9 years ago

9 years ago

Many Sugar Daddies and Sugar Babies have said that sugar dating can be a much welcome escape from ‘real life’.

As stated by SA founder and CEO Brandon Wade, the bowl is “all about fun”…

“Sugarworld is still a fantasy for me” – sugarbarbie

When are you happiest as a sugar?

How do you feel when asked to send more pics to a potential sugar ? Turned off?

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  1. buxombeautylv says:

    When are you happiest as a sugar?

    When I don’t have to worry about whether my allowance will show up. I know that may sound greedy, but the reality is, if I’m not able to trust SD to take care of me, I can’t be totally comfortable. I like for the relationship to be easy for both of us. I’m happiest with a man who does his part without question, who teaches me something, and with whom I can laugh easily. The rest happens around those things.

    How do you feel when asked to send more pics to a potential sugar ? Turned off?

    Very turned off. I have included profile photos that show my face very clearly and enough of my body to get a very good idea what I look like. I find most who ask for more photos are either playing games or collecting photos for some other use. Please, save it for when we meet. My posted photos show quite enough :-)

  2. Helenskia says:

    I don’t mind being asked for more pix,,but if you’ve seen about 6pix and still wanna see more, the creep alert just goes off and i block the potential creep before i get even more creeped out.

    Am happiest when the man doesn’t wait for me to list my needs. When he’s sensible enough to just spoil me without being asked or reminded and when he just keeps things real.

  3. Lisa on the good side of the freeway says:

    Good afternoon everyone

    Wow just stopped by old apartment after work to pick up plants. Got a surprise, lock changed. Went to office turns out they had to break window to get in my apartment because the plumbing exploded in the bathroom wall. Got new key to lock as I have the apartment till the end of march, still got to go clean

    Yikes if I had have been there, my clothes would have been ruined, yuck, huge hole in closet wall (bathroom shares wall with closet

    Seeing sd tommorow for lunch. Off to mall now

  4. cleo says:

    FL-SD I don’t have the FINANCIAL resources for such a thing but i have the knowledge, skills and experience… we should talk off blog maybe?

  5. FL-SD says:

    TT – Thesecond weekend of May works.nnn and I so love Toronto !

  6. Alluring Anna says:

    New Blog, New Blog!

  7. NC Gent says:

    Hi Taz — I am not planning on coming to Toronto around that time. I likely will be coming to GTO some time this half of the year, but I don’t know the exact dates yet. I wish I could be there. Sorry and thanks for asking.

  8. TT (AKA Tantalizing Taz) says:

    Hello everyone :)

    NCGent – are you coming to Toronto??

    FL-SD – when would you be able to grace Canada with your presence since the 1st does not work? We Canadians are willing to compromise 😀

    SDN – where are you hiding?????

    NYGent – are you taking a trip across the border?

    OK – trying to help Cleo out with the Toronto meet here lol 😛

  9. NC Gent says:

    I never talked about the ending until that time arrived. Some prefer to do it, but I don’t really like to talk about the end, especially when I am so excited about the beginning.

  10. FL-SD says:

    midwest – the blog has been a great source of advice and sense of shared experience, for me. I read for quite a while before deciding to come out of hiding and post… I think the blog has helped keep me centered and enjoying the sugar… It has also made me much more aware of the issues the SBs on the site deal with from pots…

  11. FL-SD says:

    NC Gent – Thanks. I think that if that time comes, I’d want to make the transition as easy as practical. I guess it should have been a part of the initial conversation…

  12. midwest says:

    FL SD – the blog was very helpful to us from the start. We knew how we preferred to have things come to a close, so there were no hurt feelings or misunderstandings. Its no wonder we’re addicted!!

    Hopefully she has the realistic outlook that most arrangements are not meant to last for long periods.

  13. NC Gent says:

    Hi FL-SD – one of my very long term relationships ended without any payment. She did contact me a few months later for help with an emergency car repair, and I gladly helped her — we still talk occasionally.

    I had a shorter term arrangement end last year, and I gave her half an allowance when it ended. It made it things end amicably, and I think she really appreciated it.

    As always, the best thing to do is talk about it.

  14. FL-SD says:

    Flo, Midwest – thanks for the input.
    midwest, I saw the post on the blog regarding your transition and was saddened by it. t actually is part of the reason I started thinking about the topic… I have focused on the beginning far more than the potential end, and yet, with rare exceptions these arrangements generally do end. With less experience than most here, I’m grateful for the input.

  15. midwest says:

    BTW – we are still close friends 😉

  16. midwest says:

    FL SD – I just went through such an experience. He had given me some awareness that our arrangement could be affected by outside factors, so I was not completly surprised. We dissolved the agreement about a month later. It was not necessary in my situation to require an extended allowance, but some SDs have offered to pay another month or so to allow the SB to resume her search without a financial impact.

  17. Beach_Girl says:

    Midwest~ Hi 😀 Yes, I made it home safe, I should of taken today off though lol… A little tired! I think I’m still on LA time!

    Cleo~ I will mail you about the date, should be good though!

  18. Flo Rida says:

    FL-SD – some women just deal with it and move on, some try and ‘guilt’ SD in transition payments or continuing the arrangement. This can also be discussed prior to the ending of the arrangement and smooths relationships (trust me it’s not good to end on bad terms as women can be bitter and vengeful – as can men). At the end of the day if the arrangement has gone on for a while there may be less need for on-going support but more of an emotional attachment – opposite is true on shorter term arrangements. Good luck

    My PC is being a pain. Feeling better. Hi all!

  19. midwest says:

    FL SD – my heart is in the Sailfish Capital…I miss it often!

    Beach- Hellonkitten! Hope to see you soon! I’m glad you’re home safely.

    Anna- good plan

  20. FL-SD says:

    wish I could…. I’m scheduled for a business trip

  21. cleo says:

    No word from the sd’s (other than one) about toronto dates. come on guys!

    may 1st?

  22. FL-SD says:

    cleo: That’s an uncanny coincidence ! I’ve been talking about and playing with financial models for just such an animal. An emphasis on massage, yoga, healthy lifetyle consulting…..

  23. FL-SD says:

    A question for those with more experience than I:
    At the end of an arrangement, is there an accepted way to bring an arrangement to an amicable end ? It seems that because there’s a financial component and the other party may be reliant to some degree, that the kindest thing would be to provide a heads-up or continue the allowance for a time to provide time for transition…. How does it work best ? or is every situation so very different?

  24. Beach_Girl says:

    Hey everyone!
    Back in cold, cold Canada!

    Cleo~ what is the mail for the Toronto meet?

    FLSD~ Hi and Welcome

    Sincere~ Nice to see you 😀

    Midwest~ Meow, how are you girl?

    And Hi to everyone I missed!

  25. cleo says:

    FL-SD: i want to open a conference centre/pilates-yoga retreat on the northeast coast of costa rica. want to invest and come with?

  26. FL-SD says:

    cleo… well its better, the further south, so Ft Myers is in the 60s and nice enough, but it has been much below average since the first of the year… if it doesn’t improve soon, I’m going to move to Csta Rica !

  27. cleo says:

    FL-SD that saddens me as my parents are there and i’d like them to be having a nice time there

  28. FL-SD says:

    Hi all, sorry I stepped away there for a minute..
    Midwest: looks like we sent sunshine north and got cold weather in the trade…. 37 degrees this am. brrr !

  29. cleo says:

    midwest i keep getting the same email from some guy in new york. one line, bad grammar, text speak and an assumption that i will jump with glee

  30. Alluring Anna says:

    Midwest – Compliment them then block them. :)

  31. midwest says:

    Hmmm, so if the same three men continue to send me the same canned messages multiple times, should I compliment them on their consistency or suggest they take at least some notice of who they are contacting? ;-). I know from prior convos that it is not a good match. I could block them…just didn’t want to be rude.

  32. Alluring Anna says:

    Hi NC and Sincere! Good to see you both! 😀

  33. midwest says:

    Glad to see you Sincere and NC Gent!

  34. SincereSD says:

    Good morning everyone. Just catching up on the blog.

