9 years ago
Spring is in the Airrangements


With the official start of spring only days away, many seekers have already noticed more newbie sugars than usual. Now might be a good time to get ready for the hotter months ahead in the Sugarbowl…

“It’s almost Spring here, I’m so happy :)” – Kitty

Does your sugarlife need any Spring cleaning?

How do you agree on the length of time an arrangement will last?

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  1. valencia says:

    Thanks mindy and sugar. I am applying for jobs in DC and since it’s my first time going over there, I want to make the most of my time as a tourist. :)

  2. SDinLA says:


    A woman could be the perfect SB in every way, but if she were a Manc, that would be a deal killer for me….

    Being a United fan is like being a Yankee fan, or a Laker fan… too easy. Liverpool are the only big English club that retain an emotional connection to their fans like the small clubs. I’d love to see QPR back in the top flight some day.

    As you know, being a LFC fan, or a fan of a smaller club, is sort of like being a Red Sox fan, or a Cubs fan in terms of the emotional connection between fans and a team, and the still-festering wound that is the tragedy of Hillsborough should mean that every fan of every club who’s attended a game with a friend or loved one can relate to the special meaning the real Reds hold to their fans.

    If you can name 17 players outside the current squad and have stood in the Kop, that would forgive a multitude of sins in a potential SB. 😉


  3. cleo says:

    yaz i think that was a little mean of your friend

    i was so excited thinking i was going to florida but i just can’t spend the money. so party on girl!
    NYJames: there’s a reason that i have a blog crush on you you know

  4. SuGaRrUsh says:

    I just need to know where to get the PINK SHOES in the picture!!! I’m in loooooove!!! and with this shoes the arrangement can’t last as little or as long as my SD wants it to!!! lol
    but seriously I need the info…;)

  5. Anna Molly says:

    JamesNY ~ Good to see you! Mmmmmm, monkfish…. 😉

  6. Flo Rida says:

    Shoogar – i’m pretty sure the Mancs don’t sing that song against the Scousers – it’s usually songs about bin dippers, dole money, Rafa’s pies & ‘That’s why we’re the Champions’ Roooooney etc. Not that i’m a Wank.

  7. JamesNY says:

    NYC SB — actually I was there today at lunch, in the corner of the Grill Room! Didn’t see your post until now, we could have given each other some kind of secret sign!

    Alluring Anna — who put those devil horns on you? 😉 The monkfish was deelish.

    Cleo, you are such a strict editrix! But as is often true we are in violent agreement on the underlying point — that in that “only” lies an entire world of ease and intimacy and erotic potential. And as for your addition of the activity “reading” in that “only” space I have to say in my own defense, I don’t have a TV in my own bedroom, never have — strictly a hotel “treat” for me.

    Great weekend all!

  8. It’s raining here. Which means rush hour in these parts. Which means everyone is running late. That’s alright. My wine is keeping me company.

  9. Flo – I am certain you know him. BIGGEST Man U fan in the world of fashion and makes sure everyone knows it. I can answer quite confidently (without even talking with him, just left him a vm) that the answers to all of the above will be YES. He is NO imitation and would strike me for even the mention of him being one. Ok, maybe not strike, strike me. Just strike a pose. Clue.

  10. Flo Rida says:

    Shoogar – I will respect him as a fan if he can do two things 1) name without google or other outside help 17 players out of the current Man U squad – something I can easily do & i’m not even a Wank AND 2 – has he actually stood (well sat nowadays) in the Stretford End & sang. Then he becomes a respected fan & person if he can do that otherwise he’s just an imitation of a fan. i’m sick of these wannabe fans who’ve never been to Old Trafford & who wouldn’t recognize Cantona from Neville. Enjoy your party tonight.
    PS yes I think I do know him.

  11. Wank…ha ha ha…so funny, Flo. He is going to get a kick out of that one and he is one sarcastic s.o.b. and I’m sure will have something to say back. So funny. I will have to tell him he met his match. Well, sort of…that *I* met his match…well, sort of….ah, never mind. </

  12. Flo Rida says:

    Shoogar – tell him he’s a Wank – abbreviation for Wank followed by er. Manc – Yank. Seriously though i’m in the anyone but Man U camp (coming from a small club like QPR) – also because the Scouser’s hate the Manc’s I have to support the Scousers, or Gunners or Irons, or Canaries even blah blah.

    Yaz – Japan is really really really expensive & don’t take a taxi from Narita airport to downtown (cost $700) take the train. Visit Hattori Hanso the samurai sword maker in the Kill Bill movies in Okinawa. Domo Arigato. Ireland (as opposed to Northern Ireland) has gotten more expensive but is fun in the summer, tourists like the Ring of Kerry, the blarney stone in Cork, the Guiness brewery & University College in Dublin (also taxis from Dublin airport are expensive). Enjoy!

  13. You have EVERY right to be excited, Yaz! It’s time off, right? When will this trip be? You can email me off-blog if you don’t want to blast it here. There’s a reason I’m asking…

    My guests are about to arrive soon…

    Have a great night, everyone!

  14. yaz...at work says:

    Sorry guys, if I cant shut up about it. Im just sooo excited! :-)

    *Running for cover*

  15. yaz...at work says:

    NYCSB~ I sure will! :-)

    My friend was making fun of me yesterday by saying that she didn’t understand what I was so happy about. She said; ” Why are you jumping up and down as if you are going to Europe or something? lol” and I told her well Miami might not be Europe but it is good enough for me! I am grateful and very excited to be able to travel to another state for Spring Break. Someday, if I want to discover Ireland or Japan I will save up enough money and go. :-)

  16. Lily says:

    Shoo, she’s MY blog Domme. 😉 I’ve been adopted already. 😛 (kidding)

  17. I’m saving myself for LASB.

    Cat fight.

  18. Sorry, Flo. I have to root for Man U by default. One of my very best friends (and methinks you probably know him – he knows ALL models) has me singing,

    “If you want to go to heaven when you die;
    you must keep the Red Flag flying high;
    Get yourself a red bonnet;
    and put ‘F*** the Scousers’ on it;
    If you want to go to heaven when you die…”

  19. Lily says:

    Flo – 😛 I wish she’d agree to get into a room with me, but somehow I have a long way to go to convince her to play. 😉 No matter, I have a gorgeous asian girlfriend here in town that is dying for her tern to get in on a sugar trip with me and an SD, even be in a 2fer arrangement if we find a guy who’s into that. Would be fun to have someone to cuddle with on the plane rides.

  20. Flo Rida says:

    Shoogar – Lily – please get a room – it’ll be like college – you’ll have 20girls listening & giggling at the door.

  21. Flo Rida says:

    Shoogar – maybe my dream will be when the fans of Queen Park Rangers sing ‘there’s only one Flo Rida, one Flo Rida, there’s only one Flo Rida’ at the Champions League Final in Wemberlee against Man U and we beat Man U. Sorry English jokes.

    I just met this absolute doll, 28, Wharton MBA grad, cute as a button, her dad owns the Nike factory in Thailand (country changed) and she’s never kissed a guy – wow PS she’s not a lesbian. I want to adopt her. Imagine being 28, gorgeous, straight and not even kissed. i’m stunned.

  22. Lily says:

    You can shake me, Shoo. I may feel you up simultaneously, since your rack will be at my eye level, darlin, if you’re in heels.

    Yes, yes, the expenses of the trip was a gift, of course. But I mean he was there with me. Sipping the champagne, sleeping with his arms around me. It was a date, he had an amazing time, i had an amazing time, he covered the expenses like a gentleman, but as for a *sugar* aspect or the start to an arrangement……. NO. It wasn’t. In fact, he had said we could spend the day shopping on day 2 and after we kissed I told him that he didn’t need to do that, that his company was enough and I didn’t need a single material souveneir from him to take home with me. I meant it. He argued with me awhile and finally I got my way and we cancelled the shopping spree for the next day. Instead we spent the day walking through the city and the parks, arm in arm, and finding cozy chocolateries to sip hot chocolate and exchange stories. It was a date, it was an affair. A romance. It was very stylish and he paid for it (because he’s rich and I’m poor and all of that), but it doesn’t feel like an arrangement. And I guess i played an active part in dismantling the one aspect that would have felt sugar-y because I was too “into him” and I didn’t want to be reminded that he’s a married man I met on SA, I wanted to pretend that we were just lovers embarking on a beautiful affair. I didn’t want to think about SA or arrangements, I just wanted to look into his blue eyes.

  23. There can ONLY ever be one Flo. Often imitated, never duplicated. I can say that since I AM Flo – 10 pounds heavier. Maybe.

    Re: Fake vs. Real. I, quite frankly, don’t care if people choose to wear fake. I know it hurts the designers (and I’ve heard first-hand from some how it truly does hurt their business), but in the same breath, I am familiar with their mark-up. Ludicrous. (No, not the rapper.) I also know some designers are IN on the imposter deals though they would never admit it. Makes their brand that much more valuable. Perceived value goes a looong way in selling products. I own 1 fake David Yurman ring that I bought on Canal Street. I don’t like his stuff enough to pay full price. I talked the guy down from $25 to $15.

    Come on, Lily, dear – You claim he gave you no gifts? Yes, he did, honey. An all-expense paid trip with a corner suite (larger than your apartment, which is saying a lot) – where you were allowed to bathe (Julia Roberts style) in a bubble bath, sipping on champagne that I’m sure was charged to room service. Huge gift, darling. You know I have ALWAYS been honest and upfront with you in my most eloquent way…and Lils, I just want to SHAKE YOU sometimes. (In a loving, sugar, “wake-up and smell the champagne” kind of way, of course…) AND PLEASE, VALET YOUR HEART. Yes, strong emotions can definitely be involved with an understanding that there WILL be an expiration date – in most cases.

    LASB IS ALIVE! Yesss! Hope your ski trip was fun.

    Ok, off to doll up for a little shindig.

  24. SSSD says:

    Flo, no we haven’t met, and this was a conversation years ago.

    I find the diversity of experiences here interesting. For example I have never felt comfortable with my SB having another SD, even though I can rarely meet my SB due to scheduling and travel. It’s just some primitive emotional thing, I suppose, because rationally I find nothing wrong with it.

    To me the arrangement must have the romance, big time, as well as mentoring to the long term benefit of the SB. And a time limit. And a project as the stabilizing leg of the stool, so to speak.

    If I did not have the romance requirement I would just find hook ups. Outside the US where social mores are more conservative this is particularly easy. But I don’t get satisfaction from that, hence the desire for romance and mentoring. Yet I can’t make a commitment, hence the project and time limit.

    Different strokes, as they say.

  25. Lily says:

    LASB! Hey! I just put in the disc and am listening to Silversun pickups! Very chill and pleasant!!!

    now… how do I stamp? what do I do? any tutorials on youtube?

  26. Lily says:

    Hi yaz!

    Hi work-out Flo with the cool lovey dovey banter!!

    Hi Anna Molly with gravatar frustrations!

    Hi SSSD!

    Hi Midwest!


    midwest, you’re right not to think of forever, and it’s so much smarter to guard your heart carefully at least on date #1 but……. he said it. He said being with me was like coming home. He spelled out the L word, drunk on champagne. Either he and I were both having ‘a moment’ or ‘an experience’ or I just run into the very very best player/actor types on SA and get ‘taken for a ride’ like a gullible little guppy.

    I didn’t give it all. Not 100% like I did with McPoofer (which resulted in one month of moping and stalking his SA profile like a chump/loser/freak, which I know ya’ll remember). I alllowed the feelings to wash over me, but not just give it ALL, ya know? In my head I was saying Shoo’s mantra about valeting the heart, and trying to live in the moment, no strings attached, the world might explode tomorrow, I may never see him again, but at least one version of the reality of last night was two people having very powerful emotions budding between them, and a beautiful romance getting started. There may be other versions of reality, and he is married. Sigh. So there is a built in ceiling there. I start imagining the wife and her boyfriend end up getting together and he and I end up together and I have to smack my own cheek and shake it off. Stupid to fantasize. Why can’t I stop it altogether, when I’m “into” a guy?

    BHSD is my true SD. He is there for little things, there for the fun, there for the big things, provides a reasonable (meaning it’s not huge) but adequate allowance which truly does erase any genuine financial worry (that’s the point, after all, not to just toss money at me and watch it burn for me to have more high heels), and it’s a genuine friendship starts to feel like long term solid ground to stand on. In my head he’s very much like any of my other friends, just a FWB. We spend most of our time smiling, and I never ‘act’ with him. I act like myself, and even to the point of telling him straight when he’s irritating me (like I would with any friend).

