9 years ago
Happy New Years Sugars!!

9 years ago
Happy New Years Sugars!!

Here’s to finding the Sugar Daddies and Sugar Babies of your dreams in 2010!

Have you made any sugar-resolutions? Care to share?

Do you reply to messages that don’t end with a question or “hope to hear back from you”? Why or why not?

Any Sugar Daddy/Sugar Baby news in your life?

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785 Responses to “Happy New Years Sugars!!”

  1. LASB says:

    Exactly! By the way, new blog! :)

  2. LASB – He should call an escort service.

  3. LASB says:

    Ok, so I just read an SDs profile that says, “If I buy you a watch or other jewelry, then I expected to be rewarded orally.” Really?!!!!!!!! Does that work?

  4. cleo says:

    Midwest I emailed you, did you get it?

  5. Amanda says:

    NYC SB, coming out of lurk-dom just to say EWWW! What was your response to guy #2 (besides no, obviously)?

  6. There is an aspiring young madam (actually several of them) on this site who is offering women 3k to service a “friend” in NYC for a weekend. All expenses paid of course. They masquerade as Sugar Mommies. Has anyone else recieved an email from this woman?

  7. ESB says:

    NYC SB: That would make me almost want to give up the search for a SD. Baby, that is just scary. To increase your allowance to endanger your life? wow… some people…

  8. NYC SB says:

    No exaggeration – I had one guy offer me a 4k per month arrangement and said if I had sex with me without a condom he would pay me 4k more per month… no thanks!

    Also the guy with his friends – I went to meet him at a bar and he said he would pay me 2k for each one of his friends I sleep with that night… there were 7 friends. If I did this for him he would have me move in with him the next day and my allowance would be 25k in addition to a new car. Now none of this was discussed prior to me meeting him. It was just lets meet and see if we hit it off and if we do my range is 20k … go figure

  9. SDN~ you are invited to Vermont… 😀

  10. ESB says:

    I had one tell me the same. That so many women on here are just looking for a quick fix. Don’t care about WHO their SD is as long as they have someone to pay their way, pay their bills and go on living like there is no tomorrow and no consequences to their actions. Being an enabler is not a smart thing to do. Teach them to be a responsible and contributing member of society, not a mooch for the rest of their lives.

  11. SDies have their horror stories as well. The last lunch date I had told me that out of his 4 previous dates 3 turned out to be strippers who immediately tried to negotiate a cash arrangement.

  12. ESB says:

    I’m an excellent cook. My dad is a self proclaimed chef. I had no choice. I prefer to bake though. Just wish I had more people to bake for. I end up eating most of what I bake, not good on the thighs. Make some mean waffles!! Strawberry butter to go on top!! Yea, it’s a wonder my kids aren’t fat and lazy!!

  13. LASB says:

    Oh, SDN, so sad. :(
    Well, if it’s any consolation, I’d be happy to join you on the slopes. I’ll even let you cook for me after. 😉

  14. SD NEOhio (SDN) says:

    LASB: Paid test drives? Heck the blog SBs won’t even let me go skiing with them :(
    And I am a good cook!

  15. Marie Jac says:

    OMG! That sounds ridiculous, but sadly I know it’s true. Some times it’s just the WTF!

    I’m going out with SD in a couple of hours, and I’ve got a lock and key on my panties!

  16. ESB says:

    I’m sitting in the spare bedroom/computer room, FREEZING and you all are talking about a ski trip? Makes me shiver to think about it! I’m checking it out. Looks fanatastic!! I’m just to broke to even think about going. Am finally getting my bills paid off, would be sinful to induldge in a weekend and run the CC up again!!

  17. LASB says:

    Marie Jac – Actually, the walmart wasn’t me. Mine was the “Meet me at Starbucks sans panties and let me test drive you w/in the first 5 seconds of meeting,” guy.
    The Walmart was someone else where they were offered $100 to do it in the car at walmart. When she declined, I believe he upped it to $150. hahahaha. The Starbucks guy was cheaper than that, though this last guy at least was willing to pay $500. hahahahaha. I wouldn’t have done it even for $5k or more. I don’t think there was any amount of money, frankly.

    James – I know. Life must be so tough as an SD. 😉 Actually though, I imagine it must be pretty rough on the ego if an SB was so repulsed that she wouldn’t even give you a paid test drive. LOL!

  18. ESB says:

    AM: Sorry, hun, take care of that.. or milk it and enjoy your time on the blog!! 😉 I’m looking for a new job.. so if Aletheia mSB wants to hire me for ANY reason, well, not ANY!! I’m available. I’d be a good consultant! Lord knows I’ve enough life experience with all I’ve been through!!

  19. ESB says:

    MCM: you got mail

  20. CA Dreamin SB says:

    James- I think the lines are all in the delivery! Those might still work for you 😉

  21. Marie Jac says:


    I’ve been hearing so much about this infamous walmart story as I’ve browsed the blog. What happened? I can’t find the original post.

  22. ESB ~ I came in from taking my dog out and slipped on the kitchen rug…LOL. Told you I was a clutz. :)

  23. james.m says:

    AG – that works perfectly.

    BG – great addition to our URL knowledge

    LASB – first “test drive”, then “no panties” and “Walmart”, and now “don’t you at least want to see if I’m any good”! You guys are ruling out all my best lines!

  24. LASB – Yes it has helped, the first profile that I had wasn’t as clear about what I wanted and all of the wrong people contacted me.

  25. LASB says:

    Amazon – I’m guessing your profile helps. It definitely portrays you as a “no nonsense” woman. As weird as it may sound, the guy was not a creep, but probably just needed some education. I think he just thought that that was how things worked on the site. There are a lot of creeps though, but most are obvious upon first contact on SA and I typically just block them without responding.

  26. LASB – Reading some of the stories makes me think I have been really fortunate thus far. I’ve only met with a few, they were all great conversationalist and we talked for hours. The first one did offer me a “pay per meet” which I politely declined, but all in all I’ve been lucky, no real creeps.

  27. ESB says:

    AM: Aww, sorry about your ankle Sweety!! How did you do that?

    HELLO BG, SDN, Amazon, MCM, james.m, Gemini… if I missed you, sorry!! HI to you too!! :)

    Bromance? blog? what did I miss!?? Jeez, try to work a few days and I miss all the fun!! I so need to catch up on here! Slow down people, I’m reading as fast as I can!!

    IRLSD: Sweety, I usually know if there is any chemistry between me and a man pretty quickly. I have been wrong a few times, but sure had fun in the mean time finding out he was the wrong one for me! 😉 I try to live with no regrets. Make a mistake? Well, darn… move on, life goes on. No sence crying over it (well, I am female, I might allow myself a day or 2 to induldge! 😉 ) but ya gotta move on! Maybe you are blinded by her beauty (from previous posts) and are not sure what you are feeling anything for her? If some guy isn’t into me right off, I don’t loose any sleelp over it. There is always someone else… I’m talking IRL, not on here. Being way to picky on here. Sometimes I just don’t want to make a mistake!

    OK, back to catching up!


  28. CA Dreamin SB says:

    Amazon – that would be fun

  29. LASB says:

    Not kidding, and he was not attractive at all. Nice, but I had no intellectual connection with him, and less than zero physical attraction.

  30. LASB – You have got to be kidding.

  31. Gemini29 says:

    Just a thought for the future….how many SB/SDs on the blog do NOT like yummy sugary dessert treats/pastries? I need to know who you are so I can make more for the rest when we go on that blog ski trip…

  32. CA Dreaming – Let me know if you want to do drinks Friday night.

  33. LASB says:

    Hi sugars! I would think having SDs on the ski meet would be a fabulous thing. Just my 2 cents.
    So I spoke to a pot last week, on the phone even, (!!!) and today his profile was deleted. Talk about a poof daddy!

    Marie Jac – I’m with you on that whole “tiers” thing, etc. I had a guy beg me to be his SB, then when I politely refused he said, “But I brought $500. Don’t you at least want to see if I’m any good?” Ugh. no.

  34. Gemini29 says:

    NYC SB – ewwwwwww.

  35. CA Dreamin SB says:

    Amazon – I fly into Vail’s airport – but – flying out of Denver EARLY Sat AM. Driving into Denver Friday night.

  36. NYC SB – Please tell me you are exaggerating.

  37. CA Dreaming – When do you get to Denver?

  38. NYC SB says:

    Oh yeah … the tiers … I LOVE that… as in if you pay me more i will forgo protection or allow you to pass me around to your buddies…

    I have no problem at a reduced allowance for the first month but thats where I draw the line

  39. CA Dreamin SB says:

    Again, speak of the devil!

  40. CA Dreamin SB says:

    Anybody seen SDN lately? Did he run away?

  41. Gemini29 says:

    SDN – I don’t know if we’ve decided one way or the other. I mean, the temptation to put a bunch of ski and fun-having SBs in one house, at one resort, at one time does sound delicious…. but then again, why limit it to just SBs? A few SDs in the mix could be quite the fun adventure! 😀

  42. Marie Jac says:

    NYC SB/ James / MidWest/ Beach Girl,

    You’ve all been so great helping me bloom into a new “SB flower”. I’m pretty excited for today.

    On the negotiating thing, even though this is my first SD, I met with a few POTs before I figured out this was the one. I refuse to negotiate because I’m not providing some kind of “service.” I had a guy ask me what different “tiers” would get him. Then he sent me a message to meet up in a sex hotel.
    Don’t let anyone tell you your time is worth less than you think it is.

    Sending so much love!!!

  43. Beachgirl – Thanks, please let me know if I did it successfully.

  44. SD NEOhio (SDN) says:

    Hey all…working and lurking.

    Is the ski meet SB only? :(

  45. Anna~ sounds Good!

    For links to the profile, if you want both to see you . take out member too… like my profile link… so both sexes can see!
    Have a great day all

  46. Gemini – Thank you so much!

    James – Thank you, and it’s done are you able to view me?

  47. james.m says:

    AG: you need to edit the URL which you used to fill in your “website” box. Delete the “same” in “samedetail” toward the end of the URL. Right now, only women can click through to it.

  48. Gemini29 says:

    Amazon Goddess – WOAH. Love your profile. Love your pics even more.

  49. IRLSD – You can’t see my profile by clicking on my name? My profile number is 396074

    LASB – I’m all yours! 😀

  50. Midwest Mistress of the Dark says:

    NYC SB – Blog Bromance…His dance card may be full.

    NSA – I never really paid attention to it. I know what I expect, have a great idea of what sugar dating looks like (thanks to the blog) and hopefully have a good idea on how to find it. I think it’s addressed as the conversations move forward.

  51. Gemini29 says:

    Psh, they should double date with US. Lord knows they’d learn more and be treated fabulously by not one but TWO blog SBs. 😉

  52. Hey NYGent! Speak of the Devil….lol

  53. IRLSD could double date with NC and NYGent :)

  54. NYGent says:

    I used to put “NSA” in my profile because it sounded cool, then I realized I didn’t really know what it meant and neither did anybody else, so I took out. Seemed like a good idea at the time though.

  55. Gemini29 says:


    oh man.

  56. NYC SB says:

    IRLSD – you should meet another SD blogger (although he hasnt been on for a while) your opinions on SB dating are so similar… who knows maybe you will have a blog bromance

  57. IRLSD says:

    Gemini, you have a real point. I’ve dated SBs for a couple of months without sex, but invariably I realize that either I don’t want to sleep with them or they don’t want to sleep with me or both (I’m not always sure which it is)–I guess, the chemistry is just not there. Then it becomes hard to continue things. Why would I pay someone a generous monthly allowance for us to figure out if the chemistry is right if the chemistry is just not right? This is a very common reason of things fizzling out with SBs for me, particularly because I generally want to know someone and feel a connection with them before having sex. The fact that I am doling out money for their time makes me want to make a decision one way or another faster, as wasted time in this case is wasted time and money and opportunity with someone with whom I’d have better chemistry.

  58. Aletheia mSB says:

    “Why can’t people make it?” – MoonPatrol
    I’ve been reading a great book by Niall Ferguson that explains how poverty is the result of a lack of education/lack of financial knowledge and that the absence of financial institutions is more harmful than their presence. Without those evil bankers, we get people who are even more evil, like loan sharks 😛

    Most people are blaming the current financial crisis on the people who bundled up the bad debt and sold it to others, but in reality, people shouldn’t have bought houses they can’t afford. I’m not saying blame the victim though, just blame the education system that allowed people to be raised with a complete lack of awareness. Well, that’s enough of my mini-diatribe lol.

    Your welcome. Although the food scene in Toronto is constantly changing and there is so much that it’s not really a question of what’s in, but more, what do you like most? I definitely agree with the not wanting a bottomless pit of need and insecurity. I think that goes for either side. I hate the word NSA, it doesn’t have any real meaning. I think people just want someone who is mature, with a solid understanding and acceptance of human nature.

    NC Gent
    I’m surprised to keep hearing that people’s experiences in real life are worse than online. Maybe as an SD, to make this type of relationship work in real life, you have to find someone to be a friend with benefits (someone who is mature, easy going without emotional neediness) then slowly nudge her into being your SB. Hmmm…maybe I should start my own SD/SB consulting firm, and employ all the members of this blog 😛

  59. Gemini29 says:

    IRL – Oh hm, I guess there is that too. What I meant though, is that one party still always expects sex in a No Strings Attached relationship/arrangement. They saaay they are interested in you and that there is no pressure, but what they reaaaaally want is your boot-ay. lol.

    I guess the only real NSA relationship would be friendship…where nothing is expected of either person. Everything else….strings are totally attached.

    Anna Molly- Ski instructors are almost always hot and young. Buff. Mmm.

  60. BG ~ I can’t ski either so we can hang out at the cabin….unless of cours they have hot ski instructors then I might be able to handle a lesson or two :)

  61. I wanna go sugar skiing too!!!!

  62. IRLSD says:

    Gemini, I agree completely, no strings pretty much doesn’t exist. We are human, so emotional attachments of varying degrees are normal.

  63. CA Dreamin SB says:

    I’m so sad I can’t come to Chicago! :(

  64. Hello Sugars!!!

    One Week To Chicago YAY…. Can’t wait to meet you all….

    Now a Stowe meet , it’s not that far from me…. hummm When is this going to Happen??? I would go, no Skiing for me though…

  65. photogirl says:

    Anna that’s what I was gonna say! Although I think we need to make the cups plastic so that we can keep them filled and avoid any broken glass 😉

  66. Gemini29 says:

    “Are we renting a cabin so all the sugars can stay together? ”

    OMG, Sugar House! This would take on a whole new meaning to the term “sugar snow” 😀

    I’ll help cook too. I’m better at cooking than cleaning up 😉

    As for the blog questions: I don’t put NSA on my profile. I tend to think of that as more a “male” term for “I don’t do complicated”, and personally I think labeling an arrangement/relationship as NSA cheapens it somehow. And frankly, despite what it stands for, there are always some strings attached.

  67. Alluring Anna *397377* says:

    Paper plates are fine with me as long as the paper cups match :)

  68. Midwest Mistress of the Dark says:

    KLM – My e-mail is in the first response to you…look at my response to Niki.

    NYC SB – You go girl! So true, so true!

    PG – Hilarious! What if we use disposable dishes? Will that relieve you of your CDO?

    AM – A cabin sounds great!

  69. Alluring Anna *397377* says:

    NSA can be taken so many ways and that is why I don’t put it in my profile. As far as bisexuality is concerned, that isn’t something I would talk about in my profile either. If a pot wants to talk about it then I have no problem with that.

    PG – Thanks for your offer to do the dishes! :)

  70. CA Dreamin SB says:

    Morning all! Desperately trying to find all my ski gear for my trip to Vail!!! I have no idea where winter sporting equipment goes to hide…

  71. TXSB says:

    Good Morning Everyone! :)

    I see it’s another fun day at the blog…..personally I’ve never been skiing.

    NYC SB:
    Huge 2nd on not having to do a “negotiation battle”!

  72. IRLSD says:

    I have met SBs whose profiles say NSA but who then say that they never ever want to have sex. Funny thing was that one of them said in her profile she was bisexual, then it turns out she is asexual but just finds men and women attractive. I guess never go by what a profile says.

  73. photogirl says:

    Thanks James…same here :)

  74. photogirl says:

    Alluring Anna *397377* says:
    January 5, 2010 at 8:27 am
    Are we renting a cabin so all the sugars can stay together? I’ll cook

    Yes! A big sugary slumber party!

    Anna – I will do the dishes we have the same case of OCD dishwashing.
    Or shall I say CDO. It’s like OCD, except the letters are in alphabetical order…like they should be.

  75. james.m says:

    PG — I’m looking forward to meeting you (and all the others) in Chicago!
    Thanks, SDN

  76. NYC SB says:

    Midwest – When I strut in my louboutins I put Ms Jay to shame… there is something to be said about being born a woman…

  77. KLM says:

    Midwest – My allowance is listed as open right now. I do have particular financial goals in mind that I try to work from but it feels odd asserting myself. Thanks for your feedback! How do I e-mail you?

    NYC SB – Thanks for your insight.

    IRLSD – Wow I never thought about it that way. I always interpreted NSA as no strings attached—no drama and no fuss. I see it written everywhere too. I didn’t know that it could also mean no sex allowed.

  78. Alluring Anna *397377* says:

    Are we renting a cabin so all the sugars can stay together? I’ll cook :)

  79. NC Gent says:

    Stowe Sugar Ski Meet = 3SM?? sounds kinda kinky though!

    Plane is delayed – gotta love winter travel!

  80. photogirl says:

    A ski meet sounds like so much fun! I have not been sking since middle school though. I know it sounds crazy as I sit here freezing in Florida but I miss the snow terribly.

    james says:
    One other note. Despite how good I look in them, I have trouble walking in 4″ heels, so I never wear them.

    You’re not alone James… I have the same problem 😉 Maybe Midwest can help me in Chicago.

  81. Midwest Mistress of the Dark says:

    NYC SB – Let’s recruit Ms. J. from America’s top model.

  82. Lisa that Actually Has an SD says:

    Good morning

    Brrrr cold morning in Houston

  83. NYC SB says:

    Midwest – OMG… im going to have to practice a whole lot more prior to the meet 😀

  84. Gemini29 says:

    Hi Anna Molly and Midwest! :)

    The more the merrier to the Stowe Sugar Ski Meet! (unless someone can think up a catchier name 😉 ) Gosh, girls, can you imagine the apres-ski fun we all could have?! 😀

  85. Midwest Mistress of the Dark says:

    I’m sure all of you would be wildly entertained at my attempts to ski :-) I’m in!

    James – nice advise to Marie Jac…so important to be yourself. As for the 4″ heels, NYC SB will be hosting a cat walk class (although she didn’t know it) at the SoCal meet :-)

    Hi Gemi!

  86. I’m not far from Stowe :)

    Can’t ski as everyone knows, but would still be fun :)

  87. Gemini29 says:

    Morning Sugars! Wow, LASB, you raced at Mammoth? Awesome! I’m not so fond of Whistler myself, bad experience there, but could be persuaded to try it again under the right circumstances 😉 Boston Honey, I’m 100% down with a Stowe Meet! Skiing and sugar friends under a winter sky! 😀 I love Stowe…the little Vail of the east :)

  88. james.m says:

    Marie Jac: (In case you post today) Please don’t overthink your attire. You and your SD didn’t get together because of what’s in your closet. You got together because of your personality, and how you presented yourself in person and in emails. Yes, you want to tailor your attire and behavior to please your SD, but don’t be so worried about it that you can’t act naturally. You want to be dressed appropriately for where you are going and what you are doing. That will be racier or more conservative, depending on the where and what. You want to make a great impression on his arm, but you’ll do that with your charm, not your clothes. Relax, and be yourself, the person he likes.

    One other note. Despite how good I look in them, I have trouble walking in 4″ heels, so I never wear them.

  89. NYC SB says:

    I think that even when you bring up the whole “how did your last arrangement work” talk you might not get the response you need. I also think that you should never base your arrangement based on what he had with his ex sb… if say he was giving her 5k per month that doesnt mean that you will get the same… she might have been with him for a while and it built up to that amount… best is to ask him how his arrangement worked and then state “I would prefer that I receive a monthly allowance. Idealy something in the xx – xxx range would work. What are your thoughts?”

    keep in mind that if he comes back to negotiate he might not be the right SD for you… that is if you gave him a range you are truly happy with rather than an inflated number in case he comes back with something different.

    I preferr to not have a negotiation battle… I am not a piece of meat after all… With my current SD he said that he would like to help me out on the 5th date and he would be more than willing to pay all my bills. Then we sat down I wrote down all my bills and he wrote me a check. He also added that trips and shopping will be extra.

  90. Mmmmm I want chicken soup – it was freeeezing out there!! Ummm AM – hot chocolate??

  91. james.m says:

    Hi everyone.

    Midwest – Now that’s a great SB: we set up a sugar date for Thursday, and she takes Tuesday and Wednesday off to rest up!

  92. Had a hard time posting there for second.

    Midwest…Chicken soup! :)

  93. Midwest Mistress of the Dark says:

    Good morning all. Looks like I lost the fight and must stay home to rest – I’m thinking it won’t be so bad after all.

    SB emy – Welcome! I know TXSB used to keep her profile hidden and contact sds she was interested. It seemed to work for her. Perhaps she will pop on and share.

    KLM – First, do you have your allowance range posted or did you put open? Also, do you know what you need to reach whatever financial goals you have set for yourself? if pot sd hasn’t brought up allowance after the first few e-mails or dates, then you might want to bring up allowance to prevent wasted time or misunderstandings. I’ve found the best way is to ask if he’s had an sb before. If so, what was the arrangement like, how often did they meet, what did he like/dislike and it should come up naturally. SD and I discussed details of our arrangement via e-mail and it was quite manageable. If you want an edited copy, you can e-mail me.

    AM – So glad you’re starting to feel better!

    SBnxtdoor – you are hilarious! Welcome!

  94. NYC SB says:

    Marie – I’m thinking this is a cigar club… if so a tunic black dress and tights over some killer boots (try Nine West… they are so comfy and not pricey at all)… it is freezing today so don’t get sick! Besides if you are showing too much leg you will look off place… this is NYC after all the land of sophisticated chic 😉

  95. TT (AKA Tantalizing Taz) says:

    Morning Sugar Fam!! :) I will be back after I take my diva to school….ahh yes a day home alone…I have kinda missed this over the holidays! :)

  96. photogirl says:

    Frrreezing lol… and it is suppose to be even colder tomorrow.

    Glad your ankle is feeling better!

  97. Hey photogirl :)

    How are you this morning?

  98. photogirl says:

    I think I need to move from Florida… this is not what I signed up for here… *bundling up for the day*

    Good morning everyone…hope you’re staying warm!

  99. NC ~ Can I go to Texas with you….LOL..I’m freezing here :)

  100. NC Gent says:

    Cleo — with a long term SB, we went away from the allowance and did it more on need after a while. She actually did better that way but it was a lot more comfortable. I also knew she wouldn’t take advantage of me.

    Sb-emy — if you hide your profile, you will have to message the SDs if you want to have a chance. They won’t be able to find you, unless of course, you view their profile and they search “Who Viewed My Profile”

    Alethia — I met one pot SB in real life. We had one date, but it didn’t go very far. She was looking for the carefree, surfer-dude SD. I am sure there are tons of those out there!

    Heading to Texas for a few days. Looks like it will be warmer woohooo!

  101. Thanks IRLSD…I’m on the mend :)

  102. IRLSD says:

    Good morning Anna Molly. I’m glad your ankle is better. Sounds painful :(

  103. IRLSD says:

    I think NSA is the worst word in the world, as everyone interprets it differently. For me, NSA means that things can end at any time without drama. Others see it as a relationship that is just sex with no emotional involvement, long-term commitment, or exclusivity. Others see it as “no sex allowed”. And I have seen all sorts of shades in between. And asking an SB what she means by NSA is only likely to add to the confusion in my experience. I think people at the end just use NSA to mean “not complicated”, yet the ones seeking uncomplicated relationships are usually the most complicated ones themselves (perhaps myself included).

    I guess I have for the first time found what I could call NSA. My SB and I get together, have sex, and there is no barrage of texts, no jealousy, no emotional complications, no exclusivity, and no demands for more time together, and I know if either of us ever were to end it, the other would be totally fine.

  104. Hey IRLSD….good morning :)

  105. IRLSD says:

    KLM, having something in mind makes it easier in my opinion, but there should be flexibility built in as well, as each person and each relationship is different and a cookie-cutter approach never works.

    Sb-emy, yes, if your profile is hidden you will have to do the e-mailing otherwise no one will find you.

  106. Hi sb-emy :)

    I can’t say much about the hiding and un-hiding profile thing. Sometime I hide mine just to take a break for a little while. I would say the SD’s here on the blog would be able to answer that question. I know a couple of the SD’s here keep their profiles hidden.

    As far as the SD’s in Australia, I can’t say. There for a while I was getting views from SD’s in Australia, but haven’t seen any in a while…lol.

