an agreed upon location) would help smooth the way.

  88. LMAO @ SDin ATX… not even close sugar

  89. JSO – I am quite serious. I love travelling and seeing new places. Instead, perhaps approach an sb with the question “if you could go anywhere for the weekend, where would it be?”. Once she says where, explain to her how you would safely arrange for her to meet you there. You will likely get some resistance at first, but prove that she will be safe, and she may give it serious consideration.

  90. JSO – are you secretly trying to find out if someone from the left or right coast would consider coming to Texas? If so, I’m behind you 100%. Go for it, big guy!

  91. SDinATX says:

    james.m, no clue what my cousin has done with the things in it. I believe it likely still has everything in it, and the maids likely still go clean it. I’m not sure if I’m going to be up there for the meet.

  92. VillaCypris *396153* says:

    Dulcinea9786 – you are in Radford?? I went to college in Lexington! I love Virginia!!!! :)

    yey!!!! lucky you!!!

    midwest…. hugs back to you… after all, i do not live in la jolla… muahahahaha 😉

  93. OK, What did I miss? Got some interesting new names on here… midnight midwest mistress?? Tantalizing Taz, naughty Molly?? WOW!! I’m not changing… I’ll let me SD get to know that side of me, but the rest of you will just have to guess…. no hints in my name 😉

    Interesting blogs to day. Algernon, I had the same problem a while ago. Well, not a SD, but just IRL. Choose the better of the 2, then caught him cheating on me!! LOL Guess I chose wrong!! OH well, the one who lost the toss is taking me skiing, so we’ll see what happens this time. At least he knows we will never be more than friends. We just have fun together.
    And life goes on…

  94. JSO-TXSD says:

    I belive you just take them off of your contact list.

  95. NYGent – I’m sure there are some lovely sbs who meet your standards within a few hours on a plane. They would love the opportunity to visit, let you give them the first class tour and a great time would be had by all. You would be a hero and would be appreciated for the nice, cultured and caring soul that you are.

    ATX – are you being territorial? I don’t know that I’ve seen you be so forward.

  96. JSO-TXSD says:

    I am being serious about my question. a while back a few people told me to expand my search. I dont want to email some girl and have her ask me if I have lost my mind.

  97. SDinATX says:

    EasternSureBaby, does that mean… if you’re not everything else…



  98. Dulcinea9786 says:

    JSO – He started out as a pot…..then offered me $50 each time we had sex…..and is now whining at me to get together. I can’t figure out how to block someone on YIM.

    As to the weekend travel….assuming I could get the time off work, I’d be up for any weekend travel. But that’s just me :)

  99. ATX – is it vacant? Can we use it for the chicago dinner?

  100. JSO – To any exotic location he wanted!

    VC – Awwwww (((hugs))))

    Dulci – NEXT – Block!

  101. SDinATX says:

    Algernon, seriously? You have a pair because you once dated 4 women at the same time? You came here looking for what exactly? Our opinions? I doubt it, more than likely you came here looking for someone to agree with what ever it is you’re thinking about doing. Just do it. Take the Nike slogan to heart, and do whatever makes you happy without hurting people in the process if you can avoid it. That’s about the best advice you’ll get.

    Why tell the SB? Because you should have an honest relationship with someone. It’s good for the soul. The SB won’t care, they’re about discretion anyway.

  102. JSO-TXSD says:

    dulcinea – that is a booty call, not a pot.

  103. NYGent says:

    Midwest: I’m considering it. All the NYC SB’s seem to be three steps ahead of me, I’m constantly getting outfoxed.

  104. James (Hef) – Now I will need a third rod – heheheh

    NapaSB – I now dub thee Now, Napa, Now!!! Ummm, errr Naughty Napa and you and Naughty Molly can book as a duo :-) Actually, I love Napatastic!

    NM – Yodellady, Yodellady, he whoooooooo….ack, doesn’t translate well in text. (Has wine kicked in yet?)

  105. JSO-TXSD says:

    ok serious girl question – how far would you be willing to travel twice a month for the weekend for a SD.

  106. Dulcinea9786 says:

    James – Not even a Starbucks offer! He wants either me to come to his place of business tonight (it’s after 9pm here!) or for him to come to my apartment tomorrow afternoon. Um….NO!!!


  107. VillaCypris *396153* says:

    Hi Midwest! I sent your man a message, and said that while I do not know you very well, you seem like a lovely lady! I wish you two the best of times together!!!xxxxx

  108. JSO-TXSD says:

    ok changed my name since I cant find a SB anyway.

  109. Napa – vineyard vixen? that will attract ATX, and maybe some SDs in boston

  110. James and ATX – I’m not far from Lake County….I’ll check it out and send an update..it’s the least I can do.

  111. james.m says:

    ATX– great! I’ll throw in fly fishing lessons for the ladies! It’s not like using a whip, though, SBs

  112. Napa SB says:

    Molly – color me jealous!! perhaps you will teach me someday

    NYGent – I am only teasing and touche good sir although i did try my hand at it but all i came up with was the electric sander bit soooo i think maybe it is for the best that i have a rather unimaginative name compared to the lovely midwest & co

  113. NapaSB – Toys, not tools dear :-)

    Dulci – you go girl! Don’t let them talk you into anything you’re not comfortable with.

    NYGent – Changing the approach is ok, but just keep that sweet and almost innocent side of you. Have you considered a broader scope? I keep hearing how challenging the NYC sbs can be (excluding NYC SB royalty of course :-) )

    Hi VC.

  114. Naughty Molly says:

    I lied…I can’t yodel :)

  115. SDinATX says:

    james m, actually it sits on a lot of acreage, has a barn already, and is actually a somewhat infamous house out there. It’s on the edge of the city limits, think it’s just technically Lake County. It has its own pond (takes up over 1 acre itself), and a hot tub out on an island off the dock next to the house. It even has secret passages in the house. It’d be a way cool SB mansion.

  116. james.m says:

    D – look on the bright side: it’s an offer. You can say no confidently, knowing you’re moving in the right direction! Did the offer at least come with Starbuck’s?

  117. SWM-TXSD says:

    algernon – tell the sb that you are going to have a GF also. If she balks then just say it is no diffrent then you being married. Now that being said and not trying to dis SB. You have to folllow your heart. But dont be suprised when GF starts trying to work things out with hubby, and if SB stays get ready to spend a little more for dicking her around. And the main point to this is _YOU CAN NOT CHANGE THE WORLD AND HELP EVERYONE IN IT. Rule number one. you are not a walking ATM. You have a heart and need to follow it; but you have to take care of you first; unless you want to go crazy.

  118. TXSB says:

    Look, you need to decide whether you want to be a SD or a BF. If you don’t want to be a BF and play ‘father’ to her kid, then you and her are not looking for the same thing. You need to find out if she’s interested in a SD or does she expect this to be a “real relationship”.

  119. Napa SB says:

    dang okay I am running late for a work party (double blah) haha perhaps I shall karaoke this evening :) ya’ll have fun!!

  120. Naughty Molly says:

    I can yodel :)

  121. NYGent says:

    Wait a minute Napa — NYGent is not creative but Napa SB is? (!)

  122. I just read SDin ATX’s profile.. oh my… I may have a problem with the languages, but everything else is right up my alley!! LMAO NOT!! But I did get a big laugh out of all that… talk about being specific!! Dang!! I love it!!

  123. Napa SB says:

    james – *sigh* i know it…alas i am not very witty this evening

    NYGent – Napatastic at yaaahhhhhhhooooooooooo *if I could yodel i would*

  124. Dulcinea9786 says:

    And I just got offered a “pay for performance” arrangement. Blech.

  125. Napa SB says:

    NYGent i dont think i have seen your profile, why? now i am curious though…verryyyyyyy curious *said with a rather mischievous expression on my face*

  126. VillaCypris *396153* says:

    TXSB – :( i’m so sorry…

  127. NYGent says:

    midwest: that one is over. All other recent pots have fallen through. I am currently sans. Starting to think i have the wrong style, approach, attitude for the SBs on this site . . .

  128. james.m says:

    Napa- that definately wont attract men. Horrible image…

  129. james.m says:

    credit to WC Fields. I just wanted to seem witty for a moment

  130. TXSB says:

    I didn’t announce it here…I don’t have your contact info so couldn’t email you. No, the arrangement is over. And thank you. :)

  131. Napa SB says:

    Lady Napa, Mistress of the Electric Sander? haha ya’ll have a good evening, I will try to steal a few moments later on tonight!

    Thanks TXSB, not a huge rush or anything :)

  132. james.m says:

    Al – I love children, especially fried.

  133. Naughty Molly says:

    NYGent ~ It’s o.k….lol :)

  134. Gemini29 *408140* says:

    TXSB – Aww, so sorry hun! (and as a side note, Stephan, can you give her my email please?, thanks)

  135. SWM-TXSD says:

    has beach been on tonight?

  136. Napa SB says:

    Hi Naughty Molly, Midnight Midwest, NYGent (no clever name?) haha you guys really brighten my days :) i love getting on here and reading about all of your antics…even if my life is making it a bit hard to participate much these days :(

    …even paused for a minute there trying to think of a good name…came up blank

  137. Algernon says:

    SD-ATX, NYGent, TX-SB – to answer your q-s. Sorry about limited disclosure but I have to assume she may read the blog.

    TX-SB I doubt Ms. Separated wants NSA, she wants a BF who can ‘help’ with a baby. Women know i’m well off so she’ll want financial assistance.

    SD-ATX – thanks for your advice but bear in mind you’re talking to someone who has dated 4 women at the same time (obviously I have no moral problem with it and have no proble growing a pair). Obviously i’m not going to tell Ms. Separated and what’s the upside to telling SB? None that I can see.

    NYGent – I doubt that i’ll get past the triple crown of b-day, Xmas and Valentines day with both of them so that’s not a concern & I actually do like both of them (in different ways). My concern is that it’s bloody difficult & time consuming dating two women at the same time (even if one is sugar and one is IRL). I can’t be at two Xmas or two New Year’s parties at SAME time, I can’t be at two Valentine dinners at same time. BUT I have done it before and I guess why not do it again (judge me for being dishonest but i’ve been lied to as well).

    Thanks for your input guys – I really do appreciate another POV.

    PS SD-ATX generally babies do not taste nice.

  138. james.m says:

    JSO; love it. I wonder what abbreviations the ladies have for talking about SDs? *hiding my head under a pillow, knowing what’s coming*

  139. TXSB says:

    Nope. I don’t have your contact so couldn’t email you.

    No worries. I wanted to clear things b/c I didn’t want anyone to get the wrong idea about me after reading my original comment.

    Will check email in a bit. :)


  140. SWM-TXSD says:

    I thought of something funny from the blog earlier today on the NSA thing. How about a new blog term to use on people JSO only relationship(just sex only).

  141. Dulcinea9786 says:

    I’m IMing with a pot SD. and emailing two more. This is actually getting interesting….*laughs*

    But I’m still holding out for that raffle!! 😉

  142. VillaCypris *396153* says:

    good evening from the tundra

    taz – THANK YOU!!!! she had emailed me a while ago, and i lost all my contacts, so didn’t know who was behind the email.

    TXSB – are you and realistic no longer together? I am sorry, I must have missed you saying that, if you did. If not, I am still sorry… you seemed to be really into each other… xxxx

  143. NYGent- you are a busy man, but I meant the latest one that we all discussed at dinner.

  144. NYGent says:

    Napa: did we ever exchange profiles? I don’t think so. I do not give it out over the blog but several people on the blog have my email, including all the NY dinner people if you have any of theirs.

  145. james.m says:

    ATX – Are there any Chicago SBs on here? Perhaps we could send them to Lake Forest to look at Grandma’s house. It could be perfect for the mansion. High, fenced in yard with great landscaping. 4 stories with lots of bedrooms. Patio overlooking the lake. We can even convert the garage into a barn for CA Dreaming’s horses…

  146. NYGent says:

    Midwest: i’m not sure who you were referring to (?)’

    AM(NM): sorry!

  147. NM – Whatever – lmao!!!

    James – Hi Hef! XO

    Greetings TX, Napa and Gemi!

  148. Naughty Molly says:

    I’m very upset with NYGent…grrrr! He went to see 39 Steps without me….how rude! Well, WHATEVER….LOL…

  149. NYGent – Did I get the wrong sb? If not, I did not mean any disrespect. Hope you are doing fine. The ladies will be very supportive and help you to forget :-)

    Algernon – love the name! I’ve seen many of my guy friends date separated ladies only to fall in love with them and get their hearts torn apart. It always seems to happen that the separated ones need someone to help them through the challenges of divorce. Once it’s official, their sense of “freedom”kicks in and they’re off. Doesn’ mean this would happen in your case, but I can say the drama can be exhausting. If you think she’s a long-term lady, then wait until she’s ready for a real bf and not a transitional guy.

  150. NapaSB says:

    Hi everyone! HI TXSB!! gosh i never seem to have time to catch up on the blog AND actually chat for a bit…sigh..maybe after christmas?

    TXSB – you have mail..i need your help! hope you have a minute for me :)

  151. TXSB says:

    LOL….glad to finally see the ‘plan’ in 1 place!

    Yep…that’s very kind of you to offer. 😉

    Hi to everyone who just joined!

  152. SDinATX says:

    NYGent, you said that far better than I could (or did). I mean he told us nothing except both are attractive and one comes with a baby and separation issues while the other brings drama. I mean how could we really help with that limited amount of knowledge?

  153. Gemini29 *408140* says:

    Hey sugars!! :)

    Ahhh an interesting return back to the sugar search. Latest is me turning down a gentleman who didn’t seem to understand the meaning of “I work and am REALLY busy right now”. Its all well and good to say “I can take care of you so that you won’t have to work” but until that is proven, there is no way I’m going to drop my work like a hot potato just to meet you….especially if I have to travel 5+ hours to meet you AND have to go to work the next morning. And so the search continues.

    I appear to have missed a LOT in the last month of me working my butt off. TxSB, are you not with Realistic anymore?? ///

  154. Naughty Molly says:

    What is everyone up to?

  155. SWM-TXSD says:

    TXSB I was only kidding around
    have tried to post this four times. Blog not working for me?
    sda post are comming up?

  156. NYGent says:

    Algernon: you have to assume that if you date both, they each will find out about the other, eventually. Tiger had henchmen and even he got caught with the multiples. Will either or both continue with you with that knowledge? Are you willing to risk losing both in order to date both? Only you know how you feel about each but I suspect that deep down you know which one you prefer longer term and I would go with her. But if you’re just looking for very short term fun then go ahead and date both, recognizing that the whole thing could implode.

  157. TXSB says:

    Hi and welcome! Are you looking for a GF? If not then is Ms. Separated looking for a NSA arrangement?

  158. SDinATX says:

    TXSB, take that as a complement, you make men want to promise the world to you. They may not be able to deliver, but at least they want to right?

  159. SDinATX says:

    Algernon, eat the baby. That’s my advice. Babies are very tasty with the right seasonings.

    Seriously? Grow a pair, date both, tell the SB, or do whatever makes you happy.

  160. TXSB says:

    As a SB I do expect an allowance…..but I do have other standards besides the $. That’s what makes me different from an escort. If I accepted $ and just ‘delivered’ to every old geezer that made that offer, believe me I wouldn’t be driving a Toyota.


    Yes, before joining SA, I learned early on from former BFs that men will promise the world when they want something…..the # of men who actually keep their promises are a totally different thing.

  161. CA Dreamin SB says:

    And it’s a BIG parking lot party!!!

  162. SDinATX says:

    TXSB, hmmm… there was a misunderstanding then. If I have an SB come BCS game, I’ll take them. If not I’ll take a blog babe who wins a “ticket raffle,” but later I stated, that I didn’t say I’d take the blog babe to Rodeo. That didn’t mean I’d be taking two girls. Just one girl gets the full treatment, the other gets a good game and a fun trip. Plus a SA tailgate party because the Cali girls will all be there, and the Canada girls will leave to escape the cold, and the SDs will come because there will be SBs there…

  163. NYGent says:

    LASB: I don’t understand all the tech on the site and don’t know what’s meant by clicking on the blue for me, as I’m orange/premium. but i’ll email you my profile #, no big deal.

    midwest: that sb is history.

  164. Algernon says:

    i’m new to the blog & have a small dilemma. any help would be appreciated. I have a SB (two months) at first I thought she was perfect but now she’s introducing drama into my life (not really a big deal). BUT someone I know just broke up with her husband – she has a baby and she asked me out to lunch & there was ‘chemistry’. As I met her & when I left she reached in to kiss but I turned my cheek (sad I know). I can’t decide which one i’d go for (both are attractive) and in the past i’ve dated 4 women IRL at the same time. Should I date SB, date Ms. Separated with baby, date them both? Dating them both is tough as I also need to work (in this economy) though I could afford it, time is an issue. Views?

  165. TXSB – maybe we should work on BG coming to the Midwest meet 😉 As far as names…it is staying as it is for now lmao…but I am up for suggestions 😛

    Ok – be back in a bit – have to run out to the store after my diva is in bed.

  166. CA Dreamin SB says:

    That’s very big of you cleo! :)

  167. cleo says:

    SDinATX/CA Dreamin SD: tell you what… i’ll graciously offer to be his SB but since i’m so nice and you’re so local you can come to the football game with us

    *snickers and runs off to get dinner*

    (i’ll catch up later really i will)

  168. TXSB says:

    My ex-SD was a blogger. All the blog SBs and SDs were always very supportive…..I never felt any hostility b/c I was with him. As for you wanting multiple SBs, it all started with the Rose Bowl, and taking 2 people there with you….1 for the game and 1 for shopping!


    If I could only climb through this screen and drag Beach with me! Btw, my naughty persona is always with me…I just keep it hidden at times. I’m also not creative when it comes to names like the othe girls…. :(

  169. Sorry for the double post.

    Hi NYGent! Perhaps if your lovely sb joins our little party, she will become more outgoing :-)

  170. SDN – as I said in the email – you ARE a gem!!! You are completely forgiven and then some 😀 Definitely worth the wait sir…

  171. LASB-419804 says:

    CADreamin–oh of course…

    So, NYGent–not only am I calling you out, now I’m going to ask you kindly, can I see your profile please? :)

  172. NorthernStar says:

    I just finished Reading SEEKING ARRANGEMENTS! The best Christmas gift a Woman who knows her REAL VALUE can Give to Herself!!!!

    Good-bye useless Dating sites.

    This Sugar Baby has finally found a place to be Herself!

  173. SWM-TXSD says:

    just finished updating profile(what a pain).
    TXSB I have your allowance money right here. I assume you are ready to deliver?…just kidding

  174. LASB-419804 says:

    TXSB–Thanks for the heads up. That is a crappy experience. Sorry you had to go through that and I’m glad you stuck to your word. So far, it’s become pretty obvious early on for me.

  175. CA Dreamin SB says:

    LA – I clicked on it too…that’s why I finally asked him for his profile!

  176. TT- Shall I bring toys?

    SDN – Just go with it…sheesh are you all talk? That was a dom profile if I ever read one :-)

    LASB – Screening sds is tough, but always, always trust your intuition! That and common sense can carry you far. I will say that those I asked for more clarification when I didn’t understand the intent of their e-mail were quite innocent and nice.

  177. TT- Shall I bring toys?

    SDN – Just go with it…sheesh are you all talk? That was a dom profile if I ever read one :-)

    LASB – Screening sds is tough, but always, always trust your intuition! That and common sense can carry you far. I will say that those I asked for more clarification when I didn’t understand the intent of their e-mail were quite innocent and nice.

