9 years ago
Nobody Wants to Play the Sugarfool…

9 years ago
Nobody Wants to Play the Sugarfool…

Sugar Daddies and Sugar Babies are prize targets for scammers and frauds – people who take advantage of sweet, honest, and fair people seeking a mutually beneficial arrangement. While most sugars here are nobodies fool, it’s still important to never send personal information, money, or access to the intimate self with anyone who you don’t have a good reason to trust. Here are a few of the different types of Bad Daddies and Babies to watch out for…

Fake Check Daddies

There have been several reports of ‘Sugar Daddies’ who have used checks to pay for items given to Sugar Babies, only for the Sugar Babies to find out later that the checks were either fake or cancelled shortly after being issued. In situations like these, it’s the Sugar Baby who is often the one left paying the bill.

Poser Mommies

There have been reports of ‘Sugar Mamas’ that are seeking arrangements with their husbands, yet in reality it’s only the husbands that are seeking the arrangements, and the wife (if there is one) had no idea she was a Sugar Mommy. This isn’t meant to discourage anyone from communicating with legitimate sugar couples – there are plenty out there – but know that this is one type of sugar scam to look out for.

Fake Identity Babies (FIB’s)

One of the main reasons SeekingArrangement discourages Sugar Daddies from sending money to anyone on the site before they meet, is because of FIB’s (fake identity babies). Many FIB’s will ask a Sugar Daddy to wire them money before the 1st meet, only to become poof babies when it’s time for them to show up on a date.

Have you ever suspected a potential sugar was trying to scam you? What are the warning signs you look out for?

Do you have any tips for fellow Sugar Daddies or sugar babies on how to avoid playing the fool in Sugarland?

Do you have any sugar news to report?

**extra: click HERE to read Sugar Dating is a Game of Odds by SincereSD**

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857 Responses to “Nobody Wants to Play the Sugarfool…”

  1. nikki says:

    cash.me/NikkiLovely Go spoil me loves.

  2. Coco says:

    I don’t think anyone is awake at this hour….been out for a couple of weeks and thought I’d stop by and say hello.

  3. hi there looking for a online sugardaddy who will treat me and i will more than treat them! hope to hear from you soon

  4. SD NEOhio (SDN) says:

    I like the way you think NYC SB…let me update my profile *** typing furiously *** ok done…waiting for your email my dear.

  5. NYC SB says:

    SDN – yeah it seems my luck picks up the minute i stop searching… funny how that works… nothing has panned out yet so to speak so we will see how things develop. Also Im sure there are plenty of SBs that would umm love to kiss your behind… you should put in your profile “must be willing to kiss my behind” if that doesnt generate traffic idk what will

  6. SD NEOhio (SDN) says:

    Hey NYC SB. You are doing well in the SD department I see.

    I must not have enough money…I get rejected all the time and no one wants to kiss my behind.

  7. NYC SB says:

    Gemi – this happens a LOT… men with money are not used to rejection bc a) they have a lot of free loaders around
    b) they have people working for them that pretty much kiss their behind all day long

    dont take it personally… i used to get the “you are not even that hot” “you are not even that smart” all the time… ummm if i wasnt that hot then why did you offer me an arrangement buddy boy??? PFT… NEXT

    NY Gent – my fave is fug – f***ing ugly 😀

    i have a lovely pot meeting tonight with a single man from Cali 😀 kinda excited … and then friday i have a second date with the pot that took me to the bartending class

  8. SD NEOhio (SDN) says:

    Morning. Any one around?

  9. Hi sugars – sorry I missed the fun today. I had to say goodbye to a friend and endure the reality check that is life. Tell your family you love them and hug your friends :-)

    On a lighter note – I’m so excited to see midwest plans coming to fruition!!!

  10. james.m says:

    Gemi – Perhaps he’s projecting? He was disappointed, and therefore bitter? We can be like that sometimes. On the bright side, you didn’t waste any more time on him! Better to find out here than at Starbuck’s.

    Well, I’m going to bed, so all the lurkers can come out and party now.

  11. Lol I am here James! Sounds like a fabulous birthday to me!!! Maybe Capricorns are hard to please on their birthdays? Even though I am special, I don’t think I compare to Christmas..no build up lol as everyone is ‘coming down’ from the holidays 😛 Really though, if you EVER feel like throwing a fellow Cap a birthday – I am definitely your girl for that 😉 What a blast!

    Gem – picky is a negative word…you are definitely SELECTIVE 😀

    ESB – almost ALL of my family’s bdays (and anniversary’s) are between mid November and Feb. Somehow, MINE was the only one that got the xmas/bday pawn as it is the first one after xmas…always wondered how it would be if I was born December 24th..things that make you go hmmmm…

    Ok, I lied – I have an opinion tonight 😛

  12. Gemini29 says:

    oh, through email. I was nothing but polite…apparently my turning him down means I have a “chip on my shoulder” and am “bitter”.

    I can’t image someone calling me bitter in real life…I’m like the complete opposite of that. And I can’t image what I would say….in email I can come up with the perfect response, but in real life I’d probably start to tear up a bit…I’m too easily hurt like that. Silly me.

  13. james.m says:

    the guy who dissed you

  14. james.m says:

    Night ESB…hope you feel better tomorrow.

  15. james.m says:

    Did you meet a pot tonight, or just talk/email him?

  16. I CAN NOT keep up with this blog. I will comment on a few statements:

    I have NEVER been skiing before, and with said friend having broken his foot, not sure it is going to happen now. Thinking family in FL instead. MUCH warmer, though not as much fun.

    James, my b-day is Dec. 28. Talk about presents doing double duty!! Happened ALL the time. I got nasty one year (to my mom’s horror!) and told my grandmother if she was going to give me a “birthday/christmas” gift, make sure it isn’t the same thing she got all my cousins for christmas. Funny, I never got a b-day gift from her again after that… yes, I’m JK.

    I have a HORRIBLE cold now. Going to go die. I tried to drown it in OJ today, but that didn’t work, just made me have to pee every half hour!! That was not fun with my job!! Back at it tomorrow and hopefully I don’t make anyone around me sick!

    NIGHT all, HUGS!!!

  17. Gemini29 says:

    Woah Woah Woah.

    The Fair Lady of Baltimore and Crush worthy? Being attached to MY name???!



    On another note I was just called bitter and um…as having none of the qualities as written in my profile. All because I told a gentleman that I don’t think we’d be good match and that he seemed too demanding. Hee! Picky not bitter my dear. The better to find the best SD!

  18. james.m says:

    Turk – still lurking?
    Last year I finally threw myself a party for #60. I hired my favorite cateress (when Annie cooks, people come), got my local wine merchant to donate a case of nice Pomerol (Bordeaux), and hired a local improv group to stage a murder. I specified no presents, but if someone wanted to do something, they could donate to the GR Ballet. I still got a couple, but my favorite was a bottle of English leather cologne. I’m sure I’m the only one here who remembers that. Maybe I should try it out for MMM.

    Totally self indulgent, but boy did we have fun.

  19. 2Chic says:

    hey, I miss Dee n NC.

  20. 2Chic says:

    Nite, NY Gent, hope you feel better as well. “Peace out”…. lol

  21. I am here…just lurking this evening – kind of opinion-less tonight…lol…so GET CHATTING!! 😀

  22. Good night NYGent – hope you feel better!!

  23. NYGent says:

    all: have been under the weather so off to sleep to hopefully finish off this cold. As for last few comments mark me down for dazed and confused, but that’s nothing new . . .

  24. 2Chic says:

    I use to teach, and the teens of (various nationalities) use these terms on a daily basis. You kind of pick it up after conversing with them daily. …. lol.

  25. 2Chic says:

    NYG.. Yes it is all positive, but the (intensity) level of good increases or decreases with slang. . I would not call something bad if it is just sweet.

  26. Flo Rida says:

    NYGent – Some army terms for ‘bad’ – pear shaped (think of a woman’s figure), tits up, FUBAR (f-ed up beyond all recognition). Also freaking ugly, F-c-ing ugly.

    Maybe we should also invent ‘the fair lady from Baltimore’ and ‘crush worthy’ as slang for beautiful blog babe. Sorry NYGent and Gemi couldn’t resist :-)

    2chic – you forget ‘da bomb’ for the best and ‘gorg’ for gorgeous ‘crazy’ equals fun.

  27. Flo Rida says:

    LASB – cleo (i think)

    Finding SD’s IRL is tough & a 2 part process – first dating a rich guy then ‘persuading him to provide financial assistance’.

    The latter is achieved by dropping hints on ‘oh I would really like x but I can’t afford it now, or ‘i’d like y but I don’t think I can be that decadent’ or ‘I really like z’.

    In terms of dating a rich guy the keys are ‘what do rich people like doing’ and who do rich people know who can ‘vouch’ for you. Rich people like dfferent things but some commonalities are’exclusive sports events, concerts, sailing trips, galas, art shows, lounges, restaurants. bars, clubs, vacation spots, 2nd homes, sailing, model shows, private parties etc.’

    In terms of who knows rich people ask who you know who knows someone who knows a millionaire (billionaire) and work on building trust between the bridges. SD has said to me it’s taken him 2+ years before he even talks to people he knows. Also you can fall out of favor extremely rapidly if you do the wrong things.

    After the intro it’s building rapport, having common friends, having common interests (research what he is interested in – fine wine, sailing, investing, charitable foundations, educational endowments, political leanings, sports cars, planes, vacation homes) and being sui generis (unique).

    NYC SB – i’ll send u the same pics I sent to DC and Beach BUT they are very dated. I can’t do this until I get back to NY which will probably by Fri or Sat.

    VC – i’ll send you the same pics too, please understand the joke when you get them.

  28. LMAO – NYGent you got it 😉

  29. Oh James! Finally SOMEONE to gripe with 😛 Lol..as a child obviously the whole “this is for Christmas AND your birthday” didn’t bode too well 😛 As far as now – I have given up on GREAT bdays since about when I was twenty…by that time I was always too broke and hung over from the holidays to care like the rest of them lol…now I am just too exhausted 😛 and I don’t mind anyone overlooking a year or two at this point 😛

  30. NYGent says:

    so let me summarize:

    bad = good
    sick = good
    crazy = good
    tough = good
    sweet = good

    so what is “bad.”?

  31. NYGent says:

    I do know “sweet.”

  32. NYGent says:

    2chic: i guess I shoud have consulted the urban slang dictionary on the web! (showing his age . . .)

  33. 2Chic says:

    LOL… NYG… no problem, I must educate you on some slang:
    Bad = Really Nice
    Sick = Awesome, totally cool
    Crazy = out of this world
    Tough = Fierce
    Sweet = Very Nice
    next lesson tba….. lol.

  34. NYGent says:

    Plus it’s an academic question. There isn’t 1 in a thousand SDs on the site who is going to pay an SB 20,000+ a month, not matter how hot she is.

  35. NYGent says:

    2chic: sorry, guess i dont know the slang. I assumed “crazy sick” was meant as a negative not a positive, silly me.

  36. TXSB says:

    Hi NYGent, Rudy, and 2Chic…. :)

    No matter how “hot” a woman is….if a woman is very suggestive pictures and is asking for 20K……it automatically makes me think she’s a professional. Besides, if she’s still “looking”…it means no SD has offered her what she wants….despite her “hotness”.

  37. 2Chic says:

    NY Gent, not so much that I really care, just so be it that I have heard a lot of discussions on various profiles. Was not trying to “diss” the female, actually think her body is crazy bad (nice, hot) and inquired. …. curious. I hope that is not a crime…. lol….. geez!

  38. MusicCityMistress aka (Rudy) says:

    TXSB & NYGent Hi!!

  39. NYGent says:

    2Chic: if she’s asking 20K and her pics are very suggestive I don’t think we need to know a lot more or even to see it, you can assume the worst. I generally don’t like people on the blog dissing an absent member’s profile, you never know when they can be lurking. Other than curiosity, why do you care about what this lady’s profile says/shows?

  40. TXSB says:

    LOL @ the pot SD….and yes, many men have a tendency not to actually read before contacting.

    Good luck!

  41. MusicCityMistress aka (Rudy) says:

    2Chic: Hi! 6’7 WOW! I don’t know how tall you are, but he is a giant. However, you never know:)

    LASB: I hope everything goes well with your pot:)

  42. 2Chic says:

    I just checked out some SB profiles, is it OK to share a profile and ask what you think of this lady? Her body is crazy sick! She is asking 20K and the pictures… well are very very suggestive.

  43. 2Chic says:

    Hi Fam

    Speaking of height, I have received numerous emails from a gentleman who is 6’7. Now I know I said I prefer taller than myself…. but OMG, this guy is tall. I am still out to lunch with my decision to meet him.

  44. MusicCityMistress aka (Rudy) says:

    Good Evening Sweet Sugar Fam!

    Well, all the SBs and SDs who know how to ski would you be willing to teach a country gal?? That is something I have always wanted to learn how to do, that and fly fishing :)

    Cleo: Hi!!! he is 5′11 and 165 and doesn’t like my 5′11 and 180. methinks it’s because i’m all muscle and he knows i can bench more than he does. I think you are right!!

    women aren’t the ones escalating their heights on dating profiles. Yes, this is true….I am 5’3 met a guy who was barely 5’0, but stated he was 5’6 on his profile:)

    Alright, I need to grab a bite to eat :)

  45. cleo says:

    (er “threw my dad a birthday in july since…”)

  46. CA Dreamin SB says:

    Cleo – you are so right…

    Okay sugar bowl…I’m outta here. Catch up with you all in the morning :) (and maybe my new photos will be approved by then!)

  47. cleo says:


    and i bet that combo valentine’s day guy? fully expected separate gifts for HIS birthday…

  48. CA Dreamin SB says:

    Cleo – You make me smile…okay – it was a big deal and always made me sad :( That’s a great idea by the way – you are a very thoughtful person!

  49. cleo says:

    CA Dreamin: bull crap

    it’s totally a big deal.

    in my world, if your birthay is christmas day?

    you have two choices. celebrate at dinner time (since xmas is an am party in my family and birthdays are a pm party) OR pick any day to have as your “summer birthday”

    my parents lived in europe for a decade and my family three my dad a xmas in july since he was never in the country on his birthday. he was SO touched.

    it isn’t hard…

    i think it’s just lazy when they do that.

  50. CA Dreamin SB says:

    Cleo – I completely agree! It’s not as ‘big’ of a deal, but my birthday is within a week of Valentines day…always had significant others combining the two – I didn’t mind, that much, but wow – how about a separate CARD for each???

  51. cleo says:

    james.m i’m very conscious of such things.

    i’ve always been an avid reader and that birthday scenario plays out in such books often. so i throw parties or get multiple gifts or whatever…

  52. cleo says:

    napa: i know right?
    i have been skiing since i was three but not that often in recent years. i have very occasionally been good enough to impress instructors but then i keep not skiing for years.

    i started to snowboard and was just getting to the point where sometimes i didn’t fall during a run (IN ONTARIO!) when i got injured a few years back. it’s risky for me to fall on a board now, too many whiplash incidents…

  53. James.m says:

    My birthday is jan 2. I can’t tell you how many aunts and uncles thought they could get away with 1 present without my noticing.

  54. cleo says:

    on the subject of relationships, there’s a book called “getting the love you want” which has a nice take on relationships. basically every healthy couple has a push pull in terms of who does/doesn’t “love more”
    CADreamin: 1) am making those tomorrow, so excited!

    2) he is 5’11 and 165 and doesn’t like my 5’11 and 180. methinks it’s because i’m all muscle and he knows i can bench more than he does.

    fine fine that isn’t why. but dude if you like a woman in high heels and you like said woman to be shorter than you are? don’t email the one who is YOUR HEIGHT!

    women aren’t the ones escalating their heights on dating profiles.
    i’ve always found tiger kinda smarmy, unless he was a lot yummier in person he’d have to offer a hell of an allowance… which he does


  55. Napa SB says:

    Cleo / CA – it never ceases to amaze me how much some of the SD’s can completely ignore your profile

  56. NY Gent – I actually laughed out loud while reading your last post! :)

  57. Napa SB says:

    CA – i am sooooo very down for a snowboarding lesson trip!!

  58. CA Dreamin SB says:

    Cleo – Isn’t it amazing how some men completely ignore EVERYTHING in your profile?

  59. Dreamin – I am soo making those tomorrow…ok maybe Friday 😛

    NYGent – Lol I LOVE the Tiger profile!!

  60. cleo says:

    Anna i thought it was a great question that landed funny… please don’t apologize!
    man oh man

    first phone call with a pot today and his issue with me is?

    oh yeah, that’s i’m “bigger” than he is. um dude? why did you EMAIL ME IN THE FIRST PLACE????

  61. CA Dreamin SB says:

    mmmmm – just had one of my pecan triangle cookies – they are YUMMY

  62. CA Dreamin SB says:

    Napa – ME TOO!!! Totally serious!

  63. Napa SB says:

    CA – dont tease!! I’d LOVE to!!

  64. Irish SB says:

    Taz – my birthday is Australian Day (end of jan) hmm will people google that i wonder… :-) ATI will know! Yes my birthday sucks too as everyone reminds me. Its always a few days before people get paid after 6 wks because of christmas. Theres kinda an unwritten rule here no one is aloud to throw a party before the last thurs in jan!!

  65. CA Dreamin SB says:

    Napa – Maybe we should meet up and take snowboarding lessons together! :)

  66. CA Dreamin SB says:

    TXSB – I’m going to San Antonio

  67. NYGent says:

    Stephan should let us draw up a fake Tiger profile and submit it. he’d have his eyes blacked out, strolling down a fairway with his Nike hat and shirt. “My annual income: +$100M.” “My net worth: $1.5 billion (subject to enforcement of pre-nup.)” “My budget: $125K/month.”

    About me: “I love sunsets, walks on the beach, Kenny G, cuddling by the fireplace, and bimbo-ish Caucasian women, 22-26. Escorts and porn stars welcome provided they have the right “look.” Must be willing to sign NDA and waiver of palimony claims. Looking forward to hearing from you!”

  68. Wooo hooo Irish – when is your birthday if you don’t mind me being nosy? I am a fellow Cap. and although Caps are FABULOUS, time of year really sucks. Mine happens to be two days after New Years…horrible timing for a birthday…I usually end up doing a whole lot of nothing b/c it is too cold to leave the house (yes I AM a wimp :P)

    To Blog SD’s – if you were a bit less shy perhaps you would find yourselves some AHHHHH-MAZING SB’s 😀

  69. Irish SB says:

    Napa – *Big smiles*

  70. Napa SB says:

    Irish – i would never diss you love!!

  71. Irish SB says:

    * Gent!*

  72. Irish SB says:

    Hey Napa thought i was being dissed there! :-) Im only small easily missed.

    NY Gendt – One mans misery is another mans party. Or should that be woman.

  73. Napa SB says:

    NYGent – haha i wonder what his handle would be…..InsatiableSD??

  74. TXSB says:

    Hey Napa & NYGent!

    LOL….well, no one us knows for sure that he doesn’t already lurk here or is not a member already….. :)

  75. Anna Molly says:

    LOL @ NYGent

    Hi everybody :)

  76. NYC SB says:

    and put all the blog SBs on payroll… allegedly he was keeping his women on a 5-10k allowance… sign me up!

  77. NYGent says:

    So Tiger’s wife reportedly leaving him. Maybe he can join the site now, become a blogger, develop some blog crushes, host a sugar party or two.

  78. Napa SB says:

    oh and Irish, oops *blush* sorry didnt see you there

  79. TXSB says:

    Hi Everyone! :)

    CA Dremin:
    Where in Texas are you visiting?

