9 years ago
Sugar (r)Evolution

9 years ago
Sugar (r)Evolution

Some think the best way for a newbie Sugar Daddy or Sugar Baby to begin their sugarlife is to dip right in without hesitation. Yet many – especially those on the sugar blog – recommend a newbie spend a little more time researching the sugar realm and its potential ups and downs before attempting to satisfy their sweet tooth. “You have to be sure about what you expect from a SD or SB before you enter an arrangement – that’s a key to ensuring your satisfaction here” – LVSD

Unfortunately, there are still lots of people who think seeking arrangements is about sex for money – well, the oldest profession in the world permeates all dating websites, but luckily, SA staff and sugars are on the lookout for escorts, fakes and frauds who seek to sour the sugar for the rest of us.

As  SSSD stated and Shoogar Shoes echoed, “This is a modern day lab experiment of primal evolutionarily biology”. Indeed, there has been recent interest from global media about the Sugarbowl from a cultural anthropology standpoint: “We are filming a documentary about how Western relationships are adapting to global socioeconomic and other changes, and stumbled across your site. We would like to know what your members think about the ‘big picture’ aspect of SeekingArrangement, and what long-term remnants will prevail in mainstream culture for years to come”.

How is your life evolving with the sugar factor?

Do you plan on seeking a (new) ‘traditional’ relationship down the road? Why or why not?

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  1. Nique says:

    Hiiii Everyone!

    I’ve been reading these blogs for a while now since Ive joined the SA website and I have soo many questions I want answered from the SugarBaby Vets lol should I say.

    But first I’ll say since joining the site I have meet 3 pretty nice guys and went to dinner with one. I have two date this week. One of the guys can only meet in the a.m. which is ideal for me bc i dont have to worry about him wanting to have sex with me. So hopefully that arrangement will go well.

    Unfotunatly the other I jus met tonight on the site wants to have an intimate arrangement. We have talked about how much I would recieve for allowance and what the arrangement will be down to what days of the week we will meet…but I went into this process saying I did not want to have sexual relations with any of these guys. IDK what to do….

    ANY ADVICE Sugar Babies?!

  2. valencia says:

    Tomorrow I’m heading out to DC, I hope I get to meet my SD; but if he flakes, eh it’s okay. I have lots of paperwork to do while I’m there. I bought some cute outfits! :))

    Hugs to all!

  3. Midwest says:

    Evening sugars!

    Texas – Don’t sweat it…at least he isn’t wasting anymore of your time.

    SG2 – I hope this new sb works out for you! She’s a lucky lady. I usually like to get expectations on the table date 2 and some preliminary discussions on the phone. Date 1 is strictly getting to know someone and deciding if you want to move to date 2.

    Kittie – I like your profile and I’ve had similar results…755 views/ when I look to see who viewed me, 260 come up – this means lot of repeat views/ 60 e-mails in the last month. A few of the e-mails were repeats…many were weeded out. A few gems rose to the top. I’ll take quality over quantity any day.

    Lilly – I understand wanting a big crowd at the Euro meet…maybe there is a compromise like a generic euro meet and the bloggers can join. Then, a more personal meet with the bloggers. As you know, many on SA are not here for the reasons SA intended them to be…why would a guy be on SA, then call you a prostitute for wanting an allowance…get my drift? Plus, f the SDs are feeling like hosts, a big meet could get well out of control.

  4. Chitown SB says:

    Midwest- oooh! when are you coming? I’d love to catch a glass of wine with you. If someone could pass me your email we can set something up!

  5. ESB says:

    NYC SB: it’s nice here too, going to be all weekend… and the room mate is gone, I might have to break out the bikini and get some sun while no one is looking!! Just LOVE this time of year!!

  6. NYC SB says:

    the weather today makes me beyond happy… having lunch outside with my sunglasses = heaven

  7. MindyNYC says:

    It isn’t posting correctly for some reason – same thing happened to me when I tried to thank you. Somehow when using (>) in a sequence it combines the symbols – weird? But I def got your drift. Thanks again! I appreciate you taking that time…

    Hee Hee NYCSB, can ya tell how excited I am?? It takes so little to make me happy – yet they claim I’m high maintenance lol…

  8. ESB says:

    New blog!!

  9. NYC SB says:

    Mindy – Yay … now bold away!

  10. ESB says:

    Mindy: I am so glad you deciphered that mess!! Didn’t think it was posting right!! Glad to be of assistance!! Aww.. my day is complete.. I helped someone, and I learned something!!

  11. MindyNYC says:

    HA!! ESB you were correct the first time! It’s >b/b< to close. I was originally using [b] and [/b] . Thank you for helping me solved that mystery :)

  12. MindyNYC says:

    ESB you’re a sweetheart for trying to help me figure it out using >b<

  13. ESB says:

    Lily, there is a saying I can’t remember exactly how it goes, but something about not argueing with idiots. They will drag you down with stupity and beat you with their experience. (at being stupid)

  14. Lily says:

    Me: “So women pay their own way when they date you, right? No gifts, no buying them dinner, or it’s prostitution? Where do you draw the line? Plenty of men aren’t seeking a wife, but would love to find that much younger woman to adore and spoil as his muse, just to see her smile, and appreciate that she isn’t angling for marriage herself and having simple fun in the moment. Genuine Friendship is the basis and one of the differences between that and prostitution.”

    him: “Of course i take out to dinner and treat my partner, but not when it is expected because that shows lack of respect and why should it be one way? An arrangement usually involves payment and that is morally wrong. I date someone because i am romantically attracted not because she wants a free meal ticket”

    me: “MUTUAL benefits is the name of the game. Pampering can be done with or without a price tag. Don’t judge how others keep one another happy in long term affairs where plenty of genuine admiration and affection are present, as such judgmental attitudes are dangerous.”

    and him, “I just have old fashioned values, everyone has different values and drivers :-)

    and I will let him have that last word.

    Sigh. He uses a dating site for the rich & beautiful and checked that he was interested in ALL possible relationships, including benefactor style arrangements. Sigh. Why wasn’t he on match.com? Perhaps he loves to use his net worth and income as a dangling carrot for women fishing to marry well, but something more casual and without a ring, but based on the sane initial attractors, is morally wrong?!

  15. NYC SB says:

    I agree with Flo – If a man does not like the allowance idea… chances are he never will… with a lot of hard work you might be able to get him to pay some bills and take you shopping but other than that its a no go.

    Case and point NYC SD – he said he will “never pay a girl to be with him because its desperate” … yet after 5 dates and tons of hints from me he said “I like spending time with you and I would like to help you out by paying some bills” … hints included stuff like “sorry i have to work late im short on bills this month” “havent been shopping in a while” or when we passed a store “wow thats an awesome dress” … tons of work lemme tell you… and im willing to bet all my money that the next girl thats with him will NOT get her bills taken care of because he saw that as a one off while i cleared out some debt…

  16. Lily says:

    He’s not on SA, just a rich middle aged divorced guy who met me on Meeting Millionaires dot com who kep pushing for me to come visit him in his English countryside manor, and I kept hinting at travel comp and ge was NOT biting. Months later he popped up asking again to meet and I told him that I’m not traditionally dating, but have found SA and sugar dating to work very well. Then he asked me what an arrangement was and you see the rest…

  17. WCSD says:

    Lily – I agree with Flo, at this point you are way beyond recovering the relationship into anything. You logic is sound, but there really is no chance at this point. But sometimes there is a lot of fun in trying to logic out someone who is ‘irrational’ in your opinion.

  18. Lily says:

    And he says, “We all have to work hard to pay our way and to achieve success and self respect, and everyone should live according to their budget rather than sell themselves.”

    Arghhhhh!! I’ll say, “so any kind of friends with benefits is out, then? Sex only for marriage? You don’t splurge and spoil a woman a little during courtship? Or she pays for her own dinner.”

    or something similar. But really, who says that a guy can’t be extravagant and generous about a woman he’s smitten with, or it’s prostitution…!?

  19. Lily says:

    Then: “Mentoring and supporting is fine but you seem to be trying hard to justify prostitution and that doesnt work for me ”

    and I replied, “So if a woman selects to engage in long term relationships only with men who give her butterflies in her tummy, that’s prostitution because …..he helps her out with career mentoring and pays for their travels and incidental shopping together? Or because they discussed these hopes and needs at the outset? If they happen naturally it’s fine, but honesty and communication make her a whore?”

  20. Flo Rida says:

    Lily – don’t waste your time – you walked into a bear trap. At an early stage you could have said

    ‘hmmm what’s your definition of an arrangement? I have mine I would prefer if you go first’

    after he locked into his position you could have said

    ‘I’m not here to change your mind or waste your time, I wish you well with your search, if you’d like to network i’d be interested in staying in touch with you & I’d you don’t then that’s fine as well. Regardless I wish you no ill will. Ciao’.

    Also my you chose me and I chose you speech (see archives) works better once you’re in an arrangement and he needs reassurance, not before you’re in an arrangement.

  21. ESB says:

    nope, I give up!!

  22. ESB says:

    not lettingme post it… sorry

    to beging the bold lets see if that come out…

  23. ESB says:

    wowk lost something there… let me try again.. to begin >b/b<, but reverse the

  24. Anne SB says:

    I haven’t been keeping up with the blog lately. Hope everyone is doing well!!

  25. Lily says:

    Then…”Well that sounds like natural selection and i have no problem with experiencing a number of options, but i just am sensitive about not paying women because it is not right and i dont need to :-)”

    and I said, “For those not interested, for whatever reason, in a traditional serious relationship at that moment in their lives, arrangements can make a lot of sense, particularly for those who enjoy playing the suportive role of mentor, and watching their generosity positively impact an aspiring woman’s life, and those younger women who are ready to learn from, and bask in the experienced attention of a successful man. Beautiful women and powerful men have been striking up understandings for centuries. Throughout human history, where marrying for love was rare, marriage has been the most common template of an intimate arrangement between a man and a woman. Perhaps it’s not for you, but don’t be so quick to discount others’ choices and lifestyle.”

  26. ESB says:

    Mindy: to bold > b< but revers the "/b<, again reversed. Same with italics but use i… now you try!

  27. MindyNYC says:

    Good work Lily!! School ’em!!

  28. MindyNYC says:

    Good Morning All! Wishing you a lovely day!

    My ques: How does one use bold and italics when posting?

    SouthernGent2 – Way, way back, My first SD – we met IRL and I had no idea I was about to be turned into an SB lol or that he was an SD – just casually asked me about my life and the expenses. He asked how much my rent was, where I liked to shop, what my favourite dream store was, my favourite designer, how much credit card debt I had etc. This all came out within our 1st and 2nd date. Our 3rd date was a 5 day biz trip and he paypalled me funds to buy my ticket and take care of other incidentals. On the trip he gave me a daily shopping allowance to occupy myself with. When we returned our relationship continued and every month I would receive an allowance via paypal. In the 2+ yrs we were together, it was never discussed except for me to say ‘I got your email. Thanks Honey!”…But then again I didn’t realize I was in a SB/SD arrangement until well over a yr into the relationship (I thought we had a future). Funny, he’d cringe if anyone ever called him an SD!
    Anyways, what I’m trying to say is that if she is a newbie, just find out more about her life expenses. Maybe the ability to buy designer clothes, nicer things etc is all she wants. Based on her response, determine an amount and make her an offer. Also make it clear that you are very attracted to her and are seeking a woman to share intimate times with…Keep us posted.

    Lisa – I hope you and your DD have a great day today. It must feel great for you to be able to treat her. What a wonderful feeling!

  29. Lily says:

    Now….”But that boils down to man paying for girl to be with him and that is a mild form of prostitution. I want my partner to be with me because of who i am rather than for what i can give. Make sense?”

    and from me:

    “In the best arrangements, the woman in question has many options and goes where the chemistry is strongest and can find a different arrangement easily if she wants. That’s how you know she chooses you. Likewise, you can always move on and pamper some younger, newer, more beautiful woman/women if you wanted, so by sticking by her, you demonstrate genuine attachment. We all give of ourselves in human relationships, but in an arrangement, needs and wants are discussed explicitly with refreshing honesty, at the outset.”

  30. That’s the perfect descripton of an arrangement!

  31. ESB says:

    WOW Lily, great definition!! I really like that!

  32. Lily says:

    I was just asked, “what is your definition of an arrangement?”

    I said, “A romantic relationship based on mutual physical attraction and genuine affection, where both aim to enhance one another’s life via expressly and honestly discussed/outined methods. Usually she is vivacious and beautiful, on her way up, and could use some help getting there. And maybe a bit of spoiling/dining/traveling/fun with him along the way. He sees his financial position as something he’s happy to be able to share with her, guided by a sincere and genuine sense of generosity and belief that she is a great investment.  “

  33. ESB says:

    checks’ in the mail, right?

  34. NC Gent says:

    Ok Lily – I will email you. awww thanks ESB — I have a hefty payroll to get the SBs to say nice things about me :)

  35. ESB says:

    NC: I doubt it, I hear you are something wonderful. One in a million… just to shy to admit it… 😉

  36. Lily says:

    You!! NC. Email me.

  37. NC Gent says:

    I need all the help I can get ESB :)

  38. ESB says:

    Lily is trying to hook you up NC! 😉

  39. NC Gent says:

    Ok for the record, I am comfortable with a more the merrier atmosphere for a meeting in Europe where it is pretty much a given that no one will know me.

    I got a chuckle about SE and I needing a more intimate setting, Lily.

  40. Lily – I don’t think the meet should be too intimate, the more the merrier! There’s more chance of meeting somebody compatible if there’s more people attending…

  41. Good evening everyone, it’s such a beautiful day here I’ve been making the most of the sunshine! I cannot wait for summer! :)

    Lily- This meet is starting to sound fantastic, I can’t believe so many SDs are on board!

  42. Lily says:

    NYC SB- no I totally get how the north american meets go. It’s just….. over here on this side of the Atlantic, there’s really not a group of tight-knit bloggers to gather together. There’s me and SweetEuropean & Wonderland, and if NC Gent is in town that makes 4. Why not just host a big sugar party weekend for any SA members who wants to show up, if it’s all in a public space (hotel or restaurant)? The only two who may feel like they want an intimate, familiar meet is NC Gent and SweetEuropean, since they have history but can’t they just steal away and do that themselves whenever?

    Whatever, I just thought it would be good to host a Mixer for SDs and SBs in Europe to socialize, since its’ a small pool to be hunting in, here in Europe.

  43. ESB says:

    good morning NC Gent. Always a pleasure to see you here!

  44. NC Gent says:

    Heya AM, Flo, ESB and one of my bromancers .. SG2 :)

  45. Anna Molly says:

    SG2 ~ Thank you 😀

  46. NC Gent says:

    Good morning all. I have been super busy the last 36 hours, so I haven’t been able to blog much. I won’t be able to go to Europe the week of April 18th for some very solid reasons that I can’t share publicly. I will get some dates soon — I have to make a few calls first.

    Also, I have to agree with NYC SB — I would prefer that it would be a bloggers meeting :) Just my opinion, but it is not like anyone in Europe will recognize me.

  47. SouthernGent2 says:

    Anna Molly – sugardaddy49 at g spot dot com

  48. ESB says:

    AM: No, I told him about the blog, so he reads… and unless he is using a name I know nothing about, which is possible, he doesnt’ post. Just let me say this about him… Lucky me!! :)

  49. Flo Rida says:

    ESB – Anna Molly – is this a ‘i’ll tell you mine if you’ll tell me yours’

  50. Flo Rida says:

    Lilly – i’ll see your three SBs and raise them – NYGent can be the judge – just kidding! Good luck!

  51. Flo Rida says:

    NYC SB – you never asked me darling. And btw I am you so how can you interview me? Finally i’m probably not a good datapoint for Wonderland but i’m curious as to her motives. Maybe i’ll relent.

  52. Anna Molly says:

    ESB ~ I like my duplicity 😉
    Oh, is your SD someone we know? Sorry, I’m nosey…LOL

  53. ESB says:

    AM: big hugs!! <3… I agree… most men think I am very reserved and shy, until they get me alone!! HA! I've shocked more than my share of dates. There is more to most shy women than you think… and SD if you are reading this… hi sweetie!! 😉

  54. Anna Molly says:

    SG2 ~ I’m sure you can get her out of being shy. I’m shy at first too, but those are the ones you have to watch out for 😉

  55. NYC SB says:

    I want to interview Flo for my blog… hahaha fat chance of that happening

  56. NYC SB says:

    Lily – I think you misunderstood the meaning behind these meet ups. I want to keep my mouth shut but I just don’t think I should. Whenever a meet up is organized it is to meet with fellow bloggers. I don’t think it is appropriate to sent out email to all these Euro SDs/SBs which we have never “met”. As we know there a lot of crazies out of there so to invite them to an event is a bit risky. Again, I really think the event should be kept to blogger friends… just my two cents

    Jade – interestingly enough NYC is not on the list… probably bc all the moguls live in NJ, CT and commute in

  57. Flo Rida says:

    Wonderland – do you mean SB – SD couple interview? that would be strange. I’d you meant independently I have no trouble interviewed by email? but what are your motives? why?