  178. LASB-419804 says:

    NYGent–you’re really a tease, you know? I keep thinking that your name is in blue because it leads to something I want to see. And then I click it. And then I think “oh yeah, how is it that I keep falling for that one?” SBs, how many of you have clicked on his blue name, only to see it goes nowhere.

  179. TXSB says:

    Hi midwest, SW and anyone else who just joined. :)

    Re: fake SDs
    Many time information on the profile doesn’t match…1 time I had written to a SD, he wrote me back telling me how we’re a perfect match and should meet etc. Umm….I don’t have face or body pics in my profile! Yet this guy was ready to set up a date. Another time I had someone offer me an arrangement but for over a week, he kept “forgetting” to bring my allowance…but wanted to take things further b/c we had agreed on an arrangement. I made it crystal clear that I don’t become physically involved without receiving my allowance, stuck to my word, and the ‘SD’ poofed after a week or so.

  180. NYGent says:

    Cleo: the new pics are great. The third is the best as I think several people have commented. It should definitely be the one that pops up when you are searched, so if it is not your “# 1” it should be.

    The “artististic” one is fine but s/b third IMO.

  181. Wooohooo poptart – sooo happy for ya!! :)

    VC – onesexycowgirl is ontario sb – I think that is her name on here..she was on the blog two nights ago…

    TXSB – no competition at all lmao…having two sets of hands massage you will be sooo much better than two! 😀

    ATX – speaking for myself of course….I would be happy for you to find a bit of happiness with a ‘blog babe’ :) A non-blog SB…now you are asking for the claws and whips to come out 😉

    Midnight Mistress – I will definitely have to stay on the blog tonight instead of falling asleep lol! Maybe BG, TXSB, and 2Chic will change into their naughty personas again and join us in the name change 😀 Aaaand I still have lots of left over, melted chocolate to have fun with 😉

  182. Dulcinea9786 says:

    ATX – I wholeheartedly agree with CA Dreamin and LASB. I think all of us would be happy for whichever lucky lady you clicked with, and for you as well, for finding that one.

    Though I would be a bit jealous on the National Championship as well 😉

  183. SDinATX says:

    Great, somehow I got a reputation for wanting multiple SBs! I need to figure out how I get in such predicaments.

  184. SWM-TXSD says:

    good evening boys and girls

  185. CA Dreamin SB says:

    HOWEVER – ATX – one reservation on that – I’d be jealous of her getting to go to the UT game! But very happy for both of you!

  186. CA Dreamin SB says:

    ATX – on the contrary – I think we’d all be happy for whomever it worked out with! Am I wrong ladies?

  187. CA Dreamin SB says:

    I need a naughty name too! Hmmm…any suggestions?

  188. SDinATX says:

    Dulcinea, if I can’t find an SB near me, I’ll be going to Baltimore, or LA, or Canada… or Colorado… or…. too many blog babes to choose from. What if I did go and land a blog babe? Wouldn’t all the others be jealous?

    I wouldn’t want to do that.

  189. SDinATX says:

    LASB, generally they email me, they give me an email address right off the bat, and they something like “you sound so sweet in your profile,” or some nonsense that makes no sense because the last thing about my profile portrays is “what a sweet guy!”

    Girls who have pictures in their profile that are obviously not them (as mentioned above one had a photo of an SI super model) or are way too racy are a good sign as well. Especially if you can combine that with them listing multiple cities as a home.

    Half the fakes have turned out to be escorts. Yech.

  190. Midwest SB says:

    Hi Sugar Mansion Gang! Everyone’s here…I’m beginning to understand why!

    James, Tantalizing Taz, Naughty Molly, Photo Girl, Beach Girl and all the other naughty ladies…Midwest Midnight Mistress would like to join the Sugar Mansion group…I get to be one of Hef’s girls!!! And NO, there are no digits missing. I’m quite happy with all of his digits 

    NYC SB – You rock! Thanks sweetie! Yeah on the date tonight! Have a fabulous time, but no talk of business plans since you already have a biz partner  Great idea for the new blog!

    MarieSB – Someone on the blog posted that when they bring a new sb to Las Vegas, they the hotel hostess accommodate the sb on the first date. This means she welcomes the sb, shows her to her room, shows her to dinner, they have some agreement if an indicator that the sb is not having a good time and the hostess can excuse the sb with no questions asked. I had never heard of this before, but look into it. Was it SWM or SDN? One of the TX sds I believe.

    Taz – I saw you lovely lady!

    Yaz10 – Yay Chicago!

    Uncommon – welcome! Racier blog than usual so don’t worry!

    Cleo – love the new pics – especially the 3rd.

  191. LASB-419804 says:

    ATX–So what’s your method of screening out the fake SBs? Or is it obvious as soon as you see their profiles?

  192. SDinATX says:

    LASB, yeah but there are as many fake SBs as fake SDs unfortunately. So that leverage might not come in handy.

  193. Dulcinea9786 says:

    ATX – There’s your problem, hon, you’re looking for a local girl!

    I’ve gotten some emails from a couple other sites….trying to figure out how to respond. All three sound amazingly normal in their profiles. (And none require fluency in Sanskrit!)

    I’m trying to find the fine line between “OMG someone actually wants to meet me?!?!?!?!?!?!” and “Ok, gotta stay safe and sane here…”

  194. TXSB says:

    With the right SD, I’m sure we would beable to reach an agreement which would leave all parties involved satisfied. :)

    There a reason those girls are still searching…..I can’t imagine true SDs being attracted to that type of attitude.

  195. Irish SB says:

    Whips and heels – looks like i didnt miss much from last time! 😉

  196. LASB-419804 says:

    ATX–there you go. Now you’ve got some leverage. 😉

  197. SDinATX says:

    I have all these hot little blog SBs willing to wear heels, leather, wield whips, etc. for me. Yet the locals send me emails like “I expect money up front,” or “It will cost you the same as an Ivy League education to see me naked,” etc.

  198. lisa says:

    And if you attract an SD that way, wouldn’t you have to split the allowance between the two of you, LOL ?

  199. lisa says:

    Ok whatever you gotta do to attract SDS, lol :)

  200. TXSB says:

    Playing with each other doesn’t mean we’re giving up on men. Heck who knows, it may help attract SDs! And at the end, its like the song ‘girls just wanna have fun!’ W e can have fun whille ssearching….. :)

    Hi and welcome! Good luck to you too! :)

  201. LASB-419804 says:

    ATX–I have some 5″ stiletto mary janes (with red soles) that I’d be happy to wear should we ever cross paths.

  202. Irish SB says:

    I was wondering the same thing, you took the words outta my mouth CA Dreaming!

  203. CA Dreamin SB says:

    Lisa : OH – got it. There was WAAAY too much reading to catch up!

  204. UncommonGoods says:

    Hello everyone!

    Newbie here… checking out the blogs and very impressed by the community posts. It’s so nice to see that there are likeminded people out there who can be honest with themselves and others about a relationship.

    Some of you seem like seriously nice people!

    Good luck finding what you seek and Happy Holidays!

  205. CA Dreamin SB says:

    Wow – so looks like that BCS raffle might happen after all! 😉

  206. lisa says:

    CA Dreamin : refering to the interchange between the sbs this morning on the blog, lol

  207. SDinATX says:

    CA Dreamin SB, nope but at least one whose native language is Sanskrit based. I just have to be patient. The right harlot with sociopathic tendencies who is neither a mime or a weirdo is out there for me… wearing high heel leather boots.

  208. CA Dreamin SB says:

    Hi Lisa – not sure I understand “to the point you start playing with each other?”

  209. lisa says:

    Good evening :)

    Don’t give up hope in your search for a SD to the point you start playing with each other.

  210. CA Dreamin SB says:

    ATX – you’re back! Read your profile – curious – have you actually found anyone fluent in Sanskrit? You are too funny!

  211. TXSB says:

    Hi everyone! Hopefully I won’t make everyone dissappear this time…. :)

    Wow @ your offer! You’re in!

    Look at what Taz offered me…..looks like you have competition. 😉

  212. SDinATX says:

    LASB, that might help get it out of the car, but I need someone to wear the heels.

  213. Irish SB says:

    And its great to be back! I think there is about 3 blogs that im all lost on and no more have the energy to catch so il just be ignorant about everything!

  214. CA Dreamin SB says:

    Hey Irish – glad you’re back.

  215. Irish SB says:

    Hiya Anna! Feels like ages since i was on! Was travelling at the week end and assignments have finally eased up thank the lord god. So guess il fill in that empty time with the blog!

    Hey Lasb and CA dreaming.

  216. CA Dreamin SB says:

    NM – still here?

  217. LASB-419804 says:

    CASB–after reading that blog I posted about, I’m a bit discouraged too. She’s been searching a year, and no fruits of her labor. I like all that I’m learning, but I wonder if SD hunting is easier out in the real world, and not online. I get hit on at my neighborhood bar almost every time I visit. It’s typically business men and lawyers that hang out there. But then, how do you even bring such a thing up? hmm…

  218. CA Dreamin SB says:

    I’m beginning to get a bit discouraged… :(

  219. Naughty Molly says:

    I’ve been searching since September or October…I can’t remember.

  220. CA Dreamin SB says:

    About 4 months – and you LA?

  221. LASB-419804 says:

    CASB–If you don’t mind me asking, how long have you been sugarhunting?

  222. CA Dreamin SB says:

    I think maybe ATX couldn’t take the vision of the 4″ heels 😉

  223. LASB-419804 says:

    CASB–yeah, sorry, I think I cleared the room. lol.

  224. CA Dreamin SB says:

    Did everyone leave again?

  225. CA Dreamin SB says:

    Woo-Hoo for Texans!!! :)

    Cleo – “too easy” – us??? Never!

  226. SDinATX says:

    LASB, I think I left it in the car…

  227. LASB-419804 says:

    Geez ATX, where’s your sense of humor? Yes, that’s her.

  228. SDinATX says:

    james.m, no my mother is from LF. I was born and raised a Texan. I find LF to be a surreal community, but I love the candy store they have there.

  229. james.m says:

    I know. Anyway, keep it in mind. Were you raised in LF? I grew up in Winnetka.

  230. SDinATX says:

    james.m, I don’t really know. My cousin and I inherited it last May, and he’s local, I’m not. I do know we have yet to put it on the market. It’s hard to sell a house you spent holidays in, you know?

  231. james.m says:

    Are you kidding, ladies? Why would we look beyond the blog SBs, since we already know they are beautiful, witty, sophisticated, and have their own whips and 4″ heels? Of course, the downside is that now you know us, too!

  232. CA Dreamin SB says:

    See what I started? ME FIRST!!! 😉

  233. james.m says:

    ATX. I think she’d jump at the chance to make a proposal. And I know whe’d do a good job. She works much too hard. Do you have a market analysis yet? Might be a good place to start.

  234. cleo says:


    NYGent is willing to share?

    i wanna see i wanna see!

  235. Naughty Molly says:

    Ahhhhh, got it :)

    Thanks Cleo :)

  236. CA Dreamin SB says:

    okay – that’s fair – mine is 377181

  237. NYGent says:

    CA Dreamin: i don’t post it here but can email you on the site if you tell me yours again. Like Flo Rida I don’t save the #’s.

  238. cleo says:

    CA Dreamin i think the blog sb’s are too “easy” for the blog sd’s. they already know we like them.
    villa: i love that line in her profile too!

  239. VillaCypris *396153* says:

    LASB – nice!!! I love this line – “Hot brain looking for hot brain” !!!

  240. CA Dreamin SB says:

    You know – none of us SB’s are ever going to have a blog SD if they keep introducing one another to their daughters! 😉

  241. SDinATX says:

    james.m , you have a daughter in real estate in Chicago? I have a house in Lake Forest I need to sell!

  242. VillaCypris *396153* says:

    James – sorry, I lost the post and when I retyped, left out that info… my DAD saw the story on CNBC and sent me the link….

    LASB – cool! I’ll have to check you out, too 😉

  243. james.m says:

    Naughty Molly: only if she’s young, hot and a pot SB. The funny thing is, my daughters name is Molly, but she’s neither Anna nor Naughty (that I know of)

  244. cleo says:

    AM: NYGent is flirting with james.m’s daughter by proxy through james.m.

    the daughter is a realtor in chitown

  245. james.m says:

    LA – VC: I’ll create an email account, and you can send messages to me, and I’ll forward them to the SB of your choice. Of course *slooking sheepish and sly* I wouldn’t read them

  246. SD NEOhio (SDN) says:

    james.m: I would tell her you heard about this site and ask if she had heard of it, if any of her friends would ever consider having an SD. My guess is she will at least log on and see what it is about. If she signs up any chance you would share her profile number with the blog? lol

  247. cleo says:

    i don’t bother telling y’all that i look at your profiles, if you’re orange you already know and if you’re blue it doesn’t really matter…

    if i weren’t linked here i would email folks but since i am it’s easy to figure out who viewed you if it’s me

  248. Naughty Molly says:

    O.K. I’m very confused here….NYGent is looking for a realtor in Chicago? Huh?

  249. LASB-419804 says:

    James, looks like your daughter may have an SA suitor! Well, that was easy. haha. Goodness, maybe I should get my dad to join the site. Or at least the blog. hahaha.
    Villa, cool story! I looked at your profile. I would be more apt to write “hello, I’m from the blog, just stopping by” emails to the SBs on here than the SDs. It’s a shame that we can’t communicate to each other on the SA site.

  250. james.m says:

    VC – “he sent me the link” Is he Mr. Dent or your Dad?

  251. CA Dreamin SB says:

    NYGent – I’m very curious about your profile…if you don’t mind sharing, what is your profile number?

  252. james.m says:

    She’s a realtor in Chicago. Lives in the Lincoln Park area. And yes, she has said nice things about you.

  253. cleo says:

    james.m: or TexaSD he’s like 30 or maybe younger…

  254. NYGent says:

    James: where does she live? Midwest can vouch for me.

  255. VillaCypris *396153* says:

    Hi all!

    I have a funny story about that….. a few months ago, CNBC ran a story on Mr. Dent, the guy from CT who was extorted by a woman on SA… he sent me the link to the story, asking me if I’ve ever heard of this site….

    I emailed back and said, HA! Not only have I heard of, I am ON it!!!!!!

    AHAHAHAAHAH… we had a good laugh over it…. i think he secretly enjoys living vicariously thru me…..

    by the way – James, saw your post, so sent you an email, as I viewed your profile, and saw you view mine.

    also, who is “one sexy cowgirl” at yahoo…. I got an IM last wed night and missed it…. and now have lost the total address.. email me again so I know who you are!!! Grazzie!

  256. LASB-419804 says:

    James!!! OMG You are cracking me up!!! I sort of wonder if my Dad would feel the same way. He’s such a capitalist. Sounds like you are too.

  257. james.m says:


    Well, the older one is happily married, and finally interested in started a family, so I’m not worried about her. Her sister however? I’d love it. You mean she’s finally dating agin? And might get off the payroll? I’d probably try to fix her up with one of the blog SDs, and then I wouldn’t worry about her. ATX? SDN? Any thoughts on how I can introduce them without giving myself away?

  258. james.m says:

    Sorry, I hit send too soon. The proper response is: Dad, what are you doing on SA? Or should I ask Mom?

  259. james.m says:

    LASB – if your Dad sees you on here, he’ll recognize you whether you post your face or not. I know, I’m a dad. And you’ll hear frmo him, too, I bet! *stern parental face*

  260. NYGent says:

    poptart: good luck with the pot

  261. poptart says:

    LASB – I have one pic on my profile. I will send out others if requested.
    I figure, I am not comfortable posting a bunch, but men are more visual. blahblahblah. Maybe they just got overwhelmed by the amount of responses they got?

  262. poptart says:

    On another note – when I wasn’t looking I started to get emails from an extremely witty, intelligent man. At first I thought it was a fluke, there is no way anyone gets my sense of humor and can dish it back with style. But low and behold, it has continued to shine through. *hala*fricken*lou*ya*

    Keep your fingers crossed for me.

  263. LASB-419804 says:

    NYGent–Thanks, and I understand what you are saying. I guess these “gating points” must have very sensitive triggers, since they are the ones that write me first and my email back is a friendly, “hey, I like your profile too, and I’m happy to send you more photos if you like,” reply. But then, maybe people don’t want to have to copy/paste my email address into their email client? Oh well, probably I will give in and post my face on here (praying that my dad or someone doesn’t discover me. haha.)

  264. NYGent says:

    LASB: i guess it depends on what they said in their initial email but it’s not unusual. Maybe lacking in manners, yes, but not unusual on this site.

    I have written several times before that I think if you’re really trying to maximize your chances and increase your emails it is a mistake for SBs not to post clear photos, unless they have a real need for discretion. If you don’t post photos you are just introducing another gating point (the followup request for photos) at which somebody might poof. And if you do send photos after a request and the person doesn’t respond, it is a little awkward to say the least. I understand many people have reasons they just can’t put photos up, just realize that IMO it decreases your chances in what is often a numbers game on this site.

  265. cleo says:

    SDN: “blows me away”

    these are words to preen to ;>
    i say hello in cases like last night where there’s 200 comments to read… and i say bye if i’m in a convo and leaving.

    but i should mention i don’t work at a computer so if i’m not answering? i’m probably paying the rent *g*

  266. NYGent says:

    I actually see more rationale for “goodbyes” since it lets people know not to take it personally if you don’t respond. But I guess people can do what they want, i would just urge there be no “expectation” of a response to every salutation, it gets to be very time consuming.

  267. SD NEOhio (SDN) says:

    cleo: I would leave the pictures as they are, first one catches my attention and then you blow me a way with the next two.

    No goodbyes…hellos are okay especially if you show up during a slow time and no one is contributing.

  268. cleo says:

    NYGent: yeah me too… it’s why i try to answer a lot of comments at once too…

  269. NYGent says:

    I just don’t want people to think i’m ignoring them/being unfriendly if I get six “hi’s” when I post a comment and don’t “hi” back to each.

  270. NYGent says:

    Cleo: it doesn’t work but i’ll take a look later.

    And i totally agree on “goodbyes.” I’ll extend it to “hellos.” If you post a comment it’s understood that “hellos” are extended all around by whoever is on. It just clutters the blog

  271. cleo says:

    poptart: thanks! do you think i should switch them? i like the first one cause it’d different but the blog is often better at my profile than i am…

    i also never email people from the blog when i look at their profiles…

    oh except ATX but there was a reason for that.
    Dulcinea i’m a tall and not small woman. as in i’m not a toothpick and i have big shoulders and substance. i look like an elephant on stilts when i wear stilettos and i very rarely find them hot.

    give me a solid heel with some shape to it ANY day!
    Yaz10: i totally don’t get the no massage thing either… ladies, pick better men!
    NYGent: i changed it so you should be able to click me and go right there, but i’m 406468
    SDinATX: i don’t know, it’s weird. i think they look for certain things and then just send off the boilerplate… and those certain things are income, height and what you’re willing to pay.
    re saying goodbye on the blog… do we need to every time? people are already complaing about how long it is…

  272. Ok..back to baking…they are sooo yummy!!

  273. Hello NYGent :) Nice to see you again!

  274. Alright I am back and it DID get quiet – TXSB – that had NOTHING at all to do you with hun – and yes…I will give you verrrry long back rubs…candles burning…strawberries and chocolate…and if we get a nice hotel room – of course a very lovely bubble bath and wine :)

    Dulc – ty…I am working on the profile a bit..it is kind of boring…but then I think I am kinda boring so I suppose it reflects a bit lol…I COULD however talk about long massages lol but wouldn’t know how to put it in – in a classy way of course 😛

  275. NYGent says:

    SDinATX: it’s almost a scene for scene enactment of the original, but done in a very clever and homage-like manner.

