9 years ago
Sugar Searching

9 years ago
Sugar Searching

Many here have sought a Sugar Daddy or Sugar Baby before joining the site; with varying degrees of success. While finding sugar outside of the online Sugarbowl is possible, many find it’s a challenge not worth taking…

“Finding SD’s IRL is tough & a 2 part process – first dating a rich guy, then ‘persuading him to provide financial assistance’.” –Finding Sugar Daddies in the Real World‘ by Flo Rida

Have you had a Sugar Daddy or Sugar Baby relationship prior to joining SA? If so, how did it start?

Have you found any methods of sugar-searching (online or offline) that work rather well? Care to share?

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  1. Dani says:

    Hello Everyone,

    My name is Dani and I am 19. I have tried websites before but I haven’t really gotten any serious replies. I’m pretty much a baby at this and would love to learn anything that you guys can teach me :)

  2. DesertBunny says:

    Hello Suga’s!

    I have the email for the SoCal meetup up and running!

    We would LOVE to see EVERYONE there!

    socalsoiree @ google

  3. HoustonTXSD says:

    On the wrong page. Going over to new one———-

  4. New blog is open, head on over!! :)

  5. I want in on that Yaz! I make the BEST brownies, from scratch no less!! Ask any kid with in 10 blocks of my X’s house. They just KNEW when I was baking and they would all show up! LIke radar or something!!

  6. Muse says:

    Yaz- Careful! I might take you up on that! Actually, I’m busy suckering…um…sweet-talking some friends with cars into helping me. You know, guys who can lift heavy stuff since I’m somewhat useless at that sort of manual labor. You and AM can help me break in the new oven baking brownies and the new microwave with popcorn and the new sofa as we watch movies and gossip. YAY!

  7. I don’t plan on being here next summer, but will do that where ever I am. the last place was a dead end street.. well, lane, and we were all very close! They kept an eye on the house when I was working and they knew Becky was home alone, called me if they saw anything suspicous… even went over there one night when a strange car was in the drive… ppl looking at the house when it was for sale. They were great and really helped me. Hated that the house sold so fast!! (10 days!!)

  8. Midwest says:

    DDD – Well said! Just like here, it’s all in the marketing. If you know you can deliver, game on!

    ESB – Next summer host/organize a block party. My neighbors are amazing…helped me move, buy gifts for my son…truly a great group.

  9. Biohazardous waste removal! LMAO.. I LOVE it!!

  10. Midwest: New years? I have no idea where I’m going to be yet. My friend Lisa just called and wants to go do something, but Imight be in ND skiing, or FL with my parents, or MI with my brother, or stuck here in BFE doing NOTHING!!

    As for some nice young man doing my driveway for me… they all LOVED watching me jog by when the weather was warm, but I guess they don’t recognize me in my hoodie and 2 pairs of jeans and looking like a snow man!! Honestly, since I’ve been here, I leave at 7:20 AM. get home at 9, go to bed, then do it again the next day. Don’t have time to meet my neighbors. don’t know any of them!!

  11. Midwest says:

    Lisa’s SD- Awwwww – too sweet!

  12. Lisa, oh my goodness, of course you have skills! You’re obviously computer literate (just think of all the programs you can use!), and can type. You’re fluent in English, and can communicate effectively and clearly in writing. You’re organized and detail-oriented (have to be to be a stocker!). You’re tenacious and determined (staying in your apt after being robbed at gunpoint). You have good people skills (you’ve got an SD). And that’s just from your last few posts on this blog!

    When I re-entered the workforce after staying home for over a year with my newborn son and my stepsons, I had to find a way to tool my experience doing that into marketable job skills. Negotiation and conflict resolution. Budgeting and fiscal management. Biohazardous waste removal! :)

  13. Yaz10 says:

    “Lisa’s credit rating may be 0 but her SB rating is 100”

    I agree :-)

  14. lol…although you can’t yet post on the new blog 😛

  15. Midwest says:

    JSO- Life is very good! I’m getting a little confused about who is coming to the midwest meet…will you be attending? What are your holiday plans?

  16. Lisa that Actually Has an SD says:

    Aww thanks SD :)

    employment agency, I tried one of those a long while back. spent the whole day in line, got interview and the interviewer exagerated my skills and gave me a couple places to apply, one in El Campo Texas, one in Bear creek, neither on the bus line.

    My computer skills are limited to logging on to the internet. I just recently learned to copy and paste. I can barely use a blackberry, just ask SD, I was typing everything with double letters and sending partial messages

  17. Lisa's SD in NYC says:

    And she is dependable, honest, and hardworking.

  18. Employment agency? Some will train you! I was atay-at-home-mom for 8 years. I went to an employment agency, they trained me on windows and other secratarial skills, and I’ve been moving up since!! Look into it!! You obviously have some computer skills. Won’t hurt to try!!

  19. Lisa's SD in NYC says:

    Lisa’s credit rating may be 0 but her SB rating is 100

  20. JSO-TXSD says:

    sorry midwest missed the question you asked. yes still waiting, but that is ok. life is good.

  21. always2sweet says:

    well guys, Im off the blog for a while. Have some homework to finish, gotta keep that GPA up!…plus I want to get off the comp for a while before a headache creeps in since I have to get back on in a bit anyway. And aside from that researching this $$ issue for the Parsons’ summer program and tuition for FIDM is doing nothing but frustrating me damn near to the point of tears right now. If anyone thinks of anything useful, please post it or email me, Midwest, Cleo and SDNC(even though I havent seen him around) all have my email. Like I said before any and ALL suggestions are welcome and appreciated. Ciao until later tonight sugars!

  22. Lisa – What Eastern said. The place I’m working now, I absolutely LOVE my coworkers. Love them to pieces. But. I’m making $8/hr. And only getting about 5-10 hours a week. (This past week, I was scheduled for 6, worked 4.8. This coming week, I’m scheduled for 7.)

    Wonderful people are everywhere. So are safe neighborhoods! I have some connections in Houston, I’d be more than happy to contact them to help you find something better. *hugs*

  23. Midwest says:

    ESB – All things happen when we are ready to accept them. What are your New Year’s plans?

    How is it a lovely lady like you doesn’t know some young, hot neighbor who would consider himself lucky to shovel your driveway??? :-)

  24. Lisa that Actually Has an SD says:

    I make more than minimum wage, but not much as retail doesn’t pay alot. I didn’t go to college and have no special skills. My best assets are that I am dependable, honest, and hardworking, these skills don’t pay much

  25. Midwest says:

    JSO – I have a great SD. Sorry if my questions led you to believe otherwise. It was a general inquiry.

    TLG – You’re going to have to share more details about getting arrested :-)

  26. Just making more than minum wage? And you don’t want to leave that job because of co-workers? Sweet heart, there are wondrful people every where, find new firends at a place where you can make a decent living and live in a neighbor hood where you will be safe!! Take that chance, you wont’ move up in life unless you reach for it!

  27. Lisa that Actually Has an SD says:

    going to take a hot bath now

  28. JSO-TXSD says:

    midwest thought you had a suger daddy

  29. Lisa that Actually Has an SD says:

    I don’t want to leave where I work. I work in a grocery store stocking and am lucky to be working in the toiletry department. If I transfer to another store I might end up working in produce or the freezer, or other departments more suited to men. And i’ve got great coworkers. I don’t want to change jobs because as of Jan 1st I will have insurance for the first time in a long time. Most stores pay minimum wage and i’m lucky to work somewhere that pays a little more.

  30. maybe you need to lookd for a new job while you are seeking a new habitat. Get totally re-located!!

  31. Lisa that Actually Has an SD says:

    Let’s see

    nice parks? only one 6 blocks away full of illegals who live in it

    view: parking lot of apartment

    Friendly neighbors? no able Ingles

    Hotty checking mail in jammies? if you day laborers that pile up together in one bedroom apartments with matresses on the floor, drink all the time and make nasty remarks to women hot

    grandma type? the average grandma here is in her 30’s or 40’s and not friendly, majority of inhabitants here are from el salvador and many are in gangs,
    I keep to myself and have learned to not trust any of them. My first next door neighbors robbed me at gunpoint 7 weeks after I moved in.

    I guess you can get the picture

  32. LOL.. I dont, but I”m here and so is the drinks, so why not? It was a nice touch to the movie I was watching last night. “It’s a Wonderful Life” Honestly, until last night, I have’t had a drink in weeks. Guess being alone and snowed in is getting to me. Not to worry, I’ll be fine.

  33. OK, four blocks from the mall isn’t good. Any parks, nice view? Friendly neighbors? Hotty you can check out getting the mail in his jammie bottoms? 😉 Grandmother type that has adopted you.. I cn’at spell or type anymore… these are too good and I’m drinking to fast. Maybe I should get something to eat…

    Ihave wind burn on my face and I look tan!! That is cool!! Makes me look younger 😉

  34. Lisa that Actually Has an SD says:

    I’m a prisoner every evening after 5:30.

    What’s the obsession with drinking all the time?

  35. CA: Im snowed in. Will have to make due. I have a whole liquor store here!! Except rum… couldn’t find any rum.. so last night I added Ammaretto to my Hot buttered rum.. It was good! Do I sound like a lush? I’m really not.. just mad as fire at the stupid snow for still being here!! but that does sound good. I’ll loook for it if I can ever leave my house again. I”m a prisoner

  36. Midwest says:

    A cocktail sounds just fine right about now.

    Lisa – Great step in the right direction. Misery loves company and sometimes changing your attitude can change your outlook and your circumstances. Every once in a while, there’s a break in the clouds, but often enough I feel like you’re terribly unhappy. I’m not criticizing…just sharing. (((hugs))))

    Amaretto? Vanilla Vodka?? Red wine??

  37. ESB – I have 4 words for you: Firefly Sweet Tea Vodka :)

  38. Lisa that Actually Has an SD says:

    ok something good about where I live, it’s four blocks from the mall :)

    not much else good to say.

  39. I hurt EVERYWHERE and I still can’t get out ofmy driveway. F it! I’ll just stay home tomorrow… will probably be to sore to move anyway!! Got a Smirnoff Raspberry Ice and am startingto feel MUCH better!!

    Lisa: gloom dispare and agony on me… you make me think of that song. I want to hear something pleasant from you. Tell us someing nice about where you live. NOt sarcastic, but from the heart. think hard, cause after that I want that to be you new focus!! Find a NEW focus, and stay on it til you get rid of the gloomy gus syndrom!!

    To all the newcomers, and regulars who have recently arrived; welcome. I’m getting drunk and excuse anything weird I may say from this point on.

    And may I add I HATE SNOW!!!

  40. The Lone Gunman says:

    It’s another beautiful summer morning in OZ.

    Got into and OUT of prison here in less than a day. Good thing I paid them up front,eh?

    Heading out on a shore dive in a bit to look for Dragons and document the deed.

    Didn’t know Australia had Dragons?

    Google this: Leafy Sea Dragons.

    Fearsome looking creatures; hope I come back okay. 😉


  41. Lisa that Actually Has an SD says:

    Thanks CA Dreamin SB my neighborhood is a mix of largely commercial buildings, low apartment complexes and modest homes. I know alot of people rent houses in Kingwood and the outlying areas and have roomates and all but my area isn’t really like that. Mostly low income families piled in one bedroom apartments and houses occupied by people that moved here in the 60’s when there area was good and many are desparately trying to sell their houses now.

  42. Midwest says:

    Hi Yaz! Hi Anna! Hi TT!

    Hi JSO – how’s the new name working out for you? Have you contacted anyone yet or still waiting for just rhe right lady at just the right time.

  43. JSO – Thank you!

    Lisa with an SD – Sorry – I was just trying to make a suggestion. As I said, I don’t know the situation in your neighborhood…just trying to be helpful.

  44. Lisa that Actually Has an SD says:

    dinner will be served at one of the many nearby roach motels on wheels taco stands.

  45. Yaz10 says:

    Muse: Yayyyyy! Im glad you finally got your new place! Anna and I are totally ready for the slumber party! 😀
    You know how to contact me so let me know if you need any help moving, I know it can be a pain in the……. :-)

    Darn it I missed Gail again lol

    Good evening everyone :-)

  46. Lisa that Actually Has an SD says:

    ok I have a proposal for all those who see Houston as a great place. We can have the Texas sugar get together here. It can be held at one of the dumpy bars in my neighborhood. I know one where day laborers hang out. In between socializing, the sbs can slip into the bushes with these nice guys from across the border that will offer you 20 dollars to get busy with you. “How much for p****?” they will ask you. After the get together, everyone can put large amounts of cash in their purses and go across the street and sleep in the park.

  47. JSO-TXSD says:

    ca dreamin – like the new photos

  48. Lisa that Actually Has an SD says:

    CA Dreamin why would I want to rent out a whole house? And where am I going to find a house for rent in my neighborhood for less than 500 dollars? How about the electric bill? mine is never more than 100, house power bills are like 300 dollars. I’m single so I don’t need a house. And craiglist?

    I’m not the roomate type either as I don’t go in for partying and any of that junk that I hear about in roomate horror stories. I enjoy my privacy or the company of a small crowd.

  49. CASB – I’m in the east bay area. My search is a work in progress. I get discouraged, then optimistic, then discouraged again. But, everyone on the blog keeps me in good spirits. I just updated my photos last week and have had some decent emails…we’ll see.

  50. CA Dreamin SB says:

    Lisa – I actually meant someone renting out a whole house – not a room. I found the house we’re renting now on Craigslist, and the landlord didn’t even check credit. She just wanted proof of payment from our prior home. CL may be worth a look…you never know what you mind find. Glad you had such a great visit with your family.

  51. CASB says:

    The blog is very draining on my computer and reacting very slowly.. I think I’ll come back later!

  52. CASB says:

    Hi CA Dreamin! Where in CA do you live? I’m in LA. I haven’t been on the blog in probably 2 to 3 weeks. Lots of hecticness. How is your SD search going? Do you have a SD, have you ever? I joined a month or so ago and haven’t had any luck. I think I’ll update my profile tonight.

    TXSB! I don’t know if you’re here.. but I’ve missed you. I have an acquaintance from HS who lives in Houston and had been considering moving there some time ago myself, and have heard nothing but great things. That it’s a young population and real estate prices are great. I’m glad you’re happy there! My cousin (who lives out here with his wife) lived either in Dallas or Houston for a while (I can’t remember which — I think his wife’s family is there) and loved it.. I’ve never been, but I’d like to see it someday!

  53. Anna Molly says:

    TT ~ Yes, June would be nice, but I don’t have a party to go to in June :)

  54. Lisa that Actually Has an SD says:

    Good afternoon

    had a nice visit with my family.
    My daughter loved her new dress :) Thanks SD

    As far as renting a room, I have way to much stuff to live in one room and I value my privacy and don’t like someone watching me come and go and who I have over. Most people who rent out rooms live in the suburbs as I have never seen any in my area which is mostly smaller houses. I have to stay on a specific busline.

    TXSB you can rave and rant about Houston all you want but after spending some time in a wonderful, vibrant city where the sidewalks are full of people at the late evening, I would have give Houston an “F”.

  55. CA Dreamin SB says:

    TXSB – I’m down here quite often, so I’ll let you know as soon as I know – I wish I could have met you this trip – that would have been great!

  56. AM – I was thinking more like June 😀

  57. Anna Molly says:

    I’ve had a hard time getting the blog to refresh. I thought it was just me that was having problems….it helps to know that I’m not alone :)

    Hi everybody! Very busy day for me today and don’t see myself slowing down for the rest of this week….ugh! Is it January yet? :)

  58. CA Dreamin SB says:

    CASB – Hello to another CA SB!!! :)

  59. CASB says:

    Whoops, I meant HANUKKAH! I always do that!

  60. CASB says:

    Hello sugars!! It’s been a long time since I’ve posted. There’s absolutely no chance of me catching up, so I’m going to start fresh and if there’s anything I missed that I should know, please let me know (NYGent, did I see something about a CA SD/SB meet?!?!?! :) :) :)) I hope everyone here is well. I’m feeling much better than I had been the last time I posted. Things are more settled down (though my ex has his arraignment on Wed) and I enjoyed my trip to Mexico — I want to go back!!! I haven’t gotten a single SD message while I was away, how sad is that? I’m beginning to think finding a SD in SoCal is futile. :(


  61. CA Dreamin SB says:

    TXSB – I’m here through xmas day

    NYGent – I’ve had the same problem with the scroll bar freezing

  62. Muse says:

    DDD and NYGent – Thank you. I’m so excited.

    AM – I’m super excited for it. I’m planning it already.

  63. Muse says:

    ESB – Ohmygod. I can’t wait to live in somewhere that amazing! I’m sure you’ll be back to that level in no time.

    Midwest – I’m glad you’re ok. What’re these awesome Christmas plans?

  64. photogirl says:

    Samething happening here NYGent…just thought it was on my end as I am having connection issues.

  65. NYGent says:

    is anyone else having problems with their scroll bar freezing? i’ve had same thing on two different computers so thinking it must be the site . . .

  66. Lara says:

    Brittany Murphy, so young! Life is so short sometimes….

    Thanks OC and LASB, i will contact you guys it sounds promissing!

  67. TXSB says:

    Hi Cleo, Anna, and NYGent, JSO SD! Gawd it’s good to see the blog finally “going” again after it being so slow the last few days. :)

    I was also very shocked to read LurkerSD’s post followed by HoustonTXSD’s….lol…I didn’t realize my original post was so powerful that it would bring 2 “new SD bloggers”! :) And yes, although I don’t always word things in a very proper way…I do believe that I’ve been here long here and post often enough that the regular bloggers know that I don’t mean to offend anyone. Heck speaking of housing, just last week I posted about having a space heater in my bedroom b/c the central vent system sucks (ie. hence my cat issue)!

    Regardless of whatever prompted LurkerSD and HoustonTXSD to actually post their 1st post….I also look forward to reading more posts from them. Hopefully they won’t dissappear after making just 1 appearance. :)

    I’m off to run some errands….have a wonderful evening everyone! :)

  68. cleo says:

    hey JSO *giggle* glad to see you back. you seemed a little discouraged the last time i saw you post.

    i’m okay, off to flyer my neighbourhood with my new postcard

  69. JSO-TXSD says:

    good afternoon everyone. I hope everyone is ok today.

  70. cleo says:

    always2sweet i used to swim very seriously and every year we had an amount we had to raise for swim-a-thon. so we went door to door and made enough and that was it

    except one guy who made a proposal and shopped it to corporations as a charitable donation and someone totally gave him $5k. i think it was someone like trident gum but i really can’t remember.

  71. always2sweet says:

    midwest, thanks for the effort hon, I appreciate it anyway.

    I suck at networking and “asking” for money, but I suppose I am going to have to learn how to do it if I ever want to get these things paid for this life time.

    I’ll do some checking in the areas that you suggested and see what I come up with.

  72. Midwest says:

    A2S – I took a look with very little success. Soooo sorry! You may try talking to the dept. store buyers to see if some internships are available. Google fashion and your state and see if some key players come up. Send them a nice letter outlining your goals and limited info about your circumstances (maybe include a few samples) and see if they write back. You’re going to have to be creative, but isn’t that what fashion is all about??? Does the devil wear Prada??

    NYGent – Thanks! It takes a lot to shake me up.

    HoustonSD and Lurker SD – I agree with NYGent…we’d love to know ore about. How is your search going? Are you in a sb relationship? Any gems of advice?

  73. cleo says:

    NYGent: yes that’s what i meant… i think those of us who interact with her on a regular basis knew entirely how she meant that…

    that said, yes please new folks, do tell us about yourselves

  74. cleo says:

    To be clear, i’m always happy to see new people on the blog… that said:
    HoustonTXSD could you get more condescending?
    OCSugarbaby: exactly what you said. i am shocked that people will come out of lurk mode to be so rude to a regular blogger. what’s funny is i’m pretty sure lisa didn’t take offence at all. it’s even funnier that they did it in the guise of telling her to watch what she types.

    and you are so right about faking the positive attitude… fake it til you make it really works!
    ESB: thank you for saying that, i see lisa there too and i can’t think of how to help her get out of it.

  75. Anna Molly says:

    I forgot to change my name back :)

    Nice to see more SD’s on the blog…..welcome guys! :)

  76. I needd to get back out there, it’s gonna be dark soon, and the snow will start to freeze again.. I’m hating life right now… where is my Knight in John Deer armour!!?? sigh.. obviously not here… be back later!!

  77. Alluring Anna says:

    Muse ~ I’m ready for a slumber party for sure 😉

    I can’t believe that about Brittany Murphy! Just awful and scary!

  78. NYGent says:

    Only good thing about the snow in NYC is I don’t mind as much having to work . . .
    Midwest, you sound awfully calm and collected after having been in a wreck — most of us would literally be a wreck!
    TXSB: I know what you were trying to say . . .
    OC: belated congrats on your guy pulling thru . . . I am considering the SD Cal meet, maybe I will combine it with a NorCal trip . . .
    Muse: congrats on the move: “A queen from Queens to Queens . . .”
    Lurker and Houston SD: tell us a little more about yourselves, there aren’t so many of us on this blog . . .

  79. TXSB says:

    Re: Brittany Murphy
    Heart attack at 32 is scary… :(

    CA Dreamin:
    Hey! LOL….yes the weather here is gorgeous today! I wish I had known about your trip waaay before…lol. I have a HS friend that’s going to law school there….I would’ve loved to plan a weekend trip there to meet you and to catch up with her. Oh well….. I hope you have a blast during your trip! How long are you staying? :)

  80. WOW!! heart attack at 32.. that is scary…

    My physical therapist has magical hands. That boy is gonna have to marry me he keeps touching me like that… I just melt and all the pain goes away… I should call him tomorrow…see if he can work his magic!! My insurance just might cover it too!! :)

  81. CA Dreamin SB says:

    Hey there TXSB – It’s SO nice to be back in Texas!!!

  82. OCSugarbaby says:

    That is a great idea LASB!
    I am heading out to enjoy the day.

  83. Eastern – I’m working on pulling myself out of that hole that you were in. It’s a struggle some days….other days are easier. Seeing people like you who have done it helps. So thanks :) I’m not in Ohio….I live in southwestern Virginia, where apparently nobody knows how to deal with snow. Some cities near here reported snowfall totals of 31″!! I’m not calling my physical therapist on this one….he’d yell for sure! :) Any kind of heavy physical activity like what I did yesterday is on my “DO NOT EVEN FREAKING THINK ABOUT IT” list….I just felt bad for the gal trying to dig her car out with a dustpan! I occasionally get away with it too, but this apparently wasn’t one of those times. Oh well, life goes on.

    I’m going to get some lunch, then go back to the job hunt….I’ve expanded to 100 miles from here. I figure, I’m about to get evicted anyway, so it doesn’t matter too much where I wind up! I’m just thankful my kids are being spared all this turmoil in my life….they’re safe and happy and well cared for at my parents’ house, thank the gods. Me living there isn’t an option for many, many reasons, but knowing my kids are being taken care of lifts some of the burden off my shoulders.

    Brittany Murphy….from what I’m seeing, she had a heart attack. At 32. Which scares me….I just turned 32 yesterday!

  84. Money does not ‘buy’ happiness. People with AND without money have hard times. Knowing what makes you happy is key I believe. Then you have something to work towards, and when you get there, more easily acquired (and I am not just talking about materialistic things!) without the stress of finances looming over every decision you make…even then money does not acquire everything in life – you have to seek it and do it! No matter how much money you have in many circumstances you can’t for example: buy back your health.