  58. SouthernGent2 says:

    Anna Molly – super nice, very attractive, total package. Just my type ;-)…….maybe a bit more shy and reserved than i go for though.

  59. Anna Molly says:

    Morning ESB, Lisa, Lily, Jade and DallasTexasBaby

  60. Lily says:

    5 SDs now Confirmed (and 3 maybes)to go along with these 10ish SBs that I know of…. AdrianeSB, will you be joining?
    EuroLurkers, lurk no more!!! Contact me & get in on this fun social gathering!

  61. ESB says:

    Morning Lisa, have a great time with you daughter today!! I envy you the oportunity to do that.. soon I will have the $$ to do that too!!

    I see

  62. Anna Molly says:

    SG2 ~ Sounds like she hasn’t put a lot of thought into what she is looking for in a sugar relationship. She sounds nice though and I hope it works out for you 😀

  63. Lisa on the good side of the freeway says:

    Good morning everyone

    Off to a day of shopping with daughter

  64. SouthernGent2 says:

    Jade – it was just a different experience. Everyone I have ever met got very specific right away. This one didn’t. She is new, I was her first meeting, and we did get along well. I gave her a small up front gift card (she replied I didn’t have to do that) just to show good intentions. The girl has a good job, and in fact is almost too career oriented. And she drove a very nice vehicle.

    Maybe I just like things to be a bit more black and white, and that is what I was always used to from previous experiences.

  65. Lily says:

    Make that 7 gorgeous , single girls. Sigh. Gonna have to fight to be noticed!! :)

    any lurking SDs who have that weekend free of the 23-25, come to Copenhagen, there’s a gaggle of girls! Email me through my sugar blog–just click my name!

  66. ESB says:

    Jade: you really are jaded.. but that’s ok, I like that you don’t hold back!! You are right though. If she is that green, she could be getting in over her head.

    someone asked a Q up there ^^ about bolding and italics.. did she get an answer? IF not, please ask again, we will get you an answer…. and a new SB asked if there were any tips she needed to know about… read the blogs baby. Absorb as much as you can, learn from our mistakes, and ask specific questions. We are all willing to help a new sister in need.

  67. Anna Molly says:

    I also concur with Jade 😀

    back to my corner……

  68. DallasTexasBaby says:

    Allowance is a great start.

  69. Anna Molly says:

    SG2 ~ Hmmm, maybe she really doesn’t have any expectations, feels uncomfortable talking about it or doesn’t know what she wants. I think this would work well, but you need to do some clever questioning to find out where she might need the most help. This way you’ll find out what her needs are without just throwing it out there and running the risk of making her feel uncomfortable.

    I’m sure you already knew all that stuff, so I’ll just go back to my corner… 😀

  70. Jade says:

    SouthernGent2 – Shes looking for allowance of course !

    New girls will beat around the bush or if its a girl who is just looking to keep on dating a man over and over again and not even planning on making the chemistry happen. They call them ” users ” . Then when the man wants to get intimate they get angry you would want that from then so soon as normal relationshps for them would take a good 3-6 months or more or even a ring on the finger in marriage before getting intimate. You need to clear this up asap !

  71. SouthernGent2 says:

    Anna Molly – I am doing well. Just really busy with my business issues. I have been traveling more than ever of late.

    I met someone new the other night. Things went well. She is new to the site. She really didn’t have any expectations to discuss, though I tried to ask her twice. She wants to see me again in two weeks. I told her since she didn’t give me any expectations, to just go with the flow and let me handle things and see if she is comfortable with the entire situation.

    Any suggestions past that? I am just used to someone saying what she is looking for I guess.

  72. Anna Molly says:

    SG2 ~ I was thinking about you yesterday and wondering where you’ve been along with some of the other MIA’s. 😀

  73. Anna Molly says:

    SG2!! How are you!! Good to see you darlin’ 😀

    I like to get things out of the way and talk about it upfront. If, however, by the third date we haven’t talked about expectations, I will bring it up.

  74. Lily says:

    Ooooh, At least 3 IRL friends (single and way hotter than me, and very intrigued to try sugar dating but shy/insecure about posting a profile) said they’ll come with me to a euro
    meet! Indonesian, Finnish, and Kenyan. Yum! The SDs who are responding and agreeing to come to the April 24th meet are gonna think they died and went to heaven!!!

  75. ESB says:

    Southern: I’d like to know what HIS expectation for a second date would be. Lesson learned here… no sex until the arrangement is in force and agreed upon. I know that may sound kinda transactional, but what are we all here for?

  76. Jade says:

    SouthernGent2 – Before I meet anyone I get the “full details” or else I can waste to much time meeting everyone who asks .

  77. ESB says:

    Yeah me, I live in MD, second mosts millionaires!!

    Good Morning Sugar Family!!

    I actually listened to the radio this morning, and Madame Heidi was on. She was talking about how some of her girls made out in her business. Some got 1Mil tips!! One received 2 apartment buildings so she would always have an income!! A few got married to their dates… it was pretty interesting! She said it was because she had the talent for matching the right girl to the right mogal… I need her to fix me up!! :)

  78. SouthernGent2 says:

    Good morning everyone. Just thought I would throw out a Friday question for everyone.

    Do most of you make your expectations known during the first meeting? What if someone doesn’t make expectations known, but wants to see you again?

  79. Lily says:

    Cool, my home state won!!!

  80. Jade says:

    I found this today on yahoo news . I guess I need to move to Hawaii like I planned !

  81. Anna Molly says:

    This is a better link 😀

  82. Jade says:

    10th Most Millionaires: D.C.

    We know that strictly speaking D.C. isn’t a “state,” but they’ve definitely got their fair share of millionaires. Five percent of the households in the U.S. Capitol are millionaires. In fact, three of the richest counties in the U.S. as of last year were suburbs of D.C. In a thoughtful piece trying to explain this, Reason.com pinned this wealth on the large salaries that federal employees and lobbyists earn.

    Popular Stories on Yahoo!:

    • Homes of the Billionaires

    • Uncle Sam Might Owe You Money

    • 6 Job Sectors That Are Hiring Now
    More from Yahoo! Finance

    Total number of millionaire households: 13,028

    Percent of population that are millionaires: 5.0%

    Median household income: $58,553

    9th Most Millionaires: California

    California may be in the midst if a serious financial crisis, but it still has a tons of millionaires… 662,735 to be exact. That’s by far the most in the country by number, but there are a ton of people in California, so it’s only in 9th place relative to the total population.

    Total number of millionaire households: 662,735

    Percent of population that are millionaires: 5.28%

    Median household income: $61,017

    8th Most Millionaires: New Hampshire

    New Hampshire has more than 27,000 millionaire households, and I can only hope all of them are as interesting as Jason Sanderson, a pro–wrestler, priest and winner of a multi–million dollar jackpot.

    Total number of millionaire households: 27,562

    Percentage of population that are millionaires: 5.34%

    Median household income: $63,235

    7th Most Millionaires: Alaska

    Sarah Palin isn’t the only millionaire in Alaska, there are more than 13,000 others. It probably doesn’t hurt that there’s a lot of oil money flowing through the state.

    Total number of millionaire households: 13,348

    Percent of population that are millionaires: 5.39%

    Median household income: $67,332

    6th Most Millionaires: Massachusetts

    Just because there are a ton of millionaires in this state doesn’t mean it’s an easy place to be a millionaire. One report from a couple years ago argued that there were billions of dollars in back taxes owed in this state, and much of was from wealthy households that skimped on their tax returns.

    Total number of millionaire households: 137,792

    Percent of population that are millionaires: 5.5%

    Median household income: $65,304

    5th Most Millionaires: Virginia

    There are more than 150,000 millionaire households in this state, many of which probably make their money for the same reasons that those in D.C. do. So it’s only fitting that the citizens have plenty of millionaires running their state government. Virginia’s rank may actually increase in the future as millionaires from neighboring states (which will be revealed later on the list) flock here to avoid higher taxes.

    Total number of millionaire households: 166,596

    Percent of population that are millionaires: 5.51%

    Median household income: $61,210

    4th Most Millionaires: Connecticut

    If you’ve ever passed through Greenwich, Connecticut, it shouldn’t surprise you too much to see this state on the list. But who knows if Connecticut’s millions will be there for much longer. Late last year, Connecticut approved a new spending plan that increases taxes on the wealthiest citizens. It’s not a millionaire’s tax, per say, since the highest tax rate (6.5%) is applied to anyone who makes $500,000 or more, but the effect is the same.

    Total number of millionaire households: 82,837

    Percent of population that are millionaires: 6.15%

    Median household income: $68,294

    3rd Most Millionaires: New Jersey

    There are nearly 200,000 millionaire households in this state, or 6.22% of the population, earning it a spot in the top three on our list. In 2007, New Jersey actually had the top spot with 228,442 millionaire households, but apparently some have left for other shores. Part of the problem may be New Jersey’s higher tax rate. Like Connecticut, New Jersey increased the taxes for anyone earning $500,000 or more to 8.97% (it was originally 6.37%).

    However, New Jersey millionaires do have at least one thing to be thankful for (besides being rich, that is). Their state also has one of the lowest divorce rates in the country, as we recently reported.

    Total number of millionaire households: 197,694

    Percent of population that are millionaires: 6.22%

    Median household income: $70,347

    2nd Most Millionaires: Maryland

    There may be nearly 150,000 millionaire households in this state, but that number will definitely go down in the next year. As we mentioned earlier, Maryland pioneered a millionaire tax back in 2008, and as a result, many of its richer citizens seem to have fled to states like Virginia. According to the Wall Street Journal, between 2008 and 2009, the number of “million–dollar income tax returns” declined by a third. Either they are crossing state lines or just hiding out somewhere.

    Total number of millionaire households: 133,299

    Percent of population that are millionaires: 6.26%

    Median household income: $70,482

    The Most Millionaires: Hawaii

    There may only be some 28,000 millionaire households in this state, but when you consider that there are less than half a million Hawaiian households in total, that number starts to seem a lot bigger. So if you’re ever vacationing in Hawaii and are a little short on money to pay a bill, don’t worry, there’s a good chance you should be able to find someone there who could pick up the check.

    Of course, in all seriousness, it’s no paradise being rich in Hawaii. The state is known for having a high cost of living and last year they enacted a steep 11% income tax on anyone making more than $200,000. And yet, even with that added tax, Hawaii is still facing a severe budget crisis and there’s no doubt that the poorer Hawaiians probably wish these millionaires would do even more to help.

    Total number of millionaire households: 28,363

    Percent of population that are millionaires: 6.41

    Median household income: $66,701

  83. Anna Molly says:

    Good Morning Everyone! Hope y’all had a good evening 😀

    Today I’ve linked my name to my theme song….LOL 😀

  84. DallasTexasBaby says:

    Any other babies in dallas on here ?

  85. Wonderland says:

    If anyone wants to chat with me offline my blog has an email address you can direct your queries to. Looking for an SB and an SD brave enough to let me (discreetly) interview them so if you think you up for some banter get in touch.

  86. Lourdes says:

    Lily check ur email :)

    wow that was fast..new pix was just approved…still not sure about pix 2 here..what do you think? it was taken couple of months ago and O feel better if when i post..i do recent ones.

  87. Lily says:

    Lourdes, welcome to email me via my blog. Just click on my name in blue and poke around my site to find a way to email Lily.

    There was someone else on here I was meaning to urge to email me…. hmmm…. now I forget. Of course if anyone reading this has never dished off-blog with me and would like to, feel free.

  88. Wonderland says:

    Lourdes: You are too kind. I think I’m more of a soundingboard really. My journalistic approach is to just say what everyone is thinking.

  89. Lourdes says:

    Yyyaaaayy for you WOnderland..best of luck on the meeting today. I sure will check your blog..you gal are sooo gifted , you should write a book~

  90. Lourdes says:

    Morning Lily :)

    I took in consideration what you said about pictures..since this is my first baby steps on this journey..would you like to help me sort em out? Can I email them and see what you think? I just took them..Im sure I can try some more in daylight :)

  91. Wonderland says:

    Good morning and happy friday!!!!!!!!!
    Lily: Not for sure if I can go to the Euro meet I won’t know for a couple of weeks but you all can come to another party I am planning to have in the summer months if I can’t make it there.

    Meeting a potential today. I was completely rubbish chatting to him on the phone and hopefully won’t be when I meet him for lunch. I honestly don’t think it’s going to evolve but stay tuned and check my blog for the full story later today.

  92. Lily says:

    By the way, good moooooorning all!!!!!!!!! It’s almost weekend!!!!!!!!

    TLG, where are you?

    North American sugars….y’all are welcome to the euro meet on April 24 if you can make it across the pond! So far there’s a small but cool group. It’s growing though….just got another SD to confirm attendance. I start to need SBs!!! SweetEuro/Wonder/I can’t handle all these men. 😉

    i also need NC to come out of hiding and help send the info out via a few dozen SA emails to euro SBs. NC where are you???

  93. Lily says:

    Katie-lee, I think it’s your second pic. The text is totally amazing. 1st pic totally amazing. Third is flattering, but second is somehow not. Change it with something more like the first or third.
    Just my opinion!

  94. katie-lee says:

    woops! typo.

    i meant to say, 154 views, and only FOUR men contacted me.

    which seems to tell me that people are interested, up until the point that they actually read my profile.

  95. Lourdes says:

    Hi Katie Lee..I really like your profile… wow..154 views!!! that is good! I hope you enjoy this journey and best of luck :)

  96. katie-lee says:

    Maybe my sugar search needs some spring turbo boost.

    154 views and only men contacted me?

    Gosh, what have I done wrong…

    On a plus note, I do have a couple very promising upcoming dates, but arranged from other sites. Is my SA profile completely inappropriate or something?

  97. MindyNYC says:

    Good night all!

  98. newbiesugabb says:

    hi new here just wondering if any one has any tips suggestions etc

  99. NYC SB says:

    Wonderland – quickly before Im off to bed… there was a running joke about a man whose profile name was “explorer” basically he wrote to every and I mean every girl on the site saying that he will be in “your” area in a few weeks… he is a picture collector… I suppose he changed his name…

    Explorer strikes back !

  100. Lourdes says:

    ohh nooo..dont be dissapointed TexsSugah, its better now than later down the road..

    (((hugs)))) and may this journey be as sweet as SUGA for all of us here.

    SD#2 emailed me twice already today..not bad…we will see how it goes.Its xciting~

  101. TexasSugah who got dumped by one SD says:

    Well ladies… I’m numb. NYCSD just dropped me like a bad habit. Lol
    wow. We had a discussion about intimate preferences and I didn’t disagree, I just hadn’t done that. Although it’s normal for most ppl, well…

    He was suprised and because that’s his fav activity, he felt that we would be disapponted.

    I’ve never been in the same room with the man, I can’t get worked up over him yet. Guess I need to bump up my acting skills. I emailed him back saying I felt it was premature and we should at least meet.

    No response… Yet.

    Well, I still have one left. Oh gee… I’m kinda sad.

    Ok over it. Back to hunting.

  102. Midwest says:

    Shocking…not. What’s with some people?

  103. Lourdes says:

    Wonderland..can we call you now JANE?!~ haaaa yup some will never learn.

    I just highlighted my hair this afternoon..I got cocoa highlights in a dark chocolatey brown hair…yayyy for me!


  104. Wonderland says:

    I suppose it happens but still, good gravy.

  105. Wonderland says:

    Read my latest blog post……

  106. Midwest says:

    What happened Wonderland?

  107. Wonderland says:

    Some guys just never learn………………

  108. Midwest says:

    Lourdes – You have to make that judgement call. If you have the resources, using a second pay-as-you-go phone can lower the risk of stalkers. Look at Google Voice to see if itheir service is availale in your area.

    ESB has a point about the pics, but if it’s his first request and your photos on the profile are obscure, it’s an honest request. Don’t ever send nudes unless you are ok with having them on the internet. If you two hit it off and he wants nudes, then it’s your judgement as well. Finally, there are some picture collectors, but you will spot them pretty quickly.

  109. Lourdes says:

    Thanks ESB, he just said..this is my email addy , would you please send me some pixs..eeehhh..I will send the face profile and will see where that goes. SD#2 just was nice in replying and said it would be easier if I use his personal email to contact rather than the site’s inbox..sounded grounded. How do you deal with the ones who ask for your phone number? I live pretty far away, and I have a cell that I got for my journey, so that is not biggie, not afraid of possible stalkers, plus its an international call..haha

    So do you hand it or wait for SD to ask for your phone?

  110. ESB says:

    I’m out, BG wants to go to bed, and I need to get some work done. Night all, sugar dreams!!

  111. ESB says:

    Lourdes: be careful.. sometime pix means nudes… don’t go there. If they ask for nudes up front, it usually means they are fake… be careful!!