  276. Dulcinea9786 says:

    Hi ho, hi ho, it’s off to work I go…..

    Have a great evening, y’all!

  277. Dulcinea9786 says:

    They must make money doing them, otherwise, why would they bother?

  278. SDinATX says:

    One good thing about my profile, it definitely weeds out the scammers. I got a message “You sound so wonderful and nice! I love everything about yourself, can you tell me more about yourself?” Do these people actually make any money doing these scams?

  279. Dulcinea9786 says:

    ATX – notalwaysright keeps me sane when dealing with stupid clients and their stupid questions. and, at my current job, stupid coworkers and their stupid questions.

  280. SDinATX says:

    Sorry all for the rude disappearance without saying goodbye. I got a big conference call with my NY client. Some people just have the stupidest questions. The idiot who said “There is no such thing as a stupid question,” should really be harassed by some of the idiots I put up with.

    A love Hitchcock too much to see what someone would do to that perfectionists work. I’d just go get a Blu Ray or DVD of the movie.

  281. Naughty Molly says:

    NYGent ~ I love Hitchcock so of course it closes in a month…lol

  282. Flo Rida says:

    Cleo -I’m not a member and so cannot view your profile – also i’m sorry but I don’t keep profile #’s.

  283. Yaz10 says:

    Hi NYGent! :-)

    Ok I am off to work now :-)

  284. NYGent says:

    AM (or should i say NM): fine, saw a great play yesterday: The 39 Steps, a version of the Hitchcock movie. HIghly recommended but closes in about a month.

    all quiet on the sugar front for me.

    hard keeping up with the blog with so many comments!

  285. CA Dreamin SB says:

    How do I keep getting left off the road-trip emails?

    NYGent – thank you so much for the comments. I actually had a couple more photos – but they were both not approved – not sure why. Need to figure that out. And, my inexperience showing, I thought the ‘discretion’ would go without saying :) But I truly appreciate the critique!

  286. Naughty Molly says:

    Hi NYGent :)

    How are you?

  287. NYGent says:

    Cleo: what is your profile #?

    others: whenever you ask for profile advice can you re-post the #, it is hard going back thru the blogs in search of the #.

  288. Yaz10 says:

    Lol Anna thanks but I would prefer one from a real man hehe….Always so much fun…. 😉

    I just dont understand why so many women on the blog have never had a massage from their man from what I read…..

  289. Naughty Molly says:

    I would give you a massage Yaz, but I’m not a man.

  290. Yaz10 says:

    I really dont understand this….I’ve never had a problem getting a full massage from a man before…..

  291. Yaz10 says:

    TXSB: Come back lol :-) I am still here :-)

  292. Dulcinea9786 says:

    ATX asks: Is it really so rare for you ladies to get a massage from your man? Really?

    Yep. I’ve begged before, and gotten maybe five minutes of half-hearted rubbing before he’d flop on his belly and say “Ok, my turn.”

    cleo – platforms? Check. Thank you!!! Gotta make sure they’re chunky heels, otherwise I completely lose my balance. The 6″ platform/heel boots I had before were chunky enough I could strip/dance in. But 1″ heels that are pointy trip me up.

    Sincere – If you’re sharing material on tantra, would you mind horribly sending some my way? janedoe9786 at the g male. Thank you very much!!

    *catching up* I really need to get up earlier in the morning….whips and wet tshirt contest??

    SDN – Thank you for your input on what SDs are looking for! I’m new to the sugar bowl, and always appreciate seeing what y’all have in mind.

    NYC SB – I can’t wait to see your blog when you have it up!!!

    Taz – I love your profile! And what wonderful pics you have!! (PS – I viewed your profile! :) )

    TXSD – I know there are enough model-types on SA to make me nervous about ever finding a SD.

    poptart – A poor excuse for breakfast? *giggles uncontrollably*

    I’m thinking about moving…..both for employment and for a wider SD opportunity. Right now, I’m debating between the DC Metro area, Raleigh-Durham, or Houston. Thoughts?

  293. TXSB says:

    *sigh* all right….I can take a hint. *sigh*

    I’m leaving……you guys can talk again……later.

  294. Yaz10 says:

    Lol TXSB I think you are too HOT for the blog lol They all poofed!

  295. Yaz10 says:

    Hi TXSB!
    Hey where did everybody go? lol

  296. TXSB says:

    Nc Gent:
    LOL @ nsa definition!

  297. TXSB says:

    Hi everyone! :)

    Last night was good for me too!

    You can join the group only if you’re wiling to give me long massages. 😉

    Glad to hear the date went well. Please let us know if we can help any with anything else.

  298. poptart says:

    NC gent… I dunno how to make my phone have a time stamp … but my pics are totally mirror cell pics and if I was going to send out pics not of myself… i would send pics of a much better looking person! (heehee… j/k)

  299. Hey poptart!! It is always nice to know ‘who’ someone is…that is all…I should have given the same courtesy to james.m – I have learned from my failure 😛

  300. Yaz10 says:

    Agreed with what SDinATX said. Plus they are not all runway models. They could just be hands models ( Nail polish commercials), legs models ( Shaving cream commercials), face models ( Anti-aging creams commercials) and so on…….You get the idea..lol
    Heck, I know a girl who has appeared in a T-Mobile commercial ( not even as the main lady) who considers herself to be a model and an actress 😉

  301. poptart says:

    cleo – you’re beeeee-you-ti-ful! I really like the third picture with your sparkly eyes and smile.

    Taz – Don’t look to me for a good name… hello??? I am posting as a poor excuse for breakfast…

    hellohello to those i missed earlier. :-)

    *takes a moment and flirts shamelessly with the board SD’s*

    I never send off an email when I am cruising profiles from the board. I am fine with being a crazy stalker!! But if people prefer a quick hello I will start to do that.

  302. SDinATX says:

    SWM-TXSD, well every big city has models. They’re needed for all kinds of local photo shoots. I know a handful alone in Austin who make a semi-decent living doing it. Still not enough for their tastes or life style, which is likely why you see so many listed on here.

    They could be an unemployed model too! 😉

  303. Naughty Molly says:

    Being good is no fun..lol

  304. Yaz10 says:

    LOL @Naughty Molly
    Anna you too????? Bad Bad girl!!!! 😛

  305. Naughty Molly says:

    Just drop the Taz and call yourself Tantalizing :)

  306. Yaz10 says:

    Hummm although I have a very creative mind I am not big on nicknames tho…( Mine is quite boring too lol) I think you should go with one word that makes a statement and CLEARLY defines you :-)

  307. Naughty Molly says:

    Hi Yaz :)

    Hello everybody!

  308. SWM – Ahhh – shoot – lol – wow – I DID have my eyes checked not so long ago…mental note – skimming names does not bode well 😛

  309. SWM-TXSD says:

    oh and on the model thing before. What I was saying is it seems like every girl out there has that listed as her oppcupations. sorry for the misunderstanding

  310. Yaz10 says:

    I might go to the Chicago meet just not sure yet…

  311. Haha…love it huh? Really…AM’s suggestion – but now I want to change it for good 😛 Well maybe not for good lol…but…will you help me out Yaz??

  312. SWM-TXSD says:

    I dont have a place there. SDAtx does I think.

  313. SDinATX says:

    What Hotel in Chicago is this meet happening at?

  314. Yaz10 says:

    Hi Tantalizing Taz lol

  315. My last comment was for SWM 😛

  316. Understood..just thought since you had a place in Michigan maybe somewhere close to that would not be so far out there for you…but understood – I am selective as well…lol…guess we wait…patiently…thank god for the blog 😀

  317. Yaz10 says:

    “i doubt a supermodel needs a sugar daddy… and if she does it’s because all the sugar is going up her nose.”

    Cleo you crack me up!!!!! 😀

  318. Mina says:

    He’s on a diet… As of Dec 1st. Damn, lol

  319. SDinATX says:

    SDN, I’ll be in LA the week before for the BCS National Championship Game in the Rose Bowl. So I don’t know how much work I might be needing to do. If I can make it, I’ll try.

  320. cleo says:

    SDN: thanks! i can’t decide if i should switch 1-3 or not…
    ATX: i doubt a supermodel needs a sugar daddy… and if she does it’s because all the sugar is going up her nose.

  321. SWM-TXSD says:

    Taz – I really dont want a long distance sd/sb relationship if I can help it.

  322. SDinATX says:

    I know some of the model photos are fake, one girl even put a super model, SI photo in her profile. It’s also the only picture. She’s asking for $10k to $20k so maybe it’s the real model, but I highly doubt it. Unlike Playmates, they get paid a lot of money.

    Which brings up the point of the Sugar Mansion. I don’t think it would work. The reason the Playboy Mansion works, is that Playboy pays the ladies so little, they can’t afford the lifestyle they want without living in the mansion and getting use of a Playboy car, etc. The SBs who would live at the mansion would all have an allowance right?

  323. SD NEOhio (SDN) says:

    cleo: I love the new pictures also. The last one is the best!

  324. cleo says:

    NCGent that’s why i like my photos, they’re clearly not model shots and yet i think i still look good in them…

  325. cleo says:

    NYC SB: hear hear!

    that tale pissed me off so much i couldn’t believe it… and makes me happier still about my SD dating reticence on the blog…

    re the faq: please link Flo’s famous comment i can’t find in it?
    james.m: i’ll come to chicago… pay for the two days of work i’m missing and the flight i can’t afford and i’m THERE!


    profile fixed now?

    and thanks for the profile comments! (i thought the flexible thing was funny and good)
    Mina: bake him things…
    thanks Yaz!

  326. NC Gent says:

    SWM-TXSB — there are a lot of models on SA, but I think most of those pictures aren’t legitimate. Some SBs download pics off the web of who they think they kind of look like. For that reason, I love the recent cell phone pics with the date and time stamp on them! Hard to fake those!

  327. SD NEOhio (SDN) says:

    SDinTX: We do have someone coming from Texas and one SB from Europe who will be there. Love it if you could show.

  328. On another note…anyone have any name advice – Tantalizing Taz isn’t cutting it for me 😛 I have to run – but am praying someone has a good suggestion for when I get back? :)

  329. SWM – perhaps you want to expand your horizons a little?? There are plenty of WONDERFUL and FUN SB’s from all over the world on the blog! Would flying one in be so completely out of the question for you? As I see you have TWO locations..perhaps you might want to open your search a little?

  330. SDinATX says:

    james.m really someone from Texas is going to your Chicago meet? I may go, I have a place over looking Lake Michigan that is always available to me. I just need to see what all I have planned with work.

  331. Mina says:

    Have him come to you for a first meeting and if you have a great time there you can have the second get-together in Las Vegas. By then you’ll be comfortable with each other and will be able to enjoy both him and LV much more.

  332. SWM-TXSD says:

    Guys is it just me, or, are like 40 percent of the girls on sa models. And are there that many jobs for models….(shakes head and thinks he will never find a SB)
    SDN – taxi or car from airport to meet and greet?

  333. james.m says:

    OK, I’ve wasted most of the morning. (Did I tell you I started the day with a massage?) I’d best go out and yell at the troops, and remind them I’m here. Then grab a bite to eat.
    Thanks for the fun, all.
    I’ll talk to you later.

  334. MarieSB says:

    Thank you all! We both live in different states and he thought Vegas would be a nice get away for me and a good place to meet. Feeling safe is key though I agree!!

  335. james.m says:

    cleo. I like the new pic. I also like the descriptor “rediculously flexible” That is important, you know!

  336. cleo says:

    weird, i refreshed before posting and still there’s like 50 more comments…

  337. Mina says:

    I actually considered a money clip for a brief moment until I saw his (which is quite nice) lol
    I usually get him movies and History channel docs I’m certain he’d like so I don’t want to go that route for a Christmas gift
    And a framed professional photograph of me in lingerie is out of the question, ha!

  338. Yaz10 says:

    Cleo I love your new pics!!!! :-) The first one is very cute!

  339. james.m says:

    Cleo – you need the samedetail fix, unless you only want comments from the ladies.

  340. james.m says:

    ATX – yes, Gemi’s got a great one. So does LASB.

    LA – I was waiting for SDN to answer your question about the 12th. At last count, he was expecting about a dozen, total, including one from outside the country, and one from the only state to be a former country. (I just say that to motivate all you canadians to join us). If you come from CA or FLA, I’d I suggest you not pack the bikini. It is January, after all. Seriously, it would be fun if you could join us.
    By the way, I think you’re right about having the Sugar Mansion somewhere warm and sunny. Palm Springs? There’s decent golf there. Vegas could be fun, and Marie can scout it out for us?

  341. James – My horse is a Quarter Horse – bay – he was a Grand Prix jumper and 4th level dressage horse back in the day, but he’s 22 and he DESERVES to be retired now :) I may have to email you the photo if the powers that be on this site keep rejecting it!

    Morning everyone who joined since I left for my job interview – who knew I could get connected on the train on the way to the city!

    As far as my xmas wishes – Of course I’d like to find a great SD, but I hope the same for all my blog SB sisters. And I, sadly, have no SD to give a gift to – but if I did – I’d certainly give him something to make him a very happy SD :)

  342. SD NEOhio (SDN) says:

    NC Gent: We have 7 confirmed and 3 more possible. Have room if anyone else wants to join!

  343. cleo says:

    Taz: no but he has looked at my profile a few times….
    poptart: actually it’s warmer when snowing than when it’s clear usually…
    james.m: i’m not sure if any of us want to admit if they qualify already…

    that said, i have a pvc catsuit and platforms… that do?
    CA Dreamin: good luck!!!
    photo thanks for the TexaSD and TLG updates!
    *packs bag for NEOhio*

    hey morning crew, i put up new pics… i especially want Flo Rida and NYGent’s opinion but i want everyone’s really…

  344. Yaz10 says:

    Morning everyone :-)

    Wow, so much flirting going on…*fanning myself*

    Have to get ready for work…Oh Joy..

  345. james.m says:

    You got it, BG!

    ATX – I know I am, I was just suggesting Taz might not be.

    Welcome Mina. What to get the guy who has everything? Something small and personal. (Remember to consider the question of whether he can display it around the house.) The important thing isn’t what it is, but that you get something personal. Even the dreaded monogrammed money clip or card case works fine.

  346. NC Gent says:

    Marie — how long have you been talking to him? Have you been able to verify that he is legit? Did he buy your plane tickets in advance? Do you have separate rooms? Have you talked about expectations, especially regarding intimacy? Have you talked about an allowance? Do you have an “escape” plan if it goes terribly bad? All things to consider. Having probably just scared you off — I have flown several SBs to meet me on a first date, and none have felt unsafe. None have had any reasons to press charges either :) Most importantly, communicate to your SD what will make you feel safe, and if he is a true SD, he will follow through on your requests. Best wishes!

  347. james.m says:

    Don’t we have a blogger in Vegas who can help Marie if it turns out badly? I know you’d have a reliable backstop in Austin or some of the other places represented here.

  348. Mina says:

    What’s on your sugar wish-list this year?
    I’ve already gotten what I wanted… All I have to do is ask :)

    Do you plan on giving your sugar a gift for the holidays? Care to share?
    I don’t know what to get a man who has everything! I’ve asked him and try to pick up hints from conversations, but he gives me nothing.

    Is there any sugar in your holiday plans?
    Will be spending actual holidays with my family, and SD with his, otherwise he and I will be together. Nothing out of the ordinary.

  349. james.m says:

    Marie: Welcome!
    As much as I like Vegas, and I go several times a year, I’d be leery. Is there a reason he won’t meet for a short date first? Not only your safety is involved, but it could be a real unpleasant time if you don’t like the guy or vice versa.
    One more thing – if he agrees to a short date, but suggests Starbucks, that could be a problem too!
    (Not really, just a blog joke)

  350. SDinATX says:

    James.m, Gemini has a fun profile. I think you have to make it fun & flirtatious. Mine is on the extreme side, but then again WHO wouldn’t be interested in self motivated and sexually uninhibited harlots?!?!?

  351. james.m says:

    BG: profiles are only viewable by one sex at a time (thanks to Sincere for this tidbit). the URL for the profile ends in detail.php and the id number. If it says “detail”, it allows the opposite sex to view. if it says samedetail.php, it allows the same sex to view.
    So, if a blue linked profile doesn’t show, just change the URL to samedetail or detail as needed.

  352. MarieSB~ Hi and Welcome, First you have to feel safe, make sure you have a reservation in your name, that it’s non refundable… So you are not stuck. Also make sure you have a hotel reservation in your name,
    Make sure you feel safe, have a plan if things don’t work out… I think you need to feel safe in every way possible!

  353. james.m says:

    Taz: Yes you did! Congratulations

  354. SWM-TXSD says:

    marieSB – bring beach, taz and molly. that way if the guy gets out of line, they will whip the sh**t out of him…lol just kidding

  355. Nope now it doesn’t work girl…. hummmm
    I need a computer person!

  356. james.m says:

    ATX – yes, but attention from whom? Taz might not be into self motivated and sexually uninhibited harlots

  357. SDinATX says:

    Taz, you may also want to describe what it means by your profile saying you’re married. Potential SDs will definitely want to know more about that.

  358. MarieSB says:

    So a pot SD wants to fly me to Vegas for our first meeting but I have never done that. How do I make sure to keep myself safe? It might be a dumb question but I am new to all of this

  359. Ok – think I fixed it 😛

    BG – see we ALL have blonde moments…

  360. james.m says:

    LASB: If a messy desktop is the sign of a messy mind, what is an empty desktop a sign of?

  361. SDinATX says:

    Taz, you just need to make your profile “fun.” The reason some stand out more than others is they aren’t the same exact thing every other profile is. That to me is the biggest issue, and likely why my profile seems to get so much attention.

  362. Naughty Molly says:

    I like the name you have already!

  363. james.m says:

    No, it still shows as same detail. Try closing the blog and reopening it. the change may not work unless you are signing on. (LASB: I need a wizard like you, since my computer skills are limited to rebooting.)

  364. Beach_Girl*395953 says:

    Taz~ I can see you but SDs can’t you need to change where it says in the url thingy samedetail to detail….

  365. Beach_Girl*395953 says:

    SDinATX~ Good morning!

  366. Hello ATX!

    Can you see my profile through the link BG? I can see your LASB!

  367. james.m says:

    nope. in the website box, “samedetail.php” should be “detail.php”

  368. Beach_Girl*395953 says:

    SWM~ doing good, but it’s f’in cold….

  369. SDinATX says:

    Morning everyone! Everyone have a good weekend?

  370. Thanks LASB – I am waiting for some advice from a fellow blogger **ahem** to re-do my profile. It was done pretty quickly and change is good :)

    james.m – I thought I just fixed it 😛 ?? Ummm.well..I wasn’t privy to the conversation last night b/c I fell asleep…but had I been awake..yes I am sure there would be a bit of question lol….my preference is definitely for SD’s..but I might consider a SM lmao…is it fixed now?

  371. NC Gent says:

    LASB — extremely long winded may mean he sent you a “cut-and-paste” message but not necessarily.

    How many people are going to the January 12th dinner, if you don’t mind me asking? I hope you get a lot of sugars to show — the NYC one was very enjoyable :)

  372. james.m says:

    LA: I can’t get to your profile directly. But, since you have your number in your blog name, I just used that. You might want to keep the “same” in, since in your particular case, it opens it up to everyone.

  373. Beach_Girl*395953 says:

    Wooo hooo Hot Taz ~!!! sexy girl!

  374. SWM-TXSD says:

    HEY Beach how is it going dear.
    Taz sdn nysb, nc gent hey.
    james – I tend to just sit back and watch. I do not want to bring disfavor down on the great state of Texas

  375. james.m says:

    LASB – long winded is not a bad sign, depending on a couple of things. Was he describing what he wanted in a sb? Good sign. Was he telling you how wonderful he was? bad sign. Is he a lawyer? Whenever a lawyer talks, it’s a VERY bad sign.