    Lisa, congrads on finding your new SD and making the move into a new place. It’s great to see positive changes in your outlook and great to hear about sugar success stories!

  35. NC Gent says:

    Hi all — haven’t been posting too much, but I miss my sugar friends. I have been super busy, but I am still finding a little time for some sugar in my life. I hope all is well with everyone :)

    Hi Anna, Midwest, Yaz, TLG, et al.

  36. midwest says:

    FL SD – Thanks for sending the sunshine our way!

    ESB – Isn’t it funny how you can almost miss the opportunities that life presents? Congrats on the interviews and the potential board. I LOVE serving on an education foubdation board.I hope it will be rewarding and purposeful.

  37. Alluring Anna says:

    Morning Yaz, FL SD, ESB and anyone else I might have missed 😀

  38. Yaz says:

    By the way,

    Gooooooood Morniiiiiiiiing TLG and sugar Fam :-)

  39. Yaz says:

    Haiti, Chile, now Taiwan….I’m getting really scared with all those earthquakes happening now…..

  40. FL-SD says:

    Good morning all. Just working and lurking…

  41. ESB says:

    Good Morning Everyone!! Not sure who all is here. GOOD NEWS!! THE SUN IS OUT TODAY!! Not a cloud in the sky. I wish I didn’t take my shower already, I’d go out for a run.

    Well, again, all my pots POOFED! WTH?? “Can’t wait to talk to you agaim” then nothing for 3 days. I’m about to give up. Everything happens for a reason, so I’m thinking the right one just hasn’t shown up yet.

    Room mate has been trying to get me to have drinks at this resteraunt for months, since I moved in, so I finally went last night. The owner, who knows EVERYONE has taken it upon himself to find me a new job. He has all kinds of idea’s. We are meeting at a senior center today for a meeting, so I can network and “work my charm” as he put it. He also said there is a seat opening up on the local woman’s shelter board. He thinks I’d be perfect for it. All I’d need is his nomination, and I’m in . Will be good exposure for me in so many ways. Im not wondering why I didn’t go before to meet this guy. (because I am actually very shy in person, and not found of meeting groups of people at a time) I had a great time though.

    So, I have 2 interviews for next week, hopefully more options by the end of today, and maybe the reason for no SD is I am not meant to have one, but a great job instead to get myself out of this hole I am in. It is my dream to make it on my own, and to be able to provide BG and TT (my son) with all the extra’s they desire. Keeping my fingers crossed.

    Honestly, I’d rather have an awesome BF/SD than just a SD anyway, so maybe it’s a good thing it hasn’t happened yet…

    Well, off to get dressed and get some work done.

    BTW Lisa I am so happy for you I can’t stand it. Your posts show a whole new attitude, and I’m hoping with this new life, maybe you can also find a job that isn’t so dead end. One where you make the money you desire!! I’m cheering for you sweety!!

  42. Lily says:

    I made a new friend yesterday. a kick ass norweigan with waist length hair. We made Friday night plans to go out dancing. Saturday is still empty, but Sunday afternoon I have plans with a girlfriend, and in the evening, an Egyptian pal and I will go to the gym.

    Gasp. I haven’t worked out in 18months. Monday will suck…. Tuesday I doubt I’ll be able to walk.

    I named the kitties, indeed. They have feline-y names! They are so cuddly and playful…sigh….

  43. Alluring Anna says:

    Good Morning everyone 😀

  44. Midwest says:

    Good morning!

    TLG – No “WHO” except me…perhaps its a good weekend for a little self-indulgence:)
    Reading, relaxing, schedule a massage…yes, this sounds just wonderful.

  45. The Lone Gunman says:

    It’s Thundering Thursday!

    Gooooood Mooorning Sugar World!!!!

    Thursday–or Thor’s day, if you will–has arrived, crashing into the start of the weekend.

    Is your weekend just a list of what To-Do

    –or WHO to Do? 😉


  46. Lily says:

    I got the greatest package delivered today from a sugar sister!! I’m in macadamia nut & jolly rancher/sweet tart heaven.

  47. cleo says:

    er i mean nothing good to say about my dating life… still have piles of male friends that i love :)

  48. Lily says:

    It’s a very cute coat. I guess he’s just busy. I dunno.

    Did I mention my gorgeous kittens?!!! Cleo, I’ll introduce you on webcam sometime.

  49. cleo says:

    lily tell red coat man to send you your coat as a sign of good faith.. that way when he poofs you at least have your coat.

    as for men… i have nothing good to say so i’ll say nothing at all

  50. Lily says:

    VS-i’m in Europe, so I was asleep after my scandalous no-chocolate post-and-run. Sorry! Wrote u q quickie email before I went to sleep. & to everyone else–sorry I’ve been MIA! New kitties, BaldHottie came over with wine & cheese and I was hanging with him & the kitties…. And then before that I was 36 hours at the spa with HandsomeSD, the irl pot who ii’ve had no luck getting into an arrangement with. But he is my own personal mr. Big. Boyish, charming, witty, irreverent, tall, sexy, rich, and handsome. I could fall for him and it would be so stupid to do. He’s going to be single very soon, apparently. Whatever.

    The man with the red coat emailed about wanting me to come and let him make his wrongdoings up to me, then we discussed dates, and then he vanished.


    Zazazoom has been on ski holiday with his kids. Haven’t heard from him in a week or seen him in 3. I feel disconnected.

    Oh well. I’m kind of sick of thinking about men and just love my new furry little boys SO much!!!!!

  51. cleo says:

    midwest i think that if you’re doing recent logins it keeps refreshing so you get half of the original page one on page two. i fix this by continuously refreshing page one

  52. Midwest says:

    Hopefully, I have tweaked my profile for the last time for a while. I have to say that searches in my tri-state area are pulling up limited options. Let’s see if I can pull off the WOW factor :-)

    Can someone tell me why when looking through the search results, the pages seem to be duplicated?

  53. Naughty Molly says:

    Midwest ~ That sounds like a good plan my dear 😀

    Hi Lisa! Nice to see you 😀

    I received my new BB today….I LOVE IT!! I upgraded to the new BB Tour so I’m trying to switch over all of my contacts from my old phone. I’m giving it to a friend of mine so I have to make sure ALL of my info is gone and erased….LOL.

  54. Lisa on the good side of the freeway says:

    Actually it’s very peaceful here. I don’t need to run my fan at night any more to drown out the parking lot noise. My bedroom window overlooks a bayou (that’s a Houston manmade stream. There are houses on the other side and it’s very quiet. Dogwalking seems to be the preferred activity here instead of working on cars and drinking beer.

    Got everything unpacked and put away. I need to get a computer desk and a maybe another table or shelf.

  55. Midwest says:

    Hi Anna! I see your evil twin has found other ways to entertain herself. Let’s agree to go see the movie this weekend and we will compare notes. How is your sugar world?

  56. Virgin Sugar says:

    Lily dissapeared :(

  57. Midwest says:

    Virgin – No :) Send Cleo an e-mail so she can keep you up to date. The address is above.

    Lisa – Are you settled? Having a hard time sleeping without all the hook-ups going on by the dumpster?

  58. Virgin Sugar says:

    Hey Molly!

    Midwest- This Saturday?

    Done flat ironing hair. Very pretty. Can’t wait to take new pics!

  59. Lisa on the good side of the freeway says:

    Good evening everyone

  60. Naughty Molly says:

    Hi VS, ESB and Megs 😀

  61. Naughty Molly says:

    Hey Midwest! I can’t wait to see Clash of the Titans…it looks so good! I liked watching Clash of the Gods on the History Channel I think it was. I don’t know if it comes on anymore or not…haven’t seen it in a while.

  62. Midwest says:

    Evening sugars!

    Virgin – I do plan on going for Sat night for sure. I haven’t decided if I want to go Friday night. We still have to see what gets chosen for the final date. Yes, you can drive up and we can ride together.

    OK…here’s the geek in me…I used to *loved* Clash of the Titans in it’s cheesy, 30 y.o. version with Harry Hamlin and Laurence Olivier. I am uber-excited about the new one!

