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Sugar vs. Great Recession


Since the earlier days of the economic downturn, we’ve heard stories from Sugar Daddies and Babies who have had to make adjustments to their sugarlife as a result of the changing financial climate. Some Sugar Daddies have had to reduce the amount of support they provide, while others have switched from Sugar Daddy to Sugar Baby altogether.

Sugar Babies have also adapted to the narrowing field of surplus. Some Sugar Babies have teamed up with other SB’s in ‘sugar-sister arrangements’; in which if one Sugar Baby finds an arrangement, she splits some of her benefits with her sugar-sister, and vice versa –  increasing the likelihood that both will get some relief.

How have you fared during the economic sag? How has it affected your sugar dating?

How does sugar play into your long-term goals?

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  1. Thank You for the helpful information. Quite insightful I must say. I also liked reading the comments. Keep the great posts coming!

  2. SincereSD says:

    ElegantSugar says: I miss NCGent, NYGent, SincereSD, AustinSD…who else?

    Miss you too. What was the aftermath of our lost wages marriage?

    Sorry, I’ve been much too busy to post let alone follow the blog.

    ElegantSugar says: DC – I LOVE tetris!!! And if ever we argue, I get the feeling we would just end up laughing hysterically anyway in the end.

    ES and DC, one of the best tetris games ever is Pokemon Puzzle League for Nintendo 64. Very challenging head to head play and a 3D 360* version. It got rave reviews and I’m miffed there isnt a multiplayer version for the Wii.

  3. cleo says:

    Candice you should for sure have a ‘sugar’ email address that has nothing of your actual name in it.

    as for money, in canada i can email money to you and you then link to your bank from the email. i don’t believe the recipient gets your banking info but it’s worth calling the bank to ask.

    western union and paypal are expensive. how about a money order?

  4. Newbie says:

    Hey Guys! Just wanted to give you a heads up on something. I was almost scammed by someone but trusted my instincts. I had left a blog a couple days ago about what is safe and what is not safe as far as giving personal information out to a pot SD. Well, this guy who lives in another state, wanted to gift me with some $ before we even met. It sounded a bit suspicious and he wanted my personal account #. We went back and forth with me suggesting ways he could send $ but he always had excuses and kept suggesting that he have a check sent out to me, of which I would have to send part of it back to him. I told him I would not do that as I had heard of this scam before! He was supposedly from Georgia but was doing computer work in “Africa” for the next few months! When I told him I could accept only a gift card, personal check or cash, he went ballistic! He kept insisting I trust him and kept asking if I was accusing him of being a scammer!! Then the insults and bad language started! His name was “Shawn” but I highly suspect him of being African with a different name. He also kept saying “baby” “sweetheart” and “aiight”. Yeah. Here’s my question: He has my full name and 2 of my email addresses. Not my personal address though. Can he now do anything to scam me? My email addresses are also associated with PayPal. Should I be concerned? I took him off my I/M.

  5. NYC SB says:

    New blog everyone! come play!!!!!!!!!

  6. Yaz says:

    Just wanted to say a quick hello to my sugar Fam before leaving for work. The roads are clear! No more snow!! :-)

  7. DC says:

    CA – my current kitty is a little stray. I love adopting =) however he refuses to entertain me even attempting to put him on a leash or ANY clothes on him. he sits right down as though to say, nope I’m not going to be your cheap entertainment.

  8. Lily says:

    Megs – I think this guy sounds like a potential stalker. Controlling behavioral cues are not to be ignored. It can lead to all kinds of horrible places. Perhaps cut ties now while he may just walk away and easily leave you in peace.

    To all – I updated my blog about my personal sugar situation, for all of you who want to read it. I tried to remain brief but there was plenty to log in, today, on my sugar saga. Mostly positive or neutral.

    To all lurkers who email me and ask that I cue them in *here* on SA that I have updated my blog, so they can go look: Can you possibly just ‘follow’ the blog of your own accord to be notified of updates, i.e. bookmark the page and check in every so often yourself, so I don’t need to cue you in here on the SA blog that I have updated? I am updating rather regularly, so you won’t be often disappointed to find it dusty and old-news, I promise. I don’t want to draw attention to my blog here at all, given this week’s events. Thanks for understanding.

    Re: privacy concerns – I have a story about this, that’s indeed about me and my sugar life for those who don’t have any issue with getting a glimpse of that, which has a good beginning, scary middle, and a good ending. Besides the entertainment value, you might realize why I considered it a wakeup call about phone numbers/identities/etc.

    NYC SB has a great update on her blog about a google service which is similar to getting a vumber that forwards calls to your cell phone, so you can keep your phone number and identity more private until you trust someone. Yesterday I realized that I shouldn’t be so naive, and should get one myself.

    I was in a local area chat room, and put right in my username that I was seeking an arrangement as my purpose for socializing there. Several married men approached me, etc, and felt out what I meant by an ‘arrangement’ and all was fine. One was particularly adept in english, said he understood very well what I meant and was interested, and we talked for awhile. Even exchanged photos via my gmail account associated for sugar (and my blog). I felt naive/brave and gave him my number and said to call me if he was serious (I had often gotten this far only to have the guy abruptly POOF, but usually if a person will call me, with an unblocked phone number, that indicates that he’s not just fantasizing about being able to be a SD, but that he is serious in what he is saying). He said he wasn’t alone and would call the following day after ten am. I didn’t expect him to, and I emailed him and said, “did you even save my number?” and simultaneously chatted on the chat room with him (we were simultaneously emailing and chatting, yes).

    The chat turned towards him wanting me to name a specific amount of financial assistnace that I had in mind. I never did so, told him it had much to do with many different factors and impossible to say, but he pushed and pushed. Finally I said, “Well, if you must pin me down to a ball-park amount, I suppose I could say that if you are in the income bracket where 3 digits is the most you would be able to spend towards an arrangement, per month, then I would most likely keep scouting around for someone who can help out with a 4 digit amount.”

    He then suddenly said, “Good luck with your search.” and emailed me, “I have saved and registered your number _____.” The _____ being my real first name!!!!!! My blood ran cold. I started to sweat. I went to him in the chat room and asked what registered meant. He said, “nothing.” and then I asked again, and he copy/pasted the sentence where I discussed 3 figures vs. 4 figures.

    I panicked. I thought maybe he undercover, or he knew me, or he was for *whatever reason* trying to pin me for prostitution, for having mentioned even vague amounts of financial contributions involved in a relationship that (although never stated directly) had overtones of being romantic/dating/extra-marital-activity in nature. He cut out out of the chat instantly. I cursed the shitty day I was having and went to bed.

    Today, after BaldHottieSD dropped me off at home, my phone rings. The number clearly displayed on my phone, as a local mobile phone. I answer. It’s the guy. He warmly introduces himself and apologizes for having to end our chat conversation suddenly the night before. I play along casually and ask him how he knew my name. He said that it’s quite easy to do a reverse phone search in this country and he was simply curious as to who the number was registered to. We ended up talking and talking about everything under the sun, and having a big laugh about how I had panicked the night before about him, he admitted that with running his own company and a stressful marriage, the LAST thing he wanted to do was create drama in this world. Turns our we are both singers, we have a lot of common interests, I told him stories about my traditional dating disasters, we had big chuckles, and my thoughts leading towards sugar dating, and he said he appreciated how open I was. I even told him about about having two SDs at the moment and describing those dynamics. He ended up asking me if I would do some translating work for his company’s website and I agreed. He asked if I could come say hello if he and some colleagues were going out for a drink in an elegant bar in town around 9pm, and i said I would drop by and introduce himself. I hung up the phone so glad to have made a connection with such a eloquent, genuine-sounding, warm-sounding, intelligent man who seems open to having quite a few ties between us in this city (not at all put off by the fact that I am sugar dating these days, or finding any moral objections to that). Let’s see how well we get along in person this evening. At the very least I am no longer worried about this guy spelling trouble in my world but….

    I am not certainly going to start only giving out my other phone number, which is a secret number which doesn’t show up in any searches or associated to my name. And just to be on the safe side, hint at no numerical values of financial contributions that I would ever have in mind re: hypothetical arrangements. I’ll wait until live meeting and discuss that in person.

    Lessons learned. I am sorry to have posted such a long one, but wanted to share the newfound sugar wisdom I have learned, to hopefully benefit others.

  9. CA Dreamin SB says:

    Morning all –

    I love ALL kitties, and the last few I have had (just strays from the pound) would walk on a leash and fetch!

  10. DC says:

    Morning Molly!

    SCB & Megs, kitties! I love Bengals and Savannahs.. sigh, you both are making me want to get 1 (or 2 so they can be friends) =)
    I mostly like the idea that you can walk them on a leash, play fetch with them… adorable.

  11. Naughty Molly says:

    Good morning everyone! :)

  12. Megs says:

    Oh, and TexaSD….you didn’t scare me away last night, I was already going to bed. Just like I am again now. I think everyone is asleep :) G’night all

  13. Megs says:

    It is definitely nice to hear the “success” stories out there.

    I spoke with pot SkypeSD again tonight. Apparently he renewed his membership JUST to contact me, and discontinued it again. He is honestly a complete gentleman and made me laugh for nearly two hours. We have plenty to talk about. But he said a few things that stopped me short. He hates that I have a boyfriend (even one that I’m likely leaving soon)…and said that if I don’t leave him, he will get rid of him for me. We have only talked twice. Haven’t met yet. He is legit, I looked him up – pictures and all. But to threaten to actually mess with my life is a little much. And what was a great conversation made me very uncomfortable. I told him I wouldn’t make promises to him and was very upfront with it all – but he is adamant we are supposed to be together. And that is when I realized… he mentioned he wasn’t against it, but I can tell he actually is looking for a serious LTR…possible wife. Ugh. There is so much we could do for each other…but I absolutely don’t want to get into a real relationship right now. *sigh*

  14. ElegantSugar says:

    Aw, I think it’s our blog SD’s turn to get Snuggies!

  15. photogirl says:

    Yes, Midwest and JamesM are sugar role models. :)

    Although I have experienced very short term sd/sb relationships (to which I ended as they were not 100% upfront and true colors shined through quickly. NOT from SA by the way) I have also had pot SDs who have been very generous(prior to meeting), much to my surprise and I’ve never let it go to my head, expected nor demanded anything from them. I am truly grateful and blessed for their generousity.

  16. TexaSD says:

    Photo- Sure, feel free, lol

  17. ElegantSugar says:

    Even the way Midwest and james.m shared their parting was all CLASS. Shining examples for us all.

  18. NYGent says:

    Photo: sure you can!

    I do feel sympathy for the SBs on the site because the numbers are so against them. But then sometimes when an SB does land an arrangement, they forget how hard it was to get there, suddenly become complacent, feel like they’ve won the lottery and are on easy street for the rest of their lives, get greedy and and stop working at it. The classic example of the opposite is Midwest who kept looking and looking and when she found an SD didn’t let it go to her head but stayed grounded and made sure she didn’t overreach and instead stayed fully consistent with the concept of mutually beneficial. Eventually economics intervened to end it but it wasn’t because she forgot all about how hard it was to get there in the first place (apologies Midwest if I’m getting too personal here, but “success” stories are in short supply on the blog and need promotion).

  19. ElegantSugar says:

    photogirl – you can safely assume your doe eyes can ditto anything. :)

  20. ElegantSugar says:

    NYGent – great point. You SDs (who are truly in this to be SDs – and not to take advantage of a damsel in distress) are the most generous and kind people ever. Once you are in it, you are in it. In a healthy SB/SD relationship, as you said, the SB’s eyes can light up and you guys can’t take your Amex cards out fast enough. ha ha. By the way, did I mention how my eyes glowed when I walked by a window display of two Hermes bracelets? ha ha. Couldn’t resist.

  21. photogirl says:

    Can I ditto as a female? 😉

  22. TexaSD says:

    NYGent- Ditto.

  23. NYGent says:

    to add to the bengal cat story, most of us SDs, once we’re in an arrangement, are quite generous if you’ll just let us be. We just don’t react well to being taken for granted $$wise or being told to do, supply, or buy this or that.

  24. photogirl says:

    Candice & Jade – With Western Union, they do ask for your identification…so yes, if your middle name is on there, I can understand how that could work. But ofcourse, I have not tried that so I cannot say for sure. I have a rather common name and even with googling the information found does not reveal my residence…only PO Box.

  25. NYGent says:

    Lily: on the bengal cats it may be a matter of presentation/approach. I had an SB once who every time we went shopping and passed a pet store kept saying, “When are you going to buy me a little dog?” I never did. However, if she had simply gushed and said “awwh, how cute, I always wanted a little dog,” maybe I would have said, “how’s about I buy one for you?” This is how another SB got me to buy her a Chanel Bag — she never said, in so many words, “buy me a Chanel Bag,” but when I saw her eyes light up in Bergdorf’s Chanel Department I said “how about I buy it for you for Christmas?” She went ga-ga and said “that wouldd be the nicest Christmas present anyone ever bought me!” and I just melted and bought it. In my view SBs will usually make out better, in the end, if they let the SD think it was the SD’s idea to buy them a gift (that’s why they call it a gift, not a response to a demand).

  26. ElegantSugar says:

    Jade – Yes, I believe if you have first and middle name on your ID, that works too. That, and having the tracking number or as Western Union calls it, the Money Transfer Control Number (MTCN).

  27. Jade says:

    I once got western union using my first and middle name .

  28. ElegantSugar says:

    Megs – Don’t be hard on yourself. Choosing to sugar date doesn’t mean we can automatically transcend beyond what typically happens in the real world. We still have the same physical desires that are perfectly normal and it sounds like you got a much needed vacation from the whole thing! Also, you seem to have some other great pots and can move forward for your search for THE ONE. Keep on truckin’ on!

  29. Candice says:

    Hi Photogirl! Thank you for the information. Have you heard of people using a loadable gift card? Do you think that is weird?

  30. ElegantSugar says:

    NYGent – Thank you and no problemo. Some may argue that I should have taken it offline. I chose to do so publicly in hopes that some of the lurkers would see this is an open forum and we can discuss our issues openly and as adults. My course of action was merely to help resolve what some people felt were outright misrepresentations of how healthy arrangements are and should be mutually beneficial. As SDs, you guys are investing (or at least hoping to) invest more than just financial dollars into your SBs. There are emotional & intellectual investments as well and I think most of us know and understand the importance of human ROIs.

    photogirl – You are correct. With Western Unions, the sender must know first / last name as well as city/state you will be picking up from. Receiver must know first/last name as well as city/state sent from. The tracking number makes the pick-up more flawless.

  31. NYGent says:

    Elegant: sorry you had to endure all the off-blog comments. One possible explanation is that bloggers who express their true feelings on this blog have sometimes faced disciplinary action in the past for so-called “un-sugary” comments. One SB was actually banned for a while, for remarks that really weren’t incendiary at all, until a unanimous “petition” from other bloggers got her reinstated. Another blogger we all know and love was constructively, if not actually, driven from the blog until a similar petition got her back. So I think some old-time bloggers feel a need to pull their punches at times for fear of retribution.

  32. Megs says:

    Jade – I agree about no sex the first time around. I wasn’t planning on it. And am still kinda annoyed I did (Even though it was great sex). I had already come to that conclusion well before I met my first SD. Just not a smart move to give up that quickly. And I’m starting to thing he won’t be talking to me again. I guess I can concede I got a first class flight, show, dinner, hotel suite and a great night from it…and sadly, it was something I needed (not the sex…but the rest of it)

  33. Megs says:

    Just catching up…kinda. So much to read. I got to DC’s comment about a Bengal kitty… GET ONE!! I have one! She is the sweetest! I love bengals :)

  34. photogirl says:

    Candice – You are correct, paypal will show your name and mailing address(again as said before, it is best to have a PO Box) on his end. As far as Western Union(although I have not used it for quite some time) I believe you also need to provide a first and last name.

  35. Candice says:

    Hi everyone. Okay, I’m going to go back to a thread from late last night or early this morning that had to do with having the safest way to receive money. With Western Union (which someone suggested), how does that work? Also, what about pre-loaded gift cards? If you have PayPal and a SD is willing to send you $ to it, is that a safe option? My email has my last name in it so I would have to get a new PayPal account I think! Also, about the “alias” name….I don’t see a problem with that at all! In this day and age where people can snoop and find out some very personal things, I think it’s important that we protect ourselves in the beginning! I think this holds true if we have young ones at home too! Thanks guys!

  36. SCB says:

    Still catching up but had to say….

    DC- I have TWO bengals. They are the most amazing pets I have ever owned. Best cats in the entire world. Im in love.

  37. sugarbarbie says:

    no more snow!

  38. ESB says:

    I need to get off of here. We are expecting 3 – 7″ of snow again tonight. I hurt just thinking about it. Better get to bed just in case I actually have to get up and go to work tomorrow. It’s been raining all day, and it’s flooding… that means if it turns to snow, there will be ice everywhere tomorrow. Not going to be fun in any case.

    Good night everyone. Sugar HUGS!!

  39. ESB says:

    ooops.. “goods”

  40. ESB says:

    Hey sugarbarbie! Welcome!!

    Hmm.. not sure any woman would make me turn gay. Just don’t have the good for me.

    I get the same thing, LASB. First impression is I’m shy, innocent, submissive… Once you talk to me, Im approachable. I’m very friendly once you get passed the shyness.

  41. sugarbarbie says:

    Hey hey hey…what’s happening?!

  42. LASB says:

    Elegant – Hahaha. That’s such a party topic! “Which celebrity would turn you gay?”

  43. LASB says:

    Nah. Most wouldn’t even suspect. According to what people tell me, first impression is that I’m a nerdy, submissive, conservative, innocent type. I’m actually ok with that.

  44. ElegantSugar says:

    Ha ha, ESB. I know you weren’t. I wasn’t offended at all. It doesn’t creep me out to be hit on by a woman at all. And, I won’t deny there are some women who could possibly make me think about it. Just sayin’.

  45. ESB says:

    LASB: I can only imagine how many women are lying awake at night dreaming of ways to approach you 😉

  46. LASB says:

    I’m too shy to ever hit on a woman. I’d never want to give someone else that icky feeling, so I just let them come to me. :)

  47. ESB says:

    OH, and ES, didn’t mean to insinuate you were bi.. but if some woman is staring at me, that is usually the first thing I think about. (shivers) just so not me… I have been approached by a bi woman before. So uncomfortable.

  48. ESB says:

    ES: you are so right, but now knowing the FA has my back, I feel better. He said he’d let me know when he has more info. As long as no one tells the branch manager I’m looking for a new job, I’m golden. As soon as he finds out, he will fire me in a heart beat. He’s mean like that, but still, for the most part, a really great guy to work for.

  49. ElegantSugar says:

    ESB – You will do the right thing. If having a consistent paycheck and something more promising is going to give you peace of mind, then that alone is worth more than 20K.

  50. ESB says:

    You all have given me some great advice, things to think about. I am so much the “do gooder” that I would never do anything illegal. Just being on this sight is probably one of the “worse” things I have done in a long time. Meaning, it wouldn’t be understood by many of my friends. I will think about it. See what my Finacial Advisor says. He will be the one to actually close the deal since it involves securities, and I am not licensed to handle that. He likes me, is cheering for me to get this new job, and will make sure we all do the right thing for my benifit. I just called him too!! Gonna be sad leaving this job. I’ve made some really great friends there.

  51. ElegantSugar says:

    Oh, I see. Hmm. Well, maybe go the route of negotiating with the new company to hold the position for you until you close the deal?

  52. ESB says:

    Elegant, the worse that could happen is I’d be fired. Since I work on commissionn only, there is no real crime being commited. I am considered an independant agent. I make my appointments, run them when I schedule them, and only get paid if I make a sale. The hard part is I am supposed to be in the office on Tues and Fri. Kinda hard to fake that part. :(

  53. ElegantSugar says:

    ESB – I might be in the minority here, but I have a different opinion on the “faking” your old job out if you go with your new job. If you are found out, you could possibly be penalized and worse, charged with a crime.

  54. ESB says:

    yes, I can run a few apts in the evenings if I have to to make it look good. Will kill me, I’ll be exhausted, but just for a few weeks, or more like 6. Will be worth it if this sale goes through though. Im’ trying to stay calm about it.