  80. Napa SB says:

    Hi Anna, LASB, Tru, SDN, TXSB, CA annnnnddddd NYGent

  81. Napa SB says:

    oops, forgot to change my name back…how is everyone doing this afternoon?

    I love sking! and i am trying to learn how to snowboard this season (yay for Tahoe) i have been once before at the indoor place in Dubai haha i spent almost the entire time on my butt or hopping around…it was an epic day

  82. Vineyard Vixen says:

    Hi everyone!!

  83. SD NEOhio (SDN) says:

    I haven’t done the west coast yet, only the east: Snow Shoe WV, Killington VT, those places.

  84. Anna Molly says:

    I’ve never been skiing, would like to learn though :)

  85. Tru says:

    I snowboard and love it :)

  86. CA Dreamin SB says:

    Hey there SDN- where do you like to ski? East coast or west?

  87. SD NEOhio (SDN) says:

    Hey everyone.

    I love to ski! Never went snowboarding.

  88. CA Dreamin SB says:

    LA- I ski, learned to ski when I was 8 or so. Never learned to snowboard, though I’d like to try it.

  89. CA Dreamin SB says:

    LA- They got a good 20″ at Northstar over the weekend – hopefully they’ll get more with all the rain that moved in here today and tomorrow.

  90. NYGent says:

    CA Dreamin: like most things, it’s situational

  91. CA Dreamin SB says:

    I’m in Texas through xmas day, then back to Cali :)

  92. CA Dreamin SB says:

    NYGent – YOU – shy? Odd, you never struck me as the shy type…

  93. NYGent says:

    On holiday travel: I will be going to Cali for the week thru New Years after an xmas stopover in Ohio.

  94. Irish SB says:

    CA Dreaming – nope im staying put. Im dreaming of a white one! Hope the snow in the UK hits us!

  95. NYGent says:

    We’re not offended, we’re just shy . . .

  96. CA Dreamin SB says:

    I’m headed to Texas on Saturday…actually can’t wait to get there. Anyone else traveling for the holidays?

  97. CA Dreamin SB says:

    Yes, SWM, we do :)

  98. CA Dreamin SB says:

    I just looked at yours Taz…I’m hoping they’ll approve my new photos soon – as soon as they do, I’ll re-link my name

  99. Gail says:

    Lisa’s NY SD,
    Lisa is on her way…..I know you will treat her well : ) Have fun kids!!!!
    and by the way….do all the things I would do…..(wink, wink,smile)

  100. SWM_TXSD says:

    so i see all the girls have blog crushs on each other today.

  101. Irish SB says:

    And im awake! Hey Eveyone if anyone is here!

    I think everyone knows who my blog crush is … :-)

    Tru – Id lurrvve to go the meet but its 2 weeks after xmas and 2 weeks before payday. :-( Worst month and timing ever!! But it is my birthday in jan so cant complain too much.

  102. Anna Molly says:

    Hey look! There’s one!

  103. Baking done for today!! Yay! Yum!

    DC – Amen on your relationship rant 😛 Emotional intelligence is something most people don’t consider before getting deeply involved…as it most likely never presents itself until later in a relationship.

    Soooo…since I have linked my profile here – I have an onslaught of views…only they are all ladies (well not ALL, but most)…and NOT SM’s :( 😛 Most I have no idea who they are at all…

  104. SWM_TXSD says:

    good afternoon ladies. hope all is well.

  105. CA Dreamin SB says:

    They’ve been absent most of the day. I think ATX said he was traveling today, so I expected him to be gone, but where oh where did all the others go?

  106. Anna Molly says:

    sigh….where are the blog daddies today? Only a few posts from them..hmmm. Did my question scare them away?

    Blog daddies please come back! :)

  107. DC *320283* says:

    NYC- it was brutal but I still would have been up for it if I hadn’t felt like death when I got off that train. Long distance train travel is only for the VERY old or very young.

  108. NYC – Would the first week in March work better? nglvbunny @ google

  109. Hello SugarLand!

    What does everyone think about the last week in Feb. for a SoCal meet? 22-26th?

    Hope all is sweet :)

  110. NYC SB says:

    DC – i was just teasing… your schedule sounded brutal to begin with

  111. DC *320283* says:


    LOL, so sorry my dear. I really wanted to meet you but I only had one night and morning to spend with my sister in the city before I had to get back on the train. I looked and felt like something the cat dragged in. I think I was asleep that night by 10 PM as I hadn’t slept on the train for 3 days.

    I am sure I will be there again and if you ever come to Seattle I hope you let me know.

  112. NYC SB says:

    DC – I HAD a crush on you but then you ditched me when you came to visit nyc… 😛

  113. Anna Molly says:

    Muse ~ Oh baby..it’s not what you think….it was an accident…I swear!

    Don’t leave me baby!

  114. CA Dreamin SB says:

    Muse – make all the blog SD’s day…join in with us 😉

  115. DC *320283* says:

    Muse- Thank you hon, you are very sweet 😉

    TXSB- I have heard that before as well. It certainly can be good for one’s ego to know that someone is madly in love with you and you kind of hold the cards so to speak. But I think it’s best when both parties are equally invested. If not someone usually starts to take someone for granted and that can lead to disaster. And of course feelings change over the course of a relationship. One party may fall out of love and the other falls more deeply in love. There is no way to control this and you have to just give in to that fact and relax about it.

    For me the best way to handle this is to only stay in a relationship with someone I care deeply about who is willing to give as much to the success of the relationship as I do. Someone with an equal desire for company and affection. And I take a bit more of a pragmatic approach. If it’s not working out for me or them we make sure we communicate and realize one person’s needs are not more important than the other’s.

    And most important it helps to realize that as devastating as it may seem when something ends…to know that you will have love in your life again.

  116. Muse says:

    AM – You’re cheating on me?! I’m so hurt. sniff. sniff.

  117. CA Dreamin SB says:

    I just uploaded some new photos to my profile – waiting for them to be approved – but I ALMOST took one with a whip in my hand to post – but – then thought better of it because the only people who would ‘get’ it were my fellow bloggers! :)

  118. Anna Molly says:

    ooops, sorry :)

  119. CA Dreamin SB says:


  120. CA Dreamin SB says:

    AM – SHHHH – The others aren’t supposed to know about us!!!

  121. Anna Molly says:

    I need some sexual healing. Maybe my blog crush could help me out 😉

    And you know who you are 😉


  122. CA Dreamin SB says:

    YEA!!! FINALLY getting that picture of me jumping my horse over a fence approved – talk about jumping through hoops!

  123. TXSB says:

    Yep…that’s how I view marriages too.




    Re: Marvin Gaye…
    “Sexual Healing”….mmmm……. *sigh*

  124. 2Chic says:

    AM… Oh Marvin Gaye is right on!

  125. Muse says:

    DC – I have a crush on you. 😉

  126. Anna Molly says:

    Finally done with the taxes….yay! Everything balanced and life is good :)

  127. Anna Molly says:

    Oh, Barry White and Marvin Gaye…two of my faves :)

    Let’s Get it On….Oh Yeah 😉

  128. 2Chic says:

    Afternoon all,

    Blog Crushes: well I revealed my crush….lol. It is what it is… no biggie from POV. Barry White will get me every time…..:lol:

  129. CA Dreamin SB says:

    Taz – you have recipe mail!

  130. CrèmeBruléeNY says:

    Short: BS
    Long: Blull*^#t

    Heard that one before. If there was truly a way to maximize success potential of traditional unions based on which side of the love scale is heavier, divorce rates would not be so staggering.

  131. TXSB says:

    LOL….Long of course. I’m all about details and specifics. :)

  132. poptart says:

    Happy Wednesday Sugars! *waves*

    So, true to his word, my pot SD contacted me confirming our lunch plans for Friday. I received reservation confirmation from the restaurant. And I am nervously excited. *squeee* And he is bringing bait in the form of chocolate from a trip he just returned from.

    Re: blog crushes. – I just assumed everyone was lusting after me… flakey on the outside… sweet on the inside… It is ok. I won’t call anyone out. I understand why you would have a crush on me… but we can leave it unspoken. *smiling so bright a lil sparkle tings*

  133. LASB – I agree wholeheartedly.

  134. Lisa's NY SD says:

    Did someone say out of town girls would need to take taxis to their SD’s place?

    Headed to the airport. Wish Lisa luck.

  135. CrèmeBruléeNY says:

    TXSB – want short or long answer?

  136. TXSB says:

    LOL…..glad to see that our feelings for each other are mutual… 😉


    You didn’t make me uncomfortable….I actually LOVED it! :)


    Question to anyone (especially SDs) who are/have been married:
    Last night I was having dinner with a male friend and at one point, the topic of marriage came up. He made a comment saying that his mom told him he should marry a woman who loves him more than he loves her. Now to be honest, I’ve had several people give me the same advice when choosing a husband.

    Anyone else ever get this “advice”. Thoughts? Does marrying someone who “loves” you more than you love them make any difference? Or is it just b.s.?

  137. Ok I am changing my name and think I will just stick with this one lol…I may have an identity crisis soon!

  138. Pecan Recipe – I will take it too!!!! Please?? Lol…hotmail spicensugar2009

  139. AM – Lol – I think it was a good question…just a little awkward perhaps 😛 How could we not all crush on each other 😉 Look around 😀

    Ugh – did I mention I needed to clean before I got back at baking??

  140. DC *320283* says:

    Hey- could someone even pretend to have a crush on me so I don’t feel so left out LOL.

  141. CrèmeBruléeNY says:

    Who remembers Incubus’ “I’m not a blogga, I just crush a lot”? Should be playing in the background..

  142. Anna Molly says:

    Didn’t mean to cause anyone to feel uncomfortable….sorry if I did.

  143. NYGent says:

    Ok I have and have had blog crushes and no I’m not telling either!

  144. I have blog crushes too…. 😀 and No I am not telling 😛

    But I do Crush on TXSB , how are ya babe? Ok back to work for me!!!

    See you later all!!!

  145. TXSB says:

    Have you ever suspected a potential sugar was trying to scam you? What are the warning signs you look out for?

    Yes. Some of the “warning signs” for me are: Asking/giving phone #’s on the very 1st message….talking only about how great I am and not ever mentioning the arrangement during the first 1st few emails. Getting defensive when I mention things like I don’t have sex without an allowance etc. There are many others….just depends on the specific “SD”.

    Do you have any tips for fellow sugar daddies or sugar babies on how to avoid playing the fool in Sugarland?

    For SBs, a major “thing” that fake SDs look for seems to be sexy pictures, sexy talk, or just “free sex”. I always make it clear to pot SDs that I don’t send any sexy pics (not even in a bikini), I make it clear that I don’t exchange phone #’s until it’s been established that we’re on the same page regarding what we want, and I always make it clear that I don’t get intimate (this includes making out, groping, oral etc) until we have an arrangement and I receice my 1st allowance.

    If a pot SD tries to “negotiate” or argue with me on any of the above, I simply tell them that none of this is negotiable and wish them luck on their search if they’re not ok with these “rules”. I don’t waste my time going back and forth. Many pot SDs poof once they realize that I’m not joking (usually after 2 or 3 e-mails). I think many SBs get their time wasted or taken advantage of b/c they’re willing to negotiate/argue on rules (especially related to intimacy), and they also make “chemistry” the primary focus in the beginning…….instead of getting the arrangement facts out of the way first. Personally, I don’t see the point in trying to see if there is “chemistry” if the pot SD and I don’t agree on the type of arrangement we’re looking for. I’m also not wishy washy in my e-mails. I have given this a lot of thought and especially now after being in 1 SD/SB relationship, I know what I want and I know what’s negotiable and what’s not.

    Do you have any sugar news to report?
    The only “sugar” news for me is that I bought some Imperial sugar at Kroger last night.

  146. Anna Molly says:

    I have a blog crush :)

    I plead the fifth :)

    That isn’t a hint :)

  147. cleo says:

    Hey CA Dreamin that’s what I was trying to say. I think it’s one of those things that was supposed to be in good fun and somehow sorta wasn’t. I hate when that happens :)


    omg that recipe looks AWESOME and not even hard.

    so excited!
    okay okay, i have a crush on nyc sb, gemini, Flo Rida, CA Dreamin, TXSB, LASB, Irish Mistress, Naughty Molly, Rudy whatever her new name is, Beach, Taz, Summer, um damn starting to forget names now… Dee, OCSugarbaby (how’s the BF babe?) uh uh… okay i apologize to all the girls i missed!

  148. CA Dreamin SB says:

    Cleo – you have recipe mail!

  149. TXSB says:

    I’m good….have been dealing with a bad cold the last few days….finally feel “recovered”…..how’re you doing? :)


    Re: Blog Crush
    I’ll admit to having a crush on Beach_girl and Taz! How can I not after they both offered to pamper me? 😉

    As for a SD crush…I do have a slight crush on a SD here (no, not referring to my ex-SD)…but not going to share who. :) I’m sure all the SDs have “crushes” but they’re know better than to reveal it. It’s a can of worms that’s best left unopened. :)

  150. CA Dreamin SB says:

    Duh – just realized you put it on the post!

  151. DC *320283* says:

    Hi Gail! Glad to hear things are good.

    Re: Lisa- Percy needs some spoiling as well….or at least a bigger cage 😉

  152. CA Dreamin SB says:

    Cleo – I’ll send you the recipe

  153. NYC SB says:

    secret santa sounds fun but how do you pull it off in the virtual world…

  154. CA Dreamin SB says:

    cleo – I thought it was an interesting question and a fun one that AM posed. I honestly expected a few to write ‘of course we crush on all of you SBs’ – but the intent was in fun, not to make people uncomfortable. I just want everyone happy :)

  155. cleo says:

    i’m doing more baking tomorrow! hee so awesome!
    CADREaminSB OMG OMG! can i have the recipe for the pecan thingies?

    i made molasses spice cookies and chocolate chip cookies and mini banana breads (some choc chip, some cc and pecans, some just pecans) will make chocchip oatmeal and maybe cc/om/nut still…

    but man, those are the other flavour i’ve been looking for!

    cleodna at the g male if you don’t mind?

  156. cleo says:

    CA DReaminSB – i’m glad i’m not the only one made VERY uncomfortable by that topic.

    whether i crush or not on any of the blog daddies (fine, fine i do) it’s no one’s business WHO it is. heck i can’t imagine even telling a specific blog daddy i was crushing on him… which is silly but how i am. if one of the blog SD’s thinks i’m awesome i’m thinking he can find me if he wants to and maybe, just maybe, neither of us wants the blog watching our courtship.

    not, to be clear, that anyone is courting me at the moment.
    TAZ!! secret santa! so awesome. damn we should have totally done that

  157. Gail says:

    Hi DC and Beachgirl,
    I am doing great…it sure has been awhile…just been relaxing and working : ) But somehow my feet just can’t stay on land…I will be jetting to Georgia in a couple of weeks : ) Life is good.

    It’s wonderful Lisa is finally venturing out…you both know how long we have been encouraging her to go jump on a plane. Pampered???…lol…I know that she is already a spoiled princess: ) I am just afraid that we will never be able to find her after this…lol…I suspect she will get addicted to traveling. (smile) Take care everyone and keep smiling!!!!

  158. DC *320283* says:

    Hi TXSB- How are you?

  159. Tru says:

    Irish – Yes its me I’m going, how comes you can’t make it? We will have to do our own meet considering we are so close. I’ve not really been on as just been so busy the week has gone by so fast have so much to do. How have you been I hope your feeling better?

  160. TXSB says:

    Hi Everyone! :)

    Gosh that spa experience you described sounds amazing! :)

  161. DC *320283* says:

    Gail- Hey! How are you!! Yes, I am so happy for Lisa as well and fingers crossed that she has an amazing time. I agree…no one deserves some happiness more than she does.

    LA- If you have success meeting men IRL then I would assume if you frequent places that attract SD types you will be successful.

    I bet Flo has some good suggestions as she met her SD IRL.

  162. CA Dreamin SB says:

    Taz – I’m making sugar cookies, banana nut bread and pecan triangles, which are basically pecan pie cookies.

  163. NYC SB~ Thank you!!!

    Gail~ how are you? it’s been such a long time… Nice to see you again , and Yes it is great for Lisa woo hoo, I hope she has a great time and gets pampered!!!

    Taz~ girl, Thank you!

  164. BG – you already know I think you are hot! 😉

  165. Dreamin – today finishing short breads…yummy – whipped – nice and fluffy! Not sure what else I am going to bake – making ginger bread? Any suggestions? 😀

  166. DC *320283* says:


    Things have been really slow in the pot SD department for me as well the last 2 months. It seems like when you first join you are deluged with e-mails from every SD in your town and once that happens….zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz. I have a younger, very hot friend at the site and she says the same. Unless you are in NYC or LA area, in which case it seems to always be busy.

    I get a lot of attention at other sites but the men are not as savvy about arrangements there so it gets frustrating.

    Beach- dolled up more??? c’mon girl…you look fantastic!

  167. CA Dreamin SB says:

    Taz – what are you making? I’m baking today too!

  168. CA Dreamin SB says:

    Taz – OH that would be hillarious! We definitely should have done secret santa! Not sure if it would have been snuggies or whips! 😛

  169. With Christmas being just over a week away it wouldn’t make much sense…but it would have been fun to do a blog secret santa! lmao – I imagine all the SD’s would be purchasing snuggies 😉

    How is everyone today? I am off to do more baking 😛

  170. Gail says:

    Hip, Hip Hooray!!!!! Lisa’s plane has left Houston, Texas!!!I am waving at you as you fly accross the sky to the big city. I am so happy you have ventured outside of your neighborhood. Have a fabulous vacation. You of all SBs deserve spoiling, happiness and a wonderful life : )

  171. NYC SB says:

    BG – I too like the new pics 😀

    Flo – as your blog sister i feel left out and neglected on the pic department…

  172. CA Dreamin SB says:

    LA – I think the blog daddies have set a very high bar for everyone else on SA – and that’s not a bad thing. Shows us what is out there, and if we wait and are selective, we can find that diamond in the rough too.

  173. SDinATX~ Thank you, I will probably do as you said for the photos.

    NyGent~ Thank you, I think #3 is the one I will use for first photo. Thanks for your insight!

    Flo~ Hey Baby Girl!

    DC~ thank you…. I wish I had dolled up a little more lol….

    Lisa~ Have a great trip… Have fun and be safe.

    Cleo~ Thank you, it’s always nice to see what everyone thinks of the photos… now i’m confused about which i’m gonna put up… Ah it’s so hard!

    Hi everyone!

  174. CA Dreamin SB says:

    LA – it’s not good. I had a few dates with a couple of pot, but one was just a jerk and the other had promise, but in the end, didn’t want an SB – didn’t want to provide an allowance or anything along those lines – just wanted FWB situation. I’m a bit discouraged, but not giving up. How about you?

    Irish – :( I hope you feel better very soon – and get some rest!

  175. Irish SB says:

    Yes your correct! I was up to 4am last night im sick this week so not sleeping great at night then feeling sleepy during the day. Il be good for wk end and christmas week though!

  176. CA Dreamin SB says:

    LA – everyone could come up and we could do a winery crawl in Napa…that would be fun :)

  177. CA Dreamin SB says:

    Of course, that’s me assuming you’re in Ireland…

  178. CA Dreamin SB says:

    YEA Irish! If I’m right, it’s around 5 PM in Ireland?

  179. Irish SB says:

    Im still here! With one eye open…

  180. CA Dreamin SB says:

    Just you and me LA – oh well – that’s okay. We seriously have to plan a left coast get-together. Think we could get any SD’s to show up?

  181. CA Dreamin SB says:

    I hate it when that happens…

  182. CA Dreamin SB says:

    Did everyone leave me here by myself again?