  376. james.m says:

    Taz: note that LASB could see your profile? “samedetail” is used to allow people of the same sex to view your profile. You just have to decide which you want to view it, which, given last night, might be hard!

  377. NC Gent says:

    Well James — I don’t think I straightened her out but she was shocked to learn that all those profiles with “NSA” didn’t mean no sex allowed. It was the funniest text message I have ever received — she took her profile down shortly thereafter, after I explained NSA meant No Strings Attached.

  378. james.m says:

    SDN — we’ll compare notes in chicago on the 12th. Perhaps if we added a day of looking at brownstones for the Sugar Mansion, we’d get more SBs to come in for the party?

  379. ok ok – new name – anyone?? Help? Tantalizing Taz linked to my profile lmfao…imagine I was completely new and showed up with that name linking my profile?? Eeeeek! Lol…

  380. SD NEOhio (SDN) says:

    james.m: We are probably closer in age I am just very immature.

  381. I should just delete it lol..ohh well damage is done now 😛

  382. james.m says:

    NC Gent — I hope you straightend her out, or (and) vice versa!

  383. james.m says:

    Taz – it doesn’t work. go to the website box, scroll to the end of your addy, and delete the letters “same” from “samedetail”. That should do it.

  384. Umm and as james.m said – if anyone views my profile…it would be nice if you were kind enough to say hello :) (unlike me…:( )

  385. NC Gent says:

    Good morning all. Congrats on your potential sugar NYC SB!

    By the way, it was I who got the text from a potential SB who thought that NSA meant “no sex allowed” too funny — it seems to have stuck now!

  386. james.m says:

    TXSD: after last night, you have a reputation to uphold. You are not allowed to enter the blog this morning without boots, whips, a book on tantric sex and at least two sbs on your arm. ATX has forever tarnished (or varnished, depending on your point of view) the image of Texas SDs.

  387. Upon taking BG’s advice…I am linking my profile. If it does not work let me know lol…then perhaps it was meant to be that it was not posted 😛

    NYCSB – good luck on all counts and have fun!! :)

    Thank you gentlemen for taking back control of the blog…AM and I get a bit carried away sometimes 😛 Any help on the new name front?? With sugar on top!?

  388. NYC SB says:

    james.m – my version of nsa refers to a blog inside joke… i believe it was a girl that contacted sinceresd who though nsa meant no sex allowed…

    bg – yeah its funny how great of a pot pool you get once you stop looking…

  389. Beach_Girl*395953 says:

    SWM~ Hi, long time no see!!! How are you?

  390. james.m says:

    SDN – *laughing* I have had the same problem with some pot sbs much older than teens. Guess that shows the difference in our ages!
    After I was divorced some years ago (after 33 years), one daughter said she didn’t mind my dating, but that I was not allowed to date anyone younger than she. Ever since, I’ve wanted to invite a 20 year old to dinner and have her show up. It would be SO much fun.

  391. SWM-TXSD says:

    Good morning everyone.

  392. Beach_Girl*395953 says:

    SDN~ That is awesome. I do think a connection is needed and yes you have to know what you want… well said

    NYC SB~ lol I know… Just the way it was said made me laugh so hard lol
    Good luck Girl, woo hoo , so many dates! I know something will happen for you! YAY let us know how it goes!!!

    LASB~ Yes, we had fun last night ,,, woo hoo, 😀

  393. james.m says:

    NYSB – what a busy week. i was wondering how the bartending class went. Be gentle with him.
    And I thought NSA meant No Strings Attached!

    And, yes, she certainly does know!

  394. NYC SB says:

    Wow – I tried to catch up but it just wont happen for me…

    Sugar drama – Big NO NO… why hate on a fellow sugar??? midwest is the sweetest lady ever… she deserves to have an awesome SD and I am glad that she has found him… yes deserves… because she knows how to treat a man right…

    BG – Flo and I do not discuss you in private lol she was referring to something i said on blog when you first brought up that someone told you you are not good enough for men in NYC…


    1) have a sugar date tonight… super excited… we are going to a bartending class and then dinner… young single and local
    2) another sugar date this week… he is flying in from cali… young and single…
    3) old pot from boston is re apearing in my life professing his love for me… interesting… will be going to boston this weekend for some shopping and dinner… this will be a NSA (no sex allowed) travel
    4) working on a blog which will utilize my experiences as an sb and it will contain a FAQ for newbies… hopefully i can get your input once i have it up and running

    much sugar love to all

  395. SD NEOhio (SDN) says:

    Hey Nikki90! Sorry I missed your comment…thank you james.m for pointing out my transgression…

    As have probably figured out each SD is different. The first thing you need to decide is what are you looking for? Do you want short term? (one month, 3 months) or more long term (LRT) (6 months, 1 year, more), how deep to you want the relationship? Do you care if he is married? Long distance an issue? Once you have these answers (plus others the SBs might bring up) it will be easier for you to find your SD.

    As for the age it doesn’t play as big a factor to me. I must admit I tend to shy away from the 18/19 year old’s but not because they are that age, more so because the our interests and maturity levels don’t match well.

    For me I want a single SB, LTR (6 months or more), where we have an emotional connection. I don’t need to be in love but she needs to want to be with me, to look forward to our time together.

    I don’t look for the “immaculate million-dollar supermodel”…I want someone I can take out to nice restaurants, shows, etc and she is beautiful…but I want someone that would be just as happy going hiking, horseback riding, staying in and letting me cook for her. She can show up in jeans and a sweater and I will be happy.

  396. james.m says:

    Ca Dreaming. I posted a picture of my horse. It is pending review. This is a picture from 2002, and that is NOT me riding him (a pro). Ursa Major was in the World Cup finals in Leipzig. Check it out when its approved. Was yours a JPEG or other required file? I have some shots I took with my iPhone which aren’t and won’t upload.

    LASB – OF COURSE you’re invited!

  397. Tantalizing Taz says:

    The more the merrier photo – seems it was your birthday not so long ago. Maybe SDN can give you some overdue spankings? 😉

    AM/james.m – a sugar mansion – I LOVE IT! I think we need to collaborate :)

  398. Beach_Girl*395953 says:

    Photo~ woo hoo, party time!!! and we know how to party in Montreal ! 😛

  399. photogirl says:

    CASB – Wishing you the best on your job interview! I just returned home from one myself.

    Hmm… heels…check…whip…check…bondage…check…leather *goes shopping*
    Ladies…may I join you?

  400. Beach_Girl*395953 says:

    CA~ the whip , spur and leather outfit will try and wait for you….. 😀

  401. Fair enough Beach Girl! I’ll be back in a few hours!

  402. Beach_Girl*395953 says:

    CA Dreamin SB~ We will try and wait, but….. if not you’ll have to catch up later!!!

  403. Tantalizing Taz says:

    Good luck Dreamin SB!!! Fingers crossed!

  404. Tantalizing Taz says:

    Wow – we are quite a diverse group aren’t we?? 😀

    BTW – james.m – you have sa mail :)

  405. Okay everyone – I have to pop off to a job interview, so don’t talk about leather chaps or spurs til I get back!!!

  406. Beach_Girl*395953 says:

    james ~ the missing digit group?!?!?! lmao

  407. james.m says:

    Plus, I got viewed by a lady who is also missing a digit. Perhaps we can start another table in the lunchroom?

  408. james.m says:

    Interesting. My mother’s side of the family is from outside Albany…

  409. james.m says:

    Nikki90: you asked an interesting question about age differentials which was rudely ignored by all of us amid the general teasing of the morning (I hope it was teasing). I’m happy to have a conversation with you about it, as I am probably the oldest, and therefore most different from the sbs here (plus, I seem to be missing a digit, another difference). I’d prefer to have it offline, though. If you are interested, contact me at profile 84363

  410. Naughty Molly says:

    James ~ I’m from upstate NY :)

  411. Beach_Girl*395953 says:

    James~ The Sugar Mansion!!! What an amazing idea!!!!

    Sincere~ I did contact Schwartz, They do ship all across Canada… I can forward the email to you! I sent it to Photo or just ask her for my email…

  412. Tantalizing Taz says:

    james.m – I happen to agree with your last comment too – lol…I think we should have a big giant sugar pad to call ‘home’ 😀

  413. james.m says:

    NM – Great; don’t mind at all. But which one are you? I think a state would be sufficient.

  414. Tantalizing Taz says:

    james.m fair enough and I happen to agree with your reasoning. I have been verrry hesitant to post my profile on the blog (although am giving it some consideration with the ‘gentle’ urging by a fellow sb blogger). I had issues when I first joined putting my pics on my profile…I guess I am kind of private lol…

    If there were benefits in putting it up on the blog – then maybe I could be swayed more lol!

    **hangs head in shame** I am probably one of the ones that has viewed you but not sent a message…and yes…it is incredibly rude – I agree :( I was running at the time and didn’t want you to think I was stalking you – but now that I know you couldn’t possibly know that (thanks Sincere :) ) – let the stalking begin!! Lmao..I will go and send you a message :) Forgive me? Ahhh…things do come full circle don’t they

  415. Beach_Girl*395953 says:

    Sincere~ Yes you better have your will in order before the Trio! Ohh Love Mt.Tremblant! Hummm Tantric learning session What a great weekend that’s gonna be… 😛

    Taz~ You have to ask TXSB , she is the Ring leader of the group! But i’m sure you’re welcome… As long as you have 4″ heels, leather, and know how to make knots! I am sure it won’t be a problem 😛

    SDN~ where is my snuggie!!! I am freezing my ass off… 😀

    Lisa~ Love your girl, you always make me laugh, Hope you hit him hard with the hose! lol

    James~ good morning!

    Midwest~ is James missing any digits??? 😀 lol

  416. james.m says:

    I have a suggestion, after reading last night’s and this morning’s posts: why don’t we get our own version of the Playboy mansion? Of course, it needs a name. If you want to move in, you must have 4″ heels, whips, 1″ shamwows, and ??? What do we need all the rest of them for? We’d clearly be great together, and we can have our own “Harrad Experiment.”

  417. Naughty Molly says:

    james ~ I saw your profile last night. I couldn’t help myself :)

  418. I tried! They won’t let me share. :(

  419. james.m says:

    CA Dreaming: I’ll show you my horse if you’ll show me yours

  420. I viewed you this morning james :)

  421. Naughty Molly says:

    I’m always leaving my whips….good thing I keep extras in the trunk of my car..lol

  422. james.m says:

    TT – no, i don’t think being linked helps with finding the right person. but, as a recent discoverer of the blog (“I discovered the blog” – Al Gore), I find it nice to know a little more about the people I’m talking to. Since I posted mine (and being mocked by LASB for being missing a digit), I’ve had a dozen views from people I can deduce are on here. I would suggest that when you view someone via his/her profile number, you should send them an e-mail and tell them who you are. I still have several I can’t figure out.

  423. What did I miss? Whips?

    On a strange sort-of-associated note, I tried to upload a photo of me jumping my horse over a fence and they denied it! What’s up with that?

  424. Tantalizing Taz says:

    AM – did you live in Texas?? I think you may have left one of your whips at TXSB’s apt.

  425. Good morning all – How is everyone?

  426. Naughty Molly says:

    LOL…I walk away for a minute and there is talk of wet t-shirts and shamwows…lol.

    I carry my whips in my purse so I’m always ready to punish those who disobey my orders…lol.

  427. SD NEOhio (SDN) says:

    Sorry Tantalizing…was working on Naughty. Have to keep you both happy :) Not that a good spanking from Naughty wouldn’t be nice.

  428. Tantalizing Taz says:

    AM – you need to get your whip back out – SDN is slacking on his drying abilities 😛

  429. Tantalizing Taz says:

    Hmmm – james.m – you have a good point – perhaps you can suggest a more pg appropriate name to go back to after SDN has been forgiven?? Pretty please – I can beg too 😛

    I often wonder if those of you that have your profile number displayed or linked…do you think it has any impact on finding a SD/SB??

  430. Tantalizing Taz says:

    Hello james.m :) So glad you enjoyed your weekend!!..ahem…and catching up on the blog :)

  431. james.m says:

    Tantalizing: great change. Taz kept bringing up mental images of the Tasmanian Devil in Bugs Bunny cartoons, which is probably not the best image for attracting a SD.

  432. Tantalizing Taz says:

    Wow SDN – that is amazing!!! But of course…that must be a piece of Sham-wow cloth!!

  433. james.m says:

    EVeryone – just reading what I missed after going to bed early last niight. I needed to recuperate after a sugary weekend.
    Hilarious. And tantalizing!
    Naughty Molly: “All I need now is a naughty boy or girl or both”: It remined me a Edwin Edwards remark when he was running for governor of LA after getting out of prison for corruption. Reporter: do you think you can get elected after your conviction? EE: The only way I won’t get elected is if they catch me in bed with a dead girl or a live boy.”
    Note: he won by a large margin.

  434. SD NEOhio (SDN) says:

    Now that those nasty cold t-shirts are off Tantalizing Taz I want to dry you and Naughty Molly off…I have this 1″ x 1″ cotton square…and I promise to get every inch of you.

  435. Tantalizing Taz says:

    No need to wait SDN – they are already off!! You mean you missed that???

  436. SD NEOhio (SDN) says:

    ROFLMA…I think we scared lisa, poptart and SincereSD off.

    Just so you know I care about both of you, I think you should take those wet t-shirts off…don’t want you to catch a cold ** waiting hopefully **

  437. Naughty Molly says:

    Oh the thoughts I’m having….lol

  438. lisa says:

    excuse me while I exit the room to take a hot shower.
    Busy day a head

  439. Tantalizing Taz says:

    SDN – With regards to Naughty and myself – I think you might surprise yourself 😉

  440. Tantalizing Taz says:

    GREAT idea Lisa – wet tshirt contest 😉

  441. SD NEOhio (SDN) says:

    lisa: you do like the rough stuff…hit me with that water hose again baby.

    Naughty: One of you is to much woman for me, two is heaven.

  442. Naughty Molly says:

    SDN ~ Do you think you could handle Taz and I?

  443. lisa says:

    Lisa aims water hose at SD NEIhio

  444. lisa says:

    I don’t need too, lol i’ve got an Sd :)

    excuse me while I go find a water hose to spray both of you down

  445. SD NEOhio (SDN) says:

    Tantalizing I am here for you and Molly so….** hand in the air enthusiastically ** pick me, pick me

  446. Tantalizing Taz says:

    I like it!!

    Hmmm…no fun without SD’s though :(

    Lisa – you know you wanna join us 😉

  447. Naughty Molly says:

    Change your name to Tempting Taz :)
    or Tantalizing Taz

  448. Taz says:

    Hmmm…you got me AM 😉 😀

    Now I just need to think of a good name to change it to…

  449. lisa says:

    sending a cold shower your way too Molly, lol

  450. Naughty Molly says:

    All I need now is a naughty boy or girl or both 😉


  451. Naughty Molly says:

    I always have the whip cream ready because I’m such a naughty girl 😉

  452. Taz says:

    AM – I doubt it…maybe he is just being submissive 😉 Umm.maybe he took Lisa’s advice for a cold shower :( :(

    Hi poptart! :)

  453. Anna Molly says:

    Hi Lisa and poptart :)

    Poor Sincere, I think I scared him off…lol

  454. poptart says:

    Happy Monday SugaryBloggers!
    *settling in for a moment with my coffee listening to Ella Fitzgerald xmas music*
    I spent Saturday in NYC being a tourist and shopping at Macys. (I swear that store follows me around).

    Sugary wishes?

    I want a day in NYC that is like a Woddy Allen movie. Preferrably a few days after it has snowed. *yanno so things are white and covered but I am not getting frost bite* Yes, in black and white with an excellent soundtrack. Great conversation. Sexual tension. Yummy food/drinks. (not in that order necessarily but I would be fine with that order)
    Although I think I would have to be the Woody Allen character. (no I am not jewish but I am awkward at times) And yes, it should involve a carriage ride (I love sleigh bells), a lot of laughing, xmas lights, and stolen kisses.

    *shrug* yeah…. Woody Allen movie indeed…. If I got that… If I could find a man who was into that… It would make me *squeee* and be so happy… that I would be mush…we would stumble back to wherever and I would leave him breathless and exhausted and wanting more.

  455. lisa says:

    Good morning SD NEOhio just take a cold shower, lol

  456. SD NEOhio (SDN) says:

    Taz & Anna: OK, I am never going to get any work done now that you two have my fantasy dreams in high gear!

    lisa: Morning.

  457. lisa says:

    i’m out of hot chocolate :( justing having oatmeal this morning
    Going for a peppermint mocha later

  458. Taz says:

    Morning Lisa :) You must be UBER excited about Wednesday!!!

    AM – me too! Lol…do you have your hot chocolate and whip cream ready too 😉

  459. lisa says:

    “Yawn” good morning :)

  460. Anna Molly says:

    I’m up for the fantasy thing…. :)

  461. Taz says:

    Hi Sincere!! We can all share :) I have a feeling AM and I are up to joining your fantasy duo 😀

    AM – I like your thinking!…what she said SD’s!! 😀 NOW! lmao…

  462. Anna Molly says:

    LOL…I’m soooo bad 😉

  463. Anna Molly says:

    Hi Sincere….care to join our little party? Hehehehe

    No, I’m not asking…I’m telling you to join our party….RIGHT NOW!!

  464. SincereSD says:

    LASB-419804 says: ATX–hahaha, i hear ya on the not wanting to click too much on the orange ones. Sometimes I click on their profiles by mistake, instead of on the email link, and I wonder if they think I must be obsessed.

    Don’t worry, you are not leaving any electronic footprints. The viewing activity is logged the first time you click on a profile and will not be subsequently updated. Stalk to your heart’s content.

    james.m says: I had several hits once my profile number was revealed, even though it (not me) IS missing a digit.

    James there are some 5 digit member accounts. It means you have been a member of SA for several years.

  465. SD NEOhio (SDN) says:

    Hey Sincere…sorry can’t talk I am tied up right now.

  466. SincereSD says:

    Good morning AM, SDN and Taz,

    *lighting cigarette after fantasy duo with 2chic and TXSB*

    You missed all the fun last nigh on the blog.

    BG, I didn’t forget about you. Next up, fantasy trio at the Nelligan or chalet in Mt. Tremblant.

    *makes mental note to complete his will*

  467. Anna Molly says:

    There he is!

  468. Anna Molly says:

    O.K., I have everything out of my bondage toy box over here and I’m ready to play….where’s SDN?

  469. SD NEOhio (SDN) says:

    Hhhhmmmm…Anna in leather and me begging Taz, make me your slave ladies.

  470. Taz says:

    AM – I’m just waiting for you to get out your whips and leather while SDN begs for forgiveness lmao!

  471. Taz says:

    Well…it would probably sound like not the best gift to anyone else lol…but he is into health and such (something we have talked about quite extensively as well) and he has told me some of his health concerns…so I am going to get him some tea…GOOD tea of course that has a lot of nutrients he needs for his concerns (NOT the kind of tea you get at the store in a bag..from a specialty tea shop..and you need a ball to steep it..the bagged kinds have all the nutrients radiated out of them in the favor of ‘freshness’ I guess lol – this tea is much more ‘fresh’ to my taste buds but who am I to argue) Anyhow – not the world’s best gift but I think it is something he would really appreciate :)

    I am a nightmare to shop with usually lol…whatever I buy for someone always has to have sooo much meaning lmao..except for my daughter – she is the only fun one to buy for anyhow lol…

    SDN – it CAN be fun! Lmao – I will make my demands AFTER I get your assistance 😉 In the meantime….AM – any ideas??