    ESB/OC – been there…working on it – but yes – positivity IS key! I definitely believe you get what you give…maybe not exactly when you want it though 😛

  85. What about Brittany Murphy?? how did that happen?

  86. TXSB says:

    Hi CA Dremin, Lara, Dulcinea, LASB and anyone else who just joined. :)

    Have fun swimming!

    Glad to hear there were no serious injuries. The sore is awful (I went through it a few months ago) but very happy to hear that nothing serious happened. :)

  87. I have a better idea… send some of that heat my way to melt the snow so I don’t hve to go back out there to shovel more!

  88. always2sweet says:

    midwest youve got mail!

  89. CA Dreamin SB says:

    Lisa – Just a suggestion (I don’t know how things are where you are) but sometimes, you might have better luck with a homeowner renting out their own house. You don’t have corporations to deal with and they may be a little more flexible. If you can get a reference from your current landlord showing payment history – you might be able to get a decent house. Just an idea :) Hang in there girl!

  90. DDD: YOU make me laugh!! Sometime we need to laugh at our troubles. My neck hurts and tomorrow it will be killing me. My Dr and physical therapist would be screaming at me if they knew I was shoveling snow, but ya know, it’s not going to just go away by itself. 2 crushed disks in my neck, I’m not supposed to be doing any lifting. No pushing, or pulling (vacuuming, sweeping, moping) kinda limits my activities, but I am NOT going to let it stop me from living!! Things need to be done, so I do them. Sometime I get away with it, other’s I’m cursing life for my accident (sleding with my kids 5 years ago) but ya know, if I had to go back 5 years, I’d jump on that sled again and do it all over again, with different results I’d hope!! 😉

    And I’d want to drive all the way, sweety. I miss Ohio and would love to be there for Christmas. A massage is great incentive! Thanks for the offer! You are a gem! HUGS!!

  91. Lara says:

    Hi OC,

    Missed you girl. Missed your positive attitude for sure!

    The SoCal meetup sounds good. I guess one reason more for me to check the blog!

    • OCSugarbaby says:

      Hi Miss Lara thanks! We need to duck from all the snowballs they are throwing our way. lol You have my email don’t you? I can let you know the SoCal details from DesertBunny and LASB.

  92. LASB says:

    Hi Midwest! Sorry about your accident. Glad your car kept you protected, though. Wow, it’s already Sunday!

    Desert Bunny and I are making plans for the SoCal meetup. If anyone has any requests on what you’d like to do for a meetup, please submit them. We are thinking that it will take place on Feb 25.

    Ok, time for my midday swim. Gonna be another warm day. If you just shoveled a bunch a snow and are on the fence about coming out there, think about that! :)

  93. Lara says:

    Hi everyone,

    I was catching up and it seems everybody is talking about snow and renting/moving. I follow the trend with the last one but I am so glad that there is no snow around here!

    Lisa good luck with finding a place!

  94. OMG am I glad I hopped on here today…..just knowing that I”m not the only one with housing issues….

    Gail – Thank you for the info on HPRP!!

    Lisa t.a.h.a.SD – Hugs in your general direction :) Remember the old game about the six degrees of Kevin Bacon? Facebook’s doing it for us now….You know someone, who knows someone, who knows someone, who knows someone who’s looking to rent out their furnished basement :) I know someone, who knows someone, who knows someone who owns a franchise I’d like to work for, in an area where I know someone with a spare bedroom.

    Eastern – Hugs coming your way too! I stepped down from a management position where I was getting burnt out to try to work commission only….and now I’m back in the store I used to run, as a crew member, making about $75 a week. I figured that’s more than the nothing I was making doing straight commission work. I’ve been fighting depression for a few months now, since losing a very close friend to cancer, and I find I can’t get excited about sales when I’m just struggling to not cry.

    Muse – Congrats on the new apartment!! That’s wonderful news!!!

    Eastern again – If the interstates are clear, you cand I could meet in the middle somewhere and trade massages :) After my dustpanning adventure to help a neighbor yesterday, my glutes and hamstrings are NOT happy with me!! So my car is staying buried right where it is. There’s about a 3′ snowbank behind it where the cul de sac was plowed, and about 16″ piled on top and around it. I don’t need to go anywhere til March, right? 😉

    If any of y’all in the housing/employment/depression mess want to email, feel free. I’m janedoe9786 at the g male.

  95. photogirl says:

    Those of you shoveling snow… I completely feel your pain! I spent the morning outside with a crowbar, hammer and 4×4’s to make some money for christmas. My arms and back are feeling it! Will be back at it again in the morning.

    I am not complaining at all…you do what you have to do. :)

    Welcome HoustonTXSD and LurkerSD.

    Hello everyone!

  96. OC: a month ago you wouldn’t have said that. I let my Circumstance take over my attitude, and it about destroyed me. Im climbing back out of that hole, and what scares me is I see Lisa there. She can only see the negative. This black hole has sucked her positive energy away, and she needs to fight it!! Iknow what I speak of!! It’s not easy, but I have some many wonderful friends who are there for me and are pulling for me and cheering me on.

    Lisa: I had a thought… join facebook. You can re-connect with old friends on there. You’d be surprised how many people from your past would love to help you right now!! That has become my source for iNspiration. I’m getting the old me back now, and yes, I have ALWAYS been Little Mary Sunshine, but the last few months all I could see was my world crashing down around me. Relationships, my housing problem, finacially I was in ruin… but I still have 4 wonderful children who love me no matter what, a family (that drives me crazy) who loves me, and a net work of friends who are there for me!! Girl, GO FIND THEM!!! and please don’t take this wrong, but the best thing you can do for yourself is to stop feeling sorry for yourself!!

    • OCSugarbaby says:

      EasternSB, many of us have been in that dark hole. It is your positive attitude that will bring you out of it. I have had to fake that positive attitude many many many times! You have to WANT the change in your life and see it happening. The things you can’t control you have to let go and focus on the things you CAN change.

  97. always2sweet says:

    I really appreciate that midwest, there will be an email headed your way in just a few minutes

  98. Lisa's SD in NYC says:

    Let’s see. Always2Sweet wants to move to NYC and has no money. Lisa has an SD in NYC and no home.

  99. Midwest says:

    Missed a lot of posts! Hi TXSB, A2S, Lurker, Photogirl, Muse and HoustonTXSD. Good to hear from everyone again!

    A2S – I have access to research some foundations and corporations for grants, etc. Tell me specifically what the money is to cover and I will see if I can find some matches. You have my e-mail.

    Lurker – TXSB is very kind-hearted. Sometimes what’s written can be translated the wrong way. Hasn’t that ever happened to you?

  100. Today, I’m not looking for a SD, I’m looking for a knight in shining armor.. maybe Green with JD on it, to plow out my drive way… anyone on the shore of MD?? I promise to be forever in your debt if you could do this for me??? :) :) :) Please??

  101. HoustonTXSD: Eatern shore of MD. We got hit by a storm Fri. night. Yesterday was BEAUTIFUL!! I thoroughly enjoyed sittig here watching the birds in the bird feeder, sipping cocoa, enjoying the peace and quiet, but today reality hits. I have to go to work tomorrow, so I MUST be able to get out of the driveway. My room mate won’t be home til after dark so he won’t be of any help. I have to return some DVD’s I borrowed from the library, and some other errands today. I’m already running out of steam. I’m hoping one more tirp out there and I can get enough done plus the mountain at the end of the drive, I should be able to break through…. and I’m wondering why didn’t I back into the drive Fri. night? Would be so much easier to just pull straight out!! Hind sight!!

    Muse: The house I had when I first left my X was perfect. Wrap around deck, small, 3 bdrms, 2 bath, 2 acres!! … but it was sold so I had to move out. To say the least, I went into this down ward spiral of self pitty!! My daughter wants another place like that. I want one too! Was so nice that we had our own bathrooms!! My son was only with me every other week, so we had the place to ourselves… and she got used to walking around in her underwear!! LOL.. she is just to cute. We have no privacy here. I know that soon we will be have our own place again. I was hoping by Christmas, but now I’m hoping by the end of Jan when she has her b-day. 15!! I’ll stay optimistic!!

  102. TXSB says:

    Eeks @ shoveling snow! And yes, I agree with you that I probably could’ve worded my initial post better (it probably came out harsher than what I intended).

    I completely agree with you that I’m young and have limited experience, and have much to learn. That’s one of the reasons I like this blog….I get to interact with other people who have far more life experience. And thank you for the good luck wish…..as a single SB I need all the luck I can get.

    Photo & Midwest:

  103. HoustonTXSD says:

    Eastern SB, I would gladly help you shovel snow. Yes, I too think it that TXSB earlier post may have come out wrong. We live and we learn. Where do you live by the way?

    • OCSugarbaby says:

      Good Morning Sugars!
      Oh my…HoustonTXSD and/or LurkerSD please play nice. I totally understood what TXSB said and it was crystal clear she was responding to EasternSB.
      Less coffee maybe??? lol

  104. Midwest says:

    Hi Cleo, James, Lisa, CA, Gail and LASB

    Lisa – I know it’s a completely different state, but my landlords were wonderful to work with when I was laid off. I did have severance, so that helped. They were private apts, not a complex. Rent is quite reasonable, include uitilities and are nicely maintained. Look at everything while you are searching and keep an open mind. You may find a diamond in the rough. Private landlords will work with someone who is a good tenant…it’s too expensive for them to have a bad one move in. They will lower deposits, apply app fees towards first month’s rent and make reasonable modifications to the unit if you need it (ceiling fans, light fixtures, paint, etc).

    Cleo- we’re both a little sore, but no obvious injuries. The truck that hit us did a 180 whil it felt like a small bump to us. Love those German cars!

    SD has made wonderful plans for Christmas weekend! I’m such a lucky sb!!

  105. Muse says:

    ESB – I know. I dream of buying a place and indulge my fantasies by browsing short sales once in a while but I’m definitely not in that position right now. So I have to keep renting. And thank you! I’m very excited.

    I have to say, I’m impressed by your shoveling. I have no stamina for it and would probably just sit tight and wait for it to melt. That would happen eventually, right?

    A2S – I’m so sorry that that’s your situation. Hopefully you can get one of those grants? I don’t have any great suggestions because I never did a summer program and just took out tons of loans for college, which I’m now paying off (whee!)

  106. photogirl says:

    Lisa – May I suggest craigslist? I just looked in Houston under room & shares for rent and noticed a couple of single women looking to share 2 bedroom apartments(even some townhomes & houses). I know it isn’t the ideal thing as you will loose some of your privacy, but you may be able to save some on rent as well as possibly stay on the bus route and even in a nicer area.

    Just a thought… hope it helps.

  107. HoustonTXSD says:

    TXSB, I believe LurkerSD has made you think about what you write. It can be interpreted many ways. So it is good that you clarified your post. What you write is a typical SB response from someone of you age and limited experience. Good luck to you in finding a SD.

  108. Muse: Congrats on the appartment!! woo hoo… I’m starting to look. My daughter wants a house. Every apt. we looked at she shakes her head and says “No, mommy, please no!” They were pretty sad looking. There is a house for sale on the way to her school. I promised we would go look at it. I can’t afford it. I have no $$ for down payment, deposit, or anything!! but we will look. I have to believe things are going to look up for me very soon!!

    I shoveled a 20 x 30 lane in the drive. The drive way is like 80′ long… Im going to die!! My arms are shaking from the exertion. THEN a snow plow goes by and makes the mound at the end of the drive 3′ high!! Yea, like my Mustang is gonna get through that!! NOT!!

    Lurker: TXSB is usually much more friendly. I think what she tried to say didn’t come out right? Im sure Houston is a lovely place to live, but the whole housing authority thing is terrible and something must be done about it. (I’m standing on the table with my sign… Go Norma Rae!!)

    OK, now about my massage… any takers? My back is starting to hurt!! Yes, I’m whining and I think I deserve to!! 12″ of snow and do you think anyone driving by even stopped to look and offer help? LOL.. why would they!! I LOOK like I can handle the job! I just dont want to!! 😛

  109. TXSB says:

    Have fun setting up the new place. :)

    Yes…it’s very frustrating. I needed my best friend to cosign for me when I first moved here. Even at certain places, b/c of income requirements, they wouldn’t approve me. And it’s another hassle if you have pets….pet deposits and go upto almost $1000 depending on the place. Its like they want to make it as difficult as possible…. *sigh*

  110. TXSB says:

    Lurker SD:
    Let me clarify some points which apparantly was not clear in my post directed to Easternsure:

    1) I never said that money, car etc. makes people happy or fortunate.
    2) I wasn’t “tooting my horn”. If I was all that forunate, I wouldn’t be at this site as a SB
    3) My post was specifically referring to Eastern’s comment that Houston sucks. I’m familiar with Lisa’s struggles based on her posting for the last 2+ months, and I know she doesn’t like Houston. The main point of my post was the not every person who lives in Houston has the same experiences that Lisa has or feels that way about Houston.

    Lastly, lol…..I don’t expect every single blogger or lurker to find me attractive “inside and out”…….if you don’t like me for whatever reason….that’s ok. :)

  111. always2sweet says:

    my gram would be more than happy to cosign for me, but her credit is so f’ed up from supporting my mom over the years. And if my mom hadnt screwed mine at a young age, I could have just done it myself. Shes really the only person I know I could turn to for that kind of thing, and she cant help me. Everyone else is either too broke themselves, or really enjoyed taking from me when I had it to give and now looks the other direction now that I need their help…and for school no less. Its actually an extremely frustrating and infuriating experience

  112. Lurker SD says:

    That’s not true TXSB. Many people have plenty of money, car, good credit, stable,etc. and they are still unhappy and unfortunate. When it happens to you maybe you will understand.

    I realize you are tooting your horn about being blessed but where’s your empathy today. Lost it? This is the holiday season an opportunity to give, help,lend, and listen to others. That’s why Lisa and other SB are one’s I find attractive, beauty inside and out.

  113. Muse says:

    Lisa – I completely understand. I just dropped $100 on a credit check for an apartment and was warned that I might have to put up an extra month up front (vs just 1st and security) and/or have a guarantor if my credit didn’t check out. I lucked out and was approved (apparently they didn’t bother really running that credit check) but apartment hunting is stressful. I’ve almost always had to do it under the gun and it sucks. I feel for you.

    I realize you probably don’t have 3 or 4 months saved up, but is there any chance anyone you know would be willing to be your guarantor? If you’re responsible, it’s really not any risk to them to sign the paperwork.

    Which brings me to…I got a new apartment! Let the SB snuggie-filled slumber parties begin! (And yes, you’re invited SDN.)

    AM – I’m glad you got in and out safely. I was wondering about that as the snow piled up last night.

    Hi all.

  114. TXSB says:

    I’ve been here….I peeked at the blog but saw it was dead the last few days. So I figured most people were out shopping, attending parties etc. Otherwise just busy with random stuff. LOL….looking at things at the mall that I can’t afford!

    Yes….being poor sucks. *sigh*

  115. always2sweet says:

    I have a part time job already, but with bills and my var payment every month, its really hard to save even $50 a payday let alone lumping money away. I have been applying at some bars around town though, so we shall see what happens with that. The thing that sucks about this is that space is limited in this program, and being that its a Parsons its going to fill up pretty friggin fast, and they wont accept your registration without payment for tuition and housing included :( being poor sucks!

  116. TXSB~ awww thank you… where have you been hiding the last few days?

  117. TXSB says:

    What about a part time job? Something like waitressing would help you earn a decent amount (specially at busy sports bars) in cash pretty fast.

    Hehehe…. I know! 😉 I was drying my hair this morning and realized the layers need to be redone…and immediately thought of you.

  118. TXSB~ Hey sweetie! I would love to live closer to you…. woo hoo imagine all the FUN we could have 😉

  119. TXSB says:

    Hey! I wish you were near me…I need to get my hair done…lol. :)

  120. always2sweet says:

    question for my networking, know how to make things happen, get shit done sugars. I need to figure out a way to raise about $6500 for myself to attend a summer intensive program at Parsons. I am applying for schoalrships via fastwebs, and unfortunately fafsa money doesnt cover summer program. The college sent me a thing, inviting me to join the program this summer, and it would be REALLY good for me developmentally since I cant afford the full tuition of fashion school at the moment. Heres the other catch…I cant submit my registration app without including a money order or check fpr the full amount of the program and housing(this totals roughly $5000), which doesnt even include the cost of my supplies(around $400-500) or money that I may need for anything else while in NY. I DESPARATELY want to attend this summer program, and I cant take out loans for it(long story). Anybody have ANY ideas at all as to how I might be able to accumulate said funds ASAP?! Aside from applying for scholarships like mad, and a slim chance that a friend of mine might try to throw a fundraiser, I am at a complete loss. Any and all advice or suggestions would be greatly appreciated.

    Sorry for the long off topic post, but everyone here is always so nice and has really great advice on sugar and non sugar related matters, so I thought I’d pick the brains of you all. :) Thanks in advance for any help sugars!

  121. TXSB says:

    Good Morning Everyone!

    If a person doesn’t have money, any city would “suck” for them…whether it’s Houston or not. I’ve been here for a little over 5 years…lived in various apartments. I have a perfect credit and am blessed enough to have enough $ so I can afford to live in a decent area…and I have a car. So while someone like Lisa gives you a grim view of Houston…..here’s another Houstonian telling you that she (ie. me) doesn’t have any complaints about living in Houston (except for the humidity).

  122. Taz~ I work until 4 pm Christmas eve!!! So the 25th is my day off YAY me!

    Hi everyone!

  123. AM: GReat!! Mine was quiet… couldn’t leave to find any noise!! LOL but it was nice.

    OK, things could be worse. I’ve been back and forth on facebook reading the wall of a 19 YO who lost her father to an overdose on Thurs. It’s very sad, she is struggling with the loss, but has her friends to lean on. I’ve cried more reading her posts than I’ve done in a long time. There just are not words to comfort her for her father’s stupidity. (No, I did not say that to her!)

    Well, the dryer just went off, so I guess that means the clothes from the first trip out are dry… and I must get back to it… I need a good massage… can someone come up to MD and help me with that? Im going to be one sore momma when I come back in… pouting now.. don’t wanna shovel snow…

  124. Anna Molly says:

    Hi ESB,

    Yes I had a wonderful weekend, but the trip home from the city was brutal! I didn’t get any snow where I am. The roads and driveways are clear :)

  125. Lisa that Actually Has an SD says:

    I guess we should put away the prozac, lol

    On a lighter note, my family is coming over for lunch soon.

  126. always2sweet says:

    I TOTALLY feel you on the 1 step forward 3 steps back, thats the story of my life.

  127. CA Dreamin SB says:

    Back to the family…catch up with y’all later!

  128. always2sweet says:

    geez, the blog is a bit of a downer today…but thats okay, we all need to let off steam at times.

    Lisa, I am so sorry that things arent going well at the moment. If you ever want anyone to talk to off the blog(even though Im sure you have plenty of bloggers and RL friends who are there for support) you can shoot me an email any time. Im a good listener :)

  129. Lisa that Actually Has an SD says:

    Thanks Anna Molly. Yes it seems like every time I take a step ahead, I end up 3 steps back. Kind of reminds me of a few years ago when I had finally bought beautiful new carpet for my bedroom (very exspensive too) and a nice ceramic top stove. After going for 14 years with ugly carpet and an ugly partially not working stove, I replaced them. A couple months later my mom asked me to move out because I was seeing someone. I obviosly could not carry these items out. When I stepped into my new apartment, what do I see? Horribly stained beige/grey carpet and an ugly harvest gold stove from 1973.

  130. Hi AM, did you have a nice weekend? I’m still snowed in, mostly ’cause I have to shovel my drive and I just don’t wanna!! :)

  131. Anna Molly says:

    What a depressing blog today! I’m depressed enough as it is :(

    Lisa, I’m so sorry to hear about all your trouble! I know it will work out for the best. I’m glad that you had a good time with your SD this week :)

  132. Lisa that Actually Has an SD says:

    I don’t have time for that EasternSureBaby. And no one around here cares, most of them say nothing because they are afraid of being deported. I don’t have time to do anything because I have a job during the day and have to be locked in at dark.

  133. Lisa, are you sure about that? I mean, that sounds so 3rd world country. I thought rights were rights all over this country. There has to be something? You may have found a new calling… GET those rights, you are entitled to them!! Damn girl, get pissed and go after what is rightfully yours!! Make the system work for YOU!!

  134. always2sweet says:

    morning all!

  135. LASB says:

    Sorry to hear it. Sending you a hug.

  136. Lisa that Actually Has an SD says:

    LASB my credit score is 0

  137. Lisa that Actually Has an SD says:

    EastenSureBaby i’ve been trying to tell everyone that Houston sucks for a long time. When the question of the Texas meet was brought up, everyone seems to choose Austin over Houston.

    We have no tenant rights here, no 30 day notices, they only have to give you 48 hours. If I didn’t pay my rent one month, I could actually be locked out on the 8th of the month, evicted on the 15th. They don’t have a key to my apartment (it was lost when the office burned down) so I guess they’d have to break a window and then charge me for that. lol

  138. LASB says:

    Lisa – yes, they all do credit checks, but ask them if they ONLY go by credit and you have to have a certain number. Let’s say the landlord says, “yes, I only take people with a 700 credit score or higher,” and you know yours is way below that. Then you can just move on without having spend the $80 on that one. Does that make sense?

  139. CA Dreamin SB says:

    Thanks James – true – though the worst flight I ever had was Raleigh-Charlotte-Los Angeles – South Korea – Australia. This was MUCH easier than that one! And, I got to avoid the East Coast mess!

  140. OK, I’m just going wrap my arms around Lisa and tell her it’s gonna be ok, and not say another word. Your depressing ME!! Im thinking Houston SUCKS!!

  141. james.m says:

    Hi CA Dreaming. Glad you arrived safely, even though you visited every city with an airport in between.

  142. Lisa that Actually Has an SD says:

    LASB they all do credit checks. They charge an application fee and a credit check fee. I doubt any of them feel a person out as these apartments are not privately owned. The owner of this apartment owns 3 complexes.

  143. LASB says:

    Hi Lisa,
    To save on application fees, speak with the landlord and ask them what they consider when choosing an applicant. If they go strictly by credit, then you know not to bother applying, which will save you the fee. If they say they just feel a person out, then explain your situation and be up front about your credit history and what they will expect to see from the report, but tell them how you pay on time and that you take care of the place like it’s your own. You should then be able to judge whether you should waste your money applying or not. To run an extensive credit check, it is $35, so I’m not sure why some landlords charge $80. That might be illegal. Oh yeah, you can always try and negotiate your application fees too.

  144. Lisa that Actually Has an SD says:

    EasternSureBaby, no one in the rental office speaks English. When I go in to pay my rent, they just stare at me, and the owner of this apartment owns the one across the street too and he doesn’t spend much time in the city. I would consider the apartment across the street because since it would be the same owner, it might not be a problem. However they only have 2,3, and 4 bedrooms and you have to take their electricity which is really expensive from what i’ve heard from people that live there. I’m locked into a contract with my electric company for 10 more months. If I disconnect, it’s a 300 dollar penalty. And i’m sure the 2 bedrooms would fill up quickly if there are any available.

  145. Gail says:

    and she is lucky she has Percy….I think James suggestion was a good one, move in with Percy……lol….bye all….my Senior citizens blog passed is expired…gonna leave before the blog police catches up with me…lol…..

    Now wait a minute Lisa…you were here before me: ) do you need your cane right now….oh….that’s right you have a brand new walker with shiny chrome wheels.

    Going back to real life : ) the world is my oyster…nothing like Lisa’s oysters…..lol…..Bye!!!!!