  112. Midwest says:

    Lourdes – I’m sure he would appreciate one of each :-) Enjoy the ride!

  113. Lourdes says:

    Evening SugarFam, happy to report there are 2 SD who emailed me their email addys..one is really close to my country and the other one..in the souther sunshiny state, the SDSunshiny state asked for pictures, since this is my baby step here..Face profile picture or does he xpect the whole body enchilada picture?! lol..enlight me :) This is exciting and cant wait to embrace this journey on SugarWorld. xoxo

  114. Jade says:

    Lily – One guy was this week and he was on this site. He was in his 60’s ! Before I even met him he sent me flowers and we talked about allowance upfront. ( he had it listed as 20,000 a month ! ) I did not know he gave me $1,000 until after we parted ways because it was all folded up.

  115. ESB says:

    Mindy: I do that with money… talk mysef into buying something… not so much anymore though… and I do it with food…”I ran 2 miles today, I DESERVE this dessert” or I’ll run it off tomorrow

  116. Midwest says:

    Evening sugars!

    Texas sugah – It looks like everyone has answered your question, but just make sure that you understand what comes to you as an allowance and if your SD intends to cover any expenses you incur above and beyond your allowance. Some men understand the allowance to cover everything including what they spend on you while you are together/ others consider it a portion of what they expect to spend on a monthly basis.

    Wonderland/ Mindy – I was new in October and it took a while for everyone to get used to my posts, my questions and for me to get acclimated to the ongoing stories that I was completely unfamiliar with. Please don’t take it personally…ask questions and we can give you some background so you don’t feel left out. It’s wonderful to have new stories, new perspectives and fresh experiences to share!

    Chitown SB – I’m heading your way for four nights! Shall we go to SD rich territory and enjoy a glass of wine?

    (b>Stephan – Could you please share my e-mail with Chitown SB? Thanks!!

  117. Lily says:

    MindyNYC – if everyone approached sugar dating exactly the same way and got exactly the same results, with nothing to discuss and agree/disagree over……. then how boring would this blog be?????

    I think the variances in experience of (and the diverse points of views on how we approach and execute) this odd little experiment in human behavior called “sugar dating”, is what makes this blog relevant, interesting and keeps me checking back….

    if it were a predictible experience, it would be dull discussion fodder! thankfully it’s anything but, and we can all live vicariously and learn from one another, sometimes simultaneously!!

  118. Wonderland says:

    Mindy NYC: thanks for the Hugs back and please do check out my blog. Just had a CLASSIC SD mishap that a lot of us I’m sure have encountered. And I try to be honest when I feel that there is something wrong with the dish if you get the metaphor. Yeah, I agree. I don’t have to be here, I choose to be here on this site and I’m not in need of showering affection on a male ego if I don’t think it’s deserved. I had a guy once during sex tell me that his member was so amazing and all the girls thought so and wanted me to tell him the same………. I said to him I was for recycling but not into reused that many times d–k. NEXT!

  119. MindyNYC says:

    It’s a great group of ppl here and I look forward to getting to know all. If the sentiment is not always reciprocated lives will go on lol. I

    Lily – ty for the sage advice and the luv. I’ve read some of what you’ve been through, and although I haven’t always agreed with you, I always admire your courage to share and ‘put it out there’. It as also helped me examine my own views and motivations. BTW, I enjoy your blog

    Wonderland – I really appreciated your earlier post and wanted you to know that you werent the only one who felt like that – so no, you werent being too sensitive. I’m glad you brought the subject out into the open, giving a chance for dialogue. Big HUGS to you. Looking forward to your blog!
    Oh! Please don’t ever apologize for or obscure ‘feminism’. It’s feminism that allows us the CHOICE to be an SB’s, goaldiggers, single moms, students, pursue our careers etc. Without feminism we would never have the right to CHOOSE and pursue a lifestyle we want…Ok off my lil’ soapbox.

    ESB – mmm, donut – did you say donut or a milkshake??? Why must you tempt me!!!! That’s all I need is an excuse to eat some junk. I can hear my rationalization now “Well, since I’m going to drink tonight I NEED these 2 donuts” Lol.

    BTW, how does one use bold and italics when posting?

  120. Lily says:

    For a Euro Meet in Copenhagen, I invited 55 Euro SDs today. Only 5 have read the invitation, so let’s see tomorrow if we have a slew of unattached SD wannabes in Copenhagen for April 24th.

    NC Gent — I really hope those dates work for you becaues it’s the only April weekend I got and it seems to work for SweetEuropean being her birthday and all so please make that weekend work for you!!!

  121. Lily says:

    Jade — Ditto, wow.

    So far only one gentleman has wanted to extend a cash gift without any expectation of an intimate arrangement (only a gift, and perhaps hopes of an intimate arrangement down the line). how do you find these guys who are so splashy with the wads of cash?! Are we using the same site?

  122. Wonderland says:

    ESB: Agreed I’ve never embarrassed someone like that publicly but i might have made a drunk phone call or sent an uncalled for email after it ended to the person one too many times when i was younger.

  123. ESB says:

    Jade: WOW, nice!! I could use an extra K about now!!

  124. ESB says:

    Evening Sugar Family!! I am beat. I only ran a little over 1/2 mile, but walked 2. Doubt I’ll make it tomorrow, but will run when I get home. I need to keep it up for a while. Will slow down to every other day once I get the rhythm going. I had the kids in the stands cheering me on… it was so cool!

    I didn’t hear anything about the latest Tiger scandal… in my car all day, don’t listen to the radio, got my CDs blasting. The weather is so wonderful, got my windows down, cruising!! A month ago I was shoveling snow!! I’m loving spring!!

    Mindy: I usually grab a donut before going to drink, something doughy helps. Sometimes I get a milkshake, but that with the alcohol tends to upset my stomach. But butter? eewww….. no thanks! I like the idea of dipping it in sugar!! AS a kid, I would have loved it, but now, I can see my thighs ballooning thinking about it!

    JetSet: Good luck, Girl!! Knock him dead!! Show him you are the ONLY choice!!
    fingers crossed!!

    Wonderland: If you are in an arrangement with someone well known, I truly think it should be understood that no matter what, you KEEP YOUR MOUTH SHUT!! It was a REALLY bad choice on his part to pick these classless women in the first place. Even when I get burned, I do my best to leave the guy his dignity… except for my AZ pot trip… he didn’t have any to begin with!!

    Lisa: I can not wait until I can share my allowance with my kids! I am so looking forward to having a few extra bucks to get them something special!! I just wanna hug you! Your attitude is so positive. I am right behind you sweetie!!

    SD just called, going to see him Tues.!! Yeah!! CAN NOT WAIT!

  125. Jade says:

    I have found most the guys on the site will give you some spending money after a nice dinner date. I have been slipped a thousand cash on many dates as they end. More often then not, I never hear from them again, but i’m still a pretty happy girl about it and no sex took place at all.

  126. TexasSugah.. who might have a sugardaddy! says:

    Jade – You’re right.. he’s( NYCSD) online and I just asked him. He’s going to be in town next week. We’re supposed to meet then.

    He expects to see me once or twice a week when he’s here on business. Travel only about once a year or so. Maybe once every 6 months overseas which is cool.

    He sounds great.. I hope I don’t screw this up… we’ll see I guess

  127. MindyNYC says:

    Darn! Totally forgot to include what I originally was going to post lol:

    Cleo – glad u finally got the TO meet details sorted. Seems like you’ve put much work into it and I hope/know the event will be successful.

    FL Guy said; [i]Are there any Bloggers on here from Florida? It seems to me the talent pool of SBs in Florida has dwindled over the last few years. In the past, it seemed like there were new potential SBs on the site all the time, and now it seems like girls that log in regularly have been on the site for a long time. It could be me?[/i]
    What is unappealing about the women who have been on the site for a long time? They could just have been patiently waiting or otherwise involved. I can only suspect that the numbers dwindled as many may have found an arrangement or became tired of waiting for one. Are there no attractive women in the current selection?

    Kitty – what forum are you referring to? If it’s a private club, I understand, so no need to answer…

    Drinking tip – bread and other starchy carbs help absorb alcohol – works like a charm

  128. Wonderland says:

    Well, I think as someone who has been hurt I can sympathise with her as I’m sure he probably sent her emotional texts like i love you and i care about you and when someone that says those things doesn’t acknowledge you because they are embarassed you can go a bit mental. but i don’t commend her for doing this, but i can see how she may have been hurt is all. still not very classy…… though I’m guilty of not being classy after i’ve been heartbroken so pot meet kettle. (not made a website just for my ex’s sexy text though…)

  129. Wonderland says:

    Hug to Mindy!!!!! Don’t worry girl, I know you are there and so does everyone else. xx

  130. Lily says:

    JetSet — good luck!

    MindyNYC – the best thing to do is persevere. Even when mud is being slinged at ya. 😛 Just don’t die! Do your best to let your personality shine, and those who’ll like ya (and wanna bond with ya) will, and those who don’t (and don’t want to bond) won’t. I have certainly stuck to this blog like glue when many others would have tucked tail and ran, never to be heard from again.

    It’s not that I have a thick skin, i think it’s just that i can’t resist dishing about sugar.

  131. Jetset- I read that about an hour ago, it’s hilarious! Pretty shameless, though!

  132. JetSet says:

    Is it bad that i have to read this sextingjoslynjames site?! I of course think its absolutely disgusting that she is outing him like this.. But i guess some girls will do anything for their spot in the limelight.. Maybe it’ll boost video sales.. A million other people must be trying to access the site as well as i’ve never had a site take this long to load.

    Meeting a pot tonight. He lives in my town.. He actually saw me in person a couple months ago and then wrote me on the site.. How odd.. But has been pretty persistent.. I’ll let you know how it goes.. or doesn’t!

  133. MindyNYC says:

    Echoing Wonderland’s earlier thoughts on exclusion…It can be a bit (unintentionally) ‘cliquey’ in here. Unless one has a specific problem or needs profile help it’s hard for a (blog) newbie to insert themselves, as you all seem so tight knit. What a double edged sword! The closeness is what makes this blog enticing, but it can be daunting being outside the circle. I suspect there are a ton of lurkers or periodic posters who may feel the same…

  134. Lily says:

    Lourdes & TexasSugah, you are welcome to email me via my blog…..

  135. Jade says:

    TexasSugah – It mean he will pay for everything . Take it all with a grain of salt as 90 percent of the guys online say all kinds of things just to get you to meet them or travel to them. I always ask for a good faith deposit or they can travel to me……they always poof then.

  136. Lourdes says:

    Sugar Chat??!! Lead the way…

  137. TexasSugah.. who might have a sugardaddy! says:

    There’s a sugar chat???


  138. TexasSugah.. who might have a sugardaddy! says:

    Lourdes –

    I just read your profile. I can’t wait to see your new pics.

    The ladies here helped me with my profile, then I yanked it. If the guys I have on the hook now don’t pan out, I’ll be back.

    Sugars.. Umm what’s travel expenses? Ok.. NYCSD said that he’s offering an allowance+gifts+travel expenses. What’s that? Is that money to travel with him or to him OR could it be travel with family on his dime? OH he’s online.. bye sugars!

  139. Wonderland says:

    Lily: sent you an email again!!!!!!! let’s chat xx
    Any other sugars that want to chat my email address is on my blog.

  140. Lily says:

    OC, wow, I didn’t know you were handing out first prizes per continent. Do I at least get to be a runner up of sorts? Or still too rough for your palate? 😉 Just joshing. 😛

    NYC SB’s opinion is valid. I started that way. But in the end, if the smile is dazzling and part of the profile, they will assume beauty of the entire face, and you can maintain a bit of mystique, which leaves them curious and wanting to know more….. just another way to go, all methods are valid! There is no ONE way to do the whole ‘sugar hunt’ thing….

  141. Lourdes says:

    Thanks NYC, I did uploaded one where I do have a nice smiley face ..more relax and yet you can see what I look like..

    that was my initial thought too..that if I kept only those mysterious ones, I would get the lurkers emails asking for more pixs and then who knows if I will totally loose their first impression attention. We will see how it goes and soooo appreciate all your words of wisdom…you can tell Im a newbie at this :)

  142. Wonderland says:

    OC!!! Thanks babe…. should be exciting tomorrow when I go to meet a potential. I’m not sure how it will go but will at least be worth writing about. TOTALLY different bloke from me and don’t expect to get an SD out of the deal but you never know!

    It was a gorgeous day here today, totally could have borrowed those Gucci shades from you :)

  143. NYC SB says:

    Lourdes – While your profile is well written I do think its too long… Also, I dont think you should have an obscured picture. A clear face shot is necessary (assuming discretion is not an issue), this way if someone contacts you he is genuinely interested in you… otherwise the emails will ask for more photos and after you send them you will lose some right off the bat… save yourself the time and keep the clear shots … but that is just me

  144. Wonderland says:

    Lily check your email in 5 min.

  145. Lourdes says:

    Wonderland, your welcome..I did enjoyed so much reading your blog and Lily’s, def added to my fave links.

    Ok, Lily ..I will go ahead and make those changes..crossing fingers for a pot at the end of the Sugary rainbow :)

  146. Lily says:

    Wonderland, can’t see the photo on your blog. little red x comes up every time. Email me via my blog, I wanna tell ya somethin’ off-blog. For the copenhagen meet, of COURSE! *innocently bats eyes and swears to goodness she’s not flirting with a fellow euro-sugar*

  147. Lily says:

    Lourdes— if you delete two and keep one, and then add two new ones, your profile will be fine.

  148. Wonderland says:

    Lourdes: thanks for commenting on my blog! HUG!

    • OCSugarBaby says:

      Oh Wonderland! I read your blog for a few minutes before I had to rush back into a meeting.
      YOU are my fav Euro Sugar! I will devour it later when I can read from end to end.
      That was a great idea to start your sugar story blog! Very talented writer :) ~OC

  149. Lourdes says:

    OMG..Lily..thanks!! such an insightful reply..

    If I delete those pictures…will my profile go back into PENDING approval? Im so not patient when it comes to wait for approval, I have other pictures that I would like to replace those for..but I was just afraid that if I make changes, it will set my profile back to pending.

    thanksss sooo much for all your compliments :)

  150. Lily says:

    Lourdes – thanks!! I love the wit in Wonderland’s blog, what a pleasure to enjoy reading that one. Mine is a bit more plain and straightforward. But I am brewing a new installment right now. mwahahaha.

    Oh, and your profile text is very well written. I love it and I think men will be bringing you from Honduras to big western cities any day now! I would advise against the first and third photos, because although they show your pretty face, your smile isn’t very natural, and the eyes-staring-into-the-lens-of-the-camera is a bit intense as well. I just prefer more playful, relaxed facial expressions for these types of profiles. Maybe even keep your actual face out of it, or even better, partial face. Like a profile shot where you are looking to the side and your beautiful hair is also falling down and obscuring the shot. You want guys to ‘get it’ that you’re a hot chica but also leave them wanting to see more, to know even more clearly what you look like, enough to take the communications off of SA and swap photos via email, and then you can further hook them by being awesome via email commentary, as I’m sure you’re capable of. A more jovial and spontaneous (or coy and playful/mischevious) smile, showing teeth, is something that no man can really resist.

    Oh, sorry, you didn’t ask for my 2 cents and I just threw it at you! 😛

  151. Lisa on the good side of the freeway says:

    Good afternoon everyone

    Got home from work to find a fedex note that my new computer desk was in the apartment office. Got one of the guys to bring it up for me. Now to try to put it together after work this weekend.

    I’m off tomorrow and my daughter is off too so we’re going on a shopping trip to the Galleria. Giving her some of my March allowance for her birthday shopping. Going to get some stuff myself too.

  152. Wonderland says:

    NYC SB: Yeah but what I’ve come to notice is that these “talentless” stripper/porno bimoey types give the men who do something that idol worshipping attention that girls who also do something don’t. I don’t want to kiss someone’s arse. I’m not a feminist or anything but I have a job/career too, I don’t want to coo over you for doing the same. And then the one who went on TV and got a TV job. I just don’t understand that….

  153. Lourdes says:

    yayyy! I think I figured it out :)

    Now onto SD hunting :p

  154. Lourdes says:

    thanks Chitown..like I said Im really looking forward to this journey and I dont want to play dirty ( well , only if its necessary..kidding!) Now..I see some of you I can click on your profile , how can I link my name to my profile..I would certainly appreciate any input you might have.


  155. NYC SB says:

    Flo – Jeter is super cute… to look at hahaha I have a no pro athletes policy… been there done that and i want none of it anymore

  156. NYC SB says:

    Wonderland – no kidding… most of them are strippers/porn stars and all around class less trash… not to say that all strippers and porn stars are classless trash but this particular bunch are

  157. Flo Rida says:

    NYC SB – Derek Jeter lives in (one of the) Trump Towers (or used to) I saw him in an elevator and after he got out I said I recognize that guy and an anonymous person said ‘yeah he lives below me’.

