9 years ago
Surprises in Sugarland

9 years ago
Surprises in Sugarland

Many here know what it’s like to have exciting developments in your sugarlife that are best left unspoken around the office or at the dinner table. While us sugar-bloggers know that confiding in the sugar family is (largely) a safe and comfortable outlet, SeekingArrangement still receives tons of emails – some nice, some not so nice – from those who want to express their feelings about the Sugarbowl.

This Northeastern Sugar Baby is finding some sweet surprises on the site…

“I’m sending you a message because I need to tell someone how much I love this site that will appreciate it (my gf are getting a little jealous and curious but wont admit it haha)…So I have been emailing back and forth a little one of the “seekers” on here, and today he asked me for my number so we could text a little. So…who do I get a call from…the Louis Vuitton store in Copley square to ask me if I would like to pick up my gift or have them ship it! I’m sporting a new Trivoli GM…holla!!! Seeker sent me a text this evening “Danielle, I do hope you enjoy you’re gift now can I please take you dinner”

P.S. He’s one of the certified members…

p.p.s I promise I won’t send anymore of these annoying emails”

Have you been pleasantly surprised by a sugar? Care to share?

Gemini29: What is an acceptable level of flirty/sexy talk from a potential sugar (pre-arrangement)?

Do you have any sugar in your weekend plans? Seeking an arrangement?

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  1. Cassandra says:

    I am rather amused by some of the sugar babies who state that they are seeking a ‘friendship only’…no intimacy relationship.
    We all have ‘friends’ whom we do not have to subsidize….so what makes you so special?
    Girls…come on…get real.

    My daddies are not just spoiled by me…they are indulged and made to feel like a King. If the tables were turned…what would you like?

    Think about it and act accordingly please!

  2. cleo says:

    booblovingsd: damn, i really want to try that cheese now…

    and yes

  3. cleo says:

    ncgent: i have large, capable hands (pretty normal in my business) and an adam’s apple. i was also born female and remain as i was hatched…

    it’s funny, i totally get that you were traumatized and that it’s horrid that this person lied to you but… well, i can’t help thinking that your date was pretty traumatized too…

  4. Yaz says:

    Good Morning You all!!!!!

    My baby Anderson Cooper is in Haiti right now reporting on the recent earthquake and helping out the best he can. I just saw a video on CNN of him saving a young boy who was being brutally beaten by looters. He risked his own life to get the little boy out of there. I was speechless!

    I loveeeeeeeeee him!!!!!!!!!!!!! 😀

  5. CA Dreamin SB says:

    Morning all!

    YEA New blog!!!

  6. SD NEOhio (SDN) says:

    ElegantSugar: Now I know you don’t understand what this site is about…conversation? Conversation? Really? That is just crazy, next you are going to say we should have “chemistry”.

  7. NC Gent says:

    Hi Gail — not sure if I will go gem hunting this year. I typically go in March after a big rain event. Maybe if you are in the area we can go — last year was the best ever!

    Awesome weather here today — mid 60s and sunny woohooo!

  8. RedMaru says:

    Hey NC Gent 😀
    Hey lisa! You’re hot weather reached GA finally the cold spell is over and its back in the mild 40-50’s so thanks!

    Hey Gail 😀

  9. Lisa that Actually Has an SD says:

    Have a good day Gail. I’m off to do some major season laundry, 5 loads.

  10. Gail says:

    Lisa!!!! stop waving your Texas hot weather in my face : ( At least it may rain SDs here….thats if I pray long and hard enough…….

    Going to be a woman in the streets… bye now…..!!!!!

  11. Gail says:

    Yes VA SB….It will be fun… I cant wait…I haven’t spent time with ladies in awhile.

    Lol @ NC Gent…You don’t have to add that on your blog profile…all the blog SB know for sure now. I still want to go gem hunting NC….wanna see all the gems slide off the mountain top….when are you going again?

    Ok…going out to brave the weather… : ) have a great day sugars!!!

  12. Lisa that Actually Has an SD says:

    Hi Gail :)

    Slept late this morning. It’s a nice day here, going to be 70.

  13. VA SB says:

    Hi Gail – good to see you post. Can’t wait to have a girls night out with ESB and DC SB when you come to DC area!

  14. Gail says:

    Good Morning Elegant, SPup, Red, TT, SDN, anyone I have missed…and all Lurkers.

    It raining alot here in Northern Calif….wish it was raining sugar!!!!
    Having my coffee and off to help people in need. I do suppose they need sugar too.

    Spup…heading for Savannah 2nd week of February : ) Elegant….I am from Calif….but have been seeing East coast SD…go figure…lol…..

    By the way I give thanks for everything that I have in my life and the great experiences I have had thus far…in other places of the world people are not so lucky. If you can find it in your hearts, donate to the Haitians…they are having a worse time than we are.

  15. NC Gent says:

    Good morning all. Always good to see you again Red Maru!

    I like a freak in the sheets and the streets lol

  16. Elle-Shooger says:

    You are right, Spup, they do…

  17. SPup says:

    Either work.

  18. Elle-Shooger says:

    I don’t know why I typed relative; I meant subjective.

  19. Elle-Shooger says:

    SDN…it doesn’t necessarily mean you take her out in PUBLIC. I guess it’s all relative. It can also mean she can hold an intelligent conversation, always well-groomed, well dressed…but underneath that “well dress” is a sex kitten in naughty lingerie!

  20. RedMaru says:

    Ooohh freak in the sheets, its getting fun. I think I need to stay around 😀

  21. TT (AKA Tantalizing Taz) says:

    Ok – I am going to nap and try and shake this cold…hopefully see you all later today!

    Keep working on the list SDN :)

  22. SD NEOhio (SDN) says:

    TT: Maybe you are right…any suggestions?

    Lady on the streets? That implies I take her in PUBLIC!!! Do you not get the idea of this site?

  23. TT (AKA Tantalizing Taz) says:

    SDN – perhpas you should be a bit more…specific. That can be miscontrued to mean a lot of different things to people. We can always help with your list :)

  24. SD NEOhio (SDN) says:

    Sweet! So “Freak in the sheets” stays. I was afraid it was to subtle.

  25. Elle-Shooger says:

    Ha ha ha, SDN! My ex-husband used to tell me he loved that I was such a “lady on the streets and a freak in the sheets!”

  26. TT (AKA Tantalizing Taz) says:

    Hmmmm…ONLY a freak in the sheets?? No lady in the streets????

  27. RedMaru says:

    Hey Anna Molly 😀 Good Morning to you!
    How have you been

  28. Anna Molly says:

    Hi Red! :)

    Good Morning!

  29. Naughty Molly says:

    A freak in the sheets…….hmmmmmm 😉

  30. SD NEOhio (SDN) says:

    Lurking and Working for now. Have some meetings so won’t be on long today.

    Cali SB: I did have “open minded” and thought a more direct approach would be better…”Need a freak in the sheets”. What do you think? Red flag?

  31. RedMaru says:

    Morning sugars! I’ve missed y’all so much! They got me running like a chicken with my head cut off at work and my shady landlord still hasn’t got the problem resolved in my apt so I can move out of the relatives room but I’m still good. I see three blogs since I last talked alot of catching up.
    Have I been pleasantly surprised by a sugar? Not yet disappointed maybe?

    Acceptable level of flirty sex talk? To me it depends on the level of ease between the SD and SB

    And sugar in my weekend? Sadly no :(

  32. Anna Molly says:

    What are you up to today SDN?

  33. Anna Molly says:

    LOL :)

  34. SD NEOhio (SDN) says:

    AM: One blog stand – is that like a free test drive? You get one free post? (is there an innuendo in there somewhere?)

  35. Evelyn says:

    Hi all,
    I just wanted to warn all of the SB on the site. I recieved a reply email from user 389813-Mark. no photo
    He is a potential womanizer and abuser. His reply to me was a red flag. Being an advocate for womens safety by profession I thought it a good idea to get this out seeing as I have to use snail mail to repot him.
    Good Luck in your search and be safe…….

  36. Anna Molly says:

    Good morning all!

    SDN ~ Glad you liked my “one blog stand” comment..LOL

  37. Elle-Shooger says:

    I would be anxious to converse more with California Babies to compare notes as I am on the East Coast and receive TONS of messages from Cali SDs. Some seem quite questionable…

  38. Elle-Shooger says:

    Cali SB,

    Red Flags- Included but not limited to the following:

    -When indicated budget is exceedingly high and suspiciously not in line with income bracket.

    -I steer away from the “open-minded” request too. Like LASB stated, I consider myself as being extremely open-minded in many ways but this doesn’t mean I’m receptive to the idea of having sex with animals.

    -Creepy photos reminiscent of 1970’s porn. You’ve seen them, ladies!

    -Idiotic misspellings and teenage text-speak like: “I M the 1 for U.”

    Gems-Included but not limited to the following:

    -Experienced with arrangements

    -I actually prefer a longer well-written profile that show signs of intelligence and depth.

    -Even if the profile is short, I will respond to someone who has taken the time to write something that didn’t seem like a “form” letter, making it more personal and pulling out something from my profile showing they actually read it and just didn’t send a letter based on my photos alone.

  39. Cali SB says:

    Holy cow that was fast. I made tiny changes to my profile (I went down on my allowance to see if I got more hits that way, even though LA is far more expensive and the higher allowance was suggested quite a few blogs back).. I must have submitted it like half an hour ago, if that, and it was approved already! You guys are fast! I like it! :)

  40. Cali SB says:

    Goodness.. I don’t know what to think about the “featured profiles” right now. I like to look at them when I log in, but right now 3 of the 6 are major “bombs”. One is looking for someone for bisexual experiences and group sex, another is pretty much only here to stalk someone he met on another site (and he says that much in his profile), and another is someone who works in porn (like as a performer!)! Gosh, I really wish that there was some way for SA to screen these men or the profiles. SA has so many sister websites (marriage, fetishes, etc) that these men should be on there instead so those of us who truly want an arrangement don’t have to wade through so much “muck”.

  41. Cali SB says:

    Hmph.. I thought I posed a pretty good blog question earlier about red flags and gems in profiles and only LASB responded.. I guess it’s easy to get overlooked here in blogland.

    Has anyone heard from DesertBunny recently? I’m curious as to what’s going on with the CA meet.

  42. MoonPatrol says:

    Have you ever heard this: I’m not Bisexual or Homosexual, I’m I can’t get any Sexual! I made that one up. Pretty good Huh?

  43. LASB says:

    Elegant Sugar – I’m with you. Yikes at judgmental attitudes! I guess I’m spoiled since I live in one of the most open societies in the world. I love that in LA, you can be whoever you want to be, and still fit in. I never felt totally at home anywhere until I came here.

  44. Elle-Shooger says:

    MoonPatrol: No, I have only had SDs and that’s all I’m interested in. However, I don’t judge others for what their choices are and certainly wouldn’t assume a SB is a sex addict just because she is open to both.

  45. LASB says:

    Hi Everyone. I know a lot of people have been asking about the SoCal meetup. If you are interested, please write in.

  46. Elle-Shooger says:

    MoonPatrol: – one can get caught up and addicted to ANYTHING in life; it’s all choice. Not to go all Ghandi on you, but be the change you want to see. :)

  47. MoonPatrol says:

    Elegant SUgar- No rich woman for You? It sounds weird to me anyway. Everything is weird right now.

  48. MoonPatrol says:

    Uh huh.. Maybe just spreading out the options. I am not much help to this blog because my experience is dwindling I’m not doing well. I’m so tired of work and will get th hell out of here in Feb,.. I want a hut in some polynesian resort where you can walk down the beach and …
    One can get caught up and addicted to the cyber world. I am that.

  49. whatsitgnatake4utobemine says:

    no plans, no SDs

  50. Elle-Shooger says:

    MoonPatrol: It doesn’t necessarily mean she is a sex addict. She could be bi-sexual or bi-curious. Thinking someone is a sex addict based on that alone is an unfair assumption. At least I think so. And no, I am not one of those listed seeking both. SD only for me.

  51. LASB says:

    Moon – Wow, I never thought of that. It might just mean that they are bisexual. I don’t think there’s anything wrong with that.

  52. MoonPatrol says:

    I wondered aboutthe show in terms of why the gals love this guy unconditionally even though he kissed more girls in a week than most do in a year.
    Yo9u may be right publicity…….What does it mean when a gal is looking for a sugar mamma too? is it an offer for a rich lady to jump in bed with? I get sqirmy when I see a profile with taht and the lovely one I ‘m sending picytures between I just notice that on her profile and ouch! but It ain’t a deal breaker. It makes me think shes a sex addict sort of.

  53. MoonPatrol says:

    I get tired of emailing too and I’m needing to turbocharge this because i can’t type very good even after trying to practice the course for two years. My fingers can find the keys on a clarinet without me even thinking about looking.

  54. LASB says:

    I like the man to plan the date, but I’m more conscientious of it now, that they may be exhausted if they have to do it all the time. I dated a guy who always planned the most fabulous dates. Then one day, he came to me and complained about being the one who did all the work. I had no idea. I am happy to do the planning and love to surprise a man with cool outings, presents, dining experiences, etc.

    From what I understand, The Bachelor is partially real, but not completely. I don’t watch it, but I know a former contestant who actually had a fiance and was just there to get publicity. My guess is that a decent percentage of the women are there more for that reason than for the guy.

  55. Elle-Shooger says:

    I also prefer receiving a phone number on the first message. The endless email exchanges can be tiring and I know I’m not looking for a penpal. Ha ha! You can learn so much via a phone conversation too. Some people are awesome writers and seem to be so outgoing with endless things to say in an email and the minute you get on the phone with them; they have no personality and you’re holding the entire weight of the conversation.

  56. UncommonSB says:

    Good night TXSB!

  57. Niki says:

    Sorry…never could get into that show. It always seemed so fake.

  58. MoonPatrol says:

    Any body watch that show the bachelor ? He seems like having the same problems an SD has. Those women are so funny how they can sit with each other in competition and pretend to like each other or not.

  59. TXSB says:

    Hi Niki, Moon, Uncommon, Cali, Lisa, SBnextDoor and anyone else I’m missing! :)

    Gawd it’s good to be back…lol.

    Anyway, I’m out for the night……see you guys tomorrow! :)

  60. Niki says:

    Hi everyone. Wow…I always feel like I’m playing catch-up with the blog. CA Dreamin and NC Gent–I love your sense of humor over those horror stories you had. I agree with Uncommon sb and Txsb–I love when the man makes the plans.

  61. MoonPatrol says:

    SBnxtdoor I see about the surprises you can get. I hate pervs like that. I’m into participating rather than watching as I find the sex act itself not aesthetic from the distance.

    Lisa that Actually Has an SD says:

    You can be graceful! I used to crawl down some deep holes in the Navy engine room to get to flooding sensors and you just move in smooth continuous yoga moves. Don’t dance… Flow!

  62. UncommonSB says:

    Midwest: Thanks for the advice. I still haven’t called. Ugh, I hate this part!!!!! I’m trying to gather up the cajones…

  63. Cali SB says:

    Of course I go nap and everyone comes back! haha

    LASB — Sooo glad it stopped raining! But it’s flooded out in front of my building! There’s about 1 – 2″ of rain outside of the complex door (I took my dog out to go to the bathroom and she pretty much had to swim to the grass!!) and the parking garage driveway is WAYYY worse! I saw a Jeep come out earlier almost up to the bumper in water.. that is bad news for my car! Looks like I’m staying in tonight! I forgot about your trip. We have to get together as soon as you get back for sure! :)

    SDN — haha You took “open minded” out of your profile? I have a hard time believing it was in there to begin with! 😉 I have never seen your profile. Send it to me and I will pull some more red flags out of it! :)

    NYC SB — Excited to read your blog later!

    Don’t have time to catch up with everything else right now (first post I still have to read is about Uncommon’s pot date) but will later tonight!

  64. TXSB says:

    VA SB:
    The most expensive pair of shoes I own cost $120, but gawd I’d love to have some “nice” shoes. I tried on a pair of Dior 4.5′ boots a few weeks ago..gawd I couldn’t believe how comfortable they were!

    I usually don’t give my # until a few messages have been exchanged and the pot SD seems serious since so many of them poof after the 1st or 2nd message. But I’ve never been too fond of “SDs” who give me their # on the very first message…..can’t really explain why but it makes me take them less seriously.

  65. Lisa that Actually Has an SD says:

    SBnxtdoor: so he wanted a live peep show, lol

  66. Lisa that Actually Has an SD says:

    edit climbing “ladders” not laters I need to stop drinking out of the nyquil bottle sitting next to my computer, lol

  67. SBnxtdoor says:

    Moonpatrol– He just said he really needed an access code to see my pictures and that he knows he is nothing to look at but if we met, he just wants to WATCH and the thought about creep-a-saurus-rex watching me pleasure myself strikes me IMPOTENT– or whatever the female equiv is. Dry as the Sahara. AAAAAHHHHHH!!

  68. LASB says:

    TXSB – I actually like a number on the first message. Why beat around the bush. I hate the long email exchange. Who has all that time when there’s this blog to keep up with. 😉 Really though, what I hate is when they ask for your number on the first message. I would rather call them because then at least I can block my number. Since you wrote him, take it as a sign that means he’s interested. Now, if he’s not appropriate on the phone, that’s another story, and you can always hang up.

  69. Lisa that Actually Has an SD says:

    MoonPatrol: I can’t be in a graceful mode as my job requires I be more like a man. I hate that, and look forward to my days off so I can dress like a woman. I hate wearing pants and don’t own even a pair of jeans. My job, however requires climbing laters and bending over alot so a skirt wouldn’t work, lol

    Not so sure about the anti depressents. If I take an allergy pill before work, I feel spaced out and can’t work fast enough to please my boss. Kind of hard to do that when you’re falling asleep.

  70. 2Chic says:

    What is your rule about giving phone #?

  71. LASB says:

    SDN – If you take “open minded” out of your profile, how are you going to get any test drives?

    NYC SB – Your blog is great as always! Can’t wait to read the next one.

  72. 2Chic says:

    Ugh! “have to have” sorry typo

    Meant: should have

  73. MoonPatrol says:

    SB NExt DOOR:
    Be =more specific .What did the SD say? was it crude or dirty?

  74. 2Chic says:

    OK , I think we will have to have a chat room about this “ART”. So once we began to read, there will be a dedicated day & so that (those who are interested) can have open dedicated chat room about what we are learning, sharing, experiencing, etc. I have no problem sharing my email since it is made just for the Suga Bowl. So just send me a message to let me know if you are interested in participating, I will give the specifics, and send out a reminder on the day of.

  75. VA SB says:

    Hey Everyone – just popping in to say hello to my sugar family. Love the stories – the monkey and the dog…WOW, just WOW! I would be completely dumbstruck if someone told me that. I honestly would not know how to react.

    You know, for the longest time, I had no idea what Louboutins were….just didn’t know. The most I’ve ever spent on shoes is $100….not a fashion follower, but I would hate to seem uneducated or backwards because I’m not familiar with expensive shoes. Now, that’s not to say that I’m going to start buying Vogue…I’d rather read Fast Company or Black Entrepreneur, but that’s just me.

    Maybe I need to spruce up on my fashion education. :-)

    Hope everyone has a great night. Ciao!

  76. MoonPatrol says:

    Its been so long that I’ve had sex that meant something to me that I forgot what sex is. I thought I’d just through that out there.
    My eyes are on the younger SB’s now. I am so crazy these days.

    LISA—when at work think of safety with the blades. Be in a graceful mode all the time like a dancer or take some good antidepressants and walk all mellowed out. t

  77. TXSB says:

    Midwest & 2Chic:
    Hi ladies! Missed you guys a lot! :)

    Glad to hear you have a nice getaway!

    So I wrote to a “SD” whose profile I really liked….he writes back…and gives me his # on the 1st message….that’s not good…. :( Bummer….he’s really hot!

  78. Midwest Mistress of the Dark says:

    Uncommon – It is always better to just pull the band-aid off quickly. Call him, provide a quick “I don’t think we are seeking the same type of arrangement” and it will be relativey painless. He will appreciate your honesty;

  79. 2Chic says:

    TxSb! Girl, How U B?!!!!

  80. Midwest Mistress of the Dark says:

    2Chic – Being able to accept pleasure is a wonderful thing :-)

    Hi TXSB! Nice to see you back!

    NYGent – any “hole-in-ones”??? Glad you had wonderful weather. I hear FL has had quite a cooling off the past few weeks.

    Ladies – we will truly be the best sbs SA has to offer when we master our skills :-)

  81. SBnxtdoor says:

    I know you gals know what I am talking about, but I just got an e-mail on another site from one of those guys you feel sorry for, because he admits to being nothing to look at but, seems sweet. Then WHAMO! He decided to use his literary license to hijack my image banks and not in a good way, oh no. I need to go take a shower now, much like the shower Meril Streep took in “Silkwood.”

  82. 2Chic says:


    What have we started….lol.

    Photo G. By the time you read the literature, you will also be able to put it to practice on yourself. One important part of this is loving “you”, being comfortable to accept pleasure:wink:

  83. TXSB says:

    Re: Plans
    Yep, I love it when the man takes charge and makes all the plans.

    Hey! *HUG* BTW, glad to hear Chicago was such a blast!

  84. photogirl says:

    NYGent – Of course… had to make sure you had wonderful weather :)

    TXSB – Hello! Missed ya!

  85. ESB says:

    I’m with you on the brevity, NYGent. I also agree on letting the guy make the plans, especially if in his territory. If we were in my neck of the woods, I’d be happy to make the plans for the hot spots. I know where to and NOT to go. Can’t believe someone would start to veto on places to go, I find that kinda rude!

    OK, I’m off to dream land, where SDs are falling out of trees with Louboutins and LV bags, and are wanting to treat me to a spa day… I could really use a massage right about now… Night all, have fun!

  86. TXSB says:

    Hi Everyone… :)

    Lurking but just wanted to say “hi”….not caught up on the blog so not much to say at this point.

  87. UncommonSB says:

    NC Gent & NYGent: Planning is good, most of the time.

    It’s great when a man takes control and has a plan. I get so annoyed with ‘I dunno, what do YOU wanna do’ type guys.

  88. NYGent says:

    Hello all, just back from a golf outing in Florida. Photogirl somehow managed to bring back the good weather, and I got a nice tan.

    NC Gent: I am also a “planner.” I like to plan a variety of different events, day and night, weekday and weekend, sometimes spontaneous. I like an SB who is flexible in her schedule and can go with the flow. I find that most SBs like it that way, although I once had one who started vetoing my suggestions left and right and making her own demands for where we would go, eat, etc. She didn’t get too far with that before I ended things.

    I have not even tried to catch up with all the comments over the past few days. Some were just so long I had to skip them entirely. “Brevity is the soul of wit.” Said somebody . . .

  89. Beach_Girl says:

    Photo~ let’s hope! 😀

  90. Midwest Mistress of the Dark says:

    NYC – Thank you! I actually saw the new one tonight. Good ideas…although I never had a large number of contacts to track 😉 You are absolutely right about keeping these gentlemen as contacts. I believe it has served you well to network.

  91. UncommonSB says:

    Hello Sugars!

    Well, had my first pot date. Great chemistry via email and phone for a couple of weeks while waiting for him to travel to my state for an event. The first part of dinner went really well… nice looking guy, lots to talk about, great food, etc.

    Then, out of nowhere, he starts talking about how he doesn’t want to have his heart broken, and how he wants a long term committed relationship.

    Woah… he basically wants to play house, where I would be in his state at his house more than my own, and we would have a ‘real’ relationship. He compared paying an allowance to having an ‘instant girlfriend’ and he said that he’s getting too old to have short term nsa arrangements.

    I’m thinking – Take it down a notch, this is a first date! Even if it wasn’t a sugar date, I don’t want to feel that type of pressure or talk about long term commitment on a first date with anyone. Plus, it’s not like we met on eharmony!

    I’ve been avoiding calling him all day. I have to just let him know that it’s not going to work, but I hate doing the rejection talks even in real life. I usually just drop of the map, but I’d feel bad being unresponsive since he did travel to get here.

    Ugh! Everything was going really well, and then he ruined it!

  92. photogirl says:

    Thanks ladies! Hopefully I can put all that reading to good use soon 😉

  93. ESB says:

    OK, what is this book you all are passing around?

  94. Midwest Mistress of the Dark says:

    Photogirl – of course!!!

  95. Beach_Girl says:

    photo~ HA ,,, you can come too….

  96. NYC SB says:

    Midwest – posted a new blog yesterday… i am working on another entry tonight… possibly a third tomorrow.

  97. photogirl says:

    Hey now… I WANT in on that session!!! :)

  98. Beach_Girl says:

    Miswest~ Yes…. The one I sent you… it’s 2Chic that sent it to me… lol
    Oh… that sounds interesting!!! Do they get to practice with us??? 😛

  99. Midwest Mistress of the Dark says:

    Beach – Decisions, Decisions…FL or LA?? Are we all reading the same book? It could be one of the break out sessions for the next International SD Conference.

  100. Beach_Girl says:

    2Chic~ oh good!!! I can’t wait…

  101. 2Chic says:

    We will have to chat soon to discuss it. Got a another one to send you, so keep a look out.;)

  102. Beach_Girl says:

    2Chic~ hey girl… I am good! Reading the book you sent! 😀

  103. 2Chic says:

    BG: “How U B?”….;-)

  104. Beach_Girl says:

    Midwest~ Ha,I won’t hold my breath!!! It is a beautiful city though…
    Why did that make it more challenging?

  105. Midwest Mistress of the Dark says:

    Beach -Well, that just made the decision more challenging to make :-) BTW Montreal was featured in the travel section on Fox News today. Maybe some SDs will be heading your way.

  106. Beach_Girl says:

    Midwest~ I don’t know what is happening at the LA meet… Haven’t heard from DB either…But I am pretty sure i will go…

  107. ESB says:

    SDN: So, you wanna see me squirm, huh? lol… to funny. I’ll just be very careful of what I say from now on so I don’t embarras myself around you… but then, what fun would THAT be. Maybe I just like to make you think… ?

  108. Midwest Mistress of the Dark says:

    Spup – Tough choices…I say do the carpet bomb approach. You will get all your prospects covered in one fell swoop and can narrow them down from there. Do you think it would be appropriate to share your e-mail in the first message indicating that you noticed they haven’t logged in recently? I know it’s forward and sbs wouldn’t like it, but you’re not seeking an sb. They wll be notified that you have sent a message, so at the very least they will likely read it.

    Is DB still organizing the CA meet? I haven’t seen her on for a bit. Is there a back up plan? I’m not sure if Im going. I may go to FL to see family.

  109. SPup says:

    *yawn again* Well I sent out a couple of mails. I’ll give a few days to respond before I send out another batch. Think I’m going to take a nap. Perhaps I’ll be on later tonight.

  110. Lisa that Actually Has an SD says:

    I presume you are looking for a sugarmommy? I believe they have to have a premium account (orange) to respond to emails just like the sds, so if their profile is blue and they haven’t logged on for awhile, it’s doubtful they will respond, but you can give it a try anyway. I’ve never contacted a blue profile of a sd and had a response.

  111. SD NEOhio (SDN) says:

    OK just got back from taking “open minded” out of my profile.

    AM: One blog stand…lol very funny.

    ESB: I am shocked you would make such an accusation about me ** feigning shock ** Embarrassment no, squirm yes!

  112. CA Dreamin SB says:

    SPup – just send an email to anyone who looks interesting. They may not log in on a regular basis – but – if they get an email, they might – you never know. What’s the worst thing that happens? They don’t write back.

  113. SPup says:

    Ick, don’t like that answer. I was thinking last half of 09, perhaps all of it. I know the older they are the longer the odds. Going back to Nov09 gives me less than 30 though. *shrugs*

  114. Lisa that Actually Has an SD says:

    SPup, if they haven’t logged on in the past couple weeks, i’d say forget it. And that would be giving it a lot of slack to allow for the possibility of travel or being busy with work. Most active members log on at least once a week. Profiles will stay up indefinately long after someone has lost interest in the site.

  115. SPup says:

    *Yawn* Busy searching. 132 SMs stateside. About 1/3 are in CA/FL/NY. 18 states with no SMs. And that’s not filtering by login dates. =/

    Well I knew the waters were going to be shallow. Ah well, time to look through profiles. Any suggestions on the oldest login date I should look at?

  116. LASB says:

    It stopped raining! I thought it would never end! I have a million errands to run before my trip, but I was procrastinating so bad b/c I hate doing things in the rain. Ok, stepping out for a bit, before the next storm comes in.