  183. Irish Mistress says:

    Hiya DC

    Ah its Tru whos the european whos going to the meet !! You havnt been on in ages how you been!

  184. CA Dreamin SB says:

    NC – I understand, but, everyone on the blog needs some ‘open lovin’ and I’m here for all the ladies :)

    What a mental picture that must create for you gents!

  185. NC Gent says:

    CA Dreamin SB — just because we aren’t open about it on the blog, it doesn’t mean SDs don’t have some blog crushes. Blogmances can have some downsides :)

  186. DC *320283* says:

    Beach- New pics are very sexy!

  187. NYC SB says:

    everyone deserves to splurge on themselves… becasue after all no one has had the week that you have… at least thats what they tell me in yoga

  188. DC *320283* says:

    Mornin’ Irish-

    I had my first hot stone massage about a week ago and it was heavenly.

  189. Irish Mistress says:

    Good Morning Ladies!!

    Ca Dreaming – i like what i hear!!

    I am just back from a manicure, yon ka facial and hot stone massage blissss. With the last month and week iv had it i deserve it, yes i DESERVE it ! LOL 😉

  190. DC says:

    Good mornin’ everyone-

    Just popping in to say Flo is definitely crush worthy 😉 and if she didn’t have an SD and I was much younger well…..

  191. Muse says:

    CA, Tru – I know, but if I pretend I don’t care and go to the grocery store, I miss the delivery and the UPS center is so miserably far away! I’ll just have to hope they come before 5 today. fingers crossed…

  192. CA Dreamin SB says:

    Let’s not talk about the crush discussion from last night – it’s very sad :( none of us blog SBs (except Gemini and Midwest) are apparently crush worthy, so, ladies, I’ve decided I have a crush on all the women and I’m happy to wear my 4 1/2″ stiletto heels and short skirts for all of you. And I’ll even bring my whip, chaps and spurs 😉


  193. Tru says:

    Muse – I hate that… they never come on time they always come as late as they can so your whole day is wasted by just waiting in!!!

  194. Flo Rida says:

    Cleo – Beach and DC have seen pics of me (albeit dated pics). Villa has seen internet pics of me (allegedly), I have seen NYC SB and I think she saw me but clearly I was not ‘memorable’ (sigh). I can assure you i’m not crush worthy.

  195. CA Dreamin SB says:

    Muse – UPS never comes on time! Pretend like you don’t care and they’ll show up!

  196. Anna Molly says:

    Yes, I’ll be at the Chicago Meet :)
    I’ve never been to Chicago either, should be lots of fun :)

  197. Muse says:

    I’m doing well. I’m supposed to be doing 100 different errands but I’m waiting for UPS to deliver a very important package (which they’ll likely do at 6pm) so I’m getting nothing done.

  198. Tru says:

    Its snowing in London!!! as much as I love the snow the UK just can’t take it everything stops running. Love snow in Canada its great to snowboard :)

    Anna Molly – Your coming on the 12th? I can’t wait too meet everyone it should be really fun, ive never been before im going to be coming from San Diego. Warm – Cold!!

  199. Anna Molly says:

    I’m doing swell :)

  200. Tru says:

    Yeahhh im not alone :)

    How is everyone doing today?

  201. Anna Molly says:

    Nothing is up…lol

  202. cleo says:

    Flo Rida: i can’t speak for your face or your body but i can state unequivocally that you (like nycsb) are utterly crush worthy regardless…

  203. Muse says:

    Hi NC, Tru, Molly, Flo.

    What’s up?

  204. Anna Molly says:

    Hi :)

    Sales Tax today….ugh

  205. NC Gent says:

    Hi Muse, Tru, Molly, Flo Rida. :)

  206. Flo Rida says:

    Hellllllooooooo echooooooo.

    ok bad joke.

    it 82F here, water is ok, not warm but not cold either. i’ve had my does of rigatone (spelling) though I was lame and was back in hotel by 12.30pm (but I only had 2 hrs sleep prev night plus 1 hr nap at cabana). i’m going deep sea fishing today – it’s calm.

    lastly I think beneden is an all girls private school in england where the juniors tell the seniors which girl they are ‘crushing’ on and it’s an ‘event’. I think it’s sweet.

    btw i’m not ‘crush worthy’ but I do like everyone. Ciao peeps

  207. Muse says:

    Morning all.

  208. Tru says:

    Hey is anyone still here???

  209. Anna Molly says:

    Where is everybody? It’s so quiet!

  210. NYC SB says:

    CB – did someone say excel macros and pivot tables???? can i somehow offer my services… i am the super macro girl (well thats what they call me at work anyways)

  211. Anna Molly says:

    Hi Guys! How’s the morning going for ya?

  212. NYGent says:

    Beach: I like # 3 best. I don’t remember all of the old ones but I think one of them (laughing) was better than what you now have as #1. #1 is fine but seems a little stiff and posed; the others are softer and more candid.

  213. NC Gent says:

    Good morning all!

    SincereSD — I am little puzzled by what you wrote last night.

  214. cleo says:

    beach if i HAD to pick? HAD to? #2

  215. cleo says:

    re: the lurker in chi-town

    y’all some people just won’t post online, if a lurker wants to come to a munch let them :)
    beach: i like the two new pics better than the old one that’s up. particularly like the … no you know, i like them both. but maybe go with ATX and change the old one for the old laughing one?

    it’s hard to pick between the two new ones, similar but not the same.
    mmm someplace warm and sunny mmm…
    lisa: have fun!!!

  216. photogirl says:

    Lisa – Have a great time on this long awaited trip!!!

  217. Anna Molly says:

    Good morning Lisa :)

    I hope you have a great time and a safe flight :)

  218. Lisa that Actually Has an SD says:

    Good morning everyone

    Getting ready to leave for the airport :)

  219. Vineyard Vixen says:

    hmmm well i am afraid that i am not going to be able to stay awake any longer….have a good night LASB!!

  220. Vineyard Vixen says:

    hey LASB! i do not think i know what moderated means…although i have seen various bloggers huffing about it occasionally

  221. LASB-419804 says:

    Hi VV! Yes, still awake! I think I’m being moderated, though.

  222. Vineyard Vixen says:

    hello sugarland!!! …hmm i wonder if anyone is actually around right now….

  223. LASB-419804 says:

    I get home and it looks like everyone pooped out already. If anyone has the tantra info, can you please send it my way?

    Stephen–Ok, I don’t know you, but it seems that you are the moderator/screener. (?) So I guess I’m supposed to nicely beg you to approve my profile so that I can see those 3 mails in my box. Here goes: Please please please, can I get the OK?

    Just wondering, are there any other SBs going to CES? I’d love to have another SB to hang out and do events with.

  224. Good night to all ladies, gents and lurkers…
    See you soon!

  225. SDinATX~ good night and safe travel tomorrow!

  226. SDinATX ~ I wanna go somewhere warm and sunny too… 😀 not sure i’m going to Chicago so…..

  227. SDinATX says:

    Beach, I’ll wait and see what I think of the two new ones. I have to get to sleep. I have to travel tomorrow.

  228. SDinATX says:

    Sincere, so your supposed to be at CES? I have people trying to drag me there as well for work. I haven’t decided if I should go there, or Chicago, or say screw it and go someplace warm and sunny.

  229. SDinATX~ well I will change it back but i need to know which one is the best photo, I get mixed reviews ….. on facebook It’s split and the girls i know say one or the other!

  230. SDinATX says:

    Beach Girl, yes the one of you sitting. It shows how hot you are when you’re not trying to be hot. That’s always a good thing.

  231. Stephan ~ could you approve my new photos? Please with sugar on top! 😛

  232. oh i added 2 new one i took tonight…. which one did you like? the one sitting ?

  233. SDinATX says:

    Beach Girl, you removed some pictures! Including my favorite of you laughing… you need to add that back.

  234. SDinATX says:

    Howdy all! I’m not Gemini’s crush, for the record. I think any SD would be lucky to have her crushing on them, but it’s not me. Although, since the question was asked, sure I got a crush on her and some other Blog Babes. If they lived close by, they’d know it too.

    I can’t name them all though, because I don’t want any one feeling left out, but my response of “I have an urge to go to Baltimore,” the other day has already been referenced to, so the Gemini crush is obvious. So I won’t even bother to deny that one.

  235. thank you , fixed it so both SBs and SDs and everyone else even non members like you Flo Rida! can see it!

  236. 2Chic says:

    Yes it does, I likey!

  237. can you look at my link see if it works please?

  238. 2Chic says:

    Good nIte dear. sweet dreams. (smile)

  239. 2Chic – I will be looking for it in the morning…lol…understood if it is under wraps :)

    I am going to TRY and get some sleep now. Nite sugar fam :)

  240. OMG – you wanna share??? 😀

  241. 2Chic says:

    Taz: Lets just say I should be in Vogue with this one.

  242. 2Chic-are you gonna let us in?? I have been…busy. And tired. I should be in bed..working on it lol..

  243. 2Chic says:

    Sincere…. Where Are You….

    Playing Your Game Baby, Your Game

  244. 2Chic says:

    Beach thanks…. Taz thanks, the Yays mean alot,

  245. 2Chic says:

    Taz Baby Girl where have you been? Missed You!

  246. Taz~ I have makeup but from this morning… lol it’s ok…. i’ll see what everyone thinks tomorrow

    2Chic~~~ Woo hooo YAY YAY

  247. 2Chic says:

    Thank you… thank you very much… in my best Elvis persona….lol.

  248. 2Chic – a HUGE yay!!!!!!!!!!

  249. BG – just passing through – in my photos I don’t have make up either sweetie! Shows you have NATURAL beauty my dear 😉

  250. 2Chic~ YAY…. lol…
    Where is everyone???? :(

  251. 2Chic says:

    Awww I am finally finishing up my newest creation and it is to die for…. OMG. I can’t help it… I had to share it with someone. Even if you have no idea what I am talking about just say “yay!”

  252. I added the 2 new photos to my facebook and everyone is split on which one they like… so I am so confused!
    Actually I should have really done my hair and makeup… lol … 😀

  253. cleo says:

    NYGent: i would love to see your profile if you’re sharing. i’m 406468 if you care to let me see :)
    i am not one of the sb’s going to chicago. i can take the time off but not with a flight too.

    damn damn damn… can’t you guys do this more than two weeks after christmas? geeze!


    this is cleo sulking, are we bored yet?
    omg i wish i was here at lunch! murses and blog SD bromances

    *howling laughing*
    2chic: i’m reading scroll and waiting to see if anyone posts… and getting ready for bed :)

  254. I’m here… 2Chic, just added my 2 new photos…. hope they get approved soon…. 😀

    I want to know what everyone thinks… Even you Stephan!

  255. 2Chic says:

    OK… Where is everybody else at?


  256. Stephan~ it is nice… Cold though…. Would be fun!!!

    Ok I added a new photo to my profile,,,, just took it from my webcam…
    Tell me all what you think when it’s approved …. 8)
    Thank you

  257. stephan says:

    Beach: That sounds nice, bet it’s beautiful there!

  258. 2Chic says:

    Sincere honi…. where are you located? Just out of curiosity.

    Yes you are my blog crush…. … batting eyelashes and tapping my 4.5 heel shoe with my hands on my hips.

  259. Stephan ~ Montreal is nice and Snowy!!! 😀

  260. Stephan~ you need a Sugar Getaway! 😀

  261. SincereSD says:

    2Chic says: Well hello Sincere, how are you this fine evening? Your ears must have been burning.. huh?

    (Playing in the background …. It’s Ecstasy When You Lay Down Next To Me)

    How are you? I’m doing well other than being distracted by this blog. Yes my ears are burning … from a far east call … and the chit-chat here. And blushing a bit from being your blog crush.

    I haven’t forgotten to send you that file; hope you enjoy the scripture 😉

  262. stephan says:

    Beach: I know :( and yes :)

    2Chic: Great, good to see y’all as usual! :)

  263. cleo says:

    wow CA dreamin SB? that profile is amazing.

    that line about beer and fine wine and homebrew … i just want to lift it lock, stock and barrel
    2Chic: thanks!

  264. 2Chic says:

    Cleo….. very well put…lol!

  265. 2Chic says:

    Hi Stephan, how is it going guy!

    Sincere, where is the Tantra info you said you would send, never received it.

  266. cleo says:

    NCGent: I’ll go to philly for you anytime, any excuse to see my teacher…
    NyGent: it sounds like you need to protect yourself a little with potential sb’s is all…
    funny thing, i’m teaching a pelvic floor/breath workshop at a local sex shop in a few months… maybe i’ll take it on the road for the sb’s lol
    2chic: i would have a hard time if the harem was all in one town. he’s just a sailor with a girl in every port. so long as he doesn’t expect the port to be exclusive there’s no reason not to rent him a slip in the marina


    unless you’re not that kind of marina of course…

    *dies laughing at the metaphors and keeps reading the scroll*

  267. Gemi~ i’m good , working hard too…. I can’t wait til Christmas to have a day off YAY me!

    MCM~ still didn’t work! ahh well tomorrow when you are free send it again!

  268. 2Chic says:

    Well hello Sincere, how are you this fine evening? Your ears must have been burning.. huh?

  269. MusicCityMistress aka (Rudy) says:

    Gemini29: Hi! I feel your pain with regards to the blog posts

    Beach: You have mail

    Okay, I am really going to bed, busy day tomorrow!!

    Sweet sugar dreams everyone :)

  270. Gemini29 says:

    Beach – I’m good, busy with the job but good. Looking forward to Christmas! My turn to play Santa for my family…. 😀 How are you??

  271. Yaz10 says:

    Lol Sincere be gentle 😉

  272. Stephan~ Thank you! 😉 You are a workaholic my friend… Oh Am i an important email? lol 😀

    Sincere~ would love the info on Tantra too…. Always wanted to learn … 😛

  273. SincereSD says:

    Opps, I meant ears.

  274. 2Chic says:

    …… gulp….

  275. lara says:

    I am so happy you guys will meet. I am in South Cali so no way. Besides I am moving on Christmas.

  276. MCM~ says the in the link Page does not exist!

  277. stephan says:

    Beack_Girl: I’m good, I’m following up on some important emails this week! 😉 How are you?

  278. cleo says:

    hey is anyone on seeking millionaire willing to help me tweak a friends profile?

  279. SincereSD says:

    Gemini29 says: Man, I can’t keep up with you crazy kids. Start at the blog around comment 152 and come back later to comment 74522222. Nuts.

    Just search for baltimore or gemi. Were your eyes burning? 😀

    2Chic says: But I am feeling Sincere, yes I said it. It might be in my mind, because he mentioned Barry White and Kenny G. I have not a clue what his behind looks like, but I can imagine….right!

    Behind is firm but abs need slight/some toning … too many dinner dates. Besides looks are secondary if we share the same passion for tantra and seductive music.

  280. stephan says:

    MCM/Rudy: you have Beach mail :)

  281. Stephan~ how are you?

    Thank you

  282. stephan says:

    no problem the link has been posted (got blocked automatically) :)

  283. 2Chic says:

    Hey….shhhh don’t tell Sincere I am crushing on him.

  284. cleo says:

    hey MCM
    that’s the thing i forgot about travelling to SDs that i meant to mention. i am trying to find uninterrupted hours to write, give me a cute little laptop and i don’t care how long the trip is because i’m finally getting the writing done.

    send a car at both ends? i won’t even notice the trip…

    i do agree that local travel is better but the problem with driving is that i can’t read… and i love love love road trips but after a while they get to be daunting.
    SDinATX the driskill looks awesome… too bad the haunted room is extra, we could have a seance ;>

    man i have some friends i wish i could meet in austin… one of them looks sort of like you if you had a face. right age even. keep wishing i had a pic of your face to know if it is/isn’t you (and then you talk about football and i’m pretty sure it isn’t again :)
    Beach: i reread the blog in another window and comment on it but i keep up with the current (except when i don’t have time to participate, then i just read it later)

  285. 2Chic says:


    Barry White in the back ground, mmmm mmm mmm

  286. 2Chic~ Barry white on the iPod right now…. 😀

    Hey Gemi~ how are you? I know I never re-read the blog, it’s way too long!

  287. Gemini29 says:

    Man, I can’t keep up with you crazy kids. Start at the blog around comment 152 and come back later to comment 74522222. Nuts.

  288. MCM~2Chic has my email…

    2Chic you have mail….. 😀

    If you dont have her email Stephan could you send MCM/Rudy my email?
    Thanks sweetie!

  289. 2Chic says:

    Well it is just a lil ole crush, no harm…

  290. MusicCityMistress aka (Rudy) says:

    Sorry Stephan :(

  291. 2Chic says:

    I know, right? I do not even know the guy, but when guy set up that scenario I was totally feelin it…. lol. He could be 5’2 and I may bend my rules…. ugh!

  292. oh 2 chic has my email addy… if you have hers

  293. MusicCityMistress aka (Rudy) says:

    Beach: Oops! I was trying to send you a link to my new style, but I don’t it’s allowed…

  294. 2Chic~ Lmao, oh my you are crushing on Sincere….. lol 😀

  295. MusicCityMistress aka (Rudy) says:

    Beach: I didn’t know that!! I love changing my hair! Glad you know what I am talking about…here is a photo of the style I am sporting right now. I would like to change my color, but I am not that brave yet! I am sure it looks great!


  296. 2Chic says:

    uh oh,,, what have I just said…. “yikes”

  297. 2Chic says:

    But I am feeling Sincere, yes I said it. It might be in my mind, because he mentioned Barry White and Kenny G. I have not a clue what his behind looks like, but I can imagine….right!

  298. Yaz10 says:

    Darn it I missed Creme Brulee and ECF

  299. 2Chic says:

    Crushes, …. hmmmn Well no one has seen me either

  300. MCM~ I’m a hairstylist so yes it makes sense! I actually changed the color a little… blonder

    Yaz~ i hear ya! :(

    Night Creme

    Hi Lara!

  301. Yaz10 says:

    Nobody is crushing on me either lol :-(

  302. MusicCityMistress aka (Rudy) says:

    Beach: So you have a new hairstyle? I have been trying some different styles, but I currently have mine long with short layers if that make sense. What about about you?

  303. CrèmeBruléeNY says:

    Hello ladies.. and a good night to you all.

  304. MusicCityMistress aka (Rudy) says:

    Hi Lara:) Gosh, I keep missing people :( I blame this on the Benadryl…I guess this is a sign I need to go back to bed. I hope everyone has a great night.

  305. MCM~ i’m ok, really tired…. Kinda changed my hair too…. not sure about it…

    Sincere~ I’ll bring you Schwartz 😀

    Hi cleo , Creme Brulee

  306. MusicCityMistress (MCM) says:

    Hi CremeBruleeNY & Cleo :)

  307. SincereSD says:

    Irish Mistress says: I really dont believe though that schumacher was the stig though when it was revealed??? How did he find the time.

    Schummie didn’t find the time. It was a one time time because the Ferrari Fxx was being tested (and it was a perfect gag to pull because of Ferrari’s association). Stig is a ghost driver position filled by multiple pro racers.

    Tantalizing Taz (TT) says: Sincere – yesss! Come to the Midwest meet!! Bring your new SB!!! :)

    Hmmm, could be a no win situation here … do I pay attention to my lady or to the 10 others in the room.

    BG, AM – not sure if I’m coming. It will depend on CES meetings and whether I can send a substitute.

  308. cleo says:

    if you guys meet in texas too imma rilly rilly sulk if no one flies me out to party with y’all. i’ll like cry or something…

    also? i pick austin but i don’t really care, would love to see texas
    okay 300 comments to go… um… hi?

  309. CrèmeBruléeNY says:

    Sincere – Wouldn’t that offset your calculations, a little? I can be manipulated into both, pending current SB’s permission.