    Zazazoom is too far and it’s been a month since we’ve seen each other and although I don’t believe February will be a one-off month and that’ll be that, I trust that March will mark month #2 for our arrangement, and he’s been in touch, he’s just not around (long distance kinda sucks in some ways), and a tiny voice in my head wonders if I can count on the arrangement kicking in for March or if it’s not gonna. I don’t want to take a month off, and a month on, and be sporadic. Then again he’s working on business that he wants to hire me for. Taxable income is better than sugar, for my life situation. But I would like to see a bit more action so I can trust in his words 1000% with not an ounce of skepticism. But one month of following through with promises is not a HUGELY long track record and I think a second month of following through with promises somehow is my personal threshhold to lose any doubt or skepticism about it lasting. For future reference, I now know that I should shy away from once-a-month arrangments. I enjoy more quality time together. Once a week for an extended chunk of time together is PERFECT.

    I still want to find that dream SD abroad for amazing travel experiences all over the world. No allowance needed, just great company, great trips, great times, maybe some lingerie shopping and good meals/nice hotels. I don’t think this guy I just spent last night with (eurosexy) will be it, for some reason. I think he’s looking for love, actually, not an SB. Sorta like LASB’s pot she’s going to DC with. I’m afraid my feelings are too strong to make it a wise choice for me to pursue much further, but he’ll be here in my town in a few weeks and we can see each other once more before I decide anything (unless I meet someone else before that and find my perfect travel/gift daddy elsewhere).

  27. LASB says:

    Hi Sugars! I feel like I’ve been gone forever. Hope everyone is well. I’ve been skiing out in the boonies and thus away from the computer/internet/phone. I have parties all weekend and then heading to DC to meet up with BGpotSD. Yes, he’s still just a pot. *sigh*

    *Thou shall not sugar date in thy building, especially when thou loooooves where she lives.*
    It seems that a very sexy neighbor has been trying to hunt me down. When I didn’t return his phone call, he had his executive assistant contact me. Nice strategy!

  28. Flo Rida says:

    SSSD – have we met? I hate it when models steal material – I also hate that there could be another Flo out there somewhere – damn her. Seriously though imitation is the sincerest form of flattery.

    Must work out more, must work out more.

  29. NYC SB says:

    yaz – enjoy miami… its going to be a blast!

  30. yaz....at work says:

    I’m sitting at work dreaming of the beach 😀

  31. yaz....at work says:

    SSSD~ I will never forget the chicken dance! 😉 lol

    Flo~ You rock! Great approach!

    Anna~ Can’t wait to see your new avi!

  32. Anna Molly says:

    I’ve tried clearing my cookies, but it’s still not working yet.

  33. SSSD says:

    Flo, great banter. Reminds me of banter I had around the “L” word years ago, very similar approach… hmm…

  34. SSSD says:

    Yaz, re: “Doing the chicken dance”, I resemble that remark!

    RE: Watches, the ones I wear are relatively inexpensive: one is about $50 and the other is under $150. I have a few watches I received as gifts that are expensive and “brand” watches, but I never wear them. I have a nice watch that is an Asia fake. It’s one of my favorites and a well-constructed fake at that. Anybody who knows the brand well can tell it’s fake because that brand produces no watch like that, but I like it better than the real ones.

  35. Flo Rida says:


    Methings the L word is like C-4 to an arrangement but….

    I have said the L word with SD – here’s how I did it

    Flo: How do you feel about the L word (said casually over tea & scones)
    SD: Hmmm is this a loaded question & i’m too tired to go deep.
    Flo: Oh so when is the right time to discuss 2 lesbians and a threesome as a birthday present.
    SD: Ah I thought you meant….(spitting out tea & laughing)
    Flo: Hah got your attention haven’t I (smilin mischievously) SD: In which case i’m verrry into the L word.
    Flo: What do you think about the other L word? (stroking thigh). SD: ok i’m not going to win, i’m very ok with the other L word. Now can I eat?

    Not terribly romantic but it’s a start. and that’s how it started – of course I waited ages and ages before I even dared to mention the L word.

    PS i’m not suggesting anyone should say the above as i’m not sure either L words should be in arrangements and also SD and I are goofballs. So the above might not work for everyone.

    ciao all – must work out more – must work out more.

  36. midwest says:

    Anna- looks like Naughty Molly on the BB

  37. Anna Molly says:

    That isn’t my new avi…ok..this is driving me crazy, I’m taking a break. I might be back 😀

  38. Anna Molly says:

    working yet?

  39. midwest says:

    Lily- everyone is different about how emotionally involved one should/ could be. I love how freely you give your heart. I look at OC and realize the possibilities of outcomes are as vast as the people on the site.

    To look at this realistically, I would say that you met in an environment where NSA is important and one of the primary characteristics of the site. If you move forward w that intent (emotionally or not) you have built credibility as an sb. If it naturally moves into more, great. I do think you are heading into heart-breaking territory if you try to start this off with dreams of forever.

  40. Lily says:

    Oh, and Anne, gooooood luck with the new pot you’re smitten with!!! I am the last person to give any advice about pots-you’re-smitten-with and success with an arrangement with them, but I hope you manage it!!!

  41. Lily says:

    Cleo, you’re right. So easy to just toss poo and run, especially when it’s a sweeping, general critique of my entire self, and not just taking reasonable issue with one point of discussion, one choice, one action, etc. As if I’m this very 2dimensional pure-evil SB just trying to mine everyone I meet for as much as I can screw them out of, in the very short run. Appareny women like that exist, but I know for certain I am a kind person attempting relationships and slowly finding my sugar way through trial and error, and so far leaving no havok in my wake, other than my own hurt feelings or bewilderment, on occasion. Thus, VicTorSD’s comments make me sad only to the extent that it’s clear he himself hasn’t always been treated properly or appreciated by women, and is projecting that bitterness about other narcissistic women onto me.

    LASB I got the stamper!!!! Thank you so much!!! Where have you been, blog-wise?

    (shoo, I heard from her within the last 24hrs so she’s fine!)

  42. Lily says:

    By the way, not that posting the details of my sugar life or pursuit thereof seems to belong here, but since I provoked strong feelings about wanting to take a break from the potSD and have coffee with an important person from my distant past, I’ll update also.

    I didn’t realize he had no meetings, either phone or in person, in that city, and he was with me every single moment from the time he arrived from the airport until we said goodbye at the airport, 24 hours later, to go to different gates (home to different countries). Of COURSE I did not consider asking him to sit and twiddle his thumbs and bide his time while I go catch up with my very old flame I haven’t seen in nearly a decade. I texted old flame to say we’d have to catch up another time, and I happily gave potSD all my attention.

    Thx Midwest and mindynyc and shoo for positive comments re; that date. It was intense, emotional, strong, and like being with someone I’ve known a very long time, from first sight. I was so nervous I was shaking. I haven’t been with a man that handsome since my ex husband. Truly, I felt ridiculous next to him–his photos are horribly un-flattering and his looks, words, mannerisms, smell, etc all took my breath away. I’m pretty and everything but sheesh, not in his league. He looked kind of nervous too, which is laughable. I mean, over me!?? The instant mutual attraction and slow smile and long gaze at first sight were worth the fear of travel, etc. He said over and over again thAt I’m more beautiful in person, that he feels attracted on so many levels, but…

    Shoo’s words to “valet my heart” kept repeating in my head, and I managed to do something lune that. As badly as I wanted to, I didn’t give him EVERYTHING of myself. I adored him I
    earnest, and he’s even better to talk to in person until 6am than on the phone , but… I’m trying to keep one part of my heart shelved and placed safely aside. I’m too thin skinned, and still a bit raw from the McPoofer with my red coat, and wondering….

    “can a successful arrangement involve very strong emotions, or must they be at a tempered, reasonable level?”

    I received no gift, didn’t discuss a potential arrangement with eurosexy.

    It was an affair. Just like with local “mr. Big” character. Can’t seem to ever combine sugar with strong romantic feelings or infatuation. But can anyone? Or are powerful emotions a liability or even a death knoll in sugar dating?

  43. Anna Molly says:

    Can anybody see my new avi?

  44. cleo says:

    lily as i am apparently not impartial i will say only this. i very rarely take the words seriously when they come from what i like to call ‘one shot wonders’

    if you want to lurk, lurk. if you want to post, post… but to come out of the woodwork, be insulting and leave? in the bad old days of the internet when newsgroups were still useable we called those trolls or flamers and found it best to ignore them or turn their words into humour.

    i just don’t see why you should take someone who only shows up to take pot shots seriously at all.

  45. Anna Molly says:

    NO!! Poo!

  46. Anna Molly says:

    Is it up yet?

  47. Anne SB says:

    OC: Thanks a bunch!

    Hi everyone!!!!

  48. Lily says:

    Home again.

    Wonderland, I’ve been helping a few with their profiles and I’m happy to help you, if you still need another set of eyes. Email through my blog!

    In fact, everyone here who wants to brainstorm about their sugar search technique or profile, I’m happy to offer what I can. I’m no expert, and haven’t been in this lifestyle long, nor found my ideal dream arrangement (or even be one convinced it exists), but I am decent with catchy phrases and animated prose, which a profile needs.

    Or anyone who wants to email me and take their best shot at me directly, can, if they have a valid reason to do so, so as to keep this blog a happy place.

  49. Anna Molly says:

    new avi isn’t up yet…blah

  50. Anna Molly says:

    lets try this one

    Hi everybody 😀

  51. midwest says:

    OC – Thanks! This too shall pass.

  52. Michael SD says:


    Thanks for the vote of confidence OCSugarBaby!

    I always try to be nice to people. It can also backfire as some people have been kicked so many times they do not believe you are nice – which says how bad their situation has been.

    Have been working lots and of course it was kind of busy up here with the Olympics last month. so I have not been on the blog much.

    Hope you have been getting lots of sugar.


  53. midwest says:

    Happy Friday!! Its a wonder I get any work done 😉

    I feel compelled to add a bit to treatment in an arrangement.

    For me, this is a secret and potentially beautiful place where troubles can be put aside, small and large dreams can come true, lives can be changed, fantasies fulfilled. The best results come when it is from the heart. Why would you want to wreck this with obligations, “its all about me” attitudes and narrow views?

    Relax, enjoy the ride, the cream will rise to the top.

    *going back to my chants and study of tantra*

  54. Wonderland says:

    got it!!!

  55. NYC SB says:

    Flo – Mo Bar/Lounge – heaven 😀

  56. NC Gent says:

    OC SB is out of the email exchange business — you can email me at sdjohn44 at gmail dot com Stephan will delete this post soon (hopefully) or you can post your’s quickly.

  57. Wonderland says:

    SD’s/SBs: Is their anyway I can get my email to some of you for advice and hopefully a more personal aspect of my profile? I would really appreciate it.

  58. cleo says:

    so i made my profile blog only – do you think it’s discreet enough?

    my new one is very different and has very different words…
    RE: how to treat an SD

    my nana used to say ‘marry someone who brings out the best in you’ and i’ve added the corollary ‘and who makes you want to be your best’ and the older i get the more i think that’s true in dating, sugar, friends, clients, whatever…

    you need people around you who support you and make you feel good about yourself and tell you the truth when it’s hard without beinb mean or taking pleasure in it and who make you strive to be more than you are.

    and if that isn’t true? why in heck are you trying to form any kind of relationship let alone a mutually beneficial one…
    NYJames: “ONLY in bed watching tv” ???


    james, except that watching tv should say reading or watching tv, that is like heaven on earth. gently ignoring each other while sharing space until at some indefineable moment a hand strays and skin tingles and naked bodies perform a dance older than time?


    AM: well it is awesome, tighten and brighten a bit? love the horns!
    flo rida: i think i know half the answers… and check yer mail

  59. Anna Molly says:

    Didn’t like it.

    The avatars are too small for all the detail to show….sigh, oh well. :(

  60. Anna Molly says:

    new avatar

  61. Flo Rida says:

    OC – que pasa – who is Anna – alluring anna, anne – confused – baya condias?

    NYC SB James NY – will you puhleeze get a room.

    NYC SB – ok you win the sickly sweet post for today – the week – the month.

    i’m really happy with my weight again – everything fits – yah! (maybe 1 or 2lbs over perfect weight but i’ll work on that later).

    On a lighter note – a quiz for wannabe NewYorkers.