    In other news.. I have not had any pots contact me since Sat. He poofed on me too.. WTF? So weird. Why do they do that? They all just went POOF! I got this 26 YO I work with BEGGING me to go out with him, but can’t get one real man to contact me. I guess my personallity is not shining through on my profile.

  55. LASB says:

    ESB – Sounds like a good plan. As I always say in real estate, drag it out! Actually, drag it out on both ends. Try to push back your hire date too.

  56. cleo says:

    esb totally do that. if you get the sale…

    you can even go on a few calls at night or whatever right?

  57. ESB says:

    I will see what happens. I have been doing so poorly at my current job, I just want to leave… but 20K? That is a years salary!! IN ONE WEEK!! I’m going to see if I can fake my working at my curent job, see how long that lasts, then just leave all together if this deal falls through.. just talked to a co-worker.. he suggested that… call in sick, run a few “fake” appointments, pretend to be working… it might work!

  58. ElegantSugar says:

    ESB – I didn’t actually stare at her creepily (and no, I’m not bi either). I was enhancing the overall story about applying LASB’s personality to a complete stranger on a completely different coast. Ha ha.

    I would do what LASB suggested, talk to the new company about the commission loss. If it is another commission based opportunity, they are sometimes willing to negotiate if they really want you. Not all, but some.

  59. ESB says:

    Insurance, the new job is totally different. I will be the Executive Assistant to the CEO of this fab company in DC. Has NOTHING to do with insurance.

  60. LASB says:

    ESB – Can you take the customer with you to the new company then? As I recall, aren’t you in real estate or something?

  61. LASB says:

    Then I definitely would have approached the creepy, tall Asian! HA!

  62. ESB says:

    Elegant, you are so not creepy.. but I’m sure having you stare at her made her a bit umcomfortable…. it would me! (I’m not bi, so please don’t look at me that way!)

  63. ESB says:

    That is how it works, if you want the money, you stay. My branch manager don’t play. It kinda sucks, since it was my lead, my house, MY SALE, but I have a fabulous oportunity and if I am offered this job, I’m going to have to take it… but it kills me… someone else is going to get my commission!! sucks to be me right now.

  64. ElegantSugar says:

    ha ha, LASB. The “creepy” customer staring at her was ME. ha ha.

  65. LASB says:

    Elegant – Oh, that is too funny. Definitely not me. I’d probably go and strike up a conversation with the creepy guy. That’s just how I roll. :)

    ESB – Congratulations! My question was going to be the same. Negotiate so that you CAN have it. Also, explain the deal to your new job and see if you can work something out.

  66. ESB says:

    If I do sign the contracts, I only get paid on it if I am still there when it is issued. I have $2k in pending now, and I will loose that if I leave before it gets issued. Anything issued before I leave, I do get paid for. Right now, that isn’t much. I’d rather have a sure thing than hang on to the “what if’s” that keep coming my way… it ‘s so hard to walk away from that though. The way my luck has been going, it won’t go through if I don’t take the new job. Better to go with a sure thing than a sucker bet.

  67. ElegantSugar says:

    ESB – will you get any of it at all if you close the deal before leaving? I mean, signed contracts and the numbers go towards your sales report? Congratulations, by the way!!

  68. ElegantSugar says:

    LASB – I was doing research at the book store last night (I spend tons of time there) and there was a super, hot Asian girl in the History section (wearing glasses). For some reason, I applied your (online) personality to her immediately and felt like I knew her. I think she went to customer service though and complained about being creeped out by the tall, Asian customer who kept looking at her eerily and smiling.

  69. ESB says:

    I got some news I have to share … today I got the dream client, the one I’ve been hoping for since I started this job 2 years ago. She wants to move her money to my company. My commission on this sale will be $20K.. no lie… but if I get the job I interviewed for last night, I won’t be around when it gets issued, and I won’t get my commission! MAN!!! What to do… it’s still up in the air as to IF she will go through with the sale, but it’s killing me thinking about it!

  70. LASB says:

    Elegant – OK, I was going to say something sooooo crass, it would surely get me thrown off the blog. So I’m going back to my corner now. Anyhow, my vaj hurts just THINKING about all those unicycle rides in such an outfit. LMAO

  71. ESB says:

    lmao… I want a video of THAT!!

  72. ElegantSugar says:

    LASB – how do you work as a vajayjay parts model anyway after riding the unicycle all day in your crotchless clown suit? If I were your parts modeling coach, I would advise you stop. That will shorten the shelf-life of your career.

  73. ESB says:

    LASB: I’m dying here! I want to take them for a test drive… sans panties… the outfit, not you.. but ya got me thinking… lol!!

  74. ElegantSugar says:

    LASB – THAT’S NOT WHAT I HEARD!!! Oh ha ha ha ha!! Couldn’t resist after your earlier confession.

  75. LASB says:

    Ok, ok. I’ll stop talking about crotchless attire. Damn, I was really on a roll there.

  76. LASB says:

    My crotchless clown outfit is hot! I’m starting production on on my new line of them in a nearby warehouse. Come sans panties, and I’ll let you test drive. (the crotchless clown outfits, not me.)

  77. ElegantSugar says:

    ESB – Consider it DONE. FIN. FINITO.

    Next topic?

    Isn’t the LA meet tomorrow night?

  78. ESB says:

    I’m envisioning that crotchless clown suit… roflmao… you ladies are great…

    Can we end the drama already… end of story, end of cat fight, NEXT!! Seriously, just stop talking bout it!! Geesh, what are we 10 and have to keep hashing out the same lines over and over?

  79. ElegantSugar says:

    Lily – I DO get your frustration with hopeless pursuit of irl affair hopeful turned SD. I DO get it. I guess you have to remember, you aren’t just in a room with your Sex and the City girlfriends. Men (frustrated SDs) are in the room too. New SBs (the Kindergarten class?) are trying to learn the alphabet through us and they’re confused. You are at X and they are barely understand A. Make sense?

  80. Lily says:

    Anyway, if anyone wants to cut me any slack, That would rock because it has NOT been a great blog day for me & not a great day in other ways and I’m off to bed, & 1 more time, sorry for souring the sugarbowl.

  81. ElegantSugar says:

    ESB – big hugs back to you. Thanks for the support. I’m exhausted.

    LASB – Nerds rule. I embrace my geekitude. If I were bi, you might be my first pick. Especially in a crotchless clown suit. Rawr.

  82. Lily says:

    It wasn’t sarcasm. The over-exaggerated terminology was me feeling picked on, deflated and exhausted by being misunderstood by those who you have been speaking for. And frustration/exasperation of course for exactly what I said, that your time was being wasted for something that isn’t your fault/job-to-fix.

    And now I can’t believe someone out there hates on my kitty wish. And that my attempt to turn my irl affair into a gift daddy arrangement through feminine wiles were unsuccessful & Thoughts that if it’s a normal affair, I should break if off (again) to save myself the ickyness of feeling like the “stupid other woman” (again!!) since I’m into him (whereas being his sugar wouldn’t feel stupid, but sugary, NSA, and fun-in-the-moment/not-being-used)….

  83. LASB says:

    Welcome, ESB! I’m trying to keep my .02 to myself too, but I hate to have people upset, if it’s just a misunderstanding/miscommunication.

  84. LASB says:

    I think I’m too nerdy for most reality TV. I like Shark Tank and Dragon’s Den.

  85. ESB says:

    Elegant: Big hugs for you. Sorry you had a bad day. I, too, am keeping my .02 to myself. If you can’t say something nice

    Taz, sorry I missed you! HI when you come back.

    LASB, sugarbarbie, cleo..evening! Hope we all have a nice quiet night here…

    DC <3! MUAH!! for ever!!

  86. LASB says:

    Maybe. I’ve watched it 2xs, since I had a friend on there. She’s pretty abrasive and promotes horrible stereotypes regarding LA by what she says and how she acts. But I’ll admit that some of the guys do need the whipping she gives them.

  87. ElegantSugar says:

    LASB – Is that the show where the lady has black hair with Lady Gaga bangs?

  88. sugarbarbie says:

    I’m watching it right now lol love it

  89. LASB says:

    YES! Business idea!! You could blow Millionaire Matchmaker out of the water in the ratings. I don’t get why that show is so popular.

  90. ElegantSugar says:

    *YOUR comment*


  91. ElegantSugar says:

    Very true about text lacking tone, inflection and even facial expressions and hand gestures. Lily – if you’re comment wasn’t meant to be delivered with sarcasm then my apologies. As some say, that’s MY BAD.

  92. ElegantSugar says:

    The “Dear Abby” is putting it lightly. It has even morphed into an in-person consultative role. I drove an hour the other day to have lunch with a SD who contacted me through my blog (I know you’re reading this, E) and asked if he could just sit and chat with me about arrangements because he was frustrated with how his search was going. He said some of the things I posted open up his eyes entirely to seeing arrangements in a way he had never viewed them and perhaps I could meet and give him some advice. (He was referring to my article about the “Getting Rid of the ME FIRST Attitude”) We had a wonderful lunch (at the Ritz) and he left with a renewed feeling and vibrancy for his sugar search. It was a positive experience. No, I wasn’t paid (new business endeavor, perhaps), but I walked away feeling good about lifting another person’s spirit who was down about this life WE HAVE ALL CHOSEN.

    My experiences haven’t all been perfect (as you guys know) and I don’t KNOW IT ALL, but going back to perception…I guess my ‘voice’ is being heard here as someone who can help.

  93. LASB says:


  94. LASB says:

    Elegant – If anyone ever emails you anything close to that about me, can you please send email me with a kind warning? yikes! I see why people think you are the “Dear Abby.” You give such great advice, so just take it as a compliment.

    Cleo – I just look at the track record. She’s been pretty direct on the blog when anyone says something she doesn’t like. Personally, I tend not to like sarcasm. When I call people out on using it the way Elegant’s father explained, they accuse me of being humorless. But really it’s just them lack eloquence and balls.

  95. cleo says:

    lasb we’re the same in that one. i still go back to my ex who used to say “if i say something and you can take it two ways, assume i mean it the nice one”

    this is triply true in text where trying to infer tone is hellaciously dangerous

  96. ElegantSugar says:

    cleo – you are right. It was cleared yesterday. My final straw and why I finally said something was my reaction to this email I received today. (which I requested permission to repost as long as I didn’t give out sender’s info…)

    I am copying/pasting only up to a point because I am not going to post unsavory words that could be hurtful.

    “Just when I thought that Lily chick was getting better she comes back on saying she is searching for an SD to buy her 2 bengal cats for 4K and cuts down the other SD for not taking her shopping. If that’s what all SBs are like I want nothing to do with being a sugar daddy because she comes across as nothing but selfish and makes me sick.”

    There was more.

    Of course, Lily is just sharing with the rest of us a little “wish” of hers and there isn’t anything wrong with that. Going with what I think DC said about LV…I, personally, would rather have the LV, but I’m admittedly a shoe and bag whore.

    That was one out of five consecutive messages I received today with that same tone. I did not ask to become the “Dear Abby” through my blog, but for some reason readers trust my advice and I’m doing the best I can to offer my blog merely as a positive resource for newbies.

    I am the queen of THINK, PROCESS then SPEAK. But after email number five. My very own floodgates poured. Wildly imperfect that I am and all.

  97. sugarbarbie says:

    I’m keeping my .02 out of this debate…

    To date I have 239 views of my profile and a total 17 messages sent to me…something wrong with that ratio.

    But guys gave me the confidence to keep trying…love you guys! muah

  98. DC says:

    I got NYC covered because I’m eating for the two of us-

  99. LASB says:

    Actually, I didn’t read any sarcasm in her post at all. I just took it for face value that she felt bad that Elegant got thrown into something that she shouldn’t have. (Ok, getting my naive self back into my clown outfit now.)

  100. DC says:

    Well, for some reason we are all having our bitchy moments.

    You know what I BET it is, you ladies CLEARLY need to eat and stop drinking maple syrup and lemon.
    Duh, totally figured it out. And now I’ve simultaneously justified my Chipotle and pizza.

  101. sugarbarbie says:

    Just peeking in to say hello.

  102. Lily says:

    You’ll please all of the people some of the time, some of the people all of the time, but never all of the people all of the time. This is just an illustration of that.

  103. Jade says:

    Believe it or not some guys get turned on by bratty sugar babies, so who are we to judge just because it is not what everyone likes.

  104. Lily says:

    I didn’t mean to be bitchy to Elegant. Is is NOT her job to police me, and I believe her when she states she doesn’t want that role.

    Anyway, I get mail from lurkers, too, that say they live vicariously through
    me and blah-blah-blah (words of encouragement and appreciation for writing about my experiences), but I really keep my sugar blog/journal for myself, not to attempt to promote/advocate sugar relationships to the outside world at large. I should probably post less often so I draw less attention to my tiny little experience, and use my personal blog for my personal journaling, and just try to offer help to others here if I really think I have something helpful/unique to say. Which won’t be often, since the other ladies here are so helpful already and I’m just a newbie still finding het footing.

  105. cleo says:

    dc sb please don’t make me, i finally got under one eighty again! (that’s the xmas weight and then a couple more) still have about ten pounds to chuck though and i just do NOT need more yummy food!

    tell me again when i do that happy dance of hitting 170 (my perfect range, fitting jeans under size 30 at 5’11 is about 160-170 but i accept up to 180 in the winter right at xmas… but this year i was depressed in teh fall and went much higher than that :( )

    as for the lily thing, thank you, that’s very well put and is far less of an attack than what most people said. i am confused because i thought this was resolved last night and did in fact see a change in the way lily was speaking of her sd’s.

  106. DC says:

    Cleo, have you ever tried Ike & Sam’s? (kettlecorn)
    If you have not, you are not LIVING. And find your nearest Whole Foods (do they have them in Canada). And that’s your homework assignment for the night.

  107. DC says:

    In any event, Lily I think your anger towards Elegant should be redirected to the people who sent her the messages (of concern) and not to Elegant herself. 3 of you total have links to blogs- so there are only 3 people to contact off the blog to get real life sugar advice, if a lurker doesn’t want to come out (to play).

    But only 2 of those 3 have “how-to” sugar guides.. So, it’s only natural they’d want to contact either her or NYC to ask if, in fact, the blog is a real reflection of the sugar world.

    It is not by the way. We are a handful of people out of hundreds and thousands of people on SA.
    My experience is as unique and different from Elegant’s who’s different from NYC to you as well Lily.
    But you do have to realize you are the most vocal of the bunch. So you get a lot of air/face time, so to speak. So you’ve essentially become some what of a sugar spokesperson.
    You have to figure out how you want to handle it, and what you want to portray.
    The rest of us very rarely discuss our sugars on the blog, but you discuss yours.. so that’s what lurkers (SDs and SBs alike) see.

    Just my thoughts.. and I’m totally running late for my hot date.

  108. cleo says:

    DC SB: oh god kettle corn is the crack!

    as for the rest of the drama we’re watching? it’s starting to feel like recycled bathwater

  109. DC says:

    Hahah, Elegant thanks for trying to cook up something for me =) I guess I don’t make enough wAvEs on the blog (yet?). Yes I was writing waves to reflect actual waves.. pretty creative, I know.

  110. TT (AKA Tantalizing Taz) says:

    Ok off for a bit – have to go to my uncle’s bday party :)

  111. TT (AKA Tantalizing Taz) says:

    LMFAO tooo funny Elegant – raz-a-ma-taz – kinda catchy lol!

  112. ElegantSugar says:

    Thank you, Raz-a-ma-Taz! That’s what I always want to call you, btw. And if we were in person, I have a little nub-nub head rub hand gesture that goes with it. Be afraid.

  113. TT (AKA Tantalizing Taz) says:

    Lily – btw I wouldn’t have brought it all up again but I have a sense for the tone of sarcasm when you were posting to Elegant about her inbox…didn’t think it was called for (and yes that is just IMO)…I would really like to let it rest as well :)

  114. TT (AKA Tantalizing Taz) says:

    Elegant – we ALL get bitchy – even most men lol…it is way you carry yourself through it that matters – and you my dear exude class…(of course I could say the same about many of the SB’s I have met here :) )

    It was definitely a compliment :)

  115. ElegantSugar says:

    Taz – ha ha. Just read what you wrote about my “classy bitchy-ness”. Thank you. I think.

    DC – no messages about you, hon. Sorry. Wait, someone did say something about the girl with the hot pink lips and a bowling video?

  116. TT (AKA Tantalizing Taz) says:

    Have fun DC!! Maybe you will get your workout in afterall 😉

  117. DC says:

    Taz, it’s okay. I had a food party by myself =) & then I took a nap. & now I’m off to meet up w/ the bfSD. Night everyone!

  118. TT (AKA Tantalizing Taz) says:

    Hey DC – sorry to bail on you 😛 My daughter did not think the virtual pizza and kettle corn tasted all that great – what is wrong with these kids??

  119. ElegantSugar says:

    Lily – I’m pretty certain your comment about feeling bad for me and my inundated inbox is said with a sarcastic tone, but I’m a big girl – trust me- I can take it. I was born with a sarcastic tongue, but also taught to know when to use it. My dad always told me, what people lack in decorum, they make up for in absence of tact with sarcasm. Hey, I’m not asking for people to contact me – they just are. I have nothing else to say to you about how others feel. They can jump on here themselves if they wish to convey their thoughts.



  120. Lily says:

    TT – thanks for stating all that about the bad taste SDs were getting from my tone *again* ….I promise I get it. Again.

    I’m having such a good time listening to the Savage Lovecast. Great podcast. It’s where I found out about SA.

  121. NYC SB says:

    DC – If you do the lawnmover dance you get extra discount…

    Ok sugars … im off to meet NYC SD… well we are meeting later on but I am going to leave work… have fun everyone

  122. DC says:

    Government discount! (this is when I do the sprinkler dance)

    I really do feel like I’m eating for the two of us. That’s precisely it. I’ve got my excuse, now I can continue grazing around my apartment.

  123. LASB says:

    I like my version of liquid leggings better. :)

  124. NYC SB says:

    No no DC we have a discount for govt employees 😛

    Plus your tiny- chipotle eating butt doesnt need much space

    I havent eaten in 3 days while you have been stuffing your face… it equalls out

  125. DC says:

    Taz puhleaseeee come eat some with me because if you leave me here on my own, I will eat everything in sight.

  126. TT (AKA Tantalizing Taz) says:

    DC – I am dying for pizza!! Goes great with popcorn 😉

    Ok really going now…at least for a bit…maybe 😛

  127. DC says:

    Ssspandex.. ahhhhh. Makes sense now.
    Boys love those things.

    NYC & I bet I also have to pay a pretty penny for primo property and STILL not get much for it. Sigh.

  128. TT (AKA Tantalizing Taz) says:

    Lily – I just think that the way you were expressing yourself was maybe giving SD’s a bad taste in their mouths…maybe feeling a bit used or taken advantage of in the sugar bowl in general…and therefore maybe less open minded or generous to their future SB’s….I am sure they were hesitant to voice it here on the blog b/c they did not want the drama of being crucified for it (or did not want to waste their time doing so). The tone Lily set (being so expressive and boisterous) really reflected the blog on a whole – and although SOME do not mind/enjoy it, while others are of course less than thrilled.

    As has been quoted so many times before – ‘there’s a lid for every pot’…(is that OC’s saying??)

    I have completely put my sugar search on hiatus b/c I really, really like this pot AND it is giving me a chance to tie up some loose ends I have put off for a bit now 😛 (Yes sadly, I procrastinate some things lol) However – I am most definitely NOT a sugar player lol…sometimes I wonder what it would be like with that persona – however it is just sooo not me at all…not even at my most jaded moments.

    Ok peace sugar fam :)

  129. DC says:

    Elegant, does anyone email you about policing me? I would feel awfully boring if they weren’t.
    And now I’m eating pizza, and doing laundry (instead of working out) so in case anyone was wondering if I was gonna work that Chipotle off the answer is NOPE!

  130. NYC SB says:

    CA Dreamin – liquid leggings = spandex

    DC – there will be more room for you soon… besides my heart is like nyc real estate… not much footage

  131. Lily says:

    Ten hours until I get to go shopping for designer finnish goodies for CA Dreamin SB with BaldHottieSD……. yay!