  472. SD NEOhio (SDN) says:

    Anna glad to hear you are game for a little “heat”, seems like Taz is still going to make me beg for forgiveness. Or maybe having me begging is her idea of a good time. lol

  473. Anna Molly says:

    SDN ~ I need all the heat I can get 😉

    Taz ~ Do you know what you’re going to give him?

  474. Taz says:

    AM – No I didn’t see my pot this weekend…I am mulling it – he will be here over the holidays..but we will see. I think I may have to pass – no harm in meeting for dinner though – if I don’t have a SD by then – it is getting close isn’t it lol! I LOVE giving gifts and will still buy one for this pot regardless b/c I know how much he would love it 😀 It is about giving – not about getting back – so we would both win :) Still somehow managed it to keep it mutually beneficial 😉

    SDN – I think you better throw some forgivable ideas at me 😉

  475. SD NEOhio (SDN) says:

    My search? Very well, thank you. Looks like 2010 will start nicely from a sugar front.

    racy huh? Two hot SBs and me…hhhmmmm I think I could come up with some ideas that would heat up the morning.

  476. Anna Molly says:

    I put my tree up this weekend…oh what fun..lol

    My SD search is going very well, thanks for asking Taz :)

    SDN is the one avoiding the question….how’s your search going SDN?

    Taz ~ Did you see your pot this weekend? Did you two work things out?

  477. Anna Molly says:

    I vote for racy…lol

  478. SD NEOhio (SDN) says:

    Earn forgiveness huh? Are we talking a snuggie here or are we making the morning blog a little racy? lol

  479. Taz says:

    SDN – hmm forgive you? You may have to earn it 😉

  480. Taz says:

    SDN – it’s all good not going anywhere obviously 😛

    There are a lot of bloggers gone a bit poof :( morning..and evening 😛

    Did you both have good weekends? Today I start some Christmas baking with my diva – should be fun :) I think we are making chocolates for her class..and some shortbreads..a good start :)

  481. SD NEOhio (SDN) says:

    AM: I did sleep good, fell asleep on the couch watching a movie.

    Taz: Sorry I have been slack : ( Forgive me? I will send you an email today!

  482. Taz says:

    AM – haven’t talked to you in a few days – how is the pot front??

    SDN – it is really cold here – I will take a snuggie too – ha! The morning blog is all proper – snuggies…the evening blog on the other hand – let’s loose a little 😛 Sooo.ummm SDN – when you have some time I would love to hear back from you *ahem*…I really can be a patient person 😛

  483. Anna Molly says:

    Good morning SDN :)

    Did you sleep well?

  484. SD NEOhio (SDN) says:

    Anna Molly: Morning!

  485. Anna Molly says:

    Hi Taz and SDN :)

  486. Anna Molly says:

    I need to start staying up later…I miss all the good stuff….ugh!

  487. SD NEOhio (SDN) says:

    Hey Taz, I am usually up by 5 – 5:30 myself.

  488. Taz says:

    Hey Cleo – did that pot contact you?? I haven’t heard anything from him..or you about it 😛

  489. Taz says:

    Congrats divaSB :) Have fun!!

    Entertaining blog to catch up on tonight…errrmmmm – this morning 😛 I fell asleep very early (umm dinner time!) and woke up ready for life about 5:30 am…

    Flo – I think your party sounds like a lot of fun!!!!

    TXSB/BG/2Chic – ladies I think I may have to join your group (if there is room for me!)…the men have not been working out so well **shakes head and starts shopping online for lingerie** (I do have TWO parties to shop for now :P) OHHH – and TXSB – btw – I give INCREDIBLE massages – I would be worth the allowance in massages alone – will you by my SM too??? Pretty please…and I promise to NEVER complain about the weather – like BG I think 60 is pretty close to warm 😀

    Anybody left?? Lol…SDN…AM…you are always up early right?!?! :)

  490. divaSB says:

    hi sugar land have enjoyed reading the blogs very educational

    @txsb thanks for your earlier advice on meet and greet with pot sd it went well watch ****** this space thanks for all have to go now packing for a long trip to Ohio and new Zealand

    Have a nice day sugar

  491. SincereSD says:

    Good nite everyone. I’ll be dreaming about my blog duo.

    I’ll send off the info tomorrow.

  492. TXSB says:

    Hi and welcome nikki!

    I’m off to bed too….its 2 already! Night!

  493. 2Chic says:

    TxSb, we will dance before we begin… giggling.

    I have to be in Malibu early in the wee hours, so I must say goodnight fam.

    Sincere … do not forget to send the info, scroll up for email. Thanks


  494. cleo says:

    man i’m glad i don’t work until noon tomorrow…

    (course i finish at eight pm…)

  495. SDinATX says:

    Nikki90, I only expect them to look like a million dollar super model when they wake up in the morning! 😉

    Ok babes, I’m off to find my bed. Sweet dreams to all!

  496. Beach_Girl*395953 says:

    TXSB~ you are gonna have to share the info girl… 😀

    Nikki90~ welcome! You can always join in on the fun…Have a great night!

    Good night all….Ladies, Gents, and Lurkers!
    I Have to work in the morning,,,, see you soon

  497. TXSB says:

    Ok you convinced me….I’m back in. 4 hands are better than 2 anyway…..plus 2chic can dance with me before the lessons. :)

  498. cleo says:

    james.m: great profile. love the bit about the horse shows and the dinner afterward.

    man i want to learn skeet.
    ATX your profile makes me want to answer with an email like

    “well, i can scale rock walls in climbing harness and belay you when you fall; run in high heels, swing a whip and an axe and shoot groundhogs at a hundred paces”


  499. Nikki90 says:

    Hi everybody!

    I have been following this very informative blog and reading the opinions of all you uber friendly commentors, and I have to say I am thankful for stumbling across it~! I am entirely new to this sugar concept, in fact I just heard of the idea…about 2 months ago. lol Right now I am ‘studying’ all I need to know about this.

    But I am somewhat confused about what SDs want. Would any SD care to divulge on what they look for in an SB? Besides the obvious attraction factor, which personality types are you more drawn to generally? Does your SB have to look immaculate – like a million-dollar supermodel at all times?

    Also, are there any SBs out there who have been with a much older SD? Say, more than a 35 year age gap? Do share your experiences, it will be greatly appreciated.

    Thank you in advance for your insightful perspectives and happy shopping for xmas! Just a few days away, omg~ 😀

  500. 2Chic says:

    send it… sugarandchic at america on the line. I am always ready to learn more.
    TxSb, will enjoy teaching u, I love to teach.

  501. cleo says:

    Beach Girl: i’ve had whiplash a lot, i headbang only on very special occasions now…
    SincereSD a large part of my job involves reconnecting people’s mental and emotional selves to their bodies. they hurt and they’ve moved out of the vessel and i need to put them back in

    so yes, awareness means hearing the signals your body sends, be it arousal or some kind of emotional upset acting like turmoil under the solar plexus.

    does that answer your question? happy to chat off blog if you want too? is anyone else interested?

  502. TXSB says:

    Cleo & 2chic:
    I withdrew beause I thought sinceresd only wanted 1 student…..if he’s ok with multiples….well then count me back in! :)

  503. SincereSD says:

    cleo says: i teach pilates for rehab and do a lot of post partum work. along the way i totally unintentionally turned into a sex educator. i don’t call it tantric, i do call it breath/muscle control/awareness…

    By awareness, I assume you are referring to the brain (not just awareness of your arousal state). Most people forget that the mind is the largest and most erotic sex organ in the human body.

    TXSB says: Sincere & 2chic: I can’t compete with all this tantric love…..so I’ll just withdraw my name from the list. :)

    Don’t go … 2chic and I will teach you. 👿

    2Chic says: from my experience men do not have the patience for it. I actually love it, crave it. Opens your eyes to so much more pleasure, a pleasure, an experience that can go on and on… hmmmn.

    I do agree that it’s hard to find a partner with the willingness and wherewithal for tantra. As I said earlier, it’s the stimulation of the physical and mental being. As much as it is about giving, I suspect there’s a little BSDM in people that practice tantra. There are some simple techniques (not pain related) around anticipation and denial that enhances the experience.

    If you are interested, I have some materials I can send you on tantra.

  504. Beach_Girl*395953 says:

    TXSB~ yes you are here to be Mentored! you can learn everything and then when we go to Austin , you can teach me… 😛

    ATX/ Cleo~ totally agree AC/DC knows how to put on a show

    Cleo~ what ??? is there an age to stop head banging??? 😀

  505. 2Chic says:

    Yeah TxSb, and mustenth thou dance?

  506. cleo says:

    TXSB: dude this is a site for men who like to TEACH… whyfor dost thou withdraw?
    SDinATX: god i love nerds…

    wow, arena football… that’s intense.

    the stones were awful at sarsfest, i left. wished the isley brothers had played longer instead. ac/dc has NEVER failed to satisfy, not even when i was a headbanding young thing with very big hair.

  507. SDinATX says:

    You girls need to find yourself a nerd. Nerds make better lovers. Seriously. Notice SincereSD has some serious computer skillz.

  508. SDinATX says:

    cleo, I was a walk on for my football team in college. I also played Arena Football for a season…

    The Rolling Stones are not a good live band. I’ve seen them 4 times, once they were awful, you couldn’t tell what they were playing. I’m serious in believing that Keith Richards played the same song on his guitar all night. Two other times I could tell what song it was, but it was muddled. Once I saw them and they actually played well.

    AC/DC on the other hand usually knows how to rock.

  509. 2Chic says:


  510. TXSB says:

    Sincere & 2chic:
    I can’t compete with all this tantric love…..so I’ll just withdraw my name from the list. :)

  511. TXSB says:

    In that case you let us know when you’re ready….and we’ll show up with all the necessary gear.

  512. 2Chic says:

    from my experience men do not have the patience for it. I actually love it, crave it. Opens your eyes to so much more pleasure, a pleasure, an experience that can go on and on… hmmmn.
    Ok…. whooo,…. let me get my composure back…………(breath)… Ok, where was I… oh. I am located in CA.

    TxSb is my girl, we can vibe!…. lol

  513. cleo says:

    ATX: fun for me? watching AC/DC blow the stones off the stage at sarsstock in toronto. half a million folks partying just because toronto is awesome. it was pretty cool.

    that said? i have severe floyd envy right now.

    [also? how do you have “a few extra pounds” and dents under your cheekbones?]
    re gemi’s profile – she says she’s what all women aspire to be and you hate her a little… but by the time you get to the end of it you sort of have to admit that it’s true…

    Dulcinea: re 4″ heels… you get platforms hon, that way you’re walking on three inch heels that look like four inch heels… MUCH better on the feet.

    also? spend money on heels that feel comfortable, worth every penny.

    mmm frye boots *g*
    SincereSD: i teach pilates for rehab and do a lot of post partum work. along the way i totally unintentionally turned into a sex educator.

    i don’t call it tantric, i do call it breath/muscle control/awareness…
    Flo Rida: mac does a thing called ‘photo booth’ just need someone with one of their laptops…
    TXSB: in my experience? it gets better with age… for both sexes. but look for someone generous.


  514. Beach_Girl*395953 says:

    TXSB~ i’m working on it girl!

    Yes Tantric sounds fantastic, always wanted to learn! 😀

    Lingerie and leather a great combo!

  515. TXSB says:

    Flo rida:
    I like the party idea. If nothing else, its a reasonn for me buy lingerie…haven’t done it in years. And yes, please add me to the list. :)

    Wow @ your description……if only I had a man right now.

    Come to tx! :)

  516. Beach_Girl*395953 says:

    SDinATX~ YAY , sounds great! When, we need to get our leather outfits ready….

  517. SDinATX says:

    You girls can’t have your party in TXSB’s apartment. You need to do it in Austin, in a nice Hotel overlooking 6th street or Congress. That way you’re near the best clubs/bars in Texas! You need to get that dancing done after all.

  518. SincereSD says:

    2Chic says: Did someone say “tantric”?…… ahhhh yea!!!

    Have you tried it before? Most women don’t seem to have the patience for tantra.

    2Chic says: Guy when you said Barry White and Kenny G you had me. That music is foreplay for more foreplay….. yep.

    OK, now you have my attention (but don’t tell Txsd). What state are you in?

  519. Beach_Girl*395953 says:

    Flo~ girl, That would be awesome!!!

    I think we lost SDinATX

  520. 2Chic says:

    The reason I have not met men who make me writhe with pleasure is because all they can see is the exterior, and before you finish a sentence, they want to touch you, kiss you, and then try to sleep with you. So you have to constantly dismiss until you come across one who wants to take the time to touch, caress, and can refrain from natural instinct, but instead hold back, letting me feel his energy, as he look in my eyes for we are both are expecting but refuse to rush. Oh if men could only grasp the pleasures involved…… sigh

  521. TXSB says:

    “Writhe with pleasure in bed”? There are men IRL who want this? I always thought it was a fantasy ‘thing’……like unicorns.

  522. Flo Rida says:

    TX-SB – ACTUALLY someone (maybe me) should suggest we hold a tuxedo lingerie party. Guys in tux – gals in sexy lingerie. Add catering, drinks, hot temperatures & it can get interesting. Maybe spontaneous kissing can develop. ALSO a photobooth in parties drives couples to make out & capture the pics in passport photo size. You can rent them for parties.

    Beach – i’ll send a photo later today – you’ll be surprised.

    TX-SB – i’ll add you to the Gemi list – the man i’m thinking of may break up with his GF – BUT he can always fix things and get back with her – no promises. I would date him though.

  523. 2Chic says:

    Did someone say “tantric”?…… ahhhh yea!!!

  524. SincereSD says:

    cleo says: ladies, seriously, how is it that you haven’t met men that want you to writhe with pleasure in bed? don’t they understand that that’s the best ride there is?

    Cleo, sounds like you practice tantric!

    Some call it torture by pleasure but I call it heaven. 8)

    And about the writhering, one just has to be careful not to get kicked by involuntary movements.

  525. 2Chic says:

    LOL… too cute, you are too cute.
    Guy when you said Barry White and Kenny G you had me. That music is foreplay for more foreplay….. yep.

  526. TXSB says:

    I’m fine with 2chic and. Flo rida joining us. This this is a ‘girls’ thing…..the more the merrier. :)

    Well we can start with some dancing and drinks….and just see where that leads us. 😉 ooohhhh……a lingerie party! Never been to one….

  527. SincereSD says:

    2Chic says: Sincere… Oh just rub it in now would ya! Here we are trying to make happy thoughts with each other and you go and tell us that you actually did that! Well just make us feel all left out!…….(pouting, arms folded, and stomping my feet!)
    2Chic says:
    You have definitely forgot someone… SINCERE!… cough..cough

    2Chic, sorry I was working my way down the blog postings. You were next in line for the massage.

    (Note to other SD … now you know why I’m not a big fan of duo’s. It’s a lot of work to keep 2 women happy 😎 )

  528. TXSB says:

    Omg…..my back is aching just reading those words! Well, next time you’re searching for a SB, please add me to your “pot” list since I’m single now!

    YES!!! It is that rare (at least for me)

  529. Beach_Girl*395953 says:

    Sincere~ I know That Hotel and it’s not fair,,, i feel left out! :(

    TXSB~ girl you don’t need to know how to make the knots me, 2Chic and Flo will take care of them 😉

  530. cleo says:

    SDinATX: i’ve had some online friends in austin for like 14? years and i wish i could visit them. there are growing children i have not met for pete’s sakes. anyway the more i hear about your city the more lovely it sounds, you’re lucky to live there and it’s nice that you seem to know it.

    what sport did you play that you worked out like that? you must have been national lever or close at least. [i swam… a lot]

    i’m an athlete with a few extra pounds… it’s muscle with fat on it. they tell me that’s called “juicy”
    i figure that if i can see my abs through my stomach fat? that’s “athletic”
    Eastern SureBaby: i might make your headline something like “i’m the one on the right” or “face to match” or whatever

    still reading
    ladies, seriously, how is it that you haven’t met men that want you to writhe with pleasure in bed? don’t they understand that that’s the best ride there is?

    man i must be drunk, i’m going to press submit.

  531. Beach_Girl*395953 says:

    Flo~ lol I need a photo first lol…. woo hoo hey TXSB we might have an ADULT party!!!! at your house,,,, like the old days. lmao

  532. TXSB says:

    Yes, you’re right about dancing being very sensual. Its too bad that many (all the ones I’ve met) don’t see that.

    To be honest I can’t do knots. But you can teach me while I have those 4″ heels on. 😉

  533. SincereSD says:

    hmmm … getting too excited by 2chic and Txsb 👿

    that posting should have read …

    2Chic and TXSD, that was no fantasy.

    I had an evening like that at Hotel Nelligan in Montreal. (Nelli has been named as one of the most romantic hotels in the world).

    My SB gets a massage and several happy endings every time I see her (although usually without the fireplace).

  534. Beach_Girl*395953 says:

    SDinATX~ it is really , really , really rare for a man to massage his lady!!

    2Chic~ hummm always wanted a 3some!!! 😛 you are welcome only if TXSB is ok with it though… 😉

  535. 2Chic says:

    You have definitely forgot someone… SINCERE!… cough..cough

  536. Flo Rida says:

    TX-SB and Beach – SD-ATX – I too would like to see TX and Beach make out. Who knows I might break my fidelity to college roomie and join in. It also reminds me of a lesbian friend who said ‘I would eat that box’ when we were looking at model pics of a famous model who’s party we went to.

    SD-ATX – I think movie stars, the lady of the night with the NY mayor etc have gotten $1 million offers to pose in Playboy. Maybe you should suggest these women approach Playboy. SD’s been to the Playboy mansion but I haven’t – it would be fun to go – I have met several Playmates though.

  537. 2Chic says:

    Beach the way you and TxSb are talking …. humph! I may just let you turn me out if the Candy Men on this site don’t step up. At least I will know we will have fun, and you desire the same as I.

  538. Beach_Girl*395953 says:

    I 3rd what 2Chic said

  539. SDinATX says:

    Is it really so rare for you ladies to get a massage from your man? Really?

  540. Beach_Girl*395953 says:

    Sincere~ OMG, nice…

  541. SincereSD says:

    TXSB says: SincereSD: I 2nd what 2chic said!

    Well TXSB, if you were my SB I would be happy to give you a massage … pick your poison … thai, swedish, deep tissue or tantric!

    Exotic dancing with girls is something I have done before when clubbing…..I’m pretty easy going so you’re on. You’re my dancing buddy, and Beach is my kissing/hair/nails/waxing buddy. :)

    My new SB takes pole dancing. Her performance was much better than the pro’s I’ve seen in stage 8)

  542. TXSB says:

    *sigh* just like before, I 2nd everything 2chic wrote. *sigh*

  543. 2Chic says:

    Sincere… Oh just rub it in now would ya! Here we are trying to make happy thoughts with each other and you go and tell us that you actually did that! Well just make us feel all left out!…….(pouting, arms folded, and stomping my feet!)

  544. Beach_Girl*395953 says:

    SDinATX~ both me and TXSB aren’t mimes, we play well with lasers, can make knots, both psychotic and anti-social and much much more….

    TXSB~ hummm girl… 😛

  545. 2Chic says:

    I love the art of dance, the sensual side of it and yes it is soooooo fun to dance with a girl. We will dance and it will be sooo much fun!

  546. SincereSD says:

    2Chic says: Hey Sincere… you already know you had TxSb and myself drooling and salivating over your fantasy evening? You just can’t be doing that to us girls!/i>

    2Chic and TXSD, that was no fantasy. I had an evening like that at Hotel Nelligan in Montreal. My SB gets a massage and several happy endings every time I send her.