  63. Virgin Sugar says:

    Hey all, dissappeared for couple days, this blog is more addictive than crack! lol not that I’d really know!
    Ok, about pics, I don’t mind sending a couple more, normal pics, jus to prove I’m the same as my profile pic. & I didn’t have a full body shot on profile, I do now, so no more sending those. But beyond that, I think sending sending a bunch of flirty/sexy pics is the kind of thing I’d do on a regular basis with my SD once we’re actually in an arrangement, not something I should feel I need to do to turn a pot into a SD.
    Lily- Yay! You got your kitties! DId you get my email about my pot profile changes? I already worked on it some, thanks to *Midwest!*
    I’ll send you the updated. I wanna get a few different opinions & really work on it before I post it.
    I think there was something else I wanted to comment on but can’t remember,
    Oh, the Toronto meet, when is it? Midwest, if you’re going, I would possibly wanna ride with. I know we’re in the same state. How many days would we be there? Email me info.
    Ok, I gotta get back to flat ironing my hair, it’s very long & takes an hour. Was taking a break to catch up on the blog. :)

  64. ESB says:

    cleo: I have read so much the last few days, master cleanse, listening to Blink, you all have me VERY busy… and looking for a job besides… I need to take a breather!! I agree though. From what I read, your liver and kidney do a lot of cleansing for your body, there is no reall need to “cleanse” it with lemon juice. I think I’ll stay with healthy eating. Lily has the right idea. A good balanced diet is the BEST diet. I also agree with JetSet. I need a cheat day once a week, to get my chocolate fix…

    Lily: Seriously, no chocolate? EVER?? and you are still alive? That is a staple in my house. Best cure for the blues ever invented.

    OK, room mate just text me. Free drinks at the bar… I’m beyond tempted. Catch ya all later!!

  65. Megs says:

    Finally back to the blog. Been traveling all day with work.
    After emailing Lily – I realized I have a few dates lined up when I get back! It’s going to be an eventful week I think. Too bad I don’t have a ton of time since it is the end of my season with my sports teams – and that means LOTS of work and catch up when I get home. Might have to push the dates to the week after.
    I am crossing my fingers, knees, ankles, toes…. HOPING one of them will become a real arrangement. There are alot of promising ones… so we will see :)

  66. Naughty Molly says:

    Hi Lily! Did you decide on names for your kitties?

  67. Lily says:

    Anyone here just pro food?

    I love healthy fats more than anything. Foods rich in antioxidants, as garnish to my high fat/protein diet. No red meat, ever. Legumes are my friend. Tons of veggies/salad. Foods that were easily available 200 years ago. Never fast food, never chocolate, never cake/cookies, once in awhile some sugar candy.
    White starch/sugars are a food you stop missing after awhile. Juice I dilute with 10 x as much water, and stay very hydrated.
    Garlic is my favorite snack, with cheese.

    That’s why I’m a stick and have so much energy. no cleanses, on purpose, but sometimes life distracts you from eating nearly anything for a few days….

  68. cleo says:

    i actually don’t recommend the cleanse unless you really think you have a lot of toxins built up. but still i think doing the master’s cleanse screwed up my digestion something fierce.

    that said, please people do your research, get on the google and read. read the naysayers and the enthusiasts and listen to the cautions. try to find authority.

  69. JetSet says:

    Hey Everyone!

    Just finished a great workout! So thought i’d pop in and say hi. Seems like i always miss so much when i’m gone for a couple weeks.. Or months! haha

    Sugarbarbie- Anytime a guy has EVER replaced the word come with cum, it’s an auto-delete from me. You can take it however you want it but if you can’t spell or are going to make inappropriate gestures from the get go, i’m not wasting my time. And i can’t stand text talk. Luv, lol, rofl. Just spell the dang word!!!

    As for the lemonade cleanse. i”ve heard great things about it. It’s not recommended for weight loss rather than a body detox. Sure at the end of it you lose about 5 lbs(10 total but regain 5lb back in water weight) But its really good for clearing all the toxins out of your body and good for jump starting a proper diet and exercise regimen. I haven’t tried it myself but have a few girlfriends that seemed to like it. I have a rule with all diets that i have to at least have one cheat day a week so a 14 day cleanse wouldn’t work for me!

  70. Lily says:

    Lurking….basking in Bengal heaven….

  71. ESB says:

    Thank you! Yes it has, and I think we all feel the same way. The sun is much needed here!!

  72. NYC SB says:

    Im going to bring it back and send some your way… its been a rough week… i desperately need this

  73. ESB says:

    NYC SB: Sure, sweety, rub it in. I’d give my left little toe for a day in the hot sun. Hope you have a great time! Bring the sun back with you!!

  74. NYC SB says:

    Hi Sugars…

    Glad to see the drama to a minimum 😀

    I am off to a sunny warm vacation tomorrow courtesty of NYC SD… much needed rest from work and life… I have a copy of Snowball (Warren Buffet bio) that I plan on reading while sipping on margaritas pool side … stay sweet and warm!

  75. ESB says:

    Afternoon sugarbarbie, NM, TLG, cleo, Kouike, and who ever else is on.
    I’m at the library. My job search continues in earnest. I did get a few responses already from what I sent out this morning. Yes, things are loooking up.
    Sugarbarbie: Got with your instincts here. Some of these guys are just pigs. They see this as an easy way to get “hooked up” and that is all they are after. NO intentions of giving sugar in return. Be leary at all times.
    Kouike: I have not received anything from a man asking for BJs for 1K. Thank goodness. I get all the OTHER weirdos on here!! IF someone sends you an email and you are not attracted to them, well, I always send them a polite letter saying thank you for the nice note, I’m flattered, but you are just not what I am looking for. Or something to that effect.

  76. kITTY says:

    Kouike: wrt oral SD: I would respond to him with a definition of SD/SB and move on.

  77. ESB says:

    Afternoon Sugarbarie,

  78. sugarbarbie says:

    Thanks, I will go with my instincts..another one bites the dust!

  79. Naughty Molly says:

    Good afternoon everyone! 😀

  80. The Lone Gunman says:


    Go with your instincts here. There’s no need for someone to play word games with spelling and meanings. Next them, IMO.


  81. sugarbarbie says:

    Hey you all! Been away for a little bit. And yes the Sugarworld is still a fantasy. lol I came to ask a question but for once actually can make a comment on half of the blog topic!
    I haven’t gotten an official sugar arrangement yet…so I have yet to experience any happiness.

    I must say I hate when I am asked for more pics especially now that a current full length photo on my profile. Also I can care less about a ton of photos of him since when he emails me I have to download it to my computer in order to view it. 3 pics is fine I don’t need 20 that were taken the same day lol.

    I have a question. We learned the hidden meaning behind ac/dc dd the oter day….this is going to sound naive but am i safe to assume that when a guy replaces the word come with the word cum that they are making a not so legal proposition on the DL? This has happened twice. The first time I called the guy on it and it replied like it was an accident…yeah right. Is that a way to figure out if I’m an escort or something? I haven’t replied to the second guy yet.

  82. cleo says:

    TLG a bunch of folks were threatening to meet up in texas, austin was winning, sometime in march

    but most of them are awol now…

  83. The Lone Gunman says:

    whatever happened to that texas meet?

    Beats the heck out of me. I was not in on that series of messages.


  84. cleo says:

    whatever happened to that texas meet?

  85. The Lone Gunman says:

    I’m in Texas. Sumthin I can do for y’all? :)


  86. Kouike says:

    And does every SB get the email from the guy looking for oral for about 1k a month? seriously I don’t even want to respond to that. I think he just needs a prostitute.

  87. Kouike says:

    Hello, are any of the Texas Daddies or SB online now? I never seem to catch them. How is everyone? I wanted to know, I have got emails, I haven’t answered any yet, I know we all talked about responding, what if I am not that interested in some of these gentlemen?

  88. midwest says:

    Working and lurking!! Hi all.