    1 – In the flight to La Guardia – why are all the sky scrapers in downtown and midtown?
    2 – what is the Bridge & Tunnel club and how can I join and do they have cool parties?
    3 – why is the iconic Dakotas building named the Dakota’s?
    4 – Where is the Lipstick building & can I buy lipstick there?
    5 – If DT is downtown and UT is uptown then where is DTUT – midtown?
    6 – I thought the Time Warner center was where the Charlotte Bobcats played basketball – can I also eat there?
    7 – Are the Gug and MoMa fashion accessories?
    8 – If I can get a drink at MO Bar can I find a sugar mama at MoMa?
    9 – Is Meenhetten the Russian equivalent of Manhattan?
    10 – Why are Park, Madison & Lex between 3rd and 5th Avenue? Could these New Yorkers not count?

    Answers on a post card – sent in a message in a bottle to ‘Mystery Prizes’ Sugar blog

    ciao all!

  62. Alluring Anna says:

    Shadow ~ I would love to, but I deleted my profile because I have a wonderful SD now. There are lots of wonderful SD’s and SB’s here who would love to help you. Good luck 😀

  63. shadowkhanmma says:

    Alluring Anna: can you look at my profile and see if its alright? i am new to all this and could use some advice.

  64. Alluring Anna says:

    Hi Shadow! I don’t about SM, but from what I’ve heard it can be difficult so patience is key. You can send your email address through SA mail, but I don’t know if you have to be a premium member or not to do so.

    Hope this helps 😀

  65. shadowkhanmma says:

    *morning all*

    is it hard to find sugar momma’s? i finished my profile and i think its alright. and do i have to be a premium member to show my email? need help

  66. Alluring Anna says:

    Hi James! 😉
    Hi Everybody!

  67. AdrianeSB says:

    Shoogar, love these, so true:
    Real SD = continuously smoooth.
    Fake SD = small & jerky.

    Just had my first not-so-nice conversation with a pot, or should I say a wannabeSD. It’s amazing how some people are so good in making others feel so cheap. Then I went to the hairdresser and bought some Valhrona chocolates (Tarte Tatin is my favourite) and felt like the lady I truly am 😉

  68. NYC SB says:

    James – I will be at your secret location today :p look out for the pretty brunette in louboutins

  69. NYJames says:

    In sugar relationships, like any others, common sense and courtesy are key. Usually when I’ve travelled with an SB, there have been times when I needed to do some work — usually the reason for the trip in the first place. And often, if my friend has someone there she wants to see or something she wants to do on her own, we are able to coordinate the schedule to accommodate. Sometimes not. If my friend wanted to see their local friend at a time when we could be together, I would probably say yes, because daddies tend to be indulgent. My feeling about it would depend on factors like how long the trip is, how special (honeymoon-like) it is to us, etc. If there’s something specific I want to plan to do — like go to a particular show or museum in that town — that should take priority. But in any case the right sugar outcome is for the SD to say he’s amenable but for the SB to say I’d rather be with you, even if it is only snuggling in bed watching TV. Those can be some sweet intimate times together!

    • OCSugarBaby says:

      Michael SD! You are one of my favorite G-Sugar Daddies,
      such kind and positive words to Caveboy. Your SB is a lucky guy.
      Temptation in the sugar shoppe is a given, but you seem to have a
      solid lid on the candy jar. I personally have missed you :) ~OC

      Lisa Penelope! Shop away. I wish my Sugar enjoyed shopping with me :(
      Lead him to some big fluffy new bath towls… oooohh ahhhhhh

      Anne SB sending those edits to you now for your profile. Try to make them today.
      I will try to send a super special request to SA to work their magic on approving it quickly.

      To all my NY SD friends, I would love to introduce you to Anne SB! She is a lovely girl who
      deserves a wonderful SD… You know how to find me :)

      Midwest, I am sorry to say that I am out of the email passing business.
      Too much freak’n drama. However for you; I will send yours to Anne SB when I
      email her in a few.

      To all others, I will stay deep within my email for now. The playground has
      gotten a bit too rough for me. My sugar outlook is always positive and
      refuse to let negativity seep into the sugar holes. I bid you adieu ~OC

  70. Wonderland says:

    Hi Sugars!!!! Another day another hope that I find an SD soon.
    Just wanted to say have a nice Friday xx

  71. NYC SB says:

    Flo – you have mail – i was an idiot and sent the first one to myself ::smacks head::

  72. Lisa on the good side of the freeway says:

    Good morning everyone

    Getting ready to go out to lunch in a couple hours with sd. We are also going to pick up some essentials for my new apartment.

  73. NC Gent says:

    Hi Yaz, NYC SB and Shoogar Shoes — great posts NYC and Shooger :) We SDs need reassuring once in a while :)

  74. NYC SB – AMEN, Suga Sista! Men who choose to become SDs are doing so because they are ABLE to (and want to) provide all the wonderful things that come with a traditional relationship: emotional, physical…with added benefaction! There are a plethora of SBs for them to select from. SBs should make it a point to extract positive qualities within themselves, be extremely thankful and make sure they are offering elements of themselves that will make the relationship mutually beneficial. The “me first” attitude is a death grip in sugar dating and no, you will not win.

  75. Yaz says:

    Hey y’all!

    I miss TLG’s Good Morniiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiing posts lol Where is he hiding??

  76. NYC SB says:

    Anne Hathaway – now thats an SB worth all the money in the world… gorgeous, smart and classy <3 her

    I think all the gents and James brought up a very valid point – ladies… treat your SD right… especially if he is being good to you. Case and point, NYSE took me to Miami for a weekend… he hates Miami but it was a nice getaway… so my good sugar friend (female) that lives there wanted to hang out. NYSE did not want to go out but told me I can go and party with her if I wish. I declined… he provided for his trip (airfare, spa, great hotel) so he can spend time with me so I did not see my friend and stayed in with him watching movies. Would I have wanted to go out and party with my girl? Yes… but not at his expense while he is in the room all alone.

    I think we take for granted the few good men on this site… they really are few and far in between and once you get one then do all you can to provide him with the experience he seeks… a happy SD = a well taken care of SB

  77. NC Gent says:

    Another scenario of throwing around money in NYC is like scammer Raffaello Follieri’s and his sugar baby Anne Hathaway — saw a great show about that on CNBC – to her credit – she gave back the jewelry.

  78. NYC SB says:

    questionyaylol – thank you for the compliment… do new yorkers throw money around like water? No… unless you are a trader with a highly inflated ego and your friends are watching you 😉

  79. Flo Rida says:

    questionyaylol – yes New Yorkers do spend money like water and the streets are paved with gold – kidding – but some New Yorkers do have an unbelievable amount of money – others are really struggling.

    Also it’s easy to get a Rolex – typically $25 from any street corner in Asia. If you desire material things you won’t get a genuine interaction. Also any gift comes with expectations and would you feel comfortable with those expectations.

  80. Anne SB says:

    OC: Sorry I didn’t get to say thanks before. I just caught up on the blog. Thankssss!!!Love love love!

  81. Typo on note to Mindy: I meant solid, NOT sold. I just don’t take the time to proofread if it isn’t something for a formal publication. Do forgive.

  82. MindyNYC – Welcome. I was a lurker too before jumping into the deep end of the pool here. Sorry to hear of your recent challenge with your current (soon to be Ex) SD. Seems you have thought it through though and are making a logical decision. At least you have the one year of sold SD/SB dating experience under your belt and sounds like you have a plan to move forward. Without the experience, sometimes it’s hard to define what we want/don’t want. You are ahead of the game. Best to you!

    Valencia – no, no, NO regarding the 1 week SD. MindyNYC offered great advice for you moving forward.

    Where has LASB been? I miss that hot, little, Asian nerd.

  83. Ha ha, NC Gent. I would never suggest asking to listen to a pot SD’s watch! I just think the Rolex vs. fake watch is a great analogy. Perhaps you can ask to listen to his heart??

    Wow, that was ultra-cheesy on my part. Ha ha.

  84. NC Gent says:

    Hi Shooger — you are right on spotting a fake upper end watch. Another way is to hold it to your ear… the real ones are almost impossible to hear the movements – the fakes you will hear a very noticeable click from the second movement… but I am guessing a pot SD might take you as a bit odd if you asked to listen to his watch??!!!

  85. Good morning, NC Gent!

    Your post is actually a great analogy for spotting fake SDs. For business purposes, I have had to carefully study how to spot fake designer handbags, watches. etc. (Just about anything you can buy on Canal Street.) The second hand on a genuine Rolex watch features a smooth and continuous movement that often cannot be duplicated by fake watches. Fake Rolex’s movements are often in small, jerky increments.

    Real SD = continuously smoooth.

    Fake SD = small & jerky.

  86. NC Gent says:

    Hi questionyaylol — welcome to the blog. Just to put your question in perspective, how do you think SBs would feel if an SD came on here and asked – what can I do to get an SB to f*&k me for free? Your Rolex question is just about as insulting to an SD.

    We are glad to give reasonable advice, but not advice about gold mining your potential SD. Also, if he was truly an SD, I highly doubt he fell in love with you the first day (not that you aren’t glamorous though), and he was probably just telling you that to get you to sleep with him…. probably a fake SD just like his “rolex.”

  87. questionyaylol says:

    just read goaldigger’s blog…(better than desperate hosuewives really! love it! thank you!)

    do newyorkers really throw money around like its water?

    and i heard in newyork its all about the people you know, etc, esp. jobs…

    cool, :)

  88. questionyaylol says:

    Just a question out of no where sorry!

    a potential sd who fell in love with me after 1 day has a rolex (yea…he said the 3words…!)
    he asked what i wanted he wanted to make me happy
    i said a rolex will make me happy lol
    he said something reasonable not a rolex, in time yes, but not already though…
    what would you say to get him to get it now, than wait til say my bday comes up etc…?
    any words or phrases that make them say ‘ok then’ lol
    thank you all ! :)

  89. MindyNYC says:

    Valancia – If I understand your DC question correctly, then yes it’s ‘tacky’. Though there is no time minimum on an arrangement, the usual goal is to have it last longer than a week. Visualize in your head what the DC week would entail, how you would set it up, what would happen etc. Once you visualize, you may realize that you have a ‘client’ as opposed to an ‘sd’. BIG difference. Know what I mean?
    But if DC is somewhere you could see yourself visiting monthly or more, you may want to send an email to sd’s in that area and see if there is someone you could form a longterm friendship with.
    There is a book that is sold here that may help in your SB quest, but I would probably advise you to read over the blogs here, plus some of the other blogs written by some of the ladies here. You’ll find links to them in previous posts and by clicking on the blue names. Good luck!

  90. MindyNYC says:

    Thanks for the personal welcome OCSugarBaby. I was supposed to meet with my current (soon to be ex) SD today, but it was canceled. He knows I’d like to ‘talk’ and is attempting to be sweet – but it just isn’t natural to him. I will try to keep an open mind…

    VictorSD – You shoot straight from the hip and I can appreciate why Lily may have rubbed you the wrong way, but I think you can may appreciate that she comes to the blog and actually seeks advice before acting upon her thoughts. These are her ‘thoughts’ not ‘actions’. She shares them here in a ‘safe’ environment where they set her straight. Sometimes ‘thinking out loud’ to friends can make a person see their faults and become more considerate. Lily has the sense to follow the advice and we all learn something along the way…

    Lots of pots seem to be working out and I am very excited for all of you! Pls keep sharing…

  91. valencia says:

    P.s. Im livin in Texas, but I will be in DC for 1 week, do you think I should try to find a SD for that week? or is that tacky?

  92. valencia says:

    Hi Lily! :)
    I had my first SD msg me. I’m nervous :) Is there a website on how to be or for wanna be SB? It’s my first time to the concept of it all and I’m nervous, scared and etc. Thanks! :)

  93. cleo says:

    mmm icy water from a hose all over my face in the summer…. ahh

  94. Flo Rida says:

    Shoogar – i’m sitting in front of a not quite roaring but pleasantly warm fire. I know it’s warmed up but it’s still fun. When you are starving or thirsty (and I mean starvation not merely hungry) there is nothing better than cold water & bread. Good night chaps & chappesses. PS Yes I saw Grease 2 the guy who died by a firearm accident & Michelle Pfeiffer or was that Grease 3?

  95. AnneSB – Remember, most men on the SA site are extremely, busy, successful businessmen.(One of the reasons why arrangements work for them rather than traditional dating – they simply don’t have time.) Some are operating multinational companies, some are milling over files and files of investigative research for large court cases, some are studying algorithmic trading that if calculated incorrectly could create repeat of the 1987 stock market crash (or something like that), some are traveling abroad on different time zones…and then some have families they must spend time with in between all of the above. Etc. Etc. Etc. You just have to be patient during this type of pursuit. If you haven’t heard back in a week or so, I don’t think it hurts to send a follow-up to politely confirm he received your message or to to simply ask if there is no longer interest on his part. Both are totally normal.

    ESB – Way to go. Didn’t we say the last job didn’t happen because it meant better opportunities ahead? There’s always a light. Congratulations.