  132. Lily says:

    Yes, and Elegant, thanks for the karaoke song request!! I wish I had known it (and it was on the list).

  133. TT (AKA Tantalizing Taz) says:

    Elegant – when you are ‘bitchy’ you are still very very classy :) I am trying to take lessons…can’t you see me here with my pen, paper and hi-liter?? Shhhh…still taking notes…

  134. CA Dreamin SB says:

    NYC SB – SO What did he say????

  135. DC says:

    NYC, this is true. Plus I always have room in my <3 for you. (But, you have 2 SDs + a broke bf in there.. it's a little cramped, not that I'm complainin' I'm just sayin' can I get a little more square footage? I am eating chipotle, and apparently popcorn too)

  136. Lily says:

    I just feel bad for Elegant, for her blog email inbox being clogged up by the flood of men out there wishing that somehow I can be silenced at least a bit, so as not to make everyone get sugar depressed about the dark side of arrangements. It must be a major chore to go through all of them and respond kindly and let them know that’s not her job, no one pays her for that.

    NYC SB, he’s not my crush anymore. Too god damned far.

  137. DC says:

    Taz, you & I both went back into lurk mode with the popcorn.
    As long as it’s kettlecorn, I’m a happy camper =) You most certainly have to make it here to DC, we’d LOVE to have you. Please visit soon. K thanks.

  138. NYC SB says:

    DC – yes but not all of them are into sugar bowl… besides I claimed you first (besides your SD)

  139. DC says:

    HAhaha, NYC DC – if MY taxpayers dollars are paying YOU then you are my SB … muahahahahaha. I’m about 300 million+’s SB..
    But you’re my favorite sugar mama!

  140. Lily says:

    Did I say you were bitching at me or picking on me? I’m cool. I’ve been in a great mood all night. Everythang is just water off a duck’s back as far as I’m concerned.

    but NYC SB — loves to ya!

  141. NYC SB says:

    Your crush just wrote back… I had written him an one liner (prior to knowing it was your crush) about what were liquid leggings

  142. LASB says:

    I hear ya, Elegant. Don’t shoot the messenger. :)

  143. Lily says:

    Why? (I mentioned already this evening that you are the most worshipped, from me included)

  144. ElegantSugar says:

    Yes, we all are super opinionated for sure. And I wasn’t trying to be a b*tch or pick on Lily in the least bit. I like Lily. I was the ONLY one who responded to her question for karaoke requests the other night (even though she had no idea what my song selection was). Just that lurkers (old and new) were getting a bitter taste and were writing ME to please offer them comfort that not ALL sugar dating is the same as it was being portrayed here. That’s all. So I took the dive and played bad cop.

  145. Lily says:

    I don’t care if someone jerks off looking at my pics. Whatever. HOw does that hurt me?

  146. Gossip Girl says:

    Lily is going to kill NYC SB

  147. LASB says:

    Taz – Oh gimme a break! We are all super opinionated on here. That’s what makes this place so fun. Don’t be a wall flower.

  148. TT (AKA Tantalizing Taz) says:

    Elegant – Haha – the TRUE blog domme stands up 😉

  149. LASB says:

    Elegant – HAAAAAAAHAHAHAHAHA. ROTFLMFAO! Going to the corner now. Yes, in my crotchless clown outfit.

  150. TT (AKA Tantalizing Taz) says:

    Aww thanks ladies :) Realllly…I just am very opinionated and trying to take a backseat these days 😉 I have started enough blog drama over the past few months…sometimes innocently…sometimes I was just annoyed 😛

    Besides – who wants to hear every day that I still haven’t met my pot SD that *if* we do meet, I would never consider my SD??! Really? Kinda boring lol…not too sugary 😛

  151. ElegantSugar says:

    NYC SB – yes, pun intended.

  152. NYC SB says:

    Happy ending… how appropriately Asian… sorry couldnt resist

  153. ElegantSugar says:

    Taz does does have a cute gravatar and her little “chimes” here and there are synonymously cute.

    LASB – I think you should just go put on a clown suit now and call it day. The crotchless ones, please. So all the lurkers who are asking me to “Police Lily” can take their photo collections that they now have more of thanks to your screenshot tip and “play with themselves” while imagining you in your clown suit.

    Happy ending.

  154. Lily's blog Domme says:

    LIly –
    The dictionary definition of pic collector: A man who makes a mess on your subbie face. (I mean, your face n the pic.) Just consider it community service. If he’s at home pic collecting, then he’s not out on the streets doing worse.

    (Sorry, I couldn’t resist.)

  155. NYC SB says:

    Taz’s gravatar reminds me of the heaven i will be at with NYC SD in about 3 weeks…

  156. LASB says:

    Oh yeah, but my mom is Asian and old too, so damn! Elegant, your theory still holds! Sorry I let the cat out of the bag. hehe.

  157. NYC SB says:

    Lily – they umm play with themselves while looking at the pics…

  158. Lily says:

    TT – I probably should, too, so Elegant doesn’t have to receive an onslaught of requests from men who want her to police me, but…. I find I have a hard time shutting up. Darn hard time. I like to chatter and I like you guys.

    I like when you post, Taz, so if you lurk know that I am always hoping to see your cute little gravatar pop up and see what’s up wtih you and your potSD who I cant’ wait to hear about when you meet!!!

  159. NYC SB says:

    LASB – I dont even need the excel with my apparently elephant like memory… someone asked me about a pot… gave me his profile name and i knew his email name and the background of a very limited conversation exchange that him and i had like 5 months ago if not later than that …

  160. Lily says:

    The “What?” was for “you guys know what pic collectors do with pics right?” and I wanted to know what they do with it.

  161. TT (AKA Tantalizing Taz) says:

    Just wanted to say…think I am going back to lurk mode…DC – got my popcorn 😉

    Ummm and yeah – I would love, love, love to go to DC for one of your meets!! One day…I hope…

  162. LASB says:

    IT’S NOT A SECRET!!!!! A secret is what you do with all that crazy embedding SD info into JPGs. (which my supposedly superior Asian brain still doesn’t quite understand.) A secret is what NYC sb keeps on her excel spreadsheet. The screenshot thing is super duper basic. I think my mom, who never ever figured out how to use a VCR before it came and went, knows the screenshot.

  163. ElegantSugar says:

    LASB – I know, shocking. But I am constantly on the phone with clients that I have to explain (in steps) how to snag something that isn’t right mouse clickable. Funny.

  164. LASB says:

    Elegant – WHAT?!!! How can people not know about the screenshot? I mean, there’s a keyboard shortcut. It’s probably one of the few I know. Before there were PDFs, that was the easiest way to save electronic receipts. Damn, I’m old. (As I was reminded the other night. LOL) That’s how I know about them. But I’d assume the pic collectors are at least my age, so they probably know the screen shot dealio too.

  165. ElegantSugar says:

    Lily – if that “what?” was for my comment. I was basically saying that believe it or not, A LOT of people don’t know about the screenshot trick (NOT US ON THE BLOG, I mean in general), but now LASB has told them the secret.

  166. LASB says:

    I’m ok with helping out some lonely, dirty perv. I consider it “community service.” haha. I don’t care what they do with my pic in the privacy of their own home. I just don’t want to end up on a hepatitis billboard or advertisement for the Christian right, or on the news for being in a prostitution ring or something like that.

  167. ElegantSugar says:

    Some people don’t know about the screenshot trick, but LASB just told them about it. (something about Asians…we assume every single person must be as smart as us!) Ha ha ha. You know I love you, girl.

  168. NYC SB says:

    Elegant – yeahhhhhh … eeeekkkk … although there are many people who are your facebook friends that may do the same… or if you happen to have a traditional dating profile up with pictures

  169. Lily says:

    ok, just read LASB’s comment. Not so perfect tip!

  170. ElegantSugar says:

    NYC, Lily, LASB & others…do you ever wonder what the photo collectors DO with the photos? It’s sort of sick.

  171. NYC SB says:

    Nice tip elegant…

  172. Lily says:

    Great tip, Elegant!

  173. LASB says:

    Elegant – The “backdoor” way is a screen shot. That is super easy to do, especially for a pic collector.

    Naughty M – I thought liquid leggings were leggings painted on with liquid latex, also.

  174. ElegantSugar says:

    NYC SB – I discovered a great way to share photos. You create an album using myphotoalbum dot com. You pass-word protect it and can change the password at any time. Your photos are not able to be copied or saved because ‘right click’ is disabled. Sure, if they know the backdoor way to do this, your photo can still be saved, but there’s several steps to do it. Someone would have to be pretty desperate to take those steps. You now have the ability to change the password and they no longer have access to your photos. It’s a brilliant approach to avoid photo collectors.

  175. Naughty Molly says:

    Liquid leggings guy? I just had visions of liquid latex and a harness….hehehe 😉

  176. NYC SB says:

    Also I do not have any spy skills… and even if I did i would not waste my time …

    Speaking of which that reminds me of a funny story:

    An “SD” contacts me off blog and asks me for a pic… I send one of Megan Fox. He replies back with WOW you look just like Angelina Jolie… ummm epic fail

  177. NYC SB says:

    I send pictures… however, they are not mine… 😛

  178. ElegantSugar says:

    (20 being the BAD, obviously.)

  179. ElegantSugar says:

    NYC SB – I have gotten plenty of those too. In fact, I’m pretty certain some bloggers here (who underestimated my spy skills) tried to pull that one on me. So silly of them to even TRY.

    Trust me, the ratio is 20:1 on the good vs. bad pots who have contacted me.

  180. NYC SB says:

    Elegant – interesting… most “SDs” that have contacted me via my blog have been fakers just after my identity… I am very glad you are having better luck

  181. ElegantSugar says:

    NYC SB – yes, it is a good thing that SDs read this blog. A little secret? I have met some of the most wonderful pots who lurk on here and then contacted me via my blog.

  182. ElegantSugar says:

    Lily – when you shake an etch-a-sketch, the screen clears and you start with a whole new drawing. Unless the etch-a-sketch is already worn from so many drawings, it doesn’t quite clear completely and you just draw a new picture over the old one that can still be seen underneath. Translate that how you want.

    Honestly, it doesn’t matter to me. Truth be told, I am merely being a voice for SDs that have contacted me and somehow feel I could play mediator. I don’t want that job.

    I’m out of it from here on.

  183. NYC SB says:

    DC – if MY taxpayers dollars are paying YOU then you are my SB … muahahahahaha

  184. NYC SB says:

    DC – thinking powered by chipotle…

  185. NYC SB says:

    Elegant – indeed a lot of SDs read the blog… its a good thing methinks

  186. DC says:

    Listen, the thinking cap is ON and poppin’. I feel like I can solve about any mystery right now.

    But, unfortunately, I have gotten no work done. Not going to lie there.. and even more unfortunately is that, all of you American tax payers have paid me to sit here and blog.
    And I greatly appreciate it =)
    I will go spend my measely pay check now..

  187. Lily says:

    NYC SB – you funny! :) I already have liquid leggings, in winter white & chocolate brown. Me likes to wear ’em.

    Ele – my etch-a-sketch just shakes differently than yours? What does that even mean?

  188. ElegantSugar says:

    Lily – yes, I have been reading and caught up. Your etch-a-sketch just shakes differently than mine. That’s clear. It doesn’t matter to me what you write about or how you choose to express your sugar dating. That’s your life. Just sayin’….A LOT of SDs read this blog. That’s all.

  189. NYC SB says:

    I think a jello wrestling match between Elegant and LIly is in order… winner gets liquid leggings

  190. Lily says:

    anyway, who else is dying for bengal kitties? God I want those two brothers I met today. Sigh. Who else just loves kitty cats?? Holla!

  191. ElegantSugar says:

    DC – You’re wearing that little thinking cap today, aren’t you. Smart. And hilarious. You are a hilarious, hot mess. And I mean HOT. ha ha.

  192. DC says:

    I sense a tetris challenge and/or jello fight contest needing to be started.

  193. Lily says:

    I assume liquid leggings just means skin-tight-stretch-pants.

  194. NYC SB says:

    I had the same question… will let you know what he says

  195. Lily says:

    Elegant, you’re repeating what you already said about “maybe Shibari reads the blog and that’s why he doesn’t email you back” which I understood the first time.

    And about all the stuff that Flo and I discussed the last couple of days about my multiple SD juggling and how it was coming across….

    I just yesterday made an explicit online blog vow to paint more of a complete picture and not be so one-sided (in merely my frustrations or reservations with those SDs I do have which made me seem ungrateful), remembering to include the great stuff in those relationships, and the stuff I do for them,

    and I have already started to do that. You haven’t noticed? Just catch up on posts from the last 36 hours and you’ll see that.

  196. DC says:

    Oh dayummmmmmmm liquid leggings (hey at least we’re not calling him Mr Shibari), reads the blogs. Which, I think confirms LASBs assumption that he likes the Asian sensations b/c he may or may not have “hollered” at, also known as “reached out to” by way of “hey girl, I’m interested” to Elegant.

    All makes sense now.

    Well, welcome Mr Shibari. No need to be bashful. I think it’s spectacular.

  197. DC says:

    Well, no TO liquid leggings guy.
    Are liquid leggings, uh.. leggings? B/c I’ve never heard of “liquid” leggings.

  198. Lily says:

    NYC SB, yes, liquid leggings guy.

  199. DC says:

    Yea NYC that’s what IIIIIIIIIIII said – No liquid leggings.

  200. ElegantSugar says:

    Sugarbarbie – hang in there. Yes, it is tough and tiresome, but many blog SBs can tell you, persistence can pay off.

  201. cleo says:

    please someone email me a profile number please?

  202. sugarbarbie says:

    I think a huge problem is there are no SD’s in my area really…none higher than the 250-300 range so everybody I talk to either has to fly me in or I have to fly to them…why would they do that when there’s plenty of sb’s right down the street from them? But I don’t want to move, not really.

  203. NYC SB says:

    Sugarbarbie – it takes time to get used to reaching out to men… especially if you have never done it before… heck it took me 5 months to get comfortable with it…

  204. ElegantSugar says:

    Lily – You said it, I didn’t. Reality and truth (especially online) are merely manipulations you create for yourself out of the information you have chosen to share. True, the data is somewhat incomplete, but sadly, each individual builds their reality frameworks from that incomplete data in which you have chosen to share. Confused? Sorry if you are.

    As Flo suggested (and I will deliver the same message, but use my own words here), it is your function (and choice) as the writer, to renew our (blog readers, SDs, etc) perception – should you choose. Shake up the familiar scene, and as if my magic, we see a new meaning in your story.

    If Mr. Shibari reads the blog (I cannot confirm or deny if he does), this could very well be the reason, he has ignored your message. (And I can’t confirm or deny if any of this is fact or fiction.)

  205. NYC SB says:

    OMG LilY!!!!!!! thats your crush? liquid leggings guy????

  206. sugarbarbie says:

    Thanks ya’ll

    Maybe my approach is wrong :( I don’t know but definitely don’t enjoy being the seeker…rejection sucks lol

  207. DC says:

    Ohhhhh I see it. It’s placed so subtly. He’s so subtle.

  208. DC says:

    It is? I didn’t see it.. this is the “this will get me into trouble..” likes liquid leggings on girls and under 1K a month budget guy?

  209. DC says:


    Well, oh well.

  210. Lily says:

    no he did not change his profile. Shibari is still on it. 😛

  211. midwest says:

    Broadway blog babies ;). I could so do that!!! Just like the Pussycat Dolls!

  212. Lily says:

    he took it off?! methinks then he def. reads the blog and I am why! OH MY GOD that’s hilarious.

    and sugarbarbie your profile rocks! Don’t give up yet.

  213. DC says:

    Lily, he took at the Shibari part. Sup w/ dat?!

  214. DC says:

    Barbie I wouldn’t give up already.. some people have been at it for months and months..

  215. DC says:

    LASB, the outskirts are fine.. just depends where you are. In fact it’s very queer (using queer here in it’s original term and not the queer we all know and love today). So, DC is divided into two. One side of DC is SOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO bad, you will get shot (I am exaggerating, but probably stabbed for sure), and the other half is insanely expensive. Then you have NoVa (northern VA) which is ruhtardedly expensive, but Southern MD is NOT expensive (which you’d think it’d be the opposite of NoVa).

  216. Lily says:

    not really, Cleo

  217. DC says:

    NYC I’m the same, I’m counting down the minutes until I can see DC SD, weeeeeeee

  218. Lily says:

    Elegant, you could be right. And that would be why he didn’t write me back, because as has already been determined, my sugar life, as how it comes across on this (and my own) blog, I seem like any guy’s worst sugar nightmare. 😛

    DC — yes write him and tell him that chick in Finland rules and he’s nuts for not flying out to tie me up immediately. 😉 Just kidding….

    God, I’m irreverant today! In SUCH a silly mood. Off to read NYC’s blog and stare at her panties as she cartwheels all around…

  219. LASB says:

    Thanks for the heads up DC! I would have cabbed it anyhow because my flight lands very late. I hear the DC outskirts aren’t particularly safe.

  220. sugarbarbie says:

    Hey everyone in Sugarland I decided to cease my search. I obviously suck at this online thing and hate having to initiate contact. I have 3 pot right now. 2 local and one distant. If they fizzle so be it. If someone finds me and makes contact great. But I am not wasting my time searching and emailing all these guys any more. The return on time invested is just isn’t worth it.

  221. ElegantSugar says:

    NYC SB – I now have it stuck in my head. Not only THAT one, but “my milkshake brings all the boys to the yard…” because that song followed “my goodies” on my iPod at one time during my workouts. Ugh.

  222. DC says:

    But when NYC finishes the male version of Roxxxy .. I just don’t know what I’ll do.

  223. DC says:

    Hahaha Midwest. Guard the goodies! I personally have a chastity belt on my blog goodies.. so I don’t get into mischief.

  224. LASB says:

    OMG. I’m supposed to be working on my taxes. If I have to file an extension, I’m definitely signing up for SD Bloggers Anonymous.

  225. NYC SB says:

    Mama Midwest – “goodies” lol I just remembered that song “my goodies, my goodies, not my goodies…” blah way to have that stuck in my head

  226. DC says:

    LASB, yes the cab is very, very expensive. Dulles is insanely far away- not to mention depending on the TIME you fly in, you might hit traffic.
    It’s along highways most of the time, and DC traffic is one of the worst in the country. 50/60 bucks is for a 12-15 mile ride with zero traffic. =(
    Please do talk to him ahead of time, because I highly recommend cabbing it- otherwise you’ll have to wait for a bus, then take it and get dropped off at a metro and then metro to your hotel then walk to your hotel etc.

  227. NYC SB says:


    come on time… go faster :(

    I even updated my blog twice today

  228. LASB says:

    He’s thinning, but I still found him very attractive. I don’t mind baldness. I prefer it over hair transplants.

  229. ElegantSugar says:

    Perhaps Mr. Shibari reads the blog. Just sayin’.

  230. midwest says:

    DC- hilarious. I’m beginning to realize how it adds complications. It was fine w james, but I invired him here. Guarding the goodies carefully!!

  231. NYC SB says:

    DC – I loved the furry handcuffs… I just HAD to use them on NYSE… he needed to be punished (for being so darn cute and attempting to drink at dinner)

    Lily – Im going to pull an Elegant and blush like a school girl who did a cartwheel and showed her undies to her crush … she said it better than me

  232. DC says:

    Lily, LASB.
    His 2nd pic is hot. His 3rd. He looks bald. I am offended he didn’t write you back now Lily.
    I have half the mind to give him a piece of my mind (would that be a 1/4 then?) via this blank profile I set up solely for checking him out on.

  233. Lily says:

    DC; did you find Mr. Shibari? Why the “Nooooooooooo!”

  234. LASB says:

    DC – I mean, my taxi ride. He said he’d cover it so not to worry. I’ll have a little chat with him when I see him next.

  235. Lily says:

    NYC SB, stop it! You’re the most worshipped sugar on the internet.

  236. DC says:

    NYC, you escaped. You ran away from ME. I was heartbroken. Especially because I thought the furry handcuffs were un-escapable. And at the minimum the 9 inch stilettos would be impossible to sprint in..

  237. LASB says:

    DC – Ugh. Well, he is supposed to be paying for that too, so we’ll see.