    Btw I wouldn’t judge Tiger or his mistresses, they are only human, as flawed as the rest of us.


  158. Chitown SB says:

    Lourdes, I was able to send my personal email to SDs in response emails before I went premium I think, otherwise ask them to send you thiers.

  159. Lourdes says:

    Deares Wonderland..I just checked your blog..I loooove it! I checked Lily’s yesterday and both are amazing and sooo entertaining. WOW..you are so gifted on your writting skills.

  160. Wonderland says:

    NYC SB: I agree. No one would care if he wasn’t married. And he married a hot swedish blonde. What else did the guy want? These girls are so trashy. So trashy for speaking out like that. It reflects on them too. Privacy is a big thing with me.

  161. NYC SB says:

    He should change is name to a Cheetah though… and hey he is good at his sport… should he have gotten married? no, he should have stayed single and had 109812387347 women if he wanted to… I admire Derek Jeter for that… he is a stud, he is a player and single (for now)

  162. Lourdes says:

    Good Afternoon SugarFam, I just joined and my profile was approved FINALLY! yayyy!! I sent few emails today and lucky me..I got 3 replies..nothing major..but nice enough replying..I know chances are slim when I live in a very small caribbean country, but who knows life is uncertain and if I dont put myself out there..how would I find out there is a SD looking for this warm SB :)
    Few questions, I keep reading how its against policy to share your contact information if its not a premium account.My account is not premium, yet. I mailed the money order just today and who knows when will finally get there, in the meantime I just have a regular light blue profile. So, if Im contacted or I contact an orange profile, will I be allowed to share my contact information or would that get me in trouble.? I sooo dont want to break any policies. may your weekend be a fantastic one and if you ever want to plan a GTG in a beautiful warm caribbean country..you got yourselves a friend here.xoxo

    ps..how can I link my profile in here?

  163. Wonderland says:

    NYC SB: Yeah, I did. I don’t think he’s going to change his stripes.
    Pun intended.

    But does that mean he has to quit golf? How much of our personal lives should affect what we do professionally?

  164. NYC SB says:

    Did you guys read the just released text messages between tiger and one of his females??? OMFG! Scandalous

  165. TexasSugah.. who might have a sugardaddy! says:

    NYCSB – I totally agree with you. Say something. If he doesn’t come up with anything.. dump him. I mean really.. cmon!

  166. TexasSugah.. who might have a sugardaddy! says:

    Hey ya’ll – Wonderland.. I just looked through your blog and will bookmark it.

    Heels, they don’t make them in my size. LOL actually I’ve never really looked around. With my line of work… doesn’t really work.

    Dallas – OH NO.. does he give you anything. Cut em loose.. quick! And I would just tell him why. That doesn’t make any sense.

    My attny gave me the best compliment. He asked me what I have been doing for weight loss. He told me that “I’ll have to run around in the shower to get wet.” He asked me if I was dating anyone cause I looked so much better than the last time he saw me. I told him I met someone on a “sugardaddy” site. He just looked and smiled.

    Needless to say he walked me to my car.. LOL.

    Lily – I love your blog. I’ve been reading it like crazy.

    I wonder how things turned out for the Nueva Sugarbabe???

  167. NYC SB says:

    Dallas – Why dont you email him and ask him what is going on? Flo might be right… he should be cut… however, from my experience “ask and you will receive” certainly holds true

  168. Flo Rida says:

    DallasTexas – i’m so sorry – I think you might have to cut him loose if he’s not ‘following through’ with being a real gift daddy. Hope the future is better for you.

  169. ESB says:

    Well, everyone, I’m headed to the high school to walk/run my laps again. Gotta get these thighs bikini ready!! I had fun with the kids yesterday.. I’m mom to half the HS!! Good to know I’m loved by all those kids. I must be doing something right!!

    Have fun, catch up again later! Sugar HUGS!!

  170. Wonderland says:

    Lily: Nah, yours is way more interesting than mine. I’m just having a slagging match, but I do try to give a personal experience with some humour.

    ESB: Haha, love it!!!!!!!! I know what you mean……………………

  171. ESB says:

    I am usually VERY health food conscience. But lately, I eat what is available.. if BG isn’t around, I’m REALLY bad. I had Triscuts with peanut butter for lunch on Sat. Just didnt’ feel like cooking. She does more to keep me straight than I do for her… that is just one more reason she hates going to her dad’s. His idea of a snack is cookies, chips, soda, ice cream.. I ALWAYS have fresh fruits and vegies to snack on. She is such a “mini me”!!

  172. Lily says:

    Wonder I adore your blog. Hilarious, smart, and non-self-satisfied. Wish mine was as good!

  173. Wonderland says:

    Chitown: I know. I’m trying so so hard but failing miserably. I know my body will thank me for eating right when I’m older (My nutritionist is 40 looks 28) he says that really eating right is more important than exercise. Grrrr………….

  174. ESB says:

    NYC SB:Church of “Christian Louboutin boutique” LMAO!! LOVE IT!!

  175. Lily says:

    Shoogar I LOVE that scene!!!!!!! For ten years now it’s been one of the funniest things ever!!!!

  176. Chitown SB says:

    Wonderland: “he will phone me up during meal time asking me where I am and I almost want to tell my plate of pasta, “Shh… don’t speak, you’re not here, wait till my phone call is over.” hahahaha, awesome. I understand where you are at, I am a petite girl, but I know it will not last forever, so I trying to break bad food habits now…. like eating after 10p…esp when what I am eating is on the “no” list.

  177. Chitown SB says:

    ESB- I’m with you on comfort. I have an old pair of “lounge” pants that I love, and actually feel sexy in… if only 5yr old almost-pj pants with a couple hair dye stains on them were acceptable to wear in public…

    The trick with me is I never feel on about spending money on luxurious clothes so almost everything I own, I can work in. Hence the need for sugar (among other things) to provide those things for me.

    I feel good in a pair of heels so long as I know I get to walk around in cozy socks the moment I walk in my door. Plus, I am just over 5’3″ so heels are often necessary for me to feel like my 23yr old self instead of the 16yr old I tend to be mistaken for.

    mmmm…ice cream, now I have to get some… damn you Wonderland! Love the name by the way, and welcome to the blog.

  178. DallasTexasBaby says:

    I am so sad right now as this is the third time my ” gift daddy ” showed up empty handed !

  179. Wonderland says:

    ESB: Girl you are telling me!!! I’m pretty thin already, but there are days when I really need some ice cream. I am working with a nutritionist now and he’s given me a list of things NOT to eat and I almost feel like I’m in an affair with food. He will phone me up during meal time asking me where I am and I almost want to tell my plate of pasta, “Shh… don’t speak, you’re not here, wait till my phone call is over.”

  180. Flo Rida says:

    ESB – congrats!

  181. ESB says:

    and about the shoes… I live in my Nike cross trainers!! My favorite pair of Levi’s are so thread bare, they are about to become indecent to wear. Throw on my fav hoody, (son’s name on the front, his baseball team’s names on the back, says MD State Champs!!) and you get the picture. I will take comfort over fashion any day, but can still look like I own the mansion while wearing them. It’s all about attitude and how you carry yourself…. Wearing expensive shoes does nothing for you if you walk like a 12 YO in her first pair. Give me a pair of flip flops, cut offs, snug tank top… my summer wardrobe!! Just some things I can’t get past… but I can totally ROCK an evening gown when the occasion demands. Some day, I’m going to own a closet full of designer clothes, but will always have my Levi’s and Nike’s for flopping around the house!

    SS: YES!! Finally.. and does it show that much? Damn, and here I was trying to hide it 😉

    Wonderland… back away from the ice cream!! do NOT do that to yourself!! OMG, my biggest weakness… Moose Tracks!! It’s the easiest to find… If I could find Godiva White chocolate Raspberry…(singing) Heaven!! I better boycot that store!! My go to for comfort or when I feel like induldging!! Very dangerous!

  182. Wonderland says:

    I’m actually partial to being a ganstER more than gansTA
    more a De Niro than a Fiddy. I like the pastel polyester suits the gansters wear more than the grills and diamonds the latter enjoys.

  183. Wonderland – that is my FAVORITE scene in Office Space. “Damn it feels good to be a gangsta…”

    ESB – your interview this morning sounds promising and so does your pot SD (you are a smitten kitten). Isn’t it nice when things finally fall into place?

  184. Wonderland says:

    ESB: No worries, I need to get a life and stop looking at my computer screen so much is probably what it is. But for now I might run across the street and get a pint…… of ice cream. Having a Bridget Jones moment. Minus the granny knickers but after the ice cream might be all that fits LOL.

  185. ESB says:

    Hello Sugar Family!!

    The interview went VERY well.. while I was filing out the application, he was tormenting over a power point presentation… I walked over behind him, leaned over and click on a few things, and wahla!! it worked… he looked at me and said “when can you start!?” Sometimes it’s being the right person at the right moment… so, he showed me around, and said he’d call me next week.. he has a few more interviews… but I’m pretty confident. Only, the job is only part time and only until July. I’ll take it, but hopefully find something full time before that one ends. I have all these part time jobs lined up… I’m hoping the pay will be enough to get me by.

    Wonderland, I hope we can make you feel part of us, and you decide to stay.. I am the WORST at including everyone in my posts. I usually only have a few moments, so I can’t put everything in my cluttered mind on a post. I’d be writing epic novels!!

    Talked to my pot again today, or maybe I should start calling him my SD!! He is just to cute!! Just gotta figure out the how and when and where. Hopefully soon, for SOO many reasons.

    I want to quit my current job SO badly, but if the deal goes through, the one I mentioned where my cut would be 20K, I want to be in on it. IF I am still there when it is written, I will get my share. It just isn’t happening fast enough!! I would probalby faint if I was told it was in the works… from relief and disbelief!! Been waiting for this for 2 years. I’m just barely hanging on with this company. I didnt’ make my quota for the 2nd quarter in a row, so I will be let go end of the month anyway. Something better materialize!!

  186. Wonderland says:

    Orifice…. sounds like a creepy cubicle used for sacrificing things? Perhaps taking that fax machine like in Office Space and smashing it to bits?

    FIY: I wrote a new post on my blog if you need a good laugh.


  187. Flo – thank you. It was just yesterday and mostly frustrations I could have avoided. I am a perfectionist (to a fault) when it comes to work and I just couldn’t resolve one little thing and ended up spending literally hours on it! It’s my type-A maniacal business side. Some call it a blessing, but mostly I think it’s a curse. Ha ha. I also call the office the ‘orifice’. Too funny.

  188. Lily says:

    I love flats. I feel like a natural pixie in them. Glamming it up in heels is fun, too, but only if they are supremely well designed to be comfortable. So far my Tod’s strappy (and the mary jane patent) 4″ stiletto heels are kind of unbelievably sneaker-y comfy awesome, to the point where I think it’s voodoo magic. They just support the arches, have flexibility and traction to the point where I can loosen up my foot muscles and really walk with a natural feeling, rather than tensing up my foot at all times to hold my balance, since the shoe itself is so teeter-totter-y and difficult to hold on the foot when I step, or difficult to find my footing when the stride lands.

    If any of that makes any sense.

    I love being barefoot most of all. :)

  189. Flo Rida says:

    Shoogar – hope your day gets better. I have ducks feet so don’t wear high heels too often – joking. But I am 5ft 9.5inches so high heels make me enormous.

    Wonderland – I didn’t mean to be rude, i’ve been ill a lot (or lazy) and so bumming in bed & when I get to the ‘orifice’ I have so much to do as i’ve missed days. We’ll try & do a better job of including you – everyone is friendly.

    Lilly – ah sodeska – ich verstehe allez klar.

  190. SweetEuropean – I boycotted flats years ago myself, but then picked them back up when regular traveling was introduced into my life. They come in handy on long flights. They aren’t the most flattering of footwear, but they are a necessary evil! Kind of like thongs panties.

  191. Wonderland- Yay, I’m glad you’re staying :)
    I LOVE heels, I stopped wearing flat shoes when I was 17 and haven’t owned a pair since, haha.

  192. Wonderland – my day yesterday was bloody awful so I just had to step away from everything, including this blog. Hope your day looks up! Well, consider your lack of high heel wearing as something you will be thankful for in the future. According to recent research, nearly 64% of older women who reported hind-foot pain wore high heeled shoes regularly in their 20’s, 30’s and 40’s.

  193. NYC SB – Cute story. I love seeing toddler girls walk on their tip toes! So darn cute and they have NO clue they are practicing for their future high heel strutting.

  194. Wonderland says:

    Okay I’ll stay :)
    It’s really not anyone, I’m just having a bloody awful day and
    enjoy coming here to chat as I’m not at all a gregarious person IRL so I just enjoy the banter and envying those who can wear fabulous heels. Anytime I see a girl in really really nice heels she just looks confident. It is such an artform to walk in them. I just upgraded to Opening Ceremony wedges and I feel sexy in those. More of my type of shoe.

  195. Lily says:

    Wonderland, no!!!! I wasn’t ignoring you and I was happy to have another voice in a nearby time zone!!! I was just about to read your blog but i have been via iPhone all day….

    :( seriously, stay.

  196. NYC SB says:

    Wonderland – I was just reading your blog… i love the dog and man entry… too funny!

    Another funny heels story… when I was a lil baby my first steps were taken on my tippy toes… and to this day I still walk on my tippy toes when barefoot… my sister not so much… she hates heels but loves her reebok easy tone seakers … go figure

  197. Wonderland – my apologies! I can only speak for myself here. I usually do like to acknowledge each blogger; old and new. But this week has been very hectic week for me as I plan for an upcoming week of travel. For the past 2-3 days, I have only popped in sporadically when someone addressed me specifically. I do know the feeling you speak of as I remember feeling that way with my first few posts. It isn’t intentional, I promise. Be patient with us. :)

  198. Lily says:

    Flo- NC Gent will be in Copenhagen for work, and my best friend IRL is a Danish woman I’m Copenhagen that I’m dying to see again, and she can be my “local on the ground” to plan a very cool meet. Plus we gotta hang out in Christania while it still exists.

    Future meets can be in Paris or Prague, or my fave–Edinburgh.

  199. Wonderland says:

    I think i could write anything i want here and still be left out of the conversation……………. I don’t at all feel included so I’m leaving this blog. I was hoping to meet some new people but it feels like this is an awkward members club to me. It’s probably me… but I don’t at all feel welcome and wish everyone good luck.

  200. Oooh Paris would be fun, I love Paris! Milan would be a nice choice too, it’s one of my favourite cities, there so much to do and see.

    Vienna would be incredible, I’ve always wanted to visit!

  201. Thank you, Chitown! I am awaiting “Joseph’s” approval to post Part Four. He has approved each part as I wanted to be sure and capture his story in a way that he wanted it conveyed. He has lived a very interesting life in the arrangement world (or sugar life as we call it here) and I feel honored he allowed me to share these chapters of his life with my writing.

    Oh, and sorry about your pot. Hang in there with your search – you know, this just means when the right one comes along, the taste will be oh so sweet!

    OC – happy to see the Peep Show back up!

  202. Chitown SB says:

    Shoogar- love the multi-part story on your blog. You are a very talented writer and the story absolutely draws the reader in.

  203. Chitown SB says:

    Hello all!

    Well it looks like I am relocating to VA in June for work. Having more than 3mo of work lined up in my industry is great, but it will be the first time I have moved away from my beloved Chicago (because being on tour doesn’t count). I will only be gone 7mo, but still…

    On the sugar front, the pot I met with a couple weeks ago still has not responded :( even after my best flirty texts. I am hoping he is just busy and hasn’t gone poof. I was really very attracted to him.

    I am trying to keep the faith in this search for sweetness, I know everyone has their rough patches.

    What is everyone else up to today?
    With all this talk of a Euro meet, I am jealous. Another Chicago meet needs to happen!

  204. Wonderland says:

    NYC SB: You make me laugh.
    I just wish I could wear a pair; I’m rubbish at wearing heels!

  205. NYC SB says:

    I think the Euro meet should take place in Paris… then we can all visit my church* and do an SB prayer

    *Christian Louboutin boutique 😀

  206. Ah, Prague. Was there last October. Even in rainy (and very cold) temperatures, it was beautiful. I am sure it is even more gorgeous in April.

  207. Wonderland says:

    Ugh! today was SUCH a boring day!!!!!

    • OCSugarBaby says:

      NYC SD ahh that would be …yes

      JamesNY YOU have a Lab too? Cool!

      NCY SB I hate the end of the sugar destination. But it just means that you
      now have room in the seat next to you for even SWEETER things (or someone)!

  208. Flo Rida says:

    Lily – at the risk of being a kill joy – why Copenhagen? – yes the Malmo – Copenhagen bridge is a modern wonder of the world but a rental car plus insurance costs $300-500 per day, it’s not terribly central, Temp in April is 35-49F, it’s not part of Euro currency land, there are no real attractions, it’s expensive?

    As alternatives Stockholm, Prague, Amsterdam, Berlin, Vienna, Estonia, Latvia?