    Yaz – Welcome to Meee-Yami! Mojitos at the Gansevoort 3rd floor pool deck. Trust me.

    Flo – Did you ever watch Grease 2? Horrible sequel. Anyway, I always think of the song cooooool riiiiiida every time I see your name. Or is it really my name? Or Ophelia’s? OC’s? And yes, I know what you mean about the charmed life. I don’t turn my nose up to tap water. Shoot, I used to drink it straight out of the garden hose as a kid. Is it strange I crave that “rusty” garden hose taste sometimes? Strange.

    Raz-a-ma-Taz!! – I just like saying that.

  96. Flo Rida says:

    Anne SB – one is the number. I know it’s hard but if it’s meant to be it’s meant to be.

    NYGent – I can assure you each of the three are very genuine (though immature) as evidenced by their actions (both genuine & immature). One of my male friends escorted (mind out of gutter) blonde 1 and blonde 2 to a party & he was happy happy (nothing happened but the mere presence of those two caused him to smile from ear to ear)

    Taz – haven’t got email yet but will check tomorrow.

    Stephan – what’s in the US constitution? rights of free speach – read Malhotra vs Georgia Tech – if I was really mean?

    Someone asked about level of allowance before – please search for this as it’s been frequently covered.

  97. JamesNY says:

    NYGent is right about the biggest fear of real SD’s — being played, by whatever standard of the arrangement you have. Which is sometimes a bit ambiguous, and of course can change over time. It’s less about the specifics of behavior and more about trust and emotional betrayal. Just like I’d say that for most real SD’s it’s less about sex and more about satisfying some emotional need that, for some reason, we don’t get in our “straight” lives. What’s amazing is how many of us keep going despite being burnt more than once. A testament to human need!

  98. Yaz says:

    AnneSB~ If you have called him or emailed and he hasnt replied yet dont send him another email. You dont want him to see you as needy or desperate. I dont know why but men really don’t think that it is that big of a deal if they dont write or return calls in a timely manner.
    Ah les hommes!! lol

    Re Miami: I would love to take all of you with me :-)

  99. Anne SB says:


    I’m smitten for pot SD, but I’m so afraid he’s a poofer all the other one’s I’ve met., or just a fake because he sounds too good to be true. I hope there are good things coming my way soon.

    Question: How many messages is too many messages? How long should you wait to call/respond after you’ve been exchanging messages, so you don’t seem desperate? It isn’t a normal courting process here, so I’m not sure on the rules of ‘hard to get” or not.

    Yaz: Take me with you!

  100. Beach_Girl says:

    Yaz ~ take in some rays for me… Cali was cold and rainy when i went!

  101. cleo says:

    nygent: hey nice to see you

  102. cleo says:

    VicTor: thanks, i love being not decent… especially in front of open windows

  103. Yaz says:

    Hey BG!! :-)

  104. Beach_Girl says:

    Yaz~ congrats girl!

  105. Yaz says:

    Lol at NYGent and the “Politburo” :-)

  106. Yaz says:

    Hey Y’all! :-)

    My time off request has been approved!!! I am going to Miami! Sooooo freaking excited! 😀 I have never been to FL! Yayyyyy!
    Cute guys, hot girls, delicious drinks and the beach…aaaah the beach! :-) I’m so happy right now! *Doing the chicken dance* LOL

  107. stephan says:

    NYGent: thanks no prob :)

  108. NYGent says:

    Thanks for the explanation Stephan, I credit your good faith and glad to see I’m not just losing my mind!

  109. NYGent says:

    Well it was here, then gone, then back, all in the space of 5 minutes, so something weird going on . . .

    • stephan says:

      its me. the forces of evil sometimes take over and… i considered whether the comment was over-the-top rude – but decided after seeing your comment that that wouldn’t be a help at this point its here to stay. I hope all can be relatively kind to one another is all.

  110. stephan says:

    NYGent: unfortunately the Politburo/selective persecution ways of mine aren’t working anymore…or just not as well as they used to… the comment you referred to is 100% intact :)

  111. NYGent says:

    Now it’s back up, am I imagining things?

  112. NYGent says:

    TT: wow, VictorSD’s post already deleted, did you notice? Are we back to the old Politburo/selective prosecution ways (or am I just paranoid or hallucinating)? I know, “mind my own business.”

  113. TexasGolfGirl says:

    Hi Flo! Thanks for answering my allowance question! Yall are all so insightful!

    My date went well, but nothing is in place until it is in place! Will update later!

    Goodnight all!

  114. NYGent says:

    Flo Rida: any or all of the three in whatever combo will get me there.

    NYC SB/Shooger/Photo: Agree with your posts. While many if not most SDs on the site may be jerks/fakes/poofers, some are real and their biggest fear is they do all the right things an SD should and then get played for chumps by their SB. Kind of scares some us off. On the other hand when it comes to SBs like Flo Rida’s trio we will take our chances . . .

  115. TT (AKA Tantalizing Taz) says:

    Flo – I too have been learning a lot about meditation, the brain, and the like – so fascinating!! Nice to see you here – I sent you an email btw :)

    VicTorSD – welcome :) Have you been on the blog before?? I haven’t been around thaaaat long to know…

  116. VicTorSD says:

    Man, I read Lily’s posts and my head spins. Who is this chick? She’s a freakin’ disaster movie right out of the 70s. And while Cleo seems to have a love-on for her, all she seems to really do is simply annoy and frustrate the decent women on the site. I mean, let’s call a spade a spade. Based on the posts I’ve read of hers, she must get up in the morning, look in the mirror and say “I love you … who do you love?”

    A very fun read this blog is. Totally!


  117. Anne SB says:

    ESB: Knock um dead at that interview! I know you will! Good luck!!

  118. ESB says:

    Thank you everyone!! I am more excited about a new job!! If my sugar life ends, I will be able to suport myself… I just hope the sugar lasts long enough to pay off my bills. I’ve worked so hard and for so long, and things are FINALLY coming together. I could walk on air right now.

    I need to get to bed, I will update you on the job status when I find out more. To finally be able to go to bed, and NOT worry about how I’m going to pay my bills… that will be so fabulous!!

    Night everyone. Sugar dreams… HUGS!!

  119. Midwest says:

    ESB – YES! Congrats lady!

  120. ESB says:

    Flo: if I go with the 2nd, that will be more than I can handle. The one I have lined up can only see me 2X amonth, and then that will be pushing it. He is out of state alot, and will want me on short notice. He is just SOO busy, but we’ve already started to text and have fun with each other. He jokes about being my “big brother” with the advice about my past lovers and how to handle them wanting back in my life/bed. It’s been a long time since anyone made me laugh that much!!

  121. Anne SB says:

    ESB: I’m so happy for you!!!! Congrats Sweetie!!!!!!!!

  122. Flo Rida says:

    cleo – not sure patent leather qualifies as lingerie but I don’t host the event. but I don’t think ophelia’s getting married for a while. a doctor just told me that people who chant – meditate grow a certain part of their brain – fascinating.

    ESB – congrats! remember SDs are not like shoes, 1 or at most 2 are fine.

    Shoogar – got the invite – been really busy recently

    ciao all

  123. ESB says:

    Good news Part II: I faxed a resume off at 11:00 yesterday. At 2:00 I got a phone call, they want me to interview Sat. WOW!! When it rains, it pours. I am so confident now about my life improving… I was talking to my son about the 3 interviews I’ve had, and that I’ll have a place of my own soon, he picked me up and hugged me!! We were walking on the track at his practice. He didn’t care who saw or said anything. He wants me to be on my own again so he can come stay with me again. He is 17, and they whole time we were walking, we were talking, catching up, laughing, him giving me advice, me telling him some tips on running…. and it dawned on me… not many moms can have a conversation with their sons that last this long, or are about something besides school or listing chores. I am so blessed to have these wonderful kids in my life. Can not wait for my sugar life to start bringing sugar to theirs!!!

  124. cleo says:

    Flo Rida: can i come if i promise to wear pvc or patent leather or whatever? my life is an open book so proving i’m ‘safe’ should be easy *g*

  125. ESB says:

    Good Evening Sugar family!

    Had my sugar pot lunch date. We ate, and talked for 2 hours. It went very well. He is leary of someone seeing him with me, so we had to keep things quiet, but he kept making me laugh, and I totally shocked him a few times. It was wonderful. I really enjoyed being with him. We agree on so many levels about so many things. I amy even sell him an insurance policy!! LMAO!

    So, we are leaving the resterant, and he said, “I want you to give this some thought, make sure this is really what you want, and email me in a few days and let me know.” OK, ball is in my court.

    I got home 4 hours later, there is a email from him. All is said was “WELL??” Too funny. I responded.. “I don’t know. Think you can handle me?” We then chated a few minutes on line. He called today and we agreed on terms, and I will start seeing him next week, when he gets back from his trip. LOL.. he said, “can we start now, I’m in XX hotel Room #000” He is such a smart A$$. I love it. So, I have an arrangement. He said if I got a 2nd SD, he is fine with that as long as he AND the other SD know about each other. He doesnt like liars, or secrets. I’m going to have to think about that… but I talked to another SD this morning. He wants to meet me Monday!! IF I play this right, I’ll have my bills paid off in 3 months.

  126. Flo Rida says:

    OC – the only group meet i’ll attend is Ophelia’s wedding – a promise is a promise (i’ve introduced her to 2 bloggers – but maybe Ophelia is me – or maybe Shoogar is me or maybe OC is me?).

    NYC SB – sorry didn’t receive it – or i’m email challenged – can you re-send? silly me.

    NEOhioSB – I loved Casa Tua – I recommended it to Yaz but couldn’t remember name so said Mi Casa or something Tua.

    Shoogar – at least you are better off than the poor in Cuba, Cambodia, Tanzania but yes I do live a charmed life.

    NYGent – if we hold another lingerie party and I promised blonde 1, blonde2 and brunnette1 would be there, what would you do to get on the select invite list? I’m teasing BUT we do hold 1 Tux-Lingerie party every year.

  127. Midwest says:

    Anne – yeah! Lots of ~*~*~*~sugar dust ~*~*~*

    We are all here to help!

  128. Anne SB says:


    AH! I’m so smitten for a pot-SD. That is sooooo bad! I’m actually blushing. Maybe this is it!!!!

    I’m sending you all some sugar love! I hope spring brings us all some sugars!

    OC/Midwest: AWW!!!! Everyone’s helping everyone with profiles!!! <3

  129. Midwest says:

    OC – Could you please share my e-mail with Sugarb?

    Sugarb – send me your profile number in e-mail and I’ll take a look. We may have to wait a little. No worries.

  130. sugarb says:

    thanks Midwest!
    I’m clicking on your name and I get a page that says “profile not available”

  131. Midwest says:

    NYC SB – You rock!

  132. Midwest says:

    sugarb – If you click my name, you will see my profile for some ideas… I wil be able to access yours when you click through.

    Lily – Deep breath…he’s probably thinking the same thing.

  133. NYC SB says:

    Midwest – email me with the email that you would like to use for google voice… you will have one in no time 😉

  134. sugarb says:

    how is everybody doing?

    some would like to review my profile I’m pretty sure a need a new approach, two or three or more 😉 minds think more than one..

  135. Lily says:

    Oh my god. I’m fainting. Thx y’all C
    for listening.

    I’ve not liked anyone this much In Years.
    Major insecurities.

  136. Midwest says:

    Evening sugars! Nice to see everyone coming back lately!

    The blues show was great fun! I need to do stuff like that more often.

    If anyone else has a referral for Google Voice, I’d like one too. I sent for one through the site and its been almost a month with no answer.

    NYC SB – Come to Chicago!!

  137. Michael SD says:


    Well Caveboy, you did provide me with some useful info, I usually get extremely positive responses from the male SB I approach because I actually am polite and respectful. Based on your experience with James, some other male SB here met him or his friends…

    I would promise to keep an eye out for your profile but I am busy with a SB already and promised not to play around so to speak. Incidentally my SB is also online here sometimes, we can both only “window shop” for now.

    Nice SD like me do exist here, sadly there are also a fair number of slimeballs too. Be careful.

    The best advice I can give, is keep your life on an even keel, so if you are approached by a pot SD, you do not jump too soon, you have to pre-screen them thoroughly.

    As for how long a sugar arrangement should last, I guess I leave it open but expect it to end within a year, tho would go longer if it was good. This one is at six months, so I am content.

    And Caveboy, good spring cleaning on your part. Big virtual hug sent to you from a daddy bear. NSA ;o)


  138. Chitown SB says:

    I’ve been gone from the blog so long Ele has morphed into ShoogarShoes?