    Did I hear I may get to meet the famous Gail and Sincere in T??? I’m so excited!!

    Photo- have a great trip!!!

    James.m. Welcome back, you have been missed!

    Have to click the “boss” button now;)

  89. ESB says:

    I want to go to FL, just to get out of the cold. My fingers are cold!! I think this horrible weather has so much to do with my sour moods lately. It is always overcast, cold, windy and just icky out. I so need a change.

    Molly is indeed a witty person. I can just see her taking care of TLG. Makes me feel even more sorry for him! BTW, I am glad to hear you are not totally helpless. If you can cook for yourself, you are not in as bad of shape as I thought.

    OK, back to do more damage in the sales world… TTFN

  90. Naughty Molly says:

    Welcome LadyGodiva and thank you 😀

  91. Kitty says:

    Look forward to your posts LadyGodiva :)

    NM Tell me about it… the good thing is, I have saved enough airmiles for a nice trip coming up REALLY soon :)

  92. cleo says:

    Flo: tragedy – i got the joke before you explained it…

    now i want to make face versus bush jokes (cords of course)

  93. LadyGodiva says:

    I agree with Kitty about FL. Lots of great guys here, great weather, nice way to escape the snowstorm doldrums. Unfortunately for me, I’m located on the opposite side of where the daddies play in this state, haha! This site I’m hoping would be a great way to connect with someone and start an adventure. I’ll be posting more on the blog. I love Molly’s posts. She’s so witty. :)

  94. Flo Rida says:

    James.m – Work! Bah humbug!
    ok back to bed, sleeping a tonne (short not long or metric – sorry coal joke).

  95. Naughty Molly says:

    Kitty that stinks!

  96. Naughty Molly says:

    Yaz!! We have to get together!! Email me!!

  97. Kitty says:

    Yazzy! u always come in and out so quick. I didn’t know you were trying to go to Miami. I’m going just for work. It’s No.Fun.At.All. I don’t even get to experience the night life. :( I spent last night glued to my laptop logging inventory and calculating margins. BLAHS

  98. Yaz says:


    Its nice to get up in the morning and read your ” Good Morniiiiiiiiiing” posts lol :-)

    Ok, I am out…..

  99. Yaz says:

    Hi everyone!

    Kitty, lucky you!! *green with envy*

    Im sure you’ve seen my Facebook updates lol I am desperately trying to go to Miami with my friends for Spring break….Im trying to save up enough money to go but most importantly i’m trying to find a good excuse to tell my new boss so I can get away from work for a bit. Life is so dull and boring when all you do is just work and work… :-(

    Off to work, I go….

  100. Kitty says:

    i choose hotels that advertise complimentary breakfast. def need to research more next time.

  101. Kitty says:

    Lots of Gorgeous cars and gorgeous men here in Miami. With the sun shinning it’s Sugar heaven.

  102. The Lone Gunman says:

    Complimentary breakfast in hotels is pretty much a hit-and-miss proposition these days.

    I stayed in some places where the food was great–others, not so much.

    Only thing that I can think of other than just rolling the dice on the subject is try to find some user reviews of the hotel before going there–and/or making note of where breakfast is served nearby just in case.


  103. Naughty Molly says:

    Kitty ~ I know exactly what you’re talking about. I went to Maine for a night this past weekend and the breakfast was awful! Yuck!

  104. Kitty says:

    Sugars out there, I am sure most of you travel a lot… But is it just me, or has most hotels, even large chains like Radisson has become really chinzy with their complimentary breakfast. I got a stupid stale old bagel or hard muffin to choose from for breakfast with a shot-glass size juice. This is ridiculous! That is not breakfast! I miss the good-old days with the full hot breakfast and SERVICE… Ok.. done my rant… time to get down to business

  105. Naughty Molly says:

    TLG Says: The therapy might be more dangerous than the disease!!!

    LOL….it would be if I was taking care of you 😉

  106. Naughty Molly says:

    ESB ~ I do have a SD, but he is more likely to lock me in the dungeon…hehehe. Now, where did I put those fuzzy handcuffs?

    SD, if you’re lurking around out there….your baby girl could use a good spanking 😉

  107. The Lone Gunman says:

    TLG ~ Who is taking care of you while you’re healing?

    I have a visiting health care service that comes round on a regular schedule. The rest of the time I take care of the mundane stuff like cooking and eating–I am, after all, not totally helpless.

    As to nurse applications; oh brother! The therapy might be more dangerous than the disease!!!


  108. ESB says:

    I’m of to work, hope you all have a lovely day, and have loads of fun. TTYL!! Sugar HUGS!!

  109. Kitty says:

    Haven’t been on the blog for awhile and now I am hooked! Just woke up and the first thing I reach for is my bberry to check the blog.

    SSSD: Don’t think I can make it :( It’ll be too much of a rush for flights and scheduling. I hope you have a great time meeting all the amazing sugars… :)

    Gail: Glad to see you are still as energetic as ever. I miss you so incredibly much. Do you think you can make it to the Toronto meet? You can meet Sincere who contributed to the lovely Brunch in Vegas. He’s a real gent. BTW do you have any messenger service?

  110. ESB says:

    Good Morning Sugarland!!

    Alarm didn’t go off this morning, so BG is an AWFUL mess and in a horrible mood. Got her to school and feel sorry for her teachers.

    I opened my email this morning. The guy seems like a VERY nice person. I sent out maybe 20 emails on Sat/Sun, he is one to respond. I had 4 responses. Not to bad. One was a total creeper, ya just don’t know by their pics and the profiles don’t give much away sometimes. I have 3 I’m emailing now… just waiting for one to give the go ahead to meet.

    TLG: What a nice way to spend the day… sitting and participating on the blog. How many applications for a nurse do you have? Lol

    NM: Don’t you have an SD now? You keeping him in the dungeon? Hmm… can only imagine the lessons you are giving him…  I got this thing on Facebook about how high your fine is. The more things on the list you did, the higher your fine. Things like sex in a public place, driving drunk, other weird stuff… my score was pretty high. I probably have committed several of those deadly sins myself… not bragging, just saying…

    Sorry about the long post… yeesh..

  111. Naughty Molly says:

    Photo ~ I have no one in the dungeon with me….sigh. I hope you have a nice trip! Is it sugar related?

    TLG ~ Who is taking care of you while you’re healing?

  112. photogirl says:

    Hi NM… got somebody in the dungeon with you?
    I am doing good, thanks! Have a lot to do today before I head out of town for the weekend.

  113. The Lone Gunman says:


    Luck of the draw whether anyone is on line or not when you log in.

    I know that I am in-and-out here quite a bit lately and see this when it happens.


  114. Naughty Molly says:

    Do I smell or something? Seems like I’ve been running everybody off lately.

    I’ll just go and lock myself in the dungeon now….*sniff*

  115. Naughty Molly says:

    Hi Photo! How are you!

    Hi Jade 😀

  116. The Lone Gunman says:

    How about you TLG? What are your plans?

    Most everything I do right now involves marathon sitting (for obvious reasons).

    I am in the process of relocating an elderly relative into a care facility, which requires a bit of time and effort. There’s video and stills I have yet to edit awaiting me. More insurance papers and declarations to file.

    Therapy–nice, uncomfortable therapy. Fortunately I have bullets to bite.

    There’s also a certain amount of SB pining I have to do under the don’t ask-don’t tell program. 😉

    As for Sugar plans–someone recently asked me if I was getting any on the side. It’s been so long now, I didn’t know they had moved it.


  117. photogirl says:

    Good morning everyone!

    Jade – I think TLG may have a stack of nursing applications to sort through 😉

    James.m – Nice to see you back around

  118. Jade says:

    How about you TLG? What are your plans?

  119. Naughty Molly says:

    Hi TLG!

    No sugar plans for me this week :(

  120. The Lone Gunman says:

    It’s Wild Wednesday!!!

    Gooood Moooorniiiing Sugars!!

    It’s the middle of the week, sliding inevitably towards…the weekend.

    Do you have any Sugar Plans to celebrate the Midweek?

    Have you started any Sugar Plans for later this week?


