9 years ago
Sugars Gone Wild!

9 years ago
Sugars Gone Wild!

8 years ago, finding sugar on TV wasn’t so easy. Back in 2002,  the late Anna Nicole Smith served as  TV’s most well-known sugar in her self-titled reality show, but she wasn’t always everyone’s favorite SB role-model.

Well the times they have a’changed. Sugar Baby and Sugar Daddy reality stars like Kim Zolciak of “The Real Housewives of Atlanta” are bringing their own flavor to the sugar-pop-culture zeitgeist. New sugar shows in the works include Logo‘s formerly named “Kept” (now titled “The Gay Socialites of New York”), as well as ABC’s scripted “Cougar Town”, starring Courteney Cox as a 40 year old cougar with a 17 year old son.

Sugar on  Screen…



MODERN FAMILY (sugar-character: JAY PRITCHETT, aka Al Bundy from “Married with Children”)






**What other sugar worthy TV shows, characters or personalities should be added to the list?**

If you were the star of your own sugar reality show, what would it be called?

What are some fast ways a Sugar Daddy or Sugar Baby can step up their game? Re-arrange profile pics? Upgrade to premium?

NEW: “Do you feel guilty when you know there are small children in your sugar’s life, since theoretically they could be expending those resources (time/energy/money) on the kids, somehow…?” – Lilly

284 Responses to “Sugars Gone Wild!”

  1. stephan says:

    Hello all 😀 – sorry for the disappearing blog issue this morning!

    All has been fixed now – Bond really does know how to get around; he’s got convo’s going on 3 posts now lol! Sorry for any confusion folks, hope it’s not tooo much of a headache :)

  2. Alluring Anna says:

    Enjoy your run ESB 😀

  3. ESB says:

    OH yea, he is a good one too. There were a few who I didn’t think were worthy of the role. Can’t even remember their names!! 😮

    OK. Gotta go get in my run. It’s a beautiful day here, so I’m going to go enjoy it. Then gotta spend some time racking the stones that got thrown into the yard back into the drive way from all the snow shoveling… never ends.

    Have fun Sugar family!! I’ll be back to check on you all later. 😉

  4. Alluring Anna says:

    My close second is Pierce Brosnan….my oh my 😉

  5. ESB says:

    My favorite bond was Daniel Craig. Those blue eyes just melt me!! Sean Connery is a very close second. That man will be sexy til he’s dead. Now there is a man with CLASS!!

  6. ESB says:

    AA, I thought the same thing. there is a message up ^^ top about the blog gods have been notified.

    Good Morning everyone!!

  7. Alluring Anna says:

    TLG ~ I thought it was an issue with my computer….

  8. The Lone Gunman says:

    Did I imagine it, or did a new blog just vanish?


  9. Alluring Anna says:

    My favorite Bond is Sean Connery….hands down!

    Good morning all 😀

  10. cleo says:

    i went to college in thunder bay

    kitty maybe email me a similar awesome place with private rooms if you know one?

  11. stephan says:

    TLG: No problem! I’ve just forwarded your comment to her email :)

  12. The Lone Gunman says:

    Thank you Stephan!

    Just found out through him that the flag on my previous post was lifted.

    It may be toolate now, but Kitty can find out about Thunder Bay before she gets there.


  13. Midwest says:

    SDs – who is your favorite Bond Girl?

    SBs- who is your favorite Bond?

  14. Midwest says:

    ESB – Shake it off…you could end up several sales next week!

  15. ESB says:

    Good evening Everyone!! What an awful day!! I’m so glad to be here in the sugar world.

    Jade: OMG, I mean REALLY!! Yes, Midwest, that is the WORST. I wanna cry, that just hurts me to think a man would actually request something that vulgar! I am so SO sorry Sweet heart. That is just wrong.

    Kitty: What is in Thunderbay? Hmm thundercats? Thunderbirds? ???

    LTG: My weekends plans… to get drunk with my GFs tomorrow night. They both had a horrendous week, and now my day was awful, so we all deserve this…. And will crash on the ones couch/floor/blankets because I have no intentions of coming home after that.

    OK someone stole BGs iPod from her purse yesterday at school. Today, the ignorant @#$% was BRAGGING about it. How dumb can you get. BUT does BG go to the office to tell them she found out who stole it? NO!! so I’m going to find where she lives, tell her to give it back, OR I call the police and have charges pressed against her. I’m not playing with a juvey thief!! Meh.. I’m PO’d

    I was on the phone all day at work, didn’t not make a SINGLE appointment for Monday. I did NOT get any new leads today, and gee, maybe that has something to do with it? I cam home with my head hurting so bad, I felt sick. THEN dealing with the iPod thing… I wish I was going out tonight!!

    OK, done venting.

    I have a date with a Pot SD on Monday. He seems very charming, witty, and a bit of a smart ass on the phone. I like him already!! He lives an hour away, we are meeting half way. OMG, he has had 2 SBs before, so he totally gets how this all works, and is agreeing to meet my expectations of allowance. I just hope the meet goes well.

  16. LASB says:

    New blog!

  17. Midwest says:

    SDN – So far it looks like the first or second weekend of May. You and your sb should come! I’m glad to hear work is picking up…you might be a good salesman, but you’re a great relationship manager!

    TLG – Thanks for clarity. I guess I’m a m’d virgin :-)

  18. NEOhioSD (SDN) says:

    What is the blog wife signal?

    I so want to be at the Toronto meet.

  19. Midwest says:

    LASB – Did SDN send the “blog wife” signal? :-)

  20. The Lone Gunman says:

    Congratulations NEOhioSD (SDN)!

    Hope it’s big one!


  21. Midwest says:

    SDN – Does that mean you can come to the Toronto meet and introduce us to your sb?

  22. The Lone Gunman says:


    That appears to be correct. Like LASB says, it prevents us from wandering ‘off the reservation’ so to speak.

    I can understand the need to prevent spammers and the like from putting risque’ or inappropritae material on here. Just wish that there was some function that would clear the flag after human review.

    I’ve said my piece; I’ll let it go now.


  23. NEOhioSD (SDN) says:

    Looks like spending is opening up. Or I am becoming a better salesman…no spending must be opening up.

    Commission is good for the SBs!

  24. LASB says:

    I also got censored earlier today for mentioning a vegan website that featured boobies cupcakes. They were so cute. My guess is that they want to keep us from straying off the blog page.

  25. Midwest says:

    SDN – are your busy days a sign people think the economy is improving? Lift of capital purchases?

  26. Midwest says:

    TLG – So only the person who posted the said post can see the flag?

  27. The Lone Gunman says:


    As I suspected. There’s a message flag on it indicating the message is awaiting m-o-d-e-r-a-t-i-o-n. In fact even mentioning that word in the text of a subsequent message, or even the name of the place, gets the message the same invisibility.

    The only reason I can think of for the blog software to spit it out that way is the fact that I had included a link to a tourism site for that area for Kitty. I guess it’s some sort of automated protection to prevent spammeras from posting here.


  28. Midwest says:

    TLG – I see the one about mining. I’ve never heard of a comment being flagged.

    SDN – You have been missed. The ladies have sent out the SDN signal to no avail.

  29. NEOhioSD (SDN) says:

    Hey midwest. I am great. Busy as can be at work, I miss my blog friends!

  30. The Lone Gunman says:

    Can anyone see the post I made earlier to Kitty regarding the place in Canada she was going to be this weekend? There’s a flag on it that indicates that I am the only one who can see it, and wanted to check if that’s correct.


  31. Midwest says:

    Hi SDN! How are you?

  32. NEOhioSD (SDN) says:

    Hello sugars!!!

    James.m is handing out condoms…what?

  33. The Lone Gunman says:

    Off to eat. Be back later!


  34. James.m says:

    Don’t we have a blog SD who is in Vancouver? No wonder we haven’t heard from him in a couple of weeks. And you SBs were wondering where the blog SDs were hiding!

  35. Midwest says:

    james.m – you are a wealth of information!

    TexasGolfGirl – Hi! I don’t think we’ve met.

  36. James.m says:

    The first sentence should mention the condoms were provided at the Olympics in Vancouver

  37. James.m says:

    A Canadian AIDS prevention group provided 100,000 condoms free of charge. They had to airlift in another 10,000 to make it through the final weekend. That really puts their athletic prowess in perspective: they ran those races when they were exhausted from other activities!

    Perhaps they had the Olympic logo on them, making them collectors’ items, traded like Olympic pins?

  38. The Lone Gunman says:


    Can you see my post regarding Thunder Bay? There’s a moderation flag on it that makes me wonder oif it’s visible only to me.


  39. James.m says:

    Thunder Bay is also one of the largest ports in the world, sending Canadian grain from the fertile plains to the rest of the world.

  40. TexasGolfGirl says:

    Yay! I’m up now!

  41. The Lone Gunman says:

    TexasGolfGirl :

    When you log out and back into the blog, does it change then?


  42. TexasGolfGirl says:

    I know I am, but that’s my old one! It’s the logo for Vineyard Vines, but I am trying to change it!