  107. sb-emy says:

    hey guys, i’m relatively new to this site (having deactivated it due to personal issues) but I have a few questions to ask!

    how on earth does one FIND a sugar daddy, if I say ‘hid my profile’ in the search function (due to privacy). Would I need to message prospective sugar daddies? Considering I cannot be found…

    Also, where are all the sugar daddies in Australia?


  108. Good Morning everyone! :)

    Ankel is feeling some better this morning.

    MoonPatrol…looking forward to seeing your profile :)

  109. KLM says:

    Question for all the sugars:

    How do you bring up the whole allowance thing?

    I have no experience meeting SDs online. My last SD I met randomly offline and money was never discussed—he just covered every possible expense imaginable so I never had to really ask (albeit, I’m also not demanding at all). I’m absolutely terrible when it comes to discussing/asking for money since it was never discussed growing up.

    How do you handle it tactfully and tastefully? Should I wait for the potential SD to broach the topic? There are some SDs who just seem to tip-toe around it. When is the right time to bring up money?

    I find that when talking to potential SDs and the conversation starts moving towards allowance, I can’t provide concrete demands. I just reply awkwardly about how he should give however much he deems necessary. Is that a normal response? Or should I have in mind an definite minimum to start at? What do you all say, if you don’t mind me asking?

  110. LASB says:

    So I’m watching the news (I know, that was my first mistake) and this long piece comes on about how this dating site kicked off all these members because they gained weight over the holidays and so they were no longer beautiful in the site’s opinion. Then they sent the deleted members emails on various boot camps and fitness programs around the city. Brutal!!!! So maybe the sugar world isn’t so rough after all. LOL!

    Please don’t hold this ridiculousness against my city. (Ok, fine. Go ahead. I’m embarrassed for what gets passed off as news around here.)

  111. SBnxtdoor says:

    I am new here — so a fond helloooo! I just went on a date with a potSD and he wants to see me again this week! Wow, was he handsome and sexy. Yes, found him on SA. I have this conservative exterior, but the things I was thinking mmmm, mmm. Mary Ann on the outside and all manx rarin’ to go. Pick me, pick me! Oh, you mean there may be $$ involved? Someone pinch me. It wasn’t discussed, but I will follow-up soon, like after I take a cooooold shower. I think he is the real deal, but being new to this is scary. I want to make other dates, but I want to see how this plays out? What is a girl to do?

  112. Hi BG, MP and IRLSD :) How is everyone?

  113. MoonPatrol~ lol sorry i’m tired… in the task bar, when you link your profile. change the samedetail to only detail so SBs can see you. right now with the samedetail only SDs can see you
    make more sense?

  114. MoonPatrol says:

    Beach Girl : Bar thingy’s Huh?

    IRLSD: Thanks for making me feel slightly better. I’m over it because its done and I don’t fret about the past.
    Yes I’m tempted to advise young women on wise spending but what can you do? SOme people don’t know that a harsh world is sometimes not far away.

  115. IRLSD says:

    Alethesia, I have not exerted control over how an SB spends her money. I find SA SBs are very independent-minded and would not like that, whereas IRL SBs on the other hand want someone to run their lives and are quite open to that. But a woman who wastes money on a purse but then comes complaining that she doesn’t have rent money at the end of the month is a huge turn-off for me. I want to feel like I am improving someone’s life, not turning them into spoiled brats.

    Wow, Amazon Goddess, I wish I could see your profile.

    MoonPatrol, you must be new to this if you’ve only wasted 5 G, lol. I’d rather not say how much I’ve wasted on SBs that got nowhere. Maybe I’m too picky, but is it really too much to ask for someone good-looking and relatively normal with some ambition in life?

  116. MoonPatrol says:

    Nope All I want is a face shot . she lives 3 hours away in another city. But I just likes the picture of the torso. maybe she’s ugly, but she is young and wants a lot of money. more than my allowance suggested.

  117. Moon~ the SB didn’t reply to you :(

  118. MoonPatrol~ for SBs to view your profile you have to change the same detail to just detail in the bar thingy… not sure if i’m saying it right… or you can link it like mine so both can see

  119. MoonPatrol says:

    I’m so wrong. I have the hots for a girl who only showed her torso in the picture. Only if I could get her to reply . Ha!

  120. MoonPatrol says:

    Well I changed some words on it so it will come up soon. But They ought to let us show more pictures than 3.

  121. MoonPatrol~ your profile is pending approval :(
    No that is the way to do it… unless you link your profile to your name here!

  122. MoonPatrol says:

    Beach Girl: I don’t Mind people looking Profile Number 409805 (Sugar Daddy) Well heres my number but i don’t know how to tell you to find it . Is there an easy way ?

  123. Niki says:

    Midwest– I have a question, but I’d rather not post it can I e-mail you?

  124. Midwest Mistress of the Dark says:

    Moon – There are so many reasons that your friends will not share with you. That’s what we call pride. In addition, life has an interesting way of throwing curves…car accidents, unexpected medical bills, etc, etc. Some reasons are legit, others are life’s lessons in progress.

    As for your profile, always, always do what works for you. I would suggest that you exercise patience. JSO has been on for a few months and is looking selectively but has not found his sb – yet. Sincere and NYGent have had the same experiences with fake sbs as you. It won’t happen in a week or even a month…especially if you expect it to. It’s longer for the quality sbs and always worth the wait.

    I’m off to rest…I refuse to give in to this cold!!!

  125. Hi Everyone!

    MoonPatrol ~ hummm … not sure what to answer you. But I am Very curious about who you are! wanna share?

    Niki ~ Welcome..

    Midwest~ it’s only a week away 😀

    Welcome Aletheia mSB and all the new sugars!

    Erik~ There is a meet and greet…. in LA in Feb. The 25th I think.

  126. Niki says:

    I’m still new to the online surgardating, but IRL is hit or miss. Location seems to be a big factor though.

  127. MoonPatrol says:

    It feels weird being unworried about bills when all my friends and colleagues are living paycheck to paycheck. WHy can’t people make it?

  128. Marie Jac says:

    MidWest Mistress,

    Aw! Thank you! This is my first SD (after figuring how to spot a fake SD… there are way too many) so it’s new territory for me. I’ll await NYC SB’s shoe suggestion if she is on (hopefully)!!! (please).

  129. Midwest Mistress of the Dark says:

    Marie – It’s not a requirement, but SD will appreciate it greatly. If you are walking, opt for some sexy boots. If you are taking a cab, you won’t be cold for long.

    NYC SB is quite the shoe expert, and a NYC resident, so she will guide you well.

  130. MoonPatrol says:

    I’m changing my profile write up and making it more blunt and in my own words.
    Seeking attractive pleasant drama free women that wants to hang out with me and listen to my stories. At this point I have some wisdom and know that someone that plays a trumpet in an orchestra pit is probably one who has suffered greatly for their art and they go hardly noticed. Its awareness is what I think I have and if that or other knowledge is useful to a woman so be it.

    IRLSD- thats true about how you spend a lot of $ top heavy in the relationship then you break up . I’ve already dropped 5 G in this endeavour and damn if I found one I feel right with.

  131. Marie Jac says:

    NYC SB,

    I don’t really need to buy much, just simple shoes. I’m in NYC as well and its pretty cold, but I’m supposed to show a little leg? I thought maybe wearing black stocking and some nice black heels. I’m not sure. It’s a private club, we are meeting at 7 ish. I thought a well tailored high waisted pencil skirt I have with a cream/white top and a black cardigan, long necklace, but the shoes part is getting me. Is it very important to show leg? I don’t want to be too black, but if I go for nude stocking I might be freezing.

  132. Aletheia mSB says:

    Midwest Mistress of the Dark
    What are you apologizing for? lol. No worries. That is too bad about the lack of suitable candidates where you are! I suppose I was being a bit hard on online dating, it does provide everyone with more opportunity. Plus, you can browse profiles while sitting comfortably at home while snacking on leftover christmas treats :)

  133. Midwest – unfortually the episodes are locked for US citizens only :/ but I get the picture!

    AM – Good night!

  134. NYC SB says:

    Marie – No difference really… however, if arrangement is not in place i would never get a many pedi or a new outfit unless i can afford it on my own (ie not expecting an SD to reimburse me) …

  135. I’m off to bed everyone. I should have stayed off my ankle, it’s killing me now..sigh. I will talk to everyone tomorrow :)

  136. IRLSD Oh I’m sure that those who are seriously seeking an arrangement and not just sex actually do read the entire profile. In fact I can tell that most of the gentlemen that now contact me actually do read the profile and found something that resonates with them. Those who seek an escort or a young woman with low self esteem, desperation and financial trouble most likely never read more than a sentence or two of my profile. It is a complete turn off to that kind of man. I would also agree in regard to how people present themselves and who they actually are. I guess I am an exception to the rule, a true open book and those I have met have been pleasantly surprised.

  137. Aletheia mSB says:

    “there is little correlation between what a profile says and how people turn out to be IRL” – IRLSD
    How depressing is that! Unfortunately I agree with you on that one hence my question regarding IRL vs. online. I was also interested by your discussion on allowances. If you have an SB and you are giving 5000 a month after you’ve reached that “tier” would you be putting that towards specific things or giving the SB complete discretion with how the money is spent. Do you really see student loans as being superfluous along the lines of new shoes? I agree though that those things should not be in addition to the allowance…it was always my understanding that the allowance was to help the person with financial trouble or else with the goals and ambitions.

    I think if I were an SD I would probably set a guideline with how the money should be spent, ie. 60% or 70% towards real needs and 40% – 30% on shopping for ones self. I know the whole idea of this is about pampering, etc. but to me it doesn’t make sense to sit there and watch someone pass up a rare opportunity to get their self out of a hole if they are in one.

  138. Marie Jac says:

    NYC SB,

    I hope you are still on. This is our first meet after the “arrangement” talk. What the difference in dress code between first time and first after “the talk”? thanks

  139. Midwest Mistress of the Dark says:

    JSO – That was all in jest!!! You underestimate me dear!

    Alethia- So sorry, thought you were looking.

    As for meeting IRL, I’m in an economically depressed area, yet work in a sector that allows me to meet philanthropic people of means. I find it terribly difficult to meet dates IRL. The population is quite small, so by the time you narrow it down to eligible men that can support their lifestyle and any other children, the options are quite slim. I find that online dating is a bit better…it at least allows me to cast a wider net. I can say that sugar dating suits me quite well.

  140. JSO - TXSD says:


  141. Aletheia mSB says:

    Midwest Mistress of the Dark
    I think it is a record, but there is no need to worry about being converted to the dark side lol. I have no interest in SMs. I think I have a keeper as far as bfs/SDs go.

    NC Gent
    Thanks, and your welcome!

    Question for the blog…has anyone found that it is easier to find people in real life and that it is actually more difficult to find people online because online people can’t immediately see the “essence” of who you are as a person?

  142. IRLSD says:

    Amazon Goddess, I read the entire profile. I can’t say it makes a lot of difference unless it sounds overly sexual (worry about escorts) or trashy (prefer someone with class), as I’d prefer to meet someone cute and then decide for myself. Also, there is little correlation between what a profile says and how people turn out to be IRL.

  143. JSO - TXSD says:

    midwest are you retarded. the chick with the handgun is crazy. lol

  144. IRLSD says:

    Cleo, I’d prefer an SB who asks for a set allowance, but the guy is right, an SB with no set allowance is likely to end up with more at the end in my case (I am fairly generous), which is why I prefer the set allowance. I am also thinking of putting a serious end to side expenses (my car is broken, I have student loans, I need this shoe, etc), otherwise the SB ends up becoming a money pit with no end in sight (believe me, been there, done that and the worst part is that a lot of these expenses exist at the beginning of a relationship that may not last more than a few weeks). I am also thinking of tiering the allowance in the future, so that the SB gets nothing for the first meet, gets a trial allowance for a trial relationship (e.g. $1000/month, no sex—just seeing if we will really like each other for as long as it takes), and then the full allowance once there is a decision to be exclusive and sexually intimate (e.g. 5000/month). In the case of an SB who wants to be intimate but not exclusive (i.e. she still wants to “browse the menu”), I think something in the middle is more appropriate (e.g. $2500/month), as she can find other sources of support. But I suppose IRL, we are always “browsing the menu” so to speak even if we are not actively looking for someone to date. That having been said, I have encountered only one out of close to twenty SBs who stop browsing the menu once an arrangement is in place (the webcam SB I described earlier). So many lie outright saying they haven’t logged in in weeks, forgetting that their last login is clearly displayed. And I have even caught some cheating red-handed trying to set up dates with other SDs I know even when they have themselves demanded exclusivity and having been offered the option of a non-exclusive relationship with a lower allowance.

  145. JSO - TXSD says:

    yes. i am old. takes a while for dial up to work

  146. Midwest Mistress of the Dark says:

    JSO – Just starting out? Hello!

  147. JSO - TXSD says:

    good evening everyone

  148. Midwest Mistress of the Dark says:

    Eric – Go to Bravo TV , millionaire matchmaker, season 2, episode 6 (lady shooting handgun) and you will see :-)

    Naughty Molly – Nice work!

    ESB – Sugar Dreams! Did you see in the earlier blogs that NYC SB will bring a suitcase full of great shoes so we can have a PJ Party while modeling CLs?

  149. Eric ~ I’m good, but would be better if my ankle wasn’t sprained…ugh.

  150. CA Dreamin SB says:

    Okay ladies (and Eric) – I’m off to dinner. Catch up with you all tomorrow!

  151. Midwest – That has been my experience. I don’t think they read the profile in it’s entirety, I think one or two things run them off. A wise woman advised me to set a dollar amount and that ran off all of those who were really seeking an escort. I highly recommend doing that.

  152. AM – I’m doing good :) things are looking up for me! Thanks, I can’t wait to get back to LA, it’s been like a year now.. should be good with a 4 week vacation 😀

  153. Eric!! How are ya…hope you have fun in LA! :)

  154. CA Dreamin SB says:

    Goodnight ESB

  155. Thanks Boston, I’m glad someone finds me amusing….LOL :)

    Good Night ESB :)

  156. NYC SB and Midwest – is she on SA or what? and why are you both having a laugh about it? :p

    Hey AM :)

  157. ESB says:

    Well, times up. Gotta get to bed. Have a long day planned for tomorrow. Good night, sweet dreams!!

  158. Boston Honey *413431* says:

    Ski Trip, Ski Trip, Ski Trip. Maybe all the SB’s should hit Stowe, Vermont and the new 22,000 sqft spa at Stowe Mountain Lodge. Shopping in Stowe and Spa Hopping via snowmobile to Canada to see our sugary SB friends there……

    Anna Molly I love your style and sense of humor. I do my dishes the same way….

  159. I couldn’t stay in the house any longer….I was going crazy..lol

  160. Midwest Mistress of the Dark says:

    NYC SB and Eric – Patty has a hottie SM in her list, but the lady has an attitude!

    Amazon – I found that saying exactly what I wanted from an SD, the flakes stopped writing. Does that mean they actually read the profile?? LOL.

  161. Hi everybody! Just got back from trivia and I won a beer bucket and two t-shirts….LOL. I’m so smart :)

  162. Midwest Mistress of the Dark says:

    Eric – My search was fruitful indeed. My SD and I set up our arrangement in December and it has been a wonderful experience! I hope you have success in LA! (Doesn’t sound bad at all ) Sounds like you are turning a corner…

  163. Midwest – Thanks, I’ve actually been very fortunate, after putting up such a detailed profile the number of emails I received dwindled. Now almost everyone who contacts me now is very nice, the weirdos and flakes have disappeared and what is left are good genuine people. As far as me being converted into a SM goes there is no danger of that happening. 😉

  164. NYC SB says:

    Eric – I would go see Patty from Millionare Matchmakers while you are in LA … haha

  165. NYC SB says:

    Marie – Im confused… is this the first time you are meeting the SD or this is the first time you see him since your “arrangement” talk?

    My answer will of course depend on your answers

  166. cleo says:

    SDs: would you prefer an sb who asked for an allowance and was pleased by but didn’t expect gifts or one who didn’t ask for an allowance but dropped little ‘hints’ about car repairs all the time?

    (i know what i’d prefer… but i’m an sb :)

    this question, in case you’re wondering, came about because i was discussing allowance with a guy who once kept an sb for ten years. but he moved her in with him so i’m not sure it’s the same at all. he figures the sb will get more without a formal deal in place.

  167. Hey midwest :) good to see you. The search is going well for a change :) I’m going to LA in february so I’m trying to line people up for a meet-n-greet (wow that sounds bad) while I’m there! How’s your search going?

  168. Marie Jac says:


    Thanks for the advice! Mani-pedi appointment in the making. Shoe shopping tomorrow.

    Sending sugary sugary love to all of you!!!!

  169. ESB says:

    Marie Jac : Congrats on your date/SD! Awesome girl!! Um… what everyone else said! :)

  170. Midwest Mistress of the Dark says:

    Marie – Yeah! Woo Hoo! A nice black skirt with heels, hose, camisole and blazer would work nicely. The camisole can have some embellishment like beads, lace, etc. Don’t be too flashy or show too much skin. Do show some legs :-) Get a mani/pedi in french.

    ESB – Hi!

  171. cleo says:

    Marie Jac: casually upscale? can’t go wrong with a little black dress and decent accessories.

    if you don’t have that you need to find a long skirt and a good blouse…

  172. ESB says:

    AM: I am an insurance agent, what would you like me to quote to you?? 😉

  173. ESB says:

    I only hve a few minutes, so I will say “Happy New Year” to my sugar family, then attempt to catch up… wow, this could take a while!! :)

  174. Marie Jac says:

    Hey Sugar Fam,

    I “officially” have an SD and am very excited. However our first SD/SB date is at an upscale club and i have nothing to wear! What does one where to a “casually upscale” place. HELP!!!


  175. Midwest Mistress of the Dark says:

    Now this is a record since my time here…two male sbs on the blog at the same time!!! Hi Eric! How’s the sugar search!

    Amazon – I knew you would! You have so much to offer to a guy who is not intimidated by ambitious women! Hope you find sugar soon! Careful or Eric and Alethia will try to bring you to the sm side!

  176. Hey guys, happy new years :) Hope everyone had a great NYE!

    NYC SB, you haven’t come across any sites that includes SM search have u?

  177. Midwest I have met a couple of pot that seem to be awesome people. The most recent 2 weeks ago while I was out of town. It looks promising so we’ll see. He’s a very nice guy so even if a sd/sb relationship isin’t in the cards I’d still love to keep in touch with him since I can see him being a good friend. By the way I’ll be in Chicago on the 13th.

  178. Midwest Mistress of the Dark says:

    LASB – Hotel 17 was very clean, nice staff, great neighborhood. I would stay there again.

  179. Midwest Mistress of the Dark says:

    I did see that sugardaddie is advertising on one of the sports channels – does that mean they are recruiting sds?

    Awkward moment: You are watching football with your friends who know nothing of your sugar life and the ad comes on…*roll eyes and whistle*

    Hi James ;-), NYC SB, Cleo, Gemi and AM!

  180. NYC SB says:

    sugardaddie and sd4me are different sites

    but yes sd4m has been all flakes

  181. Midwest Mistress of the Dark says:

    Cleo – I stayed on sd4me for a month and got a ton of fakes…my experience only. Some people like it.

  182. Midwest Mistress of the Dark says:

    Hi Sugars! Welcome Alethia!

    NC Gent – So nice to see you back! Are you back to the sugar search?

    I love all the skiing talk…can’t wait to learn this year so I can hit the diamonds with Gemi next year…yes, VERY optomistic!

    Amazon – How is your search going?

    TLG – NOW, I can say Welcome back!!

  183. Gemini29 says:

    Yeah its been a slow day on the blog. Everyone must be back at work and back to reality! :(

  184. NYC SB says:

    Cleo – open an account without paying… then see how much interest you get… you can see the mail but cant read it… based on that see if anyone catches your eye. In my experience the site is more oriented towards dating rather than arrangements.

  185. cleo says:

    dude today makes molasses look fast

  186. CA Dreamin SB says:

    IS this as far as we’ve gotten since I left? It is a very slow day on the blog!

  187. LOL….James :)

    Can’t wait for the next lesson :)

  188. cleo says:

    ohhh i’m amazing at car loading, no one can believe how good i am. personal organization? not so much

  189. Gemini29 says:

    Oooh ooh, I’m really good at loading a car too! But not so good at organizing a garage, so I would def need some SD mentoring as far as that is concerned. Hmm…wonder if I should put that in my profile… “will accept SD mentoring on organizing a garage”

  190. james.m says:

    AM – I started reading the blog backward, and thought you really had taken a few too many pain pills. It seemed like you were carrying on a conversation with yourself. That’s carrying the “I chase everyone away” thing a bit too far.

    Actually, though, plates should be arranged by size, in order to optimize water flow (and cleaning). Knives, forks and spoons, however, should be separated, so that they don’t nest, which would minimize cleaning.

    For tomorrow’s lesson, we will move on to the garage, and discuss loading the car.

  191. The one thing I hate more than emergency rooms is calling for insurance quotes…..I hate it, hate it, hate it!….lol

  192. 2Chic says:
    January 4, 2010 at 12:13 pm

    Hello Anna Molly
    Hows it going?
    Me…. mnnn very optimistic, thanks for asking:-)

    Being optimistic is a good thing :)

  193. I meant CA Dreamin….lol, those darn pain meds have me all loopy…lol.

  194. Gemini29 says:

    I’ll get in on this topic while I can because its a spot near and dear to my heart. I could technically teach a person to ski, but really, lessons are where its at…especially private lessons if you want to get better quicker. Give me a big mountain with long diamond runs and I’ll be in heaven.

  195. LOL…2Chic, you are absolutely right :)

  196. Remember that movie…I think it’s called “Sleeping with the Enemy”..I’m kinda like Julia Robert’s husband, but not so extreme…lol

  197. 2Chic says:

    Hello Anna Molly
    Hows it going?
    Me…. mnnn very optimistic, thanks for asking:-)

  198. CA Dreamin SB says:

    AM – that’s the beauty of pain meds! Take them and you won’t care where the couch is! 😉

  199. Hi 2Chic :)

    How are you today?

  200. I’m trying to keep the house straight, but it’s kinda hard with a sprained ankle. It’s driving me nuts….I’m such a clean freak. I’m not a germaphobe, but if something is out of place I can’t stand it.

    I think I have a mild case of OCD. For example, I like to stack my dishes in the dishwasher according to their size. All the knives, forks and spoons have their own spot and I like things centered and even. It drives me crazy that I can’t center my couch with the fireplace….sigh.

  201. 2Chic says:

    Hello Suga Fam,

    Happy Monday!

  202. Ha – I took PART of my tree down – only b/c i accidentally knocked it over..I would have preferred to leave it til next year lol..it is in the basement and no one every goes down there lol..but yes – the tree itself is away the ornaments are on the coffee table waiting for the New Year fairy to come and put them away – argh!

  203. My house is a total mess! I did take my tree down yesterday so all the x-mas stuff is out of the way…..thank goodness. :)

  204. I am here AM – just kinda cleaning up a bit here and there…my after bday resolution – get the house back in order 😛

  205. My office has been so quiet…I haven’t had to work since right before Christmas Eve….sigh.

  206. CA Dreamin SB says:

    I know AM!!! Sad everyone is working today :(

  207. Very quiet in here…..echo

  208. NC Gent says:

    Welcome to the blog, Alethia! Thanks for the kind words :)

  209. cleo says:

    thanks AM

  210. Aletheia mSB says:


    The m stands for male lol. I wouldn’t say there is any place you can go “hunting”. You just have to always be open to meeting new people/friends where ever you are; always be observant. I sort of fell into this when my boyfriend slowly turned into my SD. He is very successful, I am a student, and he suggested that since he makes so much more he should pay for the expensive things that he would like to do such as eating out, going to shows, hopping on a plane to another city.

    We are both completely laid back and open minded people so even though it is a real relationship, it is more NSA than most NSA relationships. We are monogamous but everything is out in the open, including small crushes. I think in general when people are looking for NSA, what they are really looking for is a specific type of person who is easy going regardless of how serious the relationship is.

    That being said if you insist on knowing some potential places, you could try one of the places mentioned in this article. It’s not necessarily about being rich though, sometimes getting in is based off your knowledge and love of food…the Charlies website seems to be down today however. If you are going to a nice restaurant, I wouldn’t recommend sitting at the bar…it is too obvious. You may just have to suck it up/save up and spring for a nice meal every once and a while. One place may be the Library Bar (more of a restaurant) at the Royal York, intermission at the opera (four seasons centre), a concert at the Royal Conservatory (tickets here are very reasonable actually), etc….I hope some of those suggestions help, the list is by no means comprehensive.

  211. NC Gent Keystone is a really good time. That is where the meet-up should be.

  212. UncommonSB says:

    CA Dreamin: Steamboat Springs is my personal fav. There are some pretty great vacation rental properties at the base of the resort too.

  213. Cleo ~ I sent him an email for you :)

  214. NC Gent says:

    Keystone is the place I went skiing two years ago — I liked that a lot also!