    Having said that it’s none of my business & kindly forgive the comment.

    Back to work at Hertz.

  209. DC says:

    Thank you Lily =) I’ve been peeping in on the blog from time to time. I was hoping you’d update your blog on your actual real life adventures soon.

  210. DC says:

    Shoogar! I’ve been working my booty poppin’ skills with professional booty poppers. I’m just sayin’.. =)
    Definitely keep me updated if ever you come to my neck of the woods. I just had drinks w/ LASB the other day =)

  211. Lily says:

    DC!!! Missed you, too. Those lips are divine.

  212. Lily says:

    Oh my gosh, SE, I would love to celebrate your birthday with you!!

    I’ll work on finding euro SDs to come, and NC Gent should carpet bomb UK/France/Germany/Scandinavia sugar babies to feel free to attend the meet.

  213. DC – I have missed you!! I hope you are at least still working on a car wash/bowling sugar music video that we can discuss in detail and laugh profusely over a cocktail – if and when fate (and scheduling) brings us together.

    ESB – The next time a potential employer hits on you say, “I’m flattered. Really. But, flattery won’t pay my bills. Sooooo, on that note, when should I start?”

  214. MindyNYC says:

    Knock ’em dead ESB!!

  215. DC says:

    Kitty- I actually dated K’naan for a handful of years, on and off. He is married. Whoops.

    I love his music too. I think a few of his new songs have a couple of jabs at me. Apparently I broke his heart, often.

    The first time I did, on his myspace page, he took off all of his songs and simply left “a poem about love” for several months.

    That’s all I’ll say about that. Back into hiding for me!

  216. ESB says:

    SE: A sugar meet would be a blast for your b-day!! How fun for you!!

    OK, I’m off to my next interview… Wish me luck!!

    TTYL!! HUGS!!

  217. ESB says:

    NYC SB… didn’t go to the first 2 either… he moved the date up by 3 months the first time, she was expecting. Got divorced, then married the same biotch the 2nd time. Idiot… this one he met at a b-day party last summer… spent maybe 3 months with her, traveling down there to be with her on his time off… and he’s the SMART one of us kids! I hope it works. Going through D sucks. . . . I wonder if mine is final yet? hmmm..

  218. NYC SB says:

    ESB – 3rd wedding??? I think if you attended the first 2 you get a free pass for the 3rd… sheesh

  219. Wonderland says:

    April 18th-25th might work for me if I don’t have to work and can raise the dosh for hotel/plane etc. Sweet European a sugar birthday LOL. Well you can come to my birthday party then as well…. :) xx

  220. ESB says:

    LMAO!!! I am at the library trying to kill some time.. I looked over at this single mom with her 2 kids in the next cubicle.. you’ll never guess what web sight she is on!! SA!!! OMG… not even sure I want to say something or not!! This is just to close to home!!

  221. “NC dates for Copenhagen???? April 18-25th work for me.”

    That works for me too, and my birthday is April 24th, it would be so much fun to be on a Sugar meet during my birthday!

  222. ESB says:

    Good Morning Sugar Family!!

    Another day of job searching… and I have another interview this afternoon!! Why can’t I find a full time position? Everyone is looking for part time help. I’m hoping with enough part time jobs, I’ll be ok… never did hear back from the chiropractor who hit on me ie “beautiful eyes” Yea, kind of figured he knew he did a no-no. Can I please just find a job without being picked up? I am NOT looking for a man in my life at this time!! SHEESH!!! A SD, yes, a full time BF NO!!

    I so wish I had the funds for a Euro meet, that would be a blast, but my brother is getting married in Columbia on Sat. and I would be killed if I went to meet a bunch of strangers, and not go to my brothers 3rd wedding!!

  223. Wonderland says:

    Lily says: I’m good at seducing others. That’s great, because I’m rubbish at it.

    Meeting a potential tomorrow! It’s a funny story which I will write more about in my new blog if it succumbs to anything exciting, but hopefully you guys will enjoy what I have up now!

    xx Wonderland xx

  224. Lily says:

    I have an idea. Wonder, SE, and I should comb the site for potential sugars in Europe to attend our meet. :)

    I’m on it. I am good at seducing others. Plus I have two gorgeous wannabeSBs in my irl friends circle who may come.

    SDN!!! Where are you??? You can come over, right?! You know how hot my friends are….

  225. Lily says:

    Hey everyone!!!!

    NC dates for Copenhagen???? April 18-25th work for me. I’ll plan it all to be super fun, but who else can come besides Wonder, SE, me, and you? Any other EU sugars can come? AdrianeSB?! Let’s take the same 90 min flight. It’s cheap. Erik in Sweden may come if I ask him. Two other pot SDs who I am counselling off blog re: finding sugar (neither have ever posted) may be willing to come, actually….

    If that many men are there (3 unattached SDs?!) surely more women will show….?!

  226. Good evening everyone :)

  227. James.M says:

    Hi Beach and SHMM et al
    Anna, the dog is very disturbing. Even Quincy covered his eyes.

  228. Beach_Girl says:

    Morning Anna!

  229. Anna Molly says:

    Morning James.M and BG 😀

  230. Beach_Girl says:

    Good morning JamesM, isn’t LaJolla lady the one that sent you emails ?

  231. James.M says:

    Stephen — If Miss LaJolla asks you for my email, please let her have it. If you want more info about who I mean, just drop me a note and I’ll tell you who.

  232. James.M says:

    To my friend from LaJolla. Why not come out of the closet and send me an email? I’d enjoy hearing from you!

  233. Anna Molly says:

    Midwest ~ Isn’t that dog one of the funniest things you’ve ever seen! Glad you and your son enjoyed 😀

  234. Anna Molly says:

    *Blogville*….I must not be awake yet..LOL

  235. Anna Molly says:

    Good Morning Bolgville 😀

    I have linked another video, hope it brings a little laughter to your day 😀

  236. Wonderland says:

    Lily: Am putting a few posts down today during lunch so should have it up and running really really soon. And I’D LOVE to go to Copenhagen.

  237. Lily says:

    I can’t wait to read your blog, Wonderland! You need to get involved with Sweet European and NC Gent and I about plotting a euro meet in Copenhagen next month.

    to all others – Good morning!!!!

  238. Wonderland says:

    Hello from England, hope everyone is having a great thursday!!!!!
    I decided to renovate my profile after my membership expired
    (used a new SB name just for the fresh start) and think I’m going to document it in the same that some of you ladies do your experiences. I really love reading all the different blogs and seeing how different and unique the experiences are on here and will let you know when I put mine up.

    Cheers for now.


  239. valencia says:

    hi sugars and men :) how are yall doing? :) xoxo -V

  240. cleo says:

    yes it does thanks

  241. Midwest says:

    Back to sleep mode…goodnight sugars.

    NYGent – Nice to see you again! You are missed!

  242. Midwest says:

    Cleo- I remember at one point for the NY Meet, someone asked if people were comfortable using real names or handles…it was a mix. I know e-mails went out bcc. I’m pretty sure the list was shared with everyone who was going, identified by their handle and only by e-mail. A few who requested to be left out of the list were honored, but I don’t recall any issues coming up around it. This is what I saw as I was receiving info on the NY and Chicago meets.

    Hope it helps.

  243. Beach_Girl says:

    Cleo~ lol…. wow, I shouldn’t blog after green drinks.lol.. good night all

  244. cleo says:

    beach i’m asking about privacy

    that is all. not about how to keep track, i think i’m doing that okay…

  245. cleo – I don’t need an attendee list, but I think it would be hilarious if we all wore name tags with our blog pseudonyms. HELLO MY NAME IS: Shoogar Shoes. Ha ha. Give the people in the bar/restaurant something to talk about.

  246. NYC SB – Shoogie. Aw, that might be my favorite. Nutella actually tastes good. I would dip the butter in sugar when my mom wasn’t looking. ha ha. As a kid, I thought it was normal to peel back the foil to a stick of butter and eat it like a banana. I couldn’t fathom doing that now. Oi. Oh, and the pink shoe photo was generated through one of those fun sites like photo funia dot com or something. Although I do own pink shoes very similar to those. You would like them, indeed. Re: Facebook. I deactivated my account recently. I had over 1,500 friends and it was getting out of control.

    I never go to bed when I say I’m going to, do I?

  247. Beach_Girl says:

    Cleo~ just keep a data sheet of the info of the ones that want to go… handle and real names. I know it’s hard… but you can do it

    NYC SB~ hey girl !

    Hi everyone, hope you all had a nice St-Patty’s day! green beer, green martini’s … 😀

  248. NYC SB says:

    NY Gent… that was not me… it was Gossip girl… and thank you for the kind words… I still feel very fortunate to have NYSE (and all his baggage) in my life

    Shoogie – My mom made me eat nutella, well thats all i would eat anyways, because she thought i was too skinny.

    Another thing… the pic on your blog with the pink shoes… i saw that pic on facebook… some random boy has replaced the pictures/book with his face!

  249. cleo says:

    does anyone talk to SDN? or maybe can tell me how meet organizers handle meet lists?

    obviously i am not going to post attendance on the blog, but if an attendee wanted a list of who was coming would they give it to them?

    my gut says no…

  250. NYGent says:

    Nyc Sb: nc gent another bromance? say it ain’t so, bro!

  251. Bella says:

    Hey Sugar Family!

    So, my profile is finally up and available, and I got 4 emails from potentials :)
    Which I was initially excited about, until I read their emails–not the type of arrangement I wish to have, but I’m official now :)

    Besides that, my next step is to get an avatar! I have so much to read and so little time, but I’ll make it all happen :)

    Goodnight Sugar Fam :)

  252. NY Gent – It is always good to see you come out of hiding. My day was somewhat icky, but all self-inflicted (work-related) frustrations so I’ve been hiding out myself. I generally sequester myself from social interaction when I’m (egads) crabby. But, seeing your post took me out of momentary seclusion. Thank you for asking and yes, things have cleared up with all that ugliness. For now, looks like Ding! Dong! The witch is dead. I may or may not have employed Flo’s security expertise to resolve the issue.

    Yaz – have a great time and don’t forget to email me. You can give me a fake name, by the way.

    cleo – yes, fabulous job with your event planning. I received both email updates about Toronto Meet. Stellar work, my lady.

    Growing up, my mom used to make me eat a stick of butter every morning (or at least 1/2 in the morning and 1/2 at night) because she thought I was too skinny. It took this blog for me to realize where she learned that trick. Hmm. Curses.

    Hi, everyone. Bye, everyone. I’m tucking my crabby-self in bed. New day tomorrow. Waaaasssuuuuu….

    Sweet dreams.

  253. Gossip Girl says:

    NY Gent – NC Gent has been spotted starting up another bromance in blogosphere…


    Gossip Girl

  254. NYGent says:

    hi checking in, very hard to keep up these days, so many newbies . . .
    yaz have fun in miami. Go to delano or shore slub after hours for party atmosphere.

    nyc sb: sorry to hear, but be thankful you still have a good SD, lots of sb’s would kill for just one good one!

    flo rida hope you’re feeling better. i hear you work for culinary institute of america… but deny everything . . . and bring out the documints . . .

    cleo you’ve done stellear job on Toronto meet, as i said i will be in Cali but wishing you all a great time. a beer someday here or there. . . . taz i hear you’re going, have a good one . ..

    anna molly: i miss the old avatar! hope you and SD doing well.

    OC: you made the right choice getting out of the email and mod biz, gives you more time for your guy — did you say “yes” to proposal yet?

    NC Gent (my old bromance): I am now singing to myself the old Danny Kaye song from Hans Christian Anderson: “‘wonderful wonderful copenhagen, friendly old girl of the sea . . .”

    shooger: i never heard, was all that ugliness ever cleared up? hope so, and seems like must have been since you appear to be back to good spirits.

    best to all

  255. Yaz says:

    Im off to sunny Miami!!!!!!!!!!! :-) …..I shall be back in a few days :-)

  256. Midwest says:

    Sincere – I will FOREVER have that song running through my head! LMAO!

    AM – Your link had my son and I in tears…then we started following the other links. Look for one called cats vs. dogs…great pics.

  257. Midwest says:

    Evening sugars! I’m loving the energy here the past few days!

    James.m – our “friend” from LaJolla visited my profile today. Think she is checking up on my age? :-)

    Sincere- Happy (hic) St. Paddy’s (hic) Day!

    TexasSugah- have a GREAT time, but always keep safety at the top of the list!

    Lourdes – I agree with the others…It’s fine to reach out to the SDs, but definitely have a thick skin. A few will reply appropriately…many will ignore you, take it as a license to be rude or are fakes. I met my first SD by e-mailing him…TWICE!

  258. Flo Rida says:

    SweetEuropean – i’m back @ home & fired up the rarely used home PC – wow you’re pretty (not that anyone else is not pretty) – I can see what all the fuss is about. Hope you enjoyed Paris? (or did I get the wrong testimonial).

  259. ESB says:

    Good evening Sugar Family!!

    Kitty, that video is so perfect for this blog!! I love it!! (except for the ending.. how sad!)

    BostonHoneySB: Too Funny!! I love that clip!!

    SincereSD: Very nice “toaste”. Thank you.

    Hmm.. I like Lady GaGa’s music, and I also like the rhythm and energy of Kesha, but she is so trashy… Blah blah blah kills me though. Reminds me of someone I know… I think of her every time I hear that song!

    Looking for an SD!: where is he from? The name sounds familiar… if he is who I think he is, I only exchanged emails with him. I was going through hell, so I backed off all SDs that I was in contact with til I got things straight. Don’t remember much about him, other than he traveled my area a lot on business.

    OK, I’m caught up now… baking brownies, going to frost them with green icing.. yum… I went for a 3 miles walk today, so I deserve them! Well, one anyway 😉

  260. TexasSugah.. who might have a SD says:

    Lourdes –

    Actually I would look at SDs everywhere. I wouldn’t limit the search to just the US.

    I’m not really open to traveling overseas so I stayed within the states. If you’re up for going to Europe and you have a passport.. go for it!

  261. Flo Rida says:

    Lourdes – given your location I would highly advise you to reach out to SDs but be mentally prepared for non-responses & rejection. If you read past blogs how to do this is discussed. Avatars take typically a day.

    SincereSD – sorry I thought you were in Vegas. Also you forgot about the ‘stuffed pillows’. Finally i’m not a techiee so I can’t get your anonymous .org thing to work.

    Seeking fun SD – hope it works out!

  262. Looking for an SD! says:

    Could anyone on the blog tell me if they have had any negative experiences with a POT who calls himself “fun” with the summary “Fun, kind, adventurous, generous…seeking same!” I am chatting with this fellow and he seems amazing. I know the next step before a meeting is to consult some of the wiser brains on the blog. Am I falling for a sugarscam or is mr. dreamy truly amazing?

  263. Lourdes says:

    Technical question..why is my little avatar not showing? also, should I stick to do my search overseas (those SD living in Europe and Australia) since my guess is that they could be more open to the fact that I dont reside in USA…

  264. TexasSugah.. who might have a SD says:

    Hola Lourdes.. bienvenidos… Todas las muchachas aqui son bien simpaticas. Me ayudan MUCHO!!!

    Gracias a sus ayopo y ayuda, tengo 2 “potential” papis.. Vamos a ver que va a pasar. Estoy esperando pa’ el dinero y regalitos.

    But really the girls here are great!!! Just ask what ever question you might have.

    So ladies it looks like I will be going to Miami next week. Miami SD wants me to come and spend some time with him. I’m pretty psyched about it. He’s a sweetheart.

    There’s a lot of butter going on the blog. Hmmmm that nothing I want to spread on my hips.. but it tastes so good.

    I have a question sugars.. how often are you on the road or in the skies???

  265. SincereSD says:

    opps try again (with drunken burp) …

    To everyone in the sugar family:

    May you have all the happiness and luck that life can hold—
    And at the end of all your rainbows may you find a pot of SUGAR!


  266. Lourdes says:

    thanks Flo Rida..Im testing the waters, you all seem such a nice community and I sure hope to find what Im looking for :)
    How long does it take for my profile to be approved? I was sooooo silly to re write stuff last night when I joined, it was already approved and then I decided to add stuff and now its taking forever~ Oh well..that will teach me..the pictures are alreay approved but not mu profile..still on pending .

    I hateeee waiting and I bet that is one thing I should learn here. Do you wait on SD to make the first move or is there like an etiquette we should follow..some sort of 101 on SD/SB arrangement?

  267. SincereSD says:

    Flo Rida says: Yaz – that’s why I log on using my personal treo (i use SD’s company computer and SA is banned from their firewall).

    Use an anonymous proxy service to access the blog. www dot anonymouse dot org

    Flo Rida says: NC Gent fancies Sweet European!!! i’ll have to see the testimonial to see who she is. Nobody expects the Spanish Inquisition.

    Inquistior: Cardinal Flo! Fetch…THE COMFY CHAIR!
    NC: No, no … not the dreaded comfy chair (look of horror on his face)

    Actually Flo, if you apply your CIA skills you will find find what you are looking for. BTW, I was the one who made the MP post about the lumberjack.