  43. yaz....at work says:

    NCGent said

    “That brings a whole new meaning to ‘barking for your bone.” My apologies in advance to Jade and others but I couldn’t resist.”


  44. The Lone Gunman says:

    You are….a pink whale.


  45. TexasGolfGirl says:

    Thanks Lone Gunman!

  46. The Lone Gunman says:

    Type gravatar then .com into your search engine and that should get you there to set up your gravatar.

    Hope this helps!


  47. TexasGolfGirl says:

    Lone Gun Man! What is the avatar hosting site you use?? I remember you told me once, and I want to change mine, but I don’t know where I originally signed up, lol!

  48. The Lone Gunman says:

    I’m currently sidelined, but at least we can share Texas together!


  49. TexasGolfGirl says:

    Hi everyone! Anyone have some potential dates coming up! Would love to hear about them!

  50. The Lone Gunman says:


    From what I can find after a cursory search, there’s a Casino, canoeing and kayaking and some pretty picturesque country around Thunder Bay.

    Numerous smaller towns with the charms such places have, too.

    Hotels, Lodges, fine dining and even artisan shopping as shown at
    See–this is the kind of thing I introduce my SBs to when out and about (excuse me–you’r ein Canade, so that should be Ooot-n-Aboot), showing them the things we tend to miss and not appreciate along the way.


  51. Kitty says:

    Yes, I believe so… And that is SOOOO exciting for me… *rolls eyes*

  52. The Lone Gunman says:


    I may be misremembering, but wasn’t Thunderbay a thriving mining area?


  53. Kitty says:

    Going to bring my snowsuit and make snow angels…. or hurry there and hurry back and forget I was ever there. DONE.

  54. TT (AKA Tantalizing Taz) says:

    oh and SNOW! :(

  55. Beach_Girl says:

    Ktty~ nothing is in Thunderbay! good luck lol…. joking , really, I have no idea… lol

  56. TT (AKA Tantalizing Taz) says:

    Hmmm – from what i have heard very wealthy people 😛 not much else lol

  57. Kitty says:

    #[email protected]% I hate my job.. going to Thunerbay tomorrow. WTF is in Thundrbay?? Please tell me??!!!!

  58. TT (AKA Tantalizing Taz) says:

    Hi Midwest – will be happy to finally meet you in Toronto!!!

    Kitty – lmao…

  59. Kitty says:

    Yes Daddy…

    (not MY daddy… but.. fitting)

  60. SincereSD says:

    Kitty and Cleo,

    For reason of privacy, I think we should discuss the restaurant offline. You never know who is reading the blog and whether unknown guest will crash the party.

    Just my 2 cents …

  61. Midwest says:

    ESB – I’m afraid Jade’s SD has officially has topped the “Wall of Shame” requests.

    Taz -Hi!!!

  62. TT (AKA Tantalizing Taz) says:

    Jade – I agree with AA – EWWW! What an ass.l

    Cleo – As far as dates – as long as it is not Easter or Mother’s Day I will do everything I can to be there :) I haven’t emailed you at that addy though…are you mad at me?? You got my addy girl 😉 Lol…beat me there 😛

  63. midwest says:

    Ncgent – Shameless!! But, freakin funnny.

  64. NC Gent says:

    That brings a whole new meaning to ‘barking for your bone.” My apologies in advance to Jade and others but I couldn’t resist. I will go back to work now :)

  65. Alluring Anna says:

    Ummmmm, I just have one thing to say Jade…..EWWWW!!

  66. midwest says:

    I LOVE the idea of a private room!

  67. Kitty says:

    Cleo: I didn’t even notice the music on the website. THere’s no speakers on this computer. 😉 Sorry lol… The restaurant’s got soft music. Don’t remember what exactly.

  68. Jade says:

    Let’s just say doggie style takes on a whole new meaning to me now. Ewwwww !

  69. cleo says:

    kitty i’m not veg but a very good friend is so i’m pretty aware

  70. cleo says:

    kitty i didn’t make it to the private areas, that’s a great idea. i really did find the website’s musical assault unbearably offensive. i hit mute every time and every time i hit a different page there went the accordion.

    please tell me the restaurant has better sound?


    i know at least one person will be more willing to come if we book a private room.. if anyone objects to italian tell me before monday at noon. (EST) :)

  71. JSO-TXSD says:

    hope everyone has a great weekend. I am out of here

  72. Kitty says:

    CLEO: Are you Vegan? or just Vegetarian? The reason I chose Donatello is because of their private areas… one of the best is their private roof top patio so romantic ♥

  73. midwest says:

    JSO- plans w me :-). No dates or sugar this weekend. Things look like they will hopefully change soon.

    Cleo- don’t sweat it! Those of us who will be there will have a great time. Its guaranteed with this bunch!

  74. cleo says:

    mmm donatello makes stracciatella… god my aunt hasn’t made me that in years and i miss it!

    i’m all right with 20 dollar entrees, i like the location but i will say that italian restaurants are notoriously terrible with vegetarian/vegan requests. if anyone coming is veg let me know :)

  75. cleo says:

    weird, i refreshed before posting and no posts, posted and then wham 30 posts…
    kitty: omg their website will not let me mute it! it looks amazing but wow their site is so irritating. okay… found my own mute button, off to check prices :)
    woo hoo jso has a girl friend!

  76. JSO-TXSD says:

    midwest – thanks. hope your search is going well. got any big plans for the weekend?

  77. cleo says:

    i’m very confused, i don’t recall ever suggesting that the sd’s foot the bill for dinner. in fact lil’sb and i spent half a dinner *mmm flamm* discussing where we could go that was nice, high class and still affordable for the girls because we didn’t think the men should be expected to pay.

    i’m sad that the men who spurred on the toronto meet aren’t coming or even chiming in about dates

    i’m sad to hear that a group of smart, beautiful and attractive women is an estrogen fest but i’m very excited to party with them.

    mostly this whole meet thing is really harshing my buzz

    okay. it’s friday.

    any sb/d’s interested in attending the toronto meet please email

    before monday at noon with your date requests or i am in fact picking a day and moving forward with an estrogen fest. ;>
    Midwest: thanks, that’s just what i was trying to say about the age thing…

    so what if i’m 38? i’m still dying to learn to surf, walk the great wall, get my business out of my living room, pay for enough pilates to actually stay in the kind of shape i want, take a two year training in philadelphia that would leave my business decimated, experience a man who is actually generous with his brain and his body and his wallet, polish my looks…

    and i’m with LASB, i am FAR more positive than i was when i was younger, i didn’t even learn to be positive until my mid 20’s.
    FL-SD your email requires thought to answer, coming shortly.
    lily i’m setting the date monday, pick one and chime in :)
    jade: never do anything that will tarnish the eyes you meet in the mirror.

    in other words, if you don’t wanna? if it crosses a personal line you never want to nudge?

    say no. if he can’t deal he can leave.

  78. midwest says:

    JSO- that was quick!! You don’t mess around. Congrats and have fun.

  79. JSO-TXSD says:

    beach – glad to hear you are good. have a good weekend

  80. Beach_Girl says:

    JSO~ yes, Back and safe! Congrats on the GF.. Wow i’ve been out of the loop!

    i’m off now… just trying to cool down,,, I need some rest I think

  81. JSO-TXSD says:

    Hey midwest – taking gf to houston to go shopping for the weekend.
    Hi – beach are you back from LA safe and sound.

  82. midwest says:

    Hi JSO! Any new dates lately?

  83. Beach_Girl says:

    JSO~ Hi how are you? Hope all is well

  84. JSO-TXSD says:

    Hi – everyone. Hope all is well
    Lone Gunman – I did not know you were going to be down that long. Sorry to hear that

  85. midwest says:


  86. LASB says:

    It’s ok. I’ll just change the subject.

  87. midwest says:

    Sorry friends. I realize I didn’t have to post every thougth :(

  88. Beach_Girl says:

    TLG~ i’m sure it will all work out… I’m sure it’s not a sugary time for you!

    I know it’s not a sugary time for me…. But what can you do … right?

    I am off, ciao Sugars!

  89. Lisa on the good side of the freeway says:

    Pardom me while I put down this barf bag

    Getting ready to go out with sd for lunch and to the supermarket to fill my fridge which is empty

    have a good afternoon everyone

  90. LASB says:

    Midwest – Oh *G, thanks for the visual. haha. I so did not go there until now. I was thinking something more along the lines of Michael Vick, but yeah, ok. Eeeeeewwww!

  91. midwest says:

    Jade- that comment leaves a lot to the imagination, but eeeewwwwwwww. I really hope I am wrong.

  92. The Lone Gunman says:


    The original surgery was in December in Australia.

    Two weeks after the final cast here was removed, it was determined that I had acquired an infection at the incision sites–so they went back in on an emergency basis and removed the souveniers installed Down Under. That was a week spent in hospital Stateside.

    I have a couple of neat high-tech Borg implants that are helping with the healing process, but very slooooooowly.

    This has screwed up Sugar for me something awful, as I cannot see trying to romance someone with attached tubes and devices plus crutches.


  93. Beach_Girl says:

    Midwest~ i can’t wait to see you again girl! meow…

  94. midwest says:

    Hi kitten! Yes I am going!