  215. CA Dreaming Keystone is one of my favorites though just because of the night skiing.

  216. cleo says:

    Hi Beach

  217. CA Dreaming I agree with you, they’re all great! What’s not to love?

  218. CA Dreamin SB says:

    Amazon – flying into Eagle. I’ve been to Vail, Aspen and Snowmass before – last year went to Wyoming. I haven’t seen a ski resort yet that I didn’t like!

  219. NC ~ It would be like the blind leading the blind wouldn’t it…lol.

    Not trying to offend anyone! Just a saying.

  220. NC Gent you are doing better than me I’m green and blue. lol

  221. cleo says:

    Aletheia: i don’t really know about private places here… as in i wouldn’t know where to start looking but i am fairly certain they exist.

    if you know where to hunt in toronto girl please clue me in!
    AM if he likes you he’ll make you take a lesson rather than teach you himself

  222. I haven’t been to Montreal in so long! I love it there! I have to plan a trip soon :)

    Got to get my passport first though….UGH!

  223. NC Gent says:

    I am not qualified to teach Anna — I am ski the blues and easy blacks and fall enough on my own without trying to teach someone else!

  224. CA Dreaming Vail is great, not far from Aspen and has some really nice restaurants. Are you heading straight up or are you spending a night in Denver?

  225. Aletheia mSB says:

    NC Gent

    I think you’ve already made up your mind on this one, your just hesitating to reply because you hate being “the bad guy” (you’re not). Also, you’re not an easy target, she probably just thinks you are. As for the skiing trip…Mont Tremblant north-west of Montreal is amazing.

  226. Pain meds kicking in….WoooHooo…..kidding…lol.

    The Tylenol was working until I went upstairs to put laundry in the dryer…sigh. I think I need to prop my foot up. I’m home by myself (as usual)

  227. I was hoping to have a sweet SD to teach me… 😉

  228. I guess nobody wants to teach me how to ski….sigh. Probably just as well, I’m such a clutz! I would end up getting hurt…..on the other hand, there are lots of fun things to do at a ski lodge other than skiing. 😉

  229. AM the best way to learn to ski is to just take a lesson from the instructors once you get up there.

  230. CA Dreamin SB says:

    Amazon – heading to Vail on Thursday

  231. NC ~ Target no, irresistible yes :)

  232. Aletheia mSB says:

    Thank you for the warm welcome TX SB. I suppose I should probably answer the questions while I’m at it.

    Have you made any sugar-resolutions? Care to share?
    For the new year my goal is to maintain my average/GPA, and to maintain a more consistent work out schedule.

    Do you reply to messages that don’t end with a question or “hope to hear back from you”? Why or why not?
    I reply to everything unless it is surprisingly rude or lewd. Then I have to ignore it to avoid sending something equally as rude back.

    Any sugar daddy/sugar baby news in your life?
    Yes, but my lips are sealed. I will just say that the water in Toronto is just fine, come on in :)

    I would not read into it very much. It could be an effort on your ex’s part to make sure you and your daughter spend time together. The movie choice could be a coincidence, or it could be your daughter’s choices and wishful thinking. I would say it’s too early to know what the deal is.

  233. VA SB says:

    I agree NC Gent – don’t do it…..you’re not a bank for goodness sakes. Well, not for her…..

    Oh, and I caught that Kenny Chesney reference….I heard that song driving in to work this monring. I’m a huge fan of his. He’s short, but oh so cute.

  234. Hey NYGent! How are you feeling?

  235. Yaz says:

    NYGent!!!!!!!!!!!! I’m still free!!!! 😀 No police cars chasing after me….yet ha!

  236. NC Gent says:

    “No good deed goes unpunished” is unfortunately one of my favorite and common sayings… she said she wants to get back which is also a common occurrence with my past SBs too — I must be an easy target!

  237. That is a great idea Amazon Goddess! I could learn how to ski and visit CO.! :)
    Now all I need to do is find someone who wants to teach me….anybody?

  238. Yaz says:

    She offered to work it off???? Im not going to comment on this one…….

  239. NYGent says:

    NC Gent: my advice is don’t do it. I did it once, thinking that would be the end of it, but she just kept coming back for more and the last time I said no she excoriated me saying “$500 is nothing to you.” I felt like saying yes but I am also nothing to you (but I refrained)

    And yes, it’s a common occurrence. Unfortunately generosity does not always beget appreciation, but rather greed. The phrase “no good deed goes unpunished” comes to mind . . .

  240. You all may want to seriously consider a sugar ski trip to Colorado, it would be a blast.

  241. cleo says:

    lol boys *g*

  242. NC Gent says:

    Hi Cleo — I was joking about NY Gent advice (not that I don’t respect his advice) but we BOTH have been known to make bad financial decisions when thinking with the wrong head!

  243. CA Dreaming I’m in Denver are you coming out anytime soon?

  244. cleo says:

    nc gent why? you don’t need nygent to repeat back to you the excellent advice oyu just gave yourself :)

  245. NC Breck is nice I was just there last month for a week for a conference.

  246. NC Gent says:

    I don’t think I will loan her the money. She did offer to ehhh work it off lol I agree about the honesty thing… if she had been honest with me in the past, and it had ended better, I would have had no problem lending her the money. Maybe I should look to NY Gent for advice on this!

  247. NC Gent says:

    I actually went to Breckenridge last year AG, but stayed in Denver.

  248. LOL….I’ve never thought tractors were sexy!

  249. Denver is about 50-60 miles east of the nearest ski resort and about 20 miles from the mountains. The weather is very different and begins to immediately change as you start climbing. The different resorts are a really good time that is if you enjoy dining, drinking, spas and hot springs.

  250. NC ~ Don’t do it…for the love of God!

  251. CA Dreamin SB says:

    NC Gent – Don’t do it! How do you know she’s REALLY getting divorced and moving? Seems she has no problem lying to you to get what she wants.

  252. NC Gent says:

    and yes CA SB – I think she thinks my AMEX is sexy…. reminds me of a Kenny Chesney song!

  253. NC Gent says:

    Well my first SB (of over 2 years) asked me for a few hundred dollars (emergency car repair) after our arrangement had ended. I had no problem with that because she and I still talk and our good friends.

    With this one, I am ambivalent about it. We had some really good times, but she had lied about her marital status, which made for an ugly breakup. She said she is getting divorced and is moving, and that is why she needs the loan. Not sure what I will do, and I haven’t responded yet.

  254. Yaz says:


  255. CA Dreamin SB says:

    I think the word I’m looking for is tacky!

  256. CA Dreamin SB says:

    Yaz – I would not think it’s normal to do that. Personally, I’d never do it.

  257. I think it is a common occurrence.

  258. cleo says:

    yaz imma gonna say yes. normal? yes. classy? not so much.

  259. Yaz says:

    I mean is it normal to do that???

  260. Who knows Yaz…women are funny creatures :)

  261. Yaz says:

    It seems like a lot of SBs tend to go back to their previous SDs for money or financial favors….What’s up with that??

  262. CA Dreamin SB says:

    NC Gent – did she tell you your amex was one of the sexiest she’s ever seen??? 😉

  263. NC Gent says:

    Thanks Yaz — make sure you get a pic of those boobies in the cold lol

  264. NC Gent says:

    and on a holy crap note…. I just got an email from my SB from 2008. It had ended a little less than amicably but we had a long talk in May. She wants a loan ughhhhhhhh

  265. I think the fact that I can drink a beer in a bottle around him and not feel weird about it is sexy… :)

  266. NC ~ I’ve always wanted to learn how to ski! Bulington VT got 33″ of snow :)

  267. Yaz says:

    NC~ I think your AMEX card…erm I mean your smile is soo sexy! 😀

  268. CA Dreamin SB says:

    ATX – Have to say I’m glad you found a date for the game. I was going to be devestated if I won the raffle and had to turn it down…I’ll be skiing :)

  269. NC Gent says:

    I have been to Denver each of the past two winters for some skiing. I have to start thinking about my ski trip this year. I am thinking Heavenly at Tahoe would be divine this year, but have also been considering Taos in New Mexico. Sugar ski trip maybe???

  270. Yaz says:

    I have to go run some errands…Ugh…
    It has been sooo windy for the last couple of days..I feel like I live in a fridge! But it does help with perky boobies 😉 Ok let me stop!

  271. NC Gent says:

    Hi Gail! Long time no see! Nice bootie NYC SB :)

    I get compliments on my american express platinum 😉

    Hi there Yaz and Taz.

    No foot fetish here!

  272. ATXchic I live in Denver.

  273. CA Dreamin SB says:

    Yaz – I’m right there with you on the cold. I hate going outside in freezing weather (unless I’m skiing). I just tried to convince my little dog she didn’t need to go out right now…didn’t work :)

    SDN – you men are all the same!!! 😉

  274. Yaz says:

    NYCSB~ See what you have started? lmao

  275. Yaz says:

    Aahaha well Anna I was very lucky to see them up close and I think they are awesome! ( . ) ( . ) 😀

    Now I wish mine were bigger… (.) (.) :-( lol…

  276. AM – if it’s any consolation, I think you have great boobies 😀

  277. Gail says:

    I went to Colorado…it was really cold…rode the little train up the mountain…got really dizzy…took the train back down… twisted horned sheeps watched me go back down the mountain…ate rattlesnakes, buffalo, and deer for dinner….Our ex-President Bush came the same day I was leaving…secret service was all over the place. Forgot the name of the resort……it was all a blurr…..just couldn’t stand up straight or catch my breath for 2 days….lol….

  278. AM – don’t say that! At least they are noticing MORE than your boobies! Let them save that for later 😉

  279. If you have to Yaz….REALLY have to face the cold – lol it always helps me to think about lying in a bikini on a beach…think hot thoughts 😉

  280. I get compliments on my teeth….all the time..sigh. It’s not a bad thing, but good greif..it would be nice to have a compliment on my boobs for a change…lol :)

  281. Yaz says:

    Its freezing and I am scared to go outside!!!! :-(

  282. Gail says:

    NYSB…He is most likely is sugarying and mentoring a new SB right now. Now he is the king of daddies : ) You may have read about him last year on the SA blog…so insightful and a true SD. Six of us were very fortunate to go on sponsored lifestyles of the rich and famous sugar trip to Vegas last year.

    Ok….really have to go now…have to shop…its Monday…noone should be at the Mall….lol….Lisa…yes I broke down and decided to spend and not save for 1 day……

  283. AM – actually now that everyone is talking about it – I DO get compliments on my eyes and hair matching 😛

  284. Yaz says:

    Anna you have beautiful eyes!!!! and I looove your hair! :-)

  285. Yaz says:

    NYCSB~ he is fabulous indeed but he is gone gone gone gone hehe He is not a part of SA anymore :-(

    Gail ~ seriously! They are always like ” You are a black girl with asian eyes! ” and I am like ” erm thanks?!” LOL

  286. My eye color changes with my mood it seems like…lol.

  287. SD NEOhio (SDN) says:

    CA Dreamin: I was talking about you dear. ** looking sweet and innocent **

  288. NYC SB says:

    Gail – a sugar trip to Vegas… now thats an idea… hmmmm … now where is this fabulous Sam you speak so highly of?

  289. My eyes are brown/green. Sometimes they’re a dark green, other times brown.

  290. Gail says:


    We still have time….come on….do it with me…..let’s wish Sam here….we can do it before February!!!!! Wishing…wishing…wishing!!!!!

  291. I’m going VS shopping this week….YAY! I have my eye on a nice purple bra and panty set :)

  292. Gail says:

    Yaz….thats what you get for hanging around your Asian Sugar sisters…rolf !!!!!

    I get compliments on my blue/brown eyes….really…brown with blue rings around them and also my long black hair.

  293. Yaz says:

    Gail!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! 😀

  294. Gail says:

    Morning All~

    NYSB….Fabulous blog : ) Enjoyed every entry…you capture the highs and lows of sugar life.

    NC Gent….hello darling…I have missed you : ) Perky boobies yeah….and perky p_ _ _s’s too!!!!! lol Speaking of lingerie….I just ordered online not one…but 3 new nighties from VS….they are having great sales right now. Gotta start 2010 right…..

    Have fun at the Chicago meet everyone! Is it only one nite? Would love to go on a 3-4 day meet this year. I think its time for the 2nd Annual Las Vegas Sugar Meet!!!! The stripper pole at Jet is calling me. Sending out vibes to Sam our King Daddy…(transmitting…..)

    MMD…I love pearls…my ex bought my daughter a strand for her HS graduation…for me nada…that and other reasons as to why he is my my ex….: )

    Have a blast on your dates TT and Anna .

    Lisa…I would simply ask your supervisor for 3 days off in a row. They really can do anything they want to accomodate you….especially since you never miss a day and are always there. Be very sugary sweet to her…(smile) Or if you know someone that has the day off, ask them if they will work your shift for you.

    Have a great day sugars!!!!

  295. Yaz says:

    Anna: I know it may not seem that strange but I have had a lot of compliments on my eyes….( it seems weird to me since many people tell me I have asian eyes lol) They are most noticeable in pictures or whenever I smile. ( See my first profile pic and you will see what I am talking about..) :-)

  296. No..I’m not, but I’ve always wanted to go :)

  297. CA Dreamin SB says:

    Anyone in Colorado?

  298. CA Dreamin SB says:

    SDN!!! You cad! I’m fake crushed!!! :(

  299. SD NEOhio (SDN) says:

    I think I may be in love.

  300. cleo says:

    taz i’m right downtown, it’s totally easy to meet you… i need to be heading back here no later than four…

  301. CA Dreamin SB says:

    NYC SB – you are hillarious!

  302. Yaz says:

    Lmaooo NYCSB ! 😀

  303. NYC SB ~ That is tooo fuuunnny! LOL!

  304. NYC SB says:

    NC Gent – maybe i can provide you with a visual ( )( )
    \ / \ /

    And SDN this is for you ( . ) ( . )

    Sorry guys im super juvenile today…

  305. Cleo – seriously if it works out – my date will be done by 2:30-3, so if you want to meet me near the train station for coffee – we are on!

    AM – nose and ears?? Really? Lol…no compliments like that 😛 I get the obvious..if any 😛

  306. cleo says:

    anna molly: it’s definitely my feet. otherwise i get back/shoulders/collarbone but i don’t think those are weird. nor do i know why i think feet to be gently odd to notice… especially when i coddle and paint them.

    ears huh? interesting. my nose? not so much with the compliments…

  307. Aside from the obvious, what is the strangest part of the body any of you SB’s gotten compliments on?

    What about the SD’s?

    Just curious….I’ve had compliments on my nose and ears…yes, ears..lol.

  308. cleo says:

    nc gent: ohhhh you mean booty! lol i was imagine those cute little half booties and stuff and thinking you had a thing for well shod feet – lol

  309. cleo says:

    i like how ATX shows off his date for the rose bowl and wants us to be happy about the no raffle! *kidding sir, we’re glad for you*
    NCGent: incidentally? foot folks loooove my feet. i have no idea why ;>
    Taz: toronto date on thursday? are we having a coffee in there too?

  310. AM – meh that’s life – if it is meant to be..it will be lol…I was more looking forward to my Toronto date on Thursday…waiting to hear back to make sure his schedule is free :) Definitely crossing my fingers for that one!

  311. NCGent – welcome back…and yes perky boobies and booties – I think you are on the right track 😉

    Hey AM :) – btw – date had to cancel..roads were bad :(

  312. Hey Taz! What’s goin’ on :)

  313. Dorky Guy – maybe she is just feeling a bit nostalgic b/c of the holidays?? Good luck lol…

    NYCSB – GREAT blog lady!!

    Morning everyone! :)

  314. CA Dreamin SB says:

    NYC SB – the blog is amazing – great job!

  315. CA Dreamin SB says:

    Morning all…I’ve been reading for the last hour!

  316. Hi NYC SB! I read your blog and I LOVE IT! :)
    Nice Job!

  317. NC Gent says:

    HI NYC SB — thanks for grabbing my attention!

  318. I never bring up the arrangement in the first email. However, my sugar date for next week brought it up already, not in the first email mind you. Everyone is different I suppose.

  319. SD NEOhio (SDN) says:

    NYC SB: Morning NYC SB. Thank you :)

  320. My holiday was nice and I even refrained from eating too much…lol.

  321. NYC SB says:

    Morning Anna, SDN and NC Gent … and anyone else who is on

    NC Gent: perky butt

    SDN: Boobies

  322. NC Gent says:

    Hi Anna – it was very relaxing and I ate too much. Thanks for the welcome. I hope you had a good holiday season :)

  323. Hi NC! How was your holiday? Glad to see you back on the blog :)

  324. NC Gent says:

    oops and KLM — meant to say I divulge my FULL name doh!

  325. NC Gent says:

    Sorry for the false alarm SDN — it was just another guy talking about boobies so you can go back to sleep!

  326. SD NEOhio (SDN) says:

    Did some one say boobi…oh wait false alarm.

  327. NC Gent says:

    KLM — I divulge my first name before all my sugar dates :)

    Have a good time in Chicago Photogirl brrrrrrr I wish I was going!

  328. NC Gent says:

    Hello all — I have been on off for a while, and caught up on the blog. I did lurk a few times over my break.

    First of all, it takes PERKY boobies not just boobies to bring me out of lurk mode lol but in all honesty, I prefer booties to boobies, especially lingerie clad booties!

    Lots of things to catch up on… one item caught my eye regarding when to bring up financial part. I personally deplore it when an SB brings up the financial part in the first email. If you aren’t willing to invest a little time to get to know me first it isn’t going to work for us. I know this may be counter to some SDs opinion, but how would you feel if the SD brought up sex in the first email. If one doesn’t think an SD should bring up sex in the first email, then in all fairness, the SB shouldn’t bring up money in the first email, IMHO. If you don’t like it, feel free to ignore me!

  329. Thanks, me too! I’m really excited about it!

  330. photogirl says:

    I am looking forward to it! Wish you could make it too… actually wish more were making it.

    Hope your date goes well 😉

  331. Not on the 12th, but at some point that week :)

  332. All of you are going to have a wonderful time….I’m so bummed that I’m not going :(

    On the bright side, I am supposed to have a sugar date so I’m sure I’ll forget all about Chicago :)

  333. Being prepared is always good :)

  334. photogirl says:

    I know! It was 28 degrees this morning. :( I suppose it is preping me for Chicago.

  335. Freezing in Florida?! That’s terrible!

  336. photogirl says:

    Welcome back TLG

    Welcome new bloggers and GOOD morning everyone!

    I think Florida is a bit confused this morning as it is frrrreezing here!

  337. D D says:

    Hello to all new and existing bloggers. Just peeking in quickly before I have to get back to work.

    LASB: Thanks for the mail address :-) I’ll keep hold of it for now.

    NYC SB: Good work on the blog. I think an SB should have a diary, blog or some way of documenting her progress. A tool for reflection helps yourself (and sometimes others) in many ways. I’m also absolutely loving the link you have to the British girl Jess’ “Living the sugar daddy lifestyle” blog. She gives some great info and seems like she’d be a great ‘SB’ buddy :-)

    KLM: I think the name thing is about striking a balance. If an ‘SD’ gives you their full name (more often than not to verify who they are), don’t you think they should be entitled from the same? More often than not, they have more at stake than we do, especially as they can be blackmailed financially (some well-known cases have already come to light here). Still, you should feel able to screen someone by asking them certain questions and getting honest answers. Personally I say do the necessary steps and go with your gut.

  338. KLM says:

    Have you made any sugar-resolutions? Care to share?
    I suppose have an open mind about things. I would also rather meet someone off-site but we’ll see if my preference changes.

    Question for everyone: Do any of you divulge your full names?
    With my full name, I can be so easily googled and tracked that I’m worried about negative consequences—jealous SDs who want to ruin me or fake SDs playing around. I suppose this will always be a danger.

  339. The Lone Gunman says:

    Back from OZ and jetlagged, so I’m headed to bed again after this.

    Going to be a few days until I’m back in synch with the rest of you as far as wake/sleep cycle, I’m afraid.


  340. Elenor says:

    NYC SB I am in love with your blog.

  341. Niki says:

    Hi everyone.

    Have you made any sugar-resolutions? Care to share?
    I’ve been reading the blog for a while now, but this is my first post–a resolution to participate instead of just lurk.

    Do you reply to messages that don’t end with a question or “hope to hear back from you”? Why or why not?
    I reply back to all e-mails since I’d like the same courtesy.

    Any sugar daddy/sugar baby news in your life?
    Nothing to share at the moment.

    NYC SB ~ enjoyed reading your blog–very witty.

  342. 2Chic says:

    LASB, Will look into that area, thanks.

  343. Marie Jac says:

    Thanks for the replies. The thing is I am from New York City. This guy even expects me to accept less than your “midwest” range. I’m going to politely decline.

    Thanks sugar fam!

  344. TXSB says:

    Hi Everyone!!!

    Welcome to the blog DorkyGuy, Bubbles, Aletheia and any other new bloggers that I may have missed. :)

    Hope the ankle gets better soon. :)

    ATX SD:
    Congrats on the Rose Bowl date! Sounds like you’re about to have a blast b/t Vegas and LA!

  345. DorkyGuy says:

    Ok, so two days ago, my ex and my daughter invite me to the movies with them… to see “Did you hear about the Morgans?”

    … and then tonight, they invited me to go see “It’s Complicated”.

    Hmmm… coincidence, or really strong hints? Now I’m on my toes, half-expecting my ex to make a pass at me.

  346. SDinATX says:

    Just thought I’d drop in and say hi! I leave for Vegas in the morning. From there to LA, then back to Vegas, then home a week from today. So I’ll be having fun.

    And yeah, I got a date for the Rose Bowl without having to do a raffle here. Hope y’all all had a great holiday!

  347. BubblesMahoney says:

    Um well, I’m new to this and this is my first post so here goes…

    Have you made any sugar-resolutions? Care to share?
    Not really sugar resolutions, more like general ones but they would be to work out more for my health and to tighten up my curves, to be more outgoing and to get out more to meet new people. To go back to school for what I REALLY want to study and to change to a job that doesn’t kill my soul, oh and be a better sister to by siblings.

    Do you reply to messages that don’t end with a question or “hope to hear back from you”? Why or why not?
    I respond to all messages I get. I figure if someone took the time to contact me, the least I can do is be polite enough to respond even if it is with a “no thanks.” I appreciate the same courtesy and I understand that sometimes those type of closers can sound trite so I don’t hold it against anyone that doesn’t use those endings.

    Any sugar daddy/sugar baby news in your life?
    None yet, but hopefully this will be the year for it.

  348. LASB says:

    2Chic – For 3k or less, you can live in almost every neighborhood. FD? Fire department? Sorry, I’m bad with the acronyms. Downtown has plenty of lofts for under 3k. On the Westside, you can get 1200 sq/ft for about 2k, from what I understand. Also, for 3k/month, have you considered buying? There are so many great deals right now.

  349. 2Chic says:

    Hi LASB,

    Maybe at least 1200 sq.ft. Need a place to work, and easy access to the FD. Rent no more than 3k.
    Thanks for responding….: )

  350. Aletheia mSB says:

    Hello fellow bloggers! I have decided to stop lurking.

    I’m dying to know what these exclusive restaurants are that you speak of. I am from Toronto too and have done my fair share of dining out. Perhaps I’ve been to some of the places you’re thinking of. What do you mean by “private”? Do you mean clubs where they put on dinners? Are you referring to clandestine dining such as this.

    I agree with you as far as getting tested. I suppose I would only object if it seemed too soon in the sense that things were not starting to develop into a serious or intimate relationship just yet. Testing is not to find out whether you actually have a disease in point of fact, but to assure the other person of the fact. If someone does not know what the outcome of the test will be…everyone involved should be a bit perturbed.

    Why not reapply to the same jobs (if it is not prohibitively costly money or time wise)? Even apply to some jobs in NY while you are at it 😛 Congrats on the SD by the way! :) Good fortune more often than not seems to smile on those who don’t need it. By that I mean, when you needed it most, last year, they never called you back, but now that you have a job, who knows what they may do? I don’t recommend telling anyone you know or at work that you are putting out feelers for another job though, it’s best to keep something like that to yourself. As for your boss, it amazes me that those are the type of people you have to work for. She seriously tried to have her husband killed? Oh dear…they should have given you her position!

    I would look into the Warwick. It is absolutely my favourite hotel in New York. It is a short walk to Central Park and across the street from one of the best museums in the world (MOMA). It is over your price range most of the time but sometimes they offer discounted rooms that are a steal.

  351. LASB says:

    2 Chic – What size place are you looking for and how much rent do you want to pay? Also, do you commute somewhere for work? From what I’ve heard, rents have gone down quite a bit in the last year.

  352. LASB says:

    Midwest – Thanks for the hotel recommendation. I might go out there for the Gaga shows but I’ll be on an SB budget. What can you say about the cleanliness about the place? Or if any NY SBs want to home swap for a few days, let me know. You will love my place for sure! :)

    In terms of the snow blades, I don’t know how it is back east, but I know you can rent them in many places around Tahoe. One time when my friend couldn’t rent them she just asked for kids sized skis and they were fine. IMO, the most important is how your boots fit. Anyhow, hope you are feeling better soon. Zinc and vitamin C are great for colds/sore throats.