    Flo Rida says: Sincere – what happens in Vegas? or in this case – what didn’t happen in Vegas?

    Yes thanks for reminding me that I missed out. Thanks god it’s St Paddy’s day and I can drown my sorrows.

    To everyone in the sugar family:
    May you have all the happiness and luck that life can hold—
    And at the end of all your rainbows may you find a pot of SUGAR!

  268. Flo Rida says:

    Yaz – that’s why I log on using my personal treo (i use SD’s company computer and SA is banned from their firewall). Enjoy JetBlue, I can ship you a new JetBlue baseball cap to a ‘dead drop location’ if you really want one.

    Lourdes – there’s tonnes of info in the blog archives but if you have a specific q – just shout.

  269. Chitown SB says:

    Oh, and I must agree about Lady Gaga… awesome

  270. Chitown SB says:

    Hello everyone new and seasoned!

    Spring is in the air here in Chicago… but as tends to happen, we are expecting the chance of snow this weekend, Le sigh, enjoy the nicer weather while I can I suppose.

    Still on the sugar prowl. PrinterSD, who I ended things with a couple weeks ago sent me a nasty text last weekend suggesting I meet him for some “hand and mouth”. When I said no and told him I thought he was being very offensive and inappropriate, he responded “I thought you could use some money”. JERK! Reminded me why I ended things. Gotta just keep believing a good one is out there for me.

    Met a pot. SD that is incredibly sexy and has a voice like warm syrup and seems to actually GET the sugar concept. Reall hoping I can meet him again soon, as he said he was in total agreement with what my ideal arrangement and allowance are.


  271. yaz...at work says:

    Back to my spreadsheets……Later babes and Gents

  272. yaz...at work says:

    Yes I am flying Jet Blue. Thats good to know. Thanks!

    My boss just walked by and gave me a funny smile…I hope she didnt see the big red “SUGAR DADDY BLOG” when I was refreshing the page. Yikes….lol

  273. NYC SB says:

    Keshas songs might be annoying but they evoke that child like feeling inside of me… when i was careless in pig tails playing hopscotch on the street… so i like them…

    on that note i am off to meet with my first SD… on this day, exactly a year ago we met, so he suggested we catch up at the same place where we met and grab drinks (even though he drinks diet coke)

  274. Lourdes says:

    I just signed to the site yesterday and we will see how it goes. I know chances are slim since I dont live in the USA, but in a very small country call Honduras, but I still believe someone out there is looking for a caribbean princess to spoil. I used to have a profile at other site and Im having a hard time not to take it personally, we had moved on to emailing and phone calls..with this wonderful gentleman and he seemed pretty interested, then yesterday he said let me call you back and he didnt and today I called and he didnt pick up..that should be the cue..uh? HE IS NOT REALLY into me..and its frustrating right? I guess I have to keep trying. My profile was approved last night and then I decided to make some changes and now is on hold, Im pretty sure I need help to move around in this site..so any advice will be really and highly appreciated :)

  275. NYC SB says:

    Yaz – LGA — assuming you are flying jet blue you can get a pass for their lounge for about $25 and they will give you snacks and drinks there (wine and beer included) i think its a good deal… plus the SDs who are frequent flyers usually are in the club areas

  276. Flo Rida says:

    Yaz – depends how long layover is – if 2hrs stay in LaGuardia-JFK and try and get into one of the many lounges. The neighbouring area isn’t too fun so I wouldn’t suggest anything local. The flat fare to Manhattan is I think $45 JFK maybe $35 LaGuardia so add tip & toll could run you $60-$45 each way. Sorry if this is not cost practicable.

    All – on spy stuff reminds me when the journalists at the Pentagon were complaining they weren’t getting ‘mylar’ in the construction materials & the DoD responded well mylar offers limited additional blast protection but it’s primary purpose is to stop electronic and acoustic eavesdropping.

    NYC SB – the NSA knows everything!

  277. yaz...at work says:

    I love “Alejandro”, “Monster” ( My fave!!!!! :-)”, “So happy I could die”, Poker Face” ( Sweet E do you remember us dancing to that song in of the suites??
    😉 ), and “Telephone”!!

  278. cleo says:

    JamesNY GOOD olive oil is the key to italian cooking, and really fresh high quality ingredients… and i replied.
    when i get ready to go out i leave my place quiet and get very serene and zen. theni go out. i cheer up my face though, work on my expression to improvemy mood

  279. Kitty says:

    I am loving Waving Flag by K’Naan

    SE: Lol…

  280. Lady Gaga is brilliant! I agree about Kesha… and for some reason her face always looks dirty to me? :/

  281. Kitty says:

    Love lady Gaga but Kesha is so annoying. Her songs are ridiculously childish and she really lacks personality.

  282. Kitty says:

    Yaz: Are you going to Miami for Spring Break??? Hope you have a blast!!! sosososo

  283. Flo Rida says:

    Yaz – alas I only work at Hertz JFK – so sorry

    JamesNY – it wasn’t me! honest!.

  284. yaz...at work says:

    I love Lady Gaga!!!!! 😀

  285. yaz...at work says:

    NYCSB~ I am flying from LaGuardia but my return flight will land at JFK. Go figure…..lol

    What to do in a boring airport for two hours??…..SD hunting! Haha

  286. Anna Molly says:

    LOL…BostonHoney, that was funny 😀

  287. NYC SB says:

    Kitty and SE – awesome song choice… i have both of them on shuffle and repeat when im getting ready to go out… along with Kesha and Lady Gaga which are not sugar related but whatever

  288. Kitty says:

    LMAO BostonHoneySB

  289. NYC SB says:

    JamesNY – being fluent in one of the languages listed I have been contacted by a certain intelligence agency during my college days… the real kicker being that I did not learn the language by taking a course in college. So how they knew that I was fluent is beyond me… since my country of origin has nothing to do with it…

    Yaz – Laguardia… come out to NYC… its chaos… we can count the “I shamrock NY” tee shirts at bars

  290. Happy St. Patrick’s Day to all!

    Copenhagen and NYGENT is bringing EVERYONE? Yeah…. 😉

    AM – Your YouTube Video clip funny…. I posted one to my name too…in the spirit of Spring Break Time….

  291. Anna Molly says:

    James is right….you should never, NEVER, let anyone see how much butter you use!

  292. yaz...at work says:

    Hey babe! :-)

  293. Anna Molly says:

    James!! How are you? My dog is silent too, thank goodness!

    So good to see you Sweetie 😉

  294. yaz...at work says:

    New Yorkers~ I am going to have a pretty long layover at Laguardia tonight….If one of you wants to come keep me company that would be awesome! :-)

  295. midwest says:

    Hello spies, chefs, consumers of green spirits and international travelers!

    NYC SD – local SD? I must’ve staryed w the green beer too early!

    Cleo- I did not receive either of your emails.

  296. yaz...at work says:

    Hey guys! :-)

  297. JamesNY says:

    Flo, nowadays you can submit a resume to the US “Intelligence Community” and they will reply if they want you to apply for a position. Don’t know if it works. The most common form of recruitment for the operational “elements” is the “email” that will self-destruct in a certain time. I’ve heard that the “email” is sent unsolicited to university students who are US citizens and taking advanced Arabic, Russian, Urdu, etc. How they get the class lists is not entirely clear.

  298. JamesNY says:

    AM, that dog is kind of disturbing! I like my sweet silent Lab.

    Flo, you remind me of a speech during my security training at the Pentagon, given by a Marine officer with a big ole Southren drawl. “Whenever you make a phone call [now I suppose they would say email] into or out of this building, you should assume that there are three people on the line. You, the party you are speaking to, and someone else. It could be us. It could be them. You will never know.”

    Cleo, I posted on the previous blog by mistake, there’s something there I do want you to see. :-)

    Butter is the key to French cooking, like olive oil for Italian cooking. Just don’t let anyone see how much you’re using and they will just be happy when they eat.

  299. cleo says:

    James.M that may be it but remember to always make sure the ingredients are room temp first. my cuz says that makes a huge difference

  300. Kitty- :) That’s just put a huge smile on my face!!

  301. Kitty says:

    SE: why am I not surprised?? check mine out

  302. James.M says:

    Cleo – my grandmother used to make sugar cookies which were soft, about 4″ in diameter, and 3/4 of an inch thick. She then put at least that much butter on them when she ate them. I’ve never been able to duplicate them, although I have the recipe. I think it is because the quality of the ingredients are different today.

    SE – put the URL that you want to link to in the “website” box under “leave a reply”. If you want to link to your profile, use that URL, but delete the word “same” from “samedetail”.

  303. Ha, I was expecting it to be something more complicated than that.. oops

  304. Anna Molly says:

    SE ~ Copy the URL and paste it where is says website 😀

  305. SweetEuropean says:

    How do you link your name to something?

  306. cleo says:

    James.M omg

    i can’t begin to imagine eating that much butter

    although i used that much baking at xmas…

  307. Anna Molly says:

    Poor little dog, I don’t think it has any teeth :(

  308. Kitty says:

    U gave me idea… going to put the TI song on here

  309. SweetEuropean says:

    Hahaha Anna Molly, I just watched the video! That dog is so cute!!

  310. Anna Molly says:

    Isn’t that dog hilarious…OMG, I laughed so hard I thought I was going to pass out….LOL

  311. James.M says:

    SHMM (SB) – would you be better with the mayonnaise eating contest (4 – 32 oz bowls in 8 minutes) or chocolate (1 lb, 15.5 oz in 7 minutes). There are no contests for liquor that I know of, hence no record for drinking champagne.

  312. Kitty says:

    ANNA Molly: LMAO, I clicked on ur name for the link thinking it’d be ablog or something and I get the yappy puppy LOL LOL LOL

  313. Kitty says:

    And go to the Cheesecake Factory too!!!!

  314. Anna Molly says:

    I couldn’t imagine eating butter like that! Makes me sick just thinking of it. There is a spy school in Las Vegas and I think it caters to women. The SB’s should get together and plan a Vegas spy trip!! That would be so much fun!!

  315. Kitty says:

    I would like to meet this woman

  316. SweetEuropean says:

    Ew, a butter eating contest? I like butter but.. that’s just too much!!

    Cheesecake, however… I could win that. Definately!

  317. James.M says:

    Ladies – The head of Directorate of Military Intelligence Section 6 (aka MI6) traditionally signs certain documents with the initial “C”. I believe the previous Director was a woman (Flo? Her denial supra is disinformation?).

    There is also an eating contest (like Coney Island’s hot dog eating contest) where the participants eat butter. The world record is 7 1/4 pound sticks in 5 minutes. A woman holds the record for eating cheesecake, which is 11 pounds in 9 minutes. For those (like me) who enjoy oysters, the record is 36 dozen in 10 minutes; it is held by the same woman.

  318. Flo Rida says:

    cleo – full fat milk works as well (but not as effectively as butter).

  319. NYC SB says:

    or eat tons of alfredo with pasta and bread… YUMMERS

  320. cleo says:

    flo rida i always wished i’d get recruited :)

    i find bread works well for me but i’ll add more butter to it in the future

  321. Flo Rida says:

    SweetEuropean – I went to college in the 1990s, I hear the starting salary at MI6 is GBP27,000 but you do get a nice pension. I remember being asked to go to Aldermaston – Atomic Weapons Establishment & I foolishly asked AWE to email or fax me a map & they responded you won’t find AWE on any map, and we need security clearance for faxes and email but we’ll mail you a protocol sheet & ‘write you in’ (to the Official Secrets Act).

    Everything I just said is a lie (or is it?)

  322. SweetEuropean says:

    Hahaha, I nearly applied to MI6 once, but then I thought it was a silly idea and talked myself out of it… I think I just wanted to be a female Bond hahaha

  323. Flo Rida says:

    NC Gent – half a lb of butter. Honey traps. Also think of the poor karaoke girls in asia who are tiny yet incentivized to drink lots & lots of alcohol with their male guests.

    SweetEuropean – alas in my day you are recruited into spy school you can’t apply – nowadays you can as MI6 CIA recruit for unique rare language skills. You do learn a lot though. Btw i’m not really a spy – I just love talking to them – amazing stories!

  324. NC Gent says:

    Maybe we can get Flo Rida to sponsor a spy school for us :)

  325. cleo says:

    me tooooooooooooooooooo!!!!

  326. SweetEuropean says:

    Ooooh I want to go to spy school! That sounds like so much fun… :)

  327. NC Gent says:

    ewwwwww at a pound of butter :)

  328. Flo Rida says:

    NC Gent – during spy school we are taught to keep our wits about us (men can handle alcohol better than women) and there is a famous case of a female agent eating half a lb of butter so that she wouldn’t be drunk. Now that’s dedication!

    Back to work at government agency not with three letters in it.

  329. NC Gent says:

    You continually amaze me with your wealth of knowledge, Flo Rida :)

  330. Flo Rida says:

    ESB – glasses of water only helps to hydrate you. To slow down absorption through the stomach lining eat fatty foods (milk, butter), also alcohol is a poison which you can develop (some resistance to through prolonged exposure. Finally asians lack the second enzyme to break down alcohol so ‘acetylformaldehyde’ lingers in the system causing dilation of blood capillaries (redness in face – chest). There endeth my lecture on Dr. Booze.

  331. ESB says:

    Aahhh.. darn!! What awful timing! 😉 LOL

  332. NC Gent says:

    Ok for some reason my phone and email are no longer working. I will keep everyone updated, but they may not be fixed until after my next visit to Europe :)

  333. ESB says:

    LOL.. I’m thinking NC better go into hiding for a while.. what have you gotten yourself into?!?

    Since I don’t have a passport yet, I’m letting you off the hook. Would love to go too, but BG is POd at me for making her stay with her dad last night… I know, she’ll get over it! But I will take you up on the LV purse! :) (big hugs to you my friend)

    I sent out a resume this morning, 2 hours later, I got called for an interview!! WOO HOO… when it rains it’s pours! My life is starting to turn around… now to get that house I want to rent!! That would be so sweet!!

    I was told the same thing from a friend who is a bartender.. 1 glass/bottle of water per drink.. I can handle 2, then start to feel it.. I’m such a light weight. I usually get ice water with lemon after 2, so I at least have a drink in my hand. I HATE being hung over… the worst feeling ever…

  334. SweetEuropean says:


  335. Kitty says:

    NOW the plan is free trip to Copenhagen and free LV purse from NC for everyone!!!!

  336. cleo says:

    i have NO objection to nude hot tubbing!

  337. NC Gent says:

    can we compromise with an LV a piece??? check is in the mail Kitty!

  338. SweetEuropean says:

    If Kittys getting a Hermes purse I expect one too!!

  339. Kitty says:

    NC: I still haven’t gotten my cheque or my Hermes purse.

  340. NC Gent says:

    Ok — If I bring Kitty too — there better be some nude hot tubbing involved!

  341. Kitty says:

    CLeo: no need to pack you.. just e-mail NC with ur info an he’ll send you your flight info :) HEY!! We can leave together out of T O too!! :)

  342. Kitty says:

    Never thought of that as a career choice. Thanks NC, going to look into it.

  343. cleo says:

    kitty: pack MEEEEEEE!

  344. NC Gent says:

    I am beginning to think Kitty has a strong future as a lobbyist :)

  345. Kitty says:

    Cleo: NC’s just being modest… he’s bringing EVERYONE to Copenhaggen.

  346. NC Gent says:

    Well for me Cleo — it is a balance of finances and how well I know the person. I don’t even pretend to have the same financial capabilities as Sam.

  347. Kitty says:

    cleo: YAY! good job!!! Sorry had doubts before.

  348. Flo Rida says:

    NC Gent fancies Sweet European!!! i’ll have to see the testimonial to see who she is. Nobody expects the Spanish Inquisition.

  349. SweetEuropean says:

    Kitty:1 glass of water per drink. Advice from a very wise SD

    -I remember that, I always think about it when I’m drinking!

    NC – Thank you, that’s sweet… and you should bring Kitty along too! 😉 lol

  350. Kitty says:

    SE said she won’t go if I don’t go.. RIGHT SE??? lol

  351. cleo says:

    i always wonder how people decide who to bring to a meet when everyone wants to go

    i have emailed EVERY SINGLE person who has emailed me interest in the toronto meet. if you do not have TWO emails from me then email me again or check your spam box

    date is official – party venue sat night is official, dinner venue is up in the air

    as for hotels i think i’ll just select from a small list nearby (i live near yorkville [designer row] and i’m assuming we want to walk to shopping and don’t care if we have to cab to partying)

  352. Kitty says:

    Too late: I am expecting a trip to Coppenhaggen now too… going to start packing

  353. Kitty says:

    OK maybe not 6.. but a large chunk of change there

  354. NC Gent says:

    ouch — that offer was just for SE lol

  355. Kitty says:

    NC: do you remember what happened when SAM offered a trip for me to Vegas? Ended up paying fo 6SBs at Encore? lol…

    Becareful what you say on the blog… just sayin’ lol

  356. NC Gent says:

    I will keep you posted SE. If you can make it, I will cover your costs (platonically). I owe you for being such a good travel partner last time!