  146. HI CA!! Welcome. I need to go finish shoveling snow.. so do NOT want to do that. I have my gloves and jeans in the dryer from my last round. ugg.. would rather go back to yesterday when I just wanted to look at it. Up close and personal, snow sucks!!

  147. Lisa, I am so sorry. I just wish there was something I could do for you. Would a big warm hug help!! :) I know what you mean though. I am there too. Land lords? Ask them if they know someone who know’s someone… I’m out of suggestions. Just don’t give up sweety, that is what I did, and things went from bad to worse for me. I get paid stictly on commission, and having a bad attitude kills sales. I’m coming out of it, but it’s a struggle. Try to keep a positive attitude. At least you have a SD!! That’s something to be happy about!! 😉

  148. Lisa that Actually Has an SD says:

    You might say i’ve been “disconnected” lol

  149. CA Dreamin SB says:

    Hello all – taking a break from the family :) Hope everyone is having a great day so far

  150. Lisa that Actually Has an SD says:

    My connections don’t have connections. Most of my friends are work related from current and previous jobs and they are struggling themselves and have no connections to help. One of my best friends (former boss) goes to trial on the 28th for attempted murder, another friend likes to hang out at bars and drive drunk. I lost all my connections years ago.

  151. Lisa: renting a room would not be a permanant solution, but ma be worth looking into for the short term. Im in a very rural area, a car is a MUST! There is no public transportation here. I have no idea what to say to offer you help. Seems the answer to both our problems is $$. Sorry, girl. Just trying to help.

    A good friend recently told me something I’m starting to live by. Everyone you meet is a connection to something you may need some day. Keep phone numbers, keep in some kind of contact, if just Christmas cards, that connection may be important some day. Networking baby. I am a VERY shy person. It’s hard for me, but I am as low as I have ever been in life, and if that is what it takes to get me out of where I am, I’ll get over myself and DO IT!! Make those connections, you’d be surprised at who knows who to give you the help you need. but you do have to ask for it. I promise, if you don’t ask, no one will help because they don’t know you need it.

  152. Lisa that Actually Has an SD says:

    James, we’ve tried rental agencies in the past (back when my parents and I were looking for an apartment) and they basically found us nothing we liked, most were not where we were looking and a couple of the ones they referred us to were drug havens. There are plenty of apartments in my area, probably over 100 but they are more expensive but not any better and anyway with the city’s crackdown on apartments, alot of them will probably end up being shut down too.

    As far as renting rooms, most of those are out in the suburbs and not accessible from the city without a car. I have even looked at that in the past and there is nothing in my neighborhood even though there are houses. And of course that would be like living with my family as far as no privacy and too many rules.

  153. Anna Molly says:

    Hey all! How’s it goin’? I’m trying to clean the house, but it isn’t working out too well, so I thought I would stop by to say hello and finish my coffee befor getting back to my chores.

    What’s been goin’ on? Any gossip…..lol

  154. Lisa that Actually Has an SD says:

    EasternSureBaby, I really don’t have any connections as most of the people I know are either married and living in houses , they live in my apartment complex, or they live in apartments similiar that are more expensive but they live with their boyfriends, etc. There are lots of apartments in this area but they’re all unsafe and they charge more for rent or they don’t have one bedroom apartments.

  155. james.m says:


    There are rental agencies that find you apartments (they don’t show them, but they have listings). Their fee is paid by the apartment. They give you the opportunity to search by type, size, location, etc. You can select location by checking the listed bus routes and maximizing the distance to your nosy parents. Don’t overlook the unusual: the big thing around here is people renting out a couple of rooms in their house.

    You should also be able to get a reference from your current landlord, stating you had been there X months, had always paid rent on time or early, and didn’t damage the place. It may help if you’re borderline, or if you are dealing with a private party.

    And, the best solution would be to get Percy a condominium. You could live with him for peanuts!

  156. Lisa that Actually Has an SD says:

    Gail I am employed though so I would be bottom priority. I took me all this time to accomplish what I have and although it’s not much, at least I have my own place and am close to everything I need to be and have good work hours (no nights).

  157. Gail says:

    There is a program called HPRP will help you with your deposits and rent if you lost your job and/or at risk of losing your apartment. Please google it, because it is available in all states. They will also help relocate you. Credit is not an issue!!! I have a friend who is single became unemployed and they paid her back rent 3 months and 3 more months plus utilites for 6 months. And you donot have to pay back the money at all. They help to prevent homelessness and will continue to help with job stabilization. So there is help out there….you just need to know where to get it.

    Lisa~I agree….you need to continue your life without living with Mom and Dad….as they say…”You’ve come a long way baby!!!”

  158. Lisa: My parents, well, MOM, is the same way. If she knew I was on this sight, she’d disown me! At my age, you’d think she’d let me live my life. NOPE! Hang in there sweety, you hve to believe things will get better. Keep a positive attitude and keep moving forward. Don’t let yesterdays mistakes get you down. It’s done and over with, nothing you can do about it, so don’t dwell on it. Not your fault this happened, and everything happens for a reason. There is a nice place out there, you just gotta find it…

    I know that here many places aren’t even advertised. Word of mouth. Ask around…. real estate companies charge a fee for finding renters, but a nice agent may know of a place that isn’t listed and may be able to hook you up! Worth asking about!

  159. Cleo: Im an insurance agent. So is the Pot SD. He’s been in it for much longer than I. He has so much insight and suggestions. I wish I met him a year ago. I might not be in the situation I am in now.

  160. Lisa that Actually Has an SD says:

    Yes Gail is one of the old timers, almost eligible for the senior citizen blog pass, lol

    Yes Gail i’m out of the shower. Just having a quiet sunday morning as I dont’ see many of those.

  161. Lisa that Actually Has an SD says:

    I have to stay in my neighborhood because of work. If I moved i’d have to take two buses which means i’d have to be out very early in the morning and most of the buses don’t run before 6 am on weekends. Two of streets in my area that have apartments (unsafe like the one i’m in) don’t have weekend bus service and I have to work every weekend.

    My parents just moved into a very small 2 bedroom with my daughter, only 875 sq feet and it’s so crowded that you can barely get in there. And no one can live there except them, as the management is very strict, thus it’s a nice safe place not far from here but expensive too.
    If I lived with my parents, my sd life would be over as the would monitor every move I made.

  162. cleo says:

    Gail: you too.

    i just mean there’s people you sort of expect to see semi regularly on here and you wonder when they disappear with no word. one time photogirl updated us on TexaSD and i was happy to know he was well… like that.
    damm it, shower!

  163. cleo says:

    ESB: decent chance the ice is cracked and not the window. weird. but if you get a used piece of glass from a wrecker it’s a lot cheaper to replace and some of the used parts dealers will do the install really cheap (i drove a window into a truck once… it had this pointy sticking out bed and it was black and it was a tight corner and suddenly i hear shattering glass and my passenger side rear window is all over the seat… lol)
    Midwest i’m glad you were nice to her. did you get a jolt at all?
    ESB i firmly believe that you have to take the thing you can’t not do and run with it. no matter how weird it will likely pay your bills.

    am very curious what your business is now…

  164. Gail says:

    Cleo~Regulars???….I am a regular….I am here : ) been her for quite awhile now. Just came out of lurk mode…Nice to meet you by the way.

  165. cleo says:

    Lisa: will they accept a guarantor? someone to cosign the lease?

    houston apartment association? i’m afraid of them.

    hopeful that you will move somewhere where you can go outside at night though. i take it moving in with your parents for a month is out of the question?

  166. I think my fingers are thawed enough to type…. yep looks like it. I shoveled around my car, dug her out, and somehow the drivers side window is cracked!! I have no idea!! a bird flew into it with a stone in it’s mouth? It wasn’t cracked when I parked it Fri. night. there is still a layer of ice on it, so I will investigate closer when it melts. Still can’t get out of the drive way. My fingers were so cold I had to stop shoveling.

    I did have a great idea though while out there… a career change is in order. I’m thinking massage therapist… everyone shoveling will want one in the next few days! I’d make a killing!! 😉

    CA: so sorry about your tail light! Poor kid. Bet she WAS terrified!!

    Lisa: I heard that about some places, giving no notice and kicking you out. That sucks. I was there 3 months ago.. only my land lord sold my house, I had 6 weeks to find something, but a friend came to my rescue and I”ve been living in his spare bedroom since. Thank God for him. My choice was a couch from a few friends, or my parents, or *gulp* move back in with my X. Would rather die… but actually thought about it. Now I need to get out of here and back on my feet. Which is why I am here. I’ve been talking to a potential Sugar Daddy (did that for you James 😉 ) and he’s been giving me all kinds of advice for my current carreer… he’s really been good at that. Give me hope again, that I may be able to make it on my own… my big dream!!

    Cleo: I’d be lost with out my internet. It’s where all my friends are!! We are all to sensible to be out in the snow!! lol

  167. Gail says:

    Lisa’s SD~They don’t waive the credit checks, they still charge….but they will let you move in with a huge deposit and some may require a co-signer.

    Lisa~Are you out of the shower already…wrapped up in the towel I see…
    Quit peeking Lisa’s SD!!!!!

    Okay…done with coffee…I’ll stop messing with Lisa’s SD….back to housework : ) I just love a clean house.

  168. Lisa that Actually Has an SD says:

    Yes they charge for applying, to do the credit check and all. The better the place, the harder it is to get. Deposits run aroung 200-300 whereas the place I live only charges 99 dollars. I spent close to 200 applying 4 years ago and got rejected by 4 out of 5, whereas I hadn’t even got back to the place I was staying (10 minutes) till I got approved for the place where I live now.

    Lisa’s SD in NYC : I’m not sure as the apartments here all go through the Houston Apartment Association to process applications, the nicer the place, the more they check but they all check credit and income. I have a perfect rental history, paid my rent early every month for all the years I’ve lived here but that counts as nothing. The nice place my parents moved cost them over 600 in deposits and various background checks.

  169. cleo says:

    Taz: i wish the regulars would warn before disappearing for more than a few days.

    you kinda worry

  170. cleo says:

    Lisa’s SD: i have (in toronto) gone to a place and said “hi, my credit suck because i was unemployed for a while but i can pay the first four months in advance as a gesture of good faith”

    “when can you move in?”

    so she might be able to. it seems like a good plan

  171. Good mornings sugars!!

    Hope everyone is having a great weekend before Christmas – lots of last minute shopping and parties I suppose!!

    2Chic- where the heck have you been lady?? If your blog absence has anything to do with your masterpiece you are definitely forgiven 😀

    OC – how was the dogwash?? I love animals too much – I have SUCH a hard time going to the shelter – each time I have come home with a new pet 😛 I would have definitely adopted one if I got up close and personal 😛

    BG – when do you have a day off lady???

    Blog SD’s – where are you all hiding?

    So many others are MIA :(

  172. Lisa's SD in NYC says:

    Do any landlords wave credit and income checks for larger security deposits?

  173. cleo says:

    lisa: you have to PAY to apply for an apartment?

    WHAT THE F&#&???


    wow. it’s tough getting first and last together but at least you don’t have to pay hundreds of dollars to find a place. wow. and you’re stuck there because of your family i take it?

  174. cleo says:

    ESB: thanks, i’m relieved!

    stressed though, i discovered too late that my melt in your mouth cookies are slightly underbaked… thinking i’ll put them in the oven on low for a while…

    i’m glad that you enjoyed the snow, at least you have internet right?
    CA Dreamin: ouch

    least you’re there!

  175. Lisa that Actually Has an SD says:

    I’m having coffee now. Percy needs a new condo but getting it home will be a challenge, however I could always take a taxi. Question is: Has Percy been naughty or nice? I see evidence of a wild party while I was gone, lol

  176. Gail says:

    Enjoy your lunch with the family Lisa : )
    By the way….does Percy get a new condominium for Xmas?
    I will drink two cups of coffee….one for me and one for you!!!

  177. Lisa that Actually Has an SD says:

    Good morning Gail

    No starbucks today. I will have to make coffee at home as my family is coming over later for lunch. Percy has taken me back :)

  178. Gail says:

    Morning All~
    Princess Lisa are you awake….pour some of that Starbuck’s coffee into a cup. It won’t pour itself anymore : )

    Percy~Your Sugarmomma is home…don’t be bitter…life with Lisa is good.

    Lisa’s SD~ I believe you…witches are evil and cast spells till your princess comes along to kiss you : )

    Enjoy the snow east coast SB’s…what a beautiful Christmas you will have there!!!

    Now back to pouring my coffee…I’ll be sipping from afar.

  179. Lisa that Actually Has an SD says:

    Good morning everyone

    Hello lisa’s sd :)

    Well there’s really not much to find around here and remember I have to stay on the bus line in order to get to work. Every apt requires at least 3 times the rent in monthly income which I fall short of. That’s why i’m living where I am now, they don’t have any requirements. This is the cheapest place to live and apartments now run credit checks which means I could never get another apartment with my bad credit. It’s also hard to find a one bedroom around because they allow entire families to live in them rather than just 1 or 2 persons. Thus plenty of 2 and 3 bedroom apartments at much higher prices, very few one bedroom.

    And lisa’s Sd they through people out all the time, there’s only 200 rented apartments here and it happens all the time, 2 days notice to get out. And everytime you put in an application for an apartment, it’s 40-80 dollars which limits the amount of searching you can do.

    Got to hit the shower now.
    Have a good day everyone. Nice weather here today

  180. CA Dreamin SB says:

    Cleo – Morning – I got whereI was going – albeit around 1 AM…very tired :)

  181. Midwest says:

    Morning sugars!

    Making coffee and cinnamon rolls while having lazy quality time with my other favorite guy :-)

    Unfortunately, it looks like I’m going to have to do some searching for a new tail light. This lovely weather has created very icy roads and a terrified 17y.o. rear-ended me with her dad’s car. I felt so sorry for her.

  182. OH, Cleo, Congrats on getting your baking done! Good Job girl! I’d be eating them as fast as I would be packing them up. Not good.

    Lisa’s SD: We all need to put what our X’s opinions of us are in the past with the X. I need to learn that as well as anyone. So much posion there to my soul. For better or worse. *I’M* better off w/o the constant put downs and negativity. Time to move on and UP!!

    Lisa: That really sucks about the notices. Look at it as an opportunity! Something to take advantage of! There is positive in EVERY situation, find it and capitalize on it! Move FORWARD!!

    OK, the snow is calling.. be back later!!

  183. Cleo, that moment was kinda the high light of my day. Not much of a life when snow bound.

    The sun is out!! I’m hoping it melts all this VERY quickly! I REALLY don’t want to shovel it. I should get out there before it gets all wet and heavy though…. sigh… can’t put this off forever. Be back after my “work out”.

    Have a warm morning Sugar land!

  184. Lisa's SD in NYC says:

    You girls said exactly what I did. A great opportunity to find a better apt. Its hard to believe a thousand people would be kicked out on the street that summarily though.

    Lisa, take revenge and move to NO.

  185. Lisa's SD in NYC says:


    I’ve always been a prince. No matter how much a certain wicked witch would see it otherwise.

  186. cleo says:

    CA Dreamin: oh yeah, how was your trip after all?
    ESB that isn’t boring, that’s heaven

  187. cleo says:

    CA Dreamin: awesome, i didn’t feel like it so i covered the tins in foil and stuck em in the fridge.

    they’re yummy…

    wow i baked all day… but i’m DONE

  188. CA Dreamin SB says:

    Cleo – It might be too late for this, but as long as they are cool, you can cut them anytime.

  189. Rudy ~ sent u a link to some photos!!! from here… it’s so cold…

    Have a good night all

  190. I”M off to bed. Need to try to sleep so I can get rid of this cold. Hope everyone (?) has a great night!! HUGS!!

  191. MusicCityMistress (MCM) says:

    Okay! I will send you an email right now so you will have my address, I love snow pictures!!

  192. I’d be happy to!! I’m babybeth 62 at Y. no space before 62. I’ll try to get some with the cardinals tomorrow. They look so pretty in the snow around the bird feeder. Looks like a Hallmark card! Had 3 of them at one point today. I just stood there watching them.. yea, very boring day for me!!

  193. MusicCityMistress (MCM) says:

    Beach Girl: Good Night!!

    ESB: I agree the days of having down time are few and far between, so when I have them I enjoy them. If you feel comfortable doing so, would you email me a photo of the snow? If not, I totally understand, but if you don’t mind I will ask Stephan to send you my email.

  194. MCM: sounds like my day… didn’t really accomplish much, but Im using my cold as an excuse.. and the fact that I have nothing else to do! This isn’t really that bad. I don’t get much down time, so I”m enjoying it!

  195. Thanks Beach, sleep well, sweet dreams!! I promise to be careful!

  196. MusicCityMistress (MCM) says:

    ESB: Ditto to everything Beach said.

    Beach Girl: I babysat the kiddos while my brother and sister-in-law went shopping. My parents wanted to see them as well, so we split the time. I made my Saturday visit to the library and I have spent most of the day online (don’t get to do that very often) and just taking it easy.

  197. MCM, ESB~ I am off to bed, working again tomorrow…. Have a good night!

    ESB~ be careful… I am used to snow and it sucks to drive in it! be careful sugar girl!

    Good night Ladies, Gents, and Lurkers!

  198. MCM: It’s gorgeous!! Wish I could post pix!! NOt going to think it’s so pretty tomorrow when I have to start to shovel myself out!

  199. ESB~ WE all want the perfect SD for us! I know it will happen for you! 😉

    MCM~ Tried to go shopping this morning,,,, omg so many people… then worked all day! got home really late… How was your sat?

  200. MusicCityMistress (MCM) says:

    ESB: OMG!!!! I bet that is a beautiful sight :)

    Beach Girl: I hope you had a fabulous Sat. :)

  201. I saw a few that were blue, hate that. I wish I could afford to become one, but then I wouldn’t be on here!! So many good looking guys with awesome profiles, but no way to reach them. Very sad… I’m talking to a few, very nice, def possibilities. Lots of interest, but until it happens, I’m trying not to get excited. If it happens, great, if not, I’ll wait. I want my SD to be perfect for ME!! :)

  202. I’m bored. Been alone since last night. Been watching movies and cleaning and playing on line… my daughter is stuck at her friends house, but she is having a blast!! I’m hoping I can go get her tomorrow. Might have to have her friends dad take her to her dad’s. He has a truck, my Mustang don’t like the snow!! Rear wheel drive, no weight in the back… fishtails all over the place. NOt good.

  203. ESB~ we got 2 feet of snow the other day…. sucked! I hate shoveling snow… Hate the cold…I need to get back to the beach soon 8)

  204. I was just browsing profiles and there is one that caught my interest but he’s blue!!! :(
    I faved him so maybe he’s gonna get a membership some time! lol

  205. MCM: 12″ of snow and still coming down. I’m sooo snowed in. Can’t get out of my drive way. Can’t even see my car!! Drifted over! Gonna have to at least start her tomorrow.

  206. Hey ESB~ the day has been long,,,, 5 days til my day off YAY!!! it’s really cold too 8 below zero F

    how are you?

  207. Hey Beach! How’s you’re day been?

    Zacky: Welcome! Being a DJ… nice analogy! Just make sure the next “song” knows she’s being cued to take the place of another. Could lead to trouble and jealousy if you don’t be upfront about it. Just a word of advice from someone who’s been there.

  208. MusicCityMistress (MCM) says:

    Anonymous: I am really sorry to hear about your experience. Please keep in touch on the blog; there are great SDs and SBs on here who can and will offer advice and support. I hope that your situation will have a positive ending :)

  209. MusicCityMistress (MCM) says:

    Beach Girl: Hello :)

    EasternSureBaby: Yes, I have just been drinking hot green tea and treating myself to some cough drops. If I remember correctly you are covered in snow?

  210. Zacky~ Welcome! I love the being a DJ playing the soundtrack of your life…nicely said!

  211. Hey ESB ~ i’m here just getting in!

  212. Zacky says:

    Have you had a sugar daddy or sugar baby relationship prior to joining SA? If so, how did it start?

    I haven’t, and it really hadn’t occurred to me until a friend of mine showed me this site. He had a series of happy experiences. I couldn’t reconcile it at first, but then it began to dawn on me that my love relationships were being destroyed by their very structure. Everybody loves an apple, but nobody wants to eat the leaves, or the branch, or the trunk, and especially not the dirt, which wouldn’t exist without worm shit. Think about it… you share the apple, and that brief period of time spent in the sugar bowl together makes it possible for the leaves and the branches and trunk and dirt and shit to seem like heaven on earth for the rest of the month.

    Have you found any methods of sugar-searching (online or offline) that work rather well? Care to share?

    SeekingArrangement has become a place where my inner poet comes alive. I can safely seduce women guilt-free, abandoning my deep religious upbringing, knowing that both parties know exactly what’s up, and if they don’t, I can at least tell them my description of exactly how I’d like things to be, and they can negotiate any details they want until they’re satisfied or walk away. I can even meet women on SeekingArrangement when I’m involved with a SB and let them know that if something ever goes wrong and I’m available again, I’ll certainly give them a try. It’s like being a DJ, you cue up the next song in your headphones while you’re playing the soundtrack of your life. It’s pure bloody majick. I feel like I invented fire.

  213. HEY HEY HEY!!! James, No fair picking on me when I’m not here to defend myself!! I didn’t inhale!! lol… I have not done that since HS. Has nothing to do w me using “pot”. Just lazy!!

    MCM: I have the cough too. Hate it but what ya gonna do?

    Anyone still here?

  214. cleo says:

    CA Dreamin is it better to cut the pecan things the day you make them or leave them intact until you want them?


    ouch, 2 layovers… ouch

  215. Gail says:

    Percy is just gonna have to get use to it…lol….perhaps you need to step up his diet….popcorn just isn’t getting it anymore. Besides your SD promised him bacon….lol…..Nite Lisa….Nite all : )

  216. Hi Lisa! So glad to hear you had a wonderful time and missed bad weather! Have you been to NY before?? I have not been – but would DIE to go!! Sorry to hear about the news you came home too – but as Gail said – good reason to find a better place to live! 😀

  217. CA Dreamin SB says:

    Cleo – That’s 2 layovers – :(

    James – you have mail

    My next plane just arrived! YEA!!!

  218. Lisa that Actually Has an SD says:

    Hi Gail, yes my flight went out just in time.

    Percy is mad at me though, won’t eat his popcorn, I think he’s jealous

  219. Gail says:

    I worried that your flight might be canceled due to the storm. Good thing that you got out before that. I can tell you are still smiling and I am happy that you had a wonderful trip. You really deserve it!!!!

    That really sucks about your building…but what a good opportunity to relocate : ) Sleep well princess Lisa… now that you have kissed your frog and he turned into a prince: )

    Yeah…Lisa’s SD…I am talking about you : )

  220. anonymous says:

    Please be careful people… I have just been HAD… sd for months now told me to not get a loan for a large purchase, he would take care of it &I could pay him. Having been together for months I believed him. Now I’m scrambling to get a loan because the paperwork has all been filled out and close Monday and he’s mia of course.

    Please don’t be as stupid as me. Funny… I never was “this girl” till now.

  221. james.m says:

    CA Dreaming: you’ve got mail

  222. Lisa that Actually Has an SD says:

    Going to take a bath now and relax. Maybe i’ll sleep tonight as I got very little sleep in NY :) and then there was the oyster incident

  223. Lisa that Actually Has an SD says:

    Good evening everyone. Back home:( from a wonderful time in NY:) Plane left just in time as the next flight was cancelled and it had started snowing as the plane departed.

    Came home to find Percy safe and sound. Back to boring old Texas. NY is so exciting and alive and my host was wonderful :). I know he’s lurking out there.