    JS0 – So, you’re bringing sand to the beach, eh? 😉

  353. 2Chic says:

    Oh, I got it….:)

  354. 2Chic says:

    Midwest did you receive my email?
    Hope I sent it to the right place. I don’t know what there is live.com and hotmail.com. Was not sure which windows appl you had. :O

  355. Good Night Midwest….hope you feel better!

  356. Midwest Mistress of the Dark says:

    G’night Lisa, g’night Percy.

    I’m off too. Sugar dreams!

  357. JSO - TXSD says:

    yes lisa i am a loser

  358. Lisa that Actually Has an SD says:

    It’s funny that TXSD has to leave Texas to meet sbs, lol
    afterall they’re cheaper by the pound in Texas

    Good night

  359. Midwest Mistress of the Dark says:

    JSO – you have SA mail

  360. Midwest Mistress of the Dark says:

    Hmmmm, I think I do. If I’m right, I think it’s awesome!

  361. JSO - TXSD says:

    and they are very cute

  362. Lisa that Actually Has an SD says:

    MMD, NY isn’t the issue, I’m in Houston, it is nothing like NYC.

  363. JSO - TXSD says:

    And mid west I think you know who all is tagging along from my group

  364. JSO - TXSD says:

    sorry you, james, sdn, and myself will be meeting in chicago

  365. Midwest Mistress of the Dark says:

    JSO – Aren’t you joining us?

  366. Midwest Mistress of the Dark says:

    Lisa – When I went to NYC, I was able to get a private car service for door-to-door service. Reservations can be made online and paid online wth tolls, taxes and gratuity. It may be better if sd arranges it as they will likely take him more seriously since it means going into a less than desirable neighborhood.

  367. JSO - TXSD says:

    Well you james and sdn will be meeting in chiacgo

  368. Midwest Mistress of the Dark says:

    Anna – sounds perfect!

    JSO – does that stand for james says ok?? (Kidding james :-) )
    Glad you are being so selective, I have learned to give those I was mildly interested in the benefit of a doubt. It’s so hard to get to know someone until you meet them at least once.

  369. JSO ~ I sprained my ankle….so I’m taking it easy for a few days…sigh

  370. Midwest ~ Sounds like you need some chicken soup too :)

    I make killer chicken soup….I got the recipe from my Granny who got it from her mom….so it’s my Great Granny’s chicken soup :)

  371. JSO - TXSD says:

    molly yes i do

  372. JSO - TXSD says:

    yes I wont molly….lol
    are you sick?
    thought I saw something about that.

  373. JSO - TXSD says:

    mid west. i am waiting on the right over 30 sb that is right for me. thank goodness for the blog. I have all the time in the world. It will happen in the next 3 months I hope. Because of the blog I am not going to settle. I will just sit and wait. AND in the meantime, I will sexually harras all the good looking SB’s on the blog…
    Sorry James.

  374. Midwest Mistress of the Dark says:

    G’night NYGent – feel better. I’m feeling a little rough myself. It’s tough to give up all this free time we’ve been enjoying, so one more day won’t hurt.

  375. Hi JSO! If you want me, you got me 😉

  376. NYGent ~ Hope you feel better. Eat some chicken soup tomorrow…it will help :)

  377. Midwest Mistress of the Dark says:

    JSO- I haven’t heard about any sugar dates for you yet? Are you holding out until the ladies beg you to come out to play??

  378. JSO - TXSD says:

    alright molly you are all mine…(since no one else is on here)…lol

  379. NYC SB says:

    Sugar fam – thank you for the kind words regarding my blog… it means a lot to me

    photo girl you have a pic 😀

  380. Lisa that Actually Has an SD says:

    MMD, my boss really has no defense. She did it and it’s on tape: she was trying to hire someone to kill her husband. Simple as that, not much defense.

    Not sure what kind of car services they have at the airport, I know that you have to wait for a taxi, they’re not parked around like they used to be. I’m not getting a new place, credit is bad, income too low, end of story. I just have to hope this place fixes it’s violations soon. And safetywise, as long as I never go out past dark, i’m ok.

  381. NYGent says:

    AM: it was great, had to work quite a bit but got some golf and sunshine in between rain. After the redeye though I am exhausted and little under the weather, may even need to take tmw off.

    heading off to get some rest now . . .

  382. NYGent ~ How is/was Cali?

  383. Midwest Mistress of the Dark says:

    Hi MCM and JSO!

    Lisa – nothing you haven’t heard before! You are in a tough spot all the way around. I think once one changes (apt, job) and the rest will fall in place. It’s a great thing that your sd wants to see you more often and I hope you can stay open to what comes your way. Gail has said it before, you know what is best for you. Can your sd get your old boss the right lawyer? On that note, can you overcome the after dark issues if you get a car service (not taxi) to/from the airport? Could that be an option at a potentially new place?

    Moon – I would listen to Lisa’s sb.

    G’night BH! Sugar dreams!

  384. NYGent says:

    moon: yes there are plenty of hookers in times square but they are pretty distinguishable from most of the SBs on this site, much more ominous and obvious looking.

  385. JSO - TXSD says:

    doing fine thank you.

  386. MusicCityMistress (MCM) says:

    JSO-TXSD: Doing well, how are you?

    Midwest: Hi!

  387. Lisa that Actually Has an SD says:

    what’s your othe suggestion MMD?

  388. Boston Honey says:

    Good night to all. School starts again and 5 AM comes very early. Then I have to drive 2-3 hours to get there…. The Three Hour Tour….. It is worth it though…

  389. Lisa that Actually Has an SD says:

    My sd suggested I get my old boss in to it and make it mutually beneficial. Unfortunately she is already a “kept” woman and will be one for several years.

    Also a warning to Moonpatrol: Sd said be careful or you’ll be eaten alive in NYC by hookers pretending to be sbs.

  390. Lisa that Actually Has an SD says:

    The truck comes in late friday night, we have to work it on saturday and I work alone on sunday finishing up the truck and doing backstock. It’s alot of work for 3 people. Most of the departments have 5-6 people, we have 3.

    I can’t leave on sunday because I don’t get home till around 5, and coming home late is not an option, I have to get in by dark, even with a taxi as they don’t wait for you to get in your apt.

  391. JSO - TXSD says:

    good evening everyone. hope all is well.

  392. Midwest Mistress of the Dark says:

    So, if you’re off on Friday and there are no trucks on the weekends, why can’t you take a 3-day weekend?

    If you get Mon, Tues, Fri off, I guess you could leave after work on Sun and return late Tuesday.

    You know what my next suggestion is going to be :-)

  393. Lisa that Actually Has an SD says:

    There are only 3 employees in my department: Manager, assistant manager and me. so only two of us actually do the work. Sales don’t affect our schedule, it’s strictly truck delivery. We have huge deliveries on wednesday, thursday and friday night that have to be worked immediately. My coworker and I often work alone on certain days because there isn’t anyone to work with us. Tomorrow I have to work alone.

  394. Midwest Mistress of the Dark says:

    Lisa – I’m sure you have to keep a certain number of hours to qualify for benefits. That said, can she give you Mon-Tues-Wed off once a month (should be slower sales days even if trucks do come) and then the week before or after, you work a 5 or 6 day stretch? I’m sure your SD can help soften the loss of hours and would greatly appreciate your effort to create a schedule that works. The worse that can happen is the boss says no. Give her a reason to think it could benefit her. Otherwise, does everyone in your position work under the same stipulations or can they switch days on ocassion?

  395. Lisa that Actually Has an SD says:

    edit My boss is a teenage girl so we “CAN’T” relate to each other.

  396. Lisa that Actually Has an SD says:

    MMD, my off days are usually monday and friday. If I have a 3 day off week, it’s usually mon,tue and fri. But with the current boss, she has cut my daily hours and i’m working 5 days instead of 4 but getting less hours. I can’t get off sun, wed,thur, or sat. I made myself completely unavailable on fridays when I applied for the job because I knew i’d never have sat or sun off. My boss is a teenage girl so we can relate to each other. On the other hand my previous boss would have let me have the time off I needed as she understands this kind of thing, too bad she’s headed to prison. :(

  397. Midwest Mistress of the Dark says:

    MP – I stayed at Hotel 17 in Chelsea. It was $117 a night and weekly rates were lower. The rooms are a bit small and it requires sharing a bathroom on each floor. However, I found neither to be an incovenience. The room does have a vanity, it’s a quiet, nice area close to most things and the management is top notch.

  398. Midwest Mistress of the Dark says:

    BH – Long pearls are a MUST for any lady! They go with everything and nothing :-) I checked out the snow blades and like the idea. We have some bunny slopes not far from here, so hopefully we can give it a whirl this winter. Are these available for rent at the slopes?

    2Chic – I didn’t look for your mail. I’m at life_is_good_today at live keep in the underscores.

    AM – Lots of sugar love to get that ankle better. Although, this may be a whole new angle…SB can dominate you with cast :-) So kidding!!!

    Lisa – Is it possible to request a 3-days-off stretch once a month Especially if one ties in between two of your days off.

  399. NYGent says:

    moon: i guess if you’re just sleeping there and dont care much about the environs it’s ok, and probably doable for $200 which isn’t easy in manhattan. midwest stayed at a hotel near chelsea for the NYC dinner and may be able to provide a recommendation.

  400. Thanks MCM…Doc said I should be fine in a few days :)

  401. Lisa that Actually Has an SD says:

    My sd suggested I ask the blog what I can do in order to be able to travel to NY often. I can’t get off work as I just took my vacation 2 weeks ago. Have 2 or 3 days off a week but never the weekend, days are usually not together. Store delivery schedule dictates work schedule so I can only be off certain days.

  402. MoonPatrol says:

    I was at the Edison and All I did was sleep there. Is it really Bad? OK I’ll tell my Travel agent. Marriot Huh ? More than $200 a night and I have to say no. I(‘m not going for about 2 months from now.

  403. MusicCityMistress (MCM) says:

    NY SB: I meant ‘your’

  404. NYGent says:

    Moonpatrol: I wouldn’t stay at the Edison, it’s pretty seedy. check out the marriot marquis if you are looking to stay in times square area, or the sheraton or paramount.

  405. 2Chic says:

    Midwest Mistress, send me an email, will give you the info. :)

  406. Boston Honey says:

    Hit the slopes today… Powder…so much fun!!

    Happy Belated Birthday to Taz and James! I hope you both had a great day!

    Happy Lurker – Taurus eh’? Taurus and Cancer are meant to be together…. LOL. Out in the field with bird dogs?

    I don’t know that much about astrology. I do have the Sextrology book though….makes for fun reading… and I am surprised that NYGENT didn’t notice that the some of that I cut and pasted from an astrology site…ug oh copyright infringement and plagiarism. Perhaps Naughty Anna needs to spank me…or we can be in a cell together? 😉

    Midwest – Loving my new pearls… LOL

    UncommonSB-Do you really make a fist when you fall? I don’t think that crosses my mind, just wear Burton impact gloves with extra wrist protection. We can talk boarding and skiing offline if you want…
    hollandnhollandsb at the google place Can’t wait to hear about your trip.

  407. MusicCityMistress (MCM) says:

    Evening Sweet Sugars!

    NY SB: Your blog is sleek, sophisticated and very informative :) I wish you the best in you business endeavor:)

    Anna Molly: I hope your ankle heals quickly

    To those discussing Ice Wine earlier; if you have never tried it before you should! A friend brought some back from a trip to Canada for me and I loved it :)

  408. photogirl says:

    2Chic – Studio City is very safe…I’ve only been there once but one of my friends has a young child and there are many little shops, resturants, grocery etc within walking distance which she does often with her child. They weather seems to always be great!

    And from what I hear it is a great place to make contacts with like minded people(business owners etc)

  409. Midwest Mistress of the Dark says:

    2Chic – Do you mind sharing what type of business?

  410. 2Chic says:

    Thanks PhotoG. Looked at so many places that I am clueless about, need safe and a great location. I really want to feel comfortable.

  411. MoonPatrol says:

    A Molly- thats great . I haven’t been in 2 1/2 years, but have been looking for a place to go to for a week that will keep me interested.

  412. photogirl says:

    2Chic – Have you considered the Studio City area? I have family and friends around and in the area, they all seem to truly enjoy living there.

  413. 2Chic says:

    Hi all,

    I am looking for a place in the LA area. The place I thought I had was not for me, way too high in the mountains. So if anyone can give me some leads would be great. Due to the fact that I have only been in CA for several years, residing in the Northern part, I am not familiar with the best areas to live in LA. So if any of my Suga’s can give input, advice, or even a great deal, contact me at sugarandchic at aol.
    I hate moving, but I have a business to build. :)

  414. MoonPatrol ~ They already took x-rays, but we don’t have the best ER around here either….sigh. Do you come to NY often? You know, I like Broadway shows and museums 😉

  415. MoonPatrol says:

    Texas is so big the odds are that one would be from there or Ca or florida.
    We don’t know what we are doing here. we are just following our bliss.

    A Molly- Go see the doc tomorrow and get an x ray or something.
    I’m the best SD in all of Texas!

  416. What is everyone up to tonight?

  417. Yaz says:

    Hi Midwest :-)

  418. Wow!! Typos all over the place…lol. Must be the pain meds and as I told someone else earlier..Vicodin is my truth serum..lol.

    My ankle is blue and killing me….sigh.

  419. photogirl says:

    Taz – Would be nice if someone told the Florida SDs about it too. Although Texas does have some very sweet SDs as does Canada.

    Midwest – Yes, you were correct! 😉

  420. Midwest Mistress of the Dark says:

    PG – You have mail!

  421. Pssstt…you can tell the Canadian SD’s about it too 😉

  422. DorkyGuy says:

    lol yeah, tons of Blue State rich people moving to Texas… lower taxes.

  423. Hi :)

    Hello there DorkyGuy ;)…..why do you have to be frome Texas..sigh.

    Thanks for all the wonderful compliments everyone….I’m blushing :)

  424. We seem to have quite a few TX guys popping up lately. Word must be getting out :-)

  425. MoonPatrol says:

    Next time I go to new York for a week I’m gonna try and have a sugar babe waiting for me there. Edison Hotel Baby in Manhattan! Broadway shows and museums, Yes!

  426. DorkyGuy says:

    That she is… move her to Texas, and she’d be ideal 😉 Looking for someone local.

    I’ve got a weak spot for “girl next door” brunettes… even more so if they’re smart.

  427. NYC SB – Sounds like a plan! Wish I could fly with this litre of Grey Goose…I’m sure the guys have visions of us sbs tottering around in PJs and 4″ CLs while gracefully sporting a martini (without spilling) :-)

    Hi Yaz!

    Dorky guy – Alluring Anna and Naughty Molly are quite the twosome…fiesty, sweet and makes a mean hot chocolate!

  428. Yaz says:

    NYCSB~ I have read your blog and you get an A+ for style, content and presentation. Nice job!

  429. Yaz says:

    Dorky guy~ I second what NYGent said. Anna is a doll! :-)

  430. photogirl says:

    NYCSB – can I see the new you too??

  431. NYC SB says:

    Midwest – for sure on the shoe runway… i will bring a suitcase full of shoes lol … I will also send you a pic tonight :) (and everyone else that I promised a pic to

    NYGent – my blog is more of a recollection of my sugar life… click on the blue link and see for yourself…

  432. photogirl says:

    Taz & James – Hope you both had a wonderful birthday!

  433. Taz….

    Happy Birthday to you….
    Happy Birthday to you
    Happy Birthday my dear Taz…. happy birthday to you……..
    love ya girl! 😀

  434. Thanks LASB and DoryGuy 😀

  435. NYGent says:

    midwest: yes and yes.

  436. NYC SB – Should also add the EasternSurebaby is looking to share as well. Can you say pajama party? Can we do a runway show in your shoe wardrobe?

  437. SD NEOhio (SDN) says:

    NYGent: LASB isn’t the only one here, I am lurking and enjoy your posts.

  438. Hi Lisa, LASB, NYGent, MoonPatrol!

    MoonPatrol – You will learn that there is someone for everyone…not every sd makes 7 figures, some sds are only comfortable as gift daddies and some guys find a great girl at a lower allowance if it suits both. It could help you weed out the drama girls if you want to state up front that your preferences are less than $1K or as a gift daddy. As TLG says … We all want something different. Keep the faith, find the glass that is half full and keep trying when you are ready. Remember, inner peace is contagious!

    NYGent – Thanks! Are you back on the East Coast? Don’t you have a sugar date coming up :-)

    NYC SB – Still haven’t decided on SoCal, but I can let you know by early Feb. Some other things have to fall into place first. Sharing a room with the hot new you would be great! BTW – If you would like to send brownies (or the recipe) in my care, I will do my best to get most of them to the Midwest Meet. Still need pics of the new do please!! BTW- I have read a few of your entries so far and *LOVE* them! Very nicely done! I especially like the title.

  439. LASB says:

    Hi NYGent. Just posting so you don’t think you scared everyone away. You only scared everyone ELSE away. 😉

  440. NYGent says:

    midwest: meant “lot of sense . . “

  441. NYGent says:

    Dorky guy: if you like Anna’s profile you should introduce yourself, she is a nice woman!

    MIDWEST : as always you make a of sense in your posts

    NYC SB: so who have you hired as your m—-er–a-tor or are you a self-sufficient blog? what is your censorship policy?(!)

  442. NYGent says:

    marie: midwest and NYC SB are on target. If you don’t live in NYC, LA or San Fran, an allowance over $3K would be pretty unusual. Even in those cities the $10K+ allowances you sometimes read about being paid are more mythical than real.

  443. MoonPatrol says:

    IRLSB- I have one that I’m walking away from that I don’t want to be involved with because she is too much drama and I’m not in this to save people. I already helped her out tremendously. As long as she has been in this world she has had time to figure out how to survive. I told her I needed space, then she got mad and then later apologized via texting. I just don’t have time to help her with her problems. I have my own. ANd I haven’t responded and almost don’t want to.
    I turned off my profile too I ‘m not getting any hits and don’t want to be out there right now competing with all these guys that make $300,000 a year.

  444. LASB says:

    TAZ – Best wishes for having a happy birthday and wonderful new year!

  445. Lisa that Actually Has an SD says:

    Good evening everyone

    NYCSB, I applied at Sephora last year when I was out of work. I also applied at VS, Macy’s, Dillards, and various stores down at the mall, no one called back. Only got one call back which was the grocery store that i’ve worked at for over a year.

  446. DorkyGuy says:

    Happy B-Day, Taz!

  447. NYC SB says:

    midwest – just read the other blog… are you trying to go to the socal meet? if so i would love to share a room with you

  448. NYC SB says:

    Dorky Guy – Welcome back (assuming you are the same person)… hope all is well

    Marie – too much allowance… it all depends on where you are located… for example in NYC a 3-5k range seems to be the norm (my opinion) however elsewhere say Alabama that might seem high… it all depends on where you are and who you are talking to… an SD making 100k a year cannot possibly afford a 5k allowance unless he is retired or semi retired or a trust fund baby…

  449. Hi Dorky Guy and Marie Jac

    Marie – Many look at the cost of living in your area and go from there. You have to remember that if you’re in hicktown, WI and it’s $700 for rent and you can live on $35K a year, asking $10K is going to seem a bit unrealistic. It might also help to outline your goals (education, debt repayment, school loans, etc) so he has a realistic view of why you need the allowance you have requested. Lastly, it helps to realize that they will spend well above your allowance on dinners, etc. I haven’t seen your profile, so I have to be a bit generic here.

    HL – It’s always good to “hear” from you!

  450. TT (AKA Tantalizing Taz) says:

    2Chic and BG – just checked my email and thank you :)

    HL – hello and ty :) Always a pleasure to see you posting more often!

    MMD – ty :)

    DorkyGuy – hi :)

  451. Marie Jac says:

    Hey Sugar Fam,

    I’ve got some question from my fellow sugars. AM I ASKING FOR TOO MUCH ALLOWANCE?

    It seems every time I tell a POT what I expect they go bye bye. I guess I need to start screening better. I met with a POT this weekend and he expected me to take 1/2 of what I asked for. I just feel like my time is worth more than he was willing to offer.
    What is “normal” to ask for?

  452. SD NEOhio (SDN) says:

    CA Dteamin: I am being good honey.

  453. DorkyGuy says:

    Had a great time reading the blog today… Some negativity, but lots of good discussion especially on the D/D topic.

    For the life of me, I can’t imagine why anyone would object to disease testing. Personally, I’d give preference to a profile that said testing was required. I especially admire NYCSB’s vigilant approach.

    The topic of disease testing actually brings up another topic… background checks. There’s crime on both sides… with SBs blackmailing SDs, and there is an obvious safety factor for SBs especially in the beginning.

    There would be a benefit to background checks (especially for SB safety), but I wonder how that could be done while preserving the anonymity that so many want to preserve.

    Also, had a look at Anna’s profile… Wow… Kudos on a great profile!

    Anyway, Happy New Year, everyone :)

  454. CA Dreamin SB says:

    SDN – I have my eye on you!!! 😉

  455. IRLSD says:

    NYC SB, you are absolutely right. I would make sure she is fine if things don’t work out. Don’t worry. However, an old SB just notified me that she is getting evicted and I basically said, “Tough luck!” In all honesty, and I did tell her, I think she just needs money for drugs. Plus, the relationship was horrible and it was nothing more than a few weeks of torture that never became intimate. Plus, doesn’t it make sense for me to put all my effort and money into new SB instead of supporting all sorts of ATM-seekers from the past?

    Elenor, I have thought about that as well. This is more of a love affair than an SB and both the risk and the reward are higher.

    I am seeing her tonight for date #2. We’ll see how it goes. Wish me (and her) luck. I find the whole thing with her rather interesting, as I am making a serious and relatively long-term commitment rather quickly, as opposed to SBs from SA where I’d give them their allowance and buy myself plenty of time to think.

  456. Taz – Happy Birthday!

    TXSB – I would hope that you have trust above all things in your sugar relationship. I say this b/c if you have discussed the levels of exclusivity, you should be able to decide to share if you have contacted an sd/sb offline. I agree that if it’s in a discrete attempt to pre-arrange the next partner, that’s somewhat underhanded. I think one sd posted many blogs back that they want/give their sb a few weeks notice before ending their agreement to allow both to begin their search again. I have found there is some competition on here for good sds (per Palo Alto girl), and some women would not be afraid to tempt an sd away from his sb – true IRL as well. Either way, I agree that we look out for each other. If he/she will do it to one, it’s likely he/she is doing it to all. Was that clear as mud?

  457. Happy Lurker says:

    Hi Taz,
    A very happy birthday to you and may your sugar future be bright !
    Just got back from a wonderful day in the Belgian countryside and decided to have a peek at the blog. Took me a lot of time to read up.
    I love snowboarding, but had quite a few years experience of surfing, so I picked it up quickly. Always take lessons if you wish to try the sport.
    Realize that you will fall often so wear a helmet and protection for you knees and elbows and gloves. Later on when you are advanced you will need a kevlar harnass to protect your back.
    The question was raised “how do you make her/him aware that you are interested in her/him.” The answer is simple JUST TELL HER !
    I have done so many times when I thought I had met a person who was really wortwhile. The girls I tell so, do not know how to react, but I simply explain to her that, “if I do not let you know yu are a great person, you would never be aware of what I think of you”
    Most people do not tell the other one she is really an attractive person. Then we just get misunderstandings and lose time and interest.
    An opportunity lost really on the road to happiness.
    To be honest happiness lies in meeting the other !
    Just try and and you will see it works, then throw all those books out of the window, except of course the one on SA, Lol.
    Thanks for the revelations about an SB who is a Cancer sign of the Zodiac. I, myself am Taurus and love all those good earthly things in life. When I read the story on the Cancer sign, I shouted inwardly:
    Now, today I took out five young ladies with their gundogs on a wonderful outing in Belgium. I see to it they have a great day.
    Of course the shootlunch I prepared for them was delicious.
    Yummy they said, to which I gallantly replied “you too”.
    Next time I will ask, if any of them is born under the sign Cancer. I will let you know the result (always done in impeccable taste of course).
    I can always learn something worthwhile from reading the blog.
    This keeps me a Happy Lurker, laughing a lot.

  458. TT (AKA Tantalizing Taz) says:

    TY AM, james, NYGent, 2Chic & TXSB :)

    james – how was YOUR birthday??

    SD NEOhio (SDN) says:
    January 3, 2010 at 1:39 pm
    TXSB: I have to admit if in an arrangement I would be better off not browsing the menu.

    What is it they say?? (and WHO is THEY anyway??) The grass is always greener on the other side…because it is filled with shit. 😉 Agreed temptation is always better left out of view, ESPECIALLY if you have someone wonderful..

  459. SD NEOhio (SDN) says:

    CA Dreamin: But now that I have a fake engagement I am done!!!

  460. CA Dreamin SB says:

    WOW – so much to catch up on!!! Hope everyone is doing well!