  238. DC says:


  239. NYC SB says:

    DC – Im heartbroken… after you had me all locked up for vday now you want to trade me for Lily (no offense Lily)… im going to cry…

  240. Lily says:

    DC, email me through my blog,a nd I’ll email you the profile number of Hottie McHotterson.

  241. DC says:

    Oh lord IAD is the WORST airport to fly into. It’s very far away from the actual city of DC.. not on a metro, and cab fare is like 60 bucks. Unless you bus it & it’s very complicated.
    but, all good… it’s manageable. We can discuss how you’ll get from the airport to hotel – because you have to make arrangements now if you’re going to go a cheaper-than-taxi route.

  242. LASB says:

    Midwest – Thank you for your concern. It’s very endearing! :) I see you as sort of the Matriarch on this blog. No, not because of your age, but you seem to be the voice of reason.

  243. Lily says:

    DC — you funny

    LASB — lol pulled a Lily!! lol I love that saying. I totally did it again today.

  244. NYC SB says:

    I am turning into a blog god with the emails… hahaha I dont mind … both of you will have an email soon

  245. DC says:

    Can they seriously get a location by city search? At least the major cities? All of Cali just for LA.. a lot.

  246. ElegantSugar says:

    CA Dreamin – I’m with you. It’s no one’s business really – unless all involve want to share. No one owes ME an explanation. Sure, I was confused, but life, in general, often leaves me in a state of confusion so I just chalked it up as another one of those moments that didn’t make sense, but doesn’t really need to as it has absolutely no bearing on my life whatsoever. As long as everyone is happy, right?

  247. DC says:

    Alright I’m on the search for this shibari guy.

  248. LASB says:

    DC – I’m down! We can discuss details over email.

    And I am flying in and out of IAD. And for the record, DC is NOT A foreign city. lol. I mean, it’s part of the USA, right? This guy is not like the nut job that wanted to meet me in BFE Mexico, off some dirt road. We stayed at a high end hotels in LA already even though my loft is down the street (I told him it was too messy, LOL), so I’m not worried that he’s going to get me a motel 6. I was not trying to get into all these gory details, but since I’m already there… now ya’ll know I pulled a Lily and it was hot and I know he wants more of the same so he’s not going to “kill the goose” just yet.

  249. DC says:

    Ahhhhhh. Midwest!
    This is some Jerry Springer-esque stuff! So is this the first, two bloggers together, and then 1 gets w/ another blogger, but protective blogger bashes other guy, relationship that’s ever gone down in blog history?!?!

    Listen you guys, I love y’all – but no one on this blog can get my goodies. It’d be too much. So, Lily & Elegant, really you guys, I’m very flattered, but I don’t think it would work out between the 3 of us, we’re all in different states, and blogging, and the custody battle between Lily and I alone on the Bengals.. it’d be too much.

    Haha I’m totally kidding =)

  250. midwest says:

    LASB- I missed that part. BB blogging is challenging. Trust your instincts and be careful.

  251. Lily says:

    Anyway, I’d be flattered if someone wrote that stuff to me, that they just were so strongly hit by instant mega-crush feelings that things like MBA and NSA weren’t the first thoughts that came to mind, kwim?

  252. DC says:

    LASB NYC even has my number, so get that too – but more importantly, get my email – we can discuss your DC hotel & the like off site.
    Also! If you’re here doing the tourist thing alone for the first couple days, I’m going to arrange another DC, VA, ESB meet and you must come!
    What do you say?

  253. midwest says:

    “Stuff” was meant figuratively. JSO is beong protective…its how he is wired.

    “Meeting” is he is flying in to see me…being a total gentleman.

  254. Lily says:

    I was over-exaggerating, to make my point of how much I liked his profile, that things like ‘allowance’ and ‘daddy’ were the last thoughts on my mind, kwim? I hoped he would get that. Especially since in his profile he says he’s not very rich and he doesn’t have a big sugar budget. I wanted him to be clear that I’m ok with more of the ‘generous BF’ type role

  255. DC says:

    Hahaha, Lily you should have told him that! I will take YOU to dinner. 34 6’3 sounds almost like my man, *swwoon*
    Love it.

    LASB, definitely – NYC has my info. And I’ll be here weekdays.

  256. DC says:


    This did it: “Fuck. I dont’ want to be your sugar baby. I want to be your girlfriend.”

    Sounds a **teeeeeeeeeeny bit*** on the cray-zay side.
    Everything else I liked actually. You sound very genuine.

  257. Lily says:

    BTW, Handsome potSD refused to take me shopping for pretty things today, because “we only have 4 hours window of time” (before he was meeting his teen daughter for dinner) and that’s not enough….. I said that was a stupid excuse, shopping could be one hour and in-home-fashion-showing could be the following three but he wouldn’t budge.

    I think I struck out on turning this rich gentleman into an SD. I think I need to get him out of my mind and move on…… to someone who will buy me the KITTIES!!!!!!

  258. Lily says:

    Tell him to drop Lils a line anyways. Because I’m super gorgeous and he’s crazy not to even glance at my face!!! TELL HIM!!!!!

    (SORRY guys, I’m actually being a bit goofy right now, in a really whimsical and un-serious mood, just acting nutty)

  259. LASB says:

    DC – Thanks! That’s very nice of you!. I’ll get your info from NYC SB, if it’s cool with you. I’ll be there on weekdays.

    Lily – He’s a busy guy and at the top of the search right now, so I’m sure he’s getting bombarded. If you talk kink with him, maybe he will reply. haha. The funny thing is, when I met him, I hadn’t really read his profile. He just asked me out in an email and his pics were cute, so I said ok. Well, I tend to bring up kink early on, because I don’t like the elephant in the room. I was surprised that he was into it, and then was like “Didn’t you look at my profile!!” Umm, guilty. haha.

    The reason I didn’t pursue it was that I was looking for an allowance at the time. Then when I deleted my original profile, I lost track of him. Having seen him again, I was tempted to invite him to some of the upcoming fetish parties (as friends.) If I do, I’ll tell him to drop you a line.

  260. Lily says:

    DC, he read the first email and didn’t respond and STILL I sent the follow up, and still no response. Sigh. Write to me! I’m practically ready to fly to LA on my own dime just to take HIM to dinner.

  261. sugarbarbie says:

    So there’s this guy. I wrote him and told him I thought he was really attractive and got a distracted with a call and sent the message before I finished. I went back to send him another message and he blocked me! ouch! He was so hot I would have been with him for nothing…I guess he knows this too well.

  262. DC says:

    Oh, so Midwest, you’re getting w/ her former SD? Or you’re just going/he’s going to you – to get stuff/you to give stuff to him? Can’t you just mail Lisa’s stuff to him directly or they can do it directly?
    why was JSO saying he’s no SD then.. I don’t get it still?

  263. Lily says:

    Cleo is correct about Lily. So bouncy. Ironically, I hate hyper, small dogs. :) Maybe I like to be the only exuberant item in the room.

  264. midwest says:

    LASB- sorry I missed that..BB blogging is tough.

    Lisa and her former sd I won’t speak to except that they both have that sarcastic wit and were having fun. I will be meeting her former sd soon. I have addressed “stuff” and hope all understand it’s completely legit on everyones parts. Does that help?

  265. DC says:

    I guess it depends, I’m not sure about a GUY perspective. But from MY perspective…
    If I ignore someone the first time around, and they actually write again, or come back up to me at the bar again – something to that effect. I def give them the time of day because it takes a lot of cojones to get rejected, still have a great attitude about it and want to try again.

  266. Lily says:

    First email:

    your profile was great, but your blue eyes and handsome looks and tall frame just took my breath away.

    I dont’ want to be your sugar baby. I want to be your girlfriend. And you live in California. I have no idea why I feel like someone just punched me in the stomach and knocked the wind out of me just looking at your photo and reading your witty little lines but I am totally swept away in my little fantasy of what your voice would sound like.

    If you’re mildly curious as to what an american girl who lives in Finland (and finds you unbearably attractive) LOOKS LIKE, email me and I’ll send you pics with my whole face in them and then you can tell me that my crush is all for naught because I’m not so much your type anyways, and I’ll be able to put this to rest. If you feel like being kind. :)

    Follow up:

    Ok, so I didn’t look closely enough at your description of your hobbies the first time. I read it again and now SHIBARI jumped out. Are you serious? You have studied, and you can safely tie up a beautiful woman into beautiful packages? Mmmmmmmmmmmmm……… this kinky lady is so feeling that. again, damn that you are so far away……..

    he’s 34, 6’3″ in west hollywod, DC….

  267. DC says:

    LASB, I understand that point of view.. but it’s not just about ‘what if it blows up in my face’ but it’s also about your SAFETY. You’re coming to the other side of America, with a guy you’ve gone on 2 dates with, to a foreign city where you have no contacts…….. that’s more what I would surmise the blog SBs are saying, as opposed to – oh no dump his fake SD butt!
    More like, we are wary and concerned for your safety..

    But, DC airport (you’re flying into DCA yes and not IAD I would imagine). Is accessible by metro, so even if you only have 2 bucks in your pocket you can leave the hotel (which I also would imagine is on the metro line) and metro to the airport and peace out.

  268. cleo says:

    lily is like a puppy sometimes, so excited and bouncy… it’s delightful but i suspect some people find it off putting. like me and my bluntly honest ways… some people love it and some people?

    not so much.

  269. DC says:

    Also, I kind of want to see his profile.. Can someone give me some more clues so I can search for it and we don’t do the copy & pasting thing-

    Like, LA is his area.. heading? Age?

  270. DC says:

    Omg please copy and paste! I must read.

  271. Lily says:

    Oooooooooooooh yeaaaaaaaaaaaah.

  272. LASB says:

    Did you ladies (and lurking gents) see the movie An Education? I sort of saw the movie different from others, because I’m more of a process oriented person than a goal oriented person. If the whole things blows up in my face (like it did with the main character in the movie) then I still won’t see it as a loss because I am fully enjoying myself. I don’t look at failed relationships as “a waste” or think “why did I invest so much in them?” Properties are an investment. A relationship, sugar or otherwise, is a very, very fun pastime, often educational, and something I like to experience in present time, without obsessing too much about the past or future.

  273. DC says:

    Hahah, Lily you wrote TWO messages?!?!

  274. Lily says:

    Of course I wrote begging to email and show him my pretty face which my profile does not contain.
    actually, I could copy/paste both my emails to him here and you guys could tell me if I probably creeped him out?

  275. DC says:

    Also, I’ll gladly be your contact LASB. I will be out of town w/ my bfSD the next 2 weekends in a row (not really sure when you’re traveling..?) but weekdays I am here.

  276. DC says:

    You’ll have to email me what hotel you’re staying at in DC. I know what a pot SD would pick, and if he picked anything else he is no SD.

  277. Lily says:

    Yeah it is. But god I want a crack at that boy. He is JUST MY TYPE.

  278. DC says:

    Cleo, I really agree. this is very exciting. Can we keep going with it?
    LASB why didn’t you like him? He was hot, generous BF type? Hullo! I’d so be all up in that (if I were single, you know..)
    Lily, I want to know what you wrote him Ms. I’m not going to write because he’s too far, but any other girl can have him.

    Oh ya.

  279. Gossip Girl says:

    DC – this is about the guy that Lily saw the profile and had a crush on from LA… of course LASB would be very likely to have met him 😀

    Sugar world is super small after all…

  280. DC says:

    Wait a minute. Midwest I would like clarity *raises hand*
    Honestly I could care less. But 4 people saying a ton of inside snide remarks to each other and being really weird and confusing is kind of, weird and confusing.

  281. Lily says:

    DC can be your DC contact!!
    and yes, LASB has met him. Details please? God he’s cute. I wrote him two emails on SA explaining that I didn’t want to be his sb, I just want to spend time with him. I’m sure I sounded glenn-close-bunny-boiling…. sigh. I’m such a dufus.

  282. LASB says:

    Midwest – He lives in SoCal. He has a business trip in DC. He asked me to join and I said fine. I’ve met up with him twice now and he’s just a really secretive, private person. From my experience, there are two types that are like that. One type has something to hide. The other type has been screwed over and is super wary. Honestly, I don’t yet know which one he is but I’m fine with time telling me what I need to know. If it makes you feel better, I’ll get his plates next time we see each other and leave that info with my closest friend, in case something happens.

  283. Gossip Girl says:

    Hiya Midwest – Gossip girl knows everything so I was not confused…


  284. CA Dreamin SB says:

    Midwest – I DO know what you were busted on… I got it! YEA ME!!! And why would anyone care? Harmless in my opinion!

  285. cleo says:

    DC i’m telling you right? this place is better than tv

  286. DC says:

    Wait, LASB you’re coming here to DC?

    Haha, Lily you said up ^^ he’s “too far” and you wrote him, AND he’s not responding to your emails? And LASB has at least met this pot in person. Oh my *sits back w/ popcorn*

  287. LASB says:

    Lily – Not sure why he doesn’t answer. It may be that you’re a gazillion miles away!!! Also, I forget if he was one of the Asiaphiles or not. He’s more the generous BF type than the SD, but he was very hot.

  288. Lily says:

    Ok, sounds good. I hope it all goes great. and about the guy????

  289. cleo says:

    midwest i can say for certain that i at least have no idea what y’all we’re on about or what you’re busted for.

  290. midwest says:

    LASB- I do worry about buying tix out of pocket. This combined with an unwillingness to share ino do not add up to much. Can’t he PayPal or western union money? Can he come to you?

  291. LASB says:

    Lily – Well, he said he is getting the hotel and my name will be left at the front desk or on the reservation, so I’ll call and confirm before I leave.

  292. Lily says:

    I was also confused about earlier posts regarding Lisa and two SDs and JSO, but I figure it’s none of my nevermind. *shrug*

  293. midwest says:

    Hi sugars! Working and lurking.

    Background checks- I do ask for personal info before meeting someone. Only one or two have declined. I refuse to invite a pedofile or criminal into my life.

    Names- I give my first name after a few emails and I feel comfortable. My last name is unique and very ggoglable.

    Welcome new bloggers!!

    Guys come back…everyone has made up!

    Confusion- if you would like clarity, I may be willing. Just be gentle pls.

  294. Lily says:

    OH MY GOD I thought you were kidding. You’ve met him? you know him?? Why doesn’t he answer my emails?????

  295. Lily says:

    How do you know that all those days of hotel rooms will be covered before you leave?

    Do you have a backup contact person in DC?

  296. DC says:

    LASB, I would bring it up now, so that 1 time before you guys leave for the trip, he’ll reimburse you.
    Other than that.. if you’re OK about everything, then.. I really hope it goes well =)

  297. LASB says:

    Hey LIls! Not sure if you saw my post to you earlier, but your Shibari guy is even more awesome than his profile. Should I bring him when I come visit you?

  298. LASB says:

    I can afford the trip on my own. Again, my rule is to only travel to cities where it’s easy/cheap to get back to LAX if I need. The hotel room will be the most expensive, but he is getting that for me and for extra days for before he gets there so that I can do the tourist thing on my own for a bit. That will already be in place. I don’t see where this guy has any reason to screw me over. My plane tix are relatively inexpensive compared to some of the expenses of our dates so far.

    Oh, and why I didn’t insist that he get them is that I prefer to be in control of my own transportation because you just never know. And I believe he doesn’t want to leave a paper trail and I’d rather not either.

  299. Lily says:

    me — wants everything to go great for LASB and feels nervous for her

    LASB — seems awesome about things either way

    NYC SB & DC — has the same nervous feelings as me.

    Yep, I think that’s the sitch.

  300. LASB says:

    I am likely to see him once before our trip, so I’ll let you know if he offers to reimburse me right away, or if I have to bring it up.

  301. NYC SB says:

    LASB – I suppose as long as you can afford the trip on your own and would take it on your own right?

  302. LASB says:

    I didn’t ask him. The conversation was something like this.
    Him: What’s your last name?
    Me: What’s yours?
    Him: Ok, never mind.
    We left it at that. I didn’t get trip insurance and it wasn’t that much. I realize that I’m playing with fire, and somehow I’m ok with that.

  303. NYC SB says:

    LASB – you purchased your own ticket… hmm email me chica…. not liking this at all

  304. NYC SB says:

    LASB – bejewled! awesome game lol and ZUMA too… one of my current favorites…

  305. DC says:

    LASB, that sounds potentially problematic to me, did you at least put trip insurance on your flight? I would also have him give you the money before you start the trip, so that way you are reimbursed immediately.
    I just don’t like the fact he won’t give up his last name without some solid excuse.

  306. LASB says:

    Oh, I was once very addicted to tetris. But now I’m all about the Bejeweled and Zuma. Such time wasters, though. Almost as bad as this blog.

  307. LASB says:

    DC – My guess is that he’s hiding something, but I don’t know what. It could be that he doesn’t want to be blackmailed or it could be that he’s up to no good.

  308. LASB says:

    DC – I’m with you. If BGpotSD doesn’t want me to look him up and is hiding something, then I guess I will find that out the good ol’ fashioned way. I’m going traveling with him and purchased my own tickets as he said to just do that and he will reimburse me. He may or may not, and things may blow up in my face, but at least I know my way home is already covered should something unexpected/horrible happen.

  309. cleo says:

    JamesNY that’s it for sure. i’m not here because of the economy i’m here because i’m tired of having short relationships with ill mannered cheapskates. fine, i’m not the type who gets the fairy tale, i might as well find some other way to date for two reasons
    1. no one is building equity with me and an allowance would help with that
    2. cheapskates, can’t date another one… can’t do it.
    can’t you guys email money in the usa yet? i get money emailed to me all the time and then *I* associate it with a bank so they don’t see where it goes…
    tetris championship?

    I AM SO THERE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  310. Lily says:

    Yes, I want these two bengal kitty brothers. One is snow leopard colored and the other is silver marbled. God I was so in love.

  311. DC says:

    LASB any reason why he won’t give his last name?

  312. DC says:

    FLSD, I agree. but I guess everyone varies. I by no means even Googled my SD until he said I could..
    & even then, he had already told me everything I had wanted to know – I prefer finding out the good ol’ fashioned way. But not everyone is honest. He & I got lucky to find one another, so.. I understand the argument in favor of background checks as well.

  313. LASB says:

    Lily – They are cute, but wow, do you really want pets when you are going to be jetsetting all over the world? 😉

  314. DC says:

    Well, an LV will also be around forever. But a bag seems so frivolous in comparison to something that will love you & keep you company.

  315. DC says:

    Lily, whoops I got my Bengal and Savannah cat mixed up (I want a Savannah) =)
    I don’t consider it greedy by any means.. It’s not like you’re asking for a huge LV bag, you’re asking for a pet.. one that will be around for the next 15-20 years.

    At first my SD was like uhhhhh no, cats? No thanks. Then I showed him pics and he thought they were beautiful/very cool – so he agreed =) Plus he spent quite a pretty penny on his purebred companion. So he gets it.

  316. LASB says:

    I had a pot do his own background check based on my phone number. I’m pretty googlable, but he said that everything I told him turned out to be true, so I guess I don’t have anything to hide anyhow. BGpotSD asked me for my last name but doesn’t want to tell me his last name. He uses a virtual phone number, and I don’t really care. He’s been pretty legit so far and I could always run his license plate if I started to get wary. Pot#2, on the other hand, wrote me the first time from his business email address with his full name, home address, real phone number, and everything. Either of them can run my phone number and find out what ever they want, and I have good credit, live in a high security building, nothing to hide, and no children I need to protect.

  317. ElegantSugar says:

    FL-SD – I was somewhat taken aback when I found out, but then I understood why they did it. I wasn’t offended. However, I think I may have blushed a little – like a Kindergardener who just did a cartwheel and inadvertently showed her panties to a boy crush.

  318. FL-SD says:

    DC, yes, I’m not sure I need or want to know…. and if I was on the receiving end of a background check, I think I’d be offended. Not that I have anything to hide but if my SB wants to know, she can just ask…

  319. ElegantSugar says:

    Only ever having 2 SDs I also cannot speak for all. BUT, in MY experiences, both SDs did complete background checks on me. (Had a lot to do with their high-profiled positions or businesses.) It’s not tough though once you know my full name as google results tell all about my career and a plethora of images show up too. (Perhaps images Cdn saw other SBs using?) Ha ha.