  117. LASB says:

    Cali – I hear ya on the “open-minded.” I’m ridiculously open-minded, as in I’m not judgmental to folks who have different lifestyles than I do, I’m free spirited, I let people be who they are, etc. But when an online guys says it, it has this feel that I don’t like. It’s like they are going to say “ok give me a test drive then.” And when you say no, they say, “Hey, you said you were open minded.” That’s interesting that that’s a red flag trigger word for you too.

  118. CA Dreamin SB says:

    I know Cali!!! Where is everyone today?

  119. Cali SB says:

    *crickets chirping*

  120. Cali SB says:

    Awfully quiet in here today now (loved the stories earlier!!). I just had the most amazing soup followed with a Sprinkles cupcake. My stomach and palate are in heaven. :)

    So I got a msg from a pot SD asking what amount of money I was looking for how long per week (that was it, not even a hello or a signature) and I immediately blocked him without replying. His profile sais he was looking for a live-in arrangement and he’s not even in the US. This got me thinking about what things in someone’s profile do you consider a red flag and decide to not message or reply to them? For me, anytime I see live-in arrangement or hinting at looking for a relationship and not an arrangement, or if they say they are looking for someone “open-minded” (which ALWAYS means in the bedroom!) I don’t communicate with them. Conversely, if a man’s profile says he is a gentleman, says that he likes refined activities (theater, arts, etc), that he respects women, has had successful arrangements in the past, I am much more likely to contact him even if he doesn’t completely meet my ideal match (age, location, etc). What are your red flags (or gems) when reading a profile?

  121. TT (AKA Tantalizing Taz) says:

    Love everyone’s stories today!!!

    Welcome to the new SB’s and SD of course 😀 Hope you all decide to stick around and become a regular in our fam!

    Noooow…back to helping my mom move – almost done. For the day only of course :(

  122. Cali SB says:

    SBnxtdoor — I don’t think you can email me through my profile since you’re an SB, but OC sent me your email addy (I just checked) so I’ll send you an email in a bit! SoCalIESB, I have yours also! And the meet is Feb 25, not 26 (there is supposedly something the 26th too potentially, but I haven’t heard from DesertBunny who is organizing it in almost a month now). As of right now there are only 1 or 2 SD’s going that I know of. Are there any other SD’s out there that would like to join? It looks like there are going to be QUITE a few ladies in attendance. Maybe even a dozen!

  123. Midwest Mistress of the Dark says:

    Evening sugars! What hilarious reading today!!!

    ESB – Have you tried the temp agencies? That can lead to something more permanent.

    SDN – Int’l SD Conference! NICE!!!

    NYC SB – Loved the last blog…is your new one up yet?

    Reading – james and I were talking about books on CD… I never felt like I had enough time from place to place, but in reality, I do. I used to listen to them often…think it’s time to start again!

    Gemi – I believe her question still remains
    WHAT type of pleasant surprises did your SB (not potential) do for you?

    Along that line, I know the SDs feel burdened with making all the plans since you are paying. There are some plans that I would like to make as a surprise. Although things are improving greatly, my budget and my SDs manners, don’t always lend to surprises. Any suggestions? Does it matter if it’s really a surprise?

  124. SBnxtdoor says:

    CA Dreamin SB — ding, ding, ding we have a winnnah! That is the topper of all toppers.

    CaliSB– I will just e-mail you my e-mail through your profile. Cute profile btw.

    NCGent– oof good one with the tranny story. It reminds me of this photo someone had on their Facebook page of a cat with a really freaked out look on it’s face–and the caption, “What has been seen, cannot be unseen” A guys gotta need some recovery time on that.

  125. ESB says:

    Welll, I need to go get a bite to eat. If Baby Girl will let me, I’ll be back later. Have fun all!!

  126. ESB says:

    wow, good stash AM, sounds like fun. Iwould just want the cash though… or free food. Love Uno’s great stuff, love just about everything on the menu

  127. Anna Molly says:

    Hi ESB! :)

    Ahhh, I’ve just been doin’ stuff…LOL. I’m going to trivia night at Uno’s. I’ve been on a roll lately. Week before last I won two t-shirts and a beer bucket…LOL. WooHoo! :)

  128. ESB says:

    Hi AM, what you been up to all day?

  129. ESB says:

    Once, I was helping build the bulk head in the kitchen, and using the radial arm saw. The piece of wood I cut weighed to much, and it started to fall off the side, throwing my hand into the blade. I was lucky, just a surface cut, but my kids heard me swear for the first time. Hurt like something aweful! No stitches involved, but the skin on my first 3 fingers was down a few layers. I just grabbed my hand and ran into the house, ran it under the faucet in the kitchen sink. I didn’t look ’til my husband said, “aw, that don’t look to bad”. My son’s face was white! I think more of fear of mom being hurt than seeing all the blood. Yea, cuts are nasty.

  130. Anna Molly says:

    Hi BOOBLOVINGSD! Welcome to the blog! (.)(.)

    Are you going to stick around or are you going to blog with us and then leave us? A one blog stand…sigh. Why does that happen?

  131. ESB says:

    My X used to tease he was going to take all the knives out of the house cause I was forever cutting myself. lol… just a clutz, but havent’ dont that in years. Know what I’m doing now!! I’d have trouble with the lifting due to a neck injury, but everything else I’m OK with. Would prefer a desk job though

  132. Lisa that Actually Has an SD says:

    I worked at Target for 8 years. That wasn’t good, workwise and shopping wise. They made us apply for credit cards to make their quota. Big mistake, lol

    I use a boxknive and cut myself all the time at the grocery store I work at now. At least I dont’ have to deal with holidays as they don’t affect the area I work in (nonfoods) but the lifting is hard and there are no gentlemen to help. I don’t deal with much stress with work but I pay for it in minor injuries.

  133. ESB says:

    That’s rough. I wear glasses when I read. More expensive as far as a purchase goes, but cheaper in the long run.

    I have had jobs like yours. Sprained my wrist, still have problems with it, and that was almost 30 years ago. Got lots of cuts and bruises, me and box knives do NOT get along well. Did the retail at a high end clothing store, won’t do that again, loved my discount way to much. 😀 I’m not to proud to work anywhere, just want some steady income so I can pay my bills

  134. Lisa that Actually Has an SD says:

    My daughter made more than I did last year. I just got her w-2 today and will e-file her taxes for her and then I need to tell her how much she’s getting back. She will be getting a lot more back than me. She had a lot more taken out. I had very little because after taxes and union dues and now insurance, alot is sucked out of my check.

  135. Lisa that Actually Has an SD says:

    My 18 year old daughter has a good job in a doctor’s office making 11.50 an hour, I make much less than that after all my 11 years retail experience. She got her job through the work thing in highschool. Whereas the other kids got jobs in grocery stores and whatever, she got lucky and got hired to to medical filing. They kept her on after graduation and she is now full time with benefits.

    I hate my job, not the job itself as it’s the best retail job i’ve had but the heavy lifting, the ugly uniform, etc. sucks. I cut my fingers a couple times this past week and they are healing but I have torn two pairs on contacts this past week from the rough area where the cuts are healing. Down to 1 pair on contacts when I had 3 last week, need to order some this week so I don’t run out.

  136. ESB says:

    Lisa, I know where I came from, and have no fear going back there. I do not see myself as too good for ANY job.. well maybe not garbage person. eww!! Yea, I could do just about any job anywhere, as long as the pay is steady, and I can keep Baby Girl in Hollister! JK, she is really good about knowing where “we” are financially now, and she doesn’t even ask. She wants me to go back to school, get my degree in Nursing, it’s been a dream for the last few years, but can’t work full time AND go to school. I’m afraid I’d fail my classes from lack of sleep. If I can’t giveit my all, I just wont’ be able to do it at all.

    Why would what I posted make you feel like half a person? Sorry, didn’t mean to make anyone feel less than who they are. I’m just going back wards now. Would be making less per hour than my last hourly job, but it’s going to be more than I’m making now on straight commission. You’d laugh if you knew how little I made this past year. I think my daughter in college made more working part time!

  137. ESB says:

    OMG!! BooblovingSD, You are soo funny. I think I’m in love… unfortunatly, I dont’ quiet meet your requirements. Good Luck Sugar, I’m sure you’ll find what you’re looking for soon. 😉

  138. Lisa that Actually Has an SD says:

    Good afternoon everyone

    Back from shopping. Bought a new cordless phone for my kitchen. My old one’s battery has been near death for months. But since it’s old, I decided to replace the whole thing. Not sure if i’ll regret it though as the battery dying was my escape from my friends hours long calls, lol

    ESB, why not apply for a job on the sales floor straightning up? I don’t think they have much need for assets people, as department stores need people on the salesfloor. Sure it sucks, working weekends and late nights ( I did it for 10 years but had to quit for safety reasons) and you have to pick up crap customers make but no one is too good to do that. Kinda made me feel like half a person when I read your post.

  139. BOOBLOVINGSD says:

    I am new here, a virgin blogger, although I have followed the blog for some time. Yes, you are full of stories today and I would like to share with you my surpreso in zucar land. As my name explains I am an aficionado. I hail from Galicia and we have cheese there called tetilla, it looks like a nicely formed titty. To the touch it is firm and nice and the taste is mild and creamy, just right. Out of home-sickness I looked here to find a girl with such boobs. Many send me pictures, but all seem to be pointing south. What a barren country, not funny at all. I have this black AMEX card and a box full of Spanish fly, still unused. It seems like I am thrown back into the Middle Ages when a man neede to lose that fiery pent up lust. That is when he had eaten too many toro b*lls. Yes, it is an afrodisiacum. You went out, bought some new shoes ( is there also Louboutin for males ?) or boots, wore them sothat your feet started to sweat and smell. Then take off your right shoe and pour red wine in them and drink it quickly. Of course only Spanish wine is good.
    Anyone here in the right shape for DonJuan ? It will be mutual beneficial.

  140. CA Dreamin SB says:

    2Chic – I don’t know. That’s the SoCal girls planning that one. I’m Northern Cal…but I’ve been contemplating a meeting in San Francisco in March if there is any interest.

  141. 2Chic says:

    CA DReamin
    Any more details about the CA meet other than Feb 26?
    ie.. where: time: ??

  142. 2Chic says:

    I am knocking on wood….. the cowboy monkey, OMG I would have bust out laughing in stitches right before him. What a nightmare!

  143. CA Dreamin SB says:

    Hi 2Chic! Yes, We’re full of stories today :)

  144. 2Chic says:

    Hi All

    Gosh the horror stories, …. lol.

  145. ESB says:

    Lolita: Go find what I posted about what happened to me last weekend. It was HORRIBLE!! But here I am, wading through the VERY still waters hoping for Mr. Wonderful to show up! Valuable lesson learned!!

    Where did IRLSD go? Haven’t heard from him in a few days.. did he get run off? I hope not, love hearing his stories.

  146. Elle-Shooger says:

    Lolita: Don’t allow the stories to deter you from going on dates. I mean, you signed up for the site because you WANT to go on dates and meet a SD. It’s like anything else in life, sometimes you have to wade through the B.S. (IT IS WORTH IT TO PUT ON THOSE WADING BOOTS AND TREK ON THROUGH! TRUST ME!!) :)

  147. ESB says:

    OK, I’m done degrading myself for one day. I went to Wal Mart. When I asked the girl for an application, she looked at me like I lost my mind. She knows me, and was thinking “What in the world are you doing applying here?” OK, I’m desperate. THAT shocked her. I told her I wanted a position in the security room watching the monitors for the parking lot. LOL.. she had no clue, but it made me giggle.

    SDN: You enjoy seeing a woman squirm in embarrasement, or is it you just like to see woman blush…

    I looked earlier for Louboutins. GREAT shoes. Wanted to see if there was anything to zoom in on when my SD takes me shoe shopping… how to narrow it down! OMG, so many to choose from. The sight also went to Jimmy Choo, Manolo, WONDERFUL waste of an hour! 😉

  148. NYCBella says:

    Lolita…don’t feel like that…you should definitely go on dates. I just learned a valuable lesson about screening pot SD’s. Besides, in hind-site they can make for a good story.

  149. Lolita says:

    I´m sorry for the people who had bad dates, what a waste of time, but some of the stories are quite funny :) I´m kind of afraid of going on a date after reading this, but on the other side..I don´t think it can get much worse

  150. CA Dreamin SB says:

    TexasSugah – Don’t over-glorify him! It was a SINGLE wide 😛

  151. TexasSugah says:

    NC Gent – Oh my gosh.. he should be glad that he didn’t pull that down here on one, Texas. Yes, that is definitely something you should tell someone BEFORE you met. Oh my world.

    CADreaming – Girl STOP! You are FAR better than me. Really.. I wish someone would do that to me. A rodeo performer.. double wide. Gosh that is terrible.

    I don’t feel so bad now.

    Thanks.. I got a good laugh from both.

  152. CA Dreamin SB says:

    SPup – I’d bet my life on the fact that I will NEVER have a date with another dog/monkey/rodeo guy.

  153. NC Gent says:

    I am definitely one to over-analyze. It was a series of events that caused me to drop out, but that was the final straw. I know it takes patience :)

  154. NYCBella says:

    NCG…I understand. After pot #2’s deception and followup sleazy behaviour, I was about to say I need a break, but pot #3 sounded really nice on the phone, so I just jumped back in feet first and wiped the slate clean by seeing him the next night. Was so much better than had I decided to wait a while longer and let doubts build in my mind. (I tend to over analyze if left to my own devices for too long.)

  155. SPup says:

    See I don’t know about you guys, but when something like that happens I figure that there’s no way it’d happen twice in a row so I’d redouble my efforts.

  156. NC Gent says:

    It was actually a very disturbing experience and I dropped out of the sugar world for about 7 months. I wasn’t judging his lifestyle, but just be honest ffs!

  157. Elle-Shooger says:

    Wow, NCG! Stories like that really make me ponder what the other person is thinking?! I mean, SERIOUSLY. “Oh he’ll never figure out I have a penis too and I’ll just woo him with my charming personality, deep cleavage and lick his lollipop just enough to get the $$ I need…”

    THAT IS JUST DECEPTIVE!! A guy friend of mine met a TS (unknowingly) on match.com and that is how he figured it out too! The sideways glance of the ‘ole Adam’s apple.

  158. NC Gent says:

    Yes – finding man-bits would have been very disappointing!

  159. NYCBella says:

    Darn you emoticon! :0

  160. NYCBella says:

    I can imagine. That is unfortunate though. I have a few friends who are TS (seems that being in the art world it’s more prevalent/accepted than in the real world) and I know how they feel as if they don’t sometimes belong and have to fib to try and fit in. But the lying by omission is never a good route to go. Prolly good that you found out first before things went too far and you found out later. Now that would have been shocking! ;0

  161. NC Gent says:

    Hi NYCBella — well I exchanged a few emails with a pot SB. “She” wouldn’t talk on phone. We met for lunch (actually attractive). During lunch, I noticed some rather large man-hands. I pointed something out across the restaurant and “she” looked over and I got a good look at her adam’s apple. When I confronted him, he denied it at first, but later admitted he was semi-post-op. He had a boob job but still needed money for the rest of the transformation. Thus, why he was looking for an SD. I told him he needed to let someone know that before they met. I put $40 on the table and walked out without eating lunch that I had ordered. I should have known and kick myself a little bit — the pics didn’t look quite right – boyish hips — ughhhhh
    It is funny now but it was traumatic then!

  162. NYCBella says:

    I meant “here” as in the metaphor for the sugar bowl….oops…realizing that closing statement was quite naughty.

  163. NYCBella says:

    Hello all…sorry to be MIA, but have been busy with work and life.

    CA Dreamin—that’s really funny. Makes me feel better about how things went with pot SD #2—who was a completely different ethnicity than his profile (I should have been suspicious by the distant photo all covered up in a snow suit), and he was 10 years older than he stated. He should have put his original age cause I was initially hesitant in even meeting because I thought he was too close to my age. But bottom line…I don’t respect lying…wrong foot to start off on. Though if it’d included a performing dog/monkey act atleast the evening wouldn’t have been a complete waste.

    NC Gent—I wanna hear the TS story!

    So, pot SD#3 is possibly going well, though I’m hesitant cause I’d totally date IRL and am not sure that I could get away with a NSA situation with him.

    Pot SD#4 and I met this weekend. He flew in and had a lil gift for me and it was my first real taste of sugar…have to say, “I like…” 😉

    So, that answers question #1.

    As for question #2…I learned years ago to turn down the “flirtatious” talk from my end IRL simply because while I flirt naturally, I realize it can be taken by the guy to mean that I’m ready to just jump into bed right away. Also, anyone who starts right off with the skeavy “phone sex-esque” talk generally means they haven’t heard a word I’ve said and is completely oblivious to the fact that I’m not reciprocating. Easiest way to get into my La Perla is to make the effort to get to know me and then woo me…

    So, I’d say that a little classic flirting is acceptable otherwise you just feel disconnected and will come across as an ice queen…but bottom line…don’t flirt too much or unfortunately you might find yourself in a compromised position (i.e. making out, half naked, then you say “no” at the last minute…some guys just aren’t “nice” and won’t listen when they’re on the brink of an orgasm). Which means only flirt as much as you feel comfortable, trust your instincts, don’t do anything just for the sake of trying to make someone else happy (you’ll end up feeling guilty and possibly depressed later) and as the old saying goes with giving head (which can def be applied here)…”I only give it after I’ve already gotten it.”

    Happy Monday, everyone!

  164. CA Dreamin SB says:

    OH – Left out the part about him wearing a track suit because he was “still a little too swollen around the center from his lipo” to fit into his pants. CLASSIC

  165. CA Dreamin SB says:

    I am as serious as I can be about that story…very true.

    NC Gent – It was hilarious the next day! I just kept shaking my head and laughing.

  166. NC Gent says:

    Wow CAD SB – that story rivals my trans-sexual pot SB lunch meeting! Hilarious to look back on huh?

  167. Elle-Shooger says:

    Oh. My. Gosh. CA Dreamin…THAT story has me in tears. Are you SERIOUS? Wow. I have had a few doozies for sure, but none like that! I would have been looking around for Ashton Kutcher to jump out telling me I had been PUNKED.

  168. CA Dreamin SB says:

    AM – No, no I missed that treat. :)

  169. Anna Molly says:

    CA Dreamin ~ That has to be one of the funniest things I’ve ever heard. Did you ever go see his dog and cowboy monkey perform…LOL

  170. CA Dreamin SB says:

    Okay – I have to share a horror story (before I lived in CA)…I met a guy off another site – Said he had his own business, very successful. I met him and he started talking…about how he just sold his business for 40K (I asked why so little b/c he said he pulled in a lot more) – and he says well, after all the bills were paid it wasn’t that much. He’s now working for the people who bought his business – AND – it’s okay because his expenses are pretty low living in his single wide trailer with his roommate, since his wife moved out with the 3 kids (but none of them were his – he thought they were – but turns out they werent). He makes extra cash at rodeos with his dog and monkey – YA – he has a dog he puts a saddle on and a monkey rides it. I was looking around for Jerry Springer at that point. He was so genuine and really trying, and pointed out how he had spent most of the money from the business on lipo so he could look better. The bill came – I paid it…I would have thought he said all of that trying to get rid of me – but he continued to call me for weeks even after I told him I didn’t think we were right for each other. He kept asking me what he did wrong…

  171. Elle-Shooger says:

    Ha ha ha, I love the stories from the trenches! I’m finding, that sharing some of these stories (if the date is going well) are great ice-breakers when meeting with pot SDs. The one I met with last night had me in TEARS with some of his stories! I mean, you can’t even MAKE UP some of that stuff!! Seriously some funny, funny situations.

    Great answer to your second-worst sotry, NC Gent! Talk about double-standards!

    Photogirl: I know I shared my one story already, but I always get creative with surprises by listening and asking questions. I like to really find out what makes the SD happy and what makes him laugh, you know? My second SD and I had this joke about being in a private club so I made these fake “PRIVATE CLUB” ID badges that I surprised with him with and he thought it was the most hilarious thing ever. We made a pact to carry them with us on all of our trips and we did! Just little things like that show you are going out of your way when you’re not together and you’re thinking of them.

  172. NC Gent says:

    My second-worst horror story — the SB had provided pictures from about 50 pounds and 5 years prior. When I asked her about it over lunch, she said she was hoping I wasn’t so shallow. Like I was the bad guy or something. I asked her why she had asked to see my pictures if she didn’t care about looks. She didn’t have an answer to that, so I said something about being shallow as well as a liar.

  173. photogirl says:

    ElegantSugar – I know… I have heard many stories aswell. Fortunately I have always been told that my photos do not do me justice.

    SPup – I’d love to surprise too… that is why I want to hear what SBs did for their SDs! I want some ideas :)

  174. NC Gent says:

    Hi Elegant — I have some horror stories too, but for the most part, the potential SBs have provided real and recent pictures. In an interesting twist, I met a potential SB last fall that had provided pictures that weren’t her (she downloaded them off the net) but they also didn’t look nearly as good as her. After about 5 minutes into our date, I said something like… you don’t look like your pics and you look much better. She admitted that they were not her pics and she had sandbagged. She is recognizable in public and wanted potentials to like her less for her pics and more for her (or so she said).

  175. SPup says:

    NCG – I’d love to be given freedom to make the plans. *shrugs* But then again, I like to surprise.

  176. Elle-Shooger says:

    LOVE NC Gent’s response, “When my pot SB looks better than her pictures.” HILARIOUS! I have heard some MAJOR horror stories from my past SDs and pots about their first meetings and the SB looking NOTHING like her photos. I mean even fibbing on height by a foot!! And they have all told me the pot SBs who do this have all said the same thing. “I didn’t want to tell you because I thought you wouldn’t meet with me and I knew after we met, my personality would win you over.”


  177. NC Gent says:

    For the most part, I have done all of the planning for sugar meetings. A few times my first SB did most of the planning, and all I had to do was show up (with my wallet lol). Can’t recall anything spectacular but it was nice not to have to make all of the arrangements – that made it special.

    Wonder how other SDs find this but I find that because I am buying, I usually have to do the planning — any other SDs find it different?

  178. photogirl says:

    NC Gent – So your SBs have never planned anything special for any of your dates? Or are you the one to do all the planning?

  179. NC Gent says:

    Hi Photogirl — I guess my most pleasant surprises have been when the potential SB looked much better than her pictures.

    I guess other pleasant surprises have been some nice pictures, but not much more than that — I guess I am not easily surprised.

  180. CA Dreamin SB says:

    Where are all the other SD’s? James, NYGent, JSO?

  181. photogirl says:

    Busy this morning! Hello everyone!

    NYCSB – Good to hear about your trip with NYSE… I am sure you will have a great time!

    Since the men are back from their SD conference :) I am going to ask my question again…

    Have you been pleasently surprised by a sugar?

    I’d really like to hear from the men about what their SBs have surprised them with…(thank you ElegantSugar for sharing your surprise)

  182. cleo says:

    it’s boston honey with the massage skills…

    but i might teach some private classes …

  183. Elle-Shooger says:

    Did someone seriously just ask, “What are Louboutins?”

  184. Elle-Shooger says:

    Good Morning Sugar, Sugars!

    Had a FABULOUS time on my pot SD date last night. He wants to meet again to discuss an arrangement right away. I was honest and let him know I am flying out in a couple of days to meet with another pot SD. So after this trip, I will have three pot SDs to consider. Decisions! Decisions! :)

    I wanted to answer the following question from TexasSugah:

    QUESTION: Has anyone had a sugar go “I want you as a girlfriend/LTR” on them” or had a SD propose to them?

    Just wondering….

    YES! My last SD began to develop very strong feelings and wanted to engage in a more serious long-term type of relationship, which is why I ended it. I really liked him and cared for him and our overall friendship was amazing, but my feelings were certainly not as strong as his were and I am VERY clear about not wanting a LTR; only NSA.

    Two weeks ago I flew to a city to meet with a pot SD. We had a wonderful weekend (he put me in a nice hotel to have my privacy and own space – something I am very adamant about when flying to another city to meet a pot), but we spent A LOT of time together and even went to dinner and a party with his circle of friends. At the end of the weekend, he tells me he is seriously searching for a girlfriend and would I be willing to consider having a serious relationship with him. Although we had a total and complete blast together, his proposal of being his girlfriend was just way too soon (no sex involved over this weekend even) and I just couldn’t commit to that and reminded him of how met and what my profile states. He understood and we have maintained contact as friends and communicate almost every day…so who knows in the future. (??) I hide nothing from him (or any of my pots) about meeting with other men until I find the RIGHT arrangement that works for both. With my last two arrangements being so wonderful, I just cannot settle and won’t. That would be unfair to me and to the SD.

  185. SD NEOhio (SDN) says:

    NYC SB: I love your confidence!

  186. NC Gent says:

    OK — I wasn’t hitting on you. The tipping comment was to SDN, but it didn’t appear that way — sorry! Vols just got a new coach!

  187. Taylor says:

    NC gent, I’m far, far away from you…. somewhere over the rainbow…..

    But I got roots in East Tennessee, ya’ll! Yay Volunteers (or, Dollywood, or…. something).

  188. Taylor says:

    There is one boutique in this country which has them. :) And I’ve never shopped there. Silly me!

  189. NC Gent says:

    What country do you live in Taylor, if you don’t mind me asking?

    Also, I can be a very good tipper when the service is extraordinary 😉

  190. NYC SB says:

    OMG Taylor – google christian louboutin…. most amazing shoes in the world

  191. NYC SB says:

    SDN – I will win that contest… a girl can never have enough louboutins 😀

  192. Taylor says:

    What are Louboutins? Sorry for being clueless. I don’t think we have it in this country, whatever they are.

    I love dancing! Even when I’m on stage singing, I love to wiggle and move and feel the music with my body. I am such a superstar wannabe!

  193. CA Dreamin SB says:

    UH – SDN – Seems to me you have your hands, err, lap full…I don’t like waiting in line :)

  194. SD NEOhio (SDN) says:

    CA Dreamin: Married less then a year and the lap dances (for me) are over, no lovin in the shower…sigh.

  195. SD NEOhio (SDN) says:

    CA Dreamin: ??? WTF???

    NC Gent: You better tip her very well!

  196. Naughty Molly says:

    Hmmmm, lap dances

  197. NC Gent says:

    I have never turned down a lap dance! Sign me up CAD SB! :)

  198. CA Dreamin SB says:

    Well, NC Gent – as SDN’s fake wife, it wouldn’t be right for me to practice my lap-dance skills with him…if it’s okay with you – I’ll practice with you :)

  199. NC Gent says:

    I leave for just a few minutes and SDN scores a lap dance! Just my luck!

  200. SD NEOhio (SDN) says:

    taylor: I think after you demonstrate to the SBs they should each practice their new found skills.

    Ladies please form a line in front of my chair and you will each get a turn to demonstrate your abilities. We should consider a first place prize of Louboutin’s to the best…ummm dancer.

  201. Taylor says:

    Somehow I think that most men would selflessly allow themselves to be brutally used for such demonstration/training purposes. Receiving lapdances is a tough job, but someone’s got to do it.

  202. CA Dreamin SB says:

    SDN!!! You are BAD!

  203. SD NEOhio (SDN) says:

    taylor: You are hired for the rotic dance & striptease instructor. If you need a volunteer for the lap dance I am your man!

    ESB: lol…wish I could see your blushing face.

  204. Taylor says:

    too white. hah! That’s silly. 😛

  205. Lolita says:

    CA Dreamin SB – you´re very kind, I changed it.

  206. ESB says:

    I need to get moving. Spent all morning on here, and really got nothing else done.

    I DID however manage to find 5 more jobs on line to apply for. Trouble is, there are 1000s of other applying for the same job. Going to head to a few other places today for part time work. Something/ANYTHING is better than what I have now. Wish me LUCK!!

  207. CA Dreamin SB says:

    Lolita – one other note – if you want the SD’s to be able to see it, you need to delete the word “same” in front of “detail” in the address. As it is right now, only other women can click through to it.

  208. ESB says:

    Taylor: LOVE that idea. My daughter keeps telling me I’m to white! lol… I could use the dance lessons.

  209. ESB says:

    SDN: oops forgot who I was talking to! GEez, my face is red. OK, be nice. NO, don’t practice, it’s a natural talent!

  210. Taylor says:

    I could be the erotic dance & striptease instructor. I am excellent at that. years of studying ballet and jazz is my secret.