  310. MusicCityMistress (MCM) says:

    Beach: Sorry! It is me formerly (Rudy). While catching up on all the blog posts I realized my name is very passe now. How are you?

  311. lara says:

    Hi everybody!!! Just catching up. Seen that people kind of changed their nick names. That’s fun

  312. MusicCityMistress (MCM) says:

    EastCoastFilly: Hey!

    Flo Rida: I am jealous that you are in a warmer climate, it’s COLD in Music City.

  313. Hey girl ruby right? MCM?

  314. SincereSD says:

    CrèmeBruléeNY says: Sincere – I hear excel macros and pivot tables are highly useful at distillation stage, assuming your “carpet bombs” yield adequate results.

    LOL … CBNY, you are my new blog crush. Don’t know whether to kiss you or to laugh with you!

  315. MusicCityMistress (MCM) says:

    Hey Beach! I am here :)

  316. ok… Nice to see you ECF!!!
    Have a good night

  317. EastCoastFilly says:

    Hey beach…me too, First night I am on for a while…but I saw a few peeps I haven’t in a while so thats good. Hope your having a good night, I may pack it in, have an early appt.

  318. So I get on and everyone just poofs???? :(

  319. EastCoastFilly says:

    hey Creme, hollla back! all of the above if you ask me! She looks annoyed to say the least.

    Hey Midwest!!

    Well, if I have to admit it, I have a crush on everyone that was at the NYC dinner. What can I say, I got lotsa love to give :)

    I wanna do it again!!!!

  320. Hmmm Sincere – on second thought – take ME!!!!!

  321. Sincere – yesss! Come to the Midwest meet!! Bring your new SB!!! :)

  322. CrèmeBruléeNY says:

    Weird photo on this blog.. Woman has the face of a pot SB who’s:

    a) been asked for a test drive.
    b) is not happy that he’s sipping on water while she ordered $6 tea, and now regrets saying no to Starbucks.
    c) is troubled by him crossing his legs
    d) Just found out she’s not getting the 20k allowance.
    e) was just informed of what NSA really means.

  323. Sincere~ Are you really going to the Chicago Meet???? so curious!

  324. Irish Mistress says:

    Sincere – just caught your post before i left. Yes top gear fan! Clarkson and Hammond all the way! I really dont believe though that schumacher was the stig though when it was revealed??? How did he find the time.

  325. Anna Molly says:

    Sin-cere ~ You should come to the meet cause we would love to meet you :)

    On that note I’m off to bed. Gute Nacht

  326. SincereSD says:

    LASB-419804 says: I’d love to go to the Chicago meetup, but I’m already doing CES in Vegas. Anyone going to CES?

    I’m using the same excuse but seriously think about sending someone else in my place to Lost Wages and going to the windy city meet.

    Midnight Midwest Mistress says: Sincere – Love the sb search advice. Could work for the ladies too. It is a bit practical and I think NYGent likes to borrow Cupid’s arrows, but maybe he’s ready to explore new approaches!

    See above … I believe several of us are trying to help direct cupid’s aim 😉

    Irish Mistress says: is that ‘the stig’ as your avator??Yes that’s Stig on my avatar.

    I used to race cars but don’t want to use my driving suit as it might be recognized. Are you a Top Gear fan and a gearhead?

    Oh and Lisa that Actually Has an SD says: have fun with your SD. I think you will have only pleasant dreams 😉

    800+ posts in one day … I can’t given begin to reply or comment on the other questions!!!

  327. Irish Mistress says:

    Midwest – i never seen that post but i heard about it later on in the blog , the cheek!

    Seeing as no one is spilling any beans tonight and the whips are being kept at close quarters im heading to bed in the hope il not be missing much! :-)


  328. MMM – I DID happen to remember you mentioning a getaway to music city 😉

  329. ECF- Hi!!!! Thanks *blushing*

    I do have a few blog crushes, but not revealing if sd or sb :-)

    Flo Rid – Hi! Bye! Have fun & be safe!

  330. CrèmeBruléeNY says:

    ECF – Hola!

    (Bite me for individualized hello)

  331. I’m joining the “nobody’s crushing on me” table.

    And I’m bringing pizza :)

  332. EastCoastFilly says:

    Hey crème 😉

  333. CrèmeBruléeNY says:

    Sincere – I hear excel macros and pivot tables are highly useful at distillation stage, assuming your “carpet bombs” yield adequate results.

  334. MMM~ lmao I totally forgot about her!

    Anna~ no worries, no one is crushing on me either…. 😀

  335. Irish Mistress says:

    Adios EasternSure!

  336. Guess??? You know you’re crushing!! I know a little lady in La Jolla who would like to meet you :-)

  337. EastCoastFilly says:

    Hey Anna, even if they did, like you said they wouldn’t say. But I am glad you’ve stopped talking about funnel cake cause you were makin’ my sweet tooth crazy :)

    Are you going to Chicago? Is Yaz going with you? Wish I could go :(

  338. we are quiet again, guess this is a good time for me to go to bed. Im coming down with a cold.. groan… got a hour dirve to my work location the next 2 days, and am just not looking forward to it. Hope you all have fun. I’ll be missing all of it again… be back in a few days. Too much going on with sports and kids and band and Christmas… and gotta find time to eat and sleep in there too!

    Sincere, after reading what all you go through to find a SB, I’m exhausted!! But at least you find what you are looking for that way.. and it also made me feel OLD!! LOL… Still not going to lie about my age though. It’s just a number, doesnt’ define who I am!!

    NIGHT all… ’til next time HUGS!!!

  339. Anna Molly says:

    Nobody has a crush on me either :(

  340. Irish Mistress says:

    Sincere – is that ‘the stig’ as your avator??

  341. I don’t think anyone on the blog has a crush on me…. but way back I had a Huge crush on OPOV!

  342. SincereSD says:

    NYGent says: Sincere: many thanks for your long and thoughtful post. It is a very thorough and strategic concept which I’m sure works, although it sounds pretty exhausting!

    No problem. You’re right, my approach is a lot of work but I’m through with the prolonged searches and courtship. Most of my previous searches took 3-4 months but this approach takes about a 30-45 days. You have to be real good with screening and learning to personalize “form” emails. Maybe SWM_TXSD can use my advise as he is very selective on who he sends mail to.

    Actually, I don’t have any trouble finding and meeting pots, I have numerous pot dates. In fact i’ve concluded that I need to be MORE discriminating and selective than in the past and send out fewer emails to those whom I fairly confident could work out (NC Gent follows this more “targeted” approach and seems to do quite well).

    I didn’t think you would have any trouble but you seem like a real softie. I find profiles can be misleading and only tell part of the story. Sometimes I’ll take a flier and just flip a coin instead of rationalizing. BTW, don’t believe everything you hear … I probably have some NCG stories for you over a few beers or scotch 😀

    What I need to work on is my “judgment” once i’ve met a pot.

    Ditto, love (lust) is blind and I’m a sucker for a beautiful smile or a pouty face. Funny because I can detect BS when negotiating a multi-mil transaction but put batting eyelashes and a pretty smile in front of me and I let my guard down.

    Personally, I would sforget about searching and just send an email to a certain blogger in Baltimore. You two seem perfect for each other!

    Thanks again and good luck to you too (though doesn’t sound like you need it!)

    Yes I found my SB and I should be with her instead of being on the blog. She’s not helping things because I just got a sexy sms from her. <3

  343. Irish Mistress says:

    James i was still laughing at your shovel comment when i came against your AM comment. Lol :-)

    Sorry AM no offence im still sitting in that boat with you! :-)

  344. Flo Rida says:

    Red Maru – sorry I was very rude, I completely missed your hello – it’s been a long time – I also wonder where atlnicole went – are you in touch with her?

    i’m pooped but am changing to go to a club – the FB cmplex is super cool. i’m craving rigatone (spelling) – reminds me of cuba.

    ciao peeps

  345. CA Dreamin SB says:

    Okay – I’ll make it easier on the SD’s – I’ll remove myself from being listed as a ‘crush’ because I don’t even have a close-up photo on my profile and it’s hard to have a crush on someone when you don’t really know exactly what they look like. I excuse all of you SD’s from listing me :)

  346. Anna Molly says:

    I know who the blog SD’s don’t have a crush on

  347. LOL @ Irish, but that is so true. They are out numbered a bit.

    SDs; I love their humor, all of them, but I’ll stay away from the ones who are taken. Got enough drama in my life! Can’t say I have a crush on any one in particular. Guess I need to know them all a little better.

  348. MusicCityMistress (MCM) says:

    Irish Mistress: I am so behind on the blog reading, I am glad you brought the name out of retirement:)

  349. james.m says:

    I’d say something, but my Momma taught me a shovel is not the right tool for getting out of a hole

  350. Irish Mistress says:

    The SDs could pick 5 SBs each and there would be still some of us left floating around!

  351. photogirl says:

    Kidding…just happened to pop back in here and caught the recent topic of discussion.

    I do have a couple myself :)

  352. EastCoastFilly says:

    Good answer James. I met Midwest at the NYC dinner…your a lucky guy 😉

    I would love to hear who the SDs are crushing on!!!

  353. photogirl says:

    That’s because we are waiting for the rest of the SD’s to reveal their blog crushes 😉

  354. Muse says:

    *crickets chirp*

  355. Irish Mistress says:

    James – you had better say that is right! More dodgying objects :-)

    Anna – i really do think you have scared the SDs away this time…

  356. james.m says:

    there seems to be a dead silence hanging over the blog

  357. james.m says:

    1st, I guess I better say Midwest!
    But as far as blog restricted crushes go, there are several others

  358. Irish Mistress says:

    MCM – i never even noticed that! The Three Mistresses, One for all and all for one!

  359. CA Dreamin SB says:

    I know AM – think we got that ‘deer in the headlights’ look out of them with that question? 😉

  360. Anna Molly says:

    They will never tell….they have to be all quiet about it..poo

  361. 2Chic says:

    That’s right fellas, fess up, who is “your” blog crush? Inquiring minds want to know…….. ❓

  362. Anna Molly says:

    Irish ~ I don’t think it’s fair at all…I want to know…right now! Don’t make me call Naughty Molly over here….lol

  363. CA Dreamin SB says:

    AM – GREAT question! So SD’s….anyone feel like spilling on a blog crush?

  364. Irish Mistress says:

    Anna – excellant point you never hear of any of the SDs having a blog crush!! Excluding james of course!

  365. MusicCityMistress (MCM) says:

    Anna: Hi!

    James.m: Here’s a small hint….check the previous blog convo :)

    MMM & Irish: I think we are the three Mistresses of the blog!!! I am in such wonderful company :)

    Tantalizing Taz: You did remember me with my new name:)

  366. James~ thank you…. I am thinking!

    Midnight Midwest Mistress~ love the new name!

  367. Anna Molly says:

    I would love to know if any of the blog SD’s have crushes on any of the blog SB’s. Do you think they would ever tell? I doubt they would.

  368. Anna Molly says:

    Hmmmm, blog crush..

  369. Irish Mistress says:

    Heya Rudy, its not actually new – i just brought it out of retirement! (back a good few blogs now!)

  370. How can any of us choose just one of these great blog SDs to crush on? They are all so charming!! Great words of wisdom, and they do such a great job of keeping us entertained!! But would love to hear more about who has a crush on whom.. I’m a hopeless romantic and would love to get things going for a romance to blossom on here.

  371. Anna Molly says:

    Hi MMM and James ~ I’m glad I’m coming too! I’ve never been to Chicago so I’m very excited :)

    Hi Muse 😉

  372. ESB – Bummer about the skiing, but you could still enjoy the lodge!

    Gemi – Good luck! I hope the blog crush is who I think!!!!!

    ACM – Do tell!

  373. james.m says:

    OK MCM, fess up. Throw a name out there!

  374. james.m says:

    Muse – why thank you! why not drop me a line at my profile so I can put a profile on you?

  375. MusicCityMistress aka Rudy says:

    Good Evening Sweet Sugars !

    Gemini29: I think I know who your blog crush is (sneaky grin)

    Irish Mistress: I like the new name!

    Lisa: Have fun on your trip

    I have stopped trying to catch up on the blog(s) I missed too much, that is what happens when you are sick and work is busy :(

  376. Muse says:

    James – Meeting you is definitely one of the draws of attending. I’ve heard (and read) such good things already.

  377. CA Dreamin SB says:

    I wish I had a house big enough to host everyone!

  378. Muse says:

    AM – You are making me soooo hungry!

    Lisa- Have a safe and fabulous trip! I can’t wait to hear about it when you get back.

  379. NYGent – you missed your calling dear!

    Beach – Hi!!!

    AM – Yeah – so glad you’re coming!

    James – I thought we had all that worked out! I must try harder next time!

  380. I guess I missed the party. Lots happening while I’m gone… why do I have to have a life away from my computer? I miss all the fun.

    I know there are a few lurkers. Ya just never know who is reading and not posting… be careful of what you say!

    Lisa, Congrats!! and good luck.

    If I had the $$ to travel, I’d go to one of the meets, but it just isnt’ going to happen anytime soon. Got some catching up to do with my checkbook. I love to fly, flyme anywhere… maybe I should look into getting a job with an airline as a flight attendant…

    New Years Eve… I might be out west, but skiing is not going to happen… the idiot broke his foot!!

  381. NC Gent and NYGent – Somebody better warn Gemi – Baltimore is about to get interesting!

  382. NYGent says:

    Midwest: i thought it was can’t borrow cupid’s wings because struck by cupid’s arrows . . . Romeo and Juliet ACt I Scene 4 . . .

  383. james.m says:

    Beach – you are definitely invited

  384. 2Chic says:

    Irish, that sounds fun, house parties are great!

  385. james.m says:

    Hey – it was NYG hitting on NCG and all the suggestions from the ladies that had me LMAO

  386. Irish Mistress says:

    Ah yes Midnight we did miss out on that! Usually any mention of a whip and im all over the blog! Haha 😉

    2chic – House party me thinks, new eves year is too busy and over rated to go anywhere where i live!

  387. LASB-419804 says:

    2Chic sounds good.

  388. james.m says:

    HI all

    AM: glad to hear you’ll be in Chicago. So will MMM and I.
    Photo and Muse: try real hard to get there, please

  389. Midnight Midwest Mistress~ Hi,,,, Well We only did it to help 😉

    Hi everyone, hair is done, nails are next and god I need sleep!!!!

  390. Irish -it may have been on the last blog…the ladies have been teasing the SDs endlessly with talk of lap dances, slumber parties, girls only make out sessions and the like. We may have ducked under the radar. James was a bit worked up :-)

  391. 2Chic says:

    Any one have big plans for New Years Eve?

  392. 2Chic says:

    Desert Bunny & LASB… add me to the list. 😀

  393. Lisa – Woo Hoo the day is almost over! Have safe travels and a great time with SD. You have waited sooooooo long. In your case, patience really is a virtue. As for TX, lived in DFW for 3 years and loved every minute of it.

    NYGent and AM (who are you today?) – I *LOVE* GWTW! Sometimes I long to live in that period…for a week or so :-) I love the old south except for the slavery.

  394. CA Dreamin SB says:

    Midwest – it was Californication SB – I stuck with CA Dreamin b/c I’m boring :) LOL

  395. Irish Mistress says:

    Midwest – not sure what your referring to … im always lost and need catching up to do! :-)

  396. NYC SB – Thanks! I think so too. Great sense of humor as well. That’s all I’m saying for now *protective stance* :-)

    Sincere – Love the sb search advice. Could work for the ladies too. It is a bit practical and I think NYGent likes to borrow Cupid’s arrows, but maybe he’s ready to explore new approaches!

  397. Yaz10 says:

    Lisa: Have fun and enjoy every minute of it!!!!! You deserve it! :-)

  398. Hi Irish! I think we have some catching up to do based on earlier conversations!

    CA – What’s the new name and why aren’t you using it???

    TLG- Very, very, very nice! Send some of that tropical weather our way!

  399. CA Dreamin SB says:

    I know exactly what you mean 2Chic – I wish I lived close enough to all of these meetings to attend them all!

  400. 2Chic says:

    Oh how I wish we could all just have one big happy meet…..I know … I know…in a “perfect world” right? But it doesn’t hurt to have wishful thinking…..hmmmm..sigh.

  401. 2Chic says:

    Hello All!

    Lets Get This PARTY STARTED!!!!!

    Now some one is finally talking about a meet in CA, YES!!!

  402. Anna Molly says:

    with powdered sugar….. yummm
    Oh, and maybe some strawberries :)

  403. WOW, this blog just started and already I’m behind!! HEY Everyone!! I got a few more pot.s in the email phase.. lets see if they are for real… or they go POOF on me too!! Geezzz if ya can’t handle a hot sexy blonde, DON’T CONTACT ME IN THE FIRST PLACE. 😉 (LOL laughing at myself)

  404. CA Dreamin SB says:

    Hi Midwest – I was just reviewing some of the chat and saw that Sincere had come up with a name for me!

    Sincere – thank you for the suggestion – I hadn’t even THOUGHT of that one! Very nice :)

  405. Anna Molly says:

    I’m in the mood for funnel cake…

  406. Irish Mistress says:

    Heya Midnight!! We can be mistresses together!! :-)

  407. Anna Molly says:

    NYGent ~ Mammy is so right!

  408. CA Dreamin SB says:

    Very true! I’m impressed NYGent

  409. Evening sugars! 446 comments since 8am…can anyone provide the condensed version? I know james was a little wound up about something :-)

    Have you ever suspected a potential sugar was trying to scam you? What are the warning signs you look out for? I’ve been able to screen the photo collectors and fake daddies pretty easily thanks to the blog.

    Do you have any tips for fellow sugar daddies or sugar babies on how to avoid playing the fool in Sugarland?
    Trust your instincts, if it’s too good to be true…it is, and keep your self respect.

    Do you have any sugar news to report?
    Sugarland is sweet!

  410. NYGent says:

    great line from Mammy in the movie (and words of wisdom for the site): “What gentlemen says and what they thinks is two diff’rent things!”

  411. TXSB says:

    Just for the record, if the debate is b/t SA and Austin, my vote goes for Austin for 2 reasons:
    1) It’s on about a 2 hours drive…SA would be 3.5.
    2) While there, I can also visit my sibling at UT. :)




    Believe me I have a big list of places I want to visit….$$ and companionship seems the be the big issue.


    I’m off to meet a friend for dinner…see you guys in a few hours. :)

  412. cleo says:

    Midwest/NYGent/FloRida/SDN etc thanks so much for the photo comments! am glad to finally have some that meet with y’alls approval…
    napa: “dino wino” *giggles*
    SDinATX/Naughty Molly: i can’t yodel either… but i am learning to throat sing…
    SWMinTX: i would travel most anywhere for two weekends a month… but i’m free from 1pm friday until 4pm monday so it’s not so hard
    NYGent: find an SB who can fly porter or some other downtown commuter airline and then there’s far less lead time and such at airports…
    that said, i agree really. unless you are making 4-5 day weekends out of it it starts getting ugly fast. it helps a lot if there’s direct flights and “easy” airports at both ends… aka small
    omg i’m finally done the LAST blog…

  413. NYGent says:

    CA Dreamin: must admit it makes me cry in several spots every time, esp. the end. I still think Vivian Leigh’s performance maybe the greatest female one in film history.

  414. Anna Molly says:

    NYGent ~ Thank you for sharing….I know what I’ll be doing tonight :)

  415. CA Dreamin SB says:

    NY Gent – that is one of my favorite movies! They did the same thing a long time ago in San Antonio – showed the original version complete with intermission – it was great.