  320. Lily says:

    Update on my blog bout handsomeSD.

    I asked ZazazoomSD to buy the kitties, an he did not react well. I should have followed Flo’s SB Guidelines more closely and not gotten greedy. crap.

    BaldHottie continues to treat me like gold. I am lucky to have him. He’s also taking me to the biggest department store in town tomorrow just to shop for CA Dreamin SB and get her designer goodies, and then out to lunch.

  321. DC says:

    FLSD, during my search no potSD did a background check on me (I didn’t give my last name, except to my current SD). My current SD knows precisely what I do, so if my record was not clean, I wouldn’t be in my field.
    That’s just been my experience though. I know other girls mentioned otherwise.

  322. Lily says:

    Now I’m wondering if that is why the potSD I was smitten with poofed with my red wool coat. Maybe he hired a PI or did extensive background checks and found out things about me that I hadn’t told him. It’s possible. I never lied to him, but it was our first meeting and I didn’t tell him EVERYTHING about myself and my entire life. Sigh. That could be it. It’s the only thing that makes sense…

  323. DC says:

    Lily, I’m just going to guess you were talking to me & not NYC, since I mentioned the bengals..?
    Anyway 4K per a Bengal is REALLY cheap. You sure you have the right cat?

  324. FL-SD says:

    Forgive my naiveté, but are credit checks and background checks, etc a common thing in the sugar world ?

  325. TT (AKA Tantalizing Taz) says:

    FLSD – completely agree :) You get a ‘feel’ for whether you trust/are comfortable with someone after a few emails…

  326. Lily says:

    NYC SB — I had four bengal kittens in my home today. Fell in love. Trying to get an SD to fund the 4k to get me two of them…

  327. FL-SD says:

    Good morning all. I’ve been working and reading… I’m cautious about names during the initial couple of emails. These days it just seems prudent to be cautious. I’ve been the victim of identity theft so I’m a little touchy about the subject, too….
    But once things have progressed past the initial couple of emails and a general sense of interest has been established, I think it is appropriate to be forthcoming. What I have experienced from pot SBs is usually a name that is somehow a derivation of their real name…. and I have no issues with that. Caution is always a good thing until you know a little about the person.

  328. TXSB says:

    Good Morning everyone! :)

    You can always set up paypal. That way all he needs is a e-mail address.

    GTA*SB says:
    February 24, 2010 at 5:52 am
    Do you tell SD or SB your real first name right off the bat or wait until you know your SB or SD and give them a different name until then?

    I have never used a fake name with pot SDs or with my previous SD. If I make plans to meet with a pot SD, I always let them know my real 1st name. Once I enter into an arrangement, I have no problem giving my real last name. Whether it’s marriage/kids/criminal record (I don’t have one btw!), I don’t have anything to hide. And I was very open about my financial situation (including debt) with my previous SD and plan on being the same if I find another SD. Heck that’s the whole point of me becoming a SB! So my SD can ease my financial burden!

    As someone else wrote earlier….SBs can be just as dangerous. Heck the pot “SB” can be a convicted drug dealer, prostitute, or someone who was once convicted of assault! I expect a pot SD to give me his full name, occupation etc. before I enter into an arrangement with him. It would be hypocritical of me to not be willing to share my own name b/c of lack of trust, yet expect him to trust me enough to share his info.

  329. TT (AKA Tantalizing Taz) says:

    Good day everyone :)

    Personally I am ok with my first name as well – I really don’t have anything to hide/be secretive about that way. That being said, I of course have separate emails set up for both the blog and sugar dating. There is absolutely nothing that comes up in searches for any of it…I give my last name and it narrows it down A LOT since it is very unique – I have not had one SD ask me for it though…as far as phone calls – I have a great long distance plan so I always called pot SD (block my number though – I am not paranoid however I do have a daughter). Just my 2 cents 😛

  330. DC says:

    NYC, I won’t get into details but let’s just say I’m reallllllly enjoying my burrito bowl right now.
    Nom nom


    Va!! <3

    Also, agreed. I'd LOVE for a guy to do a background check on me. I'm as clean as a whistle. & he'll have wasted time and resources on it – I don't mind.

  331. ElegantSugar says:

    VA – I feel the same on the credit check. I had a SD who hired a P.I. to find out EVERYTHING about me. And he did.

  332. VA SB says:

    Hey Sugar Family!

    Hey DC!

    I was reading the blog this morning and I’m soooo with you guys – can anyone say Confusing??? Hmmmm?? I just started to skim over things because I couldn’t take it anymore. My head was spinning.

    I use a nickname, but I use it for every day reasons as well. If someone wants to find me, they can. IF they want to know about my debt – feel free – that’s one of the reasons I’m here….so, that doesn’t necessarily bother me.

  333. NYC SB says:

    ohhh chipotle… i love their vegetarian buritto… guac… mmmmm

    damn it DC

  334. DC says:

    NYC I think I’m feeling your hunger. I’m totally caving and running, not walking, to Chipotle.
    And what, what whaaa?!!?

    But I will not be doing the same happy dance on the way to the gym tonight. No sir.

  335. NYC SB says:

    On a brigth note… Day 3 of the cleanse… not feeling hungry at all… weird?

  336. ElegantSugar says:

    I guess the guys are never coming back. That’s a shame. :(

  337. ElegantSugar says:

    I’m not sure if it was ever found out who actually taped her. According to the news story, this person made several copies then sent them out anonymously to the school principal and several other faculty members. It sounds as though she would have grounds for a lawsuit.

  338. DC says:

    Not a smart move on her part, but couldn’t she sue the person who leaked it? Say it’s lewd/inappropriate/private (not really) material and she didn’t give her consent for him to distribute it?

  339. ElegantSugar says:

    Speaking of white t-shirts. Did you guys hear the story of the school teacher from the Midwest who went to Key West on vacation with her boyfriend? She ended up in a wet t-shirt contest, (totally drunk, of course), won the contest, ended up on stage dancing. Low and behold someone from her small town was there on vacation and video taped the whole thing. Of course the tape leaked when she returned from Spring Break. Ended up losing her job.

  340. ElegantSugar says:

    Can it be strawberry-banana jello? My favorite. Maybe lime and bananas.

  341. DC says:

    & then we have to kiss & make up after all the arguing and tackling is done with.
    if THAT doesn’t peak any blogSDs’ interest, I am shocked.

  342. DC says:

    Battle it out in a small kiddie pool wearing white t shirts and little bikini bottoms. “Weapons” include spanking, groping, and tackling.. of course.

  343. NYC SB says:

    Ladies – battle to death in a chocolate jello fighting pool right?

    (if this doesnt bring out the SDs I dont know what will)

  344. ElegantSugar says:

    Not even for our blog guys, NYC? I say do it.

  345. DC says:

    I love tetris too. It’s the geek in me..

    When is it acceptable to start eating lunch? I usually go by Mc Donald’s time = 1030 AM. It’s 1050 now……….

  346. NYC SB says:

    my butt pic is not coming out ok… booo

  347. DC says:

    & we’ll battle to the DEATH! (of course).

  348. ElegantSugar says:

    Oh yes, SDN, HappyLurker, Cdn…

    come back, fellas! NYC has your cue card above!

    DC – I LOVE tetris!!! And if ever we argue, I get the feeling we would just end up laughing hysterically anyway in the end.

  349. DC says:

    Haha. Great, I’m glad I’m not the only one who was absolutely confused. I thought it was a joke at first.

    If ever we argue Elegant I say let’s settle the battle on a virtual ping pong table! Or maybe a tetris championship.

  350. NYC SB says:

    One way to bring them out Elegant…

    Boobies ( . Y . )


    Bootie ( )( )

  351. ElegantSugar says:

    I miss NCGent, NYGent, SincereSD, AustinSD…who else?

  352. ElegantSugar says:

    DC – I am with you on the confusion of last night’s happenings go back and forth. That’s why I said, “ping pong” anyone? Ha ha.

  353. DC says:

    I like NYC’s idea of creating one that is based upon your actual name somehow.. and that way you can easily defend it as being a “nickname”

  354. DC says:

    photogirl I feel the same way as you, although they’re also used in modeling, I think the connotation “stage name” has.. seems escort/dancer/call girl-esque.
    but definitely heard of it being used for modeling as well.

  355. ElegantSugar says:

    Hi photogirl! I prefer the term ‘nickname’ over ‘stage name’. I didn’t use a real name on my profile (real photos, but without face) and I usually gave my real name if I knew we were moving into a phone conversation – I mean, they can do a reverse check on cell phone numbers anyway. And usually by that point, they have given me their full name. Maybe I am just too trusting. That, and I know karate.

  356. Jade says:

    Stage name is also used in modeling.

  357. photogirl says:

    I know this may rub some the wrong way but… ‘stage name’ bothers me. Is that not a term that escorts/dancers use?

    No offense to anyone…

    and GOOD MORNING :)

  358. ElegantSugar says:

    Jade – Last year when I was new to the sit, I met a gentleman on SA who used to be a major player in the political world. When he was sending me photos, I was skeptical, but then met him in person. He was now much, much older than the photos he sent, but must say he did age well. We stayed in touch for a bit, but never went into an arrangement.

  359. ElegantSugar says:

    On the full name discussion, I am with NEOhio SB. Once trust has been established through a series of email messages, I feel it is okay to share your name. Ladies, you just have to be smart. Why would we want all of the pot SDs information to search, google, do background checks on him, yet feel they are not entitled to do one on us? A woman can be just as dangerous as a man.

  360. NYC SB says:

    I am guilty of a stage name… I go with one which can be easily derived from my full name, yet no one calls me that… so i say thats my nickname… the only men that know my real name were those that I had an arrangement with… I know theirs and they know mine… its only fair

  361. DC says:

    Lily (whenever you get on) oh no you did NOT steal my dream wish to have a Bengal kitty!
    My bfSD and I were JUST talking about them a day or two ago.

  362. Jade says:

    One of my sd’s from the site is a news anchor for abc on our local network, when he emailed I said ” hey, you are that news guy ” at first he was scared off by it ….because I knew who he was. Months later he emailed me again because I guess he forgot I knew him and when we met it was him alright !

  363. NEOhio SB says:

    Jade ~~ I am sorry that has happened to you. Fortunately, it has not happened to me. I have taken precautions and have documented with bio info from his profession/business and/or photos from his business company profile that they DO in fact match up with photos that were posted in his profile or emailed to me. Upon clarification and him taking a photo of himself with his cell phone camera matching up to his cell phone number, there has been little doubt of deception. Once meeting in person and seeing he is actually who he says he is, there is no reason to not gain trust. After all, if an ongoing arrangement is in place, trust is HUGE to me.

  364. Jade says:

    Do not always trust the info an sd will give you. He may know someone who is rich and give his info instead. I had this happen a few times to me.

  365. DC says:

    GTA, or tell them your Middle Name as your “first name” — or a nickname, if your name is Catherine go with Katie. Just an example.

  366. DC says:

    GTA – I don’t like lying. There is nothing wrong with telling them your REAL first name.
    You don’t have to give your last name immediately, or even at all. Or go with a First & Middle name.
    A “stage” name just.. no.

  367. NEOhio SB says:

    Good morning all !!

    Working and lurking, but wanted to *chime in* on the name discussion. I disagree with you in sorts GTA SB. Without a doubt, i do NOT and would NOT give my full name out to just “anyone”. However, I am a firm believer in trust and honesty being upfront and core elements in this type of relationship. I have an SD at the present time and have had a diff one in the past. I expect him to give out his name and info to me, so that I know without a doubt he is WHO he says he is. Once trust is established and a relationship is going to be pursued, I believe there NEEDS to be disclosure of the real name. I am NOT in this to play games and love knowing my partner is who he says he is. Just my 2 cents this morning.
    Hope everyone has a fabulous day…..Back to lurking and working.

  368. Jade says:

    Turns out many men use the stage name “JOHN”……….hmm, I wonder why that name?

  369. GTA*SB says:

    I don’t think I’d ever give out my full name out. A handle/ stage name is a really good idea for the reason you said about a SD calling. I think I’ll have to do that. Thanks!

  370. Naughty Molly says:

    Welcome new bloggers!

  371. Naughty Molly says:

    LOL @ DC 😀

  372. Jade says:

    GTA*SB – I myself like to have a handle / stage name so when I get calls and they call me by that ………I know I need to leave the room if my family is around!!!!! Do not ever give an Sd your full name because they will try to do a search or background check on you. Never let an sd buy you a flight or offer because they tend to say that just to get your info and once again do a search on you. They can find out if you have been married, have kids or even owe money on credit cards. * giggles *

  373. GTA*SB says:

    Good morning!

    I’ve been lurking around for the past month and I have a question about what Newbie talked about. Do you tell SD or SB your real first name right off the bat or wait until you know your SB or SD and give them a different name until then?

    How have you fared during the economic sag? How has it affected your sugar dating?
    I’m still pretty new here, so I can’t really give an answer to that question. I did decide that SA was for me because it would be a great opportunity. I had my profile up but decided to edit my profile. Any tips of what I should include would be greatly appreciated! After that’s all done I’ll begin my sugar searching!

    How does sugar play into your long-term goals?
    I’m still pretty young, but I have already set my goals in life and have just so many ideas of what I’d like to do. Having someone there to guide me through some of it would be so great! I have nothing to lose with this and feel that there will be just SOOO much to gain from this experience.

    Good luck to all you ladies!

  374. DC says:

    Hahaha, Molly – I’m jealous.
    I’m typically in office @ 7.. so I’m up before the sun (very odd for me). If I worked from home I would NEVER get anything done though.. I know me, I’d sleep in, walk around.. avoid work, go to the gym.. =)

  375. Naughty Molly says:

    Hi DC! Yes I’m usually at work by 7am, but I work from home so I can show up whenever I want for the most part 😀

  376. DC says:

    PS I don’t understand this JSO/Lisa/Lisa’s Former/Probably not Former SD drama..


  377. DC says:

    Morning everyone. Molly, I noticed typically we’re the first ones up & on the blog.. do you have an early work day as well?

  378. Naughty Molly says:

    Morning Midwest! How are you?

  379. midwest says:

    NYC SB – Keep putting that brilliant mind to work! Thanks for thinking of me!!!

  380. Naughty Molly says:

    Darn it! I missed James again!

    Morning everyone! 😀

  381. Lisa juggling 2 sds says:

    Good morning everyone

    Wow JSO_TXSd what harsh words from someone who still hasn’t found an sb.

    Photogirl, nothing has been done with the apartments yet but the 6 city violations are still posted. The way these things work is you hear nothing and then one day the city comes and puts orange stickers on everyone’s doors and you have 48 hours to vacate. Nothing like this is happening yet but it will. My old apartment people are giving me a hassle about moving and are dragging their feet giving my new place rental history verification. The don’t speak English so new place sent fax, they say they didnt’ get it, and that the person who can sign it is not there are they don’t know when they’ll be back. Meanwhile they have 3 people in the office that can’t do anything. Said I had to give 30 days notice, I gave 35 days notice yesterday and am paying March rent so why does it matter if I move out march 1st. Of course I will not give them the key till my rent expires (they don’t have a key to my apartment as it was lost in the fire and they are so disorganized that they never asked to copy mine.

    Off to work, have a good day.

  382. Lily says:

    Megs, sounds like the first potSD I had. I gave it away & the guy fizzled away. :( hope this doesn’t happen to you…

  383. NYC SB says:

    JamesNY – I too joined after the NY times article came out… it was the final push I needed… its been almost a year since then! Can you believe it????

    Midwest – retirement planning will commence soon… I need to get some things straightened out on my end but have no fear I will put you on track. It is so funny to me how my 401k plan is tanking (work sponsored one) but my side investment has had amazing returns … and by amazing I mean 5k investment back in June has become over 100k by now… I am pulling out my 401k and making it self directed to I can invest that money myself… things are looking up dear

  384. Jade says:

    Megs – Do not have sex with these guys until you have your arrangement set in stone and STARTED or else you have nothing to work with, as the sugar daddies already got what they wanted and are on to the next one. They will look back on what happened and that you had sex so soon ….then think badly of you but not so badly about themselves.

  385. Jade says:

    Newbie- I would say western union with a password to pick it up.

  386. Newbie! says:

    Hello everyone! I joined recently and have a big question! Any help is definitely appreciated!
    So, I’ve been emailing and I’M ing with a gentleman who lives in another state. He wants to visit me and plans to do so within the next month or two. He has offered to send me a monatary “gift” and asked for my account number. I refused and told him I would come up with a way he could send me the gift soon. What is safe these days? I guard my privacy immensly and even go by a different first name on the site. Please give me options that could guard my privacy as much as possible as I don’t want to give out private info that could lead to a scam. He already has my email address. Thank you so much!

  387. JamesNY says:

    Ah, the happy sound of female chatter! Warm and sunny in SoCal today and chilly and wet back up in the Bay Area.

    How has the recession affected me? Income down, investments flat overall, but no effect on my sugar budget, which is deliberately set at a comfortable level that will not jeopardize any of my other obligations or goals.

    I will say that, when I was looking last fall, the flow of new SB’s was noticeable. (The most noticeable gold rush, however, was last April I think it was when the article in the NY Times appeared. I think there were 200 or so in NY alone in the next week.) The quality was mixed — some gems, some pros, some sugar-curious, some lost and confused. But in equal proportion, so there were definitely more high quality women. Always happens in a downturn, probably has throughout history. At the same time I think that women explore becoming an SB as much as a result of what’s going on in their own lives as because of macroeconomic factors, so there’s not a direct causal relationship.

  388. TexaSD says:

    Megs- I was kidding lol… I think I scared you off

  389. TexaSD says:

    Megs- just travel with me already lol

  390. AnnaMadrid says:

    Hey Megs! Nice to meet you… five pot sd’s??!! I’m jealous!

  391. Megs says:

    And I silenced the blog. Sad :(

    So, hope all had a great night, I’m heading to bed!

  392. Megs says:

    Make that “Short SD”

  393. Megs says:

    Oh – forgot…one more:

    Short SB: He is about 4 inches shorter than me. haha which is fine and the way he likes it. He comes into town every so often, and we have a date set up March 10th or 11th when I get back in town after a business trip. He wants me to travel all over with him…which I’ve told him is hard to do since I own my business and actually have to be at work in order to financially survive. But he is adamant it will work. So, we will see when I meet him in a couple of weeks.

  394. Megs says:

    TXSD – if you could combine them into one, I would be very grateful.

  395. Megs says:

    haha ok, I just started catching up on the blog…. I missed a lot of good stuff :) haha Love you guys

  396. JSO- TXSD says:

    you know as a pilot and a guy that likes a girls in high heels this is getting complicated. need to take meds, can only be one guy at a time

  397. Megs says:

    Hello everyone! I’m soooo sorry I didn’t come back after my Vegas date and update you all!!
    It went well. I think. We had a great time, got along well, were attracted to each other, had amazing conversations..amazing sex.. and then I went home… and haven’t heard from him since. I did send a quick text saying hello and hoped all was well this morning… and got a “kissy face” back… but nothing else. So, guess time will tell.
    I’ve got some others lined up…So – I’m going to give them “names” for you to make it easy and to explain what’s going on with them…and maybe I can get some feedback from you girls…

    Vegas SD: Already met, had lots of fun…though confused now because he has gone MIA. Flew me out “Business Select” to meet him in Vegas, took me to a show, nice dinner and got me a room in a nice hotel – had amazing sex…which I wasn’t exactly planning on doing on the first meet. No actual deal/arrangement made. (Really hoping his “honest” charm wasn’t a sham…cause he was really a great guy)

    Skype SD: doesn’t care if it is STR or a LTR, lives one hour flight away, is a pilot, has already told me we are going to Hawaii if we like each other (I mentioned I’ve never been), only wants to see me every other week because he has his daughter the other weeks. Talked for a full 1.5 hours about each other and have a clear cut idea of what we both are expecting. However, he only wants to see me if I leave my boyfriend (who I’m in the process of leaving anyway…but things have started getting better…so I’m unsure now)

    Obsessed SD: Met him at starbucks as a last minute because we were both free for a little bit. He is in my area, and was texting me every minute of every day for a week and being a little obsessive with trying to meet. Once we met, I was already turned off by his over-attentivness and he seemed like he wants a girlfriend, not a SB (he even told me not to call myself an SB). I kindly told him it wouldn’t work… but I don’t know if I just wasn’t ready for his type yet. He still sends me the occasional text telling me he misses me. (????)