  211. Lolita says:

    CA Dreamin SB – thank you :)

  212. SD NEOhio (SDN) says:

    ESB: Did you really ask “Any subjet[sic] you care to have us explore?”? Do you practice asking loaded questions? LOL.

    I like your massage idea. I think you are refering to cleo. I will be her assistant for this class!

  213. ESB says:

    WOW, looks like our blog SDs learned a thing or 2 at this conference. We needone for us SBs so we can keep these guys happy. We need to come up with a list of subjects we can learn from… and decide on who will teach them.

    I think massage should be one. I forget who, but I know one of our blog SBs has a talent for that. Care to give lessons darling?

    Hmmm… we have a resident wine expert, also. We could take tips from her.

    SND, JSO, NYG: Any subjet you care to have us explore?

  214. Mina says:

    How original, lol.

  215. Lisa that Actually Has an SD says:

    Good morning Gail :) I’m waiting till I get to starbucks to have coffee. Probably caramel machiato. They don’t have the peppermint mocha anymore :(

  216. NYC SB says:

    Mina – there is a book called Goal Digger… however, it comes nowhere near my experiences thus mine is THE Goal Digger… a bit of sarcasm and tongue in cheek humor never hurt anyone 😛

  217. SPup says:

    NYC SB – Blog comment on Jay B. Not sure if you check the older blogs for comment, so I thought I’d point it out.

    Grr. I think mSBs are going to have to make our own little meetup.

  218. CA Dreamin SB says:

    SDN – Fake wives get no respect!!! 😉

  219. Mina says:

    Have you been pleasently surprised by a sugar? Care to share?
    Absolutely. Aside from the materialistic items, SD’s personality surprised me the most. Even though he has a very powerful Wall St. guy, he’s one of the most down to earth people I’ve met and treats everyone with respect. I hate to say it but I almost expected him to be the opposite.

    Gemini29: What is an acceptable level of flirty/sexy talk from a potential sugar (pre-arrangement)?
    Whatever you’re comfortable with.

    Do you have any sugar in your weekend plans? Seeking an arrangement?
    I’m spending the few days leading up to the weekend with SD and the rest of the weekend going on a trip with girlfriends. SD obviously won’t be present but he’s taking care of the tab. :)

    Isn’t there already a blog/book called The Goal Digger?

  220. Gail says:

    Enjoy your day Lisa ; )

    Need coffee….peppermint coffee today…………. ; )

    Morning Sugars ; )

  221. Lisa that Actually Has an SD says:

    Good morning everyone

    Nice day in Houston, headed down to the mall to have lunch with parents and do some shopping.

  222. SD NEOhio (SDN) says:

    CA D: I tried to get a pass for you since we are fake married but no go :(

    NYC SB: Let me know when you would like me to come over and show you my skills…in regards to size…uuummm sizing…no I meant foot fetis…I mean shoes, yes on shoe sizing.

  223. NC Gent says:

    Taylor — too funny! I hate when my erection gives away my true intentions!

    NYC SB — great attitude about NYSE — just have fun and get some tan lines in the Bahamas — very sexy!

  224. CA Dreamin SB says:

    Lolita – You have to put the web address to your profile in the “website” blank for your name to click through to it.

  225. Naughty Molly says:

    CA Dreamin ~ Some were better students than others. SDN and NC are my star pupils though. 😉

  226. NYC SB says:

    Taylor – I agree that the Chairman is into you… I just want you to focus on getting him to land you a job first … after that you can hint at sugar 😉

  227. NC Gent says:

    Great idea — maybe we can suggest a “Starbucks Sans Panties” Session for next year’s conference!

  228. Lolita says:

    How come clicking on my name doens´t lead to my profile?

  229. NYC SB says:

    SDN – your stock as an SD just went wayyyyy up

    OK NYC SB’s sugar update:

    1) SD and I had an awesome date this weekend… we watched the game and he choose a spot by the louboutin store in meatpacking… per his prediction I got lost on my way to the bar. I called him telling him I’m lost and asking for directions. He asked where I am and I said I am by the louboutin store… to which he replied “look inside” I did and there he was waiving at me… An awesome pair of louboutins were purchased and then we went to watch the game. After the game we went to an amazing restaurant… and then finished the night by his apartment… the new louboutins were hurting my feet is the excuse that was given lol

    We are going to a museum today which will be so much fun!

    2) I have been holding out on some news. Old bloggers remember the NYSE saga… well we have reconnected. Next weekend we are going away to the Bahamas for some fun in the sun.

    This time I will treat this SD as a small fantasy of mine and leave everything in his hands. If he wants to poof that is OK with me… if he wants to see me and I am free then I will see him.

  230. CA Dreamin SB says:

    NM – You’re more woman than I am if you could handle ALL those SD’s all weekend! I hope you whipped them into shape (literally!)

  231. SD NEOhio (SDN) says:

    I did buy a bunch of gift cards from the Starbucks vendor booth, maybe with my gift cards and your training we can get some SB sans Panty action going!

  232. Taylor says:

    Thanks, NYC SB, I’ll take your advice to heart. If it weren’t for the erection digging into my hip on the dance floor I’d keep my naive attitude in tact, but that made it hard to avoid what interest he had in me (Chairman, married guy). Oh well, we are having lunch tomorrow. I won’t hint at anything sugar with any of these guys until way way down the line if I ever feel like it’s truly something they are ready to be steered in to. Trust me, I know men in this country and how to read body language and interpret people in general, fairly well.

  233. Naughty Molly says:

    CA Dreamin ~ Sometimes I don’t like to share 😉

  234. NC Gent says:

    You are more gentlemanly than me SDN! My favorite session was “How to Get a Free Test Drive” 😉

  235. CA Dreamin SB says:

    Good morning all!
    Why weren’t all the lovely SB’s invited to that conference, hmm SDN?

  236. SD NEOhio (SDN) says:

    NC Gent: I can’t believe how much fun the ISDC was this year, and it was also great to meet you and all the other SDs. I went to the session by Chrisitan Louboutin Saturday afternoon “Proper selection and fitting”, very informative.

    JSO: Sorry you missed the conference but understand…football is king in Texas.

  237. ESB says:

    SDN: was this teh conference being held in NM’s basement.. classroom?

  238. NC Gent says:

    Yes — it was great to meet you at the International SD Conference SDN!

  239. Anna Molly says:

    Cleo ~ I do have mild case of ADD. I love books and start reading books all the time, but always get distracted and I end up putting it down. Sigh…I recently bought a book called Dirty Little Secrets and it’s really good, but I’ve had it since the beginning of November and I’m only on Chapter 8.

  240. NYC SB says:

    Elegant sugar – thank you! I have two other blogs (non sugar stuff) as well and the blogs that I do read are few and far in between… so I try to present something that is worth the 5 minutes you spend reading…

    Regarding other sites … sadly I am a member on most

    SDie – quality men looking for a relationship sans spoiling
    SD4M – great interface but the men on there are super lame… in my experience they all want an escort… there are some good guys which are looking to date
    SA – most men on here are on board with the arrangement and seem to be the real deal
    Established men – not a fan of this one… nothing good has ever come of it… had someone offering to spoil the s*it out of me and that really meant him buying me dinner… when I said I like per se he told me maybe we should wait 3 months before he makes such commitment… NEXT

    OC – glad the bonfire was a hit

    Taylor – I second Midwest… please resume your search… the people you met in real life (chairman and CEO) seem to like you and while they can afford to be an SD they might have no desire to do so… please use them for what they have offered: Help with you finding a job… DO NOT hint at anything… DO NOT imagine all these things with them as nothing has been offered yet. TRUST ME on this please!

    I work with tons of influential men … all of whom can afford to be an SD but none are in the traditional sense… they offer gifts and such which is always great but right now you need a financial daddy to help you with all the wonderful things you have going on

    BostonSB – shopping is tricky… my advice is as follows… have him lead the way as to shopping… as you walk around I am sure he will say “hey lets go here” you will try a bunch of things on and then he will say lets get this or that… he will know what his budget is and when to stop… caviat is that he might take you to a VS store as part of your spree lol

  241. Taylor says:

    So…. today…..who has a first time meet lined up, and are you psyched about it??

  242. cleo says:

    AM: is it that you don’t like to read or that you have light ADD?

    myself i have NO problem with novels but textbooks kill me

  243. ESB says:

    I LOVE to read!! Murder mysteries.. put one in front of me and I’m lost til I have it totally devoured. Dangerous because I don’t eat or resond to anything if it’s really good. JD Robb’s “In Death” serious is fantastic. Mykids think I’m trying to figure out how to commit the perfect crime. Well, since I left their dad, there is no longer a need for that! 😉

    I use the library though. Books given to me end up there as well. Just don’t have room for all the books I read. Good night, would take up 2 walls of a house to keep them all.

  244. Anna Molly says:

    SDN ~ We knew something was going on….LOL

  245. SD NEOhio (SDN) says:

    Morning everyone. Nice to be home after attending the International SD Conference this weekend.

  246. Anna Molly says:

    Ahhh, I see. I don’t read that much…my attention span does not allow it…LOL. Funny thing is, I have lots of books and when I buy them I have every intention of reading them, but I never do. Most people would never admit that..LOL.

    I have seen parts of the movie and my oh my! Hmmmm, I should rent it.

  247. ESB says:

    Good Morning Everyone, still catching up from what I missed yesterday. Had a very nice day with Baby Girl and friends. Love her friends, went to a ceramic store where we all painted our choice of treasure to take home, got a bite at Panera Bread, rented a movie, and chilled.. til the DVD player broke, had a popcorn fight while it was getting fixed. Baby Girl and friend entertained us during the “intermission” by dancing to the song that was in the movie (the scene where Sandra Bullock was getting down with Nanny in “The Proposal”), they were re-enacting it. HYSTERICAL!!

    OK, SBnxtdoor: I think the same guy sent me a message. Wanted to spank me when I was bad… um let me think on that oneNO! That hurts!!

    CaliSB: Thanks for the tip on the bolding. (you to SPup)

    SPup: I’ve yet to meet a man who wasn’t devious in some sort of way! 😉

  248. NC Gent says:

    oops meant to change back!

  249. Nabokov says:

    Hi AM — Nabokov was the author of the novel “Lolita.” It was a controversial book about an older man who had an unhealthy attraction for young women. It came out in the 1950s and was very controversial — thus the name change and it was a tongue-in-cheek response to Lolita :)

  250. TT (AKA Tantalizing Taz) says:

    Morning all :) Busy day helping my mom move today…argggghh!

  251. Anna Molly says:

    Whats with the name change NC?

  252. Nabokov says:

    Hi Lolita – we may be a great match! Welcome to the blog.

    Ok this is really NC Gent — hope everyone has a great week in the sugar world! I am actually in town all week wooohoooo

  253. Lolita says:

    A designerbag for asking you to dinner?? That sounds like a dream come true. Did you have a good time?

  254. Gemini29 says:

    Bye AM, Lindsay and Someguy! off to work!

    Everyone enjoy their flavored coffees! 😉

  255. Anna Molly says:

    Hi Gemi, Kiki and Someguy :)

  256. Someguy says:


    @ Lindsay i think you are giving out the wrong message with your photos, they look very sexy and all on the bed. If guys are looking at your photos i can imagine them thinking you being an escort.

  257. Gemini29 says:

    Morning sugar fam! On my way off to work….think I’ll have a mocha coffee when I get there..thanks to Anna Molly making me think about it! :)

  258. Kiki (426179) says:

    off to work, have a good day everyone >.<

  259. Kiki (426179) says:

    i could totally go for a snickerdoodle coffee… good call :)

  260. Anna Molly says:

    Good Morining everyone! I’m having snickerdoodle coffee and it is yummy :)

    I’m not one for flavored coffee, but this one is really good!

    Hi SPup :)

  261. SPup says:

    Morning all. Think I’m feeling a little better, but time will tell. I may end up taking another nap before fully getting up for the day.

    *yawn* Time for some breakfast I think.

  262. Cali SB says:

    Went to a friend’s tonight for dinner. He made the most delicious soup ever. Seriously, it was better than most restaurant soups I’ve had. Sooo good! And I made a super awesome addition (after a couple failed attempts ha) — I grated some brick parmesan cheese and baked it until slightly golden and then formed into a “bowl” by draping it over an upsidedown glass and then after it cooled I filled it with salad. Sooo good! I’m so pleased with myself at how domesticated I can be when I try. haha :)

  263. Cali SB says:

    Midwest — I was joking about the SD’s having a secret meet, I am sure they are just busy, I just think it’s kinda funny that they’re ALL gone all weekend. And the SD I called wasn’t to find out where he was, it was to catch up because I’ve been busy lately and lax on getting back to his emails.. plus I had a long drive home from work so I figured it was a perfect opportunity. :)

    LASB — I have chocolate Sprinkles cupcakes if you want one!

    SBnxtdoor — I would take anything you read on CL (especially sugar related) with a huge grain of salt. I would totally go for the Millionaire Matchmaker thing, but I wouldn’t want to be on the TV show. I’m not looking for 15 minutes of fame, I’d be looking for the actual relationship. BTW, OC said she sent you my email address. Email me and I’ll give you the meet details that I have.

  264. Lindsay says:

    I have not met a true Sugar Daddy on this website. All of the men I met who say they want a long-term ‘arrangement’ end up wanting to sleep with me and hand me money and never email again. What the hell?! I want something long-term and I DO NOT want to be a high class prostitute! What happened to the financial aspect? $1,000-$3,000/month. Does anybody want any sort of companionship beyond sex?! Find me on this website, please, and prove me wrong. (Search my profile number: 298618)

  265. LASB says:

    SBnxtdoor – I haven’t tried that, but it sounds awful. Wow, that is a lot of money for zero results. :( Well, there’s always Millionaire Matchmaker. I have only watched one episode b/c I knew the guys they featured. The matchmaker seemed a little harsh, but her business seems legit.

  266. SBnxtdoor says:

    I remember running accross an ad on Craig’s List that some people in Los Angeles were starting a matchmaking service and I mean like a “Great Expectations” sort of dating service for SB/SD relationships. I wonder if they will have a way to verify fake daddies and fake babies/hookers. Anything is better than my actual matchmaker experience, where I paid $1,500 to be fixed up with an awkward lawyer who did not laugh at any of my jokes, or a newly laid off chemist, who just seemed so young compared to me. Anyone ever try a matchmaker?

  267. Jso _TXSD says:

    well i not sure how many people are getting things off the ground but i wish them luck
    i just been drinking

  268. cleo says:

    tihs is a busy time for a lot of people, they’re getting things off the ground… perhaps that’s where the ‘regulars’ are…

    either way, hi :)

  269. Niki says:

    Sorry about your cowboys JSO.

  270. Muse says:

    LASB – A trail of boobies? lol

  271. SPup says:

    *laughs* Man I’m having a difficult time with this posting thing. <3 OC for fixing my last post. For those that missed it I'll try to post a link to it after this post. If the link doesn't post I posted it at "11:06 am" (so search for that) but it didn't get approved until around 8 pm.

    Still not feeling that well though. =/ Bit of a headache and just kinda bleh overall.

  272. LASB says:

    That probably only lures the SBs back. I’m cool with that too, actually. :)

    If you want to lure the SDs back, you have to start a trail of boobies.

  273. Gemini29 says:

    Muse and LASB –

    *starts trail of brownies to lure SDs back*

  274. LASB says:

    Yeah, I’d really like a regular kind. Heck, I’d settle for chocolate chips, hot chocolate, anything. But it’s raining, and LA folk (like me) don’t survive well in rain. All I have is this stupid, useless brownie.

  275. Muse says:

    LASB – Now you have me craving brownies. The regular kind, I mean. Maybe we could lure the blog SDs back with some…..

  276. LASB says:

    Sorry about your cowboys, JSO. Want a brownie? 😉

  277. Gemini29 says:

    Sorry JSO, not picking on you, just miss all the blog daddies who are normally on and contributing! Its kind of lonely without them/you all here! :(

  278. Gemini29 says:

    Aww poor JSO, drowning his sorrows :( Sorry about the Cowboys!

    Well at least JSO hopped on….can’t say the same for the rest. 😉

  279. Beach_Girl says:

    JSO~ I stayed home today 😀 no one feel in love…
    I am good… sorry about the Cowboys!

  280. Jso _TXSD says:

    hey beach – How are you girl. sent you and email. Did any guys try to tell that that loved you leaving work today>>>>LOL

  281. LASB says:

    Muse – So far, that seems the like the most plausible explanation. :) Naughty Molly is quite the draw.

  282. Beach_Girl says:

    JSO~ hey how are you?

    Muse~ you better tell Naughty Molly to let them go lol

  283. Jso _TXSD says:

    I am here for a few minutes(I have been drinking(dallas got there ass kicked) so I am not to well).

  284. Jso _TXSD says:

    Lasb – yes I log on the catch up sorry. I will stay on if anything is going on.

  285. Muse says:

    I think Naughty Molly still has them locked up in her cellar…uh…classroom. We haven’t heard from the blog SDs or her in ages. That’s my guess.

  286. Jso _TXSD says:

    hey a fat old SD gave some good advacie I think. Dont beat me up Gemini29…lol

  287. LASB says:

    Gemi- Yeah, I was sort of laughing at that too. Like he just came on to tell us he’s going to bed. Yeah, ok.

    I’m craving chocolate sooooo bad. My friend left a medical brownie in my freezer. Yes, it really is legal here. I don’t do that stuff, but wow is it calling my name so loudly, that I’m really starting to see how bad my chocolate addiction is. I mean it crossed my mind, just to take a bite, but I know I would be sooooooo sorry.

  288. Gemini29 says:

    Oh I see, a SD pops up and then is off to bed! Psh.

    Where ARE all the blog SDs?

  289. Jso _TXSD says:

    Boston – tell him you just want a meal. if two hours later you are still there. AND he wants to go shopping bring up the allowance. if he frecks out just say “I only go shopping with a guy I am involved with.) I dont need your money but I like you. Can we get to know each other better? I want the long haul.

  290. Jso _TXSD says:

    hey everyone – getting ready to go to bed

  291. LASB says:

    BostonSB – I’d say let him bring it up. Have the meal and just go with the flow of the conversation. Once you start shopping, again, just follow his lead. Even if you got stuck with the bill (which doesn’t sound likely, but never say never.) you can always just go return everything.

  292. BostonSB says:

    I need some advice, as usual lol.

    I’m talking to another pot SD who contacted me earlier. He’s offered to take me shopping for our first meet to any mall I choose. I’m excited and nervous at the same time.. I haven’t been shopping in about 5 years (damn economy) and honestly I’ve never been too good at it. What do you suggest I do? I don’t want to appear greedy.. I’m not sure what my allowance is for the trip. I suppose this is something I should bring up before we meet. But I’m trying to picture this. We meet at the mall and then what.. get something to eat and talk I hope.. then just jump into a shopping spree? I’m nervous I’ll scare him off.. any suggestions would be nice. This is the first time we’re going to meet and he’s offering to pay for everything.. how do I make sure I don’t get footed the bill??

  293. 2Chic says:

    I am guilty,… I do enjoy the IM. I don’t do the sex chat thing. It is just a livelier media to get acquainted. I have used Skype calls (non-video) with overseas POT.

  294. LASB says:

    Was supposed to be meeting a pot SD, but he got too weird and squirrely, so I opted out. Ugh. Sometimes the sugar hunt isn’t very zesty.

  295. LASB says:

    Gemi – I’m with you. I’m not into the IM either.

    Hi BostonSB! I’m here. :)

  296. BostonSB says:

    anyone here?

  297. MoonPatrol says:

    Well I like email the most but sometimes when I start a conversation I like to get response in hours and not in days… Can you imagine playing online chess with one move a day?
    I never thought of messengers as a vehicle for sex..

    maybe all the men are watching football be it college or Pro. I only watch Soccer on TV and Baseball at the stadium.

  298. Gemini29 says:

    Moon Patrol – “I’m not trying to sell on the first exchange but get them over to a chat environment with their messenger ID so we can have a Conversation in real time.”

    Just a thought but I stay away from the guys who try to guide me to chat quickly. Too many guys use this as a form of “chatting” to chat-sex a girl or get all nasty. I absolutely hate chatting now (so over Im or yahoo messenger) and so I will not use it for SA or any other dating site to “:get to know” a guy. Why not just let the girl use whatever form of communication is good for her instead of pushing her towards chat? You might get more positive responses that way…

  299. TexasSugah says:

    QUESTION: Has anyone had a sugar go “I want you as a girlfriend/LTR” on them” or had a SD propose to them?

    Just wondering….

  300. TexasSugah says:

    WOW a lot of talk about the Galleria.

    I enjoy going but haven’t in a while.. I don’t care for shopping. I know, shame on me. I’m an online girl. Although I do have a weakness for the Tiffany store in the Galleria..sigh

    VASB – I just ran into that AGAIN with my pot SD from another site He was upset because I was logged in, I was showing the site to others. We forgot the computer was even on. It turned into this HUGE discussion. I really hope things work out with him. He’s getting attached.. I think emotionally. If there wasn’t sugardaddy in the name of the website I met him on, I wouldn’t be suprised.

    NYC SB – I’m looking forward to reading your blog.

    As to other sugar news, I have a conversation with a potSD over the phone in a minute. But like the other.. he’s looking for a relationship.

  301. Beach_Girl says:

    Midwest~ yeah I hear you on the quiet side… I watched movies… not that interesting really..

    • OCSugarbaby says:

      VA SB, Seeking Arrangement has the hide last log in feature but if you make that person one of your favorites you can see the date and time they last logged in :(

  302. Midwest Mistress of the Dark says:

    Beach – it was a little too quiet. My little one has quite the social life lately. Productive though.

  303. Beach_Girl says:

    Midwest~ Meow!!! 😀 It was…. hummmmm ok… How about yours?

  304. Midwest Mistress of the Dark says:

    Beach – Purr…purr…hello kitty! How was your weekend?

    Cali – don’t be too suspicious…they could be working. BTW – you have phone numbers??? We’re not worthy *bows*

  305. Beach_Girl says:

    Midwest~ I deleted my profile from there , you have to send the Admin a mail saying you no longer want to be on the site…

  306. Cali SB says:

    Whoops, I guess MoonPatrol is an SD so there have been SD posts, but I mean no regulars or long-time bloggers have been here in 2 days. No offense Moon, didn’t mean to forget about you! :)

  307. Cali SB says:

    OC — I got your email subject “Hi it’s OCsugarbaby from the blog” but I haven’t gotten any emails from you other than that one — no email addresses. :( Maybe you skipped an ‘s’ in my email as there are 2 in a row at the one part?

    2 days and not a single SD has posted.. something is fishy!!! I even called one of the blogger SD’s earlier and no answer and no return phonecall. I am really starting to think there is some underground secret SD meeting this weekend. haha :)

    Have to run again.. be back in a few hours and I’m sure everyone else will be gone.

  308. Kiki (426179) says:

    i’m amazed at some of the gifts SDs and even pot SDs have given their babies…. i can’t imagine ever finding an arrangement like that in ontario! so far i’ve heard from a few men and am in the process of scheduling a few get-togethers. it feels so surreal to have this secret that no one knows.. although if i ever actually meet someone in person (hopefully soon!) i’m going to have to tell a friend so someone will know where i am and when i’ll be back

  309. MoonPatrol says:

    Had to reload my Website

  310. MoonPatrol says:

    I am running out of things to say other than I put up some new pictures on my site.

  311. Kiki (426179) says:

    i tried the ‘contact us’ page and got no reply from their customer service dept. so i just replaced my personal info with the website addy for SA hoping that i’d be deleted for posting links, for potential competition no less.. 😉 i guess i’ll just wait and see what happens…. thanks for the suggestions ladies

  312. VA SB says:

    Hey all – a few folks mentioned other sites that they belonged to. I’m still a member of SD4ME, but it’s not getting me anything. I met someone on that site who had potential, but everytime I logged onto my account to view messages, etc., he would completely freak out BEFORE we had even met and finalized an arrangement. I wonder how come they can’t have an option like SA which lets you hide your last login info.

    Anywho, I know some SDs want exclusivity, but give me a break. I can’t even log in to my account, when you’ve given me NO allowance? How do I know you won’t flake and move on…am I supposed to put all my eggs in one basket? Yeah, that’s just not going to work for me. Anywho, my account is still active as of right now, but once it expires, I’m not going to renew and will cancel.

    TO DELETE (I checked before) – you have to send an email to their customer service department and indicate that you want to cancel. It’s under the Contact Us tab…and look for cancel request (I think).

    MoonPatrol – I really do hope you find a good sugarbaby that gives you what you’re looking for. I guess the only thing is that you have to have patience. Although I have found an SD, is he my ideal and can I see myself in a long-term SD/SB arrangement? No, probably not. Although he is still very, very good to me and I am enjoying my time with him…well, who knows.

    Patience is a virtue right? At least that’s what I keep telling myself.

  313. Midwest Mistress of the Dark says:

    Kiki – Nice to hear from you. I couldn’t figure out how to delete my profile, so I removed the pics and content. I also put in a fake e-mail. It’s not the ideal solution, but I haven’t heard from them since.

  314. Kiki (426179) says:

    hey everyone… just lurking today. midwest, earlier you said you tried SD4U but got rid of your rofile: i signed up but am no longer interested in being on that site….. but i can’t figure out how to delete my profile! i don’t really trust the site hate to have info floating around the internet about me – help?

  315. Midwest Mistress of the Dark says:

    LakePrincess- Welcome to the blog. I had a similar situation when I sold my boat. I turned their info over to the authorities. Like they say…if it’s too good to be true, it probably is. We love new bloggers!!! Tell us how your sugar search is going!

    Taylor – YES!!

    • OCSugarbaby says:

      Elegant Sugar: Knock it out of the park girl!!! Good luck on your meet tonight, I am sure he will melt into liquid sugar :)

  316. Midwest Mistress of the Dark says:

    Glamazon – Mail!!

  317. Taylor says:

    Thanks, Mistress. Trying to stay upbeat and positive and envision how great it will be to have a romance unfold when it’s the right guy who snatches me up off the market and leaves no gray area around the deal.

  318. Lakeprincess71 says:

    Well I too have been sent gifts… But in my case it was a guy trying to get me to print checks from Nigeria.. So please if they say there in Nigeria don’t talk to them anymore, just a come on to help them commit check fraud… So please be very careful on these site. Congrats to those who have found TRUE sugar Daddies…

  319. Midwest Mistress of the Dark says:

    Taylor – I’m glad to see you stepping back and taking a deep breath. Now, step away from his profile and quit driving yourself crazy with his logging in acivities. Just know that many of the SDs on the blog seem to be quite busy this weekend. If I had to guess, it would be related to taxes. Therefore, if he does get back in touch with you, be casual, be happy to hear from him. Don’t inquire about his activities, etc and decide if you want to see him again. Don’t let your situation decide it for you. Trust your intuition.

  320. Taylor says:

    I’m trying so hard to read all these messages, but in the end, I have to skim some.

    In case anyone’s wondering, I’m waiting for Tuesday to see the Chairman dude for a lunch to talk about my resume. Yeah, right. I’m not sure I buy that, but whatever, let’s see. As for an arrangement, it would be more natural with him,b ut the single CEO dude is who all ya’ll are voting I go with, but he’s out of town now and I’m bored. :) LOL

    The pot SD I have been smitten with and saga-discussing about has been quite quiet for the last 48 hours. as in nothing. And he continues to log on to SA all the time. Eh. I’m starting to get over it. I was really into him, but that was largely based on the fact that it was, I thought, a mutual thing. I’m not the kinda girl to sit around pining for someone who is ‘just not that into me.’ I lose interest in the lonely hearts game real quick and move on to someone who IS into me.

    I’m not sure how to approach things when I do see him. I’m no longer feeling and prepared to behave in a way as if the potential relationship and/or potentail arrangement is simply un-riskable, as I felt last week. Right now I feel like it will be HIS LOSS if he messes things up with me. He better think long and hard before burning his bridge with me, but I need exclusivity to maintain passion for someone, so if he can’t do that then…….. NEXT! Someone will be thrilled to be on the receiving end of my passion and maybe it won’t be him. Pity, there was definite chemistry on my end for him, but not the end of the world. I am the complete package and I know it. Time to narrow down the search and hone in on the dude who WILL appreciate me 1000%.