  547. 2Chic says:

    2Chic is looking in the sky whistling…..

  548. TXSB says:

    How about I physically show you those images when we meet? 😉

    Haha…well, at least with each other, we know that we all have hair, and we won’t treat each other as sexual objects!


    LOLl….true. :)


    Scratch out the above part. About the object! And yes, I agree with beach that its the cold! And oh btw, I love to dance with girls. When dancing, if I’m not with a guy that I’m dating, then I hate being groped by random guys. With girls, it doesn’t seem as sleazy! :)

  549. SDinATX says:

    Beach Girl, that is an extremely tempting offer. You aren’t a mime right?

  550. Beach_Girl*395953 says:

    SDinATX~ I forgot to mention that we both would have 4″ heels on… 😛

  551. 2Chic says:


  552. Beach_Girl*395953 says:

    SDinATX~ you know you could see it live, Invite me to Texas you can actually see me and TXSB!!!! 😉
    and it’s cheaper than ivy league school…. 😀

  553. cleo says:

    Beach: lol – i opened a new window.
    Dulcinea: god i love your name

    Creme Brulee: thanks :)
    did the first batch of christmas baking today :)

    was awesome, my friend’s house and her kitchen and we baked together and she played with her kids…

  554. 2Chic says:

    Ooooh Yes! I am down with that. It is a date. I am one heck of a dancer, girl …. Shakira has nothing on my hip movement.

  555. SDinATX says:

    I so wish word press had a smiley face for a smiley eating popcorn, because I’d use it right now.

  556. Beach_Girl*395953 says:

    TXSB~ don’t forget travel buddy and I can dance….

  557. CrèmeBruléeNY says:

    Cleo – 3rd pic is quite nice. Natural.

    TXSB – Sleepless night and I never attempt to really catch up on here. So many new names.. You didn’t embarass yourself silly but I’m sure if this were daytime, SD-specific activity will have spiked 😉

  558. Beach_Girl*395953 says:

    2Chic~ lmao, i’m telling you it’s the cold….

  559. TXSB says:

    I 2nd what 2chic said!


    Exotic dancing with girls is something I have done before when clubbing…..I’m pretty easy going so you’re on. You’re my dancing buddy, and Beach is my kissing/hair/nails/waxing buddy. :)

  560. 2Chic says:

    Now look at us, since we do not have any Candy men, we are turning to each other….. oh geez! ….. lol.

  561. Beach_Girl*395953 says:

    Sincere~ just checking but I think you can order Schwartz, go to schwartz deli you can send them a mail and ask if they would send you some … if not I can send some to you!
    And yes that was an amazing evening… how I need that in this cold …. 😀

    TXSB~ you got it 😉 , now i’m very curious about those images in your head??? hummmmm

  562. 2Chic says:

    Hey Sincere… you already know you had TxSb and myself drooling and salivating over your fantasy evening? You just can’t be doing that to us girls!

  563. TXSB says:

    WOW…….if you only knew the images I just had in my mind…. 😉 ok deal, if/when we meet, you and I make out…..don’t make me ask b/c I’m shy….so just do it! :)

    Creme, 2chic, Cleo:
    Hi!! So now you guys decide to join after I’ve managed to embarass myself! *pout*

  564. Beach_Girl*395953 says:

    2Chic~ moi???? crazy???? just a little….. 😀

  565. 2Chic says:

    Got it Beach,….. you are sooo crazy girl!

  566. 2Chic says:

    Ok, I am back again!…. lol.

    I cant kiss on a chick, sorry ladies. Not the right equipment to make we wanna scream out loud. I will do some exotic dancing with you, and hug you, but that is about as far as I can go. I need ahem..the male species.

  567. Dulcinea9786 says:

    ATX – What Beach Girl said! 😉

    cleo – love the new pics!

    Bedtime for me…g’night sugars!

  568. Beach_Girl*395953 says:

    see you later cleo, we have been chatty all day!!! lol

  569. SDinATX says:

    2chic, yes this is far more interesting than people asking me to translate latin! (see earlier on the blog)

  570. cleo says:

    okay my new photos are officially up!

    hi sugars!

    *wanders WAY up the blog to read*

  571. Beach_Girl*395953 says:

    2Chic ~ lmao I was sending you mail…. lol

  572. Beach_Girl*395953 says:

    SDinATX~ I won’t charge you that!!! lmao
    Ok i think the cold freezing weather got to me lol

  573. 2Chic says:

    Well hi ladies and gents, so you girls are talking about kissing other girls?…. mmmmn mmmn!

  574. CrèmeBruléeNY says:

    TXSB – Major points for bravery 😉

  575. Beach_Girl*395953 says:

    TXSB~ lol, it’s all good , we all do that….. when i see you girl, no need to ask!!! 😛

  576. TXSB says:

    Oh geez…can’t believe I just posted that on here….definately TMI! *runs away in shame*

  577. Beach_Girl*395953 says:

    TXSB~ lmao, I am a hairstylist so baby I’ll do your hair and nails… lol and I do waxing too…Brazilian waxing???? but I would like trip to hot and exotic places and cuddling…

    Sincere ~ Again I feel like a dumb blonde… no clue what you just said,,,
    didn’t you hear the woosh over my head!!! I get by fine… I think…. :S

  578. TXSB says:

    Flo rida:
    I’ve never kissed a woman but have seen many that I would love to. But I’m shy and never get drunk enough to ask. *sigh*

  579. SDinATX says:

    Flo Rida, Playmates get $25k to be Playmate of the Month, and $100k for Playmate of the Year. Neither of which would pay for an Ivy League education, the Playmate of the Month couldn’t even afford a semester!

    Not to mention that fIvy League education isn’t going to cost more than $250k. That is Harvard full room & board and tuition for 5 years.

    Still I’m not spending $250k on an SB to just “see her naked.”

  580. TXSB says:

    Hi and bye!

    Hahaha….ok…we can kiss and cuddle but that’s it! I don’t want my SB demanding stuff….steady allowance, kissing/cuddling, and trips to get nails/hair done is all I offer. 😉

  581. SincereSD says:

    james.m says: BTW: I still can’t click through to anyone’s profile. I’ve tried signing in on WordPress (which keeps me logged in if I shut down), and signing out there and signing in on Leave a reply, above. Neither one works. All I get is “profile not available”.
    SDinATX says: I click on some names and it works, and others it doesn’t. In fact, I believe I can click on any SD and see their profile. I click on an SB and get the “profile not available.”

    I think I must be a computer nerd bc I didn’t have any problems. But then I figured out how to navigate mail and some of the other features on the site without having to scroll through page by page.

    If you are trying to view the same sex, the URL needs to contain the word “samedetail”
    seekingarrangementdotcom / member / samedetail.php?id=XXXXXX

    If you are trying to view different sex, the URL needs to contain the word “detail”
    seekingarrangementdotcom / member / detail.php?id=XXXXXX

    To view a profile, it’s best to ccopy the blue link over into the url bar in your browser and edit the “samedetail” into “detail” as outlined above.

  582. Dulcinea9786 says:

    Flo – *laughs* Sweet gods, if I advertise myself as a stand up comedian, I’ll have to live up to that….I’m not THAT funny 😀 Just a little quirky, that’s all!

  583. Dulcinea9786 says:

    BG – If it’s any consolation, you’re not alone in the sucky location. I’m in the mountains, in a town of about 11K people. Gotta remember to put something about “willing to travel” in my updated profile…. *makes note for tomorrow morning*

  584. Flo Rida says:

    Dulcinea – how about (none of which I love):

    Have you ever dated a stand up comedian?
    I’m not for everyone but if i’m for you, no one else will do.
    The perfect SB, mutatis mutandis – if you laughed – we should meet.

    Btw I’m fine with your existing headline as long as you remove the prince charming stuff.

    I can’t seem to sleep tonight.

    TLG – enjoy the POMS in Perth(?) or wherever you are in WA.

    TX – Beach – my college roomie and I occassionally make out for fun. I’ve never kissed any other women though.

  585. Beach_Girl*395953 says:

    Flo ~ yes , she did say we should go SD hunting…. I should go to NYC in the new year!

  586. Beach_Girl*395953 says:

    DC~ thank you! I know , my location sucks!

  587. Flo Rida says:

    SincereSD – in defense of Mandy she may well have earned it and she may have deserved it – we don’t know. BUT I agree earning and deserving are different.

    I think the issue YOU have is the I look great worship me attitude. Whereas the complete package SB is someone who looks great AND is reliable AND wants the same things you do AND is geographically and time available AND has an emtional connection.

    To explain some SB perspective ‘deserve’ MAY mean I was lucky to have good genes from parents, I work out to keep in shape, I don’t eat dessert anymore, I wear high heels that make my feet hurt, ieven when i’m ridiculously tired i’ll push myself through (the date, the modelling session), i’ll avoid alcohol, drugs, food to make sure my skins looks good, i’ll learn fashion, i’ll behave with grace & decorum, i’ll study hard, i’ll listen attentively to my date, be appreciative, funny, sexy blah blah all to be the trophy wife that a rich man deserves. Believe it or not but that is WORK.

    Btw SOME women DO get $1 million (the price of an Ivy league education) for posing nude in Playboy. Rant over.

    Beach – i’ll send you an email tomorrow or Tuesday – don’t be surprised at the pic though. PS for the others I guarantee that you are not missing anything.

    also beach we don’t discuss you BUT NYCSB did say you and VC were attractice enough for NY and offered to go SD hunting as a trifecta

  588. The Lone Gunman says:

    Hello all!

    Just dropped by to say it’s Summer here in Western Australia.

    Local time is 1:15pm, so most of you should be fast asleep by now.

    Dream Sugar dreams, folks!


  589. Beach_Girl*395953 says:

    TXSB~ Yes, but can we kiss? lmao…. and cuddle?

  590. TXSB says:

    I have an idea……..my holiday wish is to win the lottery. And if that happens, perhaps you’ll consider being my platonic SB! 😉 LOL!

  591. DC *320283* says:

    TXSB- don’t worry girl, you have a long way to go! I was so picky in my 20s and 30s. Now I look mainly for compatibility and a nice face/smile and someone in decent shape. My boyfriend and I are like best friends. The sex is great. We are both mature enough to know that we both come with baggage and we accept each other warts and all. It’s the complete opposite of the fantasy world of sugar dating. In a way it is nice to have a foot in both worlds as they each make me appreciate the other.

    Beach- you and I are not 25 years old so we are going to be off a lot of SD radar screens obviously. But I would bet that your location is the biggest detriment. If you were in NYC or LA you would have multiple offers by now.

  592. Beach_Girl*395953 says:

    SDinATX~~~ Thank you !!! Thank you!!!

  593. TXSB says:

    LOL @ the 40 year old’s list! I think those may become my criterias too if I don’t find a man to settle down with by the time I’m 35!

  594. Beach_Girl*395953 says:

    SDinATX~ i’ve been here a while…. didn’t happen yet!!! I am sure I will find my perfect SD!!!

  595. SDinATX says:

    Beach Girl, I think you’re hot. Like I said, the site will grow in size, and at some point someone will see you and go “Damn,” and the rest will work itself out.

  596. Beach_Girl*395953 says:

    Sincere~ Schwartz is the Best!!!! Can’t you order it? if not let me know i’m sure I could send you some…. Awesome!!! yummy!! now i’m hungry…
    I know the snow today was not predicted …. but it’s ok, i got plenty or exercise!

    DC~ lol thanks girl…. All the ladies think i’m hot… well some… most SDs nope!!! it’s ok i’ll find mine some day!!!!
    hope he has a nice smile and some hair on his head and makes more than I do” LOL. OMG that is funny!!!!

  597. Dulcinea9786 says:

    Sincere – excellent post. Thanks for sharing.

    ATX – Seeing her naked would cost the same as putting a kid through an Ivy League school??? SERIOUSLY????? Wow….. That just completely blows me away.

  598. DC *320283* says:


    Pretty is a relative objective term. If someone has been dating a Victoria’s Secret model….well their standards are extremely high. You are gorgeous. Any man who did not agree should have his eyes examined.

    Anyone seen Up in The Air with Clooney? I loved the part where the 20 year old and 40 year old women were comparing their lists for their ideal man. The 40 year old basically narrows it down to “I hope he has a nice smile and some hair on his head and makes more than I do” LOL.

  599. SDinATX says:

    SincereSD, thanks for putting that up. I’ve read a few statements even here that slightly rubbed me the wrong way. I’m sure they didn’t mean anything of it. However, there are a few profiles I’ve come across that were down right awful with their “Give me, give me, give me, I deserve it!” Some don’t say they deserve it, but they expect it. I remember one that basically said to even see her naked would cost me the same as putting a kid through an Ivy League School… right after saying she was looking for “over educated gentlemen with obviously too much money,” and all I could think was “does this approach work?”

  600. TXSB says:

    Amazing post! Wow! :)

  601. SincereSD says:

    Good evening BG!

    I was thinking about you this afternoon as I was having some Montreal smoked meat from Ruebens that my friend brought back. It wasn’t as good as Schwartz’s but 1000x better than anything we have here in Tdot.

    Sorry to hear about your job and having to shovel all that snow.

  602. Beach_Girl*395953 says:

    Sincere~ Bravo.!!

  603. SincereSD says:

    Mandy says: I’m new to this but I’ve learned alot just by reading the blogs, I hope I find a SD, soon, I deserve it

    Welcome Mandy. I think your statement about deserving a SD and the interference of deserve to be spoiled may turn off some SD. After all, sugar relationships are supposed to be mutually beneficial.

    Here’s a rant I copied from another board … it’s a bit over the top but you should get the point:

    I want to throw in a thought or two about those women who have said in their profiles or elsewhere that they “deserve” the expensive spoiling they are seeking from the men on this site. These women believe they are entitled to have these expensive treats, that whatever they’ve experienced places them in a category of richly deserving. You’ve seen the profiles; so many of them say “I deserve it.”

    I’ve got to tell you guys that when it comes to getting the goods from your SD OR SB, NO ONE deserves it. There isn’t any such thing as “deserve.” When you meet your SD, sitting back and saying I deserve it will (and should) get you a very quick goodbye; he’ll pay the dinner bill if you’re lucky.

    I have money. Did I just deserve it? Nope.

    Did I deserve it because I had hard luck? Nope.

    Did I deserve it because of an accident of genetics I was good-looking? Nope.

    I had to EARN it. I had to go out and show the people that gave it to me that they ought to make me rich by reason of what I was doing for them.

    To deserve means you are entitled. Entitlement means that because of something you’ve done or some status you have in the eyes of the giver, you’re owed a reward by the rules of the relationship.

    You know, I’d love to have a few dozen bikini fitness models throwing themselves at me. Just because I have money, does that mean I deserve it? Or, if I say I deserve it enough times in my profile, should I then sit back and expect to get in a centerfold orgy? You don’t deserve something just by taking the space next to a man. These men expect to spoil you, yes. They want to give you attention and lots of fun. But the lunch, and all those other things, aren’t free.

    My question to the ‘deserving’ ladies who have contacted me is, what have YOU done for ME to deserve it?

  604. Dulcinea9786 says:

    Hrm. I dont’ know….I want something that stands out from the crowd and shows my personality.

  605. Beach_Girl*395953 says:

    Dulcinea you could say , mentor wanted or something… i don’t know, mine is no games

  606. Dulcinea9786 says:

    Bibbity Bobbity You?

    Went with the whole prince charming, fairy godmother, yadda yadda.

  607. Beach_Girl*395953 says:

    Flo I wanna see what you look like! you have my mail send me a photo! 😀

  608. Beach_Girl*395953 says:

    Dulcinea~ what’s the headline??? I didn;t see it!

  609. Dulcinea9786 says:

    Beach Girl – *nods* I think I’m definitely going to take those out. Though now I’ll need a new “headline” too…..hrm.

  610. Beach_Girl*395953 says:

    Flo~ I want to be a fly on the wall when that convo happens again lol

  611. Flo Rida says:

    beach – funny haha – u know what I meant.i used 2 model 2 many moons ago.

  612. Beach_Girl*395953 says:

    SDinATX ~ thanks… I did model too…. a while back!

  613. SDinATX says:

    Beach Girl, from the pictures I’ve seen, you shouldn’t have a problem. Sure, some will be looking for super model types, but others just want pretty.

  614. Beach_Girl*395953 says:

    Flo~ NYC SB agrees that I’m not pretty enough for NYC or somewhat pretty for some??? Hummm so you and NYC SB talk about me???

  615. Beach_Girl*395953 says:

    Dulcinea~ Girl , there is someone for Everyone! I do agree to take the fairy godmother out of there and the wizard and prince charming. You could say I do not know what my vocation will be, but i’m in the process of finding out. Would love for someone to help! something like that

  616. Flo Rida says:

    Beach – we’ve discussed this b4. You (and I) are not the prettiest girl in NY, I (and you) am not pretty enough for some people in NY BUT you (and I) are pretty enough for a lot of people in NY – trust me on this. Also NYC SB agrees.

  617. lisa says:

    I have a state issued ID same as a drivers’ license.

    Going to bed now

    Have a good night

  618. Flo Rida says:

    Lisa – good luck on your travels. Not sure when you are flying. If you check out the tsa web site (just google tsa or travel or flight safety) this will bring you up to speed. You’ll need ID (i recall you don’t have a car so in lieu of a driver’s license – a passport?). Also security lines AND check in lines can take 5mins – 1 hr EACH. Liquids are limited to 3fl oz or 100ml in a 1 quart size transparent bag IN carryons but you can check any quantity. Liquids include lipstick (as they think it’s a paste). i’d check in @ airport (esp if you have luggage BUT allow plenty of time).

  619. TXSB says:

    Good night!

  620. Beach_Girl*395953 says:

    Good night Midwest!

  621. lisa says:

    Good night Midwest

  622. Midwest SB says:

    It’s been a great, sugar-filled weekend and I need rest.

    Lisa – Very well put. Have a fabulous trip

    Goodnight Flo Rida, BG, PG, Dulci, TXSB and lisa.

  623. Dulcinea9786 says:

    Flo – Thank you lots and lots for taking the time to look, and to advise. I really appreciate it. I’ll most likely be making some changes in the morning after I get some sleep.

  624. Flo Rida says:

    Dulcinea – I like your profile (as it screams quirky and fun) and frankly there’s someone for everyone BUT I think you’ll appeal to a unique or limited SD.

    Comments as follows: 1 pic only is tough as I always advocate a full face shot smiling (maybe with contact lenses or without glasses) and a full body shot standing up in black + a wildcard shot.

    I think $3-5k is optimistic and maybe change that to Open negotiable. I think references to ‘Prince Charming, Wizard, KKK and magic wand’ define who you are as a person but again gives me the impression that ‘you might not be realistic and you are looking for a fantasy’. Also ‘don’t know what I want to be when I grow up’ but you’re 31 suggests you’re unfocused (not that there’s anything wrong with that but why advertise a negative (from a SD perspective)). Alas occasional smoker is a double edged sword – to some it will appeal to a large pool of others it will turn off (i know because I smoke rarely with some people too). ‘a few extra lbs’ it’s tough but most SDs (not all) are looking for a SB in shape.

    Lastly you talk a lot about what a SD can do for you but not what you can do for your SD – if you look at Gemi’s it’s clear what value she’s bringing to a relationship and also what she’s looking for out of this and that she’s mentally into this. Sorry for the long message.

    Feel free NOT to change anything unless you wish to. Best

  625. lisa says:

    Lying about your age would mean you’d have to think about everything you said. Even in a sd/sb relationship, no one wants to be lied to. In general conversation it would be easy to slip and give out your real age.