  416. LASB-419804 says:

    Eric–Not everyone is guilty of that. I mean, it’s getting better here and I take the subway a lot. But ok, I suppose I’ve driven across the street before, and more than once. hehe.

  417. NYGent says:

    very exciting: turner classic movies showing tonite the original version of gone with the wind as it premiered in Atlanta 70 years ago tonite, with original score, intermission, etc.

  418. Lisa that Actually Has an SD says:

    Sounds just like the people in Houston.

  419. Lisa I hear ya, I walk a lot more in general when I’m in Europe compared to when I’m in the states, especially LA where everyone drives even if they’re just going across the street lol

  420. Lisa that Actually Has an SD says:

    yes the weather was great the last two times. They were even selling ice cream over by Bunkingham Palace. What I like is the walkability of London and riding the tube. I get so much exercise when I go there that I can eat a box of Mr kiplings pies every night and lose weight, lol

  421. AM, Glad to hear ur doing well :)

  422. Anna Molly says:

    My search is going very well, thank you for asking :)

  423. IM – I don’t believe we have, nice to *see* you

    Lisa – Guess you got lucky then, I haven’t been as fortunate the last couple of times I’ve been there…

    AM – Good to see you as well! The search is a struggle as always, but I survive :) how’s ur search going?

    TXSB – Europe is beautiful, you have to go some time.. Northern Europe is too cold for my taste most parts of the year..

    TT – Yeah tell me about it, story of my life, all bromances and no romance 😛

  424. SDinATX says:

    TXSB, down town Houston has a couple things going for it right now, it’s in the process of a serious make over (and a much needed one). I like to visit Houston, I just won’t live there.

    If we’re going to show off the best Texas has to offer, it’s Austin or San Antonio’s river walk.

  425. AM – I think I sound like a little girl on the phone too :( I actually have telemarketers call and ask me for my mom!! But then…guys say my voice is sexy…how’s that – sexy l’il girl 😉 lol…

  426. TXSB says:

    LOL…..if we ever meet IRL, I think I’d like to judge for myself whether or not you have a sexy voice! :)


    You’re right. Living in a bad/unsafe neighborhood can make things seem unpleasant…but that could happen at any city (it’s not specific to Houston). And yes, downtown is boring….but Midtown, Kirby/Shepherd, and Galleria isn’t (at least not IMO).


    Agree on humidity…..*sigh* It does terrible things to my hair during summer… :(

  427. Anna Molly says:

    I sound like a little girl on the phone… :(

  428. Lisa that Actually Has an SD says:

    Not if you live in my neighborhood and have no car, then you’re under lock at key at dark. The summers are unbearable, downtown is boring.

  429. poptart says:

    TT – apparently I am NOT the lurker! SDN cleared that up. Because I have never spoke to SDN and do not have a sexy voice!

  430. SDinATX says:

    The only problem with Houston is the humidity. It has a nice down town area, some amazing restaurants, and a decent night life.

  431. Lisa that Actually Has an SD says:

    TXSB: Move over to the Springbranch Gessner road area, you won’t like it.

    Thanks Taz

  432. Hi TLG!!! Sooo jealous – I am literally SHIVERING right now :(

    BLOG! – I would LOVE to go to the Midwest meet – logistics ‘may’ not be good…time will tell.

    Poptart – YOU are the mysterious lurker??!! Lol..yes lurker sounds kind of…pervasive 😛 SDN if you tell each other who is coming – it MAY be an incentive for others to come as well 😉 Your meet = your call – I do not mind my name mentioned as a ‘maybe’ at all..as long as the ‘details’ are kept private…

    Awww Lisa – that is sweeet! :) Can’t wait to hear about your DATE!!!!

    Eric – lol you may have a bit more competition – it seems many of the blog SB’s are developing bromances (right term??? lol) and perhaps could venture out and look for a SM…

  433. CA Dreamin SB says:

    TXSB – the only reason I’d never go back is summer. 110 degrees and 100% humidity – outdoor SAUNA!

  434. TXSB says:

    LOL @ the weather descriptions! I’ve never been to Europe so I’ll take your word for it.

    Re: Houston
    I guess I’m the only one who doesn’t think Houston is bad. LOL! I grew up near Dallas and have been in Htown for a few years…live near downtown. I don’t see what makes it so horrible. Perhaps it’s my lack of “travel” experience.

  435. Alluring Anna says:

    Hi Eric :)
    Nice to see you again. How is the SM search going?

    Yeah, 2 out of 3 is pretty good :)

  436. SDinATX says:

    Brownsville is awful, and Houston isn’t that much better. I can’t fault Lisa that opinion, but the idea that those two cities define a state, I can find fault with. The 3 cities being mentioned are different, with Austin being drastically different.

  437. Lisa that Actually Has an SD says:

    thanks for the vote, it’s office Houston sucks

    Eric, The last two times I was in London Mar 2000 and 2003 the weather was great, my umbrella never left the hotel. Anyway the gloom and rain are fun. It doesn’t rain hard like it does here, just a mist, quite nice

  438. CA Dreamin SB says:

    Lisa – I’ll give you that on Houston – I lived there for 4 years – won’t ever go back. But, there are nice places. I like Dallas and Austin and SA

  439. Irish Mistress says:

    Eric – dont think iv been on blog same time as you! Hi :-)

  440. I love London as well, but why does it always have to be such shitty weather?

  441. Lisa that Actually Has an SD says:

    I LOVE London, been there 4 times, my parents are going in March

  442. Irish Mistress says:

    Anna – 2 out of 3 aint bad!!

    I have to agree with Taz on the lurker! No offence to anyone but it takes a whole lot more effort to attend a meet than post on the blog. If i didnt talk to you guys why would i want to meet ye?? And again no offence to anyone i just wouldnt be 100% comfortable, it is a small world out there!!

  443. Lisa that Actually Has an SD says:

    I’ve been in Texas for 34 years, Brownsville 11 years, Houston 23 years, it’s not the place to be

    Thanks TXSB, yes this time tomorrow night i’ll be far from Texas

  444. TXSB, Don’t be!

    London = Rain, rain and oh yeah, rain..
    Sweden = Cold, snow, rain, snow, and cold

    What I wouldn’t give to take a trip to LA for xmas!

  445. NYGent says:

    desert: possibility for late february.

  446. TXSB says:

    London and now Sweden….wow….am very jealous!

    You’re leaving tomorrow for NY right? Have a safe flight and amazing trip! :)

  447. CA Dreamin SB says:

    Lisa – BE NICE!!! Some of us are from Texas and LOVE it

  448. NYGent – How about SoCal in late Feb? A little sunshine?

  449. Hey AM – Been a while – Me too actually, never been either :)

  450. Lisa that Actually Has an SD says:

    Anna Molly says:

    I wish I could make the Texas Meet Up…I’ve never been to Texas

    You haven’t missed much

  451. Lisa that Actually Has an SD says:

    My SD has promised to fly me OUT of whatever city the get-together is.

  452. Anna Molly says:

    I wish I could make the Texas Meet Up…I’ve never been to Texas :)

  453. NYGent says:

    For the record, I’m a definite no for Chicago. Nothing personal, but schedule doesn’t permit.

  454. poptart says:

    Oh good -sigh of relief-
    sorry I didn’t think I was but if I was I would have hated to make anyone uncomfortable.
    My bad!

  455. CA Dreamin SB says:

    There isn’t a date yet for TX – just trying to figure out the city (unless I missed something)

  456. When is the TX meet taking place?

  457. Irish Mistress says:

    I leave for a tea break and everyone shows up! Hi to all.

  458. TXSB says:

    You’re booty better be at the Texas meet! :)


    Hey! Very jealous of you (being in Australia right now!). :)


    Re: Texas meet up
    Not really sure what the big deal is b/t Houston, Austin, Dallas, SA. I’m in Houston…..it takes 2 hours to drive to Austin and 3 hours to Dallas. The plane ride b/t Dallas and Houston is 40 minutes. For those of us who’re in Texas, unless there’s a schedule conflict as in you’ll be out of Texas at that time OR need to work that day…..not sure why the distance would be a issue (for those who live in Texas). Once again…..my 2 cents.

  459. SD NEOhio (SDN) says:

    Taz: For what my opinion is worth I actually spoke to the lurker on the phone and feel comfortable with her. But hell you have a sexy voice and I am buying you a snuggie and a happy meal. ** lurker you do have a sexy voice **

    Anna: I was teasing you and I know you know that. I think everyone that wants to post can post all about themselves on the blog – where they are going, when, why, etc. What I don’t agree with is for me to get an email from them and then for ME to post about it.

    poptart: You aren’t the luker sugar.

    NYGent: Thank you.

  460. Muse says:

    I’ll announce that I’m trying to go. I just have to sort out some logistical things with work and life. Fingers crossed though.

  461. TXSB – Yeah good to *see* you as well ! I’m located in Sweden atm, which is also where I’m from originally, but work brings me around most parts of Europe, just got back from a month in London for example :)

  462. CA Dreamin SB says:

    TLG – I can sing the praises of Austin…it’s a great city (and not just because UT is there). It has grown so much and become very cosmopolitan while maintaining that quintessential ‘Texan’ feel.

    I only prefer San Antonio because I have family there – but it’s a quick drive.

  463. DesertBunny, excellent :) looking forward to it!

  464. TXSB says:

    Hey!! Good to *see* you! May I ask where overseas you’re at? If you’d rather not say, I totally understand. :)


    I completely understand your point. But as you mentioned, the SBs that’re attending aren’t coming out to confirm that they’re gong (I guess Anna is the first one), and I just find that odd. It’s a totally different “feel” than seeing the NYC group plan it together on the blog (seeing the girls talk about outfits, dresses etc). I guess I just don’t get it.

  465. NYGent says:

    At this point all opinions have been voiced, I think the chicago organizers and attendees should be left to themselves as to how and if they want to handle and/or publicize. good luck on the event!

  466. poptart says:

    I am the lurker. Thank you SDN.
    Srsly… Lurker sounds so creepy. I prefer shy.
    Although it looks like I won’t be able to go to the Chi meet up. If I was a definite I would have said so on the board.

    NYGent.- yes!

    I am keeping my name. C’mon you can tell it must have taken me forever to come up with such a gem of name.

  467. The Lone Gunman says:

    Hi gang!

    It’s 7:20am in Western Australia. Going on a river cruise today to catch some area highlights, then out for dinner on the town.

    What’s all this I read about a Houston vs Austin vs Dallas meet-up?

    My obvious vote is for Dallas; since I noted that Photogirl will be in Big D in a while, why not let her tell you what it’s like afterwards?

    TXSB and lisa can make the pitch for Houston after that.

    While Austin has that wild and crazy 6th Street action, I note no SBs to sing it’s praises on the blog. A telling situation?


  468. SDN~ I might go…. unless I , the crazy blonde from the blog, is not invited 😀

  469. NYC – Perfect! I will plan for late Feb :)

    LASB – You have mail!

    Eric – Fantastic! I am going to start planning 😉

    TXSB – Thank you! Thank you! Thank you!

  470. Anna Molly says:

    SDN ~ Sorry, I couldn’t take it anymore :)

  471. photogirl says:

    I want to go… just don’t know if I can yet. Same goes for TX.

  472. SD NEOhio (SDN) says:

    Anna: Thanks for throwing me under the bus…just teasing.

    Beach: Was just teasing you since you said you wanted to know who was going.

    I still stand by everyone that wants the blog to know has let them know.

  473. CA Dreamin SB says:

    I agree with Muse and Taz. With that said, I appreciate the information not being posted publically on the blog as none of us have any idea who is ‘lurking’.

    I can’t make it to Chicago :( I’ll be elsewhere that day.

  474. LASB – Not anymore I’m afraid, I’m working overseas, so I don’t get to LA as often as I would like to, but I will be there during the entire February atleast, maybe longer..

    NYGent – Hey, good to see you as well. It’s been crazy busy with work so haven’t had much time for fun stuff like this :) what’ve I missed?

    BeachGirl – Doin alright thanks :) how are u?

    Hey TXSB :)

  475. SDN~ oh not going or not invited?

  476. SD NEOhio (SDN) says:

    TXSB & Muse: I guess my view is if they wanted it know they were attending on the blog they could have posted. None of them have.

    I also notice that none that want the list posted, other than james.m, are asking for me to post their name.

    I don’t mean to be offensive but if the attendies want it posted please post your name or send me an email saying “post my name for me”.

    I am morning then willing to send an email as mentioned above.

  477. Anna Molly says:

    Oh good grief….

    I’m going to Chicago! There I said it….whew :)

  478. Muse says:

    I’ve given up on keeping up.

    But I wanted to mention this. I completely agree with NYGent. I didn’t really know anyone there before I showed up at the dinner but I felt comfortable doing so because I had been able to see who was going, make a point of reading their posts and having an idea of their personality.

    Plus, both the Gents were so charming and sweet via email, I couldn’t resist putting faces to the (blog) names.

  479. SDN – my personal feelings..which may not be well taken – but here goes. I have NO idea who the mysterious lurker is – and even though I have been a bit more bold in linking my profile as of late – I am very leery of someone I know NOTHING about and meeting with them – man or woman…I KNOW all of you enough and feel comfortable enough to meet you…(if you are undercover you are all damn good 😉 ) – just wouldn’t want fox news to show up 😉

  480. SD NEOhio (SDN) says:

    How about a reverse list?

    People not going:


  481. TXSB says:

    Hi Everyone! :)

    Happy Belated Birthday! :)

    Re: Chicago Dinner Attendees
    Not sure why the list of people is such a big secret….the only 2 people who have confirmed on the blog are the 2 SD’s “hosting”. I can’t imagine why the SBs would request that the “list” be kept a “secret”. Especially since the place isn’t being mentioned on the blog. Just my 2 cents.

  482. SD NEOhio (SDN) says:

    james.m: HHHmmmm…I admit I to paranoid about everyone’s privacy but I like take the trust given me seriously. What about an email to all that are attending with the blog name or “lurker”?

  483. Eric~ Hey how are you?

    SDN~ I agree we should know who is going… ::D

    NYC SB~ I would love to go to that meet and greet….

    hi everyone!

  484. NYGent says:

    Eric welcome back, long time no hear

  485. SDinATX says:

    NYC SB, are you wall street barbie?

  486. DesertBunny, count me in for the LA meetup!

  487. James.m says:

    Sdn, I agree with nyg

  488. Hey ppl! how’s everyone doin today? :)

  489. NYGent says:

    Just some hopefully constructive advice to the chicago crowd, i have no dog in this hunt since i’m not going, but I think one of the reasons the NYC dinner had such high attendance it did is because NC Gent and I were very transparent on the blog as to who said they were coming, and whether they were “definite” or “possible.” We were constantly posting and re-posting on the blog (and later by private email) the list of attendees. I believe this gave everybody comfort that they were’nt going to be “alone” and in the end every single “definite” (except one) ended up showing.

  490. NYC SB says:

    DB – organize one for feb/march time so i can attend… i have a cali pot in the works 😀

  491. DesertBunny says:

    LASB – Cool! Let’s organize one! nglvbunny @ google

  492. photogirl says:

    SDN – If it cannot be posted on the blog can you atleast send a mass email to all who have contacted you with a list of everyone who is coming and is possibly coming? Second request…pretty please?

    Hello Everyone! Busy day on here… Desert Bunny – I like Dessert Bunny as well 😉

  493. EastCoastFilly says:

    Ya, I will stick with it!

    Hey AM!! I’m doing well, I’ve been lurking mostly. You all have me cracking up with man bags, purses, bromances, LOL!!

    Chicago would be so cool, I’ve never been, always wanted to go. Funds are a little low with the holidays so I’ll just bask in the memories of our NYC night :)

  494. DesertBunny says:

    Irish Mistress – Alright. I sent my email. I will be patient.

  495. Anna Molly says:

    Has anybody come out and said “I’m going to Chicago” except for the hosts?

    Hi ECF :)
    How are ya?

  496. NYGent says:

    ECF: I think a least a couple of us gotta stick with our names!

  497. Irish Mistress says:

    Ah DesertBunny that is the million dollar question its all very hush hush that meeting!

  498. EastCoastFilly says:

    Hello everyone…did I hear my name being called NYGent, lol

    I think I am confusing people with my name, maybe I should find a new one?

  499. DesertBunny says:

    Who is going to the Chicago dinner? And is anyone else living in SoCal?

  500. NYGent says:

    poptart: so you are East Coast Philly not to be confused with East Coast Filly.

  501. poptart says:

    NYGent – Of course I know canal street!

    I thought it was an open invitation? I had totally invited myself but the timing was off and I wasn’t able to attend. Or else I would have been there. Hopefully for the next one!

    I am from the land of cheese steaks wit wiz.

  502. NYC SB says:

    Well we had a one off meeting initiated by NC and NY Gents … had a great turnout… thus the Chicago meet up …

  503. DesertBunny says:

    NYC- Fun! There is a NYC meet up group? I wanna come to that too! We need a SoCal meet up group!

  504. Irish Mistress says:

    NY Gent – i know of canal street!

  505. NYGent says:

    poptart: you know canal street? didn’t realize you are in NYC if you are, did we faux pas by not inviting you to the dinner (or maybe you weren’t on the blog by then).’

  506. NYC SB says:

    DB – yess on matching red nail polish… i have mine on now… i showed it to the NYC meet up group 😀 gotta match them CL soles

  507. James, perhaps one of these girlier SBs will teach the both of us :)

    I’m off to work….y’all take care!

  508. james.m says:

    DDD – me, either

  509. I much prefer FMB to FMP….mostly because FMP normally involve stiletto heels that I can’t freaking walk in!!

  510. poptart says:

    *biting my nails all unladylike*

    yanno… NC Gent… you deserve so much better… he got you a fake murse from canal street… -shaking my head- for shame… good thing you didn’t keep those promises!

    NYGent -tsktsktsk-

  511. DesertBunny says:

    And thank you too, NC Gent!

  512. DesertBunny says:

    Thank you, Irish Mistress :)

  513. DesertBunny says:

    NYC – Absolutely! Matching red nail polish too?

  514. Irish Mistress says:

    Oh snap NC

  515. poptart says:

    yes.. i thought that is what FMP were… so that is why i said FMB… i was just confused in case I had FMP wrong… *blinking away my blonde moment*

  516. Irish Mistress says:

    Desert Bunny – its SDN whos organising it
    James- Dubs how posh~!!

  517. NC Gent says:

    Desert Everyone is invited!

  518. poptart says:

    Dulci -tapping nose with finger and pointing at you- Yes! But maybe it is just me who prefers boots…

    james… -laughing- only if I was going after a DeadheadSD.

  519. james.m says:

    Actually, I hae those! They’re brown Wellingtons from DuBarry’s of Ireland. Great for bird hunting, and, apparently, they work for SDs, too!

  520. poptart says:

    james… -biting my lip- wait… what is FMP?

    *embarassed laugh quickly changing the subject*

    NYC SB – oi… every time I hear NSA now I think no sex allowed… and it soooo makes me giggle

    I picked up a snugli for xmas party secret santa gift…

  521. james.m says:

    Poptart — thank heavens. I was afraid it was F*** Me Birkenstocks

  522. James – F*** Me Boots.

    Example: Knee high black leather with a 6″ platform/heel combo. Damn, I wish I still had those….

  523. DesertBunny says:

    Is the Chicago dinner by invite only? What does a DessertBunny need to do to receive one?

  524. CA Dreamin SB says:

    I want a pair of peep toed CLs!!! Who can I bat my eyelashes at for those? :)

  525. james.m says:

    OK, Poptart, I’ll bite — FMBs?