  321. Lisa that Actually Has an SD says:

    Midwest Mistress of the Dark : If they had that blog it would be called “the people of westview forest” and it would have to be in spanish. I heard my lovely neighbor woman the other night (this is the one that holds her little boy in one hand, beer bottle and ciggarete in the other) talking on her cell on the porch. She must have older children too because she was telling someone on the phone that she was going to been the f*** out of some woman for being mean to her daughter. Nothing more attractive than a woman bragging about beating someone up.

  322. 2Chic says:

    That is not a nice to say about people. Last I heard this is a free country. Even if they do not shop, they can view it too. I couldn’t afford to shop at many of the stores there too, but I loved going. It is a lovely mall.

  323. Midwest Mistress of the Dark says:

    Lisa – I wonder if they all have a trashy people in Houston blog :-)
    I love your sense of humor…it’s reality, sarcasm and plenty of wit rolled into a petite and fiery package. I can see why SD held out to meet you.

  324. Lisa that Actually Has an SD says:

    It’s a huge mall, 3 floors and I still get lost.

    There are a lot of trashy people who walk around my apartment complex, they must have have organized a trip to the Galleria.

  325. Midwest Mistress of the Dark says:

    OC – Hope the beach bonfire party went well. That sounds about perfect right now!

    • OCSugarbaby says:

      Midwest, the bonfire was a hit! My SD/BF is having a hard time with not being 100% recovered. He is hiding it well.
      I think last night’s festivities perked him up.
      Imagine a beautiful Moon, the weather was in the high 60’s (chilly but comfortable)
      Toasty roaring fire
      Food, drinks and good friends can cheer up the soul :)
      Thanks for asking, you are very sweet.

  326. MoonPatrol says:

    The last time I went to the Galleria was to buy an Ipod touch at the apple st. Its an impressive mall, but there are a lot of trashy people that walk there that have no business shopping there or can’t afford it.

  327. 2Chic says:

    I love the Galleria, use to practically live in Houston back in 2001-2003. Good shopping and great restaurants as well.

  328. MoonPatrol says:

    I’m actually glad in a sense that I’ve been recharging my money cells because I haven’t been spending during my non SD time.

    I’m not trying to sell on the first exchange but get them over to a chat environment with their messenger ID so we can have a Conversation in real time. I did send out about 9 messages yesterday and today and all of them are unique and have been read..

  329. Gail says:

    Lisa…who else would know but you about shopping and hotels…you have been spend alot of time at the Galleria in Houston lately.

    Yaaaay…would love discount Elegant Sugar : )

    • OCSugarbaby says:

      Moon Pie oops Patrol:
      A quote to my fellow Trek’y…
      “Believing oneself to be perfect is often the sign of a delusional mind.” — Data to Borg Queen

  330. Midwest Mistress of the Dark says:

    MP – I agree with OC in that you don’t need to sell the arrangement in the first e-mail. Show a genuine interest in the lady, offer real compliments and comment on something in her profile. As the exchange continues, you can ask her what her experience has been and what she truly seeks. Companionship is a part of an SB/SD arrangement…not just sex and shopping. I do believe you can find an SB who is comfortable with what you are suggesting. We all know intimacy is a big part of it. If you caught a post by james yesterday, I think we both addressed that very truthfully. We just didn’t feel the need to discuss it before we started talking about an arrangement. Your patience is starting to improve and I’m glad you are hearing from potentials. Keep up the learning and you will be fine.

  331. MoonPatrol says:

    The sugar Realm. I like that word.

    I’ve been in a lot of realms: The Navy, the engineering realm, the cyclist realm, the Star trek realm the star wars realm, the fiction books realm.
    Yes the boundaries and surfaces of the sugar realm are being felt by me and I sort of get it, but haven’t experienced it. I think it may be a modern times answer to what society has failed to give us in marriage in the last 30 years.

    Good luck Elegant And goodluck to the guy your meetin…
    I need to shower too. Played soccer today and got home 90 minutes ago.

    I will come back in a few hours

  332. Lisa that Actually Has an SD says:

    And the thing about shopping in Houston is that the Galleria is attached to the Westin hotel, lol Now they are building a Westin hotel next to Memorial city mall. Looks like shopping and hotels are linked, lol

    Moonpatrol, when I was married, I didn’t work. My husband made the living and I took care of the home. I did get a part time job for awhile to save up money to buy some electronics for the house.

    • OCSugarbaby says:

      Hi Lisa Penelope. I love the Galleria! I spent a month working on a project in Houston a few years back and was in walking distance to the mall.

  333. Elle-Shooger says:

    MoonPatrol: I read through your messages and have feedback, but I have to hop in the shower. Meeting a pot SD for a drink. I will be back on later. (I’m sure there will be 100+ new comments by the time I return. There always are! You Chatty, Cathys! ha ha!)

    Gail: Thanks for the comment on my writing – I will give you a discount on the book when it comes out. 😉

  334. MoonPatrol says:

    Lisa that Actually Has an SD says:
    what you said about marriage for women is one of the most beautiful things I’ve heard in a long time! I totally get it.

    I like that Idea of letting them be the tourist instead of me, let them be the explorers. I get the shopping and hotel process too and yes that would be something to run from ..

  335. Lisa that Actually Has an SD says:

    OCSugarbaby, In Houston, there isn’t anything other than shopping and hotels. lol

  336. 2Chic says:

    “I can’t believe these chicks are picky when you think about the competition out there!”
    As a female on the SA, am very picky. In spite of competition. To settle for less is basically saying I am selling myself. For me, I know what I want in a companion. I don’t care how much he is worth, if I am not into him, not gonna happen. When I graduated from college, I knew the caliber of many I chose to date. I was not selling myself then, and same goes for now. A lot of women have standards, in looks, lifestyle, etc. and there will always be some comp.

  337. Lisa that Actually Has an SD says:

    Moonpatrol, that’s funny as I used to be looking for a husband, actually for many years but regular dating made me feel used and I felt my time was wasted.
    Marriage in today’s world holds nothing for a woman. In the old days, the husband provided for the family, the wife stayed home and raised the children and took care of the home. In today’s world the wife does most of the childcare, does the laundry and housework and still works full time. I do not want that so I don’t even consider it anymore as I work hard, come home now and relax in the privacy of my apartment, and am only accountable to myself.

    Gail I’ll check my email :)

  338. Gail says:

    Elegant Sugar….If you are a writer in disguise writing a story, it really doesn’t matter. I really enjoy your comments and point of view : ) To answer your question for me…it’s about 50/50 on SA vs other sites.

    Moonpatrol…I have a feeling there is alot more to you than what you post. It just seems that you want someone to share life with and care about you. Nothing wrong with that : ) your style of writing has a geeky/ curious effect on me….lol…..

    Lisa…..I see your smirk…lol….but I will explain off line to you : )

    • OCSugarbaby says:

      Moon Patrol, just keep the first emails geared towards complimenting the SB but not making it too sugar’y. Read their profile and try to pick up any info on what they are seeking. Mentor in business, what sports or activities do they list, ask them if they could plan an adventurous day in your city and play tourist, what would they like to do or see.
      Now if they come back with shopping and going to a hotel, you know they are not the type you are seeking.

      • OCSugarbaby says:

        Moon Patrol, I don’t think you are anything but sweet :)
        We all have had our ups and downs in our sugar search. You can ask anything on the blog. We are here to support each other. Sugar Family is the term we use and love. We are all finding our way in the Sugar Realm. It has different meaning to each of us. Our needs are each very unique. Your SB is out there. Being flexible is a good starting point.

  339. MoonPatrol says:

    My ideal arrangement?

    What is yours? A woman who knows what she wants. Is that happening these days?
    My ideal woman goes with me to the pro soccer game and watches it with me then goes back to my place spends the night and I leave her a key to let her out in the morning after I’m gone.
    Then I see her a few days later to sit around and watch some DVD’s then she spends the night again.
    Maybe What I want is A Wife.

    I will say this about myself. On this blog I have a hard time keeping my thoughts balanced and sound. I can come across as flaky and will do that because sorry to say I really don’t think I should care what people think. All i want to be is not rude, but I don’t care about much else!..I do appreciate the help but I feel comfortable being flaky and I’ve paid my dues in life(6 years in the Navy) Government property, and earned the right to be a flake or stupid or smart but I just don’t want to be rude! I am fed up with my dating life on this site though…!

  340. TT (AKA Tantalizing Taz) says:

    MP – What is your ideal arrangement?

  341. NEOhio SB says:

    MoonPatrol~~ Your comment about ” just want a guy that has the drive to be aggressive with them with sex but at the same time pay ‘em well.” is NOT about an SD/SB relationship, but rather about a quick wham bam thank you mam. That is sooo far away from the truth about what the majority of quality SBs want on this site. The chemistry, the attraction, the desire factor all have to be in place. Patience is a virtue and I think you are trying tooo hard to try to convince an SB to “choose you”. Let things fall into place and the right SB who will appreciate what you offer and bring to the table, will undoubtedly be the one for you. Everyone is seeking something diff…both in looks, financial assitance, chemistry, connection, etc………Don’t in any way thinking being aggressive with sex and “pay em well” (yikes) will attract any quality SB. Just my 2 cents.

    • OCSugarbaby says:

      Moon Patrol ~ your blog name makes me think of Moon Pies :)

      Here is an example of one very short and sweet note I got from an SD as a first email.
      Interesting profile and I’m sure the mere fact that you golf is keeping your mailbox full….not to mention your fabulous good looks and friendly demeanor. As far as teaching you something….how about flying?

      Drop a line if you’re inclined and have a great day!



  342. MoonPatrol says:

    “hi I noticed you and like you”
    Thats a summary of the messages I get from them not me!

    I feel like I’m going to have to stumble and fall until I learn how to do this right. Its almost too much to ask of me because I don’t enjoy the proceess. I would rather be reading or listening to music. Got to do the work right? I guess but I’m the boss and I get to do what I want.. and fail if I want

  343. Elle-Shooger says:

    MoonPatrol: I wrote my comment before refreshing and seeing your sample letters. I will read them now and if I have time, will give my thoughts.

  344. ElegantSugar says:

    Hello MoonPatrol: Woah. I’m assuming your “imagined” perfect letter is dripped with a hint of sarcasm and possibly a little “jabbing” at SBs for sharing their gift experiences from their SDs?

    “hi I noticed you and like you”

    Is that all you write in the first message? Perhaps you should elaborate on WHAT you noticed and WHY you like her. Something she wrote in her profile? Her photo? Because I personally wouldn’t be too intrigued with that one sentence. As a sidebar, I don’t want the message like the one you fabricated above, however, I want some depth.

    Just my 2 Sugar Cents…

  345. MoonPatrol says:

    Last one:
    I go to New York to see broadway and museums and might be going in the coming months. I’ve been working too much but have no choice other than going to UE lines. I fear I may become boring. If I went to NEw York would you meet me and maybe show me around some? Never seen the statue or the Empire.

    So whats the deal am I not bold enough or putting out the power vibe. ?
    Maybe more confidence. I can’t believe these chicks are picky when you think about the competition out there!

  346. Lisa that Actually Has an SD says:

    Moonpatrol, I think you need to take into account that if you are on a sd site and looking for a college age woman, rather than someone in your own age range, you will find most of them are looking for the financial aspects of the relationship, and many might be weary if you mention sex too up front as many have found themselves in situations where they are used. Young woman are naive and often find themselves in situations where they are taken advantage of, this is one of the reasons that bringing up the financial part is as important as talking about sex.

    There are websites out there for those seeking serious relationships, although you will find most in your age range to be single moms or the never married set that have their biological clocks ticking. There are also sites where you can find woman who are looking for sex, most likely bored married woman that don’t need any financial help.

    My sd showed me he was real before we met, and did take me on a wonderful trip through the city, thank God, it wasn’t Houston,lol

  347. MoonPatrol says:

    sample 2:
    Love music and like to run the Itunes in the car. I haven’t been going out t live music much cause I don’t like to go alone. I also can hear what I want at home too. So you want a Sugar Daddy Relationship? I’m new to this too but have become wise to know how to behave. Its not always fast to find a relationship that works for you. But don’t settle is my opinion and it may take a while. One thing we have going is were are in the same city. I’ve talked to women in other states and still haven’t figured out how that could work for me financially.
    So we are in a good start and place,
    sample 3;
    Hi, I’m looking for a girlfriend that I can spend time with and share experiences.You didn’t say what your ideal partner or beneficial guy’s age should be. I’m 46 and am fit and doing well. I am at a point where I am feeling adventurous and want to make this thing work. Can you see your self with me? look at my pictures that I recently added. I think you would be fun to hang out with and up for the challenge of learning how to get a handle on someone like me. I think if you want we should chat

  348. MoonPatrol says:


    I got 2 weeks of vacation I plan to use in Feb or March. I don’t know how to deal with an intrastate relationship but like I said I can try.

  349. MoonPatrol says:

    What do most SB’s want from a man? I think I’m messing up when I reply to a “hi I noticed you and like you” note because I never here from them after. I imagine this is what they want to hear:

    Yes got your message , would like to set you up with an allowance that we can both live with, after we meet and decide if there is a mutual attraction. I plan to sweep you up on a fun trip through the city as we go to nice dinners and rides in my power boat in the daytime. All I expect is you have fun and enjoy the purses and boots I’m going to get for you. I think I’m scaring them off being too talky about myself and my mindset. They don’t care much I guess and just want a guy that has the drive to be aggressive with them with sex but at the same time pay ’em well.

  350. 2Chic says:


    I sending you an email, hope that is ok?

  351. Elle-Shooger says:

    Thanks for all the feedback, ladies! I found both of my past SDs on SA and both men were very high caliber so my bar is pretty high up there! I was just curious. Funny comment about me being a reporter in disguise, OCSugarbaby! Not a reporter, but one of my SDs asked me if he could hire me to be his ghostwriter to write a book about his years of being a SD. We might start on it next year. Fun project, indeed!

  352. Midwest Mistress of the Dark says:

    Glamazon – I found the number…check your e-mail.

    Hi OC!

    • OCSugarbaby says:

      Hi Midwest :)
      Had to run out to take the dog for a quick walk before the Rain starts. We made it back and within seconds it started to pour! Never the less, I love the smell of rain. We need it so badly.

      ES: I found my SD/BF on this site too :) Last year I dipped my toe in the waters of a few other sites but never found anyone worth meeting. The sugar is abundant on SA :)

  353. NEOhio SB says:

    Elegant ~~ I found my SD on this site, or i should say, he found me…BUT nonetheless….I believe SA is a wonderful venue.

  354. NEOhio SB says:

    Elegant Sugar ~~ The sugardaddie.com site is a great site to find quality men. Many or if i may say, the majority of men on that site are seeking a long term relationship without the financial aspect as SA provides. SA has a great quality of high caliber, classy, business professional men. Any site you are on will find the few fakes and poof ones…just a reality…not due to any particular site.

  355. Midwest Mistress of the Dark says:

    Elegant Sugar – I tried SD4U when I first joined SA. I found a ton of fakes and took the profile down after a month. I found my SD here in three months, but I think I was lucky in many ways…still am :-)

  356. Elle-Shooger says:


    Sorry if this question has been asked in the past. I tried to do a search first before posting this and didn’t find anything though.

    How many of you are on other SD type sites and are they more/less successful for you than SA?

    • OCSugarbaby says:

      Cali SB: I have been sending you the emails that you have requested? Did you get them? Seems like you may not have. I sent the requests to the email address you list when you blog. Thx!

    • OCSugarbaby says:

      Hi ElegantSugar! Many are on other sites, but they each have their highs and lows. SA tends to have a bit higher claliber of men. In my own opinion.
      Your writing background is impressive. Now you aren’t on the blog writing a story are you? lol A reporter in disguise? 😉

  357. 2Chic says:

    Taz….I do wish you all the best. I totally “feel” ya!

  358. Midwest Mistress of the Dark says:

    Glamazon – you have mail!

  359. TT (AKA Tantalizing Taz) says:

    2Chic – My Girl!! Don’t give up – and mine is nothing definite at all – but I sure am enjoying getting to know him :) Keeping positive of course…and it helps to cross fingers and toes toooo!

  360. 2Chic says:

    Taz! How are you missy? Congrats on the CM.

    Oh you should not even have to ask who to pass the OC luck to….. cough-cough. I am getting tired of the same ole games, almost ready to throw in the suga bowl towel. I could you use some positive. : )

  361. TT (AKA Tantalizing Taz) says:

    Hey sugar fam :) Hope everyone has been enjoying their weekend!

  362. Midwest Mistress of the Dark says:

    Hi AM! I loved that blouse!

    Photogirl – Thanks!

    Glamazon- I did not…If any of you have both our addys, could you please share? Thanks!

  363. Anna Molly says:


  364. Elle-Shooger says:

    No problem, Deneene. Glad I could help! :)

  365. Midwest ~ The silk blouse I wore to the NYC dinner came from Ann Taylor..I love it too! My fave. store!

  366. Deneene says:

    Thank you for the suggestions.

    ElegantSugar – if you dont mind i will use that. it sounds great !!!

  367. Elle-Shooger says:

    photogirl: I did a search for it and found it! This is just one of the surprises I did for my SD. Since they can buy pretty much anything material they want usually, I always try to surprise them with little things that show I listen.

    What can help a sugar daddy arrangement stay fresh and exciting? Any tips?

    Letting your SD know you are thinking about him when you are not together. Don’t be mechanical in your actions; be genuine and sincere. Remember little things they tell you and maybe surprise them with something they mentioned in passing showing them you truly listen. (Example: My first SD told me he had never tried sake, which surprised me because he was such a well-traveled, cultured, first class type of man. He always wanted to, but never had.) So, weeks later I surprised him with bringing a sake set and high quality sake over and taught him how to do sake bombs before we went out to dinner. He was so appreciative of that little gesture.

  368. Midwest did you get my addy?

  369. photogirl says:

    Welcome to all the Boston bloggers as well! And anyone else I may have missed!

    ElegantSugar –
    I did read about the surprises you were given but was unable to locate what you wrote about in regards to surprising your SD… was it on this blog or the previous one?(previous one is taking forever to load)

    Midwest –
    I have not forgotten the photo…have had some laptop issues that seem to be resovled now…so it is on the way soon. :)

    NeOhioSB – Yes…congrats!

  370. NEOhio SB says:

    Midwest ~~ Thank you, but its been ongoing for months now….but keeps getting better and better and better. No blog romance…but I couldn’t be happier. Very exclusive and i couldn’t want, need or desire anything more from an SD. He is Perfect for me and we have an incredible relationship.
    Just trying to reinforce to the young sbs out there that get frustrated at times….as encouragement…that there are great SDs out there…just as you and I both know.

  371. Midwest Mistress of the Dark says:

    NeOhioSB – Woo Hoo – didn’t know you officially had an SD…congrats! Anyone we know??

  372. Elle-Shooger says:

    Darn it! I received a message telling me my comment didn’t go through so I had to rewrite it! :/

  373. Elle-Shooger says:

    Hello Photogirl! I am an East Coast blogger! I shared one of my little surprises to my SD early on in a comment. I know there’s so much to read, but you can do a search for Elegant if you want to know. 😉

  374. Elle-Shooger says:

    Hi PhotoGirl…I am an East Coast blogger! I shared one of my little surprises to my SD early on in a comment. I know there’s so much to read, but you can do a search for Elegant if you want to know. 😉

  375. photogirl says:

    Hello everyone!!

    Yes… seems it has been quiet around here in regards to the SDs. Please don’t bash me….but…I think with the current talk of girly things, they really don’t have much to chime in about. Plus, it tends to be slower on the weekends as well.

    Welcome to all the new Cali bloggers :) I wish there were more Florida bloggers on here!

    Have you been pleasently surprised by a sugar? Care to share?

    I’d really like to hear from the men about what their SBs have surprised them with…

  376. Elle-Shooger says:

    Deneene: I agree a lot with what Midwest Mistress offered. I would also like to make this suggestion:

    “I am confident, sexy, playful and honest. (You be the judge). I love to please the man that I’m with and I love when he is happy and smiling.”

    Revision:: “Only a confident, sexy, playful woman can truly please the man she’s with in a way that even keeps her delighted when he is happy and smiling. This best describes me, but only you can be the judge of that with our time together.”

    Rephrasing exactly what you said in a different way points the attention on THEM and your willingness to ensure they are happy. You don’t have to use my words verbatim, but I hope you get the point in my suggestion. Good luck!

  377. NEOhio SB says:

    Happy Sunday afternoon to the Sugars out there!!…and welcome to the blog to the newbie names here. Hard to keep track of everyone.
    Seems like SBs from Boston are popping up everyday here.

    Back from a wonderful Sugar weekend with my SD…yes, I am sooo smiling and very blessed…and to those who question IF there are great SDs out there….YES…there are. Filtering is the process along with patience.

    Texting with Villa…as she is at the game…..sooo happy her Vikings are winning. Hope she comes back to the blog soon….:)

    Hope everyone enjoys a wonderful Sunday.

  378. Deneene says:

    Midwest Mistress – Thank you so much

    I love this site !!!!

  379. Gemini29 says:

    Cali SB – I’ve also noticed the dearth of SD bloggers recently. Perhaps they are in a super secret SD meet up. …I wonder what they would discuss at something like that…. hmmm….

  380. Gemini29 says:

    Boston SB – Sorry about the Coach-fake-o. There ARE some genuine SDs out there who will surprise a girl with a gift. Like the girl in the lead-in story who had the store phone her (what a cool idea) or guys who will send you an item you’ve been dreaming of forever….in the latter case its a good idea to get a separate mailbox than your house addy, so that they can send stuff to you, but not show up on your doorstep announced. 😉

    Ps. what an AWESOME story! WOW!!

  381. Midwest Mistress of the Dark says:

    LASB – I didn’t feel comfortable asking him why the clothes were still there and it was our last convo. I think he shared the story to show how nicely he treated his sbs. No…he didn’t offer the clothing…lololol.

    Deneene – Copy and paste this into word and check for spelling/grammar. I would modify your career goals a bit…mention a career change or certification. I grew up in that world…it pays the bills, but it’s not too sugary. You want your sds to have images of you in stilettos and glamorous. Perhaps reword some of the sentences so they don’t all start with “I”. Lastly, put a little paragraph (near the top) about what you can do for him. The sds spend about 10 seconds previewing the profile if the pics capture their attention, so you want to make sure they see how you will enhance their life.

    I’m sure everyone will have great advice to offer. Hope it helps.

  382. BostonSB says:

    Oh, and I thought I’d post a little anecdote. I like to call it my ‘first taste of sugar’.

    This past summer I went to D.C. to visit my roommate while she was doing an internship there. Her 21st birthday was that week, so her dad booked us a room and whatnot for us. We went down there and got all dolled up. She wanted to get her first legal drink at an absolute classy, top tier place. So we went to the Jockey Club in D.C. (lovely, would recommend it to anyone who enjoys that kidn of atmosphere). We talked with the bartender and some of the men who were at the bar by themselves. I’d say I worked some charm, lol. We got invited to three places within an hour.

    I sipped my MM Manhattan and chatted with my friend as three different older gentlemen approached us, each with an invite to dinner later that evening and a night of ‘enjoyment’ (lol). My friend wanted to go get trashed, but I conned her into tagging along with the guy who was in a larger group. I told her, we go get dinner with them (who all seemed really nice) and you never know what will happen. I convinced her to just go for dinner and that after we’d go back and do the club thing.

    We drove to Alexandria (Virginia I think?) and met the group for a dinner in a very high-end restaurant. We didn’t really know what we were walking into. There were two bottles of wine being poured, everyone was talking, and was delighted to see us, we chatted and I flirted with one of the older gentlemen.. who invited me to switch seats with my friend so we could sit next to each other. Once formally introduced around the room I learned that I was sitting with some pretty amazing, world-famous people; even if I had never heard their names before. The french couple owned a group of successful restaurants (one in Boston) and his wife was only a few years older than I. One gentleman was the owner of some business that I can’t recall. But the man that I was flirting with, that was showing me glorious amounts of attention, was a world-famous artist. I’m talking has painted the Queen of England and has had galleries in every major city around the globe. I googled his name after we got back to my friends house. The artist drew a sketch of my friend that said ‘to the best 21st birthday ever. Happy birthday, Laura’ and signed it. He drew it on a bread plate he took of the table we were eating dinner at with markers he kept in his breast pocket. He gave me his cell phone number, but in retrospect I had no idea what world I had stepped into. We were talking with the owner of the restaurant and Artist introduced me to him. It was an amazing time.

    I don’t know why I’ve waited so long to post my experience. We never talked again, to me I thought it was a fleeting experience. If I knew what I knew now I may never have needed the site lol.

  383. Deneene says:

    any and all suggestions would be appricated

  384. Deneene says:

    I am confident, sexy, playful and honest. (You be the judge). I love to please the man that I’m with and I love when he is happy and smiling.

    I love: Animals, Traveling, Reading and experiencing new things. Music: rock, oldies, techno, dance, house, r & b and some country, I’ve been to California and Hawaii and would love to go to the Bahamas, Florida and New York.

    I work fulltime and I’m working on getting certified to be a dog groomer because I want to own my own dog grooming business.
    I am drama free and want to stay that way, I love to laugh and smile and you will rarely see me with a frown on my face because I feel why be sad , your alive so make the most of it, life is too short.

    What I am seeking is a single or married man, who is gentle, confidant, romantic, warm, honest, sweet and sincere in your words and actions. (Since of humor is a must)

    I feel it is best to get to know each other with a few emails or chats first and then when we both feel comfortable we can talk on the phone. I’m not here to play games with people and I would appreciate the same from you if you decide to contact me.

    If you have been searching for a special arrangement like the one I have described, please contact me.

  385. Midwest Mistress of the Dark says:

    Deneene – I’m happy to proof it, but I don’t think you have my e-mail. Go back about 3 blogs and Ctrl F for Midwest…you should find my e-mail addy.

    The SDs are busy getting their tax docs ready…the life of successful businessmen.

  386. Elle-Shooger says:

    Hello Sugar, Sugars!

    I haven’t caught up since yesterday morning so need to do so today; had guests in for the weekend.

    I just spent the past 30 minutes reading NYC SB’s blog, , Goal Digger, from beginning to end and just wanted to make a quick comment before I read all the posts on here.

    Great job, NYC SB! Being an experienced SB, I completely related to many of the feelings you had in the beginning as well as some of your experiences; including the wonderful ‘personal shopping’ experience. Being a long-time blogger myself (not about SB, but other topics) and a published writer, I am very picky about the blogs I read. Your stories are very well-written, personable and offer great advice to new and experienced SBs; I learned a thing or two reading. Keep it up!

  387. LASB says:

    Midwest – Can you clarify? Did he tell her to leave them, or did she not want them, or did she just think she would see him again so she just left them? Why was he telling you this story? Was he offering to give you the clothes because he never saw her again?

  388. LASB says:

    Well, just be glad that’s all it is then. There is waaaaaay worse out there. I mean, at least you never had to meet the guy or be in the same car with him or anything, to figure it out.

  389. Midwest Mistress of the Dark says:

    That does bring up a curious statement. A while back someonec contacted me …he was telling me about how great he was with is new sb (we had both just entered arrangements and YES, james knows). He mentioned that he bought her some new clothes, but she left the clothes with him (LDR).

    Have any of the more experienced SBs had this happen? Would you leave the clothes voluntarily or is that expected? Is is a show of goodwill that another date is sure to follow or does he have other sbs the same size :-) I hope I’m not sounding niave, but it struck me as odd.

  390. BostonSB says:

    oh and LASB:: sadly, I think he may be one of ‘those’. gross indeed.

  391. Cali SB says:

    BTW one last thing.. did anyone else notice how there haven’t been any SD’s on yesterday or today? Are they having a secret SD meet without us? haha

  392. LASB says:

    Deneene – If you post it here, I’m sure you will get all sorts of great advice. Midwest gives awesome advice, so maybe she will give it a look.

  393. BostonSB says:

    I think, if possible, a ladies-only meet would be fabulous. Just us girl exchanging some of the ridiculous stories I know we all have. lol

  394. Deneene says:

    Cali SB- Thank you, yes i do have a picture in a dress and will post it.

    i rewrote what i wanted to put on my profile but i need someone to proof read it for me. any volunteers ?

  395. LASB says:

    They can lick the bottoms of my Louboutins, so long as they are the ones who purchased them. 😉 Sorry about the salty coach fake. :( There are these guys who string you along for a while and all of it is BS. For all you know, he’s living on his mom’s couch. It took me a while to figure the whole thing out, but someone told me it’s because they are pleasuring themselves at the fantasy, as they are typing, talking to you, reading your emails, etc. Gross.