  626. Midwest SB says:

    Dulci – I bet you had a great time wearing that out! What a show stopper!

  627. Midwest SB says:

    Lisa – I completely see your point and agree that it has to be a choice you are comfortable with. IRL – I would not alter my age. I do feel like it’s ok in the sugar world simply b/c we are not here to meet our next husband/wife. Granted, trust is necessary in a sugar relationship, but my experence has been that if you disclose with fair explanations as to why, there will not be any hard feelings. Now, if I said I was 25 when I was 42, that could be a much greater disappointment! It’s really all a matter personal perspective.

  628. lisa says:

    Thanks Midwest.

    As far as shaving a few years off, it’s nothing something I would do even though i’m 44. Once you tell that lie, you have to watch your every word to make sure all any life event you might mention without thinking corresponds with you lower age. If you take 3 years off your age, remember to take 3 years off life events too or you might leave someone wondering how you graduated from highschool at 15. I had an sd a few months ago that lied about his age. Said he was 51 which was 8 years older than me at that time, however as we were walking in the mall there is a clock in the middle that says the mall was established in 1965 and he mentioned that was the year he graduated high school. I was born in 65 so that made him 18 years older than me or 61. I think he was actually 65 though so he might have been talking about college.

  629. Dulcinea9786 says:

    TXSB – that was a pre-kids outfit….I was probably 25 pounds lighter back then. But yeah, it was a Damn outfit :)

  630. Midwest SB says:

    Lisa – Write down your itinerary number. When you get to the airport, there should be many “self check-in” kiosks. Use the itinerary number to pull yours up. You can print your boarding passes there. Otherwise, I do believe you can print from a thumb drive or e-mail it to them.

    Also, it’s very handy to submit your number online to receive flight updates via text. When I went to NYC, this saved me from being at the wrong gate after a glass or two of wine :-)

  631. photogirl says:

    Hello Beach and Midwest – Thanks :)

    Midwest – I agree… I’ve thought about shaving a couple years off as well but just have not brought myself to do it. I know I am being cut off on searches although my profile is currently hidden so it does not make a difference at the moment. Also agree that there is someone for everyone and you need to be happy with who you are, your appearance and NOT compare yourself to the other women here.

  632. lisa says:

    Good evening TXSB

  633. TXSB says:

    Photo, lisa, midwest:
    Hi! :)


    Damn! That’s my only reaction to that outfit…. :)

  634. lisa says:

    Yes i’m very excited. Got my regular routine out of the way today, laundry, housework, groceries. Tomorrow I will visit parents as usual (this time next week they won’t be talking to me, lol) and come home and pack. Need to pick up some last minute stuff on tuesday along with printing boarding pass and all. I don’t have a printer so is there anyway to save a boarding pass to a thumbdrive and print it at a printshop? There are no public computers where I can print anywhere near me and the print shop I go to won’t let you log onto the internet to print anything out. If not I guess I can check in at the airport. I haven’t flown in almost 7 years and it’s changed alot.

  635. Midwest SB says:

    Hi Photo Girl!

    Lisa – Wow, the trip is almost here! You have earned this!

  636. Beach_Girl*395953 says:

    Photo~ hey girl!!! missed you!1!

    Lisa~ hi, are you excited about your trip? I am excited for you!

  637. Midwest SB says:

    ESB – Sorry I missed your post earlier. First, Thank you and I’m very happy with the results! As far as age goes, I sought advice on the blog 3 mos ago b/c I felt like my age would be a hinderance. The advice was varied, but one sound suggestion from an SD was that if I did shave a few years, I would not be eliminated from the searches for men seeking women up to 39. That made a big difference in my views. Granted, it’s not honest, but it is marketing. I have (almost) always disclosed my age within the first few e-mails. That said, you are beautiful and in great shape. Not many men would question your motives when you disclose your true age. In fact, most would be glad you did or they would not have met you simply b/c of a search category. So….don’t let the fact that a bunch of younger women are here…there is someone for everyone regardless of age, body type, ethnicity, etc. WOW – that was long – sorry :-)

  638. Beach_Girl*395953 says:

    Hi Anna , how was the shopping? did you get me anything? lmao 😀

    Flo~ If i could move,,,, and NYC I was told i wasn’t pretty enough for the men there…. it’s ok! one day, i’ll find the best SD for me 😀

  639. photogirl says:

    Anna – As of a few days ago TexasSD had been extremely busy with work and TLG is having too much fun in Australia!

  640. lisa says:

    Good evening

  641. Dulcinea9786 says:

    Flo – If you have time to look, it’s 418318

    TXSB – Oh, they were….I wore them with a long black skirt with thigh-high slits up both sides, and a black leather vest that was tight enough I didn’t need a bra. LOVED that outfit.

  642. Anna Molly says:

    Where is SDN? He hasn’t been around much lately…hmmmm.
    TexaSD fell off the face of the earth! Anybody know what happened to him? Come to think of it a lot of people have poofed.

    I’ve been in a lurk mood myself..lol

  643. TXSB says:

    Hey! :)


    Gawd those boots sound HOT!

  644. Flo Rida says:

    Midwest – I don’t have a profile on any site – so not guilty i’m afraid – you must have another stalker!

    Beach – i’ve read your profile in the past – there’s absolutely nothing wrong with it – I think it’s your location. Also you have to remember how lazy New Yorker’s are ‘some’ won’t even cross the Williamsburg bridge for the best steak in town arguably the best steak in the US (Peter Luger’s) and remember the John Lennon building is called the Dakota’s because the Upper West Side is as far away from downtown as the Dakota’s are. If u moved (not advocating it) you’d be fine. PS I also recommend rotating pics so a variety is useful – also rotating picsd (i think) refreshes your profile which bumps you up the list

    Dulcinea – I haven’t seen your profile so alas cannot comment.

  645. Anna Molly says:

    Hi BG :)

  646. Dulcinea9786 says:

    TXSB – I once had a pair of knee high black leather do-me boots that had about 6″ of platform and heel together. Those, I could do. But normal heels that high? I think I’m SOL *laughs*

  647. Beach_Girl*395953 says:

    Midwest~ I have contacted a lot of Vermont SDs, only 2-3 hours away… maine is 4-6 depending where…. they all don’t want the travel time…
    Its ok , it will happen

  648. Anna Molly says:

    Hi Midwest :)

    Hi Dulcinea :)

  649. Beach_Girl*395953 says:

    ATX~ true, I guess “You look and sound very nice” is nice to hear!

  650. Midwest SB says:

    BG – Egads. It did help when I added Chicago to my geographic area. It is close though and provides a great point of reference to my location. I haven’t had to go there to meet a pot sd. What about Vermont/ Maine areas. Those are small states, but I’m sure they have sds who would arrange travel. If I get to persistant, stop me. Sometimes my “helpfulness” can get in my own way. :-)

  651. SDinATX says:

    Beach Girl, you can be offended, or take it as a compliment. It’s easier to take it as a compliment and politely let him know you’re not an escort so he may get the idea the women on here aren’t escorts.

  652. TXSB says:

    The highest heels I have are 4.5″….I’m a bit on the short side so need the help. I can’t imagine going any higher….


  653. Anna Molly says:

    Hi everybody :)

    What’s going on?

  654. Beach_Girl*395953 says:

    SDinATX~ yeah I guess…

    this is the actual mail:

    You sound (and look) very nice! I am travelling to Montreal on Tuesday this week and wondered if you would be interested in a one time get together? I will not disappoint you in the experience and allowance.

  655. SDinATX says:

    TXSB, you have 4 foot heels? You win!

    Beach Girl, take it as a compliment and move on. More SDs will find this site, and it will only improve around here.

  656. Beach_Girl*395953 says:

    Midwest~ I am 6-7 hour drive from NYC, 1 hour flight . Same with Toronto… so not really…. I know…They so don’t get it.. It really is crazy!
    But since you find me hot guess the midwest isn’t so bad lol

  657. Midwest SB says:

    BG – lol! You can stalk me anytime!

  658. Midwest SB says:

    BG – Perhaps a move is in order *kidding*. I remember an SD saying your area is full of professional women and players for men, so you are in a tough spot. There must be some sds who would love to fly you to NYC, TX or CA. Is there a different locale you can say you are from that’s reasonably close and gets you out of the stereotype that all women from your area are pros?

  659. Dulcinea9786 says:

    BG – Oh, thank you!! That is the best profile I think I’ve seen. My own now feels woefully inadequate….back to the drawing board!

    ATX – In high school, I played in the marching band. We had one game where they had to scrape 3′ of snow and ice off the field before warmups. I had on eight layers of clothing, under my two layer uniform, under my band parka under my heavy blanket. And if you count my skin as another layer, totalling 13, you’d’ve had my age at the time 😀

    4″ minimum? Holy hell….. Ok, I need someone to teach me how to walk in stilts…

  660. Beach_Girl*395953 says:

    TXSB~ you got mail girl….

    Midwest~ did you see , I’m stalking you…. I open your profile all the time…
    sorry about that…

  661. Midwest SB says:

    Flo Rida – I asked b/c I can see who viewed my profile. An sb from ATL…thought it was you.

  662. TXSB says:

    Hi! :)


    LOL…..that’s a more accurate term I guess. Its a bit intriguing and horrifyinng to imagine what went on in my current bedroom!


    I agree on the temp comment. Anything below 60 is COLD in my opinion. 4′ is the minimum? *looks at her 4’heels and gives up*

  663. Beach_Girl*395953 says:

    Flo~ I don’t know, I’d have to try it i guess….I don’t know what to write…
    ah well…. it’s ok… I just got one tasteful email asking for a “One time Meet” and ” I won’t be disappointed with the allowance for the one meet” 😉
    Yeah thanks!!!

  664. Midwest SB says:

    Flo Rida – 395409. Thank you!

  665. Flo Rida says:

    SDinATX – though I have not met Gemi, if you are ok with the travelling & available – I highly recommend you visit Baltimore – she’s a classy lady. Separately i’ll try and help her out in the new year. You have to ‘get’ her sense of humor though. also methinks it was james.m who said ‘i don’t know what it means’

    Midwest – i’m not a member so I can’t access people’s profile through hyperlink – IF you want me to look at it can you disclose your profile # or email it to me). i’ll have to find the electronic version of the sailing stuff but I’ll try and get it to you this week or next week.

    TXSB – hi! i’ve been to a toga party a tux – lingerie party & a ‘key’ party but I always went home with my date & alas my (but not other’s) activities were PG-13.

    Beach – the bikini photo done tastefully works but it can also backfire.

  666. Beach_Girl*395953 says:

    damn those snow plow people, I sear they must wait on the corner of my street and wait til i’m done shoveling to come an fill the driveway again….
    I’m sure he laughs while he’s doing it too….

  667. SDinATX says:

    TXSB, we’ll see which girl goes all out. 4″ heels are the minimum after all! 😉

    Midwest SB, no they were in the shape of deformed christmas trees (the sugar cookies) and some rich chocolate chip cookies in the shape of not quite round.

  668. Beach_Girl*395953 says:

    SDinATX~ Lmao, Yeah i hear you there…. you are very funny! thank you for making laugh

  669. Beach_Girl*395953 says:

    Dulcinea~ this is Gemini29 *408140* , she posted on top of this blog

  670. SDinATX says:

    60 degrees is cold! Where I live it gets below 50 something like 14 days out of the year at most. Those are horrible days!

    When I go snow skiing at least I’m wearing enough layers that if someone cut me in half and counted the rings, they might get close to my age (well not really).

  671. Dulcinea9786 says:

    Flo – One of these days, I’d love to read the (in)famous Gemi’s profile.

    profile pics – I’m gonna just say no to a bikini photo. Two reasons – 1) I do not now, nor have I ever, own a bikini. 2) The reason for 1) is that I would look absolutely ridiculous in one.

  672. Beach_Girl*395953 says:

    TXSB~ they are called Swingers Parties! And lots of other names!

    Wow now I want to redo my profile… guess I should have a bikini photo too!

  673. Midwest SB says:

    BG / ATX – I’m with you…60s is NOT cold! It’s a balmy 20 ish here too!

    Flo Rida – Awesome. Life_is_good_today at the live place. We do have wind and water on Lake Michigan, so should be good. BTW – Did you view my profile recently…she reminds me of you from ATL?

    TXSB – HI!!!

    ATX – were the cookies in the shape of handcuffs?

  674. TXSB says:

    Flo rida:


    Unfortunately I chose to refer to it as “adult”. The 2 guys that told us about the parties used all sorts of terms to describe them…..I’m too much of a wuss to repeat any of it.

  675. Dulcinea9786 says:

    ATX – It’s 60? And it’s freezing? I’m sensing a temperature incongruence…. Of course, when I lived in Tucson, I’d’ve said the same thing. It’s 40 with heavy fog here.

    TXSB – Ooooh, good point there….I need to go to the city to get me some 4″ heel boots. And some tight leather. And a book on how “ceilings” and “floors” work…..

  676. SDinATX says:

    Flo Rida, I knew what emotionally congruent meant, because congruent means agreeable (basically), so emotionally agreeable. When James asked me yesterday if I was emotionally congruent (he was the first person to catch on to why I wanted to go to Baltimore), I replied “My emotions generally agree with how I feel, so Yeah!”

    That is a heck of a profile. The other line I remembered was “oodles of personality,” and by the end of it you think she just might have it.

  677. Beach_Girl*395953 says:

    SDinATX~ 60 is not freezing my friend….. I just froze outside …It’s 26 , factor in the wind chill and it’s 10F…. so 60 is not freezing!

    Hi everyone, slow to type my fingers are frozen 😀

  678. Flo Rida says:

    SD-ATX, Midwest, Dulcina – On the topic of Gemi’s profile i’m a vault. Though I do take credit for the deliberate spelling mistake – discreet versus discrete. I don’t know why but a spelling mistake seems apropos.

    james.m or SD-ATX (i think) asked on ’emotionally congruent’. I think NYC SB came up with this. It basically means someone who acts in a manner consistent with their emotions. The specific contextual application is ‘if someone is on this site ergo they are accepting of the concept of providing financial assistance – affection aka sugar as part of a form of relationship (ranging from dating to a ‘transaction or two’). Sorry for the long winded description – the reality is many SB’s and SDs (SincereSD) spend a lot of time educating on ‘what this is and why it works’. sorry for diatribe

    Midwest – I can email you a basic guide on sailing (knots, language, boat ‘parts’) – other than that crew on a J-24 before you migrate to a Beneteau 29 31 or 49. Of course you’ll need wind and water.

  679. TXSB says:



    All the SBs ran off to practice their laser skills and buy 4′ heels! After all, now they know the skills necessary to make it to the Rose Bowl with you.

  680. SDinATX says:

    Dulcinea, I might agree that it was common practice, but it’s like 60 degrees outside! It’s freezing! Certainly, it’s a sure sign she’s a lonely house wife.

    TXSB, that’s awesome. “Adult” parties! I’d have so made fun of the person for calling it an “Adult,” party. What do they only go to parties with clowns and large inflatable castle things for jumping?

  681. SDinATX says:

    Howdy, TXSB! Yes, it’s quite exciting. I shared my profile with people, and they all disappeared after the conversation that came up after it. I guess plastic wrap instead of knots, whips, etc. scared off people.

  682. Dulcinea9786 says:

    Hi TXSB!!

    ATX – Here in the south, it’s common practice to bring people fresh baked cookies :) Now, if she mentioned that she has a good working knowledge of “lasers” and is not a mime, I’d go with trying to seduce you…. 😉

  683. TXSB says:

    The post beach quoted where you talked about giving massages made me drool too. Maybe the next man in my life will be into it…. *fingers crossed*

    Speaking of whips, when roomie and I moved into our current apt, we found a whip that was left in the washer/dryer cubby! Then we found out from neighbors months late that some girl used to live there and she used to throw…”adult” ….parties. if only my walls could talk….

  684. Dulcinea9786 says:

    No worries, Midwest. My search emphasized that I should really read, well, everything. :) I’ve got a very light week at work this coming week (I’m scheduled for a whopping SIX hours!), so I’ll have time to read. There’s much wisdom there, I think.

  685. SDinATX says:

    So a neighbor’s wife just tried to seduce me, that or it’s common practice on the holiday season to bring people fresh baked cookies! I’m going with trying to seduce me…

  686. TXSB says:

    Hi everyone! Looks like a fun evening on the blog…..

  687. Dulcinea9786 says:

    I found it!!

    It wasn’t on Haloween, but on the blog before Haloween. But now I’ve got it :)

  688. Beach_Girl*395953 says:

    Ahhh midwest Thank you,,, YAY i’m hot! lol

    Off to shovel snow again!!!!

  689. Midwest SB says:

    *Knocks* Hallooooooo

    CA Dreamin – gotcha beat!

  690. Midwest SB says:

    I think Gemi wrote most of it and Flo Rida helped with the final touches. It definitely goes in the profile hall of fame *crush*

    Dulci – Closet blondes have more fun!

  691. SDinATX says:

    She wrote Gemini’s profile right? That is a heck of a profile. Extremely well done.

  692. Dulcinea9786 says:

    ATX – Thank you!!

    Midwest – *thwaps self in forehead* Oh, duh….why on earth didn’t I do that in the first place? I’m a closet blonde, I swear :)

  693. Midwest SB says:

    Dulci – Use Ctrl F on the Halloween blog and type Flo Rida in the search box. You will find her very long post. Hope that helps. I should go and copy it and keep in on my computer as I am always referring people to it

    It’s good to be orange if you don’t mind spending the money

  694. SDinATX says:

    Us orange people are premium members, and we have the ability to see who looked at us and when. That and we get a more powerful search engine, that lets us choose what city we want to look for. Which for me is good, because lets face it, Texas is huge.

  695. Dulcinea9786 says:

    What’s the difference between the orange and blue profiles?

  696. Midwest SB says:

    I like to do the same…no worries. Now you will join my blog buddies as a favorite. I’m afraid I do not have whips or the like. Stilettos – yes.

  697. SDinATX says:

    Midwest SB, I’m trying to put names to faces. I thought for a moment, what if they’re orange? Then said to hell with it, she’ll just think I have a crush on her or something. I think I’ve got names/faces down now.

  698. Midwest SB says:

    Evening Dulci, ATX, BG, LASB and James!

    *sigh* weekend is over, time to stop playing and come back to the real world…or real sugar world!

    OC -Glad SD gets to go home soon. Time to don the nurses uniform and begin rehab :-)

    ATX – So that was YOU!!

    Flo Rida – It wasn’t easy, but worth it. Will you teach me to sail??

    Dulci – knots, cat-o-mines and whips, oh my…

    BG – You are one HOT anti-social bitch :-)

    LASB – it’s official, you are great tech support! I’m sure Stephan will love you! Great profile btw!

    james – :-)

  699. Dulcinea9786 says:

    My granddaddy taught me that one….I’m guessing he didn’t want to actually use “nothus,” so he wouldn’t get my parents mad at him for teaching me to swear in Latin.

    I’m much better at random nonsense in Spanish or French. El pollo feliz es en mi zapatos. La vache roughe danses dans la salle de bain.

  700. SDinATX says:

    That’s gibberish. carborundum is a mineral used for grinding. Illigitimus, is likely meant to be illigitimi. So in this case, I’m going to guess it means bastard… and with carborundum… don’t let a bastard grind you down?

    You should use Nothus non carborundum. Might as well use the latin word for bastard.

  701. Dulcinea9786 says:

    Hrm….wrong “where”…. :)

    How about Illigitimus non carborendum.

  702. SDinATX says:

    Always where under where?