    Came home to find city building code violations (6 of them) posted on the office windows saying that all the buildings in my complex are structurely unsound which spells disaster for me. Daily fines build up, city takes ownership of building, we get 48 hours to get out, building is torn down. This will most likely happen at the beginning of the year, or 30 days. Kind of sucked away my high from the trip.

    Got to continue unpacking now. One more day off and then back to work.

  224. AM – the city?? Hot date???

  225. MusicCityMistress aka (Rudy) says:

    Cleo and Anna: Hi!! I have missed you two :(

    I am leaving now; checked out some great books at the library and I cannot wait to read them any longer!!

  226. Anna Molly says:

    Hi guys and gals! Just wanted to say hi and bye. On my way home from the city. I will talk to all of you tomorrow :)

  227. cleo says:

    DesertBunny you know it’s funny, i really enjoy riding my stationary bike and watching tv. somehow it’s nicer than most cardio. channels some of the pleasure of a real bike ride.
    CA Dreamin: dude, how many layovers IS that?
    i’m here when i’m here and no where near the computer if i’m not home… well unless i’m at a friend’s house where we can just ignore each other…

  228. MusicCityMistress aka (Rudy) says:

    CA: LOL…I cleared the room last night!

  229. CA Dreamin SB says:

    Thanks! I’ll be back (on another layover) in about an hour! :)

  230. MusicCityMistress aka (Rudy) says:

    CA: Yes, I have not been able to be on here very much during the week; all this Holiday madness and work. Have a safe trip!

  231. CA Dreamin SB says:

    Hi Rudy – I’m about to board the plane…and I really missed the blog today! Hoping I’ll have internet access when I get where I’m going

  232. MusicCityMistress aka (Rudy) says:

    CA: Hi!

  233. CA Dreamin SB says:

    SEE MIDWEST!!! I show up and everyone leaves! :)

  234. CA Dreamin SB says:

    Hey everyone – in an airport on a layover – just wanted to say hi

  235. Midwest says:

    James says:
    It would have been easy for Midwest to say I was too old (20 years difference), or I could have said that 2 hours was too far to drive for meetings, but she gave me a chance, and it seems to be working out quite nicely. In fact, some of the things I like best about her now, I didn’t know about after our first meeting.

    He’s so right! (although I didn’t know about the things he likes about me after meeting :-) )Step out of the box and be willing to explore a bit. I can say I thought it was completey insane for me tobe venturing off to NYC to meet people from a blog…none of which I “knew”. What an amazing experience that turned out to be! Nine genuine people who took the same chance AND a donation/ networking contact for work! YES!

    OC Says
    It is Doggy beautification day. Wash, fluff and make them all cute for adoption! I am sure I will be soaked… but smiling
    That’s awesome OC! Have a great time giving them some much needed love and attention!

    Happy Birthday Dominatrix Dulci!

    It has been one of those beautiful snows today! It’s perfect for Christmas and making snowmen. We’ve been busy all day and off to a Christmas party soon!


  236. cleo says:

    DesertBunny it’s going to miss us, we’ll get light flurries on monday… that said, i do that often in the winter.
    ATX: welcome back.

    i think i use pot because of that blog joke “there’s a lid for every pot”

  237. DesertBunny says:

    Happy! Sweet! Sweet! Saturday! Everyone!

    OC- A sweet ride! Whoo hoo, indeed! I will be down to check it out :) Remember to play ‘Suga Suga’ by Baby Bash while cruisin’! hehe!

    DDD – Happy Birthday!

    Cleo – If the snow hit’s…. go outside and open your mouth like a little kid! It’s powdered SUGAR falling!

    As for me… I am going to go for a bike ride. It’s sunny and 77 here 😉 I can see the snow on the surrounding mnts. though…. ahhh! Beautiful!

  238. MusicCityMistress aka (Rudy) says:

    Good Afternoon Sugar Fam!

    What is with all this talk of snow???? I am sorry to report it’s just frigid and rainy in my neck of the woods. I would love to be in a cabin surrounded by snow and a steaming cup of hot chocolate and marshmallows:)

    Daring Decadent Dulciena: Happy Birthday Girl!!!! btw, I love the alliteration in your name!

    EasternSureBaby: Once I could breathe through my nose again, I developed a nasty cough, I was told the meds were working and my cold was finally ‘breaking’. I hope that is the case for you.

  239. james.m says:

    ATX – but that’s not why ESB uses it!

  240. Er, make that 11 years living in the desert southwest!

    Though my dad did point out this afternoon that since I was born during a blizzard, that should be all the acclimatization I need!

  241. Cleo – You can have it….after 1 years living in the desert southwest, I don’t do snow and cold any more. Especially not snow drifts up to mid-thigh.

    ATX – its all bout teh interwebz shortcuts. U no wut i meen! lol! 😉 The only reason I started out using the abbreviation is that I saw others on the blog using it, and it made sense. In similar vein, not too many people are spelling out “sugar babies” or “sugar daddies.”

  242. TXSB says:

    We’re lazy ok?! Can you please not rub it in our faces! *pout* And I can spell p.o.t.e.n….t.i.a.l!! :)

  243. SDinATX says:

    So I have to ask… is the reason that the word “pot,” or “pots,” is used due to the fact that some SBs can’t spell potential?

  244. cleo says:


    (i live in toronto, it might swing east of us too)

  245. Cleo – from what I’m seeing on the forecasts, depending on exactly where you are, you’ll either get hit with snow or torrential rain tomorrow or Monday.

    James – *laughs* I learned long ago not to be shocked by the things people do.

  246. TXSB says:

    Rica23 says:
    I didn’t see many suggestions on how to make sure your pot SD is real. What are some simple ways of searching and or investigating the SD?

    During the initial few emails, I look for SD to see if he’s interested in the logistics of the arrangement..(ie. does our schedule work, is distance an issue etc). I do ask q’s like if they’ve ever had a SB, what type of arrangement they’re looking for etc. If a pot SD is *only* focusing on “chemistry” and also immediately brings up sex, that’s a major red flag for me. I also don’t like being asked for phone #’s immediately.

    As for a pot SD’s “net worth”, honestly I don’t really pay attention to it or care. I don’t spend weeks or months talking to “pots”. Whether or not a pot SD makes $100,000/year or has a 7 figure income, it doesn’t matter to me as long as I get my allowance that the SD & I agree to. I don’t *expect* anything extra beyond my allowance. And I don’t become physically involved unless I receive my 1st allowance so I don’t worry about being taken for a free “test drive”.

  247. james.m says:

    or, as Claude Rains said in Casablanca. “I’m shocked! Shocked!”

  248. james.m says:

    Perhaps we should rename this blog, “True Confessions”

  249. cleo says:

    so funny, i’m north of all of you and it’s clear, crisp and cold with nary a sign of snow here today…

    wonder if it will hit us tomorrow

  250. TT – Thank you! I’m curled up with a mug of Buckeye Tea right now :)

    Eastern – *laughs* It never ceases to amaze me what names stick!

    It’s snowing again here as well. I’m once again hoping I don’t get called into work, though my boss says they’re just opening for carryout for a few hours. I can’t imagine they’ll be busy enough to need me….the county I live in has declared a total state of emergency.

    So I’ll just stay right here 😀

  251. Class of 81. I was a freshman then. It was 4 girls from my school, 5 guys from St. W. Too funny. Even funnier that the name has stuck all these years!!

    The snow has picked back up. I can hardly see across the street. It’s like powder now. Very fine, but lots of it. I may be here a few days… and my daughter is at her friends. Thank goodness for cell phones. She has been texting me all day!

    Im going to go watch a movie. Need to give my back and neck a rest. Have fun all, I’ll catch ya again later!! HUGS!!

  252. *laughs* Nice!!!!! Mike Ryder….name rings a bell….but I can’t quite place it. I was class of ’95 and didn’t know a lot of the older kids.

  253. DDD – have a great birthday…enjoy some serenity. Maybe some cocoa?…if you don’t have a glass of wine 😛

    Time to shower and do some Christmas shopping!

  254. LMAO… the reason we are the Buzing bobcats… do you know Mike Ryder? Well, he and a bunch of other guys in his class went out at half time with the Bettsvill mascot. She dated Mike, had a huge crush on him. They all had a little pot, caught a buzz, and the poor mascot couldn’t hardlly walk let alone cheer any more that game… the nick name was hers alone for a while, but then transfered to the whole school. Not one of my finer moments!! lol

  255. I’d planned to do nothing….but now that I’m snowed in and HAVE to do nothing, I find that I’m not enjoying it as much :) Oh well!

    Yep, y’all are the Buzzin Bobcats. Though I’ve never heard why…

    Yikes!! I’d’ve been tempted to call the cops on that one for assault. WAY too easy for something like that to go horribly wrong.

  256. DDD: Didn’t know it was your b-day!! Wonderful!! Have a great one.. snowed in with nothing to do.. I’m so sorry sweety!! Will have to celebrate when you can get out again.

    Does St W still call Bettsville the Buzzin Bobcats? Funny how we got that name…

    Hey, I’m all for fun, and enjoying new things, but the first time someone hurts me or leaves a mark, the fun is over. Had a guy try to choke me once, no warning… and I passed out… was the last time I saw him. Scared me a bit to much. Had NO idea he was into that. Justs out of the blue, his hands were on my throat, he said to relax, and that was the last I remembered. Yea, good bye!

  257. *laughs* I went to F High for 9th and 10th, then transferred to St. W and graduated from there. If you know F-town, you know my family, I’d bet….they’re the flour people. I’m the black sheep 😀

    I’ve played with bdsm before, and very much enjoyed it. But he was talking about breath control, knife play, branding….all the super hardcore wtf stuff. NO THANK YOU!!!!

    Dustpan snow shoveling….if I’d had the foresight to go buy a snow shovel, I could make a thousand dollars today. Nobody around here has any concept of snow preparedness. It just doesn’t freaking snow that much here! My car is buried, and buried it can stay until I have a damned good reason to dig it out. I’m thinking perhaps christmas at my grandmothers might be a good enough reason. Maybe :)

    TT – Thank yoU!!

  258. Happy Birthday DDD!!!

    EasternSureBaby says:
    December 19, 2009 at 11:33 am

    I’m perfectly content sitting here looking at it through the window. No need to get personal with it!

    I couldn’t agree more…just wish snow here melted that quickly!

  259. Now as for the bdsm relationship.. to each his own. I’m with you. Not into those kind of games. Fun is fun, but not so sure I can trust anyone that much. I concur… *shivers!! *

  260. OMG!! Which School did you go to? St W or F HIgh? That is so cool! I know Fostoria VERY well… Most of the people I know went to St W bacause we played against them in sports. That is so cool!! Def. gotta look you up next time I head out that way! the only thing Bettsville has is the park. Very cool place to hang in the summer. I was a lifeguard. Ahh.. the good ole days….

    Dust pan snow shoveling.. that sounds like to much work. My car can’t be seen. It can stay that way. I”m waiting for the heat wave to come through and melt me out! LOL.. MD snow usually only lasts a few days then it’s gone again. I’m perfectly content sitting here looking at it through the window. No need to get personal with it!

  261. Eastern – Yep, I know Bettsville. Haven’t been there, though. I grew up in Fostoria. We’re neighbors! There’s 14″ of snow in my back yard….the drifts out front are mid-thigh deep. When I was taking pictures, I saw one of my neighbors out with a dustpan trying to dig her car out, so I grabbed mine and went out to help.

    The pot last night….He’d sounded wonderful in email. On the phone…..he’s looking for a bdsm relationship with a sub SB. And the things he was talking about wanting to do…..just scary. Very scary. No thank you!!

    I’m pretty much snowbound….and trying to decide how to spend my birthday :) I’m sore after shoveling snow with a dustpan, so I think I may just relax and hang out here for a while.

  262. Can’t stand to have “naked” toes. Like to look “finished”. I wear Peek Toed shoes alot, the polish just makes me look put together I think. but that is just me. I’m such a girly girl :)

    I have lots of cleaning to do also, but I”m snowed in and have all day to do it, just not up to it yet. Having to much fun doing nothing today! Let it snow!!

  263. Gemini29 *408140* says:

    I’m not into nailpolish that much, but I do like silvery stuff on my toes occasionally. I’m def not a red nailpolish kind of girl though, I like them to look as natural as possible!

  264. ESB – definitely Christmassy! :)

    I am off to clean some more yay! Lol…I will check in shortly though! 😀

  265. Yea, my girls all liked the different colors. Im pinks and reds, but they go for green, blue, black… purple… It’s cute! Just not me. I might be able to find some glitter… could put that on as a top coat on my toes. Would look Chritmassy!! 😉

  266. I am usually quite conservative in the colors I wear – my four year old on the other hand…lol….so for special occasions I have a little fun 😛 She wants sparkly purple today 😛

  267. Don’t have any silver, but I like that idea!! I can’t get out to get any though!!

  268. Yes indeed red!..toes silver 😛

  269. Hi Gemi! We only got a light dusting of snow here…and it is actually quite nice as far as temperature today :) Nice and fresh…my windows are open lol..

  270. For some reason that made me think of “Tic Tock” Pedicure on our toes toes, boys blowing up our phones, phones… lol Hey, good idea for today though, got nothing better to do!! What color…hmmm… I’m thinking Christmas Red!!

  271. Gemini29 *408140* says:

    Hello Sugars! Its SNOWING!!! 😀 😀 😀 😀 😀 😀

  272. OC – sounds like a lot of fun!! Have a great day…and I am sure there will a few of us around the blog on Christmas :)

    ESB – I am doing well today. In light of recent baking – I am cleaning…everything. Thank god the blog can distract me from time to time 😉 Now that the oven is done I definitely need to give myself a manicure 😛 I will add it to the list lol!

  273. Now that sounds like a fun day, OC. I’m sure the puppies will be very grateful to you.

    snow is still coming down and I just can’t think of a good reason to go shovel myself out. Have everything I need right here… ‘cept maybe a SD to help keep me warm… but I’m working on it! :)

    Hello Taz, how you dong today?

  274. james – Thanks for capricorn pep talk 😉 I hope you are correct! Hehe – and you definitely need to change your name to Sherlock SD 😀

    OC – so nice to see you! So glad to hear he will be home for the holidays! 😀

    james – everything you said about midwest was very sweet. You are both so very lucky :)

    Hope everyone is have a fabulous weekend!

    • OCSugarbaby says:

      Tazzy Mae! I have missed you!!! Thanks for the kind words. However I will be spending the Holidays alone. Just me and my pup :) Logistics, long story…
      But, I love Christmas and will do my best to keep those of you on the blog over the Holiday full of sugar cheer.

      • OCSugarbaby says:

        Signing off! Enjoy the day and bundle up. I am excited about today, I am off to volunteer at the local animal shetler! It is Doggy beautification day. Wash, fluff and make them all cute for adoption! I am sure I will be soaked… but smiling :)

  275. It LOOKS like a Hallmark card out there today. and here I sit with my cocoa and blanket and am thankful for HEAT!! :) I am so glad things are looking up and the SD/BF is coming home. That is fantastic. Very happy for both of you!

  276. Thanks OC!! I have 9″ of snow and you brag about wearing shorts in Dec. :) Wish I were there!

    It is pretty, I’m enjoying watching the neighbor kids on their 4 wheelers going up and down the street and the birds at the feeder… was a cardinal a few minutes ago. Very pretty. Will just stay in here with my blanket wrapped around me (where is my snuggie?) and wait for the snow to stop falling.

    • OCSugarbaby says:

      EasternSureBaby! Stay warm. The past few weeks of turmoil has made me enjoy everyday regardless of the little things that come up.
      I love that you mentioned the cardinals! Those are the little things worth focusing (kids playing, birds singing) on. Ok, I now sound like a Hallmark card!

  277. Rica23 says:

    LOL @ James.M that was well said and very cute. Its not about any flaws. For me its more about just being careful. I am going to try to meet. I guess if the questions rattle him and it is a scam…he will probably go away. Any how, I do hope he is for real. I like him so far from what I hear.

  278. photogirl says:

    OC – How is the sd/bf? Did he make it home yet???

    • OCSugarbaby says:

      Hi Photo! He will be out of the hospital hopefully tomorrow. I am so happy! How are things on your side of the country? Feeling the Christmas spirit yet?
      More good sugar news! My Christmas present from him will be delivered soon! A very sweet ride I must say!!! WhooHoo!!!

      Speaking of re-couperating??? Villa got her cast off this week or yesterday, I think?

  279. james.m says:

    Rica — it’s prudent to be careful, but remember, nothing ventured, nothing gained. Almost everything here is about avoiding a bad experience. There is very little said about being open to a GOOD experience. How many guys have not been met because of some little flaw, when they would have made great sugars if given the chance? It would have been easy for Midwest to say I was too old (20 years difference), or I could have said that 2 hours was too far to drive for meetings, but she gave me a chance, and it seems to be working out quite nicely. In fact, some of the things I like best about her now, I didn’t know about after our first meeting. Go ahead and have that first meeting, even if you aren’t sure. I’ll bet most SBs would admit (if they were honest) that they had reservations about meeting their pot SD, but overcame them.

    Speaking for frogs everywhere, kiss a frog! He might be a prince, or at least a great frog. **ribbit**

    • OCSugarbaby says:

      James! I am so happy to hear that you met a lovely SB 😉 Magic does happen when you step out of your comfort zone!

  280. Rica23 says:

    Thanks for all the help everyone! I am just very skeptical in general. I just don’t want to be played. I sometimes re-visit questions looking for a slip up or something. I will try some of the suggestions and see what happens.

    • OCSugarbaby says:

      Good Morning Sugars!
      I hope all of you that are in the cold weather keep warm. The snow is pretty to see falling but the after-math is just plain cold and icky! I will send some sunshine your way. Today in CA it is warm and sunny. I just went for a two hour hike with my dog (in shorts). I still can’t get use to the nice weather in December! But I will take it over cold and freezing any day.
      Lisa Penelope! I am so glad you had fun. My thoughts were with you this week! I knew you would enjoy your mini-vaca.

  281. cleo says:

    always2sweet: go see an osteopath. you’re describing stuff that…
    SDN: your rejection letter is SO MUCH better than “so sorry, i’ve met someone” but their profile doesn’t go away…

  282. james.m says:

    Turnabout is fair play, Midwest. I sign on and you leave.

  283. Midwest says:

    Off to enjoy the day. Happy searching Caps! Carpe Diem.

  284. James, if I’m to have a SD by my b-day, that gives him 9 days. I’m going to be possitive and say you are right… got a pot now who could be a real winner… time will tell…

    Love the private eye tips. Sherlock, look out, the SBs are taking over!! 😉

  285. james.m says:

    Good morning

    for all you capricorn SBs to be: today is the day! According to the GR Press (and what could be more reliable?), the horoscope for Capricorns is that today “is the day to find something that’s been missing” and “it could involve money.” SO, Carpe Diem. Answer that email you got the other day, and send out those prospecting e-mails. With luck, he’ll have you in a sugar shack for your birthday!

    Rica: there are two sites we use to check out prospective borrowers: If you can get an address for him and his company (probably by googling his name, searching white pages or something like that), look him up on one of these two sites. On g-maps, switch to the satelite view. You will see his house/business. Does it match with your understanding of him and/or his company? Zillow gives estimates of home valuations, some of which are pretty good. On both, you can get a street level view (click on the little yellow man on g-maps), and see the property from several different views.
    In many counties, you can get property tax info, including assessed value and property owner, off the county website.
    You are now a full fledged private eye!

  286. Lisa: Pet Pidgeon?! That is absolutly WILD!! I LOVE it! Glad to hear all is well and there is no break up. At least it should be warmer in TX. To me, that is always something to look forward to.

    MCM: Yes, breathing through ones nose is always a good thing!! I’m coughing more, but think it’s my asthma more than cold. I THINK that is good…

    Loving all the advice this morning. So much to learn!! Yes, most is common scense, but sometimes getting caught up in the moment, we forget to use it (Severly OCD here!)

  287. Midwest says:

    SDN – You have mail. Beat you to it, but I think you will be glad I did…*grins*

    ESB – Glad you are feeling better!

  288. MusicCityMistress aka (Rudy) says:

    Good Morning Sweet Sugars!

    Lisa: HI!! I hope everything is going well with your SD

    EasternSureBaby: Glad to hear you are feeling better; I can finally breath through my nose!

    Rica23: Hi:) During an initial email conversation, I would ask them if they have ever had a SB before, if so, what type arrangement did they have…you will be amazed at how much you will glean from the response. Also, check the Halloween blog (October 2009), The blog about the 20/20 interview has some great tips too. Keep checking the blog throughout the day as others will chime in and they always have great advice!

    Gotta Run, I hope everyone has a great Saturday:)

  289. SD NEOhio (SDN) says:

    Jayde5502: Any time.

    Rica23: “when a pot SB kind of drills you”…don’t mind that at all. Oh you meant asks me questions. Sorry my bad.

    – Everything Midwest said.

    – First does his offer match his ability. If he says he makes $120/year but will give you an allowance of $10k/month, where I went to school the goesintas (google beverly hillbillies) don’t work.

    Midwest: I will send you photogirls email right now.

    – You may have limited information to work with here but if he claims to be a wealthy investor but doesn’t know the difference between an 8-k and special-k you might want to move on.

    – Does he want the Starbucks sans panties date.

    – Did he give you a one line email “You r hoooottt”.

    – Does he give the impression of his claims…I know this is gut feel but it may be the best way to spot a fake.

  290. photogirl says:

    Midwest – I am curious which archives you were referring to… SDN has my email, would mind sending me an email?

  291. Midwest says:

    Hi Lisa! Glad you got to go…sounds like it was completely worth the effort at work!

    Photogirl – I know!!! My SD is glad I read it too :-)

  292. Midwest says:

    What a beautiful morning!! The only thing missing is James and a fireplace 😉

    Lisa’s SD – We all hope her good fortune is just beginning. It’s wonderful to see a successful sb/sd couple meet up. Stay warm!

    Rica – The most important thing you can do is trust your intuition. If anything sends up a red flag, it is likely to be for a reason. These basics are generally true of a genuine gentleman/SD:
    1- He’s not likely to get into giving out personal e-mails and phone numbers right away.
    2- He’s not going to start the sex talk/mail in the first or second e-mail. In fact, in my experience the genuine ones I have met don’t sex talk, but they may emphasize that intimacy in the sugar relationship is important to them.
    3- He will come to you on a first date, cover any babysitting or expenses you may incur.
    4- If he asks you to travel to him, he wil most likely be comfortable enough to share some private information so you can verify his identity. He will also provide you with travel expenses, a non-cancellable flight and hotel in your name, car to/from airport and will always show concern for your safety.
    5- He won’t arrange for your first date to be at the hotel room.

    As far as searching, you can google his e-mail or the name he gave you. You can also google his profile name with a city or state. When I did this, I found a pot was on several bdsm sites…NEXT! You can also have him take his photo with a current paper to verify the photo is him.

    If he “drills” you, answer what you are comfortable answering, but first playfully say something that let’s him know he’s being pushy. If you’re honest with him in a flirty way to let him know he’s making you uncomfortable, a genuine sd will back off and take a softer approach.

    I hope that gives you a good start. You can always ask us if a particular scenario sounds right. The above are pretty much guidelines, not the absolute rules, so trust your instincts.

  293. photogirl says:

    Midwest – Thanks for that website… a lot of interesting reading :)

  294. lisa says:


    Percy is my pet pigeon who thinks i’m his sugarmomma.