  461. I don’t want more than one SD, so when I find a great guy that I really, really like; I won’t be sniffing around for someone else or keep anyone on a string. I’m a very loyal, honest, respectful, caring, affectionate SB and I would hope that my SD will respect me and treat me the same way.

  462. NYC SB says:

    Anna – click on the blue under my name… should take you there

  463. DC *320283* says:

    TXSB wrote: If your SD contacted another SB in private, would you want that SB to let you know that she was contacted by your SD? Especially if she feels that the SD is contacting her more than just in a “platonic” way?

    ……..I personally would want to know. And that goes for my friends at SA and IRL. If you are friends with someone I think you should watch each other’s backs. It’s one thing if the SB/SD are not being exclusive but I would still want to know if my SD was actively looking around. It would make me question what was wrong with our relationship…if anything..or if my SD was just being a grown up kid in a candy store.
    I am just a big believer in full disclosure, even in a sugar type relationship.

  464. SD NEOhio (SDN) says:

    TXSB: I have to admit if in an arrangement I would be better off not browsing the menu.

    All SBs: See I posted and no one said the magic word.

  465. TXSB says:

    You made some very good points on “Free test drives” and also “Pre-spoiling for SDs”….I 2nd everything you wrote.

    NYCSB #2:
    Before I meet a pot SD for the 1st date, I prefer that we both talk about the arrangement details to make sure we’re on the 1st page. Things like how often he wants to see a SB, and whether or not he’s willing to pay the allowance I seek (and travel costs) are 2 details that I want to know asap. There is no point in spending time to “discover chemistry” or even meeting on the 1st date if the pot SD and I don’t agree on those 2 details.

    As for pics, I actually recently met a pot SD for a drink without knowing his full name or seeing a pic. I have no problem doing this with local SDs since all my 1st meets are in a public place. But I wouldn’t meet a long distance pot SD (where I’m travelling to his city) without seeing a pic.

    I think I’m starting to get sick again… :( Off to take a nap…see ya’ll later. :)

  466. NYC SB ~ I want to read your blog :)

  467. NYC SB says:

    TXSB – Nice analogy… browsing the menu always leads to temptation … temptation more often than not leads to action

  468. 2Chic says:

    NYC sb… I really enjoyed reading your blog…. looking forward to the next entry.

  469. TXSB says:

    Happy Birthday! :)

    Thanks & good point!

    LOL….actually, in this case I did solicit your advice! :) Yes…I agree with browsing profiles & going as far as actually writing to another SB’s profile on SA. Someone once told me (of course a man!) that they can still view the menu even if they’re on a diet….which is absolute B.S. IMO. I know plenty of people who’re on diets and they don’t “browse” menus with no intention of ordering just for the heck of it!

  470. NYC SB says:

    JSO – you are blown away by my blog?

  471. NYC SB says:

    James.m – you are a rare kind of an SD … i want to say that most are not the monogamous type…

    TXSB – just offering my unsolicited advice as usual 😛 i would also be upset if an SD told me he wasnt looking for an SB yet is still browsing profiles on SA…

  472. NYGent says:

    taz: great words of wisdom (and happy birthday!)

  473. NYGent says:

    TXSB: Given that the blog is a sieve any SD of a blog SB would have to be an idiot to think he could contact another blog SB in a “non-platonic” way and think he wouldn’t be called out on it!

  474. 2Chic says:

    Hello Everyone.

    Happy Birthday Taz, love the post.

  475. James.m says:

    NYC SB
    Please note that I didn’t say it wouldn’t bother me. But I tend to be monogamous, unlike some here.

  476. TXSB says:


    I was just curious to see how other SBs would feel about this….thank you for responding. :)

  477. NYC SB says:

    TXSB – I tend to agree with James technically, however, if I was with an SD and we were both on the blog and he contacted someone in a non platonic way even if we are NSA it would still upset me… we are all human after all… at the same time i would hope the SB would have the courtesy to let me know

  478. James.m says:

    Naughty Molly: I need remedial HTML lessons. I’ll trade you for that spanking you need?

  479. James.m says:

    TT: /bhappy birthday!!!/b

    I beat you by one day.

  480. James.m says:

    Txsb: I have contacted several bloggers offline, but I always told my SB that I had (not content, though). One of the terms of our arrangement dealt with exclusivity. I think you need to be able to talk offline because there are questions and answers better addressed off the blog. (Especially recently)!

    If your arrangement does not require exclusivity, then there is no requirement to inform him/her. But, if you and your sugar are both on the blog, contacting a blog crus. Could have interesting results and be fun or traumatic for the rest of us!

  481. ylani says:

    I am responding to the disease free posts. I have absolutely no problem with testing. I am feel if he were to ask, more than likely he will provide proof of him being clean, why would a clean person bother? I am sure it’s something he has every right to be concerned about, seeing that a lot of SDs on here are more than likely attached. They would not want to pass anything on to their partners or other SBs. I do not understand what the fuss is about. I would feel safer knowing that my future SD cares about such things. I wouldn’t want him to pass anything to me. That is my opinion.

  482. TXSB says:

    Good Morning Everyone! Welcome to all the new bloggers! :)

    Question for the SBs:

    1) If your SD contacted another SB in private, would you want that SB to let you know that she was contacted by your SD? Especially if she feels that the SD is contacting her more than just in a “platonic” way?

    2) If another SB’s SD contacted you, would you let that SB know?

  483. nycsb #2 says:

    Oh congrats NYC SB!

    Thanks everyone for all your great advise/input!! This blog is awesome and so is everyone on it!

    I will email mysterious SD and see what he says about giving me his identity or a little more info about him.

    New SB in NYC, let’s keep our heads up and learn from experience right?

  484. NYC SB says:

    Midwest – yes it really didnt take much time… we had 5 dates before arrangement was brought up … they were all such fun dates… our first one being a cocktail making class… i didnt mind not pushing the arrangement with him because it was just so much fun dating… then he brought it up when he invited me over for a movie LOL

  485. It’s snowing here…sigh.

  486. DC *320283* says:

    Hi MMD!

    Men (SDs) ……so predictable LOL

    I guess for us SBs the word is shoes or jewelry

    Speaking of which I am off to do some shopping myself. Have a great day everyone.

  487. SD NEOhio (SDN) says:

    Midwest: Thought I heard you call me to…

  488. SD NEOhio (SDN) says:

    NYC SB: Did you call me?

  489. Hi AM. NYC SB, JSO, PG, DC and all others!

    Welcome to all our new bloggers!

    NYC SB – I’m so happy about your new sd!! That didn’t seem to take too long and you had fun doing it! I’m sure you will be giving two weeks notice by May or sooner! We can have a new East Coast meet to celebrate!

    I’m feeling under the weather and have a young man who is very restless and wants to go sledding. Time to toughen up…it will be worth it later!

    BOOBIES That’s to get SDN and NC Gent. Where has NC Gent been lately??

  490. SugarBabyBlog'r says:

    Many of us Sugar Babies have blogs! It is a great way to express the crazy things that happen and it releases the thoughts in your head that can drive you crazy if you let them. All in all it is a fun read! I should post my link too!!! :)

  491. JSO - TXSD says:

    hi anna. was just reading nyc sb blog. I am really blown away.

  492. LOL….that is too funny!

    Congrats NYC SB! :)

  493. DC *320283* says:

    It worked LOL!

  494. DC *320283* says:

    That should do it NYCsb LOL!

    Congrats on the new biz and new SD. That’s awesome.

    Nutrition is my field and I am passionate about it. People take better care of their cars then they do their bodies. Sounds like you are on the right track. Good for you.

    I don’t have the link to your blog and would love to read it. Can you post it here or e-mail it to me? Thanks!

  495. JSO - TXSD says:

    good morning everyone

  496. NYC SB says:

    Ok on NYE resolutions (I dont believe in them but…)

    Thanks to VC’s wealth of knowledge on nutrition I have decided to start eating better… this went into effect this morning… had oatmeal for breakfast and green tea instead of hashbrowns and eggs and coffee…

    Get more activity in! I love hot yoga so I will try to attend class at least once a week and do some work outs at the gym…

    Get more posts on blog… my link has been changed to link to blog… feel free to read (although most of you know what it will say as I have been posting it on this blog)

    Get the business venture up and running and do it full time in 6 months… May 15th I would be giving my 2 weeks notice at my current job if all goes well

    Updates: I have a new SD
    He is young (28), super smart and all around awesome… its like we are the same person… always finishing each others sentences… he is generous and kind… if you didnt know his worth you would never guess because he is not flashy at all and I love that…

  497. DC *320283* says:

    I think we all know the magic word to bring them out of hiding 😉

  498. DC ~ LOL…..Where are the SD’s when you need them? :)

  499. DC *320283* says:

    that was easy LOL, thanks NYCsb

  500. PG ~ Being cute is my specialty :)…..LOL

  501. DC *320283* says:

    Molly- you bad girl. I am sure one of the SDs will be happy to give you a virtual spanking!

    Okay… is this thing on

  502. photogirl says:

    *raises hand* teacher! teacher! I think you missed something…please repeat.

    too cute anna :)

  503. I guess I need to spank myself……I can’t reach..can somebody help me?

  504. Hello,
    Welcome to how to post in bold 101. I’m Ms. Naughty and I will be your instructor for this class. Please take out you text books and turn to chapter one.

    begin your sentence with
    end your sentence with

    When done properly it should look like this.

    Your homewore for this evening will be to write an 800 word essay on how to post in bold and I would like it on my desk by Friday. If you fail to turn in your assignment I will have to take out my riding crop and set you straight. Hope you’ve been paying attention! :)

  505. NYC SB says:

    Hi DC – google how to bold in html and it will tell you

  506. NYC SB says:

    Cant use name – I am an sb that has been on this blog for almost a year and have had great SDs during this time… I like being on blog to offer support to others and to learn from each experience… if you do not like the posters than you are free to not read but please stop polluting an otherwise positive environment

    IRLSD – I wont offer advice on juggling SBs nor my opinion on whether its wrong or right… all I do ask you is to ensure that if things go south with Polish SB you give her time to find a new job before cutting her off… international students have it rough… at the same time I applaud you for wanting to help… I wish someone took care of me when I was in college so I didn’t have to work 3 jobs and can focus solely on my studies

    Lisa – you should work at a sephora … they wear black stuff and its in the mall… bet you would love it

    BostonHoney – you seem to know a lot about astrology

    NYCSB#2 – there are many men on the site posing as an SD when they have no intention on being one… they are looking for free sex by unsuspecting girls… be careful out there…

    There will be MANY SDs refusing to send a pic because they are married or so super important… ask him for his identity… then google him… he might refuse this… if that happens I would suggest you not meeting him… My last SD didn’t share a picture with me but told me his identity… he checked out and all was good…

    NEWSBinNYC – the “guarantees” SD has been talked about on the blog by many SBs… I met him back in the day when he was new to the site… or so he claimed… I guess he has gotten smarter now bc he demands a free test drive… stay clear…

  507. DC *320283* says:

    Morning to all!

    Re: BG- I second that NYCSB (and hi!).

    Monique wrote: “occassional GFE” what does that mean?

    …….I believe that is code for escort Monique. It means girlfriend experience. Sexworkers use this term. As to exactly what he is implying I am not sure. He may want pay for play so proceed with caution.

    I missed the posts that tell you how to use the BOLD feature. Could someone clue me in? thanks!

  508. NYC SB says:

    Yeah Right – please do not be spiteful on blog… BG has had her share of experience with an SD and when she gives advice she means well by it… of course each person seeking advice on blog can choose to ignore or accept advice given to them… lets not bring negativity to blog

  509. Have fun Taz! HAPPY BIRTHDAY!

  510. TT (AKA Tantalizing Taz) says:

    Been away from the blog for a few days – I apologize now for the long post…my so much commotion! What’s up with that?? I do agree about all of these mysterious posters making entrances and poofing – really, I like to know who I am communicating with – whether I agree OR disagree with you. It was getting childish there, I am glad the sugar fam is restored 😀 We are all unique and fabulous people, just not always with the same views..

    SDN – Ice wine – soooo yummmmy! You have great taste my friend! 😀

    NYCSB2 – I do get an idea of what a pot SD’s desires are in an arrangement before meeting in person. I too, made bad choices for my first few sugar dates.:( I JUST started reading the blog at that time and wish I had started a week sooner lol…live and learn. No, not all men/women on SA know (or care to know) what a true sugar arrangement/relationship is. There are many seeking escorts, and conversely there are many escorts. Be selective. Ask the right questions (what’s important to YOU?). And be safe. The blog is always here for support :)

    Moon Patrol..AND soo many others here – we have all been taken advantage of one way or another. I took the past few days to evaluate many things – happens every year around my bday, although this year there were a lot of sugar thoughts 😛 All the negativity we hold onto, is what we attract into our lives. And the sugar world is not so sweet with an undertone of bitterness. WE can choose to be bitter about past experiences, or grow from them. Most of us here on the blog are genuine, and getting burned when putting yourself ‘out there’ can be a devastating experience. Learn from it and move forward. Being resentful and bitter doesn’t hurt anyone but our own self…and to an extent the people we share it with. The blog is a place to vent, for friendship and support – to respectfully state our point of view, and to learn. If we (and trust me I do say WE..myself included!) tweaked our method to get BETTER results in our quest for sugar by using the not so desirable experiences, I am sure our sugar results would improve. We also, in seeking the right person, in the right arrangement should not expect it to happen without effort – positive effort (not jaded effort!), not just the effort of you are ‘willing to give only what you want to give’ – instead of giving b/c you WANT to, b/c you genuinely have warm feelings towards that person and WANT to do it with no expectations if there is no arrangement yet in place. If we are expecting every unsuspecting pot SD and pot SB of having ulterior motives, we will attract just that. There are always a few bad apples – let’s not perpetuate it. If we want to find the ‘right’ one, we must be selective and keep our standards high, while finding the fine balance of being flexible. No one is completely perfect for ‘you’ IMHO, so being openminded (within reason) may open many unsuspecting doors. The onus though, is on us to really listen to what people say, and to recognize any red flags…not ‘expect’ every SD/SB to be the same as the last.

    The pararell for SD’s and SB’s is as follows:

    SB – FREE ‘TEST DRIVE’. By all means if you feel it and are all for it, the chemistry was there and you would NOT feel taken advantage of if you did not enter into an arrangement after that – go for it! (most defintely NOT b/c you are pressured to or expect ANYTHING in return!!!!) If that is not the case, it is your choice to say no or refrain from acting. IMO – why would a SD then want to enter into an arrangement when you are giving him everything without reciprocation? A small gesture of warmth can go along way for the RIGHT SD, and keep him wanting more. Better yet, give pot SD the opportunity to realize how wonderful YOU are!

    SD – PRE SPOILING. By all means if you feel it and are all for it, the chemistry was there and you would NOT feel taken advantage of if you did not enter into an arrangement after that – go for it! (most defintely NOT b/c you are pressured to or expect ANYTHING in return!!!!) If that is not the case, it is your choice to say no or refrain from acting. IMO – why would a SB then want to enter into an arrangement when you are giving her everything without reciprocation? A small gesture of sincerity can go along way for the RIGHT SB, and keep her wanting more. Better yet, give pot SB the opportunity to realize how wonderful YOU are!

    We set the tone for all of our own expectations and experiences. A hard pill to swallow, but true, no??

    Any thoughts anyone?? (Trust me – I have location issues, etc, etc and finding a GOOD SD is a tough feat…but I also do know in sometimes responding to messages, perhaps my guard is up a bit too much and perhaps the receiver does not see through truly to who I am).

    Ok off to bday lunch for me 😛 Talk later fam!! :)

    P.S – MoonPatrol – I was NOT pointing you out – one of your posts in the last few days and the responses to it ‘inspired’ me…although it is a pretty common theme…

  511. Gemini29 says:

    NYC SB#2 – “Also, how do you guys/girls feel about guys that doesn’t want to email you pics and has no pics on their profile, but says he’s some big shot and wants to meet?”

    Hmmm…sounds like a paraphrase of a reply I got from a NYC SD awhile back. All “I’m so bigshotty that I can’t send you a picture, but still want to meet you”. I would *only* meet him on my terms, at a very public place, and make him describe himself and what he is wearing down to the nth. Personally I find that all rather suspicious…as it is very easy to make a profile with no picture, say you are someone “important”, and then con naive girls. If they are that important, how would it look if they are seen having dinner with a random girl? lolol I wonder if they ever think of that….

  512. Monique says:

    I was looking through some profiles and came across this one that says “occassional GFE” what does that mean?

    And why are they any blogs that interpret all these abbreviations?

  513. KLM says:

    I’ve been trolling this website and blog for a while. I’ve had an account for ages but I haven’t used it. Made it out of curiosity a while back and am only now actively taking advantage of it.

    Have you made any sugar-resolutions? Care to share?

    Find a good SD I suppose. Though from what I’ve gathered from this blog, that seems like a difficult and.

    Any sugar daddy/sugar baby news in your life?

    The SD that I had (met) in real life recently contacted me. Too bad he’s across the pond…and then some; great guy. We had memorable times together.

  514. So, the Chicago meet is coming up soon (which I really wanted to go to) and then there is the West Coast meet coming up in Feb., I think. When are we going to have another East Coast meet? I’m ready to see my blog friends and hopefully meet some new ones! :)

  515. Oh, the picture question. If someone emails me and asks me for photos I would appreciate one in return. Seems fair doesn’t it? There have been a few times where I asked for photos several times and never got one nor did I get an explanation as to why they weren’t sending one. For me if a guy disregards something like that, what would he be like if I ever got involved in a SD/SB relationship with him?

  516. nycsb #2 says:

    So do you think it’s better to talk about an arrangement beforehand through email/calls or talk about an arrangement in person? Also, how do you guys/girls feel about guys that doesn’t want to email you pics and has no pics on their profile, but says he’s some big shot and wants to meet?

    Until recently I hadn’t had an experience where a potential wanted to talk about arrangement details before hand. He wanted to make sure we were on the same page as far as what my expectations were before we met. Thankfully he agreed that we were on the same page and wants to meet after he returns from CO. I’m keeping my fingers crossed, hopefully he doesn’t poof on me. He seems like a great guy. :)

    I would prefer to do things this way. It gets all the awkward stuff out of the way and you can go to the first meeting relaxed and able to focus on getting to know the person.

    Good Morning BTW :)

  517. D D says:

    Hello all (and to those I never greeted previously). I hope everyone is well. :-)

    LASB: I would be more than happy to ‘talk shop’ about freestyling. I couldn’t find your email address on this thread. I’ll check on the previous threads or you won’t mind posting it again sometime, I’ll look out for it.

    NYCSB#2: Don’t let failed meets get you down and stay positive. I also read your questions and am happy to give you my take on them…

    So do you think it’s better to talk about an arrangement beforehand through email/calls or talk about an arrangement in person?
    It depends on a few things. If I like their profile, they are in my area and a quick meet is possible, I’m happy to chat in person to see if we have chemistry and similar expectations about what an arrangement entails. If they are located further afield, I would prefer to converse via calls/emails, otherwise it could mean a wasted journey to meet someone who you could have identified with less hassle as having different expectations from yourself. But either way, I think it is advised to bring this topic up early on.

    Also, how do you guys/girls feel about guys that doesn’t want to email you pics and has no pics on their profile, but says he’s some big shot and wants to meet?
    I personally judge at my discretion. It depends on whether I’m happy enough to buy his story. But I’ve only done it once and in that instance, the compromise was that the man had to describe exactly how he looked/dressed and we met on turf I chose.

    Anyway, I have to get back to work. With the new year also comes new work assignments so time to get stuck in!

  518. Voluptuary says:

    And yes Beach Patrol is very pretty! I will be glad to have my pictures up soon. Just joining, I have read a few from the blog and some do seem distasteful in having 3 or 4 partners and married too. Maybe not in having them, but the long drawn out details about them. I guess I believe in old fashioned discretion. But who are we to judge? Just feel very strange hearing it, you know? I’m not looking for many, just one fun companion. And because I pamper myself, dress stylishly and save my money to travel and have fun, it is more about finding someone who appreciates me as a friend and lover. But thank you Beach for steering the way here. Please keep up the good work!


  519. NewSBinNYC says:

    nycsb#2 – I am also new to this and after reading your post, have a feeling we have experienced the same SD if the one you met is in NY city. If he is one who in his profile “guarantees” that you will be satisifed if he is, a great financial arrangement, then absolutely that is the same FAKE SD that is probably taking advantage of many women. It is a learning experience but we hope to come out stronger and learn or find a true SD.

    Happy New Year to all.

  520. Voluptuary says:

    Happy New Year all!

    Have you made any sugar-resolutions? Care to share?
    – To get back to Italy this year – I usually go by myself every year, but this time it would be nice to go with a companion. And to have more fun! With owning my business, I can be more spontaneous this year – throw clothes and laptop in a bag and go!

    Any sugar daddy/sugar baby news in your life?
    – Not as yet. I did have a wonderful time in Vegas in Nov/Dec – first class airfare, wonderful dinners and shows. Such a sweetheart and has become a dear friend, but unfortunately he is so busy that we may see each other every 6 months. Would to have a little more regularity.

    Here’s to 2010!

  521. nycsb #2 says:

    Hello everyone! Happy 2010!

    Have you made any sugar-resolutions? Care to share?
    Find an SD!! I have yet to find one… although, I’m new to this so I guess I should be patient.

    Do you reply to messages that don’t end with a question or “hope to hear back from you”? Why or why not?
    It depends on their profile and the content of their message. I am quite picky though…

    Any sugar daddy/sugar baby news in your life?
    I finally met with a pot SD for the first time recently, and let me tell you… he was no SD and he didn’t even want an arrangement! I’m sure he has money, but he didn’t want to spend it… on me. By the way he was talking, I don’t even think he knew what an SD/SB relationship was about? Why’s he on this site???

    So that was my first time experience meeting an SD… we’ve been exchanging emails and I thought he could be the SD for me.

    So do you think it’s better to talk about an arrangement beforehand through email/calls or talk about an arrangement in person? Also, how do you guys/girls feel about guys that doesn’t want to email you pics and has no pics on their profile, but says he’s some big shot and wants to meet?

    I think I have a lot to learn about sugar dating… good thing for this blog! Thanks everyone!!!

  522. UncommonSB says:

    Boston: The trick to never breaking your wrist when you fall is to make a fist. Flat hands overextend, fists do not.

  523. 2Chic says:

    Big “HELLO” Suga Fam,

  524. photogirl says:

    Aussie – POT=Potential

  525. aussie SB *423494* says:

    Hey everyone hope the start to the new year has been nothing but happy and filled with excitment.
    What does POT stand for???

  526. Boston Honey says:

    I do both snowboarding and skiing. Prefer skiing as I have been doing that since I can walk too and my skis like ice….my board does not…. Snowboarding is more creative, spins, turns, etc…

    Yet, Uncommon and Cleo are right….ouch, very painful when first learning. If you are going to start I highly recommend, wrist guards, elbow pads, knee pads, and a butt/hip pad (Burton sells them). The most common injury are broken wrists because you fall forward a lot… It will take 2-3 days to get the hang of it…

    Going to bed…au revoir…

  527. cleo says:

    Boston Honey I teach pilates but mainly for rehab. any group class i teach ends up full of bad backs and injuries *smile*

    it’s okay, i suit teaching beginners and fragile people …
    midwest? uncommon sb just gave you the best advice i could give about skiing and boarding.

    the thing i do for my friends? i who teach exercise for a living and have been skiing since i could walk? i make my friends take lessons.

  528. UncommonSB says:

    MMD: Regarding the ski vs. snowboard… they are totally different, but can be equally fun. Personally, I prefer snowboarding but I can do both.

    With snowboarding you are sliding sideways, which can be unfamiliar and beyond awkward for many if you’ve never done other board sports like surfing, skateboarding or wakeboarding. It is usually pretty tough the first 2-5 days of learning to snowboard, and falling is like getting whiplash. When your toe or heel edge catches, your body follows quickly and it does hurt. The good news is that if you can stick it out for the 2-5 days it takes to get a feel for it, people usually become at least intermediate very quickly.

    With skiing, it is almost alway easier for people to learn how to slow down and turn by the end of the first day. Mind you, you’ll be doing the ‘pizza slice’ with your skis, but in control by making the slice bigger and smaller. Learning to ski well is another matter entirely. It usually takes a few years to learn proper form, keeping your skis parallel at all times and planting your poles with each turn.

    Either way, I’m sure you’ll have fun! I highly recommend getting a lesson or two. It is absolutely worth it for all beginners and will save you a lot of headache (literally) in trying to figure it out on your own.

  529. Boston Honey says:

    ohhh Nora Jones is coming to town….

  530. Boston Honey says:

    Vertical Dance – check out Flirty Girl Fitness they teach classes…. My gym just started teaching classes too…

    My SD gets to watch…he hee…. 😉

    Cleo what do you teach? Pilates and fitness classes? LOL, butts out of the ceiling…

  531. cleo says:

    omg that made no sense.

    boston honey i tell my clients that… lol. but they’re usually pretty injured and i don’t like knee pushups because i have a hard time getting their butts out of the ceiling…

  532. Elenor says:

    Whoa many typos: “a pot…….I hope I don’t have an accident”.