    Time to catch up on some reading, clearly…

    Hello sugars!

    Quick updates:
    PrinterSD is no more… he turned into a jerk. NiceSD is shaping up nicely, SushiSD is showing some real potential and I am insanely attracted to a pot from Chicago, doesn’t hurt that he is a straight-shooter and made the allowance offer after we met for the first time last week.

    ok, off to catch up….

  139. shadowkhanmma says:

    so is this site good for finding pot/sm?

  140. Lily – good for you. At least faint where he can catch you then. 😉

  141. Photogirl – my dad used to say to me, “Do not mistake for conspiracy and intrigue what can best be explained by stupidity and incompetence.” I believe it is a famous CIA quote. Yep. Pretty sure of it.

    Trust. The best of all the lost arts.

    • OCSugarBaby says:

      Shoo you calling me Stupid! lol

      • OCSugarBaby says:

        Anna SB I see your profile is approved! I will email you some thoughts on sprucing it up and creating the HOOK :)
        YOU are sooo cute!!! The Men in NYC will be filling up your email soon, they just need to see your profile. What a
        total sweetheart, you will do great :)

  142. cleo says:


  143. Lily says:

    Yes, I see your all’s point.

    Unless I’m on my own, i’ll skip it.

    By the way, I’m fainting. He’s too hot. I don’t qualify.

  144. To Lily’s situation…

    Saying hello to an old college girlfriend who happens to be in the same city and willing to drive to YOUR hotel bar for A drink? OKAY. A distant cousin thrice-removed wants to say hello and give you a hug? OKAY. Aunt Millie, whom you haven’t seen since you were knee high to a grasshopper and want to show her you now have fully blossomed breasts? OKAY. Including your pot SD on those quick “hellos”? OKAY.

    “Breaking away from his hip” to have lunch with an EX-boyfriend (I mean, sweetheart) of FIVE years that you are STILL mulling over (after 8 years of breakup)“why he has ignored you for five years…”, when it really shouldn’t matter. TOTALLY NOT OKAY. NO. NO. NO.


    sock it to me, sock it to me…

  145. photogirl says:

    It’s really a shame that some cannot hold other sugar’s privacy to the same standards of their own. Obviously some people have far too much time on their hands.

    Lily says: And it was my insistence to do this now. He has business in my city in 4 weeks and was happy to wait until then to meet me for a dinner date in public but I said 4 weeks is way too long and I need to cut to the chase here & now in march, and he completely juggled his life around to be here in Scandinavia tonight.

    And now you want to take time away from him to see an ex boyfriend?
    Not right in any way, shape or form.

    But then again…that’s just my two cents.

  146. cleo says:

    i like the ‘how have your previous arrangements worked?’ line to start with…

  147. shadowkhanmma says:

    would someone check my profile and give me their opinion if its ok?

  148. shadowkhanmma says:

    thanks so how is everyone today.

  149. Alluring Anna says:

    Welcome shadowkhanmma!

    Hi everyone :)

  150. NC Gent says:

    BostonSB — how often are you going to see him? Also, for me personally, if you lay out expenses that you have, that will help justify it… and you can say something like plus some extra for some spoiling… you can also give him a range so that you are less likely to offend him… best wishes!

  151. Sugarb says:

    Hi everyone, I’m a little bit new to all this and Im having good responses from some SD but I would like to fix my profile.. Because Some of them are the wronge type of SD :S
    Can someone help me?


  152. BostonSB says:

    hi sugars! my potSD just asked what i was looking for in a monthly allowance. i’ve never been in an arrangement like this and i’m not sure what to tell him. what is appropriate, but won’t short-change me (for lack of a better phrase). I don’t want to offend him, but at the same time I don’t want to ask for something too small. I don’t have any expenses really.. just hair, nails, etc shopping.. i really dont want to offend him and scare him off. we really got along!

  153. Lily says:

    Of course wise Cleo is correct. I was going to package the information (that I was going to meet this blast from my past character at a cafe on his lunch break) with a request of his schedule tomorrow and try to only suggest it if it could overlap with an hour or half hour in which he would actually appreciate/need the privacy….

    Ten minutes to eurosexy time!!! Second cocktail. He just called from his cab. 9 minutes….

  154. cleo says:

    lily just change the tone of the question

    ‘darling. i might see an old college friend, is there any time tomorrow you won’t be free to see me? of course i’d rather spend the day with you *giggle* but if you have a meeting or something…?’

  155. Lily says:

    Oh I know, but we have 24 hours together (almost) and I was just thinking that he’ll have phone calls or other things to do at some point, and I could ask if it is cool with him if we detach from one another’s hip for 30-60 minutes to exchange a quick hug and mini-catch up with someone right here in this town that I haven’t seen in forever. I really don’t think he’d care, i am sure he can busy himself for an hour or less and not mind, but I’ll play it by ear.

  156. NEOhio SB says:

    My unasked “three cents”>…..for this one, im tossing in another cent….Lily…I would NOT meet my ex boyfriend when meeting a SD and him taking care of wonderful accommodations for you. Talking on the phone is one thing, meeting is extremely tacky.

  157. shadowkhanmma says:

    Hi all i am new to all this i’m a sugarbaby male and was just wondering if this all really works? meeting sugar momma’s and stuff. just got outta a 2 year relationship and some friends told me this was a good site. so if you can offer any good advice it would be very much appreciated. thanks

  158. NYC SB says:

    I think all of you articulated what I was trying to say to Lily… sure seeing a friend or an ex if it is clear things wont work out is one thing… but he has spent a lot of money to meet you and spend time with you, the least you can do is afford him the availability to do so.

  159. SSSD says:

    My unasked-for two cents is that asking to see an ex while on a potential SD’s dime is extremely tacky. If you MUST see your ex, do it when your potential SD is busy and can’t see you.

  160. cleo says:

    lily i think you find out when potSD can’t see you and see ex then. otherwise why are you there on his dime as his sugar baby potential?

    least that’s ym sense of it

  161. cleo says:

    i wish you could get google voice in canada

  162. East Coast Filly says:

    NYC SB You ROCK!! I just set it up. I thank you so much!!!!
    I feel much safer already chickie :)

  163. NYC SB says:

    ECF – you have an invite … all my emails are linked to the blackberry so its all the same 😀

  164. NYC SB says:

    Lily – I dont think its right to ditch your pot SD to meet your ex. The pot paid for all of your accomodations the least you can do is be available to spend time with him.

  165. East Coast Filly says:

    NYC SB, fyi I didn’t email your goal digger I sent to your other that I have from when we met last Dec.

  166. Lily says:

    Weirdest thing ever.

    College sweetheart lives here in this town. Haven’t seen him in 8 years. I called him up and asked him to have a drink with me and he said tomorrow for lunch would be better. I now need to delicately ask my new potSD if he minds that I leave him alone for an hour tomorrow so I can speak to my old boyfriend (of five years, but haven’t spoken in five years/seen each other in 8yrs, until ten minutes ago when I called him out of the blue), just to catch up for old times sake. I’d also like to ask him why he has ignored me for 5 years, but the reason is obvious (new girlfriend who hates him being in touch with attractive ex girlfriend).

    More nervous about seeing him tomorrow than meeting eurosexy!! God, 8 years. And we’re both expats nowadays, but haven’t seem him since we were students in Massachusetts….

  167. East Coast Filly says:

    NYC SB – I sent you an email :)

  168. East Coast Filly says:

    NYC SB, that would be awesome. How do I get it from ya? I am kinda getting weary of giving out my real number, never had a problem so far but don’t want to use it anymore.

  169. NYC SB says:

    ECF – I have an invite left… so if you want it, its yours… otherwise you are waiting a couple of weeks

  170. East Coast Filly says:

    Hey does anyone know how long it takes to get an invite from google for google voice once you send a request? I love this idea.

  171. Lily says:

    By the way, I never even asked for a room in my name charged to his company, but I got the corner suite here all for me, which is practically bigger than my whole apartment back home (which is saying a lot). There’s a huge oval modern design tub just sitting in the mammoth bedroom, where I now soak. I’m having my Julia Roberts moment, even singing prince’s “kiss” in the tub, and anticipating this handsome, young businessman to show up downstairs for our dinner reservations.

  172. Lily says:

    Totally same risk.

    Am in bubble bath.


    Waiting 3 hours for him to arrive from meetings.

    In own room.

    Friends know where the fuck I am and who he is, and when to expect me home, and he knows that they know. Including IRL friends only 1hr time difference away, who are paying attention.

    And we did hang on the phone 4 hours last night and 6 hours the night before. And three weeks of other long calls and constant emailing.

    And it was my insistence to do this now. He has business in my city in 4 weeks and was happy to wait until then to meet me for a dinner date in public but I said 4 weeks is way too long and I need to cut to the chase here & now in march, and he completely juggled his life around to be here in Scandinavia tonight.

    I feel like I’m being smart. Thx for the backup, sister Cleo!!!

  173. cleo says:

    jade: yes i’m serious, lily has done tons of due diligence on this guy, has researched him and seen his pics and talked to him for hours. she has money of her own and can leave if need be

    sure there’s a risk but it’s the same risk i take every time i meet a man for coffee at my local ‘first date’ joint

  174. NYC SB says:

    Jade is right… she is taking a risk to fly and meet a stranger … I hope all works out though

    • OCSugarBaby says:

      Zacky congratulations! Good thing I am not a 20 year old or the blog would begin to think that you were my Sugar and WE were getting hitched!
      Nice to know it happens more than once in a blue moon!

      Anne SB I checked your profile last night and it was waiting for approval. I will check it again today :)

      Shoo~NYGent~NEOHIO SB~Flo thanks for the sugar hotel tips I took your advice and booked one last night! I am taking a sugar excursion with an SB I met on the blog! It is a quick trip! I have met about 7 blog sugar’s so far and my preference is to meet one on one. I am scared to death of group meets! Too many dangers for me. I am very guarded about my life and my sugar’s life!!! What if someone befriends the meet planner and shows up and I have no idea if they can be trusted? Hard to say who can be trusted at all when you boil it down. My individual sugar meets have been amazing! I have played several rounds of golf and traveled to other cities for a few others. I might change my mind someday about group meets. However only if Flo gives it a full sugar CIA backgroud check and SHE attends. Then I know it has full CIA sugar clearance. Stephan maybe you can contract Flo as Security Advisor. I personally just have too much to lose if someone takes my info and plays loose and crazy with it. My virtual sugar friends are precious to me and the trust and friendship usually grows to one day meeting! Being a Sugar friend takes discression, compassion and kindness, not all are cut out for it.

      Lily! I have flown several states away for a first meet! Deep breaths and bask in the sugar fun. Be safe, I know you will :)

  175. stephan says:

    Backatcha Cleo :)

  176. cleo says:

    dear stephan: i *heart* you

  177. Jade says:

    Who cares about meeting up with a stranger online? Are you serious?

  178. cleo says:

    jade who cares as long as it doesn’t cost her anything? methinks lily lands on her feet…

  179. Jade says:

    Lily – I found 90 percent of the guys online rich or not are not serious about finding an arrangement, but do enjoy all the dating the sites gives them !!!! I would say you are taking a HUGE chance by traveling for one of these “first dates” that tend to never pan out even if they live close.

  180. Lily says:

    First class. So thoughtful/nice surprise.

    I’m on the plane. We’re taking off in ten minutes. I was with BH for brunch, ate a 50 dollar omelet with champagne and although he wanted to continue with an afternoon of lingerie shopping, I had to pack to go abroad, so we postponed for Monday. He’s always going above and beyond. Then again, he’s in love. Men in love do that.

    Zazazoom is never able to travel to me. Darn. Miss him.

    But only have eurosexy on my mind now. So excited to take off!!!!

  181. Tru says:

    Lily – Good luck for your date im sure things will go great, keep us all posted x

  182. Lily says:

    Try, no plans to jump the Atlantic but will be flying across the seas in one hour…
    Wish me sugar luck! 1st dates are scary.

  183. Lily says:

    Zacky, I may have missed your previous posts or maybe you are a first time poster.

    Either way, congratulations!!

  184. NEOhio SB says:

    Good morning sugars!!

    Caveman ~~ Wow….reading your post was like having 5 double espressos this morning…talk about an awakening. Be positive…you did the house cleaning. Some guy will come along AND appreciate what you have to offer….patience my dear…patience.

    Tru ~~ Love love love San Diego as well.

    Zacky ~~ Congratulations !!

    And to all the rest….hope you have a sunny, sugar filled day!