  526. NYC SB says:

    James.m – you are right… it just does not compare… but i gots bills to pay and CA needs a snuggie… so i need to make enough so i can purchase a brand new one for her

    CA no worries this is NSA (no sex allowed)

    DB – if we ever meet we can wear our peep toed CLs… we can be the CL twins… i didnt know about the barbie… i want it now … see james all the more reason to work

  527. james.m says:

    NYC SB – how can work compare to that offer? Didn’t LASB suggest she was coming? Maybe your language skills will pay off with EuroBaby?

  528. poptart says:

    -dramatic sigh-
    what are the poor sb’s to do while the SD’s are, as NY Gent put it so eloquently earlier, ‘hooking up’?
    as for his FMPs… pish posh! that is just crazy talk… now maybe if they were FMB’s… *smirk*

  529. DesertBunny says:

    I like your style james.m.

    And I like DessertBunny too!

  530. CA Dreamin SB says:

    James – in my experience, door prizes are generally given out at the end of the evening, not the beginning – what am I to do to keep warm BEFORE then? Hmm?

    I mean really – NYC SB isn’t going to be there so I can’t snuggle up with her! 😉

  531. james.m says:

    poptart – maybe he was wearing FMPs?

  532. james.m says:

    CA Dreaming. I beg to correct you. You have been invited, and I offered snuggies as door prizes.

  533. poptart says:

    I find that batting eyelashes… while twirling your hair… with a full on pout… works best… -nodding- then again NC is the one who ended up with the Chanel murse… maybe i should take lessons…

  534. james.m says:

    NYC SB I thought it was desert bunny, referring to her location (although I don’t know where it is). You suggest it is dessert bunny, which suggests she’s one heck of a SB.

    Bunny: in the spirit of changing our names around, I strongly suggest you take NYC SBs interpretation.

  535. DesertBunny says:

    I am well, NYC. Yesterday was my birthday, and I am lovin’ my new CL Peep-Toe Pumps! I thought of you when I slipped them on last night. Do you know that they make a Louboutin Barbie? She’s oooh la la!

  536. DesertBunny says:

    Oh! I know all about the atmosphere, james.m! Isn’t it fantastic?! Thanks for the welcome back!

  537. NYC SB says:

    HI Dessert – how are you dear? long time no see! hope all is well

  538. james.m says:

    DesertBunny – welcome, but you might want to check the rowdy atmosphere before admitting you’re here.

  539. NC Gent – haven’t you heard? Your murse doesn’t have to match your shoes or belt. Being all matchy-match is passe’. Just so long as it complements, you’re good to go.

  540. Yaz10 says:

    NC: Bat your lashes some more and you might get a matching belt hehe

  541. DesertBunny says:

    Hello SugarLand! What’s this I see about a sugar dinner? Details! Please!

    NYC SB! It’s been awhile :)

  542. CA Dreamin SB says:

    I second NYC SB’s post – the quality of the men and women on this blog is amazing. I’m so glad I clicked that ‘blog’ button and joined in.

  543. NC Gent says:

    unfortunately the murse doesn’t match my shoes or belt :(

  544. NYC SB says:

    CA- you can have my snuggie… but you might have to fight broke bf for it… he loves using it… and umm its pink

  545. NYC SB says:

    CA – of course you are special… everyone on the blog is… to this day i am astounded with the quality of people on here

  546. Yaz10 says:

    NCGent is not that easy y’all but the chemistry between the two gents was instant!! They couldnt keep their eyes off of each other even with a table full of gorgeouuuuuuus SBs hmpf!! LOL

  547. CA Dreamin SB says:

    I would love to go to Chicago – but – 1) no one sent me the invite with the info 2) no snuggie and I get cold quickly 3) well – there is no 3 – but 3 in a list always looks better than 2

  548. NYC SB says:

    james unfortunately i wont be attending the chicago meet up… i will be at work unfortunately

  549. CA Dreamin SB says:

    Damn…and I was thinking I was special… :)

  550. NYC SB says:

    😀 i like all the bloggers equally

  551. james.m says:

    CA Dreaming. How can you pass up Chicago. SDN and I will be there, as will NYC SB. Massages all around!!

  552. Irish Mistress says:

    NC Gent – out of the 11? guests there you were the only other male there and scored a purse from NY Gent, hmmmm some secret skills there!

  553. Yaz10 says:

    NYCSB: LOL! I love you!!!

  554. CA Dreamin SB says:

    I KNEW you liked me NYC SB!!!

  555. james.m says:

    *throwing his bowler at the hat rack, knocking it over* M. James M.

    (BTW, did you know that the real M is currently a woman?)

  556. NYC SB says:

    ::NYC SB grabs CA Dreaming SB and starts making out::

    there ya go James! happy now?

  557. CA Dreamin SB says:

    Uh-oh James…looks like SDN has his eyes on you…when the SB’s so outnumber the SD’s on here – how sad is it that they go for each other! 😛

  558. james.m says:

    Last night we were talking about watching as the ladies get together, dance and make out. Now, we’re talking about these two? *quicjkly averts his eyes*
    We are on a very slippery slope here, and I don’t like where its going!

  559. SD NEOhio (SDN) says:

    I am feeling left out.

    james.m: *** batting eyelases and using Miss Moneypenny’s voice *** Hi James.

  560. NYGent says:

    with apologies to Groucho:

    When a pot makes a promise I know she won’t keep I leave in a huff.

    Or more accurately, a month and a huff.

  561. CA Dreamin SB says:

    NY Gent – I never figured you to be that easy!

  562. NYGent says:

    NC Gent: as you know I find that such a turn-on . . .

  563. NC Gent says:

    Ok apologies in advance to NY Gent…

    All I had to do to get the allowance was bat my eyelashes a few times and make a couple of promises that I knew I would never keep :)

  564. james.m says:

    check that, a male nurse with a thermometer.

  565. james.m says:

    clearly no one missed it. They just didn’t comment until I decided to point it out, only to be upstaged by a wonderful discussion of murses. Actually, I thought a murse was the last thing a guy wants to see while in the hospital: a male nurse.

  566. Yaz10 says:

    i remember what he said lol

  567. Irish Mistress says:

    And everyone scrolls up to 11.54!!

  568. poptart says:

    NC Gent *quirks a brow* Philly you say?

  569. CA Dreamin SB says:

    I just want to know how many of us scrolled up to 11:54 to see what NY Gent had said

  570. Yaz10 says:

    Its ok NC….. you still have the allowance right? 😉

  571. CA Dreamin SB says:

    NC Gent – hate to break it to you like this but, Coach, Gucci, Prada, doesn’t matter – a murse is a no-no!!! 😉

  572. Alluring Anna says:

    ROFL that is too funny…

  573. james.m says:

    At what point does a the SB portion of a bromance become a blogstress? Does it require e-mail intimacy? Gives new meaning to paying by pay pal.

    Patience, CA Dreaming, I got long winded.

    NYGent – you’re comment at 11.54 was one of the best of the witty repartee of the last few days. Just wanted you to know that it didn’t go unnoticed.

  574. NC Gent says:

    oops lol

  575. NC Gent says:

    The murse was Coach!

  576. NYGent says:

    But don’t anyone tell NC Gent: it was a fake one off the street. (oops!)

  577. NYGent says:

    NYC SB: no, Chanel of course, that’s my gift bag of choice, as you all know . . .

  578. lmao – ummm – handsome and funny..

  579. TY Yaz!! Finally – the seal is broken 😉

    NCGent- too funny – these are fascinating little details….too many beers is good! :)

    NYGent – LMAO!! Handome and funny 😉

    I knew you guys would eventually want to talk about it…:D 😀 😀

  580. Yaz10 says:

    NYCSB: Yesssssssssssssssssss lol

  581. Alluring Anna says:

    The truth is out!

  582. NYC SB says:

    ::whispers to blog::

    NY gent gave NC gent a nice murse for xmas (murse= man purse) it was prada i think :)

  583. NYC SB says:

    nc – you and ny gent have a bromance
    midwest and james have a blogmance

  584. Yaz10 says:

    LOL @ NCGent ( I think it worked since you got an allowance from him right :-) lol )

    NYGent: The nick has nothing to do with the convo but more about the way you carried yourself and acted which was incredibly HOT. I think the other ladies will agree 😉

  585. NYC SB says:

    flo – cabana boy lol thats what he calls himself… he is in at the resort relaxing… cuz you know nyc is just too cold this time of year … he is a weather chaser

    midwest – you are a lucky gal… james.m is a cutie… had to check out his profile…

  586. I know you did – you were very considerate to divulge what you did NYGent! :) It was appreciated – but nice to hear from a SB’s perspective as well 😉 It’s all good though – I do have an imagination 😉 and NO that name was most certainly NOT aimed at you – I have seen your profile and you are very handsome!!…you do not look old!! I was just putting names out there lol..sorry :(

  587. NC Gent says:

    I just hate that phrase “hooking up” it is so demeaning to us SBs! It is a legitimate date! honest!

  588. Alluring Anna says:

    I think it was bromance 😉

  589. NYGent says:

    Yes, NC Gent and I are hooking up in Baltimore, which is halfway between NYC and NC. That could be the source of all the confusion.

  590. NC Gent says:

    awww ty Yaz — I will keep the checks coming!

    Taz — another tidbit from dinner — I was trying to seduce NY Gent into agreeing to be my sugar daddy. In the end, I had to settle for a blogmance — or was it bromance?? not quite certain — too many beers me thinks!

  591. CA Dreamin SB says:

    James – where do I have mail?

  592. NYGent says:

    Flo: I just said your guesses as good as mine.

    Yaz: now you’ve got me curious about the dinner nick. But I won’t press for it . . . can just imagine though, given the topic of convo about me that night. (others: it was NOT flattering!)

  593. Yaz10 says:

    Taz, Yes NCGent is hot lol Dont let him tell you otherwise..

  594. NYGent says:

    Taz: I thought Geriatric was aimed at me, now NC Gent has gone and taken it — NC you can have it, hits a little too close to home for me!

    Taz: if you go back you’ll see I said quite a bit about the NY dinner, as much as I could get away with.

  595. Flo Rida says:

    All – I think Gemi’s blog crush is AT-X or NYGent BUT I don’t really care as long as they are happy. I wish all those who travel to the fair city Baltimore a fair wind and a good sail.

    AT-X and NYGent – what say you?

    NYC SB – does your cabana boy live or work at FB resort (too lazy to spell it).

  596. Yaz10 says:

    Goofy Gent suits him fine :-)

    From what I can remember from the dinner there is a perfect nick for NYGent but I will keep it to myself 😉

  597. NC Gent says:

    Taz — I have all of my teeth and most of my hair and I am in my late 40s. Hotness is in the eye of the beholder :)

  598. Irish Mistress says:

    Winter weather clears up?? James which part of ireland were you in! I gotta get myself there! Lol joking, ah you were in cork, kerry or waterford!

  599. Lol NYGent – as I said – it popped into my mind (more than likely due to my own pot who is much older – I think perhaps he shaved ten years off and told me he was 55 – which wouldn’t be a deal breaker, I was just a little surprised) and nothing at all to due with NCGent. As I said – I have NO idea how old he is!…or even if he is hot or not since no one wants to say ANYTHING about the dinner! :( (and you know us SB’s asked :P) Nothing. Nada. Sigh…ok done my rant…you should all work for the secret service..something like that 😛

    Upon refreshing – NOOOO – I WAS SOOO JOKING!!! I PROMISE! LMFAO…I definitely see why you thought goofy gent suited you :) You do have a great sense of humor! :)

  600. james.m says:

    Yes, GeGe, you’re right. Just thought I’d lob one in and duck. *hiding under desk until the flak dies down*

    CA Dreaming, you’re about to have mail.

  601. james.m says:

    SDN, you have mail

    CA Dreaming: I was thinking about bringing snuggies to Chicago as party favors for all the ladies…do they come in sizes? Do I need to check all the profiles for size and color preferences?

    Irish, don’t offer again, or I for one will take you up on it. I’ve been there to play golf and to fish the Blackwater (love those double handed fly rods!) As soon as the winter weather clears up, I’m ready to go.

  602. Geriatric Gent (NC) says:

    Ok this nick fits me best! I don’t think anyone is trying to one-up the other on these dinner parties. It is just a great way to meet some people on the blog and have some fun — nothing more, and nothing less.

  603. Yaz10 says:

    WOW the blog is busy today lol

  604. NYGent says:

    I could not go to Chicago due to my schedule but Texas is a possibility in the spring, whether Austin or Houston I’m fairly indifferent between the two. I have a niece in Austin I could visit . . . but couldn’t exactly tell her why i’m there, would have to make something up.

    Taz: Geriatric, wow that hurts!

    Baltimore? Your guesses as good as mine.

  605. Alluring Anna says:

    Ahhhhh, thanks :)

  606. Irish Mistress says:

    CA Dreaming – id send you one but they have sold out everywhere in Ireland. Read that in the papers today , shops cant keep up with the demand. My house mate did not understand why i was laughing at that story!

  607. I think it was ATX talking about going to Baltimore. Maybe.

  608. CA Dreamin SB says:

    I’d be up for Chicago – but it’s TOO COLD and SOMEONE never sent me my snuggie!

  609. CA Dreamin SB says:

    Anna – ATX said something about going to Baltimore

  610. Anna – was it ATX? I am lost with everyone changing names back and forth lmao!

  611. Irish Mistress says:

    NC – maybe i should just change my name to European SB!! Il take all credit for SBs in europe!

    James – Im not 100% sure on this but i think the chicago was being talked about pre NYC meet. The timing and place didnt suit everyone so someone goes and organises another. Im holding out for one this side of the water! I think il be waiting though.

  612. Alluring Anna says:

    Hi SDN :)

    Who said something about going to Baltimore? I’m too lazy to go back and look…lol

  613. SWM-TXSD says:

    I am the other going to chicago.
    and james – I am not afraid you’all will set the bar to high

  614. Goofy/Irish – I was sure it was Irish too :(

    Ooooh james.m – those sound like fighting words 😉

  615. SD NEOhio (SDN) says:

    Not sharing the list nor where we are meeting 😛
    If you want to know you should go!

    Anyone that is going that wants to share they can post on the blog, well except for the lurker (shy person) because then they wouldn’t be a lurker.

    There is a European SB going and a lurker! We have a nice mix of SBs and SDs.

  616. Nc Gent – How about:

    – Generous Gent
    – Friendly Gent
    – Geriatric Gent..sorry couldn’t help it…but really – I have NO idea how old you are! For all I know you could be a young buck like TexaSd 😉

    I don’t know – I told you I was not good at picking names lol

  617. Goofy Gent (NC) says:

    I thought the Euro SB attending was Irish SB but I have been set straight on that.

    I can say with absolute certainty that I am not Gemi’s blog crush!

  618. james.m says:

    A/N Anna: I love the split personality!

    ladies: there was an SD the other night who first brought up the idea that he wanted to visit Baltimore. In fact, he mentioned it several times. Could it be he?

    SDN shared the numbers on chicago last night: 7 and 3, although he didn’t divulge names. I’m one of the 3. I think it is a little rude for the TX contingent to promote March before Chicago even happens. I hope you’re not afraid we’ll set the bar too high for you to keep up with?

  619. NYGent says:

    LASB: just skimming through I saw you address some questions, I thought, to NC Gent, so I passed them by. But people confuse us all the time.

    I did take your rec on pix and switched a couple around, thanks.

    But sorry — not changing my name here! guess I’m not creative enough — and I probably wouldn’t even remember it, i’m terrible with names myself, even my own if it’s not real.

  620. Congrats Dulce!! Yay!!!

    Irish – I am working on my patience…it will take sooo long this way! I think the European SB is who we are all stuck on 😉 It would be nice if the mystery lurker got to know us on the blog a bit!!! :)

  621. Irish Mistress says:

    NC – wheres the goofy coming from!

    Dulcinea – Yayyyy you dance away there!

  622. Irish Mistress says:

    Taz – i think by process of elimination we will get there!

    Who is the european SB going? I dont think its either of the UK SBs. And theres a lurker going?? I thought i read that somewere.

  623. I’m not going to chicago :(

    Been swapping more emails with this pot….he finally sent a pic. And he’s absolutely adorable. *happy dances*

  624. Goofy Gent (NC) says:

    I am not attending the Chicago dinner either, but I sure wonder who is!

  625. NYC SB says:

    BG –

    1) im not her blog crush

    2) cant make it to chicago :(

  626. Do you think we get another clue??

  627. Irish Mistress says:

    Its like a murder mystery for us bloggers!

    ‘Whodunit to who-are-you!

  628. Lol..I am on the ‘might attend’ list Irish – and i don’t have any idea either 😛

  629. Irish Mistress says:

    Hey Taz ! :-)

  630. Irish Mistress says:

    Il sit in the same boat as you Anna!

    Beach Girl – Well im not going iv no idea who is – i think that list is under lock and key in some basement somewhere.!

  631. Ahemm…doubt they can since you are not linked anymore 😉

  632. It’s a new concept Anna – one you have JUST revealed 😉 Give them a minute to line up my dear! 😀

  633. Alluring Anna says:

    Sadly, there are no takers Irish :(

  634. Irish Mistress says:

    Theres an offer the SDs cant refuse!!

  635. Alluring Anna says:

    LOL…two SB’s in one :)

  636. Irish Mistress says:

    Oh i love the split personality Anna – naughty and nice!

  637. LASB-419804 says:

    Thanks NC. When you talked about out of town and married, I got so confused for a second. Talk about feeling like a Sugarfool. haha.

  638. Alluring Anna says:

    Irish ~ Naughty Molly was around yesterday. It was Anna’s turn to come out and play today :)

  639. NC Gent says:

    no problem LASB — NY Gent is my “good” twin lol

  640. LASB-419804 says:

    NC gent–Sorry I keep calling you NYC Gent. My dyslexic eyes (yes, Im dyslexic) must be tired from all this blog reading. I only just now realized, you were two different people. Oops.

  641. 2Chic says:

    I am going to take a wild guess with Gem’s blog crush…. I think it is NYGent.

  642. Irish Mistress says:

    Anna – right back at you! Love alluring!

    2chic – I think the fact he was honest with you must mean something. If he hadnt there was the possibility you would have never found out. So if your comfortable knowing, go for it! He can afford 3 SBs wow ( im not the european SB btw! :-) )

  643. Alluring Anna says:

    NC ~ I have in my profile that I’m looking for someone who is honest and sincere in their words and actions. Doesn’t mean I don’t want a married man, it just means I want you to tell the truth as to whether you are married or not.

    I wouldn’t say no to a man because he is married, but that is just me :)

  644. 2Chic says:

    Thanks ladies for the input, I am taking it all in. Taz…. that is a great way to look at it….lol. 😛

  645. Ok so Questions…
    1~ who is the blog crush?

    2~ Who is going to Chicago?

  646. NCGent~ thanks, I guess I will change it!

  647. NC Gent says:

    Yes — some SDs take their time LA-SB. I am quite selective and I need somewhat from out of town. Most importantly, I need someone sane and discreet, and you get a feeling for that. The last thing I want is a “bunny boiler” (think Fatal Attraction).

    Also, I am married, so if I see a profile that says I value loyalty and honesty, I figure that excludes me (well at least in relationships), so I move on. Not sure SBs mean to exclude married SDs with this line, but it excludes me and I suspect others.

  648. SDinATX says:

    We could have all of us SDs, go “not it.” Until you figure it out.

  649. NYC SB~ Hey girl! I agree that if he has other SBs he should be honest about it… It is up to you if you are comfortable with it!

  650. Alluring Anna says:

    That name is perfect for you Irish :)

  651. NYC SB says:

    2chic – My last SD had a SB in Asia… he was upfront about it… and I respected his honesty. It didnt bother me much bc after all this is NSA and I really find it hard to believe that an SD will be just with one SB… some are but a lot are not… having said that its up to you to do what is comfortable for your benefit…

  652. Irish Mistress says:

    Ok im loving the new names so my Thanksgiving blog night name is getting another appearence!