    See, I’m so nervous!

  533. Elenor says:

    Hey Sugar Fam,

    I’m meeting an POT tomorrow. I’m very excited/nervous. I hope to done have an accident. Wish me luck!!!!!

  534. cleo says:

    BH i tell honey to start pushups on the wall and then move them to hips and then thighs on the ball…

    okay i’m totally checking those out…

    what’s vertical dance?

  535. Boston Honey says:

    Cleo – your right, good form is key! Better to always have excellent form and not worry if you can’t do a good push up….work your way up that is what I always tell everyone starting out. Start with girlie push ups with good form.

    Kettel Bells are amazing and will shape you up fast! Check out ironcorekettlebells. You can buy them at Dick’s Sporting Goods and other stores now too. Finally…

  536. cleo says:

    BH kettle bells and vertical dance? tell me more!

    be careful with pushups, if your form sucks you’ll injure yourself.

  537. Boston Honey says:

    I am not Gemini sexy girl Yaz. I am Cancer…and this seems fitting….

    Cancer is the perfect woman for the man who loves to sweep a woman off her feet with romance. She is the most mysterious and feminine sign. She is sensual, sweet and flirty and you two will engage in a gentle, flirtatious dance together while the relationship builds. Once there is a solid, secure foundation, the richness of the relationship will emerge. She is old fashioned, feminine and sensual and patient, if you are the man who can give her what she wants, a relationship with a Cancer woman is wholesome and rewarding and can last a lifetime.

    Cancer is very physical. Expect sex with Cancer to be a fully encompassing sexual experience. Lots of tender foreplay, massages afterwards, candles lit by the bedside, soft music in the background, delicious scented potpourri, everything to appeal to all senses. It will be delicate and passionate and an experience you won’t soon forget.

    Hmmm….very interesting….LOL…

  538. MoonPatrol says:

    I gotta get off this computer and watch a movie or read. G Night

    WWBD-What would Beethoven do?

  539. Yaz says:

    I am gemini too :-) !!!!!!!!!!!!! We rock! 😀

  540. Boston Honey says:

    Moon Patrol – Your a Gemini. You have the ability to attract women like moths to a burning light. Gemini’s love women and can easily seduce them…. Go get em’ tiger. Gemini’s love to laugh and they like a challenge, keep the Gemini man challenged or presented with an enigma and you have his attention. However, if your a true Gemini you do have the twins inside of you and can’t sit still…. I think you can respond back Happy New Year too….and leave it at that…

    SDN–Trout River. Nice. Have you been there?

    Tiffany and Amber a big Welcome!!

    SB’s – Cleo and Gail are right….Rock Climbing, Serious Mountain Biking, Kettle bells and Vertical Dance Classes at your local gym/studio will give you amazing arms and work those abs… Did I mention good old push ups every day will hit all major muscle groups in your arms? That is the quickest way to build upper body strength and you can do them every day. I am going to Women’s Night at my local REI/Rock Climbing gym and getting ready for Rumney… Yeah!

    I try to respond to all mail unless it is totally a disgusting email. I really am attracted to intelligent and well thought out emails/profiles. I do believe that people are extremely busy. Thus, I don’t worry if someone doesn’t respond right away. They could be out of the country, meeting with VC’s raising capital, worrying about how to hit payroll, and dealing with a lot of day-to-day time consuming daily challenges. I also don’t get upset if someone doesn’t write back. Of course it is great to hear back yet, this is SA and everyone has their own likes and dislikes.

    Midwest- You inspired me to buy some really long pearls today… 😉

    Hugs and Kisses…mwwwwwwaaahhhhhhh
    Sugar and Spice and Everything Nice….
    Boston Honey

  541. Everybody must have gone to bed!

  542. Not to mention A Virgo can make a mean cup of hot chocolate :)

  543. Uh oh…the soak is not taking away the chill. I suspected something is trying to get a hold of me…bah. I will fight, fight, fight!! Sleepy tea is next.

    I used to rollerblade all the time…did not know ski blades were an option! How exciting!

  544. LASB says:

    Cleo – I do that with food too! The bag of chips is not worth the calories. The prime rib is. The snickers bar- no way. Fancy chocolate truffle – hand me another. lol.

    Ok, heading out for a bit but may come back and chime in later. :)

  545. LASB says:

    Midwest – A warm soak sounds awesome. I’m drinking tea to keep warm. Boring, huh? haha. Mostly DesertBunny is in charge of the meet. I am here to assist her if she needs it. However, from what I gather, she doesn’t need my help. She has got quite a plan and it’s going to be an awesome time. So everyone, please consider coming. Write in to socalsoiree gmail to inquire or RSVP.

    Midwest – Whether you learn skiing or snowboarding is probably dependent on what you are used to. Personally I think snowboarding is tougher because your feet feel like they are glued down, but many others disagree. You might try snowblades. They are pretty easy if you can roller blade. Basically, they are like mini skis. They don’t take as much muscle to maneuver so they are easier to balance.

  546. MoonPatrol says:

    LASB: I watch my parents get older and more tight with their money. I paid $12 for a car wash and my dad thought that was too much and would rather not wash his car at all. Their computer was $350 and is a piece of crap and he has no interest in getting a new one.
    I work hard and any women who sees me should be humble and thankful if I share. I’m not tight but realize that money comes with responsibility and I’m not a certified rich guy I just have enough to do anything I want and I don’t want a Yaught or a $40000 car.

  547. cleo says:

    LASB for me it’s carbs

    can i really eat this slice of pizza? my pants were fitting well today… maybe one more *g*

  548. Anna Molly says:

    Moon Patrol ~ Virgos are known for their perfectionism and we also have analytical minds. I also like to do things properly and like order. I guess you could say I have a mild case of OCD….lol. There is a place for everything and everything in it’s place :)

  549. LASB says:

    MoonPatrol – I hear ya on the papers vs time and suffering. I often have that same discussion in my head. I think “Oh, whatever, it’s just money. I’ll make more. Aren’t these stilettos sooooo nice?” And then I count all the hours it took me to make that amount and I rethink it. haha.

  550. LASB – Sort of – decided a warm soak would offset the 10 degree temps w about 18″ of snow….brrrrrr. Are you arranging the socal meet?

    For the skiiers in the group…I’m in my 40s and have never been. Is it better to learn snowboarding or skiing at this point? I’d like for my young son to go for the first time as well.

  551. MoonPatrol says:

    Don’t remember but it was a blush . Now I’m a non drinker so not much fun in that department

  552. LASB says:

    Midwest – Oh too bad I’m without cable here. Are you watching?

    MoonPatrol – Very cool! What type of wine was it? Which year and how long after were you drinking it? I’m totally not a wine connoisseur, but I like my reds and I’m learning as I go. I just wish I didn’t want to go pass out after 3 sips.

  553. MoonPatrol says:

    LASB – I once had homemade wine in Saudi somewhere and it was excellent!

    ANNA – what special powers does A Virgo have?

    I know my two personalities need to look out for each other but i can only explain my recent behavior by believing that one twin slipped the other a sleeping pill that knocked him out good. When I’m on one twin I start seeing money as paper and nothing more. The other guy reminds me that I hate work and that it is a lot of suffering to get those papers

  554. LASB says:

    Midwest – I haven’t read Garvey’s books, but I think the man is hilarious! I agree that sometimes we need to remember to see the forest for the trees.

    On the subject of romantic bars – they seem to be cropping up all over LA, and not just for wine. Mixology in LA is finally coming of age. Also, there are some pretty awesome beer places. I’m not a big drinker (super duper lightweight) but I do like that we are starting to get so many options.

  555. cleo says:

    LASB: the game got boring in the latter third of the book. otherwise yes, it was a fun read

  556. cleo says:

    MoonPatrol it sounds like you need to put both sides one on each shoulder so they can shout at you across the gap

  557. LASB – If you’re lurking, Pride & Prejuidice is on oxygen.

  558. Alluring Anna *397377* says:

    Moon Patrol – You need a virgo to help you think things through when you are going through a phase like that…lol :)

  559. LASB says:

    D D – If you ever want to “talk shop” about freestyling, you are welcome to hit me up off the blog. Actually, anyone who wants can hit me up. I’ve posted my email a ton already, or if you need it just ask.

    Someone asked about ice wine? Gail, was that you? It isn’t made in California. It’s a whole crazy process where the grapes have to be frozen on the vine, so our weather is generally not cold enough.

    Yes, much of the PUA stuff is lame and for cheesy d*bags, but I’ve also heard some pretty good stuff too. I guess it’s not so different from the blog in that you can adapt the advice you like and ignore the stuff you don’t. In regards to The Game, I thought it was an entertaining read. Not a book that I’d put in my archive, but Strauss is a good writer. I didn’t agree with many of the tactics discussed, but actually neither did he.

  560. MoonPatrol says:

    I also beleive that being a gemini I have two halves and was totally immersed in my one side which is suspicious of nothing. When I’m in that side someone could say “run theres a terrorist with a gun” and I would just freeze for a long time and maybe start to move after it was too late. My gemini nature puts me in a mode where I say yes to anything Kind of like that Yes Man movie I’m hoping to watch tonight.

  561. cleo says:

    midwest: omg omg

    sdn: we should totally do that!

    i’m game if you guys are (but no moving the meeting to chicago this time!)

  562. Alluring Anna *397377* says:

    Sorry to hear that Moon Patrol. You will find a SB that will treat you right :)

  563. Gail – Hi and see ya later! Sorry I missed you.

    Lisa – I’m not sure Percy would do such a great job of cleaning up the house…he may stash popcorn in all the secret hiding spots!

    SDN – You’re about 5 hours from james and I. I’m always game for a romantic wine bar. Cleo can meet us all from the other direction to even things out. I make a killer red sauce with one very special ingredient (excluding the wine).

    Cleo – do I know you or what??? :-)

    Steve Garvey, the comedian, wrote a great book on dating -very simple and to the point. Mostly about respect and focused on women of color. I got a great perspective and the truth is we are completely guilty of overthinking every detail of every phone call, date, relationship and we need to stop and see it for what it really is. In addition, we tolerate what we shouldn’t for various reasons that really don’t matter in the end. He even had a radio show that incorporated “Strawberry Letters” from women who wrote in with obvious scenarios that everyone else sees for what it is except for the women writing the letters. Sometimes we are our own worst advisor. The good news is it is very easily fixed! Yeah! The rest of the good news is the sugar world takes out most of those variables for most people…Yeah! We can still find affection, caring, and intimacy without the complications of wondering if it will become something more.

  564. MoonPatrol says:

    SHe saw that I had 1000-3000 on my profile and assumed that she could ask for things whenever she wanted till it got close to the max. Her actions suggested that she was scamming me because every time we met she got something and left early. She is that bad..

  565. cleo says:

    2 weeks and 3 dates? that’s dating but i don’t know that it’s up to relationship… but what do i know, some guy i met at a conference started calling it a relationship less than a day after i met him.

  566. Alluring Anna *397377* says:

    Was she really that bad?

    I’m a Virgo BTW :)

  567. Alluring Anna *397377* says:

    Hmmmm…don’t know what to tell ya Moon Patrol. Wish I could help you out.

  568. MoonPatrol says:

    I am a Gemini and was out of my mind when I was in a relation with her for 2 weeks, and 3 dates.

  569. MoonPatrol says:

    She said she really liked me but I’m not attracted to her. Too much drama and She doesn’t know how to behave as a SB.

  570. cleo says:

    anna that made perfect sense to me… and you’re right.

  571. Alluring Anna *397377* says:

    Sorry if I’m not making sense and for any typos.

  572. Alluring Anna *397377* says:

    That is up to you Moon Patrol. How do you know its only the money clip they’re missing? For all I know you could be a drop dead gorgeous hopeless romantic.

  573. cleo says:

    MoonPatrol: you should totally respond IF and ONLYIF you want to be friends with them or be their sugar friend.

    otherwise? no. :)

    but then i have a friend who still doesn’t get why the guy that dumped her isn’t emailing her to see how she is?!!?

  574. MoonPatrol says:

    I keep getting Happy new year Text messages from ex sugar babies who I broke up with after they took advantage of me. Should I respond? They must miss me(my money clip)

  575. RareGem says:

    Happy new year I am back where are all my sugars? missed everyone! Anyone had any success yet I haven’t found the right one yet myself

  576. Alluring Anna *397377* says:

    Thanks Gail. I must sound down and out today. I wonder if its the pain meds the DR has me on…lol.

  577. cleo says:

    MP: actually? i do that a lot… i get excited about cars :)

  578. Gail says:

    Anna….of course I had to come back and respond….it always seems that when I am not looking that I find someone that is wonderful and who is not afraid to spoil me. Look at sugar dating as an experience of having fun and doing all the things you were never able to afford in real life. You will meet many SBs and SDs in your sugar life : ) I keep myself very busy…so sugar dating is definately a treat for me. I have slowed down right now…but its winter …summer for me is my most hectic and fun times! Just don’t get discouraged so soon….it will happen.

  579. MoonPatrol says:

    Ask him what kind of car he’s driving and if hes proud of it hell love to talk about it

  580. Alluring Anna *397377* says:

    I would be more than happy to share my bubble bath..with the right person. :)

  581. cleo says:

    MoonPatrol: so while we’re talking about the weather i put my hand on your shoulder while i adjust my shoe or i flip my hair or i start asking about what you did last weekend… beyond that what am i to do to indicate that yes please i want you to keep talking/flirting but that of course i’m not desperate for your attention because that’s like off putting and all

  582. Gail says:

    I have to start making dinner. Making crab,steak, and salad : ) Then on Monday I will start my workout. Have a nice evening sugars. It was nice chatting with all of you that took the time to respond to my post : )

    I wonder where Sweetred is? Must be tending to the boys : )
    Yaz….where is my sugar sister? stop working so hard at nite…we keep missing each other.

  583. MoonPatrol says:

    Just like OBI WAN KENOBI SAID, “Luke don’t underestimate the dark side of the Force.” Well for men it is “never underestimate the sex drive of a male.”
    We are always thinking of what it would be like to seduce a woman. Its only a thin line between the I wanna have sex with you topic, and the topic about the weather or waterc ooler. But women have to have a sign put up in front of them to switch gears. “I want to go to bed with you! thats why I’m talking about the weather.”

  584. cleo says:

    sdn you have to stop sending out invites like that when it’s hours too late to take you up on them! yeesh and teasing my with drink fridges and homemade pasta sauce too…

  585. Alluring Anna *397377* says:

    Gail – The sugar world has been o.k. There was one pot I had who I absolutely adore, but he isn’t around anymore. Oh well what are you going do, right. My new pot is super sweet and was very upfront with everything and I’m really hoping things work out with him. We haven’t met yet or talked too much, but he seems like a really great guy. He is out of town right now, but wants to get together when he gets back. Hope he doesn’t poof on me.

  586. Gail says:

    SDN…Ice wine? I have never had one…is it ice semi-frozen? Can we get ice wines in Napa, Calif? Just wondering….I am more of a sweet wine woman…just haven’t learned to drink merlot yet….but give me a shot of bacardi…and I am a happy sugar….

  587. SD NEOhio (SDN) says:

    gail: I became friends with him because I spent to much money there buying wine and ice wines lol – if you have never had ice wine you are missing out on a gift from God!

    bubble baths are nice when shared and Allurings hot chocolate is always good…yummy.

    cleo: The wine tells me what to put in the sauce. And I have a drink (sodas and beer) fridge and a wine fridge (all reds) come on over!

  588. Gail says:

    Yes…. do Anna…my son gave it to me…so its not that expensive…lol…
    So how is the sugar world treating you Anna?

  589. Alluring Anna *397377* says:

    Gail- That does sound nice. I’ll have to try it. :)

  590. Gail says:

    I am sorry DD…I forgot to say hello to you too : ) Thats what happens when your mind is going a mile a minute.

    DC…it’s nice to see and hear from you. I wondered where you went. I am wishing you a better year in 2010. I have slowed down in the sugar world…I have chosen quality over quanity. but whee I had a fabulous time in 2009…lol…the most important thing is that we are happy.

  591. Gail says:

    Bubble baths are great….and hot chocolate too. I absolutely love chocolate covered strawberries. By the way Anna for Xmas I got bath and Body’s “Sleep”….its in a blue bottle and its a mix of lavender and vanilla. It really makes my body relax…and it smells fabulous!

  592. Gail says:

    Oh…so sorry Lisa….I was off on another blog. It was very rude of me to ignore your post….please forgive : ( By the way what did you buy when you went shopping? and don’t tell me nothing…lol…I know you….your wardrobe grows every weekend…you have become quite the fashionista.

  593. Alluring Anna *397377* says:

    I decided to take a bubble bath then have some of my famous hot chocolate…yummmm.

  594. D D says:

    LASB: It’s great to hear you are into freestyling! Cast a wider net, girl! :-) I am definitely willing to give it a better shot. Unfortunately I don’t have a great deal of tips on “bridging the gap”, especially not from experience (not yet! Here’s hoping that’ll change)…I’ll search for relevant info, but until I can find it, it’ll be trial and error. Always willing to learn from mistakes and to build on any successes. However, one thing I am positive about is that after my recent experiences in ‘SD’ dating, I am more tuned in to certain cues that potentials may give off.

    DC: sorry to hear about pains of ill health for yourself and your friend at the close of 2009. I hope that this new year will breath fresh life into your plans. I just wanted to say – I hear you on the frustration thing! This is something that sometimes happens to me, not so much with the site, but with other aspects of my life. When I sense it, I’ll cut myself off of the source of frustration or work on approaching it from a different angle while I go and take a chill pill. I’m always trying to keep sane and of course, you are right – nothing and noone is responsible for your happiness but yourself.

    I know I read comments on ‘The Game’ and the other PUA books, tips and tricks…I wanted to say I’m not with the mind-games and manipulation that some of them promote, but by the same token, I don’t discount everything said in them. I personally like the info given about kino and NLP – as it can be used more for creating positive vibes and gently building a bond/intimacy. I know there are varying schools of thought on it, but I think it couldbe something worth entertaining if you have a responsible mindset.

  595. Gail says:

    Lol….that’s why you see it in a “romantic view”….the manager must take really good care of you. Save your cab fare….Call us if you need a ride home SDN : ) Enjoy the Blogneese…whatever that is? I am use to Calif cuisine.

  596. Lisa that Actually Has an SD says:


    He kept me company on Christmas eve and we partied on New years eve. He won’t do any housework though

  597. cleo says:

    sdn: you have voices in your head? is it weird you just got more attractive? *g* do they tell you what to put in the bolognese?

    oh that would have been an AWESOME game to go to. i hope they do one like that here sometime…

    yay for hockey!

  598. Gail says:

    Bored?..you Anna…lol….I have never seen you bored on the blog. Have a drink…you will be fine.

  599. CA Dreamin SB says:

    SDN – You have mail

  600. SD NEOhio (SDN) says:

    ladies no faith in me…I am hurt :(
    I no a romantic wine bar when I see one lol. The manager has become a friend of mine and will takes good care of me.

    Anna: There are romantic ones if they are wine bars and done correctly.

    cleo: It was voted by the fine citizens of this area and yes I do have voices in my head. I am still up for hockey. Would have liked to go to the Boston/Philly game yesterday.

    Back to making my Bolognese.

  601. Alluring Anna *397377* says:

    I’m bored…..sigh

  602. Gail says:

    SDN…Wow….I get to go to the wedding…now…who is it that you are marrying?Who would not be eager to help or not have attitude…just throw them the benjies :)

    Okay…just kidding SDN….Cleo…take pictures when you get there that way we will know the real deal : )

    Lisa….Percy was without you when you went on vacation…he will live…now you gotta make him earn his keep…remember its mutually beneficial in a SM and Sbird relationship too.

  603. cleo says:

    SDN: cleveland is very easy for me to get to since i have a car and it’s “just over there” (which, you should translate, means i’ve lived further north and think nothing of driving more than an hour to go to a movie) so be careful or i might just show up and help myself to your drink fridge…

    that said, right back atcha when you’re here. heck, i still think we should take in some hockey or football *g*

  604. Lisa that Actually Has an SD says:

    Percy gets upset when I clean because I have to move him to the other room and the lighting isn’t the same

  605. Alluring Anna *397377* says:

    Romantic bar? Didn’t know there was such a thing?

  606. cleo says:

    gail: but he said “voted” which means it’s either actually romantic OR he has multiple personality disorder or voices in his head…

  607. SD NEOhio (SDN) says:

    Gail: You get invited to the wedding.

    cleo: Toronto has much better bars & restaurants then Cleveland but you might be suprised but what we do have. You ever make it here I will show you around. La Cav is my favorite wine bar in the world. It is very laid back, lots of candles and the staff is eager to help with not one hint of attitude.

  608. Gail says:

    Have Percy do it….you have spoiled him enough : )

  609. Gail says:

    I was thinking the same : ) but maybe it is….and maybe it isn’t…(smile)
    Do you think he had a few sips before going there? I guess we have to be there to experience the effects of the place.

  610. Lisa that Actually Has an SD says:

    rest is over, houseowork has to be done

  611. Gail says:

    Oh goodie SDN… I am included : ) Now do I get an invited to the wedding too?

    Lisa…you are cleaning already….I thought you were going to rest first and bond with all our new friends : (

    We all want a preview of you SDN…please….sharing is caring : )

    Where is Mandy? Mandy…yooohoo!!!! come back to the blog : )

  612. cleo says:

    gail: in that case, hit a climbing gym :)
    SDN: i have all sorts of clever answers to this comment really i do.

    the only one that wants to leave my mouth? with much snickering and gasping between words? that’s only funny in words if you can see my face?

    “most *snort* romantic *snicker* bar *gasp* in *laugh* CLEVELAND!!! *howl of laughter* ”

    but since that won’t translate in text… there’s one like that here called ‘volo’ has pages of beer list. just lovely. not as romantic though :)

  613. SD NEOhio (SDN) says:

    CA Dreamin: Sharing sounds good.

    Gail: You all are my new friends.

    cleo: We have a great wine/beer bar here, La Cav du Vin. Has lots of great beers and wines, voted most romantic in Cleveland for good reason.

  614. Lisa that Actually Has an SD says:

    I’m doing housework Gail

  615. Gail says:

    I don’t swim…but I just need toning for now. I am pretty well put together…just need to get more excercise and tanning for now.
    I agree about climbers…I met a SD friend this summer and he was definately ripped from climbing. In addition he was a cyclist with great assets…lol…

  616. cleo says:

    gail: i have a small advantage, i swam competitively through puberty so i’m building on a base like that and muscles are easier to rebuild than they are to start from scratch.

    that said, regular climbers have the hottest bodies of any regular gym workout…

  617. Gail says:

    Oh my…Now I understand SDN and Ca Dreaming…didn’t mean to intrude…lol….getting hitched soon I see : )

    Lisa….where did you go? you should be done shopping by now.

  618. Gail says:

    I love climbing things…mountains, ladders,etc….I will have to check if the one I plan to join has a climbing wall. Maybe after a few month syou won’t be able to tell mine from yours…hee..hee…. I have alot of work to do.

  619. cleo says:

    SDN they make a couple of nice beers but their oatmeal chocolate breakfast whatever is deadly yummy.

    if you’re ever in grand rapids try a little store called martha’s vineyard. they have great beer and great chocolate.

    mmm skiing, must finish healing the ankles i fell on and head out. where did you go?

  620. CA Dreamin SB says:

    SDN – as my fake fiance, I think I should be allowed to see your profile…care to share? slmc71 at yahoo

  621. Gail says:

    SDN…what are we? Your non-established friends : ) Nice to meet you SDN.

  622. cleo says:

    gail thank you!

    that is a very rare picture… but apparently my back is my best feature… i always think it’s my collarbones… :)

    as for that back/arms i recommend finding a local climbing gym. i don’t look exactly like that now (less diamond between the shoulders and better definition on the shoulder blades themselves) as i’ve given up climbing but i still like the avatar pic :)

  623. CA Dreamin SB says:

    SDN – Yes, I’m here. What do you know! I’m leaving to go skiing Wednesday – in what area ofthe country are you skiing?

  624. Gail says:

    Glad to see you back MMD. I missed the morning and early afternoon events luckily. Snowball? Where is there snow…nothing here in Calif…

    Lisa…I know you oh so well…I am certain when it’s time, you will recognize the possibilities for better. You always make the right decisons : ) It’s 2010 time to leap forward….up, up and away…lol…

  625. SD NEOhio (SDN) says:

    CA Dreamin: Sorry honey, I decided to get some skiing in today. You still around?

    cleo: I haven’t tried founders but will go looking for it. I have tried Trout River’s which is nice.

    Welcome Tiffany and all new bloggers.

    Good to see all my established friends!

  626. As far as books go, I found a lot of humor AND a lot of truth in “He’s just not that into you”. My girlfriends sat and read it aloud over margaritas on the beach, laughing our a**es off…everyone wanted to know what we were up to!