    Thursday SD: Sent me an email if we could meet this Thursday… haven’t heard back from him in three days. May be a dud.

    Seattle SD: Sends email after email about what he wants to buy me, and how bad he wants to see me in high heels. Called me on his car cell phone to talk for a bit, had great humor and possible potential. Married, wants to travel with me during his business trips…but only during certain times. He asked why I was in Vegas over the weekend, and I told him it was for a friend. Haven’t heard from him since.

    There are a couple others, but only in the early email stage…

  398. AnnaMadrid says:

    Lisa- that is a crush-worthy headline!
    Elegant- That’s nice that those guys actually find you real enough to keep you in their lives…

  399. cleo says:

    jso: and car chases!

  400. JSO- TXSD says:

    SDN comment – tits and ass – tits and ass

  401. cleo says:

    hi guys

    catching up and this is what i got so far

    “just a good ole boys
    never meanin’ no harm


  402. JSO- TXSD says:

    Oh – you have to fly down to me. I do not have the money for a plane ticket

  403. JSO- TXSD says:

    elegent – since you are into short term. can we do walmart parking lot?

  404. TXSB says:

    Hi Everyone! At a glance I see quite a few “oldies”..nice to “see” everyone.. :) Going to attempt to catch up on blog since this morning…..ya’ll have been busy!

  405. ElegantSugar says:

    How have you fared during the economic sag? How has it affected your sugar dating? The economic sag is the reason I began my sugar dating pursuit. That, and the desire to be in a relationship with all the positive benefits without all the expectations of a long-term relationship. (Longer term arrangement = yes, LTR = no)

    How does sugar play into your long-term goals? Sugar enables me a more flexible schedule to focus on creative professional endeavors I am passionate about (being paid to write & other), rather than being tied to “Big Brother” and the daily grind of Cubicle Corporate America.

  406. Lisa's Possibly Not Former SD (The one in NY) says:

    I can’t tell if the cat is out of the bag, but I got my Blackberry back.

  407. photogirl says:

    Hey Midwest!!! Yes I am finally home, got in around 1am. Doing better, thank you.

  408. Lisa's Possibly Not Former SD (The one in NY) says:

    The “old” apt. complex outsourced the translation of the notices to raise the buildings, which is holding everything up.

    Lisa will at some point be able to semi-legitimately use the popular “SB” ploy of “I am being evicted on Easter Sunday, so I can’t come meet you for the first time unless you wire rent money first.”

  409. JSO- TXSD says:

    midwest – mail –
    sorry everyone i know we said not to do this

  410. midwest says:

    Hi Photo- Are you home? Hope you are doing better.

    JSO – I’ll just make sure I’m a total slob and yell at every kid I see. That will screen rather effectively :-)

  411. photogirl says:

    Lisa – Correction, I meant the OLD apartment.

  412. midwest says:

    JSO – Thanks

    TT – My brain is a little muddled too. I can’t keep up b/c I lose sleep. Then I can’t sleep, so I find myself posting at 2:30 am. Sorry!!

  413. TT (AKA Tantalizing Taz) says:

    Ok wow- caught up 😛 Midwest I am sooo totally confused and lost with your last comment…


    To be honest – i am confused with most of the convos on this blog lol…time to get back into lurk mode methinks 😛

  414. JSO- TXSD says:

    midwest – just be happy, you deserve it. do you own thing. I back you 100%.
    Love you.

  415. photogirl says:

    Hello everyone… finally made it back home and it appears you all have been very busy!

    Lisa – Great news about the apartment, hope it works out for you. Great to see that you have made a positive change…many more to come I am sure. On the rent though in the new apartment…I thought they were being condemned? WHY do you need to pay for another month? Seems to me that is a valid reason for not giving a 30 day notice as well as not paying for another month.

    I have not been ignoring emails… just had some other priorities to take care of… so will be returning emails soon :)

  416. midwest says:

    Please allow me to explain:

    With all the heat going on lately, I had hoped to forego any assuptions made by others. We have been in touch since before james.m and the time came around where we were both available again…to my understanding. He seems very genuine and my instincts have been good to me.

    I was having a little fun with the other name. I hope you will all be fair about this. Thanks!

  417. midwest says:


  418. Almost Lisa's PNF SD's SB says:

    JSO – You’re lucky you got away with all your digits :-)

  419. JSO- TXSD says:

    midwest – did you mean test drive…lol
    just kidding

  420. Midwest says:

    Oh my!

    24 hours ago there was a heated discussion on an old blog. Now there are almost 240 comments on the new blog, Lisa’s juggling apts. and sds (I’m confused here) and JSO is unhappy. Just…wow! On a good note, I met a famous journalist and attended an amazing event!!! I’m exhausted and need a massage.

    To answer the blog questions ( This makes OC happy btw)

    How have you fared during the economic sag? How has it affected your sugar dating? The economic sag has had a direct impact on my sugar life. I’m not so concerned for me as I am hopeful that former SD will recover well. He deserves good business and a little good luck.

    How does sugar play into your long-term goals? Long-term goals is what finally brought me here. This sb is hoping to pay off student loans and start putting something back for retirement. There is still time for a mentor to help boost my career, so hopefully someone will see the potential and invest in my future.

    Ladies – I forgot how hard the sugar search can be :( Time to dive in.

  421. JSO- TXSD says:

    everything is ok. go back to blogging

  422. CA Dreamin SB says:

    JSO – you have mail, and I’m out! Night everyone

  423. JSO- TXSD says:

    hey ca dreamin

  424. Lisa's Possibly Not Former SD (The one in NY) says:

    Help! My cat is sleeping on my Blackberry and I have incoming messages. Shouldn’t have put it on vibrate.

  425. CA Dreamin SB says:

    JSO – tonight, you are my favorite! I don’t even know who the guy is..but I love your post! Made me smile

  426. CA Dreamin SB says:

    Hi JSO :)

  427. ElegantSugar says:

    Dizzy. Why do I feel like I’m playing Whodunit???

  428. JSO- TXSD says:

    Former Lisa’s SD – And I know who you are- get a life. You are not a SD, you have used women on this site. Go out and hire a nanny. That is all you are really looking for.

  429. CA Dreamin SB says:

    SCB – I SAW that one the other day…just makes you shake your head…

  430. Almost Lisa's PNF SD's SB says:

    You two make me laugh. This could work out well if we all remain friends. :-)

  431. SCB says:

    I just found another winner… His headline is

    Drum roll please…..

    Rich Doc Seeks Groups Of Kinky Girls.

    Thought it was funny. Wonder if he wants to meet with panties on at Starbucks :)

  432. mommapoppins says:

    lol nyc your a mess!!!

  433. NYC SB says:

    Lisa’s PNF – I’d rather talk about dieting and health stuff… or poop than go back to the old blog format where a certain SD was causing all sorts of arguments… but i digress

  434. mommapoppins says:

    I agree with you on that lisa

  435. Lisa juggling 2 sds says:

    Where did everyone go? to the bathroom?

  436. Lisa juggling 2 sds says:

    was that directed to me? ex-bf who wants booty calls is on the don’t email pile.

  437. Lisa's Possibly Not Former SD (The one in NY) says:

    But you don’t rule out booty call ex-bf

  438. Yaz says:

    Never been there….

  439. Lisa juggling 2 sds says:

    Been there, done that, would do it again but not with my ex husband

  440. Lisa juggling 2 sds says:

    Mom loves them, I was raised on them. Plenty of horror movies, but no sex. I was raised in a very strict southern Baptist family. No dancing, swimming, sex, etc

  441. ElegantSugar says:

    Lisa’s PNF SD (The one in NY) – Been there, done that. Wore the t-shirt, mailed the postcard. Hence, the new chapter of Sugar dating.

  442. mommapoppins says:

    Lisa- Whats up the the horror films? there is no way i can watch those. I am a baby!!!

  443. Lisa's Possibly Not Former SD (The one in NY) says:

    Wow, Elegant, that would make your age, ummmm, marriageable from my point of view.

  444. Lisa juggling 2 sds says:

    some of my favorite childhood movies were : Race with the Devil, Mark of the Devil, Pyscho, Straightjacket, etc

  445. mommapoppins says:

    elle- that was my dad and I’s favorite movies growing up!!! thanks for the memory!

  446. mommapoppins says:

    Ok I have to go back threw and read what was posted!!! I was not expecting that one.

  447. ElegantSugar says:

    NYC SB – you obviously didn’t watch the Dukes of Hazards or Convoy growing up either. (Showing my age.)

  448. Lisa juggling 2 sds says:

    In other words “The blog topic has changed to poop”

  449. CA Dreamin SB says:

    Elegant – YES – no equipment required. They are great workouts.

  450. ElegantSugar says:

    Hi mommaP – yes, p90x is AWESOME. Of course, I have only worked on p90, but the “x” one is the latest and greatest.

    I’m wondering if my first email correspondence from Flo will be “stop chit-chatting on the blog.”

  451. Lisa's Possibly Not Former SD (The one in NY) says:

    Re: comments about the Blog just not being the same anymore –

    I see the newer crew’s comments related to bodily functions are on a much more sophisticated, health-oriented, and beneficial for the well-being sort of level than the old crew’s.

  452. NYC SB says:

    Elegant – spy code speak… i didnt attend spy school lol

  453. ElegantSugar says:

    NYC SB – 10-4 is police code for “acknowledgment rec’d”

  454. mommapoppins says:

    Thanks elle I was thinking about getting it. Do you think it works?

  455. NYC SB says:

    I did not get the pull up bar… it doesnt suit my place… lol

    although maybe if louboutin made one…

  456. mommapoppins says:

    Hey sugar land!! how is everyone?

  457. ElegantSugar says:

    Ooooh, I have the ORIGINAL p90x before they added the “x” factor. From the infomercials I have seen, it is the same WITHOUT the pull-up bar thing.

  458. CA Dreamin SB says:

    Yes, it is part of the P90X series. Elegant – It is literally called INSANITY. It comes in a big ‘book’ looking thing with about 8 DVD’s.

  459. ElegantSugar says:

    CA Dreamin – INSANITY literally or figuratively? Or is this a new work-out?

  460. NYC SB says:

    CA – is the insanity work outs you have part of the p90x series??? if so yes you will hurt for DAYS … i can barely walk… did legs and back last night and today i did shoulders and arms… i should be super sore tomorrow

  461. CA Dreamin SB says:

    Elegant – If my arms worked anymore I’d play ping pong with you.

  462. NYC SB says:

    elegant – 10-4?

  463. ElegantSugar says:

    NYC SB – 10-4 and thank you. Congrats on day 2 and p90x!

    Ping pong, anyone?

  464. CA Dreamin SB says:

    NYC SB- I just did 2 40-minute sessions of INSANITY. I’m about to drop.

  465. Lisa's Possibly Not Former SD (The one in NY) says:

    Having the edge is good. Why else become an SD?

    Really Amazing Special Blog Lady is freaking right about now.

  466. NYC SB says:

    Elegant and Flo… you both have mail 😀

    I just did my 2nd day on the cleanse plus p90x… now im going to watch millionaire matchmaker

  467. CA Dreamin SB says:

    Well, Lisa’s Possibly Not Former SD – I would have to say that depends on who the CA SB is. You have that information, so how can we possibly determine the likelyhoood she’ll out you when we don’t even know who she is? I think you like to have an edge in your gambling.

  468. Lisa juggling 2 sds says:

    I wouldn’t be surprised

  469. Yaz says:

    Lol Lisa you two sound like old friends!! :-)

  470. Lisa's Possibly Not Former SD (The one in NY) says:

    Tomorrow evening I take the juggle to a new level. I plan on juggling two BLOG SBs and letting them know it.

    What’s the over/under on when a certain SB in CA announces who I am seeing?

  471. Lisa juggling 2 sds says:

    Who says things have ended? :)

  472. Yaz says:

    Lol I would love to have that kind of friendship with my SD even after things have ended

  473. Lisa juggling 2 sds says:

    It’s different in Houston lol

    We could take a long walk in my old neighborhood late at night carrying large amounts of cash.

  474. Lisa's Possibly Not Former SD (The one in NY) says:

    The relationship is getting stale…we already did that in NY.

  475. Lisa juggling 2 sds says:

    after my workout, we could hang out in the Target parking lot. I could go to the ladies’s room and remove my panties and we could then walk down to starbucks, lol all of this without getting mugged :)

  476. Lisa's Possibly Not Former SD (The one in NY) says:

    Its no coin toss. Etiqute requires the local SD gets the apartment he’s paying for. If I buy gym membership, only I get to sit on the floor behind Lisa while she’s on the stairmaster thing.

  477. Yaz says:

    I’m happy for you Lisa! You deserve to get out of that unsafe neighborhood you currently live in! :-)

  478. ElegantSugar says:

    Flo – Yes, Blog Gods may deliver my email address to you and yours to me. I have wondered if you and I might know some of the same people. (??)

  479. Lisa juggling 2 sds says:

    gym membership would come in handy for being able to run fast down my street. handcuffs behind back would work well in preventing overspending at the mall

  480. ElegantSugar says:

    Lisa – Oh, I see! Part of the problem was me reading from the bottom up, I guess? Welcome, Lisa’s SD#1. And now that you’ve read Lisa’s coin toss trick, perhaps you can convince her to keep you out of the hood by getting her a gym membership. (See, I pay attention…)

  481. Lisa juggling 2 sds says:

    of course the one getting the hood apartment will be given mace and target practice

  482. Lisa juggling 2 sds says:

    For the month of March I could put on sd in one apartment and one in the other. A coin toss would determine which one gets to live in the hood

  483. Lisa juggling 2 sds says:

    ElegantSugar, the sd that is posting on here from NY is sd #1 and now I have a local sd here that is moving me. I am willing to juggle sds if he desires.

  484. Lisa juggling 2 sds says:

    I’m trying to move Yaz. Found nice apartment where my family lives but in a different building (complex covers 2 blocks) with new carpet, new countertops, good view, and nice safe area across from the mall. bypassed credit and income issues by applying for prepaid lease, passed criminal check but current landlord giving me problems. New place called to verify yesterday, leasing agent at current place can’t speak english, new place faxed sheet over, but they say they didnt’ get it and that they don’t know when the person who can give verification will be back. I have to work during the day so it seems when I get home, they arean’t there. I want to be out next monday.

  485. ElegantSugar says:

    Lisa – maybe it’s just late, but I’m so confused. Are you currently juggling 2 SDs? And is one posting on here from NY? Just curious.

  486. ElegantSugar says:

    AnnaMadrid – it was the pot SD’s friend who was the billionaire. And yes, he and I are actually are still in touch as friends. Romantic attraction wasn’t quite there and I was honest about this with him. Strange. I stay friends with a lot of my pots. There’s always either some type of business interest on both ends or they just like me for some reason (go figure). One pot asked me to keep in touch so he could walk me down the aisle one day – I thought that was odd.

    Flo – 4 lbs? I got you beat at 10. Damn Waffle House.

  487. Yaz says:

    Lisa you are moving???? Awesome!!!!!!

    I am so glad you are leaving your old neighborhood! 😀

  488. LASB says:

    Lily – He’s awesome and cuter in person!

  489. Lisa juggling 2 sds says:

    Yes but he is also having to deal with my rental office.

  490. Lisa juggling 2 sds says:

    YAZ after dealing with my current landlord, I’ve bypassed crazy. I gave them 30 days notice and told them i’d pay march rent even though i’m hoping to move next monday. I still get them to verify that I even live there. There is one person than can do that and they don’t know when she’ll be in the office.

  491. Lisa's Apparently Now Former! SD (The one in NY) says:

    I get the best deal. New SD is stuck paying for the apartment and driving 35 miles in the humidity to bring over Asian takeout on Fridays.

  492. Lisa juggling 2 sds says:

    Well I could travel to visit a friend in NY, lol :)

  493. Flo Rida says:

    Lisa – you deserve 2 SDs! You have the Lisa exemption granted for lifetime blog service and achievement!

  494. Yaz says:

    lol you two are crazy :-)

  495. Lisa's Apparently Now Former! SD (The one in NY) says:

    I was primaily worried for you:

    How ever would you find those two days each year to juggle me in with another SD in the picture?

  496. Flo Rida says:

    Jade – that’s why I like SD, he bought a LV handbag for his American nanny (her first) and she flies first class with the ‘family’ when SD’s daughter is with us. One time some models were making too much noise at a dinner party and the Maitre D came over to complain and he pulled out a wad of $100 bills and said ‘make the problem go away’. Of course this was pre-recession and a tiny bit arrogant BUT it was jaw dropping seeing him in action.

    Elegant – methinks you & I should become a tiny bit better acquainted. May I ask the blog gods for your email? I do warn you though, no one from the blog has ever met me, but I did promise Ophelia that if she married her SD (I helped in the background) that I would go to her wedding. As the price of your email i’m willing to disclose the best wedding toast I’ve ever heard, a bit corny but it made me bawl.

  497. Lisa juggling 2 sds says:

    Sorry you are now being juggled.

  498. Lisa juggling 2 sds says:

    If I ever get this apartment thing fixed, I will have 2 apartments during the month of March, I can be a sugarmomma for a month, lol

  499. Lisa's Apparently Now Former! SD (The one in NY) says:

    I am so relieved not to part of an SD juggle.

  500. sugarbarbie says:

    I am so tired but have to go to a meeting. Don’t wanna but gotta….ttyl

  501. Yaz says:

    lol Lily I was just singing one of lady Gaga’s songs out loud….”Monster”

  502. Yaz says:

    Sorry! I am having a moment here :-)

    I love Lady Gaga! xD

  503. Yaz says:

    That boy is a monsterrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr! 😀

  504. Jade says:

    Most rich men are cheap to hired help and sadly, girls on the side are looked at as that ( hired help ) sometimes sd’s will try to talk you down on allowance and then point out how they can get a just as pretty girl for a couple hundred bucks, yet they just mentioned they are not wanting to see an escort yet the know the going rate and in fact are members of sites that review escorts……………I sometimes feel like this whole thing is just talking in circles at times.

  505. Lily says:

    And he listed one of his hobbies as SHIBARI!!!!! Mmmmmmmmmmm a Dom…….. gorgeous! he’s really tall, too. UGH! I need to shake this massive crush. He is too far. He is too far. Repeat with me, gals. He is too far. Sigh.

  506. Lily says:

    “This is going to get me in trouble….”

  507. AnnaMadrid says:

    lily I have a crush just from the ‘blue eyes’ part:) I don’t know about posting his profile number.. but maybe letting us know what his headline said???

  508. AnnaMadrid says:

    SCB-wow thanks for the heads up!

  509. Lily says:

    If I found someone’s profile completely completely adorable and got an instant crush on the guy at the first glance of his headline and blue eyes would it be bad form to put the profile number here and spread the news that this dude seems heaven-sent? Too bad he’s in California, could not be further from me. I have a massive crush anyways.

  510. SCB says:

    Hey everyone,
    I hate to put people on blast like this but two guys really just pissed me off and I would like to protect the rest of you from them….

    Bradley from Los Angeles— Picture collector alert! Wanted to see my butt before my face. So annoying. Even insisted is not a picture collector in initial email.

    NYC79 (mike)— Has MULTIPLE profiles and is looking for a cheap romp. 1000k pay per play. If you turn him down he has nothing but nasty things to say. But he will offer more if you come to him.

    I can’t believe I am posting this but these men need to stop trying to take advantage.

  511. Flo Rida says:

    Elegant – the camera does add 10lbs and were there four cameras on him? 40lbs kidding. Anyway i’m now 4lbs overweight so somewhere I gained a lb – sucks.

  512. AnnaMadrid says:

    Lily- No, I’m not going to look. I think it is best to give this guy a chance, as was suggested.

    Elegant- interesting. Is he still around.. like there for you?

  513. ElegantSugar says:

    Flo – or perhaps you’re just a dong? I jest, I jest.