    I have to leave NY this morning to head back to boring old Texas.
    Had a wonderful time visiting NY and Massachusetts. Very cold though.

  295. photogirl says:

    ESB – I believe her trip is coming to an end and she will be coming home… Percy is her pet pigeon :)

    Lisa and Lisa’s SD – Glad the two of you enjoyed your time together!!!
    Percy will be glad to see his sugar momma :)

  296. lisa says:

    Good morning everyone :)

  297. Lisa’s SD: awww.. what happened? Sad to hear of a break up and who is Percy?

    Rica23: Good question. I’d like to know more too… although I do rememeber reading that on a previous blog… like 2 months ago maybe? Good subject to re-visit.

  298. Rica23 says:

    Good morning sugar world! I have a question pertaining to the last blog. I didn’t see many suggestions on how to make sure your pot SD is real. What are some simple ways of searching and or investigating the SD? SD’s do you find offense when a pot SB kind of drills you???

  299. Lisa's SD in NYC says:

    Lisa’s luck is about to run out. But Percy’s luck will be picking up.

  300. Good Morning Sugarland. I think my cold is better, but the view outside brings me chills. It is absolutley GORGEOUS!! Wish I could post a pic for you all to see what you are missing. Everything is covered with a blanket of snow, sticking to the branches and trunks of trees and everything looks new and fresh. I’m going to love looking at it til I have to go shovel my car out of it. *groan*

    DDD: Ever hear of Bettsville?? and how much snow you got this morning? What was up the the pot phone call and the shudders? Was he a creeper?

    Lisa’s SD: I love hearing of how GOOD men treat their women. Tell us more of how lucky Lisa is to have you. I’m gonna live vicariously through her for a while. 😉

  301. Gail says:

    Lisa’s Sugar Daddy…..I knew you would make her a happy Sugarbaby: )

  302. Jayde5502 says:

    Thank you SDN. I really appreciate you taking the time to answer my questions :) A few times now I believe!

  303. Lisa's SD in NYC says:

    Gail says:
    December 18, 2009 at 8:32 am
    I have a message for you:

    Tweet, tweeee…..you left me in this cage…the popcorn is stale…as you dine on steak and oysters…have you forgotten you are my Sugarmomma?

    > Don’t worry, sugarmomma is bringing home some bacon.

  304. Lisa's SD in NYC says:

    Gail says:
    December 18, 2009 at 7:48 am

    Lisa’s SD…do something… keep her warm…buy her a fur coat please : ) bundle her up with layers of new clothes…or hug her tight at least.

    Pretty much took the path of least resistance.

  305. Coco says:

    I don’t think anyone is awake at this hour….been out for a couple of weeks and thought I’d stop by and say hello.

  306. Eastern – I’ve probably been to your little town nobody’s heard of….I grew up at the corner of Hancock Co., Seneca Co., and Wood Co. 😀

    Getting LOTS of snow….up over a foot now.

    Just got off the phone with a pot……and now I need a shower. I just feel slimey now. *shudders*

  307. DDD: I grew up in NW Ohio, too!! Little town NO ONE’s heard of (in Seneca Co.) How much snow you guys getting out there?

  308. Hey everyone.. the snow has started here, too. My car roof is covered, and we are expecting 5″ by morning.. I HOPE that is all we get!! Im alone and will have to shovel it by myself!

    Thinking I’m gonna want a snuggie tomorrow! Send one my way too!!

    a2s; my migrains were caused by caffien. I had to cut it all out. About KILLED me. Has anyone suggested cutting back? I’m good, but as soon as I have REAL coffee (I can drink de-caf) I get a killer migrain. Just a suggestion.

  309. I don’t know about EVERYONE…..but I’m definitely freezing. I’ll probably go out one more time tonight to measure the snow and take some pics, then I’m gonna go crawl in bed with an electric blanket.

  310. TXSB says:

    So everyone’s freezing besides me?

    Yep….everyone’s out partying…..

  311. Yeah, it’s insane….I grew up in NW Ohio, and don’t remember seeing snow like this but once. They’re saying this could be a record-breaking snowfall.

  312. I am absolutely freezing here (seems like forever already) but still not enough snow to stay on the ground for more than a couple hours…which thus far I am thankful for..I am pretty sure it will come all at once lol

    Soooo quiet tonight…

  313. LASB says:

    Dulci – Wow, that’s a lot of snow. I came back to the loft to put a t-shirt on. It’s waaaay too hot tonight for December. Or maybe it’s the wine. Heading back out to see a show. Have a great night, sugars!

  314. james.m says:

    DDD – noone’s here, I guess. I just checked in before turning in. 24″ in Virginia??? Stay warm!

  315. TXSB says:

    Yikes @ the snow! While its not bad here in Htown….I need a snuggie just for cuddling purposes…. *pout*

  316. I need a snuggie tonight…..we’re up to about 11″ of snow on the ground, forecast is saying we’re going to have up to 24″ before tomorrow night!

  317. MusicCityMistress aka (Rudy) says:

    Yes! A snuggie for me :) I missed the day orders were being taken…..

  318. Midwest says:

    Awww – she called us cute! Get her a snuggie!

  319. MusicCityMistress aka (Rudy) says:

    Midwest: LOL…hi james.m sorry, but this is funny :) You guys are too cute:)

  320. Midwest says:

    james – even you come on after I decide to bounce!?! *sniff*

    Thanks Rudy!

  321. MusicCityMistress aka (Rudy) says:

    Midwest: Have a good night!

  322. james.m says:

    night midwest

  323. MusicCityMistress aka (Rudy) says:

    A2S: You too:)

  324. Midwest says:

    I’m not too far behind you. Didn’t get much sleep last night:-)

    I’m sure the blog will get busy once I leave…right CA?

  325. always2sweet says:

    well guys and gals, its been fun, but I think Im going to have to abandon the blog for the evening. Have a wonderful night

  326. MusicCityMistress aka (Rudy) says:

    Thanks! I will have to pass on Ron White ( I don’t have cable). I don’t have much time to watch TV though, but I enjoy MSNBC: I watch that at the gym.

  327. Midwest says:

    Rudy – I love it!

    For additional entertainment, Ron White’s “You can’t fix stupid” is on comedy channel.

  328. MusicCityMistress aka (Rudy) says:

    ‘likes’ I would title it Adolescence

  329. Midwest says:

    Absolutely ladies! A woman’s body is the greatest living work of art ever!

  330. MusicCityMistress aka (Rudy) says:

    I agree with Midwest; it’s not such a bad thing to faint in the co. of a SD…he can scoop you up in his arms and whisk you away to Sugarland!! **I hope that made you smile**

    Midwest: I want that artwork!!!! I think it’s fitting for the website:) See, my SD must be someone who like to view art!

  331. always2sweet says:

    that is a really beautiful photograph

    lol maybe I will try that. Walk in and just drop haha j/k

  332. always2sweet says:

    hello Rudy, thanks for the well wishes. Unfortunately they have been getting worse in the last few months. But I have been dealing with this since 2005 and I go through times where I wont have any for almost a year, and then out of nowhere I will have one every week for months on end. And its like this never ending headache that erupts into a full blown migraine literally every few days. And no one can pin point exactly why, or how to stop them. Its really frustrating.

  333. Midwest says:

    a2s – go to the website I posted a little earlier and look at the beautiful lady in the photo….great pic.

  334. Midwest says:

    a2s – perhaps an sd would come to your rescue! That could work to your advantage. Go to an sd hangout and faint!! J/K

  335. always2sweet says:

    hahaha well I pretty much know that all of it stems from a back injury, my body hasnt been quite the same since. and OMG I would die of embarassment if I were to faint in front of a future SD, I was embarassed when I fainted at the mall. Im surrounded by cosmetics employees, my sister and paramedics, and I come to, they ask me ‘do you know where you are’ I pause for a minute look around as much as I can(they now have one of those ridiculous neck braces on me) and I say ‘yeah…on the floor in front of the Clarins counter’ HAHAHA

  336. MusicCityMistress aka (Rudy) says:

    A2S: I hope the migraines become less frequent…

  337. MusicCityMistress aka (Rudy) says:

    A2S: Howdy :)

  338. MusicCityMistress aka (Rudy) says:

    Midwest: I agree…I like the fact the artist used the subject she did. It reminds me of a statue in my area that caused a stir with people in town, but it’s very tasteful as well.

  339. Midwest says:

    a2s – Sounds like your body is trying to tell you something! I hope you look into it. It may be funny later when you and your sd are telling the blog how you guys were enjoying each other’s company and you fainted :-)

  340. Midwest says:

    That is nice artwork…very tasteful.

  341. always2sweet says:

    Flo – I dont think you were being harsh. I take no offense. You are right about where I live though, I am exactly in the middle of the country…but I would fly to NY ANY time lol. That would actually be my city of choice, but alas I am stuck here for the time being.

    Midwest – awww thanks for the welcome back. I doubt I will be spending as much time on the blog as before, b/c Ive started getting migranes when I look at a computer or TV for too long, and since I need to be on the comp for school, I try to make sure I get that stuff done before anything else. Plus I fainted in the mall last week and knocked the crap out of my head, and ever since then my eyes arent adjusting too well to reading(especially on a computer screen)

  342. MusicCityMistress aka (Rudy) says:

    Midwest: Checking it out now….there is some interesting artwork on the main page; I love artwork!

  343. MusicCityMistress aka (Rudy) says:

    Well, I am in the process a revamping my profile…new photos and all that jazz.

  344. Midwest says:

    Thanks Rudy…I’m just proof there is an sd for everyone! I really like the website.

  345. MusicCityMistress aka (Rudy) says:

    CA: Bye and have a safe trip! Happy Holidays to you:)

  346. Midwest says:

    bye CA – Happy travels!

  347. MusicCityMistress aka (Rudy) says:

    Midwest: I am REALLY happy for you! I haven’t met you but I can tell you are a sweetheart and your SD is blessed.

    I will need to check that out; there are some skills I would like to hone :)

  348. CA Dreamin SB says:

    Ladies – I must depart…I’m traveling tomorrow but I’ll try to catch up soon! Happy Holidays everyone!

  349. Midwest says:

    Rudy – lol! Sugar world is wonderful! I can say that it was worth the wait!

  350. MusicCityMistress aka (Rudy) says:

    Sheesh! I meant ‘have’…it’s the fudge

  351. Midwest says:

    Not even in the past?? Any resources?

    I’ll start…theres a site called Sexuality dot org. It’s very informational about all topics sexual. The archives are the most useful. Without telling too much, I can assure you that certain skills improved once I discovered the site :-) There is some bdsm on it, but again it’s informational and seems to be the hot topic lately…again, I like the archives.

  352. MusicCityMistress aka (Rudy) says:

    Well, CA and Midwest: How are things in your sugar world?

  353. MusicCityMistress aka (Rudy) says:

    Midwest: I think there is too much sexiness once we appear on the blog :)

  354. MusicCityMistress aka (Rudy) says:

    CA: LOL….I like it! We are Queens

    Midwest: I would love to start a racy topic, but I don’t hav a SB or BF :( to try any ‘tricks’ on..

  355. Midwest says:

    Fudge will cure anything Rudy!

  356. Midwest says:

    What is it with us??

    OK…so let’s start a racy topic. Any “tricks” that your sd/bf / sb/gf can’t get enough of?

  357. MusicCityMistress aka (Rudy) says:

    Midwest: Girl I was starting to get lonely; I had to grab a piece of homemade fudge :)

  358. CA Dreamin SB says:

    I’m still here – I think between you and me Midwest, we’ve chased EVERYONE away! Does that make us Queens of the blog?

  359. Midwest says:

    I’m back! C’mon lurkers…come out and play!

  360. MusicCityMistress aka (Rudy) says:

    Oops! ‘it”

  361. MusicCityMistress aka (Rudy) says:

    Evening Sweet Sugar Fam!

    Flo Rida: Hey! I have been to Destin once (the vacation from Hades) can’t share the story on the blog, BUT I thought is was a beautiful beach. I have always wanted to go back, but with better company.

    WC SD: You Sir are an absolute RIOT!!! I follow the blog during the day and you had me laughing out loud :)

    Red Maru: Hi!! Girl, I have missed you :)

    Carpathian Cutie: Hi and welcome! Your name sounds so beautiful :)

    Okay, I am still trying to catch up :) Going to do some more reading…

  362. Flo – I just left the east coast!!! :)

  363. Probably just us – but that’s just as well :) I like having a few ‘inside’ jokes

  364. Flo Rida says:

    CA – SB – i’m trying to be friendly but I can’t ask east coast people to fly to Nebraska (or LA) it’s just too far and asking you gals to fly to the east coast WILL get old very quickly. if you don’t believe me try it. Move to the East coast!

    a2sweet – sorry if that came off harsh but men will say are you crazy to me – as I said before New Yorkers think Peter Luger across the Williamsburg bridge is ‘too far’. It’s just a bridge.

  365. Midwest says:

    Think the others get it or is it just between us??

  366. Midwest – you are too funny!

  367. Midwest says:

    CA Dreamin- *singing * Ooops, I did it again … heheheh. I still got it!

  368. Midwest says:

    Flo Rida – I enjoy fishing of all types. Only went deep sea fishing twice – Once in FL and all we caught were bonita. Second time was in Aruba and all we caught was a buzz and a suntan :-) Have to try it again soon!

    RedMaru – Awwww…Thanks!

  369. Midwest says:

    Hellooooooo sugars! Hi Cleo, WC SD, LASB, CA Dreamin, James, and all the other lovelies!

    NYC SB – Great link lady! Hope your dates are going well!

    Lisa and SD – So glad you two are off the blog and having fun!

    WC SD – I attended the 1996 Olympics (we moved to Atlanta 3 mos before the games) and it was absolutely surreal. It is at the top of my list of greatest events ever! I did not get to attend opening/ closing ceremonies, but did see USA play CUBA in baseball and some track & field events. The Special Olympics were going on towards the end and were quite inspirational.

    Taz – Love the name!

    A2S – Glad you’re back! You were missed.

  370. Now we all need to figure out how to become friends of Flo Rida’s :)

  371. Hi AM!!! I’ve missed you

  372. Anna Molly says:

    Just stopping by for a quick hi

  373. Hi CC – I’m thankful every day I joined the blog. Wonderful ladies (and gents) on here – and great advice for the newbie SB’s.

  374. Flo Rida says:

    always2sweet – darling I said this before but you live in the middle of nowhere (i think you live in Omaha Nebraska right?) Bear in mind New Yorkers think anything crossing a bridge is too far. i’m generally an east coast person.

    Finally I can’t introduce any of SD’s friends to guys as I introduced a 25 year old (non sugar) friend to a 50 year old lawyer (friend of SD) and of course he falls in love with her after 1 month and she leaves him for someone closer to her age. So since then i’m banned from doing so. I can only introduce my own friends (who don’t know this site) so this is a much more limited pool.

    Gotta run – last night in Miami – leave for NY tomorrow (cold boo hoo).

  375. CarpathianCutie says:

    Wow! I’m overwhelmed with how friendly everyone is on the blog!

  376. Cleo – I stayed up last night and boxed up everything and sent them out the door this morning! The sooner I got rid of them, the better!

  377. WC SD says:

    Cleo – No….I should probably change it to say that….it more is just short, and to the point, without really saying anything. Since it is ‘blue’ I don’t really worry about people emailing me since I can’t read them right now anyway, and since I find that most people don’t stick around too long on this site (at least consistantly) I’ll probably be contacting ‘new’ people anyway. I think a lot of people on the blog, the blog is one of the major reason they are still on this site.

  378. cleo says:

    CE Dreamin: HOW? i still have to make some and box them!

  379. Cleo – Got rid of ALL my baked goods this morning!!! YEA!!!

  380. cleo says:

    WC SD: does it basically say that? that you’re busy until after the olympics? if so i’ve seen it

  381. WC SD says:

    Cleo – There isn’t much to it. It definitely needs to be ‘redone’ in Feb.

  382. cleo says:

    WCSD i think i’ve read your profile… but sorry ladies, i can’t remember much.

  383. LASB says:

    Same goes with me. Feel free to email me anytime. I’m friendly. :)

  384. WC SD says:

    Absolutely, there is no exuse for a real SD. I’m just using it as a way to make sure I don’t get tempted to head back into the ‘pool’ until I’m ready.

  385. I didn’t mean to leave out any of the SD bloggers!

  386. LASB says:

    You can’t even read emails? Harsh. Well, makes sense though. If a guy can be an SD, he can certainly pay $20/month.

  387. Thank you WC!!! That is so sweet! You never know…

  388. WC SD says:

    LASB – Yeah, as blue, we can ‘send’ 10 emails, but can’t put any contact info in them (they’ll strip out email addresses, phone numbers, etc. and can’t read any emails either.

  389. LASB says:

    By the way thanks for answering the question about the SD blue profiles. That would explain why I never get emails from them.

  390. WC SD says:

    CA Dreamin – Oh I doubt those sexy legs of yours will still be available when I start looking again….

  391. WC – okay – lurk away, we’ll be patient :)

  392. WC SD says:

    LASB – Private about some things….very open about others. Don’t really think I’ve ever been called shy though….

    As for sending a message, my profile is ‘blue’ too at this moment, meaning I can’t sent any messages and say hi. As I mentioned, I’m just lurking right now, and will start looking again in Feb/March. So the only way I can say hi is through regular email…

  393. Gail says:

    Lisa and Lisa’s SD…Good Morning? that’s all that you both have to say….LOL : ) okay…. LOL :)

  394. LASB says:

    TAZ, if you saw WCSDs previous comments on here, you’d see that he ain’t all that shy. Scarred and pruney but not shy.

  395. WC – me too! me too! My name links to my profile :)

  396. WC SD says:

    LASB – Yeah I’m pretty exciting about the Olympics. I was able to get some great tickets in the ‘lottery’ for them. I’ll probably still buy a few other events through scalpers, but I did get Opening and Closing Cerimonies, so that will be incredible. I have many friends and family coming out to experience it too.

  397. Lmao – indeed WC SD…sometimes we get a little carried away so maybe that is a good thing 😛

  398. WC – That’s okay. We understand – you’re not the first to reject all the beautiful and friendly ladies…you get points for acknowledging we are beautiful and freindly

  399. WC SD says:

    Yep. Mean old WCSD rejecting all the beautiful and friendly ladies….. 😉

  400. WC SD – understood on linking of the profile..I was leery…still am a bit I will admit. Completely understood on the privacy concerns…it is just nice to know a bit more about the people you chat with :)

  401. LASB says:

    WC – I’m envious that your city gets to host the winter Olympics. Olympics and World Cup soccer this year are the only reasons that I got my cable hooked up.

  402. LASB says:

    WCSD – yes, come out of hiding. Inquiring minds want to know!

  403. WC SD says:

    Taz – Getting a laugh is always worth it for me! As for posting my profile…I’m a little too private for that. Also not really looking right now. After the Olympics I’ll be ‘searching’ again.

  404. WCSD – I think you should link your profile too!

  405. LASB says:

    NYC SB – I only let them lick the bottoms.

  406. WCSD – james.m first said there was a lurker from Vancouver..although I did not realize you were also from Vancouver..much less Canada…to answer james.m’s question – I feel happy about Vancouver!! 😀 Lol…I did assume WC meant West Coast – just not in Canada 😛

    WCSD – methinks you should link your profile to the blog 😉

    WC SD says:
    December 18, 2009 at 2:02 pm

    So my nickname is reminding everyone of the bathroom. Might be time to change it. Should I change it to BM SD….keep the bathroom theme?

    Literally laughing out loud…too funny.

  407. james.m says:

    LASB – I don’t have a foot fetish, but…It’s another type of massage that’s great to give

  408. cleo says:

    *sigh* in email i meant
    LASB: oh god, boots.

  409. NYC SB says:

    Im not sure if i like anyone licking my louboutin babies… they are too precious

  410. cleo says:

    nyc sb i’d love to put a face to the nick if you’re willing to share?

  411. james.m says:

    Dulci – I should have seen that coming. I didn’t connect the “tiny” with brain pan size.
    Actually, I’m not a UM fan. I’m a transplant to Michigan, so I think they have funny looking helmets. But good hockey!

  412. James – Thank you!! You can always send me the snuggie….since LASB obviously doesn’t need one 😉

  413. Apparently I spent too much time in Europe (WC)

  414. CA Dreamin – Thank you!!

    Cleo – got it, thanks!!

    LASB – I’ll trade you!!!!! After 11 years in Tucson, my body isn’t used to this nasty wet cold stuff.

  415. NYC SB says:

    james.m – some men have a shoe/foot fetish 😉

  416. NYC SB says:

    haha i meant to link it to the cl website… im not very comfortable with putting my profile out there… dont think i can handle the snickering behing my back… or rather behing isp servers

  417. james.m says:

    DDD – Happy Birthday!

    LASB – well, that certainly got my attention! And christmas is right around the corner. Darn! I’d already gotten you a snuggie.

  418. cleo says:

    funny, i read it as west coast and translated it to mean LA or san fran

  419. photogirl says:

    If you want ANYONE reading the blog to view your profile through your linked name it should be as follows(without the spaces of course):

    http : // www dot seeking arrangement dot com / detail . php ? id =(place profile # here)

    But be aware that this will allow non users of SA to also view your profile.

  420. WC SD says:

    So my nickname is reminding everyone of the bathroom. Might be time to change it. Should I change it to BM SD….keep the bathroom theme?

  421. James – That’d be the perfect site for you 😀

  422. cleo says:

    DDD: i’m cleodna at the g male..
    james.m:we’ll come if you find someone to pay for our flights!

  423. Happy Early Birthday Dulci! I’ll be traveling tomorrow…

  424. LA – funny thing is, I thought the same thing on the WC…but now we know WEST COAST!!! :)

  425. Flo Rida says:

    NYC SB – darling when I click on your link it takes me to Christian Louboutin – i’m assuming this is where you meant? I thought it was a link to your profile?

  426. Cleo – Thank you!!

    I’m sitting here watching the snow come down, listening to all the traffic and closure updates on the radio. This could be a historic, record-breaking storm from all reports. I’ll now be celebrating my birthday tomorrow by doing absolutely nothing :)

  427. james.m says:

    Sorry WC – we haven’t met and I didn’t realize it was you. At least I said nice things about you!

  428. james.m says:

    Cleo – sorry to overlook you. You were lurking and I forgot you were here. Perhaps I can auction these viewers? Or, even better, you and Taz come to the midwest meet and we can project them on the wall and critique them!

  429. WC SD says:

    Taz – Who says that the SD in Vancouver has been lurking….. WC…West Coast….

  430. Quick update…four more SB views **sigh**….

  431. james – why dropping the link?? I don’t mind at all that you are filtering out pots for me 😉

    Vancouver SD lurker? Interesting – if you exist Mr. Vancouver – please come out and play!! 😀

  432. cleo says:

    LASB/TNSD: i agree, it’s a very interesting topic and i’m glad we’re on it…
    Dulcinea: feel free to email me questions, i’m a rehab nerd. state fair guys put me at 140-145 as well
    WC SD we have the same fine line with regard to how much information we share/how available we are

    interested? or desperate…?

    [oh my … pruney scar tissue…. so HOT!]
    hey james.m i’m in canada too! (but toronto)
    gemi go to “preview my profile” and click on it and then take the link in the address bar and paste it where it says ‘website’ here.

    after that look for the word same as part of samedetail and take out the word same.

    that should do it

  433. Thanks to slow mail forwarding, I just got my VS Xmas catalog – SO many things I want!!! Where oh where is my SD??? 😛

  434. james.m says:

    I’m trying to think of the right link for mine, now. Any suggestions?