  185. Zacky says:

    I may be insane, but I just proposed to my sugarbaby and gave her a big rock. Actually, about 30 big rocks! I’m the luckiest man on earth… about to turn 50, she’s about to turn 20, and we’re planning a July wedding. Marriage, actually… we’re keeping it under wraps. I figured out how to maintain an arrangement during marriage and we’re exactly on the same page. Wow. Thanks, SA! I’m having the time of my life!

    …..Does your sugarlife need any Spring cleaning?


    …..How do you agree on the length of time an arrangement will last?

    By making the arrangement so attractive neither party wants to quit. And by providing so much pleasure to your partner they simply can’t think about anyone else.

    Once again, thanks SA! I’m in heaven!

  186. Tru says:

    Morning Lily, I love NYC & Miami but so far my fav is San Diego. When will you be going?

  187. Lily says:

    Welcome, Valencia!!!

    Good morning, sugars!!!

    I’m itching to go to NYC & miami now!!!!

  188. valencia says:

    hi there, i’m new to SA.

  189. lil'SB says:

    Shoogar…mcdonalds has the BEST coffee hands down. They’re just GIVING away coffee these last two weeks (bliss!) and I got hooked. I wonder if they put nicotine or cow fat something else addictive in them to make them so delicious…

    Cleo, sorry for my haitus but stuff came up and I got really busy, but I will be looking around for an awesome venue and sending you a list later this week.

  190. cleo says:

    stephan? thank you for posting that blog about the toronto meet, several people have come out of the woodwork now.

    everyone else, need venue suggestions, somewhere with a private room would be best!

  191. Caveboy6699 says:

    Thanks for the welcome, thanks for the hugs, thanks for the understanding.

    I will wait, in poverty, for an SD/SM to message me and say… I dont give a shit about whether you love me because I have money or Love me because you fell in love with me after using my money, either way, the fact of the matter is, I dont give two squirts of piss what your reason is initially, you need money, I’ve got it and you can spend it and you have a great body and personality, and Ill use that to my enjoyment and hopefully our feelings and attachments will grow…

    THATS WHAT I WANT. someone say to me, OBVIOUSLY you need some cash, that is done deal, lets now talk about what your interests are.

    Whatever, it prob wont happen.

    Send me a fucking iPad, I’ll enjoy the hell out of it and it will make me a bad person, a whore, a heartless, emotionally dried up, fuck boy.

    Pffff, let me know if you want to start a beautiful romantic financial relationship.

    Im fun, funny, horny, needy, and completely bullheaded. lol

  192. Anne – TRUE. I even use the coupon code VS sends me via text! ha ha.

  193. Anne SB says:

    Shoo: I clip coupons too! Saving my pennies!!! That little bit you save adds up

  194. NYC SB says:

    Flo – emailed that back to you last weekend… heard nothing from you… thought you de sistered me :(

  195. I know, dear. And TRUST ME, this is one of the ONLY place I would ever mention I have even had those experiences. I come from very humble beginnings and surrounded by humble people – who would not even know the LIKES of any of those places. I couldn’t even begin to explain. You guys, however, at least know and (probably) appreciate the caliber of those types of venues. I’m guessing…

  196. NYGent says:

    shoo: just jerking your chain . . .

  197. Ha ha, NY Gent. Shall I also than list the fact that I ate shrimp tacos from Taco Bell today? Or that I stayed at the Holiday Inn Express last September during Fashion Week? Or maybe that I recommend McCafe coffee? I also clip coupons for grocery shopping – and yes, buy all my own groceries, they aren’t delivered to my door. Perhaps that will then balance things out and only label me as “middle maintenance” perhaps? Those other places were surprises from SDs – NOT my requests OR demands. :)

  198. NYGent says:

    correction: I meant biltmore in coral gables.

  199. NYGent says:

    shooger: ok, so the mandarin in NY, Per Se, French Laundry. Ahem . . . does the phrase “high maintainence” ring a bill . . .

  200. NYGent says:

    OC: yes it depends on your price range (and who’s paying, you or SD/Fiance’)

    NYc: mandarin is tres tres cher. For something nice but more reasonable try the Gansevoort in meatpacking, or Empire at 63 and broadway, or Soho Grande. None of them cheap but not outrageous like the Mandarin and the high end east siders (carlyse, pierre). There’s always the Marriot Marquis on times square, touristy but serviceable. michelangelo in midtown (51 and 7th) is good.

    Miami: Delano and Shore Club are creme de la creme, fun and fabulous. For something more reasonble try the Park Central or Cardozo (not sure latter still there).

    for old world style the biltmore in coconut grove, half hour or so to south beach, and one of world’s biggest swimming pools.

    couldn’t resist call for help, back to retirement . . .

  201. Speaking of VS Fashion Show. Heidi Klum. Holy cow! Nov 2009 in NYC, 36 and after giving birth to her FOURTH child looked amazing. No wonder they call her the “Klumenator.” Woah.

  202. True, NEO SB. I love the shark tank in the lobby!

  203. NEOhio SB says:

    OC ~~ Forgot to mention…at the rooftop pool @ Gansevoort….anything goes…and i mean …anything goes. Total uninhibitedness…footloose and fancy free.

  204. NEOhio SB says:

    Good evening everyone. Just quickly popping in…Welcome to the newbies here…!!

    OC ~~ If i may give my input on the hotels…I second Shoogar…love the Gansevoort in Miami….fantastic rooftop pool with very nice wicker circular couches to get very comfy on…VS now uses the Gansevoort rather than the Fountainbleu…and as far as a great romantic restaurant…I highly recommend Casa Tua. Fantastic wine and great ambiance.
    As far as NYC…Gansevoort is nice…Have been at the Ws, but not my favs…love the Michaelangelo at W 51st and 7th. Thanks to NY Gent for that recommendation awhile ago. And yes, Benjamin is nice too.

  205. I actually like his other restaurant better, The French Laundry in Napa.

    have a great night, Flo Riiiida.

  206. YES, Delano makes GREAT drinks at Tiki bar in back and man, love the lobby. Rooms at Gansevoort Miami are MUCH, MUCH larger than Foutainblueu. If you stay at the bleu and want to get into LIV (hard to get into on weekend nights), let me know, I can get you on the guest list.

  207. Flo Rida says:

    Shoogar – Per Se is busier now but a year ago – on a quiet Tuesday night you could fire a cannonball through it and not hit anyone. ok gals i’m going out – behave everyone!

  208. Flo Rida says:

    OC – trendy – Delano (once saw Cameron Diaz & Justin there when they were together – models loved it) expensive – Setai (though Fontainebleau gives better price).

  209. Flo Rida says:

    OC – depends where you want to stay & price range.

    Downtown Miami – Intercontinentla is cheap & ok, Epic is new & trendy. JW Marriott on Brickell good for business district. On Southbeach I generally stay at Ritz Carlton though recently I stayed at new Fontainebleau resort – is you want to be more trendy (think Cameron Diaz & Justintimberlake) there are two trendy hotels just north of Ritz who’s names I’ve forgotten.

    In NY Gansevoort is trendy in Meatpacking district, Hudson (UWS NEAR theater district) but small rooms. W hotels are trendy & in many locations but small rooms again. I like the Benjamin hotel on 50th &Lex if you are in Midtown East. Carlisle is iconic near Central Park. Soho Grande accepts dogs. Mandarin Oriental also nice near Art Center.

  210. Lily says:

    I reach out and contact men a lot. I usually read their profile, pick out some witty comment or observation about what they put out there in the text of their profile, and send it off. quick-like. Then I forget about it.

    I get maybe 40% writing back. maybe a quarter of those just want to say “You seem amazinb but too far– call me if you’re ever in the US” and end things, and the rest seem very interested to move things to normal email (I have an account just for SA). We do that, and exchange full face photos, and a few Q & A back and forth, and a bit of brainstorming as to how we’d actually meet for the first time should we decide to, given the distance.

    My problem is not hooking their interest, getting them to love my photos, think I’m awesome, etc….. but because of thousands of miles involved, usually things stall out at the decision that we really ought to sit down and have drinks and see what could exist IRL between us, chemistry-wise, but…….. when will they possibly be able to squeeze a trip to Europe or me a trip there….. and then in this mutual head-scratching moment, which kind of kills the momentum of things, …things fizzle and sometimes poof.

    I hate that. I need to figure out a better way to go about this. I guess I should eat the expense of a trip to NYC or London, maybe with a friend who can travel with me, and set up a bunch of back to back pot coffee dates one after another, and hope that out of 20 maybe one might get properly hooked on me enough to take care of the geography from there on out. I have no problem getting to the point of them wanting to meet me IRL but the mammoth distane usually kills the buzz. Hmmmmm………’

    Anyway, boarding a flight in 12 hours to go see EuroSexySD who just hung on the phone with me for 4 hours discussing every last thing under the sun with me (he likes it when I babble endlessly!!!!!!!!!!!), and sweetly anticipating our first date tomorrow. yay.

  211. Anne SB says:

    OC I tried to post my e-mail to you, but it says it needs to by moderated. Am I going to be kicked off the blog? I forgot to read the rules….

    Sorry about hijacking the blog everyone.

  212. OC – I usually stay at the Gansevoort in Miami because of the awesome rooftop pool and the mojitos at the 3rd floor pool. A lot of people like Fountainbleu, but I personally think it is over-rated. But Victoria’s Secret likes to hold their fashion shows there.

    In NYC, I like Mandarin Oriental. Asiante is there, a great restaurant/bar with a gorgeous view of Central Park. (And you can walk to Per Se, but you will need reservations way in advance there for dinner – unless you know someone.) The Palace is great. Gilt restaurant is there – awesome dinner spot. I also like Gramercy Park Hotel because you can walk to Friend of a Farmer for breakfast!

    • OCSugarBaby says:

      Thanks Shoo! I will make some calls now :) Those two cities are foreign to me, plus something new is always popping up!
      I love the Mandarin on Oahu!!!

      Annie I will mail you!

      • OCSugarBaby says:

        Annie SB I got your email and unstuck your post. I just send you my address! Let’s work on your profile :)
        No worries!

  213. Anne SB says:

    Oh yea, what is this about a Sugar Summit?

  214. Anne SB says:

    OC: yes! Please check it outt!!! Email me…


  215. cleo says:

    update on toronto

    i have three sd’s with various degrees of confirmation and apparently midwest has another. hopefully sincere might be convinced to come with that many possible men around.

    i have 7? sb’s that have emailed me but i know there’s some bloggers who haven’t emailed and i’ve lost track of who you are.

    i should have replied to every emailer at least once although i owe a few of you replies to your replies…

    off i go for the evening!

    • OCSugarBaby says:

      Shoo or Flo I need a recommendation for a great hotel in both Miami and NYC can you help me out???
      Quick sugar trip to both next week! Yikes no idea where to stay… Thx

  216. Well, Flo, as you know in THIS (sugar) world when I say corporate espionage, I actually mean something else. Could tell you, but then I would have to…well, you know.

    One of my favorite chick flicks is Runaway Bride. (Julia Roberts & Richard Gere – sans hooker boots)

  217. Flo Rida says:

    James.m – I agree the savings rate is say 8percent now which is $16k ($200k) so you’re saying someone who earns $200k can’t really afford a high allowance (out of income). Sorry luv

  218. James.m says:

    Luba–definately reach out to interesting SDs. And, if they don’t respond, you may need to reach out and touch ’em again. Sometimes we don’t recognize what’s right in front of us!

  219. Flo Rida says:

    Shoogar – i’m watching a chick flick on HBO with eva longoria, the guy who married Phoebe in Friends. Why don’t you work for the Chinese – they love corporate espionage (sorry chinese readers).

  220. James.m says:

    Flo — wives are definately fixed expenses! I think $60 is low for one, though! Especially if you throw in a car and a mortgage!

  221. Flo – Maybe. But mostly, I am interested in the sordid world of corporate espionage.

  222. Flo Rida says:

    Shoogar – are you going to work in all four professions? i’m so tired

  223. Flo – I plan on visiting Spy Museum in April for one of Eamon Javer’s luncheons: Broker, Trader, Lawyer, Spy. Can’t wait. Glad you had a wonderful time.

  224. Flo Rida says:

    Luvz – this has been covered before, if you are in demand you can wait for SD to come to you, if you want to ‘hedge’ your risk – by all means contact them BUT you’ll have to put up with some non-response, some rejection some rudeness. NYCSB just says ‘how’s your search going’ others tailor an initial message though this takes time). Good luck

    Someone asked about an equation – bear in mind some SD’s pay out of wealth (assets) and some out of income. Say income of $200k, taxes of $90k, fixed expenses (wife, school, mortgage, car, yatch, living expenses blah) of $60k gives say $50k a year or roughly $2-4k a month – bear in mind US savings rates are low.