  95. midwest says:

    Hi mommapoppins! Welcome back!

    Sincere- I’m using Bolt and find two issues…I cannot keep it running and switch to other bb apps and I have to scroll right to center the blog at each refresh. Any suggestions?

  96. Beach_Girl says:

    TLG~ OMG… 3 months??? Wow, that’s insane,I would go crazy for sure. Well you could always have a private Nurse 😉 To take care of things… lol
    How long ago did you have your surgery?
    I’m sure you can find some things to do… but it’s gonna be a long 3 months

  97. mommapoppins says:

    Hey sugars! How is everyone, it has been a little while since i have been to the blog.

  98. The Lone Gunman says:


    Doing okay, but getting a little stir-crazy.

    Docs have informed me that there is no walking for another three months.

    Getting caught up on my reading pile now, plus more Internet play.


  99. Jade says:

    LASB – He never asked me if it was ok he just thinks I will do it, but to me it is animal abuse and just wrong !!!! I am pretty freaked out he is even into that type of stuff after a year now of seeing him. Shocking !

  100. Beach_Girl says:

    Hey Sugars!

    Midwest~ Hello Kitten, meow!!! Are you going to the TO meet? I think I will go…

    Sincere~ You won’t have to model Louboutins unless you want too 😀

    FLSD~ I agree with Midwest, we older SBs do have a lot to Offer!!

    TLG~ how are you doing?

    Lisa~ I think Metro PCS has good plans, not sure if you have them there… but it’s per month and no contracts… that is what i usually use when i’m in LA… it’s 45$ a month or something…

  101. LASB says:

    Hi Sugars!
    Just working and lurking. I hope everyone is having a great day!

    Jade – Did he give you an ultimatum? If you are not comfortable, definitely say no. Chances are, he’s bluffing. And if he’s not, sounds like he’s not someone you want to keep journeying with.

    Midwest – Well said on the older SBs.

    Hi Lils! Stamper is in! Sending it off today. :)

  102. midwest says:

    PS- I love Crackberry!

  103. midwest says:

    Jade – you do have a right to say no to something you are not comfortable with. Perhaps he doesn’t know where the line in the sand is drawn. Say it in such a way that he will understand, be respectful and not hold the allowance over your head. We all have our limits.

    Kitty- is that a bad thing?

    BB users- I use my browser. I’d like to use the feed, but the quickest refresh rate is an hour and even then it is limited to 10 posts. Opera gave me trouble with logins. I will try the Bolt browser- thanks Sincere!

    FL SD – thanks for iunderstanding!

  104. The Lone Gunman says:

    Kitty says:
    BLAH! ExSD just texted and asked me to be his SB again. What to do? What to do?

    Who ended the arrangement? What were the reasons–and are they still valid?

    What’s that old saw about doing the same thing and expecting a different result?

    FWIW, I had an exSB message me on SA wanting to come back. Asking those two questions above told me to stay away from her, as nothing would have changed concerning why I had ended the arrangement originally.


  105. Lily says:

    FL-SD, I don’t.

    Jade – (((hugs)))

    kitty – how do you feel about the offer?

    Toronto-meet-ers: wish I could take over the planning for cleo and also be there, but alas, I cannot make plans for may 1st, that week us busy.

    Euro meet anyone? For June? I could plan that!!

  106. Kitty says:

    It’s almost Spring here, I’m so happy :)

  107. yaz at work... says:

    lol….it was me last summer. Thanks
    I miss summer so much….

  108. Alluring Anna says:

    Yaz!! I love your avatar……gorgeous!

  109. yaz at work... says:

    lol im using my old email and my avatar popped up! yayyyyy

  110. Kitty says:

    YAY!! I’m at work too!!!!

  111. yaz at work... says:

    hey guys its me. im trying to follow the blog from work. Hope i dont get busted…lol

  112. Kitty says:

    CLEO: Check out donatellorestaurant and let me know what you think :)

  113. Kitty says:

    BLAH! ExSD just texted and asked me to be his SB again. What to do? What to do?

  114. FL-SD says:

    Hi Cleo, I sent you an email yesterday, regarding the meet…

  115. Kitty says:

    cleo: I understand.. let’s work on this together and get the plan set…

  116. cleo says:

    kitty: right now? 6 or 7 sb’s and 1 or 2 sd’s

    really i’m just frustrated

  117. SincereSD says:

    @kitty: haha, I meant it positively!

    @midwest: not sure if I could survive a 4some. Besides I already married to Shoogar.

    @bbusers: make sure you download the Bolt browser from the bb apps store. It’s free and works much better than rim’s browser.

  118. Kitty says:

    Jade: You have to tell him exactly what you do not want to do

  119. Lisa on the good side of the freeway says:

    I have ATT home phone and dsl service

  120. Jade says:

    My sugar daddy that I have had for the past year now has asked me to do something I do not want to do . I am not sure what to do at this point . I am just avoiding his calls right now as I am not sure how to handle it . I see him in a whole new light now . He is the bully type and just thinks I will do what he wants when he says ……..but this has gone to far !!

  121. FL-SD says:

    Lily – do you use an RSS reader for the blog on your iphone ?

  122. FL-SD says:

    Midwest – I agree with you about 30 / 40 -somethings SBs…. life experience counts for so much in making a connection with someone for me
    Lisa – ATT has a $60/month unlimited plan, It’s a Samsung phone, but pretty decent…
    Beach_Girl – good morning !

  123. Kitty says:

    I saw a swarovsky Hello Kitty Skin for iphone the other day… for that I want an iphone.

  124. Lily says:

    I love Following this blog on my iPhone! I just plain love my iPhone anyways.

  125. Kitty says:

    it’s like Charlie’s Angels!

  126. midwest says:

    Yeah Sincere! Shoogar and I will help Kitty. You will have your own personal sugar guardians!

  127. Kitty says:

    Not too sure if I feel special or not….

  128. SincereSD says:

    Good morning Ladies.

    I’m in if Kitty’s there. She can protect me against estrogen bearing sirens with her kung fu skills. I might even sponsor something but draw the line at modeling Loubotins. 😯

  129. Kitty says:

    I want a new bberry :( Actually I want an iphone.. it’s so much more chic

  130. Lisa on the good side of the freeway says:

    Thanks there are sprint stores all over the place here. something I might consider in the next month or so. Still trying to get used to my new surroundings and pissed about how my other landlord just busted into my apartment to make a repair and changed locks without contacting me. They made a mess and left soda cans everywhere. I have to go over next week to do some cleaning and take out some stuff left in the closets.

  131. Alluring Anna says:

    You can sign up for that plan and get a BB Curve for 49.99 or a Tour for 99.99. Hope I’m helping 😀

  132. midwest says:

    Most have an everything plans.

  133. Alluring Anna says:

    Lisa ~ Sprint has a plan right now that is 69.99 per month which includes all data services I believe. You should check it out!

  134. Lisa on the good side of the freeway says:

    What does normal service run monthly if I wanted to use the services everyone uses like internet, IM, etc?

  135. Alluring Anna says:

    I know Sprint has a plan like that Midwest.

  136. midwest says:

    Lisa – I think some companies can set you up with limits. This means they cut off your service if your bill exceeds the limit or is past due. The phones are available at little or no charge.

  137. Kitty says:

    Do you ladies just use the BB browser to view the blog, or do you have RRS Feed installed?

  138. Lisa on the good side of the freeway says:

    ok how do I go about getting a BB if I have bad credit and no credit card?

  139. Alluring Anna says:

    I’m also addicted to downloading BB themes and the BuzzBerry App.

    Midwest ~ I too feel that my BB addiction feeds my blog addiction… 😀

  140. midwest says:

    BTW- Gooooooood morning! Nice to see you Yaz, Kitty, AA, FLSD, and all

    I am midwest and I am a BB addict! It allows me to be a blog addict!

  141. midwest says:

    Kitty- getting better every day!

  142. Kitty says:

    It’s so super gorgeous here… The sun is shining,sky is blue, not a cloud in the sky. Is it this gorgeous where you are?

  143. midwest says:

    Cleo and Sincere – I’m pretty sure there will be a second SD at the Toronto meet. It is up to him to confirm and he is unable to respond at the moment.

    Cleo- you are doing a great job. SDN experienced the same frustration w date and location of the midwest meet as well as RSVPs. He set a date/place knowing it wasn’t perfect for everyone. He still ended up w 4 sbs and 3 sds and we had a great time. I think you will see similar results if you move forward w the planning.

    GREAT input last night…so glad to see the blog in this light!

    The weekend will be spent on self-rejuvenation and a positive focus on my continued search “just keep swimming…”

    SD- I completely respect and understand the desire for 20-something SBs. I am going to represent the more mature SBs and gently remind you that there are amazing 30 and 40-something SBs who have not experienced life to its fullest, who are starting over from giving the better part of their lives to everyone else, who want to return to school or start a business, who are in their sexual prime with experience to match, who have less drama and potentially grown kids (or none), etc., etc. I lOVE our blog gents, but will ask all to keep an open mind. XOXO

  144. Alluring Anna says:

    Hey Yaz! 😀

    Sorry your plans were cancelled :(

    Hi BG!