  396. Midwest Mistress of the Dark says:

    Well ladies – All told, he poofed shortly after. I don’t think he was on SA though. Def lends to funny stories. That’s the great thing about bad dates…great stories follow shortly thereafter.

  397. TXSB says:

    LOL @ your shoe comments! Later…have a good day! :)

  398. Cali SB says:

    Okay, late for work, adios all! Hi and bye TXSB!!

  399. College SB says:

    BostonSB – Eeek, anyone in their sane mind would not give info like that to a practical stranger! Sorry you didn’t get your coach bag though. :(

    Midwest – I’d be cool with the shoe licking in private, but in public? With my luck I could be in Antarctica and while this SD was licking my shoe, my grandmother would walk by and stop to chat.

  400. BostonSB says:

    midwest:: lol, no he was from jersey. too bad he was a schmuck. He seemed genuine up til that point.

  401. TXSB says:

    Hey Midwest!

    Day going good so far. Weather is beautiful here. Hope you’re having a great weekend!

  402. Cali SB says:

    Midwest — I dunno, half of me thinks that if a man is willing to buy me Louboutins he can lick them all he wants. Heck, he can even rub them on his face and cuddle them to sleep as long as I get to wear them whenever I want! :)

  403. Midwest Mistress of the Dark says:

    Hi TXSB! Hope your day is going well.

  404. Midwest Mistress of the Dark says:

    BostonSB – Sounds like someone’s shoe daddy :-) Was that you Beach? It was a little diff in that he wanted to lick her shoes in public while she was wearing them. There are some strange requests lurking out there. By any chance was the Coach guy from another country?

  405. TXSB says:

    Hi Everyone! :)

    Yep…scam. I can’t imagine any genuine SD would give his CC number to someone he just met online! If he was serious, then he would’ve ordered it himself, and told you to pick it up.

  406. BostonSB says:

    grrr.. this has scam written all over it. ok pot SD who was gonna get me a coach bag gave me his CC info (red flag 1) to order it online. They have instore pickup so I chose that since I could order and grab it in an hour at the mall. His info was incorrect. He kept insisting it was correct and he said he was gonna try to do it.. and then he said he needed my mailing address to send it. I told him I want to pick it up in store and now I haven’t heard back from him. Salty, salty, salty.

  407. Elle says:

    College – more good ideas!

    See you all later.

  408. SPup says:

    Elegant – OMG are there alot of typos in that. I’m almost ashamed. I’ve sent it through spell check. I’d love to hear your other suggestions/corrections.

    james.m – mind acting as courier for my e-mail to Elegant? <3

    ESB – o.0 Careful what you offer, I'm a devious little thing. ^_^

    nycsb#2 – On the bf+2SD+life. I would think so. I've managed something similar without sugar involved. Everyone knew that there was others, those that wanted to knew how many. Very open, no drama. I saw everyone about once every 6 weeks.

    If you're not open about it though, the juggling might come crashing down on you if you're not careful.

    On the bf – If you're not happy, you need to tell him. Just because you agreed to something at the start doesn't mean you have to agree to it now. It's ok to change your mind.

    SBnxtdoor – Remember some guys prefer the girl next door look ^_^

    OCSugarbaby – The bonfire sound like soo much fun. Enjoy.

    Midwest – I saw some of the responses, was hoping to solicit more. <3

    Aletheia mSB – Hi! Nice to see another mSB.

    LASB – Luck!

    ESB – You're forgetting the greater than & less than signs around the /b. Remember you start it with b and end it with /b. The gt and lt signs tell the computer it's a command for it and not something you want to tell someone else.

    I skimmed most of the wardrobe/bra conversation. mmm boobies all sizes. 1/2 cup sizes <3. Don't forget the trick of hooking the shoulder straps together in the back. *laughs* I'm such a gf.

    I'm feeling a little drained today so forgive the lack of detailed comments ^_^.

  409. College SB says:

    Just a quick note about photographs. . . if you have a friend (or friendly acquaintance) that’s into photography, volunteer to model for them. It’s a win-win deal. You get pictures and he/she gets to practice his/her photography! That’s how I had all my pictures done (thank you X – you’re an awesome friend!).

    You could also look for photographers that are in need of models, but watch out for the creepy ones that only want nude models lol.

  410. Elle says:

    Cali – I don’t know about the cold – I hope not. Have a great day!

  411. College SB says:

    Gemini and 2Chic – Yay! I was thinking along the same lines, but just needed some affirmation from more experienced SB’s. :)

    Yep, it’s NYC SB’s blog that has GREAT advice.

    Midwest – I will definitely stick around to soak up all the wisdom you ladies have to offer! I am very wary of fake SD’s so I am playing it safe.

  412. Cali SB says:

    Eek, going to be late for work if I don’t get my butt in gear. I feel like crap today. Is it possible to catch a cold from your dog? :(

  413. Elle says:

    Sorry NYC and CALI – too many new names. Cali, that’s a good idea, I like the photo of you in the mirror. Maybe I’ll give it a try!

  414. Cali SB says:

    Deneene — I do like your photos. :) If anything, I would replace the first one (move the second to the first spot) and put something of you in a dress, if you have one. :)

  415. Cali SB says:

    Elle — Can you take new photos? I like very few photos of myself (you’re always your worst critic, right?) but wanted to make sure I put up 3 photos. My arms aren’t long enough to take a decent photo of myself, so my first picture (headless bodyshot) is a reflection in the mirror. Quick and easy and you always know what you look like while you’re taking the pic! :) Also, it’s NYC SB that has the blog.. it does have good advice for your profile if you’re looking for a revamp. :)

  416. Cali SB says:

    I would like some coffee too please!! :)

    Lisa — lol You make me laugh. I think you need some coffee too! 😉

    Taylor — That outfit sounds so cute! I am horrible at putting things like that together for myself! I will start with leggings soon and hopefully figure it out from there! :)

    SoCalIESB — I always thought Ann Taylor Loft had sizes 2 and up. I will check there, thanks! Also, I’m the one who mentioned about the email. OC or Stephan can you please share my email address with SoCal so I can let her know about the CA meet please?

    AM — I had my wisdom teeth out my freshmen year of college. I actually remember groggily waking up from anesthesia in the car and telling my sister she “HAD to have it done!” because it was so much fun and all my friends were in the room (hallucinated, of course). haha I live on KFC mashed potatoes for about 2 days and then I was back to normal. I have also had a root canal which was very very VERY unfun. I don’t use beauty cream, but I would like to start using an under eye cream to prevent lines, does anyone have any suggestions for that?

    ESB — End bold with >/b< except switch the two carats.. it won't let me type it the other way or else they're invisible.

    BostonSB — Lucky girl! Congrats! :)

    CollegeSB — Awesome news! Hopefully your new SD is in that group! :)

  417. Elle says:

    Good morning everyone.

    College, thanks for the advice on your site – I’m pretty sure I need to rewrite my profile and add more pictures.

    I just don’t have lots of pics of myself on my own computer and I’m thinking it would be in bad taste to ask my ex boyfriend to send me some. You think?

  418. 2Chic says:

    Good Morning & Afternoon Sugas

    College SB:
    I dress very chic and elegant, this way the POT will envision me fitting in/being a part of his lifestyle, social circle, etc.

  419. Deneene says:

    Cail SB – thank you , i will change some things

    Midwest Mistress – Thank you , i will read it

    do i need to replace any of the pictures ?

    I am so horrible at writing , i have so much in my head but for some reason i just cant get it on paper.

  420. Midwest Mistress of the Dark says:

    Hi NYC SB! Loved the last blog on profile advice and how to maximize the use of the site…great tips!

    BostonSB – That’s wonderful! Is this one you have met in person? If not, it’s a nice start. I agree with Gemil..pick what you love and enjoy!

    Lisa – I understand why you took offense, but wow…

    Deneene – Your pics are beautiful! I like your profile, but I actually think you should make it shorter, but do include the things Cali SB suggested. Definitely look at NYC SBs blog for advice. Also check out the blog before halloween, do Ctrl F, and search for Flo Rida. She put in a long post that is very helpful.

    CollegeSB – Thats Wonderful!! Please proceed with caution as most of the new sbs get attention from the fakes in the early days. The right SD could be in that group, but please screen carefully. Many SDs enjoy the idea of helping a college student so I’m sure it will not take long. Stick around and we are all willing to help.

    All BOOBIES (.)(.) are wonderful!!! All sizes welcome!

    I LOVE Ann Taylor!!! Classic looks paired up with some trendy accessories is my favorite!

  421. Gemini29 says:

    College SB – I like to dress it up a bit… nice black dress, heels, nice coat (depends on the season of course)…basically I go for the elegant pretty look…nothing outwardly sexy. Thats for the second date 😉

  422. College SB says:

    NYC SB – I actually read your profile tips before writing my profile! 😀 I do believe your advice was the cherry on top that made my profile from okay to great. :) I must say thank you!

  423. NYC SB says:

    HI ALL!

    Had an awesome date with SD last night… yay!

    ::Shameless plug:: To all the newbie bloggers please check out my blog … it has good profile advice

    Today I will blog about keeping track of pots and how to find out if they are real

    Also I read another sugar babys blog about her awful experience when flying out to meet a pot…

    Taylor – my 34b’s are awesome… they are perfect on my little frame… also victorias secret miracle bra does miracles for the ladies..

  424. Deneene says:

    Boston SB – congrats :)

  425. College SB says:

    After my profiles were approved and I had a lovely night’s sleep, I woke up to 7 message and I would say that 4 were a hit (meaning that the SD read my profile and didn’t send me a standard message). I have to say that writing college application essays definitely prepared me for the whole “tell me about yourself” profile writing.

    Anyways, I’m crossing my fingers!

    Quick question: What do you ladies like to wear to a first SD date?

  426. Muse says:

    AM – I have eczema (genetically super dry skin. whee!) and I’ve been having a fair amount of luck with the Philosophy line. I use Purity (cleanser) at night, Microdelivery wash (cleanser) in the morning, and Hope in a jar both morning and night, although at night, I add in “when hope is not enough”. It’s really great for people with eczema or other super dry skin conditions. Philsophy is cheaper than La Mer but pretty freakin good still. Also, buy it from Sephora because if you don’t like it, they’ll refund your money. I know. I experimented with a lot of lines before discovering this one. 😀

  427. Gemini29 says:

    Boston SB – go with the things you looooove 😉 and congrats!!

  428. SBnxtdoor says:

    Don’t ask me Boston SB it has taken me years to get over the fact that men want to buy me dinner. I always try to be conservative with other’s money.

  429. SBnxtdoor says:

    Hmmm, second e-mail from a guy who looks suspiciously like Alan Greenspan and wants to spank me. How about I take YOU out behind the woodshed buddy?!!!

  430. BostonSB says:

    So I may have found my SD.. he’s letting me pick out things I like and make a wishlist online and sending them to me lol. I’m not sure what to pick, I don’t want to seem greedy but there are some things that i LOOOOVE…

    any ladies here been in similar situations?

  431. SPup says:

    Yay I’m not banned. Going to catch up now.

    Hi everyone!

  432. Anna Molly says:

    La Mer is really good stuff, but I always like to try new things. I’ll check into Revive..Thanks TexasSugah :)

  433. TexasSugah says:

    Anna Molly – Ah ha.. beauty routine.. have you tried Revive??? I swear by the Cellular Senitif cream.

    I actually won a jar (it retails for about 120) and LOVED it. So now I ebay it. I pay about 40 for a full jar and it lasts for a while.

    I was thinking about trying La Mer when this runs out. .. but if I get my baby..he’ll pick up the tab.. =-)

  434. Anna Molly says:

    O.K. ladies…I’m looking for a new beauty routine. I used to use La Mer, but I’m ready for a change. Any suggestions? My skin is somewhat dry…(thanks to my thyroid..UGH) what does everyone else use?

  435. Gail says:

    Morning TexasSugah!!!! You will have no problems finding one….keep kissing the frogs….one will turn into a prince…lol…
    okay really going now.

    Oh Gemini turn it up then. I hope every one gets sugar this week!!!

  436. ESB says:

    OK, I need to go get something done. Gail, thanks for the coffee ;). I’ll probably be back later, but not going to leave my link up. I just did that for anyone who wants to see their “competition”. 😉

    I have an email address just for this blog for anyone who wants it. easternshore62 at Y!.

    Have fun everyone, TTYL!! HUGS!

  437. Gail says:

    Wonderful ESB…we can kill 2 birds with one stone…meet up and you can take these packages of coffee off my hands…lol….I posted my e-mail I think on this topic…or it may be on the previous one. I don’t want to post it again and upset the blog lol…

    ESB…it is a tough market for jobs right, you may already know there are millions of people out of work. I will pray for you that you find one….if not soon at least send SD rain out your way!!!!
    I have to finish my coffee…and straighten the hair now, my daughter just called me to take her grocery shopping. Thank god…she has a job : ) I plan to surprise her in April with her first very own car…because she keeps asking to use mine. I need her to have her own car to beat up..lol…she is newly licensed.

    Have a great day everyone : )

  438. Gemini29 says:

    I guess I should have said heat up? I don’t know, I’m trying to save on money by wearing layers and not having the heat really on. Luckily its not really cold out right now, but the minute I get an SD…the heat is gonna be turned UP nice and toasty 😉

  439. TexasSugah says:

    Morning ya’ll –

    I’ve been cleaning up.. got a couple of chickies coming over who want to get signed up on the site.
    And been chatting with my pot SD who is just clamoring that I get off the other site. I just don’t know. I really want things to work out with him cause he’s after a relationship plus he tells me that I won’t have to worry about anything. But ya’ll know.. talk is cheap and [email protected]^#& runs the marathon.

    VASB – I totally feel ya. I’m the same.. at a 10 I either look like a butch or that I have hepatitis or something worse. Too much muscle and T&A.

    I think I’m sexy and I turn heads when I go places.. period. So..thick and pretty HOLLA!

  440. ESB says:

    Since the 3 of us who are meeting are so close, we (at least *I*) will be happy to come meet you when you come up this way. I may be going out west sometime in the next month, friend wants to see me, so if it’s not the same weekend you are coming, I’d be thrilled to meet you!

  441. Gail says:

    Yes…thats the one: ) I know my trip to Georgia will include being in the DC area…but its not till February. I am most likely get my tickets finalized by next week..waiting still… cause I keep on adding on another destination…also trying to stop in Houston for a day or two.

    I have plenty of coffee and tea…last time I counted I have 20 packages of Starbuck and various other brands that I got from Trader Joes. Let me know if anyone want some packages…this year I got into this thing of buying 5 of everything…lol…

  442. Gail says:

    Gemini….you have no heat? there are many programs available that will help for pay for heat. I tend to turn on my heat 1 hour in the morning and 1 hours in the evening. During the day…I layer my clothing.

    It’s amazing there are also programs available thru the stimulus that will pay for your housing and to set you up in your own place. This was set up to prevent homelessness and help the unemployed. You have to just look in your community and find out where the resources are or better yet dial 211.

  443. ESB says:

    Gail, sweety, you are the BEST!! Does life start before coffee? Seriously, which came first? 😉

    The /b is me not knowing how to end the bolding!! Someone help me! I can get it to start, obviously, but what do you put at the end of the sentence to make it stop?

    Which meet are you refering to? There are 3 of us meeting in DC NEXT weekend, still finalizing details on that one, but no plans on meeting anywhere else. Just NO $$. I’m applying at anywhere I see a “hiring” sign. Will even work Wal Mart part time at this point! Maybe get a job in security so I can keep an eye on the parking lot!! 😉 LOL

  444. Gail says:

    Here it is ESB….piping hot for you. ESB are you going to the sugar meet this coming weekend? Darn it…I wanted to go, but my trip is not till February. But when I go, do you want to meet up with others for brunch?

    Hey whats the slash b for on your post? or are you still sleep….

    AM….I ate steak right after I got home…it didnt hurt until the med wore off. Having dental surgery or even a root canal can be worse than having a child….: (

  445. Gemini29 says:

    AM – I got my wisdom teeth pulled a few years ago…. best. diet. EVAR.

    Of course the weight all came back once I could chew solid foods again. 😉

    I’m not a fan of coffee, but it would be nice if I could afford to turn the heat on. *brrrrrrrr*

  446. ESB says:

    AM: I had all 4 of my wisdom teeth pulled. Make sure to take pain pills as soon as possible. Go home after and sleep as much as possible. Helps to deal with the pain if you sleep through it.

  447. ESB says:

    Gail: Pass a cup of the life sustaining liquid my way please… just getting up myself.

    Good Morning Sugar Family/b

  448. Gail says:

    Morning AM,Gemini29, Cat, and LISA!!!!

    Nice to see all of you up this fine Sunday morning. I too have to agree with the newbie…Ann Taylor is a nice classy place to find petite clothing for SB. It can be a little pricy at times, but the sales are incredible.

    I am brewing coffee right now anyone want a cup?

  449. Gemini29 says:

    I’ve been alright, work has been slow… how about yourself? Any luck for you in the sugar market?

  450. Anna Molly says:

    LOL…probably. Always seems slow on the weekends. How have you been?

  451. Gemini29 says:

    Oof, its SLOW here on the blog this morning. Must be everyone recovering from last night still. lol.

  452. Anna Molly says:

    Morning Gemi :)

  453. Gemini29 says:

    Morning AM!

  454. Anna Molly says:

    Good Morning Everyone :)

    Cat ~ That was a nice thing your SD friend did for you :)
    I still have all of my wisdom teeth, but they will have to be pulled at some point…they’re crowding my other teeth. I’ve never had a cavity or braces or any kind of dental procedure done except for a regular cleaning and I’m so scared. I’ve been putting it off, but I don’t think I can wait much longer. I’m to the point where I just want to get it over and done with.

  455. Cat says:

    I take back what I had wrote for the first question in the blog…I forgot that I had a SD friend, who already had a SB, and paid for my procedure when I had to get my wisdom teeth surgically removed, because one of them was coming out and caused an infection. I was all swollen and on antibiotics… told him about my ordeal because we used to tell each other everything. I had never met him before, we were just chat friends, but when he came to town to see his SB, he came into my work and dropped off an envelope with 2k in it. I was so shocked. Initially, I had insisted that I pay him back but he never took a penny from me. It meant so much…I had never had someone do anything like that for me before. That is the most caring and generous thing a SD has done for me…

  456. Lisa that Actually Has an SD says:

    Good morning everyone. Getting ready to leave for work.

    Moonpatrol: you sound very bitter and pardom me if I suspect you overemphasize the physical over the financial aspects of a sd/sb relationship.
    And thanks for saying that Houston woman are Uuuggh. My personal experience with Houston sds are not so good either.

    Have a good day everyone

  457. Taylor says:

    Speaking of leggings and a cute top, I pulled off the most amazing leggings outfit last night for a nightclub on saturday night. Black leggings, sexy -not overly bulky- up to the knee, flat equestrian-esque boots a black tank top with a sheer black, loose shirt over it that covers the bum completely, but then I put a leather belt that has a small leather pouch hanging from one side around my hips to cinch the flowy shirt in place around my hips and reveal my best feature, which is slim hips/bum/thighs, leading downwards to longish legs.

    Normally I like outfits that gives me as much of a waist as possible because I don’t have an hourglass figure by any means, and I try to find clothes with some sort of a belt cinching things at my natural waist, that fakes that look a tiny bit. I have the slightest flare of hips and dip of waist going on, but not nearly as much as I’d like. I’d kill for an hourglass figure!!!!!! and c cups. My 34b bra size is like BARELY a b. I am a small b cup. meh.

  458. SoCalIESB says:

    Not sure if anyone is still around, but hey I’m still awake.

    Cali SB: My advice for a more “grown up’ feel for women’s xs clothes would be Anne Taylor Loft. They have pretty, feminine clothing and petites. You can get xs tops and 0 jeans there. I personally love their clothes.

    Someone mentioned way up about giving me an email address about a meet up? Sure thing, sounds cool.

  459. 2Chic says:

    Have you been pleasantly surprised by a sugar?
    First CM did not meet on SA, took me to Vegas, and Spa treat… lots of laughter. My meet with Mr. Sensitive gifted me with an expensive bottle of French parfum. Hoping and waiting for a really great CM to sweep me off my feet
    Gemini29: What is an acceptable level of flirty/sexy talk from a potential sugar (pre-arrangement)? I have learned to follow my instinct. If a comment rubs me the wrong way, he will know. I like to make it plain that I am not an escort, one niter, or the like. I do engage in flirty talk, and intimate conversations. I do not like to engage in explicit sex talk. By not saying too much, I like to invoke an air of expectancy with subtle hints that I am a woman who knows.

    Do you have any sugar in your weekend plans? Seeking an arrangement? Nope, was asked to meet but not ready just yet.

  460. cleo says:

    wow, i came here thinking i would read a little and catch up… two days ago. still not caught up… and don’t even get me started on my email…

    night all :)

  461. Cali SB says:

    Never heard back from the pot. What the heck.

    I think I should bathe my dog.. she looks like a tumbleweed with legs.

  462. Cali SB says:

    I’m so bummed right now. The account that I’m working at this weekend is gathering shoe donations to send to Haiti and I got rid of all of my used/unwanted shoes a few months back. I have one pair of casual/canvas ballet flats that I can donate but anything else I don’t wear are pretty much heels and that’s pretty pointless to donate. I think I may go to Old Navy and buy a bunch of flip flops (they’re like 2 for $5) to donate too and hopefully I can find another pair or two of shoes around my place to add in.

  463. Cali SB says:

    It’s chilly in SoCal tonight.. this is the first time I’ve had to turn my heat on in 2 or 3 weeks!

  464. Miss Curious says:

    Wow, I really missed a lot! Just wanted to say thanks to james.m for the response; it was really encouraging. I am still so nervous about this! You all seem very nice, though, so that is reassuring.

    As for the wonderbra thing… Well, I’m a 30J, so it’s not an issue. I wish I were skinnier, though! That’s another thing I worry about – I’m short and very very curvy but not really slim. I am working on it, though, and am hoping to drop weight pretty quickly. I almost want to put off meeting people till I do! But maybe some men will like the hourglass the way it is.

  465. 2Chic says:

    Wow, Welcome new sugas, glad you are here!
    Especially happy to see more CA babes.

  466. Gemini29 says:

    I’d like to second the question for SDs….have you been pleasantly surprised by a sugar?

    There are a lot of good stories and (hope given) by SBs on the blog…now I want to hear from our menfolk! 😉

  467. College SB says:

    Hello everyone,

    I have a quick question:

    How long does it take for 3 pictures to be approved? A good 22 hours have passed and there’s a message in my inbox taunting me lol.

  468. Deneene says:

    ok ,thanks. i did put 3 pictures up, they still have to be approved

  469. Cali SB says:

    Deneene — From my first quick glance I would say to make your about you section longer. I would personally also take out “I’ve been known to assess first impressions quickly (both personally and professionally) and generally do not waiver from my initial conclusion.” just because it could come off as a bit harsh and like you have high standards (which is fine, just don’t put it out there like that ;)). Put your interests (music, theater, arts, etc), do you have a passport?, have you traveled?, where would you like to go?, what are your aspirations in life?, etc. Also, I would suggest putting up at least one photo, even if it doesn’t show your face. You’re much more likely to get viewed if you have a photo. I have my profile linked if you’d like to see it, but it’s by no means perfect. I’ll be back later if you have more specific questions.

  470. Cali SB says:

    Deneene — We need your profile number (or linked to your name) to be able to see your profile. And don’t worry, we’re not all rocket scientists here! At least I’m not! :) I’m leaving for a bit, but you will get some great advice from the ladies and gents (doesn’t look like there are any here right now) here!

  471. ESB says:

    Deneene, I have no idea how to find it, or I would. It’s late, and I need to get to bed. Post your profile #, I”m sure someone will check for you. Days go by with out any hits for most of us, then all the sudden you get them coming out your ears. Patience is the key, hun.

    Have fun all, I need to crash. NIGHT!!

  472. Deneene says:

    here is myProfile Number 427413

  473. Cali SB says:

    ESB — I SO love that outfit!!!!! :) :) :) That’s exactly what I want. A waredrobe like that.. sexy and chic! I just need to find a manequin wearing it (preferably at a cheap store like Forever 21) so I can copy it because I suck at piecing things together myself! haha

    My back is killing me (probably a mix of work and this computer chair) so I’m going to go relax on the couch for a bit. I texted the pot a half hour ago to tell him that I’m not a big drinker and that I have to work tomorrow (so I shouldn’t drink) so maybe we should save our meet for when we can do lunch or dinner instead, unless he had another suggestion. No response. C’est la vie!!

  474. Deneene says:

    will someone, check out my profile and give me some feed back, i,m not getting any responses. but then i’m not as smart as all of you here are.

  475. ESB says:

    That is such a cute look if you are small enough to get away with it. Saw a young lady the other day at the Dr. office leaving with her daughter, maybe 25? had on a VERY sexy number.. leggings, great boots, tunic and killer scarf. She looked fashionable, sexy but not slutty. she pulled of off very well.

  476. Cali SB says:

    Yeah the label doesn’t matter to me.. I shop cheap! I just want some more grown up looking apparel. The fashion sense in LA is completely different (except maybe from NYC). My next purchase will be leggings and some tops to wear with them. :)

  477. ESB says:

    I love my wardrobe. I live in my Levi’s and sweat shirts during the weekend.(Cami’s and t-shirts in the summer) Ware my Levi’s til they are thread bare, have to many holes to be seen in public in, then cut hem off for shorts… gotta love a good fitting pair of jeans… I wish I could dress like this for work. But for the office, it’s professional; jackets, blouses, nice slacks or skirts. I’d like some more clothes for work, get kinda tired of the same thing all the time. I like that I look good in what I wear. I’m comfortable in what ever I have on. Heels, flats, Nike’s. Evening gown, jeans, skirt.. what ever. I think if you area comfortable in what you have on, you look better and that makes you feel better about yourself and who you are. Not so much the name on the label you wear, but how you label yourself as you wear it! Now, I admit, the more expensive stuff does fit better, but do your best with what you got!

  478. Cali SB says:

    Uncommon — That’s like my dream come true. I know good style when I see it, I just can’t put it together for myself to save my life! haha That’s why I’m praying for a personal shopper trip! :)

  479. Cali SB says:

    ESB — totally, those are great stores for teens (and college students)! And I do love my AF hoodies and sweats, but I need chic clothes now that I’m out of college. If I wasn’t living in LA I’d probably just keep the same waredrobe (I do still wear most of my clothes) but I see the girls in leggings and knee-high boots and a top with a scarf and I just love that look and want to get clothes like that too (I bought my first pair of skinny jeans last month and I love them!). PS – Express is a great place to find longer “Regular” length pants. I’m 5’5″ and they’re just a tad long on me so they’d probably be perfect for her! If not, they do carry “Long” as well. So does GAP, which I used to despise, but they have decent jeans now.

  480. VA SB says:

    Wow – to be a size 0 or 2….I don’t know how that would even look on me. Anything less than a 10 and I look sickly.

  481. UncommonSB says:

    Cali SB: Yes, a wardrobe renovation… we can dream.

  482. Cali SB says:

    Uncommon — Yeah, a lot of people tell me that, but I’ve actually never had anything altered. Plus, right now, I don’t have the money to spend at Nordstroms/Saks, let alone to tailor everything I buy. Maybe after I find a SD! :) I need to find an SD like NYC SB’s first one who will send me on a $20,000 shopping spree with a personal shopper to get a new waredrobe. An SD as described, if you are out there lurking, message me! 😉 :)

  483. LASB says:

    Yeah, I can’t wear a wonderbra. I just feel/look ridiculous in one. So today I was bad. I decided to check out the Agent Provocateur sale. I saw a corset that I just loved. It was 75% off, so I decided I deserved it and that it would be good luck to have such a work of art. The woman almost talked me into getting these $1200 boots, but I ran out of the store before I got too hypnotized.

  484. ESB says:

    Cali SB: You are the same size as my 15 YO daughter. I know the frustration she goes through trying to find clothes. If it fits, it’s to short! They just dont make clothes that size for someone who is 5’7″.

    She goes to the stores you mentioned, finds good fits at Hollister, American Eagle, but then again, we are talking Teen sizes here. Good luck hun. I have trouble with the length most of the time. There is no perfect size. Lets face it!