    NYgent – Shoogar – loved DC spy museum!

    NYC SB – where’s my table of contents?

    ciao all!

  225. Midwest says:

    Luvs – This is a real test of your patience! Yes, you can and should contact men who interest you first. It’s how I met my former SD. Pick something short, personal and clever to say, send it off, then forget about it!! This way if he doesn’t respond, you don’t drive yourself insane wondering why he didn’t respond. Reality is, a small percentage will actually write you back. Of those, only a few will be or interest or worth pursuing. Have a thick skin and know you are just the right sb for some very lucky man!

  226. Midwest says:

    Evening sugars! There’s a blog specifically for the Toronto meet! Keep the details to a minimum, but it may help Cleo keep track of who wants to go and to provide updates. Thanks Stephan and company!

    Does your sugarlife need any Spring cleaning? Only in the sense of ramping up my search. This search has brought along a few surprises, but how can you learn if you don’t put yourself out there?

    How do you agree on the length of time an arrangement will last? I think this has to be up to the individuals involved. OCs version of deciding if both parties want to continue every 3 months or so is much like what I had. I liked it because it does address the reality that it’s not infinite. I do understand not wanting to lose the romantic side of meeting someone new with business-like details. Either way, I do believe either party should be able to end the arrangement without explanation or cause and with amicable, drama-free, results.

  227. Wonderland says:

    Luvz: I’m sure you gathered based on the post above I’m playing the waiting game too. It really depends on my mood whether or not I personally message a bloke. If you really like a guy and what he is written go for it. You have nothing to lose……….. If you get a message and the guy doesn’t seem like someone you’re interested in; then either delete and move on or send a polite message.
    That’s my strategy so far.

  228. Wonderland says:

    HUGS FOR EVERYONE haha….. yeah I know what you mean. If you use the term Sugar Daddy people start thinking they know EXACTLY what’s going. It’s how you phrase things to the non sugar world. A friend with benefits is one I’ve tossed around in the past. “He’s just a friend who is helping me out and we’re having a good time.” Much less crass than saying “Oh it’s an arrangement.” But I keep my sugar life very very private. It’s much harder being the second time around on the site. People look at my profile but nobody messages me. I took the advice when I came out of lurk mode and edited accordingly but still nothing. Oh well at least there are some new people I’m getting to know.


  229. Luvz says:

    Hello All,

    Yes I am new to this sb/sd site and I absolutely LOVE this blog. I was wondering, how to attract more men to message my ‘page’. And how do I go about initiating the communication with the sd’s, do they prefer to talk to the sb first, or do they want you to contact them first???? This whole waiting game is a DRAG!!!I’m a little shy, and am not quite sure what to say or how to know if I am what they are looking for.

    Thanks in advance for responses,

  230. Lily says:

    Thanks, OC! Feelin the love. 😀

    Actually these two balls of adorable, warm, furring loveliness are the love I’m really feelin, right now. Feelin the feline love. 😀

    • OCSugarBaby says:

      Lily and Wonderland jump in and give Luvz a hand.
      I am off to a meeting then dinner with my honey :)
      Later Gaters :)

  231. Lily says:

    I can hug too! I have the softest, thickest cashmere sweater on right now, so I make a very huggable gal.


  232. Lily says:

    Well…. addendum: except the fact that these dudes are married…….. that part is a little tricky to mention to friends. Sigh. I hate censoring myself, that’s one thing this blog allows me to do–discuss the ups & downs of the sugar lifestyle without needing to censor anything at all.

  233. stephan says:


    Sugar ((HUG)); 1 more added! 😀

    • OCSugarBaby says:

      Back at ‘cha Stephan…

      Lily you my lovely are like no other. I will get use to the colorful phrases before my 6am cup of coffee!
      You are better than caffine :)

  234. Lily says:

    Wonderland — absolutely. We should be able to let it all hang out here and not need to dance so delicately around the issues re: arrangements. ESPECIALLY if everything otherwise (that a poster has said) indicates that they are certainly on the sugar side of the line in the sand between sugar dating and…. you know.

    I have not been hiding from my friends about my sugar dating, — just sans the lingo/vernacular —- and they totally get it and are cheering me on and think I deserve a little princess treatment after the crappy marriage and rough divorce I’ve been through in the not-so-distant past. If you just drop the ‘terms’ (like “sugar daddy” which makes an average person conjure up the image of hugh hefner) and discuss what it really is, with genuine friendships and genuine desire to assist one another and spend great times with one another, then it really isn’t much different than normal dating when there exists a pretty noticable economic discrepancy.

  235. Lily says:

    Ok, Caveboy, this site isn’t perfect, I agree with you. Many of us quality SB types have a hard time finding an SD who is ‘down’ with paying an allowance.

    The key is usually in the asking, as I am slowly learning myself. If they aren’t keen on general living stipend money, then if you phrase things directly that you are looking for some assistance for x, y, and z needs (tuition, rent, physical therapy, a new class to learn a new skill, to renovate your bathroom, WHATEVER), then they may feel okay about supplying some financing for THAT purpose, but just handing over cash to you in general on a regular schedule may be a buzzkill somehow. I’m just guessing, but I think it works that way for some. They may feel like they are paying for your attention and time (which makes them feel lame) but if they are helping out a friend with ____ (fill in the blank) that is much more something they are used to and can get their head around.

    I personally don’t think it should matter if they are handing you cash to take care of making your life easier or cushier or more pampered or whatnot, since the name of the game in an arrangement is SPOILING and material comfort, and it shouldn’t need to be such a touchy issue, but everyone has feelings and there you go. My two cents.

  236. Wonderland says:

    I mean it’s not like you can go to a neighbour or friend in most cases and discuss sugar and the blog should be a place and is a place for you to type whatever you are feeling.

  237. Wonderland says:

    Hey Lily/Caveman

    I mean if this is the only outlet you have to get it out (colourfully, humourly, rough) then fine by me. It’s a frustratingly annoying and sometimes hurtful process and I’m always standing by with a hug :)

    • OCSugarBaby says:

      Awwwh Wonderland that is so sweet. Nice to know you are standing by with a ((HUG))
      Lily/Caveman you can count me in on that ((HUG)) too.
      Sugar life can be rough and it is even rougher when other sugars give you a hard time.
      Here’s wishing the sugar love will flow freely again. It has been a rough month!
      Like that guy who holds up the sign on the street “Free Hugs” …

  238. Lily says:

    Thank goodness, I was tired of feeling like the roughest character on the island. I’m actually such a sweetie pie and total goofball, it was a misconception anyways. :) Ok, ok, I do use adult language from time to time and colorful themes in my humor, you were right all along. 😛

  239. Lily says:

    Hi Tru. And hello Caveboy.

    Who’s the rough style wild card poster now, OC? 😉

  240. Tru says:

    Hello everyone 😉

  241. Tru says:

    Caveboy – WOW thats some spring clean!!!

  242. Wonderland says:

    Wow!!!!!!! Caveman that’s quite a story…….. hope you find someone who treats you with a lot more respect than that James character.

  243. Caveboy6699 says:

    I AM NEW! But I have been here before. i deleted my previous profile because my sugdad made me after we met. I just finished recreating and now I have to deal with all the approval times and the inability to email any of these beautiful people.

    I hate the “Shhhh dont talk about money or I wont want you” vibe that the site has started taking on. It’s bullshit. Go to match.com or eharmony if you are looking for someone in your own situation, and if you are only here because you like to have the upper hand and be in control of everything because you can wave money in some poor “sluts” face, then get the hell out of here too!

    I registered because I wanted to have an arrangement where I provide what someone needs in their life to make them feel good and happy and they provide what I need to survive and be happy. Thats the bare bones. If feelings come into play then its a bonus, but dont judge me and tell me that my profile mentioning my under $1000 need for catching up with bills is bullshit, youre bullshit.

    I’m not a cock sucker whore, i am not gonna shove a dick in my mouth for cash, I want to get to know you and see if it is an arrangement that works but I am saying that LOVE and LIVING together and growing old are not in the cards by default.

    I want an ipad, i want a tv, i want a car… non of which I expect, or give ass for. Just because I want something doesnt make me a turd. You WANT a sex toy on a leash, you want a ferrari, you want a guy and girl to fuck your 62yr old cock at one time… Are you gonna pay for it? I mean come on!

    THATS MY SPRING CLEANING! Cleaning the dirt off my chest and the chips off my shoulder.

    My sug dad before turned out to be a pedophile.. be careful who you talk to, he wanted my hair gone, my voice high, matching pajama tops and bottoms and when I left my facial scruff and refused to shave, he dumped me for a 14yr old.
    Fuck You James!

    • OCSugarBaby says:

      Well NOW I am entertained! Welcome Caveboy… wtf do you say other than that! Happy Spring Cleaning? A Clean Slate is a good start.

  244. Wonderland says:

    OC: You can’t go wrong with HUNTERS those are what we wear over here!!!!!!

    Grrr…… I keep staring at my profile hoping to get messages. But from what i’ve seen it’s same old poof, faux, and thanks but no thanks guys on my end.

  245. Anne SB says:

    Sugar News: I think I turned my pot SD off. I got to “smart” on him. Oh well, happy hunting to me.

    Has anyone had this experience? I thought SD’s were looking for intelligent women, at least that is what they claim. Where can I find an example of a good profile?

    OC: I can’t wait for a Gucci sunglasses day in NY, first I need to get some. :)

    • OCSugarBaby says:

      Anne SB if you would like I would gladly take a look at your profile for you and see where I can be of assistance! Just let me know if it is ok to email you and I will do just that :)

      Legogirl05 great sugar name! 10’s may fizzle out. Think positive thoughts and you will have that perfect SD. Ok, being realistic…nothing beats a caring confidant woman :) Welcome!

      Wonderland a stiff what??? LOL when I read that I had to re-read it. Hard day to concentrate at work today :)
      I bought the cutiest pair of Wellies, just wish it rained more here in CA :)

      Anne SB go try some on! I know they will look great on YOU

  246. legogirl05 says:

    well my view is that alot of the sd will go for the realy hot girls you know the 10’s.. the single ladies that have to attachments in their lives…i’d wish to think diffrent but cant help it but to think that!!

  247. legogirl05 says:

    we all can use some spring cleaning …good bye cold hello hello mr. sunshine… I hate being cold…still need someone to warm me up..im new to this so what the hey willing to talk to anyone who wants to fyi dont get on computer much for don’t think im ignoring you. if u write…..

  248. Wonderland says:

    No, not in need of my Wellies today. Dry but cloudy.
    I’m in need of a stiff drink and an SD!!!!!!!!!!

    Awww you first SD got them for you? That’s really sweet.

  249. Wonderland says:

    OC: is it a GUCCI sunglasses day?

  250. cleo says:

    If you wish to come to toronto please email toronto sugar meet @ gmail dot com.

  251. Wonderland says:

    Lily-Well if I did that, I’d say way too much that I don’t want to say LOL
    No I’m at home. Have the rest of the week off so just at home on my computer like the geek I am!!!!! (sexy geek in case any pots are reading this LOL)

  252. Lily says:

    *smacks forehead*

    Maybe that is why I sometimes cause a stir.

    cocktails plus bar ambiance plus iphone plus SA blog = foot in Lily’s own karaoke-singing mouth and ruffled feathers all around. 😉

    • OCSugarBaby says:

      Lily you would not be the first and only sugar to drink and blog! But maybe the first to do both while singing Karaoke. Are the kittens litter box trained yet?

      • OCSugarBaby says:

        Welcome Mindy SB In NYC it sounds like you have your head on straight and a POSITIVE attitude to go along with it!
        Keep us posted on your pot date coming up and I am sorry things did/are not working out with your current SD.
        Being taken for granted is hard. But ending things SUCK! We are here for you if you need a sugar shoulder to lean on :)

      • OCSugarBaby says:

        Heeello Wonderland why, yes it is a GUCCI sunglass day. They are my favorite pair. My very first SD bought them for me and I cherish them and the memories of him when I wear them :)
        Are you in need of your Wellies today???

  253. TexasSugah says:

    Hi all… PotSD from last nite just text me with a feeler about last nite. I was positive. He’s pretty slow on the uptake so we’ll see if he keeps the momentum going.

    I guess we’ll see.

    Happy personal spring cleaning sugars!!

  254. Lily says:

    I hang out in bars and blog on here all the time, Wonderland.

    You and I and Adriane need to start planning a Euro sugarmeet.

  255. Wonderland says:

    Hi everyone from sunny old England (minus the sunny part)
    I was just hoping that if I typed that the sun would magically pop out
    and suffice to say- nothing happened. Next time perhaps…..