  121. SSSD says:

    And, for the record, the NYC dinner is also tentative. So don’t make permanent plans until I can nail down availability and a guest list (which people are supposed to be emailing me…)

  122. cleo says:

    hey for the record the toronto meet date is still tentative, please email requests if you have them. got some emails, too tired to answer them, get em tomorrow i swear!

  123. Gail says:

    Yaz, Kitty, SSSD!!!!!! I miss all of you…..!!!! I see a NYC meet in the works….March 7th….I need to get away from real life….I am going to check for flights….in 5 days….I am going to try to find a flight….Karaoke…dinner with one of the bestest SDaddy in the world. I wanna be where you are oooooh….lol

    Lisa…..there is no place like home : ) don’t foget to get Percy a new cage : )

  124. Naughty Molly says:

    Try not to work too hard James. You should come out of lurk mode more often, we miss seeing you here :)

  125. Naughty Molly says:

    James.M ~ When you remember what Freud said let me know. 😉

    Night all! You can all come out now 😀

  126. James.M says:

    I’ve been around, just not posting. Working too hard, probably. I just drop in occassionally to see what trouble you all are getting into. No more than usual, it seems.

  127. Naughty Molly says:

    James.M ~ Are we alone?

  128. Naughty Molly says:

    James.M ~ Where have you been hiding lately?

  129. James.M says:

    NM – just sounded a little Freudian to me, that’s all.

  130. Naughty Molly says:

    Hi James.M! What did he say?

  131. James.M says:

    NM said “Are all of you waiting until I go to bed to come out and play?”

    Tell, me, NM, just what did Dr. Freud say about THAT comment?

  132. Naughty Molly says:

    Hmmm, did I scare everyone off again? Are all of you waiting until I go to bed to come out and play?

  133. Naughty Molly says:

    Good night Midwest 😀

  134. Naughty Molly says:

    Midwest ~ Any SD’s want to come over to my dungeon and teach me a lesson? Hmmm? Anyone? No? Aww….. too bad, so sad :(

  135. Midwest says:

    Congrats Lily!

    NM – Perhaps YOU need to be in the dungeon!

    BG – Anytime!

    Megs – I’m going to take my first dive into it this weekend. Offer support now and again please!

    Goodnight sugars! I’m craving some traditional reading. Sweet dreams.

  136. Naughty Molly says:

    I’m watching a show on the 7 deadly sins and so far I’ve committed 5 out of 7. Is that bad? Oh, wait, make that 6…… LOL

  137. Naughty Molly says:

    Hi BG! Thanks, my toes feel better already 😀

  138. Naughty Molly says:

    I won’t be able to make the Toronto meet :(

  139. Beach_ Girl in LA!!! says:

    Hey Everyone!

    Midwest~ I might be going to the meet, I’ll let you know when i get home! 😀 we can share a room Prrr, meow!

    NM~ hope your toes get better

    WCSD~ Welcome back!

  140. Naughty Molly says:

    ESB ~ I’ve had Sulfa and Penicillin allergies since I was a kid, but I have heard that you can out grow those allergies. I’m too nervous to even try taking those meds when I get sick to see if it’s true…LOL

    Midwest ~ No one in the dungeon…..yet 😉
    I’m looking for a few good prisoners, um, volunteers if anyone is interested…..hehehe

  141. Lily says:

    I am lurking from spa-land….

    Bengals in ten hours….!!!! Yay!!!!

    Kitty joy/kitty high!!!

  142. Megs says:

    Kittyl – exactly! That’s what I did. I knew I would get big results the first time I did the cleanse… and the maintenance cleanses have all just been to keep me healthy. I lose 4-5lbs each time…but it’s all water weight.

  143. Megs says:

    haha ESB – I HATE that pending process :) It is inevitable you will get an email. Mine is pending too. Though, I think I’m going to cancel it all together and start a new one with my new email address so it is all a little more streamlined….

  144. kittyl says:

    Hey all… Back from dinner with the boss and his associates… What a long day *sigh*
    Midwest, glad you are coming to t dot, I am going to the meet too. Looking forward to meeting you.

    Wrt to weight loss:
    I really think its important to think of the lemonade cleanse as a cleanse as opposed to a weightloss method. The lemonade cleanse is perfect for kickstarting a weight loss regiment and full lifestyle change as it cleanses your body and palette of toxins like refined sugar and salt. (These make our body crave unhealthy stuff) this cleanse makes you lose a lot of water weight as well as sluge in your body, so you are bound to gain the weight back. But at the end, your skin will clear up, your mind and body will feel rejuvenated.

    As for myself, I workout several times a week and stick to a 1200-1500 calorie diet. I need energy to do what I nee

  145. Midwest says:

    ESB – Birds were actually singing! It was a much needed break from old man winter and a wonderful preview of spring!

  146. ESB says:

    Well, doesn’t this figure… I made one small adjustment to my profile, so I’m on “pending” and got an email… that I can’t read!! Man!!

  147. Midwest says:

    SSSD – Thanks for the laughs :)

  148. ESB says:

    NM: That is how mine started. I keep getting these weird rashes… all over. After months of keeping a log of what I ate, I put it together. It’s baked goods. Calcium sulfate. It’s in EVERYTHING!! Since I’ve been avoiding it, I don’t get the rash anymore. Once in a while I can get away with something… a sandwich, Little Debbie snack… but not often or I break out again. Dr. said it is from years of build up in my system. That is why I want to try something to clean out my system from all these chemicals. Worth a try, but not until I’m sure it won’t hurt me in some other way.

    Midwest: Your day sounds wonderful. So glad it was for you. You make me think the sun was shining and the temps. tolerable.

  149. Midwest says:

    Hi NM! Who is in the dungeon today? BTW – I will head to Toronto either through Canada or through Ohio, PA, Upstate NY if you care to join me.

  150. Naughty Molly says:

    Hi Midwest! Glad to hear you had such a great day!

    ESB – I’m allergic to Sulfa drugs.

  151. Midwest says:

    BTW – What a beautiful and productive day! I put my chair under my desk, went out to visit some existing and new clients, and had a wonderful conversation with a gent…Yeah!

  152. Midwest says:

    Evening sugars! Welcome and welcome back to those I have not seen before!

    When are you happiest as a sugar? Always :-)

    How do you feel when asked to send pics more pics to a potential sugar ? Turned off? On? It depends…if it’s a once-in-a-while thing while you are waiting to meet over a few months or so, then I consider it flirting. If it’s frequent requests up front, then I move on.

    Toronto Meet – Yeah! It looks like I can go! I will be driving, so if you are along the way, I can share the ride! I would like to share a hotel room (with a lady) to cut down on expenses. Those who are going can write if they are interested.

  153. ESB says:

    Thanks Megs. I’ll look into it more closely. I don’t do anything that serious with out researching it thoroughly. I’ve done enough harm to my body over the years with out doing in intentionally. I’m thinking if I can cleans my body of some harmful preservatives, I might feel better. I’m EXTREMELY allergic to sulfa, and it is a preservative in so many foods.

  154. cleo says:

    Megs can you email me? i would love to rap our respective work lives with you…

  155. Megs says:

    haha ESB – WebMD is not going to be an advocate of the cleanse. I’ve used the cleanse myself for 20 days straight, lost 20 lbs – and kept it off. No muscle tone lost. Look up the actual cleanse itself. It’s not actually for weight loss – but that is a side effect for sure. I’ve had amazing results, and I use it at least 7 days every month just to keep my body feeling at it’s best. I love it, and it works for me. The first time I did it was more because I knew I would lose weight, the second time and continuous times have been more for maintenance to keep my body healthy. I can totally tell when I need to do it again. I gain soooo much energy from that cleanse, I love it!

  156. ESB says:

    OK, just read what WebMD had to say about the Lemonade Cleanse… not good. Has anyone on here had any success with it? I agree with what the article has to say. Starving youself rids the body of lean muscle, the body will store up fat because it needs it. You could be doing more harm than good. Totally off blog topic, so I won’t go into much more. Just wonder if anyone found possitive results from it.