  485. UncommonSB says:

    Cali SB: You can shop at Nordstrom or Saks too! Just find a great tailor, and be prepared to spend $15-40 for pants/skirts and $20-60 for tops/jackets. It’s totally worth it to have things fit properly, and a good tailor can take clothing in if it’s 1-2 sizes too big or a little loose in specific areas.

  486. Cali SB says:

    I didn’t add my size to my stats earlier, but I’m a size 0 (some stores a 00 and some a 2, depends on the store really) and honestly, it’s REALLY hard to find clothing that fits. I’m not rail thin by any means, I have curves and could tone up if I wanted to, but buying clothes is just frustrating. Most women’s stores don’t carry sizes smaller than a 2 and outfits that I think look so sexy/chic are too big on me and I feel like my choices in clothing are pretty much limited to Abercombie, Express, and sometimes Forever 21 (when they have XS). I want to be able to shop at Nordstroms and other fashionable stores like a real woman (I sound like Pinoccio haha). My waredrobe is mainly what I had in college and I would really love to give it a “grown up” overhaul.

  487. LASB says:

    Moon – Well I guess it’s all relative. So you are in Houston, then? I think there are some SB bloggers from houston.

  488. ESB says:

    Well, good evening all.. sounds like some fun is being had here again tonight… talk of wonder bras.. what a wonderful invention is MHO. Can’t live with out them. Heard a comidian the other night say how women are bigger liars than men.. wearing those wonder bras that make them look SOO much bigger, then the moment of truth and the poor man is so disapointed! LOL… OK, I didn’t really find it all that funny. 😉 Made me wonder if any man thought that of ME! Yikes!

  489. MoonPatrol says:

    LASB- I think people get way too over their heads too often with money. Those high income people are in debt, unlike me, who is debt free, so by the end of the day I may actually be wealthier that the $150000+ crowd. Your point is right- I think flying would drain me somewhat to an uncomfortable level. GeeZ the women in houston… UUUgghh!

  490. VA SB says:

    Hey Texas – to answer your question, I’m a size 12/14 – depending on the cut of the clothing. I’m 5’9 though and have t & a and perfectly shaped thighs (at least in my opinion).

    I know I’m “competing” with women who are size 4, 6, etc., but that’s okay. I know I’m sexy….and there are men who like thick & sexy….

  491. LASB says:

    Moon – I just asked b/c a few times it seems like you don’t want to spend money on a woman or you complain and/or sound bitter that the sugar lifestyle is too expensive. Sorry, but just my opinion. Also, if the salary on your profile is accurate, it seems like it would not be a wise financial decision for you anyhow. Of course, maybe it’s just tough for me to comprehend b/c around here, you can qualify for low income housing if you make less than 100k. I know not every state is like that, which then also makes me think that you’d be better off shopping locally.

  492. Cali SB says:

    MP — no problemo and good luck! :)

  493. MoonPatrol says:

    Cali SB
    I realize that and sorry about the mix,
    I am already doing what you said and yes that would be nice. I like the way you think!

  494. Cali SB says:

    Taylor — I *LOVE* Wonderbras! I’m petite (5’5″/112lbs) but have a curvy body and C-cups which has always been nice for someone my size (though I’ve not always been happy about having hourglass figure.. it’s always greener, right?).. I just love the comfort and perkiness that WB’s provide! 34B is not small though, by any means! I wear 34B from time to time.. trick for the ladies: wearing a cup size smaller gives you more cleavage! 😉

  495. Cali SB says:

    Moon — I believe LASB asked about the regular GF, not me. But IMO maybe you should try non-sugar dating sites in conjunction with this one and see which hits first. Maybe you could even find a GF and a SB. :)

  496. MoonPatrol says:

    Leave your T’s alone They’re fine. I personally like them in all sizes but also think small b’s give me the feeling of true nakedness when I’m with a women like that. Plus the women are usually with nice bodies when small.

  497. MoonPatrol says:

    Cali SB- Why don’t I get a regular GF? Sure show me how! I haven’t the time, don’t drink and at some point you have to say enough is enough! I will not waste my sex drive anymore because we get older and eventually it goes away. I have spent many dry spells and not had many long term relationships. WHy Do I want to be an SB? for one I’m a creative genius, and if you don’t believe me, stay alive for another 30 years and you may hear about me outside of this blog when i create an important work. Having an sb is like creating a work of art . I like to play. I know lots of men who don’t jknow how to play. They were not given the opportunity when boys. I did play, and had wonderful parents that allowed me to search the farthest shores of my imagination. Any way you got me started , I hope I answer you some.

  498. LASB says:

    Cali – no worries. I did laugh my ass off though.

  499. Taylor says:

    Someone asked about size. I’m a skinny one, at 116lbs/5’7″ and a size 2 but then again I wish I had breasts!!!!!!! Desperately. But what are you gonna do (not into cosmetic surgery). 34B tits just ain’t that exciting. Thank goodness for wonderbras!

    So I’ve been texting with local pot SDs (in my mind–they don’t know they are pot SDs yet), and no word from my smitten saga pot SD. I miss him. :(

  500. Cali SB says:

    Man it’s cold in here all of a sudden (in my apt, not the blog.. though it is quiet here now *crickets*). Put the JS’s on hold at the other Macys…

  501. Elle says:

    Moon – no problem with staying longer. I just think you have to be prepared for the probablility that you’ll be spending alot of that time by yourself because even if there were some chemistry with the potential SB it probably wouldn’t be comfortable to spend more than a couple of days with someone you’ve just met.

  502. Cali SB says:

    LASB you have (discreet) mail. No blog chatter of it. :)

  503. Cali SB says:

    Nope, none in stock! The one a town or so away has a pair though..

  504. Cali SB says:

    I’m waiting for a call from this girl who is supposed to drop off her demo CD to me so I can give it to a radio DJ at work tomorrow. I need it by tonight and haven’t heard from her yet (I’ve never talked to her, she’s friends with a friend). I can’t decide what I’m doing until I get that figured out. I don’t even have her number to call her instead and my friend is working so I can’t get it from him either. I’m on hold with Macys nearby to see if they got the JS pumps back in stock in my size.. if so, maybe it’s a sign. :)

  505. LASB says:

    MoonPatrol – What makes you want to sugar date? I mean, why not just get a regular girlfriend?

  506. MoonPatrol says:

    Elle: your plan sounds good, 2 days, but I’m the type that thinks flying in and out for only two days is like a waste of the luxury of flying. I like to stay a while if I’m paying for getting there and its not in my backyard like Ft. Worth or San Antonio.
    It would be cool if the SB lived in an exiting place. This whole world is too wierd for me to understand because how do you have fun when it depends on spending $$ for every little event. I liked going to FT. lauderdale and running around there. It would be cool to rent a motorcycle, not a scooter<..and cruise the beach

  507. Midwest Mistress of the Dark says:

    Cali- Just make sure you don’t regret not meeting him. Put some music on, grab a quick shower, put on your favorite date outfit and go enjoy yourself. Worst that could happen is NEXT. Best that could happen is you meet a top notch SD!

  508. Cali SB says:

    LASB — I’m super afraid that that is what is going to happen to me.. b/c he asked me to meet him for drinks somewhere near his hotel (which could obviously be because he doesn’t know the area or maybe doesn’t have a car) and called me “sexy” in his last email. Too many bad pot stories are floating through my head! I need a personal stylist! I wish I had been able to exchange my JS heels before now so I could wear them. And I wish my skinny jeans were clean so I had an outfit to wear. Damn my procrastination (and JS’s in 7’s being out of stock at my Macys)!

  509. Cali SB says:

    Hmmm I haven’t decided. I’m so sleepy! I think I’m having a coffee and chocolate crash, like the caffeine (which generally doesn’t affect me) is wearing off. I have to work in the morning. :-\ I feel like all of my clothes are in the laundry basket and I just need a new waredrobe, like hip outfits (sweaters, skinny jeans, boots, etc.. oh and some Louboutins would be nice! ;)).. I feel like I don’t have anything to wear on a pot date.

  510. Midwest Mistress of the Dark says:

    Taz – I totally agree about the others. I know Flo Rida is looking to reach CASB if you know how she can be reached.

    Elle – I know one sb who recognized an sd in her area…I don’t think he saw her. You can always state photos are available by e-mail or crop them in such a way that they are sexy, but not too revealing. Look at Anna’s avatarfor a great example.

  511. 2Chic says:

    Hi Everyone!
    Great Topic, Now going back up to “catch up”…:)

  512. LASB says:

    Well, when I had a pot fly in, we just had a simple meet and greet dinner. It was very casual, and I didn’t feel like I owed him anything because he flew in. He was nice but not attractive, and the real deal breaker happened when he offered me money to go to a hotel with him after dinner. NEXT!!!!!

  513. LASB says:

    Moon – If you don’t have a big budget, it’s probably best to find someone more local. Even NYGent, who has a generous amount listed said he’d rather spoil the SB then be spending a lot of time and money on commute travel. Unless you live near a hub and she is near one where there are good flights, it’s probably not worth it. Now, if you like to travel to, and you just keep meeting her in exotic cities, that might be worth checking out.

  514. BostonSB says:

    I’m interested too, MoonPatrol.. What does the SD expect when he visits the SB’s city.. is she expected to show him around? What if she’s relatively unfamiliar with the city as well?

  515. Elle says:

    Moon Patrol, I’m new to this but I would think that planning to be in town for two days would be wise for a first meeting, and if there’s no chemistry you might spend the second day on your own. Obviously it could be longer if you got to know someone and really enjoyed their company.

  516. LASB says:

    Cali – He sounds lame, but go b/c you never know. Then when you are “over it” txt me and we’ll freestyle. That way, you won’t feel like you dressed hot for nothing. :)

  517. Elle says:

    I’m nervous about posting a picture with my profile – worried someone I know might see it. Has this happened to anyone?

  518. MoonPatrol says:

    What does an SD expect to spend when he flys to the sb’s city and gets his own hotel? How many days do you think before hanging out together gets a little routine? ANd do traveling relationships work or do the air costs beat you down?
    My budget I was thinking in theory giving an SB like a max of 20K a year if we were tight, but that wouldn’t cover air now would it?

  519. TT (AKA Tantalizing Taz) says:

    Cali – are you going???!

  520. TT (AKA Tantalizing Taz) says:

    BSB – all the bloggers are wonderful in their own right :) It is nice to see the new faces – I have been on less since the holidays – just been busy. Keeping up, just not enough time to comment too much more after that lol! However, being sick might work fabulously for getting more of the blog itch again 😉 I just wish some of our older bloggers would come back – LIKE FLO RIDA!! Lol…

  521. BostonSB says:

    taz: i do hope you feel better :) I just joined a few days ago and i’m finding it quite cozy here on the blog. welcome back!

  522. Cali SB says:

    mmmm broccoli!!!!! :) :) :)

  523. TT (AKA Tantalizing Taz) says:

    BSB – I would love to but starting to come down with a cold…no..now it IS a cold :( I have one pot I am VERY into and he is halfway across Canada anyway lol. The others, as I posted before..meh…don’t really compare and since I am not feeling well I told them all that.

    So my weekend is full of healing :) Haha – and more time for the blog – I have been a bit MIA lately!

  524. SBnxtdoor says:

    Thank you OCSugarbaby.

    I have a question. Have any of you been contacted by several potSD’s and have been wowed by your third choice? That is, when 1 & 2 handsome sexy guys failed, you were open to less attractive, paunchy, interesting guy who wanted to see you every week and offer less $$ or did you wait for the next one who instantly caught your eye? I feel fickle.

  525. BostonSB says:

    taz:: i wish.. just homework. been chatting with a few pot’s, but next weekend looks more sugary :)

    how about yourself?

  526. TT (AKA Tantalizing Taz) says:

    Cali – go and have fun!! You are in your own domain :) (As long as you LIKE him of course!)

  527. TT (AKA Tantalizing Taz) says:

    Hi BSB! Anything exciting planned for your weekend?

  528. Cali SB says:

    OC — Can you please share my email address with SBnxtdoor? Also with SoCalIESB if she would like it. I’d like to give them details of the meet since DB hasn’t been around for a while.

    So I just got home from work a bit ago and an out-of-state pot is in town right now and would like to meet me for drinks. I’ve not been on a pot date before so trying to decide if I feel up to it or not… decisions, decisions!

  529. BostonSB says:

    i’m here lol kinda refreshing now and then

  530. TT (AKA Tantalizing Taz) says:

    Anyone home??

  531. MoonPatrol says:

    I got to go find some food and it requires a car. I’ll come back later.

  532. NJLady says:

    I’m going to have to get someone to take a few pictures. Thanks Midwest Mistress for the suggestion.

  533. Anna Molly says:

    I don’t have body shot photos. I just describe my figure in my profile. I’ve never had any complaints and I would always send extra pics anyway. I’m sure my man won’t complain, I have a nice figure IMO. 😉

    Thanks Midwest! I like your pics too :)

  534. NJLady says:

    MP, thank you, I’ll give that a try.

  535. Midwest Mistress of the Dark says:

    MP – And then there are many gentlemen on the blog to help redeem the male species :-)

    Welcome Deneene!

    NJLady – I don’t know that I would put a pic of you in scrubs…it could bring back bad memories for some. I like pics that Anna Molly, Taz, Cali SB and others have put up. It’s always been recommended to have one head shot, one full body shot in an LBD and one shot of you in an activity.

  536. MoonPatrol says:

    NJ Lady:
    Just do a back shot with your arms over your head playing with your hair, and be wearing form fitting jeans! Then do a side shot from the neck down ,, we want to see what king of curves you have . Wear a tube top that is very flexible, not just cotton, leave the scrubs for work.

  537. MoonPatrol says:

    I think some men are just stupid about their sexuality and think that encounters they had with women of low esteem gives them the wrong idea that money is all they need to get any woman. Yes some of the stories are funny, but more realistic kind of give the male species a bad rap where we all have to break barriers that these set.

  538. Deneene says:

    Hello, everyone, i’m new to the sd/sb. but i have been reading the blogs.

  539. NJLady says:

    Can someone give advance about putting up pictures. In the past I’ve used my headshots but I want to go with something different and not show my face. I attend school, studying to become a medical assistant, so I was thinking taking a picture in my scrubs. One casual and one in a black dress.

  540. Anna Molly says:

    Hi Midwest and all the new bloggers!! :)

    I’m trying to keep up…I’m on my BB.

    Way to go Taz!! WooHoo :)

  541. Elle says:

    Hi Moon Patrol!

    Hi Lady! Is it usual for the girls to contact the SDs?

  542. MoonPatrol says:

    I keep getting the 22 year old whose “hot for me”, The three women I’m talking to are 19, 23 and 22. I must seem an easy conquest or look young enough. I am an easy conquest because I don’t have any baggage other than my job is hard in ways and I might complain about it when on a date.

  543. Elle says:

    Mistress, thanks for clearing that up! I’m still trying to learn the rules.
    Have a lovely evening (everyone) and I’ll be grateful for any advice from those of you who know your way around this site.

  544. Midwest Mistress of the Dark says:

    Hi MP – I don’t even know where to start. Most of it has been consoling a few ladies whose dates did not go as expeced. A few others had great dates and are trying to figure out next steps. Glad you got new pics…It always feels good to put up fresh, new pictures.

  545. NJLady says:

    Elle- I’m still on. Just checking out the SD’s

  546. MoonPatrol says:

    I’m just jumping in here and haven’t read too far past the beginning? Whats going on?
    Someone clue me in. I just got some pictures taken by my neighbor of me in my house that are going to be my gifts to women who ask for them on the site.
    I see why its hard to be a model now.

  547. Midwest Mistress of the Dark says:

    Hi Elle – Welcome!

    This is a quiet time of the evening for most (dinner, family, etc). It will get busy later. Hopefully, everyone is on sugar dates :-)

  548. Elle says:

    Did everyone leave? Hope it wasn’t something I said.

  549. Elle says:

    Hi all! Newbie here – thanks for all your posts, they’ve done alot to help ease the nerves of putting profile on the site. I love that you all seem so friendly with one another. I didn’t know what to expect so I’m glad to see everyone is so normal!

  550. Midwest Mistress of the Dark says:

    NJLady – welcome back! Lots of sugar dust your way ~*~*~*~*

    Hi AM & SBNxtDoor!

    Taz – Woo Hoo!!

  551. NJLady says:

    Evening SB’s,
    Well, I’m giving this another try. I was strongly debating rather or not to try this again. I have personal as well as moral issues to think about. I’m back in the saddle again.
    To ESB, thank you!!!!! Like yourself, I’m 46, 5’7, trying to get back into shape, not just from the holiday, but from dealing with school and personal issues.
    Anyway, I’m here, hoping things are a little different this time. Like someone stated, I’m setting higher standards this time around. I just signed back on tonight so I have to put pictures up. This time, not of my usual headshots, but more discreet ones and I have a different email address, using a different name. However I will not give it out unless there is a connection or we have a period of communicating with each other and a meeting is arranged. Any other suggestions from fellow SB’s or SD’s would be helpful. Thank you.

  552. SBnxtdoor says:

    TexasSugah– I’m so sorry that Mr. Smithers from the Simpsons showed up to your date.
    remember to file it in your good stories folder and get a chuckle out of it. Shake it off and get back in the game toots! LASB has some doozies of stories. OCsugar please forward along LASB’s address to me or vice versa.

  553. Anna Molly says:

    TexaSD – I’m doing really good. Thanks for asking. How have you been. Any luck finding a sugar? Glad to see you back on the blog! :)

  554. TT (AKA Tantalizing Taz) says:

    Well everyone..I have to confess..I have been speaking with a really, REALLY awesome pot (awesome enough for me to want to just forget about replying back to the other pots now – crazy I know, I know..but honestly they ALL pale in comparison to him)!! I haven’t wanted to say anything as to not jinx myself completely however lol…I am very excited :) That is about all I will say on the blog..for now 😛

    OC ~ I have actually met/spoken with some great pots since New Years when you handed your sugar luck over to me!! If this one works out **fingers crossed!** – I will be handing over the sugar luck – perhaps you can help me figure out who needs it most 😉 Soooo thank you my love!!!

  555. ESB says:

    OK, off to run Baby Girl to her next big adventure. sigh… and I get to come home to Room Mate and the puppies we are baby sitting for….

    Be Back later… maybe!! Have fun!!

  556. BostonHoney says:

    James and SDN u have to watch TRex go boom on YouTube.. Now that’s a gun…

  557. BostonSB says:

    well put, ESB :)

  558. ESB says:

    TexasSugah: Im 5’7″. I’m a bit older than most of you on here (47) and look great as a size 8. I wear size 6 dresses though. I put on my holiday weight (again :( ) so I should be back to a 6 by end of Feb. I’m tall, so I carry my weight well. Was looking at my Baby girl in her Hollister jeans the other day. Wish I could look that good in them, but she’s a size 1, my height. ahhh.. those were the days… Don’t worry about your compition. Chances are, the one looking for you won’t see anyone else as your compitition. Only you do.

  559. ESB says:

    We are having a heat wave, got up to 45 today. I went out with just a sweat shirt on today. Hope it stays like this. Colder tonight, but no big.

    So, a woman in her 30’s dating a younger man is a puma, a woman in her 40’s is a cougar, and one older is a Jaguar? But if the younger man is chasing the older woman, what do you call her? …. Lucky?? 😉

  560. Lisa that Actually Has an SD says:

    TexasSugah: He was half your height and size? Was his name PingPing? I think I seen that on tv “word’s smallest man has first sugardate”

  561. TexaSD says:

    Midwest- Well I don’t know about the schedule yet. I have met about 2 girls, none really worked out though, just no time lately…

    Anna- hi how are you?

  562. Lisa that Actually Has an SD says:

    I’m 5’1 and weigh 105 lbs. When I was in my 20’s, I weighed 87 lbs.
    I wear size medium or 5-6 junior sizes. I think I look fat though.

  563. ESB says:

    LOL.. i got the bold part down, how do I end it? didn’t work!

  564. ESB says:

    Hello Everyone! I’m only here for a little while. Gotta take Baby Girl to another friends house! Crazy teen age social calendar. I’m jealous!

    TexasSugah:/b Girl, read the last blog about my ordeal last weekend. Talk about BAD!! WOW hang in there sweety. If it weren’t for the wonderful people on this blog, I would have come home and deleted myself from the sight.

  565. Midwest Mistress of the Dark says:

    Texassugah – Sizes and shapes vary greatly even on the blog. I’m a size 8, a bit more voluptous. Some like Cleo are athletic and in great shape. There are a few curvy & voluptous sugars. There is also a wide range in ages. I think TXSB is in her early 20s and I’m in my early 40s.

    I does appear that many SDs seek out the young, beautiful, exotic babies, but don’t let that discourage you. Many on the blog actually prefer 34+ babies with varying shapes.

    TexasSD – There are a few meets being planned. If your schedule is starting to lighten up, I would recommend you join the ladies in LA in Feb. Have you met an SB or is the search still on?

  566. BostonSB says:

    lol I’m not a size 2… and happier that way. I’m 5’2″ 125 lbs.. i range from a size 4 (on a great day lol) to a size 8. Usually about a size 6. I have t&a as well.. I’ve found men prefer girls that are a little thicker, but some really do prefer the model look. every guy is different.

  567. Boston Honey says:

    James – Thank-you! Yes, now lets see what happens. I don’t want to be presumptuous but damn I think this is the one….. Our evening was spectacular together we totally lost track of time. And I think he feel the same way.
    Oh on the meet I missed, a night of wonderful dancing, great food, snuggies, fun conversation with everyone on here would have been a blast. I bet the people in the room were curious of the group, conversation and energy.

    BostonSB – Trust your gut. You should have some mail soon too.

  568. TexasSugah says:

    Midwest- you’re right. I guess it’s better that it happened now.

    I have a question. I have no idea what other women look like. You know competition. Is everyone like a size 2? I’m Not overweight but really a fit Black woman with T&A generally isn’t a size 2. Even when I was training with marines and ran 5 miles 3 times a week I was a 7-9 because of muscle.

    Just wondering

  569. Anna Molly says:

    TexaSD!! Wow! Long time no see!!

  570. TexaSD says:

    Midwest- Well that sounds interesting….

    TexasSugah- ya it looks all brand new people

    Taz- Ya, I have been so busy, it would blow your mind…

  571. TT (AKA Tantalizing Taz) says:

    Hi TexaSD :) Looong time no see my friend!

    Welcome to all the new bloggers :)

  572. TexasSugah says:

    Boston- I haven’t met the guy I’m talking to because I requested that he come here. I’m a single mom, I can’t take a chance on a weirdo, ya know? Ask him for verification. If it’s Miami, ask for the mandarin. Stayed there for a weekend, the staff really takes care of you. I was working.. No SD involved.

    Hey TexaSD. Yeah it’s a new crop! Welcome!

  573. Midwest Mistress of the Dark says:

    TexasSD – Hi mystery man! How have you been? You came up in conversation at the Chicago meet.

    BostonSB – That sounds like a fabulous first date!!!

  574. BostonSB says:

    Thanks for the advice, Midwest. He actually mentioned that he’s been to Boston and knows the city well. Suggested a particular restaurant and thought maybe we could go to a Bruins game. Sounds like a good first meet to me. Casual enough to get to know the real person.

  575. TexaSD says:

    wow, long time i haven’t been on, and I don’t know anyone here lol

  576. Midwest Mistress of the Dark says:

    SPup – FYI – a few did respond to your question about what the ladies would want from a mSB.

    Hi Alethia – glad you are back!

  577. Midwest Mistress of the Dark says:

    Texas- so sorry this date turned out badly for you. Shake it off and keep tryng. You can certainly ask for current pics (like his face with today’s paper) or pics that have a date printed on them. Ask him to take a pic with his cell and send it to you that day. People do lie here same as real life. The internet certainly allows them to get away with it a little longer. Maybe some are hoping that it wil all be forgiven once you meet them. In some cases, it might be worth spending an hour with someone who wasn’t what you would expect…I think they call that turning lemons into lemonade.

    Boston – if he’s the real deal, he will share some personal information for verification before going somewhere to meet him. Careful about zipping off to Miami for the first meet. Cover your bases just in case..”Hope for the best, prepare for the worst”.

  578. Aletheia mSB says:

    Hello All! I have not posted in a while. I have been very busy for the past couple of weeks.

    Have you been pleasantly surprised by a sugar? Care to share?
    Most definitely. The most shocking (and sweet) surprise I have ever received occurred not too long ago while I was very sick. I am not exaggerating when I say that I never get sick so it was a concern for me. I had sent an email letting him know how I felt and would likely be unreachable. I had been in bed for the entire day into the evening, neglecting my responsibilities, when he called to say he would be outside my place within a half hour and expects me to be dressed and ready as he was taking me to the hospital. He knew how rare it is for me to be sick and wanted me to get checked out to be safe.

    He is a very successful man who places a high premium on his time yet waited with me for a long time at the hospital. After this, he was very adamant about taking me grocery shopping to ensure I had healthy food to eat while recovering. It was only a bad case of the flu and a fever (something I had not really experienced since I was a child) There are other stories of gifts, etc., but this one stands out as the strongest and most surprising memory.

    What is an acceptable level of flirty/sexy talk from a potential sugar (pre-arrangement)?
    This all depends on what level of comfort you have and with whom.

    Do you have any sugar in your weekend plans? Seeking an arrangement?
    The theatre, then study study study!

    Out of curiosity, for the SDs, what is the best surprise you have received from your SBs?

  579. BostonSB says:

    just checked it out.. all his real estate listings come up with his name and number. guess he passed the ‘are you real’ test. list prices are all over $2m. Perhaps I might visit Miami for the first time next weekend, lol!

  580. BostonSB says:

    ooh texas good idea. i found his real estate license, which relays to his address (residential I believe). He didn’t give me the name of the company he works for. I’ll try and reverse search his number in a minute. thanks for the tip!

  581. BostonSB says:

    Texas:: hang in there, don’t let one bad apple spoil the bunch. keep your chin && your standards high. They’re not all going to be gems, just learn to recognize a stone.

    SoCalESB:: nice to see a few other newbies here. :)

  582. TexasSugah says:

    Boston- I have been taking to a guy from another site. He told me to google him and his companies, which I did. You can also do a reverse trace by putting his cell phone number in google and going from there.

  583. SD NEOhio (SDN) says:

    james.m: If you are hoping my lame a** can help you, you are in trouble my friend. ** same day delivery of major big daddy suaveness on the say **

  584. SoCalIESB says:

    TexasSugah: Wow that sounds awful. I would hope you give it another couple of tries before writing it off just yet. So far I have no met anyone, just a phone call that didn’t go as I thought it would or should have.

    BostonSB: Surreal for sure. I’m not sure how to go about validating the SD’s and if they are who they say they are. Sounds like a good thing to do though.

  585. TexasSugah says:

    I had my first SD meeting from the site. Unbelieveably horrible! I’m shocked. He was half my height and size (I’m not overweight) and he was about 20 years older than stated.

    Wow! I wasn’t his type? I’m not a shallow person at all but my goodness, I’m not sure if that was the same person I talked with.

    SALT packet.

    I’m thinking I might be about done.

  586. BostonSB says:

    Too sweet to be true?

    Just got off the phone with pot SD that I’ve been talking to for a few days now. We talked about religion (touchy subject) and actually share a lot of beliefs, thoughts on society are similar as well. We make each other laugh and even talked about our parents lol. It seems that we actually have some chemistry. He asked what I was doing tonight and when I said nothing he mentioned I should have told him that earlier; that he would have flown me down to Miami. This is all surreal to me.. Is there any way to really validate he is who is says he is? This is my last concern as I think we may have found real connection..

  587. SoCalIESB says:

    LASB: Oh yeah I totally get what you mean. There are few select areas in the IE that are considered desirable. I might do something like Temecula/N. San Diego/OC if what I have now doesn’t do much. So far it’s pretty quiet.

  588. Midwest Mistress of the Dark says:

    If it helps at all, I live in a relatively small and undesireable geographic area, so I put Chicago/NW Indiana on my location. It certainly made a difference for me.

  589. LASB says:

    SoCalIESB – Ok, that’s a different story then. Sorry, us geographical snobs hear IE and think ontario and san bernadino and well… you’ve heard what we had to say. lol. You can list Temecula, but then my guess is that you’d do quite well with OC. I have mine listed as LA, and OC people contact me quite a bit.

  590. Gemini29 says:

    James.m – Thanks for your advice! Will def take it and just see where this all leads.

    So so so hard not to fall head over heels for the 1st perfect pot SD you meet!