  703. Dulcinea9786 says:

    BG – *laughs* at least we know we’re in good company in the psycho anti-social bitch squad :)

    Sempere ubi sub ubi!!

  704. SDinATX says:

    The line I was most proud of in writing that, was “no mimes.” I wrote that rather quickly, but I am proud of it. If there is one thing I’m guaranteed of doing, it’s make others laugh, snort drinks up their noses, and spit drinks out to stop them from snorting drinks up their noses.

  705. Beach_Girl*395953 says:

    Dulcinea~ Lmao it’s ok I was calling myself a psycho anti-social bitch too…

  706. Dulcinea9786 says:

    ATX – Boots and whips are always worth being thankful. *nods solemnly*

    Now where’d I put my cat-o-nine….. 😉

  707. Dulcinea9786 says:

    *giggles* S’ok, BG, no worries….I’ve been called far worse than a psycho anti-social bitch 😉

    I’m tempted to start spouting random Latin phrases that have absolutely no relevance to anything else, though…

  708. SDinATX says:

    To be fair, the person who wrote me about what I wrote, isn’t even from my state, she is an extremely attractive lady though. So I’ll just thank her for the response, because it did make me smile. It also put visions of her in boots and a whip in my head, so for that she deserves a thankful reply at least.

  709. Beach_Girl*395953 says:

    Dulcinea~ lol sorry I just had too, I did a PG 13 there lol….Me so bad right now, I think I need to go out in the snow and freeze a little lmao 😀

  710. Dulcinea9786 says:

    *evil laughter*

    I think he’s just ignoring us, BG….. 😀

  711. Beach_Girl*395953 says:

    Dulcinea is a master at knots!!! I master of the laser… we are both psycho and anti social bitches lmao….
    sorry lmao

    I think we scared ATX away

  712. SDinATX says:

    LASB, actually I hear from reliable people that Led Zeppelin is going to do a short tour in 2010. I saw them in London, and they are definitely worth seeing again. I might follow them around like a dead head for that short tour.

    Also don’t worry about experience with “lasers,” it says “able,” not “experienced operator of lasers.”

  713. Dulcinea9786 says:

    And knots will be tied!

  714. Beach_Girl*395953 says:

    SDinATX~ you will have to submit your reply for approval, or else this laser psycho will get ya!

  715. Dulcinea9786 says:

    *seconds Beach Girl*

    I’d love to see the reply there!!

    *continues giggling*

  716. Beach_Girl*395953 says:

    SDinATX~ lmao…. oh I really want to know what you will reply to her!
    Sorry i’m still killing myself laughing here… lol

  717. SDinATX says:

    Beach Girl, yes I do … I got one titled “interesting,” and the complete message was only this:

    “I own a few pair of those boots, and a whip! :-)”

    I haven’t replied back yet, but I likely will. The SBs I send messages to, respond and act like they never read it, sadly or just say “your profile made me laugh.”

  718. Dulcinea9786 says:

    ATX – I think I just hurt myself laughing at your profile…. 😀 I was with you through Latin, but I’m missing the Sanskrit and Aramaic. Then right back on the train until the 4″ heels (!) And I don’t think I’m quite psychotic or anti-social enough for you…..though many consider me a freak or weirdo 😉 LOVE IT!! *giggles uncontrollably*

  719. Beach_Girl*395953 says:

    SDinATX~ Here they are retrofitting a place where there were horse races, going to fit over 300k people.And it’s going to be in june ’10.. It seems like it’s going to be awesome!
    I haven’t seen them in ages, so it’s going to be great…
    Really? do you get hit on your profile? and if so, I would love to see what they say lmao… sorry… it’s funny

  720. SDinATX says:

    Beach Girl, I just saw U2 at the new Cowboys Stadium in Dallas, or as we call it locally “Jerry World,” and they were awesome, the stadium is horrible for concerts though. The sound echoed horrendously. I don’t think U2 will play there again because of how bad it was.

  721. Beach_Girl*395953 says:

    SDinATX~ LMAO ,
    Ego-maniacal Super Villain seeks self motivated and sexually uninhibited harlot
    you make me laugh!!!

  722. SDinATX says:

    So if I do this, it shows y’all my profile. Once I figured out that people could see my net worth, I changed it. Sorry, but nobody needs to know the real answer to that, except for me, my accountant, and the IRS.

    That profile is also a work in progress, I had some fun until I could come up with something more permanent.

  723. Beach_Girl*395953 says:

    SDinATX~ Agree, I loved it when I saw them… U2 is doing a huge show here, 300K people to be attended next year! I can’t wait for the Ticks to be on sale! Going to be awesome!

  724. james.m says:

    Ykes, I’ve been moderated. Just tried to say “bye” and it didn’t post!

  725. SDinATX says:

    LASB, Roger is always worth seeing. However, I must say seeing all of Floyd together was better than seeing Waters alone, Gilmour alone, or Pink Floyd later 80s/early 90s. Many people forget that in addition to being a heck of a writer, Waters is also a damn good bass player. Waters has no problems getting amazing guitarists to play with him on tours either. Eric Clapton, Stevie Ray Vaughan, Doyle Bramhall II, and Jeff Beck have all gone on tour with Waters. That is one spoiled musician.

    It’s amazing to me how some of those old bands can still out perform the young guys. The top acts at Live8 hands down were McCartney, U2, The Who, and Pink Floyd. It isn’t that the younger bands weren’t good, but the old guys really know how to rock. If anyone likes to see a guitarist put his soul into an effort, they have to see The Who, because Townsend is one of the best ever live.

  726. Beach_Girl*395953 says:

    It’s nice to know who we are taking too, isn’t it?
    Love it!

  727. james.m says:

    In addition to everything else, LASB is a wizard.
    Here’s what she figured out:
    I signed in using the Leave a Reply boxes. I pulled up my profile, copied it’s URL, and pasted it into the “website” box. when you pull up your own profile, the URL is modified by changing the word “detail” in it to “samedetail”. This follows slashmemberslash and precedes the user id number. normal URLs only have the word “detail”. so, if you delete “same”, making it just “detail”, it should work.

  728. james.m says:

    HA! I just posted a long, detailed explanation of what LASB figured out. It was deleted, because I included the URL and explained how to modify it. So, that answers Dulcinea’s question, too (also previously solved by LA. I’ll try again

  729. Dulcinea9786 says:

    It works, james!!! Woo-hoo!!!!!

  730. photogirl says:

    LASB – I am the house photographer for a large corporation and outdoor venue in my area. I’ve also worked with local/unsigned bands. I do some charity work(would love to be able to do it more often), weddings and love photographing children.

  731. james.m says:

    I’ve modified my URL per LA’s instructions. Am I still blue? Can anyone click through to my profile?

  732. Dulcinea9786 says:

    Hrm…..I don’t think there was any URL…. let me try again.

    James – I love PDQ bach! Found Oedipus Tex on youtube last week and sang along with the whole thing. He’s one of my favorites!!

    Flo – Rumor has it you’re the profile expert…..I was referred to your post on writing profiles on the Haloween blog, but couldn’t find it anywhere. Can you point me in the right direction?

    Yaz – I’m joining the club!!

  733. james.m says:

    LA – I can’t think of anyone better to be stalked by.

    I had several hits once my profile number was revealed, even though it (not me) IS missing a digit. So, of course, I checked your profiles, too. What am I missing? Why is any one of you not inundated with pot SDs? You’re obviously intelligent, you can write complete sentences, you’ve got beautiful photos, and you all appear to be emotionally congruent! If I were closer (and still looking), I’d be all over you guys like white on rice!
    *apologies to the author of emotionally congruent. I have no idea what it means, but I love it!*

  734. Dulcinea9786 says:

    Ok, I’ve now tried 3 different times to post responses to some of y’all….but none of them are showing up on my screen. Help???

  735. LASB-419804 says:

    Yaz10–relaxing now. Oh yeah there’s my sense of humor. I must have misplaced it while looking into James’s profile issue. lol

  736. LASB-419804 says:

    James, check your SA mail. I think I sorted out your problem.

  737. Yaz10 says:

    Lol LASB : Relax, it is all in good fun and the SBs know it. :-)

    Thanks BG and Flo! :-) Yay two more members ( Of course you can get honorary membership! :-) )!!! lol

  738. Dulcinea9786 says:

    Odd……I posted, but my post didn’t show up. And when I tried to post again, it told me it was a duplicate. But I don’t see the original. Hrm.

  739. photogirl says:

    Ahh music…of course!

    One of my favorite quotes: Music washes away from the soul the dust of everyday life. ~Berthold Auerbach

    That said, I enjoy so many types of music. Truly depends on my mood. I’m very fortunate to have photographed many concerts… an experience I wouldn’t trade for anything!

    Anna and BG can hopefully vouch for some of my work. :)

    SDinATX… I am envious that you got to attend Live8!

  740. Flo Rida says:

    Yaz – alas i’m ‘out’ as i’m not eligible, but can I get honorary membership? I promise i’m fun (well some of the time anyway)

  741. LASB-419804 says:

    YAZ–If you change the name to “Amazing SBs who are going to find the most amazing SDs but just haven’t yet” club, I’m in. Ladies, keep a positive attitude and it will come in.

  742. Beach_Girl*395953 says:

    Yaz~ I’m in too!!!

  743. Beach_Girl*395953 says:

    Flo~ I totally agree with you!!

    As for the weight thing, just eat right and exercise! the quick fixes never work i’m told!

    As for music, Altern, Rock, Metal, anything goes! but not country omg … no f’in way!!!

  744. Yaz10 says:

    Yay I got one member!!! :-) Lol

  745. Yaz, I’m in, but kinda my fault.. old BF wants to take me skiing.. I’m bored and lonely so why not! It’s my birthday, and I’ll ski if I wanna!! beats sitting home watching tv and feeling sorry for myself.

    OK, this time I mean it, I’m out.. night all!!

  746. LASB-419804 says:

    ATX– That sounds amazing. Yes, I’m envious that you saw the whole Pink Floyd. I did coachella last year to see Roger Waters do Dark Side, and it was epic!!!! It was only 100k people or so, but the energy was something to behold. I love the Who too! Played down the street from me, last year and I dragged my friend out to see them. It was a pleasant surprise that they are not all old and washed up.

  747. Flo Rida says:

    Dulcinea -Easternsurebaby – I once travelled through a less developed Asian country with a Japanese photographer for 3 days & he only ate bread and Japanese snacks that he brought with him and his excuse to the locals was he had an upset stomach – not sure that would work with your mother but…

    also i’m not advocating it but I know models who are on the ‘cleanse’ you can internet google it. i’m not sure it’s healthy and you might want vitamin supplements but it works in dropping weight. beyonce has used it and so does janet jackson.

    I know what you mean by saying you want to lose weight though as I feel that after I gain 2lbs – but then people also tell me I look aneroxic (spelling).

    Gemi – I may be able to help you in the new year (if you are sans SD) and he’s ’emotionally congruent’ – no guarantees of course.

    Beach – 2chic – though backstabbing & jealousy tell you who your friends are not – I also feel that if a woman can’t keep her man then they’re not emotionally connected anyway. Having said that Othello – Iago – Desdemona is probably the worse case scenario of backstabbing & treachery.

    james and midwest – glad to see you are above the ‘drama’

    In terms of sailing – Kemah was extremely soupy – visibility was 150 ft noon, 30 ft by 3pm, and zero ft by 6pm so it felt scary – I don’t mean fog horns & ramming boats, I mean not being able to see navigation channels and buoys.

    Hope everyone’s having a great day!

  748. ok kids have fun. I need to go. Baby girl wants to go pick out her secret santa gift. She is bored and wants to spend Mom’s money!! Not much of that to spend but at least we will be doing something… Have a great night all.. I’ll try to catch up tomorrow.

    HUGS!! and thanks for all the fun!!

  749. SDinATX says:

    LASB, I’m a huge music fan. I’ve traveled thousands of miles just to see certain bands. For instance, I went to Live8 in London in 2005. That wasn’t easy either, I had to get in what they called the “Golden Circle,” to make sure I wasn’t stuck in the middle of 600,000 people. They claim those were the hardest tickets to ever get.

    It was also the most surreal event I ever went to. There was a brunch for us VIP people before hand at a swank hotel ballroom. Not only was it VIP but members of the different bands were there hanging out with us, royalty, and Bill Gates.

    The only reason I went too, despite U2, Coldplay, The Killers, Paul McCartney, Madonna, The Who, Snoop Dogg, and others was Pink Floyd reunited for the show. The real 4 member version of Pink Floyd, first time they’d played as a group in 22 years.

    To top that event off… when they got on stage, they blew everyone else away. Something like over 20 polls were taken about the best performer that day, and Pink Floyd won every poll. They were stunning. Well worth the absurd strings I pulled to go.

  750. 2Chic says:

    Ronny Jordan Danny Lerman
    I am a true jazz lover and the classics too.

    Euge Groove The Braxton Brothers
    Down 2 the Bone Boney James
    Four80 East Mike Phillips
    Rick Braun George Benson
    Jeff Lorber Marvin Gaye
    Peter White Ottis Redding
    Norman Brown Al Jarreau
    Barry White Norah Jones
    Natalie Cole Nancy Wilson
    Chris Botti Gabriela Anders
    Esperanza Spalding Erykah Badu

  751. james.m says:

    LA – when I click on my link here, my profile shows. I was going to hide it, because there’s no need to look now, but decided I’d leave it up in case anyone on the blog wanted to look at it. So, I’m not hidden. The URL of my profile actually ends in “id=84363” However, I used the “favorites route” (carefully avoiding orange ones) and found myself not available.
    Just when I thought I had it figured out, too.

  752. Yaz10 says:

    Anyone care to join my ” SBs who can’t find a SD to save their life” club? 😀

  753. LASB-419804 says:

    Dulci, we have similar tastes. I’ve got Silversun Pickups playing on the Pallladia channel right now. I like everything from Josh to Bach to Bonjovi, etc. I’m so glad Alice in Chains and Sublime are playing live again. I love hard rock and punk and some metal, but not speed metal. I like some of the newer bands, but so much of it just sounds like Linkin Park to me. I like Linkin, but no need for rip offs.

    James– you asked for that one. Jus sayin. 😉

  754. Anna Molly says:

    Hi!! How are ya?

    Hi everybody :)

  755. Yaz10 says:

    I posted 3 news pics but decided not to upgrade my membership…Ah well….I might do it next week tho…..

  756. LMAO @ LA…

    My music. Hmm.. depends on who I am with. I’m pathetic… with my daughter, it’s country, Taylor Swift, Keith Urban, Raskel Flats.. my son, Metallica, Alice in Chains, I’m kinda into Godsmack, Rob Zombie, Nickleback… I love the alternative stuff.. but when I need to chill… Kenny G, anything with out words… oh, and the Beach Boys… love them!!

    The pics are from last summer, July, Aug. I had a few bad months, so I have put on a few lbs. Not that noticable, but I know it’s there.

  757. Yaz10 says:

    Hey!!!! :-) * waving like a mad woman* LOL

  758. Anna Molly says:

    I’m here :)

  759. james.m says:

    Dulcinea – I haven’t thought about PDQBach in years. I suspect many people here won’t know who you are talking about.

  760. LASB-419804 says:

    James– do you have your profile marked available for search? Or did you click on “hide profile now” at some point? Hmm, I’m running out of ideas for you. :( You might have to contact “real” tech support.

  761. Yaz10 says:

    Where oh where is my SD? It is getting colder and colder here lol

    Annnnnnnnnaaaaaaaaa! :-) Are you still there?

  762. Dulcinea9786 says:

    Music lover here!! Anything from Toby Keith to Metallica to Josh Groban to Les Miserables to Il Divo to the Beatles….. I don’t like hardcore rap or death metal, but aside from that, anything goes.

    In the last week, my playlist has included P.D.Q. Bach, Martina McBride, Il Divo, random Christmas carols, Meatloaf, Bon Jovi, Nickelback, Josh Groban, Handel, Mozart, Allison Krause, and Michael Crawford.

  763. james.m says:

    EasternSureBaby – I used ATX’s method, and found your profile. You don’t need to worry about losing weight.

  764. LASB-419804 says:

    James — if your toes are all there, then there is only one digit left to check. Oops, did I just say that out loud?

  765. james.m says:

    I just pulled up my profile, and it is 84363. Does that work?

  766. SDinATX says:

    James.M, I can’t figure out why some don’t work. It’s weird, but as you see, there is a way around it.

    EasternSureBaby, losing weight is a science. You need to be burning more calories than you are taking in. That’s the real basics. There are certain types of foods that will help with the weight loss too.

  767. james.m says:

    LA – Despite the slur, you can clear MY browser cache any time you want!

  768. James, it did the same to me, the profile numbers are wrong, that is why it does that… it’s kinda weird. or maybe SA is having difficulty today? So not a techy here, I’m no help.

    Dulc, you are so in when/if I find him/her!! My grandma was the same way!! You don’t leave the table unless you need to loosen your belt!! Man, could she cook!! I miss her terribly!! My dad is making up for it now!! Don’t tell my dad, but I’m every bit the cook he is, I just don’t want him to know so he keeps doing all the work! 😉 Besides, makes him feel important to be doing all that… so I let him

  769. james.m says:

    LA – what a horrible thing to say. I’ve checked my hands, and their all ok. Now, I’m taking off my shoes to check my toes!

  770. Yaz10 says:

    Hello sugars! :-)

  771. Anna Molly says:

    Incubus :)

    The Cure :)

    Etta James :)

    I saw AC/DC about a year ago in NJ…great show :)

    Lots of others too…

  772. 2Chic says:


    I am in total agreement with you about the back stabbings. Not good. In regards to your statement about the SB jumping all over the fellas on the blo which caused them to leave… I was not aware of that. But…….I must say after reading Sincere’s statement:

    “I love to give massages. I’m a cuddly and touchy-feely individual so this comes naturally. Nothing is better than a long sensuous evening in front of a fireplace with your woman, … strawberries, champagne, white chocolate, … jacuzzi … massage oil … and Barry White mixed with Kenny G music in the background “

    mmmn ….”Barry White & Kenny G!”, my eyes went droopy and I began salivating when I read his statement. Not to mention I recently obtained BW discography. I am feeling that… can’t even lie about it.

  773. LASB-419804 says:

    James, I believe you are missing a digit, unless you actually joined back in 06. SA is on 6 digit numbers now, though. The number is on the link is 84363.

  774. LASB-419804 says:

    James, have you tried clearing your browser cache? Sometimes that helps when stuff seems “buggy.” Which browser are you on?

    To everyone– who here is a huge music fan? Just wondering. If you are, I’d love to hear your favorites.

  775. james.m says:

    ATX – I just found the profile number you’re referring to. It shows up at the bottom of the screen when I mouse over the link!
    LA – see it? just take that number and drop it into the URL.


  776. LASB-419804 says:

    Dulci– I know what you mean. I was part of the clean plate club growing up. Luckily I’ve had that membership revoked. Also, my science background has helped me “cheat” to stay thin. It’s really about staying away from trans fats, preservatives, and that sort of thing, and adding in omega oils and more nutrients. If your liver is functioning well (not being bogged down with crazy stuff) the weight will drop.

  777. james.m says:

    ATX: if I click on an SD profile, I get kicked back to the login screen!
    when I click on a linked profile, the profile number in the URL is not a profile number, it is “profilenotavailable”. Nothing to cut and paste.

  778. LASB-419804 says:

    Do you think you may have been off by a number in your profile? I don’t believe you need to be logged in at wordpress, since I don’t think I am. Sorry, I wish I could be of more assistance.

    The last part of the url should read as “samedetail.php?id=XXXXXX”

    Where XXXXXX is your user number.