  157. ESB says:

    Aww.. sweety, that sound just terrible!! I was right, you need one of the blog SBs to nurse you back to health. Are you close to MD? I’d much rather help someone get better than run all over MD trying to sell insurance, and …. not going there… Just want to quit this job and find something new and earn a living!!

  158. The Lone Gunman says:

    TLG: How you feeling? Nice to see you around tonight. I am curious as to what on earth you had done to have all those tubes and such coming out from you in every direction. I have all kinds of awful images on that.

    Picked up a double infection at the original surgery incision sites that turned nasty rather quickly. Ended up with emergency surgery to remove the metal bits and such that had been implanted, and now have a wound vacuum running with an infuser with antibiotic bag 24/7. Prognosis is for six weeks, should be down to five weeks now–but with my luck, who knows?


  159. Naughty Molly says:

    Hi ESB! My tootsie feels some better, thank you :)

    I’m curious too TLG. What happened?

  160. ESB says:

    Good evening all!! Looks like all the usual suspects are present and accounted for…

    Licensing crisis conquered!! I am good to go for another 2 years… and that really doesn’t thrill me because I’m hoping to get out of the insurance business in the next few months.

    NM: I hope your foot is better than when it first happened. I’m glad you find the good in this situation. Kudo’s to you!

    TLG: How you feeling? Nice to see you around tonight. I am curious as to what on earth you had done to have all those tubes and such coming out from you in every direction. I have all kinds of awful images on that.

    Going to Google this Lemonade Cleanse. Sounds interesting. I need to loose 10 lbs. I also need for the weather to get nicer so I can start running again!!

  161. Naughty Molly says:

    You too Anna!

  162. AnnaMadrid says:

    NM- I’m heading out, all this food talk! Have a good night:)

  163. Naughty Molly says:

    yes it is :)

  164. AnnaMadrid says:

    NM- it’s nice to keep meals basic sometimes:)

  165. Naughty Molly says:

    Anna ~ I’m usually more creative with my cooking…I love to cook, but today, eh..not so much :)

  166. AnnaMadrid says:

    Naughty Molly- when I was younger, I used to eat that all the time! I used to add seasoning too like, sazon and pepper YUM!

  167. Naughty Molly says:

    I’m going to miss trivia tonight…bummer! I can’t get my shoe on :(

  168. Naughty Molly says:

    Hi TLG!

    Anna ~ I had rice with butter for dinner….mmmmm. I didn’t feel like cooking anything else 😀

  169. AnnaMadrid says:

    I’m here! Just aa lil busy.. As for eating, I havn’t eaten all day! I can smell that new york style pizza now!

  170. The Lone Gunman says:

    Just woke up from a nap here…


  171. Naughty Molly says:

    Where is everybody? Don’t tell me they’re eating again….sheesh!

  172. Naughty Molly says:

    Don’t worry about it! No biggie 😀

  173. Naughty Molly says:

    Kinda strange, I feel like I’m talking to myself…..LOL

  174. AnnaMadrid says:

    NM-Hey sorry for making you have to change ur name:(

  175. Naughty Molly says:

    Hi Anna 😀

  176. AnnaMadrid says:

    BTW Hi everyone!

  177. AnnaMadrid says:

    “When are you happiest as a sugar?
    I havn’t been a sugar long enough to know.

    How do you feel when asked to send pics more pics to a potential sugar ? Turned off? On?”
    I automatically get turned off. I have three clear pictures on my profile for a reason! Most of these guys have no pictures at all and when asked for more than one they freak out and “poof”, or even worse say something like “you got any sexier pics?” Ugh the nerve!

  178. JetSet says:

    Thanks guys!!


  179. KITTYl says:

    what can i say, great minds think alike, but some spins faster than others.. lol jk

  180. KITTYl says:

    WCSD: That’s too bad, it sounds like a blast! Keep us updated when you will be in Toronto :) I miss visiting China/Hong Kong.

  181. WCSD says:

    Damn! KITTYl you beat me to it……

  182. WCSD says:

    JetSet – The best thing you can do is talk to your pot SD about this. Let him know your concerns, but that you are really excited to meet him. He’ll either poof, or he’ll take care of your concerns. The sugar world is all about communication, and really there should never be a topic that isn’t safe to talk about with either a pot or your SD.

  183. KITTYl says:

    Jetset: your concern is valid; This is where communication is key. You too need to be on the same page to ensure that there will be no surprises, no let downs. I’ve told many pots not to expect any intimacy in the first couple meets. Some gets discouraged. Which makes the skimming the crud SDs a lot easier, respectful men would 100% understand and appreciate it.

  184. WCSD says:

    KITTYl: I’m out in Vancouver, so Toronto isn’t a hop, skip or a jump away. I do travel to Toronto occasionally for business and to see family, but I’m going to be in China when the tentative schedule is currently set.

  185. Naughty Molly says:

    Good luck to you WCSD! 😀

  186. JetSet says:

    Thanks WC.. I think i’m worried if i accept his offer that he may expect me to run to a hotel with him right after lunch! EEEkkkk!!! Am i nuts for thinking though it is an arrangement that there has to be some sort of normalcy. I’m not really looking to sleep with several men to find the one that works for me. But at the same time i’ve had a relationship like this in the past and i understand how it works on both sides of the fence. Maybe i’m reading into it too much and should just go with it and hope for the best and plan for the worst!

  187. KITTYl says:

    WCSD, as a Canadian SD, will u be attending the Toronto Meet?

  188. KITTYl says:

    JetSet: I agree with WCSD, if the amount is justifable, there’s no reason not to request it. But as a tip, never let him purchase the flights, let him send you money to purcahse the flights yourself. Reason being , you have more control regarding booking, scheduling and security. I know there will be SDs here saying what if money is sent and no flight was purchased etc. etc. I guess it’s all about opportunity-risk and how much connection/trust has already been established. Of course, having a friend in town you will be staying with makes it much safer IMHO.

  189. WCSD says:

    JetSet: I don’t think it is too much too soon. I always like to take care of all expenses if I meet a Pot who needs to travel. That would include everything from parking at the airport to a dog-sitter if needed. If you make it a reasonable request (especially since he offered) it really shouldn’t be a big deal. There could be the potential that this SD will ‘expect’ something from you when you meet for being so nice…but you can’t control what people think, and you have a friend in town if he turns out to be a creep (but it doesn’t sound like he is). As always, trust your gut, it is either right or you are hungry….

  190. WCSD says:

    After being off the radar for a while, I’m starting to look at dipping into the sugar pool again.

    The last two weeks in Vancouver with the Winter Olympics has been incredible. The crowds, athletes, volunteers and vistors made it an incredible experience. I definitely am a prouder Canadian this week than I was last month!

    Anyway, time to begin the slow process of finding the match that works.

  191. KITTYl says:

    Megs: Loves the Lemonade Cleanse! Though I only lasted 5 days with that… Maybe later on i’ll try it again. The most amazing thing was, I didn’t feel hungry cuz I was constantly inputting into my body. Some people hated the taste, but I love it!

  192. Megs – Girl Scout Somoa cookies are the devil! I can consume an entire box by myself. That’s why I don’t make eye contact with those charming, little girls when I leave the book store. It’s hard to tell them no. They must think I’m a snobby, heartless woman. How do you explain to a six year old you’re watching your figure when they have self-image ads shoved down their throats all day?! Anyway, love those things!

  193. JetSet says:

    Hey everyone!

    I know i haven’t posted in awhile. Heck i haven’t really checked my inbox much lately.. I have a question for guys and girls. I have a pot-SD that i’ve been talking to that wants to fly me out to see him. So far he seems really great and 100% understands any hesitation i may have about getting on a plane to meet a stranger. Luckily i have a girlfriend that lives in his town that i could stay with etc.. So he keeps telling me that he wants to send me some $$ to show his sincerity before i get on a plane. He keeps asking how much he should send. And just other little convos we’ve had about a weird mystery rash my son has. He offered to pay for him to see a specialist in Bev HIlls. It all seems totally sweet but is it almost too much before meeting each other? I’ve of course said no to any sort of financial help but then i do have to think when i do go see him, I will be taking a day off work and hiring a sitter. So it is nice that he’s offering to cover expenses..