  627. Gail says:

    Welcome Mandy and Tiffany!!!!….Welcome to the wonderful world of
    Sugar : ) What cities are both of you from?

    Hi Lisa and Cleo….and anyone else out there lurking today right now.

    Cleo…just wanted to say I am so envious of your back and arms in your avatar….I plan on paying for my gym membership next week…then I will be able to flex and you do : ) lol…..

  628. Hi Tiffany, Hi Mandy!

    Yaz, no worries, I can’t stay gone for long.

    Lisa – Cleo has a point in now you have time on your side and are not desparate enough to take any job. There is a lot to say for what you have, but just keep your eyes open. If you find you need a new place, a higher rent may come along with that. Be open to new possiblilities…look how well that turned out for you and SD!

    I got snookered in the face with a snowball, might have a swollen lip…lol!

  629. Mandy(SB) says:

    No one welcome Tiffany!

    I’m new too, but welcome, Tiffany!!! :)

  630. Lisa that Actually Has an SD says:

    Cleo any job I get will be the same or worse, i’m limited in what I can do. I am sick of having to wear a uniform all the time. I’m tired of coming home with broken nails and a back ache. I like that I have no job stress at work and can work on my own, not dealing directly with customers.

  631. cleo says:

    lisa: that just means it’s time to put out feelers to better jobs. you’re in a great position, you have a job you like and coworkers you like and benefits. take advantage of that by not jumping to just any job. you have the luxury of time which allows finding one that will give more freedom and maybe even get you on a different busline.
    lasb i am glad i read the stupid book though, i learned a lot.
    MoonPatrol: you’re right, i can never tell when men are hitting on me and have it on good authority they can’t tell if i’m hitting on them.

    what do you think we should do?

  632. Lisa that Actually Has an SD says:

    Gee so much negativity on the blog and I wasn’t even here. lol I thought I was the queen of negativity.

    Feeling a little negative myself about being tied down so much with my job that I can travel more.

    Ok, I will exit the room before someone throws a tomato at me

  633. LASB says:

    DC – Thanks for the lovely compliment! Sounds like you have a great attitude for your sugar search.

  634. LASB says:

    Cleo – I agree that negs don’t work. That was tried early on and only works on women with low self esteem. They especially don’t work in LA, since they’ve been all played out here. It’s fun to watch those guys crash and burn, though. :)

  635. cleo says:

    MoonPatrol: i watched a guy use ‘negs’ and anti-flirting on a bunch of women at a new years party. he left alone.

    funny because he was cute and personable and dressed well but he was such a cheesedog we all basically washed him off as soon as he walked away. so you’re right to not put too much stock into those books, women who like themselves don’t seem to react well to “the neg” and the rest of that shit.

  636. cleo says:

    midwest: okay i’m dying laughing now. reading the sugar santa blog i missed when away and there’s sdn with the awesome beer i just commented on (yuenling is delicious if you don’t want to get drunk) and then there’s you “sdn you might just bring cleo out of hiding”



  637. MoonPatrol says:

    LASB: I agree that one should be themselves. What I noticed about the books is that at times the ideas seem to be disrespectful and aimed at getting laid but not dealing with the damage done to feelings and investments. So yes I was kind of wary of some of the suggestions. The other side is that I needed to read them because sometimes we men don’t get what women like or need and I being somewhat selfish can get lost in my own vibes. I might go review some things in them but overall I haven’t seen any really appealing women in my life. In fact I have been sometimes thrust into the sea of ugliness and can’t believe how people don’t care about their appearances. If I was face to face with a woman that got my gears spinning, I would get motivated to try and flirt. The women at work are not all real pretty sights. Why couldn’t I work at a modeling agency or fashion retailer? They are so into making money that its hard to get a theme change in on a conversation.

    IRLSD- One thing about meeting women IRL is that you have to establish your trust, and that can be annoying for me. Women have to decide if you are harmful or dangerous. Thats just the way it is in this current world so there is the first obstacle. Once past that, (and its ongoing) you can put your personality into it and see if she likes you. Your Polish SB was nervous because she was the one that knew she was pressed with a decision. You had already decided you wanted her.

  638. cleo says:

    SDN i’m readng old blogs and you have excellent taste. do you like the founders brewery out of grand rapids? i am a huge fan of their oatmeal chocolate stout.

  639. DC *320283* says:

    LASB- well said. You sound very grounded….;)

    Believe me I do look at the glass as half full when it comes to sugar dating. I know I keep saing “at my age” but….at my age LOL I am lucky to get any SDs interested in me and last year I had 3. And they were all incredibly nice men that I would have dated without an arrangement had they not been married. 2 I am still in contact with (they are just extremely busy with life and their families) and one was only on the site out of curiosity and didn’t want a long term sugar relationship.

    I have been very lucky in terms of the quality of the men I have met and had no drama whatsoever. I just meant I get a little frustrated sometimes at how quiet it is here for me and wish I could meet one sugar daddy who wants something long term. But like I said, any frustration just means I am putting too much focus on someone else being responsible for my own happiness.

  640. Yaz says:

    Hi Cleo :-)

    I just hate the negativity on the blog….I mean we just started a new year.. :-(

  641. Yaz says:

    Muse~ Hey, if you are out there…How is everything going? Still need help moving? Im here :-)

    NYGent~ Im still running away from the law :-D…Havent heard from Sincere tho..He might have not been so lucky and might be behind bars now LOL 😀

  642. cleo says:

    yaz over time i’m starting to think that you are the sanest one here…

  643. Yaz says:

    Ok, so since I post this morning the “lurkers” who posted earlier on the blog disappeared and a new one popped up….Please stop…. This is not elementary school, if you have something to say please come out and say it but dont hide behind some weird nickname (although I agree on karma taking care of everything in due time)….Thanks

    Just got back home from work :-)

    Midwest please come back!!!! :-)

  644. LASB says:

    DC *320283* – If it’s getting you down, consider reframing the situation. Like you said, keep a “glass half full” attitude. I have met a decent amount of pots now and they aren’t always what I’m looking for, but I always try to have fun on the date regardless. I don’t get mad at the fakes, not even the now infamous Starbucks sans panties guy. Take the sugar search with a grain of salt and look to have fun trying out different strategies. In my life thus far, the best things have presented themselves to me when I’ve been having the most fun. I believe like attracts like. Not to sound like a new agey life coach or anything, so I’ll stop at that. Also, I like what you said about putting your life in order. Since beginning my SD shopping, I’ve also done a ton of self-improvement, soul searching, and I’m taking the steps to set MYSELF up for a prosperous future, with or without the ideal SD.

  645. LASB says:

    Have you made any sugar-resolutions? Care to share?
    Not specifically for the new year, but I have a long list of To-Dos, as I’m a constant work in progress. Yay for self actualization.

    Do you reply to messages that don’t end with a question or “hope to hear back from you”? Why or why not?
    Only if I think I’m going to like the guy based on his profile and what he says in his email. Oddly, I get replies when I write these types of emails. I mean, sometimes I just write to an SD telling them “hey, you’ve got really great lighting in your photos and I love the suit.” It’s really just me being friendly, since I try to make it clear if I’m pursuing someone. Seems that 50% of SDs have replied to the casual compliment.

    Any sugar daddy/sugar baby news in your life?
    It’s all on hold until I get back to town and the various pots get back to town. For now, just going to try to enjoy the dreary no-cal weather as best I can. 😉

  646. DC *320283* says:

    Hi Midwest and thanks OC!!

    I have heard and met men who claim to be in their 50s who were really in their 60s but to say on your profile you are 30 when you are really 60 is insane and reeks of desperation.

    AM – people usually poof because they probably weren’t that committed to the idea of meeting someone in the first place. Any time I find any aspect of sugar dating starting to get me down or annoy me I realize it’s a sign I am putting too much emphasis on this and I need to step back and focus on getting my life in order without the help of an SD….although it would be really really nice to meet someone I actually liked spending time with who would help me out. 😉

  647. LASB says:

    Happy new year everyone! Looks like I’m late in saying that, but up until now, I’ve had a nonstop venture into the new year. If you’ve never done the Rose Parade, I highly recommend it. Buckeyes, you were very well represented! The stands were all red with only small patches of green. And Temp SD, I *did!* jump on that SW plane. It’s one of my Jan 1 traditions. Same flight every year. I’m oddly not hung over despite the other Jan 1 tradition of the ongoing flow of Napa’s finest. Silver Oak, Opus, Camus, mmmmmm!

    Moon Patrol – I’ve read a few of those pick-up books/manuals, and it seems that as that culture has evolved, so have the tactics. I’m guessing you read _The_Game_ which in my opinion is quite primitive. What was finally figured out by these guys is that just being yourself and owning who you are is the most effective tactic. In other words be your natural self and be confident about that self and they will come running.

    D D – I have been going out freestyling. I’m a natural extrovert and curious about human psychology, so I find it to be a fun challenge. Although I get a decent amount of attention, I’m not sure how to to “bridge the gap.” In other words, how do I bring them into the sugar world? Better yet, how do I find out if they are already a member? Anyone have any advice? So far, I have found that SA is an easier playing field since those questions are already answered, but I would like to change that.

    DC *320283* – You’re resolution is awesome and my favorite so far!

  648. IRLSD says:

    How can an SD who poofs when it is time to exchange pics because he is worried of his unattractive he is actually face an SB face-to-face?

    Reminds me of a story. I went out with one SB pot a couple of weeks ago (a one-dater) and she made a big fuss before we met about how awesome she is and how every single SD she has met has begged her to be their SB. I thought, “Wow, I’ve met my match!” Anyways, she was huge (in her profile she called herself athletic) and her pictures were cropped rather skillfully. And it turned out the two SDs who begged her to be their SB were in their 60s but their profiles said 30s and they did not beg her to do anything but to go up to their hotel rooms for escort-like one-night stands. She complained to me, “Why would they claim to be in their 30s–not like I would not see the truth in person?” and the whole time I was thinking, “Why would she call herself athletic and crop her pictures–not like I would not see the truth in person?” That was an easy, “Sorry, no chemistry there,” type of e-mail rejection the next day.

  649. cleo says:

    midwest: i’m so glad the season of eating is officially over!

  650. midwest says:

    Cleo- tell her I said to back off. You will recover from both quickly.

  651. cleo says:

    my trainer (me) gave me the week off since i fell on the same ankle three times in ten days. she’s pissed at me for overeating in the meantime though


  652. midwest says:

    PG- you are absolutely right. Perhaps the right thing to say would be to agree/disagree with respect.

    AM- people do poof for a variety of reasons and it is likely none of them have to do with uou. Keep your head up, the right sd is out there.

    Hi Cleo! My trainer put a hurtin on me doing ab work Fri…ouch!

    OC and DC. – hi!

  653. Alluring Anna *397377* says:

    I’m not discouraged or anything. I was thinking out loud…lol. All of you are right though and thank you :)

  654. CA Dreamin SB says:

    SDN? You lurking today?

  655. CA Dreamin SB says:

    AM – don’t ever think it’s because he thinks you’re ugly! As one brilliant SD told me, confidence is everything. You are far from ugly and there are a thousand reasons one may poof…try not to go negative with the reasoning :) It happens to me too, and I just figure they’re intimidated by how great I look 😉 LOL

  656. cleo says:

    Anna maybe they know they are unattractive and don’t actually believe their brains/power/money/confidence would make up for it… or they like the idea of an sb more than the having of one?

  657. Alluring Anna *397377* says:

    How come some SD’s poof when it’s time to exchange photos? I never understood that. I would understand if he saw my pic then poofed because he thought I was ugly.

  658. photogirl says:

    Ok… so we are not here to be able to agree, disagree or brag?

    Of course I see no reason for anyone to brag…that in my opinion is uncalled for….but to not be able to voice your opinion when do or do not agree with something?

    Midwest – Please do not take offense…love ya and always enjoy your posts… but shouldn’t all be able to voice our opinions?

  659. VA SB says:

    That was probably my mistype – on the bb at the salon….this small screen is lilling me… 😉

    • OCSugarbaby says:

      DC! Hola Chica! I am sorry to hear about your friend (hugs)…

      Ok, I am signing off. My guy is mending well we are still enjoying our mini vaca. He however just told me to log off and come play in the snow! :)

  660. DC *320283* says:

    I’m confused…we have an IRL SB and an IRL SD??? Can’t keep all of this straight LOL

  661. DC *320283* says:

    On the topic of STD testing, if a pot asked me to get tested I would not hesitate. But no matter the results for both of us I always insist on using protection.

    And I never get lax about that.

    A friend and I use another site as well and I was contacted my a man there last year who wanted to do a background check and full STD screening because he claimed his wife was ill. I was fine with this. He also contacted my friend who is half my age and gorgeous and asking a very high allowance. He told her if she wanted that high allowance he would expect her to have unprotected sex with him. Of course she turned him down. So I don’t know if the ill wife was a lie or if he was just messing with my friend’s head…..I would imagine someone took him up on his very generous offer

    So be very careful out there sugars. Nothing is more important than your health and safety.

  662. cleo says:

    Have you made any sugar-resolutions? Care to share?

    i’m with whoever is going to go out in the real world more. get dressed up to look expensive but not slutty and head out to the luxury section at the car show or the bar at an exclusive restaurant (too bad so many are private here)

    Do you reply to messages that don’t end with a question or “hope to hear back from you”? Why or why not?

    i reply to all the email i get unless the profile is really off putting but my tone changes. sometimes i just reply with a “seriously? that’s your approach???”

    which, funnily enough, got me a great reply lol

    Any sugar daddy/sugar baby news in your life?

    i only share past not potential really. besides, until i meet him and we want each other and he calls again? there’s no point getting my hopes up right?

  663. Happy Lurker says:

    Hi Anna and OC,
    Gosh, I am blushing !

  664. Tiffany says:

    Hi Sugars! Im brand new to this site, I actually saw the episode about it on 20/20 and loved it! I have had a sugar daddy before and we had a wonderful relationship! We met through mutual friends and he was way older than me. The very first thing he said to me was” hey do you like victoria secret?” Of course i replied yes, and then came the ” oh well i have a credit card for them so would you like me to take you shopping?” And so began our year long “sugar” relationship. But like all other good things that come to an end, so did this. So here I am and Im very excited to meet someone new! My pictures are 100% real, I do part-time modeling, and I have a myspace and facebook like im sure all you do too! lol!! I have not yet met anyone on this site, so im looking forward to hearing from you all this year! Have a great holiday!!

  665. DC *320283* says:

    Happy New Year everyone! Been meaning to drop in and say hi.

    2009 ended with me very, very sick and now I feel better so I am hoping it’s a sign 2010 will be better. It was a rough one for me with unusual family drama and my best friend dying. I hope this is a better year for all of us.

    Have you made any sugar-resolutions? Care to share?

    ……This is gonna sound cheesy, but honestly my only resolution for this year is to view everything with the glass half full.

    Do you reply to messages that don’t end with a question or “hope to hear back from you”? Why or why not?

    ……..I really do try and reply to everyone and since I hear from so few people it takes no time at all. But I think it’s the compassionate thing to do

    Any sugar daddy/sugar baby news in your life?

    ……..I think 2010 is going to be a good year for me sugar-wise. Everything has been on hold due to the craziness of the holidays.

  666. Hello Everybody….hope everyone is having a good day :)

  667. VA SB says:

    Thanks OC and IRLSD, of course, you’re right. Safe is safe, no matter what. Although, I’m still getting that HIV test before any hanky panky…;-).

    Interesting re the Valtrex, had never heard that before…but I guess everything helps…

  668. HL ~ Thank you so much…you made my day! KISSES to you too my love :)

  669. IRLSB says:

    OC, I agree–same standard of safety/disease apply IRL and in sugar-dating, with one caveat. I have found some SBs to have a more sexually liberal lifestyle than the average woman I’d meet IRL, and more partners means more risk.

    As for herpes, I knew someone who would take Valtrex every time he went out on a date. Funny method, but it would prevent herpes. As for HPV, there is Guardasil. Get vaccinated and don’t listen to the nay-sayers. I have decided I am getting the vaccine myself. Do I want HPV or penile carcinoma or to transmit HPV and give someone cervical cancer? No, so Guardasil it is.

  670. cleo says:

    and how is everyone seeing Moon Patrol’s profile anyway?

  671. cleo says:

    hey sugars… lots of scroll i missed while resting yesterday (a new year’s tradition for me :)

  672. IRLSB says:

    MoonPatrol, yes that is the same girl. I agree with everything you say—it is hard to do it IRL. Confidence and appearing trustworthy are key. She was smart and did not misread me at all, and I suspect most women would understand the SD’s intentions. After all, what would a married older man be so concerned about a young beautiful woman’s future or why would he pay an absurd sum of money to a minimum-wage employee?

    But one has to be careful not to let it fall into a friendship just because one does not want to appear like a perv by pushing the romantic/sexual side. In my case, it helps that I am flirtatious with women, as it kind of sets the tone. But the key to flirtation is that it should be suggestive but not overbearing—believe me, it works very well if done right, and it works particularly well for a married man, as married men just don’t appear as desperate or needy as single ones.

    Also, when approaching a woman IRL, it looks good when things appear spontaneous—it makes the man appear confident. I have used very well-planned but spontaneous-appearing comments to pick hot women right out of swimming pools and take them out to dinner. Again, appearances are what matter; you can rehearse what you’re going to say a thousand times, but if it appears out-of-the-blue, then you appear confident. But in my case, Polish SB knew that it was not spontaneous—I had driven 1.5 hrs round trip for her, so in this situation it was more of the “man on a mission”, which can also exude confidence.

    For picking up a girl or SB IRL, a couple of other things help. First, envision yourself in her shoes and think what your reaction would be if you were approached in that way. It actually takes some practice to get good at that. Second, run your pick-up scheme by several trusted women (I always have a few on hand at work), and they will give you an honest answer. Often, a little tweak will make an otherwise futile pick-up scheme work perfectly.

    On our first date, I did tell Polish SB that I was actually nervous when I first approached her and that it was the first time in a decade I can remember being nervous around a woman. Her response was, “Why would you be nervous? I am the one would should be nervous.” I don’t quite get what her response means.

  673. VA SB says:

    Well, even though there is some negativity, it still gives me insight into how SDs and SBs think. I find it interesting reading even though some of the words and tone are harsh.

    However, onto my question – it’s re diseases. So, someone said (and I agree) that most posts say D/D free – but isn’t that a given – least for the disease portion? I’m sure that’s naïve and I should be more worldly and all that, but does anyone really think there are SDs and SBs with HIV out there who would knowingly try to connect with someone? If someone doesn’t put the caveat of D/D free, does that insinuate something else? Gosh, I feel so naïve and I’m really not, but I hope this is a safe space to ask the question.

    I mean, even if folks get tested for HIV, which is a given in my book, what about other “ailments” that you can’t do an easy test for, HPV or Herpes….

    I hope this question isn’t out of line or inappropriate, but I am very curious. I just always thought HIV test would be a given – at least for me it would be…

    • OCSugarbaby says:

      VA SB: You should treat your dating sexual safety with the same high standards you would in real realm dating! Only you can protect yourself. This topic has many avenues. Some SD/SB couples get tested together before the arrangement, use a condom, have complete honesty with one another as to exclusivity.
      Be careful and be selective.

  674. Happy Lurker says:

    In my own life the notion of Karma is influential.
    My Karma really is created by my own acts and the results which are engendered from them.
    Everything we do will come back to us, indeed picking the fruits from good deeds in the past.
    First you give and then you will receive.
    This is why I am a gift daddy and enjoy it.
    Anna Molly, you wish everyone to be happy.
    Thanks babe.
    That is why I am a Happy Lurker.
    Kisses just for you !

  675. Sorry sugars, but the negativity is toxic. Have a good afternoon. I hope the tone changes later.

    Stephan – You do a great job with the blog, however thankless the task seems sometimes. Thank you and Happy New Year.

  676. cant use name says:

    So right about karma. Its why so many of these SBs are here eternally not finding or even attracting SD interest, yet other SBs and SDs are out really having a great time making SA real.

    Meanwhile the blog is sanitized by the “SB” that really runs it, allows SDs to be insulted, and bans anyone that objects. Especially anyone who is really acting in the sugar world.

    So you are left with a blog where no SD can post openly and filled with people who do nothing but sit at home and post as authorities.

    • OCSugarbaby says:

      Can’t use name: Wow interesting post. I think that allowing people to post freely is great. But expecting someone to babysit the posts 24/7 just so everyone is treated fairly and not attacked is not possible.
      No one runs the blog… silly boy. Many are off enjoying their free time.
      It seems like the blog is feeling the holiday blues because the NIGHTMARE continues with unkind posts.
      Please be kind , you are so right it is all about the karma. We would love to have you use your real name as well.

  677. MoonPatrol says:

    Is that Polish woman the one that you found IRL and proposed to her to be your SB?
    DId she accept and if so you have more b’s than me. I actually dream of being that way and have read books about the art of finding women. It says you meet them anywhere and have a mindset that is not to be their psychologist but there lover.
    ANd you have to let them know that you see them as that. I haven’t really tried whatI I Iearned because when you get out of the book into the real world it just seems so much harder. Plus most women have no idea that you may be intertested in them and you have to get those ideas made aware to them quickly.

  678. Hi sugars! A LOT of negativity on the blog today. It is supposed to be a place to speak freely which means exercising much tolerance on everyone’s parts. It’s not to agree/disagree/ brag, but to share information. I, too, have held my tongue on many comments, but I truly believe that karma has a way of setting the record straight.

    2Chic – congrats on the two pots!

    Disease testing – I state it in my profile AND my SD and I put it in our informal agreement.

    Allowance – I like cash. It’s discreet, accepted anywhere and hard to defraud.

    Have you made any sugar-resolutions? Care to share?
    My sugar resolution is to keep doing it right and to keep learning. It’s nice when your SD is happy and enjoys being in the sugar world with you.

    Do you reply to messages that don’t end with a question or “hope to hear back from you”? Why or why not?
    When I was searching, I did reply to most e-mails. Fortunately, I only received a few of the obnoxious ones. I have learned that guys don’t want to spend a lot of time on e-mail and just want to cut to the chase. However, if you give them the benefit of a doubt, you take the chance of either being pleasantly surprised or another wasted pot.

    VA SB – It took 3 months for me to find an SD…some do take longer and I consider myself very lucky. I am in a non-preferred area and older than most sbs. I did work it by both sending out e-mails, favoriting SDs and responding even when I thought it was just ok. I still weeded out many. I would suggest that if you “market” yourself as a beautiful, curvy, chocolate sb with your goals (school,business, etc) you will get better quality responses. Even if the responses are fewer, you aren’t wasting your time as much. Flo Rida posted some great profile advice in the blog before the Halloween blog. Go to that blog, do ctrl f, look for Flo Rida and you will find a long post with great advice.

    Any sugar daddy/sugar baby news in your life?
    Updates come regularly. Happy Birthday baby!

  679. atxchick says:

    I wonder why they haven’t swept you off your feet.

    Why are you waiting for the blog daddies?

  680. I don’t have a SD yet :(

    I’ve been waiting for one of the blog daddies to sweep me off my feet, but no takers yet…..sigh.

  681. atxchick says:

    Anna, you’re such a pleaser! 😉 haha

    Do you have a SD? If not, WHY NOT?!

  682. I just want everybody to be happy. :)

  683. Someguy says:

    @ IRLSD yeah i thought it was the whole idea of this website. An arrangement between two consenting adults. Still i am very wary to talk about it all. Before you know it they beat you over your head and call you a perv lol

  684. IRLSD says:

    Thank you someguy and Happy Lurker for your supportive comments. I really have no bad intentions with her and am giving serious thought to this commitment.

  685. Happy Lurker says:

    With great interest I followed your comments.
    I am 100 % behind you.
    It struck me that you mention she has a goal, a goal to attain a Masters degree. These girls are so dedicated to create a great future for themselves. They realize the way to so is to study hard, to be a brilliant student. Knowledge is power.
    See yourself as her benefactor and encourage her.
    A mutual beneficial arrangement means both parties enjoy their role and derive great pleasure from it.
    Your “feel good factor” should be that you are her support, her bridge over troubled waters. In my eyes, you are a good person.
    Now your money is spent on a good cause.
    After all it is not easy for her to succeed in a strange country when the only one you can fall back on is herself.
    I understand your position, as I support a student in Ukraine and derive great satisfaction from it.
    I wish you a great life with her.

  686. Someguy says:

    @ IRLSD I think you should be carefull what you say in public (blog) there are many people with many opinions that will not always agree with you. I don’t think you did anything in particular wrong, not to say i would do the same. But some people will see it differently. This whole sb/sd thing still remains in a grey area.

  687. IRLSD says:

    MoonPatrol, I’ve been screwed around by many more than 4 fake SBs. They are just leeches. But it has not made me give up the search for the right person.

    Photogirl, since I went out with Polish girl, I have not seen any other SB. I have pretty much used delaying tactics until I see if there is real potential. I am taking her out tomorrow night and Monday she starts “work”, so if all pans out well, I will tell the other 2 SBs that it is over on Monday. The type of emotional commitment it would take me to keep it going for 2-3 years would preclude me from seeing anyone else.