  357. Flo Rida says:

    Whoever posted the Michael Palin – i’m a lumberjack & i’m ok youtube clip – the funniest part was ‘I put on women’s clothing & hang around in bars’ – hilarious – I miss those guys.

  358. Kitty says:

    Anna: I like Hot-Ta-Molly. change ur screen name to that! lol

    ESB: aww.. I’m glad your date went well and I hope the “details”are just as sweet. Don’t get too drunk tonight!!! Remember: 1 glass of water per drink. Advice from a very wise SD 😉

  359. SweetEuropean says:

    Yeah I heard, that sounds like fun! My email is still the same, yes.

  360. NC Gent says:

    Good to see you back. We might be having a sugar meet in Copenhagen. I will keep you posted if you are interested. I think I remember your email address – are you still using that one?

  361. SweetEuropean says:

    Haha, you’ll have to say hello to Bruno for me!

    I’ve been good, I was sugar hunting in real life for a while but decided to come back and resume my search here on SA, I’ve been having fun :)

  362. NC Gent says:

    Hi SweetEuro — good to see you again. I am doing well. I thought of you the other day. I am going to Europe next month — Bruno was asking about you :) How are you?

  363. SweetEuropean says:

    Hey NC,

    How have you been?

  364. Lily says:

    sounds like a good date indeed, ESB!

  365. Anna Molly says:

    ESB ~ I was also considering HOT-TA-MOLLY for a name as well, but I like “Smoking Hot Momma Molly” the best 😀

  366. NC Gent says:

    Good morning all! Wow a lot of old time bloggers were here and I missed it. Hugs if you are still lurking :)

  367. ESB says:

    Thank you “Smoking Hot Momma Molly” I LOVE that name… yea, so gotta pretend that dungeon doesn’t exist for it to wrok though! 😉

  368. Anna Molly says:

    Hi ESB! Glad to hear your date went well 😀

  369. ESB says:

    Good morning sugar Family! Flo Rida, SHMM ;), TT, NYC SB, & Kitty!!

    Happy St. Patrick’s Day!! Today is the only day of the year I claim to be Irish.. my last name is, but I married it, not a drop of the Irish in me..ha ha… YET!! Will probably go into town later and get a few free drinks.. with my last name, it always gets me a few!!

    My pot sugar date last night went very well… we ate, talked forever, took a nice walk, and I got to feel comfortable with him. Very nice man. he wants me exclusive, but we need to iron out some details, and I need to talk to the other SD to let him know… since he is always in meetings, could take a while!!

    I got home around 11:30. Room mate said “wow, you’re late. I’ll be sure you get up at 6 so you’re not late for work” I gave him the “drop dead and fester” look. He laughed. It’s going on 11 and I’m still in my pjs and bathrobe! Felt good to sleep in, except the new SD texted me at 7 and woke me up… but I fell right back to sleep after we spoke a few minutes.. aww.. what a sweetheart! :)

    Well, I SHOULD get some work done today…maybe after my 2nd cup of coffee!!;)

  370. Kitty says:

    I love Lookbook for fashion blog-ism

  371. Flo Rida says:

    BettieGirl – back in ‘orifice’ for a basic sales website I like Sandler Training – especially the publications-newsletters.

    On an entirely separate note does anyone read ‘Liberty London Girl’ a fashion blog?

    Morning everyone, sadly I have to work today given I slept all of yesterday!

  372. TT (AKA Tantalizing Taz) says:

    Morning Sugar fam – happy st patty’s and happy hump day 😀

  373. NYC SB says:

    Your phone likes me now???? JOY! hahaha

  374. Anna Molly says:

    You’re welcome Kitty!

  375. Kitty says:

    thx molly!

  376. Anna Molly says:

    Hey NYC SB!! I think my phone is fixed…yay!!

  377. NYC SB says:

    SSSD – definitely not going to cradle rob (also im not THAT much older than him) … but he is a friend and he is bound to have older friends so we will see… im going to set him up with another SB who is more age appropriate for him … Althought… my last attempt as match maker failed miserably …

    Happy St Pattys day everyone… even though getting by in NYC is a nightmare!

  378. Anna Molly says:

    Morning Kitty! I emailed Autsin for you 😀

  379. Kitty says:

    Hey Anna Molly… I got locked out of the forum :( can u send austin an email for me pls?

  380. Kitty says:

    Gorgeous day! There’s still snow on the hills and golf courses are open! You can ski and golf on the same day here today

  381. Anna Molly says:

    Good Morning FL Guy and Kitty! 😀

    FL Guy ~ There are two, maybe three SB’s here from FL and they’re all GORGEOUS!! 😀

  382. Kitty says:

    WOW! Deja Vu!! Every was here!! TOo bad I missed all the exciting action :(. If any of you are lurking. I miss you all. Truly.. Truly… It’s amazing that it’s not even about Sugar anymore.. it’s about a bunch of a community of friends that supports and cares about each other.

    Please, the forum is still up and running for anyone that was on it. I changed my password but forgot what I changed it to. Tried to retrieve password but the genius that I am set no password retrieval for admins. SMART. So I am out :(

  383. Fl Guy says:

    Good morning and Happy St Pats day! I think green Martinis are in order later today.

    Are there any Bloggers on here from Florida? It seems to me the talent pool of SBs in Florida has dwindled over the last few years. In the past, it seemed like there were new potential SBs on the site all the time, and now it seems like girls that log in regularly have been on the site for a long time. It could be me?

  384. Anna Molly says:

    Is everyone out drinking green beer already!?! Wow, I thought I was a lush………..just kidding, I’m not a lush :)

  385. Anna Molly says:

    Oh Yeah! Happy St. Patricks Day! 😀

  386. Anna Molly says:

    Good Morning! Hope everyone had a good evening 😀

    I have linked my name to one of my faveorite youtube videos; all of you should check it out!

  387. SweetEuropean says:

    Shoogar – Hi, it’s nice to meet you :)

    “SweetEuropean – i’m technically challenged but by the warm welcome i’m assuming you are awesome. Is England still part of Europe?”

    England is indeed a part of Europe, I’m currently in France right now though!

    SSSD- It’s great to see you again, there hasn’t really been much activity on the other site, I’ve been missing your FB photos!!

  388. Are there any California sugar meets????

  389. cleo says:

    oh god i love that skit…

    sincere should i add you to the meet email list?

  390. SincereSD says:

    For all attendees of Toronto Sugar Meet …

    Watch the following video link. It might explain the lack of Sd’s here.

    youtube. com /watch?v=5zey8567bcg

    Please note to remove the spaces

  391. cleo says:



    everyone who emailed me about the toronto meet should have an email right now asking me to confirm that they got it. this means my bcc mojo worked.


    may 1 y’all

  392. cleo says:

    “As SSSD stated and Shoogar Shoes echoed, “This is a modern day lab experiment of primal evolutionarily biology””

    sincere said it i thought?

    i am somewhat of an amateur socioanthropologist, what a fun topic!
    James.M he’s good
    shoogar i love guinness. my guts though? hate it. HATE.

    and i don’t believe in hate
    taz: glad it’s not just me…

    at least the one and only time i got well and truly drunk on it (and the first time i drank it) was a stone’s throw from the factory. i’ve since had a pint here and there but the effect remains.

  393. TT (AKA Tantalizing Taz) says:

    I am here cleo lol..I am with you girl – JUST caught up…am getting some rest now 😛

  394. cleo says:

    aw come on, i read a whole blog and i’m already a HUNDRED AND EIGHTEEN comments behind?


    hi! bet you’re all in bed now!

  395. TT (AKA Tantalizing Taz) says:

    Aaaack! I ‘thought’ I caught up on the blog…sheeesh I can’t keep up with my fellow bloggers anymore… :(

    here is my last post from the other blog…

    Just finished catching up…been a few days :(

    A BIG BIG BIG thank you to cleo for taking all of this on with arranging the Toronto meet! Muah!!! (P.S. If there is anyone else interested in joining – it is not too late! 😀 )

  396. Beach_Girl says:

    Good night girl… see you soon!

  397. VillaCypris says:

    oui, ici, 60+ avec beaucoup d soleil. au revoir WINTER!!!!! a bientot. j vais dormir. xoxox

  398. Beach_Girl says:

    Oui, c’est tellement beau et maintenant le beau temps est arriver, il fesait 58F aujourd’hui… superbe journee… I can’t wait it’s gonna be awesome!

  399. VillaCypris says:

    oui j sais. j’ai vu ton photos d montreal. magnifique! :)

  400. Beach_Girl says:

    VC~ it is… 😀 life is fun… I actually have a friend coming to town next week and I get to show him around… I can’t wait, it’s so fun to rediscover your city you know?

  401. VillaCypris says:

    ehhh c’est bien mon amie :) good to hear. fun is good 😀

  402. Beach_Girl says:

    VC~ la vie est jamais compliquee! il faut s’amuser! I changed a little lately! 😀

  403. VillaCypris says:

    HA! Lily –

    I had someone comment on that this morning… he said, “Particularly funny was, ‘I can string interesting sentences together while still making fancy lingerie look incredibly good.’
    Very clever – wit, intelligence and confidence demonstrated all in the same sentence.”

    Glad someone noticed! 😀

    BG – moi, ca va. La vie, c’est compliquee eh? :) mais, c’est bien.

  404. Lily says:

    VC; I’d love to meet you too. I love that “I can string interesting sentences together while making fancy lingerie look incredibly good” line from your profile!!!

  405. Beach_Girl says:

    VC~ comment va-tu?

  406. VillaCypris says:

    salut BG!! missed you, too!!! xoxoxox

  407. VillaCypris says:

    Hi Lily! Enchantée, eh. I’d like to meet you as well. Monaco is gorgeous, that would be a great spot for a meet :)

  408. Beach_Girl says:

    VC` i missed you!

  409. Lily says:

    Sweet Euro and I are totally trying to set up a Euro meet, and NC Gent is going to be in Copenhagen in April so that may work, if anyone else is interested!! :)

  410. VillaCypris says:

    Sweet Euro – one of my goals this year is to come to MC so we can meet in person!!!! xxxx

  411. VillaCypris says:

    Awwwwwwwww… I must come out of “lurk mode” to say hello to SweetEuro, Bettie, Kitty, Sam, Gail, Yaz… plus everyone else! So NICE to see everyone again!!!! 😀

  412. Lily says:

    Bella — Thanks! I’m struggling now to come up with new topics to write about, as my own sugar life is kind of in a lull. I guess on ‘how to spot a potential McPoofer’ or something but I’m clearly CRAP at that so I would have to interview those who are excellent at it, to put any advice together.

    Last week, EuroSexy and I were so hot & steamy and now I get so few emails and such short ones. I called him on it today and asked for honest communication and he swears up and down his feelings haven’t changed and he can’t wait to see me in 3 weeks, but the *one* sugary thing I had asked for him (that he foot the bill for a party I would throw in his honor when he’s in town) he has backed out of being willing to do. I start to just not take him very seriously as an SD since he’s never done anything SD-y.

    This week a new pot SD in NJ, LawyerGuy, has gotten serious about meeting in 2.5 weeks, and wants to wire me an allowance, up front, NOW; even agreeing that it does NOT come with strings attached of expected intimacy. He just wants to help out and gift me with enough money to buy myself a first class ticket to come see him, and if i want to buy a coach flight and pocket 80% of that cash, he’s all the happier to see me do that, so says he. I guess I need to call my bank and get the wiring info to accept his gesture and plan a 4 day trip to Florida to see him. Maybe I’ll end up with a very sugary travel arrangement after all, on a schedule of 8 times per year, if this first one goes very well. Second one will be 6 weeks afterwards, in Jamaica, if things progress. He’s pretty cool on the phone, so let’s see.

    Anyone near Ft. Lauderdale?

  413. SSSD says:

    NYC SB, have fun with the cradle robbing. Figure it’s better than grave robbing! 😉

  414. SSSD says:

    Well… Gail, Yaz, Kitty, Sweet Euro, Bettie… it’s almost all of the Vegas SB gang. Welcome back. Has that old blog site still been going strong?

  415. NYC SB – I just caught up and read about your breakup. So sorry. Well, you are strong and beautiful (from what I’ve heard) and armed with Louboutins so I know you will be fine. Green beer, huh? I read somewhere if you want fewer calories, make your own green beer with 1/2 beer, 1/2 Gatorade. Ick. Why ruin a good Guinness is what I say. Speaking of Guinness, it has only four ingredients: malted barley, hops, yeast and water. It’s got fewer calories than a pint of orange juice or skim milk.

    Some Jerome Holst lyrics would be appropriate right about now:

    “Now you may wonder how green beer
    Got its fancy hue
    Well once upon in Ireland
    A leprechaun needed to
    Relieve himself and so he pissed
    Into a nearby stream
    That just by chance was passing by
    The local brewery…(magically delicious!)”

    Happy St. Patrick’s Day!

  416. NYC SB says:

    Midwest – I am NOT looking forward to looking for a local SD… met with someone tonight but he needs to be converted as he stated that he would not pay for sex… good thing im not an escort then…

    tomorrow is a jam packed day… told an SD friend (super young one) about my recent “break ups” and he is flying in tomorrow so he can buy me green beer … sweet boy … (yes he is a boy just turned 24… wait 23) lol

  417. Bella says:

    Lily, your blog is great! Thanks for the well thought out information/advice :)

  418. Yaz says:

    Oh that would be nice! I think OC is not passing email addresses around anymore….so here it is yaz1033 at the y place dot com.

  419. Awww, Yaz. You are a sweetheart. I was digging around for your email address today. I know I have it somewhere. I wanted to write you off-blog about your upcoming Spring Break trip to Miami! Do you have my email address?

  420. Yaz says:

    Back home! :-)

    Shoogar~ Those girls are awesome! Love them! :-) As awesome as you are (even though we haven’t met yet) 😉

  421. Wow, what high energy in here today! Hello, everyone. Welcome new bloggers.

    Welcome back returning ones! I’m Shoogar, also known as Elegant or Elle. Pleased to make your acquaintances. I think this is the longest Sincere has looked away from his statistical data pie charts and probability theories in a looong time. Where have you ladies been hiding?

    Does anyone remember the lyrics from Beastie Boys’ song, Paul Revere, “…the beat was bumpin’ and the girlies was hot!” That’s the song I kept hearing as I was catching up on the blog.

    THAT one and the old English R&B, “Return of the Mack…”

  422. Midwest says:

    How is your life evolving with the sugar factor? Ever changing! Resuming the search has humbled me as I weed through the muck and the mud to find a real gentleman. Sunday alone I was communicating with 5, they were quickly reduced to one. *sigh* I don’t get a ton of e-mails, so I always hope to find one pearl in the oysters.

    Do you plan on seeking a (new) ‘traditional’ relationship down the road? Why or why not? I’m not looking for one, but if it happens I hope I recognize it. Sugar dating tends to make real dating look a lot less appealing.

  423. Flo Rida says:

    BettieGirl – I have a favorite sales website (it’s not well known) but i’ve also met the speaker. I spent all day at home but i’ll go into the ‘orifice’ tomorrow and give you the info then.

  424. Midwest says:

    It’s a blog reunion! I’m so glad to hear from the ladies who set some high standards for the sugar meets!

    Spring has sprung!

  425. BettieGirl*273192 says:

    Hey Flo, thanks for the offer! I’m thinking of making a move from libraries to PR. Kitty’s already a sales wiz! Can you reccomend any good blogs?

  426. Anna Molly says:

    Smokin’ Hot Momma Molly……I love it!! 😀


  427. SweetEuropean says:

    Bedtime for me… It’s been great to speak to you all again, and to meet the people I hadn’t met before!

    I’ll definately be back tomorrow night!!

    Mwah xx

  428. Gail says:

    I can’t do Canada…but anywhere else I am all in!!!! Just let me know where and when!!!! WE can do Vegas AGAIN!!!!! This time I will get in on the jacuzzi action with my sugar sisters : )

  429. Flo Rida says:

    Bettie – Kitty – i’m very good at sales & also know excellent sales trainers, if you want sales advice i’d be happy to help.

    SweetEuropean – i’m technically challenged but by the warm welcome i’m assuming you are awesome. Is England still part of Europe?

    Bella – welcome


    Sincere – what happens in Vegas? or in this case – what didn’t happen in Vegas?

  430. BettieGirl*273192 says:

    Oh Gail! So good to “see” you and thanks for the tip about Sam’s new pseudonym. Who among you is going to the meet up (reunion?) in TO? I dont have a passport or enhanced license but might have to get it together for this!