    My head is running in circles. Is it too much too soon?

  194. Beach_ Girl in LA!!! says:

    SSSD~ why is your connection poor? Welcome back by the way 😀
    heard a lot about you

    NM~ i get back tomorrow night :( too bad I can’t stay longer!

  195. SSSD says:

    Well, I can’t deny that a big part of what I look for in an SB is looks. There are many good looking women available in the world, the arrangement is a clean way to keep expectations clear, communications in context, and can be a fair trade between a SB’s physical and emotional appeal and an SD’s financial and romantic appeal.

    My version of an arrangement keeps communications and expectations even more clear.

    I think it works out well.

    (My internet access here is very poor. I have to try posting three or four times for things to go through…)

  196. Megs says:

    Oh, and NM one more note – you are already icing it, so good job! Just elevate it too, and if it is still swollen after 3 days, soak your foot in an epson salt bath (luke warm) (Sorry – injuries are a huge part of my career…hard for me to not want to make everyone better) :)

  197. Ok, taking a break from working so will answer the blog questions:

    When are you happiest as a sugar? When I know my SD and I are on the same page and there is mutual value being added to both of our lives.

    How do you feel when asked to send more pics to a potential sugar ? Turned off? On? I guess I provide enough photos because I have only had this happen a couple of times and they were clearly wanting photos of me in my birthday suit. I sent those guys a link to webcam girls dot com and then blocked them from ever contacting me again. Ha ha.

  198. Megs says:

    Naughty Molly – you are right on more than one note. It not only takes more energy to be negative, but it takes more muscles to frown. And it gives you ugly wrinkles. 😉 haha

  199. Megs says:

    Speaking of looking perfect. Girl Scout cookies came! ARGH! Talk about a quick way to destroy a diet. I bought a ton of boxes to send oversees to my sister and her troop…. which resulted in me opening one. And not stopping. Oh the shame. *shakes head*

    I don’t remember who was talking about the Master Lemonade Cleanse – I’ve done that cleanse many many a time, and absolutely love it. I’ve been doing an Acai cleanse though for the last month, and it’s been ok. While I’m in Wisconsin though for the next week I will lose a garaunteed 8-10lbs. I always do on my business trips. Way too much physical activity, and never get a chance to eat.

    What do you girls do to keep yourselves at your best?

  200. Beach_ Girl in LA!!! says:

    NM~ just here for a minute…. I will catch up with you when i get back! 😀

  201. Naughty Molly says:

    Shoogar ~ It takes more energy to have a negative attitude than a positive one 😀

  202. Naughty Molly says:

    Hi BG!! Nice to see you! I’m on MSN ya know 😀

  203. Beach_ Girl in LA!!! says:

    Hey everyone! Hope everyone is good!

    Cleo~ Will check the date for the Toronto meet when i get home…
    Have a great all!

  204. kittyL – my first arrangement ever was the exact same as the one you described. I was his date for high society events and charity functions. I was introduced as a business associate and left to flit about freely and network while he spent time with clients. Ultimately, we ended up doing business together so it wasn’t really a facade and we were speaking the truth – other than the mention of allowance, lavish gifts and the fact that we met on SA.

    AM – sorry about your foot, but as usual, you found a positive in it.

    ESB – good luck getting through your re-licensing challenge.

    Just popped in for a second…busy day.

  205. kittyL says:

    cleo, u’ve got mail…

  206. kittyL says:

    Lisa: Glad you have found a nice SD and more important got a new apart!

  207. kittyL says:

    JUST LANDED :) got a huge headache from the stupif plane.. why can’t I get upgraded to first class?? :( I just wanted to chirp in on the note regarding Arm Candy. I was a “Arm Candy” SB for a little while, though it was never straight forward discussed, it was apparant. There was no sex related to our relationship. He took me to events, to travelling and we just had a great time and he spoiled me crazy. I was held on such a high pedestal, I got everything I wanted. I loved it. Most importantly, we had so much fun, we spent hours walking around a city, not really with intent of shopping, but just to take in the culture, surroundings and had a blast. Of course people stared because of the obvious age difference, even comments but he took them as compliments (most of them were). It was a lot of fun :)

  208. lisa says:

    Finally got internet/phone

    just spent the last few minutes talking to a clock radio. I got this one where you talk to it to set the time and alarm. So I have someone to talk to when i’m alone, lol

  209. Naughty Molly says:

    ESB ~ I alway look on the bright side of things 😀

    Sorry to hear about all of your trouble…sheesh! When it rains it pours doesn’t it? Things will get better 😀

  210. ESB says:

    Jade: I feel there is a big emphasis on looks. The reason most SDs are looking for a SB, I believe, is they want some arm candy. They have reached that level in their lives where they can buy what they want, and they want it to look good, to impress others wtih what they can get with their money. I am findin that many of them don’t realize that most of us SBs want someone we can associate with on a more basic level.. someone we can get along with, talk to, have fun with. It’s not just about them looking good, but hopefully giving back to that person on their arm. It’s been my unfortune that most who contact me are only looking for a hook up. They have no thoughts to my feelings or wants or desires. As long as they are throwing money my way, I should be happy with that. Sorry, I’m not wired that way.

    I am very pleased to see that there are also some really TRUE SDs out there.. Lisa and DC are shining examples of that in what they have found. It is what keeps me going… the hope that someday I will find one that wants to be a gentleman and gives me as much joy as he receives in me.

  211. Jade says:

    ladies: Do you ever feel like it is a huge pressure to be perfect looking in the sugar world? My Sd mentioned my breasts are real yesterday. ( is he saying my breasts sag I wonder? ) * that was my first thought *
    I have implants by the way !

  212. ESB says:

    OK, got all the way through the system, I can get my license renewed but they are asking me $20 MORE than everyone else in the office is paying for theirs… WTF!?? I can NOT get a break!! now I’m on hold with the commissioners office… AGAIN! sigh… this has been one long day…

  213. ESB says:

    OK, now that is a unique way of looking at pain. Gives you a chance to play.

  214. Naughty Molly says:

    ESB ~ I would love to play hookey, but I work from home and everything I do is computer related…LOL. Too bad the weight didn’t fall on my hand instead. Isn’t that awful!

    On the bright side this will give me an excuse to stay up late and chat with all of you this evening. The pain will be so bad that I won’t be able to sleep…hehehe.

  215. ESB says:

    NM: good excuse to pay hookey for a few days.. unless the time off is going to hurt you finacially… I am not working todaym, trying to get my license renewed… State of MD is giving me fits. I almost had a panic attack in the office. Couldnt’ get a straight answer from anyone and the woman in the commisioners office just gave me attitude!! OMG!! It expires in 3 days, if I don’t get it renewed, I’m out of a job!!

    I thought I’d have a new job by now, that is why I waited til the last minute. Didnt’ want to spend the $$ on it if I didn’t have to… just know someone was going to ask

  216. Naughty Molly says:

    I have ice on it now and nothing is broken…thank goodness, but it hurtsssss. I’ll be back to my old self in a day or two. Thanks for the concern everybody 😀

  217. Jade says:

    sorry to hear that Molly! ouch !

  218. ESB says:

    Afternoon NM.. nice to see you got a chance to get out and play. OUCH, sorry about your foot!! Nothing broke I hope. Sounds painful!!

  219. LASB says:

    NM – Ouch!!! Sorry to hear it. Go put ice on it.

  220. Naughty Molly says:

    Hello ESB and LASB and anyone else I might have missed 😀

  221. Naughty Molly says:

    Hey! Guess what! I just had a 15lb weight fall on my foot ! YAY ME! I’m such a clutz. I guess my stilettos will be parked in the closet for a few days…sigh.

  222. LASB says:

    Hi Sugars!
    ESB – Blink was the most boring of his books, in my opinion. I LOVE Outliers. Try that one.