    Hello FL-SD and Kitty 😀

  145. Kitty says:

    Hey Beach Girl, Hey Anna!

  146. Beach_Girl says:

    Morning everyone!

    Back to my normal schedule… A long day ahead for me!

    Hope everyone is good

    FL SD~ Hi and Welcome

    Hey Anna, Kitty, Yaz, Lisa and everyone else i missed

  147. Yaz says:

    Annnnnna! :-)

  148. FL-SD says:

    Morning all. My SB has children. It’s just understood that they come first – always. Yes, it’s meant a couple of cancellations and extra phone calls to them or the sitter, etc., but it was understood up front
    The time together is the getaway time that helps both of us retain sanity and do a better job of handling all our obligations IRL.

  149. Alluring Anna says:

    Me ~ Hi, My name is Anna and I’m a BB addict

    Everyone ~ Hi Anna

    LOL….. 😀

  150. Kitty says:

    u have a SD YAz? I’ve been so out of the loop

  151. Kitty says:

    lol wats ur pin??

  152. Yaz says:

    Im here Kitty :-)

    Getting ready for work. Miss you! I have become a BB addict just like you LOL but mine does not have all the bling bling yet haha

  153. Kitty says:


  154. Lily says:

    Morning everyone. Sun shines brightly over here as well.

    TLG, I have plans to meet a pot tomorrow and an SD on Sunday, as I’ve already told everyone.

    Anyone else have sugar dates lined up?

  155. Yaz says:

    SD and I were supposed to meet this weekend but he cancelled because of work. Poo…..Business men and their crazy schedule :-(
    I’ll have to wait til next week lol

  156. Yaz says:

    Good Morning You all! It s a beautiful day here :-)

  157. Lisa on the good side of the freeway says:

    Good morning everyone

    Beautiful day in Houston

    On the subject of lying about age, I am often mistaken for younger, maybe because I still shop in the junior section, but I never lie on my profile. It just makes things too complicated when you are having a conversation as you’ve got to remember to alter graduation years, age of marriage, age of children etc. For example if I lied and said I was 35, I would have to explain graduating from highschool at 9 years old, getting married married at 12 and having a child at 15.

    I’ve done fairly well though although it took about a year to find any real sd success. In the past year I’ve had some nice sds. The first one was short lived as he didn’t like to drive to see me even though he only lived 35 miles away. Since then I’ve met 2 and been able to take a nice vacation to NY and just this week moved to a very nice apartment with a prepaid lease.

  158. Kitty says:

    Cleo: what’s the potential number of guests?

  159. Kitty says:

    To be honest, I don’t care if there are men are not. But if there are interested men, we can leave them out. Agreed? I don’t want to take over but put a post with a set time and date and location. See who comes. :) If there is 1 SD, we can’t have him pay for the entire prty. (unless he volunteers) THat’s why I think most SDs don’t want to be the only SD there. So if there will be SD/SB together, there shoud be sponsorship with different aspects like Party favors, dinner, wine, after dinner events etc. etc. Make sure everyone that’s interested get on the forum. Trust me, its the easiest way.

  160. The Lone Gunman says:

    It’s Fabulous, Fabulous Friday!


    YOUR weekend starts NOW!!!!!

    Are you plotting to meet a Potential or will it be a Poofer this weekend?

    What will happen for you in the next few days?


  161. cleo says:

    kitty i’ll tell you what, i’ll email you the password and you can take over. i am not scheduling a meet with no men, perhaps you with your longer history can have more luck.

    unless no one cares if it’s only us girls meeting in toronto? cause if no one cares that there won’t be any (maybe one) men there i’m for it. otherwise you can do it.

  162. NC Gent says:

    I combine my sugar dates with my business trips. Because of that, it doesn’t take time away from my kids. My kids have way more than they need and way more than I ever had growing up :)

  163. Alluring Anna says:

    Hi NC! 😀

  164. Lily says:

    Kitty, I love it!! Then I’m not the only one!!

    I felt your pain re: the shopping trip that wasn’t!!


  165. Kitty says:

    Sorry guys, super opinionated today, writing up a storm

  166. Kitty says:

    Do you feel guilty when you know there are small children in your sugar’s life, since theoretically they could be expending those resources (time/energy/money) on the kids, somehow…?

    From the few SDs I know that has kids, I know they spoil them rotten already, so I don’t feel bad if they spend some of their resource on me. Seriously, SDs don’t just have a little bit more disposable income, they have A LOT more. And frankly, perhaps some of them need to spead a little less resource of their spoiled kids. But I always encourage SDs to spend more time with their kids. My father was a SD of sorts… and he didn’t spend anytime with me or my brothers. Sure we got EVERYTHING we wanted, but we definitely miss a true father figure.

  167. Kitty says:

    Thanks Lily… You really know what you want! Have fun with your zazzoom SD on SUnday :) Very jealous of your 2 SDs.

    Speaking of shopping/presents: I went shopping and dinner with an old SD for fun last week. We played SD/SB for the day and we went to Yorkdale for a spree. I COULDN’T PICK OUT A THING! There were a couple things I thought I wanted. But at the end, we left the mall empty handed cuz there wasn’t anything that enticed me. WTF is wrong with me? Yes, I even went into the Prada sectioon in Holt’s and NOTHING, not even a sparkle. I was like an impotant man.

  168. Lily says:

    Oh, by the way, random question for those who feel like humoring my curiosity:

    do you feel guilty when you know there are small children in your sugar’s life, since theoretically they could be expending those resources (time/energy/money) on the kids, somehow…?

    I sort of struggle with that part…knowing he could be spending that time with his kids or money on a nest egg for their future. In a perfect world, my sugar is rich enough so the money’s no issue, and the kids are already teen age or older.

    The same question applies to SDs, if you know she has small kids you are taking her away from, if it’s a trip or other extended date?

    Just curious.

  169. NC Gent says:

    Hi Lily — I agree it is a healthy dose of semantics (and perhaps rationalization) but from my readings on the blog, I think very few SDs never talk about the allowance… that was the root of my questioning my daddiness :)

    Always good to see you Kitty. Hi Anna :)

  170. Lily says:

    Kitty, great post!!
    That is #1 on my ten commandments of searching for a sugar daddy, featured in a handy list on the front page of my blog. I guess great minds think alike!! 😉

  171. Lily says:

    I think lover + benefits = sugar daddy.


    I want to come to a NYC meet too, keep me in the loop re: possible dates. At least it’s a nonstop flight for me.

    Date with a pot tomorrow night, if you can even call him that. I seriously doubt anything more than an affair would be possible there, but he’s crazy sexy and I told him the ball-park of what I’m seeking, so… *shrug* just drinks with a handsome man, what could it hurt. Maybe he gets smitten & surprised me by jumping on board for something similar to what I’m seeking.
    Yes, I’m definitely still shopping around, and I feel kind of guilty about the one who may not make the cut, if eventually my sugar dance card gets too full. He’s just so clingy & the homer simpson humor… Sigh. I’ll keep trying to work on it, but I’ve been so up-front and honest and still he doesn’t seem to alter much.

    I have to start thinking about how to best transition the relationship towards friendship if I find a replacement. I do enjoy his company and care about him, but the feelings are grossly imbalanced.

    I see zazazoomSD on Sunday evening & am looking forward to it. it’s been 3 weeks & I miss him!!! He’s an allowance daddy that I have turned into a gift daddy, how funny is that, when most of you are trying to figure out how to turn gift daddies into allowance daddies. He’d give me the allowance in cash if I opted for it, but it’s easier on his finances if there is something I could have him buy for me that he could feasibly wrote off as a business expense. Since I know it’s 3 times more of a strain on his finances to pull cash out of his economy for me, rather than having his company purchase something business related, I’m happy to do things that way (and the amount spent is pretty flexible, too, given the inherent savings, so I can choose something more expensive than the amount of the allowance I would have gotten.

    I suprisingly 😉 have no trouble coming up with purchase ideas that could be creatively categorized as a business expense, and it’s much less of a financial burden for him to bear. He hardly has time to see me, so I want things to be as easy and sustainable for him as possible. And I have BaldHottie paying my bills, anyway.

    Neither of my SDs are rich. Successful but not rich. Can’t get too greedy when the well has limitations. If I were to get into an arangement with someone who was really able to participate in an exceptional relationship, I could re-work my life and even be exclusive. Let’s see. At least my savings aren’t fast disappearing while I lazily poke around and search for this dream SD…

    I like these two married men and I am indeed grateful for their support and spoiling. Built into the agreement was a promise to end things amicably at any time, on either end. No contracts. This works pleasantly for now, but I guess I’m dreaming bigger.

    Maybe even a single guy, with potential for the arrangement to turn into more….

  172. Kitty says:

    WRT age: I have a very set range. There must be a focus for myself to market myself upon. I will not mass market myself to the entire populus. That is when I will get every scum bag under the rock. But if I take the time to search and present myself properly and focus on enticing only the kind that I want to entice, my success rate will triple. By success, I do not mean getting 5 billion e-mails. On the contrary I will only get 1 or 2 a month. But guess what? These are REAL pots; real SDs that understand me and likes what I have to offer and can provide what I need. In the end, I will get what I want and nt have settled

  173. Alluring Anna says:

    Good morning!