  431. Gail says:

    A big hug to you Sincere!!!! How is our favorite Canadian SD? And when Sam logs here’s a hug for him too!!!! I sure do miss our group hugs!!!! Kitty….you need to add the special emotioncons on here : )

    Yaaaaazmine!!!! Have fun on spring break!!! I know that you will have plenty of SD following you home from Miami : )

    Bettie : ) I am so happy to see you post!!!! I hope you are ready to play again!!!

  432. SweetEuropean says:

    Gail- Haha, nope I’m firmly back on land! I love those pictures, I’m always looking a them… I wish we could all do it again!

  433. Gail says:

    I am doing great Sweet E. I too have been wondering about you. I thought you were still out on the ocean on the yaht. LOL!!! I come out to chat once in awhile…especially when Lisa channels me : )

    I took a look at our pictures the other day too….just loved the one on the couch of all of us in SW: ) And who can forget the Sugar pole pics…lol!!!! Those were the days….now all we need SV to post.

  434. SweetEuropean says:

    Ooooh… Well hello Sam! Whenever you happen to read this.. :)

  435. SincereSD says:

    Bettie and SweetEuro, btw if you didn’t know Sam is back! His new handle is SSSD (San Spayed SD).

    Hi Gail.

  436. SweetEuropean says:

    Gail!!! I’m so glad you’re still on here, I was wondering how you were! *Big hug!*

    How have you been?

  437. Gail says:

    Wheeeeeeeee!!!!! Here we go again!!!! Hi everyone…..Welcome back all!!! I missed all of you : ) Hugs!!!!!

  438. Bella says:

    Aww thank you for the warm welcome. I am looking forward to blogging with you all as well as meeting a great guy :)

    And I will do my research/homework 😉

  439. BettieGirl*273192 says:

    Sincere – yeah I know where you were going with that. I didn’t just fall off the turnip truck! 😉

    Everyone else – how’s the quest for that sugar match going? Any awesome stories?

  440. SincereSD says:

    BettieGirl*273192 says: I suppose I technically meant “a strongly dedicated SA user with designation “S.B.” but it could also mean a SB who listens to classic hardcore punk bands such as Sick of It All, Ignite, Sheer Terror, etc. Also true! :)

    Hmmm … I was thinking less of a PG-13 rating. Life in Tdot is good. I’m sure Kitty’s told you about an upcoming sugar meet here?

    yaz….at work says: Sincere is right. Where the hell is SV???

    Hi Yaz … send SV an email! Tell her Sincere’s ready for that race … pink slips and all!

    SweetEuropean says: Haha, sincere, I have this mental image of the Stig hopping into the jacuzzi with a plate of fruit… I wish that would happen!!

    Me too! I live vicariously through the pictures that were posted.

    Remind me to tell you a story about my SB and I in a jacuzzi at a plush spa …

  441. SweetEuropean says:

    Yaz- I’ve been reading about Spring Break in the US, it looks like so much fun! I hope enjoy it, you deserve it after all the work you’ve been doing!

  442. yaz....at work says:

    SE ~ I have been working every day babe. No fun :-(
    But I am getting ready for Spring Break :-)

  443. BettieGirl*273192 says:

    Hey hey it’s Sincere!! How’s life in TO? Has the sun returned?

    I suppose I technically meant “a strongly dedicated SA user with designation “S.B.” but it could also mean a SB who listens to classic hardcore punk bands such as Sick of It All, Ignite, Sheer Terror, etc. Also true! :)

    And it’s never too late- for breakfast, that is! :)

  444. SweetEuropean says:

    Yasmineeee!! I haven’t seen you on FB lately I was wondering where you were :)

    We do need SV back, that would make it complete!

  445. yaz....at work says:

    JamesM~ No problem. I was a bit confused…that’s all

  446. SweetEuropean says:

    Haha, sincere, I have this mental image of the Stig hopping into the jacuzzi with a plate of fruit… I wish that would happen!! And we did take our time, the last one was only quick because we knew it was the last chance we would have… We couldn’t miss that opportunity!

  447. Anna Molly says:

    Hi Yaz!

    I know Sincere! I can’t wait to wear my linen again 😀

  448. SincereSD says:

    Hey Anna,

    Gorgeous day! Spring is almost here.

  449. yaz....at work says:

    Glad to see you all back girls 😀

    Sincere is right. Where the hell is SV???

  450. Anna Molly says:

    Hi Sincere 😀

  451. SincereSD says:

    damn spellcheckers …

    I mean,… Damn if I knew that I would have SERVED you all breakfast rather than buying it. (Disclaimer – This comment is way more innocent than it sounds.)

  452. SincereSD says:

    SweetEuropean says: Haha, Kitty! Our naked jacuzzis were the best!! Especially the one we had that was about an hour before our flights home!

    Not a big fan of quickies … I like to take my time 😎

  453. SincereSD says:

    kitty says: Bettie, SEuro and I.. yes.. we had a naked jacuzzi soak together in Vegas…. Several times

    Damn if I knew that I would have deserved you all breakfast rather than buying it. (Disclaimer – This comment is way more innocent than it sounds.)

    BettieGirl*273192 says: Uh anyway hi everyone else I’m Bettie.. I was a hardcore SB for a spell but have taken a sabbatical.

    Hey Bettie, good to see you here. What’s hardcore SB? 👿

    SweetEuropean says: I’ve put my profile back up today and i’m starting my search again, i’m kind of nervous this time around, which is funny :)

    SE, welcome back. You shouldn’t have any problems finding a SD … your issue will be trying to decide which one from the long list of pots.


    When is Spanish Vixen coming back? I miss the old guard. We used to have so much fun bantering back and forth.

  454. James.M says:

    HMM – Definately!

  455. BettieGirl*273192 says:

    Oh awesome I can’t wait to get them! I was just pondering what to read next (over a copy of Adbusters) so again, A+ timing.
    If I make a full return to SA it will be with much skepticism.. I just found out a year+ later that the one SD I stayed friends with because he was awesome was, guess what, a total fake. :( The younger bf has been more of a SD than all the others combined. Except for our Vegas benefactor, of course.

  456. Anna Molly says:

    Momma Molly or how about HOT MOMMA MOLLY 😉

  457. SweetEuropean says:

    Haha, Kitty! Our naked jacuzzis were the best!! Especially the one we had that was about an hour before our flights home!

  458. SweetEuropean says:

    Bettie- I think it is fate! This is the first time in around 6 months that i’ve checked SA! 😉

  459. Bella says:

    Thank you for the warm welcome. I am anxious to have my pictures approved, and I’m looking forward to blogging with you all and meeting a great guy :)

  460. kitty says:

    Bettie: SE tipped me off but you can say it’s fate! I sent you 3 books… one is a sales text the other 2 were textbooks from Uni on Sales presentations and mkt. It was like $300 woreth of books and costs almost a hundred to mail :( :( :(

    SDs: BEttie kicks ass.. Seriously!!! Most intelligent, witty and sexiest chick ever. And for those of you who don’t recognize Bettie, SEuro and I.. yes.. we had a naked jacuzzi soak together in Vegas…. Several times

  461. BettieGirl*273192 says:

    Woah Kitty’s here too! Is this fate?? I seriously check this site less than every 6 weeks. But maybe that’s a sign! Maybe it’s just the spring that makes me itch to go to Vegas?

    No I didnt get a package, are you sending me a book?

    Uh anyway hi everyone else I’m Bettie.. I was a hardcore SB for a spell but have taken a sabbatical. I’m from upstate NY and am awesome.

  462. kitty says:

    SWEET EURO!!!!!!! BETTIE!!!!
    it’s like the old days!! AWWW I miss u ladies SO MUCH!!!

    Bettie: did u get my package yet???

  463. Anna Molly says:

    Hi James.M and Flo…I hope I didn’t miss anyone 😀

    Welcome back Bettie 😀

  464. Anna Molly says:

    Why ya’ll talkin’ about me like I’m not here? LOL….ninja stealth, remember 😀

  465. SweetEuropean says:

    Bettie!! I’ve missed you, it’s great to see you here again… How have you been?
    You should definately start your search again!! There’s always the possibility we could end up on another trip together :)

    Hi Flo Rida, my testimonial’s on the blogs homepage, you should check it out… It’s quite old now, though, I cringed a little watching it back haha

  466. James.M says:

    Flo – we just won’t tell them about her basement.

  467. James.M says:

    Ms. Yaz: I apologize for including you — even if only by inference — in my comments yesterday. While you were posting at the same time as the discussion I was reacting to, I had no problem with any of your posts. I shall be more careful next time.

  468. BettieGirl*273192 says:

    woah what a coincidence! Sweet Euro I was just deleting old emails and decided to check out the old stopming ground. I’m off the search but definately think I might be looking for a SD again someday.
    Hey SDs SweetEuropean is gorgeous and so fun.. the line starts back there!

  469. Flo Rida says:

    James.M – I have to agree Momma Molly does sound cute.

    SweetEuropean – Welcome. So you’re the famous Sweet European? Just joking I haven’t seen your testimonial but i’m sure it was fab.

  470. James.M says:

    Cleo: did you ever hear anything from TLG? I was wondering about his condition and silence, too.

  471. James.M says:

    AM: Heavens, a new mother of the Blog. Great job. Welcome, Momma Molly. I know Matriarch Midwest was looking for some help!

  472. SweetEuropean says:

    Hi Anna Molly, it’s nice to meet you too! :)

  473. Flo Rida says:

    Anne – NYC SB – Mssexifine – Lily – I posted comments at the end of the last blog to ya’ll. ok back to bed.

  474. Anna Molly says:

    Hi SweetEuropean! Nice to finally meet you 😀

  475. SweetEuropean says:

    I hope so! I’m actually nervous this time around though because I know exactly what I’m getting myself into this time haha! I had so much fun last time though, I just had to come back!

    Sounds like things are going really great for you :)

  476. Lisa on the good side of the freeway says:

    Just keep at it as it will happen. I met my most recent sd less than 2 months ago, my life has changed dramatically

  477. SweetEuropean says:

    Lisa!! It’s nice to see you too!

    Sounds like you’re having fun, things are fine with me.. i’m just starting my Sugar search again!

  478. SweetEuropean says:

    Where in Europe are you? I’ll go to your blog now :)

    HA I just realised my video testimonial is still here… I had no idea!!

  479. Lisa on the good side of the freeway says:

    Hi SweetEuropean :) Nice to see you on the blog again.

    Hope things are going well with you. Things are great with me. Got a new sd, a new apartment, parents are in London, etc.

    Gotta go now to meet daughter when she gets off work.

  480. Lily says:

    SweetEuropean, hey! We have just been talking today privately about having a Euro Meet in April. Contact me off-blog if you want to dish about eurosugar life and the potential meet! click my name in blue, go to my personal sugar blog, and you can email me that way directly and privately if you like! (I’m obviously in Europe too)

  481. SweetEuropean says:


    I used to post here alot early last year but I haven’t been on here for ages, I love the new blog!

    I’ve put my profile back up today and i’m starting my search again, i’m kind of nervous this time around, which is funny :)

  482. ESB says:

    Thanks Lily. I’m leaving now. Going to get BG and then kill a few hours with retail therapy.. the pretend kind! I have no money, but like to look around! It will relax me!! (I’m such a girl) :)

  483. Lily says:

    Good luck tonight, ESB!

  484. ESB says:

    AM: <3!!

  485. Anna Molly says:

    Good Luck ESB and have FUN!! 😀

  486. ESB says:

    Hello Sugar Family!! Interview went well.. she was just seeing if personalities fit, and said she’d call me next week for a more formal interview. I’m going to LOVE working with this woman!!

    I’m so nervous/excited about my pot sugar date tonight… I haven’t felt this in a long time… wish the time would go a little faster!!

    Welcome to our new bloggers… NLS, FL Guy, JetSet, Bella (love that name!), honeysugarshake. I hope you all stick around and learn with the rest of us!!

  487. Lily says:

    Started reading them, NLS? DId you get bogged down? Were they too wordy? I tried to make them just ten catchy bullet points but are even those too thick to get through? Darn!

  488. Anna Molly says:

    We’re a sugar family and welcome everyone. We have a fine group of wonderful SD’s and SB’s here and are alway ready and willing to help.

    I hope that all the new bloggers stick around and become regulars here.

  489. Thanks for the warm welcome everyone!
    I started reading your commandments last night actually lol. I need to start from the beginning and I’ll comment on what my thoughts are.

    FL Guy,
    It’s always good to read the males perspective on this whole thing. Any input would be appreciated.

    The best part about this site is the blog! Everyone here is so nice and helpful.

  490. Lily says:

    Indeed, welcome welcome. There are some hella good blog SBs who post in this little online community from Florida, so cool for you! 😉

  491. Anna Molly says:

    Hi FL Guy! Welcome to Blogville 😀

  492. FL Guy says:

    This is my first post on this blog. I never knew this blog existed. There is some interesting reading on here.

    I have been on and off SA several times over the last few years, and have had great success. So, I thought I would say hi, and hopefully add some valuable insight at some point.

  493. Lily says:

    Nope, I’m overseas in Europe!

  494. JetSet says:

    Haha Too small of a world, Lily!!! Are you in NY?

  495. Lily says:

    Stephan, if you’re reading this, can you remove my last post? I sent it to her via email directly and that’s enough.

  496. Lily says:

    Shauna, from now on, every single time an SD says he’s crazy about my looks but wishes I was on his continent, can I pass him along to YOUR profile and clue him in that I have a lookalike over in his general neck of the woods??? 😉 *mwah*

  497. Lily says:

    JetSet, oh my god you’re like my sister. We have the same nose and smile!!!!! Emailing you back…….

  498. Lily says:

    Bella! Welcome! If you feel like perusing my personal blog (by clicking Lily in blue, above) and getting my narrow take on it, for someone who’s only been in the lifestyle for 6 weeks (but already come a long way), then welcome! I’d appreciate feedback from you as to what was helpful and what was not.

  499. Anna Molly says:

    Hi Bella! Welcome! When I was searching, I would let the SD’s email me, but that is just a personal prefrence. Lot’s of SB’s here email first and some don’t…it’s up to you whether to email or not, there is no set rule 😀

  500. Bella says:

    Hello All,

    I really like the blogosphere here. I am brandnew to SA (Internet dating in general), and I also did not feel comfortable jumping right in. I’m waiting for my pictures to be approved; however, in the meantime, I’m still debating on whether I am suppose to send emails, or wait to receive an email. Either way, I’m willing to give this new form of dating a try. I like that it’s straight to the point–who doesn’t wanted to be treated like a Princess and appreciated for what they have to offer :)

  501. JetSet says:

    Lily, You have mail!

  502. Anna Molly says:

    Oh, you’re welcome Stephan…how rude of me 😀

  503. Lily says:

    honeysugarshake, keep it fun, witty, smart, and enticing in the beginning. Hint at your interests, hint at your enthusiasm for life, hint at being ready and serious about meeting the right man and beginning the right arrangement. Stick to your comfort levels and let your own personality shine through, but respond quickly—there¨’s crazy amounts of competition out there for each great SD.

  504. honeysugarshake says:

    Hello all out there in the sugar bowl! I’m brand spanking new to the SD/SB scene as well. Jumping in head first didn’t suit me, but I don’t want to drag it out too long! I even panic on what to say in the first reply message! I’m still trying to learn the flow of things but I need major help. I dont’ want a good pot to slip away!

  505. Lily says:

    Welcome NLS. I’d love you to give your honest opinions, as a brand new sugar, to my personal blog, if you want to poke around it. Just read the installments in reverse order, for it to make more sense. Or just stick to the top ten guidelines on the right bar on the homepage for less-than-one-minute perusal.

  506. Anna Molly says:

    Thanks Lily! 😀

    Welcome NLS, I’ve seen your posts but haven’t given a formal welcome yet. Good luck to you 😀

  507. Anna,
    that was fast! That was Muhammad Ali fast! Reminded me of when he said that one night when he was in his hotel room he turned off the light switch and was in bed before the room got dark! lol

    Ok so my thoughts on this question…
    I am new to this site and this whole SB/SD arrangement thing. Like most things in life, I thought it would be best for me to just jump right in. Sink or swim. After reviewing a lot of the blogs on this site I realized that this may be the ONE exception to my rule. I’ve learned some things that I never even considered (safety tips:google voice, etc) that I think will be helpful. I’ve also read about the experiences that other people have and a lot of them are encouraging and are exactly what I’m looking for. Even reading some of the SD comments on these blogs are encouraging because you see that there are some real winners out there.
    So I think it’s like everything else…If you do a little research you’ll know a little more about what you’re getting into and will be able to make smarter decisions and be more comfortable with them.

  508. Lily says:

    You are very cool, AM!

  509. Anna Molly says:

    I sneak up on you then WAM! I told you guys I was always lurking around 😉

  510. Anna Molly says:

    Thanks Stephan! I live in stealth mode all the time, like a ninja 😀

  511. stephan says:

    Hi Anna! Wow that was the fastest anyone’s ever posted a comment I think! Kudos to you, and seriously – thank you! 😀

  512. Anna Molly says:

    Hi Stephan! Thanks for the new blog 😀