  514. Flo Rida says:

    Lily – a friend of mine was being recruited from grad school and the recruiter was selling her on the company and the $ – she wasn’t interested and said ‘money can’t buy everything’ and the recruiter said ‘but it helps, a lot, it gives choices’ and she said ‘money can’t buy love’ and he said ‘yes it can’ and she said ‘that’s not the sort of love I’m looking for’.

    Yes i’ve often sat down and said if I had a billion dollars (as opposed to a billion yen or thai baht or vietnamese dong) then could I spend it in my lifetime and I think the answer is no I couldn’t.

    By the way vietnam issues a note for 500,000 Dong and I withdrew on a cash machine about 10 million dong so i’m pretty sure i’m a Vietnamese billionaire.

  515. ElegantSugar says:

    Lily – yes, I think a billionaire can. However, I think he felt they were price gouging him because he is a well-known billionaire – whereas he heard the resort was offering price-cuts to U.S. travelers “because of the recession.” So again, it was principle.

  516. ElegantSugar says:

    You’re telling me, Flo. The complaints about everything being so expensive in Barttthhelona didn’t end at dinner. While we sat in the billionaire’s condo (where a painting on the wall to the right of me was worth more than I will ever make in my lifetime), he continued with stories of the hired help expecting higher tips and not delivering their worth. He admitted to being a cheap a$$ while over there. I was in a bit of shock. But that could have also been because I was only half-way listening to the recession complaints while trying to figure out why he looks so different on television. Then I remembered the “tv adds 10 pounds thing” – but still, that wasn’t quite it either. Still bugs me to this day.

    Oh, and I’ve heard Paris doesn’t give good blowees.

  517. Lily says:

    A billionaire should be able to afford just about anything on this planet.

  518. Flo Rida says:

    Elegant – one of my friends active on the NY club circuit left a club because Paris Hilton came in and wanted the largest table. My friend was paying for the table whereas Paris would get it for free and he objected to being bumped, so he doesn’t go there anymore. I said why didn’t you ask Paris for a blowee.

    Methinks the recession is screwing around with people’s brains a billionaire should afford a trip to Barttthhelona.

  519. FL-SD says:

    I would agree with SincereSD, in my limited experience, the downturn seems to have created a situation where potential SBs seem to be very flexible in the requested arrangement, and perhaps more sensitive to the environment. My current SB has repeatedly expressed appreciation for the relationship, in general and has related a number of horror stories about her search prior to locating me. I think it has(in prior searches) caused me to look at distance as a factor…. but not the primary factor.

  520. Lily says:

    re: the recession, since I’ve only been an SB for three weeks, I can’t honestly say that I know any different. Wish I could comment….

  521. ElegantSugar says:

    BrownSugarBabe – it’s always nice when someone comes out of lurk mode. Welcome and glad things are going so well for you.

    Flo – Happy to hear you are happy about your friends’ excellent news. It’s about time. Seems you were only getting bad news there for a while. At least you can exhale a bit in this area.

  522. Lily says:

    BrownSugarBabe, welcome! And I know what you mean about the young men and their dollar menu dating ways, and their general confusion about anything. Sugar dating can be such a relief in comparison.

  523. Lily says:

    Good story! Fascinating.

  524. ElegantSugar says:

    A short story:

    Earlier in the year, a pot SD invited me to fly via private jet (this would have been date #2 for us) with him and his inner cirlce to *Barcelona to celebrate their (rather well-known) billionaire friend’s birthday. I declined because it wasn’t enough notice. I met them all for dinner upon their (early) return to the U.S. That evening, every single one of the men (billionaire included) complained about being taken advantage of while overseas. They had all visited before and didn’t remember prices being so high. Billionaire chimed in and said he had to give up his table at the nightclub venue the evening of his birthday party because *Beyonce walked in and offered $5,000 more than he did for the champagne table that was originally reserved for him. He could have easily outbid her, but didn’t do it based on principle. They all boarded the jet and left the country 5 days earlier than they were supposed to. Billionaire said, “For f*ck’s sakes. Doesn’t Spain know we’re in a recession?”

    *Names/locations have been changed.

  525. Flo Rida says:

    Elegant – I burst out laughing BUT that’s me, I know i’m wierd.

    I remember sitting at a table near Myron Scholes of Black Scholes fame in 2008 and we were discussing whether there would be a recession and he curtly said ‘The pain must be felt’. Well my question to him now is ‘Please make the pain stop, pretty please with strawberries on top’

    Btw I got excellent news from two friends recently (no one anyone on the blog knows) so i’m happy for them. BUT of course that’s accompanied by bad work news, bahhhhh, oh well one step forward and two steps back.

  526. Lily says:

    LOL blogville…. I love it.

  527. BrownSugarBabe says:

    Hello Everyone! I am a lurker extraodinaire! I always mean to post but get so caught up in reading, blah blah blah! Anyhoo:

    *How have you fared during the economic sag? How has it affected your sugar dating?

    For me, the economic sag is what led me to SA in the first place. I’ve only had one SD so far (bless ‘im) so I can’t compare to anything except for the 20something year old, dollar menu, Idontknowwhati’mdoingwithmylife men I had been subjecting myself to in the past.

    *How does sugar play into your long-term goals?

    At first I saw it as a temporary fix to financial problems BUT I was very picky/patient and met a very lovely man who I’m very attracted to and have a great time with..and the sugar is oh so sweet..so who knows!!

    Hope everyone is having a good day!!

  528. Naughty Molly says:

    V-Baby – As we like to say here in blogville..NEXT!

  529. Jade says:

    If you do not ask V-baby…………….. you will never get is what I found out!

  530. Lily says:

    Yes, we know and we are so happy for you, AM! Are you still considering keeping one eye peeled for someone else….?

    V-baby, I think you should keep all options open (continue emailing potentials, etc) until AFTER an SD has really sealed the deal and an arrangement has begun and he’s come through on what he says he will come through on. Before that, it’s kinda guilty until proven innocent, if you ask me (on both sides! pot sbs and pot sds alike!)…

  531. AnnaMadrid says:

    Hey guys!
    The economy really hasn’t made a difference in my sugar life… I actually just met a real one recently, as some of you already know!

  532. V-baby says:

    THANX EVERYONE FOR THE ADVICE I guess i’m ready to just move on with out feeling bad and start looking for a real SD

  533. ElegantSugar says:

    V-baby – sorry, but he isn’t forgetting. Try communicating your thoughts to him and if at first you don’t succeed, keep hunting for a SD that you don’t have to hint around for financial assistance. You are here seeking a SD. Otherwise, you would be on match or the other “e” one.

    Flo – I was entertained by your train story, while simultaneously being in a state of shock reading it. But, not really.

    SincereSD – Nice to see you back on here.

  534. V-baby says:

    He offers to pay for the sitter before the date and after he just forgets

  535. Lily says:

    ((((hugs)))) to SincereSD. But still, I have to say…. you just have this one life. If what you want is to end your ‘failed marriage’ and find a long term relationship that works, maybe you have to re-evaluate what you consider your reasons are for saying that you ‘can’t afford’ to get divorced. Think about the long term costs of stress, i.e. living-with-toxic-ness-in-your-life (if your failed marriage that hobbles on IS in fact bringing toxicity to your life, which I have no idea about)…. usually it does a number on our long term health which then ends up costing a LOT later on in terms of medical bills…. You have your mindset and viewpoint at the moment, but it is *possible* that there is another way to look at it, and the ‘stuff’ you would have to sacrifice to move forward in a whole, healthy way, and search for meaningful/lasting happiness would be worth it. I have no idea about the details of your life and if anything I am saying applies but it was just my first thought…. I spent years deliberating whether to end a failed marriage, and I am surprised I didn’t end up with major health consequences from all that stress, and swallowing all that negativity from hanging around as long as I did. And when I left, I was 28, so it hardly had been going on for ages, but still…. even a few miserable years can give you an ulcer or worse. Stress kills. Think about if you truly truly “can’t afford to get divorced” or not. WHAT precisely would you be losing that you cannot live without, if you were to divorce? You may have an excellent answer to this, but I’m just trying to instigate more thinking and analyzing… please ignore me if I am poking my nose in where it doesn’t belong….

  536. East Coast Filly says:

    V-baby, this man is not a SD. I don’t want to tell you what to do but if I were you I would stop seeing him immediately. If you have to ask for help it should be obvious this man is just using you for dates. Aren’t you on this site looking for help? What is his goal on the site?

    The only time I have ever come out of pocket has been with a few first meets that I paid for gas or train fare to get to them (the reals SDs would at least pay that for me even if we didn’t hit it off) I can see coming out of pocket for that and taking a risk but once your already dating him?

  537. Flo Rida says:

    V-Baby – Just say ‘Mr. A I really do like you and I do see a future for us in a sugar or whatever term yu wish to use relationship, and I have genuine feelings for you, but I want to make sure you understand something, I can pick any guy and date them and get nice dinners, I chose you because I like you, but each time I spend with you i’m spending money on sitters $x dollars and it’s really x dollars I don’t have, I don’t mean to be needy but this is causing stress that I don’t need’ IF he doesn’t figure it out by now and he’s really being dense then say ‘Look i’m soooo sorry but I need you to provide financial assistance of $x per month as I can’t handle the stress of this relatonship’. Modify to suit.

  538. NYC SB says:

    V- baby – I am sorry to hear that… he should have offered to pay for the sitter at least… and if he hasnt it is a pretty sure sign that he has no intention of helping out… this should be mutually benefitial… you can regular date a guy who will pay for dinner no?

  539. Lisa says:

    Good afternoon everyone

    well let’s see the economy has not really affected my sugarlife
    Actually things have been steady for the past few months.
    Former sd helped me go from living check to check to actually having a couple months’ bills in savings.

    Current sd is helping me move to a better place. It is not the much more expensive but the income restrictions are impossible for me, even if I worked 40 hours, I would short of the requirements by several hundred dollars. Anyway he is trying to get me moved by prepaying my lease. This will allow me to save my rent each month along with some allowance so I can pay the next 6 months. Problem is my current landlord is dragging their feet. The new place called yesterday to get verification of my rental history but no one in this office speaks english so she faxed over a sheet hoping they could read english. No response, she faxed today and they deny getting anything. They are giving me the run around saying I didn’t give 30 days notice. Well I gave 35 days notice today and told them i’d be paying the march rent anyway and keeping the apartment even though I am moving march 1 to the other place. They said there is only one person who can sign the verificationand they are not here today and they don’t know when they’ll be back. I am tired of having to tell me sd this and soon he’ll think i’m a flake because everytime he sugests something, I do it but i’m not getting anywhere with these people.

    Goals? My goal is to move to a safe place an be able to get out again. I hope to have a sd as long as I can to make life better but at the same time i’m establishing some security for myself.

  540. V-baby says:

    I did meet him on SA and is the first time i try this and so far i only lost money =(

  541. SincereSD says:

    How have you fared during the economic sag?

    Well, I’ve been through two economic downturns, the one last year and the tech crash of 2000-2001. Managed to survive both but my net worth is down significantly so are the number of toys I have. The tech IPO market is gone as are the times of the relatively quick value creation.

    How has it affected your sugar dating?

    I can’t be as generous as I once was. Whereas I used to provide a nice car, condo, allowance and other luxuries for my mistress. I’m providing a more modest allowance and some gifts to my SB. OTOH, the downturn has created a large supply of pot SB and made sugar dating as well as sugar divorce much easier. I’m no longer a tolerant as I once was and when there’s significant discord, I push the eject button and say “N E X T !”

    How does sugar play into your long-term goals?

    The problem with being “semi” wealthy is you can’t afford to get divorced and still maintain your current lifestyle. Sugar dating is in my mid-term outlook but it doesn’t solve the issue of a failed marriage or the issue of finding a LTR.

  542. East Coast Filly says:

    v-baby, did you meet this guy on SA? he is not a SD!!

  543. V-baby says:

    He doesn’t like to travel and never talked about gifts only talks about watching movies and going out to eat i really dont want to sound like an escort but im waisting a lotta money on sitters…. would i look bad if i ask if im ever gonna get something other than food?

  544. DC says:

    V – I agree w/ NYC, he could still help you pay for things such as rent, bills etc. & then you can pocket your own pay check.

  545. East Coast Filly says:

    V-baby, I’m confused as to why he would ask what you need money for. Kind of a silly question coming from a SD. I mean who doesn’t need money? Does he mean that he won’t take care of anything other than dinner and a night out because then hes just a regular date not a SD.

  546. DC says:

    thank you Lily =)

  547. Flo Rida says:

    Elegant – but you were there with me and you didn’t see me – us participate right! Having said that


    I will gross out the blog by saying I still vividly remember a girl pulling a train and then a separate guy starts smacking her butt and then the guy in front starts smaking her around the head – I know it’s gross but it was so funny – SORRY EVERYONE

    returns sheepishly to work

  548. East Coast Filly says:

    I hear ya NYC SB. I hate hurting people even if its unintentional. I’m too compassionate and worry more about the other persons feeling more than my own.

    I doubt he would call you that anyway, you have been very good to him! Sometimes things just don’t work out and hopefully he’ll see it that way.

  549. DC says:

    V – he could be a gift/travel/pay your school loans for you – daddy.

  550. NYC SB says:

    V- baby – its hard to tell right off the bat… maybe he likes to take care of your bills instead of giving you cash… or more likely he is just not an allowance SD… its best to ask him to ellaborate on it. Maybe let him know that you need financial assistance.

  551. Lily says:

    Hey I love those pink lips too, DC!!

  552. Lily says:

    V-baby, have an open conversation with this potSD (and I use that term loosely). Explain what you do need money for, and ask if he would envision him as someone in your life who would offer financial assistance for those needs, or if he is seeking a different type of ‘arrangement.’ If he wants something else, ask him to describe what he is seeking. Then if there is no common ground, move on.

  553. DC says:

    Elegant & Barbie, thank you both! hugs!

  554. Jade says:

    V-baby, he might want to be a gift daddy so it depends on if you like the gifts he offers ….but you will still need an allowance daddy.

  555. NYC SB says:

    ECF – unrequited love is always tough… sure he will be heart broken but at least he wont be able to say “that biatch left me when my whole world collapsed”… I have been dumped by an ex bf when (at the time) I thought my world was going to end… to this day i still dont respecting for leaving when things got tough … so i would never ever do that to another human being…

  556. V-baby says:

    Off topic ….but if Im dating a potential SD and he says that he doesn’t believe in giving someone money because “What do they need it for?” Does that mean that i’m waisting my time and sitter money or should I be more patient and just wait to make a deeper connection with that person????????

  557. Lily says:

    Flo – You’re right, he deserves a new name. I have been too much of a prima donna in my attitude towards him (in my mind and on this blog–I have always been a doll to him, live). SafetyNetGuySD will now be……. BaldHottieSD, since all the blog SBs I email with privately have seen his pic and agree that he’s majorly hot. I’ll try to keep a tone of more humility and gratefulness about him (and zazazoom) in my posts which mention him. I actually AM grateful for him in my life, for sure. And like him. There just has been frustrations and irritations regarding his neediness/immediate-infatuation that I have worked out with him now and is no longer an issue.

  558. sugarbarbie says:

    Yea for DC! :)

  559. ElegantSugar says:

    Flo – how can you possibly miss me when I am you and you are me? Ah, the infamous “went to an orgy, but didn’t participate” claim. Uh huh. Same here. I have written (though, not published) sonnets about such parties. Hilarity on a bun. Literally & figuratively, of course.

  560. Flo Rida says:

    Elegant – I have been to orgies and key parties – not participated though (i know people will say Borat – liar liar panties on fire). Btw I miss your chatter!

  561. ElegantSugar says:

    DC – I am so happy for you and your situation. Success stories are fabulous.

  562. cleo says:

    Flo Rida when i go to hip places in toronto during the film fest i always want to tie these women down and force feed them. i’m amazed they can WALK

  563. DC says:

    NYC, thank you babe! =)

  564. East Coast Filly says:

    NYC SB, thats sweet of you to wait for Broke BF to be in a better place to handle it. I think he’ll still be heartbroken but sweet of you to wait.

    Have fun on your date w NYC SD

  565. DC says:

    I’ll keep my opinions to myself.
    Mostly because I <3 my SD (who I guess I'll refer to as bfSD, since he's now the leading man in my love life and not just my sugar life).
    So the sugar world has been good to me and I think everyone should be happy in their own sugar circumstances. Hell, there are different forms of sugar out there – Raw Sugar Cane, artificial sweetner, Sugar cubes etc. We come in a variety.

  566. cleo says:

    interesting, i didn’t really think of it as a drama blow out, but i listen to my ex on this one and try to remember that if there are two ways to take something then assume that they meant it the good way.

    i like flo rida’s take on it and i think i have to agree with her. that said, i have successfully offended clients so badly that i never hear from them again and meanwhile i didn’t mean that at ALL.

  567. East Coast Filly says:

    Juggling as many SDs as you can is totally fine in my book as long as you care about them and they know your deal. Now, if you don’t truly care about the man (and NSA still can mean you care about someone) then you’re not really a SB, you’re bordering on….well, ya’ll know 😉 and thats fine too if thats what you want. I personally have had more than one SD at a time and they knew. I wasn’t seeing them that often so it made sense because neither could fulfill all my monetary needs. I PREFER to just see one man as the multiple partner thing scares the crap out of me.

    Sugarbabe: My perfect SD? haha…george clooney comes and wisks me away, takes care of all my needs and then says, “hey, your just too good to let go, lets go get married and have lots of beautiful babies” ….ahhhh, one can dream.

  568. NYC SB says:

    Hiya DC – love the pic!

  569. Flo Rida says:

    NYC SB – you obviously go to the same bars in NY as I do – especially the teen anorexic look at the Gansevoort on some nights.

  570. DC says:

    thank GOD I missed the last drama blow out.

  571. ElegantSugar says:

    I also support multiple arrangements. I have been in one where the SD had 3-4 SBs at a time and we all knew about one another. We all even attended parties together (not orgy-type, I mean dinner parties) and it was all open, honest and very healthy. A very unique situation though with a very unequaled and amazing man so maybe I have no right to speak at all. Anyway, guess the post above wasn’t all I had to say for today. Out again. maybe…

  572. NYC SB says:

    Elegant – I know… it is an honor to be promoted by you…

    On a more cheerful note… tomorrow is going to be an amazing date 😀 luv NYC SD!

  573. Flo Rida says:

    Lily – though I support multiple arrangements where there is honest and absent malice and your recent posts are much better – forgive me but the earlier posts were because that tone of caring hasn’t always come through earlier and the male ego is fragile (as is the female Id) – also the use of the word ‘safetynetSD’ isn’t the most affectionate. Not hating just commenting.

  574. ElegantSugar says:

    NYC SB – I know you’re good, girlfriend. I mean. Come on. I promote you on my blog. :)

  575. NYC SB says:

    Flo – you are right… I can end the relationship at any time as well… but i know how hard it is to find an SD who is true of his word… and the sugar has been sweet… so i have no reason to end it at this point… however there is always someone younger, hotter, better out there

    Elegant – I didnt think anyone was bad mouthing SD jugglers… but I figured I would chime in anyways 😛 Simply to point out that while it is not for everyone juggling SDs is not dishonest if neither SD requested exclusivity

  576. ElegantSugar says:

    I honestly don’t think anyone was, at any point, EVER bad-mouthing the option of “juggling SDs” at all. To each their own in that department. I think the tone in which some have chosen to deliver their multiple SD juggling was the over-all issue here and came across as being distasteful. That’s all I have to say for today. Out.

  577. cleo says:

    Flo Rida it strikes me as insane trying to date multiple blog sb’s. or even trying to pretend you haven’t dated them in the past. we all want honesty it seems but maybe everyone’s definition is different

    i know what you’re saying though, it’s hard to approve someone getting into an arrangement that’s clearly not going to benefit their self-esteem. if you all will understand that i am NOT calling us escorts i’ll comment that a madam i’m friends with won’t hire a girl unless she’s been thinking about it for at least three months. says that otherwise they aren’t ready.

    i think maybe folks should approach the sugar bowl with similar resolve

    THAT SAID, i’m with ca dreamin, if you see me drivin’ a train i’ll thank you later for the heads up!