    I would love to come to another meet! If I’m invited of course 😉

  174. Kitty says:

    Cleo, I am no longer accepting this flimpsyness of the Toronto meet. We need to set a date, place and time and get it settled! One thing I learned in business is never schedule a meeting on everyone else’s terms. Schedule it on yours. There is always someone that won’t be able to make it. If you ask 10 ppl wen is best, they all say different times, what do you do? Sillyness right? With that said, I think May 1st is a great date. it’s far ahead in advance and people who want to come will make the arrangements to make it. Remember it’s not the quantity of people that matters, it’s the quality. Even it’s only a 4 person meet. Cleo, forward the forum address to everyone that is even remotely interested and let’s get the show on the road. I will be more than happy to help you plan this. This cannot be more dificult than Vegas.

  175. NC Gent says:

    Hi SSSD – good to see you again. We are pretty much on opposite ends of the spectrum regarding the business nature of our sugar relationships, but it is just an example of the different varieties of sugar that work for people. I actually think I may not truly be a sugar daddy – my current SB calls me her lover with benefits because she despises the thought of being an SB.

    Anyways, I might be able to make the next NYC meet. I need to make a trip up there. I will help Shoogar Shoes coordinate if she is willing to jump in.

  176. Kitty says:

    k going to read through the blog now

  177. Kitty says:

    Are there any sugar fans in tha house? What other sugar worthy TV shows and/or characters should be added to the list?

    >> I love Cougar Town! Hilarious show. Anybody seen the show “Tough Love”? There was a sugar baby there. Ok wait, I think she might be more of a gold digger

    If you were the star of your own sugar reality show, what would it be called?


    What are some fast ways a sugar daddy or sugar baby can step up their game? Re-arrange profile pics? Upgrade to premium?

    >>The most intriguing, most mysterious photo as profile picture. Makes the opposite side want to open your profile to check you out. Upgrading to premium is a no brainer. it’s the easiest most effective way to get noticed. But switching back and forth from being premium and not has its advantages too. When you switch from premium to not, you become the top profile in either section. Hece more presence. O, Please use mature language and don’t forget your e-manners. CAPs and !!!!! are not attractive.

    How has your sugarlife been lately?

    >>I’ve been providing my own sugarlife so I’ve been good to me. I spoil myself.

  178. Lily says:

    Somehow there is an inherent unwillingness for wealthy men to part with their money & share it with the object of their romantic desire in non-traditional, non-escort-y ways? Genuine SDs who enjoy being generous are actually rare? They get too jaded after being scammed too many times?

    I’m wondering and curious as to why so many say what LASB has said….that men are normally coming out of the woodwork to date her, but to sugar date her? Not so much.


    The only difference is the economic expectation inherent and what a very difficult dance that is to tread well, without shooting the budding romance in the foot.

  179. LASB says:

    Cleo – I hear ya. I was so clueless in my 20s! I’m still sort of clueless, but I like where I’m at now. Actually, I get more attention than I did in my 20s, but it’s mostly because I’m the only 30-something single woman in LA. I.e. If a man wants to date a woman in their 30s, he *has* to date me. haha! Although my nonSD dance card can be as full as I want, I somehow can’t seem to transform it into anything sugary. *sigh*

  180. cleo says:

    oh yeah… toronto meet

  181. cleo says:

    so let me get this straight

    none of the apparently interested sd’s (bar one who emailed me but has not given permission to disclose) have emailed about the toronto meet. one other surprised me by suggesting he might make it and suggesting a possible alternate date.

    so boys, all of you that “might” come if another man is there? send me some dates for the love of all things holy or i can’t make this work.

    nygent was all over a toronto meet but now isn’t. sincere will come if someone else does. i have two very definite maybes otherwise. sdn is awol and i can’t remember where i put his email address (midwest you can get him right?) and CdnGent has disappeared (but i’m sure someone has his email) and that’s what i know.

    may 1st was a random date to get people talking, none of us locals care much at all…
    the age thing is so funny for me.

    when i was in my early 20s i was a complete sexual innocent and now when i have skills and lust and passion and zest i can’t get a man to shake a stick at me. well no that isn’t true, i can do that.

    so many women come into their own in their thirties that i’m surprised more men aren’t chasing them. i guess sometimes confidence isn’t sexy. i even think i understand why.

    good thing i don’t mind celibacy; it took me far too long to get to the place where i like myself and believe i’m a babe, no way am i going back to where that isn’t true.

  182. Lily says:

    Megs–that’s happened to me so many times that I start to feel slightly jaded anymore when those thoughts start to cross my mind and I start to feel that way about a gentleman………., but for your sake, I hope this one is absolutely your new “keeper!”

  183. Beach_Girl says:

    LASB~ if you come to Montreal we have to get together! I live here… 😀

    Toronto meet, I should be able to go… just need to know when…

    Good night all… way too tired now~

  184. Megs says:

    Just had an awesome conversation with a potSD… I really really really think this could be “the one”. *crossing my fingers, legs, ankles, toes…eyes..everything!*

  185. LASB says:

    Hey Beach! Yeah, too bad our schedules didn’t match up well. :( But I’m glad you had fun here and maybe we will cross paths at one of the other meets. I’m planning to be in NYC and FL in late spring and Montreal in the fall.

  186. TT (AKA Tantalizing Taz) says:

    Sincere – you CAN now commit to the Toronto meet – yay! So glad I caught that for ya 😉 I do believe that FLSD said he was available the second week in May – sooo that means you have your partner in crime 😉

    I am sure more will join in when a few commit 😀 Since FLSD was the first SD to mention a good weekend – are we staying with this one??

    Hello everyone else **BIG wave**

  187. Yaz says:

    Good night guys :-)

  188. Pecas says:

    Hi sugar family, I’m a newie and I love to read the blog, thanks for all!

  189. Beach_Girl says:

    Hi everyone!

    LASB~ how are you? Too bad we didn’t get to meet in La La Land :( hopefully i’ll be back soon 😀

    Sincere~ I get mistaken for younger all the time, I am told I look and act more like i’m 27 than my age 😀 It’s great IRL but on my profile I don’t lie… so it’s not good!

  190. LASB says:

    Sincere – I have so-so genetics, but live pretty healthy. The number one age deferring factor for me is lots of sleep. When I lack sleep, I start looking my age. :( That’s great that you are so youthful. Yes, perhaps our blood at least comes from the same continent.

    Megs – Usually the blog will post meet announcements. Typically someone will throw it out there and who ever can make it will write in.

  191. SincereSD says:

    LASB says: I still get mistaken for younger than I am based on looks.

    Definitely a byproduct of good genetics and healthy living. It sounds like you and I are of the same ethnicity as well.

    Most SB are floored when I tell them how old I am. I usually get mistaken for someone 10-15 years younger and I have to show my DL to prove my age.

    I don’t know if it’s a complement or not but pot SB also tell me I don’t act my age.

  192. Yaz says:

    Megs~ There are a LOT more meets this year than last year and what I like about that is that SDs and SBs get to meet in different states. I wish I could make it to the Toronto meet but May is going to be a big month for me so I can’t go….

  193. Megs says:

    I’m intrigued about these meets. How often do you guys get together?

  194. Yaz says:

    Sincere said

    “Yea, collateral damage was going on too many dates and gaining 10lbs. Luckily my new SB put me on a rigorous physical activity program and worked the pounds off 😉 ”

    LOL Thats the kind of SB every man needs 😉

  195. Yaz says:

    LASB~ SSSD was the only SD at our Vegas meet and although it WAS an estrogen fest….I am pretty sure he loved every minute of it 😉

  196. LASB says:

    SincereSD – I prefer the clarity too. My current pot doesn’t want to discuss it. It’s all very unclear and as I’ve said on previous blogs, I may be heading for a huge trainwreck. I like him anyhow, but really have an appreciation for how you and SSSD answer questions up front.

    SDs – NYGent took us a few of us SBs out one evening where it was just him. Now you are making me question whether it ended up being too much of an estrogen fest. I just assumed he liked being surrounded by ladies. I’m actually a bit surprised that a couple of Alpha males like yourself feel you need another fellow to “hold down the fort” with you. HA!

  197. SincereSD says:

    SSSD says: I feel this approach enhances the romance in the long run, although it can be initially confusing and unromantic.

    I’m in 100% agreement with you on this point. IMHO, it’s all about developing trust with your SB and enhancing the relationship. I provide my SB with an allowance in advance as well as providing several months of support when it’s over. It’s a small token of my appreciation but an important step in ensuring my friend is well taken as she transitions into her next endeavor.

    There are other SD who do not like to discuss the financial aspects of a relationship. I seem to recall that NCG enters relationships without a clearly understood arrangement; he said it works for him but doesn’t necessarily recommend his approach to other SB.

    SSSD says: “Carpet bombing,” I love the term… Beware of collateral damage! 😉

    Yea, collateral damage was going on too many dates and gaining 10lbs. Luckily my new SB put me on a rigorous physical activity program and worked the pounds off 😉

    SSSD says: I particularly had no response from other SD, and I didn’t want the whole group discussion become an estrogen-fest.

    Funny, I told Kitty the same thing about the toronto meet; I would not confirm my attendance without knowing another SD would be there. Talk about being defenseless and feeling like a piece of meat :roll:

  198. Megs says:

    SSSD – You described me! Maybe we would be ideal 😉

  199. Yaz says:

    Did SSSD run away????

    OK ok I was just kidding…You can come out

  200. LASB says:

    Rudeness and cheapskate-ism is never acceptable. Neither is a horrible entitlement attitude. That goes for both SBs and SDs. I’m actually ok with the pervs, but only after everyone is comfortable. hehe.

  201. Yaz says:

    SSSD~ I can help with coordination :-)

  202. SSSD says:

    LASB wrote: “SSSD – Do you ever get to the end of the contract and renew? Or is the ending date set in stone?”

    There is one renewal built into the contract. Some parts of the contract have extended in the past due to the underlying project, but not from the romance point of view.

    The contract outlines only a business commitment. If the romantic aspect doesn’t work out the SB can terminate the relationship and keep the contract. In other words, I continue to give the stipend but there is no requirement for the relationship. If she terminates the project, however, the whole contract is ended. So both sides take risk and make a commitment: I commit financially and she commits to a project.

    This was outlined in some fashion in the New York Times article.

    This seems to work because it is extraordinarily difficult to find an SB who can actually commit to a project of relevant term where I can make an interesting and meaningful contribution.

  203. Helenskia says:

    SB/SD can step up their game by avoiding coming off as bitchy, demanding, slutty, stupid or desperate (for SBs) and for SDs, avoid coming off as a perv, creep, control/rude freak, cheapskate or desperate fart in dire need of young blood to spice up your life. Also, both parties can step up their game by including major turn on/offs, what you are looking for & expecting in return.

    My SB life is quite exciting but i know it can be much more exciting so am eager to meet a man who actually thinks with the main head not just the one in his pants.

  204. LASB says:

    SSSD – Someone has to stick up for the old folk on here. 😉

  205. SSSD says:

    LASD, I think you are right. I’m still learning…

  206. SSSD says:

    SincereSD: “Carpet bombing,” I love the term… Beware of collateral damage! 😉

    BTW, I couldn’t get quite a large enough group together for Sunday in NYC (I’m in Singapore presently) so I cancelled it. I particularly had no response from other SD, and I didn’t want the whole group discussion become an estrogen-fest. What if the topics turned hostile to SD, trading stories of all those bad SDs that have foully mistreated these wonderful women? I’d be alone there, perhaps with as many as a half dozen women with hostile intent, some of whom might be familiar with knots and handcuffs… hmm… 😉

    On a more serious note, we can reschedule this to some other time when I can persuade Shoogar Shoes to help out with coordination and there is more advance notice.

  207. LASB says:

    Oh yeah, and I will add, I think often we get less jaded with age. I believe the more I learn, the wider my sense of awe and inspiration gets and the less fearful of people and situations I am. Also, the more I just let things go. Maybe part of is that I see how finite life is. When I was 20, life seemed like it would go on forever. Getting well into my 30s, I think I take a lot less for granted and I appreciate things that I used to not even notice in my 20s. And really, I no longer have time for conflict. I understand that not all women are that way and some do grow jaded, but there is a large part of the population who becomes more enlightened, compassionate, and adventurous as we age.

  208. Helenskia says:

    My show will be called Spice of Life because am exotic, spicy and authentic!
    And umm if someone uses this name i hope am credited and rewarded! lol (seriously)

  209. LASB says:

    Sincere – Sorry, I meant to say, I don’t see the point of lying for myself. I get why people want to optimize their chances of showing up on searches, but I personally would rather not. True, I’m a very young version of 35, meaning I’m not on the marriage/baby train, have very few responsibilities/overhead, I am super active physically and socially (love to play and party still,) and I still get mistaken for younger than I am based on looks. However, I am further along in my life than someone in their 20s and I think I’d prefer a man who appreciates that. Thus, I get a lot less hits than the younger women or women stating late 20s, but the men who contact me are actually looking for someone with my life experience and there’s a different level of respect. I understand that many SDs want a doe eyed girl to influence, but I’d rather not waste their time trying to fake my way into that category.

    SSSD – Do you ever get to the end of the contract and renew? Or is the ending date set in stone?

  210. SSSD says:

    Hi, SincereSD! Good to see you here.

    I’m in Singapore, better connectivity. Leave tonight for Europe.

    I agree that age is not the biggest criteria, but it is a criteria. If I were looking for a long-term relationship I would have different criteria. An arrangement, to me, is an opportunity to help shape the future of a woman while mixing in some romance. I do this for men also but without the romance.

    To me, an ideal SB is in her mid twenties. Could she be younger or older? Absolutely. But statistically the attributes I seek will be in that age band. Somebody who is wise enough to have learned about the world and her realistic goals within it. Somebody with the experience to have tried more than once and failed at least once. The life lessons from failure are invaluable and I can not teach them didactically. Too young and they lack this perspective, lack the appreciation of failure, and perhaps set their goals too unrealistically. At the same time I need somebody who is inexperienced enough to have the wide-eyed wonderment of what I can show, the appreciation for the treatment of a gentleman, a lack of jadedness and cynicism that I find fun in friends but not as much in a romance, and an energy and joie de vivre that comes most often in the young and hopeful.

    Rather than writing all that, I write down an age range. 😉

  211. SincereSD says:

    Welcome back SSSD. Good to see you here and I’m looking forward to some interesting discussions!

    BTW, I didn’t get to thank you for your advise on playing the odds and using a broader but more comprehensive search. I call it the “carpet bombing” strategy and it’s reduced the length of my SB search from 120+days down to about 45 days.

  212. SSSD says:

    NC Gent said:
    > I never talked about the ending until that time arrived.
    > Some prefer to do it, but I don’t really like to talk about
    > the end, especially when I am so excited about the beginning.

    I am very sympathetic to this point of view. But I make the end contractual at the very beginning. As in “in writing.” Which may seem cold, but if I think of the SB, the uncertainty of an arrangement creates a difficult financial planning challenge. Also, because I prefer the SB to have only myself as an SD, a lack of a solid commitment means she has incentive to keep other options open and places additional stress and performance anxiety on the romantic aspect. So I prefer to make the financial and time commitment (and therefore “the end”) quite certain, and leave the uncertainty to the two individuals involved.

    I feel this approach enhances the romance in the long run, although it can be initially confusing and unromantic.

  213. SincereSD says:

    LASB says: For the age thing, I really think it depends on the guy. My last BF was about 27 years older, but I’ve also dated a few younger men.

    Totally agree that age is less important than the other traits of a person. However I do put an age band on my search and at the risk of sounding like a hypocrite, I prefer my SB in their mid to late 20’s.

    Age is more of a factor in internet dating than IRL dating. There are just too many SB profiles to search through without using age as a filter. IRL dating, I would imagine you get to know your date a bit before asking how old they are. If you weren’t interested, you probably wouldn’t have accepted the date.

    LASB says: My age on my profile is my real age. I don’t see the point in lying.

    This has debated several times on previous blogs. Several people on the blog understate their age to optimize their appearances in search criteria. I can tell you that SB in their early 30’s or early 40’s routinely shave several years off their profile. If you want to validate that fact, scan some SB profiles; you will notice a curious void of 30-33yo and 39-43yo SB.

    I have to admit to taking some youth potion and removing 3 years off my age on my profile. Believe it or not, the number of unsolicited inquiries as well as the response rate to my emails tripled with that one change.

  214. Lisa on the good side of the freeway says:

    You can be evicted on the 8th of the month here for nonpayment of rent. They lock you out of your apartment.

  215. Lisa on the good side of the freeway says:

    Yes gotta love Texas apartment association. Well I got in with no deposit and of course the place I just moved from lost all the paperwork when the office was burned to the ground, they couldn’t even tell my current landlord how long I had lived there.

    The place I live now is owned by Metro national which owns everything on this side of the freeway, including the mall. They have high standards and that keeps the riff raff out.

  216. LASB says:

    LA is extremely tenant friendly. Landlords have no rights. You can squat in a place, never pay rent, and the landlord has to take you to court to kick you out. And then, you can just keep avoiding court by postponing the date. It’s crazy here.

  217. LASB says:

    Sugarbarbie – “Questionable.”
    OOOHHH, I can soooo relate!

  218. sugarbarbie says:

    If you were the star of your own sugar reality show, what would it be called?

    Hmmm “The Real Life of a Sugar Barbie” hehe

    How has your sugarlife been lately?

  219. The Lone Gunman says:

    Lisa on the good side of the freeway:

    Texas has always been a notoriously landlord-friendly state. Back in the day when I rented, the thing to try and avoid was anyone using the boilerplate Texas Apartment Association (TAA) lease paperwork–you were going to get screwed, no question. That lease had so many outs for the lanlord in it that you just figured your deposits were never coming back to you when you moved out.

    The bright side for you, no matter what, is that you are OUT of the place you were–and it shines brightly through your recent writings here for us all to see.

    PLUS–Percy has a new friend!


  220. Lisa on the good side of the freeway says:

    Houston landlords suck. You gotta give them 30 days notice to move and they have to give you 2 days days to move out when they decide to make you move.
    I’m paid for the month and it sucks that they didn’t even bother to contact me about the lock change. Left soda cans all over my kitchen like they were hanging out there or something. I’ve got to go over next week with my mom to throw out some junk. My electric is still on over there even though I have everthing turned off (fridge open) so I hope they don’t decide to go in there and use my ac to cool off. It’s just totally crazy.

    At my new place, the bathroom ventilator was making a little noise (I listed it on the move in check list but really didnt care if made the noise) and they came over today and replaced it with a brand new one.

  221. LASB says:

    Wow, LIsa! Sounds like you got out of there just in time! Not sure how it works in Houston, but in LA, they would have to pay you back the rent for the time where your apartment was uninhabitable.

  222. Lisa on the good side of the freeway says:


    I must have missed the new blog, posted on other blog. Went to old apartment today to find lock changed even though it’s mine till the end of march. Went to office found out they had to break into my apartment because bathtub pipes exploded in walls and downstairs neighbors were flooded. The whole wall is ripped out, so glad i moved out just in time. Very angry they didn’t bother to call me and tell me they were in my apartment.

    On a positive note, daughter brought her turtle over to visit me, Percy fell in love with it and was dancing around with his feathers spread. So I guess percy has a new friend, lol

  223. LASB says:

    Hi Sugars!
    For the age thing, I really think it depends on the guy. My last BF was about 27 years older, but I’ve also dated a few younger men. My pot SD claimed to be 40, but there is no way that guy is 40, so I called him out on it. He laughed and said I was right, but still won’t tell me his age. He asked me to guess, and I said 54, but he says he’s under 50. Oops. My age on my profile is my real age. I don’t see the point in lying.

  224. SincereSD says:

    MW, I would have guessed more than 30 years difference but we are both wrong.

    Britt Ekland +2yrs
    Penny Lancaster -26yrs

  225. ESB says:

    I have dated some guys who have gone above and beyond to impress me. Taken me to places they can not afford, bought me stuff they shouldn’t have. One guy I was dating paid my rent!! But to have a man who was more than capable of treating me better than that, and didn’t, was appalling. He had no class. Shameful…

  226. ESB says:

    Midwest: <3 :)

  227. Midwest says:

    ESB – Ugh…he will get his eventually. Goodness knows he does’t deserve you!

    Sincere – Guessing…at least 30 years!

  228. ESB says:

    I haven’t had one, and don’t want to give one second hand, but I have heard some really fantastic ones.. that is what keeps me going. The really great ones, like the ones that dreams are made of. Some day….

  229. Megs says:

    ESB – wow! That is definitely a crap experience! Now I want to hear a GOOD one :) I just love to hear the stories. That should be a blog topic – what is the best sugar date you have been on? What is the worst sugar date you have been on? Or was that already a topic…before I joined? haha

  230. ESB says:

    LOL.. I dont mind telling you… he flew me down there for a weekend. Was 20 minutes late picking me up at the airport… at 11:20 at night!! spend the night with him (it was AWFUL!! He’s one that had no idea what he was doing!) left me the next morning at like 8, said he’d be back in a few hours, got there at 3! (I was STARVING!) OH, I stayed at the Hampton. There was NO food there, no place close by to eat, nothing to do there… He took me to the Ritz for supper. That was nice, got back to the room at 9-9:30. he left me again, came back the next day at 1, my flight left at 2… 30 minute drive to the airport.. and he walks out of the hotel, with me and my baggage standing there! Yes, I had to carry it all myself. He did help me put it in his trunk. I got to the airport 30 minutes before my flight, had to grab a quick bite to eat.. Almost missing my flight… oh, I ask him for my allowance.. he said I didnt’ earn it!! LMAO!!! WTF!! are you kidding me, but he did give me $100 for parking at the airport. I just have to laugh about the whole mess… it was classic! He was so NOT what he said he was. I think he might have been one of those 80% that is married when he claimed to be single!!

  231. SincereSD says:

    MW, speaking of age differences – what was the age gap of Rod and his sugarbabes?

  232. Midwest says:

    One of my all-time favorite songs! Yeah Sincere!

  233. SincereSD says:

    Ha, finally beat Shoogar Shoos with some musical trivia!

    That’s the lyrics from You’re in my heart by Rod Steward:

    You’re ageless, timeless, lace and fineness, you’re beauty and elegance
    You’re a rhapsody, a comedy, you’re a symphony and a play
    You’re every love song ever written, but honey what do you see in me

    You’re in my heart, you’re in my soul
    You’ll be my breath should I grow old
    You are my lover, you’re my best friend
    You’re in my soul

  234. Megs says:

    ESB What AZ story?? Is it posted somewhere?? I want to know the worst SB date ever! :) Not that I want to humor myself at your expense… just like hearing everyones experiences

  235. ESB says:

    Midwest: and that was the GOOD part!! LOL… live and learn!!

  236. Midwest says:

    TLG – You’re ageless, timeless, (lace and fineness) :-)

    Name that tune…

    ESB – I’m so glad you can look back and laugh. I don’t even know what happened beyond you spending most of the time in your own hotel room.

  237. ESB says:

    Midwest: LMAO.. to funny… I guess I should say 20 year range… 10 years younger or 10 years older! 😉

    I now have 2 very promising pots who are with in 3 years of my age. Looking pretty good. Gonna meet with one on Monday! He is awesome on the phone, totally gets how the whole SD/SB relationship works, and has had 2 SBs before me. That should make this easier.

    OH, and he said 80% of the SDs who say they are single, really are not. He’s met with alot of SBs who have shared horror stories with him. Had me in tears laughing!! BUT he said my AZ story was by far the worst he has ever heard. I get to go down in SB history for worse SD date ever!! yeah me! (?)

  238. The Lone Gunman says:

    Midwest says:
    Sincere – LOL…you are quite the statistician! All the SD’s in the 40-43 and 50-54yo range are in Naughty Molly’s dungeon.

    No I’m not!!!


  239. Midwest says:

    Sincere – LOL…you are quite the statistician! All the SD’s in the 40-43 and 50-54yo range are in Naughty Molly’s dungeon.

  240. SincereSD says:

    IMHO, people spend too much time worrying about the age difference.

    Age is just a number and only one of the criteria used to select a partner. Compatibility to me is far more important than age as I have dated pot SB from with age gaps of 10-30 years. I have met some very mature 21 yo and some immature 36yo.

    However, I can understand that some SB would be uncomfortable with a SD who could pass for their father or grandfather or some SD would not want to be seen being intimate with a woman who could be mistaken as their daughter, niece or granddaughter.

    In scanning SA profiles, I have noticed definite thresholds in age preferences amongst SBs. I’m guessing the preferred age difference is in the 10-20 year range. However there seems to be an absolute threshold or ceiling for SD under 50 amongst SB who are less than 35yo.

    Call me skeptical but I rarely believe the age listed in someone’s profile. I have encountered SB claiming to be older than they actually are e.g. an 18yo claiming she was 22; or more commonly, Sb in their early 30’s, claiming to be in their late twenty’s.

    Of course, I’ll bet this never happens with SD profiles but there’s a distinct lack of SD’s in the 40-43 and 50-54yo range … I guess they are all in happy LTR 😛

  241. Flo Rida says:

    Age gap of 9or 10yrs for me.

  242. Alluring Anna says:

    Hi NYGent! Nice to see you 😀

  243. NYGent says:

    Hi, I cannot make the May 1 Toronto meet but don’t reschedule on account of me as I’m traveling a lot in the coming weeks and pre-occupied with stuff. Have a good time!

  244. The Lone Gunman says:

    Thank you cleo.

    I am what I am—The Lone Gunman!


  245. cleo says:

    TLG i’ve met men in their sixties i would have begged for and men my age that left me cold. it’s all in the man. and you sir seem like the type that any woman would feel lucky to share time with

  246. The Lone Gunman says:

    Age differences.


    Would you believe 30 years? And she really hated for the arrangement to end?


  247. Alluring Anna says:

    For me I would say 10 to 30 years would be a good range.

    Hi all 😀

  248. FL-SD says:

    Lily – eeegads.. I couldn’t agree more….

  249. Megs says:

    Hey all in the sugar bowl! Just caught up the new blog.
    Ugh…I’m in Wisconsin right now, and am sick. blahhhhhhhh Not fun.
    I’m going to quick comment on the age difference thing – my current actual boyfriend is 13.5 years older than me. I’m 26, he is 40. It isn’t problem at all. And all of my potSDs are over 40, with the exception of 2. I guess I’m just used to big age gaps. My parents are 14 years apart too…. so I think I grew up with an acceptance of it. Oh – and I can tell you… some of them like to PROVE they are still very very… active. :)

    As for the blog questions:
    If you were the star of your own sugar reality show, what might it be called?
    The Sugar Bowl (if it were like a survival reality game where they get voted off or something)
    Sweetest Things
    Refined Sugar
    Cherry on Top (the much more rated R show) haha

    What are some fast ways a sugar daddy or sugar baby can step up their game? Re-arrange profile pics? Upgrade to premium? I’d say Re-arranging profile pics is a big one. And making the same effort at finding sugar as you would anything you really want.