  435. james.m says:

    Gemi – yes, that’s where to paste the URL

  436. Gemini29 *408140* says:

    James and company – Thanks! Will do tonight, soon you too will be able to see my profile in blue! :) Have to run, fam came home and its time I say ta-ta for now so I escape detection 😉

  437. Good tip James! I forgot to mention that

  438. james.m says:

    NYC SB – that is too creative! Why not link to VS for the guys?

  439. Gemini29 *408140* says:

    NYC SB – Hahaha naughty girl!! 😀

    And yes, I do like-y! 😉

  440. james.m says:

    Gemi – when you copy the URL, look to see if it says “detail” or “samedetail”. if it says “samedetail”, only women can view it. If it says “detail”, only men can view it. leave or modify it depending on which you prefer to see you.

  441. NYC SB says:

    i also think all the ladies will like the link to “my profile”

  442. NYC SB says:

    Gemi – I think thats where it goes too

  443. Gemi- go to “preview my profile” on your profile page – copy the http:// address and paste it in where it says Website on the Leave a reply info…make sense?

  444. always2sweet says:

    just read some of the earlier posts, and am wondering if its too late to sign up for Flo’s sugar match making service.

    As far as the blog question goes. I guess I have nothing to add, as I have yet to find myself in a SD/SB relationship. But, as far as looking for them IRL there is one cigar bar here that I know one could probably find a SD. I havent tried my luck there yet, but my sister and I are thinking about getting all dolled up and going out for drinks there.

  445. james.m says:

    Yes, and I’m dropping my link. I’m now forwarding all viewers directly to Tantalizing Taz.

  446. Gemini29 *408140* says:

    James- Because its nice to be up-to-date on the “cool” thing to do…. Or link to. I’m guessing it goes where the website belongs, me thinks?

  447. Hi James!

    Because maybe Gemi likes blue better!

  448. james.m says:

    CA – absolutely!

    Gemi – with your profile number in your name, why worry about the blue link?

  449. always2sweet says:

    Hey sugars! Took a short hiatus from the blog and SA in general, I see lots of new bloggers. Welcome! Im going to try to catch up on whats been going on…but Im not sure I will read all of the near 500 comments on here right now lol.

  450. NYC SB says:

    I just got an email from someone asking me if i want to meet for a wild night out next week… this is his first email… after which he proceeded to tell me that if we do not meet next week he will be out of town till february…

    whats a girl to do??? j/k

  451. Hello all – did everyone miss me? :)

  452. Gemini29 *408140* says:

    Um, how does this link thing work? And no more drinks for me during the day on my only day off…I feel stupid and slow.

  453. james.m says:

    OK guys, that’s not funny…2 more hits. But, TT, one of the guys is just right for you and good looking, plus, he’s from Canada. How do you feel about Vancouver?

    (Let’s see if that brings the lurker to the foreground)

  454. james.m says:

    TT – your link works perfectly. And so does the profile. Good choice in picture #1. How do guys not understand about massages?

  455. james – funny you mention that…since linking my profile MOST of my views come from women…wanna trade?? Lol..seriously – can you get to my profile from clicking or is it still messed up and only allowing females?..If not, maybe it was b/c I advertised great massages 😉

  456. james.m says:

    “Guys are pretty dumb, and need to be hit over the head with it on occasion (at least I do anyway). I’m a horrible mind reader when it comes to relationships (Sugar or otherwise). Telling me that I’m awesome isn’t necessarily saying you want to meet me again.”

    All too true! We all need to be guided. And probably more so when dealing with an attractive woman. There’s a little bit of “why would someone that great be interested in me” in all good SDs. If they’re not thinking that, they’ll be a problem sooner, not later.

  457. WC SD says:

    LASB – I’d probably go one step further and say ‘Thanks for meeting me. You are awesome. Let’s meet again soon because I think we may be a match’. This really puts the ball in his court, shows you don’t just want another ‘free dinner’ but actually are interested in moving on in setting up the relationship. Heck, you could even say that ‘…Let’s meet again soon and we can discuss starting this arrangement’.

    And there are no panties in my bunch…remember you offered sans panties…. :) And yes, it is much more fun when you earn it….

  458. I’m still here….just trying to help coordinate a shut-down at work due to weather conditions. The district manager doesn’t want to close, but none of the delivery guys are coming in, the police department has said to limit non-essential travel, it’s just NASTY out there.

    LASB and WC SD – y’all are entertaining me 😀

  459. WC SD says:

    To all – Sorry I’m in a very odd, humorous mood today (well humorous to me anyway).

  460. WC SD says:

    James – What are you saying? My unit is damn sexy!! :)

    LASB – I’d advise not wimping out in the future. Don’t email/text 500 times to get the second date, but telling him that you are interested in this continuing further is definitely advised. Guys are pretty dumb, and need to be hit over the head with it on occasion (at least I do anyway). I’m a horrible mind reader when it comes to relationships (Sugar or otherwise). Telling me that I’m awesome isn’t necessarily saying you want to meet me again (sans panties of course! But only for me right LASB?) :)

  461. James – I think you misspelled “discovered the error of your ways”…. Go Buckeyes! 😉

  462. james.m says:

    WC – this is beginning to sound like one of those contests where first prize is 1 week in Toledo, and second prize is 2 weeks in Toledo (sorry if I offend anyone in Toledo, but I needed a place name. You were part of Michigan once, but went over to the dark side)

  463. WC SD says:

    LASB – Hmmm, a pic of my ‘pruney’ unit with the scar for a date sans panties, that actually may be a pretty good deal for me. As for sealing the deal, that is always the hardest thing to determine. I think for us SD’s it is a little easier, but I find SB’s that show interest, but not desperation is really the key for me. But it is that fine line to dance around (interested, or stalker?)

  464. james.m says:

    By the weigh, according to US Government statistics, I’m not too heavy, I’m too short.

  465. james.m says:

    LASB – I did meet one pot SB at Starbucks, at her suggestion. She didn’t ask me to not to wear boxers, though. I didn’t follow up after the meeting, though, due not to her weight or shape, but her age.

    I would “seal the deal” in stages. At the end of the date tell him that you had fun and you enjoyed him, and you’d like to meet again. (You’ll know how to do this without sounding pushy, but sounding inviting). then, before the next meeting, you can email him with questions, the most important of which is a detailed discussion of what you want out of the relationship (and this is a relationship, which perhaps speaks to Jayde5502’s question). You’re not negotiating the arrangement, you’re making sure that you agree on the key basic issues. That gives you (or him) the ability to walk away for good reason without hurting the other’s feelings, and it sets the table for the next meeting.
    but, before you leave the first date, you need to let him know that he passed the test and you want to find out more about him.

  466. Cleo – part of the problem is some health problems that make exercise extremely challenging. I’m working with a physical therapist to come up with a plan for after the holidays, though.

    Flo – No worries, bluntness has never bothered me. I need to drop about 30 pounds. Any more than that, and I look anorexic.

    Someone up above said the average american woman is a size 14…..I’m not that far off average, then. I’m a 16.

    I hate being asked my weight. Except at state fairs where they have those “Guess your weight or your age” things….I always win prizes, because I don’t look like I weigh anywhere near what I do. Most people peg me around 140-150. I just went and stepped on the scale….181. But it’s solidly packed and a lot of muscle, so….*shrugs*

    If I see in a SD’s profile that he wants a slim woman, I just go on to the next. I figure in the sugarbowl, to some extent, it’s a buyer’s market. People are attracted to different things….for some, it’s all about appearance. For others, personality is the deciding factor. I just keep an eye out for those who want the personality :)

  467. SWM-TXSD says:

    The only man thats checked me out was a road construction worker

  468. SWM-TXSD says:

    Well after NC gents comment I feel like my suger search is lost(starts to cry; was really hoping for the hot babe)

  469. Gemini29 *408140* says:

    James- Very true, you can ask all the right questions, get all the pictures, email, talk on the phone and all that, but nothing is known for sure until you meet the person and talk to them for a while.

    On an exciting note I have a date set with a pot SD! Very very excited! Gives me something wonderful to look forward to! :)

  470. james.m says:

    LASB – good for you! that’s the right attitude, assuming he doesn’t want to meet at Starbucks (I’m sure you attract the upscale pot). Ultimately, it’s not about what the pics look like, but whether you enjoy their company, and there’s no way to know that without sitting down and talking to them.

  471. Flo Rida says:

    NYC SB – But aren’t sumo wrestlers, NFL offensive and defensive linemen and MLB (overweight) pitchers and golfers built like Craig Stadler ‘athletic’? :-)

    On the topic of attractiveness, body shape is a nice bonus feature but values such as kindness and generosity (to the right people), communication skills, compatibility, admiration and respect are ‘priceless’. Rather hard to determine a scale for kindness though – but I do judge and look for it.

  472. Anna Molly says:

    A prune. Lol

  473. Anna Molly says:

    Ihave to be with someone I’m attracted to or it just won’t work for me.

  474. WC SD says:

    NC Gent – I completely agree with your statement. I only look for a SB that I find attractive (obviously) but she must also find me attractive. Money can really only keep a relationship going for a fairly short time before it becomes very obvious to both parties that it really isn’t working out.

  475. NC Gent says:

    I am shaped like a prune! 😉

  476. Anna Molly says:

    I’m hourglass shaped

  477. NC Gent says:

    Hi all — I find this discussion very interesting. I don’t get too hung up on the body type classifications — everyone has different definitions, and you have to just see when you meet if you are attracted to each other. Nonetheless, if you intentionally misrepresent yourself, it is going to mean you end up wasting a lot of time, but unfortunately the other party gets “punished” for this too.

    On a related note, I think some SDs think that because they are providing financial support that they can sugar date way out of their league. That may work for short term sugar arrangements (not relationships). Eventually, the thrill of the financial support will erode, and if there isn’t mutual attraction, the arrangement will end. I think most SBs want someone to whom they are attracted, but not all.

  478. RedMaru says:

    Whoa what did I miss? Still icky here in GA wish the rain would stop.

    Wow NYCSB – I’m curvy (coke bottle shaped and trying to lose weight myself) so he probably would of thought that I’m obese. 300 pounds and has got the nerve to call you fat? Maybe on his planet he is athletic..

  479. DC *320283* says:


    I hear ya. It’s like when a woman asks “do these pants make me look fat”. Best to not answer LOL

    I can’t recall, did you ever post your profile number to the blog? That might explain the high proportion of men as there are tons of lurkers out there. When an SB at the blog gives up their profile number I always check them out. We are all just checking out the competition.

  480. DC *320283* says:

    Hi WCSD!

    That was my point. I realize that it’s mostly in OUR heads and it really is sad that more women are not happy with their bodies. Most men I think are happy to just see a woman naked. They are not noticing the cellulite, scars, etc. But woman are overly critical of their own bodies whereas men are comfortable for the most part it seems no matter how they look. I just wonder how we got to this point. Madison avenue? fashion magazines? we all notice those trash magazines while we are waiting on line at the supermarket…the ones where they take pictures of some actress at the beach who has a little cellulite. They are only just starting to pick on the men as well.

    Oh and I don’t have a problem with men who are losing their hair or need to lose some weight. My point was that I have experienced it myself and heard from friends that these same men turn up their noses at women who are not perfect or women who need to lose the same amount of weight as they do. Does that make sense?

    Speaking of weight, I am off to the gym.

  481. james.m says:

    This is clearly a convo I don’t want to get in on. That being said, there is good news on the snuggie front: snuggies claim to be 1 size fits all. How this works for LASB and Cleo (who I gather are rather different in height), I don’t kow.

    SDN: I am pleased to reprot i have not gotten any of “those” pix from men. However, since I’ve been on the blog, over half of my profile views have been from men; far more than actually participate on the blog. It’s a little scary.

  482. WC SD says:

    DC – You also have to realize that YOU are the ones ashamed to walk around with a little cellulite/extra weight. No one can make you ashamed, only you can be ashamed of how you look. So think of that the next time you see a fat guy walking around. He’s just comfortable with himself, and there is nothing sexier than a woman who is comfortable in her own skin, no matter the size, colour, shape, or age.

  483. WC SD says:

    DC – I don’t think you can think of it as a double standard. To find a match with anyone, it is a match, you both have to find each other attractive. If I only like women under 5’5″ and I’m over 6’4″, then I need to find someone short, who likes tall men (note: I do NOT have height limitations in the women I seek). Those overweight balding men were looking for someone slim who likes big guys. In the end, it must be working for them or they would change their appearance to be able to attract the women they find attractive. Maybe the fit, with lots of hair men have more choices on who find them attractive…and can be more selective, but really in the world of dating, it is all about personal choice. Your personal choice would be not to date the fat and balding men.

  484. DC *320283* says:

    Good morning everyone!

    …….Heard from Lisa and she is having a great time!

    ……….On the weight issue……I noticed when I was dating at sites like Match.com etc a woman’s weight was a huge deal for most men. It always made me very sad. About 7 years ago I weighed 30 lbs more than I do now. No one was interested in me. I was a 2 on top and a size 10 on the bottom. Then I got really sick and lost 30 lbs and have kept it off. To say losing the weight made a big difference would be an understatement. I was the same person, just thinner. I now put my height and weight in my profile because I know it is important to most men, especially at a site like this where you can’t deny, how you look determines your popularity/allowance. I wish it were about inner beauty here but at least “initially” we all know it’s not.

    ……and yes, the same men that rejected me when I was heavier (still not fat….5’6 and 140 lbs)…..were fat and balding and hadn’t seen the inside of a gym in a long time.

    …..it never ceases to amaze me how men can strut around naked in front of a woman when they are overweight and us gals are ashamed if someone sees us with a little cellulite or an extra 5-10 lbs.

  485. cleo says:

    right, errands!

    exeunt! stage left!

  486. cleo says:

    you know i thought there was an l but i couldn’t figure it out!

    lol. awesome

  487. cleo says:

    WC SD: glad it’s not just me in that boat.

    incidentally i’m pretty sure you were the correct speller ;>

  488. WC SD says:

    Actually, I just looked it up…it is yarmulke. Hmmm, now we know, and ‘knowledge is power’ :)

  489. WC SD says:

    Cleo, your best friend and probably even you know much better than me as well. I’m making this all up for a smile…..

  490. cleo says:

    WC SD: well i must confess that one of my very best friends would know much more than i. heck i thought it was spelled yarmakah or something so you know … don’t quote me.

    but yeah, that’s what i hear…

  491. WC SD says:

    Cleo – You mean I didn’t have to?!? Now you tell me. I could have just got away with wearing the yamaka? Damn, all that pain, and embarassment for years to come because I was just uninformed.

  492. cleo says:

    WC SD: wow, i knew it was tough to convert at an advanced age but i didn’t realise they made you go all the way!

    [laughed to tears, did]

  493. WC SD says:

    Cleo – Hey, no making fun of the scar. I just got the bandage off last week! How do you think it feels to be a grow adult going to the rabbi asking for some help?

  494. cleo says:

    oh i see, it’s a tongue not a big smile… hmm. i like ;P better
    LASB: i know right?
    WCSB: i’m thinking it’s because you know i would then have to not date you … since i’m like classy and stuff and you don’t want to scare away such an awesome babe.


    or because it’s scarred funny from it’s circumsision 😛

  495. WC SD says:

    Cleo – Can’t send you a pic of the unit….I wouldn’t want to scare you away (now the question is after that statement are you thinking I’m scaring you away because it is big, or small) :)

  496. cleo says:

    dear blog: i did a : and a P not a ) why is that a :) instead of a 😛 ???

    right right, errands!

  497. cleo says:

    SDN: huff all you want darlin’ you know where *my* profile is, it isn’t me doing the not emailing 😛
    you know what cracks me up? the average american woman is a 14 and most stores stop at 12-13

  498. SD NEOhio (SDN) says:

    cleo & LASB: ** sitting here in a double huff **

    Gemini29: TMI, but in a good way. I usually go for a glove size of 6 but in your case I will bend my rule.

  499. cleo says:

    WCSD: hey! mail me a picture of your penis!

    (no, please don’t… well not on a first email anyway)

    *heads out to the printer giggling*

  500. cleo says:

    nyc sb: that’s true. but at my height a woman under 150 starts to get a little rare. amazon is way hotter than me and she’s 165.

    athletic makes me nuts, very few people actually are and here’s it’s clearly a way to say chubby or something.

    i wish it was
    a few extra pounds

    and i wish you could pick more than one. slim/athletic and slim/curvy are very different bodies…

    omg that guy is hilarious… and i’ve met similar. one guy his pics were at least ten years old and he had spent the intervening years in a basement. his skin had turned gray and his body was a shadow.

    his pic? athletic, fit guy with flags in his cheeks.
    WCSD: *dies laughing*

    everyone floats to their own perfect level…
    Taz: yeah.

    face pic only? no visible cheekbones? probably fat.

  501. WC SD says:

    I am almost envious of them having the ability to use that screening process. Imagine if you/I could send out an email looking for exactly what we want to hundreds of women/men, and the ones that it fits would be intrigued and respond, and the others (that we don’t want anyway) would be insulted/disgusted. What a perfect method! Wish I had one like that!

  502. Cleo/TNSD – I have to say, I do consider myself curvy – but agreed the ‘old’ standard for it as well. I stick with athletic seeing is curvy is usually right before the more ‘ample’ options – and I am defnitely not ample. Perhaps having pics on a profile, or sent before meeting can save anyone from being disappointed…b/c it is true that WEIGHT does not account for everything as far as physique – could be equallly surprised either way based on a weight, or a one word description. Seeing is believing as they say 😉

  503. TXSB says:

    LOL @ men’s “size”!

    PBI but yes, I have received those “pics” from men…*shudders at the memory*

    Off to gym….can’t wait to get back and see where this convo. leads to! :)

  504. Gemini29 *408140* says:

    WC SD – That must be the method to their madness! 😀

  505. WC SD says:

    LASB – I agree it must be working on someone. I guess the good news is that the people who find those types of emails attractive probably are great fits for the people that send them. Maybe it is the ultimate screening process for them. Send out hundreds of emails of your privates, and anyone who responds is a keeper!

  506. NYC SB says:

    I have been asked by many pots about my height weight and proportions… i am not offended by this… i mean most SDs on this site want someone who is great looking and pictures usually do not paint the whole picture… they are a one dimensional representation of what the person looks like…

    cleo – your weight and what you look like are a rare representation… most women who weigh 180 lbs do not look like you as it is not all muscle…

    also i have a pet peeve on the whole “athletic” representation… especially when used by men who have not been in the gym in the past 10 years…

    last i have shared this story before and i will share it again. I met a pot a while back who said he was “athletic” when I met him he was far from it unless he was a sumo athlete… he was easily 300lbs… i decided to be polite and sit through dinner… during which he proceeded to tell me how i am too fat (for the record i am 5’6” and around 115 lbs) … i fit into a size 0-4 depending on the brand of clothing… at express i am a size 0 …

  507. cleo says:

    SDN: well i’ll tell you what, if you tell me your profile number i might just apply for a snuggie and a happy meal…
    LASB: we share a minority position on those pics yup. that said, i can’t imagine dating a man who sent one.

  508. Gemini29 *408140* says:

    LASB – Woah, this brings up a whole new parallel line of thought….

    SDN- LOLOL!! Never had anyone ask me that before. I guess I’d be a size small, but maybe the medium because I’m a tall girl (5’9″) (115-120lbs) (size 4, small, 34c) (um.) (7.5) (glove size 7) (ring size 7) Um. Okay I think that is all the sizes my brain can think of off the top of my head.

  509. WC SD says:

    LASB – I get them from women as well…..and I can tell you all that I’ve received unsolicted….I’ve never wanted….Ewww! As you can guess it is never the attractive classy women that send those pics….but the very big, very unattractive ones. I guess it is the same for both men and women, I always think when I receive one of those ‘special’ emails ‘What were you thinking? Does this actually work for you in getting dates/interest?’

  510. cleo says:

    SDN: thanks, i’ll edit it …
    WCSD: if a man has in his profile that he wants a slim girl? i don’t email him. if it’s that important to him he should mention it in email and get it out of the way… but there’s ways to say that.

    like, if i got an email (not the first) and in it he said “i have been burned a few times by girls misrepresenting their body types. would you mind sending a recent full length photo so i can save us both some time if we aren’t attracted to each other?”

    that said, if i haven’t seen your pic when you ask that i’ll assume you’re pic seeking. if i have? you’ll get the photo forthwith.

    now, if instead you say “i keep meeting fat chicks who claim to be slim, what’s your weight?” you’ll never hear from me again.
    LASB: *dies laughing* tell me about it

  511. TNSD~ I don’t agree that asking for weight is a good thing,,, I am 5’9″ so my weight is fair to my height, 135, but too some people a number is too high or too low… blah blah… I know a girl, her weight is 300 pounds and she is 6’2″ and she looks amazing and she is not fat at all… very athletic!
    So Ask for recent photos maybe??? It depends on the person , the bone structure and so on!
    And Yes weight is a huge issue for women, I know I want to loose weight…and i’m not fat…

    Hi WC SD
    Hi everyone!

  512. SD NEOhio (SDN) says:

    cleo: Yes I have noticed ** sitting here in a huff **

  513. WC SD says:

    LASB – Ha Ha…good point….the problem is for that ‘problem’ a large number of men would be more than happy to provide you those measurements and a picture….and I am not one of them!! I’m sure some of you SBs have received this information unsolicited…

  514. cleo says:

    LASB: yeah that’s why i used dress sizes instead in my example…

    anyone wondering if you’re fat is blind. it’s easy to wonder with the fuller figured ladies but you’re like gemi… clearly gorgeous in a dress.
    TXSB: that and if you care that you’re bigger than your sb is… if that matters to you (funny to me cause i love when my lover and i are similar sizes/weights… or if he’s just a little taller… 6’1-6’3) then look for ladies at least 4-8 inches shorter and leave the tall ones alone…
    SDN: what a lovely rejection letter. i can tell you for certain i’ve never emailed you :)

  515. WC SD says:

    Hmmm….this is a very interesting reaction to a question about weight. People are attracted to different things, and if TNSD likes skinny women, and wants to be honest, upfront about it and wants information, then I believe he should ask. Just like if a SB wants a tall, dark and handsome man…..both are individual tastes, and both will ask to see/info to be able to acertain if they are attracted to the individual. You can ask if someone is a smoker if that is a deal breaker for you, but it is ‘classless’ to see if they fit into your idea of attraction? It is just an interesting reaction.

    I agree with Cleo, that asking someone’s weight is not necessarily a good indicator of how fit, fat, etc. a person is, but the question isn’t to critic whether TNSD’s measurement method of what HE finds attractive is a good method or not.

    My 2 cents anyway….

  516. SD NEOhio (SDN) says:

    cleo: As an SD any reasonable issue that you can alleviate in your profile is a plus. A 5’11” SB willing to date shorter men should be in your profile.

    Gemini29: So what size snuggie do you wear? ** tingling in the right places **

  517. TXSB says:

    Hi and welcome! Personally I have no problem sharing my weight….I’ve had SD’s tell me the same thing you wrote in your post. That someone whose profile said “slim” or “athletic”, ended up being overweight IRL. I state “slim” in my profile….I’m 5′ (and 3 quarters of an inch) and my weight is 97 lbs. I would not be offended if a SD asked me how much I weigh. But I believe I’m a rare exception…..most women are not comfortable sharing their weight.

    As the others mentioned….if this is important to you, then yes, go ahead and ask b/c you don’t want to waste your time on SBs who don’t meet your criteria.

    On a side note, SDs are guilty of the same thing. I remember meeting 2 SDs who were supposed to be “athletic”…with big beer bellies. *sigh*

  518. cleo says:

    gemini: right, i have NO problem saying that i can squeeze into an 8 but wear 10-14 on the bottom and equally no problem saying i’m a 6-10 on top… it’s the truth and it’s an accurate representation of me whereas the number on the scale isn’t.
    LASB i answered the weight question on the phone but i thought we were talking as former jocks comparing muscle etc ratios and stuff… hard to explain but it didn’t feel like “what do you weigh?” which would have bugged me a lot.
    that’s the other thing, i don’t mind at all if someone asks for a photo of me standing up.. which is much less insulting than ‘what’s your weight’

  519. Gemini29 *408140* says:

    SDN – tingly in all the right places I hope. Not that bad “shiver down my spine, she’s freaky” sort of way 😉

    TNSD – I agree to a point that a numeric example of weight would be nice…but then again…..most of the time you won’t know what a person really weighs or how in shape they are until you see them in person.

  520. Gemini29 *408140* says:

    Hmm..yes you could easily ask what dress size she is. Specify like a number size, like 2, 4, 6, etc…that will give a better idea of what size she is rather than small or large. I’ve had guys ask it that way, and its not as impertinant as “what do you weigh? I need skinny girls only.”

  521. LASB says:

    TNSD – Asking a woman her weight is classless. SBs are looking for refined gentlemen. Sorry, but just being honest. Just ask for full length photo. I’m thin and if a guy asked my weight for the purposes of making absolute sure I was skinny, I’d tell him to hit the road. just my 2 cents.

  522. SD NEOhio (SDN) says:

    LASB: My response is “Thank you for taking the time to read my profile and to write to me. Unfortunately, you and I are not a match but I wish you well in your search.”

    Gemini29: You are making me all tingly.

  523. cleo says:

    LASB: fair point milady. i’m sorry your date sucked so much.
    lisa/lisa’s sd… thank you for checking in, i was starting to wonder a titch :)
    the problem with weight is how you carry it. i can show you pics of me ten pounds lighter and looking fatter.

    furthermore with subjective words you end up with ex national athletes who have smoking bodies thinking they’re ‘a few extra pounds’ (yeah ten) and people who have never exercised and are 40lbs overweight describing themselves as ‘athletic’ and they might weigh the exact same amount and look totally different.

    better would be sizes… “jeans size”

    but please don’t ask for bra sizes *g*

  524. Gemini29 *408140* says:

    TNSD – Yes, highly inappropriate. It is just NOT considered proper or gentlemanly. I would be peeved, and I imagine any other woman would also be peeved. If it is THAT big a deal for you, I imagine putting a request on your profile that you are looking for a certain height/weight is the best you can do.

  525. WC SD says:

    TNSD – If weight is a big deal for you, then yes it is appropriate. To me there are no inappropriate questions. If it is a deal breaker for you than it is an appropriate question. Just realize that any question may make you lose a pot because of the question itself, rather than her answer.

  526. LASB says:

    TNSD – I agree totally with that. I posted earlier that if it doesn’t say “slim” and there’s no photo, then they are probably fat. I don’t know what the women do, but that’s been my experience with the SDs. At some point, “Athletic” and “A few extra pounds” merged to become one.

  527. cleo says:

    (er to clarify, phone dumper has never met me in person)

  528. TNSD says:

    Well, we expect them to state their height in inches, so why not their weight? Maybe it can be in 10 pound increments, 90-100, 100-110, 110-120, and once at 200 in 25 lb increments.

    I guess another related question from the SBs is–given this ambiguity with regards to weight on SA, is it inappropriate for me to ask an SB in an initial e-mail or two what their weight it? It is totally a waste of time for me to meet someone overweight as there is not any chance I would find them sexually attractive.

  529. LASB says:

    Cleo – OOOOOhhh, you are going by their profiles. Yes, there are tons of great profiles! But they are not attached to real SDs. Eg. the starbucks guy. The guy yesterday had a great profile. He may have even been a real SD. Who could tell that he’d bring this huge bag of negativity to the date? But yeah, they sound so promising on their orange pages.

  530. cleo says:

    TNSD with respect i disagree.

    my profile is linked and my oldest photo (the one lying down and grinning at you) was taken at the beginning of october. the others were taken last weekend. i weigh (today) (oh god i’m admitting it)(couldn’t you have asked this AFTER christmas???) 188 pounds. in that photo i am 180. (maybe 178, maybe 182. i don’t remember)

    if i tell you i weigh that much you’ll assume i’m fat. i am NOT. (do you think i look like i am a sumo wrestler? i describe myself as athletic)

    i am a tall, covered in muscle, athletic woman with curves because i’m curvy… i’m curvy because my waist is ten inches smaller than my bust and twelve inches smaller than my hips. i’m curvy the way curvy USED to be a compliment instead of now how it’s a nice way to call someone fat.

    i’ve been told i have legs like betty grable and a face like veronica lake. why the hell should i have to put my weight on my profile? i’m athletic. if i could put muscle covered athlete with a great rack i would… but i wouldn’t put my weight to the pound for ANYTHING.

    and yes, i did just get phone dumped by a potential because he couldn’t handle that i was taller (half an inch) and heavier (ten pounds) than he was… but i can tell you for sure i’m in better shape.

  531. Gemini29 *408140* says:

    Heheh sorry guys, I was out and about on a few different websites putting together my christmas wish list. and yes I know, its very last minute!!

    So not ignoring ya’ll 😉

    SDN – How you doin’?

  532. WC SD says:

    I guess I really should have started with saying Good Morning! to everyone….

  533. WC SD says:

    TNSD – Well, unfortunately people lie about their ‘size’ all the time. Even IRL. They could put in weight, but do you really think that many SBs would either fill it in, or fill it in accurately. Would you want to show up on a first date with your pot already knowing exactly how much you weigh? There aren’t many who would feel comfortable with that. As for myself, I state I’m athletic. I’m not ripped by any means, but I work out, play hockey at least once a week, and can hike up a mountain without too much trouble. I always find trouble with the term ‘average’…..unfortunately the ‘average’ in both Canada and the US is becoming ‘overweight’ in my eyes…..

  534. lisa says:

    Good morning

  535. Lisa's NY SD says:

    Good morning

  536. TNSD says:

    I wonder one thing–SA asks for an exact age in years and an exact height in inches/centimeters in a profile, yet it does not ask for an exact weight, instead sticking to very subjective adjectives such as “slim”, “athletic”, “average”, etc. Yet, again and again I meet “slim” and “athletic” SBs who are neither, unless by athletic they mean that they are competing in a Sumo wrestling competition. Why not ask for an exact weight on the profile? It’s not like we pick “short”, “average’, and “tall”, or “young”, “middle-aged”, and “old”, so why pick from such absurd weight/habitus categories when an exact number in pounds is all that matters.

  537. cleo says:

    LASB: oh for me hot pot doesn’t mean good looking… although it can. it means cute, profile is well written and has attention to detail, tallish, not fat, offering something appealing, displays humour…

    like you can’t tell that SDinATX is physically hot or not from his pics but that is a hot profile.
    Taz you should let me know your particulars and i’ll email you pots i see in your neighbourhood…

  538. Anna Molly says:

    Hey Taz :)

  539. cleo says:

    Taz i’ve been here for a month or two and i’ve had a dinner date and a phone call… and not with the same person.

    i think toronto will require special patience for an older sb. i suspect i would do a lot better in nyc or texas or florida than here… (florida/south texas particularly since i used to be a national level swimmer and can do most sports passably well – nyc because people do double takes there when i walk down the street)

  540. LASB says:

    SDN – I think that’s nice that you reply to most of the emails. If you are not interested, what’s your method of letting them down easy?

  541. LASB says:

    Cleo – Hot is great and all, but I learned yesterday that I’d prefer nice. If you have a surplus of LASDs I can help you out. :)

    I recently started being the initiator on contacting the pot SDs, and the results aren’t too bad. Of the 5 I wrote, 2 responded. Now lets see who still wants to meet once I send a face pic. Luckily my self esteem handles rejection well.

  542. Wooohooo! AM is coming out a hiding!!

  543. Cleo – I agree about hot pots in the this neck of the woods…although there are a couple from Toronto I am speaking with – they are younger (30’s), but tres hot!! :) You think it is bad up that way Cleo – you should come to SW Ontario lol 😛

  544. Anna Molly says:

    I think I’m going to link my profile again.

  545. cleo says:

    SDN we’ve all been hitting on gemini, it isn’t working for us either.
    LASB: man i find hot pots in LA… but none here :)

    you’re close to it for sure… but yeah i need to say that i think. guys? am i right?

  546. cleo says:

    SDN: i have received ONE reply so far “i’m sorry, i’ve met someone, good luck” and i found that comforting, at least he ANSWERED!

  547. LASB says:

    cleo – how about something gentle like “I like man who is not intimidated by my height and I don’t mind if you are shorter.”

  548. SD NEOhio (SDN) says:

    cleo: Thank you for the shout out.I feel for you on the emails. I always respond to nice emails…I put out there a well thought out sexy “How you doin” to Gemini and she up and disappears. The nerve.

  549. NYC SB says:

    James – was not complaining about having two dates… but i am frustrated as now i will have to rush through both of them rather than be able to enjoy each

  550. cleo says:

    SDN: nicely put.

    man it gets depressing sending emails that never get answered… read, but not answered.

  551. cleo says:

    i’ve been considering mentioning my height in my profile… as in “please note that while i am tall i have never cared if my man is” or whatever…

  552. SD NEOhio (SDN) says:

    Jayde: I am not a lawyer and you would be best served by consulting one in your state. My advice is that if you think what you are doing is wrong or you are uncomfortable with it you should follow your instincts.

    I am not here to buy sex, I am here to meet someone that I care about and I am willing to help her if/when she needs it.

    SA is not that different from other dating sites. People get on them with their obvious wants/needs but there are other wants/needs that aren’t expressed. Usually you find out about those after you have started dating. On SA we are more direct.

  553. TXSB says:

    Cool…..glad to hear the SD liked the gift. :)

    That 1st pic is sick! :)

  554. cleo says:

    nycsb darlin’ i’ll take the cali one off your hands for you… you know, cause i’m nice like that…

  555. Jayde5502 says:

    Have you had a sugar daddy or sugar baby relationship prior to joining SA? If so, how did it start?
    My first arrangement was through SA. So far, still sugarless.

    Have you found any methods of sugar-searching (online or offline) that work rather well? Care to share?
    I have found an pot SD IRL but I was too scared to follow up. Sometimes I feel like I’m doing something wrong. Is there a clear definition of how a sugar baby differs from a prostitute in a legal sense?

  556. SD NEOhio (SDN) says:

    Gemini29: Didn’t realize you were a hottie gurl. ** said like Joey from Friends ** How you doin?

  557. Anna Molly says:

    Testing out new BB. Does it work?

  558. Muse says:

    TXSB – Yes. I gave my SD his gift yesterday because we went to see the tree at Rockefeller Center and it just seemed like the perfect moment. I wish it could have been a more exciting gift but I think he appreciated the discretion of it.

  559. Gemini29 *408140* says:

    Morning sugar world!!!

    To whomever asked, yes that IS me in the first picture. I was doing a bit of an experiment…post a slightly risque photo and see if more pot SDs would email me. And the results are…not as many as you’d think! Perhaps the majority are scared off by my profile…its not exactly simple like “I is a hottie gurl who is needing spoiling by generous and wonderful daddy. I is sexy and hot and can make ur dreams come tru!!!!”

    This makes me want to make a new profile….LOLCATs -SB style. “Can I has Sugar Daddy?”

  560. TXSB says:

    Hey! :) You mentioned you’re done w/ shopping….so are you done buying for your SD too?

  561. james.m says:

    NYCSB – bad typing. I really didn’t confuse you with an airline crash investigator. Plus, *chuckling* isn’t it bad form to complain about to pot SD dates when everyone else is complaining about the lack of them?

  562. james.m says:

    RM and NTCSB – did you notice that his parrot is embarrassed by his revealing his true nature, and left the picture?

  563. Muse says:

    SDN – Thank you! *stare*

    NYC SB – I guess. I’m long done with my shopping but I guess that’s mostly due to the small number of gifts I needed to buy. I’m sure your dates today will go spectacularly.

    Hi TXSB.

  564. Gail says:

    I have a message for you:

    Tweet, tweeee…..you left me in this cage…the popcorn is stale…as you dine on steak and oysters…have you forgotten you are my Sugarmomma?

    Hey Irish SB : )

  565. TXSB says:

    Good Morning Everyone! :)

    Glad to *see* you back on the blog again! :)

  566. NYC SB says:

    Muse – I doubt its you! Im thinking everyone is xmas shopping… its only 7 days away… blah

  567. SD NEOhio (SDN) says:


    Muse: I am still here if you would like to continue staring at me uncomfortably.

  568. Muse says:

    Wow, it’s quiet. Funny how it always does that when I show up. hm…

    Hi Irish! Hi RedMaru!

  569. Irish SB says:

    Hey NYC, Muse, Gail and Lasb! :-)

    SDN – Hilarious.. beidh me 😉

  570. SD NEOhio (SDN) says:

    Irish: Can’t lie. Little awkward, thanks for asking. taitneamh a bhaint as do céasadh?

    Muse: Thanks for staring.

    RedMaru: ** waving and smiling back **

  571. NYC SB says:

    So my Cali pot that I was supposed to meet yesterday landed 2 hours later than he was supposed to… so we never met… which means I am double booked today… blah i hope one of them cancels so i dont have to rush!

  572. NYC SB says:

    RM – It CANNOT possibly be the same person… i mean the profiles have 2 different names 😛

  573. RedMaru says:

    Hey Muse 😀

    SDN – (Waving) Hey!

  574. Muse says:

    Yaz- He’s not taking a nap. He’s just gotten so busy with work that he doesn’t have time to look for you. Guess you’ll just have to keep up the search for him! (Also, I bet you look amazing in that dress.)

    SDN – *stare*

    Hi all.

  575. Irish SB says:

    Cleo – you know me so well 😉

    Red – it was tame last night!

    SDN – Hows the uncomfortable sitting around doing for ya?!

  576. Gail says:

    Yaz10….we keep missing each other : ) but that’s okay…I have your digits : ) Sweater dress? I am sure you have those knee-high boots on ready to kick off that cold weather there in NY : )

    Lisa…Stay warm, bundle up, put on your coat and gloves(pssst they are on your hands..lol) I don’t want you to catch a cold and die : )

    Lisa’s SD…do something… keep her warm…buy her a fur coat please : ) bundle her up with layers of new clothes…or hug her tight at least.

    Happy days to all!!!!

  577. LASB says:

    Oh, sorry, I meant to address it to Sweet Little K. Wow, it’s too early here and my brain is still half asleep.

  578. RedMaru says:

    I think I’m seeing doubles looking at these two profiles :
    57032 and 374028 or is it just me?

    Have a great day Anna

  579. LASB says:

    Lisa – Saint Jude is lost cases. Saint Anthony is lost items. Pray to both, then pray to Mary. Sometimes it takes a woman to get stuff done. 😉
    The Saint Anthony prayer:
    “St. Anthony, St. Anthony, please come around.
    Something has been lost and can not be found.”

    Disclaimer: I’m not Catholic. Just and ex Catholic school girl.

  580. Anna Molly says:

    I’m off to the city, but I’ll check in with the blog later….TTYL :)

  581. RedMaru says:

    I’m here and awake Irish
    I missed out on the whips talk…darn

  582. SD NEOhio (SDN) says:

    Irish: Don’t worry, just sitting here in uncomfortable silence while everyone stares at me. ** staring at the plastic plants nervously **

  583. cleo says:

    red: mine too, and man was it pissed this morning!

  584. cleo says:

    Irish everyone stays up too late talking about whips and stuff so they’re all sleeping now :)

  585. RedMaru says:

    cleo – the scale’s my driver lol

  586. Irish SB says:

    Hey SDN! – Technicaly im still in Uni verus blogging mode but cudnt leave you hanging like that 😉 Where is every1?

    I keep missing you in the mornings!!

  587. SD NEOhio (SDN) says:

    Irish!!! I have missed you.

  588. cleo says:

    Red: oh i’m not good, i know i burn more calories if i torture myself before i eat… it’s the scale/no fitting pants that really drives it.

  589. RedMaru says:

    Hey cleo you’re good cause I’m usually not a morning person for exercise I do mine in the evening. Have a good workout 😀 Hey SweetLittleK 😀 How are you?

  590. SweetLittle_K says:

    Thanks Irish, I’ll try!!

    Hey Red

  591. cleo says:

    morning morning folks :)

    off to suffer through cardio to avoid the xmas 15. stupid cardio. stupid xmas 15 (which, fortunately, isn’t sustainable past jan 15 and tends to disappear on it’s own thank universe!)

    and then? to bake!

  592. RedMaru says:

    Don’t worry my grandma is too 😀

  593. Irish SB says:

    Red – Me are him are on first name basis by now… :-)

  594. RedMaru says:

    Hey IrishSB I think he’s the saint of both if I’m not mistaken. Although my grandma prays to him for just about everything LOL

  595. RedMaru says:

    Morning sugars whoevers here. Its wet, dreary, windy and cold here in GA :(

  596. Irish SB says:

    Good Morning All,

    One week until Christmas yayyyy..

    Ah SweetLittle_K hope you find it, pray to saint jude hes either for lost items or hopeless cases i forget!

  597. SweetLittle_K says:

    Thank you SDN

    AM, thanks for the comforting words , unfortunately at this point I don’t think I can.Time to burn the house to find it but even if I did I don’t think it;s make sense as I think I may have left it somewhere( the air port?) else.

  598. Anna~ I didn’t get another mail from you :(
    send it to me today if you can, talk to you all later, off to work I go….
    Oh my, the cold is unreal this morning…

  599. Anna Molly says:

    SLK ~ Hope you find your ring!

  600. Anna Molly says:

    Hi BG

  601. Anna Molly says:

    Hi SDN 😉

    Hi Yaz…..I feel your pain :)

  602. SD NEOhio (SDN) says:

    Morning AM!

    SweetLittle_K welcome.

    Yaz: Sending you warm thoughts.

  603. Good morning Everyone!

    Hi Anna, hope you have a great day!

    It is sooo cold here, it’s Zero F ! I Am already frozen and the day just started !!! Off to work for me… Have a great morning!

  604. Anna Molly says:

    Hi y’all :)

    Thank you NYGent :)

  605. SweetLittle_K says:

    Morning Everyone

    I have never been in the Sugarworld before, so not much to contribute to the blog questions.

    I just realized that the extremely rare sapphire ring, which ordered /custom made and given to me recently has disappeared!!! It’s so sentimental to me and the giver. I’m absolutely, completely miserable.

    Going back to cry some more after rant!!!!

  606. Yaz10 says:

    Why o why did I choose to wear a sweater dress today? * opening front door and bracing myself*

  607. Yaz10 says:

    Helllllooooooooooooooo Sugars 😀

    Another early day for Yaz and stilll freezing here in Upstate NY

    NYGent: Thank you very much my good sir. You are way too kind :-)

    No sugar news to report here ( Where o where is Yaz’s SD hiding? lol) I think SD got lost on his way to me and decided to take a nap. ( Lazy bum! lol)
    Ha I am trying to get myself all warmed up here to go out in this freezing cold, God help me.

    Gemi: Is that really you in that first pic?? Gosh, girl you look GOOD! lol

    Gail: I miss you tooooooooooo :-(

    Lisa: We miss you tooo!!!!!!! We want details!!! Hehe 😀

    Ok everyone I have to go now……I hope you all have a wonderful day!!!!!!! 😀

  608. BCINA says:

    question 1: no

    question 2: IRL i’m far more picky with the guys I choose to date so I havent given much guys attention. Online is easier though there’s more competition with pretty girls, who offer more, and irl they dont come with stats.

    to the question about blue guys: I’ve had very few contact me, but I’m always hesitant when they live in my city because they see my pictures & i have no clue who they are

    but now the SD thing is at a stand still, and regular dating is pretty good.

  609. Flo Rida says:

    Beach – I really like that you are as crazy as I am but i’ve only been to Montreal once in my life and i’ve been to Calgary twice and Vancouver once and Toronto three times and Windsor twice so I REALLY don’t know Canada too well. Business people don’t go to Montreal as much because of this French requirement which annoys the crap out of businesses as it adds costs (to have everything in French & English). sorry babe – BUT i’ll look out for you!

  610. Flo~ If you every know anyone , SD, that come to Montreal, girl send him my way lol…. 😀

  611. TXSB~ hey sweetie, I worked from 8 am to 11:30 pm, I am burned out!
    Another day like this tomorrow… blah ….

    Flo~ hey baby girl!

  612. Flo Rida says:

    MCM – friends of mine own a condo in destin and another friend owns a home in seaside (spelling) where The Truman Show was filmed. I’ve never been as I go to Hilton Head and own a house in Flagler Beach & have friends in Miami. My friends like Destin though – are you thinking of a meet & greet there?

    TX-SB – one of my friends loved Fendi so we made a song for her ‘Texas (name changed) is so trendy with her Chanel sunglasses & Fendi’ it annoyed the crap out of her – I know it doesn’t sound as funny here.

    Dulcinea – I don’t mean to be rude but is that a healthy weight for you – I suppose it was rude but your life and health are more important than politeness (in my view – though you can tell me to bog off).

    Ciao peeps.

  613. TXSB says:

    I’m good…..missing the purses I saw a few hours ago… *pout* How’re you?


  614. Yes, I worked until 11:30 pm, so i’m off to bed too!!!
    Have a good night all

    Thanks for the input on my profile! it’s always awesome to hear everyone’s point of view!

  615. cleo says:

    oops, past my bedtime!

  616. TXSB~ Hey babe! how are you?

  617. good night Rudy! see you soon!

  618. TXSB says:

    Yea…these days I seem to appreciate everything that’s waaaaay out of my price range! *sigh* I also saw some HOT Dior booties on sale at Saks…even with 40% off…they were still waaay out of my budget. :(


  619. LASB~ that is when I had just gotten off a flight to LA, I was tired as hell…
    I need more photos… for sure

  620. MusicCityMistress aka (Rudy) says:

    LASB: Sounds like you have a fun weekend planned!

    BeachGirl: Hi!!

    Well, it’s almost midnight and one more day of work awaits me. I bid this wonderful group of SBs a goodnight :)

  621. yeah i know, it’s hard to decide!

  622. LASB says:

    Beach Girl – You could easily crop out that hand. My favorite is that second one, because you are smiling so radiantly. Great photos!

  623. cleo says:

    beach i know right? i often want to send like 5 photos to five blog sd’s for their opinions. what pics of me i like are rarely the same as men choose…

  624. NYGent~ The photo is 2 other girls with me, not a guy!!!! lol, thank you for your input,,, I will need to find something else… I just never know what to add here…I’ll have to send photos for approval lol

    Hi everyone!!!

  625. MusicCityMistress aka (Rudy) says:

    Cleo: Very well despite this horrible cold and you?

  626. cleo says:

    hey mcm how are you this evening?

  627. MusicCityMistress aka (Rudy) says:

    Cleo: Hi!!! I keep missing you on the blog; glad to ‘see’ you :)

    TXSB: Lol….well, I have also developed an appreciation for Louis Vuitton too. However, I lean more to COACH I think because of work.

    I noticed there was talk of Florida earlier, does anyone go to Destin?