    Still on the sugar hunt. A guy I really was hoping to hit it off with poofed on me. I have about a week left in my premium membership and really really hope I find who I am looking for. I feel awkward because I want to say more about myself than I can, and feel like I’m walking a tight rope just with having photos of myself but it’s a matter of privacy and discretion. I’m sure though it’s that way for a lot of people SD/SBs alike, we have cool neat things we do but can’t share so we are forced to be a bit generic but I’d like to think (and excuse the bad grammar if it is such) I’m “generically alluring” At least enough to say hello to.

    Anyways, (pulls up barstool* and sits) hope everyone else is okay.

    *metaphoric barstool I don’t hang out in bars and blog; oh no! Lord knows what I’d start typing. LOL

  256. AdrianeSB says:

    Lily, well we checked out only one place, so let’s not despair just yet :) I’ve been so excited about the kitties and soon I might want my own little furry friends 😀 they’re soooo cuuuuute!

  257. TT (AKA Tantalizing Taz) says:

    Lily – perhaps not everyone else knows it is an open marriage 😉

  258. Lily says:

    Morning (hahaha) to you, Miss AdrianeSB! Can you believe how abysmal our IRL sugar hunt turned out last night?! Pfft.

    Handsome McHandsomely (aka Mr. Big) just had a 2 hour window to squeeze in a fancy meal between meetings today and we had absolutely lovely and interesting conversation, and he really lifted my mood. And I did none of the things i was planning to do, to try to sugarify the situation. Ahh, well. It was just lunch and a kiss on the cheek.

    EuroSexySD and I will be together in 24 hours and I’m SO SO SO relieved I know his identity. It’s an open marriage, anyway, so why the need for crazy discretion?

  259. AdrianeSB says:

    Good afternoon or morning!

    I haven’t got anything sugary to clean yet, search is still going on. I’ve done pretty extensive cleaning with my wardrobe and attic earlier this year, so everything’s in order. What a liberating feeling!

  260. Alluring Anna says:

    Mornin’ y’all 😀

    My sugar life is beautiful the way it is. The only spring cleaning I’ll be doing is in the house…my basement is a total mess! UGH!

  261. NC Gent says:

    Good morning all. My sugar life does not appear to need any Spring cleaning. I never talk about the length of my arrangements ahead of time. My first arrangement lasted 2+ years – we are still great friends. My second arrangement lasted 7 months, but we are back together for a second stint. My third arrangement lasted 3 months, which was more than long enough lol

  262. Lily says:

    Good morning, sugars!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Get up and at em, sugar pies.

    It’s 3pm over here and I’m off to meet with Mr. Big, in hopes of finally turning him into an arrangement.

    Tomorrow I’m flying off to meet the potSD who I have dubbed EuroSexySD who has revealed all on an all-night marathon phone call, last night. Yay. Feeling so much better.

    I updated my blog with a blurb about trust and scariness.

    McPoofer has done it again.

  263. MindyNYC says:

    Hi ALL!!
    Longtime SB Lurker, who as finally decided to join the party!

    Does your sugarlife need any Spring cleaning?
    YES! This week I’m meeting my current SD of over 1 year and will most likely be ending the relationship. He’s been taking me for granted and advantage of my easy going nature. I’m no longer feeling stimulated or inspired on an emotional, romantic, physical, intellectual or financial level lol. I don’t have any ‘vetted pots’ lined up yet, but do have a nice ‘waiting in the wings/ back up sd’ date lined up in a couple of weeks. I will start a more vigorous search once I do some personal ‘spring cleaning’ of the weight I gained over the winter lol.

    How do you agree on the length of time an arrangement will last?
    I’ve never set a time maximum time limit on an arrangement, but have always shied away from situations I did not think we’re going to last beyond 3 months. I like the security of assuming the arrangement will last a long time and typically interview in that fashion, but after reading previous blog posts I may start to rethink my view.

  264. buxombeautylv says:

    TGG, I think it’s best to decide how much you need monthly and look for SDs who can afford that, because each SD will have a different budget based on what he is able AND willing to spend.

    If you know what you want, you will be better equipped to find an arrangement you can be happy with.

    I only look at a pot SD’s stated income to determine if it’s even possible that he could afford what I want monthly. Knowing what you want isn’t greedy 😉

  265. TexasGolfGirl says:

    Is there a mathematical equation to what a SD would be willing to offer allowance-wise in respect to their annual salary?

    If a SD makes $200,000 a year, what is reasonable allowance request? Given the SD is single, never married, no children, etc.

  266. Anne SB says:

    OC: OOOHHH!!! Have fun! Make sure to get a goofy hat!

  267. TexasGolfGirl says:

    Hi Sugars!

    Catching up with the posts! It’s interesting… earlier I was cleaning my closets and dressers – putting things aside for Goodwill and such. Hadn’t planned to, just felt the urge to clean/organize. And then I get on the blog and one of the questions is about Spring Cleaning! I’d almost forgotten about the lovely season!

    In other news. I have a date tomorrow, so hopefully we will “Spring into an Arrangement!” Ha.

    Happy Spring!

  268. buxombeautylv says:

    I’m not really in need of spring cleaning but I am definitely doing some rearranging – moving and resuming my old job. It’s a little hectic but a nice feeling.

    I don’t like to try and set any fixed time frame for an arrangement, prefer to let the relationship flow naturally. It will end when it’s time. I had one SD for only a month, one for almost a year, and one for 3 years. With both the longer-lasting ones, we are still friends even years later. With the shorter relationship we just realized we weren’t right for each other and parted ways amicably.

    Here’s wishing everyone a happy and fruitful spring season!

  269. Beach_Girl says:

    Yaz~ Tu as mon email? ca serais bien de ce parler en dehors du blog!

  270. Yaz says:

    By the way, NYCSB, glad to read you had an awesome time in PR :-)

  271. Yaz says:

    Hey y’all :-)

    Cant wait for summer to get here! I am sure I will enjoy my time in NYC with SD even more! :-)

    Too many posts to catch up. I have to get up early tommorrow morning…… Ugh… Metro, Boulot, Dodo

    Night sugars

  272. Anne SB says:

    OC SB: Thanks for the advice. Yea, I’ve just finished reading some blog horror stories, so I’m trying to prevent any mishaps. ::Baby steps::

    Any news in your sugar life?

  273. Anne SB says:

    Question: A pot-Sd who wants to meet up after one message, does that sound like a pay-per-play?

    • OCSugarBaby says:

      Anne SB he sounds pretty normal to me. Yet you only told us one fact-oid. Some men just do not feel comfortable with the email exchange. Do what makes you feel comfortable. If the steps of emailing, then talking on the phone then meeting works and your comfort level is there. Then meet him. I personally do not meet with just one email exchange. If you were to ask him to move to the phone for a conversation he might be more comfortable. In the end it is YOUR comfort level. Put yourself first and if this is all new to you… please be safe and meet in a public place. Baby steps!

      • OCSugarBaby says:

        Anne SB news in my sugar life? Hmmm just planned a trip to Disney for us. Can you believe I have lived in CA for almost two years and have never gone?! I am so excited!!!

  274. FL-SD says:

    I’m curious: how frequently do arrangements have fixed durations going in ?

    • OCSugarBaby says:

      FL-SD I kept the durations realistic. Six month with three month re-ups.
      It sounds harsh, but it worked very well. Arrangements are like a thumb
      print, to each our own. My arrangements had deep emotional connections!

      They were arrangements that had a purpose/goal for mentoring my business knowledge.
      I was truly blessed in my sugar life to meet some amazing men. My biggest lesson learned was
      to keep it realistic. Even the best arrangement ends. Just the sugar law of physics.
      Don’t do what others do, go with your instincts! You will know when it should end.

  275. FL-SD says:

    Good evening all ! TT, I’ll drop you a line, thanks.
    Maybe there’s an opportunity for a sugar spa and wellness destination.
    As for the discussion on duration of arrangements, my limited experience was/is 6-7 months… And counting in this latest effort. It would be great to imagine my current arrangement continuing indefinately… Who knows?

  276. TexasSugah says:

    Hey ya’ll…

    I’ve never given thought to how long an arrangement will last. I guess as long as it can. I’m not big on changing men often.

    I need to clean up my personal life and simply things.

    On another note, I went on a sugar date tonight. I have been talking to this pot for a while. He texts once in a while nothing big. I thought he was busy or had issues. So tonight he asked if I wanted to meet up for a drink.

    Intially he was giving us a short time but we ended up staying longer. It went well, we talked about everything under the sun. Nothing extra came up about an arrangement or what have you but I’m sure we’ll see each other again.

    I guess I’ll just have to keep doing what I’m doing until something pans out. Thank goodness I got a financial injection from my favorite SD.. uncle sam.. got my refund!

  277. TT (AKA Tantalizing Taz) says:

    FLSD – I know you had mentioned that you are looking into a wellness center type of business? I would be interested in chatting a little as I am in the same situation – I have a phenomenal vision of a business model – iMho of course, now I am banging down all doors to try and make it a reality (finances is the crux for me obviously) – anyhow – if you are interested in a chat or two.

  278. Anne SB says:

    Hey All,

    Lily: Good luck and be safe!!! Try to find out about a few places before you go, just incase you need a backup plan

    Sugar News: I need to re-vamp my just made profile. I haven’t done SA before, but have had an arrangement and am not sure how to make my profile a hook. Any suggestions?

    I hope Spring brings us all some sugarrr!!!

    Spring cleaning sounds like it might be a good idea right now

  279. sasy says:

    hello everybody. im new st this from miami. lookibg forward to meeting new friends sugar papas

  280. cleo says:

    i know of more than one sd who claim multi year arrangements…

  281. cleo says:

    lily we are so on opposite sides of the romantic pond

    i have lost all interest in emotionally opening to a man early in the process. woo me a little, let me see that you mean it and i’ll bud like a rose but until then i’ll be my vivacious and natural charming self but my heart will definetely be visiting the valet.

  282. cutipi917 says:

    Hi yall!

    Spring cleaning in my apartment yes..in my sb/sd life no..lol
    I think an arrangement can last as long as you want it to last. I am extremely fortunate to find a sd that is more than just a sd but one of my closest friends. We have been dating for over 2 years and so far no complaints!

  283. Lily says:

    Thank goodness the blog is back up.

    The right amount of time for a sugar relationship…….. I would hope that it could go on a year or two, if all is well. Why not? Longer, perhaps, if things in other aspects of life just really lent themselves towards both feeling good about it.

    My sugar life needs spring cleaning, yes. I am trying to clean up one arrangement to make it last the entire year but I just don’t know if I can do it. So while working on it, I also keep one eye peeled towards sugarland and think about possibly trading him in for something that works a bit more effortlessly……… pot date on Thursday, I am traveling abroad for it, but I expressed my serious nervousness and he revealed and proved his identity!!! He is someone I feel confident about flying to meet, now, so I’m happy. He knows that others will know who I am with, so I no longer have panicky paranoid feelings about the potential of any misbehavior, whatsoever. Not that he’s given me any reason to fear. I’m kind of getting all crushy on him from a distance already, before even meeting. But trying to keep my cool.

    Handsome nonSD, my Mr. Big wants to meet tomorrow. Let’s see. I am so done beating around the bush. Trying an all new tactic tomorrow.

  284. Jade says:

    I never talk about how it will end myself and neither does the sugar daddy.

  285. ESB says:

    Good evening Sugar family!!

    I had to laugh at the question. This morning my friend said she has a new man in her life, and it is progressing very nicely, and she may have to do some “spring cleaning” down there before things go any further!! LOL… She is a mess.

    I think spring will bring me a SD. I have a pot lunch tomorrow, and am very hopeful. We both scheduled a few hours off work to get to know each other. I am so excited about this one. All the others just didnt’ feel right, but I was pushing for something. I will let you all know how it went tomorrow night. I also have 2 other’s in the pipeline, so we shall see what is what.

  286. Wonderland says:

    My sugar life is in the search mode at the moment: just trying to find the right guy to have a nice fun and wonderful time with. Hopefully he is out there!!!!!!!

    I always let things whether it be a traditional relationship or an arrangement end naturally. The only thing with an SD/SB relationship is that I accept it’s not a forever thing and a really of the moment situation. I read somewhere in a prior post that the average time for a relationship is 4 to 6 months; that seems about right.

  287. Lisa on the good side of the freeway says:

    Have you hugged your killer boss today? I have, lol

    My sugarlife is going ok right now. Did alot of spring cleaning in my living conditions, fresh new apartment is the better part of town, not trapped in at night anymore, well except tonight when i’m exhausted.

    I don’t think you can put a time limit on an arrangement. I’ve had them to last a month to several months.