    How has your sugarlife been lately? I have a ton of potSDs that I’m setting up meetings with as we speak. I’m out of town right now, and that makes it very hard to meet with them. Sugarlife has yet to begin – but it’s looking very sweet.

  250. Lily says:

    I have to say that I hate when SD profiles put in their headlines that they are seeking a “young girl.”


    Say, “young lady,” pleeeeeeeez?????!!!!!!!!

    for obvious reasons I would not like to even type out because they are so sad.

  251. James.M says:

    I have a male acquaintance who claims “half your age + 7” is perfect.
    That means a 25 yr old SB would be with a 36 year old, a 35 yo would be with a 56 year old, and a 45 year old sb would be working in a nursing home.
    20 worked well for me, but it’s hard to generalize, because neither one of us acts our age.
    I tried 38 years for one date, and that was really weird.

  252. FL-SD says:

    NC – My current SB is 13 yrs younger… it works very well on all levels. My previous was 24 years younger and it worked okay for some time, but probably not as well as either of us would have liked – it seemed to be a life-experience thing. It seems 13 – 20 is good for me, but it all is very dependant on personality and life experience for me….

  253. Lily says:

    Yeah, I mean age is only a number but…. you really don’t want to be ‘peers’ with your sugar, IMO.

  254. midwest says:

    I will have to wait for more conclusive data. I know that 20 years worked well.

  255. NC Gent says:

    This brings up an interesting question… what do you feel is the optimal age difference range for you? I’ve had three SBs — my first one, I was 17 years older, and it worked well. My current SB I am 13 years older, and my other SB, I was 20 years older. The latter age difference seemed to pose a problem for both of us, but the others worked fine. I would say about 9 to 17 years is an optimal age difference for me.

  256. Lily says:

    Absolutely, I want a man for an SD, not a boy. I normally consider men 15-30 years older than myself. after 30, it gets a bit weird….. and only ten years older still runs the immaturity risk, or my being bored. I dont’ know what I was thinking by frightening those poor local boys when I first got divorced. Was definitely a sugar (before she was a sugar) gone wild kind of scene.

    AdrianeSB — Hi there!! *waving behind similar slush*

  257. FL-SD says:

    Yes, exactly… I enjoy being able to “pay forward” for some great luck and great mentoring relationships I experienced earlier in my career…

  258. midwest says:

    FL SD – That is how it worked in my past arrangement. We had a 20 year difference between us, but truthfully I didn’t notice. Se was/is a great mentor in life and in business.

  259. FL-SD says:

    cleo – LOL re: putting down the fork…
    I’ll email you at the Toronto email address

  260. cleo says:

    FL-SD my ideal SD would be a relatively fit man [in other words: husky is okay but come on, some people need to put down the fork] in his mid to late forties… so you’re doing just fine.

  261. cleo says:

    FL-SD we should rap offline, i don’t have the financial resources but i have knowledge, skills and a troubleshooting brain :)

    seriously, let’s chat.
    one more time

    please email me your potential dates for the toronto sugar meet, i don’t want to set a date none of the sd’s can make…

    owe a couple of emails, slammed at work – so sorry!

  262. FL-SD says:

    Midwest, ESB, Lily – This is a wonderful thing to read, from someone who is more “mature”. I sometimes wonder how men in their 40’s – 50’s are viewed by prospective SBs. From the male point of view, I think additional age and experience give one the perspective of being less selfish and wanting/needing to be less selfish. In all parts of the relationship, not just physical, theres a desire to mentor and to see someone benfit from the reltionship…

  263. AdrianeSB says:

    Hi Lily *waves from behind a giant pile of snow*

    Sugar is fleeting… I was supposed to have lunch with one pot tomorrow, but he just cancelled. I’m a bit disappointed, as he is a really wonderful and sensitive guy, we had a lot in common.. He was afraid he wouldn’t be able to give me as much time and attention I deserve, so sweet.

  264. ESB says:

    Lily, you scaring these poor boys? LOL… I went out with a 29 YO last Oct. He had NO idea what he was doing. In that sense, older men have an advantage. They usually know what they are doing, and how to please a lady. Would def want a guy at least in his upper 30’s (last BF was 36) and with a little experience.

  265. ESB says:

    TLG: LOVE you names for a reality show. Very creative!!

  266. Lily says:

    I’ve found more physical malfunctions to occur with younger men. Oddly enough.

    Oddly, the low-to-mid twentysomethings are pretty insecure and nervous with hot, older, foreign women, here in this country.

  267. ESB says:

    Or should I say, I could be a great asset to them? Either way, I won’t rule them out anymore. :)

  268. ESB says:

    Thank you Midwest, I have to agree. I am basing my perception on ONE person. That is not fair to all the wonderful gents out there who would be a great asset to me.

  269. midwest says:

    ESB- Respectfully disagree. “Problems” can happen to men of any age…especially in a high stress environment. Many mature men are stil quite active sexually. I wouldn’t let that concern rule out all men older than you. I enjoy the company of older men as a lover and for company in general.I find them to be more polite, respectful and less likely to play games. I don’t rule them out, but those have been my experiences.

  270. ESB says:

    OH, the meeting I went to today was very productive. I will be volunteering a few hours a week, to sort through old files (the building is 100 Years old, and everything is filed upstairs, NOTHING was thrown away!) This may very well turn in to a part time job. I interview next week for another part time job, between the 2, I’ll be working 30 hrs/week. If I keep it up, I could be working 3 part time jobs, all at $15 -$20/hr!! I can live on that!!

  271. The Lone Gunman says:

    If you were the star of your own sugar reality show, what might it be called?

    High-Caliber Sweetness


    Full Sucrose Jacket

    What are some fast ways a sugar daddy or sugar baby can step up their game? Re-arrange profile pics? Upgrade to premium?

    I have always said that if you want to get run over by a train, the key is to go to the train station (where they are).

    If you want to find Sugar in your life, you have to go out there and contact and learn about potentials.

    How has your sugarlife been lately?

    Circumstances have dictated that any Sugar I may be getting is limited in scope for the time being. Once I heal up, though, THIS Gunman will be reloading from scratch!

    “Have crutches, will hobble. Wire Gunman.”

  272. ESB says:

    Midwest: I agree, but at my age, 20 years could mean a few problems… I had a lover who was only 8 years older, and there were times he needed chemical assistance. Was very disheartening to both of us.

  273. midwest says:

    ESB – Yeah!!! Hope it comes together for you.

    FYI – 20 years older means 20 additional years of experience as a gent and a lover. That can be a beautiful thing!!

  274. ESB says:

    Reality TV about sugars.. seems to me we were planning something about bowling about a month or so ago.. NO, wait, it was a music video!! LOL… Still think it’s a good idea…

    One of my pot’s is back. Said this week has been terribly busy. I asked if I was to become his baby, would I be sitting home alot pouting to be with him, (he liked that!) and said he’d make it up to me with lots of sugar. OH BOY!! the best thing is, he is REALLY cute!! I’m trying to not get excited yet. I’ve been here to many times in the past. I’m sure he has a few others he is choosing from.

    If I weren’t so darn picky, I’d have a SD by now, but I don’t want one who out weighs me by 100 lbs (easy to do!) or 20 years older!

  275. midwest says:

    Hi adriane – welcome. Congrats on heading in a great direction!

    Goofy type-os…sorry.

  276. midwest says:

    Ok…Stephan, what are you up to?? A new reality show? I could think of a few…”Sugar0in a Small Town” and “Gentlemen Prefer (blonde) Sugars”. 😉

    How to step up ypur game? Don’t be afraid to initiate contact and don’t rule out potentials too quickly…you could be pleasantly surprised.
    Sugar plans? Not yet, but hopeful.

  277. FL-SD says:

    TT are you still there ?

  278. FL-SD says:

    Hmmm, no good ideas for a sugar show name….
    Sugar Life is good, with plans for the weekend coming up…

  279. AdrianeSB says:

    Hello again from a newbie :)
    I never watch reality shows, so no comment on that. Sugar search still going on, but moving on to negotiations with one pot and hopefully meeting another one next week. Feeling positive :)

  280. Alluring Anna says:

    I have never watched any of those shows…..I’m such a geek 😉

  281. NC Gent says:

    hmmmm “Al Bundy” on Modern Family is a sugar daddy of sorts — I guess of the trophy wife variety — that and Millionaire Matchmaker are the only two shows I try to catch.

  282. Jade says:

    ” Girls next door ” Playboy show is another one of sugar babies !

  283. Jade says:

    Those are all of my favorite shows !

  284. Alluring Anna says:

    If you were the star of your own sugar reality show, what might it be called?

    Not sure what I would call it….hmmmm

    How has your sugarlife been lately?

    Super! I have noooo complaints 😉