    *restrains self*

    *but not with fuzzy handcuffs* 😉

  591. SoCalIESB says:

    LASB: I’m 5 mins from Temecula. There are some very high end areas here for sure.

  592. nycsb #2 says:

    NYC SB:

    i have no idea if he sees LTR in me, too soon to tell? we haven’t quite had that talk yet. when we’re together, i feel like he wants me for the LT. i know i want him for the long run, so i guess i should find out?

    i will def be emailing you soon. your and james.m’s advice are so great! thank you!

  593. LASB says:

    SoCalIESB – Actually, I’ve seen some pretty high rollers in the Temecula area. I’m not sure how far you are from there, though.

  594. SoCalIESB says:

    OCSugarbaby: I’m so close to San Diego and OC. Just north of San Diego and just southeast of OC. I know the IE isn’t pretty and coastal, but we have wine country where I am.

  595. LASB says:

    SBnxtdoor – If you want to know the worst of the worst in terms of fake SDs, feel free to email me. I’m not going to post profiles on the blog, but have no problem letting you know in private who to stay away from. I’d hate to see you in an unsafe situation. OCSugarbaby, can you send SBnxtdoor my email address?

  596. SoCalIESB says:

    OCSugarbaby: Breathing deep is good :) I am getting a little somewhere so far today. Got an email addy.

    I’m glad I took the advice from some of you last night. I changed up my profile and included in my location near San Diego and that seems to have gotten the attention of one potSD at least.

    • OCSugarbaby says:

      SoCalIESB: Logistically you should put Orange County, not San Diego. But see how it goes. You can always change it. Whoo one Pot, take it slow.

  597. SoCalIESB says:

    I’m so nervous about all of this still. My last experience with the potSD yesterday freaked me out. I got an email from a new potSD this morning, keeping my fingers crossed. How do you keep from not sounding nervous even in an email and especially on the phone?

  598. SBnxtdoor says:

    Thanks OCsugar, nice to have compadres in sass— Do you have an SD yet?

    • OCSugarbaby says:

      SBnxtdoor: Yes I do have an SD. My sugar adventures have been FABULOUS. I have made some wonderful business contacts thru those that I did not accept an arrangement from and not to mention the special sugar blog friends made along the way.

      SoCalIESB: Just breathe… In and out… if you are unsure of what to write or say gather your thoughts and keep it short and sweet. The phone call can just be a quick hello, it is so nice to put a voice with the words type of convo. Don’t feel you need to ask a ton of questions the first chat. Keep it light and fun. Maybe play my favorite email get to know you diddy… I call it “Would you Rather”…
      1. Would you rather take beach or city vacation
      2. Coffee or Tea
      3. Football or golf
      ok, you get the picture. Those diddy’s can be fun to talk about on your first telephone chat. Are you still breathing deeply? Good girl :)

      • OCSugarbaby says:

        Have a good Saturday Sugars! I am off to the beach. I have planned a catered beach bon-fire for my SD/BF and 25 of his friends to kinda celebrate all the good things in life that are just far too many to list! My ice will melt today it is so warm out :)

        As for sharing email addresses with eachother. You can either post to Stephan or OC (myself) who you want your email address sent to and one of us will send it off. The new blog’ers may not know that it is a request that you do not post your email address on the blog for safety reasons. Safe Sugar’in to Everyone :)

  599. james.m says:

    Gemi – No fair to rule out telling her. That’s the only unambiguous way. Anything else can, and will be, misunderstood.

    But, it is fair for you to ask him how he feels about moving forward after a couple of dates, but don’t tell him what you want (he may just tell you what you want to hear). So, “I’d really like this to move forward, how do you feel?” doesn’t work. But, “have you had a SB relationship before”, and “how did that work” and “what did you like and not like about it” are good lead ins. If you raise the topic and let him respond, you should find out just what you want to know.
    BTW, it’s ok for him to say, “it’s too soon to tell” but that’s a good opening line for you to follow with “what do you need to know to decide whether or not to move forward.” That should tell you timing and problem issues for him.

  600. SBnxtdoor says:

    OCSugarbaby– the pork chop line is my favorite. It keeps those guys who list their body type as,”average” but are actually quite obese away. I should probably qualify that I think guys with washboard abs are narcissitic, but I’m not sure if I would turn that down. LA is tough because there are so many hot, hot women of all ages and I am just the sassy, cute, girl next door.

    • OCSugarbaby says:

      SBnxtdoor: Totally keep it in then. I love it too! Guys out here will laugh since they are so buff health conscious! You have fabulous legs. I am sure you will find someone special. Humor is so important, most forget that.
      Sassy cute girl next door… Now LA has two. :)

  601. Gemini29 says:

    Hey SPup, sorry I didn’t Heeeyy back, but I had to leave for part of the day!

    Helloooo sugars! Got back from some light shopping…got a dress by one of the hot new designers…now I need a SD date to wear it on! 😀 Funny how sometimes shopping can be such a pick-me-up!

    To answer my own question: I think for now I’ll keep my hot fantasies to myself…until if/when the relationship or whatever between him and I develops further…. because if *I* wouldn’t feel comfortable hearing them from a pot SD, perhaps he would think it too forward of me to say it to him. Also, not 100% sure he’s “into” me or wants this to move forward….

    which brings me to…

    SDs… how do you let a girl know that you are *interested* in seeing her again or starting an arrangement? oh and telling her doesn’t count 😉

  602. james.m says:

    NYC SB – your post is exactly why I suggested #2 contact you. Great job, and you’ve hit the nail on the head in para 3. thanks

    • OCSugarbaby says:

      sbxtdoor: YOU crack me up! Loved the pork chop line. But I would maybe take it out or re-phrase. As funny as it is…
      I am also in Los Angeles. The single SD’s here are lovely and there are a TON of them! Welcome to the blog and have fun :)

  603. NYC SB says:

    Nycsb#2 – there are many single men on SA that are total catches… have met and dated (and still ocassionaly date) some of them… let me know if you want to discuss this further… my email is on the blog. Also… it is possible to have a bf, an SD a job (so I guess two SDs) and a life … I do it… it tough but it can be done… and bf is super happy, sd is happy and job is happy … my friends still wish they saw me more but they do understand .. again I need variety in my life… I don’t ever want to be bored and this helps me keep an active social life 

    As far as what your bf told you… I have told my bf the same exact thing… I see him 3 times a week (sometimes more) after work… key is that he works around my schedule… I cant tell work that I cannot work bc my bf needs to see me… SD however seems to not have an issue with my work (yet) bc he works just as much

    James.m – I fit the broke bf around my work because my carrer is more important than him… chances are him and I at some point down the road will break up in my mind this relationship is not LTR… men and women come and go from our lives and while you may lose lots of money chasing women you will never lose a woman chasing money … which leads me to ask NYC SB#2: Does he see LTR with you or you are just a small chapter of his life?

  604. SBnxtdoor says:

    I would like to also know what you guys think of my profile 419373

  605. james.m says:

    BostonSB – I’d suggest you meet first, to see if there is chemistry, before disucssing and arrangement. It might make you negotiating postion stronger if he really likes you after a great first meeting. Plus, if you are very attracted to him, your terms of an arrangement might change.
    Plus, it is easy to discuss and arrangement in a series of e-mails, later, since there are many points to consider. Just say (for instance), how do you feel about ___, or how often do you think you would like to get together.
    Bruins isn’t a bad first date, although the Canadiens or Blackhawks would be better, eh, Beach? If you’re not into each other, you have the game to distract each other.

    I’d prefer to have him travel to you, for your comfort and safety. If he’s agreeable to that, don’t even discuss your going there first.

    Do have it on the table that you’re not going to sleep with him if he comes to Boston. Make sure he knows that clearly. He’ll still hiton you, if he likes you, but you can remind him of the rules, and take it as a compliment and distract him (if you want to).

  606. SBnxtdoor says:

    CaliSB and LASB is there anyone that you would like to warn me about in Los Angeles? I am closer to the SFV or Conejo Valley, but you guys have some icky stories that I would like to avoid. Also, when is this meet up?

  607. Midwest Mistress of the Dark says:

    Have you been pleasently surprised by a sugar? Care to share?/b>
    Every time I see him he has some pleasant surprise…something thoughtful, funny, even something for my son. The nicest so far was the spa/casino visit.

    Gemini29: What is an acceptable level of flirty/sexy talk from a potential sugar (pre-arrangement)?
    I answered this in the past blog, so pass if it’s too familiar. My fun answer was “I can’t help myself…I find I’m having naughty fantasies about you”. My real answer is to let him know you are attracted to him and that great things are to come. Meanwhile the “flirting” can be sitting close, playfully touching his hair, hands…looking at his lips and slowly moving your eyes up, all the non-verbal playfulness is wonderful!

    Do you have any sugar in your weekend plans? Seeking an arrangement? Our arrangement is working beautifully! Sugar plans are later this week. This time I’m planning something fun and casual.

  608. BostonSB says:

    I just got off the phone with pot SD.. we really seem to have a lot in common, we get along quite well on the phone. When do you think it’s appropriate to either me fly there or him fly here for the first meet. He mentioned that he knows Boston well and that he was a fan of the Bruins.. could be a great first date?? Still new to the site and how things progress.. when do you bring the ‘arrangement’ up?

  609. Midwest Mistress of the Dark says:

    Afternoon sugars! I can’t believe I slept into the afternoon…must have been exhausted!

    I’m not even close to catching up! Y’all are busy!

  610. Anna Molly says:

    I love getting the “thinking of you” texts. They make my day :)

  611. nycsb #2 says:

    elegant sugar:

    THANK YOU! :)

  612. Cali SB says:

    Thanks james!

    Heading to work now, be back later!

  613. Elle-Shooger says:

    nycsb #2: It is never BAd to want what you want; it is your life to live and enjoy. :)

  614. nycsb #2 says:


    great, because i was starting to feel guilty but now i won’t.

  615. james.m says:

    #2: Is that bad? Absolutely not.

  616. LASB says:

    BTW, James, you are awesome!!! A big THANK YOU!!

  617. james.m says:

    LASB and Cali: you both should have SA mail.

  618. nycsb #2 says:


    thank you for your great advice, it made me feel better. i def want him for the long term and feel that he is def worth it. i think part of the reason i want an SD is because he’s so busy with his work, i need something else to occupy my time! is that bad?

    thank you again for your great advice!

  619. LASB says:

    James, you have SA mail.

  620. james.m says:

    #2: if he is fitting you in around work, then “he” is more important to himself than you are. Work is his work, to get himself ahead and achieve what he wants. On the other hand, if you’re not looking at this as marriage and kids, that may not be bad (you wouldn’t want him too into you if you’re just dating him but don’t see a LT future.
    You should feel free to tell him you feel neglected, and point out that he isn’t doing the little things he said he would. but, please have some suggestions of other things he can do to remind you that you are on his mind. Nothing like the “thinking of you” text at odd times!

  621. Cali SB says:

    haha LASB! I loooove Coffee Bean! I have to work in a bit, I am craving coffee like no other! Crap, I should get a move on, need to leave in 10 minutes and still have to change, take the dog out, and straighten my hair!

    Elegant — Thanks! That makes me feel better! :)

  622. nycsb #2 says:

    elegant sugar:

    i already feel like im going insane even without the SDs…

  623. Beach_Girl says:

    James~ I will talk to Midwest, If She goes… I will try harder too 8)

  624. Taylor says:

    In case the guy I really want to be with (not just an arrangement with, but could imagine BEING with) just vanishes and leaves me empty handed and crushed, then I would love a NSA arrangement with the sexy married guy with allowance + business networking that actually results in my getting an amazing job. Or even working for one of HIS firms, since I am qualified and very suitable for those positions, and having the arrangement packaged into that (i.e. my salary being incredibly generous and the bonuses I recieve being lavish to say the least). How to make that happen would take serious finesse and subtle baby steps nudging, since he’s not in that mindset (no one is, in this country). But it’s not impossible by any means. I think entirely doable.

    Paragraph #2– But, the single guy is adorable, sweet, fun, ambitious, cool. I’m not attracted to him, per se, at first glance, but I am sure I could be, especially if he was treating me like a princess and helping to boost my life in every way he can, being a successful older gentleman. He’s attractive, vibrant, etc. Not sure why I liked the married guy more, probably because he’s taller and simply hot. However, the idea of getting an arrangement from the single guy would be harder. I am pretty sure he’d rather date me. And pretty quickly take over my bills, as my boyfriend, given his financial standing. And get me networked and into job interviews as I need.

    Paragraph #3 — I think I just need to keep flashing my dazzling smile and demonstrating my quick wit and capable mind, and keep pushing everyone to help me network and get job interviews and forget the rest. I have a let’s-critique-your-resume lunch with the married guy on tuesday, and I will send a text right now to the single guy to see if he’s still in town (he has a home here but lives a couple of hours away in a different home, at least half the time, and travels a lot) and if he wants to sit down and have a drink and talk more now that no one is in the hospital (presumably) and we can relax and focus on an entire conversation (we just didn’t get that chance last night, although it was the intention). I can ask him what he thought of my resume since he got it 24 hours ago, and to tell me more about the job he has me in mind for, via his colleague at his colleague’s company.

    Paragraph #4 –probably insane to consider having an arrangement with your married lover packaged into your salary since he would be your boss, no? Too sticky for words? But honestly, I have very little use for cash. Very little use for it. I need taxable income coming my way for more reasons than one. I can’t take too much cash into my life without worrying about getting audited and having problems with the tax authorities. I’m thinking right now that I will keep things as platonic as I can (I really got thrown for a loop with the tipsy chairman-of-the-board pressing his erection into me on the dance floor–that I did not expect) with both guys, continue to flirt in that way that turns these men into putty, it seems, with my eye contact and posture but my words will stay totally professional and above board.

    Paragraph #5- Once I have my own business up and running and profitable, and/or another great job sustaining me and getting my life moving in the right direction, and my house is in order, then somebody might get laid, I just don’t know who. I hope it’s me! :) I’m still hoping that things go somewhere in a traditional sense with the pot SD I’ve been telling ya’ll about how smitten I am with. But if he just lets me down because he finds someone closer/better/whatever-er, then one of these two guys may very well turn out to be someone who brightens up my world (i.e. an arrangement or even a boyfriend situation if it’s the single guy). But I will keep things super professional until concrete business networking help has come to pass, because that’s what I need above all else.

  625. LASB says:

    James can just send a msg to your profile, since you have it linked here.

  626. Cali SB says:

    I have a 1 BR apartment and an air mattress is any blog SB’s need a place to stay, you’re welcome to stay here.

  627. james.m says:

    LASB I’d be happy to. If each of you SA mail me your email addresses, I’ll be happy to pass them on. my profile should be highlighted.

  628. nycsb #2 says:


    i havent told him because he told me from the beginning that he needs someone who understands his busy schedule and asked if that’s ok with me and i told him that i understand. but i told him that as long as we’re apart, there has to be some presence of each other and he’s failing at it… i think you’re right about fitting his work around me… ugh!

    am i asking for too much?

  629. LASB says:

    Actually, I had a guy who wanted to meet me at the Coffee Bean. But then once we met there, he asked me to lunch. I think it was just a place to go that he could ditch me if I was hideous. Luckily I passed the looks test. lol.

  630. Cali SB says:

    lol james. I will watch out for that! And yes, if you don’t mind, could you pass LASB’s email to SDN and I will get it from him please? Much appreciated!

  631. LASB says:

    Actually, both of those were my pots. I get all the “winners.”

  632. james.m says:

    Beach: That’s about where Midwest is. although if you’re going, she’ll probably try harder to make it.

  633. james.m says:

    Cali – just watch out if they suggest Sarbuck’s, and ask you to come sans panties. that seems to be the SoCal method, or you might be talking to LASB’s pot. (check out her post last night) LOL

  634. Beach_Girl says:

    Cali~ Yes, I know! I think I will go….it’s like 70% yes and 30 No … right now… still working that out

  635. LASB says:

    Good morning Sugars!
    James, are you still around? Will you please act as a middleman for Cali and I? I’d like to exchange info with her, but can’t write to her profile and really don’t know how this Stephen thing works, as I don’t have his contact info.

  636. Elle-Shooger says:

    nycsb #2: I like james.m’s answer. ha ha. That would be tough to manage and the stress of it all would eventually get to you and your SDs will sense this, your bf will will sense it and your sanity will BY FAR be the most to suffer.

  637. james.m says:

    #2: #1 might be able to provide some good advice. She seems to be able to juggle her bbf (broke boy friend, I think she calls him), an SD and a new business.

    Question: Have you told him you feel neglected? Can you give him an idea of some small things he could fit in around work to make you feel appreciated? Of course, if he’s trying to fit you in around work (instead of fitting work in around you), you might question his priorities.

  638. Elle-Shooger says:

    Cali SB: I have met pot SBs for coffee. It’s a safe, non-threatening way to meet for the first time (if you are local or at least close enough to drive). Most of my pot SDs have always asked me to make the suggestion on how to meet. When I have recommended coffee, they have never been opposed.

  639. Cali SB says:

    BG — You should come to the CA meet! It’s been in the 70s for quite some time here. :)

  640. nycsb #2 says:

    yeah, a bit much right? i thought so… obviously bf would be #1 but he’s busy too… i feel a bit neglected sometimes by him but don’t want to confront him about it because he’s busy working…

  641. james.m says:

    Oops, not Cali, NYCSB #2
    carat is a weight in diamonds and a key on the keyboard. Yes, the left side is

  642. james.m says:

    Cali – Easy question to answer: N*F*W
    You’ll have 4 very unhappy people.

  643. Beach_Girl says:

    James~ It’s not too cold here but, they say it’s gonna snow AGAIN! I could so do with some Warm sun and fun right now…. 😀

  644. Cali SB says:

    haha nycsb#2, I feel like that’s probably a loaded question..

  645. Cali SB says:

    james — sounds like bathing suit weather over there! 😉

  646. nycsb #2 says:

    anyone think it’s possible to have a bf, two SDs, and a life of their own?

  647. Cali SB says:

    Genius. :) >< but reverse them and put b in the middle or /b if it comes at the end

  648. Cali SB says:

    Crap carat would be shift + “,” or shift + “.” the carat won’t show up if you type it.. maybe if I do it reverse.. > or <

  649. Cali SB says:

    ESB — by carat james means , just wanted to clarify because when I see carat I think diamonds so I was a little confused. :)

  650. james.m says:

    Hey BG! We’re having our midwinter thaw this week. It’s been high 30’s, low 40’s, and some of the snow is melting. We haven’t seen the ground since we got 14″ to open the season the first week of January.

    We really haven’t had the real cold streak (down to 10 or so) yet. That’s when a warm SB and a Snuggie really come in handy!! ;p

  651. nycsb #2 says:

    Boston Honey:

    CONGRATS! so what’s the verdict on that? i’m assuming it’ll be just dating, not an arrangement type of deal? i know how you feel because i met someone from SA and he is just amazing!!!!!! i wish i didn’t meet him on SA but glad, regardless, that i did! do you want to share you email with me so we could discuss this?

  652. Cali SB says:

    Question for the SBs or SDs: It seems like most people on here talk about their first meeting as a lunch or dinner, how many have you had that were coffee? To me, coffee sounds more like a normal first date. Thoughts?

  653. james.m says:

    ESB: I sent this yesterday, but it didn’t post due to internet problems on my end.

    to bold:
    before the phrase you wish to highlight, type carat b carat, where carat is on the right. to end bold, type carat /b carat.
    For italics :
    type carat i carat and carat /i carat

  654. james.m says:

    SDN: I need some of your sauveness. Please send special delivery.

  655. Cat says:

    Have you been pleasently surprised by a sugar? Care to share?

    Flowers and chocolate but cash for a spa day was the best so far :)

    What is an acceptable level of flirty/sexy talk from a potential sugar (pre-arrangement)?

    It all depends on how open you both are…but I wouldn’t say that too much flirting is positive. You don’t want to be seen as just a sexual being. Joking and light flirting goes a long way :)

    Do you have any sugar in your weekend plans? Seeking an arrangement?

    Yes! Meeting my pot SD again for dinner, some shopping and a movie. It will be our 3rd date and I will have to bring up some sort of allowance arrangement.

  656. Cali SB says:

    AM — I LOVE Halo! My best friend and I used to enter tournaments in college, we were the only girls in it! :)

  657. Elle-Shooger says:

    I’m laughing WITH you; not AT you, james.m. :)

  658. ESB says:

    james, you are on, if NM agrees to it, would be an interesting class to be sure. We all have to bring something to the table though. We could all learn something from each other… I still need to learn how to bold and italicize my words. Someone??

    BE back later.. Baby girl just texted for a request for 2 dozen for the house she is at. Geez, gonna be a long afternoon!! Looking like a doubel batch today!

  659. Beach_Girl says:

    James~ how are you my Canadian Brother!!! 8)

    Hi everyone! how is everything?

  660. ESB says:

    LMAO @ james.m… you are an easy target luv.

  661. james.m says:

    HMmmmm.I guess I should take that as a NO! on the blog threesome suggestion.

  662. james.m says:

    That’s nice, Elegant. Just pick on the kid from the short bus

  663. ESB says:

    OK, I just posted on FB that I’m baking cookies today, and have had an over abundance on requests for deliveries. Guess I better get to them. Will be back later to continue the conversation (james, you are so right, this blog is addicting) and my on going search for a better place of employment. Multi tasking at it’s finest. 😉

    Have fun, everyone. Miss me!! lol HUGS!!

  664. james.m says:

    Well, we could try a teacher-student teacher-pupil thing?

  665. Elle-Shooger says:

    Ha ha ha. Laughing hysterically at james.m emoticon challenges! 😀

  666. ESB says:

    Hmm.. last one didnt’ work..

    James, you have more than one teacher? I’m crushed. but I’m thinking I might want in on Naughty Molly’s lessons. I’m sure I could learn a thing or 2 from her. Would be interesting… 😀

  667. ESB says:

    james, no spaces between the “eyes” and the “mouth”




  668. james.m says:

    Darn! Still can’t figure out this emoticon thing!

  669. james.m says:

    : o
    : O

  670. james.m says:

    SPup: It’s always fun to take the same class from two different professors. They have such different points of view and experiences. Just don’t tell ESB and Naught Molly: they each think they’re my only teachers. :O

  671. ESB says:

    SPup: Just went back and read yesterdays blog. I appologize for “poofing”. Was dealing with some personal BS with an XBF (just can’t stay away from me!) Had to get off of here to help solve his latest disaster. (Why am I so nice to him???) ANYWHO… about those lessons you asked about.. you did read “on line only, of course” right? 😉 (I had to say that so Midwest wouldn’t come after me. She has fuzzy handcuffs and whips!!)

    If you want private lessons, we’ll have to talk. 😉 Just don’t tell james, he thinks he’s my only student! 😀

  672. Niki says:

    JSO–how was the rest of your week? I’m actually planning to go to a show today. I haven’t been to this one before, but I’ve heard good things about it. I think you, James and SDN might enjoy it, but I’ll tell you what I think.
    I’ll answer the questions real quick and then I’m off to play.
    Have you been pleasently surprised by a sugar? Care to share?
    The things that pleasantly surprised me were usually the little things…flowers or going on a surprise picnic or…well you get the idea.

    What is an acceptable level of flirty/sexy talk from a potential sugar (pre-arrangement)?
    I haven’t really thought about it. I would hope that we would each be ourselves and if this is part of their personality

    Do you have any sugar in your weekend plans?
    No sugar in my plans.

  673. ESB says:

    LOL.. was kidding, but it just seems strange that they made the profile one day and was gone the next. I’m thinking 2 things on this:

    1. They changed their mind, this isn’t really what they want.

    2. I was probably lucky. Im thinking someone new to the sight may not be a good choice because they might not be experienced, or not know what it means to be a real sugar daddy.. not sure, just guessing. I’ve had to many fakes and flakes contact me.

    ON that note, I am wiser, and know what to say/do to prevent THAT mistake from happening to me again. 😉 I’m a quick study, especially when I learn from a bad experience.

  674. Elle-Shooger says:

    ESB: Yes, stay patient! It will happen. the truth is, the “pool” of SBs is large so you just have to stand out and keep the pot SDs attention. What do you think you said/did to scare them off? Any idea?

  675. ESB says:

    I went to search Newest members, 2 of them were gone the next day. I think I may have scared them off!! 😉

  676. ESB says:

    Elegant: sigh… I can only hope to find such a great SD. I’m trying to be patient, but it seems to be an endless search. I know there is one out thre for me, I guess I just sit tight and hope for the best.

  677. Elle-Shooger says:

    ESB: Are you noticing when their profile was set up before this happens? SA had some ads on various sites promoting FREE 30 DAY TRIAL and I know many, many men signed up and then didn’t renew. I had some contact me after their profile “POOFED” and explained to me their trial had ended and they didn’t know for a few days (due to traveling, whatever), but as soon as they discovered their trial ended; they signed up again. So this could be the case in your scenario. (??)

  678. CA Dreamin SB says:

    Morning all –
    Taylor – yes – that was EPIC. Not sure what I’d do…good luck. :)

  679. Elle-Shooger says:

    Now to answer the questions:

    Have you been pleasently surprised by a sugar? Care to share?
    Yes, many times. To write a list would almost make it seem fictitious, but I have been surprised with jewelry, handbags, shoes, dresses, gift certificates, flowers, chocolates and spa days. the best story I can share is this one: Before meeting with my first SD, he did the same thing the blog poster’s pot SD did, had the boutique call me and schedule a time to go in and meet with a personal shopper to pick out a dress and shoes (“…and anything else I wanted in the shop.”) Since he could sense my reluctance through email and phone conversation (being new to the SB world a year ago), he told me it was his little gesture of making me feel more at ease about the situation and prove to me he really was about spoiling a special girl and making her feel like a princess. When I got to the boutique, my assigned personal shopper handed me an envelope. It was a cute card from my pot SD, had more spending cash in it and a note, “Charge anything you want to my account. The cash is yours to put in the bank or spend however you like. If you decide not to meet me, I hope I was able to give you your princess moment every girl deserves. There are no strings attached by you accepting these gifts. You will see from our first date, I am always a gentleman.” And let me tell you, he truly, truly was the finest gentleman ever and a good friend of mine now.

    What is an acceptable level of flirty/sexy talk from a potential sugar (pre-arrangement)?

    I am only flirty/sexy after I have reached a comfort level and this usually doesn’t happen until we meet face to face and I can tell if there is chemistry for us both.

    Do you have any sugar in your weekend plans? Seeking an arrangement?

    Had lunch with a pot SD yesterday. He gave me a gift bag full of surprises! It was fun, we laughed a lot and he knows I am meeting with another pot SD next week; flight has been booked and he sent me an e-gift card to buy a dress or two for the trip. I only have one SD at a time so I like to meet with all potentials before deciding. I am fortunate in that I have had enormous success from SA and this isn’t to say I haven’t met with a few questionable SDs and fakes because I certainly HAVE. But with patience and going with my ‘gut’ on situations, I have been right with my last two and hope my next one is the same type of experience! I hope this for all SBs!! :)

  680. ESB says:

    I got a question, what is up with these guys who post profiles, then poof the next day? Are they finding what they are looking for that fast, or are they fake and decided this is not what they are looking for? I have several I send messages to that are now deleted! Very strange.

  681. Elle-Shooger says:

    Good morning, Sugar Sugars!

    Wow. A ton to read already. I have the following to say for now:

    SPup: There are a few typos in your profile (sorry, I used to be a magazine editor). I would also suggest removing the comment about not being “the most eye-catching thing in the room.” If you want to provide me with an email address, I can make revisions/suggestions for you. I really don’t mind.

    Some may think misspellings and/or typos are not a big deal, but I have had many, many (quality) SDs contact me and tell me they did so because they LOVED how my profile was so well-written, grammatically correct and very eloquent as opposed to some others. (Their words; not mine.) If you think about it, these men can probably meet any good looking young ‘thang’ at the events social outings they attend and probably find a SB without the site. But the reality is, (in my experience with two absolutely wonderful SDs) in addition to looks, they truly want brains too and by reading a pot SBs profile, they can immediately surmise if that girl/guy is also intelligent. I’m not claiming ALL SDs want intellect, but I think it would be safe to say the SERIOUS ones do.

    Taylor : I’m with SPup…learn to make paragraphs. ha ha! You know, the bottom line is it all depends on what you are looking for. If you are at a point in life where you really want a SD with NSA, go for the married guy, but with the understanding and knowing it is ONLY an arrangement and could end at any time. He has a wife so probably not looking for a future one. If you feel in your heart you may truly want something more to develop from an arrangement; go with single guy. Sorry to put it so simply, but I think that’s a way of being honest with yourself. Good luck.

    I’m going up now to scroll through and read the rest!

    Happy Saturday, all Sugars!!

  682. ESB says:

    Good Morning Sugar family!! Hope everyone had a great Fri. night!!

    LASB: “No, it would not be like you’re an escort because you will actually like f***ing me, unlike an escort who wouldn’t.” OMG!!! ROFLMAO When I first became single, I was just stupid with it. “Freedom” at it’s extreme. I had a few guys that said that to me, and I thought WOW, yeah!! Bring it… they were so not what they THOUGHT they were. I’m now under the impression, from talking with my GFs and their experiences, that if a guy has to say something like that, he’s so NOT!!

    AM: I put the next large city as to my location. I live in a VERY small town. Yes, people would recognize me if they saw my profile, but don’t want some pot coming to po dunk and finding me because everyone there knows who I am and am easy to find.

    WOW Taylor. Epic story. If you can’t find a job through one of these guys, try writing a book. You have the talent for it 😉 I’m with SPup, go with the single one. Less drama and better chance of a happy ending…no pun intended.

  683. james.m says:

    Boston H: Congratulations! Yes, the right connection is out there, and I’m glad you found him. Now he’s hooked, reel him in!

    You would have had fun at the meet. It turns out one of the young lady is way ahead of me in her knowledge of armaments. You two (or the three of us, no sexual inuendo implied) would have hit it off really well, and bored everyone else.

    to Miss Curious. I addressed this with my SB as part of our discussion of an arrangement, along with frequency of meeting, location, safe sex, etc. Her response was clear, honest and didn’t scare me off: “I recognize sex is a big part of the SD/SB relationship, and I like the thought of being intimate with you, but I want to wait a while.” “How long” “I don’t know, but a few dates”.

    That was fine with me, because my question was answered: she liked the idea of sex as part of our relationship. And, I am more than willing to wait until she is comfortable. if this guy is as nice as you describe him, he’ll understand, too. Just be open and honest with him. No games, no promises you don’t intend to keep, and, as has been noted in several earlier blogs, men aren’t all that bright, so don’t try to be too subtle!

  684. SPup says:

    VA SB – Thanks <3 I do what I can.

    Taylor – Love, with the way you carry your heart on your sleeve, I'd focus on the single guy. Less drama, very capable, and if things go south, you might be able to turn to Chairman for business as a friend. Sounds promising, but be wary of mixing business with pleasure. Luck. ^_^

    Oh and learn to make more paragraphs =P

  685. BostonHoney says:

    Midwest I loved your recount of the meet. It sounds as though it was a delightful evening for all. I am sorry I missed a night of dancing.

    I have gone into lurk mode and private profile because I met someone on here who is absolutely amazing and the connection is unreal. We were supposed to meet before and finally have connected. I don’t think we were supposed to meet on SA. So Gemini is correct in that true gentleman do exist…. Keep your standards high SB’s…

  686. Taylor says:

    I really want to catch up and read every single post on this new blog and everything but I finally caught up from the last one and I don’t have time and I know you guys want me to spill the details from last night, so…. let me just plow ahead with my details and then I’ll try to catch up if I can later on.

    So the CEO dude and I were texting back and forth all evening after the business conference/2010-kick-off event we met at (basically, a company that wants to have me on their books as a freelance worker has been bought/merged with a bigger company, and all the powers-that-be from this bigger company were there to introduce themselves to us from the smaller company…. HOWEVER, I have been promised work through this firm but never gotten a single hour, so it’s all just theoretical that I work for a comapny that is owned by the bigger company since it’s never happened. not sure if that matters.) and I told him I would be at certain most-fancy-nightclub-in-town location at such and such time. I hint that it’ll be hard for me to get there with my high heels with all the snow and sludge all over the city streets and I’ll try not to slip and twist an ankle but he didn’t get the hint and send a cab for me. Oh well. He did text back and say he cannot wait to see me in high heels. I made it there, and turns out he was upstairs in the VIP section with the rest of the powers-that-be from ‘bigger company’ that I had met earlier, and I texted him asking him to come down and have a drink with me in the lounge where I was seated, near the fireplace, and then we could go up and join the others later. He promises ten minutes but he doesn’t show. Some italian ends up buying me a drink and admiring my Tod’s high heeled mary janes. Then the chairman of the board comes down instead and finds me and buys me a drink and we get engrossed in conversation. This one is HOT. but married. and CEO guy comes down eventually and joins us for conversation for a minute, but he’s very very high energy and seemingly wanting to run around the premises like a hummingbird so quickly asks Chairman guy to keep me company while he goes and checks on the group upstairs, and he vanishes, but not before hugging me, kissing me on both cheeks, telling me how gorgeous I look and telling me that he is so, so happy that he met me today. Then it’s me and Chairman hottie married guy again, sitting down and go into a looooong conversation about my career goals and skills. He is telling me that he will get me in touch wtih the right people and there is no problem with a woman like me getting offered great jobs, if he knows anything about this city. I just need a boost with networking. I thank him for his contacts that are supposedly coming soon, and ask him for help with my resume and he says of course. We go upstairs and join CEO single funny guy who then goes to the dance floor, Chairman hottie man and I follow, and the CEO is cutting a rug like a RIOT. SO funny. What charisma and boyishness. The Chairman guy is dancing normally and I dance very, very…. well. Sexy without being slutty, and even have a couple of women come over and ask me what type of professional dancing I’ve done before. The entire room seems to be watching me. Then suddenly, the Managing Director goes into anaphylactic shock and needs to go to the hospital. Everyone goes to the hospital, except for me, one business development manager lady, and the Chairman guy. The CEO kisses my cheeks again and apologizes for leaving but wants to make sure that the MD is going to be ok. I get texts from him later, and he keeps in touch with me with total flattering words my way, until about 4-5am. Then the Chairman and I are alone, the other woman went away, and he pulls me close and dances with his arms around me, and I feel his erection pressing against my hip. I sort of say, “when will we meet and work on my resume?” and he immediately settles down on a date and time very soon and puts it into his calendar. He seems to be trying to get lips involved with our close dancing, by having cheek grazing cheek, and I laugh and say that I think he’s had a lot to drink, and accuse him of being a bit silly and tell him, with humor, that I will not be kissing him there in front of everyone! He is all smiles, but frankly I’m feeling at that point totally overwhelmed and confused about which target I need to be focusing on!!!!!!! The married guy I’m more attracted to in all ways and has plenty of business networking help to offer me and obvious, obvious physical interest in me, but the CEO is also totally ga-ga/stars-in-his-eyes for me as well, and single, and has multiple homes (I won’t get into why that appeals to me since that would take too much back-story, but anyways) and has already asked me to send him my resume to be forwarded to a specific contact he feels would hire me. But then again Chairman guy said the same thing, that he has a job in mind for me, he just needs to get me in touch and seemed totally honest about how I deserve a break, I am way too bright and competent not to be snatched up and paid well. Then again they both seemed convinced to want to help me in that way, career-wise.

    But they are friends!!!!!!!! Or, at least on close terms and friendly business colleagues. I cannot try to get help in terms of also adding in any type of fun dinners (non-sexual-dates), etc, to sweeten their motivation to help my career with both of them at the same time. And as for a possible arrangement with one of them if the pot SD that I’m totally into suddenly vanishes on me and his promises turn to dust, well….. both of them seem so promising but I absolutely absolutely could not set the wheels in motion to slowly work towards that with both of them at the same time. I’ll have to, from the begininng, lay the groundwork for that to possibly happen with one but not both.

    So confused!!!!!!!!!!!!

  687. BostonSB-Nixx says:

    Just shot you an email. :)

  688. VA SB says:

    Hi All –

    Re the questions – no, I have gotten any surprise gifts just yet. But, I’m fairly new to this, so it’s okay. However, I DO hope that I will meet SDs who will want to spring a surprise or two on me.

    Pre arrangement – kissing and flirting is fine. Other than that, no way, nuh uh – don’t touch the goodies until we are both clear on the arrangement and expectations. Phone sex on the first or second call – Ewww – good riddance to him.

    SPup – Loved your profile language. Creative and “fun.”. Your comments are great too. You really add a good dynamic to the blog.

    Hi to all my blog friends and the newbies….


  689. BostonHoney says:

    Thanks girl. We should connect off line. I think u met Mr. CEO…. 😉

  690. BostonSB-Nixx says:

    Hi BosHoney! I saw you on here a few days ago, it’s nice to see another bean-baby, lol.

  691. BostonHoney says:

    Welcome other BostonSB!

  692. BostonSB-Nixx says:

    Thanks Spup! :) It felt empowering to be able to shut him down like that, lol.

    Anywho, talking to pot #2 still . #3 and i, we have a lunchdate on wednesday. I’m nervous, it’s my first one. But I’m happy its local.. worst case scenario i can cut it short and grab the subway home. That’s relieving.

  693. BostonHoney says:

    My IRL past BF/SD gave me diamond earrings on date two, an assortment of VS gifts, shopping in Montreal, and 2 full days of private snowboarding lessons in addition to daily bouquets of flowers orchids, roses, and more. Our first meet was a 3 day wine tasting event at a five star resort. 2nd meet snowboarding weekend, third dancing and shopping in Montreal. Fourth private limo from my state to his, spa day, and a selection of evening wear sent in advance for a night of dancing and great food. There is so much more but I don’t kiss and tell and all good things come to an end and a new chapter in our book of life starts.

  694. SPup says:

    Nixx – Well done! Here’s to the next one being better.

  695. BostonSB-Nixx says:

    SO.. let’s recap the past 15 minutes. I talked to pot SD #1 by message a few minutes ago. Bluntly told him I didn’t appreciate being talked to like an escort or call girl (for those who missed last post , he moved convo on the phone from about both of our histories and we had a lot in common. but then he moved the convo to full-blown phone sex). I bluntly told him that if he wanted to impress me a a gentleman that I’d happily continue our conversations (taking some advice from you fine babies). He retorted with a very steamed message, which I was prepared for, which basically said that talking like that was doing me a favor and making the ‘sexual, fun woman’ I could be. Blah blah blah, kind of insulted me again and then said “GOODBYE” in all caps. good riddance. I would have felt uncomfortable with him from the start. I messaged back with a simple line that wrote ‘I’m fun, fearless, and sexy on my own. That’s what you’re failling to see’ and signed it Cheers! LOL

    I half hope he reads the blogs here. I don’t care how wealthy he is, I’m not here for the money so much as the feeling of companionship with someone who genuinely respects and wants to spend (albeit short) time together. Ah, I felt like I needed to vent about what just happened. Since we’re posting profiles I might do that for a little feedback. I just made mine with no bearings a few days ago.


    ps, i changed nikki to nixx cuz i noticed there is another well known and embraced nikki here on the blog. didn’t wanna cause confusion! xox

  696. Anna Molly says:

    Yes, I’m a gamer. You can find the link on the front page of MSN if you’re interested :)

  697. SPup says:

    The trailer’s out? Wait, AM’s a gamer?

  698. Anna Molly says:

    AHHHH, I just saw the trailor for the new Halo game…oh, I can’t wait!! Lots of good stuff coming out this year!! WooHoo!

  699. SPup says:

    Kiki – Yes! Great catch. And hi!

  700. Kiki (426179) says:

    SPup, i was just reading through your profile overhaul, this is probs just a typo on your part but it confused me for a sec 😛

    And while I may not be the (MOST?) eye catching thing in the room, I clean up nicely and I carry myself well.

  701. Anna Molly says:

    Hi SPup, I liked your profile :)

    Like SPup said, location is public so I put private NY on mine because I needed to be very discreet. There is a way around this if you don’t want people to know what city you live in. While I may have hindered myself a littlet by posting my location this way, It also sparked conversation too…I’ve had lots of emails asking me where Private NY is.. :)

  702. SPup says:

    sb-emy – Your location you put on your profile is public. They can only see your last login time. You can upgrade and hide this from everyone. No one but you can see who you contact or people you marked as your favorite.

    Premium members can search by people who’s viewed their profile, and people who has marked them as a favorite.

    Someone correct me if I don’t have this right.

  703. SPup says:

    Molly – o/

  704. sb-emy says:

    hey sugar daddies and sugar babies,

    I have a question to ask you.

    to what extent can sugar daddies (premium or non) be able to view sugar babies private details? By that I mean, times logged in and location – also how many people contacted for instance, and sugar daddies favourited.

    I would like to see what life looks like on the greener side! (talking from a premium sugar baby pov)


  705. Anna Molly says:

    Good Morning everyone! I missed a lot last night :)

  706. SPup says:

    Yay, someone else is up. Hi Gemini!

  707. Gemini29 says:

    I think the gesture of sending an unexpected gift by cell phone is a very unique and sweet way of sending a gift! (ps, its a Tivoli GM, not a Trivoli. I only know this because the Tivoli PM is on my Lust List , oops I mean Wish List, lol) That said, it is also an extravagant first gift, but not unheard of.

    I’ve been unexpectedly gifted by a pot SD before! Its wonderful and gives you hope about the future! And NO it does not make me walk all over that pot SD, but instead makes me respect him that much more. It takes a very genuine and generous man to want to make someone else’s life just that much happier….and makes me want to meet that someone so much more.

  708. SPup says:

    Hrm, spacing didn’t work out like I expected again. Think I understand now though. Ignore the spacing on that one ^_^

  709. SPup says:

    *Laughs* Alright so I finally got around to looking at my profile and it needs an overhaul. Here’s what I’m thinking. This is open floor for suggestions, so speak up!

    Title: Who needs a clever title?

    About me:
    Ok perhaps I need a clever title. Ah well, too late now. ^_^ Hallo potential SM or SD. I hope you’re doing well this evening. I’m a empathetic intellectual looking to carve out his own little slice of the world.
    I work for the US military and currently going to college for a degree computers. I plan on getting my masters and possibly going for a doctorate. I’m also exploring some entrepreneur possibilities as time allows.
    I work hard, but I like to play hard too. I’m a geek, but that doesn’t prevent me from being active outdoors. I enjoy doing a little bit of everything. Varity is the spice of life. I love to meet new people and try new things.
    I’m a single white male, around 6ft tall, 150ish pounds, light skinned, dark brown hair, hazel eyes. And while I may not be the eye catching thing in the room, I clean up nicely and I carry myself well.
    I’m easy going, so drop me a line and say hi! Even if you aren’t interested, I’d love to chat and see how your search is going. That and everyone likes to get mail. ^_^

    What I’m seeking
    I’m open to all sorts of possibilities. I guess I’m looking for mentorship and experience or just fun and good company. I believe everyone has something to offer.
    I’m up for travel and would love a reason to get a new passport. My schedule is often flexable with a little advance notice. I enjoy both high energy and low key situations.
    I’m a non-smoker, social drinker. I’m accepting of most lifestyle choices. I don’t consider age to be a factor, only chemistry.
    If you’ve got an idea, suggestion, or a question, don’t just sit there and wonder. ASK! Who knows what I might say?
    Daddies – I don’t want to you to feel misled, so upfront, I’m strait. From you I’d only be interested in platonic relationships. Mind you I’m far from phobic, so don’t tiptoe around me. I’d really enjoy a big brother type relationship. I would not be asking or expecting an allowance from you. Just some of your time.

    The clever title thing may have to go. I’m not sure I’m happy with it. May come off… well oddly. Thoughts?

  710. SoCalIESB says:

    SPup: Thanks! I changed things up and hopefully I will get some more attention now. :)

  711. SPup says:

    SoCalIESB – Can’t speak for the SDs as I’m just a male SB myself. So keep that in mind when you read my advice.

    You shouldn’t say too much because a wall of text will scare some potentials off. You can’t be too short either. I’d guess 2-4 paragraphs would be about the right length. Men (and women!) in general are attracted to the unknown, so you want to keep a bit of mystery about you. You should post your biggest expectations in an arrangement, but leave the details for later. You should keep the why as a private matter IMO.

    Some men will want someone conservative and discreet, others will want a wild child to show off. Most prob want something in the middle. Keep raw sex off your profile. Hint at it, flirt, be suggestive, but if your too blunt about it, you’ll get the attention of those looking for an escort like arrangement and maybe even scare off the better SDs.

    But yes, be honest, be yourself, but don’t give everything away. You want them to ask questions ^_^.

  712. SoCalIESB says:

    Cali SB: Ok that sounds like a good idea, thanks :)

    SPup: So I shouldn’t say too much in my profile? I just want to be honest enough so they know where I’m coming from. What is the typical SD looking for when he reads a profile? Sex? Do they want to know upfront what you are looking for as an arrangement and why?

  713. Cali SB says:

    SoCal — I don’t know if it’ll help you at all, but my profile is linked to my name and I live in Los Angeles. You’re welcome to check it out for ideas, though I am by no means saying my profile should set a standard! But maybe a word or sentence in there will give you an epiphany of what to type. :)

    SBnxtdoor — Are you in LA also? Wow. A couple weeks ago I was the only LA SB on the blog, now there are 4 or 5. :)

    Okay, seriously going to bed now. Have to get up in 6 hours! Nite all!

  714. SoCalIESB says:

    LASB: I know the IE is the ugly step child of So Cal, but it’s where I am atm. I grew up in LA and then San Diego, so I know how it is there. There are some very nice and classy areas in my vicinity, but definitely not where the $$ is.

  715. Cali SB says:

    SoCal — IMHO I don’t think you should put San Diego. When you do a search on here, it is by state. I don’t think you should be dishonest about where you live because a pot in San Diego may expect you to meet him b/c he thinks you live in San Diego, whereas if he knew you lived in IE he may travel to meet you or pay for your travel expenses (and are you really going to be willing to travel that far X times per month? If a SD knows you live further he may not expect you to meet as much). Also, putting San Diego may preclude SDs from LA or OC from contacting you. Honestly, I don’t think you have anything to benefit from changing your location. The $$ may not be in IE, but you’re not an SD, you’re an SB so you don’t need to have $$ and therefore your location being IE isn’t relevant. I really just think you’ll be making things harder on yourself if you aren’t honest about where you live. If anything I would put “I.E. (~20 min from San Diego)” or something like that.

  716. SPup says:

    Mmmm *chew chew chew swallow*

    SoCalIESB – That’s not to say you can’t be shy in your profile (cause you know, some guys like that), but you can’t be scared/skittish.

  717. SPup says:

    SoCalIESB – To state the obvious. Personal information, desperation, or a whole lot of detail. You’re going for confidence, mystery, personality, and perhaps a little playfulness if that’s your style.

  718. SPup says:

    LASB – That was in reference to your post saying that if they asked what the lawsuit was about you’d lure them into another conversation with some suggestive statements. =P

  719. SoCalIESB says:

    Redoing my profile. Since I’m completely new at this, any advice as to what NOT to include in my profile and arraignment seeking section?

  720. LASB says:

    SPup – I don’t have an end key. I’m on a small laptop. Also, not sure which “game” of “innocent” questions you mean. I’m not good at hints and such, so usually I just put my cards on the table and go from there. I told him I’d prefer an allowance and didn’t explain further. I’m just going to let it play out however it does. I’d much prefer to navigate the unknown (way more fun and exciting) than launch a negotiation and marketing campaign, (Reminds me too much of work.)

  721. SPup says:

    Hrm. Lots of whitespace when you add html. Didn’t think about that. Won’t leave so much spacing next time. Sorry loves. <3

  722. SPup says:

    Aww, no blog answers from me this time around it looks like. Well perhaps the flirting.

    From a male SB prospective I’d like it to be natural. And that goes for both sides. I start out with small “innocent” comments that might be suggestive and work up way up until I don’t get a positive responce anymore.

    From a pot SM, I’d like the same. Suggestive playfulness that stops when I don’t respond to it, and doesn’t progress unless I not only respond, but reciprocate.

    NEW Stuff

    Hi sugar=) and MissCurious ^_^ Welcome to the chaos!

    SBnxtdoor – So harsh =P To be fair, you prob wouldn’t lead him on either. Perhaps it started as a playful statement that both of them carried too far? But yes, /expecting/ or /trying/ for phone sex on the first call would be a red flag in my book

    Old stuff from last blog
    (skip to the next post if you like)

    Naughty Molly – I’ve heard both pumas and cougars, but I hear cougar more often. Both mean roughly the same thing. Pumas are usually considered younger. Gah, looks like you guys solved this before I posted. ^_^

    LASB – Actually just paying for the perks is really all I’m looking for in my pot sugar relationships. And while he may not be keen on an allowance, you might try hinting about getting specific things covered (My laptops so old but I just can’t afford a new one – next time you show up he’s got a laptop for you. Or better, I could really use a /real/ haircut, and a mani/peti)

    But the route I’d urge is after you deside if you want a perk only situation confront him about it and say something along the lines of “I’m not sure how new you are to this, but usually an allowance is given in these kinds of relationships. Now I’m not demanding one, I actually rather like you, and so you just wineing and dineing me is enough, but I am in a bit of a rough spot and could use a little assistance if you feel so inclined to provide.”

    Either way I’d make sure that he knows you’re in a rough spot, and he’s getting extra special treatment. Maybe even go so far as to playfully throw in that you will walk if he doesn’t meet your every need, you know, if he’s into that sort of verbal play.

    NCG – Best of fun to the both of ya. <3

    AM – No worries here. I know my tastes are a bit… extreme for some people. ^_- <3

    And I know that sparked a question for some of you. I'm in my mid 20s for the record.

    Beach – o/

    LASB (again) – I'd totally play your game right back. I think I win too. =P I'm not one to easily be led by a few "innocent" questions. <3

    TexasSugah – I'd drop the questions in the first para personally. Makes it feel like a commercial. ^_^

    Other than that, I'd leave the actual SD to comment on if the saucyness might be over the top.

    Midwest – Oh girl, you're in trouble now… or almost. MSND, I almost didn't regonise it. =/ Shame on me. You nearly awakened the poet in me. Dangerous thing to do you know.

    ElegantSugar – I started writing my reply in another window as I read. It helps, though I would agree a forum would greatly orginize this more, however it would loose a bit of its appeal imho. This feels more like a chatroom and if we took it to a forum, we'd likely loose a good chunk of that. Perhaps a hybrid approach… *shrug*

    On the scrolling thing, if it doesn't scroll imediatally, stop scrolling for a moment and wait for it to catch up =P

    (At this point I have still yet to read the new blog)

    LASB – There's an easier way. Hit the "End" key on your keyboard. For those who arn't on a computer every day, it should be around the backspace key in a group of 6 keys off by themselves. (While checking for spelling errors I recall that one of the SDs already pointed this out, credit to him and sry for not remembering your name =/)

    On opening lines – ASK A QUESTION! It's so important to getting a reply. And try to make it an easy one. If you don't ask a question you arn't leaving them an easy way to reply. If it's not an easy answer, they'll sit there and think about it, then get distracted and completely forget. That goes for both sides of the fence.

    Ladies – I'd never gift an LV purse to an unspoken potential. It totally sends the wrong message imho.

    Cali SB – That sound divine right now. (rice snacks and broc)

    JSO – <3 Well said on the meet and greets. I hope to attend some day. Perhaps the cruse if it comes together.

    Taylor – ZOMG way to tease. =P

    (mmm boobies… how close am I to the end? Are people still on? Then again it's 4:30am here)

    Cali SB – <3 Mario Kart

    (Yay new blog post)

    Epic post if I do say so myself. 1.5 hours in the making. <3

  723. LASB says:

    SoCalIESB – I’ll answer your question for SBnxtdoor. YES!!!!!! lol.

  724. LASB says:

    My guess is that if you are in the IE, it’s tougher than in LA or SD. I once had a IE nonsugar guy try ask me out. We met up for a show in Hollywood for a concert so he’d meet me at the venue. He said he didn’t have time for dinner before the show. When I rolled up though, it turns out he had been there for over an hour. I asked him what he did for dinner, since he said he was coming from work. He said he ate at Ralphs. Ralphs? Like what? A snack pack of Oreos? A banana? Later he brags that he got cheap tix on craigslist. (Tacky.) He tells me that anything over $20 to pay for concert tickets was too much. Really? That barely covers the service fee. Anyhow, he claimed to have made a good salary (6 figures) so I don’t think that it was that he didn’t have the money. It’s just that out there it seems like there’s a different mentality. Geographical snob or not, it’s just a fact that in SoCal, the neighborhood you choose says something about who you are personality wise and then some.

  725. SoCalIESB says:

    SBnxtdoor: should I change my profile to say I live in San Diego? I’m in the IE just about 20 mins north of SD anyhow. I know there is a lot of $$ in San Diego. I don’t mind driving at all. I lived there for a long time before move here with the family.

  726. SBnxtdoor says:

    CaliSB — I live for that website. It never fails to make me laugh.

  727. SBnxtdoor says:

    “No, it would not be like you’re an escort because you will actually like f***ing me, unlike an escort who wouldn’t.”

    LASB how did you not just bust out laughing? I think I would have fallen down laughing and snorting and gasping for air. That is a classic.

    SoCalIESB– honey, you live at ground zero of the financial crisis in CA. Be careful. Find an SD in the OC or San Diego if you can drive that far. I don’t mean to be a geographical snob, but you must go where the money is and forgive me for this, but the IE was created for middle class people who wanted to own a tract home. Yes, there might be a gated community or two, but the money is closer to the ocean and the surrounding hills. I live close enough to Malibu, so trust me on this. The parents here did not have to fire their eight year-old’s personal pitching coach, where as the IE was a speculators nightmare and everyone whho lives there is afffected. Look where the $$ is.

  728. Cali SB says:

    Okay I should really go to bed. I was so tired 2 hours ago and ready to crash, and now I’m wide awake. I have to wake up at 9am for work. Ugh! Nite all! :)

  729. SoCalIESB says:

    LASB- I’m in the IE. So far not too great here. I am totally new to this, so not sure just how to go about it all yet. The potSD was/is in LA though.

    Thanks for the advice guys, I’ve got a lot to learn still.

  730. LASB says:

    SocalIESB — So you are in the IE? How is it out there? Any good pots in your area or does your profile say LA?

  731. LASB says:

    Yes! Los Angeles! :) And I agree with you. I shut them down right away too. I once got in this crazy argument over what an escort was because he got very transactional and was all about the afternoon house call. No dinner, no gifts, no outings, just show up at his place and be ready. lol. He said, “No, it would not be like you’re an escort because you will actually like f***ing me, unlike an escort who wouldn’t.”

  732. SBnxtdoor says:

    Any guy who tries to have phone sex right away– I say, shut his ass down. “Look, I am a lady and there is a time and a place for everything. I am not a prude, I am not a Puritan, but I am seeking a true gentleman, not a john.” — “Would you like to try this conversation another way or continue to hump my leg?”

    HELLOOOOO LASB is that LA as in Los Angeles?

  733. LASB says:

    Hi newbies. The learning curve can be brutal, but being on the blog will help you a lot! Don’t engage in anything you aren’t comfortable with. There are a lot of fake SDs out there who just want a quick, easy, and free romp. Don’t get used that way. They aren’t real, so even if they promise you the world, if they get pushy and you suspect something is up, just walk away.

    One of my first experiences with a faker pot is now sort of an infamous joke on the blog. This guy who claimed to be worth millions and promised the world on his profile asked me to show up to starbucks not wearing panties and then engage in sexual activities with him. Of course I had no intention of doing that. I’ve run into countless guys like that now, but I just laugh it off.

  734. Cali SB says:

    SoCal — Try not to get discouraged.. as mentioned on the previous blog, LA is a very tough city to sugar date in, at least in the experience of the SB’s on the blog.

  735. SoCalIESB says:

    I have my first experience with a potSD today. He called me early this morning, we chatted a bit then exchanged pics. After he got my pics, he called me back and got frisky right away on the phone while he was at work. I was surprised but played along since I’ve never been in this situation before. I haven’t heard from him again even after he said that I sounded genuine and he enjoyed talking to me. This isn’t starting out so well for me. Ugh.

  736. MissCurious says:

    Oh, hi LASB!

  737. MissCurious says:

    Thanks, SBnxtdoor! I will definitely try to follow your advice. I am not looking to lead anyone on at all, I just like to have a real connection before getting down to business, as it were. Heh. I also do not intend to be seeing any SD that I would not be interested in if money weren’t an issue; there has to be something really there. So thank you again for the encouragement.

    Looking forward to hearing other opinions as well!