  628. cleo says:

    LASB: i know, i get such a feeling of well being after pilates or a good cardio session/brisk walk

    i need to add another weight lifting style thing since i quit climbing though

  629. LASB says:

    Rudy – Going to watch some concerts, work a little bit. Debating on going on a date with a pot SD. Nothing too crazy. Lately I’ve been nesting a lot. :)

    Cleo – I’m with you. I like my food. There are too many good restaurants where I live, so I’d rather just work out to keep things firm. Plus, I love the exercise high! (Maybe even more than the food high.)

  630. cleo says:

    TXSB i love one by xtian dior… but i wouldn’t buy it even if i could. i’d take it as a gift with glee but i want a laptop and an apartment all in one washer/dryer and some more equipment for my studio and better shelving and some painters and that’s what my money would go to (well i might need a new pair of boots and some books…)


  631. MusicCityMistress aka (Rudy) says:

    LASB: No problem! As for weekend plans..I would love for this cold to go away so I can do some Christmas shopping and I always make a trip to the library for some great books to read during the weekend. What about you?

  632. cleo says:

    dulcinea: to quote an old old friend i don’t listen to well enough: “put down the fork”

    for me since i can’t stop eating i just learned to love the endorphins you get with exercise… that said, my mom had me in the pool when i was six, on skates at two, skis at three… so you know, one could argue it’s built in.

  633. TXSB says:

    *sigh* I have some Coach purses…unfortunately not my taste has moved upto more $$$ purses….. :(

    Nope…..no plans for weekend other than errands. Maybe Sunday brunch….

  634. LASB says:

    Thanks Rudy and TXSB! The weekend is almost here. Any fun plans, sugars?

  635. MusicCityMistress aka (Rudy) says:

    TXSB: My weakness is COACH :)

  636. TXSB says:

    Hey Rudy! :)

    I have never received any mail from “blue” profiles…and when I was actively searching, I never wrote to a “blue” profile either.

    On a side note, went to the Galleria today…fell in love with 3 Fendi purses…. :( :( :( I don’t know why I torture mysefl….. *sigh*

  637. MusicCityMistress aka (Rudy) says:

    TXSB: Hi!!

    I did it again…I blame it on the meds!! My fingers are not functioning on the keyboard very well :(

    LASB: I have received mail from blue profiles, but I have never sent mail to them.

  638. LASB – I’ll probably shoot you an email tomorrow….I’m getting ready for bed right now.

    Cleo – Nope, doesn’t help in the slightest….I’m at about 185 right now. But I’m only 5’2″. So I’m just too short! 😀

    G’night all!

  639. MusicCityMistress aka (Rudy) says:

    Hi Sweet Sugar Fam!

    EasternSureBaby: I feel your pain. I have been battling a horrible head cold for the past week; Benadryl is my friend now. I hope you feel better soon:)

    ,b>you had a sugar daddy or sugar baby relationship prior to joining SA? If so, how did it start?</b) No

    Have you found any methods of sugar-searching (online or offline) that work rather well? Care to share? No

  640. TXSB says:

    Hi Everyone! :)

  641. LASB says:

    Hey, sugars, I have a quick question about the SD profiles. Do you ever write to the blue profiles? Can the blue profiles write us back, or do the guys have to upgrade to the orange? I can’t recall if any blue guy has ever written to me.

  642. NYGent says:

    Ok three more and that’s it and off to bed: Anna Molly, great new photo #2, the smiling/laughing one. Gemi: the blue and red numbers, #s 1 and 2, very nice. Yaz: very classy.

    Mass upgrades going on with the blog SBs!

  643. cleo says:

    dulcinea: i’m closer to 180 today than 165… does that help?

    what does your height have to do with my weight?

  644. LASB says:

    Dulci – I remember you said you were studying clairvoyance.

  645. LASB – Thank you! Honestly, the personality, the chemistry, the whatever you want to call it, is more important to me than the sugar. If I just wanted money, I would’ve gone to meet Mr. Walmart Parking Lot. :)

    5’11” and 165…..wow…..now I know what my problem is. I’m just too short! 😉

  646. Thanks Flo – have fun tonight!!!

  647. Flo Rida says:

    Ms Crushworthy – Gemini’s are flirtatious and fun and like puzzles and challenges – the SD SB process has many awkward moments which by your nature you do not like – ergo this is not a smooth, natural, enjoyable process for you. Sorry this is really scary brainfarting. You are sui generis (one of a kind) darling and someone out there is a unique match for you BUT picture scorpions mating! Scary indeed but possible.

    Midwest – did you disclose a crush on moir – if you didn’t no bigee – if you did that’s sweet and I totally am comfortable with that and crush on you as well (if that’s cool).

    slept all day so now have energy to club all night – cheerio all

  648. Sorry you aren’t feeling better NYGent…

  649. NYGent says:

    TLG: you’ve got a great sense of humor

    SDinATX: saw your profile, you’re an interesting character!

    Ok enough compliments of SDs, back to extolling the considerable virtues of the SB bloggers . . .

  650. NYGent says:

    Midwest: have a great time with your SD tonite. You two are a great match . . . .

  651. NYGent says:

    Yaz: that’s great news, couldn’t happen to a nicer girl, continued good luck.

  652. cleo says:

    AmazonGoddess: oh i’m currently at my christmas weight which is closer to 180 *grin* i cycle a bit with winter, cold inspires carbs.
    NYGent: thank you, i have worked on them you’re right.
    LASB: i just had to do it. it’s my little homage to the sugar world in my real self.

  653. NYGent says:

    beach; that’s “up” a notch . . .

  654. NYGent says:

    Beach: you too have done so much work on your pics, they now look great. ok so the #3 isn’t superb, it doesn’t really hurt you, cuz the first two are very good. In fact you might consider just going with the first 2 until you can replace the third. There is some guy’s hand shown in #3? Generally SDs don’t like to see signs of other male life in an SB’s photo . . . but you’ve definitely taken it u a notch overall

  655. LASB says:

    Good evening everyone!

    Cleo–Haha, i saw that club. So funny!

    Dulci–Glad to hear your date went well. Of course it’s nice when there’s a lot of sugar, but IMO personality goes a long way.

  656. NYGent says:

    Cleo: your pics are now super, you have really worked at it, congrats.

  657. Cleo 165 is where I am as well at 5’11.

  658. Napa SB says:

    RE:Holiday Birthdays – my best friend’s birthday is on Christmas…mine is the week after Valentines Day, as long as we have known each other we celebrate Christmas on the 25th and our birthdays in Feb. on my birthday…its not much but i think she appreciates actually having 2 different days …and i make sure to always put happy birthday before merry christmas on her christmas card….its the little things :)

  659. Napa SB says:

    good evening all!

  660. NYGent says:

    Cal Dreamin: been away from blog all day, busy and still feeling a bit woozy, but your new pics are great — except you need a face shot if you can see your way clear to doing it, although I understand your need for discretion.

    Someone mentioned a Nocal (or is it NorCal, i never know) party, perhaps I can host one some day. Right on the beach! I will be there between xmas and thru new years but unfortunately working (telecommuting) pretty hard with not much time for fun this trip.

  661. cleo says:

    so i just joined a group on facebook called “i have also slept with tiger woods” because that’s just funny…
    gemini: yeah it did


  662. Gemini29 says:

    Hello sugar fam! Ridiculous day at work, soothed myself with a wee bit of shopping…new shampoo for me! Gotta cheer myself up somehow, now I’ll have new scented fun stuff for the shower!

    Gee that sounded better in my head than it did typed out…

    TLG – I really must know. Does the water swirl in the other direction when you flush a toilet down there?

    Ok and on to answering the blog questions:
    Have I found a SD in real life? Oh no, no no no. Not in a position to find out or would even realize WHAT a SD would look like in real life.

    Flo – I give you permission to try and find a SD for me. I’m starting to think that aside from the exception of the blog SDs, I’m really not cut out for the vast majority of the SDs on SA…or they aren’t cut out for me.

  663. Someone mentioned holiday birthdays….when I was a kid we always celebrated my half birthday in June. Nowadays, I get the combination birthday/christmas presents. Meh. I’ve decided to just stop aging and go back to being 29 forever. I figure my grandmother, this year, celebrated her 29th birthday for the 63rd time, and if she can do it, I can too!

    CA Dreamin – I’m not quite unemployed…..but under-employed and looking for work. (My hours and pay got cut to where I’m currently making about 10% of what I was previously.) You’re not alone!!

    DC – a YEAR????? Not giving me much hope here….

    I met with a pot yesterday for lunch…..and there’s definitely chemistry there. His allowance isn’t wonderful, but his personality is great. And in the geographic region in which I live, I’m probably not going to find someone with a bigger allowance. (Especially considering that I’m not an 18 year old barbie doll.)

  664. Gail says:

    Yaz10….hey….I missed you…what is this roses and chocolates? Who is he?…lol….Were the chocolates as good as the ones that we had in Vegas? Remember how Sweet E…ate all of them the first night including the chocolate bowl that they were in….lol….Call me Yaz10!!!!!

    Lisa…Lisa….where art thou Lisa? Just need to make sure you are okay and heading back on the plane tommorrow….or are you extending your stay? Lisa’s SD…..time to check in too…lol…..

  665. wow, I cleared the room… sigh…

  666. Evening all… long day again, but I am here!!

    Cleo, I’d LOVE to have dinner with you if we are in FL at the same time. Trouble is, I’m usually there last minute. Every time I’ve been in the last few years it was because Dad was “on his death bed”. Yea, he’s great. Planning the big 50 wedding anniversary for July. I’ll be there then!! Probably at least once before too. Dad is a drama queen!! gotta love him!!

    Just let me tell you ladies, my chocolate chip oatmeal cookies are to DIE for. MMmm.. I”m gaining 5 lbs just thinking about them….

    My big news for the day… X bf called earlier. Wanted to know how I am, when is the “D” final… then asked if I’d marry him the day after…WTF!!?? Um.. NOOOO!!!!! Caught him cheating, and I’d want to marry him because… ?? yea.. no, not happening!!

  667. Well LA, I’m going to be leaving in a few…sorry to leave you here with the lurkers 😉

  668. LASB-419804 says:

    Today was warm. Almost ran the AC, but decided to soak up the heat while it lasts. Wouldn’t mind some rain though. It make this place so nice and clean.

  669. I’m trying to! How about you? Days here are great but WOW the evenings get cold.

  670. LASB-419804 says:

    Hi CA! :) Staying warm?

  671. Napa SB says:

    hmm alright, well perhaps i will just lurk here then…see you later cleo!

  672. Hey Napa – Yes – definitely – sorry – had to clean up my baking mess :)

  673. cleo says:

    i’m here but only for a minute more… but i’ll be around tonight

  674. Napa SB says:

    hello? anyone there? ….was it something i said?

  675. Napa SB says:

    …speaking of burning off holiday calories

  676. Napa SB says:

    CA – you still down for a sugar snowboarding get together?

  677. cleo says:

    i have to weigh myself, i’m 5’11 and 165 is my perfect weight. i can go from that to 175 without noticing unless i have a scale. it’s easier to be aware.

    that said, my pants would be telling me i was in trouble even if my scale wasn’t :)

  678. cleo says:

    CADreamin: sure i think i’ve burned off the ones i did on sunday… no comment with regard to the ones i ate on monday or tuesday… wednesdays are probably gone though…


    it’s a good thing i like vegetables and working out or i’d be obese

  679. That’s awesome – I haven’t weighed myself in a year probably – just go by how I look in the mirror and how my clothes fit. I’m sure you’ll burn off the 5 in no time – and yes, those molasses spice cookies would do me in for sure!

  680. cleo says:

    i made molasses spice, it’s deadly.

    i did 100 minutes on the bike yesterday, i do cardio thrice a week, teach pilates, do advanced pilates and get my ass kicked once a week and still i’m up five damn pounds and there’s still a WEEK TO GO!!!

    (better than last year, was up 10)

  681. cleo says:

    napa: it’s okay, i’m a bad influence, i don’t mind ;>

  682. Cleo – the thought of miles on the road in the cold is my only savior. If I had a place to go to do a couple hours of aerobics every day, I’d be downing some of those pecan triangles! Though, if I had made ginger snaps, I’d be lacing up my running shoes right now

  683. Napa SB says:

    awwww cleo i’m sorry! i didnt mean it!

  684. cleo says:

    CADreamin you clearly have better resistance to cookies than i do. i have to make more chocolate chip… *hangs head*

    though i did give many of them away…
    napa: geeze make it my fault why don’tcha?

  685. Napa SB says:

    haha i have had a couple of moments like that since moving to Cali…clearly “we are not in Kansas anymore…”

  686. Napa – Thank you! I’m so glad to find another UT fan so close by! I named my new orange and white kitten Bevo…I told the neighbors and they looked at me and said ‘that’s a strange name’ – CLEARLY not Longhorn fans

  687. Napa SB says:

    CA – I love your profile, also i love that you are a UT fan (i bleed burnt orange) suuuuuper dig your pics 😉

  688. Napa SB says:

    haha hi CA!! couldnt help myself checked out your profile…cleo practically made me!

  689. I have to get rid of mine tomorrow – otherwise, they won’t make it out of this house and I’ll be running a marathon to work them off!

  690. :) Thank you cleo – I love your new pic as well – you have got to be in screamin great shape

  691. cleo says:

    i have to finish baking on saturday and do the boxing then. i’m making your cookies and one other thing… whatever that may be

  692. cleo says:

    oh man CADreamin those pics are… *gulp* wow.

    also, i put up a new one…

  693. That’s okay Cleo – I’m all finished baking. Waiting for everything to cool so I can box it all up

  694. cleo says:

    i’m here, but later i’ll go watch survivor without you

  695. Thank you RM – have a great night – Later!

  696. Love your pics CA Dreamin SB nice to meet you 😀
    I’m off sugars my relative is looking for me I haven’t made it home yet(wish it was an SD) See you guys later

  697. HEY NAPA!!! I was begining to think everyone left me here alone again!

  698. Napa SB says:

    Hey ya’ll!! How is it going?

  699. NYGent – are you lurking somewhere?

  700. Midwest says:

    You;ll get them with a quick mention of whips, fmps and dungeions! Off to play.

  701. Sweet – I’m willing to try just about anything – but no webcam shows! 😉

  702. Hey Midwest 😀 Have a great time

  703. SweetLittle_K says:

    Midwest–Me neither and nice meeting you, too.

    Hi CA dreamin–seem like the three of us have to put on a show to get those lurkers to come out and play :)

  704. Thank you Midwest :) You have a great time tonight :)

  705. Midwest says:

    CA – It may be because you are new. I’ve heard it happens more until you’ve been on about a month. Your pics look great!!!

  706. Midwest says:

    Sweet – I don’t think we’ve met before…Hello!

  707. Midwest – Well lets see, I got a guy today asking me to perform on webcam for him. And then I got another who really wanted an escort. So, ya, it’s going well :) I’m actually really happy with my profile now. Linked it to my name – changed my photos.

  708. Midwest says:

    they don’t know how sexy you are :-) How’s your search coming along? Are you happy with your profile?

  709. CA Dreamin SB says:

    Midwest – I was left alone here for an HOUR today!!! Not even the lurkers wanted to talk with me! 😉

  710. SweetLittle_K says:

    Hello Midwest

  711. Midwest says:

    So not true…the conversation was moving along and I popped on. It’s not you, it’s me. (sounds like we’re breaking up).

  712. CA Dreamin SB says:

    apparently no one midwest :)

  713. Midwest says:

    CA Dreamin n- so WHO can clear a room faster than you :-)

  714. Wow! Hi RedMaru! TLG, NYC SB, Cleo, Sweetie, AM … good night for the blog!

    TLG – We’ll stand up for you. Maybe TexasSD can help!

  715. cleo says:

    TLG: love your periodic updates…

  716. Evening sugars! Just a few minutes to blog as I’m getting ready to see my SD! He mentioned a fashion show…hmmm wonder who the model is? How do you keep those lines straight on the back of those sexy thigh highs?

  717. SweetLittle_K says:

    Hello Everyone

    Have not been to the blog for a while, lots to catch up.

  718. Hey DC 😀 You’re right it has been a long time!

  719. CA Dreamin SB says:

    Hey TLG – When I was in Australia – that International Date Line screwed me up but good! Glad you have a handle on it! LOL 😛

  720. NYC SB says:

    TLG – now if you could just tell me the winning numbers to the mega millions loto 😀

    glad you are enjoying your trip

  721. The Lone Gunman says:

    Hello from the Future, all!

    (Gotta love that International Date Line.)

    Well. it’s official. Monday I’ll be going to prison here in Australia.

    Take it easy–I’m just taking the historic tour of the Fremantle area.

    Should be FUN!


  722. NYC SB says:

    There is one in particular on there … a young man from NYC… and no unfortunately he was not at the NY meet… but he might attend the next one… fingers crossed

  723. CA Dreamin SB says:

    Hmmm…maybe I better re-think that crabby letter to Santa. I better write a REALLY nice one.

  724. 2Chic says:

    coming out of lurk mode for a minute,…. NYC sb..I don’t get it either, does this have something to do with the NY Meet?

  725. Anna Molly says:

    I hope I get a SD for X-Mas…that would be SWEET!

  726. CA Dreamin SB says:

    NYC – featured members?

  727. NYC SB says:

    ladies – check out the featured members … ahhh memories 😀

  728. DC *320283* says:

    My fingers are crossed for us both CA. Either a job or a new SD would be a great Xmas present … but in the SD department I won’t be meeting anyone new until after the new year. Everyone is either busy with their families or traveling over Xmas.

    I love to bake as well for others since I have a wheat allergy and can’t eat them myself. My favorite ones to make are these raspberry linzer cookies but they are a lot of trouble. Only make those for really special people.

    Hey Red….long time!

  729. CA Dreamin SB says:

    Should we organize a sugar bowl cookie swap? I know Taz was doing some baking as well…maybe cleo too

  730. Sugar cookies ooooh! I want some!

  731. CA Dreamin SB says:

    DC – me too – for a year. Maybe I’ll get a great SD for xmas and can just work at being available for him. :)

    I love baking – wish I had more people to bake for!

  732. DC *320283* says:

    Hi CA-

    I’ve been looking for a year. Toughest job market I’ve ever experienced.

    Sugar cookies…yum!!

  733. CA Dreamin SB says:

    Hi RM – doing well – watching sugar cookies bake

  734. Wow I step away to run and errand and do some work and I miss alot
    That’ll teach me won’t it? Hows everybody this afternoon

  735. CA Dreamin SB says:

    I’ve never tried snowboarding – but I’m a great skier. I’d just like to give the snowboarding a whirl this year :)

  736. Vixen says:

    CA- I’m known for busting my ass in snow..but if someone’s willing to teach me to snowboard, i’m open to NoCal too :)

  737. CA Dreamin SB says:

    Hi DC – glad to know I’m not the only one! I’m baking sugar cookies right now.

  738. DC *320283* says:

    Hi CA-

    I’m unemployed and searching as well.

  739. CA Dreamin SB says:

    Or how about a NoCal meeting? :) NoCal meeting at Tahoe – snowboarding lessons for everyone!

  740. Vixen says:

    Is there a way to have the soCal meeting on a weekend..I’d love to come!!

  741. CA Dreamin SB says:

    Am I the only one here who doesn’t have a job yet? :)

  742. NYC SB says:

    lol – i feel the same way miss poptart 😛

  743. poptart says:

    Can you believe the nerve of my boss?? I am expected to actually work today and have no time for the blog!! *dramatic sigh*

    I will talk to yous guys later!

    *walks off sulking and grumbling about work interfering with my internets time*

  744. CA Dreamin SB says:

    Is anyone there?

  745. Mina says:

    Have you had a sugar daddy or sugar baby relationship prior to joining SA? If so, how did it start?
    Yes, quite a few. I seem to always date older, well-to-do gentleman so I suppose it was a natural progression. :)

    Have you found any methods of sugar-searching (online or offline) that work rather well? Care to share?
    I don’t have any calculated methods, I’m just myself.

  746. DC *320283* says:

    Good points NYC and Cleo.

    I try and just be myself and hope they like me. I tend to be a little shy by nature so the only time I ever act a little un-like myself is when I first meet an SD I muster up every ounce of self esteem I possibly can and seem really confident, even if I am feeling extremely insecure that day.

  747. CA Dreamin SB says:

    Today is going to be a great day sugars – I just found out I got upgraded for my flight to Texas on Saturday! YEA!!!

  748. cleo says:

    DC: i don’t think you should really. that said, i do believe that it’s best to be careful what you reveal and to whom… but i’m growing into that realization after eating my foot too often
    nyc sb: thanks, that’s what i was getting at.

    i do agree that real self shows fast and hard.
    ESB: if we’re there at the same time we should have dinner :)

    my parents live here, they rent a house in FMB for a couple of months

  749. CA Dreamin SB says:

    I think it’s always best to just be yourself. Trying to be someone else is too exhausting to keep up in the long run. Of course, I’m one of those ‘take me or leave me’ girls :)

  750. EasternSureBaby (ESB) says:

    Hey Everyone!! Good afternoon!!

    My cold lives on. I’d give the keys to my car for the rest of the week off so I can sleep!! Just sniffly and achy and TIRED!! UGH!!

    I see no reason for anyone to fit their personallity to a situation. In my case, the real me would come shining through sooner or later, and then everyone would be confused as to who I really am. Easier to just be me! A little quirky and just to darn nice most of the time.

    Cleo, My parents are in Bonita Springs. I love to visit them in the middle of winter so I can thaw my toes for a few days. But it does make coming back extremely difficult! It’s nice when it snows here and I’m down there, but coming back to the snow sux. Talked to them last night, Dad suggested I come down there to get rid of my cold. ahh.. would be so nice to ber warm right now….

    I’m off again, my lunch break is almost over. Hugs to everyone, I’ll try to be home tonight to catch up on all the “crush” news and see who has a new SD/SB… but if I’m not here, I’m in bed sleeping!! (what a waist) 😉

  751. DesertBunny says:

    IMHO… arrangements made under false pretences (or personalities) will fall apart rather quickly. You can run, but you can’t hide from yourself 😉 And that goes for SB’s and SD’s!

  752. 2Chic says:

    Hi Fam,
    In lurking mode, …. continue on..lol

  753. NYC SB says:

    I agree a lot of NYC people have a big mouth… but they are also not known for being very honest… I feel this translates to the SB population… some of them are willing to “compromise” their personality in order to portray whatever kind of SB their pot is seeking and in return land an arrangement…

    (again SOME being operative word here… dont kill me people)

  754. DC says:

    NYC- maybe they were shocked at first, but I bet they found it refreshing after they got over it.

    Us New Yorkers are not exactly known for keeping things to ourselves 😉 I am very honest as well and I often put my foot in my mouth and it sometimes it works to my detriment…but like you..it’s who I am.

  755. NYC SB says:

    DC – most of my pots were shocked by my bluntness and honesty… i often wonder if i should become a better actress lol … in the end i need to be who i am… and be ok with that

  756. DC says:

    Cleo- where in Fl. are your parents? My mom is in Delray Beach.

    Cleo wrote: i know people in real life who tailor their personality to every situation. the sugar bowl seems like a place people would do that

    ….can’t say I do that although maybe I should?? Most of the men I have met as pot SDs liked me because I am very down to earth …..what you see is what you get basically. I’m not a very good actress so I don’t think I could tailor my personality. I am also a very non material type person, not really into the bling aspect of being a SB. So if they want someone who appreciates all of that, I would not be a good match.

    However I have had very little access to that lifestyle and if I got a taste I just might like it 😉

  757. cleo says:

    desertbunny: ahh two weeks each… perfection

  758. DesertBunny says:

    NYC – nglvbunny @ google