    I am not sure why my posts make people want to puke? All I want is to romance my SB and help her out very generously at the same time. Isn’t that what a real SD does?

    And if the suggestion is that I am posting under different names, it is just untrue. I have enough spine to say what I want to say. Also, I have listened to the blog and refined my tactics, but let’s be honest here, the blog has been dead wrong. The vast majority attacked me for asking out Polish girl, accusing me of insulting her and tricking her and all sorts of nonsese when as it turns out she got the message and was quite fine with it. So had I listened to the blog, I’d not have even had a chance with her. Maybe the blog needs to learn a lesson from reality at times too.

    The chances are that I won’t be blogging much longer anyways. If things go well the next couple of days, I will be avoiding SA completely to avoid temptation and to give my SB a real chance of success.

  688. Good Morining everyone! Wow, I had a lot to catch up on! What is with all the attacks? That isn’t nice :(

    Everybody better settle down or Molly will get upset and set some of y’all straight!…..LOL

    Seriously though, please don’t attack people….it isn’t nice and this is supposed to be a place for sugar family not sugar enemies.

    O.K. back to lurk mode :)

  689. D D says:

    SD Bill Compton:

    I don’t know if you should hint this on your profile. I’ve seen a number of profiles that say ” please be drug and disease free”, but something about it doesn’t sit well with me as a reader.

    I think you should make sure there is chemistry first before sensitively bringing up the issue of STD testing. Otherwise, it is nothing but intrusive. If you do bring up the issue of testing, may I suggest you ask her what her views on it are first – she may not wish to talk about it/go testing, and you’d have to respect her decision and decide whether or not to continue. But if she’s open to the idea, add your intentions on getting it done. But make sure BOTH of you get it done and are happy to show one another proof of testing – not only to show she is clean for you but you are clean for her also.

    Best of luck with it :-)

  690. D D says:

    H A P P Y N E W Y E A R ! ! !

    I hope everyone brought in the bells in style! Unfortunately, I was as sick as a parrot – the whole of Jan 1st went by in a blur. I’m still a little ill but feeling partly human again. It’s nice to tune into a new chapter of the blog and to answer some new questions!

    Just want to say thank you to the creator of the blog (Stephan) and all contributors. It is definitely a wonderful read.

    Have you made any sugar-resolutions? Care to share?

    First – to definitely go out freestyling! I am going to find eligible men by going to nice places on my own during the day/evening – charity events, wine tastings, etc. Why not? I am a very sociable and smart person and I turn heads so it’s about time to put it to good use. Who said that being online was the only realm to find a respectful gentleman? 😉 I wonder – do any other girls do this too? It would be interesting to find out about your successes with it.

    Second – To refer to sources of help and inspiration, and not necessarily exactly at the point when needed too. It is always good to enter a situation armed in advance. I may be stubborn at the best of times but can at least admit that I don’t know everything. It’s great to learn.

    Do you reply to messages that don’t end with a question or “hope to hear back from you”? Why or why not?

    I’ll reply to a message if I believe that the person has read my profile before sending it. If I don’t think we match, I will politely decline. If I do think we’ll match, then I’ll work on taking it onto the next level. However, if the initial mail is a one-liner e.g. “wanna chat”, “hi” or anything of that ilk, I won’t reply. I mean, seriously – should I make the effort if you don’t?

    Any sugar daddy/sugar baby news in your life?

    I now have 3 potentials: two offline and one online (from SA). I won’t go into great detail, but one offline potential is sounding good so far, offering a fair number of perks but we have to iron out the fine details of the allowance should we wish to proceed. And SA guy and I need to talk when he gets back from his hols…especially about the type of arrangement he wants as he lives far away.

    So ladies – wish me luck! Here’s hoping “sugar search ’10” begins with a bang for us all!!

  691. Yaz says:

    Happy New Year!!!!!!!!! :-)

    Ok, so I have been reading the last few comments and it seems to me that some people resort to posting under different “nicknames” as soon a discussion heats up…All of a sudden we have several “lurkers” coming out of nowhere…Come on guys….Let’s not hide behind fake names and attack others..Not a good way to start off the new year…

    I, personally do not agree with everything that is posted on the blog and sometimes I do voice my opinion but sometimes I also believe that it is best for me to just shut up and let others express themselves. Nobody “owns” this blog ( but Stephan) and can make indesirable bloggers go away…
    Some SDs show no class at all and it is very easy to spot them but this is also true for some SBs who give other SBs a bad reputation. At the end of the day, the blog remains just that; a blog. People will come on here and share whatever they want with others. It is best to just ignore the offensive posts and read the ones that are worth reading…

    PS: Beach Girl I think you are hot :-) T’occupes pas des mauvaises langues!

    With that said, I would like to wish you all a blessed and sugary day 😀

  692. 2Chic says:

    Yeah Right,
    I have a feeling I know who you are, and the attack against Beach Girl is uncalled for. Don’t concern yourself about her SD status, I see you are determined to make us develop a low opinion of you.
    The Sugar family on this blog absolutely loves Beach Girl, can you say that?

  693. Happy Lurker says:

    Yeah Wrong !
    You will be pleased to notice that I just changed your name into a better one.
    To start the New Year with a bit of chivalry, I rush to the defence of Beach Girl against your venomous remark.
    Reading back the conversation I honestly cannot find anything that warrants your choice of words. In my opinion she is a nice SB and great looking as well. Hope I set the record straight now.
    Yeah Wrong, being a linguist, I would like you to offer a great compliment. In a flash I knew who you had been in a former life.
    You must have been Grendel’s mother.
    Please, look up the epic narrative poem Beowulf from the Old English Period in literature. On the internet you will surely find back the description of her. It is in line 1150 of the poem.
    Thanks for inspiring me to spend some quality time again with the Oxford Anthology of English Literature.

  694. Marie Jac says:

    Those can bounce

  695. MoonPatrol says:

    What about mailing an old fashioned personal check?

  696. Marie Jac says:

    I’m having a hard time with the allowance. I have been offered an arrangement, and my SD just asked me how I would like to receive my allowance. From reading older blogs everyone says PayPal is too expensive. Other’s have mentioned cashier’s checks, but I’ve read that although they are treated as cash they can be found to be fraudulent 10 days later. I don’t feel safe accepting cash either. Walking around with that kind of money scares me.
    If I set up an account for money to be deposited in, do I run the risk of the person gaining personal information of mine, my home address ect?
    Is cashier’s check the way to go and I wait before it clears to see my SD again? Isn’t that rude?

  697. MoonPatrol says:

    I would also say that up to this point this site has made my life worse not better, but mostly from my own ignorance. I haven’t quit though because I see a vision and I like the vivacity of some of the women, which when I compare it to match .com I send out tons of messages with no response. (and most of them are older and with kids). So I get a bad vibe form that site as I think the women think too much about the profile and think if they message me its like an engagement or something. Ridiculous ain’t it? Also for statistic purposes I am not married.

  698. MoonPatrol says:

    I’ve been screwed around by 4 fake SB’s (or they have their own idea of what an SB is) I think they figure get as much money as quick as possible before I find out their Bisexual or a hustler. Alternatively I can see men trying to get sample sex and then running. My lesson learned is this: this dating requires a lot of skills that I arrogantly or carelesly thought I had. I was a pilot long ago, and I didn’t fly the plane solo without learning hands on from experts. that what this blog is.

    Some of the woman I’ve found are less attractive and expect more than an escort or stripper would and are doing less. Your right we can’t be burning dollars unless the person has intentions of approaching this affair with zest. They should understand that it hurts us guys to dish out money when we feel juked. It really does, and we can feel good about spending a lot of money or feel real bad about spending a little. I can’t be with a sb that i would’nt be happy with to take to a symphony or theater show for that matter.

  699. Elenor says:

    Yeah Right, please stop polluting the blog with your negative comments. There is no need to offend anyone here.

  700. SD Bill Compton says:

    How does one bring up disease testing prior to arrangement

  701. Yeah Right~ I have not acted as a guru of information, just giving my personal opinion. I did not mention anyone in my post, just stories. you will believe what you wish to believe. I know that I, for one, have been truthful in my posts.

  702. Yeah Right says:

    The answer to the question is that you have been on the blog a heck of long time and haven’t found an SD, rarely if ever get anyone interested at all… yet you bad mouth someone out there actually meeting and doing in the sugar world … while giving advice here like a guru.

    Frankly, the taller tale to an outside observer is your 15yr SD story, not IRSLD’s

  703. Sorry I made a mistake, it should of been like this…

    Yeah Right~ Not that i should acknowledge you, but the last SD I had, I was with him for 15 yrs.

  704. Marie Jac says:

    Oh, one more thing…how to you avoid a “free test drive”? Can anyone explain that to me a bit

  705. photogirl says:

    IRLSD says:
    And yes, it is unfair that I am married and can go home to my wife every night. But that is why I am forking out the money for the SB. The money makes what is unfair fair in sugar dating.

    I never said it was unfair for you to be married and be able to go home to your wife every night. I would gather that the majority of the men on this site are married, whether they admit it or not. But that is not the issue. We know coming into this that it is a very big possibilty that our SD may be married.

    What I did not see as being ok is that you are potentially going to have 2 other SBs in addition to Polish girl. But I am pretty sure you won’t mention that part to her right? Actually, you have been financially supportive in some way of all 3/4 at this point if I remember correctly.

  706. Marie Jac~ your welcome, there was a lot of talk about how to be straight forward from SBs so you will get tones of info!
    Welcome by the way!

  707. Marie Jac says:

    Thanks Beach Girl!

  708. Marie Jac~ all the SBs and some SDs here will help with anything and everything.. just be honest in what you want and need. Maybe start by asking if they had an arrangement before, I think if you look at earlier, there was some comments made about just that, Gemini29 … if you wish to look
    Not that i should acknowledge you, but the last SD I had, I was with him for 15 yrs.

  709. Marie Jac says:

    Beach Girl, yes I am new. Any advice? Thankfully I’ve been reading the blog on scams and weird things to look out for.
    Any tips on how to keep a potential interested? I don’t want to waste too much time exchanging 20 e-mails.
    I’ve started asking about expectations and allowances up front, I’ve realized there is no point in beating around the bush. Is this too pushy?

  710. Elenor says:

    Anonymous Too, I couldn’t agree more.

  711. anonymous too~ You can always skip some parts of the blog,,,, I do ! 😀
    Or else I would go postal … lol… I believe that lies do not belong on the blog, you can make up stories all you want but not everyone, hopefully no one, will believe it!

    I wish i knew who you were!!! you are one smart cookie! 😀

  712. Yeah Right says:

    So Beach, when is the last time you found an SD?

  713. anonymous too says:

    Thanks Beachgirl. I may just not read it for a while but will be back.

    I am pretty sure Polish girl knows exactly what she is doing. It all sounds like an act. So I take comfort in that fact.

    I know that the universe has a way of evening things out and giving people their just desserts. Unfortunately, they are usually too full of themselves to put 2 and 2 together. But it eventually it does work out that way.

  714. Marie Jac~ thank you, so glad we are changing the subject!
    Welcome to the blog, and yes ignore the negative 😀

    Are you new to SA?

  715. Marie Jac says:

    Beach Girl, I know this has nothing to do with the post, but you look awesome in your pics!!! Sending Sugar Love to You!

  716. anonymous too and Elenor~ I wish you would not leave the blog. I agree with you, but just ignore the negative and stupid posts… you can always get great advice from the SBs here to help you and to listen when you want to say something…
    Hope you stay part of our sugar fam, please just ignore the comments that are less than desirable!

  717. Temporary SD says:

    Irlsd – I’d like to pick up your rejects on discount.

  718. anonymous too says:

    With that last post from IRLSD I have decided that reading this blog is bad for me. There are not enough posts by the SDs I respect to make up for what he shares here and while there are definite merits to the SD/SB relationship, reading these posts makes me want to puke and only see the negative side to it.

    IRLSD- you seem to do whatever you want no matter what anyone here advises you. I think you post here to somehow defend what you do and make it okay in your mind.

    I do believe that

  719. Elenor says:

    IRL, take a minute to think if things are a little too complicated. This sounds more like a mistress than a SB. Is this what you really want? Unless you are very good at this, the deeper you get into it, the more likely you will get caught.

  720. IRLSD says:

    And yes, it is unfair that I am married and can go home to my wife every night. But that is why I am forking out the money for the SB. The money makes what is unfair fair in sugar dating.

  721. IRLSD says:

    Photogirl and UncommonSB, I agree with more or less everything you say. That is why I am thinking of just having one SB. But as I have said a number of times, if she starts seeing other guys, I cannot predict if I will be OK with it or not. I told her straight up and her answer was pretty straight-forward–she would gladly sacrifice potential boyfriends for her education as she has done in the past. Now with SA SBs I’ve never brought this up–I always figured they can do whatever and if I don’t like it, I can just dump them. But with her, I have to commit myself to 1.5-3 years and so I cannot have other distractions or variables that may complicate things.

    I had an IRL SB and things turned sour when she found an IRL BF and then she felt guilty about sleeping with me yet still expected me to support her. Now, come on. Do I want to risk this situation arising with my new SB? No, so I’d rather be up front with her about it. She doesn’t have to accept my offer, but for this type of commitment there are definitely strings attached. I figure she will cost me $100-$150 K over the next 1.5-3 years, plus more if she needs future support for a business, etc. Am I really not entitled to put in any provisions, especially when these provisions are intended to protect her?

    Seriously, finding another SB would much easier for me than it would be for her to find an SD to make this sort of commitment, so please cut me some slack. I am just honestly trying to make sure this arrangement can work for its intended duration, and it won’t work if I walk into a house I provide her and find another guy sleeping with her in a bed I bought her.

  722. UncommonSB says:

    IRLSD: If you want what you want, tell her honestly what you envision and expect, and if she is agreeable… then whatever works for the two of you if just fine.

    But, knowing that she will be committing her hopes, time and limited resources returning to school, based upon the belief that you are offering her that stability, is something you should take very seriously.

    Of course she’s not going to be perfect for the next 1.5-3 years that it will take to get through school, no one is. All I’m saying is that it would be cruel to be flippant about your arrangement with her, or to revoke it because you decide that she annoys you in a few months.

  723. photogirl says:

    IRLSD – I have no advice for you as I don’t feel it is right that you can have/want 3 sbs, plus your wife….but she is only allowed to see you. And you dangling a very serious carrot over her head.

    But ofcourse, that is just my personal opinion… to each his own.

  724. IRLSD says:

    Photogirl, I dumped married south american SB this weekend, so technically I’m going into the new year with just three.

    I’m debating what to do with webcam SB at the moment. Should I pay her monthly allowance and keep her going for another month or just move on?

    I think I will need to talk to Polish SB a little more directly. You can see why I think exclusivity becomes an issue. If she demands freedom, I will feel entitlted to it as well and will quickly get tempted away. So it’s really to her advantage to keep things exclusive if her goal is to get her master’s (which she can’t do on a part-time minimum wage job).

  725. IRLSD says:

    VA SB and Uncommon SB, I think sugar dating turns the tables completely. Very attractive women who have guys throwing themselves at them IRL suddenly find very particular SDs who will dismiss them for the least reason. In some way, they’ve found their match–highly desirable members of the opposite sex. Now the SDs may not be desirable for their looks alone, but due to their wealth and success.

    Also, the SDs are typically older and at a point in life where they would not put up with as much drama or shenanigans as they might have tolerated earlier in life.

    Also, sugar dating is very expensive. SBs tend to underestimate just how much they cost, as they end up costing about twice their allowance once you add in all their perks and extra costs. A month or two of sugar dating can easily run into the 10-20K range in my experience, and is in reality much much more expensive than an escort with much more drama and less sex (NSA is a myth, although I may have found something close to it with the girl I slept with recently on the first date). As such, after a few dates, one starts to think, “Is this girl worth 5 or 10K/month?” If the relationship has any problems, the answer quickly becomes, “No.” The SD moves on to a large collection of other SBs on the site and the SB is left struggling to find someone else. Amazingly, out of the 15-20 SBs I’ve met from SA, not a single one appears to have found an SD after me. Considering I only select the most attractive ones, it’s a shocking reality.

  726. photogirl says:

    But as TLG stated – WALDT so best of luck with them!

  727. photogirl says:

    IRL SD – hmmm…webcam SB would make the 4th… if I remember correctly. Busy man.

  728. IRLSD says:

    I mean a bit torn, not a bit town

  729. IRLSD says:

    Have you made any sugar-resolutions? Care to share?

    I was thinking all day of my sugar resolutions. I think I have to make a resolution to put 100% effort into Polish SB. That means I have to drop my other 2 SBs. It also means that I have to stay away from temptation, as part of the difficulty is that as soon as there is trouble in a sugar relationship, I do the same thing I do in my marriage–look for another SB. Hence why I end up with two or three SBs at a time. The problem with temptation is that it is everywhere. If I avoid my SA account completely, somehow temptation still finds me IRL. It has been a long time since I have shied away from temptation, so I will have to re-learn that (I used to be really good at it). The reason I have to avoid temptation is that Polish girl will need me to support her for 1.5-3 years. I cannot just drop her in 3 months, as it would be unfair to her. I have not had this issue with SA SBs, as most did not have a real plan in life, so it was between supporting them indefinitely and breaking off the relationship, and so when push came to shove, I’d just end things, knowing they’re just back to square one with a whole bunch of new cash.

    Do you reply to messages that don’t end with a question or “hope to hear back from you”? Why or why not?


    Any sugar daddy/sugar baby news in your life?

    I think the whole blog knows every detail of my sugar news, lol. But I have an IRL SB, the SA SB I slept with on the first date, and a webcam SA SB, the third one I have not mentioned before.

    Story with webcam SB is that she is very cute and I contacted her on SA and she said she wanted to meet on a webcam. Anyways, I agreed, but when we met she asked me what sex acts I wanted, and I told her, “Honestly, none, I just want to know you.” I paypaled her some money and we just chatted. She ended up crying, unable to believe that a man would be interested in knowing her and not just her body. Anyways, turns out guys were paying her like 50-75 dollars to stick stuff into her anus and what not, things I can’t say I have any particular affinity for. So now we’ve had an arrangement where I give her $1000 a month and we pretty much chat a couple of times a week, and the chatting is almost entirely non-sexual. She’s long-distance which makes it harder to take the relationship further. I also always tell her about my SA and IRL SBs, which is nice. I am a bit town as to whether I should keep her, as she would not interfere with my IRL SB in any way.

  730. MusicCityMistress (MCM) says:

    “are” sheesh! I need to go to bed! I hope everyone has enjoyed their New Years!

  731. Marie Jac says:

    Have you made any sugar-resolutions? Care to share?

    1. Learn how to take a picture: My profile picture is very unflattering.

    2. Spot scams

    Do you reply to messages that don’t end with a question or “hope to hear back from you”? Why or why not?

    I do. I actually didn’t even think about a difference between having and not. I don’t answer messages from a person who didn’t take the time to read my profile. I read potentials profiles, I think I deserve the same consideration.

    Any sugar daddy/sugar baby news in your life?

    This one potential seems AMAZING! I’m afraid he might be loosing interest. He seems so incredibly sweet. Any tips on keeping him hooked? I want to meet.

  732. MusicCityMistress (MCM) says:

    VA SB: Your standards at not too high. This is my opinion: You have men who don’t know the difference between an escort and a SB, SBs looking for ATMs, and escorts using this as another means to build clientele. Now toss in sincere SDs seeking classy, intelligent women who look at them with their eyes and not dollar signs, sincere SBs seeking an intelligent gentleman who view them as more than a sex object. The hard part is for the latter to find each other while in the midst of all the fakes! Do not get discouraged because you are looking for quality and that takes time. If we lowered our standards we would be in the Wally World parking lot with our Happy Meals and Snuggies ( I hope that made you smile!). I know some of the other bloggers will chime in and share their stories. It took some time for them to find a great SD/SB, but they will tell you it was worth the wait :)

  733. UncommonSB says:

    417686: You definitely need to figure out what you are seeking first and foremost, and then just be honest about it. I mean, only you know what type of allowance and schedule you would be most comfortable with.

    If you are seeking full financial support, then add up your expenses and explain why you are seeking that amount. Or if it’s certain gifts, certain bills, travel, or some other amount… whatever it may be… you have to first get a grip on why you joined the site.

    After that, I’m sure there are old blog posts and several bloggers who might be helpful when it comes to negotiating.

  734. 417686 says:

    I would like to know something, i join this site just before xmas and already I have a SD interested in me, I didn’t think I’d get a a response as i thought from the profiles i’ve read that they went the typical barbie girl.

    And i only joined here to see if it works, so now i got the SD interested in me, but he asked me what arrangement i’m looking for? I never really gave it much thought until now, so what sort of things do you state in the initial messages? What sort of questions do you ask?

    I have no idea, can somebody give me some advise please?

    LG Dimples29

  735. VA SB says:

    Thanks Anna….good advice…

  736. VA SB says:

    Good point Uncommon –

    that is SO true…..at the end of the day, what’s a ‘real’ woman to do….. :-) Oh well, chin up and all that good stuff…

    Hope everyone’s having a great night.

  737. VA SB ~ Everyone gets discouraged. You should go back and look at some of the past blogs. Don’t give up, things will turn around for you :)

  738. UncommonSB says:

    VA SB: I think this would be somwhere around week 3 of me being on SA, and I can honestly say that it’s a bit of a blow to the ego, even at this early stage of looking. Like you, I tend to get alot of attention IRL.

    On SA I guess I’m just another faceless person on page 7, sandwiched somewhere between 3 airbrushed barbies and 4 escorts in the search results. lol

    Plus, men here have some obvious leverage and they know it. The SDs have lots of options, women that many of them could never get IRL.

  739. VA SB says:

    Question for the SBs….do you ever get discouraged?

    I mean, honestly – I think I’m good looking. Men look at me on the street, in the office, in public….I’ve been called sexy, I turn heads young and old, had some hot and sexy men by side currently and in the past… You know, all that jazz…

    Although after being on this site….Wow, just Wow! This site can do some damage to your ego – even when you’re not trying to allow it to have that much power. I mean, really? Really? Seriously? Maybe my standards are too high.

    Maybe I need to change one of my resolutions to…”Don’t use the same standards for an SD that I would use for a BF or SO.” Yeah, maybe that’s it…. 😉

  740. 2Chic says:

    Thanks MCM, one or the other. POT #1 whom I have met is great.
    POT #2, we stay in touch over the phone.

    If all else I do hope to establish great friendships, and network opportunities.

  741. MusicCityMistress (MCM) says:

    UncmmonSB: Love Pilates; it’s amazing!

    2Chic: I hope the pot SD dates go well for you:)

    TempSD: I really thought you would be engaged before the New Year! (jk)

  742. NYGent says:

    I exchanged “happy new years” emails with my last SB today. No possibility of getting back together but was nice to express nice greetings to each other even though it didn’t work out.

  743. NYGent says:

    NE Ohio SB: don’t know if you’re still blogging but we did it!

  744. MusicCityMistress (MCM) says:

    Atxchick: Hey! I am from TN I meant I am the only blogger from that area unless some lurkers are:)

  745. atxchick says:

    MusicCityMistress (MCM) says:
    January 1, 2010 at 2:50 pm
    atchick: Hi:) I don’t know of any blog sugars in the Denver area; I am all by myself:(

    So you live there?!

  746. Have you made any sugar-resolutions? Care to share?
    My resolution is to not make a resolution :)

    Do you reply to messages that don’t end with a question or “hope to hear back from you”? Why or why not?
    I don’t always answer emails…some may think it’s rude, but IMO some emails don’t deserve an answer. I got an email last night that was just a phone number with the line “call me”….um no.

    Any sugar daddy/sugar baby news in your life?
    No, not really.

  747. 2Chic says:

    Have you made any sugar-resolutions? Care to share?
    I will be the change in my life. I choose to initiate a new direction

    Do you reply to messages that don’t end with a question or “hope to hear back from you”? Why or why not? Yes, if I find the person to be of interest.

    Any sugar daddy/sugar baby news in your life?
    POT#1 Spa/Resort trip being planned.
    POT #2 Meeting(the one with the EC and Europe Sb, and wants me as the West Coast SB) mid month. He is very interested in my business, so that is a plus.

  748. Gemini29 says:

    Temp SD – lol, I’m not that spontaneous.. besides, I have to work tomorrow :(

  749. UncommonSB says:

    Have you made any sugar-resolutions? Care to share?

    1. Applying what I’ve learned on this blog to find an awesome sd and be an awesome sb!

    2. Adding weight training to my laissez faire yoga/pilates routine. I started this morning actually. I’m athletic, but want to see the inner thigh muscles reappear this year.

    Do you reply to messages that don’t end with a question or “hope to hear back from you”? Why or why not?

    I’ve sent 2 emails that didn’t receive a response. I don’t like to be left hanging or feeling ‘blown off’, so I try to be mindful of that with others. If they are nice and respectful, I always respond. Irregardless, I reply to each and every message. To the pervs, I say “Thanks, but no thanks.” If I decide I’m just not interested