  653. Alluring Anna says:

    I know…not fair!! If I was going to say something like that, I would at least give a little hint….lol :)

    I’m sure we’ll find out someday :)

  654. Alluring Anna says:

    I can’t find my T.V. clicker…ugh :(

  655. Alluring Anna~ It’s just too peek our curiosity ,,,, so not right …. 😀

  656. Alluring Anna says:

    Everyone is curious…lol. I want to know so bad! I’ve been sitting here trying to figure it out..lol

  657. LASB~ I value honesty in our relationship… I get no one contacting me… so…. i guess it’s not all that

  658. Ok Who is Gemini’s crush???? Not fair you can’t do that to us!!!! god im so curious

  659. LASB-419804 says:

    BeachGirl–I like your profile. Your photos are great! Having the “I value honesty,” part, do you still get married men contacting you? I’d be chuckling at that.

    NYCGent–Sorry, I forgot to tell you thanks. I mean, you’ve given me new perspective on why a guy might seem to be “beating around the bush.”

  660. CA Dreamin SB says:

    EXCELLENT way to look at it Taz!!!

  661. CA Dreamin SB says:
    December 15, 2009 at 9:54 am

    2Chic – whether or not you want to be one of 3 is up to you. With that said – it sounds like a great opportunity…

    AGREED! If you can – go for it!! He was honest…and perhaps a very legit SD. If you have the chemistry and it is NSA…hmmmm….just pretend he has two wives 😛

  662. LASB-419804 says:

    NYCGent–Wow, I’m surprised. I always thought NYCers didn’t beat around the bush. I’ve always taken the stance that if a guy takes weeks to meet me and doesn’t seem to have a good reason, then he’s more about the online fantasy than anything else.

  663. I wish me profile was good I need to change it up!

  664. NC Gent says:

    Yes, that is possible SDA – I travel to TX about 3-4 times a year so the odds of it working for me aren’t that great anyway :)

  665. Alluring Anna says:

    I too like to get to know someone before I give out my number. Like NC, I’m looking for someone who is LD so what’s the rush really.

    I don’t mind emails or texts at all, it’s kinda’ hard for me to talk on the phone sometimes, so, emails and texts are usually better for me.

  666. CA Dreamin SB says:

    Thank you ATX…I appreciate the ‘review’ :)

  667. SDinATX~ I really like the hotel yesterday,,, the one you posted here… really nice place to have a sugar party

  668. SDinATX says:

    CA Dreamin SB, well I’m a Longhorn, born & raised, and a Legacy at that (my grandfather played football there, my granduncle basketball, my father played football there, and I well walked on to football there). So that excites me right off the bat!

    However, no it doesn’t scream “I want you!” But it does scream “Not the same profile as everyone else,” which is a big difference. So I could see some SD who wants to skip the nonsense just taking a plunge.

  669. SDinATX says:

    NC Gent, Austin is a 70 minute drive from San Antonio… so you could still schedule work. I do that drive at least 6 times a month for work.

  670. CA Dreamin SB says:

    You tell me ATX (if you don’t mind) – my profile number is 377181

  671. NC Gent says:

    SDA — I conduct business in Houston and San Antonio, but not Austin, so that is the motivation.

    LA SB — I don’t offer up my cell # until I am extremely comfortable, which can be from days to weeks of communicating. I always see SBs that don’t live near me so there is no sense of urgency… also, I don’t do the — I am coming to your town on business next week emails…

  672. SDinATX says:

    Captivating CA SB, well it depends how well did you describe yourself? For instance Gemini could have one blurry photo, and I’d likely start off giving her at least an email. It depends on if your profile screams “You want me!”

  673. LASB-419804 says:

    2Chic–That’s a tough one. I’d say go with your gut. If your self esteem is going to take a major hit, it’s probably not worth it. I think it’s great that he’s very up front about it. Maybe after meeting him in person, you will have the answer you need.

  674. CA Dreamin SB says:

    2Chic – whether or not you want to be one of 3 is up to you. With that said – it sounds like a great opportunity…

  675. 2Chic says:

    As I informed you earlier on a few blogs back, I am supposed to meet a POT in Jan after the holidays. He will be arriving to my state. Now what I have learned is somewhat intriguing, and scary. He has offices on the W.Coast, E.Coast, and in Europe. He has a SB on the EC, and one in Europe and wants me as his girl on the W.Coast. I respect him because he was completely honest with me from the very beginning. It was mind shattering to say the least. The hook for me is that he is a major player in the industry of my business. His companies attract some very important and well known people. He has stated that if we connect, he would love to mentor me, take me under his wing. I am attracted to him, we have been communicating over the phone, and we really enjoy communicating with each other. I guess the thing that gets me is that I will feel like I am part of a harem.

  676. CA Dreamin SB says:

    Okay Taz – since no one else had an opinion, I’ll change it back! :)

  677. LASB – GREAT question – can’t wait to hear the SD’s chime in 😀

    Captivating – I kind of liked CA Dreamin 😛

  678. Captivating CA SB says:

    LA – the reason I am wary of an email and phone number in the first contact email is that I don’t even have close-up photos of me posted. Maybe I’m just underestimating my profile, but, for an SD to suggest we get together ASAP and for me to call him so we can work out the details and I haven’t even typed ‘hello’ or sent a close-up photo, it seems a bit ‘off’. Gentlemen – am I wrong in my thinking?

  679. LASB-419804 says:

    Regarding Texas–From the west coast, Dallas is the easiest to get to, but Austin isn’t bad either. I’m not a fan of Houston so I don’t care how easy it is to get to, and I haven’t been to San Antonio but I’d be open to checking it out.

  680. Captivating CA SB says:

    Even though SA is a little easier for me, I must admit there are direct flights from airports in NC to Austin…

  681. SDinATX says:

    NC Gent, may I ask why San Antonio and Houston work but Austin doesn’t? I thought it might be flights for some people, but when you say San Antonio, that can’t be flights. The San Antonio airport has less direct flights than Austin.

  682. LASB-419804 says:

    Good morning everyone. Wow, by the time the West Coast wakes up, the East Coast has been posting for hours!

    I never connected the “here’s my email and phone number, let’s get this show on the road” attitude with being a faker. A few weeks ago I met a man who I had only exchange a total of 4 emails with. I had a 2 minute phone conversation with him where he asked to meet for coffee,(without making the no underwear demand. haha.) When I arrived at the location, he asked if I wanted to have lunch instead. I saw him once more after that. He seems very legit and wasn’t pushy. We didn’t take anything further and he left the country until January. (I guess I have that effect on men. ha!)

    Anyhow, my thought is that if a guy wants to talk on the phone right away, he’s not a time waster. I believe this type of person can come in two forms
    (1) the scammer
    (2) the legit SD who has a busy schedule and wants to be very efficient.

    Can any SDs comment on this? Do you wait for a few emails before offering up a phone number?

  683. Captivating CA SB says:

    Is “Captivating CA” better than CA Dreamin? :) I have a hard time coming up with new names!

  684. Alluring Anna says:

    Tantalizing Taz ~ Oh, I’m just taking a breather right now :)

  685. Alluring Anna says:

    NYGent ~ You need some chicken soup :)

  686. 2Chic says:

    Ahhh, Hello Suga Fam!

  687. I just started talking to a ‘pot’ (not sure it is far enough along to call him a pot yet :P) I have never been in the position of having a SD tell me he would not send me his pic….kinda weird to me 😛 Although I can understand that circumstances he stated…he wants to ‘text’ – not even send email? I know people are busy but wow…have I mentioned I hate phones..and texting 😛 Well sometimes texting is fun – but some pots want to text you all day/night long (pots…not sd) and expect you to answer each time!

    Ok done my rant 😛

  688. NYGent says:

    AM/NM/AA: I’m a little under the weather too, and I think due to the weather too.

  689. CA Dreamin – you’ve got mail! (Unfortunately not from a good-looking, intellectual business scion….) 😉

  690. Alluring – why don’t you have your profile linked anymore?

  691. I am LOVING everyone’s new and improved names – umm if you don’t have something added to the ‘old name’ – could you put an aka reference in so slow pokes like me don’t get confused?? (IE: Rudy – I will never remember that name without some kind of reference…although saying that now I DO think I remember Music City Mistress right?? Lol) Anyhow – if I missed that post I wouldn’t know who you are anymore sweetie!!!!!!

    Ok again – love the name changes. I am leaving mine as is until I think of something better…I use Turkess on SA – maybe I should do the same here since my profile is now linked 😛

    Hope everyone is having a good day – mine has been better – coming to my sugar fam to cheer me up!! :)

  692. Alluring Anna says:

    Sorry, can’t help with that one Dulcinea. I love DC, but don’t know what the job market is like there.

    I could spend all day in the museums though :)

  693. CA Dreamin SB says:

    Dulci – I just left Raleigh. Depends on what type of work you are looking for. I would check out some of the job boards (careerbuilder, indeed, monster) for those areas and see if there are jobs available in your field. I was in Raleigh for 15 years – if you want to chat off the blog, send it to slmc71 at the y place.

  694. CA Dreamin SB says:

    Have you ever suspected a potential sugar was trying to scam you? What are the warning signs you look out for?

    There are always going to be scammers out there. The guy who wanted a free ‘test drive’, the guys who contact you with phone numbers and personal email addresses in the first email ‘call me, let’s get this moving’…I wish we could rid the site of them, but that’s not going to happen!

    Do you have any tips for fellow sugar daddies or sugar babies on how to avoid playing the fool in Sugarland?

    I absolutely agree with NYCSB- if it feels wrong – it is wrong. Go with your gut.

    Do you have any sugar news to report?

    Had a pot I really liked…turns out to not want an SB, really looking for a GF (not intersted in providing an allowance, or anything like that). Got an email from a guy 1200 miles away, with a phone number and a personal email saying ‘lets get this show on the road’ – are you KIDDING me?

  695. Morning sugars!

    Mr. Walmart Parking Lot finally stopped calling….thank the gods! Hopefully he won’t start back up again, otherwise Daring Decadent Dulcinea will be turning into Diabolical Dangerous Dulcinea…. >:)

    I’m thinking about moving to find a better job market. Anyone have opinions on the DC area, Raleigh-Durham, or the Twin Cities?

  696. NC Gent says:

    Whatever you want NYCSB — oh great and might drinkmaster! Maybe you can teach me a few bartending tips!

  697. Irish SB says:

    Hey hey RedMaru, NYC, NYGent,

    NC – i hope you negotiate your way outta that one!

  698. Hi Gent 😀
    Hey Anna : If its any comfort, I’ve had a migraine since yesterday. Its kinda tapered off to dull ache but I still can feel it.
    Hey Flo Rida wish I was there hope you’re a throughly enjoying yourself

  699. NYC SB says:

    Flo – ummm im so so jealous… if you see a uber hot boy by the pool (blonde, 6pack) say hello… thats my buddy jay jay… then you will wish you were sans SD hahaha … did i mention he is retired :)

    NC – i prefer master

  700. Flo Rida says:

    CA – SB – But I have nothing to wear! Now the evening crowd would get excited at this but… i’m going to hit the beach – I did pack a bikini. Cheerio all – i’ll swim & fall asleep on the beach in a cabana.

  701. Alluring Anna says:

    Hi Red and NYGent :)

    How are you two this morning? I am a little under the weather :(
    I woke up at 4:30 this am with a migraine and a sick tummy, but I’m slowly getting back to normal and I think a nap would do me some good.

  702. NYGent says:

    Sincere: many thanks for your long and thoughtful post. It is a very thorough and strategic concept which I’m sure works, although it sounds pretty exhausting! Actually, I don’t have any trouble finding and meeting pots, I have numerous pot dates. In fact i’ve concluded that I need to be MORE discriminating and selective than in the past and send out fewer emails to those whom I fairly confident could work out (NC Gent follows this more “targeted” approach and seems to do quite well). What I need to work on is my “judgment” once i’ve met a pot. Thanks again and good luck to you too (though doesn’t sound like you need it!)

  703. hope i’m not the only one here

  704. RedMaru *210789* says:

    Hey sugars how is everybody? New blog again…jeez
    Have I every suspected a potential sugar was trying to scam me? Yep and I haven’t seen him since. Actually he was more a cheapskate and time waster than fake check kind of person.

    Any tips? All of them were given already

    Any news from Sugarland? To my utter sadness no. But I really haven’t been active thanks to my apartment emergency and having to evacuate and no staying with relatives… frown

  705. NC Gent says:

    p.s. I meant drinkmistress NYC SB.

    Long time no see Irish!!! I have a trip to Philadelphia on Thurs/Friday but I am trying to get an employee to cover that one!

  706. CA Dreamin SB says:

    FR – I’m SO jealous!

  707. Flo Rida says:

    I’m @ Fontainebleau resort Miami Beach in a corner suite overlooking the ocean – it’s 80degrees and it’s glorious. My only problem is that I was so tired, I packed NY clothes alas no one wears black here so if I have time i’ll go shopping. I’ve decided life will be good today – the drama can wait for tomorrow. Must catch up on some sleep though.

    Gemi, Lisa, NYC SB – i’m so happy for all of you. big hugs!

  708. Alluring Anna says:

    I can’t go to Texas :(

  709. CA Dreamin SB says:

    I could probably make a dinner in San Antonio if y’all met there :)

  710. Irish SB says:

    NC – long time! You all travelled out??

  711. NC Gent says:

    I might be able to make the March Texas dinner — either Houston or San Antonio work for me, but Houston is the preferred location.

    You would make a great drinkmaster NYC SB!

  712. CA Dreamin SB says:

    Morning all –

    ATX – on your post from last night…I’d choose the mall – I can create my own wild nightlife.

  713. NYC SB says:

    SDinATX – I understand that but someone who says that he makes 100K a year and then tells you he will give you 20k a month raises a red flag for me… also you are right its either he will pay or wont… but i would rather not waste a month to figure that one out… just my thoughts and I could be wrong as there are many who misstate their income… yet they are pretty comfortable saying “you know my income figures are mistated but i am comfortable with x per month”

    NC and AA – next NYC meet i will be making the drinks lol

  714. Alluring Anna says:

    Oh, and congratulations on the date :)

  715. SDinATX says:

    NYC SB, what is an exorbitant amount? The only dishonesty I display on here or any site is my income and worth. That really has nothing to do with anyone but me and my accountant and the IRS. If I pay the allowance requested on time all the time, who cares what it says I make?

    I just bet there are some who feel the same as I. Someone is either going to pay or not, but you should be able to find out rather quickly.

  716. Alluring Anna says:

    Suddenly I’m in the mood…for a Mimosa :)

    Your drinks do sound very good NYC SB :)

  717. NC Gent says:

    Congrats on your date NYC SB — and cranberry infused champagne sounds very tasty!

  718. NYC SB says:

    Have you ever suspected a potential sugar was trying to scam you? What are the warning signs you look out for?

    When I first joined SA there were many scammers… some of the warning signs I look for:
    1) Offering an exorbitant amount of an allowance while income listed couldnt possibly allow for such expense
    2) Constantly asking for pictures – I have 3 up that should be enough …
    3) Never being able to meet – this is possibly a picture collector
    4) Asking for a test drive immediately

    Do you have any tips for fellow sugar daddies or sugar babies on how to avoid playing the fool in Sugarland?

    Listen to your intuition… if it feels wrong it probably is… be smart about what you share and with whom… and personal safety is key… if the pot is not doing anything to ensure you feel comfortable chances are he is inconsiderate in other areas of the relationship… best to leave him and move on

    Do you have any sugar news to report?

    Had a lovely date last night… we made cocktails and mine were superb… the class allowed you to come up with your signature drinks… I made a cranberry infused champagne (YUMMY) and a passion fruit/kiwi/raspberry martini … the instructor liked them so much the cranberry infused champagne will be featured in the bookmarks lounge (bookmarks hotel) and at the campbell apartments during the holliday season… needless to say date was impressed and we are going to see each other again this friday 😀

  719. NC Gent says:

    Good morning sugar compatriots! I have had numerous scams — emails from Russian sugars asking to wire travel money, wire transfer requests from allegedly abused women (just need a little money so I can leave my significant other), travel advance requests of 1K+, etc. The list goes on and on. Not many this year though, because I hid my profile. That essentially eliminated that problem I recommend other SDs hide their profile too, but whatever works for you.

    Advice… use common sense, and if sounds too good to be true, it usually is!

  720. Lisa that Actually Has an SD~ Love it Lol, you always make me laugh….
    Have a fun and safe trip! Enjoy it… it’s going to be amazing i’m sure!! 😀

    Hi everyone

  721. NYC SB says:

    Gemi – oooo meeting your blog crush… im curious… but i respect your need for discretion… you should email me and fill me in on details… its been a while girlie

  722. Alluring Anna says:

    Lisa ~ I know you will have lots of fun! Have a safet trip :)

  723. Lisa that Actually Has an SD says:

    Thanks, I’m sure i’ll have a wonderful time :)

  724. Irish SB says:

    Lisa – i hope you have a great trip if i dont catch you before you go! Cant wait to hear all about it! :-)

  725. Lisa that Actually Has an SD says:

    Have a great day eveyone
    I’m out for a very busy day

  726. Alluring Anna says:

    Gemini29 ~ Sugar blog crush isn’t doing it for me….I need more detail :)

  727. Gemini29 says:

    I think the only kind of “scam” men try on me is to get me to send them more photos of myself (because 3 of myself aren’t good enough) and THEN they will send me photos of THEMSELVES. Yeah, how about no.

    I will have to admit that I am wary of men who immediately include their phone # in their introductory email and expect me to call them right away. For some reason this reminds me of the escort-type SB, only in reverse. So I stay away from those guys…their desperation to get laid is just such a turn-off.

    I’m off to go enjoy my one day off to myself! finally!! Have fun in the sugar world sweets! :)

    Oh and my only news in sugar land are a few talks with potentials and one potential meeting with my sugar blog crush. :)

  728. lisa says:

    And those of you ladies who don’t like shopping and malls, well we need to line you all up in front of a firing squad :)

  729. lisa says:

    See the jury is in: Everyone prefers Austin because Houston does suck! lol

    Off to take a shower and do some last minute errands before my trip tomorrow

  730. Irish SB says:

    Cleo – i feel your pain i had 3 blogs to catch up on!!

  731. cleo says:

    wow, not only do i have hundreds of comments on the other post to catch up on but there’s over a hundred HERE TOO!

    guess you aren’t allowed to take a night off around here


  732. Vineyard Vixen says:

    Goooood Morning everyone!!!

    Hiiiiii Rudy!! I dig the new name :) very nice. and i am missing out on blogging with everyone these days too :( hopefully you and i will be back in the swing of things soon and we can catch up on everything.

    well I am off to work (blah i dont like to brave the cold unless i am about to go skiing/snowboarding) i have a pot SD date tonight, wish me luck!

    Hope everyone has a good day

  733. MusicCityMistress aka Rudy says:

    Good Morning Sweet Sugars!

    **I love the new names**

    Newbies: Welcome :)

    Wow! I have definitely missed some interesting blog topics! Between work and battling this nasty head cold, I have been out of the loop and now I am trying to catch up. Well, I noticed that maybe Rudy sounds too plain for this blog so I opted for something with a little more flavor :)

    Poptart: Pomegranate Martinis are quite tasty! Congrats with your SD too:)

    Yaz10: Have fun on your date :)

    LASB: With regards to Mr. Starbucks….(smh) nothing surprises me anymore….

    Tantalizing Taz (glad things are going well with the SD), Alluring Anna, Vineyard Vixen and TXSB: I have missed blogging with you ladies in the evening :( ((hugs))

    Midwest and Lisa: I hope everything is going well with your SDs :)

    FloRida: With regards to your friend that stinks! Her Husband sounds like he has lost his mind.

    If have missed anyone who has updates, I apologize, I am still trying to catch up on the blogs.

    Blog Questions:

    Have you ever suspected a potential sugar was trying to scam you? What are the warning signs you look out for?

    Requesting additional photos, test drives….I actually had a pot SD ask me to send him a photo of me ‘showing off’…ewww. Needless to say I didn’t bother to respond to that at all.

    Do you have any tips for fellow sugar daddies or sugar babies on how to avoid playing the fool in Sugarland?

    Well, I have received all of my tips from them, so I think they are already savvy enough to discern for themselves :)

    Do you have any sugar news to report?

    No, but I am optimistic :)

    Alright, I am now retreating back to my warm covers with hot tea. I hope everyone has a wonderful day!

  734. I’m here Allluring Anna 😉 Just stopping by quickly right now – enough time to say good morning to all!!

  735. Alluring Anna says:

    Where did everybody go?

  736. Alluring Anna says:

    Thanks Irish :)

    Nice to see you!

    I think Sincere should be Sin-cere…lol or Sexy Sincere 😉

  737. Alluring Anna says:

    Have you ever suspected a potential sugar was trying to scam you? What are the warning signs you look out for?

    Have not fallen for a scam and haven’t come across any scammers yet. Thank goodness!

    Do you have any tips for fellow sugar daddies or sugar babies on how to avoid playing the fool in Sugarland? Nope

    Do you have any sugar news to report? No, not yet…but Jan. looks promising :)

  738. SincereSD says:

    Guten Morgen Frau Alluring … good morning Flo, Irish, SDN and others.

    It’s too early to be creative. Do you have any suggestions?

    Oh, I came up with one for CA Dreamin SB last night when I was catching up on the blog … how about CalifornicationSB? (No offense intended … it’s just a naughty name!)

  739. Irish SB says:

    Morning Anna – nice name change!

  740. Alluring Anna says:

    Good Mornign All :)

    Hi Sincere….you’re not changing your name?

  741. SincereSD says:

    NYGent says: All other recent pots have fallen through. I am currently sans. Starting to think i have the wrong style, approach, attitude for the SBs on this site . . .

    NYGent says: Midwest: I’m considering it. All the NYC SB’s seem to be three steps ahead of me, I’m constantly getting outfoxed.

    NYG, I’m surprised to hear you do not have a funnel full of pot SB to choose from. Based on what I have read on blog you are a considerate gentlemen, provide a good allowance and would make a great SD. As you know from the postings here, most of the women here think you would be quite the catch.

    Without knowing the specifics of your search, I would venture to speculate your approach is too narrow or you are not reaching out to enough prospects. I hope I am not being too simplistic or condescending here but I would make several general comments in this area:

    1. Sugar dating is a game of odds – Use the “carpet bomb” approach … the more emails you sent out, the better your odds of getting a date and finding a good match. Think about how a HR (human resources) department operates when trying to fill an open position. They use the following principles:
    – Create a job description: This is equivalent to the profile of SB you are seeking. Don’t be too narrow your criteria for your ideal SB and put a time limit on your search.
    – Conduct the search: While the HR uses ads or head hunter, the dating equivalent would be to send out “enough” emails to pot SB who fit your profile. It’s unlikely HR would fill mid-level position based on 10 resumes so why should you? (Try another sugar site as well)
    – Screen, 1st interviews: Narrow down the candidates through email, IM and phone calls.
    – 2nd round interviews: Go on dates with several SB; multiple dates with your 3 strongest candidates
    – Job offer: narrow down to one SB with a backup in mind if she doesn’t accept or it doesn’t work out in the first few weeks.
    – probation period: if it’s not working, talk to her about your concerns and remedies within set period. Terminate shortly if you’re not happy.

    2. Broaden your search area and relax your search criteria. I seem to remember that you are looking for a SB who is intelligent, younger and model-ese. I just did a search of SB … within a 200 mile radius of Manhattan; between 5-5 to 5-9; ages 21-30; slim-athletic in build; logged in during the last 2 weeks … and came up with over 1,000 “matches”.

    I made a post previously about the statistics of my last search. Off the top of my head within a one month period, I think I sent out 120 emails, received 30 replies, went on dates with 10 pots before narrowing down to 3 for repeat dates.

    If you would like, we can talk further offline. Midwest has my contact info.

  742. Irish SB says:

    Flo rida – i am cheating , it is lunch time for me!

  743. Flo Rida says:

    SDN – Irish – alas I seem to join both groups due to my crazy sched. Flying to Miami – warmth and ocean fishing and nightclubs. About to take off – i’ll be back in approx 2 hrs time. ciao

  744. SD NEOhio (SDN) says:

    Hey Flo Rida and Irish.

    Nothing wrong with us morning sugars. The night owls make fun of us but hey we aren’t the ones on a blog at night…

  745. Flo Rida says:

    Irish – Sorry dashing to airport gate. Thanks, she’s a bit of a mess. Re your post alas the sugar world seems highly variable in quality. I suspect people are busy with Xmas and New Year’s so your search may be more fruitful in 2010. I suppose the morning shift could be called ‘Morning after dark – or MAD’. I leave on a flight at 8.30a.m so won’t be on long.

    SDN – guten mogern.

  746. Irish SB says:

    Morning SDN long time no see.

  747. SD NEOhio (SDN) says:

    You aren’t alone, I am here Irish.

  748. Irish SB says:

    Ok by myself so will answer a few questions!

    Have you ever suspected a potential sugar was trying to scam you? What are the warning signs you look out for?

    I have not fallen foul of the scamming scheme, yet! :-) I have spent several weeks getting to know a pot before meeting due to distance. Im not worth the effort to someone who wants to scam another person! :-)

    On another note one guy who i went on one date who turned out to be such a sleeze i had to fake an emergency phone call to leave pronto has been sending me texts obviously meant for his SB! Its all about gifts and depositis and ‘cant wait to see you’ msgs. Does anyone fall for that in sugarworld IRL!! Anyone who sends msgs like that ‘by accident’ was done on purpose.

    Do you have any sugar news to report?
    Nope very quiet on that front. I havnt been searching to tell you the truth and have my profile hidden. Been crazy busy last month so something had to give!! I think now after christmas il give it a proper go and reamp my profile! There was a pot who wanted to meet in jan so the timing may be good.

  749. Irish SB says:

    Good morning sugars.

    FLo rida – i hopw your friend will be ok, she has every right to freak out!!

  750. Flo Rida says:

    I just spent 2 hours consoling a freaking out friend in Jo-burg. Her ‘husband’ just left her and stole her passport and their baby’s passport. He won’t return them and she can’t get back to the US. The embassy will take 6 weeks to issue another South African passport and she’s worried her employer will fire her (as she’s not there). What man would do something like that? (I know men might say What did she do that he would do something like that?).

    Austin is easier to have fun in than Houston – you need a local to show you around in Houston whereas Austin is ‘funner’. Also hotel location doesn’t matter so much as Austin is ‘small’. Everyone has their own hotel prefs.

    No sleep so i’ll be a zombie at work – caffeine drip IV for me.

    Lastly – maybe we should re-name the wee hours ‘massage after dark’ or ‘bad after dark’. LOL – ciao peeps

  751. Vineyard Vixen says:

    …helpful was not at all the word i was looking for, oh well…must sleep now.

    Goodnight to me!

    Good Morning to all the early risers!!!

  752. Vineyard Vixen says:

    okay i am really starting to feel lame chatting with myself here…

    my input on the texas meet:
    a) please please please let me be invited!
    2)AUSTIN!!! which seems to have already been decided on so thats good
    annnnd lastly) I am very inclined to agree completely with SDinATX

    Austin has phenomenal night life, crazy good food, and delightful random weird things all over the place. austin is a one of a kind city, and there is all kinds of shopping there. while there IS always the Dominion, i personally think that the shopping on Congress, 1st street and the general downtown/drag make Austin a really unique shopping experience. And while i am semi-ranting – the Driskill is very old world luxury (veryyyyy, its so nice :) ) and while there are many other hotels in ATX that are much trendier (is that even a word?) the Driskill is something that should be experienced. the fact that it is mere blocks from 4th street, a short cab or moderate drunken hike to lower 6th (think pomegranate martinis poptart!!) is a plus, the fact that you can look out the window and see the magnificent State Capital all lit up at night 6 blocks up Congress is helpful…i think what i am getting at here is its all about location and the driskill has that in spades. (i am kind of a huge fan of the place, Austin and the Driskill)

    Annnnnddddd while hudson’s is truely fantastic, lets not forget the good old texas bbq Saltlick anyone?

  753. Napa SB says:

    …missed it by thiiiiissssss much

    well I will just take this time all alone in here to catch up on the blog and give alllllllll of my input :) I know you guys are excited

    also seriously contemplating changing handle to vineyard vixen…has a nice ring to it i think

  754. Napa SB says:

    dang, i guess not…

  755. Napa SB says:

    hello hello, is anyone still awake?

  756. Mina says:

    Off to bed myself… Ciao

  757. Mina says:

    True, Driskill is quite brilliant. I must’ve have caught it on “off” nights

  758. TXSB says:

    Bed time for me….good night!

  759. SDinATX says:

    Mina, don’t get me wrong I like your tastes. Kimpton and Sofitel are nice hotels. Sometimes old world luxury is good too. It just makes sense for the location.

  760. That hotel, the driskill… WOW

  761. Mina says:

    To each her/his own, I suppose :)

  762. Narrowed it down :)

    At least us girls are leaving a recognizable part of our names…. 😉

  763. SDinATX says:

    The St. Cecilia is a SoCo nightmare. It’s a crazy person’s take on what a hip hotel would be in Austin. The Driskill is Austin, it’s a 100+ year old landmark and it is rather swank. When SXSW rolls around it fills up first, because that is where everyone wants to be.

  764. JSO-TXSD says:

    going to bed. you girls have fun tonight.

  765. Mina says:

    I’ve never stayed there but have yet to have a bad experience with an IC hotel. I usually go for Kimptons or Sofitels (if it’s up to me)

  766. JSO-TXSD says:

    yes taz….lol

  767. BG – I am tired – 4am was a long time ago 😛

    JSO – so I can safely assume you are SWM?? I am so confused 😛

  768. Mina says:

    I love Dallas, great city (always loads of fun)
    Just please make sure you take the karaoke cab!

  769. JSO-TXSD says:

    mina – dc

  770. Mina says:

    I didn’t say I hate the Driskill, lol. The Willard in…?

  771. poptart says:

    Dulci – delightful… decadent… danger… *trails off thinking bad D words that are not appropriate or fitting but funny nonetheless*

  772. TXSB says:

    I like daring.

    Good luck on the date! Night… :)


  773. photogirl says:

    TXSB – Thanks for the good vibes on the job!

    Mina – I’ll be going to Dallas for the 1st time in a couple of weeks. :)

    The Driskill is beautiful…and I agree the haunted room sounds interesting.

  774. JSO-TXSD says:

    mina – do you hate the willard too.

  775. Mina says:

    I’m well aware. While the location is ideal it’s just… Well, I’d imagine a more swank & trendy hotel to host a sugar party
    (or in the words of Beach_Girl) “partay” lol)

  776. poptart says:

    IMHO re: LDR
    When you want to be with someone. When you care about someone. That distance and time apart… hurts… It is this dull constant ache…

    Sure the time together is amazing… but the time apart… bah!

    *just my opinion.. i know it can work and can be wonderful… i am just sayin’*

  777. Dulcinea9786 says:

    Beach Girl – I just can’t decide if I want to be darling, dazzling, dearest, decisive, discreet, daring….. :)

  778. JSO-TXSD says:

    mina the driskell is a world class hotel.

  779. Mina says:

    Check out St Cecilia. Cab distance from 6th St.

  780. Taz~ hey girl…. How is you?

    TXSB~ I wouldn’t do anything without you girl!!! 😛

    Mina~ welcome 😛 to the partay! lol

    Dulcinea~ Precious! lol

  781. Dulcinea9786 says:

    ATX – The Driskill is absolutely gorgeous. I can tell you, fwiw, that I’d love staying there. And the haunted room sounds like fun!

  782. Mina says:

    In that case, count me in on the massage

    That last sentence (“…wanting to rip each others clothes off”) absolutely nailed it!

  783. Yaz10 says:

    TXSB: Please disregard my comment. I just caught up on the rest of the comments.

  784. Mina says:

    There has to be someplace more hip than The Driskill (granted it’s been a few years since I’ve stayed there…)

  785. SDinATX says:

    I should mention The Driskill also has a haunted room, if some SD wants to stay in there. They charge a lot for it…

  786. Yaz10 says:

    Evening all! :-)

    Just got back home and I am about to crash…Took me so long to catch up on the blog. Few remarks tho:

    TXSB: I might have missed something…but you said on the previous blog that you were single?…..What happened to Realistic?…….I was looking forward to hearing about the trip this month….Pardon my curiosity…

    NYGent: I second what Mina said. :-) Distance is a minor factor in a SD/SB relationship. I would prefer my SD not to be local. There is nothing like the rush and the excitement that one feels when getting ready for the next sugar date especially if the SD or the SB lives hours away 😉 ( Imagine not seeing each other for a few days or weeks and anxiously waiting to rip each other’s clothes off…Ahem I meant enjoy each other’s company again 😉 )

    BG: I would loooooove to see you ma belle!!!! If can make it to the Chicago meet, it would be a pleasure to meet you :-)

    SugarNews: Ah nothing to report but I have a non-sugar date this Wednesday :-) He is driving from NYC to come visit. Im pretty excited

    Ok Time for bed

    Good night babes and Gents :-)

  787. Dulcinea9786 says:

    If everyone else is changing their names, maybe I should cahnge mine too…..Darling Dulcinea? Dazzling Dulcinea? Dearest Dulcinea? Hrm….

    My one time in Dallas, I was there on business, and didn’t have time to see much of the town. Basically, I was either in meetings or asleep at the hotel. But the little bit of the town I saw, I liked better than Houston. Dallas seemed more…..refined, I guess.

  788. SDinATX says:

    ok girls google “Driskill Hotel,” Austin, and tell us if you’d stay in a hotel like that.

  789. TXSB says:

    Did I? So many SBs…hard to keep track at times. I’l be jealous if you two make out without me. *pout*

    Its night and you’re here….. 😉

  790. Mina says:

    Beach Girl
    It says a lot about my personality if I’m here as well, ha!

    LOL I really don’t even know what to say to that. “This blog may contain adult contain. Must be 18 to enter.”

  791. JSO-TXSD says:

    taz – you girls changed your name; I changed mine JSO(just sex only) off of nygent’s so sex allowed

  792. TXSB says:

    You want to join us? You’ll be required to do some exotic dancing along with massages…with other SBs. :)


    Can’t afford it. Plus I’m not used to travelling or extreme cold and the idea of going there by myself scares me. I don’t think I even have any winter clothing to be comfortable in that weather. :(

  793. Mina~ Thanks 😀 lol I know my mom use to send me out only after dark when i was young!

  794. Mina says:

    I read all about it on the previous topic, lol. Freaks come out at night 😉

  795. NYGent – as far as traveling for the SB…let her make that judgment call – I happen to LOVE traveling..I would die to read a book for a couple of hours – UNINTERRUPTED 😛 Lol…that is an individual preference. Don’t let that deter you from contacting and getting to know someone. Now…if I could just convince my pots of this…**shakes head**…it seems SD’s are sometimes too considerate in that regard…I would personally like to see my SD more often…when it is good for both of us of course – but would not be opposed to up to four times a month…although perhaps two times a month for a bit longer would suffice?? Ha – I can compromise 😛

    OK – had to skim SOME of the blog – whotf is JSO?? I am lost!

    Umm guys can’t keep reading..I am lagging – catch me up to speed 😛

  796. TXSB~ you said photo was part of the group! just seeing if we could make out you know….You seeked her out first i think?

    Mina ~ Welcome to SA the fun After hours!!!! it was from last night, i’m being a bad SB!!! 😉

  797. Mina says:

    Thanks, writing you now

    photogirl & dulcinea
    Dallas is quite nice(r than Houston) I went to school there for several years. However it’s hard to compare them and Austin… Dallas is a bit pretentious, Austin is flooded with college students and very laid back, while Houston is… Something in between.

  798. SDinATX says:

    poptart, well Austin has the best Jazz musicians alive right now… so that pretty much means Austin (this band used to live in New Orleans, but moved to Austin after Katrina). However, you’re not going… so no worries.

    Austin has the music, and the night life, and the restaurants too. Hudson’s on the Bend makes a lot of top ten restaurants in the nation lists, and even a few international lists.

  799. Omg – I can’t keep up guys!!! Lol…

  800. Photo~ sounds good to me! You need to come to Chicago!

    Sincere~ can you come to Montreal soon? Need to learn some Tantra 😛

    TXSB~ OMG would be awesome! if you came to Chicago..,.

  801. Mina says:

    WHAT is all this massage talk, btw?
    Seeking Arrangement Blog… After Hours

  802. Dulcinea9786 says:

    Poptart – Make mine a strawberry mango martini and I’m in!! People watching does sound way more fun, now that you mention it.

    I’ve been to Houston once, for less than 24 hours. I also visited Dallas, for about 4 days….liked it better than Houston. Never been to Austin to compare.

  803. LASB-419804 says:

    ATX–Nightlife. I’m not so into malls. Actually, restaurants, art, and music are highest on my list of reasons to check out a city.

    Dulci–That’s awesome! Be safe, ok luv?

    Scams–well, the starbucks guy who told me to not wear underwear so he could fondle me w/in 5 seconds.

    Sugarnews–spoke to a pot SD. He might come here to meet for a meal. I’m still skeptical for a number of reasons, but I’m giving him the benefit of the doubt with extreme caution.

  804. TXSB says:

    Not much to say at this point except that we had an amicable separation a few days after my bday. Poptart:
    Hey! See above. And yes, I’m doing ok.


    I didn’t give you permission to seek out other SBs! 😉

  805. photogirl says:

    BG – Only if it includes a full body massage… Make sure you get some Tantra lessons from Sincere first though ok?

    Austin doe sound more appealing than Houston, sorry, spent 8 weeks there after Ike and was not fond of the place at all. We have to agree to pick Lisa up though.

    Poptart – pomegranate martini… mmm…yum.

  806. JSO-TXSD says:

    beach check mail

  807. JSO-TXSD says:

    sda check junk mail again.

  808. SDinATX~ are you going? I thought you weren’t gonna be able too?

    Oh and I was told Austin is better and more fun… dont know never been to Texas~

  809. poptart says:

    *sleepy smile*
    hey there sugars…

    I just woke up *grumble*grumble*grumble* I suppose I can’t make coffee at almost 1am. mer.

    Yay for those with upcoming sugar plans. Just when I had considered deleting the line on my profile about being addicted to honey nut cheerios… hmmmm…

    SDinATX- I love malls. But I find that stores like Macy’s seem to just follow me wherever I go. So I have no need to go to a place with a ginormous mall. I also don’t really need a crazy wild night life either. Although I do like to kick it with my girlies every now and again.

    I am a boring girl. Gimme a jazz club. Gimme a cool spot where i can people watch. *shrug* A place where they know how to make a killer pomegranate martini would be nice…. *wistful sigh*

    Then again… I am not going to be visiting TX… so carry on with your plans and pay no mind to the chick in the fuzzy slippers…

    TXSB… you ok? *read other blog* I had been wondering but didn’t wanna intrude… well.. i totally wanted to intrude.. but i refrained…