    Lisa – Sounds like life just got pretty sugary! So happy for you and Percy!

    On the more pics issue, it depends on how they ask. I’ve had people say such rude things like “These b*tches on here keep lying about their weight, so you better prove to me that you’re not an old fatty,” and then of course I just poof.

    There seems to be a inverse correlation between how attractive a guy is and how many pics he demands/how much value he places on the pics. I’ve had guys ask for 6-7 pics before they are satisfied and then when they finally approve and send me theirs, it’s some frumpy, unattractive, dude in bad clothes. My current, very sexy pot and I didn’t exchange pics and neither of us asked and wow was it instant attraction on both sides when we met that first night.

  223. cleo says:

    taz: thanks bella, it’s really awesome to have my mojo back…

  224. ESB says:

    Afternoon everyone. Guess I just missed Lisa. I’m so happy for you and your new place. Peace of mind is a wonderful gift from your SD. AWESOME!!

    I am in insurance hell right now. Gotta renew my license, and the system is down. So frustrating…

    I got “Blink” on CD. Loving it so far, but in some of it my mind kinda wanders while listening to. Figured it was a good way to kill time while driving between appointments.

    I do not like being asked for more pictures. I have 3 that give you a good idea who I am. More pix means “send me some skin/nudes”. Sorry, you wanna see that, become my SD!! Don’t be rude! There might be some on here who are willing to do that, but I am always a lady first. Keep that in mind, or just walk away…

    OK, off my soap box now…. (sorry)

  225. TT (AKA Tantalizing Taz) says:

    Cleo – I just left a response to your long post over <——- on the other blog 😛

  226. lisa says:

    gotta go now

    have a good day

  227. lisa says:

    Percy is adjusting quite well. Lovin his large moving box. I keep him in the kitchen where it’s nice and bright

  228. Naughty Molly says:

    Hi Lisa! I hope you’re loving your new place! Hopefully Percy will have a new place of his own pretty soon too 😀

  229. lisa says:


    Just stopping by to say hi. still waiting for internet to be connected at my new place. Got everything unpacked and i’m very tired. At starbucks right now with mom.

    Have a good day everyone

  230. megs says:

    Oh – and I finally got my avatar to work. I had to clear the cache on BOTH computers that I use to post on here. I was getting really frustrated! haha

  231. megs says:

    I’m actually on in the morning! haha You guys have me addicted.
    Jade – I can’t believe someone would actually ask to see your DL! Thats like asking to scan your passport or something… but worse because there is WAY more info on it! I guess you could always block out the info, but still… ???

    And, I’m going to answer the questions –

    When am I happiest as a sugar? Always happy when I’m being treated right, and not like a call girl.

    More pictures? I’m not too fond of being asked for more pictures. My profile only has face shot (which thanks to Lily’s suggestion…I’m going to be changing), so I don’t mind sending a body shot at their request right now… but when they start asking for more pictures, it’s usually to get you to send nude ones. Which I haven’t done. I finally told someone “I need to save something for when we actually meet!” Guess what? POOF! haha

  232. cleo says:

    TLG: while i know and enjoy words like moribund and go looking for excuses to use festering and elucidate in sentences i feel that i needs must refrain from boring the blog with a dissertation on the topic of lack of printing presses and far more important things to worry about like raping and pillaging.


  233. The Lone Gunman says:

    “TLG: i liked your questions, although they made me write a page!”


    For your next assignment, describe why and how the literature of the Middle Ages was……..moribund. Be sure to give examples.


  234. cleo says:

    NM: aw so sweet!
    TLG: i liked your questions, although they made me write a page!

  235. Naughty Molly says:

    Nope not you Cleo….you couldn’t scare anyone away :)

    Hi TLG….I’m glad to hear you’re mending :)

  236. The Lone Gunman says:

    I’m over here, on an in-and-out basis.


  237. cleo says:

    NM: i thought it was me!

  238. Naughty Molly says:

    James.M says:
    March 2, 2010 at 8:18 am
    Anna Molly: You can change your name if you like, because an Anna Molly by any other name would smell as sweet. It must be aliterative, however, so we don’t lose Alluring Anna and Naughty Molly!

    Awww, thank you, that is very sweet 😉

  239. Naughty Molly says:

    Did I scare everyone away? :(

  240. Naughty Molly says:

    When are you happiest as a sugar?
    I’m happiest when I know I make my SD happy. I like to please and nurture so when I know I’ve pleased him, it makes me extremely happy 😀

    How do you feel when asked to send pics more pics to a potential sugar ? Turned off? On?
    Well, it doesn’t really bother me. All of my photos are cropped so I always send more pics anyway.

  241. Jade says:

    Flo Rida – My state issued identification !

  242. cleo says:

    Morn flo and jade!
    To the questions!

    When are you happiest as a sugar?

    no idea, no sugar here… pretty happy ANYway though…

    How do you feel when asked to send pics more pics to a potential sugar ? Turned off? On?

    i send one more, where i’m standing in front of pompeii in pretty short shorts, a crazy hat and a tank top. it’s pretty realistic and a good approximation of my ‘everyday’ face and body without great jeans or whatever.

    i only send it if they start asking questions about the shape of my body… which isn’t that clear in my pics :)

  243. cleo says:


    Okay so we are gelling a little around the weekend of May 1st. Is that enough notice for y’all? Does that work for anyone other than the sb’s that are currently discussing it?

    Not a word from the SD’s who have claimed interest, maybe someone email NYGent, SDN, CdnGent and uh… darnit, i know there was one more… ?

  244. Flo Rida says:

    Jade – what is a scanned D.L iic? do you mean scanned downlow pic?

    Still ill in bed – it’s nice though – no need to do anything – bliss

  245. cleo says:

    i just posted a long comment on the last blog, but here:

    KittyL: hello and welcome back, i’ll post a toronto note right after this :)
    TLG asked:

    How is YOUR day starting out?

    really well, finally slept out the exhaustion of the gastro thing i had a couple of weeks ago and seeing a dent starting to appear in my debts. i got a part time job to take the pressure off my business and suddenly i’m like “when i pay off my credit card i’m saving for a couple of months and then i’m going to asia for three weeks”

    and now i’m so excited because i’ll actually be able to pay for it! and see my friend G that i haven’t seen in FIFTEEN YEARS (he lives in aus and we have been talking about taking a travel together…)

    Lot’s of stuff on the ‘must get done’ list? Chilling out?

    i need to do some promotional work for my business but i allowed myself to wait until I felt well enough again to do cardio so that will happen later this week. today i have a nice light teaching schedule and then an evening of dr. mario with a great friend.

    so today is a good day. :)

    Tell us about the sweetness happening in your day today.

    the coolest thing about this part time job (i started the week before i got the bug, so i’ve done it for two and a half weeks although i’ve had it for four) is that it’s actually fun AND i immediately got my POP back with regard to my calling.

    I hadn’t realised that my teaching had become stale and easy until i felt excited and started having awesome ideas again for my clients. says a lot about me that they stuck through a lull i didn’t even know i was in.

    seven years i’ve been doing this now and i guess it makes sense that i was going to need to inject something into it so i didn’t get stale, but wow, life is so much better when you not only love your job but also feel it thrive again.

    so yeah, it’s a sweet day that has nothing to do with dating.

    (although i had a great date with a non sugar yesterday, he did this little move that was so good. we were lost in conversation and the waiter put the bill down in the middle of the table and he reached for it, replaced it between himself and his coffee and never lost a beat of the conversation – since i care about classy and generous even more than i care about rich [once he’s paying his own bills and can afford to save a little money AND come to crazy places with me *lol*] i find myself hoping a little that he calls. i try not to invest in the will he or won’t he call thing but you know… it would be nice.)

  246. Jade says:

    I do not like being asked for more pictures after I feel I have posted enough to get a clear idea already , meeting in person is what the goal should be not online shopping on both parts. I never ask an SD to send his bank records so I can check him out in more detail too ! One SD told me I needed to send my scanned D.L lic in order to get flowers so he can be sure I am real. Shocking !