    [edited to add, i see mr congo is actually not hitting on multiple blog friends but i’ll leave this as written anyway]
    CA Dreamin i have those nails too but i play with my cuticles and when i have a good mani they look better accordingly. that said, i gotta keep mine short or i stab people :)
    AM: that’s incredibly sweet what you said about your dream SD
    my dream sd?

    smart, funny, tall enough that i can wear heels/doesn’t care about my height, confident without being cocky, generous, enthusiastic and creative, fit or at least not more that a little bit overweight…

    glasses are good too but i don’t care much about his looks. bald spots are cute and as long as he takes care of himself he’ll look pretty good. and frankly, looks get you in the door but brains keep you there and i’ll take brains over beauty any way.

    more catching up…

  578. Flo Rida says:

    NYC SB – you can also end the arrangement at any point.

    Jade – men will always pay to be around attractive women but when SD’s income is cut 40percent he’ll invest and or save less (out goes the third yatch, maybe a smaller Lear, maybe 2 nannies instead of 3 etc) so men will trade down and reduce their check average (restaurant term) but will still spend.

  579. Lily says:

    NYC SB, thanks for your 2 cents. I thought it was worth at least a whole dollar, but then you know I’m playing on your multiple-SD team, so I am biased. They do have the upper hand, they can end the arrangement any time, for any reason, and that’s that. So can we, of course, but since our finances are entangled into the arrangement, and we plan into the future (maybe only a month at a time, but still…) based on the agreed-upon allowance, etc…. then we’re at least somewhat less likely to suddenly poof (from out of the blue) on them, and I’m sure that they realize that they have this advantage. Genuinely caring for your SDs is what makes this not transactional, heartless, meaningless, etc…. and I get where you are coming from, because I also care for mine a great deal and think of them as friends I intend on having in my life for a long time…

  580. NYC SB says:

    Hmmph looks like I missed the debate on juggling SDs…

    Here are my 2 cents … feel free to scroll down

    Yes I have 2 SDs and a BF… do I feel bad about it? No I dont… why? because neither SD has asked me to be exclusive… so I assume that they have other women in the picture as well… and if I did find out that they do have another SB or a GF or whatever I cant be mad… because we entered a NSA agreement… as long as I fulfill my part of the agreement and they fulfill theirs then we are all good… I truly enjoy my time with them but they have the upper hand here… because they can end the arrangement at any point… lets not be fooled … having 2 SDs is tough work… maybe this appears as dishonest and heartless but its really not because a) we are not exclusive and b) i like both of them a whole lot

    Ok I do feel bad about broke BF… but a break up is in the works there… he wanted to be exclusive… at the time it made sense but since the beginning of our relationship things have changed… he is in love with me and me not so much… so the right thing to do here is to stop leading him on … unfortunately due to events that did not bode well for broke bf it would be heartless to leave him while he is down… so i continue to play the gf role because I truly care about him as a person… and once things get better for him (couple of weeks tops) I will make my exit…

    rant over… please resume blogging

  581. East Coast Filly says:

    This may be the first time I ever answered the questions…

    How have you fared during the economic sag? How has it affected your sugar dating?
    I haven’t seen a difference in the past year as far as new people I’ve met being stingier or cutting back per se with one exception from an old friend. I heard one too many excuses from someone about how they should be making more money and work was unsettled, blah, blah, blah. If you say you want to spoil someone completely but can’t keep your promises, well then it just won’t work. Your job situation is not my problem, if you want to surround yourself with sugar do what you have to do but don’t whine about it to me if you can’t take care of me. What are some people looking for charity dates? If I wanted to date someone for nothing I would just walk out my front door…sorry that turned into a slight rant.

    How does sugar play into your long-term goals?
    I have to make it through my situation for probably another year at best then I can resume normal life. So hoping to keep things sweet until then.

  582. Jade says:

    Yes, you have to do whats called a fan sign and pose with a sign of the site URL in your picture or some girls write it on them with lipstick. LOL !

    They do not want you stealing the sugar daddies and making off site deals so they check for that and you get kicked off real quick if you get caught.

  583. LASB says:

    Then how do they know you aren’t some dude posing as a woman? Is there some sort of verification process?

  584. Jade says:

    I also know of this other site where you virtual sugar baby but you are not allowed to meet or make contact off site but you get $1.00 an email and guys send money gifts.

  585. Jade says:

    Do a google search Lily . Lots of them are around. I am not sure if I can post them here.

  586. East Coast Filly says:

    Hey Anna I waved back at you on the last blog….Didn’t know you moved over here :)-

    Ok scrolling back up to catch up

  587. Lily says:

    what club is this???

  588. Jade says:

    The men I meet are spending as if they have all the money in the world. I was paid 4,500 to go hang out and just watch tv and I think he paid the dating service another 3 k just to join the club. I guess it just depends on th sd . I am sure those in real estate are in trouble.

  589. LASB says:

    How have you fared during the economic sag?
    Personally, the recession has been a huge gift to me. As Mr Buffet says, more millionaires are made during recessions than any other time.

    How has it affected your sugar dating?
    I suspect it hasn’t, since most SDs are in the income bracket that hasn’t felt much pinch in LA. In fact, it probably helps them. Fine dining is cheaper, theatre tickets are cheaper, flights, more specials, etc. Actually, what really bothers me is that the recession affects a certain segment of the population so drastically. For instance, bus fares (yes, I ride the bus and love it! :)) are about to go up and routes will be cut where I live. That has a drastic effect on those who are in the lower wages and can’t afford cars/gas. That same group has those who feel the pinch a lot more, since many have lost their jobs, had their pay or hours cut, aren’t getting as many tips, etc. It doesn’t seem right. Yes, I could go on and on about the injustices, but I’ll spare you.

    How does sugar play into your long-term goals?
    I suppose it depends what happens if/when I get into an arrangement. But since I’ve yet to enter one, it’s hard to say. One of my pots has a lot of businesses in areas that I’m interested in exploring. If things work out with him, perhaps there will be something more long term in the business realm.

  590. Lily says:

    True. The one guy I’ve fallen in love with as an adult had tiny little hands, same size as mine. They were soft and sweet and clean. Sigh. I was so pleasantly surprised when the myth about hand size and other anatomical parts was not true, in fact quite the opposite. :) Ok, need to stop thinking about him, I’m only 3 months past getting completely *over* him anyways! dangerous thought patterns (when you are talkiing major heartbreak)…..

  591. Flo Rida says:

    TexaSD – you may do – who do you know? just kidding I would not reveal her identity.

  592. LASB says:

    Yes, big hands are hot! But then so is a well manicured man with soft, smaller, more delicate hands. I guess what I’m saying is that hotness comes in many forms.

  593. Lily says:

    Hi LASB!! I also really, really love glasses on a guy.

    and my description was of my Handsome potSD. to the T.

  594. sugarbarbie says:

    LASB – Some men really look sexy in glasses.
    Anna/Molly Awww :)

  595. LASB says:

    Hey Lils! Was chattin’ late night with another blogger, anticipating your return from slumber! <3

  596. sugarbarbie says:

    Lily I like that description too. I dated someone once that would lift me up like it was nothing I really did like it.

  597. Anna/Molly says:

    Sugarbarbie ~ I never had an idea as to what my dream SD would look like, but I do now 😉

  598. LASB says:

    Hi Sugars!

    Sugarbarbie – My dream SD doesn’t have a specific look per se, but he comes with a certain personality. Well ok, he would wear glasses and be in great shape, but that’s about it.

  599. Lily says:

    I do! I do!

    Very tall, great smile, wickedly mischevious/intelligent glint in their eyes….. a bit boyish, thick hair, broad shoulders, and big hands. In decent shape, well able to lift me up as if I’m nothing (hey, I’m not too heavy and every girl likes to feel delicate and feminine!)…. Playful, energetic, and easygoing.

  600. sugarbarbie says:

    Does anybody have an idea of what their dream SB or SD would look like?

  601. Anna/Molly says:

    TexaSD ~ I’m doing GRRRRRRREAT! LOL

  602. sugarbarbie says:

    TexaSD, doing well thank you :)

  603. Lily says:

    CA Dreamin — I am so jealous of your nails!! I can’t wait for this next month to go by so I can get off these gel nails and have the thin gel coating/french manicure done on my own natural length that I will have grown out by then, and then I can polish my nails at home myeslf when I want color, and remove it and have the french manicure underneath, all the while the thin gel coating keeps the french manicure white tips from chipping AND keeps my own nails from breaking. Seems like my nail world will be perfect at that point, and I won’t need to go every month, more like every 2 months or so. Whew!

  604. TexaSD says:

    Flo- OIc, ohh, do I know the blog SB?

    SugarBarbie- I am ok, how are you doing today?

  605. sugarbarbie says:

    Hi TexaSD, how are you today?

  606. Flo Rida says:

    TexaSD – Mr Congo is not on the blog but he reached out to a former blog SB and an SB who was never on the blog but is on SA and whom I know. Sorry for confusion.

  607. CA Dreamin SB says:

    Hi A/M! Okay – everyone can hate on me – but I’ve always had really strong, very long nails. I haven’t had a manicure in a year or more but the nails still look great :) Okay, I’m done bragging on me.

  608. TexaSD says:

    Anna- I am ok.. how are you doing?

    CA Dreamin- Lol, Ya i wasn’t even paying attention and I look out the window and its friggin snow lol..

  609. Anna/Molly says:

    CA Dreamin’ How in the world did I miss you! Hi Suga 😀

    I’m in a good mood today! I’m getting my hair and nails done 😀

  610. Anna/Molly says:

    I have never seen Congo either….LOL.

    How ya doin’ TexaSD?

    Hi VA SB!

    Cleo *Wave* 😀

    Did I miss anyone? Sorry if I did.

  611. CA Dreamin SB says:

    Flo – Absolutely! If you ever see me headed for a train wreck that I’m not aware of, speak up! (Understanding that I may actually be the one driving the train!) :)

  612. TexaSD says:

    Flo- I don’t think I have ever seen a Mr Congo on the blog lol…

  613. VA SB says:

    Just popping in to say hello to everyone…I’m glad there’s a new post.

    I don’t believe the economic downturn has hurt my sugar-search, but then again…maybe they’re just not saying anything to me. It’s funny – I do have out of town SD’s contact me, talk, and then say “you’re too far.” So, maybe that’s economic – maybe I put my foot in my mouth and they think I’m a dunce-head and that’s the easiest way to end the conversation :-).


  614. Flo Rida says:

    Cleo and CA – I completely agree that everyone needs to do what they are comfortable with BUT i’d add two provisos which is that sometimes others can see train wrecks before they happen and can advise (of course it’s up to you to decide whether to take advice or not) and also I don’t think I can approve (not that anyone needs my approval) an arrangement that is clearly harmful to one party (even if he she consents). BUT a lot of people will judge and they are allowed an opinion – we can disagree.

    Btw would you believe it does look like Mr. Congo is talking to two blog friends + another SB whom I don’t know – the story checks out – scary confluence of events. Let’s see where this one ends – hopefully with everyone getting along but…

  615. sugarbarbie says:

    Ya’ll keep the snow up there ok!

  616. cleo says:

    oh the snow here yesterday was amazingly beautiful!

  617. Lily says:

    Snowin here too……….. so pretty to look at.

  618. TT (AKA Tantalizing Taz) says:

    Dreamin – you like snow too! (you love wrapping presents too right?) anyhow- we should just switch lives lol..we have a lot of snow right now – and it is snowing YET AGAIN! Boooo!

  619. TT (AKA Tantalizing Taz) says:

    Dreamin and Cleo – well said ladies!

  620. CA Dreamin SB says:

    TexaSD- I’m SO JEALOUS!!!I miss snow :(

  621. CA Dreamin SB says:

    EXACTLY Cleo! Whatever you work out between the two of you – total honesty, don’t ask don’t tell – whatever – as long as you keep to that agreement – no one else has the right to pick, poke or comment on the ‘rightness’ of the situation.

  622. TexaSD says:

    Cleo- It is snowing here lol…

  623. cleo says:

    CA Dreamin that’s it right? as long as you’re being as honest as the two of you have agreed to be it’s really no one else’s shout.

  624. CA Dreamin SB says:

    WOW – just caught up. Good morning all. My two cents: WHEN I get an SD, I don’t care if he has another SB – just be honest about it. As long as we’re being good to each other when I’m with him, that’s what matters to me.

  625. cleo says:

    txsb the only thing i’m ‘big spender’ about is shoes… and then just enough for them to FIT and be comfortable, don’t need mr. choo… wouldn’t mind befriending him but only if someone else were paying

    yeah i don’t want my FRIEND to be my sd’s other sb but i don’t care if he has more than one…

    that said, i find it exceedingly impossible to be sexually intimate with multiple partners (not orgy, multiple boyfriends) so i imagine i’d be exclusive in the sugar bowl in spite of myself

  626. Anna/Molly says:

    Taz ~ I guess you could say triplets. Alluring Anna is nice and sweet, Naughty Molly is well, naughty.

    Anna Molly is what you get when you combine the two….sweet and nice with a Naughty sex kitten thrown in the mix.

    As the song goes “none of the others could ever compare” 😉

  627. Lily says:

    Cleo, thank you for sticking up for me and saying that you believe if I thought I was hurting someone, I’d stop.

    I did there for awhile think that SafetyNetGuy was getting WAY too attached and like Flo warned, could see things ending in tears, so I had a straight up dialogue with him about it and we agreed on some ground rules so that a NSA arrangement with one another would last, and be as uncomplicated as possible. We have communicated vastly with one another about exactly what the arrangement will be and means, and requires to be mutually beneficial in every way. He not ONCE asked that I focus my social life on him, and like I said, even told me that other men is cool with him. my other SD kind of digs the idea of me having multiple partners, being with whoever I want—it’s his submissiveness coming out. He loves the thought of me having superiority and having freedoms and liberties that for himself would be denied.

  628. TT (AKA Tantalizing Taz) says:

    TXSB – I am doing well ty :) Glad to see you here – your presence is missed!

  629. Lily says:

    nycsb#2, I think I met a total of 13 in order to find the 2 I have.

  630. nycsb #2 says:

    Hi TXSB!

    Wow, I’ve met about four to no avail! Sorry, you guys prob discussed this already… Thank you, these two seem more promising!

  631. Lily says:

    update on my blog about HandsomeSD

  632. cleo says:

    there i was, posting away on the old blog…

  633. Flo Rida says:

    nyc sb #2 – the answer to your question is just 1 and I don’t think I can do this again. Good luck in your search!

  634. TXSB says:

    NYCSB #2:
    Hi! Cold and crappy weather here in Texas too! I also find the “sugar sister” concept weird. I have no problem if my SD wanted to have a 2nd SB as long as I knew about her. But the idea of sharing my SD all the time with 1 of my friends or roommate is weird to me. I’m sure it works for others…but it’s not for me.

  635. TT (AKA Tantalizing Taz) says:

    A/M, Flo – isn’t it triplets?? Naughty Molly, Alluring Anna and Anna Molly?

  636. Anna/Molly says:

    LOL @ Flo….Maybe my screen name should look like this…(see above)

  637. nycsb #2 says:

    That whole sugar sister thing sounds interesting, but personally very weird to me!

    The economy has impacted everyone, me and my friends as well. The economy is always cycling so hopefully, things will pick up again after being down for awhile. Hang in there!!!

  638. Flo Rida says:

    SD has said he won’t have two SBs as he’s afraid he’ll pay twice as much and get half the service (if you know what I mean).

    Naughty Molly – Anna Molly – are you twins?

  639. nycsb #2 says:


    Cold, rainy, crappy weather in NY today… looks depressing!

    How have you fared during the economic sag? How has it affected your sugar dating?
    I’m pretty new to the whole sugar dating and haven’t really developed an arrangement with anyone to experience an economic sag… Going on sugar dates to meet with potSDs gets kind of exhausting and am quite lax about meeting them. SO, I finally decided to be more pro-active about it and met with two pots yesterday.

    One of the men, I’ve been putting off for weeks and when I finally met him, wow! He looked much better in person and was so genuine and sweet! The second person works in the same field of work that I want to be in so I was a bit mesmerized by his career and what he has accomplished. He’d be a great networking source!!! Both men were great: successful, experienced in sugar dating, smart, respectful thus far… Will be seeing them for a second round soon so hopefully it’ll go well.

    How does sugar play into your long-term goals?
    I don’t plan on being on SA forever and I have my long-term goals already figured out with or without an SD, this is just another chapter in my book. I’m young so I thought why not try something new and I like older men!

    I have a question for everyone, SDs and SBs alike:
    How many pots did you have to meet before you met the one you are/were in an arrangement/relationship with?

  640. Lily says:

    Oh now I just read the topic more closely and see what you guys are talking about in terms of a sugar sister relationship. That’s odd…. I can see the wisdom in that, but ultimately, I don’t think that would work.

  641. Lily says:

    TXSB, I agree. Jade, where did you get that idea?

    That being said, I shared the sugar in Germany two weeks ago, letting my girlfriend in on all the fine dining and spa treatments and shopping I engaged in while zazazoomSD was in meetings all day, all on his dime. He did meet her once, but just briefly to say hello.

    I do plan on sharing the sugar with my friends as much as possible, meaning, I will attempt to get sugar to fund fun and exciting things for me + the people I care about to do together. I have quite a few little plans for how to direct part of my sugar in the direction of those I care about in ways I know they’d appreciate. Those sugar plots are so much more fun than putting together my gift wish list for myself.

  642. TXSB says:

    Re: Sugar Sister Arrangements
    There has been plenty of blog posts about “team SBs”, where 2 friends or roomates create 1 profile and find SDs….so sharing the allowance in that situation makes sense since the SD has access to BOTH the SBs.

    But I haven’t heard of any situation where 1 SB find a SD, and just shares her allowance with a 2nd SB without the 2nd SB ever seeing the SD.

  643. Anna Molly says:

    Thanks for the approval Molly….sheesh! Hehehe 😉

  644. TXSB says:

    Hi! I’ve been lurking since this morning but wait waiting for the “right time” to post something. :) I’m doing good….how’ve you been?

    Flo Rida:
    Hi! BTW, enjoyed reading your SD/model story this morning! LOL @ me being a big spender. I dream about buying designer items, but at the end, my “practical” side always wins.

  645. Naughty Molly says:

    Naughty Molly says Flo can stay….LOL 😀

  646. Jade says:

    I have never heard of any sugar babies sharing the money they get from sd’d that is sure shocking to me, as it seems everyone pretty much secretly has a me first attitude.

  647. Flo Rida says:

    TXSB – yay! so good to hear read from you. I thought you were a big spender!

    Sugarbarbie – Anna Molly – am I allowed to stay if I promise to behave. Sie haben meine Verpfleichtung (spelling) mit freundlichen grussen.

    All – the great recession has impacted me and my friends, income is down say 40percent with some friends down 100percent. Times are tough.

  648. TT (AKA Tantalizing Taz) says:

    Hi TXSB – long time no see my friend :) How are you?

  649. Anna Molly says:

    Great idea Taz!! 😀

  650. TXSB says:

    How have you fared during the economic sag? How has it affected your sugar dating?

    Even though the economic sag has affected me, it could always be worse! I haven’t been “sugar dating” for long. I had a SD near the end of last year….started my search again in Jan. Still looking but part of it is my “fault” since I haven’t spent too much time searching due to being distracted with some other things in life. I do have a job so I don’t depend on sugar to pay my bills.

    How does sugar play into your long-term goals?

    I still have all my allowance saved from my previous SD in case of an emergency. If/when I find another SD, I plan on saving all my allowance even with him. I don’t want to sugar date forever. Once I’m in a committed relationship with a serious BF, I will stop sugar dating.

  651. TT (AKA Tantalizing Taz) says:

    AM – Let’s smudge this blog with sugar dust 😉

  652. sugarbarbie says:

    I just got a message from someone but can’t read it because my profile is pending approval :( sucks much

  653. sugarbarbie says:

    :) Just in the nic of time

  654. Anna Molly says:

    Whew! New blog 😀

  655. sugarbarbie says:

    I am still dipping my toes in the sugar bowl. But I recently had an opportunity snatched from me and blamed on the economic recession…

  656. sugarbarbie says: