9 years ago
Sugar: Satisfaction Guaranteed

9 years ago
Sugar: Satisfaction Guaranteed

In this bustling world of online sugar daddy dating, thousands of seekers are materializing their goals and fantasies with the use of sugar. With all the opportunities in the Sugarbowl, it’s not hard to get lost in the possibilities.

Common Concerns of Newbie Sugars

“What type of pictures should I post? If any?”

“How much time and effort should I expect to exert before I secure a sugar arrangement?”

Choices, choices, choices.

Perhaps there’s a healthy kind of mystery inherent in Sugarland… one that implores us to treat all potentials with respect and honesty…

Has the sugar presented you with any tough choices? Care to share?

If you give could 1 tip to a sugar who is seeking an arrangement with you, what would it be?

How are things going in your sugarlife?

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  1. Mel says:

    Newbie SB needs tips on how to secure a arrangment? PLEASE HELP!!!

  2. Mel says:

    Newbie SB needs tips on how to secure a arrangment? PLEASE HELP!!!

  3. SBnxtdoor says:

    Not to mention that what makes this so wonderful– some of these men love the idea of helping a beautiful girl through a rough spot in her life, or seeing her realize her goals. I am speaking of girls who aren’t just interested in a man to take her shoe shopping but genuinely desire to be self-reliant and successful. No seriously, they are out there and we owe them so much gratitude.

  4. SBnxtdoor says:

    So says you LawyerJD, however, busy, wealthy, men in their 50’s who want to date women, who, perhaps are even in their early 30’s, find that Match.com is a waste of their time. They want a marketplace for such a desire and this is it.

  5. LawyerJD says:

    NSA in sugar land just does not make sense for a man. Unless he is married and cheating. NSA in swinger land is absolutely free.

    I am continually astounded at the large number of men who WANT their wives and girlfriends to hook up with other guys, yet so many single/divorced guys on this site want to . . . pay for a NSA arrangement?

    That’s like paying to search with Google.

  6. Anna Molly says:

    Hi Lily


  7. Lily / IRLSB says:

    Boarding now, feeling on cloud 9.

    But, safetynetSD just brought an amazing lunch to my place, and is so so so obviously falling in love with me and hoping that the two of up end up together after he divorces. This is not sugar, this is him being a puppy dog, imagining me being his baby daughter’s stepmom/having children of our own, , and I feel guilty for not falling in love with him back… Feeling clausterphobic. Not sure about continuing this one next month. He doesn’t want to a a sugar daddy, he’s trying to use his support as part of his plans to get me to fall in love with him.

  8. ESB says:

    As usual, Good point Flo. So much to consider here… I would stay with the money orders, but yes, I do know I would have to put some of the money into my banking account. some things ya just need that safety net for.

  9. Flo Rida says:

    ESB – technically it’s a gift and gift taxes over $13k in one calendar year are paid by the giftor (not you the giftee). You would only need to say that it’s not ‘income’ which is taxable. However you disclosing the gift subjects SD to potential gift taxes which are quite high.

    Elegant’s solution of money order should work (maybe for a transaction cost though).

    Unless you live in a cave you’ll have to flip something into a bank at some stage PS I know semi-professional gamblers with same problem

  10. lil'SB says:

    ElegantSugar, thanks for your opinion, I really value it. Although I can’t predict the future, I’m pretty sure I don’t want to consider anyone near my age group for the time being, which is another thing that led me to this site. I have difficulty seeing the alpha male qualities that I’m so attracted to in most people my age.

    Anyways, I was thinking through things last night and I plan to tell him sooner rather than later that I can’t proceed any further because I can’t comfortably provide the level of commitment he’s seeking without feeling ‘erck’ so I’m glad you confirmed my feelings.

    ESB, your protectiveness of your children is really touching. I hope all turns out well for you.

    Lily, keep us posted. I’m not sure about anyone else but right now I’m living vicariously through you, lol. It all sounds very exciting!

  11. ESB says:

    Yes, a reloadable visa would be the same thing. I have received them as gifts in the past, and re-used them. When it ran out, I put more money on it and gave to my daughter to use. Didn’t want her using cash when shopping with her friends.

  12. JC says:

    ESB, Is a pre-paid credit card the same thing as a reloadable visa? This may seem like a weird question but is a pre-paid gift card considered a “bank account” by the irs? Would it be a good idea to ask the
    SD to write a check for me each month?

    Cleo, I don’t think my credit card has such a thing as a credit card check.

  13. ESB says:

    cleo, that is a good idea, but again, “where did the money come from to put on the credit card”? There is still a paper trail.

    I like the money order idea. OR a pre-paid credit card for everything else. NOT sure they come with checks, doubt it, but If I could get the rent money by cash, everything else can be paid with a pre-paid CC. ie Utility bills, other credit cards, but there will be a trail leading back to him possibly. NOT really sure about that. I just know I don’t want to have to claim it on MY taxes.

  14. cleo says:

    JC put the cash on your credit card and write a credit card check

  15. ElegantSugar says:

    Good morning, Anna Molly, ESB, JC…

    JC – cash works for married SDs because it doesn’t leave a paper trail. I don’t know if that’s the case with your situation, but SDs generally prefer cash for many reasons. You can take the cash and buy a money order to pay your rent.

  16. JC says:

    Just curious, for you sb’s who have your sd pay the rent for you? What do you do if the apartment complex only accepts checks? I would rather not receive cash and then deposit it in the bank because I feel that the irs might get suspicious as to where I’m getting this income from.

    What’s the best way to have a SD pay your rent if it’s in your name?

  17. ESB says:

    AM, Elegant, Lily, Lil SB, SBnxt, and all the lurkers…GOOD MORNING!!

    I’m enjoying my coffee before going out to resume my breaking free of the driveway! AKA… shoveling MORE snow. I almost hope I throw my back out so I can stay home and out of the cold for a few days. We are expecting more snow tomorrow… so not looking forward to that, and am kinda amazed at how much we got this year!! More than all the years combined since I’ve lived here!

    I see Elegant is handling the New blogger’s questions of “being the other woman” quite well. I’ve been dealing with that dilemma myself here lately. Not the direction I want to go, mostly because I’m concern for my daughter. Scenario: Wife finds out about me, society being what is it, I get all the blame, things go public, my daughter finds out or worse, the infuriated wife goes after my private life, and Baby Girl gets hurt. I would do bodily injury to ANYONE who hurts one of my kids.

    BUT seems all the men contacting me now are married. I would like to get my finacial status back to ground level, not below it, so I’m going to attempt to start with one of them. We shall see where it goes. I’m a little nervous, but since we live in seperate states, it might work.

  18. Anna Molly says:

    Morning all!

    Lily ~ Have a safe trip! 😀

    Hello to any new bloggers out there! 😀

  19. Lily / IRLSB says:

    The macbook air will be in my hands in six hours when I see SD in Germany (he called after he picked it up earlier). So tired of typinog on this phone!
    Picking out clothes to bring and heading to airport….

    BUT. Married sugar works for me. Giving them discretion makes me feel like I have one more thing to offer them in exchange for such generosity.

  20. ElegantSugar says:

    Ababydiva: Welcome. I would suggest you go through the blog and read as much as possible. A lot of great topics and past postings that will help answer your question and open your eyes to so much more so you won’t feel like you are going into it so green.

  21. ElegantSugar says:

    lil’SB: First of all, moving everything else aside, if his words and actions are making you feel uncomfortable at all, you should probably really consider if this is even the right SD for you. Believe me, I understand his need for monogomy, but you are only 21.

    Secondly, what I meant by the ‘cylce’ is that I feel arrangements themselves are cyclical in nature. Your scenario is a perfect example. Let’s say you do agree to an arrangement with this gentleman and you offer exclusivity. A month or two or three goes by and you unexpectedly meet someone in one of your classes that you are crazy, mad about. You now want the freedom to see this other person so you share this with your SD (because you seem to be this honest type of person). He now decides he must move on to another SB because the importance of exclusivity is the only way he can continue. Or, on the flip side, two or three months goes by and his ‘affair’ with you has prompted his own evolution. That evolution may lead him back to a more authentic relationship with his wife. Either way, there is growth. Therefore, change. Hence, the cycle.

    Lastly, I am certainly no counselor or expert in this matter. Just someone with a little bit of life experience and a certain grasp on human nature and these are all just my opinions. Listen with caution.

  22. lil'SB says:

    lol, would that be a bad thing?

  23. SBnxtdoor says:

    Hooray for all my fellow hockey lovin’ SB’s.

    Li’l SB you sound very astute

  24. lil'SB says:

    ElegantSugar, on the subject of being ‘the other woman’ I thought your reply was really interesting in relation to what I experienced today. I had a meeting with my pot who wanted a monogamous LTR while he was married, and he saw an SB as a way of helping someone while fulfilling his sexual needs (which wasn’t being satisfied at ALL by his wife). He was very emphatic on the need for mutual respect between us, which means he’s very adamant that I not see other people on the side (I’m only 21, and although I’m throughly unimpressed with people my age I feel like it IS my prime dating years >.>). He admits that his wife knows nothing about this and would not ‘understand’ why he needs to do this, but he claims he’s very respectful and prides himself on being a traditional gentleman who really values respect.

    Now as the ‘other woman’, I’m usually fine with being with married men (in fact I prefer it because usually it’s NSA) and anyways the demographic attracted to these MBRs are men who have plenty of disposable income and cannot find a companion/lover through traditional means due to their marital status, so I know what I’m going into by being on this website. But because of this guy’s insistence on my exclusivity AND his emphasis on being a respectful person, I feel like it’s really unfair to his wife, and later he may regret it himself, so I’m still hesitating before going any further with this.

    Anyways, sorry that was really long. I just have a feeling this SD doesn’t want the ‘cycle’ to end very quickly.

  25. NJLady says:

    Signing off for now. Good night.

  26. ElegantSugar says:

    NJLady: I’m pretty certain “it’s not all about the money” implies he doesn’t want someone taking advantage of him. (you know, a hit it and quit it, take the money and run type of thing…)

  27. NJLady says:

    I heard back from pot, so far so good. I’m curious about something. He said in his profile, that’s it not all about money. However, I did write that I’m looking for a monthly allowance, not naming a amount. Does that mean he wouldn’t have a problem with the monthly allowance.

    ElegantSugar- I just check, my profile is up. The profile # is correct 430026.

  28. Flo Rida says:

    UT SB – just distort – instead of speed skating say figure skating. Instead of Richmond say Salt Lake or Lake Placid or Vancouver (which is where you should be). Btw I know some people at USOC and National Federations.

    Someone mentioned hockey – love it.

    Lastly the biggest spelling mistake I hate is ‘discreet versus discrete’.

    In terms of allowance $3-5k alowances are barely affordable for people making $250-300k but bear in mind some people have inherited money and don’t have a job.

    NYGent – you may get your wish as there might be a strike or lockout in NFL when the CBA expires.

    Tru – if you want my help ask Stephan for my email (but i’m sure Elegant will give you good advice).

  29. ElegantSugar says:

    NJLady: I saw your request fro me to review your profile, but it wasn’t available. Did you recently make changes and it is now pending approval? 430026, right?

  30. Ababydiva says:

    This i smy first time EVER doing this. I’ve gotten a few e-mails of interest and a possible meeting lined up. My only question really is how to bring up the topic of “gifts”. The assumption would be that a guy knows the deal, but I’m finding in life (in general) that common sense ins’t common…any advice?

  31. NJLady says:

    Evening Sugar’s,

    First, congrats to the Saints! Knew they would win. Second, heard from someone on a mutual site. He liked my profile. I wrote back, so we shall see. Did get a kiss from another guy, but that’s all I do. He’s not a memeber so I can’t write to him, so I blew him a kiss. Maybe I might have a little luck with that site. Keeping my options opening.

  32. ElegantSugar says:

    I won’t go into all the reasons why, Chitown, because it could essentially take a book to explain, but I don’t feel guilty about “being the other woman” at all. I would be harshly criticized by my peers (and society) for saying this, but sometimes affairs save marriages. Affairs (arrangements especially) can be therapeutic, offer clarity and jolt people from their inertia. And this is usually why arrangements have a cycle and end. (JUST MY OPINION…)

  33. ElegantSugar says:

    Ha ha, ESB…good night. May visions of SEXY tractors dance in your head. ha ha.

  34. ElegantSugar says:

    Midwest: I never initiate the text or contact either – during the pot phase. Once I’m in the arrangement/relationship though, it’s different. If they have expressed to me that it feels good to hear from me during the day, I do send the “I know you’re busy, but wanted you to know I was thinking about you” types of messages.

  35. ESB says:

    Speaking of Jackie OI have a friend who was her seamstress. She didn’t have anythingnice to say about her…

    I have to get to bed. Got some more shoveling to do tomorrow. Still have about 10′ of driveway to clear, at 16″ deep… so not looking forward to that. Then more snow Tues. I just wanna cry!! The X has a tractor, and I’m thinking that thing is VERY sexy right now!! lol (no, not a country music fan, but gotta admit, the song fits right now!)

    Night all.. sugar dreams!!

  36. ElegantSugar says:

    Hi ESB: Earl Grey is actuallly caffeine-free! I’m the same way. If I even look at coffee this late, I will be up all night. Yes, I actually read that credo while I did some research on famous arrangements in Hollywood. Before I delve into anything, I have to researech fully (it’s the geek in me). Well, I found that online while reading about Jacki O. and her alleged arrangements. It makes sense. It’s exactly what works for me too. I have MYlife, you have YOUR life…and when we’re together, we have OUR life.

  37. cleo says:

    lily yeah i can do that but it’s hard for body shots and easy for face. just need ten minutes with any one of a number of very busy friends

  38. ESB says:

    Hi Elegant, nice to see you this evening!! Hot tea sounds good, but if I have cafein this late, I’ll never get to sleep. BTW LOVE the credo “My Life. Your Life. Our Life” Perfect. Gotta keep that one on file! :)

  39. Midwest Mistress of the Dark says:

    Looks like I lost my Superbowl bet to SD…ask me how disappointed I am :-)

  40. ElegantSugar says:

    TXTemptress: I hope you are communicating with other pots while you are haivng this little 2 week rendezvous of texting, emailing, etc with the soon to be divorced guy.

    sugarbabe: I block my last login. It’s just one of those “it’s none of your business” types of things. But that’s just MY personal belief. Of course, I am adamant about following the credo, “My life. Your life. Our life.”

    chitown: I have only been in arrangements with married SDs. It seemed to be the best way to follow the credo. (see above) Single SDs I have met always hinted towards LTR after meeting them for the first time. I’m not opposed to LTR…if it happens naturally, but not what I’m looking for right now. I have made an exception with one recent (single) pot SD I plan on flying out to meet in the next week or so. He just falls into that WOW factor that makes me break my own rules.

    cleo: So happy you are getting more attention with your recent changes! yay!

    Hello to everyone else this evening! I skipped the Superbowl party and sitting here with some delicious hot Earl Grey tea and honey (had enough wine on Fri night to last a week or so…) and doing some things online while visiting all of you in the SB tonight.

  41. Lily / IRLSB says:

    Cleo – safetynetSD has gotten my PC fixed up, and of course my new Macbook Air is promised for tomorrow, so there is the two computers. :) use a selftimer for your photo shoot, if you must. I just tried that and suddenly have two dozen amazing photos after two hours and three outfit changes! And it’s fun!

  42. Midwest Mistress of the Dark says:

    TXTemptress – Welcome back! I love the blog name! In general, I typically don’t text/e-mail/call a guy first, but I do always respond. (I have been the first to contact an SD, but only respond after) It’s something I started doing a few years back per a friend’s advice and it seems to work fine for all involved. I can’t explain the psychology behind it, but I can tell you men seem to appreciate it. I’m couldn’t tell if you are holding off your search while holding out for this pot, but I would advise that you keep the search going and go about business as usual until he steps up. Divorces can be trying and each person is always looking to stay under the radar until the ink is dry.

  43. Chitown SB says:

    Midwest- good to know I am not alone.

  44. TXTemptress says:

    I am new here and enjoy the blog. Very informative and just a nice place to relate to other Sugar.

    I left the Sugar life a long time ago and now have returned only to discover that all the “Sugarology” (great term…lol) I knew I know have forgotten some and have a POT but I am not sure whether I am reading him wrong. He sends some mixed messages but I don’t want to jump to conclusions and pass up something that may be good so I need some advice.

    He emailed me on a Thursday. I responded. Next day he called when I was in a meeting and when I called back, he was in a meeting. So since that time, all communication has been emails or texting. Friday thru last Wednesday, he texts me a special text in the am and again in the pm but then on last Thursday, there was no communication at all. On Friday afternoon late, I finally received a text telling me he was thinking of me. We texted about 30 minutes Friday nite. Yesterday (Sat.) morning, I send him a good morning text-no response. Today I emailed to say hi. He responded with a couple sentences. I responded back and now again I am put on silence mode. The POT leads a busy life, that I understand and I give him his space and am here as he needs me as it should be but I am wondering if he is stringing me along. He catches my attention and then will vanish only to return later to say he misses me. He desires an exclusive arrangement which I can agree to. We have discussed meeting this month and he has also discussed an allowance but he has yet to give me a specific date to show his seriousness. He will promise to call and never does…just the texts. He is divorcing and still lives with his wife so I am thinking that can be a factor in the communication stuff however he is active still daily on the site we met on so……?

    POT is a great guy! Send me dedication songs a lot but I don’t plan to wait forever for things to progress such as meeting, etc. How much longer do I wait for meeting? Up to a month? Should I just only contact him when I am contacted from now on? He gets a thrill knowing he is missed but I am started to feeling like a pest when I text him initially. A man needs his space just as I do. Any advice? Do I wait this out or move on?

    Dang I hate I left the sugar life, now I am a sugar virgin again having to take remedial classes…lol

  45. Midwest Mistress of the Dark says:

    Chitown- I have the game on in the background (little bet with SD going here), but am basically doing the same thing. I should add updating my VS wish list :-)

    • OCSugarbaby says:

      All you Non Football fans… Check out Animal Planet ” Puppy Super Bowl”
      I am laughing so hard watching them! It is playing all night long :)

  46. Chitown SB says:

    I feel like a bad American, I could be watching the game. But instead I am sitting here with a lovely glass of wine after eating a delicious stir-fry and hanging out on the blog/reading a book.

    mmm… wine…

  47. ESB says:

    Seems to be alot of talk of other SD/SB sights… are we all bailing? I’m feeling a little discouraged, but have heard soem wonderful stories on here and one friend who have had great luck. I’m holding out for the payoff. I’m susre there is someone out there who totally gets what I am looking for, and my patience will be rewarded.

    Chitown: I just met a pot SD from your area. He seems to be anxiousl for a lover, so not sure if he is on board with what I’M looking for. He is married. I have a few reservations of a married SD, but if he is what I am looking for, and everything lines up, I can go with it. I know the “other woman” thing is hard to get passed, but I think it’s a decision we all need to make for our selves.

  48. Yaz says:

    Hi Y’all :-)

    Dang, Colts are not getting any love here lol

  49. UT SB says:

    FLO RIDA – You are right. I actually almost didn’t put that information on here.

  50. Chitown SB says:

    So, I return to the blog with yet another question…

    How many SBs out there have dealt with Married SDs? Where do people stand with that… and not feeling guilty if they choose to get involved and become “the other woman”?

    input from SDs would be great too. I have been getting a number of emails from married men, and I was just wondering.

  51. Midwest Mistress of the Dark says:

    Cleo- same thing happened when I added Chicago. It makes a huge difference!

  52. Midwest Mistress of the Dark says:

    When tried sd4m, I was contacted by them men who joined b/c of the free membership. They were turned off by paying an allowance.

  53. cleo says:

    holy crap.

    i used to be “toronto, ontario, canada” and now i’m “toronto, new york, canada” and i am getting far more attention in like one day and from better pots.


    it was suggested that i do that because nyc is super easy to commute to and i love it there and have many friends as well…

  54. TT (AKA Tantalizing Taz) says:

    CC – it can be finicky – if your new avator doesn’t show up right away don’t be too alarmed..try clearing your cache..otherwise sometimes it just takes a bit. I know ppl saw mine before I did when I first put it up…speaking of…hmmmm…maybe I need a new one soon 😉

  55. TT (AKA Tantalizing Taz) says:

    CC – gravator.com I believe it is :)

    NJLady – you can feel it out however it went absolutely nowhere for me. At first of course I had a TON of email as I was ‘a new fish in their pond’ but none of it worked out for me at all. I am sure there are some TRUE sd’s to be found everywhere – even non sugar sites – however the chances are much less likely…

  56. CarpathianCutie says:

    Can anyone help me figure out how to add an avatar? Pretty please with sugar on top :)

  57. Lisa that Actually Has an SD says:

    edit last “time” I checked, not last night, lol

  58. Lisa that Actually Has an SD says:

    I don’t look at it much anymore but last night I checked, sbs could communicate with sds, at least the ones that contacted them.

  59. NJLady says:

    cleo- thank you. they didn’t say that part.

    Lisa- I didn’t know if you could still contact a member or not. So I’ll put my picture up and see what happens. Thank you.

  60. Lisa that Actually Has an SD says:

    Cleo what turns me off the most is when they try to be clever and communicate without paying, like trying to fit as much as they can into that one line that gets posted when the email you on a free membership.

  61. ESB says:

    Good Evening Everyone! What!! There are people here and NOT watching the Big Game? Well, HUH!! oh, yea, I’m here.. but not the biggest sports fan.

    I lost power yesteday, so spent the night with my daughter’s best friends parents. They had power AND a wood stove, so if they lost power, we would at least stay warm! I got home around 7. I am now caught up on my email, and tought I’d say “HI” to all my friends! I’m going to go catch up now!

  62. cleo says:

    i agree with lisa… if he won’t pay for total access he won’t pay for my plane tickets… and maybe that’s a bad assumption but hey…

  63. Lisa that Actually Has an SD says:

    the only thing you will gain by joining for a month is you will be able to contact the nonpaying sds and the nonpaying sds will be able to contact you. I doubt you want to hear from any sd too cheap to buy a membership. I have used that site in the past and as a sb you can communicate with any totalaccess sd on the free membership. No reason to pay to join.

  64. cleo says:

    njlady make sure you cancel before the three days is up or they will charge you

  65. NJLady says:

    TT- At first I put the amount, then I just wrote financial assistance. I’ll add monthly allowance. I have the 3 day free trail….is it worth signing up, say for a month?

  66. cleo says:

    sugarbaby: “my computer has been compromised” – someone has my passwords and access to all the information on my computer… most likely a wife.

    if she found his email and checked out your profile as him?

    i’m not saying chase after him but if he tries to set up another meet maybe go based on tone…

  67. TT (AKA Tantalizing Taz) says:

    NJLady – when I was on that site I did say that I desired a level of financial assistance (monthly allowance) without a dollar amount – some said they were ok with it – I met with one pot and that was not the case at all…live and learn. I have kept in contact with some nice ppl I met from there though…

  68. Midwest Mistress of the Dark says:

    sugarbabe – If a pot were to stand me up, if he provides a good reason and suggests rescheduling, I will try scheduling a second date. If he gives a reason, but does not suggest rescheduling, then I can safely conclude he is not interested and move on. Also, I never gave any thought to pay attention to someone’s login dates. If they login, read my mail and are unresponsive, I conclude they are not interested. Don’t waste your time watching his actions when you could be spending that time seeking out other potential sds and filtering the ones who have contacted you. In the sugar bowl manners count, but few will actually display those manners..NEXT! You’ve got to have a thick skin in the sugar search :-)

  69. TT (AKA Tantalizing Taz) says:

    sugarbabe – not sure if pot SD is married – could that be what he meant by compromised??

  70. NJLady says:

    sugarbabe- another question. on that site did you put the allowance you were asking for.

  71. NJLady says:

    sugarbabe- thanks for the information. I signed up for the 3day free. So I won’t bother joinging. I’m seeing that word, compromised. And I’m thinking, I’ve seen it somewhere before. That is why I mention about the medical term. I’m in school for medical assistant and it’s used to describe someone who is infected. It is weird he would used that. Usually, in my experience, after one or two emails, they won’t write back at all if their not interested.

  72. sugarbabe says:

    NJLady – yeah i checked it out but it seems the men there are less open about the help…they want more of a normal relationship…where support is not given. I may be wrong but that is what i thought from the communication i got – i was there for a month but the emails/communication was not promising financially..

  73. sugarbabe says:

    Actually i initially thought that they use the term to blow an SB off – wierd wierd. I guess i am too straight forward so i never understand actions like standing up someone or not calling to inform someone that you wouldn’t be able to make it etc…i am well raised and think those details matter even in this kind of relationship…it was wierd though.

  74. sugarbabe says:

    NJLady – what he doesn’t know is that the database shows when someone reads your email and it shows that he accessed an email i sent at the time we were supposed to be meeting…i thought he meant someone at work etc but it all sounded strange. anyhow since he did not apologize like a gentleman for standing me up – i decided not to see him because i like nice/sensitive men not his kind. He sounded well put together in his earlier emails..and he is an attorney ..so i thought great. I guess its good to give this thing time and make sure the man is decent…

  75. NJLady says:

    I want to check out sugardaddy4me. Has anyone heard anything about that site?

  76. NJLady says:

    sugarbabe- the medical term for compromise, would be, “infected” So I’m assuming that is what he meant. Probably a computer virus.

  77. Lisa that Actually Has an SD says:

    Ha I just returned from visiting with my daughter and parents. We were sitting in the food court and there is an old man that is a neighbor of my mom’s and he is always out at the mall too. My mom told me today that he had told her that he had a friend in his 70’s that pays a woman in her 30’s to go out with him, etc. The man said he thought it was ridiculous that his friend would actually do something like that. I had to laugh to myself. It was an opportunity to ask my mom her opinion on something like that. She said she thought it was great as long as no sex was involved. Of course my mom condemns any sex outside of marriage. I just thought this was a funny thing to come up.

  78. sugarbabe says:

    Also i never respond to people who block their last login – is that a good or bad thing? do you guys respond to them?

  79. sugarbabe says:

    I tried to ask but he did not explain so i let him go…something to the effect of protecting me and himself..whatever

  80. sugarbabe says:

    This potential SD stood me up yesterday and then told me that his email and computer was compromised…what does that mean exactly? does anyone know?

  81. Tru says:

    Mid West – Thanks. How are you?

    Stephen – Please can you give ElegantSugar my email. Thanks :)

  82. NJLady says:

    Elegant- I’m a little whiny puppy right now. Could you look at my profile also. I re-vamped it until I don’t know if I did it too much or left out some things. I’m not getting any responses. I think one of the SD’s mention it is tax season, so that could be one reason. Please help me if you wouldn’t mind. Thank you. profile #430026

  83. Midwest Mistress of the Dark says:

    Tru- I do not have her address…sorry. OC has advised everyone not to post addresses on the blog anymore. She will facilitate giving your address to ES if you post a request on the blog.

  84. Tru says:

    Elegant – That’s a shame as I was count on the 30 day guarantee lol. Lets take it off the blog if you don’t mind. Can you get my email from Mid West or SDN, that’s if you have there’s? If not I will post it.

  85. ElegantSugar says:

    Hopping in the shower and taking off for a bit. have a wonderful Sugar Bowl Super Bowl kind of day!

  86. ElegantSugar says:

    Hi Tru: Well, I don’t come with a 30-day money back guaranteed on profile advice, but I’m honest when providing feedback and have helped a couple of people re-write their profiles. Do you want to share your profile here or take it off the Sugar blog?

  87. Tru says:

    Hello all just popping in to say hey and I hope everyone is well.

    Elegant – I’ve been told that you are great on giving advice on re-vamping profiles? Please can I ask for your help on this?

  88. ElegantSugar says:

    NYCBella: Woah. They can do that??

  89. NYCBella says:

    Oh, before I run off to Super Bowl party…can I say how ticked I am! Just got an email that tells me my account has been approved on sugarbaby4u.com (I think it’s an affiliate of SD4me), but I never signed up for it and they’ve put my pic and created a fake profile with fake b-day, stats…thought they didn’t copy my profile from that site. I emailed them 5 min later to tell them to remove my pic/profile immediately. WTF?!

  90. NYCBella says:

    Oops sorry, just googled it…71 Irving Place

  91. NYCBella, thanks…I’m looking at a diff nabe, though.
    Can anyone explain to me how to do the avatar thingy? I just tried and it didn’t work

  92. NYCBella says:

    Ooh, though Alice’s might be too girly…Also, there’s Irving Farm at 74 Irving Place just over from Union Square.

  93. NYCBella says:

    I’m back, for a bit.

    LASB~Awww…next time around then for sure! :)

    Carp~hmmm…There’s several interesting cafes on MacDougal, but more hipster chic than upscale chic, so not sure if that’s what you’re going for. Ooh, and there’s always Alice’s Tea Shop on 64th and Lex. Sooo cute!!!

  94. MoonPatrol says:

    I’m not into sausage much but they have chicken, turkey and brisket here.
    Rodeo has a cook off too but its only for corporate guests. The public goes to the big tent for their own public BBQ ..

  95. I love BBQ! There’s a big BBQ fest in Brooklyn in late March- I want to eat my way through it.

  96. MoonPatrol says:

    Yep there is a BBQ joint down the street Papa’s I go there twice a month. I guess you don’t know what you have until its not there.

  97. Thanks for the suggestions, I appreciate it.
    MoonPatrol- oh, you’re in the land of the amazing fajita and BBQ! YUM

  98. ElegantSugar says:

    Bye, NYGent. Have fun! I’m completely with you. Go whoever!

  99. MoonPatrol says:

    Go Colts. I’m tired of New Orleans

  100. MoonPatrol says:

    Carpathian——I’m in Southwest Houston. The largest 5 million sugar baby hive inTexas
    I’ve found some nice hole in the wall coffee places where students hang out in Manhatten, but hey I’m not the one who lives there. I just stumbled in on it when I was on a long NYC walk with my man purse and compass. Meet at one of the train stations.. Grand Central Plaza? I forget.

  101. ElegantSugar says:

    Asiante at Mandarin Oriental is also very nice. comfortable chairs and you can’t beat the view!

  102. NYGent says:

    Off to super bowl party. Go whoever. (i’m not much into pro football any more)

  103. ElegantSugar says:

    Carpathian:I’m not sure where you are in the city, but google the following: Joe The Art of Coffee at 141 Waverly Place (VERY SMALL). Ceci Cela, a small and cute French coffee shop, located at 55 Spring Street (more of a loungy feel).

  104. ES-that’s the general idea of what I’m looking for, and if you can supply some addresses, I’d appreciate it. I’ve been scouring places and they’re either tooo far from me-I’m not going all the way over to York Ave etc.,

  105. ElegantSugar says:

    Carpathian: a cute independently owned cafe. or a high-end hotel that is known for serving elegant brunches is sometimes nice. With travelers in and out, there’s usually less risk of running into someone and can be a bit more relaxing for both. (if that is even a concern…)

  106. ElegantSugar says:

    MoonPatrol: You DO realize the ocean of SD seekers is vast, don’t you? Someone else may be looking for exactly what you offer – who knows? We all have our own preferences and if you have taken a look at the number of profiles vs. the number of bloggers, you will see not very many people choose to partake in this little blogging society so you cannot take what we say here as a WHOLE way of the Sugar World.

  107. Moon Patrol- what fair city do you call home?

    To my fellow NYC SBS/SDs- I need your help!! Can someone suggest a nice place to meet midday, 10:30- 11ish for coffee? Please don’t say Strbks.

  108. MoonPatrol says:

    Everything I see on google about me is positive. I could disclose my w-2 form 2009 income here now but it would be tasteless right ? and definitely below $250,000.

    ” I’m not afraid gatekeeper! ask the questions three and the other side of the bridge you’ll see.” Monty Python & the Holy Grail

    I suffer from having to try real hard to be of any relevance for this blog. Sometimes I give up, trying so please bear with me as its part of my personality and my creative process.

  109. NC Gent says:

    Hello all — just stopping in real quick!

    Regarding the age issue, I figure most SBs in their 30s substract about 3 to 5 years off their age… no big deal at that age anyway as long as they look like the pictures they sent. I think it is really bad when they obviously understate their age… I remember once seeing an SB profile that I was interested in from the pics — she looked about 36 or so… but listed an age of 26 — next!

    Regarding financials – I understate both my net worth and income because I am looking for someone that is more focused on me than my money. I know I make good money, but I have trouble coming up with the funds just because of my marital status though… have to be very creative about it. I guess that is another reason I understate – don’t want to think there will be this huge cash flow available :)

    Hope everyone is having a great weekend! Off to the gym for me!

  110. And, I do agree with who ever said it was important to be rather vague here about your background and what you do- you never know what a google search will pull up.

  111. NYGent says:

    Cleo: maybe after a couple dates, or after the arrangement at some point, but earlier if you’re google-able and the info is findable. Even then, 3 years is not such a major thing — unless it’s an 18 y.o. saying she’s 21!

  112. ElegantSugar says:

    My three most important factors this time around (after my own learning experiences) are:

    – Mutual Chemistry (to include, but not limited to: physical, intellectual and emotional)
    – Understanding of needs (on both sides)
    – Experience with arrangements

  113. MoonPatrol says:

    CLEO—–Relax about the age. Some SB I met was 50 when she said she was 36 in the ad. I think that deception right there was the foundation for me purging her from my life. Not because it was inaccurate, but because it was the intention, which was to deceive. She was putting herself into another level that she really wasn’t.
    NYGent—–The money is why i’m thinking of not re-upping my profile when it expires. I’m not inspired by any of the SB’s I’ve corresponded with. And I couldn’t maintain a flow of it for too long. (Houston)
    Rodeo anybody? No thanks, I don’t believe cowboy boots look good as dress shoes… period!!

  114. ElegantSugar says:

    Ok, well I should include that I don’t shut them out right away. I just have a bit of hesitation with moving forward with someone without sugar dating experience and it has been my personal experience that after a few correspondences, most in the lower income bracket do not. I will still correspond and see if we can move forward, but that hasn’t been the case thus far.

  115. NYGent says:

    Elegant: of course not all SDs are accurate on their $$. I think many exaggerate their income in an effort to impress, and understate their net worth because it’s very sensitive information. I personally accurately state income but am a little more fuzzy on the net worth as i feel it’s less other people’s business.

    Then there are SBs who don’t care what the guy lists, as long as they get their allowance.

  116. Elegant- yes that’s what he wrote, I copied and pasted the phrase into my blog entry. My thoughts are that if he’s sending out the same form email from both of his accounts that the result is no one is going to deal with him. So he’s going to blame everyone else for his failings. Which is a huge red flag if someone is going to deal with him

    NYCGent- I’ve met men here and on “regular” dating sites where they’ve fudged their photos and/or their ages- sometimes as much as 20 years. It’s one thing iy you’re 50 and you really do look like you’re a 35 year old guy. It’s another thing though if you’re 50, tell a woman that you’re 35 and show up looking way older than 50.

  117. cleo says:

    elegant sugar: sdinatx who i think found an sb and disappeared said that he put that because it isn’t anyone’s business but his accountant what he makes. so i look at their pics and their words when they’re in that income bracket and then decide. if a man is exaggerating his income downward my guess is you’ll figure it out pretty fast.
    nygent: when would you want to be told that an sb had fudged her age?

  118. ElegantSugar says:

    NYGent is speaking quite truthfully. To be quite honest, (and I might be shot down for this, so be it) but when I get a letter from someone in the $250,000 to $500,000 range (or below), I generally know we are not going to be a fit. It isn’t because I have a high allowance request at all. In fact, I don’t list a desired allowance. I just know from my own personal experiences, that I am going to prefer to be with a man in the higher income bracket mostly because I feel he is going to be exceptionally experienced in the areae of Sugar dating and that is important to me.

  119. NYGent says:

    Moon: $250,000 to $500,000 is really borderline in terms of an SD being to afford an SB. Suppose a guy makes $250K a year — after tax that is only $150K take home. Deduct discretionary spending on oneself of say $75K-$100K a year (conservative) leaves $75K. (if SD is married with family then it will be more) An SB at say $3K month, and another $2-3K on top for extra spoiling, comes to $60-72K a year. It really isn’t very doable at $250K and even at $500K it is not a lot of margin. Realistically speaking it takes a seven-figure income to be able to support most SBs.

  120. cleo says:

    nygent is that also true of 38 to 35?

  121. NYGent says:

    Lily: fudging 30 to 29 is not a big deal, not even worth worrying about.

  122. LASB says:

    Cleo – I’m so with you on the pole dancing. There are tons of places around here. I want to get a pole for the loft.

  123. cleo says:

    lily why two computers?

  124. LASB says:

    Bella – Ah, ok. I have to pass on that one, unfortunately. I will probably be out there soon, though. The friend I stayed with last time is going through a tough time and I’m inclined to go out there and sort him out.

    MoonPatrol – I highly recommend reading the book Rich Dad Poor Dad. It will reframe how you think about generating income and how you can get yours to be much much higher. It’s extremely basic, and the first book that planted the seeds for me.

  125. cleo says:

    nycbella there are two classes i want to start taking when i get a bit of cash. kettlebells and pole dancing… :)

  126. Lily / IRLSB says:

    Cleo, swear I’ll check my gmail tomorrow. I should have TWO computers tomorrow.
    I’m going to Germany with zazazoomSD. Sigh. So excited.

  127. cleo says:

    LASB i know what you mean. i never had to study in high school or regular school. got away with coasting. hit uni and had NO idea how to study, still don’t. fortunately there’s a lot of workshops and mentors in my business so i don’t need to study so much. more practice.

    that come hither photo is so old, was goofing around with cutting it one day and just loved the look. the truth is i don’t love any of my photos but they’re what i have now…
    elegant: i know what you mean, that shirt is killer in person but turns out to photograph terribly. personally i think you’re both right and that i don’t have good enough pics!


  128. NYCBella says:

    LASB~Yeah, things are looking up. :) We’re getting together on Friday Feb. 12th.

  129. MoonPatrol says:

    I just looked at some of the Men’s profiles and am surprised at how much some of these cats make. $250,000 and $500,000 quite a bit and I can see how it would be easy for them to afford a babe. How and where they get that kind of money I don’t know, and don’t believe I know anyone that rich except my cousin’s husband who was was high up in IBM.

  130. NYCBella says:

    Cleo~Yep! So useful. Also, it helped when i had to take stage combat and stunts class…now I put my clumsiness to some use at least. Though the constant bruises are a little embarrassing (though most of them are from my pole dance class…ALWAYS bruised…but SD’s not complaining… 😉 )

  131. LASB says:

    NYCBella – Hey Bella!! Yes, it’s been a while. Sounds like life is treating you pretty damn nicely!! :) :) :)

    Hmm. What day is your meet? Now that I have all this time on my hands…

  132. NYCBella says:

    What’s up LASB?! Long time no speak!!! How’s the west coast treating you? Wish you were gonna be in town next week when we’re getting together again.

  133. ElegantSugar says:

    funny how we all have different tastes! I kind of really liked Cleo’s “come hither” look in the 3rd photo and not so much the first one because although it shows her gorgeous eyes and a bit of playfulness…something about the the collar of the shirt isn’t appealing to me. (??) Oh, Cleo, you asked a group of girls who probably have such differing opinions and experiences that we are going to confuse the HECK out of you…

  134. LASB says:

    Cleo – Luckily I had a private school education up until 6th grade, or else I’d really be screwed. But then I drifted through middle school and high school, not needing to know anything to get all As. And I’m sure even the worst Canadian education is not nearly as bad as a California one.

    Cleo again – I just looked at your photos. I love the top two, but not as much the 3rd. I think it makes you look like you are trying to hard to be sexy. Just my opinion, so don’t take it too hard since I am no expert in knowing how to get an SD.

  135. cleo says:

    nycbella: the trick to falling is to realise when you can’t catch yourself and just let go. if you can go limp and land well it’s usually okay. i learned that skiing as a tot and you learned it jumping in dance i bet

  136. cleo says:

    oh god, i started looking at eres bathing suits again… les essentiels… i covet like half of that one piece of one collection

  137. cleo says:

    nycbella you know that’s me too. it’s not falling down it’s bumping and tripping and all the rest.
    LASB i was put in french immersion and i’m eternally grateful. i learned grammar in french and otherwise would be as clueless as everyone else who did english public school. i wish i knew why people stopped teaching the rules of language.
    mmd/lisa: yeah i wish i had an sd who wanted to shop online for me and happened to like that site. no wait, i just wish i had an sd.
    speaking of the sd search, i changed my age from 38 to 35 and made my location toronto, new york, canada and i’m getting a lot more profile views. well that and i think my ‘glamour’ pics were a total fail…

  138. LASB says:

    Elegant – Another futbol fan! I think I’m in love.

    Bella – Any man would be crazy to let 3000 miles deter them from being with you. I’m glad to hear he’s got his wits about him.

    I hear everyone on the grammar. The your and you’re one bothers me the most, but mostly when they type “your welcome.” That one is so basic. I mean, one can memorize that one without even having to know the rules. The other thing that bugs me is people who call espresso “expresso.” It shouldn’t bug me since I don’t even drink coffee, but somehow it does. But I, of anyone, should talk. I have a California education and thus a horrible vocabulary and command of the language. It’s sad, really. Lol.

  139. NYCBella says:

    Cleo~Very true…also, I’m really good at knowing how to fall the right way (minus the time I self-cuncussed, though that was really falling into a wall as I stood up too fast…so it’s more of a falling up situation instead of falling down…hahaha)…so far no broken bones (knock on wood)

  140. Midwest Mistress of the Dark says:

    Cleo – I love that site! Very sexy!!

  141. cleo says:

    nycbella i get hit on at hockey games so i’m pretty sure my outfit is right… *g*

    i teach pilates and went to nationals in swimming. i’ve played footbag net and rock climb for fun. i can waterski, ski, snowboard/snakeboard badly, get down a hill on my ass and dance such that people at festivals come up to me later and thank me for dancing… but i haven’t taken dance lessons, just lots of pilates and hearing the music and letting the music move my body…

    anyway so i should be graceful yeah?

    nope, biggest klutz ever.

    the only advantage to bumping into everything and knocking everything over is that you get pretty fast at catching things you kick over!

  142. cleo says:

    i can’t handle there their and they’re

    makes me nuts

  143. NYCBella says:

    Cleo~ooh, that’s a good idea…I didn’t think about the stairs…prolly good not to bring out my clutzy side if I can avoid it (old adage about being a dancer…put us in toe shoes on a dance floor and we’re tres elegant, stick us in sneakers with a clear path before us and we’ll manage to scrape up both knees and sprain a wrist with no outside help needed…I actually concussed myself by running into a wall once…though not something I brag about on a first date…lol)

    MMD~Social experiment definitely!!! They’d be crazy not to!

    Lisa~ooh, agent provacateur is nice too! They do have great garters (love their stockings w/the seams up the back), colors, more selection than LP…I’m the type that when i find something that fits well (which is easier said than done) and falls into my guilty pleasure category, I can’t resist indulging now and then.

  144. Lisa that Actually Has an SD says:

    The one that ticks me off is “your” and “you’re” I see it used incorrectly so many times, especially in sd profiles and emails. It’s usually a case of your being used when you’re should be used.

  145. Anna Molly says:

    Elegant ~ Almost 98% of the time you would use Affect as a verb and Effect as a noun. Example: The wind affected my hair; the effects were not good.

    LOL….hope everyone enjoyed todays grammar lesson. Tomorrow we will discuss the difference between then and than 😀

  146. Lisa that Actually Has an SD says:

    I don’t wear bathing suits so I don’ t know much about them. The Agent Provocateur stuff looks much better, more colore.

  147. cleo says:

    lisa you should check out agent provocateur if you don’t likle la perla (personally i haven’t tried la perla but i looooooooooove eres – and their bathing suits are sexy sins straight out of the forties… droooool)

  148. Midwest Mistress of the Dark says:

    Elegant and NYCBella – We could consider it a social experiment. Do you think Playboy and WSJ would be interested?

  149. cleo says:

    lily says Right. Big money is a big temptation, but if it’s sex I wouldn’t want anyways, no amount of money will make it happen.

    and she’s right. that, in a nutshell is the difference between sugar dating and escorting. we’re supposed to want it.

    i would take a lower allowance for a man i wanted but i hope i wouldn’t take a higher one for a man i didn’t. i guess the real worry is what you talk yourself into believing
    nycbella: oh lucky girl. arena hockey is SO FUN

    my standard outfit for hockey is great jeans and clunky heels/easy flats (LOTS of stairs) and a tight columbia shirt (warm) in black with a sexy leafs (hangs head on behalf of her team) t-shirt over it. sometimes i wear a jersey but that isn’t hot. if you don’t have team clothes find the colors (red and black?) and wear the over shirt in a colour that matches the team…

    add a great short coat (to show off your butt in your jeans) and you are perfectly dressed for a hockey game
    midwest that’s actually exactly what i thought might happen… cool, that was my gut feeling as well…
    SBnextdoor: you must love hockey as much as i do, that was a fantastic description… god it’s fast when you see it live compared to on tv.

  150. Lisa that Actually Has an SD says:

    Yes I guess i’m stuck spending my rare sunday off with my parents and daughter.

  151. Lisa that Actually Has an SD says:

    I don’t know, to me it just doesn’t look very sexy. I can understand liking quality and that’s fine but it’s not something that stands out to me as far as sexy. I looked at their website and honesty most of it looks like the stuff hanging in the discount stores. Quality may be better but from a distance, no one could tell. And I just don’t do beige or white

  152. NYCBella says:

    ES~I think it’s with an e…true, true…we incorporate that photo shoot we were discussing last week….Ooh! OOH! I’m thinking “Rich Doc Seeks Groups of Kinky Girls” would really go for that one…esp if there’s a group shot!!!

    Lisa~ehhh…can’t win em all i guess…next time!!!!!

  153. NYCBella says:

    Elegant~Thanks! Yeah…apparently his fam has season seats or a box or something??? Not sure the terms for hockey (I actually referred to it as a stadium when he told me…any other sport and I’m right there on bringing out my inner tom boy, but totally had my ditz moment of shame…lol)

    Lisa~For me, it’s all about the quality of fabric, and construction of the garments…plus I really like their dainty feminine approach…Something about it…I’m always aware of my unmentionables when I’m wearing them which brings out my inner vixen.

  154. Lisa that Actually Has an SD says:

    Back from dumping my trash, no sds with envelopes back there today

  155. ElegantSugar says:

    Should that have been effective?

  156. Lisa that Actually Has an SD says:

    Hey I’m headed to the dumpster at my apartment, maybe I’ll find a potential sd hanging out back there, honesty i’ve been solicited back there by the illegals who hang out back there. Had an offer to make 20 bucks one time, sorry to say I declined, lol

  157. ElegantSugar says:

    NYCB: the cut offs with tied bowling shirt picture is only affective if you are sudsing up a bright, shiny camaro.

  158. NYCBella says:

    OMG!!! Brilliant idea….(well amusing atleast)…we should create a blog profile complete with “Satisfaction guaranteed” heading, description of ideal date (provided by SDN and involving Wal-mart), envelope requirements and mention of the potential for a behind the dumpsters happy ending, if they splurge for the chilli cheese fries or a grande latte sans panties. It could be a way to then reach out to misguided SDs who respond…really a charity project if you think about it. Oh, and there has to be a profile picture of cut offs, with the bowling shirt knotted at the waist, a cig dangling out of the lips and majorly poofed up hair complete w/bump it. Hot!!!

  159. Lisa that Actually Has an SD says:

    I still don’t get the obsession over La Perla, I can’t get too excited over black, beige,and white lingerie. To be honest it looks no different than something hanging on the rack at Macy’s and I’d never spend 250 on a bra that looks blah to me.
    But then again I can’t figure out all the excitement over that Civit (spelling?) coffee that costs 352 a pound because it has gone through a weasels butt.

  160. ElegantSugar says:

    NYCBella: My second ever pot SD date was a hockey game and I wore exactly what Midwest suggested. Skinny jeans, a cotton ribbed henley sweater (go to Victoria’s Secrets onlin and view their sweaters for an idea) and then I still wore heels; though not stilletos. I was probably a little over-dressed in comparison to the entire arena, but with where our seats were, so were the other women. Have fun!

  161. Lisa that Actually Has an SD says:

    I hope that doesn’t include a “money back” guarantee , lol

  162. NYCBella says:

    MMD~Ooh, that is a good idea…plus we’re going shopping before, so I’m thinking I’ll have him make a detour up to La Perla beforehand so he’ll have a little imprint on his imagination about what’s being covered… 😉

  163. ElegantSugar says:

    Good morning everyone…

    cleo: If there is genuine interest, I am usually corresponding with my pots offline by the 3rd or 4th email. Of course, I have an email account set up just for Sugar Hunting, which I believe is advised we all do.

    Lisa: Cracking up at the Wal-Mart comment. Isn’t their tagline, “Satisfaction Guaranteed”? That could be added to our profiles too for extra attention.

    LASB: I will only be partaking in the viewing of the half-time show myself. I am skipping all of the SuperBowl parties. My friends are having a huge party in South Beach and told them they were crazy if they thought I was going to voluntarily submerse myself in that madness. Must be my old age. Oh, and I LOVE soccer (futbol). Prefer to watch that all day long!

  164. Midwest Mistress of the Dark says:

    NYCBella – Skinny jeans and a sexy sweater are always sexy! When I have to cover up so much, I like to show my neck with some pretty earrings…prrrr!

  165. Anna Molly says:

    The Saints have never been to the Super Bowl before so I would like to see them win it 😀

  166. NYCBella says:

    Lisa~LMAO!!! That’s awesome! I gotta remember to add that to my profile. hahahahaha….

    AM & MMD~Yay! I know…am super excited. I’m now trying to figure out how to pull off sexy yet warm cause aren’t hockey arenas cold??? 😉 I’ve only ever watched games when I was bartending and that was what the guys demanded so I’ve been told I’ll be learning all the subtleties of the sport. Prrrrrrrrr… 😉

  167. Lisa that Actually Has an SD says:

    Well Walmart has it’s grip on almost everything else so I wouldn’t be surprised, lol.

  168. Midwest Mistress of the Dark says:

    Lisa – Go Colts! Maybe SA can make a deal with Wal-mart to have drive-thru sex stalls! Isn’t there something like that in Canada?

  169. Lisa that Actually Has an SD says:

    Good morning

    Although I don’t follow football, I am going for the Colts as I’m sick of anything to do with NewOrleans. Everyone around Houston is for the Saints. Geesh it’s been almost 5 years since Katrina, they need to end their pitty party and realize they are no more deserving than the Colts.

    As far as the money for sex issue, it’s always wise to have the sd show up with an envelope marked “money for sex” in big black magic marker letters and then you take them behind the walmart to show them you aren’t a prostitute.

  170. SBnxtdoor says:

    Hockey is a beautifully violent ballet on ice.

  171. Midwest Mistress of the Dark says:

    NYC Bella – Yeah! I’m so glad SD is willing to entertain the idea of a LDR. You will be fine! I love hockey..even if I don’t know the rules!

  172. Anna Molly says:

    Good morning MMD and Bella!

    Bella ~ Glad to hear that your SD IRL is o.k. with your move! A Rangers game sounds like a lot of fun! I love hockey even though I don’t know all of the technical in’s and out’s of the game. You are going to have a blast and maybe get to see a good fight or two 😀

  173. Midwest Mistress of the Dark says:

    Good morning AM!

    Cleo- I usually reveal my actual age in the first or second return e-mail. It has never backfired on me. I also reveal my distance from Chicago and that I use it as a point of reference. Same results. I’ve actually found that even though I wasn’t entire;ly honest in the profile, coming clean up front does help them confirm that I am trustworthy. Strange, really.

  174. NYCBella says:

    Morning, AM, Lily, LASB and anyone else lurking. It’s soooo gorgeous outside! I think that’s a good omen for the Colts (atleast that’s the angle I’m taking…lol!)

    Ok, so SD IRL, seems ok with my move and even began taking part in discussing the details I need to start working on to plan for it. He’s taking me to see the Rangers for the first time this week (I’ve never been to a hockey game before), so seems like I’m not being shut out which is a relief. Yay! :)

  175. Anna Molly says:

    Oh yeah, GO SAINTS! 😀

  176. Anna Molly says:

    Good morning everyone….hope y’all slept well 😀

  177. Lily / IRLSB says:

    Right. Big money is a big temptation, but if it’s sex I wouldn’t want anyways, no amount of money will make it happen.

  178. Lily / IRLSB says:

    When I was making great money as a financial advisor for merrill lynch, I was really generous to everyone, including my boyfriend at the time. A generous man is just… My kind of man. Never found one whilst traditional dating. I continued my giving nature but found only “takers.” Now when my life really REALLY needs a boost, I finally want a friend and lover (or two) in my life who is happy & able to provide that, and I’m not going to worry about feeling like an escort for putting that out there explicitly and skipping the whole match.com thing until I am ready.

    It really isn’t about 1,500 vs. 2k per month. Genuine, mutual affection, simply sweetened and enhanced by the mutual benefits, or… Is it all about her counting the benjamins, at least mentally, and him tallying up the # of his orgasms in his head to determine the level of satisfaction….? That tells everything.

  179. LASB says:

    Anyone else here a soccer fan? They are doing the Euro Cup draw tomorrow. :) Also, Arsenal is playing Chelsea. But I know no one cares because of the Super Bowl. I’m only watching the halftime show because I’m a waaaaay into The Who.

  180. LASB says:

    Lily – Great point! I had a guy offer me a decent sum to sleep with him on our first date. Also, when we spoke about an allowance, he was sitting there calculating per meet. Now I think he genuinely liked me, as he still wants to be friends to this day even though I turned him down, but I felt like he was only doing the allowance because he felt it would grant him access to me. I don’t think that he cared that I was up s*** creek financially, or even thought that much about my life. It was all about him and what his money could buy. Unfortunately for him and fortunately for me, I can’t be bought.

  181. LASB says:

    Ok, another late night for me, but not as bad as last night. Realizing how much work I still have ahead of me is helping to bring me back down to Earth. Tomorrow I will put my photo skills to use so I can advertise the place I want to sell. I think I’m going to skip SBF’s 600 people Super Bowl party.

    Elegant – Please contact me if you make it to LA.

    OC – Please give my email to Elegant.

    Also, if anyone wants info on the LA meet, please contact me (via OC if you don’t have my info.) It’s scheduled for Feb 25th in Hollywood.

  182. Lily i.e. IRLSB says:

    I guess for me it’s escorty if his favorite thing about me is his access to my vagina, and if interaction with said vagina is kind of impersonal.

    Or as IRLSD once said, “treat her like she’s just a piece of a$$.”

    it’s not the budget. Is it a genuine, lovely relationship, where he is sharing part of his excess wealth with her because he’s pleased to see her life improve? Or not?

  183. SBnxtdoor says:

    While we are on the subject of money–is it agreed, that most SB’s asking $1k-3k per month, and seeing your SD once per week makes 1-1.5k escorty and 2k more palatable? Thoughts?

  184. Lily i.e. IRLSB says:

    I thought about fudging my age to 29 instead of admitting that I’ve just turned thirty. Is that not a big deal? :) goodie. SDs, give us your opinion.

  185. SBnxtdoor says:

    I meant extortionists

  186. SBnxtdoor says:

    CarpathianCutie– Prostitute mafia? What does that mean? We are sexual etortionists?

    • OCSugarbaby says:

      Hi SBnxtdoor! I like the Mafia part. Maybe we can be the Sugar Mafia
      I think organized Sugar dating is a wonderful idea!
      Good Nite, super sleepy :)

  187. cleo says:

    hey midwest? i changed my age to 35 on my profile for search purposes, when do i tell potentials that i’m a liar? first date? third email? how did you do it?

    • OCSugarbaby says:

      Cleo my BF/SD had 52 on his profile and he was 55. He never told me the truth, but I figured it out. Not a biggie for a few years :)

  188. cleo says:

    i hadn’t heard that term but i like it. it slightly changes my sense of how sugar dating works.

    i wish i could remember where the blog is where you guys were talking about first dates and how they’re different in the sugar world. i think i could understand it better now.

  189. cleo says:

    which is why i’ll do it even though it’s kinda weird. so funny, on ‘regular’ sites i’ve had guys email and email and email before they suggested offsite email. heck some dates were arranged without ever going offsite…

  190. cleo says:

    OCSB that’s it, i got this email and it’s nice enough but i’ve never contacted him before and i feel kinda weird just going offline…

    i probably will but it’s kinda odd to me

  191. cleo says:

    so when a pot emails you and includes a different email address… do you use it? or do you reply on SA with your own non personal for sugar only address?

    • OCSugarbaby says:

      Im still up Cleo.
      When pot give you an alternate email addy, I usually email them there. But only if I have a strong interest. Otherwise I keep the SA email flowing for a few more back and forth until I get the warm fuzzy feeling to move outside of the comfort of SA.

  192. cleo says:

    wonder if anyone is still up…?

  193. ElegantSugar says:

    LASB: There is a chance I will be in LA the week after next and then hopefully there during the time of the meet. I won’t be back in NYC until the end of Feb or beginning of March.

  194. LASB says:

    Elegant – Yes, I will be at the LA meet! Will you? I’d like to do more time in NYC in the next few months too. I’d love for our paths to cross at some point.

  195. ElegantSugar says:

    Ditto on what Flo said to UT about disclosing too much info…

  196. ElegantSugar says:

    “THE PROSTITUTE MAFIA THAT’S HERE EVERYDAY”?????? Oh my. A neomaxizoomdweebie, for sure. Ick.

  197. Flo Rida says:

    UT SB – i’m sorry but you’re disclosing way too much information. You have to protect your identity. If i’m preachy i’m sorry and if you choose to ignore me that’s your decision. PS glad you got out of building. Be safe.

  198. ElegantSugar says:

    Eddie Haskell?? Ha ha ha!!!LASB…I DO hope you and I meet some day. Will you be at the LA meet?

    UT: Wow, what a story (the collapse, I mean…although I was also intrigued by your Eddie Haskell pot SD story). Glad everyone is safe.

  199. SBnxtdoor – I did! Then he sent me an email stating that I “was part of the PROSTITUTE MAFIA THAT’S HERE EVERY DAY!!!” Yes, I’m quoting that email.
    He’s such a jerk.

  200. LASB says:

    My mom, who is in her 60s gushes over him. I’m like “Mom, that’s disgusting!! I mean, I know he’s way hotter than Dad, but I don’t want to hear it.” We were glued to Dancing with the Stars, which is the lamest show on Earth, but he makes it all better. Well, he certainly has the home court advantage, so I’m sure he’ll do well.

  201. LASB says:

    WHAT!!!!!???? YOU GET TO MASSAGE THAT FIIIIIIIIIIIIIIINE SPECIMEN?!!! Ok, I’m going to go curl up in a ball and cry that there are some people that are that lucky and it’s not me. LOL!!!!
    But in all seriousness, that’s awesome!!! :)

  202. UT SB says:

    Stands for Utah.
    Yeah, I know exacty which speedskater you are talking about LASB :) And yes, I know him well. He’s an amazing man, I’ll tell you that much. If all guys were like him, we women wouldn’t know what to do with ourselves. (No….don’t go naughty. I’m only his massage therapist) haha

  203. LASB says:

    I hear ya, SBnxtdoor. When I get those requests, I just tell them that that’s what escorts are for, and I’m not one. One guy actually apologized and said he was new at this and we talked for a while. Though I’m sure the NYC guy knows what he’s doing and just says it to everyone hoping that someone bites.

  204. Lily i.e. IRLSB says:

    Very interesting, UT SB!
    Up all night with an incessant cough. :(

  205. SBnxtdoor says:

    Why didn’t you e-mail him back and tell him to just hire an escort?

  206. LASB says:

    UT – Glad you have the intuition to know there was something wrong. Great save! I’m sure you will do just fine deciphering your pot SD. And what an amazing job you’ve got. I love the Olympics. I’m a huge fan of the short track, though only because of one skater in particular. :)

  207. OMG! They NYC guy who has the same profile on two different accounts, just sent me the same form email again! Whoo Hooo! $250 a night and you have to fill out an I-9 form!

  208. SBnxtdoor says:

    Yikes that was close. I work with athletes also. Does UT stand for Utah or University of Texas?

  209. UT SB says:

    Just had to share this, since so many of you are on the east coast side.
    I’m the head therapist for the US Olympic Speedskaters, and travel with them. We are currently in Virginia. Its been a horrible day for the Assoc. The races were completely cancelled. It’s snowing so bad in Virginia they were making it illegal to be on the roads. Of course that doesn’t stop speedskaters. We get to the rink and start warming up when I heard a loud bang. Everyone else thought it was a skater falling into the pads. I knew it wasn’t. I looked up and a huge support beam buckled. I grabbed the attention of some officials, and we decided to evacuate the building. Not long after, the entire roof collapsed. If we had continued skating, there would have been 5 yr old children on the ice at the time of the collapse. I was the only one there with any kind of medical background. I don’t have training for that kind of mass emergency. Just put the day in a new perspective. No one was hurt luckily. Just…been an interesting day.

  210. UT SB says:

    He’s married. I thought that too…but I guess we will see when we meet.

  211. SBnxtdoor says:

    Just know that he sounds like he is looking for a girlfriend more than a sugar baby

  212. UT SB says:

    Ok…Strangly, my POT SB just redeemed himself. I finally said, “why are we texting if we can both talk?” – and he responded “I can’t, I’m with my friends. In the morning?”
    I realized I was thinking he was totally lame because he had so much time to text me all day! He even said at one point he was bored in his hotel. I was just expecting him to still be sitting there bore. haha
    So I apologized because I didn’t know he was out with his friends, and they are probably annoyed with him for being on his phone so much. He says “No. They dont care. I dont care. Youre my priority. Get used to it”.
    I don’t know why…but knowing he was with his friends lifted a HUGE rock off my chest feeling uncertain about him. I didn’t know I was holding this idea he was a loner. haha man, I can’t tell you how different that one stupid little comment changed how I feel.

  213. UT SB says:

    whew. Thank you LASB. Actually, as simple as you put it – gave me a great way to think while he is talking to me like this. I don’t want to be pessimistic…but I’m just so suspicious of people until I meet them. I know I will be able to tell if he is sincere or not when I meet him.
    Thank you :)

  214. SBnxtdoor says:

    UT-SB there is the off-chance that he is an Eddie Haskell type and in his real dating life he sends women running for the hills because he is all over them with his heart on his sleeve and wanting to be loved so badly. I’ve had that and it is difficult, but he will make a great SD. Try not to be like the cat that Pepe Le Pew was always chasing. Just soak it up and say thank you like LASB says.

  215. LASB says:

    Earlier, someone mentioned the 346492 guy. Before I joined the blog, I wrote him to ask him some newbie questions. He was super nice and very helpful. I believe he posted on the blog a few times, too. I’m sure he would make an awesome SD.

  216. LASB says:

    UT SB – I can relate to how you are feeling, but just learn to take the compliment with grace. Usually when they are like that, I smile and say “Thank you, you are very sweet.” Or “Thank you, that’s really flattering,” and leave it at that. Of course in my head I am thinking, “Oh, you must be lying and nuts, b/c you can’t possibly be serious about all you are saying,” but I don’t let them know it. Also, once you meet in person, you can look at him and see the expression on his face and his body language and know if he is sincere or just being an Eddie Haskell. (Leave it to Beaver reference. Yes, I’m old.)

  217. LASB says:

    SBnxtdoor – I don’t really go into the emotional reasons, but I do clarify that “I have to like, respect, and be attracted to my SD, or else I can’t move forward.”

  218. UT SB says:

    I’m pretty new to all of this, as you have probably figured out. I’ve been chatting with a POT SD (the one I’m meeting at the piano store on Tuesday). However – he won’t stop being overly …attentive… I don’t know. Everything he says is incredibly sweet. He’s super excited to meet me, talks about making me his princess, and to have high expectations because he will meet them. And that I deserve all attention in the world. Really cute, sweet stuff. But – here is my problem – I’ve never had that. I don’t know how to handle it. To me, it’s too much. But to any other woman, they would be in heaven! I haven’t even met him yet, and he is saying more than any man I’ve ever actually dated. For example, I finally told him to excuse me if I come off awkward…and breifly explained I’m just not used to the attention. His response? “Get used to it. You are awesome, and you make me happy.” I haven’t even met him yet! I know…I should just accept it. I’m just so suspicious when people are overly nice.
    He’s already tried to talk about the financial aspect, and I politely said “I would rather wait for that conversation till after we meet…if you don’t mind”. He was fine with that.
    Anyway. I’m trying to accept the compliments and the kindness…just not used to that until after people meet me. He is new to the SA world too…so we are kindof going at it blindly. As I type and re-read what I’m writing, it makes me realize how stupid I sound. It’s just soooo foreign to me! It’s true we are attracted to men like our fathers. My dad is autistic. I knew if I wanted attention, I had to initiate it – and even then it was very disconnected. My boyfriend (yes..I have a bf too) is not the best and barely pays attention to me at all (yes, I’m trying to get out of that relationship – but it’s complicated). I guess like you sugars are saying “it’s a learning process”

  219. LASB says:

    AM and Midwest – Thanks for the congrats. Yes, it feels great for so many reasons.

    Bella – Congrats on selling your side business! Awesome news! Sorry about the pot situation, but I have no doubt you will sort it out. Like Midwest, I believe that we get clues as we walk our path, and as long as we pay attention (especially to our intuition) we will know what to do and when to do it.

    Hi SBnxtdoor, Elegant, Cleo, Zacky, Lili, Lil’SB, NYC-22, Lisa, Eric and anyone I may have missed.

    So I just got back from the live Pee Wee Herman show. It was as cool as it was ridiculous. Earlier, I was at the Kings game with the sometimes BF. He told me that he was going to the USC-UCLA game on Valentine’s Day with his buddy and not me!! He knows I’m a huge UCLA basketball fan. I didn’t know what to say, so I just said “It’s ok that you want to do that, but then you can’t get upset if I’m not sitting home alone that night.” It was overly passive-aggressive, I know. On the other hand, I’m not likely to sit at home alone and we have a pretty open/non-clingy relationship. It was mostly that I was pissed that he got tickets and would rather take his buddy!!!

  220. SBnxtdoor says:

    Here’s a question— in your correspondance with potSD’s or on your first sugar date do you get asked or do you volunteer to discuss the emotional reasons for sugar dating or just the financial reasons?

    I’m very curious how you put it short but sweet.

  221. Anna Molly says:

    Oh, I’m doing great BTW! 😀

  222. Anna Molly says:

    Eric!! How are you darlin’? Yes, how is the search going? Aren’t you supposed to go to LA?

  223. Midwest Mistress of the Dark says:

    Evening Eric. How is the SM search going?

  224. Anna Molly says:

    Hi Zacky! Welcome to the blog! Hope your date goes well!

    Hi Cleo 😀

  225. Anna Molly says:

    I’m curious, have any of the SD’s ever been in a situation where you are out with an 18 or 19 year old and questioned whether or not they are really of leagal age? If so, how did you handle it?

  226. cleo says:

    zacky: funny thing, i just nexted a man for that very behaviour. dude, if you can’t be bothered to read my three line email i’m not thinking you’re actually interested.

    in her case maybe she’s just inexperienced
    thanks nycbella!

  227. SBnxtdoor says:

    Li’l SB– There are no guarantees in life. This guy has to know that. If you should decide to sleep with and be exclusive with someone else, then you should let your SD know,and bring it up that way, but to give up dating for five years hmmm, that better be some allowance.

  228. Midwest Mistress of the Dark says:

    AM – I agree that it’s the right thing to do for families who cannot bear to return to their homes or scene where a loved one was lost. I give you a lot of credit in seeing beyond and finding the good in it. I will admit, I’m hooked to the true crime shows and would find having access to crime scenes would be somewhat interesting. (Not to be morbid)

  229. NYCBella says:

    Okay…stepping off my soap box now. But, I’ll add this last point. SBs, we can unfortunately be our worst enemies. The reason we’re on here venting about a guy acting like an a$$ is because at some point, he’s gotten away with it. And he knows that there’s gonna be someone that will eventually take him up on his request yet again.

    If all the SBs took the time to realize our self-worth and not compromise on our standards it would slowly start bringing about a change in the mentality often found in the sugar world. SDs would start to realize that treating a woman like an escort is not acceptable, and women would stop having to always wonder if the next time the click on an email are they going to be made to feel like a cheapened wh***. Or feeling the need to behave like an escort simply because “he won’t like me if I don’t put out.”

    So I challenge each and every one of us to demand (whether silently, through our actions, or by vocalizing) to treat each other with respect, to strive for a dignity that might seem lacking in today’s world and to really bring to the sugar bowl our best selves rather than sloppy seconds.

    Ciao, bello!

  230. NYC-22 says:

    NYCBella- Totally agree with you. We met in a coffee shop at first but it was so crowded, he said his car was right out front, blah, blah, blah – but thank you, point taken.

  231. Anna Molly says:

    MMD ~ Yes, I used clean up trauma scenes. It was a rewarding job and I enjoyed it (hope that doesn’t sound morbid). Most people don’t realize that there are companies that do this kind of work. I saw a video on youtube the other day of a man who’s daughter commited suicide. It was sooo sad to listen to him talk about it and if that wasn’t awful enough, he had to clean up everything. It really bothers me that these poor families who are grieving for their loved ones are left with such an awful and traumatizing job.

    Did I ever feel haunted? Sometimes. I remember one time we were on a job and we turned on the radio. The song that came on was the Guns -n- Roses remake of Knockin’ on Heavens Door….that was really weird. Gives me the chills just thinking about it.

  232. NYCBella says:

    NYC-22~Girl you live in the city! Why, oh, why would you get into a car with someone you’ve just met? Not to tell you something I’m sure you’re already aware of, but do you realize how much potential danger you put yourself in, but getting in the car?! Think about the impression you’re giving a guy. If you’re willing to hop into the car with him, or entertain escort-ish pay-per-play SD’s, then of course, you’re going to be continually confronted with less-than-gentlemanly behaviour. Why wouldn’t he whip his c*** out?! It’s worth a shot in his mind as you’ve already not demanded that he behave appropriately by having a first meet in a public, non-intimidating setting where you have the chance to talk and see if there’s chemistry. (And by chemistry, we’re talking mental, not always physical on a first meet.) If it walks like a duck, and talks like a duck…people are gonna call it a duck and only throw it bread crumbs.

  233. NYC-22 says:

    Had a positive and a negative today.

    Went on a second date with SD1 – a “pay per” fellow. We went out for sushi – he was kind, chivalrous, interesting to talk to. 30 Minutes into our meal he got a call, apologized extensively and said that he had an important client to meet. Handed me an envelope with $1000 and said he’ll call me during the week.

    Lately I’ve been very time-conscious, in a “kill 2 birds with 1 stone” mood, so I decided to meet with a pot whom I spoke with on the phone the other day. He was in his 40s, very attractive, seemed normal, until we got into his car and he started talking about sex, trying to make out with me, and pulling his thing out of his pants. So rude. Newbie. My theory is that he heard about the prospect of possible freebies from a friend and decided to try it out. Unless he gives me my highest asking price in a full monthly installment to “make it up to me”, I’m not interested.

    Off for a friend’s bday : ) Hope everyone’s day is going well!

  234. Zacky says:

    *Has the sugar presented you with any tough choices? Care to share?

    It has. I met two potential SBs at the end of December and started seeing one, quite young, 19. I’m 49. She was so inexperienced that, on our third date, I had her over to my apartment to watch a movie and she stood exactly in the center of the apartment with her coat on, not moving, for half an hour as I got us refreshments and selected something to watch. No matter how many times I suggested that she get comfortable, she couldn’t move. It was sad, but I had to tell her that she simply wasn’t cut out to be a sugar baby. I gave her rent money and sent her on her way. So sad, such a beauty! And so sweet. So I chose the other 21-year-old SB for January, took her to Vegas, had a blast, but no matter how much friendship we developed, there was no spark. I let her go for February, but I’ve had an explosion of interest. I just went out last night with one, the 19-year-old is begging to see me, and I have another date tonight in half an hour and one more tomorrow, all shopping dates. All gorgeous girls, between 19 and 23.

    *If you give could 1 tip to a sugar who is seeking an arrangement with you, what would it be?

    Pay close attention to my texts and emails. Yesterday I warned my pot SB early in the afternoon that I was going to dress up for dinner, wearing a sporty suit and overcoat with a pretty fancy shirt, but she was wearing a hoodie and jeans when I arrived.. When she saw me she looked completely crestfallen. I looked at her after sitting down and said “Wow, you seem really disappointed, I’m sorry!” She shook her head and said, “No, I’m just so underdressed!” It took a lot of coaxing to get her to feel comfortable, and we hit it off, but wow, it could have been so much easier if she’d read my polite warning!

    *How are things going in your sugarlife?

    I’m in heaven! Off to my date!

  235. NYCBella says:

    lil SB~as IRL, I find it difficult to put such expectations on the table when seeking an arrangement. It almost always spells disappointment and rarely meets the ideals when the bar is set too high (5+ Years..seriously?! Who knows if you’ll both still be alive or on the same continent after 5 years?! Not to be morbid). I’m of the thought that if things happen they happen, but I’m not gonna go on a first date and say, “So, I think June 2011, will be perfect for us to have our wedding at the Plaza…then we’ll have 3 kids within the first 5 years following our wedding, etc…” If I did that, I’m absolutely certain every date I ever had would immediately make excuses and bolt for the door. What sort of psycho says that?! (5+ years! Hmph!!!) Sounds like the guy has control issues. Not to mention that he’s hypocritical and subscribes to the double-standard theory. Sounds like a toxic personality IMHO. I’d say, keep your options open and really listen to your instincts on this one.

  236. Lisa that Actually Has an SD says:

    I see no problem being exclusive with an sd if the allowance was sufficient. Anyway think of it this way, you aren’t really putting off meeting mr right as you’d probably just spend the next few years dating guys who use you and expect you to pay half way on a date. I haven’t exactly missed any opportunities at serious relationships since joining the site.

  237. Lisa that Actually Has an SD says:

    While I wqs wating for the bus to come home from work this afternoon, there was a woman reading a book called “Hooked on Sugar, breaking the sugar habit, or something” I thought it was just funny. It was a dieting book obviously.

    Boring saturday night here, stuck in.

  238. Midwest Mistress of the Dark says:

    l’il SB – I’m not aware of your age, but one of the reasons it’s “justified” to accept an allowance from a gentleman is because we are supposedly putting off meeting someone we could have a future with. A bit like the “cost of doing business”. What you want out of life in the next five years should help you decide what to do. I can say that many would consider that a generous offer indeed.

  239. NYCBella says:

    MMD~GPB is a great sugar movie.

    Cleo~Love the new pics you have up, very cute!

    Elegant & MMD~I’d been just thinking about how it was bout that time for the Girl Scout cookies to start being sold (ahhh, brings back memories of brown itchy polyester uniforms with orange tassels on the socks…lol)

    Lily~Congrats on your arrangements and good luck finding the proper balance.

    Oh, and San Diego SB~Yay!!! Good for you, hun! I’m reading through all the success stories that are starting to come about and it’s encouraging in this search for the right sort of sugar to fill the bowl.

  240. lil'SB says:

    Yes! It’s really original, but I think I would have to contradict one of his points. I rather enjoy hearing about a pot SD’s job/work, especially if he’s really passionate about what he does. I find that usually it’s a great conversation topic.

    In other news, sugar life seems to be complicating. I’m not sure if it’s swinging up for better or for worse, as I’ve got one pot SD who’s quite keen on taking care of me, however he’s married and yet looking for exclusivity from me. He’s the president of several companies a quick google confirmed everything. I’ve already had a meeting with him, and he’s every bit the courteous gentleman I expect, but I’m so stuck on the monogamy bit! I would like to still see other people on my part because of course I’m not married, and he’s looking for a LTR (as in 5+ years!). Hmmm what to do what to do…

  241. Midwest Mistress of the Dark says:

    “Gentleman Prefer Blondes” is a very funny sugar movie…it’s amazing how your perspective changes once you join the sugar world. :-)

  242. NYCBella says:

    MMD~Very true. (I’m having a Haagen Dazs moment and my cat is all up in my business…seems girls aren’t the only ones whose problems can be solved by a pint…lol). I’d contemplated not telling him for a while to let our feelings develop (or dwindle) and get to know him better before dropping the info (if it was even necessary), but we’ve both admitted to being quite smitten. And that’s something completely out of character for us both. I couldn’t not give him the information and let him figure out if he wants it to continue (esp because it’s not just emotional commitment but also a financial investment for him). It’s only fair. I am thinking that it’ll be exhausting but doable for me to do the flying back and forth. (Having total Charlotte moment….I want my friggin fairy tale, gosh darnit! 😉 )

  243. Midwest Mistress of the Dark says:

    Cleo and L’il SB – I just took a peek….what a great profile! Very clever to create something useful for others while he takes a break. If all the SDs did this, it could raise the bar and set new standards on SA!!! YES!

  244. cleo says:

    lil’sb i think you and i read the same profile :)

  245. Midwest Mistress of the Dark says:

    NYCBella – The answer may not have presented itself as clearly, but it will all work out. I’m a big believer that life gives you direction, but you have to be paying attention…my modified version of fate. I do see selling the side business and being able to accomplish what you were trying to do with sugar is an indicator. I also see his inability to travel another indicator. There is the option of you flying in to see him on a regular basis with other visits as options. You are a very intelligent lady and will figure out what can and what realistically will not work.

  246. lil'SB says:

    Elegantsugar, I’ve seen that exact post on profile #346492. I actually favourited the profile because it was really interesting.

  247. NYCBella says:

    Hello, sugarland. Wow, it’s been a busy few days (always is now it seems), and every time I try to catch up, I can’t seem to do so. Till now! Yes!!!

    So, I have news…bittersweet news. I’ve sold my side business and will be able to financially facilitate my LA move sans sugar (though sugar would help). So yay! However, I’ve been in this crazy city for nearly 7 years and as fate seems to be in an ironic mood, I meet an amazing person (SD IRL), right as everything is coming together for my cross country transition.

    I’ve been putting my SA SD search on the back burner as all my pots had been poofing and flaking lately, and because there is such LTpotential with SD IRL. While I still would enjoy a MBR SD because having an allowance would be really helpful, SD is proving to be a great gift/dinner/travel SD and I’m totally smitten. What stinks is SD’s work requires him to work at headquarters and doesn’t allow for freedom to just jet off to whatever destination (i.e. making the possibility of a long distance thing difficult). So, now I’m venting to the universe that this timing stinks!!! Grrrr… Oh, and just let SD know the “good news” and all it’s bittersweet implications. He said I’ve given him a lot to think over. FML!!!

  248. cleo says:

    elegant sugar: read the ingredients on girl scout cookies. i’m much more able to resist them now… awful stuff

  249. cleo says:

    elegant i have only forgotten from booze once in my life… i think it’s because i drink water obsessively. (that time? oh yeah, i decided to out drink a bunch of engineers in from the bush. that would have been okay except i had mono and didn’t know it)
    MMD: thank you miss.
    IRLSD interesting. thank you for that perspective

  250. ElegantSugar says:

    I was trying to say…I cannot say NO to those…

  251. ElegantSugar says:

    Midwest: I totally feel you! I cannot say to those the caramel delights. ugh!! Extra time on the kettlebells! Wooo.

  252. Midwest Mistress of the Dark says:

    Help, Help Girl scout cookies are on sale! Can someone please lock me away for a month with my personal trainer? I’m finally seeing results and this could set me back…noooooooooooooo!

  253. IRLSD says:

    Lily/IRLSB, if the two SD schedules don’t interfere with one another, then neither SD is jipped in terms of the time they were planning on spending with you. But that doesn’t mean they’re OK with you having more than one SD.

    One time I was sugar-dating two roommates and I was over at their place and saw a new laptop, which they said was from their previous SD but that it took the computer a few weeks to be built and shipped. I actually think they were telling the truth, but in all honesty I realized that the worst thing about an SB having another SD is that it implies that I am not financially taking care of her to her satisfaction.

  254. Midwest Mistress of the Dark says:

    LASB – Woo Hoo! Congratulations! What a wave of relief to a)have it done and b) win!!!! Time to treat yourself to something/somewhere special. I agree that you can now step back and play into the sugar world without need…whole new ballgame!

    Cleo – beautifully said to Nomadic!

    Lilly – I agree with Flo Rida – someone is going to get hurt. I realize you are with married SDs and everyone knows the risks, but please account for human nature. Sugar should always be sweet – beginning to end.

    AM – I had NO idea you worked on crime scenes. I could probably handle the gross factor, but do you ever feel haunted?

  255. IRLSD says:

    My current SB is #20 from SA, not counting the webcam SB and my IRL SBs.

    My new SB had to break her last lease because of losing her job, so I just rented her a place on her side of town (the lease is in my name). Maybe it’s dumb to commit myself to 13 months’ rent after 3 dates, but I’ve decided to think positive and stay optimistic and not to let doubts and worries and fears change what I want to do. I actually had a choice of a 7 month lease, but I figured that would be the pessimistic choice and I have decided to be optimistic about sugar dating, as pessimism has been such a poison in my previous sugar relationships.

  256. Lily i.e. IRLSB says:

    Flo – if one sd can only see me once a month, and another only during daytime business hours m-f, then where are the great evening dates and weekend trips I was looking for? If they are married and never ask about other men in my life…. Then..:) don’t ask, don’t tell, right?

  257. Lily i.e. IRLSB says:

    No, not me. :)

    but, darling, I’m not married.

    This isn’t the US. I’m exotic over here. And great at marketing. And sales. And profiles and initial contacts are just that. Once a live meeting occurs, then it’s either “match” or not. But I can find the target group and get them in front of me. My two SDs were the 8th & 11th ones I met. During 32 days of hunting. Neither from SA.

  258. ElegantSugar says:

    IRLSD, MissAB, LASB: Ah, to love and to be loved. Nothing quite like it. Indescribable.

    cleo: agree with your thoughts on alcohol. It certainly is a truth serum. (I was mostly joking in my response to you, btw.) I am the responsible drinker myself, but must say, I have certainly had some mornings where I had to try to recollect the prior night to find my missing tooth… (a la “Hangover”)

    By the way, new post on Sugar and the City titled, “One Sugar Daddy’s Viewpoint” submitted by a West Coast SD. Some interesting points, indeed.

  259. Midwest Mistress of the Dark says:

    Moonpatrol – I’m up for Italy! I’ve always wanted to travel to the countryside as well as the coast. *sighs* Someday!

  260. Flo Rida says:

    Lily – you seem to be having the time of your life and I don’t blame you for that. I would caution you though that this could end badly – balancing 2-3 SDs must be difficult and I would never advocate deliberate hurtful deception (though of course I lie for humourous and personal identity reasons) – you do run the risk of causing a lot of harm. Now of course you don’t need to confess or disclose what you’re doing but I also think that you’re playing with fire – of course SDs also play with fire too. good luck but be careful.

  261. Lily a k a taylor says:

    So speaking of boyfriends, I’m seeing this swedish guy my age who is infuriating. Just so immature, cocky, pushy and annoying. But he’s been chasing hard for two months. And he has some redeeming qualities. Thinking about telling him exactly where and why and who I’ll be out of town with next week just to get him to leave me alone.

  262. IRLSD says:

    Great. It’s obvious I chased off the wholy blog :(

  263. IRLSD says:

    Lily a k a taylor, you are the absolute SB version of me juggling so many SDs and wanting different SDs to keep you entertained all the time. I also ask myself, “Am I greedy? Or just resourceful? And easily bored?” If I am bored for 5 minutes, I start thinking that I need a new SB to keep me entertained those 5 minutes. Clearly part of my problem is too much money–I could easily afford 4 or 5 SBs or more without noticing the slightest dent in my paycheck, so I could see how an SB who gains financially from this could be even more tempted than I am to date multiple sugars at once. You are obviously a hot commodity, as SBs have the utmost trouble finding one SD and you have them crawling all over like ants. I think a big reson why most SBs don’t juggle many SDs is because they have trouble finding an SD and if they do find one, they would not want to risk losing him knowing how hard it is to find a new one.

    But I have been in sugar monogamy for 7 days now. I even cancelled a meet with a new pot yesterday just to stay monogamous. It’s not the easiest thing for me, but I think it is the best.

  264. IRLSD says:

    MissAB, I second LASB. Love trumps money.

    Also, consider this–even if you meet the SD, there is a low chance of things really lasting, maybe 10-30% depending on how well you have sorted things out ahead of time. So if you meet him and things work out, then fine, you can dump your BF, as he will find out anyways if you keep travelling long-distance. But if things don’t pan out (the likely scenario), then you’ll have the guilt of having cheated on your BF (whether you sleep with the SD or not you’re clearly cheating on your BF) and he’d presumably not want to be with you if he knew the truth.

    This is why I prefer SBs without BFs. The guilt is hard to hide and the BF has to take some priority in her life.

  265. IRLSD says:

    Lily a k a taylor, if you tell him you’re going to be gone for 4 days, unless he has sub-SD intelligence, he’ll figure you’re with some other SD.

  266. IRLSD says:

    Chitown, a good rule of thumb for me is, “no sex, no sugar.” Unless the SB can see herself in bed with me, I wouldn’t think it’s fair for her to accept financial renumeration.

    But I should say that one of my favorite SBs was married, so I told her from day 1 that sex with her would be out of the question for me, so I proposed a sugar friendship. We hung out and had some nice dates–she was very charming and I enjoyed my time with her. But soon enough I realized that it was a dead-end relationship, so I ended things with her on good terms. She has tried hard to win me back ever since, but I just can’t sleep with a married woman (I was blunt with her about this fact from my first e-mail to her). It may sound hypocritical since I am married, but I have my solid and unbendable reasons. But at the same time, I would never have a sugar relationship with an SB who could not see herself in bed with me. That would be just too annoying. I think that hasn’t been a particular problem for me simply because of my age–in another 20 years, these 18-22 year olds will have a harder time seeing themselves in bed with me.

  267. Lily a k a taylor says:

    Oh and neither said anything about exclusivity. And both are married with children.

    Since my combined allowance is now twice my overhead, and I have one handsome and young SD in my city (who is so reliable whenever I need some help with some little problem but) only available during working hours, m-f, -and zazazoomSD is a few hours away and seldom available, I’m now tempted to find a SD abroad to be the travel/shopping/adventure SD. Am I greedy? Or just resourceful? And easily bored and wanting some GREAT NIGHTTIME dates in the interim between my monthly night out with zazazoomSD…?

  268. Lily a k a taylor says:

    Yes, yes, I won’t ditch his calls/texts completly, I just wondered if I should come up with small reasons i can’t meet, when he asks, since it’s just 4 days I need to get through without him feeling slighted, and he’s really understanding and doesn’t expect to see me every day or even every two or three days, necessarily… Or come up with a big lie about going to germany to see my girlfriend -or for a gig, like you said. Maybe both. A modeling gig my friend got me in on.
    But I’ll call him when I’m alone.

  269. cleo says:

    er that last word there… where it says ‘deal…’ it should say ‘reality…’

  270. cleo says:

    i want to comment tangenitally on something that Nomadic Constant asked and no one really answered. he said:

    is everyone only interested in a once a week only kind of thing here or are there SBs also interested in the older version of keeping and being kept type affair. I would want my sb to travel with me and be with me alot more than once a week. Not interested in quashing anyones lifestyle. But I find that I want more than being there once a week for a couple of hours.

    i think for me at least it’s both of those things. i would be content with a few times a month and some help here and there. my life would improve, my food/spa/pilates/clothing budget would go up so my waistline would shrink and my self-esteem/good feeling caused by extreme health would climb.

    but do i harbour the fantasy? of being whisked off by someone to live all over the world and learn a smattering of dozens of languages? to retreat to a place where talking out loud is sometimes rude to the scenery? to learn to surf or sail while sharing my knowledge and skills in return? to share time with a smart and successful man and build rapport? fantastic sex on the deck of a boat? street food in asia and haute cuisine in south america and ruins in …?

    is that my dream life?


    but the only way it could happen is if the man in question were prepared to fund my “return to life” when he was done with me. otherwise my small business would be non-existent and my income would be as well.

    so how do you put that on your profile?

    sure mr. branson i’d love to run off and come wing walking with you, do you mind paying my rent/expenses for the next couple of years first?

    dad said once “if you marry for money you’ll earn it” but i no longer understand why that’s a bad deal if everyone’s eyes are open to the deal…

  271. cleo says:

    NYGent: ahh cross posting!


  272. cleo says:

    NYGent: i’m not sure if you caught this but i put up a new 1/3 and went back to old 2. take a look if you have a moment… 406468
    elegant i’m italian. i had alcohol for the first time when i was two years old and have been drinking en famille since then. the first time i got drunk was new years eve with my parents.

    i skipped all that crap teenagers do when they discover alcohol. i might have been drinking at a party but i was always the most likely to be making sense or to be dealing with a crisis.

    have i done stupid shit when drunk? absofreakinglutely. do i blame the booze? nope.

    i believe that there are three kinds of drinkers: those who are allergic to alcohol aka rabid chipmunks aka sniff a beer cap and be crazy drunk, those who are the same person drunk or sober and those who become someone else.

    i’m the second. and i think if you like yourself and who you are that tends to be true. i am always very cautious of people whose entire temperament changes when they drink or who get violent or cheat on people or whatever… i tend to believe that those urges are there anyway but that the drinker is in denial.

    it’s not to say i haven’t done stupid things when drinking, i most assuredly have. what i haven’t done? is do things i can’t reconcile. do things that make me promise never to drink again. do things that make me question my own moral judgement…

    at least not since i became an adult.

  273. Anna Molly says:

    Thanks Cleo!

    Congratulations LASB!!

  274. NYGent says:

    cleo: the new pics look good!

  275. cleo says:

    AM better, she won her lawsuit!

  276. ElegantSugar says:

    Cleo said: “c) i have NEVER done anything drunk i wouldn’t do sober

    May I please award you with the WTF Planet are you from and I’ll have what SHE’S Having” award?

    Holy cow. Wish I could say the same.

    To quote Brangelina, “You’re young, you’re drunk, you’re in bed, you have knives; shit happens…”

    Now, THAT, I can relate to.

  277. NYGent says:

    MissAB: I don’t think there’s a right and wrong answer to your dilemma. Just remember that although the pot SD seems like he will turn your life around financially overnight, these arrangements can end very quickly. So if you do go the SD route and your cherished BF finds out and leaves you over it, you could end up with neither. It’s a calculated risk and perhaps you’re prepared to take it, but just be aware of that risk.

    Chitown: I don’t think SA arrangements necessarily preclude a “warm up” stage — magic sometimes does happen after a first date even if it wasn’t there to begin with. But two caveats: (1) as many of the SB bloggers have said here (and to me in person), a woman generally “knows” within the first 5 minutes whether there is any possibility of developing physical attraction to a man, and as Elegant points out, it sounds like you already know the answer to that is no, so maybe it’s best to end it now if you’re that sure. (2) if there is need for a warmup stage due to lack of physical attraction from the “get go,” do not be surprised if SD declines to provide financial assistance from the “get go.” Some SDs will provide an allowance “on spec,” hoping things will develop even if the chemistry isn’t all there immediately (and I myself have done this), but many SDs will not. A “compromise” many adopt is half allowance up front, half later if things are progressing well.

  278. Anna Molly says:

    Chitown SB ~ Good luck with your pot. I hope things work out!

    LASB ~ I know I missed something, but congratulations! Did you find an awesome SD?

  279. cleo says:


    i got quite drunk on my first SD date… it was at a wine bar with suggested drinks with each little amuse bouche. lovely pairings actually.

    anyway i felt safe doing that because:
    a) he had been drinking already (conference wrap up party) so i was unlikely to ‘catch up’
    b) i have drunk male norwegian teenagers under the table… okay we met each other under the table but you know what i’m saying
    c) i have NEVER done anything drunk i wouldn’t do sober
    d) if i do get to the point of drunk where i’m stupid randy i nearly always pass out before i can do anything about it
    e) i NEVER have first time sex with anyone i plan to see again if i’m drinking [caveat – unless we’ve been dating a while and had a couple of drinks with dinner or whatever]

    i was right too, he was drunker than i at the end of the evening and quite irritated with me when at one thirty in the morning i wasn’t willing to come ‘hang out at his hotel’

    all of that said, i didn’t know if i could have sex with that man but i knew i could hold his hand, not worry about his behaviour when drinking, laugh with him, talk easily, enjoy his appreciation of me and share food. that is a lot to know after one date.

    my ‘one that got away’ had a first date a lot like that… we just sorta saw each other casually for about six weeks and then i broke up with him because i didn’t miss him. i did this in spite of the fact that the s3x was AH MAY ZING. [be advised it was the end of the second date before we had the kiss where we both sorta went “oh”]

    but silly me, i didn’t listen to my body.

    a year later we became fwb which evolved into this really awesome thing… but because i had hurt him once he couldn’t open his heart to me that way and we parted many months later with more hurt feelings than were necessary.

    so i’m coming back to my sister on this one “you don’t have to decide if you want to marry him, just if you want to see him on saturday”

    and to quote mr got away “you’re worrying about me? you just worry about you and let me take care of me”

    chitown i think your email was nearly perfect but i might have said that closer to the end of the second date… rather than in email.
    lily: your zazaSD heretofore zzsd is going to be working some, call safetynetsd heretofore snsd in those times and find a reason to be out of town.

  280. ElegantSugar says:

    Chi: Love the way you expressed yourself to your pot SD regardng date no. 2 and moving forward. The most important thing is to always be very conscious about how you feel about your own decisions and how good you feel when you go to bed at night and how much at peace you are when you wake up in the morning. (at least that’s what I believe, but what do I know? I’m a stealth ninja hired to seize and detain innocent people all the time…)

    Anyway, Other people may not agree with what our choices are, but it doesn’t matter because it’s your life to live, no one else’s.

  281. LASB says:

    Photo and Elegant – Thanks for the congrats. I love the warmth of the sugar fam! :)

  282. Chitown SB says:

    Anna and Elegant- Thanks for the thoughts. Yeah, the wine helped to ease the nerves but may have done more harm in the long run. I just emailed him to tell him I need to move slower sexually, and not for his lack of skill but simply because I am not really comfortable. I reassured him I had a great time talking at lunch. Lastly, told him that if after knowing that while I did feel a connection (and would be interested in a second non-sexual date), I cannot be certain about physical intimacy… he wants to cut his losses I would understand and thanked him for a nice afternoon regardless. We shall see…

    Lily- While you may not have asked my opinion… if I was safety net SD I think I’d much rather believe you were away on business or seeing a friend that you have not seen in forever and finally have a good chance to than wonder if you were ditching me for another guy. Just my humble opinion.

  283. LASB says:

    Elegant – Well, now that I’m going to have all this time on my hands, I can be on the blog EVEN MORE!!! No, I don’t have a problem. Stop telling me that I have a problem.

    Lily – Go have fun on your trip! Sounds awesome! And yes, come up with a plausible story. Like you have a modeling gig or your friend (the female) is ill/moving and you are going to help her. If he asks where you got the money, she funded the trip. etc.

    Chi – I have the same wine problem. I had absolutely no judgment on my most recent pot date and probably let him take things further (though not too far! haha) than if I hadn’t been so high on life and tipsy. But oh well. lol.

  284. Anna Molly says:

    Lily ~ I don’t remember if you said whether or not either of your SD’s expect an exclusive arrangement. Which one is married? See I told you guys, I don’t remember important stuff, just useless stuff :D…..LOL

    Oh yeah, I’m lazy too….don’t feel like going back to read 😀

  285. Anna Molly says:

    Lily ~ I would try to think of a good story to tell your SD. I don’t think it would be a good idea to dodge him for 4 days. He may get the idea that you don’t want him around anymore or something. Again, just my opinion 😀

  286. ElegantSugar says:

    Oh, hi, LASB!! Meant to congratulate you on your latest HOORAH news! Way to go. Now you might actually be willing to take step one towards SBA. 😉

  287. Lily a k a taylor says:

    I’m just happily counting down the days until my first trip with zzzoomSD! 48hrs. Can’t wait. Having lunch with my SD#2 just before going to airport. Do I mention I’ll be gone for 4 days or just dodge him the rest of the week and try to make it up to him when I return…? Clever stories needed for both options…

  288. ElegantSugar says:

    Also not saying you were DRUNK, Chi. Just seems your decisions may have been blurred with the affects of alcohol. It happens to us all! My first SD date ever had to hire me a driver to take me 45 minutes back home. I was so nervous I drank myself silly!

  289. ElegantSugar says:

    Definitely was not saying Chi is an awful person, by any means. Just based on what she shared, it seems she knows and absolutely stated(while writing her message to us sober) that she is NOT OKAY with physical intimacy with this man. I tend to focus on absolute statements. :)

  290. Anna Molly says:

    Chitown SB ~ That does not make you an awful person at all. There are lots of reasons why you may not have found him irresistable right from the start. Sounds to me that you do find him somewhat attractive and I think he deserves the second date for sure. If you want some advice, try not to have any wine with your meal and see how you feel about him then. I never drink when I’m meeting with someone for the first or even second time because I want to see how I truly feel about the person. I’m not saying you were drunk or anything of that nature or that drinking is a no, no by any means, but for me personally I choose not to do it. Even though you may not be drunk, wine or what ever you poison may be, can give you distorted feelings/perceptions towards people and situations. Just a suggestions and opinions; I hope I haven’t offended anyone 😀

  291. Chitown SB says:

    You are right Elegant, and I wouldn’t want someone to be with me if they were not genuinely into it.

    I guess I should probably message him and let him down… the question is how to do it gently. I hate being a newbie. But I suppose it’s experiences like this that enable us to grow and be better.

  292. LASB says:

    Chi – I’m on the same page with Elegant. It sounds like the makings of a potential bad ending. But you know if you are smooth enough to handle it or side step it, and it’s not going to make you feel bad.

    MissAB – If you are truly in love and you already with Mr. Perfect, I don’t know that it’s so great to throw a wrench in it. Plus, if he was successful once, then he can be successful again. In some ways, I think it’s easier to create money than love, so I tend to protect love a little more. Just my 2 cents.

  293. ElegantSugar says:

    Quite honestly, Chi, you have his hopes up with date no. 2 already. Especially since you were somewhat phsyical with him already…and the purchase of lingerie adds to that hope. Ultimately, it is YOUR decision and I am sure many, many SBs go into arrangements without being physically attracted to the other person because the perks are so great (large allowance, gifts, etc). But at the end of the day…how would that make you feel? Can you live with that? Some can. Only you know the truth to that.

  294. Chitown SB says:

    Elegant- Thank you. I think I am hoping that the attraction I feel towards his personality will help me be attracted to him in other ways. I am going to go through with our second date, and hope for better luck. But if it doesn’t happen, how do you let someone down without having to blatantly say “Sorry, I’m just not attracted to you in that way”?

    Thanks again for the insight.

  295. ElegantSugar says:

    Chitown: I should have added in closing that I do not think you should move forward since you “are not okay” with physical intimacy and alrady regret being phsyical with this guy. If you do, you are wasting his time.

  296. ElegantSugar says:

    Chitown: I, personally, don’t think this time around I will move forward with another arrangement where I am not physically attracted to the SD immediately. I learned from experience, this is hugely unfair to the other person. However, in relationships sometimes the physical attraction isn’t immediate. I have become enormously attracted to a person after spending time with them and really “falling” for everything else about them. Because of these other qualities I adored so much, I began to desire them physically as well. But a SD/SB relationship is a bit different in that physical intimacy is almost always something that happens much quicker than it would in a traditional relationship so there isn’t a “courting” phase where you can really get to know the other person and fall for all of their other qualities. (In my experiences anyway…) Hence, the reason I am hoping to connect with someone I am physically attracted to from the get go.

    I know I didn’t really answer your question and could have made it more confusing….bu t hope I made a bit of sense.You are right. Live and learn.

  297. Chitown SB says:

    Hello Sugars!

    So, I met with another pot. SD for lunch last week. He took me to one of my favorite restaurants (unbeknown to him) then shopping for lingerie. I probably would not have agreed quite so readily to this second part if not for the 3 glasses of wine over lunch. We then hung out a bit at the hotel where he was staying (he isn’t from Chicago). Things started happening… then I stopped them. I told him I had reached my comfort limit. He was disappointed but seemed to understand. We connected so well during lunch and shopping. But I am not physically attracted to him enough to have sex. Does this make me awful? If I’m not sure I will ever be attracted to him enough to go all the way, how do I handle it?

    We did share an enjoyable meal together and we are planning to have a 2nd date on Monday evening. I just feel like I am regretting doing anything physical because he may want to push for more and I am not ok with that.

    I realize this all may sound incredibly juvenile. We live and learn and I am still so new to this.


    Thanks :)

  298. SBnxtdoor says:

    MissAB–Does the SD live somewhere you would normally visit? Do you have a girlfriend in that place? I do understand your position. You are trying to better yourself and no, you should not have to struggle.

  299. ElegantSugar says:

    70% of those profiles who added me as a favorite are all in Beverly Hills or in the general vicinity of that world. Out of those 70%, about 50% are in their 30’s. Why can’t I attract someone on my side of the U.S.? Preferrably above 45? Hmmm.

  300. ElegantSugar says:

    Thanks, AM. I never even reconciled the two or thought about it until the question was presented here. Learn stuff from you guys every single day!

  301. Anna Molly says:

    Elegant ~ No, it doesn’t count. 😀

  302. Anna Molly says:

    VA SB ~ I’m glad I could help 😀

    MMD ~ THANK YOU, THANK YOU, THANK YOU! You know what I’m thanking you for 😀

  303. ElegantSugar says:

    AM: Curious. does your own view get added to that count? You know, if I update my profile and then view it?

  304. VA SB says:

    Hi AM – yes, that makes complete sense. I just never understood the disparity in the numbers and my brain was hurting trying to figure it out. :-)

  305. Anna Molly says:

    VA SB says:
    If my profile has been “viewed” 500 times but there are only 200 profiles in the “Who Has Viewed Your Profile” area, does that mean that people who have their profile Blocked are vieweing me? Or does it mean that once someone views my profile – if they view it multiple times – only the “date viewed” changes…

    Anna Molly Says:
    The only time someone shows up on your “who viewed me page” is if they have never viewed your profile before. Your view count will go up if you have views from someone who viewed your profile before, but won’t go to the top of the list when you check your “who viewed me page”.

    Example: I had 1250 views, but only 400 showed up on my “who viewed me page”.

    Hope I made sense and didn’t confuse you more…LOL. I’m bad for causing confusion 😀

  306. ElegantSugar says:

    Flo: Oops. Perhaps I should explain to you I learned the phonetic alphabet by reading the back of Ovaltine canisters as a child. Same way I learned how to use the decoder ring.

    Or could the 1 syllable error all be a part of my strategy? You know, don’t let them know you know too much tactic?

    Hmmm. Maybe I’m just good at B.S-ing. And you are good quick at figuring that out.

    Covert action and analysis do not belong together in the same agency – never have, never will.

  307. Hey all!
    Wow, there’s so much great information on here. I’ve had a crazy week and this is the first time I could check in here. Hope everyone’s weekend is fab.

    Has the sugar presented you with any tough choices? Care to share?
    Tough choices? Hmmm, IRL you can more or less take people at face value, but here you have to have a more discerning eye and realize that there are quite a few SDs who aren’t. Weeding through the BS makes you tougher than you want to be.

    If you give could 1 tip to a sugar who is seeking an arrangement with you, what would it be?
    Only tip I would give is that if a guy starts off a conversation with “sex talk,” walk away quickly. I recently had a brief email exchange with someone who asked if we could IM as it would be easier to get to know each other. We start im’ing and he immediately starts trying to have cyber sex, and I told him that until I had a photo of him, this wasn’t going anywhere. Needless to say, I never heard from him again.

    How are things going in your sugarlife?
    Weirdly. As I stated in an earlier blog entry, I had two guys email me just their phone number, and 3 guys suggesting that I come over and party….lol! I wasn’t in the mood to play pin the tail on the donkey or hangman.

  308. Flo Rida says:

    MissAT or was it AB – ESB is right, what I say is ‘make a decision (you have all of the facts)’ sleep on it and if you feel comfortable with that decision the next day it’s the right decision if not it’s the wrong one – and if that desn’t work you need tonnes of therapy (which you can’t afford). Life is all about making the right life decisions – this seems to be the first – the good news is that it gets easier to make decisions – the bad news is that if you make wrong decisions it can screw up your life. sorry and good luck.

    UT SB – I think Sincere said that you can treat this like an interview – you’re interviewing ‘them’ and they are interviewing you. On this basis decide what’s important to you and then screen the ‘many’ potentials you have against those criteria. good luck

    NYC SB – yes SD confirmed what you said – how did you get so wise.

    Morning all – off to work at Hertz!

  309. VA SB says:

    Hi Sugarfamily!

    I’m snowed in as well, trying to read a few books again today and just enjoy relaxing on this crazy, snowy day. So, can anyone answer my question from above – reposting…

    Question (numbers pulled from air) –

    If my profile has been “viewed” 500 times but there are only 200 profiles in the “Who Has Viewed Your Profile” area, does that mean that people who have their profile Blocked are vieweing me? Or does it mean that once someone views my profile – if they view it multiple times – only the “date viewed” changes…

    MissAB – you have to go with your gut and what will make you feel comfortable. You may have already decided what you want to do – need to do – and whatever you decide, it has to work best for you. All of us have our reasons for wanting an SD or SB, and ultimately you only have to answer for yourself….


  310. ESB says:

    Baby Girl is up and wants to make muffins. YUMMM.. so much for moy diet… but then when snowed in, what you gonna do besides eat?!

    I’ll be back later. STay warm and have fun everyone!! Sugar HUGS!!

  311. ESB says:

    AM: it comes in handy!! I’m that way with old movies.. or used to be. Don’t have the time I used to for them.

  312. Anna Molly says:

    ESB ~ I have a knack for storing useless information, that’s all 😀

  313. ESB says:

    I married my college sweetheart.. look how well that turned out! OK, I did some awesome kids out of it, but the relationship itself was never that great.

  314. Lily a k a taylor says:

    Yes, it sounds like her mind is made up.

    But I was in that situation once, of deciding to lie to my college boyfriend that I love deeply, or have my life be a much bigger struggle than it needed to be, and opted for the double life. Never lost any sleep over it.

  315. ESB says:

    MMD: Add me to that list of naughty SBs who do not have their passports yet! Just trying to get caught up on my bills, cant’ justify something I “MAY” need in the near future. It’s on my “to do” list! 😉

    AM: How do you KNOW these things? hmmm… using that part of the brain the rest of us keep in hybernation I’m thinking… 😉

  316. Lily a k a taylor says:

    He’s married. Hasn’t asked. Don’t feel like I must explain about my other, preferred SD. Just the being out of town and unable to meet up for four days. It’ll bother him, no matter what. Unless the excuse is good.

  317. Anna Molly says:

    MMD ~ The singer was Alan O’Day…hope that helps, oh, and you have mail 😀

  318. Midwest Mistress of the Dark says:

    Hi AM! I’m well thank you! I keep up with all your trivia successes and have a question to submit…In the 70s, who sang “Undercover Angel”? I heard it on the radio and felt people would be hard pressed to figure that one out! IIRC, don’t you have a sugar date coming up? Check your mail too!

    I’ve been quite busy lately, so less time on here. Speaking of off to baseball camp and a birthday party!

  319. ESB says:

    MissAB: Damn Girl!! I understand your situation, I was there once, well, the broke and struggling in college anyway.

    Here is the one thing we tell each other over and over on this sight: Go with your gut! If this isnt’ sitting well with you, it is not right for you. Only YOU can decide if this is what you want to do. Ultimately, this has to be YOUR decision. No one can make that for you. I have a feeling you want us to talk you into or out of something that you have already decided to do. You sound to be the same age as one of my daughters.

    Things to consider: How would your siblings feel about you doing this? Not that they would find out, but if they did? (I’ve asked myself this about my kids…. answer? They’d hate me, but Im trying to make it look like a bf, not a SD, so Im good) Is it worth the risk? What are the rewards? Write it all down, weight it all out. Good luck, sweety. We are here to bounce idea’s and thoughts off of!! and what ever you decide? We will NOT judge you! :)

  320. Midwest Mistress of the Dark says:

    Lilly – I suppose you could tell SafetyNet guy that you are going on a vacation and will get in touch with him when you have free time. If you two have not discussed exclusivity, then you don’t have to expand any further than that. If he is expecting you to be exclusive, then you may want to clarify if you are/are not. He could be a)hurt and b)inclined to withdraw his support. Other SBs have successfully had multiple sds without secrecy. Your choice in the long run.

  321. Anna Molly says:

    OOOps! MMD…LOL, sorry! 😀

  322. Anna Molly says:

    Hi MMM!! How have you been?! It’s been a while since we have been on at the same time!

  323. Anna Molly says:

    Oh yes where are my manners!! Welcome MissAB 😀

    ESB ~ Hmmmmm, having some fun with Naughty Molly sounds like a great idea!! 😀

  324. Midwest Mistress of the Dark says:

    Flo and Tru – sorry ladies, I no longer have Tru’s e-mail.

  325. ESB says:

    OK, I’ll get off my soap box, now that I answered the questions.

    Good morning everyone. Im snowed in, so I’ll be on and off all day.

    AM: What you got goingon today? Anything fun! Maybe you should get NM out and open your… um.. “class room” for some entertainment!! 😉

    I’m going to go catch up. Saw a LOOOnnnngggg post up there… Miss AB, are you Lily in disguise? :p Messing with ya girl! Welcome MissAB, read, learn and enjoy… catching up now!!

  326. ESB says:

    Has the sugar presented you with any tough choices? Care to share?Not really tough choices, just having to say NO to a few guys who think this is all about paying for sex.

    Side Question Because I am tall, thin and blond, does that mean all the men are going to think I’m cheap and easy? Getting a little POd here….

    If you give could 1 tip to a sugar who is seeking an arrangement with you, what would it be? Treat me like a lady, TALK to me like a lady, and show some respect!

    How are things going in your sugarlife? Don’t have one. My friends all see me as a classy, low maintenance lady, with high standards. I just need to learn how to get that across to the guys who approach me on here.

  327. Anna Molly says:

    Good morning everyone! Ugh, the weekends on the blog are so slow :(

  328. MissAB says:

    Hey Ladies!!!
    I am new to the site, and I have a few questions for you ladies. I have not met my Sugar Daddy through the site, but through someone I know. This man is EXTREMELY rich, gentelmen, nice, etc, blah blah blah. We have been texting and talking, he seems very nice and gentlemanly, and I am always getting phone calls from the guy who hooked me up with him saying my SD is raving about me, and I’m in there already. The weather has been snowed in where he lives so that’s why I haven’t flown out b/c of the snow storms….

    Problem is, I have a very serious boyfriend that I LOVE sooo much. Do any of you have a boyfriend? Did you/do you feel guilty for having a SD? How did you juggle them both without either finding out? The thought of meeting this man who can provide a life style I want is bitter sweet- if I didn’t have a bf it would be perfect, but I do have one and I don’t want to break up with him. He’s like one of my very best friends besides being my boyfriend, that would be like some1 chopping off my arm if I left him, esp just for financial gain. It doesn’t settle well w/me.

    The economy is terrible, I go to a private college full time, juggle 3 jobs, and have had a life most people would kill themselves if they had my childhood. I’m so sick of struggling, being broke, and never being able to make ends meet. If its not one thing it’s another. I am in school, I have a lot going for me, and I know what I want for my future. My siblings, they r all the family I have and I need to take care of them, and make sure I am financially secure.

    I refuse to struggle esp if I don’t have to. In that way I am selfish and shouldn’t even be in a relationship if I could hurt my boyfriend, but at the same time, what the relationship w/my bf, or the SD arrangement fizzles? Then I’m back to square one, broke, struggling, with NOBODY if I end it with either of them b/c of how I’m feeling!! Ahh..it’s like a lose, lose situation. I feel so lost, and I need some good insight on someone who has a similar situation.

    How can I, have my serious boyfriend, and a long-distance relationship w/my SD? Am I just being dramatic about all this? I really sometimes think that I’m thinking too hard about it..what do you guys think?

    I know what I have to do to get ahead in life and accomplish my goals so why not go through with this offer? Only thing is at the same time, it is very hard to lie to my boyfriend (for instance, trips out of town) and hide these things. I just want this guilty, feeling like shit feeling to stop! Is it normal? Am I wrong for this? HELP ME! I need guidance and help on how to handle this situation.

    The people who hooked me up with this guy, his step-son (my “moms” boyfriend) and my “mom” (she took me in when I was younger – so shes somewhat like a mother even though she doesn’t posses the warm qualities of a mother) isn’t fond of my bf (she’s only met him briefly), when everyone else in the world things he’s an amazing guy. Shes just very judgmental & if a man doesn’t have money then they aren’t worth shit to her. It makes me angry bcuz she thinks I’m stuck stupid in love- when I’m not, I am so close to reality its not even funny!!!

    That makes me sad as well, b/c I FINALLY have a relationship with someone who loves me, and has done soooooooo much, is discouraged and I’m told to put him on the back burner and make SD my priority.

    I knw I can play both sides, and make her think I’m not into my boyfriend that much, but I am a grown woman why do I have to lie? It’s just so complicated, I am sorry if this is a confusing story, but nothing in my life is remotely “normal” and it would take a lot of stories for people to understand where I’m coming from and why this is something that I MUST go through with, I just need to know how to prepare myself mentally for this so I don’t lose it, or go crazy with guilt and anguish. I tend to over analyze things and ppl and what they say to me. I just want someone who doesn’t know who I am to give me their opinion and advice on how to juggle the two and stay sane! HELP ME!!

    My love life is great, my boyfriend loves me and I know if he had the money, he would provide me with what I needed, he did when times were good and money was right and he does what he can for me with what he has now. I see it bothers him that he can’t help me when I’m in need. He’s going to notice things change, when I travel to go see SD, etc…how do I play this off.

    I have always worked for everything in life myself, and take great pride in doing everything on my own with no help, my first apt, first car, first everything I did on my own, no man, no family, mother, father to help. Just great friend with great support to coax me through..but this is something many won’t understand and I dnt want my biz out there like that.

    I know I sound like a hypocrite, how can you love some1 and cheat on them with someone else for money…when I’m strictly looking at this just like its another job, my whole life could change for the better..or worse..its a huge gamble..most of the time I think I’m just being dramatic and over thinking the situation too much, when I dnt quite know what to expect just yet..so if ANYONE has advice, I am open to criticism..anything..should I not give a fuck what anyone thinks and just do what I want?

    In doing that, the drama unfolds and that’s something I want to avoid! It seems so easy but its very hard at times to shrug off the harsh opinions of those who do nothing but judge everything u do…Thanks for reading my long ass novel, I appreciate anyone who responds!

    Have a blessed day ladies! Xo

  329. Lily a k a taylor says:

    EM is what?

  330. photogirl says:

    Ohhh… and LASB – Congrats on winning! :)

  331. photogirl says:

    Good morning, good afternoon, good evening, and good night!

    I will be tempted by fair food all weekend…

    Cleo – Yes… I am in for Toronto(warmer weather please)…Have my passport and ready to go!

    Have a great weekend everyone!

  332. LASB says:

    The “will you incubate my Eurasian offspring” guy just changed his photos to fake ones that show a muscular torso. In the picture he used to have, it was kind of this sweaty, heavyset guy in a t-shirt. I feel bad for the women that are going to get suckered. Hilarious though! Glad I dodged that one.

  333. LASB says:

    Hi Everyone!

    It’s so late here, but I’m wide awake and still a bit on this post legal battle manic high. I had a 2.5 hour conversation with my mom, which helped. She (and many others) thought my choices were questionable, but what else is new? I’m a (calculated) risk taker. I stopped talking about it over a year ago and only now explained the entire ordeal. Of course NOW she’s supportive.

    The pot SD/LTR/STR is out of town now. Since I met him on EM and not here, I don’t know how he feels about being an SD. In my profile, I am clear about wanting a benefactor and he said “I read your profile and understand exactly what it is saying.” I said “good” and then he asked “What do you want?” but I didn’t want to have the allowance talk at that moment and I wasn’t sure if that was even his exact question, since it was so vaguely worded. So I said, “to make my life easier and less stressful,” and left it at that. Any advice in how to proceed is welcome.

  334. Lily a k a taylor says:

    Oh great idea about the coat. I can try that!
    Oh and I have two SDs. Zzzoom SD is just my preferred one. I only met him four days ago, and agreed to an arrangement three days ago and we’re spending all week together next week already (2 days away!), but no, the macbook air, plus a shopping spree for professional wear while in germany, which I said I wanted rather than an allowance for february, hasn’t had a chance to materialize. I trust him.
    In the meantime, SD2 has already begun our arrangement by fulfilling his end.

  335. cleo says:

    taylor: if you know there’s a time he’s likely to be home send ups for your coat with the package and everything. can maybe even have ups call to arrange pickup…

    night sugars

  336. cleo says:

    NYGent: I changed them again and put that one back as number two… take a look – 406468. keep trying different tone in the first photo, so far my most successful was the mac photobooth one with the looking up smirk, i might recreate that without the fuzzy effect
    okay photo, tru, taz, lilsb, beach (assumed)

    are we talking may or march y’all? should we make an email now?

    Taz i too think it should go based on the out of towners requests and nygent since he was initially in favour and we want to meet him *g*
    Flo Rida I did follow some of her advice, i have the friend with the cam it’s a matter of finding five minutes :)

    right now i think it’s too long and i’m not sure about the tone anymore, i thought it was fun but it’s dry for me so…
    Moon Patrol: thanks, but they’re still reading my email and not responding… and i would never complain about listening to awesome old music
    Stormcat: that’s why i don’t hunt and fish myself… although i can shoot. i haven’t fished since i was 25 :) that said, i’ll still fish if we’re going to eat it and i’ve never willingly hunted.

    i never knew you could be good enough to pick what kind of fish you catch, i think maybe i’m not responsible enough to fish without guidance considering the rest of my feelings toward the environment and the beings with whom we share the planet.

    do you have a name preference?

  337. cleo says:

    oh gosh is someone keeping track for toronto? i can be point if you want?

    right, read the scroll cleo

  338. SBnxtdoor says:

    Well, I thought myformer potSD and I were just going to have a professional barter type of relationship, but had a glass of wine with him at his office and ended up making out hot and heavy and going to dinner. Who knows. We have to iron this out before it gets messy , but I can’t help myself NO. I don’t want to help myself. I am trying to help myself out though so, I’m not sure which way to go.

  339. Hey NC Gent, long time since I’ve been hanging here. I only recognize a few names and don’t who is who.

    Anyway, it is a strange topic for this blog, but . . . I have my own emotions about fishing and thought that I might put in my two cents worth. I have many fond memories, from my youth, of bringing home a mess of trout for dinner or spending time with my father learning the finer points of catching the largest/tastiest fish. We used to fish small mountain streams in the winter and immediately burying our catch in the snow as we went. On the way back home we would pick up all the flash frozen fish. Then we filled the bathtub with water, put them in, and watch in amazement (along with a bunch of really interested farm cats) as they came fully back to life.

    But, I kinda stopped fishing as an adult cause I only like the taste of a few types of fish. Namely, perch and trout. And I am no longer skilled enough to only catch those ones that I like. I never catch and release full size legal fish! I think it is pure torture. I feel that fishing and hunting are traditional “necessities of sustenance” and are not sport or entertainment. Therefore “catch and release” is a perversion of an outdated mode of hunter-gatherer societies, usually given as justification by fishing sportsmen to demonstrate their “concern for and love of nature.” That said I have no problem with people depending on fishing as a means of livelihood or as a method of supplementing their family’s food supply. I just stopped fishing and hunting because I no longer need to fish or hunt in order to feed myself.

  340. MoonPatrol says:

    Cleo- Your pics look real good now. You know today was the first day the sun came out in like 2 months in Houston. My car is dirty my head is depressed and I am listening to the Grateful Dead.

  341. NYGent says:

    Yaz: just catching up. no problem with your comment the other day, I know what you meant. btw your email no longer works.

  342. TT (AKA Tantalizing Taz) says:

    NYGent – I am patient for warm weather too! Although it really hasn’t been thaaat bad lately…I still prefer less layers for travel 😛

  343. MoonPatrol says:

    One thing You SB’s Might consider. Around January and February, Guess What? We homeowners have to pay Taxes! then we have to pay homeowner association fees!, Then don’t forget the federal taxes around the corner.
    I’m wondering if any of the other peoples out there got a spike in their bills this time around. I’m on vacation from the SB’s. Just window shopping, not meeting.

  344. NYGent says:

    cleo: not sure i’ve followed everything, been kind of out of it, but my view on your photos is different from whoever said they weren’t playful enough. I will restate my earlier advice which is keep photos 1 and 3 and replace #2 with your old red gym on the floor photo.

  345. NYGent says:

    TT: oh i see, i missed the earlier blogs. Canada meet. sure, but not in god-forsaken Canada winter! Yes, maybe when warmer . . .

  346. TT (AKA Tantalizing Taz) says:

    NYGent – wow you are fast mr!! We were talking about a Toronto meet – I assumed we would wait til spring/summer – but I was waiting to hear from you(*hoping* you are still wanting to attend) and other SD’s …cleo and a few others were asking about it :)

  347. NYGent says:

    TT: what is the question?

  348. NYGent says:

    Liliy/Taylor: In order to provide advice maybe we can clarify and re-state the situation: (1) you really like and prefer Mr. ZZZoooom SD, who is taking you to Germany; (2) but ZZooom has yet to deliver on his promise of comp; (3) therefore you’d like to keep Mr. “SafetyNet” SD, who is less preferable, but who has also said he is willing to pick up your monthly expenses, interested and on the hook; and (4) therefore how can you credibly conceal from Mr. Safety Net, who calls or emails every day, the fact that you’re off in Germany with ZZooom? Is that the question? Just asking.

  349. TT (AKA Tantalizing Taz) says:

    l’il sb – I am not sure of exactly ‘who’ – I am sure when the weather warms up…(wishful thinking on my behalf 😉 )…or perhaps sooner – it will be posted on the blog :) I was kind of going off of NYGent as far as timing 😛 Yoooohoooo – NYGent?? 😀

  350. MoonPatrol says:

    Mistress of the Dark—– (Elvira, I know its you!) I got a Passport! Where are we going? Brazil??? Mexico?

  351. Tru says:

    Flo – I think midwest has my email so please get mine from her. It would be nice if you let me know what you think.

    Does anyone know whats happen to IrishSB?

  352. UT SB says:

    Ok…so the date with my first SB has been officially set. Though, all of our correspondances, he keeps saying how excited he is to meet me. I’m talking nearly every other text. At first, we were thinking typical starbucks to meet – but after talking and him finding out I play the piano, he mentioned he wanted to hear me play. All through the convo I mentioned how I will eventually get my own Grand Piano. He kept saying I would. So…an interesting idea popped in my head – why meet at starbucks? I said we could meet at a local piano store, and I could play for him there! He is stoked about that and said it was a major turn on that I wanted to play for him. That was a little weird, but I think I’m subtly moving in the right direction. It’s just a first for me.
    I would rather actual money than gifts, but hey…if I end up getting a piano?….won’t complain!!

    Also, I do hope that the guys contacting me are legit. I have 4 that are in my area trying to work around my schedule. Another 3 out of state that are also working around my schedule. Of course it just happens to be the busiest two months of the year for me with my job. I wasn’t expecting to really hear much to tell the truth.
    Someone said they wanted to see my profile to know what I wrote. Basically just said the honest truth. I’m not looking for love. I have a hard time accepting gifts and money normally, but since that is what this site is about, I can get over it. There was more to it…but those were the really straight forward honest remarks. I keep being told I have the most unique profile…so maybe that has something to do with it. Dunno. Maybe they are all fakes and liars. Guess we will find out.

  353. Flo Rida says:

    Cleo – I think you should follow Ophelia’s advice and not my BAD advice.

    Tru – as a last resort ask Stephan OC for my email. But seriously I suggest you list your profile # and you’ll get lots of advice or if you’re shy reach out to the ladies in Chicago meet?

  354. NJLady says:

    Tru- Our time will happened. The next thing you know, we will be blogging about the great SD we have. Yes, keep the faith!

  355. Midwest Mistress of the Dark says:

    PS – If you don’t already have your passport, get one now instead of waiting until you NEED one! Seriously!

  356. Midwest Mistress of the Dark says:

    Hi Photo and Beach! Hope you lovely ladies are fine!

    Tru – VA, Yaz, SanDiego SB and possibly Glamazon have all met SDs …seems like it always seems to happen just when you think you’re done looking…hang in there!

    Why is everyone gettting shut in over a little snow? Sheesh! I have to be up for a commercial shoot at 6am…ewwwwww!!! (no, not a model!)

    James.m – I’m SHOCKED at you for playing the victim :-) You were sooooo invited! Besides, you and NCGent would have to tell the crew how to bait our hooks and quit drooling :-)

    OC – Ding Dong! Good for you for taking the high road!

    Evening everyone! I’m not on for long due to early morning obligations.

    • OCSugarbaby says:

      Ha-ha Thanks Midwest. I may have taken the high road but I was kickin up dirt on the bike path!!!

      Miss Cleo and Miss Elegant you can now play off blog :)

  357. Tru says:

    I will keep my faith, I guess my time will come soon.

  358. photogirl says:

    Toronto Meet? I would love to go!

    Hi everyone!

    In and out… just got home from 12 hrs of work and still have more to go!

    Hope all is well!

  359. lil'SB says:

    Wow CA Dreamin, that’s pretty low for an “SD” but I loved your response, it’s absolutely true.

    Taz, how do I get my contact info out so I can be included in said meet whenever it happens? (I’m really enthusiastic about it right now and would love to organize something soon!)

  360. VA SB says:

    CA Dreamin – EXACTLY! I couldn’t agree with you more…..it’s okay if I’m not an SDs “type” – I get that, but just say so and move on…don’t make little comments or excuses….

    Dumb-head guy……

  361. NJLady says:

    CA Deamin SB- You’re an SB with a attitude. you go girl. It’s way past 5 o’clock girlfriend. Have one for me.

  362. NJLady says:

    VA SB- I’ve heard the stories and have had some of those “dreams” myself. I suppose it’s plan & simple; you either want the sugar life or you don’t. And I want and unfortunately, need it, at the moment….so I will keep trying also. Thanks.

  363. CA Dreamin SB says:

    Okay – VENTING –

    An “SD” writes and says he’s interested based on my profile. Asks if he can have a face photo as I don’t have one on my profile. I say sure and send it – then he writes “It would be nice if ppl would post real info/pics on this site” – WTF?

    Everything on my profile IS real. So I wrote him back telling him I thought it would be nice if ppl could simply say ‘you aren’t my type, thanks’ instead of making baseless accusations in a passive-aggressive manner.

    And I wonder why I don’t have an SD yet 😉 SMILE LADIES – It is officially happy hour!

  364. VA SB says:

    Hey NJLady…..I have those moments as well, but I “want” the sugarlife….so I keep trying. It’s not that I need it, but you hear the wonderful stories from some of our blog friends and while I know that doesn’t happen all the time, it’s still nice to dream….

    I’ll keep going, at lease for a while longer…you never know when the perfect SD will come along, so I don’t want to give up just yet.

  365. TT (AKA Tantalizing Taz) says:

    Hello again sugars!!

    Cleo – I am positive BG would be up to attend a Toronto meet :) There was some talk about it – methinks we are all just waiting for it to warm up a bit

    Nice to see you back Tru :)

    AM – get a passport!! Haha…I still need to as well 😛

  366. NJLady says:

    I meant Sugar’s

  367. NJLady says:

    Evening Suga’s,

    Tru & VA SB- I’m a fellow ebony sb as well. It’s funny, because I was thinking the same thing. I’ve notice some sd’s will say “whom” they are looking for. Then you have those who don’t. After exchanging one email with 2 sd’s, I never heard from them again. I was to the point, (last night) of actually giving up. Deleted my photo’s, hide my profile. Then today I decided to hang in there. So I put back up my photo’s, changed some things on my profile. What else can I do.

  368. VA SB says:

    Darn….I guess it’s my turn to clear the blog….okay, only happy thoughts and discussion from now on…. :-) heeheehee…. (See, I’m smiling!)

  369. VA SB says:

    Hypothetical Question (numbers pulled from air) –

    If my profile has been “viewed” 500 times but there are only 200 profiles in the “Who Has Viewed Your Profile” area, does that mean that people who have their profile Blocked are vieweing me? Or does it mean that once someone views my profile – if they view it multiple times – only the “date viewed” changes…

    I’ve always wondered……

  370. VA SB says:

    Hey Tru – keep the faith…I’m a fellow ebony SB and it’s been quite difficult for me as well. Although I think you have a very good point, there has to be a wonderful SD who wants to pamper and treat us right…Don’t you think?

    I had one SD, but he got too emotional for me…It was unfortunate, since now that I’m seeking another, it seems even harder to find the right one. There’s enough interest out there, I know you’ll find a good one. Plus, there are several ebony SBs on the blog who can give advice and support….Maybe it’s my profile…maybe they see it and exclaim, “Damn, she’s ugly and fat!” 😉

    Like ESB – I’m sitting here enjoying the snow…forgot to to go the market, so I’ll be eating eggs, pecans, and pasta until Sunday…maybe I’ll lose a few pounds… :-) The snow is absolutely wonderful though. I stayed home from work today, I really have the “blah’s” – need to find a way to get out and do something fun.

    Everyone going to the NY meet, you have to make sure you post something after your gathering – we want to know ALL about it….

    Congratulations San Diego SB….that’s wonderful news.

    ESB – are you lurking? I need your help with my profile…sending you an email shortly.


  371. SanDiego sb says:

    ohhhhh thats how ive felt for almost 2 months now? it might take a while, but they are out there, my sd now is someone i actually had put on the back burner sooo fast because i was interested in someone else, and for some reason thought about him and gave him a call we met at starbucks and decided right then and there.

    so it does happend, just have to give it time like i did.

  372. Tru says:

    San Diego sb – As much as I try not to think its the case but I can’t help but feel that an ebony sb is not what a sd is looking for, but I wont give up hope.

  373. SanDiego sb says:

    thanks everyone… and Tru..

    TRUSTTTTTT me i thought i was NOOOO ones type. at all, but it comes out of no where sometime :) and it will def happen for you too (your talking to a girl who was a non believer lol)

  374. Tru says:

    I would love to come to the Toronto meet im always there my best friend lives in Cobourg.

  375. Tru says:

    Flo – thanks for that, I know some of you have my email as I was going to the Chicago, but if the is any one welling to help please let me know so I can pass on my details to you.

  376. Anna Molly says:

    I would love to come to Toronto, but I don’t have a passport :(

  377. lil'SB says:

    Yes! I absolutely agree there’s so many gorgeous intelligent women around here, I feel like there’s so much to learn from you all! Is there a way for me to get into contact with you guys to organize a fun casual meetup?

  378. cleo says:

    lil’sb we’re fishing in a pond full of hot women… it’s hard here. fish somewhere else like new york.

    but yes, we should totally hook up for drinks or whatever. NYGent is in for meeting in Toronto and I bet SDN and Midwest and JamesMI (and JamesNY you know you want to) and Sincere and Taz and who else? would be in for meeting up here yes?

  379. cleo says:

    lily you forgot to email me btw … i gotta go now. consoling a bereaved friend

  380. lil'SB says:

    Hi everyone, I’m a lurker posting for the first time. I thoroughly enjoy catching up on all the juicy postings all you lovely SBs and SDs are are putting up, and I thought it’s about time I let you know I think you’re all amazing, talented, strong, intelligent people.

    I’ve been on the site for a little less than a month, and have had a few correspondences with three or four pot SDs, none of which have yielded successful connections or arrangements. I wish I’d have known about this site earlier because I once had a connection with a VERY desirable gentleman who offered me his generous assistance which I shied away from because I didn’t know half the things I know now (thanks to the tips and advice you all have shared).

    Anyhow, I’m mildly frustrated and disheartened by the lack of success I’ve been garnering for my efforts. If I’m correct, I’ve noticed that there are a few SBs here from Toronto, and it seems that Cleo’s kind of in the same boat as I am for the time being! I was wondering if anyone’s had success stories in Toronto to share though? What do you think about a little Toronto SB meetup or something? (I hope I’m not being too forward though, as this IS my first time posting…)

  381. cleo says:

    flo rida you give great advice… so do your friends and many of the bloggers…

    i changed my photos again this week. my last ones got me ZERO action

  382. Flo Rida says:

    Tru – i’m sure you’re someone’s type! Generally Elegant, NYC SB, OC, Taylor have all offered excellent profile advice before and if you post your profile # or link to your profile OR get a backchannel email chat going by asking to share email addresses, i’m sure you’ll get lots of help. As for me I give BAD advice and I rertired from the profile biz and so you should stay away from me, but seriously darling i’ll help as a LAST resort.

  383. cleo says:

    damn i have so many more comments on the last blog and that heinlein discussion that got started… AustinSD and JamesNY do you guys want to chat off blog about that or are you guys over it?

    [yes, yes i am a giant science fiction/fantasy nerd, how did you guess? who told you i use linux?]
    Flo Rida: i was an air cadet for years and then got my radio license when i was working on my pilot’s license. i got perfect on the test, in fact i should do comms. i ran out of oomph before i finished the license (read flunked my flight test and left college for pilots – mono was involved) and someday might have funds/time to do it again… if life goes in that direction.

  384. Anna Molly says:

    JamesNY – Yes, sometimes it can be a pain to go shopping, but I would never have the surgery. I like my boobs and my body; it can just be disappointing to find a really cute top and not be able to wear it…ugh!

    Congrats SDSB!

    Welcome Bambi and hello everyone 😀

  385. Flo Rida says:

    Bambi – love the name – my favorite phrase growing up was ‘did the young prince fall doooowwwwn’ from the movie.

    Elegant – sam, mary, paul and radar are not approved – the correct abbreviations are sierra, mike, papa and romeo. Generally call signs are two syllables so that if there’s static it gives the listener the chance to guess it if he – she can’t hear part of the word (hence sam and paul – I know that M Mike and G Golf are exceptions and don’t ask me why). Also as VC has blogged previously zero nine hundred hours for 9am and fourteen hundred hours for 2pm. Finally knowing GMT hour differences by city and international access code (1 US 44 UK 49 Germany 82 Korea 84 Vietnam) are all useful trivia in a globetrotting lifestyle.

    Cleo – perfecto – you must be an ex-army comms or sigs person. SD was in the army so I now know sigs..

  386. Tru says:

    Hello all, wow its been a long time since I last wrote something but ive been in San Diego for 7wks and im so in love with it there but sadly im back home now. Lots of new people have joined the blog which is always great, Welcome :) I have been looking at the blog and trying to keep updated, but you guys are fast!!

    SanDiego sb – Well done on finding you sd that’s great cos I know you was thinking that you was no one type I wish you all the best an hope things work out :)

    As for me im still looking and slightly confused as to why I haven’t even had a meet yet!!! Think I a) need help on my profile or b) i’m no one types ….. please help me sugar family x

  387. cleo says:

    AustinSD: (catching up on old blogs) the first science fiction book i read (all unknowing) was friday (also by heinlein [wow i like brackets.]) i was about thirteen or fourteen.

    i think that may have changed my life forever… i always thought an S group sounded nice…

  388. CA Dreamin SB says:

    Congrats SanDiego! That’s awesome! :)

  389. SanDiego sb says:

    good afternoon/evening everyone

    so this might come as a shock (after all my complaining/crying/bitching)

    but….i have a sd :)

  390. cleo says:

    jamesNY: i saw a girl go from I to DD and that was worth every second of the surgery…

    but she is still stacked…

    that said, i won’t give up the girls for anything…

  391. ESB says:

    I gotta go, Baby Girl isn’t feeling well, so I need to go see what’s up.

    Have fun all… I’ll be here all weekend, on and off.. no where else TO go!! Sugar HUGS!!

  392. CA Dreamin SB says:

    UT – Good luck – I hope they all turn out to be REAL SD’s and not fakers or poof daddies!

  393. JamesNY says:

    Anna Molly, the shopping may be more difficult but the rewards are greater! 😉 I’ve known a couple of women who had breast reductions and I found the results disappointing, shall we say. In addition to the difficulty in buying clothes, I know some women experience back pain and similar issues that the operation can help with. But I missed their natural breasts when they were gone, the women looked out of balance, just not the same. A voluptuous woman is a treasure. Proportion is all.

  394. ESB says:

    cleo, she sounds wonderful. The girl I had at the Y was prety good. I’m such a beginner, and she took care to make sure I didnt’ try to keep up when she knew Ishouldn’t. I know when I go back, I”m going to be hating life for a while. Shemakes me so sore!! but in a good way!

  395. ESB says:

    WOW UT!! Must be nice!! i need to see your profile, see what you are doing!! Jsut be careful. Lots of fakes out there

    Bye Bambi,Was nice to meet you!!

  396. Bambi says:


    Best of luck ladies, im off to class and to a snack

    please do check out my blog
    (the link is in my name)

    See you soon


  397. UT SB says:

    I’m new to the site…. and within a few days I’ve had over 23 emails and offers. I’ve got a date set up for Tuesday, and one that we are trying to find a time when he is in town and I’m not busy.
    How do you choose? I don’t want too many SDs because I don’t want to get toooo hectic, but I definitely want to have my needs taken care of…but what is a nomally “safe” number of SDs?

  398. cleo says:

    she is just maybe the best teacher on this half of the north american continent and very likely can make your life much less painful… but she costs eighty bucks an hour (which is about half what she should cost but she wants people to be able to pay)

  399. ESB says:

    cleo: I may have mentioned it before. Sledding accident 5 years ago. I can still do things, but if I over do, I pay. Who is this Karen Carlson?

  400. cleo says:

    esb i wasn’t left nearly as broken as you were but i do think that my right side of neck and right shoulder may never be fully operational again. fortunately they’re ‘good enough’

    for you? i wish you could go see karen carlson in philadelphia…

  401. Bambi says:

    @cleo just for verfication the avatar is the photo to our right on our comments right ???

  402. ESB says:

    cleo: I used to swim, lifeguard, WSI, taught swimming lessons to work my way through college. That would be the best workout for me. Rock climbing is out. Anything that involves lifting or pulling. 2 crushed disks in my neck. Not even supposed to push a grocery cart. I do what I can, but if I over do, I pay for it. Get very sore, can hardly move… so I’ve slowed down. Just NOT going to let this ruin my life. I’ve found other creative ways to do the things I want. But I am DEF not as strong as I once was.

  403. cleo says:

    bambi it’s a gravatar and i think it’s at gravatar dot com.
    elegant: awesome
    okay blog gods – hook up elegant and i *giggles*

  404. Bambi says:

    how do you get your avatar photo anyway @cleo

  405. cleo says:

    esb that’s an ooooooooooooooooooooold avatar photo and i can’t swear my back looks that good… but it tends to even when i’m a bit heavier. all the swimming as a kid i think.

    try rock climbing


  406. Bambi says:

    @ESB Yeesh i’ll amen to that, and im the SB virgin here. i want all of us girl (SD”S included to be safe)

    Any pointers on my blog ? i finally just got it up and published my first post.
    Couldnt come up with a cute crazy name so for now its just Sugar baby looking.

    Click my name for the link


  407. ElegantSugar says:

    cleo: knowing you like I know you so far, you will APPLAUD the letter (and possibly add your witty 2 cents to make it even better).

    Sorry, everyone, not ignoring everything else going on…just ran in here to change my Pandora tunes and couldn’t help but to peek!

    LASB: you are going to be the TOUGHEST intervention yet for the Sugar Blog Anonymous crew since you will never take the FIRST step.

    Bye for real…

  408. ESB says:

    cleo: gotta tell you, everytime I look at your pic I think Damn, I wish my back looked that good!! Gotta get me a SD to pay for my gym membership again! So miss the palites classes… you rock girl!!

  409. cleo says:

    lily either you got a short term modelling job in another city or um…?

  410. cleo says:

    omg i mean email me that email when you are sending photo advice *sigh*

  411. cleo says:

    elegant sugar please be to the universe email me that photo along with any advice you care to send me (including ‘how to model better’ lol)

    i think we don’t put email addresses here anymore but oc or stephan can send you my address please

  412. Lily a k a taylor says:

    Just caught up. Still no comp. Had lunch with zazazoomSD and he said it was ordered yesterday, supposed to be there this morning, but now they are promising monday. I will at least have it by the trip, so i can keep you guys posted about my first travel abroad with my new SD. SaftetyNet guy is really MY safety net in terms of sugar, but I still like him. How do I tell him I’m in Germany with my preferred SD, though, next week? He calls every day. Need a cover.

  413. ESB says:

    LASB: give it up darlin, we all know your secret!! But it’s ok, it’s safe with us!!

  414. ElegantSugar says:

    Wish I had time to catch up on what has transpired since I stepped away – I promise to later! I just had to stop in to say I am SO PROUD of the best letter I have ever written to a pot SD who contacted me and totally FLAKED before. Oh my gosh. I wish I could share it. It definitely surpassed the ordinary, if I do say so myself. (and I just did) One description: EPIC BON VOYAGE!

    Have a great night, Sugars. I may be back on (much) later after my date of Moroccan food and belly dancers!

  415. ESB says:

    Bambi, just be careful, there are more fakes on here than true SDs. MOst of the good ones are on this blog, and taken, or to young for me :( I just gotta keep the faith that there is one out there for me who will treat me right, and want more than a butt buddy. I mean, if I can’t even get the guy to have a normal converstaion with me, what’s the point? Not going to be lying naked in his bed all weekend wanting more and more!! Would like to know we are going to have fun OUTSIDE of the bedroom too!! geeshh… makes me want to just give up sometimes. Even the last guy I was dating, who was amazing (sexually) wanted to do more wtih me. Took me places, tried to take me to nice places to eat, treated me like a princes.. called me that too! It was sweet!! ah.. but he calls all his GFs that, lying cheating rat!!

  416. LASB says:

    ESB – Ah, so that is the root of my psychosis. I see. (laying back on shrink’s couch) No, I will NOT admit it!!! NOOOooo….

  417. Bambi says:

    @ESB im going to completely agree with you on that 200% im just hoping that message gets out to SD’s.

    Ive been considering this for a long time, and this is something at this point in my life im now ready for.

    it just stinks to have to weed out the bad fruits.

  418. Bambi says:

    @CA DREAMIN SB thanks SB was a typo

    thats is true, i think its nice to have people read your work. and it certainly is flattering to say the least.

  419. LASB says:

    ESB – I have had that experience too. I just NEXT em. I can’t see that being effective behavior for them, but then, so many of them do it, that it must be ingrained from somewhere. I mean, someone must be responding positively from it. I just don’t know who. I feel the same way when I get emailed genital pics. Like “Is this working for you? and if so, with WHO?!!!!”

  420. ESB says:

    Thank you Bambi, and welcome. Forgot my manors!! Pot means Potentional Sugar Daddy. I think it has to do with the other less reputable dating sights where the woman are desperate for sex, flaunt it, and when the guys come here, they expect the same behavior. They need to understand that here are classy women who are looking for a different type of dating, one where there is sugar involved, along with both in the arrangement getting what they desire. If they are looking for a “hook up” there are sights for that. They need to keep looking!

    LASB: if you admit it, you are afraid you may have to give it up! NOT me, I am a proud adict, and will not be giving up my blog any time soon. Love my blog friends, and the encouragement I get from here. I might give it up when I actually have a life!! but for now, I live vicariously through the successful few.

    Wish I could post a pic of what I see out my window. It really is beautiful. Winter wonderland… that will turn to a full blown blizzard over night. Just gonna enjoy the sight!

  421. LASB says:

    Bambi – That’s great that you’re enjoying it! (I was referring to addiction to this blog, which is more like a huge chat room.) I think a blog is just a modern form of a diary. I journaled for many years. I was in London and accidentally left my book at a record store. I finally realized and went back for it a few days later. The man who had it had read through the entire thing and told me that it was “gripping.” I should have been embarrassed with all I had disclosed, but I was flattered. There’s something appealing to the ego about having anonymous readers.

  422. CA Dreamin SB says:

    Bambi – pot = potential SD :)

  423. Bambi says:

    @ESB lol im guessing pot means SB, that does seem to be the problem with SD’s nowdays.
    I Guess its kind hard to garner respect online.
    You seem lovely dont dare to demand less

  424. CA Dreamin SB says:

    LASB – It’s supposed to rain ALL weekend. Haven’t been to Tahoe yet – only Vail this year so far. I’m hoping to go sometime in the next month or so.

  425. ESB says:

    LASB: Thanks Sweety, I remember that feeling… had it once.. years ago!! JK, actually I think last summer, but that didn’t last. Im hoping when I find the perfect SD there will be sparks, and sugar, and will last more than a few months.

    On THAT note… I’ve been talking to another pot.. well, a few. They are both sex starved and can NOT get them to talk about anything else. I asked the one “So, what do you do to relax” and he says “F%$K”, NO seriously, what do you do for fun? More sexual explicatives. My profile says “treat me like the lady that I am…” but I guess guys think that means “lady of the evening?” I’m getting discouraged… Why can’t we have a normal conversation? I’m tired of 14 YO boys in men’s bodies!!

  426. Bambi says:

    @LASB yeesh i hope the SD pool hasnt dried up then

    hahah im a baby blogger and im already enjoying the rush.
    ive got stuff i wanna blog about!!!

  427. LASB says:

    CA Dreamin – Is it pouring up there? We’re supposed to pour, but now it’s just messy drizzle. Have you hit the slopes yet? I’m hoping to get up there soon. I like Kirkwood, Dodge Ridge, and Northstar.

  428. LASB says:

    Bambi – as NYCSB said, a lot of folks on here aren’t on the hunt. They already have found their SDs, but the blog is too damn addicting that they can’t stop. It’s an illness! Elegant Sugar is forming an Blogaholics Anonymous group, but you can only join if you can get past step one–admitting you have a problem. Since I don’t have a problem, I’m not joining. 😉

  429. CA Dreamin SB says:

    ESB – That’s my favorite, when it’s wet, and big flakes and they stick to all the trees.

  430. Bambi says:

    Okay @ NYC SB thats really cool !!! *nice blog i might add

    its good to hear of some success stories

  431. cleo says:

    omg seriously just saw the cutest pot in a search… so exactly my type i actually thought about the email i sent him for more than twelve seconds. hell i stole bits from goal digger.

    and why is it that my emails that have an 80% success rate on other dating sites are down around 1% here? do they really have to be that different?

    there’s a blog question… hey SD’s what gets your attention in an email from an sb BEYOND the “something personal, something flirty, why i like you” ?
    NC Gent this makes me happy like dolphin friendly tuna makes me happy.

    i don’t mind dead turtles in soup… i mind dead turtles as garbage

  432. LASB says:

    Cleo – It’s my kind of good day too. A HUGE weight has been lifted off my shoulders. No more 10k/month legal bills!!!! :) :) :) That’s like an instant raise. Also my need for an SD just vanished. Last night’s guy may not be the allowance type, but he would get the hot guy discount (and possibly even free test drives. LOL!) At the same time, my addiction to the sugar fantasy and hunt is not so easily broken, so it’s just a wait and see at this point.

    ESB – Hope you are staying warm and the shoveling doesn’t get too out of control. It’s raining here, but I’m in the emotional state that I’m likely to not care and go dance in it anyhow.

  433. NYC SB says:

    Bambi – a lot of people stay on the blog even if they have found their arrangement… I guess we all enjoy the outlet…

  434. ESB says:

    CA, come on out, you’ll get your fill of it this weekend! It’s wet and sticking to the trees. Gotta admit it is really beautiful!! Just really dont’ like the cold. Would be a great weekend for a SD to take me anywhere warm… but even BWI is closed right now. Won’t be going anywhere for a few days.

  435. NYC SB says:

    LASB – I am a very good gf 😀 … I see bbf about 3 times a week… and NYC SD once or twice a week… so yes bbf does not suspect a thing

  436. CA Dreamin SB says:

    I miss seeing snow fall…

  437. NC Gent says:

    Yes I am serious Cleo, but it is turtle excluder device not turtle escape device — look it up :) and I spazzed! have a good weekend everyone!

  438. Bambi says:

    @lasb gotcha . . .

    So has anyone really had any success with this site ?

    im really curious.
    ive been on here once before but i was a half assed effort on my part

    ive also noticed that by looking at the blog that some of the same names were here before.
    Guess the search could be a little harder than i thought

  439. NYC SB says:

    Cleo – Well if NYC SD (the single one) said lets be exclusive I would drop the bbf and NYSE… however this conversation has not taken place…

    My really close friends (who are mostly men) know about NYC SD as someone I am interested in but they have no idea he is my SD… so I can share the awesome dates we have with them…

  440. ESB says:

    ooopppsss… “Pondering the big question” fingers are cold. Hard to type!

  441. ESB says:

    Hi Everyone. I’m lurking… watching the snow steadily fall, and ondering the big question of the hour… just how much snow are we going to get THIS time? hmmm last I heard, 11-17″. We will know more by morning… it’s to last until 4 tomorrow. I’m here for the duration of the weekend. Car is parked, and I’m hunkered in!!

  442. cleo says:

    NC Gent: that’s AWESOME! seriously? i had not heard that yet.
    LASB you are having my kind of good day.

  443. LASB says:

    Bambi – just thought that from your use of the @. People didn’t use it that much until Twitter.

  444. Bambi says:

    actually i havent jumped on the twitter train.
    My lack of witty anecdotes and blinding blunt sarcaasm leave little to be desired in that world.

    plus its miserable to have one follower.

    *blod was blog
    was again spelling my terribly sub par today.

  445. Bambi says:

    thank you @lasb
    its weird to start a blod over something like this. but frankly i think i wanted and excuse to start a blog.
    cripes ive totally be belle du jour’ed.

    -just wrote a rather boring first post. hahahaha

  446. LASB says:

    Bambi – Let me guess, you’re all about the Twitter. 😉

  447. LASB says:

    GG – thanks for the coded reply! you are quite the juggler. I’m actually surprised that he’s still hanging on. Though, on second thought, having seen that pic, not so surprising. :)

  448. LASB says:

    Bambi – I don’t want to name names b/c i don’t want to forget or overlook anyone, but anyone who talks about having 2 or more SDs to start. Also, click on NYCSBs link and check out her blog which also links to many other great blogs that the seasoned vets (as well as those still on the hunt) have written.

  449. LASB says:

    So now I’m going to gossip.

    My forensics guy outed me to my lawyer that I’m Dominant. I was mortified as the words were coming out of his mouth. The funny thing was, my lawyer really perked up after that and started asking me all sorts of crazy questions. I flirted with the mediator all day (in a push-pull, good cop/bad cop way) and I believe it really paid off. Right after I won, he came in and said how much fun he had and that it didn’t hurt that I was “really tough on the eyes!” Possible SD? hmm… When you’re winning, a mediation seems like a great big party. Funny, huh?

    I had a date from the EM site. Yes I know everyone bashes it, but I’m a “what the heck?” kinda person, so I’m on there checking it out. The guy had tons of red flags- no face picture, using texting language (e.g looking 4 u) talked about sex on his profile, and so on and so on. I’m kind of addicted to train wreck dates (though not past a certain threshold) so I agreed to meet him. Ok, I lie. He picked one of my favorite restaurants in LA as our meeting place.

    Anyhow, he is early (huge bonus points!) and when he walked up, he was soooo hot, I was in disbelief that he was actually my date. On top of that, he wears glasses!!!!!!! He was super smart, really funny, really nice, extremely polite, and we totally hit it off. Now part of me wonders if my manic high I was on blinded my judgment. But for now, I’m gonna roll with it.

  450. NC Gent says:

    regarding shrimping… all shrimp netting in the USA require turtle escape devices (teds) so that the number of drowned turtles has decreased dramatically. Having said that, most shrimp is farm raised now, and I find it to be tastier than the wild because it is raised in much purer water – no turtles killed with farm raised shrimp :)

  451. cleo says:

    nyc sb if SD wanted to go exclusive with you would that include bbf or are they two totally seperate lives?

    i am also nosy and yet wonder just how secret i could keep my sugar life if i were smitten with my SD

  452. Bambi says:

    @LASBI who are these seasoned vets ??? I’m all ears and open to suggestion

    OHHHH ive just finnished the touches on my blog.

    im excited for this
    cant wait for my first SD

  453. NC Gent says:

    I catch and release almost everything I catch. Regarding the fish that don’t make it because they come up from depth, those are bottom fish such as tile fish, red snapper and grouper. I don’t fish for those. The ocean fish I catch tend to feed closer to the surface. My SB and I caught a whole bunch of Ahi (yellow fin tuna in non sushi talk) off the coast of San Diego. It was a blast and we caught that by fishing at about 5 to 10 feet — you could see them come up to the bait. We gave most of it away when we docked, and I am sure all of it was eaten :) On the fresh water fish side, I never release legal walleye that I catch – those are too tasty, but everything else goes back.

  454. Bambi says:

    @LASBI hi thanks for the welcome,

  455. NYC SB says:

    LASB – ummm i wont say yes or no but my answer rhymes with a mess to the later question 😛

    Im impressed with myself for reading both Cleos and Elegants code and putting the meaning together in my head… without writing it down …

  456. LASB says:

    Cleo – Ok, I wrote that and then wished I could retract it b/c I know fishing is really popular and I’m not trying to judge anyone. It’s actually just a personal preference and don’t like doing what I feel bad about later. I didn’t know about the shrimp thing, but good to know. I AM an omnivore, and do agree with the food chain argument and evolutionary indicators that we are meant to be omnivores. But I’m also looking at ways to lessen my “footprint” where possible.

  457. cleo says:

    LASB: YES!!!!
    LASB again: i wouldn’t catch and release fish like that it would be rude. i don’t eat shrimp because i don’t countenance tossing sea turtles in the trash in exchange. that said, i was told that if you used a barbless hook and weren’t a jerk about how you held them/removed the hook they generally went off pretty unscathed.

    like that where the hook usually went didn’t hurt their mouths.
    elegant: thanks!

  458. LASB says:

    NYCSB – So does that mean BBF is out of the picture or is he still lingering around? Just being nosy. :)

  459. LASB says:

    Bambi – Experiences range all over the place. There are a few seasoned vets who do extremely well. You will get great advice from them, so don’t be shy in asking questions.

  460. LASB says:

    Hi Bambi! I don’t think we’ve met. If you’re new, welcome to the blog. :)

  461. Bambi says:

    So what have people’s experiences on this site been so far

    @NYCgent thank you i didnt even take offense.

    @CA dreaming SB lol it was really strange too, i take it that sort of thing doesnt happen all to often.

    I’m taking it im gonna have to do a bit of work for a decent sugar daddy.

    i lack a certain poetry of words

  462. LASB says:

    Elegant – In response to the discussion about FOBs vs FOPs, I was cracking up. My friend is a comedian and he talks about how Asians get called “boat people” but it seems unfair since whites aren’t called that and they came over on the Mayflower.

  463. cleo says:

    omg she made a top gun reference… and i already liked her! (Elegant Sugar)

    oh and plus two to CA Dreamin for getting it!

  464. LASB says:

    In regards to fishing, I only do if it I plan to eat it. Otherwise, it seems wasteful to disrupt the fish for sport. I’ve been cut by a hook before and it sucks, so I sort of think of the fish’s mouth and feel bad. Also, in the Santa Monica Bay, the fish are really deep. They die when you bring them up, from the change of pressure, so you can’t throw them back alive.

  465. ElegantSugar says:

    cleo: regarding your not to Flo…

    tango hotel alpha tango

    walter alpha sam

    india mary paul radar echo sam sam india victor echo!!

  466. CA Dreamin SB says:

    Bambi – I can honestly say I’ve NEVER been asked for ‘references’ from any of my pot SD’s. WOW – can you imagine what that ‘quarterly review’ sheet would look like! YIKES! :)

  467. NC Gent says:

    No personal offense was taken Bambi — best wishes in your search and if you read the past blog postings, you should get lots of helpful tips. Welcome to the blog and keep us posted on your progress!

  468. LASB says:

    Hi Elegant! Thanks for the warm greeting! I’ve been swamped getting my ducks in a row, but now life just took a very nice turn (I won my lawsuit and I won big!!!!) and I’ve been on a manic high for the last day.

    The hung guy wanting boys and girls sounds like he should be on to catch a predator. YIKES, but LMAO.

  469. Bambi says:

    sorry my spelling is sub par today . . . .

    everybody else just lurking and working right ??? :)

  470. ElegantSugar says:

    Hey, as long as he wasn’t claiming to be millivanilli!

  471. Bambi says:

    I’m sorry when i meant references i meant like a sugar baby profile or even an email address.

    I certainly meant nothing personal. Everyone want excersise discretion, well most anyway.

    Im just really interested in a person of caliber. To say the least.
    And also because more than one SD has asked the same of me.
    its a little excruciating to say “its my first time” repeatedly

    i feel like the sugar baby virgin

  472. cleo says:

    elegant i would love feedback, that said, i do know that i need to take a better body shot, i seem to keep not having an opportunity to do it… otherwise i’m not too sure what to do. did you see the three i just changed? if not send me an email and i’ll send them to you…
    JamesMI i have killed my food but the experience was traumatic in a similar way to elegant’s. i am fully cognizant of the food chain and know how to humanely kill something if i have to eat it. that said, if i have the squeamish option when fishing? i’ll take it.

    it’s also because as a kid i used to catch sunfish off the neighbours dock, none of the things i could catch were edible so it was all about catch and release

    as for the blueberries i ate tons but i usually got enough in my bucket too…
    flo rida:


    mike echo alpha november tango

    tango hotel echo

    papa hotel oscar november echo tango india charlie

    alpha lima papa hotel alpha bravo echo tango


  473. NC Gent says:

    lol NYC SB — I always get a kick out of SB profiles that says that they have a graduate degree and their profile is full of typos and grammatical errors — one or two I can understand…

  474. NYC SB says:

    Oh Elegant – I have to show you some real winners … one profile states his profession as “millitery”

  475. CA Dreamin SB says:

    Elegant *HIGH FIVE* back!

  476. ElegantSugar says:

    *HIGH FIVE* to CA Dreamin’!!! :)

  477. ElegantSugar says:

    NYC SB: I almost need therapy just from reading his tagline. I had immediate mixed feelings of being grossed out, embarrassed and the desire to take a scalding, hot Aveeno oatmeal bath.

  478. CA Dreamin SB says:

    Elegant – SO EASY! Top Gun – “Negative Ghost Rider, the pattern is full” :)

  479. NYC SB says:

    Elegant – he sounds like a winner… rich … hot… hung… i mean what more do you need?

    You too picky 😛

  480. ElegantSugar says:

    CA Dreamin: I will give you a virtual high five if you tell me what movie the “Ghost Rider” line is from!

    Hi LASB! You were missed. :)

  481. NC Gent says:

    Some times when I get really bored, I browse the SD profiles…. I would find it amazing if 1 out of 10 of these guys found an SB.

  482. LASB says:

    Lily – I loooooove Malcolm Gladwell!

    Hi sugars. After a long hiatus from the blog, (2 days or so) I’m back and trying to catch up.

  483. ElegantSugar says:

    I just clicked on who viewed my profile and one was “Rich, hung daddy looking for sugar girls or boys.” *BIG SHUDDER*

  484. CA Dreamin SB says:

    Elegant – NEGATIVE Ghost Rider! TOO FUNNY

  485. ElegantSugar says:

    REFERENCES?!: that’s a NEGATIVE, Ghost Rider.

  486. NC Gent says:

    Bambi — I think my past SBs would be pretty darn pissed off if I gave contact information out so they could act as a reference. You can try asking, but don’t be surprised if the answer is no…. discretion is pretty key in a sugar relationship :)

  487. Bambi says:

    Hey guys
    not really sure if this okay.
    but is it okay to ask if a sugar daddy has references from other sugar babies??
    im definatly new to this, but i have been think about this for along time so im aware of my needs but im also really flexible.

    I also mentioned sex in profile.
    normally thats totally like a huge no no right but it something i wanted to put out there personally.

    im bi sexuall so im open to having a sugar momma as well. but i have found them to be a rare breed to say the least.

    I’m going to school for finance and im really interested in an unconvential arrangement with a wealthy older man or women.

    Im not interested in marriage or a relationship for now but i am interested in having chemistry and connection.
    its essential.

    just like age is irrelevant and personality isnt.

    i might have to start a blog about my adventures.

    if anyone was to judge my profile i love to hear your output.

    ANYWAY thats my shout out to the community.



  488. NYC SB says:

    NYC22- I have had to open an account in my name where the SD would make deposits (same as what NC Gent suggested). I have never been offered the option of an account in his name for me to make withdrawals though… for whatever reason I am not liking that option as much

  489. NYC-22 says:

    NC Gent – Thanks for the info, he is not married. If I open an account in my name, would I have to pay taxes on it? Ahhh, I know nothing about this!

  490. ElegantSugar says:

    NYC 22: Yes, exactly what NC Gent said. I am quite surprised he wants to open an account in HIS name and give you the card. What if one day you go to withdrawal cash and it’s empty and he disappears? I mean, I understand it could be the same with your own account, he could not make a deposit and disappear, but still, it seems odd he wants to give you access to an account in his name. (???)

  491. NYCBella says:

    Hello Sugars! Just checking in and shouting out! Now I’m gonna go and try to catch up. Looks like we have a snow storm on the way and my SD IRL is gonna have to keep these tootsies warm for me. 😉 Ummm…dreams of cashmere socks are bouncing around in my head…lol

  492. NC Gent says:

    NYC-22 — I have had SBs open a savings account where they bank and then I make direct deposits to it. A lot better than handing cash in person. The savings account is usually free if one has a checking account. Only I made deposits to the account, so no concerns about stealing, although in todays world, it would be very hard to make a withdrawal. Depending upon if he is married, it would be better for you to open an account, because all accounts show up in a credit check :)

  493. NYC-22 says:

    I’m sure this question was brought up in one of the other blogs, but I was wondering how common is it for a SD to open a separate bank account in HIS name and give you a card to withdraw your monthly allowance. I had this conversation with a pot the other night, and that’s what he proposed if things work out well between us. I’ve never done this, as all of my previous allowances came in the form of cash. Any tips? Precautions? It seems like a good idea…?

  494. NC Gent says:

    AM — I wish my boobies were smaller too — so hard finding shirts some times :)

  495. Anna Molly says:

    I sometimes wish my boobs were smaller. They can be quite a problem when shopping for clothes. I don’t know if anyone else on the blog has ever shopped at Cache, but they only make tops that accommodate C cups and I have DD’s….so frustrating. Hmmmm, seems like we’ve had this convo before…LOL

  496. SD NEOhio (SDN) says:

    If someone needs a hand (or two) I am here :)

  497. CA Dreamin SB says:

    There ya go! NOW they’re showing up – delayed reaction

  498. SD NEOhio (SDN) says:

    Did someone call me? Something about boobies?

  499. NYC SB says:

    NC – yes… it is a good thing for your upcoming trip… given that it does not rebound by the time it happen. 500 point swings in a matter of hours used to be a rare occurence and now its called a Thursday

  500. NC Gent says:

    I am a bootie man, but perky boobies are good too — size is relatively unimportant but I actually prefer B cups :)

  501. Anna Molly says:

    NC ~ I thought you were an a$$ man?

  502. NC Gent says:

    The Euro is weakening against the dollar though, which is a good sign for my upcoming trip to Europe. :)

  503. NYC SB says:

    Flo – as you know and I’m sure SD will confirm Jan has been a bad month for the markets. Yesterday currencies tumbled. What that means is when the Yen goes up in relation to other currencies that means a bad bad ride for the US and Europe…

    HUGE swings in the currency markets this and last week… luckily for me the Yen has always been my friend 😀

  504. NC Gent says:

    It takes perky boobies to bring me out of hibernation :)

  505. Flo Rida says:

    Cleo – by phonetic do you mean C Charlie L Lima E Echo or do you mean spell it like it sounds eg I said ‘butter’ and ‘water’ to the waiter 3 times and he says oh you mean ‘buddher and waaaadddderr’ why didn’t you say so.

    it’s so hard to get SD out of this foul funk – bad times at work & I thought wall street was recovering. silly me.

    hope everyone is having a super friday! back to work at hertz or is that citigroup london

  506. CA Dreamin SB says:

    AM – I know! I expected them all to appear out of the woodwork with the mention of boobies! Hate to think they’re all working entirely too hard on a Friday!

  507. Anna Molly says:

    Wow! I’m surprised the BOOBIES (.Y.) didn’t bring out all the SD’s….LOL 😀

  508. ElegantSugar says:

    yeah…everyone, have fun with your Sugar Boogers…

    the one you PICKED. Ha ha. We are so full of ’em! :)

  509. CA Dreamin SB says:

    OC – SO glad to hear the witch is GONE! I’m so happy for you :)

  510. NEOhio SB says:

    OC ~~ OMG…Im packed and out the door, ready to close the blog and shut down my computer…and saw your last post….I am swedish and russian…and…i know exactly what you are talking about…Not sure of the exact spelling…but sounds like “hoonsoot”….thats it !!! My grandma called me that all the time too…..Signing off……..

    Everyone have a safe and wonderful weekend.

  511. ElegantSugar says:

    Anna Molly: You just reminded me of an experience I had one time while volunteering at an abused children’s home. I was paired up with a cute little boy to spend playtime with. He wanted to play “house”, naturally. (Isn’t that the second choice for little boys right behind “doctor”?) He told me he wanted to be the husband and I would be the wife. He described exactly what he wanted. He said as soon as he came home from work, he wanted me to greet him with, “How was your day Sugar Booger?” It was cute. Sounds like the makings of a future SD perhaps? Ha ha. I kid, I kid. In all seriousness though, I was very sad thinking this is a child who fantasized this because it wasn’t what he saw at home with his parents. :(

    • OCSugarbaby says:

      NEOhio SB THAT is it!!!! Too funny :)

      May everyone find their “Sugar Booger” and it sticks :)

    • OCSugarbaby says:

      Ok, back to BOOBIES (.) (.) … All things that begin with B and has an OO in it

      Off to a meeting, I hate when people call meetings on a Friday just before lunch. So hard to concentrate! Thanks for playing with me :)

  512. Anna Molly says:

    I had an uncle who used to call me sugar booger….LOL.

  513. ElegantSugar says:

    Ha ha! Cute, OC!! My dad used to say, “Some people say that’s diamonds on the end of your nose…but it SNOT!”

    • OCSugarbaby says:

      Far too many booger jokes! I love the humor. My grandmother use to call me something in Russian translated it meant “little snot” lol

  514. ElegantSugar says:

    Have a fabulous weekend NEOHIO SB!! Snow angels in stilettos are fuuuun!

  515. ElegantSugar says:

    D D: loved your answers. I am a strong personality too and found I have to temper it sometimes. It’s tough because originally I thought I needed a SD with a stronger personality to balance me out, but I’m beginning to wonder if a softer, gentler personality is what I need…hmmm. Everything is a balancing act in life…is it not?

  516. NEOhio SB says:

    OC ~~ Congrats….great sugar news. Purely shows your class and style to handle it as you did….as I would do the same. A true gentleman appreciates that in a woman. Thank God i don’t have any sticky boogers to deal with.

    Off of blog for the weekend…got wind from SD the snow has begun, so i am migrating before it gets bad…looking foward to lots of barolo, snuggling and watching the snowfall as much as it wants…and running out and making some la perla snow angels in stilettos then back into the warmth and passion. 😉

    Everyone be safe this weekend….

    • OCSugarbaby says:

      Have fun NEOhio SB! I love Barolo…
      Thanks everyone for your support, booger or no booger dating in any REALM is snot easy… LOL

  517. James.MI says:

    Cleo — I spent several summers in upstate NY on a private lake surrounded by blueberries. We picked them often, but I don’t think my bucket ever had more than a couple in the bottom. My face was generally blue, though (caveat: I was about 5 or 6).
    I also spent 5 or 6 summers and falls in northern Ontario along the Montreal River. Family gatherings in the summer, and bear hunting (bow, not gun) in the fall. What a wonderful place.
    I do a little deer hunting about an hour outside of Ottawa occassionally still.

    I’m fascinated by the peopel who are “catch and release” but go to the seafood restaurant without hesitation…

  518. ElegantSugar says:

    Yes, OC, I know it must have been tough. It always is. But good for you for allowing him the space he needed to get through it without added drama from you. You were selfless with your actions and that is a part of unconditional love. :)

  519. Anna Molly says:

    We aren’t supposed to get any snow where I am and I’m soooo glad!

    OC ~ I’m glad your sticky booger is gone…LOL.

    Ding dong the witch is dead! Which ole witch, the wicked witch! 😀

  520. D D says:

    Hello all!

    Boy, can’t keep up with the pace of the blogging and I’m out of the social loop of all bloggers. I’ll just add my 2cents on the side.

    What type of pictures should I post? If any?
    DEFINITELY post pictures! This is non-negotiable if you want attention as an SB (SDs, not so much). Men are very visual. I post three pics: A closeup (head, shoulders), a full-length shot and as a third, I personally am not into revealing flesh or showing my full identity so I skilfully cover up (a bit of mystique never hurts) and inject a bit of my personality in them. But I make a point of showing my assets (I have a great figure, legs and a wicked smile). None of my shots are studio/glam shots either, but I do look smart. It has never hurt me in terms of attention I got, and for the first few months on the site, I got a quite a lot of mail (especially considering my location isn’t as SD-rich as NY or California).

    How much time and effort should I expect to exert before I secure a sugar arrangement?
    Maybe I’m not the perfect person to answer: I meandered along, and along the way I screwed up a lucrative arrangement and have been very fussy, so all in all it’s taken me 6 months. But then again, I was new to this when I joined. If you’re new read the blog and hopefully you can boost your chances. Effort-wise, always bring your A-game: stick to agreements, be on time, and never lose your manners (men have told me about ladies not even saying thanks to gifts because “it’s pocket change to them” – rude!!). But importantly, never lose your personality. I’m a strong personality and I don’t change that, but I have to temper it occasionally. It’s not worth being someone you are not just to please a rich guy. It really, really isn’t.

    Has the sugar presented you with any tough choices? Care to share?
    I’ve been presented with tempting offers, but when it has come to making a choice, often I know whether it’s a ‘yes’ or ‘no’. I have to say though, that there have been a few occasions when I’ve thought ‘yes’ and the man has thought otherwise. Ah well, can’t win them all.

    If you could give 1 tip to a sugar who is seeking an arrangement with you, what would it be?
    Be a good and timely communicator. That’s not meant to sound patronising, but time is precious to us all and not everyone can mind-read!

    How are things going in your sugarlife?
    Nicely, thank you. We are meeting for lunch then a spot of shopping this weekend :-)

  521. ElegantSugar says:

    Way to go, OC! There are times when indifference is the answer. Of course she needed $$…isn’t that why most ex SBs come back around? I heard that song and dance from my past SDs all the time.

  522. JamesNY says:

    NEOhio and DC, thanks, I’ll check out Mogador.

    Lili, yes he did, last May. I also love The Alphabet vs. the Goddess. Very original thinking, which changed mine.

  523. ElegantSugar says:

    Cleo: Your eyes are absolutely beautiful! Do you want my feedback on your pics? Would you prefer I write them to you in private?

  524. Anna Molly says:

    Cleo ~ LOL…you have yourself a deal 😀

  525. cleo says:

    JamesMI my parents used to have a ‘camp’ (northern ontario meaning: some sort of place you build yourself on land you claim – generally with an outhouse) that was a three minute boat ride from wild blueberries

    oh god.

    my folks used to admonish us to ‘leave some on each plant for the bears’

    • OCSugarbaby says:

      Good Morning Sugars!
      I hope those of you in the snowy cold are hunker’d down indoors
      and are staying safe and warm!
      We West Coastin’ers are getting wet but not of the cold snowy
      Sticky Booger Update;
      Ding, Dong the witch is Gone! (or is it dead)
      The BF/SD loved the emotional freedom I gave him
      about the whole ugly situation. He said most women
      would flip out and force a face off. Kinda like it’s
      “her or me” type of drama. Since I showed very little
      emotion, he felt at ease about giving her the full on,
      stay back 100 ft, do not pass go, adios talk.
      She was in need of $. Go figure! He did not give her
      any. I am so proud of him. He is still my shiny star :)

      • OCSugarbaby says:

        Thanks Elegant, but I may have shown indifference to him but I was a mess on the inside! What can I say… I am human and it is but human nature to feel hurt when you are hurting.

  526. cleo says:

    AM: i’ll bait the hooks, you clean the fish, then we’re both happy.
    Lily: i am in no way irritated by your comments. i changed my photos and got ZERO response, they clearly suck. now i need better ones. in the meantime i’ve put up some totally different ones… thoughts?

    (also some minor wording changes)

  527. ElegantSugar says:

    CA Dreamin – martinis at 9:00 might be pushing it. Ha ha! Now a mimosa or fabulous (spicy) bloody Mary…I can do! :)

  528. Anna Molly says:

    All this talk of food is making me hungry! 😀

  529. NEOhio SB says:

    Good afternoon all!!

    DC ~~ I believe the Moroccan place in NY City you are thinking of is called Cafe Mogador. I have been there a few times and it is fabulous.

    Hope all on the east coast are snuggling with SDs this weekend in the snowstorm….I sure know…i will be.

    CA ~~ I am in for the martinis, sashimi and sushi too. !!!

  530. CA Dreamin SB says:

    Elegant – it’s only technically a little after 9 here, but as Alan Jackson and Jimmy Buffet sing…”It’s 5:00 Somewhere”

  531. ElegantSugar says:

    Hey CA Dreamin’! It’s after 12:00 here so I think I could have a martini about now and not feel guilty! :)

  532. Lily a k a taylor says:

    JamesNY, that is one of my fave books! I’m always telling people about it. Shalif died? I didn’t know. :( at least malcolm gladwell and bill bryson are ok, and publishing amazing nonfiction.

  533. CA Dreamin SB says:

    Morning everyone! I’m throwing in my support for martinis, sashimi and sushi. :)

  534. ElegantSugar says:

    Have fun at your meet next week! I was originally supposed to be in NYC for the entire week (Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week kicks off Feb 11th), but plans changed. This will be my first Fashion Week I’m missing in 6 seasons! This is their last one at Bryant Park too. :(

  535. Anna Molly says:

    I’m in for the 12th! Yay! I’m excited! 😀

  536. ElegantSugar says:

    Ok, 3 of the 12 are response-worthy and seem serious. The others…not so much.

  537. JamesNY says:

    DC SB, agree completely it’s a great place, great people. I bought spices and cooking oils that I use with great success — the fruits and vegetables are marvelous, it’s basically the Rio Grande/Central Valley for Europe these days — we just did not care for their meat!

  538. ElegantSugar says:

    Have a wonderful time, DC!!! Don’t forget all the wonderful mixers for your martinis! Muuah!

  539. DC SB says:

    Alright lovelies, I’m off for the day. My SD rescheduled his meetings to make it back to DC in time so we can get snowed in together. :)


  540. DC SB says:

    NYC no! Moroccan food is… just, spectacular. Don’t even get me started on how delish everything is, I haven’t eaten lunch yet. If I can figure out the name of the little place I mentioned ^^ I will give it to you. One of the most beautiful countries I’ve ever been too.. I bought tons of dresses, shoes, jewelry, scarves, pillows, candles.. I had a guy try to offer his shop and camel to the guy I was with to marry me (One of the ethnicities I always get is Moroccan). That’s a whole nother story and I’m rambling. :)

    Elegant, fine. I get that you’re “just not into me” but to dash my hopes and dreams!?
    I really need a martini now.
    If only they came in water bottle format.

  541. JamesNY says:

    Yay to most everything Moroccan but the food — after one week my family reached the point that if we saw another piece of pigeon pie we were going to barf! The spices and flavors are great but the dishes are limited, at least there … and we tried hard to find “New Moroccan” cuisine … it would be interesting to try a reinterpretation here

  542. ElegantSugar says:

    I know, DC. My pot SD offered for us to spend the weekend there. BUT…I had to say buh-bye to him. Wonderful man, just not for me right now.

  543. ElegantSugar says:

    MMmmmm…. blood orange martinis. You’re speaking my language, DC! I can’t behave badly tonight though. Heading out early in the morning to visit a friend about 3 hours away! Why did you mention the “M” word?!

  544. NYC SB says:

    DC – i have never had morocan food…

  545. DC SB says:

    By the way I was looking forward to you coming to NYC for Vday weekend too! :(

  546. ElegantSugar says:

    That was another nerd couple. We saw them too. We were a bit upset they were in the EXACT same costumes. We have changed since then and now heading over to the Klingon Empire. We will be hard ones to track…even for YOU…Miss GG!

  547. DC SB says:

    Elegant, I LOVE moroccan food.. (and I love Morocco – a boy took me there for my 20th bday, sigh- and I’m actually wearing a scarf I bought from there right now). I want to go back *humph*
    On a side note, there’s a really good moroccan restaurant in NYC off Astor Place I’ve been dying to go back to. To die for blood orange martinis.

  548. NYC SB says:

    Elegant – you were kissing… gossip girl saw… you were kissing at the CONVENTION… tsk tsk tsk

  549. ElegantSugar says:

    James.MI, Lisa and Anna M,

    A pot SD was telling me about a beautiful resort in TN called Ulderich Blueberry Farm. You guys should plan a trip there! But only if I can tag along as I LOVE blueberries too! Lisa, I also buy mine frozen when the prices shoot way up there $3.99 for a tiny container..egads! Frozen is about $2.00 less and you get more!

  550. ElegantSugar says:

    Hello Everyone!

    Busy, busy morning…but have been lurking a bit. I haven’t caught my own fish since I was a wee tot trout fishing at Roaring River in MO with my dad. Got a hook caught in my right index finger while baiting a live worm, hurt like hell. Then broke my flip flops as I screamed and cried running all the way back to the camp site. Fell down and scraped my knees and saw a dead trout with his insides bursting out; dead on the ground. That’s probably around the time I decided shoes and handbags would be more appealing.

    I do love to eat fish though. Probably eat it 5-6 days out of the week. Love salmon, Ahi tuna and Chilean sea bass. Big fan of sashimi. Any time I want to go on a health kick and lose 5 pounds quickly, I go on a sashimi and miso soup diet. Weight off in 5 days guaranteed.

    In Sugar News:

    I decided I am just not that “into” my 3 pot SDs so I’m putting myself into the sugar bowl. I want to make sure this time around, I’m doing the right thing. I updated my photo a few days ago and tweaked my profile just a bit. Woke up this morning to 12 messages in by inbox. So…off I go now to read and respond.

    Then have to decide what to wear for my (IRL) date tonight. We are going to a Moroccan restaurant…live belly dancers…FUN.

    have a wonderful day, all!!

    PS – NYC…we aren’t K I S S I N G. We are both nerds, remember? So we are off to a Gamer Convention. He dressed as a Dragon Lord; I as an Elf Princess. Thankyouvermuch. Get your facts straight, Gossip Girl! 😉

  551. Lisa that Actually Has an SD says:

    James.MI we had similiar “midnight raids” when I lived in the Rio grande valley, dad used to drive along the roads where the grapefruit groves where and I’d get out and gather some grapefruits.

  552. James.MI says:

    Lisa — I love blueberries, too, and live in the middle of blueberry country. they are still cheapest, and best tasting, when acquired in a “midnight raid”.
    NCGent — I did see you invite, but that wasn’t the way Midwest explained it to me. Besides, it was more fun to play it the other way.
    Off to buy a piece of cow for lunch. Friday is grilling day at the office, even in the snow and cold.
    JamesNY — it is amazing how powerful some of our basic instincts are, having been honed over thousands of years.
    Yes, I’m sure Naughty Molly was on the town with AM. If for no other reason than to lead her astray. Hooray for NM!

  553. DC SB says:

    Yay. I got it. Responding now.

  554. Anna Molly says:

    JamesNY ~ Naughy Molly came with me and she is the reason why I got a little tipsy in the first place….she is such a bad influence. 😉

  555. Lisa that Actually Has an SD says:

    I love blueberries. I found a way to get them cheaper, the frozen ones are bagged 4 times the size of the little container ones and cost about the same. They are supposed to be really healthy for you.

  556. JamesNY says:

    JamesMI — ah yes sex for meat, the fundamental trade negotiated between homo homo sapiens males and females more than 100,000 years ago — explicated in fascinating detail in Sex, Time and Power by the late Leonard Shlain

    NYC SB, thanks for the invite! I won’t be able to make it but hopefully next time

    Anna Molly, did you spot Naughty Molly out on the town too? :-)

  557. NYC SB says:

    I just sent out an email to the NYC Feb 12th group… please reply sugars 😀

  558. Anna Molly says:

    James.MI ~ LOL….I don’t even like blueberries unless they come in poptart form. 😀

    Glad to see you are feeling better! We missed you darlin’!

  559. Lisa that Actually Has an SD says:

    I know i’m a hypocrit as I love meat and dairy products but am disturbed by the way animals are treated but again i’m one of those that as long as I don’t have to see it, i’m ok.

  560. NC Gent says:

    “You are welcome to come along too James” James — I lifted this text from above — not sure how you interpret that to mean “not invited” :)

  561. James.MI says:

    I’m pretty sure Man didn’t fight, and struggle and claw his way to the top of the food chain in order to eat vegetables. There is a lot of truth to the biological imperative — just look at SA. Here are men, looking for women (sometimes several), and women trying to find mates capable of supporting them and their offspring!

  562. DC SB says:

    Half of my family is from MN (the White half of me) and live on one of the 10 billion lakes, so everytime we’d go fishing I’d secretly let the fish back into the lake..
    So, I stopped getting invited to go fishing.

  563. Lisa that Actually Has an SD says:

    Good morning

    I used to like fishing when I was a kid till I found out the fish don’t die instantly so no more of that for me. I will stick to getting my fish at the grocery after the deed is already done.

  564. James.MI (as opposed to JamesNY) says:

    AM – I’m struggling this morning. I thought you said Hermes and Blueberries were your favorite. That had me stumped for a while

  565. James.MI (as opposed to JamesNY) says:

    Cleo — I wasn’t invited to the fishing trip, just told about it. So, we’ll have to have out own fishing trip! So there! I’m catch and release, too, after I have enough for shore lunch. My first striped marlin is on a wall, but not the fish. There’s a company in CA that makes a reduced size replica from photos. Besides, who has 11′ of wall space for a fish?
    I struggle enough with finding spots for the moose and 2 Cape Buffalo, who stick out 3′ from the wall, and hurt like h**l if you forget to duck…

  566. DC SB says:

    NC NOOOOOOOOOOoooo. You’ve just crushed my whole lifetime forever! I missed it. Ugh, what in the world was I doing?!?! Why didn’t you send a smoke signal, some’thun?! A messenger bird?

    Anyway.. well, you’re probably right. We’d have to create a fake identity for you, complete with wig, mustache, contacts and a fake accent – you can choose between Boston & MinneSOOOtah/Fargo. Oo la la, I say go with Minnesota, love that “ohh geezee” accent. swoon!

  567. Anna Molly says:

    Hermes and Burberry are my favorites 😀

  568. NC Gent says:

    Hi Anna

    DC — you missed the 50 yo mama millionaire (who actually says he is 40). She was on Tuesday night at 10 pm (new show) but they have tons of repeats so you will see it again — probably the most bizzare behavior ever on that show!

    Don’t think my wife would appreciate me being on that show :)

  569. DC SB says:

    Morning AM! How are you this morn?

    We are about to get a BIG SNOWSTORM Y’ALL! Sigh.

  570. DC SB says:

    NYC – sounds like we’re going to have a HUGE meet up! Yay! Can’t wait =)

  571. Anna Molly says:

    NC ~ I guess I’m not worthy of a hello….humph! LOL

    Hi DC and NYC SB 😀

  572. DC SB says:

    NC Gent maybe you should be on there 😉

  573. DC SB says:

    I can only watch the haul junk and many jewish men looking for a jewish girl but always settling for a non-jewish girl blonde episodes so long.

  574. DC SB says:

    NC Gent – all I saw were reruns when I flipped it on :( I am ready for all these damn previews they keep showing, of the 50 year old mama millionaire who can barely move her face and flips out etc.

  575. NYC SB says:

    OC – sticky booger is green… so are witches… and we all know what that rhymes with 😉

    Elegant – an Hermez Birkin bag right now is worth how much? Upwards of 5 grand… some fetch 20k or more… if someone gave me a bag worth 5k its going straight to ebay… then im taking those money and investing them… I have a higher rate of return than Hermez … 😛

    Nomadic – my bad

    Elegant and Sincere sitting in a tree K I S S I N G

    NYC22 – YAY on all the pots and of course on the knock out dress… nothing like a lil retail therapy… Also Number 2 might have the money… but to me it sounds like he is super cheap… almost as bad as my SD date who whined about a $37 dinner

    JamesNY & NYC22 – are you up for a little blog meeting in NYC on Feb 12th? If you are click on my link and my email is on the site it leads you to… No I will not spam you

    NC – Millionaire Matchmaker is such a fun show bc of all the wackos on there

  576. NC Gent says:

    Hi DC – I am lurking – thought of you when I watched Millionaire Dating this week — man that woman was crazy huh?

  577. DC SB says:

    Good morning everyone!!!!! sigh, now time to catch up on what I’ve missed.

  578. Anna Molly says:

    Morning NC! I like to fish, but couldn’t go with you because you wouldn’t bait my hook. I don’t understand it, I can clean up a trauma scene and handle it just fine, but baiting a hook makes me gag every time….LOL. Go figure 😀

  579. NC Gent says:

    Just a quick post today, then several meetings and proposals due today….

    hmmmm fishing trip — I am in, but you SBs have to bait your own hooks. I will be in Monterey for a week near the end of May. I am up for a Florida fishing trip perhaps?? I have fishing trips also planned this year in Newport and OBX, but I am going with friends who know nothing about my sugar world. You are welcome to come along too James, as well as any other SDs. p.s. I have done a lot of walleye and perch fishing — I grew up in the midwest but now I am a southern boy!

  580. Anna Molly says:

    Good morning everyone! I wen’t out last night for the first time in a long time and when I say went out I mean I got tipsy and went dancing…LOL. I only drank a few beers, but then again I don’t drink that much so it doesn’t take a whole lot to get me tipsy. 😀

    Not hungover, but not feeling that great either. Hope I’m not getting that stomach flu that’s going around…ugh.

  581. Lily a k a taylor says:

    Cleo -still without computer. Hopefully you didn’t take my comments the wrong way about your pictures. I think any man seeking a wife would pick YOUR PROFILE, in a heartbeat, because of the brains and beauty combo. But pot SDs are scanning through with a different mindset. You have the beauty and physique required, for sure, but your photos don’t help you attract a great SD, …or that’s my only explanation as to why they haven’t snatched you up. Maybe all a bit more playful and enticing, like your third pic, but less obscured. Showing that dazzling smile, those lips, maybe that long thick hair mid swing, and show off your figure! Get a friend to snap the shutter constantly when you’re looking your sexiest, great lighting, while drinking wine, showing off your poses, and being silly. Then play with the images you like in terms of brightness and color saturation. Start with hundreds, narrow down to twelve, and have others pick three. You’ll make the best SDs weep.

  582. cleo says:

    JamesNY perhaps that’s why i like your perspective so much; experience. it’s a little bit how i like to think of myself… i have all of the realism but i just keep looking for the positive.
    SanDiegoSB they’re just rude and think money makes them more important than anyone else.
    JamesMI i am envious of that fishing trip. i freaking love fishing… except the murdering fish part so i usually do catch and release. that said, if you want to murder my fish for me? we’ll totally have it for dinner and i’ll even cook it if you like.

    • OCSugarbaby says:

      Good Night Sugars…
      Being a Strong Independent self reliant woman is EXAUSTING.
      I may change it up and be a dumb blonde for a day! ~OC

  583. cleo says:

    elegant/flo: one of the things that i love about this place is that there are a pile of women here who are smart and accomplished and have many talents…

    i have taken survival courses myself miss flo and i think you could handle anything
    Nomadic Constant: can i apply for that job? i know how to coil cable and don’t get seasick… and i am my most graceful in salt water…

  584. Sweety says:

    SanDiego SB~ you are beautiful… I just looked at your profile wow…

  585. SanDiego sb says:

    im off to.
    goodnight sugars thanks for all the help today, you actually brightened up my night,because i was kind of down.

    night dolls

  586. NJLady says:

    Evening Sugar’s,

    I’m leaving this for a while. If I want to get treated badly I might as well be back in the real dating world. Which is way I’m not, because I’m tired of getting treated badly. I just need to take a step back. It’s funny, as I started re-writing my profile, I felt as though I’m describing a puppy I’m trying to sale. “Sweet, polite, respectful…”

    I need a break. good night

  587. ElegantSugar says:

    Ok, Sugars. Finally stepping out of my office and calling it a night! I have a date tomorrow night (IRL). Something I swore I wasn’t going to do, but apparently gave my number to a guy at a party last weekend. I vaguely remember the details as it was a little late and although I wasn’t drinking heavily, I did have a couple of Patron Xo Caffe shots so I was feeling quite good. I remember he is here from Britain working for a few months. He was tall and definitely nerdy. His fashion sense was that fitted look (also known as “unconscious style”) that European men sport; the hem of his pants much shorter than what is acceptable in the U.S. He was drinking Corona with lime and he laughed nervously at everything I said. It will be my first non-SD date in about a year.

    Good night.

  588. cleo says:

    Sincere: i find that interesting that your sb doesn’t kiss you passionately except as a reward or as afterglow. because elegant sugar is right about the power in a kiss…
    miss sugar you are welcome to it but i say it in all sincerity. imagine my surprise to hear myself calling out to god when i am more in tune with energy and karma than ‘god’

  589. MoonPatrol says:

    I haven’t had he chance to read up the list, but what’s the answer to the question How long does it take for a sugar relationship to secure itself? I’m having terrible luck with my contacts and general correspondence. I haven’t proposed any meetings but the tingling feeling hasn’t showed up either.

  590. ElegantSugar says:

    You know, a nerd’s idea of romance might be to make up a spiffy web-page with all the reasons why they love you, with links to pics of you and sonnets and such… but hey, it lasts longer than flowers, plus you can show your friends. 😉

    “the man who taught me to pray” Ha ha! I am totally using that.

  591. cleo says:

    flo rida: hey that’s funny, i speak the phonetic alphabet as well. it amazes me how few phone reps are trained in it these days… and i have my radio license (hmm i bet it’s expired… if they expire)
    SF Sweetheart i have been told by other women that i was too pretty to be good at math. i figure that if i can tutor my cousin into passing grade eleven math i probably have some skills up my sleeve *g*

    too pretty to be smart
    “natural” athlete (or maybe active since i was six weeks old)
    intimidatingly self sufficient

    funny thing, most of the pretty women i know are very intelligent… but then i select for that in my friends… brains and wit.
    don’t mind me i’m having a bad week
    elegant the best lover i ever had (aka the man who taught me to pray) was one of those. nerds study everything, even sex :)

  592. NYC-22 says:

    Haven’t done this yet, so I thought I’d answer blog questions

    Has the sugar presented you with any tough choices? Care to share?

    I had a sugar offer me an extremely high allowance, but I could not stand him in every way – looks, personality (mostly), everything. It was really tough to say no to such a large sum of money, but I had to do it.

    If you give could 1 tip to a sugar who is seeking an arrangement with you, what would it be?
    The little thing that sweeps me off my feet – when a guy offers and pays for me to get a car home on our first date (I live 30 mins outside of NYC)

    How are things going in your sugarlife?

    In transition.

  593. ElegantSugar says:

    Oh, ha ha ha! NICE.

    I set that one up and you KNOCKED it down.


  594. James.MI (as opposed to JamesNY) says:

    ES: driving the golf cart and fixing the martinis IS baiting the hook!

  595. ElegantSugar says:

    How many James do we have on here??

    James.MI: I don’t know if it’s the Caribbean or Monterey. I just know I will be in charge of driving the golf cart, mixing the martinis and baiting the hooks.

    cleo: I know what you mean about the tall, awkward nerds. The awkwardness is a part of their undying charm.

  596. SanDiego sb says:

    thank you nyc :)
    yea ill probally have to post some new pictures, but not before i get my hair done lol

    its a mess right now,in need of new extensions lol

  597. NYC-22 says:

    sandiego sb – Just checked out your profile, you are so pretty! Don’t worry, I actually PAID to upgrade my profile and have gotten 1 email since the first two “20 emails” days. Sometimes it’s just slow in sugar land

  598. James.MI (as opposed to JamesNY) says:

    NCGent: I hear you are taking Midwest and Elegant for a whirlwind, week long fishing/golfing trip. I’m not clear as to whether you’re going to the Caribbean or Monterey. Do you think you can handle them both?

  599. SanDiego sb says:

    cleo dont listen to me and my bad vibes today lol. it was a rough day in the sugar world, i know its something everyone gets used to,but the whole vanishing thing is still crazy to me, especially when THEY contact you, try to get to know talk for hours (phone,text, email ) and then vanish,

    i know the men on here are busy (well the real ones that actually have something going on) and i get that, but ill let a pot know even after a few days of talking that im not interested anymore,so im not the bitch that vanished lol.

  600. JamesNY says:

    Anna Molly, my profile is always hidden … shown only to the select few. :-) Personally, I don’t mind if an SB keeps hers up, but then I’ve managed to reach a place in sugar dating where possessiveness and jealousy seem absurd. I learned the hard way that each party is going to be true to each other according to your own rules or not, and spying or whining or making demands won’t change someone’s behavior. I would never check to see if an SB has her profile up or not or try to find out when she last logged in. Once we connect, we go off kludgy SA mail anyway and I wouldn’t have any reason to see her profile in the ordinary course. And by that point I have much better pictures in my head than whatever may be on there, and hopefully I will be able to remember her birthday! In my experience though, typically happy SB’s do hide or remove their profiles, of their own choice, whether or not I ask. Hope that helps! 😉

  601. ElegantSugar says:

    Refresh your photos and rewrite your profile. That’s all it takes sometimes! And it isn’t because your photos are bad…new photos will usually get the guys to click through.

  602. SanDiego sb says:

    *sigh* i think ive tied 3 knots already :(

    still hanging on but loosing alot of faith

  603. cleo says:

    san diego sb i can’t remember the last time i got an email… seriously. that doesn’t make me no one’s type does it?

  604. ElegantSugar says:

    SanDiego SB: I have seen your profile. You are gorgeous and from what I can tell, intelligent. You ARE someone’s type. We all are.

    You know, daddy (not Sugar, but actual) used to tell me, “When you come to the end of your rope, tie a knot and hang on!”

    In other words, DON’T GIVE UP.

  605. NYC-22 says:

    Sbnxt – I actually knew it was coming. Throughout our otherwise great 2 hour lunch date, he kept saying things like “not a millionaire”, “business hasn’t been doing well”, “looking for a regular relationship”, “dates cost a lot too”, “don’t want to put a number out there, but see how it goes”. For me it was like “red flag”, red flag”, red flag”. Maybe his well wasn’t completely dry, but it wasn’t worth pursuing.

  606. cleo says:

    mm nerds are the hottest… especially the tall awkward ones…

  607. ElegantSugar says:

    Flo – I am an excillant speller. What do you mean?

    Midwest – good night, darlin’!

    Sbnxtdoor – I remember the dog riding monkey story! WHO was that?!

    NYC 22 – Sounds like winner is behind door #3! If you like DVF, wait until you see what she has coming out for Fall 2010. She is breaking her own rules!

  608. SanDiego sb says:

    I think ive officially given up,cause apparently im no ones type.

  609. SBnxtdoor says:

    Ooooh NYC-22 it sounds like you saved the best for last.
    In regards to potSD2, since you are in NY I doubt it would be the same guy who confided to one of our blog SB’s that his wife left him with the singlewide and his monkey that rides the dog during rodeo intermissions. Who’s story was that?
    I find it interesting that a man would have enough confidence (hutzpah) to ask a beautiful girl, and one quite obviously looking for financial support out on a date to tell her the well is dry. I suppose the same goes for women who post pictures 15 years and 30lbs ago, described themselves as athletic and fit, and want a potSD to look beyond their revealed chubbyness and lust after their personality.

  610. Flo Rida says:

    Elegant – unless one of us can’t count or spell (which is a distint possibility) and one of us is geographically challenged it’s a different lady.

    Sbnxtdr – funny haha.

    Gemi – haven’t heard from you in a long while – I was in Chesterfield County the other day (I-288) and hope the forecast of 2-20inches of snow doesn’t cause you too many problems.

  611. Midwest Mistress of the Dark says:

    NYC 22 – Good luck with number three!

    Michael – what hapens in Vegas….. Have fun!

    Goodnight sugars!

  612. NYC-22 says:

    Have any of you sugars (SBs) invested into something before meeting pots? I was so discouraged by my last bad date, I decided to go on a sugar-hunt today and set up meeting with 3 SDs around the city. I had an “ok” dress to wear but was feeling a need for a confidence boost and ended up buying a $400 gorgeous DvF dress. The sales lady told me a looked like a knockout lol : )
    SD1 was a pay per play guy but a high end one at that, so I consider that a half-win. SD2 was an extremely nice guy who confided that he had little to no sugar to give (lose). SD3 was a handsome, cool, well-composed guy with an AMEX black card, the chemistry was apparent, he was fine with my high allowance, we agreed on a second date… I hope it works out! (win?)

  613. ElegantSugar says:

    Hilarious, SBnxtdoor! :)

    Hello to everyone on tonight…to include, but not limited to the Ninja Lurkers.

  614. Michael AZSD says:

    Hey folks – welcome to Thursday night in Arizona!

    Has the sugar presented you with any tough choices? Care to share? Nope – all the choices were easy to make. Shall I mention the one who emailed me for rent money, even though we had broken it off 2 months before?

    If you give could 1 tip to a sugar who is seeking an arrangement with you, what would it be? Be honest, be realistic, and be prepared to meet. (oops that was 3…)

    How are things going in your sugarlife? excellent … got a weekend in Vegas this coming weekend with a new SB. I am really looking forward to this!

  615. SBnxtdoor says:

    Hey Elegant and Flo– remind me to call one of you guys the next time I am stuck while doing a crossword puzzle 😉

  616. ElegantSugar says:

    Midwest – I love your addition to the story! Ha ha. Oh, I am in rare form and easily humored this evening…sans wine, if you can believe that. Believe it.

  617. ElegantSugar says:

    Flo – I do know of a print model with initials JM, also in Playboy (2006), but she is Polish and has 7 letters in her last name.

  618. MusicCityMistress (MCM) says:

    MMD: ((hugs)) Hi!! I am doing well, but way too busy with work, how sad is that?? How are you?

  619. Midwest Mistress of the Dark says:

    MCM – Hi!!!! How have you been??

  620. MusicCityMistress (MCM) says:

    Hi Sweet Sugars!

    I hope everyone is doing well:)

  621. Midwest Mistress of the Dark says:

    Elegant – When you and NC Gent have finished your pressed coffee (yes, I have a press too), the he will wisk us off To CA to a chartered fishing boat with a full crew…we can eat, drink and be merry while carrying on about the one that go away (fish that is). Then 18 holes at Pebble Beach!

  622. ElegantSugar says:

    I love this blog. Imagine a huge “blog meet” with all of us.

    It would be a geek gathering complete with Karaoke and pop culture trivia all night long. Flo and I could teach ninjitsu moves and stealthy tactics for learning how to escape unnoticed from really bad, bad dates. Flo could also include her “how to start fires with lip moisturizer and tampons” class. Or, the catwalk. Depending on what drinks are served for the evening.

    Sincere – this could be the perfect setting for our SA wedding. But after the fact, I am running off to OBX with NC Gent for coffee and WSJ. You would totally be okay with this of course, as you go riding off into the sunset with your SB listening to the Statler Brother’s famous “Louie Louie”.

    A reality show waiting to happen…

    Anyone else want to add to this story. Lots of creative minds here and I could go on, but POOPED. (Which isn’t an acronym like FOOS.)

  623. SanDiego sb says:

    good evening midwest!

  624. Flo Rida says:

    SincereSD – I was born in Asia and so have an Asian passport a British passport but not an American passport. Btw i’m not asian ethnicity but being born in asia does that get me an invite to the wedding.

    Elegant – I shouldn’t do this but the print model has initials JM and is Russian and has appeared in Playboy (but I don’t hold that against her) and her last name has 8 letters. She’s a good friend to me BUT there are models who hate her (as there are models who hate me). Do you know her?

  625. Midwest Mistress of the Dark says:

    NC Gent – I have TaylorMades, a fishing pole and an ice fishing pole (with accessories)! Do I win an all expenses paid fishing/golfing vacation in Aruba? PS – Fine with Deep sea and lake fishing…prefer to eat ocean fish.

    Cali SB- Be safe. Hope all turns out well. We will send Flo Rida and Elegant out to spy on you and solve the mystery of the fallacy.

    Nomadic- I’m sure there is a lady out there who would enjoy travelling to different cities for short periods of time, then retreat to your mountain home. I have friends who are travelling nurses and they truly enjoy the lifestyle. You may have to cast a wider net though. (No fishing pun intended).

  626. CA Dreamin SB says:

    Sincere – wasn’t it the Statler Brothers “older women make beautiful lovers”?

  627. Midwest Mistress of the Dark says:

    Evening ESB, SincereSD, SandiegoSB, jen, OC, sbnextdoor, CAdreamin, Elegant and all others! Happy (almost) Friday!

    Has the sugar presented you with any tough choices? Care to share? This could have a million different meanings. For me, it was a tough choice of tweaking my profile for searches (fudging my age) and letting people know the what/why without losing their trust or interest. The good news is it worked out fine. Then again I wasn’t sasquatch posing as a 5’5″ woman.

    If you give could 1 tip to a sugar who is seeking an arrangement with you, what would it be? Have a good understanding of what an arrangement really is and what you want it to be.

    How are things going in your sugarlife? Things are sugary! SD is quite busy in his work life, so we treasure the moments.

    Off to catch up!

  628. SincereSD says:

    ElegantSugar says: SincereSD : Funny. Dido sings a song called, “See you when you’re 40″. I don’t think it has a positive spin though. Anyway, shouldn’t have told me you have Asian genes. I currently have a HUGE crush on American born Korean actor, Daniel Henney. Tell me you’re a nerd too (not just that you date the coke snorting ones…ha ha, couldn’t resist ) and it’s over.

    Elegant, I guess it’s over then … I’m asian and a nerd 😀 (And I’m not into cokeheads).

    So when do we get married? We’ll have the honor of having the first blog marriage and Mr. Wade will pay 5% royalties for using us in his marketing campaigns. :p

    Btw that song isn’t flattering. I vaguely remember a song (by the sisley bros?) named “older women make better lovers” or something like that.

  629. ESB says:

    Welcome back Jen!! I hope you find what you are looking for!

  630. ESB says:

    OC: I think Stephan should put that up for an ad or something. Very well said. I do not have a gift for words, but if I did, that is what I’d like to think I would have said. Thank you!!

    Went to pick up Baby Girl, and took me all of 5 seconds to catch up! You all are slow tonight. Guess everyone is out eating supper, which is what I did while gone.

    Time for bed, though. Office day tomorrow, need to be on my game. The school have already decided on half a day, and the snow won’t start to fall ’til afternoon. We like to be prepared here when it come to snow… we roll up the sidewalks to prevent any damages!

    Night all, sugar HUGS!!

  631. SBnxtdoor says:

    You are all so very unique and fabulous. Thanks for sharing your experiences good and bad.

  632. jen says:

    hi back to dip my little fingers in the sugar bowl after a long break. I had a wonderful sugar daddy but he had to end it for “personal” reasons. now I am looking for another friend

  633. CA Dreamin SB says:

    Yes – I realize that’s what I should have written OC! We ARE all exceptional women.

  634. SanDiego sb says:

    find anything out,about the ”too good to be true” OC sb?

  635. CA Dreamin SB says:

    I liked the part about sugar babies wanting to be self-reliant and independent – though the entire post is excellent :)

  636. CA Dreamin SB says:

    Yes, SBnxtdoor – well put

  637. SBnxtdoor says:

    It is such a shame that in our society a sugar baby is regarded as a gold digging whore, when in my opinion, and it certainly applies to the women that I have met here, true sugar babies are desirous of being self-reliant and independent. Using their brains, amiable personality(hopefully) and natural charm, somewhere betwixt here and there is one helluva good time to be had by all.

  638. ElegantSugar says:

    SBnxtdoor: GREAT way of putting it! That is exactly how I feel and have been unable to verbalize; written or otherwise. The desire to help a woman achieve something great and BE something that will help her gain independence (financial and otherwise) on her own is such an attractive quality. On top of being so gentlemanly and having such desire to make a woman smile! SDs rule. I am certain there are men out there IRL who want to offer the same; you are just increasing your chances of finding one this way – by putting yourself in the right place.

    Glad you feel better, Lily!

  639. SBnxtdoor says:

    I hear a Sly and The Family Stone song in my head now

  640. SBnxtdoor says:

    I have to say that I have never been this excited about dating. It’s not just the potential for someone to feather my nest a little, it is the very compliment that there are men out there who want to pull a gal up and help her achieve her dreams. It’s all just so flattering. I feel a genuine gratitude for men who are SD’s. I am not simply doing this for the aspect of financial gain. My last few relationships bled me dry emotionally and this is an opportunity to be an object of desire, and a happy companion. I do not need to look for red flags or be afraid of making another mistake, I just get to BE and GO and DO.

  641. Lily a k a taylor says:

    Hey, ya’ll. Fever broke. Feeling much better. Sorry for verbosity earlier, and drama. I was really just irritated on a hypothetical level that this pot was so impatient and wouldn’t let attraction happen over a longer time horizon and wanted tongue so fast. Totally moot point since I met my zazazoom SD the next day and would have declined mr. Smoochy anyways but, if I hadn’t, I would have felt jipped not to get a second date just because any physical attraction needed more bonding time to reveal itself. Of course I would not have accepted sugar from him during these first getting-to-know-you dates with the future so uncertain.

    I did let safetynetguy sugar me before I was sure. Mutual chemistry made it not feel wrong…: not sure though.

    Ok, how many of us on the two SDs team? :)

  642. ESB says:

    SBnxt: I’m sorry, I had to laugh at that.. the double edged sword. The kiss was niiice, but now you know what you are missing! Wow, that sucks! Sorry sister! I know that hurt. I hope you can poach him later! Good luck!

  643. SBnxtdoor says:

    Elegant & Lily- I’ve gotta chime in on the kissing potSD’s on the first date posts. In the past, when on a regular date, I did not give signals that I was receptive to a first date kiss. I’m more reserved. Most of my boyfriends hugged me and did not try to kiss me on the first date. This may seem totally old-fashioned and odd, but I don’t want a guy to even dream that I might be “easy” and kissing on the first date to me sets the tone for a physical relationship right away to me. I know, I know call me Prudie Prude. I truly like to hit a guy upside the head with my sensuality when that moment occurs. That said, just because of sugar dating, I may have changed my tune. The two potSD’s who have kissed me on the first date totally gave me butterflies. There was no tongue involved but it was niiiiice and sweet and it felt totally natural. I felt that since there is a pretense that I may become their lover, and because the conversation flowed and the attraction was mutual the end of the night kiss was icing on the potentially sugary cake. Bummer for me that neither of these fellas decided to become my SD. One chose another SB and the other potSD wants to become a client and barter services for some marketing. He was a bit hesitant on the allowance and so rather than turn me down flat, this is his way of helping as he is on line seeking whatever his kind of sugar is. He’s damn sexy, nice, and handsome though, so maybe I can poach him as a boyfriend later. Still that was such a nice kiss after our first date. Yay for me and rats for me.

  644. ESB says:

    I agree with CA Dr. I know there is someone out there who would love that, but for me, I couldn’t. Would LOVE to , but have a few kids who I can’t leave right now. I’d be lost with out them. Not ready for the “empty nest”. I’m pathetic. They really are my life. :(

  645. CA Dreamin SB says:

    Nomadic – There is someone out there who would be happy with the situation. You never know who she is – but there IS someone out there who would love that.

  646. ESB – Nylans’s right. I waited 7 months before I mase the leap with one SB. Up till then I just kept looking. I got discouraged alot but eventially got connected with the right one. So hang in there it just takes a little time.

  647. Cali-Dreamin well the thing I’m really asking here . . . is everyone only interested in a once a week only kind of thing here or are there SBs also interested in the older version of keeping and being kept type affair. I would want my sb to travel with me and be with me alot more than once a week. Not interested in quashing anyones lifestyle. But I find that I want more than being there once a week for a couple of hours.

    NYC SB – thanks gorgeous! I always did think you have good taste. And shhhh . . . I’m trying to be kinda anonymous cause I don’t want my current sb to think that I want to replace her. She’s my first choice and I’ll only look elsewhere if she opts out. Thing is I think she’ll probably decline because she likes her freedom and time alone too much.

  648. ESB says:

    It is INSANE!! Gotta run to the store to buy milk and bread… Who needs bread and milk, I’m out of Smirnoff’s Ice!! Gotta run to the store for that!! Not expecting as much where I am, and Ocean City is only expecting rain! I’d go there, but would have to drive home! Would never make it. The guy I worked with today said I should sell my Mustang before tomorrow!!!

    I agree, 90 on white beach would be so much better!!

  649. NEOhio SB says:

    ESB ~~ (((hugs))) I knew there was a great quality in you…being a Buckeye ~~~ Just talked to a cpa friend I do some consulting for in Baltimore and heard about the snow forecast….He was saying 18 – 24″ and the stores were a mayhem…people fighting over parking spaces, etc…flocking to the stores to stock up. Supposed to start around noonish, then the worst is Saturday. Think you guys had more snow this winter than we did out here. Be careful and be safe…we are expecting alot less than that over here. Still id rather be at the beach in 90 degree weather.

  650. ESB says:

    NYland: Sigh… can I have that weekend, just once? Thanks for giving me hope. Need it today!

  651. ESB says:

    Hello ALL! ( to lazy to pick out names and miss someone!:) )

    I to grew up on the great lakes, being a BUCKEYE, and lake perch are the best, or bass, or waleye… let’s go fishing and find out! I love to fish, something about being quiet and on a boat. Love it!!

    NEWS FLASH!! Room mate just came by to tell me “They just gave the weather forcast on TV” I said “and…?” he said “We are all gonna die!” LMAO We are expecting 10 – 24′ tomorrow. sigh… please melt by Monday. I’m sick of shoveling!!

    Cali: Best of luck to you. Prayers are being sent up!

    Nomadic Constant: Sounds perfect for me. Love to travel, different city every time… I say start looking!! Pretty sure there is someone for everyone on here…

  652. ElegantSugar says:

    By the way, I just stepped out to run errands and went into my least favorite store, Wal-Mart (aka: HELL) and I swore I heard them page Macaulay Culkin on the intercom. Is Wrestle Mania in town???

  653. ElegantSugar says:

    NYC SB: I must confess, I DO love purses. It doesn’t always have to be high end. I have some adorable $25 clutches. Although, I would probably fall on my back (cockroach style) and die if someone ever gave me a Hermes JPG Birkin (specifically in light coffee or grey). Hermes is the one handbag you can actually consider an investment. Hermes bags from the ’60s command current retail prices! That, my friend, is the power of Hermes.

    Flo: FOB? Whachoutalkinboutwillis??? Just kidding. I have heard FOB since I was knee high to a grasshopper! But I did travel over by plane. So would that make me a FOP? And I might know the print model you speak of in NYC. You never know. The fashion world is really small as you know. I mean, really small.

    NYland: What a wonderful story! Wow. You made all of the SBs in here salivate, I think.

    Nomadic: It takes all kinds to make the world. There is definitely a SB out there who would love exactly what you offer.

    Cali Lemon: Sorry for your current grief. :(

    As far as golfing, I have a clean golf cart driving record and can mix a nice martini while riding in the passenger seat. As far as fishing, it’s been a while, but I don’t get heebie jeebies hooking the bait. Used to spend hours digging for worms before our weekend camping trips in the Ozarks.

  654. CA Dreamin SB says:

    I’ll be thinking about you Cali…I hope everything works out okay…take care of yourself and hope you are back soon! Be safe! Prayers going out for you and your friend.

  655. Afternoon sugars!

    As you may, or may not, have noticed I’ve been posting less and less frequently here. I just wanted to drop in today and let you know that I will be taking a hiatus from my sugar search. An unfortunate series of events have been occurring in my personal life that are forcing me to spend my energy and focus elsewhere and I can’t give the sugar search the amount of effort it needs to come to fruition regardless of how much I could really use the allowance in my life right now. Without saying too much, someone very close to me’s life is in danger right now, and frankly and indirectly, mine may be as well. Unfortunately, the alleged situation that is causing this danger to him (and potentially myself) is a complete fallacy.

    I hope to still post here from time to time and still plan on attending the CA meet, but I won’t be actively searching for an arrangement at this time. Hopefully this entire situation will pass and I’ll be back to sugar search soon. In the meantime, my friend and I would both sincerely appreciate your prayers. :(

  656. CA Dreamin SB says:

    Yaz – I totally wasn’t saying anything about anything you said (not that you took it that way) – just commenting to Lily to let anything that rubs her the wrong way roll off her back. :) As a general rule, I like your posts

  657. Jayde5502 says:

    Wow! Omg guys, a potential paid my phone bill!!!! I am so happy right now :) Finally some sugar, mmmmmmmmmm

  658. Yaz says:

    Lily–I never said that your comments made you look like an escort. Your post was very long and if I recall correctly you asked several questions in it. My post was a response to your questions but I guess you perceived it as an attack. CA Dreamin SB is right; screw what I ( and the others) think.
    Please disregard my comment.
    I will keep reading your posts and will just refrain from commenting in the future.
    I’m typing from my bberry so there might be lots of typos in this post..

  659. NYC SB says:

    Storm – I think that an SB will be interested in anything you offer because of your kindness with a twist… I am sorry for your troubles friend :/

  660. CA Dreamin SB says:

    Nomadic – Why not? If you’re bringing your SB to you – what difference does the geography make? The mountain place sounds fabulous. I’m sure you’ll find someone who would enjoy that lifestyle as well.

  661. NJLady says:

    AustinSD- I won’t be able to travel until September, after I graduate. I told him I would like to communicate. So, I supose it’s up to him.

  662. My profile won’t tell anyone this but I’m in the most painful stages of divorce right now. I know, it will pass. Anyway, I’ve been thinking about what I would like to do, next, with all this new found freedom. I occurs to me that in my profession, I can work anywhere in the world (wherever I can get internet.) So I’m starting to think about being more transient, (as a way of life.)

    As far as things are shaping up it, it looks like I’m going to loose my home, here in the city, and will end up only with the country place in the mountains. I’m trying to think positive about that and realize that it could be a beautiful place to have, as a home base! There is no mortgage and the 117 acres of land includes forest, streams, ponds and riverfront.

    From there, it’s more of a dream . . . I picture myself moving with the seasons, renting quiet flats on short monthly terms and getting to know the people. Their customs, dreams, successes, tragedies. And in each place I want to leave something that enables a positive change in those people’s lives. I see my friends regularly joining me. some staying for long times and others only as long as their schedules permit.

    Or perhaps I’ll get a large boat to live on and really be a vagabond.

    I was wondering whether any SB would be interested in an SD with that kind of lifestyle?

  663. AustinSD says:

    NJLady – How long till you can travel? Can he come to you? Keep the email/phone charm on full blast and a solution will be found.

    NC Gent – Most of my fishing has been done from a seated position but I grew up on the great lakes fishing walleye not on a river fishing trout.

  664. Flo Rida says:

    Elegant – I would ask you if you knew a certain print model in NY but I forgot you live in FL. The film industry is much more direct in casting calls but both are pretty direct. Keep in mind i’m FOS as well but too old to be FOOS. As you are asian have you heard of FOB (fresh off the boat). :-)

  665. NJLady says:

    Oh, and he also said he like my legs and eyes. How could I ignore that.

  666. NC Gent says:

    Hi AustinSD — I prefer a woman with a fishing pole over one swinging a golf club! But to each his own sugar!

  667. NJLady says:

    Afternoon Sugar’s,

    I just had a SD add me to his Favorite, so I contacted him. I asked him what was about my profile that interest him. He wrote back….he likes fishing, (which I love) also he has a Harley, (4 points). The only problem is, he lives in Canada……Quebec! I left it up to him. If he would like to communicate. That’s very far. And I can’t TRAVEL right now!

  668. Anna Molly says:

    NYland ~ That is sooo sweet!! Made me smile like this 😀

  669. NYC SB says:

    aww NYland – “Wish I could do that every weekend. Too bad Im not a manager at BofA so I can get a 2 million dollar bonus!”

    that is sweet… an SD who LIKES to spoil….

  670. SanDiego sb says:

    OC sb how do i get your email? :)

    and thank you NC gent

  671. NYC SB says:

    Flo and Elegant – I make fun of the model stereotype… really Im just jealous cuz I stopped growing at 5’6” …

    OC – yikes! offers like that make you wish you were single… however… as much as it pains me to say this… you have a wonderful man who is commited to you… and that to me is not worth a trip to italy and a purse, but then again what to I know… i dont even like purses :p

    • OCSugarbaby says:

      NYC Sb yes, yes you are right I am a bad girl for enjoying the fantasy. But, I am human. Plus as you can tell from my posts over the past week something is on my mind. It has been a Dark and Nasty Cloud over my world and I think it is getting the best of me. By the way, I have had zero contact with Mr Italy, none zip zero. I also sent back the purse over my lunch hour.
      True confessions…
      My BF/SD’s old sugar is making herself out to be quite the sticky booger (sorry for the visual, but I had to give her a humorous name or I will think of a less than humorous one to suit the situation).
      I found out she has been trying to sweet talk her way back into his life. He at least is honest with me about her antics.
      My take on it is I do not want DRAMA. Period.
      She will not go away. But I will not make this
      a point of discussion with him and he knows
      that. I think I said he needs to deal with the
      situation and I thanked
      him for being honest about her antics.
      I hate sticky boogers… LOL

  672. Nyland says:

    Hello all.

    I have not replied in like 9 months on these blogs! Just busy I guess and had a SB so wasnt seeking any advice.

    Difficult choices: hmmmm one prior SB wanted to tie me up and make me watch, go to swinger clubs etc…ahhh not sure Im into that sorry. So we called it quits (she was a former porn star)

    Piece of advice?/Tip? Be yourself. Dress nice, and act like a lady…I guess thats three tips. 😉

    How is sugar life going? Pretty well. Me and M… have been together almost a year!!!! Amazing. We see each other anywhere from 3 times a month to a stretch recently where we didnt see each other for 6 weeks. Recently she followed me to a Conference for a weekend. We went out to a comedy club and had a nice dinner together then back to the hotel. Saturday I had meetings she shopped on my dime. Met her for a nice lunch. Saturday evening we went shopping. Went to VS and followed her around while she picked out cute panties and some other pretty things, bought her a nice bracelet and a new Coach bag. Then on to a nice dinner. Waitress says “oh you are such a nice looking couple” ha ha…maybe because everyone else there was like 70ish for some reason. Again I have the filet and she stuffs her little bod with king crab and we share some bread pudding. Then back to the hotel and some wine and the best intimate times I have had with her. Morning breakfast and say good bye :(

    Gave her 1400 for weekend plus plane tickets, and her own hotel room. Plus about 500 in shopping and then dinners…had much fun as did she. Wish I could do that every weekend. Too bad Im not a manager at BofA so I can get a 2 million dollar bonus!

    For all those who are discouraged keep trying. The nice arrangements are out there!



  673. AustinSD says:

    OC – There isn’t much sexier than a woman swing a golf club, especially with the right attire.

  674. NC Gent says:

    Deal AM :) I go to Chesapeake VA for business often. My 2009 SB lives there! Elegant Sugar — you have mail on your blog page :)

  675. ElegantSugar says:

    You will have to go about 50 miles outside of OBX into Chesapeake, VA for the nearest VS!

  676. Anna Molly says:

    NC ~ Don’t worry about it darlin’. It’s the thought that counts 😉
    Tell you what, when you come to the city next time I will buy you a pressed coffee and you don’t even have to take me shopping. How does that sound? 😀

  677. Anna Molly says:

    SG2 ~ Hopefully you’ll get to take a break pretty soon. Work for me has just started to pick up. I have two companies and three personal accounts that I have to do taxes for and I am about to go crazy. I hate tax time….UGH!

  678. ElegantSugar says:

    Now, I do have one positive thing to say about ex-models and people who work in the fashion industry as a whole. I DO enjoy the straight-forwardness and no nonsense types of approaches you gain from that industry. Whether it is in your genetic make-up to be that way or not, it rubs off on you and actually helps you in other areas of life. If you choose to use your powers for good.

    That’s probably why I like you, Flo. (*that’s about as mushy I will get with you so don’t go turning all Anna Wintour on me*)

  679. NC Gent says:

    Anna is right — I am completely unreliable and typically FOS, but it is most likely a result of being FOOS. Come to the OBX Anna but not sure if they have a VS there – enough acronyms yet?

  680. SouthernGent2 says:

    Anna Molly – not much going on because I don’t have the time. I did meet someone last month that used to be on this site over a year ago. She had decided the site was not for her, but we had kept in touch and finally decided to meet.

  681. NC Gent says:

    FOOS — Ok I will have to use that one too now Flo!

    I will bring the two copies of WSJ or shall we share?

  682. Anna Molly says:

    Elegant ~ Make sure you get a conformation from NC on that meeting of yours. He was supposed to take me shopping at VS back in Dec. and I’m still waiting!! 😀

    NC ~ Sorry, but I had to give you a hard time. I just couldn’t resist..LOL 😀

  683. Flo Rida says:

    OC – the mother ship is calling you

    NC Gent – I think you are fresh out of school or FOOS (in a good way) – joking.

    Elegant – I just liked setting fire to things, SD is really goofy and so loves fooling around as well. Maybe i’m a tiny bit grown up now (as an old hag).

  684. ElegantSugar says:

    I use two packets if it is a grande. However, I often ask for a real mug if I am “enjoying my hot beverage” inside. Love drinking out of a nice, heavy mug. The same reason I like a real newspaper, I guess.

    Speaking of..who’s bringing the WSJ??

  685. NC Gent says:

    Exactly OC SB — I don’t mind if someone calls me out for being FOS, but at least have the kahoonas to use your usual blog name and not hide behind a fake one. I am pretty sure I know who it was though :)

    Elegant — I actually go for two packets of Splenda in mine – maybe I am a sugar substitute kind of guy! I have met several of the blog SBs in a completely platonic manner :)

    • OCSugarbaby says:

      NC Gent, all water under the sugar bridge :)

      AustinSD glad to hear your lunch went well at Chez Nous! Aren’t you meeting her again tonight? Now that you are thinking LTR with her and she with you what are your thoughts on pampering her? Will you forgo the typical allowance and pursue dating her.
      Sorry, just wanting to know your strategy.

  686. Anna Molly says:

    SG2 ~ We have quite a few new bloggers all of which are wonderful!
    How is the sugar world treating you? Sorry, just being my normal, nosey self 😀

  687. ElegantSugar says:

    SG2: I believe I fall into the category of new personality here, which can be strong sometimes, but I assure you I mean no harm. Now my Kung Fu grip on the other hand, is a-whole-nother story. Take heed.

  688. ElegantSugar says:

    Flo….and I thought I was Resources Unlimited, Inc. Holy cow! You are like a walking “how to for dummies” on everything! Love it!

  689. ElegantSugar says:

    Did you just say vanilla syrup??? NO WAY. You are speaking my language, NC! Sometimes will go with sugar free caramel, but a shot of vanilla always. And half a Splenda.

    Ok, bloggers, don’t get the wrong idea. NC Gent and I are just going to meet sometime in between his 12 annual Sugar dates and in between my quest for the meaning of life while juggling two SDs to discuss Sugar horror stories over French press coffee somewhere in the Outerbanks of NC. Totally innocent!

  690. Flo Rida says:

    NYCSB – no we just look mean and steal each other’s boyfriends :-)

    Elegant – four elements of a fire are spark (flint, cigarette lighter, matches, friction, sun magnifying glass), dry tinder, kindling and wood or other flammable material. If you’ve never started a fire dry tinder is the most difficult – bark from river birches is excellent, lip moisturerizer, tampons are all excellent tinder. Needless to say I was bored as a teenager!

  691. NC Gent says:

    At the restaurant where I first had french press coffee, they brought out individual units and pressed it for you right there. It was a lot like espresso but not nearly as strong. I still like my cappacinos though!

  692. ElegantSugar says:

    “One Post Wonder” generated a full HA HA from me! Hilarious!

    • OCSugarbaby says:

      More like “FOS and afraid to use their real name” …

    • OCSugarbaby says:

      NYC SB, thanks sugar. I knew you would come out of the fold to hold credit to my 2 SD Credo…
      I really need to be strong! Did I mention the Gucci purse came with a note that said fly to Italy with me and we will visit the birth place of your 1st love…
      Dang he really knows my love of all that is Gucci…

  693. SouthernGent2 says:

    Anna Molly – I will try to make more time for checking in. I really need to take a couple of hours and figure out the personalities of the new players on this blog.

  694. NC Gent says:

    OK — I will bring the high end coffee — do you like vanilla syrup is yours?

  695. ElegantSugar says:

    I guess they are all portable (except for the newer electric ones). I just meant it is travel size. Makes 2 small cups. Perfect!

  696. Flo Rida says:

    NYCSB – I suggest you approach Shaw as they sell fake grass – which is really felt, with shards of non-uniform plastic over it, interspersed with either sand or ground up rubber pellets (from old tire cord). I used to read some (not many) profiles but now I never read profiles.

  697. ElegantSugar says:

    Darn it. Never should have made that (ex model) admission. Please don’t hold that against me. I didn’t know any better then….and it paid the bills.

    Never want a Kindle, but past SDs and pots even have offered knowing how much I read.

    NC – You want French press coffee in OBX? DONE. (I have a portable one!) Just need a stove or boyscout flintrock fire starting skills will work as well.

  698. SouthernGent2 says:

    Elegant Sugar – FOS = full of sh*t

  699. NYC SB says:

    OC – of course it works without being sleezy… I am not seing either of them solely for the allowance… I am attracted to both… so then why cant I have both? We do it while we date all the time … well at least I do

  700. NC Gent says:

    oops sorry — a few months ago — SG2 and I were accused of being “full of shiza” (FOS) by an SB blogger who was a one-post wonder. We still joke about it!

  701. NYC SB says:

    Elegant – of course you dont fawn or kiss a$$ – it is not in your genes as an ex model :p

    Also, the feel and smell of a book is a reason why I dislike the kindle… even though SD gave me one… i just dont like using it

  702. NC Gent says:

    OBX it is — looking over the ocean would making even more special. Not sure one can get french press coffee on OBX though.

  703. Anna Molly says:

    SG2 ~ It’s good to see you back! Are you going to stick around for a while?

  704. NYC SB says:

    OC – like yourself I like the attention… and sure you can get attention when you regular date but there is something so so sugary sweet about how some pots express their interest.

    I am notorious for the juggling act… I like having 2 SDs… its good to diversify sugars… because as Miss OC said: Sugar can fizzle out

  705. NC Gent says:

    Hi SG2 — we have missed you because I hate being the only one here that is FOS!

  706. SouthernGent2 says:

    Anna Molly – some work related issues have kept me tied up for the last three weeks. I finally decided today just to take a break from it for the day and not worry about something I can’t control.

  707. ElegantSugar says:

    AustinSD: For some reason I don’t get as much of a thrill reading the online version. I like the feel and smell of the actual newspaper. Even the sound of the paper as you fold it over. I’m weird like that. I grew up on a farm with two television channels(when we could get the wire hanger and aluminum foil just right, we had three) so reading newspapers and the Reader’s Digest were forms of entertainment I will always hold onto.

    NC Gent: Would love to! Maybe even in OBX? 😉

  708. Anna Molly says:

    SG2!! How are you darlin’? Long time no see! Where have you been hiding sugar?

  709. ElegantSugar says:

    I don’t fawn or kiss a$$ either. Isn’t inherent in my nature to be that way. I thought those characteristics were black marks against me in the Sugar World, but have learned, SDs appreciate you just being yourself and being REAL.

    • OCSugarbaby says:

      Each SD that has been a part of my life would tell you that they were super attracted to the fact I was REAL, soft spoken, driven and organized. Organized NOT demanding! Organized as in on time, girly and soft but the process was invisable (never spoke of how or how much time it takes to pull that off), can wear a baseball hat and Jack Purcell’s or a ball gown. What it boils down to is we are who we are. Don’t try to change to be who they want you to be.
      Kudo’s on the multiple SD theory. Sorry but I think it does work without being sleezy

      • OCSugarbaby says:

        Oh and my Golfing ability seems to work small wonders (go figure) …. I would advise all to take some lessons :)

  710. NC Gent says:

    I guess time will only tell, ES! I had french press coffee for the first time a few weeks ago — it was spectacular! Maybe we can have coffee and read the WSJ as we swap stories!

  711. SouthernGent2 says:

    How is everyone? I have been missing in action for awhile, but just wanted to check in and